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VOL. 32.-NO. Q07
Hnw Hf BebaTed at the Jubilee and
DisgTi vtfd a lir itish Grenadier.
From the Boston Pout, July i,
The Presidential visit has be-n accom
plished, ami Boston has another retnem-
iraiiee or Lonur rouferreU uixm her bv
ion. The Lonjr
eprlved of one of;
spectators, whose
oarreo. by tne
Josie Mansfield Lends her Pres
ent", which adds Increasing
Interest to the Curious
and in answer to a question by Tre- down Broadway immediately after; the
nutme said: carriage waa not in sight when Stokes
A. I know what the character of the entered. Did not hear anything about
deceased was: I knew him hi be a very j the shooting until eleven o'clock next
vindictive, desperate, unscrupulous char-' day.
acter, one who would stop at nothing In VV. F. Q. Shanks, city editor of tho
carrying out his designs at all hazards. I Tribune, testified thai he had known the
Q, Before you met him that day had , prisoner between eight nd ten month.
Lii f'. .1 I. 1 Kw nifflnU' lVinn 'In TV n, 1 1 O.
J ' l. 1V 11 ...J.i I II 1UUIWJ1J IWWi '"g,
nencewnt and the Inter- 1 ne Prisoner Stokes in the Wit-
'ee. The heart of the eu-
tire com tr.oriwt-alth heat hiah with ad
miration at the self-sacrifice that would
calmly and uncomplainingly put by
urn impentive national duties for the
-i tuple, sake of being created a doctor of
iu'Ss by the courtesy of Harvard
c.jHge, or the ephemeral pleasures of
!ig to one of the jubilee
concerts. This expressed devotion
to science and art Massachusetts
can never pass by unrewarded, and Bos-,
ton, the scientific and artistic center.
Will rush wildly to the political rescue,
dating her enthusiasm from commence- i
rnent day at Cambridge or the inter-'
national ball, at the coliseum. Foreign
band- and foreign artists have had the I
honor of appearing before him, and he j
nas pauenuy u.-ien
little more bored than usual, and show
ing his interest by marching stolidly out j
while the Prussian band were playing'
est selections. His !
the announcement of i
i," and he showed his :
motion of applause, i
pd his musical appre-1
nfidenee of the !
ness Stand-The Greater Part
of the Day Devoted to
his Testimony.
Kvidence of the Sweet-Scented
Syren, More Bewitching than
Ever in Diamonds, Gold
and Lace.
New York, July S. This was the
listened, looking only a most interesting day of the Stokes trial
one or u
face brig
the "An
which at
the presence of Josie Mansfield attracted"
many to the court.
The Judge admitted the testimony of
Mr. Bailey as to the words used by
Stokes just before he entered the (irand
Central Hotel. He said he saw a lady
whom he met at Jjaratoga, and he
wanted to see her.
The prisoner 8tc kes was then Dlaced
ttie greatest success ! on the stand and testified that he was
bis in:erview with thirty -one years old: lived in Philadel
phia twenty years and then came to
-fw lork; nret became acquainted
with Fisk in July, l.iH.
The defense then undertook to elicit
from the witness what business transac
tions he had had with Fisk. Fisk's af
oi a is visit Wit-
Colonel Fluyder, a vivid remembrance
of which the gallant Colonel will
"rah!y carry back to England with
him. A soldier himself, Colonel Fluy
der naturally was anxious to meet the
man whose military career had placed
men who you were informed were sent
after you by Fisk ? Excluded.
Q. Had you been informed that you
were to be treated as Eaton was treated?
Did you, for a long time, day and night,
travel in covered carriages from fear of
attacks by persons whom you were told
were put on your track by Fisk"
A long discussion ensued, nut nualiy
the question was allowed.
After recess another sensation was
created by the return of Miss Mansfield,
smiling and bowing to the gentlemen
who stood up to make room for her.
The counsel then repeated the ques
tion. A. I always traveled in carriages,
night and day, after my trouble with
Fisk ; I should think for twelve months
I asked persons to go with me to protect
i. Had Fisk told you he had a plan
all laid for railroading you to the Suite
A. Yea, sir: he said it was all ar
ranged with the District Attorney's office
to railroad me to the State prison. I
told Fellows, and he said it was not so;
he said they had graveyards for those
who crossed their track. That was on
Washington's birthday, at Miss Mans
field's. Witness said that Judge Barnard,
Miss Williams and others were present at
a dinner at Miss Mansfield's, when
Fisk talked of railroading him to the
State prison; Fisk had him arrested
The counsel here offered to prove that
Fisk told Stokes, while they were on
friendly terms, or certain acts commit
ted by him, which proved him to be
unscrupulous, revengeful and a man of
great powers. Excluded.
A question was asked, whether at the
dinner at Miss Mautield's Fisk did not
Answer from Mr. Enoch Easier -Ha
Consents to Boa.
Yaeger, from New Orleans; Emilie La
Barge, from Hhreveport: (irand Tower.
from Memphis. Departed: City of!, -
i u i... -m.- i Glassware. Furniture,
liOTWl. 1UI JH1II IUJB. 1 UO 11VC1 IS '
i I 1X7 i i. - ' a Umniiriwi. Flmlr. ineirar
, luuiiig. nvnuitu m ujuuuy aim erjr . .... - , - , - - o .
' .rrrL , Auotloxi,
In Decern ler last Stokes called at the
Tribune office on business.
At this stage Fisk's note to Miss Mans
field "Can you arrange to see meeitlier
early or late this evening? If so, state
hour and place. Yours, etc.,'' was put
in evidence.
Miss Mansfield was also asked wheth-
j er Fisk had told her that he had put per
sons on Stokes's track, and whether she
; had told Stokes, to which she replied in
I the affirmative.
I Mr. Shanks then related how, as the
! Drisoner and himself were walking uu
Broadway, Stokes told him that he was
followed. The witness noticed that two
men were after them everywhere;
wherever they stopped, the men passed
and halted; if they turned back down
Broadway, the two men came after
them. Stokes told him that he was
afraid of these two men, and that they
a'lim I" i .. il.tmifiviui W.i f.uiL' a i.ur.
riage and drove away, as the best means I - mocraey Bewilotloas to Come
of getting rid of them. Has met the !
prisoner at Miss Mansfield s when he
called there on business.
Cross-examined Our intercourse was
of a business character, except on this
occasion. He had not a disk in our of
fice where he could write letters.
Orlbanh. Julv H. Arrive1 !
The following dispatch was waived Mollie Moore, from St. Louis. Departed :
bv tho Appeal yesterday: ! ?" an1 tar9 e"' tor tit' LouUl- Departed ,
Ban.vra'.s i i o ns . BAiTiaoua, July a. 1 : S'1!"1 B"duuinn. for, in-
To A. a Treadwell. W. B. Gaibreatb, J. f. ?innaU' T? j? hottest day of,
itartou md others ! " season, tho thermometer at noon !
If nominated fcr the Stat. Senate j yum, July .-Tba weather
the twentieth Instant, I will accept tho u clear and very warm. Mercury,
nomination and make the raoe. al- j River has fallen 7 inches. Port list
Ut A. E. Frankland, 195 197 Mate at.
though my engagements are such as
to make it impossible for me to reach
home before the twenty -fifth instant
! Continued Excitement orcr the Fraudu
lent Issue of State Scrip.
Discussion as to the Position of the De
Pontotoc Street,
WE take pleasure In Inviting buyer to our
next sale of Building Lota, which wlll
take place on
when will he offered, without reserve, to the
River rising; ! highest bidders.
Ten Lot on Both Sides of
i to toe St.,
Court adjourned.
Movements of Politicians Hotel
and Curb-Stone Talk Greeley
Certain to be Nominated.
..11 BUm. .U. it 1 ' - . I
icu tiwtvea mat c IU1C icw 1 111 a
with a rod of iron as completely as Ro- j A Little and Insignificant Clique
iiespierre ever ruieu rans. r.iciuaea.
Q. Did Fisk tell you that once he
learned a man was going to be a wit-1
ness against him, and that he got him
taken on board a ship and carried to
China? Excluded.
Cross-examined by the District Attor
ney. 1 bought a pistol six months before the
occurrence; it was a Colt's pistol, the
same that was before the coroner, a four
barrelled one; have no doubt this is it
now in court; I always carried it in my
outside pocket; I took a cab near City
Hall, on Broadway, and drove direct to
the Hoffman House; I kept the cab
Pulling Ropes Against Mr.
Greeley But it is Labor
him at the head of tne American na-! torneys objected to this evidence as in
tion. By his own request he was pre- i admissible under the plea of insanity.
Meuted and politely remarked that be The evidence was .jxcluded.
was hskripy and truiy proud of the honor McKeon held that the prisoner's mind
of aneeiini? the man who represented was affects! by his loss with Fisk and
the nation, and whose bravery was so j which he could not regain, owing to a
well known to all Englishmen and so ' corrupt judiciary.
much admired by- them. A stare was j Beach, for the prosecution, said there
the exprewive reply which Colonel I had been no foundation laid for bring
Flayar received, and the only one. j ing in a plea of insanity, and defended
Again he essayed, quite determined to j hie position as private counsel. He re
hear the Presidential voice, and this time ! ferred to the good points about the de-
that he was very glad that ; ceased.
Majesty's band, the Grenadier After a heated denunciatory eontro-
Ouarda, had an opportunity of agisting ; Tersy between the counsel, the Judge
at the International jubilee, which was excluded the testimony bearing on the
such a glriou success, and hoped that i hallucination theory,
their playing had been satisfactory to i Stokes thon resumed his statement;
General lirant. A response must come was a witness on the sixth of Januarv
to this, and the tougue was loosened. , in the case of Mansfield against Fisk; I waiting; it was a (matter past four ! body of the delegates
I Le colonel, waitiiig for some gracious leit the court with Miss Mansfield and o clocK in tne arternoon when I went ground
compliment to his lavonte band, was : ner cousin ; went to Delmouico's, where 1 mto the Grand Central Hotel ; I cannot
greatly .-:.u-ried when the reply was I they had some oysters and ale: after ! remember any one I saw on the side-
rrven. :n .the suave and gentle manner j lunch witness went to a lawyer to ask
for which our President is famed : i about the indictment.
"Don't know anything about it: don't Q. What did you say?
care for music any way; nice day, ain't ' The prosecution objected,
it'.'" and the presidential lips were! Mr. McKeon then retorted on the
sealed, not to be openiM again for the ; District Attorney, saying that if Stokes
any foreign guest during the ; nad tieen tried six months ago. he would
nave oeeu uaugf-d
I Special to the Appeal.
j Little Rock, July 8. The excite
! ment over the fraudulent Btate scrip la
Ion the increase. The Journal of this
j evening says: "The trial of Fred. Krull
: was continued to-day, but on request of
: the defense, the court-room was cleared
I of spectators, so that we have no new
; developments which we oro at liberty to
publish at this juncture.
"Mr. John T. Duffle and Mr. Farmin,
of the Treasurer's office, were examined
to-day. The authorities may as well be
warned that if there be any attempt at
concealment or protection from the pe-
! nal consequences of crime, the exposure
j of the modus operandi, and of the par-
ties instrumental hi It, will visit them
swift and certain in these columns. The
public mind believes that the sAma ne
cessity exists in this case to protect Tlm
mons & Co., which operated a year ago
to save this same Timmons, Beldin,
Clayton & Co. from the consequences
of their election frauds, when indicted
in the United States Court.
"It is u ! .razen boast for these strikers to
make upon the street that the Attorney-
Down to-day: James E. Rankin, at 8
a.m; City of Cairo, at 'J p.m: Henry 3.
Turner, at 2:30 p.m ; Mary Houston, at
8:30 p.m. Dp: Arkansas Belle, at 8
p.m. all with good trips. Business Is
LiTTLB Rock, July 8.
has risen 2 feet in the past L'4 hours.
',' X jJ u. llaaiUllf east of those lately wild
Mary Boyd, for Memphis. Uy Measra. Donoho 4 Bulkley for Mm.
NABHVILLB, July 8. The river Is Muepherd. north and close vicinity of St.
follinir with '2 fwrt 9 inehm irarer ,.n Au Acxlemy. W Tlw central locality of
D?l3i. . i itr , property, perfect title, easy terms, and no
liarpetn Hhoais. Weather fair and limit as to price, are features in this sale to
very warm. which w direct the special notice of buyers.
PnrwmiRO JnlT H Wftftther hut The profit realized by purchasers at onr late
rmssuso, juij n. vveatner not. aneon Pontotoc street we hope will lnduee
rhe Mouongahela river is falling, with their attendance and that of others at this,
2 feet 2 inches water in the channel. an1 -esult equally or more to their advantage.
p.ran Inl, u Arrive. I - FT C The sale wl" 06 held on the premises
A-IBO, JUlV a. Amveu a. y,. PROMPTLY AT FOL K O'CLOCK, and nan be
Yaeger, from Ivew Orleans, at y p.m; rem-inni by iiie streeL cars un Vane.. sixtt.
Grand Tower, from Memphis, at 1 a.m ; "topping opposite me east end of st. Ague
AIXIPARTKBHHIP u formed between J.
H. Hatcher and Thomas H. Cocke, under
the firm nam-of J. H. Hatcher ft to for the
purpose of traiisactln; a Book and Station
ery Bustnsas; said I'opartnershlu ntakeenet -Junel.iSTi
It a ' l AT' H Kit,
Lataof (1evi,Hmlthwlckiz Hiiicaei.
THtJM. H. COCKE, Memphis.
Emilie Ijdiarge, from Red river, at 3
a.m; J. F. ToUe. from tit. Louis, at 5
ant; Crescent City, from New Orleans,
at nooa. Departed: Yaeger, for Ht.
Louis, 3 a.m : Grand Tower for tit- Louis,
at 3 a.m ; Emilie LaBarge for tit Louis,
4 am; Julia for Vlcksburg, at 4 a.m.
Weather clear and hot. Later Ar
rived: Colorado, from Vicksburg. at 4
p.m; Henry Probasco, from Cincinnati,
at 7 p.m. Departed : Dictator, for Ht.
Louis, at 2 p.m; John F. Tolle, for New
Orleans, at 4 p.m; Colorado, for Ht
Louis, at fi p.m. River has fallen 2
Inches. Weather clear. Thermometer
at m. r
k-rouiiils. TERMS Third cash; the balance
on liberal time. Interest added, and secured
by trust deeds.
Roystor, TrezeTant & Co., Auct'rs.
Hpiendld New Church Music
Book called
Thas glTlng the brightest prospect that It will
be the Bannkb Book of .me Reason.
Mat, 315 MAIN HT.
afternoon, and Colonel Fluyder retired
to conrjratuir.te nix American friends on
the digaity and suavity of their Presi
dent, who, if he has not learned that
Mlence i jroldea, has certainly found
that irjs !afe.
Crten aad Cern and Politit ian.
r.osiTiLLk. Tf.nskkste. July 3, IfTL
Editors Appkai. Allow me to say
to you and your many readers that our
prospects are pood at. reeards corn and
cotton, the present crops of which look
tine. Your correspondent has resided
twenty-six years in Favette County.
and he can correctly say. undei the cir-
umstan-, t:iat. even thinir tulv con-
in ten hour.
rm -. . . .
ine wiuiess was toio tnat there was
no possibility of a witness against me.
He then took a coupe from the City
Hall, and drove to the Hoffman House.
iStokes then detailed his proceedings
during the afternoon substantially as al
ready narrated, and said tliat after find
ing that the lady I visited at the hotel
wasn't a person I knew, 1 started to go
down stairs, when I saw Fisk coming
up stairs; he made anish, and when he
got to the platform, he pulled out a pis
tol; I could not by anv possibility he
New York, Julv 8. The Herald's
Baltimore dispatch mentions large ar-: (ieueraJ, the law officer of the State for
rivals the convention from the South the prosecution, will run it in the lnter
and West, and at least five thousand j est of the defense We believe that,
strangers have arrived up to yesterday even should their improbable and auda-
vening. It is certain that the great : dous nrag prove true, the public mind is
i. ....... . .. ... i ; rr i , , , . n r ! , uouim,. , ,- .
1IU ,V UU CIlC duuiwcuu, . 1 11 1 V , , i,j 1.11W m;uOU ' M
Auditor Berry and Mr. Colb, of the
It is a forgone conclusion that Greeley Treasurer's office, In retaining Messrs.
will be nominated on the first ballot. I Benjamin, Barnes, Gallagher and New-
walk; I never saw that lady again that although it is evident that there will be ton to assist in tho prosecution. With
1 saw in the window ; I cannot sav that ! some little opposition. A portion of the t this assurance, the only apprehension
I inquired about her, or ascer-' delegation will endeavor to get up a in the public mind is that the guilty par
tained her name, or whether she controversy upon the question of norni- ties may escape through manipulations
was a truest or one of the ladies of the natiug or eudorsingthe Cincinnati nom- i ot a Grand Jury put up for the purpose
li.it.jl t nui-iit- ,..u ,,n id. ........... J ..... I innim nml if tin.,- nt.i.i ...... ll rmr ni',',,mniii,Iii'niT V, ff at.,
.. .. HI. " 1 ,.!- Mil UIO OCIfull ll''ll , ' -. 1 - . 111,1 II LIU , 1 1T.C1 C .111, ,111 I 1 11 1 -
of the Grand Central Hotel iu my life. I agement, nominate Judge Thmpaon,so
What I said was, "don't fire." When I as to prevent Greeley's nomination on
he pulled his pistol I only saw the red j the first ballot They declare that if
lining of his cloak. It seems to me he j 'hey can prevent Greeley's nomination
on tne nrst ballot, they can beat him
and secure a straight out nomination.
This scheme is not favored by more
than twenty delegates, although the
best posted men say that it will not be
attempted at all.
Greeley's nomination on the first bal-
pulled out his pistol in some way. I
did not fire the second sbot instantane
ously after firing the first, Fisk Raid
nothing before I fired. I said nothing,
"but don't fire," and I made no move
ment except to fire. After I got down
stairs I don't recollect anything. I have
by our accommodating Sheriff, after the
fashion of Commissioner Thomas's
cape when he should have been indicted
Indiana, at 3 p.m; Pargoud, at 5 p.m.
Lpto-oay: James .Howard, at 3 p.m.,
full of people; Louisville, at 4 a.m.
Weather clear and warm. River falling.
The Belle Memphis from above ar
rived early yesterday morning, with a
three hundred and fifty ten cargo, two
items of which were twelve hundred dry
barrels and eight hundred and fifty sacks
of grain.
The A. J. White, from Chicot, brought
in three hundred and eighty sacks of
seed, sundries to order and a fair passen
ger list.
The Mary Honston, from the Ohio,
passed south during the foreneon with
an eight hundred ton cargo for New Or
leans. The remlar semi-week v coast packet
A. J. White, Captain Mark Cheek,
leaves this evening at fivo o'clock for
apoleon, Chicot City and all way i
landings. She oonuects at the mouth
"f White river with the steamer Bates
villa for all points on White river.
B. P. Fields, Billy Smlther and Char
lie Shurpe ae her popular clerks.
The reliable passenger packet Thomas
H. Allen, la command of Captain lu-
VlCEflfBrBO, July . Boats down: I Has 1 pages ailed with now and fresh music
it includes an n.iementarT uonpse of tne Beet
character, with Interesting exercises, tnnes
and easy glees for practice, a fine collection of
Metrical Tunes, and an extra choice list of
sentences, Motetts and Anthems for Chorus
Or. In other words. Its authors, whose brilliant
reputation as Church Music Composers will
bear It on to triumphant success, are
Mr. L. O. EMERSON, of Boston, and
Mr. H. R. PALMER, of Chicago,
Men onlTerssily known among lovers of Sa
cred Music.
a pretty clear recollection of all that 1
took place before that. He ran up stairs j
with a rush and. when he got to the
platform, pulled out his pistol. I would
: I saw it a plain as anything I not like to swear that his pistol went off;
k ; it was a silver-mounted pis- if it did it was not pointed at me. He
lot is so well assured, that the question 1 iay, out an uennite uotion was
which seems uppermost, is whether the j postponed until the sachems of
Cincinnati nominees will be simply in- the trilie should arrive. We hear that
dorsed or nominated regularly. The in- from seventy -five to one hundred thou
bv a recent Grand Jury for em Iwzzlinn ne amith, leaves this evening at
Levee bonds. Many of our citizens ob-1 ave o'clock for 1'ine Bluff, Little Kock
served on the streets yesterday the trep-1 nd tu U9UJ way landings. Colonel
idation and anxiety astir mong the en- I Pmt Morrison and Bob Gillespie are
tire Minstrel outfit They looked with I . clerks.
great anxiety all day for the arrival of Thu fleet passenger steamer St. Fran
the train from Memphis, to bring them i ciB Captain T. R. Bowman, leaves this
relief. A number of Minstrel excuses ; evening at five o'clock for Helena,
and consultations were held throiurh the i Marianua, W lttsburg, and and all the
Is Raasr. Sk.n-t) on rovit orders.
Price, tl 50. Per dozen. 113 HO. Specimens
ont, for the present, post f.-ve, for II S. .Spec,
lmen pages free on application.
CHAS. H. DITSON A CO., New Yora.
Offich Houtiikkh Lifr Insurahcr Co., 1
Memphis, Tenn., June 26. 1W2. f
ITtE annual ineeting of the stockholders of
the wulliern Life Insurance Company
will be held at the office ef tbe company on
TUEHDAY, JULY 9th prox.jlt 3 o'clock p.m.,at
which flfteen directors are to be elected to
serve the ensuing vear.
JW BEN. HAY, HecreiRry.
$30,000 WORTH
Stockliolders' Meetin?.
dorsing element comes mostly from sand dollars' worth of the fraudulent
Uhio, i'ennsvlvania and Missouri, but i eertincates have been negotiated In
I ever saw
tol; I was on a line with him; I jumped ! did not lean on the rail after the first ' nine tenths of the people there favor a i Memphis.1'
aside and cried "don't tire!" and pulled shot, but he did after the second. Then : nomination. SECOND dispatch.
out my own pistol and tired: I had it in be sat down, my impression is, on thei George W. Cass is proposed for per-1 Lrm.B Rock, July S, 11 :56 p.m.
my outside coat-pocket, or I wouldn't j platlorm or stairs; that was the last I manent President of the convention, as Discussion continues among the Demo-
a . uui iiia.iuii li l euriSYl vmua.
saw of him
y. How long was the pistol you car
ried loaded?
A. I loaded it when I bought it.
O AnA .11.1 ,-.., A,r.. .4.....U
. .inn uiu "ii uc ,ri mi -nii mm it i
during that time.
-No sir. it
was loaded all that
have had time to draw: I leaned on the
rail, cocked the nistol with one h.-mrl
-idered. we never have had a more and fired: he held his pistol in Ixifh
promising prospect than we now have, i hands as I fired: he cried "Oh!" he
I am proud to say that the colored didn't stagger much at the first shot,
people hae worked better this year land I fired again; I knew he would
than, perhaps, since the war. They go : shoot me if I didn't fire : I was three or A
:o Sjndav-M-hiK'l and church on Sun- ! four steus down: he ilrcinrx-.l hi nwfnt ! time.
days, and are making efforts to educate i on the stairs after the second shot. Or Did you intend to hit Fisk when
their children. There are but few alter- j Stokes's examination was continued i you fired?
cations among them, little moving from i until recess, and resumed thereafter. A I did sir.
place to place, the quiet of the commun-1 .Stokes, in continuation of hi.- state- j Q. And know your pistol was loaded
Ity is but seldom disturtied. : meut coneeminir his visit to lnu vur in , with four balls?
lour correspondent attended the con-1 reference to his indictment, said The
veutioe at Smmerville on the aeven- lawyer advised me by all means to go to
tet rrth ultimo, the ppiceedings of which Providence as I had intended. I went to
:tve already noticed. our fellow- see Bixby on the same point, and he
ciUzeii. Colonel Looney, was before the I assured me of the same thing. I took a
coDveotiou. and made one of bis happi- j cab at three o'clock and went to the
eat efforts. Space would not allow me Hoffman House, and went to my room
to give anything like a correct idea, to iret the uauers about the Providence
n;atter. I found that mv dispatch to
usual way landings. .Sam. Paino and
Billy Dean are her clerks.
The G. W. Cheek, from Friar's Point,
came In with a fair trip of cotton and
The C. B. Church, five days out from
New Orleans, arrived early yesterday
morning, put off four hundred tons of
railroad iron at Helena, had fifteen tons
1 of freight for this point, aud departed
she lays up tor
,..h n.,- nf .I... ut.. .7 ,i 'or vairo, lutut, wueru sue
Jeherson llondolph or John B. Bald- of the late State Convention. Th i. ii"?-
win, of Virginia, will probably get the zettr. of to-morrow will hold that Cabell's
Uimoorary Chairmanship. resolutions express the sense of the con-
w. f. iooioaugh, of Chicago, is sug- i veution, saying that most of the prom I
nent Democrats
with this view.
of the State coincide
but suffice it to say that it was the best
speech l have ever heard in Sommer-
Uoty hal not reached him. I went
down and bad some talk with the clerk,
and with Mr. Coughhn and Mr. Cot
trellthe told me where to find Smith
and Ferris. I found I had left some of
my papers in West Twenty-third street
and at Miss Mansfield's. I told the dri
ver to drive there; I don't know whether
I looked at the operahouse; when I got
to No &y; I saw that the house was
shut up and I thought
District Attorney I submit that it is
not proper.
Mr. Tremaine As projier as for those
two counsel to sit winking and blinking
at uie jury.
Witness resumed I was reading the
j papers, and told the driver to go down
I Seventh avenue, it was smoother, to the
; Grand Central Hotel and Broadwav : I
wanted to see Smith and Ferris; I went
to Smith A Chamberlain's to see Smith,
and crossed Broadwav to see Ferris.
I where I met Bailev ; as I passed the
New prk. July 8. Th following i Grand Central I saw a lady whom I
card i rsibiirhed to-day: " Certain jour- j thought I had seen at Saratoga; I took
uals of thir- city have lately spoken of j my hat off, and asked Bailey to go over
me as one ambitious of being nomi-1 I walked a little wav un with him ., ,.i
.xlouel Looney is a native and "to the
manor born," and, in our humble
opinion, will make the beat run of any
man in thi ditriet for Congress. All
ate Looney men up here; white and
s sisri d mean to support him. He is
properly identified with the interests of
this State, and if proper efforts are made,
be will get the nomination: if comi-
re to be elected; and if
mike us the best repre
e State. Iu him are com
t elements a scholar, a
leman. a representative
A. Yes, sir.
Tremaine. How far had you got down
when you fired?
A. Four or five, or it may be six
Q. Did you lean on the rail ?
A Yes; I was going down on the
right, and when he came up we were on
a line; I thought he could hit me easier.
lated, he
elected, hi
bentati e i
Uned the
Waal He Thiaas ot the Absurdity or His
nated a a candidate for the Presidency
of the United States. The idea Ls ab
surd enough, not only on account of my
advanced age, but my unfitness in va
rious respects for the" labors of so emi-
then crossed over; I had to avoid a car
nage and come above the ladies' en
trance; I entered that entrance; Red
mond was cleaning windows; I looked
in parlor No. 1, aud saw 1 had made a
so I jumped to the left and fired
Josephine Mansfield took the stand
and was snow white. As she testified
she played with a fan that was covered
with heavy gilding, and which Hashed
in the sun. She stood up, and leaning
forward dropped her lace shawl this
displayed her cable of gold chain, to
which a diamond cross was attached.
She testified: I reside at 39.5 Twentv
third street: after the suit in the York
ville Police Court, I received a note
from Fisk, asking for an interview
in mv house; in consequence of that
note he called at my house about half
past ten o'clock at night; the note is in
dorsed by me, " received December
15th." The note was here offered in
evidence and excluded.
Q. What did he say?
A. He said that unless I returned to
him he would kill Stokes.
Q. Did he take out his pistol?
a. ne took out nis pistol at the time
ixested in many quarters for permanent
Augustus Sehell is mentioned by the
I correspondents as likely to be made
' Chairman of the Democratic National
1 Committee, in place of Belmont.
It is very probable that the conven
i tion will not sit more than two days.
j General McClellan is expected to be j
, present to-day. He has beeu mentioned
for the Chairmanship, if he be substi-,
tuted as a ew Y ork delegate.
The Tribune correspondent estimates New York, July 8.
six hundred and flftv-fhre rlelomitou aa special to the Herald
being instructed to vote for the Cincin-' Ourioga states that Crevano did not at
nati ticket, though divided on the ques-1 iack Saletto, to avoid the effusion of
t on of nomination or indorsement. The j Wood. The enemy has very little am
lielegates in opposition are estimated at i munition, and must capitulate. The
ixrty-one. revolution is strong in the entire coun-
A number of Greeley's friends, In- try- Diaz is overrunning Falisco with
eluding John Cochrane," are in the city. very strong forces.
Yesterday and this moraine a verv A St. Mathulo dispatch savs that Mar-
large number of delegates, from all i tinez defeated three hundred Ochoe's
parts, and spectators passed through
this city on their way to the convention.
Revolutionists Overrunning the Eatlre
Country A Battle Imminent
at Monterey.
A Matamoras
says that the
OTf .r: Memphis and Vicksbubo)
V.ck&burg, July 4, 1(72. J
holders of the
Memphis and Vicksburg Kailros.d Co.
will be held at the office of the Company on
Friday, 9th Day of August, IS 72.
at 12 o'clock rn., at which time n election
will be held for Director lor rhe ensuing rear,
Jy W. A FAIUCHILP. secretary.
QWINO to a change to be made from the
ADK,ourprseent retail Stock will be sold
at Immense sacrifices. We quote a few of the
leading articles:
4-4 Bleached Domestic, - 10c.
Best Make Prints, - 11c.
Grenadine Dress Goods, - 10c
Grenadine Dress Goods, - 20c
Grenadine Dress feloods Very
Cheap, - - - 81c
Lawns, - - - 10c
Laws,-1400's, - - 16c
In LMtfea' Hms-im a Pair.
Alsw a IS aad aa emits.
High-col twites' Bsl:ral
Cloth Hosew at 12 as.
Do. Wl She) at from aj to aa.
Ladle' Salts, $3 BO.
Ladles' Soils. 4 SO.
Under the authority of an act passed at tu
last session of the Legislature for the ben
efit of Agricultural and Meca&zUca.
Societies of the taie.
Notice to Contractors.
Memphm aji Lrrri.a Rock Railuoab.
I si i II 1
Memphis, Tenn., July 0, KC2.J
BIDH will be received at this office until
July 15th for ballasting this road with
saud and gravel from Hopetield to si. Francis
The towboat William Cowen arrived
yesterday morniuir with several thou
sand busnels ot cuiu for Brown A Jonea,
of this ottr.
The. Mrv R. Poh nml (Mfv of Vinka.
hunr are .lua from bslnw tn-ilnv U ,Jnly !'h 'or ballasting this road with
HSBj are iiuerrom oeiow lOHiay. ad Bl frnm Hope0lll to st KrftIlcm
The ti. W. Cheek, Phil Allia and I river .exelusive of trestles), a distance of
Beile Memphis all uxit ufl with fair trips ' "ut twenty-five miles; material to be taken
of freiirhi ami ranenverrt from the sand-baroppositc Memphis and from
orireigiu am. natwerigeni. Crow creek, west of St. rrancis river.
The Julia, Captain Boyd, leaves thin Further information will be .'urnlshed or,
evening at five o'clock for Vicksburjc application at this office,
and all way landings. Colonel James j -22 a. a. livkumure. ;on'i Hnp t.
Thompson holds rrirth in the office.
The City of Vicksburg, Captain R. G.
Carter, leave thia morning at ten
o'clock for Cairo and 8t- Louis. William
Goapel is clerk.
The above are only a few of the articles to
be Hold at greatly reduced prices. Every
article in the House Is offered at correspond
ingly low figure, as the stock mi.-, be sold.
So. Xeff natu street, Tferaphls. Tenn.
Improvement of the Fair
T3USSDAY, JULY 11, 1872.
At 843 Second street. XempnU.
mt 1 o'clock p.m.
Full Certificate Shares, $5.
Ball at Raleigh Springs.
AT ONLY $2 PEB 1000
The Government Tax having been removed
cavalry, and took a hundred and fifty
prisoners. A battle ls Imminent at
Baltimore, July S. A number of
i!eiei?uLes arriveil thiu fnnmivui arH
1 nearly all the delegations are full. ' Over '
six hundred have been registered at I
As on yesterday, the principal subject
of discussion to-day anion deleieates has
neen me
Thrce Knfflnng Disposed Of An Oat
raire Expiated.
Cincinnati, July 8. A special to the
0rf f Wt nomina- the mmo'n, of laTe taT &l
rll"dT!,iiPP''! of 'Mercer county, Ohio, would
tion or s
tincmnati nominees. The Missouri
delegation held another meeting this
morning, and while unanimously ad
hering Ut the polity of no nomination,
it was a nice pistol, silver-mounted, ami i the' aPP0,tl a committee of threa,
I think had an ivory handle' he said 1 au" P"" resolutions requesting the
"you better release me from this thing." ' appointment of similar committees by
I said, " Yes, if you come out Dubliclv ! tne v"1; to meet to-night and oou-
and acknowledge that I was right, and rer on tne """jeet, m order to settle the
that the affidavits airainst me were a ! ues1'01 before the meeting of the eon-
netit a post. I uo not, however, object, mistake, aud starUHl to im .iiiu'ti uru.ieu-
to a discussion of my deflciences on any I think Redmond was there when I fired
other ground than that it is altogether! the first shot, but I saw the door otwn
l..'. L Ul . .
aad equally iimp.
tbfd I should coi
teg it Signed;
ince it is impossible that I
e any formal nouiination,
impossible if it were offered
the follv of aceept-
Skw Vhkb, July s.
John Kalieii and Cornelius Lcary had
a butcher-kuife tight at Hobokeu yester
day. Fall?u was killed; Leary will die.
Mausfieiil's testimony created a ser;N,
tion, she swearing that Fisk said iu De
cember, at her house, that he intended
to kill Stokes.
William Cullen Bryant prints a card
slating i:,.it it is impossible for him to
receive any formal nomination for the
lYesideni-v'. and, if offered, equally im
possible for him
accepting it.
The National Labor Executive Com
mittee will hold a meeting at the Glen
ham House in this city on the twelfth of
July to take steps to combine the two
elements which will support Greeley
and secure good management.
The list of the Erie Directory, to be
chosen to-morrow, and which is said to
have tieen telegraphed from London, is
published. The hst comprises all of the
present members, with the addition of
T. B. Blackstotie, of the Chicago and
Alton railroad. W. U. Duncan, Geo. T.
Olliphant, J. V. L. Perry, J. L. John
sou. ex-Governor Morgan, V. W. Schu-
ure he was outside when
the stKoud shot was tired: Thomas Hart
was not there; I dropd the pistol iu
the hall; I met Hill, as he has said, and
said, 'There is a man shot;" I went
down stairs and said, "Get a doctor,
there is a man shot ; ' ' some one hallooed
out that I was wanted, and I turned
right around; I hardly remember any
thing more; I did not deny snooting
Fisk ; I remember when I was taken be
fore Fisk he looked up quickly and said,
"That is Stokes," ana dropped his eyes;
he did not accuse me of anything; I ex
pected him to exonerate me.
L. Had you made up your mind that
if he charged you with shooting you
would ask him if he did not draw a
pistol? ; Miss Williams, my cousin, heard
ltns question was excluded. ! tnreaten to kill .stoke.
fraud; ' he said that as far a he was
personally concerned be would; but there
were so many involved that he could
not do; then I said, "I must withdraw;"
theu he said, taking out a revolver, 'T
will kill Stokes, and there will be blood
shed before you get through." I told
Stokes aud advised him to be careful ;
on another occasion Fisk showed her
affidavits, which he had gotten up
against the character of Eaton, at the
same time admitting they were false.
auu iuai caion was an nonoraoie man;
after that he came in one day and was
very excited, and told her that blood
was to be drawn, the first blovd he ever
drew ; he went out and came back "at
twelve o'clock very nervous and pale,
and told her that Eaton had been at
tacked, but whether he was killed or
not he could not tell ; then he was very
nervous and could not rest, though usu
ally he was a very quiet man and al
ways wan ted to go asleep ; Laughter ;
you pur-
1 did not go near the ladies' Datlor ar
to commit the folly of all. nor throw mv pistol on the sofa- the
boy Hart was not near the shooting at
all; risk did not say "Oh!" "Oh"
"Oh:" but said "Hold!" I did not mean
to kill Fisk; I believed his pistol was
loaded, or he would not have drawn It.
r or what purpose did
chase that pistol?
Question excluded.
Witness Oh, 1 have had that pistol a
long time; I did not sSMOl to meet
Fisk at the hotel ; I did not see his car
nage coming; I had a cane In my hand,
and wore a very conspicuous overcoat,
I for driving on tne road; I also wore a
1 pair of driving gloves; befor meeting
; t isk tnat nay 1 receiveu numerous warn
S. B. Babcock.
. . .l...e KA U.i, I tknaatur. . ..
GUtritJ ' ft Lais 1 uc nau uuwiTucu w uate my
w mentioned as most likely lae , ." "H? 1 wa?
nn hp twentieth of I lecem rs-r. iiiul I
i 1 1 J , . L- thai won flu. firut lime 1 ha1 uiuin
At the Congn-t of the Internationals KjHk sillce threat.
The court here took a recess.
Miss Mansfield sat with a fan in one
hand and a smelling bottle in the other,
listening to the evidence. When 8tokes
entered the court in the morning he
bowed to Miss Mansfield, and she re-
to get the Presidency.
At the
yenUsrday twenty tractions were repre
sented. A communication was received
from the S-iu Francisco Section, detailing
the bad eflects on labor iu California pro
duced by Chinese immigration, and stat
ing that there are one hundred thousand
Chi ue there. It is predicted that they
will in a short lime monopolize ail labor
In manufactories, etc. They are under
the control of six Immigration Compa
nies, who import, also, thousands of (jni
neae women for prostitution. They ap
peal to the workiugnieu of the East, and
sav that if this immigration is not siop-
. 1 a . 1 1 A 1 - .L - .
pcu uioou wiu iiuw in me streets oi rsau
wore a large gold cross on her
breast and heavy gold bracelets on her
arms. She was all gold, iew-rk. and lace.
The jury sat immovable, leaning for
ward with eyes fixed on the
ho trAA kit. o - -a.
fhe Congress resolved to in- I ZZ " unn ,ln
nor noiitics and other distnrhi,,,, o. ! .. T. j . "-room was pacaea
. ' ... .I., 9 -i-"' in me uJors. Aiier recess Josie stood
a,nrf or'IaTonWe,!uP Wtowed conipantnl
a new plan of organisation. out wi h . f
, . . , . . Grand Duchess or Gerolsteln. Her ap-
JoJin Dunbar wa arrested at At. Loula pearance excited the most extraordiuarv
yesterday, charged with being ImpU- aenaatlon and the crowd rushed after he"r
em led in a forgery on the Union Nation- to tm her down stairs,
al Hank at Pittsburg a ahort time ago. j Tn. defendant again took the aland,
Fisk bad eight or eighteen ; they were
accumulating in the house, as he got
iiiuninia oi pistols; i Knew mm since
November, 18B7, and knew Stokes since
November, 1S68; I resided in Twenty-third
street three years; he
was usually tired when he
came in and wanted to sleep,
but ordinarily was a very active man.
Fisk did not call at my house on the day
of the shooting; the first I heard of the
shooting was at half-past five cr six
o'clock; a newspaper reporter called
around and spoke to my cousin, but I
did not go down to see him about It.
To Mr. Townseud Fisk was a very
moderate drinker; I was introduced to
Stokes by Harry Hardy, of the Erie
railway, who is interested In Fisk's oil
business; Fisk used to carry arms at the
time of the Susquehanna, Pacific, and
J i-' v City difficulties, and at other
times, but these were state occasions; I
never saw Stokes since the shooting un
til to-day.
Miss Marietta A. Williams, cousin of
the last witness, testified that she com
municated to the nri wilier rerw&fo.t
tlien turning to I threats by Fisk airainst his life: she had
remarked j "Poor frequently seen a pistol with Flak ; she
he is. " She heard Fisk, in presence of Stokes, in the
trout parior, say to stokes that he would
railroad him to the State prison ; she was
in the parlor at the time, at the sugges
tion of Mm. Mansfield this was a year
before the shooting; she still Uvea with
Miss Mansfield and Miss Mansfield's
mother the lady now in court.
Robert T. Stooo testified that he is a
merchant, residing in New York; haa
known Stokes since lbon. On the sixth
of January be was near the Grand Cen
tral, and saw Stokes coming down with
a friend; saw him bow and point to
ward somebody In th hotel, and then
go Inside. Saw Fisk's an iag owning
veution to-morrow.
At a meeting of the National Execu
tive Committee at noon no decision was
arrived at in regard to the selection of a
temporary Chairman.
At a meeting of Bourbon Democrato,
at the Maryland Institute, at two o'clock
this eveuing, not more than two hun
dred were present, a majority of whom
were spectators. Of the delegates who
will not support Greeley, if nominated,
there were not more than twenty-five at
the meeting. Judge James R. Flanders
presided. Among those present were
Blanton Duncan, of Kentucky; James
Leslie and William White, of Spring
field, Illinois; Henry Sherwood, of Con
necticut, and William Reed, of Norfolk,
Virginia. A committee of ten was ap
pointed to make arrangements for hold
ing a convention to-morrow. In num-
oers ana importance the movement is
too insignificant to have any weight
with the Democratic Convention. The
indications are that Greelev will be
nominated with enthusiasm.
The tkening Journal publishes a let
ter this evening from W. A. Saunders,
a colored man and an elector on the
Grant Republican ticket, addressed to
the Chairman of the Baltimore city dele
gation to the late Republican Convention,
in which after expressing thanks for the
honor conferred in placing his name on
the Graut electoral ticket, he says: "A
profound sense of duty to my race, and
thedemands of an unselfish patriotism,
superior to mere partisan requirements,
compels me to decline the honor and to
sever my connection with the Grant
wing of the Republican party.,'
Saunders then goes on to state at
length his reasons for not supporting
Grant, and why he will support Gree
ley. Saunders lately held a position
as special mail agent.
Large numbers of delegates, and oth
ers, arrived here this evening from the
Northwest and South.
Tne Cincinnati Tragedy.
Cincinnati, July S. The shocking
tragedy of yesterday, in which a pioneer
and a respected citizen shot and killed
the boy Shick while trespassing on his
ground, is the common theme to-duy,
and is most profoundly regretted by Mr.
Brown and his friends. It appears from
additional evidence published this morn
ing, that the boys had trespassed on his
grounds for the purpose of stealing fruit
twice during the forenoon, and had been
driven away, and that instead of the
boy having entered the yard for a lost
bail, a number of the boys came seeking
iru.it. ii appears, too, mat
has been in the habit of
take the law into their own bands with
reference to the supposed inhuman mur
derers of Mias Belle Secore, who was
outraged on her way home from Sunday
schosl, two weeks ago, and then mur
dered and thrown aside to be partly con
sumed by the hogs, were this morning
proved to have been well-founded. At
a very early hour this morning the people
began to arrive in Celina, where the
prisoners, Jacob Kimble, Absalom Kim
ble, and Alexander M. -Cloud, were In
carcerated. The arrivals continued till
ten o'clock, when about three thou
sand persons had assembled. They then
surrounded the jail and took forcible pos
session of the jailer and disDossoaaed niin
of the keys, and after effecting an en-
Trance to ine ceils, tooa tnerelrom the
three prisoners aud removed them under
guard to a wagon. The place where
the shocking crime waa committed Is
twelve miles from here, uid the deter
mined crowd announced their determiu
mination to there remove the prisoners
and execute the sentence which an out
raged community had pronounced. The
procession then moved off quietly and
orderly. W nat subsequently transpired
is not known, hut the Vigilants are in
charge of men who will, it la believed,
not return till their prisoners have paid
the penalty with their Uvea.
Beats Leaving- To-De.
St. Louis Citt or Vicksbcbo 10 am
V'lcksburK Julia. lo a.m
Arkansas river Thos. H. alls 6 p.m
Chicot A J. Whitb. & p.m
(St. Francis river Jst. Fbajncis A p.m
Belle Memphis St. Louis
A. J. White I'hlcotCltv
Ueorge W. Cheek Friars Point
Mary Houston Loulsvill
C. B. Church New Orleani
MojiiLB, July 8. Cotton dull and
nominal- middling, 23fc; net receipts,
bales; stock, 2U49 bales.
Galvbbtoh, July .. Cotton nom
inal; middling, JOfc; sales, lo bales;
stock, 717 bales.
Csarlbbton, July 8. Cotton dull;
middling, 24c; net receipt), 20 bales;
gross receipts, 20 bales; exports, coast
wise, 609 bales; stock, 6529 bales.
Savanhah. July 8. Cotton flat;
middling, 23fc; net receipt, '10 bales;
exports coastwise, 35 bales; to Great
Britain, 295 bales; sales, 30 bales; stock,
169 bales.
Inaorporatsd In 1188.
omcm phawiwos.
18, M, ID, 77, S, 8, 43, 78, U, 3, 07, , ID.
72. u, at, 7, m, m, u. a, m. , at, 71.
LoUerlss drawn Iwios dally. Prizes lrom
tab Ki bkMMi, paid In money by J. E. y RANCH,
snul. taw Neriii 'our', su-aut. Box 147, Mem
pills, Tsna., P. O. MURRAY, MILLER it CO.,
Mausasra, At. Louis, Mo.
Onasial atrnwlasn Iter the Improrsnwnt
ef las Fair rounds.
7-J. s, 48, 78, IS, 28, 40, 25, IS, 3L
48, 67, , 41, SC, 7S, IU,
zons of Raleigh at tho Court Hail, on
TnnrstlRjr Evening-, Jnljr lltli, 1S72.
An excellent band of mosic haa been engaged
for the occasion, and dancing will corameuce
at 0 o'clock.
Manaoeks Dr. G. K. Duncan, J. M. Cole
man. B. r. Dnncan, Virgil Kawllngs and
1 liouius T. Taylor. jy7
Democratic Congressional Exec
utive Committee.
HUMPHREY BATE, Marsh Polk and Ham
uel G. .-.parks, members of the Democrats
lc Executive Committee of thi Ninth Con
gressional District, are hereby requested to
meet at the Hecond Chanoery Courtroom, In I
Memphis, on Tuesday, the ninth instant, fori
ine purpose oi maKlug ail the necessary ar
rangements for holding a convention to nom
inate a candidate for Congress from this dis
trict. M. D. L. STEWART,
July 5. 1S72. TJu6 Chairman, ete.
351 Gusli Premium
trlbutiun lakes place.
The Board of Directors, In commen din
this Second Scheme to the Habile, promise
that It shall be carried ont In as gooal faith as
the annexed certificates prove tne former to
have been. The high character and standing
of the Managers selected will also be an addi
tional guarantee that perfect Justice and fair
ness will control this Distribution.
Memphis, Tennessee, J uly 1st, 1871, )
Y order of the Board, this baok will, on
iind after July "th. dhv to stockholders
mvldend Ot& per cenL out of the n.t wtrninm
of tho six months ending June 80th.
J7l S. P. RKAD, Cashier.
Memphis Industrial Exposition.
PROPOSALS will be received until Thurs
day, the llth day of July, for ihenuildlng
01 the Industrial s xposltlon building. The
platiB and specifications can be seen at the
office of the architect, James B. Cook, 38 Mad
ison street.
The Building Committee reserve the right of
rejecting any or all bids.
ny oraer 01 tne Huiiaing ommlttee.
M. BI HKK. Chairman.
No Charge for Setting Meters.
Kjd. Hi-rkk Picxbtt, Secretary.
4S, J9.
Belle Memphis St. Louis
George w. Cheek ....Friars Point
Phil Allln Friers Point
Mary Houston - New Orleans
C. B. Church Cairo
Nashville. .....Cincinnati
In Pert.
St. Francis. A. J. White.
A good No. 1 Towsoat, perfeet
ly sound ana In thorough
rruair. iesai.ii hi ivei . ncsiu mr
(5fxeei : depth of hold 4 feet; 3 boilers; eusiuis
laiul'UH, iti auu n iuuutc nnu.n , iot ..u-
buithsa. Apply to the undersigned for par-
H. w.
Hi vers. Weather sad Bsudnesa.
The river at this point rose one Inch,
ami stands by the gauge twelve feet
nine inches above extreme low water
mark. Tbe changes elsewhere are art
follows: At Keokuk it declined one
Inch; Cairo, three inches; Cincinnati,
nine inches; Loalsvilie, four inches;
Vicksburg, one inch; Nashville, two
inches. At Omaha it rose one inch. At
St. Louis it is stationary. Weather clear
and warm, with a light shower at noon.
Busineas on tbe leve was light, with
Ave arrivals and six. departures.
By Telegraph.
LoCTRviLLF.. July 8. The river is
falling fast; 4 feet 11 inches in the canal,
and 3 feet 11 inches in the chute.
Weather hot Business dull. Arrived :
Robert Mitchell, from New Orleans.
1'be Marv Miller was nut on the eansl
Mr. Brown ' docks to-day for repairs. The Camelia,
shooting- to 1 Lonirfellow. Kddvvllle. Ella Hvnrhe
soar away the boys. Whether in this land Burksville will be put on bet wean
oaaahe fired at random or took aim, will : here and Cairo during low water.
vmumuiv ut uveiopyi gn ine omeiai ex-1 vvnarusge collected in tba past two
Mr. ttrow-n remained at the ; weeks, alxtawn bendrad and alxtrv.thras
In th city dor- dollars.
I jr. LrjpsB, Jnly l.-AaBiun- . C.
houaa of a friend down
ing th night.
, 85,
As wltusst our hand, at Memphis, this Sth
say of July. 1973.
JABlffl 1 AM.l-.JXl .s .
Towboat for Sale.
LIGHTBt'HNE, ftJE Levee.
id I
T HAVE lust nnlshe
X. tion of my home p
road. Just outstde of t
1110 line of tne street t
lots. All lay well, and
lid Invite persons who wis
ng IT rvaother oor-
lace, on the Hernando
he city limits, and on
are. over one han ired
He beautiiul residence
lots. Woul
to call and e these 'ots. Having air
several to salaried young meu, I would advise
otners to do likewise, and invest what they
may have to spare in real estate. It ls the
best possible savings bank. No corporation
taxea I will sell on favorable terms.
1VS J. M. PROVINE, 1J.' Madison .u-eot.
Ames, Beattie & Co., 3
Main street, offer Bargains,
Wholesale and Retail, in
Furniture, Carpets, Mat
tresses, Oilcloths, Window
Shades, etc.
1 Cash Premium of $50U0
1 Cash Premium of .5000
1 Cash Premium of 2500
1 Cash Premium of 3000
1 Cash Premium of 1000
3 Cash Premiums of 500
4 Cash Premiums of i50
4 Cash Premiums of 200
5 Cash Premiums of 100
10 Cash Premiums of 90
20 Cash Premiums oi 20
100 Cash Premiums of 10
200 Cash Premiums of r
is $6000
is 6000
la 2500
is 2000
is 1000
is 1000
is 800
is 500
is 500
is 400
is 1000
To be Distributed In Conformity to Law.
Prescription ol a Regular Physician of Fif
teen Tears' standing. It Nbver Fails.
SSr No other remedy offers so many induce
ments to the aifllcted: creating no pain; the
rapidity of its cure; the completeness of Its
curs; no shock to tbe nervous system. The
rsmsdy ls purely vegetable.
Per sale ay all dealers In drugs and medl
slnos everywhere. Prepared by
J. H. SHERMAN 4 CO., Proprietors,
Baltimore. Msrvl LmV
J. J. A, Wnoiasale and Iteuul Drug.
an Mais street, under lbs Woraham
nas. is eur Gteneral Aasnr tnr Uamnhi.
wsn lsisissa an orueri win ns sromptL?
sllss syklsi. asm forsireaiai. Ke. frs
S2 an own street.
x-mavsKi? powd:
a. J. bat Linos.
Express Train
Mali Train, dally
Brownsville accommodation..
leaves 3:25 am
3:30 p.m
otto sjn
Pnllman sleeping-cars are now on all
night trains.
The rt a.m. and 5:10 n.m. bans ,lo nm
i mi 'u rmmisy.
tioke t o rriox,
JOHN T. FLYNN, Snperintendsnt.
a mbs sfBBi,. Ticket Agent
Mas received s One assortment of
sF Call nd purchase; selling at cost-
Mbxphis, Juns X 18TX
Received of the Memphis Agricultural and
Mechanical Society tho sum of Five Thousand
Dollars, being amount of premium drawn by
Ticket No. S49 at the DUUibuUon of said So
ciety, June 1, 1S72. D. V. CLARKE.
Commission Merchant, front street, Memphis,
MsKPRts, June;!, 1ST?.
Rseslvedof the Memphis Agricultural -':J
Mechanical iteclety the sum of Five Thousand
Doilara. being amount of nremlum iruwn by
Tloket No. IMU at the Dlstxi button of said So
clsty, June I, IsTZ. JACOR LUTZ,
Boot and Shoe Dealer. Madison street, Mem
phis, Tennessee.
Salesman at Mausfleld k Hlgbee's Drug tttcr-.
Main street. Memphis, Tennoswe.
Mbsphis, TB!f if ., June 3, 18T2.
We, the undersigned, take pleasure in att.
Ing 'he perfect honesty and fairness of th
Dlstr.buUonof UieMemphls .Vgncuitural ai.
Meciianical Society drawn al ttreenlsw Ope.-..
Houaa, June 1, 172, and heartily commend :L
object ot the Association, the reliability for
the payment of the premiums drawn, and the
prompt drav. ' ig on the day advertised, to
ul the public.
a. a. r.tuujt3 l
Prcs't Union and Planters' Bank.
Prss'tUerman National Bank.
Pres't Memphis Bank.
Pres t First NaUo.ial Bank.
Cssh'r Marehanie Nauonal Bank.
trswt M. and C. Railroad.
Certiflcates for Sale at all the Agencies
of the Association.
E now have our saw-mill In fall opera
tion, and are prepared to all orders for
oypress and poplar lumber of all dimensions;
atso, sawed sol ugies and laths. We solicit or
ders and guarantee satisfaction both as to
Quality and prices
Second Mill north of Bayou Oayoso, on Wolf
River, Mump .Is, Tennessee.
Tenable Kawllngs
WE are now offering our large assortment
of real and Imitation LACES and EM
reduced prices. Also, HATS, BONNETx,
BUSSELS and TIES ail of latest style.
KTMutt be closed out by the latter part of
Persons in want of bargains will do well -jo
i call at
SI. rgBBCrt,
el" No.3lo Main street.
Will be continued during the
particulars amilv
Schoolroom, No. 388 Third
at any time
at the
aw Orders with the money for CsMBssUes
may be sent per Ezpsess, or Registered Letter,,
or raii-Offlce Orders, it the risk of the
elation, and unaaedi&tely upon the Dltnbi:
nou aaiua piace tne ijuiciai Jumcers will is..
lorwarded to each correspondent.
aii I'ruers no oe auu-naieu
Memphis Aaxicultural
Mechanical Society,
P. O. Lock Box No. 78.
phis, Tsnne
U5 Second street, Mem-
w. o. woorr .

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