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1 1 fw
I I 1 kl
There are 4,728,514 am of public
lands in Mississippi, according to th
report of the Secretary of the Interior.
General Harnfcy w in favor of forcing
inaians dismounted and disarmed
upon reservations, and holding them
there by military jxiwer. This does
seem like the only method of reaching
a settlement of this raced HHBStioa.
An Immigrant Ilome is to be built
at Vicksburg. The City Council, at a
recent meeting, appointed a commit
tee to tselect a Mutable Imilding fur
that purpose, and to take su.-h me
ures as might be necessary !k estab
lish the ilome.
The lie was passed in the Spaobh
Cortes a few days since, the t'.-irltst
Deputies charging that in the recent
elcx-tious many of their candidates
were de!eatl through the interference
of the Government. This was pro
nounced faise. kimI a irii-ne of wild
confusion followed.
It is saiil that Butler intends to call
lor all unpublished corresondence
relative to the I'araguayan war for the
information ot the country, and that
some portions of it sulxtantiate tin
statement heretofore made, that the
American Legation was uljected to
the ittdignitie by the allies.
A warning is conveyed to irregular
ami careless book-keepers, in a recent
decision of Judge Uialehlord, of Xew
York, wiio refused togrant diseharges
in bankruptcy to two merchants, be
cause their account books were so
kept as to wake it impossible to tell
how their business a3airs were con
ducted. The salaries of the Chief Justice of
the Supreme tfourt of the Tatted 9tMBM
and of tlie Associate Justices are pro
posed to be raised to ll:',""1! and m.-
w per annum, that ot tae Circuit
Judges to and of the District
Judges to t-r,000. Men of all parties
will uuite in the reeogait.i of the
propriety of this Increase. The bill
ought to pas mm con.
For the first time in several mouths
the name of Pere Ilyacintlie comes
over the cable. A Paris dispa tch says
he lias been silent since his return, and
that it is asserted on reliable authority
that he will be relieved by the Pope
from the obligations of his vows as a
Cinnelite Monk, and be poriniltaii to
continue in holy orders as ati ordinary
priest. Doubtful.
The Radicals in Illinois iiave been
plucking thst State to a shameful and
(MBMH extent. The appropriations
of 186; were fl,SS9,72 70, and tins-out
of the Legislature Ttr, 1 79, while
in ltC9 the appropriations amounted
to ft tHS.W? -i. and the cost of the
Legislature to J70,0.h). In this man
Tier nearly six millions of dollnrs
were ab-tracted from the treasury in
two years.
Referring to Satrap Ames' state
ment that Mississippi has become too
.Radical for Jeff. Davis, the Macon,
(Ga.) Telegraph and Mrstrnger ob
m v.: "'Uvery d"tr ha- liLs day,'
saysiiie pronern. It U Aines' day
now, thanks to the shameless and
cowardly use of his bayonets. Let
him wait five years, though, and see
how the whirligig of time will treat
him and his .schemes."
The I'aviiion in which the San Fran
cisco jubilee is to be held will seat 1-V
UUO persons. The drum to be used in
the orchestra will be eight leet in di
ameter and three feet four inches high.
Tht irrand organ is a nowltv, having
a linilu.'d number of pip's, but tho-?
of the heaviest kind of base, to form
the requisite ramble and thunder as
an accompaniment for the grand or
i hi-tra, and a mrjwtic support for the
multitude of choruses.
The Xew York Eeenina Po.t Ci ,
Tuesday says: The American Free
Trade League will hold a meeting on
Thursday. February -4th, in the Ilall '
of the Open Board of Brokers, in
Broad street, it three t-'ci k in the
afternoon. We understand ihul a ,
numtter of memliers of Congress have!
promised to address the meeting; one j
of the most eminent merchants of this ;
city will preside; and of the inijxirt
auce of the object of the meeting we j
need not speak.
Seventeen vears ago when Xapolei.n
IIL visited Borleauv, he was received i
By the J'reteet ot the iJennitinrnt, a
verv tall. iow erfullv built man of
w inning Banners, lcside w hom the
lineror was a dwarf.. rNide by side
the drove through the city. "Pre
fect,"' -aid Napoleon, "the citizens
seem to regard tiieir Prefect and for
get their Kmueror." , "Sir-," was
the court I v reply, "when a regiment
is nianhing tiie crowd is always
Mtruck with the drum-major, but it is
uot to be concluded they forget the
General iu command." This Prelect
afterward became Baron Hans-maun.
The New York Fvening Telegraph
says: Funice Redman, the daughter
of a Jackson county farmer, was
awakened the other nigh: by a pecu
liar noUe under her chamber window.
Peering out, she saw a man slowly as-
ladih-r which he had placed j
in position with theevident intention I
id entering her apartment. Being a
Mag lady of spirit and resolution, i
Bheiaatantiy decided mi her coursouf
mgout ot siglitanil very
in'tl the man was some tlneeii j is a Dej.utv Collector of internal
itn the ground, she leaned out, ; Revenue, J. B.'Pluuo keeps the Furo
1 the top f the ladder, and in- j House, etc., cc.
throw it over. The fellow This documeut, with others, 1m
vell of horror which awoke the ac)iing KeveU, w as forwarded t
11 1 tiers ol tueianiiiy, who, uu
1 the scene of the midnight
disturbance, captured a stranger with
a broken f.-g. and having on his per
son sjiairy burglars' tools and deadly
Rev. Dr. Hatfield oa Woman Suffrage
Chicago, February Is. Bev. Dr.
Hatfield, pastor of St- l'aul's M. E.
Church, delivered a lecture last even
irnr cm the oc-rnicious effects rif the
agitation of woman suffrage. The I
apenker held that tlie agitation was
based on a false assumption. Nearly j
every speaker in lavor of woman's 1
franchise held that the sex was sorely j
aaanaaaA. Nothing could be farther j
from the truth. The tendency ofi
Christianity was to relieve woman
from any unnatural burden. He
was willing to assert that as
maayuff r. ! from the iKvts of wo
tsn's tongue, as woman suffered from
druukeu husband., thegreatest evil to
which iboy were submitti-d. The en
tire cause was kept up by lal-si repre-
and gross esa.e. -rations.
claimed thai the preset
spliere ol wouw s a. ....... - -
fubie-s as confined to two or throe
callings while a census taken in Bos-i.-.n
i. .,r .i.vhied the fa-i that wo
men could be and were employed
aeveniv-fuur industrial pursuit-.
110-mui iuub-ii' r .
ai"o. .i... women learmnif 1
m"- "" : i .
un kun.si iv.-l.luwMl were mole una
eiuary than real. There were protia
Uy a many young men out of em
ployment and eager for work iu Chi
jAgo as Women.
-'hen u- met a woman in cars or
elsewhere, with hair cut short and
parted in torn-boy fashion, several
suspicions with reirai.l u her arose in
his mind. W as she from hosplta',
penitentiary, in ane a-yluin, or was
sbe too old to take caivof that which
the Apostfo of old ib-ciared to be the
chief crown and glory ol woman?
Th. iwkcr dealt severely w it u free-
ikiit thpr.. -on. ,wl
and women who advo-I
suffrage, but they had !
no concepuoii i-j
tending. They in
1 i
I WaV Ullnu JJ-i- 7' aw
p. lie insists that women
uid in nocd of the ballot for
mmm t.f nnv irrievauces, real or
n nru-.l.-i il i
iniainnarv. i ne aBaouu"
of Wells stn-et would take advantage
of woman's suffrage. Respectable
women in our midst, of a rule, did
not want any more rights and free
dom than they nov possessed- He
dosed hi prophesying injury to the
Rermbllc In the evwt f the success
pf woman's suffrage.
- I 1.,1 .. .... ..r.
lilerestini mi Curious Revelations About
the Character of the Negro Senator.
Letter from John H. Morris, Colored, of
Leavenworth, Kansas.
Leavenworth, February 14. 170.
To the K.liior of the Louisville Courier
Journal :
My attention has been called to an
article in your issue of the :kl under
the ion deplume of "A Colored Man,"
in which the writer lauds II. R. Rev
els and gros-iy slanders me.
In consequence ol an old quarrel,
and that strange freak ol fortune, the
election of Revels to the Senate, I am
called upon to endure private slander
and public deti-acliotl.
This 1 must endure in silence, after
having been vindicated in a court of
justice, or, oy a puonc oeieuse, place
niysc-lt in seeming antagonism to my
race and party.
Self-preservation is the first law of
nature, and no good cause can be
served by sacrificing an honest man to
gloss the crimes of a notorious scoun
drel. Aud uow for this adventurous
ass w ho volunteers a gratuitous kick.
Mr. "Colored Man,'' why do you,
like a skulking savage, shoot your
poisoned arrous of detraction at me
from behind the covert of a non de
Own thy name and face me in the
sunshine. You say that
" Morris is as keen as a Damascus
blade, as vindictive as a Caiuanche, as
unrelenting in pur-uit of his object as
a sleuth-hound. He attacki-d Revel's
private character, his family relations,
his standing as a minister, from the
stump andthrough the powerful in
strumentality Ol the press. Revels
bore it until forliearance ceased to bo
a virtue, when he appealed to the law.
But he gt no redress, for the jury was
uacked. 1 have seen a letter from
the judge presiding at thetrial aud le-
i.taii TKiu4'i.
tin riutnuiui uui ...j..
gal gentlemen oi undounied res pec
bility, who unite in saying that justice
was not doue Keveis in tne case, and
that the finding of the jury w as at va
riance with the facts adduced. All
fair-minded men were satisfied that
the charge of malfeasance was promot
ed through malice, was uot sustained,
and that Morris was guilty of gross
As a general and comprehensive de
nial of the above, I submit the follow
ing documents:
" Leavuxvvouth City, Feb. 14, ls.70.
"John II. Morris, Esq.:
"Dear rim: Having been shown a
! communication in the Louisville
Cuss an Juswuuf over the signature
of ' A Colored Mau,' in which certain
ialsehoods are freely indulged in, I
feel called upon, in simple ju-tice to
myself, having been ' the Judge pre
siding at the trial.' to deny that the
'jury was packed,' and that 1 at that
time, or at any time since, wrote a let
ter to Mr. Revels, or to any one for
him, in respect to the said tritd; or
that I at any time, either directly or
indirectly, intimated to any oue ' that
justice was not done. Revels in the
ease, and that the finding of the jury
was at variance with the facts ad
duced.' JAMES KETNER."
" Leaves wohTH, Aug. 27, IMZ.
" We, the uuder-igned, were jury
men la the case of the .State of Kansas
vs. John 11. Morris, in which one
Hiram R. Revels was complaining
witness. Said suit was instituted by
the Sijid Revels in the form of a crim
inal prosecution, for an alleged libel
in charging the said Revels with em
liezziiug the funds of his church; with
laisehood cad svypoeriay, in a certain
pamphlet entitle I "A Humbug.'
" The defendant (Morris) took the
ground that the alleged libel was true,
and proved to cur satisfaction that
the said Hiraia 11. Pfcewsjs had em
liezzled certain lunds belonging to his
church, and has been guilty of false
hood, and bad unnecessarily forced
a quarrel on the said Morris, thus
compelling him to act in vindication
of his own character.
In short, we found that the al
leyed libel was true, and that it was
published for good motives aud justi
fiable end-, all of which it was neces-
u ,,- a.r. iv'i.
to secure an acquittal in
., it in,,
1.. M. RANKIN". Foreman.
11. MAKKSciS.
"J. 11. VIA .NO."
This statement of one-half of the
jurv who tried nie t-ome were on 01 1
the citv, otliers I could not find in the
limited time 1 had, buU all that I i
found readily shjned it, seeming glad
to uniU' iu an ett rt to rid this city of j
his baneful presence) was taken to
the clerk of the court, who certified ;
thai the above uamud entleioci were
jurvmen in the case " State ol Kansas '
vs."johu 11. Morris,"' aud that the;
case a- tried on the JNt and -Si
davs of June, ISO., and that the jury
returned n verdiit of " not guilty as j
concerned the defendant, John H. I
Morris." He then n.veii the -eal ol
the court to it. 1
E. M. Rankin is a prominent and i
wealth v citizen of this city, H. Mark-
the .Missoun lomcrciuc i the a. Jl.
E. Church, and they removed him
niLa 1
from here, sending lam to Louisvi
It is a peculiarity ot this case that
my cause is so strong that it seems
Improbable. The thoughtful reader
win ask, how could any man of com
mon sen-e. being guilty, i.,ri a quar
rel and then appeal to a court or, in
olliT words, how did it come to pass
tliat I accused him of stealing, and
yet he " unnecessarily forced a tpuarrel
upon Morris'."
My answer is that Revels ha so
common sense: that he is the strang
est compound of unditfuant cunning
and plausible depravity that 1 ever 1
1 have for vears helped the church
in her financial operations, and had
handled thousands of dollars of her
funds. I commenced to suspicion
Revels, and foared to be impinged
with him, and 1 own to a little preju
dice against sasaMag,
I exprcsv-d my suspicions privately
to a few, trot did not accu-e. Hearing
of this. Revels asked for an interview,
which took place in me presence 01
two trust.s of the church. Iu this
iuterview ReveLs evinced a very con- :
eiliaiorv disjiosition, owmil that he
had miule mLsstateiuenUs ulniut the
llnancial attair- of the church, aud
had thus rendered himself liable to
suspicion; but went ou to give me an
eitplanation that was so sKilifully con
1 n . 1 1, . 1..0.
I lllej tiint 11 r.ij , ... v. 1. " 1
I doubt, and, being related by marriage, j
and for many other reasons not dsh-!
! ii.g to quarrel with him; and, in any
eent, having averted suspicion from j
mj self, 1 gave him the benefit ot the
doubt, and fully, frankly and une- '
tiulvocallv disavowed my suspicions:
told him that 1 thought 1 had
wronged him iu expressing those sen- i
tiroeoL and promised to right him. ;
I .This i procet-h-sj to do; but, before t
I could see all the partios to whom I ;
bad exore.ed my susnicions, I hiard
that Revels vas k-oiug to denoumv
1 me through the press
1 1... - .
1 sought him, i
i.roved l.v IVitt UUlUsse:- IXiai 1 liao in
good fetlh U-.ni exonerating him,
pointed out to loin the lolly of appeal-
ins to the prcs-, ue-n onereu to wrne
a joint card, gmt, nnaiiy, neggeu mm
if he would go to the press, to leave
the door open for an houorahle adjust
ment. He would neither be counseled
nor persuaded, and the next day, Sun
day, March 31st, 1S67, his "Card to the
public" appeared in the (.hnservative.
In this erticle he ignored the amende
hQiioruuie I had made, aud asserted
that 1 had accused him of embezzling,
etc., and went on to abuse me in a
venomous manner.
1 replied gentlv; exonerated him at
a public meeting; induced influential 1
friends of our race to intervene in the
iaterest of peace, and invited him to
dinner, etc. But, while I was thus
vainlv laboring to placate him, he was
secretly getting out circulars against
The secret of his publishing his
card and persisting in t he quarrel was
that he thought me estopped by my
suspicions from making any defense.
In the end I went back to my first
suspicions; inv -tigated, found what
1 sought, and published a little pam
phlet. He sued me, and employed
two able lawyers in the prosecution.
But the foregoing facts, added to
that other materia; fact, that he did
steal the money of the Church, justi
fied thelury in acquitting m, an I in
saying tliat he "forced a quarrel on
And now this malicious fool, a 'tor
being morally branded by a judicial
verdict, and kicked, by successive
stages, from here to Mississippi, has,
by some evil genius, been elevated to
the United States Senate, there to be
the l.aue of his race and the reproach
of repuM.can institution-.
John J; , :. assailing the char
acter, but conceding the ability of
Henry Clay, said: "He shines and he
stinks, and he stinks and he shines,
like a rotten mackerel by moonlight."
With Revels it is all stink and no
in the interest of patriotism, and for
the moral elevation of my people, I
could wish that this good fortune had
fallen to '.he lot of a man of command
ing intellect and moral worth; and
fcr the credit of our race I claim that
wj have more than one such among
us. Joan H. Mnagmt
A Tennessee Radical Homesick.
Mr. Joseph Powell, commercial
agent of the L'nited States at Port
Stanley, Falkland Islands, writes
home as follows: " You may M aware
that this is the bust sailing point next
to the South Pole. Beyond this no
f vessel ever sails, and human footeu pa
! are never seen. It i- pivpetual winter
t, riM
now every month in the year. The
Islaii'L are naked of tree or bush, and
very little soil high mountains and
hill's of volcanic rock cover uine
tenths of the surface. Nothing of the
grain kind i raised, no seed-time or
harvest. There are no animals ex
cept wild horses :iud cattle. Foxes
aud rabbits have beta brought here
aud increased mnch larger than
those in the United States. No snakes,
frogs, flea.s, spiders, led-bugs, or in
sects of any kind. The wind blows
all the time, often so strong that you
cannot look out. The population, all
told, does not exceed three hundred
on all the Islands, and are very poor.
This is only a harbor for wrecks. Lx
penses are very high, and living poor,
no comforts of life whatever. Board
and lodging, annually, live hundred
and twenty dollars. I'll come home
the first opportunity. 1 am distant
from Xew York twelve thminandl
i miles by M-a; my voyage to my post
of duty occupied oue hundred and
I five days. I am thirty days sail from
i Rio Jamite, 2300 miles beyond ('!iii
I and Peru, and QOOmliesofl Gape Horn.
: I wish vou and Colonel Fletcher to
secure me a place at the capital. I de
sire to live in Xa-hville during the
remaiuder of my life."
A Son
Kills his
St. Loris, February Is. Mr.
Alexes Droit, formerly of St. Louis,
lately residing in Illinois, five miles
from Fast St. Louis, on the blufts on
the Columbia road, was uii last Thurs
day aceide'itly shot dead by his o arn
son, a youta of sixteen years. Seeing
some ducks in the lake, the lad picked
up his gun. asked bis father ii it was
loaded, and the same instant :ai - d
with his thumb the hsmmsr of the
lock. Before the old man could an
swer, his bey's tfuuub slipped off tte
hammer, the gun was discharged, and
the contents were lodil iu the laths
er's right si te. The unfortunate man
lingered iu great agony until yi-ster-,
when he expired. Tae "young
man has IwM iu a phrenzied state,
bordeiiug on infinity, nfarn I an Off Mr
rence, and the tainiiy are apprehen
sive that he will become deraiigf d in
consfripjencc of this deplorabie casual
ty. The dsceascd, Alxes Droit, is wi ll
known in St. Louis, iiaviug kept the
French bake ry on Earn Street for many
years, and was not only highly re
sorted in the city bat universally
eataeased, as he was also among his
late neighbors. A few year.- agO)
having acquired surri'cient means to
retire from active cky In'", he pur
chased the farm upon which Ins tatu
ily now reshle, ana where be came to
his sudiien aao melancholy nVath
''The Passions.
The combination of a recitation of
"Mklsumnier Night's Dream.'' follow-
ed, or rather liueispersed, with an Vtf
strumental perl irmanee ..! UeaataVi
ohn's music written thereon, some
tune since, by thoae.two very au-om
iiii-hed artists, Z-Jrs. Scott-Siddons and
M'ile Alida 'i.'opp, the great pianist,
probably suggted tilt- idea to Mr.
Kdward Mollenhauer, a vioiiniaf aj
o repulation iu New York (who is
onef two very musical brothers), to
write what Le c-'ils "a dcscriuSiwa
symphonic tone painting, ' taking for
his sui jur- Collins' celebrated "Ode
to the l'assiotis, wnkhwuto be re
cited by Mr. Edwin liooth, in con
nection with the performance by
ah orchestra of the music. The
first production of this literary
and musical combination has just
takeu place in New York with the
moat flittering success. It may possi
bly iuterest our iuusiciii leaders to
know that Mr. .Mollenhauer descritied
"The Passions" as a whole, first, by
anovei iure, :he assemblage of "Tiie
fassions" b- an andante grandiose
movement, i ear by an agitato upas
xionato. Anger by an ai.yrc fvrioso,
Hone bva mnderatu (chorus and vocal
solo), Reven,je by an ajaw tnoKo,
Jealousy by a. preiio. Melancholy by
an andante inelunchotique, Cheerful
ness by an allegretto scherz tndo, Joy by
au attegreto n r;r m :js(oset yroiulioso
movement, ti e whole concluding with
a grand chorus and finale. The sub
ject Ls an admirable and highly sug
gestive one for musical treatment, and
in the hands of a composer gifted
with a rich imagination and apprevia
tive taste capable of being beautifully
worked up.
From Spain.
MAj)RiD,February la, Gen. Ramon
Cabrean, the distinguished Cariist
leader, refuses to tak"e comuiaud of
the Cariist movement under a reduced
force, and the basis of operation agreed
The ImprWit say- that several
Cariist chieis m-ently left France and
entereil the north of Spain. .
The newsp.iH-rs to-day print a letter
from the Duk-s de Montpensier, w ho
declared Spain to be his country, by
tradition, adoption and auection.
Attiapted WarSer aad Saicits.
Chic ago, February, 20. On Friday
night John Phipps, a faruK?r residing
at Sugar Creek, near Lincoln, Ills.,
w hile in a ttt of rrenr.v, the ciui-e ol
which is unknown. shot his wife with 1
a revolver through Hie head, inflict-1
ing a mortal wound, and then shot I
himself through the head. He ex-j
pired almost immediately. Mrs.
Phipps is still alive but unconscious. I
She is ft daughter of John Bdckis, an
extensive stock dealer in L gaa I
Last night and to-day are the cold
eat of the seaarm in Chicago. At St. J
Paul vesterdsy the-mereury ranjred j
irom rive to fifteen degrees below zero,
and a large number of cases ofi
freezing, teaiaJters and others, are re- !
jiorted. At Omaha yesterday the ,
mercury was seveu uegreea oelow
Startling Disclosures as to How it wf.s
Manipulated, and by Wnom.
In the ArrKALof Friday morning
we gave a synopsis by telegraph of the
startling disclosures made iu reference
to the manipulation of the Agricul
tural College Fund. The fbllowiug an
the particulars, so far a they have
come to light. We copy them from
the Nashville Banner off Friday:
" As mot of the Banner' readers
have doubtlesa learned from our re
ports of the legislative proceedings, a
special committees appointed by the
House, and of which lr. Russell, d
Rutherford and Bedford, is chairman,
is now engaged iu investigating the
disposition made of the Agricultural
College scrip, turned over hv virtue
of an act ol Congress to the State mi
tborittes in lotW. This actio repre
sented o00,000 acns of laud donated
by Congress to Tinnessee, as to other
States, for the purpose of establishing
an agricultural college or colleges. It
w.-s sold under authority of the Legis
lature in the year above mcntioued,
by Secretary Fietchr and William
Bosson. The investigating commit
tee has been looking into the circum
stances attending suid sale, and, we
understand, suiiieieut has already
been developed to seriously compro
mise Secretary Fletcher, Boat ai, and,
perhajis, otliers. It la charged thai,
while these parlies pretended ho sell Lhe
scrip to the highest niader, after due
notice bad been given, but that the;,
really dispo-ed of it to one Lewi;, ah
Ohio speculator at considerably teas
than its market value. In fact the
proof on this point is alleged to be 90
direct aud positive that the comaiir. ee
ore very confident of proving a clear
case of official collusion and fraud.
Two prominent bankers of this city,
and one in Murfreesboro, have al
ready shown that they bid at leasl
five cents higher than L -wh, aud that
Fletcher and Bosson were fully aware
of the fact. By the ttme the com
mittee Ls ready to report, they will,
we hear it hinted, be In possession of
evidence that will make the Agri
cultural College scrip business secoud
only iu infamy to the robbery of
the sacred school fund. Not a Jink
iu the chain will be missing when
the proper time comes for the start
ling developments of which we have
Secretary Fletcher's official conduct
in other rasjiects is also meeting the
attention of the committee. It is
eharjf.-d that he has been in the babul
of demanding aud receiving onedollar
each for affixing the seal of the State to
bonds issued; that he had not tiie
slightest shadow of authority for so
doing, and that he had thus extorted
fully fi'.UOO from the part i; who re
ceived the b .nds ail of which w ill
undergo rigid investigation.
The Hurler of Madama Limbart.
The London Daily Rrantsns: "Our
Paris correspondent, writing on Sat
urday evening, gives the subjoined
account of the occurrence: The fash
ionable quarter of the Faubourg St.
Honore was thrown into a state of
consternation last night by the news
that a lady had been murdered iu ber
own house by her footman, and tliat
the assassin hail badly wounded two
servants. The story was but too true.
Madame Lombart, the wife of a
former Frencn Consul -General in In
dia, residing at No. 13 Kue du Fau
bourg St. Honore, was killed by her
servant in her husband's presence, he
being paralytic aud uuable to help her.
The ma. 1 was a Belgian, and had been
in M. Lombnrt's service about siv
months. At 0 o'clock, just as dinuer
was sboat to be served, the servant,
whose name is Francois, came into
the bed-room where Madame Lom
bart was attending to her husband,
who for years has been reduced to
; . at his days in an arm chair.
An altercation took place between
the n-vstre w and the footman, ami the
latter, who was drunk, went out to
the diainai meaa and returned with a
carving knife, with which he very
nearly cut off Madame Lombart's
head. The husband, unable to stir
from his chair, saw his wife murdered
almost within anil's length of him.
When she was quite dead, Francois
rushed tw the kitchen, where he found
the cook and a little boy from the por
ter's lodge below stairs. Their creaui3
brought to the spot the porter's wile
and the cook of the Viscountess de
Pits James, a lady living in the -iinf
house. The latter woman attempted
to disarm Francois, but he disabled
her by inlla'ting a very severe wound
in her throat. The concierge then fled
with her SOB, and taereaSMMS the man
struck with the knife at his fellow
servant. She, instinctively putting
her hands to protect her head, u--eeived
a telllMS wound on her wri-t,
the hand being nearly cut off. Ths
neighbors speedily called in the po
lice, and the eaaSsla was arrested.
Ainsnumy the Po ianu Laws.
iur readers, without one exception,
we presume, will be in favor of Mr.
Bingham's new bill, amendatory of
the laws relating to the rates of post
age, it provides that half ounce h-l-lei.s
shall go lor two cents, and that
every additional half ounce or frac
tion of it. shall pay one cent addi
tional ; all newspapers and periodicals,
one cent for four ounces, and one cent
additional for every additional ounce
or fraction. Papers circulating within
one hundred muoo uf their place of
publication, or in the Stale 01 t,-ti,i-v
where published, are to go free; and
also exchanges between publishers.
Dror letters one cent, and an addi
tional cent for each half ounce. Man
uscripts intended for publication, not
e.si j-edinsr two ounces, three cents,
and one cent additional for every ad
ditional ounce. It also provider that
the Postmaster General shall establish
a moderate and uniform Ux rental.
Wfman Suffrage.
In two Territories Wyoming and
Utah we have woman suffrage a re
ality; and of these two triumphs the
latter is infinitely the more import
ant. There arc very few women In
Wyoming, but in Cfah they outnum
ber the men. - We repeat, therefore,
says the New York 'Jimer, our sug
gestion of the other day, that a great
work is open to woman's suffrage at
the very outset. We have often been
promis..! that the women of Utah
would throw off their present degra
dation by tho aid ol the haliot. Now,
Mr. Cuilom's bill contemplates the
employment of forty thousand sol
diers or lees to put down polygamy ;
what if fcrty thousand women or less
anticipate lilm, and put dowu polyga
my by the ballot instead of the bullet?
The result of the first experiments in
women's voting will be watched for
with the greatest interest and curi
osity. Another trial for murder iias taken
place at Paris. The victim in this
case was a dealer in and, named Del
bor, and the accused, his utep-con.
Berton, aged 'ii- The former had
marred iu i-'-i the mother of the
prisoner, and the two men lived on
bad terms, Rerlon constantly fearing
that all his mother's property would
be squandered by Delhor. Another
cause ot jealousy was that they wa
in the same trade. On the 1-Mh of Oc
tober last the elder man, while enter
ing his stable, was struck from behind
on the head with a hammer, and died ':
five days after, declaring that his mur
derer was Berton. A verdict of guilty
WM now returned against this latter,
and he win sentenced to hard labor
H)r life.
- - j j
From Bavaria.
McNirn, February 19. It is re
ported that F. DKJrasser, the present
Minister of l'ublic Instruetiou, will
succeed Prince Hohmlak a Presi
dent of tha Ministry.
Wasiii.ygton-, February 19. House.
The House went into a Committ-.-e
of the Whole on the Legislative Ap
propriation bill, and the amendment
appropriating 991.00U for a branch
mint at Carson City was agreed to,
Mr. Dawes remarking that he would
call the yeas and nays in the House.
Mr. O'Neil moved an appropriation
of jliW.OOO for a Bureau of Education,
and tending action thereon the com
mittee rose.
Mr. Mct'reary introduced, a bill to
provide a stay of execution in certain
eases. Iteferred.
This bill is intended to afford some
relief against the operations of the le
gal tender decision. It gives a stay
of execution on all judgments founded
on debts contracted prior to the llth
of July, 1302, the date of the passage
of the iirst legal teuder act, for from
oue to 1 ur years, according to the
BtabUhf. But it provides that if, aft r
a suit and judgment, the eredi'or will
receive his ay incurrency,there shall
be no stay, and whenever specie ay
menta are resumed all stays uuder
this act shall terminate.
A petition was presented from the
citizens and business men of Cincin
nati for a repeal of the lax on aalra
Mr. Garfield, from the Committee
on Bute, reported the following rule:
" The Committee on Elections, for the
XLIst Congres-, shall consist of fifteen
uioioiT.s, uud eacn contested case
may be assigned by the Chairman to
a sic-eial coiflmittee of three members
th.-reof, for their exansive considera
tion, and such special committeeshati
reji irt its decision directly to the
House." He Utadu some re
marks in supKirt of the
proposed rule, and said it was under
stood, although it could not be so sta
ted in the rule, that the Speaker
would appoint five members to repre
sent the Democrats, and ten members
to represent the Republicans, and the
snh-jcaataaittees of three would con
sist of two Keoublieaus and oue Dem
The rule proposed by Mr. Paine,
fronfthe Election Committee, would
be too much a matter of choice, and
the Committee on Bules wa- not wit
liug to report it. He spoke thesenti
ments of the Committee when he said
the whole practice of settling contest
ed election crises was one that all must
deplore. It was a sad state of affairs
to have a judicial question decided on
strict party lines.
Further remarks were made by
Messrs. Cox and Brooks, from the
same Committee, who assented to the
report although they did not entirely
approve of it, but because the systasn
proposed was better than tne exis:ing
Mr. Stevenson also spoke in support
ol the rule, which was then adopted,
and the House agaiu went into a Com
mittee of the Whole for geueral de
bate, and upoeehaa were made, or per
mitted to lie printed, by Messr-.
Stevenson, Cox, Johnson,' Muuger,
Falraan and McCormick, after which
the committee rose aud the House ad
journed. & K ads. The Vice-President submit
ted the resolutions of the Virginia
Legislature for the removal of politi
cal disabilities incurred by the people
of Virginia by the late war. Tabled.
A joint resolution for the return of
pertain private papers of Thomas Jef
ferson to his executors, was passed.
The House bill to defray the ex
penses ot witnesses in the investiga
tion concerning the sale of eadetships
Was passed.
.ur. Moron, oj crmont, introduced
that the balances of unexpended
a 1
appropriations shall be carried into
the treasury at the end of two years
iro'r, the time they were originally
. aud 111 1 at tne beginning ol
each liscal year such portions or unex
pended balances shall be carried into
the treasury as the respective heads ol
departments shall certify are not re
quired lor use during said year.
Mr. Sherman offered a resolution
calling upon the President for infor
mation as to whether any officer, con
trary to the treaty with the Cherokee
Nation, had collected taxes upon the
products or manufactures therein, and
sold within the Indian Territory.
The Post Route annual bill was
am i-isaod.
Mr. Sp ncer allocated the claims ol
the laboring classes in the Govern
ment employ, and urginl the passage
of the peudiug bill upon the subject,
without amendments.
Mr. Tipton referred to the reading
of the telegram to Sumner, from the
Governor ot Nebraska yesterday, an
nouncing the ratification of the XVth
meadmsart, and said he lelieved
that parliamentary courtesy icsuired
thafisnch intelligence should be com
municated by one of the ."senators rep
resenting the State. He would ask
les colleague whether he had received
official InJonnationon the subject.
Mr. Thayer said he had received
from the Governor a dispatch similar
to the one read at the suggestion of
Mr. Sumner, and the Governor hail
desired the reading of any telegram
from him. He (Thayer) thought tlie
Scuiitur bom Isebraska would bo the
one prefer led to make the request,
Mr. Williams called up the bill
granting lands to aid In the construc
tion of a teligraph and railroad line
i nun Portland to Astoria and McMim
v'llc, in the State of Oregon.
Mr. Thurman spoke against the land
grants contained in the bill, which
was variously amended aud a provi
sion adopted prohibitingjt.be taking up
i ai.y lands containing -iron or gold,
uud passed.
A message was read from the Presi-
dei.i l ...it.c to U.v uuili, cooniet U
weeu Colonel Baker and the Indians,
.1.1.1 - .-"ii ine Si-nan- nil'ni: r.-ii i I
Cuban Affairs.
AVasaiNarpx, February lo. The
State Department will next week send
to Congress a large batch of documents
bearing on Cuban atlkirs, uu-iudiug
M hat is technically called the Sickles
correspondence with the Spanish au-
1 Ihorities. Persons who know what is
in these papers, sty they will throw a
I great iU-ai of light on our diplomacy
I since Grant came into power, and fully
justify the ad ndnist ration in the course
it has pursued concerning Cuba. They
j will also show that .spam understands
and admits that she can't much longer
I sustain her ancient colonial oliey,
a:iu that tne present leaner no not
think it will be wise for her to attempt
doing so. They concede that Cuba
will be au iuJependenl State at uo
distant date, and assert that the home
government would ere this have given
the Cubans n advance towaid that
end but for the fact that they persist
iu maintaining a hostile attitude.
The stories so hidustriously circula
ted within a lew days, that the Pres
ident had changed front on the Cuban
questiou, aud that one of the foreign
committees of Congress Is about to
dechtr! for belligerent rights, are of a
piece with other sensationa'.s. The
I "resident, in a talk to-day, declared
that he had neither done nor said, aor
contemplated anything to give color
to the report that he intended interfer
ing in Cuban aflUirs. lie said his ier
sdhal sympathies were still, as they
had been from the beginning, with the
patriot cause: but the insurgents were!
losing ground, and ne was deciueciiy
of the-opinion that no good would re
sult from a recognition of the bellig
erents. In the Sen ile Foreign Committee,
Cameron Ls the only member who
shows any serious disposition to push
l"fZ "U c. ,7 Z2L C
p,. r-..u...... 1 : . i. 1 H
iK'lli-Teruut riehts. The House Com
. i . . i .. i 'inn ui.u i v'vliu ww--
niittee l- nearer recoguitiou than me
one on the other side, but not likely
to do more than report for strict neu
trality between tlie coioans aim (Span
The North German Parliament has
been thescene of animated discussions
daring the past few days. The pol
icy of Bismarck was bitterly at
tacked by many uitmbun.
The Murdered Aaericaa Th Remaiss
Buried ia a Nude State.
Tno Assassins Still at Large, aad no Efforts
Made for their Arrest.
Prm the New York World of the Wth.
Havana, February 10. No arrests
have as yet been made of the volun
teers who on Muuday murdered Mr.
Isaac Greonwald, aud so severely
wounded the two American citizens,
Hugh Johnson and TnomasK. Foster,
aud 1 still believe none will ever bo
made. Captain-General liodas Ls
anxious to have the guilty parti--s
brought to justice, but, instead of be
ing seconded by the voluuteers, 1
have good reasons tor saying he is
opposed by the majority of 'them. lie
har offered a reward of $10U0 for the
arrest of the man who first assaulted
Mr. Grecnwald, I Hit has neglected to
put in hU description of the man that
be wore upon his hat the cockade of
the volunteers, an omission that in
part justifies the volunteers in screen
ing their guilty companion.
As Mr. Greenwald has left a wife
and seven children in New York city
in rather straightened circumstances,
Geueral Rodas has contributed !,000
toward tneir assi-tancc, ami the 'i. i.,
Kspanat has started a sulwcription to
trehlo t ae sum, for there Ls a minority
of highly respectable Spaniards who
deeply regret the murder as well as
all the otaer lawless and bloodthirsty
proceedings of the volunteers. And
well they may ! The more the atlack
ol last buuday upon our countrymen
is sifted, the worse it appears.
The afaaaah) af Forbyn Jauson, the
French Consul General here, was pass
ing near by in hLs carriage, as the vol
unteers were engaged in their bloody
ware ite tried to save Mr. r oster,
who stepped toward the carriage, but
was brought down to the ground, by a
couple of bayonet stabs from as many
infuriated volunteers, before he could
reach the Consul. Mr. Jauson Sarys
the whole affair was of the most dis
graceful, outrageous unci unjustifiable
nature on the part of the volunteers,
and other witnesses, including the es
timable lady of the British Consul
General, repent the statement.
But worse than the murder, or at
least meaner and more scandalizing,
Ls the after proceedings of some of tne
Spanish officials. Mr. Greenwald's
lifeless remains were first taken to tlie
office of the Aleade of the Taron
Ward. There the official mentioned
declared he must have a sort of au
topsy of the body held, liefore it could
be delivered up to hLs friends. These,
of course, had to agree to this, hut be
fore departing from the office notified
the Aleade that the body was wanted
for embalmment, to be afterwards sent
to New York. The Aleade made no
reply, which was ominous of what
was to occur. When the friends re
turned for the body they were sur
prised to learn that it had already
been buried. They thereupon asked
for a permit to disinter the body, but
this was bluntly refused, and they had
to report the c.tse to Captain-General
l'.txbLs, and get an order from his Ex
cellency to the Aleade before the latter
would give the permit. Then at the
cemetery the priest in charge in
in charve in his
! tur" tec'ame au obstacle, refusing to
consent to the disinterment, so that
Gawul Bsdaa had again to be applied
On Tuesday the body was disinter
red, and thei Mr. Gratia waHFs Mends
were horrified not only at finding the
body b;iried in that p.irt of the grave
yard reserved to paupers and male
factors, but that it had been burii
uncqrffned and ftarc naked. When
murdered, Mr. Greenwald had on new
and fineclothing. This had all been
stolen by the Spaniards, :;nd akrfowl-
age of this fact no doubt wai what
impelled the Aleade and the priest to
so strenuously oppose the -disinterment.
I understand that nearly all the per
sons murdered of late by the volun
teers have been interred like Mr.
Greenwald hurriedly, among crim
inals, uncoffined and naked. As the
American citizen, Vicente Daumy,
murdered on the '2d, is of the number,
his case, Joi tied to that of Mr. Green
waid, should at once induce the
American government to exact expla
nations from (hat ot Spam as to thi-se
disgraceful, horrible proceediug-. Mr.
(in-euwald's body having been em
balmed, leaves to-lay per steamer
Bienville for New ork, wle-re, let
me hope, the Americans will turn out
in mass at his funeral as a pmtest
against the outrageous conduct of the
Havana volunteers and certain Span
ish officials.
! Captain Parker says that eut In
: dignation was o pressed bv all classes
j of persons in Havana at the perpe
ftrators of the crime. The firm which
employed Mr. Greenwald say that his
tamily shall never suffer Irom poverty,
and there ls no doubt that although
Mr. Greenwald's ikiuily can never be
comforted for hisloss,it will be placed
beyond the reach uf want.
The murdered man was of the Jew
ish faith, and the Jewish society of
which be was a member, the I. O. B.
B., takes charge of Ids iuueral. Ac
cording to tbe JewLsh custom, which
prescribes the constant watching of a
corpse !'rm the time of death till that
of burial, a delegation from his socie
v sat up all last night beside the
Washington, February 20. There
was a heavy snow storm this after
noon. To-uighi i.s cold aud wintry.
Two cases of relapsing fever oc
curred during the past week in crowd
eel tenements.
The President yesterday sent to the
House a correspondence upon the re
cent assassination in Havana, tlie sub
BtaqM of wMCh 1 already published.
Greenwald proves to have been a
German citizen.
Senator AV''-scm 155 received nu
merous l-.'tters asking for the form of
the tempi ramv pledge which theCon
grcsional Temperance ioiety pro
pose shall be ad ministered throughout
the country on .'d February. It is as
"We, the undersigned, do pledge
our truth, faith and houor, that we
will not use Intoxicating liquors as
beverages, nor traffic iu them, and
that we will not furnih it as an arti
cle of entertainment or for persons in
our employment, and that in all suit
able ways we willdb-continue iu use."
The St. Louia Baiter Explosion.
St. Lovis, February- The coro
ner's jury have found that the explo
sion ot the Union Car Wheel Works
on Thursday, was the result of care
lessness on the part of the engineer in
not keeping water enough in the boil
er, although the testimony before the
iurv shows that the boiler was very
Old aud worn, and hail not been In
spected siu-e ia7- ,
Something of a raid ia being made
on several large intelligence oftioes in
this city. Several agents are under
The caisson of the east pier of the
bridge at this point is now eighty-two
feet btatow the surlaee of the river,
and only twelve feet from Red Hock.
The west pier has sunk thirtv-tour
feet, and thirty feet from the rock
men can now work only two hours at
a time in the air-chamber under the
east pier, owing to the dense atmos
John Orirues, another one of those
wounded by the explosion on Thurs
day, has died.
The Cadetahrps.
PrntADELPirtA, February lift. J.
R. Sypher and Leonard Myers pub
lish a card emphatically denying that
they ever received anv mo'nev as a
consideration for procuring cadet
ships. from Havaas.
Havana, February 2i. The Sagpt
and Perifla
m the
were fired and destl
Several skirmish
cently in Cineo Val
twenty-nine insurg
d by the reh 1-.
are reported re--:riet,in
i were killed.
Death of Conraedare Chaetplafw.
Buffalo, February t. Commo
dore Stephen Champlain, Unt surviv
ing commanding officer iu the battle
on Lake Erie, and Who CQmmasrfed
the Scorpion, oh which vessel the flrsi
aud last gun of the engagement was
fired, died this morning.
Tes Ltghtatarfc
Acstix, February IX The Thir
teenth, Fourteenth aud Fifteenth
Amendments finally passM both
Houses of tlie Legislature. RhhoIu
tions were preseuied askimc Congress
to establish a general postal telegraph
system. Tabled.
The railroad bridge over the Brazos
river between Hejnnscead and Bren
ham has been burned.
Freshet in tiie Ken-ir -iC.
Skowhelan, Me., February Jo.
The Kennebec river is at an extraor
dinary highr. The ice freshet is with
out parallel in this section, and many
bridges aliove have leen carried a way.
f The Kennebec and Portland Railroad
was washed out in one place fifty feet
in Jength and a depth of thirty fe"-t,
! bat has since been repaired. Several
i bridges have gone on Androscoggin
riYci .
New York litms.
N'kw York, February 20. The
Secretary of the Navy, it is reported,
has instructed Admiral Gordon to
enter into no arrangement with the
Spanish officers for the n -pair of the
war vessels Victoria ami Leakad at
the Itrijoklyn Navy Yard until tho
result of the Congressional movement
on the neutrality question ls known.
The O'Neill Fenians have within
the last few days accumulated a great
number of arms tt headquarters, in
dicating, it is said, so early move
ment on Canada.
Geo. Arensburg, a coiupo-itor in
the Times office, yesterday set iVJI ems
solid minion in one hour, said to be
the fastest type-getting on record.
Kohler & Kawenna, proprietors ot
the great Lager Brewery at Guite.i
burg, are charged with revenue frwi I
and held to bail iu ; e.uh toa.vai:
the decision of Governor Hoffman.
The steamer Tyber, from St. Do
mingo, brings news that Baii; has
completed arrangements for the pop
ular vote on the question of annexa
tion with the Cnited SUtesT The
feeling in favor grows to a large ma
jority for it. It Ls expected the revo
lutionary movement Ls virtual ly
ended. AH quiet at Samana. An
American vessel was unloading co:l
for the naval station, and prepara
tions aro making for the erection ot
Government buildings.
President liaez had received a xm
muuication from influential parties in
Venezuela, asking his Influence with
the American Government in favor of
the annexation of Venezuela to the
United States.
A Wasaiugtoa special says that the
President has withdrawn the Kaw In
dian treaty swindle before the Senate
could find time for its ratification.
Seven hundred hatters aro on a
strike in Orange to compel employers
to dissolve their protective society.
Jas. P. Byrne, eras convicted fa Ne
wark of arson in setting fire to bl
own house to get the insurance. '
The Krie Company have reinstated
some or the Jer-ey City strikers.
A decision was given iu tho Supe
rior Court yesterday in favor of the
Kmpire Transportatiou Company.
wuo seizcu an invoice Oi ou iroui
Pittsburg to Jas. Bishop Co., be
cause freight ou previous shipment
was anpaid.
The uamer Rakare bring- advices
from Rio Janeiro to January 18th;
also, a number of American emigrants
whose return passage was paid by the
Brazilian government.
Jt is reported that a Brazilian loan
failed in England..
The Brazilians captured eighty Par
aguayans at Belle Anesta, and forty
more at another point.
The Argentine troops have nearly
all returned home.
A Brazilian seoutiog party found a
thousand women iu a starving condi
tion, of whom ouly lour hundred had
strength to come away, aud report
the roads covered with other women,
who had been lanced or had their
throats cut by the scouts of Lopez.
Deserters report that Lopea is con
structing canals to cross the Paraguay
and to descend the Parana : also, that
he is habitually drunk; and that he
has a fortification three hundred and
fifty yards long, tb-fended by seven
hundred men and four gnnstt PanctV
ruon, on the Aguary river.
ftam frasue.
Pari.s February lu. it is reported
that the Ministers, in spite ot police
orders to the contrary, will permit the
procession to pass through the streets
ou Mardi Gras.
An inijierial decree, published in
the official jo'irnal, convokes the High
Court of Justice to meet at Tours on
The 2lst of March. It provides that a
drawing shall take place aaiong the
"'rr-i'urv within ten davM, to clwde
which iw.li... .... t fofU the C()urt
The said graud jury wm . vmposeu
of members of the General Council.
The Gazelle Deslrfoutuu, the official
orgau, says that on t-x animation, of
Prince Pierre Bonaparte, it will Im
proved that he was provoked, and
used hi- legltiinate riht of sclf-de-fen-e,
as the a cu-ation -.rus s i grave.
It Ls generally believed the i'liaee
will fee acquitted.
leu ManeUlaUe says ihat owing
to the prosec-iutou thrateued, the
name of Hochefort will not appear in
that Journal h.-real'ter. The name of
M. largervi!le is printed asefciei ed
itor, but it is understocAl lo be a cover
for Kochefort, w lj will c-outiuue to di
rect the paper.
An additional uni of 3001) francs
has been, imposed on the La Marzeil
laise. Thirteen pe rsons, in addition
to those previously reported, have
been ser.tt-nced for participation in
the recent riots. Ten judges were en
gaged all day yesterday in the ex
amination of removing cases, but
none of the accused were discharged.
It is announced that the Empress
Eugene will visit Sweden and Nor
wav in the spring.
From Italy.
Rome, February 21). The Carnival
opened with the customary ceremo
nies. The number of strangers taking
part in the festivltiei is small, and th
scenes in the streets are not as lively
as usual. Placards against Papal in
fallibility were found on the walls last
week, and torn down by the police.
From England.
London. February 20. A deputa
tion waited on tho Board of Trade
Saturday and urged the adoption or
the metric system of weights and
measures. .
The nunnery case of Sanerin vs.
Storr has been settled. The ex-nun
has received back her dowry, and
i each party pays its own costs
The Observer is confident of the pas
sage of the Irish Land Reform bill.
The steamers Cambria and Nereus,
from New York, arrived yesterday,
and the Nebraska today.
BACtOALCPo-On tlie nlglit of februr
3!h. at I1M o'clock. Jawcs. Inlant on of V!n
cent and Mary aaclgaiiipo.
Faneral from resilience, N'o. !8 CaloBStreer,
st 3 o'cloe Taevlsy, Pebraary Kd.
Cl'RTIS -Haetii R. rnrm, of congmtlu
of the luogi, oa Sunday, Peurcary Mh.
Tbe friend aud acaalnlancai or Mr
Ophelia CurtU aud family are requested t
att?nd th faneral. this ;iONDA") erenint
at 3 o't-lock. from lh rvaidence, curaer
ViVh and Looney tttreAt, CbeJaaa.
4 SPITIAI. communication of LoiU
-a. tUW llge .. .. JW. wll,
lna. ribruari
: In the If. M. dagre. .
StnCHtXL, W. M.
HO ! FOR MAR0I thMb !
-1 Ml fc. u--mer OREAT
lor .'- . -v orleai
OU ln--iM I. Ine ...
round tiin, VS. Y:
ri on tlwj ii.,i wniie a!
arged iV.
Inst . Ht 5 d ra. Kor t
Mini wmliiuj to rem
' Orleans will be
General Ticket and AilrertbiiuK Auent.
febl . 1 Pruraena.ie. .A JeOeraon Street
Memphis, Tennessee,
On J Raleigh Road, three mllea frorr.
Court sijaareu
Cl'.i'tT and Ornamental Tree, Grapevine
r -:rnil ftui'ji, etc.. i;i . rritsy and quantity.
-sen.1 t'jr eatatoaue, or. what 1 bvttor. If yoo
want t i plant, com oat and seo Uto stock.
lib.'i E. F BAMl'iH.'K, Proprl-tor.
Copartnership Notice.
VI R smoy TURMhaa heen admitted m
.A iai'.ur lu or tl'in. iu i:e irtm thr
IKli TV bra ait. -3- T5i? buslnean wiil !
;antinn- tl nt the uld :..:.il. S. JS
under lUd ityle aad firm ol V-iiil
l HI..
. &
THE copartnership hereti.loi
tweeu K. iH. Ubinjo-i and
tinder I lie name and aryle o
Pointer, at IndUn Bay. Ark . 1
solred. Mr.?'. 'A. Robin -on wll
bualness. and aesniiies all Un )ii
V. M.
Feb. 10. IM70.
ifeb2U S. IL POINTfK.
until lurlher nonce.
Feb. 19, 1S70. A. J. li.'WE. AgeaL
HAVING oualiacd aa the Executor of th
will of F. W. Oarki-y. d-ceeed. cre.lltot
ire hereby noliflod u file with nu their ac-
e. Those owm
rd an-1 settle. Ic
the estate wlU
-ave tfMfjayjjBa,
orria ALL kikdo or
Furniture, Carpets,
Oil Cloths, Mattresses, Etc.
Silks! Silks!
Special Bargains
Fine Black Gros Grain
Sros da Rhine Siiks
$1 50.51 62 1-2 &$l 75 per yd
Menken Bros.
TTfey have also a r'ull Line of thoSe
At 75c and $1 00 per yard.
Th-lr Line of
Bleached Muslins
N now complete; also, a full
Line of iO-4 Sheeting;
Tii-y -:!.v. at -tj .il-: .7 - t
Lonsdale. Androscoggin, New York
Mil's andWamsutta.
are eloatag out .1 line ot I.-idles' CHE
MISK and KKrUTS.-k
Menken Brothers
Cor. Court and Main S's,
iwni.'Yod to southeast corner SranJ ami
L'ulou alrotL. ..;)postte tUe w FoatortlcM.
Legal Notice.
Hj are rt-tiairei to luake
W. . BU WE, Ijimtorr
rj Y lrtu a DeU in Tm
execnteil to uk
M. Al.-x.mder
.nimou. oa tlie
ecorded IB the
uuntv, suite of
d t.
: ami K. 1.. CulUn,
On te 24th of March, 1870,
In front of
A Ok. Nu. :
aell, fur La
lowing d
laul 1 J
on rtr netir
tlie Ammo
Deed m 1
he oftVe of Wck
ion. WllliniTi
ruphts, we will
lddder. Ihe tol
ta: A traef. of
reb. I, 1(CU. teaU w- 'CrY-
In I
re u n r 'mw ag.
To whom It ma
The undent
of Tnneee. i
been adjiulaed
lit Inn. tT the District ( on
Memphis, TeunoaMe. t
rnary. A.D.. 1570.
feb20 JOHN D. BKA1RD. Assignee.
Direct from
TfST received. 1J9 easen ei Sardines direct
from the orlgiaal packers, which re iu.
sale cheap to the trade. Apply to
JOSKPH ROOKW. HTmou street,
Isje Kltck, Memptila.
ON the dUK""1" ran, one large norrei
Horse, tour jerold, wUUe spot on for-
hvad, white arouua one 01
w r n lasi hrard from, wa-
rrusi an&ies.
nu In t::e dl-
I ri'Cti-m ot Memphla. Any information re l
I !ZVJ,. h-.n-covirvwlll hel'.te-iiW --wa.-d.
Swi J. C. KING, Y. O. North Mount Pie
am. Marahall eoanty. Mtaa tab!
'."SHE hJahest market price paid for 5000
I bits he U Wheat, delivered within thirty
day, by TOor , HH ILLIFH CO.,
wf UOIUswlf Uivtwo,
To Whom It May Concern.
RICH'D W. LIQHTBCRNS ls the only au
thorized agent at Memphis, Tenn., for
the 1st. Louis and New Orleans Packet Co.
JOHN N. UUfLNUKK, President.
iuperb Laces, Point, Point An
iique and Valentia.
f LAMA LACK POINTS, Lacs Parasol or
j era. Lace BaadaVrrbleLs, m reat variety
. nen and Jaconet Edging c 1 limmaw
.men Kiubrotderlee. Towels, Lmyle, es.
o; a large, line of Fancy CiOoda aud La-
ies Lcderwear .
The sale of th - above Uneof eos v : n..
i MONDAY M-KNI0 tt '.-:k-
.i-sroouis. No. jli ags atraet, a&d will
-ontlnne until Wed ns.!a7, when th- ei
-ork te epeetl to rn- - ,nt Th! - w
. - thss uun UU of the season, n' this eLua
. . .N. W. M. PAnaMuRE . i-'..
Belonging to the lata Wm. Lake, deceased,
in the Old K.tce Track, near f'miM ' e mo
or r. Meiapina, fenuesaea, cgmatLo.-.;
MONDAY, Fobraary 21, 1870,
vt 9:5? ra., and c-mlng at J JB p.m.. contla
uiug every day uuUl all laaoid.
.,!Col. Alexanilr wlU have extra cars, of
-,.e Hrrnaado street Une, at the Wcrehafla
durM SfeUTe 3 r 'van bIotk"!'?1
foot ADdloaeer.
Comer Second and AdaniB Streets.
MADE ON C0;.S!SN8i-.NT$.
'e W A. S. rtOSERSOrf. Auctiower.
Eats es.xx.cl fehior-s.
We will -ell. at our Auction Room,'
. on.sl
There is no limit upon a&y of these goKb
ind wj (hall depend al.:ie upon a liberal at
.eudauce and v-umpetiiion among bsxysn.
The Goads DSust be Sold.
L Ci. UaKBETT, R E. M l KJ-U T.
North Ala., late of Ark. NaeuvLie, Tens.
lo. 371 Main St., Memphis, Tcnn.
REaPECTFL'LLY eollclt Cooaigr.rQenta of
every description of Goods, Ware and
Particular attcntir.n Iven to Hies of R v L
risTATE. AIbo, Houaehoid Furnitcre t pi .
.ii.te reideD -t..
Weekly Sales of Fur'i tare. Etc., at Store.
Liberal Advau.-es made ou I wu rnuiriia,
K. C. Brlnkley, Memphis. Tenn.
'ol. Joe. C. Bradley, tiuntsville, Ala.
MaJ. John I. Adaius, Pres. 11. A L. R. (te;itn
Packet Company.
X L. OreenHeid A Co , Nashville. Tenn.
'batman. Shields A Co., -Haruea,
Spita A Co., -
1. Dolm A i.'o.. " "
Valuable River Lands
er- We call special atte.-.tlan !o t.;o sno
juined s&Ie of River Lands, offering a fine in
vestment to persons wishing to engage in
selling wixmI to steam boa's or In Memphis.
The land la densely tlmhered. and when
cleared will pay Inter. t ou i.0 per acre l a
rent or cultivation.
And Is worthy the attention of those who
aro looking for speculations in lands.
Royster, Tre23at & Co., Aactiene-ra.j
Chancery Sale on Friday, Fe&ruary
25, 1870.
No. Hi. Crraneery Conrt of Mem prlls. Har
riet J. Koyster, Ailiu'i, va. s. 3. RoyaMr
et als.
virtue of an inter'.. xntory decree In this
rlglncrs: Beginning at a stake in a road
the riorttteaat eorner of T. P. Halt's ;-i-3.t.
euu-y iwheuce south ft"1 west 1 chain aua.i
link stands a honey-l icuRt marked R
iheuce east chains and 7s links to the ban j
of a chute: thence sonth and westward
with meanders of said chuteocnains, s cnatn.
and 11 links, 7 chains and 17 links. 10 chain
and It chains to a stake on the bank of th.
chute; thence west w chains aud jl links- to i
stake and pointers; thence north 45 chains !
the beginning, containing :Wj J-llW acres.
thence east
thence west
thence east !
river, west slue ot me is.ano. maratu iri
peunel'ssouth boondary line ; thence east-t:
chains to stake and elm marked R ; thence
north chains and 75 links loan etm marke.1
C: ilieaoe east B chains and sj link to an
ash marked D. on Mitchell's west boand&ry
lint-: ilience .witb siili ins ane -:..il t.
and oil links to an ash marked RinMcOav
i.ck's north line; thence west with his line
ItTf chains lo a cottonwood marked F. on tne
bank of the rtver-. thence north W west 7
chains; thence aortb a- west 1 chains and HI
links to the beginning, containing 4 acrea.
Tamxa ow ti One-luiiM essst. Is lanes
on a credit of six and twelve momhs. notes
with security taken, and a leln retaiued all
payment of Ike purchase MSty,
A. ALKT . C. and M.
Logwood, Mleou 4 Kowikus, Soiicltors tor
s: 2
s '

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