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i -44-
MARCH 17, 1857.
X3Stefourth column of IhUpaeefor Auction Sola 3
; We tffrr tur patrons a capital number of the Mam
. -mott Weekly to-morrow. It ij literally all U over
sewing with interesting readies matter. 'We must be
5 pardeaid for particularising the following articles : The
Great Decision of Chief Jcrricr Tasey, In which he
botes that the Mlsseu ri Compromise It cncenstHstlocajd
nuB aad veW, and that the negro in the meaning of theVT
OonfMatteBcaxuMt become a ettiiffi. TheTAHirr a?9t5
at ISeT.redBcsagtaxatlon towards tbe revenue standard.
Also the Tariff act o! 1S4S; The CABI5ET of PRESIDENT
Bbchakax, Members ot the present V. S. Sekate, to
gether with names of the membexsof the next House of
Representatives aa far as elections hive been made ; Bie
i graphical sketches of the Cabinet 0 facers ; Foil proceed-
Hoars at Dr. Kane, the great Anne Explorer; Im
portant awl tc y Interesting news from Nicaragua,
.. Mixtes, Texas and. Pacific Coast; Proceedings of Demo
cratic Meetings is Tennessee; Congreeelesal Proceedings;
Te&Rible Tragedy at Washington; Valedictory of
ilr. Nicholson and Salutatory of Mr. appletbs-, of
the Washington Union; Etmtgbial Correspo.n
:k hence; Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama News, tele.
j rapbte dispatches, markets, local Hens Jlc, &e. TWs
tslactecaaihor ef the Weekly is worth the wbetecest of
r as, smmI subscription which is ootv;$3, payable invarli
biy to. advaBce. Single cosies 16 c.nts each, wHh er with
- est wrapper.
3T We return thanks to Mr. Wm. Gil
VlJL ,'VaW.. IT ne. U .r..t a. CJ T ...
f w . w. b utr ev. aojuw P! O .
rTKiSS tr -.-- ;.,,t.i,t.i nr.
ft"Stlvt,ltu't,9t agent, for river favors.
5r Ray, clerk of thesWmer Virginia
wr uuu tor a pierage ot LOUisvtHe papers.
gjg?" Hon. John V. Wright, ami Marcus
J Weight. Eq., arrived la ear city yesterday morning
eotle steamer A'orfnmtrr.
.Tlie Board of Major 2ml .Aldermen
' bow a regular session to-night at the Goaacil Chamber.
(feSr The Ereninz Seas announces that Mai
A. J. Doxelsos tetendc to take sp his abode pernio
nesur in this city.
The Crowd Coming. The side-walks of
oar prleeipsl streets wre Hteratly crowded yesterday.
Wo noticed aa mnoseil nsmbero strangers.
i"Mr. W. G. Wilkixs is In receint of a"
Ty fars. sbtsiQent of flrt-rateoal at the foot ot WaiL-
stroet. See advertisement.
sT We are ifrfebted to the clerks of the
stoamen A. L. Se'seU, FtiU City, Cilv aHuntreitle,
JTortAerntr xn& Ingomcr, for lite New Orleans, Loais-
vLte aad St. Loais papers .
tS A lady qualified to teach in the nrFmarv
ortumental branches of EdccatkM, either is a pMlc or
pslvate school, whhes a aitsatloB." Jtpsilscatlsns jbsj be
male at oar Goaattsg-roosi. -
5T A House asdlot at No. 105 Front Row,
wttt fine Hose -Wood and MarWe Top rerDitare, tM be
soM by "Wallace this morning at 10 o'clock on the
SaT M. C. Catch ic Sox will let off at auc
Mob toil morning bibo likely negroes, consisting of 2cM
bands and hoase servants. Sale this morning at I Li
cdxk at tseir an'i nmart on Madison s'reet.
We are under obligations to Mr. Baker,
of tee Ann of Wash & Baker, end Mr B a rinds, of
tho-fiem at E. Bakixds &. Co., for late New Yotk and
Oinaianati papera.
The " Outrage." This case -vas brought
before Eaqaire Horse, yeeteiday afternoon, wkea
Xlanb waived an examination, aad gave beads in the
isa of $500 for his appearar.ee at Coart, to answer the
charge of asiaalt.
g"The Louisville Democrat, of the 12th
isst, saysi "Mr. Place, late at the Xatleeal notes', is
this y, wW hereafter beceaneetrd with the CeaMtercial
Hotel, Mesaais. Mr. P. is weU known as a hotel keeper
ic KoBtacky, and is desve4ly pepatar."
."Mr. J. T. Mitchell, oa the Hernando
Ttua, at the first tott-gate, has . baad a haaatif al sapety
ef sweet potatoes of the best kind, as will be be seen by
reference t his advertise taeBt is thts aaotmng's lssae.
Mr. M. has the reparation of prodaciag the b;t potatoes
t be foaad ia Ibis part of the ooaatry.
(5?" Oar thank are due to Hobs. J. V.
'VWiuowt, of this State, aBd A. B. Greenwood, ef
Arkansas, for vaiaabte pablie eocameaAi. Among the
namber, tee last named geatlemaa has oeMgcs aa by ior
wardtag to this oOee the Report on the Oemstereial
R Uliefii of the Untied States with aH foreiga Xatlea,"
is a large oaarto form.
Qbice Trip i-eom Alabama to Memphis.
AMhoagh there Is still a gsp ot abat twelre er fourteen
sattes to be anissed to ocmpiete the Memphis and Cbartee
ton Ksllread, a gentleman left Tascnmbia, A'abama, en
Satarday morning last, taking breakfast there, and came
to Memphis at aboat S o'clock r M. ef the same ?sy. It
wM sot be loag before onr Alabama friends can breakfast
talBsesmbia and dine here oa the same day.
Arrests. On Sunday afternoon, on the ar
rival at the steamer St. JVar.ru, Mr. Abbott, teeosoT
eierk, and the seeoad mate of that steamer, ere arrestfd
aad lodged isrths calaboose, charged with the kniBg of
as Irishman earned Michael Etan. On the 31 Mat.,
a'qaarrei eoraed apen the St. Frsncit between tea
parties, which resaHcd in the mere bta'ing ot Rvam,
who doed from the esccta ol ifce wooads thea received,
last Thursday. An examination will take place this af
ternoon at three o'clock before Esquire Horse.
. IiVants His Fees. The Hickman -ir-V
fus, cf lt Friday, says, a telegraphic ,di!pateh was
received by Mayor Fits, yesterday, from Memphis,. or
deriac tha amst et a tfalf t who was supposed to t e on the
st'asaer Join SitnonfJi The Mayor detegat-d the daty
totbe OMf Marshal, who ref aaed to act, alleging that the
'cMy-af Memphis had ref ased to allow Lira compensation
for arrestMg IT.' M. True. And that cmtU the fees fa
that cast were forthcoming he woald not stir a stop In
arresting any of the f agrlivea frota that eily. So the
rtaieal was allowed to escape.
Memphis Theatrical Company. At a
cteeMBgof tba StockhaMets ot this Company, beht en
Tharsday last, Messrs. James WlctERsn ah, W. A.
BLYTRE and D. T. ASH, were elected Direc'.erg for ihx
easuvag twelve months. Mr. Morgas, who Is aader
ttoodtlo be appointed the Architect, haviag returned
from the Eastern cities with a number at Sans, we
rfMbt set t pwtaoatUus wHI seen be prepared, aad the
work Moat. It is lateadtd to erect a handsome bulM
iag ta bs ready for use by the first of Oetaaer.
"The followins we find in the Cincinnati
JSnvtrcr, ef .h 13th Inst.:
We see by the arrival at the FpeBotr Tlease the names
at the ttHowiog distinguished ladies and gentRsBta: Ex
Oaversor Jaasea C. Jones, Miss Jones, Tessaes see; Hen.
Mr. Walker aad ladv, Mibde, Ala ; IIju. It. S Dwelt
aad twa daaghtert, Mississippi; Miss Morgan, d.; Uoa.
L J. Depree.Teaaessee; non, D. M. Leatherman, Mim
pfate, Tcan.
&The Mcbkets. We clip the following
from the St. Louis Republican of last Saturday;
A few days since we published a paragraph suting that
a lot ef Baskets had been teM by Mordock i. Dtctwu, and
that they had brea claimed by the United States astbori
Het. The facts, as we are iefermed, are these : Jn De
cember, 1 66, a lot at muskets wm shipped from Mem
phis, Teaaessee. aad directed U.aa efficer ef the an.iv ia
this esty. At that time the efficer to whom they -were
.ttrected was at Port Riley, aad they laid in store at one
f oar most respectable commission houses tome thirteen
saanths, aad wtie advertised several times. They w -re
at leczth seat ta the auction house of Mutdock tt Dlck
;saa, where they were eotd ta pay chare's, aad Mesis.
Bargoyne&Ce .Urease the purchasers, at a price ot a tout
lareeoHars a pseee, aad who still retain poasesfioa of
Ebitors Appeal : Permit me to say, tbroudi
the vtemas ot yoar aaper, that the Utter ft G. L.
Blakd, paatished a tew days ago, isoie framLginalng
taeod. He did not, nor had be the eearage, to pall my
nase ar kick me.
Thlseonertlenwoafcl have beea made befcre, but that
I expected the f aCs would have' been Wasght oat before
a Justice ot the Peacs aad the evidence reported, no
waived trial to-day aad gave boads to appear at the next
t-rm of the Criralnil Court, preferriag, I suppose, that
the fails aboBtd sot be brought eat. When they, do ap
pear his letter win be stamped a barefaced fsls hood. I
leave him. lathe hands of the Criminal Court.
- Memphis, March 16, 18e7.
-Ftir the Memphis Appeal.
-Messrs. Editors : If J. O. Kienhardt will
easseat to become a caadHate for City Marshal ha will
receive the eerdtsl sspport of many warm friends. Mr.
- RleBdhardt'steag familiarity with the polios regalatlens
of the ctty, aad nataral energy and decision et character,
- eaiaeatly qualify him tor the position ot City Marshal.
March 17. " M.
Oa the 12th tastast, by E. Bray, Esq., at the reeldente
at John Samples, Mr. WM. TlIOMASOS and Miss I.UCIK
a)A Samples, all ot Skelbyconnty.
la this dly.Mkrch I6tb, at 7 o'clock a. h., MUs Susaw
SrocstVAGER, aged twenty-three years, of Consumption.
The funeral of the deceased will take place from Asbury
ChapeL, atlQo'elock A. M., TO-DAY. Services by Rev.
p.' Tug OLE. The friends and acquaintanc of the
-tamHf are Invited to attend.
On the 11th lastafit, at night, of Erysipelas, JEAHSIE
Campbell, tafaut daughter ot JehnP, and M. J.
Vpw Panpr Tfimrinrr!i!
TTJT received, a beautiful variety of IWaltSPaper and
J DeeoratloBt, for Parlor, Chambers .and inall. Pa
t . tper.put up in town or country at shertest-otIce.iSatls-vr:-
itactlon given, or no charae.
f atost fetes Ijg Sdtjrtfilf
Arrival of llie George Law.
New Tons, March IS The George law has arrind
bringing later dates. flora Califoina and Oregon. She
brings $1,000 000.
The State Treasurer of CallfarBta has Veen im
Twelve rubbers baTe been hnng at San Diego.
Builneis in CaHfersIa Is improving.
The Legislatures ef Oregon and Washier ton Territories
hare adjourned.
0i. Kleney denies the reported capture of Castillo, by
Gin. Walker.
'Adjournment of Executive Session.
Washington, March 16. Mr. Trombotl sought lntf
fectcalty to hive the Indiana election case considered.
The Vice Prtaident retired from the chair. Mr. Itstk
was elected President pro tern by thirty-five to nineteen,
and returned thaaks for the honor. A resetntlon was
adopted IhankiagMr. Breckinridge for th dignity and
impartiality with which he had presided.
Five t&aasaad copies of the report ef offlcera relative
to the aitcstM tb Crimea were ordered to be printed, af
ter WBKtribe Executive Session a IJearned.
Governor Genry Reslned.
Uew ToRav-Msrth IG Mr. Geary has resigned the
Governorship at Caasas Territory.
MrXMarifae) has declined the P.elmastersblp of Kew
Klrer A'evrs and Markets.
Cincinnati, March 16. Ptoer steady, fair demand,
Sales 15; Mes pork, dernand good, tending tip-
wards, $3iMs(22; Balk ahoaMrrs, del and active, ad
Taneed K sales SV; Lard daN, deetinrd K.qccted UK.
2Iew York, March IC rtoor iaactlve and droepiac.
$S5$C76; Mess pork Inactive and drooping ; Balk
pMk, moderate, firm.
Louisville, March 16. Arrived Tecamseh, Panl
Jeaes, Swit serlaad, FraskHn aad Wheteteae Departed
Qaeea of the West and Ward. The Ohio BN la oa a reef.
Tecaauet etroifc a Iok and made two ft prater; shabss
entered pretest h're. The Panl Josks, Switzerland and
Tan:.ifh are laid op at Portland, ceia uaaUe to lighten
aafadeeUy to ga lhroagh the UBal. The navigation in
tav lower Ohio is beeomiag diffteult. The TwRh-11 robbed
fcarJ at French Island. There are reven f et water la the
channel to Cairo.
!ort of
Arrlvcls and Departures.
Sunday, March It.
Antelope, Kew Orleans to Loaisvll.e. ,
Baltic. LoaisvUleta New Orleaas. .
A. L. Sbotwell, Kew Orleans to Loaisvflles'
St. FranoU, St. Francis river to Memphis.
EcHp, Loalsvilleto Kew Orleoas.
MfchUm. 3'. Iioais to Kew Orleans.
Cherokee, Kew Orleans toT naeseee river.
Moxsat. March 16.
Fa'ls City, St. L-ais to Kew Orleans.
James LaaghHa. White rirrr to Memphis.
Kats Prisbee, Kapoleon to Memphis.
Peter Tellon, Kew Orleaas to St. Loais.
Northerner, LoaisvM'e to Memphis.
City ot Hanuvllle NashvMe ba Memphis,
lasomar. New Orleans to Memphis.
"Wm. M. Morrison, St. Leafo to Kew Orleans.
J. E. Woodruff, Kew Orleans to SL Loots.
Kate Frisbee, Memphis to Kapoleon.
Northerner, Memphis to Louisville.
Virginia, Lealsville to Kew Orleans.
' City ot ItBBtsviue, Memphis to KatfaviUs.
Ilanet, St. Loais to Kew Ortoana.
Kiver Matters.
J3"The river Toatinnes to rtie rapWly. The apper
rivers are aU reported taOing. The Camberland ! very
low, sar feet scant en Ilarpeth shoals. The weather is
aslbl and pleasant. Baslaess was very brisk at the land
tag yesteiday.
J3 The Memphis will be at the landing to day from
CteeWnaU, aad is advertised to depart to-morrow atter-
ShehasexceltentaccoBua.dltioBS for passengers.
aad wm take a Urge qaantitr rt treofat.
rl"Tbe Ediler is Dowdae from St. Irais. She will
most Hkely arrive to-day, and return with dispatch.
3-Tae tBi"r Prtar Star n soW at St. Lesis, on
the 13th list , for $25,000. The proprietors ot the
"WchtaieK Ltoe" p arch i ted her.
J3"The St. Loais Republican, of lsst Satarday says:
The river at thH point is slUI receding, but thr. is
pooaty water to Cairo for the larsestciaes beats to go out
loaded. The ice was thin yesterday and was very little
impediment to navigation. The Carrier came in frost
Glas ew last evening and reports the Mi-reari Rive, at
very law atac. The weather bas decHrniy moderated.
aad promises very ; oi to be more favorable for basinets
3" We leain that the splendid steamer Eclipte, the
pride of the "Western waters, is going to ran as a regjar
epposttiea packet between Memphis aad New Orleans,
(Commercial Rafters.
Toesdat, March 17, 1SS7. (
COTTOK The market the past week bas been rather
doU, ewiag to the light stock on band and the unfavora
ble advsoas receivesi from Liverpool and Kew Orleaas.
.Factors' taUes are poorly sappHed. The lower grades
are In little request and drag beavTy at our rtdaced qao-
tati ns, whilst the better grades are scarce aad sell read
ily at ear ealeideBgarec., We chance our qoetatioes to
co rre ponder Hfe prices now being paid :
Inferior 9 &W
Ordinary lO.HtJll
GeodOrdlaary....U llh
Low MiddUag....lI0
Strict Middliag.l2V13
Good Middllag.13 I3
MsddHag Fair..l3Hl3S
Fair..... nominal.
Middling 12XI2H
Summary or Cottos. The New Orleans Price Cur-
reaf, at the 11th Inst., gives the total receipts of Cotton
at a"! the ports since Septembe- 1st, 1S56, amounting to
,1M 013 hales, agaiatt2,611,&t9 to same dale last year;
an decrease ef 162,535 bales The total expo:ts to foreign
ports art 1,378 3S0 bales, against 1,653 CC4 to same date
last year ; decrrase tbls year 329,271 bales. Total experts
ta-Xertbera port 535,731 bales, against 9i,132 to same
date last year; increase this year 93,30. Stock en bind
scd an shipboard at aH the ports 679,773, against 666,728
It same Hate Hit jeer; inereae this year, 34,1 60 bales.
Receipts or Cottox at Kew Orleans. The
receipts at this port siaee 1st September, says the New
Orleans Price Current of the 11th last., (exclusive of the
arrivals from Mobile, FUrkia and Texas ) are .',256,133
bates, agassut 131,270 bales to same date last year; aad
the increase la the receipt at aH the ports, ap to the
latest dates, as compared with Is ft year, is 152,535 bale.
Ia the experts from the United Slates to foreign coun
tries, as compared with the same dates lsst year, there Is
a ilea ease et 211,532 bales ta Great BrKaia, 40,610 to
Prance aad 73,702 to other foreign ports.
From the Price Correal, March 11
Cotton Arrived slsce the Ota last, ef Louisiana and
Mississippi 12,596 tiks, Florida 59, Tennessee aad K. Ala
bama 7626, Arkaasas 4112, Montgomery 181, Mobile 323;
together 25, W9 tales. Cleared sibce.lhe 6th instaat for
Liverpool 20 230 bait, Cork and a market' 1782, Havre
887, Rotterdam 1065. St. Petcabarg 1685, Barcelona 917,
Genoa 179. Kew York fcJ, bos 'en 1673, Prcvtdeace 2 ;
together 37 117 bales. Stock ia prestos, and on ahip
board Dot cleared oa tbe 10th instant 310,025 bales.
Oar last report closed epn market but poorlr rap
pied with desirable lists, and with very full claims on
th part af holders, cspecia'ly for the MwWliag descrip
tions. Oa Saturday t lie Pertie't advices, still three days
later, were before the public, repurtiog a slight adverse
reaction in tbe Liverpool Lottoc mark t, and ibe weather
b lag uataroraMe anl parties gmerally eagtged witk
their correspondeace the day passed with the sale of onlr
some two ar three small lots, barely araoaatiag to 100
balls. On Monday there was some Inquiry, hot moat
buyers claimed some slight ooceestions. Holders, how
ever, were generally firm, and thai the ales were cen
need to aboat 2500 5ale, without material chance from
previous quotations. Under similar cirenms'aaces tbe
buitcesa yesterday was confined to about 300( bales ;
which would make a total for th? three days rt barely
6660 bale, prices being without am very marked cbsage,
thoegh some-hat Irregular aad rather la favor of buy
er" within tbe last day or two. There have been offers to
a oonMerably greater extent than the sale, bat at rates
rather below the views of hHdere. and there seems to be
a disposition to await later European advices, which are
bow aboat une by telegraph.
At this date, in the following years, with Rate of Freight
ta Liverpool, aad of Sterling Exchange.
1857. 1866. 185.
Inferior 6 A 9X1 6 6H 4H& 6K
Ord. toG. Ord 10KSI2 7V SV C g'V
Lew Middling 12K12f SK& BH 7H 7K
MiddUag 13 &13H I f9X 8! 85;
Good Middling 13!i13S' 9I0 S' DM
Middling Fair. 13'."f 13S 10Xf 10H OH
Fair....: 14 11 10
Good Fair nominal. nominal.
Good aad'Fine namlnal. nominal. nominal.
Freight d. " "d. d.
toUverpooI. 7-16 11-16 H13.32
Sterling p.cprem. p.c.prem. p.c prem.
Exchange, 7H3 7X3H 8H SX
Fib. 21. I 1S57. I I85S.
FalrOrteans I 8 d. 6K d.
MiddHhB Orleans.. 1 7 13-16 d. 6 15-16 d.
Steek on hand 1st September, 1356 Bales 6,995
Arrived, past three days 25 0.19
Arrived previously 1,273.639-1,295 898
37 H7
9i5,751 995,863
Exported psst three days
Exported previously........
Stock en hand and en shlp-baard...
Sugar LatMsana With almost an entire saspenaloa
ef business on Saturday, on account ef the unfavorable
character et the weaiber, and but a moderate demand
since, the tales since our last report have scarcely reached
1000 hads, prices being without any marked change, aad
we ceatlaue to quote for
Inferior 7 g.SPrime 10i3!0M
Common to Good I Choice 11 (S.11V
Geraouia SKA 9H Clarified UH12K
Fair to Fully Fair 9-1&10 j
Tbre have been several arrivals of Caba Muscajot, bat
only a pert ion Is yet landed, and we have beard of only
oae eteof 150 bhds. at 9K cents rer pound.
Molasses With but a moderate demand and farther
arrivals from Caba we have ta notice rather "a heavy
market for tbs article on tbe levee, bnt the receipts are
moderate, aad have mostly been dl'pnsed of at thef 1
lewing ranrenf prices Inferior and iFermectlBC to Or
dinary 6055, Fair to Prime aad Choice Retailed 57.70,
half barrels 62863 cents t gaHo'n. Refinery' Rebolled Is
felling at 63Q61C. 9 gangs In wfcele and 63H cents In
half barrels There have been some farther import!
from Cuba, bnt the enly farther sale we bav heaid of
slate the one noticed in onr IaM reportvawbtcb. was at 7
cents 73 railon cash for mostly (ogshtaaawaa zoo Dr-
mi st C6 cents t gallon.
Co tee There bas been a moderate basinets doing in
this article, and prices have not varied materially from
heir pr-vious range, some 4030 bags having been dis
posed ef since our last at 10(ill k cents, thongh prin
cipally at 10Mll!i cents t Ko further cargoes
have been received since the 6100 bags msntloned at the
Oso of last week.
Rice Thedsmsnd coatlnnes moderate and prices art
about the same aa before quoted, the prevailing rates be-
tngK4 and41i cents ft.
Tobacco We have no marked change to notice In the
market for this article. The supply Is still Insufficient
to admit of extended operawons, but we arehaving rattier
more free arrivals agsln, and the market will doabthss
soon present a acmtwhat better assortment. Iqe sales
of toe psst three days, so far as we are advised, only
amaunt to anont S0 hogsheads, ot which &S anas, were
at 13H cents tl pound, sad the remainder In several lots
on private terms, though within the range of the follow.
mg quotations :
Lugs Factory .....................
" Planters' ;
Leat Inferior to Common
" Fair .'.
" Fine...- ,
" Choice Selections
Frosted (new crop) ,
6H 9U
9 $11
1 12 K
3 13S-
t 9&
5 dlS
7 8X
Delta OrncE, Wednesday N;tht. Match 11.
COTTON There Is stin but little movement in the Cot
ton market, all parties beine Inclined to await the Amer-
tea's advices from Lire-jocl. now tu ly dne, and which
will be one week later than the Pmia's-Jaoeaunts. The
sales to-day are barely 2.600 bale, at Irregular p: Ice, but
generally Indicating a dedise of He; say 12S$12h'c.
for Law Mfdrfllojr. and 13!S13Wc for Middling We omit
quotations, however, until the market assumes a more
srtiieu appearance. .
Thursday, March 1313 sr.
Cottos There are some borer in the market, and
the rales thus far embrace some 2000 bales.
Suoar StmeSOObhds. have been stld at steady pri
ces. . .
Molasses The sales embrace 300 to 4f0 bUs. at 83
&7Kc. for fermenting to fair, and &960e. for good to
prime reboiird.
Flour The only sales-yet reported are 871 bUs. fine
by one parly at the advaured rate of SS 73. and 400 su
perfine Ohio and Indiana at SO 12H6 25? bM.
i-ORX Hess retailing freely at 23 tbi.
Bacox Market very Arm. with aleo of 31 caiksclsar
SW-at 13 i. lr ribbed at 124, sad 0 tierces "Dnf
field's" extra sugar-cored Vimi at 13c. V a.
Kentucky Baogino 275 Pisces hsnd-lcom brought
15 cents.
Whisky Good demand, and 12j,bbls. rectified taken
al27e for ordinary brands, and 23e for "Wiltshire's."
oussr bags we hear that some large sales nave
been made at about lt'c
Friday Etesiso, March 13 Breadstuff? 'are gener
ally dun. Provision- In fair reqaest, with an upward
Undency in prices. Mess Port held at an advance.
Wheat Hall, with a small supply, and buyers sen
erally holding off. Sales of the'day conprl-e about 1600
trkt at $1 15 ft bu.h'l for Inferior; $1 17 $1 18 fur
Spring and Fall mixed 1 17 for poor PaH;-$l 21$1 25
for fair and Rood red. and $1 2S for prim red.
CokN Sales mixed at 65c;mlxd yellow and white at
Clr; white at 6-1 He. and prime whitest Coc ft buabel.
OATS Seed at 59 and 60', an adcaar.
Flour Country superfine (low gradej $5 60; superfine
$5 70; fancy $5 75; extra $6 25 r bbl. City mills super
fine $6. .
"Washington, March 13.
Smile. The Senate adopted a resolution of
the Committee on Judiciary discharging it
from any futher consideration of the protest and
papers referred to them relative to Mr. Came
ron's scat,
Mr. Benjamin, from the Judiciary Commit
tee, reported a resolution authorizing testimony
to be taken by Messrs. Fitch and Bright, and
those contesting their right to their seats from
Mr. Trumbull wanted the case disposed of
during the present session, and offered a reso
lution to that end.
We have reached the conclusion of the Sal
las treaty against the report of the Committee
on Foreign Relations, to which the amendment
and resolution were referred .yesterday. They
were discussed several hours, and finally the
Senate, after accepting modifications to exclude
the land grant by the Mosquito King, to affirm
the sovereignty of the Bay islands and Hondu
ras, the treaty with England and Honduras not
being submitted to, to let Balize stand unalter
ed, with other immediate chanren of nbraspnl-
ogy, confirmed the treaty "by a vote of thirty-
iwo to nueen.
Under this section the treaty will go back to
England for ratification unless Lord Napier
brought full authority in view of this possible
contingency, to accept such alterations as might
be made.
A rumor reached .ondon before Lord Na
pier's departure, of the uncertainty lure, and
therefore, precautions Tniy have been taken to
clothe him with power to settle the whole ques
tion. The Sandwich Islands treaty was laid on tbe
table, which is a virtual rejection.
Air. Bisltr supposed tbat his proposition was
so reasonable that there could be no opposition
to it.
Mr. Seward stated tbat the reason why Mr.
Cameron made no reply was, he acted under
the advice of political and personal friends,
and left the Committee to adopt their own con
Mr. Benjamin, from the Committee on Judi
ciary, reported a resolution for all patties to
contested elections in Indiana, to take testimo
ny before a judicial tribunal of that State.
iur. irumauii Earn mere was no matter at is
sue which was at all material to the case, and
moved to adopt as a substitute for the reso
lution, the following :
Jtttohed, That it is the duly of the Senate to
proceed to the consideration of the question as
to the sitting member from Indiana at the pre
sent session, and to dispose of the same before
the adjournment.
Mr. Fitch remarked that Mr. Trumbull had
reiterated his previous statements, that there
were no Question of facts at issue, in the vey
f ace of a knowledge on bis part on the contrary.
On the resolution reported from the Commit
tee on Judiciary in the case of Cameron's seat
Mr. Bigler said he would make no issue with
the report of the committee. He supposed an
opportunity would be offered to the members
or tbe Legislature making the allegation sub
stantiating the charges. He bad no hesitation
in what course be should adopt. He had re
ceived a telegraphic dispatch signed by four
members of the Lfgislature in whjch they in
formed him tbat they had sent a statement by
mail, no doubt with reference to the statement
of hi colleague. No comcsmication had
leached hitn. He asked the1 postponement of
the question just passed tilt to-morrow morning.
Mr. Butler could not agree to a postponement.
He bad no idea of making the Senate a tribu
nal before which political parties were to
brine--their controversies. If the Leirtslature-
, :. .... i i: . jr....
ul a ciiiioj iktfiijita jiau ucru uijijtiii; ii.vu uiibv
water, let them wash themselves befcre they
come here.
Mr. Trumbull replied that he had spoken of
the question as beccme his duty 'as a msiaber
of a State instead of as a Senator, showing; he
had a right to a seat. The Senator, like a cul
prit, sought to occupy the place ot the Judge.
He did not say there was no issue of fact as to
the Journal being of an authorized mob. Let
the Senator answer to the members of the In
diana Legislature. It was sent to him as a
true transcript, and as such he presented it. If
the case was dillercnt from what he supposed,
and proved untrue, let the fact be shown.
Mr. Fitch replied tbat the Senator from Illi
nois, in occupying the attention of the Senate,
had shown that he feels approximate, which
was perfectly consistent with the relations
which he bore to the case.
The Chairman, Mr. Mason, temporarily prj
siuing, called Mr. Fitch to order for personal
Mr. Fitch resuming, said he had a right to
complain because a Jndge, in which capacity
the Senator had heretofore acted, had prejudic
ed this case, thus departing1 from the law and
the path of duty. The Senator had reiterated
his former position, seeking byteajing ami im
plicating in and out of season, to wrinzoutthe
question. The Senator wanted to rely on the
journal of a mob to make our his case. He
owed an apology to the Senate, even for this
brief rply.
Mr. Bright did not know in a Legislative
form that bis right to a seat was questioned.
No formal reference had been made to his cre
dentials, but of course the settlement of the
right of his colleague to a seat settled his own
right to a seat.
At this point an extract from the Journal was
read, by which it appeared that on motion of
Mr. Trumbull it was ordered that the creden
tials of Bright and Fitch, together with the
papers on file relative to their election as Sena
tors, be referred to the Committee on Judiciary
Mr. Bright inquired of Mr. Trumbull, did
you sver make that motion?
Mr. Trumbull replied that it appeared he did,
though he bad no distinct recollection that he
made that motion;
Mr. Bright said the Senator was mistaken,
his credentials were hot referred.
Mr. Butler remarked that so far as lie knew
the credentials were never referred.
Mr. Bright maintained tbat a large majority
of the people of Indiana were in favor of his
remaining bere as Senator, and .unless some
thing authentic could be found showing that
eighty fs not a clear-majority of one hundred it
could not demonstrate that he was' not legally
chosen Senator for Indiana. This same revo
lutionary party protested against their right to
seats. If he was not elected a -Senator he did
not desire to remain here. Ho felt he was re
sponding .for this State. The United Stales
Senate had the right to claim jurisdiction of so
great an outrage. Notwithstanding the Senator
from Illinois said there was no law in reference
to the election of Senator on the statute book
of Indiana, two years ago tbo Democratic Sen
ate enacted a law for tbls purpose, but the Re
publican House of Representatives refused to
pass it. Tbe present Legislature, however,
were governed by it.
Without concluding, Mr. B. gave way for a
motion of Mr. Mason to go into.executive ses
sion, which prevailed, and, afterthrce hours
spent therein; the Senate adjourned.
urttoit "Saks
IVinc A'egrocs at Auction.
WE will sell THIS fTceaday) MORKIKG, March 17th,
at II o'clock
BETSY, 26 years oW, cook, washer and Irontr, and htr
DUMP, x hor Ave years old.
MAY, a bay three years old.
ARCIIKR, s boy ten yeart old, Virginia boy,
7IEKRT, ahoy twelve yefrs old. Virginia bey.
MAKYr a woman thirty years old. a house servant.
JIM. her husbabd, thirty-six years old, a field hand.
HAIRY, thirty tour years old, a field bsnd.
kCClT. a woman fortv rears old. a house servant.
LOOK: SHARP, this is an "A Ko 1" chance. Sale
nositlve. Titles good. M. O. CYCE it SON,
marl7-It uenerai Aocuuurcn.
oit Auction I
T OTSNo 8,5.10,11, 12 and 13, In Block 35, fronting
s l the ltatiroaa uepot in soma jsempms.
I will sell, on FRIDAY, .March 20th, at to O'ciocr, tu
front of m- Mart, the above named Lots.
TERiis One-fourth cash ; balance In sir. twelve ana
andeighteen months, with interest. Kotes.Jnlgmenis
eracconnta against the owner of the Lots, Mr. Michael J
McNarae. will be taken a cash. A lien will be required
on the deferred payments. Sale positive.
rj- oiner property wtu be aaaea.
mar!7 4t A. WALLACE, Auc'r.
Row Brick Store House
T WILL sell on TUESDAY, March 17th, at 10 o'cleck, on
L the Dremlses. that fine lhree story Brick House, No.
10G. between Washington and 1'opUr streets. Tne nouse
is 13!. feet f runt. by 160 deep. In good repair, and now
rents for u per year.
terms une-ti tru casn ; balance la one anu two years
wiln interest, with a lien.
At the name time and plase, fine
Rosewood Bedsteads ;
Rosewood Bureau, re si' We top;
Rosewood Centre Table, mi rile top;
Rusewood Wash Stands, "
Pine Bed Room Furniture;
Household abd Kitchen Furniture.
Beautiful velvet Carpeting, aad other things too nu
meruit!, to mentt.a.
Sal? positive, as t he proprietor will move East,
marll A WALLACE, Auctioneer.
Desirable Real Estate at Auction,
EARBIEHK t CO , will sell on THURSDAY, March
19th, at their rooms, 33 Front Row, the.property
known as belonging to Mrs. Mshaff.troatlng 105 feet on
uayoso street, wim a depth of III feet, with al
the Improvements and ajparteaance.
ALSO, at fame time and place, the Lot Immediately
I routing the above, running irregular y20xll7xlOKxtO5.
The terms will be liberal, making It easy for any one
topurcnt.se. atuieknoan at sale, which wuiuepotl.
live marI5-4t
TTJST arrived from the Yaioo Pass, Miss.
J 20 fine young Mutes;
22 hue Carte,
Which we will sell on WEDNESDAY, Ihc ISIh Instant
Don't fail to attend this sale. Many others will be add
ed fiae Horses and Males, one fiae Carriate, and onr
jersey tvagon.
Indcccment enough. Cjme along.
General Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers.
valualjle City Property for
I OFFER for sale, upon easy terms, the following desi
rable property:
Two Lo's on the south side ot Madison street. 21 tt fret
front each Lr US S feet deeD. belac Dart of Lota Na. 217
ana 2is, adjo'ning tht property of J. Spei-ht. Esq.
Hoase aad Lot on the north side of Real street, bilng an
jjui .s. u, h.ock us, wj reel ironi oy .10 re t deep.
aoani vn aajoir.ing, 5K) feel front br 210 feet I'eeD.
Loir 65 and 56. in nM'a Addition, fronting 102 feet
eaca on auzeue street ay no feet deep.
Lots 16. 16 ail 17. in Gov Jane aad Col. Dnrre's Ad.
dttion, fronting 50 feet each on the west side ot Jones
Avenue by 170 feet deep.
If the abve property is not sold privately.lt will be
sow at auction, at u B. Locke's Auction Rooms, on
WEDNESDAY, the 18th of March nexL For terms ao-
piy U. cuu&kell, or
feb21-tds Auctioneer and Real EsUte Broker.
"PURSUAKT to a Dcciee of the Chancery Court at Mem-
JL pais, rendered .November Term. 1856. In the case of
Joseth Lrnow and AieMbald Wileht Adm'r. r a r.
ITTxXn- tx-par" pe,Uioa 10 ,uv"'
Wednesday, March 25th, 1857,
Iafroatormyofnce. In the city of Memphis, tell to the
highest biddt-r, for cash.
Two "Valuable Negroes,
Belonging to the Esta e of A. G. Underwood, deceased,
vlr: Negro maa hamed H nry, a No. 1 Plasterer, aad
his wife Agnes, an exeeHenf hinse or kitchen servant.
ALSO, at the .arae time aad place, la pursuance of a
Decree ef sM Court, rendered iu the case of Henry C
Berry and ethers p. the Creditors of R. B. Berry, de
ceased, I will sell to the highest bidder, for cash,
A Likoly Negro Boy, Aged 10 Years,
Named James, belonging to the estate ot R. B. Berry,
ALSO, at the same time aad place, ia pursuance of a
Decree of ssid Court, tendered in the case of MaryE.
Morgan, by hr next friend, ex-parte petition to sell
siave, ac, i wm sen to me cigueat bidder, for cash,
A Valuable Xegro Man,
Named Lewis, aged about thirty-two years, belvBglaj to
ice sata atary K aiurgaa.
Ssle to commence at 11 o'clock A. M
marll-dawtd JOHNC. LAKIKR, C StM.
Memphis and Charleston Railroad
rpniS read Is now near I v completed only sixteen miles I
JL, staging. The Proprietors aremaalng from six to I
tea Dally Line ol Coaches aad cn put on as many more
If required, from terminus to terminus; and being the
only Hoe that have a through ticket with the Railroad
Company. Persons will be particular and not suffer aay
oneexcert tbe Mall aad Stage Agent of our Company to
takt thee uponsoff their through ticket, who will be
found at the ead ef the road.
For Through Tickets or seats from terminus to ter
minus, apply at tbe Geceral Ticket Offlce, Commercial
Hotrt." SIMS, FICEL'N k. CO , Proprietors.
marl5 lrn P M Pattersos Ageat.
JFTrst Oj?enihg3
ON MONDAY, March 16th, we will cpen rich DRESS
Flounced Berrges;
Ffcraooed Grenadines;
Flounced Organdies ;
Fine French Lawns;
Fine rreach Cblatzt, Calicos;
V.iln ttatra Prln Vurmtl he
K'ALSO, our Millinery Rooms will be opened to exhibit
tue new styles, m Bonnets. Flowers, Ribbons, etc.
We most respectfully Invite the ladies to cal'. The
above guods have been carefully selected from among the
at s. &B? an rKaejt goods lmporUd to tbls coun-
I"' - Aiiogeioer, we mm
them the richest good
brcugbt to tbls city.
K. BARlKDa tc CO ,
23 Main street.
K. B. Dae notice will be given to 'he, ladl-s of our
Grand Opening, la a few days. maris
No. ISO Main Street Old Stand,
Opposite Worsham House.
rnniS extensive establishment bas been purchased bv
JL byWM.J HAS3 ALL. of Kew York, and has under
gone extensive repairs ana enlargements, for the purpose
of receiving a large and complete stock of
JVIil li-nory Goods,
And also to Introduce into the establishment a
Dress-Making Department,
To superintend which Mr. ILissall has secured the ser
vices of Madame de Bond, from the celebrated Drese
Mtklng Establishment ef Madame Demerast, New York
Tht stork ot Millinery Goods which it now bang opened
comprises one ef the finest, largest and -most complete
that has ever been brought to this city, embracing every
fashionable, new and beautiful style ot
Bonnets, Flowers, Head-Dresses, Mantillas,
And everything appeilalnlflg to tbe Mllllntry, Dteia
Making and Fancy Goods Business. The particular at
tenth s ul the ladies is invited to the stock ot French
Bonnets and Black La.e Mantillas, as It Is thought to i e
tbe choicer t stkctKn evtr brought !o this mark. t. For
mer customers .ad ladl s geatrally are rolicitcd to ex
amine the new stock, now being opened which will be
reads ror lcspecthw on THURSDAY, the 19th Inst.
JCJN B. Country Milliners supplied at New York
pi ices marlS-dlw
Commission & Forwarding Merchants,
T) ARTICULAR attention paid toStorlng, Shipping and
JL Selling Cotton.
WE are Agents for tbe sale of D. PRATT'S celebrated
COTPOK GINS hlch have been so favorably known for
the last number of yean. Persons wishing to purchase
are requested to call and examine them. AU Gins are
sj!d under a full guaranty.
mrl5-6m E. M. APPERSOK k CO.
S3- nolly SpT.ngs, Miss., Times; Orrneda, Miss., Re
publican; Panola, Miss., Star; Hnn'sville, Ala., Advo
cite; Tuscumbla, Ala , Enquirer; Brownsville, Teun.,
Journal, copy six months, ind stndbl.ls to this office.
TAKE this method ot returning thanks to the citlxess
of Memphis for the natroaaze heretofore extended
to them, apd will feel grateful to all those who feel dis
posed tocontlnue taking ICE from them the coming
We are now recelvla; onr uscsl very large supply.
Our price to families win be one cent per pound. Wo
will also furnish bv the cask at the same.
Our contract wllh the Wharfboat having expired, we
art now p.-epirid to fnrslJh steamboats by the qiantlty
at seventy-five cen's .er hundred. All orders left at the
City Ice nouse. on Msln street, or at the Meat Store ot
Robert Marshall, on Howard's Row, will be promptly at-
icuuru iu. maru-ira
I OFFER far sale one and a half acre, or the
UTT'lawhole of mv Tit ti i vt, h.it,v n.f
eu improves, wun a, large number ot cnotrr
rrn iicesonit. and enclosed wltfc a good Blank
fence Jt lies on the north sldenf Bass street, or Adams
street when extended, ne-fomth of a mile east cf tbe
corporation line. There Is a well of excellent water on
me ioi. inquire on the premises.
feb2S-dlm CHAS. T. HEIDBL.
Sfytrial ottrese
TTIE undersigned would takt this oppartanlly to In
foia the traveling public that ha has been appointed
Ticket aad Freight Agent for In- city of Memphis for
the Illinois Central Railroad aad an Us connection
Office, Ko, 15 Jeflertoa street, third door East of Com
mercial Hotel, where be may be found at all hour of the
day, a-id will take pleasure la giving aay lit srmatlpn In
the line of his business. Through Tickets toPhUadel
phla, Kew York and Boston. .'
mar6-2w "WM. MORIK.
Holloway's Ointment and Fill
WHY tarry or hesitate if yon are sick' or suffering
nere are your remedies t Whatever may be your allmeat.
It needs but a trial of their wondrous efficacy to insure
I Immediate relief,
Sold at the manufactories, Ko. 80 Maiden Lane, Kew
lork, and N0.-244 Strand, London, ana oy auaruggtsts
at 25c.. 8JHc, and $1 per pot or box.
Restorative for the Hair.
THE age in which we live Is truly one of research and
discovery, and to Profeasor AVood tho present aad suc
ceeding generations are indebted for one of the most
valuable remedies produced for the restoration of the
hair. Many persons while young In years begia to lose
I their hair, and seme turn gray, bat by tho use of this
traly woaderf ol preparation. Its tendency to fall off Is
arrested, or restored to Its original color, aad It Is ren.
dered soft aad glossy la appearance. Remember, this la
not a die. YTehear It highly spoken of. Qulncy (III)
Patriot, Nov. 3, 1853.
To be bad of O. J. Wood h. Co., Ill Market street, St.
Louis, and of druggists generally. msto aawsw
Bor Spring and Summer of 1857,
ELEGANT Dress, Moleskin and Casalmere HATS, re-
cclvrd at WHEATON'S, 75 Front Row, where these la
want of a superh and f aihlonable HAT will please call.
Constantly on hand and receiving the largest and finest
stock of SOFT HATS la the city at
f eb21 WHEATOK'8, 75 Front Row.
100,000 Hides "Wanted !
FOR which we wilt pay t!w highest market price la
We also bay RACCOON, OPOSSUM, 0TT22, D3ER
and BEAR SKINS. In f act,, aay Skins used by TAN
KERS or PURB1ERS, we want at the HIGHEST CASH
novl2-6ra 73 Frost Row.
TViu. A. Batclielor's Hair-Dye.
GRAY, RED or RUSTY HAIR dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural BROWN or BLACC, without the
least injury to hair or skin.
Fifteen Sledalt and Diploma have been awarded to
WM. A. BATCUELOR since 1839, and over 80,000 appll
cations bars been made to the hair of his patrons of his
famous Dt. Prejudice against dying the hair and whls
kert Is unjust, as It would be against covering a bald
head with a wig.
Wm. A. Uatciielor's Hair-Dye produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature, and Is warranted
not to Injure In the least, however long It may be con
tinued. Made, sold or applied, (la sine private rooms,) at the
Wig Factory, 233 Broadway, Kew York.
Sold In all cities and towns ot tho United States, by
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
rJ" The Genuine has the name and address upon a
steel-plate engraving oa four sides of each bottle, cf
233 Broadway, Kew York.
EJ- For sale by S. MANSFIELD & CO., and Druggists
generally. may31-dtwawly
o T Alt It A JL L K K Y ,
221s iVLKixi troot.
ARE making tho finest PICTURES la the world. AU
we ask Is for yon aU to call and examine them for your
made only at the Star Gallery. Jinl-Jatw
BY the Kew York Exhibition to tht English or foreign
Sauce Manufacturers has been obtained, amongst numer
ous competitors, by LEA & PERRIKS, for their
Worcestershire Sauce,
whereby further testimony is afforded of its being the
best Banco extant.
The celebrity of this Sauce has extended to every quar
ter of the globe, and its efficacy tn promoting the general
health Is becoming daily more observed and acknowledged.
In tbe United States It is held to be the most agreeable
condiment, aad is esteemed tor Its tonic and invigora
ting properties. Its habitual use enabling tha stomach to
digest tbe food.
On tha Continent ot Europe, these qualities have been
testified to by a gentleman, who writes to LEA (c PER
RIKS thus r "I have carried a bottle of your Worces
tershire Sauce la a tour I have Just completed through
Spain and Portugal, and believe I owe my present state of
health to Its use j your Sauce Is stomachic, and I think
i can wiin iruia say mere is nothing in a
traveler's baggage so essential to his comfort, at least In
these countries, as year Sauce."
in India, also, where It Is found at the mess of everv
regiment, a medical gentleman writes from Madras to
his brother In the same profession at Worcester. In the
following terms I ' Tell LEA & PERRIKS that tbelr
Sauce is highly approved In India, and tbat It Is, In my
opinion, tbe most palatable as well as the most whole
some Sauce made."
This Sanee Is suitable forevery variety cf dish, and the
universal demand which its excellence has created has
led to many Imitations being offered to tht public, under
a variety oi names, out ine genuine may be known by
theuames of "LEA et PERRIKS" beinglmpressedunon
the patent metallic capsules, or patent glass stopper of
the bottle, as well as tht labels and wrapper.
Boic&geats for the united states.
apH-ly 405 Broadway. Kew York.
RAKAWAY from tbe subscriber, a negro man
named LEWIS, aged aboat twenty-three or twenty
four yeara, six feet high, color very black, two of
'his front teeth below are out. I will give aav aerson
ten dollars who wilt bring said Lewis to me, or lodge him
in the county Jail.
mars lm JAMES R. WALKER.
TnE first DWELL1KO HOUSE east of th Ba
you, between Monroe and Union streets. Apply to
mar!2-lw j. OVERTOK.
Tenn. Office, south side ot Court Souare. one doot
west of Wallace's Auction Uonse, up stairs.
Choice Cottonseed.
JUST received frcm Rodney, Miss., 100 bushels Extra
" Gnlf " Cotton Sd, and for sale by
marl3 31 MYERS fc CO.
Shirt Fronts!
srn DOZKJi Linen Shirt Fronts, received and for sale
ArJU by
418 Mala streets, Louisville, Ky.
Filet Mitts!
-tfi DOZEN Filet Mitts, received and for sale by
1S Main street, Louisville, Ky.
Crotchet Needles!
n ukuos urotcnet iteeuies, received and for sale by
ciarii 4is Main street, Louisville. Ky.
Yictoria Latvn!
PIECES Victoria Lawns, direct importation, re
celvca and fur sale by
marli 418 Mala street, Louisville, Ky.
Pearl Shirt Buttons.
GROSS Pearl Shirt Buttons, assorted qualities
received aad for sale by
mar 1 41B Main street, LsalsvU'e. Ky
Alpacca Lustre.
-t a UASE3 Arfjacca Lustre, assorted, received and for
JLU sale by
413 Main street, Louisville. Ky
Chambray Ginghams.
-tn CASKS Chaa bray umgbam, a.orted colors, direct
1U importation, received and for sale by
marlt 413 Main. street, Louisville, Ky.
Plain Jaconetts
in cases 6-4 Plain Jaconett, direct Importation, rt-
i-4 Plain Jan
ceived and lor sale by
418 Mala street, Lonlsvllle, Ky.
Gum r.Irmf lr.' Siissipmlovu.
-nrv uuzen Gum Clastic suspeuders, assorted, re-
csaju ecivru auu lor sale oy
JAMES LOW k. m .
418 Main street, Louisville. Ky.
Laces and Edging.
fA CARTONS assorted Lac a aad Edging, reclred and
dU for sals by JAMES LOW & CO..
taarI4 418 Main street. Louisville. rT.
English" Crepe.
pn riECKS English crepe, b ack;
0U 25 white;
Received and for Sale by JAMES LOW CO..
marI4-lm 418 Mala street. Lonlsvllle. Ky.
Patent Thread.
1 A fi fl rouSDi pl"t Thread, assorted numbers,
a. j V v v
received and for ssle by
418 Mala street, LouisvUle, Ky.
Mississippi Rifles,
marl 4
WE have Just revived a heavy stock of CARPETING
of every description-.
ALSO, Matting. Bugs, Floor OU Cloth, Tablo 011 Clotb,
Curtain Materials, &.c
Anyone wlshlrgtobuy Goods "of this kind can save a
few dollars by looking at our goods and prices.
msrl2-3w Comer Main and Court streets.
TR, f ENNKR attends exclusively to Surgical Dl leaves,
su aa Piles. Fistula la A no. Strictures, Stone la
Bladder, Ulcers, Cancers, Tumors, Poltpas, Diseased
Rnn.a mnA 3eima 11.A-mltt r.iun D.rat TTkl .T.ifli
Contracted Tendons from loss ot Lips, Cheek, Ne, Eye-
lids, ke.. Closed Jaws from Salivation, and aa other dls-
eases ana c-rormues requiring oarglcal aid.
IfTt TfS'iT' (33 ?fa T? nr UJ
Jilt X JUJ VJLtlH MP JLveK&Jf&a
DR. FEKKER also attends to all Diseases ot the Eye
and Ear, and. la prepared to Board Patients from a
r- Office on Main street. In Walker's BuUdlnr. retl-
dence cn Court street. sep20-dtwawlytns
ron diseases or the
Two Doors East of Commercial Hotel,
maynaaw .ilK.ill'HIS, TJSAA.
WE are maauacturing the Bolivar" and 'Llvlags
toa" Ploath. Persons wantlBg them wlH give ni
a call. A. STREET & CO..
feb5-daw2m Poplar street.
181 Mala-st., opp. Worsham Hoase,
Men'a and Youth's Clothing,
Hats, Shoes, etc., tic.,
Saddlery, Guns, Rifl's, Gnttery,
Boys' Double Guns, Fiae Tobacco aad Tea.
To Consumers or Dealers.
TT 7 ILL attend to any land tusiaess la Southeastern
f X Arkansas, with promptness aad fldatiiy.
Florence, Desha county, Arkansas.
teb2iw 3ot
20 Madison Street, Up Stairs,
Marine Insurance Companies in the United
Exchange and Note Broker.
I will attend to the negotlatlan of aH
8 8 0,000.
WE have In store and are cobf taatly receivisK the
most celebrated brands ot TOBACCO frees Tirfsaia,
Kentucky aad Mts'ouri, which we sell at ataaefactartfs'
prices. We w.uHcall attention to the fvUawiag btands:
Trotter's Rough and Ready Twist j
Pace's " " '
Walker k Co.'s " "
Holland'. Extra Pancake;
Mohican, pound. ; Whit Taaetan, poaajs ;
Pocahontas " Emma Aaaats "
Bigg " U John's
Parkins " Sathertla's "
Persian Smoking Tobacco.
feb21m Madison str.et, twa doors from Mats.
lOO Barrels Flour.
VARIOUS brands, from the best Extra ta Saperflae,
for sale by B.MERRILL,
oct23 ViM street.
easy terms, Lets Not. N, Itht, IBS, 70. 56, t . (2 ,
W 63 and 92, in the Battare addrtsta to the city ot Mem- .
pbls. AIo, two brick state a Water street. It thJ
above lots are not sold privately, they wU be caVred ail
Auction on SATURDAT, the 14la It.tant. paiyto
mart--w u. b. WAUVELL.
ITtWO DRAYS also two Dray Lraente,which have eickt
X ana nine monias to rua. ppiyie
feb4-tf li WYNNE k GIBSON.
1837. 18S7.
ADAPTED to both city and country trade, coasisttag ia
part of the following viz :
Plata, Twill d aad Sti iped Osnabargs ;
Brown aad Bleached Sheetings and Shirtless ;
Brown and Bl ached Drills a od Jeans;
Blay, Blouse and Yellow Ltaeas, i aad 4-t ;
Cctionades, Denims, Camlets tad Naakveas;
Col ton Velvets, Mosqaito Nettings, Cambrici ;
Prints, Irish Llaens, Jaeoaets;
Plaia, Checked aad Spot Swisa Maslias ;
Lawns, urgancies. nam aaarancy Beragas;
SilkTUsues, kc , Ac. We hire also received a aH
stock ef
Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps and
Straw Goods.
Also a large assortment of
and la addition to tho above, would invite attention to oar
3tock of
Beady-Made Clothing,
which is very large and well salted to this section of
country. Our facilities for baying aad selling goods low,
are not surpassed by bouses la the trade in any market,
and we Invite the attention of Merchants generally ta
nr stock, and ask them te examine go ds aad mkes.
belltving it will be for tbelr Interest to make tbeie pur
chases of ns. marl dlmlt
R. L. SHANKS has associated wit't him la the prac
tice or Jieaicine Dr. T. 11. tiikall. Office, at tea
old place. No. 137 Main street. asarT-dtw
A.ll 11 1, rk L I. A 1
HAS Just received a Urge assort meat ot EUROPEAN
LUXURIES, such asPraMjnCeseBre!.st. Bruns
wick Ssussges, Eel In Geiee. Patet dc Foiet d'Oies, dt
Canard, de Beeattet en Truffle. Green Vegetables, cb
sl'tlngof Asparagus, Beaas. Pes, etc.; Anlovtsb. Ha
laid Herrings, Lira burg aad Sap Saga Cheer. French
Chocolate, German Prunes, Rhealsb, Haaoartan M-el
and French WINES, Cove Oysters. Leeeter, Sardine.
Sauces, Pickles, etc.. and-general assortment of FANCT
Many of the above articles are for the first ttce Im
ported Into the Uaited States, aad eaa be bad la Mem
febJO If
DeSHOKGS GALLERY crewdrd dally great rash fee
the Melalnotypa. They are unlike tbe Ambrotype
Daguerreotype, or Sphereotype. THEY WILL NEVER
Beware ! Spurious imltatloes are being mad black oc
paper. The unwary are liable to be Imposed upon with
tbee worthless counterfeits.
Koce genuine uslss taken by W H. DeSHONG, be
having the exclusive right of Memphis, lor the Melala
otypcPaUnt. Gallery, 181 Main street, opposite the
Worsham House. feb7
District Inspector
OF STEAMBOATS. Steamboat Boilers, and Steambdt
Machinery, under the provisions of tbe Acts of Ota
gress ot 1E33 and 1822. Offlce, 8 Madison atrett.
mart THOMAS McADAM, Importer.
Sixty Jegroes9
JUST received from North Carolina. South Caro
lina, Georgia and Kentucky among them two good
feb24-dawlm X. B. FORREST.
rpwo HUNDRED bbls Pltitbarab At In store and for
X sale by H. n. POTTER. Mala street,
msrl Third door North ot Worsham Haaee.
A TRS. C E. SATTE AFIELD, corner ot Madlsen aad
IVX Second streets, can accommodate several families,
alto. Day Boarders. ;a31-dJi
rpo circulate "Bayard Ttylor's Eacydopaedia ofTra-
1 TCI, " ID IDS n etiem llSirm Ol aeuucaacTr jw ibv
Northern count ls of MUslisiji'l ltlsa book tt real
value, and should find a place la every family aadeveiy
library the richest most complete and intrrestlag werk
of travels that ever eminatediiom the press. Subscri
bers n ceived at our store, Ko. 2.9 Main street, Mem
phls. Liberal prices paid to a genu. marll
Booth & SedgTViclc's London Cor
dial Gin.
1 f'f CASES recelrtd aedfor sale by
1UU J. BOYD i CO.,
marlO-dlm Ko. 170 Maln-st.
Gross Wine Bottles, warranto to hoklonequart,
a'andara measure;
60 Gross Quart Flasks, for sale by
marlO-dlm . J. BOTD k CO.
For Connoisseurs.
OR BBLS Old Monongahela Whisky ;
i) 25 bbls. Pure Bourbon Whisky ;
. 6 half pipes Brandy, (direct importation) ;
S quarter casks pure Port Wine, (direct importa
tion); f quarter casks Brown Sherry Wine ;
" " MadelraWine,
Received and for sale by
marlO-dlm J. BOTD k CO.
4 r CASES assorted Pickles, just received and for sale
10 U by (marlOdlm J. BOYD k CO.
ASSORTED sizes, received and for sale by
mirlO-dlm ' J. BOYD k CO.
HAVE received, per steamer Memsblt.
uch extensive additions to their former
stock of Pianos Melodeo s. fine and com-
inoa Furniture, of every atvle and varietr.
as most fully Justify us in assuring the merchants ef our
city that their orders latavor of their planting friends
In the country, can be attended to It a manner to Insure
entire satisfaction. GEO. FLAHERTY k BRO.,
marl Comer Mala and Unlcn streets, Memphis.
Tlios. Peters' Residence for Sale.
InAVK for sale the Bideaeahd 183H seres of land
betoaslas to Tfaamas Peters. Eso, lying on the Slate-Lir-e
Ra4 aad theMtraahUaad Cbaiteafbo Railroad, 21
safles east of Memphis, ot Bray's Station The traprove-
I wtets ot a Jwe lias, bunt in Gothic Style. 9 large
acJ2 BMn Wt,B ets. ste'e rooms, &c
j - " " , "' -..
1 . ..-i- . - .-- .v BU 9Mvi, i.
j U one of the best lsiprovol i la.es ia Shelby county, all
new end la perfect oner. I i:i eetf the improvement.
and 83X acres ot lead, oral together. If desire?, I will
seU the stock ot sheep, hogs, and cattle, corn, fodder, oats
aad pork, slaughtered and packed Is '-Ite smoke house. A
bargain will be given. Apply to Taos. Peters, oa the
premises, or te 6. B. LOCKE,
dec 21 Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
Suburban Residence for Sale.
I OFFER for sale, upott Reel tanas, the former Resi
dence of C. F. King, TSf., lying oa tbe north side of
the new Slate-line read, a mile aad a half east ef the
city. The tract contains 11 tares, aad is lraprevad with
a small residence ot three rooms, wen and other improve
ments. Alee, a fear acre wood lot, nearly opposite. That tract
la within three qaaaters ot a mSe at a Rood chares and
aehoet, aad Is ha aae of tHS beat aad heaMhleat neirhlor-
beeds la Use TtetaMy ef Mesa phis. O. B. LOCKS,
aovll Aacttaaecr aad Real Estate Broker.
Just Received.
DA Afln CIGARS, somc very superior.
f b!3
Mala street.
Piano Fortes for Sale.
I HAVE la store, Jaat received direct
from Kew York TWELVK PIAKO
5F0RTRS, from 6 1-3 ta? octave, af sup.
riAe eniah .Ml rilAWit cl.u. .. n u..
WaW with Pearl. They will be seed at greatly reduce.!
prices. This presents a most favorable opportunity to
patcbasa a superior iastraateat at a bargaia Tara.
OMde It sail parcbasers. U B LOCKE,
ilee-13 If Aactioaeer aad Beat Rstau Broker.
TTTE have now la stare an infinite variety ot DRRI
f V GOODS, cemprieiBa
Sl ks aad Ttsfce,
Greaidiaes aad Bttfj,
Priateal Ltaeat aad Jtesnata,
DoLalaea aad QrgiaaTaa,
Oreae Mateitw, Greae aa Paris, &e.
Same of watra rsaait beewcW at ewgaae , style ar
buaty, aad are the ilsant tluit caaH be obtained ia tbe
Eastern market.
nrla-sawtw A. T. WELLS Jc BRO.
rpHEca-aartaeraaip heretofore extauae between Drs.
JL K P. WATSON 4l A. L. KIMBRO. Bat beta ift
ay aaataal coaseat. Dr. Kbaara settles the eM
K. B Dr. KIMBRO will coattaae bwtaess at the eM
pace, oa Uataa street. JaaSt-dawam
City Tax Payers.
CRT TAX PATBUS ar a tca taet the Tax Beak fo
taeaanaat corpacata yvatl bow asade oat, aaa
wW be kept at the Mac at the Mayor, where all aersotM.
iatereeted are eeraeetly hwisarf ta ea aad testae.
febU JOHK NRWSOM. City Tai Cat
WE haTt jat reortved a litah taaa4y at Rai (Saver
Bias Otaa aad Ttasothy Seed.
Agrlealtaral Warerooaas, 13 and 14 Freat Raw.
. 1st
Coal : Coul !
A TT COAL has em at last; wtadaadbad weather
VI X. has krat it hack so tat. I received aae pair at
awiis, (lt,aM barrels ) out ot Soar pair that I have
boagat, tht (Sataraay) evaiag. I skull ke at t be Red
Oflee f rem that state eat, ready ra wait oa my frwada aad
tuiltaier. with a bra aad coaataat atoek at Goal. I
bare had a aas4r ol tail ub hand far tlx Uat Soar aada
half yeart aalU a sears spHi the latter part ot Jaaaary.
I ia aow BTutatse twa ta jags-teat I wtlt say ia atore
Coil, aadi' I stake a dollar oa it I will keep it among aa
ti heme. I bay my Coal ai the bn4 of tha creek at ttrtt
cast ataraeS tfj THOS. JAMES.
r. CAKS.
REID & CAR 12,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW WW practice la an the Courts
in Ika city, ta tax Courts f Sbeiky, Haywaod aad
Madtsott roasitles, aad Sapvesae Caaat at Jacksaa
Prontpr atteotloa gtvati ta secartaig aadconectla; itlfetl
lewaease, Karth MiIt nippl sad Xeet Atkaaaat.
Oaeof at ma at tu ttaaea aa fuaad at ear once la
Baton Black, Seats ttaa Cvartstnmt. aatatiu Main street
aad Proat Raw. feela-dSw
ron rent,
A KKAT GARDRN SPOT, at twa acres, with
a reeadaaca far a tatalt faauly, two aulas east ot
tea dry. For further particulars, apry at the
Appeal Oeere. teal 2
IK additsoa to oar large stack wa have received aba al
OopeBaatea Watched asade ta ear enter tbe aal
Watch ever eaVred iu thU atarket.
fehI5 F. H. CLARK k CO.
Lots at Private Sale.
I OFFER for sale, aaoa easy terms, aaimeraved Lata,
HI, 122, 126, 126, 108, 101 131, 132. Improved Lots
1 69 aad 1TB being on the plea, of eubdivWioa of 6 iwealaw
Safiarraas, Leoney ic Keefe. G. B. LOCKE,
Bov2-lf Aactioaeer aad Real Ratate Broker.
Tm 3rpoxrt.Ta t to 2Eoxxxxilom
THE cemetBatiaa at lacredlente la taase Pills are the
result at a leag and exteaatve piactice. They ar
miM ta their operation, and certain in correct lac all lr
regatarMiea, patetal meastruatioB, removing al! ubatrac
ISoo.. whether tram cold or otherwise, headacho, pain la
the sMa, pataMattaa at the heart, dtatarbed sleep, which
always arise from talermptioQ ot nature. They can be
sactsssfally seed as a preveailve. Tbene Fills shnu'.'t
never be takes la pief aaaoy, ar they would be sure tc
aaase a Baarearrtaje. Warranted purely vegetable -i. i
tree treat anything Injurious ta life or health. Explicit
dlrectiOBi, which should be read, accompany each box.
Prteet. For sale ta Memphis by
S3- Seat by man by eactoe lag $t to Dr. CORKEL1US
L. CHEB38MAN, Ko. IN Broadway, New York.
AN excellent FRAMED COTTAGE, coaUining
faarroocas, wtta Lot 7b feet iy ie, with god
ctttera situated on the Sooth tide af A tab ma
street. Bear Its lunctloa with Poattr.
Tern.8 ef sale easy. r rent madrrate. Postitsstta eaa
be bad at aace. Eaqalre ot
mart-dlaa No. 11 Madttoa street
J. A. MOOS J. r. KER.T.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. General OsOectbK aad Laad
Agents, far the Northern aad Eana Ceaattes of
Atkaaas, DBS ARO, ARK.
Administrator's Notice.
THE uaderstgaed, navie beaa qaatsned aa Adalals-t-ater
of JOHN A GARRISON, deCd, at the March
Term, 1867, af the Count, Coart at Shelby. aotMes a
perseas in bted to aa d deceased ta make Immediate
payment, aad those having claies agaiart said decedeat
are n quested to present them la the time asd as the law
directs, or they will be far ever barred ,
mirS Jim JiMRS R. HARRISON. Adsa'r.- .
DR. SAUNDKRS' eaace at J. M.
Store, sear the Poet Offlce.
Sfedea&Ce.'s Bsar
A TTORNKY AT LAW. Poatotoe. St . wal atftast
tX. strictly to ail profrtsloaal hatiaess whfcrll aWtyb
eatraet.d to hiat-ia any ot the Courts ot North Mtsats
tippi. feM7 ly
Linseed 0:1.
In A A GALLOKa pare Limeetd OU, in stare aad
,UUU to arrive, for sale by
Burl daw2w tx9 Mala street.
Pure White Lead.
on nnn rocN s i-u whiu Lea.;
UjUUU 5600 SaewWMteZiK,
For sale, whoicale and rettil. by
marl8-daw2w WARD JOK3S, Dragrssts.
Grass Seed.
PEYTON k HARBIN have bow ta store aad for sal
low for cash. Red Clover, Timothy, 'Herds, Orebaro
and Kentacky Blue Grass Seed, whewsateaad rttaB.
Ale. Arboer Vltx aad Osage OraBge Seed.
mar3-dtwa 2w
- nf BBLS. Dean Whisky;
1UU 0 Am-ricaa Brandy ;
26" Pi ach Brandy;
60" Harris Ale;
18U boxes Cheese; '
Alva, a general as rtmeot of G recedes, ia sters and
for sale by marie-dlm J. BOYD k CO.
Chickcring's Pianos!
six. riASOS rr.ru ia wirH-rtoewnea
BtaaaractBrers, Messrs. Chlckeriae; &
Sods, the original Jonas Ohickerinte, were
shipp-d ta us on the 27th ef Febraary. per
ship MaHhar, aad wal be received la a -few days, which
we shall offer for sale at the manufacturers' prices, ex
penses ot transportation added ealy.
rra-ie 192Maia street.
Hallett, Davis & Co.'s Pianos!
. siAiKb.t or laoee uatverajiy popular
I Plaao Fortes five aow la store and eleven
i errive per sbios Hiawatha aad Afara-
1 tAois and bark Atlas all ot which will be
soM at extremely short proflta by
Raven, Racon & Co.'s Pianos !
, ruuHisfiA fiaaoa rrem toe aoove maa
3 ntacturers, seven now oa hand. : bt bataacc
I shipped last month cr ships Victtburtf
' aad Sheppard Krw.pp. Th-se Pianos are
so wall known in Memphis and the surrounding country
that farther a tice from us Is unnecessary, oaly sddisg
that we can afford and will sell them at lets pries than
heretofore. marie McglKKBY &. CO.
Albert W. Ladd & Co.'s Pianos!
-f--" EIGHT PIANOS from the raanafactory
VNayaaiof Mrurs. A W. Laad jt Co . ItostoB,
ffljffjff fl shlaped oa the ship Marti Kon These
l J U U pianos will be doe here next week, aad
win be sold law by
marlO McKIKNEY ic CO.
THE partnership heretofore existing under the firm
and styleef BURTON Ic BEATTIB is this dat dis
solved by mutual consent. J D. BSATTIE Isempowered
ta collect and receipt for aH debts due said coaceri, aad
will discharge all claims against the-same.
Properly appreciatlag the patronage extended to the
late firm ot Burton 4- Beattie, I mait cordially recommend
my successor to the termer patrons of the late concern.
The undersigned will continue-the Grocery busWess on
blr own account, and solicits a continuance ot the patron
age extended to the oil firm.
marl3-lw J. D. BKATTIS.
PROPOSALS wrH be received by the Commute for
budding ot two MARKKT-H0 JSES. ly private en
terprlie, unttl the, 1st of AprB next, ATlaa and speetfi
calteaa may be seen at thecfSoe of thj undersigned.
marS Chtlrman ot Spocial Committee.
I&plar facEtis.
Leaves aa WEDNESDAY, Mores 1Mb, aMr.M
For Ohio River,
Cairo, Louisville and Cincinnati.
MEMPHIS J. H. PrarfM, Mi- . r
THIS auatatteaat imwatr anal fr-c' t
packet, will leave tar tat cam ar.i i
lateraaediate ports at above.
For freight or pasaace apply ul ri
No 38 ftaat Bcw
Regular Memphis and White Riycr
Fames Jjawglilm,
P. MAIKGAULT, Matter J. P. BOOKER, c. k.
J. THIS taatruaaiag, freight and pa-.
I soaper: nd all jateraMstata laa: -
& cverv Wedaesdar.- at 1 aStock, r i
For freight or passage, aaaty aa beard ar t
W. W. HOME, Axear,
dec30-3m Ka. 3 Hewara" R
ivr m: in. o 2zr -a- xsx m? T
XO. 3 HOWARD'S if OB',
W1LI. auead taltafatly ta all batlwut asfraaled t
care. dl8-2r
18G6. s s : s s 2 1837.
James P. Smith, Master.
U ON ta reaautBitoa oj paaa-sKu
---l navicauna a 'ice of drat I zit
rlu. packets win oooj
mcace rheir ret alar trips1'
it-weea Vteasaata. Caato aaat Luaasv.lle, eoanecli: -
i Meaepats wi:k the New Orleaaa aaaket ttaa, at Ci r
wUb the llaaascnttal naaroan, aaai h mmmnar m
the Loaivaia aad Clacaa&aai packet Uaa.
Taeaa U are irtted ap aad tarattM la etestaat t , ,
wka every rad for u.e cosatart aad cattxaBtrac . .
pasaaajtrs are oMtsiea ay cara. and aaiittiittd at. -i,
waa,aTtitattew4aaB ta nanaess. baaa to m-stt'b
ot pad tale .adaatranaacof lkBaaUc.
LAYALLXTTT. k MORR1A, Ajreasa, Mesaahla.
teM B BNBMCT k. SON. A grass, Laattwtae.
Xj Raast aad KaaaJreT copy.
Memphis, White River asd iVagicon
Hcleaa, Friar's Point, Laconia & ConcorJii
JOHN T. SHIRLEY, Maater....WM. T. WOOkV Clerk
TrsuU- in nlflo tV limf 1
i-coatjiue recularrv ta taatsaat. teav
Meu.pe every MONDAY and FRIDAY at 2 a'caoca f
M-, puactaally.caaMrctiBg at hapoieoa wsta While
Arkansas river boats, t alias tratam aaat puiawr r
White river at regalar rates. RetaeatBSC Haaet Nap
leao every TURSDAY and SATURDAY, atfiefac al Mem
phis Saaday aad WedacsCy tn-BBiea.
Thatvcf .' for former patronage, ta ewaan hop. t ,
taorit acepiiaaancr f the ' aae to taeic arc Vwhi. v:
saseiug strict atuattoa u buttstesa.
Ktice to Shippers Tret Frtsaee" wBI vec-ivt
fretcht anttl uaa o'duck oa Moadays, aadawrtag ta. -a-Ure
day Tharadays, aad until aae ectock Mssft.
IN areer ta acceaamoaaui the peMsc, ta iwai ' a- '
Btaatars at the Packeu herttolMa ia tavts4bet-. .
the twa titles have organised a CuTnaaay ta raa a T i
Waekt) Llaa af Packet. Uiweea Mesapads aad New u -leaaa,
aaaer the Baiue and styia ot tea
Memphis and New Orleaas Packet Co.
"TaeRtatoeampotiiigtbeLtaearaanat the atratc:..
tafertor to Boat in ta Wast er Sveta. tar spna. caea;. .
aadrafety. Taey will leave each pteee evatv Mdaj
Wfdnmdm aad Friday, at 3 o'clock p. k.
particular otttntin wtM e fH t way taitatsi.
Monday Pacliet.
NBBRAKA R- Aarx. BrwaB. Maete-
1NGOMAR I Madassajaa,
Wednesday l'aakotB-
JOHN SIMOKDS Wbv Wra, Ht't-.
H. R. W. HILL. Thea. SL Newsal,
Friday Packets.
SSNFRAXKUN .M.. Aadasa, Master
BKLPAST S. L. Chawch
ShlpptraaaAPassatgiii sear rtty aa Iht aaattatllt) ..f
the baau et ton Itae.
A eaattaaaaeo af aae pall at ft ailBtata atteadi.l t
the awaara et tela Uaa la iata ftlaBi- saaMMeaV
T3" OaVe adiatauBS W. B. Rtcksaasat k, Oa., cor-. -Coart
street aad Freat Row. . ac; I
Over Two Thousand Bottles of
WAS 44
la-.t week,
at '! the de
maad is in
r:mm eve
ry Jay Tbe
g eat sale
that has so
wry rapidly
spr a n g u p -
ior this rem- 1
edy. is ow-
aSrTAW0 trinaie aser"
its. TiMuaBi4 of weak feeble and debilitated. p esor.
this city hare been made healthy aiad atreac by taking
It is the best alternative is tha wotld. aad the vi -remedy
that wm parity the Mead, tart at tha state ; i:.
ttrrnglbea aad inn (ror at the abate ortinimim.
Hwitl eaVetaally care aU castpUtaU at the Ln
Stomach er Bewela, aaoa at Liver rtmf'-i1 Meada. i
Bsltuaunoiit, Bad Beaata, Dytataaia, Saax Haas n raa . I
ot Appetite, Kerreaa Pis exes. FaiataaM. Weatae
aay diseata at the Woatb, Kiaesys or MaeaHi ; aci -meve
yeOewaesa er tews taaea the akatt. -It U a s i
pretealtre agatast Yellow Fever, ChKs, Afeoe '
Fever, Cao era. ar any prevail las eafctreaic. Taere n
mi.take aboat it.
X3- Rvery hoMIe is warrsated to give ssltJIartlati T-e
it It is very pleasant. It leaves a il iBjallal asaeaauc
aavar bl the atouth after taking it.
J. H. McLEAK, Sola Prtrsater at that Oatdsx
A toe, Mcljeaa's Volcaalc Oil Llnlsastil.
J3" PriaKipal depot aa the coraer at Taard a4 Ph
itreats, SL Loais, Ma. Far sate ia llitssjall, by
6. B. JOHNSON. Awttw,
ItMawl v earner Madtota aad Mat st-e.
Just Received.
CA8K3 Booth Svbxwicy LoaaVa C.
GtB, ay H. M PXTTJDL Maist street
Third auer North Wars a
FOR the faNewiae article, oa ttetact om aaTTAIt A I
BIO k CO. 'A WHARFBOAT, Mi saahhy Btaarsj. .
March . I8: .
T. Seajc, MeasBhto, 1 box aad 1 cheat;
1 ehc without any mark :
Lev! Jay, Butivar, Trass., t hamt
C. T. abwMare, rrWa 'oeat t b-srafe&Mrrj
33 sack, eartoa sed and peaa, w- 'lent new aaark :
R. O. Heatpain, MesphU, sat hav- sakill fts i , twt
e. isc ;
M. G , care Baval, Alaee Ca., ItrKajaan, Bares
L. St. Loais,! bases;
T K Tkrail. JJemaats, 1 hex ;
Reward Flood. Mesaefets. 1 baresra ;
M A. Deaa, Aaaara. Tern . 1 Crate;
J. T. Ksnsrat, Mesaeats. ht boxes Tabmau ;
Jao. M. WilttaassoB, Mea palm, 3 aarrc.
U aeteatlaatorteBdet taa aaualB, wi Ihedtspo-. !
ut te pay charaes.
market DUVAL. AUMO CO.
Dry Goods at Wholesale.
TUST reetVet, direct mat New York, aa linilaaai n'
J ot upwards ef $3eSCM wertkot seasestaale Star
Dry Goo I. The goods be lag oa caaalfsl, I eaa af
ford aad win soli better bargains thaa rear was eat red r
thi. city. Merchants aad planters, wan wtea ta buy I r
the piece will aad to their iatereat to examine aay .toct
before parcbathae elsewhere G. B. LOCKX,
nv6 A action eer and Real Xstate Bver
LA KK KOIM A; er. Bxptorattoae aaat Paves' art' aaar . -i
fuar year.' vranaerlaxs la the waaU ef Seall Am. i
By Anderson.
Htoterv ot Greece, 12 vols. By Greta.
Westward Bataire; ar. the Great Dealt at Mental i P-o-
gre s. By S. L Masse. .
Letter-i froai the United Stales, Caea, $. ByM 3 Mur
ray. Newsaaelk.
AbeeU'a Henry the Faartk.
Life in the ItlPeraacy.
Rale, Axe aad Saddlebags. BrMiDJenT
Katate Btaaaa. a are-seaa MteBry' ef jfM; M By
Oarrer Lyto. By Reader.
Hrtory the Btraauat Ctne RrDtetiik
Marian Lester; ar.TaeMetaer'sMhUke. ByMcieS.
Ressseaa's Ceafesstoas traastated.
Draper's Peysielegy.
Brown's Grammar ef Eatlhsh teramrrwrj. .
American A lata aae far MoT. art
Intiuire Within for Auythin?
You Want to Know.
THE most Bcfu' and ex I rat reentry vtlaat ever t. i
ssoaed frcm the press, as it comprises aH the Inf." -malioa
contained in a dotn ot aay other keeks ef to"" -mat
tea tbat have been httherlo prrated.
Tbi book, as Iu title imports, w.U give you correct r -foraalton
oa every pos stole n-hieet that yeavever hat
ortheuhtof: w aethT jou desire tuntekt Irrs to a pr i
ty girl, er cook a dinner to start aaslaesa leasts- aaoi'-v
to dress with ule to tie aay ktad ot a kae i n"
a head-ache to-Take Patechemaaie Vaaa. a- otfc.
faaey emptoymarS for the Udiet la saart. ' evviv
useful thiae tbat can b thoaghi ef er iatagtocu Jr , a
want ta learn sbaaicaliy hew to do a littl' at ev.-rv-(bax
thai is uWal, bee it. A a beak te keep ia i--ttBsOy
for reference. It is unequated, catnprleaag at .
dees ail ktnenef iafaraaUea ia a stogte vaaaaw. Ko . -can
peteibry be dtstaapetnted who rives a deRar and a
quarter for it. Btraaleby
mar!3-lw CLEAVBS k GPION
GRESS, d vol ed to the Prostottea et Scttace, Art,
Maaatactures. Commerce, AdeoMue aad Trade, de
signed alike for the desk and home caret. Pabtished by
the Mechanics' Exchange Company, Bettkaete, Md.. and
for sal by CLEAVES &GUION. Terms. $5 Pr aaaara,
or 20 cents per number. ,
marl2-IW J. M PAKrgALL."
Extension Dinins: Tables.
MAHOGANY, Oak and Wataal Sxtension Tab'e..
tram Ua to fourteen feet teagtjMt received and for
Valuable Negroes for; Sale
m xni RTY NEGROES jhsrited 'rem Kaal ucky
CO aad Vkvlna, among the numr tht gsod Me-
chanlesT - NVB. FORREST,
rV. mart-tr Ns. 87 Adas street.
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