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VOL. 3Q.-NO. 311
Scene. Id the Bock, MounUbu.
A private letter from Colorado ftpriugs I
sayw: "We hired a team, and driving;
ten miles, landed at a cosy cottage, just i
in the center of Monument Park, where
our sole companions are Mr. McLean, an
invalid from Cincinnati, who owns the i
race-he, and his German houaekper. '
imagine me probed on an airy rock ,
overlooking this park of Nature's handi-
work; nleadows covered with brightest
rtowerh and irreeneat jrraaaes on which i
. . . . . .
au.i clouu weave daiutiert wet
SiT. " P " :.f!.o, If tiL
, riumiicu r" . -
everlasting mountain ..standing in lone -
ly grandeur or groujied in strange figures
on every side gigantic tomwiouee oer
Nature'.- mhrhtv & creta. Before an
around me the mountains and peaks,
from Pike to Chyenue. tower into- the I p-'" - u..utuea. LlTTUg ltocK Jn,y ,o A rati.
sky, shutting me out from all the world, j The Erie company will soon bring suit 1 flcation meeting was held here last
but leaving what is fairest in earth, air, against Jay Gould for the recovery of n night, and was addressed by Hon. Jo
and sky, to delight me from morning to large amount of real estate. seph Brooks and others,
night. I never weary of puzzling my ; , . ,
brain over these carious monuments. A. Syni r;puUin mass meeting wiU .
From mv window I see one, a huge clr- "T" "elV af i rK city, witn
cular miss of white rock, one hundred 1 'ntor onkhng as the principal speak
:nd fiftv feet hUh, and across its top is er-
laid a perfectly bat dark stone forming About tw o hundred Orangemen peac- I
an altar wartfiv of a Drudical aacriflee. j Wy paraded in New York, yesterday,
Bevond it stands a gronp of alender, accompanied by twelve hundreil police-1
graceful Corinthian shafts, each with its j men.
peculiar fiat cap ! and further stillfa group i The public school in l'aterson. New
which proves Nature has Her jocose
oan express ttie aosura as
.ogartn. i ue winu suneas
augnter as it nies through tne
ot gigantic old women whose
as free' as the poets delight to
e them, stand out fifty feet in eir-
gatnered at their short necks, on which Considerable preparations oi a war
heads as round and expressionless as a ! llke. ?ture lieiug made by Brazil in
Iutch eheeae, sit meekly, covered with j "f coining war with the
the invartable flat hat. One looks like a ! Argentine Republic
monster toad, twenty feet high, and ! Governor Gratz Brown visited Yale
ther well, not to put too fine a point
The growth of western towns is a per-
l.i tual marvel, mere is ienver, neany
a thousand miles away, nesueu uuuei
the beetlintr brows of the Rocky moun
. . i . j i
tains, one of the liveliest Utile cities in
, mutrv. Limdnrott t i-azrtt'.rr ofi
1 M does not even give its name, but
the I niled .States census of 1870enumer -
ale its population at four thousand -sev- A large number of delegates to theijoicing.
eu hundred. To-day Denver ia a brisk, j Baltimore Convention, including the!
oustling placeof eleven thousand people, ; delegates from Kentucky, Ohio and Mis-) ;r.- icy and Brawn in New Orleans.
the depot of the railroaus, the focus oflsoun, visited Horace Greeley while in -EW Origans July li A Demo
travei to and from the mining regions of New York city yesterday. ,.r:a, aml Kt-forrn'mass" and ratification
ColoradOi the distributing point of a, A dispatch received at Sioux fit v to-1 meeting, in honor of Greeley and
-i-ctJon. and in enterprise a real (iav from Fort Mv Dai;otan) 'saj s Brown, was held at the Varieties theater
w.,uder. It crouclies twelve mues from it 5, renorted tber e that about on.-thti'n-1 to-nipht. The theater was iainmed.
the foot-hillsofthemountains, nve thou -
sand feet above the level of tne sea, in
m me imei uiorcauv. odoucij stone expedition,
whole world, and in an atmosphere than I
which there is noue more salubrious on ; Reports from Iowa stete that the pres--ii'ineiit
It has a regular muni- ent proi.iis. - to be the most abundant
i i pal ,
-In il
.vernment. and in its stores and
... .
its newspaper-, the cnaracter ot
idences and public Iwildings, wears
the i.roud air of a metropolis.
Anion? the chief features of Denver is
tiie waterworks, built under the super
intendence of James Archer, htq., well
ue I'resi.ient
:.iid Drii
f the com-
pany. The cost of the works, so far, has
lieen : For machinery, forty-eight tnou
sand dollars; for pipe, fifty thousand
dollars; building, freights and laying
pipe, seventy-two thousand dollars. The
. t. ntfan of pipes now going on will add
to these sums one hundred and fifty
thousand dollars making the whole
'-ost three -hundred aud twenty thousand
i oilars. The revenue tiartialiy accrues
from the city for fire hydrants (seventeen
thousand dollars' ; other revenue is de
rived from assessments for domestic use
of the water. The water of the wells is
r .1 in. .- ! nhealthy on account of
from the woVks are only limited by the
facilities of the plumbers for the intro-1
ductule of water jrom the reservoir. This I
egnatiou, and tiie supplie-
r rvoir is situaU
the Soutii Platte river, sunk in gravel
twelve feet below the level of the bed of
the stream, and is fed by the clear, cold
sipage through the pebbles tl
.j i - of the South Platte.
m the
:- melt.si -now irom tne pt
mountains. As pumped from tne r
voir it i- c lear a- crystal. and is delici
ly sweet and refreshing. The supply is
forced into the pipes by immense and
powerful engines of the Holly pattern.
The Are hydrant- are connected with
the works by strong pipes, by which the
use of fire engines is wholly dispensed
w ith. In thirty seconds' notice the en
gines of the waterworks can throw
through the hydrants as much water as
fifteen steam engines like those we have
in Memphis, water being projected
ri.ri-.iKFl- twrwinch no7zif a hirht of
one hundred and fifteen feet, and hor-'
izoutallv over two hundred feet
Iieuver water system, in short, wem
perfect, aud is a irreat financial success.
Colonel Thomas JetTeTson Randolph,
tiie temporary President of the recent
Democratic Convention, is a Virginia
ire'.itleman of the old school, an experi
enced (silitician, who, while never a
. f.r public office, has aJwavF
been influential and respected. His
counsels and opinions were held in high
regard by the Virgluia Senators, Measrs.
Mason and Hunter, and on one or
mere anraniini he has presided
over the Conservative Conventions
of Virginia. Mr. Randolph was
tin- favorite grandson, of the great
Tlionms Jefferson, and was made by him
ti e ex-utoi of his will and the deiiosi
tury oi his public and private uapers.
'J'iii- former were sold to the Federal
Jovernment and published by the sane
ef ( 1'iiirress. lr. luuidolpn
liandolph is !
frank, simple, venial, hospitable, de
voted to agricultural life and theaasocia
tions of hir familv and friends. Here
sides at Bdge Hiil. near 'har!otuviUe.
Virginia. Tboagh seveitty-t bree years
of age he ia bale of body and mind,
and is one of the finest-looking men iu
Virginia. He has been a warm and early
friend of the Liberal movement and of
t ie 'iii'-inttatl nominee. The Vir
ginia I'eiegation were about to adopt a
resolution to present Mr. Randolph's
neme, but Mr. Randolph would not
consent to do more than let his name be
-mr (rested to the National Committee.
met by Mr. John Ooode, in a neat an
Mr. Bate Tennes-,
that txUi trie temporary
J'rt-sideiH otiirni u ooriie
from the North. Ueoerai Bsaiioral.-ortl'
( :arolii!a aud that no distinction should
be made lietween sections, nnd the
Northern members of the convention
all said that they muxt not act on sec
tional wmsidwuiioii-. Mr. Bandoipli
woh then chosen without oppoattiou.
Hsw law War tM to be PsM-Kl-rlling
Ieitr In tbe Assembly.
Vkk-.aii.les, July li Tliere was an
.:.;! - . xi itiiitf d-li:i1- in the Asaem
i.!y tiiis'evening on the prop)al made
i v l):-r-loude to increase the taxes by
li'i-en.-ea on doors, windows, and houae
hold ftirniturr?. Thiers accepted the
measure, aud maintained that if it wae
not adopted he would be under the ne---si-it.v
of reverting to the tax on raw
materia!, irmn which ninety -three mil
lions of the two hundred million of
Iran.-- required. The eun if bitter, nut
it niuat bt dra
dreirs withoui
rlinchiug. The meml
insisted on a more coi
l ine: - raplied that th
repairers, not authors,
that entrusted us with
Itiirht, with one voice
ters of the Bight
iservative policy,
i government are
of the revolution
the republic. The
vociferated "No,
uo," and the Left gave three round
cheers for the President. After pro
longed disorder und interruption of the
proceedings, Thiers again made himself
heard, and promised to explain his pol
icy at a later day. Quiet was then re
spired, and tb sitting closed iu good
i.rder. A government crisis i appre
hended in consequence of these mani
f. -st at ion.
A special to the Herald from White
Kulobur Holing, the aeaave of tbe rail
road accident yeaterday, aaya the num
wnnu.l.il will reach nine, three of ;
whom are mortally. The bridge waa ,
f.nlv a terutxarv atrucitnre. and thD '
lra-tor seem uf t rMponeime.
0ratz Browu in New York
Grant will be in Washington on Tues-
day next,
Younjf Grant Is on his way home,
Snubbed by Germany,
A seventy-five thousand dollar Are in
Rlston yesterday. A moulding mill
v. , , ,
. e.r,e,rPltUlt.WUi' enjoy t-dby a
"f nd cn.wd" yesteruay.
Twelve cases of sunstroke in New
York yesterday. The weather is cooling
in the scull race veeter.mv nt I)ie-hv
Brown" beat KuUon by
u"-rtni'- .
James K. 1'roudllt, of Michigan, has
, bteu appoilllej Survevor-Genera! of
i j;ew Mexico.
,. () ,
iada had a gala
jrnjoyed their
i t
time of it yesterday. Th
i proce.io!.-i undisturbed
11 oHeiuuj . im enjoyea iDir
i Jersey, have closet 1 in couseieuce of the
alarming prevalence .f-iuallpi. in ths.t
i city.
A Rio Janeiro letter states that the
Ruasian fleet, with the Grsn.l Dokn urt
there for the Caje of Gooi Hope on the
ninth of June.
; v ouege, oi wnien ne is an alumnus,
Thursday, and was serenaded, to which
he responded in a happy style.
Andrew C. Clark, convicted of rape.
was hanged at Newcastle, J "eluware.
vesterdav. He expressed a williugns
trvi CLt JITX ' s
to die, but declared his innocence.
Htearne's Duplex's instrument . bv
nicn mecapa-ity oi reiegrapli wire is
! doubled, has been adopted by the West-
! em L nion telegraph Company.
j ga.nj Iudians have collected at a txiint
on tiae route to be laken by the Yellow
' " rs. urainsoi an kiiios i
I ; n,. : . . .. ...I .1 r , .
, 'i"'. "(icuiuj:, aun lueciopsoi wne ti
oat, rye, and Parley are said never to
have been better.
Yesterday, near Urbana, Ohio, while
three men were riding in an open w agon
luring a thunder-storm, one of them
Henrv Halterman w.ns stni,-L- hv lio-ht-
niug aud iustautly killed. The other
two received severe injuries.
Fred Lehman, a wealthy citizen and
highly esteemed business man of Chi
cago, a member of the firm of Leij.p k
Lehman, brewers, was thrown from a
buggv- while out riding last evening and
received injuries of which he died.
A large meeting of the boss carpenters
of New York city was hold Tin
night, at which a resolution t rescind
the eight-hour resolution passed May
JPth was lost by a vote of sixteen to
eighteen. The meeting broke up in con
fusion. The difficulty between the American
CU8ul d the MbopS at haiut Ma-
ne is ended The Lnited Htates
ejnmeut ordered rassell the Am, rican
mister to layti, to allow the matter
to drop, owing to the incorrectness of the
Consul's statements.
A London dispatch, received ve.-'.er-
day, says O'Byrne recovered twenty -five
pounds sterling in his Miil against the
t nief Secretary of tr. land at )ul ;;i;
yesterday, for damages caused by the
attack of the police during the Phiw ix
farK not in uiaiciiy.
Mr. Tremaiue concluded his argumenl
for the defense, in the Stokes case, at :
quarter past three o'clock yesterdu
afternoon, when District Attorney
Garvin began his address for the people,
which consumed the rest of theday, ami
will be concluded to-morrow.
ear Woodstock, Henry txiuntv, lili-
nois, yesterday, IJen. Beilee iuid John ,
Ooiiuers engaged in a quarrel, which ;
ended in llet'e? s striKinz t ouuers over I
ended in Bet'
Tneiuieiieau ui. , sinasuiii tus skuh ;
, . . , ... , , , . , . , - ,
' ' v"""
Governor Had ley left Little Rock for
1 Pope countv vesteruay to investigate
the outrages" recently committed there.
Parties who left there yesterday morn
ing report tbat the militia are still In
arii; and have pressed arms, ammuni
tion and horses generally from the peo
ple. The Senate of New York yesterday
agreed to dispose of the case of JudgV
Prindle on September 10th, and to take
nil the rnju nf TnHo... Win R f'mlu nf
the Marine Court, on SeptemU-r lVtb. !
The nnminnt inn of .Limn- r M,u,n,.r t..
succeed Judge McCunn, was rejected by
that body.
At Nashville yesterday in the Federal
Court the qw warranto case against
' Chief Justice Nicholson, of the Supreme
Court, for holding office iu violation of
I the Fourteenth amendment, a nolle
I protrtjui was entered at the suggesti'iti
I of District-Attorney Harrison, who has
Just returned from v ashmgtou. 1 -
was the last case or the kind on the
Stilson Hutchins, manager and one
tliird proprietor of the Jmily Tim-t, of
St. Louis, yesterday sold his interest in
that iwiper to Henry h-iug, one of the
members of the firm, for fifty thousand i
dollars. Ewing now owns two-thirds of ;
Lhe Times, which will continue to be
puonsneo in tne i:.urci oi me LKmo-1
cratic party, aud will support Greeley 1
and xtrowu.
The Secretary of the Treasury, Attor
ney-General and Postmaster-t ! neral, a
a final conference yesterday at W'aahil
ton, approved tbe plans of the Sup
mg Architect of the Treasury, (or the
erection of a new goveriiment buildiiii;
ln Chicago. Thf estiuiutod tout is two
g a .-veutv tliou.-anil dolliuss.
exclusive of the land. Work will Ik
oommeiiceJ as soon an postibK'.
. . . - SXV1 . - - . , .
A drayman of heeling, West
giiiis. named Geonre McCiee, thirty
ve i
years of age, cummiUed suicide ahul
noon yeeierday, ly hanging himself.
susc: He came home for dinner, and
finding it not ready, remarked that it
would be ready about three o'clock, went
to tbe stable, fastened a rope to the ceil
ing, adjusted the noose around his neck,
ana jumped off' the manger. He leaves
a wife and three children.
lu New lont, ycsteraay, tne coroners I
jury, in the ease of the deaths from the I
recent accident on the BouthaMe rail-
road, returned a verdict to the effect that !
the death were liue to culpable eareli - -
oess and violation of the time-table on )
the part of John Kihbone, the condue-,
tor, and James Scott,
these persons were sent
the (mpers in the case
district Attoniey.
A San Domingo dispatch says that
Be7 has abandoned the frontier, and
withdrawn his forces to A.na. It i re
ported that he intends to raise more
men for the purpose of attacking Cabrai
again. Cabrai is jiennilesB and short of
ammunition, aud is now within tbe
Haytien territory. (uneral Superon
has left l'ort-au-Vrinee and arrived at
Jamaica, having abandoned the project
of invading Ban Domingo by way of
A letter received
Nasua i'onfiruis t!i
arrival of tbe crew
uie; and a's wlico
landed in Cuba C'a
acouta and capture
tli New York from
ili;111 teanf fyllt
jje men and carno
.tain Kyau sent out
I only picket post
witbia nine milea of wbere sbe land
capturing nine men, all of whom were
executed on reaching Captain Hyan'a
canir.. President (Vswtlen and stafriii--
rived at tbe landini; on the nlubt of the
twenty -third ultimo, and gave a very
flattairing account of the prograaa and
I prosperity of the revolution.
Rapidly Recovering from his Attack
The Committee Postpone ifielr
van uuu iinui
New Yobk. July li The iUiiese of
ii. Uratz Hrowu, though quite severe
for a time, was only temporary, caused
by eating cherries and exposure to the
sun. Ue Is rapidly recovering, and was
visited this evening by several friends.
In consequence of his illness the com
mittee of the Baltimore Convention
I . , . ,, . I
i. h)I ' Ii I r I'NI HI llltll
1 7.
JCT a very
atUck of cholera morbus.
is now
(,rwij itntinrxtJon t Little kk-u
The Liberals In VrrmHL
BrRUXoTox, July 12. The Liberal
Republicans of Vermont have called a
mass convention, to meet here July
24th, to nominate a State ticket and
Presidential electors.
A Change.
New Yobk, July 12. The Union Re
publican tfenerai Committee, Mat night,
changed their name to Liberal Repub-
hcan Central Committee and accepteo
the Cincinnati platform and nominee.
tti.tiiiratuii Meetlnicat XawhirlUe.
Nashville, July 12. A meeting of
the Grant club occurred to-night. The
attendance was large. Speeches were
made by Colonel Mullins, of Bedford,
and Colonel E. V. Proaser, of Nashville.
The best of spirits prevailed.
Tate Tiehet In Hhreveport. Louisiana
I . . 1 11 Tl.. .. t
. ' "Z' "'V .
! ' iT- h-v and Brown's nomination was
received with intense enthusiasm. One
hundred guns were fired. A large meet
ing of Germans at the Board of Trade
rooms to-night is organizing a Greeley
! and Brown cluh. There i acueral re-
and thousands were on the streets un-
able to gain admission. A torch-light
procession, with music paraded the city.
Lreeley e pts the Nomination of tbe
New York, July 12. The committee
appointed at Baltimore to notify Mr.
Oreeiey of his nomination waited on
him to-day shortly after twelve o'clock
at the Lincoln Club rooms. Ex-Senator
Doolittle then formally presented the
I oltlcial notlfp'tllloli ot the 1
Mr- Oreeiey said that he accepted the
nomination, Put at present wouiu mane
no formal and full reply, as it was, per
haps, unnecessary.
The old North state.
' Weldon, N. C, July 12. A Greelev
I and Brown ratificaUou meetine was
i held here to-day, under the auspices of
Senator Hansom. tseveral thousand
people were present. Senators Tipton
and Stockton, Governor Walker, of Vir
ginia, ex-Governor Vance, ex -Senator
Clingman, and Colonel Hintou,of Nor
folk, spoke. The State campaign isfairly
inaugurated, and will be pushed on both
sides with the greacest enthusiasm. Sen-
and Carl bchurz will speak
on next Tuesday.
Mnuiiier and Ihe Te
New York, July 12. A Washington
dispatch says that Senator Sumner used
the following language to the Demo
cratic delegation from Texas who called
on him yesterday to ak his aid in the
ii'paigu: l have a very nigh opinion
of Mr. Greeley; I know be labors in bo-
half of the same cause to which I have
devoted my whole life. Of course, I
sympathize with the movement; but the
time has not come for me to speak out
it will come, however. At the present
time, no man is authorized to speak for
'n nit n ( 1 .nil Hlmmm
w ,iI,,.Tn.. jiv iiTii Domn. I
cruUt. c0UgresHional Executive Commit-
tee were fn conference to-day at the
r. . i.- ... .. -.i ...i . -
..i,i'.ui w it.il iieiisufi i ci ii ;i i aim t iiiivir
of th(. Gree!ev and Brown Campaiitn !
Committee, with a view to concerted
action in the Presideutial canvass,
cTudiox the distrihuthii of documents.
Samuel F. Rand.'til, being Chair
man of the Pennsylvania Democratic
Committee, resigned the Chairmanship
of the Democratic Congressional Execu
tive Committee, wbt'ti .iiernl Kloeimi
whjs elected to fill the nsissf
:n -n it to - was i-iled during its session
by Senat'ir Casserly, Representatives
Beck and Marshall, and other promi
nent Democrats. Preparations were
'!1Hlle fornf i'.niediate publitation of
tiocuraenia ior (lisinouuoii. aim a reso-
lution was passed asking the Chairman
of the Democratic Ceutral Committee of
each Htate, aud of each county in all
the States, to forward at once the names
and postofficc address of the members of
their respective committees, for the pur-
i pose or eiKtnimg thet ougressiotial ( oui-
mittee to forward documents to them for
Judge Relson still not be an Uelr.
N asiivilll, July 12. Judge Xelsou,
in a letter to the Banner, received to
day, declines the nomination of Presi
dential Elector of the State at large,
tendered him by the Liberal and Con
servative Convention in Mav last, lie
says he is thoroughly satisfied with the
action of the Democratic Convention,
at Baltimore, and urges all opponents
ot (.rant to cordially and cheerfully
unite in tbe wport of an honest and
... - , I
capable citizen whose success in sur-
mounting the diniculues of poverty ana
jscuruy, una wnowe entire career oi-
fere an ample guarantee that he not
only pi.-M'fv-es a hiah order of ability,
but n kind and venial nature, and that
he would endeavor te administer the af-
fair of the irovexutneut with the strict
est integrity as President, not of a party,
but of a whole Union. A conference of
the l.ilieral and Democratic State Exec-
ntiv'ii i 's in i in i T ' . i. t r IturnimiiTn uawl m-
. V'1UU11UV XJ I1IIII11MI1J 1 CS)S1 va w-
:r-Unerate In the selection of au electoral
ticket is proposed.
Greeley Serenaded.
Ni:w Yobk, July 11. Horace Gree
ley was serenaded to-night at the Lin
coln Club house, Twenty-first street,
near Broadway, by the Liberal Republi
can National Executive Committee.
Tb. street in front of the Lincoln Club
was filled long before the hour apoointcd
for tne serenade ny an eapiusiastic
crowd of people. A handsome lianner,
bearing the portrait of Greehy and
Brown, was suspended in front of the
Clubhouse window. The band arrived at
ulna o'clock, and played seven! airs,
when Mr. Greelev, accompanied by
gineer. com ineuus, apiieareu ujioii tne naicony.
to prison, and Ureat entliusiasm prevailed. Cheers
handed to the I upon cheers rent the air; the Iwjid play
iug "8ee, the Conquering Herd Conies'."
.... t... Mr- reeley Iswed reiieatedly to the
crowd, and despite tbe loud calls, de
clined losj.eak. Cheers were then given
with great enthusiasm for Governor
B. (Jratz Hrown, after whicli speeches
were made by Haggerty, Hon. Hobert
Mallory, Morton N orris, of Tennessee.
Hon. Henry O. Kent, of New Hamp
shire, Colonel Trumbull, sou of Senator
Trumbull, and others.
Irivate dispatches from New York,
received at Cincinnati, state that a
man bos been discovered in that citv,
thought to be Captain Ldttle, of Nash
ville, who mysteriously disappeared
while oi routt to attend the Cincinnati
Mi. Tne man was f-uffermg
tal aberration, and it is thought
by some that be had been to jMirope.
Captain L ittle was last been at Coving
tun, omiosite Cincinnati, and it was
feared he bad met an untimUy death.
11 'in ii ne iin'i uivi mi mmmlu. .. . ,
One or two bodies have been examined
i uti mat wei i uiougnt at ins tmie to im ine part uixen ny ncr Drother ln bring
i his, but the Maude of I.'.ttle. who exam-! Ing the Cook family nmrderera to pun
i inert them, could not Identify thm. I isbmeut.
Fail, i m na , , ... x- .
.He is Notified ol His Nomination
hy the Democratic Conven
tion at Baltimore.
Speeoh of Senator Doolittle-An-swer
of Mr. Oreeiey Intro
duction of theConimittee.
Nkw York, July 12. The following
were the "speeches made to-day on the
occasion of the notification to Mr. Gree
ley of his nomination by the Baltimore
Mr. Doolittle said: Mr. Greeley The
National Democratic Convetnion, re
cently held at Baltimore, charged us
with the pleasing duty of waiting on you
in person, to notify you of Its unani
mous nomination of yourself as a candi
date for the Presidency. We were in
formed it would be agreeable to you to
meet us here nt this time, and
we have come in a body to place
in your hands this official notification.
The published proceedings of our con
vention show great unanimity, but those
only who took part in them can realize
the cordiality and enthusiasm with
which it resolved to sustain the Liberal
Republican movement, to co-operate
with all patriotic citizens to support the
principles declared at Cincinnati; and
resolved also as the best and surest mode
of giving effect to those great principles
to nominate and to elect the same can
didate. We both witnessed and felt
that cordiality and enthusiasm. Mr.
Doolittle then introduced the memliers
of the committee individually
tUTw ' , -i u
toii -
ami. oircic. i.iiexi mc Lt."iciiio -
ny oi introduction was over
of introduction was over Mr.
Greeley spoke .as follows: I
should need time were I to attempt
to reply fitly and fully to the important
aud, I need not say, gratifying commu
nication. It may tie that I should reply
in writing, but as I have latch' addressed
a letter, which has been pretty widely
circulated, to the Liberal Republican
Convention, il may not !e necessary. I
can only say, now, that I accept your
nomination accept it gratefully in
the same spirit in w hich it was offered.
Cheers. .
I am, at present, in u position which
doubtless many would regard as a proud
one, but which is still no emliarra uM
one, because it involves the temporary,
and, I trust, only temporary, annoyance
of a misconstruction of my motives on
the part of some valued and life-long
friends. I am confident that time alone
is necessary to vindicate my motives to
all candid observers, and to convince
all, indeed, of the disinterestedness and
patriotism of the course I am pursuing,
and intended to pursue long liefore I was
assured of so much co-operation and sym
pathy. Cheers. The time will come
and, I trust in God, the opportunity
too when the world will see that you
are no less Democrats because you have
pursued the course you have, and that 1
am no less a Republican because I ac
cept your nomination. Cheers. Here
Mr. Greeley's voice faltered with emo
tion. He recovered himself, and con
tinued. I am not much in the habit of
receiving nominations for the Presi
dency great laughter, and I am conse
quently unable to reply as readily aud
fluently as otter nominees might.
Renewed laughter I can only say I
shall be happy to see all of you, or so
many of you as can come, at my hum
ble farmer-home, where I shall be to
morrow, and where we shall be able to
converse and confer more freely than
here. If you will come, 1 shall !? hap
py to make you welcome to the best the
farm affords more laughter and cheer
ing and so I simply w ish you farewell.
A Passenger Train Collides with a Freight
Train Kleren Persons Seriously
Injured Both Trains Com
pletely Wrecked.
Cou'MBt's, Ohio, July 12. Passenger
train No. , going Eat from this city
on the Panhandle route, while near
Bowerstown, this morning, collided with
a freight train coming West, aud a bad
wreck was the result. The buggage-car
telescoped the smoking-car, and this
caused tiie stnokinK-car to retreat under I
lhe paneWr-coacb. tuml.linK the train ;
generally oft' the track. Eleven persons
were -,, iuullv iniuml as ti r.iiirt.ci.,,. i
; --w . . v...... ,
"Uixiwd attention, whUe others were '
?"K""J m.iuueo. j ue ouiy ouewn.i
in-lnao a"y bone broken was George
' Crosby, a Cincinnati grocer: his left leg
being broken, a rib broken, and his face
tiadly cut. 'lhe wounded were all well
cared for. The cause of the accident
was that the freight train was som.'
minutes liehiud time at the Bowerstown
Baltimore, July 12
It was reported
that a collision had occurred this morn
ing on the Pan-Handle railroad, near
Deuuison, between a freight train East
and a passenger train coming West. !
beveral persons are reported injured, but
nr".e f'er?.us,-v-
The collision occurred at Bowerstown,
near Donnison, at six o'clock this morn-!
ing. 1 he freight train should have tieen
on the side track ten minutes before that
time. One passenger had his leg bro
ken. Three other passentrers. one brake-
I man and the baggage-master were
: slightly injured.
The Innocent. Abroad, and ho it they
Blander About 1 hiags la this Conn
try Sensible at Last.
London, July 12. The London jour-
rials f'fini mun t as t 'ill.oc. . t!,.. - --
' - v aaa aas v 1 1. IVIlVn Kill II it lltii 1 1 "
nation of Mr Grcelev by tlle Baltimore
The Adv rticr
confesses that its sym
pathies are entirely with Mr. Greeley as
a newspaper man.
The Psl declares (hat such a flagrant
rtductio ad absurdum will largely "tend
to bring about the abandonment of a
system whereby the people of America
have so long been deprived of all real
choice for their President.
The Telegraph styles Mr. GreeJeya
"political weathercock," and says, as a
Democrat, supported by the South, he
is endeavoring to unseat the General
who saved the Union.
The Standard thinks that Mr. Greeley
would not be an eligible candidate were
it not for his electioneering strength: be
is as hones, as a partisan can be, and he
shows occasional glimpses of rough.good
sense, but he is violent iu his disposi
tion, without regular education, and de
void of experience in the administra
tion of public affairs; in fact he is a
respectable yeoman of the last genera
tion. Although Mr. Greeley is inferior
to Mr. Adams, he is not inferior to
Grant. We do not believe that if he is
elected his subordinates will be appoint
ed from the Tribune office.
A New York dispatch of yesterday,
says that the Employers' Central
Executive Committee continue to hold
dally sessions here, ranking preparations
previous to formiui; a combination of all
the employers in the T'nited States to
guard against strikes of tiie working
men in future. The Light-Hour League
Executive Committee assent to allowing '
uie men to remain at work ten bours,
where they now do so, and let those un-d'-r
the eight-hour system try to main
tain it. The committee will not be
maintained throughout the swoainer
making preparations for a strike next
year, as all hopes of the eight-hour sys
tem liecomiug general has norr been
A special to the Tribune from fet Paul
says that the sister of Allen Jordan.who
was chiefly instrumental in tbe capture
of the Indian murderers of the Cook
family was killed a day or two since by
lii.l I. 1 1 ai n t ,, f,,U 1.1 .' 1 T 11 I . ."
Mv uuc.jwuu, iuii-iiuufieu 1 1 1 U 1 11 11 . At Im
believed he killed her out of reveuge for
Boats LeaviaK To-lay.
.St. Lonui (Jka.mTowkk ...ip.m I
'icksburic Colukado... ...A u.rn
w nite river Uual tknukk
? P-m
lllllmilUi L.VWKKNCK
n i.m
New Orleans CRT of Caibo 10 Jn
Pull Allln
A. J. White
Kcnrv Ames...
Belle .Sl.luia
Friars Point
Ctilcot City
New Orleans
Legal Tender White rlv
Depart area.
Pull Allln P
Gt-org.- W. Uheelc O
Mary liovii ...Arkai
Bene st. lyouls
Henry Amea St. Louu
in Part.
Legal Tender. A. 4. White. Lawrence.
Kl verm, weather and Uaslneas.
The river at this point fell four inches j
since our lat iue, standing, at the
time of observation, thirteen feet two
inches above extreme low water mark.
Weather clear aud warm. Business on
the levee yesterday was light, with six
arrivals and five departures. The
changes of the rivers elsewhere are as
follows: At Omaha it rose seven inches;
St. Louis, three inches; Cincinnati, one
inch: Louisville, four inches. At Cairo
it declined two inches; Vicksburg, two
inches: Nashville, three inches; at Keo
kuk it is stationary.
By Teleirraih.
Little RocK,July 12. Weather clear
and hot. Departetl: Fort Gilison, for
St. Locis, July 12. Arrived: City of
Vicksburg, from Vicksburg; Mary K.
Poe, from Red river; James Howard,
from New Orleans. Departed: Belle
Memphis, for Memphis; Friendship, for
Memphis; Mary Alice, for New Orleans.
River falling slowly. Weather clear
, and hot.
EvANiviLLE, July 12. Theweather is
! clear in part and very hot. Mercury
90. River has fallen 8 inches. Port
I list Down : Robert Mitchell, 8 p.m.
Up: Nashville, 2 a.m. Business very
i t -
! ' V
July 12. The river ts
falling, with scant 4 feet water in the
canal, and 2 feet in the chute. Weath
er clear. Mercury ranged from 85 to
92. No uusiness doing. The Vice
President of the transfer boat of the
Burlington, Missouri River ami Ne
braska railroad, is at the city wharf
awaiting inspection.
Vicksbvko, July 12. Roats down:
Henry B. Turner, noon ; Ouachita Belle,
; p.m. I'p: Julia, 10, Richmond, 11
last night. Up to-day: Mollie Moore,
4 p.m. Weather cloudy and warm.
River falling.
Nashville, July 12. The river is
falling, with 24 inches water on Har
peth Shoals. Weather raining to-day
and cloudy to-night.
New Orleans, July 12. Arrived:
Mary Houston, from Evansville, De
parted: John T. Moore, for St Louis.
eather cloudy. Thermometer M this
Cincinnati, July 12. The river is
rising, with 8 feet ti inches water in the
Caibo, July 12. Arrived: Dick Ful
ton, from New Orleans, '. p.m; A. J.
Baker, from Baton Rouge, 10 p.m; H.
M. Shreve, from St. Louis, 11 p.m;
Louisville, from New Orleans, 11 p.m;
Colorado, from (St. Louis, 2 p.m; Alps,
from Memphis, 2 p.m ; Robert Mitchell,
from Cincinnati, 7 p.m. Departed:
Grand Tower, for Memphis, 10 p.m;
James Howard, for St. Louis, 10 p.m;
City of Cairo, for New Orleans, 11 p.m;
Shreve, for Red river, 1 a.ni; Louisville,
for Ixiuisville, 2 p.m. River has fallen
Tinches. Weather cloudy. Mercury 88.
Pittsbubo, July 12. Weather clear
and pleasant. The Monongahela river
is stationary, with 2 feet water in the
Mlscel lane us.
The Phil Alliu, from the lower coast,
came in with two hundred and eighty
five packages of sundries and a fair pas
senger list.
The old steamers of the Memphis
Packet Company were sold at public
auction at Cincinnati bust Wednesday,
The Alice Dean was purchased by Cap
tain C. G. Pearee for $7700; the Robert
Burns by Captain H. A. Jones for $6'W';
and the Silver Moon by Captain C. G.
Pearce for $3775.
The Lawrence, from the Ohio, ar
rived early yesterday morning w ith five
hundred tons of freight for ihi.- point.
The A. J. White from Chicot, and
Legal Tender from White river, brought
in fair trips of freight and people.
ihe Minneola is loading at i incinnatl
for New Orleans at the following rates:
Pound freights, forty cents; flour, ninety
cents; pork, one dollar: whisky, one
dollar and fifty cents. Rates to Mem
phis: Pouud freights, twenty-five cents:
flour, fifty cents; pork, seventy-five
cents: wlifskv. out-dollar
The Henry Ames, from New Orleans,
went up at a late hour Thursday with a
r..i-r. j. I "im. .i;l.l,.l
IMl w, i,u unui'. tsi.ic uwi uc.
one hundred and twenty-live sacks of
coffee at this port,
The O. W. Cheek, for Chicot, Phil.
Allin, for Friar's Point, rnd Mary Boyd,
for Little Rock, all got off with fair
The Belle St. Louis, from Vicksburg
for St. Louis, went up before dark with
a fair way trip.
The Bismarck, City of Cairo, Vtah
and Charles Bodruann were aff due last
night, but will probably be found at the
wharf early this morning.
lhe Ktcnmond has oue thousand oars
of railroad iron for St. Louis.
The United Ktates mail packet Legal
Tender, in command of Captain Wil-
ham Ashford, leaves this evening at five
o'clock for Jacksonnort and aU noints
j on White river. E. C. Postal ami Dan.
; Sullivan are clerks.
The Colorado leaves this morning at
five o'clock for Vicksburg and all the
j usual way landings. Captain James
Luker commands, and H. Diedrick
I holds forth at the desk.
The fine and fleet passenger steamer
City of Cairo leaves this morning at ten
o'clock for New Orleans. She has supe
rior accommodations and fare. Captain
t. harles rsenultze commands, and J.eu.
S. Miller is herprime minister.
The Grand Tower, Captain Lennox,
departs at five o'clock this evening for
Cairo, Sr. Louis and all way landings.
The Lawrence leaves this evening at
five o'clock, sharp, for Louisville, Cin
cinnati and all points on the Ohio. Cap
tain John Merrell commands.
Nf.w .York. July 12. Cotton report
for seven days at all the jsirts of the
United States: Receipts, ;;140 .bales;
same time last year, 15,493 bales; total
for the year, 2,b!0,285; last year, 3,741,
748 bales; exports for the week, 3913
bales; same time last year, 7372 bales;
total for the year, 1,921,198 bales: last
y ear, 2,999,S69 bales; stock at all United
States ports, 135,992 bales; last year,
203,036 bales; at interior towns, 10,496
bales; last vear, 17,112 bales; at Liver
pool, 992,000 bales; last year,' 660,000
bales; American afloat forGreat Britain,
39,000 hales; last year, 93,000 bales.
New Or LIE aw g, July 12. Cotton
quiet; sales, 300 bales; good ordinary,
20Jc; low middling, 21Jc; middling,
c; receipts, 03 bales; no exports;
stock, 18,015. Week's sales, 1000 bales;
receipts net, 528 bales; gross, 535 bales;
exports to Liverpool, 2C48 bales: coast
wise, 370 bales.
Charl.esti, July 12. Advices from
the cotton fields both above and below
Charleston confirm the intelligence of
the Atenera! presence of caterpilUrs.
Cotton dull: middlings, 23Jc; net re-
ceipta, l-i
bales; grt
, 30 bales; st
bales; sales, ;
Weekly net receipts,
ross ri'
bales; ceipts, 778 bales; exports,
sales, 100 bales.
. , : TT, . ,. i
Savannah, July 12. Cotton quiet
and holders firm; middlings, 23c; net I
receipts, iu uaies ; exports oussssw ise, an
Iiale- sales 30 hales- stock 723 bales ,
,v . s ..o l.il.s.s.sa., . i.ai. .
Weekly net receipts, 3;io bales; exixirts
Great Britain, 2!W hale; coastwise, ;t&2
bales; sales, 100 bales.
Mouilk, July 12. Cotton firm; mid
dling, 22c; net receipts, 127 bales; ex
port coastwise, U3 bales; salts, 75
stock, 14S7 bales. Weekly net receipts,
77 bale!); exports coastwise, 684 bales;
j sales, 325 bales.
Galvhbton, July 12. Cotton nom-
I lns.1. rnirlrtlinira 9ill. OKn Kol.i.
i ; :r . .-- ? '.. ' i
stock, 635 bales. Weekly net receipts.
2 bales; exports to Great Britain, hi
coastwise, 136 bales; sales, 265 bales.
; RtrrCHMAJT At a.m., Friday, 12th lnt..
jan. ja. aLnuii, atfou oi yarn.
l"iuuucra ue ram
is try are respectfully invited to attend her fu
neral, from corner of afoseley avenue and old
Ralelth road, BTJNDAY morning, at o'eYk.
i of Mrs. JlABTHi R. McClckb and'cnarla
! atout nd fm.,,v .,h,. ,
i attend h.r fn.,i vm . -
Poplar street, thu (SATURDAY) moroing.at
mo cloct. H.;rvlce bv Hev. Dr. BiaUr.
MURPHY The friend and acquaintances
of John ii. Mt upiir are rcspectfnUy Invited
to atend hlM funtral this (SATURDAY)
evening, a. ihroe o'clock, from the residence
of Mrs. Owen Hmlth, corner of Uayoso and
Second streets.
1h,09.,SS?a,Tr twenty-third DIS-
dale for henator Twenty-third District ; sub
ject to the result of the primary election.
BARNEY COX announces himself as a san-dlateforr-electionto
the office of Con -.table
of the Fifth Civil District. Jyl3
AT the request of many friends, I am a oan-
fit? S ropTwnt the eoantles of Fay.
ette and rthelby as Filter In the lower houws
oi the Legislature; cubject to th.' primary
section on th. 2Dth lust, and the 1-emocratrc
convention. I am a native Tenneweean. and
nave resided mien years lu FayetUi eoutty.
near the Shelby line Du A V WARIt
Incorporated in 1888.
mobnixo class-no. as.
, , , IS, 7, J7, U, Ki 4?i M,
. 65, 43 21. 15, X, m, 18, "27, k 11. 41.
mmSSHmmSff, twlce dally- Prt8 (rom
MOT to S50,0U(i, paid In money 1 y J. E. FRANCE
aa;eut,46!i North Court street. Box 147, Mem-
pTiis, Tenn., P. O. MHIR AY MIL' fit A Co
Managers, tit. Louis. Mo '
Official Drawings for tbe Impror
or trie Fair Grounds.
, 24, 17, 32, 13, 57, 26, 63, 5, 10, 72, 2.
4 68, 22, 4, 6L 17, 47, SO, 72, 20, . If.
As witness our hand, at Memphis, this 12th
day of July, 1872.
THOS. H. HILLS, t Mner
V. M. L
Virginia Military Institute
W Applicants for admission to this Insti
tute for the next term are now being received.
Reference may be made to Hon. Jefferson Da
vis, Dr. H. B. Hopson, Gen. Robertson, of
Metophln; or to Col. J. K. Mosby, W. A. Wll
Uamson and Col. Gailaway, of Fayette county ;
Hon. G. A. Henry, and to the various alumale
Ln the State of Tennessee. Catalogues will b
sent on application to.
Notice in Bankruptcy.
District of West Tennessee ss. At Memphis,
the 12th day of July, 1872. "
ItHK undersigned hereby gives notice of his
appointment as Assignee of Partee. Har
bert A Co., of Memphis, ln the county of
-helbyaud suite Tennessee, within said Dis
trict, who have been adjudged bankrupts
upon creditors' petition, by the District Court
oi wiiu lustrict.
Assignee, etc.
1VHE most thrilling and powerful book erer
written on ;l sobject. It presents a
staktliso arkay oy facts, and contains
revelations never be 'ore made public.
T Send for circulars and terms to A
Founded in ls9. bartered ln 171.
ALL the English Branches, with full course
ln Mathematics, languages. Vocal and
Instrumental Music, Drawing, Painting in
Oil and Water Colors, taught by capable teach
ers, carefully selected. Catalogue for last
year numbered 17 pnplls. Fall a ess lest
opens llonrtay. August tbe 36th, 1S7.
Course of study extensive; Faculty full.
Primary 12 0B
Preparatory II 00
Freshman 21 oil
Higher Classes, each 30 00
Latin and French eacn 10 00
ocal Lessons 00
Music Piano, Organ or Guitar.- 25 00
Use of Instrument, daily practice 5 00
Drawing and Painting In Water Colors,
each 10 00
Painting In OH Colors 15 00
Incidental Fee ...... 1 00
iraduatiou Fee . 10 00
W Board from 16 to S17.
Daughters of ministers (of all denomlaa
tlons) ln the regular pastorate, free of charge
in the Literary Department, except for extras.
For full Information apply for Catalogue to
Dr. . W. Caldwell, Pres. Board of Visitors, or to
Jyl.tdaw W. K. JONES. Principal.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 606 In the First Chancery Conrt of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Jemima Hlghtower, by
next friend, J. E. Handle, vs. Daniel liigli
tower huU the unknown heirs of T. B. Thrall,
IT appearing from affidavit ln this eaute
that the defendants, the unknown L-elrs
of T. B. Thrall, deceased, are non-real lr w of
the fctitte of Tennessee, and that their p. aces
of residence cannot be ascertained after dili
gent search and inquiry :
It Is therefor ordered, That they make their
appearance herein, at the court-house in the
city of Memphis. Tennessee, on or before the
first Monday ln September. 1872, and plead, an
swer or demur to complainant s bill, or the
same will be taken for confessed as to them,
and set for hearing ex parte ; and that copy
of this order be published once a week, for
four successive weeks, la the Memphis Ap
peal. This July 12, 1372.
A copy attest:
KI'MoSK A. COLE, t let and Master.
Ky K. U. McHbsby. D. C. aud M.
McFarlanil A Goodwin, Sols, for complain
ant. Jylsnat
BY virtue of a Deed In Trnst executed to th
undemlgned on the 90th day of March, UMU,
by Wm. Henry Lake, to secure the payment
of certain Indebtedness therein described, I
will, ss Trustee, offer for sale, for cash, to the
highest bidder, at public outcry. In front of
No. 31 south Court street, ln the city of Merc
phis, Tennessee, on
Saturday, August 10, 1872,
between lhe hours. of 11 am. and 2 p.m. " t
trad ef land containing sen acres, situated ln
Shelby county, Tennessee, and lying on tbe
north side of the old State line road or Poplar
street extended, about one mile east of the
city of Memphis, and mora fully described a
follows: Beginning at a stake on tbe north
side of said Htate line road, which Is lb
southeast corner of the subdivision allotted
and conveyed to the said W. H. Lake ln the
deed of partition and the plat riled therewith,
which was made between the said W. H.
Lake aud T. W. Lake, and recorded ln the
office of the Register of tiie. said county of
Shelby; thence running west with said Utah
Hue road Ave chains, forty and one-half link
to a stake, which stake ts Ihe southeast cor
ner of Lot No. 1 aud the southwest corner of
Lot No. 2 ln the original subdivision of tha
It ace Ground tract, and running back north
between parallel north and south lines ex
tended from those stakes tar enough to em-
brsee ten acres.'
The right of redemption is w.vved aud the
"tfe i believed to be perfect, but I wiu eotv
Vjyionw HENRY craft. Trustee.
ilAVE MO.-Ve aie special agent for the
,. tlll.,.. t.rst-clB Hewing Slachlnes Ui
market; The " -Vrtc Fontilg" and the ' II, n
tihuttle All under-feed, and make the beau
tiful elastic "lock-stitch." Licensed and war
ranted five years. Prices, respectively, Mi,
&T, !ie, 115 and HO. Great Inducements to
agents. Meml for desartpttre circular ant:
sample sswlsg. Addrass,
mvu w Memphis, ieu
month. (Jy2w , J. M. T- MILLER.
I. O. O. F.
ea will attend the regular
ly meeting this (SATCK-
evenlna, July 13th, at S
k. In the ante-room.
rder or the President.
J. P. PResCOTT, Secretary.
Democratic Executive Committee '
TTHIS Committee will meot on next If ON- j
DAY EVKNING,t 2 o'clock, at the Hee-
ond Chancery Court-room. Every
tion. are reqnested to be prtn-nl
na for baturuay is recalled, od accnu
lea. '
.ib-uce oi the Becretary with thu list of
judges. W. W. McIKlWELL, Chairman.
WE, the undersigned, have this day formed
a copartnership to do a Urneral Com
miw'.oii Buslnem, at :l Front street, utider
the firm name of REED, BITKUAM CO.,
and respectfully solicit the patronage of our
old friend and patrons.
(iEOHOE HEED, late Reed A Backhaul.
J. F. BUCKHAM, late Reed & Buckham.
W. P. WILMON, late WiUon A Bro.
Stockholders' Meetiiic,.
Orncc Memphis akd ViczsBrBC)
Vicksbnrg, July 4, 1873. J
. holders er the
of the Htock-
Memphis and Vicksbnrg Railroad Co.
will be held ft the office of the Company on
Friday, 9th Day of August, ls; ,
at 12 o'clock m., at which time an election
will be held for Directors for the ensalng year.
Jyt W. A FAJKCHILti, Secretary.
t'sios Ann Plasteus- Bahk)
of Memphis,
Memphis, Tennessee, July 1st, 1172. J
BY order of the Board, this bank will, on
and after July 5th, pay to stockholders a
dividend of 5 per cent, out of the net earning
of the six months ending June JOth.
Jyl 8. P. BEAD, Cashier.
Will be continued during the
. , , .
i For Prtleulars apply at any time at the
FcLoolroom. No. ,? Third Mt.-t. Jea
THE copasinership heretofore existing be
tween tbe undersigned, under firm name
of Clarke, Ely ft Co.. Is this day dissolved by
mutant consent. Mr. E. E. Clarke having dis
poned of hi entire interest in wtid Arm to Mr.
James S. Richardson, late of Jackson, alls
Memphis, July 1. 1872. W. O. HARVEY.
THE undersigned have this da" formed
coDartnershlD. under the nrm name
continue the business of the late nrm ef
Clarke, Ely Co., at the same place 1 302
Fro ist stkketi, and will assume all liabili
ties to or from tne late firm, and earn- out any
vngagcuient made by them.
Memphis, July 1. 172.
IS retiring from the nrm of Clarke, Ely t
Co., I take pleasure ln recommending
tbelr successors to my friends and the cus
tomers of the old Arm, aud would suy to them
that I shall remain with the new nrm during
the coming season and have charge of the
Cotton Iiepartment, as 1 have done for the
past six vears.
I would also state that Mr. JAS. s. RICH
ARDSON, the son of Mr. E. Richardson, 'of
the Arm of Richardson A May, New Orleans,
brings a lart'e capital into tiie concern, mak
ing: it abundantly able to fulfil all eniriuce-
meuts of the late firm. and largely increase
lhe business, should thi-y de.lre to ilo
Memphis. July l, l..
No. 259 Poplar Street.
begin on
September 9tb.
The same sysum of thorough Instruction
will be pursned as heretofore.
A Catalogue, giving full Information in re
i gard to the course of instruction, the system
of written examinations, the plan of award
- ing aistincuons, gold medals and pHxes, can
I be obtained at any o! the bookstores, or by
) applying to tbe Principal.
A fe boarders can be accommodated on
reasonable 'perns.
Jy7 daw Principal.
Uf ' WARD'S SEMINARY has closed its
year. '.!! pupils. The mazi-1
mum mark for a year being iOOe, the last Senior j
Uass, s members, avraged (!. The largest j
Sew on opens Septembers. For catalogue, d
dress W. K. WARD, Nashville, Tenn. JeAkiAw
3 Miles from Memphis, near Memphis
and llie rlestou Railroad.
. associate
The eleventh session of this school will be
gin on the First Mosday is Heftimbeb, and
oontlnue twenty weeks.
The Principal Is a graduate of Hampden
Sidney t'ollege and of the University of Vlr
ginla. He has had ten years' experience ln
teaching, four of which he was a professor ln
the nnrt-named Institution.
For circulars apply to H, Wade d Co., Mr.W.
B. Ualbreatli. or Messrs. Taylor, Radford Co.
The FALL TERM will commence on
Xenilaj, the 2d day of September, 1S72.
S6B- For Circulars, ete., aildress
Columbia. Tennessee.
JOS. UMi.:
WE now have our saw-mill in full opera
tion, and are prepared to flit orders for
ej-press and poplar lumber of all dimensions;
also, sawed shingles and laths. We solicit or
ders and guarantee satisfaction both as to
quality and prices
Second Mill north of Bayou Gayoso, on Wolf
IUver, Mem pi. is, Tennessee.
Tenable A Bawling
vv"i sasBssJttLTis y vsgSnea
CO. stry
15 AID Olf THE
authority In the act of the let:id!tur.
joratir.g the punuc library or
the t rusts ss will iclve their srroiiil
Omsiil tilfs Cssefrt ln the rreatball of the
Public Library Building, in Louisville, Ey., on
Saturday, September 28, 1872.
will be iasued at flO eaeb; half-tleket.
SS: quarter-tickets, Xi Mi 11 whole tickets fur
$101 : for 1255 : G6 for 6tX) : LJ for f lODu ; 285 for
t?ij; .71 lor soOUJ. No discount on lens Lhun
Slot) worth of tickets at a time.
During th-Concert ths sum of
$500,000 iu Cmwjemj
will be given to the holder of ticket bydla
tributlcu by lot of One TtaonsasMl (J If Is, as
follows :
One Grand in. Cash Moo.uOO
One brand (lift, nan sa.oov
1 cash K-'jMi 4 gins tt,v J each SsMWO
1 3o,a 16 gifts l.owi each 1-V I
1 4,000-ion srlfts 3 each 3).'iu I
Total 101)6 Ulfia, all cash- asoo.oow
The lion. Thomas E. Brami.ettf, late
Governor of Keutucky, has consented to
represent the trustees In the manasemeut
of this second Grand Gift Concert, and
lio will personally see that the money
from the sale of tickets is deposited with the
treasurer, tbat the drawing U fairly con
ducted, and the gifts justly swarded and
promptly paid.
Tbe drawing will lake place in public
ln full view of tbe audience, and un
der the tmmediafe supervision and direc
tion of tbe otfi ers ud trustees 0f -he Public
Library of Kentucky and the following- (
named eminent and disinterested citizen,
who have consented to be present and see that
all is fairly done :
Hon. M. K. HARDIN, Judge Court Appeals, J
Hon. J. PROCTOR KNOTT, late M. C. Leba
non District.
Hon. H. W. BRUCE, Judge Ninth Judicial
District. Ky.
Gen. EI.I H. MURRAY. V. B. Marshal. Dis
trict, Ky.
PHI LI'' JUDGE, of the Louisville Hotel Co.
Hon. T. B. COCHRAN, Chan. Lou. Chan. Court, i
Hon. E. D. STANDI FORI, President Partners'
and Drovers' Bank.
Hon. JOHN BARBEE, Manager Royal Insu
rance Co., Liverpool.
Col PHIL. LEE, Com. Att'y Nintn Judicial i
Dr. C. GRAHAM, founder Graham Cabinet. ,
Col. JILSON P. JOHN-SON, Man. Gait House.
Dr. T. S. BELL, Prof. Medical CniTersity.
CTon. J. Ii. BAXTER Mayor Louisville.
Hn. T. L. BURNETT, Citv Attorney.
HENRY WOLFORD. Treasurer Loutsvilie.
A. 03RANNIN, Prest Manufacturer"' Bank.
JAMES BR1DGKKOH D, President Second ,
National Bank.
W. C. D. WHIPS, Proprietor Willard Hotel.
J. C. JOHNSON, President Traders' Hank.
H. VICTOR NEWCOMB, firm of Newcomb, j
Buchanan A Co.
HENRY DKPPEN, President German Bank.)
AMiKtw ukahax, Tobacco ana cotton
Dr. NORVIN GREEN, President L. and C.
Shortline Railroad.
VOL. ROSE, Agent Adams Expn?s.s Company.
-Agent Pnblic
culars. sent
tvtng full part
W. N. HA1
For inl
ETT, President.
'EMAN, Vice-President.
IN. Secretary.
k DBOVERU' BANK. Treasurer,
mation or tickets apply to
corner of Madison and Front streets.
l-6 dAW Meniphl.. Tenti. -.-e,-
Nov is the time to subscribe or the DAILY,
WSEKL Y or 8 US DA Y APPEAL, the terme
or which are at follow i
Dailt, one year (without Rcjidat)- 0 00
Daily, one year (with Sckdat) U 00
To city subscribers, 7 paper per week-... 2
WiEfi.Y, one year, single subscription .. 2 SO
WEki.Y, one year, to clubs of 5 or more. 2 00
SCNDA y, one year, single subscription - 50
bUSDAY, one year, to clubs of i or more 2 00
At wilt be teen, all the edition t of the AP
PEAL art printed on new tape, Bstfah, witii our
neve double-cylinder prest, hat eompelictl an out
la) of mere than 110,000, or which we hope to be
a,,,., .h.i h,. lists , r .LHtini ....-
Kriber, rom the section of country in the interest
of which tiie APPEAL hat labored for more
than thirty years.
We hope our friends, appreciating our tffoi ts
will help us; and, thai each one will tikc upon
himself the office of an agent for the APPEAL,
and forward a elub. We are roUed that pat
issues shall be exceeded in varied excellence and
merest by those of IT.L The Presidential tleo-i
turn, our own Shite and local elections, and many ,
ther impending questions, will combine to incest j
a newspaper during the remainder of this year .
with extraordinary interest.
The APPEAL presents an instructive epi- I
omy of the mw of the world. Every depart
ment of the paper is carefully edited. It
alms to tell the newe fan Isj, honestly and inter I
eetingly; to atd (n all good causes; to ex
pos abuses and stimulate reform; to represent
the most liberal thought and highest tendencies
of the time; to welcome all scheme that promise
good; to encourage all praiseworthy human en-
tepriset, religious and secular; to stimulate the j
love of knowledge, a taste for art and the culture
of all the better instincts ef our nature; to tus- ,
to good government and honest rulers; to eon
demn the bad, and war upon clique, coterie
sea" rings.''
In view of the momentous issues bound up int
ihe hidden mysteries of 1(72, we expect a large
accession to our subscription UL
Soturiihitanding the increased cat paper.
composition and general expense, the price of
the APPEAL i let than charged before the
war, when expense were one-third lest than now
Newspaper dealer, express agenu, country
merchant, postmatters, railroad depot agent,
and any friend of the MEMPHIS APPEAL,
who wiU do to, are requested to procure tub
scribcrs, remitting to u the amount, less ten per
cent., or five per cent, for clubs, for their services ;
or, if preferred, we unll give a copy of the
WEEKLY APPEAL for one year to anyone
sending us Jive or Mere subscribers.
Address, APPEAL, Memphis, Tennes.-".
Book on th West veer written.
By Hon. W. E WEBB, of Topeka.
truthful, and for humor equal to j
Appendix a complete guide for
au.i emigrants. seLt'vnit.i.Y iui
Best of all. It Is the-fastest seliini
Issued May , lWA and the fount
ready in press. Agents report but
day. 5 in T)H days, Tr iu 2 days, ete
fartieulars ay once. E. 11 A I ?
O., PubUshers. 177 West Fourth sti
Full and
To any shrewd man who can do business on
the quiet, I guarantee an Immerse fortune,
easily, rapidly and in perfect efet r Address
in perfect eonflil-'iice.
street. New York.
arner ciyr io uitwMi
j uruooai on the day preceding ti.-
-Of (.'! ArtUicny.
rart, J. v". t.reior, H. E.
nd Ii. M. Thomas.
Judges J
Brown : Cv
Clerks Je
Judges CI
Hunter: Co
S. P. Logan i
; Clerks.
Thini District
ami Robert Vaniihan.
Fifth DUtrielB';
, H
J. tV. K!ni: C
Clerks, W F.A1
and W.
; ' lerks,
tsfnrt - Hithe Jjcjm.
i.i J. L.
I lark.
JHffAtA District Lvj :..
Judges C.
F. Grlfflng: I
. L. Herrin
K. En
th, J. B.
Jorne au.i John
" Urajat: Clerk.
j -idg. s
D. H. Bar
ii. L.
Clerk. D v. Leake and ti. 1 leid.
.V-i ,:-.. ( r:t t'n'..
Judgiss Robert Eckiln, "A. H. Allen and i
tF. ja-n; Commissioner, W. U Maxwell
Cl-rks, W. G. Allen and J. A. Cole.
Judges W. T
Slee; Com mi
''ash and L. H.
Until. . M. Perkins and E.I.
loner, M. Heott; Clerks. TC. ?.
I lAstrUt CvUscriUU.
Fleinming. SX D. Mautgnm ami
nhsuoser, G. W. Reed; f.-rks.
W. W. Biggs.
W. 11
t J. W.
Elnmi Dtjirirt tVerassstfcm-n.
Judges W. H. Myrick, 8. C.Garvin and J.
C. Callls; Commissioner, I.. A. Kii"
l ierks, s . Carter and A. T. Cornelirs.
Judges D
and V. H.
son; Clerks
-r ai u
:. Pesr-
Ferrell aud E. E. Ein
ritetrt lHjtriet-At Buntyi
U,C. C. Whit
A. Bi -
ers: omnit.Kc:-. v . i. i a .:: m; Clerks. '.
A. Choate, J. Means.
Thirteenth Inttrta Arnolds.
Judges W. H. Hoege:, B. B. Andi rson. ".
Raines: ('ommisstoner. r. C. Stephen son :
lerks. R. T. Pollard, Cuaa. Smith.
Fuurternth and 1'iUnitk Districts.
Appulutmenu made lu the City W ords.
Hij terktk District Albert Pike Masmic Lodgr.
Jtjdaasv-Dr . C. Perkins,
L. Br
. C. Hill, A. J. i
roo k.s.
He.eiUeenlk District 3lcf--MneWs t'ftun-A.
All II
-T. D. Massey, A. C. Koark, S. A.
uiUioner, R.K.Mone; ri.-rka J. B.
t'lTT or
ITrrt A'not
ham. Pat
'.ewsoju :
use. Poplar Street.
meron. M. E. Coeh
Towusend; t'lerks,
, errner of Adorn---Greets.
L D. L. Stewart, J.
. (. Atlee; Clerk.
R. S. O
Fmtrth Ward Mhrti ion street near Second.
Judges K. J. B. L. Wvr.li, 5. MLi, J. Baeh-
i ommisstoner. I. r. I irtwnht:erk-,
OUbert, Jumes Martiu.
w. w
Fifth iVird-
ounty Court Eu
Jndges N.J. Wig
lgg n, W. It.
Slaruu: t'omnilSKioner. W W.
loner, W
Clerks, Barney Coleman, John Crouau.
Sixth Ward Brooks's Stable.
Judges J. M. Ha welt, J. V. s-mlth.
'.v .
tuiicr: i '.mini-oioner. J. llalstesd; i 'ITk,
J. U. srailh, J. C. Haselelt.
Seventh WaniEiiginehotue DeSoto Street.
Judires H. t... Dent. A. J. While. Catrlcs
Twohig; rommIiioner', T. B. N jra
Clerks, R. l. Mldgett, W. s. Brown.
Eighth Ward Poplar Street Ifnrket Uoute.
Jndsjes J. L. II. Taylor, W. R. Lucas James
loian. i ommtvionef, F. J. Sannoner- ' IerR,
F. N. HuU. Eugene Levy.
ytrUh Mard Corner of Fourth rnsul A'tetw.
Judges A. C. Bettis, Jacob Rrnt. T . D.
Grant; Commisioner, J. D. Dinbui . : i ...is-.
W. . Mitchell, FrUA Hainer.
Tenth Ward Mississippi Ifot'se.
Judges J. H. Smith. A. H. MerrCI, J. I.
snarr-.: i otllluUsioDHr. Ifiuiuns r It mini
I Clerks, F. X. Mulhaupt, James Koune!.-.
. '.imniisslouers will please make promt l
retnrns to tne at the County Court ltoom-.
At the State Fair Grounds st
V ASH VI T.T.F firTiiKFH 4
rilHE Board of Managers of the - - te an
J. take pleasure in commendlnit thi.s llberil
airsugement lovitiseu general; v tnrouguotit
the state.
lf? Awards wUl b'
follows :
made as
ash Premium - .
ICash Premium. Mumu
n 5,i)ju
1 Casli Premium
i Cash iremlum
! Cash Premium
1 Cash Premioigr
l (. ash Premium
lu Cash Premiums. H1U0 eat 1
Cash Premiums, ri , .
iu Cash Premiums, TJOoael
Cash Premiums, eioeacl
301' Cash Premiums, S3eael
5S Premiums, amounting ti
Tins entei
sure to be in
orebly and
Fair Ifrouuds, an
and mechsioical i
For further information, i
General Ticket Age
wws Dealer, ZH Malu 'ireet
turner Madlean anil Front street".

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