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AS sroiracE aXENTI.
1? HENttYQ. SMITH la'ft candidate for thejj
omc OI'JQUgO OHine oupreuio wui v w r .
nesjoo, at the election to be held on the 21th ot
May. 1868. mtli:7
Jj YEQUANd Is a candidate !or I'rosecntiu
Attorney for'Munlclpal Court at the May elec
Uon. mbJ
FKA.L,: Yott are hereby auth' med toan
nouace me as a candidate for Aitorney-Ueiie-ral
of tbe Criminal Court, at the May election,
subject to the action of a Democratic conven
iion.shouil one be held. OEQ, E 8TAHU
4 We are anthorlred to announce U. P.
OUTKssa candidate for the olllce of J ndge
of the Municipal Court of Memphis at tbn
BQlng May election. "
h thorlzed to announce the Hon. Gu. w.
KtEVKUasa candidal J"d riJ t The
cult Court of the 15th Judicial if?"
enauagMay elecUon. mma
- 17 K are authorized to announce J. ir- ja--W
KUIHKBS as a candidate for the offlce
J I-hiiTor a tuis county, at the election lo
be held In May next.
The Plain-DiUy o
of Every
so his
J? T6-the voters of ibo C.lmlual vourt Dis
trict: I respectfully announce royilfaauidl.
nate for re election as :
the fourth Thurwlay In May.
authorlied to anncunce I'aAC MO1'!:
EON salt candidate for Judge of the iurt
of Memphis at the approving ay elecUon.
F We are authorlied to announce thtvnaine
of Hon. OEUtlU K ANDKEWa, prent Incum
bent, ior the office of Ju .ge o! the Supreme
Court from the Klern Division, at iW
pioachlngjudlclal election, mult
TOR EE k m".
,ni, TipvT Two Cottages on Vance street,
3? wo iForea 5? Poplar, a Dwelling on Her
nando street. Apply lo, Bi8CK.
inth small capital.
VV who understands thcruthly the wbols
.III orv buints. B. st of reftrenccs gtv. n
and nqulred. Middle-aged
Address M. Y Appealomc
Gov. Senter, In hta wisdom, Rnd in (ho
exercise of tbo' high prerogative given
him by tha liw, nan eet B3ide and de
clared null and void the registration oT
Bhelby county, s perfeoted by Capt.
Sears, the former Itegistrar.
Whether thia was done from a Bense
of right and justice, because ha believed
that registration unjust and fraudulent,
or whether it was done in order to fur
Radical nroject of his own, or
of the party, or to give the new Registrar
a chance to make a littlo something, we
will not say. Without inquiring into
his objects, or scrutinizing too cloaely the
mntlvpH wllien QlCtateu IDB acv, wo Bay
nnhesltatlnglyethatit wa3 the "J "e8,M know what the remark wail.
CRIMINA-C Cotjrt. IFm. 'JSimUr,
tJudae. The Cosgrove-caseiwaa-resnmeu
ycsieruay moruiug' ruut hukom u&
the State were introduced and examined.
Tho substance of the testimony adduced,
is as follows :
A. P, JiurdUl sworn. X wss sent lor
and requested to go lo MaJone's nouse.
Went and Sound Malone. He expressed
a belief that he would shortly die from
the effects cf his wound, lie men maae
a declaration which was reiuced to writ
ing. He stated three or four times,
" John Cogrove shot me."
David Roach sworn. J. was prtoeui,
the courthouse when -Malone was snot.
Maiono and mvself were sitting together
on the south side of tho courU&am, near
the window, when tuo. lawyers nau
someriisturbanca. Malone maae some
remark to Col. Oanttaboui ttuiiocs, uou i
Daw xoui.
Winters and Cosgrove approaching from
the direction of the Clerk'n desK towara
Malone. Malone looked through the
window as thouch wishing to escape.
Ha fhpn wpn t down toward the gate as
thins he could have done for the Con
servative party, and has given n3 an op
portunity whlcn,if we let slip, will merit
us defeat.
W all rememtor how. day after aay,
for weeks preceding tho elections last thCUgh he was trying to est out of the
foil ti rvitiHsrvative dailv Dsoers were
'ull of urgent appeals to the white men
to go up and register; and how, as the
day of election approached, and the
regUtrationclosed, leaving hundreds of
voters unregistered, anathemas and in
vectives were hurJed at Sear for his dlla
torlneaa and chicanery a part of which
was, nodoubt, merited; buc ii truth the
fault lay not so much with him as with
crowd. About thia time Winters ana
Cosgrove got over tho table, in front 01
the Judge's oencn, aooui ujiuwbj'. ma
lone was standing between she end of the
table and the gate when the shot was
fired. Ccsgrove and Wintors seemed to
be angry, and were near Malone when
ho w shot. Saw the smoke of the pis
tol. Siw EJ. Dolling, and heard him
bow in Pni. Rnllnek. Have your own
our people themselves, who put off, from 'd ,u protect yoa Cosgrove had
day 10-uay, ouumu
o.riv in thn contest Procrastination, as
much as Radical chicanery, was th9 thief
that robbed us of our votes.
The new registration gives us an op
nnrtnnltv to remedv this, to us nearly
fatal, error, if we take advantage of the
lesson the old one taught us.
T.ot thorA hp no delav this time. Iiet
every man take time by the forelock and
go forward and register at ones. Dj not
nut is off a day. Now is the accepted
fhJuueeilUartbe Maraet Houte, at present
lVr rent for S138 per nionUi, and taing
2lni "icaSto runfior exchange for a stocs.
of1)roceri"or.Dry Uoocs. t or par.lcuu ad
dress rtotace Box SH. cp
1 1 7 ANTED To rant a FurnUhfcd Hou In a
VV ntral part of the city. AddreM G.
care Appeal office. 5?-55i
WANTED. A sltuaUon as Salesman by a
youE7 man who has been " traveUEg
n-nv- for this paper. Addr B.
. . n-T a .it..nnn hv ah pxceriencod
WfiwSSeT. AddTe-r AT Appeal
offlce. mu"
OK SALE. The beantUul Resldenre known
t? aV the MENKKX fLACK, on Boundary
A.." --Tt . hinges north of the terml-
ST,. f : c'hV rpoDlaxstreet railroad. The grounds
111 113
mnrl atout 4& arref, with carriage
ond ont-bOOMS. IlwlUDe.BOia ou
lnrms. or exebangd lor Dosinesa
The New Memphis. Adrienne -tha
Actress was superbly rendered last night
by Mrs. .Lander to a very sum uouse
indeed, one of the slimmest of the season.
We can imagine no reason for tne poor
attendance, save that nearly eve.ybody
was at Sr. Peter's concert, to nigni we
have Marv Stuart, and we sincerely
hope that the house may be tilled.
Henry9brmek's Concert has been
Dostnoned until next Tuesday, the 13th
The Gaiety. We are sorry that our
snace does not allow us to give a more
Tfndid notice to the Derformance at
this beautiful little theater last nignt.
Wn cannot omit, however, to speak In
the mcst glowing terms of the gorgeous
spootacle of Medina, or the Magic Star,
nrodaced last night for th9 rirat time.
Tr i tha finest thine cf the sort ever
elfcwn in Memphis and is indescribably
his right hand in his right poeket. Cos
grove, Winters and Malone were be
tween the end of the table and the gate
when the shooting took place.
nrnsta.Arnm.inRd. .Tas. Hall was hold
ing court that day. Jack Winters, Cestello
and f ortianu were neiDgemunuBu u mo
nViarcB nf murder. Coscrove Wa8 Stand-
... . . . -a r t . . t
in;' on the rlni sine oi maioiia n. mo
timn thn shot was fired. After Malone
was shot he went out Into an alley. JJiu
nnt con i irwffrova anv more that day,
John (Jonneil sworn. i was in tuu
Court House the day Malone was shot.
Tt ?a Rfrr dark. Tne naa was lit when
tho fclmt wss fired, was at tne norm
end of the table, and saw Malone sitting
in a chair. A quarrel then commenced
between Gantt and Bullock. Malone
made a remark in behalf of uaBU. uui-
lock then said to Malone, "You are an
aimed man, but you cannot run over
me" Winters eaid, " JJan't letnim run
nver vnn." ana raiseu a uisioi m uu
hand. Some one back or Col. uantt cne i
nnt. "Fire." Col. uanti saia, -uo
' .. . . . 1 I X ,1. . n
nre.' maione men jumpeu uvm iud u
Mi. an if to escsne. Saw Cos crove stand-
inir close to Malone. Saw the flish of
the pistol, and saw him drop hia hand
after firintr. Malone immediately ex-
Mnimnfi. "Oh. Lord God. Coszrove has
shot me." Knaw Cosgrove sometime be
fore the fuaa. Don't know where win
tnm was when the nSstol was fired.
Policeman W. T. Orr sworn -1 was in
thn courthouse at the time of the shoot
ing of Malone; was standing near the
Judy's bench: Malone was near the
t ' 'XliB X'atllsou Cnnc. -
' The examination or witnesses fir the defense
In this case commenced yeUrday momlneat
half pst nine o'clock. The nrat witness cauei
if tf inHn.whnriMmaed ax follows : 44 1
have known Paulson four years. I live In bis
nelchborhocd. Am acquainted with his gene
ral cbaracter for peaco and (inletude. it is
IK. . ITodget iurn-"I Hvo' eighteen
miles north or here. Ara a neighbor
of Pattl-on's. Am acquainted with him.
Know hi ciiarcier lor peace ana quiet
ude. It Is about as goo a that of the general
run of people. He has a good character. Know
Hubert Humphreys; ne n nepuew
don C Know wn-re jib uyw uurinis a-
year or two. lie has been living an orin
aounlry mostly a", Mr. Dickens and John Bol
ton s. 1 ea w nita me oauuay mr mo uiuuh,
on the road about a mile lrom the Dlckeni.
Piace. I heard he was badly wounded, and I
wentovr to tco him. Ha gild he would not
recojnlze the parties who did the shooting;
that ho was scared too badly to know
anythlug. 1 was only talking to him
about tne shooting. He Bald he knew
there were two men. Said nothing about
momhlne. Tnss was on Kunday alter the
shooting can't say what time, but tbinK it
was Deiween one kdu twfuvtwk. . . ,7
the road. I rodo along with Mm about a mile.
I am now, and always nave Deen, jnenaiy m
Hompbreys." ,
Hodses, um called Bud HodgiS. He Is a
nephew of mint-. I heard he waa monauy
wonnueu ana aooub iu mr, "j? '
him. I heard 11 that morning. The Bolton
farm is eighteen miles from Mempqls. ana ten
or ei6ven miles from Dickens'. 1 live on tne
tamo plantation as Paulson, a halt a m-ie
rromuuhonsd. hm hi rauwiu a
of the killing. I heard of It on Sand -y
mornlns. I was there Iriday and Batnr
day night, and left on Sunday
mjrnlng. PatUson csme home on trlday
. . . i . . t w. 1 . n , lima aa
from ciempuis. uoniiuwn ...w, -
was not there when he arrived. I got there
about dark. I went over lo stay with the fatn
hy. sa I had been doing all the week, poller
was mere aio. uoiivr ut ww ui i""--j
building a house for Andrews. Andrews and
D..,..tn n.a tirr.thnn.in.law. They are cood
frtendi ; m ghtygrod. P.Ulson was at hume
Friday ar.d daunday. Dr. Peyton told us ofthe
killing s-unday mornln. I heard that Ilum-
road, on horseback, between Dickens and
Haitian. I heard he was not mortaUy wounded
about an hourtefore I sw him, but he. had
been in bed two aays. i aon i rnaomirei w ou
1 had hut seea my nephew. He waa in the
habit or 'Haying around, but I am not.
It la not a family falling. I ttajed
with Pattlson about two weeks once,
about eighteen months aga. 1 live with Joe
Andrew. Humphreys bald nothing to me
about morpblao. Kobody was with na Mr.
Dlckenr, Mr. Brunch and !.-. Dickens. He said
he would not recojnias the men who did the
shooting if lie were rosea them. I was riding
Pattlson 3 norte. wnea a icii. moiu m
Dack to iny placs, and then over to Pattion's,
and toll Pattlou about it. I donot know that
Humphreys was told not to nwe anymiug w
to liush up and not talk s.i much. Or toere
would' tome lies sworu w auj tiiu .
A. "He Slid to hlin, -xiusn, yoa miis. mu
much. He said somsthing about 'lies.' jnis
was between oneaud two o'clock. 1 stopped
at Pnor'i, and while there Humpreys and the
Eirty paseu oy J. saw iuem--n b-" u" '
orte, rode albsr them and overtook lhm.
when I assed mm inumpurfya) wuu um i;
(tbe thooung) ho said he eld not know. I
iMnit Uut Lnn That. That ntvhl I went
th-re and I told him about the shotting, but mg whl:e she was at market, and the content
did not repeat Humphreys conversation. I of two large trunks arwran. In the Inventory
don't remember whsn I to.d hloi thai, t Know
beatuifui. Goto-night ana see it. i j ate when the shot waa firud; saw some-
ses the grand transformation soane is w likfl tne fli8U of a pintol: thelpsr-
between Unln
TiSand ceyCh,peiranKAP. DKOP
iiii? twl, WMlte seis. -V wlwMe reward will be
paid on -"v-"-- at US Union street.
norjXlWTte lady who called to Inquire If
KoV IUAdamB street was for rent, a few
Ely? MO. "ropped a Bleeve Button, which ho
w.m hv iSillnc at Appeal offlce. ml-JS
GOOD room and board for a gsnUeman and
ladv at 178 Second St. UpS H- I-AlKD.
Board A ecnUemanndwife, or two sln
ele genUeTcan And board m a private
jam? iy. nearle etreel oars, 'bare there -re no
IXr boarders. KeterencoartquUed. Address
' B." """l office- ra
worth five dollars any time.
Tfte Kt. Peter's Concert. The con
cert for St. Peter's took place last nignt,
thn rhiimh beinz welinilea Dv a respect-
ahl and coDreciatlve audienca. The
nrnmmnie. which embraced a great va
riety of appropriate gems, instrumental
as well &9 vocal, was admirably inter
nrated under the skillful management of
Prof. Winkler, than whom there is not a
more careful and painstaking leader or
-ondiipfnr in the Southwest. Had we
the space we puld like to particularize
at length whalwe consider the promi-
nont features or mis reaiiy uieaaaui mu-
lftl rwrsjdnn. hut in default of that we
mu3t content ourselves witn tne general
remark that it was one of tho best con-
carts of the season..
At a meetingof ladies yesterday it was
decidfd to nel?r tne aecoration oiwd
forinrsiA Hnlilior.V trravpa to the l3t oatur-
day in May. As the Odd-Fellows' cele
bration occurs on mo uav oriKinany e
iected. 6th of Aurll. anil flowers will not
ha as abundant aa necessary lor a proper
known him two jeirs-a year or bjjwjb
month. 1 saw him in Curlin'4 meat aha i p Fri
day a wetk ago, and had a conversation with
-WUea. Wallace-" State What hod." (Ob
Jecled lo, but tbe objection overruled.)
A. 'A conversation cameupauuhoaald he
was sick, and had been alck, and that t wt;
subicejaid in the Pattisou ,cf.,,"f ,m
had been proposed to blm that If he would
swear in tha case he could make moneynongh
iToo him for two year. He dll not say who
offered him themoney, or what for. Mv recol
lectloa la that ho said Stacks had said he was
sujiifunacd, His repot -tlon U jny bad-I
would not believe him under oath
drott examined" I have known him eighteen
mirnihs. This conversation occurred 1". wr
lln'a shop Friday or Saturday week. Catlin
was present. He siid he bad been offered
money toteslltyin tee case. He did not say
Sir. Slacks had offered It lo him ; nor Dr. Dick
eon, nnrGeJ.Sa.e,norCol.U4htt. DWntsay
who. I was with him only a rew intnutes It
was in Amos Cnriln's shop. I never saw blm
wlthZachorJoUnCur.ln. Hebajnevo.- been
to my room. I have farmed till this year, rhs
year I have butchered, bought and sold catt.e.
Got no partner. Don't buy and sell with the
Curllns. 1 married Ames Curlln's sister. I
have no Interest In the trial no pecuniary la
tere. I never mentioned the conversation to
anybody. I never thought of the conversation
until I saw It In the papers, and I aul to Amos
L'drliu i wonder If it la pesslble that he has
been paid to te3itly."' . . .
You beard this man say that he was
paid to testify some Ume beloro, and never
aald anything about It?"
A." I never would have thought of It again
11 I hadn't teen his testimony In the papers.
Amos or. Tom CarUn heard It. I was ust
merely thl-.king merely named it," (Ci.
Gantt" You thought It such an uncommon
thins for a wllnfs to be hired to lecetve
money for swejnug t", " He didn't sv which
side ho was wanted to swear. I don't know
whose kin fjlis t.re Involved in that testi
mony." t' 'ol. Uantt ' You didn't tnnw thai
your brother-ln law was Involved? " I
merely sutdto AmosCuriln, 'I wonder If It Is
posslbr lint a negro was hired to swear lhir
AmsCnrUa ssrred the subpoena on me. Have
llv d here Wee years Came from Kntneky.
r inrmH i twi vearaatDr. Uuntvn's ulice. Last
year Mat Wood.on and I boaght out Charlie
i v...!...! in a .irn ti-j iti (1 nlanted there.
ilalir J. V.Hambauiatcl Dr.A.W. Nelson
were sw.ra and teitltlej: tj tbe gotd character
nf the iI3 endant.
The counsel for tbe d- e idant her, after ft
cl.r a .n.nltatinn an u..li7icfld that ihtiT WOUld
be willing to submit the case, bat the
State announced that they wonld have
some rebutting fesJmouy; so the Cauit
adjourned until thU morning at. half-part nine
o 010CK, w nen meciae wiia uo muaou him i".
...miniJiin of two or thrfce witnesses for the
defense, end two or three rebutUng witnesses
ror the Slate
nrnre adtournment the State called F. L.
t .,,,- tr otitnrol ths APPKAX. to the Rlaiil.
aodnnts'ljncd him as to his recollection of
.hat rnmnM Mamelson told him the day en-
sulngthe murder, ilr. Jamei ittaud that, as
nur u ha c in A recollect, the Coroner told
blm that tbe parties wore recognized, or yeen.
phi r.it re tut mniressed In the ArrtEALS re
port (tbe only one that was pubushed fn -
lento at the Ume) for prudential reason)
Ther3 were tlx arrests in the Flrstand seven
fn tbe S xond D.a;rlct yesterday op to nix
o'clock p.m.
rri rial nw. who keeps a " house oflll-fsme"
on DeSoto street, and has been considerably a
Mtn..thBK.hv vr Arretted on tinnday with
,, hnnlriL All hands were fined Ave
dohars apiece yesieruay miu wtuv uac. iu wcu
The house of Mrs. Van Meter, iso. si m-
change htreet waa entereu on oaiorasj oyeu-
Keduction in Prints !
Reduction in Lawns !
Beductiondn Cottonades !
Slnln St.,
York, where I have made selceilonii frcm
tne latest importations or FKKMJl MIL. tar.
Tho selection of FLOWERS. 0RXA.MKNT3,
STKAW TKIlMJJiiS, etc,, nas never oeen
snrpassed in thLi market. Tne stock Is com
plete in every dep'""nent-
Boots and hoes, llat?,
Planters' Goods' Generally,
Are Prepared to Sell Merchants
BroAvn Siieeting-s,
and Dress Groods
Main Street,
MC.3B 3a: brothers.
THE CIU3JVI0X is hesTy and dnrablc
HIS fUiPIH Ja adralrabli Utttd.
TH2 CHAHPiOS taa aammoUi 0en.
jhr i HiMPinx basnForttible Bescryolr, porcelain lined mssae Trill not mt.
1118 GU1MPI0K ha a blldlnK Damper on tbe tap or store, wblcli completelr
coairol htat or ths etOTe.
THE fHiMPIiX Is Bitsplelnlts conitrnetlon, and Terj-easlir managed,
THE IMHPIOX Is rapidly golns Uto general me.
THE C1IA3SPI05 Is extenslTely sold.
THE CHAilPI JIT It mad8 0f the best quality of Hanging Rock Charcoal Iron.nnlTersallj
admitted lo be the bet Iron in the world t and the only cast stove mode wllh wrongt'lron
oven ths bottim and back oven and plates beng made of he .vy wrought Iron, so havr that
they cannot be broken or cracked, and the heai cannot warp them. Call and examine Tilt.
CHAMPION before purehaslng; This Steve Is only for sale by
Tr A7" JEJ 1? 1? S3 JES cfc O O.,
Dealtrs and Manufac urers of Stoves, li-u-are, Ccpper and iheet-lron
Ware Home FumWiinff Gods.Jfos J a ana J& Monroe firm.
BeaulifHl Trimraerl Flats, and Hosiery, offering at
C90 Halo street. Next Boor Korth of Psabody Hotel.
P.P.-One hundred and Fifty Bags COTTON YARNS, at LESS prices than St- Louis, Louls-
.-M'j I'lTlnnnTI 13111 icon 11 TDQ WIDl laem, I"
0. B. 10BSIEU.
CflAS. W. &JL1LE07E5.
Office SO. 13 JefferSOn Street, decoration, this step baa wissly been
Personal. We had the pleasure of
meeting in our editorial rooms yester
rtw. Mr. Taaao Buttp. formerly the edi
tor of the Rochester, (N Y.) Daily
rfcnfmi nnd Advertiser. Mr. ButU is
At, a1 Tipnnt Kn. 3How- tpbincr n tour throueh the South, exam
JJRINK Dauu r t ;;,-.H ,o-nnrn.a nd
expresses himself nigmy pieessu witu uw
trip so rar.
Trrr snDBiwi! nnmtT. Jadzes Shack-
Smith have ordered
. . . . . .1 Cnn..Ma Pntlrl
(.bat aepeciai term 01 tun duihuo v-.
h ha!d at BrowDSville, in the Western
ard'8 Bjw.
5 npr do 7. CO. ftt M.
TTv.... rn "is Main street, corner of
Adams. .
, .nr int nf lop cabin pictures,
O. uo-aw , -. .L
.1 - r-.iiiiiTttinr. rnrai aau uwm
SSOUtuciu v-u... . -i - . ,,,, ir.u 06 naiU SlDruwus.inr, " '
sgricultural papers at xioufce d, jivsj0D Co-amenctDg tne itn msi.j
street.- 1 I -
120 000 more Wheeler jfc Wilson bew
t inntr at these vrry
-CZ ,Vr,orl Wnllfinpt Fiinp. at M.
Krans & Co.'e, 218 Main street, comer of
New Parasols, ail shades, aU prices
and all kinds, just received at Howell,
"Wood & Co.'e, 332 Main street. i
All linen towels, fl 50 per dozen, at
3J. Kraus & Co., 218 Main street, corner
of Adams. 1
ing Machines in use than any other
btdtthtti Vvpr.iNH. 50 cents Der yard.
n,ih 7R nnla. nt M. Kraus & Co.. 218
Main street, corner of Adama. t
A aoou drink of the finest liquors can
ha hud at Weatherbee's. 1
nnn who tired it W88 near meKaie: irom
the flish, the pistol must have been low
down ; don't know who firud the shot.
At the oloso 01 inis examinauuu. iub
Court adjaurned until this morning,
when theoase will be resumed L. B
Horrigan, E5q., who has baen ably filling
the position 01 Attorney uonerai ior mo
past three or four weeks, in the absencs
of Attorney General Home, has been
engaged to assist the prosecution,
Tj aw Court Geo. Dixon, Special
Judge. Yesterday the case of bcanlan
vb. bnell, Taylor s uo., cume up oeiore
tho Court .for trial, but very little was
done touching the merits of the casef
the whole time and attention 01 tne
Court being direcd to determining the
motions made bv Eounsei relative to tne
efficiency of the oouds siven in tho eame.
This being satisfactorily eettled, the de
fendant's counsel tnen moveu tne court
to transfer the causa to the Ualtad States
D..trict Ccijrt. Tne motion was based
upon a recent enactment of the tionerai
A8sembly : pending which the Coutt ad
journed. To day the abova case will bo
again brougut up ana uisposeu 01, tu ua
followed by the cas9 of feank vs. Snell,
Taylor fc Co. Judge PierOu has been se
ipntnd to nresida over thia cause. The
jury, in the case of 3tate, use, etc, B. B.
Thomas, aam'r, et ai vs j. . nioaeiy 01
al, returned a verdict to-uay ior me ue-
fendauts. w
Municipal Court Geo. tr. waiaran,
Judge. No Court yesterday. To-day.ls
the nrst day or tne April term, mere
will be an Informal call of the docket,
ani in all appealed coses the judgment
of the Court ueiow will do amrnjeu,
where no attorney's name appears ou
the docket G irnishee3 will al30 be re
quired to answer to-day.
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11 nnt 1 hat iiiifiit- 1 laiEoa twice WllU
Paulson abjut it- I roao i-auism. uurse,
whicti I borrowed for tne paipose of go
ing to see 'Humphreys. A negro boy went
wlihmp. Hswent as bras Prier's; bo wnl
la to ba as jluir. When LretumeJ, I told Pit
. ... - t . .1... 1. - ... I. ..n j W
and how. I old l't talk about what Humphreys
said. Pattlson hal emeUbe. Peyton said
be had It from Ru.m Wvnn. He told ns that
Nancy and Wloa were Irilied, and Hum
phreys mortallf wounded and not expo ei to
five. I went .ver to seejpm on hearlo that.
I did not tell PattlsDii hail as much as Peyton
did. It may have b?en a weefe. or longer atter
ward when I lold Pattlson what Hu mphreys
sid. I was ti'tli'g to blm and Wada Bolton at
Lii house, and Bolton asked about theBhootlnir,
how it happenol; he siU he had heard differ
ent tale . I do uo. kuow that Eolton
was in tawn on Hniuruay. Don't remem
ber how long after the shootlnz this con
versation toou place, but It wus before his ar
rtst. I then told all thit Humphreys
slid to Pattlt on and Bolion tog ther. riol-on
II in't uem anxious In tbe matter. I know
KobThomp on. Have seen him several llmei
at Pattl-on's house. Don't know that he Is In
Pattl80u's employ. He was taking depositions
ror him in MLsoari. I heard him tay o, tht Is
all I know about It. Don't know Morgan. Siw
a man naintd luniau twiee, at Paulson's, be
roietho shooting. He was a man twenty-flve
years of age, ol medium siZ3. Don't know
where heUvsd beiorel saw hra. Don't know
what he dud ior a Jiving. Thompson iatro
duced blm to me In the ordinary way. Ho did
nut use the teun 'friend,' ai I can recolleit.
.vr aw him a nee. He was there some three
urfour diys. l'bompwu and he (lamani did
not ride auoutiu Pat 'son's UJ?S' 'tal 1 know
of. I Cin'ttell, when I naJ te" my nephew
before ih,at mon-lug. It hid not bioa a very
long time. I ftK greatly relieved when I
learned l.nat lie had not been kiUel or mortal
ly wounded, nave made no ert'ort towards e
curing or arresting the mea who shot him.
Never hoard that Inman and Morgan had dona
the shooting."
ti Br vol. Gantt "Not up to this good
hour? "
A ''Xosir, not up well. Dr. Dickens did
tell me that thoie men wre the ones who did
q. ' Didn't somebody else tell you so?"
Oujected to on tbe ground of latitude, but ob
jection withdrawn.
A. "No sir. Icnreal. Have not read the
accounts given In tbe papers. Dr.Dici.ens Is the
onlv man wnosaiu mmaa anu jiuiau um iuv
oe 3. That was one night before Pattlson was
Squirt Carroll testified to the good repute and
geaeral character for peace and quietude, hav
ing known b m for three years.
Judge Ijou.it telby tworn Am arquaintel
with Pattlson. Know tbo reputation be bore
In the ooarJing-house where we boarded to
gether. It was good, to the extent that I know
The cross-examination merely brought out
Judge Belb;s ldeaot what constituted a repu
tation. Also, that, the Judge had beard of the
dtmeully m tne 1 oari room.
B. . Rembert, if. i Hamkint, Aiulreiv Ward,
T II. Me(Je, Thomat Taylor, IF". If. Monerief,
Dr If. 1) Ljcicit, tsamuel i-tuton, Samuel Hankui
and K. W Caldwell, each teslitlaj to knowing
the defendant, nnd that Ills general reputation
for peace and quietude was good.
Corjner Uamlson was the next witness ca'l
ed lo'r the defense. C 1. Gantt, whUe the Court
was waiting for bis arrival, stated that he
wished to lntroluoe testimony to prove Mr.
Mltcnells character. iheae:ensaimmeuiateiy
stated it was not necessary, as they concedtu
it to do beyond all cat 11 or doubtCol. Hallum
saying that he himself wou'd be a wilneu to
that edect If nscessary, It was therefore dis
pensed vih.
X. Sanulton niwt-'Am the Coroner of Shel
by county. I held an lnqutst ou lhe bodlts of
Green Wlison and Nancy Dickens on the SJtb.
orFeoruary. UTie witnesses examined by me
were Cjl.Tom Dickers and Humpcrfys. The
tfstimony was not reduced to writing Hum
phreys said he could not mention any names.
Hull ffvUlU UUb ivWU.0 uo n
did the shooting If he was to tse them. This
statement was made nnder oath, in had. Ha
said nothlug about being evened, or about
morphine. I acsed how li was po-alble that he
should not recognise' them, when he was tbe
flrnt who opned the door, and there was a
light burning la the room He sid U was
snot tbe Are. I bin I. and foil o, tne corner of
tberaom, He said he could see all that waa
was white or tlick mfn. I csstd him if he
thought the men who did the thoo lag were
the same who had tbe difficulty in the Chan
eery Court room. He said he dll not know.
He seemed to be at himself completely--as
much so as X am now."
Crou-Jixarninea oy int mate." tie was in oeu.
The dead b?dl3 ware a half mile off. Ha
seemed to be suffering conderably, I don't
know anything about murphlne (tuat he had
takeD). Never sw Humphreys before, I am
not doctor, It-led to. nnd out how It was
with a light In tbe rom, h.e did not sea tbe
parties who did the shooting.."
J. "Did he seem to 00 mDerln? ajood dea ?"
A "Tea. Well not to any extant. He was
laathltig. Not much though. 1 did not langh.
An sure I did not. He was in a good humor.
I wasUke I am usually. Pepole always laagh
when they are in a good humor. Sametlon
Ko one went from bera with me except an un
dertaker. I got a Jury out there. Wthonw&s
shot three or four times and stabbtd. The
woman was siaoDea anuaui.
indirect "Hie wounds were so numerous I
cannot aescrioe mem.
of tbe stolen goods, which is very extensive we
notice eighteen linen chemises, trimmed with
thread lace, and valued at t JX.
James Knowall, who was arrested on Satur
day and fined fifty dollars for knowing too
mnch or tho devices of gay gambollers, was y ra
te; day snatched sg.ln tor swindling a green
countryman on the mule trick oat of $178. He
waa again gobbled and spent last night In the
Second instnct Biauon.
Snndy alternoon Henry Ayers, Frix Hay
don, Hodge and Keagin, four well known col
ored individual", were enjoying luouirenca.
Montedonlco's, on Jefferson street, when Aye rs
all at once wanted to tight somebody. After
rearing around forawhlle, Reagln "loaned blm
one " across the nose which laid him out for a
moment. He soon recovered, however, got up,
and withont sajlng good-bye. tcoi to boils and
outran bis own shadow never stopping uutil
he got Into the Klrt District station home. AU
bauds were afterward arrested, and added a V
apiece to the city's revenue yesterday morning.
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mistakably the kind of assistance she require
In cases of nervous weakness and general de
bility, the feeble pulse, the laci-lnstre eye, the
attenuated frame, the flaccid muscles, the mel
ancholy visage, inform us as plainly as If each
organ had a tongue, that a meditated ttimulant
it nettled. It does not reo,ne the aid of a med
ical education to nnd.rstand this dumb appeal
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UtlUg U . .U V MV " 0
change, will be manifest in the bodily C I LES IND H&RH ESS,
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VckA b"uuiw' - " r r
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arn tuoin tn Insp Its du'l expression, tbe mns
cular and nervous sysUmt to recover their ten
slon, and tbo spirits to Improve. Persevere,
and a complete revlvlflcation of the depressed
animal and mental powers Is certain. In oases
of dyst eps'a and biliousness, tbe same salutary
results will be obtained. Tne appetite will re
vive, the sulowness ot tbe skin disappear, and
a.l tbe dlstrcslngsyniptorua which accompany
disorders of the stomach and liver, will rapidly
subside. The sudden changes or Spring often
Intensities these complMnts by checking the
persp'ratory action, by which so much morbid
matter is evaporated through the pores of tho
body, and therefore the BI ITKRi are esDf cilly
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ALLISON BEOS.J 0th5SSSSSrM construcuon aU the Impro'vements known In modern flrst-das.
-l Tbya,Veo thebestNo.lf
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A'O. 220
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: : : TKNN.
Corner of Main and Monroe Sts.
vsr In the heart of the business portion of the city, con
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We respectfully solicit public patronagei
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Co., 218 Mainot., oorner of Adams, t
Fires. There were two alarms of fire
rung yesieraay morning ueiweeu twu
and three o'clock. The first one waa In
the lower district, and was caused ny tne
burning of a shanty owned ana occupied
by Mr. Hardin, on Allen avenue. It was
completely destroyed, the losa being
about two hundred dollars. The other
was a bouse on Manassas street, owned
by Mr. Mitchell, the pavement contrac
tor. It was also completely destroyed,
the furniture, however, being saved. Mr.
Mitchell bad not ownea me uouse dui
to or three days, be buying traded a
p"ce of land for it to Mr. George Gear,
tne linage ouimsr, on murBuay ur !
day last. th"flres vero incendiary.
TEN-qtJAHTEK bleached sheeting, EO
ceuU per yard, at M. Kraus & Co., 218
Main street, earner of Adama. t
gi'KiNO suits twautifally dyed and re
paired at tbe Memphis Steam Dyeing
Ejtabllihment, 262 Second street. t
3UWUS.iceniaijrysru, lm atPaU.wu's (objected to). Ne.'tr
& Co., 218 Main street, corner of I mm Htur tbe ibootiug.
t I Redirect Saw Inman at Pattlson's pt
I .. ..whim tttAKmiit.viifiitrlh.niirtv.''
Dkess Goods. 20 cents jwr yard, stM
The Daily Api?eal in delivered by
faithful carriers, Stven times a week for
(itnty.flve cents.
Q . " Was tbera bdt evidence as to robbery T "
ObloctaU to and withdrawn.
. m. n liucn worn i uon t snow vteorge
-VosbliiSton, Have seen blm once. Thatpartj
(polntlnz to tbo witness, Uejrg WaabtngtonJ
is not tbe man."
Q. " lie Is not the same T
A. " No sir. But I Snow tbls man. I hare
known hltn three years, fte is one of tbe men
linn ter and Beaumont got Into a dlfflcnlly
abqaU I know his reputation. I would not
believe him on oath. He Is lUie every othar
thief. His generil reputation Is bad. He used
to be about tbe conn rooms golnz on bonds of
thieves, eio." (Objected to.)
Crott examined by elate " His general report
is bad among his neigaoors ani abs dates. Ills
neighbors are black don't mow any whle.
Don't recollect hrailng his name mixed with
ft l Morrtton twrn-H Have known George
Washington tnree wars. I used to be In Fat
Winter's office, aod a deputy constable at a
Squire'. qSce. I have been employed princi
pally as a ueiecuve, jcitouuk vuv vauuc
snow h's generat reputation; It Is very bad;
I wou d not believe him 03 oath."
nrA. namln'd bv lhe State." I was a detec
tive know mtny parties that I have keen hint
with; hvye sen nim at Bob Church's saloon,
gambling, scd on lie Eoto street. He used to
run with two white men, a year or two ago. I
don't know ttat he associates with John or
ZackCurlin; trad it In the paper since the
trial. D n't kcow a man named Inman,"
Angela Marre worn. " Have known George
Washington three or foil!" years. Was on tbe
detective force. Ills general reputation is bad.
1 wonld not brieve olm ou oath."
Orott examined." Was on tbe police force two
years go."
o. era 7an cot Jlsob arced ?" (Gen.
Witllaoe " Xoiitw ask him If he didn't kill
Ma atMta." Col Uantt, "I did not wish to ask
OinTTltiie a that nuestlon).
A. " 1 was olscnarged. I was a principal
witness b gainst CoL Ho umDnt in a u Ul here."
Miu lVa.d Saltan tvarn. "1 have known
Mr. Pattlson three or four years He was at
home (Pattlson's house) on tbe 19th February.
I wat there. He went to bed about eleven
o'clock. That was tbe night wheu Wilson and
Nancy was killed. I am agister of Mrs. PatU
son, and of Mm JJlckem. I went to faltison's
be me about the 10th of February and remained
tbr three wwks."
Crest-cxamimxi oy aiuze. l Knew inman. 1.
From thwell-known house ot Mes3rs G. W.
BALL & CO., of
Also, LOTZE'S celebrated
Warm Air furnaces and Supjrlor Coot
lag Banges.
Dmnni aro.Ti tir.17 enod Cooking Stoves, would
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Wholesale andretall-a liberal inducement
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apl No. 3S1 Main street, Memphis, Tenn.
lMaatatlou Supplies, BnffKlas;, Kope
. and I rout Tits,
No. 310 Front (Street,
Nest Door to Orglll Bros. & Co.,
Cotton . xctor. General Produce
and C
nmission Merchant,
F. W.
Sale of Real Estate.
jalS daw
ana aaw blm the Sunday afier the party."
Marl Wait, rwam, and testlflaa to Pattlson's
good teputuion.
Mikt jXewlon, twn "I know Geo. Wash
ingtop geaenU'j' callea Abrdefa, Hitv
WHEREAS, by the provisions of a deed
from J. b. Williams Co. to Gulseppe
Gallino aud Bernado Cunlo. dated 21th Augutt.
im? and reco ded In Book 53, part 2d. pap 31T.
the grantors have reserved to themselves a
SDeclal lien on tbe property therein convey ed,
waiving all auitle and right or redemption,
and also reserving to themselves, in case of de
jat wajmenVof either or all of the notes
exited by the grantees ror the purchase
money at the maturity thereof, tbe power t
enter and resell tn iana coavejea m mo
deed and ex ecu tins to thb purchaser a good
and valid title free from aU equities or right of
redemption In the grantees ; and whereas, a
Dart of the purchase money la now due and un
paid, we. the undersign i, grantors in jue
above mentioned deed.do. In pursuance of tae
said provision therein, hereby give notice, that
attr thirty days from the date of this, to-wlt :
on the
First Day of May Next,
We will sail, on the premises, to th highest
,Hjr rnr rjiah. the lot sj t forth In the above
deed by meets and boanJs, as follows : Be
tnn'.n5 at stake in the north side of Baal
street 372 feet lrom the Intersection of the east
side of De oto street : thence with north l.no
rtai tirAr t e&t tiftv-elzht (68) feet to a stake :
... .n.th turn hnndiwl and fl tv (250V f ent 1
ZrZh tr a. stake: thence west and Darallel nrrf tst! PREPARED TO MAKES LIBK-
Prtftl ot.Bft hfLvlzat lot) feet: tlienoo I WV ! Advances on Cotton In store la
south two hundred ana fifty (250) feet to be- I city; or for shipment to Messrs. DAVIS.
Binning oeias iw , wsaiM,en xwxjfc.
. .. -c. . American Maaufafiturers afford faelll
Ho. 4 Howard's Row. rVR long established mmkuom '"iSSuon wuibe maintained, and no enort iparea
223 Second Street, Adams Blecfc, - OT.;HOMegDJenn
E. O. HURD k CO., xhst kebp on haki a otock op hew ASD StCUfll.nu
cotton Oo.Mlsslos He:rc'st stationary and. Portable Engines, Boilers, Etc.,
Commission Merchants,
. .
278 Front Street, up-aiairs
Over K.H. Taylor Co.,
T IBERAL advances made on consignments
U urueraror woooasuaiw.
I W10U8H1 im sas m watii nm of all sizis,
Notice to Shippers.
WXUchlUhe cut and nttedor
Which, for durability an 1 satisfactory wartrng. are ""i
In full BarplJ". aBd chea?? elsewhere.

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