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ai rival and Departure af the Mailt tnm
th Mmpht PatoM.
Chattanooca. P.'.elimond. Washington. New
Tork, r.i.:tliuor,ai!dallciiiir.aiaMiy-uiii;
at it Inn- on Mir -v tini j n i muu v u-i
M 'sL-eliip. Crultll, Mobile and Ohio, Na-li-;!
ai.il Chi.ttat.oo(a and Cut Tenneasee
loads. arTlveet J:J0 p.ni.;cloe at U:
Ci'lro, Ctneare, t
. lAlUll
Nasbrt'ln, Loctv-i-ittbuns,
w York, iniil fill
re at Lasti p.m.;
Ttlle, Cincinnati. . -
tl.ipn'a BufHlo. Aib"
1M North end West
i ,.. tiSiG D.m.
N.w Oi leaui. luton Roture, Jaokaon, Vleks
org. Nstcbes and all eius hnuth, arrive at 3
.m. ; cloaaa at U): IS a.m.
Ali atation on Uie Mlwbippl and l'l-rnea-pe.
New Orieeaial.ii Jar-ku-ri mid Soutl.ern
Ail roads, arrive at p rn . : el- at 10: S y.m.
Memphis and LiltU- Ko.-k Ratlmad. Little
Rock. Madison. (Sundays escvpU-d.) arrive at
p.m.; eloae at 6 p.m.
Marlon. Wlttaburn and Claluorne, Ark..
rl-wekly Moli.lx . Wlu.-by atAl I rldaj,
rrlva at a.m.; now at 11 a m. ,
Olive Branch aiid Hvlialia. Mia.. eml
eekly Mundaj-and Erlday, arrive ait ..m.;
"Kb? 5'SSi rrwli. Tenn.. weekly Friday,
arrive at IP a.ni.: el-e at II a.m.
Little lt"-k and Heltsa, and ali landing ou
White river, .aeml-we-kly Tiiela enu Bat
nrrtay. an ive at V a. in. ; c.ofc at (wn.
Pine Blurt and Helena, aud all bindings on
. k.w rU.i -in-weekly , laesday. 'Itiurs
oVj and Saturday, arrive at Ha-lu.; dowatt
AH landings on the MpM river juth,
laeml-weeklyiTuesda and Saturday, arrive
at V a.m.; cloae at 4 p.m.
Ail lanhina-.ou the Mlsali.ili.pl liver north,
(ml-weekly i Monday and Thursday, arrive
in a-m.;aoae at .: p.m.
Preaching at First Baptist Church
by Rev. D. E. Burns, at 10 J ami. aud
7, p.m.
Elder David Walk a ill preach
at Linden Street Christian Church to
day at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Tn Rev. B. F. Larrabee will
preach at the Central Methodist
Church on Union street at 10J o'clock
this morning. Sunday school ut 8J
DK- Ford, having returned to the
city, will preach to-day t 10j o'clock,
and at night in the new Central
Church on Second street near Deal.
St. John's M? E. Chikih.-Services
In the Law Courtroom, Gri-cti-law
building, Second street, this
morning at 10 o'clock. Preaching by
Rev. W. II. Poarne.
Nothing of interest at the Sec
ond district yesterday.
Cadmus will open his new billiard
parlor about the 15th inst.
The city is now four months in
arrears with the Fire Department.
Several arrests were made yeter
dav at the instance Of the Sanitary
There will be services to-day at
St. LxZaxm Church at 10 a.m and 8
Stealing a hat gave George North
craft the plHitsurcol an interview with
Esuuire Foley yesterdriy.
The September nuuiher of the
frtftnasoit, a monthly devoted to tho j
interests ol tlie order, puiilisiieu at ftt.
Loumi, ha.i been recei ed.
Jifiwrs. Clark, Ely t Co. yester
day received two bales ol new cotton
from Boiivar county. Mi-.. It came
from um plautation of Mr. W. O.
A bale of new cotton, the first of
the tKtoii, was received yeslenlay
from Haywood county. It class I low
middling, and was sold to Ilendreu A
Leake, at Mc
Church attendants will Iw out In
loree this morning, encouraged liy the
delightful weather. Fall styles of
booucts and millinery will how up
to good advantage.
The current number of the South
tm QtUtivnt'jr ison our table. We are
torry to observe that the typographi
cal execution of this publication it far
below its stuudiad ol merit as an agri
cultural paper.
Mary Stewart made things in tho
vicinity of Fourth ami Jettersou
Btreet too hot for the comfort ol' her
neighbors yesterday, and m, by
their request, locked up to cool otf.
She has a hearing to-morrow before
the Police Court oi Urn First Disirict.
Wa. Love and Pat Coady were
on a "high old drunk" yesterday,
but are sober enough this morning to
rvalize that the cells of the First Dis
trict Station are not as comfortable as
toomeof theroom-i in a fashionable ho
tel. On complaint of Mr. Win. Htitch-
lnn, tuwaru Horn and II. H . Jones
were yewterday arrested, and a charge
ed, and a charge
toning the lite of I
list tin in n tho I
District Htation.
ut assault and thrciite
Mr. U. entered agai
do-krt ol the Firt
They deposited collateral security for
their appearance to ne now .
The Memphis and Little Rock
Railroad was cumplett d to l'Anguille
last night. The work has been pushed
forward very speedily durlnj the past
ten days.t wo lu i les ot track bavins lajeo
laid iu thirty-six hours. A line of
coaches will be put on lmuiediatelv
between 1 Anguille unl DeN'all's
Bluff, thus making a connection long
wished for by travelers.
Mr. Daniel E. Boisseau, who for
e-Hiu thirteen years previous to the
war was connected with the houso of
. M. Apperson A Co., is ugani, we
are glad to nee. at his old pott, He
welcomes friends of " auld lang riw "
with the same cordiality as In days of
j-ore, and has probably as larea iiusi
unw acquaintance a-' any man in West
Tennessee, aud as a nalesman has no
On Friday evening nest OOth
int.) the closing hop of the season j
will be triven at tlie Ilika Spriiurs Ho- 1
mi. Aiessrs. nieuey y --vyuieti nave
been very succeasful with entertainment-,
of the kind during the season,
but will outdo all their former efforts
ou tbi la-caslon. The Memphis and
Chaiieslou Railroad will ivue tickets
a . . ... . . .. . i
good for the round trip at reduced
lue runerai oi .iaj. John 11. Tal-
bert took place yesterdav,
and was
largely attended. Mai.
'l ails'Tt hatl i
i-rr u lor a ionif ume conneciu w ith
the houe of arga.sin 4 Clay ot this
oty, ana ten on a visit to hi, lainily
at 11.. it. ....1.. I: .. . .1 I
MtiiiBinm, 17i,., a K uu- llO.
lie was taken down with typhoid
(ever and died on Thurrdav night.
Quiet and unobtru-ive in his man
nem, he maile many frten4a in our
dty, who U-arned of his death with
sincere regret.
Those who were present at a private
entertainment, by Prof. Crwold on
the orgau, at ih'- First Baptist Church
Mt Wening -peak of his playing as
lacoiapanuHc. It is iu,Kssi!,i.. to
convey an idea of the a underfill ef
fects produeed In the rendering of thf
must difficult classi-.il eompoiitiona
opon the organ. As u ill ! seen by
advertisement in another column, but
one opportunity will lc ottered our
cltiaeus of Inuring Prof. C. previous
to hi departure for St. Louis.
A down-town justice -the same
before whom was brought the dog
cae the other day, had another tax
laid on his good nature yesterday.
Two negro wenchea claimed a certain
old Shanghai rooster and brought tho
matter U-fore the justice for adjust
ment. The rooster was brought into
Court, and, with lift legs aecurely tied,
was laid ou the i.ible, pending the de
cision aa to owner-hip. Each wench
BWore p.itively that tlie Shanghai
belonged to ber. ami the Justice was
in a brown study which of the two
Sri beHeve, when the rooster, thed of
the Jtfair, made a p'unge and a kck
xkit i bU lotiir Itvs a 't si nt the con-
lent of a bi inkstand flying into the ' ducted by Mrs. J. O. Sliced aud Mrs. ceiving his Instructions he came hith
face aud over the immaculate snirt- V. M. Peth-okts. They will useevery j er, and last Monday (13d ult.) made a
front ot the magistrate. The Justice I effort to make the young ladies who demand on President Calloway for the
began to swear, thu 100-ter squaa ked 1 are committed to their charge com-1 roads, according to bis instructions.
vitoruusJ v, and the weuche, In tnair 1 fortabla. Possession was refused, of course, and
! eSu is to aaaiet the victim ol the inky
JbvptNin, found their t ngem litan-
g'ed in etcn inner s wooi, ieu w
in ' as though osses.sel of a devil.
The justice couldn't stand it, so he
kicked the litigants into the street
flung the cause of the suit at their
heads, and loOkM np his office now,
ingihat no mere of that chicken-pie
would be taken in his'n that day at,
We learn that the fellow, Uson,
who made himself notorious in Crit
tenden county, Ark., dunug the days
of the infemous "BOeB." is some
pumpkins at Oxfoni, Miss He is
Mavorol the city, J ustice of the Peace,
Clerk of a Court, and holds another
office-four in all. The poor darkies
are picked up, brought before His
Honor and Uued, whether right or
wrong, ami the little perquisites are
said to be nearly as laire as iu the old
thievhig. murdering and ravishing
tim s across the river.
The Yazoo City merchant alluded
to vesterday made Xextensive pur
chases of clothing, boots and shoe,
drv gtjo&s, etc.. in our city, and are
higltly pleased with the result of their
visit. They state that prices are more
favorable to the buyer thau in Louis
ville or Cincinnati, and equally as low
as iu New York. By an arrangement
with Cant. Dick Lightburne they get
their freight delivered at exceedingly
low rates. We may look for more
buyers from that section. Hurry up
the Valley railroad.
The following is an extract from a
letter received by Toof, Phillip & Co.,
of this city, from a planter near Fort
Oibsou, Miss. We a-k for it a careful
perusal by parties in the steamboat
interest who have any regard for the
prosiHrity of Memphis. The writer
say9: " I have been trying all summer
to get some of our plantersto ship part
ol their crops to your market, to try
it. One difficulty is toget the boats to
stop at an obscure landing like Grand
Uulf, to take on a few bales of cotton.
I am satisfied 1 would have made
enough to pay toy family expenses
over aud above the amount realized
In New Orleans, had I have shiped
my cotton to your city."
Not the genial Charles Lamb
alone, we imagine, had flue thoughts
o'er the ledger, that has so little to do
with sentiment, tor in the undercur
rents of this busy dollar-and-ceut lift
are many stray bits ol poetry the
world never sees. So we thought on
yesterday, when we saw nestled
among the debris of the bu-ineas desk,
in solitary beauty, a Marshal Neil,
gem among roses, royal wion
of the purtere, and Philo's care,
peerless In its blended vestment
of canary buff and pink. And we
an' Just poet enough to think that
such a roie might be made the ex
pression of a winsome thought to
one's " ladve faire."
Dr. Spuulding, of the New Mem
phis Theater, arrived in the city from
St. Louis yesterday. . . Harley Merry,
scenic artist, and Q. W. Kesler, ma
chinist, of the New Memphis, leave
for New Orleans this morning, to as-
-wt t of tho Acsdemv of I
Music on the iTth. . . Han Ricmlaved i
iu St Louis lu-t week, and is on his
way ssoutn. ti ne is smart ne win
stop before he reaches Memphis. . . Dr.
Spauldin- inform" us that the Olym
pic, St. Louis, will ope for the season
to-mrrow night. '1 he l.ony Strike is
the opening piece. Ma-tlonough has
the management at prei-eut.
John Reagan, well known to the
notice as a suspicious character, was
arrest I at his .mother's hots', on j
Poplar street, about fi o'clock yester-1
day morning, charged with the theft i
of a K"'d watch, the proerty of Mr. I
J. P. Ru-"ell, from a room in the Com-1
mereiul Hotel. The theft was perpe- j
trated about 4 o'clock in the morning, I
the thief being seen by Mr. B roll,
who thought his room-mate, Judge
Thomprsiti, wits playing a praok with
him. Discovering his mistake, he
gave the alarm, but the thief had es
mped from the building. Reagan was
seen to enter the hotel a;-hori time l
lore, and having no business thertf
Was arretted as above stared. Ilem
locked up and will have a preliminary
hearing on Wednesday before Justice
Foley. Tlie watch wanot recovered.
Amoiijrthe deaths chronicled as
having tnkeii place on Friday, we iind
that oi Col. James t'ole, who, through
out tlie war, suited with distinction
in the Confederate army. He wan
desperately, almost fatally, wounded
on the Held of Chit kautauga, w here,
if we mistake not, he was entrusted
with the command of a brigade hidi
he handled creditably and with abil
ity. He lay six months in hospital
rom tnc enecw oi ."-
u tbo ouLh, the bal)
"'if "lol,K 'he nerves ol the left el
V0.'4." m.l mD: !
rom the etiivts of Ins wound, he having
mouih, the Ikall lodg-
mendable traits of character, but lead
ing a WJ wand life, bad latterly pas-ed
away from the presence of his friends.
We 'hope he has passed to a happier
anil brighter world, and that Ood
will teuip"r the bereavement to his
ite aud child.
Rokeuthon's Commercial College.
Aa tiik schools are now opening,
parents will find it to their advantage
10 purche their books of Young it
Brother, Maiiustreet, Memphis.
A LINK of new fall goods opening
on Tuesday. Hkhzoo 4 Bko.
H. Wake & Co., ii7 Main street,
keep on hand all thw Books useil iu
tho Public Schools, and sell them at
sonall advance on their cost, for cash.
The Cextbal II ton Si hool on
I "u ion stn-et has onened its tall session
in iharire of Prof. LurraUf, as-listed
Hv a full hoard uf exueriunced teach-
ers. l'arents cannot io WMter man to
send iheir sous to this popular and
permanent school.
Charles A. IJekh.n, a practical
printer, turns out a superior style of
'job work from his oniee,
i street, Bethel Block
Bio ley A Melleksh. at the corner
uf l mi imil . .ii t m I TiMaii ianrfa hawi
an iinin.-iise stock of beat ijualitT
Pittsburg Coal. Now is tho time to
take iu a winter supply
1 1
TnEik'ruian National Bank of this
Ity sell- foreign exchange on ail the
principal cities of Luropo at New
York rates.
A Fixe Lcnch w ill lie set every
morning from 10 to 1 o'clock by
Sehooles 1 Dxlrich, at their new sa
loon. No. 217 Sc-ond street two doors I
north ol Jerterso!!.
The cold weather has brought out
our friends by the wholesale and re
tail. Passing by No. tiO Jetl'erson
strts't, Luseelle Market, we saw the
flne-t las-f and mutton thut has been
in our market fur along time. The
luseelle is well known by alt epicures
and others who are fond of good
living. Fine, healthy and wholesome
meats. Generous with those that tan
pay, but magnanimous to the poor Is
the order of selling at the Lascelle
Market, No. ' Jeflerson atreet.
Roi i Commercial College.
H. Wadk 4 Co 297 M;dn street,
call the attention ot merchants anil
liook -keepers to their htnre and choice
stock of Blank Books, Writing Paper,
Envelopes, etc
L vOranok (Tesn'.) Ffm.w.e Cot
I.koe has conuiMin wun it a nrst-;
class lM.irdtiiir noitse, wtucn is cou-;
Letter from East Ten
nessee. The ' First Move of Stokes" Seiz
ure of the East Tennessee and
Georgia, and the East Ten
nessee and Virginia
The True
Statement -of the Em--Folitical
At,'a:rs. Etc.
Special Correspondence of the AppeuL
Knoxvii.lk, E. Tkn:.-, I
. bepleuiber 1, lstia. j
On Tuesday last considerable ex
citement was occasioned in this quiet
little burgh the home of " W. U."
and the ratting ground of W. B. and
Horace Maynaid by a four line " ?r
soual " which appeared iu the local of
the Press tout Utrald, announcing the
arrival of Col. Chas. V. Folsom, A. Q.
M., charged with plenary powers from
Oeu. Meigs, Q. M. O. U. S. A., to
seize and hold the East Tennessee and
Virginia, and the East Tennessee aud
Georgia Railroads the one running
from this point to Chattanooga, a dis
tance 112 miles, and the other hence
to Bristol, Va., 130 miles, both well
managed and paying road, and both
of them suppled, hitherto, to ! not
only clear of debt to the Federal Gov
ernment, but to have very heavy
claims upon it.
This announcement in the Prei and
Herald was followed iu a day or two
by a genuine sensation, with four
headers, announcing that the impend
ing conflict was about to commence,
that the Bald Eigle, perched on the
roof the White House, had uttered his
war scream, and was then and there
about to plunge Tennessee into " a
bath of bel-lud." In this sensation was
the following paragraph:
" It was rumored on the streets yes
terday that the order of the Secretary
ol War to Col. Folsom to take charge
as Receiver of these road, was tlie
first move by the Adhiinitration to
throw a force of Federal toUHeM on
Ibmtettee in order to provoke a voniticl
with the prople, and tMus, v.ttftrrpreteiise
of an humrYOtfion to declare martial aw
and plum the State under eoHtnl of a
miitajy Governor, who is to Or. none
other than Om. Win. B. Stoke.'."
This article, in iew of the declara
tions of Stoke, his mLs-ion to Wa -li-ington,
and the well known temper, of
the administration, (coupled with the
fact that Horace Mnynard ami a few
other rascally Radicals of his stripe
were here in Kuoxvilie, running
around as busy as bees in a tar barrel,
intent on some devilment,) set the
town on tire, as it were, and for a few
hors the excitement was intense.
Col. Foh-om, who is a gentleman In
every sense of the word, and a clear
headed, honorable man, iu a moment
saw the mischief that this statement
might caune, and lost no time in see
'"g proper parties and putting
himself right before the people, assur
iug them that hi-mi-siou was purely
a busine-s oue, anil not in any manner
connected w ith Btate or other poli
ticsa tact which "no oue who
knows Col. Folsom as your correspon
dent does, will for a moment doubt.
Having heard of the embroglio, 1 lost
no time after arriving here to put my
self in full ptiaai Iflain Of all the facts
connecUsi with the case, ami as the
matter is one of no ordinary public
interest (thftm tmithfl ol our Southern
liailroaiis being liable to a similar
seizure at any moment), I herewith
present them :
In September, 1S63, On. Burn-ide
occupied Knoxville, aud under oue of
the enactments for the " suppression
ot the relK'llion," seized and took pos
session of the two mllnwdl In iues
tion, viz: the East Tennessee and
Georgia, and the East Tennessee anil
Virginia ibiads. The roads were
thenceforward run by the (jovcni
ment up to August -s,, lsofj, a period
of two years. When Burustde took
powmiaa le found both roads iu
complete running order, with rolling
-tock, etc., enough to enable Mm lo
ruu them until JtgKb '60 without
expending one cent for anything
except the ordinary running ox-peu-ei
of a Railroad. Under
iho general order or procla
mation of the President, dated AUgU t
6, 1m"0, Mm were turniil over, uioiig
with all other Southern roads, to their
rightful owners, possession being given
to Col. T. H. Calloway and John R.
Dranner, (w ho were elected Presidents
of the roads July 2.r, lbti-i, In anticipa
tion of this action of the Federal ( Jov
ernment), August JS, or twenty days
On takiug charge of his road, Presi
dent Calloway (as also did President
Dranner) caused an itemized bill to be
made out against the Government for
the use of the road, locomotives, etc..
for two years, anil also for a round
house and machine shop, destroyed
by Gen. Burnside, while they were
under his charge. The General gave
a memorandum receipt fur the amount
(something over six hundred thousand
dollars), and endorsed the bills as di
rect to the beat ot his knott' ledge.
These bills were subsequently en
dorsed verbally and by letter by den-.
Grant and Thomas.
Believing them to be valid, and
that there would lie no delay about
getting them paid, with their strong
endorsements, President Calloway,
acting for the roads, purchased of the
Government rolling stock and mate
rial tor the East Tennessee anil Geor
gia Raihoad to the amottat of $870,
000 00, and for the Virginia Road '.o
the amount of something over two
hundred thousand dollars. . After
making tho purchase, under n-sur-ances,
and in the full belief that the
accounts of the roads would he al
lowed as an offset, President Callo
way was called on by ati A. Q. M., us
an agent of the Government, and re
quested to nign bontls for the amounts
specified. This was a BOW pha.-e iu
the ariair to him, aud he at first de
murred complying, asking time to
call the directors of the roads to
gether for consultation. This the
officer peremptorily refused to wait
for, and ordered Colonel Calla
way to sign them forthwith.
In the existing condition oi altiirs it
was Hobsoa'a choice with him, and
the President was forced to sign tho
bonds doing it, however, under pro
test, and duress.
From that time to this Cols. Calla
way au1 Banner have been tryiug,iu
vain to get a settlement out ot tlie
Government. He and his friends
have begged, lobbied, petitioned
finessed and dip'ouiatiscd, anil all to
no purpose. W hile their bills against
the Government, admitted to be just
and equitable by Burnside who con
tracted the indebtedness, by Thomas
commanding the deiartuioiit, anil
Grant who commanded the army, are
no nearer payment to-day than they
were live years ago, these roads, after
paying V irginia and Tennessee one
hundred thousand dollars in Interest
(which, by the way, Is .07 3-10 per an
num compounded monthly) are now
about to be levied on anil taken out of
I tlie hands and government of their
rightlul owners already deprived of
over six hundred thou-and dollars'
I worth of iheir earnings, witftout in
terest. This Isa plain statement of tho facts.
which shows the merits of the case,
with which, however. Col. Folsom as
a subaltern a servant of th Govern-!
mem, oouud to obey the orders of his
nuuenor. lias uothing to do. On re
in this condition matter stand. Col.
Ko! om wrote to Washington fori
further orders and advice. Col. Callo
way immediately called a meeting of
the directors and of the stockholders, j
The former assembled here yester
day, and again to-day. The latter
meet to-day. The directors assembled
unanimously endorsed their Presi- i
dent's action. What subsequent
i course of actiou will be adopted it is :
inipos-dble to say. If it were possible
to sue the Government the roads would
long since have taken this action.
They are anxious to have the question
put on its merits before the laws, and
are confident if this can be done they
will receive from the Government
some four hundred thousand dollar.?,
instead of having to pay three hund
red and fifty thousuud.
This much, 1 think, from my own
knowledge of Col. Folsom. there is
nothiug political in the movement; If
a I - - I ' ,
itierc cre newouiu uui uv taugiu
having anything to do with it
are two good reasons which prove
this to my mind. In tho hrst place
the order of seizure was made out,
signed and delivered before tho late
election. In the second (by tar the
strongest argument) more than
half of the stockholders and
directors of the roads are "out
and out" Stokes meu, and
supported him w ith all their jiower.
If the conflict foreshadowed by the
Prat emd Herald ia to be brought on
in any such manner as thut dcacribed,
it is not likely the ' Eagle bird "
would commence by fighting his own
a cabal.
Horace Maynard and one or two
other prominent Stokesites have been
in town for a day or two past, and are
I rearing around extensively, l'oiiti-
cians here are on the nut vice to know
what it means. The J'rcss and Herald
this morning calls Horace's attention
to the sedition law and reminds him
:Vnd his conspirators that it is in full
force yet, and although created for
the purpose of aiding Browulow in
his nhnolntinm. may prove just as
useful to .Sinter. So mote it Ik-. There
is no doubt in the minds of some of
the sharpest politicians of this portion
of the State that some devilment is in
the wind, and that Seuter wdl soon
be called upon to act with a strong
hand, and 0ritt4 or be crushed.
There is a singular unanimity
of opinion on the Senatorial
question in this region. I have not
liuui.it .1 man vi a..v ir'viin.
moil, or who did not have a per-
iltriei object for lieing tho other way,
who does not heartily endorse and
pray for the election of Johnson to the
position. The Radicals here admit
the fact to be a foregone eonclu-iou
and are terribly sore over it. One
well known politician whom 1
met at Chattanooga almost foamitl
at the mouth in talking about it. The
Press and Herald is out lor him strong.
Wonder what converttd itf
too, are u played " since the " young
I men s, nio " Conservative Repub
lican,' cltat C in versa I bunrage,
atlas " Liberal " party was so .summa
rily knocked in the head.
Tliero is quite n war going on here
between the bakers., and as a beneli
cial re-ult to the whole community,
bread is cheaper than it has been siuce
the war. Several bakers otter twenty
loaves (the size of our Memphis
ten cent loaves.) for a dollar,
and -jue, who is bent on break
ing down opposition, otters thir
ty loaves, guaranteed to weigh
as much as the live cent loaves, ior
the game money. We wish something
of the sort would commence in Mem
phis. TUE CROPS.
Farmer;, who were in town yestor
d iv after the rain say that if we have
an occasional shower during tho com
ing teu days or two weeks half the
corn crop considered lost will be saved.
The crop of wheat of this region is es
timated by competent judges to be at
least three million bushels. The re
cent rains, in addition to having
cooled the atmosphere, have made.
the Chanel's of all growing and uu gath
ered crops much more favorable.
I see by the Atlanta Era that the
H Herman Bokum, late Superin
tendent of Immigration, has sett led
hi that town, una is going to teach
German to tnejovinile Atlantaus at
ti 0 per month. There are a good
many Radical reverend supernumer
aries who never did the !tate a dol
lar's worth of good, that might with
equui propriety skip across the bor
der and get into business before the
Li-gislature meets, will have a hegira
soon that Will be remembered as long
as Mahomet's.
All the coal dealers here have com
bined themselves Into a company, al
leging that they can thus Undersell
their individual prices, thus furnish
ing a Is tti-r article andmore ot it.
The University Building i.s about
receiving a little painting ami
repairing preparatory to opening
on tht loth nst. Three students, from
tail eouuiy are aqmitieu tree oi
n ion n e-, on tue nomination ot the
County Representative. Two daily j
papers are .soon to be started at Chatta-
uooga eosay the prospectuses,botb of
wiiicn are lying on my tame, uue is
to bo called the Daily Teleuruuh aud
the other the Daily Enterprise. It is
s:-i-l that one is to be started by A. T.
Stewart, and I he other by one of the
Rothschild family, who are about to
run a race to see w hich can get rid of
his fortune sooucsL " Uo iu lemons
and get squeezed," is the classic advice
I give them. F. L. J.
Herzoo A Bko. will open on Tues
day (closed on Monday) 11 fresh line !
of colored alpacas and poplin-, at
thirty-five cents per yard. Soine
t bins very cheap, and a bargain. Go
and look for yourself.
l Main street.
YoUKO ft Bkothkk, No. 248 Main
street, call the attention of merchants
to their large stock of school books,
which they ofler at reduced prices.
Robektkon's Commercial College.
J01: Locke, 236i Main street, has
Die Modenwelt, Leslie's, Demurest,
Peteraon, Godey's Lady's Magazine,
Harper, Galaxy, Lippincott, New Ec
hvtic tor September, besidee a host of
other sporting, phuuny, rural, lite
rary, ponce, scientific, Irish, German
and French weeklies, Chicago, St.
Lniis, Louisville, Nashville ami New
York dailies, stationery, etc., etc.
The best stock of staple and fancy
stationery, at very low price, at Young
A Brother, 248 Main street.
H. Wade & Co., 297 Main street,
two doors north of the Peabody Ho
tel, are extensive wholesale and retail
doalors in School Books, Sabbath
School Books, Law and Miilical and
Miscellaneous Books generally. They
ure large dealers, also.in Blank Books,
n i .
ruiug x-apers rum envelopes.
Leddin's Business College. The
F.vcuing Sessions ot this instiutlon
will commence to-morrow evening
and continue until the last Friday in
June. Hours: 7 o'clock to 91 p.m.
Bilix of Exchange on alt the prin
cipal cities of Europe for aale In sums
to suit at First National Bank, No. 14
Madison streeL
All the materials for making wax
flowers can be hail of You tig 4 Bi other,
242 Main street, Memphis, Tenn.
Premiums to be Offered at the
proaching Fair.
Rules and Regulations -$200 for
the best Bale of Tennes
see Cotton.
E. EnMey, Exj.. PrPMi.lpnt Shelby County
Agricultural, Mechanical and Ilortical
tural Society:
Dear Sir: The undersigned Cotton
Factors of this city, being desirous of
encouraging cotton growers, and stim
ulating the production of cotton, aa
also of demonstrating to the country
j the superior advantages that our city
i enjoys as a market for cotton, respect-
lutly request you to offer in their
nauic x ill" nnuujy pi villi UU1" lOI lilts
- n r, , . . f . . : .. . II , ;,, - . .LI.
teauiug staple, to oe awarded at the
next meeting of your Society, viz:
tor thp bsi one Cotton
- 2d " '
" thh b it two " '
' 2d " "
" tho " ibroo " "
" .. ii .t
' the - five " "
ft) ..
pes oo
.. ISO 00
... 250 1 0
.. iM 00
... 300 00
.. 200 0)
.. 750 00
.. 300 00
" the " one
long staple,... 300 00
It is the desire of the factors offer
lug these premiums that you conform
to the following rules, viz:
L o bale of cotton weighing less
than 4ii0 pounds will be allowed to
contest for tho premiums.
2. Sea Island cotton will be ex
cluded. 3. All entries must be made in the
name of the producer.
4. All cotton must be delivered to
one ol the undersigned before it can
heexhibited ut your Fairforthese pre
miums, and this delivery mast be
made on or before the -Id of October.
6. No cottou exhibited for oue of
these premiums vill be entered lor
ti. No outside or private premiums
will bo permitted on the cottou con
testing tor these.
We aL- beg to suggest the names of
the following cotton brokers and buy
ers a a suitable committee to make
awards for cotton, viz:
Allow us further to suggest, that In
addition to these premiums, your So
ciety offer a liberal premium for the
best bale of Tennessee cotton.
We are, -ir, very resp'y, your,
E. M. Apperson A Co., Galbiyath,
Stewart 4 t o., Mratton, UoyerA Co.,
Newton Ford A Co., Farrington A
Howell, Pfcrtee ft Harbert, Hill, Fon
taine k Co., D. 11. Townsend, T. H.
Allen ft Co., Meacham A Treadwell,
Joues, Brown A Co., Toof, Phillips A
Co., Pettitt A Simpson, Busby A
Hatchett, Magevnev A Rogan, Good
lea A Co., McUee A Herron, J. M.
Patrick tfc Co., fearce, Lambert A Co.,
Bootes, Vance A to., Nelson fc Titus,
Owen, McNutt A Co., Tobin, Lynn A
Co., Black, E-tes A Co., R. S. Taylor
A Co., Ralph, Wonnley A Co., Price A
Terry, Estea, Str.itton A Co., Harris,
Cochran ft Co., J. P. Frank A Co., W.
H. Andrews ft Co., J. C. NeelyA Co.,
T. B. Hayasu ft Cck, Shane, Harris A
Co., H. tX Williams A Co., J. and J.
Steele A Co., K. B. A W. B. Crisman,
Anderson A Watson. Brown, Hillard
A Co., Dickinson, Williams A Co..
Forster, Kealhofer A Co., Schoolfield
i Hammer, E. B. Webber A Bro., J.
ML James &, Co., J. P. Hill 4 Co., Keel
A Co., S. E. Johnson A Co., Barbour,
Wilder A Simpson, hardware mer
chants, Hugh Torrance, T. A. Nelson
A Co , J. L. Ruttin A Co., Lane, Moore
& Co., Wolcott, Smith A Co., Fargu
BOO A Clay, Traders, Day A Proudtlt,
Taylor, Radford ft Co., Taylor A Rut
land, Chas. H. Dorian, jr., Parker,
Wi;rd & Co., iialoiie, Thomas A Co.,
S. ML Webb ft Co., Comer A Hichard
son, l'artt i', Burleson A Co., Stantou
A Moore, Gaffe v Fisher, Clark, Ely A
Co., Shepherd t Wotjecu.
M MSTS. B. M A pp. rs. 1 u JtCo., Gabreath,
Strtvnrt Co., Sirutluu, Goyer & Co.,
and othcra:
Dear Sirs: In behalf of the A. M.
ft 1. Society of Shelby couuty, I ac
cept your very liberal premium for
cotton, and will offer it as you suggest.
Besides, in accordance with your re
quest, will say that the Society will
give a premium of $-00 for the best
bale of cottou produced iu theState of
Very respectfully,
, Memphis, September stt li. Ibtia.
Bishop Quintard's Movements.
In view of the fact that many in
fluential members of the Episcopal
Church are making an earnest effort
to prevent the Bishop's residence here
from passing under-the auctioneer's
hammer, the following paragraph
from the Na.-hville Jianner of Thurs
day, conies inopportunely, and might
be considered an awkward obtru
sion: "The Rt. Rev. Charles T. Quin
tard, Bishop of the Diocese of Tonnes-'
nessee, having accepted the invitation
to assumes charge of the Parsh of the
Church of the Advent, of which he
was one of the original founders, will
take up his permauent resilience iq
this city, snd will reach here Friday
next from Cnivecsttf Place."
The above notice in the Appeal of
fyesterday is calculated to mislead the
public, as the following extracts Irom
letters of the Bishop will show:
" To the Wardens and Vuatry of
Church, Memphis:
"Gentlemen: Having been request
ed to take charge of the "Church of
the Advent," Nashville, I desire, be
fore doing so, to make a formal dec
laration of my wish to reside in Mem
phis the very first moment the Church
will make it practicable. Nor is it
my intention to enb-r into any pledges
that would prevent niv removal at
any time my friends miht wish It."
And from a letter to the writer: " I
must call your atteution to an error
into which I seem to have led you.
The Church (i. e.the Church of the
Advent) in Sash rtle does nothiny for
my support. It is a broken down par
ish; the Church edifice is unfinished;
and I go thereto give the congrega
tion what influence I may exert to
build up the Parish. Ao house hat
been purchased for me, and I expect to
As a matter of news the extract
from the Banner may have been well
enough, but the remarks prefacing it
were hardly necoasarry. O.
We have only to say in response
to onr respected correspondent that
the remark of the Banner that the
Bishop was about to take up his resi
dence in Nashville, was regarded by
many Episcooalians as inonoortune
anaav. a warn, ihey will be 1
to learn that it is not true. Em
fc hmiuv
vyy. !
" !
A beactifitl line of dark prints
just to hand ; will open on Tuesday,
(closed on Monday).
am M an atieet.
Twenty-five thousand dollars to
oan ou collateral at Bob Grindrod's,
1 and 41 Beal street. Ellen Orindrod,
I An Excellent Sluool. A note
from Sister M. Bernard informs us
that La Salette Academy will re-
pOjien for the autumn and winter ses-
fsion on the 6th inst. This school has
no superior in the State, and we con
fidently recommend it to the attention
of parents and guardians who have
i daughters and wards to educate.
Get yocb ice at Charley N. Mar
tin's, No. iM Jefferson troet. Free delivery.
hat Memphis Merchants are Doing,
and what they can do.
Terry & Mitchell.
We have more than once alluded in
these columns to the coming fall trade,
and expressed our belief that it would
be larger than ever before known in
our city. The wholesale dealers of
Memphisareevidently impressed with
the same belief, and why shall they
not be? As a general thing they are
all working on actual capital. They
are able to buy for cash and do ).
Why therefore should they not antici
pate an increase in tni-dness during
this, which bids fair to be, the most
prosperous year we have enjoyed since
the v.ar'i Already this season we
have had merchants from sections not
heretofore tributary to Memphis in
our market making their .elections,
aud In every case they have not only
been highly pleased at the range of
our wholesale stocks, but convinced
that they could not buy anywhere
outside of the manufactory on as favor
able terms. This Is true of every
branch of business. Iu no line of
trade, however, has the MemuhLi
merchant kept pace with the wants of
uie ooutn toa greaterexn-ni man tnoo
who deal in boets and shoes. We can
point with pride to several establish
ments in our city who deal almost
exclusively in this line who
sell to merchants only, and who have
succeeded in drawing to Memphis a
very large and lucrative trade, which
for some years was lost to us owing to
superior inducements offered else
where. This Ls no longer the case.
however. Our dealers can and do sell
-v mtm uuHm-v.A.j - uu MM
at rates which defy competition, aud
limnv Hutroirr Iwitiirht tmrli thiw . !
will be able to undersell any Western
city. The well known and extensive
house of Terry 4 Mitchell, Xo. 32)
Main street, enjoys peculiar advan
tages in this way, and will duplicate
any order, uo matter where tilled, out
of as large and well selected a stock
as can be found anywhere. Their im
mense storehouse Ls now literally
crammed with tall and w inter goods.of
all standard makes, and present to the
merchant a wider range from which
to select their stock of boots and shoes,
hats and caps, than can be found out
side of New York or Boston. We
hope our readeis will call on this firm
anil look through their large assort
ment of ladies' gents' and children's
wear. The members of. the tinu are
live, earnest and high-toned business
men, and will use every effort to
please those who extend to them their
A Solid Institution.
Reail what the Little Rock Gazette,
says of one of our home life insu
rance companies. If this Ls not strong
endorsement we do not know what Ls.
The best of it is it is true, every word
of It, and therefore well deserved.
The Gazette says: We take great
pleasure in calling the attention ot our
tatrons and friends to the Carolina
.ife Insurance Company, of Mem
phis, Tenn. This vigorous and relia
ble corporation has been doing bu?i
ness in our midst for the last eighteen
months, with unexampled success,
owing principally to the promptness
with which it has always met its loss
es, its location as a hone company,
aid the well-known character aud
standing of its managers. The mon
ey taken for premiums in this State
has been almost entirely returned,
either as payment of claims, resulting
from death, or as loans to some of the
many internal improvements now
leing so rapidly pushed forward, ma
king it practicully an Arkanas com
pany. Ve are personally acquainted
with several ol the parties whose fam
ilies have been provided for, by poli
cies m thLs sterling company, and can
testify in each case the money was
forwarded to their agents here, on the
same day that the proof papers reached
the Home Office at Memphis. We
give below, in full, a note received by
the aent here, from Mrs. S. S.'ocomb,
daughter and beneficiary of John
Robins, our lamented tow nsman.
Little Rock, a as.. August 31. 1S09.
Messfs. J.T. Trezevant, Jr.,Jt Bra , Agents
Carolina Life Insurance C'ouipunv :
Gentt: Enclosed I send yiai receipt
in lujl fur ten thousand dollars,
dmoiiut of policy No. IO08, Carolina
Life Insurance Company, on the life
of my lather, John Robins, of Little
I desire to extend to you, as agents
of the Company, my thanks for the
promptness and liberality with which
the policy has been paid.
Verv respect fully,
It will be seen from this that though
Mr. Robins was a man of wealth, his
provident foresight led him, nearly a
year ago, to make an investment for a
loved one, that no prudent man should
neglect, and in a Company that
showed his usual good judgment.
We venture the assertion that uo sin
gle investment he ever made was of
such benefit to his family, coming at a
time, as it does. " when no man's
house Ls in order,''
Leddin's BoaonaH College.
This institution, under the manage
ment of-its energetic principal, Mr.
T. A. Leddin, has won the generous
patronage of the public aud the good
wishes of the entire community. Its
success ls due to the practical nature of
the instruction there given, teaching
what can be practiced in after life with
profit and pleasure; and to the fact
that the teachers in the different de
partments are men experienced
ineir profession and thoroughly alive
to the Importance of their work. In
tiie Fnglish department all the ordina
ry branches are taught, and special at
tention Ls paid to penmanship and
arithmetic, in order to prepare stu
dents for a more extended course in
the commercial department of the
College. We urge all, both in the city
.. . I ti i . , i
and country, to cull and examine the
course of study pursued in this excel
lent institution.
Mr. R. Vaughn, of the Augusta
(Ark.) Sentinel, is in the city.
Mr. B. L Smith, of Clark. A
Smith, was yesierdav elected Treasu- !
rer of the Board of Tobacco Trade, in j
place of Mr. Ackerman, resigned.
Mr. Friedman, senior partner of
the boot and shoe house of Friedman
Brothers, returned yesterday from '
Furope, where he has been spending
i li UpT. f liri V JIT- IIUO vx VII JlJ. vltlt
the summer, much to the benefit of
' ,
his health.
If, T1,ii1ki R Unsnuillhniiiiill
i. virll -7 ;
known chemist, has returned from a
Knmnenn tour of four months miir-h
, - , j z, 7,
rejuvenated. He enjoyed himself
very much, improved his time in the
line of his profession and is ready for
the season. He has our hearty con-,
gratulations upon his return.
-Mr. J. T. Chideatcr, the etago.
coach man of Arkansas, will arrive I
from Little Rock to-morrow, his visit
to the city being for the purpose of
ma king the necessary arrangements
for starting a line of coaches between
the terminus (l'Anguille) of the Mem
phis and Little Rock Railroad and
DevaU's Bluff, on White river.
Dr. Wheat, the esteemed Rector
of St. Lazarus Church, has returned
from a trip to Virginia, froai which
inei oy a run congregation. A shep-
herd in everv aensip of thp u.a-r.1 tw i
Wheat has the love of his people and
the respect of thousands beyond Lis
twa Bongregatinm.
Vk In it -ii i! i 1 u7" Mr- Treadwell Is the cotton man of U senaer-
of benefit. He will "minister at t he tlie bouse, and pays his individual at- x'"lto?M9&vffS
niiar luniav, nnu wr nyue W ill be tcntlun lulku .imi u Ui mn 1 ins oetween MemDhii ana Vi
i Memphis Tobacco Trade and
bhelby county Pair.
There was a meotingof the Board of
Tobacco Trade yesterday, at the hall
of the Chamber of Commerce, when
It was resolved that a premium ot
$100 be offered for th heat single hogs
1 head of manufacturing leaf tobacco;
: $100 for the best hothead of shipping
I leaf; $-50 for the second best; and $25
for the third. A premium of $-t0 will
Also lie hu h nl.nl for the tit hnr nf
Tennessee or Kentucky manufactured
tobacco. In all instances the tobacco
Ls to be exhibited through some mem
ber of the Board of Tobacco Trade.
It is to be hoped that the Agricultural
Association will increase the above
An Extension of the Street Railroad
The citizens of Chelsea are making
strenuous efforts for a strei-t railroad.
; as will be seen by the following petl
tion, which was sent to . M. Far
rington, Esq., President M. C. R. it. .
on yesterday:
Memphis, August 14, 1469.
W. M. Farriugton, Esq., President M. C.
R. R.:
Ihur Sir: The undersigni-d, resi
dents of Chelsea, deire to call the at
tention of your Corporation to the ad
vantage that would accrue to your
Company, and tho very great accom
j UiVAiailUU IV Tt UU1U W 11 J VU1 1UV
rialists and TTtfirim residing in the
modation it would be to your mean
cinity to have the lines ol your road
extended to the Brick Church in Chel
sea. You well know that this section
of our city is much more densely pop
ulate than that about the terminus of
the Hernando street line, and we have
not the slightest doubt you would find
a Chelsea hue much the more profit
able. Many of us are desirous ol send
ing our chiidreu to various schools
inside the old city limits, which we
find at present to be entirely imprac
ticable in consequence of the distance
and condition of the sidewalks in
w inter weather. The school children
and pleasure seekers who desire to at
tend ulaces of amusement at nieht
would alone, we f satisfied, pay the
running expenses.
Hoping this matter will merit and
receive your favorable consideration,
and promising in that event to aid
you to the extent of our ability in
making the enterprise a luirative one,
we remain, very respectfully,
Marcus t. Wr'njht, L'. M. Richardson,
S. J. Grant
A. 1.. Lummins.
R. J. Rowlings, '
L. S. Grant,
Jas. S. Ravi lings,
J. A. Giles,
wan, Karr,
J. W. Anderson,
B. J. Bickwoll,
L. Law horn,
tat B. liilrlin,
V. B. I.'linnon,
V. B. I'axton,
J. VenatilM,
U. H. mn,
W. C. Smlih,
U. C. Gantt,
H. W. Clements,
Jus. 1). Walter,
B. Avdlett,
H. f. Aiken,
J.W. V enable,
John ii'.r : ...
D. B. Lorster.
The day of the Cornet New Year's
Day Rosh-Hashanah.
This festival of the Israelites, com
mencing this evening after sunset, is
celebrated on the tirst day after the
seventh month (Tishri). in Holy
S ripture it U called "Tom Ternah, '
lmj uj we vornet. its meaning is
not dearly set forth by the words of
the law, but may lie perceived from
me context ana spirit or the Holy
Writ. The seventh month has a high
er significance even from the number
Seven, which is still increased by the
consideration that it takes place "at
tin-turning point of the year," invi
ting man to serious reflection.
Wherefore, the holiest of days, (day
of atonement; and tho most joyful of
fea-Ls ( Feasta of Tabernacle ) are to be
celebrated in this month.
The seventh month is eminently a
festival month, which fact Is to be pro
claimed on the first day, by the sounds
of the cornet. On the other hand, the
day of the festival proclamation must
itself be a festival, and, as the Drecur-
sor ot the holy day ot atonement next
following, one of a more serious na
ture. The celebration of the Xck year's
Dety was not known lu the Biblical
time. But when, Iu latter days, the
want was felt, to celebrate also a feast
at the beginning of the year, without,
however, intnxlucing a new festival,
it was found the more appropriate to
connect the celebration of the New
Year with the Day of the Cornet, as
this day not orf)y affords the right
mood for New Year's meditations, but
is also the sole festival Which tails on
a first day of the month,
Some Jewish congregations, among
them the Hebrew congregations of
this city, celebrate Rosh Hashanah for
two successive ilavs.
Gay it Martin. We would call
our readers attention to the business
can! of Messrs. Oay A Martin, No. 306
Front 9trevt. Mr. Wm. Gay has but
recently returned from the East, where
he made large purchases. The house
is prepared to fill all orders for sup
plies. It is with pleasure that we Invite
the attention of our merchants to the
large and varied assortment ot Sta
tionery. Blank Books and Envelooes.
as well as Letter, Cap, and Note Pa
pers In store and for sale by our enter
prising young townsmen Cowper
thwait, Chapman 4 Co., at their store,
No. 27!H Alain street. They are turn
ing out every day some new and beau
tiful patterns of Blank work of their
own 'manufacture. They invite the es
pecial attention of wholesale buyers,
believing they can offer superior in
j . 11. . I .
ilueement-i both in
the prices and
quality of their stock.
To Cotton Shippers. Wo would
call the attention of cotton shippers to
the card of the Memphis Cotton Press
Association elsewhere in our columns.
This Company enjoys peculiar advan
tages, having combined the three old
companies under one management.
Mr. H. A. Montgomery, the Superin
tendent, is well known to our mer
chants as energetic and reliable.
Rootes, Vasi e 4 Co. It will be
seen that Miswi. Rootes. Vance A Co
, j , , ' i I
have securi-d the office rner of Front
niul 1 n i , n c-rvj ,L,. n I
and Union streets during the comimr
D .1 i . . . . -
r-tn-vii. DiTiun imnr isnou oUSinps.s
xl , ., "USIIICSr.
lm) re "geuis ior me sale or gu-
anos, the demand for which win
.1. ,0.1 ,i : , m .
,cl&" in" year, inev na e
their own warehouse, and are known
to he fullv rmovi k ,..i. . .
Oeo. F. Rootes was formerly of trie
firm of White, Kerr & Rootes anil
Mr. C. B. Vance was lately of Panola
county, Mlas.
. meacham A Tbeadwell. If it is '
tT? xha mime9 become Identified
Wlth dty as prominently as its land
m.arV' tnen there can be few who
visit Memphis that have not beard of
the above named firm one of the
oldest and most responsible in the
city. Tliey are now in receipt of their
jail stock, which embraces everything
in the way of suppliea needed either !
hy the country merchant or planter, i
But F. Y. Shirts, furnishing goods.
etc., of v lggans lnorn.Manufactur
ars, 288 Main Rtraet, Clay Building. 1
Auguta,ciear, ; Bunhlo.ciear t ;
Boston, clear, HC Charleston, clear
, Ucveiaud, dear, 7f; Chicago,
clear, lis"; I hatunoogalear; Cincin
nati, clear, 64 ; Louisville, clear, 66;
Montgomery, clear and cool, 71;
Nashville, clear and pleaaant, 66;
Newj Orleans, clear and coal, 77;
New York, dear, 69; Osyka, clear,
70; Philadelphia, clear. Pitts
burg, clear, ftp; St. Loots, clear, 72";
Vicksburg, clear and pleasant; Wash
ington, clear, Go3; Key West, clear,
Mr; Havana, clear and calm, 82;
Shreveport, clear and pleasant, :'-;
Houatou. cloudy, til'; Mobile, dear
and pleasant, 7s-.
Olive Branch New Orteaoa, 10 am.
'W. a. Caldwrll ..Arkaassa river, ; p.m.
k.i. W. Cuskk Friar's Point, i p.m.
Rcairos Vlckuburg, 5 p.m .
'CKsta at. Louie, ip-av
Steamer ntr orCairo, St. Louis
W. A. (.'a'tiweU, Arfcapaai rirai-.
" Luaiiuary, Ylekabnrg.
Sleamer City of Ckiro, St. Louis.
Luminary. it. Loaia.
" N.ttoma, WhUe River.
" Glasgow, Cincinnati,
is roar.
Steamer W. A. Caldwall.
Caibo, September 4. Down, Mar
ble City at y o'clock last night. Cp
Linton 7 a.m., Belle St. Louis ana
Minueola H a.m. River stationary'.
Mercury bW.
ft Ml Blagt, September 4. Depart
ed, Abeoua for Memphis, Emma No.
3 for New Orleans. River Calling; t
feet in the channel.
St. Lolls, September 4. Arrived.
Oreat Republic. Departed, City of
Alton, Atlantic and barges, and Rubi
con. A dispatch from Pittsburg say-
the Oreat Republic has been sold for
y i ,uoo. The river Is falling Cast.
Nf av Oil RIM. September 4. De
parted, Lady Oay for St. Louis. Ar
rived, Mollie Able from St. Louis.
M km phis Oxa Wobkh, September 4.
The river rose 5j inches the past
tweuty-four hours. It stood 21 feet
inches below the high water mark of
IMJ this morning.
Business at the landing was fairly
active ye-iterday. The weather was
' warm
1 1 Arkansas is tailing, with
three ieet below Little Roak. Whito
river aud St. Francis are low and low
water packets are in good demand.
V suspicious looaiug blue ten-gallon
; jteg stood on a dray near the Xatoma
ju-t before she left last evening. It
was hinted the keg contained blue
tuin, benzine, or pure mountain dew.
As 1nv Hadden stood close by, re
garding it with a careful eye, it' was
surmised that pure stuff was inside,
aud that the nrst bale from Whita
river had .something to do with it.
Capt. Thos. Berry expects t taka
command oi the V. A. Caldwell.
Tin- X atonm left for White river
with a first-class trip. She Is doing
well for in-r owners.
Tho Oiasjrow left for Cindnnati
with a good trip of passengers, and
several lots of old iron, rags and sun
dries, as freight.
The Luminary passed up at noon
The Marble City Is on her way
down for Vicksburg, m A L due to
day. Capt. Sam Shock Ls out on the
streets, aftr a severe illness.
The St. Francis will be in port this
afternoon, and the Legal Tender to-
S morrow morning, ihey both go out
tor tbe at. rraneis and Vt hite rivers
' on Tues. lay afternoon
Tho W. R. Arthur is due from New
Orleans this afternoon.
The Continental was detained at
Vicksburg to repair her flues. Capt.
Will Hardwick will extend the cabin
of bis new purchase while she is on
the, docks, lie expects to make her A
No. 1 in every re-pect.
The Olive Branch, Capt. McConl,
and Mr. O'Xcil in the office, pa
down tday at lo o'clock.
The T. 11. Allen came off the docks
yesterday' as sound as a new dollar.
She has iieen carefully repaired under
the supervision of Capt. Berry and
Prime Kuierson.
The .Hambleton Hard wick boat
went ou yesteruav. aud when she Ls
! done the Dau Abl- will be overhauled.
The docks are kept busy ail the time,
aud are paying good dividends to tho
The Alaska Is coming down from
Cincinnati, and is reported due. The
Cuminuntai is due from below, and
the Olive Branch Ls expected down
from St. Louis.
The new Red river packet Travis
Wright is coming down, and due from
the Ohio, and Capt. Jno. D. Adams ia
looked for Monday.
Capt. Joe Clark s new Seminole Is
nearly completed at LouLsvllle. She
will lie a neat aud swift steamer.
Capt. E. T. Sturgeon, the builder of
the famous Eclipse, has been in feeble
heulth, but has recovered and ia again
The Edinburg has been sold to & N.
Fowler for 16,00U. Capt. Yerkes will
command, in the Arkansas trade, it is
Jack Chambers has gone to Pitts
burg. Mr. J. C. Mathews, of Jack son port,
Ark., has purchased the Mollie Grata
fur the upper White river trade; price,
Regular NVw Orleans Fw-ket Fur Vlck.ibora
Natc-hex n ! yrw Orleana.
OLIVE Bit A.N! H lohn T. McCord, raaater
i nu t'lexitat iiusfiger teumvr ,
win itRe as ri ove
THIS ft IT Ma I I atUa-n
No. I JefTrnon suvrt.
Loatsvllle and New Orleans Parke Company
Vor New Orleans. "
ger ilea mer will lMivt-aaahora J
Lu.t,niu. in int..tit p.m.
MempUis and Arkansas iuvtr Facket Co.
U. R. Mail Llne-Pnr Pfna ralt. LlttU
Rnek, Hot HprlniiS and Ton Smith.
WA CAL'W ELL Kuha Hayoea, master
ininilll'Uliil iwvn ur Hieiuu
will leave for the above on
MONDAY, th in-.. at c D.m.
T. A. KENDIU, Agent.
nepi 3ii Front -4.. Moahy ptoefc.
Memphis and St. Louis U. S. Mail Lint
four HicrxAX, coTFmmcs, cairo aud
ONE of thoCompanr'a flue Pa
senxar Hteamers wl!l leave i
fil lows:
Jl'l IA. Mo-rDAT. Sept. d, at S p.m.
BELLE ST. LOftS, Thcesuat. Sept. , 5 p.n.
MARBLE CITY, FaiBAT, Bept. 10, at i p.m.
CITY OFCAIRO.Hjitcmat. Sapt. II, atS p.at.
Tickets for all point, via Memphis and Si.
Lonla Packets. North, East and M Apulv
to Oenaral Railroad Tleket Office, 25 Mala
streat. 'LEM. CALVERT, Sript.
United States Mail For Vicksburg.
..i.inu. eiTY. Hattodat. Sept. t.atS pan.
RfBICON, MoiTOAT. fepv . at 9 pm.
LCMIWART, s., rran.iT. Sept. II. at p.m.
II'I T a w w r "
-1 j.o.nav, ttept. is. at & p.m.

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