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i mm' '
3 16, 1870.
Omen or thb Dailt Appial, I
Memphis, Juae 14, 1870. (
la opposition to ths proposed repudia
tion of the misapplied and misappro
priated bonds ol our State, it is argued
that they were accepted in good Csith by
the present holders, and that since they
have passed into second hands it will be
impossible to reach them. To this we
hsve to respond that although that argu
ment was advanced to protect the inter
ests of the people who held the 1S61-2
issues of the Bank ot Tennessee, yet the
Federsl Government, acting upon infor
mation at second hands, and that is known
to us to be untrue, has forced our Legis
lature to a repudiation that has brought
beggary to many cultured homes. In
this case we propose to repudiate that
which can only aOect those who ware in
the rings or in the Interest of the rings
which secured the issuance of these
bond. Poor men and women cannot be
hurt by the refusal of the State to pay
bon is that have been secured under
fraudulent pretenses, and that have never
been applied to the uses for which they
were intended. Hach s coarse can only
reach those who have shared in the profits
or those who hsve purchased for profit.
We therefore urge npon the Legislature
the repudiation of every railroad bond
issued since 18l that has not been
nsed for the legitimate purpose of their
issue, our bond-holders can ess er bear
with this trial than the widows and or
phans of the Southern soldiers could the
repudiation of the Tennessee money left
to them as the only legacy and the sole
source of support in what has proven so
far a trying future. The telegram pub
lished by us from Sew York yesterdsy,
setting forth that the Tennessee railroads
were buying these bonds with a view to a
big speculation we cannot believe true.
Tti -e who .untrol our existing raaCoad
corporations are men of at least ordinary
shrewdness, and certainly will not tamper
with these securities until their value is
belter defined. At present they are as
In a paragraph of yesterday, w he ran
we called attention to the growth of tiro
and lite iusurance in Memphis, we failed
in our enumeration of fire companies to
me!jti'n the Mississippi Valley, of which
oar old aud esteemed friend W. B. Wal
dran has recently beeu elected Secretary.
Mr. Waldran is well known in financial
. in les, and i appreciated as one of the
most cautious, shrewd and sur-essful
financiers in our section. His long con
nection with our railroad interestssecureil
for hiin a prestige and character (and
lustly, trto,) that must be shared by the
Company with which he is now connected,
and tor which we predict a telling success
in the future.
The news comes to us, and we regret to
publish it as a fact, that CM. Sam Tate,
.me ol t he foremost railroad men of the
South, a gentleman of pre-eminent abil
ity, lies on a bed of pain and suderiog,
and so low that his life is despaired of.
We can ill afford to lose Col. Tate at this
time, lie is needed now more than ever.
We are but entering upon the oareer of
railroad prosperity predicted by him and
for which he has Labored so long. We are
but iost beginning aud need his services
as a guide upon a road with witu'ti he is
familiar, and where, with Wwlu au4
vireenlsw and Forrest and Boyd, he can
lead this community to success. We
hope for letter iewa of Col. Tate to-morrow,
and will be glad to publish the fact
f his rapid recovery.
Our attention has lsen called to an evil
that is difficult of remedy, and to which
we must, in the performance of our duty,
call the attention of our planters, the
mercantile couiiuunily, unfortunately for
themselves, being already too familiar
with it. It is that much cotton has been
received iu this market falsely and fraud
ulently packed, the bales filled in with
trash of all sorts, and sometimes water
packed. We learn that one of our lead
ing cotton houses has had to allow several
reualea ou their Liverpool bills on aocouut
of stones and mud taken from tbe heart
of bales of cotton packed in the Missls
sappi Vllev, and sold with a purpose to
roll the spinner, or tirst confiding pur
chaser. It so bsppens that iu all tbe In
dian. -e uuiier our knowledge, last Mem
phis purchaser has bsd to suffer and aa- i
dure this robbery aud refund to tbe spin
ner iu proportion lo its amount. 1'he
honor of the planting community is at
slake in this matter, and we hope our
appeal will reach every member, that this
: mug of fraud be stopped, be suppressed,
it in nd other way by local associations
loruied for the maintenance of tbe credit
and good name of a class who heretofore
have stood nigh, as beyond any possi
bility of reach by the corrupting lffriu-en.-es
of the day. And while the planters
are redressing "this grievance, it wonld be
well fir them to take Into consideration
another that threatens to grow end
assume dangerous proportions; that is
the putting up cotton iu small
, es, jui.l the use of unnecessary quan
tities i't baling and rope. Jsooner
or ister ire are uound to hear from tbs
Northern and Kuropeau customer on this
head aud to liaie trouble. The recoil la
sure to coino, and when it does, it will
be sweeping in measures for the preven
tion of all such penny-wise and ound
foolish schemes. It is as usoessary to
maintain mercantile character as i!ier-.-.tutile
credit. Indeed, the one argues
the other. It is therefor to the internets
of all engaged in cotton proUuo-r and
seller 'hat it should reach the msuulsc
turer clean, free from trash, carefully and
honestly Backed, aud with as little ban
King atid cops as may be necessary for
its safe earns? and conveyance to mar
ket. Memphis has a good name abroad,
she must preserve it. To Jo so she relies
in ! ui it rely upon thfl planters who
wake this their market for the saLe of
their cotton crop. It is iu the cotton as
in al other business " Honesty i the
Is-st policy." To illustrate this,
we will tell a story that is vouched for (a
us as being true in every particular: Be
fore the war, in tbe viciuity ol a pretty
Ptlie town iu a neighboring State, UulatM
miles from Memphis, a we -t.i-.lo ;.. inter
j. ked iu the middle of a bale ol hue cot
lou an old and very lare grindstone, that
bad doue good service in its lime, and hail
Set-n thrown aside. He sold this bale to a
of the Lown alluded to. who in
old it to a merchant of MW.H". ami
erebaul of Liverpool. lhel,u-
he to a u
haul slid 11 to a r rein-u mau-
i-r .ml mer
ou opening the bale, found
ut'iwttirer, wn
the old stone on
srnifti in planters ne-
Nnr kuiv an anil sues.
gisMs, Ii ul whetted 1.
.rued it to Uvir-
snd he iniiuodialelv re
ssi to Mobile,
1 ... a uki..
"ue..e .s -o.r, Whence
..,.1 fe,..,. 1 I, ere to 1 hM lift I ,- t . U W ""'"
it found its wav to the yard of th.
f IU
to the astonishment and amazement
iieer x-s. who could not believe thai
stone they bsd parked under the diree
MM of their master bad been to France
and bak iu so short s time. It is need-li-ss
to say that all the parlies were reim
bursed. The neurhbors of tbe unfortti
ii ale man made up a purst and j.aid the
auioaot of lh fund, and then tarred aud
feathered him previous to driving; him
from them iu disgrace. This severe pun
ishment served as an example for a long
time. We bojie it will mil have to be re
pealed in order that tbe honor and credit
of tbe planters of tbe Sofllh may be up
held. The money market begins to show signs
of an early era of scarcity, which, so far
a. in.ii uions bids lair to be as strin
gent as it waa last season. Already more
than one bank reports currency close,
with a demand in excess of their ability
to supplv. We must, however, add that
this is not generally the case, as other iu
stitatious have ample means ou hand at
present to discount such paper as they
look upon as desirable, and are at tbe
same time well hied in tbe way of bal
ances cash. There is littleor no exchange
oilenu. aud the demand for it is fair.
some banks offering to take cotton bills
at ' , premium, though tbe rate is par as a
rule. In checking we learn of no rebate
from premium.
City bonds are wanted at ii:, but none
are oil . red. Other Soulheru securities I
are nominal. City scrip is weak at TOc
buying, selling at TMu'-'k as to amount.
( 'oil ill v w arrants are iu light ouih1;
dealers buy at 72()72e aud sell at 7f475e.
I . nnnsoe money is somo tinner; dealers
would buy at Wc, aud sell at T9GTtu.
In gold an occasional transaction onlv
is reported. A lotof luoO, another of sTi)
aud one of 9700 were taken to-day by
dealers st 112 for shipment.
Oov eminent securities closed strong
with an advancing tendency :
Condftof 1S81 1W4
S-l Bonds of 1082 1
n- " 1864 111H
b-ao " 1886
5- JO " 1885, new....
6- 2U " 1887, "
a-20 " 1888, " ....
je- s' Bonds
Pacific Sixea
Both tbe Liverpool and New York
.markets declined to-day, aud oar market
yyas lully .vc lower than yesterday,
though sales were light and some holds! s
were not willing to concede. One or two
hovers only were on tbe market and they
were bunting low grades to till ordets
which have been on hand some weeka.
We quote nominally as follows: Stric
Middlings 2ii2nS'e, Middlings -JOT, Low
Middlings lWalPV- A few small lots
were picked up even at lower rates. The
market closed dnll and unsettled.
chambbb or Oommbbob,
UiSPHin, June ao, 18T0.
Stock. Sept. 1, 1869.
Hec'd since last statement.. 323
Received previously .282,85o-2R3,I7:i
Shipped since last sta'in'nt 1ft)
Shipped prevloualy.. . 270,73-1 -270,80tt
Stock at noon this day
Memphis aad Charleston R. B
Mississippi and Tennessee K. R. ..
Memphis and Ohio K. K
- 116
.. 44
a, lis
,. is
si -
Bapaaa, est.,
Memphis aad Ohio K. B 81
Memphis and Charleston R. R... 79
Www York, Tane 15, 10:25 a.m. Cotton
dull and tendency downward ; lower to
eell; Ordinary, l!.c ; Good Ordinary,
lV.'c; Low Middlings, iJO'.c; Uplands,
il .- ftood Middlings, 23c; Mobile Zlc;
Orleans, iiSc
12:10 p.m. Cotton dnll and tending
downward. June sold at 2uic and July
at Hr and August at l!''-e. Ordinary.
17'jc; (iooJ Ordinsrv, H,-: Low Mid
dlings. '.c: I 'plands, BlMw Good
Middlings, 23a; Mobile, 2l",e; Orleans,
BMi p.m. Cotton dull and lower; or
dinary, 17' ,c: good do., W,c; low mid
dling, l:. ; uplands, 21ic : good do..
23c.;; Mobile, 22c.; Orleans, We,
2:15 p.m. Cotton weak, but demand
moderate, with a decline of in all
gradea from previous quotations. Sales
of loot) bales and 3tsM) bales for June at
2b'4c; July at lirHc.; August at 19SC ;
September at 1U'C; October at lso-;
November at 18c.
4 p.m. Cotton quiet and weak; low
middling, Jnjc. ; other grades unchangeii.
Sales for export, 500 balea; spinners, 750
bales; speculation, 238 for June at 2c
Nxw Obleani. June 15, 2 p.m.
Cotton ' and nominal, 20c.
Sales, 2750 bales; receipts, 525; exports,
Liverpool, June 15, 5 p.m. Cotton
flat and irregular. Sales, 10,000 bales:
export and speculation, .1000 bales. Up
lands, lOHf&lO'id; Orleans, MXdL
The general markets are not active
though prices retain their firmness on all
leading staples, while stocks are not
much mora than equal to the demand,
and receipts from above are dropping off
ALsl Sands' Ale, $10 50 per halt-barrel.
Porter, $11. Lager, par keg, $5 25. Ale.
per dozen, aoXael 25 for quarts ; $2(2 25 for
pints. Porter, do.
Builders' Materials Rosendale ce
ment, $4 254 50; Louisville cement, f3
3 25. Tape liino, $1 852; Ohio river,
$1 a; I'lica, $1 75; Alabama, fl HOfu 00.
Plaster hair, $2 75 per bale. Fire brick,
m oo.
BrTTKB Choice new 2325c, good 18
20c, common dull at 15a;17c.
Baooinu Nominal at IlKKJc.
Beans Choice Navy, $2 503 CO per
bushel; mixed white, $1 75&2 CO.
Brooms abd Broomcorn Brooms are
steady at $3 OOfgw 00 per doz as to quality.
Broomcorn is scarce and in demand at
J-JtKKaOO per ton, as to cure.
Coknmeai. The demand is light; sell
ing in lots at $4 90."i 00. On orders iu a
small way from store $5 255 30.
Cheese English (Jloster and factory
Coffee The demand is moderate and
prices Sready; Rio lisjjl23c, Java 25(30c.
Cotton Yahbs No. 400, 20ac; 600.
17lc; tJOO, l617c; 700, nfolic.
Cotton Seed and Motes Cotton
Seed oo Utvetr $13 00, or $13 U delivered
at mills, buyer furnishing sacks. Motes
lto 4c per pound.
Canned Goods The market is dull
and inactive. Condensed milk, $14 UOiai
14 02 oer case. Cove oysters, 1 lb; l tio
per dbz.; 5 lbs, $2 85. Peaches, AT fl
76. Fears, 60. Tomatoes, $1T
I to Cherrhjs, $3ai3 25. Piueapples, P tftKg,
4 25. Strawbern.-, $3 25. Branuy Peaches,
4 75(915. Brandy Cn.is, $0 00fa6 50.
Pickles, hlf gal. per doz., $4 7".a,5 gi; qts,
$3 at pints, $2 .ii 50. Tomato Catsup,
$1 252 26. Peppersauce, $1 26.
Eoos The stujk is light; selling at 2t
,'JOc. with only a moderate demand.
J-V.t.i Transactions aresmail auu su ck
ample, isiiow ana mixeu i-oru is nun,
nisi at $loU OS truiil first bauds; wnilo
1 10al 12). Oats are sirce at BBBBBBa
l uree Uuudred sacks uran a ota iJU ibvws
$10, some holders ask $20(u21. One iwi.-
Jrcd bales hav sold ai cooio- ninuiujr
oild bnug"2i. Collouseed i,eai fmmM
25 per tow v utilia,
FLOta The dfciuftijd ; iigfet aud pnets
am ririn Fiuu 4 jo. super $5 50, X
$5 75. XX tuu 4a, XXX and lanty Hi 5u
(99 00.
FKnir New southern apples are com-
i r. j
n freely and sell ai per oui lor
shipweut. Dried apples, o.c. Dried
1'eacbHS, 1'9imo.
Fish Mackerel is nominal and irregu
lar. White iish is tier half bbl.
GcM-tias crood Mo. 1 seconds 12 ;ftive v
anu unu,
H ; i as. Furs and Tallow Hides and
furs are steady. Dry Flint, 16c; Dry
Salt lje; Oreen 6c; Green Salt, 7d,7!4c.
Tallow, c. Deer Skins, UAMe, Beaver
..Kl 50 each. Ott.sr, 1 004 00 each,
atbak aoctaifl 00. Fox luc. Coon 12.stS
30c .
LbaTb Hemlock Sole 33f):c ; Oak
Sole424iG; kWdle 404-: Bridles tihfg)
69perdosen; Uptairs 40(gij0:; Calfskins,
French $so7.; Ameneau L. ISOtflssJ.
LivkSTock thoice beef cattle are in
light supply. No. I Beeves, c; No. 2,
54(t6o; interior, 4r5c. Milch Cows,
S per head. Work Mules, 125175.
Work Hosaa, f ie.
LimBKR Demand fair, prices unchan
ged. We quote clear White Fine, 45 00
(75 00 per thousand. Kough and
Dressed Poplar, (40fo,45. Dressed Poplar
Weather-boarding, 1125; White Fine do,
253U. Veilow Pina Flooring, $46; White
Pine do, ..'.. Sawed Laths, 3 50.
Glass, per box, 4(t 5u.
Molassks The demand is fair, and
gloi-k ample. Keboilexl New Orleans, 50
(gfti. Kaslera syrup, :J6faiH
Naval STOXBa lar, in kegs, $5 26 to
I 76 for Plus; in 40 gallon obis, S8 to 10;
Pitch f6 par bbl; Oakum tj to 6 pet
Nails Ka.r demand at 4 25lal OO rates.
Oils Coal, 332c; Linseed raw, fl 30;
do. boiled, 1 409il 45; Lard, $1 40(1 50;
Lubrioatittg Coal Oil, fci!e: Train OU.
II 1 30 ; Crude Cottotiseed Oil, 5255c.
I'.ifLiKt cW -ne-k-is mnaji) 50, young
kj )J5 01.
Pkoio i k -t'M peaebblow potatoes $1 15
(a, I JO per bash. New potatoes f4.i 00
jjer bbl. New oaioas flfeeS 50 pr bbl.
Fi0 laloNs We have ao change to
note. iL.s are reducing and prices re
main very Oriu. We quote from store ss
follows: Mesa Pork.SSi l. Prime Mess,
n (HKu,2K a. Rumps, 926 uof2o 00,
'..wis, 10 0CHu,U OU. Clear Bacon "sides.
Wu,l)a. Clear Bib Sides, 17H(g
ITicvti Kib, 1744170. Shoulders, I4u
l i ' 'iBresafaal Bao, n, 1 3(g21c S.C.Hains,
Mans Baaf, W i;aiM, n
m, UViV: iM-2.T ii7w. fk. ..
WtMWH'W vs rm-
7 . LTu.. Mi
iut o uvj ia . --La
Si Rrt a
with moderate
warkat Is very firm,
stock ou bat;:). Coia-
mon LoulHiAua,
i iii.u.,. v.lk.w CI an tied, .Htft-.1
wSita Clarined. Wt
aad Powdered, Wf 44 Coffee A, iKg
14Uc B, 155ii,14lac ; Extra C, 13(
UhilX d .Urhnoand
barrels 92 252 45; dairy a 2!i 0.
SpiaiTs-Uigbwinea 91 tXl 00; proof
spirits 91 1.1 l; ractl wnisky aoi
91 K
Stabch oX&c per lb.
Soap Mottled 9X010; yellow 7V.
8)64: common K7o. Candl.si 15(j24c.
Tobacco Prima natural leaf, light
preased, 7Wcail 10: tine fancy Va. S0ca$l :
hriirht nouuds. SotaisX' : uHslium
brntbt pounds, 70to)c; oommou briKht
pounda, KXaWOc: medinm brliht
rsmtids. sound. MRi smoking.
and fancy, XS0c: medium and common,
Vi n soak Common and pickling, 10c
Miasiaai a an Tnssas.su Kaii.-
ROAl! M A N I r KsT or r i ' 's-i "
at MlMPBis. Tk.mn., Jane 1.., Kt7.
Muachaiu Traadwell. 2 bale cotton;
Taylor, Kadtord A Co, is iCa.' Kai.u
cairn, a,,: artae A Harlrt,.i do: ClsrK,
Klv 'Jo, 3 do; Partee, Burleson Jc Co, 1
do; J A Payne, 1 do; E M Apperson A
Co, I do; N Kord A Co. 1 PK sundries;
fTl hciu.e, l..do; Taaauaa A r.a, 1 do;
P Twohia. 12 do: Owen, McNutt A Co, 1
do; i K Wood. 1 do; O Praaoott A Co,
Sdo; tiHar, Pinole A Co, 16 do; Burkle
A Krey, 30 bead cattle
Insolvent Notice.
i ,i
vested the Insolvency of the
W. J. Horuervell deceased, I
l.erel.v lv. ,,,ilce for all oeros bavins
damn aaaiunt said estate to appear before
the County Court Clerk and nle the same,
sulheu Healed Iu the manner prescribed by
U, ou ox before the nth day of December,
W7.r sad any claim not Bled oa or beaore
said day or befetean appropriation of tha
ri..l oT Hald estate Is luiule, liall be forever
barred, both la law aad euuiiy.
R. j. bi-ACK, Adua'i
Memphis, June 11, 1870.
Of the CoBditioa of the CONTINENTAL IN
SURANCE COMPANY, of the City of Now
York, oo Ui clot day of January. A.0, 1870.
The nHme of 1
i.orated fn BaVl
tils Company is the "CONTI
and locstefl at No. ltt! liroad
f of New York.
in the
The capital of said Company, actu
ally paid up In cash, is 4 500,000 110
The surplus, ou the 1st day of Janu
ary, 1070 lJMO.Utt 50
Total mii t of capital and surplus, 330,122 50
Amount of cash In sit,
Nicholas Nat'nal Uauk.
New Tork 1119.87 Iff
Ainouniof cash in iiOix, ...wi 45
Amount ui Lamas ou atate
flocks, and aWcas and
Bonds of the United
Htates, and of Insillu
Huns InsorporaisU by
the Htate of New York,
payable on demand.
(Tbs market value ot sw
curlties pltslged exceed
ing H9H.SM 0U 385,050 0(1-1508,081 3ii
Amount of Loan on Bonds and Mort
gages, being first lieu of record ou
unincumbered Beal Estate, worm
at least tXUMUV on which there
is less than one year's Interest due
and owing, (merest 7 per oent... 716,350 UO
Blocks and Bonds owued by toe
(Joiupany as follows:
Bank loca 151.0S0 i
stale and city Bonds J57,luo uu
U. a. Bonds 510,750 U0
Keal Estate 1UU Broailway,
and i I'lne strest, N. Y.
owned by the Comiiauy ...9175,000 00
Keal illstale cor. Conrt and
Montague streets, Brook
lyn owued by the Co 0201) U0-t2374O0 110
Interest on Laiaiis, due Ulls dale MJUt HI
Premiums due this dale 32,401 ;17
Ken t accrued 3,500 uu
Tola! Assets .4i,m 50
Amount -f Losses adjnsted,
and due and unpuid None.
Amount of Losses incurred,
and iu process ot adjust
ment 45,7UU (0
Amount of dividends on
eapiial. declared and due
and unpala u. 2,29s ou
Amount of divideuds un
scrip, declared, unclaimed
and nnpaid ij,i,;s 54
Aniouol of scrip ordered re
deemed and yelnnclalni'd 41,523 00
Amount of alt other exist
ing claims against me
Company Nothing.
Total amount of louses, claims and
Uablllttea. 1141,197 54
Tne greatest amount insured ou any one
risk is .1 h.u: i-,uuw, but will not, as a geneial
rule, exceed 15,01X1.
The company have no general rule as to
the amount allowed to be Insured in any
city, BBBBb village or block, it being ibe in
tention of tne Company to distribute its
risks in such a manner as not to lose more
man tb.ouu by a single Ore.
ConpTHoiaa's Omen,
NASHVTLLX, January 1, 1M7U.1
I, G. W. Bucxbctrn, Comptroller of the
Treasury , do hereby certify mat ibe 1 untlnen
lal Lusurance Company, located at No. iu2
Broadway, In the city of New York, has
produced to me satisfactory evidence tbal
said Company has complied with all the
requirements of the laws of tbe Htate of
Tennessee Imposed on Insurance- compa
nies; aud 1 ;uruier certify that a. it. Clarke
A Ce., AgenLi, of said Company, have also
couiplleu with the requirements of the laws
of me aiale, made and provided m such
W lierefore, saul Continental Insaraucrio M11
pany has aulLnrily to take risks and trantci
the busiuesa ot insurance in this stale, at
Mem puis, Tennessee. 44. W- 01..M lilil'ii.V
Comptroller of Xenneasee.
a tt. CLA11KE A CO., Agents,
IK Knickerbocker Building,
Jel Madison street, Mem puis.
Statement ef the Cooditioo of the
On the 31 st Day of December, lSU'J.
The name of the Company Is 1.sjtkbsjA
TioHAi. last banck Cuxpasy." It Is loca
ted in Ihu City ol New York.
The amount 01 its capitul stock is fouu.uuu
The amount of capital stock paid up Is. iuu,uuu
The Assets of the Company are as lullowa:
Cash on hand and In the hands of
agents or other persons 976.200 01
Keal estate unincumbered None.
Bonds owued by the Ctnupuuy, to-wlt;
U. 5-20 bonds, par value. 3-)2ti,.sJO
f. S. lit-M) bonds, pnrvallic 10",)
I'. S. 6 per ct. ;W year bonds.. 215.0fl
New York County blinds H.ootl
Virginia Slate Itoiuls ;7,I0U
Alabama Slate bonds lli.uul
Central fark Impruveuieut
Loan Bonos 100,000
Soulii Carolina Bonus, new.. 2U,00U
Market value
.51,1)00,771 25
Learned on bond and mortgage, be
ing tne nrst Ilun ou unineum-u-red
real estaie, worlh double
the amount loan'ed .... 8,000 UU
Debts otherwise secured - 15JJ 40U U0
Oebls lorpremiums 12',05tf u5
All ulliersecurities 15,877 80
TuUl asHctS JlJifcUW 17
Amounts due or not due to batiks or
other creditors
L(Nieh i. ..!-! i,-i i due
LoaMtib auXjUhUxl auiii not due
Looser uutttijuitted auitl 1 iu huh
peiiKo w in ing lor furUiur proof....
AJl other claims aaiut the Couip'y
4,553 46
158,053 8S
2U,li5 SU
Toi-aJ llabiU). $17b,wjb j.
The KreHteaU aajnouat j.-urt' la any
oue riak j ' in. i - it., ft wiW,lWU 00
The K'eateht amouut alio wed bv tiie ruie of
the couipaauy bo be invured in may one city,
town or vUiatfe; the grealeHt ainoaat al
lowed to be injured in any one block No
arbitrary rale; axe governed entirely by a
prudent regard for the character ol the rbtk.
VAUViLisB, Jauuury 1, 1K7U.J
I, U. W. iiiaAxajii kn, Comptroller of the
Treasury, do hereby certify that the Interna
tional InHuriiiice Coinpauy, of the City of
N-w York, located at Mew York, Iu the
State of New York, ha produced to me &tbi-liw-tory
evitieuce thalaara Cjjuipuny lias com
plied with all the requirements, of
Hie laws of tbe State of reuneaaee Irn
ptnsed on insurauee companieTand I fur
ther certify thai s. iC IXakk k & Co., Agenta
of Haid Company, have alt; complied with
the retjutreuieutji of the iawa of me Slate,
made and provided in nnrb oaMS.
Wherefore ai4 insurance Con pany lias
authority to take rlftka and ; : .1 ;,. ;it tl)e bu'sl,
ueHN ul iiiMurauue in thia State, at MetnpulH,
TenueKaee. O. W. BLACKBUKN,
mhlti Coiuptroller ol renneaaee.
S. R. CLAKKE A CO., Amenta,
IS L. ........ rw,..ls. , 1 i
Madinon street, MempliLa.
i m the- 31st Day of December, lSu'9,
'PUS name of this company is the Livaa
JL cool. ... IxiMuoa AND ULOB lxsu-
It Is located iu New York city. StaU- of New
The amount of its citiitsl stock iu tbe
L'nlteU s;.i; is
Tbe amount of Its capital stock paid op Is
Total assets In
Gold o $18,000,000
The AsMrtt of the Onnptmp ore lufuUvwe is aV
Umial data :
Cash on hand and In the bands of
aaaa or other perhOns ,
Keal esssLeanincumoereaL
Douus ownasi hy the company,
V. s a per ct. j 20 bou.U, issues of
ia-.', , -as. ami '07 r.-u'.l, par va!..
2011,403 2S.O0U 0U
0,131 25
l.ooo.ooo oo
1S,75 00
at, ii 7
c. '. 7
L a. per el. iu- iu Couus ism rug o,
par aalaa '....jj,, ,, , i.i..n
Virginia iiaix per ct, Ismds, par
Alabama 5 per ct.4soatou Isolds,
oar value
-'a i. 'ii bond .,,'.1 luorboMce, be
ing njrsf. llsn id unincumbered
real eiS, worth double the
anionut loaned ,
LH'bls otbsrwlse seciired liills re
ceivable ,......
Uebts for aremlmas -
All oilier sccuriUos, Soci ukI inter
est but not yet due, ou bauds and
norursea, on TJ. . and 8. bonds
anu ili"lLles "
Total assets la UuU Htates .
...12)4,400 0U
o hum. miff.
Amount due or not du? U banka
.,r oLher creditors f."'
LuttHiallluteJudlhie ?.oae-
I.OKTA. IJual-d and not due ls,oa1
Lor-. Muadjusted 113,7B3 Si
wftlrltt for
"Staag.Ml7 W U
The areatest amount nBlhred in any
one risk. IJi.W"
The (reatast aiionat Slowed hy the rules of
in. lorapvii) r"" j -,,
U.wu or vlllMse; tbe ijreaie-t amount al-
lowad to he lusurwu ' " j "" uiuv
CoayTuvfcLKa's Orrua,
nohvilll Jauari' 1. Uf70. 1
n w Bi.AtKBiRN, Coiuptroller al Uis
Treaeury , do hereby .H-rtify that the Liver
pool and uytoy a'EaS
Sew York, lias preduoed to me satiBfactor.v
evidence that aid Company has complied
,.h -ii ih. r.H,uireii.uLk of the laws oi the
state of Teuuessee, unpisted on JUHurance
......... i. im miii I runner ceruiv i ii i.
CUrke a Co . Ageulsol said compapy, navs
hJh. coil iljllea wiiai ia.e : ..iuuwhou. w
lawHOftbn State, made and provided in such
C"vvTi'erefore, said Liverpool and London
Ombe losuranee Oompanjr has authority W
taik.- r' aud transact I he business ol Insu-
in this State, ai- Memphis Tennessee,
ranoein this two. u w fiUAt.KBL'Kf,
CompinJlier oi imiu.
w. K. OLABKE (Xka Age"
Jg Knickerbocker Bnlh
n at.rw.l.. W.n i.li la.
rwHJBHNOand all work in her
I line done with dispatch, at J
, . Leave orders at A. l arr s I
st.7r"on levee; with Uigley, Mellersh A Co.,
or nuply on board to
myifi W. W. MAXNUAUIaT, !ta,l er.
Life Assurance Association
Co-operative aad Purely Mutual Charter
Perpetual Forever Exempt from all
Taxes by tbe Laws of the State,
810,000 for 810 X
EXPLANATION : 112 makes you a member
of the Association 1. e. 10 for policy, fl
medical examination fee.and fl contingent
fee. said fl payable yearly. In advance, for
omoa xpnses. On tbe death of a member
an aassasmsnt of at Is levlsd on every sar
vlvlng member, whioh is tbs amount paid to
tbe widow or beneficiary of the deceased
member, thirty days being given to pay in
llM BBaassineat ol VI after due notification.
When the Association numbers several thou
sand tbey will be classed according to ages,
via: All between tbe ages of 15 and years
In one class, and all between JS and .15 yean
In another, and so on ap to 05 years, which 1
the limit; and every class to be carried to
50UU members, then each policy will be worth
110,000. Until that time each policy will be
worth double the number of dollars as there
are members of the class; and at the death of
a member the surviving members of his class
only are assessed the The policy fee of
tlO, or the greater portion of it. Is made s
Inking rand to provide for the delinquen
cies of members; and said rand is loaned on
interest, tbe Interest accruing therefrom,
after defraying tbe expenses, coming back
to the policy-holders as dividends. The
advantages over ordinary Life Insurance
Companies are: No panic can break It; the
fees are so small, and repaired to be paid at
sucij long Intervals, that any and every man
s secure to his family a competency upon
his death. This Company Is not restricted
U) members of the Uuoiur fraternity.
D. C. TRADBR, President.
H. M. RAUAN, Heerwlary.
K. U. TRADKR, Treasurer.
Hon. P. T. Hero gas, of Messrs. Uernggs 4
Duncan; A. Vaocaro. of Messrs. A. Vaocaro
ft Co.; J. 3. Stanton, of Stanton Moors: A.
Hatchett,, of Bnsby M Hatchetl ; Ed. Pick
et!, ir.. attorney-at-iaw. SX Union street.
W. BV. H i ILHjitM. St. Ll., nemcai examiner:
Office No. 38 Msdlson street.
ana u w s
Insurance Compa'yof Memphis.
CAPITAL, : : $300,000 00
F. 8. DAVIS, :.::::: President.
JOHN R. STEBBJNS, : Vice President.
W, B. WALDRAN, r : Secretary
P. 8. Davts Presl.luntPlrst National Bank
L. M. Wiiu'utt. -.WolcoU, Smith at Co.
Bzsj. K'.vv v Rice. 8tlx Co.
J. W. Jxfvbhsow J. W. Jefferson Co.
N. CoauHMA N. Coronna . Co.
P. M. M All aji Tsf, Phlltlps a Co.
Thomas It. -sitic... sniilh dk Stephens
N. Mk.sikkn . .....Menken Bros.
Jacob Kriitdma!! Prtcdmsn Bros.
J. W. UicKiSuii...Ulckiusnn. Williams A Co
U. H JdoaH- Walker Bros, a Co
U. M. L.ikm'ks's r: h.a . H.LoewenHtine A Bros.
J. T. Fakoason .Fargaaon A i. lay
U. Bow cm. Milam, Bowling A Co.
W. P.PBOtroriT Day A PronUflt.
T. B. DiXaLAan Otllard, Plnson A Co
J. J. Muhpby President Memphis Bank.
Joli.N- R. -lK.iia.;.s, THOS-.COC'KE, P. VV . SMITH.
Missouri Valley Life Insurance Co.
Orrici MiBBorm Vallbt Ltvb Iks. Co.,1
Leavenworth, Kansas, June 4, 1870.
WMr. WM. RUPP1N, of Mem puis. Ten
nessee, having been appointed Oeneral Agent
ftf Ulls Cbinpany for Western Tennessee,
North Mississippi and Arkansas, all com
munications from Polley Holders to tbe
Company should be addressed to him.
asp Offlre No. 38 Madison slreeU
Jewlt GEO. A. MUOIIE, Secretary.
U S. Marshal's Sale of the Steam
boat " Gallatin."
PURaUANT to an order j saia issued by
the U. a. Lilstrici. court for the Mat net of
West Tesnessee, I will offer tbe steamboat
"(Jallatln," her engines, machinery, tackle,
apparel and fnmiture for sale, at, public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, tor cash, at tbe
door of the U. . Court-rooms, In the Wal
dran B ock. No. 150 Mam street, Memphis,
Tennessee, on
Tuesday, June 21, 1870,
At 11 o'clock a.m.
United States Marshal.
new Finivr,
J. J. Busay, late M. v. JoH-isoit,
Bosby A Maicuer. uaaapn coumy, bubs.
L. H. Cob, Memphis, Tenn.
No. 274 Front St., Memphis. Tenn.
BP Refer, bv permission, to Merchants' Na
tional Bank. Oerman National Bank. DeHoto
Bans sn l First National Bank. Memphis; a.
IL Tncker, Banker, Little Rock. Ark. leS
Stockholders' Meeting.
'I'HK snnnal meeting or the Stockholders
I ol tbe helbv Connty Agrlenltnral, He
ehaolcal and Uortleultural ttoriety will take
place at tbe ball of the Chamber uf Com
merce, on SATURDAY, Will lust., at 11 o'clock
a. in Subscribers who have not paid up tbe
whole amouut of their stock, will not be en
titled to vote. Stockholders who fOrnlsb
written proxies, will be ent itled to vote.
Je9 LKON TBOUBDALK. Secretary.
SIOOO Howard.
For any case of Blind, Hleedtng or Itrhing
PI LSI VIM UbBINU's Pilb Rkmxdy falls to
-ure. It has cured cases ol ai years standing.
Try It, and get rid of the most troublesome
disease flesh is heir to. Sold by all druggtaia.
Sold everywhere. Send for pamphlet.
LabrnLoryli'l Franklin street,
, v naitiTiiors. art
10,000 SACKS CORN.
irK sre receiving heavy ablpments on
W every boat, bulling chesper than any
body to the trade.
Je7 Ifo 3. foot of JeOerson.
unrruciHro jl rr(1
I. nurrnt.imk.il ia. w.,
mr. lotjiw,
myl daw
riHK second iceneral meeting of creditors
1 of Howell, Wood Co.. Huiinnipis, win
n helii At. V, .m t.lils. in District of West Ten,
nessee, on tlie bit day July, A. 1). 1S7U, at 11
o'clock a. in., at the ofnoe of T. J. Latham.
Esq., one of the Registers In Bankruptcy iu
laid District, for the pnrposes named In the
twenty-seventh nfftbj section of tbe set of
1 onifri-M., iiliueu ad actio enbaoiivu a uni
form system of bankruptcy throughout the
United states. Approveu aiureu it, a.u,
W87. 8AM 1 ' EL W LAMBETH, Assignee.
Memphis, .1 une 16, 1871. Jelft
Non -Resident Notice.
v. w r ' . . ,L
HQ VDU-iD U1H V LltlllCI J - . v., . . f"
Ten nessee. -James McHugh, by bis next
irieiid, etc., vs. John 1). Armour et ai.
IT appearing from return iu this cause that
the defendant, John 13. Armour is a resi
dent of the Htate of M .iv land and a non-res-
ldeat of the Htate of Tennessee: and that
uja Oweua Is a non-rosldent of tbe State of
Tennessee, ud tliat his residence is un
kaown; Ills therefore order.d, That ther make their
appearance herein, at the Courtnouse in the
city ol Mempllls, teuuessee, on or before Hie
first Monday In August, 1K70, snd plead .answer
or demur to complainant's bill, or the same
will he taken for confessed ss to them, and
set tor bearing; ex parte; and that a copy of
this ordr be pnpU.Ued once a week, for four
successive weess, mi as in
A Copy. Attest :
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
OanU Me Powell, Mala, for eompl't. )el6
Non Resident Notice.
u ,o.jrt t.K. i 'h liDAi-rv Court of M cm-
BaC Tn.iDsee.-Uavld Whitby, Ad-
mluistrslor jr. a. P. 4'Arusmont, dec d, vs.
Henry X. lones, auh.;hii, o
IT appearing flora the Bherls return in
I this cause tbal the defendant, Benj. Hsr-
rlSon, IS a resmeutoi .m.wi, u
lei Harrison Is a roldent of Virginia, and
both uou-resldeuuof the Htate o I Tennessee:
It s therefore ordered, That they make
their ADDnaranoe herein, at the courtnouse iu
the city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or before
the first Monday in August. Uu, and plead.
answer or demur to complainant a qui, or
t he ssjue will be taken for con leased as to
them, and set for hearing ex parte; aud that
a copy of this order be published once a
wees, 'or lour sueeeaasve wuvu, in uue mem
phis Appeal.
A Copy Attest.
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, Deputy Clerk and Master.
aeo. Uillham, SoL for complainant. JelS
PRICE MEMi-ma City K. R. Co.. Memphis
Tenn.. Msv 2L )70. The annnal election
lor five Directors iu llie Memphis City K. R.
Company will be held at the ..dice ol the
company, ou tne axi vmj wi juuc, .o.u, v a
o c.ock p.m. iuayaj J. U. aoUTU, Uea y.
Trustee's Sale.
BT virtue of a trout deed execnted to me by
W. B, WaUdrmn, on the Hth day of April,
Wtif, and duly recorded In the HegUter'M offln
for tbe county of ttlivlby, and MLat of Ten
neisaee. In Book No. 72, aw lit), and for tne
purpoae of paying tbe following debts there
in naenliont-d, to-wlt: One to W. B. (ireenlaw,
for the Mum of tour thousand one hundred
and nlxty nine ttaVlOO doliarH, as evldenoed by
note, due December LtiLb, 1HBN, with Interest,
and one other debt due to E. sf . Apperson, as
Rxewitor of Wade H. Bolton, deceased, evi
denced by promissory note made May y, 1H88,
and payahle on the il-Mih May, lXW, for the
mm of nineteen thooaand five hundred dol
larsthis note has a credit of two thousand
dollars, paid June 16, 1H88 the injunction
retraining the sale under former advertise
ment having been dissolved) 1 will, on
Tuesday, the 5th Day of July, 1870,
Tn front of the Waldran Block, and upon the
premises, between the honrs of 10 o'clock a.m.
and iio'olock p.m., sell at public anctlon, to
the highest bidder for cash, tne following
described tracts, parcels or lots of land, with
the improvexnenH thereon, lying, being and
Hitoated in the city of Memphis, county ol
Shelby, and State of Tennessee, and bounded
as followa, to-wlt: Beginning on the ast side
of Main street, one hundred and fifty (150)
feet north of Linden street, running thence
eastwardly parallel with Linden Mtreet one
hundred ana seventy-flve (175) feet to the
west nide of Mulberry street, thence north
wardly with Mulberry street seventy-eight
and one-half ,7s) feet to a stake, thenoe
westward! v parallel with Linden street one
hundred and seventy-flve (175) feet to the east
side of Main street, thence southwardly with
the eastsldeof Main street seventy-eight and
one-Unit iTM .., feet to tbe beginning; the same
being the lot upon which the Waldran Block
Also, all the right, title. Interest and estate
whleh the said waldran has conveyed to me
In trust, in tbe following described lot of
land, situated in the city, county and Htate
aforesaid, and bounded as followa: Uegi lining
at the northwest corner of the Mem puis and
rharleston railroad depot grounds and front
ing on Adamsstreet one hundred and ninety
eight (UW) feet, to the corner of Charles John
ston's lot. thenoe south four (4) degrees east,
two hundred and sixteen feet to a stake,
thence south seventy degrees and fifteen
minutes west, two hundred and fbrty-eeven
(317) feet to a stake In the center of the rail
road track, thence along said track three
hundred and one 001 feet to tue-beg Inning,
being the same lot upon which lssitustad the
Charleston cotton press, owned hy the said
W. B. Waldran and George Hill, under the
firm name of Waldran A iilL which said lot
la held by them under a lease from the Mem
phis and Charleston tali rood company, hy
which the term began on the first day of Oc
tober, 1H67, and Is to end on the 30th day of
September, 1K72, at an annual rent of one
thousand dollars, payablasjaarterfy, with the
privilege to the lessees oframoving any Im
provements put by them on said premises.
The equity of redemption is expressly
waived in the trust deed.
The title to the foregoing described proper
ty Is believed to be perfect, but 1 convey only
its trustee.
Je4 W. MEHBli K. Trustee.
BY virtue of s Trust Deed ex em ted to me
by D. run ... L. Parker and Mam Work
maa, on the tn day or June, 1S69, and re
conted 111 tile Register's office of Shelby
connty, Htate of Tennessee, in Record Hook
No. page 24.1, to secure tbe payment to
Geo. W. Cone of certain lndebtneas therein
mentioned tbe Injunction restraining the
sale under a former advertisement Uuvliig
been dissolved I Waa, on
Tuesday, 23th Day of June, 1870,
Between the hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 2
o'clock p.m., in front of the Blnrr City Mills,
No. 1117 Icfoplar street. In the city of Memphis,
Tennessee, sell to the highest Wi Jder, for cash,
the property oouveyed to me by said deed,
described as follows, to-wit; A certain lot or
parcel ol land, situate, lying and being In the
city of Memphis, connty of fcibelliy and 4t4te
of Tennessee, situated' on the suuth side of
Poplar street. In U e city of Memphis (No. 107
Poplar street), beii ga part of original county
lot No. m. it being lot No. 8 and part of lot
No. 1 on tne plan f subdivision of said prop
erty, and particularly deserlhed as follows,
to-wlt: Beginntnu at a stake on the south
side of Poplar street. Wm. Yates' northeast
corner, said stake being ltt feet went of the
northwest corner of the Bluff City Mill prop
erty; thence eastward along the south side
of Poplar street 117 feet 10 Inches to a stake ;
thence south In a direct line to the nortuesst
corner of the main building of the eooper
shop 132 feet to a stake; thence south 0'
west on a line with the east end of said main
building of cooper-shop and continuing be
yond it, lh all 31 feet 9 inches to a stake;
thence westward, parallel with Poplar street
110 feet to a stake Wm. Yates' east line;
thence northeast along Wm. Yates' line 191
feet, more or less to tne beginning mn ner;
the same being formerly knoU'n ay tneCtieek
niiil propuTtv i.id not kadf a as the Bluff
City Mill property.
The title to said property Is bsileved to be
unquestionable, but I toll and convoy ouly
Je7 ' D. B. MYERS, Trustee.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to
me by Thomas E. Leonard, and acknowl
edged hy hirn before the Connty Court Clerk
of Ah el bv ooufety, Teun., on Vhs spin oay of
June, A.D., lts, aud registered in Book n.
part 1st, page 575, in the Register's office of
ald county and State, said Deed of Trnst
having been mude to secure the payment of
certain notes mentioned therein.
rill, on
Saturday, the 9th Day of July, 1870,
Between pie hours uf I and 3 o'clock p.m., fit
tbe Real Estate Exchange uf Koysters. Tres
evant, corner of Main and -JetTt-rson streets,
city of Memphly, Ten p., seir to the hihesi
bidder, tor ch. for the purpose of pacing
the two remslplng notes mentioned In tbe
aforesaid Trnut Deed, the foUuwUnc descrtbeU
property, la-wfM
A lot of ground in tne city of MsmphU,
Shelby county. Tennessee, being on the touth
Nine oi vance Kireei. oeginuing ai u puim
thirty feet east of the southeast corner of
V'anos aad DeHoto fttreets; lunnlng thence
eONtwaxdly seventy feet with Vance street;
thence south wa;uly, at rignl angles with
ance s!reer. ninety rest; uience WMhtwardiy,
Daraliel with Vance street, seventy feet:
then oo" northwardly, parsllel with DeHoto
street, ninety feet to the beginning.
Equity of redemption is expressly walvM.
Title believed U) be gt.od, but 1 nfUl oouvwy
only as Trustee. '
jes juiir r. i tiriAiVAr, irnsiee.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of the authority vested In me as
Trnstee, ;nd in pursuance of the t,.rriis of
a Tru.t Deed execated to me as Trustee by
WI II,...., . I. ...... .... on Ih. Illth il....! .......
teinber. IstlS. recorded In the Register's aBBBt
Ot Hbelby ci tty, Tennessee, on Hth day of
October. lWsin Recard Book No. 78, on page
hit. and Ui secure the indebtedness therein
mentioned, 1 will, on
Tuesday, the 5th Day of July, 1870,
Between the hours of iu am. and 2 p.m.. In
front of the Sheriff's office, at the ' 'onrthouse
door. On tteoond Htreet, in the city of Mera-
EhiR, p :- ' sen, ai puoiic auction, u me
Ishest hiddt-r, for cosh, the following de
scribed real estate, to-wlt: A certain lot ol
land, situate, ivmg anu ieing lntneconniy
of 3nelby, tttate of Tennessee, described as
follows, to-wlt: beginning at u stake on the
uorihwest cornfi of Ninth and CoroUna
streets, thenoe north and parallel with Ninth
street one hunureu anu ttnriy-nvH (La) teei ;
thence west.aud parallel with Carolina street
one uundred and fifty -one (UU) feet aud nine
it inches i a stake; thence east and parallel
with Ninth street one hundred and thirty
n ve (Mp fset to a stake; thence east and par
allel with Carolina street one hundred and
tUty-one (151) feet aud nine (8) inches to the
beginning, together with all '-'.u apnuviiw
naucee thereunto helongihg,
The equity or redemption to said property
Is expressly waived in the Deed and the title
is believed to be perfect, but X convey only
as Trustee
e4 L. PODE8TA, Trustee.
IN pnrsnance of the terms of a trust deed
msdetothe undersigned Trustee, on the
21th day of December, Puis, properly noted for
registration in the Registry otlice ol tins
county on the 10th day of June, 1S7U, in Note
Book No , page 2S, and in order to cany
into effect tbe purposes of such conveyance,
I will, on - "
Wednesday, July 13, 1870,
between legal hours, at the southeast corner
of Conrt Sqnare, in the city of Memphis,
Tenn., sell to the highest bidder, for cash, the
following described property, situated, lying
and being in Shelby county, Teuuessee, and
In tbe city of Memphis: Aud lieglnnlng at a
slake on the south line of Linden street's
test east of tbe Intersection of the sooth side
of Linden street walk east line of Orleans
streel, thence east with south line of Linden
street ..!.! leet ui a stake; thence soutbi 14,
feet to a stake ; thence west 23u feet to a stake ;
thenoe north to tbe healnnlng.
Kquiiy oi redemption barred Title be
lieved to begoed; bull will sail and convey
only as trustee.
W. H. WOOD, Trustee.
Hnmee A Boston. Attorneys ell
Meaakis and Arkuaas Christian Advocate.
W. BLEW fc CO Publishers.
W. C. JOHKSON Editor,
Southern Methodist Newspaper
First-cla33 Medium for Advertisers
$ 2 50 PER ANNUM
: 20 00 PER ANNUM
W. C. JOHNSON, : : : : Editor
R. W. BLEW & CO , : Publishers
sa jjarE-irviaxiasojNr bt.,
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
BT virtue or a venditioni exponas to me
directed from tbe Mnpreme Court of the
Htate of Tennessee, In the case of E. f. Pitt
man and W. H. Plltmao. partners sa Plrt
man a Brother, aaalnal W. L. Stewart and n .
D. L. tslewart, partners as W. L. atawsit
A Brother, directing me to sell tbe land
hereinafter described, to satisfy a jiidgtn. ul
which said plaintiffs recovered against said
defendants in the Supreme Court on the llth
day ef Hay, 1MB, lor the snm of folfta an, con
firming a Judgment of the Law Conrt of
Memphis, rendered the 2uth day of March,
IssT, in favor or said plaintiffs, agalust aal.i
defendants, wltb Interest thereon and ousts;
and to satis ry said Judgment, court oosUi,
etc, I will, un
Thursday, the 23d day ofrJune, 1870,
During legal hours of sale, la front oX the
Sheriffs office, on Second street, in Memphis,
Tennessee, sell, to the highest bidder, for
cash, tbe following desert nod real estate, ait
uated in the county of She Hi v. State of Ten
nessee, designsted and descrllied as follows,
U-wit: A certain lpt In the Bailer division
of tbe city of Memphis, being a part or lot
No. one 11). tn block No. fifteen 131, fronting
tlily -eigiit ; feet on the east side or DeHoto
streel, and bounded as follows: Beginning at
a slakie where tbe east line ef DeSolo alreet,
running southwardly, enters the Butler divi
sion or the city or Memphis: running thence
eastwardly on the Butler dividing Tine one
bundred and flfiy-flve (ISA) (est to a stake;
theuce southwardly aud parallel with DaSoto
street Arty-eight aSj reet to a slake; I' euoe
westwardly and parallel with the first one
hundred and fifty-five IK reet to a stake Iu
the east line or DeSoto street; thence north
wardly with tbe east Une ot said street nfly
elght SSI leet to tbe place of beginning.
Also, one other lot about one mile south
east of the city of Memphis, known an des
ignated on the plan of subdivision of A.J.
Hays ss lot No. Ive SI, I routing Pattnn ave
nue on the west one hundred and seven I B77J
reet, one-aud-a-halX ;i-,i laches, extending
back three hundred and ttlty-two J&2J feel
six Inches.
Also, the following-named lota In the town
or Baletgh, known and designated on the
plan of said town a- Iota Nua. live, six and
two 5, 6 and in,block C; said lots Ave and
six 15 and tt, front each eighty -seven anil a
halr IS7S1 reet on the Memphis and Somer
vllie Turnpike road, running back one hun
dred and Any ISUj feet; lot No. two V is one
hundred and seventy-two and a-hair 172V,j
feet square, lying uurtbwosl and adjoimnii
lot No. Ave 51.
Also, tbe following described lands, ut
uated on tbe waters of Wolf river, oa tbe
east slue thereof, and on both sides ot the
iiaieigh and LaUrange Haitroad, being in
three parcels or tracts, and containing, in the
aggregate, oue hundred and tlnety-one and-a-lialf
ll'-.J seres, bounded nnd designated
as lollows, lo-wit: The first or said tracts
being in range seven 7. sections two and
three 2 and 31 of the Eleventh 11 1 Surveyor s
District: Beginning si a red -bud stump, with
one hickory pointer, tbe southwest corner of
the original tract; thenoe north thirteen 13
chains and ninety Mi lings to a stake, with
blackgum and poplar pointers ou tbe bank
of a branch i thence essi live 5 chains to a
slake and blackgum ; thence north flJty oO
links to slalte, nve 5! links north or a beech
marked " C. K.,"; thenoe east sixteen .a
chains to s stake, two dogwood aud whltensk
pointers; thence south lourteen 111) obuina
aud rbrty 40 links to a stake and pointers;
theuce west twenly-oue 21 cli' w to tbe be
ginning, containing tweuty-niue and-a-half
acres. The second of said tracts or par
cels uiioius me iand last above dwsorlbad, is
in range seven 7, sections two aud three
12 and 3, bounded as follows: Ueginu.ug
In seotlan three HJ, at John aL Curry's essl
corner on William Lawrence's line, at a
stake and sweelgum marked J. M. C," a
sweelgum and biackgnm pointers; thence
west sixty Stl poles to said Curry's corner, a
stake and elm marked ' J. ML C.," DsaslaB
mon, ash and irouwood pointers; thence
south with said curry's line, passing his cor
ner at ninety-two iW poles. In all one hun
dred ann sixty leu poles to. a mail htckory,
one pole south a whlteoak marked " C.
B.," wiree hickory and whlteoak pointers;
thenee east sixty Mi poles to s stake, one
pole six lluks soutuesst of a redoak marked
I i R " Isn hlelrnrv un.l iiirw.lffiim mil e Tim
on Will lam Lawrence's west boundary Une:
thenoe north one hundred and sixty , HXJi
pales with bis line to the beginning, oontain
lng sixty Wi acres. The tlilrd one of said
tracts Is in range seven 71, section two 27,
bounded as follows : Beginning at a whlteoak
marked 'A. B.." running uori b two 2 chains
lxly-six links to a slake, four .4' 'luits
north of which la an cm marked " V, a.,"
with two 2 wbiteoak pointers: thenoe west
tweniy-4e 2k chains o a slake, whlteoak
and hickory aad poplar pointers: thence
south twenty -six 'Ml chains ally !Mlj links to
s stake In the south bank of Wolf river;
thence east forty 40 chains to awtllowoak
marked ' A. B,, two ironwood pointers;
thenoe north twenty-four HI chains to a
sweetgum with elm pointers; t hence west
fifteen j 15J "hi" and thirty Mj llnkj ss tbe
beginning, containing one auuuaetl and Iwo
HW acres. rxarsBi
The lot of lan' first auo.r described, being
the one on OoSOto Street, i u Memphis, will be
sola as t ie property of defendant, W. L.
Stewart, on the aiLh of March. I0o7. and the
balance ot said land will be sold as the prop
erty or defendant, 31. D. L. Stewart, on the
same day. being tbe dale or the rendition or
the Judgment in tha Law Court nf Mem
phis, appealed by defendants In tne Supreme
Court, Hl4 May U, i"9. Ai) of said
land, or a -snmcleucy thereof to saUsfy said
judgment, interest and costs, will be sold sa
the property of the defendants, respectively,
as arnresKld, being subjeet to the lien of the
judgment In the Law Court. Memphis.
May 23, WTO. MaRCL'S J. WKlollT.
Shertlf Shelby county.
J. M. Gregory, Attorney for Plaintiffs. m24
Is cordially invited to the
,, Henderson Qounty, Kentucky, Land Sale "
Regularly Chaktekkd by the Legislature of
Kentucky, indorsed and recommended by
every leading official In the Slate, and over
JOU or her most prominent citizens. Tuu
ipieuuiu suui-uio vuiuiwt
5;l Priiea,
$314,320 !
'mi prising the richest river-bottom lobecco
larms in the wealthy county or Henderson,
Kentucky, with all lliebr appnrtenanoea.
Smallest Prize, two.
Also, u: " i- 1 i In Ubbbkbacks, the rent
money of the property tor the years Is and
ls7li to be distributed to tbe winners of the
riKST -Hvt prizes respectively. Bent for
Ikes was 912 per acre.
TiolX-otSB. Fivo Dollars
The lirawing will i-.-sitis klv lake pluce
July 4, 1K70, at Masonic TkbtlK, Loyla
vi. i.k, Kv Hundreds of the best cittseus
have given unquaRisf' aertillcates and in-
il ,ri,e,euU of tbiS AUSlFIcasT K.NTKR-
i.aisa. Every dollar invested by ticket hold
ers is held in trust by tbe commissioners ap
pointed by the Legislature until tbe drawing
takts place and prizes are delivered. In
come oi tbe property for last 16 yearn has
$30,000 -fL vhau:
111 ortinr to have yourtlckets properly reg
istered, buy at omcb of your nearest clnb
agent or remit to either of tbe following
riNABCiAj. aiib.n rs, wbo will rornlab full
descriptive circulars:
L. H li nk, cashier Farmer's Bank, Hender
son. Ky.
B B A lbxabdbb. Commercial Bank. Louis
ville, Ky.
Joub C. Latua. rresident Bank Hopkins
vine, Ky.
Jambs L. Oaluab, Commercial Bank,Pa-
dueah. Ky.
B. G. Thomas, cashier Oris, and Ilept'r, Lex
ington, Ky.
W. B. This, cashier Deposit Bank, Uwens-
boro, Ky.
Sfmomn, Oixon .v Co., E, ana. Hie. ind.
aw- Good cfub agents wanted every where.
JeS dw
The Creditors of the Planters' Bank
4 BJi hereby uoufled that by a decree ol
jtV the Uiaucery Court at Nashville, In the
cause ul W. W. BkkkY AflaUKST Thb Plan
sits Babk and othbbs, msde with a view to
a llcunclal distribution oi the assets, the
holders of the notes of the Planters' Ban ,
or sny other claims or demands, of whatso
ever nature, aealnai. said Bank, must die the
aame in the office of the Clerk and Master of
aald Chancery Court, by or before the
First Monday in October, 1870,
And that notice of this order be published In
at lesst oue of the dally papers er Nashville,
Knoxville and Memphis, and in the weekly
papers or Franklin. Pulaski. Murrreesboro,
Athens and Clarksvllla, continuously up to
the drat Monday In October, 1S7U.
JelO Clerk and Master.
No. 198 1-2 MAIN STREET,
T KBCOMMKND LADIES: Three aises of my
1 JolntlesB-Elastic- Invisible Walking Skirt,
the only Hklrt adaptable lor the present
walking dress; manufactured and sold dkiy
tn the manufactory- Also, the following
UssuitfB Frxhch l.oasa-m, aises from n-a:
Bobt. Werley's Durable Plain Corset, Ad.
L'Ulsean's Klegant Bmbr-iidered Corset, and
Mine. Dupont's Beautiful abort Corset.
The Dbmobbst Kkbast Pbotbctob, I srusr
aniee beet uuailiy, both In skirts and ooraeta
Oaa ritterai, Etc.,
Notice to Contractors.
SEALJCD praaaaala will be received at the
Knglneer'a offlce, Memphis, Teuneasoe,
nntil IJ m. on the 1st August, 1M7. Inr :ii-
Sraduation, masonry aud saparstructure ol
ridges on the Mississippi Rives Kailboad,
tietween Covington an. I .iipley, about flfteeu
miles. A portion of the work la heavy and
worthy the attention of contractors. Pro
lines and apectncaUons cm be seen al the En
gineers office, 15U Main street, Mem phis, oa
and after June u, 1S70.
jag Cola Eng. MMMLBlver-ayt-
insolvent Notice.
HAVING suggi
tateof John
aaainaolvencv orthees-
F. Mills. Ir.-deoaeW. I h.-re-
iv.. niitloe for all persons havlns claims
against said estate toippear before theCounly
Court Clerk and file tne aame, authenticated
in the manner prescribed by law, on or be
fore the second day of December. 1570; and
any claim not Sled oa or before said day, or
before an appropriation of the funds of said
estate Is maaie, shall be forever barred both
In taw and equity. H. DOW,
Administrator Estate of John If. Mills, jr.,
Mem phis, Juae 2, 1870. Je3
Planing Mill and Lumber Yard,
No. 161, 163, 165 WASHINGTON STREET,
lldonaplilai, - - - -
Bar Manufacturers or Glased Hash, Mouldings, Balusters. Ifewel Posts, Hand-Balling ,La
tloa, Pailngs, BrackeU, Hour and Window frames. Celling, Biding,
Dealers In Framing Lumber, of all kinds: Bough and Drsassd Y. Pine, Poplar, Cypress,
W. Pine. Oak uu Walnut Lumbar, Lain aud diilaglaa. Plank 12 inches by ill reet to IS feet.
lor uox ii..
Planing, Sawing, Turning and Scroll Sawing done to order. We make our Doors. Sash
and Blinds of Seasoned White Pine. All work warranted to be of superior quality, both m
nfau-riai and Oalab.
Wishing to supply onr enstomera with a superior quality of stock, carefully packed and
shipped, and ouulldeut tbal you will be pleased Willi our
Priooa, Stylos and Quality oT w oris.
Tour orders are respectfully solicited, and will be filled with neatness aad despatch.
A TaT-r.-r.ra Cfc IlEATE
Iron and Brass Castings, Railroad and Steamboat Work
lPromptly Bxocutod.
GIN (SF.AItlNfJ. PJARTH n17RH,n.l Agricultural Machinery Bepalred. Agents for
AJtW PtlKTABLK KNUIBISS, and Manufacturers snd Agents for BtTTOMX HUKMB
JOHN 33. WILKINSON. Solicitor.
Assignee's Notice
In the Dlstrtst Court of tbe Cnlted States ror
the Kast. ru District or Arkansas. In the
matter of i-!1i(j. aKHiavoiUt. Bankrupt in
To the creditors of tbe above-named Bank
rupt: rpAKK notice that the second and third
I general meeting of tbe creditors or said
bankrupt will be Ueld at the olflce ol Kilsha
Baxter. Uasuster in Bankruptcy, In said Dis
trict, in tli.- rity ol Batesviilw, Arkansas, In
said District, on Wtsliieaday, the 2ith day or
June, Uffa, st 10 o'clock am., tor the purpose
named In the twenty seventh section or tbe
act of t 'ongre.. untied " an act toesiahlisu
a uniform aysu.ui ol bankruptcy throughout
the Dulted Slati Approved March i. Ua
WM. a. I'll KETT, .MKUauev.
Memphis, Tenn., May i. 170. mvlB
Adrainiotrator's Notice.
HAY12VO qusffned as administrator of the
estate of Pleasant Moshy, deceased, no
tloe is hereby given to all parties indebted to
said estate to ooiue forward aud make pay
ment : and LUoee liulding "'rltni against It to
Sreseni them, duly uullientlcated, within tbe
me prescribed hy law.
CBAB. H. DOBION, Jr., AJm r.
March 15. Is7ti. mhW
Non-Resident Notice.
So. h-J. -In the Chancery Court of Mem
phis, Tennessee. -Annie E. Cble va. WD
Ilette 11. Buss and others.
IT appearing from affidavit la this cause that
tbe defendants, Uworge W. Uanna aud tne
uncnown heirs and devisees or B. K. Chew,
HkaaaSBtV are uoa-reldeu or the state ot
oriierfed. That thr mk
their ftppearaar. herein, at tbe court-bout
Ul the city ol Memphis, Tenn., ou the Unit
Monday in July, WTO. and plead, answer or
demur u com plain ant's bill, or tbe smme
will be f iiken lot ounlaaaod an to them, and
s-t fbr .leariiig axparte; and that a copy -i
tint ordv'r be pubaiahed once a week, for rotir
auocewive weeka, tn the Mutuphh. Appeal.
A copy n'jr-
AU&WfVjIT AJJvWiN, rierk and Master.
By R. J. Hi. acm, Lmpuiy C. and M.
H. V. Yeomaua, Sol. tor ooiapiainank. Jel
Attachment Notice.
BEFORE John Norton, JuaHee of the Peace
for Shelby county, John Turner vs.Fred,
Dykeman. A writ ol attachment having
been served out atjainat the estate of Fred.
Dykeman, and tbe aame having bean duly
returned, levied, etc, in uob aiaiuw.and affi
davit having been made before me that the
defendant in a uouarwaulent of the Htate of
ToDnoMit-u: tt in Iberelore ordered tbal he no-
I par before ine, or ttome other Justloe of the
jreu', t my hhiit, in lu rny ui meiupiiiN,
upon the ?4t b day of June, 1870, at ten o'clock
a.m., and plead, answer or demur to aald al
ta;liment, or tbe aame win be tried ex part,
and that a copy of this order be published
once a week, for four ouu-wcuUve weeks, in
the Memphis AnpaaL juHN NEKTON,
.-..-,( oi reace lor aueiuy county.
Attachment Notice.
State of Tenn.-saee, Hheiby county . Q.
BUine bb Wni. H. laom.
KFIDAVIT having been made and bond
given aad atlaahnient having been is
aued as required by law In attachment casea,
and the same having been duly returned,
served by garnishment, etc., and delendanl
not found:
Itlsttiereloreordered, That the aald defend :
ant Wm. 11. laom, appear before me, al my or
flee, in tbe city or Daemon!, iniby county,
Tenn., on the llth day ul uly. IWU. and make
dereua to saiii or lie aiune will be tried
eznart; a,nd that a couv ol th a order be
puVflinhed In the Memphis Appeal once a
Week lor lour consecutive weeks.
rt. A. MLNJHK, J. P.
Jupell.UffO. jeB
Bill for Divorce.
In the Circuit Court, ol Shelby County. Em
ma Turner vs. Barton Turner - Petition lor
IT aknearlaa lam aaldavtt in this cause
-hafr the Tereudent, Barton Turner, is a
uon-reeideut of the state of Tennessee;
It la therefore ordered, that he make his
appearani'e herein, at theourthouse in the
city of Memphis Tann., on the tourlli Mon
day In Sefilember. ltcu. aud plead, answer or
demur to ooiupliAiuaa-'a bill, or the same
will be laktu for confessed as to him. and
set for hearing ezparts; aud that a copy of
Una order be published once a week, for four
sucoesive weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
A copy attest:
M. D. L. STUWABT, Clerk.
Bv K. K. Coi.bbaW, Dsputy Clerk,
tsautl Ji .vl'ilio'jell, aula. lor complainant.
Bill for Divorce.
In the first Circuit Court ml Shelby county,
Tenn. Imogen Long va A. C. Long.
TN this cause 11 appearing from aladavlt on
tile that the defeudanl Is a non-resldenl of
the State of Tennessee :
It la therefore ordered. That he enter his
appearance herein, at tne court-house in tha
city of Memphis, and plead, answer or de
mur to com plalnaul'a bill, cm or before the
third Mondav in September, 1870, or the same
will be take ii for uoVleased and et lor hear
ing exnsrte; and that a copy ol this order be
published once a weak, for four successive
weeka, iu the Memphis Appeal.
Attest : PB.VJN K TAFT, Clerk.
Geo. Washington, Sol. for Com pi I. Jett
Notice in Bankruptcy.
District Court or United Slates, District of
West Teuuessee. In Bankruptcy, at Mem-
Shis, June 8, ltfftL In matter ul Harris,
an n A Co., and others, vs. J. B Christian.
IN this cause, upon llie application or Har
ris, Nahn A Co., aad others, petitioning
creditors J. It. chrialiau. alleged bank
rupt: It Is ordered Thai the aald Christian do
appear before thin court, ou the 25th or June,
187u. aud show cause why he should not ha
declared a bankrupt under the provlaious of
an aut entitled " An act lo establish a uniform
system oi bankruptcy throughout the L'nited
States;" and that publication be msde for
ten days in the Memphis Dally Appeal, and
the Memphis Dally Sun.
A true copy attest:
jelU A. w. MITCHELL, Clerk
In the District Court or the United Mates Kor
the District oi Weal Tennessee. In the mat
ter or Howell, Wood ji i;o Bankrupts.
In bankruptcy. District of West Tennes
see as.
To whom it may concern :
The underslgnedbbereby gives notice ol his
snpointmeut as assignee of J. IL Howell and
S. R. Wood, individually, snd sa oi the firm of
Howell, Wood Co., or Memphis, in tbe
county or Shelby, and Brownsville, In tbe
county of Haywood, and State of Tennessee,
within said District, wbo have been adiudaed
Bankrupts upon creditors' petition, hy the
District Court ol said District.
Mum phi.-, Tennessee, the 1st day of June,
A.U. 1B70.
Je? SouUiern Palace. CCJ Main street.
On Thursday, the 16th Day gf awe Next,
A T 10 o'clock am., at the auction -house of
j Royster, i resevantai Oo.. northeaat cor
ner of Jefferson and Main streets, thia elty.
I will offer for sale, for cash, at public auc
tion, enndry insolvent and doubtful debts,
aucii Nous., Bills of Exchange, Over Checks,
etc AUU,
I will sell, at the same time and place, for
cash, the following-named Sliver Ware, etc ,
pawned to tne wayoao raavmgs institution,
for Uie loan of money, ate. :
One Uiaiuoud Riug. pawned by C. R. Stewart.
One Gold Watch, pawned by H. P. Johnson,
One doseu Silvei Porks, one doaen Silver
Table Spoons, one doxen Silver Teaspoons,
oue dozen sliver Deseert Spoons, pawned
bv Mary B. Lopes or S. C. Lopea.
One pair Sdver Salt Stands, one aalr ("Uver
Salt Spoons, one Silver Butter Knife, oue
hiiirdozan Silver Forksone doaen Silver
Teaspoons, pawned .TahllL
(iayoso Savings Institution.
Umr.ohiS. May IS. UCO. my 17
1 TT-
The P ui s
iad Ciwapest
- - - Ti
Fine Gold Watches
Old Ira Paaley. Barma 4 C.,
New & Rich Jewelry.
M ARRJACr A Pbivatb CorNsaxoR to
mmilimuL tub MAKsiBnortnosen
Cllinir lo marry, on Ihe pli vsii.laal
BBaJBBBBBj cal mysteries and revela
tions of the sexual ayaiem, wllb the latent
discoveries In producing and preventing od
aprtng, preserving the complexion, etr.
This Is an Interesting work or two hundred
and twenty-four pages, with numerous en
graving, and contains vsluanle informal n n
tor th.aie wan are married or oonteiuplate
marriage: still It ia a book that ought to be
under lock and key, and not laid carelessly
About the house.
Sent to anyone (fnof postage! for al cents.
Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary. No. 12 N.
Eighth street, St. Loula, Mo.
aar A ,uce to the Affhctexl ami CnfoTtmmate:
Before applying to the notorious ii'a. ks
who Advertise in public papers, or using any
Quack Hbbbdisb, peruse Dr. Butts' work, mi'
mailer what your disease Is, or how deplora
ole your condition.
Lr. Balls isa be consulted, personally or by
mall, un the diseases mentioned in his works.
OQce. -VJ.IJ.N. Eighth street, beL Market aud
Chestnut, St. Louis, Mo.
Cures Colic and Griping
In the Bowels, and facili
tates the process of Teeth
Send uea Convulsions anil
overcomes all diseases in
cident iu luianls and
Cures Diarrhea, Dysen- :
tery and Summer Com
plaint in children of all I
; AKea.
Is the Great Infant's and Children'
Soothing Remedy tn all disorders brought -n
by Teething or any other cause.
Prepared By the GRAFTON MEDICI.Nh
CO., St. Ldnls, Mo.
aud by druggists and dealers in medicine
ev-rv waeje, mi alaw
14 Union St, Appeal Building.
say We take pleasure m stating to our pa
trons that we have removed our Job Printlu
Establishment to No. 11 U mon street, Appea
Buihliac where we hope to see our old
tourers and as many new ones as will exam
ine onr work and prices. We are now pre
pared to do all kinds or Printing and Bind
ing on the moat reasonable terms.
Onr stock of Cards. Billheads and Cap Pa
pers Is complete. Oar malarial eonaasta of
the latest styles or type, presses, etc. mhB
GARDEN and Cemetery A darn men ts. Cast,
Wrought Iron and Wire Railings, K.aau
tains,Y BBBB, Verandss, Settees, Arbors, I 'hairs.
Hummer Houses, Iron Stairs, spiral aud
straight, in every variety or pattern. New
and Improved styles or Hav Racks. Mangers,
Stable Fixtures, Stall Divisions eas.
Patbbt Wibb Wobx. Ballings, Store
Fronts, Door and Window Guards, Fum
Fencing, etc
Bronae Work.
Having fitted up our Pound'y wltb spec s
reference to the above class of work, we ar
now prepared to nil, with promptness, ai
orders for Bronse Castings oi statuary, cohi
sal, heroic and Ufa sir..
Os.iAMx.TTiL I bob Uooos. -The larajast as
sortment to be raaaaa la the United Si ales, all
oi which are executed with the express view
ol pleasing the taste, while they combine all
tbe requisites ol beauty and substantial ran
BMBBBBBBt Purchasers msy rely on having all articles
ears folly boxed and shipped to the place or
Designs will be sent to those a ho wish to
make a selection. aplu
I aa 3 MadiMM St, Me-phis.
Maryland Steam Sugar Refinery,
UNDEB and by virtue of a general order
issued from the District Conrt of the
United States for the District ol West Ten-
1 will, on the
18th Day ef Jaae, 1870, at II o'clock u.m.
In front of the Unlteu States Court-rooms. In
the Waldran Block, In the city of Memphla,
seJL to tbe highest bidder, tor cash, tha
individual sa setts, and all tbe Inter eat
of J. H. Cboale, Bankrupt, tn tbe co
partnership eala of the late Arm of Cboate
ra y Ul A Ml Knee.
HAVING disposed of my entire InUrest In
the arm ef Judson a Co. to tbe remain
ing partners, 1 am bo longer a member
thereof- They BBBBBBa all tbe indebtedness or
said arm, and are alone authorised lo collect
the indebtedness due the same.
Memphis, Tenn , Hay M, HTM.
THB business of said Arm will be rxfiatlaaad
as heretofore by the undersigned, remain
ing partners, under the name snd style of
Judson Co., who assume the liabilities 01
aid firm, and who alone are authorized to
collect the indebtedness ae the same,
Memphis, Tenn., Msy M, MB.
say la retiring from above firm, 1 cheer
ully recommend it to the patronage q
my fxunda. UajrSl S. C. AI.at aNDBBU

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