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"ZK appeal n siecuuT Diicoiraitra jlt the
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Orricx xriT at SicimatD, otatirttr theH
srostiaix roa. m Loiirs ieii jut occra.
rSTDAT H025ING, AUGUST 28,1857.
Daily Circulation
The first iroa bone that ever talced the
echoes in oar neighboring SUte, Arktr.sat, is
tbe " LrrTix Rock which blew the first blast
boa hit tea.ra whistle day before yetttrday,
cn the shore opposite oar city. He was regu
lar!) harassed, and ran oat to the end of tbe
road, fiozse five miles, and is designed lor the
contraction train. This Is a substantial evi
dence of the progress of this great work,
which is demised to link Ms with the shores of
the Pacific Ocean.
We are set advised as to the present state cr
future prospects of the road between this city
asi Little Rock, though we -feel that we can
es, tco earnestly Invoke the fostering care and
r.batan.ial aid of all those who are to be the
beneficiaries of this great 'work. Memphis
has dose ttobly and many of her citizens have
.ascribed liberally, and there are others, we
doubt sot, who will cetne to the rescue rather
than see the enterprise falter and languish.
Our friends in Arkansas, too, will core with
jzare alacrity, when they are assured, as they
new must be, that the road has become a fixed
fact, YiTsen tt shall be completed, Is only
uesuon cf time, which -will be. shorter or
longer In proportion to the assistance given.
The most competent officers in the world can
col build a railroad unless those interested in
its construction will -assist with their money,
The counties through wkich the road passes
cjgh- to subscribe liberally, as the road, when
completed, will doubly compensate every land
Lc-lder, Bot only by giving him greater facili
ties to market, but by tbe Increase in the value
cf his lands. Experience and reason both
teach us these facta, and hence it cannot be
said that money invested in building railroads
is irjcdicioaaty expended. Let the work be
put through at the earliest possible day, and a
new era. will have dawned upon ej.
The Northern journals are discussing the
causes of the quite remarkable falling off in the
patronage of the watering places in that sec
tion. Of the fact there is so question. New
port, Cape Way, Saratoga and the thousand
and one resorts of fashion have, for the pres
eot season, been sadly deficiect in their array
of pleasure-seekers, ambitious mamas, aspiring
belles and their attendants. The throng that
was wont to lounge upon the porticos and mo
nopolize tbe drives and discuss the mineral
qualities of the waters of those mammoth es
tablishaeats, where parvenu aristocracy pass
ed its summers, has concluded to gather amuse
ment and seek pleasure or health elsewhere,
and to lavish money upon other objects than
the independent landlords who have coined
their thousands out of the folly, the leiisnre,
the absolute extravagance of summer ramblers
and travellers.
While Lhu has been the case with the North
ern places of resort, our delightful mountain
gpriiigs and sea-shore bathing resorts in the
South have been actually crowded with our own
people. The Gulf Shore, the springs in Vir
ginia, Georgia, and Tennessee have begun to
feel the influence of those great railway lines
which penetrate the plains and tunnel the
mountains. The convenience of access to Old
Point Comfort, tbe Virginia Springs and the
Mountains has banished from the minds of
Southerners the most remote idea of subjecting
themselves to the extortions of the pawpered
and greedy landlords who, not content with
gradual accumulations, have soufht to swim
upon tbe tide of fortune by one venture.
The movement tells well for tbe determina
tion of eur people to expend their money as
much at borne as possible. It will generate
sew ideas of independence, acquaint the South
em mind with Southern scenery and associa
tions glorious as those of any land npon the
globe, and in the end hring about homogeneity
in sentiment and unity in action.
As having a bearing npon the Kansas ques
tion, and as indicative of the creed of the State
Rights party, we aslc the attention of our
readers to the following noble sentiments,
which were published in the far-famed ad
dress of the Southern members of Congress of
1849. The address was called forth by the
questions touching the admission of California,
and it was penned by Mr. Calhoun himself,
andigned by such men as Huntxx, Mas on,
Eutlxk, Rost. W. Johnson, Jcrrxxson Da
vis, Jacob Thompson, Babitwxu. Rhett, At
chison. aBd Wst. R. King. Read it:
"We held that the Federal Government has
no neat to extend or restrict slavery any more
thin to establish or abolish it ; nor has it any
right whatever to distinguish between tbe do
mestic institutions of one State or section and
another. As the Federal representatives of
each and all the States, It Is bound to deal out,
within the sphere of its powers, equal and ex
act justice to aH. We ask not as the North
alleges we do for the extension of slavery.
That would mike discrimination in our favor
as unjust and unconstitutional as the discrim
ination they ask against us in their favor."
The Padocah (Ky.) Herald says: "This is"
the standard by which we shall jadge the Ad
ministration of Mr. Bcchbkan. This is the
test which State-rights Democrats will apply
to it If at the end of one year tbe glorious
old Patriot Is found lacking to this standard,
we shall not be alow to denounce wiiere we
now defend."
tttt: atECGGLE E5DED.
Trsn U11 Lcci' Krrsbttcia.
The returns which we publish this coming
remove aX doubt of the election d RosektM.
Stewart to be Governor of the State of Mis
souri, to supply Got. Poli's vacancy. All the
counties, save three, have beenheard from offi
cially. Pemiscot came in yesterday raumlng
with a majority of seventy-seven for Stxwaxt,
Instead of 17 which had before been given to
him; bat then, to offset ibis gain, Pulaski
turned up afterwards officially, and, instead of
giving ns 100 majority, returned no more than
orty thus wiping out the fifty gain in Pemi
scot, end leaving tei to cpare. This tt re
duces Stewats majority to fourteen, and he
has this majority with which to go into Ripley
and Dunklin. Whatever the latter county jnay
do, we are satisfied that Ripley county will
far outstrip it, and we feel assuruS that the
rote is in his.favor by more than one hundred
throughout ths State. We bare Information
upon which we rely, also, that Nodaway has
given a majority of 240 for Stewaet, instead
of 125, as we bave it in osr table. This will
help to swell SrxwABT'a majority if tt should
prove to be correct, and add to the majority of
the Deesocratlc nominee.
When the extraordinary character of the
combination to defeat Col. Stewast is con-!
sidered when it is remembered, that he had,,
by virtue of this coalition, a majority of 2V ;
000 to overcome when it is noted, that Be.i -tok
wrote letters in favor of, and urged his
former friends to aupport Major Romxs
when it is brought to mind, that the influence ;
of the MUtouTi Dttaocraty BtAl a, Boexxstxix i
and all the Black Republicans in tbe State was
concentrated upon that gentleman and to all
it U added that an amount of loathsome, vll
lainous personal sbuse was poured Upon Stxw
ajet, the like, of which baa never been known
in the history of Missouri the great wonder
U,thtihthotldbtclcettd at all! But he it
eleeted, to the sore disappointment of the im
mediate personal friends of Major Rollins,
and to the still greater disappointment of ths
Black Republicans all over the country, who
have only waited lor the result, and the con
firmation of the givings-out of the Black Re
publican organ in this city, to set up such a
shout as was never heard before over a State
election. The BlackRepublicsns everywhere,
for ten days past, have been on tbe look out for
a triumph in the election of Rollins. At
Qulncy and at Chicago at Cleveland and alt
through tbe Western Reserve In Ohio In
Western Pennsylvania and New York great
preparations have been made by ihem to cele
brate the victory of "the Emancipation candi
date," should it be achieved. It is even told
that at Rochester, New York, on the reception
of ews .favorable to Roluks, they celebrated
the victory in advance and Feed. Douclass
was the principal speaker. lnour own State,
such preparations were made for tbe cetebra
tios of this event as were never beard of be
'ore, and we are almost inclined to sympathize
with tbe various parties that re much expense
tboolihive been Incurred, to so little profit
A ml dieacpoinlment has befallen them, and
the result "may teach them this useful lesson
serer to count their chickens until they are
arfnallr hatched." . - .
Bui we election Is over, ana w ahouldiikt
tefcare a brieteeasozf -of repose before we go
into abertniggle of this kind, Wearelold
already thit thl diction was bat aprellalat-
ry; skirmishand that;sext August;, we are te
ee an oilier una 01 a same, wnen, is pursu
ance of arrangements already made, the eman
cipationists are to, sake their appearance in
hejBeld o tht great jmrij In opposition to the
Democracy: that fell tickets will be nomina
ted 'for members of Congress 'a tH of the Lrgls-1
1 store, and that, if successful in the race,
the latter body will be expected to propose an
amendment to the Constitution, repealing its
present remarkable feature in regard to pro
vision for payment for all alaves before eman
cipation can rate place. It is .foreseen, that,
the Kansas difficulties are likely to be settled
at the next Congress, and it has been determlc-,
ed that Missouri shall hereafter be the theatre
of mischief. Very welL Let it come. The
next election will afford as good a time forth
settlement of this question as any after-perlcd,
and we atk the gentlemen who have acted so
fraternally together in the late contest to bring
forward their programme as soon as possible.
They will be met on this issue, at every point.
Post Orncs, Napoleon, Aiuo, J
August 21, 185T. J
Hxmks. EnrfBss: I noticed an editorial In
the Eaglt and En fairer, of your city, charging
this office with neglect of duty. Jn answer to
his (thu editor's) charge of neglect, I would
noif respectfully inform the public, through
the medium of your valuable journal, that I
am in my office all the time, and know there is
no neglect in any department cf it, and I chal
lenge comparison with any office, and respect
fully court Investigation. Frequently, very
frequently, mail matter is Bent to Little Rock
which should be sent here for distribution. By
publishing this yoa will confer a great favor
oa me. Very respectfully your obt serv't,
For lit Nemphlt Appeal.
Mkssbj. Esitoss : I perceive from an adver
tisement in the ArrxAL, that the next annual
session of the "Tcung Ladies' Model School,"
at Somerville, commences cn tbe 7th of Sep
tember, under the direction of Prof. A. E.
Sloan, who has for the last four or firs years
conducted it with such distinguished ability
and success. The friends and patrons of this
school will rejoice to know that it never stood
higher in public, estimation and confidence than
it does at this moment. This school stands
upon Its own merits, having no ecclesiastical
basis, as such, to recommend or patronize it.
Although it is not denominational, yet it is
cordially sustained and extensively patronized
by every evangelical denomination. Careful
attention is given to tbe inculcation of moral
and religious principles, and -to the culture of
the heart- But in a cancer that Is not in any
sense sectarian.
Prof. Sloan, and his highly accomplished
lady, are pre-eminently qualified to manage
such an institution. The unprecedented suc
cess of the school is ample proof of this.
The last anaual catalogue reports the names
of two hundred aad sixty pupils who were In
attendance on the instructions of tbe school
during the last session. Tbe experience and
high qualifications of the teachers employed
give ample security that the instructions will
be thorough. The Misses Bennet, the Misses
Bruce, Miss Blood, Miss Brooks, Miss Bar
ton, Mies Joaason and ilui Aitnemer, are
ladies of refined manners, cultivated tastes,
extensive acquirements, both literary and sci
entific, and excelling in their respective de
partments. With such a corps of instructor,
directed by the unequalled tact, talent, and cHs
clpline of Prof. Sloan, the school must succeed
and prosper.
The writer has no connection with this
school; but having enjoyed the privilege, in
common with hundreds of others, of attending
the last examination, he was so thoroughly
convinced of tbe superior advantages of the
school, that hs deems it a duty which he owes
to the community, especially to those wbohave
daughters to educate, to speak out his convic
tions touching this school. The examinations
were continued over four days, and in every de
partment were exceedingly satisfactory. They
were conducted mainly by a large and learned
committee of gentlemen, who did their work
faithfully and throughly, to the great gratifica
tion of a large and intelligent auditory, and
well and nobly did the young ladies pass the
ordeal and aland tbe test.
The Paintings, whether in Oil, Pastelle, Ori
ental or Grecian, were of superior order, and
attracted universal admiration. They were
tastefully executed, exquisite in design and
finished iu the highest style of the art. We
have never seen them equalled. Here this
school challenges competition.
The performances of the classes in music,
whether on the Piano, Harp or Guitar, were
admirable. The skill and the taste with which
each pupil acquitted hereself, reflected great,
credit on both teacher and the scholar, it Is
no idle boast, but a simple truth, to affirm, that
this school stands unsurpassed or unequalled.
Others have done well, but this excels them all.
Tt tie Uemphli AppftLJ
Des Abc, Aksaksas, Aug. 10, 1S57.
Mcasas. Eoitobs : You,, will no doubt be
surprised to learn that a portion of our train is
still at this point, whtie you were likely imag
ining that we were "o'er the bills and far
away" on the Texas frontier. Sines leaving
Memphis, we have been compelled to encoun
ter delays which were uncontrollable, and In
some instances unaccountable. Oar oxen were
detained at Fort Smith a much longer time than
was anticipated; and after being started for
this place, it was found necessary to drive them
exceedingly slow, both on account of tbe ex
cessive beat of the season, and the murrain
which had began to make its appearance
among them. Something like a score fell by
the wayside from one or the other, or a combi
nation of these causes.
The oxen at length reached this place on the
1st inst and wonld have been pat oa the road
In three days afterward but it was found that
many of them were only partially broken, and
intractable making it necessary that they
should undergo some considerable preliminary
handling before it could be considered safe to
attach them to the wagons. Oa account of
this want of previous training, and our losses
in driving from Fort Smith, we have been com
pelled to purchase about a dozen yoke of tame
and well-trained oxen at this place. These we
find serve admirably in leading and training tbe
wilder ones. But to increase our difficulties,
most of the men belonging to this portion of
the train bave been sick wi hin the last ten
days. Scarcely a single man escaped a "brush."
The symptons In each case were uniformly the
same, and those of bilious fever. Thiswas oc
casioned by a habit of living which was new
to nearly, every man In camp, and .the damp
ness of the atmosphere our encampment being
oa the low-ground, and on tbe very brink of tbe
river. None cf these cases, however, have
proved either fatal or critical, but yielded
readily to medical treatment- All are now
convalescent, though many are still feeble and
unfit for immediate service.
You, are cot to suppose, however, after this
rehearsal of hindrances and-delays, that we
have been wanline; in success in. the perfor
mance of the service assigned us. On tbe con
trary, "by the troth, the work goes bravelv
on." Superintendent Leicbi becoming Impa
tient at the'delay of the oxen at Fort Smith,
left this place with the mule-train, accompa
nied with .seventy-five mu, the entire corps of
engineers, and one of tbe surgeons, on the lith
ulU, at the same time dispatching a messenger
to Fort Smith to hurry Jn the stock. The mule
rain j j now not less than five hundred miles in
ouradvaneejand it Is the .Intention or bupt.
Leach, on reaching El Paso, to delay.not a
single hour, but to pet bis force at once into
tbe .field. The ox-tra!n will be accompanied
with thirty-six men, and while I write the
tents are being struck. The train will be in
motion in thirty minutes. I shall follow my
self in three hours. This train la under the
command of Mr. D. C. Woods, assisted by
Mr. Sprague and other competent officers.
1 have deferred writing to yoa till 1 could say
we were off; consequently I now write .hur
riedly. More in a week or two
Yours etc., McX.
Frem Minnesota.
Sr. Paul, Aug. sfrVia Doauqur, 21. The
compromise in the Constitutional Conventions
progresses but slowly. Sjne points of differ
ence have been harmonized, but there are oth
ers, more prominent apportionment, universal
suffrage, &c, upon which it is thought tbe
conventions will fail to agree. The republicans,
in order to avoid anarchy and confusion, de
sire to unite upon one Constitution: the demo
crats, on-the other hat!, .are bent on the sub
mission of bolb, as best subserving the inter
ests cf the people and their own pirty. On the
whole, it is doubtful if the two Constitution,
which are now enrolled and completed, will be
blended into one, though tae Convention may
unite upon one day for their submission to the
Three half-breeds who killed aGernan near
Gull Lakt;on the Upper Mississippi last week,
were forcibly taken from the 8hri5 at Platte
river, Xittle,Falls, and hanged to a tree.
The crops U Minnesota notwithstanding
grais-hoppersjilave Mured them severely m
places, were narer so abundant as they at this
The American Association furtbs advance
ment of sci'nee, bat resolved to Beet at Bal
timore on the last vednee(?jf April, JM,
w w w MVf 1 eJf tWi
Jfron the Knvll Union J
W are happy to learn that the Postmaster
General has ordered new schedules to be run
from Washington city to Nashville and Mem
phis, which effect the saving in time of o 6tt
Jiess day between ties points, -and -also, the
ssme aaving between Memphis or Nashville
and Charleston. One of the earliest subjects
which engsg'd the attention of Postmister
General Brown was the waste of time on this
route. The difficulty cf arrangtcga newsched-
Ks.t. hMlcfartarrtaalltneroldS
has delayed the ordering of the new schedule-
untittne present umc.
at ienetb been effected-; and the whole South
west, which Is benefitted bvthe change, wil
1- if . .rMrnce that their interests are no
longer overlooked by tbe Post Office. Depart
ment. ' ' " ' k
The schedules Deioware ror uic rouie u
w.Miirton ri Aurusta. But the East Ten
nessee and Georgia road makes close-connexions
with these schedules at Dalton, "and "the
time to Washington by that route Is the same
as bv the other.
AUe lime Oy mcio stucuuin uvu iabuic
w York Is three davs and a-half; to
Washington, three days ; to Augusta, twecty-
seven ooura; ana io vuuioiuu, uuiij'ui
hours ; a wring; la each case,of twelvelours.
We are not advised of the precise time when
ehedules will Co into effect, but pre
sume that few days will be required to put
them in operation.
Post Orncs D x r a stm eh t, ?
Contract Office, Ang. 19, 1S57. J
Rm? Herewith enclosed are ths' schedules
which have iust been ordered betweea Mem-
phis, Nashville and Washington City.
ine western ana auuucaho mwiini
hours differing somewhat from those proposed
by yoo, and thus silgntcaanges onoiner routes
becamo necessary.
CoTTrnnonilTir chances must now also be
made on the route between Angttstaand Mont
gomery, ria Maeos, and between Atlanta and
Opelika. Tqe several Railroad Companies
wiH be addressed on tbe subject; but, in order
to expedite matters, you should confer in (per
son with the proper officers. . ;
very respectruny, &c, tc, .
2od Ass't P. M. General.
Sp. Ag't P. 0. Dept, Nashville, Tenn.
iltwif ait end .Yj!kriil to WatUngton,
zxavs. Auirn. Tins.
MrirM. S i. m. SteTTSiac, 10 r. a. 17 h't
SuhTibt, 6:10 a. a. OtiiMlnsoil, 1:13 p mi"
1 p. m. - 1 . m. iu
Chituaooct, 3:10 p. a. AHnU, lt3.ta. 8i
1:30 . a. " iu . m.
AlUnli. 17. nUbt.
AtmiU, 3
- 1MB . a.
Acrnita, ID k. m.
" 8:15 p. a.
KUciTilto, fir30 p. 13.
" Sam.
WUclDXtao 5:30 ft. n.
" p. a.
WeMoa, Spa.
liO . n.
Pelen&crr, S.'t5 p. cu
" S . ju.
Biekaenl, 8 p. m.
" 7., JO.
7 p. m.
EianT!J, 6 p. a. 7
CIS a. a. 8
Wnolsztoii, 4 a. sc. 10 v
" ip n. Ill
WMor, 1:30 p. a. 8
nitbt. 8
Tttertlnrs, 8 y. b. 3
t a. a. 3
Utebaosd, 7:15 p. B.J K
bis a. m. IK
Waibtettsa, 5 . la.
" 4 p. n,
rruUnjo'Cv(y to Jfuktilte cjCi ilmfhit.
WaaMBStcB. f a. b.
' 7 p. m.
Elebmind, S p. B.
S a. b.
rttrribnn, 6:15 p. xs.
" 7 aa.
WeM.1l, P. B.
" Ii:18 a. n.
WMmtoctoa, 6 33 a. B.
" 8:30 p n.
EiBS'THIe, S p. m.
8 am.
Aaraita, I:JO a. m.
" 4 p. B.
Auaati, 12:30 p. ra.
JUchmon4, 3 p. B.
4 a. a. v
PcteritSTt, 4.30 p. m. 1 X
feji El. IX
Welles, 8:30 p. b. iit
" 10.30 a.m. 3X
WHstlsstcD, 6 a. xl. S
" .7:15 p.m. 8
XJrriTll).4:J"p. a. 10
" 7:39 a. B. 11
AxrsiU, lkm. 8
' 1p.m. 7
Atlanta, 13 m. 9H
" 1 a. m. 9
Chattanooga &38p.n. 8
i:ta a. b.
lOUOa.pa p.
Ofclttanoofa, 8 JO p. n. Xaiariiit, :30 a. m. 13
' 11 a. si. 7:30pB-8
Stencion, 13 nltit. Vrapbli, 7:0 p B. 16 K
Frem Wsjninctwi.
Washixctok, August 24. The question
whether tbe Commissioner 01 falems is an
tborized to refund money in case of those who
have filed a caveat and paid twenty dollars and
demand the return of ten dollars, and in case
of others who, bavin? also filed caveats and
Iiald ten dollars additional, making thirty do!
ars, demand a return of twenty dollars, hav
ing come before the Secretary of the Interior,
it was rererrea oy mm 10 me Attorney uene
ral for decision. Tbe latter holds, in the first
instance, that there is no provision allowing a
caveat, or to withdraw anr portion of the
twenty dollars ; and in tbe second place, that,
without conforming to tbe statue in making an
application, it call not be said that one has le
gally been made, consequently, it is impossible
to withdraw an application before it is made,
and that as a caveat is not an application for
a patent in any possible sense of the term, it is
clear that the Commissioner cannot refund any
portion of the caveat fee.
Mr. Meek, of Pennsylvania, has declined the
appointment of Superintendent of Indian Af
fairs of Utah.
The remaining portion of the Choctaw Or
phan Trust Lands are offered for sale to the
highest bidder, and sealed proposals will be re
ceived by the Land Officers of Mississippi till
the 1st of November.
The Attorney General has ordered a nolle
proirjoi In the. case of Agent Montgomery,
wdo removed ine rqianers nom me inaiau
Trust Lands, and destroyed their habitations
in Kansas.
Great Fire in Jersey City.
This morning, about half-past three o'clock,
fire was discovered by Officer Baldwin issuing
from the cabin of the steamer Splendid, lying
at the Cunard dock, Jersey City, which re
sulted in tbe destruction of property to the
amount of $75,000. The officer immediately
gave the alarm, and the firemen turned out in
full force and rallied to tbe scene, but before
they got to work the steamer was completely
enveloped in flames. The fire, it appears,
broke out in tbe engine-room, and the wood
work being saturated with oil, caused tbe fire
to spread with great rapidity.
The firemen by this time bad got to work,
but their efforts were in vain. Tbe fke con
tinued to increase, illuminating the whole city
and river, and presenting a grand-spectacle.
There was no possibility of saving the steam
er, and she burned to the water's edge.
Our reporter was informed that Captain
Scott's youngest son was on board, and was
asleep in tbe cabin at the time the fire was dis
covered and it is supposed that be was stifled
by the smoke and perished in the flames. Tbe
fire was doubtless tbe work of an incendiary,
as there had been no fire on board for two days
The firemen then turned their streams upon
tbe wharf, which was also curnjng rap
idly, and in the course of a half hour they suc
ceeded in extinguishing the flames at this
Tbe wind, blowing quite fresh from tbe
south, carried the flames and sparks in tbe di
rection of the royal mail steamship .trabia,
and at one time she was in imminent danger.
Her force pumps were immediately put in or
der and manned, and every preparation made to
work, iu case the rigeiog took fire, but very
fortunately the wind changed to the west, and
tbe dark masses of smoke and flying cinders
were borne down the Bay.
The fire then communicated, to ths steamer
Moses Taylor, which was laying near by, and
although the firemen worked nobly, tbe steamer
burnt the water's edge before they stopped the
fire. Tbe ilati Taylor waa a new boat, and
was provided with two large double engines.
She had only made two trips, and bad laid at
the dock durii the night, as the captain In
tended to leave for Ellzabethport, New Jersey,
this morning. The crew, of which there were
six in number on board, had barely time to
escape with their clothes. She was owned by
the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad Com
pany, and was engaged la lowing barges with
freight from Eltzabethport to this city. We
were Informed that the steamer was fully in
sured. The SpUniid was owned by Cant. Scott and
Sons, and was insured in tbe 6t- Mcholas Fire
Insurance Company for $10,000.
Tbe American Coal Company's lots will
amount to several hundred dollars. They are
also fully insured.
We understand that Capt. Scott has offered
a reward for tbe arrest of the party who set
the fire. Tbe fire drew a jarge crowd to the
spot- Jt'ew York Pott, 22d.
Couthern Pacific. 2oad-
Frem the Vew Orlraoa Ptcaroae, Aax. 13 )
The Southern Pacific Railroad Company are
prosecuting their .enterprise with an indefatiga
ble energy which'promises auspicious results.
We have already mentioned the arrival at
Sbreveport of the locomotive, ahipped from
this port, It has since been transported 'te the
road, and is now safe and sound in running or
der. The contract for tbe first twenty-eight
miles, that is from Lake Caddo, in this State,
-to Marshall, In Texas, was taken, as our read
ers know, by thefirm of John C. Grant &. Co.,
with the engagement to complete it oy tbe 1st
day of April next. Dr. Grant, of that firm, is
now on the ground, active) at work, and be
expects, as we (earn, to bays this section com
pleted by the 1st of January next j thus antici
pating the ttme of contract three month;. The
chairs, spikes, and platform cars have already
reached this city from New York, and will scan
be oa the. road. When they reach there the
laying of tbe track will commence immediately,
and there is no doubt of the completion of tbe
road by the period last named, During the
next business season, we shall have a railroad
in full operation between Lake Caddo tand
Marshall, and it wU bring fifty thousand bales
Of cotton to this market. This will be tbe
first practical benefit growing out of the new
auspices under which the Southern .Pacific
Railroad is nowplaeed, It is a tnot'ncour
aging omen for tbe future. The contractors
bave agreed to grade and prepare fpr the iroa
forty-two miles further by tbe" 1st of January,
1S5U. The ship Lebanon, which left New York
on the 17th ult, Kill bring another first-class
locomotive acdolbermaUriftIi, and tbepe ship
ments wHlha diligently followed by others.
The Coolie Tbade its New Yoax;. The
fbllciriog appears in the New York Exprai of
last WeSneadsv'j iijue. U needs no comment-
" Among the chsrtera zt this pert Monday,-)
we see, was theahlp 4 Enterprise," from Chlaa i
to Cuba, with coolies at $70 per head. This
Js bitter for the. ship-owner than carrying corn i Jyeeks a6out3J00qb.ea4 Wfre spld, fo Novem
at21d,per bushel-or flour at rates that will jber delivery, t&! per cwt, net. The irapres-
"This 'edollj
If hour
business, H hasbtin sSlQwai
from- time to time, is quite as bad as tbe Afrl -
can. Slave rraue. jne 'C errors 01, me passage
. . . E . . . . .
from China to Cuba are aald to be hnt a rent-
titldn, If ;ot an aggravation, oT theawfdlraid-r$5
01 paxtigi: iron AriiCf. uavetyt aiact iie
tuibliran frieiUs 3 word of r sympathy' for tbe
-pooy Asiatic? r is It tje pjojjermiafortune
notto hayAaij Apafitt an a wc&llynsd
S?H. y. Willis describes sheet of blotting
Jpaper from Irvine's desk, as the door-mat on
which the thoughts of Jrvjcg'e last book had
wined their, aattdfls as they nest jp.r
The sains and losses in tbe election for Gov-
jrrnorV'as tonntrcd with the rote for President
last rail, in an counties uearo irons, art stated
belojw, ' t
Qcixt. - -.--- tciuiij
BW4io, 37 Greene, 1
Bloaat ,....,..,31 Iumlltoo,). .......... fit
Br!r, is
CapbtU, II
Rt&ors..i 4t
Komi,...,.. 3
SCott.;., .".A.. 31
SCMTaa 71
...... - II ,WM.t.lt tMMl'"
xjuc.7.... v
Roane,..,..,.......,... Ill
The Democratic train la .East. Tennest.ee,
17731 with the (counties of lAndereoo, Carter,'
lirauieer, nancocK, mcnuao, meiri, juonroe
1 n 1 1. 1 v 1 1. J ' -
auu .rout 10 uc ucjuu wucj.r '
Celnt. ' ' ' l2iift.
Bedtcra...,.i.,..... 11 jCoCVf.l. SI
Cudod S tvslnu... 71
DitiJun,.. sis Trc:i a. vr.. ...... .-iltfJ
Dtktlb 11 nictmaa, 11
DUlon,., H' nnmptttj,vt. ...... SI
Oiio...... ........... it Lrwii.... Jo
Clrin4,-.r.....,..... 41'. Lincoln,.....,.';....,; Ill
JkIuii 73 Simser.,
LurrrBOf,.... I WBlts,..
Htarj,.... JO
Mot tcosnerr. .......... 163
Jlintillj ,.."3-J ' -
Utcoa, r... ....!. S '
Rntitrtord,.. .......... C5
Sattb 1T
wimi. y-J
Wjne 49
WUUunMn, .- 153
WUkih, ITS
- -4 a.
Net Democratic eain In Middle Tennessee,
lisu, wiin me counties 01 Houerteon and van
Buren to bear from.
ho net.
tiC C LOU ,. ...
8O1 LAocerdale,-.
H3-. ,
,33 f '
nararmaa. ......
11 curt,....
IS-' " i
; .1 'U .
MadUoxL......... &7
Shtlbr , 190 , f.
Tipton,.. 33 ,
; 103 "T . .
T)mnrrlir net rain in West Tennessee
1021, with the counties of Fayette, Obion and
Weakky to hear from.
Semocratlvcam In t-attTtSBtaf ......, 1778
" ilWJle Tent rtiee, 1KB
" " WHlTrilriw, IC3I
Total sain, 3W7
With twelve counties to hear from; which
will increase tbe gains to 4000, and the major
i'tv to about 11.5O0 1
Those who will take tbe trouble to go over
these figures, will see that the heaviest gains
bave been in the old IFAtr counties, and in the
sections of tbe State which were always Whig
while there was a Whig party. We have ai
ways believed, however, that the people of
these counties were radically Democratic at
heart, and that they had heretofore occupied a
false position through attachments to men and
party leaders. The attempt to transfer them
to Enow-Notbingism has signally failed, and
ther are rapidly takinsr their position, where
they really belonged, in tbe ranks of the Dem
ocratic party, we thus believe that ourraa
jority must continue toincrease,so long as our
contests shall continue to be with the h.now
Nothing party. Gen Harris' vote is, in round
numbers, 4,000 greater than Gov Johnson's two
years ago, while Mr. Hatton's is 5,000 less
than Uol. uentrv's.
In short r " Our victory lacks no element of
completeness. It is as perfect in details
and incidents as it is msjestie in its proper
United States Agricultural Fair.
From tbe LccL-tUlc CoTler.J
The close of the present month will be :
memorable day In tbe annals cf our city. The
United States Agricultural Society will then
begin its sixth annual exhibition at the Fair
Grounds of the Kentucky Aericultural Asso
ciation, near L-ouisvilie. the exhibitions of
tbe two associations will be united into one,
and the even: win be one or no ordinary occur
There is, perhaps, no branch of hwman indus
try of such importance as agriculture. We
can do without tbe luxuries of life, but we.must
bave food to sustain us. The plough that turns
up the sou, the harrow that smoothes its rouzh
ness, the cultivator that rids tbe advancing
crop of encumbering growth, the reaper that
gathers tbe harvest, the thresher that prepares
it tor ine mm, and iitdeed an ine instruments
used from tbe planting of the seed until the
preparation for consumption are of far more
value to me human race than jewels and laces.
And indeed the very clothes we wear, as well
as the food we eat, are derived principally
from agriculture. The linen we use springs
rrom the earth in me rorm or uax and hemp.
The cotton we wear is the creature of the cul
tivated soil, and silk and wool could not be
produced without the aid of agriculture. It
seems therefore that agriculture both clothes
and feeds the human race, while all other arts
and sciences only serve to modify the generous
production of the earth so as to meet the mul
tifarious wants engendered by society.
But we owe more to agriculture this year
than our food and raiment. Extravagance and
speculation had brought tbe country to the
verge of a financial gulf that threatered to
swallow up the nation. Agriculture has gath
ered from our mother earth the cure fr I be
disease that threatened our dissolution. The
wheat and rye and oats and corn and tobacco
and cotton and sugar and vegetables, fcc-, te.,
that agriculture has produced and is producing
this year, will supply the wants of tbe country
and send a surplus abroad that will bring home
mosey enough to relieve us from our trolbles.
Nothing but agriculture could have done this.
The result was. beyond the reach of any tiher
branch of human industry. The remedy for
the evil bad to come from tbe soil on which we
tread, and from thence it has come. Far; bet
ter will be tbe result for us than if ourfarbers
and planters had dng from the earth the ptrest
gold that ever glittered in the mines of CaHfor
ula and Australia. When the present crip is
f athered and sold, money will be more pltnti
ul in the eonntry than it has beea for years,
and many noble citizens now on the brink of
bankruptcy will begin next year's business vith
buoyant hearts and sound credit
It is to foster so noble an art that agricul
tural associations have been established lb our
country, The object of each organizations is
above all praise, Ther aim is to assist In
feeding, and clothing, and repdering happy the
whole human family. By the exhibition of the
Implements with whloh the crop is made, im
provements are liuparted from one producer to
another. The unfettered farmer who cannot
understand the printed descriptica of a peculiar
plow, or harron, or reaper, or threaher.caii
comprehend their merits quick enough when be
sees them at work. He can see the advantages
of the threshing machine over the circle in
which he has been accustomed to lay his grain
tread it out with horses. And so of all ibe
Improvements in agricultural Implements, all
can be understood by sight as readily as the
mechanic of oar times sees the advantage cf
the plow in use over that of the ancient Creek
and Roman.
As much may be salJ of the fine stock that
are exhibited. Tbe noble steed, wbois' syrae
trical limbs are the admiration of all eyes,
will improve tbe brood cf horsea in the coun
try. Tbe cow and tbe sheep are susceptible of
as much improvement as other animals, and it
is by bringing together men who raise them,
that the excellences of anr particular species
are to be understood and adopted.
It is needless, however, to point ont the ad
vantages f exhibitions of this .kind. They are
known to all who understand anything. There
will be thousands upon thousands of persona
upon the fair grounds, who will show their ap?
preciatlon of the matter by their presence. A
number of the first men in the nation have ac
cepted invitations to be present. The English
Minister will be hereto compare tbe exhibition
with similar ones in his jiyrn land. There Will
be men and women and children here from all
partsof the' world, and ripeciallv from ererv
State in lh Union. It wi be a elorious treat
10 see trie mighty multitude that will witness ths
Hmple preparations bave been rqa'deintha
city to accommodate all who may come here
from abroad, John Raine. Eia.. ths nronrieior
of the Gait House, wbois never cgtat nap-4
ping, u ucen engaging an ine rooms ne can
eet in his neighborhood, Tbe Louisville Hotel
has made similar preparations, and tbe National
'3 ready to take care of a mighty crowd. All
our hotels and boarding houses are ready to af
ford food and lodging for such a miy'cpme,
and those whom the publicbouses ean?t accom
modate will be taken care of by private elti-
ijus. ye are giau 10 see sucn preparations
ILso good a cause. W$want every stranger
who comeshere to enjoy himself while amoeg
es, and to return home fall of pleasant recol
lections of a sojourn with pi. That' such
will bo the fact, we have not a shadow of
The Poxk Market 11J PaoKCT.-Darlng
the Ifttttwo monlhta-eood dealiai been done
at Cincinnati in the way cf contracts for hogs
for Novenbtr(aellvery, The Price .Current of
in the early part of June, when It was thought
quite doubtful that lyn a moderate corn crip
Could he made, the diiposjliQa, tp make these
contracts was strong and very general tbroueh-
cutthe West, and witbin4henaat-mnih. n)n
It became apparent that the markets would be
entirely cleared of tbe old stocks- of provjt-
iqm uuuic wo aew woum corns mr the de
mand, which bad subsided tome during the
fjrtprt of July, aratq Ijeeam fa&f acHve
f piws Hir,"vrf .
Durlnz the fatter part sl June and the fore
part of July ?5 60 per cwt seemed to be the.
prevailing rate, and at which we heard of
contracts tb the extent of 7j00 head., Hurler
4e latter p'artof 017 $6 75 waa paid tot 4,005
head ffjr ao"emberiieni
ivery, ana s so ror te
rore part or: ueeemper.
tflthin the fast two
pork b'rougbtlato market early will cariraar4
1 bliu prieeV
t , . t . . 1 ., f . It
1 Accorcmj 10 our auncii iron minou mere
is anacMve.cemano tor nogs ic toai jSiais at
net, with more buyers, than sellers.
New Yeas, Aug. 22. The flirroli publlih-
- a -V-tl 1 ..LlTl..l! . 'l VIV TA
es a caee
siinllailcase of seduetion-and attmnted dlioo
eat of the ebilJ as a substitute, but prcvented I
hv tha.BBther refnum hr Mnienr 1
'I, - i V
Csljln, Mrs. Cunninchapys confidential pbjfi
clio, fiSwr.VlnB.fiie f6 & child Wa
drl he had tednced while ittendinrher: aleo a
There are In France 1,037 printing offices
and 1.092 journals. The number of compos
itors employed In alt France Is- about 9,500.
ui uicse, raria employs
Trie eAi trantallantie cfaamer. fiirih Sands.
and the Cunard screw steamer, Lebanon, bAe
been chartered, to take troops from tngland to
It Is said that Donald MeKav. the ship-
builder of East Boston, has commenced a suit
against bis brother, Capt. L. Mclway. ror
slander, fixinr bis damages at the sum of S20,-
Liverpool nronoses to follow th example of
London in retumine a Jew" to Parliament. A
requisition lgned by 307 Influential names was.
presented to Charles Money, tfq., Dancer, re-
?ueatlog him to allow bJmitif to be nominated,
le has consented.
As this is the are of conventions and fast
youths, it Is understood that the boys intend to
hold a convention to revise the ten command
ments, particularly the fifth, which is to be
amended thus j " Parents, obey your children."
We learn from the Mobile papers, that Mr.
Cleveland, who was arrested. a short time since
In that city, charged with robbing the Post
Office, has been honorably acquitted of tbe
charge, evidence being addaceu which amply
proved the impossibility bf bis having eom-
mittea ine aeea.
Several "philanthropic" professors in
Northern Colleges, have addressed President
Buchanan, urging him not to use tbe United
States soldiers in tbe troubles in Kansas. Tbe
President replied courteously, but assured!
tbem that he should uphqld tbe laws by all the
means at the disposal of the Government.
It Is said that the Emperor of Japan has de
cided to" open diplomatic relations and make
commercial treaties with the European Pow
ers. 'Hfs majesty has fixed upon tbe Governor
of Simoda as an envoy, whom he will shortly
send to Europe.
, S.,Bronson, Jr., formerly cashier of the Mer
chants and Mechanics' Bank cf CbTeago, has
been arrested at St. Paul, Mlnnesotalat the
Instance of , the president of the bank, charged
with the larceny of 550,000 of the funds of the
The total receipts of cotton, at all tbe ports,
of the old crop, now reach 2,912,000 bales, or
a decrease, as compared with last year,of590,
000. Tbe decrease In the exports from all the
porte!to Europe as compared with last year,
amounts 10 iv,wu uaies.
Steps are being taken in Frederick and other
counties of Virginia to get up petitions to the
next.leglslature,askiBg that body to confer up
on the county courts power to sell negroes in
cases where those depending upon them for
support are neglected, the money to go to the
mainteinance of their families; or, in case of
refusal to pay their just debts, that similar ac
tion be had.
Professor Cook was reading a most interest
in? paper on Geology, to show that the entire
eastern coast of the United States is subsiding
gradually, at the rate of about two feet In a
century. In proof he adduced several remark
able facts. On tbe coasts, from Maine to
South Carolina, it seemed that there are
swamps aad salt marshes.
We learn from the Utica Herald that the in
cessant rains since Monday morning have
caused quite a flood in that vicinity. About
ixiy feet of tbe road bed of the'Utica and
Black River Railroad was washed awav. to
gether with several mill dams, buildings and
other valuable property. The Herald says
there Is no estimating tbe limit of tbe flood nor
the extent of the damage.
A letter from Cricklewood, England, of July
30, states that a block of clear crystalline ice,
weighing near twenty-five pounds, was discov
ered on Monday in a meadow belonging to Mr.
Warner, in that neighborhood. On tbe day
prior, a storm passed over tbe spot. M'zeray,
in ms history or trance, mentions a block or
the weight of a hundred pounds that felldurin;
a thunder-storm in the year 1510.
A Paris letter says the Saltan of Turkey has
ordered Frornent Meurice to make him a splen
did mirror, set in diamonds. It will cost above
$100,000, and is destined for the favorite of tbe
harem a beauty who rot only exhausts tbe
immense allowance given by her lord, but man
ages to ran np bills in Constantinople to the
amount 01 hair a minion or dollars yearly,
A farmer in Ashtabula, Obio, complains that
he has lately lost seven bead of cattle by their
eating poisoned nay. it appears that the poi
son is in the torm 01 ergot, a smutty excres
cence, which grows on the June grass. Itgrows
as it does on rye, in the snape or a dnease and
enlarged seed of dark color, varying from the
size of a wheat grain to three-fourths of an
inch long.
To the statement going the rounds of the
press, that the inventor of tbe cotton gin died
in a debtors' prison, a New Haven geutleman
writes that his inventions profitted him noth
ing, but says: "Eli Whitney died rich, and
his family are now enjoying one of the largest
estates in iMew Haven, deseencel from him,
and he and they were and are among tbe most
highly esteemed citizens of New Haven."
It is stated that "Marshfield," the home and
resting place of the late Daniel Wtbster, is a
place of great resort for visitors during the
summer months. During one month last sum
mer about two tnontand strangers visited it.
All are kindly received and politely shown
over me greunas oy a servant, to whom a tee
of twenty-five cents is required to be paid. The
book for tbe names of visitors contains the sig
natures of persoBsfrom every part of the coun
try, ana irom roreign lands.
A North Carolina paper, says: "There are
a great many people who live In ignorance for
the want of a newspaper. Last winter, while
traveling between this place and Raleteb. we
met a man who conversed Intelligibly about
larnuRg, oui wno caa not ceard or the death
of John C. Calhoun or Gen. Jackson 1 He ex
pressed great regret at their departure, and
could not imagine what the eonntry would do
without them. He was told that Gen. Pierce
bad kept things pretty straight, when he actu
ally asked, "Who is Pierce V
Lord Napier Is said to be orpine upon the
government the sending of more vessels of war
to the coast of Africa to assist In suppressing
me slave iraue. ay me .isunurton treaty we
agree to maintain eighty guns there, while at
present we hare but sixty-three. This is
caused by the fact that several of the vessels
have been obliged to come home from thVex
piration of the term of enlistment of their
crews, and tbe Secretary of tbe Navy baa'not
bad any vessels, with which he could replace
The new constitution for Iewa seems to have
been adopted, and under it the people cf that
State will be called on the 2d Tuesday or Oc
tober next to elect a Governor, Lieutenant-
Governor, Representative; to the General As
sembly, ana successors 10 such senators as
were eleeted In August, 1851. Tbe Black Re
publican State Convention to nominate Candi
dates was held at Iowa City on the lDih, and
the Democratic State convention will be bolden
on the 26 h of this month.
or Mutes. In the city of Lexington, on, the
evening of August 5th, was witnessed such a
wedding party and such a marriage ceremony
as perhaps never occurred in the United States,
certainly not in the State of Kentucky. Mr.
John Blount, the bridegroom, is a deaf mute,'
who was brought up in Alabama, but received
bis education at the Kentucky Institute forlhe
Deaf an. Dumb, at Danville, where be is at
presept an accomplished and highly esteemed
instructor. He is a tail and fine lookingspecl-
men or a man, and is a gentleman in every
sense of tbe word. Miss Lucretia Ann Hoag
land, the bride, is also a deaf mute. She was
educated in the Institute at Danville, and would
pass for a beautiful and accomplished lady in
any circle of society. Mr, and Mra. Wm.
Hoagland, the parents of tbe bride, at whose
bouse the marriage took place, are also both of
them deaf mutes. They received tbeir educa
tion some twenty-five or thirty years since at
tbe same Institution. Thev have three-other
children two of whom bear" and talk tbeif
younge, a nine boy or ntnt years cia, is use
tbe bride, a mute, and expects before lopg to
go to tbe same institution, to obtain that ines
timable bltseirg a good education which his
father, mother and sister have received before
There were also present, as invited guests.
some twelve or hlteen educated mules, ail or
them present or former pupils of the qefore
name j Institution,
The attendant cf the bride Miss Mary Boyd.
frqm Harrison county, was as modest, beauti
ful, and elegantly dretseda Isdy as adorns any
drawing-room. She was formerly a clate-mate
of the bride, uther young ladies who were
mutes werenresenti who attracted marked at
tention by tbeir personal charms as well as by
their superior intelligence, roung gcniiemeD,
also, were not wanting, of fine appearance,
education, and manners, to lend Interest to the
occasion; In addition, to the muter who were
present, there were thirty pr .forty speakr
ing persons In attendance. Most of those
present, from intercourse with the family of
the bride, or In some ptbtr'way, had become
familiar wi(h the'sgn language, so that; tbt
conversation of the evening was held chiefly
in me oeauiitui pantomime cr ine seat ana
But that whiab perhaps gave the most pecu
liar Interest to the occasion was the fact that'
'the marriage ceremony was celebrated in the
sign ianguagerBorf the dear end curnn. .u.Deom
ciating clergyman was the Rev. S, B. Cheek,
Vice-Principal cf our State Institution of Dan
ville. Not a word was heard during tbe trhtle
ceremony the prayer, thf propounding or the-
marrlage covenant, the benediction and the
faje.nlng' atthe weeding -feast, were all per
formed in the. graceful- and. elegant though
voiceless language of gesture, which may be
termed the vernacular of. the.-deaf and dumb.J
Th.?lna.ti.whawP PFM.nA Hu84!r,eIrP.?tr'
collar delight, savUff that ther bad often wit
naated marriages befqrebat bad never under
stood what was actually said and done until
this occasion. It was, taken attwte'.ber, em
phatically a mute festival, in whlcbrall partes
present were deHgfted.andwhicj furnuhed a
Railwat TtAVELwe ix Ehla-hij. Dr.
McClmtock, in a recent letter to the CkmA
tiny vgfw'.'l mhl UUKUKI UllltUig WU
Great-Western Railway
" I Left London on Tuesday. June 23; by the
Great Western Railway, for Bristol. The
.road itself is one of the most perfect in
England a seven' foot guage, allowing' the
carriages to be of great width,acdlbnftnki!g
travel a luxury, The frsins poifeBdV tnii
OrSrs fpfjii we fitldy the distan'ee'between
LorC?qnaridflristoVUSlrmlIesf including all
stoppages, in about three hours ; and yet tbe
road is so admirably built and worked that it
was quite possible to read with rate awl eca
fort at wa bow fed smoothly along.
. t
?v h euch a mistake? tliat "great African Heart"
was aad ean U done for. the unfortunate, mute. uliaft bfa.0 jpy 10 n-rUeuiac, a.nd that
XotmnW Jaoroaf. iMSteni teeHa? raised-awav Hke a cramD
71m Cats "elections Tht Hauci, ITcnh'aBd
jntt jsiuyisg. to. ws tuppsr; ci urutaa.
ocratle Party.
The following excellent article wa copy from
a late number of the Montgomery (A'')
vertltr, ;
The Late Election. The recent elections
IntUe South Indlcste'very clearly that the clas
ses appreciate the present position of parties
to the country ; and that, notwithstanding the
clamors of f actionals, they are resolved to
stand by tbe ouly national party which "the
troubles of thl times bats left to bouse men."
Mr. Hilliard was ridiculed when he came out
Wit a true southern patriot, a true constitution
loving man,' and entered tbe ranks of the Dem
ocratic party, whieh be bad foqgbt a lifetime,
bat which bad become In this crisis tbe only
bulwark of tbe South, and the Union. Never
was so much bitterness poured forth never so
much vituperation heaped upon a true-hearted,
high-minded man his very name waa cast out
as evn. in au aojoming county, a minister
just elected Senator, said that he "should al-
ways mini: 01 aim in connection with Arnold."
Au "undivided South," which he, declared was
the iieeeslty of the timet, was laoghed at by
some,' and by others was deprecatsdin the
strongest terms. The plain, booest, unaspi
ring people, however, bave given forth tbe same
uttirances at tbe ballot box which- were ro
fomlblypresentndby Mr. Hliliard. None bet
the, wilfully blind can fail to Interpret the late
doc ular demonstration In favor of the Democ
racyunparalleled In the history of parties In
ine eouuiern states. .
However the opposition mar enav to dis
guise the fact, or reiterate an nnblashlngdenlal
of it, the result of the recent elections Is an
emphatic endorsement of the Democratic party
in its present efforts to save the country. Oar
opponents cannot deny that tbe issue was fairly
and fully made by themselves that tbeir ora
tors from every stump, and tbeir paperi in
every number, appealed to the masses to rebuke
our party and the administration for the frauds
of wh'eh they were guilty. They cannot deny
mat me xoimntt$ or me northern Democrats,
and me unsare and unreliable character of the
entire party, were constant themes. Ther
cannot deny their constant derlaratians that
lass, Duuus, fierce, and .Buchanan were
freesoilers, traitors to the South, and not a whit
more conservative than Seward, Hale, Chase,
ana iiiaamgs to an intents ana purposes ene
mles to Southern rights. They cannot deny
that they arraigned tbe administration upon
the charge of violating tbe Nebraska-Kansas
act, for endorsing Walker's course and the
policy of making nTansas a free State by exec
utive and federal intervention. They cannot
deny that during. the canvass they were williBg
to accept the verdict rendered atthbaIIot-bex
as an approval or disapproval of the Demo
cratic party, and that if they bad been suc
cessful they would have heralded it forth as a
condemnation of the administration and tbe
men who elevated; it to power. These things,
so freh in the minds of the people, cannot be
gainsayed, and they furnish the proof that tbe
issue was boldly tendered and accepted. All
the light possible was shed upon them circu
lars ai d handbills were multiplied adfndsifum
every appllatce was laid under contribution
to excite and Influence tbe people. Mole hills
were magnified into mountains atoms Into
universes. The maeses In Virginia, Alabama,
Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,
Missouri In all the Southern States that have
held elections did hearken to tbe call, aad
how sternly, unanimously In favor of the
Democratic party I Guided by intelligeace,
patriotism, and a deep interest in the impor
tant question involved, and invoking them,
they bave rebuked the faetionists, and sustain
me oniy pariy possessing the will and the
the poteer to preserv- the union and the Saoth.
Rising above prejudice and party ties, they
gave a i.ew proof of thelrpatriotism, and revived
me nopes or tnose woo despaired of uanlm
ity at the South.
Those elections maybe considered no trifling
iuuca. iu iuc position or me souui is isou a
position at once natural, and demanded bv the
exigencies of the criein an "undivided South."
All intelligent, observing men are convinced
that the great battle of the Constitution and
the Union will be sought in tbe next Presiden
tial contest. Emboldened bv their atrenth
last year, the Black Republicans are preparing
uiicuy iui uic ensuing election ior president.
air. rremont only the other day was re-nomi
natedbyaew fcngland State a movement
which will be speedily seconded by all the free
States under Black Republican rule. Tbe na.
tional Democracy alone, of all parties in the
northern states, is contending with the Black
Republicans, who have absorbed the late Know-
nothing order. This Domocracy, standing
upon iue principles or. me Lnsiituuon, is the
ouly hope of the South and the Union, but can
not hope to succeed without tbe hearty co-ope'
ration of the South herself. Unanimity at the
South will hold up the bands of the Northern
Democrats, and enable them to defeat the
Black RepuMiesna. Tbe Southern people
rightly apprehended the dangers that environ
them, as well as their duty in the premises.
They are resolved to unite as become patriots,
wuu a common interest and common destiny.
They are ready to unite with the only national.
conservative party in the land, especially when
that party is pledged to maintain their rights.
in the late election they have spoken in an un
mistakable manner a voice of good cheer to
tneir mends in me tree Mates, and indicative
of their position In tbe next Presidential race.
The South will be undivided," and aet wHb
the national Democratic party in 1EC0, the ef
forts and predictions of the Know-Notlrtng,
"American and Whig," Southern rights purists
to me contrary noiwunsianuing. Jue late
elections encourage the hope, and those ensu
ing will realize the anticipation.
Crime on Broadway.
Fron tie h'. T. HrnM of the ism
The past has been a scandalous week among
the dmi-monac Detween jnroom street and as
tor place. Gambling houses are aenposed to
be entirely suppressed, bat vie hear of a great
right at one of these establishments, near tbe
Si Nicholas. Knives were used, and one of
the combatants severely wounded. On the next
night the entertainment was repeated at anoth
er gambling house in Prince street near Broid
way. The police did not interfere, or even re.
port the facts, or attempt to make any ar
rests. On Monday two well known members ef the
sporting fraternity left town for Canada, to
settle a dispute about a lady, by a resort to the
code of honor. Really we live in an age of
A little further up, and in a shade better so
ciety, there has been a curious case of crimcen.,
the particulars or wntcn we translate rrom the
On Saturday evening the N. Y. Hotel, which,
as every one Knows, is one or me principal re
sorts of Southern travelers, was the theatre of
an abortive drama, in which one of tbe princi
pal actors may congratulate himself in having
made a toriunate escape, ine snowing are
the preciae details of the affair, as we bave
obtained them from-the best source.
Among the transient residents of the hotel
was Mrs. W , a young and pretty lady from
Louisiana, who (was enjoying too freely her
husband's absence be having remained in New
Orleans on account of business. A gentleman
of middle age, said to be rich, an auctioneer by
prof e39ion,-5lr. F ,had " overbid " (eneAeri)
with tbe neatest success on the charmin?
creole, andthelr intimacy had gone so far thai
it was noticed and commented upon by several
inmates or me hotel.
Among those was a friend of Mr. W-
wbo thought it his duty to advise him of wbat
occurred in his absence, and to enjoin him,
either by telegraph or mail, to come on as soon
as possible to put a stop to the seandel. As
ipon as he -received the message Mr. W. left
new urleans without advising any one of it.
ard arrived in New York on Saturday e veiling,
wiin a revolver in bis pecset, determined to
take' the. law into .his own. bands. It was In
such a disposition of mind that he went to the
New York Hotel, where his faithless better
half was boarding, and inquired for tbe num
ber of her room.
He had no trouble at all to get in. Full of
Imprudent Becurity and not suspecting that tbe
outraged busbaudj whom they thought far off,
was already advancing in the hail the two
Jovers ha'd not even' been cautious" enough to
lock tbe door- Mr. entered as it he
was at home, and although it was very early in
evening, be found bis wife and Mr. F in a
position easier to imagine than to describe,
and which did hot admit cf any possible false
' Without uttering a word, Mr. W. drewhls
revolver and fired atthe guilty party. Mr. F.,
not being rut, jumped out ci oio, ran 10 me
door, where, on opening it, ha was shot at the
aecotsu ttmi, ana tool; ntgnt neaaionr towards
the ball, followed by bis terriolo enemy. Tbe
fugHirc bad nothing on but a single flannel un
dershirt, and at lhac moment It seemed to be
least or his cares.
-But one can judge pf the sensation created
by the strange apparition among the persons
hastening from all sides after the noiae of the.
firing of. pistols. Mr. .t, running headfpre
inoit. arrived at'the head of (he ataircase.'de
scended in-grcaf baste, turned to the rigbt, and
stopped in one of ths cells of tbe water
closets' cf tbe hotel, in which he bolted himself
The pursuit had become Lot. He couM bear
from his unpoetictl shelter the tumult on tbe
stairs, ana me s.ruge,i? m u:op aou disarm ms
terrible husband- He, however, did not rely
on.his.eari, and. consented to open the door
onlv when summoned oy the nonce, and upon
the formal promise that his life should be pro
.11 h,lMM,liJ lhl Mr. 17 VII WAnn.l.J
butVwa believe lt',to,be untrue .unless one
means iue uouaie nuuuu id uij ir auu ms
- As Mr. W IpuedlateJy left for the 'South
with his wife. We are inclined to believe uhat
me anair win go no runner, alter having
caused less blood man sweat ana tears to be
I ' ' CU-ealtr.
raa li rraal3tTeoaia.'
7a Ikt-Xnoie-Nollitsr -Hdllori of Jumtndm
iTJKAa- "AatERiCAKs:" Are Wwell? II
do you get along under 'toe ruls ol "foreign
ers," "papists," "uauwues," "oeer-drinisisg
Dutehmeu'rtd-Biauthed Jbrishsaen," "foreign
b,crdta,utfag Nlcbtsu and 'lantl-Amtriean,5'
genera 11 j 7 Thought you said that "Ameiloane
t-oioit rule Ametieaz." How corua yo.0, make
cholic . wbat,ifyoaT; opinion of the ptesent
asneci or American pontics-- uuumuwr nuw
nT do yoa mioea loreigner saoum oe
Kothin? precinct? Who Is Tour choice
ior United JStates Senator? Can. you Inform ua
vru irtft
fba thxesv. that
lakt wlek? Art toere many of tnose "toot
yilt",-lti' joitr dffslas now?
Anr election
oew or conneqceccer .
t iHoptnfi.tQ hoar from yoa pt r ajujy uy.
vre eabscribt oarself. Vears, Szc, "
&. WfftUoo gnsroitQ-iiiit?
Wuat prucmar peiaons now wiiyAcjwu
;.by the officers of Kentucky? Kaa yau any
new hate? Did vou win fctJt Wots?. How are
Holloway'g Pills aad Oiutmcnt.
Cactioic To avoid pnrciuUi jrnlclaai toaster-
frtti of IIOLLOWAT'S mnediet vhlcb mar be la th
raaiket. Jest narrow1; to tl a water mart la lb Vosk of
Clrttlen..CiUlt tbe worft "HT!orT( J ir Tort and
LoMofl, ate aitcrrs&i la MmMraB,parrat MtUrt, oa
hul&ai tbolait U ta Uf bt, la tamo It iparlosi.
Sold at tb raaBactorr,'2ro. 80 3(aUa XU'ct, Xtw
Toil, and It all 2raUU. at 39c, Sic, and $1 por pot.
or all tbee&ct tkat atwunf tbt.akla to tbe air
or ion proincu, lie mod i'ltviiit li'caM tmxln,
or taa. If ipria! otot Ibo callro aorfaoo of tb parts
oxpoiol. II la cm Bod taa; If acatterod at tntorrxli.
frockiei. Too flaeit iUci ara ami aabjec: to tbem. Tbe
XtUCitn. pnpand by Jowph Baraoll h. Co , eoottlat a
ponllar craalvo propot It wbiea will reaovo tbete c)aa
tTtoaUo italu. It It at tit tamo tiat porfecllj kana-
leat, ahart all teadeaej to buUmmalWu, and rtadtrs tbo
coraphzka cloae ta brant f U Bnttn Ueritd.
Tit talo hi 8. XAyiHXLD-fc CO., Sad all dcalcri, at
0:. ana l per bcttlo aBii7
GENTLXMSN wbo ar tdvilcted to the habit of too-
liar, wm aad Bumttrt Ortntil Tool K'tih, pro
pared tr Khiii. Jouph Bornett . Co , Trtraont itmt,
Buten, aa exeeUent dtttrcest. It alio laparta 13 tbo
brtttb a frasrasot pKBlltilr aromatic aad pteaiaat.
Ior lilt by t XaxitieU) Ji Co, aad dntfjlat STBe
rallj. rrkt, 690. pr totUo. astTI
Yenil Vldilt TlclJt!
This th aid bo ttcmotio iJt tbo ouA Aatriem Tt
er ani Ague Rmtif, prepared bv O. A. Lxoxaxd,
of Now Tort; for tt ctmei In osr mkSit taw tbo ta
mr tncaopod aracad a, aod coaqorrt It to trclnacr
tbal wbm eatd to rttUt IV u portion of ib.tattar ia
left to tot far peaca. Jt la tboonlwaipoBtbatcaabo
rtlUd Bpeo,aDd ltraait, a Use, ovtrceno t&o prrje
alert of tbt phTiteiani, and be attd tr Um at tbt ootj
rtmedr far tbe ponnantnt cart of tbe CbMa and 7trtr.
Rtadtr, t not delay, but It job or jaor fritadt ban tbo
ccnpltlat, (it It tt oaet.
Set hit adTtrtlwrneat la aeotberpart of tblaptper.
B00C3 are epeotd at tbo "Sostbtra Job- rrintlar and
PabUiblei nosit, Ko. i If osroo ttrttt, ror iBtKrrb-r te
ttartcd la Wrap 1j.
acsSS-tra W it. UbTTOH k CO.
TDE SETIKTS SESSION of tali IniHtntltn wSJ
eommeaet cnMO.VDAT, Accaitll. 19ST.
Jr5l-3iwtw A. U. linn, Priattpal.
Tbo neat (Txoib) Seoiioo of Ibt Tooar Ladltt' If odtl
School, at SomtrvM , Teen., W coamtneo oa 110N-
DAT, tbo 7lh ot September seat, aadtr tbo caattaoed
impf rrliUaflf A. X. Sitia.
By ordtr of tbo Boaid of Trcstnt.
bos j c. nun raitsTS. rwt.
Xswis Dickihsox, Stfff- if dawjsi
Opposite Court Square Sign of the
O-oldon Stirr a. X3.
rKBpctaitinl'y oa bind a full inortaKat or artlotea la
their line, con;litlnjln part of Freocb aod Ararriaa
Calf Bbbit Brmloc aad Otb-Tanaed Sola Lettfeer,
SUrUBil, nameii, Brto, Waa axa tip Cpper Leather,
XntmtUd and PaUnt Leather of iH bladt; Pad, nc.
Cbaraolt, Deer, Ltnlar aad TopyUt Slat Alto, a tal
aftortmeal of 'aMlen', Sboesatert' aod Taonera
Tooli, is. S4eiy Hardware aod Haraett Jfemtlafa
of firry Tirltly to which we retpoeMUr vlU
the tttentloa of pertoat boyKS la oar Mao.
Saddles, Harness, Bridles, &c.
WE art now jott rtcclTlfit a fttth aad wH telected
ttock or coxU tntblt Hat, ioca at
or rrrav vabtett.
AB of which we wHJ tH it tbtTery lo'ont raaikel ratet.
No. in Uala ttreet,
aat20-lr Sira of tbt GoHni Stirrup.
Bands! Bands! Bands!
WE keep comUrrtly ca haad a fait attortmtat of tout
KacblntStrttcbed Leather aad Gara-Eltttle
ot all lUet, trera two to tlxtisa tnchet te width, aad at
wo art tbt Axialt oMbt raaaaf telarert, can tH tbem
aa low at tbey can befonad In theaartct, aad raaraaleo
tbem lobe ot thebett QsaHiy made.
Na. 511 Itatu ttroet.
aaito-ly Sira of toe GoHea SUrrsp.
Hid eg ! Hides! Hides!
WZ aro prepared at anr time U pty tbo HIGUXST
Satpraeatt toHcttrd, to walehwo proalie oar prompt
aad apodal attention
No. iO Mtlo ttrot,
asrt9-1r Sits of Ibe Goidta Sltrrap.
Fever and Ague
rOatllOST tracer the varioat remtctn for tblt dl
tut tttnCt S. SBALLzxacaeia'i Aktidote. A
fewdotrt win tare aty trdlaary eate, and one doit lara
rUMyatoptlotcbBla. Iteostalnt notstec EttholeaJt
drsrto hartfoltoley'm under tt cimsutancn,
and aerrr prodntea tbo ocpItataattSVeta that attend tbo
me ot Qatoloe ard other astatt In f tneral ate. It cam
orrry rorm of dteette, aad It tbt orUiatl ni only Jn
tidottor ilalaria.
Atk tor Dr ShiUeaoerstr't Ferer and A(ae Aatldotr,
aad b tart yoa ft pUU. Sold by retpcaUt Dtciitit t
ertrywhere. Price $1 fO Solo Proptlttort, A- T. SifAt.
LKnaEaorx It Co., Rochetter, Pa.
-Wboleialo Aarntt, S. VATf&FIXLD CO.,
asslI-Sa Ktmphlt, Tna.
A "Word to the Afflicted.
THS "NXRTOtfS TONIC" It Cow rtsudtd by aH
tclenUae men to bo tsperier to aay prtptrtttoa etr te
rsro prtxnted to taCcrlaa baaacity, aa by Ka oerrobo
ratios laantnee oa tbo lytttsr, tit tatceptfefilty to d it
em lit lettened ABd to tboto predliposrd.to repotted
atucka ot Ckffit, rrrir tad Atac, or any kind of Fever,
thlsreznrdy aheaM by aH meaas, bo ated. Andtotbtto
rtitdnif la mltioatle aUtrtett, when dlatttet of Ula
character aro alwayi tnetdeat to tbt cHaato, they thoald
ntver bo without It.
Cholera, Diarrhea, Bloody Flux
THXRZ It no dltratt that pnttratot bvaan I rial i In
'to tbort a time, aad that rcada tbe lyiten to ancoa-
sc4oot or tbo rcaodiet whts apptlcd, at tbett; aad It
therefore, DehooTcaallper-ooi waa valstthetrUTtsdearer
than anythlr( tbe, to lemerober that "dHayt aredtnstr
oat " Ai toon it oa feci the iHxhUtitymptem ot Blar
rhea, call for a toUlt ot Sltdct't Cteltra or JHmhia
Syrup , ont dots of whKtr, lruienla tltae.wtltrtlitTt
yoa. Brmecber, tblt U aacaaalzsly drrlaed bambac
at we hare tht crldenctt tt prove tht fact. AU we atk
It a trial.
ForCoIdSjConghs, Asthma, Bron
chitis, Consumption, &c.
tbo asoTa tre tot talo at all the Drat floret,. aad (oa
eaqalry may bo I ocad la all tbo towai aadrfllaiet.
J. U. SLXDGt It CO.,
SoleProprietert, Uempbui, Teaa.,
To whom ill trdtrt matt bo addrctKd. JjS
roa DUEAtra.ocrut .
Two Doors East of Commercial Hotel,
may lMiv B B. JOHNSON, If. D.
r TiTUt J. a anovrt..."
Jlesphlt, Tesn. Ntw Orltaet.
..J. oaovu,
Sscettort to Koon, Tltat ot Co4
ALtptrtoairnTlac left OLD 51 ATS at tbe atore ot
Go. PhUieraiCo..roriatted-totakotbiawty
wlthla thirtydayi. rthcyrwll b throire awty at told
r. whit ihr vlll briar t hit ttorttft. Sor will wo
ioU oarielrt retpoailblo for old ban lert wlthTM for a
lositr Unto than tbort trier iaia. oi. ;
Rttpectrnlrj', If. HialtLLXR
Soecetaor lo Geoxjc Pnuier t Co.,
aaxlJ.tm TS rrootBow.
TWrjfrr-mmktn OMta SyriJ.for tilt by
.JCvlT pANC0CC.CLAlta;itCO.
JRemale institute
TUB nxt lassies af. tblt popmar and Sjorliklrt
S nit try of Lrarnlnx will caa-mrcee oa XUNOAT,
taetth Sepiraber atxt, aider ths tasarvltleo of ho
Brr. A. S Thomas, President, aad .Prof. V. V. Saw-'
ktns, TlcePrttideat, auUU4 J Cumpcteat and expe
rteaeed Tracbers
'Tb't School wSL iAallrexpacts.boeosdacied3lt-trat
prtnclpka. The discipline win befrtrs, hat klad the
cosTio of atsdy amal asd thoroash, embrsctzx the
Litltu Urerk, Frtsch niQtrain Uacmz.t.
lktXulcalpartmtr.lwlu cehltaae under tho care
ot Prot. oka P- Weadct, late or Xattaall latttuto,
who, II Is beltned, has so superior as a "etcher tt Xa,
ale in tho Sooth or Veit H.t pianos are all aeWj ad
hat beta parchued expretsly far the laiUlateu
Tho barldlng basaadertcnea tact tnjb rtjy a t.j hat
Htn neatly sued ap wtlh Farattaro prccuod troratho
Xatt at coasldenVa cxpesso. .
Prlmarx9eplC)eat I. ..4lO 09
Prijaitttrj Department,. ............... 1 Co
CiUssattp)epartmeat ,., 50 CO
jcavjcai urparimcat, mcilKiax V(3 fir p
Board may oa haJ la rood itmlkea. ea.
I iZTZll, V- ""r V r1? . e" 2Ki! win be
All blCi tMpaya!oaerkxU 1:
Kfif at tte.clqia.ot Ue seulon.
, sad the bti-
yZf V healthy, hitbly m.ra),
ruuteot Brownt-
tttr vi itmi, auii a ovate
citation, ej ttaktad.
The Trexia tako piestsre
toi-.ta tor .tx-
ta kU per.ota Interetted to tha
Smmtndlsc tbe School
sy order of ikeBtrd.
let young-tadlet.
BrownirlEe, Ttna., Azsit,
amio -
'1 ' 'nar, jt- v."w, 1 1 1 11 jm ni.wo ititiiiiMiui laoawraaaaBawrr oil Xv1"
mmemmmiMamammmaimammnanmBnaa'nmc ti9BiBtisemmisiaoj -i: i--iTaaaaaaraaaaaaii- rttirarr
Just Received.
Frrrr t jjow-rarano tob
H" II. TOTTER; JTtn st'tt, -aasOT
T ltd aoot wa cf Woratam Bouao.
Just nccclred.
ONB boadtod Jtwraud C1QAB.4, Tarrlnr frosa 13 to
H. H. rOTTER. Valaatnot.
aD2S TMrd door Borta of Woraaaia nao.
V IhUNU oa lb XTtb bitt . i naaU inn &r numw.
fV wBleb ttaeowntr ea tare ly cJflnz at .Mi etac.
octcritisK u taisv. ibi p iy as ror isu noitcx.
YT7HXAT Sfki, Fk.tr Sacka aod other Sataamana.
V V factored aad kM at St. Ltcla prl-M. at HO. las
jiaix bthsbt, Hau. aoaK-atwawSwo
Wantctl to Rent. ,
X QINTLXKAN wbo dritrt to kca!a In
llraphlt wttVt to teat a baaaoaadsrouadr
ottiKo ot tho cKt aad wiuio two ratlot of tbo
corporation. Aor ceraon kavlur a hoato -n
(ood oriel with aose Uoer alzr oouuterTaaU'rormt.
cUUre. he, with neat two to tea acrt ot sroaad at-
tac ro, tad wlthla. two ml a of th ory. otirs te
ront, can preeare a ftod toaaal aad prompt payor by tp-
P'jmi ami. illio:.
31 IN 1 WAT frem tbt ttbocribT. rejldicz near
Ozftrd Jfltt.,oa tbt Witt cf tbff 25th latt.. my
toy 11BNRT. Boat Deary It of a T1H07 color,
-abeatteryraraoM. about A ret 4ofS&eaa tLhVa-
k a arar oa bla face, aad will welxh 125 or 113 o.aada
Tbo atwTO reward wm be paid tor all dtHrery to me tt
Oiiora,or ro iiabkis, worm xlxt a. CO , Vrmphit,
or iu wiaroi in jauoo loot t can get nun.
Mississippi Central
Now otxnad to Oxford. Miss., os tbe'
Vauglian'a Station, thlrteea
roitea neuth of Cantoo, on tbe
ON and after XOXDAT.AecBtt 31, th roaiar Paa
aiagtrTrata wW raa U 6ztMd.lltat. aAectlsa
sithatpue wHfc SUIS Jk GO 'i tpleadpt four bono
pott caacbta to TTalOf 7aary, Ornuda. Batk Hawk.
carroWaa. Ltziarum, Toaoo CMy. Beaton, aad at
Taagbart'a Stallea wtlh the cart oa tb SMTBBTIN
DIVISION' or Hi Viitfttlrpi Cialrit Kaitraad. aa4 at
Caatoa wlih too Ntw ttrlooaa. Jatktta and Gr..t
Nartbtra BillniJ to Jacktoa, fattbart aad New.,
Tatoath from NtwO'lttaa U Jeraablt la FIFTT
Faii4frnatacoiitttrm VraioM. tkoaid preoorc
throsit tlckttt troet P. X. BArrxas iN, AtMlt. Om
atreui tt, to Creatda, CanoBlon. Butk Hawk, Ltx
laitoa and Caatoa Thrmh ekrkeh oy iklt restr rfre
PTereroBccioBtitesrtrt orer aay ether reotr. Thta It
the chjtpett, rsttt upodlHtat, aad Iota itaiias. thasfaay
Pataatera rraat Grenada, CarToBton. Black Bawk,
Lfilnfioo, Caatoa aad Jacktoa, fgUc North, l Xtm
phla, or bv tea XaiUra Trara 03 tho bteetotlt aad
CaartoitoaBatlroad. win coaatct with tho oart oa tht
Mltutikt Gtatral RaBread at Oxford, at 4 aa o'clock &.
tt , a Trim at tbo Jtsetioa with tbe If eapbii aadf
liaanciton sauroai at i:w a. sr., tad Mnapkia at 11
a. at. Faratafera iota( Bait tr tho Xeaoblt aad
Caarkttoa BaUrotd wut tako ths t:SB a. m. trala, oa
tbe Xeopblt aad CaarKitoo Btilrttd
Patto terriE Xtatohu r.tar SoatbwM tab. tbo
6 30 A sr. trala oa la. Xeapfclt and (Jearteiton XaB
road, arrtT" at Oxford II: 10 r tt., tatao matn(. thrro
cooacciiaz wno stmt suo-'o-suiea riaarnfert ltx
ln tho aaeosraodaH-ii tram rrera Knaphla, at 3-M p.
af , will ooBooct with rbo acooraaiodatkm on Ho Nlttlt
ttppl Oairal HaUread, aad arrive at Oxford at 9 30 r.
St. Thotrsiaioatho Jfbsiuipsl Central BaBroideoB.
aect wth tkt trtlrt aa tho HImUiIodI Oratrtt aM
Teeneaaet BABroad to BoMrar, Xtdan and Jackaon, Tca
BCTtee. Pttieatera for Pontotoc Aberdeen aad Cutumbaa Xlt-
111.IPIK, wm uto, tl uxrora. Hrttra. JAMISON a
CO 'S Hat foor-Borto (mtoaehra lor the aboro pointt.
Lett ItitiBt thta by any other r Mo.
X. G WALL. Saptriaimteat,
aru-tr XMftopl (Vatral Rirtrctd.
Valuable Real Estate
vjrjBSlJANT to a decwe af tho Caaarery Coart at
X Xemphu, roaared Xay terai, ISr,la iho catoof
Oootlaaa H. Gordaa at. XBJah, Cbotk aad olhert, I
tB, OB
Thcxsdat, Octoje lar, 1E67,
m froat ot my odlce, la tbo cty of XeapMt, proceed to
tea to tho highest bidder.
J Valuable Lot of Ground on HaiAiojfea-jf.,
talhoouyof X raphlt, aad ksowaaa Let Mo. Son the
plan ot the tao-dtruitn ot BHtah Olmk'a pteMrly. boro-ttt-
ro hi la taid caar, a-J b-lat the taaw Lot pr-
eotteaaituataieoyc. u BKaaroaon. siuutsalli
h oad-d at telio.a, l.K : BabUr4ag it a ttako on tho
loath- ra hs or watasataa si. aad tho nomw it cor.
er ot LM No. 3 oa tho pita ot the atorttald tac-dlTi.
ittB ; thesco ooalhwardiy aad with the wet beaadary
the ctotrt cf aa aKty bttwton Watht roa and Adatat
ttreota, thetoathwettetra-refLotNo 3; thoaeawott
wardly la a Hae parauti with thaliaoof Lot No. 3, IS
tret, no eot less, to a Cala oa th- teathera Mae of
WashiBfton ttrertt tboaee westwardiy with lard loath-
era Itteot wtialBttea iirettTCs fMt'toiheheclaaiM.
Tho abon-raenuwaod Lot wilt bo uM M titltiy i
ladareeat rrcatrHlajurat C. C. Klibardtoa ta the a bur..
ttalrd eaa, aaO apoa the rouewrax term - A crodK ot
tix msDtha, pnrehater te extents beafle wtta aaaroved
Hcartly, with a Ha rttalnsda tho prtsiuua. Xeeemp-
twa Earreo.
Sale at 11 'dock A. St. JOHN C. LANIBK.
as(23-dtwt orrk aad Ua.ter.
PURSUANT ta adeerte ot tho nhtaeery Coirt at Xera
hf , rrndnnl Xayterm, 1S37, la the eate ot Dos(.
Us. n. Oordoa rt. SUtth Chwkaad Uhort, 1 wut, oa
Thosjdat, Octobkk 1st, 1867,
ta fnat of ray ffl, la tht city ot Xraohit, proceed ta
am te um bis an i oramr.
Two Valuailc Lot of Ground on Poplar ttreet,
la the ertj at Hemphlt. aad ksowa aa Lo Km. 1 aad S
oa Ibe piaa or tne toa ainaioa or aata Cbert'a prupoi-
, iKriMiT mm WWI u. lull
parohaed al laid aale b WBKan 3. WHIl, tastther
with aB ta tstattTeBKBta thtrton. Lot No. 1 la
tuaoord aa nnow. : Btftrn&g' at a tuts ea the toatt-
ora lino ot rop-ar itmf, brlac Boi-bw.nortkwetct'
ner; thtnea aoath ea aad with Bebbmt' .Ine 17 tret
me e cr lota, le a ttakc la tht centre cf aa liter bolwtea
Pupuraaa watoiairion ttrettt, tneacs wtttwirdly oa
aad nHtt tbo Oar or aal aBey C9.M-KM feet tora sttke,
thenee northwardly 1M fret, eat or leti, lo a title on
the tooth aide of Poplar ttreos, 6 H teet from th brtra-
max cor.c7 , utcce eattwaroiy wiin ut iiae or Toplar
ttreet ta.H feet to tho btlua!iif comer. Lot No SI
b.nea.d as foBowt : Aeaiaatagata ttakt oa the aoath
S:ds or Poelir ttrrtt, aad aonhwrt- scraer of Lot Ne 1.
thence robBlM aoaihwardiy oa and with the wctt tide
ot Lot No. 1,1(6 ttet, more or Iota, to a stake la tbe cen
tre ot lata tittT, use teatawrti eeratr or Lot Xo 1 ;
theece wettwardiy oa aad wtth the Use ot li d a.ley. 88
ft. to a tUke rBTafc'irfio; theses aerthwtriBr en
tod wlih Tatot' lino to a stake oa Ibe aoath siet of P p-
lar tlrt-i, im leu, mora oriri nance tttiwanayon
asd wl a ih use or rpiar ttreet, as rote, rsore or leat,
to th. betlanlEK
Tho tsrofovemeata oa Lot. Na. S contitt ot a larte
arKK Mm uoate.
Tbo above. oeailooed Lota are to bo toM to aathty a
ladjsent rtader.d tctlnit ITBIlim S. Welt la tbo
tbote-turrd caaio, aad apes the feSewtea' torrat : A
erfdlt or all raootho parckaaer te extents bond wlih ap
proTed srcarity, wlih a ktm rttalaed oa ths preralttt.
Betemathn barred. JOHN C. LADIES,
accCS-dawtds Cl;k tad Xatter.
Valuablo Lends and Town Lots
PUBSTJANT to a dcree tt the Chancery Coart at Xea
pblt, rtadetod Xty terra, lfST, la the eate ot Jtaa
U. TV addiH, aam'r of Job B. Ball, deceased, (. Baja-
sua r. nan ai Jtariaa aaa. l win, on
ThoxjdaTj Octoizb 1st, 1S57,
la boat of my occe, la tht city at Xtapbla, proceed to
toll to us biaaeiiHoaar. von gabb, ta of Beojaala
P Btlt'i tbtro aad WHerMtCUleE the one androldta
it-nth ptrt hereof) lo tee foBowtag real ettate ta :br
town of SumeiTillt, raiotte coaoty, Tfaa , aad kaown
aaddwtxaaledonthe pita of laid una at Lota Sen. 9,
(, 7 8, t.'lo. It, and thetoaih third of It, la Block A t
11 of ildLota.txeeEtlaeeaceiNeo. I.x.3 i.5. Saad
T and the r osad they carer, h-ref ceTered by ibe dower
ot BItta BeH, Lots Not. 1(. I, .tadT, la Block B, aad
Lttt Not 1, 2 aad S la BlMk Q Alto, the oaelahth
part of til OJ ta tho h ffidt of 1- 0. tradae!!, admlnla
Uatarot S. H Ball, drceated
Alto, at the tame tie. aad place, aad spoaHka taimt,
all of tbe tald Brrjualc F. Bal'. tbare aad lotcrrit
Ibeisc one nadltldid rtrrnlb part tberrar) la tweaty.ono
Lota la Fort Pickerla;, Sbeiey gtaaiy. Teas., bdst the
aims ot which John U Ball died aelttd.
Ali at the siu tla aad plact, 1 wiH tea to tbe
tKnate, lytax aad trint la 8 brier eoaatr, Itui., on
ttlaad No 40, la th- Xbilnlpol river, abest tea mUn
frosi Xersphta ceaiaratBt aboat
EigU" Hundred and Sine and HJatr,
belax t e tame tract ot land whoreoo tt uU Bcaamln
f Bait fooary hid and kept a yol-jard
Tbe but-mtnikinetl tract ai had will bo- on a
credit ot elth. morubt, axhaarr le exrate bond with
approved terarlty, with a Hen rttttVd oa the laad antd
payment of rsrchaas money. itjmfUaa birr 4.
earSS-dawtls citrk aad Xasttr.
mississippi and Tennessee
ASPKCIALTRAIN wLl laa.0 XemphU SUtlea or.
SUHOAT Xr)RKINO,tbt 30tblalt . at 7 otc'
for the Cami Grxnno Belurnitr, lttr-t fer Xtmpv ...
at 4:30 r. at artlrUX at Xem;kn at S:.
' -Alaoa tralawaUlttTa the ear of track, crir'P- j,
tbe tamo mornlas at 7:10. aad artlre at the ' jimp
arrive at the end ot traik at :30 p. M. "'
antW 41. X. X. JATRICr. Sav'U
TTK are aathirlttd to anooance TTX livti ., .
eaadidate fer.Coaitab'o la the Fifth Cl't ,j Datrtet at the
eaturegnarca ti.cittn. aasST-te
ATTORNBT AT IW,nerBaadoXits.'sropl. WW
XJ. poneaanyaiirea 10 au oattaess' eatratted to hla
vwuim u t. Ttnout -conntua la
North XWtarppL angST-sm
jyvt.M.unjin.x.. CJLA, H. Joni03r
Mill & Morltnu
A ILL lire caret a! and prompt attention toifl JUr aP
VV orders. trlU Cotton , ts per J,'
Cotton tot resMpment forwarded at. 60 ceatt. AU thlp
Bient. IntorrdontrrtotbtrwtFO lot troewt r
Oaeooa FreatRew; No.U, p. ttalra. ia Xesby
Baat'aa.w hiuldiar. aaxl-lawoi
TiBALXS ia Ala, Porter. Cider and W rnea'sf art I rr
XJ maaafaetared by the taoat celebrated eatabluhireata
la a. Cnlted Stattt, For aa, Wbeleaalo or iut?t
' ,u" .oa xjMinr nrthe oattnesj ftwelTeyoaxt it
whJcahaabeenlaihecTtyof Xeepcls)I aabrrnyace
wtlh the rnvactf 1 atxe hd.trn my old esstornert
Hu.u!mwn aiToeeea appreciated cy them.
f M O C JS H & ,
1 Conimissloii Merchants.
f-' ALSO.
Anicaltr attention jald to recetrlcc aad forwardlac.
jjlt uaxamstreotiumpsu.
SITOATIOSS as TXACIIS RS, by two ytmt ladles one
cacableet trocblashlxber Easlisb Trench aad Gtr
ciaa, tboolV. Xoste, PalatUf and Brawlnt.
' Aldri SABAH, Box X t, Stsoca Fans, New Toik.
r.rrT t,b x.rri ,,rf.r, iihe best.iai'axel'
XLtun Sate.
By BftttJioro, 0"i-. .
W?-fP. TEXSfl XORNISO. Srptember 111.
.-' Ik; oa- me prai-t,-th. wta-koowaW
Latblax XR1 iltaated au -Wolf Hrtr. below th. Mearnbls'
Oottoa Factory, tho only tad boti mllLof iho atad la
Teaatttee, arordUx a 8na cbtcce far ipeealatioa J
Perata i wlthrai to pnrebaae, caa ata the nUH la daCr
opeTatlan To. ma at cay ot aale.
avra lw A. B. IXTT. ABStlooter.
1V111 Al-aray, bt y.nnd la thlt Colama.
I)KBSONS wlitnix,ta know wat bo has to ttHl or
waat ho may wast to boy far any or ill co.lr.Jr,
wSf be tare to dad It fat tho Lit eolima.eathe SSCOND
PA OB. Bemrmner that, asd ttrt yoojlrit the traaale
of lookln .11 ovtr tbo papar.
ABbattaeaatatrcttdU au wBl boatteadedtocan
faHy aad. wlta Clipaua.
Office Haillits Street, eppitlle Cnlan Bank;
JEtna Fire and Inland Navi ca
tion Insurance Compauy,
CAPTTaLAKD S08PLCS................$loOOtoe9L
Hartford Fire Insurance Co I
Charter Oak Life Insurance-Gov,
Pslletes lstaed a rratooabie terms. Let tat eccila
biy adiaated aad pieapuy paid.
coaatryrettdonce fenatrty owaul by A. T. TV.Ht, Xu
with aorta icivot croaad Tho prettat occapaat rmlt
s H crop aad ml farnltart. If dtttred.
Baqalrecf J. . CHADWICT.
Xa toa street, j
Jl OpauUe Ualoa Bank.
iax foer neat, klwbea aad arrraatt room, iiero ro a,
ttable, Pm we.! or wtttr and tlx ae-ts of Hat taitble
land, wtth aboat forty choice fr-Ht trtea. Srt-tiod
aboat .ae and a halt mHei treai Coart Sq,carr. aaea
tioa xlrta lit September. Apply ta
i. m oflADinar.
also a Bsirrmn. cottagx BxtroxNcx; nt,
roatatailax die rooaa, klbhtc, orrrtata' MB, liable
aad txerflent eaters, wMb abewt three-ioarthi efaa.
acre .f land, allBatol Jeat oat iX the oily Haucs Foo
sotten eirui l.l Septtmber. X bargain taa e had IX
ttleaaoea. Apply to J. X. CHADVICC
ALSO, a teaatlral BOILBINS 1IT2 coaUlslBZ3S-10B
ac ft weBitmaeredttllaateeaifasaoith'TtttetiatTor
CeatialAvenae and Bre.Bfs Avtnss, dlrtctjy tppottto
the rraldaaco of Jadro Harris.
ALSO, a fiae BtJlLDlNS LOT, ctoUl-lar fear tsrrn
well totered with, dee tree, ttteateea toe north tide of
vraktr ttreet, aear the Ont toil xato oa the Btraaado
Flaak Bold. For terms, apply ta
jr. E. GBADVrfCT.
Xerapntt Land OSte, a
apes Opptilto ffatoa Baak.
A. MASCocK, late VWtamtoa It Haaoock.
a. o cr.aifr ltte Ayicu Os.
ola. w. -raoTTXX, lata of SmenBte. -
SCALXaa In 4
Bs-gginiTi Hope, Bacon, Pork, Lafrli
yp. 16 Front Rot,
HATX maottd their tattro slock ot aseOXIIXS to
Ne. Front Row, coraer of Coart- ittt; waare
they weald bo pltita to to their ed ta Itam .
Q-Xirle copy. n 13-1 at
Auxs Davis, lau of HtTwl caaaty, Teea
w w Howe, of Xeaphlf.
Tros. H. Tiiuami, late ot New Orteaa..
IV TAJt WixaXX, lilt of LoaisrLle, Xy.
Gca'l Steamboat and Railroad igents,.
NO. 3 non-ARB's K01V, XEXPK S. TXNN.
AI-V) Ar'nl? for Xert. Jeasiaya It BeyaoMl.fer
tao laieof FrKoa'a Sttf-Sharpeataz Portabla Grufc
XI It.
AHtnjiln.fi eatratted to
etpect,! suV ruiea.
ear eare wlB retra oacr
RoDertson County Whisky.
WE hate n ttore 30 barrra Bo ertaoa Ooaoty Whia
ky. a ispertor article, for tale by
aotS dtwiai R m APPEK50N fc. CQ.
TTVO food laraHy Boomt, and Btardtiit fer tweljet
or arWa teirci Boardrs wtth or wtthost laag
Inr. eta be had by MBaedltte app katiaa at Cnt hoata.
on Skorby ttreei, below foot f Bal sirtet, ntxt t imr.
tarrO la
ElfE 8LJB J33i2
DS, FXNNXB alto attenda to all Dlteaaea ot tboByet
asd Bar, aad Is prepared to Beard ?Mlscla trsa a
X3T Otace oa Xttn street, ta traOer'a a-jCCnr. rtef
dace oa Cart ttreet. aepSO-dtwawlyta
i. aria,......,
ot Xemphit.
asa mrLTOir,
of Alabama
Commission IHerchanis,
ALL Cettea seat to oar adtrttt ttatarvl, aaltsa
pfljgig attraetleat Uthe emit try tr. r-cetrrd. -Bo-iV7?l
tatttaao-e pMoptly made to vrdtr. Plaattra'
trdert aOed with eare. Stl or F rward Soltsa
at see eau per bale. Liberal adranca made on ceoi&a-mentt-
w. j. win...."" .1 tt. wxas.
W. J. WEBB & CO.,
Frodnce Merchants;
Nt. 316 Main Strett, near Union,
Memphis, Tenn.,
WILLttep entuntly oahaada faattoez-or
Mipu urocerm, ladBomt Boaar, Otace. -Xo-laaitt,
Trat. Candiet. Lime. Cora. Bat. 3bae-
co,j war, sail, aaut. wiaes, Uiaort.aad MI
other articrta aaaally k-pt la ths trocery awjwhJoa,
they wW arH at the lowttt maiket rat it for cash.
General RecetTiug, Forwardinz
a n r
No. 40 Pront Bow,
Office wtlh J. W. McCxACxiN t Co.,.
To the Public
OTTNG to tho coBlanahea oa the ISth Jrn Ixif,
by which we were karat oat, aad betas aaable to
ret another heate la which te contiaaa oar batteMS, wa
aow retara oar tuMere thanks to he aiaay trhmda
whose pitroaar we tojoyed, aad Bow MouoimeBd, le
thttr faror ear lata prtari, STXWX2X St XINS mthe
above bnilaets. K. D. L. SIKWAET,
P. S. The abore Una Is fsSy aatborlted t ootrect.aaX
doaethe bntlneai of the Una of Sttwart, Xlr.j k. 6o.
and all Dersont ladebttd are hereby reqaeata to eome
forward aad itttle the tame.
aart-ara. SIEWABT. KijfG It CO.
Sign, of tb jjig coUar,
231 M'atj STREET,
Bilompl' aJjb , Tcnnoesoo.
fChtt .ciyei a saperlor auortmeat of Ora"
Baada. f -.ia-BaaXLealhor, Dear Sams aad Whanf
Air 41 UmTiMlii.ihw . ertrafat af
SADDLE , tl iac, tBd suks 1 Coach. Wtsoa,Drtr,
Plow anr. ptantatloa HAINBS. o ear own maaa(a
taTC SS4IetiandHarasXaxera' Xatertaii. Alio,
very artla-aasaalrykepUn ahenteof the klad.
v J"Bo5alitiix prmptlyartayed ta
aoxra-dawtf Saccciaorato X. J B. L. Vat.
IFor Sale
I TrlLL SKLLoa SATbHDAT. October ITIh,
Oat Thoasand Acres ofLAND tn Tipton county,
Tin six mBet north-west of Milan Depot oa
ibe Xeapala icrl Obt BaBroad, and teres mHee
from Cotinxion. The axeve land la knowi at tbo Bay'a
tract ot land There ie abont t uhty er a hundred aeroa
eltartd, and tolerably well Improved, wlih sod,aad lttt
lot water. The abro ltSitnin dlTtded to salt par
cbtsers. For fnrtbtr ptrtiealara apply toJ. X.
Shiw.O. 0 FolndetfT, Xemphw; X JohntttnNath-.
viae; Ol. Chat ItylL ad otatst the place; Vivid Nana,
SomerrUle, erthoBadertiraelatBemont Traa.
-p. 5. Terms. onoth'rdeath.tho balaaca la eft. two
aad three years wlibteterett. aaxM-wtds
a.o. Atraa....B. B. coo?ia....-rxo. T. bavob.
R. D. BAUGH & GO.,
Forwarding and General Comaisslou
STRICT ATTENTION Bifd to erfers'forBal-
cIbk, Bope and Plantation bappliM.
For Sale.
I NOW orrun 400acruof LAND far sale.
T whtih SOD la the snett Kr of TaRry. tho
tmaiader txceHxt tee ad valley. There aro SOO
aeree la the hlh-tV state tt caltlratlon. with,
ertry imprevemeiit, saeti a DwtlU- gs, G,n-hoate, ic,
i.e.. fine Orchard watered by tereral sprmxa. Tho
place ts bttaUrrlHy located oa the Xlnttilppl Cratrat
Ballrnad, enomHe Berth of AbbetUlo Depot. Lafayttto
caaaty, Xlt. Call aocaor yoa wllimiraa harsarn.
aari3.w3to AbbtTUJe. XUs.
TUltlnc Ucmpbls far
Niar tht Wtrshaa Home.
A t Less than esatsl Prices for CASH, or spuiareci City
X3 Cill aad examine tbo Goods aad Price.
aag3-dawda J. L. TATLQg.
S200 Reward. ?
RANAWAT from the inbicrtber. a Nexro Xaniaamod.
Joe. lie It black, and aboat five f tt too Iscbta hisX
aad abont'rorty ytart eld Ho Is a spare baHtmaa. Oa
huadreddeBtri reward wttl t- paid tar bit daMrrry at
aty ease.
A Xaa oamed. Hoib. ccbsxlsx to Xn. It, A. BJeev
aboat Id jeara eM,bmwiikts, aad ab.at dteteef efjht
loehee hUb.. Ht wtisbt aboat ISO rooads,' aad -Weare'a
J,(oateejrOB iaodred doUart reward wttl bepaid for hll
If it.llM. oMm' TBUi IT. ItLfV
dtllrtry al 37 oface.'
No. t. Froat Zov.
J3 ZaCt asd XB.3lrir copy.
1 ii
1 A 5

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