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Ornn op tbk Dailt appeal,
Memphis, i'ebruarr , 1K70. (
The money market is without ma
terial change, so far as our bantu arc
concerned, but on the street uie im
provement is becoming quite visible,
and money is certainly easing up. It
can be obtained at 10 perceut. on gilt
edged paper without much trouble,
even now, and will no doubt ruleeaey
during the rest of the year. Exchange
is in good supply, and rates are firm.
Eastern bills are taken at I to i ditt
eount; checking at par to 1 discount.
Tennessee money is in good de
mand at 80c, by tax-payers, with very
little in the hands of broken, and none
being oflVred by outsider!. The sup
ply will probably 1- e.vhaasted in a
day or two.
City Hcrip is rather weak and de
mand light. Buying at 7tia"7c; sell
iug at 78a80e.
County Warrants are in demand
and firm at Mio, selling to taxpayers.
The following are the New York
quotation'- t(wlay on Tennessee bonds:
Old, 56; New, 4ic
Governments closed some better,
with a fair demand:
BondsorliHl U
6-i tvnl of lH&i -J15 to
6-90 " 1NM Um
t-M " 1S66 115 fiy
6-20 " ll6o,nw-
6-SU " M67, " 114 to
6- UK8, " 114 tf
mm Honda llii ito
Pacific Niiw 111.
Stocks in the morning were active
ad prices somewhat excited, but
closeJ I" ftw instance a little lower,
though gendJy firm and active:
Canton - .
Wfc.-:eru Union Telei;'u to -. .-
Pacific Mail-
Adams Express
WU. Fariro A Co.'s KinMk.
American Express. 57!
United States Express
Merchant Union Express.
New York Central
New York Central Scrip
Erie .
w "
Michiiran Central 121
Michigan Southern -x.
Illinois Central 143
Cleveland and Pittsburg
Chicago and Northwestern. 78J
Chicago and Northwestern preferred. t
Koek Island
. iRa
St. Paul -referred
The sales to-day foot op pretty we'
butsome 6X) bales of theaniouot were
taken late last eveninrr. and nut lu-re-
tofore reported. The demand to-day
was mostly on foreign account, and it
is said that large orders are on the
market on a basis of 23 c for Mid
dlings. Holders show a strong dispo
sition to sell, particularly so far as low
grades are concerned. Prices are not
ho much Unsettled a yesterday,
though a shade lower the advanee in
Liverpool not lending any additional
backbone to buyers. The transacts n
were as follows : 24 bales Strict Mid
dlings 24c; 3C Middlings 2o?e; 17
Ikjw Moid.: HbmSUc; MM OoodOr
diafuy J2c; 2U2 Inferior to Ordi-narj-J.V
to 2l; 11 stained 22c to 23c.
Total sales IMS bales.
Chamber of Com
t, 1S70. j
MK),,his, February
tax (in hand S.;t. 1, 1865).
Received to-day- 'S2iu-i mb
Keceived previously 14fcS,-ii4 lM3,b27
Shipped to-day
Shipped previously
llH.iiC -164,764
Stock on hand at noon to-day
Memphis and Charleston R. R...
Mississippi and Tennessee K. K .
Memphis and Ohio R. R
Wagons, eat.
Memphis and Charleston R. R.
Memphis aud Ohio K. R ......
New Yokk, Feb. 9 10:25 a.m. Cotton
dull aii,l teiidingdowuward. Oriiinarv
22jC; Ciood Oriiinarv, 23!ic; Low Mitl-diiug-,
24c; Uplands, 2ic; Uood,Kte;
Mobile. 2-. 'jc; Orleans, 25?ic
2:15 p.m. ( otlon dull and unchanged.
Sales on spot SiO bales; aud 400 for March
24 Am May 24:.c
p.m. 'olion quiet but steady. l"p
laaos 25H. Sales lor export, 5oi bales;
spinning, SOU; specnlalion, 250; contract,
14lii, February 14
New C
Low M
lalea. t
s. Kohruary V 2: ) p.m.
J active a: full prices 24V
uary !'. Cotton dull.
2rV,,23c. Sales 100
Baltimore, February!). Cotton lirm;
Middlings 2434c Stock 14.100 bales.
Boston, Februarv :'. Cotton dull and
nominal. Middlings 25!,r. Slock 45O0
conus in n.ivEi:.
Havkp., February 9. Cotton quiet,
Tres Ordiualre, on spot, la-ti : Low Mid
dling, afloat, 137 franca.
Liverpool, February S. 1 p.m. Cot
ton lirno-r; L'plauda, 11.1; Orleans.
ll(o..' ,d
6 p.m '
and speculi
Orleans 11'
ler. Sales for export
ales. Uplands 11 d;
The business of our city Ls on tire in
gW ntid is at this season very act
ive. All is particularly so with ret
erencetothe grocery and provision
trade, which is larger now than at any
time since the war. This ftatt- ol af
v vrv natteriliir and 1
i i i IT till
ods dejtlere say the
t . . i i 1 r I hu r, (IT.
fairs is eertainl.
emild. our urv ir
same thine. Memphis would have oc
casion to rejoice. '1'r.vde In the latter
line is dull not near as active as at
this time last year; but the impression
prevails that when the spring business
nets in dlers in dry goods will have
no occasion to complain.
The import.- of cohee into the United
States, m 18t9, not including (states
and Territories on the Pacific, was
242,102,392 pounds, against an import
of 2S,012,u7fr jsjunds in Wis; and the
deliveries for consumption in 1869
were 212,9!io,2M pounds, again-d a
nsuniption in 1868 of 223,200,973
isiu df, being an increase in the con
Vw.tni ' ( li a com pared with
tblt ('!' jsiunds, or
s 7-8 is cvl imports of (m
IE hut F one yoar
isoq and the coi"UUJPtion was ex"
. ikiiiilv in 185s. ThP consump-
N,--s of the re-
th the ii?creased ex
l..w I ' ll U I
iwrt movement, the stock m tn n -lorn
on the 1-t of Januflry, W".
'how a very targe taln off tw am
i,arii with the supply Jeft over on tin
l5t of Januarj', 1H9. Thw fai-t, tHken
in cotiawtion with rumor- of a wiort
crop in Brazil, makes higher prica
not iuiprohttble.
In referent to the future of eorn,
the St- Louis Journal qf Coxnuu-riv
MayH: "The flattering prospects tor
obtaining a high urice for cotton last
yeir, induced a very geuetful employ
ment of nil tin' laboring fore of the
cotton State in its production, to the
general neglect of corn. The corn
question, therefor", become an im
portant one to them, all the more that
Iroiu N'irK'1"". Kentucky, North Car
olina and Trtiuowt', thousands of peo
ple are pouring inui Louisiana, Ar
kansas and Texas, a fact mire to in
creaee hy four lol. 1 the demand for
corn. As we are anxioun to furnish
our Southern friends the earliest pos
sible information of anything which
uiav concern their interest-, we deem
it our duty to advise an early securing
of supplies of com for the year, as we
reirard a material advance in price as
absolutely certain. The crop, in the
first place, is luon- tnau iwo minion
bushels short. In the second place, a
verv Iarir" percentage of thi- crop wa
Wiolled, mid in the third place the
tiWi price of pork has induced a very
liberal eonsnmptlon of corn upon the
fcrm. leaving the amount of sound
mercbantable corn available for mar
ket unii-uallv small. Thi is shown
u, tK- true by the ihet that the stock
ltat-d to be In store at all important
luinv i very much under the aver
1 vcL.-ii the demands of the 60-
s2r..i. are eousidereil. with the
fj VVUO(iva vsf wv
a largv incraaav la tha
detnand for consumption on the
"Plains" this season by reason of
great emigration, every candiii mind
will conclude that the probabilities for
a considerable rise in the price amount
to almost an absolute certainty. Ten
nessee has usuallv been able to supply
to a great extent the demands of
tiporgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Flor
ida and South Carolina, but now these
States are in this market with their
orders, and even Tennessee herself Is
buvmg largely in this market. We
trust the hints We have thrown out
will be htetW, and that our Southern
friends will take what advantage they
can of the market note. It is quite
certain that prices can go no lower,
while they may and in all probability
wilt advance very materially. Every
dollar of expense saved upon provi
sions is so much clear gain upon the
next eotton crop."
The same paper says of Flour and
Provisions: "It may have perhaps
been noticed that prices of low grade
flour have advanced some in this mar
ket during the iwt few days. The
immediate cauciur this advance may
be traced to the fart that bad roads
have prevented shipments into this
. e . . . : 1 1 . rrL
Dili rat' I mini itiuiiuj mm-. xiifit-
are many mills in this vicinity which
manufacture low grade flour lor the
Southern trade, and the hard freezes
of winter usually afford them a good
road for hauling, but this winter is an
open one, and the roads are all so
miry that no produce can be hauled
in. There is a very light stock of low
grade flour here, consequently upon
the sudden press of orders a temporary
advance has been obtained. This rise
will be temporary, for the vaafc upper
country is full of grain, and nour will
undoubtedly rule low throughout 1870.
We point with satishu-tion to the fact
that our predictions concerning pro
visions liave beeu strictly realized,
and we do not doulit that still lower
, raus will be forced
At the moment
both in Cincin-
III tills wriuiuc
i j rw-i 1
natl aim 111 V Il-an"i airumiuing, nuu
the pork ring are itviiug blue. Many of
them have oeen paying heavy rates of
interest lor money, and their losses
even at the best must be considerable.
We think if consumers will make a
shift on beef and other meats a while
longer prices will still further decline
until they reach a point at which ex
portation benomea profitable. Beyond
this figure they cau hardly recede,"
H.v.-.iv. There is only a light jobbing
demnd and prices aio steady. India 24(
S&ui heavy Kentucky 25 X&Ox. Iron
Ties 6aT;jh.
Bf.aWm Good oiUed, $2 75 per bushel;
Xavj, f.
Bitter TJood medium 2s to 33u, but
an eitra choice lot might sell at 40c
'r:.. a i iii.Um in ninrL.-'
Brooms AM) BBcsiMifiRS Brooms are
at Sij per dozen, isroomcirn
125(jj,2uu per ton, as to cure and oouuition. i
BCil.DKUs MilKMAI.-i.iimi-iuif v" I
ii !!.: S(ii3 25; Rosendalo , : .t(N4 75, - -ler$4
aili.. Hair, in 40 lb balAa, fc! JVo.3.
Fire brink. S'T. Building Brick fo par
M. Ohio River Lime ) ulfel 75 per bbl.
Alabama $2. Cape $1 ViX&tl.
Cop.smeal The HMMI is quiet. Fresh,
at mills, H .'al; light weight, M 25; kiln
dried, H IS in small way from store, $5.
CoFrsp Slock good and demand ac
tive; Rio, 103.24c, as to quality.
Cotton Yajwm So. 400, tec; 600. JOc;
sou, lec; 700, 16c.
CHKEfcE Factory 19c. W R. 18c. E. I).
Ulc. Market steady.
CotioX St.i) Selling at $10 00 per
ion on landing, fin) er famish sacks.
Motes l(i4c.
Canned OooDs Condensed milk, $14(
14 50 per case. Covo oysters, 1 lb, ii 75
per doz.; 2 lbs, $2 75. Peaches, 2 dofe
2 75. Fears, $3 50. Tomatoes, fl tiinj
1 75. Cftenies, 33 25. Pineapples, $4.
S.rawWwex, f3 "j. Brandy Feaches,
iA i0(ar. Brau'ly CJjerries, 5 75,6.
Pickles, half gal. per do., & oft; quarts.
50; pints, 2 50. Tomato Catsup, fl 25
2 25. Feppersauce, 1 25.
tVju Laige stock, llull at ttQMc
Feui'4- ,''cre is a pKid inquiry for low
and mcdiuu. gn&tt wi;h only a moderate
stuck ou hand, ii.- "i- ..".: in.- are improv
ing. We quote : Fine si UXJlfi : s,a;H'r fo 25
((ySo 50; X 10 ram y, pi) 75 to 6 2o.
Fat' it Apples rang from i-l Ui i MP
Imrrfl Hiu i- choice .a market.
Dried ApoK-s, C'7i;; Oried leaiuw.
anduu:!; Fteieu no. ntic; v.ur-
rauts liic; Prunes lsc.
tisu Mm:krel Mo 1, Imii S24V2S; H
bt is 12 ooy,'1 on; No. 2, in fiU$? 50;
do IS 76; No. 1, kit $2 90(3; So. 2
Uo2 15(12 25; No. 3. 1 Sia2. White
dsh, bbls, 9 50. Sardines l!fel9 50 per
case for quarters : i2& for halves. Fresh
Lake Fish 10c per lb.
Fked The demand is fairly active, with
few lots iti tirst hands. Corn is firm ai
SU',c, in a large way, and 4 Ui c in small
lots from levee. (MM are scarce, and sell
ing at 7Qb75o. Bran $23 lo 24. Hay
S24.a2.t. r.M.ked CotUin flieed Meiii
tti." per ion.
Oame and Poultry The supply of
Chickens is larjre, and prices are
weak at J4',;4 uu per dozen. Geese
5117. Turkevs range from lr to liS.
Docks $4fe4 60. Dressed Turkeys 20e
(ft22c per lb. Venison S(a,;o.-. Wild Tur
key iMg,lb per dozen. Wild Ducks S3
Qui. Bear meal dull at 154lSc. yuails 2
(g& 25. Bquirrel fl 50(j.1 76. Rabbits
2 5tKaS.
Bum Uood No. 1 seconds 16$lSc,
and scarce.
Hides Market quiet and firm. Dry
Flint 17c; Dry Salt 14c; Oreen do. KsJic.
Green 6.n(si7c Tallow 9c. Beeswax 3o
LtATiTER Hemlock Bill tlftlWt ; Oak
Sole42fe4iic; Saddle 40&4oc; Bridles KS(o,
09 per dozen: Uppers 404j,60c; Calfskins,
French 46u,70; American do. 180(60.
Live Hroo Uood Beef Cattle are
scarce. We quote choice, nominally Cfa7c,
gross; medium 4u.5i.', gross. Hogs tMjyyc
g ruaa, and quiet. Sheep are scarce and
prices are nominal. Milk Cows fi0(gri per
Lead. Work Oxen, M1N per voke.
Molasses The market is firm. Prime
New Orleans 75j)c; choice SS&OOe.
Naval arokjss lax, in kegs, II 25 to
6 7o for Pine; in 40 gallon bbls, t lo 10;
Pitch 6 per bbl; Oakum 5 to H pel
Nails Fair demand at (4 9tK5, rates.
Oils Coal, 36(37c: Linseed raw, 1 10;
do. boiled, fl 15,1 20; Lard, 1 56(vl MO;
Lubricating Coal Oil, o.k .; Train Oil,
fl 26vl 30.
Powder Rifle per keg $6 50; blasting,
4 60.
PRODfCE The market is quiet. Peach
blow potatoes, in lots on levee, 1 HUCql 90
prbbl.; Ruasets 1 Ms2in lots; Pinkeye
; Karlv Goodrlcbes k3 50. (Small
ua from 15 'm bbL
... n., . .... i.i i rw
hntner inion nmi ai io w uui. i ur
uips 50c par bushel.
pRoVLsioas There ts a fair demand in
the way of filling orders; but fes large
lots are changing hands. Mess Pork
2s 50tv?2!i, in a small way. Clear
Bulk Side in lot, 15gjl5'ac; Clear Rib
14Kr-.il5c: Rll) Sides 14lal4c; Shouldei
j llilJic. Bacon Clear Side 17c: S.C.
Hams c i.ani, iu uerces, itn
17c; keg17ftl3Sc. lireaaed Pork , fresh i
H4l24S-'( city -packed Corned Beef 16(i
$16 per bbl.
Salt Good supply; 3S01U. bbl. 2 45
In lou.
Scoars Stock are good and prices
very firm. Common Loulalana, 9V4l0e;
Fair, I pi V ; Good Fair, M,','1U-;
Fully Fair, HHftil2c; Prime, 12H(yil3c;
Choice, 13fel8Hc; Yellow Clarified,
l iMCbte; White Clarified, 1415.Sc
Spirits Demand Inactive aud price
steady; highwine. U5c; proof spirit, $1 15
(01 25; ree itie-J whissy 75tl.
HavhHMHavt Sell'.ng at 9(all per bbl.
Hta-rom fS(- per 'b-
Soap Mottle,! 943.10.'ie; yellow 7
common o' .:.
ToBACi-o Prime natural leaf, light
praMd. 17(1 10; fine fancy Va. Mcrtl:
fine bright pouuiN, S0a,yOc; medium
bright pound, 70($"0c; common bright
p'lunds, o'iToc: medium bright half
pounds, sound, 62'70i-; amokiag, fine
and fancy, tsKtySOc; medium and common
:.v t.o a ii Common and pickling, 10c
THK highest market price paid lor SOUU
bushels Wheat, delivered within thirty
Jays, by lOV, HH 1 l.l.ips tt CO ,
Wholesale Urocer.
Ibg rout lreet.
Tm proved
Florence Sewing Machines.
I Hrlr-Aiilusilng li liion,al
pled to sewing
vlest mater a
'eed, splendia
sads of seanm.
tie most delicate '
without change. Ri
Makes four din. rent stitches on the one and
saas maehliio. There are only twelve pieces
of toachlnerv In Its works, and is as rxwitlv
jn IU motion as those ol a locomotive, and
on same principle Kvery raachlue lssold
lomplete, nnU rurnUhcl with a Goodrich
Tuck Marker, patent sell-coider, patent cir
binder and edge stiicber. nat n: rufflcr, gath
erer, etc., without extra chaige. Call and see
it work. HaRMoN 4 MORTON,
General Agents :..'.. Msit. -t .
febw between Monroe and Union.
' E offer Moo
i Ext
" Weer s Best."
unices at good
and a good ua
nke. Ion can
barrel not Sat
an MaiH'oulsh Mar auu steura
Illinois wheu' this year will 1
return at our expanse every
IB mi Lory.
1(1 bbls. lots n M.
'& bblk. luts 7 i.
U bbls. lol 7 flu.
We nave on consign ment UaKI barrels of this
flour, and It I ordered sold.
f. woLcorr, mmith a cos
Dissolution of Copartnership.
WTlie firms Oalbbxath, Rtxwart A Co.,
Memphis, Tenn., bd1 Stewart, Galbrcath
a FizfcK, New Orleans, La , have tills day been
dissolved, tq mutual consent, Mr. W. B, Gal
breath retiring.
Either member of the late firm Is hereby
authorised to n the flmi name In settlement
of business. W. B. GALBRKATH,
Memphis, February 1st, laTO.
My eontlnned Ill-health neeessllates my
retiring from business, and In doing so I have
modi pleasure In recommending my succes
sors, Messrs. Htkwabt linos. A Fixer.
Memphis, Tennessee, and Messrs. Stkwakt
A Fizaa. New Orleans, Louisiana,
to my friends, aud hope they will con
tinue their busluess with them. I will be
found at tha otSee of Messrs. Stewart linos.
A Fixes, No. 11 Union street, Stonewall block,
till further notice.
Copartnership Notice.
"William Stewart, Hrcn Stewart,
Andrew mcwait and John C. Fizeb have
this day entered Into copartnership under
the firm styles of Stfwart Kbos. 4 Fizkk,
Memphis, Tenn., and stewaet A Fizer, New
Orleans, La., being successors to (ialbreatli,
Stewart & Co.. Memphis. Tenn., and Stewart,
Ualbreath a Flier, New Orleans, La., for the
purpose of conducting a Wholesale Grocery
Commission and Cotton business, at ths old
Hand of Oalbreath, Stewart t Co.. So. 11
Uulon street, Qalbreatli Clock, Y 1411
Tenn., and a cotton factorage and i oiumlaxlon
business at So. 46 Cnion street. New Orleans,
La. They will always keep on Laud a larae
stock of goods, comprising a lull aud com
plete assortment of every article In their line
of business, which they will sell upon the
most favorable terms. Especial attention will
be given to the handling and sale of cotton.
This branch of their busluess. In the Mem
phis house, wll be under the tire and control
of Mr Hugh Stewart, who, from over .sixteen
years' experience, feuL contldeut of his abil
ity to manage the same to me satisfaction of
their customers.
Mr Andrew Stewart will, as before, have
charge of the cotton business of their New
Orleans house.
The Grocery Department of their Memphis
house will be under the management of Wm.
Stewart and John C. Ficr, as formerly. Tony
oil -it a continuance of the very liberal
patronage heretofore extended to the old
house of Galbrealh, Stewart a Co., Memphis,
Tenn., and sp-wart. Ualbreath a Fizer, New
Orleans, Louislan.
No. 11 puion airkxi, .stonewall Block, Mem
phis, Tennessee.
No. 46, t'nlou Street, New Orleans, La.
February 1st, 187a febhljw
Notice of Dissolution.
'I'HF. undersigned having this day sold
I their stock 01 goods, business interests
aud ;tpod will to Messrs. John Robertson and
Jttseph B."uce, wlui si-ced lo business,
under the name snd st ie of Iti iBERTsON.
lil'.l'i'E CO., the flnn bt Tiihllt.YNN a
CO., Is thereby dissolved by mutual consent
The new firm ot Kobt-rtolru- a Co. as
sume all the 111)1 lilies oiHrcitt Arm, and
ureslone authorized ta coiKct and receipt
lor t looebts due the old flno.
W'v lake occssion to thank all our friends
for tbeir llbersi palronsae, and cneerfuiiy
commud our successors ti their favor.
Janiiary.il, irt.
JOUN o jusR;. J04E1-H BRfCE.
BY the foregoing. K win h jeeu that we
have bought the entire stork of aod, 1
hiiHlness interests aud good will of Tobiu,
Lynn A Oat We propose to continue the !
business at the old stand, .14 Main rret, and j
solicit a share of Use public patronage and i
iv ,.r B BrIKrs IN, BKt.'CK CO.
iitiaf lenn . repruary i. lSit. teiia
Dissolution of Copartnership.
'I'TIK firm of I.r-vy A KnM):n ha w Zy
1 l,-eii dissoivtsl iy inutaal c-msent. Mr.
Uaja.fi Itobbius retiring, fc.. A. Levy a ill cou
uuue the fTf business.
fnu.s. cyjiBiNs.
Mpmptits. Filimsry 1. 17"- U-W
THK Parti
Tshlp ot W. C. OBISWOLD a
iu.2 la-tween W. C. Orlsa-ilJ
X CO.. existing
J. ti. IieLaKooke, ls Ibis day dissolved by
mn'iual (aaaaaa, J.S. LH.-LaHiOoko having sold
his Interest to
of Hamburg, Germany.
In retiring, I -lsh the contlunance or the
esteem and patrouagi: od -xiy msny patrons
to the new I Inn. They h:ive my rsspect and
kindest wishes. All accounts will be' settled
by die new t JNo. S. DgLaKOvIsK.
Tae new Firm will still be known as before,
the same consisting of Or. K. A Schryer nnd
Dr. W. C. (Jriswold, under the style of W.
URISWOLli 4 CO.. nrnggists and Apotheca
rletj vho will keep n fresh sto k of Drugs.
Medlf-ines, Cheuilcals, Oils, Fine Soap,
Spi nges, Krushes, Perrumery, Tr.SM Artirles,
ami other articles kept b DrugKlHt generol
ly. Phvslcian'Precr:ptinn carefu.ly com
pounded. W. c. ORIS WOLD CO.
.V km pais. Jan. 12. ISTU. jalS
TF"law partnership which h so long
Al so pusisantly existed between tie
under. ied ls this day dissolved by mutual
eotsenu The pannersnlp bnslnesa will be
altiMidod to and wouud up by tha old firms of
Wright A MrKlKleE and Wright, MclClxlek
4t right, as heretofore
thin da v formed a partnership and will co.e
linue the practice of the law under the firm
L. D. atcKIsli K continues the practice.
C'fflces-Klt Williams Block
L. D. McKJ-sICK.
Jannarr 7. IsTO 1ft
Vegetable Hair Restorative
MaalTir Gray Hair to tl :urm) Hoz pr
A pW Jw f-wwth the Hair Cfcait mm IL l
Ttmu M lir riitw. om ac ja Kraal:
atht Da4nff b4 HtOt 11 tT rata M
aPT" "I
TlaV IN ooa puMW at l . .
"it Af
Thi Preparation nn" ll cthtrs of its
damans Hair iMifWfr.
It i. thorough in iw action upon Cray orralel
Hsir and it eff- peraiwat
ft erodueei But oe disilnet snntte. wbn
ot)ir leaTf the l.nir in many varied r..lor.
It promote grow tli lirn ethfrs fail tt re-
pmduoe a -i.-ic hsir.
It do.-. n,.t crisp or dry the hsir, hut lain it
moist ami gtay. .,
I. lie. t .1 it uiMriar to any other as a TeiUt
The iinmslienf- used in this Preptiraticn are the
very brt that csn be founl, and areM bsrm
leas nr water.
LORD ft SMITH. Proprietors,
Cuicaoo Ills.
olesale Agents, Memphis,
ass 'H i) by all retail druggist. eJi
tn 5v per annum. Hamide copies free.
K. M
Ml JR.. CO..
srk Row. New York
GREAT exhibition or plants received per
last steamer troui Prim re, such as Ca
mella. Magnolia, An lea, Marouia, Rododen-
e .
rum. Leon I
K'.i, eic. ; a great va
ult Trees Apple, Pear,
"is. u rapes, etc; SOU
'alls i Flowers, and a
a' plants from Rurope
imei-jus lo enumerale.
rlety el new Roses, r
(. berry, Peach, Apr
snecies i seeds and 1
cunntltr of other new
and California, too nnm
Mr. TURK, Horn ParU
Florist, Gardener
No. 24m Beond stieet.
belK-eeli JeUcrse
and Court Square, Invites amateurs to vlaj
BU llSi IWJl.i- jj.vvw ww.j wsyi
1 We have provided ourselves with a full stock of Plantation Supplies
which, to the trade, we are offering at great inducements. Among which
may be found the following:
900 dozen Planter's Hoes,
110 dozen Blind Bridles,
280 dozen Hames,
230 dozen Hogskin Collars,
1,200 coils Cotton and Grass Plow Line,
5,000 pairs Tracechains
75 dozen Single and Double Trees,
125 do;:en Back Bands,
140,000 pounds Hollowware Castings,
600 dozen Axe3.
Sole Agents in Memphis for the Brinley Separate Share & Urie Stee! Plows,
Owners of the Mitcfael s Patent ; also, the Teagues Patent Cotton Scrapers,
A full Stock of Hardware and Agricultural Implements In store.
Sheriffs Sale of Real Estate.
BY virtue of an alias execution to me di
rected from the Buprenie Court of the
State oi Tenuessee, la Uie owe of E. F. Pltt
mau and W. H. Pittman, pan ners as Plttnian
A Brother, against W. L. Mtetrart and M. D. L.
Stewart, partners as W. L Stewart A Brother,
ixsued on a Judgment rendered In said Court
the 11th day of May. 1. for the sum ot
Hsfii .(, confirming a judgment of the Law
Court of Memphis, rendered the 2Uth day ot
March. IDS!, In favor of said plaliuiini against
said defendants, with lnteret.l and costs, and
to satisfy said execution, Court costs, etc., I
On Saturday, Februai7 12,
urine legal hours of sal. In front of the
Sheriff's office, ou Second street. In Memphis,
Tennessee, sell, to the hlgiest bidder, for
cash, the following describer real estate, sit
uated In the county of Snelhy, State of Ten
nessee, designat.xl and described as follows,
t-wlt: A certain lot in the Butler division
of the city of Memphis, being a part of lot
No. one 111, In block No. fifteen 1 lo, fronting
Cfty-elght 581 feet on the eaM side of lleMoto
street, andoounded as follows: Beginning at
a stage where the east line of iMSoto street,
running southwardly, enters the Butler Divi
sion of tbecity of Memphis: running thence
easiwardly on the Bntler dividing line one
liuudred and flny-flye 16 feet to a stake;
thence southwardly and parallel with De.-oto
street flity-etgbt 5S feet to a stake; thence
westwardly and parallel wl;h the first one
hundred and fl ftv-flve 155 leet lo a stake In
the east Hue of Defioto street; ihence north
wardly with the east line of said street flfty
elglit 58 feet to the place of beginning.
Also, one other lot about one mile south
east or the city of Memphis, xnnwn and des
ignated on the plan of subdivision of A. J.
Hays as lot No. Ave Wt, front lng Patton ave
nue on the vest oue hundred and seven llOTl
feet, one-and-a-half iy,l inches, extendiui
back three hundred ana nity-two 352 feet
six Inches
Also, the following-named lots In the town
of Kaleigh, kuowu and designated on the
plan of said town as lots Nos. five, six and
two (i, 6 and 2, in Bloc k C; s.ld luts, live and
six -S and d, rront each elgtty-seven and a
hsll tnVw feet on the Memphix aud Somer
ville Turnpike road, ruunlnt back one hun
dred and flrty Ib0 feet; let No. two 2 is one
huudred and seventy-two anu-a-hali 172j
feet square, lying northwest and adjolniui;
lot No. rive 5f.
Also, me lol lowing deaor.bed lands. it
ua:d oa the waters of Wolf river, on the
!de thereof and on both sides f the
Kaleigh and LaGiange Railroad, being in
three parcels or tracts, and contulnlug. In the
VTKregate. one hundred and ninety-one and-a-.iull
iniVil awes, bouudad i.d destgnated
hs folloWs.To-wit: The flrst of said Iractt,
b-lng In isnge seven 71. sisrtlons two and
three 2 and 3 of the Kiev emu jll Surveyor's
lilstrli t : Beginning at a rsl- 'id stump, with
one hickory pointer, the soul liwesl ooruar in
Hie original tract: thenoe north thliteen 18
chain and ninety wj link" to stake, with
nlsckguni and poplar pointers on the bank
or a branch: Uieuc ea-1 Ave - chains to a
stake and bl.ii-kgum; tneiion uorth lifty 5uj
luiu.- o stake, five !5 links north of a beech
marked C K."; thence rasl sixteen iloj
chalus to astake, two dogwoml aud whlteoak
pointers; tlieuce siutn fcattMB It, i imius
and forty 40 ' Inks Ui aklaj;t.- apd nolnters;
thence west twenty -one 2i i ntialit ti ihp ue
ginning, ioBtatninL' iwenty-nlne and a-balf
cehi adjoins tba tend fa-t abiye iss.ri!ed, 111
In rang" seven '7 j. sec-lions two aud three, i
auu . Imu(iIs: as loucws: oeiuu:ug
In section three fJ, at John at, Ourry'a east
corner on William Lawietie's Hub, at
stake and sweowum niuiktu " J. M. C" a
Kweetguiu and hluckguiu iilntern: tiuuoe
west sixty C poles to said Curry's ooruer, a
stake and eim marked "J. M. C," perslm
n. on. ash and Ironwood pointers; thence
sourn fi
line. pass. ng inscor-
uer at ui
dred aud
one Mile
ilet, in si
rt:n r'"ii-
to taali hickory,
lteik marked " C.
c, turee
and wnltaoak i-n i-:
thence east .sixty 00; pi.les to stake, oue
pole six links stoutness' or a reoong margeu
" ti. B.,'' io hickory and sweelguin pointers
on V.'lllluui Lawrence's west boundary line:
theiioe norUi one huniisd aaii a(iy ' 111)
t..:. with his line to the beg.inln. (unlaia-
hw mil;- ioi j acre
Tiie tiiiru oue oi saia
fen lo. section tro 2i,
eginulnaat -iiiieo.dl
;ug inn In two 1111 ek-JU
l Mu,Hir "ft": link
tracts is In fang setvn
bounded a follows: Befli
marked - A- B.," ruuuingi
sixty -six :iiuj links la I
uorth ot wliicti 1 an ii
with two 2J whlteoak po
twt-ntv live i.-)th:ii"s to
' W. S.,"
lee west
aud history and poplr
isiiLters: thence
SOllli. ,C
':i si; S chains Any i si links to
in the liOuth bank ut Wplr ris-er:
s stake
tbenoe east roi ty 'ioj chalus m a i!liwuaa
marked "A. B.." two ironwood polulers;
thepce north twenty-rour J4J chains to a
KWeetguM. witil e.l,n nolnters: thence west
arteen 1 1J chains "tt thirtr M links to the
beginning, coutalulng one tuuured aud iwu
'Uu seres.
i'bs lut cf land first above described, being
tin? cue o:i le.-s:-.if. s;ree, in Me: ipbls, ls
leviej on as flie properly of aeR-uuauc V. . L.
Stwait. oa Uie 2Uth day ot March, !."; 'and
in- tfulsuce oi Uie land afaiyva described is
1. vied on as bflug the property of defendant,
M. 1). L. siewnrt. ou tne aa i of March, 17,
the date ot the rendition ot the Judgment U
lheia.w Court or Memphis applied by de
fendants to the Supreme Court. ajQ affirmed
May, the ilth, iti. All of ss Id laud la levied
ou as the property ol the respective defend
ants as aforesaid, subject to the lien of said
judgment, am! to satisfy said luogmeul, in
terest, costs, etc. A. 1 ' ' . KKV. Sherlfl.
J. M. Ureory. Att'y for Plifs. Jali
consul ed for A SUnKT TIME 0NLV, at
I,, r , ..i.iftK'ion lOO-ls ai WHITKMORE
HorvK 03 OOO to any one who can
equal herln herp oressio- .lnlellingthepast,
present and future; In caving speedy mar
riages: bringing the separated together, and
bowing the likeness of absent friends, hus
band or wire. She Is the
She can tell your very thot ghts the moment
you enter her studio.
A fr'al solicited. SatisracUon guaranteed,
or NO PAY.
Consultation Fae-Ladies !;1: Gents fl 50.
Re-memtier. WHITKMoRE. HOUal, Ho. 100
Adams street, Memphis. febs
To Delinquent Subscribers
To the Capital Stock of the Shelby
County Agricuituritl Society.
rpHF attention or delinquent subscribers or
1 stock t the Shelby Cnuaty Agricultural,
Mechanical and Hortlcuhural Moclety Is
hereby called to the ftdlowing order, passed
by the rtosrd of Directors, t their last regu
lar meeting on February 3, 1&7U, Tic:
"lhat the President be authorixed to place
Into the hands ol a competent attorney, for
collection, all claims for balcnce due on suh
Hcriptlpr; or stock to ssid company, alter
i-lvlng noti.e in tns dsllv iMipers. for one
week, mat said course will 1 pUrsuiHl."
TheB'jardare determlnec. that good faith
slial' be kept with the ered tor of thectim
nany : and, to avoid the alternative or brlng-
I lug snit. it ls hoped thai all delinquents will
j promptly respond, within one week, by call
I Ing at the office or the Secretary , No. 27 Court
nuiiuiug, ana sa-o ling uisir .lsouines. am r
that time, these claims will be placed In the
hands ol an attorney lor co' lection.
LEo. TROI'kDaLE. Secretary.
P. 8. From and alter this date these claims
will be round iu the hands or Messrs. Marye
dt Trecevant, attorneys at law. No in Madison
street, where the parties ftr requested to call
aud make settlement. reos; Ls 8.
Ha removed his I'tano rooms to
And has on Exhildtion a
Ladles and artist aro retipecr fuily Invited
to call and see this superb instrument.
H. G. HOLLENBEfK. 233 Male St.
Attachmcmt Suit.
Slate of Tennessee. Hhelby county. Before
Thomas B. Mynatt, Juslltw of the Pesos in
aud tor said county.
ln is a Baugh vs. P. s. HarrelL
FFIDAVIT havlnr been made and bond
given as required by law, and attach
ment having bei ii issued and returned before
uie. levied, etc.. ou the property ot dereud-
ant, and defendant uot to be found In my
county :
It Is therefore ordered, That the raid ie
feudant appear before ma, nt my office. In the
city oi Memphis, stoelby county, Tennessee,
ou the 1th dny of Februar) , 1S70, al 10 o'clock
a.m., and make defense to said suit, or the
same will be tried exparw ; and that a copy
of this notice be published iu the Memphis
Anueal for lour nuccwslve eeks.
i i o. aiilAll, J. Mr.
January 5, 1870. la
Administration Notice.
Ion upon the es-
M-J Utteoi Margaret Buyer
i ersus' having
len (itau'eu lo u.e, ai
c-IhIiiis sgnlttst said stut
are nouaeu mat
alms, within the
tbev will be lor-
mej UlllSl pte'sl'Ul men V
lime reei" mj - "
ever barred; all persons II
idebted toaald es-
lal mils maae luiuiiw
ji Tit BO
HuLBT, Aaat'r.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of a deed of trust executed by
Elizabeth J. Wbltsltt to me, on the 13th
July, 1m,s, to secure the payment of a certain
promissory note therein mentioned, and
which deed ls of record In Record Book No.
67, pages 1X1-2-3-1, In the Register' office or
Hhelby county. Tennessee, I will on
Thursday, March 3, 1870,
Between the honrs or 10 and 12 o'clock a.m.,
in rront ot the dooroi the Law Court ot Mem
phis, on Second street, tu the city or Mem
phis, proceed to sell at public on IcTy to the
highest bidder, for cash, the property de
scribed lu said deed of trust, a follows: A
certain tract of land in the county, of Shelby
Htate or Tennessee, more particularly de
scribed as follows: A lot or land In the town
or Memphis, and distinguished ou the plan
or said town as Nos. 200 aud JUi, and bounded
a loUows. vlx: Begiuulng at the intersection
or the north side of Market street with the
west side of Market isjuare; thence with the
west side or Market Square north no to east
74 feet 3 inches to lot h; thence west 90 .W
north It feet 3 Inches to a stake; thence south
80" 3C west 74 feet 3 inches to Market street ;
thence with the line or said street to the place
ot beginning, magnetic courses same pro
perty conveyed to F.Hxsheth J. Whltsttt bv
rellx Dooley. and dated loth April. 115, and
recorded In Re lstef's olce tiholby county in
Book No. 1 . page 435.
Redemption waived. Title believed to be
good; but I ell and convey only a. trustee
febl VAN A. W. ANI1K.1 tBUX . Trustee.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of two Deeds in Trnat, made to
me by A. M. Ferguson one made on the
si dayoi anuary, lxjd, and recorded lu the
Register's office for Shelby county, Tennessee,
lu Book 5t, part 1st, pages 47S, 473 and 474- ana
the other made on the Bd da or Febru
ary, 1-tRt, and duly recorded In the Register s
' nir Shelby county, Tennessee, In Record
Book 64, pages 473,4:4 ana 475, the flrt of
which was made to secure the payment of a
note for ! :.v, 12, and the latter made to se
cure the payment or a note for StuinO, both
payable to Patrick OToole; and. whereas,
said notes were not promptly paid at matu
rity. nd having beeu requested so to do. by
Hi Idget OToole. Adminl-tratrlx or said Pat
rick O'Toole, now deceased, I will, on
Saturday, the 26th Day of February, 1870,
In Froi t of the Circuit. Courtroom, on the
corner or CnL.a and Second streets, in the
cliy or Memphis, sel'. to the highest bolder,
ror cash, the lot on toe southwest corner or
Bei and H.Moto streets, fronting on Ben!
street sixty 601 feet, and running back south,
between parallel lines, oue hundred ai.d
twenty LUJu! feel, and now fully and particu
larly descr Inert in said Trust Deed, recorded
In Book 56, pages 172, 473 and 474, and to which
reference is here made.
At the same tune and place t will also sell,
to the hlulicM bidder, for cash, Ihe roilotviu
described lot, beginning al a stake one hun
dred and tnlriy five 13&J leet south irotr. the
south line ot Beal street . and run nlng thence
south with the west line or Dc.sjoio sun t
tbiny 130 leet; thence w.-st one hundred pd
"ft,' Umj feet: thence north thirty iau i. , i Ui
the .south side of ah al'ey ; Iheuce e.ist wltn
the south line of said alley one hundred and
fifty 15"! feet to the beginning, ; g the
batiiv'iol dcscribtsl in the Trust Deed n-vordi-d
In Book 04. pages 473, 474 and 475, and to which
refereuce ls here made, Ihe sale w:ll be
rnsdj between the hours or 10 o'clock ajn.
andio'cToek p ut.
The equity of redemption 1s specially
waived lu said Trust Deeds, and the title is be
lieved to be good, ltut I only convey is Trus
tee. EriiKITF. M M4KVNF.Y, I'rustee.
Hansen. Swingley a Dashieil, Ati'ys.
Executor s Sale.
RY virtue of the power vested lu me by the
will of the late Wade H. Dalian, deceas-d,
of record In the Probst" Conrt ol lieeha
couuly, Arkansas, 1 shall proceed, on
Monday, 14th day of February Next,
Tosell publicly, to the highest bidjjc
courthouse ndbr.ta me town ui Ta.
i (lie
uga.NSAS, all the interest owned by the
kK4sas, all the latere
said Wade 11. Bolton In the 1 oilowlinj de-
rlbed lands, tie wit: Being an undivided
one-lialf interest in a certaiu tract of land,
consis.li.g of me SW rrl. quarter ot section
Ave 51; the NE irl. quarter nf anrllnn tT IV
he Bt; quarter of frl. section six SJ; the F.
half ot sauiiuii ear7i: s tsKf ' aHtsa
eiht fSJ, and the N hair of sacilou seve!,
toen 171, isoutaliiltig altogether, according to
U. S. surveys, PaiV acres, and being the same
tract of land iu Desha county. Ark., conveyed
ou Mid 50th I?ceiubcr, 1S54, by Abner L. and
Napoleon B. Mhrrow to 1. L. Bolton, pnd lie
int: In iowT'o Bine j south, range iwo 3
west. In the s 'id couuly of Desha.
I ija, whver right, title and ti
the said w&.i W- Ilo'.Jou may have had In
and to the folloiying land, also in me ?ald
mnnty of Desha and State of Arkansas, to
wlt: The NW onarfer ortne NE quarter of
eectlon eleven 111,; the SK frl. quarter of sec
tion two 2; tha S'w frl. quarter of ggrtton
two 21, and the XW qfiarler of section
eleven II, all In township nlnesouth. range
two west, containing altogether about 4.
acres, and being the same laud 'Old by the
said I. L. Bolton iu his lifetime to James
Branch, deceased,
Both of the said plantation-: nro wel' Ira
Droved, the former romnrlslug about R!
kjrss s&d the lAtter ilxiut -Ion acres of Cleared
land, with all necessary" buildings, Including
dwelling-houses, gin-houses, etc.
The id land wl)i be said tor one-third
cash, ana the balance lu two equal Instal
ments, payable in one and two yearb, secured
by the notes of the purchaser with approved
personal security, as wll as by lien reserved
upon the land, and the sale will lie made
subject to all existing liens and Incumbrances.
Selling under the said power, I snail only
convey such interest as the said Wade H
Bolton had in the said land at the time of bis
dt. al- -nrr'r itsvii.
Executor of W. H. Holton. deo'd.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. W, N. R. in tnechaueery Court or Mem
phis, Tennessee.- Benjamin f. Ball vs. Gog
gin, Trader a Holt et si.
IT appearing from affidavit In this cause
that the dctendents, B. W L. Holt, James
M Uoggln and Euclid Borland are non-resi-df-pfsof
the State or Tennessee:
it Id i nerefcire ordered. Tbat tliey rasaei oelr
appearance herein, at the Courthouse iu the
cily or Memphis, Tenn., on or before the first
Monday In March, 1870, and plead, answer or
demur to Complainant's Bill, or the same will
betaken tor oonreid as to them R::i!st for
hear! ng ex par te ; and that a copy of ml or
der be published once a week, ror fbur suc
cessive weeks, in the Memphis Appeal.
A Copy Attest,
a. Cxi Lratoi' ALSTON, CJerk arid Master.
SR. J. Black, Deputy Clerk and Master,
lea Jackson. Sols, fnrrnm iilainant t2n
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 2170. N. R. In the Chanoerr Conrt of
Memphis, Tennessee. Elizabeth F. Ureen
et al vs. Wm. L. Vance et 1.
IT appearing from the Sheriff's return In this
I cause that the defendant. Morgan B. Vance,
one ot the heirs or Samuel Vance, dee'd, can
not be round In Shelby county, as per sclri
faclas Issued, reviving cause agatusl the heirs
of said decedent:
It is therefor ordered. The he make hi
appearance herein, at Uie coarthouse in the
city of Memphis, Tenn., on or before the first
Monday In March, 170, aud show cause why
this suit should not be revived against htm
as an heir of said amuel Vance, dee'd ; and
that n copy of thla order be published once a
week, for lour successive weeks, iu the Mem
phis Appeal.
ALOt'STOS ALSTON. Clerk and Master.
A copy attest:
By R. J. Black, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Logwood. Mle-ou t Fewlke, Seta, for Com
plainant, lain
s:.it. of Tennessee, Shelby county, at. ;
Oalbreath, Stewart 4 Co.") Uelore Hume F.
vs. Hill. J. P., In and
W- S. Berry. ) for said county.
VFF1DAVIT bavlng been made, and bond
given, and attachment having been Is
sued, as required by law iu attachment rases,
and the same liavlug been duly returned,
served by garnishment, etc., and defendant
not fouud.lt is tberefure ordered tbat said
defendant appear before me, at my office In
theelty of Memphis, Shelby county, Tenn.,
on the loth day of March, 1b7, at 10 o'clock
tin. and make derense to said suit, or the
same will be t led ex parte, aud that a copy
or this order be published in the Memphis
Appxal ior rour consecutive weeks.
B. P. Anokksom, Att'y for Plt'f. fehg
State or Tennessee. Shelby county, ss. :
G- H. Blood a Co.-)
vs. l
Asa Hodges. ) in and for said county.
VFF1DAVIT having been made, aud bond
given, and attachment having beeu ts
sneo, as required by law In attachment cases,
and the same having been duiv returned,
served by garnishment, etc., aud dfend.in
not found.lt 1 therefore ordered tbat said
defendant appear before me, nl my office In
theelty oi Memphis, Shelby county, Teuu.,ou
the 7th day of March, 1R70, at So'elo-a p.m., aud
make defense to said suit, or the same will be
tried n vrtt, and that a copy of t his order be
publl-hed In the Memphis Appical for lour
cous.cuiive Weeks. S. A . MO lUi, J. P.
B. P. A.-suxasox. AU'y fur Plt'f. W
Bill for Divorce.
Law Court or Memphis J- Collins, Plaln
tlir. vs. Thomas B. Collins, Defendant.
' VisK's orrirx. January IS, IKTtl.
FFIDAvlT having been made In this
ease tbat the defendant la a non-resident
It l
si. That said defendant
Hi,iieAT ae ine cuuiuiuui in uie city oi .ste.n-
fiBX, Tenn.. ou or before the secend Monday
n February next, and defend this suit, or the
sarae will be taken for con teased as to him.
ami the case set for hearing exparte; auu
thst a copy of this order be published once a
wet!; for four consecutive weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal.
J. R. Rebertsea, Att'y for Plaialixt. Jal7
Walker Brothers & Co
229 MAIN
Attention! Attention! Attention !
Look out for Bargains !
Great Bargains !
Great Reduction !
All those desirous of SECURING BARGAINS, should attend the GREAT
Dry Goods
Design Doing an Exclusive Wholesale Business,
del9 w s
Supreme Court Sale.
Samncl Tate et al., va. Lewis SHby et al.
BY virtue or the decree prononneed In thla
cauHe by the Supreme ioort of Tenae&aee,
at lta A.prli Term, 1&9, 1 will on
Thursday. 3d day of March, 1870,
Between 11 o'clock a.m. and 12 ra.. In front of
the ircuit and ounty Courthoune door, cor
ner Union and Secoud strttMK. in the city of
Memptii, sell In two or mort- lots, the north
ern prt of imt No. 17 of the Kerr Subdivision,
n--.iv the city of Memphis, containing 4 14-100
acres, and irontlng on Trigg avenue, about
half a wile souiheaat of Lh I'-tale Female
i'oiloge nnd the Etmwood terminus of the
street railroad, marked " T U. Tate " ou liuck
er's map; framed rectidence of seven rooms,
and several outhouses on the place. The
grouud is rich and lies beautitully for other
1 eh hs. A credit of six and thirteen months
will be ei ven. with bond and approved surety,
and a ;ieu reUtiued. A plat of the gruuna
Will be exhibit, at the sale,
J0. 1. liRUWN, Clerk.
R. J. tforgU, W. L. Kef iu.SollcitrH. febl
Marshal's Sale.
BY virtue of an execution to tue dire ted
hroin the Muuioiptl t'ourt of Memphis
in favor of tatrNl Hill, Adm'r, etc.. MM
asalnt wumn Keilows, luilginent on the
17th day of Juiy. ' ior i'.nw Uu, bsidv cam
of suit. Z will sell, to ths ;l.t htdder, for
. in fjauMtj the courthouse dooroi the
.i iniit'ifij iuri, un
Wednesday. the 22d Day cf February. 1870,
Between t!ie IcithI hours of sale, the lollowing
est ri bed real estate lowit: Beginning at a
point on thr south side of Adams street, in
the city of Memphis, Shelby county. Teuu.,
ninety feet t .ust of the sotheast intersertin
of said street with Main street; thence east
flfty-eiht feet six inches U an alley;
thence south with said alley eighty-six feet;
then 6 west paia'lel with Ailu.is street fl:tv
eiuht leet ufx inches; theue rortl; eitthiv
si te.-t ' !: rag.uuti--t4JKt'tiier .-I!
tb'e appart aani-es theroto beltngtng, levied
on a the pnperty of defniraui, William
I'eil'iws, and sold to satisfy the foregoing
iu-. Riiiful. lnt net and costs.
M.T. BALL Marshal M. P. M.
Stephens A Smith, Attorneys ior riaiutit.
Febi uary 2, l.a. epl
Trustee s Sale.
BV virtue of a deed of tru-t xccnted to
mi' by l.lliabt tli J. WhiiMt, on the L7tU
of July, Ibus. lo an the payment of :i S
tn pmanlseorT' nntc Utacein described, and
which snid iteed is of record in the Register'.
oflie of Krkalby county, TlsMfM in Keconl
l.ovk Mo. 07, page. :tio, SX, and ;tff. I wrll nn
Wednesday, February 23, 1870,
between the hours of 10 ami II oclock, a.m..
in front of Ihe door of the Law Conrt of Mem
phi., on Hecond street.ln the city of Memphis,
jrjeeed lo sell. to tue highest bli'iier. lor owb,
at public Button, the prop. 1 1 v dvirlbed In
sai'l dee.1 of trmM, to-wfr: i erfath fo. of
lantf lying and being in the county of Shelby,
s-t;iteoi i eunev.ee. thus deisrribed being lilts
lip i -uD aud as kuii.u aud itlgnitcd
On tbe plap i'f tbc city of Memphis, said lots
being on the northwest corner of Market
street, and it interaction with Market
feiu..rt. ao wal tl.ceuf. and being the Mtmd
property eon I eyed to .aid first party by deeds
irom r'. U. liooley and .lexander Kr.kUie,
the first recorded In Hook No. 1, page. 43$ k
the other In Hook 15 112, IW, to wbt-; refer
euce is now a t.U conveyance beln suii-
jeelto the Iru.t deeds liia l,'. J. W. WpcoH
and v. A. t. . Anuttrson, iratee recoiuea iu
rk'g" and Is of t';e Resfs er's ofrlee of this
county, toucltier with all the pilvllego. an J
appiirti nunc.vs ihereto iolouging. The
eoui v of redemption i wnivcuiii the deed,
'ihu title is believed to be good, bat I .-i: and
conv-v only as trustee.
febl W. H. WOOD, Tnurtee.
RY virtue of a trust deed v'fu.ai to me by
W. EL Wa.Jdr.in, ou the Slh day of April,
1S39. liad'duly rtcoidcd In the Rcgister".ofhce
tor the county of Shelby, and Htaie of T-n-neesee.
In Book No. f pane II. and for the
ourpoae uf paying the following debt, there
in mentioned, to-wit: One to tV. B.ureniaw.
for the sum 01 four thousand one hundred
and .In y nine Hi 111 dollars, as evidenced by
note, due December lillh, lniH. with interest,
sud oue other debt due to K M. Appersou. a
ICxecutor of Wade li. Itoltori, deceased, evl
denceil by promlsflory uaw uiaaO'May V. I1,
and payable on the VI 5fth May, I860, for the
sum of nineteen thousand five handred dol
lars this note has a credit of two thousand
dollars, paid June lrt, 13K-I will, on
Tuesday, the 8th day of March, 1870,
In front of the Waldran Block, and npon the
premises, between the boursoflOo'elock a.m.
and 2 o'clock p m., sell at public auction, to
the highest bidder for oash, the lollowing des
cribed tracu, pare la or lut of land, with ihe
Improvements thereon, lying, being and sit
uated in the city of Mem phi-, eonntyof Shel
by, and State of Tennessee, and bounded as
follows, to-wit : Beginning on the east side of
Main street, oue hundred and fifty ilflO) feat,
noith of Linden street, running thence east
wa ! v. parallel wit .1 Linden street one hun
dred and seventy-five 1 175) feet to the west
side of Mulberry street, thence northwardly
with MoiKiry street seventy-eight and one
balfiTHm eel lo a stake, thence westwardly
parallel with I Inden stieet one hnndred and
seventy-nve (.17S) feel, to the east side 01 Main
street, theuot southwardly with the east side
of Main htreet seventy -eight and one-hall
(7aV ft' to ,ne beginning; the same being
the .ot upon which the Waldran Block ls sit
uated. Also, all the right, title Interest and estate
which ihe .aid Waldran has conveyed to in
lu tmst, in the followingdescrlbed W of land,
situated in the cltv.countv and State afore
said, and bounded a follows: Ueftianlng t
tli northwest corner 01 the Men. pi Is and
rharle(ou railroad depot grounds and front
ing oa Adam, street one hundred aud ninety
eitht (19.) feet, to the corner of Charles John
ston s lot, thence south four (4) degrees east,
two hundred and sixteen leet to a stake,
ihenue south seventy degrees and niteeii
minutes west, two hundred and forty-seven
i7 feet to a stake In the center of the rail
road track, t.'ienee along said iraek three
hundred and Que ail. leet to the tiegiunlng,
being umsiii' lo' upon whlc 1- situated the
1 hai'iestoxi cotton uress, own d by the said
W. H. Waldran ana Ucorge Uttl, under the
Urm name of Wal Iran A Uill, which ald lot
la held by them under a lease from the Mem
pliisand Charleston Railroad omp.ny, by
which tlo term on the nrst day of Uc-
tober, 1W7, and Is to end on the 3oth day of
Siptimbi'r. i.TJ, at an annual rent of one
thousand dollars, payable uaarterty. wrll the
privilege to the le-se-s of removtog any im
piovenielit pat by them on said premises.
The title to the toregomg described property
ls believed to be perfect, but I convey only as
trustee. UetH W. M3S8U K, Xruaiee.
Sale of Valuable
TUF.ZEN'.VNT A CO., northwud corner
of Main and Jefferson street.. -vmP1".'Ji
I will, as Trustee, sell to the hlnei Did
der tor cash the followin S'tCSiKaf
. .i l.u t Wlllls.deed. Janusrj 1st, ltWH,
to secure c,
fled, now d
and ei.hty
o, mm eTv
Lintiaiit, to-wit : Ninety-live
le-hundredth acres of land
et, shelbv county, Tennea-
..t Nl,. 'inlt'lrb'.uinfllvn.
see, beUig Pr of
ion of ti. Bunlj u s tract, belniilng In soul n
b.iuudary line oi u. is. bowry, iwo ennuis uuj
links west from southeast corner or said
Lowiy's tract, thence south W chain, w,
links' thenee west W chains 75 links, thence
norths chains W, link", thence east cbalns
75 liuks to beginning. Hour of sale betweeu
eleven o'clock, a.m. and one o'clock, u. in.
tebl JOHN P. TKIlZKV ANT. Trustee.
Administrator's Notice.
I HAVE this day filed my accounts and
vouchers. In a partial settlement of the
estate of James Klmbrough, deceased with
the Clerk of the Connor Court of Shelby
county, aad will ask, at the next term of the
Court, that the same be allowed aud con
firmed, when and where any person inter
ested In the same may attend and enter tbeir
objections, If any they have.
of tatate of ames Klmbrough.
Jary , 17.
Look out for Bargains !
Great Bargains !
Great Reduction !
& Clothing
Sale of a Valuable Tract of Land.
yNDERand by virtue or a power of attor-
niy ana ronvfTHni ic
trust to me. made
on the tth day of Mav. IK?, bv T. H. Han
cock, and duly recorded iu the Register's
1 office of nhelby cunt v. Tennemee, in Book
I 1 pages &9 to 'ill, for the purpose f securing
and paying certain debt therein mentioned,
I will, on
Saturday, the 12th Day of February, 1870,
; Between the honra of 13 o'clock m. and 2
I o'clock pm.ji: front of the County Clerk's
1 office, on Union street, in the ntr of Mem
, phis, sell, at public auction, the :oItowlng de
scribed tract of land, conveyed to me as alore
' said, to-wit: A certain tract of land lying In
Shelby county, Tennessee, In section 4 range
It and district 11, on the Missiaalppi river:
( Beginning at the southeast cornur oi a i- 1-3
i acr tract ectereil In the name of B. Ferguson
j and J. i'arr; thene1 west 1S2 poiea to the
j southwest comer of said 4. 1-3 acres in the
i nsnkoftlie Mississippi river; thence up the
i river with it-- uienuJr N ii: A p. ,
j thence N lu , W 5k poles to a cotloawood
t.i-irk'-d P. G.: tLeiiee uorth M poles to the
I sotTthwest corner of the 2d dlvi-ton of -aid
! PC 1 ! acre tirt-1 marked C, allotted to
i Am and- Cair; thence :st with lu-: -
boundary JJU (Kle to her sou the t corner
I to an el:n In the east hoaiaJary line ot toe
original &2 l-T scr tractj them- sou to with
I the east boundary of said 182 l-;t tnet ijs
t poles and l links to the beginning, contain
! ing 2'i acies, mareorless. acuity of redeiup-
tin waive',
TatAin orATE- One-third rash, balance in
two installments nt 9 and 12 months, for
which the purchaser's notes will betaken,
and a lien retained on the land to secure the
same. The title is pwrfect-
W. A. TUItNER, Trustee, etc.
MempIiN, Januury. 19. 1X70. JaCi
Trustee's Sale.
Y virtue of a deed of tru-l executei!
to me by John it v iiacm
the 1st day of April, tjt.
cure the naymeii o; eenain pron. ..wi
notes therein deicrs.b .!. and Which sanl dessl
l ecord'in the Register's ..Hi ee of Mieltiy
louo'j. 'letihessee, in Kei'ord hviok N'o. Hn,
part :j p:i-- .,. ,7 limits, t will, on
Thursday, March 10, 1870,
between the !;ours of 10 and lo'clock. a.m ,
La ..viit of the' drier of Royaler. Trez. x .n:
Co.. corner of Main and Jefferson streets, in
tilt- city of Memphis, proceed to sell, to the
(lit; in the county oi nUeloy auu st
nes.-ee, a'-out oui mil- easl of 1
slLtupins, l. o Holed as follows: Bt.
the northeast corner of lot o.
division O, in the partition of tli
U. Carr. at n .lake in IHfJMM R
in i
West 7 eiialnsH4 link to P.
tlience north Jll chains s
Bo. Ro.'.d: thence south
with said road 7 chain, uu
lieghinlng; coutainltn; auoi
with t!:s Iroprin-eihenvs ti
Siauv- proiiertv siild bv siam
Wife to 11. A. Moutgotn.r
-r. on, beitia; toe
el MansSeld anil
r. suvl hy H. A. 1
o . . - . : Ke
ieved in be good.
JOHNSON, Trustee.
BY virtue of a deed of trust, executed to me
on the xH day of Aust, A. U lsw. by
John Collier, anil duly recorded in the Cu,.
tornhvuseor the United bwtes atst. bouis.
Stare di Missouri, la Bock fc, page. T5T, 7ig
and ZSg, and for the parpone ot paying tiie
debts secured thereby, uil thereiu described,
will, on
Tuesday, the I5lh day of February, 1870,
Between the boars of 10 o'clock a m. and VI
o'clock m , In front of the Law Court room,
lu the lireeolaw upera building. In M "mpn's,
Tennessee, sell at pultitc auction, to ttl high
est bidder for cash, the ape-half uiterea in
and to the steaudr Hesper, the same being
conveyed In theueed aforesaid. Till believed
to' be good, but 1 convey' only as Trustee,
feb H. L'. WAIUNKKK, Tru.te.
Chancery Sale on Monday, February
So. 1056 Chancery Thorn. Peacock v.. Hal
lie at. Thomas ot L
BY virtue of u interlocutory decree in this
Utuse. 1 will -ell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, tu front of the Clerk and
Master' office. In the city of Memphis, on
Monday. Pebrnarv at. 1S7U, within legal hears,
the loliowtng real aslaw, to-witi
Lying and being in the couuty of Shelby
ana State of Tennessee, near the city of Mem
phis, being part of a IA-aere tract, formerly
belonging to the heirs of Craven Peyton, de
ceased, and known upon the plan of subdi
vision of said li a :.-, made by E. Mcliavilt,
James T- If's aud James B. Cook. Commis
sioners, (which said plan U recorded In the
Keglster's office In Book 4. page. 3 to Wt
lacioslve,as Lota No. 44 and ii. and bonnded
as follows: beginning at the northeast cor
ner of Lot .v at a point where Peyton avenue
Intersects tteffaxaus street: thence west
wardly with the south side of isafTaran.
street 125 teet to an alley 16 feet wide; thence
southwardly IUi) feel to the southwest corner
of Lot No. 44; thence eastwardly on a line
parallel with HutTarans street to the west
side of Peyton avenue; thence northwardiy
with the west side or ceyt. n avenue ;uut(
to th befctimii'ia
t-aclj of whlcb d-4'
tea avesiae, and
twtrsn p'lraiWi lln
Terhh or Salk
Including botu saij lots.
e a front of cs) teet on Pey
Uii. back wesiwardly be-
a lj feet to a 16-feet alley,
fme-thlrd cash, balance
and iwelve month., notes
on a credit of nix
with security bearing intere-t taken, and leln
eiained till payment of the ou n base money.
A. ALhTON, C. and M.
Logwood, Mlcoa A Fowikus. Soiicllsr. for
nomplalnsnt jail
Assignee's Sale.
T TNDER and by virtue of a central orrter
J Itemed from the District i.ourt of the
United states ror the C-lstrict of West Tennes
see, ou the iatli day of December, law, X will,
On the 4th day of March, 1870,
At 12 m.. sell to the highest bidder, for rash,
tbe following de -rlbed real estate, t-wlt:
Deslunated on t :e plan of Hill's subdivi
sion 01 laud, iu ii fourteenth! ivil Dlstrlciof
Shelby comity, a. the north half of Lot No.
dfty-one, fronting on the west side of Musette
street, flitv-one feet, and extending westward
for depth, between pa.-nllel lines, one hundred
and eighty feet, to tli allay midway between
The said lot bcin a pn rt of the estate of Jo
seph H. Choate, In bankruptcy, and to be sold
by me as Assignee of tbe said I'hoate. ban n
rnpt. in front ol tli Tntted Htati Itlstrict
Courthouse, aco
provide"!. T.u
money will be rt
entum of the
.,1 at i ne time
Also at the same time and place, I will sell
the tnt'f. st of a d t.'hswte in tiie oopnriner
htn asSi" of the late firm of Choate Co.
Tfrmnir aalf, etc, the same as of the real
rb2 OKOROE ARNOLIL Assignee.
Attachment Suit.
stale of Tennessee. Shelby county. Before
Hume Y. Hill, Justice of the Peace 1 and ior
said county -smith, Neei 4t Co. va. Wm.
VP I IDA V 1 1 having been made and bond
given, aud attachment having been is
sued, as required by law in attachment cases,
and the same having been duly returned
" levteri upon Ave bate eotton" as th- prop
erty of the defendant, and defendant not be
lli, fonnd: . - -
orucreo, 1 nai saju ueienoao.
me. at aiv office. In lb city ot
itv of Shelby, State of Ten
d day of February, ieTU. at HI
nd make defens to said snit,
11 be tried exparte; and that a
ler p , nl.li.be I In the ..501-
Mem phi, cou
nssseiy on ihe
o clock a.m., a
or the same wl
copy of th is '
nHld A r.naAl fiir l.iur CoiiMMCOtlVH WCefes.
" -ee- HOME F. HILL,
j. Justice of the Peace.
Administratrix Notice.
ACL person having chums against th es
tate of P. H. Helnrlch wl'l present them,
duly authenticate.! to sue or my Attorney.
Westcott ,4 stabl All persons Indebted wlU
take immel! ate settlement with me or my
w.t Attorney No. TO Seoad suwat.
1 January U, IsTU. JaM
And a variety of
other grades of
for country trade
Valuable Remedies !
BY the nae of Eaden.' Chili Care the caase and remit of Chills are not only entirely
eradicated from the symem; bat If the direction, are carefully followed, we will eaar
antee (hem not t" return, and leuTe the patient In a better conttilioB than before U. oe. :t
purely a vegetable '-ompound. aad roataimt no quinine or arasale. It preeerT. the vigor
of Uu-diaemive organs nu t reguiares the 'r-'.i j . act p'ially OD lb Liver. - ' a
:ind .-pieen the organ. -liiedy afleiu-d la chili.. As a LKer medicine, n is .econd to none,
and for Aue Cate it Invariably restore, the spleen to it. original 31, by exciting Ua
lure to cure, and
cau saiely
tt the age.
The most popular Bitters n-ogiuu.se. it cure. Kidney Iriseaae. restore strength and r p.
Tile, makes new blood, bu lids up weak and enfeebled franmo. For lemaia mlim K Ls anscr
paused. As a Beverage It ha no eiual.
ttOf For Said ty DrugginU and general Stortkeeperi ereryxeherr.lsm
&4t We offer Merchant ami Iirmnrist. snlernliil inducement, to sell '
EIMOEnS ts HOS8, Solo rropr'a,
Fnduoali, IezttuoIf.y.
The above Medicines are for aale, at Whoicsaie and Retail, by
Planing Mill and Lumber Yard,
No. 161, 163, 165 WASHINGTON STREET,
Mompilis, at m a a a a ToxUteMOO,
: o:
mr Manufacturers of I Uued Sash. Mouldings, Balusters, Newel Posts, Haiid-Rs;lLa;
tlce, Pailngs, iirackeU, iajor aud k indow Frameri. CeUtBSt isUlna.
Dealers In Framing Lumber, of ail kind.; Rocgh and Drcasid T. Pine, Poplar, Cypress,
W. Pine. Uak and Walnut Lumber, Lath and SLiugles. Plank 12 lnchea by 10 feet to i feet.
I for Dux Houses.
Plsning. Iawln, Turning and Scroll Sawing iVnc to order. We make our Poor. Sash
and blind, of seasoned White Pine. All work warranted to be of superior quality, both in
material and finish.
Wishing to supply our customers w'th a superior quality of Mock, carefully packed and
shipped, and confident that you will be pleased wltn oar
iiiois, Stylos and Cxxa.lty ofWorls.
Toar orders are respectfully solicited, and will be fULad with neatness and despatch.
'.he Southwest, are p-epared to M w..rk
A - ND
Which will be cut and fitted to order, promptly and weU. Ob of th Arm glvss constant at
tention lo th building of th wry Mat
Which, for durability and satisfactory working, are unsurpassed. SMTTTEHS, BOLTIN
CLOTHB AND LEATHER BELTING, in foil supply, and ofaaapsr than alawvher.
Adams Street, between Fourth and Bayoa. Memphis. Tern.
Memphis Nursery.
A very thrifty stock, at moderate prices. Address
K. a KOEN. l 808 Jront ., Memph.1. Tenn.
J. M. GILBERT, J-f m deSdaw
istou m Xlobloiasf, 3ST. fJT O-erx'X
Pinet, Castillon&Co..
Planat & Co.,
i.lbie pe:ou. who will gve it a fair trial, should it fall.
kmedy; the Inventor 1. a regular graduate phy.!ela.
s.iy to the public that it is lb greatest ram.
n ty oi

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