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; ta advascz.
M EMPH rs .
. ..... M A. V 22 1857.
j.- Vl lYnmnrrni'tr .Vfimlnntinns.
" VM V. I1W " ...... .
, ar a - a. a a r- a a v a a t -a
"griiLIAM T. AVEH.T.
rex floats,
' or Tfroi.
ihk ojtcity EtrBEscSTATirri,
E. W. M. KING.
-The QubsrBatorial 'Canvass Appointments for
TrrctoQ.. ............
M.rapM.. ...... .....
Beftvar. v..
LtwmjMtmt. ......
Vlarbtt I- r. ......... ,
Jfjt.. ............
JLtfceat ,
BeTlrTl!l ...........
Xewpert.. ...........
GrrcnTiHa ,
JBCtra ............
KlBpert..... ......
TaxemR. ...... ......
Olnten ........ ......
Zlafttea. ...........
Spirta.. ....... ......
n'nttr... . .... ,
ilnrSTttbtn ........
Colchis . .........
. AJlflfiiy
W ci4b9J s
....Tar dr,
...Saturday, '
. ...Totiiay.
. ...Ttrar4j,
.... Monday. .
Xm? Ai
ifiy 25
Jt 25
.. js
44 g
Jdn. - ' 2
"- 3
- .6
" 9
- - . lu
t - 11
'- IS
- n
- ' is
4. fa
4 22
. 2a
i jij
.- 26
' - , 27
T i
n 4
- " 6
" "J
- ' 13
. '16
44 SO
" . 21
44 2
4f - 24
41 frj
" 0
Aazcat 1
4. 3
TbcaaAcratCBfd, Candida tea for CsrerMr, bare agreol
aps tie ahore HHg: appbitmeBU fr tbe cai sia; caa
tji. Tt whM fcare tm Elad t t abk to rMt aU
tt OMBttes, tHrt ter thortofsi f tee tin rMdred It
tof(iH. 1SHAM C. BARKIS.
SAMmiXX, May 1!, 1587.
Frem tiefoiiowiBg correspeBdence it will be
aeekMhat J. Kxox Walker accepts the posi
tfen asslpied bits by the Democracy, and will
enter the ctest with bis accustomed energy
aad eBtawataea. Tbe Democracy of Shelby I
aadayette caa a ad will carry the centest and
elect thetr Seator.
AH that they need is to
wrk witfe a wilt and determine to succeed
Memphis., .May 16, 185".
J. Kxex Walker, Ei. Jor Sir; The
4e8tg'i were appointed a committee by tbe
Democratic Senatorial Convention, which ar
vuci .me v" '
yotttbat you were selected as their caB4ioe
to represent the Senatorial District composed
f tbe coatttioe of Fayette and Shelby, in tbe
Senate f Tennessee. Our delay iu performing
this My, was "occasioned by your absence
from tbe State. We now reflect the statements
of that Convention and the people whom it
represented, and express our own hearty con
currence in that action, when we declare the
trnst that ye will at once obey the voice which
has eaMed ye te bear The Democratic Standard
through ene of the most important contests in
which 4 tie freemen ef Tennessee have ever en
gage!. With high eBteera, yours, truly,
Memphis, May 21, 1SS7.
Geut'imm: I am in reeeipt of your note
ef the lSth inBt, advising that tbe Democratic
Convention, which assembled at SoraerviHe on
tbe -Ife inst, had selected me as their candi
date te rep-resent the Sanatoria! District com-
posed ef the ceusties of Fayette and Shelby.
Thanking you for the kind terms in which
you have here pleased to communicate this in
formation, I answer that I accept the position
assigned me.
Wife great regard, yours, truly,
To John Houston, J. H. Webster, Wm. T.
Baew.f, L. P. Fowlkes.
Madison Couxtt, May 18, 1657.
Gentlemen: I have received your compli
mentary letter, apprising me of my nomination
by the Americans and Whigs of the Tenth Dis
trict, as their candidate for Congress.
In the enthusiasm abounding everywhere in
Tennessee, we have gratifying evidence that
our mends are not disheartened by defeat.
itas my served 10 ma kb more conspicuous,
uey Bare iuowh luemseiveg woruiy 01 me
' success for which they are now contending.
Tne efd Whig ship still floats, whatever may
be said to tbe contrary; nor will she go down
while there is an American or Whig to man
her decks.
The honorable position you have assigned
tne, 1 cannot decline. My poor services are
therefore at your command. If elected I shall
endeavor faithfully to serve my whole country,
and especially to foster and promote tbe gi
gantic interests of my District. If defeated, I
shall, at least, trust that in the person of my
distinguished competitor and friend, the people
wilt have an able representative.
Hoping soon to have an opportunity of see
ing the voters face to face, and of declaring
my views upon questions of public interest,
I have tbe honor to be,
Your frierd and servant,
To Messrs. Wm. K. Poston, S. J. Neal, Wm.
Sangster, Thos. H. Newbern, Martin W.
Gay, Committee.
Jlr. Stephens accepts the nomination
for Congress from the "Americans and
Whigs of the Tenth District Mr. Ste
phens says that "the old Whig ship still
hoats," in the letter of acceptance which we
JJpdblish above. He doej not tell us whether
-'Know-NetbingiEm is still vital or not. He
"says however that the Whig ship will not " go
-down while there is an American or Whig to
Hiaa her decks." Who first deserted her
"decks? Who declared her corrupt and de
Who consigned her to her political
(grave 1
Who burled her and erected Kco"w-1
Jfothinglsm .apon her "ruins?"' Let Mr.
Stephens answer, and then tell us if these
same Americans who did these things will
man her derks. . Ah! Mr. Stephens, do you
thus erect ihe "corrupt" carcass of ancient
Whlggery upon the "rulss' of Know-Noth-ingism?
jJ"Hon. P. O. Hebert, Ex-Governor
Louisiana, returned to our cltyyeterday from
XasbriJle t rou.lt for his residence in Louis!
ana. Doling his sojourn in our State be has
wen numerous and wann friends. We are bap-
jfty to learn that he will rttura again in a few
months to form a "more familiar acquaintance
with our state ana its citizen.
3T The Fort Smith, ( ArK) Herald, vt the
. SHh inst. quotes corn meal per bushel, at KKa
Qc. corn at 50c; green apples at SI ; bacon
at S9c. per pound ; lard at 7Sc: eggs 8
tOcper dozen; chickens at ?l 2fl50 per
Jozn; pork at 2$3c per pound; beef at
33ic, and feathers at 35a40c. per pound.
Dinsebto Gen. Quitmas. The people of
Yazoo City .have tendered to Gen, Qcitmaw
a public dinner at sunh time as may nut his
'Thhomi.noo Meeting The Democrats of
! Tishomingo county held a meeting on the 13th
i of ane, for the purpose of nominating candl
PH?S forhe Legislature. Itwill.be composed
I of deUgatcsfrom each 'civil district in the
CoCiE. R. Smith RtsioSED. llie Ponto
toc Examiner contains a. letter from this gen
tleman notifying his constituents of that comi
ty that'he has resigned his seat in the Legis
lature. CjI. Smith has been appointed to the
pest of Special Mail Agent for Kansas Terri
tory. Having the pleasure of Mr. Ssiith's
intimate personal acquaintance, we can as
sure the Government that the selection is a:
excellent one.
Ho.v. H. &. Bennett Recommended fob
RE-4S0MINAT10N. The Democrats of the sixth
rclvjl district of Pontotoc county held a meeting
on the 6th iust., at which Jud?e Bennett
wasstroDgly recommended for a nomination
.to Congress.
Negroes Hung. A pretty large crowd of
people attended yesterday and witnessed the
execution of Dave and "Beverly, which took
'place at one o'clock p. m., about a mile South
of town. The gallows was erected at the
head of a steep hollow, thus afibrdin? all who
so desired a sight of the hanging. The hills
around were covered with people white and
black. There vere but thirty or forfy ladies
in attendance, and tney from tne country,
JTone of our town ladies were present, and we
are glad to say so, for it was too horrid a sight
for ladies to see. Ane negroes appearea caira
and collected, and thanks to our jailor, every
thing turned out as well as could nave been ex
pected. CarroUtoa Vimocrat, May 10.
Track-Latikg Commenced. Last Thurs
day tbe bands on the Mobile and Ohio Rail
road commenced laying down track again at
this depot, after a cessation of upwards of ten
months. It affords us gratification to make
this announcement. It benefits ns for tbe road
to reach here from Mobile; butitia r.o bene
fit to Macon for it to remain here. We know
this will be good news to our friends along the
line or tne road above nere. ine tracK-iayin
did not commence last Monday week, as we
announced. The railroad being washed up
below here was the cause. Macon Star, May
Judge Trotter Suggested for Govern
or. A writer in the Macon Star suggests the
Hon. James F. Trotter as the Democratic
candidate for Governor. Judge Trotter
known to be every way qualified for and de
serving of the high station for which he is re
Improvement in the Stand or Cotton
We are pleased to learn from our planting
friends that within the last few days of spring
weamer, mere nas seen a very great improve'
ment in the prospect for a stand of cotton.
Seed that has been in tbe ground for four weeks
and more is now coming up very well. Many,
however, have planted over, and the present
prospect is that stands of cotton wil! yet be
pretty good, although nearly a month later than
usual which, with early frost, would cJuse
tn cottorwrop or tnis year to be verv suort m
proportion to tbe land planted. iusciuiko
Democrat, May lpffc.
The Davis Banquet. It is announced that
Col. Jeff. Davis has accepted Jhe. invitation
to a public dinner at Jackson on the 29th inst
GBXERAL -aixke's whereabouts attd fate.
The New York Exprcis, of the 14th Inst.
! co,,,, tae rerM,rt 0r a conversation with Coi!
Anderson, in which it is.stated that when be
' left Aspinwall, on the 3d inst., Walker was
still in Rivas, with some 300 men. A day or
.wo previous to his (Anderson) leaving the
isthmus, a letter was received from a private
j source in San Francisco, requesting General
I aiuer 10 oe sure and ne at san Juan Jjei bur
iuc family luiccui &uui iaj a iti dutancc
of the usual time of the steamer's arrival at
that place from San Francisco, but " not to
have his expectations raised too high," and he
would mere und something to benelit him and
his cause. The Colonel also informs us that
he heard from another source, that the pro
posd " benefit " was In the shape of a small
sailing vessel fitted up by private enterprise,
having upwards or lou men, a good tupp
provisions, arms, ammunition, &e on a
pply of
wnicn Anderson mints must nave arrived ere
this time, and been taken charge of by Walker
or some one or nis representatives. Col. An
; derson sas s that Walker, by means of spies,
. is enabled to keep up an artive communication
j with the sloop-of-war St. Mary and with San
1 Juan del bur. By these means he was enabled
I to keep posted up." The Colonel thinks his
1 Btar is yet in the ascendant, and tP2t the Gen
era! can work himself and army through the
enemy to San Juan at any time he chooses ; but
as be' is still quite easy at Rivas, he prefers for
the present a " masterly inactivity," in order
to deceive the enemy as to his real intent and
purpose, until be shall have sufficiently re
cruited his force to ensure his success. Tbe
iiCoIonel further says that he came down the
river to Aspinwall at tbe same time that Lock-
ridge's party did, but tnat he has remained on
the Isthmus so as to communicate with
and satisfy himself of Walker's position.
From all he was thus enabled to learn, be gives
little credence to the report from New Orleans
by telegraph, mat " Walker had escaped, and
taken refuge on board a man-of-war." He
thinks it is a fabrication.
One of the officers of the George Lam says
that, on leaving Aspinwall, the report was cur
rent there that Walker was completely hemmed
in on all sides by the enemy in Rivas, an 1 that
the Allies were about bringing their guns to
bear upon him, in which caBe there would, he
j thinks, be little if any hopes for him or his
men, of whom he had but about 300, all told.
In tbe event of mis rumor being true, the tele
y 1 aranhir rpnnrf frnm Taw Cirlnavia tniir r,fA
i something more man a draft on the lmagina-
j xion, notwithstanding Col. Frank Anderson's
confidence to the contrary.
To tbe People of the Seventh Cosgresiioaal
District of Tennessee.
Fellow-Citizens: Before the adjournment
jot the last session of Congress, from tbe so
licitations of my feiiow-citizeps in various
parts of tbe District, I was induced to an
nounce myself as a candidate for re-election to
the Congress of the United States. When I
made the announcement, I wished it to be
derstood that I was subject to tbe wishes of
the people who had conferred on me ths high
honor of the Representative in the Federal
Government two y ears ago. Since my arrival
atbome, I have witnessed with peculiar latis-
! faction, the unanimity with which my fellow
: citizens in every county composing the district,
ua,c tiwuism ui cuuiite, vtuiie i iiau iue uon
or to represent you. I have long believed that
the highest reward which a public servant
ought to desire, is a consciousness that he has
faithfully discharged the trusts committed to
his hat ds By a free people, and the further sat
isfaction of knowing that those who commit
ted trusts into his hands, understand and endorse
his acts.
That I have endeavored, in all things, to rep
resent you faithfully, and according to tbe best
of my feeble abilities, my own conscience bears
me witness, and the zenerous support which
you have given me at all times, and under all
circumstances, whilst in the discharge of im
portant and arduous duties, has filled me with
gratitude, which will impress me during life.
The unanimous wishes of my constituents, as
rinrpJUPi! in votir nrimartr ommtv
J. lSSi
circular, and to say to yoa that I accent th
a vmhbuv j uu v-a j
position so kindly and generously tendered,
and that at an early day I will visit all the
counties composing the district, and engage
actively in tbe canvass.
. The Important questions of Federal policy,
which you will be called ou to decide, render
It necessary that you should continue watchful
and energetic During the term I have had the
honor to be your Representative, erave. erel.
ting, and dangerous questions have been dis-
j 4tto9a1 anil I friivif atHff fn..)... . It - Vi
I to be gralifyiDg to all patriotic citizens, who
. .l aui ...... 4. . u . , uv.wbu luivid uuh UUUtUb
i.l ' i fi 1 i i : - 9.
have done battle together for the advancement
of constitutional liberty, that not only has the
voice of tbe people of the nation sustained them,
but the Supreme Courtthe highest judicial
tribunal known to our Governmen' has pro
nounced that tbej were right, and their oppo
nents wrong..
To sustain our present able end patriotic
Chief M agistrate in carrying out, in good faith,
' tbe principles upon which he was elected, it is
necessary xnat, me people suoma eiecr. nepre
sentatires to Congress who entertain vie'ws and
opinions, with regard to these questions, in har
mony -with the President
In conclusion, permit pe to gay to you, that
a I though we are vlctoriom almost everyw hera,
j the war it apt ye oyer. There always btyp i
been, and there always will b, men ar.d parties
in our country opposed at heart' to the great,
leaning, tur.aainen'ai Jocinnm upon wnicn our
liovemtnent was constructed. Tuey will not
cease to war upon us because we.have defea'e d
them ; under new names and in. new disguises,
tney will seek tne overthrow or our cnerisned
principles. In view of these facts. anl, be
lieving as we uo, mat, upon tne maintenance ci
our principles, pure as when taught by Jeffer
son ana me immortal ratnersorine repuouc.
depend tbe pe rpttiiity of tbe government and
thehappiness of the people, let us again buckle
on our armor'and burnish our weapons, and re
solve tnat tney snail be triumphantly sus
1 assure vou. fellow-citizens, that 110 labor
or sacrifice on my part shall be wanting to se
cure to desirable result.
I sm your obedient servant,
From tbe Journal or Commerce.
Memphis, Ten.v., May 5, 1857.
Mv Dear Journal: Never have I had
more delightful surprise than that which met
me in .Memphis. 1 nau read much ot tnerapia
progress of this young city, but I did not
could not realize mat n was a piace ot sucn
importance. We of the northern cities never
can realize the greatness of this southern and
western country until we tee for ourselves, and
not with the eves of another. Now that the
laet link has been not broken but united
which joins the Atlantic cities and those of
the .Mississippi, we may none of us be excusa
ble for ignorance on this point. It was against
mv will, mv dear Journal, that I made this
Memphis visit (we women do sometimes yield
our wishes to those of others) and I supposed
a Railroad Jubilee" in Mcmphu would be ra
ther a forlorn affair. While I am in the con
fesslonal I may as well make a clean breast
altogether, and acknowledge that I bad formed
a hasty judgment of Memphis, from having
seen a lew or its citizens maKe wnat lsvui
garly, but very aptly canea a spiurge,-'in my
beloved city of New York; and I set hem
down as a class of purse-proud, extravagant
men, and face-painting, gaudy-dressing, empty
headed women. I am ashamed to confess so
much, and I acknowledge that it wsb narrow-
minded in me to entertain such ideas or Mem
phis people, from having seen the "antics" of
Mrs. , and others of that type, as it
is for southern persons to imagine that all thel
northern ladies are in love with t red. uoug
lass, and prefer his society to that of their
fathers and husbands. I am certain that in
describing mv own impressions I am describin
those of a very large number of persons from
tbe East and North who have just made their'
first visit to the shores of the Mississippi
With these feelings I entered Memphis ; and as
I toiled up the river bank, and was politely
assisted into the hack: by one gentleman, ivniie
another held an umbrella over my head to pro
tect me from the ram, I inwardly ejaculated
"Just what I expected I clay bluffs, and short
streets, mules, cotton bales, and short white
houses, looking up to tall brtcK ones i" am .
said nothing "to dampen the ardor of my com'
pardon and now glad 1 am that 1 did not !
And now for our lodging. We tried the Wor
sham House we tried the Commercial w
tried the-Gayoso, (which was like everything
in America, according to Mr. uickens, in
a state of. "progression") we tried Mrs,
Smith's (relict ot the lamented John Smith,
presume) we tried an me boarding-houses
dut in vain. ,
Before we were fairly housed I Men,
the polite, back-driver, demanded only $5
for our ride,) chance led us into the pres
ence or one or me nanusome uoiontii wn
composed the Committee of Reception, and
through hio exertions, we were kindly re
eetred and hoanitablr entertained hv nne
of tie-ladies of'Memphis a true Southerner
in all tilings beauty--inteiligence wit an
charming manners. I did not acknowledge all
this at firtt. She made us feel really at home, and
mourn before her door opened, l reit lite m
greatest of intruders upon a private family.
yet in a short time, 1 felt almost as though 1
was conferring a favor upon Aer instead of
the obligation being the other way. Was not
that a triumph of true politeness? I shall
never forget her kindness, and am truly thank
ful that lwas so soon forced, to give up my false
Impression of bouthern society. Un the way
to this kind lady's residence, my companion
called my attention to Court Square, Court
Square!" Your Imagination depicts a scene
of moral beauty, aided by art, lovely walks.
elegaut statuary, fountains sparkling but
the reality is, a small patch of,grass and trees
the ground covered with wide seats, and
kind of extemporaneous "speakers' stand'
and tell it not in New York, still less in Phil
adelpbia, without a vestiege of enclosure!
pigs slowly promenading, cows thoughtfully
grazing, and a mule or two, standing motion
less and stubborn, unmindful of tbe rain. Even
C. began to lood amaze I, and exclaimed,
" what can they do to-morrow, in such a place
as that 11 And if this rain continues, how can
they avoid postponing the celebration?" Tbe
maiestic Colonel smiled condescendingly, and
replied, " the celebration cannot -be poitponed,
on any account." thai was. decided. We
were welcomed by our hostess with the Bweet
est of smiles, and a warm grasp of the hand.
Even the glowing fire sent forth a sparkle of
welcome, lightning up the rich crimson cur
tains, bringing out the roses on tbe velvet car
pet, and flashing back from the picture frames
and mirrors, until I almost forgot how dull and
gray all looked, out of doors. Our host
pressed C. to take a room in his house, but he
declined, with many thanks, lie round lodg
ing with a great number of others, in the up
per rooms tu the cue building in which tbe
firm of Candee, Mix ii Co., carry on their dty-
goods business, ineee gentlemen kejit "open
house" on this occasion, and many shared
their accommodations who would have had to
leave the cityVotherwise,
The 1st of May dawned clear, and became
brighter every moment, until there was noth
ir.e to remind one ot the rain, unless we chose
to look at tbe ground and who would do that,
when there was so much that was more agree
able to look at, cfcore the ground? We bad a
fine position for seeing tbe procession, as it
formed in the Square, and after marching
around it. nassed direct! v un the street A tall.
long-haired individual, belonging to the estab-
i - i t e -1 I r
usument oi iaouee, mix a. uo., gave us a mm
occasionally, as to who were passing so that
we could soon distinguish the different military
and fire companies, and the most honored
guests. How differently Court Square looked 1
Now it was ,a shifting scene of gay beauty;
one moment a mass or ladles and children,
looking like a bright flower garden at another
filled with manly forms in handsome uniform
tne mass of ngures on the pavement, in tbe
windows, the balconies everywhere such a
sea of tilKt such an avalanche or broad'
cloth, and oh! such beautiful faces, that I
wished myself a man just for the pleasure of
trying to decide which was the prettiest, so as
to fall desperately in love perhaps you think
that I did tbe next thing to it, and fell in love
with some of the aforesaid "manly forms."
But I confess that I preferred my little Au
York friend,') who accompanied me and my
aunt,) to all that throng of splendid looking
men. miii, i must auinit, mere w lotneining
rather sublime in those immense whitken, so
much tbe fashion in the bourn.
I cannot give you much idea of tbe number
of persons present, but some say there were
50,000. I suppose the papers will afford you a
better description, and tne number or specta
tors, than a "reminine" could so l will only
say that the whole immense maBS proceeded in
carriages and on foot, to the Navy Yard, where,
about three o'clock, a most Sumptuous repast
was set out by Joseph bpecnt, confectioner.
Surh extensive eating arrangements l never
before witnessed. 1 can readily credit that
tberewere prepirations made for 50,000 persons.
The ornamental part was by no means neglect
ed, and there were numberless specimens or
fine confectionery on the tables. The way in
which full dishes replaced empty ones, as fast
as they were needed, was like magic ana an
so quiet and orderly that it seemed like a first
rate hotel dinner. I believe every one got
plenty to eat, and I saw many devoted mothers
carrying away handkerchiefs full of oranges
and cakes to their interesting little families. I
heard it remarked on all sides, that the day
passed without a single disturbance of any
kind, and only one intoxicated person did I see,
in all that vast throng of people of all grades
and temper: Some of Ihe happiest and most
smiling faces I saw were those of the colored
population. One of them exclaimed, " Dress
de Lord ! ice will have a chance to trabble now,
as well as de Miss' and iias'r dis railroad
alnt none of dem ablilioner railroads what runs
under de grout,' and carries de niggers away
from deir own folks." So it seems even the
blacks have some idea of the benefits of tbis
railroad. (By the way, the colored people
here are about as independent as any class I
ever saw, and do nut seem to be near so hard
working as our hired girls North.)
On-tbe evening of Friday there was a larce
ball at the Exchange buildings, and a splendid
display of fireworks from Ihe bluff. Tbe latter
were truly beautiful. A handsome arch spanned
Main street, which was a brilliant affair, hav
ing tbe initials of the four railroads which rad
iate from Mersphiain blazing letters. From
the center of the arch, a chandelier made of ev
ergreens bung, and the arch was festooned Kith
the same, while three flags surmounted the
whole. We stopped in the Odd Fellows' Hall
for a few moments, where a fair was befagheld
for tbe benefit of the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church The crowd was so iaiBtnie that we
got out at quietly as possible, and Ttturned to
tne rewdei'ce ot our una entertainers.
Of the Saturday's celebration I will not now
neak. as I have already trespassed upon your
indulgence, while 1 have given vent to my per
sonal feelings instead of giving you the full par
ticulars of all that was said and done on the oc
casion. I have tot mentioned the names of tne
orators, or even said anything about the great
benefits mat will result iron mis connecting 01
the Eautandthe West because ablerpens than
mine can express all tnat 1 feel better man 1
can, and because you win nave ucaru anu rcau
a ll about tnat, long ere tnis reacnes you. i ne.
ther mine comestoolate or not, I am, dear Jour
rial, your friend and admirer.
Froai the Wajhlntton Union, May lih. - -
-t- attornev ceneral's office.
ImooTtant Deriiion. In compliance with the
requestof the Secretary of the Interior, the
Attorney uenerai recently mauo me luuunius
decision In relation to me purcuase oi iue
Christian Indians:
1. That it Is the datv of the government to
erant a fee-simple patent to tbe Christian Indi
ans to their lands purchased of the government,
which were formerly the lands of the Dela-
2. That the fee-simple title to the land in
question is vested in the tribe (Christian) as a
3. That the tribe can alienate them by treaty,
with the government's consent and only by
Tmnnriant. The New Tariff Act. The Sec
retary of the Treasury has just issued addi
tional general regulations under the revenue
and collection laws of the United States, in
cluding the tariff act of March 3, 1Cj7. Be-
. . , . . . . 1 c L -
low is me circular leuer or iue oeztciaiy :
Treasury Department,
: April 15, 1857.
In performance of the duty imposed by law
i this denartment. of superintending the col
lection of the public revenue, the attention of
collectors and other officers of the customs is
called to the provisions of the several acta of
Congress levying duties on imports, which will
be in force on and after the first day of July
The tariff act of 30th July, 1846, having
been modified by the act of the 3d March, 1857,
"reducing the duties on imports, and for other
purposes," the provisions or me last-mention-;
ed act are hereto subjoined,- to which is added
a tariff of duties as amended, arranged in
schedules, under the provisions of the' act of
the 3d March, 1857, applied to the act ot 30th
July, 1S-J6; and, for more convenient reference,
there is also suojoinea a compreuensive iibi.
lphabetically arranged, or all the designated
articles expressly made liable to duty, or ex
empted therefrom, with their respective sched
ules and rates of duty, when dutiable, indica
ted thereon.
As the change in the law regulating the rates
of duty byithe act of tbe 3d of March laBt
disturbs but to a slight extent the classifica
tion of imports made by the tariff act of the
30th July. 18t6, and Is confined principally to
a change in the rates of duty, the construction
heretofore given by this department to that act
Is still in force, and applicable, except where
that law has been modified by tbe act of 3d of
March last. Collectors of the customs will
find the decisions of tbe department, in various
cases presented under the act of 1S40, unbod
ied in general regulations issued by tbe depart
ment on the 1st February last.
It will be borne in mind that the provisions
of the 20th section of the tariff act of the 30th
August, 1842, a copy of which is subjoined,
are still in force, and furnish a rule of construe
tion to be arplied to articles not specially de
signated in the several schedules of the act of
3d March, isoi. mese provisions, properly
applied, will aid tbe officers of the customs in
assigning articl sof import, not designated in
terms in the tarin, to me scneduie to wnicn
they are to b regarded as belonging, in refer
ence to their liability to duty.
All other unenumerated articles, not so sus'
centibleof classification, will be liable to the
duty of fifteen per centum, as prescribed in tbe
first section of the act of 3d March, 1857.
By tbe fourth section of the said act It is
provided that all goods, wares, and merchan
dise which shall be in the public stores on the
first Jay of July next shall be subject, on entry
thereof for consumption, to no other duty than
if tbe same bad been imported, respectively,
after that day. Merchandise, therefore, in
public stores on tbe first day of July next, or
In bond under the warehousing laws, whether
deposited in any warehouse authorized by' law
or passing in transitu, under bond, from one
. . . 1 -. I 1 .1 -, i
part or me unueu o-.aies io anuiuer, win, ir
respective of tbe date of their original impor
tatton or bonding, be subject, on withdrawal
for consumption, to the rates of duty prescribed
bv the act of 3d March, 1S57.
It has been represented to the department
that, under the designation or " galvanized tin
plates or sheets," there have been attempts to
introduce sheet iron, covered with a thin coat
ing of tin, the purpose being to pass tbe iron
through the custom-house at a lower rate of
dutvas a galvanized tin. ihe attention olcoi
lectors and appraisers is specially directed to
tbis subject, and they will, on the entry of all
articles purporting to be tin plaUs or sheets,
galvanized or not, carefully inspect the arti
cles, and admit nothing as tin places or sheets
that were not clearly known as such in com
mercial parlance at the passage of the tariff
act of 184b. Where piates or sheets or iron
or other metal are attempted to be introduced
in evasion of the law, under a false designation,
the proper proceedings will at once be insti
tuted to enforce the forfeitures and penalties
provided by law ; and in all cases where no
fraudulent attempt is manifested the duty to
which the articles, according to their true
character, are liable under existing laws, must
be levied and collected.
A question has recently been presented to
the department in regard to the exemption from
duty of certain articles claimed to be " paint
ings," and as such falling within schedule lot
tbe tariff. It is decided by tbe department
that the " painting" referred to in that sched
ule, as entitled to tbe entry, must be an object
of taste recognised as a painting in the usual
acceptation of tbe term; and that paintings on
glass specially provided for-in schedule C, on
porcelains, alabaster, china, marble, plaster, or
similar materials ; on plates, goblets, vases, or
any other utensil ; or paintings capable of being
converted into breastpins, eardrops, or other
ornaments to be worn on the person, ars not
entitled to free entry under tne law.
In schedule I, it will be seen, there is a pro.
vision for the admission free of duty of sheeps'
wool, unmanufactured, of the value of twenty
cents per pound or less at me port, or exporra
tion. The question has been submitted, wheth
er. in estimating the value in such cases at the
port of exportation, the expenses of packing,
commissions, ana omercnarges, icciaem io me
shipment of articles for exportation, are to be
included i
The value referred to in this provision of the
law is the current market value or price at
which the article m question could be generally
purchased per pound, and does not include the
charges and expenses mentioned, or other
charges incurred in the mere shipment, or
preparation for ehiomentyrtter purchase.
Commissions and shipping charges are, how
ever, under the laws levying duties on imports,
to be added to the foreign market value of im
ports, as a part of tbe value on which duties
are to be assessed on entry in ports of the
United States ; but they constitute no part of
the value in the foreign market as referred to.
In regard to the fifth section of the act of
the 3d March, 1857, providing for an appeal to
tbis department from the decision of me col
lector as to the rates of duty to which imports
are to be subjected, collectors are instructed
that whenever such appeals are taken they are
to forward at once to the department a report
of their decision, and the grounds upon Which
it was based, together with a report in full, on
the subject from tbe appraisers, if any, at the
port, accompanied by samples, if deemed
necessary, to afford a clear understanding of
tbe matter In controversy between the importer
and me custom authorities.
As connected with tbe operation of the tar
iff laws now in force, the attention of collect
ors and other officers of the customs is called
to the subjoined acts of Congress, approved the
id and 3d ultimo, atnenda'.ory of the 28th sec
tion of the tariff act of 30th August, 1842, and
the 8th section of the tariff act of 30th July,
1840. and which went into etlect at the several
dates of their approval.
In the act first mentioned, it will be perceived
that the prohibition of the importation of cer
tain articles is mads so comprehensive as to
embrace descriptions of imports not affected
by the law as it originally stood, but whose Im
portation, nevertheless, was believed to be
within the principle ot that enactment Tbe
amended act is pricise and definite in Its terms,
and obviates all doubt as to its scope and
The act amending the 8th section ot the
tariff act of 30th July, 1846, It will be seen,
makes no change in existing laws, as construed
by the department, except to place dutiable
ImDorts. however procured, by purchase or
otherwise, on the same footing is to the privi
lege of adding in the entry to the costs or value
given In the invoice, and their liability to ad
ditional duty for undervaluation.
Secretary of the Treasury.
The Salt of Indian Tnut Lar.it. The Com
missioner of the General Land Office yesterday i
Issued the necessary Instructions to tbe land j
officers In Kansas to enable them to conduct.
the sales ot Indian trust lands advertised to take
place in June and July next at Iowa Point Pa
oil and Osaukee. These sales will be held un
der the supervision of Hon. Norman, Eddy ..the
special commissioner appointed for that pur
H tie viaim of Mr. name a rewuays since
we published the letter of tbe Commissioner of
the General Land Office in answer to that of
Mr. Hartford T. Clarke, In which the latter
claimed a piece of land included within the
limits of the cltv of Leavenworth, Kansas.
Tbe letter ot the Commissioner called forth a
reply, in which it was stated that Mr. Clark
meielvclaimed iuaticeof tbe denartment Al
though the former letter of tbe Commissioner
was conclusive, yet a second bas been written,
from which we copy the following paragraph :
" i our letter of the 7m instant nas neen re.
ceived, and that there may be no misunder
standing on the part of any one as to the de
termination of this office in reference to the
piece of ground claimed by Mr. Clarke, and
others of a similar character, in the city ot
Leavenworth, It Is only necessary to refer you
to mv communication to tbe mayor on this
subject The whole mattter has passed be
yond the control of this office, the ground In
controversy having been reserved on the map
wnicn governed the sale or lots ror pumic
uses, and this office will not give countenance
to an act which would perpetuate a public
wrong for private speculation."
Germania Fibe Companv, No. 10. At a
meeting of the Germania Fire Company No.
10, held in Savannah on the 15th May, on mo
tion a committee of five members was appoint
ed out of those of our late delegation to Mem
phis, to introduce and draw up resolutions ex
pressive ef their gratitude towards their fel
low firemen and citizens generally,.who weie
in attendance there, and who showed to them
courtesies not easily to be forgotten by our
more happy brothers who composed said dele
After a brief absence the committee pro
duced tbe following preamble and resolutions,
which were unanimously adopted by the Com
pany, and on motion tbe Secretary was ordered
to place them on ihe minute book, have them
published in all the city gazettes of Savannah
and to send & copy of them to Atlanta Fire
Company No. lalso lo Marshal Baxter,
Memphis, TennesBee,and to R. R. Cuyler, Pres
ident C. R. R.
Whereas, The. delegation of the German
Fire Company No. 10, of Savannah, is under
many obligations to different individuals and
bodies ror numerous courtesies and marks or
respect shown to them on their way to the city
of Memphis, during their pleasant stay in that
city, and on their return trip ; Therefore be it
Ketolred, That the sincere thanks of this
Company are hereby extended to tbe Atlanta
Fire Company No. 1, of the city of Atlanta,
In appreciation of their kindness in giving us a
reception and escort on our arrival in that city ;
for the liberal entertainment provided by them
at their engine house on the 28 lh ult, on our
route for Memphis, Tenn. They showed them
selves to "be true firemen, awake at all hours,
warm-hearted in all weathers, and ready at all
Rooked, That our thanks are especially due
to the ladies of Memphis, who, with the flame
of love lighting in their eyes, and the streams
of joy playing in their hearts, enlivened our
stay by their smiles, presence and kind atten
tions. They may rest assured that the same
will long be remembered by us.
Rctohcd, That our hearty thanks are hereby
tendered to Marshal Baxter, tbe Memphis Fire
Department and citizens in general, for the
kind assiduity to entertain us, and- for their
hospitality and good will ; and especially our
gratitude is due to the Invincible Jrire Com
pany No. 5. They showed themselves true
bearers of the fireman's badge, which is more
valuable than a king's regalia, and worn on
breasts more worthy.
Resolved, That we tender to R. It Cuyler,
Esq., President of the Central Railroad, our
appreciative thanks for tbe comforts, facilities,
favors provided by his skilful management and
influence to enable' us to make so pleasant a
trip in the same car from the banks of the
Savannah to those of the Mississippi river and
back again. May all his undertakings be
equally successful, and may the plugs of public
jiauuiidc piay ou luein to uicuiuwing.
Latest Indian Hews Two Soldiers .Killed and
Two Wounded.
Prom the Tampa Penlnsnlar.1
The rumor, published last week, of an at
tack by Indians, on a party of soldiers, at Palm
Grove, is confirmed. Tbe particulars are as
Two detachments, numbering in all about
twenty men, from Companies B and E, fifth
infantry, under command of a non-commissioned
officer, were left in charge of boats, stores,
&c, at Palm Grove, while tbe main body of the
troops that had been operating in that quarter
were withdrawn.
The nearest point from which water could be
obtained being about three quarters of a mile,
me men were compelled to convey it in barrels.
It had been customary for four men to carry
tbe barrel, while six others accompanied them
.as a guard.
On the 23d ult, while approaching tbe well
they were cut offfrom the camp and fired on by
a considerable number of Indians. Privates
Siler, Company B, and .Springer, Company E,
were killed ; privates Haner, Company E, se
verely, ana woir, company is, slightly wound
ed. Three of the remainder threw away their
arms, while the rest made a good retreat. The
camp was men rortmea by a breast work con
structed or barrels. While this work was
going on, tie Indiana showed themselves and
dared the soldiers to a fair fight. Tbe soldiers
went out, and the Indians retired to a ham
mock. The savages were led by a negro, who
was dressed to the full costume of a chief. He
and several others, could sneak verv good Eng
lish, and were not very choice iu the epithets
they applied to the whites.
Sixteen Indians were counted, and, from the
signs, it was supposed there were as many
more. They whooped around the camp during
.1 i! T-UA 1 t . V .
(uc mure mgui, aim retired in me morning ot
the 24'b, on discovering tbe approach of Lieut
Hill with a detachment.
The bodies of Siler and Springer were found
and buried by Lieut Hill. They were scalped,
whipped, and Indecently .mutilated.
In accordance with bis instructions, Lieut
ll. removed the boats and stores, and delivered
lo the tiuarter Master at Pavilion Key.
un me 1st inst, Lieut Johnson, with six
men, met and attacked some twenty-five Indi
ans. After sustaining the loss of one man, he
It is rumored that Michael Swicord was the
name of the man killed, and thit the Indians
secured his gun and about five hundred rounds
of ammunition. Swicord's horse being the
strongest m me party, he was assigned the duty
of carrying the ammunition which was being
conveyed to the Company.
Capts. E. T. and W. H. Kendrick are In pur-
Bnit or tne trail; also, Company L, 4th Artil
lery, in boats, under- command of Maj. Wil
Capt. A. D. Johnson, who, in consequence of
impaired health, bad obtained a short leave,
and anticipated visiting his family, heard the
above report at tbis place and immediately re
paired to the scene of action. We have great
hope that tbe combined efforts to overhaul the
savages will be crowned with success.
Hazard, the defaulting bank clerk, io
Boston, as it turns out has spent $70,000 in lot
tery tickets and drawn prizes amounting to
A buck horn chair is in San Francisco
awaiting -shipment as apxiieiit to Mr. Bu
J3"Last year the amount of tobacco man
ufactured in Danville, Va., was 3,500,000
pounds. .
A Hint ros the Seasons. The simplest
and best way of pr?5jying woolens through
tbe summer from Ihe destrcction of tbe moths,
is to wrap them well up, after brushing them
and beating them, in cotton or linen cloths,
The moth can pass neither. Two covers, well
wrapped around and secured from the air, will
be effectual. An old sheet will answer, and save
all expense of camphor, &c
There is an older) citizen than Peter
Nassau of Pomfret," Yt, in Wisconsin. He is
called " Old Crele," and was born In Montreal
130yearg ago. His memory is distinct for a
period of 117 years. He was married at New
Orleans a century ago, and now resides with
one ot his grandchildren, who is upwards of
sixty years old. He is still hale and hearty,
and does not appear to be over 70. So says
the Madlson"(Wis.) .frgtii. .
1 1 1
D. A. Moore, of Maury county, charg
ed with shooting his son, was tried last week
at Columbia. The jury returned a verdict of
guilty, and he was senteaeed to serve a term
of ten years in the State Prison. - j
Holloivay's Pills.
Habitual constipation predisposes tte anted to rtc Its
infection, Tltlatea the treats, and renders tie wbol
bedy Impure. Here sarsatiTts aarrarate the disease and
Impair tbe strength of tbe jnSrrsr. This mnrdy, on tbe
contrary, permanently rrgnlates tbe cxcretlTS reaction,
and '.ends vtfor to tbe frame while U purifies tie animal
Sold at tbe miLcfactjry, No. 80 Maiden Lane, New
Tork, aDdbyall drngsltta, at 25:., Uc, and $fper bar.
Gray Heads.
THERE are many whose balr ll prematurely gray, that
by the use ot " WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE," can
brlns It back to ita natural color. Tils (act la testlfltd
by onr ex-Senator Breeje and many others.
To bo had of O. J. Wood & Co., 114 Market street, St.
Lonls. and of drninrUts generally. my2u dawiw
1 Asthma.
JONAS Wkitcomb'j Remedy will a'waya afford lo-
medlate relief, and generally core tbis dtstresslss eoa-
plaint. Persona who suffer from periodical Colds and Ca- j
tarrh, will receive ereat beneflt Iron this Remedy, If la- j
ken la season. ' '
Prepared by Joseph Burnett & Co., Eolton.
For sil. by all Drozglsts, at $1 per bottle.
For sale by S MANSFIELD & CO , Memphis.
A Now Pleasure.
WB hare always conildrred tb real Parisa Ctfesne
Water as the most modtst and prsper luxury for onr toi
let table, bnt the other day we were tempted by a strsy
bottle of Btrr.NETrS JCALUSTOK, or ORIENT WA
TR," prepared by Messrs, Joseph. Burnett fc. Co., Tre.
tnont Street. We yield it the palm ; the (Sect ll salutaty
and the perfume Is eiqoie.te; after tbe applkatloa we
feel aa bland and balmy u a May mornine. We bef to
saigest to the prcpiletors to make It less Irresistible U
they expect to supply the demand Botton Gazette.
Prepared only by Joseph Burnett & Co., -11 Tremont
street, Boston.
Porsale by aU Drneslsts, at fifty ctnta per bottle.
Por sale by S. MANSFIELD St CO., and dealers gener
ally. Pilce 60c. and SI per bottle. raySO-datwlw
It lias lieen said
THAT "experience is a thorough master," and few
wish to be taught by It; but the lessons thus learned are
Indelliblylmpres ed upon uur recollection. Tblsbelagthe
case, we would recommend to such ot our readers not ex
empt frcm the attacks of the Fever aad Ague, so preva
lent In this section, to prcflt by the experience of others
VER AND AG0K B.BMEDT; and when compelled to
ass a remedy, to resort to this one; and to prevent an
attack it should be occasionally used. Hundreds can tes
tify to Its worth, by experience.
T1TE STAB GALLEBT bow offers for exhibition tbe
finest collection of OIL PAINTINGS of any Gallery in
tte country.
The IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPH Is one of tte leading
pictures of tbe day. Made only by PARK PEI.
The HALLBOTIPE the most wonderful picture ever
made can be seen at the Star Qalltry. Made at no
other Gallery la the dty. Go see then. myl2
White Tcetli, Perfumed Breatli
and Beautiful Comj.iIexion,
CAN be acquired by usinj the "Baeji op a Thou
sand Flowers." What lady or gentleman would re
main under tbe curse ot a disagreeable breath, when, by
u.lns tbe "Balm or A TnocsANO Flowers" as a
dentrtfice, would not only render It sweet, but leave the
teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know
tbelr breath Is bad, and the subject la so delicate their
friends will never mention it. Beware of coanterfe5.
Be sure each bottle Is slgaed,
TETR1DGE & CO., New Tork.
53" For sale by ail Druggists. apl7-de8lly
THE many evidences adduced In this dty place it be
yond doubt as to the permanent cure of CONSUMPTION
In all of Ita forms, by tbe continued useot Dr. SLEDGE'S
minute. aril
Win. A. Batclielor's Hair-Dye.
GEAT, BED or BUSTY HAIR dyed Instantly tp a
beautiful and Natural BBOWN or BLACK, without the
least Injury to hair or skis.
Fifteen Medzlt and Diplomat bar been awarded to
WM. A. BATCBXLbn since 1539, aad over 90,000 appli
cations have been mads to the hair of hla patrons of his
f axaoss Dye. Prejudice against dying the hair and w cli
ckers is unjust, aa It would be against covering bald
head with a wl-. .
WM. A. Batcrelo&'s Hair-Dte ptoducef a color I
tint tr h rllvtlnrnlshei! from nttDT.. iBd fa MmTCtierf 1
not to Injure In tbe Wait, however tocg It may ke eon -
fin nln. r,H,t swm s .t th.
Wlg Factory. 23S Broadway, New Tork.
Sold in ill dtiea and towns of the United States, by
Druggists and jrancy uooaa Dealers.
trThe Genuine has the name and addres upon a
ateel-plate engraving on tour sides ot each bottle, of
' ' Hi Broadway, New Tork.
S3- Par tale by S. MANSFIELS fx CO., and Drugxlsts
generally. y maySl-dtwawly
Hardeman County, Tennesaee.
THE undrrslgned, having rectntly purchased the above
well known wa'.erlng place, is now refitting the tame
and putting the buildings, grounds, etc.. In as complete
order ss any Springa m the southwest. The location be
ing 13 th healthiest portion of Tennessee, and easy of
access from all sections ot tbe country it Is believed that
these Springs will, the comic season, present to the
seeker of pleasure and health attractions second to no
others In tbe Union. The water it of the beat Quality,
possessing fine curative qualities, and tbe proprietor will
spare neither paina norexpenae In renderlnz his guests
comfortable during their sojourn with blm.
The means of access tn these Springs is very easy, they
being sltusted directly on the Railroad from Memphis to
Bolivar, 2M miles from Bolivar, and sixty from Mem
phis. The cost ot reaching them from Memphis Is onlr
three dollars. Persons visiting th Springa can leave!
Memphis In the morning and reach them by nocn ; and'
leave in th afternoon and reach Memphis for supper.
J. C. BADELMAN. Proprietor.
P. 8 In addition to the other at tract 1 ns of tbe -place,
there will be kept a fin band ot MUSIO to enliven 4ae
guests. J. Cv E.
Por Spring and Summerof 1857,
ELEGANT Dress Moleskin and Cawlmere HATS, re.
ceived at WHZATON'S, IS Front Row, where those In
wantof a superb and fashionable HAT will please call.
Constantly on band and receiving the largest and finest
stock of SOFT HATS In the city at
feb24 wnEATON'S. 15 Front Rew.
Epperson Springs
ABE lecatrd In Macon county, Tenn , on the waters of
Trammel Creek, four mites eist ot the turnpike lead
ing from Gallatin, Tenn., to Scottsrule, sty., and will
be prepared for the reception er visitors and Invalids by
the 10th of May. This place haa already acquired a rep
utatlon widely circulated, for the highly medicinal char
acter of Ita waters, four different varieties, and are non
being visited by very many living remotely, who go in
a- arch of a healthy and de.Uhtf ul summer retreat; not nly
tbe Invalid but the seeker after pleasure, healthy pastime,
and sport ; there belue within, a short ride from the
Springs a place where deer lifrerjnently seen, and streams
abounding in trout and other kind of fish; besiles, vari
ous wild animals. Is res, squirrels, rabbits, wild cats,
wild turkeys, Sic.
Dr. DeBow. one ot the former proprietors, having pur
chased tae entlie interest In the Springs, hs associated
with blm his son William, well known to all who visited
the Sprlnjj last Summer. Bavin; gone to considerable
expense In res ttinx and enlarging our means of accom
modation, we flatter ourselves, we will be able to add m
terlally to the comfort of all who may favor ua with a
visit, having dating tbe past winter put away near one
hundred thousand pounds of veiy fine Jce. We have had
built. 12 addit ontl bedrooms, besides a large one 60 by
SO feet, lattice on each side, to afford air. In which the
lovers of pleasure and social enjoyment Trill find ample
loom for recreation.
Tbe medicinal character of tbe several Springs bave
been so often published It Is thought needless to do so
new, from tbe fact that Prof. SaSbrd, cor State Geolo-
gist, bas been engaged in the examination ot some ot 1 orders for repairs In his !xir. He hopes, by honesty, In
these waters, and d-lljcs to complete the whole upon the j tigrlty, and hla efforts to please, to gala the confidence
premises, duunz this summer, when the sum of h t
analysis 7iJ be given to Ibe public In connection with
this notice, or embrscod In a report made out by himself
It is considered only necessary to say. that chronic affje-
tlo-s of any of tbe more Important organr, exhibit ihe
efficacy of tbe Spring, particularly those of females. In
cases of diseased kldn ys and bladders, cntancous dl
eases. ludlgettlon, drepsy, ther have in very many
cases acted like a charm, and In all have aSbided relief.
Ample testimony as to these facts coma be acjrded if
Dr. D.'Bow win take pleasure In giving such advice to
invalids and ethers vlsl- log here, as an experlmce of 2S
or 30 years may enable him ts give, anl will be always
present should hit profi sslonal serrlcet be required. He
avails himself bf this method to return his numerous
frlenda and visitors hla hearty thanks for their liberal
patronas, and again ask a contlnmcce of the same, with
the assurance that neither of -us will mare either time or
pains-to render all comfortable who may sojourn with ns
in fnture.
Havlnt; secured the services of w. W. Peterson, the
publ cmsy be assured of a hearty cfa'er In tbe dining
room. Our stable too will be well attended to. Our
charges, will be as law at the tlmrs and season, will ad-
jxltof ta:
Tor net-mar Boarders, or moss remaining one weexana .
mote, washing-extra, j-l per iy-
ChUdrenor 10 years ot age and under, and tervanu.
half price. Horses SOc. p r day. I
Transient vlslto-s win be charged eg cents per meal, or
from tt SO to 32 per (Lvy. Por extra services a reasona-
ble charge will be made. Washing, Ironing, Ac. $1 per
doxen. For pressing or Irootag dresses for ladles, half:
price mylfi-twJa
Wanted Immcdietely.
Alfiii wl'.hnut a famliy to taker charge ot a garden
near tbe efty. None other lhaa one qoillflwi need
anir Apply to J. u. shaw hco , '
m,2'-M 1st door from Madiaon-t in Biat Avenue.
Pulley DIocks and Tackle.
TOST rettlrrd, alt sizes, FaUey Blocks and Tackles fw
O nnstms purposes.
narM-lw UcCOUB3 k TRT.CZ.
TO buy or sell, bas on band at all time Cypress Pine,
Poplar and Oak Lumber, near the CfcariMtoa IU".
road Depot ttlxt Mm a call meg-dlm
To Sportsmen and. Hunters!
E WOLFF baa removed frra WasM&jClos street U
K. 16 Mats, between Wasblnztea and Adass,
where, by hirlBX a targ-r place far workm-B, GoiwbMb
In In all Its branches can now beisrnedsatwttb xreaier
dlspalcb and In better aijle.
Renumber, Xo. 1S9 Main street, lleapah.. ar tbe i;n
of tte BIG RON". ns davSoi
AH.avIio arc Going- to Charleston,
After they procure tfcrfr Badges, Tickets, etc, wHt want
something to
The place te get it IS at
Geo. Patlison & Co.'s,
'-iG3 Main Street.
Where will be faand a line asortmnt ef the latest IU.
eralure of the day.
All tbe latest cheap Pablicatteas, Magazines, Newspa.
pen, S.C., H.C Call sooo aye
Confectionery & Candy Manufactory
Madison Street, between Third and Second.
HAVING removed irom the old stand tohUBewboaw,
bft leave through ibis mediam to return hie thanks
to tbe citizens ef Memphis anl anrrouBdia? country for
oumrroua testiraoslals ef their hth appreejatkoa f bis
service, end most respectfully solicits a contlnoaaee ef
th lr kind patiensge, arsnrtng them that his ifbr a t
please wlil be assiduous as they have been herefore. His
I.adies Restaurant,
Is now open, where Meals will bs served up at all hoars,
with tbe best the market ran aSord, prepared in Ameri
can or French style. Ex ra diihes for fatuities te order
Particular attention paid in furnisblns WEDDINGS,
Ice Creams and Confections,
Recommend themselves His
Soda Water,
Is manufactured bvhlmtMr In the onlr percelalaed . as
tain tn this city. Peisots may, therefore, i&dalge la It
without fear, that the acid can have any contact with
copper er any other metal .
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In his blandest m inner. SPECHT invites yea tegiva lim
P. S. Wholesale Dealers are particularly- requested te
come and see for themselves, as his Banufaetery cannot
be excelled
Orders :reu theeesntry premptly attended to.
my22 .
Strawberry Swpper,
THE LADIES of theSjOsnd Presbyterian Caareh vfll
give a
On Thursday nud Friday even
ings, the 21st and 2'2d ii. St.,
Far the purpose raising miner te light ap tbe Ctiarek
with Gas. The peblic are Invited te attend and afet taess.
Ample Refreshments, ICR CREAM, &c , fee., srstt be
provided for the occasion. aiyM
To the Stockholders of the Mem
phis and Charleston R. R. Co.
IN acasrdance with the power aad authority given In
the 154h Section of th- Charter ot tbe Memphis and
Charleston Railroad Con piny, tbe Board ef Drrecters
bave resolved that all St ckbuldrrs (except there waeee
esses are in litltittor) wh do &et pay or rally their
stock on or before the30tb day er JUNE NEXT, that the
earn wilt be f.rfeited t.- the Cetapaay, itxtsdUv; all
Slock wholly or partially unpaid.
By ereer ef tbe Beard.
- apt Seey aad Tieas'r Western Dtvtstea.
3VT -cV S 1QT 1,
; In Addition
to the Stock on Hand,
1 C ( A .1 TARDS SrPSRIOR PRINTS. f Merri-
: UU A mack, Ham..loi. Heyte Oeeheoe, feklng-
1 her ru. taadsons-styles aad
An additional s apply sf LAWN aad MUSLIN BOBRS,
SblrtiagsfSkectlngs. Drllliags btMc&eO aibrewa ;
Prewliar, Pillow, and Sheet ng Lteeat ;
Teweit Napklos.Tabte Cleth aad Overs;
Gena1aeRuia Crash, llaekaaaeh Del lies;
Iodine ch-cks, stripes, Otaabargs ;
Marseilles, Lancaster aad Density Quitte aad Oeeater
paats, white atd colored.
Embroidered, Damask, Printed, ae.
la great variety.
India Long Cieths and BrlUlsates ;
' Hseps, Bf llllanie a fed Hugese llahps.'
Sleeves, Cellars and Softs.
Elegant Dregs Goods.
Superior BI.1CC SILKS, varies. w&Hhsr
ALPA00.5, -
Blatk an I Fancy, $10 to .. .
SBk, Late and IJikb, $1 tjM.
Fer Lidb and Misses.
Glen's, Youths' and Roys' Goods.
A complete Stock ef
Pufnishing Goods Beady Hado.
Flae Ctoths, Cassimere. and rmilatT lkie-kiaa. DtS
Hags. Satins, Drap DBt. &c, B aetl M-n'a SistrtK,
Stocks, Cravats, (toots Sbees. SliipVs ti -V4 MvMrry,
UaadtercM-fs. Hats, Trunks, CatbreiJaa, &A.
Merchants, Plaxters and (teer I. yefi see isarittd ie
examine Ihe Getj arid piic, I rr are eeTtett at
Wholesale or Retail very hir. c
myiO JSH .wi i Mf.
rn BBL3- Champagne titdcr, rect vJ, ths G,lj
0U my!9 ; . HH !JTrKR..
Just Received.
1 Cfl BBLS Extra aid S V f a ;
J. J U 35 casks Bacon Sides. Isesa- or! She-.-s ;
1W bWs. and half bWs U.iru- S i, e; -
50 casks qaarta and pints 1. r.ri-n Pjrte, f
ISO this Dexter" s aad Ftckio.'. Wfc!v ;
10' dxen Hosteller's ft!!. B.Hrrs ;
SO baskets Piper Hei !Kl: Utu a ('(' ;
S6 bbls. Mackrrela ; Ct kit MacirrtH ;
I GO doxen Cove Oysters; St) ..-n PtjeZ a;
60 gross Garrett's Sana; in b tiles aed nport ;
150 boxes Star Candle; eT- Virzf'la Tihecrn;
25 boxes Lemon Syrup; 2S b x 3 eseViag Tofctct-e ;
6i boxes Pie. Fruit; 24 dozen Ureases;
25 boxes Soda Cracki rs ; So bMs Ptr-N'c ITstxers ;
SO dexen Wash Beards; 9 hi Starch;
- SO Oeils ManHla R;e, alt li es
Sugar, CeSte, T-a, liafa'sw,
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts, Eag.
Forta'e ty
lemons. P iesV Raisins,
Wabsstta, Sarsshtw, c.
N . U Ptaat Raw.
.1. JflJEttjET,
axd. Dcal-ira ix
iTatches, Clocks, jewelry, musi
cal Boxes, fcpectncles, &c,
TAKES this method of Informing- his friends.
and th public gmeraUy, that be has moved from
his old stand to the comer of Main and Adams
'streets, where he will take pleasure In exhibiting
a new and choice lot of JEWELRT, to those who may
favor "aim with a call, and wh be Dleased to execute all
and liberal patronage of all who may find It convenient to
rslt his establishment.
S3" All order for repairing la every branch of my bni
dues pTcmptly attended te. ml7-tau21
To compute the celebration of the opening ef the
MespMIs and Charleston Railroad,
On the 27th of Ittay.
AND in acceptance of the Invltatlcn from the Mayor
and Council of the City ot Charleston.
Wlllbraoldon tteSil. 2'dand3lth Inst. Good fcr re
turn trip nstUVuse 4th, Inclusive.
SopL of Transportation, M ft C B. R.
Bleached Cottons.
nC( CASES Bleached Cttoo. on hand and Sor sale by
car 11 41S Mats street, Louisville, Ky.
rtion -sms..
ran sale:
A KEGRO iTA3T M lui WIFB, tptsa;
my22-3t ' Ax bo9( r aii
a ... : : e. ... 4 nrtttiul A.
auiuiiilai.aivi-ouc iw
LWlLLse aa tea Aoe;ieB JSart at?. 8. Booe AS, i,
pt 10 Vctas. ea taw day ot.Jasso. iwxfka jBiia - - -lag
prcperty, betoaglatr to ttwHMafc r JeJtsj ariiss.
decisej "
OaeBaM Watfh;
Ooe-AVasdrebr ; -
nix OOOe Chairs. m '
aeg-td J. It. MOaftrSOy, AAmfyj
JExZensive &a&
Business and Residence Ltf J
ON THt?RS)DAT, the ?8th day ef JUT", t WSlt .1
tb- c rRtr of Malt i ti 1 1 1 suit fuml Baeaia, nrV V
FOCK LOTS, airwHaua the crr Uattto. MB) a
are K anal beaotif a aid Const an ul reaktesvo- si - a
th MasT. S vera us near piGxrauSy to Mm i tt
basioeaa, aadaU ta theaauat eceiiaMt aad retxu .14
prevtag pertlea e sac city.
The testa at sale wU be oa--Bftk la cask (or 1 11
davit, ututacterKy enfarsetl.) the rexaataeer aticr i
uiee an 1 laar yean wtia tautresa, aactrceds t
Itea rttJUDcd.
Tfta feUowtas U a Ut i tea lata, thttr seta :.
SstMiasMon of WUck a.
Let No. I, (ltti Weat of WrMsgtut at m''
Soataatee at Vaaea .street; fiasrtsS iaat ty s
Let Ne. 3, flee fact last ot ItrtMa sfrart.) fr.arts a.
the Soath ?a 0 Vane assert a leet tar 4c v .
Let Jfo. i, (I9f-et 3oaii er Taee street; frt&IV-'a
BeSato street M kit by tSSdVp.
Lot Xo ft. (.tdioiaina the lsot 'e-U d.) fr,a a he
East stale of B8oVt street M Seat bv !M Oats.
Let Nw. 6, QtiltaralBsr be last ) I oat. ca U' Sa I .is
ef DeSeto street TO tret 8 iacbea hr MOee.
Jai aseitm e ftotk IU ei.
Lets Ne-. 1,S east-S, eertur er a-a) aad Laad-e a
stiese.aat- the taalsVttae it B. -Tessa, Jtaq . tnasru,
easli aetata by MMastavsa
43rfbie a JMact .To SB.
TetsXos 1 S.3 and , coratr of Skrii .!'- sg
streets, fTsottBg each 47 feet 8 reeaeabyx feet tsVv
Lota No 9.1SL U, IS. IS 14. I. M. n aad IS y.tB
feetSeatkof Beat strcef.) rrfiataaa each t taet c art Ma
mott .va. s& iTear tne liaasaea Hesser .
Lot rroeiiicc ok tae aeatasoVet Baeisrr street t a-t2
iacbea by 30 tt eera.
B k .Ve M-ftjasim sti
Not. M. 11. IS and 13, aa per ptes
Lots Not.
per psear t- iXr
Let troswiae n Ti-
Stx Irotvlt) Hoc. X
aeaeee street 33 eet, 1
feaaafftj Cloitjn 1 .el
Je feel.
Three Let la Black. Me. S aaett rreatlsr an Tht-.'S-ser
street 43 fat t, rtp-ntog Sis) feet M the JHa.i pi
Oa Lot (Me. 8) la Scfc 14, troctfag X feet en' 9 m1
L'MH the Uyof sate I saaA keet fbestaeeer , ' ox
aad PhiOlo H. Tkoapeoe, North sMe ef Court 5-, . ,
wh-reanpaand ptaae, e-tUhtttsa; she localite a.
let, eaa aateca. I vrffi acre seieer thrbts, essth- d,
teaay esse dettstasi te ate la tat.'
Btrst-td WM. L. VAV. t
.aionDy! Money !
ADVANCBB est Seat and Sareer Watebee, Dn ',.
J we try, GtetbtM. raraitare, Btf Coeds, sail ry
aeaesitsfiaa ef Mejctoailiee, at
L. JOBNSeaK Sl CO . '
ntyW-lwr AerUoai Xart, xeVFrari! n
Roerhaves Bitters.
rpHB esstr Rltahie core rat Chills aad Pcr-r t;
1 Diieeeela. and Disease at the ICidarTa asu
for sate by the dgara tr single bottle he
mrI9 Sw N.SS Psvu: 1- sr.
Memphis Goods.
OSKABCKGS, Coat a Taset. Jeans aad Line - as la
at tea Miitatjbll Cettatt MUla. aawet th. be-1 j :t.- r.
We haT tekrn tae B-'Stcj tea ihe ease at tfe - ayii,
aad. eUteit order from drains avaasaliy. V lia -.- st
eal hand a Ml (Sjapty. i ?. Bli. ,
BtyleVaaa Xs-JJlssI Svw
Take W&toce.
A LL persesw taeehtett to tae Me tret f 1
J:X .'eOJ &. (stack, either by n te er aceeaat, arr
nesusm, seat aairaa taey a amies at at ueauav
r r
tbe 1-t slay of Jaxsr, pres., they wlB he pbawdj w eg
naao a an
ef ahs ttSMlli hi Sr.-
SO. 2S2 jraAXsT mrw&sbtr
WS are weekjy rreeivmx addltkuavar alp 4tt :
aud weu as-orttd tuck C BTtPU ana T:
DRT &OOD. te which the attrnllaaasMhe s
speetlally inn ted. L. TT h. Cl .
ntflg daw las Jte
A Rl
Who sends
whtle us the
I tfea,AMhau
I Dchssaty. TI
t only child, a
aeadsef life have aeary raa aatt-ahi a '
Bast ladies, a certain lata sat shgaf
AMhaaa. tsrenchst J, ftsaaht, CeMa. aTr:- n al
lT. Tae resaxiywB Lea at a ev sata b- la
only child, adanahtrr, was glma aa tvdie Wi vt
tedo aexaach go d a- pa-title, he vU aenl to s - -Is
aSMcti'il ttilow beirgs as reaaesl it, tbis roy.' -it.
ru 1 aad rap idt dirtc :iB.i fur makias; H up. tt-'l s.
faUy aslas: It. Be Haaires eaos apptscaat to eecg
at , osse satilieg t bver crt.ta a ratarssrd a- ro-- I
ea the recipe, aad the .eataaaiii ta be appUaa la n-
payaMat of tbb advrrtuesarai.
Bit. .
No IS Grand street, leratr 4
BaJsB-dawitti is
J. E. CHAD WIC&'S ABTBlTiaSilGut 1 5
Will Always he Foattsl te This Calatttj
TI8R90N9 wtsblnl it knew what he he to
JL what h may waut to buy for aay at his caetvt"
wm be sare to and it in the lest aatasan, sat :bft1.H:
PASS. Keen warier that, and He oa.4U the l:
at seekiag all ever the paper.
AUbrtineatrevtedtoBa wis Va at.aal4 ,it
tally sj with datch. . t ,
Office Madfej:irero?potla-TjSaless fTiaaa.
iEtna Fire and Inland x?t(y-
tion Insurance CeHijiMjr.,5
Hartfortl Fire Ih ranee t ax,
Charter OaK I.ife Instii-anne l a,
POL1CI KS laaned on reaaoaabse f fiats. -Tat if' ia te
biy adycMted and pratapttj ae.
FUR SALE Three acre ef tarty titssaasa.'. LA-
beaatltislly eitaaied for a baildist; xte, Iriatfaa tlx .i a.
s4de( the new State Line K ad, dtrecary eppaeai. -'te
resdeace ef J C. Laairr. X SaM Let ts rir i
soath by aew State Ltae Bead; aaet hr lhtt an4 K L
AveetM, 40 feet wide . not th by lfaary it, at, a i- ;
west hy Wat. "WaeVs 1st.
ALSO, a brantifal BC1LDISG SITS, rialtaslaagas 1
acre., west timbrrrd ; sktaate on the aatthweat cott . t
Central Avenae and Brown's Avcx.se, dliecUj eay
th restdeao ef Jastse H-fri.
ALSO a See BffiUHNfc LOT, laalalphUL foar -- t,
well oarerrd with Saa trees ttsuite aw the aatth aV t
Waiter street, near the Srtt teH gtrtai ea the steam, m
Plaak Read. Per t?Ttw app y te
J. K. CHADWsCsr,
rssearte aaaer. a.
COttNIIK LOT m leet ea JtststAear-a j I
119 oa Kotxrson street, near Bat Btr. - .
d ace. Also. Storehouse acd L-as sue ti t
street. Apply at Ne. 6 (Xart srteeet. ta
as,l2n- - j.w. wtm.
lFor Sals.
NSGBO MAN, a flrst-ota BestM bfitBastf- al.
35 years of age, warraatrd snattil aad aiael w. (
. Xteaire at SMHH WISE, WRAT & CU..
mrlS-datwiw Msitssiia at'-
Wine JPlctamre.
T, EVHitBER that DbSHONG'S is Ihe
lV vM to get the beat style ef PJOrCKZ. Hat
Mtraass aH ethers in rtcbaesw of- torse. wratth f erp
tiea, eaa plet eaeas ef detail, aast brtaanj af an ,
Per darabtlity there la do qnrsiioa Ot their vuye.,.!
They will receive a fall wi;hrst a fraelare a seal . -oat
Injur? ; may b wsahnl esT when sasM, he- b .1 .
without the fee- briag marred They are" laacv tbrr .
high and very beaattral cotortng.
W. H. DeSHON 7, 1S1 Maia street, has ph ea
right r MeatpbU. tor tbe M- lasDefype Pateat. . a 7
MBSSRS. FLItTCHSK. & KKCK haelBK rae i& 'r
O - nihosa Line, we take this aaeraod eX xef
the ira-.elinspce.tic that oa tb arrival aaardtpatii i- .f
all mall aad aeastatrtserttiea train ear Oeassabma n.it
be la r.aiiiuers lo canviy rMtaeaatru ta4 taasa U
Depots aad elsewhere la the city e( Meaaaafa.
Waen yea arrive in the city, eat! rM tae Baiter urt
Line, ikOd the Pitltrsn rxj to -wait l rest- Beat m-er
the arst and regalar Bae estaMMtae ttt the romi yjsr a
ef the poMic in Metaahi. We xW bslpjraeea ta m
yen, and thankful for year patronage.
limniemss Office at the Meatphla aad Ohtran. a S 1
retd Threugh Ticket Oflsee, OsamereHl Hotel.
ayl2 dawlm P. M PATTKBtWN &. Be, .
ARR eH1Soat, wtth-
eet reserve taetr atecxets
35 .009, eaatMtaic ef Pl-f
ANOS treat ihe meat cel.-
ebraled makers, sveh at Chietrrtaf & Sesss ; Pamner,
from a Kitchen Tmhte te tbe ate.t etaasaltiiy ca.tt
Bwwood Setts in Btacaretle aad Plata."
Ci-pet-; Carta Iim. Fleer OH Cloth iftltteseet Wki. jc
Glusev. otteesaa P aeae. pwpaieitfBtt, lhralsl ts il eji
ers, OOVwFttmitttra, rU(rtjeiahr aodStieerer Bath.
Sash ef every variety; 3'vtrj Newels aad Um-i
SOOea hand at aH tlates. Beater vtAtStaj earsatt xre
luviteJ to rxm:ae ear stock.
Planes taned aad repaiT.d by a Paafesoar ef baas) i H
tieaee. - .
Ware Beoms corner Maia and Uaiea ateteta. MeSsnAH.
iw - -
Grand Gift Entcrpt?.
Great Inducements olTertjvi tu
Tl VERIiperstn hnyiag an aittcta at Jeweeiy er' ? y
JiSl a oilsatmrestaMiahBieal aatt- pstsasr: -fw - --..it
and fifty can's fcr lb sen-, tbaB b 1 eulltWd to a . .-.t
tu tbe abuve Grand cut Knttrpfise.
The article cal.ed fer aa aW Ticket, skill be ban. 1 1.
ly handed to the party drawing.
The-fHo wing ts a list of the Jewelry, 4c, t u ..ft
LO0KB33- 3BAL3,
' . . KlifGS. &C.&C ,fte.
v THOS J" HABjsTtji,
oylT-ltfi At rjocVe'jalwreesxyi9gli. st.
Tivo Painters TVanted.
TWO good experienced Pain iei a an- Sud emji. t - J
by calling on T W POTTER
mvSl-lw Lahiau. a
Rwl MKf .fecit r
-T3 3 -i

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