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Memphis daily appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886, May 23, 1857, Image 4

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laritoart ariluart.
3L ;itail--(K0ntec:
itarMuart anir dSutkr
TlTSKitldesoeoBShelbT street first eaebe-
' lwBealitrce,nsBvtsWeef Sbelbyslreet
where wo. Eomn aaw reason, a'assesaien
. jrlTfO 16th last. Apply t
jajs-lrn J. PEOVIXK.
Residence for Rent. -
WE offtr for Rest the large and "eslrable
Dwelling Host recently occupied by S Fwlkes,
sitaatcd aa Adams stmt, a few dora below
.Third. There are connected with it, two good
ctitrntf, a kHCbaa, tab:e and spacious garden. Fosses
skat given lmmeasattjy. Ailr to
rryt-dJw Jefferson street.
ISO Acres of Land.
A PART of the Owes Tract, situated en tha Pigeon
. Roost Flank raad, faar miles Iron the city, far sale,
at a great bargain if sold is a body. Tbr tract i rartly
Ha proved. Alf the land Hes -wen, is Tery Tich,-andlna
flae, healthy netghboriwod. 6 B. LOOEK,
gyl-tf Aactloaeer red Rett EatafcBrokcr.
look heiie:
DESIGNING to irar-reve another lot' imnse-
: cUaiclr, I will sell ay present residence to a
StJ'l pnactsal purchaser on good terms It comprises
liil IV acres. Is comfortably itsnoTed, and nnqae-
trsniUy one of the most beautiful and most healthy sites
la the Ticizuty cf Memphis.
apl6 tf WM. K. P08T0N.
A DWEDLING HOUSB. on Adams street.
(near the intersection ef Adams and Third
iiNdi it fcetnir the tsrne t arwu-at nocsalfki bv
James KWer. and adjoining the residence of Ihe
BbTnfber. Possession given on the 1st of Jure next.
apM tm DAT. M. CURRIN.
I HAVK for salt cine acres of 1 LAND, sit
antied ou the Memphis and Charleston Railroad,
aaVast two miles and a half from Court Square.
These desiring cheap property, on easy terms.
via con salt their interest in applying rarty to
apa-tf At Fhllllps k Watte', m'Matn street.
THE Math ball of Lot No. , fronting 37 J feet ca
OMckasaw street, and running back 113M feet. Co
this Lot there is a small comfortable hwt. The term
are liberal. Apply to G. B LOCHS,
taarlO-tf Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.
Lots at Private Sale.
I OFFER for sale, npoa eay terms, aniraprBvM Lots,
1IL, 1 J3, K6, 1M, 18J, 1W, III, lit. Improved Lots,
169 ana lu De-sag oa iof piaa oi tuBuivistraui uicchuw,
Saffarraas, Loaney k Keele. G. B. LOCKE,
nor2-tf Anctioneer and lUal Estate Broker.
Tiros. Peters' Residence for Sale.
IRATE fer sale the Residence sal IS1H' acrss of land
betoBging to Thomas Feters. Be, , lying en the State
Li e Read and the Maasfais and Cttaileston Railresd, 21
miles east, of Memphis, at Bray's Station The improTt-
mtts censitts of a Jwe ling, bmlt ir Gothic Style, 9 large
rooms and 3 small oces, wKh dowts. store roams, Jtx.
Kitchen, S serTanu' roams, cistern, west, stables and
harm, carriaie honff, wagoa shed, fcc., &x In short, it
is one of the best improved places ia Shelby county, all
ntw aad ia perfect erder. 1 wiD sn the improTements
and S3 i acres ot sand, ar all tacetbrr. ItJdesire, I will
se8 the stock at sheep, fcegs, and cattle, eera. fodder, oats
and pork, slanghtefod and packed in the smoke heve. A
bargain -wm bo gtree. Apply to Thos. Peters, ea the
premisM, c-r te u. B. uucius,
dec 31 Aacttoneer and Real Estate Broker.
Suburtan Residence for Sale.
I OFFER lor sale, upon good term;, the former Rcsi
deaee of C. F. One, Beq., lyiag on the north tide of
the new State-lift road, a mile and a halt east of the
etry. The tract contains 11 sires, and is improved with
a smaH resHeeee at three rooms, well and other improTe
ments. ' Also, a faor acre wood lot. nearly opposite. This tract
is within three qosaters of a Kite of a good ehnrch and
. tfbeoL and is ir. om ot the best and healthieet neighlor-
hovastn e TKmity or xempnis. i. . uwus,
nerll K Aactiuneer and Real Estate Broker.
TKEraStcrtbcr o-r for sale the tract of land
mssk which he new reswes, in uaywaoa oonniy.
TenBeseer. throash wfakh the Memphte and Ohio
Railroad passes. Sale tract contains aboat four
Itioand acres. Tbs ImproTements coneist of a See
lrame dwelling, with ten rooms, negro qnarters, gia
csnse, staMes.a Sie steam andgrtet mill, good orchards,
aad ad the necessary improvements for a large farm, or
roc be cesTenienUy divided into several small ones. For
health and fertility of soil this place is munrpassed by
ay intbeceantry. For farther particulars apply to me
tabscrtber on the premises.
dcl-dawB " THOS. SHAPABD.
So. 259, Main Street.
T)I03RAHJfl9tLandH:Wrical Sketches.byjfacamay;
-P Xew MMCraptjM, K; Macaalay ;
.;ira Taylor" k TraTetf , o tois., i- mo.,
trt Americans tn Janan : an abridgement ef the gov-
rBarattnarraUvs it the TJ. S. Expedttloa to Japan
ssder flimmnlnrr Frm. bv Tames :
Thiegs Xat GeaeraUy Known: a pepslar haad-book of
Facta. Mt rtedirr accesslVle in History, LIKrstnre
an I ScteMe, edited by 1). A. Weill a new aad Tal-
Vataml and Patriotic. bT G. "W. Cotter;
iHiaaRhtii and his limes, or Sketches ot French So
ciety la the 18th Century, by Looi. D. Lomeme;
Invasion and Oaatarebt fThinston. by Williams;
Washington la Domestic Life, from crista al letters and
maaascrlpts, by Richard Rush ; -
The AmerfcanOMlxen : his rights and dsttes-eecerdiBg to
the spirit ef the U, S Sutrs, by Jshn Henry Hop
kins, D. D. L L D. (A bok of Tare merit' one
which every man shook! read aad carefaHy weigh its
wise aad patriotic precepts.)
TiHas and Oottases. by Taaz a sew and Ttlaabie work ;
lwjHire Witbtei for Anything Worth Knowing: or uTvr
37W facts werta anowmg ;
Wallace ths Hero of Scotland, ry Reynold ;
Monarehs Retired from Basinet;, by Doran;
Smiles aad Frowns, by Sarah A Wealr.
A large assortment ot MEDICAL BOOKS, and a great
-variety of MtsoallaneoBS Boiks, for !ale at the very low
est cash prices. my7
Tlie Rights aad Duties 'of tlie
.American Citizen.
XT"' UK Asatsnd'GI trees. His Rights and Datles, aerord
3 lag to the sssirtt ot the CoiuUtBtlon of the United
Stale i byiSithep Hopkins.
Seed-Grain lw Tbooait and Discs! sioa, a comptlatian;
by Anna C. Lowell, in two vols.
rattue Bran4e, a Fireside History of a Qaiet Life; bvl
ilslai a Lee. " MN
. , . i i rt i - . TT . I
JU aiKifl, STew Kcumsra rcvjuci -oj ...
Davis, lata Fmted States Attorneys -
ivia, or The Secret ef Power ; by XlrsTSeth orth
Th Gotten Legacy, Story ot Life's Phases ; by a Lady.
Xew Biographies of WaHrka Men.
Harper's School History.
Alio, alarge ascortaientof PaopMete Play:, embracing
tho Medera Standard Drama. French's Drasaa, Spencer's
Soi ton Theatre, ic., &c. For sale by
apM.tUw . CLEATBS & GPIOy.
Books for Every Library.
"TIEKTOII'S Abrsdsenest at ths Debates ef Congress;
Jj Bestan'a Thirty Teara tn the United States Senate,
two vols.; s
Private Correspondence ot Daniel Webiter. two vols.;
Webster's Wrks. 8 vols.; ' W
John C. Calbonn's Works, 6 toIs.;
Ease's Arctic Explorations, two vols.;
Cat lla's Korth American iBdians, 2 vols ; r
Campk- It's Live of the Lord CfcaBcellorf, 7 vats',;
C.mpbelFs Live of the Chief Justices, 2 vols ;
Miss Strickland's Lives of the QaeeasoJ England, 6 vols.;
nncrof t's Hi tor j of .be United States, 5 vols.;
tkm BrlUrh Ecaayists, 3 vols ;
Dayckinck s Cyeiopedia of American Llteratari, 2 Tsls.;
Irviag's Life ot Washington, 3 vols.;
Spark's American Biography, 15 vets.;
eletl& for Sabbath Reading. Far ss!e-ty
THEODOSIA BBKKST. Vetase 1 ; Or, Ten Days' Tra
vel in Search ot the Cfanrcfa.
The Glaat EUlier; Or, The BatUe WMch All Mast
6cansavta4 trsm Gibel Tares: to Starabaal, by Lieut.
Wise, U. S. X.
Fifty Tear M Both Hem'sphercs; Or, Reminiscences
ef the Lite of a Former Merchant, by Vincent Xatte, late
ef Xew Orswins.
ChaBsbers' Hsstery ( the Rusian War, 1961-'5S, with
Kaps, Pia&oaad Weasl Eagravtngs.
Cnrtls' Wct, 5 vats., iisliiacteg XHe Nates, newadji
la Syria, PaUsdsar Papers, aad Prne and I.
CatHsa'Xoxsli AsnertcaB Indians, 2 vols.
Charras Lunbs Works, t vols.
Hood's Works, t toU. For sale by
BELAWARE " PaiaUd by E. Leetze, aad engraved
by Pas4 GVaroH.
A large assorteaeat of French Llthecrapfrs and Steel
opavTBgs,ssHaUe fer Grecian Paiatii.g, well worthy
the attention of 7eachers; those wishing, would do well
to aaN tatty and Bake selections.
Late Books.
Bee) test's AferHgesient ef the Debates la Congress frtra
J99 to JW6, bonad in niBsiln or law sheep.
PaytVtift Pyetapedia ef Asstrtcaa Literature, la two
vets. Kftsatrated
Fine IGsao. Fecket edition of Longfellow's Poems.
- " ' ' et Tennyson's "
For sale by CLEAVES k GCIOX.
ren sale et
Cleaves & Gulori.
THE Artitt' Bride; or, Tse Pawnbroker's Heir, by
Emerson Bennett, author of " Prairie Fle-er, kc
Old Haen, the Pawnbroker ; or. The Orphan's Lsgacy ;
A Tale ot New Tork, Founded on Facts ;
Inquire Within for Anything Ton Want to Enow; or.
Over Three Thousand and Seven Hundred Facts
worth knowing;
Tli Golden Legacy; A Story ef Lift's Phases, pro
neanced. to be ona of the best novels writUn by a
AThree-FatdTestof Modern Spiritualism ; by WiBiam
Jt.'Gorctso, D. D.;
SHverwBodi A Rook of Memories ;
Eatbte Brand; A Fireside History ef a Qalet Life;
The Poettcal Works of HoraceLSmith and James Smith ;
authors of the "ReiecteB Addrestes," with Per-
tralts sod Bio graphical Sketch; edited by EpesSsr-
: arler Dramas; or, Dramatic Scenes for Home Arause
ments ; by Wm. B. Fowle.
JLumber JLumber I
I HATS th largest assortment of Lumber ca hand 1
Save ever ofiered, consisting in part of Seasoned Cy
press and Poplar, K.l, IK and 2 inches wide aad dear;
JJiJr and Slip; Jolc 2xS, 2xS, 2x10 and 2xt2; Scant
ling 2xt, 2x5, 2x6, 3xt, txl, and 4x6; Weatherboardine,
BheetlBg, Shingles and Walnut Lumber oa hand ; also a
. large lot of dressed TeHow Pine Flooring and rough Pop
' lar FiaortGg, Red Cedar Posts of all sixes.
xard oaBattnre, South side of Centre Laadldg.
Jnnl5-dtwawly ' M.R. COCHRAX.
K.fRPM,EMAJnTEns, Farisienne,
V W00 speaks English flneatly, wishes to give lessons
Tm Tranch .nit Sn&clch T.D en srelt . and abui in
K t t xtmif vua maisvlks wouiq oe-ciaa waiicaa
C. lAt, or give privile lessons. Mile M. brings testl-
' . ,v. r.tn.re. in this emmtrr.'
n-signfAbyJresKent Plerc. Gov. Aiken, (S. C.,) Senator
fiZ. it!Z u T.e Di &e . which she. will be har-
. -iipply al.Mf..Bhly'a, nrnanda sliyet, next door to
HheJaWHayorCarrotf resldence,orat th Majlc Stores.
Seasonable Clothing,
T) ECE1VKD, and will receive wrtklyjcrlng Spring and
iX Summer, thecholeei-t articles f orjpits and Tonths
wer The toc is Urge and pretty complete, consisting
ef a great variety of
Coats, Pants and Vests,
Alio, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Trnnks, Umbrellas, &c.
To which the attention of customers and the public is
respectfully Invited.
CjStar corner Union and Shelby streets; Branch
Stoic No. 255, Main street, Memphis. i.
rayl-lra J AS. 0. WARD.
X3T Enquire rcapy two weeks. -
35,OB. 18S7.
JAS. A- 'SX&EElVr & CO.,
. -. nn..in renter tUk of FAKCT and STA-
A. PLE DRT GOODS, which they oiTer low for cash, or
the asnal time to prompt easterners. Wo Invite tie at-t-atlon.f
city and country buyers to call and examine
nor itnfV before enrchahiag elsewhere. Our stock con-
ItUn part of rich Dress 5ls. she tissues, btcscs,.
Organdies, French Cambrics, Lawns, rreacn, ungnsa
. iTnrirn prinui. fiiasnams. AC.
ALSO, Silk Tissue, Berege, Organdie, Jaeonett and
Lawn Ksbes oi the aewest design: Lace Shawls aad
Mantillas, new and elegant styles.
Family Furnishing Materials,
Centlstlcg la part of Linen and Cotton Sheetlss. all
widths and qualities, rillow l-ase Linens, goboiu ana io
wim Tiinxv ruble raath.. Nankins. Dispers, IXyles,
T welinss, Cnrtaln Material of all descriptions, Mar
seilles Qnilts an" Covnlerpanes, uimiiirs, c
Bleached and Brown Sheeting and Shir t Is g. Plain and
Striped Osnabargc, ice, Ticking, Striped Cettenades,
i ntm-t. ri.nneln Jeans, ie.: White GooJ, con
sisting of Plain, Fignred, and Checked Swiss Book In
dia, Moll, &c ; KmBrowe rtes ana
Handsome Worked Setts, Contra, Brands. &c, Infants
it- t?k ti.m na Embroidered Handkerchiefs,
Gloves, noslery, Fancy Belts, Faas, Ferfnmery, Small
T.Tf- it )ir, in -make T)rT Goods th" leading fea
tare of bolness, and ear friends can rely upon lading at
all times a full aad compKie tssanmeni.
Clothing and Pnmishing Goods.
Stock ia this llae mannf actnred nnier ear own saper
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Dmbrellss, Parasols, Trunks, Carpet Bags, & e.
apt 3m
v. tvmr. n. C. CLARKE.
Fine CiotMiag",
Sole Leather Trunks and Carpet Bags,
Union Block, Opposite Court Bqnare.
nim irm are cash, which enables as to sell at the
J lowest prices. We respectf ally solicit a caU from all
In want of Coining.
Spring and Summer
Staplo and Domestic Dry Goods,
0TJR facilities this year being of such a'aatcre we are
enabled tooStreur Spring and Summer stock, which
Is unusually large, to the trade and dtlzeas geneially at
the very lowest rates. Coaatry Merehaats and River
"Traders m particular are earnestly requested to calTand
examine our stoci: betore purcnasmg eisewa .
SIMOK Jt SEESSEL, 63 Front Row,
Corner Jefferson-st., and Commercial Hotel.
.cWercRant Tailor,
137 jvr.vxisr st.t
Under tUe Worsliam House.
rTtUKsubscrlberbegsieavetoBnnennce to hlscastora-
A. ers and the citizens ox aiempnis xaai nc uu rciuiii-.
ed from New Tork with a foil assortment of most splen
did Goods, which he is prepared to make up for cash on
.short no) lee.. sepo-iy
$200,800. 5100,000.
"inARTKRKJ br the Legislature of Tennessee, Session
ef 18e5-J56, to make Fire, life and Marine insurance
and to cause themselves to be re-insured when deemed
expedient. In view of which they bsve arranged with
the following Companies, for re-insurance by means of
open policks:
British Commercial Life, Londoa CaplUI $3 000,000
Eonltable Fire, " "
International Life, " "
Knickerbocker Life, United States, "
Great Western Marine, ' "
Howard Fire rtA Marine, " "
rmulidated Fire "
300 000
At the annaal dedloa on Tuesday, the lOtbl-stant, the
fettewiBg Directors and Committee were elected for the
S. B. CURTIS. L. J. DUPREK, - H. S. EllfS,
Medical Ezaminer GFO. R. GRAJT, a . i)..
Attorney 3. B. THORNTON, Esq.
AttiilrAbv. P. BAN'KnEAT). Ksn.
Andataraeetinretlhe new Directory CI 'VTedneedar,
the 11th tnst., the toHowmg otScers were tbosec for the
GEO R. GRANT, Ftce Pretident.
THOS. McADAM. Secretary.
OFFICE No. 8. Madison street, corcer Front Rot.
District Inspector
rT STEAMBOATS, Steamboat Boilers; and Steambott
KJ Machinery, under the provisions of tneACU 01 Mil
cress of IE3S and ISteJ. umce, e Maaisen street,
mart THOMAS McADAM. Intpectar,
Of !XasIivilIe Tenn.
CAPITA!., : : : : : : 8150,000,
John M UrU, Alex. Allison, Thompson Anderson,
James Coney, R. H. Gardner, r. A. Owen,
G. M. Fogg. Josepa Vanlx, James Elili,
X. E. Alloway, W. S. Bakla.
KATllNE INSURANCE oa Cargoes and Freights ender
open or special policies. Inland Transportation Rifks ou
Merchandise, by steamboats, railroads, or land carnage
also, hazards on rivers aaa isEesio or irora any pan;
the United States. '
FIRE INSURANCE oa buildings, dwelling or other
BkUfces, goods in store, furniture, fcc, Ijitown or country.
.rs-jiegroci insured againsi me cancers er ue river.
J. G. LONSDALE, Agent,
v Oface Jefferson street, Memphis,
, . , ,
The JIutual Life Insurance Company
, v-t-T- vnpr
Accumulated Fund, $3,000,000
THE rates adopted by this Compaay are based upoa tha
most correct observations. Policy holders get all the gains
of the Company, as it la purely mutual, having no prefer
red stecx er other capital to taxe th first fruits ot pt efita
from the Insured. c . , . - . ,
Any pcrsoa wishing Insurance on his or her lire will re
ceive all iaformatltn, logeuer wim ujc rojuunt ivraiii
appllcatlen. by calling oa j. . jai.ioujvia,
Agent Mutual Life Insurance Company,
eciM-iy Office Jefferson street. Memphis.
lVToixs.iDlxiJs, Toan..
XkALER la Ale, rorter, Cider andWlaes of all kind,
Xj manufactured by the most celebrated establlihrneati
In the United States. For sale. Wholesale or Retail.
From ray long experience la the business (twelve years at
which has been ia the city of Memphis) 1 Ca ler myself
with the gaaraaty I Lava had from ray old castomen
that my exertions have been appreciated by there.
July27-dawtf JACOB BKCHTHLn.
N. 3. P0REST,
Xb. Adams-st, Itlcmphis, Ten.,
ITASJast received from North Carolina,
twenty-five likely young negroes, to which be ofS
desires to call the attention of purchasers.!)
JEinewiU bain the regular receipt of nesroes.23t
from North and South Carolina every month. His Ne
gro Depot is one of 'he most complete aad commodious
establishment of the kind in the Southern country, an
his regulations exact snd systematic, cleanliness, neat
ness and co-nfsrt being strictly observed and enforced
His aim is to turn'-ih to custontrs A. 1 servants, and
fiM hands, sound and perfect In body and mind. ' Ne
grs taktn oa ctaualssloa. JanSl
sioo reward;
RAN A WAT from the subscriber, at Bowie's
Point, Tunica county. Miss., three negro men,
to-wit: -
TOM. black, aged about 23 years, about five
feet eleven inches high, thick nnder Up, and rather slow
of speech, weighs about 175 pounds.
GEORGE, black, aged about 21 years, about six feet
high, well made, fine countenance, and weighs about 160
WILSON, Wack, aeed about 22 years,- about 5 feet 9 X
or 10 Inches high, weighs about 150 pounds, has a alight
defect in his walk a: if his feet were sore.
If taken out ef the State, and lodged In Jail at Mem
phis, I will pay the above reward. If within the State,
and secured so I get them, fifty dollars
maris dawtf Bowie's Point, Tunica cunly. Miss.
THOSE who are fond ot an easy, comfortable aad dean
SHAVE will find accommodation at the new shop f
JOHNBUOWN, who has just re-opened on Shelby street,
nis shop Is comfortably and tastefully fitted up, aad he
will be pleased to welcome his oil customers aad as many
newnaes'a may see proper to patronlzehlra.
ap25-lrn "
" Information
IS "respectfully wanted of RICHARD BRKNNAN, a
native of thejeity of Cork, Ireland, ne left Memphis
In July, 1SS2, aad has not been heard of since. Any In
formation respecting-him will be thankfully received by
his brother, THOS. BRKNNAN,
.ay3 Memphis. Tann.
TWO.DR ATS also two Dray License, which hare tight
and nine months to run. Apply to
fb4-tf ' G WYNNE k GIBBON.
Capitol Prize $53,000.
OWIiJG to the great favor with which oarSiagle Nrai
ber Lotteries have tn received by the public, snd
the large demand for Tickets, the Managers, S SWAN a.
CO.. will haveadrawlnr each Saturday throughout the
year. The following Schem will be drawn lu each of
thtlrLotterlcs for May, 1SS-.
OTfaJBS 3-3.,
7o be drawn in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, In public,
oa SATURBAT, May 5d, 1SSI.
COaASS 35,
To be drawn In the city of J Oanta, Georgia, la public, oa
SAT JRDAT. May 9:h, 1857.
To be drawn in the city of Uaata, Georgia, In public, oa
SATURDAT, .114 16th, 1557.
CTjASS 37,
To be drawa la the city of AUaata, Georgia, In public, on
SATURDAT. May 21, 1S57.
-J2j3J3J3 38,
To be drawa la the city of Atlanta, Georgia; In public, oa
SATURDAT, May 30-.a, 1S37, on the plan '
Single JYimibers :
rt.POO :E-i2 ' 1
Moro than One Prizo to Every Ton
I PrUe ef..
1 "
1 '
I '
1 II
I 4
0,009 i fou,uuu
ZU,W1 IS............. ai,
10 000 Is 10,000
10,000 is 10,000
6,0: II 5,000
0,000 is 6,000
5,000 i 5,000
2,500 IS 3,600
2,600 Is... 3,600
2,600 Is 2.t0
2 500 1s 2,600
2,t00 Is 5,600
2,509 Is 2,500
1,010 IS 1,000
l.rtwis l.ooo
100 are 10,000
60 are I.C00
swrtrixiv ITIOV PRIZES.
aPrUesof 225 Apros'tlns to $50,000 Prlie are $900
4 " 160 " 20,000 " 610
30 r '
25 '
20 are..
3,290 prises ajcoantlng to $204,000
Wholo Tickets, 1510 ; naivtja, wu;
Quartors,.ya ou.
t N'nmbersfrom 1 to 30.000. corresponding with those
Numbers oa the Tickets priatrd on separate slips of pa
per, are encircled wain snuiiun suues ui iivi u.
The first 21S Prises, slallariy prtntea ana encircica, ar
placed in another wheel.
The wheeli are then revolved, and a number Is drawn
from the wheel of numbers, and at the-samc time a Prise
is drawn f rem th other wheel. The Number and Prise
drawn out are opened anl exhibited to the audience, and
regisbredby the CDmmit.slouers ; me rnse oeingpiaceu
against the Jium&er aravn. inis opcrjiwu u iciicv
until all the prizes ar d'awn out,
ArraoxiMATiox Pbhes. The two preceding and th
lwo .nrtrfdlnr Numbers to those drawing the first 13
Price will bo entitled ti the T2 Approximation Pi ires, ac
inlinp tn lte aebeaifl.
ST5-The 3.000 Prizes cf $20 will be determined by the
. ' .. , . , .... CA1AA
lastngureoi rne nuiuuer tuai urawa iu- u,wv x...
ForexamrJe, If the Nurcbers arawing ou.uuu rn cdus
withVo. 1. then all the Tickets where the number ends
In 1 will be entitled to $2). If the Number ends with
No. 2, then all theTickela where the number ends In 2
Certificates of Packages will be sold"St the following
Certificate of Package ot lu wioie iicxeia ou vj
tt " louaif " ........ o w
- 10 Quarts 'r u 20 00
" . 10 Eighth ' 10 00
In ordering Tickets or Certificates, enclose the money
to our addres. for tht Tickets ordejpd.on receiptor which
thev will be forwarded by first mall. Purchssets can
hare Tickets endlnE In a' y figure tlicy may designate.
The list of drawn numbers and prizes will be. fot'ward-
ed to purchasers Immediauly after the arawmg.
Purchasers will please write their signatures plain, and
give their Post OSce, C -unty and State. -
J3" Remember that every rtao is urawn anupayaoic
In f nil nrit'hont dctluctlcn.
tr--All-Prireiiifl.OiMand nnder. pald4mmedlately
afteg the drasrlinj otner. rrizes ai meuiuai iuii oi
& All cnmmrinicatitas strictly confidential.
AddrtssVrders for TRteJ s?5Slflcatea ot Packages to
S. si Ah a. Aj.f Aiian-.a, i.a.
. S. SWAN & CO.. Montgomery. Ala
, .53" A list of the numbers that are drawn irom the
wneoi, wna ine amouui oi iucjiuiiu., uu, uuewtu
tltled to, will be published alter every drawing in the f ol
lowlncnaners : New Orleaas Delta, Mobiid Register,
Charleston Standard, Nashville Gazette, AtUnta Intelli
gencer, New Tort Wely Day isogs, ana oaTanoaa
Horning ews.
f akraliinrs Parjjiifcs
Planters, Loolt. to Your Interest!
TTTEareetll! agents fir the sale of the EAtti. tir
V V STAND Aetna tesls prove that the Ulni cow be
ing manufactured are i he best In use.
For lightness of UrauRht, speed, and making a fine sam
ple, these Gins cannot ;e raualcd.
Now Is the time to wad in your orders, to as to have
them made and to arrl,-eher? In time for the next crop.
jarI5 daw3m No. 8 Front Row, Memphis.
J3 Enquirer copy. tr ffr
Manulacturers of Southern Star Cotton Gin,
t HRrr.rrrFni.I.T ca l the-attentlon of the rtubllc. nar-
JX ticularly the Co' tea PlaattrVto their GIN MANU
FACTORY, now In su-ces,f uloperatlon in tbls"place. W
deem ft niinfcessary ti publish any teuniou!ali of the
raod nerfermaiios of onr Gins, the&gh many could be
procred of geijtlemec who are now urtng them aiea of
high repuiaiioa as planters, aad wou'd not be satisfied
with any tut a good Gia ; aad we will only add that we
are determined to fare no pales or means to make
UOlton uin mil -will piase ine i-iaaier.
In addition to the Gin we formerly advertised and sold
fer S3 per saw. we are now fitting up improved itilc,
at considerable additional expense, which wo will $ell at
$3 50 per saw.
A sample ot oar Gins can always b: teen at Messrs
Graham k Hill's, wh'are onr agents. In Memphis.
Gentlemen Planter, send in your- orders with fpeclfl
cations, and they shall be promptly attended to. A suf
Sclent guaranty giver la everjyale.
S3- Repairing done wUhTpeatncsa and dlsratch.
mar21-daw6m W' .
Imnortant to Cotton Planters!
THE subsaiber i-gs leave to can IS attentloniof
Planters to an examination ef the merits of these
Gin Stands, which possess in a greater degree the quail-
umbianas i. wnicn possesi . in a ctmv uegrre qua,,-.
55 Sf.'VSiS cV.T.finf-'fl
are ofiered on as reasonable terms as any establishment
in the South.
I feel fully authorlted in saying that I can furnish, all
things considered, a superior Gin StandVto any factory In
the United States.
MtssrffTowlkes, Mount 2c Co. are agents for the sale
of these Gin,, vho will keep a supply of rations sizes oa
1 hand, or will order anyv ilia at short notice. Office on
jeflvrVoatnt. Memphis, Tenn.
marJO-dtwsvrfci r. S. A. THORNTON, Ag't.
Premium Cotton Gins.
rrtns attention of Cotton Planters Is.respectfnny eaJled
A to the above suiierior Gins, manufactured by E. Car
ver k Co., Bast Bricgewater, Mass. under a recent Itn
iprorement, th Carver Gia are regarded as the best now
la general nie ; their superiority needs no comments f rem
as, as thousands are now In successful operation. In th
Southern country.
W hare oa hand fifty Gins, embracing all the dlCbront
sues ana cambers or saws,
"Also 10 and 12 feet seTment bolts.- washers, 4c, com.
plete, all of uhlzh we offer to oar Meads upoa the usual
terms aad Urn. GWYNN k GIBSON,
Nos. 1 and 2 Rxchanga Building.
Memphis. Sept. 23. ISM tf
St. Louis, Mo.
HAVING taken the Agency for the sale of the above
Circular Saw Mills, I am prepared to fill all orders
for Mills, with or without me power to otit moa ou
the shortest notice. ... .
pnunwlihlni to nnrchase Mills, and aleo desirous that
they should be set np and put Into operation, can be ac
commodated. . . .
Wedo not wish to praise our own work, ait weasxoi
persons wishing to purcbaso Mills Is to examine onr
m,rk trnre bnvlnz elsewhere, as we think they will give
ii.4fc,nrerrrnea iter anch examiBtlon. We are sat
isfied our Alius will saw more lumoer, ana luiwucr.iyij
In the aane number ot hours than any other Saw MS
now made .
Personn wishing to purchase Mills win please adj,
me at Memphis, Tom. G. McLEfjr.
Wack Smith antt'fcncct ironworker,
Ctrncr if Tffinl Roy and ninrcttcr-tt.,
SECON-D-nANJJjjoiiers bought, add'
and exchanged,,, new'ones. TSheeUTron
won ooao cy eTtry descrrptwn, sncn as
ChlraneysJ nr4eh--n: Fire Bed. Escape
Pipes, Condensers? Foi gjt; jftUllo Mf e-Boats. andSteara
bpat Work In generU.,,, Baak?Safes, FfreproJ Shuts,
Gasometer, CUtema r
. T n i :t -- .." . . . . . ' . I
WrcdaVlha snorteit neiicn, anuou
thBojtTMenatb!tmiM . . nvl4-dawly
OK the 1st Jaae, 1S58, the firm heretofore existing be
tween F. H. CLARK aad A. O. WURZACH was dis
solved br mutual consent. F. H. Clark Is charred with
the settlement .of tha bailees of the lata firm of 7. H.
Clark k Co. F. H. CLARK.
The subscribers have associated themselves together
under th firm of F. H. CLARE, k CO.
F. n. CLARK,
. Chi ll i.
It affords me pleasure to annouac to my f rleads and
the public that 1 have associated with me my former
partner, JAS. S. WIIXINS, aad my well-known assis
tant, THOS. HILL, aadar th familiar styluof F. S,
Th new firm will start with an efficient fores la each
mechanical branch, th Watch department being under the
supervision of Mr. Wllklns.
Mo' s f mi at all times ot me latest fashions, aaa prices
as loa. xs the same quality aad style of gods can be pur
chased in Philadelphia or Jiew xork.
I am thankful for the liberal patronage extended to me
daring my fifteen years' residence in Memphis, and my
aim will be to merit Its continuance.
OUR aim has bet n to keep pace with our growing city,
and furnish those who want Goods la our line with
good articles, and at fair prices. Our asssrtmrat, for
years, has been ut little if any behind our Eastern
cities. It Is more extensive this season thaa ever. Oar
leading branches are, first
Of whim we have every variety la general as.
tocether.wlth a large assortment made to onr
order, which for neatness of style and time-keep
ing, are surpassed by none. Ia ear assortment
will be found the Eight Dsy Watch and the Repeating
Chronometer, glrlag the time to a minute m the dark.
Oir assortment In thlslmrortant branch Is kept fall
by freqaeat receipts cf all tha new styles, whether of
foreign or domestic production.
We have made this branch of oar basiaess a stady for
years, not only posting onrselves with regard to tn on
ferent nnalltles aad merits of th different styles and ma
kers, but ot the kinds best suitable t our market. Our
assortment, for a number or years, nas ueen iarc, w
which we have recently made many additions of our own
Innervation. We can furnish our customers wita auur
Guns from S to Szoo; rifles rrm sio 10 feiuu,
Also, the celebrated SHARPE'S RIFLE.
Pistols, J?
DERRINGER and COLT, of all sizes! Also, a tall as
orlmeat ot the kinds in general ass.
Tea and Coffee Sets, Pitchers, GoWeti, Cups, Castors,
Spoons, Forks, Ladles, with many choice Fancy Articles,
all coin fine.
Urns. Castors. Candlesticks. Tea and Coffee Sets, Kperg-
nes, Cake and Fruit Baskets, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Pitch
ers, Gobieu, tjups, wauers, ate.. &e.
A full assortment of Pocket and Table, 'from the beet
maacrs, wiin a great variety, oi fancy uoous.
All kinds of Watch Work done In th most faithful
manner. Jewelry repaired, and new made to order.
E ii S i a? i R
Plain and Oramealal; Seals for Lodges, Courts, fcc.,
inany style .jjtencei Plates or an etzes. '
octl6-dawly F. H. CLARK, tt CO.
jst an w -
WATCHES Some very fine. A- ,
JEWELRT New styles.
To'suit every condition of sight.
GUNS Best makers.
' PISTOI Foil assortment
Making by far the best asiortmeaterer offerH In this
market r. n. (JI.akk. & co.,
mar28 No. 1 Clark's Marble Block
ACCURATELT adjusted to the eye, so as to salt the
most difficult vision, without occasioning that sense
of weakress or fatigue to the organ generally complained
of by wearers oleommoa glasses, but enabling the wearer
ot this Improved spectacle to pnrsue the most minute
employment either by day or candle light, with ease and
satisfaction, by
CHHN. MULIiER, Optician,
. or the rinst or
Wholesale and Retail Dealers la
Cloelvs; rWatclicsf 3cwcvy.
improved Spectacles,
Maditon-tt., betitain end Front Rene,
PARTICULAR atlenUon paid to the rewiring
of Watches by an experienced workman. Being
detern Ined not to be excelled la superior work-
'manshlp la this branch ot the business, we have
engaged a first dais Walehmater, ana can Halter our
selves In saying that there Is no House, Kast?cr West.
that can boast of a better. Clocks carefully repaired and
warranted Jewelry and Spectacles of every description
made to order. Old Jewelry neallyjepaired, and Specta.
cle Glasses Inserted la olif rames to salt everyslght.
P. 8. The numerous complaints of persons who have
been in-posed upon by Individuals peddlUg through the
country an interior rrie!e ct spectacles, representing
them to be these Improve glasses, reader tt necessary
that ws should caution the public agstast sued readers,
and protect the repntat-e'oorcUajes. AH spectacles
made by us are stamped .lis the aame of the firm.
rpnE latest and by far the most Ira port ant improre
I niMit tnVh.ilm.nWU4Va rswxnllw I ntwt -.l.
tn kn0TO tae SPIUSREOTTPE, which is nofoaly
- d aalike any of Its predecessors. but greaUy .
perlor t all. The Sphcrrotype Is proof against time,
Ala. andiWATEH, and for richness of tone, warmth of
expression ana distinctness hasxoeo,aai la fact the il
lusisa is such that the picture, er image, seems suspend
ed In air, entirely independent et the back ground
For this picture we have the exclusive right for Mem
phis. Specimens caa be seea ia oar Gallery, where pic
tures are also taken la the various style, by our Artist,
who combla the Chemist with the Artist, which ena
bles, him at all times to produce superior Pictures.
F. H. CLARK k CO.,
dec3-tf No. 1 Clark's Marble Block.
Premium Gallery!
HATING Jnst retnrnod from a business tour North,
with all th facilities far taking fine, durable
Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, &c.,
I am now ready In person to serve my friends and tha
publie generally la my line, oa tbernost reasonable Urms.
I hare ao new tangled pateats and clap-trap' processes
to ofierath public. My establishment has to stand cr
fall amid all the blazonry ot Its neighbors, upon Its ona
merits. ' - sepS-dawtt
CONTINUE to offer their well known brands cf ELEC
POWDER la kegs and canister. AlbO, Gun Powder for
Blasting and Mining, comprising a full ass-irtment of
qualities and kluds required by the trade, guarantied
to give entire satisfaction.
The standard of' their Powder, which has now enjoyed the
highest reputation lor more than twenty-five years,, will
be found unsurpassed by any other manufacture of the
kind in the world. tt -
For sale In this city by GATES k WOOD, Agents, and
at the office of the Company, No.,89 Wall, (corner Water
street New Tork. A. G. HAZARD, President.
A K. Dououtss, Sec'y mai6-d6nu
TllO iiadlSOn Street .W-AiJ
Sash, Door and Blind JFactory.
i s iyfl. uuueraiisuru ubs wu mjw iad recently ecca
JL Pled by Moore k Halstead, o-,r th6 pi,nint Mill af
Whipple, McCultsgh it Co., anlg prepared to fill all or
ders for Sash, Doors, Blinds,- yraxaes. Casings, Mould
ings, Maatles, kc '
Partlcalar attention ria t dressing and ripping Lum
ber, for the Carpater, tnj Builders.
Jaa2S-d6m R. VTRGESON.
ComG5of Main and Adams street,
tTtnfS House Is situated la the centre of basiaess, arm
Jyt now finished and la comnleteorder. The Proprietor
J.edgc himself It shall not be surpassed by any House In
Being" grab-ful for tho very liberal patronage beslowtc
on him for the last two years, he hope by a street atten
tion t business to merit a continuance of the same.
oc7.tf J. J- WORSHAM, Proprietor
JVetv Restaurant :
THE subscriber rerpoetfally Informs his old friends and
all the public, that ho has opened a new Restau
rant on Union Street, where he is prepared to tarnish
the best Tlands that can be found in the market, served
in it twit Parisian stvlcs. Oysters, Game, Steaks, Salt
fand Fresh Water Fish, Birds n fact, everything salted
1a the finest ana most aeuci epicurcau msic. .
Give .ns'f call "I have slxdlflerent room for the ac
commodation of Private Parlies. I will cot be outdone
la any branch eonaeeted with lay business. SB .
teWO-tf ' . . G08. DEMPERWQI.F.
ASr .
Nos. 304 and 306 Main-st.
also AOn-ra roil
HeHing's " Patent Balainandcr b'afcj I
HAVING now received the greater portion of our
Goods for th BI-RIKG TRADE, fer recent arrivals
from Earopo and the Eastern Cities, we are prepared to
oner greater inducements to th Merchants, Fiaaters ana
Mechanics cf the Southwest than have hitherto been ot
tered in this market, for proof of which wo respectf ally
soildt the Inspection of onr stock and prices. In view of
this we have placet ourselves la a position to offer such
Inducements to those who may visit Memphis for the pur
pose of making their parchascs, as will deter inem iron
seeking another msrktt, so far at least as onr business
is concerned. To f nllv carrr oat this object we have mad
permanent arraagemeats with the best manufacturers la
Kngland ana in this country, to o regaiariy suppueu
with a full stock of Goods la oar llae, aad will furnish
those wh may favorns with their orders, with goods at
as low figure as any house la the coaatry,.Soath or Wet.
Oar slock comprises
For the Country Trade.
Boiled and Charcoal Iron Castings,
Boston, Philadelphia and Wheeling Nails,
nnnt'a and Collins' Axes and Hatchets,
Log, Trace, Stay an Stretch Chains,
Bright and half bright caststeel noes,
CaststesI polished rlveted-eye Hoes,
Oil root and steam beat Hames,
Hog skin Collars, horse and male.
Cotton, wool aad Jim Crow Cards,
Manilla and Jute Cordage,
Thread and common cotton Rope,
Plow Lines, Bed Cords, Clothes lines, ke.,
Louisville, Claclnnatl aad New Tork Sifters, " -
Nova Bcotia aad Bered Grindstones,
Ames' casts teel Shovels and Spades,
Rowland's and Can's Shovels and Spade,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, all patterns.
Lock;", Latches, Hinges, kc.
Well Wheels and Well Butkets.
Together with every at tide suited t the trad ot th
country merchant. In the
Agricultural Department
W have made the best selections from the most approved
manufacturers ot every article necessary for th planting
community, inciuaing
Cotton, cane ana Grub noes.
Cane Knives, and Briar Hooks,
Plow aad Wagon Chains,
Faa Mhls, Corn Mills, Corn Shelters,
Corn and Cob Crushers, Straw Cutters,
nay and Manure Forks, Rakes, &.,
Grain Cradles, and Scythe,
Patent and common Churns,
Hames, Colla.s, Singletrees, &.,
Prnnlng Saws aad Chisels,
Garden Implements ot all kinds.
Hall k Spear's wrought and east PUws,
Allen's Cotton Plows and Scrapers.
Together with a full stock et the celebrated Avery an
Livingston Jc Co. Flws, which bar far several years
put givea such aalversal satisfaction. W ar fully pre
pared to keep always on hand a large stock of these
Plows, together with the extra Points and Castings, so as
to be able to supply ur planters with them at all timet.
1U 111 BCiCtllOU vi ur sioti ox ixooas IK he
Mechanical Department
We have psld most particular .attertlon to the Interests
ot onr mechanics. We have selected such goods as are
best salted to this market, aad caa safely gaaraaty satis
faction i an.
Our stock la this .department Is fall aad complete,
comprising in
umiiiang iuatenais
Greenwood'gcelebraml Rlagas,
Greenwood's Axle Pullles and Shutter Fastnlngs,
Pearl White and Mineral Enb Locks and Latches,
Close and Electro-Plated " ,- " " "
Cottage, Rural and Mortise " " "
Front and store deor " " "
Sliding door Locks aad Furniture,
Sdr-sbuttlng door aad Gate Uluges and Latches,
Bolts and Hooks. Nails. Brads. Screws, kc.
This department In our business is under the special
supervision ot onebf th partners, who has fr many
years, In this city, given It his careful attention, and be
lieving mat ttsis branch of our business requires nor
.than oratuary care, Lota in the selection of the goods
and In filling orders, heas determined to use his best ea.
ceavors to keep uch goods as shall please all our me.
cbaaics, and will hold every Inducement to' merit thi lr
We would call particular atteatloa to oar stock of Tools,
(he quality of all which we caa tally gaaraaty, cempri-
Carpenter's Tools
Union Factory Plane, "Rules, kc..
Spear k Jacksoa's Hand and Pannell Saws,
. Butcher's cast steel Chisels and'Flles,
Earl Siallh & Co.'s Files,
Wether by's Chisels aad Draw Knives,
Cam's celebrated " .
' Spirit Levels, Rules and Guages,
AngersAuger Bitts, Screwdrivers, It.
Blacksmith's Tools. -
Peck's Louisville Bellows.
Newcomb's, New Tork BelUws,
S jlld Box. aad Parallel Vices,
Annltsge's Mousehote Anvils,
Coley's warranted Anvils,- "
Hand and SIedg?nammers, .-.
Blacksmith Tongues,
' Farriers, Htmsiers, Knives aed Pincers.
Tinners' Materials.
Best Charcoal Tla Plate 1 0,"
" " " "II,
leaded Rooting Plate 10,
Bar Tin, Bpeltre,l&c, '
Iron Brass and Copper Wire,
Bolt Copper, Solderluglrocs, Ac,
Tinned and Braxlers Sheet Copper,
Boiled and Charcoal Sheet Iron.
Rhss. Imitation, Rnss. and Galvernixed Iron,
Bar Lead. Rivets, Copper Tacks, kc.
We would also call the attention of Rallrcad aad Levee
Contractors to our stock of
Railroad Barrows, Ame's Shovels and Spade,
Boring Machines, Mattccks, Picks, kc.
navlng a thorough knowledge ot our business la all its
branches, we art determined to give it our entire atten
tion, and shall attend personally to all th orders, and to
the transaction of our business la tvery particular, aad
by so doing flatter ourselves that w caa give aatlstae-
tlon. UAWlb, SMITH & CO., -
febl SOt aad 30C Mala.st.
ts. asv
ttob't. II. MaJl9
15 6ycamore-5t., Cincinnati, O
Commission & Forwarding Merchant,
mar!9-ly S
Surveyor and Draughtsman,
OFFERS his services to the public affd will give
prompt atteatloa to any basiaess connected with his
vocation. He may be found at his office oa the west
side of' Main street, sulh of Union, (Canovan's Build
ing,; no. sic, unless absent in professional baslasss.
J. K Chad wick, 3t Henry G. Smith,
J. M. Frcvlne, Robertson Ttpp,
B B.Wadden, Philip H. Thompsoa,
John S. Clsybroot. Jifeb5-m
T O B A. C C O !
WE have In store and are constantly receiving the
most celebrated brands of TOBACCO from Virginia,
Kentucky and Missouri, which we sell at manufacturers'
prices. We wuld call atteatlon to the following brands
Trotter's Rough and Ready Twist ;
Pace's " "
Walker k Co.' " "
i Holland's Extra Pancake;
Mohican, pounds; Whit Tunstall, pounasj
i-ocaaoatas jemma Auams,-
Bigg " n. John's '
Parktas " SatheiJfg
Persian Smoking Tobacco. y
. ,n. , . -SSAHROOt k CARSON,
feb2I-6m Madl-,tr.et. two ilaor from Main.
ice: ice:
HAVy.ifj completed our MAMMOTn ICR nooss
eal street, near the corner of Shelby, we are n
"Vpared to furnish our friends anil customers with ICE
at ONE CENT PER POOND. All orders for packing will
be promptly and carefully attended to la all seasoaa of
the jeart lowest rate
Tb community may depend npon oar supplying them
wl'h Ic at tho above Tate. It is our Intention to keep
price within means of the rwor as well as rich.
S3" All orders left at the Wharf-Boat, at the Mam
moth Ice Hou, or at Barnett ft Walker's, (190 Mala
street.) win oe prorapuy aiica.
nur21-6m DUVAL. ALCEO k CO,
Ho. 338Main Street,
Bet. Union aad Gayoso,
TS bow onen for the reception of Studeats. Xverythln:
JL that Is taught la aay institution ot a similar k lad la
the United States can be learned here. The Course un
braces Single aad Double Entry Book-Keeping, Peamaa-
shlp. Commercial Law Commercial Forms aad Calcula
tions, Banking, Wholesale aad Retail, Commission,
Steamboat, Manufacturing, &c
Students are not Uught In classes ; they are Instructed
IndlvldnsUy and siparately ; so there will be no detention
bn account of classes. It take but a few weeks to com
plete the course.
Tha boars of Instruction will be from 9 to 12 A. sc., aad
from 2 to 6 P.M. Also, EvcftngLessona from 7 to 9
For fall coarse, time unlimited $15 00
For partial course 25 00
For Penmanship, time unlimited. 15 00
For " - twenty lessons.. 5 00
For further particulars, address
feblo-fim - i- Proprietors.
TnE public aro.boreby; forewarned from trading for a
not drawn by cje and payabl to' the order of R.iG.
Edwards, for the sudi of 81.000. dated 21tt April. IS57.
Tha net was lost accidentally this day, aud 1 will aot pay
il si mo uwbi ui us ne - ' y
B. HT1IR3.
WH respectfully can your attention to our extensive
stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Guni, French. Window
Glass, Nails, Castings, Metals, aad all other articles ia
our Hue suited U the trade of this section of country
most er waicn nas either been imported by as direct from
Europe, or selscted from the best factories in America by
our partner retideat la th Zsst.
The recent addition of another stor to sr premises,
enabled as t establish a eoaralent
entirely disconnected from the retail branch f oar trade,
aad wa feel assured that Merchants will consult their own
Interest by looking into this room aad making their se
lections. Nob bat good and punctual men need apply,
unless accempauiod with the cash.
11 aad It Front Row.
J ant New Tork Ogee, 41 Piatt street.
Three Thousand Kegs JVails.
BT recent heavy addltioas t eur stock, w hsre aw
oa haadovr Three Thousaad kegs Boston aad ether
warraatedb'aads of assorted Nails aad Spikes, which
w offer to the trade, tn regularly assarted It, at ex
ceedingly low rates for cash.
apl2-daw 11 and 11 Front Row.
Cultivators ! Cultivators !
TT7E hav lust received a large supply of th Improved
V V Steel Tooth Expanding Cultivators ; also, a sup
ply of light Taming and Doable Mnldbard Plows, which
are also well adapted to the caltare f Cotton and Corn.
nil 11 and II Front Row.
Sheet an Hoop Iron.
O l A BUNDLES Sheets, assorted. No. 12 1 26 ;
tC U U 200 boodles Hoops, ass'ted, H to 5 Inches wide.
aplt.daw 11 and It Front Row.
JPlouglis! Ploughs:
TUST Received; heavy shipments of Ploughs, embracing
J various slies of "Livingston County," amongst which
are several hundred et ths celebrated N. 11. 'Also Doable
Mould-board, Sub-toll, niU-slde, Harrows. Cultivators,
ana an endless variety ef and necessary Agricaltaral and
Horticultural Implements fr particulars of which, see
our Illustrated catalogue, furnished grtlii at our stare.
lAjwnaa, uuuili. & CO.,
iaat IS aad 14 Front Row.
"1ENTLEMEH whodeslre to provide themselves with
VA a goo utni for
Summer Fishing,
Are invited to call aad select from our aew sad rare
stock, the following articles of the choicest style aad
qualities :
waiting uane nooj, assorted patterns ;
French Rods, J, I aad S Joints ;
English Rods, 3. t and S Joint-;
Artificial Files, Minnows, Mace, and every other
variety or Aniaciai Dais ,
German Silver and Brass Reels, Snell Books ;
Sandwich Boxes and Dram Finks ;
Lines of Silk, Linen, Sea Grass aad Cotton.
ALSO, a complete stock, comprising every size of
Ilolyoake's superior cast steel. Limerick, Chestertowa,
Virginia, jurc-y aaa cariisie
sasrCT 13 and It Front Row. Mrohls, Tenn
IUw Corn and C-b Crusher.
itji now nav me most eiucient
S Crusher, for less money, than has
tit. ltciuci: iktb gueicu u uj
market. It 'Will mike iltil and
Hominy, and crush the- Corn and
Cob perfectly, and has taken the
premium in every contest.
1J and H Front Row.
. apll-daw
Fire - Proof Safes i
AT the great fire which broke out ia Warren aad Murray
. streets, New Tork, 9th November Iastv where prop
erty to the amount ei
$600.000 ! !
was. destroyed, several cf these Safe's were tested with
results similar to the following:
new rone. not. ii. isas
Mr. Bditor : In the fire at No. S3 Warren-street-on
the morning of the 9th Inst.our most valuable books and
papers were ei posed for 36 hours in one of Stearns k
Marvin's, ire-rrooi saies.
We say fire proof, not beeanse they are ao labeled, bat
because we have so proved them. Our books and papers
came out uninjured, save. the blading of the boou, occa
atoned by steam.
Our store was five stories above ground, aad two sto
ries below, occupied from cellar to garret. The Intcaalty
cf the heat can be attested by any fireman whs wi tressed
it.'- K
No turaaee eoald be eoatrlved by the Ingenuity of man
to create a more Intense heat. We voluntarily give this
tribute to the value of these Sate, and select yoar widely
circulated commersial Journal to Inform the mercantile
community what estimate to place upon Stearns k Mar
via' Wilder Patent Salamander Safe.
M Respectfully, .
Wholesale Bruggists
In this connexion the Manufacturers write us: "We have
made these Safes over 11 yea's have sold over 9,500
II ai 215 tested la accidental fires la the united stales ami
Canada, and never yet had a customer to Vse a dollar by
fire from ouo ot them. We think they have earned a high
reputation, as they are readily sold hero la pref ereace to
other Safe's at 23 to SO per cent, less price." A full stock
kept constantly n hand by -
Agents for Stearns k Marvin.
iThe Greatest Invention of the Age
THR subscriber is now prepared to cover roots of
buildings, with a aew aad better article thaa tver
before kaowa. Thepablleare aware that our Govern
ment has hsd scieatlllc men experimenting, and that it
has been the study ot Aiehitects and Builders for years.
to discover an article fsr looSog purposes, that would
stand the sudden cbaugesof the weather, and be Impervi
ous to fire Ld wattr. aad rsiala a permanent nxture.
A yt, nothing has been attained without costing more
than the ncoble wish The contraction, expansion and rust-
lag of metal roots, ar so great In changeable climates, that
they beejm useless, unless being rtpsirwi at great ex
neme vearlv. Shlurles are no f fire croot. aad cannot be
nuJnBSitrnnf, mnA th virtnn ftamnti&itions H-?.rtt--
mtat that have keen brought lato use fjr rooficg,d5 Hut:
stand the actlcn cf the weather, kut they ran when it is
warai. aad crack waea frosty, a1- -i er one or two yiara
become crun bly, and worthl-
-ess, tea laveoior
af tbeGslvanlcucaient.br
bine articles to yJijlV
from his
frora lUo ft . v
plied t th5ifV"If "
a d best art. c
this Cement ls'lu'ca, teas
ruifs. flat or steeot coverina .
nty years to com
, ana can testify
'!.nerous. testimonials
.. his conjblnatlcn ap
-aientls the cheapest
The combination of
'alated for entire new
old shingles wlttont
remov.ag tarm; lining tave troughs, seeming around
btllemeu,s,,chlccs)eys d sky lights. Covering car
tops, steamordecks, 4ce. This Cement, by Its non-cn-ductlon
aad galvlnism, prevents metal roots from rust
ing and undersclderlug, and resists theextiemts ot heat
and. cold, better than saythlngever lnveiitid. tor entire
roots or for covering metal and the oat-side of wood
buildings, making them fire proof. Its appearance Is like
slate; besotlfnl for the-itb palace orthrhumblecottage.
The undersigned having secured the right to the State
t Tennees;, will selPilghts ol Territory, by Counties or
towns, on reasonable terms.
The subscriber Is also prepared to cover roofs of build
ing'. In aay ptrt of the State, at short noUce
This roof is aow being pat oa in this city, for the bene
fit ot all concerned, and warranted to excel all other
modes or roofing. The subscriber having resided in the
city of Memphis one year, and his had his mode of root
ing tested as to its qualities, which has proved satlsfac
tcry, to which a nnmtar of the most prominent citizens
caa testify.
See testimonials ot the f ellswlng gentlemen who have
ased It, with hostsef others.
For further information eaqulre at the effice, where
samples may be seea ia J. L. Morgan' Architectural
Rooms, No? 3 Walker' Block, Memphis, Tenn., or ad
dress, Bex 667, P. O. J
W. S. BENNETT. Proprietor."
Attached Is a note from John L. Moigaa, Xsq., Archi
tect, by which may be seen the opinion of Mr. Samuel
Sloan, the celebrated Architect, aad writer upon Archi
tecture, whose experience with this mode of rootling,
wlthoat a doubt, is satisfactory to all.
Memphis. March 12, 1P57.
Mlt. W. S. Bensitt: When la Philadelphia, a
few days go, I called upon Mr. Samuel Slot?, the cefe.
oraieu .arcniircs, sou auinor k me aioan yort on Arch
itecture. I sskeil his opiBtanjfSTdn,,!,- 0l
West's Patent RoKlSaTytn are using in the city of
Memrjjjndbf-toid me that he had no hesltatloa la say
jfif S me that it is a good and durable roof, and Is all
that its advocates claim it to be; farther laying that he
is using it on a nae building for Blmseir.
Respectfully, JOHN L. MORGAN, Archl-eet.
Memfhis. March 2. 1S57
W. 3. Beskett, Esq., Dear Sir: The fact within
our knowledue of the durability, kc., of Writ's Galvanl
Cement, are these : The building you covered tor us last
Spring, we am happy to state has answered our expecta
tions. We can therefore, recorbmsnd it to the public for
all roofing purposes; as a light, cheap, fire and water
proof roof, it noes not get toit ana run from the effects
ot the heat ot the sun; nor Jea It harden and crack
from the effects of the cold. Any person wishing to know
more of this article, can call at our manufactory.
N. S. BRUCR k CO.,
Carriage Manufactory, Monroe St., Memphis, Tenn
Memphis, Texx., Dec. 8.1S5S.
To Whom it mat Concern: This la to certify that
W. 3. Bennett, covered two root for me last Spring, with
a composition called West's Patent Galvanic Cenunt;
oneot them was a new deckrthe other an old shingle
roof, which are giving perfect satisfaction. He also re
paired a dormant window, which leaked badly, and had
baffled the skill of carpenters to prevent its leaking,
which be succeeded In making perfectly tight. 1 do mot t
cheerfully recommend his mode of roofing to the public.
for all roofing purposes, aad believe It to be a permanent
fixture agati a tire aaa water. o COCKRELL,
Proprietor Commercial Hotel.
Supzk'dt's Orrtcr, Memphis k Ohio R. R )
MbmphI. Tekx., Feb. 19. 1657. (
Mil Bexxett, JJrar Sir: Out Company having beea
troubled very mucn with leaky cars, put som of yoar
Patent Palat upon them, and tit far as my knowledge ex
tends, I can cheerfully rtcommeed It to aay who. wish a
dry roof ot any sort. Tours, kc ,
H COFFIN, SopeTinterxJent.
Memphis, texx., Jan. it, 1&57.
To the Public: W. S. Bennett made application to
as last summer to cover onr baildlnga with West's Gaf
vanlc Cement ; It being a new thing thought w would
try It ; had It applied to onr Blacksmith Shop and Engine
House attached to the Foundry. They have, proved all
required ot a watr? proof roof, having withstood some ot
the greatest storms, aad are giving' good satisfaction.
We caa only aid, try It and yon will be satisfied.
uuKTis cc sjiArr, iron Founders.
Memphis, Jan. 14, 1357.
Mr. Bennett has daae ram small ameunt of roofing
for me la his peculiar way, with Cottsn stuff coated, with
a preparation the basis of which appears to be Coal Tar.
It Is a very effectual aad light roof, sad appears toprom-
lse considerable durability, from the preservative quali
ties ot th composition, which vttietrates the doth and
protects It from, the Influence of thealr "and. water. The
Uomposuion does not iiquuy ana. ran, irora me crrccis oi
the beat ot the inu la summer i nor does if harden and
crack, f rom the Influenc In th a ll ot wlnUr. .
BSgS Uy - i . A. P. MERRILL.
Orerlaad Slail Route to Califor-
PosT-Oryier DirXaTMiMT, )
AprU 20,1557. J
AN ACT of Congress, approved 3d Jtaren. ibot, maxmg
. appropriations for the service of the Post-Offlce De-
partmeattar the Bseaiycar eaaisE-svin j ucc, iojo, pia
vides :
"Sec. 10. That the Postmaster General be and he Is
hereby anthoilsed to contract for the eoaveyanceof the
entire letter mall I ra such point oa the Mississippi river
as the contractors may select to San a ranctsco. in the
Slat of California, for six years, at a cost not exceeding
three hum) red thousand dollars per annum fsr semi
monthly, four hundred and fifty thoussod dollars for
weekly, or six hundred thousand dollars for semi-weekly
service, to be performed semi-monthly, weekly, or srmi-
weekly, at th option or me i-oimdier ueoerii.
"Sec II. That the contract auau reqoir id service
t be performed with good tour-horse coach ti or spring
wagsni, suitable for the conveyance at passengers as
well a the aifety atw security ot h miss.
Sec. 12 That the contractor shall have tae right or
pre-emption to three hundred aad twenty acres of any
land not t hen disposed of or reserved, at eacn poini acces
sary for a station, net to be nearer ibsa les miles from
each other; and provided t-at n mineral land shall be
thos pre-empted.
Sec IX. That the said service scaH be performed
within twenty, five days for each trip; and that, befare
entering lato seen, contract, the Postmaster General shall
be eatUflwl of the ability aad dlspsitk.n of th parties,
bona fide and tn good fait a, to perform tao said ontract.
and shall require good and sefflcfeBt security for t e per
formance ot the same, the service to commence within
twelve months after tlie signing t the cootract."
Pro salswllt accordingly a received at tkeOsStrtet
Omce of the Post-oafce DepsrtcBeat, natu 3 r. M ot the
1st day of Jane IS57. far conveying mails under the pro
visions of the above act.
Realties the starting point ca the Mlssissipoi river.
bidders will Dame the intermediate point prspastittob
embraced In th route, and otherwise designate its eoe
as nearly as practicable.
Separate proposals are lnvueu far seaii-BMatMy, week
ly and serai-weekly trips each way.
The decision upon the prpoesjs eB-rea win e nae
attr the Postmaster General sha be satMed et Ike
ability an4 disposition of the parties in a4 faith to
perform the contract.
A gaaraaiee to t cxecnseis, wiui gos aws Bcrs
sureties, that the coatrat shall be excat4 with Hk
good seearMF, whenever the contractor or contract J
shall b required to do sa by tlte Pstsaastr General, and
the service must esmmebC witain tweiv suaths after
ths date of sash ceatraet.
JTunn of Prepet&l.
I. of. . eswaty of . State of . greee
to convey the entire lettr matt, for the Una t ft
years, f ram tM date spectura la lao ceaua rr imutsw
iag servKe, rroa , tae aiuipi rrver, y
to Saa Ft aMiseo. CaltfMnta, aareeasty to lb adrwtisi
tacntof the Postmaster General of the 28'h April, l1B,
la gcod rbar-hone eeaebes or syrtsg-wagwM, saiUM far
the csareyaBce f paaseswers, as west as tb sarnr and
seeatrty or the mans, KW-tsuue r, eaca way, tar ta
sntmal sasa e dollars; weekly, each way, fer the
aaaaal t doHars ; sat-wkSy, &ch way, ttr
the aaadal same collars.
Dated. (Bigae.)
Fom Cttarantr.
Th BMderssneil. rertng st . State f , u4et
take that, if the for'gulag bM for carrytsss th mall oa
the route f to , oa the Mlsslsitpal rtver, t Sa
Frandsc. CattfarBia, be acerptesi y use rostaasar
General, the bMder than, whad KASilMd by the PsIbm-
ttr General, enter into the atessary obligition to per-
farm the service proposed, wttu ea and saflsaeat
This we do BBdersUndlstg dbtKMtly the Mgatia and
llabdllies assumed by gaaraBtvrs nsdw tb 27h sect loa
of the art of Congress or Jly -,
Dated. (Signed oy twe gmrantors.)
Form of Certificate."
The nnerslgni. post-master of State of .
certlRes, n&der hi oath of cat, that he is acquainted
with the above gnarantors, ana nm istes w tc bscb k
property, and abte to make gosM uteir guarantee.
Data. (Sigaed.)
Containing coniit iont to be incorporated in tic con
tract! to tic extent the Department may deemproptr.
1. No pay wtH be made for trips not peiforswed; and
for each of such omissions net satisfactorily explained
three times the pay ot the trip may be deducted. Dedne
Hnn win also ha ordered for a zrade of arftmaan iafe-
rlor- tj that specified in the contract. Per repeated (W-
lfnoaeBces of the kind herein specified enlarce-t pemlties,
proportioned lo the nature thereof and the lmpartaaee ot
the mall, may be nude.
2. Fjr leaving b-hiad or thrt-wiag off tb mails, erany
portionaf them, for the admission f passengers, or for
being concert ed In sttiag np or running an express con
veying intelligence in advaac of tae man, a qaarter-
cav mav be deducted.
3. Fin- will b larposd. ante the iMiBaency be
-nromntly aad satisfactorily expntBra by crrtsBcaw or
f postmasters, or the affidavit of other eredihte prsns.
for failing toarrive in oomrari iime, jor hikuus w
take the raaiffrom or deliver it into a postoOor; Sal af
feriog it (owing either to th uasaMablesms ot tb place
or manner of earryieg it) to bs wet, injured, destroyed.
robbed, or feit ; and for ref o-iag, after deand, to con
vey the mail as frequently as toe eomraeisK ran or is
coBCesned in tunning a coaco nn uh rww.
4. The Postmaster General May annul the ogntract for
repeated failures to ran agreeably to contract; far vio
lating tbe post office laws, cr illsobeylng the iastnetians
of th Department; for rofu-ingto discharge a orrter
when required by the Depart meat to do so; foralstn
lng the contract without thdfcuseat U the Ptmaater
General; for ruiining an express as atoresaid; or far
transporting perseni or pacxages conveying auissn
matter oat of toercait. --r
6. A bid rtcelveiTatMr the last day and hour Baned,
or without the guaranty required by law, cannot be ceo-
siiered lu competition with a regular proposal reawBa-
ble la ameunt
9. The ran e. the service, the yearly nay. the name aad
residence ot the bidder, (that is, bis oeaai psgl ad
dress,) and those or ean n.emoer or sum, w sere a
comDanv ofier soobW be iltstiocUy stau-d
7. Altered bidssbonid not be submitMjsl; nor sha!d
bids once snbealtted be witbtscawn. S.
8. Each bid must be guarantied by twr mar respon
sible nersjns satisfactory to tb pstaster General
General euarantle? cannot be adtnilted. The bid and
guaranty slieAM be n'yned plainly wtlh the fail name ef
each p'rson.
9. Tbe Department reserve? the right to reject any bid
which may be deemed extravagant; and also the bid of
failing contractors and bidders
10. The bU should be sea ed ; superior toed " Matt pro
posal fur vertaud rente to California, " addreswd "Sec
ond Awlstant Psstmaster General, " Ceatraet OAce.
11 A modiacation ot a bid la aay ot its esseniisl
terms is taatamoent to a new btd, and eaanot be received,
so as to leterfer with a regular competition, after the
last boor set for receiving bids.
12. Postmasters are to be careful pot to certify tbe suf
ficiency of guarantors or sureties without knowing that
they are p rsoas ot suScieot responsibility; aad all Ud
ders, gaa-antois, and suretiee are distinctly aetsslrd that,
on a failure to enter Into or perform tbe ceo tracts far the
service proposed far la the accepted bid, their legal "a
biHT53will be enforced acan.t theia.
lit Present eoatracters, and persoas kaswa at tbe De
partment must, fttaalty with ohrs, piveare gaaranlcrs
ami cert tica tea omhelr safn. ttacy -substantially in the
forms at ore proscribed. The eettiacatea et ssUScieacy
must be signed by a Postmisb r, or by a Jadge t a oort
of record.
The attention of bidders, gmrantors, saretles, &e., is
directed to the followiDglaws, vlx :
See. 2. Act March S, ISi5, irqaltiac contractors, car
riers, Ac. to b sworn.
Sec. 4t. Act of MarchJMSta retatka to faUare to
eater into contract. '
Sec. 27. Act of Jy2. Ira, liibtlltees f gsarantors.
Sec. 21 Act of Jsdr 2. 133C sutbwirbag Hsh( falllB
contractors to be rejected.
Sec. 28. An act of Joly 2, 1SSS, in relatiaB tocemarna
tloos amBgstbiddrr.
Act of April 21. isas, provides that MBiBMer r -gress
can be a cwitrartor.
See. tl Aa act ot March 3. 135, pr-vM that
postraaatcr, aistaot postmaster, or cieik sst postuOlce
shall be contractor.
jSSec. 7. Aet of Mar h 3, ISiS, prvi.- tlat a ohr
than a free white male person tha I be empkyed m car
rying tbe mail
The Pu.tmasUr General wi: rejervn to U-Msetf ihe
rlgbtof annulling any contract BBcer tbe above
act, whenever he shall discover that ,, or any
partef It, Is offered for sal In the matter, fori be pur
pose of sprcnation; and be will in' no ra fanciiasta
transfer of the same. In whole ortrsBait. ta aas aasvgise
or sub-coa tractor less quatlrb d iaft opinion Ibu tb
original contractor to carry the sanfrfnto , ocorasrol
eratlea. AARON V W)WS.i
ap49 Sawtw lVtnJatrt lifimll
WUolcsttlc mui Ict;il
No. 07 Front Eovr.
THANKFUL to hi fn nU aarl the pvblte
iJfefor the very liberal pair nag.- eat-n-kd lo
htm for the last eight yes-s M UWtMiN-'
TUDONICO begs have lu nloitw'V
of Mrupbts and vicinity that he wii-
hand a large assortment of Itir-.-, intaartni nriia
Cnaret.rort.MadeirajJCiJfTSu;.; ab4 Scutch AIo and
U1DUOU i wirr f-
JSjIc5tEiONIco always keev an haad. a great
-finety of Fancy Candles aad Tuys. an aeaurta rtt at slick
Candy, Prnnes in jars and botes, Raivn, Grape, every
kind of Frnlts aad Nuts, PHkH. laAetrts, ssnsne.
Olives, French and English Mar-Unl. Sir tcr loaf -and
boxes, CaraeaC, Maraschino; OM Wim-s. Gitserr, d"e
serves. Savannah. New Tork and Ho-tuu Preserve. Cat
sup, Pepper Sauce, Chocolate, CunluM. St rap.. Maoca-.
ronl, XersnaceUi, the ocstr Havana uigar w. a greai
many o:herrticres, too numerous to meftin. nuw odered
for sale very low, either by wfaolnwle or retail.
Having, at much expense, secured tlrf sarvioes'af tw
of the most experienced workmen ev--r-t lbs city, be
Batters himself tSat he eanpoelrpa-e-l in rragtg
and decorating tables for Pa-ire WddtRK, Jte , with
honor to himself aad satisfaction lo bis euaUBjers.
Memplils JFonnderu
Adams Street, Memphis, Tenn.,
rS now prepared to do all klivls of Machine Work; also,
Steamboat Work ot ewry denn-lna Steam Engine,
SaTt Mills of even .description," Cotton and Wool Ma
chinery, Gin Gearing. Planing Machines. Also, Brass
Foundery, Casting and Fiulshlng. Steam Gmge Cocks aad
Catting of tvery description heavy Wrought Iron Forg
ing, Wroughrlron Graliojrs ror Jails, Batik Vaults, Cel
lar and Side-Walk Grates, lion Fencing of eVery descrip
tion made to jorder. "Also, Huose Fre!, Wfadow Cap
and Sllbs f varion patterns In a word. I am rreparetf
to do every description of work In my llae.
I have cow In shop the latest aad most Improved pst
terns of Steam Engines. I3A AC JHK IA N
C. E. H0LST & SOW,
Cabinet Jflalcers '
" aan
Maln-sU, Old Stand, First Door below .llonrce,
(77ke cl&ut permanent itand in the CittjJ
HAVE coastanHj on hand all sites of Patent M'UH
Burial Cases, which they line aud put up alr-litht,
In tha bsst manner Also, all' kind ot Wood aa- CJott
Covered Oofflns, which they sell at a fair pficc.
Orders from tbe cooctry promptly attended to... Fnr
nlture made and repaired, and Upholstering done. .
BaeplHsr, lale Rope and I'.wine,
n ONSTANTLT on hind aiid for sale by
Vy- " . B. MERRILL..
Moros street.
' e
South American Fever & Aiia
Is a Cheap, Safe and Permanent Cure
T I - Tn rr i, T -1 ' ....e ir-
Bilious andliiteriiiittentreYera.
TniS preparation coataiB ao ifrsAfc-lr 'Sttfrntf,
aad will not, lik ta Btaay ooaw mis aw naa
meaded-fer Bilisxt or atksM Fvr, leave tko- syateui tR
a cocdittoa bmi ta be dfadd than the aaM MtiK
great rartt i la its Cwattve, PiwMBaivw aat Rm.n
tiv properties, aad 15 a-tapfd to alt astsl ajtl
tiea of the syMes.
Xiearty all the articles wbteh eaUr bta Us 'nswM.l
tsa are t tswssk, siBg y, wniiitt! agass f Iko
ear of BtHaits aad teteiauttcct 9mn.
As a ptcvrwUve. th Medtrto snM be astd Vs s
valesceals. Travelers, Ra-.graatfs, sad Chsws.dsMia(j t
Sammsr aad Fall taeatb, wtwo isialaratMB sMiuasj
Stsjft prevalent.
A TreattM ry B. -A I.TONABB, Km m at
disease, nth TeetitaostUls aMt CartzsYutr car xit- s r
fected, caaba otau4 rr at ui lousy, af aU the tact
where Use medicate is mm.
The followiast taaeatat ot ike Itev. 31. Peae, ?-
-perittteskdeut at tarvt Potcts Kdsas at laasaisy, m
gives below, la est tkat-saeaka vaossa aa to tka vaaa-
Me proper! t f f Ms UMidy.
Mr. G A LvQXAap mr: l take a tissual aamrs
nitltac to yva ta MkrwiBs facts, la pstaltsa t cm
p-nfeeted by tae we f yar S. A. Fvr ad An aV m
edy, pn ow of the iasaato tt ttw Hoaa nt bBrsaMry.
J sen Tosags, who ha bees saafcria; fna th cbisto aad
fever dartasr the past mrm ra tb, wasa ta Xvtor Hit
attacked, aad the paroxysm were a severe a I
everkorw; alawst iastaat relief was eaaailsacsd us
g vig the first ease; a the expected day f rtrr. it
was admlautered, aad it had taw happy rafrct M r-i,
rsptlar th parsoysma. Sine tkm i J vatiar ul tb
deabMiett brat, aad h has ttsycstd sis lorsu.t
vested appearance ar4 beaith. Trwty yowl",
New Torx, Jan. tt, MM. L. M.
G. A. Ltoxard, lia.-l)Mr Sir: MartK i
from severe attack of Fever aad Aaa, 1 had nriy iV
spaired of lading aay relief, other than a tasy aa.
Bat whOe taberuis aadar a sever attack. It st taints t
ed to try yr nsas ilj, aad, ma'ite other lesBfOaM 1 i.d
aed, it has ptavwd a peasant aad amsiarat owe, a I
hav aevar before Baa sa least witaosat aavteg aasrara ef
thc-CMspJakat, aad caa reoainad the S A. Fevav aad
Agae Rrsaaly a a vafaable aaa tar Ik laVrlBBl Care el
tb disease. HOBT. F. PHHFIT,
New Toss, Dec. 1, 1865. e.r. Wan aad Wator-la.
Mr. A. F. Ster In:, at taaicsty, ha raasmlit larwW
pabhcatloB at the tattowtog facts, over U lSare,'
roBeeralBgacaTeperfictedby tha at at thi ijMlit
which facto are cunakarated by the Ber. L. M Ptoa,
who was rqai:ittd with aU th cal flllnnn - w
Mb. G. A. Leo-cabd Dear Sir: SmiisaV,
I araid af a poor bat itw-nvtBg Gcvaaaa, MattorT
itrsel, who Was suftertng from a smn -ttatkaf cblfl
and fever, contracted us the law groaad, aaag Newark
N.J. I ganhiBa ea bottle f yoar Saatk Aaserwr.il
Fever aad Agae Remedy, aad it a Bare atsr pfMB to
aay thai the diee has kera kraksn ap ay its , aad a
aeiBnaeat car eflected. Traly yar.
New Tore, Nov. 5, !'6. A. F. STBRUKS.
I ana acqaanwed with th fact set fett la dseSaWva
eerticcate, aad caa witacas to tb trasi at Ik
meet then-ia cuataiaed. L. M. PSA8B.
Ssrpt PHe Points Hmmm c Itrdaaitt.
The follow iag Ortrfkatas of FreeFE L. Irarfl a 4
Hery Meier, are sasoeg thaa peculiar cases ia wat fc t
pemsBent car caa be iBkitnl. aatwIlaHtiindag th tr
eoatiBaed expasare to redlpieng eaaac. At the im
the care wr perlerttd. they were easwadBl aavCt-al-kal
Wosk of Mers. Cka. PBr it O , tt tbbaVy.
After haviBg baer. troaMed with Fewer aad AAVx Bsc
nearly a whale ntoath, aad swallowad lato af QaassBSe, a
acsjaatataace at astoe recomak-Bded bp to iry'a Bft9 at -what
is catted the Sath Aaamcaa Fever aad iBr"in
edy, aad sare eoos"i il worked lik a chain. I teak It
oory one day. aad that was tb Ut I saw Cthrfsmr.
It is with great pinaare that I state tMs tat far
oeuratat all whom II assy caBCtra. aad wMi sacrybw-y
the aaate succe sb mastering tat dltr us
which i lilelv es.a2k. It taar wifl foltow ,
t OMITS. Lm ntmiUK,
Aagast, I860. It WatpfaVft v Boattlj.
I have had the Fever aad Agae lar it atsal ,
which kpt me at burs--, unable to rk. I triad si t
ber of presctiptloB, without SndtBg aay rettaf, tt icy
factory bos seat sae a bottle af tha Saatk Atrnrtsjn F -ver
aad Agae Resaedy. which I kavw a, MaaWsssm
day foand Biywlf entirely cared. I atrva4 af sjiack
sine that Uta. sow foartoea Batatb. SB asdl gee.t
coBBdeeee la this vataak airdMaav to wbMs T avar jj
r. cowry. H8XRT MMtML
Sept. 1665. 9S M'KUsaea-t., WUIiaauaar xh
The cestiBcate of Mr. J. G. Underbill, DroartM
Jassaica. N. T., and tkeee received tbraagh bias, J U'VS
read with asach iatneet, aat only free ta any ivk: I, Mtm
atoe character of the partses, bat that tha satdJci,
Bsed aader very BkJanible csrcnsalBan. a
waea other resae Jses aad beta ased witkaat rsM.
Mr. 8. A. Leokard. N. Y. Bear Sir: taefd to BASF
will Sad setae crrrMeatas of the good ttsectf af ta caa. art
MM in tats ttac. It Kive JslHSaanoa tahwctl a
taaAJU -dtt, sCT Tabr-wiU lacrea a iV-Vy toStd
dini. I take the mpoaaibthty to wairaat It.
Steakea Headerson. of thi psaee. scat a kattae to cm,
wiiVs suter. witk like good resalta a whaa at ly,M
biBMetf and wlr. Mr H. ta aaaM bub, iwrf p c-trra
table cttkara ot this place, and is wB kBawa. u4
Tiaiy yaar. kc . JAS. G. ONEiIU-
Jamaica, N. T , Sept. 28, ms.
We, tbe anderwgmd, nav ol ta S. A Reawdy tar
Fever aad Agaa aad IatoTaMMsas Pavasa, asul it
hki made a peiloct cere f tanthts aad fiitBani n, aar
with ranch pssaiaaa recomnead it to taopa a a aata
aad cheap rjediitoe.
Jamaica. N. T.. Sept. 27, HAS.
Ma. J. G. Bxdebhiix, Dramtst, ke Seer Sir: I
have ased, '.he Sosrth American Resaedy, s harAi ro . ra
raeaded by yoa, bath fur saysetf aad wMr, aad we 1. -v
been car d. I belirve 1 is the ant bbIsMb fr tba
cbUI aad tvrr oat. I shoald aat hawWed N W v
did not warraat a care, sat saw I aaa MlwswsHt taail
yju ncaasBMBded tt to be. Tmsts, nianalliHj , '
Jamaica, N. T., Sept. 27. 19. - -
Jamaica. N. Y Mar13i WK.
Mb. G. A. Le-03AB.ii Bear Sir: MyaieiSt.-sB ad
.lady, was arSieied wfk tb chtlB and mexftte bad ist
SBBMBer, and haviag beard yoar saediotoa OgBty r rsn--Brndtd,
he was indecad to-try il ; artel Ukfesg aae sd
a half bottlea, she wa perfectly carad, aad 1 raantoaj
rtewnatead it a a sale and sare card
Reaarctfaly, )m, G. N. CODWT5R
Mar certiBcate Might be addai to swH the MM, bat
a dstteaey ess tn part of ray to bar thr Batae appear
to prlM, preveau a poMKaiMR ac taim ne a ov.
stvmr, ar r-aeicreiit evidences to ' ilsfw v
that Ml remcay M without aajsBM JhtTla reraa -t
car or ine merstwjiiitiir
A s apply af thaabave Madieiae aa baad aad fra -y
aplS-Sm -,rhj)ele Acsnt for if eur)..
ortant -to -tT,oxsa.vJc;
J3E. C lTr7FiS"FnVT A "N'S PITiLS.
THK combination? cf liKretlieeOs-W thedPHtoar tt
result at a long and ateHyaja aUtn. Thay
ralid la their operatiea, aad crruia to eariectteg afi lr-rea-rsiarrcVes,
painful ateviatVnatlun, remoTtBg aRatotrBr
ttsss, whether treat eok) er otherwise, rieadacb, jpta ft
tbe sWe, patoitattoa t the heart, dlalnrbedefeep.-wa. i
always ails fro laHiraptisa. at natva. Thaycaa b
swetoaaiahy aaed aa a- preveattae. Tbase PiU ahas: 1
never be taken rn praxmsacy, a they woafcl bd sare i
saBse a-atisarrta. Warranted jfeMty veaetobto, ft 1
Ireefrem aaytatag toyariea to Of a r health. Hicrt
i&ectlenaj vhlcr sbaaht be- read, accetaaaar each lux.
Price 41. Fer sale ts itenpwrstr
G. D. JOHNSONe-" r
rt- Sent by taaTtby enrtoalwrjll. 'js yrvaWvr le-ti
IL. nnKSSRMAN, So.JHSkinjw Nw Tork.
Am the bett and only ytniune cempomd of JAMc v
nov presented to tte public.
THIS woaderf al preparatlaa, so fast IT aaactcatts.TJar
the American peoplo, has aaw beeeaie tfir liiiirwjd
remedy et th age. The afSkted bear testlm&y 1 mt
atarvetous properties', aad tfte uabappy, pilnrwr-ai-cxhaasted
eaffmrs rejoice there is hetp, when atV vto '
failed. Oat af the haadred ot as seattcresV dbr
MtKlssiapi. Alabaaai, Wiscaaata, Mtasea-2, IdcHm- 1uk
Keatacky. il has never ia a staato lsstaace been.jjso
to fail, aad win care, beyood aD doabt :
Dyspepsia or
IrsdateatioB, Scrof
ula or K lug's BvH, Af
fectlea st tbe Bone, SrjAtiH,
IVaUHy, llabiloal CosttvesesM, Brylpev.
last PataMBary Disease, Liver UnielalrA,
PKp(, aite Irregalaritlea, Ftatala, SkWaUfnas
MiUcased KMaeys, and as a great tssPpa
erful 7ic, parif ylng the Weod?" ' V
" aad Invigorating the ' . -. -entire
System. , "
This medicine, thngh prepared at "great eqsavM
nevertbeless within the reach ot poor a weH aa rjcKissfcl
looked pea by the t wTirannlty as tha greatest- rtarj,
evercenferretn maakind.
-Dr. T. A. HCRLET'S Manufactory, corner 6t T -aefc
aad Greene streets, LouisviHe, y., where all' vf-ja
aat be athtresced.
Far sale by II. F. FARNS X0RTH k CO., and GJsdN--DLRR
lr. CO.. MetnDhis. Trnneasoa. and D;uajuga
Ihrasghout the United States aad Cana.l.n.
Pricrf$l per bottle, or six fsr $S. tejal-riwl
Paril'y your Blood I
LOW DOCK Is the sovereia.reraaji f eSR Mlferav
rial Affections, Scrofula, Sweillogot the JetnU, Itattri
nutisi,&c. As a Liver Medicine, tt has naeEaL aid
alterative effect' on the system, in addtUoa to It bdbr a
purely-Vegetable Preparatien, adapt R-t alatoatasar
Chronic A fft-cfrofi where an alterative BtuHrtae to ae.
quired. For Rruptioas on the Skin, Old Ulcere, Dy--i.
sla. and Nervon Headache, it has no seerasfnJearo.
petltor among the nostrums of the day. a7i'eruitQ
jicGictnc tt will ocjouna xnvastta&ic.
X3T Of "I only by CHANDLER, i. CO., --.
sepi-Jawly Drnggtsla and Apolhecarier.
Odd Fellows' HaU Btorjr, MespMs.
i cir&.
aa i rmve in. mmIm) mm. iku. tu.
fjrpcyjsd rant FRENCH BOUKDOlRf PIANUtt,
niCl ffll ftB the celebrated Piano Facta, rj uf
" " "Ebakd. " at Paris and Landsn, and -f-fer
them for sale. I keep those splendid HtOe 0RGAN8.
called Seraphine, with from ten to thtrteeri jtApJEnjkjil
the latest lmfVov ments. These are known to beq&Mt
Instruments for Churches, Lodge and School I"-o5m?A.ll
Instrument sold by me a. e warranted fer flve yeasa.
Jj- Tuning and Repairing of Pianos, YleJlaa fltsias.
MeloiWons, etc.etc, doue In a- wrkmanlik'efSsa8f at
moderate prices, r v 1
J3" I ditno t prete rui to glveUsjons on any nscate ami
variety of lustrumenta. '-is '
. " . TntTrTtTifjnnr.T.KMBcnsi, .
ritwBxx-FiyjiiKgs uoiuensytupTifop
' -?g MPB Juauva,ci.
V ' ....

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