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Seeding Matter on Every Page
Largest Circulation in the City.
cmcrtfnm or baut jutsu 1.824
euefums w svdh isims 2,200
msenAnes er tsi-whsit 520
eamxaas or -bkxi.t. -3.000
bbc Finsx rra fodbtii paces.
After 'ztwtttmtat with a stwber of IMr
Iimr- frietsis, the aererfgd, mtratstrs
etMte efiHe Central CMwOtM far Wert
Tjmstriiti-. .uitTi. -14.
, e?eeeal ctusd.es oetBc thtTetatii Cegrrs
eioael BMrict, that tier ssiamMrjaprfantry
rcertVsgs rMfeH ewwttet Mob
dtv.tbeJthef. Mty vxt,ier Utepopow of ap
pointing MeffttH to a dsebiet convection that
shall iitmh-ilf as .elector and an asaistAnt
X L o 1 til lltaaiillisil' 1 We father rfcoewrtai
that miW eonveaU-a nwaW at Gnai
Jaactt4T4y, tiw th day of May.
The tae. ef the Brttnk fRH and the lan
guage at? the BdtMh Foreign Sewtry towerd
Franri, tys the Bwtn Put, ttt certainly
brwT, K Mt wsm. The istjstation of a
new qatttfen of iteaeediatt html to bath
eorm'rtes,.Bd iadttaately eoaaccM with the
nauonal f'lWf ef Mi castmttiis, stay W
nsrd far si tec parrmit, or it aay he aeate to
farther MacMe their fasUtteel rtfetteM.
We atfcaat to the amwil aakiae; im Eb
c :d fK the rnonl of the di6WtUI Mies
Itnat to Fimm a SrWih tooaage. There
c iM haralr ariee a aaeettoe which, to a gw
rmmrat itsftti ae Um British rorernMrt
aeeaatohe ar,to I a war 4s, eosH he
nit bmt tettraateatal for taefa a pnrpoee.
As thetew saw b to Fraae, Britieh ahipe
m ateototolr eaetoaai fioai the Freaeh eaaot
to aa talealil trace ; aai so MTerdf Wm
SehirWM Britiahtoewafe,that,caci.
K to exetaded fnm the foretoa trV
watt lnee. Ib award, Fraace bow aaataiaa
the Mstotetrre mcj- watch Sritteb pratoc
thaltte to kag aHegel milae key to the
gaawth at the Britten auxtec ajwalf, the
saBejr at ate MrigattoB act of 1651.
That the Fresoh rogaM the system of Mf
ereattoi daties a the htais cf their Bartee
aiHtiito, to hoyoad a ilerit, and they fraak'
VaetaesrJeelrejt. That, the aagattatars et
to teee trratj- !Wfe France isd Eaglaad
MM. XMHsaaad BaMctw to their report
to Imh A'aroKses, ay : "Article third vrtt-
aeea the gtat loMeitade of yoar Majesty
tor aar aaattoc, to atiaatatiac that the da
tie heed paa the iBmeartaUoa of Eagtnh
nitahaaiTut are iadeaeadeat of diiereattol
Ulj to ftwr of or aar;. Oar aereaatBe
unilaeto aae of the firot oltmtato of oar
fmc,ial eoaotttates oae of ear great sa
ttoaai iatoriito. We awt set preBatareiy
saeee'tiM'-FTeachlae; to a cooqiciiiion whtoh
ItwaoidaothetoaeeBditioatoaaetoto.'' As
woiifried bflhe fictob eaptoyed by the
Kfif bare a faennadoee otoaiaeaBce, it
awyhtroaauked that toeee two oCeiah say
that It will aet do to arematowly eivaae the
iYtsdi s U a eoketittoJ which it coald
sat gailato ; ae Ihiagh, at a Bbk fatare, -toaaitoe
at Ms soMey aright be ezaodtoat.
Hm 9Mh of March, the day of the saWar;
of toe tost rter, was axed tor Mr. Ldtb-
aMntaaaore as iddroat to the craws aathe
Tort Ejmth, Arx., April U, 1E60.
Enrromj ArrtAI. : Leavteg yoar dry oatht
morolBg of Satarday,AprllV,6ajto aoaneet
wKh the Utile Hoik railreaa at kaM put
eight o'Jsclt, by eViiT, Ue-ry pactatferry
boat karte ooaner peiortyise near (etx.)
(aad at the aoratl if cosiSdered jmsdcaHr;
to keep thetteie fixta) to take otmUb4 stare
atMadUoa, we reached-this point, gaiter k
rerr alearaiit trift-exerpUBt; oae apstt "Moa-
dajht, but MOBAlMKtf) Tuesday at,8: x.
u.. clrise aboat fwo dan and debts' respite
ferthehaUaeef &li toterestlng route to Irsre-
lera. We had a good tleamtr Tuesday Wgfct
If she cMtoasef ArfcftBasad any pooUc
aplrtt, and wajrfa; jaHy ajprretote the ptsoe&t
andpretpectfTe advantages to tbeirState, and
take Threroas xaeasnres to Issprore a porttoo
of the road bow traveled, t&y woaU soeo
feel the retera to the increased travel andopen-
taeapnf settteaests. Bat sacblathe crad e.
aheiVslghtod riew sase take of this great
terlaBd roate, biadtog together the Western,
Saatb-westera aad illdate Qtatos with oar
Pecifec sister ttrrttan that, sot tvsBrebaid-
tog the growiag ianreats the present opesa
to the aeaerrteg suaeVand sot s eeteg the tmiae-
dtatorsaltorhLer;thefreat BBdertakisg
which ratocts cxem apaa the eMrgttk, ia
doadsabk toetvidaals who hare so saceeottal
1y deaMMwtratot tfa eatire praeticabillcy ot
the rente. The trip from Memphis to tots
pstet is as praettoable as any portion of tra
vel to the western part ot New York was
twaaty-hve or thirty years ainee; and K the
Iportiea offer lag ieehawass tojtraveitrs woaid
seek a mti saore variety, wiles, the praaerved
vegetables aad traits to eaas ot the preeeet
day penalts, and really wake ap, aad aet
sleep away a crowing harvest, aad ohserre
dealtriMSawj IsMcUan twslad wash
ing arsaagements to the .roosts, toUe-ctoehe,
etc, they would have the hearty aprrovat efj
Atoplaee, Fort Saeth, is somettases aHaded
to to the Tftsldence ofa desperate eaaasm
sity. Kaartegfeessaaaot the chajch-yjug
baH tost eveatBg, apoa inoairy feasd a weekly
prayer atettog was the oceasteB, and as a
stranger I always Bke t real the rattoioui,
palse of aay place I asay be TtoMtog to tay
travels, I foasd a respectable fatheiiag of
oM, udddlt aged aad yeasg radleatire af an
interest In religious matters aad -was inte
rested asd tostiBctod by .ihe saretoes of the
ASHiKOTO!f. AMll IB. Bout. A eora-
Qankatlen was received ft em the door-keeper,
glriagtse noaiber of employees under mm,
salaries, etc.
Mr. Harnett etke of the necessity of re
tooling the abases In and aroand ths c a pi to!.
public servicr deaaoded. There i alaa a
horee of offiea'aeetera, nao taaat bKaaUifiei
He mcTt4 the eokfect brteftrrtd (trk apecU
Mr. Mere, of.Kefttnctj-, eogtte4 that it
le'Mat tome--evatarlle en aanafactores,
who, aanng soasucte ao, asiret Banaractars
sosuthiog. (Laajfiter ,
' -htcj Wfcalow'.Bavedtoit when '.the Iloase
adioarsa, H be nsril the first of Mar.
Mr Keilv sored to asaead. to mi the 21st
of May.
Mr. eltt objected, and Bored K be until
ths 6th of Jaae. Bectded oat of order.
Mr. Corrv taroaossd an amours in em,
aise 4U, oa the lith of Jane. Beaidtd oat ot
The whole sshjent was tabled.
Mr. Btltott iaiWaced a WH to prohibit the
Coolie trade br AssertcaBS in American ves
ThebUlaawroMtottoe SM.060 to iadealfv
the Shawnee Indians for depredattona com
mitted by whites, waa pasted.
An appropriation of $10,688 was passed, to
defray the exoeases of the Japanese En-
A Mil was passed appropriaUBf; 3sd,ww tor
ssau I a el It: tee in western Kansas.
Froeathetosaporary sofearn to she citY 7 ass
very favwaatf iatpresaed with the placet
there are sigas at preper4ty, aad dataeetlc
ceaafort, and attractive seetoty. The eity be
trt aflaras very cr editable arrswmsdattoas for
travetors, aadlwaahl reeaamai Meaiphis
as a point of dtpartare aSordteg a reepite
here to saeet the Sc. Louis 4Visioa.
Taktog jocr title, I, as a atranger, "appeal"
to yoarpabac spirit to adopt a more oeaeaWe
eaarse, andto notice the arrival and departere
of each and every overland maK, and mot
credit that StsjdawfaliAfceloaps tojwar
own growtog city.' Tea wS nod to Daniel L.
Kandy, the Jecal agent, a ready co-operator to
ptaeiog at your disposal late jap m, aad I was
pkcied to hearrStarday last, that the Littte
Rock raUroa! aad the overland mail company
hare taken a frost oance in the CosaaKrctsI
Hotel; and aenr let year crtizeas awake feHhe
growiag iapontanee of tab artery frost yoar
fiowishiag city.
The oharaber of eoeuserce of yonr city, I
hope, wHJ act promptly bdod the soggestkw is
my ant totter: of appointing an sncteatcoa
mtttee to report apon the proaeat and poos-
acttoe advaatogea of the great ever lend mail
It waald be a groat coBrsntonce to travelers
if some time was axed apon as goverahag de-
partaaes af raCrsadi, steamboats, etc-, in year
A bill was iatredaced providing for the ap-
poiaua eossButswser u asconatB ana
rscoauBtsd a nBr site for a nattenal faan-
dry. ' ' ' " '
A bill was passed organizing a centas
Mr. Boahatn offered a reooratton. ropeiaf
an adjoarnaent frox. Friday nert aatil the 1st
of May.
w uon&HQ soved to tabto vt Negatived.
Mr. Wasbbsrae awred aatadvoaraaeat till
Wednesday, but aataMy vrtthdrtir M.
SmmIc Mr. Wilson intredeed a Mil for tbn
KreteauSMreelans tha-alsre iraa. -Tl U
' . ' . s .
paetsetous, aBdjarovideaifer af e coaatrac
tioh of Sve steam screw stoops of war. adant-
u tue .urirsn coast : increases rae noantr
from S25 to $100 ; offerj a rewind J $100 for
deBvtag to ths United SUtea taarahal. of
any siare landed in tae United Stoles ; makes
me ntttrg out of vessels engaged in the slave
ixace piracy : ana panisoes wttn lmpriion
tent for life, instead of death.
Makes it criminal faa shin not reelsiered
to display the Aa ericas Sag as a badge ot na
tionality. Makes it the dnty of the ameers ot
a strip before coing to the African coast, to
report to the United States Attorney for exami
nation ; and provides that Asaencan vessels
sold abroad, shall retara to the United States
fur the new register, before going to the coast
of Africa.
Mr. Maaea presented the return of United
States Marshal Johnson, ot the warrant for
the arrest of John Brown, jr., in Ohio. The
retarn states that it Is Impossible to arrest
Brown, aniens armed force is naed foe that
Mr. Mason also presented the retarn on the
writ for the arrest ot F. . Sanborn, which
recapitatates the facta as stated heretofore;
and states Jhat no arrest can- be made, owinr
to. the todielal proceedtogs af thV Stats of
Both warrants and returns wore referred to
tha cammibtaa on. judtoiary, wtoWaetructioas
to toauire'and reDOrt if atr further nroceed-
ings were necessary to vindicate the aatherity
or aae ueaite, and to eceet the arrest or the
weather that does nobody any good. It is
rather a good thing for cur hotels, which, jtat
now, are running over f rota basement to garret
with those who bare been driven from their
dwellings by the late great crevasse in the
heavens. Whole families hive snddenlr found
tbemielves under the necessity or extemportt-
i great anion of sentiment.
id been beamed expedient.
have exhibited so
unlets a chines aai
The union ot these varied interests removes
all suspicion ot political Influences entering
into the election. Ths successful ticket itself
Is n pledge that nothing of this nature axjit
iv euauuiu anion or co nteis at an omen
We learn that on Snort ureekr.tne oamiRe
is very enpt The floods swept away and
completely demolished strong farm homes.
Hundreds of hers, sheen and cattle were
drowsed. By reference to certain starts oade
daring the flood or hny-two, we see watine
water is not aa high by aboat tour feet, as up
on that occasion.
tbi WAxxa ako Ttix rarxBOK or the rxtss.
We succeeded In keeping the water at bay
In our cellar us to last ermine bit fast then
it got too strong for ns, and forced Itself up
into the furnace snuffing cut the "watch-fires
ot liberty" with the coolest nonchalance.
This' aornTn; the ponderous wheel ot oar
toarhorsa power machine Is run by muscle.
Notwithstanding the "water, water, "every
where," theie was very little ot it found its
way down the alimentary canals of our citi
zens. The same Is not tras ot wbttky and
other Intoxicating fluids, and the cosseqatnee
was. that we never saw t manr drtmkea feeo-
pie in one day, la the wholtjcourn ot onr nat
ural existence.
Maxjxtta, April 16th, r. k. The river has
fallen 18 Inches up to this time. The Ohio No.
2 left for Cincinnati. Reports of creat det
ain reoort of the iadtetorv eoatntttee on the I toe Men to brldget, mills, farm property,, etc.
panes jew loe isc 4uy. ,
1 A ielat resolution was passed apMeorUtinr-
Si,V08 to defray toe oxpsetia of lavesklga-
umr csmmiuees.
policy as to Inspire capitalists with confi
dence, and while securing dee execetlon of all
the obligations of the charter, raise the value
or the stork, to aseM a nroasec: or icetr r
ward for their great sicrlScM to the patient
At present, however, we only desire to con
gratulate the public on the gratifying union
pt Interests by which the result has been secured.
'v-The rejection ot the vote ot ths governor ot
trie state aaa ins mayoroi luscuy uai uu
so InBornee upon the eteerlotf. Itbts been
decided by the print steeknoliltrs by a large
Tit Wait or OttosHtoi llsMI metvtd. tSjOOl
Tseskkiter tae est teard. I Mi
SUwa. -."
And ato.tr hr OtimltW sf T!,ni
Ths analysis ot ths vote wlH show that the
. . -. . . . ii. .
ressuts is realty inaeptoaeo. oi m vn . iue
governor ot Mississippi.
twi Mlstlnlest vet..-......- -.IW
Win Ht a nalflrt
AsdsMtM VIstHits4vM..
Ts veM teetered r ...
" TXrirt-rrr Cocjrrr, via., AfrH IV. MM.
at these French din" sreattal dattos, amdV"HrreM V,rriM:t CTse -iRtalitlppt'dtlega-
the prats was argtog that it woaki be the duty
af the gBveraasat to set More the Emperor
hats hsissasasss, the tojastiee of the pre-
scat p alley, aad the coasittorattoas which
ahaadd todaee the adoertioa of a policy
BUcal aa4 jast tosrajd Essrlaatia and it the
toae ot Load Jatrs ltoascu's speech, togisteir
with hh imp irtaat docteratjaas, are
aaymtog, this acfsasatotj watVaf France will
be daae to ao mtoriag tons. A government
whaeh has confessed that H has boea cheated;
HtatKhHMtoagsr asy faith either to the
xotd-Matton or peacefal toteattoas of the
Freaeh Emperor, vriM svst he likely to hesitate
to She ittsii i at torms. The two will dsscass
mmmS smMMCtf oMt afAat al mrfltfBftftrt lt4rfltv fammi
what they wasdd have dfacaeiidrta
Lord Jo smu- has feeny sanhhiddhe
froach Earn tree amidst the
cheors at Fasttosteat; aad, as the
3tiB aMptrt tt.teUhMaU- that fhssgh he
asmmnaos hit ncsjaalatancc, he nhaO go esse-
wstssetossok htoJrtoaato. ftwt as asamcg
warn aa aeaaatotaaec, aad a
that the iriOth xsscBmetd wffl ajrae Faaace
to towsc aw nirisrtsa barriers ; andit wall be
ii stolen, stoaagc the toae should rise into a
Btmfehfeettaethet sttN itogcrs a t to a
bmsIsk, to seoa to taw oaaatoattoa of Mr.
ssaaxxt, af Lrrerpooi, hy the sekct
tee of the Hoose of Commoos, bow toiseton
am atsrcaatfle shiiapsag. - We aaght to keep
tap aar iiaarsmary at sea. We have
astahs Una's abate, aad we oaght b retain
, ate Ms ivaiih) aad Mr. CoaaEsr TiianHj
sold to a speech, that Franc had as right to
tton hare sone on to the Chariestoa csfiren-
ttoa. They go there intending, I pretame, to
withdraw from that convestsoe it Senator
Doagiaa should be the ota'Bee, shiaktog, no
doubt, they are truly r-eptos eating the senti
meat at the Democracy wf this State. Never
were a set af men more mistaken than they
are. They cannot find authority ror rising this
to the resohtfoas ot coaaty meetings appoiat
hg delegates, or any otter Democratic meet
tags to this State. They prehaMjr regard the
very etaoaeat strains of dennnciatioas of Sen
ator Dsagias cottstaatly found in she JStU-
newspaper at the proper arasic to
daacc after. In this ttey vrrH had that the
people will net foltow. I eay this because I
have talked with iBsaentot men Irving to
slmiet every county of this State mea who
have cotvect hi jnsatton ast this asjhjstt, aad
they alt give the tame opinion, which is, that
if Senator Doaglas is the ssatteecat Charles
ton he will carry this State easily.
It is true there .was a great storm raised in
this State against Jnaator ItoaagU about a
yoar ago.
This was caased by letter writ era at Wash-
tegtoa, aad jwHtsetoat to this State. amp
orators, vied with eat ether, ad grer tKMtM
todesatisylagltoaglas in qamaanrsd terms; he
w!io coald the struagett tahtthnts against
Do las aeeated to be saasajht the greatest
orator. No man, since tttoaubtydayaef Gen.
Jacktoa, has beta so abased hy members ef
bis own party as hat S. A.JeBtias. Batthat
storm, like all others, bad 'SLa mates It. K
Mr. Sumner moved to refer the memorial of
Mr. Sanborn to the same committee.
Mr. Mason moved that K to rejected.
Mr. Sumner said be fell it to be Ms datr to
protest against such a susxetttea. It was re-
Kited of one ot the yedges ef hell, that he
punished first and beard afterwards. Ths
Senator from Virginia bad taken that as his
Mr. Mason said that the Senator had need
language in .sating opposition to a motion,
-th&t-so ear sains latercuaise with etatleatn
went be bad never heard used asdsWe ot tfee
Seea'e. He would not take it aa nersonaMr
offensive. The Senate was ihe best judge cf
wnar was due to its decorum.
Mr. Sumner said the Senator from Virginia,
in Masek-eeaedeace, had uadertoksti to lec
tors Mm on manners. In repir he -would tay
that when any eatrage comes before the Sen
ate he theeM speak ot it at it deserved, and it
aay nroendeat frost a bad place sheaid apply,'
be should sot hesitate to ass it.
Mr. Mason briefly replied, bet bis remarks
were inaudible.
Without tiispettog ot the matter, the special
order came up, being Mr. Brown's termerial
Mr. Latham said It is now eighty-four years
since ibis country was admitted into the fam
ily of Battens, daring which time she bad been
favored with nsbesttntod prosperilr and mil
lions had locked to oar shores, lie thought
that during this time we had advanced in po
litical ethics to the extent that we had in our
material progress bk tariff, aul last, but
not least, the aU-ahsorbiBg and mischievous
question ef slavery. Soon all became secular
in the latter. Wide scope had been gives and
the meet selfish passions prevailed. He pro
ceeded tojshew that there was so Irrepressible
conflict between labor and capital. There
was no capital state without its being a labor
state- lie deprecated tfee means by -which the
Republican party rode iato power and denied
that the negro had ever adrtneed In tntelli
geace for csntar.es. The H irreprsetible con
Ict" was a northern a est Taction -need as a
lever by sectional men for scattering fanati
cism and ridtog fete political power. It was
dee to the tenth that the North should let sla
very atone. He did not belie re to the stoeerity
of the RspaWlcann who declared they had no
iatefltteti be iastortere with slavery in the States.
It wat iacctnaatrMe to a seetioMl petty. If
the Union it to be preserved the farsnreasible
conflict mast be absniionsd.
Mr. Latham, in eoactoston spoke ot the per
petuity of the Union, the a Section for which
were too deeply seated in the hearts of toe
people, to be eradicated.
Mr. Brown said he wanted a vote bow on
these resolutions.
Mr. Btgler moved to pestpoae the resolu
tion, and take up the patent law bill.
Mr. Hale said be hoped the resolutions
would not be postponed. There should be a
rote an tbea befsswthCsrtojton' convention,
the friends of the parrr now to the citr were
waiting for the eentlsmsntothow their hands, iscreaatog.
VatlM ISlT
im .mm m ran wit rrm tar usstsniui vsu
IMiTiS'-rnrsr m stt ttt tt jniiisisei......iis
,s- Mm tin flvsr-dUMi s sMSVttr nr ... J,1S1
Tha nr stent iHreeters are. there
fore, electei by (be private stecbolders,
without the aid ot either the vote of this
State, the vote ot the city, or ot the governor
of Mississippi. Sect a result Is not only
cheering as a sign of of anion ot all interests,
oat a preer ortne wisaom ana tesgmtni or tne
two coventors ana our mayor.
The fsflowlng gentlemen compose the sew
board :
IILoeniAXA DixtCTens. C. FeHowts, W.
Begirt, M. 0. H. Norton, Henry FVsrance, P.
is. wood. j. tv. uarrou, ueo. joeas.it. w.
arts.' JloitH. rae hard, Jnasterbrtiek.
A- M. Holoroot, II. j. Kannry.
Miitistrrrt Dixicto at. William Mc
WUHa, Madisso Me Af re, 0. 9. Tarplry, James
MCAdorey, Jimis urame, L. I- itsaston.
In the House, on Wednesday last, the fol
lowing colloquy occurred :
Mr. Fryer, (Dent.) ef Virginia. I rise to a
mestton ot privilege. By referring to the
aitbt or-Mls-mernvftC. i nna tns renowine re
poitadrtfttog to the scene which occurred
here some days since :
Mr. Prvor. advaneine- from the Democratic
sMt of the Heats to the area where Mr. Love-
iov stood. The renLIetsan frosa Illinois IMr.
Lovejeyl thaR aet approach this aids of the
House soa ting his net and talking In the way
be has taUeed. It it bad enough to sit here
and bear bim utter his treasonable and I&sutt-
iur lancatre : bat be shall not, sir. come upon
this aids of the House shaking his fist in our
Mr. Potter. We listened to gentlemen oa
the other side for eight weeks, when they de
nounced the members upon this side with vio
lent and effeatlvt language. We listened to
them quietly, and beard them through; and
now, sir, this side shall be heard, tot the con
sequences be what they may.
Mr. Pryor. This it the paint I make. Let
the gentleman speak from his seat, and say
all under roles he is entitled tossy; bat, sir,
he should net come upon this side, shaking bis
fists in our faces, and talking to the style he
has talked. He shall sot come here gesticu
lating in a menacing and refianly manner.
Mr. Potter. Yo are doing the same thing.
Mr. Pryor. It is due to myself to say that,
open tile occasion here described. I did not re
eegniie the pretence ot the member from Wis
consin, s-r old I hear any word from his lips,
nor am I singular or peculiar in that lack of
recogntttoB.of his presence, for hy referring
to the New York journals, and those ot BaW-
.f .-.iR,.nt trl-miRhin. Ther hi con. xTsi-aoniputa, ana otntr waeet, an oi
" --" "-w j s - . a aAl a.
sd themselves with treat dicatrr and pro- p"M"P"aic "J '
Ohio valleys above us. Beverly and Lowell.
on the Muskingum, and Psrkersburg, bare
suffered immensely. The M. & C. railroad
Easstnger connections are all right, and will
e made irith regularity. The B. & O. rail
road, from Parkeraburg, ta running regularly.
Ths only dlfScalty Is in lbs trass f er of frelcnt,
which will be remedied by Wedneaday. Pas
sengers by this roate will meet with no deten
tion occasioned by the freshet.
rrotnSnn Francisco In Ten Bays.
St. Josivr, Saturday, April 14.
Ths first courier on the Central Overland
Soar express arrived beta .at four a'flocxyrs
teraay afternoon, wna usmornia gun to
31 and uarson vauev to tne ko.
The courier came through in ten days to a
minute, leaving San Francisco at four o'clock
on the afternoon ot the 3d. Owing to the de
rangement of the wires between here and St.
Leats the reports ware delayed till tfato morn
ing. The legislature was barfly engaged In con
sidering the San Francisco bulk-head Mil. The
contest Is exciting' proportionate to the inte
rests involved. The result is doubtfnL
The State capital is permlneotly located at
Sacremente, $100,000 having been appropri
ated for the commencement of a capitel build
ing, which is to cost, when completed, 500,
000. The Japanese steam corvette Candin-Mar-rob
baa been in the dry-dock at Mare Island,
and put In complete order tree ot charge,
Com. Cunningham explaining that while he
bad no actnat authority to render this accom
modation, he felt sure be arts carrying out the
inteetieos ef his Government to doing for the
Japanese steamer all that be coald for an
American man-of-war.
The United States steamer Powbatttn, Cap
tain Pearson, bearing the na cr o nicer xat
nill, arrived at San Francisco on the 27th uK.
via Honolulu,
She brings the Japanese Embassy, consist
ing of two principal Ambassadors, princes ot
the highest rank amonr the nobility of the
Bmptfe, and two associates, who are nobles
of nearly equal rank. Tbete four are of the
Emperor's council. They are accompanied
by a suite of sixteen officers ; amoogihemJare
three interpreters, and fifty-two subordinates,
making seventy-two to all.
They bring J100.000 to defray personal ex
penses", although the embissyis invited at the
sole expense of the United States.
Ttier were riven the best ouartert on board
the Powhaltan during the voyage and arrived
to geod health and are highly pleated. The
chief dignitaries are magnificently dressed in
embroidered silk robes, each wearing a sword
ducted themselves with great dignity and pro
priety. The Powbatttn oa the day ot her arrival
went to Mare Island navy yard, all the Am
bassadors remaining on board.
It will require several daya to overhaul the
steamer and take in coal, srfaen she will sail
for Panama.
The Ambassadors will then proceed to As-
pln wall, where the United 'States steamer Ro
anoke is expected to be in waiting to coavey
them to Washington.
They are so well pleased with the Powhat
tan that they express a wish to have her de
tained at Panama to convey thttn back to Ja
pan on their return from the United States.
They purpose spending aboat a month on the
Atlantic side, though their Oa is not limited.
By the Powhattan advices from Japan are
received to February 15.
The rovers nent of Japan had commenced
i tempi njr Mexican dollars, Bafcthg them legal
currency la that country. Una cbriatlns one
ot the principal dirSnHies In prosecatisg trade
wih foreigners.
The Powhattan arrived at Honolulu, March
Mb, and remained till the ISth. The Ambas
sadors were there received with all formal
boners. Private hospitalities were on -every
of ths aSdir, not a word appears in any of
them of bin presence, or ot any word said by
aim. However, I find this in the GUtt, and I
presume I mu-t aliovr that he did appear, and
did speak on this occasion. In order to ascer-
n, eewerer, what he m say 1 nave nan-re
course to the manuscript of the reporters, aad
1 nod.air, Uiaioe has Interoouted, the record
touching our proceedings here, and affecting
me record la a most material point. .iiere
Mr. Pryor pointed out the corrections made
by Mr. Potter, and whlcU appeared in his own
band-writing. Ta big remark "and now,
sir, this side snali be heard." be added, "let
the consequences be what they may." After
a remark by Mr. Pryor, that Mr. Lovejoy
should not shake bis attain their faces, be. had
interjected, as for himself, "you are doing the
same thing now." Again, be aided to his
( Potter's J rsaark. that "the Democratic side
could net sty where a member shotted speak,
and they shall not say." He would now yield
lor me messoer to say wnetaer or not De a ad
mate isrse alterations.
Mn. Potter, of Wis., (Rep.) Mr. Speaker.
I am verr much surprised that the member
frum Virginia should say that be did sot see
me on tne occasion alluded to ; bat, sir, I bare
AvOOOD Burr FtUttr smi tut U mutt f Ikjj art,
u4 1r ttMy matt icdutrieet mis, far
whoa frx4 prlc win b Av&T n to
- JAS T. GRANT, . -
svpl T-2t CTiBXten, Ttuu
TUB stoctbtMsrt at las Orsst WasUm sleua sad
Wslst AUraOasta Ocms? art noUSsd Isstitad
ausUac foe sacfcomUoa. un4r tbslr cssrur, ts
Mosaar stvxt, res nrd IcsC; at S o'efoct, at tat ears af
W. B. Out, ill CaaMUA BlocX, tu tlsla ttrset Bjst
dev. J. tt. XDHOKDSOX,
s?lt-tt fecrtury. pet tsu.
AtlcHtloH, Sir ttnlgbtnl
BT ssdrr lbs X. Oaoauader, tax aasntm t Or
m Osnuuadtry Ms. 4 art kerrty MISsd ss st
ts4 a coBdset atrett at tba ball el Aacsrsoa Lod(s
K: E9,TnU(Biandr)Zyl(l:0, atlx etack, far
Us turpost tr soaterriot tbt anlerot XairatTtntlar.
Tfacateat Sir Calxats art traUraaUr Utltad 1 at
tend W. S. FITCH, JS-,
apis.lt , Btewtrr.
TBI patUc art caiUassd aniait Usdlaxfer ctrtala
naua or das bills, slrcad Wassoa A Ccjls. payaMa
ta stasia peraeas. and Isdsraed by WlUlaa Bmn, all
dated ttoailbt 1U J April and piyaKt absattae teii
at Xsy, Ice), as lis uxs vera ebulssd rrea At iu
pattesr, by aeaas at IMetts. (irtBC s7 tampassry sV
saecajsytbs laborers escated aa esr Isrea cwtiast,
Jtst batata be iu xUItd oa tba lAs last.
b-trtlTltf eartaer at lbs arm af Watson A ObjU.
taportaoUo ladies.
Direct from New Tork and Paris,
HAVTXO jtst recslred by Ataas' Sstresa feca tie
Ksit air stock train Its dire t rsrls and atba
Earaeeu hapaitrrs, I bar te lUta ta las ladle tiat ntr
fadliUas far aoosmmedatlaa ara swv trtatar taaa ever,
mrsbcXDor varied aad alataat, aad UI pnees, tas.
more maderstt thsa ever. "
la siLBinsraa's xatrosiirx Of rAJSHIOX nay
b taiind 1A UteU aad mast ratasatta
'Bomeu. In Treacb Chip, Crap, aria-, tc
Hata, la. neat variety, far Ladlai, Wins aadUas,
Tt oa BikkoM and rmeb rtawers.
Dress ansa, U UtM importations, and Trhasslaes.
WMU Goads, ak aa Swiss laasatta, Ltaaaa aad
Sfaratsiant XmrMrle.
Skirts, CaOars, atesre, etc
Oeotia Idea Mast, SIX aad Bereft Sisters, to
Talescuu Stta asd laces, ZarJha TbnU 1m aad
Tins neat Osrtets, fancy aad puts.
rsrassts. Sisdet and fans, at tba etwtnat ttoat.
Gbvta aadltltaaf tb beat aulles.
Hp sjtlrts. af Us litest sad Improved patteto asd a
treat tour articles to cameras ta meauaa-
Tba Dreas-Katliir Departaant la stul steTtatrBi
by Xadan XOKXLI, UU of ths fir sad srite-taowa es
Uasjakaevt l Boq Too, will eaatraaa to de tte isoat
sail sausrsettoa In atttsraat Cttlar.
ABafdmprassptlr attested teat the sbsrkst tHe.
Sestesaber uit plan.
apH-ta 16t bfaa St.. apt. Waeaaai Hause.
TSS aabaorlbara, aa4a tor. tl'taU t.tfc C2Ui
EXATIf) raiurrjlf COTTOX QIN3, Eaaa(Mlrl
tT W. O. Olscxm Bftwu at Oa, fMamtaa. oaaesla.
rtipoctraUr asouea to plasteu ssaafaUy that xtrt
baea oa baad a taria eosalctBaai a! taaie Gtas.ai4
will b prrpareC ta attptr a em at an tlat-a darhx IS
saasou with suesi sitae as ttey assy repair. Maatars
utU( tbtta Srst an rtstaated l ad ta tbairardets
u rewuns at co.,
apta-dtwaas a). A. TttoaxTHy,Aseii.
Uecatnr to ftashville
TIa Teflesse asd Ahkma Saluttii,
ajtb wenntcnoss.
ComaieBcIsg Monday, iprll 10, 18G0.
BAGaitM ch scran nreovaabttwstuXsabstot
aat lMatr.
risaevatti rot rsi sotmr tsbt tba s a. m.
iralaoe ik Teas aat AUbataa AtPt
lam tik Oanar. Taoaus at naajk's Mat of atats I
TTsspm II antau aatars. Contact at Decattr
wUU Xoeapbla aad Casrtaslsu Ballraai! ttala tor Una
pal. Orust Jauttoa mmi all prfeu Soar M vnt
rAiwixennt ckhvs soBra itta it s a. u. trans
Of aiTiamm asd AsaoaauCeattal aUlleaadakDeea-
Utr, Msetia u Tttf, uxUam wKti lia lUf Has to
KfVsstoa Stat atoa enrettoea kttb way wMfc
m. s i launtaal ttaSBreas trains at SKattt.
tbi mat AxatTAC Talis sxasos er grxiifs
Clothing and Farniahing Goods,
Men's, Bays' and (Mdrea's Wear.
343 lTlaIn Street,
a ratx Airo eevrtzTs
Tine Olotbmg,
STOVAI.L & irrcnELii,
A BBaMtaa(ntolarttft.Saestasd bntaasottad
l sasea or aaoat aar aatol. Dor sn esosaraa'a war,
tbry bavt sstr baJ fkt tssaiur af aeriaato tba trats.
Sprlar and Summer Ororcoafs.
X very UfkA aet comSartaM artiatt tar aa.4ala
CaMlmere Dnstness Suits.
X larst assuiiitial Sar saelac, ssasmtr and tsB wear,
a4 Ck latrost aswrtawnt f nasV and' ObstdetVa
CMMx, aa Bkiau f vry XHd tbat is to t toasrj aa
ta iraraira laaaiij. ast as wnata, w win aasi sspr .
saat arar kssar, aad riipeotrany'mTits ttyevs n tan
aw raBso vr vwjea oit aaysat.
Breeilksat aaat wassaatod to k of ta btst awaMty,
tad saaa aawu aa can bo, aad rat to st.
SMatUs street.
G. . JONES & Co.,
Empire Spring Water,
Sperier to Conrrus Spring Water I
TUB BlfrlBS WATSS as batttsd fees tba Saspir
Bpraar. at Saratora Sprlocs, Xw Trk. Teds I
sawasala as tnaasat eat rar rtna tn. Osecreaa Sprtas;
aet tba teaertar taality at tba Kasasrs Water fan am
ta lai naotlanc petearttes af tt. cascteas, wttn
an aa jtaes at a tars aet af MdTea.
Ta a UjU of tba Baulta Tatar skews a wiealias-
t aa of Bmnsaato o Lw, stae1a- aad soda, aad
akartoa at Si'ieat. wtth twelTa t-ralaa af Rydraadal.
of 84 ar ladtM par stiles, betd la aasatson by OaFbowie I
Cbotaaptt aad nyaarlsaapranaeeee KrbtbtstXsdttal
Water lain wrVt aad aaetany adapted la dbwaaea
6. W. WBSTOK fc 00.,r-reprtatora,
Saratora srtafs, sat
taelt-aaa II Jeka s rett. S, Tort.
Ossirtlsbsc att tat aarrestiet of at seaa, bask
r. sadtabria, Wa tksBausa
Dally Additions to oar Steele,
During the seatsa, dtrset fjes oar pleat of
Every artiels we tell OUARAXTKED AS
Spivey & Clarke,
aatt e.ts afsbs strtot.
Warn Btmrt Msaat, Mhu
I'or Rent.
A OOPSr alt aaaaat, laettlaa utslrakto. Assay
I ii- at . Iian-il EIBC at witXIAJiB.
AfftrtJATtOS by
i latfavsch Baab-roar. Bo
Arsa 1. B H ,
Cara Baakaf XeaafM.
Primp Whits Corn.
SACKS Pf tela oTMt Carl, far stta ST .
vx. a. eoaBtmr.
aptt.St Xo iz riwat Bow.
To Hire,
Nearly opposite.. to Odd Fellow.' HaM,
1 1 Fresh Garden Seeds,-
Dinner no if d lakdeeth i sow. r&iiakts,
iet laaalvad, xaakias r asaartsaoas- tsioaalito.
Touaus at aaryffciad ofaeedyouwaat f raa.
o. w. jokis at 00..
apt 9 Mala meet.
r-tAKTS Vales aad Xr Vea. Avoir to
v John sinita.
aatT-lw , . , set litis AM.
-v w
Butter and Cheese.
A i mrivi kimvo
1 U att Motion Ctteo.lot'telA aattar ..1
I vetflaw toctaso oaawttonoat.
, apiaiw Ar:3, ween at HrtHWHT.
Rurncll7! Kxtracls.
WI at kat receirod i Utt lai af BBrmfii-a na
larttc Kitrarta. vte: Octet. StssTaaina, I 0000
Lenaa. Oaniiwaa. Atstaad. Kecuriae. Bluer. favuk. I 0JJJ
Linden and tanderdalc Streets.
PrtsMAMT to a sear f la Okaasoey Oaatt at
Xoatpbl. raederot Xxooubov trrax. ISH, la tb
cat af Setts Weaver va. w
Ma ad, aad oUfrs, I vlM.
ON S1TURDAT, MAY 19, I860,
tajroatof suoBM, oaBaoctBj of Xaaaaelo,
aV to tba ksxbeet aaoaar.
Twelve Valuable Lots,
Xitoated at la Mwtfc-v-ot raroer or twterMcltoa of IJa-
aet Laadoraafs seretft. la ta est, af Xmhoh,
Stoty oaaaly, Taaaisif I. ktac tba wkato t tk tsaat
ar potoa. of load katstilossoaaanod by AbVartl. X liter
to Was. H. Blaad. tocaasod, aad tajewa as tat V. a. to
nsecx a, aa tat pita ar swam esaaei. navtat a rroat
f MT feet a lAatea ssraoa. aat liailir kaat witk
Isadeoaal stttst US (, (aaarpt footaalka wat
ae af said lot. walck baa kavataiere koa aaat oaC)
Salt tract er paecat af laaot baa to saedlaatod lata
TtiLTl lavvs, aat will V asol la art aa sett pas
f baaen A piaa af tba mialililia at tb a a aa ba
seoa staayaosjoabr akosa wbo aaar wtsb to axaaaba sat
Haa si's aad will be alas xhtbttad oa too oaf of sabs.
A attaolastaaaslar aflbaaaMlsiawillWsaadaar
I ca, I r!H aSraat tneu ; tb rmnaat.r af soot lot
I Um aN ae a etvoBt of tea years, pstbaaara so eta-
I eat aatea, wttst twa appfarad eecsrm. boarbat sat-
aat tawsday at aal. a lalaeast pas ast s aaar torts
Mta to bo eat lased aa ta piwlsea astjl aaysisal af jaf-
eeaj nay.
aaes to casiajsaa at n anesaat. a. m.
jetuf a. ukiH,
a4v-dawtd Cbstk aadXaator.
Kafir. Osion aad CTora. kr U sro. owta acbot-
I He. Birrumtir tkat Btraalt'a ta. UiebattXitraet skat
Nb. 90 Kaitoan atreat
SAUL ? Bora
saeo bass, iiim vrbtt Cora .
la atat aadJar sal bar J. I. BSATTir.
attS4rtw !Ce.t Btwardo new,
nedges, ncdses
sal by aplt O. W JOXaa k. CO.
Ilnngarian Grass Seed.
TTTE bare a food aapply of Tb isrrl aood. wbieb Tin
VY besoMlow. Warraatad freab aid r'aota.
aplt O W JO.SSS tt OB-
hand, and the King and Queen held court at V fj' ln1 J l b d,u;
the palace for the recentlon of the dlsUacuWi- baH"e L .c.oar cMot knew U. But I
ed foreigner!, and welcomed them in appro-
Islnaced Oil.
priate style. They were also entertained at a
grand ball, given by the officers ef tba Pew
battaa, expressing great delight at the gay and
novel scene.
The news from the Sandwich Islands is un
Sam FKAxetsee. AnrH I. r. sr. There is bat
little news of general latere.
in Japanese AmbasaMers, woo ytttted the
city on the 31st, have remained the guests of
the city. $2660 was appropriated by the city
treasury to provide a suitable entertainment ;
an tne corporation officers, memoers ot ise
legislature, the governor and the citixens gen
erally, bare paid them respects in person, and
on the 2d, a grand public reception was given
the ttrsngtrs, at the largest hall in the city,
where' United States officers, civil and military,
foreign consuls asd State auihcrsUrf, participated.
The Powhattan Is expected to earl for Pana
ma, with the Embassadors, about the 5th irt.
The Japanese carry an ieMsease amount of
baggage, inclodlnr many boxes ot presents to
the United States Goremmensj.
The news from the Washes mines is about
as heretofore reported. Eaiigration thither is
. Oapat Vatplaa,
Demar Tas alts,
rare Wblta Load.
Amerkaa and ritaab Zaae,
Oaten, dry and tu att.
Tab CoWrf,
Paint and Tarnisb Ural tea.
And every artiste nsed ky palaters. for sal by
aplt O. W J0SE3 St CO.
stood, tir, within a few feet of the rentleraan.
and after be had made the remarks, wbieb he
hat just read, relative to Mr. Levator, comin
oowa into the area, and geatieeiating, and
seating nes Bttt, t said, "Jou are doing tae
same new;" and I was surprised to find that
I was net so reported. I did, therefore, what
I seppeie every man has a right to do under
such cirenmttances. When I waa conscious I
had made the remark, aad others on this side
heard rae, I corrected the report in that partic-1 TTOESn cokgress watek.
nlar. I claimed and exercised the same right I X rresb Artesian wn Water,
ut lootun- over me reporter's Botes, ana cor
recting them that others hare dene y and I be
lieve tne member Horn Virginia did the same
thing ; at any rats the remarks were corrected
by some one. iodciur from the notes I taw.
It it perfectly natural to suppose that under
sues circamaiances, end during tns coHruiitn
ot so many speaking, the reporters woold not
hear distinctly every word, bat gentlemen oa
tats stee jteard me maite trie remarks as re
ported in the Cadet.
Mr. Pryor. I did Bot knew ihe member, and
therefore he mi-ht hare passed before my fact
witnout my tnowrng nim. as to what he says
aeeat my evrrecMeg the report, I did in two
THE aabassltisr atfera for aala a beatUtal tot of aa I
aar af srooB. I eased ta Soovk Mrmtiti. on I
tAatersal aireet, aaar tk cof Dor t Vaara aad Lat
eVrtafe. akat tear or Sir bsjadrrd Saro doa west Sroai
an. AC o Aootearr ftettasiiwf afessfeh. Stark si.
I t X. 8, Laat.ra.io street.) A siaaM rraae bn on
Sb tat, aa lanawttkt welt af ate. eJtar eaM watae , a
Sew s mm trait trees, (pb and aypoe.) a varMy at
grape, aaaaa, araaaerx.at. xotonaitaaoraooata eeaar
tkoaaoot rrlrab:a la 3wt!l Xaa tl. SaMtotaara
U dltat-d aaas u taaba faar btaaliral tats of 11 by l&tyi
rovaoaswioblat ta parcbaaa win sad ass at tba tTor-
I aaaaa Mesas. -waailrlteeatoppiacfrBweo ortwa.
EJ-Bo Xa-sa- nrva A Sxararacxb, N- S3 Frt
&-. ooor yfsyak It Jaaaeaaa'a.
apaaato aw p. o. waltum.
D Jbv. B UET'S
fV yaterday err rar. a KOOOOCO
tf POCtLSFTBOOC, wHk (laatte futaaiai,
taataiasas aaeex A tH.aswwa ky J. 6.
lsl.enletoXlsaptli Lata aad giaiial la-
. pataaaatoj D Btaaor
Sit ao not deawa bv Sla rBac rVwtke. Par ottooaa
rarkoaeer, Sar
laadredaad adl oeBasa. papakls la Ants B. Baker or
rasr. Atoa, a saat alia, raoolpU aat etker papasa af
saaob valaa to aba awaar, bat af a - to aay a otta.
raamaat a ao sad aaaat bas keoaaaiaa. A Abakstst
rewartwtli a past sar na aeasreey, yea lamrali, to
ear at ua
' y
fix rA:
Vf n r r
W P.
bti wKXtSxxx ai rBijo
Th n rat day HornlHg,
April 19, at W ocloci, -CI
A K nsi r a xa7?rs rwmxa rnr?rv mv
J3 'ttos lJt to Bask a I racing
asst. Ttm bitli iBi 1 1 1 1 i ii ii i
etr rt$ ft vey ttafar r Ui bearl of baal-
--f oaaa aowtwaaa-turdcaak, balaac ta an
aad twayaasa.
Alter the Above Sale,
.no. 7 no nvf ki's now.
task W0 fret to ast tost attor. Ma. to a..7Z.
ssratS psiety. aad aatat nasi Hi tb aaiattan.i
!Vo. ie MadJon Street.
baalaatt aaaavaapWattats, tat aa atboa ato ttr to
aaat a paotac jareataieat.
twla BBosatas. wttb 1
Tiat to ta aaoo krt a fforfoct. Soto 7a..
epta-tit xoBaaVsJeBAT. Basra Xt at ae.
reat Sale
ONE huhdbsd; splendid
PhEfi AMtiw ts lire CMj f Wms,
Aprvi-24, at M otiskt os
wHt seM
the prtasees, we
mnzl ntiifm mst.
A. S' 1JTT.
.a. x. yAsrtxtss
"lOXUgSfXtarrS aaalaMad Aoaaaat Sales ttsalara
lajaipisy-ajaaa aeraaer aa ranalaasuttli
Our MUktUa manfjo aj a. Urea to aU
Btratdtoar car
nm arr:-t
1 00,500 XZilt"3-
ss-floa nBato suu
Jtst nastved ta Mitaasrst aad fat aal tow by
A. S. UVT 1
Bonrbon aad Rye Whisky
WBaaTaJaaraeMvadaa iiniiii al
SO bra), eat Barfcoa Wbtstv.
St - aMXtaWttaay,
at " aM Babootaaa Caasty wklabf
ft lata etoap ky
" . A. S. LXoT at aM
Y A. S. IaBVY to CO
tT?J?5u" "Oo. aaeraataf store, XSFX1
a JX- H o-cto-t, ttraatrto llaaot,.
baaca, Objare, rararaer., ate . te.
A. a. ta" Hamiai i
. b. cr tr,..jA
a. wsaaxta..
F. I! m. 1 1
January 1,1860
100 BflUdisg Lots,
Situated on Orleans, Goalee and
iiaiuut streets.
TX tb teassi Bils ao4ltliTka,.l at tb St. Ata I
X acaaai aat sssaism ooose Tata's, sad wtBam .aar
isatoaau af fa ataot I'laaati pirtlisi af tba assy. II
M tiaarakl. sir Ha btak aad rtofaat iStoattoa. Ta
asst iiaaaif. naliaillalU to Ska attaawood taatoty
aad Pvta Cottofa, win paa kf tAa hA. Tkea
a WW so M
JOTH aoyarj sad tks asrsnt are toottot to xsat
our SXTT SlssCX. rtiad Ac. a
seatra a bat a aaaaaw. ar those
aeektat au bmstBaat, win aat feU to attend ekts treat
Tttto perfect.
Plato abawiax akakca- I
linn in Wotnli
OIST laOITG TIME. ufftat
$20,000 in Silver Warst
$20,000 IH mi, ill
antB x mi. MiraBya-satT or
Cutlery: Canes I
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J. B. BtpSMB.
Water, Water, Water.
FreabiSaratoxa Water.
- Jast received and tar aat k. U eat ar alatliabiltlr,
by .-! O.W. JOXBila.00.
Kirk & WiHiams,
Fine Teas.
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Of tb best tmj-, far salt wbataaala mat retail Vr
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lor Sate.
ut7o;.;orIfor anXr.ln OTbVa " 1 An sS?HJns-
The resolutions were positioned teas 17.
eaesa follewrd the ttorm aeai the pteplt aegtss-j atwsCSi. r f
to inmtigaic, to learn "Ihe caste of this furi- ' tHlhamlajthepateahlaw was taken
a vote, en its
heeptvaatitTMpewertsI as.tiaat rf Kag- out war upe, the matt evhe hai been so loeglji. lL witW
Itnd- I'belr ftverete. In every nettiMuhood the I'- AdteoBBed.
qaeetisn could be often heard asked : "Why
all this abate, these Utter deamardatJens of
the man who has been te long the area cham
pion of Deaaocrey and the rights of the SeatM"
Tbry beard the eft rape ted charge apptred to
Senator Dosagtas, that he was In favor of
"aqaatter savereigBty." Many people were
deceived by this unmeaning eitarge, asd in
duces! ta join ia the crusade, hex, by Inreetlga-
tieg for themselvet, tfaeyfettnd that this enor
moas charge, as applied ta Dtslat, simply
aseeat that he was in favw of Bannterrttiaa
by Congress on the slavery lyuesttea In- the
Territonet, and that the people etthc Tti-
tories asbeald be left free to settle the slavery
auettioB in their own war. saisiect oaslr to the I board
CMacrtatieB tbttbe United States. ewreet. They were all saved; one man by
.. .. -L- v . a... I climbing u? tne brush and drift that had lodred
the Preatd-d, Seearer iWsalawten attd otntr this be ifchUc wmnr.Vt hare all Arresd tm 'LT'T TZi
WAtaiicsreer, Anril 15. As a
the Opposition wtn pair off with the
cretac itimsiit, wtbe are going te
aad wifl avail stmees ef this a
te viett their bosses, it ssajetjebietinjtearcoJy
is i am, a. tw awaary, win oe ajtx Bssre to
at end to the public basrJaoM.
David A Browa. whe baa recently Tesmrnad
frm Utah, ia a lectarc last Bcwt, refated the
etn-emem at air. neoper, toe delegate lrom
that Tcrriterj-, that the Memoes had so eoia
age o thehrawa.Aaa! ehibitde of their
money, wiuch the authori'ies hare forced iato
axcnittaam, te saow taat rt if rarlrty pay-erst,
below the Btttaet tf aeaiard. I
It it said that the Administration nexoeres (to
the peaeeesiea ef Sea Juan I stand srtsd that in
rttpeBtt se IM proaatcaosu of the Brit it gov-
oaaimow, Hte tsoer ay nua ome avas seen in-
Mr. ctoB, the ehapUic of the Hcaase--
Proaa the Fittaeart taMttw, April Ittb.l
Quite a throng of people crowded the pave
ments along the wharves of both rivers yes-
tvraay to tec tars imtsmrst ireenet wntcn tne
late tains Jtave nndaeaaL Jrom tl iaAUa.
JffM at fctt time it seaned the aM would
nvai mat ot -jz, aao ipernaps evaa retell as
nign as tnat of rsz. tae rivers continued rls
ing the wjole day ; daring the morning the
Allegheny at the rate ef about five laches an
'ihe wilt rest presented an excited arise, Ihe
The pony express starts from San Frantisee
at 4 r. at. to-day. At balf-past three, eighty
letters were received for trans relation, which
Bomber will probably be doubled by the time
the express reaches Carson Valley.
San Juan Island was in joint occupancy of
American and British troops.
It was estimated that 3j000 white men. and
2008 Chinese were engaged in miabtg at Fra-
xer tuver.
Phe mi ran? accounts are encoeraeintr. and
new digginge hare been discovered m various
The news from Oregon and WatbiBEton is
Cabsox Yallxt, April 4th, 7 r. at. The
excitement in regard to the silver and cold
mines in this region, is unabated. Hundreds
are pouring in from an parts ot uaitronai, and
scarcely a company who are prospecting have
.WffjbetateeSUtl togsJ) jisteAontact failed in striking rich ore where they antiei-
nmninajwioKan me i paled to nod it. AincBine
Four isthoats were sunk a hundred feet be.
low the bridge, aad it waa reported the men on
er t'orrtwQot. iXtfar- aBasar hka I j u (I si. , t J "i i
-.ul.. .!..- .1 JTj T. j tl I "aw"1 M5ai, am on oar uuuuitiai stimi ayop, ..jjiramFwu, aaast orerkyruni
his veetefiH at rleartv ta tasair kto rr rT. committed to it, and why at Deng- ' L . t . . . r' ".VP1"
j i: . , ' e i, . ., , , , . , . . .. i owa oa use anoawBtraueia onare rstnazered
aoout oo xeet.
las tt this oartlcalAr lime aboat what w all
agreed to ovtr and ever again. Why aet j
abate Gen. Cam, IsicUattaB, Orr, of Seatsb
Caroliaa, Ctahb and Stephen, of Geergit, j
Badger, of North Ctreiina, aad raaap ethers.
who have spoken often ia advocacy of the
oeaMttioa ef ihe emeVsn.
HeavWm. Ym. Joabasna, ex-CoatgTtwaat n
amwayawaaa, aiau tvere ie-uy.
Trst-aae'r petTrtaeaadrnce from WaoMnrrton.
t5oter Bight, says; , ;
The city to stffl agitated with rariow
rassers te the efJeet thaCHir. Vfjvc bad dtt-
soam-s acoon in retectiae Mr.
Faywt tersM, aad bad atmresttialvtWr
naitrBot,ot)earrni laxatBi. aeoaeittlkn,
which wet bs dates nvder lie adtHe f Mr.
rrrcavs meoos.
Annttsar is, that Mr. Fryer had l ianitiii' bis
willingness te meet Mr. Potter to cwsaten
cetnbit, with steh arms at edther mtyat
choose, ottsUe the fnafssssted walls, rbese
rttmort nave as yet ae foandsslsn in feet
Whatever vaaraaMto au k. ..luiktoi a.,
denbtless let to the arrest of My. pittcrjes-1 ADd wbeB Senlor Green aad Bigier were
rTr T ,- -nyo Bat aet yet bete I raaiag iu aoasaax ax tats n nrnirelltraun,nis
Ma tebsUaed dees set iadaad to pat btenself I eutaiiu- the Lecemnton toae tHth sae
rroaa the ttan I Bus lalltbs i ati i JAaei l MAmvS la 1
The rain eentinued yesterdsy ; the tributa
ries of the Ohio continued to pour into that
sir earn, ana as nream eratsjtrord te me, and
not being able to contain itself, poured oat
same pri&eit4e for which Satarlat It now ao I ,ow. "T- witrr was rnn-
... - " , . , I nt.ig an over tae island, and hundred of peo-
utuch abused? Bat thty say that Bettghs op- p!6,re quitting their homes and crowtag the
poses me icompton issmiiiiiion, and came I bridges la anticipauon ot a still greater rite.
Machinery ot every descrip
tion it on its way here, for the purpose ef
cnubtoz, smelting, etc. The popetttion is an
creat eac very flit. It Ii ttrourbt that to two
months the population will he fifty thousand.
Society is very bad. There are no laws for the
ceilectioa ot debts, or the ntmlshmttit of crim
inals. Murders and fights are of daily occur
The weather is stormy to-day. with a very
heavy fall of enow in the mountains.
int Pony bxprets Is greeted wna great en
thusiasm by the people of this valley, and as
we have bad but a teral-montfaly mall the past
winter, the prospects ot a tptick' communi
cation with friends ia the East are very en-
Tne telegraphic line it now completed to
Miner's Mation. and an office witi be opened
at tn st point oaring tae present weeK.
Miller's station is thirty miles east ot this
city, re rauf to Silt I-akr, aad ia two weeks
the line will be in operation sixty miles still
ro respect changing the sense ot my remarks,
certainly no-, making it stronger or patting
myseu in aay more Derate atxttode. i under
sUnd the gentleman to say that tt said
'bealdtd in a inntanlyaad violent manner
advance towards Mr. tvivevo)-. itug titer
frsjn the Ktn-ifelican benches Now, sir, I
wren to know It I ara to understand farther if
he tetrads by that any menace or offense.
Mr. Potter. Mr. Speaker, what I meant was
tnis: While the member from Virginia wns
ehararinr Mr. Laveior. after he had left his
own seat, and came down into the area shak
ing bis fist at Mr. Lovejoy; and was charging
Btm so tnat it would go te rae country with
this same oafeate, If it be an offense, I said,
wnar. wis a very natural remark", "lou are
doiae; Ihe same tiling;" I deprecated the
shaking ot fists on one side as much as the
-inner, ami i meant waat i saw : and as l said
before, I consider that a member has a rljbt,
Huaer seen cireuttstances, net oniy to conect
bis remarks, bat te Insert any remark which
be knows to have beta left out, and I pat it ia
because I wanted the report to be correct.
That was the only motive, and I would ask the
member from Virginia sow, if he did not of
his own motive erase that remark of mine after-
it bad been put in by the reporters, aad I would
asarinrtaer, woat rtgnt ae nas to erase that
wiiaout consulting me? When l looked over
locec at on.
a Jfa.!
W. A. itOTSTOX. Salesaaan.
Ascites eels.
- atdS-lt
Street Sprinkling for Sure.
-VTOTWrniSTAXDrKG certain paitlee WOULD, It
J.1 ttey OOULD, raa ai ff th track, I aar to aay a
scrabera tkat I VILL.XOST FOamTBLT. sariatl the
tier la of bfeapbis, whether I tot tk water thraasa
ta hayooo water-watts ar aay other BOatBUa oaaeera.
Oaa tbtat eerula. it I doe't do the wac k djo't pay aae
ha k oat I'm oaeaiac.
apIS S. W. ArGtTSTTJg.
THX MSUCUl. BaUsiWB WBT" A nmOf sM ta
A UPX rtR a aJTI-osw aaaady.
. a at
I aaljS By Bai Jars. Oaeraea, X,
maaWttttrhthtof the boat
J- "asas.
Watch Bad took Sat
; at She raa-th Aaaaal TUl at St. Loat, a Maes.
rtraasi lima, to eater tela a safe hajsaii, wta
weB to call aa Ik aatiissasi L www a aaaaa af t
I aw oaaa eeea, eB.
r. a. auixaitrB a. buo..
ef Fraal Bw.
E. G. WHYERS & CO., - "y0'
roil -tAT V. XI 3D I OXT Grl
3d Door Abore Adams Street,
Tax PaBKA.voBinr was.
Direct Importation.
TA SU XooortTooaaaar.
I tj afaaiti Sa Uaaua Po
I aSBhoeboaj afax aSstae tj
aatBaataar eaaka ah
al itkskak M
3. r. aTRAJf X.
Jta. St rwaat BMW.
On -Levee, oM stand et J. at. Alexaader.
-VTTX bare new In star aad tttrr aar aato ;
str y MSltbweteel.
SOObrt. Doaote Extra rssar
iw nyraaae oeetatt ;
60T1 tacks Oara ;
100 bales rasa Bay;
60 tab tatter l
60 haxes rastaa, a ebate arttsl far f aattly aw :
b0 brla. Pkktod Herriaf ;
Si twxea Oodd.b ;
2S koxe Saaued Bateeat ,
109 calet stpsrh O d Bjurkaa, vtry ebatee ;
Aao. a lart stork af chalea Oaa and Uaalua 7nM. I a.ao-irt ts TnTi.Iir.l aim, .... raw it v.
which w off,r at each prtoes ss win make tb aaaatfasl I toait tarfttlv sad atooaotre oatoa? t SreVM
A it. LBeuars soC7Hisv DasTiL nnrtyr.
il1 afata atnoc. saatk-oaat earaer Waahiaaaaa. n.
itasaavV!nlaaatX 2 Wllil$&rt3$F5le r
eel ua A aew aad laaiiHift itaek at lawMt Btatoru
praas. mt par Poll, ss-separ H a, taatrt-
assais aaa xwata, (aetsaeie araaa.) aaataaa aar awa
SHealll. eMd. rtatlh aad Sataar Plato. Soaaeaa.
Wtra, MC Tooth U alyVes, Jo. Whit bt OaV
Akhaya Polls ; Aak'a aad other Deatal Chairs, eta.,
iiaipnntraiaai, tsaata. Taeth. ate.: main War I
the ses I saw wlat the gentleman from Vil I KrTto tT;.1. can.: X Z
aaBt. tVMl S
i ut be seil to Bavka room for mere.
ta rondict with the AdaUntetration In oeeof its ??" crowded from day- fttrtber eatt, when trie time will hi reduced t
principal meassirei of that sestJeix. That is
true, hot other good Dfaaocrals JM the same
thing, and they were not only net abused for rtyi a
but their Democracy was sm-iyheu oiestioiitd.
light until late in th day by waaront contain.
Ing household goods, men, women aad chll-
drra nfcuadieg along m the rain. Bsitiaest Is
ittBott retires rnteepe
I ...I . . ... 1 ...
am an aaittwij wsauiai reaca ot toe aaraonues,
Hewas ia&eeity, atthe XifltwtsiliteaSt. en
Bight, i tvatoptnyarititi Messrs. Milcy
cusaing the Leceatpton Httw with Sena tar
Oeugiat, saataewer to aa intemgatsrr from
DeugUs, Boti Lihttimz4mitemlkb
Bended, and a aietire te es
cape impending damage has swallowed up eve
rytbiBC else along Water and Main stmts.
Seme Hirer er rear er the bridges aa ths
HempSeW railroad have been swept away.and
a damage has been canted that will require
lrWes$ Srb'yfith.bout fifty feet at
tract otpos it, was seen going aown tne river
eight days between St- Joseph and San Fran
citto for telegraphic dispatches.
Saw FnAxrisco, April 4 6, r. sr. The
Bony txnress left hers yesterday afttrnoee at
Ma, amidst tae enters ot tnree Uoasaad peo
gmia bad said, but I consider I bad no right
whatever to alter a -word, or even a comma of
it, and I wouhl have cat my. right band off
Detere I wpoia cave done it. Jjut, sir, that
rensMjc nf mine, pnt in Its proper, place as I
utteretnr, was entirely wiped om by the gen.
Ilenvan from Viirinia. He erased.tt'ln such
a' way that neither the reporters noflny other
rraon con ia nave- tora waat tae words were.
it was taking a liberty which be had no
t tetake. It it the TleAt of no member in
erase the remark of another member, Vh'elhtr
that remark appears In the reporters' notes or
not, after "member bat corrected bis remarks ;
. J i k. , w I1.8 . u .? "usln"s' "to. orapa B.rei. fan atotk ; tlcb St ks s aaaeed
and l.e hat ao right to tske the liberty of I ad.p6 skirui Chax.ieoa asd checked salru ; 'b-
Sr etoe. rl &
taialiats tk patraaat f tko deatal prafeaalaa f
Xsaaakl. aad sarraeadiac caaatrr. 1 akall a ar ao
kiaaratli eejoit ta sent a Ha aoattaaaae aad extcastoo,
ia xoaaaaaie aat attoaalat Stote aat saath teoerally.
- i .!, o ataia atrewt. jteaaaia. xeaa..
i4 n Vartot meet, Jt. L!,, i.
la Meera. ato.. ohaerv Ike- at eaU
style sjT denat A. X. Loeftos Sosthort Deatal Bepat,
W rvtcitoei "
- W db,tc2a.oaa
X3irvca.oia cleat "
X lMxxmxct ta
IMifamatiM, saate-etat career Waaaiattoa. btxa- I
TS the secret of tha treat aaateaa I have Bet with ba j
A. tee
Lai DISS' Flat Grty Sait ladiei' Silk lava .ad Bt.
n-c XauifalJt It.iet.' rtch BUct Lavea SUaub: I
xtra flsa asd rkll BrtlUasta t extra 8m OrtaaftsliM aw I
w icobviip ezira ciiaKaw,aMcrta aaa ueiGMtli; at4Ml
VV rttoitoest
altering or amending it.
Mr. Pryor. One word more and I bare done
with the subject. The gentleman wants to
rvrs Aatrlals ptaln. HaM aad esokrtlderet Trar.liu
awn, area Tarteir I
A man named Matthew Cumrainr. while in- .know hS. -ntherity I took the liberty, sad
texieated, fell overbrrard at the Pacific wharf. 1 uc "at""T fcl '? me
and was drowned last evening. I J? . ... Baa Pe th
The amount of gold bullion deposited la the I rroeny. i ten myse:r autcorued to erase
sHnt, laet week, was 25,994 ounces, and silver fB mwi7J interjeelleB. He saya before
tt. these raywt. m7fU dW f '
abstract quettiou did sef egd any man's De-1 Teeterday.
tastr cowld dtiar en that sauaa I At iwitair yesierew)-, tne peowe were "Oee-
tif Z)asetTtwlc mtrto Tv, a. C . snaaataias in watt numbers, and
aoontd aaoao thai It . r...J aa... "' " . rf V"-
-e." aaaii i pnetjoy eteetiaj; aa ark, ter one rasotOH or
aw acaawu aor naaanitng tats Adsus- I aweseat itetw.
monof Kiesat nader the Leeempten caatita- I The "R arrows "en the Baltimore aad Ohio
iVl I ... .... , ... Hotu l raitrooa arc a;. wa,, aaa inus cmt
'Ja3t"tJ!'ui ts pretrore j amt the war wa, tp he ae upea t&ator The Ceatral Ohio railroad is under water In
i-oncr was say laaarer ne- I Jjeaadat aar aaa- Itta avrawraau.. L.J i I ram-lsres.lad neablE- can tx riearrt from
raaaarw ta poaiil , .- -ar.. " . i 1 ' a 1 - w vn i . . . . , . i lucicariu
rr -" ta aautr. aaat wat c t..r .t.. , , .. . . i rne traits, -ine uieveiana aneri'rttsenre- read I j. -
sawaa It was aet. t-y .aaar w comae ,. l.,, ,mjMm, .h. ' ""' J
aiaaror jmo- imL. . . .... . I iajr -iuf . a wit. amt i.-.i. -. t i . . . . . . ' . .
-j - - awotni aaa newtti al l " - .ur i u-t aaea
?r:i???2rSr af ?ttt be untVKet-1 teetisK lemsa.rmil elite liPesfcat
propose ta paUith the cttrreaptandetvec bow, as
the ataia facts are usJerttoed by the psbije.
if".'!? prrimry wear tag K mint
bullion to the amount ot 7fiCO ounces.
&AavAMrj(ro, April 47 r. at. The nrvnv
express left here at 1 JO this morninr.
Placexville, April 4 T r. sl The nonr
uiajcaa jaaaacu iici 7 wis moraug at aail-ptSt
The State telegraph line was cumulated (
this city last night, having been bellt from
Sacramento to PlacervIIle. (ortv-fire mile, in
tea working days.
The to h to the Carson Valley mines it .till
Increasing. The hotels are crowded and
Many are de-
Suptxb Plain Black Silks,
RaalSfT nmtaTat 4KAjae fUttkara Vau f.a.k. are. 11
" -k 't1 21 Uke atla.Tasia rfltJu.Taw.UaiiaKatki
yse!f authorlied to erase n r..... -LvSr
w., vwhks . Lof vaoaaa,
Olotbrcr, ate.
t3 neavy Maa and rat Atakapaa Gattssads.
Ef Ifocrnlcf Oooda fall sspply,
Kj"M00 yards anpeiaorlaami, 12H cents.
X3 BaadMoia Ecfllsb Berscaa, 12 K ccats.
Cf OerieU, Itocps, B cities, Sbspes.
apIS Jfsra-af.ntsr Wmhttat Bauit.
he yrouM have done that thint before he
wonld erase what somebody else had put Into
the manuscript he would have had hia arm cut
off. yet be ceeld put in what he did not ntttr.
air, the gentleman says he stands by his lan-
euage. a usnerstana mm or tnat to give ne
we Mueriy oi -censtrutag bis remarks at I
Mr. Potte'. I shall staad by rajr lugoagt.
baataass. As t ksr toy tWi far caah. Import tbeia
dsreat fraat tb ataaoiiretrert, tad bar tmatl exposaas,
IcuaShodbaiaalebeaptTlbss aty other beast. Jait
ft to, ne wuk a call toal ia ail I ut,
apIT 33 btata street.
Beal Estate Sale.
TXyx wa an wltaoet reterv. en the preeassta, an j
V V SATtrBDAT, April 31, tb. BOOSE AJfB LOT,
ywca apa at. zartta streetl.
airrriEfaiwi , JUtl
Oo 2,i If. IH -' 1
3f. C. OATOB St SAW.
Aacttooeert and Beal Ettsta Brakers,
sent Ke. S Datao meet
I Yrane-c
nsiexnecierH. tad K J .r-KT.s TSZTZi iJlU UiU " nea "rtor means to getover themona-
. , ... i , , - . , "'r i tins.
tAri"lJr Mr. Pvtter. and
baring BwSamed na atttdttaie in the Haw
- PwBelerey writes U Iaat Gsarral
acott, tntt ait itafarasation from El Pass ft that
piraau, were ready te commence the war seen
after Mr. Bshthaaan was elected. W.
Doaglas was peiatUd sat by the people as his
asw aarwt aet ID te programme
wat a aerie ef letters from Wathftarton to
falots- I it out ia many places aad carried away its I
coanteeanced and he adrlfaat i, ariy .7. mtatn 01
atoaatesj- M
forces in Kew Mexico be
Deleeeles to the Cbarlatte MVesttiaa are
JI1 frost tbedtetast, cepeoUlly iic
wft. . d naaay gentlemen ef peltt
toM.,BctioB are aatetar those en Aafyny
Mr. Pryor watt sweeted to-day, aed will te-
n ,ii rty '0rfp.P'p--
about twelve areatalt in ihe Ham )
getner with thirty-eoe ot tba Opposli
sjatantvatwll aasTa - - - " ...
j ! '.TZr . "potiuon to acieoara
w.r. wuiiuc uaw uaarseeton convetitioo t4. 1. ,
will be definitear wasud . t.!Z?-J! tr?arrfed it.
tt pats, the Seatte. It rs cemfideofi CjL
wnl concur.
Thx ?"riiK-A apr,ted demoBstra.
Hen was e td St. Josh, MtrXTn tht
14th intt., in hosier of the prompt arrivals!
Ihe firtt posy express fro Sua FiwacisaaV
The eity waa illtuninatej, the milttarVitnd
cttdxeas paraded the streets wftfa baedt of
,nk. Eewers were 1st off, taeschei aapro
priau to the oecaMon were spade, and tte W.
of feellBg waa tsanlfetted by eTery body
The las: haaatred miles of the rotate waa
wade in eegbt laairt,A; the vrtvnul
even Isettertiaaj tfatn thl. -raa madVoTx-ther
pe Uont of the raed.
We are not ada-foed where the exaress which
ljbere.MeJd baet., rt thee
this way. Ttie next express w lea St-
sepb on Fridty, Araril 20, at 9 jtLv.
Cttrroa. bat
the Loceaaptoe quaritlAaaM up and gave them
a woadettul push ahead, and brooght the war
toJUttth earlier than they ts4edd ;
wwwn . leacoaa itao ku. .1- -
. - ajwrav am asi over
"tr aaexo ameag Use a,-. -w. .
And new, mux wbt r My if 1oaf..
at unarleston, a terrible
Ut Is the
"r?" "n in .tctsoc of
lsarj tttit SUU will go for JJnfr, by , tar
anaaoiottr at any ProaUt.i .. . .
There it so such thing as telegraphing any-
waere trom wis pst&t, tae neavy anna asd
rapid currents havrag broken dews the ptlet,
ana iBappee use wires, east, west, aorta aad
tenth. There wat bo cemmataication between
wit and any other port.
LaGrange, (WHisbarg. and all the towns
above the xitt ate dreerted, and the water it
rashiag wreoagh them at a rapid aud damag.
ing rate, mere is no estimating we aamagt
doM tsvproptAtr all along the Ohio. At La
trrintTe there are several trains of cars col
lected, and a good many witcr-beuad paetea-
gen, woo am easerang ratmietja sums to get
Down the river, at up, it was the same seeae
ot water and .inundation.,, Even to Sellalr
and Beawoed, the half burled houses coald be
Perci ATiex ar Chi.va. The last caaaa. t
weand aine-tssnlred and cine.e!!:?
!? . l Ofe ctiMrba cave only one bun
wed aad ntsntV tattttM tSrte huitdred aJ
fy-aight tit7tnd three Isundred .Td' weabr-esaskt-
ia iu u ..... . w... . ""
--r f- - -w awoaira use t
bat been unpleasant for sereral days.
Orleans, Jackson and Great
JTortliem ltnllroad
Fram tbaXsw Orleans Pkaysae cf Saturday. 1
The Blxctiox Yestxrdat. The rote at
the election yesterday for directors In' th.
Jackson railroad company was a decisive one,
oa uo mac -rnr sjtaatirui points. lae
moat asurncloas cf these it the nlilnnoF Im..
rests hy which the result waa accomplished.
The vote ot the State or Mississippi by Coy.
rettos, that or the State or Lowiiiana by Coy.
Moore, and that ot the city of Kew rh-leana
by Mayor Stitb, was cast in accord with that
ot a majority or the private snare-holders.
Interests that hive appeared to-be In ennAict.
anil which an nowise policy bare brought? fhto
collision, were nnlteJ in a bormonlous effort to
pieserve this great work from the contention
of factions, and placed It ia a position uffrrs
It will command onirersal confidence, and
combine a tall and zealous sapport for its suc
cessful mansgement Tbrfranir action of ths
governor of Mississippi is a welcome warrant
that the questions heretofore la disrate fart.
gard to the relative power of the States, at
shareholders, will be dealt with in a liberal
tjsirit, and we are sure tint a Louisiana legis
lature wilt deal justly aad geasressly wtth
them. ...
The' coarse ef the mayor has contributed in
no small degree to combine Ihe Intercity ot all
parties to the stock in desirable accord. The
. t. -a it. l 1 1
... 1 - siaaartia wuituu.uwcumcicawnwioiiiij
W r"? nenrtaK prepertr and WOlag i dated upon him by the law. determinlne to
. a. - w oaaoit lit troaia are tT,i nio .tuiw nriin aiaa-ie rororeneo tn in.
benefit of the private stockholders, the crty
Mr. Pryor. I shall construe hi. rmirn 9tB
I pleue. a&d whrHbr?r not be stands br it.
Ika .....to-JII J A a ' 1
stirijwci win urmoBauiit.
Mri Datvi.oP MamosttU, (Rp.) deilred ;
to sartfeat be hoard the mr&i.fr from VlflrA i
Ititnewrxlclnsvery hard.andtbe weather , - PsageTererred to, as reported
I vaa toU(, UlVVt
dksirable Wells Plaoe,
sav it, ssa aist JBI UILLIl, oolycbfld of J. R.
. - " -orj-a. nsara, lwt Twor oanaks sasRil
tk Pkriiscvncitts.
Coiintry Propertf !
Jvl w i f
LL -peraoo ar 1
r hersbr riotlBaat not f. ... ... -
etala aato loat or&laaatd Sr.na.tr awn b.
' lfifJ. dt Jta jS67. payabl.
: apM
. ' rvrxcl
' Oamrtozras?
WB '
Qnl'- .
wilt. , ,
STUT 1 .
' CO VI -.
leamttS ami SeweS' DftStfetr
Eatvaved aad riant ta lb beat stye af tk. 'a
Wa bavt iskpSinlmtat BeU HM. WlUOt at.
jntllSI sad Bti BS-OrHB, ., wtawa
eaa taattktadtowaik at ta btst rweaer aad w
laooaawarraatodt up .,I q
Oar Facilities.
OeVXartallrS AT TEX ttSttrC.
To the aathoot bteetr, aaea a wadK eitoadter bareefh
THREE i'Ems,
W pay n net aad da beslaesa a aaaaat espiini
Wtaatatt aar feott toaaa Stat kaaas, aadbar lar aaai,
whtah wtth w txpssatta. at aad ttinliln af
ktssaeas .aaktoe aa to taiaiak aar anaaasin
aaodaaathaawatraiiniiihll totsaa.
F. H. CUM k CO,,
So. X Clarfc's Marble Block.
Fifty-Two Building lots lo.jTIulier, Optician
XAjrarAtTiTjBBS o a jHtsny jjubwibp
Slaaatfalam Ttwa-M. laa8raal Taaia, a.4 aatxaiiai I
nrm sva4 Bea-ia Jtrraaf.
A whtt tmu, aatoila- atar kaok to wot Ua;a aat
awaaee,aadaKlMaedta a j itataaf th ottr Ss-at la
BStoSsaaatty bxapiailac aad raoaarkakto Sar Ma iletaat
H11M11 aodpaaStethetllhriiai.H. Xooutal Xeaaptas
Oil Main Street,
orrostK Tax PXOVlNB aHatCX.
we. aaswka M TroaarahaV. Jj, rZ TAT"- naakt R kit bskakto. ha Pttatlb
ursaa aa win nasi) all waa aa eeeera toaeoar. ana. I . a, .in aal at tn u .tti marnet artosa, raas
... . . - 1 xtwob auy a,aea aanaia. isarmr saver net anv a
Th atieaisaw 1 or IS. a Sato ar. raaailtar to alt C oor I . . " T ' r - -
rittoeas. betat kal a ok. dtoto m. th. St. Ata. ELStSLoSi "ZZfL.
Aaaaa. .at watkra atoaaaat wattto atoaaaw. at. I paid htfhar prtootto na, to aay aashatt.at Ska
- . .. . - ... . . . -. vr .. " 1 spet tae aaantr. ta oioai xtat to avail 1
thaa war. aaaarlo te all who .. . - - i. . I atp aaat, whaeh I have tamed eery hy aahr V
r .r.v.". : -' - , I itoeatltsslty hacked hy ta av
v-i. ' . " ...r l.zr.ll ' . . I St af leaarae.-. lbaaala reaatre th to .aaa af al
Oa th day of th aatoef tola. I v. - - t ua - - .. . t
TWO Tiru .a Oka aroaortr la I DfSPTTTiai.tr I : ' " J - -
. iiti ariaa oo. . ' I aar aa aevwca ta aasa aaw a
n-OaaaHen wUl a faratahed to lata aM who ma-r I . ' . ."."ow" .1 aaooaaw
ato. to attoad tha aato. Aaato. mi. -iiTil " 3. pataBata aat.
. .. .. . aa eoaaopaw wroaarrawaaw.
yj."fslsBiT. Bvjrniz & oo.
On Consisiiment.
Ill SrSU. asooet Appaeai
tV N
brbi. Veahaaoat rototoea.
j. T. ruAXz.
X S9 rnsf Kw.
1 e .r .tj .7 .rs jijip
Owners Wanted,
Fes. lb saibwaist' diarrtbat aooaa r.aairaiat an tn
wharfkaat this 1st day af April, whatBalf hat eaBad
sar m letetr aapt, wta ae hn a par okarses:
Mtotaat say.
1 art. whvttr.
10 ata (3. ware.
1 brl. 8. war.
No mart.
1 task 6. war.
3 trash, fcrealeata.
S. rrtaot, Byafsa at iatsekley.
3. B. XORTOK t 00.
Desiraole Kesldence
Wata TH SIU. XT BaaiDaWeE. aa tba
aarth aide af tha r-toaaa Baaat road, eaataf WS
th Itaiiitttau of ortoaaa street wtth said
road, aad with bt resldeac a beatrad an,f
toreo feet on aal rooj aad rrmaiae Vacc akoot fwsr ki
esed aad Stty ft to th a ttey ttwea Xoaro aad
Xadtata stst extended.
The dwtsttac is ot brkk, eaatataiat St laesaa aa flrst
Soar aad twa roam oa tha aeeoad. with aaat re. ehtaa
saa.et, kttoboa. etrvaata' raora aad katbnt sslaMtkb- I
aaeat, an eaasplet; ui L part rseariy aaw, wtth two
toad cuter, tkat win bold strea beadral katTets
atari, la tsaat f the baas it a bmsAtral taws, wait
setts Maa XT ata, with kaadoaana Street trtes tec shad
tamitt.il. AlaaasjwateryfaMea,withthBUat
wat ua 00 mraaaarr ex an xiaaas ra u. no maast It
aa waa aa they aaH, aad Ktaaaxaf th kealthtostaat
EaaetaatoatoriMtct mlhoatty.
I aaa aaatpeDed la sU. aad will (lr a bargain ta a
aaoa parcaaser
lata tat. pteanrt la laowlfif tea prasstoes.
mrti-iin stp 1 st. SAK-vrrr.
In the cltv. vesterda v. the teadttioB of
things remisMttd as of a holiday. Nobody was
doing arjytning, aad tae waete population
seemed te have asaagregatsd about the edge.f
the invading waters. There was not a dry
spot twee the island, the water bavitag sub-
treed tvrij ualiif eta tae; iil& lUiu oyer la
From Center Wneelinar. alone- Water and
Male streets, the iseeele baev roes to the htrh
placet and given up their bout et to the water
and the rats. There is bat one way of reach
ing the antranee b enr'nfficrty land,' lBJ'!o;
aaw, aria, -yam, ttaisaaaao and -ran. or.
being T 'tWAhrotartt 1ie "f&eet-. for
rmaing betwesa Oatacr atra .j r....
S-wo.c. loiiawu are nrasatred and rorty-eicht I Wfeelru- . -TT ... " uentHt 01 sue tuaaow .wtiti, au way
npnxj fear hostdrad Aud thirty-oe. j. Wi, tclnl?n bMl firc State, fitd. juttifieatton in ths stngtlar
i.," ku, .v ,v. Chatty of the privst. sbockheHers on a
-a question that has exdtod geaenl Interest.
nandred and hftr-aewoai . o .
xefl of' the correctness of Ms deciilen. They,
with private interests to guard, would scarcely
Mftrawui 1 . . . t 1.
dredandelevtB. --
THE HOTELS AKn -rtaa- u.i.
It it a bad wind, and likewise a bad spell of
erne- aVWal im. Ir. BMtusllina,ldtU:a v , I
trlth ta rkAvr mbi i d tAkrj4eva . . rTvi, rT. I
Z?1ZZ?Z&J. tbea.,:
-'S-' JSO. 0. VsDAPE.
fyrnCI oa Btak Areata. NOTAET TTELtC AKn
Ha to lalir Prepared, wttb all lbs xaceaiary farms and
blanks, to akt bias to d tcHoaii wMi praptii
aattafartoat. atl who .ay ratrtal khHr kaSwJ.TaMl'
..rf"',, 4ai u aeaarat aawtedta.tauot
deeda, wUl k waltod apoa la aar port of thirttr. wllkl
toy apt-lw
Actlsy and Stay xasarar WK. c. Tnoitrsojr.
State Diftator. - .JOSEPH U. DAWSOX.
TtTtrSSBAT ETBBTfKO, April lt. Setood nlrblct
. rt,rn' ooatodieaB Xtos MAGGIE BITOTr
au. Ttj resraaraaaaee wtn rrframrarn trim THE
TOtrxo ranees Mac rreJerKSt, win tent Xlu
Oaaia ZytaBUa,w.tb eaaa and daare Jf Iss Xaf (I.
OnanoE or TtMEdttoHjaalH ttrtbtr notic,
! 1'. alh far tale rlM atm
Draaa tBrole. Paranaau a.a RiImmu- - ...... i
Tier tod Oabxed Oalterr. cu x Olia onea I
. frota IS a . af . tt S r at., aadrnts s uSp. u.
At 10 o'clock, we will sell at anctten.
Cousta. rot.aataMfFiV .V '
S27,?&.C.?? 2 ! 2ri lorSs. at.
TV svMiTbled lau foar btittiral Bantsas; Lots, tlt-
tatad aa UttaivLentd, aOoioisrts. waatraa
asd Baaa fraaas, iln torn eS ata aaUkkarbood af
3. C Iisnler. a TX. WKtiaas, 3. O. Lonlal aad J-
A. Aaderssa- and ks cat of the mt inp-ralat aad tla-
saat aeifwbadaHa tbe taharbt of tht etty.
Thaae tat ara shoot aaa an4 a half rattoa framftoBrt
Sawae. and are moat beintlfat woodland.'
We -IB sett, at tba aaaaa tiele, aLtJT rehltjslns tare
aorwa. rrwoaawt aa 1 1 Boa tit ft exaeooei, aasl soil
J. S laasdal an tht east. This la abw a daalrabta
ballstat tot. Tawffaatto atTMtd by boaallfaltMt
tvatt. aad wM saat a matsittut location far a real-
C IT. JT a E o
es the
M E iVE 3? H I
F T I jfTE
forSt a,"'" wklab U ewreral wtOx
Jf?.1v"ii!f -Htbtfal aod pradlrtla
'.",?.rw " tau t
witk .at UraiT- i' ":.n" as
at iicuiar retwv.. tad tha i.n tik.-..
Jpl8 Wontarrat.Pnnrea i Co.
wuf tosaSSa kVJ-w','".?
htab atrial aipa.atsas M S
Saat at thest tots bavt tspoa tbesa orchards af apple.
pear tad peach traea, of tb. stoat cfoic aharartsr aad
earefal arrkai
Teraaa Itkeral. Tlti. rl, berood diajate,
X0K3ASBAT, tftrratx at co.,
apt 5 Aorttocera.
I. n. xour .railo cubs.
Xeaatass. XAsaaa OBr. X.
TTAvlAt eaiaattahM thenuairet sn ta boha JaA2
nW nT ,e- e mralar SrtosM aad
v poaoooaai- uana wau iare lloasest tvarv
AA ByABTKtlxa IHSI.tX45, al a sow pfand
tVM llSStl ITalSr ijl SaraafarlK. b htiela.
taosts aat rHV"! ' Ti tax I xsastaro raart ea
dshrtfrt aiusAptrtVtalba -cityVTattarylaa ra
street, between Tiled sal renrti.
(oaataa axrenrdj al 7 o-ttock tad JO miaataa. aad ail
-4 a. aa., oaatztxaMao oaaaMttoat
wtth Battar, Sapley It Co. 'a dally atats. aa witk tko
aeml-waekly atatet af tba Ovartaad Stall Oaatpaay tor
Taytars Creek. Eaater-a. Clarndaa, Ahndaaa, Brwa
vlK AlUtta, Hackary Ptalns, Shrsi, BaiosvUta, UI
tta aVxk, Daraeeollo, Van Barca. 'art IzMK Beaasti,
Boekport, Bot Sarlaaw, Waahltttoa, Arkadwraaia.
Betwuitswa aadO.ml.a, Aikaaaaai ttottan, MttoOrtft
aad 0bttTtHa. Texas, aad Sat Tias-sim, Calltorala.
TbrvatS to LiuiaBosk ataobtari.
TltUII. ba aat the aao. notalt raa ho h4 at eho stakot
aa Ik Oai lis Hoaio, 31 omphl t. cr t. S. XmwItMi.
tt rllrr raat tk trata wlrrlar. Xadlsaa at J oarlock
p;attasdtnivtla BpeSald at 6,eeiock aad SO taia-
"iSSSL..., v dastotooa. sat aad ItHxaie taial meditta., to b taad
sprt-lr Scsjerlntrodfat. trfnfrt - ' .pi 5
Information Wanted.
rT tb srtat whereabouts af BtOH AXD WATTw
KJ Any laftrmatraa win b. arstofallr rerrtrad br kb
tsotaar, JKJtlstA waikbs.
a?-iatwCl Caatoo. Iowa.
IG-afaatoa fr.xa) Ctrtltan ospy ta aatotat ot $t aad
oewa aw ao aasa omc.
TTrBSlf tha sabaerthar. at Basel Hat. aa th
J? ISth 31 area, aa tra trrr HOX.SE 1IOLE.1
six jears aat, a tola aad aaatar atarkad, NeBa
U ta Itt eye. T writ pay ttb t award far biad
doffrery to ra at Raael rtst, or t W. fesooma, at th
tatr taraaaas.
aplt-wSt J. A. XXX2EU.
ATO. IS KAIX HSXET, to fsaattw: to Btoy XaaM
IV bK, Vatoasala.
wtu B tepcopns a Fiasrre rear.
asssea fraat la. at hat r. x, Pt Book-Si 1 aaat. Ha
maarbap aad Ailakasitta.
rwsoaaSsswBtk osnnatvrm rotasllls aaatlsasbsaa ka
wrltlac to aa week, kt aTaax wfak.
ueMtaasinaiPBH A. af.
r.raoca ream S to tat yam sP ai a wsB ba rooawr.
WE aar. Ut.a aa areaey tor JaaaWl t lijbiaij's
(Meetaled naaa. tl, f sf aark. MaLaad
ar aow prepared to Sarmsk stta ttiiiltssi artaaasX
ITlioletale and RetatI.
SbS jfaea atseei.
C)t( BiVLS. swt oorurrn roeVtor. kr aaaakr
. J J u.ttot & "
w. t Xwwwrob aWw.
-- V-
WE bare hhtedav forsMd a eoparts.rihto, lor tba
pfarpoMfrala(eaaGrerryand Oratntlaaton
atiaeae ta th tttr of Xeaphtt, tader thttylatd
v . " u. tn 11 ,w m. wo
aalj-dawiB CHItSTIA.T BIBrKAXiT.
Ofinfi BUSasu Wkit. aat Tutow Sm CavSar
.UUUsaltky UXrattr rKXLAK.
n Jf. 0 joawarta Skaw.
ArTO&XET-AT-LAW, Xatsphat, Taa. OaSOO Jto
aa, iu ProTtae'a Steek. ahta atrawt.
Raetr tor. sr. riaftao, Baa. tseart maaat, Sb sataa,
XeBavMt St Oa. aad Faatsat Saaa. Xtasahtsl eat- J. V.
- T. waa, l. Laaerrat, wo, aataairr
prtttcie 3b4Rtsiu aliaTa t-a tna aeHra vriod-1
l aM ac aavnaJ ac oor ajsaai waVMiM ut-uiFtPia
aasaragra mtrisiasiBai aaacnraai-aaa axM e-warporaiM wiHt
Congress Tt e r ,
Wartl tt, McClellaHd,
Xoa. netaa 1T7 Xala aaaawt.
apti-Sw Otapattta Worskaaa aaaaat.
Raliway and SIrtiBiemt Amazm.
t ivn ..v tiiln, -T Caaada.An.rK
I T .a ar.11 Laoo of Slatiasif. ILak omillii
aad Srar St. LawraocJ Sonaear a mala. I laantlis
from BaTato. Klatara 'aaa. m-iaaoia
BorMlakta So Ska iallaila aalaia. la varv treat
c ar I ootc Oaaakarx. XearreaL Qaaiea. Whlta
cnaaar. proniieitt a aaarwata aaa aaaarai aTaaoaaaaa cr
tko Do-wots, IH1.TSI in fTMsaoTsoa oa tsa twTr aaa
aaaaatderattoB wttb ahndreaj aad at th aasa tea ther I Taraala. to Cat Tiaaaal. Elataloav aaoaeaaseaawo-
parau eXartoaUr, yat totSSV, wrtboot nasaeattas; ar I eatt. Off easkart. Xaatreal, Qailw-. w
rartaasa aaa naai...
"f?tn,Tt!?.: e.r Itartaoatoa. MiaatlMeV. b -
Janattoa. Salfoi yaa, Ganaaa,
ntahtary. Batlaad, Sofia at aM, artsard
Baroa . m SSow wtr.
oatrjTH sarasaaa aawtaaw, '-J, " '
rhilaitoipllls. tttwaaoro a- .
artoT Dearott, Otoroliaf,
waellt, Iaalavllto, Cateetnt
Tb. steamer oleaaianaa.
sCiTr. wat totoaaat ,,AatttrtaS-ayaalaaa-
ktaattaia wSStttK. tsssatt ar taamae staja
atktr DttsaaVr Orttns. asd axaitiiir tba ta healthy
action, aad expaetant from the blood, threoth aat oral
Cavaaatts, th aaafhad sasaa Batter, th edreaaUttea of
wotab I tht waaiaftsn ar au osaases. aasatac
BTsrnrMA. biuobs.
Tiraattt and ether ravers, OQ0LtEtAaf0a3VS
xxxratB atmutv, sax stssAsa,
andallfaa 1 itaMiiiiiidtoordraatltlaxfTomlDroitT
a tjtoatbod. .
Tie, -stttr Teania trt pareir TffataM., aad farm a
boat aa ajf aatsta
tt. T - , W - - "
OSV. aftatark fa; a
I 'I

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