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Memphis daily appeal. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886, November 04, 1869, Image 4

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pSSil gSllffiiPHHHj mWmwmmmw Sw-- JSBHBmKW m
" thk Momphtsdaily appeal.- ri rr; ijKDA Y, xov i :m.bi-:u imj?. I
' -,,,(Ji.ci.,t r-.HOft i'ANT ARREST. AMUSEMENTS. LOCAL PARAGRAPHS. ojK '"""SSSrS!? """ ! jfg-tSS ggSro.'1 : tg "' 8TEA1B0AT8 W 1
iu c-T a pi' ''Be, Imertien. i -The le.-ee locked deserted yesterday. ' "U.vTthe floor. Th I. MM at ..iir .-heap Mae and color ' knopge or mc e"toiieW-e for AUK W - S '-IV FT LINE, fl
"- ; A Wife Kurdertr Copped Dead ta r.ifch.3. TnR.vTV:.-TiK San Gallon Orr.. the trato tat th Par bsgin to look bare joists and floor are of the beet win. iittotok M. KraisACm., meotraronld wilfully6.il to aid my f-I- -, H
cnrfitl KOTICES troupe conflbu.--to draw cmwded li-i- - enough. . i oak, two end a half Inches thick ; , M-. mi-mi-. Tkvv.. , U Main atr.-et. corner of Adania. lowm.-n in miatortnn. and at any -
"w , 1 at the New Memphis. The pla. las) ,.. ,,mnie,.-d filline about I I Hie former from fourteen to eight... .. Novemlvr 4. I . and nndcr all cirrumsiane.:.. Hu JfleiPOhlS 2nd Arkafltaft RivAf B
i , tdrt-T" - lCjTh Dor.l.-.n Arrrsttd ar.! Udjed in Jail. ,. v. M .,.:-. r,V ....... Miss Vork res di7 Soeht deep and the latter fri eight to A regular wee. i ..ifi.leral o ..... inanity .ban , bee, mm at m -, ..- r 5I..11 AMI AmailSaS ttlVer H
' 1 Susan Gallon pUving "GaMx." We d. -, " r(,B: , ; tfn-tocbes wide. The whole snperslruc- Relief and. History. I x tatem will he i. -crib for the daily A pi eai.. actenaUca all my life, ami I hope it w.lb -jD,4 --.
.. i..,..u tin- In-.,- rv.-r ... : '''I- li' mm "p ' ,,, j M.pprted on "Iveet patent cast- held this .renins, ii.tl.- Municipal court- . .. ! . . . continue to he to the laat day of n.y life. itfaMir 1 ITTfp Y 7ai TM-T
' v.. v.Wilker.-.in -.. AVloll, n,rM. years aao-iuat aVxiu. tie h more .hi.ghi.nl evening's entertain- ! anticipation of the coming races, --ipp'ri-." placed and aeeurelv r- room, at 7 o'clock. )-n a m ii inn-. r.xfonm, am M i- ) My whole crew will teetify to the ' JM
ft Fall, M. Baee.fi , ,. u,i ui.j force ee,t ti..- i.e. it. The RitlKinc and aetinK i -Th-rc were ve arreiU In the Kirst. ;,ne,: i., white oak piles driven below low Jom.v W. !..v-..n, 1'reaident. , 'r I"'- l"'1? m.. 5""11"" above facta under oath. rai DOurCMrT .'H
ilei and vlelded Bp the ichosi in favor oT Uettm and Mins Pox are exqoMite. Our ui fourte.-n in the !-:-o.i..l districts yea- j w,ter marj. It la calculated to eoaUin Secretary. rirst National Bank, No. 14 Ha-lLsoi, " Yoora troly ru. AlfHAIIbtMtll I. x
. ' u '!! im. .' " "LJ 1 B-g V : t;,e '.Mi iropol.tan foree, h man ipiing friend ('apt. I'olk, of !h: I'ano! i "or, terday. - aotoly a weight of two hundred and 11 .street. '-JN. T. WASH i VT N. "
- hi.!: the names of JiieiiM MeDonakf who visited the eiu- last week, an i w.. An addition has been made to the tons, distributed cjiiilly over tho Kiirfucs A NEW AND A GOOD IDEA. , , . , . , A late Kingston kwtt Tnnn "ayaj ptoiMAXn AFTra Tins n vTF. THm
WANTED. JZ ;a,., ii memberof the old at the 1 heater during his toy. thna I live atock in the park in the .; - Me floor, and will. nWibtedly. sua- Ht " " bW "fe J J2 g ! "ThammU P-Htetbo. Vmk-,. taU I , "r'r' vT" w.heo2
force, shot ud killed lux wife. Th v apeak, of the performance: "The s .... v . arling town. Uin a much greater weight, probably tour r ! Vtr? ?er of V.ma P' P' 'v u l.m. went ;!U.?Tml?W"tT&ui
- . " F lived in the m-.ghhorUood of Central (lalton (oiiiie (jpcra Troupe are n..w pi J . . "toMed their .i.i.t-as groat as it will ever be .nbjectod Mellersh, the .-..1 man, tha gentleman , Co- . Mjun at rot. .srner of Adarna. to ibe bottom or the i.neh on Monday n,tUaIe ,lw . w . H
' 1 " L. 7SIa i.in Fotnt, and Mra. M.Donald OWd a piece in? at the New M-mph:s rheater, and ; ' ' . . . , ' 1 ', s,iP,uJ v stole to. It present! an airy, graceful appear- wi,u de:Us in hla.-k diamonds, who is j k..TTCi-.. .f . -.in. morning last, just alter she had drawn out THOMAs H. AU.EN ParrcnAan. Master
- ' nJ?X!2 ! of ground, which her hus..ai.d wi.-hei her will remain there next week. Their l oo way vesier-lav ana as s.ieutiv , amJ u f M nament , the gn0wn everywhere in this Kc tion, and orskts and hwp skirls at tsirgain.. fr,,, her m.nngs at the wharf, m rive or ARK A.!. - -rm. Master
h. A.Uircse to sell This all, steadily nfttaed to ! , I. id gone before them, and the crowded ' l J ' ' . river, and will stand as a monument of who is no iwpular i;i .Memphis, baa re-I , . , . , "'' , six feet water, rne issit is .,u.l frail and IDOW ley Kice Jf ,r mm
.er refusal was tbeeaoee of mani .oneSTof ibia week tlfy to the iatcrei -m s.r.-.ig gentrv.who Ul. ,.llt,.r,ri.. exhibited wy ourciti- eently opebeil, on Second street, a coal- j i: - Main street, corner of Adams. : aky. ami that larait wan not onexpeeted , . A.4.ALI. km . B.aadell maeter
- Kngrv altercations betwen her and her t..a n in ihem by tHe etttneof m M ent- ' ' ' boh r ... attend toe 1-uirarc Waitm,, WBS ,0 future goner, t O.H, tn 1 Will be an yard'tor the convenience of ths people.- : . 7-,, " . . or .in'.-s.ke.l lor. No one was injured nrtr IyXemphteewe Wi Imjtaumamj WM
-vt - theaah eevltnl of hus'.n.d. one ni.-ht. In one of these phis. It la well worth a trip to Mnaphli .or the eoin.ng raei-s. evidence of the prosperity and financial a ysrd where they may purchase from one A nrv ; ,s is calle.l Ito the advertise- ! waM any damage . .lone, say a t he complete Jx?&iZ. Hi" wlthui; o,mn?.mrtt H
; , .. louirvi.nd fusees ' Iionlan drew a pistol and sh.it to see one exhibition ! thia adnni . , y .lay we he ir at some new piece ereilit of opr county to thoso who may to five, or more barrel, of coal; either ' ment of t inney a. Clam, ' lxinis, vo soaking received hy the mail. lh heavy 4rauht pa,k,,. " '
Fu-in.-s. which Is and has i ,,. .Ai. toarinz her arm otl at the tron-v, and wo subjoin an n- af raseaiuy pprtorm-l tr tho .well mob viit us witi the intention of locating in a canel or anthracite Thia is a great con-f ' lound in our new iulvertiiiement j ins of st week raised the river eoiisel- nARKAWftl.I.ra .. W. B. -Vow land, tfaalcr mm
''n ..,.'ii..l"r and the wound causing deaMi tract from the St. Louis Tn," to during the late Fair. country of fine farming facilities. venience and one that we hope our people column. They are relial.le and trust- erahly, ami the boattnff aeaaon will soon van tU KN br.wiln. Matter MM
v.'...:'.: ilnial limniiallell ataew the hlgta aaprecUtlon of the pee- j lt i a general subject or remark how There are at the present time over will not toil to appreciate. In alt the " worthy, and ahould have the contotenee eoauncn e. S understan.: The l.u.-j- a!KKIi AN Ul ...apnian Master
In-d.wt d partmeiM 1 he murderer waa arrested at the time formanee. of this troupe in that city: verv orderlv and qui-tly everything fifi-v horse, at tho race (Klurse. Among largecitiessuchconvenientlyloeaiedco.il- ofour peopie oker has air.-a.iv left Knoviile tor a ' r narrn Hal. gwuni. Waaler mm
if n eivcn and reoairea. Ad- and committed to jail, where be lay -v- Pauchetle' is a charming littto operetta, ptf ntt at our late Fair. the stables we roar mention the follow- yards are as abundant as the want, of the .v 1 i iw. 1 WB bf th "Jr1" .nJ Ziiv.TitH. ie J'hwTnV, I mm
0. P ..orfourdsys. ,.rai ,,,, hs la-iug finally rele..Ki l,v and Miss . iaii..,, in .he . itle rU was .,. Agricultural ing: .-n. n.ifonl. Jaekeon Loud, people call for. ft la to the credit of friend j&J'SJZ SS J"J'u P '"' .hattanooa. an. both . .nn. above Uttle -aek.aahWnp I H
s 1.-v i.sst, itouce who Wm. Hunter on straw bail. Of curso he r.s charming The it.cdeotal song, were h ' ,sejr.-ything "written up." Richard, dt Ktlgoor, and Jennings, of MeiP-rsh. who is a live any w.ia you A.-i-Esr.. Only twenty-five cent, a aeek. .y exjc d here some , during Thr.gh Wltobf lading Iti ter IkeMMaa I
'slid," and the next licar.1 of hint he w.-.s it!! pleasing, but the .uterrst cenlcred. un- ;. ' ' ' L"'.i,k Kentucky; Col. Hacn. of South Carol!- take him. that he is the lirsi to inaugurate . - '. '- the week. The Kmory and ( iinch rivers and from New Memphis. Ht. Toata, H
:,IV ; :: . x..y V.k Vn. he returned s uiistakal.lv . in -The Last Rose of Sum- j , , ,' na; fonlisk, of Ohio; Babcock, of New a system that cannot fail to meet the ap- ' Six runs years in . ,rgia. hut come to I are sufficiently up to enable our coal Uwytlesml netyaO.. .
i:'ol a ir'e trade from Crll-! weka o On retnruing he obtained 1 iner.' Mlaa Oaiton piiaeamM a delicious Why does tfle work on I he new nap- York- trrafla of IndianA- Hrady of Mi.- probation of the general pnblic. Leave e bargatna in Dry UootU at t.ana new . merchanta to croe in'o market with tins F-eleht. Lrvosl it destination, at all
ua. - S - ,i. place of Mr. Averv. frc .of.ia-.'o in h-r voice, which she al ays Uat .li..r.-h, now in process of erection on MaH'Um 'raig A Barnea, Wartl, Pat- yonroaler. at the offlcc of Blgley A Mel- I tore, M Main street. much needed article." ' ti w rt!? this Una :
' -. n1",,';1"l!;bl" ! atjoul four'miles from town where be was u-cs judiciously: mv.T too much. a. is Second ttweet, near Baal, tag awl terson. hcaiham and llayes, of T.-nn.- lersh, corner of ( "ourt Square and Main rr;,r-tl N, .., t,i".r Westtoawy aolat on
on. an - ( , ii.n thecsae w. . wpcaim of the plea- We are indebted to Madame Viaoeat M.e vVe will give a full list of the horse, atreet. run Ai-ei :.vi. i, .lei fcMand by awylfM, ... u.e arkanas. r.wr. ahooid nave their noda
is? t.L.t-1 .u -s . ; ..,.,' e I.v olio-, i i nllen. He en! day, and n.-v r ,. . lit..- where ih- ior a demijohn of the purest brandy ujiat to.morrow. Several others will arrive seven times a n eek, I..r twenty-tive cent.. STEASlBCATS. wn",2flJ'.' ' " ""'' 1? AZtMi Kiv mm
J w-..s irommitcsl lo Jail, bail being ivAned j text demands a tl.;i:eate and patueiic .ie- we have tasted tor a long time. to-lav and to-morrow. GmMAr Goods. ItKRZUO A BRO. j a wi """fc.7k Ttf1" 1! ' H
HELP WANTED. torl.im. His examination will prehably Bvcry. : in old and favorue ' -To-morrow is the anniversary of liny Tb Washington, Arkansas) PnH, of - ' ' - T'. - .1 L ...-ommnnhiated., " 7 . ITom SewOllieaattl.al I .-onsun to -MetS H
n.joj.llrt to-day. quires just such a tone and 00. inci. i.,!.. s l!tw,,es , ,iv ,)lle f tll .. .!r r.ud the .-,1st nl:. ha. the following: "Messrs. . hi.i:osi I'ench soft Hats at r ran- Ax old gentleman in the city, who re- F(lH NKW HliLEANS. Htsand Afluie... Kiver Packet Company." H
.V " '- a w... given it last evening She w as n. ar- i.iiwt.sl atinivcrMrioa of Knglend. Chideater A Searle, proprietors of the CBns A w iggin reived medical treatment at 7 Second : r : : M.utheT W-Wa.tvy. Mu
1 W v! 'ffiSS'tS dt 1TYSBUS6 MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION, f'' r"'?'!',?"' !fu'" r'!"'' vrs'-rh-cllv -Yesterday waa a. dark and gloomy Arkansa. stage line., reached our city osselh n7 verv low at M s' S "'y P' ''"''"'-"i" POH KT. OTUES, . V H
II .V, v. -. ; oViorc 1:1 hro the I--. iih ." .... ' ! j H ai.vb.oly t-oiibj wish a N ..vein 1st day Tuesday evening, on a tonr of inspc-tion, I'iesh .i.s. sell nK verv low, at M. pu,iMty of name and j,trt,.-ular by ealt- The Hwlft anC PslaihH Paaaenger teamr m --. most -. -. to tae aent wW
I:-.' ...;!.,i..r.cf.r ff," 10 Ie"-. It remind us ot Tom 11 1's .ml f.ii-ored us with .call. These gen- K' tM. s. 21. Main reet, corner ol ,f im, at.ily and paymg bai.,- - -MOLLIE ABLE -f .Upny u. pr.v. ,,t confus,.,,, ot d H
' 1 & - . to.- t orresp rd. n.-eoflhe Appcl. hear many hst. rnu ish ,r' N,.VOml,-r." tleinen deserve great credit fir their ex- Adaoe. Xtt nam.- , known, but uhh. ld ,.,r toe iOX Us. H D U, H
, . .iOKV i dpW I. ysMMt-ue of Ch. o. : - s rin-. too iZn -iMc, ive Oeorgo Haydcn yesterday -...Linhearaireadv Oc atock of Drv timal. and Fancy lSSH M - " " "
A c I family rapnliesVa ber ioth, there Is an earnest appeal to . n we have never heanl it found and returned to In. owner the ! intercummuni. uion, . tney nav. n auy . j Rl. 11 I. V . !.! I, . Hi i.NK. . ..-a 1 Aae.it s ii.-h.k i. ..
I l l.ui,.luhi.X,ro..l ,i...,v,i,ieof the South tor Utance to 'XwiwYih M nice a.so .ephon as that home receaU, advert.sed by Andrew '"r""- "rroai'o V't to t" T? w! J0IINST0N A Cl.. Tn Wrn.t.y Appk v.. the largct and ' -0"4 ,' . eMH.l Phmneaa . -rv,n!su H
Icpot. Memphis Tenn. m.l 1 .move the Confederate dead from Oct- ,f Mi (;aU.m. The --Laughing Trio." a ; Stewart, Ks.,. H." and also" tablish a slag.' lino 47 Main street. Ihi weekly in the Southwest, contains in ! uiVVU. 1
1 to ten weeks ivsborg te eonse "oenaeteey or burying- irther on in the epetn, is n nn-ly Sataoaa may now keep open 'all night ! ' ,,, ' ,., sl .... Tea- We wish them ; thi! week', issue the full proceeding, of urn ihA.vs.w iti r.i NOTICE mmw
I m A old.. Apply I .rkc. M eet. pmamfT uivm-r that every So.: the,.: wofkl comp-rftf-and waa nicely anng Moatto law. tl. ..i-dinanc ao-wing IVlssU in their enternri-e and a pleasant DEATH OF AN OLD PRINTER. ; the Shelby t'ounty Agnctiiiiiml and Me-
Jl-.-"-:?. - 11 -..e- gta,, j, a n pre. illative there. I fullv ( M.sr.s. Ktdleber and Miers and them to do s- 1. .viug pissed 11-, second their "dit nation ehanical Kair, lje-id.si the other onrrenl Memphis and Arkansas Uivcr Paj-k- .. 1- ,r ., ; ., , w ..r ,
tab nrvT "i - the motive, of the Hollywood Mjss liallon Mr. I -lark's massive i and final reading. tnp to their destination . . no-a-s of ihe day. It is sold at five aents a P.M. M-l M"e-ror Hne nff. Uttle r Mulib and Arkansas K.y.r PaL-kn
FvlB RtrtT. rie x- and think the w:1,' mlra to good effect in the called to the advertise- ...-Si Yesterday, in hi. seventy-fourth year, a copy, and ... -co-ling to size, the . ,.?;!," '."" "'l-lav'SuTm-stor '. '..TiVw fTWrnX? mM
8 ------ jplrit commendable, tmt cannot approve ..,,,rI-ral (.a I'rolx." and Mr. W in 'in, mIltf K,. A uiPert. .:os Kent ive. "opt a 1 S ' o fapt. John '. Klim-k departed this lile . cheapest paper publLsheil anywhere. ti.h e. pud and mea ."a t,nm:xM7xD?mU8; Ti MM
Vo ,a. ,.. -fc- tmTi- the scheme. hr: wngonlv a l.titolo do. BMieared aat to treet which aimcars itiider the head of V, , h J? the T, 5 for the better, followed by the regrets of a . Merchants wishing to send a paper to g.r steamer wttl leave aaabevs f?,- V .e.ockpia steamer.
. Southern mother f- let 1:ak..ow that he "still livcd"and .male . ' j's. n Jnls. 1 I' SZm I.T, t warm and sincere friends, be- their countr. friends cannot do better r H1I.AV. .dh hi.to ... . I. ARlixEIXK W. A lljatta, UM
dtvs iiovi brothera and friends can js-int not onlv to . , more oi him. The usual " ' ,. pu.n.lviug 01 Hungary. 11 is a uncus was a gallant so'd ier .1 the war of tha n got tl icWekki -y Appk. . , r ' , , '. v , 10 1, . KK. laster
OMB-I, Commerclai Blim.,, Tla,h EE sttgreeahfllted' Mr! IhTSw 7: is g , N., K 11..T W.sif Hose verv " " ' '''"''"''i; iiluir".: ihe fowaSw J
f. - J.-.J. VMT.EWs. gre-L cinetcry or buryiiig-ground for (lark wiib a ' . -s solo. The "Blind Beg- transacted. -- the note e. , Throi Sh h.s ..-el . bn.j liisn.u nob ame it j-, j ; . 'atreet. For I itfle Rts. The sreamgr - MmW
i novS rrontKow.ap-U-- their nobie -had. and here tot then ' .. as the Haato, and IB- -The limits or the various fighting popular one, and was conferred in the S wiliriirl m, lo ih iiiin . Hagnhw MesapM.. Helnae anil Friar's Pntnt HRTMfTH td. NolaA, Matter - Mmm
f v. 71 f. "sleep:... s..:d.e,-s.o,i..seto.1..ln lie , ,.s.':.ll(, h..ir ki.l and chai-ilaol- weights anas follow.: Featherweight, Mfc -nth centnry o an Italian named ' u,,a..athe,l ' ' 1 t at Joe I ke'a and get the annual L. A Mail .Semi-Week.y Pseket -For Willi. sjuurday.at S
U K - n .V.-i.V.v. .s:r.-.t'.' applvt. soldier's honored grave." No cwtly ,.!!;.,,Vnt ' UJ , ids; light weight. Id ponmls; A espoerf the same who followed up the j is nrival liaoenl aiid m'-mlwanda. It rePr: of ""' Chau.linr of .'ommer.e. '-na .d I-. ar . I-. :. ;"j rl '-' . itin . MUM
I iVkkaTU si'KWAUTAt? ' monument, need be reared to record to ' !... .,.. ' ,..,:. middle weigh!, II pout.u-; heavy 'weight, li.sc..v,riesof rolumbus, and by a strange ! h's Bferv planter and merchant within a ''ft ''' . ,,, . .. J,"1 -r' V-"' 'i an to-TX 1 ' '' vk and .me taBe-
J It Cnlon St.. maa-waU 5e- totureuera,,.,,, their namp and nob.e ,'!s ' v-arto: sto:.; i--! ..un.- rca. k1iotnTvS.-r2- l t5fttam? oyl'"; hn.ire,,l m.hs, f Memphla .honld.have .tel";; -
I .- " r. .. T, o ' w .. s.;..: ..linsono ,han auv i.. ...in.M oat can apptc- .-.ted .-.s such by pss-.d" is .:: n n.s in he ls.ots The exact areMr told in a ohar.ing tna .V i h" prove, IimiiscIi w,t I,.-. the character T..k Wkkki.v Appkai. is delivered in n No. Pro..,. I- ; ' ei. WillTK PIVFI I INF
UARTIS BAXy! r M.i, ";ed m.d emlVished bv human by the e.oade.1 hotuje. ih.t greet exerv lows apoo OTt r-.lnnkmg 1 h, t,Kl .1.3 W ' h enjoye.1 as a trustworthy relmble etti- ;,,.. r 1 a,. ,.r ,.,rc at s-per annum- -- ' - -
,, I, 11 ' 1 a ,. , . ,!,, fill s i,.il ,.1 lo ,. ,,,1 ts-riormam-e. The clog and jig dancing Hies !ro,n 1 he let to the heel, but no. ,,.. , lien. In every relation of life he was hon- w- eheata-st oaoer onblish, .1 a.ivwhere pnu itrifunrpi' - mWM
- -- a.,...-: tore tlici 1 a oed o h.o r a .. t Mias iii-ie Qibb oeieia . .all v wonder- ;;h heeling in its wfagA R. F. Ilariiert, Kmp, of our tity, baa i t ani uprbt, and to the day of his : U'' ' apest paper publialu l any a here. FOB It.tvSBl !.' .. iSamnhis and Mfbila Rivar- Packet i
FOR SALE. ' tSLTSSLaV' ,1 and lss,.ceksl,.r.,,, artist in I.-.- -Th.prcctof caUlng a canal tom re.ive.1 a letter Iron, the llanmh Km.- , (Wlh ,rv, liiv ,.. Uu, poHUettl ! Miss Fm-.s h--st reared her Fall r , h, , m . v. . , v em,,S Wft,te B,V8r Padt8t MM
i fV.S. oTkuow aouie f the pures. of .. ortlini: 1 ucnt. Mis, Ihin-a.. , w.;s ih.. shoal-. -.1 .1-- Penoemoe a3j h'eh'iowbi'g'xtraet whie'l lii ' j'''''''P''' whii-tihe had '..nliine.l 111 early Mm;k ofeJcga" 'tm. COIPpafiy. H
I, I TAIL. -M:-h,c.lr.m..fcus. . .. . ever .- ,.,o-.l tnroh .he veins eitke atmmt Ma ereMteg : agaleftei :m rirer to ,ho Caariver is ag-.i.n revived J f the .curci ly .r flat-- lU.r in o-ir I l w.th him and 1,. nery. consisiimt of the latest styles of MARY E. FoBMYTH I.uker. mjster MM
iVtom.cL . -. ,,. lity.was .pill on the field of Get- r.-l..ement ol 'wo Av.-ks m.: .....ro o .ad bring dlmrasd with anc.-l van i ' n into" i"io. -Mto-! ' 'Bonnets and ii-..s. Very nine BuWncc, at Tnt, ehga,.t p..,.er pa.-ke, .J,JT i,k Kou.o'i.v.i r.LK.iANT k
' ! J. . 1 . ushura , h.oks ao i h;: . HI,, fhe two Fan s. ne--, by Col. John Forsyth, of the '"u'vo,, .w. . P-tt mn Hai.b Chkap. w ... x. Main idreet, np stairs. w l .'J'i'Y'i v 7 - B m I i-amemter f- -
T-.. 'L-T,- Nvh.themormf.hoseawfld.y.had;;.IVi:;,;i;";'il,:' Mobile ..-'. .. bmy -ort "" ' .Vil Wcat. Tnarsd., .... , SBI. H
A1 "d .l'"'!. 'rr'"'.-.! ".TeVr' eie:t ne'r .n's! to'-.viijg J'.'as jg g '"'; "Jg SSfe? ' '"at the laboring mil re p rese n t , pJj ,' ,','1 a p p 1 , c it t ,i 1 1 at t he A r nt 1 .T..K WEP.K,v APPtUL la the ..rgeat JSt-pa Kl.h M . 1 ' ' f 'ip'l- k -1"' tmikm: H
:: ,, noUrZyou'heaVtXti;;;:! fy;-- -L ZWr&X , ..ai,i fob sr. Louis. :w.acai,-.v;:.
to at the first noise of ' 11 lek now I edged the Kujft, and 'iSoalre Mil- tmm n von mentioned to ine warn a "7" T .. a, 1.- v slor-a rnrniahimr eombi etc t
th aammjK ! ...n-.i. waa now -pilling ha PABMMI fcW Ham .-Tl.c eventful ,ar.j vesterduv sent he,- to j.ti io df.ii.it ",' ' "r b '. g , Vill he willing lo ni.iM.Ri-. h.cjs, kerseys, flan- rf tw niMinff Sar. ' ' " At au Ashford Master MM
5ft5 f?,-sSsiissi "iEr! 1! ; BgErsKpsh tssjssa -Eskwb - -. tttjd.s.i. s&s SSSSS I
! rT- - a 'ril'wSs rvZBTEZj&gKB. ?SXXt .tSJ-i T,,r.7Zz;,;. ,.w i5..-.!: :
eolu.. ..ad has n ! l,-a..i f.-.-n.::- '."". ":"' mass ':i-" the p ain. ot . , trui.i , , ...;;,.',;,., w- "'at-In ..r mv reports ye cerd.-.y. ! i here. Huppoae you Mud me orders this f,ej,iv A Co., leading hatters ol the South- yftlnal owner or employee of'thl. olhce, BELLE ST. I.oris Z.-i-,!er. mast, r . .. MM
'." ' 'o. ,-';;:;:;;: Vl... .'- .rV,i; i .saip're'to V Weun.. f.m.ion...., ,h.n,.l,a,it:rmltorfTl .-.alto It.:,, hand. There- west! will be paid at our counter or recognbted This e.egmrt psssen:?e, packet . Ta era...-. : he ,s, VW .'iS .
at . Ivusmnt. .-..me: ... I r.-m-nade. ..i dee.tJ obliterate their names, ami p " " - "' ''' - is Jus. poss.ble that some ot them msy suit wM be that they wUl write to theohl as an olfset to any bills due the same. i T&yL r ,;i :Ii n.e Use as theSkitar-iaj s paeket, too
trying place: IMMIGRATION --TriE W.L-H PEOPLE. b,-,m JgJ -!e" t"-" F o: a !.-ir;-iin . ... .o.ns' The piny making any iaii must sc. tie it Till. Y. 4, h Inst., a, " iauaaa. . u.' aDaMH. Prestdeak
rod. will i.v...:io m. I-.- -Gov.C-tytm. -aadarlanAfed tha I8U1 -warinext mmiht new ateSe, 2W M-a atreet. himself titpjrs ti. keta for ail aetata, via MM ii i ad -:. w i.. ..hah am. : .-e:,t,t Agt? V
" .s"l un.ie tl- s sVauneh mountains. Inst. a. a day of thanksgi viu-.'. ,n a.-.-, , d- -Tho Little Rock .VfoV Jpmrpat Rtwea e . KJATIXtl. KX.H.ISH A Cu. Loui. Paex-t.. erth East and APt'v m. Fr.,ntM. M:.ruT w
ROOMS AND SOARD. - .hadow. met nnoo the raveai K&utpnis. November 1, I -I'.. ;., v.ith ihe ..,..;,., of ,h- I'rcsi. '!," f-diowing a.ssmnt of " ''''" AnAns! Ap.AH.l-:i..ga.t X.-veUto- .-- .;n,:nU ALVEKr..?". s" .0- ' r' T'''ket Ajpsg.
: ,t. in. to. will stand w living moaameuta KiOara Aapeali I notice a I Mat ad- dent. The novemom at am rai oth r w ... -u flip.. m. bdioti s son ttarrj met , open-d to-day at Meuken Men. DIUCD llCUtfC - T"M " ''' 'v-Tu ''" 1 Wl "'' " '' - ' ---H
the. iSPahaken ir-m their found .- i!r-s,.l to it., ilevtrnor ot Ten weaeee, State have dona .h. same, aiai we sup- j "is death: e . ililCK It .&.
Ijo.r-i'.-sincle or en gc. newiy ao.l .ir- :, ,. . ,,;'. ih,. last trump shall have writ. en bv the agent of th-1 iimau Packet pone that Gov. Semter will Pdiow the e- " This morning Harry kjluott, a young Cukap I'l.ormv.i can Is- tamght at' P'Oli JIHI'fl RIV'FR FOR WIIITK BIVF.B. aH
JA . ar.e.1 , :.-caa I had. v. :.h ler.i. ; ., i; Cpi blast from the batth- fomo.it v. in v.-urpius r last week, urging am 1 . '''" of "B" ? u,,h1 .;,t tuB Ii' new store. M Main sir et. B' V TS LXAVTHU THIS I) VV .ima-n-- ; aH
nr,n.e sTT.y.ro envelop, I in wild cooanudng aMa, yet, 8tat, by employing men, natives, fa,- , Z& everisti ngly chawXaTh oTter yes- i.b..l. -Mr. R., who waa actnpanyn.g ...s THt COWIsQ l.lfEIMATlO.lAl EXHIBI- v.-kshu., Maw a Ponernia ; ...... 1'::,:!; j W U U "tfclJ
Clr 1 LWb. even lien, ihe radia.u-e shed upon the i,hed with pair. Or p.u.phlets to be t,.,,..v. . ,,,...,,. was charges ,"":1"r l- "'' e" J i T 0. . .'Inc.nnaU Sam.J.Hvls p.ra i;, . I. B. Ilavi.. master APPftQiTTI!. Til MflMnP.M V MM
,, id .v .heir heav. , .flowing s; u!.;r:butid taoidc..-. showing :i." ;d .,:.,. before 's... pn.e:s , by vime me ,ns or other, failed to . , . , . . ..-r at.,, r , . .,r- . UrrUbi I .Uil lU lliUl.UPtiLY. I MM
will Khme b: :.!.:. r than the wreathing rantagea a-dtnducen-uti olfarnd iwthcaa Burke .nd Black, which will be beard to- - ."""" -'rswhe.. ih- ; rain s.arted. ami . ARRIVALS. . Ta? a h" n i -, u m " " tt 7 ---l
s.in.se rn i-iCOTicrpc - -t Xamr.-'s iui.-ml pvre. and Hash Btatee; and he leenmnarm a tpmt at hca u:v -it once ran up the track to overtake the , We take plaanic in the general interest nty of Alton St Louis, j oah ... - . y " ":-.-;1'i.-',ueroU WE COME TO STAY." MMi
KJIIb- lU MVtMIIStl... fwilh lamla-nt luster noon Urn rising splen- plan ii, souk one country. If the tiosr- ' vt the r.remi.im eotiou sale ves'erdav ff-"'!? " " .f oT- u i. "f th" public, in publiahtajM the faUoW-Bg Argosy Oneimiati. ; tJ-ifm,.u vr'eet. . . - MM
r- dor. aity. w. r. i-.ci.. eraoi entcrtataa the idea, i recomtiiend 1 1 i.w i,-v,.,i -i,i-,.,i i iiinii; h ,, jj;,vr , j,,,, j,,,, , ,, - M ,uil). ., . Merchants and Planters' Independ- MM
. t- J-MitiA tipova. Miss.. Oct. .Hi, INK... Wales as an experiment; tirst, becaiue J 5LTmTBn e nXln.JLh fh7 ,Ui T? f V""1'7' , rhj tatt of Dr. Plough's project faVn Marine ed. Sew Orleans. v.o ot d.atd aa WkM- Dl.,rs --H
Ne -' n i- inserted lathe . there nr.-liiousands now nnd.-r notice to oiir's iini.-i. .... ...,,,,... ,,,.....,. train waa atopped, and tiu eased was iniilltriill KU.ibiiio. i. to,- tha eityo rH.vrt1l.e -tew Orleao. FOB Bhl BIX Kt!. ent White River
- - " i.f.;i I AW REPORTS .piii. whoare small farmers that ,,l d ' "i... . '.' Ti m ii -"' assisted on Isianl. On arriving here he Mt.iuphis ami the.Si,nti..vest. There seems Laaretne. . S.w O, - Ito ae.:, . r- MM
LAVV ritrUri ' : gan.st the nit, rests f u.e lat.diords ! '-'.- ' "- v. his moth, r stop! e i a::., - Anil, my to he a good dkatof pohUe epirit me-ifaes- NEPjmrB Bsgnlar K.sl Kiv-r !-,. kn I--, f-tb-ison seii4B &- "ail 'hz MM
. . -...,... this... -'-'.- deewereno, ajah .,, i:i entorpriS We have noticed Ml..Nki,, . Ijulf. s, ZT' ' 'J ! A:' 1 Ii! t 'i';, Saturday Packet H
tttthed U JdL.unts taken yesterday: people, speaking Hie i-ltglish lang.-.aue bownd over lo ke. p the pea. - by S,,-e easel is a son ol Captain Win. B. Ellni.t, ; wh h'aVH iv(. Ul(.jr pr iMl. t H,4stain ' t-gal Tender White river. rKil)AY. ah ,.,.!.. ai p.m. I. N ' . ' i
. Twobig v.. tJaten.." judgment for defen- flueutlv, wod enjoy all things in pom- MiMard yesterday far threatening to of the W lute river packet Legal Tender. ; Dr puh his laudable undertakin- Ar!m' Jfew Or.cms. LEV A aoBBISH, Agents. Jas. . ia..u,ps..., e, '-Raf ' -''!'
mon with . . people ttf thle coiuttpv, ''knock the ntunf out of him. break rhe body of deceased will be oooveyed to a oonuuittee of thirteen boaieaa ... ta SZ City of AMoa Sew urbs.ns. not is J.-ii-m -m - :. , .'
B-d pattern, to be sold at a: ten. Wsl- p,)Wers A-s. Treat, plaintiff non-suilcd. Third, thev are htir.i-woi king and iudus- hie Weak, cut his throat, split his giaa-Ml." Memphis by to-tqorruw s train. Memphis, have been appointed kg, -fait moabaiBe Sew nrleaiis. Wed Point Des Are OeVall't filutf rtaren- I I
Mbmrj ksmnlaf, by yater,eaew-t BcMajnmek vs. J-nio, judgmcut for liliaa. uniT they would be able nd to do jsqveral other ispially amiable About midnight night before last a' ing Mayor Mwaync. far the purpose of . , MNs CIXt'ISNATI. dou. Indian Bay. and all interme.ute land- '
t-O. , n pay eaah fortbehnd and bring labor- thiaga, - paragraph bended, "An Injustice," came, making a suitable report, which wifl be ' PORT. - tags. Bhlpperi can rely upon this boat ni- H
1 o vs. Talniadge, judgment aainst era udth theiii. and wh-u c.'ab'ishe.l they A vile, mean Western p ip.-r sti jg -sis to the eomposiug-r-iom of Ihe APPK.W., ! laid before the public in a lew more days: Sam. J. lalc. Memphis and rial lliaatl 11. Set fnaiBaBJ maB-m r ,.t-p, rmtoieiitly. H
I FTTFP I ICT administrator. bj d induce their iriemis and relations thai tf the n mca at war vemala are In- I In peeof fton I the sua. It was taken by Ml lone llinil CirvHitL ,., C,,UI7" im aoiis Kor Cairn. LouLsville and dnolnaatl. Freight and Passage Reduced. H
, u-li-r. ktsi. M A A. of M.. pleading, to e slier them, s.. hat by the time tended to frighten the enemy, instead ol th' foreman, as is usuaLin "nob eases, and ' Mkvpuis Tksn ,,v i'lsun . '". weaintK asu susistaa. SAM J. HALK Walker. idVier cvKD (if hitfs- MMt
, .mended. the newra d.-s n ... . ,., tU have a p.-.e calling our gunb,... the fury, or the priated.mnch to owr -Sarin and mortifi- - . ' V , ' , I.or;sviui.:t, November l. -The river is -rh.se.esa.it and switt steamer .T , P , MM
TK..iws....h. iMorWdtem at. Tbeea.ee aet far trial to-day are: p!,. among v.iu that y..tt eould trst and Terror, we Sad better haptiae I a the Sation, (ho deeming what was lit and A- U f -Vc.a.A,.v. 7 .,,. , rising with 4 feet in the canal "thm -V"'v i'-h in., at .-.p.m." ruead flmSu T?71-mBu L-H
I- 1.?'". :',w .Xnv;,:nfdVlwI : OHei vs. Bee.her. fake bv the hand ami mil them brothers; cbotora. th - aw B I , Barboor proper to go into one paper, dt and prop-i Iibab Sik: I h tve exainiued with ...ire Kamaaabm A The river Is 11,1 L.utltV h u.'I.-tai. s.-..t. BK-rrehC:: , ,:;'m MM
1547 Boaweli. use, etc., va tfatlaaei k! l aould not ceet a great deal, as the Levis, Ur. White, or tfeneral Smith. Brfori .i..-r. Tho jiarty, whoever it is, ! your high lesttiuoni ils, and note with declining. neal So. i- Madison street. wVisay. Pork. .-i. ti to per barrel bbwbI
13S6 Jacksoi Insurance fo. v. Wormly, tWelfe oodnties would he sol la motidu : ., .,. .. , .,i,v(- ,,., who wrote ltK wbo prates so loudly about pleaagre tbjat son have enlisted - the oo- Sw iAna, Sovember 1 Arrived . ib re fi. .SMvy -i .tnjiufn lH
a. ts.- delivered promptly by carriers. Joy At-. at once by one ota:: t hat could address an ,,. ,' "' ; n ., ".ilHci..0.ips.' ebutlld look little pl.w- .inerstiun of large number or out most , Mary Houston, troin lamntvillo He- P-iond frentht JSe ie-r I.M p...,e,u gaH
M , .rT",, Perro B Banoa. ut andieuce in Welsh and Rnglish, with "V,. .''..'. b t .s. ,1.1 uecii-.s ..,'or.im er at homo ueforagtouding articles of th.-rt i prominent and imlillcspirited citiwn. in part. d-M....nia. for Memphis; and Ar- Ft B XEXV ORL KAN'S. "?. MM
r e. . ,LA1" Vf r-.T Km., vs lwver. paper. Iron, the ,i. ve.m.m or the States : '"V ltd" nt ' t , m'i'l v )rt to newspapers. We beg to assure j behalf of i, "Marine. Mechanical and ii.tt.blio, tor -..einnt, i. W nski P. rk eu ,1 a r.vr ...rrel 1 gL
T ' I-'..'.;:- .'-'I::1 HmfVBMI vslbner. lie'advoeates lo show h- is no bnfabug, 'hI-,..'- ..'Vt". .'Vv We 1 Mrs. K. M. Anp-rson. who is rellected on. ' Manufacturing Kxhibi.ion and Fair." ai Paiw. ;. N oven, bet A-Itown: Belle St. ; . t orion to Mempms .. .. pr bale iH
, . .rsl I rcial llank vs Yerger. the man to be well kAPWB by the people, hope a notra.-.:,. ii from -be Leiai.',i.i.,. and the pubfio. that nre neither endorse tilts city. 'I he project is, in my eel iMfa fan, MfalS tost night; Lwnolas. . p iu.; Requjar nemphis and New Orleans Packet. p v,e-;ist ru-iri- 9H
-' II Cnrkland, miss E ) ISA M. O. (i. Co. vs Dean et al. and eea enlist tfat ;.- In Sl hTor, in wiji rc-cu t ne city la Uine t t:ove-t ttos heltove the BtaleBUBtB mam im -to U"'' irtyt ami it is w.ih pleasure thai up: Belle Memphis and 1. I. .Mc.,1, 11 Toci-ircdo VTJ Tb 1 i 1!, hi,., ' . - , MMt
Mj tam ME 1377 Fiew v ark. a few months a no ! "ol I migrants woul d t r,i- ,lv to pr v . at Urn, f).M. lh We would also atato to the , field my name to those who desire to wit- a.m. The river tell 7 inches, rhe weather ; MAUENTA J. F. Hicks, master I sA all , B uff. A i MM
f . .. s, tlon r bu.h a .lass that . uid make the "' . public that if we had chosen to publish ' ness and will aid in the coiisumm.i..n. is cloudy and warm. J.,hu A Sullivan, t 'lerk. Ta Idule ttoek .... i, m gai
Mr r V ' . . a i.t7a smith va. BeM. hearts of Santhern people glad. Hon -Some monlha ago It waa elated H oof the variona eais of aaiuilnleil eapl- TaeMB, very reepeetfaily, i Cincinnati, Xovember X-The river is xt,.. iy Memphi. and Sew . -T-k t To Des Are n on mLm
M . s. IHIn. eould it be done. ..t. 1 wheiv is the man exchanges tha! harles C. Tucker, Halm nult, for premium, at iho late Fair ae- JOUS VV. LKKTWICU, H feet and 8 inches in l hunnel, and is UwB!l Leave, Me.i.piilsaBWSC To Auenst.-v W est Point and s-arcy It; ue gH
M- ! ! l.iKt Hart et al vs. Nobto. who will andertake the task! I, the :"-'' ,u ash.n-t oi. had ben stmpended , gBmng judges and others of injustice). Mayor of Memphis. falling, owing to Indian summer ; as follows: t pvv minKiv a . '," ' i
- ,,......-. T-f. Phillips A Co. WHts,. wonld glad I v undertake the task. '' bv the War Xeutmeu Pot wVSati&mB fatod ear Mm. I r. Louis, November A-Arrtyed: l-'.r- We. m, lay o.io . r.th. Y WiBBINM Aenu
, . ran LB nnell va. Kmllhk L Ibelve mv.;i a lit and proper person, nialprtci We , by a c..pv ol Ih . te-y eenlsa linpMortilicttion at inch Bi.a.k Silkvvery cheap, . -it j ayth. Luminary and Virgin. pcpaite.l: - ;;-! s'w'ni. cr - b".p.hs.
. v. .1 s. Hugbea. and ,tv i,-..', eitce ,s it. riinth lie Wsshington tyoswA, that be has boen :l r. -n is natural enoii-h, but putting EKZOOS. Continental, City ol i .urn, Nick .,! We... s.iav' ..... Speed. Stftty Ud Cofort Elliott Uat.
Bs'.it.'le" .'n.:. "ic ::.:',.... savings InstttBlmM m. Ban- tr ofSeatb Olaumrt-ushire. Preehlenl reins. .n.-.. ;.d the order ot suspension ; i newspapers is but a poor mode of 35 e - . Jt ! Utile tagle. rhe weather Ik eool end I Wedmeedsy- , 1 ; td. -a--.
of the Welch Eateddfod. I eould t revoke.:. 1 healing woumlcl vanity. ; NonpobK .astk.,.s - . I.. Kn.-hs. 41 ehmdy. . . W 1 "V A H i'r ' Wrts ' Memph.sam. White River t; a. Mai! Jn-ke. MMt
M lMuACo.TS.OatUet!L rc-oou to spoak in free, for ngatrUI Cfame in uaptities is beginning to ar- ..i view of the virions snirit-rsnolne ,,s"'",;t- n: "S 2S J h" :,:-' r,,l"r!!' "-.'!" '"" -Vrk.ino. ' ' " . For Helena. err s Po a, ,f,
.. :V ,v C.mpanyA.HaL R,r iM ,!,o papers -her. 1 riv I,. ,iv. We,:-. aoeu.. the va- hJXl'VXV"iyil -e !,?', w ;-."".!','""'"' put up ..yd. ... .S,l.ey ,!,..,. ' - r - 'j;;. Vs
'" V i . - S. S. M. I' I os. ... vs. Williams. k,JU,a vv-.,k in ao 1 aU ; di,t t: bit - rietje. banging in front ol vl-tor upha h v " . gj, '; , ' " m. J""1,? . " wh.-'U uoijp- fhrnugl, ..any by eg- . ...nat-ly :..-..... I will md givoanv prom- FOB ST. LOIMS. LEt 1.4 TES DR . . . .h n 11. El t bgt, icv
Itol Howell. Wood Co. vs. KulHn, Fin- tt ,, j, . , u. - : p. plaOi -I I K sre n .Bear tie . T-. , ""li.,h I ll'K ! ''' "' J ise of an early swell. Like an old loper; ,. ; This rst-ria. slde-whe. 1 paa- J '.jrj. MM
M !.-.,,:..'. ui.-Alo. which I would take it,;:. ft deliver a " ; ' ' ' -up . ,"e ( Al t-au 1 k ti-'i ro-o-oii 1 1 v ptitilisiir.' 1 " Chi. kasTw " aew hill iiilrmlu.ssl b;'. sworn otf Irom ah b-ndnrs; luit I - senaer seamerw.l leave as a a,.,CB
. -.fete. A Co. s h in Wdh ami Kngllsh, an boo. I turkeys ..; I Vv" 1,, ,:r lliJ tL, 1 !i "iv"" I T "''r ' i ' fie.ular "fflPhlS a"d StLo,"Sl"" ' - " V. 3, rU !
- ,..,. ,,T 11. a -u-p... s. M ItianJ. kmg; invite ,,iiesiions and answer then,, harea, ftd and lndd almost every va- Mr p is a im.ihematieai and I Whito river etao la low, am M ma re- point, on 1's.per While and Black river.
i ulVJ i -' i" -I'-- v-.-Soreyeial. And t-cn pat-U U etMreapondetiee with riety of game. We extern! our thank, to pbUl-el l;" S S s tw, s i-dN-lo-ikT " bTruaina at M ! sPr''"" "'' ' -i to its dependent Friday Packet. mSmMnSLmmvV MMW
! ' m I. .man Company. And here a r-s-, , liin, f,.r ispleudid pair 0! Mallard, ! w H ftlr umyra tmsTaia j JJSaTf "'a-, r " v , feer , o T L isla. " IuvndendJe.ronm.,n.?dtn.
Sbcli), CI. caitCourl--Ja.se Reeves. aony 3t be bad, open air woulddo .as -When th. new Union Motel of Leland large sl for spirit-rapping magnW. and ,U.s ' i, corner or j mal (say 414 fei to Augusta. l--r I iickii.tm, (dtiiiibs, Cdlro aii.l "" ggggH
,'- ' ' '-T Vest..,-...v th .,! Weaver vs. .irsut well, in n. w'.'.-er. From .0 M son- ridhera,l Saratoga, hie 111; I, ted. it will batteries expressly mad !' ,r concealment a 1 Mhldmil nnnl in. vesterdiv sit I n.iU FOR NEW OP.KS MMM
M Whitel 3 and Oil tiKBpany waa, altor Uaga per day would. r !! expenses, be the largest hotel in ihe world. It will j under tl-TSoer, fn enplsiards, nhder ta- Tiiv our Hair Toole. i , ie Ti ,'i,.1 The mi- or? '1 I
I ; t. .1 m Brawl lisasfcllid to the jury, No and flou would satisfy me a. saiaiv ,:.r have a frontage of l!0 fast. Ave atoriee M. 11 anil 1 11 isfln 111 in tlin. nf the BIB cilANIiLKK A CLU I ?,,,,,',, ,., ..o ii 1 his rs.n " The ehgsnt p.Mmiter steamer L , . ,.m . --, ,' ,' , ganH
free ,JW lynB.PH kerdi.d rendered. ...... tear, wi-h a free passage to W.-i-- ,, ... i.,,ut of briok. and the lor support 01 larg- rooml tablea and 1 t' , Vi , V i .l,aralrm' I , uis Memphis and Now Orleans Packet Line MMM
,. -v In the caee of Hmrtogva. Calto-wy. aaa (ark ,wkh I I ae doubt wot;, hniidimr w ill I- d.v.d.si n.io uin boges;'! it he has supplied to the wme . . knti.:-m i.n.. lt.ko n-.tice. thai M. ivr.-tua ...I,!.,.,! , i, , w, -s-.'- Ti- li-'l th, 1 o oi P. I. MoGILL. ""-T Trf v-v mi' r,.r i
verdict waa rendered farthe ptototlaT far be granied hp the fqiffar. line wUhout nts. almost fire-pr It is to be , parties ,juattlltre. ol prepared wire toTpe 4 Co., e ii street, e r Ol Adams. v. T , J , . :V .'vi- to Wor- i.- JslJ, .Vn sifi v. a .
coat. I should iik.- i :..!.. x-a IJug . 1 and Mmishcl. ready E rlh- re- pfiUcd under lii- trpet aid oil-,:io::.. or la fcrlngahlrto, i.lel-i-snt. I s, drawers, j'V,, ' 1 N,r i Kola rt K. Kiev Ma-tar. '.JVtin 1 gggggfl
... ' "' l'lum...cr vs. Ilodevsw o '"'-'I J'';','; 1. ,h''r.':V1-;.'l;: '- - .,- the laid.,, BBder the wmneoof anj gilt hcadii .socks, o.e., al great bargains. The -ireat Ib-p.-Mic got away hot Win totok Memphi. -a above 1 MAUKNTA ....I Frank H.ekA Master MmM
Mr i,' , i w , tsken up, but not concluded. II will any other to tags State, 10 sni.a. ai greaf next. around ceilings and nioiqs; ir fact, lor e daeliabt for tha Crescent tltv Sb Ided 4onu s isullivan Clerk H
I . w.. I" " cl..a to-day and given f 1;Ilbn;, , '', PeH'n.t'.'-as The th ii iit--: annual session ol the '.v' evae rtaae, that all these ob- owa Shawl atock la the eompfateet. -rfghtcamn paaaengei-s at this pori. " Every FRIDAY, at 5 o'clock p.m. t'.-n. ..- MMt
M ry. ward emlgranta. and atso srmw my nw H(!)t Worshipful Li-utd leslge of Free m.ly a ie used far srit-rapadng, and II Klt.o.; ,v UKo Tn," ei. -.n B. lb- si Loais Cunt Zei- s. 1 .. r,-,,.t....i,. . ierk. ggggggS
Bf : T -day. al.er the 1 lb position ff th.- to advocat-t he ; claims of 1 he South aes AoprpUKt MasanB of Arkansaa, coot- the oonnactluB to each ranger Bad battery .d.riV.m' regular C-'iiro -in-i .-st tmis i Fr ft-lht or P..sage .ppl, on hoard. t.. i:x'x.'','X r:-''-U-" H
' V ' - above case, .uotiojawUl be heard, and mace arhoi e Kmt.ts b. s.-..,, - . risti , i.. m, j j;s sesKi,,,, ai T p.m. Monday, at ' was tobe mad, hy means of a small but- Tvv i , . -nv k Ckn is a week is all the pocket to-dav. she leaven .u 4 p. m, Mr. LK'Y A ROBBINH. Ag nts. ' Wan-vasnav. c.'.u, .'.'ci... tf, u,.! &SL MMt
Ii ""taol -Nt-ley Wl be.BMBt.d. v ,,-,.., - ' ' ' , -,- '.' Uttle ftx-k. Ih.tinglaed Maaons. who bitke tooeeused far ici.-raph.c bell- A.,.KVI. delivered by curlers. BSS-tSk ' mm UiJener-on .eptemleir -Hth. and -ntheimd. MMt
i .'L1..AA1 . .v a... t.i.i. are also knoanfavorahly In the ordinary, ringiOj purposes, or hy means of a rams I The Sun Hale c ut ". .1'. . ihrougiumttoBBsgaon. vskmt Mejiphw: H
m. Criai nal Court -Iddge H.il.on. A letter w.ii on ! ..,. t 'or-ss ,,,..,; ,11:.!1V ilt the public walks ..r life beadcFor other nail under th carpet a. , , I . t,-. i . .t i Shi. " " "' i:ii , u v i:aisT vn
I in the e as, 01 ih, State vs i.li called lr. i'u. attendance, add-. throng i I eular p ..t ins known to the spirit- A NATIVE NESTOBIAhJ. gtokeh all way laudlaga, and a. a BBpaJae AMUSEMENTS. two ss- -,.x.,D ,.
mr Onrtin waa discharged reeterdav being IT 7 mih. oar siseel, and enlivening business ualist. tie describes these rappers as w nroiaemrer packet. Tne Hah- will uol be r,m H.A.M IH KIN hit. H
m. I !' lo agree. Personal, to wet) s ai-tahito. ' " -tilited to ."tslead the meat x.it.y,' ! ielave.1 by water, but goes thmughon , -
B ' 111 -b- sin our that .hee ,rp ,., -t,,- tlev. Arthur Bogdao, a native of Beth- :i1(:. MCUDUI8 T U T A T C D Uomnhia and Qt Peooei. Ce.oe T-ma H
ijarv. t venire wee iseoed domes! In economy is m hittor.es custmetetl ex- lehem, 11, ludea, and a preacher of the rhe Marv K. Forsytho, .'apt. Kisher, Mi.!VIPHl5 THcATtK. HeBipnlS and ot. rrn03 hl-BT I des- WmM
Wi , uol fur this moroiog. Ur Jessie W hm ir has ret 11 rued to ,v th" leaving tor garbage and WW ma- Prealy far the pocket, which wWrapat gowel In mat aactont ciiristian church. ith Wm. "Win;,, in the oitb-e, will bwk lid V Packet. mM
v ; ;: : J. Sik.. nnre in tic tZaaJte b, way bv -my l-arto; the rooim 1L. has aisoinade the Nestona.., is in o.-r -,'y as ,h Ibid ; ,mt :i .-, ,. r(1 V 1, t.sburg and t he . . , tn . ' - - T-Sg M
1 . ;..xciv.ihk,i: Law Ccrt-iedg Lee. ' . ,. There la no toiling the amount of drums and bell. hl.-n w.ll heak ud ring Mjnt.ttpmthce4re.-k riovem .0 . MmK st,'. u,-regular fulled l:-utes ' 3paldln3, Biuwell & MacDonough Propr'a gor Heleaa. Manana. Mdb,n.nd wntshary. mM
mf ' M .!.. I- A" , .:. a-avand at coinmand; but these two latter are not licit aid in behalf of those 50, woinen ,,,,,,.,..;.,. bw TOUHOE id 1 a:
J HotuAH ..-' ':;;,-; of..,- A P.-:-. v.., re u"''x!i!' 1. of by t Ids s. "oi'l p.,! ,-v. 1 ! frequently Used as the niagiiets are. and children of the Christian patriots in "' 'tr.ope Pie,., Calvert bought a lie.,- ZZ " Th. new and elegaut Sldewhl Paa-e,ev "
; r-'.o".'.'s.;-; u " ' , , . . . , i?,Vnea,-t .:.,.;..:,!,.. m.rke, ause (I.,, ar-loo easily deteete.1. , be islam! .,, , re, w i, -, !-e f,.r ,.. mBilla,B ,, lto Im0iv7.it to.SI. s.Bl.t h. Two ..f , he ,rs v.N .JAI.'P.N '' ,
K , 1: - " ,,, vs Wa'te'rinit "udsment for , !"' the td.-asure o! a visit vesfr- ,,,. -,.,,; v ,.,0,.. t 1 y.-UTs h.-dt,....! si.agg...m auamst tl..; ter-. Loaja, it.l is training him tor the racea, Bmtllsh Comic Ooera C'qiaaasw. . SAINT FRANC'S MM
I 1 To, ' r" ' djy.ron, Mr. I.eeh it.t.n. la c one .d Ih-- ,., jS W by n .1 El f An PxalanatlOB !' Vd'b. " lurk.-l. .vi-anny. l-.very ,....,.,,. oil' next week. He wanta to bel THUltSfiAA . N. I 111 II lU,
. , editors atid iropriel. t - ol lb.- I, itile llo.-k rill tApiaildllon. ii .use in that island has been turned lo ....ainst I, me and ain't nartieub.r howl somle opera, hj Waefeiren. JEssi K LEA 1 -not. T R. Bowman Jm .Hine nerB H
: ' A t ; .:.....w4.-, ( Kalk-rvs. Itetlel. .tel.u.cut lor de.en- .,,...,.. 1 toaaa of 1 he Germ,:!-n im ,s r beer, . sfaeaby the burning torch of Moslem ', ;,' . TM , ' n t le I, 7 , ....Aifs --., ..at.on I.ILA ...... -Pt-T. K. Howman s.mt.It.nerA I
; AV, , n. io.eb e,l to. leo.aal? lee Kso and :1s disttncMon.-and vane. 1. -.says ,n , barbantv. and women and.-hildren. to I ' ' 1 f ' Af'iVP .L" hu f5 , ,r WILL Wr -"rhls IhrHW. . J-s
"-cales as. I,ast,:it. dtsmisacd by plain- ar. in .. ' ' !,r !' , .-.cn-t,ige. are u::i-is:n... I hev .-ill it vi!- ur issue of yesterday, in an article ,.., ,1 -mom driven in'o exile to 1 i.?' . ., .... ,.1 . , , , . if 7T" , h..i.i, 1. 1 E.v . L'A.Nrifi, !' and HJUK --H
mW I itl,B r luggage master of the ester n divlsWu , , ,, .u.. ,.,,. mag ihskwi-an ' a 11... . e . . a ' r V" '"'" omt.n 11110 xno to The Uuidoii, Capt. LI:, a I.ioa, goes out -It, 1 , : I Wonder, m her Vi, inrfe. RIVERS evarv n i-mJTv- -i
l '' rmstr -,, it dismiss d of Ihe Little Rock Railroad, tor Little P&hSLiilhL? Idan.oS' i " ,':'UH".'-l' rrefe"i 'K h rt'' where ihey are in a perfect state n b'rtday for the Arkt.mtts. SheTsthef.1 - real actLe in.lamr Ktlel. Toe lu.l. S-o'p-m
1 A HI 1 vs. .vrmsi 1 tig, dismiss si. -,.. d-atb-blow , ,e ai ,. . ..- l-u U i-h.io - i :,vvajding ol a 1 n 1111 u ill for a black silk ,,f starvation vi ,0 , ? v 1 with THis. Bld.M. B. 1)1 J. A Its. r . ABHV . , ipmstii. ..,
a' 7 ' ' S-'V. V"7,:v vs. Th ,nas. .tiidmeni for Lo- p.-p,-. s ., u. sdav how clothed-mllk human M.fcwk ,,: ue nnii.tenle.nally. in the stating ! Mr Uo it . who is weli knowu ii, U,is . h -e ' Thursdav boat for White ; TT1.,T"lV r'" 'aZ ,?-V,v BHT MAMWAf Agen
, " Maruer.J L plamtiif, s,h 4. Rumor has It th... ex-rresident JelTer- beard, peace and unity, I blonde, rash. , , ,, 1 Mrs Vol si --in a verv .,... .... , . . ,1 u". tnursd.iv no.u mr vni... rhe Farewell Beaedt of XIm si -an A . H
P ' ' J 'wiener vs. Mete:,.,'. j.,.,g ,,t far son luvis is to bee me President of. Ufa ebu-k. -n. kio. bnftjUo, oH, and irj usilce. .'..-. VV.R.,. vnmiUVl v rii Mlaadmg ?fer " 52, TaT UU Icv-s on I risto, far -u.inlav- I st Opetatts Hi FOR FRIAR'S OfilXT MmM
It ' pls.nutLsW. Insoranc. . ,:p..r,.v d ilnseiiy, and to ,,,,. 4pptiat(ops more or less sigmh- Superintendent of the Textile fabric De- ,f bT Louisville, ,sl, vTle and ,. o and St I ,, s ou f relay lor MJ .. ratmee TO FRIAR'S FOPfT.
Wt- HXZQKIC DIRECTORY FOR 1869. H,:.l.er v. Mal.ory. judginet.t lor resides. Hernando, Miss. cant. j.anmeut of ihe Kair, palled upon us yes- , ,,: ,.,. paee. as well as by lip. public Fe LTe2er not awsv yesterday eventog. Itovemberlith. In honrieanlt's new
I V, damage, waived. Young, late ai th- Cnlisl-rate - The lirenada faadfaW is by al! odda Urda , .1 iip.de thp fallowing statement pros8i , m'et Ith moat noi W JZtmw?? yesl, nwy jlmma of FimM.isA. Friar' Pfliflt Hplpfia anfi Rnnrt MM
M rhe can Itond vs. Beaurer Ie amtor Many, ai preseo member af Cuogrtas Utobeal and n at attrae Ive paper which ofth- l...-is in me oa.ei Mr., Ai.paison amse everywhere, md we trust that the tEm Cofatasia .from Vicksbunr to st rridrsruini. neiend a.10 BWQS m
H ti- ...'- - 1 Kr.da-.- oi con; , -a a. i -ii i t be j u i v-. from .he Atiai.it. .... I'tsi.tct. I- In town, raanhes us from the Interior It is edited plat.don exhibition a. jmtcAed mlk un.U, eitizens of Memphis will give him a . ,,..u u ,1 ' th w ill no doubl mi PARLOr. MUSIC!. HALL - kIT" s Pinitai - JT" M
W Ii v" ca-s s to, ,r,.,l t oil ay are from d stopping at the Overton, the genial with singnlsr mcslers rality and and Mt.. dpt. House placed there also I trjpmiiv reception, as certainly his mis- ! '.01,0. 4,"UW' r .1SZJ 5 t . nftUU i ' Til raCKet " - r:-T
-Vi; N.-. ,ne!-,ve ..1. the .....Uieiitlemanly prop... fv. hid, w.. -II- good semse, and in all it. mechanics! Fes- .i npplqutke silk quilt. There 1,0 don among us richly deoervea. We have 1. SiV is part owner : aaecondStroot. -7- , I
' '-'"'-'t '"' 'be w-,-ck heretofore pi.lk,pt boiel is an old fien.l. I, ismsalless res is surely anrivBlfad, We never s. e premium oiiei.-d bv the Society lor an seen the otlicial t.,1 imoni ds olM r. Ilog- Jniuia M.l wil? comuiantl h-r. gill j II DAN AJBLK, - J.vMPS LKK.Master
oart J.bii ,iii, At. M.; Jubu -'' to say that (.en. oung is right upon all the editor of Ufa -to-KiKi, He Was never appUqaetU quilt, Intt there won for a I d;in, and can safely n inuiend Jiim and t'arvt. I.reinr haa add bis otte-eiBhih in- Onoaa Willis Stcge Manager cUMtKa; mMmm
W - . . issues ofi he day. audi ha; b- is pr, paied. iu Memphis, and ilo-refr- we caonpl Mtcb-worfc.qaHt, and thfa peanata-kr was his cause to tho full enflden fourpeo- , ' ' ChaiunionTat Hu- - -.,.,. hta.-it r or ni.wn 1 v.-v,w --B
- Chancery Court -A.stcn Clerk and Master, a, ever, to stand bv his people. ipeak . i hi-, personal ,o-tn. UV .:..( awarded bv ihe judges to .W Col. Ap pi,.. We are informed (hat the Reverend 0 ' ' ' r.iruif. v v Ki-?KV vr 'T,0" !. LHARLK, Jai lMO.W. , mMM
MM it'll Mi . lb- bills lib. lyeste,,.,. a,,-as it.ip.vvs: c. Albert like arrived ... ihe fit, .ml iudae !' Ids inli-ll-i.tua! and moral Uj-I'soij. Tlfa pidges. who thought Mrs. g, ..ilemai, is expec!e.j to preadi in one of fhe Magenta paswsl Vicksbnrg on Mon- iUSeme.it -11 Id n'rst '.pam.. e Mli aw Leave, Memphis, eommenciiw -Vptem- MM
K X i.- ' ' " lor. M. Ham ,V Co. va. (1. Curtis et al. yesterday and w ill remain a few days, attributes by reference to the i,lin:l. II use s oulf doers-.iil a ,aiii.liiieiit, ; ()U1 ,.iiirelies on nel faibbath on the suf- ,nv with' 4U43 bales of .sdton and tgxni : .-KLI.1E TAYLi Ut. Ihe ackaua (edged Vocal ' ber attlf-Mondays, Wednesdays and FridByat H
H lavlor, Md'.ain A Co. vs. st. Peter's It ia a gr sal pfaaaatre to ae Memphlans to lionlleinen who freou at Ihoatoi awardea to her a tpecia, MjttamA, which j rehngsagd tha persecutions or the Chris- , ,., ,.ls,.,, Hueen, tocetber with the Isnrest ana md stjo'ebs-k p.m. H
"I -" v -if - . K,,.,v , '-'-" Ass.-iaC.on w. bia huge gBe (though with-it Is nimi can appreciate Jones' rWarkaloa in obtain.ug, she ba.1 some diOiciilty with tians in Turkey, and ive doubt not but . ". HwUton arrive,! at Vicksburgon talented Variety Combinatinn m tue city. w lrfay, KrtaC. P,dt-Tnes,tork Thurs- MmM
each ,;' M. ...,.,1 llt.ic.,-. At,.,,, ,eys having the following papers acaree large enough lo contain his iiughiy f, fend ni-b- or 1 wo ago, as th-v left the , "ilieers or Ihe Hoi-loty. She -Ailed 011 , our elorgv will extend to their strange Monday with 343 bales of cotton and a big AD'.lw-,- " or,,,, day, and Satnrdays. at leo'etoek a.m. ,
,.ei of .1 I -sc. il J ,1,1, a usfit, will picas,- return tm-iti to the ottioc ol heart, walking our slreei, a of ob;, theater together: " Did veil ever give a '" "oysler WHO explauied id her thtit brother in the ministry the hospitality of I , , 0.-e6aonseed. She loft on 'I'nestlay for OflCMS-sTli .1 a lu.s. go .ems KLf.FOTf MILLER. Memphis.
H AA M.; l; K 1. ..h.s-. . ,.-rk ai.d Master iiutuediaU'lA : even though we know that he has re- ,,4 theater el k?" inquired Jones. uer illl,,t. though beaulilirl and rare, ; their pulpits, as well 'is their personal in- 1 Tehiil-i I -ike ami T.-hula Citv -UMCTOW , ALLKH A CO.. H
K i-iaaca, fubbinsv v-,1 irom our midst. There are few .. ;..x :. mc a man give oaef" 0OBld mA eomelncompetitttm wtth patch- auence to promote the cause of hie mis- I wt ii,i di.ritch savs-Thn Sham-! ..,....- - - -- - ... . briar's PWiSL
H indeed wl met him whe do , mA ..oTW . l.-mng "ok.,,,,!!, M, House ,b,l no. umicr- anion.s. Uock brtght a Z BROOMS OPtRA HflilSF P(-tNVKA' a- r.i'RKC. n.t.-;o M
It. It. Co. ve,aic and l,ve ti:.- name of Alb-r. N ,." "Wall, II neve IB Son s ,s .-.planation and lllllhoU-ht . s m. tie- laiK-cr. of , ii n.panv.hat VnVVm 1 flHfl
m Mitchell vs. KyaB ,t al. A gicat many -:,.. ..g-. a in .1. '! :U ;'".'" '" , ,'"' " crest ol Mrs I'rkaiii vfaCaas at I Hi.- Sent from here to the wreck o7tt ill- reI.erson SfaMk near Main. ) FOB OSCEOLA.
Ml 1 VVe BTBre more th in pleased to meet Dfl coming ou( of a theater gave a boy a A I'I-cimjii had , o,p. ie!r liijosliee, and gins-, in. .Ai ,111 tret. ' A: -1 Stonewall. Tbcv have tound sixty - ! m - MM
M - ai ,.r v- 1 , .. ih. ,'reet and shake ii.ods with oiirol.i .ha, h, Th. bovs heard oi it, and Ho v u"s cause. I the s.ateimmt published by . bodies ten of whom have l. 11 idem it d i.'iias. H. H. Bas - eular Mcmnhis and OsceaL, Tri-Wrskiw M
Chili.;... ... ..-.y. friend Col. Price, who waa acddentall.v beno irglting for thai man ever us yesieiday. We hope that this ex ph.- skvk.n dailies a week. 25 cents. -xhT ore s?e ward and chamberuiaid, ',;' 11 W'''TK , -Atoa. Manager "Pm8 an. OacealJ Tri-Weekry mgM
m CTniCiaAVDi:.i ! NiVmeeta-thlton- Ufa". In.lee va. CUiaons' Cilou Bank. shot fa or near Ihe Commercial Hotel ,jnr,.." nation will l sat.alactory to all parlies. . . B,KK"rtmi vW i andsevl i F,otBss'1 A,u,ow, Leader of , nchestra Packet. MMM
M uayot eacl, monib Johuk.ui.foa-.; N.J. "arrtek vs. Johnk. MM weeks ago. and whose wound was v little nigger babv waa rouud veaicr !'""," " ior(n" our '"'ention to do nKAUTIKl.L Dress (Kaals at end deck inisaimeers and roustaM,ilts. ! One XX Bverv IVisht M Mmm
imm.- ' .IvrfiSohee, ""' m.rtal by his altPmling s.ir- j.'o,!; i',, 'of te Tmble u.ne- Wii&S1 H 1CU.0..'S. The diw vTro taken ou shure. and at ' 7T,nlu-fJi v - -
a. aHn a. Tt0TT,cM niyr C. Al ' Ei raduned ill ,, known ae the ..reeniaw l" ' t4tfa.J W!,'d d "f 1 last accounts twenty-two in.piesl. had I L pt. Jd. wlThTld ,nm..th CmmsTny. - For --Eo,a. Fc.os ri.vvno... .ud .O
B ' ' otOITISH RITE. V.,.,. Mc lao. lesh. but tbl. is a natural .s.nscsp.enee al. fc I i,i. street. No. 24, beta ecu rung to the matter francisco A been held. Considerable money was found The siderta lament . o consist of Wen Mln- Way Points.
H.-H..i. aso M.A..R.,s Lodges meet in.. .V" ' '' V , ,"l . ' -n Ian- up..., so long a eonhnemen. fa Thj -,,'., Wth streets. Ir was well Mkmpkw TKv7.oven,ber 1 1800 Wiggins' liW Main street.. on some of the bodies. Tw women ha,l 'JS 7r m,vo ' ft.-new and 1,-gaa, -:,...r
kml V hope am,.: 10 see h.maa rotund and though verv young, was as Mkmphis. Ih.v.N November 3 1809 v. iggina , jiwn sree brought to tho surface of the water. rue?femJL CEO W CHEEK ' Geo Hataae Master MM
M ,''' "s;"t' .0..! hearty jn, ester-far amore genial and .p,.,, sl ,..v ,.!t' ..,. , k. Appaal: I desire to state, in but tlrfakl of Ufa grappled brake, smi Adimn 1 S-?fa mm wfO. kaWM, Mksttrr mmm
M ' "' - ' ' ;'"M ' 'r,'- T ut. 1. -,,;.,! man than he docs not walk m.,-black r white, that we pa, e ev-r reb-re, to your statement that "the ONE OF THE WANTS OF MEMPHIS. thev have not since b-en found. The , Z 1 1 EAVES as above every TW JT v MMM
, -, . ,.ir, v.. I.o'erts 11. tbesireetsol Memphis. t was given to a negro woman bla. silk .piilt, ornaniented withA Ito bodies are being buried in a trench, dug i . . . . , , L. uaB.Tkm.av e, s,i:y, m-'?&?X MMM
it ci. v.,". .I.-' 1:.... -, tx -.. v.. Amls-rcomble. I b- many Tnends o I the gallant aiaT Vv,tli,IP Johnson, who i.v c ,n the kfd wreath ol towers, worked in on an adjacent hillside Greatt WOrlder Of the World ! at 5, "'efack Thursday. WMU
B' i. .., -..I. M. . AV.-.t II '!. ."T i". 1 i. lill.ll genai .arsaiti M.ae I nsk.v, so well ll,J,!l!wi,,.il,i ,:,k, ,,,, If things s,lk and placed on ejhibition at,tbe (air A gymnasium, an institute far physi- We stated in our issue of yesterday that I . 1 TYJUHLtl..i MmM
- LiddelL known to the so myoflen- ,. , .,, be ,-,- by Mrs .1 II. House, or is am, .. . was eBlcnltnra-w plaoe where, by a proper capt. Washington, of WHor WHO. WBO? ""1J'U" :t nB
'' 1 - 1 member from this Dis- .,..,,. . .,:,!,,;, :, o,.u, i...... it-,.- """d the premium by ihe judges, ,.! . the dead itgaup-nts ...' the thou- . pjad written a letter to St. Louis, exeul- ., ' '.
..!.:: 1 v-. I rank. trfct 0 the Confedcrs .-..will be . , This is tle fourth that has been tha' Ul- report made by the Awarding Hands of s. deinary V oan Imi restored. ! pating himself faun charge, made against Tho BOT nUDSONl nrVri W
Co ... ...!.! i.viek vs. lord. glad 1 an, that he is raptdty aonya- ' u.k,.(J ., , the past two -s-k-. , o.nh.ittee lo the .v-cretury lor the pre- This ie the want needed in Memphis. mm, regarding his passing Hie steamer ewrseri cr ' W -'A
M i I -i; laslge C kwetog from a mneat Operation by thai I , .,,..,. , mium was in lavorol No. 2. wluah num- Nie-tenths of the male population or ; stonewall without tpTering assisUnce. i BLIND TOM EXCELLED. A
am . c 1,, 1, 1;,,, f injur ny, prii .. silrgjoos. Dr. Ituest. or 1 nere seem. 10 ut. a..nre na-gn , y.r wss. entered bv Mrs. Maggie Apper- thin citv fallow a sedentary life and from I -ch nJlnwlnir is Cant -in W 's letter- -...,.... , . . . , r
. ' V '" '."- Nashvilb, This iasiPxcsiou was pain- I"- ; ''-U(V-i.''',' ' ' ',' ' and the premium was t.vordingly j want ol prope, exer-,se. one-hal, of ' '" .. .' . "lTK ' s n ,d. - , -bo P ,',ma,rm"ffi -Z' , uor d o For AfkaWaS and T8.
fnl as auy of the farmer to which our peanui ami voiiou f"J ; a paid to that lady. I cannot but think that these are constantly feeling unwell. In -U'"M' '"7 1 " ' " '' " birds' animals fr 11,-, s, an. ' I'RAVELEHS "It EMlo HANTS matam to fl
H I. 0. 0. F. DldtCTORY. tuondam aaaoeiate has been ite.i ai th,-late 1 1.1 - j.iv 1,, .1 ... ., ,.o,,i. tl. t.x,.it,.m,.t f the mo meat has in no city ortown north at Maaoa and Iris- " Copt. Jaha Jv. Bofnger: musieai pnaiiay of the src: win exhibit tor 1 Aikanaae ,ir.. A
Hk J - -If-. Ky ord-r ol bulb.- 1 1 ; with the berois t ., ig olive oil as 1 stand..!.;, w- -,'-' . ,;, ,.d ;i,e suggest i.,n that any imposition on'a lino do they allow themselves tobe " Sin: I am greatly grjeved at tho many ! a short ttm attoa ids point on stem: B
' v.e 1 mb, ike famrd ot Dfaeetofa. a true eoldicr. aostai ed by the heart-felt hesitation in giving t he pre r ' ; 1 -'.n 1. 1- i.. . r...:.!.. ,i, av1mi wo havo t Ik, without this blin. I. tiding wwadra- re, orts lit oiruuhitfon in regard to ou ACCCMRIV MAI I to cSlSiSi Koiir'mojT TtaI-
' patliy of many tro. friends. That -01 -d -1 . .c. ing ' ' h" -,, r ,..,n of .. . , urn,., gs Johuson. Chair- tarv life. ...acliv tV heeu.nea Uau.tutd, and j paLing the burning wreck o, the siean.e, ASSEMBLY HALL, yevW.' ma toZfW 5 WmW
' M .1 r Ryairn AcBwt Lnalavilfa sod Clasky may liveuily daya la the eaiweat 1 ' J'1'1 '.' . ,7".' ',.,. , L .,,' man of the C nittee, to the contrary. steadily aad aorety does let hurgy become ; sjtonew all. 1 rom the ismdition of the .i aa rnmnipneimr si,,,,,, Fare ..ue-imif tlto i si earner i.,.i ,. m -
h .V s lor Line" railroad, has wish of a boat scattered tbronghoot the been the on v ? M Eeap'fy, LUOIt TKOl'SD4J, , he governing im.five .d't he man. Phyal- wreck at the time we passed.the boat must db-t M:lln r-t, tomniPn iiib Mitur- ' WWW
V :V .i'v. 'it' l.e 'o lowing dispatch fiom fn, South, and where, u arm! friends .yoeoe j . '" . 'X a j Secretary. ,.allr. in sedentary pursuits, the blood-sj- : have been burning several hours. She dny EventOg, October dO, lrkiH. KHFIO.TT & TICKET AGENCY MM
M ,. ,,,,. 1 ate, n'redi d. first of Ihe Constitution and the country a, ' '- " '-, . tl ' ennie. more or leak stagnant, and stag- was burned entirely to the water's edge, ! Adafa-faajfa Children r Performance PKt-1""1 v AUIVALT.
1 : ' 'V ,.,rb nib- -s.,, ,,;--,;;. p.r ' found. Ufa. services are npou res-ord. p.-sng daAor 1 1 s.. ... , .. sp. nd 1 m KR ' ,lv ,s. u,,,, nant blood begets disease. The proper nothing standing but tlw Jaekatatr, wheel i irt.VT VtMNOY " 'Tl - s MMt
K m Ito lbs: Fourth and ye f honbraWe to him i they are '' " ' , ! , i' his over it i'sh it StrgJm v Wtfnlf tto oitv -h-Xon physicsl culture wdl prevent inJtivity, arnii. and the ,W about the bow and "" " v N Ni i . Manager. SBW
f ',hh db a a . ml'v'siiiv'. . . Iriis Main Mree" er and proper physlual culture prevur.t starn The machinery and chimneys htsl Fr6IQht TlCket OffiCB
S 1'ork! . t-er bbi, TtoM 1 to live - rt ,.., ...nseriieiillv uol of Adams disesse. The scieiititje arrangement of all lallen down, and the freight was u TYPF FnilMI-RV w"j..a MH
I U'HL.,W, Agt. r,,..Mrs.M. It , ,,: H . ,! X!SZ'amri wnsu,K,," . the paraphernalia or a gymiiasPuni brings mouldering, slow-burning mass. Not a .ITffc lUUHDRY. mM
Wt - Wig Maker, uul Dtttleriit Hiir (,.t. ' ' ' ...,, ,. 1 s hasins Dttfe . . d .. incise., A into action every muscle r the human human being could be hoard or aawa on I -TA up rHE -.5ll.- H
s Ki-ioiM , ! u Hosiery always in -W- were inlormotl yesl-idav bv , I ilmi .-.ilk Hats at K rancisco A 1kk,Vi and had we a gymnasium we would shore, in the water, or elsewhere. Not. BBL ' H
nan iMi'miii k t,i HKRAKi A HKO. Memphis, .lanuarv 20, IW- JMtoera. -toeara. Weeaaei 80W that they have Wiggins , jo, wain si reel. see strong, hardy ai muscular men fol- light was seen on shore, exeent a very Branch of :ce Jobnm Ttpt FouaJrj. UPU1 ...riiw, OT I OHIO H-l
PL MA.L SC'MtOULE. .-. .W.,..vi.-.. .1 ,.,.,. Vu ask in v opinion on exhibition and l-r s:t,e -o p lowing sedentary life, instead or the poor, small and dim one. Tbis was Just below NEW ORLEANS. ST. LOUIS
if Tut-carrier, leave the Appeal at vour relative to the N(!aa-Mi Voc M Bed- known dry good-I, -ise. a very large lot s vnss in every color to hajd. lanky, strengthless and sicklv men that , the iioat. and looked as if it was just ; r ' ' - H
V ' Sea .:.,-sevei,dvsfor cents f,,r in its clfcets npn the human hair. " 1 -rm... linen table damasks, napkiM, H ICKZHU A BKO. we now observe. Whst graafer blessing going out. Not A vpice was heanl, nor; t RAN KLIN .-jri SH
Wm X , , .1,,,!, 's.,,,,,,. a. ven uay. .r o -w. and I cheerfully replv bv stating I have towelltog, sheering, etc. Ihe superior.; v do men want than a jiloasiiig and easy a human betog nor an animal seen mumm- Wm
IR li''-i'.hli..r ia ta. -ee-i M.ln idMsd has al useAit mvself. and furnished my numer- of German table Itoena is iwell known, aA Tn k Appkai. is deUvored for 25 cents a method or avsteni of k.pping one's alloai. Not seeing or bearing anything, w 7- W"v -w be-k BlliTD CTC A UTDC H
M - Na-.o ,! a.-" Vb loiiV,-. aa ?. lot- md Dai o us eusto'imo - treat mai.v d.ot.-n 1 h. goods (ok 1 1.- pi -i ..1 .... dal at aok. hoaltb,of savliigd.wtor'sV'ills,of beeom- and the boat being completely burned. ' J I RED RIVC.K O I fc A lYI t P. O . &M
I? . - ' '"" ' "tcKli u.nies with the following reaulto: it ihe Psris Exposition, rbe goods are in illg gtrimg and muscular, knd of creating we all concluded the survivors had gone V I i SS
mt 1. .1 10...1, ai ... ai n:u p.m.; close at U: . 9 Heuim the balr from falling out ; it restores charge of Mr. r. Alschulcr, who brought Laoiks' under wear, verv cheap, at M. longevity of llfeT A few hours twice a off in some boat, or to tle houses ash,,,-.-. 1111 m lH
MS , - - Cloths, casaiaaasBa and water-proofs, the dtair 10 ils original isdor; it does not them with hun from Qatmanyand aa the Knma A Co.'h, -bs Main street, corner of week bestowed on gymnastic exercise I and did not foel like hailing any boat. ; - f . . . flBH
-.'it at verv low prices, al M. KrausACo.'a atain the skin, nor soil the clothing. It is importation Is direct, be can afford to sell A,pim. will do this; and why have young meu and, under the ciroumstunces. mvself, ThrOUgh BJiS Lading for Freight HtllW
m - J k'.-w Yo.k, ud all ils Main stre. d Adanw. sdellgbtftil and pleasant ,,,.....,, . them at tig 11 res lar less than ajmiUr art! a neglected their vitality so long? All both pilots and a passenger being in the I STEREOTYPE Sc ELECTROTYPE , .,.
HP 1 - e , a , cures diseases. d the scalp, and keeps cles of goods have ever lan 'Ottored to our H.vts, leading styles, and lailies' furs, medical writers, common sense until it pilot house at the time coneluded there J Given to All Points. aSHl
, . . ,., . Plviks and striw-d Urea. i;,j .1 the hair entirely tree from dandruff, giv- Memphis public. As .Mr. Alschulcr . 1 slav KINKK oois ami i.aiiokb skleition has alnift become uncommon agree to , was no use of stopping. My ort'ers were I CAn st n q v - !
b .A ' othtatu' '"pc Irxsat.oodaat im umcd vigor to the accretions t It ,af, W fcemjekeeping friends 1 tha,, any house In the Houth. the principle that exercise-proper exer-i to all. keep a ahiirp lookout, and if v.u FOUNDPY, - f
. u.-..rrlA atl M--K..K.S. to.it tumig r a .h,,,iid ,,,,i lail to avail hemselves ol an : Lkiov A Co., cie-iB the necessary ingredient mr good ; see anything on land or water, we will WTiorr, Ttrxrs t -vrnirrr WM
n oSPiud,dBol,n,- V .'.'... - published evervdav m wor I. i.ap,arsto be .V,,r M. .' .- W "'U'Lmiul' Main atreet, opp. the ,are. health. Am) it .mist he conceded that stop and do all we can. Nothing waa l68 Vine Street, btt. th , iSS?aate J ZT H
Pa , . . ; 0. g- . cuts a w,k deli'vored by , dv for su , .lving the wssle or loan of T1. linennapkina and towelling. . pn.per exercise the exeraae which ; aeen or heard: ami .0 shovv that If there 5 J Travel. secure Beserved Mate toM-B-i MM
BV t ... , aithful carriera. lality iathc human hidr, withoot any in- The work noti the new iron bridge Jist revived per si earner Russia, on calls into action all the muscles snd parts waa any person floating in the rlA-er, tin C ' M C I IM N A T I purchssint their ttckets at thisofflre. m
e'.is.,.. smida exoepvei,, arrivsat I . jurious eileets J consider it the .est A-., u the Mississippi . Vutral lailroud.acros cmisiguuient, 1U0 eeta Kine Kurn. Will be otthebody. The gymnasium does this, inust have been some miles below tin. tHT tofermdion concerning freight, s.&, WM
K ' and fiaiirn I Jon I.is-gE, 3UU Main atreet hsssll r.itoratiee which ha. ever been brought ihe Tallahatchie, is complete, and Ihe sold at once very cheap, at and nothing but tho gymnasium. Lei us wrcok, snd the night being somewhat .... . , , teeriul.y gjien. Hl
V v . ..va ej.i'ei'i' ' latest Mouthlfes, Weeklies and llai- to 1.1 v notice, and consider It a su -t.be- public are only picw nted from crossing VFXIM'S A BRCS, now calculate the expense. Five hun- dark and .ho wind blowing hard, we AlIlSOn,Smith iC ohnSOll. RICH D . I IGHTBURNE, Sen ! Aat, Wm
,11" - ' lies. vond precedent Mv customers are all de- ; upon it by the approaches not yet being -Mo. W Main atfeet. dred dollura will nut one in operation, could not possibly hear or see any one ir J ' a 1 .-,-air I
m e v lighted ith i.s eitects It is elegantly completed. The contract lor the building a , i,,,. hundred niemuera paving live dol- th.y were In the water. At the time t he v - . e. . . p wkm
H klv 1 Monday am! Friday, arrive at p.ui. ; ! Klankls ami Blank km verv cheap pe, 1 11 m-d, and is verv cheap to the con- of the approaches waa awarded lo Mr. J. I will go to the new Cheap Store to lata each will make the Ave hundred, aud say the boat burned the Submarine was! ,ini-t-ic,i -i, ana utaieo B aHH
MW ?, - . an, ,0,. u, v si ore, hs Main street. aumer. L.Fletcher, to be eouiplcted by the tirst buv my Drv (basis. Hans' new stoic. n after the oraanizatiou, one dollar per coaling al Grand Tower, as I was in con- On.it- .vn Viritro Tv- I flllftR flEALERf? Xmm
ma ws.xiyi.rldafc . ,lHv of .laiimirv -next, and w.- understand ' Main stmet. month from every member will keep the vorsation wil h Cspt. MeCord, of the . Hiv e OOUK JtMU iv &ira 1 r t Ml LUUdn .-situs. .r mm
mk Llltb Ho' k and a'b landings on Tm: Applal is the oulv Monday morn- Whitb "Arabs" roc- v, , ,,n yeater.lay. that he la busily engaged in getting out institution in a flourishing condition. 1 Branch until ; 'a p.m., to which he witl aso m.-: r r ; Hfl
Mi Av . ., 11,1-we. i.i. lu. sda.v and 8at- lug paper in the city. 145 cents a week. II KK.i Ki A BK . the timbers, and conlldently expects to don Ixa kr, 236H' Main street, has all rbo more members', the leiw expense on tortify, and we did not pass the wreck till , !!, .-,.. b. vaooabo, a. a. taccaso 1H
ardHV. e. ,ve a- an u.i... - . h tbe yrk done beftre the time spei-l- the latest Monthlies, Weeklies and Hai- 3,.,, The society can be organized and about 'j;,' p.m., and I hey say the Stone-! PRINTING MATEKI XLS 5yA"- ' SBBfl
.J hv'XuS 3v" toceived. Nutmegs, Cloven, Mac.?, "f" -d variety of Children., Uea M limitation in his contract. TI.e lies. incorporated if need be. Knowing the wall burned about p.m. Wo had no a,uuaao, Ia V-UCCARO & CO., MMi
mJm . at aa-.- .lo at t which we will sell at New York prices, "ale in the city at FrauciscoA Wiggins'. riJ)-e is f the kind known as " King's " " " I benclite from Jong and rami liar use. aud rijrht to know or thitik it wm the Stoue- HI '.vrry datcrietioa. T ,
Kmj . freight added. Chaxdlkb A Co. ' d ' patent wrought ipin lubular an It, " and Ribbons, fringes, gimps, dreaa buttons j,,wjg the want in th.s Wiv. l.stides a ivall.as a Ip-ut was u g... .ut ut sight - T Importers and Ueal.r. m H
Bgg a ; i.udlnss on tb Mississippi river south, , Alt vlis! Ababs. Elegant Novelties ! built bv Mesaca. Barbaroux it Co.. I, .uis- and trimuiings, in groai variety, at great 1 personal desire, I have just written this as the Hnbniarine rounded in to the ooal ' .. .ikINCO I mtlflRC PICAR SHi
fa T'"'W' i. "MillliJ. uin To Pbinikhs. We have for sale a font ' opened to-day at Menken p.ros. ville-iv who owu the patent right f. r bargains, at M. Kraus A Co.'s, 18 Main 1 f baHte to obtain, as speedily as I can, hank ; and, aa tho boat waa so completely STEREOTYPING fc tLELTROTVPlNU wfllsCa, UUUUnO, llUrllS 8tB
Wm " a - ,! 1!. JS-Awlppi river nortl ' i- . - i'' " i i p . ,,e..r:.. 1,. ...,,;! - H these bridges in tbe .Southern States, and atreet, oorner of Adatua. I some eo -operation some way that a meet- burned when we passed, I sav we had no io all ttoir vatkni. braadicS! mTC WtC B-Xi. AmmM
m. ia,.e.wiv Abe, . b.y u,l liiunalay. arrive for a CLUUtry weekly. For price, apply or J ist rei-eived. direct from Saratoga, loo ! is in three spans. The con! rsl span is one ing msv bti called some method that a 1 right to know what boat il was burning. ! Tm 'J-BW-MI
1 ta.;c.. - I address A fpkal oflBce, f doxen Congress Water. hundred and eighty leot in length, and the C01 ion Brokers' Marking Ink, a supo- few can'organUe and Immediately go to Ail that Can possibly be said ia that we ' W001. Iku,hi Pomn Ltrrm m 324 FrOflt StfOdt. MflBTOnUe, m JShBSJ
Bi JOBIAH VEUiACU, P. U. j KEATINU, ENGLISH A CO. CHANDLER A CO. two end ones thirty tlve leot eoeh. It Is rior article. t'u.iM.i.tu dt Co. I work. " A N AISTA." might tiara -topped, In any state bf the rmmarTi, ' w Bl

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