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Memphis. February 19, 1870.
Business in the financial market was
unworthy of esjjocial remark, moving
quietly throughout the day. Ex
change was in active demand witli
better offerings than for several days
past. Commercial bills on Eastern
cities are taken freely by liankers at
. discount. Selling rates an- par to
an premium. Currency is in good
supply, and loans can l- effected
on good commercial security at-from
10 to 12 per cent. Plantation paper,
properly indorsed, has Ixvn discount
ad during the week at the above rate.
There is a good supply t money seek
ing investment at this time.
City Bonds are in some request, and
held at 4-S for ex-coupons. The latest
New York quotations range from "U
to "i There is none offering in this
Railway Bond- are nominal ; Mem
phis and Charleston, 1-t mortgage, are
worth in New York si; 2d mortgage,
M. tttaaUnippi and TPc tin B, 1st
mortgage, ; ditto, St. Mis
si ijpi Central, l-t mortrage, 73; 2d
ditto. -V2. Memphis and Little Rock,
1st mortgage. 6 .
TeniKssee liank notes are in light
requ't, and sales of small lots are
made by dealers at 80c.
City .scrip is weak, and selling, in
limited quantities, by broki-rs, at 7;u
County Warrants are in demand at
A lot ol t'rtMH) Arkansas Suite
Bonds were on the market,
ttQMc Then-has been some inquiry
for this eia-s of sivuritit-s for tax-paying
purpo-es, for which it is receivable.
Bold was dull and quiet. Purchases
were made by doalers early in the day
of $1000 lots and upwards at 1181.
No sales were reported, the desire be
ing chiefly to sell. Brokers were dis
posed to till orders at 1 The New
York market declined during the day
Ic The decline had a depressing in
fluence on the stock and bond market,
and created a disposition to sell on the
part of holders.
Tenne-see Bonds in New. York
were quoted at oOj for old, and 49 for
The following is the New York
weekly bank: statement:
Loan increased. Sl.462.716
kj. .. ,1, rr,-.w,l .-"7. 7'.. 7
lK-r-si8 decreased ltMBI
l-Kl taBH de roHNed 1,4(S.H.:4
Circulation decreased 9,A'l
Government Bonds were irregular,
at thefollowiug rates:
Bonds of 1881
6-20 Uoudi of lvij
....ii7". a
....114 V-
18oo, new
ltt.7, "
18KS, "
6-JO "
6-20 "
6-2' "
6-JO "
ltt-jo Boat.
l!i .
11. .
Facilic bisee..
The following were the afternoon
telegraphic quotations ol stocks:
Canton 58
Western Union Telegraph Co 34 ,'4
Qatafcailver 14
Pacific Mail 41 !i
Adonis Exjirtss oi
f Veils, Farg-v Co.' Express ia i
American Express 37 '
Cuited S'ates Kxjiress 51
Merchant" I'liiou Express
New Y-.ru Omtral 97
New York (.Vntral Strip 95
Erie 26
Heading 07 -
Michigan Central 121
Michigan Southern - B7M
Illinois Centra! 142
Cleveland and" Ettlaborg lot'-"
OMflsaa and NorliiweKtern
Chicago and Northwestern preferred.
Baek Uland ISM
St. Paul 64 )t
St. I'aul preferred 7t'
B ;'. ; in d jjr tooted wp3Q3B bales on
a basis of i to iSic lor Middling.
The market was weak and factors MUC-iou-.,
while buyers were indilleretit.
A table of 11 To bales was taken hy a
single buyer on private terms. This
was ihe 'largest single sale ol the sea
son. Of the remaining sal"s 1: liales,
ranged from Low Middling to Mid
dling, and was taken at rati - ranging
from !jc to illc. Good " Ordinary
broughiiMje; Strict and Stained., 21 e.
Bmh HI lales ol the two last grades
were sold.
The heavy receipts for the past
wc-k, folding up !M7,o(Hi bales, together
with decline in gold, had a depressing
Influence, and generally caused buy
era to hold aloof from the market.
The New York markcH was dull
throughout the day, and the I.ivcr
potil market ciased wi;h a downward
The follow iug wore the elor-iug dis
Ni:w York, NbWMnp 19 3 p.m.
C. 1:1011 market cloe qui''t ; nales lo (.mil-lie.-.-.
530 bales; export. M3 bales; sp.- i
lalioti. 2W hales; .1N0, KHi Average Mid
dling in June at 'c; lit) Lnw Middling,
at i4-; loo in April, at 2S'c; 2B HI
April, at 0e; HiiMnaiy, at SSc;
1H0 in April, at .';' in April, at . .
.'aw in Junv, at J4c; lojinJuue, at -! ;
100 in May, at Me; HO in April. onpria.e
term: p in May, and a)0 in June, 011
private terms. Oniinarv, -Hc. l
Ordinary, ,c. l.ow Middling, 23Hc;
Middling, 'Mi.o. Uood Middling, -v. -.
Liverpool, February 195 p.m. Cut
ton cloeed it!i a downward ti-ndei. -v.
Upland-. 11X4. Orleans, U(&nli.
Sales, ln,(KM bales.
New Mum Pebrnsfy 19--Cottnr
weak, but demand moilera'te. Middling
23?2tc. Hales, ?m I.i!hs.
'In- follow in;: is tiiev!.-l.;v stal.Mneut
by telegraph from New York:
Uewlli'j. lor ipMfe - !,H
Kee i'I Ml this or! since Hm. 1 .'
. !"'- kiua Bi pi. I. from Uils port 5S'j,7
Slock 01 bam! : I II. .rt hi i. ci
l;.-. , mis all porta fat week MM
Kseelpu all ports -Inc-eSept. 1 2,0 ''
kXrtstOallUs lorw.ek
Kxporu lo all )k,i :s aim Sspt l
Stock on band ail north 5ai!,i'i
Kxuorts Mr tbawsak lo Liverpool b.nn
Kiporu "r the week u. BreroeU 7C
Lii.r; Iroin all poru foi Un- u eek In
Liv. RMMl 4,ie
Export, boss ali ports lor Um vack to
IbeCoutluenl 1(,(S
cotton statemeht.
Cham rer op Commerce,)
Memphis, February If, 1S70. J
Block on band Sept. 1, 1SU9. M
Keeeived to-dav 822
Kooeivod preyionsly Hj,suai7,631
.. f.24
Si,. I ; : row-'usly
Stuck on hand at noon to-day
Mmnplii and Oliarkwton R. R- --
Mississippi and Tenucate K. K
WaOiui, cbI i i
Memphis and Ohio K. 11
Steamers North
. 150
.. 119
.. 4(i9
... V.I
.... ,M
BoftlMM to-day wan lens lively than
u.-uhI ..ii Saturday. The regular iwick
ets cnrril out fro tr',. amoiiy
which w.i- the usual coinj.leinent of
local freights. The railroad MoetaM
prerenti rj many orders from being
till! I planters in the interior, an l
this draw Imck -aud transactions iii
grain, )hsI and grtjcerles to lie lighter
than is u-ual on the clcwiug day of t hy
In our leading t;ij.le, sales foot-d
up larger than on any previous day
during the iek. PrwettMVi half a
eeut below yeuterday'a figurep, and
factors evinced a di-position to let go
while huyers. were inclined to oerau
s ith caution. More than half of the
purchases were inati. .s .,,ur,.,,j ..
raUr, and for fcireign av.urit.
Baooino Tho nisrktt m steady and
t-!ock li)!iit. iatnaWifeilsc; Heavy K
od Mixed, 2 754jl S; Navy,
H itkb Ixw and medium iirakieaaie
sbtutdai.t and dull, ( lioi.-e in in demand
and i-ry aearce, I
j.(u4'.'. I. 1 "
Hon is unsalable,
Bftoous a Hi M
Hteadv at ;;, V
irn Brooms are
iseD. Kroouio : n
125(a-'. jK-r ion, aa to care ana cor a m,u
meui t-S '&' IUsendale IH i '
f,.ra4 SOCafi. Hair, in 40 lb bales, ty.i
KiriV iwick $H3,7. BuildtaR Brie K per
M Ohio River I.ime fl 601 75 per hid.
Alabama t- t'aj (2. Lime is scarce.
Oobnmkal The deuiand is moderate,
and p'rioea of fresh on th levee are H
! - tmim ... ..rt utnru Hrlnfr J r.'l Kiln-
.-II. ... I lUlO 1 1 ...... .
dried is worth 4 7 : .
Coffee Tb demand is active, with
n tmnA sutmlv on hand. Kio. VJte
as to quality. Java, :Ku.S2c.
Cottok Yarns No. 400, 2ic; 600. 20c;
BOO. lHe: 70 16e. ,
! cheese Factory lS),(S,19c. W. R. 17
.Ih... K. P. 19c. Market steady.
Chiton SkkijANo Motes--I'lm demand
- I idv. seed !o 60 per ton on levee,
, tRITM loriiiakintf sacks; Moles 1 to 4c per
pound. "
, Canned Goons Condensed inilk, V.y
14 50 per case. Cove oysters, 1 lb, $1 75
per dox.; 2 lbs. - 75. Feaches, fa
J. 75. Fears, 3 '. Tomatoes, 1 j5g
I 75. Cherrios, $33 25. Fiueapulos, f4.
Slr.iivliernes. in 5. Hraudy Feacbns,
f4 505. Hraudy Cherries, $5 756.
Fiekles, ball gal. er doz., 5 60: quarts,
It SO; pints, $2 60. Tomato Catsup, 1 26
2a, Fepporsauen, $1 25,
1 : .s The market is firmer, and fresh
command 19(j,2tic. The demand is good.
Flour Prices are steady and un
changed. The demand is active for tne
iiuni grades, which are scarce. High
er qualities are abundant and in
light request. Fiue is worth $4 75(a.
5; Super 5$5 50; X to 76; XX 6
(yt 25; XXX to Fancy 6 6(Ka9.
Frcit Apples are scarce and higher,
at 50 to pi 50, as to quality. Drie 1
Apples, 6ia,7c; lirieii Feachos, g,9c and
dull; Feeled do. 'Ho. 14c; Curranvs lttc;
Prunes ls-. Cranberries y per Mm.
p,,nM,;, i;er. I No 1, bbls a24.-4r26; H
bbls 12 5o.'13 00; No. 2, in bbls 17 60;
do 75; No. 1, kits $2 f l; No. 2
io2 16a.$2 26; No. X 1 90M2. White
ash, H bbls, 9 SO. Sardiues $1919 60 per
case for quarters ::t2;g, S3 for hal ves. Fresh
Lake Fish !0c per lb.
Fi.kp Kcceip:s of Corn were literal,
footing np over 1200 sacks. Railway
blockade and inability to ship prevented
tha filling of orders, and sales were limi
ted. Choice while on the levee is held at
90u.92e; irom store, 9o(a9iC. Oats on the
lens brongrji rite, and from store 7oc.
Blbial seed are worth 75c. Kales of Itrnn
were made at S.4. Huy dull al $25(f2ri.
Cooked Cotton-seel Meal, t22a,i jcr
ton at mills.
Game and Pocltry Chickens are
j abundant, and sales were at 4 (XX5J4 50
per dozen. A lot of KIO coops sold on the
: levee at auction for account of the under
j writers, brought down from steamer
: Legal Tender. Oeese are worth
j SO to ?7. Turkevs range from
$16 to $18. Pucks $H&$4 50. Dressed
I Turkevs 2Wa;2c t r lb. Venison 7(S9c.
Wild Turk. - 5 per doz. Wild Ducks
! frai Bear meat dull al 15f.i,18c. Quails f2
(i$2 25. Squirrels Jl 5o(u.l 75. Rabbits
1 U
Ocnnils oood Ao. l seconds iodise,
and 1 1 nil.
IIiues Market quiet and firm. Pry
Flint Htoj Dry Salt 14c; Green do. 8Jc
Green 6ia,7c Tallow 9c. Beeswax 30
I Leather Hemlock Sole 3:?35c; Oak
4ole42(a4ik;: Saddle 40(5.43c: llnillesH
TO per dozen: Cppers 40.50c; Calfskins,
French l(H5(g.70; American do. $30(50.
Livestock Horses and Mules are in
good supply and moderate demand.
Mules range" from S125 to $175. Horses,
$85 to $125. Beef Cattle are scarce
al 6ft7c gross; medium 4(J.5c, gross.
Hogs SKSSJie gross, and quiet. Sheep are
scarce, and prices are nominal. Milk Cows
$30(d.tfc per bead. Work Oxen, $70(g.l00
per yoke.
Molasses The stock on hand is lijrbt,
especially of choice. Hc-lJ al NJ(i,s5c;
Priaie, 75ySOc.
Naval iSiores Tar, in kegs, $5 25 to
5 75 tor Pine; in 41 gallon bbls. $8 to 10;
Pitch $6 per bbl; Oakum $6 to $S per
Nails Fair demand at $4 90"i.3. rates.
On Coal, 35(j,37c: Linseed raw, $1 10:
do. boiled, $1 15(.4l 20; Lard, $1 5."wl M;
Lubricating Coal Oil, 5cfct65c; Train Oil,
$1 25(0.1 30.
Powder Rifle per keg $ti 50; blasting,
f 1 60.
Pkodi i k Potatoes are irregular and in
liUt demand, exc t lor seed varieties.
lVacu Blows are $1 7ij. 1 Ml. Pink Eyes
$2 00(Vj2 25. London Ladies SJ 7Mt ?3 00.
Early Ooodrich $4, in s'nall lots. Rus
setts" ?1 903S 00. Onions $5a56 per
Provisions Stocks of m.'at are light,
and jobbing lots scarce. Mess Pork is
scarce and in good demand, at 29 Ofv.i
$2!' 50. Clear Sides, lti?i 17c. BaeoM
Shoulders. UWo, Sugar-cured Ham, 19
(3,-'lc. I lear liuik ftides. laJic Clear
Kib, 14 ';c. Rib, 14c. Shoulders, lln
ll.'-ic Lard, 16Co,17c for tierce, and 17 i
18c for kegs. Dressed Pork (fresh) ln-..'.
He. City packed Corn Bee f d5(j10 ier
Salt Good supply; 280;b. bbls. $2 45
in lots.
Svoars Stocks are fair and prices
unchanged, with a good demand.
Common Louisiana. O'jCojlOc; Fair
lofelOJic; Good do IflKQUc; Fully Fair!
ll)i(i)12c; Prime, UX&l3c; Choice, 13X
(n.i3!ic; Y'ellow Clarified, lS)4(Mc
White Clarified, HX(a,l54a.
Spirits Demand fair, and prices
steady ; higbwines. 95c; proof spirits, $1 15
(a$l 25; reel iliod whisky 7Sci$l.
Sacekkralt Selling at JUvrfll per bl.!.
Starch 5ifc4s' per lb.
Soap Mottled m ','lo't'cj yidTow
8e; common 6(7c. OsImIVm 15(iCAlc.
Tohao-o Prime natural leaf, light
presses 1, j-7(it.l 1"; ti'ie rsncy Ya. 90cufl:
fine bright pounds, HOfgitlOi?; medium
bright pounds, 7tXVi,sac; common bright
pounds, 82(i7c: medinm bright half
jmunds, soun 1. GlTtu; .smoking, tine
and tancy, 608Oc; medium auu cwmmuji
VisEOAR OmBBM and pickling, 16c
Memphis Appeal
A Paper for the Proiissional Km,
A Paper for the Merchant,
A Paper for the Farmer,
A Paper for the Mechanic,
Family Paper in Tennessee
Subscription Price Greatly Reduced
1 Kor one year
t Korxlz months
, For Uiree uioottix
.110 00
... 5 (JO
... H 00
....2 50
.... i a
... 15
1'or one year
For six nionlliK
For lliree mouliui
For one year
For Nix moutliH
For lliree iuouUih
4M 50
... 1 25
. 7
To Clubs of Two or More Subscribers
We will send our
The Lnrytt AMrsMkl South Si try rj2 Inches,
For one year, each, $2 00.
To Clubs of Two or More Subscribers
We will send our
For one year, each, $2 00.
mm iieiitH, Country
U pvt Ak. uU, and
'ins appkal who
lo" procure regular
us the amount less
cent. tjr 1'iubs, for
arianeinentii sa lo
mtule. Mpeotmi-nM
ii. th
. Tlx
K. .it
sr has
all I
et fttiu r.ii-ii.K- men. rentier n emped!
Hirahle to thone a bo wish lo reach the
ral and aubKtamial puhllc, by adver
their respective butiueM and internal.
Valuable River Lands
W We call special at tent Ion t" the sob
Joined sals of Klver Lands, otfering a line in
vestment to persons wishing to engage In
selling wood to steamboats or in Memphis.
The land Is densely limbered, and when
cleared will pay Interest on $5u per acre in
rent or cultivation.
And tf. worthy the attention of those who
are looking for specnlatlons in lauds.
Royster, Trezevant & Co., Auctioneers.
Chancery Sale on Friday, February
25, I870.
No. .lias Thauoery Court of Memphis. Har
riet J. Koysler, AUin'x, Vm. rS. Ml. Koyster
et aN,
Y virtue of an interlocutory decree la thS
XJ caue, I will Hell, at public auction, lo the
hiltent Wddt r, at the auctionhoiwo or Iloys
: :. Trexevant & Co., No. V40 Main street,
MempQU. Tennessee, on Friday, February
5, lW'tJ, within legal hours, the undivided
. - i.mf interest ol J. W. Utystr, deceased,
in and to the following real ettAt-e, to-wil :
LyinK Mnd being In the county ol Bbeiby
and stiit of Tennetce. ou Inland No. 40, in
the Mississippi river, designated as Lot No
L on the plan of survey hy Hobinaon A Moon,
Kiigiueers: Beginning at a Kt-ake in a road,
the northeast corner of T. P. Halls 3W-acre
entry (whence south h west 1 chain and lu
links btands a huuey-iix;uNt marked B.;
thence east tf chains and 7b imka to the bank
of a chute; thence south and westwardly
with mcanriersorKald chute Schoina, H chains
and 11 llnka. 7 chains and 37 links. Ju chains
and 14 chains to a slake on the bank of the
chute; thence west 40 chains and 50 links to a
atake and pointers; thence north i chains lo
the beginning, containing i!45 iT7-iOO acres.
Al-o, Lot No. 4, on said plan of survey, be
ing on Island No. 40: Beginning at a stake in
the northwest corner of the tf40-acre entry ;
thence east 27 chains; ttMttOM north 43 chains,
thence west 3u chains; thence south H chains;
thence east 3 chains; thence south 11 chains
to the beginning, containing Mfc TM-Hi acres.
Also. Lot No. 5, being on Island No. no : Be
ginning a! a cottonwood on the bunk of the
river, west side of the Island, marked A., on
Pcnnel's south boundary line; thence MM- I H
chains to a stake and elm markel B.: thence
north .'iti chains and7.rlinkstoan elm marked
C: thence east 77 chains and 60 links t-onn
ash marked 1. on MitcheH's west boundfirv
line: thence south with his line 52 chains
and H links to an ash market! K. in MtOav
ock's north line; thence west with his Hue
1U7 chains to a cottonwood marked F. on the
bank of the river: thence north it west 7
chains; thence north 5 west in chains and 40
links to the beginning, containing 45S acres.
Terms ok Male. One-third cash, balance
on a credit of six and twelve months, notes
with security taken, and a lein retained till
payment of the purchase luou'.y.
A. ALSTON, C. and tf.
Logwood, Mlcou it Fowikes, Solicitors for
complainants. ja25
Caroline Bradshaw, Adm'x, 1 Chancery Conn
vs. ! at '.'ululubia.
Heirs and rridit.ns of Hugh f Tt-nn., S. pi'r
BradshHW, ilvct-a-'ied. j 'l'eriu, 1.-'.'.
V vlrtne cil a decree of the. Court in this
1 i-MUse. o. tm.er lth, lstli, 1 will sell to tiie
lilghol bidder, uu
MONDAY, MARCH 7th. 1870,
Within legal hours, at the jiiicI ; - nhonse of
Ifiliy ttir. Tiesevani at Co., nortiie:iiterucr of
Main una JetTeison streets, in the city of
Memphis, the tract of land set MMUrttO the
heirs of Hugh Bradshaw, deceased, by decree
ol the Chancery Court at- Memphis, in the
case of A. Hl MMwIlMMT et al. vs. K. 1. Bfittfbell
et aL, containing hOL HTEKN ACfUK, more
or less, in the wuth-eastern suburbs: of Mem
phis, near Stale Female College, subdivided
urcordldg to a plan which will be exhibited
at the lime and ptace of sale.
Terms of sale rash, ll,e bal.ince on six,
twelve and elghu-eu mouths credit, the pur
chaser to execute notes with two or more ap-
pri.veu secur.tus, ..na i u ictaineil lor Ut-
payment of the pVurel&MsM nnuit-y.
febo J L. MwfrTf.iAMt i -lei k and Master.
Fine Gold Waiches
Oid firm Pooler 8anium K Co.,
New & Rich Jewelry.
Louisville Route Always AUe&4
Commencing May 2, 1869.
Memphis and Louisville Railroad Line:
leave Memphis (cl),y time) 4:00 s.ia. 2:45 p.m.
Morning train from Mempbui does not run
on Sunday.
leave MemphiH, rily time. 4:00 s.m. 2:45p.m.
iirrive at Naaativllle 11:45 p.m. 5:011 a.m.
Sleeping i firs on Even log. Train from Mem
phis lo LouiKvllle and Memphis to Kashvllle.
Through Tickets at Reduced Rates
Can be procnre-1 at theCompany'sofTlee.SS, 1-2
If ain ftlreet, and at Depot, head of Main hu
aaliaiujSKc Checked at IeKt, or hy the
llemphls t'tty Transfer Conipany ; at Hotels.
lrivate lU'slaencen, or on Ixmrd otat.s, lo ail
principal points Kant and Ninth.
BAM. B. JO.NKM.8upt.
Hkll Uowsll. PafH!uieer Aseitt. aeSO
o M
:a 4 to
o a
Jlarion, Critteuden CVjuuty, Ark.,
General Land Agents,
BUY and sell Real Kstate, and wilt pay
K,rcial attention U having lutid belong
ing to uon-rtideuU iroily llttd; aihO.
Say taze. Taxe due for IWtf miut bv paid
efore Stn Ktbrary, Wu. jalV
Memphis, Tkn nkhnkhs.
The Largest and Oldest
Established Ten Years.
Where Invalids Can Obtain Scientific ami
PtSMWMM Treatment at a
Maderaie Expeate.
Rheumatism and Neuralgia.
Lnmb&gof Gout,
Sciatica, Mercurial Kheomatitim,
Tix Dolorenx, Nerve-Ache.
In ail arthritic compUinU, as rheumatism,
ouf neuralgia, etc, this practice is almost
perfect. The most intense pains are almoitt
instantly relieved enormous Kwelltngs are
reduced limbs which have been contracted
nnd HtifT for years are relaxed, rases of twen
ty, thirty and forty years' standing, have
been curel by M after ail other nitaiis kave
: ailed.
A great nreomplKhment Is my triumph
over oaln, by which I can often, in a few mo
menu, soothe and carry oil the most excru
ciating sufferings.
It this sybtem'did nothing more than to re
lieve pain, it would stand superior to any
other systems extant.
Helmpleeln (Half Palsy), Paresis,
I'arapt.Klo (Local Palsy), Paralysis Agltans.
In every form of Paralysis, this is the only
treatment which amount to anything nm
tonm; action md vitality.
In the tveatmeut of thU sad aflcctlon, I use
my MediutUd Haths, medicnted with various
suhstMee,a"tarabinth, chlorine, iodine, am
monlaauU hydrargyrum. In eouneniou with
medieated elt-etricity and galvanism, and
other due remedial agencies.
I wili coa tract to cure any case of paralysis
provided there exist no organic lesion.
Htopped-un Head, Running of the Xoae, Con
HLant Hawking and Spitting, Coustanl
Blowing of the Xote.
Tliousands suffer from that most annoying,
ilrKiuirt-eahle and offensive eomnlaint l'h-
t .rrl!. without knowing what it Is.
imen ine aecrcieu nuicoiu, uuwing down
the throai cit np tha lungs, and fays the
foundation for consumption.
The most skillful physieiHns fail to cure It.
Cecently, several Kar Doctors" of this t ity,
bavetuiu-id l!u lr attention to the treatment
of catarrh, and demand iuose fabulous urices
from patients.
i cure any case or oostinction stoppeit-up
head discharges of icreenish. thick, thin, or
glairy mucous from the nose, internailv or
externally pain or fullness between the
eyes constant blowing of the nose inflam
mation of the nasal passages ulceration of
the schncidtrrian membrane, etc., In- the
course ol a lew days.
Struma. Glandular BweiUnflL Hunnlhg, or
Crusty Eruptiontf.Salt Rheum,
King's Evil.
The Scrofula taint, inherited or otherwise,
filling I lie with untold misery, is, hy all usual
medic-1 treatment, hopelessly int urable.
The only true cures wiiich I have ever seen,
are thow which ltave been performed by me,
I will cmuract to cure, without fail, every
case of lllood l;;eaaes, even the most terrible
folios oi LejiWOSar, ljrysinelas, EsMBaSj Can
cers, Tatsaora, I loera, A bsceases, aud every
form f.f r- i -."."- ilNr! .:ni .1;:; eruption, it
troai forty -tight houist6 a few Vwlu.
Kercui ial Diseases.
Salivation tPtyftlfcn), Mercurial Eruptions,
Mniiilal Ach-y in iiones,
Mercury. Injudiciously n ed, has filled the
earth with wrecks of humanity. Thousands
suffer from its efTeeis, who have been uncou
sciousiy Arngged hy their physician. It is
vain to sjttssjittt the core or the majority of
di.se me wiiilt- it i- iHv -anlj".
ARhough I have heard of several so-called,
antnlots ir mercury in the human body, 1
have never yet seen a physician who could
eliminate it troni the system.
I can satisfy any patient or physician that
I can aiwoiutely exir;u;t mercury, lead, zinc,
aud other mineral tmisons, in every case.
One baih which I employ, even draws the
lead from the whit paiut in the bath-room.
Noli-me-Tftngere, Lupus, or Wolf Cancer,
BfAsViMN Cancer b'u m;tus tanctr,
Rose Cancer Spider Cancer.
1 make a great specialty in the treatment of
every desciTpfon of cancer ami tumors, ami
have a special department devoted to this
branch 01 dUea-i'.
How mary cancers ami tumors are wrong
fully trent'-d ly certain charlatans styling
themselves "Cancer Iwctors."
After being pionouiiced incurahie, I will
take any one of these cases in hand, and
make a permanent cure.
My terms for treating cancers, etc., will be
based on mea;e utid condition of the patient,
and the positive certain! y o; cure.
Generative Affections.
Self-abuse Discharge Stricture ileet
Sores -i rmatorrhcea iemlnal
Weakness) Syphilis (Prima
ry and sv.-mtarvl
Impotence (Loss of Virility) Premature
lH?cay Iebility.
The press, the pulpit and the lecture-room
are silent on the subject of diseases of the
sexual org:tni3iu. A false delicacy conceals
the knowlJ'e for which thousands thirst.
And how terrible are these diseases? Sper
niatorrhtna, shattering the entire Nervous
System Impair iug the mind and causing
self-destruction. Syphilis, eating up the
body by piece-meal losing bone, muscle and
nerve, by Inches being llU'rally eaten up
alive, and torturing the Drain with adny.
Chai laiauH. or iucompetewt physicians may
essay t cure them, but in vain. The only
hope ai;d rart U in the tin.:. and learned
pnysit ian wno nnuerstauds liieir case.
Among th-Ne aifeciions, none are worse
than spermatorrhuia, or seminal Weakness,
aud emission. Dr. Wood bridge says, "That
the lots of one ounce of semlnsl fluid by
ahuse, is equal to the loss of forty ounces of
The worst form Is when the seminal fluid
passes otT un perceived in the urine.
Empirics, and characterless men, by work
ing upon the fears of a mind, too often shar
ing the feebleness of the body, not only ex
tort large Mums of money, but, in nearly eve
ry instance, have complicated the disease,
and rendered il more difficult to cure. I have
never yt seen a 8MM ol t-exual Weakness or
Impotency cured by any physician but myself
All the affections of the sexual organs have
been deeply studied by me for many years. I
hay tjL made s dis-o ery hi the treatmentot all
syphilitic ayd virulent diseases which prom
ises toovei throw all former pj ppoiioeived no
tions and theories on the sudje'et. I emph)
entirely new remedies, and never use nause
ous cop.'iiha, cubebs, turpentine and mercury.
In every case I guarantee a perfect cure.
Uftice hours irom H a.mto5p.m. Dr. J. B.
Russell, Consulting Physician ; L. G. Warran,
Secretary, assisted by a mil corps of eminent
Physicians. The usual courtesy extended to
the regular profession. ja-idws
etm 11 L'aTHJ Ur i n TlfL'IICVu UV i -..it s
A,a-. ii.. if i..'.Ali 1 , t'lutx
1 Jefferson siieei, kive; i; Si. and I
ibird streets, LouUviile, Ky., etabiirtfael
lKk, and chartered by the Legislature of Ken
tucky, 161, " lor the treatment of ali diseases
of the urinary and generative organs of both
sexes," including spermatorrbea or semtnal
weakness from early errors, gonorrhea, gleet,
stricture, varicocele, s philis in all its stages
aflVca-ioiis of ti:e Ui'iucji tind hhuldtr. and
the diseases of women.
A medical pamphlet, containing sixty large
pages aud numerous Illustrations on a new
method of treating the above diseases with
out mercory, and important advice on mar
riage, etc., sent under soal for cents.
A varlx clasp, warranted to cure varicocele
in four da vs- Dries 12ft: sent to anv address.
Also agents for 1 -ewee's Female Kegulatlug
fins, warrameu lo remove irreguiaruies, eic ;
price at office, or by mail, 92. A full assort
ment of bandages and trusses always on hand.
Male sheaths, superior quality : single one 1 1
or $5 per dosen. Address,
no IS TooiHViU. Kv
Immense Arrival of New Material 1
Five Lightning Job Presses 1
Large Additions in Lithographic and
Gothic Types!
Beautiful New Book Faces in Picas
and Nonpareils I
Rich and Elegant Engravings, Cuts,
Emblems and Vignettes 1
Every kind of Business represented !
Endless Variety of Cards and Papers I
A Complete Job Printing House 1
aw" The proprietor takes occasion to again
call tho atteiillon of the Merchants and Busi
ness Men t! Memphis to his facilities for
tilling orders Tor every description of Mu
OaJrnu Fhinti.no required in the Office or
Conn ting-room.
The most perfect satisfaction will be given
In every instance, and Pricks shall bi low
a.m. oiroKv.
Orders respectfully sollcted.
S. C. TOOF,.
noil Proprietor.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 3, N. B m llif fhanccry Court of Mera-
pUis, TdnOesnef.B'i0iln F. Ball v. Hog
gin, Trader A Holt et M.
IT Hppparlui; from aflldaTlt In this eaiiHe
thai tbe il-feiiil:nts. P.. W. K Holt, Jui;ie
M. 4lotKlD and Eurliil Borland are non-resl-dcuUuf
HieSlateofTet iiewwe:
It In thi refore ordered. That they make their
arjearHiir. herein, at the I'nartuoo;. lo thu
city of Memphis. Term., on or before tbe first
Monday In Marrh, li70. and plead, snswer or
demur lo i;oiiilaiiaiitfi BUI, or the name will
he taken for confessed an to them, and set for
hearing exparte; and Miat s copy of this or
der be published once s week, for four suc
ceRlve weekH, In the Memphis Appeal.
A Ciipy Attest,
AlHJUSTON ALSTON, Olerk and Master.
By ft. J. Black, leputy f'lcrk ar.d Master.
Kates A Jaekson. Sola lor Complainant. laSD
Bill for Divorce.
law Court of Memnhiit S. J. Collins, Plain
tiff, vs. Thomas ft. Collins, Defendant.
Clkkk'h urrica. January 13. 170.
AFFIDAVIT having been made In this
case that the defendant is a non-resident
oi the State of Tennessee :
It Is therefore ordered, That Raid defendant
appear at the courthouse in the city of Mem
phis, Tenn., on or before the aeend Monday
lu February next, and defend this suit, or the
same will be taken for confessed a lo him.
and the case aet for hearing exparte; and
tltt a eopy of this order be pnblished once a
week, for lour consecutive weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal.
J. B. Robertson. Att'y for Plaintiff. JaI7
State of Tcnneftsee, Shelby county, s.;
Oalbreath, Stewart 4 Co. I Before Hume F.
vs. Hill, J. P., In and
AV. S. Berry. J for said connty.
VFFIDAVIT havlnf? been made, and bond
given, and attachment having been Is
sued, as required by law in attachment cases,
and the same having been duly returned,
served by garnishment, etc, and defendant
not found, it is therefore ordered Hist said
defendant appear before me, at my office In
the city of Meinpni-. KnelBJ county, Tenn.,
on tho 10th day of March, 167r, at 10 o'clock
a.m.,8Bsl make- defen..' to ssid suit, or the
snine will be tried ex :.rte, nuil that a copy
of this order bo published iu the Memphis
Ai-ekiAL for four consecutive weeks.
B P. ASPEBSOIT. Atfy for Plt'f. ' feb8
Attachment Suit,
State of Tennessee, Stelby connty. Before
Thomas B. Myuatt, J ustice or the Peace in
and lor said county.
Davis Baueh vs. P. a Harrell.
FFIDAVIT having beoi made and bond
liiven as requir .1 by law, an. e.t!;-..-ii-meiit
having been Lshud and returned be.ore
me, levied, etc.. ou th- property of dei. nd
ar.t, and defendant not to be found in my
It is therefore ordered. That the said de
fendant appear before iae, at my office, in toe
ci'.y of Memphis, Shelby county, Teunesse-,
on the 4th day of February, 170, at 10 o'clock
a.m.. and make deieuae to said suit, or the
same will be tried exparte: and that a copy
of this notice be puiVLshed In the Memphis
Appeal for four success, ve weeks.
Jannary 5, 1S70. tail
state of Tennessee, Shelby county, ss. :
Q. U. Flood Co.")
vs. -Before 8. A. Moore, J. P.,
Asa Hodges. ) in and for said county.
AFFIDAVIT having been made, and bond
given, ami attaehiaent having been is
sue.', as required by law in attachment cast s,
and the same having been duly returned,
erred by garnishment, etc , and delete! anl
Ml found, it Is tnereiore ordered that, -aid
defemlant appear before me. at my office in
the crty of Memphis, Shelby county. Tenn., on
ihe 7th day of arch, 170, at 2 o'clock p.m., hoi!
make defense to sihi suit, or the same wiii re
tried ri parte, anil that n ropy of this order be
published in Hie Memphis Ai-pfal for four
consecutive weeks. S. A. M )i UE, J. P.
B. P. AjintK-so.s, Atfy for Plt'f. febS
Attachment Suit.
State of Tennessee. Stelby county. Before
Hume F.Hill, Justfceof loe PeaceiDaml fur
said county Smith, Neel 4 Co. vs. Wm.
F1 DAVIT having been made and bond
given, and attackir ent having be Q ...
sued, a- tequired by law in attachment cases,
and tiie same having been dnly returned
levied upon five bales cot-ton" as the prop
erty of the defendant, aud defendant not be
ing found:
It is therefore ordered That sai,l defendant
appear bei'ore me, at my office. In the ci!y of
Memphis, connty of Shelby, State of Ten
nessee, ou the V3d day cf February, 1870. at 10
o'clock a.m., and make defense to said suit,
or tiie same will be tried exparte; and that a
copy of this order be published in the Mem
phis Appeal for four couseeni i ve weeks.
lU'MK r. HILL,
Ja2l Justice ofhe Peace.
Administrator's Notice.
THE County Court of Shelby having
granted me letters testamentary on the
estate of John L. Morgan, deceased, I hereby
u.tiiy ali persons who hold claims agaiust
said estate lo presenutheiu to me forthwith.
W. Ii. KA1NKY IS Madison St.
February 10. 1S70. lebll
Billiard Tables Sale.
KFACLT having been made iu the eondi-
l.ongoni.lti, to me as truMee, i:ted loth June,
A.D. 1S0, recorded iu Register's ofice ol
Shelby county, Tenuesse-e, Book 1 of Chattel
Mortgy&ts, pages 5s U- 6S, on
Friday. 25th Day of February, A.O., 1870.
At the Crystal Palace Saloon, Memphis, I
will sell, to the highest bidder, for cash., the
following prcierty, named in said Trust
Deed, under suthoilty herein namM. viz:
Six new medinm-size Biltlard Tables of
make J. M. Itruuswlck A Bros., Nos, MM
tcniom), 4112,41. .4liu,4li:0 and 411 1 ibeiug iour-
pot-ket fables), together rith their cues, balls,
counters, rests and cover? , now at said sah.ou.
MV C. A. ..'Ih .V : I
Administrator's Notice.
1HAVE this day hlel
vouchers, iu a nartia
my accounts arid
settlement of the
ugh. deceased, with
estate of James Kimbrc
the Can ot I lie Count
v "Court of Shelby
county, and will ask, at t
as next term of the
. ouri. iiiat tue same oe
flrme.1. a hen and where
alloacd sod con
any person lntor-
ested in the same may all
objections. If anv they ha
eud and enter tbeir
JOXE8. Adm'r
uues Kimbrougn.
of Kslaie of
Jannarv Ml Is7.
Attachment Suit.
Municipal Court of the City Mcmnhis. R. S.
Taylor and P. C Taylor, Urrn ol K. M Taylor
x Co , Phiiutitls. vs. P. M. Motgan and W.
K. Baker, surviving partners of John Mc
C1c'!m:i a Co., DefetMtaafa.
VFMDAVIT tor aitact.ment having iieen
made lu this case in pursuance o: section
Siio of the Code ol Tennessee, and attaehii.. at
having been Issued and returned by the
proper officer " levied, et;.," ou the property
ol the dek udants:
It is theiefore ordereil. That said defendant
appear at the Municipal Courtroom, in the
city of Memphis, 1'enn., ouor before the first
Tuesday in March next, and defend this
suit, or the same will be tafcen IbeeqaMai .i
as to them, sod tire case set tor hearing i x
parte: aud that a copy ol this order be pub
lished once a week, tor four consecutive
weeks. In the Memphis a ppeal.
A copy : FRANK TA FT, Clerk.
By R F. Boswkll. 1. C.
; vis . u y;iu, Alt Vs lor Pit -is. aV
No. 282 Adams Street.
The course of Instruction Is thorough and
extensive.ln all the ill pal lllliwls
For further informati'iu send for circular.
:i :: pa I .
tf O CO PEE MONTH, to sel) Hie unly Urs-
Family Kb-ing Mac hi Mi Price okly SIM.
.Urest inducenients to agents. This Is the
most popular Sewing Machine of the day
makes the famous " Llastic Lock Stlch ;" will
do any kind of work that au be done on any
machine. ii-,uu sold, and the demand con
stantly increasing. Now Is the time to take
fit: agency. S.ud for circclars. mwBewttre oj
imririytTs.-h Address SKCOMB A IX)., lioa
lon. Mass.; Pittsburg, Pa.; or Hi. Louis, Mo.
mi i
To Delinquent Subscribers
To the Capita! Stock of the Shelby
County Agricultural Society.
THE attention of dulinqaent subscribers of
slock to the Shelby County Agricultural,
Mechanical and Horticultural Society is
hereby called to the folloivln;; order, passed
by ihe Board of Directors, at. their last regu
lar meeting on February i. 1H70, viz:
'That the President be authorize. 1 to place
into the hands ol a coin?teut attorney, for
collection, all claims for bnlances due on sub
scriptions of stock to said company, after
giving notice, lu the- ddily papers, for oue
week, that said course will be pursued."
Tbe Board are determin.Hi that good faith
shall be kept with the creditors of the com
pany; and, to avoid the alternative of bring
ing snit. it is hoped Uiat ail delinquents will
promptly respond, within one week, by call
ing at the office of the Hecretarv, No. 'I Court
lUilldlug, aud settling tueli- liabilities. After
that time, these claims will be placed in the
hands of an attorney for osllectlun.
LEON. TKOt'siiALK, Secretary.
P. S From aud alter thli dale these claims
will be loujil iu the hands of Messrs. Marye
A Tresevant, attorneys at law. No. 2u Madison
street, w here tho parties ale requested to call
and make settlement. llebKl L. s.
4 rr
I prepared to lurulsh all classes with con
stant employment at homo, the whole of the
time or Sir the sj.are moment. "
new.light aiid proiiiable. r.Moa of either sex
easily earn from SOc lo 5 pr evening, and h
proportional sum ay devoting then whole
time to tbe business. Uu aud girls earn
nesrlt as murh as men. That ail who see
this notice may send their address and lest
the business, we make this unparalleled of
er Tu such as are not weli satisfied, w will
send $i to pay for the trouble of writing,
tall particulars, a valuable sample, whivh
wi U do to commence work on, and a copy of
the largest and best family newspapers pub
lished, all seut free by mall. Header, If you
want permanent, proataMe work, address
K. C. ALLEN CO., Augusta, Main. jaUU
Supreme Court Sate.
s , in ii. I Tat et si., vs. Iwls Selby et sL
HY vlrtueof the decree pronounced in this
cause by the Supreme Court of Tennessee,
at Its April Term, I&is, I will ou
Thursday, 3d day of March, 1870,
Between 11 o'clock am. and VI m., in front of
the i ircuit and Couuty Courthouse door, cor
ner Cnion and .Second streets, in the city of
Memphis, sell In t wo or more lots, the north
ern part of IstNo. 17 of the KerrSntslU IsfOB.
near the city of Memphis, containing 14-lMi
acres, and fronting on 'irigg avenue, about
half a mile Southeast of the state Female
College and the Klmwood terminus of the
stn-.-t railroad, marked T. H. Tate " on Kuck
er's map; framed residence ol seven rooms,
and several outhouses on the place. The
ground is rich and lies beautifully for other
Iekms. A credit of six and thirteen months
will be given, with bond and approved surety,
and a lien retained. A plat of the ground
will be exhibited at the sale.
J.NO. L. BROWN, Clerk.
R. J. Morgan. W. L. Scott. Solicitors. febl
Marshal's Sale.
BY vlrtne of an execution to me directed
from the Municipal Court of Memphis
in favor of Sparrel Hill, Adm'r, etc. and
against William Fellows, judgment on the
17th day of July, ls6!l. for ilOU) (a), besides costs
of suit, I will sell, to the highest hidder, for
cash. In frout of tbe courthouse door of the
Municipal Court, on
Wednesday, the 22d Day of February, 1870,
Between the legal hours of sale, the following
described real estate ro-wtt: Beginning at a
point on the south side of Adams street. In
the city of Memphis, Shelby county, Tenn.,
ninety feet east of the southeast intersection
of said street with Main street; thence east
fifty-eight feet six inches to an alley;
thence sonth with said alley eighty-six feet;
thence west parallel with Adams street fifty
eight teet i-lx inches; thence north eighty
six leet to the beginning together with all
tue appurtenances therein belonging, levied
on ns the property of defendant, Wll'Iam
fellows, and sol.! to satisfy the foregoing
judgment, interest and costs.
M. r. BALL, Marshal M. C. M.
Stephens 4 SMii;h, Attorneys for Plalntifl.
February 2, b"0. feb2
BY vlrtno of trat ded executed to me by
Wm U. Waldr. n. on thf nth ay of April,
lirj9, aod duty reemded ia the Kgiter"tt orace
for the county of ttnelby, ind tate of Tn
ntsnet. in book No. 7J, i n- I IW, and for the
porposeof paving the following debU there
lu HienLi(iied, to-wit: Oue to W. tl. iireenluw.
for the sum offtMBt HKMBMUM one hundred
and sixt' nine luu dottai , mi evidenced by
note, due December 1'TU. HBBu with Interest,
and one other (U bt due to i-;. M. Apperson. as
Kxt'cutor o; Wade H. Bolton, deceased, evi
denced by prombiHory note made May if, l-rfc,
and payable on the 21 24th May, ItSi.'D, for the
sum of nineteen thouaarfu five hundred dol
i .i r inlsiiotp lias a credit of two thousand
dollars, paid Jane ltt, 1&66 I will, on
Tuesday, lha 8th day of March, 1870,
In front of thf WaMrfll Block. nd npnn the
premises, between the Itoarsof lOu'clock a.m.
and 2 o'clock p ni., sell at public auction. Lo
the highest bidder for ca ib, I be following des
cribed tracts pare la or lota uf land, wim the
iuiprovemt i.ts iii-Tcm, ly it-1;. U-ini; and -it-uatcd
in Hit city of Meinphb-t county of Shtl
Iy, and - of Tennessee, ar.d bounded as
follows, Ue-wit : Beginning on the east side ot
Main atjeet, oue hundred and fifty .! f- et,
north of Liudtyi .street, running thence east
ward, pa ral t-d witn LJntien stret on hun
dred and seventy-five IT-") feet to the west
aide of Mulbeiiy street, tbeuce uortuwardty
with .Mulberry street seventy-eight and one
half T8) eet to a stake, thence westwardly,
parallel with I iuden street, one hundred and
seventy-live (!.. feet, lo tbe east side of Main
street, thenar southwardly witti the east side
of Main sUeel seventy -eight and one-half
i7H'..! feet to the beglanin-; the same heina
tlMlot upon wh.ch thu Waldran Block is sit
uated. A is. ail t:-:e rlzht, title. Interest and estate
which Ihesaid Waldran has conveyed lo me
in ti ust,ln the foIlwine described lot of land,
..jtii.ifrid in the city, county and State afore
said, aud bouiuitu as lolluws: Jkginning at
the northwest corner ot the MempMs and
'harleston rai'lrf:.d depot grounds and fro.t
ingon Adams street one hundred and ninety -ciijht
1 1!) fer;t, to the corner of Charles Job n
ston's ht, thnce south four i.l) degree? east,
two hundred and sixteen feet to a stake,
thence south seventy degrees and fifteen
minutes west, two hundred and forty-seven
'217 feet to a lake in lU center of tbe rail
road track, ttience along said track three
hundred and oik 301) feel to the beginning,
beiac the same lot upon which Is sltnateti ti.e
rlmrleston cotton pr-ris, owned by ths-siid
W.B. Waldrt and George Uill, und-r the
firm name of Waldran A OiII, which said lot
Is held by them under a teise from the Mem
phis atid Charleston U-tiirowl l'onpany, by
which tbe term bean on the first day ot Oc
tober, bb7, and is to end oi the autb day of
Hepteinber, 1-VT2, at an annual rent of one
tlmusjiiid oollatB, payable quarterly, with the
privilege to the lesse- s of rtmoving any lm
proveinents put by them on said preBalaes.
The Utle to tbe.ioregolug described property
is believed to be perfect, but I convey only as
trustee. fee; W. MMSMU'K, Trustte.
Trustee's Sale of Valuable Farm
TKEZEVANT A CO., northeast corner
of Main and Jetlerson streets, Memphis,
I will, as Trustee, sell to the highest bid
der for cash the folio wing property, conveyed
to me bv Jas. T. Willis, dew, January 1st, 186!,
to secure certain indebtedness therein speci
fied, now due and un paid, to-wit: Ninety -five
and elghty-fou one-hundredth acres of land
in ltith Civil district. Shelby county Tennes
see, being part of lot No. 2 of Kirk's subdivis
ion of U. Buntvn's tract, beutnnius in soui h
boundary line of K. S. Lo wry, two chains Cl'.y
links west from BOBthMSt ffiret of said
Ijowry's trai't, ;;,pii-c otitii m chains
links, thence we-t -Ji chains 75 links, thence
noi i ii chalns.ct links. Lhence east 2f chains
7i lluks to begin n tug. Hour of sale taetween
eleven o'clock, a.m. and one o'clock, p m.
fob JOHN T. TRtZKV ANT, Trustee.
BY virtue of a Deed of Tmst executed by
Mrs. M. M. J. Douglass, on the nth day of
March, Ifii", lu seeure the payment of a cer
t;iiu prOBalasorv nou'. therein mentioned aud
described, and aliic'i deed Is recorded in
Book No. t of Records of Deeds aud Trust
Mortgages and Cntraets. pages No. :t:n. 'M0
and HI, of Hie 1'iobate Clerk s office, of the
county of Der-olo and .Slate of Mlssiasif pi, 1
will, on
Between the hoars of 12 m. and 2 p.m., in
front of the ecMBtilKMM door in the town of
Heniattilo. in ruiinty ant : it.- above men
tioued, prweedtosell,at public outcry, tite
li.'shest bidder e&&, ti.t- property wm
ortbed and deslgnatev! in said deed or trut,
as follows, to-wit: All rhat part of north-eat
) quarter-seetlou twenty-three Sk town
bhip two (2). rajige eKttt (H), weist of the bari.4
meridian ot tli Chickasaw ncssion, lying
M0t ol the Mississippi and Tennessee ltail-
r-.,...i Mitituinln.r ...... I ! .....I
acres. Title bc;;cvtd lo be good, thogii
oulv convey an trustee.
Iebt2 0 ft CLAV, Trustee.
County Court Sale of Land.
Kelirtiary Term, li7u.--J. J. Woods and Mary
Wottds TS tieorkla. Dora and Martha Ham-
ner Petition for sale of land.
Ctider and i.y virtue "t order of resale,
male in the a Loire entitled cause at the No
vemi,. i ;.erui,!Si,of thecoirnty Courtof Shel
by county, Tennessee, I will proceed to sell,
at public auction, before the courthouse
door, lu the el' y of Memphis, on
MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1870,
Between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m., and 4
p.m., the following described tract of land,
containing oue huudreu and five 1 1051 acres.
lying In the eleventh surveyor's district of
stietriv county, and s.rate ol reuiiessee. tin
the south side of Wolf river:
Beginning at a stake with post-oak pointer,
in the northwest ertr vl two haudred
acre tract entcjeu tu the name of Wm. Law
rence; thence south 25 chains and 30 links to
a stake with an elm pointer; thence west 3
chains aud 11 lluks to a stake with white-oak
and sweetgiim pointers; thence son1;1, il
chains and ill links to a staku with two red
oak pointer; tiituee east J chains and 11
links to a stake with sweet sum Dointer.
theuce north 10 chains to a stake with gum
and elm pointers; thence west 35 chaius to
tbe beginning.
Terms af Sale Oue-tbtnl cash; balance, on
a credit of one aud two years, with Interest;
purchaser executing notes, wit h approved se
curity, a lien being retained ou the laud for
the defer re. i payments,
By ihknai;.. Coll, Deputy Clerk. feblO
Attachment Notice.
Southworth 4 Thayer ) Before Hume F.Hi'.!.
vs. Jnsticeof the Peace
L. Doyle, J for Shelby connty.
VW KT of Attachment having been served
out against the estate of L. Doyle, and
the same having been duly returned, levied,
etc., lu such crises, and affidavit having been
made before me that the defendant is a non
resident of tiie state of Tennessee, it is there
fore ordered that be appear tiefqre me, or
some of tier .lusl!'e pi the Peace, at my office,
lu the city of Memphis, upon the 7th day of
March, 1", at 10 o'clock a.m., and plead, an
swer or demur to said attachment, or the
same will be tried ex parte, and that a copy of
this order be published onoe a week for lour
consecutive-weeks, in the Memphis Appeal.
feM Justice of tbe Peace for Khelby co.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 4135 in the Chancery Court uf Memphis.
Tennessee P. M. Morgan vs. W. F. Baker
and others.
IT appearing from, affidavit In this cause
I that the defendants. W. F. Baker and P. M.
Morgan are non-residents of the State of
Tennessee :
It is therefore ordered, That trier make
their appearance: herein, at the Courthouse
In the city of Memphis, Tenn., on the first
Monday In April, 18711, and plead, answer or
demur lo complainant IX of B. A. Shaw bill,
or the same will be taken lor confessed as to
them. and set for bearing exparte; and that
a copy of this order la- published ouce a
week, for four successive weeks, lu the Mem-
phAlurj5roN ALSTON, CU-rk aud Master.
By it J Black. Deputy Clerk and Master,
Administratrix Notice.
ALL persons having claims against the es
tate of P. H. Helnrlcb will present tbem.
duly authenticated to me or nv Attorneys,
estcoit & iam.
make immediate s
persons Indented wtil
mient witn me or my
) iSeeoud street.
1E1N KICH, Adm'rx.
said Attorney N
January 2i. HI
Administration Notice.
LETTERS ol administration upon the es
ta te . fM argaret Boy er, deceased, having
been granted to me, all persons having
claims against said estate are notiaed'tbat
they must present their claims, within the
time prescribed by law, or they will be for
ever barred; all persons indebted to said es
tate must make immediate settlement.
ja20 TH0. W. HOLBT, AUm'r.
Trustee's Safe.
BY' virtue of a ileed of trust executed
to me by John II Waggoner, ton
tbe 1st day of April. to se
cure tbe payment of certain promissory
nut. s iber.-lu described, snd wlileh said deed
Is of record In Uik Kt'ulsler's office of Shelby
county. Teiini-s... , . hi Ke. onl Book No. (Hi,
part a, pages ZJ and 38, 1 will, on
Thursday, March 10, 1870,
between th" hours of 10 an.) VI o'clock, s.ro.,
in front of the i'tor of Koyster, Tres.'x'ani A
Co eoruer fif Main and Jeirr.rmm lre-u In
tbe city of Memphis, proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, for cash, at pnhlic nnctlon,
the projerty described in FaM de-.l nr trust,
co-wit. : A certain tract of land lyinit and be
ing in the connty of Shelby and Siuur of Tea
nessee, about one mile east of the city of
MempLts boun.i.-d as follow.: Btginnli.g at
the northeast comer of lot No. 15, In snb
.11 vision '. fn the oartltton of the estate of A.
It. i arr, at a stake in Pbieon Hoost Road,
north M degrees, east &! links from a poplar
marked I, and thence south JU chains 91 links
lo a slake, degrees west. 151 links from a
poi.lar marked H. ttaenc nort h 5 degrees.
wcmi 7 cbaln S4 links to P. Hertand's line
thence north 2b chains sit links to Pigeoii
Koost Road; ibence sooth ".7 degrees, aast
with tbe !
name prop
wife to ii
H. Wagg.Hier. Ite-
elieveo to be good,
)HNS( is. Trustee.
but I convey onlj
Chancery Sale on Monday, February
28, 1870.
No. loitt Chancery Thorn as Peacock vs. Sal
lie M. Thomas et aL
BY virtu of an Interlocutory decree in this
cause, I will sell, at public aoetlon, to the
highest bidder, in front of the ( lerk and
Master s ..rtlee, in lb. .-its. ... Menu nm. on
Mouday, February aLlsTil. within legal huurs.
the following rw.1 estate, to-wlt:
Lying and bring in the connty of Shelby
and State of Tennessee, near tli" ci:y of Mem
phis, being part of a 15-ecre trad, formerly
belonging to the heirs ot Craven Peyton, de
ceased, and known upon the plan of subdi
vision of sard 13 sores, made by E. MrDavitt,
James T. Leoth aud James B. Cook. Commis
sioners, (which said pUn is recorded In tbe
Kesrister's orUce in !' ly. pages to JV1
inclusive), as Lou "os. H and IS, and boundisi
as follows: Beginning at the northeast cor
ner of Lot 45, at a point where Peyton avenue
intersects sjafbiraus ireef tiience west
wardly with the south side al KafTarans
street LB feet to an alley IS feet wide; lhence
southwardly Ui fet lo the southwest corner
oi Lot Xo.; thence eastwardly on a line
parallel with Satfsrans street to the west
side of Peyton avenue: lhn 'e northwardly
with the west side of Peyton avenue luu feet
to the beginning. Including both said lots,
each of wbich have a front of 50 feet on Pey
ton avenue, and runs back westwardly be
tween parallel lines 1 feet to a 16-feet alley.
Texas of Sa i.e. One third cash, balance
on a credit of six and twelve months, notes
with security bcai
retained till payaieut f t
A. A
LogTPood, Mlcoa A Yov
e money,
and M.
ilturs for
Trustee s Sale.
BY vlrtne of two TVds In Truot, made to
roe by A. M. Ftncuson one made on the
.'kl dayot January, lstm, and r-Nnlfd tu the
Heglsler I oiiH-e or Shcii eottJfcty, Tennessee,
In Book'oti, pait It, pajni C Sand i74: ana
the other made on trie 22d rfanr of Febrn-
urv l.-HS nntl ittitv r-iriltfl In -h (UuKtur
orfir foriifIb mmnly. Tennessee, iu Keeunt
book, tri. pave t' t'ii 4, in- tiri of
which was made to weeure tin: payment ul a
note for 95, 1-'. and the latter made lo se
cure the payment of a note forSSlW, both
payable to Fatrick oToole: and. wl.c.va-i,
said uoles were not protuptiy p.itd at mata-
rny, ?uu navtnif :-eu r-; !: s 'o it-.. oy
Bridget 1 OoU . Adiulnl-tralrfx of sid Fat
rick UToole, now dtfcenaed, 1 will, on
Saturday, the 2oiii Day of February. 1870,
In Frot t of the Circuit C'ourtnwni. on the
corner of Unlu and Second trceta, in the
elry of Memphis, seF, to the highest bidder.
' " ! en L'.t- oi;ftiw't corner of
Beal and I-Hto sirtrt.s, fmutliiir. on Bew
tr.-:t sixty i t-et. aud raunuig oack MOatfe
between parallel lines, onii l.undrcd and
twenty 4.120 feet, and now fully and particu
larly osn!jeo in sail i rnsi i -et'ti, rntro:ea
in Book ob". pages 72, 47 . and 474, and to which
reference Is here matte.
At the same time and iIare I will also sell.
to the high en t bidtler, for cash, the following
described lot, beginning at a stake oue hun
dred and thirty 'live l-"w tet outh irom tbf-
south line of Beat stre-t. and running ttien--
ith with tle wrrst line of Defioio atrrnt
thiriy 1 & f -t; Uiciic; at sr. one tiundi ed u-f
fifty 150! feet; tbeuce north thirty (3U, eet lo
the sooth Mde of an al'ey: hvuxee'eas wltn
the sonth linofaid sdiey one t.nndred and
fifty 11501 ie?t lu the btrginning, beirg the
same lu, deLi iU-u in Trust Lured, rtn-rrrde-.!
in ittok &1T paes 17J. 474 and 47 j, and u w: ich
reference Ik here ;it -.dc. The sale will be
made tetwetu ihe hoars of 10 o'clock a. in.
and 2 o'clock p m.
The equity of redemption is Ppecislly
waived in said Trust iivtiU, and tho title is oe
lievtd to be good, but I only convey as Trus
tee. EUURHK MAOKVNEY. Trnstee.
Hansen, Swtngley k XaAhleilt Att'ys.
feb.i Iaw4w
County Court Sale cf Land.
W. U. Monorii-f uml wUt aiul oth-rs vs. Tohn
H. aud Virginia U. Suunderliu Petition for
Sale of IM
TM'EK and vlrtut of n .leoree of sale.
J mode lu Ihe above stated ease, at tiie
February Arm, Ism. of the l onntyi onrt of
Shelby county, Tennes.-Pe, I -lli proetd lo
sell, belore the eoartlioose door, in Ihe city
of Memphis, on
Monday, March 7. 1870,
Between the hours of 10 i
o'clock p-ln.. at public auct
k am. and 4
o tbe lilshest
an. i oesi moaer, ine idttowing describe.! tract
of land, lying and being in Shelby oountv:
Beginning at a slake southwest corner of" a
iM'i-acre entry, rnnuir.g aonh 31 chains IA
links to a biae'eoak marked W. S. In theouth
boundary of a s! acre entry ; thence east at
chai' s 50 links to a stake In Wilson we-t
boundary line of a 'J0li seres tract; thence
south with said line II chain CO links to a
stake the northeast coiner of Smith's occu
pant; thence west HI chains 7. links to a
stake, hickory snd wlnteoak pointers, north
west corner of said occupant; thence south
10 chains to a stake, blackgum and maple
pointers; thence west j chains to a stake and
postoak marked W. s. ; thence east li chains
SO links to the beginning as) acres, more or
Tkrms or Salb. -One-third cash, and the
balance In tqnal instalments, at one and two
years time, taking nous with security, bear
ing interest from date, and retaining a lien
on the land for the deferre 1 payments.
The above laud lies !n the Ninth Civil Dis
trict, at t-.r ..ear Flsbervllle, ou which is
eretited a one two-stoty frame b-iildtns con
taining six looms; also, a good niubouse and
gin, and a very good gristmill, with all the
noeessary outh'.m' . logeHwi with an excel
lent peach and apple orchard.
By Eeh.vaed Coll. 1. C. feblo
Non-Resident Notice.
N.O. 13. N. B In the Chancery Conrt of
Memphis, Tennessee. J no. Itendcr vs. Mary
Wilman et ai.
IT appearing from affhlavi
the defendant William 1
of Alabama, aud a nou-res
anse that
a citizen
the State
Of Teunesseo.
It is therefore ordered. That he make his
appearance herein, at the courthouse In the
crty of Memphis, Tenn.. on r before 'he ttrst
Monday lu April, 1S7M, aud pleau, answer or
demur to complainants bill, or the same will
be taken for confessed as to him, and set for
hearing ex parte; and that a copy of this or
der be published once a week, for four suc
cessive weeks, in the Memphis App-.ii.
AUQUSTOK ALSTON, Clerk and Master.
A copy attest:
By K. J. Black. DepntvClerk and Master.
Westcott Staid, solicitors for Complain
ant, mmm
Attachment Suit.
State oi Tennessee, Shelby county. Before
Hume F. Hill. Justice ot ihe Peace in and
lor said county. Jones, Brown k Co. vs. T.
B. Turner.
VFFIDAVIT having been made and bond
given, and aitaebment having been is
sued, as required by law in attachment cases,
and the same having been duly returned
" levied: "
U is therefore ordered. That said defendant
appear before me, at my office, in the city of
Memphis, couuty of siielby. State of Ten
nessee, on the J.sth day of Mareii, iS7u. at 10
o'clock a.m.. and make defense to said suit,
or the same will be tried ejparte; anil that a
copy of this order be published lu tbe Mem
phis Appeal for lour eonsecut.nT1 weeics.
feb!7 Jusllee of the Peace.
Assignee's Sale.
LTNDER ami by virtue of a general order
; issued from the I '.strict t.'ourt of the
United Stat for the Pistr'ct of Went Tennes
see, ou the isth day of December, lSti8t I v, :,!,
On the 4th day of March, 1870,
At 12 m.. sell to the highest bidder, for cnh,
the following described real estate, to-wit:
Designated on the plan of Hill's subdivi
sion 01 land, in the fourteenth Civil District .f
Hhelby couuty, an like north half of Lot No.
nrty-one. fronting on the west side of Suaette
street. li!t-one it. t. and exteudiuit weetward
for depth, between parallel lines, one hundred
and eighty ft, to the alley midway between
Musette and Walnui streets. . .
Theaaidlot being a part of the estate ..f J.
seph H. t hoate. iu bankruptcy, and to be sold
by me as Assignee of HIe.,H i'.' 'Vr,
rupt, tn front of the I'ulwo . aleH yiatri
four'-house, according tn law in sucn cases
provided. Ten per oeuiuui ut the purchase
money will be required at the time of sale.
Also, at the same time and place, I will sell
tbeiiiterest of said Choate in the oopartder
ship assets of tbe late firm of Citoate 4 Co:
Terms of sale, etc., the same as of the real
febZ tIKOR'iE ARNOLD. Assignee.
BY vlrtne of a general order of sale entered
by the District Court ot the United Stat.-s
for the District of West Tennessee, on the
lith day of January, Ui7U, 1 will proceed to
sell, ou
Saturday, March 5, 1870.
To the high
ash, at
the door of the United sea
room, at 10 o'clock a.m.. u
aud Interest, legal and eq
longed lo Geo. W. Trotter,
date of nllug his petition
and to the iullowitig pers.
win AH the bills 01 excha
issory notes, securities, at
accounts, choaes in action,
lar the personal etfei'ts a
bankrupt of every kind an
Also, the interest of the
of said
in the
following. real estate:
One certain traet of lsnd in Drew county.
Arkansas, containing S52i acres, more or
less ; also, one eertal n tract of land in I 'ralg
nead county, Arkansas, euntainiug SBe ,icres,
more or leas, WM. McG.
fealO daw Asirhpiee.
Carolina Life
M. J. WICKS, 1st Vice-President.
W. F. BOYLE, Secretary
Assets over : : :
Annual Income over
mm- It la with mnch pleasure the Manager,
ad the public their congratulations on its sci
tlon and future prospects. Policies issued on
reier me general public lo our policy holders.
Ipoolal Aeont.
Valuable Remedies !
Y the use of Enders Chill Cure
d from the system; bat
antee them not to return, and leave
-ecretiun t a neal
The taste of Es
siven more universal s:itiMartion In o tirt a t:me. If thedireeiwn- u
it Invariably curt; and to any responsible peison, who will gve it a fa
we will chevrtuily retuud tbe money.
Kuders' Chill Cure 1 uo quack, remetly; UM Inventor i a regular
and lils diploma bang in bis office. A dose taken once a day during tl
a perfect saesnad 3 gainst chill, and every tiuiiy living tu a tiiaiariu
to keep bottle tn their hone. To sum up in tw wuria: We have
caae of Its failure to core, and Wt can solely .nay to tbe public that it
IH3V33E:rLS' stomach bitters,
The most popular Bitters now in use. It cares Kidney Uiseae. re-;orw strength and spps
tite, makes new blood, bnltus up weak and e-nfeebied fxanie. For tema.e weakness it is onsnr
passed. As a Beveraae it tuts no equal.
m9 For Salt by DniygisU and general Sorekeepert erentciere.mt
Z4T We offer Merchants and Liniji.-,td splendid inducements to sell these
E1VDBTIS cs ROSS, Bolo ITropr'a,
Faduoah, Xlontucliy.
The above Medicines are for sale, at Wholesale and Hetail, by
tbe Uouthwest, are prepared to do U work
Which will be est and Sited to order, promptly and welL One of the Ann gives constant t-
tentlon to I
tue ou'.m
Which, for durability and satisfactory working, are unsurpassed. SMC 1 1 ft. KB. BOLTIN
CLOTHES AND LEATHER BELTiNU, in full -.apply, and ch.mper than elsewhere.
Adams Street, between Fcurth and Bayou. Memchis. Ter.a.
Planing Mill and Lumber Yard.
No. 161, 163. 166 WASHINGTON STREET.
3VTona.23la.is, ------- Tounoaaeo.
mw Manufacturers of Ulued tiash, Moulil'iius, Balusters. Newel Posts, Hand-Railing. Lat
tice. Palings, Brackets, LKKr and Window Frames. Ceiling, Hiding.
Dealers In Framing Lumber, of all kinds; Rough and Dreaaed T. Pine, Poplar. Cypreaa.
W. Pine, Oak and Walnut Lumber, Lath and t4hiug.es. Plank Li inches by lu feet to iS leet,
for Box Houses.
Planing, Sawing, Turning and Scroll Sawing done to order. We make onr Doors, dash
and Biniu.s of Seasoned W Lite Pine. All worn warranted lo be of superior quality, both iu
material and nuisn.
Wi.-hiug to supply onr customers w'th a superior quality of stock, carefully packed an
shipped, aud confident that you will be pleased with our
Prices, Stylos anclQuallty of w oris.
i iVour orders are respecttnily solicited, and will be filled with neatness and despatch,
Memphis Nursery.
A very thrifty stock, at moderate prices. Address
jBCoasixr c? gilbert,
J. M. lilLBERT, Jr. J
tw We have provitlwl ourst-lvt's with a full stock of Plantation Supplies
which, to the trade, we are otferii'tj at great inducements. Among wnich
may be found the following :
900 dzen Planter's Hoes,
110 dozen Blind Bridles,
280 dozen Hames.
230 dozen Hogskin Collars,
1,200 coils Cotton and Grass Plow Line,
5,000 pairs Tracechains
75 dozen Single and Double Tress,
(25 dozen Back Bands,
140,000 pound3 Hoilowware Castings,
600 dozen Axes.
Sole Agents in Memphis for the Brinley Separate Share & Urie Steel Plows,
Owners of the Mitcheis Patent ; also, the Teagues Patent Cotton Scrapers,
A All! Stock of Hardware and Agricultural Implements in store.
Insurance Co
DAVIS, President,
j JL T. PEJTIT, 2d Vicu-Prwiceni
! J. H. EDH0N0S0N. General Aqem
$654,000 01
500,000 0(
of this Company tender to Its Poiiev
- reas for the r.at two rest,, it. nuawiat
all tiie improved plana of Life Insurance. W
JB. I. WHITE, Jr.,
tte Asent for Tonu
. it
children take it i
ry .is '.
tne tlr-:
. reuidty
..g of
tug of the very best
808 IJF'ront St., MempblCf Te-xjgo..

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