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Largest Cirenlatioii ifftKiTCity.
Official' Journal of tne City.
BeadingMatter on. Every Pago.
"""wxrcpsK, uirmoir ram. .
Oar reidtrsfwHl bear lij mind that the'DivI
sten Fair, fcr West Tennessee commences at
JaeksonfonTmeiUy, the ISA of October next.
The list of premiums, which, we.-ppblisbed
same tjine ego, la unusually attractive, and we
feel sfIh predicting that the approaching,
will eclipse all preceding Division Fairs. The
various coanty fairs thns far held hare been
btghlyvsHceesafnl, and, juflgin by the spirit
evinced at them, we ahall lopk, for ail the pre
miums in the several depigments tf agricnl-
feral V1 meehattlca industry at .ths, -coning
Division FalrTb be smartly contested. "We
ateJtate an occasion of twusaal Interest.
The Fair will coatinae Jurliigafie Jweek. Ai
MagemeaU, we sappose will be made wilh the
several railroad companies, by whlch-itoek
& other articles .passing over them, intended
r esMoiuon, win bs returned free of
We shall publish to-morrow an accoaat of
te proceeSinfs of the recent Democratic Aoti
DsooLAs.CavenUoD, assembled at Springfield
en theib irist., to nominate a candidate for
Csajrxesayrxoin the Sixth Congressional Dit
We of Illinois. This district Is represented
la th present Congress by Hon. Thos. L.
HasBiSfrho has been nominated by the Doco-
las Democrats for re-election. The account,
which we take from the Washington Union
raftreaaaU the meeting at a large and enthusi
astic wraocitrstlen against Senator Dotrota.
ReeorattoHS were adopted, speeches -made, and
a caaattdatejiominated. The speech, of Hekst
S. Fitch, which wW be found la the proceed
tags, shows that the feeling of the meeting was
vary hostile to the re-electioa of the Illinois
Scsaterr This speech ts a carefully drawn
MM ef Isdictmeat against Sscglas for his
jws4 shortcomings and will be read with inter
est by those opposed to his election. We
Ml poHsh it because it is by far the ablest
expaeftieti of the anther's side of the question
wekwve met with, and is pursuance of a rule
we have adhered to on this question, to give
fair bearing to all sides. Oar readers will
j4gi for themselves how far the present po
WaasB attHade of Judge Docglas entitle
Msa te fefslveaess for the past, and whether
M everything his enemies charge him with
were true, he is net infinitely to be preferred
te Likcolx by ail true friends of the South.
The caarass in Illinois, between Douglas
aad LincaLX, the Democracy and the Black
RapaMtcans, stril claims and wHl continue to
aim a. large share of public ittentrettthrogls-
eat tse Ualen until the question shaH be set-
tied attfee ballot-box. Without indulging in
ay WtternesSiOf.' speech and without attempt
ing te revive any ef the causes ef quarrel
hre$fere exiatieg between Mr. Ddtjgi-as and
tfee AaknlsiEtrattoo, we shall endeavor to keep
ear readers regatrely advised of the true merits
af taw sysjestietts involved in the present ree-
tee. leekteg to the fatare rather than the past,
far tfee arguments, reasons and motives that
Mjr control jts as faithful sentinels on the
watca lowers ef Ceastttetlenal independence
la thews like the present, the people desire
tbe views and eptafoss of the leading states
mtm ef tbe reantry, and with the purpose of
gratifying Ms desire, we to-day lay before the
roaaWa ef the Amu a speech recently de
Itaere4 by Senator A. G. Baowx, of Mies.,
eMag bis views upon Rational politics at
tutft. Oa the Douglas and Lincoln qoes
Win, be is both explicit and emphatic, giving
fees aagarified "preference for the election of
la asVJfUoa to this, it may be proper
te Motion that not long since, tbe Hon: L. M.
SasBAVj-of &esth Carolina, member of Con
gress from tbe EdgtfieM, formerly Brooks'
Nscriet, addressed his constituents, and In the
caaree ef bis speech alluded to the contest 1b
TIHnal Obserrtng that the election for ben
ataria that state excites general interest, he
. it wealdbe desirable if Judge Breese,
I to be an Administration Lecomptoo Demo-
eiatjeoatd be elected. Bathe doubted the policy
af aryiag to elect him, as " running two Dem
ecratte tickets before tbe people may give the
Btaek BepabHcans a majority en joint ballot
af the EegisUtare."
The most significant portion, however, ef
Mr. Be.vnax's reatatks in this connection,
we where he taid that " as between a Black
RepubMcas, who says ail free States, and dewn
with tbe Sapreme Court and tbe Dred Scott
aeefctee.,, and Judge Docclas, who, however
wrong be was eo the Kansas qurstiea, man
fatty eapeses these views, we can bat prefer
tbe saeeessf tbe latter.9' This is assuredly
the plate, sensible, practical view ef the aeb
ject, and shews, says the New Orleans Ditto,
tbnt Mr. Bonham is set bide-boond in his
ottaas, let sele-eyed, net a disciple of tbe
temaca-ebell school ef politicians. What
takes -.this, testimony from Mr.' Bosh am
stteager, is tbe fact that he, with Qcitman,
a the extremes views of Southern right and
yoUtj, rated against tbe EegHeh bill in the
Taken is every light in which the question
can be viewed, tbe triumph ef Lincoln-, as tbe
leeeer ef the Black RepebKcaBi, over Doqcj
las, s tt 'be deprecated. ' Lincoln and Ms'
parte ar 2B a'waye heve been wrong on all
petals da, which the South feels any interest.
OaTafbtt one or two Mr. Dovolas is and al
ways bas been rifht. In this contest, then,
the sjrapetbies and good wishes ef tbe Sou b
aest necessarily be with him.
teibied CmiES. We are paiaed te learn
that Bichaks O'Kake, Esq., came to his death
by accident on Thursday last by beiBg run over
by a train oa the Tiashville and ChattaBcoga
Railroad. It seems that when the train stop
ped at tbe station, six miles this side of War-
tnee, Mr. O'Kake, who was a passenger on a
tear ef bustnes, stepped en the platform and
was speaking te a friend, when the cars start
ing be attempted to cHms eu aeard. but not sec
ceeding be swseg to tbe step of the car until he
came in contact with a rack used for the par
pese f carding wood for the read, by which he
was kBoeked off and failing under the car the
train passed over him, crashing and mangling
faaa in a berriUe manner, from the effects of
nifcirri be died in a few hours. His remains
were conveyed to Nashville, of which place he
was a resident, and there consigned to the tomb.
Tbaa baa passed away one of the best men and
aeet asefal citizens of the community in which
be resisted. Aa a man of conscientious iate gri'y
ia all bis easiness relations, a firm and steadfast
friend and a kind christian gentlemen, be was
without .reproach. With him his word, was
HteraHy-his bond. Hit ana wa s always ready
fertfee defence of helpless innocence, and his
b&Sdver open to tbe calls of eh arfly. He ha s
seen eat ib the prime of Ma life and 'useful
ness aad bas gene down te tbe grave followed
by tbe tears aad regrets ef all who knew him.
Peace be te Ms atbss I
Hoa. Sidset Bzeese, of IlUnos, bag
recoatty writtea a ieer in wniea oe denies
eer bavtsg sledged himself not Is beceaw a
ogaaMate for tbe TJ. S. Seriate against Judge
HeesLAS. To this tbe Cairo City GaztiU thus
Jaage Brecse has written a letter addressed
ta tbe tdtter of the BeMevriie Jdrocate, in
wbtch be denies baviag made any promise or
aMce not to become a candidate for the D. S.
Sevate in opposition to Mr. Deeglar. As the
atB'rrle that Mr. Breese would not be a can
didate was first made by ourself, we feel called
noa to notice thii denied We reiterate, tuit
Jaage Breese did unequivocally pledge himself
is 'bo event, aud under no circumstances,' to
be a candidate against Judge Douglas, and
furthermore, not to stand in his way' of being.
.l.t. Senator. Let Judze Breee pall tn
raind his many promises made to the friends-of 1
Senator Douglas, anu persepa ne can reeoilect
tbe pleage'weaccuse him ot having made. If
tbe Judge persist in his denial, we have proof
at bant?, and It shall be forthcoming, which
will coavletblmof the grossest falsehoods and
duplicity proof he cannot gainsay or explain
away. Aa the Judge ia determined to force
htmself upon the canvass, be must excuse our.
interregatlag blra upon one or two points i Did
you not, less than three months since, declare
that Mr- Doueias pursued tbe only course pos
gibie rer blm? and that we must support Mr.
Douglas, not only because he was right but
as a paper of SUte pride?"
SrrAMKa'BnatEi' -On Wednesday last, at
tbree.o'eloek in xbe . ternoon, the stern-wheel
steamer Wm - H Z"ey took fire and was en
tirely 'consumed, together with ber valuable
cargVneatQitlocy, on the Cpper Mississippi.
Oa her deck all -wasaaceneof disorder and
dismay, but bapplly every one of her crew and
MawnEsra.CTt safely ashore. The Jenny was
tauudiromthls port to St Paul, tblo being her
firat trip for four months. -She wa a good
boefjtalthoucb valued t oniy $8,000 5he was
tred for.S4jD00. and the vartoua Ttems.of "her
fsnro wereiZbubtlesa also- insured ; Tbeabpat
taowa .
From the "tone of letters to our merchants
and from thefstatementa of planters who have
vtglted the etg during the-past wsek, we learn
Uutfihs ravages of sib, boll worm are much
complained of, persons estimating their crops
at a f oorlS'-and-a-
three weeks ago. The complaints are very
atroBg in North Mississippi j in Western Tec
nee see ihera. ia not co much, except lo, Fayette
county. With a conQnuance ol such fine, dry
weather as we bars hactarinj-yii past week,
we shall probably do very well In-thia section.
Mississippi The crop of cotton within the
last month rop.GainesvlIIe to Aberdeen six
ty or sereity tnjjes in eileat caunoV average
mora than three or four hundred pounds pfr
incurs. and- f we omit we
names) are'relilnVr fcr imeliundred -noui.dsricr
.acre. The causes of this disaster are the rust
ana boji worm - It will make half a crop
Eastern ClanM "September 11 : The news from
all pirta ef the coWonigrewtag region seem to
Indicate si-very short crop. "We have seen gen
tleman recently who have traveled through the
pralrie-reglon of Mississippi tbe JbesV cotton
producing portion of the State and they rep
resent the prospect as deplorable. On msny
of the. finest rams not half a crop ca n poe sibly
e made. What with worm, rust, the over
flow of the Mississippi and Its tributaries, too
much; rain in one place and protracted drought
in another with all these causes combined,
to acereeate crop promises to be a thort one.
The Eastern G7arfo, Columbus Democrat
and our exchanges from cverv direction, bring
us very alarming accounts of the ravages ct
SoijTH CAtanKA. Sumpter jrtflcinan:
Onlyi about one-halt of an average crop of
eottqn wHl be realized the present year. Sev
eral causes hare produced this result, promi
nent ieoog which maybe mentioned the pro
tracted drought ef Aucust. accompanied by an
unusual burning and scorching of the sun. it
Is now opening rapidly, and full picking may
oeaoncj in many, places.
Alabaxa. .Montgomery ConWercfton :
Cotton crops in this region are very ehort I
shall not make more than 160 bales, although
in Joly I Expected to gather 300 bales. Red
rust has ruined sandy lands, while tbe hall
worm ha damaged the -rich swamp blsek
lnds r-Eufilia , 5ptril, September 14:
Nothing is 'more certain than that the cotton
Top ot tbta.cunthaa been very greatly In
jures oy ine nm, ana war an me ogu pros
pecta of the spring have vanltbed. We see
many perms who say thai, bad as it was last
year, ft will be worse with them this, aod that
there have been no bolls made tor the last six
weeks- In tbe great majeritysf the fields,
vbere Is so such thing to be sees as a growing
boll or a blosaom j all the bolls are matured
and meet of them open Southwn Reerdtr
We have come to the conclusion that the pro,
pect is for the crop to be cut off, from a fall
one expected a month ago, at least one-fourth
or more. Sandy and gray lands suffer the
most whole fields being more or less it jored.
Red and stiff lands have sot been so affected.
Tbe plant haa generally stopped bearing, but
from its having been forced by tba raios, is
more forward than usual and full of bolls.
They are bow opening rapidly, and ths whole
erep will be gathered in much earlier than
usual Mobile Jifcj-uir: Throughout the
entire lfae region of Alabama and Mississippi,
the crop has been'cut off at least one halt by
rust and the boll worm. These ravages have
been made within forty days Tbe amount ef
sew cotton up to dale has been increased by
the effects of hist, which has stripped tbe
leaves from th stalk and exposed tbe bolls fo
the action of the eun directly thus maturing
them sooner than otherwise would have oc
Texs. Far sometime pas?tb: cotton plants
are Butferirg much for the want of rain Plan
ters eight weeks -ago expected to make tbe
largest crops ever known ; tbey ari rjowbegln-
ntng totxJlnjriDej win not average over aau a
crop. '
.MisoKLLAKEOuaWc clip the folio wieg ex
tract from the Courier ad Bjitirrr, a paper
as well posted inetatistics as any In tbls coun
try : One of loe gratifying reatores or tne
commercial world is the renewed and steady
demand for cotton a demand that increases ia
a much greater ratio than tbe increase of pop
ulation. The European demand and prices are
such as to furnish an ample guaranty of re
muneration to our Southern planters for a few
tears to come. With all tbe available sources
of supply from Egypt, Asia, Australia acd
South America, tbe cotton of tbe United States
is not enough to meet tbe growing demand In
Europe." Netll Bortber'a Circular esys,
of tbe new crop: Oar advices by mail this
week are much of the same nature as we have
been receiving for some lime past, and we can
net report an v cessation of complaints (coming
from a good many sections of tbe cotton grow
ing country) of damage by worms and ruet.
Geosgia. Correspondent in Savannah Re
publican, September 16: The crop in this
county will be larger than the last, and about
as large as that of tbe year before. Such is
the iudement e experienced planters. The
drought in July and August and the rust which
followed eooo after, nave cat sown meyieiu at
least one fourth eooe ray a third ot what it
at one time premised to be. The shedding of
Cbe leaves, occasioned by tbe met, will cause
the cotton to open earlier, and thus enable tbs
planter to pick and Bend it to market sooner
than usual. If the receipts, inererore, xor aep
tcmberand October, are larger than is common
for the corresponding months in former years
von should not conclude that the crop will bt
proportionally heavier, or even so heavy
roe same paper remarks: we reier our reaa
era to the cron eorresnendeDce publiebed thi
morning. How different from the encouraging
prospect ot one month age! Tbeee letters are
from sections widely apart, showing that the
imurv is wide-spread and general. It seems
as if we were never to baveadetbergeed crop.
We bad howd that Georgia would be favored
this year with an abundance of all kinds of ag.
rkruitHral products, and such anticipations
never bad a better foundation ; but misfortunes
are coming too thick an J fast to indulge In any
such hopes, at leastasregarosuie great staple
Florida. Marlon coun-y, septemeer au
Tbe weather in place ef being favorable to cot
tea bas been most unfavorable for tbe last
mesth In nlace of rapid progress ia picking,
scarcely any piekiog at all. lbe general crop
wHl be a month behind Its usual time in get
ting to market.
Tbe Democracy of Michigan.
Tbe State Convention of the Democratic party
of MichigaD,atseiabred at Detroit on tbe Sdieet.
for tbe purpose ot nominating candidates for tbe
oeiices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor,
Treasurer, Attorney-General, and Superintend
eot ef PabHe Instruction. Ciiasles E. Stuart
was nominated oa tbe first ballot, as the can.
didate of tbe party for. the office of Governor
and subsequently the following resolutions, I
relation to national politics, were adopted,
without a contest or a division :
Reteittd. bv the DttneeretAi of MitMzan in
SUIe een real ten etttsMtd :
1. That we strictly acthere te the principles
of the Cincinnati platform, as those only upon
which our government can be successfully ad
ministered, and by which our inestimable In.
t tuttOES can oe preserved.
2. That we read in me signs ot tae. times
tbe most cheering evidences Uiat the day Is
rapidly approaching when tbe whole country,
without dis'kidion or division, will cordially
accept the juet and equal doctrine of popular
sovereignty, as enunciated by the Cincinnati
platform; that, in the judgement of this con
veatlon, the principles thus recognized and ap
proved, not only import me sacred risnt or toe
neonle of everv Territory to form and reeulatr.
without intervention from any quarter, ail their
local and domestic mttitatious tn their own
way, sotject only to tbe Constitution of the
Dotted S ates, bet equally import their clear
at d tsdienutable right to have any Mate Con
etitu'ion framed for tbem submitted to their
own foir. free and direct vote thereon, for aw
proval or rejection ; and we 'pledge ourselves to
me maintenance or ruts wise cquai, anuxiem
orratic Dolicr. with absolute fidelity.
3. That we declare our confidence in the
ability, integrity, and patriotism of the admin
istration of our venerable President, James
Buchanan, aad it shall have our hearty sup
port in all Ma measures for the maintenance of
our eJorious Constitution and Union, and for
tbe advaacemant of t'e prosperity and happi
ness of our whole country.
4. That lbe fiual settlement of tbe right ot
search and visitation question, upon tbe broad
and comprehensive groond taken by our distin
guished fellow-citizen, General Lewis Cass, In
opposition to the Qitatopje Treaty, shows
most significantly tbe elevated position we ix-
occupy tn the eyes or tae iirec cosiest rem anu
raval power of the OM Wot Id. and will here
after elicit for our ig from all nations that
reeoect which a creat rising, and united neonle
Have a rient to oemana.
b. That we adhere to tae paternal policy of
tbe Democratic party, which, confidine in tbe
wisdom of the neonle of tbe Territories, aod
,l.i.v an 4hlr nuneriar Gtbeea ta Liermine.
what fsstttartions are suited te their peculiar
wants and necessities, welcomes, with open
arras aod patriotic prtde, each new sovereignty,
with its institutions of its own free choice, to
a brotherhood of rysci bttlft.
Tbeee resolutions, It will be remarked, are
substantially the same as those wtilcti were
adopted by. i tie regular Democratic convtrttlon,
of Illinois, by which the course of Ja'ge
DsocLASWis endorsed. They express a de.
eratnatioo te s aetata tbe administration,
fBrm tbe Cincinnati platform aad tbe princi
ples of lbe Kansas-Nebraska bill, and assert
the policy of a popular ratification of tbe Con
stitution of new States, without making ac
quiescence la this .peHey a test of Democratic
orthodoxy. So did tbe resolutions of tbe reg
ular or Douglas Democratic coareation of
It will be observed, tee, that the candidate of
the convention fer Gubernatorial boson, is the
Hoa. Ciiablcs E. Srcaar, a gentlemaa who
has sympathized with and sastaiaed Judge
Douglas, in every movement wbleb he has
made in opposition to the Kansas policy of the
administration. - ;
Thus, appears, that Uie Democracy of
Michigan have organized for tbe approaching
Stale election, In opposition to tbe Blaek Re
publicans, upon a platform substantially the
same as that upon wbleb tbe Douglas De
mocracy of Illinois are standing, and selected
for their standard bearer, a diatlDguWhed
member of the narty, who bas followed Doug
las in all bis ' treason" aeahut k.
Will the "Wcsbin-ton fates denounce tbe
DstuoyrseTiif Michigan as it does that of II
Baoti? oripad Chaeles-E- Stcaut with the
v &zzL' TJyjtr j
DctLLtKc We fiod the following In the
Brandon Republican ; :
"Recently a bllLwas filed by Hon. Wiley
P. Harris and Steel & Iforrls, In Clark Chan
cery Court, to atop a rale under execution,
finned tinon iiw!ymftf rrArA before Jndpe
ex wHl therdlnHancoek.Serowid Hbat-tbe judgments
were void, because Juige HaneotK was en
gaged In a duel. The law is very strict In re
gard to dnlllnr. snA tn&Ven jinr man havlnf
ben engaged IrraTTJueVor earryteg" or ac
eentltg a challenge, dtcquauaed rrom noiuing
Al-HDiTjkK EscArcv Two convicts. eacaped
from thepfoTUnliary yesterday morning, but
Were captured after a short cbase by effieers
amTotbers. Thev were, Creiat by tbe guards,
but to po edict," Tlilslsihe third time lfiat we
have lately Indited items pn this subject
What is tbe,mateT?-cfc Eoglt, &ft, 11.
The "Black Tok6ue. We learii that this
dfjeafB bas made its appesrmee among the
cattle in our cojintv. Wr learn ,tbat two
cows died from the efleeta ef Ibis dlseas-'ttie
otherdar on the plantation, of .Cot -B,pP-Webster,
seven or elchl mflea from townT We
warn our eltitear'aen Inst -the " use -of Fresh
meats. Lexington Jtivoealt-
IfoMiNATioir in CtncKASAW ConKTT. The
Democracy of Chickasaw cpunty assembled In
CiHivention at Hoiifton, on the Oth Inst., fcr
tbe purpose of nominating a candidate for the
Legislature in the place of J. M. Thobsok,
resigaed. On the 4 b ballot Mr. J. I. S.
Hill wis nominated. It is probabte that Mr.
Hill will have no opposition.
Kilij.ho. Oa Mondav last a Mr. William
killed a Mr. Manifield DarIsrresIdUg abouL.
fifteen miles west of this place. The Sheriff
started In pursuit of Williams, bat at last ac
counts had not succeeded to capturing him.
Not having learned the particulars In the case,
we cannot 8iyarrytUBgfurtheraBoatit.--(Hnv
i ando J?rt$
De-Soto AasictfLTUAL Society. On the
11th iost, a portion of the citizens of DeSoto
met at'Heraando to term an Agricultural So
ciety, ttie following is a list ot officers
Dr. W. II. Love, President
R. T. Sanders and Dr. R. Temple, Yice
J. B. Sanders, ReonHng, and W. J. A. Baon,
Corresponding Secretaries.
James M. Taitt Treasurer.
ArraixTED Disraior Attosuet. CoL A.
T. Green, a youifg' lawyer of fine talents and
great promise in his profession, was appointed
District Atteraey for the late session ot the
Tippah Court. He conducted, the .business of
tbe State docket with marked ability and dis
cretion. The Stbeets Ltt Or The gas lamps are
being fitted. to the seventy-lire posts In the city,
aad to-night the whole of them, it is expected,
will shed abundant light upon our hitherto, In
moonless nights, rather sombre thoroughfares.
Gas Is a great institution. Nalchti Fret
Death or a Postmaster. We learn from
the Port Gibson RtvtiUe, that Mr J C. Gnir
riNc, Postmaster at Grand Gulf, died on the
13th Inst., after a lingering illness. Mr. G.
was a faitbfel officer and a good citizen. He
leaves a large famHy to mourn his lois
Health or Vickssubg. There was one
death iron yelb wfever yeaierdayjn ibis city
a shoemaker, whose name we did not learn.
There were also three deaths from fever at the
hospital, and we regret to say that the estima
die wue or tne superintendent of that icstitu
tion is suffering from the same disease.
we nave heard or no new cases occurring
in the city yesterday, but nevertheless repeat
our admonition to the "runaways" to stay
away. ViikiHrg Southron, Sept. 17,
A Prescription far Yellow Fever.
FroTi the Sow Tsrk BrealnzPoit. I
Messbs. Editors: The following I believe
to be a prescription for an almost certain rem
edy ror yellow ever:
tannine disalphate grains 40
Extract Dandelion grains 10
Pulverized capsicum .gra'ns 5
ilir in mats and mate Into twenty pills.
Use Two to be taken every two hours.
rotameneinc as soon as Dersnlratlan ran he
produced alter the attack, and continued until
mere is a nngiag in the ears and partial deaf
ness. Persons exposed to the disease, by taking
iiuui tuiu tu bix nuit aaiiv. once or tuctrm m
week, at interrals, morning, noon and night,
win mm ujcui an ttimon certain propayiactie.
My reasons for tbe above oDinioni: lad.
ministered these pills in twenty-seven eases (f
fever, not dittiflgufshable from attacks thar
proved to he yellow fever, at Fort Hamilton
and Bay EMge in 1836 ; all of which esse re-
cuverr.1, aitno'ia a numaer or them occurred
in dwellings where one or more patients bad
died of this disease. I lost but four natienta
that season, one of whom did not take tbe nills
as directed, from misapprehension and neple.-t
, , . ... , , ...
vi auriwanw. unevomnea me plus as often
as adcliiHtered. Ilie third and fourth rjtutm
did not taken the pills, butasolulion of ouinine
K.,,-,,.j k .ul j2 'i . " Wu,u'ce
.11. J Ul anoiuer pay-
In the house where the Crit fatal . h.,
occurred, fwhlch was directlv anno.ite, on.
- , . ' . . -
au'ine,;- aioiuer ptnent recovered under tbe
use of tbest pills, after having turned yellow
oiiu otto cciarcj a uopeiese case oy a yiar
antine physician. ..Several other neraona in the
same hoase took the'pills for slight attacks, or
aa preventive;, an or WOOD recovered, or were
exempt. In ihe bouse where the second, third
and fourth fatal cases occurred, a no; tier person
bad a dis'int attack, aad took the pills and re
covered. Two nl her. ennnllt vr,n..
-J J -,o ii ,
the pills and were exempt from attacks. Of
ram jimr tain cases, not one loos tne pills as
Mr tneorj: Yellow fever i, nroduced bv a
virulent form of the same malaria that devel- I
of)s intermittent and remittent f.rer olnln.
neutralises the poison in the ststem.if taken I
ia eottcient quantitj-, (the sarnt In each form
or disease,.) and at an early sUge, so as to be
asaimilated or taken infn th MnA . I
.!. aalmnlaf.. ,h. K ei .i. I
: " Z . . "Y- ua iuc i
stomacB, taus hastening the circulation, and 1
prc venting see oiooa irom becoming stagnant I
ed by the gastric acid to black vomit. I have
ret son te think that sulphuric acid, used to hold
quinine in solution, hastens black vomit
I have administered ever a hundred ounces of
quiuiae in private and hospital practice, Norlh
aaiotttb, and have never yet seen or received
eay tKwc; cneets rrom it.
Basghterof Van B. Lleiagstea, of Kew Turk.
Cotton Receipts. Neil Brothers' Circu
lar has the following : We print the annual
statistics or tne movements of cotton for tbe
past year, with comparisons for the Dreceedine
five years. It will bs seen that the total crop
of the year just closed amounta to 3,113,9C2
bales, asains' 2 939,519 last year, showing an
increase of 174 443 bales. The delivery of
the foil crop lies been greatly facilitated by
tbe unusual high condition of tbe rivers durli g
am auum?i uiuwua, du mat lue Country USB
UK" en cicareuor ota cotton, wnien ia ran.
.nrmed, ny
be present receipts consisting of
new r rop.
The exports to Great Britain. It I
will ben.am.innV tn 1 RflB OAl V..1.. v "
. ' " ". - "i"" loj ""B I
SIlgBtly la excess of the current estimate for
some time nasi, and an increase of aSt.OQfi I
bales over last year To Fraaee there is a de-
s-3 u - e,,'ofe?are! with '"t
J "" "5' uciuj; ooi uui against 4IdpD7,
and to other foreign Dorts there ia also, a H.
creaseof 13 343 bales. The eaatern enlnn.r.
hav. lit.. . , .." " ,V. ::Z
.. .-.fjv. cuaiEu. ui uisatrii I
ror some time expected when the recent re
vulsion caused an entire stoDnare of th mill.
it beirg then estimated that their consamn-
v t"o jear wbuiq not exeeeu aoufltxt
bales, while the total figures show a cocsumn '
r -. , k - , , .
w,iwi.nit. n b commence tne nrenenr
season-with a somewhat larger stock than the
ias ; out u win ne remembered .. it a large
portion of it coBilats of very low, trashy cot-
Fosiok ut Calif's axi a The Waehlceton
uaien, oc tee 14th Inst., says
A gentleman resldiae: in thi a eitvhaa ra
ceived a letter from bis eon in Callfornla.dated
August iji, in wtucane stjs: You will see
by tbe papers that the Broderlek party, or left
e . 1. . ni. a. r a.,, . , . . I
"S uata xwiiuviicaa party, in uils
State, baa fustd with the siraon-Dnre jrnnlltr.
head's, lbe Administration or National De
mocracy win, ncwever, cam a complete vie
Fuvkry Debate The slaverr Dtbate be.
tween " Parson Brownlow. of Tennessee,
and Rev. Mr Pryne, cr New York, closed on
Saturday evening;. The arcuraents of both of
tne debaters were, for ihe most oart. reneti
tione. Imleed, the subject bss been so often
discHtied that laere Is bat little room for the
display of originality. Tbs audiences were
generally a mixture or wrmes ana olaclcs
MOTQfm siuaen.s, u.aicers, HiaciC Kennhll. 1
a a . J . a . , I
cans tittu nrgiw nuu iiwJiuiacKa, ana I
the Abolftionlfita on t numbering thm txat. I
tion three to one By the .eement between
lh e r.-rerH reaeillemen. fliatp ,n,Mh ... I I
be pablishe-d lojeiher. In one book, for general
circttiaiioa. fcmuyircnion, aoia
Oa thoteth last., at the rmdtncaofXr. Rbirl Dsn.
by the Rev 2fr ZtBscr, Ur. Vx HAR3H to ktlts
Elizabeth Pore all ef Pay tie curia t ,tean.
At hltreilttnae in Jfffeisoa eonnty, Ark., Jnly 27th,
Isaac Tea err, la the C2d rear of hit age.
Memphis Advacate, Jtjgle ard E.Qstrer and Jacktcs
Whit pieirficrpy
Kef er to SpEED-Dojioiro &JStb-akce's
mm, . -1 - 1 ay steal at 11 a a- - p
SZZT Attention Is directed to tbe advertise
ment or " true luir.uu." tc is an 11 claims
to be.
itar Per sale, a small family reita'encutt
oat stele of the corporation, immediately east of.
ifie niempDis and unarleston depot. A bar
gain will be given If application ia made soon
at tne ArpEALotnee.
Who has not Heard or Bcebhave's
Holland Bitters. Simcle In Ha comnosl-
uua, pieaaant 10 iue is sie. ana truiy wonder
fal ln its effect, Its popularity cannot be won
dereI.at. To Invalids jast recovorjng strength,
at is lavatoaoie ; rxerciatng mat sooininfj in
fiaesee over the nervous evstem. and imnartinir
U , v. , . . . 1 . . . ' . 1?
ua.ucaiui ano rone (o tne stomaec, so lonced
- " m- tonvn.ie.cein. ucuy enrrrprtse.
A J. , .J?, - t"I''e- wtth the nndmiraed
ATX. wll cat cdh IIm,, .nvnr . . .
, ViVi ..... . r.jTn. . " u at for t-e reit
"re. L-..'iwj . A. H08BBS
" xaaaaa stuntrer oasy ;ate jstt.
9 'T. .Al?,3 TSr'. forter. uoaru 'and vtol,.
grin PtoiOTeitfSe,
1 T
City Schools.
TUB SvperUtneeat kas net-id B't ! to ftept le
mnr'aiMwtraluirg'tn 0ottn rtrttt, s lew tfhn
cut of Vila afreet. repil II
- TWboma"lr7antea;
,TJf rrit f anllf or nta t boots, tr amtlemaa
1 aed lady ttltn. cat t U'd ul lerraut wod prefer
mi loemtea between Pojtat and Uclm atre Artfr
For Bent.
A FIRST-CLASS Bntraen Somvellziblr fccated cn
Vtta street, and tailed for (tun Grccerr and
Commlulm trTJrr Osedt Buloeti.
For term e
1321' at Its ualn rteet
For Hent
TEH rates afJireqite-apV!l by the Kmr-Otts1 14
'Htm Compter Ha "It po" t ttreett betveeq
Va'natr-etaM Front, Rote. t. I tOf e
fteorf p. t estla em IxciMlttelt Arplt tX tin tf
Be. ifjr!l Sir
K!Lte rf Peel's Campbell Minstrels )
WCGku rrtreniniir .enocnev mil ne sat u
rscmt at No. 41 F.o-1 Sn ( bird ttorr ) an
dreVa Baltd sat. vbcre bs li p-efartd to ztre tmtrnc
t'ost th Binjo in a tborvucb and cp,cI e tBtnwe
Pertoatdeilrtnala'triieUoaa, eaa Kirti:q term. &c ,
si'rpiylna'ioMr.T'. riaTls at il w. AVtn'et Kn
!cSl-re, ali7t Biarou'aalniKtiktvrtOfala Ur--l. .
ejat-U -
Ma n tna ?! alter
'TTAS reoioTal from Btal ttnet, to U Sooth t'i ct
XX ITcloa ttreet, uxal Dccm tailor ins rai.o, wsei
lb - vintM ready to receive bcr jauect oa and after
M OSBAT. tbe gh September. tepgl Iw
Grand Junction, Tcan.
THK tobJCT berwDOMiMpectloTTlnfarCT hit
irtesdSBd the trmvetiae public, itat f Kjl
tat at a neat- oat ay lnUt lafne ad-ltfcM and "!
reinnltaed anew thli Drtsia la a neat ard tK,'U,
banaltam'o alrlo, aed atjata ibtpsWIe taat ,1 aball be
kept aa a nUST-CLASS BOTSL.
ttHlni zrateiot for tb very llrl ratr.eaca exterd
edtobm. be will esdearor U merltarasttnaaBoeof tse
anil are f smithed at all besra co tbe arrltal the
tare. O. W. IIOStlNS,
aep3tIm ProprMUr.
rn ATX thla day eoM Bay entire afoek of Gooda at ray
old aiasd. So. 17 JeSanrn ftnti, its JOIIN x
.auOCS, whom I wmM rceoaeieBd to ay former cat
loaert and ftlr&li. 1 can at all tine to loand, at hit
Ure, where I mK bo zlad to are all wh are iadtbte
t me my oM bsalsrit a Hit ba elated cp.
i-pt. 10, 1558. . Wot. R0DOKB3.
(Ssceettor t Wm. Rodtera,)
. Hiring pnrchattd tbe entire atoek ot Berchaadlea bt
Wm Xsra,womdslvntlcaUUipiiaUc,ttataU
prepared to ailallordera farnawandtithlocahle OLOTQ
ISO, wllh dupatch. Hit ttock It rrnh aad ot Iht but
quality, baring hteneeiectcd tltb. znat cars Ihlt Fall
by tba lite propileto.
He baa aeeartd the iinwi ct Met in. T. L. 3EEGO
tad WM RUCaERS, who will taptrlntend the dec:
eel deparlmeit of myaotlnen. aerK-lq1
To all -whom, it msy Concern :
IBXSaBT forewarn alt pertont frtm trxilDt for three
lereral setea execstrd by me to Wm. &. Baher, far the
s-mof tbrechandredaadtblny-lbreeoQtTaant tbtity
three aad one-third cnta eadi dated and payable at
(olio ire; Coo soto for tzUIi)., dated the Sib day of
Jane, ltid, exd pajaMe oa tba Ut day ot Jancary, 160I,
one note for 1312 13 M ot rame Gate. nd oajahM. tn tut
ltt day ot January, &. and one Bote for J3S of.
aaEcdata. acd ptyiweon tbe let day of Jinoity, lwt:
aa the csniidtratioa f which aaidnotee wer clnnbte
I itr'n.V0'
peJ'd kyiaw. BLIZtBKTd O. WELLBORN.
Ca b couaty, Ark , Sept. 15. teysi-wlm
AlaTlT A I A 31 S
WK LAMB, Muter. ED. HALUDAT, Clerk:
T XATB3 Uesphlt every SIOXDAT,
1j TfKDNKSDAr and FP.ID1T. at 3
o'clock, r far Cairo aad all way SaS
landlnct. Will conned at Cairo with the . ti n
tUlnola Central Raliread, and St aUf lata low wal.-r nack.
eta tor Loaiar. te ana aj pom ia ca the UUi river
The AlTlnAdtmi will csallaae lo the Ifemrbla and
Cairo trmdeaalliueuhlo lit lib esoszh for her loxss
I thrcam to Looitride,
XbrauihlUkrlatoaUrolnta Nor b and last, cm be
ceiamea on noara. ror f erth-r laforn atloa, app y oa
oj.racrio uurAL, tLUlu &bi
atpil AgeaU.
1 Cheap JPlace.
For Sale,
7 JHIfij Soalh of Saulsbarry, Tenn,
fTIHE ztMlvralced ell! eeUlheahire T.aaila m
UT w accomraodating teru.a (Jio acre )
V?SU,J W "' .J"'
I . cu, i ids sue urcnQiasi il IK taxiuiw.
I LAaei adielaiag R K v. lour, Dr a. B Macdn. Mra.
I K B pnenoer and w. B TonnnKn. Aboat i:o acres
I f1'"3 iaS ln elh ",e cuMiTatiJi pretiy g.d
I improTeoien'a and an eieell'nt shallow wjll aSo-dlat
Iptest of water Alio IIS .sret, f ractloaal part of aec-
iiiooY? .ownanio t. rajaos. tail er tn naa nerMtan:
laboa'. 15 aceadea-td and raottty rreth; two cood cah-
la and aflte.prl-g. ForfnrthJr partlonla-a arplytol
I rat an the premise, or atdrrss Ssaltb r-y Tenn.
i nit oa ine nremtas. i
te.vi-iaw-w- Jl TH L .RW'Ot.
Odd Fellows' Mall!
The Distincuished Tragedian, will cive
i r.. .
I OliaKSpBareail
Tuesday ETeninp;, Sept. 21
rtOVPBlSIXO the stoat teverl'e aad admired so.ee-
rramtne suowiag pnaopn mys:
Whtth U wm r-nler la OORttKCT COSTOMK, wHWont
reference U bojks.
Doors open at half past 7 oVIeck. Tweeoraetce pre-
e,M,i' aaa.
Tfck'ts So bolsJ at alt Ihesrta-
cipsipiares, ar a aeaia s-cniel oo arpitca.ln lo 31:
Fi-u-rKks, at Ihe Gsyo o Hoot-. so? l-'t
Fublic JLccZiirc.
Memphis, Tenn.
Bxk.Cetj.lag, Card Writ lag, 3utnmercsal ra eolations.
oijwgr.pBtc, Luirograpay aa.: eei'Mfi r.sasaashlp.
"B. O. G. WHirNKX, ef Cbarle ton, Sauth Caro
lina, will deliver a PUBLIC LSCTORB at the
On Wednesday
tE?.sss a 11 rr
a vuium.
Cosua'Bdag at 8 o'clxk.
tfubjeet " Commercial Education."
T.A3I41 are estrdallT tarllfd to atteAtf am It I. IV
iot - ixtel tbLeturfr to fcra ds ea m th branchra
above namtd, ho propnsa to gtre a etorse ct lasirection
bylectaro ata practical l-ssons in me sclenee of Double
Xatry Bjok-toepior, oa an imp-eved Bd abresiated
mum. enarantilac rrtfltiecc, m fill ran irssoas: In
oangnra are that la a ehort lira prepared fer the
VUltteg Card. .d Wedolag IavlUlia-wrltuao
I Mr. W cat bt seen at the Gajcto Boas-, or at Byrd'a
CommecclalOoaege. where he win take plossare. In ex-
spteaas a oi larrovtmeBi ia reaaaatbip and
the best references given 11 necessary.
Fatle and Bnqalrer copy.
laud for Sale!
HIVING purchased a farm It Arktntas river yjift
bottom, andbeligdeslrons toeralgratolhl h-25
e lata Fell I now Her ray plantation containing
450 acres on which I now re We. on tie Ptntondha
road 1 adtngfrom BoDj Springs to Htltna, Ark. and
twimlleasattof the allasl.sippi aad Teaaeosm BaUread
ana three miles from CoSdwster D pot, which ts thirty
mUee from Mentphia. The trast haa aboat son area
cearrd oa It, neirir 300 cf which are fresh, all la a good
eiaiscr caniratiTO, aaa as noo a rarm as ary 1b this
sctUa or rriitbarhocd TmersMy good dwet.lcgs, good
aegrocarins. a g oa gin ana mi i era o n r cat houses.
f l??f?JJt?iD 450 " w,ttr' tb:te "
roar good springs. I
Ths society ln the nelchhorhoo.1 is aa road at in
Korth HIsslsslppL Several Chnrchea a-d Echools la the
uojsaosrnooa. 11 is aa pheasant ana oeslrahle a place as
aay In this esnnlry, also as heslthr at aoy ln Korth Mis
si rtppl The tract mod bi divided ia st to Qske two
aeiii-rainis 00 11 ir neejesssry.
Asl SEtStaltngthrsearytoEaskeanaTn-nlon ma
Arkantaa pnrtbaae, I will tike J5050 caah fer the whale
tract, gin anl mill tec nded r 1 win tske JS000 la tbrre
wqnaj ionimn.u. si ia si CQ'Sp-sl place IB thi. COttn.
try At Isrdt cf ro ratter jnuty in the tKlghbtrhood
are held at frora $13 1 tss per aire bat I am determined I
tea-,I.aBdlberef,recfftt ' Innc-rasnls to p-reess
wiaiag ta locale in Kotlh Ulul-slpjl, to ca'l sal eiem-
isoior laeaiseiTes oeivre narcaa-tar elMvh.., t ... .
hse tract ef EO aerts on the same road, fiea mUel ca t
' ttl,'"11 '"reracr-.toierab'ywdihpproTsd.
m.Ti,V ,;Zr' iJ12.AZm.
arnvnT.kotSr,rt.,e.e .... v.I,T
! . aitmauien, wi irTvTJj-
Aiwiur iJirminii nvcDfiis, Uorn, roda-r, IToiim
toWrtXUctvTvT Um. Dd a portion cfBTittvr-.
, . . ... . ' "
scpai-wst 2 n. BUBF0R9
su.us axo wEisAurEai
Gentlemen's Fine Clothes, Casslaers, Vestings
Keady-Biaae uiotsin;, cnitis, uraners,
Undersslits, collars, iiiiKts, tec.
Bregaaa. Blacktts Ccrxtya Bleached and rown Do
aosiics. Linens, uoois bki naoe aa staas.
Onr Pail Stock of abjve roods are now i itore. Onr
trlenda and thepcb'lc ara lnv'ted to ca'l.
iaiMwi--" ,
Brpiv aai Km. wh w cit.q aigga.
Jmew Feed More
"So. 1, Exchange Buildings.
Tnx anderslraed teg to anrt-anca ta thrtr friends
and the public IB ceaerai, that they have cpened a
Prod Mora axd rami Prodaca House at, tba above
atarid. asd 'trait, bv atrlet.attafltleai tn bB.ti-.aa-ami
aappunv loaircaaaoiaera wiia nrst rata aniaee, jtti
11 rets anlaos, jtoee-1
iorriAJStfO05 I
vur. uia. iGnnn ibeoau 110 saetr OOCBX
Bttrlt, tsepn-lB ElilOTT
gitnion Safe
AvS. "LrK'T"-V & CO.
-Tirzsi Tn ef ef Ryr-ifept. -aisty-
Goods aUyarTaBted as i roprcsenfe'S.
CTo tiling, Dry Goodti '&ci
jiepSl X B LRVT. Anrtloaeer-
A Humbcr Ono Chanoo I
e-o.ooj woRtuoF nKaizB, '
Die aOWl, La, l(ihrtfi Jeji aRlibont. Tlmato(a
ct ttery : e;r'piien, Vbilerj , Ol.re., Faraeolt,
' feODsnr. aaderery altIC Mcnittrto. '-
the wardrobe ora.lrd;.
rpilEacooodt aitaH f lit fctmloiBortattoflaaa
JL mwcadpaturaa, bttcz uettzed ip'aily for ijha
-a'aUTraeeoi lb ladleeot thla city, and ttelo te afld
. without Tai to Iiw h Ihe llo.e inforclth ytnrtelrts
al yoor ptltet. Tba enltro tok;, coioprtilai tba.
DBettanp-lttceat t.tla tt trff odorid lit tb cllyef
Muafhli. vUl bt gM cq irtmlsft, Ko IH Miin
Itiott; ett ite, oppo-lte the W rhm lloate. eom
a. ikJSHt mohpaT. 3CtU !t ,i' coailnao dalty aaUF
tbottart ltliMdcar. - . " r -
' EE1 mU-r, lh hoarKIMK O'CLOCK. A- K -look
Sharp Vasty aited If m'.ney mule. . Term. Cltb,
u i' (iatdk i snir.
Aeell ia'ete tad Kal KfUUBrtkerii
The Atlantic Cable Complete.
Largo Crops Uno Pioos Gold
, And Silver Currency Good He ws
Ccnic, Lot ns llTjiIce TcgetbcrJ
OCR mtch atteeoKd tellow-tltlira, Capt. A. B Bbaw,
haUifdeteiDlaedto oak. Till Una hie homo,
we proved to ciotecnt fr Mm hit eallro tatenat ta
Kecphla. fttock. Lock and Barrel, wbjch wM ttb'ato
toKo(theiaott'irao!eaBdvalabloprJpertr tn tba
city. tat. Jlta wet kaowa family reridenco on rjcUn
atro.. two etorw, fourteen itothi wed billt and coa
vealeetly arranged,. ltr kltcbro, focr neat ntiro
haDtea,carrlt(ehmsa, italkt. cr.ta. ahed f or was tut
aad cow heme, lie., lndndleg the en j'e tobaehall and
k.tcen tamiuue, which. a,ntiU lo a larca araeoat of
the b'tqaallly Lot B5 feet froot, 2Sd dew to a allty
Pine garden, aad ttolce frn't aid flowira tn ahandasce
Lot Ka 9. M feet fimt on Union, tooth aid ZOO feet
d-p It No. 6, 1) feet aa Dnloa, north aide, 1M H
f ef deep to an allty, with a seat f ramo dwelilac f four
roocai. with cecetjarr out h.-m"a, ttn'ly f el with Mntft.
bery, Su Let H t. cm Union, north tide, M fret
frof, 1MH feet d-p to an any ( Lot No. 7, M f ert
rmctcn ' nkia lbii feet terp ta tn alley Lot Vo. 8.
60 fen front on Unlos, IMH feet to aa aller, with c'it
dwviuns of four rootat, br ck kitchen, oat boetet, &e.
II oaroe ttreet next One Mo? nhdlrlded Into fear
lot.. 60 feet eath, 1A0 deep aauth aide. All fine tmtld
ota. Sow t tr Gayoeo, rati of th Btyoa ; Two loll, north
atde, CO feet 'rnt, each ITS deer; two lota on south l Lie
ef Otyoto S3 feet front each, 123 leet dep.
K.w cornea If adUn ttreet : Oao block oa the north
aide, near the tayoo- All t the abort properly la Ua
writ kawu ti need comment. AH central aad near the
Ni aaors Two famHltt of rarsaMahotie terranli;
oa ezlra horaa aad rvcktway. mlh h cuwa, UjCt btc
farmlas and zarden u enU kc
Any or all of te tbo-a proptrty can h parthaaed at
tow Bisrea, bat If art an wlli to leeed oat at aacitoa.
csmm netir WRDVESOAT, the 30 h or October, and
eaattcno from day tn day cntll all la i rid.
Taaasa Oae.thltd. caah, bilaan o: e aid two jean,
with intern t.
Call on Capt. X. B. Shaw, or your obedient aerraatt.
if. a OATOB &. SOS.
Anctleneera and Real Xttato Broken.
EJ"Sal oa thopTOQiltw Lick tharp aepS-:dt
In JYortls, Jflemjthis
We tare la Jtoth Meohla thrt Sne Iota, one front
ing 37 feet oa Ccmarce, comer or Third ttreet,
ad67faetdeep X zxoa btacktmllh ihpaa the tame.
ALSO Two lota tn Jacket a a'reet. one lot baric g a
taiall Iramo hem a. Sach let 3 feet front by 47 leet
deep. Title fniliipatable
If not aotd at private ea'e they will e aold at aaetlen
tn TUBSDAT, ISth day ot OctoUr, IBM, on the zrooad.
For f iriher partlculara apply oa the prembet or to
etS-tde X. S LkVT t CO .Arc kDeert.
A Jtt iliN OAo JLiAl U O
(W WEDKESDAT, the 8tL day of December, 1553,
J atl0o'd, A af . will be aod la front of lbe
CoTra'TSlal Ho H ln Memphis, Teaataaee, at panic anc
ttoa. abiat 100 aectvesaof ko4 aad valcaMe Laaca, (be
int eit.j telectloa,) allaatcd ln Klitttilrrl coaaly.
aiuBii, ia
Towatbtp IS. north, rangea 8, 10. II, Sit"
Tuwnahlp 1 1, north, ranges . 7. R, , 11. 13. Eait
TownthlplS nottb, raaget S 7 8 , 10, 11, East
Town? hip It, north, ranees 7. . Zaat.
Teemi or SALE Oao third Cab. tba balance la one
aad two yt art ; not- a to be alien with app or d tesni 1
ty, bearloi Interest from daw rf and a lien will be
r.taiceaea tae lata i.r tne aererrol psyatestt. Said
Itroa are t ne row by agreement cf tee parties la lnter
eit fordlrttlon. The particular ten loot aad yarta ei
tecuoneea ooaeen ana fnliparllcalaia glreu at the of
two' Wlckextbasi & Btecher, JtSran at., IfemphU.
aeptlawtda DCZlKlt THOKNTOV
Arkanas Wek)y Trne Drraccrat lntert three raontht
aaa forward bw
W. IKTo JES.ULn.-t
TTAT1V3 retired Ron the Auction Baalncat, the aami
XJ. win bo carried ca at the old stand. No. 10 Kadlacn
tint, by
Under the t'.jle and Bra of
-A.. J3. IiWV xSa OO.
Consignments Solicited. Account Salei
dersd promptly.
A 8. I.EVY & CO.
A. W0BXXT rATTzasov,
ltespkli. Tenn.
Late of fiorth Alabama.
General Agests & Real Estate Brokers,
iskj Main ct., opp. Worsham House,
"WILL girt particular attention to salts ef CTTT ti
FFRKTT0KK, &c From tba long experience of ocr J.
af. CaMweillBths haslness, we reel asenred that w
wlIlbeaMetoclresstUfacUontoaUwha patronise ut.
Baviag a large aad spadons Hoa. weD and centrally
located, we Mpecttolly solicit from onr friends aad the
prate neir patronage. promllBgqnick aales and prompt
AU Goods la store onder lnaaracca cniess otherwise
directed. Liberal advances on conslgamesta.
mwgNrr-Fiyiti'RTniRTr o kid oarpkktxbb.
JL APDy lotaedistMy at tht Root Cor.rre.fenr ultra I
on roe Kempnts ana uaariesten ustirosa, to
sepie-j. gji round Thru.
f3sccessir to IT Beebocrn,)
TTZSPt conttaatly on hand a tcvaly ef the best CI-
XV "AM AKD TOBACCO, rf all klads, which te w 11
s-iltsw for Cash, at the old stand .n Shelby strret,
jsesnpa's. a p4.am
Admiralty Snticc.
TtBRtysbaTrncclslTa ,r,laftthe stetmbest WIK.
X GdESTKR. arete-ebr no'lSe tbt the nndtrsitned
HlTeeiv nr-orTf1bs earn: on iharsdanriext. the I
SOUt Instant, after 10 ot the cl ck A UT, it ths Comcer-1
cta notti is tnoairy or Hempma
a-pis-ti JAS. L TALB"T.CIrKDlsl Oonrtn.s.
Juet Eeceived.
20Q BAFKK1S Piper Ur:dKtckChaapsgM; qcarts
07 trees Gtrret'a wife tollies and pspTrtj
leo bote W R and D. Cheese;
ISO bags G lien i Potatoes;
60 ctsks Bscr.nSMea axdShoaldera.
Also. Eicsr. Uolatses. CofTse. Tea. Tahaem. rtrar,
spIS Ko.rn-re.at Raw.'
Fine Paper and JBiitcIobcs. I
IlNB Cengrest Letter, Bice and White.
Flte Cnaress Cap. do do
nne ucmmercssi ana rancy Note, Bine anl White,
riaooiinmi titii ana rjta ao 00
Fine Bill Paper, do do
riaa BUI Psper, long, do do
Saparllae Legal Csp
Superfine Atroint Ssles, Plain aid Pits ted.
fnperflna Acoonnt Cnrrent. , ,
Sapeiflae Semun Paper, Extra Wld3, Salrd.
3' ps flae Thesis Paper.
We hire also a 'arse and doe assortment of W11M1-1
safYlrltlrg Cards ard Tnrelopes of retry varlttycf
aiy-.r aaa price, j 311 rre tera era ror u e ny
war 11. htranoh a oj..
a-p!9 Pn'er Odd Feroa' Haa.
Dlejvry, frem the origin cf Karlgatlcn to ths lay-
l'g of tbe Atlantic Cabll.
ldf.- of DrTKaae,by William Blder. ,
Lira and Times of Rn'gh Miner.
Gallery af ramocsPoela,
GaJasi'4 niitory ct QrUtitioa.
T -xst : Her Resources tnd PnV:ie Mra.
Bis ore of the Septbtic ef the rated States, as traced
ta " wri ,5' 0 J"xnder namutsn, and of his co
teaporals,ty John O. IT.
All tie a. ore TalosMe worts can be had at ' 4
epl Og PATTtSOK fc Cte
. '
Teitnes'e i'ic Metal.
f HArB,B"adearrangi.jtjhy h'ttvlunsaptlyths
X trace w.ta thlbtarticle of TeasesseoronBdry HeU
at io,anj;nanir.T, ai m. iiwsittnsn et pr:ca
- eat, u .Miriiai,
asplS-dlst VnUm Ponndry.
For Sale
IJCITSK ant LOT ca Rebels stieet, M hy SIO
O.'Creat. Hssso haa fjor
Appir to BROWK& 7SAZSR,
sepis Sw over Cenm a Masio irtare.
To Dnitrehts and Business Men.
s""YWJ!T J to ru-heaJth. raraeiciM-nedto also on nr I
KJ bUetoeas. aadwiih todlsnwa of tar half Interest I
. . . ... - ... 1
in.ias.'rag cisre or t atuak a COAWruKU, lathe
own of UerntBdo, DeScta. cannly KlsslaslppL Any
o-nwisaugu engage in good and pronublo haslness
will tint this a mott excllcat rpportasit.v ai a good
oargaia wui oe irea. Apiy la
1 Jr. CUAWriliur,
Or lOLirui u A rKiwriKi . ,1
iniLtt. - i,..: si
c..-v.M. a) uciBUiuo, am.
New WotK by Lsia Hlontez.
ABT3 0P EIAU'T:crStrt.o!a Ladj'a loll.t, with
iiinia 10 utnuemen on ths Artof Faaclnaung ry
Malsm. Lola Voxtez, Oo .n;e of Lanefelt. Cth
biltaida, PrneSScenu
T113 bcog csntalns an arenrnt ln detail, f all ha
arts ersrjtoied.bT itia e,.tiie.MA l.dleacf all trie
chief cities of Bnropo, fcr the purpose ef devrloptng and
hiib .n-ircaannt insrpenseni ortisrareana
realty esefal rattterrthe rnok li a rnetoalte aa a olree
of art, lurlf, or the reost delicate anb'ects arehsnd'ed
-na B sxin, aia an nneicepticnable propriety of lan
fnsg- which Is rea'lr snrnrl.liir.
Thii work la also lull of tht crmtasao.1 csefnl red pea
nte' br the besntlat nflnrm. aofl rnt rnibTo onr la.
dl i issppty their toilets, at a Irlflmifi a'.vl hwiat
caara. ra parcasaed at t-e prfonner't any coat
aoiiaaeany . D.CK 01 FUZGSftALD
Xo-18 ana ttreet. Kew Tork
Al-O.f or aalabs AI TteVretlera In lhta ntaea.
CorlM Oftho above book aenf trr mtllor, reoelDl of 60
an. i-e or preiaae aepra cawiw-
fTIHE undersigned hts Jast received his fall stock at
Untie SoOks and KVri.lfn.tr. Itrrrrartbalarieat
uwa. . n.-ui.ru aiocs ev.rccerra m tnts cty zoo
Plaaaareriuajhi wo'M-rencwned tasktrs. A. G. 3slo
,aaaBujnwayr8oB. Sveryd'um is wsrr.atea
for Bre yearj, gna U1 br o!d' aLNewTork Prices, the
My ttock of Shtt ktsalc la Terr lanra. emhraclnc an
the new and noenlarntem or tv ri.r. tr rn want ths
.. rauva, au a i, saa oest ET:eea,ca!i at
J. A. If CDLUKB'a,
tsa if aia atrert.
X. B. AfmhStmctVOf the naw r.nn'ae ntmsa. Lnla
Is Gove, Where haa LnJa Goof, and Lager ln B.lrsfnl
Harter.. r-
f WISH to exchange ihe Swls Oottaga .foralmprevrd
APTperty.wiiir:.,ona a ttwo raUsa.a f ,ino, city, npon
ttaaonahle Urtsaipjily f Jfo."K,rrsct Bow.
?Wb ' far-rJttia3 E0TD-
gig? ! pe rTr""'
tjsi sri
Faaej aod Staple
Cash, or City Acceptances.
One Price aud No Ueriation.
No Goods Delivered until Set
tled for.
No Exchange after Sale,
September 15 1858,
To meet tbe convenience of all we will keep
open from 6 in the morning to 10 at night,
Merchants, Tailors, Milliners, Mantua-makers
and the Trade, as well as Planters,
Families, Hotels, Boarding Houses,
Steamboats, and Coesumsrs gen
erally, can now be sup
plied from our
2500 pes Neiro Blaotett,
1KW pea Krgro Xereysr
US Jeans,
410 Flan at f.
nod Stllaett,
0 " .Cat.lsi.ira,
200 grs Vactcaw Blkla,
100 Bed Bl-ekttt,
SOO pet Irlih Ltnen,
ICO " Crathea,
101 Diaput,
n pes TaMe Sionli,
10 p a Uses Sheeting,
109 l Towels and Hap
ktna, 1W ctrloont XILboee.
X) cartoon l Velvet Blb
boaa. W pa Mack Alpaca.
IS OS oerd Camirlca.
100 ra raiee Csintrl.
To" ps Damask Moreen,
a vac.rits,
ISO Hats and Uaga,
a 8 pea Shade.,
SW Wtalow Oornicea.
M ki at erlao Skirts.
M Meriae Urswtrt,
ISO " Ooopfklrtv
mo " H at eUlea Setts,
ICO ' Madraas ndkfs.
w i a Battens.
XM " Cjat Battens,
to ' rarer Bnttoas,
SM racks PI as.
600 d. i Drttt Frisg,
teo sr Hoots and Byes,
linen Bohbtna,
Ftpoai Oattos,
Ladies Bt,
Clddlnt Geaha,
Flae Gorahr,
ITatr Brotles,
Tooth Brashes,
Toilet Soaps
Lines nSUt,
O ores. m
Plain tlack Silks,
ritKl Merino,
ctch ruld.
100 dn UssbrsPai
1 0 bales Pwl Tltka,
95 cae Calieo-,.
100 "
75 '
lfO "
SO "
50 '
800 "
640 "
C0 "
too pa
6-1 "
60 "
99 caseabseai Domcstl(s,
o v-t utm oaoettngs,
70 bales Oaaabargi,
49 tale- Outtoa Stripes,
i. ure riaio. i4naey.
Dress Goods, Bridal Goods, Mourning Goods.
Traveling Goods, Cloths, Casslmeres, Vest.
Ings, Cravats, Embroideries, Laces, Shawls,
Cloaks, Mantles, Scarfs, Corsets, Coiffieureg,
Gowns, Chemise, Drawers, Yokes and Bands,
Piano Covers, Table Overs, JaeorieSs, Swisses,
Tarletane, Brilliants, Marseille?, and all arti
cles pertaining to our trade.
JTti. 31-1 illniB st., Mcnipliis.
r. II. CLABK""J. S. WILattMS'...TIieg. HILL.
. 01AEK & q
n effc b . ut tttaT iW . &
e -r m-M aiaa, xw
C3-XT3ST S ,
Fancy llooils, jewelry, fcc.
TTtMBOAiiinu om or laa ae( tetectea aut rlcces:
m TarieiT or aaoq.erer orm is tss omasti;. we
arcoi:satly rcedrlKf aHof tba latest styles of gxde
ln oar line, and wostd call the attsatlea of pnrchaaer.
and others to examine oar atoek. Ainoag onr leading
arltcias may te fosna
Both Gold and f Hear. HnaUag Cares sad Open Pacer,
rrom tne nest manuueserm or aaaain, rans,
Geneva and Oepeshagen.
Dlstntsd, Opal, Baby and Inerald Geaa.
Pearl Sita for Bridal Presents
Coral, .Lara, Turqoclil Garaet, Hair EeaneteJ aad
nam jeareirr.
Test. rob. and Qsard Chsms.
Ladles Chatelaines, Plain and JSaameted, with Dla-
moBda, ax.
Tea Seta, GsfTse Drot, Pitchers, Cantata, IVslttrs, Porks,
Bpoona, LWiee, r:, ran, usie ana ica vreso
Kntvss Caatore,' Batter Dishes, 81T
Btwla. a c
A!, SILVER PLATED GOODS, at tha newest stales,
aitsn ujveri, uate ttasaeiA, stiat lrtsnea.'uaa
dlrstlckt, GoKels and VTaHers, s slr. '
' CLOCKS'. n -" '
great! variety ot Clocks, of French and
' American Manufacture.
Imported In onr twa e riser; from atn beat mskert In
Hsrapa, aaa Accerntaalmerrta, afl Had I rt.lols,
Colta DaitfgersTraatera, D4ae.ASasas.oi
W Dean, ant ABati's Pataat. n nsg
Kcirts, Cases, a.e, '
Gold, Silver and Steel Frames, PebfijS,":
ccples, KnIist. and other kinds.-
5,- Peris-
Stale and Preaees for Lodges, Gearts aad Banks, P atn
ana umaaienm w easing aw vmteog uatus,
la the test style of the art.
Jewelry made to order and repaired.
'Watches repaired by experienced workmen.
All wort warranted.
No. 1 Clarlt's Marble Block.
For Sale.
rWTLL tn 1WH acres of good land reran and
n half raOea north of kf each a adtstatac the
landi f .BBraiic. A. B. Taytoi aad P. Tailor.
of tnts so acres are tn cttlUTattca aad a rrrr
good spring of rrmarhably call water wt'haB St yards of
ineawcuiog. er rencer parucatsra aaervs
S J. BIlAWHAtr.Atest,
etrdjwja f O't ressty, Teas,
MWm ix i'f wWTnrvwr
it'll I lfal . Ml HiH ill II ! 8, Ii I iJII A E
i aBaast i ' i efii a- m w rni ari na m -m ij i b a i
-- - -- smoiilesiu,!
:,. Koot&Muln street, Memphis,,,
: keen tor ss: at the lowest Dflc'a. a latstaaautrseatof
' ' ' ;i Also, fa edttjeaa ef . , , p.' t
i Vtrt Variety ofMnd'tag aT alt-. aasTrSdetTsr tegalartr
'"'' -
TheyjeapecJfaHytorlte the aUealBt SCHOOL. TCiXnRM to Ibeir otSPSeayJgSlOtiaA, wktek t
veryMtenslTe.cocjBrU'Jii lb tfca doI. SiUnW" ts w la ma. K -, ,s s ,
errry variety at Comauu And rascy Statlsarry.'laclsdsng
aer attst, and vties.
O- BookteBen, Xerchants.Teac&era, Ltbrarta dad
Ej-crsniryjaercnaaiawussaa it racca lo.aaetr lattr st toparsaaaaal oa rsuw uaa lo,we tuui iay
ia obtain coeds from M laiwusl qsaitltlsa aa neact, at ahart notice, aad at a aaQ advaar ca Yaifera coat.
& gs Jporlu t &
A CAHD XETV Fill 51. t
rhara tMSday assonaledwBh me fa tbs Accttoa aad i
CoraraUaloa bnaUsesa, Xr. 1. C. HOLLAXD. Th ,
trie. et Ue Bra wlUbo
G. B. LOCKE & 0.
This arTaagesaeat wBt enable rae to dovsta ay eottr
attention to th Baal I. late boaloeaa, la sK Its vsrieaa
alt. BOLLAXD wilt giro hU nadlrlded'aleesstlsB to an
BthecbtitlBesatslrasirdtotaaanB. Ibespeskfertfcem
a oontlBBaBce of ttwHbTaJpatTe4ugaretofraneetTe4
by mo. S, B. LOCKS,
Apia 10, 18M.
O B LOCKE .....a. 0 BOIXA1TD.
C. B. LOCKE & CO.,
General Agents aad Ileal Estate Broient
2 Main street, near Madisoa,
3VTElIbXX31XXS, Z?233T2Xr
Wa are f aHy prepared to attend to CeBstgassrat and
sales, at every description. AIT goods Hn store win be
charged wiet intaraace, unless otherwise directed.
STOBAGK aad CONSI0NUIST3 solid tad
caah'advasccs mad oo Corulgsaaata.
W win sell la the Vary Tard. at Jfempfcls. Tease
ee, the J5N01.NK and Z0IXZB9 csrd by the
Governraest to the mansf attire of rope
Doatl Acting Eat In., ol two cylinders ef 42 inch
stroke 15 Inches ta diameter estles at ed at fifty horse
power each, srithaatadepeedeot cat-off attaoa&I ta eacs
cj Under SHda va.vea with cccsstrlc BMUoa Ota
largo regsSatar with eoinrxjoBs(osrpleta aad ladloaior
attached, f.rttrae aad revotoUeea. Jf sis drtTtsg beet
lifeetlndlsaeter, otrasi trod, with raaerled teeth
Jack gear raaalag la csasecitas wMh It 1 ef cast trea
wlihcatteetiiafMtwdUiarter, ctTtag vaadtytsthe
jacz ansit tnrto wooetcr taator in. eagisMo. leagues
nsta oa Iron b di SO feet bag, feet Bg, weigblag
S.OCO lbs. reh. alala shaiUag seaaeeaed wtta lbe Jack
ahaJtbSteetlHg, S laahes la dtaoater, of wrought
Tenccsee ires win suttu aad oiasllBga csnpiete
Brass aad bahtett raetal boxes ; 7 drease frsia 8 to
15 feet la diameter flltJ oa tbe .hsfta. Iht foaa4a
tloat, that the eegitr-e and aata llao ot ehsftlax rests
on, areof stou. aad .re fl;t-d la ssh a asaaaor that
tly ess be mortd with the eagtaes Six cylinder baa
era. SO feit tons', ntcch- ta dtsveter. Frtatr, grate
bars, pipes and eenaeeitcae fortteaat and water. Also,
Faber waler-lcage Cj&n c id with eaah hotter. Batltra
are arranied In two separate aoita. ounmcled so thst
either cr both can be bed ; ane sett eas always be kept
la order. Taey are ma.i or H lacu Teaseasee Irea.
In a fronts- for boUers 21 feet lane aad 6 net htgn.
The Engine aad Boilers are flaUh d, ta all their parts,
la tbe be. t workmanlike taaseer. Vhty werebetltby B
L. Norfolk of Salem, Maaeacaaset't, at a c at of aboat
(13 0X0. Tbey were end by tbe Go Tern merit for s few
meatus, aad proved to be acperior to any ia a attest,
ttrpi Taller.
Gne-tkUd u fall das ts.h December. tS3; one-third
Mth Jnse. ISO, aad tne-thlrd ISth Oeetmbtr,
Aoiee v oe saiisraTuruy nw. .
ihe tale wm be poelUre aad aHkoal reserre.
WHl bs aaed at the same state, for 98 rears, all lbs
swpo n ata not aersssrarewi.piMca or.
teplSilds Auctlon-ers and Res! Kst t- Brok-rs
AS WEDKSfDtT. the Snrr IK3T. at 9oet-ek A
KJ 3t ,wt will atli, at oar AoeU n Booms, igi Jf aa
street, a iirgs lot J Iraaks. Talee. Carpet Bais. & .
wkleh hsve rrmataed aaciaisant at thr Wolaaal Ooate
fir aver tweir nvaths. G B. LOCKS &, CO ,
teplS-td AacHeaeert and Real gstolo Breters.
Main Street Lot for Sale.
WE wllsl.ea ar-aibtrgsla In a Lot 17 feel treat
by 14i ff-t deer, eitaatfd oa the eas. side af
Main street, aad north ot Aaetasa street.
ti B LOCKE&.ro..
seplS-Iw Acctloneers and Uesl Eauate BroXra
VV WEDNKSDAT. th- 31 Voresaber, !S3. and tsc-
Vytctadlsg,we will seU la COIISTB, KISS ,
200 City Lots!
Terms 4. 12 a&d 21 mntts credit, the first sate ta
te sttl-fsctor.ly csdors: d.
Oorlath Is sltasttd SJ mats from afesavbls. at ths
eroaihcet theafemphisandUbarleatooaad the Mobile
axd Ohio BaHnads. The aeabarg RaBroad alio later
sects at this point.
The canntry surrrnndlng Coetath ts trig h, heatthy aed
wt adtpted for agrlcaKaral parpoaea. Bardte'a Wbfe
and Red SaJphar Bpr isaa is w thin 12 miles, n t there
an Sea Chalybeats Sptlags near the rtty This plsoe
has been laid -a ard bailt wp wl bin sb-.al three, y art,
aad now hat a pepu'a' leu ot aboto Z GOO.
Corinth tat a 1 as Pestsle Caflere la saxrssf at snera-
Uon a new, piper anl saad. y maaafsc-crlsg estabth
meats; nns atorra ana u:s ittaeeried y in ia-
:x, inoasineos. aaa earryr xtr r-wMsiarioa, asw
ogetb-r adTaetacea sarBaasntc aoy talsBd Uss
ln thssott.b. Thetrmasf ths sate are USerst, and the
sale presents great ladacemeBte to sptcsiatora.
ne sale will be ;olllre aaa witaoot reserte
aal8-dawtda AnctWteera sn- Heal Fstato Ureters.
State Female College,
rpHIS 1S3TITUTI0X Is located twomil s totlheaat of
JL lie city 01 nemos is, aod roteetses au the adraa
I tages ef a rural district.
THE FIRST Stasia; HI svea theriSST MONDAT
1 in uiTtuBBis cosratag car usottaiaeu la tse very beat
famU.es, near the Collegs. Te. ma r a or able. TaUiss
I la the regular coarta la adtane : ex'r branches de .1
th' Cere c f .he aetalon. Six Btsl- prerfeeaort aad ax fe-
r aia'a learners as ve neen eassgea.
If B. Persons desiring farther informal tea can aJ.
I dresa the President, at X'mptaa. Trsa.
aepniiw-wsi a. o arAHS.1, rres'l.
Omnibus Line.
Mr. J. ODKLL will ran a reslsr rrsa of aew f .ar-horso
omntbasea from ths city to lbs ante y.aialo Oi.eg-.
tboso wmisg to a t tnetr caaguers w u nutt ta hlat
Immediately at Its Gayoso, or to A J Xua cjixery, or
ftoousou a. 1 ounr. rrsre f u.ef n cemr a o.T rsr Its
aenis , an oiaers iweaiy-aro otais a trap
jrpn-uiw j ODSLL
I T AM prepared te fiH orders from tht or utactory ef
x n. rvmou, or ra lasjpaia ror
Iron EJiimgs. OrGasacialandArchttecta-
verstdtae. ral Wens.
Gstes. wiot or east. . e)aira wl h RalTrar
I'raaira. natcon urarxra.
iroasiiut, t-rty utunai
I nitchlag Poits, Stataary,
uras. acrapers.
Tables with Varbte T ra Mat aad Crr.br.lla Stands.
AportreiuoieniraTrag contaiaisg au of the latest aad
most approrea aiyies, can be seen at my stare corner ot
I Unien end Main streets.
G. W.
KA. Agent.
Ledger copy.
For Sale.
A 81L.LLLOTaadBJ:stDBSCE,snltsWefar
XL a sxnaa zaaiiy, rmmeaiaieiv east or tha
city. Tserslt agoodC.s ern npon tha place,
aa well aaa good ga-den spot. Tor terms, Jte,,
apply at th Appeal oSee. jaBS-tl
Scientific & Military
"ITMNASTIO Bxerdsn asl UUitary Datlca daily.
wiia a joii ccurco or stoate', xjicrary ana pcien-
usstastrBni b, aaa usxipnoo tni oosh. The Inatl
latlen la taler the esreef the Prrsbvterv of St. Loals.
Tha term begins an MONDAT. Sepiscber Idlh. Tar
ther tafonntlon cr aa later Tie w obtained, or aonHta.
tlon made at rgrtH Si 'WOODS. 83 Uarktt street, or by
mail an auaa D. DUUBAiia. A. St..
aeiSlra Preside-1.
(Zoi of tht Jim ofSime !e &H11I,)
TK"3 Isare to inhra the tidies aad Gentlemen ef
JLi stetaphisand vleinllv. that ha haa oreaed hla er
tlrely new and large street ot
Consisting of the v ry Istest styles at
Silks, Woolen ana Fancy Dregs
Goods. Embroideries Hosc
ries, iVotions, Staple
Goods, Etc.
Alto, a tpleedkt assortment ot Beady.Uade
Gent's Pamlshtng Go-dl, Bm's and 3 cei at wh-lesst
aid rttan, which have b ei caret ally salected at the Drln-
dpal porta of the cesntiy. Mr motti bet g cash and sot
bstansderaoMbyanyotherhonaatathecit , Ilnrltttbe
pnMle most resprctfntlr to call aad azasilne my s lock be -
zoro parcsasuig eisewnere.
A. SKKSSHL, lij Kaln street,
aepS-dawly OppottU tart Sanaxe.
White Eivor land for Sale.
THE subscriber 03ers for sale the f oHowIag
tracts ot Land, lying near White Blver, la
Arkansas: Onatratt within two miles of Crick.
ett's BlnlT, contlittng of S2I CO-tod acres, with1
is teres improved and ome chins. T ta land la rith
level close to navigation, shore oreirLrw. tn .
neighborhood anl e mv-nb-nt lo perpetual stock rangY
1 :. " vaaa c inaiy, eTntstning 110
serfs, I7S Improved, good eahtns and nnSenti m 1
Th,,' ta a flr-t-rata aptaod fans, remarkably healthy lol
aatlon, lite f ante, good Etighboihoad and close to on-iatVu1,'n-
Mr. Wee, Irlag near the place, will
show It to person s who wish ta exsmffie It
Alsoona tract in 8t. Prane'a rormty, twtlre mBet east
of Dra Are. csauicteg 4M tcrai, over 100 lranrered.
wlthirood cables. i Ti 1, ...ei-i.r. ,H ... .,:
place that It Is one of the best n the f sr- famed Blch-
; tsr a township. It la tm one of th' principal roads tn the
State and la farcrahlr allcateel rnr . nelslk. . ...
Taera la a female academe gnlng np within half a mile ot
the harm. Thers la also a Una church e nrealast Jfr.
Davidson, on tho nlace. or Col. Paetyr wm i.n'
I Col Btghylsaalborlseltoaetl. Persons whlshlur fnr-
taer inroraatlsn will sddrers at Waterfard. aflaa.
P S. If yon want bl-Cilna aastT .ann I am rlat...
ralntdtase'I rsenlTHlawtil p. tr if.
Eight Business lloases for Bent.
riiuBhi ekof hatviacs now going up o? Moa
JL m- atrro , naar tfala. will ko readv far
Lpccnpaccy tha Islar Nortmber. There win as
a v am rroai ana ret ar ana two nne room,
snV44a SorefBeee, to each hense. I wm rent thtAtir-
roeeaa ant ceHsrs ecptrata If desired Par. fsrjhtf L
larasmauon apply to a, t.MKBTOW,
sept7 airnsii r r&',r -icks T'gg'S,
al aew wvrt la lk TsraMta , , aassliW'.TVitf
ratstra - ' a u.
Wrlttrg and Wrapstaa rsm.TSSMi Pa it every dS
lk. Ottfls. hr
Schoot Ootuiltieea sappttad rMthei Bt rtsanaaWs tarias.
C JJIulier, Optician
icxxurxcixssjsz or x szwixymnsiKD
gySi; -PaULSRlK- 43103
341 Main street,- lielow Union,.
(Opposite Stewart If Pratint3: Puetf,)
TVTF?IV!li.- ir-T, 1 . tL'jtilSJTNr.
OPORTSUKK aad alter, adraaccd In yesra, wbom
O stgat u gettaag to dim. evea at a dfcttence. ead St
jailed wKh frha-e leapnTea 9ge4aelr. tattle asahteei
tarsaMaae me aaeat nu an mir Sim aawetrat 00
tects ootMrtorabaa dteaance est fcnaatiw.raaa pas Baaa ot
perseas wao aasw eeou tmjosd spoa by anyiprrpiesi ra
aVTletasss tbrsa 'he cwmrr Teresesdtkg ts be my
Aceats. render It Becaoaarr that I ahead eaxtss ika
paattse agalaat.osetLveBd.ra, ard prtel my repalstloB,
I hSTO a Ageasa aor will I .agr m SaeaHaclea to he
sd by persoos haetBg no kaawltg of rbe r-e. It It
est pevacrsl erpeTTeaee1 m cormectVio wtlb raeae isperlar
Kaastihatreedar tsrh aatvenal u'rafaatloo.
K B. fpectadea accanteiy adjastaAtt too oyeeo aa
to enable the, wearer ta parauo the asost aatasrK' etaaiey-
meat. ehr by day or caad iM, with perfeet eaw aasT1
auuracttsB, wneant eeeasteasBg laac ansa or veaxsosa
or fattrve ta the orxan grnertUr eeralalBed of. Glasses
besetted ta sM frame- Clocks Wstxaaa aad Jewsin
careratfy repaired at short notice and warranted satisfac
tory. twar7twaw9aay
uoi s., von i
Seasoned Cypress Plank for Sale I
Beat Clenr Ltmilier for Sale!
THS Laatber la tel.iar at Iras than Cost f r Cash,
evalaety Jit's me, toe-oeo te eseeern. Ia I
antra st Lusnftsr vara, soma etae or rau strae. u tn.
pa,o; tapi7.aati a wsl. TfcViN3.
Auaurvs rea tie sale r
yo. 3 Madison Street.
atiUIFBIS, TWjr,
att3 dawSa
X o . G 1II0 n roe Street.
Ifin DZ TatBted Baexets
X darea Red and WttHe Cedar Brass laaael
tm sets
60 scale Pasalad Tabs.
51 Beats Va'ed If eaaarea.
IrO aeats Market Baskets.
SI Besta Red aod t"e Oder Vaaa,
36 eases Red aad! Wat ed rOaafas.
a Iso. a comal.ia anaitia- t af aagar Batkata, Boxes,
naaawoooa. a, was, saays, a...
see It TKGRAtTtM St 18 88
We arc soar ia receipt of our
A sal are ready fer Bar castotrtrs.
cosstrr, hill&talmadge.
Memphis and Obio Railroad
rpnBauaal eteotltn far Ptttstaia ta bats haspaar
A. wall saaa ptaee m xesiHta. a ta- let Maaaav 01
uctoaw eext. 1. x. trizavajst. sac'sr
Late Arrivals or Boats asti Shoe?.
78 are now 11 reeetat o oar fait aad V inter sleek
f ef BflOTrt. KHfritd ANB SKOO-ANel. V wMSA we
woM liyke alteatiea. w I are tabea aaesail aasaa
ta st'l sai an ataefc wtth ref erase, t . tha ataiktt.
ani feet assnred that we can give aaUsractaa, both ta
price and a la'tty
rrost Bttaten, mra Traders; aadfertaa&ti. zeaer-
any, wo waM reetoeat aa axaaainalloit before nasata t
tag. Term a uiefj, or etly arcMtaacas.
Sep! 3-3 11 WAIXACTt St VAX PILT.
11,000 BiU. of CeaJ,
2T"or Prvmiiy TJtao.
Per sal; lowly W WAKT,
PeeptVa Peed Store, ot the Batters, frr-a'tag the Btver.
Notice to Stockliolders.
rrtnRSUakhatdtr.of the ktssa'e tppt snd T-aaessee
jL Jtaisreaa ce. win coa ineir 1 ext Anscai UuBvenilsn
for the pnrvose of i iecung Kl'e Dl-ector" for the.easntBg
rr.r, iaa Tsiiar apga a peomia . roao.ae-rre is. is.
Sfaaeaof Income bonds o thi Oampasr, ewTHlfSSDAT,
a nor ciooerout, as MiaspaM.
Sloekholdets paaa ta aad frcatlta Ceavsotloa tree.
set 8 iw Q. f VAfiCB Secretary.
For Brigadier General.
WKanaathasiaadtaaauaaraBtJvt.'Br C. PALKXBB.
at a casdieate for bc otBes of Brigadier C sacral eg tho
Pint Brlisfa r 'hri Ptfih DtviaieB or tbe Mlsotssarnl
Ifrlitla, eoased ar tha ecanttea of Tiaaatalue, Jfar-
aaaa aaa Itotan levg-Im
ltledical Notice.
rjlBK nnrtandgasd hava toesard a pirta-rthlp la the
X cractlo' ir airlretm Cue rB e ra Leaiv'e rew
bfcck, oa.Dni.4i street, a few dors east if atata.
I X. V7ALCSB, it
eepS-tra QaTlLLK B. BABLT. af. D-
teg TUB s rtbssTrber hat oa head tha la (eat ,
t rr-iilrt tatfl n IT TS Y.i FUIW1H
aaJSV"HM.HtpS ever ..Vered ra this.
ireieja of coaairy Jfagsalia. Laara'
Veadis, and Grape Vines sa'orted, by tho tkoaiasd.
Plaatett trka bavesarSerrd by th lata oversow-, cj
reptrBtsh thir ga-draa and arcbaria a. alx esoatsa'
tun ob an tarns over gaco or scars of teco and rep-
war a, at iwnTrnmn,r iubo w-sa eaitataeaory pspef,
Cpo eat addat.
a 1 ov era eddm aad ta ra toreaga tba Messpau pen
oXce. will rece.Te p-o-not a1 tent ton ltyirtre-y Ja oa
ie atora Last reaa, in arm i.onv lows
seplt-tlmry S. At. WHBATOX.
x r WATSOJt.
T f ar AKD.
JNEW book store.
MSSSU3 WATSOS S. BEARD are bow opening, Ka.
313 Main ttreet, s gveercj assortmeat et BOOKS
annsTATiuNKHT. They propose serUfg tor a small
advance on coat far caah. ar oa short time wtth eit sc.
cepiance. aoSWa
Tlie Misses Yonotr's!
Hoarding and Day School.
nriBB datl-s of this wall ksowa Inttitatian, wi I bo
A resumed on MOKDAT. Septesaber Sth. Porrarther
partKaiars. appry at uae acnow, 10 TO Conrt street.
TitiJUlVRdalrflT.ftf TorThlsa. ui.
1 tw3 and Jalf raBta of Conrt cVsaaro, would do well
LA aTSi U aaJrk lrc VaniAllZaai TVn avews-a faaaasn IV. a ... . .a ,
Hotel. Be wiB seB IlOorlfO acres la tots ta aalt rrrr-.
uweii i 1-.' r-an .11 scrrs
aatt-d" n VOLLIKTIKB.
PRICS !5 oenta. wBt
cars the mwt tavet-
eral nicer that mars,
'he form cf ma a or
beast I it f.ua, aaeT
ta tta lexleoa there aa
so such wo-d. we ra k
bo charga far It. See
oar hast f honest eer.
tlflcates la pamphlets from ear osro peepto, and well
amwa isuya a 00.. solo Provrletcrs,
sepl In Biohmsad, Vo.
True Turf OIL
-nOJt oM Sor ct avesy deaarivtkaa. aa 3(aa ax Beatt.
J? WaXTViedtoraiaajadii daxger ftem expeeSre ta
coa rrrcr 00 a-tt vo eeavs a.beir
f aVee mm- le' ia .tat ofaaaasress ta t Clerk
araesaf tin rks-rtrt -r-t nmfaTIT)-T Btssciat, of
iaawi.. .Ji;s a. I U- Jttirajnwi Vva-J
ror -ai ! ;jrissass og-
" WABD' St JOHtS,.
seB3.Im Who have the cootrot of It la BU Sttto
All Those
WnOaro afilcted wtth tsj chronic dtaeaaa coastdered
lnc5Ele. w'dl receivo a Letter grtlas ufnaaHen
whlaetrarill lasnre a speedy and permanent cars bf attxs-
X "sir harae aad one items (t p:epsypss age) to
Dr. E. B TooTZ, the celebrated ChroBte Ihyslelaa. aad
tartelJ.aUdicaa CeaataaSor SAqtogygI'llg4.'l '
HewToik. seplS-dawa
rrdre"aad Jiwille'd Breasts- "
Jtiaiaxaacaid-kaair. that ataoe thejetreotion oc
rBHAao'g Aac rm U-sittEitTr
totaem te transfer, their lBIaalsMWtenJiO the, tar
a wt aarso la ease thtlrown breasts ahoaid h sn
re si
1 Soskd M tors or
swoen. AB that tsjtecessary la la panotisLSajBte eg
BaAca'g Itole Li- atewr as raw eauiasaa.cs.
wttS.tJ, geUOy for a few lem-s, aBd tho U W Mtkjd.
HUalteasp'lSc fr .n kttMaaot sans, atM, awtaw
LbjES, sprains, bra lees, ka , as waft as ilMtsaslttei and
Wwrf4bV?, 'an rHt
Dragglsts titiaaghout Jjeeantry eepl5-4w w
nr. J. SJoatettcrt Bltteri-
7HB31I' HTrSrtS art- -attvSSly.akawtd
Aealtttw ass4rr geeerawd Asaavnaaar
Uesifeavaesaiys; faw aiooaaeh. df aay oShwr afk a as as.
tiaa.. TttrHr egt Lt-tm m sb yt c aet-aaiaasssaaj i
tsSer Sre a haatthy tor to be srstw CTawoisaVassaa'.,
Mtter. aad la'Saet Ayr nj&.j ssaets'tlefystssr,ft-
all hsjHrttta. The pr. ei-t.. ia asasealltg lads pse
parataea to ta' poMleh aeWat aVsratwa Jst sea saaashr
caaa, sUU ll IM V-s waesT lewtlsf t- sawtrotaaa.
haa u haass kawwo to fall, tag .a thBavteargv
aw.tHoe has a !.. eerad sa If a ass laaaovr
aaasted nth lA obove LI sjt sbe tadfa kh
WrBHlera' ara asCare-l a. a loMdy sadeorssta otrr. y
fftuaas term yaw rut-tasa
renalo by arsgglsts. asd deals rs fesKfsaay, rrery-Bsrs-
1, . aaytMtwawlw- -
. Electric Oir: itaectric Oil!-
raosetaMa daatsn, aa TUtaaa patia. t Ttta
caastry, save iJeeeriioSy aasarted M aaat aaa s.sUi
' Uctrtc.au." jrrtk srrlttaa ifsattaorgof Iee Srstet-k.
GaefPhCsdelphU, aod sactdeaiars ar mi tGit i '
a tales than the pteprleto-a art, becaaa It is aa eareat-. .
stvreeedyiaBiakf. Tiaprtce, hawever, attEvartabra
to ths trsd.
P. 3. Prof. I) Grsth tc 8o-, ot rastadataatahava
tat receitsd a lattar frHB aatsMa lathe auaaasy. de
IurLaga.U waadaifalcsre hga shagia hotate, wMae r'
Aad seat jMs. Se.isadprmttsed Ka paHasalioai,
Lookrot fax triad Oary aSre, Ka. S Soa h Btfaak
(-street, sear Caestaat atsoat. nasadelaata, JatioSJWao '
ctstrveefthostayt . ...
raTxaaria tVe Laaiersed re Bellies. See tba assttem
VsHJltarv'of. B Stash a. 0, aadtWBaaie afjws ha
fsaatdtas, "Prof. Do grata." A Mothers to sra4tat Is
fdriovy. -
Thta Great Kseaodr ua be had of the sgeet aer'
leSAinUK at Oct. Prtee. Saeaagwsa4.aastat. Ve
. All Paid In.
RfSTJJ takes as-BweBtaga aad atker hoases. goods la
ttara ssk&st Lots at BaseSfaby Pare. A bra,
Ta aad from ag Porta. Asse,
SeMMw8, '
n -
A (asset damage ef laa Rtrar
Ja. bf. BtNL Aan. Aadersaa, Jaa. Taata.
, Jam 0rry,
Taraasi Ataatswm, H OtsaUir.
W J. HaMa, ltasMayBssedg -
aWat. If S. AOawsg.
u. u. racg.
1. S. leWAaaV4rs
x, Jeaetaoa MreM, Ifoaaiiaav aassa.
Edmondson & Armstrong-,
Wtjsteaaaad Katatl p-ator, hs
KO. 2 MAI H 1
OpaasH Cettgt Satiare Ssara at the -
Goldon Gtt lrru jo';
aasresaseaaaey aa aaaaa tag aasirasa 'at of arSSete,eei .
saetr Use, conalitlag ha pass, af Praach aaat astsltia '
OaM Sktaa. Beaioek aad Oakaaaad gala laa thin
Skrrttass. Haraeas, Satdse, IVai aadSby traaag Laaaatt,
Eaamoisd aad Paarat Lsalaar at aii ktaaaa; fA. 3n
CT 1 TH, Brer, Laatag aad laipatl Sbtaa Atsa,sfaS :
aaaortraoat of SaaalaTs', ahsraaiksie' aad t ' i i"
Toots, ftc Si-Bui Hardware aad Majmaa Msanahm
at cvory varisdy ta watch w
aba attention of pen eas haytag
Saddles, Harness, Bridle, &e.
w"S ara sow Jast reeetviBS a frees, aad wan safes id,
stock of gaeds In this lave, sack as
I !AWL3S. sniaaMaV
All of which w wH seat at tb-Tery tawaatatashnrawa.
lBUONaaO!.- i. ABJfgWtltWt,
X. Zil Matasaeeea,
aaeao-sHwawlT Sfctaad taoCaWiafittuaa.
Hides! Hides! Hides!
WB srv-repazd at aay ttrae ta pay the. nrfiRarrT -
ShlyraeaU talcHsd, ha whsah wa ptaasais aar saassaa .
aad special aMeatssa
He. MaSa sasssta :
atjjHwt, Sara a tba BoUeai saataav. :
Man as t Gauds: oauae:
W keep can atty oa haada fall
Vatatae-Streicaed LeahVar aad Saaa-Blaalai
et aUaizea. tma twaVs saxteea tncb.a ha '
re are ths Agests af the aaaaaf aotarars, aaa MfJ saaaa I
ss ktw as they caa he foaad ta the asarkat, aad saaaaaSa
tiea to to of the best 3saltty asada.
Xe. Vaaa aar-e. ' 1
aadtwawly 5tga of the ClaHf tissual.
Dr. O. Phelpg Brawn,
TBB great carer af CJKaWPHOK, was Sac savers J i
years so badly ageeted by Byspefta. that Jar a paeaar
Sketlasohawaacaaaaedtoaisbed. Ha was attaaBsaTr
cared hrapriscltaiaaB faiatsBed by a yaaag ale In a)- .
aat gttl. That snaartaatss, gteea ay a ae-re -aaUi )
whwolastaaoof teaaas haa eased sessjbi weaa Baa.
takes It, never VasfarfaUetl eooa. It as eajaaay aaar
hacatasstrsatas at Byapeptls. The ledtaasta arar
ta SobdJ ia aar Drag Stsrt I an sead taas oaJaaaao .
preaavtptam ta aay persoc reersft or aa aaaaaarbt -
paypostage. ACdseaa,
No M Grasd at. , Jeraay Ptty, V. .
Motlce of Dlssoiuilon.
THS co-pirtsershtp heretaaare axatlssg betweo
aadertlgaed sader Us styta of THUS 4 OS)., Is.
daydtssalvoJ by HsMatasa T. mm. -
K. A. MleOX, - '
Knars P. TITB9 aad R. A. XOOX watt asaataai. th..,
KSS3, E Oder ths state o( TITBS & OO.; asat 1
ordtally cenmend then to the patreaaae) af aay titisda
aad the pnhltc gen. rally. ' ' -
Jtfi-aa r t. raraoaaK .
cotton Fact or s.
Bank Building,
Opposite Commercial Hotel, Jefferses Sireea,
OrPEBllelr service to their trarnds aad patraaa fer
tho ensalng haslness reason, npoa the same terras and.
prmclptuaahmtiforsohaerral, BaggtBgaadBaleJtopo
I ot beat brands, at reaaanahie ratea. Order a far pSaU.
tloo Supplies SSed with cars, aad a da leganl ta aaa
Interest of onr friend. AR GOTTW caastgaed ia a
hy BaUroad, Blver or otherwise, ln sired caiees raatcae
tedto th. contrary. Oar T. TlTUl havtag wttharawa
from hnttaess connect lens to New Orb an. enterery, ww
hereafter deroto his ecUre tiae and rmans ta she tBterd
est of tMs arm. ' t-i a' 4
i-JVotlCe to Cotton ItnvArt.
TBBaaoeabraod hereby aottry an Otttan barastaath
tarearter w wnt not te resnmaHda tn i
lor Caltoa tcr mar, taa tweaty-foar hoars after H fcs"
wetjiied aad tcraed oaf.
HntRT .v ivaaauuj. ?
aeplT-tm. j. d. ROfl.KR.
Mare Stolen
STOLBST fnwa -RT. 8aUM, atGreaada. hfsts.,
a DABE BAT JtLARE. aald V... i. ae 1
Iran sua ana , aaa ens eye one j shoe oa
or feet, both had feet whit and slighter Ma
shotlea Address, v? nl;
sepa-tr Water TaMey. hf
.1D.TII X I ST n ATO R'S Sirr.
Admtatatraiar ot ike eatita-ns jiuts w 1
aeu 10 tae n-gmt tiooer
iva JfaU Wagao OaoOkieaga'rragea.
Puekeg OcaGresee, Oae haadto vhsp StaRt,
PlTebriea JefiCaviics, t)M M fticSetree,
foe lot Ha-nae. bae sat Gsstaags ,
OBrhrt hla oCsl ara. Oao lnuaa
Sale to tike B'aoe at tha Uamstaib rkttnn tr.a...:
cn a d day, oa Adasva atrsef , ia ateraphia. ".
The above twwstrty wW be soM oa a credit of mrW
daya sscatUv betsar alTen fartkn nnr.k.,. n
I provd by the A-tmtetatrator HUT
tepn m J. D. aOSSBB, AileaiBT-traSou
J. W. Jl'CRlCXES ..T r. 31ACKAIX.. .V. w. .cart.
.10. irireui sua, leoraeror (Mart Street,
VAtrrxD 10,000 ha-hela Deled Paaeae and (watea.
far which the highest market prtco ta cash wBt bo paM.
Lata ot 2Cemphia, Term. Late ot Batty
U,eDeill Lafld Slid CoIIaCtfBff iCCIlls,
I '
JSX.ajiJi.a .a, oaau.
TITTTLL gtvs prompt attantfc ta the later est ar nea-
VV retWentanaoioaT ownara ex iaaiM in AI caaa as
sad Vlsstssippt, tn tie matter or paylegtaxe; raderap.
tlon of landa sold for taxes: tocattoa of warraaa aad
acrtp the adlnttmeatef UUes, aad theeiamlaatata'aad
sie or iaaos.
Spedal anenuoH given also ia tse conecttoa or ttehta.
PROMPT attention given he Stortag aad SWHasrOiSton.
old stand K. & Pront Bow. MraSH.
saaivsswTT ,
RB5SOLVXD. by tia Board er Mirer aad .Irsermslfef
tae lllty ar kfeasaals, that th Xater keep a stand-
tag n- tlo'ta twa ar ta eaty paper., that Bo 1
aral.it the city wsB be M aalrss made br aethi
the Mayer aad Beard ef AMermea and amravedKb
Jityor Eitratt fnsa tat rataates
tt. U. BAUUU, St
L. as aiCBlsos. UKT uexiiier.
KeashJa, Aaira, 8 laSoWasTeU
ts. .
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