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to to Sesttnrrrisrs Press Ml"-
Farther Particular of ihe Great Disaster.
New York, September 9. A Sr ran?
ton spetial saysttrat later explorations
of the mini' h ive developed a satliier
phase of the tragedy. Many of tho
chambers have beeu entered and in
ners found in them dessd.the breast of
the miners showing that they hat
hrrn trickon down by poisonous irus
without a mouieiil's warning, wlui
fVthey were at work. Uoad" mart, roof
men, door men and others were found
dead in the gangways, showinir that
the destruction must have eome swift
and sadden. The srpirit evinced by
fthf miners to-day has been bitter in
the extreme, and is not much assuaged
bv the offers of assistant aud sympa-
athy flowing in from every side.
Asa backer has telegraphed that ho
offers loou to the bereaved, and Uov.
5 Geary 5000. Tho railroad company
has made all the exertion possible,
awPgind the wishes ot the uiiuers in every
respect are consulted, but they remain
obdurate. Siouie ot them are willing
to listen to reason, but they are tlio
minority. Many are reuactory anu
vicious. Trouble isapprehendod, and
has beeu avoided omly by consuiuxuate
2XL" SoaAKTOJf, September 9, l:W.m.
Ninety bodies have been found.eighty-
twouf which have beeu drawn to mo
surface. A doctor was called lorto at-
..nA tU.. ....... ii In. avnlniwl Till limit-
IT71HJ W IV 111 1 II, 11W 1 ' ,
but Bone present volunteered, atiu
Dr. tbtcard. of l'lymouui, came from
Plvmouth to oerlurm the duty of re-
suscitatinir the miners. If no more
foul air is encountered the Ooroutr
JJJJI wiil take testimony on Saturday after
noon. The heaps of coal that was
lertmtne cnute nave oeen iigiiusi,
and are blazing iu a long line, extend
er ing from the railroad up the hill.
tCt Great outbreaks ot grief occur among
the women in the nearest miners
houses. The air In the mine is so bad
that parties can stay but a few mo
ments. Avovpalk, Pa., September 9, 2:20
p.m. Thos. Carson and George Mor
gan, very experienced miners, with
twenty men, have just returned from
the mine and report that they have
explored everv part of the wreckings,
and are satisfied that all the bodies
have been recoveied. Outside parties
say that John Davis of Plymouth, and
James A. Kerr of Avondale, are still
missing. They must lie mistaken, as
118 bodies have been taken out.
Funerals have been going on all day.
Thirtv -seven men were buried at once
fn Hyde Park Cemetery, toixty-ono
corpses in ai.' have been received here.
The others have beeu buried at points
down the valley.
Faaeral Obsequies of Secretary Rawlins
Washington, September 9. The
forneral of Secretary Bawlins took
place at 10 o'clock this morning. The
ceremonies comprised jrayer by Rev.
Mr. Butler, reading of the Scriptures
by Rev. Mr. Brown, and an address
by Rev. Mr. Wilson, which were per
formed in the War Department.
After the ceremonies, a procession
under a military escort, proceeded to
the cemetery, where the remains were
deposited in a private vault. The
cortege was followed by a large con
course of relatives and friends, the
President and all tho Cabinet and
Diplomatic Corps, Mrs. Rawlins and
her father and the two children of the
deceased, Gen. Sherman aud the offi
cers of the army and a large number
of citizens.
Acting Secretary of the Treasury
Richardson has ordered the Custom
House at Portland, and the flags ..u
all the Custom Houses and public
works under the control of this Dt
nartment throughout the country, to
be placed at half ina'i on the 11th
inst., the day on which the obsequies
of Senator i'essend will be solem
nized. BOSTON.
Political-Purchase of Lena Island-Extensive
Coaflanration, Ltc, Ltc.
Boston, September 9. The State
Central Committee of the Labor Re
form party of Massachusetts have
voted to call a political State Conven
tion at Mechcuies' Hall, Worcester,
on the 2sth of September, to nomi
nate a State Labor ticket.
It is reported that the Government
is negotiating for the purchase ot
Long Island, at the head of Boston
harbor, for the purpose of erecting
strong fortifications.
An ex ten jive conflagration In East
Cambridge, this morning, destroyed
the block of woodworking factories
on First and Second streets. The fol
lowing are the losses: F. Gredow-iki,
tlW.OtX), Insured for IWO.OUO; Wood
bury &. Co., $40,000, insured for4,
000; Daniel Harrisou 4 Co., 50,oo0,
insured for 140,000; Monroe v Gill
more, fl2,000, insured lor SlO.ooO;
Bent A Hooper, fcSooO, iully insure 1
The damage by the storm last night
in Boston ami its vicniity will amount
to $1,000,000.
Foarful Stona-Loss of Life and Much
Pbovidknce, R. I . September 9.
The gale last evening, which lasted
from 4 to 6 o'clock, was the most se
vere ever known since irm, when the
city was partially submergtl. The
damage is Immense. Several lives
were Tost in this city. Th- Hartford
Railroad Depot wai demolished. Rose
st Walker's tannery' was partially
blown down The OrientuI Mill was
unroofed, and two of the Hmtive
badly hurt. The Chestnut street
church steeple was blown down, and
MAAItf all tfifj nf li-r fli i; n'h -ii-im in.
jured. and probably one hundred other
buildings unroofed. The fruit
mad shade trees were ail de
stroyed. The Bristol Railroad
ill 1 tui.juhlii f. u..'i-rn) iluru
H1U UUl IKi WWiiiwiw v w - - .- ...
Many vessels are ashore in Narragan
sett and Mt. Hope bays. A small
now nhiimh on nrratr;illett Point
was entirely demolished. The sloop
iteaolutlon went 10 pieces iu rein
ford harbor and two men were lost.
Acterman Rice was killed on his farm
in Warwick. Great damaare is re
ported 'n Bristol, East Greenwich,
River and other places.
New Yokk . September 9. On the
recommendation of Mayor Hall the
Board of Aldermen to-day offered res
olutions of sympathy lor the Avon
dale sufferers, and appointed a com
mittee to receive subscriptions. Th
Gold Board and National Stock Ex
change here appropriated $30t to, and
Mayor Hall is receiving liberal sub
scriptions for the widows and orphans.
The coal operators doing business here
are raising funds for the same purpose.
Spec htl I o Memphis Appeal:
Lexinoto.v, Ky., Soptoml 9.
Buford's Croquette won the race to
daymile heats, best three in five.
Time, 1661, 156j,15tj. B.
Synopsis of the
Third Day's
Keokuk. September 9. In the
Convention to-day a resolution was
adopted petitioning Congress to make
an appropriation lor noiumg me :
World s Fair in the Mississippi al
ley in 1871.
The Committee on the Miadssippi
River p resettled report in regard to
the construction of bridges acrosh the
Ohio river. It is rather lengthy, and
f imposes that any bridge hereafter
milt across the Ohio shall be made
with continuous and unbroken spans,
that the space above high water shall
be forty feet, and the length of the
main channel span full 400 feet.
In regard to bridges across tiio Mis
sissippi, it proposes that those built
south of the Missouri shall have the
main spans 000 leet, and a space above
high water mark of 50 t"et. The re
port was adopted, It dotes with a
resolution reCjiiestlng tho Secretary
of War to construct a Bosird of Army
Engineers tonx the spans on all oth
ers rivers. Tho resolutions pre
sented yesterday, in favor of the re
moval "of the natiouiil capital were
ttiiren up and adopt d.
The Coinunttee on Foreign Com
merce made a long and elaborate re
port through their Chairman, Judge
Burweil, of Louisiaua. CoiiWUding
with resolutions first looking to recip
rocal trade with all natious, and re
4 airing the appointing power to give
to the Mississippi Valley a full share
of the diplomatic appointments; re
questing the cities and towns on tho
Mississippi to extend the municipal
facilities indicated in the report, to
counteract the rivalry of tho cross
routes, aud to regain the foreign and
domestic commerce of this valley;
requestiug aid from the cities and
towns on the Mississippi, to
establish and Immigrant Congress
or depot in New Orleans; requesting
the reduction of the revenue on some
articles of permanent and popular
consumption, and that the Represen
tatives of the Mississippi valley in
troduce a bill for the increase and
equalization of the p-tal steam sys
tem, by giving subsidies to stearjoen
running Dutween New Orleans and
foreign ports,
The Committee to Memorialize
Congress in accordance with the reso
lution, was named rs follows: Vude
ver, of Iowa; Stannard, of Missouri;
Davies, of Ohio; Turner, of Illinois;
Kerr, of Pennsylvania, and Detahar,
of Kansas. The Convention then
adjourned until 2 p.m.
The first business In order after he
Convention reassembled, it was an
nounced, was the report of the Com
mittee on Foreign Commerce, and af
ter a brief debate the report and reso
lutions were adopted.
Col. Grosvenor, from the Immigra
tion Committee, offered ;v. resolution
that an increased supply of skilled and
intelligent labor is jieculiariy neces
sary for the development of there
source of the Mir-.sis-iippi Val
ley, and that this Convention
heartly favors every effort to
encourage tree immigration from
every countrv, which was adopted.
illl. iUICS 11, Ol l. win Ili l
resolution in favor of a reduction of
the duty on salt from '21 percent, to 15
per cent. fll valorem, winch was laul
on the table, as was also a substitute
offered by Col. Grosvenor in favor ofa
revision of our tariff system, the Con
vention regarding tliem a I r - to
the objects for which it assembled.
After u resolution ot tliautts to the
citizens of Keokuk and the usual ones
to the officers of the Convention the
body adjourned uiidie.
First Day's Proceedings of the National
Union Republican Convention.
Jackson, Septombor 9. The Na
tional Union Republican I'onventiou
assembled yesterday at noon. It is
the largest meeting of the kind ever
held in this Stale. Three hundred
delegates are present, seventy-five of
whom are colored. Nearly u Use
countlesare represented . Jaoge Seed ,
of Vicksburg, was chosen President,
and the following resolution unani
mously adopted :
First. We rearllrm the principles in
the Constitution of June
Second. That in addition thereto we
announce ourselves in favor of ii lib
eral system of free schools, and' uf
such an equitable distribution of the
public school fund as may tpcurc the
largest degree of good feeling among
all elasses of our citizens.
Third. We cordially Invite emigra
tion, capitalists and manufacturers
into our State, and pledge ourselves to
such legislation as shall most effectu
ally aid and foster all industrial pur
suits of our State and thoroughly de
velop all its resources.
Judge Lewis Dent was unanimously
elected for Governor, Julge JelTenls
for Lieutenant Governor, J. L. Waf
ford for Congress from First District,
Judge William Kellogg from Third
District, and Judge Jas. W. Fields
from the Fourth District.
The Convention thou adjourned till
0 a.m. to-day.
Boston, fVptemlier 9 y :30 p.m. A
fainul storm of wind and nun burst
upon thi- city and vicinity lute this
alien on. froatratingtelegrHi))i wires,
chimneys, aud causing other damage.
The steeple of Hanover street church
was blown off; the roof of Gdli-scum
was blown off and rsnttered, uud sev
eral unfinished buildings were leveled.
No loss of life reported yet.
W0K6ESTKB, September 9. Se veral
iiieu rejiorted as Ja iug her . to em
bark on a TOBsel. at Providence for
Cuba. They received SF-ViO enili. .
San Fkani'Iso, September 9.
K(opmnnschaap left here yesterday
for a tour of the Southern States, with
the object of arranging for the Chinese
immigration to the cotton plantations
via this port.
The Commissioners of the Pacific
railroad met to-day at Sacramento
city. Gen. Wallbridge was elected
Gen. Canby's Proclamation, eto.
Bichmono, September 8. The
proclamation ot Gen. Canbv will
bring the Legislature together Octo
ber 15th. Gov. Walker will be In
stalled as Provisional Governor,
within the next two weeks, ut which
time Gov. Wells' resignation, now iu
the hands of Gen. Canity, will be ac
cepted. The Legislature itself will
decide whether It shall elect perma
nent or temporary officers.
The stockholders of the Richmond
and York River Railroad resolved to
day to extend their road four miles to
Chesapeake Bay, thus shortening by
seven hours the route between Rich
nond. Baltimore a id Philadelphia.
Richmond. September 9. Gen
Can by this morning issued his procla
mntion reo-ardinc the late election
Albert C. Walker will be installed as
Provisional Governor on the 21st, and
John V. Lewis Lieutenant Governor
on the rth of October. The Leg
islature will be called together
on that daw The adoption of the
exnunrated Constitution is amended
The following Wells Congressmen are
proclaimed elected: Ayer, Piatt, Por
tT:snd the following Walker Con
pressmen: Seager (at largo), Booker,
Rridsrewav. MeKIenzie, Melver and
O jonanUCri
LonsvriXE, September 9. The
Citv Council to-niirht instructed the
Mayor to vote lor the following gentle
men for the Directory of the ljouis-
villeand Nashville Railroad: H. D.
Newcomb, R. A. Robinson, W. B
Caldwell. Geo. W. Norton, W. H.
Smith. J. O. Baxter, of Louisville,
and .Mr. Whitworth, of Nashville.
Nrw YmiK, Bsptembat Coiton fc
Iowor: sales 1S00 ij:iles uiUnds st 34c.
Klnnr t:, crSti 10. :Vheat $1 45il ii.
C rn, sound mixed ?1 171 20. Rics and
coffse steady and linn. Cuba sugar UH
Uc. Molasses nominal.
Drv Goods. Market is very active and
prices pteadv and firm, if we except, how
ever. Hill's vard wide muslins, which
iiavo been changed by a trading jobbing
house from Is to 17X. fciu.tfaae s go
from 13 to 13c.
Money. The market was very active at
times to-day, and the rates for call was
sharp at 7 pur ceut. iu i?old,but towarda 8
n. in. it was more accessible to flrst-obiss
borrowers at 7 per cent, currency. Dis
counts nominal. Stcrliuit firmer and In
good demand at SfjjSc. Oold is irregu
lar and unsettled, opcninsr at i.sj, an
vancinK to 130, decllnliiif to 134? and
closing at lSSi. Carryinz rates :ifc7 per
cent. Clearances 8 -Tt.OiiO.fOJ. Uovorn-
ments closed tlrmr. State bonds dull;
old Tennehsees 61 ; new BBK.
New Orlkans, .Septeuibjr 9. Cotton,
supplv verv lii?nt; sales Vi& bales; mid
dlings 31i'(i31ic; receipts 141 tabs.
Flour superfine (v.; XX tfi 30; XXX
& :(.r. Corn, mixed 1 0.". Hav, prime
&r7(ni2s. Lard SClKtoilc. All the above
are firm and In light supply. Pork Stj 50.
Bacon shoulders HPc; sides 191-yl9.i'.
Siizar scarce at HK'o.ll'ic. Molasses and
entree unchanged. Whiskv dull at 1
Gold 133!. Storlins 145. New York
sight )t'mH discount.
Cincixxati, September 9. Family
flour K'tj,n 2s. uomyeevi. o.ns 54(196.
Whisky held at fl oo. I'ork $S2 50.
Lard 19S'c. Bacon shoulders l Kc: sidea
18 Wheat, red $1 Ji'S.l 2.: vhit81 3U
en 10. KveS.t?l. Butter :t5,3e. Eggs
St. Lons Scptcinl)i'r i. Superfine
flour .Vets 85. Wheat. Xo. 1'sprinir (feS
Corn 901950. Oats 50'a,"4c. Bye 85
ST.'c. Whisky 51 OP. Pork TO 75. Bulk
shoulders 13"4c. Bacon shoulders 15?ic.
aides 18;r19c. I.ard 19c.
Chicago. September 9. Flour, spring
extra, 84 605 . Wheat tl 2S. Corn
sm'c. Oats 43iftt4c. Kvo He. Barle
?1 33. HighwinesEL J'3i o7. Fork
?S3. I.ard lHfislHSe. Bulk slionl-lere 13'
Louisville, September P. Superfine
flour 5(&5 25. Groceries quiet and un
changed. Tobacco, sales 107 hhds at
5 30&20. Pork docllnc.1 $S2 35Qj,32 50.
Whisky $1 06. Bacon unaltere!.
What She Can Effect by Husbanding
Her Resources.
Whai she Might be by a Proper use
of these Resources.
Editor ApjKah TheSouthern States
produce a Htiiple which claims the at
tention of the world. The money to
move it tx8 the banking- houses of
Wall street to their utmost capacity
for movable currency. Northern cities
are so sensible of its commercial value
that they send agents into every towo
t i -.s ure the trade for th.'ir own ben
efit. They know that every order is
hacked by a product which is as avail
able as gold itoelf. A policy is being
inaugurated which transfers all the
profits of trade to other sections than
those in which the country is dinx-tly
interested. The South has capital
sufficient In her products to secure at
home all those romnierriul advantages
which she tan secure abroad by form
ing stock company factories and ma
chine shops. She has now no other
objects iu which she can so profitably
Invest the surplus capital which is
constantly Increasing lo a wonderful
extent. Has xhe forgotten that the
real estate of the country is doubly
I'nhaneed In value by tire growth of
villager and cities which such a course
oi capital would secure; that railroads
und ail other publk improvements
are directly the result of keeping the
capital at home? Every do.lar that
goea to the trade of Northern cities
enhances the value of the real estate
of those cities and the country around
them to the deterioration of our own
lands and every Interest here, which
such trade there sustains. Schools,
churches, public improvements of all
kinds are us valuable to us as to those
who depend upou our trade to secure
them. Now the South has only to
husbaud her resources and protect her
self by her jiollcy to become a com
mercial empire, having within herself
all that can make her the moat desir
able portion of the trlobe. Does she
want enterprising producers, manufacturer-,
and men to develop her vast
and valuable resources, she has hot to
send agents to the North and to other
parts as freely as the North sends them
here for onr trade, aud a aalect emigra
tion would flow to us, which would
benefit us and lie greatly benefited
themselves. The dimctilty of secur
ing the material elements of prosper
ity here, Is merely Imaginary. Keao
liitions iiasaed by the people of every
village, town aud city, giving encour
agement and protection to all those
who will come and identify theru
,uh !.l general interests of the
country against lawk ilesperadoes
who are the outgrowths of war and
di-sipatlon, (aud why should in every
community be held in check by the
express voice of the people), would
bring thousands who aro kept away
by the sensational dlstartianeea of
politicians for their own personal ends.
Then there could be no pretexts for
State mllltla or military Interference
in any section, and the hardy yeo
manry of all lands would try to our
waste places and bring them at once
into cultivation, and villages would
spring up around every factory and
machine shop that such encourage
ment would establish, and thepopula
tlon would doubly increase. The sur
plus capital which must seek an in
vestment can tlnd no more profitable
arrangement than in mining and de
veloping corporations aud stock-man-iifie
turing companies at home, where
every shareholder will have a direct
interest in the prosperity which it
would Insure here, as it does to those
sections where our products go, to give
tliem facilities of trade which oujrht
to exist here, as a result. If these
corporations buy the cotton and man
ufacture it here, It will bring the facil
ities of St. Louis, Cincinnati, Loui--ville
and New York even, at our own
doors, to enhance tho value of all
kinds of real estate. The capitalists
and business men of those cities would
be compelled to come here, and thus
build up this country, when we
would not go there to build up theirs
by our trade and capital invested in
their cities, stocks or manufactures,
for cotton is still king in the money
it controls. If tho capital of the
$300,000,1)00 cotton crop was held here
to be manufactured, it would draw all
the facilities "and cheapness of the
world around it. Manchester and
New England factories would be des
olated, their machinery transported
at once, and many from all the man
ufactures of the world would be set
tling down in our midst to increase
the value of real estate perhaps an
Hundred fold by the dense population
which such a course would secure.
We shall become the most abject of
any people if, by the contrary policy,
we allow ourselves to be the commer
cial allies of any section when we have
the capital, power and opportunity of
oiaking ourselves Independent of any.
tir ihB climate aud fertility of the
soil Will allow of the most aense pop
ulation of any part of the globe, and
the most material profit to all exnr-
tions, either in agncuiuuv, u...n..-
...rnun capital hero, wo would add
toil the capital that its manufactures
would doubly secure, "
if other sections, uitu iuKuv
would make the South In a short time
the richest portion of the globe, and
her cities and state of civilization
would eclipse an supim! ,
wealth wouiu nocome pmwn
"."u ;.nmll,v more suicidal
mere tuu-u . - . . -
toe Dresumptiou mat ne woum w mn-,
efited by such a course, especially
thissiutnilar when his home merchant
f ..i'T . ricnilcate hla bills at the
same prices, W nn, iuueiw '-
tfencral home demand, buys as largely
and as cheaply as any. ...e
in the price of real estate would be
more than equal to all the profits
which homo business would secure, so
It is doubly more to the Interest of the
planter than the home merchant that
home trade and Industry and produet-
veness shouiit ne eucwwwu.
the planter has not stuuieo n mo
bearings of this subject, and may con
tinue to work against his own inter
est unless this subject is agitated, and
home merchants go directly to them
to assure them that they can sell them
goods at as low prices as any enrnpet
itots asrain-t the interest ol Southern
industry. No inimical spirit should
be Indulged in ny tne m. mui,
ajrainst, those who have thus blindly
ir i ii.nthi.ni trade, trt trive the
Atiti nf their toil to others, but a de-.
P. . . . i i h ,.i,ii. ut oncA to
CKieti enori M'miii ' -
deinonstrato betore iiiem me i
they can not only sell goods as cheap
as Northern traders, tint externa tue
great value of establishing Houtheru
channels of business, so that the de
;ki ends of emleratlon, profitable
labor, manufactures, general de elop-,
ment and home Industry ma oese-
cured. Hence, wery wuuiwaw
should, by its agent, be representfxl in
every town in tne South, fbr no grat
rood can be secured except by the
I'fiin jinai on oi rmut,
friendlv relations and thrift, which is
equally beneticial to aU.sTii i M vx
The Necessity far a Workhouse and j
an urpnans nome.
Mitors Appeal: Allow me to offer
a few words in favor of this much la
mented part of our population. v no
is to blame and responsible for them T
Are we blameless? are questions that
every honest man should ask himself.
1 take it that we are all involved; that
noiie of us can look our children in
the face and say our skirts are clear.
I put the question home to every one:
What have you done to help those
ittle fellows to make an honeat livingr
How much time or iiinueuce have
you given to get one oi laese unior
tunato ones into a situation of honest
mokmnent? ilow many of you
have ever tried to get a place for the
fatherless and motherless boy to learn
some good trade or honest profession?
How many of us have ever proffered
to tajce one of tliese little ones to our
hoiiusanu euiKilie nun to useiuiness.-
WiH vou answer this question to your
. . i . i . . i
own hearts ana ieei you ure oimue
les? Aye, sirs, how many of us havo
ever spent one half an hour in count
, .... i -av .. . . e . i .
seling ami aavismg wuu uue oi mo-e
little fellows whose loving mother and
father sleep that sleep that knows no
waking. Thev have gone from earth
and left little Benny and James and
Susan to the charities of a cold and
cheerless world, destitute unci friend
leas. True, they gavo them all they
hail a mother's blessing a precious
gift, it is true; but it neither feeds,
nor ciotnes, nor iuruisiics nome, iuu
the little ones are thrown ou their
own resources. one to aavise, none
to aid, no kindly advice, no helping
hand, a lew days or weens at
Jhe Httle pittanre left is eked out and j
the little ones are turned out of .the 1
miserable shanty that they have called
home, to wander they know not where.
They approach you for a trifle to buy
bread. Vou turn them away empty,
not condescending to even ask a ques
tionperhaps saying, at the same
time. " they are mackerela, antl I want
nothing to do with them;" and you
pass on, perhaps never once thinking
that you had erred; or, consoling
yourself by saying, "Ah, well, they
are none of mine; it is none of my
concern; let the city tnxecaro of them
or the county provide for them," and ! never nave iue uwe History ui
you pase on," and the little ones pass Radical reconstruction from uuy other
out ofyour mbid until you meet ran-: an faithfully and a accurately
other, and vou perhaps go through ' wecan get it from his hps m a d
the same routine, forgetting that you bate With Sumner, Morton, and such
are one of the leading men of this ! like- Let " have Andy in the Sen
rommunity. and a tax payer; and yet rte U means, and as soon as pos
when souie kind hearted individual j sible.
proposes an Orphans' Home, you ob- : The Milan Times says: " The
jeot, by saying, " Oh, we are taxed to
aeatn aireaay, ana we cannot enaure or tne KaiiK ot Tennessee are re
this additional expense;" nor will you deemed, the Confederate debt wflr
aulMcribe out uf your abundance to have to be Da id. This is a poor
furnish a place a home for those
lonely little wanderers, May, more;
there are some men of huve property
and wealth who are opposed to paying
a school tax. For shame I No, gen
tlemen, allow me to talk plain about
this matter. It is a blot upon our
goodly city: It is a burning shame on
the great county of Shelby, that there
... .... V.ti-li wi-a" Unnwi w f Wnrtoriii1 .
is no widows- iii H ii", no urpnans
Home, where boys and girls
could be gathered and taught use
ful occupations, earning their own liv
ing, and in so doing inspiring their
bosoms with an honest pride. I take
it that nine out of every ten of our
white mackerels would be most happy
to be permitted to earn an honeat liv
ing and at the same time qualify
themselves for useful members of so
ciety. I know it will be objected to
by some, who will ay, u Oh, they are
too tar gone; mere s no reuempiion
Auw, to my mum tuai is simply non-
sense. Ii is an undername met inai
whenever you can Inspire seH-respect,
you elevate the Individual, ir you
iiope to win, never first insult tho
manhood. In our country, all want
to be self-reliant; and If you would
save your city anu oiaie iroui ruiu
provide a place or plaoes where the
children of the State can enter an in
stituaon and liarn his or her own liv
ing, and learn a trade at tho same
tlin9. This can bo done. A farm
schjol and workshops can be all com
bined, where practical farming, prac
tical mecnanics anu practical educa
tion can all bo successfully taught,
and whfreyour little wanderers can
find homes, protection and education;
aud after the first outlay to organize,
the receipts will be more than the ex
penditures per annum. At outlay of
$60,000 will relievo She Iby county ol
nor mackerels, and change five hun
dred poor, pennyless wanderers, who
would become vagabonds, into useful
members of society, an honor to the
State and a blessing to the world.
Will not some ono who is qualified to
take hold of this matter; aud if the
county and the city is too poor, 1 know
that there are private means enouirn
that will be cheerfully given to aid
this work. I know that every honest
man in our county regrets the exist
ence of this class of population, and 1
do not believe it would require one
week to raise a fund amply sufficient
to buy the land and put up the neces
sary houses and shops to make it a
success. Let some practical plan be
adopted and some fit person selected
to tako hold of thU matter, and let
the work commence at onco, and I
feel as certain as I do that I exist, you
can in six months relieve your city
and county of the stigma that now
attaches, to It; and you, who have a
heart to reel, or lova a mother, sister
or child, will be proud to contribute;
not only so, but will be proud of your
Orphans' Home, not asylums. Don't
let It boa charity, but aright. Olve
to the Institution a self-sustaining, a
se";umni principle, anu iinin-i w u
ana prospor. fco much tor tno macK-
Wm. Fajuus.
Our Railroads to Have Full Justice
from the Government.
We learn from the Banner of
Wednesday that the rial purpose of
Gov. Senter's visit to Washington
was to save our railroads from seizure
by the United States authorities. As
we are informed, the Governor sub
mitted three propositions, to the Pres
ident, any one of which would prove
satisfactory to the railroad companies
against which tho Government is now
urging its claims, viz: That Congress
should select two Corn rnissioners, who,
with an equal number, named by the
companies, should arbitrate as to the
conflicting interests, or that the Com
missioners should be selected by the
President himself, or that the ques
tions involved should he referral to
the Federal Courts for adjudication.
last named proposition ap
peared to be preferred by the Presi
dent. At any rote he assured G"V.
sjenterthftt there would he no military
Interference, but that the eumplica
tion should be sou led iu accordance
with the laws and usage applying to
uch cases, with a view to lull justice
M meUd oat tQ concerned
... . . f . .
retary lUwlins and Assistant Attor
ney-general Field, with both of whom
the Governor conferred on the subject.
They also took occasion to remark
that thepoiutsat issue had never been
fully comprehended at Washington
until Gov. Senter's visit, the impres
sion being that the resistance by the
railroad companies to the demands of
the War Department arose from a de
termination on their part to evade
meeting their engagements, and that
the State had no interest therein,
Mr. Singleton, of Rutherford, cut
19,310 pounds of millet nearly ten
tons off three acres of ground this
season, worth $2u0. Fat soil that
Rutherford dirt.
The Milan 2k pay: "Tho
Radicals in this State are apprehen
sive that the next legislature will
" turn the tables " and punish them
as they have the rebels. They need
have no tears. Spiteful legislation is
unworthy of the age and times."
The schools throughout tho State
are being organized as fast as possible.
In the counties heard from there are
185,000 scholars enrolled, with twenty
one counties to hear from, which it'is
estimated will swell the number to
The Murfree-iboro Monitor describes
its town as follows: " A city of flvo
thousand inhabitants, eleven pike
roads, nine churches and four colleges,
surrounded by as fine farming lands
as ever the sun shone upou. . It isn't
fiuished. Good farmers and mechan
ics will find a hearty welcome here."
Tho marble recently discovered in
immense quantities on "Little Hur
ricane" creek, near Tullahorati, is de
scribed as "somewhat resemblng the
East Tennessee marble, with the ex
ception that the figures, lines, or
grains, or whatever you choose to call
them, are finer and more closely ioined
than any other Tennessee marble that
I have ever seen. Its color La gray,
mixed with small rod particles in some
of the specimens, while others have a
v tho red
J t,
bluish appearance, iheso ditterent
ones, are
said to be reflections from the frag
ments of shells contained in the
The Cincinnati Enqalrer says:
" We are glad to see that the Demo
cratic press of the country manifests a
desire lor the election of A. J. to the
! Unttext States Senate from Tennessee.
' A. J., during his administration, did
I a great many things of which l tuo
crats cannot approve; but we want
' him In the Senate for what he irtK do,
1 and not for what he has done. We
Memphis Post urges that if the notes
dodge and unworthy of a .horn-book
politician. The Confederate States of
America has no existence, and its lia
bilities died with it. Everyone who
has wit enough to enjoy good health
eekno w ledges Hi is. The State of Ten
nessee has an existence and Ls liable
for her debts. The notes of the Bank
of Tennessee are In the hands of her
Ai'trttuna sand It mot taM s, .r if f hrw
citlrens, and it matters not tf they
were issued by a ' rebel Legislature,'
for that Legislature was the servant of
the people, and the State is responsi
ble. These new-fan gled Republicans
will never convince the people that
their new way to pay old debts,' fa
(air and honest."
The Ramie plant is being successful
ly cultivatd in portions of Mississippi,
ft ls said to bo grown with much less
trouble and eipens than gotten, while it
can bo pat to the asm uses. It nourisbeB
ln.iiri.nth- In 1 ha rich bottom UlUl Of
the cotton regions, rcxuirliiui care ami
kuii Im muldv nrotuuiHl for DtSCXSt, 1V
means of machinery already perfected.
As to Its taking the place of cotton ln tho
looms no doubt is expreasod; ou the con
trary enthusiastic writers, who nave ob
served the growth and manufacture of
Ramie, boldlv prophecy that it will en
tirely supersede cotton, as soon as Us
u,usiltls oowa k V gnerily known
MILLER FUAME-On the th Strinber
i WW, at at. LazArut Churon, by the ruv. Dr.
Wheat, Mr. John II. i to lilk Ha MI
Vtut.HK. NuurOa.
LiOK HALE. A Rocond-haud Portable En
a alt e and B.uer. ijf-r! j nn , and ln ,.. ,
pm ruunineorder: cuiwl'y ij-liorw power.
Apply tn
uuiats i;o.,
3SJ Front utrrt.
T'HE utalod communication oraontli
I MerophU Lodge No II. will b held
thla (Friday) evening, 8pt. luth. at
i i'" . I'rr u LjiHiro ,,i rmnizieiia.
All M. M.'iani fraternally lovltd.
By order of A. J. WHEELEIl, W. M.
Hils K. Pull m, Me. selO
tliiy Fall Bcaaiox of tbeli
On Msnday. the 6th f September.
in nitnra no hoya will headmltted. A bill ftir
me me incorporation or thencliool will bo in
troduvd at the next meetlnc of the Leawla
luri-, uen an opportunity of pursuing a col-
iKiir coume win wonvrM ti tho .l.v,rr
stores, or ItH Monroe street.
1869 BOOTS 4 SHOES 1870
The Ol Jrtit Shoo House Ln Memphis),
HoT-y Oompotitlon,
Repeetftilly Invite Dealera and Planter to
call and examlnn oar new "took beforo par
euaniog. jos. g. LEVETT A CO..
888 Male, corner Union H reet.
OlO rflOTO HTREET. Mra. M. P. Sorrn
- 1 w:.ain and Mu. Fabric P. Mfinyy
I'rtnotPe!. ill upen K'ui.MaDAr.KirrU'
HRK1.1W9. Por elrenlnra Inquire at the book
anu uinsif atore.s. or at the InaUtuta. ao10
ITIE aTocKHoi.r,sji or thk Mixphh kst
St. Loci Tjlxhporttion roaPAKT ars
horeby notified thai the seooud instalment
or twenty flye per cent, npon the capital
stock or said company has this day been de
clared due, and payable at the once of the
Secretary and Treasurer, S7s Front street, on
or before Uie ut Ctctber.
By order bf itic Board of Directors.
sea H.-cretary and Treasurer.
Lumber, Laths and Shingles.
IHAVK now on hand, and am constantlv
!. a rull stoek of Bulldmx Lumber,
or all dUncufion; SHU, JoLsts, StudilluK
Poets, Boards of all lens-tha, aud elesr Lum
ber; alio, a laixe stock of
Particular n.iotlon given lo the shipment
nf Lumber, orders 'anlfrtted.
.Mills and Lumber Kord on Wolf Hirer,
north of Baj ou ( l:iyoso.
se6 Uw Q. M. VEX ABLE.
. Ii. SHOOK.
Grocers, Cotton Factors
Plantation Suppiies,Boat &Bar Stores
No. 276 Front Street,
Between Court snd Madison,
Memphis and Little Rock R. R.
Now Arrangomeut.
Through to Little Rock in 24 Hours.
Passengers Oan Rely on (Aw Mvntr or
ty d Vx;.'. j .
Carrying the United States Mails.
(ff AND
rill leave Memphis at 3 o'clock
p.m. dai;v I
Including Sundays), and arrive at
next day a! u oYlorsi n.m.
Little Rock next day at :
v. onae.-tlna at Little Hock with I'hlrtester.
Kearte A Co.'s stiute line for Hot Springs.
Itoekport, Arkadelpbla, Waalilotcion, Tulip,
Princeton, Camden, Iau1st1I1 and Kldonsde
also, with Major J. D. Adams' packet line of
au-amera for Fort KniltU.
Through ticket.-. 15 tn Little Rock-. Ticket
tor sale at office of company. No. is Madison
street, Memphis and Charleston, and Mem
phis and Louisville V . It. ticket efC.s.
11. 1 1. WILLIAMS,
s9 nenera Agent and ftnperlntendent.
District of West Tennessee, 1
In Bankrnpfev. j
At Mem plils, Trnri..:b day of August, IMS.
The undersigned hereby givre notice of hi
appointment as assignee of Deyereanx Sau
cer, of Memphis, (shelbs-eonnty, and Hiate o
Teunessee, within said District, who has been
adjudicated a bankrupt upon his own peti
tion, by the District Court of said District.
au O. WOOLDKIIXiK. Assignee.
District of West Tennessee, )
In Bankruptcy. ,
At Memphis, Tsnn.. jSMk day of August, 1A.
The nnderstgned hereby gires notice of his
ajpeolntment as assignee ot Jueish B. Whit e
or MvuiphU. Bhelby county and Miate or Ten
nessee, within said District, who has been
adjudicated a Bankrupt upon his own peti
tion, by the District Conrt of said District.
augJB a WujLDRIDUE. Asslames.
DUtrlet of Wept Tenni
iu Bankruptcy. i.nwuUUM
At Memphis, Tenn., 36th day of August,
The undersigned hereby gives not lee of sis
appointment as assignee or i.ouu h. r atn-
erstou, oi Shelby c uuty. snd mate of Ten.
PC sue. within said District, who iisa been ad
ladletited abaakrapt upou his own petition,
li hm said Di
lie I'lstrict Court of said District
huJ6 U. WOULDiUDUK, Aaslgi ice.
- - J giWSSSISsssaassssssjsssssssssssaiaisasasa
, u
Mkstpais, Tin., September 1, 1SS.
T Uts oneoliiH at snots CvBunereial
the Proprtetssr of the frank. la 4e
Printing House takes the occasion to con
gratulate the M -hauts and Rualnesa Hen of
Mempkls upon the Improved condition ef
the country, and the favorable prospects for
business the ensuing seaseu.
Darin the summer, many additions have
been made to the Franklin Printing Eonse.
ln the way of new and Improved labor-saving
Materials, New Scripts, Circular, bill
Head and Card Type, Beautlml Cnts, Engrav
ings and Designs, representing all kinds of
Business, Trades and Professions, Ulamirtatecl
Borders, Vignettes, etc., etc., making the oOlce
complete In every particular.
The all en turn of the Business Public la
called to the perfect machinery employed,
and the extraordinary tacllltlea lor e v. rutins
every description of Fims MXBCa.sfiiE
The Proprietor has been practically en
gaged ln the Printing Business ln Mempbu
for nearly twenty years, and It will be bis
constant endeavor, by strict personal atten
tion to all orders, antl by giving, in every In
stance, oooo stock, nsi won. and low,
vsiroKx NUcks, to merit the confidence and
patronage of the Business Community.
RaspeeUnUy, sY C. TOOF
Ory Goods, Notions, Clothing. Boots,
Shoes, Hats. Caps. Cutlery,
Toys, etc., etc.
selO Corner Second and Adam Streets.
Corner Second and Adams Sts.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
Hats, Caps, Glassware,
Cutfery, Etc,
Every Tuesday & Thursday Morn g,
Liberal Advances
made on
sj k"w For sale an Improved ixtton
ilJInl. farm in MLsalaslnnl. asaaak snirt
read II v for II00O la cold ln !sG4. will be sold,
ir lramedeate application be made, for 'j
In L. S. currency, as the ownsr d I mat
amount of money at once. Address T. E. H.,
.in Beai Mtret. e-
No. 170
Tli li e I Street.
I'HK Academic Year coualsts of two ses--ions
of Ave months; the Urst commca -
ng on the
First M-;dag o Septeuil'rr, the Second
on Me First .'... :' in February.
For Tuition ln the Kntllsh Branches, i !.". 1
$JI. '.. Ssu. aeeordins: to tne sste or the class ;
of the pupil for further information apply
M the superior of LaXalette.
Ledger copy. set
500,000 PATRS
Boots and Shoes
E solicit of Merchants only aa lnspee-
vv tlon of the larsresr iocit in our llue
rrjiireit in the nssatk sssat
We 0SB1 and are determined to offer such 1
Inducements that Memphis shall not be sec
ond to any other market for Root and Shoes. '
ssd a6 Main street. Memphis.
We have Removed to No 338. coraer Front
and Union Street, Up stairs.
i.. to. K. RooTcs, late oi
L". B. Va:c, Panola c
White, Kerr Rootes.
innty, Miss.
Rootes, Vance & Co.,
General Commission and Forwarding
And Agents for the Sale of Guanas,
Xo. 388, corner Front and Union Sts.
l - - Memphis, Tenn.
SS- r.h.liiin.htl nf t '. X 1 1 ill lnvislons. i
- w , , , . '
etc. solicited, and all orders promptly ailed, j
sva- llsvlua oor own W arehouse, we sample i
and welnh ail ( oltou conslned tn m. se4 dw
Cotton Faotor
'e. 26T Front Street, Memphia, Tenn.
eS-Lii eral cask adraosees made oa con-
ig-nments. ' s7
No. 7 Monroe St., Xemphb.
T. H. & J. M. ALLEN & CO ,
Csttllhed IB SUr,
No. 192 Common Street,
Cotton and Tobacco Factors,
Xo. 2C4 Kroot Street,
238 1-2 Front and 6 Jefferson 9ts..
AfE ass just ln receipt of s large snd well I
V selected stock nf FRKSH QR1
i . ... ...w . t niL'un riD,. rotvs
consisting ot all ar-Jcles usuiaLTy kepi Iu our :
Hue, wnicn we oner i-r sale upou ine usuai
terms. We luvtte thti afeetrtioh of lairoM
Crieudt and custouvers.
mm- store all Cotton shloued to u In our
own shell, which Is need exclusively for thst
purpose. Special attention b given to the
sate of Cotton. atur3Bdw
j m :- 8, day.
n i u o nnnnnriT
um t ql rnu u urn.
Cotton Factors,
ssfT ,.,, I
i. A. Shane, Dr. A. Harris, A. 8. Harris
General Commission Merchants
Front Street, Memphis.
mar W am fine osuweives strictly to Us
seUing of Produce, and hazard nothing by
tpeculaUott. se
Cotton Factors
268 Front St, Memphis
first hand. st lowest Usurers, and sblooed at
Sieve, purchased irom
CQBaj-at freights ever known In Memphis,
wo are .Wcrmlnod to offer uch lasissmenu
to tn- nrercbants of the surronaelrns; country
as wU) iu future make it s-lainly o their in
terest to trade ln Mvmphla, and with ui. In
order that there rasy no tssSJSsssSswUssV
nn on ihia point, we say plainly that si
: will o.s svxa u.m m) sintsaStrAL
ity or U'i-, orrucin kt oasai oansx
I- jC.'s. t.-an- .. r-stion added.
We have store and to arrive :
j 400 pieces aad kxlt places Ky. Bavl ;
1300 buadles troe Tin, best Bakes ;
50 casks Clear Baow SMn:
20 casks SbowfaSers;
63 hw. Isalsitsi Safer ;
100 bole. Hard Seoare ;
J5tes.SC. Haass ;
300 keg Leaf Lard ;
400 eases Catty Lars ;
25 tierces Lard;
250 sacks Fair to Choice Coffee :
50 pockets Java Coffee ;
200 cases I aad 2 pott ad Oysters ;
200 kega Nails:
100 boxes Candles :
H)0 half boxes Candle ;
100 one-quarter boxes ftwdfc -100
bore Peart Starch
100 baaea Y. E. aad B. E Soap ;
600 bag assorted Soot ;
200 barrel Supertiae Flour ;
250 barrel XX aad XXX Flour .
75 barrel Fancy Brands Flour ;
50 barre's 1 Goldee. Flake" Flaar---ear
awn brand, and the best Flour ia
200 barrels K. 0. M! ;
100 barrels aad half barrets Whisky :
75 barrels Boarboo aad Rye :
100 caddies Bright 1-4 Tobacco j
25 boxes Tobacco :
100 keg cboic Mateaaes ;
75 barrel aad half barrets Notaases :
300 barrel Kanawha Salt. Ete.. Eto. Etc.
An Inspection of our stock aad prlct will
he to the aAvar.taee of ali. cross cash ok
Awuinuiuk ati kss, and we curdssiiy In-
waHMai iws'i" u" a call.
r-orders Dy mall wlU always srsmr wir
mpt attention. .
15 268 Front Street.
Huoceseors to WiLLlAjnon. Haiti'
arV .
i MEUPHli.
HAVE for sale, and keep constantly on
hand, a roll assortment, eoaslesiu in
part as follows:
100 casks B.eon ;
Sou barrels Mesa Pork r
UN barrels Jowls and Humps; .
2o seas Lard:
h lilids. luialana buaax;
SW sacks f'otree;
a pkgs. Molasses hbsls.. bbls..!Jf dt nrs.
IOuO piece Kentucky Bangiu ill fcv
pv. Landeman. attd J I. rtox.
l(o tons celebrated ' Arrow Ties.''
Sou kes alls -assorted stxeo;
5es barrels Klonr ;
North Carolina KAerntaud cross nerrlns
Hk bbls. j.ure. i-oppar-distllled yfhlsk .
Kti liurrels reclined Vi biaky ;
6S barreia Itobinson l'oanf VhLskry.
Ojllag yoar attewtlon Ut the uove.srr r
spectfuiiy request a continuation ot your pa
"peci.uiir mjuwi
tfonaae and in
1,,,, with thi
T,r twf.'.re os to i
nuw, t y strict atiassu.in t.,
- interest of oox natrons
lnerlt it.
auitlH n HILL. KONTWN-l.
Cotton Factors.
266 Front Street, Comer of Court
! hU
II taut
wilt be) ready for
itluri' ou iil .-enl. iuii.T. an, I will
tx.J Me-k of rTantaiion Supplies wisBeet ths
wants el our fi lends, r,.,., i. ij
sW Particular attention paid t(f sai.
1. 1 Hun, which a lilcestcrsslrposresstw ware
Uune. und rumpled ami webjbed.wlih '
tied .Willi
avarssf I
' Cotton ln store wiQ be
ranee unless otherwise n'.ructel: and
shipments by river insoreu nnovr tmr opes
poucv .
r' : hit raiiT
354 Main Street, Magevney Block.
1"Ori,t sail The atsenllosi ef Ssmilles ln
II liw city and country to Usair uirife an.i
choice stock of Groceries anS Provisions, tu'
soods are riming l aimest dasly, ispa a.-
New Flour, at low prices Poetel s.
Clarksvltle City an- SotrthasTt: Star
Choice Hams and Breakfast Bacon,
Fine Sugars and Coffees,
Carolina Rice - Claatce It
Arwsvn a complete atookasea sow pru-- i-
Notice to Cotton Shippers.
THK Sh infers
fur business
Cotton l ompr.-
Will upen
Monday, the 13th last
at the established pries far Use
euty-tlve cents per bale,
an from the Proas, lassa
Tlils includes dra
estrw tie, and
covering saiuule hole. Uur
interest feeing
liieutloii with that ol the ehrwper, every exer-
lion will be used to put
1 h lidit rxYMihte conditlOX
jl antl snip con. .11 in
Ion. Tqthsrt end, and
10 racuiiate me rapiu iimrii"ii
meai of cotton, we will offer you,
sun snip-
meai of cotton, we win uiwi jou, me iii
son opens, tne unites ae m wm imwiNjw.-r-ful
fteam Tyler Presses, the nirpers. Hi
Charleston and the Cfciekasaw Re bost tn
the country, with which will, be pnaueotevl
men of known experience- andlntegrtty
Sunt am phis Cotton Prssa I sanitation.

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