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"VOL. 30 -NO. 4
Assassination of the
Family, near Paris.
Confession of Traupmann. the Mur
derer. All Iaris, indeed all France, is just
now excited over the murdtr of a
whole family named Kinck. There
wa the father, mother (enriente), and
live, children, one of these almost a
grown young man. At first it was
supposed that the lather and this son
had perpetmtcd the murder, but sub
sequent search revealed the father's
remains, and later that of the son,
both of whom had fallen victims to a
most diabolical plot by one Traup
mann, whereby he designed and did
possess himself of the available means
of the Kinck family. The wretched
assassin has Iieen arre. led. How and
what way, we will let the Paris cor
rvpOQdent of the- New York M'oWri
A few nijrht.s ainre a stranger was
seated quietiy at a small tavern in
Havre. There were several other
persons present, and no one would
have imagined that to the history of
any of them there belonged aught of
unusual interest, incidentally a po
liceman, on the lookout for deserters
from the merchant ships in the Lartmr,
made his appearance, askingthe usual
questions of the guests, and raajsaataag
(bom to give their names and exhibit
their ipers. The stranger was evi
dently disconcerted ; he was a travel
ler: he nad no passport; a (msspjrt
was not necessary to enable one to
travel. Ilis entin' demeanor was o
Kuspieiou.- that thepoliivmau, on mere
ground of gmeral e.jediency, r
quested him to come along to the
nearest jioliee uflice and there explain
bis position. The stranger made no
opposition, and the two went of!
peacefully together. But the officer,
perhaps willing toamuse himself with
the fears of the other, whiied away
the time with such little pleasantries
as auggerted a possible complicity of
hb comrade's in the Pant in assassina
tion, that the latter suddenly took to
his iii-a, and dashing uihii a quay,
ended Ui dight by leaping into the
water. All tliu -oul ot the polioeniau
wa now aroused. He saw before him
a real, an unprecedented criminal.
An exert in swimming plunged after
the drowning man, and a terrible con
llict ensued in the water. The pur
sued seemed determined not only to
destroy himself, but to drag down with
him his would-bo tireserver; nor was
it until lue was nearly extinct in the
breast of each that both were finally
brought to dtore. It was some time
before sensible animation could be
restored totthesetwo; but in the mean
time the officer had made some start
ling discoveries. On the person of
the stranger he lounO the title deeds
and other valuable papers of the Kinck
htmilv. as well as other articles that
have been proved to have belonged to
them notably ,t wo watches. Of course
that man was at once secured, and in
due aattsan, being subjected to the
i-ustuaMMry interrogatories, he made
bis ti-.t i.. i.:
His name, he sai'i. w t- Je:m-Iiap-tlate
Traupuiunn. lie was a friend to
Kinck, the lather, with whom he had
planned to emigrate to Amerini.
Before leaving France, however,
Kinck prut .1 an intent to avenge
on the per-ou of hi- vi:e ertain infi
deUUe that be alleged she had been
guilty of towards him, and it was in
pursuance of this design, and at
Kindt's request 1 who never htuwlf
dwrdl at the hotel), th-tt Trauptnana,
personating his iriend, stoped ;i
above at the Railroad Hotel at Paris,
and carried on the corresjondenee
with Houhaix. W hen the family ar
rived there be came to seek them, and
to X them to join the husband and
the eldest son at Fa.itiii. He allwes
that he did not know Madame Kinck
was to have been murdered, and that
he was iu-tructed to briiu; her only to
Ail' r- i ii
U) In
the scene, lea ving the children behind
brought up later. Hut the hour
lie. the sua JiMtelv, atitl when
the uoie came fir them to leave the
carriage and walk to the r.-ieb A ou-,
the jraawtgor children made such an
iMilrn about being left without their
muaer thai he ti.o)c them with her.
tiieir Hpi-araiiee Kinck, th-tr
ather, di-plved both nige and fear.
" You nave betrayed iuc," he cried to
Traupmunii, at h- K.u.e time stab
bing due child' and almo-t as soon
(tabbing the m-ber. The latter
made a desperate isiJtance, and hsd
di-.trmed her iuiband and. in turn,
stabbed htm in the arui. when Trniip
mann came to his aid. i i-; jnj-: away
tste knife which the wife hail pluckttj
from her husband's grasp, and holding
her while she w as receiving her last
wounds. Meanwhile, the eldest son
had abuighiered the other child,
and, on Traupmann 's refusal to share
in (he beguilemeut to their doom of
the remaining children, went afW
and lad them himself t. the horrible
spot, where they, also, were instantly
despatched by the father rind the
brother. Then the 1 ..... - w ere cast
into their bloody grave, and the party
repared lor fltgnt. For they soon
earned that the deed had been discov
ered, and that the secret, which they
bad thought would have remained
intaetfbr months tu come, it not for
mer, was then ringing thrWgh eve y
Mtreet of Paris. They agreed to rt
rompaay, but to meet again at Havre,
wheuee they should sail for Arneriea;
and the Kinck papers found onTraup
ruana's pmnn were entrusted to him
tor safety's sake by the younger
Kinck. And this is the sutstance of
this raanarkahie oonfewion.
Jts author lias, with great trouble,
been brought to Paris, confronted at
tie- Morgue w it!, his victims, whom
he identified with the utmost sang
froid,) and is now heroin mil. If the
thousands of people vs ho have vainly
sought at every place where the police
have had occasion to take him, could
ever lav lutnd on him.be would be
b,in itijo ribbons. A..' for his story,
it is not tsdlevad. That is, no one be
lieves tht the two Uintts ijcrp
guilty, nor that they have not been
murdered in the fulfillment of a deep
laid conspiracy in B nidi 1 raupmann
lias been a chief (if not the chief)
actor, aril of whk'h he has not as yet
given the details. The body of a
murder, d man, much resembling the
young Kinck, was disinterred but
yesterday, on u spot hard by tlie grave
of the others. It Ls very much de
composed, but there are many reason
to believe that it is the sou's corpse.
Traupmann has hitherto been very
sullen and reticent, weeping piteously
lor most of the lime and talkln ja,--Jt
his mother. A HtUo longer fioiiiiua
I,, u 1- u ... ; ui.u; nd ,i.e
jentlt; btr c6htlnua! pressure of the
I'rench s stem of bringing prisoners
to routes their guiltiness, will proba
bly produce the desired result ; and
we may hope ere long to know the
truth. If thin last found corpse prove
It 'truth1 to be tiiat of the younger
Kinck, it wlllbeinipos-iblefor Traup
ipanu longer to (.r-i-t in his present
Distinguished Catholic Priest
Who is Threatened with
From the London Telegraph.
Alttooutjb still comparatively young,
Yet Hya'nnthe stand among the
chief pulpit forces of the itorni-h
Church. Joining the order of bare
footed Carmelites, he apeedily won
distinction by hi? "cholarxhip and bis
culture, no less than by hit extraordi
nary power of speech. M an early
age tie pro tn wed to add a bright star
to the galaxy of French pulpit elo
quence. But, from the time of his
2 ret utterances, he was regarded with
suspicious glances by leaaing dignita
ries of Home. He was seen to be
united with .Liberalism. His words
had not that tone of absolute submis
sion to the Holy See which is now
ittveted ty t lnost powerful among
the priests of France, on France, al
most as much as on Ireland, the Ul
tramontane party had laid its grasp.
Much of the power which the Jesuits
have more than once lost In that
fount rv they have won back. Such
dioceses as that of Orleans are ruled
with a rod of iron, in accordance with
the dictates of the Ultramontane
creed ; and the prelates who represent
the oid Liberalism ol France, inspire
in mflo like Bishop Iupanioup much
the same hostility with which the ex
treme High Cfcurch dignitaries of
England regrard their extreme Broad
aet rivals.
tea-. rTi-.,.Awt'ji . tmtrM'or
have been forced to ntht a hard battle
with their Liberal fo.W They have
to contend witn a uan of men to
nature had given extraordinary
uai rtft ana piety it
a j
thodoxy itself to impugn. Such men
ai Lauiiuenai,l,acordairc and Monta- 1
lembert fancied that they could bridge
over tin - chasm between the theologi
cal creed of the fifteenth century aud
the political creed of the nineteenth, i
In the encounter Lamiuefiais was so 1
utterly overthrown by the members of
nis own cnurcn, mat ne cut nose tne
ties which bound him, not only to
Koine, but to revealed religion itself.
Laeordaire died while the struggle
was yet at its hottest; and Moutalem
lert's record has yet to be written.
To the same Itand ol enthusiasts, al
though he occupies a less exalted
place, belongs the present Archbishop
of Paris. Monseigneur Darltoy. An
ardent Liberal as well as an ardent
Catholic, Monseigneur Darboy has
more than once been the object of Pa
pal suspicion, and has been forced to
reaffirm his devotion to the Holy See.
But his chief offense was the admis
sion of Pere Hyaciuthe to the Cathe
dral of Notre I lame. To that historic
church the intellect and the religious
fervor of Paris Hocked when attraettsl
by such eloquence as that of the bare
footed Carmelite. And the eager
crowd was not disappointed. Lettensl
and unlettered, academicians and y
ricm, felt the fascination of the bril
liant preacher. After the great church
had heeu filled in every part, a man
of short stature, and singularly
bright, prepossessing face, would
ascend the pulpit and address
the expectaut multitude. His
oratory was strikingly natural. It was
very much like the lest sieaking of
theVorum transferred to lUf sanctuary
and made holy by the infusion of sa
cred themes. It was the reverse of
ntirlfnlantl ! Ahmtthe, Church tie
Father did not say much; about do
trines he said les.-; and about the cler-
go he said little that was not a relaike.
' m the other hand, he made the aisles
of Xotre Paatlt resound with the
most uncompromising LwaVaUsani in
words of burning eloquence he taught
men that they owed duties to each
other as citizens, and that as fathers
of famili-s they were dowered with
rights which even the Church could
uot take away. The claim of the cler
gy to " direct " the conscience of the
wife, ami to set aside the authority of
the husband, was a pretension w hich
Pere Hyacinths denounced with that
peculiarly cutting, iMt-aus personal,
eloquence which man can wield when
assailing the members of their own
order. He a erted the right of the
husband to Ik- supreme in his own
household, and the duty of the citizen
to obey the laws of his own country.
L'nmoved by the threats of Kome, he
raised up that old banner of French
Liberalism on which was laarilhisj
devotion to the family and to the na
tion. Without directly atssilins; the
priestly pretensions of the L'ltrauion
tane party, he set forth doctrines
which made Uiose pretensions nullaud
void. Hence the men of France
listened to tly? French preacher
with undisguised rapture. A re
ligious creed which did not com
pel them to break of all visi
ble connection with Home, and yet
left them masters in their own house
holds and citizens of their own coun
try, was the very thing for which they
pined. On the other hand, the I (tra
montane party of Paris w ere hiriuus
against the discourses of the Carmelite.
All his eloquent denunciations of tho
vices which are preying on tho life of
France were Kwerless to still the
tierce cry of heresy. The preacher
was assailed with that cry; and at
last, even the courageous Archbishop
of Paris so far bent before the storm
that he put an end to the series ol
Carmelite discourses, and invited the
chief rival of Pere Hyaciuthe to till
the pulpit of Notre Dame. The new
preacher Ren Felix, strove hard to
undo the mischief wrought by his
gifted predecessor. A Jesuit, and
dowered with the graces of his own
most accomplished order, he lent all
the riches of hU rhetoric to yilify
Protestantism, and to preach the duty
of uncompromising submission to
Holy Church, as represented by its
chief bishop. Hut the ehort was m
vain. The echoes of Ilyacinthe's elo
quent still lingered on men's ears.
A 1.. . U..n. ....... , l. mAm ..T mLml
um, uw 0 ci , iit n.M.iiui laiuiie counts
ny won over to the side of Ilis oetMmmmfmaM
UiC cltiet tSpRlury of his order, who
had before encouraged the jrreat
preacher with loving words, in a
bitter to Hyaciuthe tin; Father-! fene
raj of th barelootcd Carmelites
blamed him for doing the very things
which he had previously encouraged
him to perform, and commanded him
to use a lauguago, or to preserve a
sileme, which would not le the loyal
expression of conscience.
An Appeal for the Removal of the
Confederate Dead at
By correspondence and other means,
it has lieen drought to the sjiecial at
tention of the Hollywood Memorial
Association of Richmond, that over
three thousand Confederate soldiers
are buried on and near the hattie-lield
of 1 .ettysburg.
;ivid Wills, Ksip, President of the
National Cemetery Company, says in
a letter toOen. FiUhugh Ijee: "There
has never been any action by the
Board of Man-.igers of the .Soldiers'
National t'emet ry Company here in
refcrence to tie disposition of tho re
mains of the Southern dead lying on
this battle-field, either it there any
action (.vmtemfilutM. The charter of
the Association provides only for the
interment of the remains of those who
fell in defence ol the i'nion.
" There should be something done
with the remains of the Southern sol
diers. There are about not) marked
graves, and these are fast liecoming
obliterated. Their names might ls
preserved, and the remains gathered
together into a cemetery or burying
ground, if any one would take the
matter in hand."
Their trusted chief, Gen. R. E. Lee,
whom they followed, and fighting
tinder whoe leadership they ML ap
prove ttie pian of' ffaiiioving their
fodlf to our own soil.
The Hollywood Memorial Asswia
tionhave the disposition to undertake
this work, but do not posses the
sbijiti' unless generously aided by
iriends throughout the &Quth. They
oflW ample grounds in their Ceme
tery, and also the aid of their Asso
ciation to prosecute tho work, should
it be found practicable to remove the
bodies to Richmond.
To accomplish this puqse, moans
must be raised by the earnest cliorts
"f t!:C stirvlVor of ilie Confederate
army, the mothers, and sisters, and
?Mt.er3. ..ml brothers, and friends of
the slain. Every Hoirtherh State has
representatives at Gettysburg. 'Will
not active men ami women, in every
city, and town, and county, ut onee
volunteer to collect and send coutribu-
tipdsir 1
In this way we may gather those
' Wtio bore Ilie Tag
And fell In the ea
f 0111 Naltou'a irusl,
.... tl..mh li.M. Mfil lilt! ;
UaWier Ilie rorjiafw strevm
U er U,H"iy a Ufioe plan.,
many iiitnu o that IIim hu lone,
r r- ... ma
lUi'itt a naui- anil wliaout a ntnu-.
uatlior 1 li- nouinrrn iaiu.
M KM. U. K. LEE.
Communications and remittancs
may be sent to Mrs. G. W. Randolph,
Riehmond, Va.
aflniitiir 1 11 pMi are respectfully
i..(ii.-st-i to copy this apeai at once,
and urge its claims upon the generous
public' -
According to the view of Mr.
Lecky, in his " History of Morals,"
professionally " unfortunate females "
form a vent, outside of recognized so
ciety, fur the pasai6ns of its members
which otherwise would corrupt the
whole mass. This is what he says :
" Under theae circumstance? .there
has arisen in society a figure which is
certainly the moat mournful, and in
some respects the most awful, upon
which the eye of the moralist can
dwell. That unfortunate l)eing, whose
very name L? a jhame to. speak ; who
eouhterfwts, vafaP cold hearthe
transports of aifoction, and submits
" m tha i.nusivn instrument of
lust; who is scorned and iHdas
the vlleet of her sex, and doo.
the most part, to disease and a. ,T
wretchedness and on early death, ap
pears In every age as the perpetus'
symbol of the degradation and the
sinfulness of man. Herself the su
preme type of vice, she ii ultimately
the moat efficient guardian of virtue.
But for her, unchallenged purity of
countless happy homes would be pol
luted, and not a few who, in the pride
of their untempted chaaUty, think of
her wit,h an indignant shtiddcr, would
have u&r wa the agony of remorse and
of despair. On that one degraded and
ignoble form aie concentrated the
passions that might have filled the
world with scmue. She
while creeds Mid eiviliw
fall, the eternal priestess of
blasted for the anz of th
The Charter of the Town of Milan
Penalty for
the Non-Payment
Impecunkwity of Members Ho Re
Bibles for the Convicts, None for the
Books of Lawyers and Doctors Ex
empt from Seizure.
Lewis' Court
Draws Nigh.
-Its End
$50,000 from the Bondholders to
Defeat Johnson.
Nasiij ii.i.k, Oetolier 10. A large
numlier'of persons have arrived here
to attend the Races and Fair, w hich
commence Monday; and much disap
pointment is felt lccausc Mr. Fillmore
cannot be present at the Fair.
Nashvili.k, Oetols?r 1.1. The busi
ness of the two Houses tc-:lay was
not of a very interesting charac
ter. The. charter of Milan, sujh
posed to lie an Italian city of some
historical note, not far away
Capria, where Hannibal, the
Abraham of blacks in by-gone ages,
bcame enervated by luxurious modes
of life to which the people ad
dictedthe charter of this ancient vil
lage, where the Appkai. litis many
abiding places, was remodeled. Milan
is at last divested of shackles w hich,
I imagine, were imposed to enrich
Radical placemen and adventurers.
That SUite and Federal ideas, facts and
laws, as I hear, might lie compound
ed, not long ago the Radical Legisla
ture made rules of evidence in both
courts uniform. This purposa lias
been defeated. The bills to repeal acts
enforcing the acceptance of test oaths
by candidates for oflices, and abro
gating an act defining tho qualifica
tions of jurors, passed a third reading
in the Senate.
As I anticipated some days ago, in
a snecisl teleirram, a bill was intro
duced to-day to aooli-h increase,! pen
alties for the non-payment of taxes.
The impression prevails iu the Senate
and House, thatil burdens of taxation
were Iftsseped., greater sums would
flow Into the Treasury. This idea
doubtless suggested by the sad
condition to which the State Treasury
was reduced yesterday by Representa
tive Caldwell and another penniless
member from your district. GaldweU
was hard up. The House bail ordensl
the Treasurer to fork over to any dis
tressed member, if ravenously dunned
by his wash-woman, or any other
man. Caldwell was the first victim
of imjiecuniosity, and rushed head
long up Capitol hill and down iiit-;
the Treasurer's vaults. His friend
er..llr,u-uJ anil n it h mi ietv unknown
before, they presented their lie-
the iin!er.swMiigaaajjBaaaa
sovereignty of Tennessee. The
Treasurer blushed. -He eonfessod the
validity of the claims but pleaded
poverty. "I have," he said, " only
eighty dollars, and can pay neither of
you in fuH, anil if you will divide
fairly and nv nothing, you may
empty the treasury of Tennessee."
The terms and money were accepted,
and the State's strong box is as empty
as a balloon, and the more gas in the
halls nbove the le-s gold and ktlfeav
baeks in Hit- cellars betOW. This tnri
dent begat much philosophical inquiry
into measures ofcaxation. Not a few
h.-lieve that ex' essive per centages
beget much popular dishonesty, and
that greater rej juues would arise
from inoilerate tj'Hn burdensome lev
ies. This philW iphy is well illus
trated in Memp, is. Many cannot pay,
and the very we;htof taxation makes
sales of prop'Jty impossible. f
Radicalism haC not been destroyed
the tax laws uof Tennessee would
soon have opcr'ted, as iu Memphis,
as a legal sysh-in of contiscatiou by
wltich the jieopje would have beer)
crushed, roblied and ruined, and place
holders rendered fabulously rich.
Rest assured that there will be no
sijuinting at repudiation, and no sucl(
purpose is contemplated; but that lw
revenues of the State may be in
creased, burdens upon the js-ople will
be lessened, and every jiosslble ln-ilui-enient
proffered to Immigration.
The exemption laws will be lila-ral-ized
to prevent the exodus of farming
classes, and to invite farming popula
tions from adj. ie, nt States.
1 have not seen a copy of the Bible
in Nashville. 1 looked for one on the
Clerk's desk, but there was only tin
Code of Tennc-sey. The pta-kets of
members ate often distended with
bills and newspapers, but no Bible
rests on a desk in the House or Senate
chamber. Ioyoq reiuemhpr the gooij
people limned by the artist's hand of
liickens, who sought to elevate the
benighted denisensof Borrioboolagha
Even thus our lawmakers propose to
tijrnish eight hundred Bibles to peni
tentiary convicts. If men.asconvicts,
'nay read only the Bible, will tttss
love it as freemen liut the purls
of the legislature Is praiseworthy,
and the eight hundred Bibles can do
no harm. Sonie publisher will make
a few sous, and perhay ton, tcts may
be eou vicu-d'' 'and saved.
Lawyers am always undertaking to
get other people out of deU(
and g'nerany succeed in get
ting tbemaelves and uli others in:
They themselves are almost sure to
be victimised. IKs-tors, too, need the
help of the law to secure their tools
against the ravages of remorseless
constables, and therefore the pretty
little bill presented to-day, width
every sympathetic nature must a
prove, by whieh lawyers' and doc4ori
books are to be exumpted from exeeu
Let BnrUiur Lewis examine hiti
shoulders carefully each morning
His head may disappear at any mo
ment. Tlie Board of County Com
missioners of this county was decapi
tated to-day. There were no "team
shed when the bloody guillotine did
its ghastly work, and vengeance for
robberies practiced and wrongs done
the toiling fioor by malevolent selfish
adventurer- was partially appeased.
Matiy leading citizens from all parti
of Tennessee are gathering here hi
participate In the Senatorial death
struggle of next Tuesday. Now that
Radicalism is triumphant in Ohio
and Pennsylvania, its eorruptory fund
will e employed even here, it fci
thought, to cause the overthrow of
Andrew Johnson. The story wai
current lasi night, that an agent of
the -New York bondholders was in
Nashville, with $60,000 to dispense,
that Johnson might be beatbu. Therm
is not a villain in Tennessee so de
praved, or ft snout hlng ranter befon
the populate so imbruled or jg'
norant, that extreme Radicahsni
would not send a? the Btoats,
rather t&to AwrVew i-
1-a r .-rld-ti loav be hatyi-tt
is bated ita wreu. an
I Eth$rhsge ii prafcrred hy
" 1 u
K. XI 21. I
of the South. How any true South
ern man, or nny lover ol the I'nion as
our lathers made it, under such cir
cumstances could prefer the less to the
greater man, passes comprehension.
The storysent abroad by the press
reporter, that there was a compromise
between Johnson and Etheridge, is,
of course, w ithout foundation.
X. Y. Z.
Murder A Prediction Robbery
Davis and Farragut.
Louisiana Legislature Election Returns.
Death of Ex-Governor Ritter Re
ports of Cabinet Officers.
ItALTiMoliK, October It). Jefferson
liavls was a passenger on a steamer
for New ( irleans from here to-day.
I'HiLADEi iMltA, October 10. The
official count in twenty counties gives
Packer L'T.li majority in those coun
ties; other counties yet to hear from.
Cm Aim, ( fetols-r 10. Admiral Far
ragut is much easier this evening,
w hich hns renewed th hope of his
lecovery. His iron will sustains him
in his severe sickness, but his bodily
strene-th is very small.
New YoitK, October 1C Henrv
Hostwick, a boarder at the Salisbury
, Ho((,
in nansnury, t onn., shot Air.
Halstead, proprietor of the hotel, in a
I dispute about a board bill. Halstead !
I w as instantly killed, and his murderer !
i arrested.
Professor Hough, chief of the Astro
I nomical Department of Dudley Obser
i vatory, Albany, has predicted that
before next Tuesday we shall have
eight inches more of rain, and that
the water in the Hudson river and
erects w ill I attain even a greater hight
linn 111 iro.
A forger, David Marsh, alia Henry
Miller, was sentenced to four years'
imprisonment, yesterday, for having
altered a certified cluvk on the Ocean
National liank, defrauding a Wall
stret . broker out of sixteen thousand
dollars iu gold by means of the ope
ration. Nkw Oisr.KA.vs, October hi. tlov.
YVarmouth will call an extra session
of the General Assembly, to meet tln
first of December, at .Mechanics' In
stitute, u
I'Hii.AHl-l.i'lliA, October hi. We
have all the counties officiallv report
ed but Uutier, Potter and Juan ita,
and taking these at the figures report
ed Thursday, shows tlearv's inajoritv
Washington-, October 10. A Cabi
net meeting was held to-day, but only
for the transaction of ordinary busi
ness. AH the members were present
except the Secretary of War.
Receipts of fractional currency for
the week were $1,132,700; shipments,
$77 H, 700; destroyed, Sejf.,70G.
Carlisle, Pa., 'October 10. Ex
Gov. Kilter died to-day, iu the 9oth
year of his age.
Washinoiox, 'rtnhaf 10. Several
chiefs of Hureaux have already com
pleted their annual reports, and for
warded (hei) to tjie heads of depart
ments. Other are engaged in the
same work. The Cabinet officers have
made little if any progress in the pre
paration 0ftheirun11n.il reports.
CHICAOp, O.tober Hi. Admiral
facaaad Ma greatly improved, and
his physicians have strong hopes that
he v, ill fully recover his health.
CiNt iNjTATi, Oetolier 10. The offi
cial returns of Hamilton county give
Hayes I7,ii.ih, and Pendleton I'.i, 2tt.
Stirrinp Sueech Of J5r Jordan. Dfi,
Xrw Yi.Ki:," October lu. Mr. Jor
dan made an exciting st-ech in the
gold room to-day, in regard to the
financial condition of the Gold Ex
change. He stated that but for legal
measures the bank would have set
tled with its creditors a wwk ago.
lie said it the hank had not advanced
1300,000 in the street during the re
cent panic, nil broken would hav i
las-n reined, nnd several banks woo" I
have gone to the devil. Mr. JorH S
pronounced the banks solvent, mid
said that iu three hard working days
he would jiay 1j to i" jer rent.
At a njeeting or the creditors it was
decided' nol to force the bank into
bankruptcy f- r ten days. They depre
cated the Injunction of Measta, L'rger
,V Co. Hgainst the hank, which, it appear-,
prevents a rapid settlement.
Tne liabilities of Chittick A Co.
amount to $o0h,0hu.
Letter from the President Denying
any Compiicity with tha
Gold Ring.
a ,
Xrw Vohk, October. 1(5. The fol
lowing is published, to-day;
" W.sHiNtifiiit, Optousr 13.
" Roliert honner. Intl.:
H Jktr Si, 1 Your favor of the 1 Ith
instant, ls received. 1 have never
thought of contradicting the state
ments or insinuations made ngsinst
me by irresponsible parties, as those
nlluded to iu your letter; but as you
have written to me on the subject in
so kindly a spirit, I will say thst I had
no more to do with the late pold ex
citement in New York than yourself
or any other innocent person, except
that 1 ordered the sale of gold to break
me iiuk ii;iik"i, ik 1 'nougni, 111 a
most disreputable transaction:
SlgneiJ' " l . S. ORAN'T."
" P.. ft. I have written this in great
hastf and without exercising auv
judgment :-.s to the propriejy (if
writiug it, hut I submit it to your
judgment. V. 8.
Prince de la Totrs
Ths Spanitb
-Saint BeU'c - -
Folicy of the Empire Reply
to tin Sickles Note.
JIaRRID, Octoher 10. The sessions
of the Cortes have been suspended,.
Paris, Oetolier ltt. There is a ru
mor current that ow ing to the illness
of the P-rince de la Tours, Soeretary of
Foreign .tf:lirsi he will lie compelled
to relinquish his office.
The thri-atmed strike of the mer
cliauts' clerks of this city has com
menced, but has not become general.
The reiiiains of Charles Augustine,
Saint liauve, were interred tliis morn
ing without any religious ceremony.
A dispatch from Madrid statts that
the Republican leaders, tialvachra and
i'aulo, are iu the neighborhood of Ma
laga, proclaiming the Republic.
T'-tai-i, October 13. The Siecte to
day has a general review of the policy
of the Empire. Fran nee, the ww
says, continues, to guard the temporal
power of the Fope, contrary to agree
ment, and mounts guard around the
council in which Jesuits propose again,
to outrage modern society. No expla
nations are offered. Wqual Ignorance
is suffered! to exist as to what counsels
iiave !en given to the present rulers
of Spain, but we know that thv sus
penslwn of constitutional liberties hi
that country ooincides with Oen.
Prim's return from raris,
The Siecle asks tlie reasons for the
appointment of Oen. Fleurry as Em
bassador to St. Petersburg, and con
tinues! "The moment has arrived
when France wishes to know some
thing about foreign as well as her
home pol icy ; to know the end pur
suedwhether peace or war. At this
crisis the adjournment of the Corps
was an'act of supreme impolicy. On
these and other questions clear and
precise explanations are required,
which the Government alone can
give, since its foreign policy' is still di
rected by the unhappv traditions of di
plomatic mystery and State secrets."
Loxdon. October 10. A Madrid let
ter published here, states that the
railroads and telegraph lines are de
stroyed for a great distance around
that city.
Late advices have been received
Jrcun Fernando Po, and the volcano
in the Cameron rani?e on the main
land near that island, was in an active
ie oi eruption.
BR1D, October 16 Valencia still
out against the national troops.
eks how ever, wtll begin this
evening, unless the insurgents surren
der unconditionally. In the mean
time, the insurrection at Barrazil con
tinues. Two Republican bands iu
Catalonia and Andalusia have been
beaten by the national troops.
Cortes lias ordered the arrest of se -enteen
Republican Deputies who have
participated in the rebellion.
The Herald? spticlal per French ca
ble, dated Madrid, lath Inst., says:
The Archbishop of Valencia, attended
by an influential deputation acting in
behalf of the insurgents lately and
still in arms in that town and within
the limits of the Kpiscopal See, has
Just sought an interview with the of
ficers iu command of government
troops iu the district. The Archbishop
interceded in behalf of the insurgents
and in support of the authorities, ma
king terms, with leniency toward
them when the deputation retired. A
general military council was held, at
which the subject was discussed. It
was finally decided that the insurgents
must all surrender at discretion.
MAimiD, (X'tober 14. The Kpoea
to-day publishes a synopsis of the re
ply made by .Minister Si I vela to the
note of leu. Sickles. Senor Hilvela
says reasons, dictated by national dig
nity, prevent the acceptance of for
eign medbltioa in a domestic affair.
The intimations made by Oen. Sickles
are received with the good will which
one nation owes to another, with
w hich it is bound by ties of amity. It
is preauaacd that the American Gov
ernment only desires to strip the
struggle in Cuba of its sanguinary
ciiiiracter. The Washington Cabinet
is urged to Impede the departure of
supplies for the insurgents, who pre
vent the Spanish Government from
Carrying out a poJlcj in Cuba in har
mony with that at home. Senor Nil
vela maintains that the insurgents of
Cuba are in the minority, and by no
means belong to the most wealthy and
influential classes, as has heeu so con
stantly representetl.
The Kpoct makes mention of con
ferences between Senor Si 1 vela and
Gen. Sickles, in which the former
I urged the release of the Spanish gun
boats building m the tnited States,
protesting that they were only to he
used to protect the shores o'f Cuba
against expeditions In aid of the in
surgents from foreign countries.
I.isiio.v, October 10. The mail
steamer from Rio Janeiro has ar
rived. The war news from Paraguay
is important. President Iopez was
still belac pursued. He had arrived
at San Ksta Island, and was trying to
reach the Bolivian territory.
The Last Day's Proceedings Inter
esting Close.
I.ot tsvii i.i-'., October 10. Tho Con
vention met ut It) o'clock this morn
ing. The Committee ou Navigation
presented a report urging upon Con
gress the iuiMrtance of improving
Southern ports, especially Ualveston.
After two additional reiiorts were
made by the Committee on immigra
tion, a majority report favoring Chi
ne, e emigration and a minority report
in opposition thereto, a lively debate
took place between Shorter, of Ala
bama, and Hill, of Georgia, against
the majority, and Walhridge, ot JNew
York, Lubbock, of Texas, and Massey,
r - . t - - - a E - I
f Viririuia. iu favor of the report
The whole subject was votod down.
Noallusioll to the postal telegraph
appears in the proceedings, but the
question was brought before the Com
mittae on Miscellaneous business con
sisting of one from each State, and the
committee unanimously instructed
their chairman to report against the
s.'heme, or against any proposition
that might be presented recommend
ing the Government to operate tele
graphs, as the rule of the committee
rei(iired all business to be referred to
the appropriate committees, aud this
was the o;dy committee to which
a projiosition could have reference.
V resolution tliankmg ex-f resident
Fillmore for the dignified, impartial
manner in which he discharged the
duties of the Chair, was unaajmoiuly
adopted. St-veral other resolutions
were oifen-d aud adopted, thanking
thy. people of Louisville for their hos
pi dity, the Chairman of the Commit
te of Arrangements and other iiffiters
of the Conve',ition( for the able man
u r iu which their duties were per
formed; the telegraph for the free use
of its lines, and the reporters ot the
Convention for tlie correct and impar
tial reMrts. The Committee on .Mis
cellaneous business presented a report
memorializing Congress to designate
some iioint in the Mi- alley
for the holding of the World's Fair in
Is. 1. w hich wa' adopted.
A resolution expressing much grati.
ficatiou at the comph tion of the I nion
and Central Pacific nulro. ds, six yeurs
before the time required by law, was
offered and adopted.
Mr. Fillmore then arose. He eulo
gized the proceedings of the Conven
tion, stating!': . they woutd be of sal
utary benefit to the country; and
closed by saying he w ould never again
appear In public.
The Convention, at 11 :ir a.m.. ad
journed tktt die.
The Hunting Kept? says of the gala
day iu I.Visville, and of the proces
sion; Louis ilie to-day is ablaze with sun
shine, beauty and enthusiasm. Peo
ple by thousands aud tens of thou
sands throng the streets. All busi
ness is suspended, and the ay is de
voted to a grand pageant, which is a
part of our welcome to the men of the
nation that have assembled here, it
is no unmeaning reception. It has a
significance which our guests will un
derstand and appreciate.
It ls the greeting of a, great and
prosperous people tuthtisp who rep
U. - nt other seetlons
terests, and yet w h
aint diverse 111-
ho belong to tin-
great brotherhood of the In ton, and
who-e aspirations in a comprehensive
and national vic, are the same as
ours. It k a welcome honor
able to those on whom it is bestowed,
and creditable to those who have tie
sto.ved it. It is a gala day that our
citiaens aud visitors will alike enjoy.
Our city lias uc.jiiitt.sl herell nobly,
and our faster cities, New Albany and
Jefiersnnville, have also contributed
their aid. Such luaifniticeucc wh
oever witnessed byjoreln the West.
M.atiul'a'Mirfu', trade, commerce, art
and science were all represented. The
procession w as upwards of two hours
in padfeg tne fEkpraai office, and is
length w as from rive to seven, Utiles.
The hio-ier-Joyraai wiyst Well,
the Orimd Procession was -a grand
procession, suro enough. We are apt
to over-estimate these things; btit uur
local reporters do not exaggerate, their
pictures on tfis occasion. There was
qitoh a dUplay as few of us
ate likely to see repPRtod very soon.
The city literally turned itself inside
out, and gave us a moving panorama
of real lile with genuine and live fig
ures representing all the arts and
sciences, trades aud occupations, from
boot-polishing aud shaving, hi!!-testing
ami horse-grooming, up. to pic
tures, pyrotechnic anq chemicals.
The line of march extended itself tu a
priHlitfious length ;nd as tie- column
varied by objects curious, fantastic,
showy, practical andamusing psssed
through4our wide, regular tr.v-sha-dowisl
streets, It waji followed and
cheered bv hajidly less than one hun
dredt houiftud lookers-on.
The day was beautiful. Every tree
top trembled nnder a load of "eager
little boys and girls with rosy face
that shone among the leaves like
ripening fruit. Every garden bloomed
with pretty women. Sidewalks and
curbs, iron railings and stone balus
trades, balconies ami hay windows
were crowded by troops and groups
of people, and at times we had (mite
a snow storm of showering white
cambric. The bands made the air
melodious. Flags floated royally and
loyally from steeple and roof; and
garlands, the last autumnal plunder
ing of the fields, decorated door-ways
and street-crossings.
The Senatorial Question the Most
important of the Day.
Ric nMO.,a, October 16. The mem
bers of the Legislature are arriving.
and the senatorial question is -being
agitated. The name of Gen. Mulford,
formerly U. S. Agent of Exchange, is
aow prominent in connection with
Judge Pendleton, of Winchester, as
the other Senator. Lieutenant Gov
ernor Lewis, Franklin Stevens Mid
Gen. Williams are still considered the
strongest men.
The Jewelry store of T. M. Leislirt.
at Pan viile, was robbed and fired last
night by burglars, and the two adjoin
ing buildings were destroyed. Loss,
15,000. Tins bo ytm escaped.
Frequet, the Agent of the Roths
childs. hBCWVTHsV Vrtober 1 0. Nearly al I
your cotemporaries have to-day seen
a letter purporting to be Irom M. Fre
quet, dated New York, to a friend in
this city, In which he makes use of
the following language:
"The proposition and correspond
ence relative thereto has been con
ducted by me directly with the Presi
dent, at his request. The public an
nouncement in the Herttta was evi
dently the result of jealousy on the
part of the Secretary ot the Treasury,
who had not been consulted in the
matter. I return to France to-morrow,
but yet believe the matter will
be successfully carried out."
M. Frequet is said to be a partner in
Rothschilds' banking house, and was
lor uianv venrs the spirit of their Paris
firm. The President being out of
town at present, of course 1 have no
means of ascertaining whether M.
Frequet had any correspondence with
the head of the Government on the
- - .. -
Cirii aiio, October 15. Admiral Far
ragut i much easier this evening,
which has renewisl the hopes of his
recovery. His iron will sustains him
in his severe sickness, but his bodily
strength is very small.
Departure of Church Dignitaries for
Baltimokk, October 1C Most Rev
erend M. J. Spaulding, Archbishop
Allemaine. of San Francisco, and Rt.
It...- IlSulw.n w., ,.r s.......!.
Mcilil 1 fehmond'. I
V 1 H t i 1 iwJV wi
a ' t ' 1 ; i 1 1 a , i'i Hint.- , :i iti3uui( i'ldi'
l n. of Eri OibboiH, of North Caro
lina, Agariiian. Vicar Apostolic of
Nebraska, with the priests from Ne
braska and a number of Roman Cath
olic students, wilt sail from this port
on tlie 2ath inst., en route to Rome.
Decision of the Judges of the Com
mon Pleas of Pennsylvania.
1'iiii.Ai.Ki i iiia, Oct. 10. A ma
jority of the Judges qf te Court oi
('ommoK. Pleas have pronounced u de
eiiiioa in the eontested election case of
10X The opinion details many
frauds committed, and throws out two
divisions of the Fourth ward, with
portions of the votes in other Uivls.
ions; mid culls upon the Attorney
Oeneral to prosecute the authors of
the frauds, especially those committed
by the election officers. The decision
shows Mayor Fox to have received
sixty-eight majority of the legal votes,
while all the other Republican city
officers are declared duly elected, thus
throw ing out the Democratfc incum
bents. Judge Ludiow dissented from
the decision, and rend his opinion
.a - - - 1.1.
ut great length.
After the reading of tlie decision In
uie contested elu'tinu, notioe was giv
en of the writ of tmlorairi to tlie Su
preme Court, This will raLse the
ijuestinn of the Jurisdiction of the
Court of Common i 'leas only, and will
not open any disco mlon on the merits
of the election.
Seven Men Precipitated 95 feet and
Lot'isvii.i.K, October lf. A horri
ble accident (iccurred to-day at the
Ohio river bridge, which swells the.
already numerous number of livea
sacrificed in its construction. At
half-past four o'clock this afternoon,
tje temporary trestle-work lieing
erected lietween piers 16 and 17, fa
the pui-jKi-c of swinging a spau, gave
way by a Jerk of the locomotive used
in raising the timbers, and six men
were pr. ciiutnted a dist.tr,(ieof a", feoi
n ere pn-cipiiateti a dtsta.neeor$i feo.
lohn it. Payee, -j, carpenter, was in
itantly mileij; James Hlrby.a carreii
ter, ytas cut In two, and ttoatctl over
ine reels, ms ikhIv was not recov
ered. Usear (tnllagher and Win. Ir
vine, laborers, were mortally w ound
ed. Robert Uamley, laborer, ami
Matt McClure, carpenter, were slight
ly wounded. Pyiie leaves a wift.
and child. lie was formerly of Cin
'ir.'ncti. At about two o'clock to-day, John
Ratkius, w hile walking U-tween pier
and It, fell a distance of feet,
and was htautly killed,
Surveying Party
Murdered by
Ht. Lor is, Oetolier It;. An Omaha
dispatch says tl at reports are received
that a tiovernment surveying party,
under Nelson Puck, numbering twelve
men, was massacred about fifty miles
south of Fort McPherson. Surveying
instruments, tools and a portion of
the cam p equipments owned by th
party, were found. TUo report are
creditetl, but lack full confirmation.
Walker oa the Situatlon- The
- Bagyera.
The Richmond
Pronounces for
Ricii.MONn, (K-toU-r
o. A tele-
gram to the DiapoaaA says tliat Uov.
Walker ltiwi-.le an addrtss to-day ou the
fair grounds at Danviilc, in the polit
ical portion of which he said he felt
nothing hut pity for the opposition in
th? late canvass, who were ltd by
set of cormorauts ttud vuipet-baggei .
w ho had nuVhiug at stake but then
OVU selfish interests. He rejoiced
that the election settled the tact that
Virginia ivai hereatter tu be ruled on
principles uf right and ja&tice and civil
and political eouality. What site
ttov needs is plenty of honest, indus
trious and lntoiiigvnt laborer-, no
mutter from what source they come.
He appealed to the young men of
Virginia uot to forsake the State, aud
not to forsake the plow and fly to the
large cities of tivj North, where vice
and demoralization awaited them.
Judge Kiev, the State Treasurer, lol
low wd in the same spirit as the (jov
erof. The JMypfaA come out this morn
ing in a brief article urging Gen. Wil
liams' election ou the ground that he
IsthP Presjtlctitv choice, is the friend
of (Jen. fclhermau, ami will be more
ticcuptable to Congress than any other
Waixcr ltepublican that could lie se
lected, and consequently would be
likely to secure the speedy reconstruc
tion wi the State. ULs brother and
young tlouglas, the President's pri
vate secretary, have arrived to work
lor his elect ion .
It is stated that Gen. Ganbv has
prepared a report on the alleged frauds
In the Virginia election, which will
show it is an extremely fair election
much fairer, indeed, than is usual
at elections in the Northern States.
A Woman Cattle Rcpwter.
Miss Middy Morgan, of the New
York Timet, has entered a field of that
domain more especially appertaining
to man than any other that of the
cattle market ana agriculture. Three
times a week she visits the pens of
newly arrived pigs, sheep and oeeves
in the suburbs, and discourses learn
edly their condition and current value.
When a sale of horses takes place she
is on the spot with a critical eye, and
her lucubrations upon crops are quite
as luminous as Ihoae of her male con
temporaries. Hones and other do
mastic animals have been a passion
with Miss Morgan from early child
hood. As Rosa Bon hour reproduces
them to life on can va,-, so does aho
stamp their attributes with her pen.
Her father was an Irish country gen
tleman, and an enthusiastic fox -hunter.
His daughter shared, with pas
sion, his predilection-' 'led a
00 obaHP"0"' 4 ye a,''ling
ber V ifv-Wo J s
Biit.lrliiiu under 1
AJK..I I .. r-!Si.,.TT.-ii nin
HII j a.fi-ue-ic IMi 1 - e
be allowed to compete lu this class for any I In the Kit
premium hereatter given by this society. I siajtra. Mad it.
0 MB--J liioiiliii mnnin tuia ticiuiuiii we. I
ht r lather's death she wound up his
estate, and sojourned In Italy after I
course of Kurnpean travel. She Iw
e ime intimate in Rome with Char
lotte Cushman, and frequently rode
v ith that lady's horses upon theCorw.
Her dashing equestrianism attracted
the attention of Prince Poniatowski,
a literary aud musical amateur,
who obtained an introduction to her.
Struck by her criticism on horses, and
her keen appreciation of their points
he mentioned her name to King
Victor Emanuel, who desired to gain
her acquaintance. She was, there
lore, introduced by the British Am
bassador. The King displayed his
regard by commissioning her to buy
his h irses for a long tune, she subse
quently came to the L'nlted States,
and Mr. Marsh, the American Minis
ter, gave her a letter to Mr. Bigelow,
chief editor of the Time. That gen-1
tleman showed his freedom from any :
foolish conventional prejudice by ap
pointing her upon his staff.
Mi-s Morgan Is tall, neither unpr -portionately
thin or stout. She has,
js-rhaps, turned the age of thirty.
Her complexion suggests vivid health,
and her accent, like that of many ed-1
ucated Irish wh s: youth has been I
passed away from cities, suggests the J
land of her birth. It is needless to j
say that she is, iu a general way, a
superior woman, speaking several
languages, and having a mind well
cul tl vated .--Revolution.
Nkw Yoaa, October IS. Cotton flrninr
-.il.- J.iiie i. .ii.--. I. on), i i; . Kuper
hne tlour 111, hut clotted Is hotter.
Whisky fi 20. what-amber 'TaSMtaaw
81 Stlfal 53. Rico firm Carolina SXM.
t'olfee ouiet hut rirni. Cuba sugar 11 V
U. M . 1 - tpitel.
Dry (ioodn I inetlL' pot tons doprMtsd.
Uwrem-c D 12;-,; Atlantic lj and Paeitic
b!2X; Atlantic A 15); Puclne AX t&;
Indian Head 11',; An,-u..i;i ,: hxtra A
ISXj Laconia ttfi. Papor cambrics aud
liurii erane offiensl ut reduced prices.
(Jerner .t Co.' new style prints 10'.
Money AetivH "' per is-nt. Hank
stateim-nta are uin-j.e(.tt,dlv favorahle.
i upwards of ,,uuu,i of
uitiiiev, iirwivt ityai rtusvrve. r-ier-
ling quiet ' ld
Ullt Hllll SlCHlI I ,
orteiusl at i-'to, closed
MHIMX. Carry-
his rate 3s'-c per cent, al lli? N'ation il
Kxchange. fc.ii,m) )ild sold out uudvr
the rule, st i ,n, for ao. ouni of Simon
Cincinnati, October l... -Ksri:;,. aVur i
Vt jOfei Ti. Wheat fl 1 lj. Corn ti. .
OatsW-iiV Whiskey $1 li. Mem Pork
00. t.anl IT1,. Hacoii clear aides ;
!io shotlders on market. Butter 30;t;.
iuKKs -il. ( beese 1618. Sales of Toll
at fs i in 60. Cotton middling i. !
Sr. Lori. (rtob9r 16. Flour fall at- !
j.crtlne $4 60fn4 75. Wheat No, a ISlTllji 1
s",. Corn si'ity... 0l0 4f.i i. Ilvs ts -
troceriea uni-4taii(fed. tork $31 60. Hulk .
clear rib clear aidea It. Bacon
shoulders V7liall ; clear sides M ' I.ard
r.'iNitOX. Octob-?r 10. Consola, Inr nion
eiriai: on account JH'it4. 5-20Umili
f ia sa; do. or "Hi sis; do. or 'trrss'i;
10-40 78.
Livkrpool, October 18. Cotton flriner ;
uplands UVidtu,!', ; Orleans 12 (vh I - :
aalea 12U0O bales.
California white wheat 10s 4d; winter Ws
7d; red Western No. z 9s 2,1. Receipts .it
wheat foronarter 175,000, including li"..00o
from the t'niteil States. Western U.nr
its 3d. Corn, mixed, Al. Uata3ht6il.
1 'cis 44s Od.
P.tKls t ,.(,. ter lii Bourns u ouiet.
BltOuKS BALI.AM K At Uuciuum 1. o.,
OctiiUT 12. 1.HW, al I li rKMidfiicc ol the ltri.lt'H
fatiu-r, Juini u. ikMaapaj "TaoHr v. i.. !.
Wilglit, Rs.-tir ol m. fmmm Cliurth, Mr. s.
H. Bbooks. nf Mi'iiif lila, Teiin., to 11U i ,
BF.I HER-l:t OOI.PH-ln St Lonls, Mo.,
o. tha ..ii. lnni.. al Trinity Church, Mr. E
waki U Belhihk, ul flil cily, to JctiA A.
Hi'DOLi-H, of Ht. IVmla.
WKLLH ('hAY'TOX -In C' .lunit .i- Mlm ,
on the ith lust., ij Hev. B. . Lambve, of i
McnithU, , :: i. Mr. J. Mm Wbllm, of
TeiMi, tu Miv. Norma Claytox, dauatiter of '
the lew Hon. liorg K. Clarion, of Ml-,.
50 Small Farms
Five Miles from Memphis.
1)V dlrrnlon or the will or tho late
I I'd
IPK. W.- will .ell. at l-ulllli- Sill. . Ol Ih.
htKheat lii. titer, upon ll.e preinlave, beulnnlnK
at 10 o'clock.
Monday. November 15. 1869
The Wfll-kuow n
an1 VBhiifchle properlj
nijJllg ! lilt t'St;if Or HUM
iilTen frni .1 ; : on ttw-
main Itnit-ikUi loud,
Tin iuaiuy ! u,K tfciul may lie Inter rt-d
rntn tlie lact thut It inAdt-, for lit proprietor
tlie rt potation ut being in- i-;-' lUril ty h:i
su t-,slul pla:H-r In tlie Stale, ami ve lil'n
leal of the worll In bearing nil' premiums
for the ttoeai cotton.
The tract UAx been auodlv iUrd Into
Varying In ixe from five to forty acre, and
will be ho marked niT that any pervon, with a
plan In bb hand, can find each lot and ave
nue without further iLWintani, and nitty ex
amine them at leisure before kkIv day.
Plana maybe had at the office of the nc
lltneers. Meaant. Ryter, TreceTant ft COl. In
MeiophiH, and on the promts.
The tule will be peremptory, ajd without
ret rve.
'Hilrd raAli, lialam -tne aDd two yean.'
WlTHOl I' 1NTEHKMT, retaining ll.-n.
A.O. PiPE, Exrcatrlx.
A. R. V PK. F.xocator.
- I
Alabama and Exchange Streets.
WE will anil for Major Beecher onrt n. r.
Uollia, Ea.,
At 12 o'clock, upon the premUe, thai valaa
bl and rooveuiently loeattrd ground, at tlie
comer of
On the north aide of Polk atrco: or Bull Uun.
It will be dlvtiteit Into tots fronting ou Al
ltai.it ami Kxcbauea streela.
Theae lota ara laoal conveniently alt
ualeit for buxluaaa nien. on ecx.unt or
their doae proximity to ilie Poplar street
car 1 ; aad for ftuully reaidencea Hi al
tractions and advantages of goou neighbor
hood, chnrehes, schools and market, make
them moat desirable.
Half rath, balance six and twelve months,
with interest.
ocIT Auctioneers.
THE Entry Books for the Agricultural Fair
will be opened an
Tuesday Horning. 19th fast.
At the rooms above WilleU's, Adams street,
and will remain opeo from 10 o'clock a.m.
until o'clock p.m., during the present weak.
oen eeretary.
354 Main St., Mapvaw Bttdb
Fresh Arrivals ! New Goods!
Mew Shaker Preserves and Jellies MX) csaea ;
New canned Tomatoea 4 Peaches;
Maw Edam Cheese; Jfww JHneappte Cheese ;
Kew Yoonc A to arte eeVtory CUssme;
Mw Plcklea all utaee very fine1;
Hew Mackerel Mess aad M. t ; Kew Cod Blah.
Choice Teas ; Coleman's Mnetard ;
Cross Black well's Pickles;
Cox A Cooper's Gelatine;
French Mustard; Worcestershire 8suce ;
Freeh 'rakersa good variety.
e are receiving, lUl large addtilon tc
9SK, aaa eeil as lo an any houm In tDf
We keep the beat quality of a vary -
Walking Dresses
Dresses & Cloaks
Menken Bros.
These Goods comprise the Latest
French Novelties, selected by us in
Paris. Also, a large line of
French Dress Goods,
Silks, Velvets,
and Trimmings.
Also, a Superb Assortment of
Furs, Furs
Menken Brothers
Cor. Court and Main Sts.,
TIIAVE a.(xn-ltI Willi me Iu - rmK fttul
im.asd isst KANCa binlne-,
Thatru of the firm win b- H. T. ToUlix
Ui M. T.TOM l.IX.-o.V.
MMa ii-llr Id. 1k.
K. T. r..n:.i.-...
Na. 17 Madison Street.
Roprwnt rwyoajalhle NonliArn an.l FnillIi
Fire Cocnpaiil, whoa atprragatr i-apll al Is
All Iosms promptly adjusted and said at
this Agency.
..ii.it. so iiiwk.-rtRN- i.jci .riv r
Managers. No.) 17 Madison St.
M km ph 13. Timx.. llobar in, lJ9.
Mr. IT. K. Uxai i-y hua income aa.vt.-lai vnt
wi:.. 11- lu the m11nsveu14.nl of the Houtbwa
lern Itep-trtuieu! of tbeilLOBK i . . I.ifk
1 ihcf -C ( imp y. Tin- -.tjle orilielli'lu
it-uiatna unraangeit.
H. T. riiaLI.NS.1
M. s. JrrjAH.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
262 1-2 SECOND ST..
Kat of Cuiirt MtjUHre, - MmnphK Tenn.
THK bMl and mont varied styles and ,-t .1:
ties ot uatom-anade Rot unl Hhoe
(iOttManlly ou baud, and with thfe the beat
iiiajnifaetire! KmU und Hhea of tlrti ret ail
at tlie lowest poaalola price. uel7
1'nile.t sialic t.f Amerl.-i.
M'ealru it!
1 (a-tobel
imuttj waa
Hi t nf Tenuitsilt.
he l.Scb'taT of
ml II. Hank
Laie of
li .M.i 1. 1
Of MeninliH, In the i-oulitv of Blieltiv anil
haais of Teniieaaoe. a-ho has be-n n.ljiij.1 a
lankrntt. on bis ..vu petition ; it:t.r : ; .- i . v
men! ol any debut, and delivery of any
proitertv belonging to sut-ri lt.,:il.i upi. t hjs,
bv hi
Litthani. luirHti-r. tn the ltith dt.v of Noveoi
l.er, A.l.. it.;... at luo'rktck .i.in.
Mi-mpliLt, IVnrrn kith da- of (.tetotv-r, A. IK,
mm. J. M. PIMKNV.
Tnltetl Htati Marahal, as Menwntter,
oclt WVilem iilatrtct 01 Xtaaaaaae.
United tHatea of Arneilca,
Wti-rn Dtatrh-t of TrneajK. i
'PII!MU UtRtve notlcwtt
1 of Oetolier. A.D.. UN,
ruptey wan Issued aj;iilnHt
it the lith day
'rant In Uuuk
state of
Of tha couulr of Hiielby and tiate ot
Tenne-see. who has het-u atljuda-.!
a bankrupt on htaown jsrtlttitii: that the jtay-
or for
debts and del
rupt to
i t'ourt
i Main
n. T. J.
r Ka
li A. P.,
prove ttlelr ilt-rtts, aud tu cn'tm
usaLineea nf his estate, will be
t hell
..I iianarupi.-y, i" oe uomen i
atrert, Memphla. Tenneaaee, '
Ijltliam. KollHtei . on the
vrmber, A. li., Lsev. :ii li'
MeUipbU. rnti., I'iUi
t; a I ted .Staled Marahai. a
ocll WeWn rrbtrl.-t
United States of America, )
Western Uitttrlct of Tenneaaee. )
THIS Is to give notice that on the Ljth day
of October A.D.. IHi, a Warrant in Bank-ruou-v
was ;aiued against the estate of
Of Memphis, in the county of Shelby and
State of Tenneaaee, who has been adjudged a
bankrupt upon his own petition; that the
pavment of any debts and delivery of any
property belonging to such bankrupt, to htm,
or for his use, and the transfer of any prop
erty by htm are forbidden by law; that a
meeting of the creditors of the said bank
rupt, to prove their debts and to choose one
or more aaalgneea of his estate, will be held
at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be holdan at Mo.
4.00 Main street, Memphla, Tennessee, before
Han. T. J. Latham, Register, on the 9th day
ef November. A.D., 1W, at 10 o'clock a.m.
Memphis, Tenu.. Lath day of October, A.D.,
mm. J. Sl.TOMKNY.
United State Marshal, as Messenger.
ocl7 Western District or Tennessee.
Uji-Stairs, - - Mtmts, Tenn.
ST The only axnlnsrve Whoaanal) Hat
House In the city .
sW My swk la entirely new, watt assorted,
and buying direct Arena araasAsewartrrs, ns
Ues me m eomuete wstfi gjsssarn haoalii.
ISAAC r P.l A N .
B. Lowenstein&Bros
This Week
Country and City Merchants
Prints, Domestics,
Jeans, Linseys,
Flannels, Blankets,
Cloaks, Shawls,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Having purchaserl theae Goods dating
We are prepared to offer
Unusual Inducements !
Clone buyers would do well to give us a
call before purchasing elsewhere.
B. Lowenstein & Bros.
242 & 244 MAIN ST.,
Wholesale Entrance, 244 Main St.
We would also beg leave to call the at
tention of Jobbers, aa well as Rtal!ert, to
the fact that we are the exTlc've ajente for
Weal Tennessee, North Mississippi and Ar
kansas, for S. W. JJ. Ward's Paper Collars
and Cuffs, and sell them at luanuiactarer't
prions. act?
Fire, Marine and River Risks.
CAPITAL STOCK! $300,000 00
Caah Assets : ; 5:79 f 32 12
Stockholders Notes Sf cared, I50.00U OU
$729,132 12
No Liabilities whatever, except aatoutt
Mceasary to Reinsure 0n!taastay
Risk, say $23,000 00.
w.s.greewlawHames elder,
President. Vlce-Pres't.
J. A. SIMMONS, Sec y.
W. B. Qnnur, Wi A. FAKnxKOToy,
mii Emu, r. W. Oovnx,
Johx uvim.. t J n . S. . Bnvcn,
oca Erosifc Hauevnev.
T. It. KAKNri WORTH, H. B. nCNsscuilB,
juh.v B. List n.
JAMES ELDER, : : President.
W. H. WOOD, : : Vice-President.
T. R. FARNSWORTH, : Cashier.
Tho. ZHaber) Prea't.
SELLA sigh f Drafts on Ireland, and Three
and rtlxt v liaye' signi on London, a; New
York rates; and can draw In same to sslt
purchasers on all the principal cities and
towns In Continental Europe.
Also, transacts a general Exchange and
Banking Bnalneaa. ocla
Doe a General Banking and Exchange
Collection made at all point and
Promptly Remitted.
J. K. MKRRIMAN, THOtj. R. Mrni,
H. A. PARTEE. J. R- WATlLljrs.
W. H. CHK&&S'.
Pretideot - Ca shier
Vice President. Ase't Cashier.
And Gen I Insurance Company,
Cor. Front and Madison Sts.,
0. B. MOLLOY, Pn atdawt
V. H. UAV18. W. W. THATC
J. T. rARQASO, W. p. PrUJUTTflT.
U. D..I UAU. Vf . W. tlJUIW.
C F. SMITH, J. W, JMrn3ttJl,
C. C. PAHTli.
F. S. DAVIS, .
W. W. THACHER, Cashier.

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