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l ... : TrTT-j lWeeMW i jy' r .eejeygpi i 4 ' . ' imuymiL' iPbaOM
SUNDAY AJlEAX- .vi-A-BOBC 29, 1874.
ess (except Sunday), at
datf, at Freight
Ion (except Sundajs), a
at 4 p.m.. Mall
una Accoin-
KSVtlnS" except Sundajs), at 10:10 p.m.
at 10:10
Brownsville Accommodation, ats.su a,m.
Express (except Sundays), at5-J0 a m. ilall
oxerr day), at 1:10 p.m. Freight and Accom
modation (except1 Sunday), at 6:10 a.tn.
UrowusvJUeAcooxnmodalion, at 4:10 p.m.
' Depot aubead of Main street, f '
TlcVet)fflce, No.2a7 Main street, comer of
New Orleans Mall (everyday), at 250 p.m.
Express (every day), at 8:50 ajn. Freight (ex
cept Sundays), at 6:10 p.m.
New Orleans MailtfeWyiday), at 1 p.m.
Express (every day), ati'.15 p.mr"FreIght (ex
cept Sundays), at 6 25 a.m.
Depot at foot of Main street.
Tlcket-ofllce, No. piT.Malnbtrect, corner of
Madison. -;,
Alall (every day), at 16:10 a.m. Freight and
Accommodation, at 8 p.m.
.Mail (every day), at 5 p.m. Freight and
Accommodation, at 6 ami.
.Sleeplne-cars onjnail trains.
Enfoot Center IjKhding, foot of Washington
street. ,
Tfcket-.imces, no. mjt4 v corner jiamouu)
NoZ-SSfMaitfotrect. '
MaU and Freight, .it 10:05 a.m.
MaU and Freight, at 3 p..n. ,
The man and freight train" h.v fKton
for Memphis at 7 ajn. and rt?nrns toooviug-
Trains leaving Memphis will start from
Underwriters' arehouse.
Aitnivza: 11
JLall (every day), at 12:95 p.m. Express
(every day), at 125 ajn.
Mall (every day) :at,ll am. Express (every
tlart atS35 p.m.
Tv'ket-office, N'- SO Main street, corner
South Court. -
Advertised tn X.evc This Day,
s t Atite City of Helena in a.m
New Orleans.
.5 i.m
New Orleans
Glen co k. .
Ft. Frauds
J. N. Kellogg
Pat Rogers.
St. Genevieve
City of Qulncy..
GranH Tower.
..St. Louis
SU Louis
r Departed.
Belle Lee
New Orleans
New Orleans
St. Louis
St, Louis
City of Qulncy
.Dun Franklin-
SSC Francis
St. Genevieve
Grand Tower
J. N. Kellogg
Jehu Kilgour
..St. Louis
-New Orleans
In Port.
U. W. Cheek. Quickstep, City of Augusta,
Slary Boyd, Bannock City, Pat Rogers.
t7eattier, ItiverH and Business.
YesfjrdRy was clear aiid cold. The
sunuy si.'le of the street was sought for
by pedestrians, while overcoats and
wraps were ?orn by almost everybody.
The river decked oue inch, and now
stands thirty-two feet four inches above
low-water mark. A rise may be expect
ed in a few days, thongh we do not be
lieve it will amount to much. At Cairo
the swell was nine inche-s, at St. TjouIs
two iucbes, with a decline all other
points.. Business was only moderate,
in fact dull for Saturday.
March 2S. 1871. I
Ft. In,
1 Fall.
FU )ln.
Omah a
Daves port
Leaven wortt
Memphis .
New- Orleans
Yankton ...
Offlolal.) B. W. HHODK. Observer.
Movements or Iloats.
The St .Francis went out with a fair
twp. The Mary Boyd lays over until
Monday afternoon. The Bannock City
ant I City of Augusta were attached by
the sherifF yesterday on account of the
McLan tax-collector surety busi
ness. In another column will be
found the advertisement of the
good jsteamer Quickstep, with Captain
Billv iishford in command, and Milt
Harry as clerk. She will leave Tuesday
for all points on White and Little Bed
rivera without fail. As both gentlemen
are well known and very popular with
shippers and travelers, they cannot fail
to do well. The St Genevieve, from
St Louis, arrive near noon, put ofl 150
barrels of flour, barrels. of meal, 52
Lead of stock, addiiSOtonsway freight,
leaving for Vicksbu'rg at dark with a
COO-ton cargo. The C-ity of Quincy, for
New Orleans, passed i.vuth during the
afternoon, deeply laden, and did noth
ing here. The Belle Lee, or New Or--leans,
cleared after dark ith 3300 bales
of cotton. The John Kilgour, for New
Orleans, passed down after i1t rk with a
good trip of freight and passengers. The
.Ben Franklin took out 300 bales
of cotton for the Ohio river.
The St Francis, from WittsbuV, had
114 bales of cotton and 400 sacks o' cotton-seed.
The J. N. Kellogg turived
from above, with a tow of ice for this
city. The Pat Rogers, from Cincinnai i,
came in with 350 tons of western pro
duce for this city. The Grand Towerr
from St Louis, arrived before daylight,
with the following items: 135 sacks of
bran, 130 sacks oats, 239 sacks corn, 270
kegs beer, 62 casks bacon, 420 packages
lard, 46 bales cotton, 353 barrels of flour,
and 525 barrels of meal; she went back
-with 250 bales of cotton and 250 barrels
rvotatoes. It is rumored that the Belle
Lee will lay up for the balance of the
eeiison on her arrival at New Orleans.
Tiie telegraph informs us there were no
am vala at New Orleans yesterday.
Boatmen can congratulate themselves
on kt'owing that Memphis is not much
liehina" other cities on account of dull
limes aiid lack of business.
Boats to Lfaxe.
The Citx7 of Helena, Capt McKee,
will leave avf ten o'clock this morning
for Cairo, St Louis and all points this
hlp Mr Gev"rKe - Walton, is her
o Sver prime Minister. The most ele
gant Bobert Mitcll will leave this af
teraooa atflve Ca'ock for New Orleans
and way points. Ca Pt -DeSouchet com
mands. Charley ScUz, a clever gen
tleman, presides ill tas
The cowl steamer GtCncoe, with Cap
tcinT;S. Calhoun commanding,. will
Jeave this afternoon foriNew Orleans, at
aire o'clcksk.
XAtcnl JSews Drin.
In our local colunuis will be found the
-niSaraof a law.euit instituted by
ffi-ownera of this city, agamst Deai &
Wavne, of Cincinnati .The remains
fin Ostrander and Pilot Mundy
wereshipped on the Grand Tower tp ot
t n.iisJveaterday; those of a cabln-bpy Ut
rli a Vlya Iispatch we learn ,tflat
the remains of Captain Dawson we
Covered yesterday; all victims oftho
Crescent City disaster But two hay-
w a barge and a bran-boat remain
Sflatboat landing; the latter ar
livS a dayortwo W jfc
diana, and belongs to rc" "'Bello
Sneare. the popular clerk of the ueiio
Se, lies over here for a day or two.
.-he New Orleans Tkaywae of the
L ntv-seventh says: "Business about
Sdtas 'yesterday was disgusUngly
, 'i 'arge trip among them. Were it
singlei.ari"P" . Ju norf on0
no-S t i tempts to think that fly
might bo "l"! nfrnin. it is. indeed,
.r, seesuchinactivityatthis
ax ir, when there is orui
aeasonof the ye. rj . , BbiDments
jiarily so mucn u for better must
Surely, some change f it
take i p ace belore euniK woun(J or
be that bueinets isentirei. .,, rjfraid
the season." The Knox V1le l&
Buys: "Tlie recent rains tn. At
vunsiuerauie risu iu uic
t(n n'nlnnk last night a TK
full nin ffnt was noted, with
river still rising rapidly. The walerb,
however, are eomiug up gradually, and
nofoarsofafreshet in the;Holston. are
entertained. The Aide will enable boats
Above low
Feet. ln's.
1 7
8 6
X) 3
17 6
6 4
21 9
9 8
82 4
42 11
27 6
"l "I"
6 7
6 7
4 I 2
from the French Broad to bring down
V...A Tejfai? corresnondenjfef$he Baltif
more -Americaglve&orne? items Ibout
Captain King, mho wa formcrljia
steamboat captain, but settled ui Texas,
anu turned nls attention to cattle-graz
iug long before the war. His is retrard
ed as the greatest of all the cattle-ranches
in Southern Texas, and is located
about, thirty-eight -Jnile3outhwestjf
Oornna nhriafi nr Hnrif f jr3orri1il&a
creek.' Captain King hasjan' fiiclbsed
thobgli he oViTia. about onjiuBdredfid
fifty thousand acres of land m Nueces
and Duval counties. The entire stock
held by him at the present time is fifty
tnousand neau or cattle, twenty thou
sand head of sheep, and ten thousand
head of horses The Sioux City Jour
nal of Tuesday says: "An immense
gorge Is reported in the river at Bon
Hommo island, and thewatec was ex
tremely low at . YankfonVyesferday
morning iti 'consequence Thejtcountry
is saltl' to "be Hooded iu the vicinity of
tne gorge, ana it is tnouguc mat a new
cnaniiei will be cut." brom the St.
.Louis Globe we learn that the Susie
Silver had a narrow escape from burning
on Wednesday iijght. She caught fire
inlhe captSiS'a frornlfrom aiptoveipipe
uiai nasses'inrouRiicit. -uantain Oliver
had a lot of rclbthlng hanging against
the bulkhead, whlch-tookliirSiand' 6om
muuicated to the boat. The watchman,
luckily, was on the hurricane deck, and
discovered it In time to prevent a disas
trous fire. The loss to the boat was
trifling, but Captain Dave's" Sunday suit
took the new 'chute, that is, it was
'cremated.' " TheVickabHrg JETenald,
of the twenty-sixth, gives ;the,follpwiug
description of how matter's" "stands 'at
that point: .IThe damp distrjqt isr still
widening and the river very-radullly
but very steadily extending its
llimila'untll! tberd is .verySlittle levee
room left, and if Captain Wilkerson
ehondiuive a great.deal of cotton for
the Bad i?ob Lee to-morrow he would
ecarcely kno'w where to put it, unless he
stowed it'awav 'n the wharfboat The
approaches to the ,erry; landing havj
narrowed down to onC street, the eaine
being accessible from au7 other direc
tion only by boat. Steamers landing
below the wharfboat bbldly throw their
stage-plank on the sidewalk and roll
their freight right info the stores.- Tfie'
elevator folk "all stay up stairs," and will
not have any 'busiuess to. pall them to
either the first or second "floor tor the
present. The water
2T is 'kinder' high all
-.a iiki i E If I
round." . i .
The financial position is still one
of masterly inactivity that it is iuact
ive we know from the impossibility of
discovering 'any iSalerial onwh'icli ?lb
found a money report:' that itls;master
ly we presume from its persistence. Tix-
cbange.wa3 In good supply on the whole,
but was distributed very unequally.
Bates remain at par buying on New
York and J premium selling; par on
Boston and other eastern cities; J dis
count on New Orleans. In stocks or
bonds not a .thing could beSheard'of.
ForJcold1 thelbrokers" were' paying Jllto!
111. The Nashville Union of Friday
reports: "Tennessee bonos are quiet and
unchanged, closing in New York at 69
and 90J. "We bear of no transactions In
them hierc, but suppose they may be
quoted at C9J and 90. The past-due cou
pons are worth about 70. Comptroller's
warrants are very scarce,witht none on
the market. They may beijubled at 97
beving and 9S selling. - - . ..
Memphis' Klsesr 6ne-coupon.ii i46-
N 1 eolgon'Pavemen t soripv;iSi..'Si-i i45ir&50
Shelby county scrip lO g91
Charleston railroad stocks. . 11
Tennessee ajtiw lssae.... .:..;.. SO S5
Comptroller's warrants 9i 99
Arkansas State scrlo 5a 58
The cotton mabket was quiet yes
terday. There was a fair inquirybut
buyers and fellers were, apart;, thekfor
mer thinking the latter narlyJc t)
high. It was Saturday, 4ko w'evef, and
there was a good deal of shipping to do,
while the telegrams had nothing in them
to stimulate business. The bulls of the
New York market had taken advantage
of the action of congress on the infla
tion of the currency to rushr up prices
the dav before, but somo reaction threw
a flat feeling into tne market (The fol
lowing prices, from actual tales, were
reported to us: Ordinary, 1010c;
strict ordinary, -lljc; strict good
ordinary, 14ic; strict good ordinary to
low middling, 14c; low middling, 15c;
strict low middling, lSfc. New York
telegraphed a dull, and easier, mar
ket at ip5; New Orleans; was quiet
and easy at 16c, and sales of 2000
bales; Liverpool was- dull; -.sales ,of
10,000 bales at SSJd. The follow
ing wers the closing prices: Savannah,
16c; Mobile, 10c; Charleston, 10c;
Galveston, 17c; Memphis,- 15JCT The
following are the oiUcial figures of the
Cotton Exchange :
Inrerlor to low o.-tUnarr-..;
Ordinary WKsllJj
Good oraitiary nrnr ,-v$sau
Low mladling . 1415)4
Middling lgfi
Strict middling ... I16sg
Qoodmlddling. XiQ ,
Market strong; offerings light; de
mand chiefly for medium grades. Sales
1100 bales,-of-wbich exportera-took.300
and spinners 800 bales. Beceipts at the
ports for one day, 9,781 bales, against
8,506 last week, and 6,549 same time last
1874. 1873. 1S72.
Beceipts to-day 99 1,125 C6
Receipts last (Saturday. 1,377 1.657 C10
sinee-Fxiaar Lr..rtt99" iii25- kw
Rec'ta same time last Wk iriu
Same time Week; before 1.5S0
KecelDte since SevU lst.3Sl.21l
.'1 630
Ktockon-Tumd 41,020
tVUipments to-day.
R.iiLnth.3,166; sonth,26
Rl rSr. nBtrh. 29: south.
Tot-U shipments 10,696
The followlngls life visible supply of cotton,
ai reported iy the New York Chronicle of
March 7Ui: a (
Liverpool (bales).-..,.-,-, . TSl'K?'
Total Great Britain stock.,...
k . 4 .nu...
Barcelona ...
llambarg... .
Antvfirn -
Other coulincntal ports-
Total continental stocks..
Total Kuropean Blocks..........
India cotton afloat for Knrope .,
American cotton alloat for JJnrope- .
Kjcypt. Brazil, etc-, alloat lor Europe,.
United Slates pons.
llnltod States interior towns ....
UntteU States exports this week
Total visible supply,....
.. 20,000
Liverpool stock American.
Continental stock American
American stock afloat for Kuroo
.UnltecUH tales stock
I'nltedS tales interior stock
United States exports this Wecfc. .
Total American
Liverpool stock-India, Brazil, etc
London -stock India, IlraeUreto. s-l4oo
Continental stock-Indla,Bn-ll, cts-K..
Indla alloat for Europe.-: -.. 5'V00
Jigypt, Brazil, etc., alloat for tuiope 5000
Tolal East India .
Total American .
TotaLvlsible Supply. ---. -.XbC3
.animation, notwithstandinphe' arrival
01 ooaia irom a.oove, oecauso ujud cid
next-to no arrivals of Avantedt articles.
Corn was higher, for the arrivals were
limited to a lot of 23i sacks hich sold
at 77c, 78c was offered afterward: no
oats or bran, came in,. Jior jtereutnere
any transactions. Cornmeal was irreg
ular; the principal-dealer Was selling at
$345, but others were holding out of the
market for $355 and $3 00. Potatoes have
lost their importance and prices are any
thing but satisfactory to dealers;
neachblowa fell at $2 752 90, accord
fnc to quality and.condltlon ; russets and
ninkeves are nominal : , we heard of a
SSifnrf he latfcrtoafSBrftf Had
at c2 10. Vegetables from New Orleans
are in favor; we give some pnw
low. We can find no apples offering,
;QOTnnr atI3(ftl4c: lots offer-
7 rivals were 150 boxes,
whicu "swarapeu w iu' tCZ
to dq. uib s iaiaM tntr
course .of-
a - week. itowiry -1
.inirq...' no reeese: nor
scarce: '-no-'
,n -keys. Chickens a.,n,,?ffffliuu
on oiv'tJ iuavuiiAcu-'w'u0.
a'lhensg6. - Mutter 'retains bi quota
tion but the stae of'tHB wtstern markets
indicates lower prices at any earlyidate.
itocortand.the other articles of the;hog
prqductreain unchanged, butin cons' -queneQj
adyance ih tho- first, markets
rates are very..fsuiy witn au upwaru
look. The following quotations are
from the 8t. Iioulff Democrat, of Friday
"Connieal $2 20a2 30 city . mills de
livered.' Eggs plenty and slomiat 10(3
iujc. (utter lowec ana tenamg uowr.
Keceipts increasing ami stocks accumu
latiup; buyers operating from hand to
mouth, and take only a current
days supply won't carry any; stock.
We quote full, prices to-day : RcD, good
to. .choice joorthern, 3? to 36c; ,iear.by'
make, to ii(s; packed, common, to
falrt 20 to 28c; good to prime, 29 to 82J;
choice dairy and extra selections, 35 to
3637c; some old stock (for baker'-use)
sold yesterday and' to-day at Jl618c.
Potatoes are firmer, and prices taore in
sellers' favor; demand better; stiles, 130
bbls small seed early-rose atfS3 90, deliv
ered, 100 bbls choice do., in store, at
$4 25, half car do. atl 45 perbushel,
delivered, 1 car peachulows, in sacks, at
SI 38, delivered, 1 car do. tit $1 -37J, de
livered all eastern.; river lots 00 bbls.
peachblows at $3 25, 93 sacks, do. at
SI 34 per bushel, 100 bbls russet at$2 35,
50 do, at $2 75, 50 pinkeye at ?2 15, 16
peerless at$2 SO, delivered also36 rose
at $4, delivered. Sales of chickens at $2
for cocks. 225(52 50 for mixed, and
$-2 753 or hens only extra lots at the
upper ligure.'7
Quotation are for round Ids, unlesi oiheruHie
expressed'; and for feed and produce, levee'
rates For tmall purchastt and orders, rates
ArrLis Kalr to fancy. Sl.&036 50, price
jiominai ; no stock.
iiAcoi ujear siaes, ajjKscr ciear n o siaes
VSyiWi, snomaers,ij4(niSQ: nams, nyix
orcakiast oacon, iii2 c
jmM3 Accoratng to quality, sags .o.
Mean -Held at 822.
Butter No common offiirine: EOod.W(3l0c :
choice. 42ai4c5saie of 15. rackases choice at
Chickens Bcarce ; sold fvt 55(33.
Coai, Oiii Per gallon, in store. 19c.
Cabbagbs Fresh Louisiana SUH312.
IVnnt Vnm. .Da. 3
Ciikksk Factory. 175i(Sl!Jc: "English dairy.
CoiLNitKAL Sales at S3 45: some holders ask
ing 5iiJ ana jjwi.
Coltx-Only one lot arrived, ZSlsackjWhlch
Dried Fbdit ADDles. 12(S13ci neaches
StTCKS Per dozen, r4S4 E0; noneoITenng.
Egos Per dozen, 1314oj: plen;lfnl
Flouk Quiet at S3 75(89 i5in store.
Fisn -Dried cod, extra lirge, drumii,62c;
quits Per barrel, 85 50. t
.Gebsb Per doz,So6; none offering. .
GkocKkies Sugar, crushed, powdered and
grandulated, per lb.. In baitiel, Uf12c;sort
refined yellow and 'white. In barrels, 9;llc;
biown and yellow in hhds,. 810c. Molasses,
Louisiana, new, in barrels, i075c;sugaibouse
asvrnps nominal. Malt, domestic, by ttteca
Ioadr.$210215per280-lb barrel. Coffej,JUo,
per lb, inferior to choice, 29322c. Candles,
star, perlb,17l!ic. lllce, S$Q3c. Starch, 69
5ic. Soda,8aSo
Hominy Per barrel, 31 7535.
Hat Per ton, ?1120: strictly choice timo
thy, E21.
Lkmons Per box.S4 755.
IiAitD In tierces, In iegt IQ
10is; pails, XVti&loke; in cases, 12Jlfc.
l,rvx Stock Beef cattle choice, scaroe and
active at 23c; good, 34c: choice, -l$ac.
Cows and calves dull at S25JJ.40 f beep,
choice, 56Je. Hogs scarce at 0s5Jio; all gross
weights. Mules, 51109140. Horses In litt!e de
mand at 56OS10O; choice, 515OQ150. Oxen( 640O
60. ,
N Aits Per keg at 35(34 50.
Oats Nothing doing; In Wore, 60G2c
Osroks Choice red and yellow, J7tiythe
single barrel.
OHAKQEs-'Per box, 53 tX8: large, toxes,
S3Q9; bbls., SS.
Potatoes Peachblow&at 52 75Q2 DO; other
Pork Bulk clew sides, SJ((39c; clear rib
sides, 8gsjc: shoulders", 6:it3jio lor psked
nnd loohe; hams, SiSc; mess ?ork,
SIR 75317.
Ttbkeys JTone in market.
yiEttKTABi.KS Green peas, 5350 per liack;
new potatoes, 510811 per barrel; cucumbers,
52per4oz.;peets,542oQ1.50iei bbl.rcelery.Sl
per doz.
HEW YORK, March 28. Money mor. ac
tive thlsafternoon at 45 percent, with t. few
exceptional transactions at 0 per cent. For
eign exchange closed dnll and steady nt4S5
for primp brokers' sixty-days and 488 for de
mand. 'Gold closed at IU, after 'selling at
111JJ and U2;. Rates paid lor carrying, 4&-B,
"3, 2,2 ana 1 per cent to flat. Clearances,
578,003,000. Treasurv operations forthe veek
at the New York oulce Included the disburse
ment of 5260,000 for Interest and in redemp
tlon of 5-20 bonds, and the receipt of S2,4(G,200
for customs. Specie shipments lor the week,
Slb5,000, mostly sliver bars. Governments
closed steady ; United Stat4 coupons of 18S1,
lJUyt, do. tK's iiit6;iio. a-ars n,iiif8;
s'fo. I20K; do. 5-20's 'S5, new, 119; do.
6-20's '67. 120V2: do. 5-20's '68. 120: new 5's. llSfi
10-40's, lllji; currency 6's, 117. State bouds
quiet and nominal; illssourl, W; Tennensee,
old, t0: Tennessee new, S0:"Virglnln, new,
35; Virginia old, 32; Iorth Carolina,
old, 2S?i; North Carolina, new. 21K- The
stock market opened lrregulir and in the main
lower, on rumors', from Washington that the
treasury would sell from three to Ave mil
lions of gold next month. Krie was alle ;t?d
by reports of fallingoff in earnings for March;
later in the day prices advanced. Market
firm during the last hours of business, cloning
at nearly the highest point ol the day. The
leading features were Union Pacific, Xake
Sbore,Taclflc Mail, Western Union, and (J. C.
& I. C.r sales between ten and two o'clocjc ag
gregated 1(3,000 shares, 25,0(0 of which' -fere
Western Unlon,28,0C3 Union Pacific, 13,000 "iVa
bash, 12.0C0 Pacific Mall, SG.0JO Lake Shore,
6000 St. Paul and 5000 Erie. Quotations:
Canton, 75; Western Union, 80K; QuIcksUver.
27; Adams Express, 98; Wells 4 Fargo,
77; American and M. U. Express, ti24: United
Stales, 71i Pacific MaU, 4SJ6; New York Cen
tral, 101J4; Erie, 40S; Erie.preierred, 60:llar
lem, 12J; Harlem, prefeired, ISO; Michi
gan Central, bOK; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne nnd
Chicago, ; Northwestern. 57; Northwest
ern, preferred, TJ; Itocte. Island, 107J; Hew
Jersey Central, 107; St. Paul, 4ir au Paul
preferred, 6i; Vabash, 45Ji; Wabash, pre
ferrod,71: Fort 'Wayne, 9Jl;rerre Haute,
12r Terro Haute", preferred, o; Chicago ilnd
Alton, 103at Chlca?o & Alton, preferred, 107;
Ohio and Misslhsippi, 81?J; C... C. C., 73;
Burlington and Qulncy, 104; Union Paclnc,
37; Cent, Paclflo bonds, 94rUulon Paclflc
bonds, 80; Delaware- and Lackawana, ,111;
Hartford and Erie, l
IiONDON, March 23, 5 p.m. Amount of
bullion gono into tho bank of England on bal
ance, to-day, 10,060. Consols for money, 1)1
92; for account, 92; U. 8. coupons, 5-20's
'65. 109; do. '67, 109; 10-10's, J04; new5's,
101. : . ,
PARIS, March 2?.-RentG5 59r.85c.
NEW YORK. March 2S. There is a sluggish
movement in domestic productions from llrst
hands, butthe Jobbing trade was more active.
Cotton goods feverish and'.Irregular In prlco
with agents and Jobbers. Cottonades selling
more' 'freely at reduced prices.- .Kcdbaak
sheetings are reduced to 8c; colored cottens
and rolled Jaconets quiet: prints and percales
active j woolen goods dulf; fortlgn and tto
mestlq dress goods brisk:
LIVERPOOL, March 28, 120 p.m.-Cott5n
dull and unchanged; salen, 10,100 bales, of
which 1000 bales were for export and specula
tion; February shipments Xroni -Savannah
or Charleston, nothing belqw good ordlnaiy,
8d; April and Maj shipments fromSavan-
middling Orleans,
n.m. Snip. 11
speculators, acocbales; Amirlcan,3700 baliiF.
Quotations nncnangrat.
4S0l p.m. February shipments from Nw
Qrleans,.nothlng below good ordinary, 8 E-l(d.
CHAKLESTONi March 28. Cotton receij ta
.1181 bales;marketqnlet;mlddllng,16c
SAVANNAS, March 2S Receipts 2700 halts;
markot-quletj middling, 10c
NORFOLK, March 28-Cotton rccelptf, 1!
CINCINNATI. March 2S.-Cottoa steady ai d
In moderate demand at 153i 1
NASHVILLE. March 2S.-Cotton Tfa-
changed, 13Bl4c.
ST. LOUIS. March 23. Cotlon in- cood de-
mand at full prices; mlddlliiR, 15JJ o,
LOUISVILLE, March 2S.-CotUm Armor ,t
G.vLVSTON. March 28,-Cotton-recelnls.
917 bales; market Arm and demand fair; mil-
diing, i.e.
'lOBILTJ.fMarclf C8.r-Cottotlr?5-eceIpts,R
bales, anu tuu more expecieu ; mar net nrm at.a
demand good, offerings light; middling, 16c.
NF.W ORLEANS. March 28. 11:30 a. m.
a. , . n.l .1,1.1... ,1 r.rt.? . rnl.JH.f. If..' .
sales, 10O0 bales; reoelpts,47l bales. Freights
to Mverpooi, mui, yjju; auiaai,yi steam .0
New York, c.
2 p.nuMarket. 4ulet and easy; middling,
lCc; sales 2000 bales; receipts, 1227 bales.
bales; buyers and sellers are apart, and prices
aroeeneraUy easier; good ordinary, to strict
good ordinary, lSJ4Hc; low mlddllcg tfl
strict low middling, . l&J-Ol'Sc; middling- to
strict mlddUug, lbW&;. good mlddlin,?,
i7Un. iteceims, DS0 bales: exports to Great
Britain, 5106 bales; to the continent. 7506 balei;
pAnrtwiso.3802 hales: stock', 112.423 bales: un
sold, l32,7pOa.es. ;
steady: ordlnaryj J2c; good, ordinary, 14Kii;
sUlctgood.ordinary,l5c; low mlddllns,15Ki:
middling, iajtc;JUahanialiCt Orleans and
Texas, 170. . e ..,
10'25 a,m-f aiuroi quiui mm cuy , AjLirii, jg
I8 1-1S; May, 16 7-lt16 9-16c; June, J7:i7
m. om rvittnn Pntnrel.' easy; March. :
15-lBQl6c:Aprll, 1610 lrl6o:Mayil87.16S16;;
Junetl615.16017cTjnlyl7to 1 IJ.Kksr ngtwt,
so far to-day lor Intnro dellvtiry, 6400 bales.
i.innn,-vniTirH itnrp.lv..steadv: March.
-tr fnn r.iKn.calmijls-'Uabales.''
12:13 p.m. ixjtton uuii uuu ,
ry.lS'ic, ofllclal;12Jic,unofflclaI. Other quo
tatlons unchanged. Saleafor export, 100 baleii;
last evening, ouu uaics; lu njiuucio uvuv,
evening, 117 balesrtoSpecnlalMrs, 69 bales; laiit
eveninc.euuuiesjuo urnve 'uuaeijMuorou
lng. fcObalos. , fe, f 4 '
l?lnrh'AM'nlr.drfJlvpmoir. cable luo' Xul-
lowlngtoC. A'v Easlon'of thiS'Ct.yS' Bombay
JPCVUW liuui-iaif w tu,iuu IUB1VI., wiw lj l,
exports .to, Great Britain name dime, ,25X
halts; to crfutlhS'nt'' saiho time, 25,000 baleti;
blocii nuoat in uumuiy naru-jr, i,(.vu utiles.
NEW YORK. March 23.-Flnnr steady: su
perflno western and Htau;. 5 806 15 Rye
iioor.Sl 755 60. Cornmeal western, S375(??i 35.
Wheat quiet; No: 2prlng Chicago, ll'bOQl 52.
ivyt,-, uc(ij;i uo. uaney ana mail uncnangeo.
Corn dua and lower; now western mixed, 75
00c. urns uuii auc lower; cican mixea west.
ern,53a62c Jlar.Siaiie. ilons unchanged
Coflee quiet; Rlo,I24Kc Sugar firm : fair
to good) reaniii,v7M7Wc.' iIolasesnd rlco
nulet nnd unchanged. Petroleum is firmer
crude, 7c ; 'teflned,' lb3lblic. . Turpentine is
steady at 47J4c Pork firm ; new mess, S16 60
jo to.- X4430I piHin- mess, u4(auc uim nrm ;
prime steam, 9Jc sjoU "VS'h&ky steady at OSc,
CINCINNATI, MarchUS-Flour quiet ; extra
family, J0 70a7 Wheat, dull. and drooping;
SI 4331 4o. Corn ouietbnt stead v: mixed. 5
,c. .uaxs auu ona prices, aroopiug; bo
pwouj ttim iu muaoi'M'iii.ciiiuuu a
SI 05. Barlev dull .nnd nrices nominal
Pork in fair demand and market firm at 1(1
Lard in fair demand and market Arm : steam.
SifC; kettle, 8e. Bullr -meats -6trongjshonl-
aers somo); clear rib, sc; wear, Kissxc
Isacon In lair demand and market ilrm;
Buouiuers, oc ; 9iear no, uc; Clear, ujQac
t uu.iy quiet ana nrm at lac.
umCAUO,jaarch28 Flour, quiet and un
changed. Wheat steady wlUiaimoderatode
maud: No. 2 snrlne Chlcaeo. 1 191 21. on
spot. Corn .is In lair demand, but at lower
rates; regular, 61Jgo; strictly fresh, CSic Oats
dull and nominal. Rye steady-nod in moder-
eraie uemana; na.rm&vzs. wariey scarce,
nrm and higher: No.SsprlngjSl 3SI 39. Pro
vllons unsettled4ind Irregular, opening with
an advance- oh pork: and lard, tut at'closlng
the advan'fie-was lest. Messpcrt, S15; on spot.
Lard, 59 15,onspot. Bulk meats demand fair
and prices advanced Vic: shoulders. fMMaXc.
Bacocbsteadyvinmoderatedemand, and prices
uacuungeui -tym&By, whj.
ST. LOUIS, March 28.-F2onr dull, but un
chanced. "Wheat-8Drinirstadv; No.2 snrinir
vuivugu, vi i-t. 4tu urmer jtuq a iracuon
hetter;Nd;2mIxed, ClKcon track. Oatsfirm
uuu a iracuon oeLier on tracu
Barley don : No.
higher at D3(ii94ci Wh:
higher at?lo75ftil0. Drvsalt meatfl-tlrm and
ficUvo;f tending up; shoulders and clear lib,
ior casn; clear np,ij; clear, 8jc. Bacon
Arm and tending upward; loceo clear, 9!4c.
Lard firm at 9c. .
,. L0Ul3vn,LE. 31 arch 2S.-Flour quiet; su-
pernne,ixj. vneateasier;wmte, 51-40. corn,
0770c. Oats,552c. Hay, 518. Provisions
emand fair and price? advanced. Mess pork
quiet at J16, Bulk meats shoulders, 6c ; clear
Jc; -cleaMrib; ;; clear, ITticfBagar-cured
hams. WQUKq, Lard- tierces, Wo; kegs,5Kc.
WlilSiiy,l'091c; Bagging, 12Uc. , ,
NASHVILLE,' Mareli " 23. Floiir h'uie at
S6 253 50. Wheat, corn, oats, and cdnee quiot
and-unchanged, -fcagar in good demand at
fal.prices.j, -Provlsious demand fair and
market Arm, JL,ard,10c. Bulb meats shoul
ders, 6J4c;xleaFrTb, Ec clear, 9c. Bacon
shoulders, TJio';' clear rib, SHo; clear, 10c.
Hams sugar-cured, 12o, all packed. Whis
ky dn fair demand, but ut-lower ratetu.-,
NEW ORLEANS, Marcli'2i Floup cinll;
common.Sl 50; trebleC 507-G0 ; lamlly,S7 759.
Corn fair supply and good demand; white
mixed, 75c; white; 7576a;, yellow SOc.
Oats firmer, 6lS5c. Bran 100 sacks red
sold at m 25.- Jlay dull choice, S21. Pork
scarce and Hrmr.tht Sid 8717. Dry snlt
meats firm 7, 8M, and 8Tic. Bacon
scarce and Arm 7k, 9, 10c; hams, llVQUUc.
Lard scarce and quiet; Uerce, S&'Ji-jC : keg, 9
10c. Sugar Is In better demand and firmer;
lair to fully fair, 6JS734cr. Molasses dnll; fair
fermenting, 33c. Cornmeal doll at 51 40. Whis
ky, dull: Louisiana, 95c; Cincinnati, SI. CoOVe
quiet; 22i225ic.
No. 41 Madison Street,
Itepresentlng tho lollowiflg TTCli-known
With Aggregate Assets of ever
Sio , ood.ooo OOS
North Brltfsb SIercr.nj:op
or London' 'and'Edlnbrg4f,', s'
Gold .,U2-..-'..,.....K.'.WS,C00,000 00
Fire Association I us.,. Co., , .
of Philadelphia, Pa-..- .
Fircmnu'sFand Iun.Co.,Cf
San Francisco, Cal.- Gold
S,noi,G53 43
582,C32 03
Atlantic Ins. Co,, of -Brook
lyn, N.Y rrr.
S72,4S3 80
EqnI(abIe Ins. Co., of Nash
ville, Tenru..... ...
'373,8412 86
016,932,613 11
8pecial attention given to placing LARGE
LINES OF INSURANCE, and thd toatron
ago of the pubiiegenerally respect-
i r fully "80llcit4;' t , s
grocers; :-
U I . .1 1' J 1, u
No. Slffl-SlxTAUT SS&EET,
. Three doors North of their formsr stand.
MKJrruis, February 18, 1S71.
I have this dav annolnted Messrs. BAXTER.
-TRKZEVANT ffi CO. Bole Agents in Memphis
ior xne aie- oi vra. a. c. s a. uniwiin
celebrated ' ' -
. t.
and Geo. Brown's Favorite Brands; They'wll
be able to supply thertrade-m any quantity.
Slgnedl GEO. F. AKERS.
CaUlne attention to the nbove card.'we beg
to state that we have-received a shipment ot
this celebrated Tobacco, ami jjiu ,De pteaseu
to supply 'all orders from the trade.
Memphis, February 38, 1S74. . , fe27
.Easltha.hbnor to" aunbrince US herrlendStand
tne public generally thai naviug morouguiy
refitted the large, ana commodious store,
(Lately occupied fey Elliott & Ridgely), srid lias
removed there to.hersplendld assortment of
French Hfiliinerj Goods
or tho latest Importations, j f j j
Flowers, Ribbons-, Crapes Silks,
Xavrasjjstraw-doods, .
Miss Wall Invites the ladles, to ',caii at her
new store-andlnspect her stock, feeling confl
dencshe can please them both us to style and
prices; The attention of the ladles of Mem-
Bhls and surrounding country Ifl invited to
ie t.'i
Dressmaking Department
Unsurpassed for sty'.e nnd elegance. Bridal
Trotuicaog cbmpleted :on 'the shortest no
tice, j mn
Executrix, ho
AVING qualified as eneocirlx of Moses
sBolton. in the Probate Court of Shelby
countv. Tennessee. I herebv notify all Drsons
hvlng,cla,ma against his ests.ts.to file the
mme; w.Hh; me,' -properly authenticated f and
all persons indebted to the same twill please
come forw rd an(T&etUe wltU me.'
' i LOEIiliA BOLTON,' EzcCUtrli,
, Ja2S. Xucy Station, Patloeah Kill.
. s - I, -
M. 297 Ml SIREEf,
(lntroaucod by ns In 13?.)
Il l I.
X FURNITURE In the South.
Entire new Btoct or "Wiltons, Velvets, Brussels.
Bprlag, Ealr, Cotton, Moss, Excelsior, and Ml other known fcinds, of our own make.
In great variety , sty ) e and price.
oiE.cx.oraa is iiviike new sksigbs.
Wo have tho largest stock In our line to be had in -tho South. Close buyers will find It to
their Interest to call and sen our goods, at
Ha5u Street, : :
800,000 pounds IRON assorted sizes and of the best quality.
Complete assortment of fine STEELS. 1000 kegs NAILS.
2000 PLOWS of tho celebrated Hall & Spear make.
100 WAGONS-tudebaker and other brands.
Wood & Mann Utlca 81'EAit ENGINES and SAWMILLS.
Pittsburg, Safe Company's SAFES.
Cold Rolled SHAFTING and HANGERS warranted stronger and truer than
any other.
-A.1SO, iooiung anu. neaung oiuves, XLuiiuw-wnre, vv uguauitU4;erc ouues, xuiitruuu oui&trs,
Blacksmiths' Tools, Cotton Tarn and Rope, Gum Beltine, and sundry other articles too tedious
tomentloq. Call upoh us. Now Is the tlmo TO BUY GOODS LOW.
entjs r u rnisning u ooo s;
No. 332 MAI
J5 In .conjunction wc liare' opened
RplailDepartmeajrfor.Men'Touths'v and Cliildren's Clothinpr and Furnisli
ins Goods, nnd have now on exhibition' a superh rnriotj of the choicest
goods in onr line.'
Have always on hand "Fresh and Genuine
Ho. 177 Main street,
Between 'Washing ton and 'IopIari '
rjtllE most select specimens of FLOWERS
1 1'LA.NTS . and) EVERGRKENB. Front
yards and lay ing of walks' attended to. Sodd
Idk graves and, lots in Elm wood Cemetery
will receive 'special care" and attention. Parties-purchasing
flowers, plants or evergreens
for graves or lots In Elmwood CehteterySrtll
be planted free ofcharged. Parties purchas
ing flowers, plantsetc, and whoie. lot3 1 at
tend to daring .theyear, will have the same
brought Into tha .greenhouse in the" winter
-without additional charge, and Jt la -ja-' good
'timn tor sodding sobner- the rbetler.. Hot
weather will kill sodding. A 11 order prompt
ly excuted. . HENRY MOORE,- '
dxs ' Ne"ar South Gate Elmwood Cemetery.
Iu EilderbtBS of sbsot 22 Gallons,
Three-Plys, Two-Plys, Hempa, Btraw and
: : : 3enipi$is, Sean
the entire flrat floor of our store as a
(La to with H. A, Littleton),
Office-17 STadison Street
Second Floor, Boon- Sa. 4,
ness of Insurance is all of its branches,
Representing' among Companies, tho
BDVDMJipm 09.
Casli Assets, : $65,000,000.
Insurance on Cotton' Gins and Country Stores
made a specialty.
mHE train on PadncahTand Memphis Rah
JL ' road will reach iMemphis. at lu tun: and
leave Memphla at S pjn. nntilfurtber notice
oca ii. ..i.i'. Sf. WILBUlt, Bup
A U 771 . Rl BP LB 3
330 Front Street,
firm 1iIm.
Capitalists and Cotton Xanufactnrei s.
WE, Ihe undersigned, a committee ap
pointed by the Board of Directors of the
North Mississippi Cotton and Woolen Manu
facturing Company will, on the
First Monday in April Next,
on the premises, offer for sale, at public auc
tlpn, tho entire property of said company,
embracing between three and four acres of
ground, immediately on tho Y, and at the
crossing of the Memphis and Charleston and
Mobile and Ohio railroads, and.near the cen
ter or the city of Corinth, Mississippi, on
which 1 erected a main factory brick build
ins, about 56 by 131 feet, three stories high,
with boiler-room and stack attached, all
built in a workmanlike and substantial man
ner, with best English tin roof. Also, on said
lot, la a warehouse and ofilce-rooms Immedi
ately on the switches or both roads, and be
tween said buildings is an artesian well of
good water, together with the charter and all
the real and personal property belonging to
said company. Hald property cost the com
pany about 5fe,000.
The whole wiil be sold together, and on the
followlng;terms,viz. : SiOOcash, and balance
on ten years credit, the purchaser to give
bonds of such denominations as the Board of
jjireciora iimy aesire. arawing 8 per cent. In
terest per annum, with connnns jittnrtitwi
payable semi-annually, said bonds to be se-
curtu oy a ueea oi mm on ine property sold,
and also on all bulldlnea erected therin and
machinery used upon -aid lot for manufactur
ing purposes.
Corinth is one of the most, healthy and pros-
SOOO population, built up entirely since the
wr, auu in a une cotton growing country,
having a trade oi fcOUO or 10.WX) bales annually,
which will bo doubled when the railroads
terminating there, and -now in nrrx-pss nr mn.
strnctlon, aro completed.
. . . . Committee.
Corinth, M1S3., January 22, 1S71. Ja2S
Chancery Sale of ValnabJfl Keal
Saturday, April 11th, 28 !.
In the Second Chancery Court of Shelby
No. 3218-Samuel J. Langford et al. vs. Dennis
Aiuncn ei ai.
BY virtue of an order of sale 'made in this
Cause. I will sell at nnhlli- nnntlnn tst tho
highest bidder, in front or the Clerk and Mas
ter's office, of the second Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tennessee, Greenlaw Opera
house, Second street, city of MenrnhhT. Tenn..
Saturday, April 11, 187A,
Within legal hours, the following-described
real estate, to-wit t
-1st a certain lot, lying and being In the
county of Shelby and State or Tennessee, and
in the city or Memphis, on Winchester street,
being-part or lot No. 190, beginning at the
southeast corner of said lot No. 190; running
thence west with and on Winchester street a
feet: thence north 3Vj feet to th9 wall of a
brick kitchen standing'on said lot.No,-190;ror-merly
owned by Lewis Trezevaut ; thence east
with the wall of said kitchenabout 13 2-12
feet to the southeast corner of said brick
kitchen: thence north about 41 feet to the
north boundary line or said lot No. 190 1 thence
east with said north line or said lot No. 190
about 17 feet to an alley; thence south with
said alley 7V. feet to the beglnnlnir. belntr the
same property conveyed by deed to Lee Al-
uncii, uaicu uctooer isr, tsos, and registered in
the Rezlster's office of Shelbv mnntr. in hnnlr
33, pages 57 and SS
at a certain lot in tho city of Memphis,
being of lot No. 3, block No. 15, beginning at a
point on the north side or ElllotCstreet, nnd
west or Echols street. mc feet rrom the inter
section of said Elliott and Echols streets;
tnence norm ana parallel with Echols street
141K feet to a stake to the northwest corner ot
Bryan's lot; thence west 50 feet to a stake;
thence south and parallel with Echols street,
and thence with tlllott to the beginning;
which property was conveyed to Lee Aldrlch
deceased, by Isaac Stout, by deed dated Janu
ary 1st, 18b'J, and registered in the Register's
office of Shelby countv. in book No. 37. twines
3d A certain tot in the eltyof Memphis, be
ginning at a point on the north lino of South
street 80 feet from east or the intersection of
a very ana south streets; thence north l'JOii
feet to a stake; thence east 60 feet to a stake;
south with South street 60 feet to the begin
ning; oeing uie same property conveyed to
Lee Aldrlch by Cornelia S. Parker bvdeel
dated April "23d, 1S59, and registered in the
Register's office of Shelby county. In book No.
39, part 1st. page 558.
Terms of sale r One-fourth cash; balance in
three equal payments at sir, twelve and eigh
teen months; purchaser executing notes bear
ing interest at she per cent, from date of sale ;
for tne deferred payments also Uea retained.
Equity of redemption barred.
This March 7th, 1874.
M. D. L. STEWART, Clerk and Master.
By Geo. Mallerv. D. C. and M.
T. B. Edgington. solicitor for complainants.
iwucuu u. .taii, emimnjra jur ueieuuants.
BY order of the beneficiary, I will sell to the
highest bidder, for cah, at the northwest
corner of Main and Union stieets, Memphl s
between the hours of 11 ajn. and 1 pun., on
Monday. Mar 11th. S74.
the following described real estate, to-wit:
Let No. 30 of N. M. Trezovant's subdivision,
containing 6 15-103 acres, to carry out the pro
visions of a trust deed made to me bv John
F.Cameron, recorded In Register's office of
Shelby county, Tenn., page loo, book 6, April
22.1860. Redemption waived.
TY virtue of a deed of trust executed to mo
' .. .... , .... ... i. u.j .uui v.., AO a, UJ
M. W. Bedford and Lucy J. Redrord, his wife,
ror the purpose of securing certain Indebted
ness mentioned In said deed, which has been
duly recorded in the Register's office of Shelby
county, in record book 93, page 204, 1 will, at
the requestor the holder of the draft secured
by said deed, sell lo the highest bidder, for
cash, on
Thursday, the 9th day of April, 1S74,
between the hours of 1' and 12 o'clock a.m., at
tne souinwesi corner ot tne intersection or
Main and Madison streets, in the city of Mem
phis, Tennessee, the following described land
and appurtenances mentioned in said deed,
to-wit : A certain tract or parcel of land, situ
ated in the county of Shelby, State of Tennes
see, containing one hundred nnd foity (HO)
acres, more or less, cemg me Earn e tract, con
veyed by John B. Holmes to the said Lucy J.
Redrord, by his deed of date October 16, IS66,
which Is of record In the Register's office of
said county, in book 53, part 2, page 352, and In
which said deed said land is described as fol
lows: Commencing on the section line be
tween 5 and 6, township 1, range 7 west, south
west corner of a tract of land purchased by
said Holmes of JohnH.PurceIl (as per his deed
dated 21st of February, 1812, recorded In book
m., page 212, 213,) then running east along said
southern boundary 40 chains to the hair-mile
stake. E. D. Bray's comer; thence north with
said Bray's Une 85 chains to a sycamore tree;
thence west 40 chains to J. W. Elam'sline;
theuce south S5 chains to the beginning.
Those who desire to purchase a small and
desirable farm convenient to tho city, will do
weU to attend the sale.
Equity or redemption waived, and title be
lieved to be good, but I sell only as trustee.
W. L. CLAPP, Trustee.
March 16, 1S74. mh!7
No. 813, R. First Chancery Court of Shelby
county J, D. Brewster vs. W. D. Thomp
son et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cause, on the
2ith day of February, 1874, 1 will sell, at pub
lic auction, to the highest b dder, in front of
the Clerk and Master's office, Greenlaw's
Opera House Building, Second street, Mem
phis, Tennessee, on
within legal hours, the following described
property, -situated in Shelby county, Tenn.,
and bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north
by Brooks avenue; on the east by Will lam
son, Hill i Co.; on the south by Fitzgerald &
Co and on the west by Sandlan, and con
taining fifty (50) acres, and same tract some
miles of Memphis, Tennessee, on
which W D. Thompson lived, together with
all the Improvements thereon.
Terms ot sale On a creditor sevenmonths;
note with approved security required; lien
retained to lurther secure same, and equity of
redemption barred. This March 23, 1S74.
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
MoFarUnd-ift Goodwin, Attorneys. mh27
Trustee's ale.
BY vlrtU6 of a trust deed to me from
lone T. Hornsby and J. C. Hornsby, I
wlU sell, for cash, at public sale, to the high
est bidder, on
Saturday, April J18, 181,
In front of No. 13 Union street, in the Lee
Block, Memphis, at 11 o'clock a-m,. LOT No.
recorded In book 63, page 395, containing ave
16-100 acres, situated on. the south side of
Unlonavenue, eastof Trezevant avenue.
Title perfect. Redemption waived.
mh!7 JOHN P. TREZEVANT, Trustee.
Administratrix Notice.
HAVING qualified as administratrix of tho
estate of Alva. N. Wileox, deceased, no
tice is hereby given to all persons having
claims-against said estate to present thetsame
to me within the time- speclfled-'byJlaw,r and
those, indebted to said1 estate are requested td
o.-ik: ' O. Ai WILCOXfp !
mhi7 ' No:ail'Fclar street.
QEeiistee's Sale.
BY virtue of two deeda In trust to l e exe
cuted by M.A. & B. Myers, ttwr Brni .., the
9th November, 1671, to seen re the paj aunt
crtaln indebted uei therein dencrtbe, re
corded in record book No.Wt, pagcSrt, m !ie
Register's office of Shelby county, It acessee,
and the second on the lh A'pnF, 1!7 , nnj lo
secure certain mdebtedBeBiheiia4towrtb:d,
of recoid in the Rils4rB olttca '( -"f.elbr
county, Tennessee, in book yo. S5, pa?e tfi,
to both of which reference to hereby mad ftor
full particulars, I will, as trustee, on
Wednesday, 8th day or Apri', 1S74,
in front of the entrance to tha Cfeneery
Courtroom, on the wet std of Second sure t,
between Union and Gayoso twofc, in tho
Greenlaw Opera Block, In the dty ot
Memphis, TennesEeo, between the hoots
of 11 ajn. and 3 pjn., sell at public outcry, -to
the hltrhest bidder, for oaso. tne folicw-
ing described real estatp,sltante4 la the city
of Memphis, Shelby county, Tennessee, de
scribed as- follows: Beginning at Uie Berth
west corner of DoSoto and Beale wwow:
Uiencewest on the north aide of BeaJertreM
e'.ghty-one (HI) feet to a. stake; Uioato nexA
and parallel with Desoto street sixty WO) Ttat
to a stake ; thence east and parallel wlih Bcato
street eighty-on (Kl) feet to DeHoto street;
thence south with the west side of -DeSoto
street sixty (60) feet to the beginning.
There is on sahi Property four (4) two
story brick tenements, and by the plan ot
M. A. and B. Myers eeld property bma hent
subdivided Into four (1) iote, and by an order -of
the Honorable Heeood CbaBeery ConH. of
Shelby county, Tennessee, eatetett of reeeMI
in the case oi M. A. Myers, by next friend, vs.
H. M. James et at No. 1043, Rule Deeke-l
wiUsell In the following manoer.to-wit: com
mencing wiin itK. io. i, ana wn JOi e. 3,
auu iucu jui, ii v. o, mm IV V. i , 9T Bt7
thereof as is necessary to Day the indebted
ness mentioned in saM dtette of trust, together
with the necessary expenses and coats sHwiii
ing raid sale. By the terms ot sstd deeds ot
trust the equity ot redemption to i isoelj
waived. The title believed to be pedhjat, Ism
I will convey only as traatett.
E.M. HHA-K-, 9raftte
31 arch 5th, 1871. mM
lands in Bolivar County, Mife.
BY virtue or a-deed of trust to W. K. U.
ningbam. Trustee, recorded inlDeed HaK
S, page 28, in the Chancery Court Clerk's oflee
of Bolivar county, Mississippi, made Jaanan
lst, 1ST3, by Ueerge R.Austin and Votoey rttji.
to secure the payment of their fcor promt,
sorynotesof that date forSSO, WTTOaod
HOW, respectively, payable to M. J. WieSsMrf
B. J. Martin, the first of whieh nefet itflH beM
transferred to Owen Meriwether, and b Tfar
tue or my appointment as Trustee, vice V.H, "
Cunningham resigned, to execute said trmt. X
will on
Wednesday, April 8th, 187-t,
Within legal hours, sell at the Coartnoase in
Bolivar county, Mississippi, ror cash, to the
highest bidder, the following lands knows as
the Topp-plBce, ijlnsln sala county, vIe: a
of sections 35 and SS east or bogne Falar. ami
all of section 36, except the east half of tne
southeast quarter eeM of bogne Fsiaya, all ia
township rl, range 7. Sahl lands and the im
provements thereon will be sold for tne nay.
ment of the first of said notes, which U pfSH
due and unpaid, and forthecohtsof tbistrort:
the balance or the proceeds to be applied, to
the payment of the remainder of said note,
which become due upon Ike non-payment ot
any note. The title is believed to be perfect,
bnt I convey only an Trustee.
These are among the best and most elevate i
lands In the countv about 660 aeres eteaied, k
Portion of whioh was in cultivation iwt yettr.
wo settlements on the land, alsogiaboaee
and mac ninety, house, stables, etc.
March 5, 187-1. m ble
jTrustes'H Sale.
TTNDEK and bv virtne of a in i
U the lUll of December. 1871. bv tha ane.
mors of F.Titus, deceaced, to me, as uifceu
to secure certain notes therein lescrfaed.iw
will be seen by reference to aid trttst died,
recorded in the Register's office of Sbefity
county, Tennessee, in book No. 84, peae jpi,
etc., and at the request or the holder of aome
or said unpaid notes, I will, on
Jlouday, April 20, 1874,
offer, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 bjh
at public sole, for cash, to the. high,
bidder, on the premise, the following fc
scribed real estate: situate in the eitv M
Memphis; in the State of Tennewee, tmk w
the south side of Market street and bounded
thus: Beginning at the southeast eormrttf
an alley, east of Third street: tnnutw mttl
20) feet, more or less, to an alley in rear of Ml;
inence running ease witn tne north Mm of
allerliX jeet; thence noith iOO, more or Max,
to Market street; thenee veM 148 feet tm
Market street to tnc'tlrit-named corner.
mh20 Y. F. BOYLE, Trostw.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of n deed of trust executed to jae
as trustee, on the 9th day of April, Wm, by
Jno. R. Williams, which deed haoheeadBly
recorded in Phillips county, State or Arkdn
sas, default having been made by said Wil
liams In paying the debt secured by said deed,
I will, under the provisions of the same, sell
at public outcry, to the highest bidder, for
cash, on the premises, on
Saturday, the lllh day oF April, 1S74,
between the hours of 6 a.m. nnd 3 o'elook
p.m., the followlngdescribed real and persona
property, mentioned In said deed, or so laiioh
thereof as may be ceceswary to satisfy sakl
trust, to-wit: The said real estate being known
as the "Williams Old Town Island planta
tion," and being described on the plate oi
public surveys as all of t-ection twentv-sevea
lij, conuumng sue nunurea ana iorty
acres; me eau nan oi seetion tweaty-e
(28). containing three hundred and twe
three (321) acres; the east half or seettea
thirty-three (33), containing three hundred
ana twenty iiew acres: tne iracuonat nrt a.
section twenty-one (21), containing thirty (J8)
acres; me iiucuoaaipanoi b4?eion iweHiy
two (22), containing twenty-two (22) acres; tie
northwest quarter or section thirty-four M),
containing one hundred and sixty (ISO) acres;
and the northeast quarter of the sontheast
?iuarter of section thirty-four (3)), containing
orty(40) acres ail in township tbree (3),sot5
of range three (3), east of the fifth principal
meridian, in said county of Phillips, State of
Arkansas, and containing, together, one
thousand five hundred and thirty-five (lSefl
a-res; together with all the improvements
thereon, and all rights, privileges and fran
chises thereto belonging. Also, the following
JBiaUUIU Illume, , , J LI , J ilt.l ,,1 ,HUIW ,IU
said plantation, on said 9th day of April, JS78:
and all of the equal half-interest of said
Williams in the crop or cotton, corn, etc., cul
tivated on said plantation daring the year 1S3.
xne ngm oi reuempiion is waiveu as to saia
roperty, and the UUe supposed to be peiieet,
ut I sell and convey only as trustee.
fe8 NAFOLfeON HILL, Trustee.
diancery Sale
No. 1055, R. First Chancery Court of Shelby
county is. u. xaiiey vs. s. tr. Lester.
BY vlrtneof an interlocutory decree lor sale,
entered in the above caase on the (Mb day
of March, 1871, 1 will sell at nublio aactien.
to the highest bidder, in front ot the- Clerk
and Master's office ot Shelby county, Green
law Opera Home Building, Second street,
Memphis, Tenn., on
SATURDAY, AEJtll. 18, 1874. '
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, Taan to
wit: Bounded on the north by the land of
Thomas Holman,sr.; on the west by the louts
or P. B. Baker; on the south by the Pigeon
Roost road: on the cost by the lands ot Ihe
complainant, and containing, by estimation,
twenty oue acres.
Terms or Sale -On a credit on seven months;
note required,, with security; lien retained
until tame is paid; equity of redemption
barred. This March 18, 1S74.
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
E. M Heakjt, Attorney. mhlB
BY virtue of a trust deed to me exeented as
trustee, by B. J. Eddinsand M.K.Bddins,
on the 1st day or March, 1ST1, which is ot re
cord in the Register's office of Shelby county.
State ot Tennessee, In book No. 79, pp. 3tt (to
which reference Li made for full partlenlers
of said trust deed) to secure to H. M.. James
certain indebtedness in said trust deed fully
described, and which Is stlU due and unpaid,
I will, as such trustee, on the
Slst DAY OF APRIL, 1874,
In front of the entrance to the Chanoery
Court rooms. In the Greenlaw Opera lilook
situated on the west side ot Second street, be
tween Union and Gayoso streets, in the oity
of Memphis, State of Xenneseo, between the
hours cr 11 o'clock a.m. and 2 o'clock p.m.,
sell to tha highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ng property, to-wlt: The interest of M. S.
Ed dins and B. J. Eddlns in a certain let or
Sarcelof land lying and being in the city of
emphis, State or Tennessee, described as
rollows: Beglnnligat the fontheast comer df
lot N0.2-C; running thence westwardly with
the. north side or the street or alley, between
Auction-end Sycamore streets, rour hundred
(ItO) reet, more or less; to Wolt river; thence
northwardly with the meanders or Wolf river
more than one hundred and fifty (150) feet to
a stake on the river; thetlee eastwardly (100)
feet, more or less, to a stake, which is ono
hundred and forty-eight nnd one-half (HSK)
feet west of Frunt Row (Chickasaw street);
thence southwardly one hundred and fifty
(ISO) feet to the beginning, together with ail
the buildings, machinery, privileges and ap
purtenances therennto pertaining and belong
ing. Also,.all the furniture, tools and imple
ments thereon for the purpose of doing and
conducting the saw and cornmlll business.
The sold lofc On which the said machinery,
tools, implements and bnlldings are sltuatec
Is a part ot the lotof ground leased to D. R
Grace by the city of Memphis on the 17th o
October, 1S65, for a term of twenty (20) years,
and the same conveyed or released by said
Grace to M. E. Eddlns on the 11th day of Au
gust, 1866. The interest ot the said M. E. and
B.J. Eddlns belngonly a leasehold interest or
tho unexpired term or twenty years from
the 17th of October, 1S65- The machinery,
tools implements, and buildings, etc., on said
lot Is the absolute property of saldM.E.and
B.J. Eddlns. AUof said property, with the
leasehold interest, as above described, I will
sell on the day above mentioned.
The equity of redemption is expressly
waived, and the title is believed to be good,
bnt 1 will sell and convey only as trustee.
rnha E. M. HEARN, Trustee.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been. appointed, administrator-of
the estate of Margaret MeGnire, deceased,
aU persons holding claims, against said ejtau
are hereby notified to present the same, tome,
Sroperiy anthentlcated ; and all persons ln
ebted to said estate are requested to settle.
P. J. MARLEY, Administrator,
mh9 mo - . 317 Second street,

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