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at s.
iRt'le. one a liot'-P"'n "
prlvat- amity. M eeamtre; the
SSuinim. !.. ervm or teecber
yLTZi; Vmi)T B. . or reft er.es. Oril
gQlidlBK) . J'1
- ITl" ATION A young n,an who can how
gocd recommenaatlons, eek employ
,.,nt In tome Dunne hoaee. Any tx-sitlur
cceptahle German a well a tu Kn- i-l
ianerav u'iy controlled. Addreia. "V .n.'
jpt-a; offlce 7in
(n 2 j) At -M Front etreet
ONEY To loan Money o Collaterals
Address M and K. P. V. rox ua.
) Plant-re Insurance Company, bt-ing
-ihoat 1o r move Into their new building,
Jfltr I r sae their offico furniture and fix -
im including-fine iron safe.
"SSL vt'. A. QuOUM A.N, . cretary.
. iiu mm l. une-.ourth Interest In the
--.W Mill OI X ge n iM", -
on in tblelty
Apply to
all saab ; uaianceon unit.
JA11L9 A. mU5,
83U Front street
LUFF CITY MILLS, 1S7 Poplar street ; In
D good repair; will aaU on terms, or
-e,;t. D. E. M Yi-KS,
ar7 Main street.
Three store on the southwest
of Second and Vashlngtoa
No. 230 Main street Apply to
3 Maul on street.
ITOrsK- A dwelling house on the old Hai¬
ti (-i -h Road in the city. Apply to
sjO 15 Union street.
RUOM3-Furnished and unmrnUbed. with
hoard .ij davb ,iaid. at I-lr rules, at M
M-dl-on street.
KOOMS The best i
room in M-mpt
fi'e, with or wltnout
,ogt 1. treet, irom 15
eapeet furnished
lb e for man and
at No. Ill Wash
Mr month. m0
KODSE A fine two-story Brick Dwelling
ma. with nine rooms, Was. Cistern.
tr No. llTT -xcban.e street. Inquire of
my It i. HABR1 iEft Main strtet.
iw 8eoond street, tr to MARTIN CO
Main otreet.
rJEN. 3&
KOOM. Tha room lately occupied by Hite
a Oorwlne, as Job Printers, In Appt u
rnildin.. No. 1 Union slreeu Apply at Ap¬
peal offlce.
C uW-Oo Friday. :th loL. from my re
idenceon Market street, a small mu SJ
olaek cow, with white spot in her forehem.
loih ears eplll f 10 will be paid for her re-
. overy. by Wm. McDonald, corner Front
roV-p"" '" MBS. RILEY.
MULE Oa Sunday, 2sth lnrt.a bay mare
c ule. media -n alee, about six yesr.
old. hair rubbed off too part of nose, month
wen cu ry bit, a round spot of hair rubbed
.eit --lde of b.ek by dray saddle. A uit-
.ble reward will be pld for her return to
WO L ABliE front rooms, also a ball room
1 Furnished or uafurnlaaed, for l-rnll!es
or voting Men, with Board, can be had by
applTlng at No. 84 Court street. Also a few
jst boaroers can be accommodated.
sWTerms reasonable. m2B
I i K -K-Oc Monday evening last, about
II sundews, from the undersigned, on
-'ate Line road, first grocery this side of
oil g :. a bay horse blind in right eye,
with white spot on forehead, abou: four-
een bands high, with large hind legs soxe-
bt bowlegged. A reward of ten dollars
will be paid for his delivery to me on prem
ise. or any lnformat on leading to ill r e
covery. (ml) a. MABSA
-About 3 o'clock yesterday the ther¬
mometer reached 95-.
Tbe Hebrew Orphan picnic take
plaoe on Tuesday, June 6th, at James'
The colored mackerel stealer was sent
to Jail yesterday by tbe Recorder on a
charge of grand larceny, $800 bail.
Two women in happy hollow in-
l elrbed a tipey individual into their room
andc eaned him out of20. They then
. Seared oat.
-Tbe city is all agoff in reference to tbe
ectart- lo-nigb:, and we expect
?r will be crowded as it has never
i he
John Carter, who was arrested Mon¬
day bight for stabbing fellow darky,
was st at to the county Jail yesterday be-
ioae ka agsjM not procure 920-30 bail.
A card from Mr. J. B. Bingham, of the
Atn, tnaking over a column in iengtb,
was hti d-d a for publication last night
st 12 o'clock, too late for our paper to-day.
(quad of United States troops re-
-jritiy visited Grenada, Miss., in search of
.he ao-called Ku-Kiux who visited Pon-
otoc a few days since. Their search in
. ns bo toms waa fmitlese.
Mr. Horace Greeley will arrive to-day
oy tbe 2 o'clock train on the Missiasippi
and Tennessee railroad. Ho will be met
i.y a delegation of the city Press, Mayor
lohnson, and other gentlemen.
From tbe excessive hard service which
ilie Bibles in the Criminal Court had to
to S
ihg the past year, their covers
way between thumbing and
new set hsd to be procured.
Mr. Greeley will be induced
ur Land and Labor Conven-
Our people would like to
Lave hie vieas upon the subjects before
.bat body.
A squad of Federal troops the Sixth
Infantry) have reached Marion and Hope-
nelti, Ark., ia search of the parties to the
recent row In tbe viointty of those towns,
fbey ere under orders from Wsshiiig on,
nd derive their power from theKu-Ki ax
In s remote portion of oar city, where
frge wholesale booses sre not known,
Cfcre exists s little grocery, with candle
uox top signboards, as follows: '-Good
der house for sale," "water only for our
ustoiners." "Fresh bacon and Lulter-
uiilcii tor sals here."
Hoviey'a Minstrel Troupe will shortly
ccupy the 4tage of our uauusome theater.
Their engagement commences on Tuesday
next, and will continue during the week.
The dooleys are spoken of in tbe most
(lettering terms a among the nrst, if no,
the first negro miniatrei troupe now in
A slow investigation into the facts
and circumstances of the Sunday evening
amusement at Hopefleld, which resulted
o disastrously to the pleasure-seeking
darkles who were.plsying Ku-Klux, goes
on. All the white men that hsd been ar¬
rested were liberated except one, Dr.
Boatner, who la still held for farther ex¬
Last evening, about 7 o'clock. Dr.
Lylea alighted from his rockaway at the
north corner of the Overton Hotel, to
peak t J a legal friend on a matter ol bus¬
iness, and whilst earnestly engsged in
conversation some felonious scoundrel
appropriated his horse and rockaway.
Bold act that. The thief had better travel
without sleeping, for the avenger is on his
Mr. John M. Shaw, an old citizen,
employed by Colonel Moore to assist in
acvssaiug oar city in the Interests of the
Lee Monumental Associstion," of Rich¬
mond, is making s very vigorous, efficient
,ud sueefl oauvaas. We are glad to
auow our cltixsns are fully alive to tbe
.m port anoe of tbe enterprise, and sre con¬
tributing so generally end liberally to tbe
(.eat work. May It so continue to the
Two ycung men named respectively
W. H. McClinty and J sues Courtney,
were arrested yesterday by officer Fiti-
gibbons for stealii'g a yoke of oxen over
in Arkansas and selling them on this aide.
They were caught immediately afier sel¬
ling a yoke. One of the gentlemen ad¬
mitted the buyrng one of a yoke, bat
whether they were stolen or not will be
developed before the Recorder to-day.
Mr. Charles H. Dorion, formerly of the
nrm of Mosby A 1) rion, s cotton broker
if high repute, and long connected with
the trade of Memphis, diei at no0n
yeeterday, of aongestlve chills, at his
residence la Fort Pickering. Mr.
Dorion KDjuyed the esteem of the
iuercsbiii- community to an ex¬
tent enabling as to ey that as a mer¬
chant he was most honorable ia his doal-
ings, as a cliison, upright and last, and iu
ail the relations of iiie sustained an un-
Lifruilahed rn iitalion. His funeral will
take, place this morning at 10 o'clock,
from hfs isle residence, and will no
Joubt lie largely attended by hie brethren
f the mercantile faculty,
We bavereoci ved from the Manager oi
the Holly Springs Dramatic Associstion
ma invitation u be present at the first
perform m , to take plaoe in the Muaonlc
Hall this evening. The bill for the occa¬
sion eanbreoe the comedy, " Everybody's
Friend." imui -n allied iiv Clark's side¬
splitting pertanailou of Major Wellington
DeDooit, and the faroe, Dead Shot."
We are glad to learn, as we do from one
who knows, thst tbe performance ia like¬
ly U prove a success, aa the young ladies
and gentlemen engaged have not only the
ambition to excel, but the ability and
sstgsra'l"" to reach excellence,
The train on tbe Memphis and
Charleston road, leaving this city st 10-30
a m connects at Corinth with the south¬
ward bound train on the Mobile and Ohio
roac Tbe train coming east and reach -
n g tuts eivy at 8 p.m. also connect with
the Mobile and Ohio trains st Corinth.
These facta will be deemed extraordinary
when it Is remembered that never before
were such coincident schedules enacted
between these two roads. We wonder
whether the doings ol General Forrest or
propositions made in the Mississippi Leg¬
islature had aught to do in bringing about
tbetc propitious results.
There is not s city in the United States
can show a more extensive and varied ss-
than was presented to the people of Meru-
pLisduring Msy. Picnic by Guilford Bros.,
st Humboldt Park, on the 1st. Spiritual
lecture and seance at the Opera House
same day. General Gordon's lecture, 2d.
Orphans'' Church Home festival, 1st to Cih
inclusive. St. Peter's Sabbath school
nic.nic 'jA T.vrlft Thfimnsnn. it theater.
Sd to 6th inclusive. First Metbodlat
Church festival, at Assembly Hall, 2i to
on. : i : i. , 0.
D1U lULlUBltO, IllB. v.uuftiTKavuw
f " 1, n ...I, tl 7 i . . L- n Taiu.V OA In Hth
inclusive. Dr. Lyles snd G. Griffin, Esq.,
lectures, Memphis Club Hsll, 4th. C.
Nilsson's concerts Opera House, 5th and
ui.n. uecorating v .inieuerate gir, u.t.
Turners' festival and German Mai-feat,
8th. Methodist Mision festival, Rocco
Hall, 8th to 13ih. ' Emmet Guards picnic,
General Gordon's second lecture, Odd
Palinan' nicnic Mnmnhia snd Charleston
Benevolent Association Dicnic; First
Presbyterian Church festival, Rocco Hsll,
15th to 20th. Grsce Church Sundsy school
U.o.. arr Itf h First Bsu-
tist Church festival. Assembly Hsll, 15th
to liOih. Hibernian rteuei aoviouy jwwu.i.,
James' Park, 24tb. Ascension Day,
Knights Templar, 18th. St. George's So¬
ciety picnic, James' Park, 24th. St. Pat¬
rick's annual picnic, James' Park, 23d.
St. Mary's Catholic school picnic, Hum-
buldt Park, 29th. Union Sunday school
celebration, 20lh. Promenade concert,
Overton Hotel. 26th. St. Bridget's Sundsy
school picnic, 3ith. Besides about twelve
small fires, " sud yet I sin not happy."
Career, cons
72, Brown v
ns; 74, Whit
CO vs rJ aps ;
Supreme Court.
67, Greenlsw vs Miller; 58, Holmes vs
Searcy; 59, McK night vs Dill; 69,61,02,
63, 64, Clifflin, Stix, Wlx, Harris and
Hartley, and McCabe vs Bethop and Low-
enstein, consolidated; 6o, Rodger vs
Bryant; 66,Topn vs White; 67, 68, 69,78,
Mer Ger. Com'l Bank, and Cook vs Me¬
aled; 71, Duval vs Duval:
tinson; 73, Garvin vs Han-
Co., and Fisher, Amis v
Burett vs Fox: 76. Mosby
vs Hunt: 77, Csrson vs Wagner & Jones;
78, Jones vs Moore; 79, Chaplin vs
Mem. dtO. R. R ; 80, Braden vs Wiley;
81, Farrington vs Mayor, Aldormen, et
s'.; 82, Grigsn vs Jones ; 63, Ham¬
ilton vs Leftwieh ; 84, Austin vs
Mem. snd Lou. R. R. Co.; 85, Polk vs
Day; 85, Mid well vs Mid well; 87, StaDton
exparte; 88. 84, 90, 91. 92, Harris, Mc¬
Dowell, Williams, Hillman Bros , and
Boyd vs. Weaver, consolidated; 93,
Fleece vsRodgers; 94. Harris vs Flynn;
95, G. Sav. Ins. V3 Con well; 98, Choatt
v- Tighe; 97, Durant vs Bavis; 98, Buf-
ford vs Memphis Bui. Co; 99, Hurt vs
Wing; 100, James vs Kennedy; 101, Ruf-
tin vs Johnson; 102, King vs Williams;
103, McMabon vs Carey; 104, Meath vs
Brooks; 105, Elliott vs Smith; 106, Podes
ta vs Arolt; 107, Thiern vs Pollock; 1C8,
Tread well vs McKeon; 109, HU1-
msn vs Weaver; 110, Kendall vs
Titus; 111, Jackson Insurance Company
vs Part6e; 112, Clay vs Jack. Ins. Co;
113, Provine vs McLemore; 114. 115, Jones
vs Sharp; 116, Van Hawk vs Berks; 117.
Meath vs Porter: 118, Baker vs Hardin;
119, Davis vs Willis ; 120, Booth vs M and
Al Memphis; 121, 122, Trowbridge and
E jgerton vs Horton; 123, Sharp vb Hor-
ton; 124, Webb vs Hendrix: 125, Shaw vs
Curlish; 126, Millen vs same; 127, Mid-
well vs Wickersham; 128, Brosnan vs
Dav.s ; 129, Boyd vs Martin ; 130, Shelton
(i Parham ; 131, Wicks va Leftwicb; 132,
Wickersliaui vs Meriwether; 133, Apper-
son vs Lemday; 134, 135, Wolcott vs
Ladd; 135, Hare vs Kicg; 1S6, Miller vs
Warfield ; 137, Boro vs Hartley ; 138, Bry-
sntvsHoys; 139, Barrinds vs Duvamp;
140, Freeliugwald A Co. vs Mulns; 141,
Rainey. McGiveov A Leonard, MAC and
MLuRR Co: 142, 8pegall vs Hill ; 143
Pleasant vs Cortriok ; 1 51, B -der vs Moore;
145, Bret he: vs McLsflin ; 146, Morris vs
ellen & Co; 147, Stilltnan vs Bluff Ins Co;
148, Mann vs Douglas ; 149, Christian va
Merrier Bros; 150, Kirk vs Jones; 151,
Ad6n vs Wall; 152, Freeman vs Freeman:
153, Haney vs Coine; 154, McGee
vs Bls'-k ; 155, Oppenheimer vs
Cook; 156, Mitchell vs Ryan; 157
Clayton vs Field; 158, Watson vs
Marshall A Bro; 159. Cabbing vs NVal:
160, Anderson vs Tighe ; 161. Farrow vs
Doyle; 162. Hadsell vs Chalmers; 163.
Burke vs Ford; 164, Harrison vs Barr;
165, Buck vs Lowndes; 166, Pearce vs Ad¬
ams' Express Company; 167, Lumpkin vs
Wilson; 168, 0--ok vs Jones; 169, Holmes
vs Wilton ; 17fr, Brown vs Jackoby : 171,
Taylor vs Hurt : 172, Jones vs Allen. Thus
endeth tbe First Chancery docket.
Special to Memphis Appeal.
Jackson, Tens . June 1, 1871. Court is
still engaged on Laird vs Scott. .lodge
Wright is making the concluding argu-
Flrat Circuit Court Heitkell, Judge
Calendar for to day 1034, Boggan vs
Harvey; 1467, Jenny vs Junkerman:
1468, jenny, receiver, vs Burkle; 1469,
Jenny, receiver,
Jenny, receiver,
Jenny, receiver,
Jenny, reciever,
bright vs Sou
vs Daniel; 1175,
Brennan; 1476, M
vs aohueiuer; 1470.
VB Pante ; 1471,
vs Hcegel ; 1472,
vs Currv; 1473, Al-
,hll ;
1484, R?nfro vs
Reeves vs Shan ;
Moore; 1491, Memf
socialion vs Newkir
Dixon; 1493, Webt
1474, Brooks
cCiUsky vs Smith
oy vs Crowley, 1477
awer: 1481, Robertson
I A King: 1482, Roper
in, Williams Co;
Burkeshire; 1485,
1486, Sullivan vs
his Agricultural As
i Newkirk; 1492, Heathman vs
3, Webb A Watson vs Taft ;
Br vs Dickinson; 1495, Lucker
1495, Bates A Bro vs Watts A
River Packet
Williams; IS
Cicalla, adt
gason A Clay
deuiptiis and Arkansas
.any; 1501, Brewer vs
cCann vs Payne: 1503,
vs Rsja; 1504, Far-
vs Pittman; 1505,
Maalle!d vs vsesson; ln07, Bosnian vs
Simmons; 1508, Candon vs Fontaine;
1509, Brooks A Lawhom vs Beecber; 1510,
Ii-n vs German National Bank; 1511,
Royster, Trczavant A Co. vs Hulbert ;
1512, Farrington, agent, vs Moon; 1513,
Crook, agent, vs Ayers; 1514, Robinson v
BrewBter; 1515, White vs Hill. Fontaln A
Co. ; 1516, Humes A Poston vs Jackson In¬
surance Company; 1517, Mansfield vs
Wesson; 1519, Sparks vs Sherrell; 1520,
Williams vs Suechlirj; 1521, Biddy vs
Strickland : 1525, Taylor, Cole A Co. vs
Mullin?; 1526, Gallagher vs Moore; 1527,
Msn-tieid dt Higbee vs Brewer; 15129
Society, et a
1531, Dickiusoi
Vance A Co: li
son vs Kellar;
Beehler, 1537, t
ner A Co; 15S8,
Cousins vs Mei
Packet Co; 154K
H add en A Avei
Hays, extrx.; i
Glaaaick ; 1567, (
1568, White vs
The calendar
now left
Hardis Agricultural
!ox vs Wilson ;
s A Co vs Rootes,
laii, Allison, smith x John-
ir; lowS, Eicbberg, use, eto, vs
?, Sutton, Trigg A Co vs War-
538, Wright vs Stoddard : 1539,
Memphis and Arkansas River
1540, Williams vs Huber : 1541,
.very vs Slaten'1542, Mebane,
Jones: 1543, Morgan vs Fan-
ggs vs Planters' Insurance Co ;
15!.. Alien vst Planters lusurance Co;
1648, Bunch vk Weld, admr; 1549, State of
Tennessee vs Linde et al; 1550, Burford,
admr, vs Memphis Bulletin Co, et al; 1551,
Burf rd. admr, vs Memphis Bulletin Co,
et al; 1552, State of Tennessee va Goebels;
1653, Columbus vs Owens; 1654, State of
Tenn. vs Murphy: 1555, Thomas vs Sang-
ster; 1556, Stratum vs Jones; 1557, Fer¬
guson A Privltt vs Bran ner, et al.; 1568,
Eddins A Williams vs Wbest; 1569, Moore
vs Wolcott, Smith A Co.; 1660, Shivers vs
Williams; 1562, Donobo, Joy A Co. vs
566, Bitterlick A Co. vs
kxipwood vs Strickland ;
igley, Mellersb A Co.
to-day contain all the
for trial at the present
term, except those continued over until
after tbe supreme conn.
CrlaiMl Cwirt-FllpplB, Judge.
Tbe following cases are set for trial to¬
329. Fannie Gray, keeping house of ill-
fame; 597, Mary Smith, keeping house of
Ill-faine; 15, Annie rihtr, seeping noose
of ill-tame; 871, Harvey Seviere, attempt
to kill: 381, James School, arson: 381,
James Hays, arson: 410, Jen. Walker, lar-
oeny 415, Henry O'Neal, larceny: 416,
Dan Good larceny 416, W. Shsnnon, lar-
cny 615,'Wm. Ward, larceny; 708, Wm.
Foster, failing to settle as administrator;
708. C. F. Bullock, failing to settle as ad¬
ministrator: 708, J. N. Snowden, failing
to settle as admlniatra'or; 710, W. B.
Greenlaw, falling to settle as administra¬
tor, 715, Jas. Gallagher, falling to settle as
adminlst'r; 720, Ann Tbotnpeon.lsrceny ;
795, M. D. Welch, assault and battery;
832, Thoa Callahan, assault and batterv;
833, Thos. Callahan, attempt to kill; 833,
Antoine McCarty, attempt to kill; 883,
Wm. Crosby, attempt to kill; 854, Solo¬
mon Ray, larceny; 845, Henry Morgan,
larceny; 851, Mary Banks, larceny; 862,
Dr. F. A. Schreyer. larceny; 864, Mary
Cleman, larceny; 856, Mack Brown, lar¬
ceny; 857. J. F.ippUna, assault snd bat¬
tery; 886, Henry Morgan, carrying con¬
cealed weapons: 874. Alios Jones, larceny
883 Len VanPelt, larceny.
Witnesses in any of the above cases
mast be iu attendance promptly, or at¬
tachments will be issued for their bodies
Defendants on bonds must also appear, or
forfeitures will in all cases be taken
agair st them and their securities, and a
capias issued for their arrest.
Business of yeaterdsy: State vs Ed
Barnett, indicted for larceny, jury and
verdict guilty, punishment fixed at three
years-State vs Ransom Morton, indicted
for larceny, jury and verdict guUty, two
and a half years; State vs Ches. Adklns,
laroenv. jury and verdict guilty, one year;
State va Henry Thompson, larceny, jury
and verdiot guilty one year.
Tki Sfathtn Psclflo RsJimd-k. Pratty
Hard Rub at Seat MiabfeJ
Priperiy Cwaers.
Abeut EaiflraBts What Mast be Dna tt
Eacsarage Them ta Caaia Hare.
Caoas Corjtrry, Abk., May 26, 1871.
Editor Appeal You received my com¬
munication concerning oar railroad in
Arkansas so favorablythat I am tempted to
risk another more general in its character.
The organisation of the Southern Pacific
ompany.recently eflected, calls attention
to the tact that Memphis expects to be
the principal eastern terminus on tbe Mis¬
sissippi tor this great trunk line scross
the continent. The road now progressing
from Norfolk designed to give direct oom-
munlcstlon with Memphis, strengthens
this expectation, while it adds much to
the value and importance of the whole
line, and especially aa afiecting Memphis
and the Southwest. For it must be
strongly remembered thst this Atlantic
seaboard will be several hundred miles
nearer by this route than by the one now
traveled. Besidea, Norfolk affords a safe
and capacious winter harbor whence and
whither all ocean craft can go and come
with far less expense and danger than
they encounter in leaving and approach¬
ing the harbors of New York, Boa-
ton and Portland during tbe inclement
season. How long, think you, it will be
before the greater number of the cotton
freighters sail and steam will take
their departure from Norfolk after these
communications are completed, instead
of encountering the perils of Hell Gate
and tbe Sound, In getting out of New
York : or the fierce northeasters on tbe
Atlantic coast, and which play such havoc
with everything on the ocean, from Hali¬
fax to Cape May; or even submitting to
the delay, inconvenience and expense of
towing over the bar at New Orleans?
How Memphis looms up wheu she is con¬
templated ss the great emporium into
which the vast products of the Southwest
are gathered to find distribution to ail
parts of tbe world ; whither all travelers
tor business or pleasure throng to scatter
thence to their respective destinations;
and, finally, the last gateway on this con¬
tinent through which oriental commerce
and travel pour themselves to step
across the Atlantic and reach the
western borders of their own conti¬
nent. Is this visionary T Remember
it is not only several hundreds
of miles nearer from Memphis to Nor¬
folk than to New York, bat more hun¬
dreds of miles nearer across the conti¬
nent by wsy of Texas and San Diego,
than over tbe snowy plains snd mountain
gorges of Kansas, Colorado, Utah and the
I rightfully picturesque region of the
Sierra Nevada. In the wonderful age in
which it is our happy fate to live, there is
less danger of our expecting too much
than too Tittle of the future.
We must remember another fact, that
this Southern Pacific is not wholly im¬
portant because it goes westward across
the continent. We shall feel most its
banefits because it comes east as well as
goes west. Texas will poor all her feed¬
ers into its great trunk. Her millions cf
cattle, her other equal millions of wheat,
her vast future cotton product will here¬
after find easy egress out of her now al¬
most inaccessible and unknown expanse
of fertility. . So the net-work of railroads
with which Arkansas is now con-
connecting herself will gather their
lines toward this great highway,
and thus we shall see that while
" westward the star of empire takes its
way" the East will get her compensation
in tbe contrary direction which commerce
will take. All these railroads, therefore,
with which Arkansas is now or about to
be traversed and environed, become inter¬
esting and important, not alone for their
individual value, but quite as much be¬
cause they cunhiitute the muscles and
sinews of a stupendous system of trans-
continentisi travel and transportation.
Memphis, watching for her great future
as the point of arrival and departure on
the Mississippi, has a direct andliveiy in¬
terest in all these roads, and her capitalists
and property-holders would be far more
creditably and profitably employed in
giving aid and encouragement to them
than in mousing about the corners to
watch for the highest rate of usury
for their money or putting on the
last turn of the screw on rents already ex¬
orbitant. That was a good article of
yours, the other day ; about tbe failure or
incapacity ol Southern men to co-operate
in useful and important enterprises.
To see the sublime iudifference with
which some of the owners of lots and
blocks, and even acres iu Memphis, go
about the tsreeta cambered with and car¬
ing for nothing only td get and raise their
rents, one is ttupled to believe that they
either care tor nothing but themselves, or
else have no capacity or comprehension
above that of a pea-nut merchat both
After tnis wratntui explosion, i may as
well subside. Is not this weather glori
ousT Gradually working gently into the
heat of summer without any threat of
the baking and parching drought that
sometimes so disastrously succeeds tbe
continued cold ana wet of toe spring
commencement. The change of two
weeks Is magical. I got pretty high on
my stilts this time, but I feel better after
thus healthfully and truthfully diaporting
myself now that I have got down.
A Play that Eatfed ta Oeatk-Oae Bay
Stabt Another.
Editort Appeal Please allow a few
words about emigration. How can the
tide of emigration be directed to the Stale
of Tennessee and the South generally?
This is the question to be solved. Many
have been the plans submitted, and tbey
ail aptear very plausible. One should
think thousands and thousands of foreign¬
ers would flock this way after reading
the iuluo6Ljeuts held out to them, in
some instances they have acted favorably
and the pouring in of mechanics and la¬
borers seemed to become extensive. I ex
peeled to see the fields of Tennessee
bloom like those of Pennsylvania, Ohio
and Illinois, and hear the mechanics' tools
resound from the workshops like tbey do
m Khode Island. Connecticut and Mr.--s
ctiusetts; but loll see them go back as
fast, if not faster, than they came, and
certainly all were poorer at the time of de¬
parture. v ny is ii . many limes i nave
heard it asked, and nearly every time a
sad. sad story was told by too emigrants
At present I do not wish to go into the
merits of these complaints, but assure
you all attempts now to force an influx of
immigration to Ienneasee would be use¬
less. Until our next legislature of which
we have a right to expect much for the
good of our state win secure a poor
man's rights and protect him in that
which is due him. all money and time
expended on the sut.i ct of emigration is
lost: nay, It can only lniure the cause.
Until then when tbe workingman knows
his money, hard labored for, mast be his
at the coming Saturday, ortbe nrst of the
month or so, all endeavors will be in vain.
1 would advise you to let the matter rest
st present and only urge oar legislative
bodies to pass a law that will secure the
rights of the immigrants. C. S.
Editors Appeal Why Is it that smoking
is allowed on the street cars here iu Mem
phis, when it is not the case anywhere
else that I know oi ? It is certainly a
nuisance, and ought to be abated. You
will often see a gentleman, or one who
considers himself such, ana is so con
sidered, enter with his cigsr sometimes
an old stinking pipe and if there are not
more than one or two ladies present, he
does not care much ; but if there are no
ladies he takes his seat and puffs sway as
if in the open street, not seeming to
think, or care, that there are gentlemen
to whom it is as offensive, and even more
so, than a msiority ot ladies. Let a stop
be put to smoking on the cars Inside or
Pablob ani Cbubcii Oboans. The
best and most popular can be bad at H
G. Holenberg's, 274 Second street.
Leddln's College.
Attend Robertson's College.
W. Z. Mitchell's school. 803 Third St.
Miss A. C. Reudelhuber's Private
School, 91 Poplar street.
Miss Maggie Fealy will teach at the
Linden street school during the summer.
Tbe Daily api-kal, five cents per
oopy, can be had of all newsmen in the
Will. Mansford, at his book and peri¬
odica) store, has all tbe late magazines
rod Illustrated and weekly papers.
The news stand in Mansfield A Hig-
bee's drag store, has on hand all the latest
papers, daily, weekly and monthly; also
the finest brands of cigars and tobacco.
A fine lunch is set every day, at the
Madame Vincent saloon, No. 18 Union
street. Don't forget the place, because
you will be well served.
The Daily and the Wbeklt Appbal
ian be had of ail the newsmen In the
olty Joe Locke, on Main street, Macs-
ford, on Second, and Emmons A Son, on
Jefferson street.
we ddTkg imitations,
Engraved and Printed In artistic atyle.
276 Mala street.
We regret being called upon to tell, this
morning, the story of what we cannot
bat construe as an accident, though pain¬
ful in its result, bringing sorrow to two
households, between which there bad
heretofore existed only the moat exalted
esteem and friendship. A young boy
named Stewart Oobb. playing with one of
i bis companions, named Charley Bolsaeaq,
iast evening, about o'clock, in the
yard cf the premises, 124 Court street,
was threatened by the latter, in a Joking
way, that if be persisted in playing he
would stab him with a knife which he
hsd in his hand. Young Cobb, not think¬
ing it possible that Boisseau could mean
him harm, persisted In the course of play
he had been engaged in, and approaching
nesr to his companion, was stabbed by
him in the left breast, In the region ot the
heart, and .fatally. The knife entered a
little above the heart, making a wound
that it is thought cannot fail to prove
fatal. We would not add a pang
to those which harass the family
of the wounded or the offending boy, but
we cannot refrain from suggesting the
impropriety of parents allowing their
childreaj to carry weapons that, as in
this case, msy be used with fatal effect.
Human life is too valuable to be jeopar¬
dized even in joke or whim, too valuable
to be sacrificed in play by the prompt¬
ings of a jest.
Plaaters ia Caunoil Organization af
laMlgratiea Aid Asseciatioa.
A. B. Haynts,
C. L. Anderson,
B. Bayliss,
E. Ensley,
J. H Edmondson,
John Brown,
Leon Trousdale,
F. C. Stephenson,
Newton Ford,
E W. Caldwell,
J. H. Nelson,
Yesterday at 11 o'clock, at the hall of
the Chamber of Commerce, the prelimi¬
nary organ! zition of the convention de¬
signed to adopt measures promotive of
immigration, was organized. The Hon.
Jacob Thompson was made chairman, and
W. B. Donoho, secretary.
t olonel Wm. R. Moore suggested the
propriety of effecting at once the organi¬
zation oi the roouy, and since ma great
body of those who would attend the con¬
vention would not reach the city until the
afternoon trains on the several railways
reached the city, he deemed it advisable
to adjourn until 3 p.m. Meanwhile dele¬
gates present were requested to enroll
their names.
AlAMES of delegates.
The following named delegates, ap¬
pointed by the Shelby County Agricultu¬
ral Association, were registered :
Jacob Thompson, N. C. Perkins.
A. J. Hayes,
Joa. Bruce,
Nsp Hill,
Eli Rsyner,
R. D. Goodwyn,
J. T. Stratton,
Chas. Jones,
W. B. Williamson
W. R. Holme?,
E. C. Ward,
M. D. L. Stewart,
A resolution was adopted requesting all
persons present who proposed to attend
the deliberations of the body should be
considered members of tbe C onvention
The names of the following
W. B. Donoho, W. R Moore,
John B. Robinson, J. M. Pettigrew,
W. W. Gay, J. J. DuBoae,
J. Iff. Crews, J. M. Harris,
W. D. Lumpkin, Thos. Haller,
Wm. Farringtou, W. H Carroll,
J. J. Kellar. M. C. Galloway,
T. B. Dillard, J. M. Dickenson,
E. M Apperson, F. Y. Rockett,
A. T. Lacey, Isham G. Harris,
Jefferson Davis, G. P. Anderson,
W. M PhiUips, R. A. Pinaon,
J. Begbie.
J. A. Signiago, Grenada, Mississippi.
C. S. Severson, Bolivar, Mississippi.
C. W. Hunt, Panola, Mississippi.
E. C. Jones, Memphis, Tennessee.
C. W. Hunt, Grenada, Mississippi.
W. B. Mitchell, Phillips county Arkan¬
A. A. Birnes. M. A C. R. R Co.
J. H. Alexander, Chulahoma, Missis¬
G. E. Morrison, Arkansas county, Ar
Edward Gottlieb, Louisiana.
E. W. Calwell, Shelby county.
John Moffatt, Nashville.
D. W. Crump, West Point, Mississippi.
A. ft. liu'an, West Point, Mississippi.
A committee was appointed to desig
nate proper officers for the permanent or¬
ganization of the convention, consisting
oi Hon. Jacob Thompson. Dr. J. W
'rump. West Point, Mississippi ; Ed¬
ward Lrothier, of ijoulalana: Hon. A. S
Colyer, Nashville; Hon. Thoa. Fletcher,
Unccln county, Arkansas.
The Convention adjourned to meet this
morning at in o'clock.
ice Cream and a breat
ather Goad Things
None ol the nromenaden upon our
principal and beautiful thoroughfare
can have railed to notice the large con¬
fectionery establishment of Podesta
A Cazissa, whose elegant and com¬
modious ice-cream aaloon,in Odd-Fellows'
Hall, is one of the great resorts of the
belles and beaux of the city. Podeata A
Caaassa are gentlemen of experience in
their line and are prepared to wait npoa
u' storr.tr . no matter what their de¬
mands. Tbey import nnd deal wholesale
as well as retail iu groceries, green and
dried fruits, nuts, pickles, preserves, sar¬
dines, cigars, wines, London porters and
Scotch ales. They manufacture their own
candies and confectionery, and can be re
lied upon to fill orders for the country aa
if thn customer was preseut.
Mr. Judah, ot U. T. Tomhnson A Co,
managers of the Globe Life Insurance
Company, has our thanks for New Orleans
papers. Mr. Judah has just returned
from the Crescent City, where he was in
business for his company, one of the best
and oalest in the country.
The Gold Medal Sewing Machine has
been tried by many of tbe bast citizens ot
Memphis, and ia pre-eminently the best
sewing machine ever invented, it is
patented from four of tbe first-class ma¬
chines now in use in this country and city
of Memphis; ia an improvement on them
all; runs one-third lighter; uses one-third
less thread, makes less noise; makes tbe
only reliable stitch; does all work that
any other machine will do; has the finest
ana best table, with plain and simple ma
chinery, though finely polished, and is
sold at extraordinarily low prices. I will
not psy agents large commissions to carry
the machine to your door and annoy you,
but win give the commissions to my cus
tomers. The machines are sold at one
price only. If a lady buys one machine
worth aoo, I will give ner a dress worth
5: it she buys a machine worth 175, a
dress worth StO; if she buys a machine
worth $110, a silk dress worth 20. I am
well-known in this city and county, and
will not attempt to humbug you. I' mean
what I say. Agents wanted in every
county in Arkansas and Tennessee. Call
and see samples of work and machine.
3tj North Court street.
Light Litebatcbb aud Fobtukk.
Mr. Jaiius C. Ey rich, 340 Main street, at
his news stand, in addition to all the
latest papers and periodicals of the day,
will supply tbe public with chances for
r . 1 , l : .1 w
lunuue, uv means ui susres iu iuo ivieui
phis Real Estate Distribution.
Till the Clock Stbikes Tsar. Our
city folks have been notified through oar
columns, that the Mam street omce. Bio.
233K.of the Memphis Real Estate Distri¬
bution, which has been opened by Messrs,
Passmore A Ruffin, especially for their
accommodation, wonld be closed on the
6th instant. Each evening from now to
that time, No. 1433 a win be open tor bu¬
siness until ten o'clock, in addition to all
day. Drop in this morning and get one
of the lucky tickets.
V.. . ....... .-. . U .. ..i . imritu.) I n n-
epect the rich and varied stock of Fancy
ivrwi.'tn 11 whftthar nnnhuiAra fir othflr-
wise," at
New sir Te, 310 Main street, opposite Pea-
body Hotbl.
The steamer Laura leaves Memphis for
Mound City at 7 and 11 o'clock a.m., and
a and 'Spin. Leaves Mound City at 6 and
9 a.m.. and 1 and 6 p m. Hacks leave for
the lake at 7 a m. and 3 p.m. Fishing at
the lake is fine now, and all tbe " Isask
Waltona" will do well to note the above
the Closing Oat Sale of
220 Main street.
The greatest bargains cf the season in
Dry Goods will be sold this week.
Thompson A Steger's compilation of
Tennessee statutes U progressing rspidly.
Volume 1st will be ready in a fe weeks.
Volume 2nd ia partly ready and will he
completed in August. Orders may be
sent to W. J. Gilbert, St. Louis, Mo.
A Utt iumamr Riaxiag far tks Blae.
The unsuccessful attempt of the white
lady to drown herself In the Miashauppl,
Wednesday evening, seemed to be bat the
beginning of a aeries of suicidal disasters
among female humanity which followed
That night, when the "wee sma' boars"
had crept along beyond twelve, a colored
sister, who had been frequenting church
gatherings for some time before, and was
thoroughly Imbued with religion, had
commenced feeling that now would be a
good time to " go marching home." The
poor woman was one of those hard work¬
ing, honest creatures who are mostly
always straggling to do well and mostly
always miss doing well. After getting
herself properly enthused at a religious
meeting Wednesday night, she walked
borne pondering heavily on the glorie -
the future land, the land beyond tbe stars,
those sunlit shores where the grass ia ever
green and the flowers always gay. She
could not sleep; no, bat she wept
at the prospect which waa before
her, poor washerwoman aa she waa.
She thought she would hasten the
hoar of her deliverance. Jumping to her
big feet, in ecatacies with the beauty of
the new revelation.she wa ked forth in the
starlight, sought the nearest cistern, and.
carefully removing the lid, she lowered
horself down to the cold, dark water
below. This waa at tbe corner of Her¬
nando street and Brown's avenue. The
man of the house went out in his disha¬
bille to ascertain what caused the splash,
splash in the water. After a time the
form of the colored person was hsuled out,
but the spirit had gone. Down in that
narrow cistern the troubled, but hopeful,
soul of the washerwoman was made free;
and ere the morning sun gilded the tree-
tops of Elmwood, it was careering through
space on viewless wings, flying from bad
soap, dirty clothing and bad-paying
patrons. The Coroner inquested the re¬
mains of Chant Harris, and she was
buried st the county's expense yesterday
Mr. Ham, of nhe Fifteenth Amendment,
went to the premises of Mr. Myers, at the
Humboldt Park, Wednesday night, after
the " picnickers " had all retired and
everything was quiet and slumbering be¬
neath the soft beams of the moon, and at¬
tempted to force an entrance to the house;
thinking, perhaps, that beer bad so soused
the spirit of the occupants that they oould
not hear what might be done outside.
Tbe proprietor, however, woke up, jumped
out of bed and seized a shotgun, with
which he plugged Mr. Ham in the most
graceful and effective manner. Tbe
wonnded person was subsequently
carried to his home, if any he had.
at Central Point, where he was attended
by Dr. White, who gave it as his opinion
that the man would die. He had more
lead in him than comported with a healthy
existence. Mr. Myers gave himself up
yesterday, so the case will be investigated
A colored woman, who lives on Beale
street, took an ounce of laudanum yester¬
day morning, and would have died had
her stomach been strong enough to bear
the dose. What she did not " heave off,"
was hauled off by Dr. White's stomach
pump. She still dwells in this vale of
tears. Laudanum ia a very uncertain in¬
strument it does not agree with every
organization. Strychnine or prosaic
scid is more reliable. The pistol
bullet and the razor have both
failed in many important instances.
Water ia treacherous. It has often de¬
feated the best laid scheme. The rope is
too vulgar. Tbe fact is, nothing has yet
been invented which ia calculated to give
entire satisfaction in cases of Intended
What Nilssaa Did A Qur Faiay Tar
Old Fefllee.
Long before Nilsson's fame aa a osn-
tatrice had come bounding over the
ocean's billows or rang along the cable
wires beneath the ocean 'a depths; before
mankind bowed In rapt wonder and
delight in the presence of heavenly melo¬
dy, the old fogies of a city, illustrating
the taste cf the people for the divine art,
adopted ss the designation of their be¬
loved association, the name, "Old Folks
at Home." They gathered about Nilsson
when she sang, and when the sad, solemn
strains of bewitching music awept by the
ancient of days were lapped in the joys of
eivsium and the very name oi uia
Folks at Home " became divine. It was
curious to hesr the oldest of these aged
men when wending devious ways to
suburban homea. after Nilsson went awav
induleintt in musical soliloquise and the
burden of each song of each old humming
" bird " was " The Old f oiks at Home.
Tne devotion of Memphis to music was
happily illustrated snd if wealth were
now, ss in former years, the hand
maiden of age, a bronze statu
et'e of the sweet, fair Swedish vo
ca Ut would'adorn the hall of the Nestor
ot Memphis social life. " The Old Folks
at Home," next Tuesday, the members
ot this association win roe convoked
When gathered ia Hibernian Hall, each
will have his voice attuned to the softest
sweetest chorda that dazzled, charmed
entranced tbe multitude when mist
sam of the Old Folks at Homo. Colonei
McLean will lead the choir, and every
shingle on the roof of tbe old building at
tbe corner of Adams and Main, will be¬
come resonant of the memories acd
dreams and delights of the blessed Old
Folks at Home.
Preparations for the annual festival of
the Old Folks will be made next Tues
day, and the presence of every member is
T. W. Johnston A Co., 310 Main street
opposite feaoouy Hotel, make a special
tv of Ribbons. Laces, Trimmings, Ho
siery, Gloves, White Goods and Notions
and are daily receiving new goods.
Steam Fmrira. ST5 Second afreet
All delegates to the Planters and Laud
owners' Labor and Emigration Conveu
tion, to convene to-day and tc-morrow
1 1st and 2d Instant) at the Chamber of
Commerce, will. Immediately on arrival
call and register and receive certificates
ot such registration at the omoe oi
39 Madison Btreet.
June 1, 1671.
KID GLOVES, all colors;
Strangers and visitors to the city should
not fail to call and see the superb and
elegant Chickering Pianos on exhibition
at the warerooms of a. u. nonenoerg
274 Second street, opposite Court street
The Duchess Guipure, a chaste and
elegant trimming for Swiss and linen
dresses, just received at
310 Main street, opposite Peabody Hotel
Joe Locke, 236; Main street, has all the
latest fashion magazines, illustrated
weeklies and the largest variety of dalles
in the city.
The drawing of the Real Estate Distri¬
bution of Memphie for 1S71, will take
place on the 4th day of July. The offi¬
ces for the disposition of shares in this
olty will close on the 6th day of June.
Agents and Managers.
Just received twenty thousand bushels
i'isi article.
Armstrong's Pstent Mosquito Frame-
cheapest, simplest, ana most, uursr.ie.
Call and examine it before purchasing
others, at
Furniture and Carpet-house, 368 Main at,
lint Dot.t.ar Misses' Shoe reduced to
SavBjiTT-rivK Cknts a Paib, before clos¬
ing the 3d of Juue. WM. r-flAIXJi.,
mi oi-mu street.
A Vaa; Cr.wd at the Opart
nii Laat
Tne iatellect if Nlsa Hiakee'a
Displayed ta Advaataga.
DUtribBtlea af Prizes by the Mayer.
Notiob Ladiaa preparing for summer
travel will find all the novelties in Dress
Trimmings, RufBings, Bias Platings and
aim broideries, at .
810 Main street, opposite Peabody Hotel.
mats cleaned, ayeu, ana
trimmed, by M. Cohen, 384 Main street.
43. Tjuvb fwTTaUiDT. fn -1 nt
the Sisters, corner Third and Jefiersoa
Jn Coca a. news dealer. 236 W Main
street, has all the late papers from all
part or tne unitea gist.
Bubnbtt's CoooAJifs, the favorite hair
Tbe largest crowd that waa seen in any
public place in this city since the re¬
hearsal of the children for the Sunday
school celebration, waa gathered at the
Greenlaw Opera House last night, to wit¬
ness the exercises of Miss Higbee'a public
high school. About fourteen hundred peo¬
ple were in the building by the time the
curtain rose on
such aa never graced that stage before,
ihe curtain rose some time after eight.
The whole school, some forty or fifty
young ladies, were at the foot-lights,
hardly any one so oold as not to be moved
by the beautiful scene that was presented
by this bouquet of living beauty. The first
exercise of the evening was a sot. g
in chorus, "This Happy Day,"
which was beautifully sung by the young
The salutation, a paper on " The Art of
Pleasing," was read by Mis Laura Flack.
In this little piece Miss Laura made some
sensible remarks Which the morose would
perhaps profit by heeding. The worst of
it is, that moat cf the attempts made to
please people in this worid.arise from pure
selfishness. Very few think of pleasing
those who stand most in need of it. The
reader could have done more justice to
her very elegant composition if she were
ot a less delicate and sensitive tempera¬
ment. Tnis delicacy was evinced a few
timea fn a slight tremor of voice and one
or two little hesitations ; bat her heroism
was evinced in the manner in which ahe
atruggled against and overcame her emo¬
tions. She was rewarded by votary bou¬
quets, which she received with a gratified
am lie.
Then came another chorus " Winter
Night," by the school. It was remsrkable
what soft, pare tones were noticed in that
chorus of sweet voices. The volume of
music rolled up and out over the vast
hall as if there were but one voice.
This young lady looka well. She read
her essay rather quaintly. It was entitled
"He builded better than he knew." The
idea of this splendid essay was that, owing
o some mysterious arrangement of Fro v-
idecce, people and whole nations are
made to build better than they intend.
Tbe muscular men of the Babylonish pile
were made to build up a number of lan¬
guages, owing to the larynx, harassing
"hollering" that they did, which little cir-
eumstance sgain compelled 'hem to go i ll
in squads carpet-bagging over the earth,
and thoa lay the foundations of several
empires, and theoriginators of a few fierce
conflicts. In those conflicts there is no
te'ling how many shoddy fortunes were
built up by contractors lor leather, shields
and ti.nt-headtd spears. The essay dis¬
played some thinking, not to be found in
the common reading of young ladies.
Miss Patton.who had come forward with
Ida and supported heron the right daring
the reading of her essay, had a piece of
her own which she read also. It waa en¬
titled " Necessity of paying attention to
things aa weii aa buotts. Miss Patton
has the advantage cf a remarkably pretty
face, elegant figure and fine voice. She
reads well. These valuable qualinca'ionB
at once enabled her to capture the hearts
of the audience acd secured her a rapt
attention, so that there was no point she
made which did not receive a considera¬
tion worthy of it. Attention to things is,
unfortunately, the prevailing sin, and
not attention to books. The essay was
a first rate thing for the cloe study of
teachers They will find many useful
suggestions in it.
More chorus, ' In my swift.boat." The
same remarks which we made at the
opening of this article will apply here.
The singing was equally good throughout.
Our learned reporter was conquered by
this young lady. H had prepared to pass
her over with a few lines, thinking that
tbe essay which ahe came forward to de¬
liver, would be a giiiish talk, about drees
and things of that sort, but before she
finished, aye, in the middle of the essay,
when she said that every unsuccessful
struggle for liberty is characterized as a
rebellion, he changed his opiaion. He re¬
marked to the end of bis new pencil,
"there is some thought here or else sound
reading, which is the next best thing, and
we toast notice 'Ells." The pencil gave an
approving nod of consent. Miss Ella, in
the first, place is evidently a girl oi much
culture. She haa an extraordinary sweet
face, a soft, winning voice, finely modu¬
lated. Her elocution is, without being
remarkable, very nearly perfect for the
purposes ot quiet, philosophic reading.
Her essay was an efiort or thought . well
aa resdiug; and in following her one
insensibly forgets the style, ceases to
criticise the manner of her charming
words and constructing sentences and
becomes absorbed in the thoughts to which
the filr reader gave utterance. Miss
Ella's essay would do honor to some of
our monthlies.
The "Barcaralli," from Von Weber's
"Obercn," was so beautifully, so sweetly
sung, that the audience wanted an encore,
which, however, could not be given.
MISS MABTHA k tnki.s
is one of tbe stars of the school. Oar
learned man expected something deep
and dry from her, on account of his
knowledge of her mathematical acquire¬
ments, but he was mistaken her essay
was not of tho dry sort, not a piece ot
dogmatic writing, but rather a beautiful
train of reasoning, in a slyle of simple
eiegsnce that Addison, if he were living,
would not have failed to study. Her
subject was "Things that ire always
lovely." It was decidedly the prettiest
discourse oi the evening, and was wor
thily applauded.
Then there was more chorus, after which
IT. Maury, tbe f resident ot the Board of
K location, presented diplomas to the
following young ladies, who finished
their education under Miss Higbee:
Miss Mary Kunkle, Miss Martha Run
kle, Ida Haley, Ella McMahan, Laura
I lack, and Miss Mollis Patton. What Dr
Maury said wa uot caught by the atten¬
tive ear of our reporter.
scpebiittes,dest leath
made a short address to the pupils, uow
bachelors of arts. He said that the parch¬
ment which they held in Iheir hands had
converted tbem don't be alarmed, young
ladies into" Bachelors of Art." He made
some facetious remarks upon the seeming
anomaly, and then went on to give some
sound advice to the young ladies on the
importance of cultivating the home
industries. He instanced the case
of an English queen who kept a
aiary oi now ane spent tne day
of her girlhood He read the record ot
one day. She rose st four and continued
to do things daring the day, such things
as our superb young ladies ot this lasli
ionable day wonld consider eminently
menial, including the feeding of tbe hogs
and poultry. He said that "weave,"
"w-of" and "wife," had the same root in
the Anglo Saxon, indicating plainly
enough that it was considered the duty
of a wife to provide clothing for her
family: in illustration of this position, he
showed that tbe word 'spinster,' a term
for maids in the Anglo Saxon, was de¬
rived from the common occupation of un¬
married females, in the days or "auid
lang yne," which was that of spinning.
Here he gave some classical account of
how tbe gods and goddesses of ancient
timea regarded the various industries.
None of them were idlers He then spoke
to them strongly on the importance
of taking eare of time ; told
tbem of the evil of using it in a frivolous
manner. He told them to cultivate their
minds, but also to cnltivate such home
virtues as cooking cheers, and not to
disdain an occasional drill with the broom
handle, but to be sure and not use that
weapon for any bat legitimate purposes.
He then spoke to them upon that most
important feature in t.ie lives of women,
the cultivation ot tho heart. He
paid a high tribnto to woman in
general in consequence of the benign
influence ahe exerts on the rude and
cruel nature of men. I .', said he, the world
was left to the exclusive control of man, so
vindictive, cruel and bloody ia be in his na¬
ture that the earth would be deluged in
blood, and the human race would soon
caaae to exist.
The prize drawing:, which had been ar¬
ranged tor, then took place, under the
auspices of the Mayor.
The Mayor's prize, a gold medal, waa
drawn for by the follow. at eight, whose
standing for the fall term since Septem¬
ber 1. 1870, is as follows: 1. Miss Martha
Kvnkle, 100; 2. Mibs Mary Kunkle, 100-
Miss Louisa ixooe, 100: 4. Misa Lizzie
liyon, w iu; o. aaias Mollie Patton
99 9-10 ; 6. Miaa Emms Browne. 99 9-10-
Mis Ida naiey, w 9-10: Miss Ann.
smitn, vu u-iu.
me nttie sups were thrown into hat
which was handed round. Mian Irla
aaiey was tne tucay person.
There waa a prize of a gold pen to be
given ,by Dr. Fenner a gold pen and
older, which was awarded in the same
way. .Miss Mary Jaunkle got thia. Miss
Higbee' prize was drawn for by the three
fi'St named youon: ladies. Miss Loulie
Nooe got It. Then there was another prize
of a finely bound volume, "Art snd Song,"
oy well, sent oy Messrs. Boyle A Chap¬
man. This was drawn for by the six
graduates, and Miss Mary Kunkle got it.
The priae ka writing was awarded to Ml
Carrie Bruce. Ail tbe competitors sent
their specimens to Leddin, without any
name attached, and he decided. Thia was
a port-folio. Dr. Taylor bestowed these
prizes in a graceful manner. He said:
"Although, bv chance, this honor has
fallen to your lot, yet let It be remembered
that only by true merit ooaid yon have
obtained this ditinotion. He, in whose
behalf I deliver :aia beautifu. token, cou¬
ple with it the wish that the record it
may make in the journal of your life be aa
nure aa the native ore from which its
Jaty is wrought."
Colonel Leath than gave the usual
prizes to the beat scholar. He waa In the
habit of giving but six, oat on this occ-
aien he gave twelve books tbe first six
to the graduates and the next six to the
following named young ladies:
1. Maggie Cunningham.
2 Emma Browne.
3. L Lyon.
A Lizzie Hardy.
6. Sarah Quaokenbaah.
d. Annie Smith.
The Mayor then bestowed the prize,
gold medal, etc., to tbe young ladies
who bad drawn them, in a dignified and
formal manner thst Impressed and grati¬
fied the yo-ong ladies.
Misa Mary Kunkle read the valedictory
addresa, which we are sorry we eannot
print, as we deaigned, owing to the late¬
ness of the hour and the fallness of onr
columns. The audience were sent away
with a "good night" chorus by the school.
meteoboloqical record,
HlQBAL -kh V ; a. O. 8. A..,
kaxria, Jane 1, 18.43 p.m.
Hlght of barometer M2
Change tnce;iat report J64
Hlghi ,nf taermometer - 77
Relative humidity 14
Direction of wlnd. 0
Velocity of wind miles per hour 0
Pressure of wind -pounds per qaare ft
rorce oi wina ueaarort scale.
Amnnnt nl -:rnrt W
Bain fall slncelast report-inches u
State of weather fair
T.J. BROWS. Observer.
Qab Firnss, 815 Second street.
Wobsham Hock Day board will be
reduced to twenty-five dollar per month
from June 1st.
Nickaburc i ity of i'aibo
Arkansas river Pir Cubcs.vi
Friar Point..
New Orleans
i o.
. pjn
l p.m
i p.m
li m
A. J. Vi Hi re
Phil all -
.. Nice Losgwobth
.. Mabtixb
Vaclise Cabboll..
A.M. WTiite. Napoleon
Ed in bu r. Clncl anal .
City of Chester HL Louis
Julia , SC. Loula
City of Alton New Orleans
Edlr ars Red river
Cl y Chester St. Loot
CU , ... Alton St. Lout
Julia Vicksburg
George W. Cheek... Friar's Point
PatCleliarne. A. J. White, Oil City.
Weather warm and sultry, with iadica
tiona of more rain. The river here con¬
tinues on tbe decline. At Cairo it fell 3
inches yesterday. The Ohio is again fail-
inr. with 6 feet 6 inches in t:i- canal. At
St. Louis the river is stationary. White
river rose 2 feet altogether, and came to a
stand on Wednesday. Arkansas river
declined 16 inches yesterday at Little
Rock, with feet in the channel. The
wharf presented a dull appearance, with
little movement in freights.
Caiko, June 1, 8:18 p.m. Port list
V.. S. Thayer, Mound Olty to Ouachita
river, 10 p.m.; Atlantic, New Orleans to
St, Louis. 10 p.m. : City of Vickabnrg.
icksburg to St. Louis, 2 a.m.; Pauline
Arroll. rjt. Louis to New Orleans. 2 p.m
John Kyle, St. Louis to New Orleans, 4
p m ; urand lower, tit. Louis to Mem
phis, 5 p m. River fell 3 inches. Weather
clear. Mercury 82.
Vicksbubo, Jane 1. Up: Common¬
wealth, 1 .m.; Joseph H. Bigley and
barges, 9 a m.; Mary Houston, 11 a.m.
Ureal Rep iblic, 2 p.m : Colorado, 8 p.m
Weather w arm and clear. River falling
New Orleans, June 1. Arrived : Poto¬
mac. Cincinnati. Departed: Richmond,
St. Lou.s; Moliie tlbert, Cincinnati.
Louisville. June 1. The river
risen lb inches in the past 24 hours, and la
now stationary, with 4 feet Inches in the
chute and 6 feet 1 inches in the canal
Weather partially cloudy, with strong
siirns of a storm to-night. Departed: su
sie Silver and Indiana, New Orleans. The
Nightingale is advertised to leave for the
Arkansas river to-morrow. The C. fj
Church and Belfast, from New Orleans
and tbe Nashville, from Memphis, an
expected to-night. The Emma Floyd,
from Nashville to Cincinnati, ia nard
aground on Ingram shoals, Cumberland
Nashville, June 1. The river la fall¬
ing, with 3 feet scant ou Harpeth bhoala
vv either fir and very warm. There ia
some prospect of a rise in the river from
recent heavy raina.
St. Lotis, June 1. Arrived: Belle
Mwmi liis, Memphis; Bismarck. New Or¬
leans: Alice, Arknsas river. Departed
Belie St. Louis, Memphis. River atill
rising. Weather cloudy and very sultry,
Ciscinn'ati, June L The river has
fallen 4 feet In the past 24 hours, with 11
feet in the channel. Weather clear and
Yesterday waa another hot day.
The wharf was almost deserted by levee
clnrkn and nihers.
The White brought in 110 bales cotton
and 136 sucks seed.
The City of Alton put oil here 10 barrels
i ai ounche Iran an aa. iaJ Dar-
rels molasses; 15 hhds sugar and 1C0 sacks
salt, snd left at noon for St. Louis with a
bin trip.
The towboat Baltic passed down with a
tow of coal.
The Edinburg, for Red river, discharged
here a lot oi niiscellauei cs freight.
Larry Harmsiead has 100 bales of cotton
for the Longworth to day. .
Ed. Cobb a son was severely cut with a
knife last evening, bv a comrade. Else¬
where will be found the full particulars
The Chester, for St. Louis, bad thirty-
six bales of cotton.
Arkansas river fell sixteen inches yes¬
Tbe Julia, for Vicksburg. was well
The A. J, White, Captain Geo. Malone,
sails to-day at 5 p.m. for Napoleon and
the bends. Barney Bcrinda, a clever gen¬
tleman, officiates in the office.
Captain Flem Calvert, Superintendent
of the Memphis and St. Louis Packet
Company, returned h .me yesterday, look¬
ing much improved in health by his trip
up to his farm.
The Pauline Carroll, Captain James
Yore, leaves to-day at 12 m. for New Or¬
leans and the bends. MUtenberg is her
Captain John Elliott returned home
yesterday from Louisville. He says his
new boat, the Emma C. Elliott, has a
beautiful model and will be fast.
Commodore Pat Keliey, of the little
tug and pleasure-boat P. J. Reerpoint, cir¬
culates quite freely between Moand City
and Fort Pickering.
The Thomas H. Allen is the regular
Saturday White river mail packet. She
will be in port to-day, to receive.
The Phil Allin, Captain James Lee, is
the regular Friday Friar's Point and
bends packet, leaving at 6 p.m. Stack
Lee does the honors of the office.
The Commonwealth will pass up to-day
for St. Louis.
The elegant passenger steamer Pat.
Cleburne. Cspt. Reese Pritchard. is the
regulsr Friday Arkansas river mail pack¬
et, leaving to-day at 5 p.m. tor Little
Rock and way points. The Cleburne has
excellent accommodations. Messrs. Walk¬
er and Oilleapie, two clever gentlemen,
have charge of the office. Ike Lennoni,
one of the moat popular steward on the
river, is on board to look after the Inner
B. Hughes' lecture laat night waa a
failure. He was introduced on the atacd
by Commodore E. W. Outlaw. Ed.'a re¬
marks were so persuasive that the au¬
dience of mackerel which assembled to
hear B. Hughes followed Sd. to the
Marble Senate to smile, leaving the "lec¬
turer" solitary and alone.
The Sam. J. Hale, Capt. Miller, will be
found in port thia morning from Cincin¬
nati, with a cargo of merchandise, and
wm lcvo uu outuruay witn a return trip,
The City of Cairo leavea to-day at u p.r
for Cairo and St. Louis.
The tiae steamer Nick Ijm-:th r.
tain Lew jates, leaves to-day at 8 p.m,
wjuiawua ana Cincinnati. Knffuno
Bowers is her secretary.
The neat little steamer (H ni nantaln
Randall, leavea to-dav at 5 o'clock for
Shawnee V illage and the bends.
ine Bene St. Louis, Captain Wm.
Blake, is the HatnrJav Vlckabura and
uenua packet
The Mary Houston will pass up this
evening for Louisville.
The Great Republic will pesa op to
night for St. Louis.
The John Oreabeck will pans down b
orrow for New Orleans.
mThe Indiana snd Susie Silver left Louis¬
ville last evening for New Orleans.
The Marline, Captain Sand, sails to¬
day at 5 p m., for Ooeoia and the bends.
The John Kyle will paaa down thia
evening for New Orleana,
A crane boat was sank under the sus¬
pension bridge by the Dick Fulton.
The Grand Tower is the Saturday St.
Louis packet.
The B 8. Turner will paaa up to-mor¬
row for Cincinnati.
The Belfast and P. W. Strader iav
Louisville to-day for New Orleans.
The Virginia, uapt. Charley Schultxe
111 mb down this morninir for vw
Tbe St t of the West was attaek-rl w
Sioux Indiana at Cow Island a few days
since, but escaped without serious injuri.
oerai :
N. E. GARTH, P.-
J. C. NEELY, Vica-Pres t.
LOCifl HANAUER, of BehooOeid, Hanauer
K. T. KEEL, of Keel Co.
R. a. JONES, of Jonas. Brown Co.
H H. METTE, ot H. H Mette 4 Son.
O. I DKNIilON, oi orglH Bros. Co.
A. L. H ARK:m. of Harris. Cochran 4t Co.
A c. TKe.au WELL, of A C. Treadweii . tiros.
D.P HADDEN. oi Hadden Avtry.
M. Mb-YER, of Meyer, Blekneil o.
J. C. NKBLy, of Brooks, Neely A Co.
tar Safe all PrinelBad
Cltle of the IT mi led at
and Enrese.
aad Arkantaa River Pas kit
paay Wbite River Use
For Helena. Mouth While River. Clarendon,
DeV alia Bluff ami JaekaoBporL
The iilendld oaasecaer
THOS. H. ALLEN : : Aintertl. araatar
This superb passenger and freight ateamer
wl.l depar t n aoove ou
MaTCRLa Y. Jane id. at i p.m.
for freight or passage apply on board or to
W. Q. PATTESON, Agent,
No. U Madison t Mefrhaat's Iraaranee
Company's Duildlng. my si
Th splendid
till leave a abc
saturday, 1
lakky ma:
lei M
cinaatl Packet 'onipacy
.- ..- id ; rnrlniiatl.
W J. Roak
eager pvei
Lt u.m
CO., Agents,
E.3M Front street.
New Orients A Cincinnati Paeaet Company.
aox calio. Louisville and CincinnaiL
NICK LONii WORTH- Kate, naatsr
Thls elegant patiager iemer
wui leave a above
FRIDAY, 2d lbsL. at p an.
uauk i tt..KsT.u dt cc. Agents,
teS Mo.by Block, Jul Front Row
X O xr Cincinnati.
Memphis and C.nciunau Packtt Company
td. Miller
Leave i HATUbDAT, J ane 3d, at b p.m.
For fretgbt or passage apply .o
te K. D. COBB, Agen JxS Front street.
Memphis and St. Louis U. S. Mail Line
Wot Osceola, Madrid, Hickman, Belmont and
Cairo, Connecting at Belmont with tbe
iron Moan tain K. R.. at Cairo with
Illinois Central Railroad, and
boars up the Ohio River.
CITY OF CAIRO Laker, maste
This elegant steamer wul leave
as aoove
FRIDAY, Jane 1. at I p.m.
Tickets for ail points via Memphis and St
Looia packets. North, Kat and West, apply
to General Railroad and Steamboat offlce.
TOM B. DUNN. cor. Court and Main a is.
Freight received at the St. Loaia w hart boat.
W JC DILL, Agent.
(Jnltio. States Mall Line for ViekaburK.-For
Helena, Napoleon and Vicksbarg.
BELLE ST. LOCIS. Zeigler, master
I'm elegant passes. er packet
will leave as above
SATURDAY, loneW. a'. :p.m.
Freight received at theM.boals Wharfboat
W. E. DILL. Agent.
St. Louis & New Orhars Packet Co
or Natcoez, V icksburz and New Or ieai
PACL NE.CaRROLL .J. A. Yore, master
This e eganl ana ewifi j learner '
will leave as above
THIS DAY, 2d Inst.. t 8 p.m.
jei H MadiBtm street.
Memphis aad Arkaeaaa River Packet Cast
paay U. S. Hail Ltae.
For Arkansas River, connecting at Little
Rock with light-draught boat f the line
for Fort Smith, and with stage lor
Hot spring. Arkadelpaia, Lam-
den and Washington, Ark.
Str, PAT fJ.EBUftNE : Pritcbaru, -taater
This elegant new iide-whee: .
passenger ana rreigni steamer.
leaves s above.
FRIDAt . June id.Sou.
For freight or passage apply on board or at
CompHnv1 offlce. No. 12 Madison St., Mer¬
chant s Insurance Compa ? banding,
my 0 W. o. PAXTKBON. Agent
nsas. at
nor SFRiiVGrS.
Little Rasa te ret Sp in.a Aactaieiaaki
ties Hack Liae.
WM. 8. DAV f.B. PRO PR! ET R.
pared with very aa petto r 1
Ambulance, good Team and
driver, to transport Invalid an
the Hot Soring, or any Dart of A
cgarea as low a the lowest. An amooiance
will seat five persoLS beside the di lvt r. and
carry 3(10 pounds of baggage. The seats are
constructed as to 'or in a bed. and in valid
ride in a reclir lng posture. Persons tele¬
graphing can nave conveyance lo meet in
at the boat or train by wmch they come, i
take as uiu h tune ta goK-gto tne Sprtx
which are sixty mile from Little Rock
may be most agreeable to them.
DaVID C. iLMys. i,s-cger Aaent.
offlce. Aiken House, Little Roek. and sub.es,
correr oi First and seotl streets. my is
OHi 8J00S,
Common print for comrfor' nse, etc 5e
Best make Pr;nrj),fst color, w ark.. -rrrD luc
Hope, Lonsdale, Bleached LomesUes,
yard wide.. , , , . 12e-
-4 Imperial heavy bleached Domes¬
tic, bargain at 10.
Bed Ticking at 12c
Iron Grenadine. 24 Inches wide, re-
dneed to Sfia,
liM Brown Sheeting the beet made-
very heavy, at. S9c
10-4 Bleached Sheeting very Una and
very heavy, at 4a
A new line of beautiful striped Qrena-
adlnea at
lhe best French kid gloves ever sold In
neiiipnis, wortn XI a pair, al
Every pair warranted to give entire
satisfaction or another pair given In
its place.
Large assortment of White Marseilles at Me.
Fringed Coverlids for tingle bed at. ft
Fringed .Coverlids for Doable beds-
cheap at as w
The heat as tartan at of Ladies' Cletfl
Sesee. Baekiae. Slippers; aiae.fte?
Misses' acd Coiiarea, Kept
the City. SupUm
), 1871, the steamer 0-aG--.
H rnvvu. Master . c oa. -rmnner. Liera.
leave DeVall' Binff MONDAYS WEDNES¬
DAYS aad FRIDAYS, at 5 o'clock o.m. ion
arrival of train from impM, lor De Are,
Augusta and Jacks n port. K urn .nj, leave
Jaeaaonport TUfcviDAY, THCbJBDTB and
SATURDAYS, at 5 p m.. making an Milan
witn train- t Devaus man ma u iji-a i .
LUtle Roes.
A early a the trske will taetlfy. the
steamer A LLIc V will be added to tae liae,
n-akicg tri-weekiy trig to S afKti, weal
Point and rcy. JNO. B. DAVJa.
apis SapL R-Uroed Packet Co.
NWte) RtVte U-wteaj
T'HE new and
1 wheel
this line will leave Memnlua for Deva
Bluff, West Point, Aag-ata. Jackaoapon aad
all pOWTii on w niie river, as bjuoh:
LLuAL. rrfr mnn v. iiuit, mar
srvery Tnesdsy . at a o'clock pan.
H.F. WALT W.J. Aniord. nuu'ar
Every Saturday, at o'clock p m..
Connecting at Devail's Bin' with railroad for
Llttie Rock, and at Jackson port with the
ilgb'-'iraagnt steamer Fort S . 1th for Poca-
honia and ail point on Black liver.
ror freagnt or passage apply on Board, or at
offlce Memphis and Aikanaas River Packet
Company. W. Q. P ATTlflOlf, Agent,
Lt Madison L, Merchant's I nan ranee Rid
Or to ELLIOTT a MiLLhlR. Agenta,
feS Q Pwmin1 et .opp. Landing
Packet for St.
For tit Francis rive, the Han Is. uie.
Mariana, Madison and Wtttabarg.
Tbe new and elegatM i grr steam
T. K. Bowman, captain I Ban C. Paine, i.ni
ii.rIi.L leave as above esaary ,
YV TUESDAY, at Socioea
For freight or passage -n
fe3 fco' 5
soara or Ui
nt Bow.
Far Sanaa e Vlilasa mm Use I
The Semi-weekly United BUU Mall Paokal.
J. D. RandaL
Will leave
nee Village, i
lnn1D. ev
Far CeejeaeTce. Au.ca. 0 K
Friar s Pwot.
The reliable, firat-elai
mm 60. W. Cheek
Will ran regularly, a above. le
p is every xUEBD vY.THURSDJ
URDAY. panctairy at 5 p.m.
For freight or passage, p?iy on
For Helena, Friar'e Petat, Beau., wain
River, Napeieoe aad the Seeds.
The l nlted states itai. r-acaer
nfSlir A. J. WHiie
GEO. MALONE. -taster.
Will leave Memphl SONDals and tn.
DAYS, punctually at S p.m.
For frelg'il or passage, apply on board.
.'riey's Pvtet. HsHma aea
States Na!l PeH.
Phii. Ali!.
James Lei.
Leaves Memphis
Fridays, al s p i
int., and rvin tl;.
'eJnaday anu
nctng on the StL
;h the season. SS
Far Arif-UKsa Stiver ates-piie aad Arkaj
FaciiEt Ce.-ti. S. stall.
'PHE Wednesday boat will be withdrawn
L from this date antL fan her notice, and
only the rollowing boats will be ran during
the dall season, to-wit :
The new anf e.eai ajt.-.e.
j A rt X U
MemLiir 1
very Frid.
Rock, Ark.
Smith and
All the ho
Hlue, ma
E. He-se !
all points
or Mouth of v t 'i
promptly to eMssB
charge for transfer.
W. G. PATTESON, Agent. No.
aplu Merchants' Las
St Laaia
Mami River
For Pine Bluff, Little Roek, Loulsbarg, Dai
daneile, Oaurk, an duren and Fan
Smith; composed of the following
First-class, Low-water Freight
and P-aaoaajar Packet-:
SAUJE, . T. 8. Iitoiaw,
UTAH, T. K. Verfiees, Mastar
IHNIt. -
Conneetlng at Little Roek wl.b
-Hazes for Hot Borlnaa and thej
ignt-drsagnt steamer Llttie Mack. Haa-toe
master, for all point on the upper Arknn'.
reigni receives at ail times irom oo.L
railroad and transferred, free of ebacrsja, So
boat of tnis line Mark and consign gcxia
to St. Louis and Arka nsaa River Pacse' Co.
care of Elliott Miiuucb, Ag'ta, Men . !
i. M. Phillips a Co., Agent. CaTrC
J AO. J QILV ZS T,Jt, r- -
tm STIii v. . omraerrMal .. ' lyw, ,
The ns w and elegant 11
MaL Hrnstonmater i Chas, Ccnrad e'er
Leave Llttie Roek for Foil Smith and al!
w-ty landings on Arkansas river overy flv
dCji, connecting at Little Rock with the
St. Leafs aa. ArluaMs R.v m Cavil
From 8L Lou j. Mo.
Freizht for all mint mmt.n t.-
Elliott Miller, Memphis, or thu company
will be promptly forwarded ffe- of charge tor
iransier. JAS. J. SYLVE-TER, Sup t.
feat tea N. Pommemal or H f-rim. tA
I860! ESTABLISHED. 1 1860
Medical Institute
Treatment of ail Disease
Come and look t our Cloth Lace shoes.
hieh eat aL.. .. S3
FANS and
greatly re-
duced this week.
Splendid assortment of Roysatraw bat.
50 pieces cottonades, brown and blue,
heavy, at 20e.
Call Early and Often at
i0. 226 Vtm STREET.
Assists, by a able Corps of Seise
tific Phys clans Surgsoos.
Oftles Ns. 42 Herth Cosrt Strsat.
tor treat meat an ail disease-.
?--.'" lh and rTtvat
nUfT mv rwrn atA-.t-.t .i
I nd inNima.niA V?""
NOTICS is hereby given that by virtue ol
a deed of trait executed to meVthe un¬
dersigned a. trainee. by F D. Thornton tow
tr e certain deota therein deecribedVdu'e M? ,
L. O. Hopkins, I wUI proceed, on
Saturday, Msy 27tb, (871,
st the door of the Court-house, In the city o
Helena, county of Phillip, and state of Ar-
Kansas, between th. h(,nrn: i:i,i1..,nl ml.
iwi iau in nana.bo tae oest and nigne
uiuuer. tue roiiowing aeec- ioea tracts or land,
situate in said countv and Stare, tn-wlt: The
southwest quarter ot section e.even Ull
uurin nail or seeuen eleven u;; tne
nair or wctien two (2) j the east half o
1 0l md l.he 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 .1 r nnmriar of
fourteen tH ; ail in Township one U), oertn
Of Range two Z) east, law acre. The title 1
laddered good, but i will coo?y omy sucu
1 1 may haves trustee.
staruh a, nor. .
au k huo, rum.
HAVS received and are still receiving daily
their large and excellent rock ot
consisting of
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, 5 sees. Etc,
Ail of which WILL BK SoLL at the VERr
iwn rruLta.
Inviting their friends and the public In
general to give Jaem a cadi.
oar motto.
Na. 220 frtat Sirtel
to wa. Dk. a oow
Dealers ta
280 Fvpfar Stretti,
itrnnrn tfn ' i v i.vis
W of our friend and tbe poblie gen -.
al v r.-i
'iuors and gea-fai auppl
chase nd late but aaail
arto. P-
Mm. all
tv ana at i

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