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VOL. 30-JSTO. 64
Printer Elected --White's
Resolution Tabled.
The Convention Opposition
the Senate---Cubbms, Jones
and Townsend.
A Clean
Sweep of Judges
A New Charter for MemphisWill
Pass Tennessee Insurance
Justices in Shelby County State
LibrarianFiremens' Insur
ance Company.
Mechanics' Bank of Memphis
Southern Life.
Nashvii.i.e, Novembar Among
the most important business transact
ed in the House to-day was the elec
tion of rublic Printer Jones, Pervis
A Co., representing tiie Jlannrr and
Union and A meriean a sort of com
promise between Johnson and anti
Johnsoa men. The vote on joint bal
Uti stood four for Wisdom, of the
Jack-on Tribune, twenty-seven for
Helm, sixty for the successful candi
dates, ami a Jew scattering.
The resolution of White, in relation
to the election of Cooper to the I'nited
States rtnate, was takeu up in the af
ternoon, ami resulted in a refusal to
refer the matter to the Judiciary Com
mittee by a majority of one, ami it
tvas then laid on the table by a ma
jority of seven. This was deeWve.
I have It from White himself that he
offered the preamble and resolution
without consulting Johoaou, i strong
friendship Lr whom he freely con
fesses. He aay the ex-President
did not know of the resolution
until apprised of it after adjournment
of the House on Monday
The question of a
now fills the public mind, and
hereabouts, as in Memphis, people
are in favor of the bill as it passed the
House. So far - expression has been
given upon tlrts swbject, the people
are decidedly in feMf of every man
in the State voting, and tho iieuate
are in uvor of the bill which is now
under dUoMsion by Judiciary Com-
ittee of t lie Senate. What changes
may be made it is bird to predict.
Some promise a bill in lieu, organiz
ing the the present Legislature into a
Convention; others . bill reciting
jaienduienU to the Constitution to be
submitted to the poople
Tt is certao.
that in any case the bill will undergo
some modifications on the part of the
Senite, unless the people bestir them,
selves to prevent.
'i jie Court Bill for Shelby county
is still under consideration. Cub-biii--,
Joe- and Townsend are
in favor o it notwithstanding
a heavy pressure i s defeat it. There
is no ue of parties or men trying.
There will lie a clean sweep of adj pres
ent judges H'td clerkships, and a thor
ough reorganization of the Courts of
Shelby county.
A liew charter for Memphis v.;.- ln
tMiueid in the Senate by Mr. Cub-
tiiac. It will pass minus the property
.;.:....;.!. .. clause lor Aldermen.
Jn the Senate a bill to protect sher
iffs and all6wing Stan to receive pay
in Stat cases, paed its first reading.
Also, a bill to amend the revenue laws
of the State, so that every Tennessee
insurance company, whether marine,
life or aecitlf-nt, doing business in the
State, be required to fcfMMel with the
Comptroller $I00,fl0fl, as security for
On third reading, a lill to repeal an
act creating additional justices in Shel
by county. Also, an act iucorporating
Firemen's Insurance Company, of
A State Librarian will is' elected on
the ltb instant. Col. Leon Trousdale
is a prominent candidate.
On second reading, Mechanics' Bank
if Memphis and to amend charter of
Southern Life Insurance Company.
line biU U rtslLve Judge J-razer vas
tVeu up and pasted, only two voting
in the uifative.
ARS,.j Tfci! PB ItlaPATVIlK.
N mm i November 2. The
legislature toiu t'oMtr-ntion to-day,
and elected Jones, fUfU ( o., rep
resenting the I niou -""V""
and Runner, as public priT-
Baltimore November 2. Hon.
'Cbas. Wirkliffe, Ex-tiovernor of Ken
tucky, ani Post Master General imtirr
Tyler, died in Howard i-ounty, Mary
land, at the "residence of his son-in-law,
on Sunday evening last.
Tkov, N. Y., November 2. (ien.
John E. Wool is seriously ill at his
residence in this eity, and grave ap
prehension' are felt" in regard to his
Nkw Ymi'.k, NovemlsT i It is an
nounced that Hon. Obtttai I'olKer has
lcen offered the place of sub-Treasurer,
made vacant by tlie raagnattua
of (Jen. Butter field, and that he hits
the mutter under consideration.
LojrDox, Xovcmlier 2. A dispatch
from Alexandria states that M. I'au
line has surveyed the Suez canal, and
finds the v a'er in it twenty feet deep
in the shallowest part. The Captain
of the imperial yacht Ajgka has in
formed tie- EatprOM that he cannot
make the pavsae through the canal,
his boat Jrawiutr more water. The
Kin press insisted that new soundings
should U- made, and that if the Aiglie
lie notable to go through that a light
vessel should be procured, as she ia
determined to oass through the canal.
I'aki.s, Novemher 1'. The newly
appointed Ambassador from Prussia
arrived to-day.
A great crov.al of people have as
mfitmn at Moat Monte Cemetery.
The- police are on baud in force, but
their services are apparently not
MMtod. The city K entirely ijiiiet.
Destructive Fire at Greenville, Ala.
MonOOH eby, A i.a., Novpin U r 2.
A ilifstruitivf fin- (scurnsl Ht (ins-n-
ville vtstterilMV, totally destrnyiiiKscv-
-nteen busiiiM.s houses. 1 li'' entire
ioaa la over 1 50,00(. The origin of the
Are la unknown.
Meeting of the Cabinet.
VAi-',0'ri)N November 2. The
Cabinet met this morning. Measr.
Kiah, liob 'rt,n U"wt,1, were
Departure of Troops for
of War.
the Seat
Havana, Novemlier li. The sixth j
liattalion of mobilized voluutew have ;
gone to the seat of war.
it mav not be uninteresting to our
ealiwi dv 1
ict that it
ii the city
J.-! little readers IO know mat m
rives iu name from the fact
- . , . . ...... t i,. I ni-,.1... fri.m
of Olkut. Cullroes were nmt een in
fMownri In lfiai. Caller iirintloir was
i-nnu-n n.l nraetiotsl In India twenty-
ihwe hundred vears aeo for the fact
mentioned in the eamimtirns oi
Alexander the Great. The art was
tttao orctk-ed iu Kgvpt in i'liny's
time. !
The State of New York Gone Demo
cratic by a Large Majority.
Success of the Democratic Ticket
in New York City.
Massachusetts Carried by the Re
Election of the Citizens' Ticket
The Detroit and Mobile Elections.
New York, Novemlier I p.m.
The returns thus liir received from the
interior of the State show uuifortn
Democratic Kiin-S compared with
the Presidential election of 1866. This
city pivtw an immense Democratic
majority perhaps 125,000 in the total
VI it I
om 11 is uki eanv as vei lo esi
mate the majoritv. Then"' seems to
!' not a doubt of the election of the
entire Democratic ticket. (Ireeley
runs ahead of his ticket.
The following is the vote of the
city: Siegel, 3C,iWJ; Nelson. 80,1J8.
Foe Comptroller -(ireeley, Al
len, 78,1X1. Halbllush (Dem.) is re
elivtod Mayor of Brooklyn. Judge
Nelson, the Democratic candidate lor
Secretary of State, estimates his ma
jority, from the relurns already re
ceived, at ,0M.
Kelurns from nineteen wards of the
city give 36,331 majority for Nelson
over Siegel. The wards to hear from
will iucreast this to certainly 45,000.
(ireelev, for Comptroller, runs ahead
of his ticket "-.(XH.or 8,000 votes.
The Democrats lose about l,Qflnin
New York and Brooklyn, !ut gain so
largely in the interior that there
aneqaito be no doubt of the election
of the whole JJeinwrutic ticket by
Ui,fKo to 2u,iW0 majority.
The State Senate Is doubtful, but
will probably be two or three Demo
cratic majority.
TJie Democrats gain a Senator in the
Monroe district, but are likely to lose
In one or t wo oti,e, districts. The As
sembly is undoubtedly ltepublican.
Boston, November:!. The election
Uj-day resulted in the re-election of
Gov.' L'laiilu, by a majority of from
1.000 to lu.iaiU. The vote ot sixteen
towns and cities, liiuwjrfliM Uostonand
Cambridge, fooLs up as follows: Claf-
' u' 2fEf&2S2H
1,1. ;i lU.t"',. A i i X -, I'UIIUI v . lallll"
ed by both thePrihiL'itioniMs and Li
cense men, aria is probably pretty
near divided on the liquor ijuestio;;, I
and the Bepubiiiarjs have k strong
majority in en -h branch, George M.
Brooks, Republican, Is elected to Con
gress in tiii- Seventh District.
Chicago, November 2. The elec
tion U-day has been conducted in a
vary quiet 'ufliner. The vote is not
large c tii; fcour, six p.m. The elec- ;
tion of the citjzric' ;cket by a large
majority is very generatiy fgnoeded.
LATEli. The returns of the city uw
county etMtfaaa held to-lay come in
very slowly, owing to the promiscuous
and independent manner in which the
people r-plii up iLuir tickets. But
enough is known to warraiii tfcestat -
mmil uiai lilt UU.I II- ill M l u eit-ena
in the etiy bv at least -VKW majority, :
and in the county by fully 7BM, AM
f the citiens' Caodutaea tiT fhe Con
stiui(k.';ial Convention in the comity,
.seven in iiuh.'mt, are elected; four of'
them Republican, ;wj three Demo-
, erals.
Ketunis from sevente(u towns in ,
Wi-consin show n Republican train of
MM over th atoattaa f.r (iove nor iu
, lNiT, arfaea Fairchild was elected by
47(4 majority.
Dctkoit, November J. The char
ter election passed off quietly. The ;
ijaiaOl Jlli Mayor and city ticket is !
elected' by about iVU majority. The
Democrats also have a majority in the
Q.'mnion Council. An aeruire vote
. 8-as potted.
Mohii.k, November 2. The elec-j
tion p.i.-se'i off whumt the slightest
disturlmie . The total j.-(e in this
city is au'-i a Democratic majori
ty of 775. Enough is known from
' the county proemeta to know that
Ma a (Peutuciat) ia ejected by 1500
Mn avai 'KKK, November J. Re
turns teQ seventy cities and towns
in different pai ts of the State, show
Republican gains on tlui vote of 1H07,
when the Republicans had 4,961 ma
jority. The RgwbHcan State Committee
estimate iraiicliild's majority at about
! 8,00", with I LegiaWaa f about the
' same complexion as last yenr.
Thirty-lour towns in Minnesota
give An-!1;: I Republican) ;l,si:t, and
Otis : DeriLicrat) fl.'X'!,'.
Tliere are s, many splits in the city
and county tickets that it is Imnoaai
to give the vo!,
St. Pa i i., Mix. v., .November 2.
Austin's majority in the tate fa ea
mated at from y,(KH to (M.
Bai TiMoHi:, NovemlsT 2. The
i vote in this city to &M.J was unusually
iight, only 18,729 bang polled of "a
rejitered vote of over 44,(KHl. The
vote for ornptroUer Of the State
Treasury Was: ' W.j! ford, Democrat,
U,MS: McKUlip. BpebUcan. 5..;7.
U'oobyrd's majority, MU6. The jieii,
ocratic !ici-; for the Legislatur( re
eeivttl a majority pf about mi. Bv
ery precinct ill every lr ol the city
gives a Memocratlc majority! For
Sheriff the vote was: Albert, Demo
crat, t.i,J7f; Woods, I! publican,
; -i2: and SHIpon, workingman's
j tUOiJate,
In the re "t it Ira In Gal vestou, Tex
as, the ottiee u the iKpM wa partially
Hon. James Arnisronjr, nominated
for Lieutenant Governor by the live
editors at brenham, Te.V'ts, has de
clincd. Mr. Salem 1 Hit' her, formerly of the
Augusta t'l iiltiidioiialift, and lately
of the New Yurk Wortd, has become
editor of the Galveston AVw.
The ,'az f, s:iys that a initio radi-
cats and thettre-eatorsare still Quoting
from each others papers and inter
t chaogiiig the compliments. The peo
' pie sliould notice this. They ar-act-I
ing toge! her to defeat reconstruction
and keep the State under military
' rule.
Henry C. King, Bn of Bwrne, at
! the rtsjuest of many leading men of
, Sun Antonio of all parties, has con- ,
sented to be a candidate for the Senate
: in that District. Mr. King is an edu- j
, Bated gentleman of high character,
and is just the man for the times.
The Victoria Ailroeale says: lies- ;
j pite tiie general cry of hard times,
1 Victoria la steadily improving.
Through a shattered pane of glass iu
our sanctum window we can fee three
wi- can soo uir
new buildings goinr up, anil eun hear .
the nanimcr- m otner jiarw ot town
proclaim the cause of improvement.
Oen. Byrne is the candidate for
(Vingress of the immortal live editors,
who were called together by tlie whit
tle of Mc!ary. He wa-. li rat their
choice fur Governor, but ttiey threw
hlin aside for Stuart, anil be bore the
taMM toftat .Stuart to Brenham,
which procured bis nomination.
V. el s Thump.- on, candidate f.ir lieu
tenaut fioveroor o, 1'exits, speaks elo-
juently: e tind but little of interest
in our IVxas 'Xfhanges. i.verythiup;
is almos. at a stand. A committee on
' " Lawii-ssniMs and Oime" wonldsoon
1 atarve out if things keep on as they
. now are. AH ofthe papers, howewr,
; repori the cr . proapect in their re-
i spective flections as most nattering.
j The Houston Telrgraph says that
Wells Thompson's name Hies at the
j masthead of the Colorado Citizen, but
i its teachiugs belie the sentiments he
i expmseft on the stump. Mr. Thomn-
aon advocated with great determina-
tion the adoption of the new Constitu
tion. The Citizen urges the people to
vote it down. Better change your
figure-head, Mr. Citizen, or change
your candidate.
The Paris Rraminer says: District
Court ia now in session in Paris, Judge
C. T. OarhiDd, presiding. We have
had no time to viait the court-house,
and do not know what is going on.
We do not know that fiarland brought
a bodv of Federal soldiers with him as
a guard. We do know that he is fully
aware that the "exigencies ofthe
rtmoa" tin not ntuuire this extreme
ciiution on bis nart. We do knew
tLt lie, without law or order, .j lar
aa we haw learned, imiuediaUsly
placed -wn iKfrrr on th Grand ,
Jury, ntrtwJUiataiiUiiiK uiar iwju nu
nlriadv Ikjwi orcaniztd. We further
kn .w ihat lio reuderixl liimsolf obnox-
s to our law-abiding people by the
irw tuai ne nas adopted, anu we
know still rurtner, that when restore-
UonUkesph.ee lot sort won't wear ,
Jdiclj ermine, j
early western bandits
Mason and the Harps, and their Den
in the Cave-in-the-Rocks
on the Ohio.
A writer who is contributing a series
of interesting sketches oi early Bfieaea
in the Southwest to the Natchez Cou
rier, thus tells something about some
lamous robbers who were the terror of
the country aboOt sixty years ago:
In those early times the Western
men brought their produce down the
river in Matboats, and when they sold
out their cargoes they would return in
large companies together by land. 1
once noticed that three men made
their appearance here, oue of whom
was remarkable for his very ferocious
appearauce. He had a scar of a deep
saber cut aero his brow. They were
drer-sed like backwoods fanners, and
minified ireely wilh the boatmen.
They " chaffered" a good deal about
the price of a great many articles, but
nothinir seemed to satisfy them. Hav-
iug made themselves acquainted with
all the boatmen and caroused with
them a good deal, they at last disap-
Beared. As they were walking up the
hill 1 heard something like the follow
ing conversation, though it was in a
suppressed whisper: "i say, Captain,"
saiil the smallest ofthe three, " there's
treesc worth nickiiiir down there."
Hold your jaw, Little Harp," replied
the other, "you are everlasting MaQi
bing; I'll have to masli your mown lor
you yet, before 1 get you broken iu,
you infernal villain, you."
About two monlhi alter these ruf
fians had disappeared, the whole couu
tiy was startled by the news that a
large company of Keiituckians had
been robbed liya band of robbers upon
the Nashville trace. Shortly after,
three gentlemen, a father anil his iwo
sous, started to Kentucky, and w ben
they had got pretty well into the
wilderness they, too, Were met and
robbed of everything they had. This
excited the community to the highest
pitch of indignation. They besought
Gov. Claibourne to bring the power
of the Government to bear and an t
the robbers. He accordingly offered a
large reward for them, dead or alive.
Great was the merrimi at made by
Masou that was the bandit's name -and
his men when they read the Gov
ernor's proclamation. They laughed
at and ridiculed it. How long he
could have defied the authorities no
one knows, if there had not been
treachery in the band. The old adage
that there is honor among thieves did
not hold good in this case. Ope niglil
they were sitting around their blazing
camp fires. Tbey had just made a
successful raid upon the settlements,
and Mason was distributing the
booty. Little Harp crept op behind
him and buried a tomahawk in his
head, tfaaob fell dead and his guilty
soul was Ushered into the presence of
his Jlaker. Jhe eunspirat'.rs tnen
ehopped off his hegd and brought it to
wa-mngion, tne scat ot Government,
and claimed the reward. lieu it
was noised about that the great rob
ber, .Mason, was killed, and thai his
head was in Washington for identifi
cation, all the people in the settlement
Du near Hocked to see it. Many
whd had be, victims recognized it at
once nnd swoVe to itj twruwaano
mistaking those ghastly grim features,
with the terriole scar. The men who
had done the deed w ere halted at first
as public benefactors, lor they had rid
the world of monster.
Now, although the QOTejrnor had
promised a large reward, yet BUfbCt
Innately w hen he called for the money
it was baud that the treasury was
empty (this seems to Lr R chronic
complaint with my dear otd hiato.;
Of course the captors of Mason Were
delayed i getting their pay. This
led to the UrtrrhnT) Of the conspira
tors, and it so happened the old
gentleman and 'his two sons, who
had been rubbed, afupp among th(.
numlier who came to look si the
robler's head. The moment they laid
their eyes on Little Ham they ex
changed glances. The father Hipped
out, and in a little whiie appeared
wilhpn officer. Raising his voise and
pointiiie, finger at Little Harp,
he said, '! chargi- you, t'r as being
one of Mason's bund of rot.u.i-.."
Little Harp was seized, and his ac
cbmpilue also. This was almost as
startling to the crowd as w as the sight
of Mason's bead'
At that tune thero was a little town
in Jefferson County, near the Chab
ley's fork of Cole Creek, named Green
ville, in honor of Gen. Nathaniel ,
Green. The original site was bought
from the estate of (Mum, was alter
ward added to form the estates of
Abijah Hum j,i;d Ferdinand Clai
borne, and the foliowut$ uaajjed men
were its-trustees: 1. V. Bauc.de, ij.
Downs, ,. Kllis, R. McKay, and .
Hobert Cox.
This little town, which has since
passed into the "tilings that were,"
was then the county seat; thither
I.itJIe Harp w;r conveyed, anil was
regularly tiiud and convicted. He
was hung,' and the omi.'J of Mason
being deprived of it- leader aid its
iiioal skiiliul lieutenant', ' dispersed;
and was never altorward heard
All ol vou have, no doubt, heard Of
Robin Hood, ot Sherwood Forrest,
but 1 doubt whether many of you
ever heard before of this Knight of
the "Cave in the Bock." This bold,
bad man had once held Itigh carmval
io hollow cave that Ilea in the bank
of tic omo jive-.
1 he only nil
it was hy
boats. In tiiis c.ivo Mason and ujj
men, in that then sparsely settled re
jftoo, c'jl l bold at bay any ofbcers of
the law tiu iu)d be sent against
Ui'em. AflixibulatlonTuoreajed around
him, his situalion became more pre
carious, and be tied with his band to
tutfMs ,;-'?." '' Here he hovered on the
orders o? kfefl Jndian nation, and
would attack vlierc booty waste
be found, Powerful in frame, always
op the a!;'rt, li' swept from one end ol
our Territory td tbe otlier with amaz
ing rapidity. If his companions had
not proved treabapouj iu all proba
bility he could have bid a haughty de
fence to our Government for a long
time, lajt by a law of Providence the
wicked are often turned to destruction
by the vipers tiu-y anii'rteh.
The story of ' LittiiS 12an" has
already been written in a lut.c b iok
called ""Hall's Legend! of the West." '
It jfiCIiis that there were two brothers :
of that rftfl" vvl,o were the most dar
ing robbers tliat ever infested Ken
tucky. They wew ('ailed, lv way of
distinction Big ilarji and i,itle Harp,
on arcoant oi the aUferenee in lijejr
i.e. Tiu people of Kentucky had
beeaauc exasix-rar-d ar tbok outrages,
and determined to hunt th-m to the
death. The pursuit waa curritsl on '
with the latlaiice of th" slot bound,!
until at last tiny were overtaken.
Big Harp was pursued by ft rigantlc
Keutiickian; they hail a running nsdit
for hours oil h,ieback, until at lasl
Harp's horse fell ; then came a hand- j
to-hand fight. It was a tremendous
struggle between these two Western j
giauts, but at last Harp fell mortally
wounded. Hr di.id. his iiead was si v-
. i,iu wlv nutt WAU t.
tuck oil
lp ,n the cross-roads in ao
IH)le in the i-ross-roads in ty.eotoc; y
an - (1 th(l spot VSUI fora lonfr ,inu, c.ni
(he ..jIar,,,, Head." W hile the b-
i?er brother was beiiiK thus hotly pur
sued, the little Harp escaped and
came down and joined Mason's band.
Modeling from Memory.
I union, the celebrated caricaturist
who died recently at Baden-linden,
bhi nee. Numbere of anecdotes are
told of his feau in this way. One day
a young man came into his studio and
told him that he had a sister mortally
ill, and that bin family wished to have
her portrait. They dared not ask her
to sit; to do so wouldriiave been to
awaken her suspicion. In a word,
Danton undertook to reproduce her
f-atures from memory. 'Ihe next day
the brother informed his sister that he j
intended to make her a present ot
a iewel for her next ball. Danton
i wkh introduced in tne jouiik iimn
lroniUie jeweler'n,and whiletheyouiiK
lady was lookinfr at the sjitximeiis
st ii't, the artist made his observations.
I On going home he produced a bust
of striking resemblance. Next year,
an old man, the &ther of the brother
and aisti-r. came to awli Danton to do
the bust of hU son, also from memory, j
for the young man was dead. Danton j
succeeded as well for the brother as he j
had a wonderful iMv. er of modeling on tfatawtjeefc ray one-fourth
from memory. After one long look ! ihe graduates ol that institution
, at his subject," he could go to his studio "'Vcr marry al all. Ofthe graduates
and make a bu-.t perfect in its rescui- . "lp vesleyan I niversity, during
had for the sister. He was not, how 'favorable to Drew, and charged him test proved himself an intellectual
ever, always so successful. On one i 2,500. Daniel's lace never moved, j giant Dy completely demolishing Gen.
'occasion n gentleman, who could not1 He paid the bill and quietly remarked, Hindman and other Democratic ora
get his wife to sit, asked Danton to . 'Mr. , if you have no immediate tors that were sent against him. The
take tiis place oh a given day, at a ,
given hour, In one of IJie omnibusses I
running from th
tle- and be wot
ami wlubt ob
the Madeline to the Has- .
uld see Hi- wife there
observe her attentively. 1
i:.. ....... . I i . . i ,j . .
not the least like his wife, but was the ;
year uun wuct mmu. imuiou nu
maoe a hiisiukc iu me uu. ne. ien
a splendid lonune, as me result oi nis ,
art tobore. J
muiuu uiu u.m iiirtK'ttu, I'M-ciiieu n ; iaje. inv nimiurj, miu supposea west as a niemoer ot the l'aeinc rtail
nplendid bust, sent it to her husband, I that Mr. Drew was pleased with the I road Committee. He is a very liberal
and received for answer that it was result, and satisfied with tlie rather i omntloman nnd in nnlnt nrnhllitv fur
short paragraphs.
Counterfeit legal revenue stamps wff
in circulation.
The Richmond, Virginia, theater
sold for 84.000.
The dealers ofBoston have advanced
the price of coal to $10.50 per ton.
The Washingtonians are to have a;
new opera-house, costing .150,000.
The Maryland State Agricultural
Fair, at Baltimore, is well attended.
John Barkholtz Look the lag lieer
premium at the Tennessee State Fair, j
Our new Minister to China, T. F. I
Low, of Calilornia, bos arrived in :
A colored attorney and a former
English barrister are at loggerheads
in Nashville.
Ex-Marshal Barlow's successor, Mr.
Samuel K. Harlowe, was inducted
into ottiee on Thursday.
The tobacco crop of Bay county,
Mo., has ail leeii saved. Tho yield is
light, but of excellent quality.
The Queen of Prussia orders $500 to
every woman in the kingdom that
has given birth to twelve children.
I'nited States seamen are hereafter
to le allowed to draw one-tiftii ot the
pay due them at the end ot
j uonti,.
Andrcw Henry Smith, son of Gen.
! Smith, ol New Hope, Ala., committed
! suicide on Thursday by cutting his
! throat with a razor.
-Uuihop Green, of Mississippi, la
lying ill at the residence of a friend at
Lynchburg, Va He is not able to
return to his diocese.
There is a revolution In progress in
the Mormon Church, the Mormons
only waiting lor Brigham to die to
carry out toeta concerted measures.
The Government holds that no arm
ed ami equipped war vessel, sailing
under the flag of an unrecognized na
tion, has no right to remain in our
George Fog'e, who lived near St.
Joseph, Mi-souri, died a few days ago
of neglect and starvation, and was
buried by his affectionate sous in the
Emigrants from Holland, Denmark,
nnd other European countries, are
constantly jiassing through Richmond
en route lor Southwestern Virginia or
points further South.
Queen Victoria expects next sum
mer to visit Ireland officially and pub
licly. In htr published diary she
gives r,ome rather entertaining ac
counts of her first visit there.
Paropa-ltosa is meeting with her
usual success in Chicago, where she
has appeared iu " Maritana." The
i.'Mcao ipers give lull column ac-
; counts of the features of her perform-
A beedmaa'a theological seminary
has been founded in Richmond under
the name ol Colver Institute, and has
above forty students. It is under the
JWtrouage of the American Uaptist
Home Missionary Society.
Alexandria, Virginia, with a popu
lation of 15,000. has not a single pub
lic billiard table or ten-pin alley.
Roulette and faro are unknown, and
keno, too, is a thing of the past.
What city in the country can present
as clean a record?
Tho epidemic called bog-cholera is
royin in the northern part ot Mont
gotuety county, Ohio. Still slop-fed
swine are principally affected. The
disliilery ul EMefB lost two hundred.
Otlwta have lost KCorKs. Xttata is 110
St. Domingo correspondence of Oe
tober i "th states that Ben. Babcock is
stiil there Gathering statistitrs and
holding fong imeiiiews 'Ui Presi
dent Bac, which lead to the infer
ence that annexation to the United
States is under consideration.
The Nashville Pmctrni and tlie
Skmtt ZeUum have been eoaaoUdated,
making the bifrgest Conservative
German team in Tennessee, (ien.
tnuiiri;:;-'n BJcluHd Papendleck and
Dr. A. Jouraaa aw tne head f this
I s-eps Is the latest person accused
of plagiarism, fur if is now claimed
that the entire idea of the Suez ( anal
even to the details ol the plan, was
communicated to him by a French
man named Knfautin, who .dual in
lst4, a simple clerk in a railway omce.
This Knfautin was known as one of
the leaders of the St. Simonians.
A Kentucky Judge addressed John
I C. "Bnvkiin io3i. us "T'er;er:i!." where
upon he suggested that S'nflitary
titles be dropped in the court-room.
This very sensible suggestion could be
profitably extended outside of the
court-room and all over the country.
We have entirely too many titles lor
a Democratic people.
Havidson College, North Carolina,
Iufs recently putcnaaed th'' valuable
Briimhy ca'iineN ol nu.ierais, siuilj,
giid eiHogii-al specjrnens, and eiecteq
Cci. Wuu J. Martin, u'i Columbia,
Tenn., to take charge of thum, und of
the chemical and botanical chair. He
formerly held a positiun In the Univer
sity of Alabnma in it palmy days.
Davidson College is now in a llourisli
ing condition.
Mr. Wade, Fagiisli Charge d'Al
lair, uj;' meeaaaM Mr. Ailcock in
China, in leisirted U) iaye paid re
cently that J. Boss Browne wu in
error in stating that the Chinese had
made no progress. They had recently
establinlied a foreign office, and jro-;
vided lor the education of youth
abroad, and this, wilh tlie appoint
ment of Mr. Burliugame's mission,
Indicated considerable progress. Mr. '
Vade thinks all Mr. Burlingame's
treaties will i.:.- ratifle)
When a Preach tolegraph aaaipany
Mfced tM privilege of lauding one end i
;:f tuvw cable on our shores we :
thpught the opposition which was
iiiadft narr.'iW and wrong. We cou
less it did lio't OCaUjt iu as that, having
secured this privilege fpr"themseiues,
tbese Frenchinen would turn mound
Mad move; their Government to rofu. j
a similar privilege to an American
compag to );ind one end of a cable on
the 1'icnci) cuoat. V"f ths appears to i
be the case, from a pnUUun iuf-:;;o-rial
of Americana engaged in prepar
ing a cable to be laid between America
and France,
the Interior,
The Freneh Minister ot
it seems, replietl to the
application of the Americans for ad
mission for their cable to the French
shore, by the information that the
French company have a monopoly for
twuity years, which must exclude the
American af"f-V We do not hear
that Secretary Irish ha mtjdp ;inv re
ply to the American "memorial setting
iorlli theoe taet: 'iiit tlie fittest reply
wouUI l to order the Kridir-'i Rne
away from Dnxbory, uHtil the freneh ,
monopolists learn, by experience, a .'
little decency.
Some curious statistics have lately
been published coneenitDS married
men at college, which would seem to
show tW the law which forbids
youutr men who itava entered upon
the state of matrimony from entering
our universities in a large measure
induce celibacy in the graduates.
The Bachelors of Aria, many of them,
remain for life Bachelors of Hearts.
'Nie records of Yale tell a mournful
I birty-five years of its eaUtem e, five
hundred and thirty-five ouly out ti
mne hundred and ten re reported as
having married. For aoine of these
there is yet hope. But the facta seem
to warrant the generalization that
there U an influence against matri
mony in the celibate student life.
Shall the law be abolished? This is a
question worthy, perhaps, of the at-
tention of the Social Science Congress,
The New lork World, describing
the scene in the ante-room of the
Grand Jury's apartments, when a
large number of well-known specula
tors were assembled in auswer to sub
poenas, relates the following anecdote,
as told by one of the by-standers of
Mr. Daniel Drew:
"He is a sharp old fox, if he has
enuowea a theological seminary. I
know a lawyer who acted as a referee j
in a caae wherein Daniel was interest- j
ed. The referee gave an opinion very I
use lor tnis money it nulit be very j
profitable if you should invest it in I
such a way. l do not advise you to
in vest i 1 simply Bay that you minhi
make it very greatly to your advnji-
i ml... ......... . . ; r
exorbitant fee, believing that Daniel
proposett io uu mm ser-ice,
went direcuy aim invested me iwen-'
ty-llve hundred and a thousand be-1
sides as Drew had suggested. In two !
days he lost every cent. That Is the
way he got even with the fellow for
overcharging. 1 tell you he's a rat."
Oen. Lee has baen quite 111 recently
with a severe cold.
It is said that "poor Carlotta" can
not live through the winter.
A vein of antimony has been dis
covered in Trigg county, Kentucky.
The Albany Journal calls Judge
Barnard, of New York city, a disso
lute judicial desperado.
Henry Hunter Craig, the negro 1
route agent on the Mobile and Mont
gomery railroad, has resigned.
John Swiuton, formerly of the New
York Time;, is writing the experience
of " Ten Years of Journalism
Hon. D. A. Nunn, Tennessee Min
ister to Ecuador, and J. N. Casanova,
Cuba, are at the Kbbitt House.
Horace (ireeley mounted the stump
in New York on Thursday evening,
and talked to the working men.
Yallandigham, according to the
Dayton (Ohio) Jdyer, declines to lie
a candidate for President in ls72. v
Wendell Phillips, in his " Lost
Arts," says the ancients 3,000 years
ago knew how t make sherry cob
blers. A swarm of bcs has taken pos-e,-
in f tlu' bronzdjglobe on the steeple
I ofthe Presbvterian church at Tallade-
ga, Alabama.
Iu the South there are HO.OOO Presby
terians and 125,000 Cumberland Pres
byterians. The latter reside princi
pally in the Mississippi Valley.
The school tax collected by the Slate
Trea-urer of Keutacky during the fall
term, amounts ttv $1(14,700 07, while
the amount disbuised w ill Ik- !?31,is7
Elder Orson Pratt, of Mormondoin,
is preaching ioog-wmdeu sermons on
celestial marriage,- to counteract the
influence of Auiui Dickinson's lec
tures. They talk of establishing a new tel
egraph line across the Hudson. It is
to be exclusively iuu by Jersey light
ning. Here's a chance for some of our
A gentleman has goue from Colon
county, Kentucky, to find, Iu the East,
capital to develop a very ridi vein of
copper that has been discovered in
that county. 7
Mrs. Helen Corwin Fisher, a Wu-li-ingtou
lady, is a contributor to the
New Vtk fleetly. She has just com
menced a story for that paper called
"The Unloved Wife."
The remains of Col. Edward May
nard, late Cni ted States Consul at
Turk's Island, woff taken to the resi
dence of his father, at Knoxviile,
Hon. Horace Maynanl.
The Masonic 6rand Lodge ol
Georgia, now infse-ssion at .Macon,
have under considfration the erection
in that city of a fltand and magnifi
cent Masonic Temple.
The I'nited States troops and the
North Carolina darkles have had a
lively time at Goldsboro. The recon
struction policy of Congress was en
forced with bullets instead of ballots.
A young calf, belonging to a farmer
near the village of Dayton, in Rock
ingham, Virginia, caught and de
voured thirteen young turkeys last
summer. The trutti can be vouched
for by respectable p witnranm
Tlie ex-Queen Isabella intends retir
ing from the gay life of Paris. Her
Majesty has bought a small property
at Gone-se, where a score of nuns are
to set up an establishment. A retired
rag picker oriftnaay owned th.tt prop
erty. The Monro ((Ja.) Adaertiter says
that Judgii Hiram Phinazee, of that
county, tliis year nuide rive hundred
bushels of corn on twelve acres. His
best auto pKidncetf lilty-Unet. and a
half bushels, hih the second best forty
six bushels,
Mr. S. Ireriajnua Prime, of the New
York tferver, says he was once a
school ttacher; that oue of his pupils,
to whom he taught the alphabet, is
now Governor of New York; another
of his boys was. last week appointed
- by (Jon. drunt, Swpetary of
Seventy-five negroes left Richmond
on Saturday lor Louisiana, hnviqa
niriij incrnseives 31 ?is ana
inouth to work on uottou ulantatioim
The exodiw from 'iri;iiiia southward
of the black element of her population
lia- recently been iuite large, and, in
stead of diminishing, seems to increase
with the rigor of the season.
Falls River is the largest manufae
. turiug town In the L'nited States, its
Munqiea U;nig more tLan even tiiase
01 Lowell or Lawren'ce.
fhere are
tweiiiv-iwo nulls within its limits.
and the place can boast of 12,Hihj
looms, and nearly 00,000 splindles.
Tliesegive employment to T.'nlo hands,
whose wages approximate a lMll(i 01
' a million monthly, and whose labor
produces H 20,008)08 yards of goodi a
An exchange estimate that the
people of tho United States pay one
iiiiiliou of dollars a day to support
card gamblers professional players.
To calculate the rate per year pro
duces no very comfortable feeuna.
Can such an outlay be afforded? In
New York city alone there are over
two thousand professional gamblers.
They live very extravagantly, and
iiiv.il kiwu """-, iu su. Homing
of Uip business renuirements of their 1
mtftoliafluienta, muat ost mat com-1
munltv at least six millious of dollars !
a year. ,
rri r 11 t. , , . .
Tlie following is Renan's description 1
of St. Paul: "I'aul had-a sickly ap-1
jiearance, which did not, as it appears, !
correspond with the greatness of hi
soul, lie was ugly, short, thickset
and stooping, and his broad shoulders
awkwardly sustained a little bald
l' -il. Hia xaiioff oowaWnajice wa
half hidden iu a thick beard his
nose was ftcquilinc, his eyes pierc
ing, aim ins oiat'K ana Heavy eye
brows met across his forehead. lior j
was there any tli ing imposing in hi?
ipeccui h: t liiiui and embarraeaed
air, and his faoufraai lanuae, gave '
at ttrxt but a poor idea of his elo-:
qaflaoe. lie shrewdly, however,
gloried in his exterior defects, and
even drew advantages therefrom."
JhB rjo'ilviir i:!Min says: "Hatch- J
ie river 'but fin air SaturiUiy and
fiiinday ii !oiiseuuein:e of the let'ent .
lallln went her nnti foafi five or six i
leet. ji tne railroad untile at iimuh- j
ville fvuld permit, a three hundred
ton steamer could easily eometo liol- j
ivar now. Open the river and give !
the boats a ehanee. Monopolies are a ;
nuisance while competition is the life
of trade. Why don't the river re-
portee? oi the Memphis press bring
llieir cuns to near 011 Ibe L'rcat im-
portartce of re-dpening Hatcnle river'.'
0,(410 it s that tlie Bluff City has
lost ami is loslnu ifidfloy and trade
every uay ny our river reiiiaiuing'
cioaed to navigation. Come. Sir
Kighbiof the Quill, give us a lift.
The Arkansas M. E. Conference
Bishop fierce presiding made the
following appointments i Helena Dis
trict -J.M. Steele, P. L. ; Helena Sta
tion, J. h. Denton; Helena Circuit, J.
A. Williams i Long Lake, to be sup
plied 1 Walnut Bend, D. W. lleid :
Kim Bend, to besupplied; Marion, B. 1
Harris; Tyrongee, to be supplied; I
Osceola, L. D. W ebb.
TheDeVall's Bluff Journal says of!
Logan n . koois, jj., u,; "t or some
time we have delayed paying our
compliments to this gentleman, a fel
low townsman, and member of Con
gress. Col. Boots was a Federal sol
dierwent out with an Illinois regi
ment and greatly distinguished him
self in the quartermaster's and com
missary departments. During the
march from Atlanta to the sea, he cap
tured several thousand head of cattle,
and was immediately placed in a high
position by Gen. Sherman on account
of his great accumulative qualities, and
was subsequently breveted from the
rank of captain in the volunteers to
brevet lieutenant-colonel. He came
to Arkansas, indulged largely in spec
ulation, una was highly successful.
When the contest arose for member of
Congress, he secured two successive
nominations on account of his superior
skill and ability, and In the latter con-
result was that he was declared elected
to Congress. Among his brilliant ef-
forts, mav be classed his oration on
th death of Hinds, and his skill and
nnoro - i in traveling through fhf crpat
- .. m. --.
surpasses any of the now thought of
competitors for tne L'nited States Sen
ate. We look upon him as one calcu-.
lated for the position, and hope the
people will not forget him,"
What Royalty Costs.
His Holiness the Pope, who can
look over the whole of his temporal
dominions from the hall ol St. Peter's,
is the cheapest monarch of Europe,
and costs only $:!io,000 per annum.
Bavaria sets apart a round million for
royalty, Kngland provides for her
Queen and royal family r2,350,0OO,
Prussia maintains majesty at a cost of
200,000, Italy charges her people
lor me new monarchy tne bandsomc
sum of $3,209,000, and Austria suffers
lor the support of the Hapsburgs to
the extent of four millions a year.
These are among the moderately dear
, Wnen we coma th'e UrandTurk! I
KingsioiKs and imperial people
who wants many sequins to keep up
ms seragnos ana narems, we nnd him
tolerably " high-priced," $6,600,0Hi
being Abdul Assize's allowance. The
F.mperor of the French gets his $7,
0(10,000 for managing the affairs ofthe
empire. Lastly, the Czar, who is the
most expensive monarch to keep up
of all, has $10,500,000.
Rapid Circuit of the Earth.
With the means of locomotion now
adays in use, the circuit of the earth
may now be made in eighty days, the
time that formerly would have been
' occupied in making the journey from
I Paris to St. Petersburg. The tuilow-
ing would be the itinerary, starting
from Paris; From Paris to New Y'ork,
eleven days; from New York to Sau
Francisco, by the Pacific Railroad,
seven days; from San Francisco to
Yokohama, by steamboat, tweutv-one
1 days ; From Yokohama to Hong
1 Kong, again by .steamer, six days;
trorn Hong Kongfb Calcutta, steamer,
' twelve days; from Calcutta to Bom
bay, by railroad, three days; from
Bombay to tniro, steamboat and rail-
roaii, fourteen days; trom Cairo u I
' fans, six days, making in all the
eighty days mentioned.
Throughout the whole of this jour
ney there are only one hundred and
1 forty mill's (thedistance between .tlli.
: habad and Bombay) in which steam
i cannot be used in assi-iting the trans
port; but a railway is rapidly being
constructed which will soon join these
places, and then, truly, steam will
have put a girdle round the earth.
telegraphic markets.
Nuw York, November 2. Cotton
heavy; aales ilKJO bales; uplands
, iiW. Klonr to 1Mlio40, cloning it lowor.
Whisky l isfc.l ly. Wheat Winter
red, anrf uuiber Western ill ton 1 i
1 White do. (1 TO. No. 2 Spring
I fl ". Rice steady Carolina 59. Corti
1 (0(u.l 02. Kye,l O.Vjl 07. Coffee Hrm.
Sugar, Cuba 1 1 .',(1 1 Molassea (juiet.
1 Hry Goods weak; Amoskeag duckings
22c; do. C, 2IS;; do. A, 2Sr; do. AC A, :!4c;
do. e.: stripes, 22c; do. 3x:i. 21c; do, blue
1 rtlWlus. 2Hc; liunker Hill, le; do. Clark'a
blue, 2Sc; Pearl Kiver blua do. 27e; do.
licks, :.!(; Hepjwreil, lOKe; Msaehed
j sheetings, 'Jc; - !lo. 45c; do. 8-4, 40c;
Peaijuof Iti-4. do. r7;ie; do. 9-4, bi'ic-
Monadnock lu-4 do. ilo. gfUsi I'eprx-'reli
i 10-1 br j u Jo, 47 Ho 1 do, !)-4do. Jo. 40i.-;
Wasblagton Ibrlcs a do. high colors
i loe; Victory do. A, tic; high colors 10c;
j Ballon do. Or; do. do. high colors, 10c;
! Cabot 1-t bleaobe4 muslins l.'ie; do. 7-8 do!
do. l.i'-jc; Ueltunaat A A licks 2Tiv.
The moaey market is more active and
1 firmer at Ua7 per cent for call loans,
j mostly at 7 per ceut. At tbe close it was
I stated that the Broadway Bank had called
j in about fSOOOM io meet the maturing
I obligations of thecitv. llisconnts were in
j pressing demand at 2Wi21c. Sterling SI,
1 Inito. liold lower, opening at 12se and
closing at 127-V.tl27V. The carrving
; rate were 87 er cent, liovernuients
I are heavy ami lower. The steady decline
j 111 gold premium, iu c.-nneciion with the
continued saleaby uirestan Unac ial
institutions, ijradually' dragging the
maiUet itu-.vn. Southern State bonds are
weaker. Salea of new TraaiUIIU it Bill,
" losing wiih m.)re oifeiing at the same
New Orleans, November 2. Cotton
I fctive; middlings MHfiB. iialea 6700
j ba'.esi receipia tJutiS bales. Kxporla
; ooastwiso, m;1 bales. Flour firm Super
;5 23; XX 50; XXX fli ft) r.;ix
i Corn scarce mixed l 10; white fl 15
I Oats ia(q.i.5. Bran 1 10. Whiskv dull
UUd lower; Western rooliUed 'il 20;u,
l 22. Hay dull: prime, J27. Pork M
1 Bacon sugar-cured hams 2,'J'; shoulders
I are retailing at 17S: dear rju gp. dear
; siues a)1,, i.ard dull tierces
keg 19!-iaoH. Sugar quiet centrifugal 12
; jrnoM i-j; common 1';
.uojaajwj euiet Qcntruugal 0.1
j 75; RrtnUl SSftSS choice 850. Cof
i fee active prime MfUAl7j fair IhWGkXaK.
1 Uo"i ." filerlii.g 38J. New York
St. Lons. November 2. Flour family I
?'. 75. Wheat, No. 2 red fall, gSefefl 05. I
Oorn 72aSi Oats 42fn i'j. Barlev Jl :t5. i
Rye li70. Whiskey 81 lid 1 12
Sugar-Cuba Vtiilt. New Pork
i.u f0; old $;m. Bulk shoulders 14
sides -t'u.T bacon shoulders
llc-j, Sidt:s It.'-.U-Ml. I-,rd 1S:. Tolia.s-o i
1 " ,uk uar leal 10 M;i
Cincinnati, November i Family Hour i
& ' W heat ?1 1'Hf i 1 111. Com' W.i S4
for old. Oata SOSa. "jffltT. fnttnn !
middllag iv.iiv.c. Mess Pork
?31 m. .ev I. mi liP-i. New bulk Rllmil
ders, half cuitd. 1:" Ifeaaoi IOC
ft!H. Wliiakey 1 K Huga tv SAn.10.
SUttar aiK(J.. Hefined augur Vie lower
Cbeeae irVudfc.'i. Eggs 29. Coflee
TUbaerc accive and lc liigher.
Sales or Sli idids. ai $s HQti So.
Ixindon. November 3. Coiiaola tfl.
5--J0 boucli. of lbti2 firmer at H3; do. of 'U5
ST '-i ; do. of '(17 MS : 10-40S 77.
Livekpool, NovemVer 2. Cotton firm
er; uplands LiWdj Orleans ld;
sales l'l.oou bales. Tuu Manchester mar
ket is tinner. California white wheat
ins ;h; red western ! id- red
winter Sa ftl. Ifei.-ejpts at tvlieat for turee
H'.w .n . ,;!, or wiii,-h are
Amerioau. Western tiour ::is 9ii. Corn
mixed :t0s. Data 3s. Hea3 4-.s. Pork lis
W. ats 3s Gil.
Krankkout, Koranfaei 2.-oOs eteaai
Arm at 9g($8S.
Paws, XovemU-ri The Bourse opened
nr'"er- Kentes "if 4tk.
- - - - - 1 .. 1 n
H i, imrflfase.1 Ransom's Alabama I
l.ime Kiln, we are prepared to furnish
any uuanlly or Bt'I.K or 11AKRKL I.IME.at ,
op Warehouse, al Memphis und Charleston
Railroad Depot.
Leilger copy I wi cK. mvJ
tbe ebe
d ray accounts and roiu-hers in
if my Administration of Ihe Ks
uis Kimble, deceased, with tbe
tate of Th
Clerk ol o;ir County Court, and will apulv at
the ue.i of tfie n$f i to h.i.e MwVw
allowed nd confirmed, when those persons
lnierexU',1 msv attend and eider their objee-
Uons, if auy tliey haya
November 2, ISiJH
Sale of Premium Cotton
r'HXOettaa exhibited at the FAIlt will be
so.datliieIl.il 01 the ('haniber of Com
merce, by Aueliou. on THIS HAY, i Wednes-
dayi couimencinicat 12 o'rloet m.. when Mr.
w.. a re.iuei-.ea to tuive lie- .niples
promptly on liafcd. Parties not desiring to
aH la tills way will please make It known to
Royster, Treevsnt & Co., Auctioneers.
i.KOX. THol spALE,
Egg Hanetai it.
Of 2VIom jlisi.
Memphis, November i
Tlie Bnard of Directum have ..rile;, d
staflnienf of I'y- upon the Subscribed Capital
of thin Bank to tie paid on or before the first
of January next.
neVJ aj'. REAP, Cashier.
And Jobbers or Dry Goods, White Goods,
Notions, Hto.,
Hare removed to S3", 539, 541 Broadway,
New York, a few doors above Ht. 5i tcholaa
Hotel . no tt
nil ni-
Office of OvmhiUsiowr o PuWie Work
and Inlernal Improvements,
Little Rock. October 15, lsenj
SEALKP PROPOSALS will be received at
this offlce. or at A. K CHESTER'S STOKE,
In Helena, Ark., to be delivered within one
month from the date o! this notion, for the
following LKVEE WORK, to be done iu Phil
lips county. Arkansas, vis:
1st. From the Hills above Helena to the up
per line of the Williamson place, repairs, if
-i. From the npper end of the Williamson
place, to Yoe's Bayou, break and repairs. If
3d. From Toe's Bayou to Old Levee on the
Apperson place. Including new Levee, and
repairs. If any.
4th. From tlie Junction of the new Levee on
the Apperson place, to Old Town break, in
cluding break and repairs.
5th. The new Levee at Old Town break.
Oth. The Culvert for new Levee In Old Town
Plans and specifications can be seen at tbls
office, or at A. E. Chester's store, In Helena.
Proposals for new Levees, and for repairs
to old Levees must state the amount per cu
bic yard, lor each kind of work separately for
which the work will be don.
The work to be ooroplfc.ed by the first day of
April, W70L
Good and sufficient security will be requir
ed for th faithful performance of the work.
Oariua, fidiia. Ark, gov
DRY G000S.
Menken Bros.
Offer to Merchants,
An Unusually Attractive Stock of
Choice and Desirable
Wa Ask You to Look at Our Stock
and Prices.
Orders Promptly FiNed
Menken Brothers
iCixrner of Court),
204 Front Str-eet.
Llbornl lulvanres niuile mi rotivigTi
mentM fit t'otton to nr Ma I J II !,
NPRA'ifK, Soci.k Co , IpMton;
Wii.liaxs, Hume 4 Co., New York;
HOKIHtCAJ 4 Co.. Haltlmoi,.;
h. aavauuc a aaaa, raiiaitnipaia or.n
Vr.nn.TM Hank nv TnoMq, 1
MsMHua, Jitii 1 ictobvr, kML 1
nr'iiis hank BAViica DKCoaTlXDaD
luile.e-w, hiiH transferred its lx-pofilti.
Collection-, ;oo,l Will, etc., to the Talon
Planlcrs Rank of Menivtii. anil wnnld re
rouimend sul'l B.nk to (lie coaBdaaaaaf lti
I l.pollor and CoiTespondt-nts.
Iiepoaltors are reterred to the card of the
I'll Ion and Planters Rank btrluw.
. V. V. sMITH,"e,ldent.
P. A . SH f : l'Hai i aah lv
Union anp Planters Rank of Memphis, I
.MKUi lUS. October Jb, l.suy. i
rpHIrmiai HAMf OK TESXtssKF,
" having iliriror.tliiued IntsiueiM, ha.s nluceil
In the ham' of the I'nioii ami Planiem Bank
a Itsl of tialAitces tine its lenoitors, wilh
funds to niake the same good.
TliHse balances. In an rinlaaaa with said
lint, have li-cn entered lo the credit aftfeia
various partus uin th ls k of the Union
and Planters B.nk, and h.-.-ks ami drafts, I) j
prOer parties upon t!, s ia;e, yflll he dul
The I.'nlou nd P,aiit. rs Bank has this day
rentw'.wl to the Bnnk Building formerly or-
ellpled hy the Peoi:s ll.tnk.at 12 Mad. son.
untll Hie completion of its new buildluu at
i Mudis.-n ::.. -t.
Wll. M. KARRINUTON, Pres't.
oeai S. P. IfKALl. i ailiitr.
I WILL apply, ut rhe I Winter Term ofoai
Shelby Coantj Conrt, itira cunfirra atiii
of my St ith-inent hh Im Aclininistrutnx m
I ho cHtati of the late Dr. Zeno T. Uarri.s, fit
eeasvt. All p. r-oiiH iiiicrieit are buret ' '
liolined. ocM ? UAKKIS.
Cotton Factor, Grocer
No. 3 Howard's Row.
Abb M. Harwell. Cotton Salesman.
oc'l ibw
3F-a.XsXA yxjxi 'X"xrcrG,
A larjje and r inplete Slack of
Ornamenial and Fruit Trees,
A lo, clifiiirc . . .1 u (! of
Grsen Heuse Plants, Flowers, Etc.
fill all orders. Lav Out and Beautify
Grounds nnd KurnLsb Bouquet, at short no-
Large Magnolias
W invite especial attention of OariJenerH
mid Daaltffl to our stock, offering at low
prices, (,'nll anUsee, antlKeleot foryonrselvew
Kor CatuIoKue anti othr lnforintltu, hu
tlrttw, WADDY TH()Mlit)V, Proprietor.
atwiinli. Tenn.,
Qr .O.rHAtCf 3i CO.,
"Aarlrnltnral and Seel Store
:t79 Main "ireei, Mt-iuphi, lenu.
OV" Bonquets l'urniHhed at abort tiulice.
St. Clair Nurseries, Summerfield, III.
On! UILFS Jm.m J?'.-LouU. ou O. nnd M. H. I
Mm ... I C - UADVWA. i lUUnUr. , l
riunureu acres in tue ctiltlvatlou of Fruit
Trees. Apples a niaguiaoeni stock of 2 and
3 year olds, including all the leading and
most popular southern varieties, obtained
Irom reliable growers Soutu Pears, Peaches,
Plums, Apricots. Nectarines, Cherries, Quin
ces, Grapes. Strawberries, Raspberries, etc.,
in great variety. A eholcecollectlou of RoseK,
Ornamental Evergreen and Deciduous Trees,
Flowering Rhrnbs, Herbaceous Plauta, Bulbs,
etc. Branch Office. Lt and 15 Moroe street,
se.'l .!.w QEO. H. BKOWN. Uen'l Agent.
Mississippi aid Ti-nneshkk Railboad,")
Sscbtaky asp TEiAsmrn's OrriCTt
MEMi'His, Temn.. October 11, UHB.J
STOCKHOLDERS in this company are
hereby notified tbattb annual election
for Directors, to serve the ensuing year, will
be held at the Peabodv Hotel. Memphis, on
WEDNESDAY, the luth November next, at
11 o'clock a.m.
ocJ2 B. H. LAMB, BecreUry.
MissiasiFPi A.soTk-KSsaiK Railroad,-)
Secretary and Treasurer's Office. t
-Mempnis. tenn., ept -JU-mmi
COUPONS of the First Mortgage (7 per cent,
seven per cent, bonds of this company
at this ol
on thelat October next, will be paii1'
ce al maturity.
H. I AMR Treasnrer
Lumber, Laths and Shingles.
I HAVE now on hand, and am constant!
sawing, a full stock of Building Lnmber,
of all dimensions; sills, Joists, siudilng
Posu, Boards of all lengths, and dear Lum
ber; also, a large stock of
Particular attention given Ia the shipment
of Lumber. Orders solicited.
Mills and Lnmber Yard on Wolf River,
north of Uayou dayoso.
Wholesale Grocers,
330 Front Street,
Terms Cash. Memphis, Tenn.
lrK nre now receiving one of the lnnrmt
I 11 -trul bii ftclecusl nock of goo! It naa
! vtT i ei-u our pieaAure to olftr u the trad,
I and lo flrst-- a bujem we are prepared to
j oner Inducements that cannot be Mirpaaasd.
600 aacka Rio Coffee all jcraile;
300 barrels Refined Sugar all grades;
iO hint. Louisiana Su-ar all grade;
WO packages Syrups and MoUuaes at!
V t grailejt;
100 kegs KnglUh .Soda;
2U0 boxes English Soda;
1000 packages New Mackerel;
500 packages Virginia Tobacco;
60 iarrela Robinson t'ounty Whiaky;
100 " Rourlton Wnisky :
100 " Rectified Whisky;
50 ' Tenuesaec White Whibky;
10U boxes Layer Kaiaina;
50 lioxes axaortcd Nut;
loo c.ui.-a Sardines;
100 cases Itrandy Cherries and Peaches.
For sale by FARU.VSIJN k CLAY,
se8 330 Front Street.
In store, oue ol tbe larat, uioul aene
raj nui
Best Selected Stock of Goods
In onr line ever offered in Utta market, in
KtatlnK in ;iart of
1200 bags Coffee
k 1200 barrels Flour,
1500 pkg?. Mackerel.
1000 kegs Nails,
500 pieces Bagging,
200 barrels Whisky,
250 doz. Painted Buckets,
flneftr. Moliuwn, Bafon, L:trd, Suit. ptr. The
-tN-k U well worthv the jittt-n: i n .f it u.- i
I who art rHpt'tfUHy InvltU lo call ami x- ;
i amine tt.
Galbreath, Stewart & Co.,
Mi-mpbis, Tenn.
1 Ti
j JJ"!
- 1
No. 321 cnt Street.
ONSIUNMENTS to us bv i lver Insure.! in
'Vjr n ollcy. Orders promptly rtlbsl.
auju oiiertUcLsii advanceson produce. A i-on-
tlnual re .v.. of onr business is tbe bet evi
ilciic- oi Miitiwfaciio'i irivcn. Md il.w
H. H. HKOoS.-
H. a. xistv
Grocers, Cotton Factors
Plantation Supplies,Boat&Bar Stores
No. LT0 Frost Htrket,
Bet wteen Court and Madis n,
e9 h km v ii i, nam. '
Ed. J. Tavlok.
Of DeSoto Co., Miss.
Wll. C. RlTLASD,
of DeSoto Co., Mls.
W 1 1 ) LEX A I . K M R KT A I L
Grocers, Cotton Factors
Mosby and (luut'H Block, - Memphis, Tk.
' t'ontnmentrt solicit wl.
Louisville Route Always Ahead
Commencing May 2, 1869.
llAIRnhis nnri ! nuiaviilo R M-lrnail I inp-
, - ....v.
Leave Memphis icitr tlraeU: i
Morniua train from Meiupuis dot not run
on Sunday.
Leave Memphis, citv time. I -tia.m. 2:-p.m.
Arrive at Naaah ville 11 to p.m. SttSsvB.
phi to Louisville ud Memphis to .W livllle.
Through Tickets at Reduced Rates
Can be procured at the Company's offlceBT 1-2
Main street, and at Llepot,
neau oi juain ss,
Checked at
bi-poi. or ly the
Memphis City Transfer Company; at Hotels.
rrivate ttesiuences, or on nostra oowia, to ail
principal points East and North.
SAM. a JONES, Snpt.
Brr.i. Hiiwill. Passenger Agent. sum
Memphis and Little Rock R. R.
Chidester, Searle & Co.'s Stage Line
Through to UttleRock in 24 Hours.
I trains
Will leave Memphis dallv
" Little Rock ds
at .6:01) a. iu
ally, at :0u p m
This Line conn ecu
tin stage at liu e
Rock for Hot sprini
us. Stockport. Araaue.-
f ill la, V asitingrcn, i-rinceion, luub.u"..
lp, Camden, and Eldorado 24 hours quicker
than any other route.
Tickets sold at Ticket Offices of
Memphis and Charleston Railroad,
Memphis and Louisville Railroad,
Illinois Central Railroad, 1J. ,
Memphis and Little Rock R. R-. W Madison St.
General Agent and Superintenden t.
M. OWEN, Tick! Agent, s"
o Z
Trimmed Hats. Boots and Shoes,
Clothing. Hosiery, Suipsndars,
Gloves, Caps, Cutton & Wool
Flannels, Checks. Pant
Goods, Gloves, .S.p,,
Pocket-Books, Cut
lery, Crashes, T D .. -ela,Liiius,
Goods, Gla-j-ware,
ware. Etc.
THURSDAY MORNiflG, Koveb6r4,
AT 10 O C1KJC.
Corner Second and Aduras atn ' '.
To Be Sold at Auc ion.
H. E. cor. Main and ifewtrson St.
A Halesroim.
No Ooodaoffi,rsl ataartionodc.-Iiai '
From the wtll kn ;
To oomnienee at lb o'clock W . . '." I
DAY, Nov. 3, at our Salt's B
Aad ccotirue at 2 and 7 p av ,. t.se
block is Ci'.int c.
Th l.aitlew part!cntnrly inv :'
H lii.v..K niivv i,;hii fo;' ii ..:
I WILL sell Peven and a-hsl ;
beitHiRilig to I at est
er. di ecus. d. to it. e liit-:..-t t,
ou the premises,
Tuesiiay. Novemfc. r 9. ;t 1
The land is liandsetci.Tv r'
norn Lakerond. as-
SiURBEKY, in. av d . .
I mand. or BaM in on, iu!.
The sale is n::..;,-i.n; . . :i .
eery Court aiTlng to parclWtrs a r- :.
C. J. JVTLLBEUGER. iubaloiantrlx.
uotS Aac.lons.ji--.
Tuesday Afternoon. Sth i-st.. at3 a'(
E wiii sell the d.i, .i1 1- Leai oi - art of
Let Xo. 6. Navy i i u rr".: , 1-7-. I r..
fronts on bom Vrt me,;:.,-.' ;. . .
su evts, with a d. pth bi n
wtreet. and adjoin me i . ..
E4. Tbe iaiprov. -mi a , . .-: a a- -
ont-story Briek llou.-c ur.li e L.ar atd Ua
The lease has 17 years ;o run from
1S7U. Terms of w.:.; w. icnow-t ni jar of
a'. W. U. 1 AS SOU
H'.v2 : ...
PTTBIjIO auction,
Of oae of the Largest and Richest Stocks o.
Watches, Diamonds, Jsweiry
r VFR offered in th!: mafic ; f M i BTCR
j TKEZKVANT A CO., - . .
I Jefferson and Mam, MMMMteg
Wednesday Momi.ng, November 3 I.
; -l 10 o'clock. Am this eXegAO
Closed out in the suortsi t
! jk an Inspection of tu koou I a. ; -
to the reeling Cf:;lldrnT th: - .
and valuable bartcai" caa bet.b SL
Tli attention of tbe lacfle m respectful v
calbfd to tS important alr , nt wnicaj rhalrw
will be provided tor their c ot am iou
KoY8Tft. TIOSVAS I & l,'.,
nl Au tion eer.
T- -
Main Street Stores
IO-SKX, i-q., io ode.-.
: those TWO ELEUAXi'
at mMmi sale.
Nos. 225 and 230 Main St..
Each lot having a front on
about 24 feel by a drptli ..f
proved by commodious brick :
tbe entire depth of the lots
alley. No. 22b ia a urs -3tori
y. atn
No. 30 la th eleant four-vr-,r:t ' Bi at
StorefcovMe on th rant aide of Mbid -i. e Al
tbe corner of the alley, between Adatus aul
Jellerson, rxpnlarized by Mr. FK VNK, li.n
prestot occupants, an
STrictly flrst-cla property in li-'al;- n,
material, size and iwfcrt1tif.il. and esp
no in the flrat-elaas tenants wh.ch i; aiwavr.
command), at Die burliest ruling rate of r
H Is impoasible to IluU a af-r or betita n
vestment la real estate here or elsewhere;
and in tbe necessity whirti i:n-a
the market, Mr. Jone wi'-bes to avail him
self of tbe fullest competiuoa union, bid
ders. He ba.H therefore instructed as to give
notice that It will be put up at peremptory
public sale.
At S o'clock p-m., upon the pren.taes, when
and where weshi-li be happy to meet a f all
attendance of bi.klers.
TERMS OK SAl-fc.. Half eaah, balanc-.
eqnaily divided In 6 nnd 12 mo-. ilia, wltn In
terest, ae.--ureil by deeds
irouert. Tne bale will
. , uu
IO tne KUrciiiser. with rents f,nm si lUvn
ber, and possessioa 1st of January.
ocji Auctioneers.
The ih.vcring Snasoa.
It hi Impossible to suppose that any human
being can consider an attack of Fever and
Ague a light visitation. And yet thouv : is
act as If such a calami y was of no conse
quence; while thousands who are actually
suffering from the distreasin,; com plaint neg
lect to adopt the certain uieau of cure. Is
ought to be known in every locality H .
lo tills scourge, or fiiich is Infested Witt re
mittent fever, or any other ept.Ietnie pro
duced by malaria, that H MOBMI STOM
ACH BITTERS are taken Inadvanceor..: .
commencement of theunheaithy seaaon,wlll
fortify the system ag.iinst the atmospberio
poison which generates these distempers.
Tt.il admirable invlgorant harmieas, agree
able, and possessing rarer uiedlcin.il virtues
than any other tonic at present known, wiil
break up the paroxysms of intermittent or
remittent fever in from forty-eight hours to
ten days. Such la the universal testimony
from districts where perlodl.-al fevers have
been com batted with this powerful vegetable
Chologogue. In a thievish neighborhood wise
men bar their doors and windows, yet strange
to say, lt the aume neighborhood happens to
b pervaded by sserlal potion, they seldom
take the trouble to put their bodies ;n a state
of defence against th subtle . ntmy. Skiv
ering victims endeavoring Is va.n lo warm
your blue hands over the fire, or consuming
with the fever that follows the eLUl, remem
ber that BOSTETTER'S HITTERS Is an 060
luie. tptedxi aini hrfaittlic jpecytc lor your d.i
tressing malady.
To the Stockholders of the Memphis
Sayoso Gas Company.
THOBE that have been sued
com forward promptly, and
that have been made, and sul;
Lie die.
missed. . ,
Office southwest corner of Main and Jetfe:

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