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Middling Cotton 19 I-2(. 1! 8-lc
Image 1-2 to lr-Uold 1 12
1-4 to 112 1-2.
Stocks Still Small Business Hull, o
An-ntUs Provisions Tory Strong
ails I v r .
Exchange More Abundant -Sale of Mis-
isiil and Tennessee Uailroad
Konds Why t.'old has
liood Hemaud I'or '.-Alton Exporter in
Ike Market 24W Hales sold -Oc-laj
in Transportation.
Mrrire or thf mailt Appeal,
Bi.Mspjy, Jauuar) 2-, USIS.I
Kxiliauge MKh reixrted bffaM
lianks 1 ? in more lils-ial receipt, i lie
. - i : . : 1 1 ; -
rst hum ii mi in usuim-iem Hiijijijv
Kate- oonttaue urn-hanged, on N.'u
orK .i . ilwouiit. New Orleans ;, sell-
iuc "ii an oiiu ai par. .New
Orleans now iuoh- sijrtit ext-hauge
i ; iliwvuut. Kor goM our lro-
ker- an- paying from 1 2J (if-l i; ' . The
New York Herald of Saturday," sneak-
inc ;" the advance in the rate of
r"!t. says; " Tlie -advance in f.ireiu
exchange aud the Cu -torn jouse report of
me urv l-hih- imports iur Uie jiast week
led to u further advance in gol.l, which
rose from I12J to 112.,, and, after a reac
tion tn IU, closed pretty lirm at 112,
its final strength l-eing derived from the
announcement that the steamers to
morrow would take out 6oO,OUM specie,
of w l.ic'n s'.'W.d"1 would te in gold coin.
At lea-i such were the engagements re
torted at the close if busiuews this even
ing. '1 lie heavy imports of dry goods
explain the rise in gold this week, the
woudf r leingthat gold has not advanced
1. 1 a i:r atei extent than it has. It is
difliciiU to account for this excessive in
troduction of foreign dry goods just at this
season. If it means preparation for the
Spring unde, theu the merchants must
tie exceedingly sanguine of the activity
of that trade. Kor the present it is a
new source of strength to the gold mar
ket, ami has set at naught the specula
tion for a decline." There was little
euouiry respecting stocks and ltonds,
we heard only of a small sale of Mlwll
sippi and Tennessee second mortgage
londs at Tic, but no more could be had
at that rate, and dealers now quote
The New York Herald says of money :
"The money msiket was again easy at
six and seven jier i-eut, borrowers on
.stock collaterals being supplied quite
freely at the lower figure. Mercantile
paper was easier, and prime names were
negotiable at ten per cent, discount, the
quotation ranging as before from eight
to ten per -ent. The banks are in steady
receipt of currency from the interior,
hut the consignments axe mostly iu na
tional bank notes,"
Memphis curren.-y Umds, with past
due aMBMMBj sixes, f&GM; Memphis
go). I l.-nds, sixes. 0"; Memphis past-due-eoupous,
To; Memphis and Charles
ton railroad stock, nominal; ditto 1st
mort -e lionds, H; ditto mortgage,
78; Memphis ar 1 Ohio railroad stock, 19;
ditto lt mcrtgage tmds, 96; ditto 2d
inortgai , feu: Missis-ijipi and Tennes
see railroad stock, IT; ditto 1st
mortgage bonds, !sb: ditto 'M mort
gare lMids, 7;.'; Mississippi Central
railroa -tock. lo; ditto 1st mortgage
lioiid . ST; ditto 2d mortgage bonds. S;
Mi- oi wat ran i . TO s; Mississij pi
levee l-ml-, 4:.'; Arkansas levee UrniCs.
'M; Shelby ouiity warrants, ;.'-;
ditto i"iUons, SJfoSS; Bank of Ten
nessee money, dm, VT; new, 33. ".7;
Ten :c . i oniptroller's warrai!-'. "7.
The coucludiuit telcgam.- this eveu
ing quoted middling as follow-: New
York 2".c; Liverpool lower, ti.(j :d :
New Orleans active at I9jc. Tliere was
a good enquiry in our market, and MM
liales of OOttOtl were sold at the same
rates :i- prevailed yesterday. Lots of
luihdlniL- cotton wld at l(a)lic, strict
iniildling at Mf- 2UJc, (rood middling 21
1.21 . Kantem buyers are still ceni
plaiuiug of the delay iu shipments
reaching their destination. They are
leceivnig telegrams daily reflecting
cotton long fc.rwarded but which lias
not yet reached its destination. One
communication of this kind we saw
says tin- writer never had such delay
before. The river has licvii obstructed iu
a way never seen here by this genera
tion before; the railroads have lieen
blocked by exc-e of freight in conse
quence anil their freight held back by
snow at the North. The following re
mark in tbe St. Louis J.'i inMican, of
iniday, gives an idea of the state of
thing-- ' The carrying power of the
Iron Mountain railroad wan not equal
te one ton in fifty of the accommoda
tion -ought by shipper-. "
standard of I his season were held
t MS 116 12 60. The 8t. Louis
Tiiii", of the lftth, says: "There's a
very lrj;e amount of produce held here
on Southi rn nivouut, as well :is many
oiders iin the market for grain and pro
vi-ii in's, which will now be speedily
lllhil. Freights were steady to the
Kast: lower, southward, river "an I rail;
the carryiug )ower of the Iron Moun
tain was not equal to one tou in fifty of
the accommodation sought by shippers."
FlM freights to Memphis are given as
follow.- in the St. Ixmis HejMbUcan:
Flour, barrels, -1 mi; leef anil jork.liar
rel, S2 4n; app! -. onions, etc., Iiarrels,
W; graiu, Mvj bacou and lard, KKi
pounds, tvic; hay, h pouuils, $1.
QtujttitUnwJor feed are Jut round Iota
on the landing units othcrwhc ex-
fjl l (I.
Apples Fair, $3rt4 5; fancy, $5;
sale of 2Th bbls in lots from 2 VX.. 5.
Bkan Sales of Ion sks on landing at
BOOKWBCaT Fun K Scarce at $U 50
(a 10.
Bkans Navy ami mixel leans,$2 75
HAXJNO sit Kt- nagging, ami i
pound-, l ;cil4Jc; irou ties, S(iJc; lial
tmr twine, 14i' 15c.
Bkkk,Kiv. -Foreouarlcrs, 4'' tx-; hiud-luarter-,
7 ::: UK-. Sheep, .V. !. Hogs,
7 7 V.
"BfiTEK Clioi-c roll, 2o) 2c; sujie
rior iiialitie, 27. 2se: selected oOc.
Ii vi vis New hams, sugar-cured, 14'
14$c; breakfast I -aeon, 10c
t'oltN NothiHg doing. " a-ked in
Cauba.k-Iii crates, $7(i 7 o0; $7
H per U) head.
Chickens Alive, choice, $4 50i 50;
dressed ' t for choice.
t'KANBEKRiES Cultivated, $10(0,12.
Coknmkal Sales of N3 sks at .Jo 25
and M Baa at SI M; ofiereti to arrive at
i 20.
Coffee We quote at 21(a25c for
Rio, 27-i 2hc for Java.
Dried h rpit Apples,4Jao!e; peach
es, 3(a4C; hoice halves, be.
Dicks Market bare, S44 50; for
dressed $5.
Ea.v Small slock, ,iS( 4K-.
Flopr Doubie extra, MC 7 treble
extra,? .o;S 2-; tamuy, fb .of5'9 50;
fanev, $10(a,10 50.
OKCEKIKS Soiia, i-j:lor keaud hjc
f ir box. Starch, oiiyilc par lb. Oerman
soap, t7 jc. Rice, ty Sje, as in qual- i
uv. Brown sugars in nnts, H(a.lle;
yellow clarified, lli(a,12c; white clari-;
tie'.. 12((il24c; powdereu aud crushed,
OCKKIKS New 19c; second-hand 16c. j
Geese Few in market at ?7(SS:
dressed $S9.
Hay Sales of 65 bales inferior
at tlie lauding at $30.
HOMINY J4 2,4 on per bol.
Krapt Drooping at $S0"r9 per bbl I
according to size. Half barrels $5.
.Lard in tierces, blOi tc; kegs, !M(a
9;c; pails. 9jia 10c.
LiEMONS and ORANGES ilraugesfs;
Yalentia. large boxe.-, 12; lemons S7 o)
for Malaga, for Messina js.
Molasses l'pme to choice plauta-
tiou, 5f(.i.T0c; common to prime smrar-
house syrup, 40(3, 55c; fancy, TUfjiSOc.
LTs t ocoanuts t 00 tier iwi; chtt-
uuLs, S4 00 per bushel; jieanuts, rel
white 4 i iter lb. recans, 10c:
per lb. ; fine Ixiuisiaua, 22,i 22e.
i 'ATS. Safes of 1d0 sks Ohio river
oa's at 4c.
tNloN-. Market bare.
I'otatoes From flatlioal. Socio 25;
seed iHjtatoc- s-l' ' I 75. For sound jieacli-
blows M
Pio's Feet Keg-. ii kins, -I;
bbls, Of ,50.
Ioric Green l-ulk ileaisiiles, ijc:
cli:u rib, Tc; shoulders, 5c; hams, OKi
9jc the above for packed, loose, l c
lower: muss, $14i 14 50.
KABBna. P iv. Rabbits, fl 50(-i,2 00
iH-rdi .en; squirrels, $1 50; quails, $1 50;
deer,5(j 6c; irairie chickena4 00. tiamc
fi.-b. 10c.
Tpkkkys - Alive 14i '-ls; dressed,
16(.. l!x-.
NKV YORK. January 22.- There
was a fair movement iu first hands and
jobbers were fairly active to-day. The
market for cottons was very strong,
with a further demand for standard
brown sheetings and fine brown bleached
shirtings. Rolled jacouets were active,
i'riiits of medium colorings aud shirt
ing strqiea are iu request. New styles
of Aneona prints were opened ami well
reei ied. Cassinieres an.! .-h-vol are
ill better demand, auit favorite styles
sold ahead of the pn. 1 1
II is well cettiiie:l
thai tic' orislo of - u - -. uf
I huiuanily 1- :i dcranKod (
Hie receipts, exiwrU wad
1 .-;.: n
Htaiuers nurtli
Htt.U-.. i -. MiUIll
- Uiil i Ithrlestoii railroad
pi and roicnwis railroad
a1 (.ihlo rMitroad
mm: 1 .;tv liwi railKHHt
d k-i waou and other uoaicea...
bud riiar1elan railroad
I 'Jeliiuw-M, ratltlHMl....
.. m
.. lis
.. J
.. aw
.. n
There were no arrivals from above
yesterday, and as the produce that ar
rived the tlay before was absorbed in
filling orders w here there were no stocks,
the market w much in the condition
it existed on Saturday. Corn was with
out movement. e heard of none
then-was to move. Oat were almost
invisible this morning, but last evening
150 bales of Ohio river oats changed
hands at 4N-. Hay is still extremely
scarce w ith a -ale of inferior at ji.'to.
liran is strong, Ion -acks sold a! -2"i.
Cvrnittfal is unsettled, smail sah - were
made al ; " on the landing and 1 rger
amounts at -2 25; oilers were nu. 't
lake orders for meal "to arrive" al j.
Ituttry was acaiw Willi a moderate de
mand. I.-tt('n were slider at j-f 25
(aji 'it iu store, aud need potatoes $4( .
4 T5. .V" -; appears to lie look
ing don nwaid, u lot of barrels were of
fered at ('J, tail Sh 5o w as the last bid
that could be obtained. Hulk Pork was
very firm at our quotation-, there were
parth whoasked Jcabove tliem. Ptg
f- I are drooping, 2 appears to lie as
high as kegs w ill bring. Xailn show
irregularity they can be bought at so To
iht' s, l'i !. crally -5 s"i is the figure, some
iuaist 011 $5. The secret of tnfei ia, we
fralifve, 1 hat eel lain sorts are scarce aud
on them highei rates are aske1, but lots
an nw rail f be had at i To.
i'lie S'. Iiui JlejiiilJiean of the l'lh
an l'lie lau lockel up or restrict
ed Ka-teru and Southern commerce of
Si. Leaka is now to be Mlierated, aud
tivit y to lake tiie place on 'Cliauge oi
the munotoiious dullness which has
eharacterixed the markets for so many
week-. The river is relieved iioiu its
icy 1 o cling from the debouchment of
the Missouri to its bounds below the
city, and once more will tie witnessed
the loading aid departure for river pott
of the boats and barges of the various
lines. Thursday the ice of the Missouri
gave way from the pressure of a con
siderable rise in tlie river, and rushinu
dow n together broke the ice of the Mis
sissippi and opened the river from that
point anil the gorges. Iielow the city.
Business promises well now; the flour,
graiu aud provision movement will
show a large iucrea.se, and with uninter
rupted transfers aud .shipments by river
will si. w a large increase. 1 11 the face
of even the great and unusual obstacles,
trad.- u-M baeu graiually improving,
aud freight offerings have been much
largei ihau Usual al this season; and the
immt 1 - volume of general orders now
on hand will give the activity to pro
duce movement which it has had no up
BMtaaitj i 1 dii-piay for so long a time.
The S .a: Weru trade has been for
all this iiun measurably cut oft',
and now our merchants can look
forward in a draught 011 the ample sup
ply Hindi they bold iu hand. There
was 110 change iu the leading
market ye-ierdav, flour was active
NKW YORK, January 22. MOKKY
was fairly active, but easy at tK?, with
a fall to tfi 5 just be law the close of
bauking hours, the final rates being -Vi
t. St. cliny strong at 1M. Gold
less active; opened at 11J-;, sold down
In 1 1 ;. and again up to 11J, closim: at
1SJ 11:;'. Loans, (i fir carrying to
flat ror Ilia main Clearings, Slns.iioo,
0tf. Treasury disbursements, .17tj,500.
Exports to-ilay, $157,000 gold coin, aud
S'di'T silver bars. Engagements for es
imrt to-morrow, $300,000 gold, iloieru
ments firm anil slightly better, as follows:
Coupons of lbSl, 117; 5-2Us of 1862,
114J; of 1864, 114J; 5-20b of 1865,
11C; 5-20s of 1865, new, 1141; 5-208 of
1S67, 1151; 5-20s of lStis, 1151; new 5s,
113; KMOs, 1131; currency 6s, 113L
A'i7'- Bonds were dull, and cloned as
follow-: I Missouri, H3; Tennessee, old,
TJ; Tennessee, new, 80; Virginia, new,
Rfc Virginia, old, 45; North Carolina,
old, 33; North Carolina, new, 17.
Stock were more active, with consider
able advance In leading shares. New
York Central led the market, aud rose
from 104, closing at 1051(3105;. Rock
Island rose from 112 to 113J, closing at
112;. Pacific Mail, which was quite
active, rose from 71J to 73;, fell to 72;,
and dosed at 72;. Ohi i rose from 471, to
57J, aud clo-c ! at t;. Western I'niou
fell from 84 to 831, rose to H, aud closed
at St.. Erie fell "from 73J to 62j, but re
covcied anil closed at 63J. Lake Shore
rose from t3 to 94, and closed at 93j.
Cincinnati. Indiauajiolis anil Chicago
dosed at S9, and the rest of the list were
quiel. The whole market closed very
firm at the following quotations: Can
ton, 100J; AV. U. Telegraph Company,
-1 Quicksilver, 4 ; Adams Express
Company, S4j ; Wells & Fargo's Express
OMBpauv, 1 : American Merchants'
Union Express Company, 75j; United
State- Express Company, 76; Pai-ific
Mail, 71 1; New York Central, 105; ;
Erie, 03J ; Erie, preferred, 7';',; Harlem,
12n; ; Harlem, preferred, 12"; Michigan
0eatnl,lW: Pittsburg.Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 8i; Northwestern, 80; North
western, preferred, 88J; Risk Island,
112. : New Jersey Central, lu2; St. Paul,
53A; Paul, preferred, 77; Wabash,
72,, Waliasli, preferred, 85; Fort
Wayne, 92; Terre Haute, 110; Terre
Haute, preferred, 140; Chicago and
Alton, 113; Chicago and Alton, pre
felled, 117; Ohio and Mississippi, 47j;
Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati,
80; Burlington and Q,uiucy, 115; lake
Bh n MM; Indiana Central, :w;llliiKii.s
Central, 120; Union Pacific, tbi; Central
Pacific iiouds, 99t; Tuiou Pacific bonds,
86; Delaware and iAckawaua, 07;
Hartford ami Krie, 108.
LONDON, January 21, i p.m. C011-
Sol-. Inoliey, 92:; aCCOUnt, '2i(a;!l2..
United States coupons 5-20s of ls6-,
.;,: - -. ; 1875, 92;; 10-40s, 91; new
fives. ),-; Erie, 50 J.
PARIS, January 21. Rentes, 54f 3Tc.
NEW ORLEANS, January 22. -Fl. in
scarce aul firm; treble extra, ;s
family, $! 5o. Corn is lower; mixi il,
To. ; white 71c and quiet. Rrau dull at
$1 4". Hav is scarce anil firmer; choice,
S41(.. 12. Pork, $13 T5. Ilry salt meaLs
firm at V 7fi T;c Racoii, supply light,
S'f.i 9..-. Hams. I Vd'.c. ltrd quiet;
loose, v . 10,-. Sugars are iu good de
mand; inferior, rytilc; common, 60;.
71c; fair to fully fair, TU..fH-; prime,
9(n9.f. Molasses advanced; ceutlifu
gil, 60g52c; fair, 53c; prime, 6c.
Whisky, 92c; no Western here. Oiree,
ST. LOUIS, January 22. Flour i-in
good demand aud some sales higher;
siiiertine winter, 55 25(S 5 75; extra,
Rn6 50; double extra, $6 TV-. T 50;
treble extra, $7 50- 8 80; family, $8 756.
In 50. Wheat i- firm but sales small;
No. 2 spring saleable at 1 32, but held
higher. Corn is firm; No. 2mixed. U
3:ie east trai-k, 40f41c St. Louis elevator
and warehousi'. f5ats, demand light but
holders firm; No. 2, 30c at ea-t track ;
i i . at elevator. Barley held firmly and
little done. Rve is firm: No. 2, 75c.
Whiskv dull at Me. Pork i- M at
$12 25- 1 2 50. I rv salt meats are firm ,
loose, )' . i'c: jobbing and order lots,
packel,4f 4c, tftfS c, 8g ic- Bacaa
firm: packed lots, of' Lird is
MUiet; prime kettle, Tc. Hogs higher,
;; Ml -4 I". Cattle steady, sl'n 1..
NASHVILLE, January- 22. Flour has
advanced; extra family, ?T oiKS 50.
Wheat is in good demand at $1 70(41 85.
Corn steady at 5Sc on oiders in depot.
Oats are in good demand at 4550c on
orders in depot. Nothing doing iu rye
or barley. Cornmeal, $2 30. Provisions
are active. Bulk meats shoulders, 5Jc;
clear ribs, 6Jc; clear sides, 7e. Lard
kettle dried,S6i 8;c. Sugar-cured hams,
14 . Country bacon, loose from wagons,
71c, hog round. Hogs, $4(,4 30.
LOUISVILLE, January 22 To
bacco is very firm; sales of 150 hogs
heads. Flour is stiff aud demand good
at previous prices; extra family. $7 V
7 75. Grain firm and priews unchanged.
Wheal. $1 7 k 1 75 for red and Amber.
Corn i- steady: shelled, 4;. Oats are
steady at 3ne. Rye Is firm at 30c all
on arrival. Provisions are quiet; mess
pork, $12 50(413. Bacou, ojc, 7jc, 8c.
Hams,sugar-cured,12j(.i, 1'..-. Bulk meats,
shoulders, 41c: clear rib sides, bic; clear
sides, ic, loose; c higher for round lots
packed. Lard tierces, Sr.. S',c; keg,
9jc, fur choice and leaf. Whisky steady
a I sag Me.
CHICAGO, January 22. Flour ia iu
good demand and stocks are light.
Wheat irregular and a shade lower, but
closed firm; No. 1, spring, $1 32; No. 2,
$1 25 . Corn advanced; No. 2 mixed,
30jc. Oats steady; No. 2, 25(" 25;c.
Rye scarce and firm: No. 2, 68(i68c.
Barley quiet, weak and lower; fall No.
.;. : 1 " 75c. Provisions are very quiet:
the scarcity of cars for transportation
south aud easi interfere- materially w ily
busim-ks; pork is firm at -11 S5 i 11 00.
Laid is steady at 7ij 7.. Meats of all
kiui!- are quiet aud unchanged. Bulk
short rib middles, loose, sold at Mm
5jc; shoulders, packed, lie. Green
hams are firmer; sales uf 1-jiound aver
ages at 7c Dressed hogs active; heavy
weights. .4 15 bid: light weights, $4 65.
Whisky steady at Me.
CINCINNATI, January 22. Flour
fu 111 a: 25 - .vi. Wheat firm and
unchanged at $1 76f 1 Ml Corn steady
at 4c. Rye steady al ffifS Me. Oats
-tcady at 32f"3Sc. Barley steady
at 70Mfl0e. Grocerii-s firm. Oils firm.
Eirifs in fair demand at IQQMti. Butter
aud cheese steady. Pork steaily at
$12 751S, with lild offerings below
$13. Iaril steady; steam, "j(7; .
Bulk meat- steady: shoulders, M 4jc:
clear ribsides. 'c; clearsides, 6jc all
fully cured. Bai-on steady, w ith light
stock and ready sales; shoulders,
5Jc; i lear rib sides, 7c; -Iear sides,
8c. Green meats steady, with light offering-:
shoulders, sales at 3;c, 4c bill at
close. Ham-, 8j(" 9c is to 14-pound
avT'-v-. Hogs steaily at $1 1: 1 2:'.
Whi-ky in good demand at ssc.
NSW YORK, January S. Flour
is active anil higher; white wheat extra.
$8 15. 10. Whisky firmer, 931c. Wheat
higher ; No. 3 spring, $1 55; white West
ern, In store, $2 10. Rye quiet. Barley
in fair demand; Canada West, 9Sc.
Corn higher; old Wc-tem mixed, afloat,
67671c; in store, 64;f . ic. Oats weak;
new Western mixed, 51(o3c. Rice firm,
Sf. 8Jc. Provisions ipiiet and firmer.
Mes pork, $14. Beef is dull; mess, $11
(a II 75. Cut meats, quiet; hams, 91( .
11c. Iird firmer; Western steam, Si
(afi 5-16c. Butter firmer; Western, 12
. loe.
iiiciilary rain
paUsl and siu
of paint til a
d plijHlolnKicai fact
l the tl.a Uiat alltlcl
eoadfUon of the all
wels beome r.n.ti
lUeucu rln a train
nix malidl.--. As a
hen- Is 110 remedy to
ante and Mite as Hr. Tint's Veftetaliie iafr
Wkbt Point, i Hept.::, 1871.
W. H. Tint- Iiear.HIr: I have been a invalid
lor fl-j , earx. and bave, Willi r.rl itli.le and
pallen,-.'. Irie.1 nearl' every patent medicine
known to Uub peo. Je witlioui any efTeotuai
roller. It was unggenKHl Uy aoRW oi my friends
10 take your V egetable f'llla, lor whicK'i ant
under 'lineal Ions fori..i(l suggestion. It be
in a favurat.l'- one. I propone to !..'' the
eflV-t. 1 wi'icb more than I ever old, and
my health Is . ar belter than it has been in
live years. 1 certainly giva all the credit to
your pins; and lei rood as there 1- an lnfren.se
in the laiiilly. von nnv !et If it ta a male that
bin name shall be "Tun. I'ubtlah I! you
fhooae. J. A. IXJNAI.USON.
Br, Tiili't lluir jrr acit UN ilwji -.
I.I'. A PFKRI -' Worrlerbire Sauce
ire can toned to avoid tne niimeroaH
('ounH-iTeiUi and Jmltatious offered for sale.
JOH ll M ,'S MIXK. Sew York,
Agi nii lor the t'niled states.
ll.VTi II tlR- If AIR DYE.
This e,cjuh! Hair live is Ihe fxst 01 thr
if.rW. The oiilv True and I'ei feet Dye. Hann
less Keiiable ap! IiiKtantaneoiis ; no disap
piilnlin nt: no ridiculous tints or unpleasant
odor. HcmedlOi the 111 uffecuof had dyes aud
Wiahgi. Protlufes Iai vf.tiiatki.) a uperh
Black ..R N'atciiai. Itno?f. and leavealhe
hairjU&aaai.MoaTflBi Kamiltlii Thi gen
uine -imied W. A. BaU-helor. fco'd l. all dnig-
1 st-. . :i.s. liATfHKI.OR. rrup'r. X. Y.
t'oru was in good demand
stiff. Bulk oats were active and
11. ! -;iked
1 stock was am a
.- in gieaior de
.1 greater a;iv
I'here was no c
-siii. .if staudh
-.. ..v..
i 1
d ex-
NKW YORK, January 22, ln:15 a.m.
Cotton easy; ordinary, 17Jc; good,
18je; low middling, 19;.c; middling, 20c;
Alatiama, 20c; Orleans, 21 jc; Texas,
2i. : futures easy; no sales, January,
l i e; February, If 11-lCcj March, eOc;
Aj.nl, 9Hej May, Mj June, 21 3-16;
July, 21.1. These are the prices a-ktd.
12:! . p.m. tton stead.v : ordinary,
17 ,e; iimmI ordinary, 18fc; low middling,
1't : middlii.f, 2n:c; Alabama, 5J0;c;
Orleans, 21 Jc; Texas, 21jjc; sales to-day
for expert. 675 liales; to apinuers, 75
hales; mtiires, 25oo liales; sales last even
iiik. .s .aifs; to -pinners, So bales; in
cluded in tiie sales are .';s liales to ar
rive, r utures firm ; January, 10 1 1 -1 .. -;
February, 1-: March, 2nl-lc; April,
aitjc; May, 2n,c; June, 21 a-16c;
3:15 p.m Coltou steady; ordinary,
17Jc; good ordinary, 18.; low middling,
lMe; middling, 20jjc; Alahama, 2";c;
Orleans, 21 Jc; Texas, 21Je; sales to-day,
for exjHirt, 1125 liales; ti spinuers, 330
liales; futures, 6luulales; sales last even
ing for exjairt, 2658; to spinners, Ho bales;
speculation, 5 bale.-; included iu the
sales are 394 liale- to arrive. Futures
firm; January, IMc; March, 2iJc; April,
201c; May, nominal, 20 15-loc; June,
ale bid.
Cotton report for five days at ali
ad (States ports Receipts, 81,24
liales; exports to Great Britain. 39,Uti7
bales; to the continent, 1 10872 bales;
stock, 554,121 bales.
XKW ORLEANS, Jauuao' 22. 140
a.m. Cotton in fair demand : middling,
19 jc; sales 600 bales.
LIVERPOOL, January 22, 11 a.m.
Cotton quiet; uplands, 0d; Orleans, 10 jd;
sales to-day, 8000 bales.
12 ni. Cotton heavy; uplands, 9jd.
Oriean-. Hud; sales, lOOOO bales; for ex
port auil sj-eculation, 2000 bales.
5 p. m. Cot' on heavy; uplands, 9(u?
9d; Orleans, 10(ad0d: sales 50U0 tiuiea
ST. LOUIH, January 22. Cotton ia
quiet and uncliauged.
bOUWVILL January 22.- Cotton
steady; low uikidiiny, lte,
NAHHVILLK. Jauuary 22.--Cotton
adVMieed; low miildling, 18c
CIlsOrVNA'Ti, l it. uar- ; :- -Cotton
stea.iy ; nu. idling, isjc.
TO ANBaffit. FK0M
One of Ilia ateamera of this flist-ciass iine
will be dispatched aa lellows:
From L'tsil. 're:u Baltimore
Al'STRlAX Nov. L7
SOKTU AMKKK AN ..Nov. IS Iec. 11
HI HKKMAN Deo. 3 IVec. a
MOKAVlAN.....lH:c. 17 Jan. S
NE4TOKIAK. .Uec. SI Jan. n
; --I KIAN .. Jan... Keb'ry 1H
CASPIAN Feh.il March S
AuU every 11 days thereafter, aud otleuer
if the aervlci rfsuirea it.
F-vfM-i,'is forwarded 10 aud frm all the
L.ii.cipal piacesin Knt;laiid. IrelandScotiand,
Kranec, Ueraaaajr, No. way, Sweden and Den
mark, Imm or to sny iart :u the Sontlieni and
H.Mi.tN'M. MAUXOLIA HW.1 t'n 1.1
the Complexion Ibe Kreabaeo
or Tontta.
Ha.ia s's MAbSOLiA Bai.h overcomes the
nuslied appearance caased by heat, fatigu
and excitement, it makes the lady of forty
appear out twenty, and so natural and perfect
that no person can detect its appication. By
its use 1 he roughest skin ia made to rival the
pure radiant texture of youthful beauty. It
removes redness, blotch. " -nd pimples. It
contains nothing th ... injure the akir
in the east.
Mag: olia Balm is used ly ail fashionable
adles in New Yow York, Loudon and Paris
It costs only 73 ceuts per Bottle, and Is sold by
all Druegjsts and Perfamers.
S. T.-1860-X.
Tfeis wocderfnl vegetable refrtorative
L ttte aheet-anchor of the feeble and
debilitated. As a tonic and cordial for
Ihu .-.; and L.tnnid, it has no einal
atuong- utomacbics. As a remedy for the
aerroRS wealuicss to Trtbifh womea are
especially ssbject, it U sapersedinf
erer7 uther BtiniaLuit. In ill climates,
tropical, temperate or frigid, it arts as a
specUSc in Tery species of disorder
which undermines the bodily strength,
and breaks down the animal spirits.
HI HP11KEYS !o. n.
Thf most sc'aful VCMQdV knowu. Price
flMii';: box. Package Uv boxen and one
( P-MTi.ir uecetSKiiry ia wrioaN
-its Heal t y mail on receiptol price.
A.: Ii Hn tnpliifVH Kptciflc Hoiu. upatliif
MP.' 1 ' m J:;i :itu ;i--. Nt xv. York. JiiT
PrMa le Conrt Sale of Real Estate
in Dyer County, Tenn.
N . N, U. U. la ttie riobato Court of Shelby
r-ninty. Tnnncs.ee.-Kiixabelh Kaglacti et
al. vs. samuUa Rs rland et al.
TiSiKH and by vntue or an Interlocutory
dvcree for sale entered in above cause,
1 wHl 11 to the hijtliist bidder, at public auc
tion, in front of the court house door in the
town oi Dyeraburg, 1'yer county, Tennesnee,
i)n Saturday, February 15, 1S73,
within legal hours, the following described
MM . ate, to-wit: Situate, lying and tein
in Dyer couuty, Tennesse-, rauge 9, section U
I3tfa mm vevorS district, and bounded and de
s .1 a lollows, to wit:
Lot o. 1: Beginning al a stake the north
east corner ol the luuu acres, of which this lot
i- a part, and running the nee west 60 chains to
; poi :it . he north weM corner (f said h acres;
thence south .50 chains to a point; theuce east
with a part ot the north line of lot No. 4, aad
thefrll lengths of lots Nos. 3 andtoapoint
the northeast- corner of lot No, 2; thence
m lib o" chains to the beginning, containing
3L0 acres.
V!s., Ixt 2: -Beginning at the southeast
corner oi lot No. 1. and runs thence west 'J9
chains aud 7' . links to a point; tbenee south
Ts eli dii4 lo a point in the south boundary
line Of the 10li0 arre, of which thN let if a
pait; thence east 20 chains and ; n-foa
forked gum the southeast corner of said luuu
acrwi1 be ng also th original southeast cor
ner of Kphraim Mclvean's 2-TOOacre tract;
thenee north along its eastern boundary 78
chains to the beginning, containing i acres.
AJsOi Lot No.'i :- Beginning at the northwest
corner of lot No. 2. and runs thence west 29
chaius and sT', links to a point in south
bouudary line ot said K(iO acre; thence east
2V chains and BTJjj links to the soutliwest cor
ner of lot No. 2; thence north with the west
t rie "1 lot No. 2, 71 chains te the beginning,
con t :i i n lug 2&f acref-
And also Ijft No. Beginuingal Hie north
n eat l oi nerof lot No. .', and runs thence west
9u chains to a stake; thence south 7H chains to
a si dee, it being the southwest corner ot said
! aieres; t hence east ii chains tothestuth
west coruer of lot No. 3; thenee nortli with
the weal (boundary Hue of lot No. 4 chain
to the rWginning, containing acres.
Being the MOO acres of N. Kagland, dee'd, as
-nbiliv ided by U. s.Jordan. Deputy Surveyor of
sthelby county; the said 10U) acres of N. Kag
land bi-ing the one-hall of a 20U0acre tract
awB4 by John Overton and N. Kagland, and
divided between said Overton and Kagland oy
teed of partition, bearing date September 2,
lis, and registered in the Register's office ot
Pyvr county, Tennessee, in Book C, pages
2 HhI 3.
leirus of Sale One-fourth cash; balance in
one, two aud three years, with Interest from
date of salt-; purchasers cxecnling notes wilh
approvid securities; a lieu will be retained
on tlie property to secure the payment of the
same JAMKS TCE1L1.Y, Clerk.
Vhm.'. j a tMsCfWOOi Meriwether A Scales, Sols,
for complainants. jal
j iiulhvr iuftj m:t' :un apnlv to
ietieral South we-tero Agents,
Cigars and Tobaccos
I.MMiCN.-K assortment of tlie rxst luauUs ol
Havana C igars and Vlraiula Tobacco al
grt:iily reUacctl prict-.. Qui and examine, at
if CMS Main Street, Corner of Alloy.
Of Valuable Real Eatateen 1'vplar Street
BT virtue of an allaH execution lo me .11
recleii from I tie Hupreme Court, at Jack
Hon, In tue eue ol W'il ilaDi C. Anderson et :il.
vs. Ana Ttgbe et al., Judgment rendered Jru
.utry 2'., 1HT2 lor Jinn (il-:ou .ind ct8'h ol nuit.lo
Hat.ui'y baiu j 'idguieiit, interct aud cost, I will,
0m Saturdav. Febriuur the 15th, 1873,
al 11 o clock aju., in front of iuv oltice, No. :51
Second street, Memphis, l ennece.seli to the
highest bidder, for ca.il), the following de-
Frobate tourt Sale of Keal Estate
No. It. D. In the Probate Court of Shelby
,., ,;;! ., i' ini'-vv- ieoie L. LiouglR.ss, Au
ministratorol It. N. Kond, deceased, vs. K.
T. Bond, et al.
UNDKh. and by virtue of, an interiocutoty
decre for sale, entered In the above
cause. 1 will sell, at public auction, in front
of tiie courthouse door ol said t'oun, in the
clly of Memphis, on
Monday, February 10, 1873,
within legal hours t he following real estate
of the late K. N. Kwud, deceased, de-cribed as
fellows: L-y'HR anu being In Shelby coanty,
Teuuess. e, district No. 1, range 5, section ft;
lot No. i tgnining ata stake in a road In Uie
eas' line of the Harrell tract (of which this
lot is a part)-thence north with said line '
chains and sv links, to a stake: thence west U
chains aud 88 links lo h stake, theuce south
degree et, 'U chains and U Iiuk to a white
oak marked "B''; thence east 84 chains and (JU
links to the beginning, con tain i u 3 acres.
Also. Lot So. 2, beginning at the southeast
corner of lot No. 1 ; theuce south t chains and
UK links to the noi 'heiLs; corner of dower lot
No. with sweetgum pointers; thence west U
chaim and lo hnks to the northwest corner
of dower lot No. . with redoak sapling point
ers: theuce south 2 degrees, 8 chaius and 14
links to the south we t corner of ialtl dower
lot. with sasaafras and redoak sapling pointers-tbenee
west is chains and ot hiiks to a
stake, It telngone of the comers of dower lot
No. 1; thence north 7 chains and i& links to a
stake, the northeast corner ol dower lot No.
1; theuce we.it chains and 40 links to the
no 'hwe', coiiiei of said dower lot strike,
south, .' j tiegreet ea-i . 5y links trom a white
oak marked X ; thence north 15 chains and 5!'
links to a stake; thence east M chains and 48
links to a, stake In the west line of the Harrel
tract: theuce south, two degrees east, 6 chaius
and -lu links to the southwest corner of lot No.
1 ; thence east 14 chains and flu links to the be
gi. tiling, containing 81 o-1W acres.
Terms of Sale One-third cash, balance In
six and twelve mouths, purchaser executing
notes with two or more approved securities.
A lieu will be retained on tbe property la se
cure the payment of the deferred payments.
H. T. Sale and RC. bpriugrield,Solicitorsfor
t'omplainaut. Jal
of defendant. Ann
iler, widow of Thoa,
l the following dK
n couutrv lots I., c;
Hi Civil Hiatrlet ol
of Mclmore dli
mut on I'oplar Hti-eel
ivenue or road lead-
Mr. J. HeuaesNcy et al. . Ana Tighe el al., at
tae April U-.-m.lMi7, at JikIinoii: Beginning
at a stake ou Hr!uk.e avunue 2t polea north
t Poplur street extend, d . Uicd.cc 20 polea to
a stake in a. telil; thence i-outh pole to a
stake on I'.iplnr street cktuded: tbenee treat
with si.id siit ct cxtcnoed 10 poles to the center
of bainu cuimby; tlience northwestwardly
Willi liie menndcriUKS of said oeyou to a stake
al lHMis- norih of P..piar street extende.L;
thence a. si 4 poles to a stoke; thence east ,
poles to h KtAKcon Bn ok ley avenue; theuce
Routh poies to tee bcuinninfr: containing
7 81-Jim M .res, Ui aatiaf "aid judgment, Interest
anile, i. -lannary 21,113)1.
W. J. P. nOYLK,
ffhexHT Hhelbv cotmty.
Ii. Clay King, All lor plalntlft. ' jai22law
Probate Court Sale of Keal Estate.
No. W7, K. U.-lu the ProbaU: Court of islielby
County, Tennessee W. J. Htovall, et al. vs.
s. L. sitovall. el al.
UN lil . K. and by virtue of, an interlocutory
decree for sale, entered in the above cause,
win ell to the highest bidder, at the court
house door, on Union street, In the city of
Memphis, on
Monday, February 10, 1873,
within legal hours, the f.Or'A lug described
real estate, to-wit: SituaU.nl o.i tbe west Hide
of l ha
.hn . Onley. Sil'r for Conii-l:i:n.'i
Autlmi of Cian'K tuui k u.nb. will be issuixl
lAKl ARr 3, 17!.
I'kick, !M. is. Lllicral discount to the trade.
BOVI.K 4 CHAPMAN, Publishers.
r I have of my own accord Iransferred to
i hsM . nlerprislu; publishers, Me.rs. fioyle A
t-Tiapman, the above work. Tli is I do for two
reasons : 1 -To avoid any suspicion that I am
making money out or what I have written on
this subject. -I have neither the time nor
thp dispo-ition lo devote tn thenaleof any
thing. I have purchased ot them fifty dollars worth
tor gratuitous distribution among preachers
and personal friends. I will nc II none. Home
have nM I IM making a great deal of money
ont of "Clock Bjauca Our." There is no
truth in such statementa. I sold them lo
ISH1VII1U HI l oll. .ucwin. uuj ll . 11 ;iii.iii i
K. u. ui.,,,.- :i 1 1 lli.l ori Ufl hi uhnm uritm '
should lie senl for them. SAM'I. WATts IN.
i r-M.
she is lni
about. 1
exc liana
lo there!
been issi
erty of a
It is therefore orde
her appearance herein,
111.: city of Memphis, Tt
the first Monday In Feb
answer or demur to con
same will be taken toi
and set for hearing exr
of iuc Hoi rn.
Thi-: (UMe is now In U sixtli year of
ub!ic:i!ion, and now, a8 heretofore, strives
t be 11 r-t of all, and pre eminently the adrer
tisinff jiper of the south. All the popular
features that have heretofore distinguished it
will bf continued, and every effort made to
render tt tlH more deserving of public favor.
Now, as always,
labors with all its heart for the promotion o
th itroat materia! interest of VirgmLa and
the South.
1 hf pi"oress of immigration. Invention and
labor-saving, the development of our resour
ces, the utilization of our vast underlying
ores, the extension ol the facilities for bring
ing proUncr3nd consumer nearer together.
Wuaiever tends to swell the ranks, increase
the knowledge and better the condition of
those devoted to production and industry,
rinds mention and encouragement in our
Tui UciDE bats no equal in the state as an
advertising medium lor merchants, manufac
turers and ail others who wish to reach the
people in Virginia, North and South Carol i
nas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern
Ohio and West Virginia, besides a medium
circulation in the rest of the Southern and
Western States.
The rinj has a larzer number of readers
iu Virginia than any other paper thousands
read it daily on the railroad.-, steamboats,
canals, etc., re.
One copy, one year 50 cents.
Five copies, one year xone address) $j 00
Address THE GUIDE,
Jala Postofflce Bex 2, Klchmond, Va,
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JSOl liAii-iK for Wa.iuect until cured. Call
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Cincinuau, ow... nuAataw
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we can lurnfsh it and guarsntee Hailsfactioit.
We can make t hem !o no driven from Shaft
ing by aspeclid Kr gine, or by watr, in cities
whejv iyi : re m r v. irk i, Kor description
fiircJil'ra addr. j ,i J, L. H.WKN4CU,
JhS Cinolnnatv, otuo.
Non-Kident Notice.
No.7VIn th first tianeery ( onrt of Bhetby
county, Trnnwufi. H. K. Oraham A Bro. vs.
America . Dill.
IT appearing from affidavit in this cause
that the dfnudant, America C. I Mil, is a
Ktate or Tt'nnpssee; that
mpialnautM in the -nm of
sned by certain bills ot
: witli tlie hill :s referred
awr.t of attachment has
unied levieil on the prop
nt: rdered. That she make
ein,at the eonrthonse In
i. Tennessee, on or before
r, l7ri, and pl-ad,
iantfs bill, or the
f eased as to her
and that a copy
tf this order be puhlnihed our a wet k, for
tour Kueremlve w--ks. in the Memphis Ap
pleaJ. Tbta December tt, 1X72.
A copy atist :
E. A. COLK, I lerk and Master.
By It. J. Black, I). C. and M.
Hnt-rh umoii A Townseud, Solicitors for com
plainants. de7 eat
Non-Resident Notice,
No. 3K. in the First Chancery Coort of
Hheiby coanty. Tennessee. I). H. Kvans vs.
Waddy Thoui-on.
IT appearing from affidavit In this cause
that D. H. Kvans, defendant to the cross
tnil of Waddy Thompson, m a resident of i lie
state of MiKhouri aiid a non-resident of the
state of Tennessee:
It is therefore ordered. That he make his
appearance here iu, at tlie courthouse in the
cit of Memphis TerinesMee, on or before the
first Monday in February, 1K7-;. and plead, an
swer or demur to defendant's ctosp
hlll or the same will be taken for confessed
as to him and set for hearing expart; and
that a copy of this order he published once a
week, for four successive weeks, in the Mem
phi Appeal. This 21th day of Dcember( 1ST2,
A cony attest:
KT)MUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHemby, Hepaty C. and M.
Vaure & Anderson, Sola, for complainant in
cross-hil!. de25 weii
Non-Besident Notice.
No.S2:i In the First Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Butler P. Anderson,
Commissioner of Revenue, etc., . Charles
Patton et al.
IT appearing from affidavit in this cause that
the defendant, Xelson r1 peers, U a resident
of Ohio and a non-resident of the state of Ten
nessee: that the names and plaeesof residence
of the unknown hetisof Eugene DeLatiuth
rev and of Frances Sylvia Phe Que pal de
Arisiont cannot be ascertained alter diligent
It U therefore ordered. That thev make their
appearance herein, at ih coarthoa-e in the
citv of Memphis, Tennessee, on or before the
first Monday in March, 1M7:1, and plead, an
swer or demur to complainant's bill, or the
same will be taken for confessed as to them
and set for bearing exparte; and that a copy
ol this order be published once a week, for
four successive weeks, In the Memphis Ap
peal. This 17th day of Jancary, 1S73.
A copy attest :
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. H. McHjlnkv, Deputy C and M.
Luke W. Finlay, sol. for earn pint. JalH sat
Nou-Hesideut Notice.
'o. SIT In the First Chancery Couit of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Butler P. Anderson,
CommissioQer o Revenue, etc., vs. America
C. LU1 and T. S. Lamberson
IT appearing from affidavit in this cause
tnat the defendant, America C. Dill and
l. t. Lamberson, are non-residents of the
s-tate of Tennessee:
It U therefore ordered. That they make theii
appearance herein, at the conrthonse in the
city of Memphis 1 'inesMv. i i; -r retiit
first Monday in March, 17 i. and plead,
answer ajt demur to comploinanLs' bill
or the same will be taken foi confessed
as to them and set for hearing ex
parte; aud that m copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, for four successive weeks.
in the Memphis Appeal, This 17th day of
.1 an nary, Wei.
A copy attest :
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Masler.
By E. B. Mi'Hknrv, D. C. and M.
H. t lay King, sol. for compi'nt. jaltf sat
Non-Besident Notice.
No. 771. In the First Chancery Court of Shel-
ty 4-oiinfy. h'nut-.-Joan imteman vs,
.Vmenca C. 1 'ill.
IT appearing from allidavit mthiscuuM tliat
the defendant, Amerlf-H C. IHjI, is a n ui
resldent of the State of Tennessee; that she p
indebted to the couip'.aimiui. in the sum of
.o uluuaud interest v idencel by Judgment
in the I;de Mnuieipsl otin ot Meiuphi: that
tkta sott was Instil u ted to subject her interest
in certain ieal estate in tlie city of Memphis
to the satisf:tctioa of said indebtedness; that
writ of attachment was iricd andhastfeen
returned by the sheriff, levied on her said real
estate :
it is therefore ordered. That she make her
appearance herein, at me ourtnoiise, in me
city of Memphis. Tennessee, on or be tore the
riot Monday iu February, IS7.I. and plead,
answer or demur to Complainant-1-' hill or the
same will be taken for confessed as to her
and set for heart ngexparte ; and that a copy oi
this order be published once a week, for four
(successive wee as, m tne lempuis . ppeat
This December Jo, 1&72.
A copv. Attest:
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHuui , Deputy C. and M.
C. W. Krazer.Sols. tor compln't. defl tu
Non-Besident Notice.
ISo. M-la the First Chancery Court ot Shelby
county, Tennessee. Butler P. Anderson,
Commissioner of Kevenue, etc., vs. the City
of Memphis, et al.
LT appearing trom affidavit in this cause
that the defendants, Benjamin Fen ion
and D. W.Fenton. are residents of the Slate of
isew York and nou-residentsof the State oi
It Is therefore ordered, That they make their
appearance herein, at the courthouse in the
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on er before the
first Monday in March, , and pic:ul, answer
or demur to complainant's bill, or the same
will be taken for confessed as to them and set
for hearing es parte; and that a copy
of this order be published once a week, tor
four successive weeks, in the Memphis
Appeal. This Sth day of January, 137:1.
A copv attest:
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
BV K. B. XcSxVJtT. Deputy C. and M.
H. Clay Kiug, Sol. for com pi 't Ja9
Non-Besident Notice.
No. 72! In the First Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. John Harbert vs, E. V.
llooney et al.
IT appearing from the return of thesdieriff
In 'his cause that the defendant. Was. B.
Locke is not to be lound in this eount :
It is thereiore ordered, Th.r he ruake his
appearance herein, at tlie courthouse in the
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or before the
first Monday in February. 1373, ami pi -ud, an
swer or demar to complainants' bill, or the
same will be taken for confessed as to him
and set for hearing exparte; and that a copy
of this order be published once a week, for
four successive weeks, in the Memphis Ap
peal. This 7th day of January, hf7-i.
A copy attest :
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
E. B. McHxnkv, Deputy C. and M.
McKissick & Tui ley, Sols, for compln't. iwd
Non-Besident Notice.
No. 77. K. D. La Probate Court of Sheiby
county, Tennessee.-C L. L. Reaves et al vs.
J. B. B. Reaves et al.
IT appearing from sheriff's returs that Perlie
P. J. Reaves is a non-resident of the state
os Tennessee aud is a resident of the State of
It is therefore ordered. That he make his
apoearance herein, at the court-house
ol the Probate Court of Shelby county,
In the city of Memphis, on or before
the first Monday in February, 1873.
and plead, answer or demur to complainants'
amended bill or the same will be taken for
confessed as to him and set for hearing ex
parte; and thai a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, lor four successive weeks
in the Memphis Appeal.
A copv attest: JAMES REILLY. Clerk.
By J. H. Tllkn, D. C
B. T. Reaves. Sol. for compln't. de21 tn
Nou-Bcsident Notice.
No. 898 In the First Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Butler P. Anderson,
Commissioner of Revenue, etc., vs. Andrew
Carroll et al,
IT apieariug from affidavit In this cause that
the defendants, E. W. Wickershum and
b:.: .-;.. O. Kainey, are non-residents ol the
State ol Tennessee:
It is therefoieordered, That they make their
appearance herein, at the courthouse in the
cit ol Memphis, I'eunesM-e, on or before the
first Monday in March. mt and p'ead, an
swer or demur to complainant's bill, or the
same will be taken for confessed as to them
and set lor hearing exparte; and that a copy
of this order be published once a week, for
four sueeesslve weeks. In thu Memphis Ap
peal. Tuis January 17,
A copy -attest:
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHksry, Deputy C. and M .
H. Clay King, sol. for compln't. j18 Hat
Non-Besident Notice.
No. WvS- In the Second Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tennessee. C. D. McLean
vs. Alice Ooss and her husband, Fiuton
IT appearing from the bill which is sworn to
In this cause that ih defendants, Alice
Goes and her husband. Flnton Uoss, are resi
dents of the State oi Missouri and that they
are non-re-idents of the state of Tennessee:
It is therefore ordered by i he Clerk and Mas
ter, That they make their appeal ance herein,
at the Courthouse of the Second Chancery
Court, in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or
iWore tlie first Monday in February, 1873, and
plead, answei oi demur to complainants bill,
or the same will betaken for oonfessed as to
them, aud net for hearing exparte; and that a
copy of this order be published once a week,
for tour successive weeks in the Memphis
Appeal. This December m, !-7'.
A copy attest:
M. D. L. STEWART, Cierk and Master.
By Uho. Maukky, D. C. and M.
Wilson Jt Beard. Sols, for compln 't de7 sat
Non-Besident Notice.
N . aai I n the First Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Butler P. Anderson,
Commissioner of Bevenne, etc., vs. Mrs. C.
J. WllUbtrg r et al.
TT appearing from affidavit m this cause that
I the tielendaut, W. Deadliest, t a resi
dent of ill.-State of Mississippi and a non-res
tdeutsof the State of Tennessee:
ii Is therefor orderei , That ne make ills
appearance herein, at the courthouse in tlie
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or be
fore the fl rs t Mouday i n M arc h , 1
and plead, answer or demur to com
plainant's bill or tin.' same will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for hearing
exparte; and that a copy of tills order be pub
lished once a week, !or tour successive weeks,
In the Memphis Appeal. This January 17, 1&7K.
A copy attest:
EDMUND A. OOLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHisky, D. C. aud M.
H. Clay King, Sol, forcoiupl nt. jalH sat
1840, 1873.
CHMCERY sat.bs
lluucerr Sale of Beat atat.
try Court, of Shelby
1 S. A. Norton vs. J.
Saturday, Febrnary 15, ls13.
Willi 111
A. Wnrr
.01 lieins
1 11 nook
.lx-ri -'l
mm '
a Shells
m. , Hi. 1 1 .
tie plan of
Dp ntn, between Waablngtoa mtul Ad. a.
and equity of redemption burred. Thin Jan
unry H, mm
E. A. VM.K. 1 Wit and Mauler.
K. eclif-r A Belcher, Attorney.
Jal.i.i: -.'i:ie,. u. 15
Chancery Sale of Keal EhUte.
No. 12S, O. P.
I will
esl bid.
Office I j
city of
sery 'oortof Shelby
it et al. tv Kenneth
,tr. el
U now permanently eatal.ilabed for the treat
went of pallente. uoUi male and female,
wbo are afflicted wltn any form ot
mrh aH Hjrphlllla, Uonorrhea. Uleet, Ktnctnre'
and ali I nn7 inarm; 9yphlllltle or Met -canal
affection, of the throat, itiu or boner,
orchitw, hernia or rupture; aino, Uie .f-i.
of a solitary habit, ratnouM to the body and
i nil !
. For parr ;
Jit of nix mi;
EI'M I'S Li A. 1 Of.i., Clerk am
H.Clay King. Attorney. Jni:
Chancery Sale of Real
a not requiring nla
fflce. OIDce rionra
joHJfsoy, MJ).
Trustee's slale.
Y virtue ot the power in me vetd by a
..-1 r.. inaoe ana exeeat.1 im ii,
Court of rtli.
v.. E. C. Br
TTIii' MEM THIS APPEAL ;k uow thor
oughly identified with the people of Tennes
see, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas. It
has been in existence thirty.two years, and
popular as it has heretofore been, the present
proprietors are determined to render it still
more worthy of its past history, and of the
confidence which the public repose in it. Its
circulation and general patronage Ls now
nearly doable that which it has enjoyed at
any lime during IU long career; but we de
sign, during the year 1873, to extend Its field
and to increase its usefulness. This we expect
to do by'pubiishlng a
the I
Monday, February -24. ivj:i.
of 13 o'i
beiug U
slon or
Saturday, January i i, I S73,
legal hoars,
uui I
eh. to
ty, to
lying irt of
: Be
t, t wo
or .
9 links to a slake; then.-e south witl
Person's line iW chains to the beeinn
which will je soid ii. eording bin
file herein, siibdiv lding same into fou
lermn of Sale 'ine-tuird cai-li
itt one and two vears: notes retiun
; balance
mX with
oru date;
eed. The title to above is deemed perfe. -.
WILLIAM a! LIDDE3T, Trustee.
L'. W. Miller, Attorney. Jat
E A. i OLE. Clerk and Master.
Wright McKissick. AUornej ..
! !; u-jnn l--i---;.
Supreme Court Male.
Journal of this Section ?
No. in. r'lrst Chancery Docket. in SaDn me
Court at Jackson. mm E. 'rvin, Ailm'r oi
John B. Davis, dec d, vs. William u. Kord.
Y virtue of a decree pronounce,! by the
Valuable Plac tation Im St. Fran
cis County, Arkansas.
BY virtue of a deed of trust to me executed
by C. R. Baas to secure certain tlnliiktliil
neas tuerein mentioned, which is recooded iu
'.4 V : .u;e '., iqo : rk s . -rti.- . sva. .'
r lancis 'nnty. Arkansas, dated theJlthday
of May, LS7U. L as trustee, will sell.
On Tuesday. February .,
Rimiiii, on Secoud lr -t, in the city oi Mem
phis, vilhin legal L.uo . ou
Friday, iht 71 It day of February. ix;j,
Special Telegraphic Dispatches.
The Asset-La ted Press Dispatches.
Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.
Full Market Reports.
The Progress of Bailroads.
Information for Merchant and Producer.
Every Kind of Political Intelligence.
Discoveries in Science and Art.
Original Poetry and Stories.
Agricultural and Farm Intelligence.
The following by Telegraph Kvery Day:
Proceedings of Congress.
Proceedings Tennessee Legislature,
Proceedingsrkansas Legislature,
Proceedings Mississippi Legislature,
ews Embracing Everythingof Interest.
A Very Fine and Very Large Residence
in Oxford, Mississippi.
W No money required as rent, but meals
for three persons and their servant required
as the rent. Seven large anil handsome rooms !
delivered lo tlie tenants, uud two servant.,' j
rooms and a large gnrdeu and orchard and al!
uxeasar; out-buildings, all in perfect ordei
Address Uox IT, Oxford, Miss, deal daw '
lu a word, as a great newspaper, the Ar
pkal will have no superior in the Southwest.
The Daily will be the history of the world for
one day and the Weekly will contain every
thing that will interesl-lbe country readers.
Believing tlie advancement of our common
industrial, commercial aud agricultural pros
perity, to be the chief end of genuine Journal
ism, the Appeal will make these paramount
Kvery county and town of prominence
should have good papers. The Appeal does
not propose or desire to suppl mt or interfeie
wilh the weekly country pap.-. -.. On the con
trary, it will club with them .in the most lib
eral terms, and co-operate with them for mu
tual protection, and in all plans for advancing
the newspaper fraternity, the prosperity of
the country, and the welfare of the people.
In politics the Appeal will remain Demo
cratic or Conservative, and, in elections in
volving political issues, it will support the
candidates w ho favor its views, from an abid
ing faith in the power of organization to ac
complish good results, and a belief that the
party's will when honestly expressed and
crystalized in a uomination, is the best ex
pression of its effective power.
Dally, per annum 810 oo
Suaday. per annum 4 o
Weekly, per auniiin 3 30
Weekly, clubs or Ave or mure 00
It Union Street, : : Memphis, Tenn
ihe n?al
M&id dv r
On? l
Shelby- r
and ieoU
city as ki
ami wliii
sireei, on
Htrwt Til
fVf, tlirt
ami call
lb fum
tn a det
Ford ;u
nine 9.
iflouvd iuid deoriiMfU in
in thi' oily oi' Memphis,
TUe e'tuity of reOemption in and to Maid
iroperty i-. expr??!y waived ;n aid tniL
.eed, ami ibe uile i believed to b perfert.
mt 1 sell and convey only aa trnMee, subject
i ikll ;in:Lmibraofs.
H. D. BL'LKLjK V, Tnnrtre.
M-mpliiii, Tenn., Jan nary lo, ItCi. J;i
described in Uie deed ; reieibse !
BridneK. tntee, Id .xut Kord. date
the 17th. lfC .uui rtnLstered in boo No. Any
one (51i, pai(t one liun tretl and Hfty-eisht
(15j. (the objects in tbe laatdeetl being to re
store the title of said brow and lot to said
Ford, the debt in the deed of trust being satis
fied;. And, also, one other piece or parcel of Land,
known and desijjiiaud :is lot No. u-ii lo, in
the subdivision oi th-j cs-ate oi A. Ii. . :irr, de
ceased, upon the plan ol i he same as made out
by the surveyor. M. A. Kerr, May "J!, IV, and
(Hi file in the case tkt John K.'arr ;wainst
Nancy J. Can and othem in i'h- caiicery
Court of Memphis, final numb . i rliecam
sixteen hundred and thirteen i. :ind the
same lot of land decried by said court in sain
canse to John K. ailaram A la, and by them
conveyed to W. J. Davie, May 31, l-j9t by deed
registered In book: No. thin -five
hundred and seventy-three ;5Tn, and by
said Davie eonveyed to said William (i. Ford
on tlie fith oi June, Ifi0, bv deed registered in
book No. fortv-fotir ( 44 , page hve hundred
of seven (T months. Th
required to execute note
mou.'V, with approved I
will be retained upon ti
purchase money is paid,
tion barred. January 7, I
Wright A McKiswick.
LUity of redeinp-
:KM.L, Uerk.
or. Jart
Attaehmenl Notice.
Before JAMES HALL, Justice of the Peace
for Shelby count , Tenueee. Tale j: Co.,
rlrm rompoHed of Simeou Tate an ( 31. (J.
Tate. vs. James Jonen.
tlou MS6 of the Code ol Tennessee, that the
defendant Ls a uou-resldent of tlie tate o
Tenneaaee, and is justly indebted to tiio
plaintiffs in the sum of two hundred :ilu
forty-seven dollars, and that the claim ;s just,
due and unpaid, and an attachment having
been issued by me and returned by the proper
officer levied, 'tc. :
It la therefore ordered. That tLe defendam
appear before me, at my office. No. -I?) Second
street, Memphis, Tennessee, on the :24th day oi
January, 1X7:1, at lu o ciock a.m., :m.l delend
this suit, or the same will be proceeded with
exparte; and that a copy of this notice be
published onrc a week, for iour weeks eonsee
ntlvely, in the Memphis Dally Appeal. De
cember ls. -CJ. JaMKs HALL, J. P.
Fowl ken A Wright, Att'ys for pltffs. de!9 th
r I virtue of a Deed of Trust to me executed
tt s-iielby county, Tenneee, datetl l!th day
r April. ItfTU, 1, aa Trustee, will sell, on
Friday. 7th February, 1873,
Lietween the hours of 10 and !- o'clock, al the
muthwest corner of Main ami Madison streets,
and more particularly described
east half of liie
l'i.t- e,(iiily of redempuon in and to said
proiHirty la exprenaly waived in said Trust
I veil, and the title is believed to be perfect.
but I convey only as trustee.
J. 2J. FORD, Trustee.
-. Tennessee, January H. 1ST... j;i7
Attachment Notice.
No. L531, A. I). In the First circuit. Court of
.Shelby county, Tennessee. M. L. Meacham
4 Co. vs. J. 11. Perry.
IN this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section .4456 of the Code of
Tennessee and returned iuloC'oart,lev:ed upon
personal propertv of the defendant. J. H.
Perrv. and affidavit, havins been made that
the defendant is justly indebted to plaWM
In the sum of IM by account, aud that the
defendant ls a nou-resident of tin s;lte 01
Tennessee, or lias fraudulently disposed of, or
is about frauduin: v ,i ,-nspose t,f m.s prop
erty :
It is therefore ordered. That said defend
ant, J. H. Perry, make bis personal ap-
Karance herein, before the Judge of the
rst Circuit Court of Shelby nmnty, at
the Circuit Courthouse, in the city oi Mem
phis, on the third Monday in January next
Sale of T nFtULCl.
"NDEIt deed of trust made to me by Leon
dower1, aL the depot, in Collierville, Tennen
on the
Itb Day of February. 173.
the f(
c unt
laml. in the
rennemee, a
p one ,1 ) and
ilo'A iug described tr:i
r of Shelby and Btaft
I section seven iT row
iour 4): Berlnnina at the southeast
r of said section and running north
hundred and twenty i32D) rods to a:aK- ;
e east sixty rods to a take: thence south
hundred and t wenty Z3 rods to : staJc-;
weal sixt y 0, rods to a stake at the be-
. one tract described as follows: Begin
t a stake tn the road a.. Tal ley's line and
r purpom of se
described in the
this order be published once a week, for four
consecutive weeks, in the Memphis Appeal.
Done at office this l::th dav of December,
1ST-'. KKANK TAFT. t.'lerk.
By B. K. I'olkman, Deputy Clerk. del sat
ty of redemptic
'aid trust deed. 1
nlv. J. A. FIj
e, Tenn.. lauuarv
Petition for Charter.
Attachment Notice.
No. 13et A. D. In the First Clrcuii Court of
Sheiby county. Tenn. Ford. Porter A Co.
vs. J. H. Matthews, J. A. -uddoUi. and drm
of Matthew-, suddolh .t Co.
IN this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section &j, of Un- cod., of
Tennessee, aud returned into conn, levied
upon the property, moneys, goods and effects
of thedefendauis in th,- ,-ustody of ui .Ktna
Insurance Company by service ..f Sarnish
ment on H. A. Littleton .v Co , its n pi nig and
affidavit havtng been made that ti..lefend
anta are Justly indebted to plaintiffs in trie
sum of Sl.s.1) .i by a. count, and that the de
fendants are non-resident of the staLe of Teu
neseee; Matthews, Suddoth dt Co., make "t'hier per-
sonal appearance herein, before the Judge ol
the First Circuit Court of Shelby .-ountv. at
the courthouse in Uie city of Memphis, on mm
third Mouday in January next, and defend I
said attachment Bull within the time pre
scribed by law. or the same will be proceeded
with exparte. and that a copy of thiscrd.-r be j
published once a week, for tour cou.-cutive
weeks, in the Memphis Appeal.
I'one at office, this Wth dav of iv.'embcr,
iii.Z. KtUNK'TAC, Clerk.
Hy B. F. Colkmam, lepiily Clerk. U
W. Armstead Collier. Atty for PriBXiiclTtu
No. 77!l-ln t
Chancery Court of thelby
lry M. Ferguson. U. ii
, w. w. MClNiweii. p.. Marshall,
J. Persons and George Gantt, of
y, Tennessee; James W. Madde n
aud J. r . iUioertson. of Davidson
nessee, have filed a petition tu
.raying to be incorporated under
lan .-ounty. I
tashvtlle and
able walerin
:th all the
irporate, to
Attachment Notice.
No. 147!, A. D.-ln the First Clrcu.
Hhelby cuutv, Tennessee. Win.
law vs. M. M. Kick.
Tennessee, and returned into Con
upon the property, moneys, goods
( Cour
B. Ore
.ng t
le Coit
said miui
d, and that
of this order be publlshi-,1
the Memphis Appeal. This
Diner, 1M7Z.
. COLE. lerk and Master.
Deputy I '. and M.
.1!. sols, for petitioners, w.l
tition for Dirorce.
1840. 1873
ed to plaintiff in the sum of IMS d
maliciously, and without reason. ...
able cause.'flUnt; a bill and eaoatsa
ment to be issued out of the Firs
Court of Sheiby cocntv against III
and esiate of plaintiff. Win. B. (ire
causing his said property to beseiz
by the sheriff of Siielbv county, tl
of which damages is not yet aiceri
defendant is a non-resident of tf
I Tennessee:
It is therefore ordered. Thai
fendant, M. M. Buck, make hi:
i appearance herein, before the
1 the First Circuit CYmrt of Shell
i at the Circuit Courthouse, iu the cil
i phis, on the third Monday in Jar
I and defend said attachment -uei.
: time prescribed by law, or th sal
eeded with exparte; and that
order be published once a we,
v, R. D. in the Second Circuit Court ol
elby county. William Harris vs. Ella
ppearing from affidavit in ilus cause thai
li.it ;ue defendant, Mia Harris. :s a r.
of the State of Arkansas, and a nou-
ieut of the State of Tenn.
is therefore ordered, Tha: s s ,
Birifcr Importation of Masks.
L. D. -HCJ.
lor puuuim.
sick A T. B,TuHey,

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