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B f - I UlWj AHU VIB leUf.r.J etliCUUCU JBAAk IV L
, raiD AY HORNING, JULY 10, 1857.
rea cbi-essqb,
I S AM G. H All III S , j
rea ibsnskeei,
roa rLSi-TER,
fiUMPHEKl R. 15 ATE,
rest enTT acrsuMisrTATtvEi,
Tha Mtowitt; otaswUfa we cMp Ireas-ttie44edrs, who were stolen from , a Democratic
J.-xi villa yatcrs. It appMrs liiHUhM
a-, .horned exstosition of the vkws of Um Ai
aiintstriitaM tdaUva tj affairs in Kinas. Ai
ail eve(,tiw fact la patent thtt (be pfeectit
dcibui rattan of the G venieaetit is pln'gl to
the cVfatae at? Sautheru righls, ad fur oar, we
shall Mver mbandm the Cnd cinJtiaxe Mcb
we eialettasjs is its i ntegrity and devotisa t ail
the riffatf af tht Soath, uatU it aaa sbawa by
iocoeUevartMe eUaaee tk: it is fitblea
ts its pledges, its Itoaor, its rspasatteti and fbe
idteresta Had rights of the Sutes. Let the
AdaiMstratfe eacc iadicate that tt his abaa
dsaed tie d fjuten, an 1 vrt will jain hands
with than wha are ne w zaet c'isixwi to ar
raign K. But swtil tfian, we jKeer to ettatain
aad enoswrage it, at )rsa nrisc the stBs;est
bsAwajrii: of Soathem rich's araaod which to
ntMr. What othar existing argaatzatica can
take the place of tte Democratic party
fjnahii; sad protecting ear rights? Xot the
Bteet Reosdilicaaa. They are ear declared
enemies. Kot the Kaaw-Kothihgs. Where is
ttiHr streoBjtb, evaa if they were eooad oa
Sadthera richts? They were diaeracefaHr
heatesi ia eiory SUU save one, in the 1st
Pi soideafail cloctisc. Wtjere, than, shall the
Sosah tar?, if the Dratocratic party should
prove fatthess aad recroaat? Let us paase
and he carta ti that we are betrayed, before we
eitay to dwtaagcocr tisee honored and loyal
party, nhieh has ever heretofore stood by as hi
Etam ssnt sexshiue. Let as at least wait unlit
we can etearty eerrey the ground in Kansas. ' has always been true to civil and religions
Oar hoaoat cooviciiae has beea, and is vow, j principles.
that Gov. Walxbs is ecdeavarint; in good faith j That all Dtsaecrats are bora free and equal,
to settle the distracted affairs af that Tern-! That the election of Jambs Bochakax af
tary cpoc Use true prihcinles of the Kansas- fords a guaranty that the Government will be
Xebraefca bill, which the South has accepted ! administered In its purity, and the Constitu'Ion
aa she msaaare of her rights as an equiuhle ! and laws upheld in their integrity,
basis for the rrcoeraitioo and enioreestMit of her ' That Knew-Notfaingieai bas an injurious ef
eouaittr. Walker has doubtless erred in jud;- i feet on the general welfare of the State.
inoat but not fatally, w: trust and his er-
rors, at least, are errors of opinion, which
cay be reviewed and corrected by the Con-
sthatfoMl Coovsutioa. If Governor Walcek
were bow aaeaisoed, after the disastrous expe-
rimes of three predecessors having failed to
sseceei under the late AdmiatsttatioB, and be-
fere he should hare time to fulty develop his
policy and justify his motives, who could be
.foaod so fool-hardy as to undertake again the
dt'oerate aad arduous work of organizing the
Territory and iodccting her into the Union?
No statesman wbo values hts own reputatios or
peace of sstns, wouw ever pce nunsen in roe
same pestnea, auea as ne woeiu c0iy
Be, By im vwteoi pnuippscs ot nsm
hoOt seetiotM of the Uatoa. Would it not,
therefore, be aere aaeiiaBisMos in the South
to rbUe witbfaidi snd ealoueHtbe Mue until
further deeelopsaeats shall render their course
snare dear than it now is. We beve ever been
for and wtth the South aid her rights, and we
ever hstead to be with her, when her rights are
assailed or her honor imperiled. For that rea
' son, we may claiaa the right to speak with free-
iatn and frankness, and to ofer our counsel, in
. t.14. - u.
wi HHO! whh waoemwe as aeiewiore
. -. l i i 1 .
acted, aid with whom we ever desire to act.
V ask our readers n Uiey aare ever Known
im so nrore aa unsafe or seifaithfal adviser
nhsa.rrr the interests of the Democratic par-
-... k. c,,b .r.
involved? We may Lave erred. Bat the error
'was no sooner d scorered than it wae retracted.
Wfeck a to be a true Meads to the South as
.the snoot extresne of its fiieads. Yet we are
ifir'ftwa beHevteg thitthe ssoot extreate meas
v:re are alwjj s sdvieable.
" .At the preseLt time, w; can nothing in
At pol-tiMl hvizis which iai-citos ex-
teM sr great aaaeer to our HKerests, aad
vtfMOf t'4i er It Mtoderiuc of the reiation
' tbii hanamilouery uattel the Desnoeracy is the
laat Ptreacatiel eaavaes.
Thi fadiawing h the diwalff
Thrill, iu JK ftst lMlt'bT Him article :
WASSMMOro.Y, Jaly 6 The artirs of Kni
sas hart formed the sebjee: sf the Cabinet de
Itberatioes. Shtre the receipt of the reaolutioM of the J
uodKia ana jM.sHfj-pi jMsn-vraae Mate Co .- ;
tafltanaM. racVaiBAtArv" af Ml mir a Hna? t
WSathar, his eoadnet was not eatirtlr anoroved t
of by the Adrtit' ration. It will hrmly sue-
UMwm,Mwever. aeiieriag taat lie has acVd
wkb wisdom and justice ia adristng a submis- '
amf the causUrVion to a vetenTthe eu.
and that he thus f "'towed a safe Use of policy, j
The Southern a 'tacks are considered ungene- j
reus, ia view of the feet that he was sent to i
Kaases by an AHnwiustraiioti pledged to tin I
ee!e af souttern rijtuts, and opposed to te i
The dew of the Administration, csrefuiiv I
hiStaii' TrtM' tb,er'.ir'39Sn u 0fl I
; , , ...
ipumant BeecenuoeB me lovsowiait Q13-
f - " .. .V. '
iss af the Democratic CoaveatioB of Kansas,
that ibe Maeral policy of Gov. Waeebb has .
beea endorsed bythat bdy in integral part of
the Democracy of the Union, who are on the '
gTunnd, asad are better able to judge of the cir-1
cfJsestaaces s rro jodi. g the question than those j
remote from the scece of action can peseibly j
be. This Convention was composed of the pro-
e la very ioaaers in ivsBU3 ac is tberelore es- ;
tMoi-toretit weiht ha foriatag a judgmeat ef ,
the action of Gov. Walkeb. It is but jast that I
its adieu should he taken into the account : j
'. aSt. iLoois, July 6. Kansas dates to the 3d, ,
have keea received. j
TChe 4Jsrr3craac smvritHkto nsminute a
.ft 5 Vr rn r &aoa 0,1
rTomioatod by a two-third vote over My Ma ore, j
of Jfew-Tork.
BesalaUoBS eBcecsiog nae pokey of Walker,
wwaslif l "Wynhlm j
"Tresofcti to adopt '-he Constitution to be I
Jramed by the Coostrtotioael Convention,
whether sabmitted to the psopie or not, was i
loet a voteafdOtol. I
We learn last Bight that Gen. Reuses Davis, i
ofiVbtrieeu, has been Bsorittated for Congress !
lo the Second District over Judge Bek.vett,
ithe.'fermer incambsnt.
Iojreply to the letter of the Committee of Ib
ritziiea, asking Gor. Jouxiox to address the
people of Shelby county at Raltfgh, at such
ticieas m;bt suit his convenience, be says:
-'It it wM suit the Ctastnittee and the people
of Seotby cosMwy, I -will address them at Ra
eiglipn the S4h instant, wbkh wi be Fri
day," This - ill be grettfyhag news to sar friends
in Skelbf asd the adjotoisg eounties. Of
course oar Democratic friesd In and about
Hal gh will go to work at once aad make
j,r aratioas fer the aecomswdatton ef ths
ihsassBds who will assemble there to hear the
Guwerarr oa the political qarstioes of the day.
We would suegest that the Democracy of
Merarhls also take steps tor sscikn? a sr-eerh
from Sor. Johksox in this city.
Frocna;lriate letter received from Green-1
. -
Tjlkjjiset Tennessee, w makti he .following j
Inipcfcttca all seems to heverkingjircll in
ihls'paftjf the Stale. Waskiks' jvtlr be elected
to- Congress, I thtsdc, wttt'uand we
will gapisrotastrs. There is not as much
e-c-'emasapsjthe psofle as tbeteoBhttd
be to induce'theetfto tans out at the election.
G -n. liARaft isaasina; the DmocraU in East
Tennessee. Mr. Uattox is falling far below
the expectation ef the Know-ftotbtnf s, and
DLst be badly beaten."
This letter is frcra a hgbly retrectable
avircf. audits stiUmenti nay be rbd oe es
correct ,
The Pi.oicTiur Kt-'TWarx Jpfe Ltaing
t. !i ( "X'i.tucky)-amfima, ts atladrng to die'
Cmficbats piirH eciicae of. Mxjium-
raMaluf f Crtaawean fraen Trnatiirlnr al
tbr la'e Au!' el tic", s.ys that tir e-iH be f1" "anttngton, with necessary in
(ir,n. ovtaisdv ; and the editor vroWot be I "- M. M. SEAT,
aach seined if there were oiee oat ef ten to I luuteAsmt.K. U.O.&.K
whtcb'lhe' SMite is entitled. It ie ooofidrntthatj Sracoi.ATioi is iirstrnn. Col. Joseph
le oiectcd it the eighth district over 1
v ''jjii- i
- ol -ysafaars jMty existing tn
rtnesoaoTtty-three. ,Qr these fifteen are
Eepcblican, eleven DttnccraJIcj ,au'd several
tsjitra,l criadrpeoitnt.
This Co&verAios met at Portland on the 30th
ulL, and wis largely attended, Isaac W. Ta
sek, of Hoaetoo, presided. Copies of the Bred
; Scott decision were distributed traocg the mem
ibers. JUanairiii II. Smith, of Warren, was
nominated on the first ballot, by 293 oat of 5S5
j votes. The nomlnotion was then made unani
mous. Ex-Senator Bsadbcbt represented the
Kansas plank as about to fall away from the
Republican platiom, and those standing upon
' It ready to retar. to tne Democracy, ne ex
plained the Bred Scott decision elaborately.
The Bastes Jtmal has a loss telegraphic
report of the proceedings, from which we take
j the prteeipat items of iaterest. After nomlna
! Hon, Mr.'Satmt appeared amM raurh cheering.
Hetbaaked the Convention, and considered It
a peculiar hoaor and pleasure to he a standard
bearer against a twenty thousand majority.
The raeetiag thawed that bis party was yet
alir, and victory most yet be theirs. lie was
glad to see the Dred Scott decision distributed,
as Hght only was wanted. The Black Repnb.
lkans held power through the intrigue of their
cassp. wmrlpeojs ot excriemeni migut sweep
over the land, bat the sober second thought
weald eTeBteaWy prevail.
O Jwr geaUssnca addressed the Convention at
ssm Ieagth and with the most perfect confi
dence of ths a access of the candidate.
Hen. Q F. SMcraar responded to calls, and
said it was afcnavs that the Democrats ceatd
acUsally cotne together witboat the hope of
spatls. If the eoHteet had beo an empty one.
be sheOM have aJwd bis own name to be
ed, hat he was satisfied that it was a strug
gle for -ietry. Therefsfe he made way for
aMer ateo, who safcjht evsreeae the farces that
bad captured the f Kress of State, and were
Bawwagiatr tisasooable warfare aeaisst the
i tittael of the Union. He reveiwed State poti-
tics at length,
Col. Smart, from the ceamHtee en res&hj
aau, reported eleven rreetves, wnlch were
The resehttions are to the effect that the
Democratic piity bas farmed the permanent
policy of the country.
That the Kaasas-Kehrask BhM is ceasistent
i vrtUl Dosaocralic principles, and the theory of
free Geverassetit.
That all good citizens are boasd to maintain
the Ceaotrtsdiea, and to accept the interpre
tatioa of the Seprsave Court in aH aaubtfal
i eases.
That it is the duty of all citizens to cast
I their ihsWeace on the side of that party which
j That sectionalism and opposition to the dec
' trine ef manifest destiny injure the prosperity
J of our State, and that herein the Republican
j party tins against the Comasonweallh.
That all agitation upon the liquor law
1 1 raogbt with danger to the public peace.
, That the refusal of the Free State men of
! anas to vote, shews that they desired to
make political capital rather than secure cer
lata freedom.
That the party has the utmost confidence
in Hon. II. M. Smith as their gubernatorial
: candidate.
j prepeters ef Blvthe Island, Ga
hase accepted governoeBt offer of $130,000
a wbele iUl)d
! 5?" The estimated value of the sugar and
. molasses Bowheld in New York for sale is about
fifteen railKoas of dollars.
A loag continued drought has been ex
periooced at Key West, and vegetation bas suf.
fered in ceaseqnence.
5?" Bscksa, the harpist, who recently died
in Austria, left Madame Akwa Bisner the
rdeasaat little taurentr ef S50.OOO.
! ' '
-The Rev. Bishop Hamli.ve, of th
( Methodist Episeopal Church, has taken up hi
peraWMBt residence at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
4" The Cturitr it Havre states that no fly
will enter a reosa in wbkh a wreath of walnut
i leaves bas been hoegup.
' worth trying.
The experiment is
5" The BMiine disasters during Jane in.
reired a less of $412,400 on vessels and cargees
asaktog a total loss for the laBt six months ef
Ssow ts Ju.ve. The Oswego (If. Y.) Timet
states that snow fell in that city on Monday
i "?bt Jine 22d, ia sufficient quantlUes to be
nM oa the sidewalks by early risers on
Tuesday aiornwe:.
im. unuunro llfltefegT3pIi rranns
oaorataon in the United States consaraas anru
ally, it is said, about $60,000 worth of zinc.
310008 werth of Bttric acM,and $90,003 worth
of .mercury, besides other sums for sulphuric
Chubcmes is Xbszaska. The Catholics,
Methodists and Congregationalists have already
wtcte4 Bct and cemeaodious houses of wor
. . ... . , . - . , ,
ip at the capital of .Nebraska. The Epieco
poNans and Old School Presbyterians are to
erect cherebes duringthe season,
Campbell and Vallandigham. The
HamBtoB (OWo) Tdtcrapk says the evidence
l Uon between Campbell
District. basbeencoocloded. and that Yalta
hiohak has a majority of nearly forty over
Caiipeell. The latter has taken no evidence
.... . . , ., . . . .
ceived a solitary illegal vote,
A Rich Tihei Unuaseed. The Cincinnati
Cem mercial publishes the particulars of the ex
pesure of a piiferiag dry goods dealer, werth
property amounting to 5i(JWl, and who pre
tends to a rigid church membership. Affecting
bad health he habHuaHy wore an ample cloak,
,zo& under Ksfrisrdly drapery would conceal
iH-gstten booty, porieined from otaer pre
mises during the momentary absence of their
Ths JUgle aad Ssqulrer.
3tesM JtrsuL
Messrs. Ewtoss : I perceive that the Eagle
end njuirer is engaged in the exceedingly
mit h"0 &a eudeavering to make po-
Htial MPtal fer 'Mo5 Ugly" party,
because one of our best citizens, who happens
to be a Banker, attended the Convention at
Raleigh to nominate county candidates.
' is BfHn a keepwg with the general prin
dples of Kaoiv-NothiBgism. It started by
making a foolish, insane, and unpatriotic war-
fire M disjes-Catholics and foreigners and
it Is but carrying out its natural Instincts when
t extends its warfare against other classes
bankers, for example.
What wiH be the ext class struck at by
" Plug Ugly ism time alone can determine.
According to the fundamental principles of
our Government, persons of all trades, pro
fessions, and occupations are guarantied the
right to participate in all meetings and matters
that concern the public weal, and none but
demagogues or greenhorns will ever In political
contests excite one class against another.
Bat after all, perkep the Eaglt and Enqui
rer is somewhat excusable for its opposition
to bankers ; inasmuch as it was once the mis
fortune of one of its editors to be a partner
with certain bankers, whote management of
their Bank gained for them an unenviable no
toriety. The notorious bad conduct of a por
tion of his partners has doubtless embittered
bis feelings against bankers generally ; and
henee 1 trust the public wHI look with a proper
degree of leniency upon the indiscretion of the
EafU and JSsjstrrr. CATO.
"Hall Irregolaritiei."
J Par lie VtcpiU At peal.
Me-sbbs. Editoks : An article appeared in
the Memphis Eiglc and Enquirer on the Sth
Inst., unaer me a Dove caption, wmcn exmnits
the usual politeness and accuracy for which
that paper is so remarkably distinguished. It
says: "The Memphis and Ohio Railroad is
greatly at fault with the Tortereville, Tennes-
jseetnall, which shoe'd leave the Road at Ra-
Now the truth is: the Railroad does not run
nearer than two miles of Raleigh, and the Por
trrsrille mail is regularly delivered to the Mail
Messenger at Wells' Station, also the Raleigh,
'Roettown, Covington, Mountain, Morning Sun,
Hickory WHhe, Green Bottom, tc, i.c
If there be auy failure in the delivery of the
Perirrsvttle mall or others put off at Wells'
Station, the fault Is set mine, but due to others.
I handed to the "ArrEAi " and " Eagle and
Enapirir" a Hit of all the Post Offices from
f"f,V, .. . ,V or ,UIJ.cm aC
invested in the suburbs of Memphis, Tennessee,
zxai. ine property ts cow worm or could
be soli for $25flR). This ahows hoc- rapidly
our sister Southern city is growing, and the im
portance to Cincinnati of being placed in direct
railroad communication with it. Cisrisssfi
TiltCsors. From
we near uie most.cneen
rrowinrcroDS. Notaithitindineth
sprmg,Bna uietrosts,tuecuiuvBro uiesou,
unless prevented'bv tome uniarseen and impro
bable casualty will be amply'jewarded for this
year's labor.
Up to tne middle or tne presses wteK, gar
dens and mm. in thib DlSce'aVid vlcInHr. were
drooping for want of a season flat on Wednes
day rains fell which, in a pecuniary point of
View, oenenuea ouriarmera ana jjiauitiiiuu.i
,.rh-.. tr inerliadbeenVlTTltrated hvlhei
t r,. i j - j
waters of the Pactolus. iifrle Rock Gazette,
July 4 ' ,
The same piper says that notwithstanding
the fears entertained that the wheat crop of
Arkansas would be cut short by the spring
frosts, intelligence received from almost every
portion of the State justifies' the opinion that
the actual yield per acre will be greater than
ever before produced. It is also believed that
a larger number of acres were cultivated than
at any previous year j so that the year's pro
duction must be very great.
Mail Line mom Memphis to Sak Fbak-
cisco. The suggestions made ;ln the annexed I
letter ef Ex-Gov. Dkew, should not'bj iost on
the people of Arkansas. It cannot be doubted,
however, that our neighbors over the way, f ul
ly appreclatlcg the Importance of this great
mail and stage-line from the Mississippi to the
Pacific, will render to it all the aid In their
power. The early commencement of the ser
vice will much depend nj-on such assistance
furnished to the contractors. This stage-line
is second only1 in impoitance to the Pacific
Railroad :
Foxr Sjush, Abk., June 23, 1857.
Sir: The contract offered very recently for
transporting the U. S. Mall from some point oa
the Mississippi liter to the city of San Francis
en, by four-Dorse post coaches, suitable for the
accommodation of passengers, hss doubtless
been let to tome competent party or company,
and from the representations made in a recent
communication signed by Messrs. Butterfield,
Fargo and others, it is hoped by many in this
community, that they have proved the success
ful bidders ; as the news set forth in their com
munication to the Postmaster General, and
published in the Missouri Republican, must ac
cord well with the interest and sentiments of
the bulk of population of the middle and most
of the Southern States particularly Missouri
and other contiguous States lying East, that
will have the immediate benefit of a termina
tion at St. Louis, Mo. ; and no less of Arkan
sas, Tennessee and ether States, lying East and
Southeast7 of these, which are to derive an im
mediate benefit from the terminous at Memphis,
of the branch route, diverging from the main
route at Albuquerque, inlfew Mexico.
To insure a permanent settlement of the lo
cality of this route, 3n this proposed divergent
line, will it not be necessary for the people
aloBg the line from Fort Smith, through the
State of Arkansas, by the way of Little Rock
and other prominent points to Memphis, in
Tennessee, to make public all the facilities this
portion of the line may be capable of affording
the contractors, whenever the work may be
commenced for placing and regulatirg the pro
posed "ten-mile" stands through this Stele?
Few would doubt, however, the ability or the
disposition on the part of our people, to render
every aid necessary to a successful prosecution
of this enterprise within and throughout the
limits of the State of Arkansas, and 1 am per
suaded that facilities, if not equal to ours, can
be found through the Indian country, on either
side of the Arkansas river ; a more definite and
reliable account of which Is promised in a forth
coming communication, atter further inquiry
shall have been made to the remotest Western
settlements bordering on the plains.
In the meantime, would not the enterprise be
to some extent promotej, by getting up public
meetings, giving expressions of the feeling and
Interest our people must have in the great aug
mentation of mail facilities a measure sreond
in importance to none of its character ever be
fore ottered to the consideration or me people
of this State.
Entertaining such an opinion, I have not been
able silently to let this subject pass unnoticed.
Very respectfully, your ob't eerv't,
Capt C. C Dasley, di'or Gazette and Dem
ocrat. California Wasok Road. The company
under the cemmand of Col. Leach whose
stores, &c, arrived here on Saturday last on
the steamer Mice were to leave the Mississip
pi river, opposite Memphis, on Monday last.
Taeir train consists or xony-two wagons.
About 150 men compose the entire company.
They will probably reach here this evening or
to-merrow. L.iue hbck utmocrai, juiy
The Fourth at Eaulsbury.
Fm tae XetssMs Appeal.
Messss. Editobs: The 4th of July will
long be Temembered by the " Old Folks at
Home" as well as the young ones abroad, for
the agreeable pic-nlc and dance, given by the
younggeatlemen of Saulsbury aad vicinity at
Cox's celebrated spring, three miles cast of this
place. The eprlag is on a beautiful, clear,
small creek of pure and living water, in an
extensive shaded forest of old oaks. The
day was propitious, the pure, bracing etheecal
breezes, bore aloBg the sweet modulations of
the inoce-bird and other wood songsters, with
that of martial music; every bosom warmed,
men grow heroes at the sound,
" Easimtd vtth fleFkiU ttstmi. "
The Declaration of Independence having
been prefAcedbjc SBp$Uot remarks, was
readNby Dr P. P. Keevei5jAn oration suitable
xa nmiiin -wM-qrlvcrea ty -tvr. "vr i
G. PegTam. The Msjpr,,has a peculiar way
of talking as he has of walking; his discourse
was clear, and intelligible, with some agree
able and amusing digressions, he inspired his
audience with sentiments of fidelity, justice,
love of the public good, aad zeal for the pre
servation ot liberty. At the close of the
Major's speech, the arrangements for dinner
not having been completed, Mr. Kirk and
Mr. McGehee were called on who entertained
the andience until the dinner hour. An un
usual number ot Tennessee's fairest daughters
were in attendance. The dinner would have
pleased any epicure meats of every descrip
tion in abundance, fowls and vegetables. The
drink was uncommonly fine And rich, a large
variety of cakes, pies and tarts of the green
fruit of old Hardeman. The third course con
sisted of a supper abundance of confection
ery ice lemonade by the buckets full spark
ling catawba wine. A portion of the evening
was spent in the mazes ot the dance treadirg
the light fantastic toe" on nature's green,
and la the agreeable game of etidirr. Then
was a swing erected for the accommodation of
the young ones, who made liberal use of it to
their full gratification. In conclusion, I will
say (as I am not a couaty man) that old
Hardeman is hard to beat for pretty girls,
good eating and National Democracy.
Brswsiville Female College,
Per tha HemphU Appeal.
AIesjbs. Editors: Believing that you are
deeply interested in tbe advancement of liter
ature, music, and tbe elegant arts, I have as
earned the liberty of presenting you and your
intelligent readers with a hurried and imperfect
(ketch of a portion of the exercises of the
Brownsville Female College, at its late com'
The exercises proper commenced on Monday
morning, the 29lh ult., and closed on Thursday
night ; the performances as a whole giving ant-
versa 1 satisfaction.
On Monday evening, as the glories of a
resplendent -summer day were paling in tbe
embraces of that poetic hour called twilight, 1
felt myself hurried along in one of those
streams which seemed to pour forth from
every portisn of town and country, to a
common centre of attraction, the Female Col
The partition walls between several apart
ments had been removed, and every possible
preparation made to accommodate the Immense
concourse expected at this literary banquet ;
still, many were compelled to stand during the
This large and intelligent audience were
feasted on a variety ot tastefully selected
speeches and humorous dialogues: rounds of
applause greeted each performance, and every
heart seemed to pulsate with the enjoyment of
the evening. The huse volume of poetry was
opened, and its choicest treasures lavished on i
the delighted listeners, who, I fed assured,
were convinced that the specimens of elocution
exhibited could not be excelled under similar
circumstances, by any female college In the
union. Before the close of the entertainment,
we were happy to find that not only the mind
and heart, but also tbe body had in this Col
lege received a just share of refinement and
cultivation. Miss S. E. Roberts, under the
inspiration of soul-stirring song, marshaled in
her troupe of gay Cutterers, and for the space
of forty rainntes enchained tbe entire audience
in tbe spell of their graceful evolutions. Everv
movement of the members ot this Calisthenie
class, as they floated with ease, grace, and
dignity through a variety of figures; as they
bounded with delight and then retired with There Is not a man ln the State better ac
coauettish modesty: as they walked, leaped, I quain'.ed with ths business in all its de-
aanir : as thev wound in tbe cid J v maze bv rap
id yet graceful change of position, thus giving
exercises to every muscla of the human body ;
gave evidence mat wernaa oeen ai tne xeet
of some master ot motion, or else pupils of the
On Tuesday evenlnrthe select audience was
spell-bound by the eloquence of President
Crane, of Mississippi, whose remarks were
not only pertinent to the occasion, but whose
matured views of female education evinced a
considerable decree of research and wisdom.
All conceded the address to be it. rich literary
un Wednesday morning tne nan was eariy
filled to omflowlng by the title of tbe town i
and surrounding country, gathered together to
test the degree of excellency attained by the!
young.Udiea in the. art of composition. And I j
...ill t . T. . ilk.. :.. t . f
a little incident that occurred daring the exer
cises of the tbernuijr, displaying to wonderful
advantage tee warmtQ of iriendttilp and the
polish cf educated mind. Ths young ladies
Lad united in purchasing as a present to thslr
respected and highly accomplished President,
an ivory, gold-headed ctne. The delicate task
of presenting It had bted entrusted to two very
snail jikv- One ot tbe Jittleprlf, ;ot as they
dress", whilstibv their looks .they seemed to
say,: It is wcxderfulty strange that one of us
Joq'tepeaklIhe dignity of the President, J
tnoagnt, looked rattier inquiringly, uougn com
posed ; and the audience, who already felt whit
they had not as yet heard, were agreeably re
lieved wnen. the kind heal ted and gallant Msj.
W, P. Grove advanced to the rtscue of the
i Cll I : aa
little girl ; and id a handsome ofT-band speech,
n . ii. ,.J nntil
presented th eane-wlth greatase and polite
ness. Trie .President on mis, as cn every otner
occasion, acquitted ntmietr presently ana non
or a My; and I thought his eye, his gesture,
bis language, all, said ha felt sincerely and1
profoundly this freewill tribute of respect and 1
affection from his beloved pupils.
The reading of compositions was then con
tinued, and candorcompels me to state that not
a single one failed to confer honor on the heart
and head that conceived' It. Of coarse, some
were read better than others, but all respecta
bly well ; and some, with an emphasis and com
posure -highly complimentary 'o the distin
guished teacher; clearly evincing that they had '
been trained in tbat deplorably neglected art of
reading: The Pres dent candidly stated what
degree of assistance he Itntto the composi
tions, ana uius acaea very mucii to me interest
of the' occasion and the satisfaction of the au
dience. Ths forenoon, exercises closed amid
convulsions of laughter at several impromptu
orations, delivered from hearts gushing with
the noblest emotions. Universal delight, and I
think I may even say happiness, was visibly
militurin every countenance iu the assembly.
On Wednesday night everjbody and his wife
came to witness the grand closing concert; and
indeed, so far as I feel competent to judge, the
whole affair was majestic and Imposing.
The concert as a whole, showed marks of
matured arrangement : and gave unmistakable
evidence that it was designed under the auspi
ces of a warm heart and a clear Intellect,
This college has for years been struggling to
the surface, and its friends have at times been
impressed with fearful forebodings ; but all who
attended the examination, and particularly the
closing exercises,! that it was now afloat.
The concourse on the last night was immense,
and It was evidently beyond the reach ot hu
man prowess to control it; still, a Tespec table
bearing was obtained, and I, with a multitude
of others, had the pleasure of witnessing some
of the most perfect epeeiirens ot musical at
tainment. It Is at the risk of one's judgment
to make a distinction among so choice a selec
tion of musical gems; still, I must name one.
What on this earth could have been more
sweetly sung, or more peifectly performed than
Ida May. As the rich tones of au educated
voice loomed up amidst the concert, rebounded
from the walls, rolled along the aisles, swelled
out in rich luxuriance, and anon died away in
melancholy cadence, I felt rapt away from
earth, unto the unclouded: fruition of some
Elysian scene.
The young ladles, great and small, did credit
to themselves, conferred honor on their Alma
Mater, and filled the hearts of the friends of
the institution with unfeigned delight and grati
tude. In conclusion, Messrs. Editors, permit me to
trespass on vour columns with one more re
mark, viz. : All persons friendly to the promo
tion of science, may feel proud of the Browns
ville Female College ; and if not enlisted In be
half cf some other institution of learning, may
confidently give it tneir support.
Hos. John V. Wbioht. This distinguished
gentleman, we tears, made a very poweif j!
speech upon the political issues of the day at
1 T'l. 1 IT L.J .Lr.
ntnumg ud lutusnay nsu fie reacueu uiis
place yesterday morning, and made a speech
at the Court House at night, to a large and at
tentive audience of our citizens. Of his able
and convincing speech here, we will speak at
length next week.
Mr. W.is canvasslsghisDistrlctthoroughly,
although he has no competition; and we doubt
not the fruits of his labors will be seen in the
general result, as be is one of the most talented
and effective debaters in our State; and he bas
won an enviable reputation as an able and
faithful representative in Congress, as well as
being a zealous supporter of the constitutional
rights of the South and the Union. Columbia
(g?" We copy the following from the Jack
son Msdisonian, of Tuesday:
Sad ArrAia A Man Killed! We are
pained to record a painful shooting affair which
came off in this place on Saturaay afternoon
last, about 6 o'clock, at Mr. Jas. W. Boyd's
Saloon. Mr. Samuel W. EIrod, of this city, a
young gentleman who was respected by all who
knew him, and a young gentleman, Mr. Robert
Breckenridge, formerly of Chicago, Illinois,
but who has been a citizen ot this city for the
last twelve months or more, and by the by was
also much respected, are the names of the un
fortunate victims. We have heard many re
ports about the affair, and consequently we
forbear giving to our readers all we have Deard
about it. A friend informs us that Mr. Breec
enridge was standing in the saloon talking to
some one, (we learn that there bad been some
confusion in the house before the shooting came
off) exhibiting a spear which be had drawn
out of his cane, when about that time Mr. EI
rod stepped into the house. Our information
is that EIrod, when be bad got near Brecken
ridge, asked him if he drew the spear to stick
him Mr. B replied that he did not ; infor
mant says that Elrodasked Breckinridge again
the same question, B. replying in the negative,
saying also, that he was as good a man. or
words sinilar,as him, EIrod. whereupon Eiroi
drew a pistol and fired, the ball taking effect
on the left aide of the face, near the nose, pass
ing through his head. Bret kenridge fell and
only survived 15 or 50 minutes.
It is to be reeretted, but it cannot be helped.
Young Breckenridge was followed to bis grave
Sunday alterncon by about JUU persons
loroear adding mor
rmirab la aaeh cattS.
the law avail take its
Yoase nseii, Ute want
ine avoid tne hi- or alcoboiie iu,t,
tor u
dis niasiea
many a young man's character for
ever. Beware! beware 1 1
Fadu Kamas. Oar advices from this Ter
ritory are to Thursday last. At that time all
was quiet. There was considerable excitement
about tbe murder of Lyle, but this was kept
under by the examination of tbe murderer, then
going on, but wnicn was greatly procrastinated
in consequence of the number of witnestes ex
amined and to be examined. It was supposed
that the case would not be closed before the end
of tbe present week, and then, if the accused
Bhould be discharged, it was apprehended that
Judge .Lynch would be called in to do his office;
and then the Black Republicans were just as
resolutely determined to protect their comrade
from the mob at all hazards. They think they
have the majority in Leavenworth City, and are
bold in the avowal of their Intention to protect
the felon.
But tbe country may as well prepare itself
for a new convulsion, in the resistance to be
offered by the Black Republicans to any at
tempt to collect the taxes levied for tbe support
of the Territorial Government, under tbe law of
tbe late General Assembly. Tbe Black Re
publicans make no concealment of their inten
tion to resist the payment of any tax whatever.
They perfectly urderstan I each other, and will
work together. Gor. Walker will then be
placed In a position which compels him to exe
cute tbe laws of the Territory, which he bas
sworn be would do; or b will bare to cave in,
and acknowledge bis incapacity for tbe govern
ment of sucb a people. All Gov. Walker's an
tecedents lead at to believe that be cannot be
moved by any threats or combinations of this
kind, and that be will execute tbe law at all
hazards. Fire or six weeks will open the new
drama, and then we shalTsee which party gives
way. St. Lonit JlepublUen, "Sth.
Memphis and Charleston Road. The
completion of the Memphis and Charleston
Ra'lroad has opened to us a new avenue of
trade, ot which our clear-sigbted business men
are not slow in availing themselves. Already,
as will be seen by the advertisement of Messrs.
W". L. L. R Ehryoci, commission merchants
of our city, they are prepared to sign bills of
lading from St. Louis to Charleston, and all the
intermediate towns on the entire route. A tariff
of charges upon Flour, Bagging, Rope, Hemp, 1
Tobacco, Bacon, Lard, &.? , bas been estab
lished for the whole distance, 2nd It is believed
that an immense trade will sotn be gathered to
us from boutn Carolina, ueoria, Alabama and
Tennessee. All that is wanting is to make the
trial. Even now the trade is very considerable,
and if we can snpply these States with tha
many commodities they want, upon better
terms than any one else, nobody can doubt that
they will give us the preference. We produce
and have for sale the very articles these States
stand most ln need of. Tbe movement of tbe
Messrs Sbryock, in giving through bills of lad
Inr. will soon test our -ability to compete with
other States for this tttw trad, and we must
nave iu sr. uonxt uepnoiuan.
The Mail Coktbactoks. Tbe following
account of foer of the contractors for ths
iiverlacd Mall Route, we find in the Buffalo
The ExraEiSME.v to Califobkm John
Butterfield we bare known nearly all our life.
As a boy be was poor and Ignorant, but he had
a Tesolate will, and early determined to make a
man ot mmseir. tie organ life as a stage
driver in the employ of the old firm of Jason
Parker & Uo., o: t'tic. and soon dereloned
qualities that enabled him to become a stage
proprietor himself. For many years he prose
cuted his business with great success, and at
the time when tbe extension of railroads su
perseded on many great routes mail service by
s;ages,ne was one or me most extensive stage
proprietors and mail contractors in tbe State.
He then became one of tbe proprietors of
tbe American Express Company, of which he
bas ever since been an efficient member and
director. It will be seen from this that bis
training admirably qualifies him for ths suc
cessful prosecution of tbe enterprise be Las
J. Y. P. Gardner bas for more than thirty
years been connected with tbe mail service as
clerk, ftare proprietor and mall contractor.
Of our townsman, Mr. W. S. Fargo, who is
associated in the contract, we bardly need say
more than to mention bis name familiar to our
readers, and tbe public at large, as a house
hold word. His untiring industry, basinets
tact, skill and foresight have been exemplified
In the success ot the great Express Companies
with which he Is connected, and it is not too
much to say tbattbose gjjrantic enterprises are
largely indebted to his agency for their present
prosperous condition.
Hamilton Spencer, another of the contracting
firm, is a son of the late Joshua A. Sp'encer, of
Utica. uompeueu oy in iieaitu to rennquiin
his practice at the bar, of which hepromlsed
to Deeome a-conspicuous ornament, u coierea
'with" characteristic energy into the Express
business, in which he has displayed eminent
executive abilitilS.
Without any 'personal knowledge ot tbe
other contractors, we have no reason to doubt
their fitness to be associated with thos ws
hare named. It so, we can congratulate tht
country that the contract bas fallen Into such
good bands. It is one of tbe most important
enterprises or tba day, and if suceetful, as we
fen assured it win pe, u sure w d louowta dj :
ami bentficlent result!
T- ., . . , f. mil,
-ri--sjjjs -j inoutana peri on were assembled In tnetnea-
fact teat the Court of Appeals in thj'SfaTe of dreUdqeHofii, to witness the rspresenta
New York had decided that thefpolicejaet,; lion oMhe taktdjj of Sebastopol, when sudden
which took from the people In the citrthe rlghtf1, M oMberocketi i let off to imltaleThe bom
, . ., ... ,, , . , ,. , bardment, set fire to the side scenes. Asudden
of appointing their own police, and vested It in plnlc $elled publj tbe ptopW ln th ,t
th Governor, is legal and constitutional. W rnihed to tbe door, aid many of those who
find in the Cleveland papers further particulars were in the boxes and galleries attempted to
or it as follow. save themselves by jumping Into the pit- The
tl' , , . . v carbineers vainly attempted to item the current
. The police.blll is deelared-COnStltUtionSl bV- hrl.lirnr fhoninnl lhf th.r. rVnffiil
the Court of Appeals, by a majority of tlx to
two. Judges Brown and Comstock dissenting
Tbe opinion of the Court 'of Appaals in the
Metropolitan Police Bill was delivered this
forenoon by Judge Denlo. It examines tbe
question as to the direct constitutionality of
the portion ot tbe districts and the. method cf
the appointments adopted in the bill, and de-
Clares that there Is nothing adverse to the lat-
ter In the constitution, and admits the true re-1
medv for unwise legislation is provided for ia
the constitution by the frequent renewal of f
Xnere is nolntngla tbe constitution promait
Ing the abolishing ot tbe local police arrange
ments of tbe city by the legislature, or the re
modeling of tbe force in any manner that the
legislature may see tit- me judgment or me
Supreme Court is therefore affirmed. H
Tbe opinion also says that other points have
been argued, bat as to judgment confiims the
constitutionality with the law. It is not neces
sary to consider them.
Judge Shankram also delivered au opinion
He su.talns the constitutionality of the bill on
all points, and also goes into a diseussiou to
show there was necessity for soma reform in
tbe police arrangements of the :ity prior to
the enactment ot th law, thus jJstifj ing the
passage ot the bill from motives, ot public
Tbe Court stood six in favor for constitu
tionality of the bill, to two against it- The
dissenting Judges are Messrs. Brown and Com
stock. Judge Brown said that he dissented from the
opinion which declares constitutional and re
cognizes trie division or tne cities and counties
as then existing, and says, although their limits
can be altered or modified by agreement, and
cities can be consolidated ; but the legislature
have no power to join cities and cosMies into
one district for the purpose of police or any
other local government.
He declares mat by article 10, section 2, Uie
constitutional metbed of appointing city and
county officers is distinctly set forth, and be
maintains that, as regards the police and city
officers, the Court must either constrne tbe con
stitution so that local rights and privileges ex
pressly mentioned, and never till now ques
tioned) shall remain to be exercised and en
joyed by the local community, or else sanction
a constitutior which may and Indirectly can
hardly fall to exclude them altogether. Tbe
judgment of the Supreme Court nhould there
fore be reversed. Judge Comstock concurs in
the opinion ot Judge Brown.
Spikitcalish ik BojTo.s Savans Denoun
cing It. Tbe award of the csmmittee, la the
ease of Dr. II. F. Gardner against the Boston
Coorirr, is published in the Courier, as follows:
The committee award that Dr. Gardner,hav
ing failed to produce before them an agent or
medium, who " communicated a word Imparted
to the spirits in an adjoining room," who "read
a word in English written inside a book, or
folded sheet of paper," who answered any
question "which the superior intelligences
must be able to answr," wuo "lilted a piano
without touching it, or caused a chair to move
a root;" andliavltig railed to exbinlt to tbe
wldeTlVtitue mSSSZ "J lbSt b '"j1" l
garded as equivalents eitherof these proposed Ue comity. Much of this suffering and mis
tests, or any phenomenon which required for ery can be speedily banished aad alleviated by
its .production, or in any manner indicated a
luivo v uiv-u vvuiu ibi.uuii.aiii u- vies uwiiiasiu
solritual.or which was hitherto unknown to
acience. or a tihenomenon of which the came
was not palpable to the committee, is. there-
fore, not entitled to claim from the Boston
Courier the nronoaed nrecoium of five hundred
It is the opinion of the committee, derived
from observation, that any connection with
spiritualistic circles, so called, corrupts the
morals and degrades tbe intellect They,
therefore, deem it their solemn duty to warn the
community against this contaminating Influ-
enee, which surely tends to lessen the truth ot
man and tne purity or woman.
Tbe committee will publish a report of their
proceedings, together with the results of addi
tional investigations and other evidence, inde-
Eendent of the special case sabmitted, to them,
ut bearing upon the subject of this stupendous
delusion. BENJAMIN' PIERCE, CA'm.
Cambridge, June Si), 1S57.
The Vice-Pbksidext at Home. A dele
gate to the Presbyterian Asssembly of Ken
tacky, under the date Jane 2d, writes as fel
lows :
" About a mile distant from Ltxintoa is tbe
residence of John C. Breckinridge, Vice-President
of the United States. It is a cottage,
embosomed amidst overhanging trees, simple
and unpretending, as becomes the abode of one
who would set a good example to the people
who have elevated him to the second olace in
the nation, and to whom he must return again
when he shall have fulfilled whatever public
functions they may require at his bands.
" ilr. Breckinridge was a very constant and
Interested spectator of the doings ot the as
sembly, and extended the courtesies of his
house to both clergy and laity. Thou-h not a
memoer or tne enurca, ne attends noon tne
ministry of Dr. Mathews, to whose flock bis
i estimable ladv belonrs. From both sides he
ipa eurrentof stronr rresbyterljjiJJlQpdiuo
pwrtBfSSBWTeii.a. -TW?rcciinrie ere.
Tcciinrif?e nre-
tJllUoD we ailkaow; and from his mother
he inherits a similar ecclesiastical relationship,
sheb'ing adaugcter of Samuel Manbope Smith.
once the distinguished and accomplished Presi
dent of Princeton College.
" As to personal appearance, be has a manly
figure, very dark hair, penetrating eye, and
features not unlike those ot the Rev. Dr. H m.
Breckinridge. He Is a young looking man for
so high a posstlon."
(BThe President and each roember of the i
Cabinet received an Invitation to attend the
funeral of ex-Secretary Marcy. The Presi
dent replied by telegraph, expressing Ms deep
regret at the sad event, and saying that the
pressure of public business would prevent him
and his associates from attending.
Kamsas. The following letter from tbe Hon.
D. R. Atchison to his Hob. Mayor Tradewell,
will be read with painful interest. The condl
tion of affairs it describes as existing in Kan
sas, as it relates to our nrospects there, a I.
though not unexpected, will be unwelcome In
Gen. Atchison is well known as tbe great
leader of tbe South in that Territory, and
though unsuccessful, Deserves tbe gratitude of
our people ror tne unwavering fidelity and zeal
bs bas shown in tbe cause of Southern rights.
Colombia Times.
PLATTrsnac, Jane 12th, 1S57. Hojr. J. D.
Tbadiwkll Sir: Your letter of May 20th,
together with tbe enclosed draft for $291, bas
been received and will be forwarded to Mr. W.
H. Kasseli, onr treasurer, at Leavenworth city,
K. T., and will be appropriated to onr cause. I
cannot tell what wilt be the result in Kansas,
our friends in ths Southern States are very ape
thetic, and some of our friends who have here
tofore strained every nerve, spent their money
and their time, are beginning to despair, and
others are taming their attention tospecnlation
and money making. I therefore would suggest
that no more money be raised in South Caroli
na ; tht people or that State have been liberal
above all other of the Southern States. Yet I
fear that the North has, and will raise and ex
pend in Kansas, to effect their unholy purposes,
ten dollars where we can raise one.
xet I do not despair.
Your ob't servant.
A Shoceimq Catastrophe. The wind
seems to be blowing catastrophes. A letter from
uiien, or juay gives a narrowing account of
the terrible accident that has occurred in tbe
tunnel now being excavated in the Haunstein
mountain, near Bale, on a Swiss railway. It
seems that a forge had been established in the
interior of the tunnel, under a shaft lined with
wood, and supported by beams ef the same In
flammable matter that served as a chimney.
On the 18th this wood-work caught fire, setting
fire -also to a great quantity of coal that had
been brought m for feeding the forge. The
sides of tbe shaft fell in almost immediately,
thus closingall possibility of escape to the fifty
three laborers at work in the interior of tbe
mountain, tbe mass of burning coal about the
forge rendering it equally impossible for them
to reach the mouth of the tunnel. The whole
country-side was at once (on tbe spot; water
was thrown in; everything that could be done
was attempted with all tbe zeal called forth bv
the horror of tbe incident: but such was the
orerpowing effect of the beat and gases genera
ted ny tne comnustion or ut coal ln t,Le tunnel
that, at a distance of fire hundred paces from
the fire, the men at the pumps fell, stifled by the
burning vapors. Several of Ibe assistants are
said to have been suffocated in their efforts to
open an issue to the unfortunate miners; others
are dangerously burnt. The wires, children.
and mothers cf the miners, were hovering about
the scene of the catastrophe, uttering heart
rending cries and implorine aid. Engineers
from various points of tbe line had arrived: but
.l i mil. , . . ..
mere seemea very nine cuanee or saving tne
victims ot this shocking accident, v ho will
most likely have perished from want of air be
fore tbe fire bas burnt itself out; even if not
stifled by the smote, a danger diminished (o a
certain extent by the vio.ence with which tbe
smoke was escaping through the mouth of tbe
IxronMATio Wanted. Tnere I, in this
city, says a Fort Dodge paper, at the bouse of
Msj. Williams, a littlo boy who escaped the
bloody massacre by the Indians at Springfield,
M. T., on tbe 26th ot March last, and wbo
waJ brought to town by the volunteers wbo
went trp to tbe rescue. He says his name is
John Sidman Stewart. We learn from some
of the survivors of tbe massacre, that be is
the sn of Joslah Stewart, formerly of IndU
ana county, Pa. Tbe boy says bis grandfath
er's name is Fleming, (probably bis mother's
maiden name.1 All the boy's family, 'father.
mother and two little sisters,-are among tbe
Also, a young lady, about sixteen or seven
teen years of age, named Elizabeth Gardiner,
wnose ramilr were aiso maroerea, sue oniy es
caped the horrid fate. She says ber father's
name was Roland Gardiner, but she knows not
ttu residence ot any relatives- Her-father em
igrated from tbe State of Indiana to this State,
and was formerly from fcteupen .county, n. x.
Both are desirous of" hearing from their rela
tives if they have any ; and all communica
tions in reference to them, addressed to Major
Williams, Fort Dodge, WebsW county, Ipwa,
will be promptly answered. They will be kind
ly cared for till such tine as their friends shall
corns for them.
Newspapers throughout ..the Unllrd States 1
will confer a favor by publishing tht shore.
ivi. , . i
fcli Tiw.ril .rt-SCtt -n .u.-.
cicu at urcuviu Ju LUC. Ul. upnlimui luirc
time for all to go out quietly: many, being
frightened outot their senses, threw themselves
out of the Windows, although the British Con
sul, Mr. Maebean, had caused ladders to ba
placed In some of them. The catastrophe is
the more to be regretted, that there wns really
no occasion for such a panic, tbe lire being got
under almost immediately afterwards, before It
b,a UBe to ipread. The -Ifenifort Joicnno
u, that 43 persona were killed, and 143
n.n.,n4.j n h.rtn. h,A r.A h.
GrandDuke Immediately set oat for Leghorn,
and visited those that had been carried to the
hospitals. Galignanu Meitengtr.
(gSfThe Charleston Mtrcury, of tbe 4th, thus
refers to an important change in the mail
schedule from that city to Memphis:
"We were gratified to learn yesterday, from
Col. B. G. Bistmas, ot Nashville, that h bad
effected arrangements with the various railroad
companies between this city and Memphis and
Nashville, by which our communication jvith
thee places will be greatly facilitated. Col.
Eastmin bas been oa a tour of duty for some
weeks, devoted to the inspection and reforma
tion of tbe various mail connections, which
bas resalted in tbe adoption of a schedule by
wnieu passengers and trains leaving unarlts
ton In'Uie 41 r. ac, train for the West, will be
due ln Memphis at 5 r. si. the second day after,
or in about 4K sours, in Is is a gain of some
14 or 15 hours ever Uie former arrangement.
Passengers for Nashville, leaving at the same
nour, win ream weir destination at 3 a. m.
the second day after, or in 36 bouts.
Weare pleased to notice this attention to tbe
wants and interests of tbe South, by the Post
Office Department, and we have reason to be-
Here tnat It is out me beginning or a rerorma
tlen wblch bas been greatly needed. Tjie im
rrevement In our mail schedule with Memphis
I derives additional importance frqea the fact
mat ttuas been selected as one or tile points ot
departure lor tne overland mail to cantor sua
MetutOKS RETDE.vt.t8. Tbe St Louis Jle
pnilican ef tbe 7th, says : " A steamer from
Omaha reports tbe arrival there of sixty Mor
mons, who aau'e their escape from Salt Lake
City about tbe 30h of April. They report that
many persons were aissatisned wrn tneir posi
tioa mere, and woaid anandon tne place as
soon as the presence of U. S. troops gave them
an opportunity.
Albany. N. Y., July 6. Ex-Secretary
Aiarcy died ac sans &ouei Hotel at noon, Sat
urday. He complained of a pain in his side
shortly after breakfast, walked to Dr. Moore's,
but not finding him in, returned to bis room at
tbe hotel. Tbe Doctor came in a fewminutes,
and on going to Mr. Marcv's room, found hi
dead, lying on bis couch with an open book oa
bis breast. He bad iust written a letter to John
M. Botts. Tbe foneral will take peace on
V. ednesdly. Business will be suspended.
A Strange Adventure.
Few of us often pause to leflect upon th
j vast amount of human suffering that prevails
j in our midst still fewer ever think of the mis
Tery .U sseans, as will be seen by the fol
I. fat.. V " C- J-.. TV
1 ,owiBS ,ettM : A- i- Tin"-
i " As I was traveling frosa Bates ville. Arkan
Bas, to CarreKon, I witnessed one of the most
distressiog, heart-rending scenes of suffering
1 that has ever enveloped a family ia misery
i but thank God, my timely arrival at tbe cabin
of the sufferers was tbe means of re lie vis;
them from their torturing situations.
" Three years ago William Edwards was a
thriving farmer in Western Pennsylvania, aad
for toe cou:ity in ubicn be lived was consider
I wealthy ; bat as ambition is the prominent
feature in Uie American organisation, ahd as
great inducements were held out t. our enter-
firising farmer to purchase a large section of
and In Arkansas, ne selected that State, and
accepted tbe proaVred inducements as the foun
dation on which bis ambitious desires were to
be realized. With bis wife and seven children
be emigrated to bis sew home in Arkansas.
But, alas, for human calculation. Distantly
settled from any habitation where, If in need
of any assistance, he night obtain it, he was
shut out from the friendly aid of those who,
in tbe boars of sickness and danger, would
lighten with friendly counsel aad prompt as
sistance the heavy burdens entailed by that sad
"Tbe first blow of sorrow was tbe sickness
of bis youngest child. She was seized with
diarrboa, wbieii, from neglect and the want of
proper remedies to cheek it when it first made
its appearance, bad become chronic, and the
fine, hearty, chubby, square built, rcsy-faced
child of six years, had wasted away to a peak
ed faced skeleton. The father's hopes in tbe
life ef the child were lost, and, to increase his
Borrows, a second was seized with the same
complaint ; and that too began to waste'away.
Tbe medicines obtained from tbe doctor, who
lived twenty-five miles distant, were worthless,
and both children were in a dying condition.
A third was seized with a fever and ague, and
became so weakened as to be helpless. A
fourth fell a victim to typhus fever, and every
hour the parents expected to be obliged to per
form the sad office of burying their own rhil-
- Ul&L- A fifth, a strong lad of sixteen, while
JTUUnr JVnre Im
ally cut a severe gash ia his jrg.FThe wound
uw, Bm w .,(,
ck brothers and
eisters. A sixth, a young man of twer-ty-one,
was seized with a severe attack of billions
cholir. The seventh had almost fotfeited bis
life, throueh bis own carelessness, bv the dis.
charge of bis gun, that accidentally went off
wnue ills Hand rested on tne mouLQ of the bar
rel. His band was shattered to a jelly. The
father tbe poor, distressed father on discov
ering tbe last sad accident, was so terror strict
en.asto become paralyzed. Tbs poor, heart-
wounded wife and faithful mother bore up like
a woman, bat she, too, was stricken down with
grter and care,
' In this sad sMoatioa I found this suffering
family eoculohed ia misery. With a praver
to God to help me in relieving then from their
misery, I commenced the work of applying the
means of cure. To tbe children afflicted with
tbe diarrhea, I gave ten drops ot Radway's
Ready Relief, every fifteen minutes, and told
the mo her to give (hem thickened milk as a
diet- The fever and ague I treated success
fully by giving large doses of tbe Ready Re
lief every fifteen minutes, and rubbing tbe ex
tremities of tbe body until a glow of heat was
obtained. The typhus fever yielded to the
treatment of tbe Relief aad Regulators, and
tbe wound ia the young man's leg healed by
applying tbe Relief.
" Every one of the family were restored to
perfect health in six days' time, by the use of
these remedies. The great fault of these
people was In not providing themselves with
these remedies. Had Radway's Ready Re
lief Deeen nsed, and a dose or two ol tne ileg
ulators takea, on the first appearance of either
of these complaints, not six boars sickness
would have followed their use. So with th:
accident of the axe and gun-shot wounds. The
Heady Relief, applied after the shot were taken
out, healed tbe wotmdandaHayed inflammation.
I never in ray life witnessed such joy and glad
ness sucb thaLkfulness, as in the family of
Willia-n Edwards.
" I write tor. to you, that you may warn all
emigrants seeking new hemes in tbe West,
to provide themselves with Radway's Remedies.
" G. A. C.
"Traveling Minister of M. E. C.
Tbe abofe letter endorses our frequent
warnings through Ibe press, of tbe importance
of persons emigrating to new countries sup
plying themselves with these remedies. With
Radway's Relief and Regulators, you are safe
against all diseases ; and it you meet wHh ac
cidents, either by falls or injuries if no bones
ere broken Radway's Ready Relief and a few
doses ot Regulators, will save you from seri
ous barm. There is bo disease known to man
but that these remedies will remove- Theyare
all powerful.
It is absolute recklessness ra the part of
those emigrating to new countries, who neglect
to secure a sdpply of these remedies. All
emigrants suffer more or less by chaage of
water. A fewdropsVif the Ready Relief in the
water will give yon a pleasant and healthy
beverage. With Radway's Relief and Regu
lators, you need not fear cholera, yellow fever,
fever-ague, typhus fever, small pox, or any
other disease.
The public vriil please bear in mind, that
the R. R. R. Remedies consist of Radway's
Ready Relief, Renovating Resolvent and Reg
The Ready Relief is tbe most remarkable and
miraculous remedy fer tbe instant relief of all
afflicted with any pains ever discovered. In a
few moments it will soothe the most terrible and
excrntlatiog paroxysms of pain, cramps, and
-spasms. No matter what the pain may arise
from, .this marvelous remedy will, in a few
moments, give ease and comfort to tbe af
flicted. Radway's Resolvent Is for the cure of scrof
ula, humors, nodes, sones of all kinds, syphilis,
bronchitis, and all diseases that have become
established in the system, whether inherited by
hereditary descent, or inoculated by impru
dence or exposure. It is in cases where phy
sicians have failed, and other medicines will
do no good, where Radway's Renovating Re
solvent proves its superior efficacy. In simple
maladies, each as er-ptton of tbe skin, pus
tules, tetters, rash ring worm, saltrbeum, and
diseases arising from impure blood, it will cure
in a few days, and all chronic diseases it is
sure to cure in a short time.
Radway's ReguZators are In the form of
pills, and are an improvement on all other pills
in use. It there were not qualities in Rad
way's Regulators superior (o all other pills, it
would be folly fer us to introduce them. There
are many excellent pills in the market, but
there are none that possess Such wonderful cu
rative powers, developing new medicinal prin
ciples like Rldway's Itegulators. If you desire
a purge take one or two of Radway'sRfgula
tors, by their use the weak become'strpog
the tick healthy and those who take thin are
i ' . ' fit. . i a - .-Lit. ;
01CIICU pviiu a. uapp uun ui sMttae
TanatirnertfanrrieaSilrf-.Il does not beiln aad end
- - ,
brsiisplr ova a niter, or dUchirxUr tte
redness er lscunmaitoa rrom cnime. uu ium wu
trarr, It slnsf, with ttu U of seara Met tea, to tae
ereMtt ctMt at lbs Umm, la ttt Sell, tk fitrtf, and
thaUrrer Wood vesseli, and upelw It.
Sold at the manslactorr. Ka. SO X.ldo Lane, 2ew
Tork. and tr aQ drorxim, at 15c., e , and SI per pot.
If tbs man whe took a Colt's Hepeater (rea mvorer
rst.t i VrmftMi. lamttim la. Kit Utt. dots tot I
rc,Hi. . . -r- '
all aasu to Hem a th pallle prists U taeh, nuaoer 1
a. will not U atrteibl. to Mm, aad I wm alio ttk ier 1
meararts artlait aim. Ho U kaowu tola. and seIat
tipect escape.
Soracrvllle Model School.
Tn nest (Tenth) Sen tea ortka Tesnx LadlM SXadVt
School, at Somen Hir, Teas , wul emneae ItOS-
DAT, th 7th tf September nzt, tnder tb eoatUHad
sopervlilsa el A. K. Stem.
Br oidtr of ths Board ot Tnutees.
hox. j. o. Hcxpinirrs.prtsn.
Enix Diexistoa.SeCr. tiS-davSca
Should IVe ever he Aflllcten
mib that tonaenttas coepialnt, Tmt aad Axm, w
shesld at oce trdrr una ot th Soaia Amnietn Fntr
and Agt Remedy, prepared tjG A. LxaaAKO. Stw
Tori. K perton, eipjaed to th cait Mch predate
It, thoaUbc.vHheallt. As aprevesUT. ttu oseaaU.
odf aad at a resoari'vordrar laaaeqnat to erp'reoS'SIa
vala. Try H, ail yaa wha aw asstattd, aad teWUy ta tte
traUi ( ht v taf. It caa h ha-l at thf at th re-
aeeuM starts ta tats tlu ot th eoaaary .
S fcts a4trtltait hi taotaer part cf sal papr.
A "Word to the AffliotetL
TT1K "XaP.rOtTSTO.fIC" l luv retitdtd Vj aB
eleatiae men ta b sspetltr to aar preparation ever he
tare preseaW to mtfiirtat hnmosiy, bjr Its cer.oW
r&Uiif ladaaaee gaat tjmXtm. ta oaupttttftj' ta dav-
eaMlstiaMatd. Aad ta la tTKHtpMad ta rrpetted
attuka of CXiltl, Tatr end Jove, or aae xtad t TtxtT,
this remedy shoaU, by aB BMaai, h aaed. Aad to tbott
Tealduxta' acUimsUc dittrl ti, wear dhwar ot lUr
efcanctrr ar always taetcUat toth eHmaS sfcer shanU
aTr a antaaot It.
Cholera, Diarrhea, Bloods Flux,
SiC, &c.
THEKB te BO aateat that prsHrates heeiaa lils ta
to saart a tlm. aad that readers tbe" triteta anna
otoas of ih nciedus whea appltrd, at thee; aadtc
taorafon teearet all pertaai wha vala tbir UreadetKr
thaa aai thtes tU, wmemhef that "day ar daar
oai." As aoan as yea tri th snrhnt tyiaetoeiaf
Dltrraea. eal fr a Battle at Sledee'a Choitra or Diar
rhel Syrup, oae dt t vhiea, tf takea ta flaw, vBI -HcTeytu.
Ufm'a.bfT, lal no alttjydrUrd hani
ter as we have ta tvMeaeas to sra sua taat. All we
til It a trial.
For Colds, Coughs, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Consumption, &c,
at tbe above ar for tale at aB tae Drar Stoiat, aad 9fm
eaqalrr may he Naa) ta aB tha twat aad Witts.
J. M. SLBBOE a. CO.,
Sal FiawtM, ateaipaU, fetw..
Tawhaai aB cedT atatt hw iSamied. iyd
THE STAB GALLSRT av aocrt tn czarMlfea th
Sactt cafiteUan at OIL PAINTINGS ot aayGaBtrrla
tie caastrr.
The IMPERIAL PHOTOGRAPH la oae at the teadtas
pMant ot th day. Vad oaty tT PARE ac PEP
LOW, The HALLBOTTPE the soft -waadcrrei ptetar evtr
Bade caa h toca at the Star Cillery. Had at ae
other Gallery la taccMy. Gaotetbcia. mjll
White Teeth, Perfumed Breath
and Benutiful Complexion,
OAS bo aeoaired by atbx th '-Balm or A TliOV
SAKD FLOWEas." Watt lady r rtBlrraua waaM rr
raila aar ta carte at a dstatrertata breath, wfeea, ajr
ctlas tbe " Balm or A TnsutAXo Plowesj" aa a
dcstrrSee, vwDaset aa trader It tweet, hat (tenth
teeth whit at atabtttar iliay pcrtaatt do Ml kaov
their breath U bit, and the teaieet It aa dtlicat their
friM"i war Bern EMOtfca It. Beware ot etaaterteHs.
Sc sar each bottle 1 taratd,
JBTBI9GE i OO., Xew Tafk.
yT Ftr ittobr aH Prnsatatt. apl"-ddly
JVoilii Alnbama, Middle Tennes
see and Xorth Mississippi Trade:
THE DBB0O8AT. HaBttTBte, Altbaau, pahttthed hf
J. Withebj Clat, Bdl.tr aad rneriettr, 1 nearly
thlrty-ava year M, aad It raaeh tbe Urgrtt paper la
North Alabaaui, aad Hi proprietor beMevtl K In the oMctt
aadhiitbcvletat aadsiott stecral ctimUtaa tf tor
Alabama paper ta the Soathcf a otaatlet ot Mas Tea
aeitce j the cuaatlct at Jacataa. DeKAB) Uadbea, Mar
tha!!, LiBMttcac, Mrgii., Bloaat. Banooek, Lawiiacc,
Laadcrdaie, FraasMa aad Walker eaaatle, la .iiahiaa,
aad th Nortbwa ooeatto of Mtttttilppt. .Idmtiar
nmiiiMttttkcMEMriilt ArrEALOSc; a-HhJaarrt
Perm, Eq., ar farwaracd direct!) w "Tit Democrat.
IhHltmlle, Ala.," promptly Inserted at rtatoatM tat.
April 2. 1867.
Woodland Cream,"
A POMADE ftr beaatUyrBf the HAIB-httaly per
lasMd, tarerior le any Preach artMe haparttd, aad ftr
halt th price. Fr dirts leg Ladies' natr It has aa
oqatl, girlBt It a brMht, s!ofr appfanaee. Iteaaart
Geatl-uKa'a Hair to carl la th autt aataral mtaxar.
It reBMves daadrea, always (tvtas tha Hair the appear
anea of betas freth thaaHMoed. Price osjy fitly orata.
Keae (en ate e aalet sisaed, FBTBISQR a. CO.,
Proprietors at the "Bita ot a Taos sad Fiowert."
tST Pr uie by aB DrestUt. tplT-deodty
2G Madison Street. Dp Stairs,
2IarIneIaJUrance Companies La?OTfft
Exchange and Xote Broker.
I wlB attend to the seeattatloa of aB
For Spring and Summer of 1857,
XUEGAN'T Unrs, Maletkbi aad Cutis ere HATS, re
ceiTed at Trn BATON'S, 15 Front Bow. where tboes la
waat ot a taper aad fatbloBabte BAT wiH please cxH.
Otaitaatly oa hand asd receirlae the tarfeat aad Saett
Itoct ot SOFT BATS ia the city at
f eSt TTH EATON'S. IS frost Bow.
" A ckantt far a Fortune vcitkavt Labor."
Towjo. Lots;R AILROAD
Jk.litLA.AS AH,
Improved and racist Lots In anil near Mem
phis, and Lands in Shelby county, Teen.
TnB CDBBSKSKBO, betas about ta tmbark la a
a.wa-M ef -alrrprue, re.airtar a Itrse capital,
tatdnemiaedtocletreatailewprlre aad oa farart
ble ttirat, th eatlre Bit ot property hertta aarafd. to
which he lat Ilea Iho parUcab r aitcBtlta f partie with
lot to parcate R ch aad heavily llevbrred beHesa
land, eanttttia: of the fetlowiBS bodies or choice Genoa
Laadt, cantQUy terrcted by experieaord locaiort ia the
year IS3S. abore arerSow, to-wit .
1.02U 43-100 acio, beiar la oae txWj, on the Bait bank
ol Btcr.fiib ttr o. froatms 1 K raUe oa ttld btTea, aad
wlthia X ot a mile of St FTtBCit rtrrr, betas putt of
aectietitlT.SI.SI andSS, la Toaathrp 4 Xerth, raac S
Bait. Crlttendea coaBty
(It 31-109 acre lust; la oae body, mat ar IK mile
on the Eatt aak ef the St. Fraacit rlrer, be4er Bait
rraetitatl hilf ot Kdioa 24, la towathip 4, Xolih, raasc
4. Bait; aad Welt half at section IS, la towsthip 4
Xor h, m so 5. Eatt, Crltteodaa eteaty
TtSacret, lyiag la ea body, as bath tries of the eat
oOT Icadiac frura CearLakcto M. Fraacit tirer, bU-
ptrlt ot tectloBi 17 ae IS, tu Towathip 2 North, Baaf
5 Eatt, CrltteaaVa ceaaty.
"39 aerft, corset I f oa St. Fnaclt rtrrr, betas the
wttthalf of teetiea IS, la Towathip 3 North, raateS
Eatt, Crittcadra e saty.
Tjiacmoa Burnt Caae Bayoa, X ef a mBe from St.
FianrUriTer betas raits K atctioaiSS. 20. 31 aad as.
ia Towathip 6 North, rar 6 B.t (t Urte qaaatliy ot
Itoe ntntt iteaveTOO latt tract ) urttterw n uiuatr
24 Si-lOfacrri, treat rar; w ararleooSt.FraactsrlTer.
the Senthweit fractional mutely at tectkn 14, la Tawa
saip 4 North, ranse 4 Ettt. CrKtenJea coanty.
3!0 acres oae mile toelhw tt rrom Jit. Yeraoa, St.
Fraaort connty, beinir th- Soats halt ot tectloa 29. Town-
ihlp S North, rtage i East.
ISO arret tit L'Aazaiile rlrer, toot ot Defeat RMz.
aad jnemUefreaSt. Francu Rlrer. betar the North
east qnarter ot tectitn 6, la Towruhlp 2 North, ranee 4
Etf t, aad m St Francis cosnty.
32a arret, terea railea from Neely't Ferry. St. Fraacit
rlrer, and Are BUM Northeatl I roai Valaat Came, be-
1 .L- V k 1. . 1 . . I . e ..U. X . - k
AITS u-if .1 ll., KOI , AHwura, J .mis,
nKc SBUtt. la Poiasctt ceaaty.
lSdacret.3aiUeaNoTtkwetrrra Neelr's Ferrr. tad
4 mart Bt.it of TaInot Caop beiartho Satttawett qnar
ter af temta 19, la Townrbtp S North, raate 3 Eatt, aad
is Pitatett coaly.
ICO aere. 5 Bile Soathwett of BrowMTrBr. Prairie
ceaaly; the Somhwctt quarter of teetiea 23. In TewtuMp
2 North, Bunre S Wett. nearBy llmeer-d.
40 acre, near Browntnnc, rraiila (coaly. neaTBr
Tavern. Rant and Lot In thecttr ot 3a Arc, Prairie '
ooaaty. tt pretest ttccapied by (fa Bct. Ut. Garret. Ia
the emtio of bttion. .
Store TIaate aad Lot. Ml 159 twaittry flame, new
nader rent to a rxtd teaaat
4 Tacant Lota, tJJetotnr.W x ISO each.
00 acrei la Shertry cedaty Tensette, rrsatlar the
If itil'tippt rlrer 12 ralK beraw Jf rrapLl by rlrer. 9 br
land ; hen lly Uarbtred aad JMBiaK Else a Strain's land
K acrca choice woodlaad, 4 mBe frura Jtemphii, is
Ihi Bradshtw tract, Sherby ceaa y. Tens.
4) acreaoa Ftnt Areaae. Seath ot tbe ret Ur nee of
John Trl'K, and Laaderdtlc ttreet, roauaned.
6 acres aad dwalllsy, on Laaderdtlc atreet. Sonth of
Orerton tract; highly ImproTtd, with a rartety of rar
trait tree and thrabbert-
naseandLot on Beaia strret.Aortnfl-ie. ortmnffit
on hsadred f ett East ut Second ttreet 0 feet rant by
ISO feet deep. Boated to a twl trrunt.
Sertral leaiet or lmprond preperty. hartnx S and 10
years to ran, tllattrd on Mtln ttreet and en Sbetby- ttrrct,
between eTnRin sed Qayoto streets.
For maps, plans or other it fennitlon apply by roaB, cr
persaaaSyto juu. v.t.-..av Jt.-,
Jteaiiiui., iniimrc, ot
lf. TATT, Real BtUt Acrnt,
Canneran'a Block, Stats Street. aCemp&ls.
.Application may be made to
JfHn, St. Francis Co., Arks.
Jnrj 4-twtwlnv
w. r. rxocoriT.
Cotton anil Grain
General Commission and Forwarding
triiaLXSALZ suusi lit
Vroilucc and Grocers,
Paints, Paints.
WniTS lead, Llnecd Oil, line White, Taratihet,
Palni ln DU and Colors, Petty, Palat and Taralih
Braihet, and Palatert' Tools. For tt'e wholcale and
retail by " ITABD S..JONKS,
langl iw SlMtln street.
Wheat Wanted.
V uuneit niarxet price pain or
JcSiawJm . GATKS. rTOOaSiMcrNl'
WIT. S. JlCX VTTi of New Organs. tcrtraes at Prt-n-r
tc onr honie tram and titer thiyite. Stjlt ot
th Sim a erttfif r. V
Xesphls, July 1, 1SS7. f jsi-dawla
T rr t. SRVl Vn ifk'a clae aa' Jczian
streeCur, nudltb serba rooms, iar and
atoaf-boeffs, tflorwe!f and elatera witer,
with tea tcm ot land and 11m orchard, tor SSC0
per annsa, rar one at &M ftau.
! rnns ruuc or rHiuJ.va. raais is taiid.rdi-
L JL Sol4T4ntaI eaaKst, XrTtrTti'lU ca laoe
r&ibsilnMt, and wlleotfct B4btdatte 1st ana.
aad uuu aH of Us lutuuln. rilELON.
Jon f , 1S57. Wat. FABBJ3.
from th atmr K will ba t-ra I have sou out mr IB'
y.rri. titx r,Urt!i tna tb taUJi. I rtta-n bit
taanka ta th peMie (or totir uberal pMroaaav.aod bop
Iter W " w T,V?c't - .-..
ir -Ki i
ejiHlllCVM A'fffiaO
or a
Valnibic Lot in South Memphis. J
X Meatpsl. recdererf KortiaUr Tvras. iBSS, (tad r
aeved t Mr Teira. 1S9T.) la the eaae ol Sfteij T. Wat
son ts Datl Bostrt aad othere. I wUt,
On Wednesday, August IS, IS 57.
Ia (rest of or aOes tatn dlj ( SkaphlJ, proceed to
sell to th attat t Mddar,
A Valuablo Lot of Ground.
la 89tn XeraBbM. kaowa aad daattaated oa th pltt.
ihmot at It N'o. 8. la Block Ma. 7. ftoattll Teae.
is street auir feet, aoa reaata tack to Oat iter mart
m luiwJ i IwMf Ifri
Traits: ThahTBwa4loBedpmerlr iatsld oa
A Credit of Seven Months,
r'arfhawrtsexentaKBd.vlta approve! arcuttr. aad
a Ha rttateasVapaa US pieoUMi. Jtikht ot ndtmptiea.
36 HS a LvlXirS. Oct and afaiter.
jjts-ljwid srK. a. Paarxn,jaB. c. fcir.
Knttm ftC Pfirtnarehln '
TUB StTBSObIBEKS hav thit da -catered latapart
aeftMpBadertht bibw aatf style t "Jtaeaoa a.
JatV irtaparpoaet eeBtaMaaatk Wholetaio aad
ltitl 0U4( t3d ruraiilHDf oru, tt fae M ttoad
at Keller aaatoa. X. 2 Otark't XtrM Btoek. attlq
trret, itaapM, Teas . aad waaM asatt rwp-t'tiir 1
vKataacsatosiars or taaak! erta aad Hm paMic to as
xaauaauea ot oar stock aad prscas
Jalr i. tSS7. rrs-dl
Mspeclai Notice.
Kvji ordtr to aat sooa tn aer KB aad Wtator Stock,
T i.'we haB caaiiao te tSVr ear tatie stock at
Furnisliing Goods,
To Otaa pasaaaters at actoafratt.
ioHKSO.V i Jim.
IjS-dlBl Ko J OMVl WatUe BtMk. X tea street.
at Joa
It. taet airtat atthn.lljtolt th e.Ht af Joka
. trmu. jn. ar riayat-a taprettat sag at
th l.tc dtreett. aad taca ladclMrd to the out will
plett aa.etoiward aad eta wila She TMiilieiltaed.
lyf-dSa SVSkS KVZ3SHK, Xvtatrli.
. Mile., S. St Cut tide r XHa street
OaVat ap
t. a. aosMcar,
jxo. s. rorx.
Late at Btywvod oa.
T. B.
Cotton Factors,
TTo. 3 Madison St.,
Memphis, Term .
WILL ttare aai tell Cotton at 15 ceatt per bale.
Catteo. tar rethiptaeat forwarded at 50 ceat per '
Jy dawly
SZa-. ' .' fi i f tr rB1d?ettQfI-
rTIHB Baraeta pirtiet who hire parcaated froeaat
X. Btctrs arn3, auoe cy steirat a jttma, ar aa
taratty ratareaavd la every retail lti&s taeir Sr aor
qaalttiet. W taTrre tartt tach. at wen at the paa
ik raactaBr, ta aa Iwpirtlaa af 31 r. S. afcBaaa.' 31
at tiaaa train tba rain of hi Man, coaaaaud Tharrdty
raaroavsv Jea H.
ASHtteaa taabookt tad laer valaablea were restored
frost la Sale p.ir to tt abaadoaateat to taa bara
stz tasWU't yet the lew loate papwt left ia tt, aad ta
aaatamred aad perfect aotdltloB ot the Interior, at tU
raetaeSly eataUtta tit taperior Flre-Praot qoahtlet at
tficfe th bk had beea allowed to restata
law Sar refi-rred tu any be teea oa tae tea walk, la
feaatat aarttoret. So. 1J4 It Feaat Bw Xeraaai.
f6 daw LOWNBS. OBfitLL S- CO
O. O. TOWSirjtD.
K. wmrasosE.
luimuuivi; tv ii jj.iAji.vJXj-1,
Commission and Forwarding:
Ad. 4 Bdnfc Bronte, 3 datrt Jrea BnHeMnOgUe.
T TTE ttk this BMthed of hMorala Iho pahrtc that we
I Y T are ttUl tcsetac.- ia the tXjTWN FACZearR AC B
! BUSINESS, aadrtaraaerBKi.tlacerc tatatt tat the
I. patroan, bettaw npoa aa aariac ta rata two years i
aad hope, by ttrrct atleatlaa la hatlatu, ta recelT the
tapptrt ef car fora-r frt- adt, acd at aaaay Baare at may
, think proper to srr a a trial.
Cot too rot tu a wltt be ooTerfd by laiaiaaca, aaleit
tbcralta kMlraded.
W th, star aad eeH Gt!ei at SS oeratt per bale. We
ar aloe prepared ta sate aB ktaui at Prtdaot ; aad ear
chars fer tetttae aad itenay, SM per ceat.
CeaHtnUy oa haad aeoad tapety af Btsatar, Rape aad
Go-Partnership Xotice
T HAVE taaidayatteclttedwtlaBteta the Whalutlt
X Grocery aud Ctwiralttlow Batraett. atr. wa a.
Saotr5, fee pre latt See year la aty esaaley Th baoi-
a-t ta tatar is ac otaductad awarr the ttyle at S B
Jtataat. JHy I, tSST. raS-tf
i3"Btajad BaHirr, coay.
$25 Reward.
LOST, Tt-TiT, between the oem-r f Oeart a reel
aad Proat Bew aad the corner ef A'atoi aad Jt ia
t.ieett, twa $60 Mile aa th Bak t Traaetree. The
abor reward wrB be paid for thtr aerleerr at the I tort ot
iyTiilw TOBD k. GO TER. mat Bow
A JJECaO BOT, ttsteaa or tetaateca yeus aai.
Wheat Sacks of Osnaburgs,
Anchor Bolting Cloths,
Tof ether wtita mtay other tbctoaad oraaBtcatal trti
elci, tar aai by
JjT-Jl TT. B 31ILI.gR.
Partnership Notice,
WW BITCQ1B, htetnr. atttchated the iatrmt
. lata Stoat n the Hardware Here ef X. H. Steal
& Brother, thebatta wU. eniBinrter here Her aader
the ta aad tly.e ut N H. STOCT, BBOTHRR X CO
Tha acw Sraa win aty au cUlmt aad tettfc- aU accaaatt
dfeiheoktSrs. X R. STOUT,
Meaphlt. Tean.. July 6. 1SS7. JrT-lw
SharttU Rente from, tht Sauthcm to (At .llnulir
Cilitt, by Railroad, from Giiro, na
fS aad atter .MONDAY, Jon 5
1ST. Trains wsHraa
at fjstwi:
.iiJ.1. . 7. v ZT w '"J'
CINCINNATI uSllAJt.; ear bear f dtaaer oa the
"e r i
8 14 r M. ; iweaty attaaiet for tSjfer : arrlre at BalU-
not it 3 A M aest B.raaM. at rasueeiaati turn,,
aad New Tork at C r X
OOBBODATION wm loir Ctaciaaitl at 1:69 p m.,
' AC-
piar, at aa ttatraa. Amtc at iikttteMih at 6:15
r. at ; CfilBraiae .t S5 r. at., aad Zalctkt at lo.3
r. at.
wtu let re Ciac.Battl at 7:30 r. M . oa hear far brett
fait oa tbe tteaarer JeAa Back at S:li AM.; arrle tl
Grafteaat I 39 r. at .aadBiMlsMrt tl J:3i A. tt.,cext
Patteazers takfeti tali rente wBT. tan hate in tliae,
ataacetBdcerarert. too win set betatseet ta freqEcat
caaatet r cut, aad the ritk ef Ettt tear enrcellni, at
ether rear e.
Bitjut checked throagh t BiBrmert, PMladeraaia,
watwHttaa vtiy aaa jttw zctk
Tbreath Ticketa caa be obttraed at tire Ceawny't
Office aader the Sceaccr Bense, aad at the Ticket OrBee at
the UIU Miami Depot.
J3" Atk for near ti tit Xartetta.
JOHN F0G8TTT. Oea-ral Ticket Agent.
J. B. GIBBONS. General Area. Jp7-dly
S'-5 llevrard for the Thief.
STOfJfN frera the taeacrlbert. Briar; at tre laartV-a
ot lb Jtcaipau aad Oaarleiten BaBroad aad Baal
street, ea Sttarday aatht, 4th rati., a targe SarreB Xare
Male, with markief httae en bip. back a BKIe ta",
ntaae aad tall bare beea reached aboat two meatht ; tiM
male it between aerea aad Msbt yeara of as
Th abore reward wBI be pari fer apprehenseaa ct the
thief, rrSIOoa the dcttTcry t the male- at the shore
aimed place.
iyT-dtmawlt MASON i. BBOOC?.
Kentucky Jeans and Linseys,
aar Mala ttreet, Mempbft
Botanico Medical College.
TtlK Twelfth Annul Cesne of Led tin n tbtt wen
' eiUbHihrdBeformed JCidtol CoaVee, wtrl cammeaee
ea the FIRST J40NDAT IN NOTXMBEB, 1847, and ri
continue sixteen wtckt.
AmDle bnudintt, wel'-tclected chf mlcatand nbBaionhl-
ctl ipparaiat, an cxtentlre loaloralcal aad patbeletietl '
mn.-eun. anx ut tecs aaa tncetsttsi experience ot a
fan torp t rrofetaors, wilt lninre a I)crai.and contprr-
ncntiTr tacuteai tutnaiHa.
G. tr. MORROW, U. V., Prefeiasr of Auteay asd
L. D. SOBLTQN, U.V, ProrrtMr of Tieorj and Prae
Ute. 3. P. CUTLER, If. D., Prsfcuor ot Chealitry asd a edi
ct i i anpraurnce.
HUGH QD1N. U. D.. Professor of Ohsttttiei and Llv-
caita of 'Women and OhUdren. '
yf B. MORROW", at. D., Prtt ettsr ot Materia 3tedlcx and
T. O. GATLE, Jf. D-. Professor or Iattltntrs aad Prae
tlce ef Snrsery.
Tickets to Lectures.. $30 00
Jf atrlealation Fee............ S Oil
Giadntllo Fee.. so 00
For'f anker lalonaitloo. see aanoancesent in namphM
'ona. Addreia T O. GATLB.
Seas of th ficaftr.
Mrmptls,'Tcnn., IzSj 6 1SST. Jy7-dawlsi
TUB ptrtserihip ln the n-Ureor theLtw, here tof iro
cxlttlnr; bttwvta SHrin, TreadwcU It TeWotLle,
U this day iujolted, Jatrl,IS37
W". X,, TH0Ttt4. T40LHST1I JC
A TTORNBTS AT LAW. HempeH, Tran OSce. Ho.
A. lJtfr-rton street, ap ttajrs, second door Ettt of
CcurSrcltl nteL . iaSHUwlT
itoUtliJtsSa, jr.-
laVM. -it - , . . .. .aaaaaaa. M
u. brtot' k. Co., "
1 J 7-Jw Sa. 8t Froat Bow. i
KUVVJIjIj OWr.AXJLiXA.SJ.a tJUva ibti tlre.lltors of tViiiraaa.
Art premptlT rd by
. ttaaPiawOdxsaofii ofliuags.
X sirac"csr SairSwl-"
Trieste 0rIeans- Jl
ity anrtStS'';j;:
jlnd ttatt o)
TTTZ vltt aH H SalBiaaRami Hlh
VV hitf at she wB llin rtaaW
IIbIui aad 3- eoBd tret. IW Saaiaaa
V it k.m thhmleawBdlB 1,11 ikhuMa
laadatdoluiittevAeisaair rerm. wsaaa
tafcagaod. B A. HONTeomtf'
By X. 0. OA'
Jr9 bit Aactl-T9 ud Beat
aygatle and BBquirer aooy.
Insurancf Paid n the House aetl Lot
TtTESDAT. Jalr tbe I tea. aa tae I
!!? Ia IM mats aa Beat rM aw.
MO feet.
Tn. HoaaeosBialuaiiz rooau, a im4 tuahac aedaaW
aat.hoase oa IhaoreBSSM Set mlu. Viaii aaaf
.cvah,takeaeaeaB4 two i.gasaina
AeeUoemrs aad Baal Saiato sjr nan.
lr& d
No Ground Kent.
I WILL. irKos SATORDaT, 1j Hh, at aa
Six Houses and Lots,
at the )sct'a ot tbe oM aad sww Baksak lead.
tr k&otb as tusaMa laws, me aaiii
at tha heet Kali ibia Oeaerv M a
reildiswi at raawd w pmaw (i
i saanseaSty awgaSn saasea hwsmuI
' Wutar Tu iMtl. wttaaaA Tbkm aad
i 6aiahuallaaBraaMaSVMIt. tee far
taa wa M la Mhat tk Hi.
O Jfirw nafsim;
i aaertta;
3 9bt(b((ss aPSaVj
See 1
! ncaaa Biatirtai
i saauaasni
I UtsMala Wats Hand I
Par tiic 30 yr ca krta thaa com at
For Hire, a. i r.
Xtaw W31AX. a.sidiea wvaitcf IS as.
8a hat lw caiHiai. asaS t-ae aad a t-M
Sim r a. J. a. s p. m.
itJL. av
B IMSJ an Mill l OW mmt l.rsr MS af
rarOQerr. aad ecaaw Sar lata taaM caaf.
tea, at SI per yari ;
BvaaaH oa aisecu. "
lp.al Tteee-rV. SarSae aad Otaaa
pate, at varlaat Irtwi.
Par or Mf can hasare u St JBaV,
laata IS Mata-at.
Fifteen Per Cent. Swl
! )t
I ' 'trrrd
BT law mr farai' v- at Mel
CO.'t Set e tsi JtrH tfjwlg seat
' ' 1 im See ttV- Sy racaaanr a,M
ar rassiuiu rtiasinui
I pverat. Ha taaaiM at.l ) rlcr.. saerck
iho extra ut taeir tdl c
andean at XellNNBT ti 00.1
Mnt. IM Xtaa tinat, x.
Will Always be Taaad la TlaKaUlnaaa.
TjZBgoyS aUhlar w taov what aviVa ttJ.
X wBM aa assy waat ta bay tor aay
arst aa mm ta Sad U ta lb last eataaa
PASML aituraawa,aaw taw yasVSI ShaSaaaSjif
at looksac aBaver ta stpor.
ABaaaSaeottuti -aft to at wB !
faUy aad with dMpatch.
OMIcc MadlMS Street, ftM Rew.
lna Fire and Inland lfwrisj-u
tion Insurance CeKipswsy,
Hartford Fire In.Hrace C..
capital and sctsplcs,.
Charter OaJc Life Snmrcati.ee Cm.
'nOUCIBS kwatd en rwieatl
X Mr i4)td tat Jiiatllly ad.
laz Soar rauaa, C tchca aad .triat
K . tt
Stable, sac wu ot water, aoa ttz a
l.aa, wilt tot OS choice halt tr
a mt tt" ' ibfe
StttaatHi.'- -IH
aaDrt fraaa oaart sasu.
t 'eta
Aaatyla J. B. CH.L W ,. i
c)iaatpg S rural, ktteaaa. cental'. r. a. - an
ciralltnt ctetrn. with abtaa iaree-roT--h f . t ef
! r -r-V "- - j-" th d j Malt. IWwii
srna let aeattaiS ir A httsata caa awl
Aparta i.
ft ran ...nini tmiwrn araat .
aero. a laarne ' tnaate oa taa i
th retlaiacu t Jaa Barrle
wrewrdwrlaStre tlasasa SB th aBrlaarat
Walker tticet, aw the Brat lea) aa rat SSBttuawe
PUakBaad. rat mat taafy m ,
J. B. na
Charles Goeggel9
3-1 JefTerson Street.
T7BOKaaiaawledsaadexp-rieaa mt
V raanewetlag aad Parkittirc, 1
tataa tact I wui be aaer, ty do adlrairaa
te, ra a sreat aaratare, saett la waata af I
lly rpaaeaili rtat awpartrarat wUba araan i
with aa ertloetef jtattreat. aaa aaiiiaa,wi
ray owa satk. aad watch I wtmat t staa :
31 j ravasraas ha beta tereeted treat tht
tafiet, aadwarraatadot ta- Bret aaasy.
I thrt StT aaetf the aaaras ta call aad
pa'caa'tati. aa I aaaaiSiiailatd ta tail say tea, aad test
low rar rath.
Carta! ot the Meat Preach trylea. aad Sen- Mat
treeaet ande by order. Ahto, rMaalrtar aad Tarawa ia
aea'lrdtme ja
Marshal's Sale-of VathMlrk
laeer of TT. B flat tl k Co aad
saatseea, award trwSae-Federal C-rt
State, at jaSknatTUiai n" I wtu
ed ea the Watt Si wMlem av Bill's MaSs
iad V 3. ta'fdtM, trart, r,d aa th Ba Bptae
flSraarteer, as tt Arawtroaa'a S.aw acre tract 1 aad
levied ea at tbe property ot taul Saaaptaa to j
The thai t trtel ht wen ilMhiiet. St
aaa ifflr rtawi ttti t eeeraew.
8. JtrCLAMABAat.
B. S Mttaaat W. T.
STKeter St SVTirMcaa AtSarft
XanRerd Oil.
BLS. tHiii'd IM receterd aa
Sin I a faaatahlr terra ta She taada
aaraakja .
Imported inr;er TVlne.
EA .'' 9 rareed Wtaiir Wat St aexe aB
J J aaat ataeaaeieaareea taa ear aa rw
jwt J.
Cherry Brautly.
CbTfT Bracdy, a aaty
aud Sar tale ay
EdiUd by Robert J. Yancey.
TBB aadiroeaw d. at the llcttaliaa at tht ttraa aad
the ratajr wartu pertaaal asd trcarary fmadiiat the
Aad. at-, ha raraalltafi wtth awhrhf
ed 1 y tae dtetated htai tetf bisat t he death, ata
te c lleet aatt aaaUth ala
Coinplete Focnis,
AaaMta.w.teetrtetd arrtaseiiaili wk
I ,,nt VM,V caa V: ccoMaaaaratid. TV week wSB be j ,a 1 1
i eatl ia the arpeaMSnaa sail; aad a rutH
et.r.evl, fee. Me sreat aad wterdr .
tantr tu n-.i-n... ae h.elaw re. eta. S i
matnr tt lb awet asal-hed wislutet
caa Calaa that they will at with a
tk-a tra the paMht.
Tharasaaie waV otataia naarrr
Tlireo Hundred Pages.,
aad neeated SB the awtt
Sle-ast a Brl Ifwem Style af Tyfiosyapiy.
FmS aBlnli 1 1, wtth a
Sup orb Steel Bsgraviag1,
A fa Jfcaifr ttkraeet the tether.
The pries of tia vslame lias besa Szsdl at $3.
CJ- JtawWlw ly rrcereed by the wawteittaii,
aA toe JIOBNINS BCLLKTt.N' OrtCSL MadVon taaeet,
Mtraphl. Teaaeteee, aad by sach ath ti t aa eeaaeasajaa.
tactlltatHHUt eartr I aalHalran, aaay lauiil. aaaaaslir
le b detiawated.
bobbbt j. TANCavr.
Xeraahl. JBBe38. trT.
To the Traveling Public.
TBB ratdrretf art are raaaraK a, aae ex S
Pott Ooacae frera Taeaasersta, Ala,
Teaa , atitras do ceaaeetkta wttar te
Obarlettaa Batlrd at 1
aad AMaau Bailread at 1
threesh esterase, Ata, Lawn
Tens., aukrac the trip
TromTturamMa toKashTillo iH
Tats it Ihetaertett, beat. aad CBUCA
Xeesaea t tfteUte.
Freni Mtmahiit Tatctnabtt ..-ti
- TattoiabU te NatetriB 5
TeatakebMa enaaictlta. leae jtratpata era Jtfeadtr,
paS-Saidaw CABTBB. TBOatAB St nSBOW.
What the Press Says.
"The ear?? expected wntka af air Bocrtra. Sara o.
ot a etait la oar dty i Ire Caae Bxa wham a fa
Beslon I aeVaaere raark-d wtth the iaaa.'wM.af oar it-
Uua 1 Mi at itr. Bawea " XaHowtt jominietr
Bowen's Central Africa.
sstbbal COCMTpara ur -is a
Frara 1849 to 1SSS.
BY T. 1 BOVKrfj
1 TtL. I3ara ,JS9 pares, wtth ta BogtieedMipedJaaatt
0tKat 8BO. PATTISeMT & tXS,
1S S Mate ttreet. near BtaStea.
jr. W Watson Co.,
Xo. tl Court street,
Ti Be to remrn iBaaEt re were men aaa: tree
ia tberL fer taeir liberal a.troaaee lar tafei
te.n. aad I areatrat them that they bar sweet
elegiat aad refect V-ct t CBaad liar aad Faare
Fixtsresimn F K Clark & Ca . aad J B. Mllrraua 3d
Oa , tn-1 littetKl W te-s a to! rapaiy of a- ttrrt f Klx.
ts-. a fer baaea and pvbfK baaWtnsa always ea hand,
N . AB Work warm ted. J
-1 -.
atk ma mm .
fi aat aanaai aw
Kir. 1.
ft s w. ss.
, ,
aaBa BaaaaaTSaaaraTaaTr.
Te lira
aaa arifrrrV
She Aea-
trtceharr sWssaraietsCr
Fsas lealj aaa, .
COUMIS'I-ONBU ftr the Orart of GUhss at wsassai-t t
tea City; t
CaaatlMleaer far Ttklss ot Testtraaay sa th BeKlt
SUtet Dbtrlet Gearrs I " "'
Notary Pa'tte, and Oerarnl tltorr ot Dccda lar ad the ...
St aad Terrttotle. S
Pnatpt aad ipectat stteetlea w be paid to teasac f Ti
TeetlaieDy os CoTOoraraaa treat other Stars, tad ttrkH l
atleatioa wBI be pa d tn eerttmec the taatels aecatdiafce
with taeStatnle of the Stat where they are tobTaU
Ian S-dlm i W W
SJ-achmoadEaaalrer Ta I Courier, Ckarlettu.
C 1 ixmttttatioaantt, Aantta. Oa. Pretsva. New
Iraaij aaa Dcraocrat, Ilaa-srwr. ra., atinw
pitsiina. Deceased
fO tatgetted lb laterresaF t Balaf
, O.Pti8,dcead,l- ra Ceaaty t oyt
UBJj. nai Ire tt hereby ! tarhe rrHm&t
laid etlat td ate tteir ctliai, daly aoaewiourtr. wtta
th Clerk t tiii Caort an or Dtrore uh ia orvvm
xt.furpra rata. unrio'"-
. IS.
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