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M-Mphis. A pul U, 1870. f
The cotton market has ten very quiet
during the weak, and eonaequently the
otTerinija of cotton bills have been light
and exchange sr-area. The demand, how
ever, has not been heavy and our banks
have managed to work along without
shipping currency. Ratea have been
steady at K preuiiura checking and par
Tiui-sh money doea mot improve.
The supply la more than equal to the de
mand, and dealers would not buy except
in a small way at 7ta.72, selling at 737..
4'itv 9crip ia weak. Coupons are not
offered freely but would realize 75, selling
at 7b7s.
County warrants are some firmer but
not higher. Iwalers buy at 75 and sell at
-.- and iu a very small way at 80.
;old transactions have been light du
ring the week. There ia an occaaionai
call for a tew hundred dollars to lake to
the loantry '"r burial, but they are not
worth v of special mention. Dealers buy
at New York ralee and sell at about !c ad
vance. Our Sew York monev dispatcher will
be found elsewhere. The; give a full re
port of the state of finances ia that
The following ia a listf the principal
Aaat n.ran cities with their bonded debts:
Boston tl6IMMaw
tir.H.kljFU 14,13Mly
Buffalo 850,600
Baltimore 4,.I7,936
Cleveland 1.581,1110
Chicago 11,000,000
-.. i: : 5,1M,000
Detroit ,272,7Sri
Louiaville 4,B52,1!
Memphis S,3,792
Jiesr York City 36,900.000
Kan Orleans Ii.7ei.a80
Philadelphia S,7-7,735
Bittafaurg 4,180.090
rian Franqauo 4,700,100
..- l,64Z,0UO
Of the income taj Los St. l-ou;s Demo
rrnrasys: The senate has fiaaliy agreed
to .-.attune the income tax foe the year
&7u without change. It is curious how
the conflict of Interests in this matter has
eudeo' W the djsxaWsiWtion of all the con
testaot. Th- acre i.a.i- people who
warned the- inaasjm tajp abofiahi alto
gether, and m.'nv other who wauled it
reduced, changed in It Jterws, or other
wise modified, but scarcely anybody
wanted it continued without uhange.
Those who opposed the tax altogether
were not strong enough to carry their
point, but acting with different interests
iippoe inK differsut tortus of change, were
strong enough to prevent any particular
alteration, and so the tax Lauds as it is,
government necessities requiring seme
revenue from this source. Whether the
House will concur is not certain, for a
strong interest there will endeavor, it it
supposed, to bring about a reduction of
the tax without wholly repealing it. But
it will not Is. strange if In the House, aa
iu the hienate, the dispute about what
ought to be done, will end In leaving the
law as it ia. That is better than a total
rej?l. An Sena:-. r snerrnan said, the tax
ia iu principle one of the fairest, and
though it may well be reduced to three
feats on the dollar, it would ha injustice
to the laboring classes to repeal ft alto
gether while other onoroos I axes continue
In bear heavily upon them.
To-morrow, the argument irominences
cn the Legal Tender iiueatiou, whisk it
was hoped, by many, was pit forever at
rest by the late decision of Judge Chase,
others, no doubt, will be carious to learn
wav- new argument the Attorney (jen--erai.
t whose request the question has
4jeen rsonened. can produce which shall
slave weight enough to procure a rever
' On this sutseel the SBM ikulder says
It is not ex petted that tht new judges,
who are spoken of as abie iawyers, will
Ls louiuj arraying themselvt a agaijut the
judgment of the conrt as recently pro
nounced. Thev will doubtless hold, as
the". ort has held, that at the date of
the paesage of the legal-tender act, Feb
ruary 25, iBdti, the dollar of the L'nited
tsMates was 25 e-lo grains of gold at DU0
lofjo fineness, or ?u.l grains of stives-
at soO-loOu fineness stamped
or coined at the I'm ted States
mint to authenticate its atan
. isrd weight and nnetiese: and fur
ther that unless the provision in the Con
KiUMioa against impairing the validity
xf ' fatrairtf is to be violated all contracts
uade prevuuu to the legai tender act
t Inch mentaun abjllars mean legal dollars,
the value of vbish in gold and silver ia
repeated above.
Contracts expressing doUara made since
the lestal-tender act uiav be rightly satis
lied by tender and payment iu notes of
the Lulled States authorized by the act,
under a uuml construction of the provi
sioa of the I'sMMtUutlon, Article 1st, sec
8, which empowers Cvigreas to "coin
money and regulate the thereof, "
though strict oonatruciionUls tfjajntain
that ih in graui t is confined regulating the
value of coiatad m dsj .
But beyond what is writtet. in the Coa
atitutloo, and fair wiaatruction thereon
we apprehend no new (kvako of the Su
preme Conrt nothing at least that shall
go the length to elevate into law the
" war-power " actio of Mr. William
Whiting and Mr. Rdwiu M. tftaatou,
which, Ui Its enormity, Prasiieut Liuoulu
recoiled from, but which hi sometimes
used to slop s gap that no anecdote at
hand would till.
The staple has been dull during the
week, but has advanced from V4c to c
uotwithstaodiug. I-verpool opened with
1 plands ll'.fj.ll'.d, aod New York
opened with Middlings atltfjic It went
back on Wednesday to Sic, bat has been
improving since, dosing in that warhaU
to-day at Liverpool also haa
Ink I ; an ! and cloaed at llHd.
Our market baa been generally firm,
with light offerings aud not a
very pressing disposition to uy, though
there is aud has been some speculative
feeliug among a few buyers. Kven ran
nlng tables are hard to find; mixed lots
about the only kind that are uncovered.
The market this morning opened weak in
consequence of the tenor of the first New
York dispatch, but it soon became tinner
aud ckssud with Middlings 2'.'2"-'.c.
The day's nates l.ajt up 710 hales, as fol
lows : W bales low Middlings bright
aty lei 22c: 328 ass Muldlius, 21 '.-l '-, :
Mi (Jood Ordinary, -o- . J. , . mixed,
oc; 80 mixed, on a basis of 22'-. c for Mid
Mbmpmib. April 11, ls7. j
Stock on hand Sept. 1, 18. 4
Keceived to-day 1,17k
Keoeivsd prsyioualy 247,874 24a, 052
4,1 W
.... 2Sl,-W-2-,5S
Shipped to-day
Shipped previously
Stock on hand at noon to-dry
Memphis aud Charleston R. R. . 312
MkasisHtppi sud Tennessee R. R J
Memphis and Ohio R. R J
vVsgoaa, est. "
Memphis and Chsrleston R. R JJJ
atemnbis aud Ohio K. R MH
Hteamers North
Ktesmers South
New York, April It, 12: 10 iK-.-t7oUon
verv firm and holders are ask log higher
.ales. Ordinary. 10' .c; Uood, 21c; Low
Middlings. 8-He; I'planda, BSHc; Oood,
3c- M118IIV m. Orleans, 24c.
2-10 - Cotton deuisnd moderate and
prices firm. Salea on spot, 100 bales B In
trausit. isj bales and 100 for April, 22Hc ;
May and J uue, Wm0 .
4 p.uic-Cotloii quiet but firm. Males
forexrs rt I5t0 bales; apiuuitig -; spec
ulstlou 13;.; in transit, 400; contras un
New Orlkans, April 11, 2 p.m. Cot
ton quiet but linn si tt! ,c. Ssles OjO
usles; re.-eipln 0102; experts o26.
Liverpool, April 11. 1 p.m. Cotton
quiet aud unchanged. Middling Uplanda,
ll'd; Orleans, ll!iid.
5 p.m. Coll. .11 ynlet but steady. Sales
12 no bales: export and speculation, 20u.
The paat week has been one of less than
the usual degree of animation ia the gen
eral markets. The weather haa boon vary
unpleasant aud has. to a large ex lea , pre
vented all work upon the plantation,
though it now bids fair to ho aosnaihM
Stocks of all kinds are large except in the
way of plantation supplies, whisk are
only held iu moderate supply, a) prices
... W ..... 1 ' J 1 1 .1 ..
sre UUsetlleu. leal uae ttuo awoiu
ring the week, and are fully K2 Big he
than at the date of our last weekly. Moss
higher, and bran and hay have also ad
vanced. All other things are aiaady.
The demand has been moderately active
during the week and prices are unchanged.
Stocks are large and ware navar batter
than at this season. Cash buyers can
make better terms than in any market in
the southwest, or probably better than ia
New York. Ot that market an exci
The market for the past week has been
vary dull, and according to sense the dull
est of the season. The lateness of the
spring keeps buyers back, consumers not
being disposed to purchase ualil the
w eather becomes more settled. In brown
sheetings and shirtings there has been no
improvement, the better grades remaining
firm, while the lighter have been ottered
at a reduction. In bleached sheetings and
shirtings the business has been mostly
confined to the lielter qualities ot" popular
makes, for which the prices are firm. In
Iirinting cloths the market has shown but
ittle animation, i'nuts have been mode
rately active for choice styles, buyers
operating cautiously and only for the
Duosl prominent makes and newest pat
terns. I n woolen goods the market ia
very dull. Caaaiiueres and satinet have
been very dull and quiet. The foreign
goods market has showed no especial ac
tivity, though the sales of seasonable
goods hsve been fair and prices well main
tained. We repeat our quotations of last week :
Am kt m
Merrlma.- 11
Spraauc's fancies
.. M
PunneU 's. .-
Piici Dc
LHUiera - i
SH-rri.voa arc,
4-f Brown, Aral -class ........................
4-t second-class..... Is
Sheetings aud shirtings. 4-1 bleached
W auinxuua..
New York Mills
Lonsdale. White Bck.t-I.ii
Amoskeak. Inches
Other makes 7S
Drills-brown, standard .lM
Others 14
stripes Aruoskeag 21
Others 11
Tleks Aiuoskeag --XI
Otbers U
Denims Auioskeax
others.,. , - 1K
Cottonades 15
tiuiahaius ....15
Cotton Jeans Peppereli bleached..
Cotton checks
am trics
Ll.seys IS
aeu Jo
SpOOl LeilwU Coats'
" Liark'a
This braauih of trade holds its own very
well, snd dealers continue to report an
satire market. Prices generally are un
changed but a decline of 5c per pair is
noted on Baieheilor'a super kip brogand
The KeunuuutU. says of the Sjew York
market :
There is no very marked change In the
market as compared with the business of
the proceeding week, Dut mere is an in
creased trade, and it is now more deci
dedlv manifest than it has been hereto
fore, that the spring trade will see but lit
tle alterations In prices from present rates.
There have been reductions in most lines
of goods, vsrying from 5 to 10 per oent.
aa compared with last year's prices, aud
about fealf of this reduction has taken
place since the I si of February. Manu
facturers, however, ,' tnat they are
working on a closer margin than last
year, and claim that the reduction wilt, at
present rates for stock and labor, make a
very unaattsfs.-tory bnsineas for them.
Buyers now see that the rates are at the
loa'sst point, and are taking hold more
freeiy. rilocks are abundant and vysij fa
sorted, bat there is not so over supply on
the market.
Men's V. at. Clp Brogans II .-'si Tf
M s Bat.-heller's suuer hliu Bruaaus 1 lis
at i- and B. Klu Brotcans 1 40s.
111 jL. shut B Call ' Brugaus. I Hal &
M . (1. still C. and Doueieuu's Bros. 1 75al VU
M'a Hvlll Broaai.
mail so
M s Bun Baliuoral
Ms Calf Balmorals.
M's BuH and Calf Cougtesa
Hi Calf Malakoo". .
Ms Calf Jersey Ties
M a Call Oxford-Ties
M's Calf Pen Boots.
1 ua U0
. I dusvl 30
.. 1 "fmi oj
. I OdaJ 5u
.. 4 JUSii 70
I OOaS l
3 UOaa 00
. 1 uoaH sj
3 00a4 M
.. -1 bUaJ
. 1 UVal 60
i 2&al 3
1 uual 50
. 1 ISai
.. 1 50B- 2
.. I 73S 1
.. - iiha- UU
1 15al 75
I S 2S
1 Vi "j
1 7Sa2 00
75sl 2
.. 75sl 25
. 1 UVat in
.. 1 sosl I
.. 1 76a2 uu
. 1 1 It
1 l-',al 76
i ST'sai Ot
.. 1 5a- 00
.. 1 uual 25
1 uual 4u
ISai l&
.. 1 75a- 86
- 1 3Un 76
.. 1 'AjsJ iu
1 26all 50
1 26a2 UO
76al IU
6oal 26
M' Calf Sewed Boots..
s Klu ."- Bf
s split Peg osj
y's V. B. Kip Brl
Boy nl R. Kip Bisa....;
Boy 's 1. and B. KlpB-oicans.
ml h. ait
Boy i ui f Bai
bu s Ki l Boots
ioisth Peg Bud Bal.uolsla ... .
Yoi,lb'sPeg Call Balmorals
oih a Peg pebbled grained BaPs
Youth s .Vg Moat Balniorala
Y outh's L. and B. Brogans
Youth's N.B. BrogsllH ..
Women's Peg. split Balmorals -
Women a Peg Kip Balmorals
Womeu'a Peg. Kip Polkas
Women's Peg. Burl Balmorals
Women's Peg Calf Balmorals -
Women's Peg. luil. Uoat Bel's. .
Womeu's Peg. luit. Ooal Bal's
Mftes Peg. SpS Balmorals
Bi.' Peg. B. Balmorals
Miasea rt.g. CM2TkinioralH
Ladles st-C li Balmorals
Ladles 1, Ji i BaTs
Ladles' s.,j Oswt rial's
Ladles Sewed Cloth Balluoi ala.
Ladles Sewed Cloth Congress..
Misses' Sewed Cloth, Kid k Goat..
Children's Pes Shoes -
Children's Sewed Kaucy Bal's
The demand for lumbean .uita briskand
the slock on hanoUn ssnl, though dally In
crossing. OrdSrs from the interior oome
iu frasiy, aud are tilled as foilowa:
Clear white ptne, 1 Inch 140 uusu uu
Hough Poplar 25 UU.1U U0
Kough Cypress 26 uusjliu uu
Joint and sills 25 uua)
scantling 26 -
Dressed Cv press 40 uutaou i II
pressed Poplar 40 i5U
il.clhth ... ! 00. -
Pressed Popular Wsalheruoardlng 25 uOw
WUllf nil eai.ierooaru iug
, UWaij UU
, Uuh,
'41 H N
Shent fling
ShlUglea Cypress!
Sawed Laths
Yellow Pine Klooriug
White PI ue Flooring
6 uu
m M
JOeO u
1-stCLAZSP HASH. UttUU.tl .
yaw 75al uu (txio .12 Sua
hi n
lux il
lux m
I uual - IUX12 .3 wa
1 -... ; - HJxU S MB
I 3U1 75 loxlti 4 00a
oooss. Bi.iana.
tja ..
3x It.
.1 Sua! IOxU.
i uual ju lUxll..
1 ouaj uti 10x111..
' 3US
S usa
; Ma
01. ASS rtK BOX.
8x10 S0 Wfl
UnU a On ISxUi
six 14 6 avknial
Bikss ax Steady at WQXic.
are light.
bvttkr 1 no market is wen stock eo.
New York Uimheu, 42to45c; choice Weat-
erti, Sin-A-le ' good do., 2(a.:lc; common,
Bkans avy, aa aoxai. uO per Dusnei;
mixed white, $2 50(u2 75.
Brooms a.nd Broomcorm Brooais
steadv at $Zit issr doz. Brooaaoorn, $150
(Oi-tfO'per too.
oauoino -vouiiuai. cieavy an-(
tucky, .s-u,-is-.
Builprrs' Matbbial Louisville Ce
ment teVeV- 2b : Roseudsle $4 504 76. Plas
ter f4 5005. Hair, in 40 lb bales, $2 75s.
Plre brick Wa,l. Building Brick tb per
M. Ohio River Lime 11 5iil 76 per bbl.
Alabama $1 7tNs4- 00. Cape Hurt's
Alabama $1 70 per car load, or 35c per
liushel In bulk.
Corns i.yi. The stock is light. Kiln-
dried from store Id lots 4 00t4 75. Fresh
Is nominal sud caiiges fromfi 10(0)4 36.
Cotfbb I" in hanged; detnaud steady;
Rio, lo,'v . Java, 2fc:t0c.
Cotton Yarns No. 4au. 21 (a, file; 600.
nJJ19o; 000, 17o18c; 700, 14uj,l5o.
ChKbs--Market overstocked and dull
at lohtlsc tut JS. factory aud W R.
Seed on levee fl2 OU, atu fi- 00 delivered
at mills, buy or furniahinf aanax, Motes
Uo 4c per pound.
Canned Ooodo Condensed milk, 910
14 60 per case. Cove oysters, 1 lb, $1 75
rW dot. ; 2 lbs, $2 76. Peaches, t2 4O0
76. Pears, IU 50. Tomatoes, fl 5004
1 76. Cherries, ISttjl- 25. Pinesxiples, 4.
Strawberries, fS 5. Brandy Peaches,
4 5lK5. Brandy Cherries, f 26(0)0 60.
Pickles, half gal. per doc, 6 60; quarU,
$3 50; pints, t- 50. Tomato Catsup, fl 26
2 26. Peppersauoe, 91 96.
Koos Quiet at 21'a,2c.
I't to l'be demand for corn la active
and prices range from $1 02,ai 06 on
leveo tor vellow and white; the stock i
only ui. .derate. Oats are steady at 040ji
. Bran hi iu fair demand aud iu small
Iota on levee ia selling at ;si.t2H Hay la
hold at 27(j2 as to amount. Cooked out
ton seed meal 25 per top.
Ki.ofR-i'he atock is ample and prices,
though weak, are not .juotablv lower.
Supers, 4 60(3,4 75; X, , XX. 5 26g,
i 60; XXX and Fancy fo 76.
Kst'iT (Jreen Apples are scarce and
soil at 64 OLK0.U 00 per larrel, as to quality.
Orietl Apples, rw1 orieu nsuuw,
sOsOc and stead v ; Peeled do. 10012c; Cur
rants t6t; Prunes lsc. Cianbarrtoa p per
barrsl. ... . . ... ..
Kw-l aia. kerei so 1, oonrawitaiiii ;
mm 600J,l OXI ; No. S, IB bbU )7 60;
u do K 76; mo. I, Bits a Mvaxas; o. a
do 12 150B2 26; No. a, fl White
turn, bbla, 6V 60. Sardines lesalB 60 per
oaao for quarters ; $30031 for had vox.
Gams ajnd Poultby Chickens tuy
esoperdox. Oees.-, tk7 per do. Oucka,
Ua,G . uo game iu market.
UUNNias-Oood No. 1 aoconds 17ojlo,
aud firm.
HiDSs, Kxbs a.n ii Tallow Dry Flint
17c; Dry Salt 14c; Oreon do. 767Kc
Uroon asB. Tallow, so. Deer skins 21c.
Beaver IXgft each, fitter f 1 25ojf6 oach.
Mink 5tk:(oil 26. Fox 36c. Coon 1540c.
T-aMow ifc
IjBat h it Hemlock 8oleS336e; Oak
Sole4to4c; Saddle WMSc. ; Bridles 4s6J
Vuor dozen; t'ppera K50c; Calfskin,
Fr-noh S4607; American do. v-U.
Live Stocx The supply is not more
than equal to the demand. Choice beeves.
tOBmt No. 2, 6Kae; inferior, 4 ,,....
Milch Cows, 40ts50 par head. Woik
Maloa, $1250175. Work Horses, $75ol6
olassks Reboiled, 5u76c: Kaatern
syrups 5090O '-
Naval Stobw Tar, In kegs, $6 26 to
6 75 for Pine; In 40 gallon bbls, $8 to 10;
ntch as per but ; oakum bo to as p r
Nails Pair demand at $4 754 86.
Oils--Coal, XVmr, Linseed raw, $1 20;
do. boiled, $1 2u&l 26; Lard, $1 6&0J1 AO;
Lubricating Coal Oil, 3690e; Train Oil,
$1 30; Crude Cottonseed Oil. :.,,...
Powdbr Rifle, per keg,$u 50; blaatiug.
$4 60.
I'Kopv. k Peachblows are in fair de
mand and rather scarce at $1 7 su,2 per
bbl ; other qualities are dull and nominal.
Onions, $6 per bbl. Sweet potatoes, $6uu
5 50.
PJPro visions The demand is about equsl
to the supply, which is light. Prices are
tending upward, but are somewhat irreg
ular. Meaa pork is firm at fs 75- in
lots and by the aingle bbl, though one
dealer offered a lot at X2"i 50. Rump is quiet
atr21i22. Jowls dull at $17'ojlsc. Bacon
dear sides, lTialT't;.-; shonlders, 12tu,12-.-.
Bulk meats are becoming scarce and going
out of season. Clear sides, luHOjIlOc;
shoulders, ll'.tH .c. Soger cured hams,
plain and canvased, I7'-f-2uc. Lard is
firnt at 1516'ic in tlercea; 1717sc in
IrCnt Carolina, 89o by the cask and
Salt Good supply ; 2801b. bbls. $2 50(9
2 75 in iota.
scar -The market Is weak and
demand moderate Common Louisiana.
0i:; Fair, IBJaQI-Xe; Oo"4 Jo
Hyaline; PuUy Pair, llHJ12c;
Prime, 12,C4(flll3f 'Choice, 13'.,(gil3Hc;
Yellow Clarified 14)14!-4c; White Clari
fied, hVajli'-.c; Crushed and Powdered,
14'4(a16c; Coffee A, lSWic; B,
(gdSKe; Extra C, lmiei C, 13013ic
Spirits Highwines $11 03; proof
spirits $1 20fg)l 25; rectified whisky H5cfg
$1 10.
Stabch 5X8c per lb.
Soap Mottled H10),c; yellow 7V
Mc; common 97c Candles 15(gi20c.
Tobacco Prime natural leaf, light
pressed, 70cl 10; fine fancy Va. iaihll:
fine bright pounds, SuXgitWc; medium
bright pounds, 70t3)80e; common bright
pounds, 8270c; medium bright hall
pounds, sound, 0270c smoking, fine
and fancy, SSQeOc ; medium and common
Vinbuab Common and pickling, 16c
To Tax Payers of Shelby Co.
OrricB or Statk and ConsTv Tax Col- )
lsctor or Uhblbt Coonty
Mbhphis, T.nn.. April , isro. J
Judgment of eoniJcuiualion
will be taken at the May Term ot the
Circuit Court against property on
wbk'b tht- state aud County TaittM are
not paid by May 1, 18T0.
My office will be open between the
usual hours until May 1st, and every
facility afforded Tax-Payers to avoid
incurring extJ- coats and expenses.
apti Tax Collector.
Commission Merchants
No. 22 S. Commercial St.,
District Court of the Unit d States
Court of Claims at Washington,
Commissioner of Deeds for tbe Several
States and Territories, and
aarapeclal and prgmpl ttenUuu nlven to
tbe taflna ot Oeposllions, or (.'ouimlaslou.
from other Utatoa.
Near Front street, Farrlngtou A Howell'
tJ Maw RIoaV
Hon-Resident Notice.
No. -JbM, N. H -In the Chancery Court of
Memphis, Tenueasee. B. J. ?eniaies A Co.
vs. K. W. Dunn et al.
IT appearing irom amdavlt in this cause
1 that the defendeuta J. W. Meglbbeu and
T. J. Megibben are residents ol K.eau:k
aud non-residents of tbe State of Tennessee :
It la therefore ordered. Thai they make
.heir appearance herein, al the courthouse in
the city of Memphis. Tennessee, within tbe
first three days of the neat term of said
Court, commencing on the second Monday
In Ma", 187 U, and plead, answer or demur to
.; , :i. . bill, or the sume Will be tjagen
for confess ed as to theio. and net for hearing
ex parte, aod that a copy of this order We
published once a week., for tour successive
weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
A Copy Attest.
AUQUtmiN AU.TON, lerk and Master.
Bt EL J. .Hi.At-K. Deuuty Cleek and Muster.
LwooU, Mtoou Folkea. Hols, for coin
apii w
14 Union St., Appeal Building.
. a" W- take pleasure In stating to oqr pa
trons His. ve i.ave reipovetl our Job Printing
Establishment to aio. . , I i lop street. Appeal
Building, wbere we bope to see ou.' oid cus
tomers and aa many new ones ss will exam
ine our work and prices. We are now pre
pared to do all kinds of Printing uDd Blud
laaj on the soosl reasonable terms.
Our stock of Cards, Billheads and Cap Pa
Pf Is complete. Our material consfsta of
latest styles ef pe, presaes. etc. tuna
The Best and Cheapest
A Paper for the Profe-gioual Man,
A Paper for the Merchant,
A Paper tor thu Farmer,
A Paper for the Mechanic.
Subscription Price Greatly Reduced
Kor one year
Fur ala iu ooUaa...
Fur Hires mouth.
Kor ods year w
l or six mouths
Kor tlirsaiaonlbs
Kor ous year
For alx uiuuLUa
Kor throe months
..flu uu
5 UU
.. I OU
. ..2 W
- I 26
... 75
.12 6U
.. 1 2S
t'LUBBINU RATBM. - To clubs of two or
more sabscrlberH we will semi our Mmiiuioth
Weekly, the largeel paper Iu the South axUii
luuhes for oua year, each 12. Tuvluhsoftwo
or more subarrlbers we will s.-uJ our Hi'nimv
A hpbal, for obs ysai, each, -.
paper 1 ealan, -xprese Ageuta, Uouutry Mer
i -ban fa. PnaUuaatei-.. Depot A-enta, ami auy
frleDilsuf the MEMPHIS API'KAL. who wilt
do so, are reuft4Mt4al to procure renlar Sf b-nc-rlbera,
reioitUUK to us the smouul, less ten
per osnt , or -e per ceut. for Clubs, for ser
vUiss; or, If prsferred. arrangeiueuta aa to
eoiupeuaalloD will be made. Speciiueu ciples
neat do application.
Will find the MEMPHIS Ai'PKA I. tbe beat
advertising medium In the State. The great
extent and variety of Its reading matter haa
forced lis enlargement for the acoomiuoda
tloB of advertisers, and Its circulation Iu all
pails of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi,
Texas and Ar-ansaa, among merchant-,
planters and busluessueu, renders il espec
ially desirable to those who wish to reach the
feueral and substantia! public, by advertls
U2 tbelr respective business aud luteresla.
Ta4ra- " appeal,'.'.
Appeal Building, Memphis.
9ST We have provided ourselves with a full stock of Plantation Supplies
which, to the trade, we are offering at great inducements. Among which
may be found the following:
900 dozen Planter's Hoes,
HO dozen Blind Bridies,
280 dozen Haines,
230 dozen Hogskin Collars,
1,200 coils Cotton and Grass Plow Line,
5,000 pairs Tracechains
75 dozen Single and Double Trees,
125 dozen Back Bands,
140,000 pounds Hollowware Castings,
600 dozen Axes.
Sale Agents in Memphis for the Brinley Separate Share 4 Urte Steel Plows,
Owners of the Mitchels Patent ; also, the Teagues Patent Cotton Scrapers,
A full Stock of Hardware and Agricultural implements in store.
Fine Gold Watches
Old firm Pooley, Barnum & Co.,
New & Rich Jewelry.
Attorneys and Counseilors-at-Law,
No. 19 Madison Stkkt,
mhZ7 Memphis, Tennessee.
HAVINU completed plats from tbe 3. Hand
8w-mp Lsuu Offices, we are prepared to
trbler, buy, sell and rent real est le, pay taxes,
redeem forfeited lands, furnish abstracts and
perfect titles to real estate, and pay strict at
tention to tbe collection of claims In the
While Blver Valley. Jail
t. u. lou wood. T. fl. bicqd. yj. 0V '...aas.
Logwood, Micou & Foikes,
15 Union Street,
aarW.C. KOl.KKt, Commissioner for Ar
E ansae. oczt
Louisville Route Always Ahead
Commencing May 2, 1869.
Memphis & Louisville Railroad Line :
Leave Memphis (city time! -1:00 a.m. 1:46 p.m.
Morning train from Memphis does BBS run
on Sunday.
Leave Memphis, city rune. 4 -uu a.m. 2:45 p.m.
Arrive alNasUvtlle 11:45 p.m. 5:UUa.m.
Sleeping Cars on Kveolug Train from Mem
phis to Louisville aud Memphis to Nashville.
Through Tickets at Reduced Rates
Can be procured at the Company's office, ZC,
Math street, aud at Depot, head of Main St.
ar Baagaae Checked 31 Depot, Mr try the
Memphis ' Ify Transfer Company ; at Hotels.
Private Residence, or oi bqurd boats, to all
principal poluts Kast ami North.
SA M . B. J ON KW, SU p't.
sum Howki.l, Passenger Agent. sc-iu
Septennial Eclectic
SESSION OF 1870-71
J. B. RUSSELL, M.D., L.L.D.,
President, and Professor of Theory and
Practice of Medicine.
ar For further particulars send for Cata
logue with Board of Trustees and Faculty
announced, address
Mbmphis, Txnnkhsbb.
ear Paov. J. B. EUS8ELL, M.D., L.UD , will
visit, either In consultation or otherwise,
suy portion of the UulUal Stales or Canada
for the purpose of investlgsUng aud treating
disease, aud performing surgical operations
upon the fcyo, Ear and of eveiy character.
Fees oue dollar a mile for each way for the
first buudred miles, aud fifty cenLs a mile
each way for all additional; for capital sur
gical operations an additional fee will be
CouaoJlatlon, by letter, in order to insure a
reply, must be aocompauled by a fee of
tweuty-tlva dollars. Iu all cases, medicines
seal will be charged for.
All chronic diseases treated at the Institute,
4SI Noam Court Strkkt, as heretofore.
A treatise on all diseases sent, tree of
charge, to any address.
j. n. Bi.'rFiK
Between Mail and Front, Memphis, Tern.
WILL pay particular attention to the Mala,
Lease or Hen ting of Ileal Estate, either
ibllc or private. Nbuotiations xaiii roa
Mkbchandiss in exchange for Improved
property. Iu ottering ourservlce to the puh
llcwe do so eon-dent of being able to rea
der entire satisfaction U all who may Intrust
tbelr interests to our care. We have lists of
orouerty Improved and unimproved, to
which we Invite the atteutlon of purchasers.
Res! Kalate Aseuta,
Nu.ll Court afreet-
Chancery Sale on Friday, April 29,
No. :B3S tTliancary Court of MmpUlii
Olautlo Urowti.at al. vs . W . K. Hunt. AJ
u ilulstratur. et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decris? In thia
cause, 1 will sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder. In front of the Clerk and
Master's office. In the city of Memphis, Ten
nessee. On Friday, April 29, 1870,
W t Inn legal hoars. Dm following real t-sute.
' A certain lot of land, and the improvempnts
hereon, li'lRg and being in the city ef Mem
puiis, HLatte of Tennesnee, un the Mouth-eaMl
corner of Monroe and Front streets, 24 leet on
the etut side of Front street, anil running
back: with the sou'li line of Monroe street, 74
feet, on which stands a brick Ktorehouite.
Also. '.nt Now. 149, 15.'! and 155, on the south
side of Moaby street, each fronting 42 teat on
ysuHl street,auU running t)act oeiweeii siraigui
""fciraUel Uuea, lia) feet. These lots are well im
Terms of sale One-half cash, balance on a
oredlt of twelve months. Motes, with secur
ity . Ufcgea, and liens retained Uh payment ol
the purtrhasd mouuy.
i . .-,.-.
BY virtue of a deed of trust executed to me
by Charles Lotland, January uta. ..
to secure certain delu therein apei-itled
and registered in the Register's ofhre
ofHhelby county, ttlate of Tennessee, In Book
o. tit. pages Jm and 2, 1 will, on
Monday, the 25th day of April, 1870,
in front m the County t ourt-room, in the
City of Memphis, between the hours ol luaud
12 o'clock m., proceed to sell, to the highest
bidder, for cash, at public auction, the follow
ing property .described in said deed of trust lo
wlt : A tract of land situate in Shelby county,
Tenneasee.abont one mllcvrnoreor . south
of the city of Memphis, being lots Nos nine
(it), ten )ut and eleven ill), of Loti ami's Tra:t,
aa designated upon the map of said tract,
matte by J. H. Humphreys, and bounded as
rollows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point two hundred and fifty
feet from the intersection of Hhepher'u. av
enue with Triifg avende, and rttuHilny 'soutn
v leet; thence west- parallel with Trigg av
enue, 750 feet; thence north 390 feet to Trigg
avenue; tin-are along Trigg aveuue750 feel to
the banningeach ot the lota herein con
veyed containing two 23-iUO acres of land;
but deducting and reaerving from said lota
Trigg avenue, which is a dedicated lhorotn;h
fare. I will convey only such title to the
above described property, hs Is vested in me
as Trustee. Wtf. JoyjgKft,
Marsh. ya Trustee.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING qualified aa administrator of the
estate of Pleasant Mosby, deceased, no
tice is hereby given to all parties indebted to
said estate to come forward aud make pay
ment; and those holding claims against it to
present them, duly auttient cut-Mt. wi.lU,lu, the
fjint. r-t,ribt by law. ' ,,r
CUA3. U. DuHloN. jb. Adm'r.
March :j, a7u. mhl5
Libel No. 418.
l.'nltel States or America. District Court of
Tulted states. District of West Tennessee.
Wm. C. Turnock t Co , et al, vs. Steamboat
" Tone Hurt "
r HEHEAS. Wm. C. Tumoi lt a Co.. et al,
Yt have tlleo a Libel against the steamboat
" Tobe Hurt." her englnes.maciilnery, lackle,
appurel and ftirniture, in a cause of conUact,
ciN'll and maritime, praying among other
tilings that the same may be seized by the
Marshal of tlie United Stale tor thgsQld Dis
trict of West Tennessee, for ilte'causes In suid
Libel mentioned, and praying the usual pro
cess aud monition of tbe Court, in that be
half, and said steamboat, eta- being now in
the fcustody of said Marshal . Now, therefore,
in purxqanpe of the process 01 .4id Court to
me directed, I do hereby give nubliii warning
aud notice to all persons having or preumd
iug to have any interest iu said properly so
xehsed, that tliey be. and appear before said
Court, at the City of Memphis, on the Fourth
Monday in May. IH70, at 10 o'clock, In tliu rore
noon of that day, and Intervene for their in
lereat theiein, otfierwlse said property will
be condemned according to the prayer of said
This 31st day ot March, 187"
L. a tiAWM,
apt I'nited Slates Marshal.
No. 247 Main Street, Memphis.
Millinery and Fancy Ooods of every descrip
tion, and drees making in the
Stamping and Braiillngdonetoorder. mhlS
M. Perdue, Dealer in Millinery Trimmings
ANI) Fancy Qoods, Bonnets, Hat, Ji'lpw
era, lliBuons, i.aeos, Silas, snd all other
Millinery articles? also, a splendid assort
ment of Laces, Embroidery aud Fancy Jew
elry, No. S73 1S Main stbbbt, oppo
site Court Square, Memphis, Tenn. Dresa
and Cloak-maBlug in the latest styles.
Agent in Memphis for the sale of E. Butter
rick .v Co. 's celebrated Patters of Oarmeuts
for ladles, misses, boys and little children of
both sexes.
Mrmpmih, Tb--., March 1, 1S7P. Miss M.
Perdue would respectfully announce to her
many frlt-nds and the public generally, that
she has associated Mrs. BosB P. Thobpson
with her business, and trusts that her former
reputation for taste and elegance will itgulu
insure her the patronagesh su well deserves.
4he yill at alt Uuueebe luiiml at '.T -'.. Mam
street, opposite Court Square, ready and most
wiillug to serve her friends. apl
Fresh Arrival of Millinery Goods.
jEiaasoia Quirtlart,
AJaq, Ureea-makliig d ue iu the 1-ltest
style, at. sliort notice. T'diecall. uiflaf
L. 6. 6AARETT, : : . : Presideit
H. C. STEEVER, Secretary and Treasurer
N. S. OTIS, Viee-Pres t and SuperintendMt
7"OULD announce to the cltixens of Mem
W phis and Its vicinity that they are now
setting up, in the Uayoso House, oue nf Prof.
Vamukji wavuaa'
10 Tons of Pure Clear Ice Per Day,
And will have 11 In operation by April )Slh
next, when I hey will be prepared to make
contracts and deliver lee in any pail of the
city, at reduced rates
The lee will be made' of pure, Altered Mis
sissippi water, and, as il is froaen at a lower
temperature than the natural ice when It
reaches this market. It la harder aud will last
longer, and therefore is more valuable for
any reirlgeratlng or cooling purposes.
Owning the Right for this machine for Ten
nessee and Arkausas, they are prepared to
sell Ice Machines of froiu-to iu tons capacity,
with exclusive rlgbta for same lor any local
ity iu tilde two States.
For further Information call ou or address
at No. m Second i, tree I, ooruer of -Udlson
street, Memphis.
Sjku Ii 18 N KWTON H, 1 iTfS.Superluleudent.
By Gooiilett & Co.,
By Ralph Wormeley dV Co.,
By T. B. Haynes & Co.
XHIS cotton was brought from Mexico to
Texas aud from Texas to Mississippi in
11 was raised iu Bolivar county, aod
sold In New Orleans at 11 cents per pound
in 1SW and . A crop or 260 bales raised in
Texas, duriug the war, by Judge Jones, was
sold lu laaaTlu Liverpool, for 63 ceats, gold,
wheu common cotton was sold for 11 cento.
It Is pronounced by competent Judges in New
Orleans aud Memphis aa tine as Peeler, asd
much strouger la staple. nib.17
Chancery Sale on Thursday, May
a, IBU.
No ISl -Chancery Conrt of Memphis F. A.
I'vlrr, AUui'r.et-., vs. A. H.Stratton, el al.
i V virtue of an Interlocutory decree in this
fj cause, 1 will sell, at public auction, ta the
hlgbest bidder, in the town of Colllerville,
On Thursday, May 5, 1870,
Witliiu leKt-1 Uount. Ihn follow I u Rrnl Ea-Uti.-.
ro-wii: A ctjrtain trntft of !mni lyiUK
aud being iu the rotiuiir of Hhoilj and tatf
of T-nuf-Ki,ep, near rriJIlervtlit?: ilyijinni
i HLMkv with redoak pointer. VrH. Crewd
on hoi 1 1 1 1 wumt eotucr ; thaicr emit :tU
iiaius and MM lluka to a Htaiu; ttteure oulti
& -UhUun -u sUtiut with 1 wo rtoaJat polutera;
Utunce wt-tt It) chaiUN arid ') liuku to a ntake
with rt-uoslc pointer: rbenre north 4 ohalun
to a MakH with r doak pjlntr, Krmak m
n.rUiaHi ooruer; theno wat. 17 ohaloa aou
jU llnlu to a take wlLh r ad oak pointer;
LhtMic'e north -ii links Waatke: thence east
ti ohalns and V UukH to a stakrt; ttiem-w north
45' ttaat 4 chains and "Viiink-: 1 hence ftaat 4k
tihainn and 40 llnka to a aUike, . ituka oawt ol"
a whitHtmk marked 1 ; thence ftouth ohairiM
and Aa llnka to the begluutug, oouialuing 44
The above tract of land haa been nubdt
vldetl Into three trarta, numbered L I and t,
Mntalulna 107 atrrea, 1M arree aod iKri.LS acrea
respectively, and will baaold accord liu lu
the aubdlvitflou.a plan and diasxraiu of which
can e seen at the office of the Clerk and
Tkh!H op Mat.k Jne-fbnrth cash, baiauoe
on a credit of twelve and twenty-four months
from the day of aaiej unit wllii two Hevart
lies., bearing lutereat tj-keu, and lien reLaiiital
till payment of the purchaae money.
ar A. ALTOfr,r. and M ,
Chancery Sale on Monday, May
2T 1870,
JUK Chancery Conrt of Memphls.-W. H.
Cherry, Adm'r, vs. J. B. Mercer et al.
BY virtue of au Interlocutory decree in f his
cause. 1 will sell at public auction, to the
highest bidder, iu front of the Clerk aud
Master's otHce,ln the city of Memplita, Ten
nessee, on
Monday, May 2, 1876.
Within legal hours, the following described
real estate, to-wit: Lying and being In the
county of Shelby and State of Tennessee,
about three miles southeast of the city ot
Memphis, on and near the Memphis and
Charleston Railroad, being lot No. 1, contain
ing 6 75 acres; No. 8, nacres; No. 9, 6JHS acres:
No. 10, ii 1)7 acres : No. 11, 0.26 ocrea; No. 12, " wi
acres; No. ..." acres and No. 14. o tto acres,
of the Taylor A McKwen subdivision.
Terbs of Salb -On a credit nf eight, twelve
and eighteen mouths from the day of sale,
notes with security taken, and lien retained
till payment of the purchase money.
apl A. ALSTON, C. and M.
Trustee s Sale of Real Estate.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to
me by Davla Cockreil, Mra. Jane Cock
rell and K H. M. OockrelL, on the 2vUi day of
AuguHt, 1S67, aud recorded lu the ICegiKter's
office of Shelby county. State of Tenueaaee,
In Record Book No. i3, pagee tS to Hi, to aecure
the payment of certain lndebtednuaa t herein
mentioned; and at the request of tht hoiuer
of the remaining two unpaid uwtea, 1 will uu
Thursday, April 21, 1870,
At the principal front door of the (Jaymo
Honse. in the city of Memphis, between the
hours of 10 and 1 o'clock m.. proceed to sell,
to the highest bidder, for cash, at public veil
due, the following properly described in said
Deed of Tnurt, to wit:
That certain lot or pares! of iaad situated,
lying and being in kite oauuty of Shelby,
Stale ol Tenneittee. and in said city of Mem
phis, and ia part of the east hall block!-)
twenty-ill re, snd corner of Main and Mc
Call streets, aa will appear by refereoce to
map of the city, oeinmenciug at a stake in
tbe north side of Mcfall street where the
west side ef Main street intersects the same;
thence westwardly with the north line of
Met si I street 1 1501 one hundred and flfty fret
to s stake tn an alley; thence with said alley
northwardly (75 1 seventy-five-feet to a stake;
thence east 1U1 one hundred and fifty feet to
a stake on the west side of -lain street;
thence southwardly wUll .lin west side of
Main utr.et ! tf ieventy-llve feet to the be
ginning, being Sap same lot or parcel of
ground whiuh was convey, 1 to said Davis
Cookrell by John Bpeed. William fi. Douoho
and John t. Strange by deed, dated seven
teenth day of February, eighteen hundred
and sixty-six, and recorded Tn the Register's
ottice of said oheiby eonnty iu Record book
No. part 1, pages ISi aod fi
The title to said pro, mi ty is beueveu to be
uuoueatltinahie, but I yffl sell and convey
only as ilkt, '
J. J. MURPHY, Trustee.
April 1, 1870. apl
WH KRE AS, the Law Court or Wo.,...
Tenueaaea., at the l-vU-irj Term, IT",
made tin order uupoiutinti' me Trmitee lu the
ron) aud stead of J. C. Cole, deeeaMed. who
vvai Truatee tn a deed executed to him by
-sural A Perry, September 18, iMtirJ. 1 ecords-d
In the HegiHter ' ufflceof Shelby oounty, Teu-:i-
. in Book No. S8, part lat. pagea -JO. Z2i
and 122; and aiao appolntiiia me TrUMtee In
the room and steau of (J. a. Monsarmt, de
ueaatd, who wu-s Truatee in a deed executed
to him by Saran A. Perry and J. ('. Cole Sep
tember IH, imu, recorded lu the
office pf Shelby county, Tenneaxee, lu Book
GB, part 2, pagfN -JU, JStl and both of which
Ieeds were made tor the purpose of having
the same truat executed, on like terms aud
condfUomi, by Helling the same land lor pay
ment of the same debt; now, tiiereiri'. Ly
virtue of the authority powet; ve-tet lu
me by said older qf t3ort, and iu purKtiai.ee
of the teroa af aid Ueeda of Truat, I will,
between the houraof 11 o'clock a.m. and of 12
o'clock ni., on
Saturday, 30th Day of April, 1870,
At the southeast oorm r of Court Squsre. ou
-e. I street, lu Mum phis, Tennessee, pro
need to sell, to the highest bidder, lor cash,
at public sale, so much of the land men
tioned in said Ieeds of Trust as is described
as follows: A certain lot of laud nituale in
Shelby county, Tennessee, near to and uurtti
east of the city of Memphis, being part of lot
number seven 171 on the plat of K. S. Todd's
subdivision of at! 45-1U0 . !.. part of tbe
John Rice tOUO acres grant, said 1U subdi
vided us the property QfThba Wtlilesides,
conveyed to tii.n by r'haunoey and Li lusan
Ivus. hy deed of reoord iu tlin Register's otllce
of said county, in Hook No. a, page 560, and
this portion of said lot No. 7, which I wilt
sell la bounded as follows: Beginning at the
intersection nf the north line of the John
Rice grant with the west line of to ....
avenue; running ttierice vu. wt.-: wu;.
said ayeuue Utreu l -Iiaius aud thirty-seveu
; Hulls: thence north a5 west three hun
dred and ninety-Ave I an feet; thence north 5
east three ohHina aud'ferty-four links, more or
less, to the north line of the Johu Klce grant;
thence south at!, east with said line three
liuudred and ninety-six 'Wo, feel to the place
of beginning, being tl;e litnd mentioned tn
the Ufed at Trust, excepting that portion
heretofore conveyed by .- ral A. ferry to
liemmous. Curry, Wastitnirn aud Reder.
1 sell at request of the beneflolai y lu the
Deeds, for the purpose of paying the debt se
cured by the Trust. Tho rqalty of redem
tlon is waived. The title Is believed to be
perfect, but I sell aud will convey only
mn.;i SAMUEL B, M 1 1 1 Kit, Trustee.
Notice of Trust Sale of Arkansas
BY virtue of a Deed of Truat executed to
me by U. A. Henry, on the -d day of Au
gust, won. ror the benefit of Given. WaWa A
Co., for Ihe oonatderallou of S-U.OUU loaned
money on lands therein named, situate in
State of Arkansas, Deaha county, containing
by estimation UMIU acres, iu township H. south
of range 1 east, I, tiua A. Henry. Ir., will pro
ceed to sell the said tract of laud.
On the 2d Day of May Next
On the premises far casu, after having given
Mi days nollee of the time and place of sale as
required by safcl Deed, which is of record in
Napoleou, Ark., aud will make title to the
purchases as trustee only.
JUS A. H.ENKY, Jk., Trustee.
This -tat FBaraaiy. 1WB. feb-t
Non-Resident Notice.
No. i.'-ue- 1 n tbe Chancery Court of Memphis,
Tennessee Julius Balke vs. Coiurtlaad Cad
mus et al.
IT appearing from affidavit in this cause
thai me defendant, Whitney Frank la a
nun-reaident of the Stalp ol Tenne-aee:
It la tlicrulure uidered. Thai he make
his appearance heifiu, ut the Courthouse
in the city of Memphis, Tenn., on tfte first
Mouday iu May, -CU, aud plead, answer or
demur to complainaut bill, or the same will
he taken for confessed as to him, and set
for hearing exparte; aud that a copy of this
order be published once a week, for four
successive weeks, lu the Memphis Appeal.
A copy attest :
AUOUHTON ALSTON, Clerk and Master.
By Ben J COLMaif, Deputy Clerk aud Muster.
Hansen, Swinirley A Daa; lei, dollvl tors for
ooiuplaJuau- mil lb
Attachment Suit.
ISM -Municipal Court of the City of Memphis.
Clerk's Office, March 8th, 1870.
Kargasou A Clay, plaintltlk. vs. Attachment
suit, T. Crow Co., defendants.
AFFIDAVIT for allacuiueut Having been
made in this case lupursuauoeof Section
3456 of the Cod ol Tennessee, and attachment
having been Issued and returned by the prop
er officer, levied, etc., ou the property of the
defendants. T. Crow Ji Co., it is therefore or
dered that said defeudani.s appear at the Mu
nicipal Court Room, iu the city or Memphis,
Teu o , on or before the first Tuesday In May
uext, aud defeud this suit, or the same will
betaken for ooufexsed as to Uieiu, and the
case set for bearing ex parte, sud that a copy
of this order be published oueea week, for
four consecutive weeks, in the Memphis Ap
peal. A copy I
rBANK TAFT, Clerk.
By K. F. Boswai.-, D. U
Stephens Smith, atlorneya for pit tn.
Mori-Resident Notice.
N0.41ST !. R, D In the Cbsncery Court of
Mem pais. Tenueaaee. A. Kaufman vs.
(Justave L'ebele etal.
IT appearing from return In tins cause that
1 the defeudiiiit. UusLave l'ebele, Is not to
be found In Shelby wHinlyieunessee:
It is therelore order d. That he make his
appearanpc heielu.at the Courthouse iu the
city of Memphis, Tenuessee, on or before the
first Monday In May, 170 aud plead, answer
or demur to complainant s bill, or the same
will be taken lor confessed aa to him, and
set for hearing experts; aud ihalaoopyof
this order be published ouce a week, for four
successive weeks, lu the Memphis Appeal.
AlJOLfsTUN ALSTON, CTk aud Master.
Westcolt - "lalil. sols, "ir inuipl'l. m luft
tin) TUK WoltKlNU CLASH. We are now
1 prepared lo furuiali all claaaea with con
stant employment at home, the whole or the
time or for the spare momenta. Busluess
uew.llght and profitable. Persons of either sex
easily emu from Sue to k- per evening, and a
proportional sum by devoting their whole
time to the business. Boys aud girls earn
nearly aa much as men. That all who see
this notice may send their address and test
the business, we make this unparalleled of
fer : To such aa are not well satisfied, we will
end Si to pay for the trouble ol writing.
Full particulars, a valuable sample, which
will do to commence work on, and a copy of
the largest aud best family newspapers pub
lished, all sent free by mail. Reader, If you
want permanent, profitable work, address
K. 8. A.LLKN k co.. Augusta, Maine. )aJu
Planing Mill and Lumber Yard,
No. 161, 163, 165 WASHINGTON STREET,
m ) j i 1 1 as . m m av ". a.
ear Manufacturers of flitted Hash. Moulding. Hal asters, Newel Posts, Hand-Hailing ,Lat
tlce. Paling, Brackets, Disir and Window Kraaaaa, ceiling, Siding.
Dealers in Framing Lniaimr, or all ktBds; HMUh and Ureas ed Y. Pine, Poplar, cypreas,
W. Plue Oak ami Waluut Lumber, Lain and Shr-fles. Plant i. inches by 10 feel la in :eet,
for Box Houses.
Planlnt, Sawing, Turning and Hto1I Sawing done to order. We make oar Doors, Hash
and Bllmlsof Seasoneil White pine. All work warranted to be of superior quality, rmtn m
uiiiterial aud Ouish.
Wlsluug lo .upply our customers with a superior quality of stock, carefnlly packed and
shipped, and confident that you will be pleased with our
Prices, Stylos and Quality orWorb;
Your orders are respectluily solicited, aud will be filled with n eatneKB and despatch.
Memphis Nursery.
A very thrifty stock, at moderate
R. B. KOKS. 1
J. M. UlLtBERT, JR. 1
Non-Resident Notice.
H. Colin 4 Brother, attachment, vs. Henry
AFFIDAVIT for aitaehinent having beeu
made, iu this case, iu pursuauce at sec
tion .'P- of the Code of Tenuessee, aud al U tell -ineul
having been Issued aud returned bv
the proper officers, levied, etc.. on the prop- i
erty of the defendant, Henry Kox,
It la therefore ordered. That mi id defendant !
appear before K.squlre John Norton, one of
the Justices of the peace for Shelby county,
on ftr helcra the 10th day of April, urro. In Use
city of Memphis, state of Tennessi-e. at the
office of said Ksiiuire Norum, and defend this
stilt, or the same will be taken for confessed
as to him. and the ease set for hearlna my-
parte; and that a copy of tills order he pub
lished once a week, for four successive weeks.
In the Memphis Apiieal.
A copy. JOHN NORTON. J. P.
P.H. TtyOBJKB, Atty. for PHfl. ruhlB
ueonte A. Fckeriy vs. J. c. Wniters and
Buck hart, partners in trade under firm
name and style of Wallers iluckhart, ot
Prospect Bluff, Arkausas.
BEKOKK J.V.HKS H 4 4,, .usihie of tlie Peace
fnrMheby eonnty, affidavit liavlng iteeu
inate tp lh! ause, and atlacliiuenl Issued
aud e(urhud, levied, etc. :
It is therelore ordered. That publication
he made lu tlie Memphis Daily ArfiAt, a
newspaper published in the city uf .-eni-phl.
for four xuecesMve weeks, onunundlug
tlie said J. C Wallers and Bnekhart lo
appear before Ue at my office, city ol Mem
phis, in ;lie isth Civil Liistrictot id county,
uu the :iu day of May, ISTu, at lo o'clock a.m.,
and make defense to said suit agaiusl them.
or ll win oe pricee,ie,l wrth -r ;u-fe
nihltu Justice Peace tor Shelby uuuuly,
Non' Resident Notice.
No. i:iU3, V H. o. lu the Chancery Conrt of
Meiupi.is, J'canev.ee.' Lew is Howes et ux.
vs. W. W. Trnai.
IT appesrltiR from srfiitavlt in this canse
1 mat i no Helen. lain . w. w. Trine, is a c Hi-
Lea uf Arkansas and a uon-resldeut of tlie
.state o t renaea aaei
It is thelefure , tU, That he make his
appearand herein, at tlie Courthouse in the
cny o( .nempuiH, ou or oeioreine nrst M,n
duy iu May, 1K7U, and plead, answer or de
mur to couiplainanf'K bill, or 1 lie same will
he taken for confessed as lo him aud set for
hearing exparte; and thai a copy of this or
der be published once a week, lor lour suo-
cenkivs weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
A copy attest.
AL'OL'aToN ALSTON, Clerk and Master.
By ll. J. hla. s. Ueputy . l,rk aud .Vtanter.
Haynes, -t ckton i Haynes, Solicitors lor
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 4313. N. R. in tho Chancery Court of
Memphis, Tennessee. Henry Laird vs. Da
vid C. Oos et al.
IT supeaiiux from arridavit in this cause that
1 tbe defendant D. C. Cross is a ciliEeu of
of Arkausas aud a uou-rusideiil of (he .Slate
of Teunessee.
It la therefore ordered, That he make his
appearance herein, at the courthouse iu the
city of Memphis. Tenn., on or before the first
Mouday iu May, ls7u. aud plead, answer or
demur to oomplaiuauts bill, or the same will
Ire taken for confessed as to ulm, -uid set for
hearing ex parte: antl that a copy o U Is or
der be published once a week, for tou: suo-ce-sive
weeks, iu the Memphis Appeal.
AUUL'HTON ALSTON, Clerk .. Master.
A copy attest:
By R. J. Black. IWnntyl lark and Master.
Wright Wright, Solicitors for Complain
Libel No. 407.
LTdiUhI States of Amt t ica; DiHtrba Conrt of
I ujifO iaits. District of Wet renm-Miev;
Foriter,I-.ealholertK(:o. v.t.t-itiobout Com
mercial. YVHEUEaS, Korster, Kealhofer A Co. have
t rtl.'il a libel In -aid fMart aednHt Uto
steam boat Commercial, her enaine. mswiiiu
ery, tackle, apparel aud furniture, in a caune
ol ountract, civil audi maritime, alleging,
among ether things, tnat the same baH been
seized uy the Manbai of the United stalea
im- .mil DLatriet, for tbe cause in said libel
mentioned, and praying tbe usual proceaa
and monition of the -ouri, in that behalf.
Now, therefore. In pursuance of the process
of said court to me directed, I do hereby give
public warning and notice to all persona
u&ving or prertendtna; to have any interest In
said property so seized, that they be and ap
pear before said court at the city of Memphis,
on the fourth Monday in May. l7u, at lu
o'clock, in the forenu-ju &f that day. and in
tervene for tnefr interest therein, otherwise
said property will be condemned according
to the prayer of iaid libel. This 3th day of
April, 1870. L. B. OATON,
apH U. a. Marshal.
Libel No. 409,
United States of America; District Conrt of
United States. District of West Tennessee;
(ieorge Malone and Mary Cheek vs. Steam
Isiat Liberty Un. ,
117 HEHEAS, Geo. Malone and Mary Cheek
TT have Bled a libel iu said conrt against
the Steamboat Liberty No. 2. her engines, ma
chinery, tackle, appaiel and furniture, in a
cause of contract, civil and maritime, al
leging, among other ihiugs, that the same
has beeu seised by the Marshal of the United
.states for said DistrictTor tlie causes In said
libel mentioned, and praying the usual pro
cess and monition of the ouui t in that behalf.
Now, therefore. In pursuance of the process
of said court, to me directed, I do hereby give
public warning and notice to all persons hav
iugor pretending to have any inlet eat in said
property so seized, that they be and appear
before said court at the ctty of Memphis, on
the fourth Monday In May, W78, at Hi o'clock,
lu the loreuoon of that day, and intervene
for their Interea-tlierelu.otherwisesald prop
erty will be eoudemned aoounling to the
prayer of said libel. This sth day of April,
Fti7. L. K KATON,
apt) U. S. Marshal.
Trustee's Settlement.
In tlie County Court of Shelby county. To
the creditor of B. S. Taylor.
NOTICK is hereby given that 1 have filed
my .euleuienlaa frostee with the Clerk
of said Court, and that I will apply for con
firmation of said settlement at ihe April
term, 1K7V, of said Conrt, to ta held on tlie
first Mouday of said month, lu thoeourthouse
iu the city of Memphis.
W. CAM A I ) g Ti ustee.
Approved March. 1WU.
nihSl JOHN UlAtiCE, Clerk.
No. 198 1-2 MAIN STREET.
INSANE, St. Louis, Mo. This Institution
was fouuded by Mie Sister'a of Charity. Au
gust 10, 1M68. It la private and Orst-claas la
Its arraugemeuta aud aaaommislalion. In
sane patients of both sexes and of all de
nominations are received, aiao those addicted
to taklUK opium or other stimulanls to ex
cess aud desire to correct. For terms, etc,
apply to Dr. J. K. BAUlfUY or the SIrir.
BCr-KHJUB, aaaa
3 " 1- - iSIs
a s c p
a $ i ml m
at BwBmWBEFKt,
5 " mmsSmm
oe Jr BiirS"
a r 3 MMlwMaai
priest. Address
: a m
308 rront St.. Memp-tlai, Tenn,
210 Main Street, Up Stairs,
Between Awaina and Washington,
Memphis, Tennessee,
IS NOW permanently eetabilshed for the
treatment of Patients, both Male mid Fe
male, who are afflicted with auy form of
Such :is Hyphills, jlonoihtv r .. ! Htrlr
turtiai, aud all Urluatry mammm ; ypbUlticur
MercunaJ Alf I itmn of tbt Ttintat. Sk:u "r
UontM, !rt'Uiti.s, Henna or Rupiure; al, tlio
h-IhcU uf a Solitary Habit, riiinoiu Lo tbe
body and mm i. urodnoiDK Blotcbt otiHin
face. Lability and Imp4ti)L'y, Dlatainew, Dtiu
litiHS of SibL, mlUKion ol liitH, Kvil Kut
tMHiiiikj, AvwrNlott Ui Soviety, Lsmni Mrury.
VVfrikupiN, ptr. , nut all ii th m bvuy odw
tM, but all t .:i iintf irMiatfUliy in Vtjriou
Rheumatism and Rheumatic Pains
Particular Attention Paid to the
Sach M Excessive, Suppressed or Painful
Menstruation, Ueneorrhoea or Whites. Fall
lug of the Womb, and all irregularities oi Um
Monthly Perioda, causing ."Sterility or Uai ren
uttss, and oftentimes Coo sum pt ion.
Persons who have ben uuder the tratnieur
f other Physiuiana, and have uui been
cured, are invited to call, as 1 can cure all old
syphilitic Diseases, it makes no different.
m how long standing. They will yield lo my
Celebrated Vegetable Remedies.
To which TUUITHANDM can testify, who hava
been cured by me in New Orleana, Memphis,
Cairo, and varloua other places. All ctrtuiuu
uicatioua atricUy ttouddeuLial-
No Pay Until Cured !
Tlie Doctor can be consulted personally, or
by letter, upon all D-seaaea pertainiug to his
HpeiMalty, and all other bifteaaes, nut requir
ing bia attention outalde of hia ofllce.
w"A se pe rate O ill ce for Ladies.'"
Offlce bunra from 8 o'clock am., to if o'clock
p.m. U. ri. JOH-MSOjN, M. D.
T YINUln Phillips oonnty. Ark., on main
I 4 road, leading to Little Stock, and 12 utiles
trim Helena, containing 45U acres, aw of
which an cleared and fairly fenced; one or
two small cabiua on the premiaes.
These landa are amoug the best in Phillips
county, aud ara la a Arat-rata nelgbbortKHid.
rferiQi, tialf cash aud balance In six aud
twelve months.
Kor further Information, refer to Messrs.
Tappan A Horner. Attorneys. Helena. Ark.,
or to J. H. !H)KNFK. Trustre,
lubltt i .t :)...-..:' :
500 bushels of this celebrated
Seed for sale, in quantities to suit. tu
aa r Samples of Molna Cotton to lie seen at
our ot&ce. TtXlK, PHILLIPS CO..
mlitl SM Front street.
Morcli'nt Tailors
SI MADlSO- St ';-;!.' ,
0 ESI KB to inform their patrons and the
public generally, that they have received
the most complete and admirable stock ot
SPEUNG GOODS that tbey have ever been
able to offer in thia market, consisting of ' lie
very choicest selections of French and Knua. 'T
llah Cloths. Coatings, Suitings, Pants i. ! cL
Veatlnaa, all of whlcn tbey are able to offer
at reduced price, and to make up in the latest
and moat uperb ntrle. Glvs them a call, m,'
' Early Broom Corn oommands
prlcea. For early Seed ami other varietfV,i ,1
with directions how to eulUvate, address WI
w or A SILVla MBDA
By . S. a Stot. Acrtmltonu Mt,. uM
feat .
ar the
te Ue-ediur-MlUa.
Vegetable Hair Restoratl
I raj Hair to lu as-or at
a July
soon a
an - (S. rr 1 of ts. Hitr i'ai B ,
MM to (Srir 4sBl ufiuir mi KimS
. s.ir riuH. u.BMjin- oria,. JLJi June is
nusM TiC!3li, ar L"!
Uic K.il, frtt. North
y to Hy
nam Otmtx.
licti will
nil lsbel
Thin Preps rat i..n nurpswe nil others of It- .
law iu a Hair Sfwww.
It itbrnurh in its action upon Jrmy nr Fadesl
Hair and it" effeot permanent,
(t )nidii.-e but "e MaHet shnde. win. a
other!" lesre the liair in rnsny varied .-..lor.
It rwaaaalf rwtB when uthers fail tore-
prodtiee a single hair. I
It doe. not rriap ,.r 4ry the hnir. hut leaves
moist and rlsov. .. .
Ladias Snd it superior to any other " a redek
Urevsink. ,
The ingredient? useil in ihi. Preparation are Ihe ,
ery bests that can be found, an J are a harm-
le.M ai srster.
LORD & SMITH, Proprietors.
Cbiraso. Ii.t
' d
o. o. warp ts
oleaale Agents, Memphis.
aorFor sale by all retail druatista.
laMdaweod n '
HSOt.LTK DIVORCES legaliy obtained in
New York, Indiana, Illinois and other
statea. for persona from any rttaieor country,
legal everywhere; desertion, drunkenness, mi,
nou-suupurt, ou-., sufflcient cause; no public
ity noebarae u ntll dtvoree obtained. Advloa m
rree. BuslB-ascatablished IS years. Addreaa
M Hones, Attorney, No. 7S Nassau sixjst,
Naw York Mty.
1 I
afc-. r
Uf. -
Bv next
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