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Beading Hatter on Every Pagft.
.Largest Circulation in the City,
cnscruiiox or diui irpt.ii-..
We ftweot ear Weekly readers Hits wetk
wttfe a sufeBHraUUeWen of the Weekly
AryEAZ., wtAeh we lve tristej.eI " Web-cm
men of whatAe Jeeier wffl bs hereafter, as H
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ietei. etc.. tit. Wt We -we baH
meet with that eBcoaragemee which oar en
terprise merits, as yet feel fare the Wee kit
Arrcax, J., wW vtiTSoen become a general
favorite. It la as experiment vrttt in, and
for the jtresea. H wilt go to a w Weekly
readers ifree of expsase. Is the fat or?, if we
(AM sett with proper eseoorageaeat, we
'Mietif. fsnrttbiBC the Jusier for est stellar per
year, or the rejuler WeeWr mi fte Jeater
for three eeHars.
Pixjt Pior. Hawaii Cohh ob Saaetter
SeveretgBtf ; Geaeral Lane asd Ssreetter Sev
enigsty; Ottos; Tl Cottoa Trait; The
Hither Law Mtwtrit; Ae IHuserr Bojer
ftf ilcrtfciBtft ; The Japaeese Eoioaeey.
Fovbth Paoe. The Prbe Ktag The Pre
parattoa for the ApprooeMag Coateet.
orni sew AniiASCnainxx.
We are sore than gratified to state that the
ww arraofieeeat we hare adopted for the
dtT drr of eor paper, ho met wttti gea
eral asd almost imiwroal approval. Oaly a
kcs or o of eor aohotHoera have objected,
aBd eor carrion oa Satardar met geaeraHr
tritti pioapt parmest. Asoared ae we are
that Kb oof certain aad ear meaaa by
irMeh we eaa eeeare the prompt asd paactaal
eetlmy of oar paper, we are Jotermiaed to
adhere to it, aad those who wilt tot come lata
ike arraaf emoat, caaaot expect to have toe
paper delivered tatbem. If they wtit set pay
the carrier, M is very certain that the carrier
wtH aot drop thea their paper. When the
carrier parchaiea bis papers from as, they
fees beeome his property, aad af coarse he
wM aefiverthem to aooae who will aet pay.
latSM fte KepaMieaas ia Rhode MaBd
gave FireMT a majority of 4787 over Boch
axik, aad some 1,180 over both tJCHAHA.v
aad FfEKoax- The total vote was thB aboat
3VMB. Ijtsprta;theRepablleaBeaadiaJ
for goveraor bad a msjority of bJSt over Por
t, Democrat. Kow, th KepobKeaas have
beoa defoated, oa goveraor, by 1,400 a major
ity which, eoaetderiag the vrfe tekoa, is eaal
toSMOO mrritj ia Oa- Their aoaalaee
(PAaotETOBT) was a repreeeatative maa,of
the Joba Browa-Helper stripe ; aad, la a pab
- ?ieawetiaglafVovlaeB,opeBry jwthSed the
Harpor Ferry oaoiaagM. His defeat by the
aactaaal mea, -srith Goveraor Stbagoe, is a '
grataftag paUrJcal eveat, aad indicates that,
if matters take a right coarse at CBariestoa,
Shade Maad wiH give her electoral vote to the
Dsmoerats fat November.
We met to-day la ear city Mr. E. S. Staxit,
who is traveiiac agent to soHcite doaatioas in
var S'ate ia aid of the Amerieaa priatiBg
hoase for the bHad. We caaaot commend toe
warmly to the Moral people of Mississippi
tbe noble caase ia whkh Mr. Sr ass Is engaged.
Bat few bosks are mw pabMshed for tttf bs
of the b4ad, aad the experience af every
nitttatiM ostabHsbed for their beaefit shows
the necessity of estabiiehtag a hoase where
suitable book may be printed for this class of
our people.
We coagraMate the frioads of this benevo
'eat enterprise ia the seecees of Mr. Sraicir
getxiss sahscriptieas. His boohs snow a
liberality becoming the enlightened and ObrM
tiaa people of the Soath, aad ere tang we hope
to aBaeaace that the priating boaee for the
bMndis established and in soceessfal aperatloB.
t The "fallowing aamed genttemen have been
appelated delegates to the Cbariestoa coavea
tma from the State of Arkansas: Hob. J. P.
I Johesea of Besha, Hon. T. B. Ftearaoy of
Besha, Col. K. B. Berres' of Crawford, CoL
f V. H. Maaaing of Ashley Hen. F. A. Terry of
Pataeki, Hoa. Joha I. Sttnaan of Yell, Br.
Jeha A. Jordoa'of Arkansas, F. M. Hoediey,
Et., of Palaskt.
There was anite a seasatfos scene in
1- fte Caked State" Hoase of Representatives ea
. Tharsday bitt, between Mr. Lotejot, of
I Bttaotf, aBd some seatbern members. Ab
' auoant af the debate will be foand in oar
ceagressieBat reports.
The WasbinctoB correseenaeat of the Balti
mcire Wa, ander date of the frth iastaat, says :
The V-akh of the distinrBlshed Senator. Jef
ferson Davis, is iewrevtag so rspMiy that
h pes are eatertaiaea of his being able to re
, cume Ms seat in fte Senate in a few days.
bevere HMsmmarMe'ta ooe ot bm eves reaoerea
a sorsical operatioa aeeessary oa Sateroay
J j it. eat the performaace was happily sac-
k ceestai.
As we learn from fte Honehla AtmMttr,
of a late date, a singalar people, inhabitants
ot fte islands bet fettle kaewa, even to Pacific
navigators, made their appearance en fte first
of JaBeary hit at Eaaai, one ot fte Sandwich
group, in a schooner ot twelve tans, beariag
the American leg. The fetaads from which
they eame are of low sttaattea, in latttade ten
degrees Berth, aad leafttadc one bandred and
eigb' y degrees went The MrtrHter dec cribes
them as prodscing aothieg bat eocoa.aate, fte
only feed of the natives ; of coarse becaaee
probably fte soil has sever been tested in fte
prodaetien of anything else. It reoaJrea
rerv rieh soB to prodaee cocoa any where,
and where K wfH grow vigoroasly verr maay
ralaable articies of food vrtrl grow as well.
These pecaliar people who landed from the
sehcoaer at Eanal, ten in all fear men and
six women are represented as iateltigeat, and
all readiag a New Testament which they have
with ftem, printed in Leaden ia the Btrtfonge
langaage. They say ftey were teachers. All
of ftem have been baptized (by English mis-
aioBaries probably), and bear Christian names,
saeh as Tihotrt, Josefs, Matthew, Jeuir,
etc Before eating ftey ask a blessing, aad
in fte evening read from their Testament and
have prayers. They go to fte Bative ehareh
at Eelea, aad are looked apoa with mach Is
terest by fte natives of that village. They
appear contented, aadaave entered fte employ
ot fte sagar peaaters of fte vieMty. This
smaN veseel is sheet retamiag to these low
islands for fte parpese of bringing vrift her
twenty-five or thirty more, who will also eater
fte employ of the cane plaaters.
The Clarksville Jiffrrmiam says: Messrs.
Maxwell, Sotpay & Co., coatraetors for fte
brUge across fte Tennessee, en fte Memphis,
Uarksvflle aad LoeitrlHe railroad, aot loa;
cinee cercbased a tract of had near Britt's
Sotting, on the Tennessee, Tfer fte parpese of
getting the only eoaveaieat oaarry sear the
work to be erected. They recently rommsaod
(.getting oat the roek for fte bridge-piers, and
i opeaiag the Waff they were very mach as-
aed and agreeably surprised to find it
t excellent marble, of fte same ooaHty as
"that fesad ia East Tennessee. Mr. George
Gates, pay-master and treesaxer at tn earn.
Set' paoy. has laid apoa ear table a specimen of
tbeosrbU. It is trfgWv rsriegated, red being
tts prevaiitcg eoior, ana takes a high polish.
RThe qaarry mast prove very valuable to the
" owners, as tt Is immediately open the bant of
Ijtl the rivtr, and can be shipped ttrifilng cost to
s1 any of fte towns and cities apoa the Mlsris-
cippt aad Ha tribaUrles. For baUdiacMr-
poses itli very beaacild.and wiH come rapid
ly lrto es.
Erode Isxaxn CotojiEt Smlaode. Tie
official msjority for CoL Spragae, Democrat,
for governor, n uaoae HUM, ii aboat 1400
The tot! vote poHed is aboat 23,808, wMeh fa
Lbe largest ever given In fte Stattl Coined
Spreae lJ ayoang nan, not beiag thirty years
Howe of Representatives on Tbsrsiay last,
by a vote of nearly two to oae, pauM a bfH
prDhlbMia polygaiBy la the Territory of
Tjb. ilr. Hoojr, the Mormon 4eenxte,
mice a wirn and earaesiifpeecatagaiastlt.-.
Jill. HIL-TOSill EMjT TO 31ATOI1,!
Hon. R.D. Eash, Hsyer : I do not deem
KBeceswrTtoreplyto bat few af the state-
seats mads In. year card of the Sft insU, and
pabUsbed in the Emp-XtT, and Irem eonvw
.atioal had with yon on Satnrday mornlB
last, I thooght the Necessity of a reply weald
be entirely cbvUted.
Too sttte that, "It li not tree mat nws
-u. aed oa at the time or after Mr.
Mitten cams into eSce." Kow, Bitk far P
will rail tob by fte eH familiar name will
yea take the troaHe to rtse ofee of fte
. a aa . .UP
clerk ot fte cmmB. mw coan w u c s,j
MemcMs.nna aane execavion roH o. 0,
pages 86 aad BT "Yon wUl there find at least
fear exeratlons agami: uw wf, "
than five "aebi, lovli, obHratieM, adtti pay
eMs,M or by any other name yoa taaj oboM
to give them, in favor of Kirtland & Co., af
NewTotk. These exttattans were arranges
and paU to I. B. KlrHaad, after no smaN dnS
ealty, tbrangh Mr. A. M. HepkiBS, then a
member of the board aai one et fte finance
commfttoe. New, Dkk, go era ale fte
docket, and see if er "ignorance," coa
cernlae; city train, Is ant far greater tbaa
year - mklessnessi"
I mar have been mistaken as to an aeraai
levyer tale of dty property, (net havtag iame
lego to Raleifb aadi exaattee the records of
the cosrt there, bat at fte same time I am
still under the tepresston, after havtag a con
versation with H. B. SmeH, tnee cay aror-
ney, that saeh was the case. Aad I navs neea
laf ermed by a local gentJessan or one sj ...
he was at Raleigh aad witnessed fte tale ml
dty property, aader exeeotioB.
Tea state that yoa derived year raCnrmatiaa
from dty esfcers aad dty reeotds. Tnat I
eoBsideramostaerelrable soarca, far no one
vrbo has aBy knowledge of fte management af
cety a Hairs weeM go to the cHy records to fiad
t sUtement of a jndement or executJen against
the etty.
Tea eeny, Biet, wsat 1 never enargee: or
ated. Yea say bbere was no "orpioa In
fte dty treasary. I state, "at mw eno or
two years fte city was cepriivr eat of
debt, ae small amoant H money ib m treas
ary, etc, aad which I new say ts tntt an too
caaaot dmnrove it. Yea aeknewMge yoa
nave net complied with the ordinance on "ae-
, bet baviag 4UngtrtH K eke noaso
came ta year leMef and rachVed year ads.
K may be a matter' of sasae prMe to " wait:
ia the footsteps of those whom yea have fol
lowed," bat as to the pride which aay one will
f eel In Mhwrhng ia year - faetsteps iU
Wenoant salth not. It is net diaKalt to name
fte man bo, if elactod, woaM ssrw M mayor,
aad who can get fte etty oat et present dW
rottles, and K is by no moans dlfteaH to name
fte man or set of men -who can keep them
in alter eeafasiea.
The time was, Btek, when yea or I would
have made a ismraHt mayor for fte city af
MemnMsc when it was a "small eoe-beree
eeacern, with a popalaftw of nine or ten
ftoasaad,M bat It basgrown math boyoad
ear eaparity that either of as weald, by oar
admieistntiea of city aSairs, leave her
badhr stack in fte mad," to deap that it
woald Uke years to set hereat threagh the
instramenUlity et fte wisest heads.
Now, Bick.let me sar that the naatiag debt
of fte city was as large, it not larger, in pro
portion to fte amoaat of taxable property
whea "this seW-styled reform board" went
into efiee as new. That board aoksd for no
issaaaee of bonds to tend tbe dty debt, aad
(hoaM now be granted. Now Peek it
yen aad fte Wants with which yoa have acted
had complied with, the ordinance - appro
priatUxM," cede, page 74, the dty affairs
weald now be in a healthy cowdrlaea and bo
necessity for fte issaaaee of nomas to pay tbe
fieating debt of fte city. WRI yea, Dick,
read fte ardiaaace, and have M read carefatly
to fte board of aider men at least oaoe a moaft,
aad impress apoa ftem the necessity of eam
ptyhag wttfa their own laws
Dick, ye are a good f enow, and far whom,
ptreonaHy, I have fte kindest feoifegs, and if
yea ehoatd aaMTaaofaty be elected agala, I
hope the caetlgaUen yea have received, win
do yea zaed, ami make yea a maoh 'better
mayor ftaa yoa have been.
Attend strictly to fte basinoss of fte city.
and do not receive fte advice ot toe maay in
terested aatsiders.
I am new, as I have ever been aad heme ta
remain, year friend. W. E. MILTON.
CKtwrr rxAisa. Tun. t
Asru t, MS.
Eorroas Arrtux : J. have read mach in
year valaable paper ta relation to a eanpiy ot
water far year city, aad as it Is one ot fte lm-
pertaat elements for man, I will can year at
tentioB to the pnsject eatertainad Sok hntutj-
6re or thirty years ago, hy theft MntJtiMci af
MesspMs,lftoagh Meaapfaisot tfaataywss
as a babe ia fte cradle. At that eariy day, K
was strongly nrged that Won river shoaM be
breach by a canal to eappiy the rtty with
good pare water. ladeed, the project weot so
far as to make fte aarrey, asd estimate its
cost. Now, sareiy, If fte then "! band
at neblt hi togs entertained ee grand a scheme,
Memphis with her gTeat wealth aad enter
prise at tail date, will sareiy lay their shoal
ders to the wheel, and acermplmh this great
boon, so mach needed. If I am not mistaken,
tbe report of fte engiaeer was very favorable
for fte note that it would cost some thing
ever $300,000. It was ftenthoaght that there
eeatd 'be ipewer eneegh said to nfaefcinlels to
pay for fte cost of the eaaal, and that fte dty
ia fte end wiatdbe sappbied free 'ram coot.
ShoaM yea entertain a favorable view ot
fte project, yea can advocate it, M otherwise,
act aererdiegiy. With a sincere vrioh that
the Utiteas of Memphis may aaeaead In nil
their great aad worthy entorttrisem,
I remain with high regard, year friend,
71 r. Ureck InrlUjre on Xon.lnterrea.
Hon and Squatter Sovorlgniy.
The following extracts are from fte speech
et Hoe. John a Breckinridge, of Kentucky,
(new Vice-President of fte United States,) in
tbe Oaase ot Rtpresentatires, March SI, 18M,
oa fte Kansas-Nebraska bill:
Bat If BOB'toterveatioB by Congress bs the
rrhtclple that underlies the compromise of
1850, then fte prohibition ot USA, betag in
consistent wrft that principle, should be re
moved, aad perfect Bon-lntenrtnalsa (has be
established by law.
Among the many arisrepreoentattona sent
to fte country by some of the enemies of this
bill, perhaps none is mereaUcrant than the
charge that it proposes to legislate slevery into
Kansas and Nebraska. -Sir, ft fte MM con
tained each a feature it woald not leceive my
vote. The right to establish leveret the eor-
elative tfgat to prohibit, and deaviag botb, I
weald vote for neither. I go farther, and ex
press the opinion that a etease legislating
slavery into those Territories eeeM aot com
mand one soothers vote ia this Hoase. It is
doe to both sections of fte country and to the
people to expose his eroaadless charge.
What, thea, is fte present cuudlviea of Kan
sas and Nebraska ' Why, sir, there is no
government, no slavery, and very little popu
lation there; for your Federal laws exdode
your dtizeas but a law remains on the atat-ate-book
forever probtbitiag slavery ia ftese
Territories. It Is proposed simply to take ot!
this nrebibttien, bat aot to make an enaeAment
Ic amrmaace of slavery In that region, preri
oas to fte probiUtiag aet; it is too clear for
dispete, that the repeal ot the prohibitien has
net fte aSrmative effect et fixing slavery la
that country.
The efieet of the repeal, therefore, is neither
to establish nor to exclade, bat to leave tbe fo
tare condition of fte Territories dependent
wholly npon the action ot the inhabttaaU,
seated only to fte limKatlene as fte fte Fed
eral Constitution, may impose. Bat to gaard
falir against honest mltcoeeireetJea and even
against malieieas perversioB, fte lenestace af
fte bin Is perfect expttdtly on this point.
It will be observed, that fte right of fte peo
ple to regalate in tr-etr own way, all their do
mestic iostftetieas, is left wholly antoached,
excent that whatever is done meet be dene la
accordance with fte Cosetitatlen the Mprame
lawfomsaH. And fte rights of property an
der fte CenotrtatieB, aa well as legislative ac
tion, is properly left to the decision of fte Fed-
eMijaoeeiary. mis avows a coafosrea leoae
which it is hardly hi the competency of Con
tress to decide, and refers it to fte proper trt
beaaL .....
Thea. sir. neither the purpose nor tbe effect
of ft' bill Is to legislate slavery into Nebraska
ana unsas ; our KS enees as to sweep away
this vesge of Cengresstanaldietatioa ear this
abject, to allow fte free cttUeas ot this
uatea to enter the common territory with the
iaokiiuuob ana use Mil aleee in tnetr MM,
ad to remit the decision of their rsrhts nader
both, to the courts of fte country. Who can
go before bis certetrteente refasiag to abide
the derissea of tbecoartsot theDaioa?
sir, i core Betnag aboat refined dirftetJoes
or fte substleties of verbal criticism. I repeat
fte broad aad plain nraeostttoB. nut if Cm.
cress may iatervese on this subject, it may in.
rrrwe nw aoy owes, aiau naving cnas oar
rendered fte principle, aad broken awav from
eenststatlonsl HmiUtloas, yoa ars driven into
the very lap of arbitrary power. By this doc
trine, yea may erect a despovUm uBdtr the
American ernem. i ae wbois tneorv is n
Uoel oa oar iashHattoas. It carries as back to
the abhorent principles of Brtttch cotoaia!
authority, against wueh we made fte iseae of
independence. I bare arver acanieseed ia this
ndtees claim, and caaaot believe that it can
aetoe Int test of tmbeic scrarinv. I bee sneeeli
ot Hoa. C. BreektorMge, House of Renreoen
tatives, March 23. ISM. first session, 3Sd Cen
tres. Ap eadix Coururteaol OiU, vol. 39,
Mr. Breckinridge ia a speech at Islington,
Kentucky, in response tofts cooatniations
of bis neighbors ea bis bating obtained the
BemhMtien for Vke-Preoide t. on Moadav.
Jane 8, ISM, made tbe Wfewjae remarks, de-
"" s pomen oa Ue qesafoa M paneJar
eovetelgnty and Eoa-lBUrreaUons
Opoa the Mitrrjfcien!te. . .
sliTerj.-.heir pojMon la (clear. The whole
me AJeovoerattC orgaatzaKen
nAt&rti talhe folloirif DrODOlUlonSl That
.Ceagresa shall aot interpose upon tbts rubied
in toe steles, in tse a ernunev, or in me un
trtct of Cotamata ; that tbe people ot each
Territory shall determine tbe question for
themselves, and be admitted Into the Union op
en a feotiBg of perfect equality with the orig
inal Mates, vrvtsMat ttttcruninauoB on aceouBi
bt the anwfaacs or prohibition ot slavery.
SraiKontU), Mo, April B, 11 r. u. Tbe
ereriaad mall coach, with San Frwlseo dates
toMaeh I9sfa, arrived.here at 10'esoek aad
BfteeH nrlBWrs.
Sax Feancisco, March 19, k. Arrived 17th,
Ship Reporter, from New York ; lBthJ Archer,
froa A'ew York, atid Flora from Iloag Kong.
Since lbs last overland mail, tbe market has
been without interest No sales worthy sf
Advices tram Hong Ken; to January lift,
favor the recent sagar aovemeat, and will
give rice a farther upward tendency.
Money Very choice paper Is discounted.
The shipment tf treasure to-morrow will be
about one mtMien fire hundred thousand dol
lars' The Japanese steam corvette Camrlnnarrah
arrived here Saturday afternoon, tbe tb,rorty
days from Jedde. The vessel Is of 2M taas,
C7 men, carries tea guas, and was buIR aboat
three years ago in Hattaad, fer the Emperor
of Japan, at a cost of $7,000. She is sent
ta this port bv fte Emperor to announce that
tbe Japanese smesesy we
by the United States steamer Powbattao, en
fts 11th of February, via the Saodwkl
Islsnds and San Fandseo.
tk t ifao Emosror in senoine a
ressel to aaaoeaec tbe comiBgof fte Ambas
sadors was to maairest bis aign esomanon oi
thaAmericaa geverament. No otter armed ves
sets belonging to that nation have ever been
permitted to leave its shores. The CandiB
marrafa brines fte oBrs aad a portion of tbe
erswoffte 0.& Sehoeaer Fean (more Cooper,
recenfly wrecked, and at tbe request of the
Emperor, Lieut John N. Brooks, U. S. N
velanteered to a relet the Japaaese office in
macinc the voyage over to, ftem an uBtrled
ocean. The Chief Admiral of the Imperial
Japaaese aavy comes by this veeseJ.
he will remain here aatil the TowhatUa ar
rives, and then return at once to Jeddo tore
port the arrival of fte Ambassadors aBd suite
thus far on their journey.
Tbe people et San Franelsco are delighted
m m. Butfubim of pood f eefcae oa the
partel the Japaaese geverament, and will do
every uinsT possiiHe w vim . ........
bopiac thereby to stimulate fte lecrative trade
wtticfa has already commenced between this
eoutitry an fte Empire of Japan.
The rates et passage to New York by the
stesmer Senora. which sails to-morrow, are:
First cabin. $200; second eabln$li; steer
age, $90. Theae rales, it Is understood, wM
be permanent About four hundred passes
gers will go by tbe Sonora.
Tbe export of wheat continues. 10,009
sacks are ea beard ship for Callao, and 12,000
more hare been purchased for Australia at the
rate of about two cents per pound.
Tilbura W. Boggs, formerly governor rf
Missouri, hut a recWeat ot California since
1816, died at his residence at Napa, oa the
25th iaat-, aged sixty-ftres yea s.
A brisk emlgra' ion has commenced frem all
parts of the State to the Washoe mines.
Tbe correspondents ot all the leading Cali
fornia papers tell about the same story con
cerning ftese mines, that fte country bordering
on the Sierra Nevada mountains on the east
ern side, is a vast region ot minerals, aad won
detfaviy rich la silver aad gold.
Atthoaxh a large portion of our people con
tin ie to doubt the reliability of these accounts,
which are pronably much exaggerated, tbe
popular confidence in Washoe is gaining
ground. The latest discovery reported is a
strike en fte Com stock silver lead, a mile aad
a half frem Virgiaia Cttr.
These eteeiags are said to be as rich as at
tbe oriziaal onealar on fte same lead. Labor
ers were asking five deiisrs per day aad bard
to get, as all men are seeking eat claims of
beir own.
Advices per steamers Panama and Pacific,
are received lo the 13th ot March.
The proposition for a joint convention rep
resesrtiBC Oreten and Washington Territory,
to urge Congress to buM fte Pacific railroad
from St. Past to the Cetambia river, on tbe
grooad of that being fte best route, and the
one enhVrmc the tangent interest is strongly
aa vacate by toe urcgoe press.
The Ortroaiea is in receipt of a letter from
parties ia the SiascHamoen mines, coafirmiag
tbe generally receives! eptBtoa, taat taey are
rich aad extensive. Gen. Palmer was at the
Dalles, makiae preparations for opening a
wagon road to these mines, $3JX)0 having been
subscribed fer that purpose. The Washinrton
papers else contain favorable accounts from
SlmRcameeB, where It was said rich aurifer
ous quartz bad beea round. The river bad
been prospected ninety miles, and proved rich
as far as examined.
Gold diggings had also been discovered oa
the Novailplteam. a stream entering fte Co
lombia near Fort CerrttU-
The assessor's reports make tbe white nopu-
taties of Wash tattoo Territory aboat seven
ftoaeaad, asd fte taxable property $3,360,000.
The latest dates frem British Colombia are
to fte 14th.
The shin Princess Royal was soon to sail
from Victoria to Loadoa, with $00,60 worth
of fan fer fte Ha4soa bay company.
The Indians on Vancouver's island were be-
coaninr rerv troublesome, constantly commit
tine robberies and ether outrages oa fte roads.
The Victoria Cateatef says, since the Is'
of April last, eleven wholesale jeebine: boues,
with am acaregate eapttal of $100,000, bare
dosed baslnees here, stilt Victoria Is Im
provise. Within a msnth one-third ot the
population of Victoria had gene to fte Fraxer
river mines.
The barx FraBcis Palmar brings aews from
fte Sandwich Islands to the SsU alt, six days
later Tbe ship Syren arrived at Honolalu oa
thU of Fehnearr from Bsstoa. aad bad al
ready encaged a return cargo of oil and bone
for New Bedford.
Letters from iiUo state that the volcano of
Kilanea was In treat aetiettr.
King Ki raeha ateha bad rscarsed to Honolulu
from Tahtta, where be had been on a visit to
Mr. Nelson, his secretary, wham be shot some
Hm ntnee In a at or leaiouay.
Waefeinetoa's birthday was ceneraltv cele
bra ted at Honolalu. Trade bad beea very dan
New Yobe, April 6. The steamship Kan
garoo from Liverpool, at eleven a. m. of the
Slat, via Qeenetewn the 22d, arrived this
morning. The Canad sailed about tbe same
time for Portland. The Baltic wan to sail on
tbe Stth, in place of fte Jura, for Halifax aad
Piew lort. lue E,uropa arrived at uverpool
on the evening of the 19th ; tbe Edinburg ar
rivdat Que netown the moraine of tbe 21st.
Tbe st Misbslp Iroquois was at Gibraltar, a ad
the San Jacinto at Cadiz.
The tBaexstioa of Savor :o France Is sen-
eratty eonsMered an aeeompite&ed net lie
Loodon 7ti' says tbe Emperor Aapoleen
must be permitted to earrr off all his prey.
All fte appointments et oficials for Sarevbad
been completed la Paris-
A diepatefi from Vienna announces tbat
Austria will pronounce herseK against anr
vtolatioB or the rights of Swiss neutrality,
guaranteea-ny ueanes.
obbat antTAtx.
The petition in favor of fte ballot had been
rejected by a large majority in both hoases of
Tbe reform bill was beiag debated but at
tracted little Interest
The souadron to eoaver fte Prince of Walei
to Caaeaa, sviH caaslst of the screw steamers
Hero, 91 guns, and Ariadaae, w guas. tbe
Flviac Fleb, guns, and fte roval paddle
yacht Oeborne.
lbe uaaoa Ttuw strongly recommemis
that be vielt the United .States, and feels sue
a visit to the President will be appreciated.
Mrs. jamtson. zne aataoress, ts dead, and
Florepce Nirhliasale Isf trteeslr HI. Pravers
were offered fer her in fte vzrieui garrison
caapess misisana.
Tbe Mediterranean telegraph tine will be
completed in two months, when London will
be in direct commaaicauon wltb Calcutta
The Pari aaareepeadeat of fte London Put
telegraphs that a report that Austria had joined
in fte protest of Switzerland, oa the question
or bavoy, is vmaoot nanoatton
According to the Paris correspondence of
the Loadoa Put fte relations of France aad
Enetaad were aot ta a very satisfactory cob
aws yeai
of sixty thousand mes,
Marshal Mc-
Hie Paris atsJutosadtBCeef the JaaV Aetra
aays It was reported that a French diplomatic
manifesto wauM shortly appear, ia which all
deetgac apoa me itntne I rentier win be ex
pretty disclaim.
Resorts that Fresch troops were aader or
ders for Savoy were aefoanded.
The mivlitni ot fte commercial treaty be.
twcea msee ana aatgHBu naa commenced en
a large seals.
Flour was one franc per seek lower. Wheat
was firm.
Tbe Paris bourse closed flat and rather
lower. Rentes eleeed afte 39th at 87 f. 90c
Hvnor Farini arrived at Turin on Snndar.
tbe lBtn last., ana was lenswrai presented to
the king.
Sbrnor FeriBi said. "I have fte honor to
place-to. fte hands of rearaMsjesfcy, the legal
deeamewis ccHiaiatagthc retarns of fte uni
versal lea rage ef the people er.Aerelia. May
your Majesty deign to receive them with favor
aa a tokea of cratrtade and confidence.1'
The King replied: This manifestation of
fte national wilt It universal , and so spontane
rasthat !t coAfirtu to Europe at a different
time, and under altered conditions, the vote
already expressed by fte aatieaal assemblies
ot Aurelta. This saaaifesUMea completes tbe
nreofs ot fte order, perseverance, patrio'isa
and wisdom by which those people have mer
ited universal aytapatby and esteem. I accept
their solemn vol e, and beneef et th will be proud
to call them my people. Ib uniting to my an
cient provinces, set easy sac suies or dioaena
aBd Parma, bat alto fte Retaagna, which has
already separated Itself from the Papal gov-
erament, I ao net Inteaer to fall it my deep
devoted Bess to fte chief. I am ready to de
fend fte independence neceesary to the supreme
minister of relsgien.hho Pope, to contribute
to the solendor of bis court, and to pay bom
age to hit sovereignty, oar parliament, in
receiving representatives ot Central Italy,
will assure prespenry, neeny asm inacpca
denee to the new Idsanem.
Tbe official gaaette punttsnes a reyai aecree
aaneitag tne prevraees ot Aureus to saraimz
Another decree convokes the electoral assess
Hies of lbe AraeH prorinets for tbe 24th ot
alarm, sac anotaer decree appoints ntceen
new Senators.
NotNiog decisive bad taken place relative to
tne asnexation or jascany to i'iedmont in
Tuscany assembly had dissolved.
The Paris PttrU states tbat 50.000 men
were about to be lerledln Tuscany, tod 2S,000
in tse Aoreitan provtBces, thereby increasin
the Sardinian armr to nearly 300.000 men
It was asserted tbat Piedmont would eon
tract a lean ef fifteen mlMea franca. The
Director af ths Pone's mbMe debt a Some.
had jrooe to Brussels to contract a loan of tea
uHMuu franc.
The government of Remshaa authorized the
ImfwrtaXnUief wheat lata the Pontifical porta
itl Mia tXAvrcutiXane&s,a-'"
The Paris CnilHuthtdU states thatlh
Pops bad addressed a monitory to King Victor
t- thmt h.neefartii all re-
lations between his hoUncsi and the Roiral
Family nast be considered at broken ofi; that
bis Majesty wilt understand that be ban openly
violated the law! of ftt church, and Is
formally exeommunelated. Tbe Holy FaftM
re.erre.Jto himself ft. doty tl UWjWj
coBSideraUoo the Interest of the
chareb.and the good Caftolics of Piedmont,
before proceeding to severer ' "h,ehJ
In any event, weigh from beneeferth npon ths
person of the Ktng. Ze JTenU aays, tbs mo-
of Milan, Genoa, Leghorn. Turin, Bolog .
ank Flsreace, have agreeS t Hhrntottennd
give tbe character of a national celebration to
VgrJu manifestation took place t fts
Vatican, on tbe 16th, In favor of the Pof.
It wis' said at Vi enna that fte French bom
at Rome would retire to ClvlU Yeehia. If fte
Pope excommnnleate Vl'tor Emmanutl.
Inothtf report ia,that SgrjJtoSW
will at ones enters the Papal State, If tbe Str
dliilans take possession of Romagna.
TOrmunlclpal eoancll of Nice had voted
against annexation to Trance, and sent a dep
utation to Turin oa the subject
It Is staled that the French Ambassador had
la'ormed fte Austrian Oomamsot ef fts ap.
proaehlne evacuation of Lambardy by Frsach
rooPs,aad la the name of hisgeverameat ex-
. . . ,h.l Aiulna would eon-
presiea me w " , VCr .a-.ii.
none to observe no-Intervention In the affairs
of Central Italy. . ..
The Ausinan note hji
view at Yillafranea, the Emperor had mads
too much saennce ior tus biiiiicu.iiv. v.
peaee to be able to recommence now an Eu
ropean war ; bat although kstnlBe; a erly
observant attitude, Austria maftbtrertheless
draw fte attention bf France to the secret In
trisuesof the Eardlniaa ageats la 'enetla,
and repeats most distinctly that fte Emperor
Fraacls Joseph would not hesitate to make
fte greatest sacrifices lo defense of Ms rights
laVenetla. ....
Pnruilir demonstrations bad taken place ia
Pesth and other places In Haneary, ia com
memoration of tne revolution of 1SW.
Austria declines ti renew diplematle Inter-u-lth
Sardinia, owing to ber flagrant
violation of the treaty of Zurich la annexing
the Central Italian btates.
In the esnvement before reported, fte Spaa.
lsh bad 360 killed and woaaded. The Moors
numbered 15,000, and the action lasted seven
hours. .
in a nmber severe Rent, on ice 7tn tne Span
iards were victorloas. Tanglera was expected
to be attacked In a few days.
The whole Spanish seet nan ten uinranar
for Tetnan.
Washixctox. April 5. Snatt Mr. Fos
ter presented nineteen memorials from citi
zens of Connecticut, praying for the abolish
ment of spirit rations in toe aavy. ueierrea.
Mr. Wilson Introduced a resolution, which
was referrd. requesting the committee on
military affairs to Inquire If the War Depart'
meat, or any of its officers, bad entered Into a
contract daring tne last two years lor iron
tw nuklte balldine-s. since the public adver
ts.. mene rar tne same, amount isnmura nu
contracted for, the prices paid, and by what
antborliv the contract was mane : also a
Imilir fnoulrv as to shot and shells, ami Iron
-un catridges, aad aalhorizlng the committee
to sens tor persons ana papers.
Mr. Clay, from tbe eomml'tee on commerce,
reported the Hoase joint resolution, cosstitat-
Ing fllECOn, US., A pott m. cnuj in tuc hbjb
being, and for otner purposes, itwaspassea.
Mr nhe.not move to taxe up ana men pose
pone till Mondty next Mr. Davis' territorial
reanliiUosi. Atreed to.
The Mil for the relief of uapt Bauoricr was
On motion of Mr. Mason, tbe resolution
providing for the reception ef the Japan Em
bassy was taxea up ana pussea.
On motion of Mr. Greene, the bill coacern
iBg tbe courts in the territories was tben taken
n and naMed.
It provides that the jurisdiction ot the pro-
. . . .. 11 I 1 1 .OAAA 111.
bate court snait not do jess iuu eaw ii
the right to appeal in all cases.
ine Indian appropriation mn tuen came up,
Mr. Latham moved an ameedment. fte ef
fect of which was to allow California to take
care of the Indians within htr borders.
Pendlae the question the homestead bill
came an.
Mr. Fitch's amendment that the land
graated for homesteads shall be entered la al
ternate nuarter sections, aad tbat the remain
ing sections tothe United States shall not be
sold for less than double tbe minimum price
of lands when sold, and that the provisions of
tbe aet .ball on v be anDHcame to lanos suo-
jeet to private entry at tne oate or toe paw
or or tne mil was not acreea to.
Mr. Brown offered an amendment tbat the
laws now In force granting pre-emption ta cer
tain settlers on tbe public lands, soau con
tinue Htl otherwise ordered by Cosrrees. and
that the same shall be extended to all tbe Ter
ritories. Mr. Greene spoke against tne bill, and pro
posed to offer an amendment tbat the provis
ions of all existing pre-emption la jfs be exten
ded from fte lime of payment fer the space of
two years, and if at or before tbe termination
of two years, the pre-emptor shall elect to nay
fer any legal subdivision ef such quarter sec
tion, the balance net thns paid for shall be
subject to private entry, according to existing
The Senate went law Executive session oa
tbe treaties. Adjourned.
Bew. Mr. Sherman, frem committee on
ways and means, reported fte Post-office ap
prorlattoebtU. The hoase resumed the conslderatioB of the
anti-Polygamy bin.
Mr. Nelson resumed his remarks in its eap
port, expressing fte hope that the passage
would approach as near as possible to unan
imity. He saw a manifest distinction be
tween Interfering with the rights of property
and the right to declare criminal an act which
Is so declared by tse law or ioa. lue exist
ence of the institution of Polygamy In Utah is
aa insult to the moral feelincs of fte whole
population, an iasult to the wires a nd daugh
ters of the gentlemen here and their constitu
ents. It was a reflection on our national ebar
aeter that It should exist under the protection
ot American laws.
Mr. Hooper .said that at fte proper time,
which weuH soon con.', aBd whet: he coulJ be
beard without prejudice, be would defend the
people of Utah from fte calumnies which had
been heaped upon them. In the meantime be
annealed to the dispassionate and unbiassed
judgment of the House, to think better ofjtbe
bandred thousand of their fellow creatures
than they had been represented by their ene
mies, it was not Lis intention to uticess tbe
pecaliar features of the bill, bat he respectful
ly asked the gentlemen If ftey were prepared
to meet fte consequences ot Its passage. Were
we net now emerging frem difficulties with tbe
neonle at wtiom tne bin was levelled 7 He
warned the gentleman that the feeHogs of
Utah will be easily aroused. IBs susntden of
hostility against them has been alhyed. aad
be was glad to know tbat there was a better
I eel ine now than formerly, bat lr this bill be
passed ; if its provisions be carried out, those
aarrv passions will revive and rekindle fte
fires which blazed so fiercely whi'e the fuel of
persecution was heaped upon them, and he ap
pealed to tne representatives, not or one, out
of all parties, to say whether they were pre
pared to rekindle the flame. As a delegate
c-t all ft citizens of Utah, be bad to remem
ber tbat be could not allude to the division of
sentiment among ftem on the subject of pelyg
amy or any other.
Mr. Clark, ot Missouri, asked to what ex
teat polygamy exists in Utah? what number
bas more man one wne, and wnetner tne regu
lation ot such marriages is binding on the
people i
Mr. Hooper replied that he was not nracii
oally a polyeramist. but from his observation
In ten years' residence in Utah, he could say
that not more than half tbe population recog
nize polygamy, and probably not more than
one-bait of these have more than one wife
each. He knew no church regulation which
compelled a man to beeome a polygamist, and
of bo church regulation which compelled a
woman to marry a man, except voluntarily.
He was encourages to kaew that there were
several gentlemen oa that floor who bad beea
acquainted with him for tbe last twenty years
ana long prior to nts w estimation wita cm
zeos of Utah. He would say he was aot cra
ble of deceit or dissimulation, aad declared oa
bis boner that the nassaee of this bill will not
be unexceptionable to fte extreme advocates
or polygamy in Utah, and win anas an tbe
people in a common cause against fte unjust
pretensions of the Geaeral Geverament to put
down polygamy by force.
lue House voted ana reject ea iur. Branca1
substitute by 47 against 151.
Tbe House next voted on Mr. McClernenat's
substitute, to repeal th law organizing Utah,
and dividing the territory between Jefferson
ana neraaa, tor waicn ne proposed a tempo
rary government
Reiected 33 aralBBt 139.
The House tabled tbe preamble to fte bill
which was passed with verbal amendments
149 against 00.
Mr. Sickles submitted bis Tespease to Mr,
Williamson's memorial in bis contested case.
and it was read, and after some debate, refer
red to the committee on elections.
Tbe House thea went into committee of the
wbole-oa fte state of fte Union.
Mr. Sherman moved to take up fte tariff and
loan oul,
Mr. Branch was agaiBst any aVteratiee of
tbe tariff: The present bill yields suflideat
rereaue to meet fte wants of ths goveramee'.
Mr. snermaa f aid be would not ask a vote on
It for three weeks.
On bis motion the various bills en fte eaHea-
dar were laid aside till the tariff and loan bill
was reached.
Mr. Loveioy said fte House had beea en.
gaged In giving tbe death blow to polygamy.
Hr tbe Philadelphia platform fts Republican
party stand pledged, as far as the Federal
Geverament has the power, to extirpate that
other twin relie of barbarism, slavery, In tbe
Territories. He waated to see them both
straagled and go down together.
tits remarxs at one time caused treat ex
citement and bad blood among the southerners,
aad fte House came sear a violent cclHsiee.
The latter part of bis speech was ia good
Mr. Loveioy warming op with bis subiect
passed from his seat to fte area la front of tbe
clerk's desk, in full view of all tbe members,
and spoke in a loud tone, with emphasis aad
earnest gesticulation against the ground on
which it was sought to justify slavery, be
cause tbe creatures are poor, and tbe strong
have tbe power to oppress the weak, tbe rich
to oppress tbe poor, the spirit of slareboiding
being tbe spirit et tos devil, etc
Several rentletaen called blm to order.
Mr. Pryer said fte gentleman from Illinois
had no right tq shake bis fist at gentlemen on
bis side. It was bad enough to stand In his
own place and talk bis treason and nonsense
Mr. Barksd'le. Let hint keep on his own
side of fts House.
The confusion toon became general, and
members began to press to the area
Mr. Cox said tbe gentlemea from Illinois bad
a rl;ht to speak from his sett
Mr. Prior. Let him stand there then, and
talk. He shan't come on this side of tbe halL
Mr. Barksdale was seen shaking bis cane,
and in the didst of fte confusion was beard
to say rascal, at applied to Mr. Lorejoy.
Mr. Adrain, as if to quiet tbe turmoil, saM
fte geajleman would (.peak from his seat
Ths chairman,, Mr. Wasbburne, of Maine,
la rain rapped to restore order.
Mr. Adrala.ln a conciliatory tone, suppose!
nobody wanted to Intimidate fte gentleman.
Mr. Pry or. No one wants to Intimidate
bin- . ....
Mr Lovejoy. ftoboty can intimidate me.
v.r.nirT!eRshUeaBi Eowerowded around Mr.
Lovejoy, who exclaimed to them, oh, I am tafe
Mr. Burnett, elevating his votes above the
din, said fts raits required fts gentleman to
speak from his seat He mutt and shall do it
Hs shall aot shake bis fist at gentlemen on
this sWa In a men icing manner.
Ths chairman called loudly rortae sergeant
at-anst to attend to Mr- Barnstt, who said,
"Yoa may call tbe sergeaat-at-arms, but lbs
members shall net dolt!"
Tt -Ulterior macs of the tergeant-at-arma
did aotjoiet fte disorder.
Mr. Keltofg, or Illinois, came w u "r
port of bis eelleagae, saving, bs shall not
cosarit a breach of fte rules, but shall have
Ml tights. u ,
A general bem u m
neat, aad ttte witdett excitement everywhere
prevailed. ..u.J M f n r.n tn file
seat, wbn fte chairman said that the commit,
tes rots owlag to fts disorder.
Finally comparative quiet
Mr. Sherman said, We are ta good order
tki. .., ueeeMieil bv a burst of laucbter.
Tbe Hoase then again went Into committee ot
Mr. Loveioy took fte stand at fts clerk's
desk, and resu-usd bis remarks. He spoke
about nertnern lartenau women wire went to
fte South to prevent tbe people from returplEg
to barbarism.
Mr. SlngMta Mid that be woald not allow
such iasiauatoaa oa Southern women to pass.
If the member persisted In that course ot re
marks be would bold him personally respon
sible. Mr. Lovejoy said that In the four millions
ef slaves there wat not one legal husband,
father, wire or child, and spoke about a Pres
byterian eider, down fcoum, having tbe gespsl
whipped into blm with fte broadside of a band
saw; and of a young girl in this city being
whipped till the blood came out ot herj nos
trils, aBd tben sent to lbe garret to die. He
bad sworn to support tbe Ceattltatien because
be loved it j bat he did net interpret it in the
way soutnern men nid.
Mr. JJonfiam. yoa violate Jt
Mr. Ash more. And perjure yourself.
Mr. Singleton. Aad are a negro thief into
fte bargain.
Mr. Barksdale. I bold ao pirley with a
perjured negro stealer.
" r . I 1 T. 1.1 - T- , . 1 .
.ir. irrcoy sata wuea juaotei ivcusier
poke of the Imposition ot Austria on Han
gary, hs remarked tbat lbe earthquake aad
tornado bad power, and fte thun.ler bas pow
er, lot greater ftaa ftese was the power ot
public opinion, and before this be propesed to
arraign Austria. He (Lovejoy) proposed to
hold op to fte retribution of public sentiment
siarenoMtng in an its atrocity ana moeouj
uess.just as gentlemen bad here polygamy.
Pablle (-pinion will burn and scour out slav
ery. Tas proper way is by action or tbe slave
butea tsemsel'es. lie indorsed the Helper
book became be wanted to doit He did so
without asklag fts gentleman from Missouri
(Mr. Clark) or anybody else. You shed the
blood ot ray brother twenty years ago, and I
am here free to speak ray mind. The Repub
lican party would spring up In Kentucky, and
gentlemen bow here would find themselves dis
placed by more moderate and, if It were not
ottentive, be would add more sensible men.
He wanted to say In Charleston what be could
Mr. Bonbam. You bad better try it
Mr. Loveioy. I can go to England and
there discuss fte question ot church and State,
or anv other British Institution t but if I Co
into the slave States aad talk against slavery.
wsero is my pretention t
Mr. Miles. Can yea go to England and in
cite the laboring classes there to assassinate
tbe tiieen 7
Mr. Loveioy. I dont desire to do that
claim fte right to discuss slavery everywhere
under the stars and stripes. 1 claim it, l at-
maad it
Mr. Boaham. We want you to assert it
Mr. Loveioy. Whea you call us small far
mers, and apply ether epithets against fte
working people ot fte North, we don't harm
you. If a mechanic from Peaasylvaala should
go South aad speak about fte superiority of
wmte laaor, ne woum dc bom raoraity retpon
slble.tYoa would strip blm and scourge him by
the band or tbe slave, aad pernaps tar ami
feather him.
Mr. Barksdale. The meanest negro la the
bout is your superior.
Uriel ot order rrem me Keauenieaa siue.
Mr. Lovejoy, in speaking of John Brown,
sstd be weabt
not curse him: he weoM not
pour execrations oa old John Brown. He con
denned what he (Brown) did; be disapproved
ef his arts. He believed, however, that bis
nuroose was a rood one. and his motives hop
est and truthful. John Brown stood a bead
and sheaMer above any man here until be was
stranded. Any law to enslave man was an
arrangement among pirates to distribute the
spoils. By what rlcbt do yoa ot fte South
get together aad enact laws that I, or my
children, should be your slaves ? Every slave
bas a right to run away In spite ot your laws,
and to fitbt himself away. Were he (Lore-
tov) a slave, aad were it necessary to achieve
bis freedom, be weald not hesitate to fill up
the cbasm. and bridge It win me siaia. Me
loved fte South
A voice " We dont love you."
Mr. Loveioy. So It was with fts Saviour,
Ther dldat lore hiss. fLiaghter.) Gentle
men wao taitced ot aiesotnae uie union.
couldn't do It aay more than ftey couM stop
fte shining of tie tna. Virgiaia, instead ot
cloftiK herself la sheep's gray, should clothe
herself la tack cloth aad ashes, oa account of
slavery, and ought to drink fte waters of bit
Mr. Martin, of Virginia. It yea will come
Into Virginia, we will bang you higher than we
did John uroun.
Mr. Lovejoy. ISo doubt of it
The committee rose, and fte bosse ad'
Washinotok, April 8 II it. Oa motion
ot Mr. Branch, a reseletiee was adopted re-
? (heating fte President to communicate any
acts ia bis pesseasieB concerning the reported
expulsion ot American citizens from fte City
or Mexico and tse coteacanoB ot toetr prop.
erty by Mirassoe.
Mr. asteabeM. tbe delegate from Washinr,
ton, reported a resoeutloa, which was adopted,
calling oa fte Secretary of State, fer Mr. Cros
by's acceant et the facts and circumstances
connected with fte occupation of fte Island of
baa Juan.
Mr. Barr introduced a bill, which was re
ferred to fte commtttee on commerce, author
izing fte formation of a company for fte im
pravesseat et fte Esst river at HeHgate.
Mr. Hawkiaa Introduced a bill granting
twenty laads to soldiers eueagedin fte Indian
wars or norma since tne at or -naren, isao.
Referred to tbe commtttee on public lands.
Tbe House considered tbe private Mils.
Mr. Mil ward offered a resolution, which was
adopted, that fte committee en expenditures in
fte War Department, Inquiring iito tbe ac
tion ot fte officers in charee, in regard to tbe
contracts for the marble columns for tbe Cap
itol extension, aad whether tbe late action of
the War Department is legal aBd right, or In
violation ot tbe rlcbts ot tbe coatraetors
Messrs. Rice, Balrdt Hudson.
m. ivvTvuc, una ui. .etc-., cuttiu.it.cr, ui
wh'ch be is chairman, made a report, quoting
from tbe testimony of fte progress made as to
fte examination of Augustus Schnell, who it
sr. r J . n.. -.t..i in -
appears was connected wita what is known
as ths New York Hotel Fund, amountintr to
three or four thousand dollars, part of which
it is supposed was seat to .rencsyirania and a
Sortion spent in New York during tbe presl
eatial ceateet. This committee required blm
to produce a list of subscribers, which hs de
clined, oa tne ground mat ne could aot do so,
evea were he certain he bad fte papers, with
out tbe authority ot tbe persons whose names
woald appear; that It would create a breach
of tmpited confidence, and, besides, power was
Bot given the committee to ask fer the intro
duction of a paper entirely private in its
Tbe committee differed from Mr. Schnell.
and insisted oa the production of the twoer as
material to tne lnvesogaiiou, aad accordingly
propesed a resolution that fte speaker issue a
warraat, directed to fte sergeaat-at-arms, to
take Mr Sebaelt Intocnstody, and bring him
before fte bar of the House to answer for can-
tempt, be retasiag lo produce a certain paper
wara Mqoeoxesi to uo so oy tue ijomtnmee.
ir. wtaeiow win submit a minority re
pert, aad fte subject will be considered on
Mr Colfax asked unanimous consent to re
port a MH from tbe post-office committee
makinc aa appropriation for supplying the
nxe-s reas region immeoiateiy wnn mails,
aad stated If fte appropriation was delayed
aatil fte general appropriation bill passed at
the close of fte session, they would not proba-
tny nave any autu service taere tin aattunn,
Mr. Crawford objected, when
Mr. Colfax said ft be could obtain tbe floor
Monday, be would move to suspend the rules
so as to put it oa its passage.
The House passed seventeen private bills.
An ineffectual attempt to adjourn till Mon
day was made.
Mi. Sherman moved to go into cemmlUee of
tbe whole, lor geaeral debate.
Mr. Braacta hoped net after fte exhibition
or yesterday.
Mr. Burnett was opposed ta making the
nwesHs oevaimt; vbcicij.
The House went into committee.
Mr. Wells, boSdiaetwe slips In band, beran
to speak.
Mr. Burnett raised a Question ef order: for
a gentlemen to reu aspeeca was not in order.
The Chairman (Mr. Pettit) overruled the
point to be governed by uniform precedent
air. iv eiu ooweo, aaa prayed (or tbe wis
dom aad energy which would enable him to
advocate fte caase of man before this august
tribunal ot people, aad while arguing against
slavery, said fte earner (tone et oar Govern
ment ts equality or all mea.
The revival of tbe African slave trade Is
necessary to fte ceattauanee of slavery, as
southern abolitionists are werkior out the ex
tinction ot fte latter by practical amalgama
tion. Three powers are eneaged In the effort
to extend slavery, rix: The President, the
Democratic party asd fte Supreme Court.
The Impending crisis is npon us, bat tbe peo
ple are aroueea uuui stand Wltn ins lovers
or rreedom against tee advance of the despo
tism, aad to prevent conscience, right and
Humanity rrom oeing trodden ander foot
Mr. Conkltoz was aaslcaed the floor.
Mr. Vallandlgfaam rose to a point of order,
designating by name the only seventeen mem.
bers present, and said It was not proper to
transact business In tbe absence of a euornm.
He meant no disrespect or discourtesy, but it
seerara tw mm uie tngBHy ct tne House WSS
very mucn impaired oy discussion under thes
The committee baring voted on a question
raised by Mr. Branch, it was formally ascer
tained that no quorum was present, when in
accordance with tbe rules, fts roll ot the
members was called.
Mr. Holland thought aothlat; more ridicn
loss than ftese proceedings.
Mr. Stout wished to show by fte record that
those who at an earlier period voted agalns!
on adjournment, had retired.
Mr. Seett moved a call of fte Hoase, pend'
la. lal-la - 1- I ' 1
tnz, Him ctyowneu.
cmait air. xourias moved to take nr.
the Uease resosjtios, providing for fte manner
ot expending life balance ot the sppropria-llea-for
repairing! works aad. piers In order to
prtsrjye ana secure tne ngni-Botue of Chi
cego. fAsseu.
The private calendar wit then takes op.
Mr. noollttle, nresentsd a nstltion from ths
Hon. Ti. 8. DIekfcsoo and othtrs. cravinr 'or
fts location ot a United StaUa district and
clrcnlt court at Blnebampton, New York, and
introduced t Mil la accordaacs with fts
Mr. Haun offered a resolution calling on fts
Secretary of State for fte report of Henry 8.
Selby, on tbe occupation ot Saa Jean Island.
A freed to.
Forty-two private bills were passed, includ
ing all fts Utrass bills. Adjourned.
fuou vrAsni.toTon.
Waihixotow, Aprils. -The fact concern.
Ing the alleged Je&cit or defalcation la the
New York pott office ars as follows In audit
ing the accounta for fts quarter ending De
cember 3, It was discovered that ths balance
due by fte postmaster was about $15,000 more
than bad teen paid In. He bas been notified
ot this factwith a request for Immediate pay.
ment and satisfactory explanation.
The department had ao mode of delecting
this dlicrepency until fte quarter's accounts
were rendered. Weekly statements are mads
of fts deposits with ths tub-treasurer, and a
comparison of the previous returns shows that
tbsy were proportionally larger heretofore,
averaging some twelve thousand dollars. Mr.
Fowler! bond it for teventy-five thousand dol
lars. The President Is preparing a message on our
relations with Mexico, which be intenJs send
lag to Congress toon.
One Watsoa claiming to bs from Vermont,
requests to be sunrnoned before fts Harper!
Ferry committee, profriiedly bavin- knowl
edge ot fte John Brown affair. Mr. Mason
telegraphed to New York and Vermont, at to
references which he gave, and got an answer
to-day from Patterson, disclaiming any kno
edge of fte person. He Is evidently ander 4
Wasuikgtok, April 6 The New Orleans
Picayune ot Tuesday says that Capt Swazey,
or toe ship maseone, rrom Liverpool, reports 1
tbat on fte Sft ot March, while bs was pass
log off Cuba, be was chased and fired at by a j
war steamer carrying Spanish colors. He
hove to aad was questioned whether be was '
bound. The steamer then sailed away with- j
out giving any explanation. The Maseoaehad ,
American colors and private signals nyiag an ;
the time.
Seml-omcial advices from Vera Cruz state.
In addition to what bas already been publish
ed, tbat tbe Liberals defeated tne reertb regi
ment of cavalry belonging to Mlramon, oa the
3th uK., ten miles west of Jatapa, taking their
borset) arms and amunitiob.
General Vilialba. Liberal, bad defeated five
hundred Re-actlonlsts at Saa Martin, twenty.
bve miles west or ruesia, taxing seven pieces
ot artillery.together with a considerable quan
tity of arms and amunltton.
ueneral fulbteta. Liberal, was besiegtpg
Langarde, Reactionist, it Hueyapam, fifty
miles north ot Mexico.
The city of Paebla was threatened by the
combined forces of Villabla, Alloteste and
Cava ui. Several letters state tint fte city
has been already taken, bat this needs eon-
Juage Msson closed bis argument to-day
before the Commissioner of Patents in favor
ot the extension ot fte Morse telegraph
patent The opinion prevails that fte decii
on will be firorable.
It Is a matter ot comment that the aati-po-
lygamy bill which passed the House yesterday
excepts tbe District of Columbia from its
operation so far as matrying more than one
person Is concerned, but prevents living or
cohabitation if the marriage of tbe polygamist
takes place elsewhere. There is, however, a
law against polyramy in this District.
Coarressmaa Dimmick, one ot the Pennsyl
vania delegates to tbe Cbariestoa convention,
publishes a letter to-day declaring for Douglas.
The triumph ot the Democrats la Rhode Is-
land, and the almost equal vote between tbe
Democrats and Republicans in Uonneeaeut, at
fte late elections, should bare fte effect ot
silencing the foolish clamor aboat Douglas be 1
to i
IPC nominated dv states that are certain
go for fte Republicans. Both Rhode Island
and Connecticut are represented br Jjooelas
delegates to the Charleston convention. Tbe
battle In them was fount upon bis p'atform
and upon the belief tbat he is to be our stand
ard-bearer ia the cominr ramnaie-n.
Connecticut and Kbode Island nave beea set
UB-.U oy iu.screu.era uiusa uop-iewy nx-
j v 11 . l 1 1 i ti .
jji. ui.l.u, 1 . .,t,pci . uii wicic 1. u t.LLi"
ent projpee' lor Jjouzlas carrying them U be
be nominated. It erlll be found also upon trial
l'Oblo, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, MInnssota,
AiicQigan, Wisconsin. i ew Jersey, caiiroraia,
Oregon, and probably New York, Connecticut
and Rhode I.land. will rn far nonet-1 Tbe
free Stat ea will give Mr. Douglas certainly
one-bslf of tbe 186 eleetorial votes. It is be
cause it is .Tell understood that he eaa get fte
votes of enough Northern States to elect hiss,
wmcn we are sot certain oc doing wita any
other man, th at be will be nominated. Tbe
delegates to Charleston have fte sense to see
that the contest Is not la fte southern States.
There is not much danger that aay of ftem wiH
go for fte Republicans, inasmuch as ftey are
alone the object of their assault!. Ofariaaari
The inhabitants of the town ef Dreg-
a. Ireland, were recently one errata: con
siderably excited, and frightened by fte ap
pearance ot a ball ot fire -rbtcfa crossed fte
heavens directly above the town, UgbtiBg It up
as ort'Diiy as u it naa oeen tne middle or tne
day. Females ia fte street were so frighten
ed tbat some raiated, and some ran sbrieklne
as it mad, and it was some time before the
excitement could be allayed and order re
stored. C7 A Frenchman, who had traveled a rood
deal In fte United States, being asked bow hs
liked tbe country, answered: U, I like xe
contree ver mooch ; matt it eez ver foaay. Ia
my contree zere Is vun religion and great many
soup ; matt In zls contree zere Is oalee van
soup and ver many religion 1 Cut drtlt I"
Oa Ike 2S4 aM., la Lexiaskta. X. , at tke te.ld.aee ot
Ike krMVa falter, ty tbe Rev. X. A. Ink, W. IT.
uzaes, x , or Jte-va.f, Teaaeeee., Ie him xixxix
1Tescio.. daiat.r of R. V. HMdevtcta. E.
A LARGE aatirlneat of SPEOTACLES. i-rm-n-XTt
et tke xxaraiB patent. .hickt23 tZS?
are seperlor la aay oilier ktad, ftr teantr, Qtllltj d-1
civraleDce, fer sale at Xo. 16 Ooatt street. Call aad
tee Iken. tIO-Swl T. KOEL.
Tkat Ie tm ke f end in tkis .Hy. Tkeyaretbsricbett
paPeras aed latest tries, aad ma astird ts mmu teem
tweatr-Cr. per cent. t.s tkaa aay mmmr baase. Alt,
u Mt er ruiriaran.
sas Mala street.
Brass Werks,
ISTO. 53,
Holliday St.,
Keep oa band and make to order BELLS ot every ie
and ten., varyiax rr-rm 10 to 10 000 Ika.. wbkb are
warraated ia all respects a-ioal te ear made la tk. trnmrn-
lif . aI, BuaararUaTe every rariety mt Bras. Faaiat,
tor water, steam aad saa. ALri, Brae. Oiriltfi. Bak-
Mtt'i aad ABU Trktlsa XeUl. all mt wblek 1 mi apoa
fwuiac terms, send rer a cautofa. aad rruw utt.
40,000 Inhabitants In MeupMs !
13 laOtsfrontlngou Walkerstreet,
5 r " Middleton
8 " " Plum "
ALL or tkis property Is k-Mwa Is k is 1 ckuie.
Beitkearbood, koaaded ky W. C Okerry, H B
Uowet, Dr. Walter, Joka Trier MiJ. Doaa dMa aad K.
A. p,rtrr. we tar wtatwa Xaaw. Tke matt mt tkew
kts ar. aot sarpaifd ia rale. W. 1 ar, bow la tke
tits, ta purckaa. Tko terms are rery Hkeral, some et
loot Umo lkeyar. tobesoWaatkapre-eises,
Os-elkeaes will ke reatfy at tb. Arcade, vim aU
skoeM parale. Good dlaaer free we are apealias ta
ALSO Win te soM mo THDESDAT, at tke Arcade,
TV acres ma nerkaad. immi, w.lk aaaU Oattaie, (Md
Sprlny, etc, tkree ail.a frota Csart Syure.
rar int-rmauoa arpij s. j. j nMav-va.atiseawa
&Oo.'aa3e. M. O OATOE tt SO If,
asto Id ABtUoaeera a"d Bail EataU Brokers.
Florentine, Mosaic, Center Ta-
Die, etc., etc.,
By H. C. CAY0E & SON.
TTTEDVESDAT aod TntTESOAT, tb. Mtb aad 1Kb af
V V April, a! t aakcb a. at , aat 7 sst.ib r. sr., at
Ab exteeaive ar-artsieat af 5tatary, via : X mptmmtm
flcara ef Statuary Carrara marble, fee Mraveaeat ar
Parkr, rireieiitlBX "Costessplatka," treated ta
Oiasclc carvd celebrated Ororjee and yifa'e,. b
aa BasHib rr-Krr, Tkrr. Oraer. Iroelc blave, Ohmvt
tra, Snnnr.it, Caaors, 8. Tcbbs. Ataor. aad Tij be,
Bie-as, Atiaaa, Grotcos cd akepkeT-Ls Teaaa d. Mrdkl.
aat maay nara Orerps and risvm to. aaeaefaas te
EUbontety carved X taliia martto aad Alakaatrr TttM.
eokrarlas tk. Etrucaa, rtoreatlaa, Boaaa aad Xrr9- i
laa atylet, ositakts for earlort, pier takka aad rmasMt ,
Ant. Barditlio 'ad Tallow of Sieaaal Kaosia taoa
Uras for lijttij Tlse Ltavea, ranaa irt4 HeVt Takes,
etc ,etc
ALSO Bkb Bokemlaa aad Teaitiaa flliu Ware, eea.
slttlut of Gothic aai Aatlea Tales wise Setts, Oak.
Itrl, VmH Haw i. Vlii PltcSert, EetHsk Cryrtal Oat
asd Eaxraved P-caakrs l Ckampuae TBtoMers, Ear -llb
Toilet Sets i Tcte-a-Trte, Tea Sets, tic
Lira WISE A rleb aiHitmnta; stiver nited Ware,
eaaaUtias ot Tea Sets, Casters, IlartBa, lee r-tektrs
Siras Ota nwr Tases, ate , ate.
ALtO-Sald Boiewoot wrtuac DeeU aad Wart
Baioo, ot varloru itjln aad Usee.
Tkit aMOrtm.at it w-are extensive aad far t?tetter ta
aar evtr oTt-ed in tklarily. Tkey ar at direct ftem
IliT, rraaca. Bot era la. aad atker craateks, aad Mn
keea .elected witk sreateare, k? tb. ceitkrajrd koeas
et a. B. raadoUal A. Cm.
Tke OoaJs will boopenrd tmr nktkttton a Tueater,
April ITtk. dariar tk. day aad at altkt tmtr t e'atsft.
lasisa ar. earticslatlr icriud l. exatalae tHi as.
Isctko. Ccods parebased for transit, wfH ke cirlfBatj
packsdif desired.
Terma -9astu
Bell and
APBTiS i860.
For Tax Collector.
we an eWAorliKl te amenta CBAELBS HAT as a
eaasMata tar it. sue et Cllf Tax OotUMM-, at ta ,o-
MM J strsss .
Strayed or Stolen.
doa, a BAT X ABE, atoat III juts eld.'
kite -vet la ker forties. tk-laBrM,t&f t.
wMU feet, watts kM treU, sad perleetly settle u kar
w ksd m SrMM if. atitus seat Bsubk sU.e. I
wi I par a ilkartl tenrd See U. settrwr u saU ant.
Hi. ae ike AetMtka el lbs tttleC
aerlo-lw OtO. tT. nSHIX.
Stone Ware
rriHE uktieilsiied baa ant! at tke lai-tlaa witk
X talkMS leader Sfmmtf, emsttttaset JanyJily
ekerM,MIM; rse, est . wttett be Offers ts me Ma at
JCerckaate mod 4satof weM U wH ta
a sarrataika si a.
tbl Sigma Society Anniversary.
maa a.. tK ma ata - - . me
1 tralvmiiT e ItlwtMlnt. -nit be ettekratod la
tkt Un ml O I tare, aa S1TTJRDAT the Mb tij tl Kar.
Mr. X .Black a.i...ir. nis Eerlees. UI k tk
msr et rh. ma tea Tb pekUc (eeeraOr. a4 me
-s-um --p4-n'rrr ar retvecven men te anres.
asao-jiv vac
Private Boarding.
mfO vr tkree CJl-Uii,. ..4 LadH..
X cMMrea .ekea-wwilslilwHtteareaatoxo.
(OTtakl. ricsai. ta a aeete.1 itmUj use neltrattw at
tk iwsl tw darj tue,a tbe rkea Xocai stMX
l rt-M, w m bmisi. im ainnM eefas a atetre.
I He aad beMby lemitsa. wubm tn isitatri wl tt
iwsrmt- ao-if
Utt. J01 end 203 Aorta Fnrti Brut,
-vrraoLaBALB NCMttn, lum W rrM
mm et raiau 1 evrv SsmU'is.
Ib aMeaeta e eesibeTa minkasea i
tavited. tkl tMIr rtrmum setteKed.
j.oies vr. qopest & co.,
rASTrrAOlOTUES aad Itseertere f OeM, Mirer
1VA is4BiM rttm aftmcf. a,r". v-srav.--..,
nesueee Tmuiu, Lavtta aot BraRiex Inatneaeu I
yktlniikleil AMwrams rr fetob at OsHetesi
lurianHi aad news . Bey swaeetL etc.
A pnd aat menriled esteb-see seat t Bin free ea
,tr ANn AfTBh THIS DAT I aa determined t. sM
1 tm tuk. r soo cUv laakKM .lr. wbkb m
mui m in Mil Oiweerie. av.oer ceet lrer tkaa
wbee tf a credit kaslaeM. Mr veasws ter adeems
tb. Mk rttum U. tkit I kar. a ant aur s.MUnel- f
eeaj. Ml Ie tke cltr aad naetrr, wl I amatt
M and bMMes ike extern aed dteteaWtet la nakwf
calleetMas. ubu. w. uiurrij..
aplo-ts. Ateat.
Chamber of Commerce,
1 vamKa tk. tki.tw mi ammlrie aerf Kef'
A. ebeats' Xickn will k. kiW aa THCOHJAT
KVXXI.ro. AprH IS. mffott. at tr. 7lirlIM'l,
CeaH-r aWr. keawrea HadlMa aad Ham, nkes tk.
aj mt ism win iHoam tkelr sniatBu asd
a CmllM 1 Ast-eaM wi k. ksBMIed tt. A Ml at-
ImJum af VMh-rl ll IMB-llft. All Vk bare STVeO
ttetr bihm vrtn Ve eaHe4 Bixm (er tktir lab-CTiptl.
ketw. tk bhhk, .r eaa pay at Ikat User. Oety seta
as kave ald tkelr s-aMrlMlw win m eurikte 1. na
T. W. HUNT, rrettdeH.
Wj. -tessitXE.8eereUrypf.tem. aps-
tAnnseeev 1
Aettxaae Mat Vanaier WM. C. THOxTSOir.
Siaae PtrMbar J08I1-H V. DAWSOy.
TUEDAT EVENKfO, Ajwtlla. Lilt ntjktket (w
tt BM eefekrsted -VIL.'Ot S1STBES. wkow V"
forat.ee. ke. keea klM rHk MliM TkeprtTwia.
with mm. VIm Spiral I-11H1. witk BSS.
VtH Ourr. Tj nsodals witk TSE IXTWIBLI
Craxse or Time. Tbe 4e-a(tsa tanker ,
win mm .1 T .etMk- And tftemkb sise. at7K
Dths Circle. rraett asl Batoey, t5 cests I Tblfd
Tier and Ottered 6nrr, M eewts. Bex OdMe
mHi m. ktr. Kialiwar.
ICS Vine Street,
(B-tweea Fortk aad ntlh stfMlaJ
It. AI.T.I).V, Superintendent
- rAScrAC-TBBIW t tmi BeaWn ia Xewe. Bt
-..J. jnr, ww ? 'y.
1A -ed
1 Mi : l.keMS rrtamsr Jt!-rTl ea every n m i
1 nn inlletom all tints Bets, Kelts, Ttt-t Vr-U-
cine Dire I lOSM, -KM, WM csu, nc , FfC ui. sau
1 Patten Letun it vertm ssrtesi artenwvtas au
1 1 wsreew
u prater.. Bi.t...fi 4 ubee
, tk-. r .r. Drenwd kina nv-ttiNKMiai m
1 ia m war asetie4 itk. K-eaiM. ! tr w iu
I a ke. Our moHi. murM. aad mMklfiMy ar. all
dtlrts tkm L Maw fc .. mLtwetekia,
UM .UB-tf eitee.lv. TWt riM.irs m Assweca. u w
u. tk- ma. ikat tke .uMtr aad est.atar mt ai
metals win, at all timet, ke t tk. keM Mterlali. aed
er ea-M.n-iiure mr tkem 1. am asaa t ssyt - mm ara.
It will k. oar mb. Ser B iIiimHiicti. I. simiIi
witk tb. err ket BwdrvtM M Ik. c-ntry, tntk ta
tt I. aad S.M. HtrlM tMset'r saade terse llltksi
to Mr ite-k ot anlds, .Miriew, etc .we ar. preeaied t
Iwikk, U mmi tmnutr. tk. ux-at kat mt
B -wk, !.-. aad Job &9m. aad tt mt Friattec OSSCH, mt
tan its., mm tk iMIHtMin.
Oer rmnpinlnr mw are wsfl stMlred witk tk. lateM
aad mmm MyW. or Bat ut M Type, mt aB tteea. aed
we StMMtrve or BMctratyse nws., jtuic, am, Jteai
dH lAk.1. o. aet a.tiee. aed at Msteru nrlce.
Patura a-4 trmmi LMten, at vartoa. BifM aad alMes,
al-raraoakud Te tbat kas he. aM-t H SWreearp
mc fwr tt at redaced ftiemt. Iwwer. Head. Mm im
Card Prrtwes, mt tb. BM aserawd mttiri, raMsatty
ea kaad. 11 iiWite.nn' frtees. Aeeata tmt tmm K
ABOTteaa mwt BfU-A Iki. AIM, rnatert' G;ie, mt
aalo-wtl B. JLUMOt!,amfmHatmam.
tse ruar ashival thm sbaso.n' op sfbixs
Clothing and Famishing Goods
Mm's, Be)js' ui Cliiltlren's Wear.
I A BE wm waeals tke ItrfMt. tMeet aad fc aMWte4
XX HKk mt tmmat tor , sort' and cwtMrra'a ware,
mrj mmmm evr Baa u pieaaw. u .neriBS mm vmmm
Sprinc and i?nmmer Overcoats.
A vwry liskt aad oscnttakle artM. Ut audefal.
Cast I tue re Business Suits.
X leva. t-ia.lra.Bt tmr ffrtec. -aaraer aad fan wear,
and u UcseM as-wrtaaat at tm' and CkiMre.',
fk4kiM.aSaklrtiW evry k-d mat i t.ke (Mad m
tk. toalkera riMtty, aU mt whkh w. will iaS ckeaer
maa ever cwsmt, im miiuimi mvtt. aarers s J
aad exaaslne nr stack smn kyt-kr.
EvervUiad Mid werraaMl tm be of tk. test aulHv,
a&amaa. aawauaaeaaa., aaaew M at.
atrT-to tas Mate street.
Empire Spring Water,
Smptrier tt Ctngmt Sprfag IFoltrf
THE XKriRI WATua k WMted tmm tb Xenlr.
rsrtac, at Sarakasa Stl.i. Stw Twk. TWa
Isaalaik kattaated aot far (rem tb. OMaress Sertw;
aad tb. saaeriw taalily lb. EasSre Water rrnilns
la tk nsasklalic aU mm pitpeiUM mt IA. Omrew., wttk
aa M r-M. mt a mts hiiwic jseia..
Tbe aa trrw. mt tk Bsutre Water skews a eaaikias,
t oa W Btaarwaailc mt Umt. Miami aad Soda, aad
OWMe mt tmmtmm. with IwHn rnlea mt HedrMate
ti S-dt mt MtM per fMmm, keM mMim mj Ctrbe-.lc
And was
Cke.BiUaadrkjirlsasetaBan Ktbekeet Veekat
Water la tke wartd. and etpeeMIy a Stated t. dke.se.
pecdUMt. tk. taatkuu climate.
Sold kyall dram kk.
t. w. WBCroK A. 00..m(iears,
Sarataca Ssiriats. aad
aartt-Ha it Jsbea iett,X.wTk.
Vmmm Mkkelit.
rnsveka mt mm Stk Pefeaded Bf XiHLe XijllH.
Xmfm ca Naestat By rs-rfaot MsMtate,
TWU B7Jira.Aa&B.3teveBa,
rmmmmn aad fimf-e By M rs. Aaa si
simsr HtMorr w oemla s vwk.
Be-eWatka. of Eaalkk Wskn Vssskaa.
Maaalay'ii Critic tl utd Mkeetaaisas tmri
Tk.gteknMr Almad EtrMOKJa.es.
Jatt recelTed aei tor Mlkr
aarS Da-ler Old rettrw.' MaS.
T WILL, m SlirRDAT tt 31 to..
mrriTtac nrtacr .
CA. MALLOET. Jaalks mt tkefeaea kr ako rmmr
. ieatk Civil Dirtrict. win mm fees at, kta Bc.
rraa 7 .'otock A. St.. aatll S r. St. OOeo. W Mara
traec, orer D.artac X Woiaerill'o drmt ser. mj-lm
Excursion to Charleston.
Railroad Company
At tk. fotkwiet bv rates far tke mat trip mmi Cram
tk. 15tk April t tm May:
rram St. Leeds rta Mearpala and St. laats Facte
eeeaeaaMMBe .e JwH vS
rraMesasbls kr rattway tHreet. taXde
Fieea 6raad Jaactlm ky rattway direct. astfe
To Deles alec la tb. O.BilMtsu, aad ta aB Mkrrt, mm
turn apvartaatsy k aaw preieased ar vtstttax a. ml ms
bm lameMkt ini timzvt mtttom mt tbe M at leas
tbaa Sk asaal rates at fare.
B. ATSM, Sateilatradeat.
aaa-lw WioStra Divlatee.
JFor Itentm
TBE fEWSta Calvary Ckarek wo mm rratedat the
Ckarok, oa MOXDAT J.1SHT aexs, at 8 anttoek.
A. J. raAMtaco......
K. J. wieea.
Hats, Gaps,
IfO . 2S9 M AIN-aST R E E T.
CAPS), of alt Sratat aad cotlrs. Bow tudyj.
BUV 000P3, ot everydewTiptloaiir mea aad
wm Aad Jt ta tbslriateretttasiTS a a easfb.!re
taattas tboir partbaiM, aa w. kav. a tare, aad weB se
terAsd stock, boefbt exprosly for tko trade.
ssi23-la FRANCISCO & CO.
" ? " ' ' !
343 Mala Street,
Fine Clothing,
0i ksfkiad au tk. artles mt the seaaoak Wth
strte aad fatrk. WeekaUauke
Dally Additions to our Stock,
DartBg tbe seasea, sltreet frem ear flaws et
Every article we tell GUARANTEED AS I
Spivey V Clarke
S.. MSMataMnet.
l?or Sale,
a TBBBZ TEAM' UEMS mm a Lot aai H
J. a mat sttoot, kctwen Wubsaetoa set Aiiki,
Mania las levea riioti tMtm ariwi itit.1, au n
(Ml roeotr aad vwy iUs-Wr kced tmr i mmr
mm. Aserr t. jiaa. n. utu,
ad-tt Oa tb. nuialin.
For the .Ttonth or mlprll.
OAT ANF gEAL-ky EBsaHtb wcrkiifB, tmmmr ml
U tke wtse, wtar woeta.
Jsttaa't nae by lbe aaabw mt East. Bra.
LK. fttrassle By Mk rardoe.
LacyOfarka By tbe aatbor ot Mouses MiWii I.
L riiiaal UlrtiTT wwit.
Adrealarei af Jeaalboa Umatiil Ikni Stkaft aew
Tea Ttaesaad WaadesM Tkks B. Wi 1. Eter, A. M.
Faaay By JaHas fmmm.
TkeHiMIlt Basse By Sbkltes BUkaaat.
riereaoe He Larv By lMay B. 3K. Ms,
Uaa-by LadyOmaatsb.
MUtyMur--ByJ. r.SaoSSk.
.Vo. 40 Ifrtrrrtt Slrrrt,
Importers aa4 WlMitsak Dealers
sltc ydL-Waar-o,
ATE Im akakcuked aatee mmm TWEKIT-lrlTE I
TEABS. aat d aa UAOLSiMVK SiaSksra aaa
aWa-r'Hiia Trai.
Soto Asms lar B. X-Saiao' LRMCATBB (KJS8
a4 diweww.ly
To Dentists.
T)LA8M1 rABM, (ntr. aaej
mi m,a vi.
Jast reeetrad aad tar sale ky
St Maes street,
(innn BSaiLSWkttoaadTMkwSeed(kna,fsr
-.UUU tk mj
X.- S ifewards Brw.
A Complete Stock,
No. 3 MarHleIBIock,Maln Street.
Gent's FurmBhing Goods.
300 BOZEX,
"Wineiester tDiviet' Celebfa.ed Paleat Toks
Sbirts, Ia,al( aijlet asti qoariiies, at
Jonsox & just's,
' Whol'jile and KeUll Cloihiers,
No. 3 CI ax li'sCJIorble RIock,
WE inn. SEEL.
Situated on Linden Street.lnear
fTHfSw iU4te "akkwk)d vwy doHrakU kv
rwf-r-M fe-ri. sas. mam...
tar-a-M MtaaMAUuiT sn-arw v
sreat Sale
Ptfk's AdAtit to tk City f UeafMe.
AfsM M, at M e'ciaelt, oa Use btemises, we
wtn sen
100 Building Lots,
I Situated on Orleans, Gotiee and
tiauui streets.
KSke ktaaedMo a-Hikk.it i t mt mm St. As
ibMt aad adMaiac Immm TaM'a. aad wtshta
! ablnn mi mm saaot v lakas porskas mt mm tmr- It
k tisssakls tmr U Msh aad efesaat tSl.tlka. Tb.
tWttl niksiil. awiUksiated Sa tb. gkkwoad gewtery
aaa rsmke otant. wm m j mmtm aa. mes.
ABtbsMwkMactaaeewr. a tat ta itmm.tr mmm
teekb-d aa fareseeeet, wttt am Mi so actead Sbas eat
TM. perfect, bale ao.HI... ftat.ih.wtasm.lssa.
ssoasc asautuktuMHriaH.
Mrs. Park's Property!
April 14,'aommeaeass at M eeteel:, ea kite
ft smises, w wW aeM at
Public Auction
rmnTr-six sple.vdii
Building Lots,
I IaflattHaa Dm M mat HMt llHl.it Ma) iHpnwtaf
uAsM Is mmm iaaad mm Umm mmmr
IWHtinsaaaa m tmWr W'WmrmWmM aaa BV7 bbbbbs
tat w. S.
XiBw, B.
. Pr-T. Mai. A. 1 Bun Ik in. Br.
1 If TSSum. Im.1 a lasesssa uaisaaiin t far mm
TketaakaiahldoatkortSaCkiall mm JitUm kreea.
Fetsoa auk aad Wafter aveaae. aad ale lomciii-lT
I lire, huh na tar katasas, yana aaa aaatwes, aaa
I taaot taako tkeca veer aimitss ta saa imiiaaas.
I akaala aad yrolonknil mmm, mmmt saaear tk etty aad
I kavtaE sa. aavtatM or raoa snania
7ko iiiaataai imo an.iaaiao cny aaa
I asm sua tkta samitv.
TH pioveitf win ae tmm on Mi.-t sasta saa easy
Maaaeaa.. aad every kt Msced win ke Md seeaidkM
I .( artn.
I Oiii.m ii totik,iMial aad from tke frtyrrly
I wm leaveMraaoe, xmmrmm ttrtvi. every eve laiaaiii
I koai s ta hw ceaawz.
absS relrecataaaas sw om. waa atteat laaaaM win
Ike ISO. sa sua iinasiu l laeiiaaiaaie, aaa saw
l aMSItve.
aUWBAH-ur. -vriii w,
Aprft U, at M ahMe,
L uctio 22L-
StlailtS -a sk. MeeapbUaafiHniia BieHaad.aad
aeaity aseaatte tb. Haitian i mt Ut. Modet-s aad
a dbset dktaaaaaf mm etty.
Tmm tm exuii ttaatHntratde piwpeety, tsealed, aa M ts,
aa Sbat imtia ot lb. sabaek. . tk stty that ia saoet
tt wMa a abort dtsaaaeeot lb.
mt mm .
TUB. ilietat It i Wkln tk. reaA at alt wka dMtra a
mam at a le. pete tbaatbywisbt bare tapay teat
t" tbe etty aa t ii itali tkatayaat nre-ir Ibis 1 1 si iu,
ty Oainlkaiui wtltteava i.riee, telbtm sareH,
every tea miaateeleaBt t.t u MK ek-et.ta army
Lpasteafev ta tk petstisaL
PAsstestieibsataaiwi bepeevttadlsraBwb
X3T SalepaiMiTe Mtl. perfeet.
X tbe lithe ApvA ituaat.IwlBovMaadlMStaa
pb-a. at mm tmvmmr ptaee or hettta ilnabai, 1st tba
purpoa. et di Hint wbelker
riasr Skatl tb Buid ot Mayor aad Akt.ra.ee kav
pewer t asm etty kowaa. at tut exieidtas tkit kr iwi
ta-ao, aad ta aa a-Dovtat mmt .xiwod-aa Evakaadred St-ie.
aand Wlart, (or tke parpoM ot conitrnoltaa peraaaeat
water warU as said dty. . .u.
Szo -srketker tk. Beard mt Mayar aa AM.rcm
ahaBkavapewn.tatkwtr mmrmUmm.U
an aaaaat aM .xcHdias two kaadrid eat" f
tMtari.Sor tke purpoa. U faadiac tka preseat dea aad
matariac deals ot laktdiy.
Tbooo la favar mt tko ant prpoiJcjM wfltK. .a
tkelr tiekou the wards "(or water wwrksr boo
rued. tk wt. " MaU.it w.l.r "
oiecesea. sa tke asatltat waw mt v. w-
Oki.f mt rmtfm.
Owners Wanted,
FOE the taaswiaz JiaaBl remaiai( oa aar
wkarnaal Ibb - t t Apett, wkteb. it not aatM
torba ta-rtyd.es, waa tmmM ta pay cbams:
-f otwokOa. Ma mark.
sa-.. letAt tr. war. 1 aaak (..wire.
ItamteB. tbtt.8. ware. Si
I kit. wktsky.
a D. rsttet. Bods tt HtacUey,
1 till. lbe.
i. p. xojtrox a. co.
(Snural iitfiim pnst.
iMttaeers and trSfisiissiiK Xikul9
ISo. 10 UlsdlsaH Street.
smiles or
-ItWaiSirMBMTS totkeud AMoeat Sm foattot.
y pruaneij Oiak a-rraacM oa I
Oar mMBTtdtd HUnMwi wtu K lir-a to aSt
BSrartod to mmj car.
Cljar: Cisars!
inn Kfl ft !" -wLeta lftANB, UMrBaaa,
XVUiiUU Mtasa La jsmtmm, at sum.
imtt received ea c
Bourbon and Rye AVkiafey
WBkava-AreMedoa ommobM:
so kck. sat Boark-a Vkhlr,
n - oM Br. vraktr.
ie mm Bikertooa Coaatr Wktsky,
9mt salcbnbT
J-dt a. s. urrr a. ct
-A.T -xrcTioisr,
BY A. S. laTiW CO
WI win mw, at oar mmm. m trmmt mt mmm, BaiBt
MOSMias.at asvdoct, araoortM. Hani. T
t. a. cutax....ajA s. wiutus..
to i at a.
1. 1 (Mil &
M EAR i hhfub
January 1,1860
TSTBkaymaadtk. tails iu are taitbit ta
mew trTwuz, as lea a.i ae
20,000 ta atcics
$20,000 in Silver Wxe
$20,000 IN SONS, ill
Cutler y I Canes!
Meersttaas Pifei.! Fsj rnx "
Te salt a seaaWsas af sejitt.
Latta aai GMte BMaiig Cuss
estaved aad tilasiS la UM best state at mm't
w. bare iiattit mmm EtUW. WMW i-t"
JfWKET aad 6fit EKUrH,aaiiiirwaekaaea a
eaadasMtlsstsWwaak ta Sk. keat riaair aad w
OHr FaoIIItlet.
So. 1 Clark's Marble Bleek.
C. Jfliiller, Optician
MAJTrrACTTOBB, op a xbwlt
341 Main Street,
tifftktitb the raoyuni tttcx,
'TT71U, bmfter aaok. it bl. basaawa ta fare-lb
V V Spectacloi at tk. townt taarkos as Is I it aaasta
troaa tatty ceta ae'aid. rla.lnc aoiai bad mmwHm
teaM.tas.aaaf oty g,iHarlea at a law prtais aaat.-.
asc naalnl taat taaoo at my pattaa. ease weftaetr
ktac paid klsber prin. Sa a a, as aay aatbuasat
oapertor aeaBty, ta order tbat te avail IklonisSlM
say atrvtoov wfcM I bow saeaed mmtf my aaaar J'
postal aapltciltwl ta tkM kaataees, ssiWIaal aawea a
sateattScotly kicked kr tbe ant rlilaeaa mt mtt tmr aad
Stat. TeaacMee. t twee ta recetre mm li.iss at st
la aeed ot Sf-Ktadee. Myanilaiit ibaB al attttoMi
kaawaplwa.ketf aaykaaseat tb. orta. As I
km aa asmts la mm dry aalkielaid sa aril Spr -tit.il
taatyaw.I mats csattra maa.aiavsaiasaaaa.sstr,
tmt know fee an vmm mt 1 attain, la aaaabaae aaaaea
wHsta-aaedwtlk afsiai. Jaart aBkia itj-
Ar m. j. rABtitsBMers AtatrnoK noava, m
mil, wW k mM.
On Tutstlay, lOft Instant,
est eaata, sardeaer, plssliUia baadi, slsts
!M tmr ao ft alt Sals t-titrvt.
C II .1 .Y G K O F T I .W 12
OS aad alter ApeU , MS, tk risalar fiilskd tal
pai.eaer tralawtn lean BmaiblaSTaaaass.iad
39 wtsalM a. St. aad ante, at Maataaa attbA.X
Boater St Cm., mwt wttb tb Ita. mt inal ukt otnii
oc laa VTCTtiaa mmi uatauaay lar UHHMM, XHM'
saa; ree amst, veo Arc. nateiTtni, J
Idas. Bock. Part Saatth. Hot 'iifcn
bWk-Me, Skersaaa. Teaaa, aad Saa lsnaatssa.
saadHsa aoex ae koara.
ThteUtoiBtkoakm pataM caa kebadatsbettoket
9mmw99 mm HupytsStM.
fcialai eaat tbe trata win leave Ystkasa st tsWM
r. x . aad arrtr ta ltapeliMatS irwSl aat Walk
Mas r. St. t. H. FBMt,
apet-ly aosivtoleatiiS.
TgEnaSiitsail ka. stiant aasa praa caabCknH
aadCartatabsaaaui,aadla asrtiiipisiSt. Saasw
la Ma ttUmm aad mm mmmmm tuStl t a. wife.
rarytlg aad Cattaia Bnai TsTCo. Tasiinj. n
aaia. sap-r aad n-i-ou Oarpetst Baak Mata wastaaal.
Otca Mattlaas, etc
eam. . ua ptua -- Ptsa (alt t
t So M Seet wm. Vtaet. Lyosa Bawtaa :
a, aM.tewtiwt.waatr tt, lai.t atk ktr m
Sta. Tk. koM mt aakua sa kaad Sa a,aaabaad
laa coral., kaar Ikl Sol. -Set
H M.
aari-diwSy tse Milastfeet
Sale of Pews.
rpHE MlawtacvwryslliablePewe laCMvaird
mm mSmmmm tmr mamma. MiaiarS
AorilS. at 8 it tk. ckafab,Ss: Jfwt. S, Um.
M, SO. X. SI, St, sa u 1. ranaa wtfMaa tf
rta-o, caa iea sbem at mmr mmm mmmrm tmt saSOrea
aacaatkeiaiaalsbabaak. li -SasSBJSMa
iaatiaacaaM l't-l M!WSaBaro
WE bavatakeaskoueaviw SsaWt . sawkaaita
Cokrafed Sjkryaslta. , mt Svset, aMaad
ar. aow prepared Sa Saratsb It ta
Wholesale aad Retail.
Land for Sale.
TXTEptweoMossltb. tracts load mwsaaftw. ra
W sM.. ewtatatac twa tbeasaad aad tkawn,
trtar bt ladeeaMa- eaaaty, Tcaaeatert mm tba Batcttla
lit. to mllCTJtn VaJton. ta. rml lu-at.1 U.iie--.
.-.1 .ad mmm mem cleared, wttb stsarortaki
4woBtaf boasea,alwltaad aa exaoHMtetsSsra oa on
piac.1 aho. a vtt aa ae otker, wttb aear atiins,
itab(Ma-dwakeraeeaafaryoat-cotB04aKi ' -aa
OwWparttcatasscaattilaodkTaapytar oib.rab.
.crtkm. JflflS T. ta H. T. iQDXX
s. 1 ill ! i f
We pay aa reat aad da kastain awl espsaM
Waoktsta wrsoadafiwaattst kiabi.iadbsrtsr an,
wktak wstkav nperusM ta aad taawHtM mt
ksataei. eaaktis ao ta baraisk aa latliMll

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