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VOL. ;0-JXO.
Secoitd Day's Proceeding of the Keokuk,
Iowa, Convention.
Permanent Organiiation- Names of Officers
Keoki k, Iowa, September 8. The
aidasiasippi Valley Coiiunercial Con
vention rcasM'iiiblt'd at 9 a.m., and
the Committee on Permanent Oiyan
ization reported as follows: Presi
dent Wni. Vaulkrer, of Iowa; Vice
Presidents R. R. Reynolds of Ala
bama, J. L. Sharp of Tennessee, Hor
ace Reed of Wisconsin, Cyrus Al
drieh of Minnesota, W. V. IVlahay
Kansas Judge Sutton of Louisiana,
V. 15. HooaT of Pennsylvania, J.
W. Batchellor or Ohio, H. W. ebb
of Illinois, J. 1. Davis of Iowa, Gen.
Aiken and Mr. Hiram Barney of
New York, R. Field of Kentucky,
M. Sboenberg of Arkansas. Secre
tary E. A. James of i enne-ssee. Aav
Histant Secretaries W. B. Murray of
Minnesota, Col. (iriflin of Kansas, M.
Flood of Louisiana. K. J. Sloan ot
Ohio, A. J. Messenger of Wisconsin,
E. A. Lane ol Illinois, and O. C.
Tii knor ol Iowa.
The President was conducted to the
Chair, and made a speech of conside
rable length lrom h lan.pniei men
hp had oreliarod lur the ixviision.
Mr. Howell, from the Committee on
tiie Order of liusines-, i.n - nte.la
niajurity report, and explained the
realms which iuducexi a ilivis-
Iin of sentiment in the Com
mittee. He reorted the following
subiects to lie a;ieu upon, rirsi,
The MissLssiooi river and its tribu
taries; Second, Foreign Commerce;
Third, Immigration, and Fourth,
Postal TVliirninli. The Committee
further recommended that standing
committees te appointed on each of
the foreg"111? suhjivts, find tnat xne
first committee shall consist of one
from ch State, and eachol the other
committees of five members.
The report ol the minority was
then read. It proposes that the Con
vention shall consider all matters
connected with the commerce and
travel of the Mississippi and its tribu
taries, or which may in any way
hinder the development of the coun
try drained by its waters, and that
the Convention ought not to le con
fined to the four subjects mentioned in
the majority report, and that one sub
ject includisl in that report (the Postal
Telegraph ), has no special application
to the Mississippi river or valley,
while other subjects of great imjwrt
tmee to that s-ction are excluded. The
Committee sJso think it would be un
just and unuise to refer all rexolu
tions to those committees without
debate. They also believe that no
standing comniittee should le apjoiut
ed, but that all juestions should le
cwnsidered i: open convention unless
special committees are appointed.
The tuiuority therefore recommend
the following order of business:
First, the Mississippi river and its
tributarias; atfond. Foreign Com
merce; third, Immigration, and then
that the Convention shall then be
open to cousider Other matters perti
nent to those subjects.
2&r. Flnklenberg, who mude thi
report, said that since the committee
had prepared this report, by a change
inthevwa- of the members, it had
tiecome the majority report.
After an hour's discussion, which
took a wide range, the minority re
port was adopted.
Mr. James, of Tennessee, offered a
resolution that the rate of eaca State
ahouid lie represented in accordance '
with its Repre-cnUitives in Con-
fress, and said if it was not adopted
owa and Missouri would swallow up
ull the other States.
(ten. Bussy, of louisiana, offered a
resolution that a committee of one t.e
ttppointedon the Mississippi and its
tributaries, and five on each of the
other subjects, and the Kaotatfoa w as
adopted, and the folio lug gentlemen
tiptxiiuted on the Misisippi:
M. A. Bryson, of Missouri, C. A.
James of Teuness-e; James K. Kerr,
of Indiana; R. M. k.ynokis, of Ala
bama; Col. Coffin, of Kansas; 1. LV-la-herde,
of Louisiana ; Col. Schneider, of
Arkansas; J. H. Reader, of Illinois;
11. R. Clausen, of Iowa; K. Red, ol
Indiana; A. J. Missueger, of Wlceotr
aln; R. Summer, of Kentucky; It.
Blakely, of Minnesota ; J. W. Batch --llor,
of Ohio.
Ou Foreign Conmierce Wm. Bur
well, of Louisiaua; C. X. AlUton.oi
Illinois; K. L. Bawer, of Iowa; A. A.
Jtarnes, of Tennessee.
Oo Removal of the Capital M. T.
Miller, of Iowa; S. R. Reeves, of Mis
souri; Cyrus Bussy, of Louisiana; L.
A rtujle, of Illinois.
On Iramigration-L". O. Htounard,
of Illinois; A. K. Chambers, of Iowa;
Ir. English, of Illinois; A. T. riliaw,
of Teunesaee; V. It. Fisher, of Louis
iana. The Convention then adjourned
until 8 p.m. Much of the time of the
morniug sewsion was exhausted in mo
tions and counter aiotions and fruit
less debate, and very little business
having reference to the obUsrts of the
Convention was transacted.
New OiiLEANs, Heptemlsr s. es
terdav's down Ireigal train on the
New 'Orleans and Jackson Railroad
fell through a trestle above Meupers
Villeaud took tire, consuming lour
ars and their contents.
hTLAM), Septemlier B. Senator
pesen(lenlici atu:Jo lias a.m. ue
was sensible until the hour of his
death. He passed a comfortable night
uuti! 3 o'block. Physicians wore lu
attendance and did everything to re
lieve his -uftVrings, which otherwise
would have been great at Jhe clo-i
San l u a mu v i, September . A
reeoant of the election returns ut the
Hecoud ward reveal greater discrepau
ciea than at first reported. Freeman
(Independent) gains UH oer Mr
ka. It ill nrobablv reouire the
vutuui - ..... r - - .
balance of the week to compute the re
Seotember a. A vounu
man named Javil Walao, a street car
eonductor, eight months married, shot
and totally a ouuded his w i'e on t he
street last evening. Hhe had filed a
bill for divorce, on the groiHui that
Wash had another wife In New ork.
New Yokk, iUiuber .-A
Washington lipatch stataa that the
Coiled States Marshal, at Macon da.,
has seised a veweJ (?) there, with Dfly
filibusters on hoard, bound for Cuba.
MoNTPKi.iFH, Yt., Septemlier i.
Not over 4;".,iu votes w ere polled in
this Bute yesterday. Returns from
thirty-five "towns give Wasfiburue.
(Republican,) for Uovernor tttsH, ami
lleaton ( DmmmmI ) 1HM7. TUa showa
a majority on the w hole vote of about
2.r OOU.
The Senate will I unanimously
Republican and the House twenty
ftefiublicans to thirty iJemocrats.
The comer arora; of a new Kplsco
pal Chinvb wa laid at BolHar on
Wonrlay 1
Bat.k Failure-Mail Bobbery
-New Mexico
Qt t m'k MontemN r s. I lie old
ill. A.e ' " , . - f - -
Unking house of Lal-nrest A Co., of
Ihiscltv. announces tlieir.sUspi-n-.ion
t , i-i i:i v
A farmer was rubbed of I1SJJQ6 at
Mason City, Mo., last Sunday, and
Sam Compton was arrested at Hanni
bal vesteraay, ior commmmg me
deedj! and most of the money recov-
A disjiatch from Helena, Montana,
says the mail coach from that point to
the railroad was robbed Monday
night, about titty miles north of Ca
nann, by four road agents, of two
treasure boxes containing about
000 in gold bars. They also robbed
the passengers of all their arms and
12000. This is the second roooery
w ithin a week, amounting to ftSO.OUO
in the aggregate.
A dispatch from Santa Fe, New
Mexico, says the election on Monday j
was quiet and the returns indicate .
the election of the entire Republican
ticket, In Santa Fo county, as fiir as j
heard from, Cleaves (Republican) was
about 500 ahead.
The Ortgomar publishes on account
of the fight by Col. Green with a large
party of Apaches, in the lute moun-
iitins. He killed five Indians, cap -
tured a largo number of horse, mid
mules and destroyed a vast amount of
The Union League Virginia and her Fi
nance --Resolutions of Respect.
Wahuingtox, Siptember -.The
National Executive Committee nf the
I T . ...... lO :i . .1 i . r
""S" 1 "
AStsTrorn Richmond represent
that the interest paid thus far during
the vear amounts to about S:Ni.tHNI. i
including the interest due. There is
now in the State Treasury upwards of tacks. The unjust atnixe and hitter per
K9IO.0M. ! si-eution which have assailed it have been
The heads of the treasury luireatl
to-day pas-.ed resolutions of respect for
the late Gen. Rawlins.
The Secretary of the N':vy has or
derisl guns to be find nt noon to
morrow at the nnval stations, and
crape to be worn by the taflatlin for
thirtv days.
The appointment of Jesse Raylcas
as postmaster at Louisville isotlh ially
The President to-day
Gen. Sherman Secretary
of War '.
Dt'RLiN, September 8. A meeting
favorable to amnesty to the henians
was held at LimencK vesteraay.
IVenty-flve thousand jiersons were
present. Resolutions were adopieo,
tmonir which w as one asseninu tnai
thefarmersof Ireland w ill not accept
any Tenants' Rights bill till the po-
itical pnsners are litx-raten.
The Fire in the Scranton Coal kbses.
Piiii.AiiKi.PitiA, September . A I
special dispatch from Scrauton, Penn., i
dated 4 p.m. to-day, reixuts the find- -ing
of nearlv SM dead bodies of the
miners piled up together in Arondate
Lateb. A private dfoat cn sal's
103 dead bodies have been brought up
Broan the mine.
It was almost cold enough fori
frost yesterday morning.
The extreme lentrth of our Council
proceedings to-day necessarily crowds
out much other losaJ news,
Arrangements ttre being made to
import largely of Italian goods during
the coming season.
It is said there will he a little
party some w hore out on the Charles
ton Road this evening.
Only two steamers v- ro at the
landing yesterday, and last evening
not a single vessel lay at tne wnan.
The new wharf boat for Capt.
Ijirrv Ilarmstad at rived here yester
day, and w ill U- put on duty at once.
Six arrests yesterday at the upper
stat tollhouse, two dmnka, two as.sults
w ith intent to kill, one lucr of bad
money and one assault on a boot bla k.
Business among the merchants ;
. m j i.j si 'iw.
yesterday was exceislingly dull. The
oause no arrivals by river and but j
few people by rail. '
A special train leaves the JfMP-
phis t-arWaWtWaiuwiinaat
si o'clock, for the tournament at toil-
loway's. It will return this evening. '
A well known sporting man was
arresttsl ycstenlay ou the charge of i
vagrancy. His va- was contiutusl
until to-day.
Harris, the negro orator who la-
bored in la-half of tho DaSsWCiacy, has
.-one over to the universal suffrage
t . ... . ... . ,, . . ,
party, ana WUl try nis ievei ik-i for -
that jiarty in Mississippi.
The bones alluded to yesterday as !
troine to New York, are destiiusl' for j
t.corgia where thev will be put to all
.u ' i .. .i
tiie uses they are adapted to-such as
knife handles, combs, manure, etc.
A pistol shot fired on Jefferson
Street last night, about 12 o'chs-k,
crcated some commotion, tut resultiil
, . .v.. l ,1. i..,. ,c .'
in no namage save ine on-aK.ng oi a
w iimow giass.
An excursion train is Bg acted to
. . . . . . ... .
go out me vnanciton roaii wnn
rau iaii ues locoiuotive, tne n ceiu-
ly laiilt elegaut alseplug cars, and a
new set ot harness tnrougtiout,
A uotlee elsewhere tails upon
draymen to hand their nanu s to T.
V. O'lonnell, ou ItfCsUJ street, to
. oable him to collect the State ami
county tax of $'l Oo on each dnf,
vi aieh by a late Revision of the courts
a as decided illegal.
The noon passenger train on the
( hio Road la iled to arrive until 2 p.m.
yesterday. Two freight trams ran
together thns miltsi beyond .Milan, j
throwing several care off the track,
! was tne cause ol the detention. .o
one was hurt and the damage was
A committee of gentlemen yester
day visited a number of prominent j
nit Toanuie. houses to obtain their
pledge to sustain a regular Mt'mphi-
m ml New Orleans packet line, in
were M-ry siic i-ssuii ; nearly every ,
tirin willingly agreeing to support the
Mississippi ami her consort. .
A uomm
mechank's ia
meeting of the
to oreoare a m
lure on the subject of the merchants
tax law, and other burdens bearing
heavily upon trade and commerce.
Our worthy representative, Mr. Cub
bins, u ill w ork like a beaver b obtain
relief from present burdensome taxa-
Very serious complaints are made
bv our merchants at the delay cx.e-
7 uul uviMMJi , :
rfencedm receiving height Iron it ie
alemphls and Louisville depot. About ,
one hundred cars, all ladeu With mer- J
( . n-indioe have been $ the dejKit some
Ittee Of inerchiilits anL .u' Z W Mm1' "nesiiaa.
sMMsted at the next ; 'CZJZ Z .1,1!. 2 JH
CJiambsi of tommewe, i lQ ,he iH,nmn t SAiiourueti ,,,Vet-
emorial to the I.egisla- ing. In making mis motion. Mr. H(
time, but the Company are only able
to deliver a few car loans uanv. t-om-nlaints
are loud and deen. and several
merchants have ordered freight hereaf-
ter to be shipped over other lines. This
evil could be remedied by employing
i . 111
extra clerks and extr.i drays to deliver
the (reight.-. 11 the .:iU uoes not i in
mediately make some ( hange for the
better, we predict that her freignu
will fail off rapidly.
A horse and wagon were stolen
from Messrs. Jungle A Harmon, on
i Tuesday .Yesterday the horse returned
alone and the wagon was found some
where, by one who recognized it, but
the harness is non est
The Life Association of America.
Important Meeting of Delegates
from the Different State
Full Examination into the Condition
of the Affairs of the Association.
Rep0rt8 0f the Various Committees
j r
fJard from Gen. G. W. Gordon.
To uiv fcllow-citiieiis ot Tennessee
j and especially to the enterprising and
business men of Memphis, I would SB
spsetftdjyasatathst I aiu now in their
city for the purpose of completing the
departmental organization of the Life As
sooiation of America, which was copj
ittenced previous to my departure for Ht
: Louis, where
I have bceu lor a month on
AssoctoHsM. I rwaM
he Parent OtMce
I further state
that this institution has l.een tnesuojeci
of many false, MTioaa an.l malieious at
c.immensurate with its unparalh l. d sue
cess, i
i rlhsd.
tliev may Ije chietty as-
I am prejiared to say, and A sa-, that
the Lite Associfllion of Americn in safe.
s mud, solvent Hiid aMSCasAd lieyond pre
cedent. I am also prepared to give fact
anil Ilgurer, a prKf.
Below I apiend a rent of a conven
t tioii of delegates from the various de
partments and -eetious f the couutry
which convention was invited bv the
Board of liireetorsof the Parent UtBce to
assemble at si. . and investigate the
.harges made against the Association, and
to aaauauaw lato lis condition, manage
! men?, standing and Integrity. The re
port speaka fos itself, You ti'UI observe
among tho (inMiilteeti of invist.gaiion
some of the ue -i honorable and distin
niaM naases of our own State, iiore
, is t he rejsjrt :
On Wcdncsdav, ilie 27th. at S o'clock in
the evening, a meeting of delegates from
Ihs various Si a ie part men ts of the Life
j Association of America was liela a: Hie
mm of the Association in St. Louis.
The meeting was called to order by
' John J. Hoc. the President of the Associ
ation. The following delegates were
j p.DSPUt!
lien. J. It. Hood, Louisiana,
C fS. Foster, Kausas,
J. Alderson, Kansas,
Thos. Smith, Arkansas,
Li. K. Jones, Arkansas,
I". M. Hose, Arkansas.
J. II. Murphy, Iowa.
M . r-ltull Key, Iowa,
S. F. Smith. Iowa,
C. YT- Osidtaer, Iowa,
il. il. Ste-i, St. Jose)h, M i.,
A. iieattie St. Joseph, HQ.,
H. U McUonslJ, Ht. Joseph
Urlin H. Miner, IllluoU.
('. A. Uelmle, Illinois,
Was. Siiepherii. liibaois,
H. O. Uoodrich, Illinois,"
Itmaajtaaa A' ass, Alalama,
W. S. Morelaud, Alabama,
J ihn Little Smith, Atalwtuis,
9. H. Sharp. M ississippi,
M. U. Mc.Mick. ti, Mississippi,
W. FT. OtDba.'Mlsaissippl,
F. s. Jlunt, Miaaksstfuf,
1). P. Blair, Mississippi
M. A. Klakemore, Mississippi,
Henry Moore, (.leorgi t,
A. 1'. Bignon, Ceorgia,
V. Stevenson, Georgia,
Isaac Fverett, Kentucky,
Was. (Joo. Andorson. Kentuckv
R. H. Wooltolk. Ke:, lucky,
A. Wright. Tennessee,
J. W. Kegan, Te;incseet
('. X. Ordway, T niiussee,
G. W. Gorde'n, Tennessee,
Henry Kwing, Tennessee,
Ilenrv Cooper, TsaUMSBse
F. K."Braillcy. Nebraska,
Wm. FuUon, Nebraska,
Talbot Ashton, Nebraska,
AV. Geo. Gibbs, South Carolina,
C H. Panknin, South Carolina.
President Hoe said that, in order to
r.ng".i;.re meeung i sp mnc w
jrvia iui wuiui ttit.: t.t'uirji.piii jieu.i i 11
,he Seor,.tarv of . Asition
wvum rCad a copv of the letter which had
bsamadavasaei to the PcssMesa' f each
O'-nar.ment oi too Asst.. latiou cautng tue
Sth, tetter . - .
;,.., it;. ,llBn ,-acatrd it. .hair
Hll,j convention was formally ouasaav-
ied by electing Judge A. right, of
1 ; nne see periusnent . nairn.an, ami
MonH.... Minor, of llllno.s. ,erment
Tlie , hairnian said the dclettea had
learneo the object or the Convention from
the let ter calling it togsihsr, which had
jut ben read; that object waslmm tM:
first. tt make a tlorouirh iiiM-sliualiou of
llB irilini ,, ,.0udition of the Associa-
tioll. HI ,,, w.,.on,i, to cousider the d.aft of
the new charier w hich it was proposed to
procure lor the Asoojiation. He desujed
k",,v w"h If" '' ",J.-'!'' lu
( en en l. n would pr.-sd ilh hrst.
0n moli()l dulv ,,4 u KdH uuan.
j,ouslv Mreed to proceed with ihechur-
tisratasf, fha eawurM' was tawisupon read
and, aftci a long and Int. ;-cs!ing Jiscus-
"" , T ' ," o",
Mr. Jon s, v( Arkansas, wvi -.A tba l
l.,lHrr u ivferrl to a i amnlttss oo
poMSl of one delegate rrotn each depart
ment . wiiii nisii actions to i po i on the
sMine si a adjourned ineetinir of the Con
voutiou. Tlu motion, being iluiy aaeoaag
ed, - cairitsi uasnln(0U8U,
On motion, dulv seeond'sl. It was re
hoIvlhI that tlie delegaiiuu from each de
partment (sleet It own ssaanber of the
cosimittee. whereUoii the- l.l!owiiu
gentlemen veis' iiatuel:
Henry sfoore, of Georgia.
John L. sniitn, of Alabama.
C. G. Faicr, of Ktesas.
M. H. BLtkemoiu, of Miasiswippi.
J. I, aid phy, of Iowa.
I). E. Jon s, of Arkansas.
Wm. Ful.ou, or Nebraska.
W. Geo. Anderson, of Ksatnckv.
B. M.Steele, of Mlaaourl.
Henry Co,j,er, of Middle Tennessee.
A. Wright, of West Tennessee.
J. B. Hoot , of Louisiana,
'. K. Pankiun, of South Carolina.
Henry J si lauphprst and lenrv W.
Hough, of St. Louis, were deputed to
represent the "loard of Directors of the
Association on ihe Couiuiiltee.
John S. M . ,.!., wan deputed to
represent Texas. Judge Kose. of Arkan
,04. v, as al atlOed to the Coinic,itteo
un motion oi J mil J. Koe. President of
,i,B Aaaoel
Minded, it was re
mittee, composed
-..lved to appoint a eo
at one delegate fr uu a
each department, Iq
said that, as Presidiit of the Association
it was his earnest Utsire that a oommlUea
should lie appointed w hich would be oa
pahle of making a (suuplcteiuvestigdtiQn,
and Milling to pertirm the labor neoea
sarv to do the wort lhorougb.lv. Manv
i harires ot extravav ul anil bad saaai
ment iad been mad.-wgainst the Assocla-
tu.n. whioh the dins-'ors knew to he raise,
dictated by impure motives; it was
the desire of ibe dh -etora. therefore, thai
(h 4 1Ilim,MeehlK ,u, ., 1!lkH,II ,.h aeswfe
W0LkJ enable thm to
make a full and conscientious report to
the convention a rtport wMck wyui
enable the Convention to form an honest
opinion about the Association, so that the
delegates, when thev returned to their
homes, could give their people Intelligent
advlee about the safety of insuring In the
Association, tie pledged to give them
evorr facility for making the invesliga
Gn motion, duly seconded, it was re
solved that each delegation select its own
uiem 1st of t he
The follow Ing delegates were selected:
H. O. Goodricn, Illinois.
W. Stevenson, Georgia.
K. W. Woolfolk, Kentucky.
A. Beattie, Missouri.
F. S. Hunt, Mississippi.
OL N. Ordway, Tunnessee.
V. G. Gibbes, South Carolina.
C. W. Gardiner, Iowa.
Thomas Snilth, Arkansas.
Talbot Ashton, Nebraska.
J. C. Aldersou. Kansas.
W. S. Moreland, Alabama.
J. W. Rogan, West Tennessee.
On motion, duly seconded, the commit
tees were instructed to meet at 9 a,m. on
the IMlh.
On motion, duly seconded, the Conven
tion adjourned, to meet it 8 p.m. on the
ath, to reoelve the reports of tne com
Pursuant to adjournment the Conven
tlon met at 8 p.m. on the 34th.
The Chairman. Judiie Wriirbt. of Mero
phis, called the Convention to order, and
stated that the first business was to r
eeiye the reports of the committees. He
oalleU on the Chairman of the Charter
Committee to report.
Gen. J. B. Hood stated that the com
mittee bad met at :3u a.m. and consumed
almost the entire dav in considering the
draft of the proposed charter which had
iicen aoommea i.vtne uoaruoi Liirectors.
He said the Hon. O. U. Minor, of Illinois
the Secretary of the Commutes, would
submit the report.
Mr. Miner submitted the report of the
committee, with a COPT of the charter
containing the changes which the com
mittee reconimended.
Ou motion of Mr. diterenson, of Geor
gia, duly seconded, the following resolu-
vvas uns.-uuioiuiv a.topieu;
Heni'lved, That we, the delegates from
the several departments, recommend to
the favorable consideration of the General
Directory the amendmentsof and the sug
gestions made eoniiorning the charter
proposed, which are set forth in the report
of the committee to whom such proposed
charlT was referred.
The chairman then called uton the
president of the examining committee for
a tepurt .
W . . " If I I ' ,'". ,.IH " . '
Gardiner, of lowa, tho secretary of the
Lip lihli ,it s.i, i I "ipd I it, u .ill I , r
committee, would read the report.
Mr. Gardiner read the following report;
Omri i.j i i. AasoetATtos of Awagips,
sir. Isi is, Jiiiv -M, IsiW. ,
To the Departiututs' Representatives of
the Lite Assoeiatiou or America:
Hentlcmen: Your committee on Inves
tigation would respeotfullv report that,
having metal tne umee oi me .vsstx-ia-
tion, at y o clock a.m., this dav, ou io-
tion. W. George Gihlies, of South Caro
lina, was called to rlie chair, and C. W,
Gardiner, of Iowa, was made secretary.
Alter stating object of the meeting,
the followiug mentioned sub-committees
were atiolntr i. H being eytdeui that the
work to be performed was of Ksi hiliorious
a nature to b. sdccessfully or satisfacto
rily done by tne rjny;
W. Oeorge Gibhes.of South Carolina! H,
O. Goodrich, of Illlnoisi Talhot Asiitou,
of Nebraska; it H. Woolfolk, of Ken
A. Beatie, of St. Joe, Mo.; C.N. Ord
wav, of Teunessee; J. r. Alderson, of
i- . 'sie Wm S. Morlaud. of Alabama.
F. S. Hunt, of Mississippi; Dr. W. Ste-
phenson, ot (icorgia; lhomas smith, ol
Arkansas: l. . Gardiner, or Iowa; .Maj.
Rogan, of Tennessee,
"iour Committee would resp,-ctfullv
submit the following reports rendered by
the different suh-coimnlttees:
nueoar or scb-committre on bcsiness
and lNCOMi-:
Rooms of the Lifb Assxi atios i
or A.mekica,
St. Locis, July 28, lsoi. I
The Committee appointed to examine
the policy books and income of the Life
Association of America would report that
they have discharged that duty, and
would submit the following statement:
Amount of policies issued bv
the company to July 1, ls;9...SIs,sd2,loo
Amount or policies au.-el!e4
by tbi-company to July 1, fs69. 1,739,500
Amount ol premiums received
bv ,'ouipanvon policies issued
and from renewals ttJSLMS
Amount reis?ived tor interest
and other sources 37,311 46
Total Income SI.1W.2W 68
H. 0. GOODRICH, 111.
Vr. Lot is, July 29, l6a.
We, the undersigned Committee on Ex
penditures and contracts, havingcarefuily
and fullv examined the boaks and ac
counts of the Life Association in reference
to the above subjects, find them correct
and satisfactory, and m accordance with
the final balance herewith.
A. BEAT! lb. Oualrman, St. Jo.,
J. C. ALDKltSON. Kansas.
C. N. ORDWAY, Tennessee.
w. 8. moreland, Alabama.
Exrnses to Julv 1, 1SC9. 1S7,426 55
Losses bv death " 33,00u 00
Other lossies sufif W
Surrendered o.!i.,s -415703:5,71270
Total expenses 221,ltt8 26
OrKicE Life Associvtio; of America,)
st. Lot is, July yiM. j
To the Committee on Examinatln:
tr't(iertc;i: 1 our Coiiimittie on Securi
ties and Assets, having made a detailed
and thorough examination in these par
ticulars, would respectfully snbmlt the
accompanvtng statement as showing the
renu It of their in yes; Igat io.iis. Yoiir cp.tu
inlttee hayc seep, handle!! and counted
ad computed eyery Ixind, mortgage or
other security owned by the Association ;
they have carefully examined, compared
and verified the various items of their
statement with ihe regular books of
the Association, ard they are well satis
fied and convince that said statement Ls
me and correct lu wverv particular. Iu
egard to the method of making invest
ments, thev have found evidence of
care In selection and ezanilnatloo of ln
vestmenta as to leave in their minus no
doubt whatever as to the value of ald Se
curities. Actual assets, SvuU.uss as
G. . HCst f , Mis.,
J. W, ROG.VN, Tenn.,
Your committee call attention to the
following facta elicited from the various
fbe -oniUllttee on oes. mi- mud
business report that the to
tal Income to July 1, 1869,
was si. Ha sea k
Committee on expenditures
report total expenditures 221,16. &
The committee on. assets apd
e-.-e.roiea report actual as-
yMe -- W9,088 44
Ratio ot of expenses and lossea to re.
ceipts about is1-, per --iii
piui vsiiiimiiiw csiiu.ot reiraia irom ex
pieaaiug theit satisfaction at the complete
and perfect refutation, given In the course
aud results of their investigation, to the
Plltoi anu malicious snacks which havu
lieen made upon the Association, and
they doalre to express herein their contlu
uou and Implicit confidence iu the officers
of the Association, aud their cordial ap
proval of the character of its management,
aa fully shown this day.
The uudersigucd, members of tha in
vestigating committee, hereby attach
their names In attestation of its correct
ness and their approval thereof.
W. GEO. GIBBES. Sooth Carolina,
M. O. GOODRICH, lUinoia,
T. ASHTON, Nebraska,
B, H. T kjLFOL. Kentucky,
Business and Income.
4- PKATTIS, Missouri,
C.N. OP.DWAY. Tenn
J. C. ALDERSON. Kansas,
W. S. MoRELAND, Alabama.
Kxuendilures and Contrails,
r. S. HL'NT. Mississippi,
W. STEVENSON, Georgia.
THOS. SMITH, Arkansas.
cflAS. W. GABDINKR, Iowa,
J. W. ROGAN, Tennessee,
Coin mil tee on Securities aud A is, is.
e '
On motion of Gen. Hood, the report was
duly adopted.
On motion, tho convention adjourned
fine die.
O. II. MINER, Sec'y.
Already abont thirty among the lead
ing citizens of Memphis have agreed to be
come Trustees of this Department, which
It Ls proposed to organize with not Isss
than fifty meoibers, w ho, when qualified
as Trustees, will organize by electing
from their number a Board of thirteen
Directors for the Department, which
F.oard will elect a President, Vice-Presi
dent, etc., for the same.
All money derived in the Department
as net assets of the Association will be
kept In the Department and loaned thers
by the Board of Direction as preacriled
by the Charter of the Association. Thus
it ia essentially a home institution, con
trolled and. managed by citizens of our
own State, and enjoying nt least every
poibie benefit of a purely local organi
It h strictly a mutual oonjpany hav
ing Apt a eent ot stock. All its assets,
which have accumulated to morn than
one million five ha !-. thousand dollars
since Jane, 1W, belong exclusively to
its poliey-holders, and sll Its earnings
will be equltsbly di IsVai among them.
The unexampled growth and successor
the Association show that its liberal and
equitable systi-m is highly approved Ly
the best and ablest financiers, and busi
ness aen of tl(e oouuirv
O, W. GoRD'iN", Msnager.
I For use preseut at No. Is Madison si reet. )
Tho following Is the list of letters
remaining In tbe Mcmphb) I'ostoince
and not delivered by earners yester-
An.-her, Mrs M E Andrews, Mrs M
Bailey, L
lirvant. Miss L
Brown, Mrs A (col
Bennett Mrs M J
Bamliegu, Mrs J
Black well. Miss S
I'.iirton, Miss K
CornePus, Miss B C Cooper, Mrs F
i. .r h. Miss B
Donahue, Miss K
Gauden, atlss N
Gillner, Mrs M II
Hatcheli. Mrs S
Harvev, Mrs
tiillmon. Mrs C (col)
James, Mrs L A
Jackson, Miss A is,l
Love, Miss W
McCormkk, K
Martin. Mr H O
Michall, S
Levey, Mrs
LSSaSagf. Miss k
McDaniel, Mr I.
McOorsnack. Mrs
Musot). jkjra A
Meadi'ws, Mril
Mook, Mrs
Pelipots, Mrs M
Reed, Mrs K J
Rogers, Mrs A F
.siheppard, Mrs B K
Tyler, Mrs V A
Tagert, Mrs
Sett, sllaa M
Southwirth. Mrs K
rhroos, Mrs K
Tbomaii, Mis Si
armet, Mrs V
Andersta A Gould Alexsnder. J
HilderoacW. V S
Byers, Capt J S
Brackin, M
Bowles, P B
Brown, W S
Bovu. .V
Biauton, W
Brack I '
Brouder, ft
Carellton, B S
Cunuingjham. W R
Cook, 11
Cook, J
David, (.' !
Dickinson, C
Dyle, J
Filkin, R
Gilbert. C
Gude, F
Goodbey, W J
Howe, A G
Jlolawav, H
Howard, M H
HvHfee.W '
James, J W
Jackson, H (col)
Kouse, j
Kennedy, D J
Lavalelte, A T
Murphv, Rev W
Miller, H H
ii..oiti, U
McCollvUith, B
Mclmore, S B
Neely, J H
Pairc.J C
Phillips, II
suntbtinor, G
Southell, T
Sh'rter, J
Shrvock, G W
Taly, E
Winters, E .
White, J
Walker, F (c&L
Ilradlev, C A C
Klane Rider
Both, W
Biles, T 4 CM
Beahl, Capl H
Buck, B ir
Bates, Dr J K
Barbee, J R
Crofton, J
Chsmberl!, F A
Church, Rfrot)
Clark, J 4 W II
Caaassassx. f
Uonnell, K J
Doyle, T Y
Dew Ire, U
DssSs. Alliaon 4 1 o
Kldridge. Col J "
Frink, l)r S C '-
Grimn, F
Graham. J
oodman. P
Holcomb, C H
Haiuuiell. P H
Harris, Bell A Co
Harris. A D
Jerlersou, B
Jackn, A
Kiucatle, J M
Kearuev, J H
Luxton, J
Mosley, Dr W A
Milton A Torian, 'J
Means, T
Jlcie.il, V
McMiilen, G
ble, J K
Niles, J U
Fatten, . C
Pidneon, J T
Richmon, V
Stewart dt SkiUcro
BiitBuL J"
.Skelton, NT
Number, H (rsjl)
Tav'or, J B
Walt, M
Ware, T B
Weller, N 0
Wheetoi-k i Gibson
Hltvs.K-s 1-ol.K i the resldeuce of VS.
bride's mother, Mrs. O. K. Polk, uear Bolivar.
Tenn., on Tuesday uiorulng, September 7,
iit, hy Rev. Mr. Muilaly, Mr. Tvdob F.
HRi-.-as, of Meuii .:s. to MIssOctaviaP. Polk.
Norfolk (Va.) papers copy.
'fHQRPE he friends slid acquaintances
t P. II. assl Jaue Thorpe are Invited to at
tend tbe faneral nf their infant son, Utt
THoxas, this ThurKday uiorning. at lv o'clock,
from their residence, coiner Vaiv and D-
Soto streets.
ANTEU TO HlRE-AiipvVagjin.
ScU .Jl Ulllll M:-i .
U. M. NakLV
Grocers. Cotton Factors
Plantation Supplies, Boat & Bar Stores
Xo. 2T0 Front Street,
Between Court ami Matlison,
se9 MEMPHIS, T E N N .
Memphis and Little Rock R. R.
New Arrn(etuent.
Through to Little Rock in 24 Hours.
1'i.iasengcrt (tin Rely on this Soutr for
Safety ttnd Facility.
Carrying the United States Mails.
trains will leave Memubls at 3 o'clock
.m. daliv I Including uud s . sad arrive at
Ittla Rock ext dav at I o'clock P.as.
Counseling at Little Rock with chidester,
Hearle Co.'s stage line for llot Springs,
iwck.ori. Arkadelpbla, Wsshlngton. Tulip,
Piincetou.Camaen, Loulsvii and, Eldorado,
also, with Major J. D. Adams' packet ILue of
sCvaniera for fort ismllti.
! Through ttcVels,14 10 Little Rock. Tickets
tor sale at o(8cc of company. No. IS Madison
I si pact , Maiiipuls aud Charlestou, and Mem
j puis and Luulav lite R. K. ticket office.
j m Own era Agent and SuparlutenOent.
WAJtTED.-A riswI siinsiion in a whole
sale aud retail zrucerv store bv a vouBa
I man that un.b r-iar.J.. the business perfwrt.
r as iar-aeeper in a nrllM.-s Imr-rooiu.
Ilest of reference Klvell. Address
ss I. X. 1... No. : JItejsnn -tresr.
U - w . For sale an Improved cotiou
ffyUVJyJ. Urui lu Mississippi, which old
radllir lor lvio In aold in isiil. win be suld.
If liumedeaie application is- made, for - .
In V. S. currency, us the owner needs Uaa4
ainoontor money at once. Address T. E. H.,
2i Beai street. se
Fresch Beauties owe their elegaa. cost-
plexlons to the use of Milk of Violets, now
the most popular eoamei le lu Europe. Sold
by all druaglsts and fancy good dealers. V.
W. Brlnekarhoer, ST. - aaent. if. Y.
TO MERUH.VN'r.-A MemphUn. who li
a ngagaa In a traveling business that
brings 'jhu m tntimatd contact wltn tne (
pie of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.
w.hiM be pleased to eunsluer a proposal from
a few Memphis merchants.
Address at once T. E. H..
e7 Care IS Real street.
PUBLIC WARN'IXO.-I am again under the
painful and humiliating necessity of
warning the public against my son. Jiepli
LaU rill, aged s years. You must receive no
orders, either written or verbal, purporting
t.) como from me, as i give none, and will iiiH
pay any debt of his contracting.
1869 BOOTS & SHOES 1870
iTlt01det Shoe House in Memphis),
13 ofy Competition,
Respectfully Invite Dealers ar.d Planters to
call and examine oar new stock before pur
chasing. JOH. J. LEVETT A Co.,
sea 836 Main, corner I'nlon S real.
MEHt. HAJiTiooS to your Interest. Ijy,
r aut Groceries, BaMlDji and Tics, 'h.jsp
at wholesale. ,o loriCvTTviX.viui KB 4 Co.,
Wholesale iji.As.-rs sail V -I I"U Kacl in.
til and is Front treet, Memphis Tc un . se?
Miuphih, September 8, isifi.
Habacrlls-rs and others will pkMn taSe no
tice that Z. T. Wlihor late manairer a; thfs
pointy ls uo longer In our '-e....y '
ses to.prxaru.
500,000 PAIRS
Boots and Shoes
t " K Ha-lU'tt f Mt-rchnnK onI an liuptpr-
t tlta of thv lrvi-.L tiock ia imr Hat MWt
usTefrtl In liu Soat'i WMst.
We run and are UettrmiatMt tn oflVr surh
induvmeut.s. that MeiuhU thai! tint ht mrc
uod I" Any oilier mark.-i ior Baxt and Hhft.
'TMIE !rrs KHOi.nms or twic Urkphis and
1 eVr. i.,i i is i a.v SSP, 'K I A M I S l'.lMl-VM I'-.
hcrehy noltfied that tne cim.l Int4jmeiil
of twenty-live p-r ceut. upon the capll:ii
stock or said company h;vs tfu, .1 i.v hceu de
clared due, and pavsl.le ai i he ofBe ttl i he
Secretary and Treasurer, J7ti Fioni siris-L, .n
or celbre, the 1st Octolier.
By order oi the Board ui lur -.!.'.-..
A. L. C TVIlllNS,
sS Secretary and TrrBsiirer.
Lumber. Laths and Shingles.
I H.WF now n tinntl, nl am ron-t;!itIv
1 "siftig. a lull Jt'Mk of Kul.l!!i Luiurr.
of ail liinienalonet; Sills. Joist-, MMiiMiag
Po8 , Boa t1 of all It oaths, ana cleat J-oy.
br; aIot a laro tock o
Particular attention given to the shipment
-il Lumber. Orders solicited.
SW Mills and l.nmlier Yard on Wulf Rivsr,
north of Bayou Gsyoso.
e iUar o. M. V ENABLE.
We have Removed to No. 33$, staves rroot
and Union Streets,, Up-sUirs.
ileo, P. Rootbs, late oi White. Kerr A ltiwe-.
C b. VAfiCE, Pauoia i-uumy, Miss.
Rootes, Vance & Co ,
General Commission and Forwarding
And Areata for '.lie aisle oi tinaiios,
So. UK, earner Front anil (. 'nion tK
fp-slairs, - Memphis, Tenn.
say Consignments ot Coiton, feMMms
ctc.jNoliclted, and all orvleret peujuptly Ullesl.
SW- Uuving our own 'urenO-se, we sample
and Wi-iah aftt 't,ou cow-lgueU to us. se- ia
Cotton Paotoy
Xo. 26-1 Front Street, MemphLs, Tenn.
' Liberal cash advances made ou oou
slguiuents. s7
Xo. 7 Alonrue St., '-in..!,i
T, H- 9k J. M. ALLEN & CO ,
(SassMWM in LStl ,
Xo. Yjrl C'onuuon Stnt,
seT NEW iiKLF Wi.
Cotton and Tobacco Factors.
Xo. JG-l Front Street,
238 1-2 Frost and 6 Jefferson Sts..
ii'F are just Is receipt of a large and well
.elected stock of rKEHH GROCERIES,
consisting of all articles usually kept lu our
Hue. which we ofler for sale upon the usual
terms. We Invite the attention of nur old
friends aud cualoroors.
SW Wu store all Cotton shipped tons la nur
own shed, which is used eai-luslvely for that
purpose. Hpecial attention ls given to the
sale of Cotton. aug2B daw
J v vi is S. DAT, W. P PROI'DFIT
Cotton Factors,
$25 A DAY"
f AUK at home! 3S ntlrvly n.'w arMd. -
Midas u B SHIW Alffes), ie 1
Thirty Building Lots
On Lauderdale and Jacksas sis., near the
Elraweed l.ne ef Street Car.
F. have InstruiMinns to offer at pohlle j
w uuui i ttiJSKKV 1.
Ranging In ,.le fran is to 100 feet front, situ
ated si the lntersaetlirti of Luoderdale and
JacAson streeU, In tue neighborhood of Mr. 1
McK 'iineT, CrL Lonney. J. M. ProTlue, Ksq., i
On the premise., at 9 o'ri-s-k. Ever lot wilt I
he sold without reserve. Tl.- tre. and lots
will !.c indicated hv si!:-s , a... ml. liun
Ined IWore tbe day of sale.
Tkitics Half cash, hslance In sit months.
Title perfect
Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing. Boots,
Shoes. Hats, Caps. Glass
ware, etc.. etc.
Thursday Morn'g.Sept. 9, at !0 o'd'k.
I'liy slid country :utrchaaM will do well to j
Auctioneers, corner Second and Adaina Sts.
Comer Second and Adams Sts..
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots. Shoes.
Hats, Caps, Glassware,
Cutlery, Etc..
Every Tuesday & Thursday Mora'g,
AT W u'I'LiS'K.
a" liberal Advances made on ronslgii-ru.-nts.
SS augJTi
IWlrt.'t if Vw'ft Teiin-w, -Iu
Bankiu )ti-y. j
At JbfVmpMit, Tnn.. Tt!i tiny ot August, lit.
Tha un.rliiml hreiy tlv.M aotU-eof hl '
itpiuiatuirut its itgu-r-i Jami'a XI. Ai.i i -sun
h:: I 1 1 i-l: U . tiu , lodi vltlanlly , ani :i I
partn-T-s h nryle "f Aiititrou A ,a , i.f 1st i j
hl4.Hhelty rounry. auJ Slat. of TRMMMtj
within salt! DUti urt. who ha c . atijuiii-
L-dt'-'i tjunkrupU upori tbc-ir u it Ln.iitiou, Ij i
1 h MMstM Tomi oi Halt! TtHtr!v.
au; Ol Wt.njLbHai)4jK. .Vjwijcn. I
District of West Tenti'sscr, ,
In t: i . i
At Aivniphis. Tenn., day of Usui.
ersHL undersigned hereby giv.-s notice ol
J appointment aa Assignee ot JaMKS
RIOIj.s, Individually, and as oue of the Arm
nf Hansen A Kinas. .t Memphis. SUeifcy
countv . and sit. it, rcuiicsse, v,it.io sa'd
IM-i rlct, who has leen niljdu-alisl a bank
rupt upon his cwii iM-litlon. bv the District
Court of .id OLslrn t
I). WOOLPRU-'IK, Assisrnea.
DtsuKt oi West TTHJjpirart
in i .i -. j
At weinphis, Tenn.. day of lsiis.
'IlIK uinlerslaiie-i h.-i-' alves iTiiice id
1 his appointment as A.-'iun, c ut i.uuT - ,
I'KEBLES, of Memphis, Shelby county, and 1
state ol Tennessee, w itliln s:iii VUltl4;t, Who .
has been adjuiticated u 1 .-.s . r' . upou his
own p.-t Ition. bv thu llstiict l i.uri ut Sal-' '
iiSiBj L W' sn.jiKi isii; V-lgnes-
District ..f Wes' Tennessee, i
In K.. .. L- r , ..i ... ; sa.
At Meuiplils. Tenn.. day oi' ls..
lyHK undersigned hereby !ves notice of
a his spuoiniaieul as v-.nt-.-
hls own peHUofi, by fhi- lilslriet 1 nurt of sal-.l
auipr. t. Wwt,DRirsJE, Assignee.
District vii West Tennessee. .
in Uunkiuptcy. hw'
At Memphis. Tenn., day of 1SW.
rrHE undersigned hervSiv gives . c t." i
I his aupointuirnt us Assignee of J. (I. I
bis on scttthiu. bv the District Court of si
uuj. O. WuOLI)Rirs;i4. Assign
Memphis and St. Francis River Tues
day Packet.
For Helen. Maris na, Madison and Wlitsbury.
The new and elegant Sidewh.-ej hwsiiiifi
CMM T. a. Huwinan- JSam ( . rSalae, t'lerk
Vl'iLL I.
is for H hX
LK and ST
KKANl'lls Kl
ery ISM
i ell U.IU.
AD. Agent.
tel. IS
Nlsillsiiii street.
I1! ill Ihe i,.-l .in ii .. . .. ion
I- Hf.lilnrun .h.llk. ...... 1 I , ..
public, the Mr.Mcins ao Am iss is kivu
rAtiikr I'onr.ui will ruu the steamer
OZAttK H. Blalsdell. Mastar
In White river, leaving bare on TiimsD.vv.
September ft, at i o clis k p.m., mm Jack
so.sfsjaT and all Iiileiinedlste imi'lings. and
will continue in the tmde ns a Thursday
Paike!, ruuuing lu couucetlon with the
slaamer Natome until tlie is.mpletiim ..f the
steamer B. f. Walt, now ueurly Ouiihed.
und being built expressly for the trsde.
JOHN . AD-VMM, J-rea't.
T. A. KKNUia Agent,
sot I ilflce Jin Kraut street.
Memphis and Arkansas River
Packet Comp y
United Stales Mail Line.
X ger boats of this Hue leave Mem phis lor
Llllle Kock as lows
OZAILK - .H. BbAMOkLi.. Master
Mondays, at ." o'clock p.m.
W. A. CALDWKM Hub.- Uayiies master
Fridays, at 5 o'clock p.m.
Making close connections at LITTLR K'K K
wltii splendid coaches for the CELEBRATED
HCrT SFRINtiH, and with the fo How I reg pack
ets, which leave Little Rook Moudays aud
Thurdays, at j o'chs-k p.m. :
AMERICAN. Levi Chapman, Maater
C LARKS VI LLE Reasoner, .Master
Thus making two trios a week fi oiu LITTUC
RO K throngh U FoltT U1BMO.S ,
Through bills oi lailiua jiven for freight t
and from Nsy Orleans. Memphis, fet. Louis.
LouisYilU and Clucinaatl.
Freights delivered at destination, at all
stages oi the river, wiihoat storing or other
Any persons desiring to ship by this line
from tlie North, Eas; ur West to any point on
the Arkansas ri tee. should have their goods
'KlllslKUed W " iii.ui ai . ami .ui I"" Hiv
es ACSST Cushawy " at Memphis iorB.s lis
?rout street. Mosbv Block.) Theae shtppmg
irnai Sew Orleans should consign to " Mem
phis aud Avkituaaa River 1-ackei Company,"
Mouth of Wait River.
on or about tne bu of September, the
Steamer W. A. Caldwell will take her placv
In the Line, leaving on Wednesdays, making
a trl-weekly line.
The above x.mpaov ire r.ns- building two
uew boats for tbe Arke-isas river, which will
be finished about the ISih September. . bus
securing tsi tnelr patrons s renaoie wi-weeg
securnuc to tnvlr patrons a renaoi
; line lu hlh or low water.
, Preaklent
T. A. KEMUli, Ageut,
auii Utje W front street, Mo. by Bock.
Cotton Factors
A NT)-
268 Front St. Memphis
(WT poor to on or.D itvn
t at
we are del
to tbe me i
aa will in
ter esc to ti
order tha
wili o
nun m
Lot ;s, tra
We buvi
B added.
M-e sad u arrive
400 piece, asd half piece Ky axite4
1300 bsaCles Iras Ties, best makes. .
30 casks Clear Baca Sides
20 casks Shoslders ;
65 kbats. Lmisism Srspa ;
100 sbh HarS Ssssn '
' i tes S. C. Ham.
300 kegs Leaf rJ
400 c .;'. Caan . Lar ;
Zi kvwf sss Lara :
MO sacks Fair to Cfcsiee CstTee .
30 pockets Jsva Coflee
200 cases I asd 2 poasd Oysters ;
200 ksfs Nails -100
boxes Candies :
ICO half boxes Caodsts j
100 one-qsarter boxes Caadtes
100 boxes Pearl Starch ;
100 boxes Y. E. and B. E. Soap
600 bags assorted SM ;
200 barrets Ssperdse Floor ;
230 barrels XX asd XXX Fissr
75 barrels Fancy Bra ads Floor ;
50 barrels " Oetdca Flake" Fistr sir
awo brand, asd tbo best FKsw is
200 barrels K. 0. Men ,
100 barrels and half barrets Whisky :
'75 barrels Booruoa asd Rye :
100 caddies Bright 1-4 Tobacco
25 boxes Tobacco :
ICO kegs choice Molasses ;
75 sarrHs and half barrrb Molasses :
300 barren Kanawha Salt. Ete.. Etc. Etc
A r. inspection ol haisaSaak and prices will
las to the advsataiie of a ciosa rasa .
Aryy r.p ting lit lams, and we cordially In
vite s.l such In give us a calL
SwTUrdojs by mail wtU alwais ss?uri iir
pn.mpt attention.
"5 268 Frost Street.
Ui'tw -JiiwOfH !- WlXJ.I AS., IllIXA Vsksk
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sal, and keep constantly on
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'" -isks rnwon:
bar n.-- Pork:
ju ri''JijHW' ,nJ 'tumps;
cJ nhds. Louisiana Sugur ;
.l sacks I'otrev;
a pkxs. i. lasses hhdSL. bi.i.s..iils. a
liv pieces Kenlncky Baaing . n" . a i. K; .
pv, Lsniemus, and J. i D. Klaa.
I t..ils islehra!el Vrrow Ties."
ssj kegs Nails asamted sizes;
mis,-, by tsSI irSnaswiw, i..
u interest li our jsirin
HILL. rOXT.4IXC .tin
s. -.iaki MmSws
Cotton Factors,
' 266 Front Street, Cornor of Cowi
M Kill' II la, - - TKNN.
- E will Iss ready for huMne-s In on.- rcw
smre .hi isi Hepiemher. and will have u
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Wsills 1,1 QJU I
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Cotton, whli-n
bouse, snd aan
Aftionsm plies to e! til
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town ware-
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and w
- Cuttsa in store will be covered by lovi
ranee unless otlicrwSw lnstructesl: sad ail
-.hlpiuerits liv river insured under iux op u
354 Main Street, Mayevnev BiocJt.
i t Hi call
the city an
Ibe silent.-
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r large sa l
Sleas. ou.
la, aud are
erii.ks stock ol U
gviods are colllll
New Flour, at low pricas-- Pastel's.
CiarksvbMe City and Southern Star
Choice Hams and Breakfast Bacon.
Fine Sugars and Coffees,
Carolina Rice - Choice Teas.
Always a complete stock, at aa los
ABi hnuse in tbe cliy.
auga - sharp:.
Notice to Cotton Shippers.
IIE Shippers' Cotton
lor baa mess on
ompreas Sr f
Monday, the 13th met..
at the established price Sir the season of sev-culy-ii
ve ceois per bale. This la dieses dray
age from the Freee. Insnrance, eatra tie, am!
l sample hole. Oar tattn it besun
IdentV'Ul with that of the shipper, every eaer
'ieu will be used to put and ship cotton In
tiie rst poeaible condition. To that end. anil
to i ad 11 Late the rape! compression aud shtp
meiilil eul tun. a ' will i-lfer yon, s Hie sea
son opens, the uulted use of tne three power
ful s Vesta Tyler Prisms, the SMSpeiw. las
Charleston and the Chlcsaaa w tgc beat Lu
the country, with where, will be connected
mcti oi known experience and Intearitv.
U. A. MiT h iMKRY
supi. Memphis Lielton

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