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Bill 'SpWal
.HLAW v - c DBS,.
G REN A B A, . 1 S S
TO OtTw .PKl
OMktMn4n who Mtiv- from tbe-Unltod Sue
Ki Wpjtpm. vrxjytnnte a fw by loavim-tN-neeH)ufft
room ) the Art-Rax
or at tjw titflr's room, ow 0k Lake's stoT"
en or sortli of the Conina Ilmie Ioii
ais of4lBrtin mailt trom tbe Sooth aad
tteditatom the Notth, oar fwilitfea to famish
bews rrom.ll qnrtore can be greau
fjip!-. & mh ci.wh II ever TMBftin graUiHl
Pam frnn bovfe will Mtfer an epcia1 favor
CinmaKM mi xnv Nortbm Dftpera Ib UlBW4
We have didpentjy sought tuohtifa the fact
connected Tyifli ilte reeent; attack non Corinth
hut are d jet epahitKl to Aata obljr ns,(asra,&
08fiy:" A few rfeHaWa particulars Lave been
Miuipti to l'fm those we wn thai
GNiMfal iPbice, cowmMKHag the Army of the
(Vtst. 4al Querel VaS Dors, who had pn?
dtvitioD, at Epl7 Graftal I"s forcr tffV
eninogd ef two divisions Or e oonaistirifr of
tHrre hripaes. conHBiodd by Bigadi?r-GaM.;
alD. H MOKY, and the oifer of four hrigad'e,
c-onanted by I5ridir G-neral Lewis IIb-
H8HT. Gwwral V. D's divwlon waicpmiiiffrl
ly oomsoartded ty ilajor Uaanrai iiOVELi, and
was coaipwed cf threa, brigade?, ' com rrjatvded
rpetiv4y by B igadinr-Gaaarak Bowus, Vil
LtriUL-K ad Eosrr. - -,
" GewM al Van Dokk, In coamaad af tbe cars
bined frcw, took np hU line of mareh in the
direction of P.teabontas, oti tb6 1st iftst Oo
the S 1, at 10 o'alock, A M , he nmed In the
itirt-ctioti of Corinth. Cimpifj near ChewalU,
tm Aa Memphis and Cb&riwum railroad, about
tea or twxfai miles woat of Corinth. . At day
light on the 3d he resumed the march taOorintU,
erosalag tbe railroad wHh PftlCK'S two dtvis
I'iDB. abaat foar miles from Corinth. General
Special Corwpoa4f nee of the MempW Appeal.
. .. Eichjosu, October
Ketaliatory measures for Lincoln's procjama
iionuecti'JPff slavery have bean brought -forward
in both ILjtJsesof Conpregs in the Senate
fiv Mssrs. StmrarB of L uWana.-Phelan ol
B'age h throating from Keotuckyllf.by jj!8sjggippjf a8d sHUl-of i3wgia, and? in thi-.
the-.Poderal,fprce; ,L-xfngtoa'ahtI 1Fc.a6kfrt Honso KPprPseatatives lMr;'LjonB of tbt
have been evr.euaterir B-fora leaving Frahfc'fort, j ty and the matter haa. beon nferrfd to com
t?ei rf8i1? tnacB1'8" -Richard Ilawes as (ov- j roJttf M forlfport m1q the, most iffctive ang
Is' am Kentliclir. "f
Rn5iQSiiiPbef. 3K Northern dates'otj
thB&hava-Decret6tvea; --
Dispukh'eSI from TjouUville rspraaent itbat
erntw.w Kentucky.
' y j 0M5ei"nt rorinlb.
i The Yankee loa attKirltith' is r?poled"a
tVe hnndred killed and ona thous'andVdunded.
Th Cnfedrate lo.va is estimated at eight bun
d d killed arid fightren hnndrd wounded the
latter In tie harjds-f the F-dpmls. " -
Nrw 1'vik Bliinrr Dlarbet. '
Gold lu Sew York" has advanced J244 'Ex
change 3C. ' 'A -.: '
' - From fflltBonri. '
1 A dispatch from St Luai? aays General Sobo-fl-ld
haB defeated the rebels jat KewtoniaVin
Smthwearern Miwanri -; -.1
Coug'ioaal Jroceedlnsa t t
BlOHMuyD, .October II In the aenate,
neairabie .method of obtaining rcdvess. LiurJ
coin s proclamation, as. tar as tbe bmh is con
cern d is a mss"ago;oV dpcumeafof the least
possible importance The threat involved in it.i
has already b-en canied ont everywhere that
the Yaiikee ' army has ,pb(Bined a foothld.
Wherever the country has been overrun by thV
pnblic enemy, the slaves have been either per
euaded or forced to leave heir masters, so thtit
in these districts there' is really no need ol pro
claiming that from and af er the 1st of January
1863, the slaves of " rebel master" shall fet
freemen; and, wherever the Yar'kt-es have no
penetrated, the declaration of ilf, Lincoln, tbbt
slave property thalj.be lortertfU, will be of no
iWfentoreMnoe the rate of iutartJn tho whatever. The oeeidlon, however, is
Frb the tooor ol H N-xtbern dispatcher
h ,c we pbl".h this event j:- it would aem
tbH GfiM-ratLKE i railing back -npan tk Ep
aw ik. wbilf'Grtiferal BRaoo is gn.d iallj
. i' - , , ,
wuiLg ee tSClLX it is proooiy n
prc tt MCCLJltAT"to make another oneet
upon Bxmoa'3, and H tbte be an, the failm?
bc-k ol GUtoarai Lee is a Beceesity. Genrro!
Uvr H- will hrdly If kve Iv-ntucay wiifiow
Bvsix n fifH'
D-sirous f g:virg to oar readers aad thf
pab lie, eve fact and circumstance onnnec'ed
with the lane reverse of oor army at Uoru-tn.
w- pa norom? onblisb a eoaimumeation irom
a genqsan- occupying aa r-ffi-nal poeitiori
wci. a, ader otber circumstanc-8, we migfitiioc
fori incKuei to do. While it gives us some de
tails ol the bauK its g-rurel tenor is that of j return to their works immediately about Corinth,
vindication of certain Sctrrs frem pnblie eeii- when night enme om and oar trodpa remained on
suns. Wl e'iier auck eenanre be jost or not, vn- j tfJt, gcjd on their arms until morning having
are ut yt aaabie to form any jost coBClasioB ; j thns tar sncoeedud in driving the enemy befUn
bu. that it doe exist to an alm--st universal rx- 1 thorn in every attack.
t?nt. we dokaow. and we let the communiCB- f iURl 'lefoi dawn we ooened a fire noon the
tio j of biyxiiY go to (be public for what it is 1 enrmy witb twelve or fourteen precea of artiuery.
worth. I which was not very promptly responded to.
G.ir firing eontiund about thiee-quarters of an
boar, when our line was ordered to advanc
s!owly Skiimishii g ensued, which lasted .sev-
tuuded debt ibfhe Confederate States,
... .1 . . . . . . . .1. . , nC
LoVEtL's division oocapied a position south passed, .wttn an amencmeni nifiig i"o
of the M-rapbis a- d Charleston railroad- intetast on bonds to be issuett at seven lusieoa
The army beiBg in lino of "battle, au advance of aix pr eent. :
ws made, when the By were fowd in line Also passed. House bill to authorise tho (ax-
outsida of rbairintranahments, and wareBpeedi'y mutton f voluaterr o- m pastes in exposed dis-
dtiven to tbeir defenses. AftT abortbalta triats for local,Jefenea, whh amendmnts. . -
order was giwn to storm the outer work-. A'so. Hoase bill to rel evo the army of in-
wliohw.s aocc-wfully done, and they were e.mpeteat, dipqiahfifd and disabled tffieess,
Bitaeo is probably retiring from strategic mo- j token at tbe p,,mi 0"f the bsyouet. On the l.f wsth an amendment.
oi-e wet.ty-ii.ur poond howi z r and one Parrou A' thiee o'ciocK, tue aenaio ioos a recess uo
uu wnre caotnred. and some artillery was cap- 1 1 1 6 P at ' " .
tared on our riht bv General LoritLiS divis- In the House, Senate bill to punish and sup
The forces were again firmed inside of tho
outer woiks. which had been abandoned by th
enemy and ordered to aflyanco cautiously
Hie -Bemy was met about a mile from Corinth,
.in havy force, where a bloody cm fliet ensued.
Tbe aaemy w re rlcally repulsed and foraed to
p.-tss Importation of Confederate treasury notes,
wts passed.
The amend ments of the Senate to the bills
concerning interest on the funded debt and in-
c mpetetit officers.. wore concurred in.
St'o'ue to lay down the rules which shall govern
us - in tbe future' conduet of tbe war. Ho one
can doubt that tba- people of the Confederate
States would he perfectly justified belon
tba world in raising " tho black fl tg ;
certainly there can . be no two opiniont.
amotg ourselves on -this point, but ther
ma? be. and there is. indeed, a difference of
opinion as to the policy of dolog it Oa th
cue baud, it is contended that the fighting
qualities of tbe Yai'kees would bo Improved bj
it, that the least plucky of ihe animal creation,
if pushed to the wall, will defend themselves
with tba coarsge of desperation, and that men
who go into battle knowing that no quarter
will be glfcen thtm, are accordingly far more
dangerous (ban the same mea fighting agreea--
ably to the usaees of civilized waria'e. To
HMintA Wit to Dreicribe seal of Confederate I sustain this view the readiuegs with which
Sttes was reperted back , from committee on I whole Yankee regiments have suirendered them-
&e and seal, with substitute, which was j selves as prisoners of war In the earlier months
adopted. The hew device is' on arintd youih of the straggle, the desperato resolution with
i j classic costume j standing beneath, a woman
is clinging. Tbe whole is surrom.ded by a
margin f n, cotton, tobacco and sugar-cane.
JsiUo: Fro Avis et Facts.'
Recess uutfl tvt n.
Captaiii A B Hainee. an old and well known
aiisn at Memphis, did on the 9.h inst.
JLiHiml Wn.hliiRiou (Joavip.
To the Awoclated Pm, Norlb.
WasiiotiiN, 0tjber 7 All tho accounts
in the f-r-itrn i mmalh, jTativ to Etirpean af-
which the army of McClellan fought in too bat
tles before Richmond, in the belief thst if taken
tbey would be put to death, are cited with con
fidence. On the other hand, it is said that by
inspiring the Yankees with the greatest terror
possible as to the issue of a conflict is half to
defeat him before ho goes into it. Whether wr
raise the black flag or not, it is quite certain
that some steps, will to taken by Congress be-
fifty or s!xfy refugees from-, these towns died
here, but no can has Bverbejia known i-r ong
inate in Riehmond, and 'w have no "fear that
his will occurfn time to conie.
Bqth Houses "of CongrftsVvere in secret ees
sion to-.day. In tho lower House, before the
doors were closed, the House agreed to tbe ex
emption bill as submitted by -thfr conference
tripnmittee, and'pr.eviousJy adopted by tb8-B
atej so tho conscript extension is now in work
ing order, whenever the President shall see fit to
call for its operations
.The.Heuse while sitting with closed, doors,
passed a. very important measure kavine refer
enca to privateering, whereby tba necessity of
furnishing descriptive lists was donaawoy with
and commiseiuns and letters of marnna ma
issno jn blank, allowing parties to procure v'es
oals where they can get themi and fill up their
papers afterwaid to suit tlie-ciroumtarices. This
Vill give a grirat stlmnlus to privateering, and
do much to relievo us from" the pressure of the
blockade by rendonog Yaukeo commerce unsafe
upon the high seas.
I jaw a Utter to-day from Nassau, ander date
t the 19ih September, In which the writer gives
an extract frsm a letter just received by bim frem
an tutelliKont correspondent in New York city
that contains very cheeri g ioformaiion- I
wag written, of course, before the receipt of Lin
coins proclamation concerning emaucipatiue
tho "slaves, but is all the more, significant tor
that very fact The New Yorker, who is loyal
to tho cause of the Union, says, in effect, that
ihe administration policy is fast breaking down
there ; that tbe name of Stqnewall Jackson is a
rerro.to them by day and by nigl t; that tht
uew levies are not coming forward in as large
umbers es are- wanted; and that the material
MeCiellan gets is -bad material ; and that he
looks every day to hear of a collapse at Wash
ington, either through a monetary panic or
mi'itary. usurpation ! In addition to this h de
clares, that foreign intervention, if attempted
which he thinks likely enough to happen before
the fir-it, of November, would not tw retuted by
the United States, but that the millions in the
North who reslly desiro the war to end, wonW
seize npon it as a welcome pretext for gvirg uj
a hopeless undertaking, and say to Lincoln " it
is folly any longer to attempt tbo subjugation ot
a people whose independence has beeu reeog-
n'zed by tho powers of Europe." This news,
by way of Nassau, tallies exaefly with that
brought directly from Washington several days
age, winch I mentioned in a recem mi
Tho Yankees have given the last touch to
their work of diabolism in Williamsburg by
Ok Wednesday night last, a man
Jua; Ot ea. of Cape Girardeau, f-ll from an
a, ,t viu4o of Mrs. S.tnai's boardii g bouse,
rner of Saeond aad Mosiroa streets, nnd was
instantly killed.
Drs W. H. McClelland, Satnoel Marofild and
R- Jemiii.es, who have been ord'-rfd to tbe
Alt .a penitentiary dnricg tbe war. left tbe city
on ih ' 9;h, oa the steam-r Jhn H Dey Bt
lie ( iioing, Irom tho BtMttin of Friday morn
inp it will be eeen that a number of others were
alt-.i ei :
The Depart URr. The authorities, yester
day . eni a number of prismers, vaniuly
t,ba eeii, u tbe Alton penitentiary. A immber
of I'adie. iHHDe of tbern onaavxions of the
ui !'.iluiMtt-. irnre preitent to witacit lh-ir d-
bai katia. npon the steamer J fan H D ckey
At it tlx? bad bw-a eaely placed upon the
tti-ttner. aererai of them made their escape
Ta j i f tktm weie re arrested, Mrd the authori
ties w hotly pon-niue tbe others at hut
ae i-ui u
I era! bnrs, when our lines hating reached the tairs," aro m-re spectrfation. as it is known hre M"ro its adj .urnment to redress the wrongs orj'8Httin fite to the old church buihling of Braton
UAOlPU I .... I . I... ...!. .-V ....l.I in . C. ..ll . T !. I..'-. 1. . I " .
loner entrenchments, stormed atd took tbem
The reserve of the enemy then poo red a heavy
fire on our Hoes which were somewhat cen-
fasrd and seat tend by tba charge, and two of
the brigades bring 1 early out f ammuoitinn
th men became alarmed, and the whole line fell
back out of tbe entrenchments in confusion.
that uothftig upon that aul'j -ct exists in a defi
nite or ofacial firm
It is ascertnined that large supplies of cotton,
for ports of Eirnpe are obtained on tbo Rio
Graude. Mexican vessel? arc ergigfd in sup
plying foreign ships. Texan planters carry
their cotton to Br iwnsville, T xia, whence the
article is cl8ndelUKrly earned to tbe American
beider On the 8tfi of September there wpie
Pmice'S whole army was inside the town of twenty vessels there, walling for caree in-
r .i. r , T , .,j cludins: an Eigliih steamer which had 60,000
C nnth General LorrLLS command was un- -j . . -h ' ,ttnn . .
able to relieve the laft, (General Pkicb'b.) by a j is uuddrstood that the disabled volunteers,
vigorous ai tack, as ordered, because of a fink j or t-uch as are not uSe.fently strong to aervA in
movement tbo enemy was attesmiBf: to make tb' S-W, will be detuiled for guaid duties at
mwemert tba eseasy was atterspiiBg to make
on his (LivllL S) right This aacaasiuted a
mi eat, which was ordered, ana mr forces leu
back to a hill within a mile of tbe Tuscambia
mrer, and east of it, where they were formed in
line of battle, and remained until next morning.
On Sunday morning MtxiRK's brigade, of
M.il'RY's division, crossed he Tuscnmbia river,
fi icg past the wagon park, and moved as the
at vance cnaid oa the road to Pocahontas.
When it reached ibe bridge across tbe Haichie,
ooeanda bat? milee from Poeaboata1) wbete
the cava'ry utder Colonel WiRT AlrAXU had
pr-viously been akirausliing il passage ves
disputed by tbe enemy's force ef infantry and
aniilery. After a severe fight reinforcement
the trorpitals
Lord Lyon is expected to return to Wash
ington Hi th- E g'ixh stramerof the 11th.
Southern masters by punishing the actors in the
general scheme of inciting the. slaves to flight
or insurrection. The Examiner of this moraine
advocates leaving tbe innMerto Sta'o laws as
the promptest and proprest remedy, and
apri'poi of this I may mention that the Secre
'ary of War has surrendered to Governor
Letcher the celebrated Dr. Rncker to bo tried
for murder and horse-stealing. Tho chances
aro that tbe doctor, if he escapes the hairer
which he so justly deserves, will go to the peni
Tbe Seriate has been enlivened of late by a
pasago of compliments between Messrs. Phelau
Mr E C IGUksoll an abolitiouiaeid D-m
o -rat. ai d who is a canldae f T Congress f r ;
:!e Sate at Urge in I bm-is, has ont-Heroded
i! if .3 io bin z sU for ttte KUirender of all power
,;;t ;le bauds 1 Mr Lincolx aad his satraps.
ii & ;i.'h maOr- a !c a dys sgo in Chicago,
be I "id tire wltov. , g lanenge:
I ojire not ht yn r.'-nv1 h msore; if it
li- . 'u m iie"ftLT . that U tht ovt$tion. arui
th. imi wbd d--8 i.ta twp-c tue maiid-ttes of j ordered to Jake the Boneyard roadand, by a
u.-ri-ttje gniem, wiuh ioh comnry is mi a
nui , rj pi with ichetiioa, is a traitor aiid de-
- :tt.-i. rat'ooti flu-m
1 i t PtlVT IK MCM A TIME I B"Uf K
..! Hi.ll Wt ' H P .W.K AS FULL AH THAT F
Til CZiK ortSWlA 'VKK Tftt QISlllS
1' i- lajMtSrf'a'V, pett apo it is just Kg well
for 'h- t"p V become famiriar with thin pow-
r d tbe rht to its txeieUe now as at auy
THi C-f'UTt'iIndi ITSK.U tHfill LU BU SL'S
I'tMl 11 tlliRUiU THK MI.BfcLUtlX, i IttLt .VK
AOraiianj uncritn l done more than to is-
iu- itiat c- eb atd prtchtttsttin He. ha-
rbi4.rd tl-efe li.i is t v decarii p'm.nial l
i v.-i the wi U'ivei Snu. Ht hat tared
'ktti I'aUtmifkumm'ri .j further trouUt
F rib-T Umo this it is imwubl to g--, and i'
vnices beyotid a peradveetur. a disuosition n
thf pa-t f ilea Not tbern .people ta sarrer.de'
J. : wa.!l!crii it tbey cms then by au j trate
b Soatb Wkn these UbaTflM are once Ml -
- -
re .dared Jhfy wilt nevr b-r retrieved, pd frw
g vijnunwt at tbe N rth miy now be regard- d
as at
Oohmel 1'olix Salmsalm is mustered out ofl and Yancey (which coiisom d nil of yesterday
. . . . . . . . i -
toe srtvice to rtate trom t- 11 inst . nt gnent in Mf-ntivn nuii.n mil ht? Aht
n i . r T...tr i: I r' J
mwntivl with a RArvtiOfiA litt nirrhf.. TTn MAirl it
t'ie rebel ious States soouH succ-d, it was im- J brigadier-general npon the heads of all the bluff
possible that i be others coold remais together, departments at the seatof government, a measuie
eM,e.taini no aoaot oi tue pewtr oi tw which was carried, but not until Mr WtKfalllmd
ueB. j a night to make it ndiculousby moving to con-
Mr Holhiway, commissioner of patents, said, ' he sain-; rank npon the senior chaplain in
the etate ot Indiana has lU.UUCl men m tbe l tliASHivioe.
field and wuUld fuini-h moio if necebsary
Abrsham Lir.odn' is commander-in fh'ef of h
army a d to his aid he invoked tbe aid of uh
loyal men.
Uul .nel Merodetb, of Indiana, a participant
were oruereu np, ana grtwMwus UlJBBitfn to Ganenl McClUn and G-ural
oo.umn by onr troops, bat ibay ware lmsa -1 Huohpr weire rec- ived wihchefrs
diateiy driven back The wagons were then
oircuitoui route, reached the Hatrhhr at a'dinV
ant point, when tbev faand the bridge in James
Another was promptly constructed, and 0ver"m
t -is the whole army retreated, taking the Rip
ley road
As we have before stated, oar loss of baggage
was bat slight, and the troops wm gen-rally
-tight tbriiugh ia good order. ' Tbe report-i to
t e contrary that have prevailed beta, aad beat
Siiit to tbe North, are all wl' bruit fouodulioH. .
lltjtorled Battle at Verlonfa
The St Loots Republican of the 7th sayi :
A hri-f di' pilch truui tio-f ral S-h n id was re
eiv- d laet n ght at headquarter, sta'ing that he
MS alttcaed 'tie rebel l.ncee at fi-wtoma. tte
beine so toe 15,000 strotre, and after two b us'
fihiing completely dipeised tbem Th reb-1
din ail dneciroos thioan the conntr , at.d
would, it was probable, j iin oiher torcjx that
o ooncn'raiii g at aitu-r point The Uuiou
ioie wa Very alight, and on the rebel tide it
h mounted to abutu a hundred killed and w .unti
Tlie Ntv Y rk TtHtuntj spaekil from Wash
ington sayi:'' j.-
The eountry has'yet to bear' of one reslena
tion in ibeaimr eon queno- or under tbe
excuse at the PreSicVnt's irciarpai in f Iree-
O the contrnr', Kveral of our gen-rats,
beio'nei -e to that elass v.1k ler-isutwiou was
m ist i'nlly threatened, have d-dared that it
is ume fur the President tp give etavery its death
General Sigel's scouts, just returned from
Thotoiighfar" Gap, report thnt there is tioenr-my
m igfi this side of tne ranuu ains Tbey in- -titer
lwiied that the C'letiiy'n tniu force was ai
Winchester. The rebel wagon trains bud all been
m-u to fe-nunton, and tdeir ca'tte to Mjuut
J rektou. L mgstrnrt's uoiumx was reponed to
'sive ti innici a i wre a mg ioKt-pmo:d. Oi.s
a aiemeat is doubted at General Steel's
t. . n t . j r ' -i tt . I
I . , 1 - u r b one declared" that so universal
- wiMwgiiiji. lawu.u . ,iu mi U4-JIU1UUU "I
the suldiers of "he l atit'inU army. He foutui
hem well CiOtind, eell led, well disciplined, in
the best of epirits, eager to be led to battle, and
fult r-f -ntbn-tttsni
Th-New.Yik Tiwej' correspoi Jmce saist
A d spaicr iut rep ivrd fruhi irsoefial cortet-
p ndene at Sundj H 10k, nea Harper's Ferrj .
utiles mat tOrtO.o llliuns cavtiry, reultr m
tairry anl two bat(eie bad just returned from
arecounotsnno- toward Churiehton They tound
We bear of no battle as yet, hut rumors are
rife concerning the mevements of the enemy,
and the belie gives strength daily thut the Yan
kees are about to make a thid grand .effort, be
fore terminating the operations of the year, to
t.ke R chmond A combined attack by war of
tbo river snd ovi-rland from the P jtomac 19
sp-ken of, i,nd it was stated last night that they
were ortaroly landing a coasiderablo force at
Aequia Cffek.
General Toombs passed tbrpugh the city yes
terday on his way to Georgia. He was sl'ghtly
w on-led in tbe arm et the battle of Sharpsburg,
and he is going borne to recruit his health and
s re gih before gin taking tho field.
Ona more a tttlk about foieigu interven'ion,
as if the European powers had not long ago d
t- rmined to allow m to win our independence
forautse-lves, and as if tbe vary idea of a break
i g up of tbe bit ckade by England or Ftk ce
had not been baaulied hb a rxi-ehi voua dolu.nii.ii
by ail Southern patriots. Tbe Rv. Sydney
nai the
nentirnent of philanthropy among men that A.
nevnrsaw B i t distress but he want d C to re
lieve him. This is just the case with France
and' E gland Each wishes UX success, and
urgently dcsirtB the btbar to in'etfere in our he-
hlf, and there the sentiment expirea.
'We have had anolher decent by .the police
upmi the faro banks, aad tho capture of an in-
Parish, which has been standing upon the main
street of the ancient capital since the reign of
Q ieen Anne. The living lu the old time be
longed to the crown, and curates ere regnlatly
sent ont to take charge of the spiritual interest
of the' parish until the revolution, when the es
tablUhed church was swept away with tbe law
of nrimoeeniture. Tho edifice was mailt of
brick imported fn m England, was cruciform it-
structure and tho interior was ornamented aftei
the manner of the,old Eoglish country churches.
It fact, it was tho very counterpart of many to
be seen in England at this day Few houses ol
worship in Virginia were as much venerated sf
the old church in Williamsburg Five genera
tions of Virginians have knelt at its altar-rail
and lie buried in tho enclosure around it. Bui
It is gone. The wotk of the dovil has been done
by his chosen children.
We receive the news to-day by telegraph of
Butler's fast order- in New OrieanB. It is i
character with the brtre and excites nothing,
bajbnd sympany with the unfortunate eit'z ti,
but abhorrence and loathing How long bali
this wreteh pollute the osrth I
We have nothing further -from General L e's
lines. U-neral Jones, aligbUy wuun :ki a;
Sbarpsburg, is in town to day.
Congress has determined to pottpmp i ad
journment yet a wek longer liiXiE
ant-ColonefJobnC. Fzr. formerly of Memohk' 'BJJsrXIS Oi? Ri TH-Fn. J, p.
whoaa coolDe.5,braver and wuyfaj , Wt" atBtxg r-obr it. km.
wn otaastger, txcuM ujPm;! &eei4. IVnifa, ,ue H-d the holy
Li t.fUl-nreoi- ";fti.. " Icaqw of independence for wt,ioh we straggle,
v, ipuy -,vyoauQ i -jame m Jrwgwfc mand that correctlva skoaid be given ta
Company G -Wotinded : StfrgaatiV F. it Ith' tPc"dous and misekieroiia errors, rife in
Palmer, slifrhily. . r . j rfecoobtry aad the ptessv foachtBg tba late bstt-
C'Hitpsny II Killed: J, R. Lamb, founded? hie of Corietb.aud tteefdci of the retreat of
Comjjany I Wooadoa E- EwUBfiamings
Cntnaeny K Kifl?t IX S Ok Wonndei':
Wibigm Postage, sHglltly.' Total killed, 2;
vut auuj .wum. woe
'efloa jrb -to 'cititf the va
, WeeileSe'itrgetilng fijnr rifled pkcesya
targe btdy of Yankee rejngwmdeAjsseni- (o the
a.. .. r T7 ..... lu r ih .i.
miles np tbe valley; Louden sad Maryland
table field. It is
'and patriotism of Uk5
joidier to find his most nklllml and bis bntveet
feeds set down to the account of a blundering
and stupid krffidency, and b.uited by theprasa
over every beartbetona ia site !aad.
I, fear that tbe lamented aad immortal Alton
Sydney Johnson i apt to be tle only getterai
crificed by croaSera wbe bate the tmeStfm-
fwwdei! It may be tree, as b- sutd, "tka .die
ignifl oeicueu lorui a perww swrm ot. saen pw,ple are npht in demarcW act$ aa be eply
upon the enemy, and. we soon had; tbe plrttinte ,1 test of merit' but oor fathers ncti oa adtffer
ef soeinetho white flBir. di-nrfayed, -and-a sn- I "btid'a, otels Geotge WasLuton eoalt
render took olace to tba f. donwabte- Jackaor. J b'nJ 7 rw,w,,.,H? "OMurf:-wWrftt.
narmy oi ine revi-iuoon tnaet-u, n r-oerari
who matoked into the tpwa,and wb u magpa- hat da could hr eaean-d bankhm-Dt. Tl
nimiiy in striking contrast to ike actions-of our I Cowty co'-ai dio nut imrmpli over tbe goMfl
iafamousfoe. extended to the officers the ftrivi- V0 oVBeeeji.fri . may nepet&at
I go Of reuiaiog ail private property and their
This was a glorious victory, and only marred
by the disappointment in failiag to eaptare some
Uee thonsand cavalry, who escape tba night
before, but tbe mj jrity were aftrwafdk' eatK-
tured by Longstreetr nnd tituart It wu tb
m -re glorious from being in a raeaiure a bUwu-'
leas one. The result ol the victory was the cap
tcre of eight thousand -prisoners (all parnledV
eighteen thousand stand of small arms, forty
seven fiu? cannon, three hundred horses, several
dozen fine wagons, and seventy thousand
rations, which were indeed a God-send. We
crossed the river on a fine pontoon Bridge, dre
oor portion of ihe captured rations and started
to the assistance of Longstreet, who was hotly
pressed by all the available strength of the eo-
my. The paroled , prisoners that we pasted
the faction of onr , day may not without rettia'
auee b;ur the faaMr of effiens wbowe military
itcnieva nenbt deserve tba nation's grattade.
Of the battle of Corinth, hist try will say it
was on-y not & victory. In all tbe el reent-t of
i ilitary setence concenti. n, dU.i of a BSfHt .
aad XH3utiOn ofbjgu it ted cts the htgkf
credfit 6u the eeaasraTwbo comaiaa led our to:ce.
and it covered with giojrytho xnbordinate g-
ereu, i ntears na men engagi-d m :he tenmc
trugFle Oa tbe lose tt-.e con'Mt, on the
ergrit - of .the first day (Friday). Geueral Vn
uoru received tbe coi giatniaueun of e-.ery gesi
ra! facer under hi comma-. d ; and, is tfee
hearts ot his men, lying protttrat--, parched by
bust, aad weary irom excess of va'or. there
was hnt one feeling pride that tbey served
under a c amnd-r who haa ttnrht their-, ihat
day, bis Cnpaeiiy to eommand mid guide the
enrr-uta of a wide Spread battle fi !d
P-ice, on tbe left a d center, at d LoveiL on
th right, each received on tbe fie d, amid th
rrCttnpe gationt fn -
tttenaselveti by th' if . .
fpoenjre, ic pr ,,9 tk .flanks ot
-Kim; Inbed, without fic utioo. the c- '
h our cfBceta, of evry du, was w. -: y
all prie And Adams, in h vi?; rt-. rt
watching tha enemy. a4ni;ifcg froai B .
b HaTh brfdf a, eflessoanded th - h
tbe cutnmaadiig a-ref - sID. E V
. i; .
- lie Ca the -c-
ttteB h-
MSV BP! J -.He,
W wrn t?.foUuwe- items
rsond Dmiudt, o
TO 8K ST. Patficlc
Kellaht-r, two. t5die boli9jii g (o Wj-i,
rein menu, are tq-b&ikLtnrfy;i l "
uemp jLee, under tne diree:iun..0e j.r&vtMt
rowahaL ' . ' -
W learn that th W manpy mira wtii be
start' d from Ct!o Trndrr 'o tii riac- of t xv
-eCnUOB at a quarter b fWe Itt' 6eJwk.' ht a rw -
nage, iwnui ry a eavairy xastrrt
to sake the,My-i e as tMprrasivu or. po.-nlb'i-, il
the souiiers tbtM c.r.n be goD(a'gt.ii- wii, b
paded on the fair gronnda ty Lr;- '0
i. ptfct Wr ere tuc'!i.-ri t.i tw IWW ti mt ti d.,
'Wrom-d men ino g-d aoine letpt af b- lue
fn that tf.t-.-. r-i.--J S P-d tr rn th ,r
ttnde a tvi-' ru- sk-wijr -uak to rtst aao no il-
diwr ef a rept?e iritd
RlWPiTUr Wkarn iha. D- W. R -r, : ml)
aoider wiio ws to hav bndo Kt :o-'ir '
Camp Le- for des-rtion, baa ber-n- - , :
two weeks, inet' a i of heifg pardtwied
tofwre Btatfil; It ot,ea.-s :!-triiis" te;!i, s
hi" ctmaeetion wrh ti pu' inj tei v -, t.i e
Utxter several d.tt ro. nuraeii nt.e ol t.i,is
bt-ing-trme.iaidt r v. mcl. he tn' em. : e
teriibte-contest, wri ten c(rtatul'ry -orders.
tor their ak IL.and prowess in currying aeatMt
expressed the utmost please at tiilr. Uti for gwtit the sobW men .bey led.
from m litary rigor, nd were extremely jueoee! At u- etaa. the fight on Friday, ViBa-
and blithome. V v' l tguet Bwen id Riurt, under Lrvell Mirtry ;
I come now to tbe battle of Sharpeburg, IltT'.'l''"'
. i . . , i- I uwt acv m V'-Mia uuucj 4, trvi:
wnicn tools place on the 18th inst., and whfcE ceived lHsrrnij mee.iJ- appUuse, so g-ate-was
tkeidedly the most hotly, contested as' well I ol to tkairrfdwWSft whii it loiiows heroic
as most sanguinary engagement of the war I"?8 t2Jf7- ,. , . . , , v '
The enHre able foree of tBe we,, JS
concenirawa Hgurwt tw with decided. araaUgo -aved bV t extraordinary exertion of Ree
in position, iberr arUUery were well posted I enns, wjtn, working with jt defattgable labor
aad well handled, and acted far bettor tlmn tbeir UU,U dftJWB rewJoteemeuts of eight
ininntrv V .it . ... r Wb-pwt, f tM very ir-teUtV-m
j - v v-pi-iiiw w bu pufa u
the defensive and could have taken no advantage
of a sufc as. It was also necessary to protect
tbe fords or! which oor wings rested, at which
point the' enemy strove to beat us bask. Oar
re.. ju"-i' .
- Of tie V, v-
-', dim wa tou
iuib wry is sua to siroi'ffiv evmsih 2
J tbr Son h. Her nu ia ia u.e ConKdei -.t- a
- From our Ahmy l Sok rates
There seemi o be genera! tutresB!
own wees unaitom; en-nty ui v c ::.
of tbe Pub-mac, ere on tbe ve- ! a d-ter.om
gektie.tiari' WMP ettlighuna tbe Mississippi
d crares, tma. Carre ana Lsrutmbus, by the
oversight of j"erterl.in not rtir'ir.g the. raii
tod" but from Jaeinto, lieiixi, I-u-ka and
Thm tntA & Moientmte)' at'iialti4it nrmm
division marched the entireWbt of toe 47th, the stror cntral f.rtifiari.we of the ewn. fca-
waded tbe P.itomso at Spardetown, aad.Jf're HbirntlM center atwf nr of eur army lajriJ
reached the fl- ld of battle, all ivied 'and worn a "I ' iraiUutwafl srWsoWieta tar
j . ... . 4. .- . I 'lemeelvas with-the, early pawn laio thew.Rvr-
ui.wn. aoout j o eioer, na tntmediately piacd midable works. Tbey we to few to kold'
lu the h id. We tt and opposed tajosr brigade ihe places tbeir valor bad, wad Tbeae were the
two heavy columns of infantry., which we I forces under the gaVant Priee. On, the rteati
chargt d and soon paf to'reut. Tbe fcexan five T j a u T'Z Vm
, t , , r, . -, - . : . . I f iBtiencbmeute. and after hard ftibHmr eaa-
orsiinunorea yara; over tpe top ttt.a no. tured a fort, fcaod bto. wir corMj-n-ed bT ik4
. v '.I . . . ... - 1
we pursuing tn-m, wnen sndaeniy a poWertui 'aet surmgaows wtneb guarded the idtrfitm tba
battery was ut masked, which dealt grape and j e8t lr0OP?' having keen, etoce r
eaiiiusier by the whokale, hut, und.n.ted and ZT 7or n be
ucdismayed, on prxtued oor boys, onr regiment .-eived order P retire and form the rear ruaUr
ties den oy tne paiiatit ruar. We saooeeded m I w protect ano enver in, retreat
ruotiing th- gui-ners rcom a portion of the bat
tery, but failing to receive -support at that jano-
ture, we werx unable te hold-the pieces and fell
ack under cover it' a fence, horn whence we
were soon drawn 1 tf We occupied onr battle j
ground all night, amid tbe dead and wounded,!
General Yn D rn had cut off nil reint'orea-
mente fra B..;ar, y so maneuwring ae to4by large rrrul., et stto,,i. r,d "a
menace that potr.t, and by cutting the rauroa! ; t,niu,.,:t .LT -r .
vin.i. ' -h . .. . -"-r-
bewf eu it and Cneiatb.
RoaecranK, nn F-'Way nirht, expected to tone
Ji.tinlh. Be started hi tr& iii retrejtt toward
Farming -on, and btrrnt soma of his tailitMy
v rt. JX-rhae deservedly was a rizbt to prr-
Mir,er Koaeb. aoo oii-
pset!ernn who- aaw R
J ho R -acb, -ooe of u.e o
wtio-fjught gejbuitly in b--.
ney iliereurn mterv-.ro 1 nga.e, .-n . r g- 5
' R w.h a pardon. A- R gtrf". p- ,.-
ate K aeh on the eceaei u h- w- : t ..... i.,.-"
der the onsel -ent-nce N d b: b s 1 -1
ia intended to atfrd time t- -neoriaiu how oi -:S
credit be deaesryea as Joht RMch.
A MrUTAttT POCI'.ICIAN ABtnrtff tn tvtS!
amvsis of Ynke vtfi .-s m D.met U !-'..u,
formerly the gret gun ut tax Kuaw ii Xui- t
of N-w Yolk Ha was operanr-g nu th- !t-- 02
tfce Rtppnfuanoclt aa eolou.! ot ihe 7 -i Si r
next Kw York voiu'i'a rt, hin, on ib - i
of August, he had tho m-:' i:joe iv Uli i 1 u . e
hapde of eur ttoop. Uiiaittj ptso&dl a
pearanco b ieaigiiih.-iot ; as a Ber h L-.i
a.dspiindi g aad djt.cat look. If j tvi.i
ent Dome whh his brother vrSeers.
; Peksosal Among tie arrival in R- .-
jdmo jester day us fltrw BadttHg, w:--- .
U a'. lord; pretest r vrnor of MU
in Uir
collision. Tin im iwjkiii is st'-tib-i-'l ty
tbe utateotenhi gaun-red fr
came down on ih5 Central trin f.om 6 :ii-ni
yesterday at :rnnon V.lu -mosj we i .--. ru:t
OttT-sdy lst ;he ennij , in Coint iieb
fere, advi ced fro n H p"", Frry s . 1
CHarlestnwn. hktlU- g iai 1 'ict !r..in ..,-.t
Jtbous oue roikt ann a iia.f i- ii tho u.w ;
Aacertainiig that the mn B io.-ccK;f s
0r farces, they murt-j u. a 1 tt. s p v
afMattinsf'urj f I! bck aii I rej.-t-d
Vance of a eo-uas of u.., , ... n,
itMUpwrt road
tne roece .-it the enemy in and arccr.
per terry la sail to ba v-ty - j
visios comisawHi by G'3r. G-; y ,.
the Londuun Bights Ii is upp....d ;.--.
n faco bud cro-se ;, or t..t-i-u-i t.
Una ferry Th force wbtra rr.8t i . . f
treara Tntusday ia tusUavwl to iv Oa: a,..
tneir army.
From ail aaconnts th- coitJ aoo of o::r 1
ia excellent- The n fuu'ed d h r, v.
Kr . . J "vw
lWt have all bt, eiiirr-d est. artd h
army ism buoyant ep-rt-, ar-d eeg.Jta4;v
ipautig anotfaey riitt4.tt triiit.ja.'
and it must nvi be considered exaggeration to tn-ri.-w by the tt-il, skill and eoetgy of hie 6V-
ay 1 ha- ihe enemy lost five to our one, and a
tba enemy were shot in (
Alt .111. .
CiStF KE-K MAR IKSB' xo irp.i .a,
. September .4 ' )
EDiTOns ArP ul : I will emp y a p..nnt
of the brief time allotted us ftr r-st here i
witting a brief account of our recent active p -
rations in Maryland Our rrover- m. nt 3 i i-'ed
to the importunate salicitatiucs ti tl 9 u-
prese in changit'g our policy, firm the lief-
sive to the &trtr ssive, and, whether owinc v
tho indeiatigsble zeal of our gr;sera' -. ri t
inesistlble ardor of our bravo tioi p", or fn 1-
bdth ccmbinrd, the rrsult, so far, has bten a!
y-o, mere, that the mit sanguine tot-, a vnfh
Our motto was ' or-ward, ever ooward," en
ftotujCedar Run, Manassas. Cenieiviiie. Hi
per's Ferry, Sharpsburg. to Shtph-tdit.-.wc, ou
P4thiy,ay has been traced in viciori-ju gore
Vhett Barksdale's Missiippi brifra-'e
reached Leesburg, the scene of our former ar
tions, a"nd loanied that Maryland was o be t-ur
thoater for a time, their .enthusiasm could not be
S3P Tbe RJefcm ua yatrtr tbe 6 k, saye
that -.ibv MMli eirginet) and a numbeV f care
Miiii whiek the enemy bad stocked the Orange
ta.d Al-xadHa irb-oad, aud which ws late ty
ap-.artd nt-Warrenton, have net bsen re-ap
turci. ?a etetcd oy a cvteatporary. l&ey were
brought acrene tbe Rtppakunnock, and are sale
.& tkis tide.
restrained. aUhdneh visions of toils and hard-
L F.om intercepted dispatches it appeared the the enemy th re, at,d captnieda rebei captain drfi iiteq iaBtiry of red, white and blue chips, J rmds presented themselves, for the railroad
L-my were concentrating at another p .im the cities ol L udon cuUuty are flfeioc 10 err- card boxes, faro tables, plaj ing card-, etc . otc-J bridges over tbe Rpidau And Rappahannock
nearer ine A' tuuwsa uuiuei. nu ioitp iiwie u iuo hbi iwwi oonsctipuun jn tuai q-iar er. 1 in nw. il m. .i itu. .,m.uii . f He,.., ... , -v . .- .i
torceot au,WWm., under IUlw.Mr-B.id, and and are reachi, Wa,lfingtan. 0 . this ocea- !" T fSSo( Mayor Mayo,. had been d0ftroyed by the retreating foe, .hue
irtben-. General Schofield is moving forward nn, ereiy pen-nti capable of beantig arms, in- . "y of general Winder, whtr contents- hi u- rendering the traiisportaiion of supplies ex-
repidly agamst them, aud as they evidently in- eluding ab Qankers and boys over wxteen year self with oiforeuig the restriction of xontra- tremely difficult, set miogly giving us no base ol
lhey have atso band liquore It is greatly to bo hoped that nneratioBS. These doubts were soon diBpelled
either th mayor or the general will do some- however, by the great confidence reposed in
wing wr tea prevention ol bigfeway robbery and providenco and old " Stonrwall, who, par pa-
X3T JTi- JUjJic.lij draft m tatwachusetts be
tii apats ppatpotitd This time till the 15 h
1 tt P. rbsjaLh cln is aitii g for the luifi
m i.tsl tbfrnateo GoverooiAiidrKv, which
was ilt if an 1 m uiUeti-z ntpeteesafieB were
iseut 1 ti e tend 'ee&afr from Maeeacbusetbt tu
the lt :it fiek -i! j not he able to accommo-
daie 'be eager v ui.teera.
MARTLAKVWt. pubil-hou iuu-reating I t
ter ,5-u evteit- liua OocrnoT lyowe, wtib ie
gsxd ;o the coi rlltion c-f afftirs in his dove
uodden State. His argument is a fair one, and
Lis demand for a to-pnsioii ef public opinion-;
with iigttd to l-er choice, entirely reaj.onble.
- if yletid bae not ba4 a fair chanee to declare
Let will, and we should not give her a posltku
until we ahaH have d ne onr part toward re
moviuitJte seal rem ber Hps and tbe shackief
from hep fcenfe
. t -
f3pti Ke V ib HaroU ie lolly sariefi r.
from tli t'latiuskble devth-pmei'ts at tie cot-
vaviH-n of State - vet rots at Altoona. Pi , tl at
a plot t toot t y tli- ted eafcr" at th- No-it-,
t ahoiitfc tke Uni"n, witbont regard to "the
dteaiitiovs crpenjtier that will follow the exe
, cuo ot their- de p- rate programme." In
thir-ke tbe ' or-ginators ate the Kneal deseen- 1
dents f the r-b-! ri-utidbeada in Eoglaod, h
kept thatconr try for forty years in hot water
vi: war. and tbe treason commenced in New
Th Rrhit SPuur. Uvaot.&n is up ar.d
dofoc in blta f of our suffsriug soldiers in Vir
rtnia A public meeting has beeu heii, end
wiumit meeberaa taken to eecare at once cL h-
'imr for tbe army. Mes-ts W. H Wlltfeerg-r &.
Co., propri'-tor-i of th- Paliki Hoase, have
fwed tle eniireatock of carpwts of their ejrab-
1 at.ment, to he converted into comrlug for the
.i;dm - Suae c"ea of tbe mut.ifiooi ce f the
donai be farmed, when we eate thet it
comprises lb atfpeW" btmdred and
tw.,.,;;y topu, and wlic cut tip, vii make
.1... v- enmtortzbro find rood eixed
Ut . 4k .
:end 10 make a stand, a battle of col sen iR-noe I - Id, are foic d into the ranks.
may be expected so n. The main rebel army lei taken overy horse left in the country for Leo'
there, aud at least half of their troops are well I army, atito everything else that they could lay
arrn-d. They-also have considerable aitillery, I the-r bauds on.
brought from Arkansas J The government is about to send a comrois-
A iaige m-j niy ot tho wrees routed by our j srot.ei-1 me wrst to investigate the present in
trops, were cavalry. I man dimcu ties, l: aseeited that there tnti
Gem-ral acboneld a army is large and lhsient, I oe no aonotoi m-s tact, that arms htve been
j ii.d a eontinned sot lea ot eucceeses may be ex-1 rurntsmd tbe Indians by persons eugegbd in
mt-cU-a. I .oriutiu inipre&:s
ST Liocw, OJtobtr 6-Aivioea received l uu-tge omun, 01 wwconetn, ana two well
r m tjeitrttal Sobofild state that, with a p iwer- j known ju ists will leave to-morrow tor B-aufun,
ul Kiniy, he w on Seinrday at Sarcoiie, six- I S utb Caroiins, as a commission to carry into
uji miis from N-wtonia. where the rebel force?. I effect the confiscation act
I6,0u0 iu number, were eoikcted. H expected I fJ'.wds ot tte rvbel gt vernment have been se-1 and lorks and double-barrel runs render bun ao
1 . . 1 1 I I - . I 1 J tfc. lI... . . 1 . . . . 1. . I . I I w -
iO rtacn tneie to oy, ana, 'i tue retiein 00 not 1 uoijr otru u jjaiuuiurc kuuiu him raut mw uyf 1 g0 for martial larv.
VHCate, we may exptci to near immeniate:y 01 1 "-v ltou come on 'ub uunai, vi uuo ttiousana
ti-'iier ooncs soi ifiov, payaoio at JDitttmow 1
United Stales caneuoy
Captain Parrett, of iieLeau's brigade, on Sat
utdsy, made a dh into the villagu ot Utymat-
Ket, una succeeded in capluung eight rebel sol-
a battle.
No apprehensions are euterJained as to the
rt-fcult, Uchofi-ld's army being superior to tbat n:
tbe enemy, and in xeeileut nghting trim. The
mly thine feared is, tbat tbe rebels will not
Advices dnttd the 4th instant, received from
Greenville Mtteouiu convey rehab e inieiit-
g-titv tbat tho lVxas troops, under the rebel J
Mtij-ide, have been o d-ioa to return bunte
t rti.wiih incons'qnoi cet-f the Uuivn victoiies
t M-f In II and Shiev- p rt, xas The troops
tUs r. Isrtefl to number aBOUl zwu.
3pelai w tb ChiMa Tuies.
H iKiman has written to Cu'tis sayin? be will
nat-g Li- nteuaut Faieeon. ot Wic-'nsiu, now in
his hand-, it a tumnlle who bits been enptur.-d
by the Fedora's in the Southwest is shot. H
to thri-aiette 10 exeenn: another Fedeiat lieu
te-iaut uuiei-s a marme 011 the gunboat Pitit-
miauigniRssajuiinatton on the streets of the city.
Not a night passes by, (this is literally true,)
without mime instance of outrage. Night befere
last, a merchant was cruelly beaten, aud robbed
m bis own store on the principal thofong'hfRre
w lHcbmopd, and no pedestrian is safe after
nighUall; indeed, no ItoaeehoHer is safe in his
own dwefliBg, except jast so far as strong bars
By the way, the letter of Vicc-Presidsnt
Stephens on the unconstitutionality of martial
law, repubtiahed In odr papers this morning
irom tbe Atlanta papers, Is attracting great a;
diets, moiuoitig a lieutenant, who Mere there en-1 toution, and may lead to legislation on the sub-
torctug the Uontederate conscript law. No other I jct by Congress.
iebls were i-een
NfW Y-itK, October 6 A special, to the
Ettnitg Post diod Wahington, 6th, ssy.i .
Ovu e,tr M-it n, of I -diana, bad au inter
W with the President to-day Mr Lincoln
speaks cheeriugly of the condition ot'-ibe army.
Comntl Hamilton of Texas, and Frank BhU
are bottj mg'd for th,fiice ormliftary gvvernur
f Texas
The day of arljoprnmantls flxd for Monday
next, but It is doubtful tvhether it will not be
further postponed.
Tkfe weather is still bt and dry to a dtntrwa-.
log degree. Dixiij.
Pishiias on tb Hirer. k
From the JlempbU Arjun, Oct lO.j
TheBieamw Mtb R Cheek, Cspinin L-icius
Jtn.es f rtn-riy t-rivii.-rtt bs, we?!.-thin oitv nrf
.org, who shot a cotton-burner itwr Helena, be ""P1 mJ; arnvt d yeeterday afteriinm. from theJ the publto bmldiogs Is as
not iriven uo I " ""u " 1 m repmi teat on Wednesday
five miles bel .w the city, Sh.W firel npon bv
a somoanv of ffuurnllss frnm th Ttr,;i
A recent k tter, received in Charleston, gives fjaak
the following account of the providential escape I A portion of thrrn were concealed in the trashes
ot Colonel P. F. Stevens, of the .Hokombe I nnt.DOlB J ""ose s.tundn g in tall view on
renthesis.is the Jnpiter Ajax and G. d of the
Valley people, and no matter what troops pass
ihe roadibeir ears are. continually greeted wvh
" huriah for Jackson," whe la the most nncouth,
unshaven, uaTtespangled man in his corps.
Well, .011 Monday, the Cth instant, our brigade
crossed the Potomsc, wading tbe stream.
Nothing of interest occured, eavc cutting the
locks on the Chesepeake aad Ohio canal, and we
reached Frederick City, an eld, substantial town
of soma fifteen thonsand inhabitants. Hero
we halted for a day or so, blowing up the fine
ironMiridpea on the Baltimore and Ohi railroad.
thus severing tho last artery of Washington and
the West. We drummed and fifed ju the ci-y
very furiously for the stcesh -recruits, but they
were rwn est, as we obtained but few soldiers,
all havit g been enrolled by old Abe.
A large force of tbe eremy fceir-g in the oc-
rnnniicr of Banter's ioriT. our generals set a
j -j
Iiue W entrap them; and Jackson crossed tin
Potomac and threatened the .town in- front,
-while Walker occupied . Lifudon Hights, neat
the mouth t f the Sh(infd--ah, overlooking tbe
bark a p'uc - a S -uihern soldier dec-ms it a dis
rac" t. be w out 1 'led rneir desd and wounded
47 id iiHi'i, givn-2 nnnnatasabie evide&cn of
v--;ia; - ur trns-y tit: s baa done. The roe et our
b ignde was about two huodred and fifty, and
1 f our rtgimnit eighty-eigku,.
AI of the 10. h was spent in bu ry tl d.e,ad.
and at n'giit we :oik up our tine of march ftHin
a point where .t,- rotild paesibly gfia not bins;
We crossed th PoMmac'oace more tbat night.
aud hal'e-1 near S -epherdstown. The Y-rnkves
er- r.' foii: d to b iii hot pursuit ; D H.; Hill
b-ing in d-e rear, succeeded in crossing and got
s m -es m po.dtioa on tba bfun etmatand-
in ihe ford, aad v- ry so n there cntmiced
q uie a fpirited itftir, G.tnsral Hilt literally
rindg;ng the Poiom-j with the- worthies ear
cisses ot the enemy. Bat be executed- a
s'rai'gie move; be fell back -and altjweiTl
abmt four th- usand 10 oroH tbe ford and
As to the casnattks f the &kt; are have
vrry reasen to coin-lade that iu the ii! ed and
0 inded, std in prisoners taken on
na loss or tho enemy was rear ti-a'i ear own
Thf fitntrirlpin f.f unr arm v. wnrn ont hv thm
- cyr . ' ,
1 j 1 .1 - -r J
i-ire-fiTi- dwi anu uurutnir tt urn 01 a twuiuiir
trugle, after rapid marckts, may swell their
iai ot prisoners
We captured at Corinth three piece of art2
lery, and lost one niece by a mistake of the
driver, who ran it into town.
Was condscted tn a masteirty nunncr. as its
results proclaim. A baggage train, six ur si-veo-
mties ut ieogtb, wai bnuijht ui v snte'.y
The small Ions of tea or -w -ve ag"ns at
ieca.et ed Jy the cilly pvuic of 'ho crrivrg.
Pbera wi-r bit lw con tea s au tbo r?'reat. Tbe
fi--.t ocenrrad at Divisbndge, on the H-t'cie
rivet, near Peeahontaa. where the force of Horl-
eat s aivr.iejK' trom a -tivAf afterwards rin-
Weed tty Rbea- division. tr m the same p-irit
dxpnted thepaasng- of the H.'ehie Tbe on-
met -as sbnrt and bloody, diorm brigade was
in the advance, a port on of at. rer ihout ht
iiundrrd in t-umb- r ctOK.-iug the br dire. A
part of Phifrr'i, and a porti.o el Camjtfii-l.'a
E 1 t -r THi :. - . V
fl fnt t.-r uo-iee, uin
t v, tr B U4 4 jj , Sasii.T
Atrv. ; -' - '
- R 1.: f jfe? vejavM
TjB a rem n . :.
J. isr. . ha .y , y p - ,
MA UK i:t Olio-, m .L i . ,
tlx'- o- a - y- r o'l .
fa h d" 1 y c -t.., b V
fa. -..'a N JleBC
b b 1 4
m - 1. k t a.U
2 jucap,
On AIu.ii! Siifit, ... .
fob s v Bter
ii - - . re-
Maryland bad bnai Solftbernift ontimenl aa
mai y rejrfesented; notyraeB; cm!d hava ;knt
hr down. Bat toe r&sponse w-) have i&et '-with
there has served to core many of the mania of
' Maryland my Maryland." .
0M rrf. hlT
3 1 v
capture two r,P. es of h afar, e-Bab.wbif.
rhe euera - w. n making mrry over the capture, Uide A thit pomt ta..n.)ble tnh-oMd n t nt
G nerai H -I h vc occe mere hi rann and sixt I der and gnlaisu, klj t BaWour, on Yiirf
h nt tn whole lotoe down th rriivibu bant, f x" .. . 'WJL "ni0d, in (be effrtrtj
a inihiittit'niT ft wln;! hriirarte. mntnrinir nirw 1 V, . -TT JT" .
r- ' a 1 eaity nparror ttumners x 9wentm aucceeow
haridr.-d prisoners. He yras. then' allowed h I in gsining the Widj(p, hot witHrew alter asho4
pur.m- Dis ay ut.m 'lasted. VOO roost UU tor- iconion, 00 we sppzoaca or neoerts uivdhuO!, r 'TO B R
tn.au reS:t art rwng from oOr retreat taa tli "lf ; D"?' fcL'.
..... - rmmuw at lhs. naiauie n n. me to-caa or
1 -s o4 u any ail oar woand, whom tba want ReeraaB Cormth, ane-J oar . rear'
i ('ouveyuaoe c- mpelfed ua to leave beuiad - Uimrd. aix mika dtdaht. at iftK-trndffTt across the
Your correspou tent's opiuuM of the political Tu-icunvbtSr B .wen's hrigalo at tow latter
status of Marylwd has remained the ssW it I sugnter,
-I A that levn tiM fuJit tati.tuntt nn tluv r-t t
alWays- was. Under the principle of $av f V-uD-rn. retired P, iceSaiviima an tbe Hhf
iyhm, no. armd force can prevent a Stmt, as a to Kmn's ai 1, preceded by hb imraeniie train of
5tac,.fr..m taking its wanted peBWonj feuo if l'bg8f wnestnoi repaired a bridge- at that
- , i . . 1. : .1. 1 .. j t -.. - . 'ft ... 1
PQiui, wan liau wjtu uutui j- vraerai Aim
attoag that morun b ruased and camped.
L-iVrdi's division luitowed tbeame rente, u iinov
1 -sled and in this order our entire- arn.y i-aa
ntarcked to Hns potot "Tm very intelitgeut
geMUemau, ot toe jBunsttpfttx, pats .Jvru gg
one of the bso -'caes ot oaf revet s g," the
3WH i ig Prr Ai
CVtAS 1 BUI O Hi it .1.1
K at ir, a ...Jt u 1..- .
i 1 p, w , j..-
e f . . . - t-
W M . I)
: 3 il -d i t
r ?nar-- y -IT Qrr vfn
Slate street,
Riciimosd, October 4, 1852.
Wo still larguish under an insuff. table heat
and glre,and pine for moisture at d a coolintj j town,, wlrilo Kershaw's South Carolina b-ig&de
broiza The wind tbat blows out the flags noon and Bstkadalo's Mississippi origade, of MrLs'w's
. ... 1 - .
not as a sirocco, and division, were matched to capture Maiyfaud
sets' irttaotian clouds of a light white dust that Hihts. a point of the Blue Ridgw, also com-
pnetrtttes the eyes, the oars', the nostrils, the mandiitg the town. Taking prjs easioh of the
whole man. It has been a fortnight siuce .a I letter plsce caused quite a battle, in which Ker-
drop of rain has fallen upon R ehmond. 8 j far shaw's brigade iuffered considerably. The
as th's fHstressiug weather aff.cts the health of enemy were 'posted on top of the mounta'i,
th ctl;r, it is of comparatively little moment, about three thousand strong, hid behind breast-
itito the host, gom of I But so uncomfortable a season in October as far I works, mado of leg8 of old winter quarters
Tbo I north as latitude thirty-seven makes us think f with an almost Impregnable "abates of fallen
with great pain and anxiety ef our fellow-clti- j Umbers in their front. Thulr flank were pro
Munv shots were fi Vd
Col tnel P F Stevens' clothefl were ineatlv I tlinm naKinrr thrrmtrh tbn Kmolcn tpt
saot i a irom mm by bullets, aud a spent bah side of the iuat was riddled. On beard were
ut 11 m in hs stomach, nan no- Itnnctwi iJt the I ,n.AT,t.lnt, .,.1 tuu f,n .nii.1 f v.. a
pommi of hit saddle twa fr.gments of speij' J with what efct could-onjy b-co jciared. No reDS Wilmington, where the yellow fever tected by the sides efthe mountains which we
-nensaiM) nit lln one on the Knee and th I oik wh Ii iiiihi nn tha Ch-ai aiu..nah nntui,, I nruvatis -with irrent mflJifnitT. unit of ni,.f-. 1 rwtro nrtl TirBe.inttntiR a xaemmtrlv in
- - J ....... , ... t."." 1 , M n J - . wuHiit,' Dtf wva; I" 1 J.
a' xi'a noree was Boot 1 .loiietj' coat was torn in twopltceibv the eut-J tnn whr r..,u h hrv , ..j , . n Worlr.ia KrS itmt3
whero It Is scarcely poKgtble that fearful ravage tlie rocks, laing their guus on the rooks and
will not be the conseqnence unlets frost comes j cradling up to them, thus succ-eding iu fUak
quickly to cheek the. md&dy. Three deaths J irg them effectually, which waa no sooner done
from yellow fever have oc-urredj Indeed, Jn. than the Yankees ieft"hpsd.fy'giving us posses-
this city, but the victims wero already ill npon aTbnnf the most important ' position MVward the
their arrival, and the fact gives no. concern. Xa:. oaptare 'rjf town of Harper's Ferry. The
1S55, -alien tie disease wrought such yjide- 'foBowin'guW list of the cssuaities of the 17 ik
spraa neawawoa. ta norfoik and Fottetaoutb, Mississippi: regiment, commanded by Lieaten
tber on the right arm. His
'hree times aid d ed on ihe battle fi-ld and te-i m' hallo
Go i ws all mound him. Though a brave, fer-1 1
e target, iu tue front, ndmg aioug hwittie,l feFT.he Vucit ia hatt wi.jKti up to the 26 h
ot not of the enemj's demon stiokes hurt htm I nit., had made 10 000 bushels ol eait. avtrairine
1.1 ft rfi b lilH tl-HtNM i r r-t.f . an ... . ...
r ltIomOUUmi.tB11.tr h tiar rfm v,ttl the, nriai.
n, tt nf , ...o .1 nAnbn rpi ry .. .
e!niu m ..j 1. a r -.' wc.dh. m vjoiLria mKiu
13T iUlTluo HUIUIU,, vutiaw III u MIDI iuo, (.u,J -t
tttv. ant from QastlJ-TbftBtfer - re Winnhwtnn I ,actsrllI6 company w&re progressing with energy.
V-, nnder guard, 10 be placed fa their respect- a bort rao they will be able 4 make 300
irareglaeuw buiWB ptr day, it is hoped more!'
W fouud all Btorea closed, and. an aknoat I burning of a bridge across Cypress creek tea
complete refusal to ta.a any money bat speefe. f01? ,r"m L'orI?la4t P" io -y
And wom brly
didn t seem to ftppt eciate-e- jefcscriScfefede- etc There waa n6 bii tg banrf or i- i-tred. on
votion ef the hoys, and with aVew exeeettofe J our entire rente, rr-m CHadKfcj near E cahoa-. J j
rook panicnlar care, by a Mntomptorje flfevaifcn I WB tbe Hatehie-that h idwae bot burnt- u
. .: .i. - -. ..-1 ' " P y 3 -"r-" ' j- e--
"lc,L M'w, w ww men, wd9bi rgiAjav-ow the eOQlrM c -st them dearlv. The
of'yeu dirty rebels." Maryland. hTit up Wards of onehundr.-d kiUed, aad bt ween
noble patriots m her, limits, but 4s, a h
, . " . V 7 a pnmmu between tour a"d-Sr baad.ed.
g-i-o-r 1-0 u-s union, aira ongM w ae n-ym "Tand b ut rfchy or. sixty killed at,d woaudedv
Viewing the pooitton of thaoofflbataote,! tkitis AxTnseombia the- -vridga was- pwfeta price'e
tbe Confederacy has cause for aongramtation dtvjkmhal crossed it--aa Wei. 's division
over the fesnlt f th mn." fc, t . PprecbuHr,Jt The ewmy were not ia
1 B , ""tpoaitjnii a-t bat
now have additional fieilitieK fot frcnting it, tre tbey reaeeed it
wnicnour generara ,m not be slow to avail he crossed. .
themselves of. We hare thrown 'the eaemy ' L Pke kwarm. bat airrite,J pnH nf
ginia taiimeof bis p4atjbg..tread-; deprived, whom I tive notajBA hra e'a-s - w-:a d
fifbtef tha Bomces of neat fifiy tfaesluU gottd K had been 8ra-riBr- n., in nu t b. tufii
troops, and retarded brit'great extent the .fite-
tive ergrtuizatiun of their new levies. While ea
mumn mmnMis
J itcliHon, Mi
as jwst rciTel
si. pi,
position at it bat wr nent h .wting beex U
Bweu dcbtroyed it af.r
ottr side we have yielded" to tke uuivex.-tal- wkA
of.eyojy.Bjuthetn ebldierrjaiyliy, 'acttvlfe-i
4ttoli5hiag -thereby the 'sfaiseandr8Meii"
One1 man now equal to two teforas wbilo our
Hoxanplfcd sarces Jia Inspired ua aff with sa
eagernes and impetnosity which no fatigue or
enemy can re-t.
Oar general are able and (diiigf :eurl(rl'ir
bravu and eager ; cow mured, to taiigne and
hardships? hence you may be prepared st any
moment for news of victory after, vkstory. -When
-we will leave here ot where "tve will go,
i-t a secret that our generals are .toe sagacious tt?
reveX;'B&ace I cannot eren spenlate. -
. v - S- L.
Comeany B . ITlhR-gt Mtss. Vols'. J
Es? It is s aied. m a. fact tVershy of natico,
tba- Goneral Starke is the only h.gtaoce in the
C-nh-derat- terv:ce of a private ricing to 8
brigadier He farted atja.privata at Pene&cola,
was made, adjutant, hecarne celetial of a Vir
ginia regiment, asd. was promoted id a brigadier
for gailanlry in Ihe bsttles rtr8nnd Erehmond.
went mjorm is rrnae a class ot Strang rs.
who were ne. at Corusih mi pthT of t,t(?.r.g
b memberd day ot Friday aad Sitar. v
wha deaenci eur advt.iiag onlitrrti-s wh
tgtsui naejf whwiMaat tbtmder mtt se 1 1 -firm
e4Mfe rerf ioid U6! undr their fo-'
Wh"er Oavtard fqotsteps tnrn- d a-ay from uir
S-lref ii"ad wk'se hing to. gi-3
spisl a peaia ttT"ev-rjr' mile of thtir igm m ui
is nsght It is'jr ptty to fi d their i-a itf stories
of hthadertRg generals aud ter.ible to;-r
f hurtful anderrone
onf. critKaafti heape4u,on same of th-t get-erals
who focgbt'at C-'rinrh, by th-elgt:eant of their
aetioft an the field, tt ought to be a solace to
cifioers thus defamed to know t at they are
cherished by the soldiers they led, iu so ran. a
that even retreat coord not ei-b their cheers l:
B. t;ern is, of ows, inferior to the military
critiea who do-nn the action of Y-tn D rn
bu it I safe to say ;hl he wout.t nut r-adily
aitrU-rgo again the toil by whieai ba aaved
C .r-ntb.
- A to Lrvell. o bitterly and sndeservedly as
soiled his cool coorag., s-it-p'tHiseaeion as
skill in handling hkfei?, attracted the admira
tion df the arrty.'' - :f ;;
I see that fa Vst Bat 4 the'.aierijoriout! I have
failed to mention Gefetal Armstroiij and Col
Jackson, who eefcHawsaeVJ our catalry. Each
S900 yds. E'tgiisJ CiDsJtaas.
. 450o yds. i PojaJia,
j-As.' Pi iius,
I0O yds. Oorg'u Mnp,
SO gros Pearl Iinrton.
AL.SO A large lot Ct.jrou Yarns
all iVos., anil ;ifiy
Conic soon as tiioy '.iii go q&
like hn Ruekirhe 't C'.iKe.
OsHabitrgs, Sfi.'tiii. Mjiaauc
and Oriiliii.:
To bales js-I received nutl lur
sale by J. C. Mo A I, I. i.VF fcK.
Juciaon. yiiy.
Jfarkaon .f:s.,
JJs jnst reeoitfd a cud eiij-
ply lii-ey f lot lis for CaJforns.
f'reuItaw's Iv.t isivy,
Eit;li2i Tweed, Givy,
fowpeii Fartory i
SaieiH. X. c. F tory Orey.
oc-lit J. C. MclLi.IsTEB.
KHULIt.fe' tVl iL
j j- o ri -. .
i- tat i-..ce . r
ttt.. b7ia, &ii cj )(jr
f Hog or IV vie.' ef : i
fr tin fifvn fli.r
I 't l I S
gr bm
J -rr!
..! S i . i ;
1 f "Ji
,f rrm ixtp a e. ) wt. te .,od.-?-" U.
oSpaii.i't oa li t onratat 'lata, i.
e7 w
k. e.
X t.

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