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trrrc"iF rmt Daily Apptaj,)
v. t . m:m.ay. Jaly 10, 1872. )
There is no movement in Madison
-; rwl ; money is asked for with increaa
liiL' eagerueaa, in few iuuikv from
merchants, mostly from muail dealer,
manufacturers, builders, et-. The street
lias to be the common recourse, and the
difference is that 14 to 2 per cent, a
month ha.- to be paid instead of 10 per
cent, per auuun. . There is IttUe monc y
using speculatively unless Mii-riaaippj
levee bonds may 1 bo sustained in some
instances. Exchange is acarae, and for
bankers' checks J premium is paid in
some cases; the regular rate at the
outlier is per buying. J premium sell
ing. Gold stagnant at 118. Nothing
done or talked of in city securities ; the
bill to fuud has had uo etiinuUUug ef- ,
feet in the absence of a measure oti the
Iart of Conned to secure, for the pay-!
merit of tfw city's interest, the money
collected from tax-levers for the interest
fund. Iet the present regulations for
the expenditure of the city's money be
faithfully carried out, then ne regula
tions will command confidence.
Arkansas, Levee bonds, nominal.
County scrip, f"i9o. Barbour Xwis,
certified, 8588. Memphis and Ten
nessee railroad 1st mortgage, 84; 2d
mortgage, 724. Memphis city railroad.
4o$ Bank of Tennessee money ,92(S,W for
old issue: new issue. ;. ' . len
s's warrai:t-s, 93. Lit-
I first mortgage bonds,
Wi. Memphis city gold bonds, ex
coupon, 60; currency bonds, &3j(S-S4.
Memphis past due coupons, To. For new
Mississippi levee 8 iieT it tit, bolMBS
(5 . MJaaiaBippi new, 1872, warrants
74. Mississippi Central railroad slock,
13. Second mortgage Memphis and
Ohio bonds at 8ti.
The Nashville Banner, July 7, re
ports: "Old issue Bank of Tennessee
:imi C. mptmllr's warrants are dull and
-i. i iv at HOfattl buying: selling at 92(
with little doing. Kew issue liank
of Tennessee strong with an advance to
ao as the liuving rata. At tlieise rates it
is more freely offered Tennessee bonds
are unchanged, at 74 74j for Uie old and
The decided turn in prices in conse
iiuenoe of the splendid crop prospect
tfoe on, and declines are everywhere
"in order." Kew York is now a full
cent below the rate on the first week of
the month, quoting 24c; Liverpool also
goes another degree down the scale,
marking l";d ; New Orleans at 23(S 23t
In our market a few tiny purchases were
made at irregular rates, middling bring
in? 24c for the few bales of It that were
sold ; li is impossible to give quotations.
We beard of the sale of 20 bales at lftjc,
inferior; 3 at 22c, strict ordinary; 26 at
22ic. 5 at 23c, low middling; 1 at 234c,
strut low middling; bat 24c, middling.
Tiit- following is a comparatiTe daily state-
... 4,al
RoC'-tpt t' .-da
T"tal shipments to date.
Memphis and Charleston railroad
Mississippi and Tennessee railroad 35
Memphis and Ohio railroad
K-timaW per wagons and other sources-... 15
Memphis and Ohio railroad
Tlie Dry Good Reporter of the sixth,
says: "Tha question of tlie supply of
American cotton for the spinners of the
world is attracting more than the usual
attention of the press of the country,
and some, by their writings display
much ignorance, and express only the
opinions of individuals, whose gains are
the result of imagination or speculation.
The statistical condition of the supply
throughout the world on June SOtb,
hows 384,000 bales greater than in 1871
and with our large corporations supplied
with stock to the opening of October,
and a largely increased supply to be re
ceived as the result of tlie growing crop,
there is not the least alarm for anUci
iiating that high prices will continue,
i ut on the contrary believe they will be
much lower. The alternations of scarc
ity and excess, and the wide fluctuations
In price since the war, have attracted
much attention and given much stirnu-!u-
to those of six-culative tendencies;
the most recent of which has been the
adoption by the Cotton Exchange of
this city of the "call" system. And j
sim-e but few consumers go there for
their immediate necessities, the deal-1
iugs in " futures " is confined to transae
lions letween "bulls" and " bears," in j
which, either side takes any point of j
ad ran tag., hoping thereby to manufac
ture public opinion, but so far without I
any avail, as New York merchants are I
up to their tru-ks, and the outside world
is pretty much governed by what New
York is doing. The fact has already
teen proven that such efforts have been
without avail in influencing any specu
lative action as with the opening of
June, when cotton was reportad selling
at 27ic, the market for goods was under
going a change for lower prices, and ac
tually was reduced in the face of the
-taple advancing. The laws of supply
and demand are the lever in the price
of foods, and which are advanced or de
clined aa is the proportion of the latter
to the former. The prospects of the cot
ton plant at the same time in any pre
vious year, by those familiar with its
growth, was never in as flue condition,
while the acreage under cultivation
is fully equal to lh7u, if not larger.
"With but 4,000.000 bales, however, there
is no expectation of any very great de
cline in price of goods or cotton, as tin
average it would make with this year
would not give any surplus to work on;
knit as the months of October and No
vember will to some degree determine
its extent, no certainty as to price- i
allowable until that is indicated."
Business appeared to be at the point
of extin-tkii to-duy, so dull, so lifeless,
so woe-iiegone was it Corn was in
small demand, but holders were stronger
in view of intelligence from New Or
leans and elsewhere; a bolder of 2000
sacks white who sold the day before at
(4c was out of the market, asking 6 c.
in New York corn is steadier, in New
hieaus the demand is firm and white
advanced to 75c, in Chicago there is a
good demand, in St. Louis it is dull. In
Cincinnati rates have advanced. The
sliowerv weather that continues with us
i. ji- the country well supplied with
rass, and oora, oats and vegetables are
Iouring out unrestricted plenty : all this
h. :p- to make our feed market dull in
t he extreme. OaU are held higher, but
we hear of no transactions; they are
quiet in New Orleans, firmer in New
York, dull and lower in Chicago, dull in
Ht. Iiouis, and dull and nominal in Cin
cinnati: the demand in our market is
slight. Bran is rarely mentioned, and
we hear of nothing doing. Hay is
droopiuK and can be had at low prices.
i irwtunl is the oulv thiui; that lias a
. . k i .. " r, . it II i Iiim - -
i iu a tendeucv to bring it down, but tlie I
.iemand for it in our market is vary irood
and the wipply l,s not esceede.1 it,
Inch Ik the r. as,,i, ,f iu Birenirth. It
i- whiapered Uiat a lieavv shipment it
now ..n it- way
- . .... I
i - av t own: if this true
rates will gl Way; aa it is, wa repeat
a.- steady the quotations of two weeks
I iast. ja a5 on the landing. Flotir 'vs by
several holders held firmer, m it is be
lived the stock will decrease. Butter is
in lews abundance and a firmer feeling
is expressed. Egy are very scarce at
Us.-; we heard it said that ITe had been
o tain.-.!. ( 7,.-iUt'.aretirmer.aii.l;l v,:,-
got for very fine pullets.
home Ai)tl '
to $7 in snip- I
ate arriving ami inng
piugorder.aocordiiigtoquality. Ijtat(
are still weak; fine can be had loo at
$1 Ml Onion are lower; we
saw oar-
.relcd offered at $2 75&S.
Tlie St. Ixiuls Titius of Tuetxlay re
)oris : "The various markets on 'Change
yesterday were in the same uninterest
ing condition as last noted. Wheat
showed more life, tbough no higber.
Corn was not as brisk as on Saturday, it
ieing slow to move on East track aud
in elevator on that side, but an this side
it was active, both in sack and bulk.
Oats, if we except choice Northern and
heavy white in new burlaps, which was
in demand, ware alow to move; white
in light supply and higber. Hay un
changed and depressed. In Hour there
was a slightly better inquiry for the best
brands; common to medium are an dead
as ever. Provisions, under a good order
demand and an advance in Louisville
and Cincinnati, were buoyant and gen
erally higher. Mess pork was in de
mand at -i)C auvaxiec, miiciuiy n wi
der, though there was a fair speculative j
inquiry. Bacon and dry salt meats wers
active at an advance of Kg ,c all round."
'flotation for feed are for round lots
on the landing unless othertcitc expressed.
A Pi' uk In hols, in shipping order,
Bacon Breakfa--t, iflr?10c; elear
s ties, sje: clear rib, 8rc; shoulders, 6
tc; hams, choice brands, 145il4Jc.
Mess pork, $13 2513 50.
Bciddebs' Matebiaijb Louisville
cement, per barrel, $8 26s3 25; plaster
Paris, $4 50; Rosendale, $3 6u3 76;
hair, 5a6c per pound; fire-brick,
$5 per 100; common brick, $8 per 1000,
Baxiko 8tvffs Hemp and flax, 2
pound, 17c: 2Hounil. Is-: iron ties,
;es"ax zo(o di
iter Firmer
er pound.
CmcKEXs Young scarcer at f 2 .30
4; old, $34 50.
Corn Held firmer; sales from a flat
boat 150 sacks white at 84c, 2000 bushels
same now held at 66c, all in good second-hand
gunnies; an order for 150 sacks
white was filled at 68c.
CoRNJCKAli Firm ; sales of 125 bbls
at $3 36 on landing, and 50 bbls at $3 40.
Coffer Firm at the following quot
ations: Rio, 2124c; Java, 25a2oc;
Laguayra, 2426c.
Chabss New York factory, 15l6c;
English dairy, 18c.
Candles Light and full weights per
lb lJ20c.
Cottonseed, etc. At mills we quote:
Cottonseed in demand at $12 per ton;
crude cottonseed oil, 45c per gallon.
Fxins Scarce and firm at 16c.
Fish White fish, 50fi?6 half bbl:
kits, $1 25; smoked herring, 35(n-40c V
box; new mackerel bbl No. 1, $14;
half bbl.$7 50ri; kits, $1 lOfS l 60; No.
3, large bbls, $1(1(0.10 60; half bbls, $6
59; kits, $1 10f l 20. All quotations
Fdoi-r Super, $4 755 25; X, $5 50
6; XX, S6 50(5 7: XXX, $7 50(5 8 25;
choice family, i Ha 50; fancy brands,
sin . Sales of 200 bbls XXX at$7 50;
Groceries Soda, 7c for keg, and 8c
for box. Brown and yellow sucrar in hhds
0r 114c; white, 12i12Jc. Crushed and
powdared, 13t13ic Carolina rice,
prime at 9Jc. Starch, 4J5i5c per pound.
Salt, $2 15(2 25. Quotations of hard
white sugar irregular.
Hay Sales of SO bales of prime at
$24, delivered; a lot of fine timothy of
fering at the same price. Straw in store,
Hominy In first hands$4(5 4 25; kiln
dried $4 50(5)4 75.
Hardware Nails, $5 75 ; iron bar,
5Jc; cast steel, 21c; castings, country
hollow-ware, 5Jc; axes, HtSdor
Mitchell's do, $7 50, less discount.
Lard Kegs, 104c; tierce, 9i10c;
pails. 11c; oouutry, in kegs, 8j9c Bale
of 6 kegs country at 9c.
Lemons ?1 2(5 13: oranges $1112.
Limb Alabama, bv car-load, $1 50
(2-1 60 per bbl; Ohio, ll 25.
-Mui.assks rTinie to choice planta
tion, 60i68c; inferior, 40(S.50c; com
mon to prime sugar-house syrup, 45
60c; fancy, 7080c.
Oats Stronger; 41c offered: quoted
4k541c on landing.
Ou Coal oil, 2627cper gallon: lin
seed, raw, $1 05: boiled, $1 15; lard oil,
8590c; train, $1 24; West Virginia lu
bricating, 5060c.
Veuetabi.es Potatoes, $1 50 in bulk;
onions, $3 60(541 75 per bbl; cabbage, $2
Ml per 100. Beets, jlper bbl.
New York, July 10. Gold was more
active and firm ou increasing shipments
o all business at 13al4. Loans were
from 1 to 4 per cent, for carrying, in one
case 2 per cent, was paid for the use or a
i small amount. Clearings were about
j $20,000,000. Money easy at 4 to 5 per
. cut. on call. Specie engagements for
1 ft .200,000.
Sterling Exchange Bankers' bills, 9j.
Southern State Securities State bonds
I dull and firm. Quotations: Missouri,
I 94c, er.. iuterest; Tennessee, old, 744c;
do new, 744c; Virginia, new, 48 jc; do
old, 42c; North Carolina, old, 34c; do
new, 21c.
United States Bonds Governments
were strong and a fraction higher at the
close. There were twelve oilers of bonds
to-day, amounting to $711,850 from
113.65 to 114; the amount purchased
was S511,150 from 113.65 to 113.74.
The following are the closing quotations :
Coupons of 1881, 17c; 5-20s of 1862, 144;
5-208 of 1864, 15; 5-20s of 1865, 15$; 5-20s
of 1865, new, 14; 5-20s of 1867, 15$; 5-2Ts
of 1868, 14J ; do 10-40s, 12J; currency 6s,
14 j ; new 5s, 13j.
Stocks and Bonds Speculation inter
est ou the Stock Exchange to-day was
centered on Erie. The stock opened at
56$ and declined to 53$, and rallied to
54." This decline was caused by the un
favorable report and decline at London
where the stock closed at 43. The bal
ance of the market was intensely dull.
j and fluctuations compassed within J to $
per cent, alternately up and down, the
dullness on the Stock Exchange to-day,
outside of Erie, was greater than at any
previous time this year. The market
closed dull and steady, except Erie,
which closed at "3, the lcwest point of
the day. The Erie Railway Company
announces an issue of $30,000,000, or
6,000,JOO, seven per cent, consolidated
mortgage bonds, payable in 1920, the
issue price of which will be 92.
Closing quotations are as follows : Can
ton, 98; Western Union Telegraph
Company, 75; Quicksilver 42; Adams
Express Company, 974 ; W ells & Fargo
Express Company, 89: American and
Merch'ts Express " Company, 74; United
State ExpressOmip'y. 88;Pacific Mail,
74: New York Central, 97 j; New York
scrip, 97$; Erie, 53; Erie preferred, 78;
Harlem, 115$; Harlem preferred, 130;
Michigan Central, 115$; Pittsburg, Fort
W iy ne and Chicago, 91 ; North western ,
73 ; Northwestern preferred, 90$ ; Rock
Island, 1114; Aew Jersey Central, 10,;
St. Paul, ''S St. Paul preferred, 78;
Wabash, 74 ,; Wabash preferred, 87:Fort
Wayne, ; Terre Haute, 20; Terre
Halite preferred, 41 ; Chicago andsAlton,
116$; Chi' ago and Alton preferred, 117;
Ohio and Mississippi, 46jt; Cleveland,
Columbus and Cincinnati, 95$ ; Burling
ton and Quinry, 130; Union Pacific. 37 j;
Central Pacific bonds, 101$; Union Pa
cific bonds, 90j ; Delaware and Lockport,
105$; Hartford and Erie, 7;.
New Orleans, July 10, 11:31) a.m.
Sight t-xehaiige. 3 16A premiuoi. .Sterl
ing exchange, -MuM.
London, July lo Consols, 92; United
States couiionn, S-2UB '62, 14; do. 'o.r,
92,; do. '6, SC; do. 10-40, 90.
Frankfort, July 10. U. 8. coupons
5-208 1862, 96.
Paris, July 10. Rentes, 53f, 65c.
New Yohk, July 10, 10oa.m. Cotton
quiet: ordinary, ljc; good orAinary,
2Bc; lowiuidilliug.lSic; middluig, 24Jc;
! Alabama. 24 : Orleans, 24c: Texasi,
! iV-. Futures tinner; August, 231c; Sep-
iap. ul
Octouer, nominally 195c;
"""""nj "-.
12:20 1'-'"- Cotton nominal; ordinary,
lj ; g'si 'inary 21;: low midd ing,
23c; midd ing. 24c; Alabama, 2fic;
Orleans, jc; iexa,c . aiw trxiay,
,ac .. l.ul i.l'.iiiiiin
.17 balea. Fu
iJ "-.
tures irremilar; sales, lO.uuo bales; July,
22Jc; August, 22c; September, 21 ic.
3:20p.m. Cotton nominal; ordinary,
isijc: good ordinary, 21$c; low mid
illing, 2.V: middling, 24c; Alabama.
24c; Orleans, 2Ac; Texas, 24Jc. Sales
to-dav to spinners, lfc bales; futures,
20,2flu; last eYenlBg to spinners, 37
liales. Futurt firm; Oetober, 20c; De-
cemlier, 19 l-16c.
Cotton reiiort for four days at all
Vnited Mtates ports Net receipts, 1927
bales ; exports to Great Britain, 3340
bales; stock, all classes, oaies.
Liverpool, July 10, 10:30 a.m. Cot
ton fiat; uplands, lod; Orleans, llalljd;
sales, H io bales.
1 p.m. Cotton heavy; middling up
lands, 10Jd; Orleans. 11 Jd; sales, tsOOO
bales; for export and speculation, 2000
pw.5 p.m. Cotton heavy; uplands, 10jd;
Orleans, 11 Jd.
New Orleans, July 10, H :30 a.m.
Cotton entirely nominal ; middling, 23a
23c. No sales.
2 p.m. Cotton dull and nothing
doing; middling, 23a23Jc Saales, 26
bales; receipts, 51 bales.
St. Louis, July 10. Cotton dull and
nominal; 24c
LouwvTLiiB. JnlylO. Cotton dull and
prices declined; middling, 23 Jc.
N a sh vp .i.e. July 10. Cotton dull and
nominal; ng sales.
CnfciNN ati, July 10. Cotton dull and
nominal; 23c
New York, July 10. Transactions
have been light in loth foreign and do
mestic goods. There has been, among
jobbers, some inquiry from tne South
and rvHithwest to nil sjieciai orders, me
stock of cotton goods in first nanus is
light and prices steady. Indian con
tractors are now filling their contracts,
and will move a considerable surplus
stock in their specialties. There has
been more activity in fancy casai meres,
and they are taken freely where some
slight concessions are made. The aggre
gate sales of woolens up to this are by
no means as large as last year.
New York, July 10. Flour is less ac
tive; common to good extra, $5 80s8 30;
good to choice, $6 S5a7 16. Whisky is
firm and more active at 92c. Wheat is
lower and holders are more anxious to
realize. Rye, quiet; Western, 77a78c.
Corn is in limited supply and the mar
ket is steady; spring, Western mixed,
5Sa59e. Oat's i ratlic more steady;
Ohio, 42Jc. Coffee, dull; Rio, 16al8c.
Sugar is in fair request; Cuba, 84a9ic.
Petroleum, crude 12c; refined, 22 jc.
Provisions Pork, firmer; mess, $13 45a
13 65. Beef, unchanged; cut meats are
steady; hams, lOalSc; shoulders, 5ja
5c. Lard, lower and more active; No.
1 to prime steam, 8Ja94c; kettle, 9fc.
Butter dull and lower; Western, lOalGc.
Chicago, July 10. Flour is dull and
nominal. Wheat quiet, weak and low
er; No. 2 spring, 1 23. Corn steady:
No. 2 mixed, :wfaV:. Oats quiet and
a shade lower, 25a264. Rye in fair de
mand ; No. 2, 56Ja57c. Whisky active
and advanced, Stic. Pork in fair de
mand and prices advanced, $13 20a 13 26
on spot. Juara steady, jc. Bulk meats
strong and unchanged; no sales. Ba
con quiet, steady and unchanged: no
sales. Cattle dull and prices drooping,
but not quotably lower; good to extra
shipping, $5 50aC 40. Hogs active and
advanced, $4a4 30, yokers selling mostly
at $4 20.
New Orleans, July 10. Flour lower;
XXX, J7a8 50; extra family, $9 60. Corn
easier; mixed, 69a60c; white, 74a75c.
Oats, 42a45c. Hay firmer prune, $27;
choice, S30. Bran dull at $1 10. Fork
dull; mess, $12 87$. Bacon scarce and
firmer; shoulders. 6$aKj: clear sides,
8$a9$c. Hams choice sugar-cured, 14a
144c. Lard quiet; tierce, packers, 9c;
refined, 9$a9$c; keg and kettle, 10c;
refined, lOJalOfc. Sugar firmer; good
to fully fair, 9$al0c; prime to choice,
lOjal'Jtje. Molasses jxwr cistern bot
tom, 30c; fair fermenting, 52c; city re
finery on orders, inferior, 30c: common,
40c: fair, 50c; prime, 56c; choice, 60c.
Whisky, 80a94c. Coffee, 17al9$c
Louisville, July 10. Tobacco fairly
active and unchanged: sales 174 hogs
heads. Bagging steady at 16$al7c.
Flour dull: extra family, $6 76. Grain
quiet ; receipts of new wheat very lim
ited ; choice red and white., $1 20al 30.
Corn in moderate demand at 62c. Oats,
43c. Rye from store, 85c. Provisions
firm and unchanged. Mess pork, $12.
Bacon, 5$a8a8$c, packed. Hams, sugar
cured. 18Jal4c; plain, l4c. Bulk meats,
5a7a7$c, loose. Lard, kettle, 9c; con
tracts, 8c; kegs, 10c; order lots, $a$c
higher. Whisky firm at 85c.
St. Loots, July 10. Flour steady for
standard brands; XXX, $6 75a7 25; fan-
jsay 2". Wheat dull; No. 2 spring,
$1 10. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed. 38$a39c.
Oats steady- No. 2, 30c. Rye dull;
prime, 59c. Pork dull; offered at $12
without buyers. Bulk meats firm;
loose clear ribs 7c. Bacon active and
in good demand for future small cash
lots at b, s,a8$c. Sugar-cured hams on
orders, 14c. Hogs and cattle unchanged.
Cincinnati, July 10. Flour in good
demand and full prices ; $7a7 25. Wheat
steady at $1 48al 50. Corn in good de
mand, 49a-r)c. Oats dull and nominal,
3Sa36c. Pork steady ; sales of regular at
$12: $14 60 bid for city. Lard dull and
nominal; summer, 71a72c. Bulk meats
in fair demand; shoulders, 5c; clear rib,
sold at 7c; clear held at 7$c. Bacon
demand good, with sales of shoulders at
5Sc : clear rib, 7$c; clear sides, 8c. Hogs
steady at $4 10a4 50. Whisky, 85c.
Nashville, July 10. Flour steady;
superfine, $5; choice familv. $7 50a8.
i Wheat 1 lOal 25. Corn 68c sacked
laud delivered. Oats, 55c, sacked and
delivered; 3oc loose. Barley, 60c. Rye,
i 70c. Cornmeal, $3 25. Provisions very
I active and firm. Mess pork, $14; rump,
$10 50. Lard prime steam, fc; kettle,
i 10c. Bacon shoulders, 6$c; clear rib,
8$c; clear sides, 8$c. Hams sugar
cured. lSal34c.
S. T.-1860-X.
This wonderful vegetable restorative
is the sheet-anchor of the feeble and
debilitated. As a tonic and cordial for
the aged and languid, it has no equal
among stomachics. As a remedy for the
nervong weakness to which women are
especially subject, It is superseding
every other stimulant, in all climates,
tropical, temperate or frigid, It acts as a
specific in every species of disorder
which undermines the bodily strength,
and breaks down Le animal spirits.
Doat fail to procure IBS. WUfSLOWS
It often the gams, redaaea Inflammation,
al I ays aU pain, and c a res wind colic Perfect
ly aafe In all cases. We would say to every
mother woo has a suffering child. Do not let
your prejudices, nor the prejudices of others,
Maud between you and your suffering child
aud the relief that will be soreyea, absolutely
ore -to follow the use of this medicine. If
timely used.
Full directions for using will accompany
each bottle.
Be sure and call for
" Mrs. wiMl'i SsmUMbw Syraa,"
Having the facsimile of " t T RTIS PER
KINS" on the outside wrapper.
Hold by drtigclats throughout the world. Ju5
The Great Soothing Ben eel j.
Cures Onile nrwl
Mrs. tn the Kou-..1n irn.l fulfil
Whltnotnb's tatea the prow at Teeth
' J I uf. oi.
u brines Convulsions and
all rlinn.ai. in-IPrlna
cwient lo inrntji ui. eiiii
dren. jCenU
Cures IMarrhea, Dysen-I
terv and summer ('on- Prlee
p 11 ul in cuiiuren off all
sjymp. laeaa. cent
It Is the Great Infant's and Children'
Koothlng Remedy for all dlaordeis brought
by Teething or any ether cause.
Vrepared by the ORAPTON MEWC1R
OQk 1H. Ix.uls, Mo.
.-old by druggist and dealers In medicine
Titnn&HITCIr Uie Iaii,t, Weekly
V V HA 1 aOa and gunoAY appbai.,
all three of thorn clrciilatinalargely
In the surrounding country. Tuej are
Kdveituint' OMaiUaoa in tee
PosrornCE, Mkxphia, July 1, 1872.
Office Houbs Fbox 8 a.m. to S p.m. ; Bus-
PAT, rBOa 9 to w aj.
Ajt. lK.
A.M. P.M.
i Memphis & OhloK.lt. I
twloe daily I
( BtaaBbls&Ch'leiloii i
R.K. dally
1 R.R. dully
( K'phtt & U 1 1 le Rock j
lrta VSiy f
j Vleksb'K--trl-weekly 1 a
i Mon., Thur.. St.
j mihs. riv.ui sii. inis i
1 Mod. Thuri.
J White Blver .semi-1
weekl ,Tues.asiat. ;
1 Ark.riv.-tri-weekly i
1 Mon-.Wed.AKri.
( Marion tri weekly,!
1 MoUk Weil. A Frl. 1
i;uixl. IfMnrwi I
weekly. 1'ilduy i
Kil l uuve i
South Memphis. No. lis Meets 2d Friday in
each months: hall comer MiuUsou aud Sec
ond. A. J. Wheeler, W. M. ; J. Harvey
Mathes, Secretary.
Asobboha, No. 16S Meets first Monday in
every month, at Odd Fellows JHall, corner
Court and Main; C. O. Locke, W. M. : B
Richmond, Secretary.
Lki la Scott, No. 2M Meets first Thursday 1
each month; hnll corner Madison and siec
end;8.Stnrm, W.M.; Bt. Hochstadter, Bec'y
DbHoto, No. 299 Meet third Friday of each
month, at Odd Fellows Hall : K. C Wllllfc.ni
aon, W. M. ; K. W. Shelton, Secretary.
KjIjW.nsixo, No. .HI Meets fourth Friday of
each month, at South Memphis Hall, corner
of Madison and Second; W. II. Klchanlet.
W. M.; Louis Ctapakl, Secretary.
Pbnn Chapteb, No. 22 Meets second Mon
day or each month, at ( mu i-eilows Hail ; C
Q. Locke, M. E. hTp.; A. J. Wheeler, Sec'y.
Rbmphis Ciiaptik, Ne Meets at Odd
reiiows nan inira monaav oi eucn iuodtii;
W. S. Btatthews, M. E. H. P. ; John W. Ward,
K. AND S. M.
EunBXACorNciL,No. Meets third Thursday
or each month, at una r ellows nail ; . 1W
der, Th. 111. ; C H. Myers, Recorder.
Cyrenk Cobmandeky, No. 4 Meets fourth
Mondav of each month; George Meller-ii,
Com. ; T. J. Barchus, Recorder.
Mithbas Lodge of Pxbkection, No. 1, A.
and A. s. Rite Meets fourth Thursday of
each month, at Angerona Lodge Hall; Geo.
MeUersh, Master. K. C. McDowell, secretary.
Odd Follows Hall, corner Main
and North Court st reels.
Memphis, No. 6 Meets every Tuesday night;
A. J.;Ward, N. G.; It. F. Alexander, V. G.;
Jshn v. waynesburg, Secretary'; E- R
Chickasaw, No. 6 Meets every Monday
night: Leon Levy, N. G.; D. Schlosa, V. G.;
J . A. Holt, Secretary ; H. I). Gonnell, Tresis.
Schili.br, No. 1 Meets even Wednesday
night; Joseph Uhl, N. G. ; H. Grouauer, ' .
G. ; J. A. Grouauer, Secretary ; J. G. Schmidt.
Bannkk, No. 117 Meets every Friday night;
T. 8. Jakes, O. O. : C. I). Milliard, V. G.; E.
R. Jack, Secretary ; J. s. Wilkins, Treasurer.
Mkxphis Degree, No. s Meets first Saturday
of each month; W. H. Moyston, D. M.: IS.
Bingham, D. L. M.; J. E. Russell , A. L. M. ;
T. B. Jukes, Secretary, Ix-on Levy, Treasurei-.
Gatoso. No. 3 Meets on the first and third
Thursday n ghts of each mouth ; John Llnk-
nauer, c. r. jonn uomon, n. r.; w. n.
Moj-ston, S. W.; R. F. Alexander, J. V.:
Thomas, Bacon, Scribe.
Memphis, No. S9 Meeth second and fourth
Thursday nights of each month : T. 8. J ukes,
C. P.; T. 8. Bingham, H. P.; J. W. WavTies
burg, 8. W.: A. W. Newsom, J. W.; J. F.
Fischer, Scribe.
JVou. it the time to tubscribefor the DAILY,
or which are at Jollovt :
Daily, one year (without Susdat) 110 00
Daily, one year (with Sunday) 12 00
To i ay subscribers 7 papers per week 25
"Weekly, one year, single subscription... 2 50
Weekly, one year, to cluba of i or mora. 2 00
Scxdat, one year, single subscription...- 2 50
Scbday, one year, to clubs of 5 or more... 2 00
At will be teen, all the edition! of the AP
PEA L are printed on new type, which, with our
new double-cylinder prett, hat compelled an out
lay of more than $10,0U),or which we hope to be
fully reimburted by lony litis of additional tub
tcribertfrom the tectum of country in the interttt
of which the APPEAL hat labored for mar
than thirty year l.
We hope our friends, appreciating our efforit
will help ut; and that each one will take upon
himtetf the office of an agent for the APPEAL,
and forward a club. We are resolved that pott
issues shall be ezceedeit in varied excellence and
interest by those of 1872. The Presidential (hi
lion, our own State and bail elections, and many
ther impending questions, will combine to inrett
a newtpaper during the remainder of this year
with extraordinary interest.
The APPEAL presents an inttructive ept
omy of the newt of the world. Every depart
ment of the paper is carefully edited. It
aims to tell the neivt fairly, lionestly and inter
ettingly; to aid in all good count; to ex
pose abuses and stimulate reform; to represent
the most liberal thought anil highest tendenciet
of the time; to welcome all schemes that promise
good; to encourage all praiseworthy human en
tepritet, reUgiout and secular; to stimulate the
love of knowledge, a taste for art and the culture
of all the better instincts of our nature; to sus
tain good government and honest rulert; to con
demn the bad, and war upon cliques, coteries
and "ringt."
in view of the moment -at issues bound up int
the hidden mysteries of US2, we expect a large
accession to our subscription list.
JTotwithtianding the increased cost of paper,
composition and general expenses, the price of
the APPEAL it lets them charged before the
war, when expense were one-third lest than now
Newspaper dealers, express agents, country
merchants, postmasters, railroad depot agents,
and any friends of the MEMPHIS APPEAL,
who will do to, are requested to procure tub
seribers, remitting to us the amount, less ten per
cent., or five per cent, for clubs, for their services;
or, if preferred, we will give a copy of the
WEEKLY APPEAL for one year to anyone
tending us five or more subscribers.
Address, APPEAL, Memphis. Tennessee.
Probate Court Sale of Real Estate.
No. $, R. D.-In the Probate Court of Shelby
oounty, Tennessee. Mattle A. Peyton, Ad
ministratrix of the estate of Presley R. Pey
ton, deeeased, vs. Ella Peyton, et al.
UNllKRandhy virtue of a decree for sale,
entered In the above cause, I will sell st
public auction, in front of the Court-house
door of the Probate Court In the city of Mem
phis, on
Thursday, July 11th, I STB,
within legal hoars, me following described
real estate, belonging to the estate of said
Presley R. Peyton, deceased, to-wit: Party -two
feet off of the west side or end of a lot of
land, situated, lying and being in the count v
of Shelby, city of Memphis and SHate of Ten
nessee, being part of the tract of laud known
npon the plan of Memphis as lot No. 511, aud
designated upon H. W. Hill's sub-division of
said lot as surveyed bv Win. Crane, engineer,
a lot No. 8, fronting 71 lect on the north side
of Alabama street and running back between
parallel lines at right angle with said street
one hundred and forty-eight feet six Inches
to an alley )'', feet wide. Also, lot
No. 30, in the plan of subdivision
of the property of Cravin Peyton, made by J. T.
Loath, E. McDavlltand James B. Cook, Oom
mlwlooers, and bounded, as follows, to-wit:
Fronting fifty feet on the west side or Peyton
avenue: running thence wnstwardly with the
south line of Greenlaw street, one hundred
and twenty-six (121) feet to the corner of a Id
foot alley ; thence southwardly with the east
line of said alley, flfiy i; feet; thence east
wardly one hundred and twenty six tU3l! feet
to the west side of Peyton avenue; being on
the northwest corner oi Peytou avenue and
Greenlaw street,aud in the city oi Memphla.
Terms of Sale Due-half cash, balance In
three aud six months, with interest from date,
the purchaser executing notes with approved
security, and alien will be retained on the
property until paid.
JAAltV Kl-.U. L.X,ClCrK.
By J. H. Ci'llen. Denuti- clerk.
Attorney at Law,
Office No. t Planter's Insurance Building,
41 MadleOB stmt, Memphte, Tenneswe
At the State Fair Ground- at
Tlolacete, $8.
THE Board of Managers of the Slate Fair
take pleasure in commending this liberal
arrangement to citizens generally throughout
the Slate.
638 Awards will be
made as
1 First Grand Cash Premium $lj,ai0
1 Second Grand Cash Premium 10,0u0
1 Cash Premium ... 5,1)00
1 Cash Premium 2.UU9
1 Cash Premium ... LOW)
1 Cash Premium . . 600
I Cash Premium &x)
1 Cash Premium 200
10 Cash Premiums, IWOeuth, is LOW
iO Cash Premiums, Ikioeach, is . 1,000
oe Cash Premiums, K0 each, Is . 1,000
150 Cash Premluins. SKI each, is 1-S00
auu Cash Premiums, each. Is 1,500
538 Premlnms, amounting to WO.Uio
This enterprise beinir leeal, tht
awards are
sure to be made, and will be done openly, hon-
orebly and publicly
it the Fair Grounds
tne n uctober next.
The solid business men of Nashville are en
ceuraging tliis enterprise.
The proceeds will be used in improving the
Fair Grounds, and to develop the agricultural
and mechanical interests of the State.
Board of Managers.
For further information, apply to
General Ticket Agent, 42 Cedar street,
Nashville, Tennessee.
News Dealer, 23 Main street.
'"orner Madison and Front streets.
Car and Tender Loading Apparatus.
THIS is a machine to the direct interest of
every railroad in the United States.
I am now prepared to say that my patent
will load all the fuel that Is wanted on the
tender of a train, in a quarter to a half min
ute's time; also, that it will load any freieht
on a car, that will do to dump, in the same
I am ready to .ell richta and make deeds
to railroad companies, or States, or to the en-
jra unitea Mate. Address,
J. AVilliams,
Bell's Depot, Ta.i
Gold and Silver Plater,
Metal and Wood Show-Cases.
Hotel, restaurant and steamboat tableware
platetl In the beat manner.
Show-Case Factory
id street, opposite
Monroe Street, Memphis, Tennessee.
Refers to W. 8. Bruce Co , W. C. Byrd,
Woodruff x Co., P. H. Clark Co., F. D. Bar
num A Co. J u2
Importers and Dealers la
Hackett Mauufaeturi'g Company's
Marblelxed, Enameled and Plain
Hackett Patent Urates, Hackett Patent Frank
lin Stoves, Plain and Enameled Urates,
o. 842 Second St.. Memphis, Tennewwee
;SX3H OF X.aL3Nn
W. B.Kotlman and others vs It. s. Bradford
and others.
PURSVANTtoadecree In the above cause,
rendered on the HJth of Oetober, 171, in
the Circuit court of the United Stales for the
District of West Tennessee, I will sell, in front
or Uie courthouse of said court, in Memphis,
On the 31st of July, 1872,
all of a tract of 2H0 acres of land In Lase
County, Tennessee, hereinafter described, ex
cept KKiacres. .
said irM aere tract was granted to John
Gray Blount by grant No. 2iJiM, and Is bound
ed as follows: Beginning at n stooping syca
more In the north boundary line or the Berry
hill traet of 756S ac res, 'J00 poles cast from it
northwest corner; thence north wu' poles;
thence east ')1- poles ; tlier.ee south 800 poles to
an elm marked"J. C.j" thence west 512 poles,
to the beginning. The part of said grant
reserved out of this sale is KBH acres, ow ned
by A. S. and H. Parks, and Is bounded as fol
lnwi.: i imiiu iu lng In the north boundary of
the tract, 170 poles neat of its north west corner;
tueuce east 200 voles: thence south Sil poles ;
thenee west !0 poii'i; thence north S3 poles,
to the beginning. All the rest of the original
tract, ezoept said Ut , acres, Is to be sold.
Sale to be In two equal installment,- oue at
six months from the day of sale, and the other
fnllinii due 1st May, 1H7S. Bond and good se
curity required -und a lien "-etained for the pur
chase mouey. The sale to be without redemp-
' jaly 2, 1S7S, HORACE E. ANDREWS,
Clerk of said court.
H. Stkphf.ns, Solicitor. Jy2
Notice in Rankrnptey.
in Uie District Oourt of the United States, lor
the District of 'West Tenuessee. In the mat
ter of Ueorte W.Scott, Bankrupt In Bank
ruptcy. District of West Tennessee as.
To whom it may oonceru :
riYHE uodersigrual hereby gives notice of his
I i .. . ... .. . . i ....... ,. ,.r i ,1-
. .UlllllillU.Ul .VUljiUl-i VI WWI 1
Hoott, of Memphis, In the enunty of Ph
and State of Tennessee, within said District,
who has been adjudged a bankrupt upon his
own million, oy tne tnstrict court 01 saia
Inst r
A.D., 18.
of Jnne,
Ames, Beattie & Co., 396
Main street, offer Bargains,
Wholesale and Retail, in
Furniture, Carpets, Mat
tresses, Oilcloths, Window
Shades, etc.
Express Train.
Jeaves 3:23 am
3 -M DJll
Mall Train, dally
Brownsville accommodation 5:10 p.m
i" Pullman aleetlne-ca are now on
nigm trains.
V- The 3 35 ajn. a nd 5 :10 p.m. trains do not
run on Sunday.
ticket ornoB,
JOHN T. FLYNN, Superintendent.
James ser.Kn, Ticket Agent Jn2
ha now been before the public for nearly two
years, it merits have been fully tested In
Louisiana and Mississippi, and we have yet to
learn of a single planter who has used It who
has been dlssatlsfled with It work. In fact
the testimonials already published in the Ap
peal, and the many more which have been
shown us from planters below ou the river,
satisfy o that it Is, to say t he least, a Uod-eend
to the .South.
The following Indorsements, given to
Messrs. M Hours, Walke- a Co., wagon dealers,
37 Union street, general agents for the sale f
this machine, from gentlemen personally
known throughout the South, will give to
those at a distance a guarantee of the capacity
of the machine:
.Memphis. Ten., April 22, 1872.
Messrs. Milbom. Walker ft Co. :
Having examined some work executed by
the Planter's Machine, I have no hesitation In
saying that it is a decided success. The plow
ing Is perfect, and the ridges formed at the
same lime are much superior to those made
in the old style. They are un iform, and it is
bard to distinguish one from the other. 1
commend it as a labor-saving machine, and
trust it will be liberally patronised by the
planters of the South.
Shelby County, Tennessee.
The above gentleman la well known
throughout West Tennessee anil Sort:. Missis
sippl aa one of our most practical planters. Of
the following, from Mr. Ford, of the well
known house of Ford ft Porter, It Is unneces
sary to speak. Mr. Ford Is not only one of the
largest planters in the South, but one of oar
ablest and moat reliable business men. He
I examined the beds or ridges made by the
Pi.a ntkk's Math ink, and do no not hesitate
to say they are more regular and uniform
than any I ever saw made by the common
mode of preparing beds. I did not see a test of
the planting portion of the machine, bat folly
Deiieve 11 win work well. Lie ground on
which the test was made was very dry and
hard, and yet the plowing wax done well
much more regular and uniform than by the
old plan.
The season U now pressing, and it would be
well for planters to give in their orders to
Messrs. Ml! burn ft Walker, without further
notice. They will give planters all the time
they wish for the payment.
-A. Or- 3EJ 3XT TO,
37 Union Street.
Build Engines. Boilers, Shafting, Pulleys and
Ueneral Machinery for mills and factories of
all kinds. Complete Pawers are furnished,
and set up and started when desired, without
care on the part of the purchaser. Throug.i
freight rates to all the principal point in the
South. Por descriptive circulars and prices,
address, BAM'L VOR1S ft CO.,
For Purity and Strength
It 10 XJiitCL-vx llocl.
Far the Campaign 5 Cent.
LET all who desire the success of the
Liberal Reform ticket subscribe for
and get up cluba for the Campaign Tbaxs
cbipt. It has the choicest campaign matter, orig
inal and selected, and contains contributions
from some of the best American writers,
(ireeley and Brown are sure to win, and all
who desire to be ou the ' winning side "
should subscribe lor the Washington T3an
bcbipt. Clubs furnished at half rates, and in
quantities to suit. Let all asnd their orders
Jyg Washington, P. C.
W 1 A Private Cousbxob to
illarrittgC! TBtHASsircor those about
d-niAs, to marry, on the physiologl
V)t U1UC. I cal mysteries and revelations
of the sexual system, with the latest discover
ies in producing and preventing offspring, pre
serving the complexion, etc.
This is an interesting work of two hundred
and twenty-four page,wlth numerous engrav
ings, and contains valuable information for
those who are married or contemplate marri
age :st ill it is a book lb at ouxh t to be under lock
and key, and not laid carelessly about the
Sent to any one (free of postage) for 50 cent.
Address Dr. Butte' Dispensary, No. U North
Eighth street, St. Louis, Mo.
aflr Notice to the afflicted and unfortunate:
Before applying to the notorious Quacks
who atlvertii
se in pnblle papers, or using any
Quack Remedies, peruse Dr. Halt' work, no
r. tsutt sort, no
or how deplorable
matterwhat your disease is
von r condition.
Dr. Butts can be consulted, person a or by
mail, on the diseases mentioned in his work.
Office No. 12 North Eighth street, between Mar
ket and Walnut. St. Louis, Mo. leSRdaw
Of Ag-ricaltare, Manalaetaures and o
naeatie Eca my.
Published on the first of every month, by
Boyle A Chapman, Printers, station
en, etc., Ne. 27K Main
street, Memphis.
Terms, $2 per year, in variably in advance
Three copies, one year ,, ,, 5 J0
Five copies, one year. 7 fo
Ten copies, one year... 11 0B
New subscribers, by sending their orders,
with the eash, may obtain the Memphis A r-
'BAti auu tne f abm and Hoax, for one year
Farm snd Home and Dally Appeal SIS 6
Farm and Bom and Weekly Appeal...... 3 SO
Orders aad remittance to be addressed to
280 Main street, Mcmahis, Tenn.
Non-Resideut .Notice.
No. Sil.K. D. iu the sei
of Shelby county, 1
I'oston vs. W. J. Want
Chancery Court
ITtn''5hlr,gcaru hl-bl" WM"h "
J. Warl, is justly indebted to the cimuUMn.n'
In the sum of feoO, due by epen account
Is a non-resident or the: state of TennensM
and that for these caused au attachment wa
sued oat of this court against, the property o
defendant, and the same wan issued, and hn
been returned by the ftherlrf, ilulv levied 01
tlie property of defendant. W.J. Wurd :
It Is themfore ordered by th. Clerk in
Master, That he make his appeH i ance herein
at the Courthouse of the second chanc n
Court, in the city of MemphKTenoewe, oi. o
before the hurt. Monday in August, 1072, am
plead, answer oi demur to complaminu' lull
or the same will be iJini for confessed a ti
htm. and s t for hearing expaite; and th.it i
copy ot thin order be published once a we k
for lour successive weeks In the Memphlt
This Jane 18th, 172.
A eopy Attest,
M. D. L. STEWART Clerk and Master.
ByCBABTBEE BKi.ciiti 1. C. and M.
T. B. Turley. Sol. f or Com p 1 al n an t. J uJi
No. 517 In the first Chancery
County, Tennessee A. Mum
of the estate of James Cam
Samuel Poston, J. C. Stewart
r appearing that the above,
commenced lor the mine
, di-eeaaed, vs
yh.-U suit wa
of iiettliug up !
the estate of James Carroll, il
solvency of whleh has iieec s
.teu. tne in-
County Court of Shelby ounty. at
that all creditors thereof coiae in
file their claims, etc.; that "nbpri'n
issued, and returned BV ma siier
be found as to dl'endaut it. M. Job
Flte and James Ievi :
It Is thtretore ordered. Thnt sue
make thi ' r appearance herein at
house, in the city of Memphis,
on or lefore the first Montluv tx
lsT2, and file md estuMRh th -lrciai
said estate, having theruaelvt-s ma
etc., and that said non-resident deft
make Ulcir appearance herein on t
Monday in August, ls72, aud plead, an:
demur to complainants bill, or the net!
of said estate will be proceed! with
as to the creditors, aiel the eause i
?feudanl set lor hearing expane, ant
pyof thlsorder be puhlished ouee
ror iour suce-ssive weeks In the M
Tins J une 20, lSTi.
A copy attest :
KDMUBID A. COI.E, Clerk and M
By R. Black, D. c. and li.
Haynes ft Stockton, Sol'r lor CompI'
Non-Resident Notico.
. of
S of
TliompsDii and Philip W.Ti
IT appearing from the bill w
. in thi cause that the d
smith, is justly indebted tot!
in the sum of i'lilo OK, evidenci
notes of date June 8, 1SY7, giv
chase of two certain lots knoa
the city of Memphis as lots 10 i
e lesal title out of the I
h i i
i Oetober, I "seph W.
mKaguint an exclas
wu.VuTVur1" Forfeited for
powers, etc.
mil that tl
. I.
smith and the unknown
is uukupu u, anil that
Oeorge V. Thompson ai
son are resident of the
and that they are all non
of Tennemee;
It is therefore ordered I
ter, That they make theli
at the courthouse of tl
Court, in the city of Mer
or before the finit Monda'
the Clerk and
ke their appearance herein,
e of the tveond Ch an eery
of Memphis, Tennessee, ou
Monday in August, 1&72, and
r demur to complainant's
i w 111 be taken for i on fessed
et for hearing expane; and
& order be nuhlished once a
t-.i'ad, answer,
bill, or the samt
as to them, and si
that a copy of th
week, for four
successive weeks, in the
M. mollis Anneal.
This 26ih day of June, 1872.
M. D. L. STEWART, Clerk and Master
By Gkokoe Mallory, D. C. and M.
( harles T. Bullock, Sol's for Cornplt. Je2h
Non-Resideut Notice.
No. 578. In the First Chancery Court of Shel
by county, Tennessee. T. H. aud J. M.Al
len ft Co. vs. E. A. Allen et al.
IT appearing from the bill, sworn to, in this
cause thai the defendant. K A. Allen, is a
resident of the State of Arkansas, aud a non
resident of the Stale of Tennessee, that he is
Indebted to complainants, by open account,
in the sum of tioM 51, and that this suit is
brought to subject the interest of K. A. Allen
In a policy of life insurance, on the life of
Amelia Watts, deceased, ia the Carolina Life
Instiiance Company of Memphis, for Soot":
that a writ of attachment, was regularly is
sued and returned by the Sheriff of Shelby
county, levied on said policy of life Insurance
It is therefore ordered, that be make his ap
pearance herein, at the Courthouse, iu tin
city of Memphis Tennessee, on or before the
first Monday in August. 1872. and nlead.
answer or demur to Com pi
same will be taken for cu
and set lor hearing exparU
thlsorder be published one
successive weeks, in the
This June 6, la7
iinnntR' blUor the
ttfeseed as to him
.and that u copy oi
e a week, for four
Memphis Appeal.
A copy. Attest:
EDMUND A. COLE. Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHxnky, D. C. and M.
W. U. Weatherford. Sol, for Com pi .s. JnB
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 77, R. D- In the Probate Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. C. L. L. Reaves, Wm. N.
N. Mahatley and wife, Ann T. Mahalrey vs.
James A. B. Roaves, Thomas c. Reaves, Per
lie P. J. Reaves, Elizabeth Reaves and Lucv
L. Reaves.
IT appearing from affidavit filed in this
cause that Perlie P. J. Reaves is a non-resident
of the State of Tennessee and is a resi
dent of the State of Alabama :
It is therefore ordered. That he make his
appearance herein at the courthouse of the
Probate Court, iu the city of Memphis, on or
tiefore the flrat Monday in August, 1ST2, and
plead, answer or demur "to complainants' bill,
or the same will lie taken for confessed as to
him and set ror hearing ex parte; aud that a
copy of this order be published onoe a week,
for four successive weeks, in the Memphis
Appeal. This June 11, 1S72.
A copy attest :
By J. H. Ci-li.en, D. C. Iul2 wed
B T. Reaves, Sol. for complainants.
Mon-Kesident Notice.
No. 2761 In the First Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Tennessee. John Mc Brooks, Adm r
of Elijaii lirooks, deceased, vs.Sarali Brooks
et al.
IT appearing from affidavit in thisc.iose that
the deieuduuts to theainen-l ti bill of com
plainant, hewit: D. I.. Hauv and M. L.. Hsnv.
residents of Mississippi, and Bettte Suggs, it
citizen or a r Kansas, are all non-resl'Ients ot
Tennessee :
appearance herein, at 'the eonrt'house in tin
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or before the
first Monday in August, leTJ. and plead, answer
or demur to complainants' amended bill, or
the samewlll be taken for confessed as to them
and set for hearing exparte; and that a copy
of this order be puhlished once a week, lor
tour successive weeks, in the Memphis
A copv attest :
A Dal UN D A COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, Deputy C. and M.
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate !
IT virtue of an execution from the
I) Circuit Court of Shelhv countv
C W. Frayser vs. Carson Bnrke for I
sides oost and interest, I will sell to th
est bidder, for cosh, in front of the s
office, on Second street, In the city of
phis, on
Friday, the 12th Day of Jnly, 1872,
Lota No. 17 and IS, In Block No. 7. in Butler's
addition to tli
side of Calhoun street ; sa
is called South Memphis,
of Tennessee. Levied on
James Carson to satisfy s
est and costs. Sale betv
o'clock a.m. and 4 p.m. J
By W. W. toLKMAN, De
C. W. Frnyser, Att'v for
Sheriff 's Saleof Real Estate
BY virtue of a venditioni exponas from the
First Circuit Court of Shelby county In
lavor of South worth A Thayer vs. Robert H.
Ober for till 3U, besides interest ami costs, I
will sell to the highest bidder, ror cash, in
front of the Sheriff" office, on Second street,
in the city of Memphis, on
Friday, the 12th Day of July, 1872,
the following described lot er )
lying In Shelby county, state
lu the lrth Civil District, In or n
Memphis, bounded as follow.:
the south side of Mclmore sti
:inine ou
x tended.
at Kd. Kirk's northwest corner; thence west
with said street an) feet; thence sonthwardlv
to the north line of Trigg ovenne extended" ;
thence east 200 feet to Ed. Kirk's southwest
corner; thence north to the beginning; levied
on as the property of said Robert HOIer to
satisfy said debt, interest and coeta. liale be
tween the hours of lu o'clock a.m. and 4 pm.
June 11,
MARCUS J. WRiOUi., Aieriff.
By W. W. Crtr.BsiAW. Deputy fberlf?.
Jarnlgau A Frayser, Att'ys for pit ffh. julli
Sheriff's Sale
BY virtue of two e
Circuit Coort of
of Mansfield 4 Higl.
sell for cash, to the
of the sheriff's office,
city of Memphis, on
Friday, the 12!
The following desert I
Civil District No. 7, 1
Tennessee, and boui
nlng at the nurtheasl
man's tract, and n
sparkman'sand I.F
to a stake at the cc
tract: thence cast
chalfis and 6 links:
I-effls FaI wards' line
lino 37 12-lOu chains
F. on the south t
Fetiner's VJOO acre gr
with sai.t Un.
beginning, containli
levied on as the pro
satisfy said two erec
of Keal Estate.
on Second street, in 1
smnuary line of
ant; thence west
hams and iiuki
lg 1UU acres more
.perty of li. t . Brewe
utious. Interest and cost
Sale between the
and 4 cm.
hours of 10 o clock aar
June 11th, 1872.
MARCL'S J. WIUl.HT. s-ln-r::;'.
W. W. Colbvam, Depute sheriff.
..ltllli.17 fl. l UUUg, .111. B IUr 1 IU S. JfcUpg
SlieriffVSalfyof Real tetT
BT viatoe of a venditi.
First Circuit Court
favor of R.C. Wllllamsi
for Sax), with interest an
the highest bidder, for c
sheriff's office, ou secom
Memphis, on
Monday, the 23d day of July
ono lot of land lying In the city of a
shelhv eounty, Tennessee, beaflnuii
stake In the south line of Tate street.
west of Tate anu Walnut streets; rur
south 217V4 feet, thence west ff fee
ty of said Martin Boland to satisfy said debj
int.-rest and cost. Sale oetwaam the hours tl
10 o'eloek a.m. and t p-m.
MAtfUUO J. TT JVlJlAA i Pmicrirj. j
By W. W. I'dlkman. Deputy ttheriffdVv
.1. A. onlev. Attorney lor r'iaintllt
ua.s from th
y County 1
irtin Bolan
I will sell v
front oi th vETC.
n the ciiy d) t 7
MlA f"JET.
is ihenc
June 21st, VSiZ.
-n wvm oom dim a
-sot veil oy
C. C. til
J. L. w
ii. J-..ly i,
ri made by
resent our i
In retirlt
: 4 V. Lt.
ford, I lake p!
t to my friends an
rntil fnrth.
wi'h us in
, aud shall h-rea
k'ely wholesale hardwi
e firm name aa before
i for their very libera
firm, we solicit iai con!
, Tenusaaee, July 1, W73
Ihe old
: new.
uJVJ tlilKln
universal us
ieri-lal neci
, Appeal oflk
J 'in: 19th, W.i.
Y pi
Lses, corner of
i. South Memidr
II upon my agent. Major H. L. Onion, for
eedful deiailsi.
ue 2Ut, l7a. B.ali ii -
' letleem them on liberal ten
f the recent LegUlaturi . Tin
redeem within forty d.irs fn
e bills f! IU, BS !
date, will ha
law provides
June 3, 1ST!
Office No. 19 Circuit Court
Union and -sennd street.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to '
undersigned on the 2th day of Novo
her, 1871, by Thomas Warren to secure 1
payment of certain indebtedness 1 herein
scribed. 1 will, a Trustee, offer fur sale,
cash, to the highest bidder, at pnbilc outi
at the Real Estate Exchange of Kevster. Tr
evant Co., on the northeast corner of Jell
son and Main streets, In the city of Mempi
Tennessee, on
Monday, July If, 1972,
between the hours of 11 am. and 2 p.m.. the i
lowing described real estate in Shelby coun
Tennessee, on the present outside east bom
ary of the city of Memphis; being lots n
and ten on the plan of subdivision of the T
lor property, at the intersection of Pop
street and Dnalap avenue, each lot havin
front on the east Una of Dunlap avenue
thirty feet. The jmmt ot redemption
waived and the tireaT believed to be perlt
but I will convey only as trustee.
Jnl2 JOHN P. TP.EZEY ANT, Trostet
Administrators', Executors'
Aud UaardianV
I 'jt'KTY COf
of said court:
tlement of Catherin
ix of the estate of I
, as ad-
par. de-
Final 1 minimum of KE. Clarke, as ad
ministrator de bonis nun of the estate of Pleas
ant Mostly, deceased.
Kin::! settlement f J.c. quintan, as admin
istrator of Thames Kh an, deceased.
Settlement of James M. Be tlie, as adminis
trator of the estate of J. Taylor, deceased.
Settlement of A. H. Brown, as administrator
BetUemeul of Ellen Ford, as administratrix !
Settlemeutof Mr.c. Cloth, as administratrix :
of H. Krick, 'lee eased.
Final settlement of FL Q.Salziger, as exec 11-
By J. H.
Administrator's Final Settieinciits.
To the heirs and creditors oi the estates of L.
Henoen and Hey man Weber, deceased:
1 31b day ef Jaly, 1973,
at my o;
take ant
terested i
iLY. Cieik.
,':n, D.C.
Estate of W. B. Hunt, Deceased.
HAVINU qualified as Executor of the es
tate of William Richardson Hunt, de
I ceased, 1 hereby notify all persons aavinj
claims against said estate 10 file taem, prop
eriy authenticated a the law directs, will
me. at the store of Joyner. Lenimon et thiie
No. ,i Main street, Memphis, Tennessee
within the time prescribed by law, or the
same win oe nirever oarreu ; una an persons ,
indebted to said estate are hereby notified to j
sne forward and settle the same. Juneo,isTi
Juti W. JOYNER, Executor.
Administrator'" Notiee.
T ETTERS of administration having been
JLi granU-d to iue ou the estate of Francis T. I
Cochran, deceasi. at the June Term, 1ST?, oi 1
the Probate Court of Shelby county. State oil
Tennessee: now all isrsons having claim
against th.- estate of tlie dceaed are hereby j
notified aud rmiuiri-d to file them with me,
property prubaied, witiiin the time tliowed by
Petitiou to Amend Charter.
Rule No. Hn2 First Char
ry Court of shell.
ville R:dlroad Co'
and Directors of ei
their petitiou expt
HI, pravlng an
aud amendments
by the TennesM-e :
Sid conipan
rui Nashvilt
' of the city would
That ail wtsoiis tie-
iow cause. 11
ill men t hu
- ia said pet-
. COLE, Clerk ami Mastvr.
Dopaty C. and M.
Attorney. Jyl'!
1. We solicit or
lou both as to
Uayoso, on Wolf
Manufacturers of Mschinel
rau.eys. rial
Bawl bigs
rautiit www
. y . ,
th '
the old firm.
rouini at the offle.- of Stratton ft
TT. -iy
"ha'lieen lesthWd
1st n to I 'I'HE partnership heretofore exiitiug be-cei
usQn, P.M. Js tweeu tlie andensgTied. under the flrm I
hcri .litors j 7 mnttin! mit ..rtyingaut!.'',! j "
il. i l iis-vn w M-zTi uie n rni name
j itropTlv iibitu-d, wiLhin tbt liiiie sliowtti by '
law, to me, al my ofllc,.?! Union utrwt. Mem-
inom:i .TTTRA lj CottaV I
1 . , .,,,..wfiuv i-nm I
All kinds ot steamboat, r.at,
aad Iron eastlnrswl,.'
. I 9
! - -re r
and is now one of the me
It is ConTenl
the wk
tur ur further lnfbrma
E A N D RET A I Ti ,
Chaneery Sale of Real Estate.
No. U16, X.K.-FirVC
aneery f 'ourt of Shelby
I oeutory decree for sale
ve reuse July at, 1X71,
Ti. I will sell, at public
bidder, in front of the
IS, 1W7X,
owing described
state of Tenne-lkslo-wlt:
A lot
M Beale street at
t once eonveyl
vlth the line of
set to the aoutb
e conveyed to I.
t's line north LSI)
s line of the alley
o the bealnninic.
eyed to B. Mer
east cnriier of
Abbott; theie
feet to alley ; t
am ami; it Doms
riU by aaad Wm. T
Terms of Male
' and 12) months ;
with approved ae
' ined a farthei
Icmpf'on barred.
i;dm rjND a.
I six and twelve
o execute note
a lien to be re
Equity of re
E. Clerk and Maater.
Henry Craf, Attornev.
Chancery Sale oi Real Ratal
No. 277T, R, D. First Chanc.ry Court o
Bhelby eoanty, Tennessee T. J. ( Daniel v
H. B. s. Williams et al
i. or an lnteri'jcntory uecroeof sa;.
d la tlie abcrr cause March :
1 sell st public auction, to the high
, In rront of the Clerk and M.ist-r
eeniaw Opera home, iecond stree-
0 b.
d oi
er oi
1 the
made of
the said
acres, wh
said :
in .. rope purely
of sale On
purchsser to
a credit of
give nore, with ap
lned In lurther seen:
Hon barred.
E, Oerk aud Master.
, Attorneys. )u
Parham ft
Chancerjr Sale of Real tate.
rtr" (Tianrery Court ol -J.R.
Anderwm v.. I. M. liop-
f au inu rloeutiejr cterea fnr
el in the above cause, line Ji,
I at pui'lic auction, to the
ront of the Clerk and Master s
w OperaJMsam., Second street,
ennessee, on
y, July 27. 1872,
iour., the following describe.!
In Memphis,'
Sat art
within legal
property, sit or
the Eleventh I
,n- BfJ
Clerk and Mast.
E. M
Chancery Sale of Real Estate
. i : 11. D.-ln the
JULY 27, lent.
Second Chaucer Courl
Tennessee H. B.Wil:
a heirs of Jajue-s Marling.
1 this
phis, Tennessee,
On Ha.lnr.lay, jaly 37. laVTA,
sit :
Konity of rede
, Clerk and Master.
and C. K. Bartean
It, e
-Kift 1 'itci
nueth t .arret
our! of ti-il.y
. Kenneth Oar-
ry decree for
: cause July I,
u, to the biah-
On Saturday, Jnly 27, 1872,
wlthtn legal honr. the foliowina; describe:
i-roporty, except such as hereinafter specified
lain tract or par el of land, situate, lv
1 being in the county of Shelby, tin
Tennessee, on Marys creek, 111 !:
sistrict of said county, and bounded e
j. r.
, P. ;
hence east J
icbard BrluW
mth 21 chains
to the be
tl, containing
being in said
,ters of Woli
lit '
r tract, ronta
And being iu -
n:n; Ji
icr. -
y an !
BBSJ ked w . S., t
of land granted
Willis sawyer 1
by grant Mo. 17,4
ning thence uor
stake, the south'
acres of laud
Osbtim to ssiii
thence west wi
lis, with
retained u further ecure ss
Thi July 2, 1873.
John (i. Fl unle. Solicitor.
: and Master.
Chaneery Sale of Real Estate
s for
I bidder.
i ot
Second street, city of Mem puis, Teune
On Saturday, Ansust 3, IBS;
wiluin legal hours, the
rtiai t-nUtU', to wit:
foilowius; deseribeil
hIby conuty, Ten
mt where the south
hot MadlsMl street,
it street, lntersee ts
' : thence south wim
ee sTtc st:. tlience
aa street, HV, toet,
said alley, north S7S
d alley, aud thence
.'iiting note, with
Uim d to assure
of rodempti'in
Chancery Sale of Keal Estate.
. state of lohn Besiant
. Mm
Kllen Boglauno. et ai.
1 Virtue OI an 1 li i .ti nc ii li li j uwirr nil
i k
Greenlaw Block, Second street. In Memphis
T. -ie, on
Hatnrday, Jnly T7tBL, 1H7-',
Within legal hours, the following, deseribeil
proiierty, situated in SHelby county. Tenae
tea. and described as follows, tiwlt: Dots
Vox. M, !i, K, 7, 4K and IS. on the Flippin ploi'
ef subdivisions, and betwissa Wheasoa'a and
Vaccaros, each fronung taw Horn Lake
road :.i feet, and running west lflS feet lo in
alley, except l it No. 1. which fronts 71 S 'eel
on said road and hack west to an al.ey iv
feet. . , t
Term of SaleOn a credit of six and tweiv .
(6 and 12: months, taa purchasers rsonlrwtl lo
eieeute not. with apirovad sureties; lien re
tained to further see are the same and equity
of redemption I
)1JZ, Clerk, ami
li it i Jorditi;
IE et CO. my

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