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rgii sun, AFT LCttEl THAT KiT OCCVB.
Having momentarily expected the arrival of
tae President's mes;a;e yesterday, we bare
coustqaeBtlj failed to make preparations fcr
toe entertainment of oar readers with the usual
ntscellany in cur bandar f&eet. inat we
have not received this important document will
be aSjgreat a disappointment to our readers as
to ourselves. Is it cot vexatious that, with a'l
ine laelltuea for intercomcianicaUon of our
a-e, we should be a week in receiving the an
aa! enmmanieation of the Chief Magistrate
froa Washington?
The EogU and Enquirer is in an exultant
stood jast at this time ever the defeat of Feb-
hakdo Wood for the Mayoralty of New York
city. We profees not to be familiar with the
local causes which have conspired, to some
extent, to produce this result, yet, to those at
a distance, who are familiar with the bold and
manly stand assumed and consistently main-
Wlncd by Mr. Wood against the Black Re-
rmMicans, It will appear a little singular that
aay Sacthern journal should exalt ever his
In lieu of any remaks of our own, we sub
mit the foMowiBg article from the Kew Toik
Day Book on this subject. That paper says
UA few figures in another column announce
the result of the Mayoralty election wfaicL
teak place yesterday. Fernando Wood, the
MaBoara nearer or tae Democracy, -ms beer,
track down by the enemies of the Democratic
party, lraiiort viikm l&t tamp are the par
ties jistlv chareable with this result. Con-
iderHt; the combination against Mr. Wood
ibe disgrsedol coaK ion of "Puritans and
bUcMegs," we are surprised, almost gratified
with the noble vote which the Deraoersry have
polled. We have achiered alt the substantial
effects sf a moral victory. The mass's ef the
party have been trae to their -allegiance, anr
(town an independence and a spirit that can
cause ow'eneisies to tremble even is the hour
of their victory.
"Tet us look fur a moment at the sinnlar
esaMaatien ef circumstances that has breagtrt
around the defeat of Mr. Wood. Ever since
be undertook to consolidate and fortify the
Dsatecratic party in this city as-tinst the ma
chinations of Tharlow Weed and the "Repub
lican" regency at Albany, he has been the !
target far alt the political and personal malev
olence which unscrupulous party pipers cenM
ntggest. Last winter these efforts culminated ,
in a series ef oppressive and iniquitous mea
sures which prostrated the rights of oar city,
and took away from as our aott cherished
privileges. In order to break the Democratic
power all official patronage was taken from it
and applied to the purchase ot mercenary re
cruits, who were willins to sell themselves for
a mess of pottage. The boundaries of our
wards were broken ap in order to destroy the
old and united battalions of the Democracy.
In fact every thing that the atm s. igei.uity
could suggest, or the aestest political chicanery
invent, was done to bring defeat upon the
" Finally, every element of ppposition
SpabHeans, Americans, Reformers, Inde
pendents, fce suited and concentrated all
their strength npon a bogus free-soil Democrat.
Even this, of itself, however, as the result has
proved, would net have been sufficient to ac
complish the defeat of Mr. Wood. The Demo
cratic party has a set of unprincipled camp
foHowers Democrats in name but really only
attached to the party so far as it advances
tSeir own personal and selfish interests. A
number of these men, by dint of superior man
agement, have forced themselves into positions
of inSttence and power, and this Uflaence has
been used to defeat Mayor Wood. The Diiiy
Timer this raornirte thus forcibly states the
case : Mayor Wood's defeat has been mainly
and primarily the work ef men high in posi
tion and influence in bis own party. And the
cjtyowes them a debt of gratitude for the rare
courage uih which they have scorned the
restraints of party discipline.'
"The above compliment from a notorious
Republican paper ought to satisfy the vanity
of the most bga Dtmocrat. It will be seen
that Mayor Wood has potted mere votes than
ever before, and that he has actually gained
ea his opponents. There cannot be the least
doabt that, bad it not been for the trailers in
oftr ranks, Mr. Wood would have been elected
by a handsome majority. These men have
tamed the city over o the Black Republicans.
The responsibility of the defeat ef the Demo
cracy rests wi'h them. They have shown
themselves ready to sacrifice the principles of
Democracy to their own selfish interests, and
no matter hew mach they may now pretend
that they voted for Mayer Wood, the mark of
the traitor is upon them. Two thousand bogus
Democrats have crashed the party in New
Yprk, and handed the csty over to the Black
Republicans a disaster from which it wiiHtct
recover in years."
The Yicksbsrg irii of December 8 has
,.:3AcjKaK-T ck the Southem RAiLBoxn.
. Tlttmnnje of the boiler ef the locomotive Pee
lahTtShle. belonging to the Southern Railroad
Company, exploded oa Sanday, while ea the
tarn table at Batten's, instantly killing John
Evans, the ragiBeer, and Begro Henry, a tire
rain belonging to the company. The Superin
tendent sf the road, C. Williams, was present,
and had a very narrow escape. Hewjsataoaed
by the explosion, and knocked in.the turntable,
bit fortunately was not killed.
Hesxaxdo. Toe Prut sajs:
"The spirit of improvement seems to be
a bread ; several baikbags gov g up, and others
belac repaired. Everything considered. Her
nando seems to be toekiagap; bat yet there
is a wide berth for improvement Oar people i
are stew to atere, bat oaee fair? stilted they '
are bout! to raeh hs-ad."
UstvMMTT or Mjssissim. The Massa-
V r 17 I . , , 1
cent electrical maehine, which Is by far the
larst ever CMttraeted in America. fhrln I
two plates, each six feet io diameter.) and we I
believe fits been equation in me bat by two
ever constructed in Europe. The instrument I
is sapperUd upon beautifully cut glass pillars,
upon a rosewood base, handsomely polishes. 1
I: has been built for the Uattersity of Missis
sippi. wMch has been liberally endowed by
the State. Mr. R. bas constructed one ef his
hmii air Damns, and is now unH nruw '
the most powerful inductive apparatus fer the I aa" bs Brown and Nemaha, and shall be eoti
eame iestatatiOB. We are happy to see the "ed to one representative ; the fifth shall be
hoath eemsag forward so liberally to the csuse
of caseation."
PxEfoSAL. The Ykksbarg IFiij cf S inday
Btatei that Ex-Governor Henry S. Footc ar
rived there yesterday morning, and took a
steamer in the evening ea route for Washington
GtK House Bckxt. The Yazoo CHferrrx
" We learn that the gin hoaee belonging to
Mr. Thomas Alsop, in this county, together
with twenty-five bales of cotton, was burned on
the morning of the 1st lost. It appears that a
negro boy went in the gin with a lantern; he
felFdown, the lantern broke, and the cotton In
the gin took lire.1'
Scicidc A man Rimed Dan Ropier commit
ted suicide at Kosciusko, Miss., on the night
of the 14th ulL, by cutting his throat with a
AcarctJLTuaAt. The Lexirgtoa Jicocatt
leads cs to expect that an Agricultural Asso
ciation will asenbe formed in that prosperous
Soxsor Mawa TaU order is established i SefUtor. fmrth i.tcb worth, three
aBa prosperteg at Natchei. Senators ; the fifth Brown, Nemaha and Pota-
Ssca The Port Gibson Rt'iVe Itforms wottamie. one S-pator; the sixth, Riley, Mar
,i. that the heavv frosts of the ast laoathhave ' shall, Dickinson and Washington, one Senator;
rery terkksly damaged the .agar caae, and It j
, .r .i ..v t .k k. !
is astlmated by sime lhatthe crop is thertby J
cortiiled at leaet'tsienfy per cent."
Th'e Lexington jtdtoetlc learns thatzn affray
occurred at Emery, a few days since, bet veen
Dr. Smith aod Mr-Tate. They used knives
ztit both Are cat very bad, bat not seriously.
Mr- Tatb was arrested and gave ball in a bond
el f-500. Dr. Smith succeeded in leaving with
out giving ball.
Fkps. The Grenada LatomotUt, of 'Dec
11th. etates that the copious rains which have
fallen la this part of the country since oar last
publication have caused the streams ts over
flow their banks. A young deluge is upon as
the mail-coaches have had to etop even steam
boat navigation es the Yalobusha river is diffi
cult, from the fact that the river Is too high
Oar river is higher thin we ever before saw it
being out ef its baaks, far spreading over the
Mobile ahd Ohio Rvilsoad The track
laying.on the road, north from this city, will be
commenced in a day or two. The work on
the north end is progressing well. So says the
Jaclcson (Tenn.) Whig, of the 11th iasU
Foxeics FISAVCE5. The St. Louis Demo-,
cral observes : The commercial crisis in Earope
w think has OBly began, and we look for it to
warren the cenllBfr. a a wuinwi. n, o-iore n
. ih ns
AmsurfamS per ceot ;Yiea
per cent, j
Th ordinary rate of thess foar lauer cities
herefrom li to 3 per cent, uhen tbre is bo ,
rrssure upon -them F'ancrand Germany, we J
!- t are Hi a fisanf :al -m or view, rotten
, Airt.' Already ia Veani we have the i
-j r lie falluna vritbiuOhe last SO days, !
"CAdLrfand racbartWfaai; reward j
wtUi frfal appr'fce '"'he fo.e At
L.s, and t P rls, Irade. I, almost at a s aod
.ii ,Jihe directors of tb Kveat Saath bea
r.Able e"CredHMbil'-r" sUnd ajhast,
.h price
' i . .v,-'p ourftfK A T.APiinn
r -j. Uk-n piase. " '""r .Z..r T.
ikn p
,r 'inVav that Binug B-os.&Co.
au '"r ill .i h fitrmcr. but the
. ..;t.r under oik """"
We do not ob a curiUes', and the
oufembarrt,, the latter bouse.
-jiijeii altuOUell .UC Ztmpcivt . nance jb ui j - vi.-.w.D..M.v-
nivinioB It is all irasginary Imagruary indeed! i eiesal Covernor, Calhoun. That vagabond, as
Jrth money at Londea worth lOpercoat; Paris, I will be seen by theletUrs of our correspondent,
,n- Himb-ir? St to9ner cent :' has Issued a proclamation far an election for
The Si. Louis Democrat of the 9th Inst, cot;
taioa two Proclamations from Mr. Calmous,
President of the Constitutional Convention,
which we insert below :
rEOCLiKanos. .
- In nnrsaanee with a provision of the Const)
1" .1 1 1 I Ik. ,lat..9t.a Ia
a Constitutional Convention, assembled in Le-
eomptoD on the 5 Hi day or beptember, lool.
In conformity with the law the people of Ean-
ias Territory in said Convention represeated
flavin? imposed opjn me the dutv of fivinr
public notice that on Moiav, the 21st day ot
December, 1857, an election shall be holden in
ill the counties cf the said Territory, to deter
mine whether the Constitution to be aabmitta.
for the ratification of the people, shall contain
ciujc auiuoriuas me introduction or slave
ry inte the State of KanssB under the said Con
Jtitu'ion, or ant, and reouirin? of rae. further
to aupoiut three commissioners in each county
A the Territory, whose dntv it hll be to an.
point three judges of election in each existing
-ictuua aisinri, or socn otner districts as mav
Sv said commissioners be established to enable
the people to vote thereon. Naw, therefore, be
u Known, to ttie people of Kansas Territory,
-hat on the said 2lst day of December. 1857.
polls will be opened in the several election dis-
' nets or sua lerntory, at wiiicn tae actual
hona Jilt white male inhabitants, resident in
Hid Territory, on said day aforesaid, shall vote
for or agaiast the f utnre introduction of slavery
into said State of Kansas, in the mioner fol
lowing, as reuuired bv said Constitution :
The voting shall be by ballot, and those
voting for Kansas as a slave State shall vote a
ballot with the words ''Constitution with
Urerv and those votinr for Kansas as
Free-State shall vote a ballot with the words
" Constitution with no slavery."
The iudees of election are, by virtue of the
authority aforesaid, required to open polls in
three several precinct, and appoint two clerks
to keep a proper re core or me votes poueu, ana
A'itulR two aays an ex asm election, bisks a
return thereof to one ot ine commissioners
erem appointed, whose luty it shall be, with-
n efeht davs from the closing of said polls, to
deliver to me at Lecompton, the seat of rov
emaent of said Territory, a true statement of
ike votes cast at said election, and to retain a
ropy thertof for Inspection In each of said pre
cincts. '
The commissioners appointed in and for
each county of the Territory are required to
appoint iu'tees of election for each precinct now
by law estaoiisnea in meir respecjive eounues,
and for such additional precincts as, in their
tu Igment, they may deem advisable, and for a
rail, fair, and honest expression ot the popular
The commissioners appointed by the author-
ty aforesaid, in the several counties of the
Territory, are as follows:
For the county of Doatpban S. P. Blair, C.
B. Whitehead, B. O'Briscoll.
For the county of Atchison V. T. Hereford,
Eli C Mason, James Adkins.
For Leavenworth eoutv OHver Deifendorf,
Robert Thompson, Marion Todd.
For Johnson county T. H. Danforih, A. J.
Campbell; James Evans.
For the county of Lykins Henry M. Peck,
James Beets, L D. Williams.
t or the ceuniy or bourbon rnomas a. Ar
ett, Samuel H. Williams, Jefce H. Little.
For the county of Mcuee V. A. iraiier,
C Head, Willian Hinton.
For the county of Dorn James M. Linn,
John Lerifocs, W. J. Godfrey.
tor toe county ot Litaa Briscoe Davis,
WIWs M. Sutton, C. L. Flemlor.
Fer the counties of Shawnee and Richard
son Edmund L. Yates, John Martin, James
For the coanty of Divis C. L. Luford,
Fex Booth, Robert Reynolds.
For the county of Doeglas John Spicer,
Wm. F. Wells, Parish EIHsen.
Fcr the counties ot Breckinridge and Wise
A. J. Baker, William Grimsley, 31. W. Fisk.
For the county of Andersen Samuel An
derson, James H. Honeer, Ephraim Coy.
For the rouaty of Franklin Joseph Merritt,
Jesse B. Way, Jacob Mtrcelle.
For the county of Coffee Hiram Hoover,
John Wooknan, Hardee McMahon.
For the counties ot Madison, Butler and
Hunter G. D. Humphries, C. Bunch, L. G.
For the counties of Allen and Greenwood
B. W. Cowden.T. II. Bisaaw. J. Johnson.
Fer the county of Riley George Montague,
a. a. wane, J. s uaoaoipa.
For the coanty of Pottawottamie A. J,
Chapman, G. W. Gillespie, Robert Wilsoa.
For the county of Calhoun Samuel Boyd,
sea., John Christy, Henry D. Oaden.
For the county of Jetfersoc H. A. Lowe,
james naaaex, Lreorse uytr.
For the counties ef Martha.!, Washington
ana ivrapanoe t. j. iu at snail, i"ter Valen
tine, J. P Miller.
For the coanty of Iemabi Cyrus Dolman,
uavia si. L.ecicaane, a. crowa.
Fr the county of Brown H. Smith, J
Whitehead, Simuel Brown.
Toe commissioners aforesaid are requested
to meet is their respective counties at an early
a day as practicable, and arrange the precincts,
appoint the jadgea of election, and five notice
ot me time ana piiee or nolding each eiec
tion. J. CALHOUN,
President Constitutional Convention.
Lecomttok, Nov. 21, 1857.
It is required by the Constitution recently
looptea oy me aeiegaies to a constitutional
Convention assembled in Leeempton on the
3th day of September, 1857, that an election
for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Scretary
of State, Auditor of State, State Treasurer,
members ot the Legislature, and one member
to Congress, shall bs chosen by the qualified
voters Bflder said Constitution oa -the first
; Monday in January, 1853. and the people of
j owvcnuon repre-
giving peoitc notice, oy procwmatfso, that
such election would then takep1ace, and that
returns thereof shou'd be made to me by the
nnces oi sua eiecuon.
Now, therefore, be it known to the people
f Kiasts Territory, that on the first Maoday
of Jdiuary, 1853, pells w'Jl be opened la the
several election precincts ef said Territory, at
wuicu uie quauaea voters sneer saia uonstitu
! ties shall elect a Governor, a Lieutenant Gov
i rnor, Secretary of State, Auditer of State.
State Treasarer, members of the Legislature,
ana iue member ot uongrest. Slid election
shall be conducted io the same manner, aBd by
the same iud'es aDnntated to eoadurt lfa .
tion oe the C nstitutioa on the 21st day of
December. 1857, and retarns thereof made to
me at Lecoaiptoa, the seat of government of
ll" irntry, witom eight days o the diy of
saW. election.
11 ij Provided in said Coas.Rntioa as follows :
At the first election, boMea under the Constl-
tation, for members of the State Legislature,
iieprts'niauve ana senatorial Districts
stlJ" be follows :
"i first representative district i-hall consist
' Doniphan county, and shall be entitled to
four representatives; the second shall be Achl
tan, and eba!I be entitled to four representatives;
the third shall be Leavenworth, aBd shll be
entitled to ei3t representatives: the fourth
Calhoun and Potts wottarme, and shall be enti
tied to one representative ; the sixth shall be
J eff-rson, and be entitled to two representatives;
the seventh shall be Martha H and Washington,
aBd entitled to one representative; the eighth
shall be Retllv, and entitled to one representa
tive ; the ninth, Johnson, and entitled to four
representatives; the tenth, Lykins, and entitled
to one representative ; the eleventh, Linn, and
entitled to two representatives; the twelfth,
Bourbon, and entitled to two representatives;
the thirteenth, McGee, Daw and Allen, an I en
titled to one representative; the fourteenth,
Douglas, and entitled to five representatives;
the fifteenth, Anderson and Franklin, and en
titled to one representative; the six eenth,
Shawnee, and entitled to two representatives ;
i me seveaieenin, iveuerana uoltse, atxl entitled
I to one representative ; the eighteenth, Woodson,
tviisen, (odtrey,urenwoid and Madison, ani
entitled to one representative; the nineteenth,
Breckinridge and Richardson, and entitled to
one represent a live ; the twentieth, Davis, Wise,
tinner, iiuaier, and tout porttsn or country
west, ami eaau oe eatiiiea to oie representative
total number oi representatives, lorty-tour.
The first senatorial district shall be Donl-
I phan.cne Senator; the second Atchison, one
' . . v. i v i j r : 1 j i .A.
h ee'eath Jefferson and Calhoun, one Senator ;
the eighth Johnson, two Senators; the ninth
LykB6Sj a'nd Frlnkiln, oe Seaator;
i he teath Linn, one Senator; the oliventh
Bourbon and M'Gee. one Senator; the twelfth
Douglas, two Senators; the thirteenth Shaw
nee, one Snator ; the fourteenth Dors, Allen,
Wilson, Woodson, Godfrey, Ureenwooo, Madi
son and Coffer, one Senator ; the fifteenth RicJ-
ardaaa, Davis, wise, .Breckinridge, Butler,
H inter, and all west of Davis, Wise and But
ler, cote Scatter : in all nineteen.
The qualied.;oters will therefore, in their
respective districts, ele-t members of the Leg
islature under lflc above apportionment.
President Constitetioaal Coavsntisn
LccoMrTox, Nov. 21, 18J7.
Important frsm Kanias.
The St. LoaIsDenocroI,(BUck Republican)
ef the S il tnst., has An aiticle in reference to
the Proclamation of acting Governor Stan-
tost, and these of Mr. Calhoun. We gire
the article of the Democrat below, merely with
the view of showing bow the subject is viewed
by the BUck Republicans
" A gentleman who left Wyandott, K. T., oa
the -tth inst-,rached this city yesterday morn
ing, and says that jnst before s'artmg lor the
etsVbe saw a Ltwrence paper of the 2d Inst.,
which contained a proclamation irom tae act
ing Territorial Governor, Stanton, calling for a
raeettne or the recently elected ierrrortal X.eg-
isUturc. to be held at Lecompton on the 7th.
'This movement, is no doubt, made to anticipate
Territorial officers, on the first Monday of Jan-
usry. Now, whether this movement to take
the wlaa a..d whisky out of little Dug's sails,
we cannot say; but it is certainly one of the
nsi peculiar pames or rro
has ever been played. The
the action of the Lecompt
Wasbing-on, while bis tool
The President sustains
oa Legislature, at
tools in Kmsas de-
no:nce it ! and in the meanwhile the people are
kept in constant seitatlou by the reckless con
duct of the rowdies who support the adminis
tration In the Ill-fated Territory. The. residents
jof Kansas, however, are determined to bs no
laager the shut lecocksof either the pro-slave-ryites
at Washington, or the doughfaces io
their midst, who pretend to represent the Pre
sident's views. Recent and occurring events
show their determination to drive both the
tools of Buchanan and the tools of the South
out of "the Territory, If necessary. A letter
frost a merchant at Leavenworth states that,
I ri r ftffiifkff or in ir.f.nn.Tiri.T whiiji.
should there be any inteference with the meet
ing of the Free-State LezUlahire, it will b
the fore-runner of hot wo-- k in Kansas. If the
information given above should Drove correct.
it iooks as u a collision between tae unnea
States authority ani the bravos of Calhoun
migm take place,"
Prom the Boston Erralpc Gizette 1
We sat by the firrnlace. I smokins my cigar,
and my wife knitting. Neither had spoken for
some time. At last I broke the silence.
" Sue," said I, " are you awsre that to-mor
row is the anniversary or our wedding aayr-
"Estimable female, allow me to repeat the
question. Are you aware that to morrow is
the anniversary or our weaaing aay t-
XT m Sir. aril irhlt then?"
" Do no thoughts, no peculiar feelings i gl
tale your bosom at the recurrence of that an
niversary i"
Vr.f ht T m inrc of."
limoked my clgarfor a few moments, speak
ing nnitiinr. but tninkinr a CTeameai. m jo.
I made a desperate effort, and said :
u.c,i.. I think run loved me when you mar
jied me."
i. ur.n -a-btt thes?"
" Nay, answer me. When you promised at
th. ,ltr. to honor, and to obey, was there
affection forme in your heart?"
There was you know it well."
44 A nA writ has that love not continued?"
"How have you fulfilled my wishes?
Hss not every slight desire of mine of late been
thu.rtrtr When vou were first married, I
lonffed for nothinir, however trifling, that you
did not procure for me. Nay, I even believe
that had I sighed for things beyond your grasp,
you would have irone any lengths to endeavor
to procure them fer me. But of late It has
!ien the same lacessant cry economy. Econ
omy is all very well, but parsimony is my ab
" And is that the reason you nave ceased to
love me?"
"No not absolutely ceased, but you know
woman can't bear crosslcr, and when you
have formerly so Indulged me, I must say that
the preciseness who wnten youaoie out to. me
a half or a quarter, clingln; to it as if it were
a drop ot life blood, is rather -surprising. "
I drew mv chair nearer to her, end took her
band. She did not resist.
" Sae,J' said I. "five years since I won your
consent to marriage, i was men young and
ardent, unsung an men, aoperci in all tilings.
1 told you we stmuid oe married in two years.
1 kept my wora. I was tuen on a salary, and a
large one. Temperate in my habits, and with
in bounds in my expenses, I was able to make
you many presents, wcicu pernaps led you to
infer that I was more bountifullv nrovideJ with
the world's goods than was realty the case. As
the wedding day grew slowly on, a salary did
not content me. nonged to embark in busi
ness. An opportunity presented itself, and I
embraced it, prior to embracing you. We
twain were wed. With all the anxiety of a
yoaag husband, I strove to anticipate your
every wish, uc en and otten did l drain my
purse to procure you some little luxury, vour
sweet smile being my only, yet my most cov
eted, recompense. Bat the aspect of affairs
changed. Unfortunate speculations drew
largely on my resources, and I, who had pre
viously been going on swimmingly, found it
necessary to economize. For th: last vear I
have met my notes with the utmost difficulty,
ana now, sue, i am on me verge ot bankrupt
" lou."
" It is too true. I am indeed in a most criti
cal situation." '
" Bat your friends?"
"Friends! There is a mockery In the words
now-a-days. Yes, my friends are full of pro
testations, and all that sort of humbug, but
say roey are no otiter on man l, and, to tell
the truth, I don't believe they are."
" But you nave property, the farm in New
My dear wife, the mortgage was fore
closed many months ago."
"?ae wept I said nothing, but thought
muu lucuara in.,
"Tears. Lt th m (Uw on. Thrj're lixci of a fuL-
All at once she rose and threw herself on
my neck, saying, " Husband, dear husband I let
the worst come to the worst, I still can aid you.
1 can bring my li'tle might towards paying our
uousenoKi expenses, tou wilt let me, will you
not? I know that I have been extravagant,
improvident, foolish, helpless, thoughtless, but
indeed, and indeed, I now see my error. Why,
ob, why did yoa not sooner tell me this ? You
have awakened me to a sense of duty, and it
shall be my constant care to merit that pardon
which i now in sorrow aec."
And she bnried her bead in my breast, and
singularly enough I bad occasion for the use of
a pocket handkerchief just then. By and by I
apke, and when I did so, strange to say, it was
with a cbokin; utterance.
" Darliog," I eaid, "what you have just told
me wipes away all your past misconduct, ob
literates the mental record of all your basty
speeches. Now do I indeed feel that you are
beginning to realize the great fact that although
life may sometimes wear a rose eolored hue, it
uas morns ana onars on its patnway. As we
elide softly o'er the billows of life's ocean at
the outs't, we think not that storms and tem
pests may arise while yet we are but hardly
embarked upon our voyage."
She rose, and looking proudly at me, said :
.my ousoand, come wbat may, there is one
who will never desert you, whose thoughts
from this moment are entirely centered on you
and yon only, who will share your lot, whether
for toy or for sorrow, for Rood or for ill. How
at this moment come back to me like an ac
casing angel, all my faults and errcrs, but with
them, too, there comes a determined resolution
to reader myself in each and every way worthy
of yoa. -Yea shall no longer have occasion to
reproaea me witn extravagance, for all the en
ergies Heaven has given me shall be faithfully
devoted to yo'ir interests. I will work. I will
toil, in some avocation, no matter bow bumble
it be, se that K bat a ffori me the chance of con
tributing something, though but a few pence,
io your store, men, on, then, when I am ta
ken from yoa, l shall have the proud cons :ious
nes of knowisg that for a portion of my life,
at lease, i io we utmost luiniied tae duties In
volved in that holy name wife.
I c'asped her to ray heart. Never before
had (he seemed so radiantly beautiful.
" There's my own dear wife !" cried I exult
ingly. " That 'old Romtn pump, Julius Cxtar,
wasn't a bit happier when he and the ambitious
Norway combatted. "
" Bg pardon, dear, it wasn't Julius Cassar
who did that. It was Hamlet's father. "
" All the same thine, Sue. Whoever the
eentlemin could have been, he couldnt feel
happier than I do now, for if in thess few mo
ments there Dasn'l passed iBto your veins the
life of France, as Richelieu says, I'm no
magician- But, to quit testinr. I am indeed
glad, deareft, to see tbat your eyes are open
itr to a sense of the cares and responsibilities
of real life. In sober earnest, I am a ruined
When doesyoar failure come out?"
" In a week at farthest"
"What are your plans?"
" We most sell our house and furniture, and
rent a sma II tenement Tu tell the plain truth.
I have some thoughts that the knavery of mv
partner, in whom I never bad full confidence,
may have brought about this catastrophe.
Ctimmendng again, oa a smaller scale,, and
alone, I have hopes of better luck. But we
must retrench in every respect. Silk, satin and
velvet, you must cast aside, and be content
with plain calico, while'l, albeit, no dresser,
will rival the most old-fashioned farmer in the
vener&blenet s of my seedy garments. I will
exact no sacrifice from, you I will not willing
ly make myself, but our economy must be of
the most rigid nature. I shall, in recom
mencing business, turn over a new leaf, and
bearing in mind tint small beginnings make
-good endings, refrain from launching out Into
hazardous speculations, and live within my
What do you think I will do?"
Wbat can you do ? I must confess I sboild
hate to see you wasting your strength and eye1'
sight m dressmaking, or anything akin, to it"1
" My dear husband, I don't intend to do any
snrh thing. I will be a school teacher, fhave
the necessary knowledge, and, I think, the re
quisite amount of-pitience."
ine idea struct me unpleasantly. I painted
to oer toe annoyances she would experience
from the pupils of peculiar disposition, men
tioned some interesting statistics in regard to
the longevity of teachers, their scanty remun
eration, but all in vain ; she was determined
upon taking the step, and approving the motive
as I did, I was forced to yield a consent.
Three days after, my misfortune became
known. I had any quantity of sympathy, but
no one said anything about material aid. An
advertisement appeared In the papers, statin?
that a lady possessing the essential qualifica
tions desired employment as a teacher. It was
speedily answered. Miss Usa Ferula, the lady
principal of a public echoor, was compelled to
give up her situation anJ my wife secured It.
ai a very irasouaoie salary.
I commenced business again, and fortune
seemed to be in my favor. Orders and com
missions came in npon me rapidly. I bad credit
to an extent I snouia not have dared to dream
of. I indeed felt proud and happy, though a
pUte of raw oysters was often the substitute
fern' tumpjsous dinner, and my hat showed
signs of better days, for then I knew that the
eoandence or business men in me was though
somewhat shaken, perhaps, by no means en
tirely gone. I determined, ty straining every
nerve, to show that I was worthy of that con
file ire, and at the end of a month I actually
sat down and made an estimate as to when I
should be able to pay all my debts with inter
est. I felt happier than ever before, far every
cent I earned was earned by the sweat of
my brow, and by the sturdiest mental labor.
Rjt I had a clear conscience and alept souiftly.
Thus one year passed away. My wife every
month had brought me her salary in an envel
op. I invariably took it witn a smue, ana
nlrrt it. without oDedcg it, in a drawer in my
writing desk, determined not, if! could help it,
to appropriate a cent to my own uses, but,
when I was again free from the world, to in
vest It in some little present for her as a re
mni rri.r induatrv and self-sacrifice.
One year had just about passed away, and I
was sitting atone, or a picasant tuuuui ccu-
i Mv wife had rone to visit a sick neigu
bor, and I was busying myself casting up my
accounts, when the door bell rang. I obeyed
the summons, and admitted Mr. Grafton, who
occupied the bouse adjoining mine.
rinnA vtninir Min ne " i want io asa a
little favor of you. lam obliged to start for
New York by the early train to morrow morn
ing, and while packing np, arranging my booits
and papers and so on, I find I have left my
porkat-book In my counting-room. Can you
conveniently lend me'twenty-five dollars, which
I'll send yoa from-New York Immediately ? It
will save me the trouble of-huotingupmy clerk
who bas the store key."
" Certainly, certainly," said l. aiit ju.--Wc
entered the parlor, and taking out my
pocket-book, ",HaIloal" said I. all I've got
about me is a five dollar bill and a little
dCe- .... . ,.-
" Oa, don't bother yourseir, my oear uoy,-s-id
he," I'll get'U somewhere else."
" No. no." I said, as the thought omy wife'
salary flashed across 'me. "If I .-remember
riebtlr, Ibere'i isms" raoDsy In my wrltlnc
I wept to my desk, snd look out aaenj
veiopa. wpenicg it, wa orsioiu a iookoui was
a twentv.fire dollar one. which I handed my
neighbor. He thanked me and shortly after
took bis leave.
As I turned to apply mvself again to my ac
counts, I noticed I bad not returned to the desk
ths envelope I hid taken from it, I placed my
band upon the envelope and my eye fell upoa a
bill, tae lace or woica was turnea towaru me,
It was for one hundred dollars.
"The devil!" was my profane ejaculation
How did she gets bill to that amount?"
Looking still further, I found that the other
two bills that the envelope contained were for
firty dollars eacn.
I was completely astounded. Wbatto think
Iknewnot. My wife had brought me b er sala
ry, sealed np, once a month. The envelopes
had been unopened. 1 took them ; there were
eleven others. I broke the seals of all and
counted the contents. They amounted to the
sum of fict Ihomand dollar I "
I was more surprised than ever. " Where
did the n.ooey corns from?" Of course mv
wife's salary amounted to but a small portion
or it- When could sue nave procured the
1 thought and thought the matter over, but
my Imagination couia suggest nothing tangible.
bo l repiaceiiuie envelopes, aetermiLeu to ques
tion my wife on her return.
I bad scarce cojse to this conclusion, In
fact about the only one 1 could come to under
dsr the circumstances, when the bell ring
again. I went to the door, and found old
Mr. Lyford, one of my deceased father's warm
est friends and one ot mine a!so. He was not
rich, but his advice was in all cases desirable,
and be was as honest as a young babe. Ills
presence was at all times welcome, and as I
nad not seen aim rorsoae weeks, I was un
feignedly tlad of his vlsiu
Alter ne nad cnattea a lew minutes on com
monplace subjects, he askel
" tour wire is absent lor me evening t"
" the is with an invalid, and I scarcely ex
pect her for an boar yet."
" Then I can speak freely. Son ot my old
friend, I have a painful duty to discharge, one,
which 1 wish to Cod, bad never fallen to my
lot. Summon all your nerve to your aid, and
listen to the secret I have to impart,"
His manner agitated me.
' For heaven's sake, mv dear sir," cried I,
" what can vou mean?"
"I will tell you,"-be answered, "without!
prologue what lor some lime l nave been
slowly making up my mind to communicate to
vou. It is now nearly a year ago that I was
walking one afternoon in the eastern portion of
tae city, notli-g the new buildings constantly
in erection mere. I walked as rar as jacksou
Square, a new spot recently laid out, in which
there are but as yet three bouses. A I turned
Into, the square I noticed a lady a few steps
before me. The form and drees were those ot
your wife, and her unmistakable walk soon
convinced me that It was she. In a moment she
was met by a gentleman, welldressel and .good
looking. They accosted each other with great
cordiality, and taking bis arm they walked
away together. I thought nothing whatever
of the occurrence.
The next day a friend told me that he thousht
ot buying one or the Douses In Jackson Square.
He thought the figure asked was slightly nigh,
and asked me to take a look at it and give him
my candid opinion as to what it' wai worth
lonsrquenlty I went up there tae next day, and
after looking through the house and coming
out, I again saw your wife meet the same man,
at trie same hour, and walk away with him.
mis seemed to me very like an assignation.
Consequently, I do not blush to tell It oa third
lay x watcneu again and with me like result.
i touowed taem. mey entered a large board
ing house on the corner of Southern Avenue
and Tenth Street. The name on the door is
Ryder. Well, wbat need of a lone story? Suf-
ace it to say that for mon'hs and months 1 have
been on the watch, and have constantly wit
nessed ine tame meetings, la every in tance,
I firmly believe, I have been unobserved by the
parties inemseives. irom time to time 1 Dave
determined to speak to you on the subject, but
my courage ratted me. At last I made a des
perate effort and have told yoa everything. Do
vou think me nrvicc or icauieithe? God
knows, my dear boy, the love 1 had for your
poor tamer would induce me to go to any
engths to serve you, and the revelation I have
just made to you bas been prompted by the same
spirit or Donor that would impel me to make it
to a brother or a son.
I tried to speak but could cot. I was un
nerved unmanned. Tears came at length.
and what a relief they were!
" I will say no more," and the old man rose
and took my band. " If vou have been wronged.
count on Ralph Lyford as your friend ia any
and every emergency. Mut nope ror the best,
My mystery may yet be cleared up. No one
would be happier to own myself mistaken than
I. Nay, nay -do not strive to speak. Think,
-nan, and think long and well. Then after due
deliberation arf. .As I have told you, respect
for the dead, and regard for the living, both
make me your friend tor all time."
He grasped. my hand and went out- I paced
the room iu agony. I could not harbor a sus
picion against Sue, an J yet these meetings -vith
this stranger the mystery ot this money
what could explain them? For a long time I
poudered, and at last concluded that on the
morrow I weald watch for myself, and when
my wife returned, treat her as if nothing bad
happened, and keep her in utter ignorance of
my discoveries.
bue came In shortly, and outwardly I was
calm and unmoved. Not so within. Yet as
I looked on her innocent face I could hardly
think her capable of Infidelity.
The next diy I arranged my business so that
l euia be absent oaring tae arternoon.
tV hen dinner was halshed, I left the boose
ostensibly to go down town. Bat I went to
Jackson Square and watted there. My worst
suspicions were confirmed. Sue met the man
who Dad been desrrrbed to me, and I tracked
themtotDeDoi.se Mr. Lyford bad told me of
1 returned Doms. I was no longer agitated.
But I was determined. I woald qiestfbn my
wife when she returned, and that conversation
would decide me. I took my bat and saugbt
air. t.yrora, WDom i mtoimed or all that l had
seen. Returning again to my own house, I
found a note from my wife. It ran thus :
Mr DEAa HuinAKD: Do not be too much
urprised at what I am now about to say. I
have gene a little way out of tosrn, and shall
not return until to-morrow morning. Aly rea
sons in run ror this step I will then tell you. It
is a secret to be explained to you at eleven
'clock to-morrow, at which ho ir I earnestly
request you to be at h .m, if your business
does not peremptorily prevent.
i our aaeetionate wire, but.
Here was a new surprise The plot thick.
ened, and I was more in the fcg than ever. I
ran to Lyford with the letter. He read it over
"Oae of two things is certain," said he.
Either your wife is I must sneak of it
faithless, and bas eloped, trusting to this note
to throw you off your guard, and thus gain time
to elude pursuit, or there U seme secret which
none ot us can gutss at."
" wnat shall I do?"
Wait till to-morrow and be at veer house at
the time she names. If she is net there, count
upon me. I will not sleep day or sight tillyou
are redressed "
I left him, and returning to a selHarv hbme.
tried to sleep, but in vain. I got up the next
morning, reverieh ?nd quivering in every nerve.
It was lucky my business that day was of a
comparatively trifling nature, for I had no brain
to attend to it. Momenta seemed ages till the
our arrived t07 wife bad designated, and nunc-
tual to a moment I entered my house.
My wife ran to meet me. " iYota word;"
said she laughingly, as she pulled, me Into tbe
parlor. There were seated tbe young man J
had seen meet-Sue in Jarkson Sinare. and bv
his side a pretty girl a stranger to me.
" itiy nusoand," said " tue, this is my brother
Fred, recently of California, and this is his:
ewiy wecied wire."
We exchanged salutations.
" Now. mv dearhusband." said. Sue I want
to make a little explanati in to you. My broth
er Fred, whom you now meetfor tbe first time,i
leu ror uaiiioruia a year oerore our marriage.
He had been a little wild, in point of fact.
quite dissipate.!, you needn't blush Fred, you
know it. Well, be was engaged to that amia
ble little body you see over there, Miss Arfela
riammatt, daughter or air John Hammatt, but
nr. ii. sirei.uousiy opnosea a marriage, on ac
count of bis babits. Fred went to California.
and turns I over a new leaf. He reformed btm
eelf thoroughly, applied .himself to business
and is now a millionaire. Mr. Hammatt re.
ceired letter after letter from him praying him
to revoke bis decision, and from the most un
impeachable sources he had Proof not onlv of
Fred's complete reformation, but of hts pecu
niary Independence, yet with an obstinacy
which Iagree with his daughter in thinking
ingrain, he never answered one of Fre t's let
ters. Well, love laughs at locksmiths, you
know, and wbe- Fred was beyond tbe reach of
tbe ahafie of. fortune be returned- Of course
an elopement was the sale recourse. And of
course he wanted a confidante. We were obliged
to wait patently for months and months an i
concert our schemes carefully, but fate at
length favored us, and last evening in the
goodly city of Providence. R I., at the hour of
8 r. M., a certain marriage took place. I
wanted to let you Into the secret all along, my
dear husband, but both of tboes delightful in
dividual sitting on tbe sofa dissuaded me from
so doing."
I don't know whether I looked like a fool at
that precise moment, I know I felt like one.
We went to dinner shortly afterwards. I
believe I indulged in a fe'w remarks during a re
past, but the reaction was such that I was
blissfully ignorant pf their purport.
After dinner I whispered to my wife,." Sue,
I looked recently at tbe various envelopes con
taining yotr salary for tbe past year. I was
surprised at the amount."
"Ah!" cried she, "I thought you would
have sooner found by that mesne a clue to my
secret. Know, then, that Fred invested some
money for me in California, and bas regularly
given me the little interest which was due
M-irder will out, they say, and I told Sue all
my suspicions.
'My dear husband," said she, "this bas
given me a lesson, never under any circum
stances to have a secret from you. This is my
first, and it shall be my last."
My story Is nearly toM. Business prospered
with me, and one fine morning I paid all my
debts in full with interest. Sue gave tip aehool
teaching long since, and like every man who
has a good wife, I thlokherabout the best one
In existence. Mr. Hammatt, after a while,
became reconciled to bis son-in-law. My-wife
bas kept her promise to me, and her first mys
tery was her last one.
Races. The citizens of Natchez, had seve
ral fine horse races on the Pharsalia track las'
OaetJtT Court. The Pannla Sler statea:
"Our court adloumed on Thursday last, the
entire docket having been cleared. The wltT
nt MrKInnle r. Perry and wife was de-
,ia.A Kriho iuiv in favor of the contestants, i
Perw and wife-and-the-wiltrect Bside.v The 1
other party will tike the case to-tre Saprerae
Courif Aaranepldencs otbeiri)prJBTel&ra?'t voices that evertaore are tellln
of mtrals io our eoanty, tiers was net a sin?'-1 "good bye good byel" Listen ttll
... . "V.. . . .... a . , . ! 1 ,-J it,- ! . t r. w . u . . t. n is..-: .
ease for.trlal on, tbe State
of a.bkh.
criminal, character;-and ouvtrrrtw acy'
isina," ,-
.Ttt Ibt XraphUppe.
In th icbeol rcem. Id!, evrrr itj there comes.
At tare s tie morntai son,
A mlscbleVoBS, frotlcsswe, remplsc sprite,
TheTtil-jt wltcb ta Ian,
Wba tr!?i an thpillac and love I hare.
The mtratnl the work's bene.
Tl t'ttle for eoM:ni or rauks the cares,
TboBih, 11 race I can ftt her still,
nr lnsoes ar (ranted wttfc a railroad tpe4,
in 1 fretted with a rltht (ood U! 1
And tht um are at! rlirhV ihaaih she bi lacs the sis t
With queer, tanny pictures flHrd.
She sits at her desk In the worklet I ours,
With wild, merrr, ror In? ryes.
Writing- on ppu and tesrlnr It up.
And the BMiaeiit rarxliDceshs ipl'S,
ror a ucoo I looks dawn on cba worn thnsbed book,
That crumpled before her lies.
She comes to her classes with Inky hanits.
And with mtij- s, wild crlojacc ;
Tn dv-tar4 took ths tarns and turn-,
laqnestot lh mliiln j!o;
Bat jet alter an, wbenat tut 'tis rood,
g7the-U.k with becoslcs rnce. .
Oa In l IUe of her wayward, mauley Irllkf,
Hrr mlKhlmu, dos'l-esn air,
Jt spirit, down dtep'in hr Woe rye looks
AS lftSoaeltitsr trus'wrr there;
Aa I eaaoat but love waHo I M the moit,
Tho wild f arb It choostt U wear.
And ever, I prsjr, for the ersee o trsla
Eolh br heart and her mind rlxht,
Ths rrollcsomt, wild, dtseloz steps to lead
To the haren of Oyt' pure light,
That at latt llttltBlaache and I may meet,
tnibiii5, in the Sartor's sight.
tTaabi'hed la the tsnd where the angels dwell,
Whm the flowers eternal bloom,
Wbert each gentle act, whlth In earth we're dons
SiU rer yMd sweet perfume,
Anl ihonte wehirsma-Wof oar childhood's hours
Hake u fll f,r that blSied home.
SErTEMHEK 20, isst.
For tie Itesphls Dally Appeal
To my WJib!jrt&rriaie. vhm Iwat bsf light tin
year vu. .
r or, wm. t- iiaicru., or texxessec.
i.' '
Too dew of'er Is fading from the calm, aulonded sky.
Am li testing on earth's flowers, like the tears In beaity's
eye, .
The star of Ire Is sheddlrg Its soft light o'er earth and
' Mb
Llka tat magic glasce outbtamiag from ths eje ef
Taos artstaktsgbi thy we, tern bed lion ctorlons God of
dar2 t . " '
A&dli)tfeikron the faee ot Earth, thy last departing
ran '
Thy farewell light is seytiur onrooclwileis epperses.
Like I to golden hair that stutters o'er the braw of
hi. -
Ti are raablmj brlsHtnt pitnets, wheie yon'rt swept
BBBembered years.
And wakltg to. yoor ptth'est ccsrae tht mode of ttt
A mtldy wt know ootot, yet ptets tty there bt.
Bat I'd rather hoar tho maiie ot the, voice of Paealee.
To are rattrisiE balk upon my mlaJ, tweet ritloaa ot the
Teare ctrtgtcg lo UU heart, as If thti nwiaist wasyosr
tax; '
Oh, I tare thy bauny t rethnett ever this hour la dear to
Par the matte of thy lephyr brlegs the thought ol
ToarebBrrtiBg' forth lmigteisgs ar things that are to
And ye fled, within ths depths of this sad heart, a wet
come heme.
For la shadows, whtoh yt cast before, cf things that are
Is eoapted with my destiny the name of Pabalee.
Jacxi05, Teaa., 1S37.
From Ifoarc'f West era La'y' B3ok
We were within a mile of tbe village.
twilight was fast closing in around us.
mountain peaks to eastward lav. like-
clouds along the horizon, and the first star of
eve sprang suddenly into the sky, as we dashed
through a little murmuring stream, and wound
slowly up the gentle ascent beyond. On one
side lay a fiel ' of waving corn, but on tbe
other lofty trees of a forest-like grove crowded
down to ttfe road, and swayed their pilmy
branches to the freshening breeze of evenirg.
Gaining the summit of the eminence we were
again pressing forward at a brisk trot, when
the coach suddenly came to a stacd, and I
looked out to ascertain the cause. At this
moment a gentleman advanced hastily from
the large, white gate, which opened Into the
park-like Inclosure, saying as he advanced,
" Good evening, Mr. K any of my folks
with you to-night?"
No, sir, not this time." responded the
driver, "g'laeg there." and he touched up his
corses, ana was aooutto move rorward.
"May a moment; Pll go wl'li yu your
mall baa news for me doubtless."
"Very well, sir, Inside, if yoa please." And
the tall gentleman sprang is, and quietly took
a seat io front or me.
'Good b'jd'' Jt was a clear, sweet voice
from oat the shasow. I
Started ard.gUned
toward tbe gate. ' A little white figure, before
uouo'ietd, was closing It, and as we drove ofl,
I saw the light form glide like a spirit dawn
the deep-shaded avenue, and in a moment it
'was lost amid the surrounding gl wm. True, it
was a little figure, bat I knew that it was not
a child, for no child's voice Is so full of the
tender pathos thit comes bat with years
'Good-bye!" it was sweetly spoken, bu' the
husband did not hear it, be sat on the opp -a te
side, and the voice was drowned amid the rat
tle cf wheels and tramplipgcf horses, as 'Se
old coach moved on. I say husbaiid, f' I
white fi-ure before '
know that it was a teie'r "eood-bve." so
full was the low tone of earnest tenderne- a
so fraught with tbe love that only woaa i's
heart can know and timidly uttered withal, as
ir sue reaied to betray her heart's deep secret
to tbe ear of a stranger; and hoped it would be
htard only, as It was only intended for Aim.
" I thought they certainly would bve
reached home to night," was uttered halt
audibly, and I turned to look at my companion.
As nearly as I could see by the faint light
which broke upon us, as we emerged from the
shadows of tbe woodland, be was a large, fine
looking man, with Roman fea'ures, and much
ot that unconscious air of mingled courtesy
and command, which is a distinguishing char
acteristic of the true southern gentleman. And
who were "Ay7" Neirard dear ones they
must have been, for the had come to tbe gate
with him to welcome them. Was It a dear
friend a revered parent a long absent
brother a well beloved sister? I could not
tell; and so as we rattled along. I fell into a fit
of musing. I followed the little white fiurr,
wnoae gentle "good-breT' still lingered upon
my ear to her home, which lay nestled behind
those tall shadowy trees. 1 felt as though
something good aud beautiful had gone, and
we were journeving on alone. In an hour, per
haps, tbe husband would return, and the same
sweet voice wodld Welcome him, for this
'good-bye'' was "only for a little while you
could tell that for there was no grief in it, it
was only modest, and hopeful, and loving.
And then I thought to myself how is it with
tbem? Dses this nroud looking husband nerir
hear the sott "gocd-byes" which go out to him
from the gentle hear, he leaves behind? Is tbe
sweet cadence of that voice always drowned
amid the rush and rattle of life's onward
u heels crushed out of his h-art bv the din of
the world's dusty f nd crowded thoroughfares?
it may.be sa, and tt may not 1 cannot tell.
It maV b S3, for the-ro are ntnv anrh. Knme.
thing beautiful is ever telling us "good bye; !
yet. ob! how often does the sweet sad voice of
farewell ! fall upon our. world-deafened ears
unheard, or if heard, perchance -unheeded!
Tbe glad, careless hoars ot childhood, the ,
sunny days -of, youth, tbe proud years of mi.
turityasthey-psri -give us ode by one their
gentle "good-bjc" ere they dose the gate, and
flit away, into the dim, shadow land of tbe
Father! night and morning-bending to try,
task; tolling daily In the crowded marts; the
moirlag, moneyed sltve of Mammon, look up a
moment from the yellow, blinding dust, aud
listen a faint sweet voice is tolling you goor.
be! The fair and thoightfureyeJ -child-,
angel, which came to your home singing with
tbe morning from tbe portals of paradise,. will
return thither, ere tbe dew has gone up from
its amaranthine blossoms. The hour approach
es when the white gates will close upon him,
when you will hear his last " good-bye though
grief moans, and strive to look after bim
ihreufh bitter, but unavailing tears. Throw
aside the ledger for awhile take up the Book
of Heavenly Truth, see that year name be
writlfjvjqy His, in the Limb's Book of Life,
so shall yotf surely follow your child-angel' to
a land wher there uare hone that weep, and
none that eigb,atdnone that say farewell 1"
Husband 1 listen, and listen earnestly for a
low, loved voice Is bidding yeu uood-bye."
The languid step, the pure pale cheek, and the
drooping eye, all 'Speak th farewet! which
your dull ear cannot heir. Her name will soon
be added to tbe list f whom this is the only
recorB she lived she loved she died."
The good and beautiful will have closed the
white gate, paseed. away into' the shadows of
the afterward, and yea will Journey on alone.
Then, oh! then like an arrow to the heart will
come back the memory of her quiet smila, the
echo of her clear, ringing laugb, and the glad
sound of her cheerful greeting 1 The reined
shrine will be sacred then, though its swtet
light bas forever faded ; the broken altar stone
with Its ashes of perfume, be hallowed still by
fond association, though the heart's Ideal iu
cense has ceased to rise like. a. veil over Its
hidden sanctuary. j
Children! pause amid your play, and for a !
moment iisen. aoe-voire oi a pile ami patient
motner, growing HinterBay by day,.ls teiling
yoa good bye." If ye could enter heaven's
portals before her, and so return to God ere ve
have learned to weep for her, happy" jare ye-
om it not, ye win remember mat mere traa a
love which, like the light-bouse ray; threw out
its puisiung radiance rar mtoths mght and
tempest er toe world; you will remember one
whose life was lore; who looked down with
tearful eyes upon your Infant slumbers; wbo
ciatpeu your tiny uanas ana oiae yoa sty,
"Oar Father, who art in Heaven;" who
watched aud prayed for yoa wherever jou wan
dered, and whenever Jon wept; wbo blest you
going, and wbo welcomed you returnfBglfand
wbo forgot you never i.everl
Oh I weary way farer oi tbe thorou'bfars of
Me, listen and recall, if thou canst, the sad,J
I b-e
cood oi the beautiful come backto the in tbs
ruims r imagination an
! infill) ot odors of tbeolderi time, sndtnujl-
cal with the far off chiming of Its-Sabbath
bells 1
Call back aealn the voice of Mrd and blos
som, things which long ago have said " good
bye "to thee; tbe laughter of the little rill ere
yon left it to launch forth upon 'the broad
rushing river of life, the sweet low tones of
boms ere your besrt bad ever thrilled to tbe
shock and jar of the great world without,
Paople its low halls and its cozy chambers
with tbe voices or the dramlts dead, and tbe
language oi heaven which ibey now speak,
strive thou to understood. And most of all,
oh I mortal, listen earnestly to the wan lags of
thy good gnardlan angel, grieve bins not, lest he
should tun away with tbe saddest ot farewells
but be thou of these who "know bis voice,"
and are led by him unto that pleasant laud
where even we shall forjet the meantegof these
earthly words "good b"-gnod 6je.
Haskell ox the Dead Lions. Geo. Has
kell, of Te-DiHssse, recently delivered a lec
ture In Lexington, Kentucky, from which we
make the following brilliant extracts in rela
tion to the three dead Lions of America
Clay, Calhouk and Websteb :
" They are like three different streams of
equal volume. Clay, like Se. Anthony's Falls,
or.a Cala rattle Niagara Cascade, fAshlng In
creamy foam and Rainbow beauty, roaring and
hissing, in tunaultucus eddies, tearing on, Im
patiently presjiog foiward, to search tbsbtue
and tranquil depths, or earnestly crowding on,
betwixt high rocky shores, begirt with llgnious
forest menarcbs, its banks all fringed with
vines and flowers, sweeping like the streams
that feed the Mediterranean blue, drawing a
world of waters through, Bospbonc passes
and Hrrculaniiim h'traiu, with an undercurrent
eliding slow beneath, both to and rro, like
Pontis and Propontls, through the Eastern
Seas, by reck-girt Isles, scorning the muddy
Nile out into tbe blue depths of Old Ocean's
raHHituae roiupDrosbbero Jbalassea" waves.
Calhoun, a multitude of innumerable streams,
washing the mountain bases, threading with
winding and devious course, themazr tanpUit
woods and gloomy forest depths, and stealing
nuuy mraugu ten lueusand valleys, and
Catherine aH tosetber to mtke itspraad dehiit-
to the unfathomable deep, defiantly to breast
uie winus wui sweep ine bosom or the illimit
able field of waters and Webster, Ocean's
sou, pcaiing in roaring voices and In tbtiBder
tag tones, its everlas'ing anthems 'round the
rocK-Duiit snores, that hem about the hablta
Hows of tbe children of Almiebtv find.
" And Clay, again, a Planet, like the fiery
Mars, menacingly streaming through Uie fields
of space; Calhoun, like Mercory, swift in bis
Sight, close round the sun, dense and constant
to its centre of attraction, chaining the living
'"'" neaa apou it, so mat they can-
uui. icafi six inoies asove ns exacting and in
mlttlng living things lo leap simile high, np to
wards Heaven or Saturn, feeding, not on In
fants, but devouring Giants at a gulp; Clay,
like Aurora, heralding tbe Day-Spring ot Cre
ation; Calheun, tbe baleful Syrlus, the raging
Dog-Star of the skies ; and Webster, the super-
i-cn u an seeing ora star or me upper
Day Goors There is little business doing
from first bands. Prices of all staple goods
are much firmer. The jabbers are rather more
actlve selling more freely to the near trade,
and remittances are improving. The sites
for cash are to a fair extent. French rand
have been sold through tbe auction room at at
creau or six montos, and were all taken by
tbe jobbers ot this and nei-hborir,f rltien
The prices were of course low, and we reckon
30 to SO per cent, below cost of iraportatitr.
Tba stocks in tbe bands of-jobbers are now
Isrge, and laid In generaily at low prices, to
that censuners mty be assured ot a fair sup
ply at a reasonable rates for same months to
come. Cotton goods of home mimifaeture are
mach mere firmly held, and there is an n
creased inquiry for consumntion. The larre
juuucrs are sti.i Duyiog. ia wooienstoere Is
net so good a prospect as ia cottons, 'the de
uftad ror spring goods is ranch below wbat is
usual at this perto-i. Tbe woolen jobbers are
hardly so firm as they ought to be in restrict
ing me time or credit to six months. Burera
want longer credit, and there is a conflict going
on in the minds cf sellers between not selling
and selling at longer than mi months. The
anxiety to do business wiil, we are afraid,
carry iue point or toe oarer, we learn that
though tbe orders sent to Europe on American
account ars very restricted, the consignments
here on foreign account will be very likely to
uo uouuiy large iue coming season v. x . In
ronin(iAi lovt.
amoroeee poxthoxaie: e Atatniec aboat t wrote
dolTsrt in raoeey arrt papeta of CjD.rOTiN ralae to tbe
owner Toere wat - tb- pwtmeaaie ata gotl-tr zo'd
pi'ce. Any perrtm end last tb- tame, and rearia; it at
tbe OommeecUl Hotel or the Bolletia oator, will be eati
abiy rewardM deeI3-gt
Memphis D -venter 1. 157.
AX experience of aaoretbaa tea yean lalheGROOKBT
BUKIXCSS la Meats!- fasy oariTteceo ma that ihe
OBty pricer aad leAktlaaato.baaia sn j vhlrh It can he
doae, both for tbe b -est r the barer aad teller "It npoe
t siiuim utou siarteai. Heretofore I bare aimed
to do a ah bssleett. bat Ibroagh l-meoey te many of
my patrons, (wbooe obitrsttoat woaH. bo daobt. bate
been promptly paid bad she tlote ronttee d good.) to-
gotser wtth toe pretert Mft-ifrter fat arosetaiy matter.
I dad tarte'r antbse to groat lodatfeaore tae tsacer, aad
stall hereafter euatsaae tar boeta KXCItlTBLT
OS TIIK CAS II 3TTBat ! bayint; a area at 'eft-re ec
tirHr fircatb. acd wbefly aUMhlu tbo Btta f aliitu
tb-irt Mine on aay aad all bills a "I -rierf. Tail wilt be
rlcMiy M reremotwaty a-lhered to In all car's
Cm eqieat opoata laflooBceor leaoaotaiy"paalc"
orthepart IworBontb, ma-y irlklea la any IIBOof b
Ine t bare rrea ly 'easrertatoal to oaloe aa4 can aow be
bvortt forcashatTKRT BRD"CBD PRIi'KS, tad at I
biy for rh I ran otF-r mach Ta'r lodaeeoiealt t-
tbota wborralisae fareaAti la flada mrta tti, iKm.
twh4ta exdl.bfinet. I te alal Hmes keatl
l,'"w"-"'oej tfongjent or ant.ruuor ou-
v antats, stxi a ca arrtotcs aa ceteac to my line II batl
nettj all of wblcb lotCsr to ray pa'rea- at the very low
est cath p-le Feeling thaakll to yoo for cast literal
pttroeax. I thai! be pltated lo tfui retain the tame, on
thee tertat
Cle" Orders promptly atlended t- It teeeapaMxl wl'b
tbe anooay. 0HARIK4 POTTRI.
dfo: .ilw:wt No M Front B, w.
$1,000,000 to he Given Aivay.
For Sale.
rpriK properly known at the MKJIPIII3 NAVT TARD
JL wt-i do ieaea at P 'bile Anerata. for Thirty Tears,
tk io o'clock, a, M , oa the groan-', oa
Ttiesrlay, 22tl of December.
Tbe Grtsads are dlrW-d late Lota to t sit pnretaaeri.
Alo. on wBDNBSDAT. Sard, all tae pertobabio or
more, me prupntf in tbe TsrJ, wti be t-M at is a'tstak.
decl3-td PA V BUSHBS. Obatmtn.
rHAYK '( rtie, 110 aores of Land 30 mile
east of afempblt Taere la two rood 1m-pr-Tement,
dwe'ilac,kitcbee and sent at rooms,
ttabiet, &c , larre oeeHstd well and sp-inc wa-
r. I will tell to oe 100 aoret or brth plaee together.
it it a aciirau tocatton ror a rhytKtan
decl2'lw e-ABCtloneer as! R al Hstale Broker.
Goovls at i5 to 0 Per Cent.
T AU aTirini for ? a top ! aartmrnt of 8TA-
its.. wMca I wW sett fat below Ettters Ortt. Tie
stock c Bust la part of
Liosoyt, , Stttas,
riannottv Ribbon aad Plowere.
Kerteyt aid Jeans. V Btnai ta aad M HI terry Gooda
Brown a uieaottea uamessec. usoacs,
Caaco-1 h. VuMn OeLaioat, It anl War,
Merino's, Keawls,
Alpaccas, ladle and Gentlemen'
31 ks, Hstieiy,
EnbroMerles. he
In abort, tho stock it Urge and rasD'ete. Pnnhtiera
will do well to call and examlsro the assortment beftro
parcbatlngelteabero. O. B uiGKE,'
tkctz lw Anctltneor aid Rel Kttate B raker.
The Gem of the Monthlies I
Bttablishrd afff taextstaUy pnbtttaed tor Thirty Tetrs.
Great Improvements and Kew Mlraetioat t
BrAtnirut. colored s-rcti. PAtnios rum
nasaoreat Cat.
On copy one year.... ...$S re
two uopitt a oo
0- ahara and Harp-r.. 6 to
SBbscrlbe at
A PEW mere geat'rmen can b seerammedated with
X botrd b early apptWatloB, en Seeood street, be
tween atatcn asa atonroe. le a. ukeen.
M?or Rent.
A CONVENIENT BOOSE wttb tlx rooms.
JV tltaatrd In Soatb Ke-tubtt. mar ba had for
tte next yaroo rcaantWo terras. T eitt- fij!!!
erna In tho yard. Apply at Ihe A rocste ooop. Sts,.l
dc-iw r. yankobx.
Administrator's A'otlcc.
TOSEPn TK0PEL bartee ttken oat letters or Ad.
sJ minlttraShmon iheettateet nelarieh Bebrecnt, aB
Mraont bins ctatai aaaiaat tald rotate, are her-,.
notified to com forward aad present them la tba Kgal
lta, or ttuy wBtb btrro -, aad aH peraoat Indebted to
tab) estate are notified ta com forward aad make pay-
t neeo lw
Atlrcrtlscd to be Sold t Pay Charscs,
IP not called for, the fol rawing artteies on oor wharf,
boat: ,
t boimtrkedO S B-owa, aaotersTttte, Ala.
1 Vt o (oata&rk) Catton Tarn.
If bundles Cotton bates Irott Ties t9rked D. L. D
1 box nckieat. no mark.
I larsaboxV Stewart a. Oo., Nttther, Kltt.
1 box R. Barnett a Co , Matebei at 1st.
I box Mercfc arid ran Reyaoldt a. Bynon, care of P. it
BrowntTtHo Depot. '
1 Cbnt.comark.
t dartTroek. marked Durniy.
I Va'lse, tight color. Be mark. - , ,
I Carpet Sack, marked R Lewis
t EedTrstk marked Mr. Ltngsnre.
I Trnak, no mtrk. , '
1 Hlack wooden Trunk, marked Etbelmer.
S Carfet But. pa mirk.
I pair Saddle Bags, no mark. : .. ,
I Black Trans, nj mark i
1 Carpet Sa k, no mark
I Carpet Bag. marked Mr. dyer.
1 Trunk, mark d K It O.
t Carpet Sack, co Karl;
I Trnnk, marked L. Lawrence to H. Pott.
. t Trnrk, no mark
1 Carpt Btj, rntrlred Darld G-eer.
1 Carjxt Baivmarkedllr. Centre.
dctS-lm - nUPAL. At. EO fc CO., Proprietors.
To Mevciiantsi
WHO wtth to replenish their atocX cf PUT GOODS,
can nsai do t on the very bet terms Tb go-dt
are fresh snd la Road order, aad most bo ctoied out la
the next thirl, or tlly days.
Planter! a d others can bo aeoommodaled in tho way
ot Ba-ktt (byltertlr or bae.) tua,ht and brown
Domeitlct, D.-tlie, tripedOinabarCT Caiicort, llalne,
Jer Itwea, Slik and L. C rtaBkercbtefs, Sbeettrgl. Tleat
l'gs lie . Ae.-.'rJown to Baltoas, Keedcs and 'Thread.
Jdnstatid witt-aaM.
Cad at Ko. 27S (wrttsHtt) V tin street, up staibs,
Ihrre dM.raioilhof at atUacn ttnet, oa '
dots dlw v. RHODES.
I '
Christmas ia Near at Hand,
A NO lamHlet can rely oo netting- sack articles at ihrr,
ti, map wait f-rrntaaingiijenapj t
Cnrrants. nals-
at, itiron, i;iar eti etc.
, osrJJ-lw
Att frrts and doe.
surface : and Webster, like Junlter.
y aspirant to 'smtrT the moon.ani uriih
layful absence of a strone attraction. nr.
I. O. Ot F.
TriERX win b a special m-rtlnt of th
Btembrrs of the Orfer of 04d-r8ows'
at 9 o'ef k to make arraagemrsta to at-
lend too foserat of oer deesed brstber. Fast Urwd
ataaterJ.K Ouasoty. ( II-mH Mis. decls-tt
A DWELLING HOUSE oo the north sMe ot
J'ffevsoo stre-t extended, ta tbe 04 Ar
al eat Graaed. Ajpiy to T. II .LOGwnQB.or
W tt. BUST.
dcll-U Ko. 67 Cort
A TOO HO OBNTLKIf AK caoaatt ef teaching ths As
atent Lasgoazrt and Higher aftlbeo ailct. aa wL
ate citoon Eortsh Edacat on, wlsb't to obtain tho att
ttll n of teasatr H aa aead my, srleet aehool or pleat
family I know btta to peseta very superior qatlia-a-tUna
tor a teacher both te e laraater and edocatloa, tad
aa aaen rveosaiatsd htm. Ko'er lo
decU-dlt:wgt tlEXRTC. SMITH
AVERT dflrabl- float aid Lot la tho eily
ouevoasrsl to buiaot, woald be MM
efiup or exchanged for teck of groceries or
eeiroot. Ays) at thlicH , !ecll-3t
3L Cj9l3FL:D.
I'. As KOEmfiK, M. D.,
wsta a lo tstorm tbo batten, a at email .it i.
Nsaity. that be bat located Umartf at ibo MMilh-s.t
e-rswrof Bale aod Sooosd ttreota Ha rue had an
amp-eipoortaaur of medical exoenesce ta the ovath
fernt; a period of two years Ja- tioa, Miss , aed or
ftxtr reare la Chat le.teo. S C. okni a, h..i.j
180 1 JM! tho jrVtw t ever, aa epttteBMe or 1 be sa4K
pex b-1 1 I Ha . ry irt,,iena or mpya l in
"'". s-eior Knnii, isoti n spectra it. ta- t,t
roaaxe at aa taHgbtesed OBtm BMty, aad ttwoo to . ceo
t y.tbai U'lekn.wn, ojs Irate 10 effrr aftwrtauiau
leapt (it.
Uotxjpaibyit derttvi tram Ibo a reek; words "bo
mjtoo vallM-la." m suing inHarsalefmr Haasoasaaa
th IscotMoet foaodor of ttt "j.t- m. tUo-mtsaUd t (bat
kitl uf medical rraettc wbscb aim at iko 4W of a
gleeai aH taa. by aaoeaa of a nasr or tvsa. wfcoth
ttlakeabyheaiteyaorMtta arse , ha AradtKed
thratub JtMbcawaa 'inmetstaltso-, a aaott tttaOar oritr
of tyBptotuo ta tb - tMoe -tt
Tbo wntatg if Htppoertte. PareeHtH, Ob km .ad
others, abo-taamc la taros potiaod w.lk rnwbs,
whtcn an aMe I prod no. tiasJar twsVrutga with tkat of
tb pa' tern's led Habaotaasa to tk exdattro ettab
Usbarnt of th sst4of -Itkt cures Uka." iwiWa
tlntfiettt curtnf ar as I be aafett a is tpeotsarat mettt of
mrd tool praottor
Mobn ir betog twrywher the faro He of the ee
tithtstva part sf tbe tx mc soil) , tbo 'ttabeeieTers' la K
waat ociy aa aeajaalataao- wtta ila praui e to beejaw
warm adtocalea of It, abete th "dbeMerm" la th
tuo statll do bar atlomol then mi ret lo be saittav.
loTsed, aad caaaot, therefore, b baeartltl Jadgra
Tbm ateortiont are eonoboraled by TtocKialtso aa
at a ef tae lymfa ar tbo CUM c w pox eraSieatSBg tae
tfl-petliioa ta trie asest ttsUar. aitboagh mach severer
1 oil -p.x and erea by tbe popattrpracticwof hMaeg
the barm limb e-ar to tbe fl a or of rabbtag fraaoa
lira' s with taow while tb doabt ia Ibo esbeae? of tcaall
dotet 1. relate by reforest to tbpb)ilro(taslfictr
the bight nod ttBtlbUIiy of Use nereis or a tick orgaa at
display ed oa Hseip-xare tecxteraal tbaocs. a4 ere
ti natural trimsri. far tbe pe.or-roiie ot reamtna e
ftocteot ToBwiat braaddartlgbttoboabaeto tot or
read earaftrtabbr yoo re,elroof sue who aadret aet yoa,
to epraX aleat to bo aaderet.trl by yots yi yets bar see
frtesdt wbo Salter ed from laAamaiattoa of ta eye, aad
told sot bear tbe tmaUest ray of Mght; or from loataa
milton of tbe ear, aad cook! tuA bara wbtef-er Cots rata
ea s s wm admit, wtes a aiteral atbsaltM. at Usa aad
1 read or note, eta be Injartoaa to tae rj.rees. esuMed r t
Ibey are by ssckaesa, arttft UI oae. aa mollcmea atatt
be mach more to, aad that large dotet of a teeeac or
rorace ptintc remedy waoW arodaca aa sawaatsd tzcrr
vtlio of tbe etls'.tac taSti lax or (If a astcttte, waltst
! twt horareopalaic. It iron.) of &ot peetCc or htaKzo
patbic rrahrs. aa Offrnffafon. la otaer wortttaaow
dtteaae, before eater eaa roeivor hartrlf treat tbe a'
la.a of tbe aeJtttaa! aleat, aad e-itaattsb asaoMry ro
a(Ua I.e. a cat Tbawe'oee tae Becoo.ity of small
tM ef attolttne, tf jva dat ata, atottac as la ba
avteathy iMHea hoars aa't 9 e'eteck la the raontjax. between 12
aad I at ao-m. ar.d betweoa C aad 7 la tae ereslag.
EctBESCES Jodfe Sbarkeo; Gov Brown, of Mm.:
NdM aCltefcrlt. Eoa.. ot Cbtrlettoa. S. C i Drs. Herlar
H Lltpe, of fbda eapbla, aad IT. Caaparl, ot LoaUrsM.
100 Negro Hands Wanted!
THE iBbacrtbert propaao to blre OKK tlUSIHtini ;
HAN D3, to bo t mbiertd ea Uo resalrt or track aad j
at tbe depot or toe Meapjta aaa LaarlelLaa Railroad
Company, daring the year 1558
Th Ooatpai y arm f or&ih eoct hand wtth one Winter
aaa taoanmator cwtatot imf'K. aaa roarpasrs 3boc
par asanas ; aaa I batbei of ateal. as Ibt. of Baoaa, I gsJ-
oss aisusscB, a so. igesiw i m. sh, p bis hi my. ratal
band to rtc-tee, oa ood Kater, to eeatt pr month,
aad .lira pay for all work oat of ttrae.
Tbe Otapany will afce. raratsh nedtss and medtetl
at'endaae -. aad lox all tlate of Mdsaary s set Bass. Tae
owner to loae early rnaawar tad tick tleae wtta th ne
gro it at botae. and that fotottsng frotm dtsea. of a
cbroale aad eoaa at d caaracter.
Tbe Compter fartbermore agree to pay. at a fair Tat
nttioB. for loot of Hfoor taab. of eat negro ta tae sot Ire
and legitimate ematoj-mtst of tbe road, aatoto east loot
or ttrary shall bar bras eaated by ta ftatt or ntgtl
geaoo of tbe negro,
ror rartfe-r rafarsattOB a poly tratnedliitety I asy oae
of the nadortlgaid.
F 0. ARMS.
Oesmtl yapartaletiStat.
Sspt. TToebs DiTSttta, JferrtMs,
W. i ROW
fesll tttat Sapt. Ktatern DirUtta. HanursBe
O n fl BOXFS W R. arrt K V. exeete;
tJ U U 19 bar re. ran Batt-r;
im basket Piper" a Hibl stick Ottaapagae;
60 btr-efs Ale and Ltger II -er;
100 darn Pretb Peactirt aad Paae Apples;
100 diets fretb Core Oyttera; ' .
lot boxea-Itel-let aad Pi t;
10 barrel fatreatt aad OHrocrf
3M bxa ore Craakara:
IPO b xear-vrotfe'i SebHtm Jchisprxj
IM doxtB axortea Pickle aed nt Piaeat;
SOS bbotHassett Apafe ;
5a bote O-aoft-oasrt CVooaaatt;
35 a boxes Strat,
300 brxc Star Oaaatet;
Abv. Seftr. laafte, .Vtfasteo, Tra, Tobaora. Tie,
Whisky, Braasfy. Wbso, Okm, tt.
Par tabs j p. FB4KT.
deeU Ifo. 35 Pront We.
"t T
5J J Zi
03 ' a f-o
03 .
01 I i
S3 -sV -
Js I
Notice to shippers.
NO PRSIOtC w;l bo reeeired at the Memphis and
CharH ton Railroad Depot fer any station Bait of
uortaia, nam rutsver notsco.
Saperiatendent ot Traaaporiatlon.
.12,000 Worth of
Br w. iv. host & co.
HA VINO chtaaed oar ssstaef, w wilt dt-pos of onr
ttock of Cloth n. and rnrnitblsg Oooda. AT- COST,
at six and terete month i time It vgM-bie paper.
Goed well astir Ud and Jodictoialr laid la
.ttla-lw tt. X EUST ft, CO.
Btrle aad ttnairer city
BIB 6 A IN 8!
X LABGE ataortmrnt of ROSB-a
niruR! core red wttb BoratetlefTl
larH Ptasb. Alan r.rh Jlirhtitjm a
-veoroom uatu, joat rrcetyea oy
aeca-im n. onasvBVOtt.
Onr large stotk cf
Watches and Jewelry!
bot2 m
63 Xalr street. Tnloa Block.
Ciirtaiii Materials.
TtKOnATBLt.B. Satin Dtlalne. Worsted Darnaak, CoU
13 ton DiDtsk, Lace and M-Jtitn Cnrtalot.Traetf arent
Saadas, Beffltorlands, Window Cornloa. Car tain Banda
and Pins. Kerry article of Ooodt and Trtmraloaa areet-
tary t cecorata a cotiag, or ratace. uoisv.n- -
GnrUln Hanging execnted by an experitnocd ;workmaa
frota New Tork City. t .
ntrb aica.trisa.s
To Capitalists:
TJBWfa detlrent to cncent.ate" my bastnes. I
W ... i. i -j., st ie2a of c a'hlnsT. ttt-
at OO a 9ar-tj- ' xrVal I awass a- - - '
natatlat lhemenee- ITlon and SSO bP ttrOtS, OT KO.
tSS Mtln ttroet. w ik lease, flxlores. fte For any one
ibat baa tneney. ana ootox u v , j M.. :
prfltO, hnsicet-ith a W?
t?7, ,.v. .re not tald by the 1st Janstry
next, No. IMS Jfain ttrert will bo f rent, wHh Satore.
decT-fw J- -
Just Keceived.
Wl are thl day in r elpt ot a snptrlor rtic! ot
cnBWIVG TOBATO pecalarly adapted to tho
taste of onera'ron. Can ana try it
Alto tlx X rati, sspirior BRAS DT, djtcttr fromaa
importer ror.aleontrbyth.ea.k
Or Exchange Sot ITegroea.
OPPEB for sal my SVy Slrtel Rettdtnet. This
peooerty cannot no nrpttwa in toe try, rer rr-attty
er let-atlon.or tu ctottaTntrs.for aprtosUf ci' rr
jltnet. Cbanglox my locaU'tt data a t, uthtttf a
CO-nitT Uie. ta ace on y leooceoirni ur ptr1 witn tats
pro.erty. Po-tertut, wilrt a-e rttonabit apply
Ui rnfv peraoaaHj. jat. u.. atcatABtus,
Or to I G. LOXSDALE, z$a., ctt'lxx my absence
from. Ito atT. Ctct.trs
. - -
"tO ifZ -T ;2
6l a i .2 m -j
fir iu s 5 b r - ::i s
L ZSZ et
i n
f MA
Crisp's Gaiety Theatre.
JtStrton snort,
loateo and Macaer .w. H. ORISP.
Stag Vaaagtv Mr J. fj CARTLTTCH
7,iraJ7T"V.V Ut C- tttatOTNIt
Coadnaorot Ortbettra ...PrWeaaor HES31KO
Ltst week. potHtrery .f tho emoaeat acttest,
OK Un.VDAT XVXXI.VS, D rrab- r Ulh, !87 wb
wearnvat i.,r., pttr. to too ,Z.ru,Z
K more air Ora.o DallA."S
J. O. Ctrtut bj M.rBlmoroTMl t L
To eoneto! with tbo laaahtMe fa oo of TRZ M iln
xri' d
Tn fin oartwobtrt. see bt'ts if the dt. dee-a
Jlontlay Evening, Dec. 14, 1857,
FITS Gr33E.a30T3-'iS
And the ImUan ISatlon.
AT ASH'i TBatATRB eery er-atst trtnl ia week.
gleMg a falttirai planof all tbe las ruat ptaoeo
aadeeotuatf iatoorttoe ta tart Ctaaaa arewalal yssr
of ISM A ho tho rarbtas trtsos aad toaaory fea Ih la-d-an
N'a Isa.
TMketa w Bres Cl-eV W aata ; Pr rat Bx seal ro
ceelti Wane dler, oe-.-U; C 4 , ml BJi-j-2S ee-ta
Doortopea atSM. Cartalo win rlao at 7K otatk.
pr'VjT-. . r.XHVAOX;. Proortetaw
"' for riatwaw a Sot-a eoory Wijausidas
aad 9-t-iHsy aW-eaooao, mt lactaet d c 2
.Christmas Eve
-ix. JLt a t
bl. T. COO Bit
CHA3. PttTfB,
joj Ritcctrr.
b. a. jor.vsE.
rum K.
J. w
Odd-Fellows' Hall!
COatlHCBCiSg MOitlaJ EVciviwg, D.c. 14.
rlreat ParWaa Coatu Tra a of aetirg
xotss :
ae-xicl Goentm
aaolr erer Lajdlerotia aixl LaoxbaU. OefasOsctro. If eat
Oraoxttc iBiasiuajse Past , ...car Barteo,o
'rtth Mvttr aMtataoeat Coarotaos aad Aao .salts ttda.
lis. Dooattl'a K.HAH;ALfl'aLVir7eT VIKWS
AdBttsraaat oaST 64 oasHt. - -
ceata. Satoey for o sored aetata, la eaata.
To the PulMe.
Incorporated Commercial College
THIS taatHatlaa ta Bow to aaecossfat oao
tatto. . Il It tbe lotealt- a of the Prta
bpal to mat M pTBtiaeat aaat rajaal, baorery
my is, so aay aa tola or aay stair stale
Rrery beaavth, wm be tetwat bo aaoitrr sasatb tsr a
eaatlie life tbo art of roaatanabia. (ari'h Ate erloatiif
UtuitrzHvt .ttsiiMao ) tbo err ace o Ptabl eartry aock.
as-eptiK unit os. i tae t-mciaie asa tbo Nalare ot Baak.
iu. wtaa Botae: ttaoa-a. .ia asc.
Tbo attratletaef pasi aad (araitnt H rtoeectiTelr '
tolaetted to tbta IrtMit-k B Sitters hasttelf, ruat I
thepalroaagehehosseadr r aete(. ttaat Ve wta aaeelt
aosxtaBtsee, oybttojsa setae trot ta tbe mrre of bit
Term, it, aaado ktwa on aatrfcataeB a' the Ooatefe,
Kx laaa street. '
I I hare the botwr to refer to tae letlawsac ieBterrB.
aaal otaers. b bseo ktsssty nasi -eased ta at at a Board
ot sttsort ror aiaoseisartae;. betas pratSsatlbatlaets mea.
J Rer. J N.
( w. A. Jock
St I. Toaoc,
Coebter Bradbty wiboajtOa.,
Bart, ts Paek-er Boa..
1Mb, Too Oki.
' of
p. Lane It Ca.
abb tr TtarTaai.
Rer. I. TonoK. Here J X. T-aaate.
W. A. J-two, Bea. Caaalor n. X PMtlez, Boo
of IbSraeient Baak. R B Rrtataav Ba.
Oat S. B. Uebo,
n a '
JOHN J. aTBlt, Prof tor.
FBIBMaodpatroa-. rraH a-ar. '
Map ad reaat t b a o- it b rs.
Tat Kaoro so.-, totanakyos ail
Ttt pttaosate, ar-at ar atool .
Xow pattern. rat say Wtaatr' 7
thae naati iat Utra. taa, I staoa.
t wfak t a ro i. ' .sat al
rMkaadtaaegud. farsorey
i h-tre.
I bare, at twery ttsvs" a toy.
esfSWtiial sty-a. far atrt or b.t.
t're toyo alto, to alatt lb t.sam.
Aaat flajott kaads of ataasas Jar laBSea.
I'eeeske" 5ar Obresaf eauv J ej sea Terr S.
I'to oeetrttjto kept ia aay tttvo,
Praea oasvtet ap to ep ttaabi tM.
aBariioiad got tat) stootta ta tat.
te 9-s4, best aad axtoaaeat,' tare,
Kaor (osra I a aay abare,
JtV tsr Rv.'s t bhat't tbo try,
Weeer oao tree there to bap. aXS
rjtgy: partnership bT-rsar riVtsng botweea J. 8.
X JtirPttBM ataf w. H Bft rtrx f that dap dtt
" taauaol eoaieat jaMe . d-fleosa be ea4ac
ftpaaabe ear all debt tatrate4 ta tbe aaae tf Biata
tt. aad Beawa a JrC et. a set tu who o an tswaiea
kx sold ftraa are payable. VK. R. BeVivv
LttoxanaMA. D-Soo rwaatr. Miss aVS wt
WHO armed tome days . and with a targ-
taaaly! L"t n afr- ble a 8n reeepttaa ard pa
t otitis bim weI, o aa to make htm rmtaia in ear good
Iowa of Meaipb't!
ii u it ii i m :
Ho la tioaoiac at
.1. C. RODNER'S.
j Corner oC Main and 3Iadison-sts.
I My dear "Broad Pa'' and -Graad 11a." ttt at so
are see -Pitbtr aad MMber al o that be atap eoat
aad tattfy an aa with
Toys, l.oVls, t&c, oitc.,
Atao "WAX DOLLS, aed every eeacriataga if JoaAjat.
Wigs, Bandeaux. Curls and Braids !
AR ef watkh ar of direct lataortatbia rroat Parts.
I A Lassen- MAIK UKSWSMil alweya reaoy IssKiul aay
fewttensea wtn pfeas cad ea the atvietsegned, who
will take p ea ore to watt tfara rbeta
A larse asjentBTBt of PBatf r MKRT oa band
IK er-n qivaoe tt the
siiisa ' aui we are
off ting osra'o k ot
1 Sals 9 f gTr If IfsV 1 aTta afl TA aw
.111 ltiUUd, iIIUlUlal3UU,
SASH, tfcC, &C.t
At prtee that wsa pay psreatsers ts extra tae aad deefcte
for tbemttdres, at
ordl-Sw Corner of Vam ard rnlon itrtets.
Trustee's Ssile.
TbT Tlrtew of a D ed ..f Trait, mads uaw u Trnstee
1 J by Wt Htm nrizer sal Catberiao bit wile, tar d tie
PatrrotryaS'h, I8ST. to .ecare taepaamt or a certain
preratseery note. menMoaed sb toMeed of trwtt, which
eed It nonroerl (a boox H., pace 964, la she Register's
oak of C'ltteatsV-n eeoa'y. Ark setae, I w-U sel! lee cstb
b-tbebacheit baaVler. at 1 iUkIa M.on.oATCS
DAT. tbe U.b of Dtcembse, ia treat -f tee CVmnernal
Hottt. ia Xtspatt. the lands coareyed tss tald deed o
trart. oa: Pr actional Sect tan as. Hi aotee, Prtetstnol
Section SI. JIM seres, m Townoatp S KertH. RsnreSRa.t.
and 560 ana of Section ii ta Tosraabip S "ortb of
Ktaap T aTitt, ewtalrtBi: ia all 1 1 1d am, more er leot.
aad b.ta h) the ooeatr of Crtlieodm, Atkaaa.s tbe
aarae load eet to tald Was. Walker br Daatel Hsrgbet. to
wboteaeed referoaealt ma. fox- a fan trrtaa". Tbe
rlaht of reaetaplKn 1 express ty waired to raM deed of
trnst JOHN II. SH AW
de9 tdt . Trattee.
Encourage Home Industry.
THE tTNOBB'ttaNBD o d TOoaeitfoBy annsiMct to
the mertbaata of Heexdirt ard sat eoaalog catwtry,
tbtl ba hat now on bard and eonrtsaafly tautrafatfansc
Traaka aad Va'ttet of eeere grade, eoior, style a d fjoal
I'y. wbseh hole prepared b sell loan r tb n tbey eaa be
pore based s any t art or tb cTnua. trder peospt'y
attsndodto wbosetare er re-.aH Tro-'ks mao ta order
with aeatseaa aad oetptleb. X.GBN9BDR1ER,
tVe$-Iy Troi k M.-nractar-r f Prent Bow.
raoK this ditp,
X7b olTor our entire Stock of
Furnlsliing Goods,
Fine Sole Trnnks, Xfgro CIotblBj, &c.
OUR friend aad tbe pabtlc ceneraMy, may rer on
what w itMt tod. We bsTtto aU woe ara in
waat of seed OsetMBf, to cB and examine far ibexa
teiret. SPITJtT ft CLAKCR,
3tx atan-st . taypaot-e Ouart ?Qire.
P. S AB Goedt toM oa credit, wffl be eSMiaed a rrc-
altr prosit s. ft, C.
nottawKf .
Dioramic Dissolrinr Views.
A GOOD COOC AND WAStlKR Mr whtb food wsgoe
wHIbsgtrea. TsV-her no w or oa tba lit of Jan
ary. (dca3) H. H. POTTZlt.
c. n wiixiAata, ja s. neaurcr.
ATTORKBTS AT LAW, Memphle, Inceias. once,
nerth sidoot Oaart Sgaaro, nert- m
Horn LaUe Road.
TRlSotdanlrxteneiTo not. Benso aad Oar-rt-n.
hu now-an hand ths lanrat ooBeo tam
5IIRTJ81 and BTEIMRB8NS. toso-aerwUh abe-2
most extenstre Collection of PRUIT TRXXS ot aB de
are now peeptred to 9)1 aH ardtrt. Alts wttt altmd'to
tb laying off and orntmenltag Otsdeat la toarn or
cocntry. AH orders ad 'retted u me, car of W. N.
HnatsOo , wHliWrra pranst atteail-nt.
At Actual Gost
rai Isii
Suction Sfelts.
I WILL teD oa TCISD T. loth nat , at ta o'etock. at
de,?' B'.OHT MaouteawomySo:
J- et ra-rtUT. Irrmaea h
A. WALLACE. Aoeaoatw-
Ox THtTRSDir Ksxr.ntb h,,t t Mo-Ukx.x.
M , I w-U mi at mr a action Haass, SSI JfiKiTliWl.
waotared by 9. r Ja koa, taitrB It ili, m
mrP"!lMM,f k llT-bTlibKt. aa
, ' J 8rt remtam at tbe Igto tkdted
Sltletr.lr, at LooasrM, Tboy wbl te folT-
"r ' ' oboeePtaaoo breath, tbobaltac.
, ' Mwmnsrs, spool sea
r. R Ustrrw
IWawr aasl Seal K.ato Broker.
eduction Sales
""I wtyt toe rakTStlry.
lloya By
Aactlaa aad fitawilstlta Moroaaat,
T7 Maw-at.
Forsyth, Jameson & Bro.
Commission Merchants,
TSo. 88 Trent Eow,
KasreaoMtaaanvM hand a lane aM wetl sateoted
ttavkMiMJCRItMI. Atosago-ttlartboufrot
lb Ota-aTtrB City HOI tad (3ie, am, PLOtTK. XM
a . tb I st of Jaaatry a xt aad wtaao- to ass i
neeartw.aey Hottt terraata, aad tae0 oeJ
T7T . PWre ocoat for tho aezt yo.r.
aar wbk b 4 .. wL bo a aaoMOay '
stI-iu.i P. gnwm.
Wooil ami Willow Warr,
ARB ortea aoked. -KowtaMtbtt yoa eaa a3asl
" Wo w ton yoa .by fTae,
wars aal BvaawS 1 waa
eXo- eao-wtes
retat Wt t tarcaab sari Ml tae out. -
y Pev ts bat asmstad 8a pay gar Paiis aaoda.
Toa -tBtbsuluie at
No. C DIoarao street,
at he state lor eata barren to taaaat taotr aaat
boo la
$2,500 Worth of
Pi.UTKSaai ACrOR013t)sN,
FAsry basks rs,
TRIMMINGS, be.3ce.ix.
TH 3 tbooe store Is aow ray ear ttwpeoaaaai at she
Aaotasa Usait of T. J. "H ABaiS TTT a asm Soeset.
and la star t to 'bo CUy aaal Coatry TraaVs at wwie
aos- eaeap -or eaao
Dioramic DiwolTingTerr
Bose-wood Parlor Suits.
SeTPSBAL 'g-at rs
-esson.1 Ptftor Sail ITinltssaj Mff
Pamrtcr Jsr-t re- rfTfffrj
tt raactat ta U 1 2
prtat from $a6 t
to wsrb we isreste tbo taett
atteatsaa of poreeiaaers
Prtoeo Mty law, at tba aew
aaa tosgteoie
IfrtlKfJaT i .
Victoria Bedsteads.
A NC 'tp f BtatteaJa. aery Oaso aad ba talma
Vest bee wttb an the
Hab-pt aaJ Cotter- rXruesO. Is.eat i
are oaVred to rsartbaaen tbeoc ttoh' trntet. t
no McsTtN'tP-T Ay two's.
Pine Furniture.
OCR ttoorttttai ot rrati aad eWaat
, taibstatai Passat Be aaaatr bo ne
laaoetloitaor 1 a.ltr or aa-aMiy.
Partkrolar attteattta as saoaarst ta a
tew sett of np-rb cbtracter. aad Parlor PsrBettteemaB
afacated In New Toek aad B.ttiat, lor oar an trade.
Visitors to tbe city eheld aot faJ so hikibrtSiib ear.
aew tae tmmente esttUabBteas,
b-w XrVTSKT at sta).
Cheap Carpets, &c
MaWAUJubr Toleet Caraota;
tapeotrr Teroet CarpHo ;
Taeettry Beaoto t Cttpete ;
taaaorsal Tbtoe-Pty Carpet;
Bagrieb latrraia Capeta ;
ABsertcae lagrata Caroet-;
Ttfeet y V. ieet Melr Corpolo ;
Taa-etry 3 at Hi stair Carpet ;
Tarttled State rarpett t H aad 4-t yard wage (
Criaab tTotbo. S 1 ! t. It t U 4, l-4 aasVM-l, do.
Dmaitete. Peitlac aad iVicbsaat ;
Salver Plated and Bras- tur Boo.
Barbae a eer 'art aad wW ass-Tse4 atxk of eaiaetr,
an sew and fre-b aa4 baa-'bt stace tbe tVottae, sr. so
not tbe atteoir a of ptttrb-eers, aad astatge eoraerret U
toil (ostst a ery tat ill p-ot aad sloe perft tatt
factioa la aH eaoea Carps asaoe aaat pat tV sra.
roeei t HcXtSSET ft. Ca. "
Pianos, Melodeons, rnrnitiire,
SHAUlVr. Ac.
I HATH latt eoarsed.i
wttb raotored beattb, troal
ba North, wkere I bare
tdken ruiii-h .ain ta ne -
I lectin a topertne aa.rtas. at of Ptatai.t Paiatf re. Oar-
pet, cnrtalr tavjotat. Sbanea, ac . wb rb I am Bow ro
cetelrt; iM orP-ruM to a'l ws.o p ea-e to fator ate wttb
their patron ae My ear est with i to fartush good ar
ticle at res a.b e prtie.
I hare er caged Profsaur C P WntCLZB, wb
atteart oa!l rdTafor tnrt;rgaDl i "-oei'la: Isrstmniests
aad wat t n th.r iso faror me wttb tceil.
All klttat ot atattreaae mane to or er
h it atmsriyoB,
el-m M)iara.e
"tTTBaro Bow Braaa'actartBZ
VV aad keep e rtsntry oa T'
haad ta rarges aad bee a V1
sorted a'oek ot all lied ta oar
line rer Kter al la Vemaba,.
AU', GIN BAXOS of erery
deKriptioaa, ta 1 of watch we
lartte tbe atteauaa of parcba
tera as we can aad win o-ll bar
oaab or orowat pty aa c eon aa
tbe caeapeot. aa ' iaaroateo ea- VcttaOMrrf
Mm aotlaraetioei Rraa.ets. wttsWss-
prrmpttT attettded to aad work made ta order
norS daw FORD, BBIB St tM.
W wsB seM Xo. I Kanawha Salt. re-wHghea, at M
c ala per baabet, sad delirer barrets bt god or
der t The Eaaowha Sat bat been tboeootbay tsoted bt
tbe last few art, aad bat pr -red ta be Ih beat tatt for
trsrrac meat, more eatttr baaaVed and leas baste ta waste
tfaaa aaek sstt. Apply to
natayjm Xo. ISO slab street,
Rare Onenina.
' M u r. toaeenoers earor tor ea e laesr eMaattta- y
JL. et-v on urersosi oners, sear tae jseeaoasaa
awl Ob to Oep it cootlttstu of a era me BntMiag,
50 by I If fart. A Sao T rt eaJ Engine of tbtrtr J
berse power, with all the machinery far carrying en aba
Sash and Der manufactory ; together wl h a vprtght
Saw far Box aukta. with tbo lease ot the best lot Ut
Mem-bet forxaaanfactariae pajpo-es, lying oa tbe Baron,
ami eaattiatec one a a4 three watrtert acre ; It sent b
sold low and m ksag tlmo. Al o S oeo feet of reasoned
white ptae - Aloe a tot with a flat Briek Bweanog. aa
3f artet ttreet near P Tttes- X IM t 3T feet front oa
Second street not lb of Jack oa aad oao f is feet front
oa Unoea street, Bear to J. J Bawilasr ad oatsorttme.
rr wm lsk Janwsit.
B-rALsaa lit ,
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Lime,
Corner of Jefferson nnd tTaler Streott,
RBCBIT Bt tad far tote
8 barreta RaMtt Aaates ;
IM da H son i note l AajWes ;
It tea of Bar ;
ISM b .a beta potatoe ;
sua t arrets potatoet, also. Corn, Oa'a and Bran,
for tate tow f-r oaab. oetg-lw gLLtOTT ft CO.
Found at Last:
FOR it reotjres penaaneatiy Orty Hair to Ht original
color oarer- laxtu iantiy l be bald bead : reraoTea all
la a4rr.fr leehrat: and aB irrofn-a, scad bead aad ad
eroptleaa ; make tbo hair toft, healthy aad gtofp J aad
wil pee,-rre ft to a y tmsthsabte ar. rrmoTet. aa It be
magic all btoubeo tie., from the (ace, aM en res aB
nearsltta aad sereoat hoad-acao. 5e arctCar and tho
Borta N H., PetT Z. tsirj.
POT. O. J. Woob ft Co Goats : WIthta a few
dayt we hire reeeltd oa mtay oroert and saa far Prof.
t J W'odtHsl RtoratiT. that to-dap we were eom-peU'dtoaendbBa-aonfors
qntntlty. (tho tlx desen
tm forwarded aa Titlac saHJ whne we miht oner a
rtnantitt from rs. Bnry bottle we bans toM teemt ta
bare prodnerd rh-eooe fonrrew cnstocrt ad tbe ap
trnbaliea. an pttraaago K re-et os fr m th mo-t aeb
ataattal aed w-nby tstn so of anr rlet-Ky, fnjla- eoxv.
Tiae a that tt la a moot Tteaab prtparaUen.
teno at at toon at sar baegrfi or t stii and
on dotet). It ttto; aadbeflerena Tonrar-ry r j-erraliy,
(Staaod) DANIKL LATHOaP ft. GO.
Hiokobt Gbote, St Chirtea cotnty lfo,
Now. is. um.
Paop. O. J. Wood "earSir: Some time last tnm-r
mer we w- re tMaced so ate oro or yoar Btatr Reatet
tlTo. and Ka etos wee to wondertol. wo .eel K oor
dn'y to yea aad tbe efl ctetf. to report It.
Oar We ' bea far aerae tkno hid been perfectly,
oareretl wHb owe B4 eoae caPed tt seahi bead. Tie
hair almost eetrrty cam as ba coaaeqaence. whet a.
Mend. teetesT bis sMr.-rtara, ad-t ed at ta ate rear Kee
teraltre; are dsd aa srKh IMto hose of taee-ss, bnt, to
owr sarpriae, tad that of all onr frlerts, a rery few ap
p leataaat r enured te dtteaaa entireep, aad a new and
(tun taat crop of Mir t an atartad oat, and we s an now
say that oar boy baa aa hearths a acap and at raxarl
ant a traaor hair at aayoth-roMM We eaa tberrfore.
aad de hereby reeommnd y-nr Reetoratr-e. as a perfect
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0. 3. WOOD ft. CO , Proprteters, III Broadway. X.
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1 1 Market ttrrt. St Lonls. Jf o.
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" UfX.S.
Trustee's Sale.
ONTHB.H'DAT.Deoemberltlth. 1S87 I win set! an taa
otaeo brlosgjax ta Ptyten ft. ITarbtn on ftland 40,
twetre atlea aboe Memphis, sH tbe cattle ntates, hots,
wagons farser otenls, wood and wscl boots, bttcng
tnc Ptyten ft H bin.
Tebms or SaIX AH snsa or twentp dollars and
nader, cttat tbebalaaeoaa acixHtcf sbwly days, note
btbaak wHI raHiii't watt tster t tdfed. I wtl! alto
tell it prints sal, t3 a tret bot on la ml ea stand o.
B4Te(.ta)g N KAGLAND, erctbM,

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