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i T-ni-i-n jm,imiiiimi iijii. .. - ,f .TfhyT.iw - . . .:.--. xJ ii ' -. I I I M li lliillH II I 111 II I taiMI M1IIISII I 'III I W'sia I i n I IHiSHf ISiSMi tsHMMM I HI IHW WW WPilllll IP III miM 1111
boat. Mil
St. Loals JSS
Friars PolJi.
John B. Mnnde.
Uty or Alton..
Mary Alice
.Ottt or Helena.
1'itii. Aunr.
...SU Louis
St. Louis
..New Orleans
White river
John II. ilawse..
New Orleans
..New Orleans
city or Ami..
Mary Aiee -Ella
A-J. Willi
1 telle of Texas.
JSt. Louis
, line Muff
Arkansas river
frank Fotreet..
In rl.
BUa and G. V. Cheek.
Weather, River and natlnthv.
Yesterday was cool and pleasant, wllh
breezes and clouds welcomed by all who
bad to stroll about tbe levee. The river
is rising at this point, with nine feet to
Cairo, and thence gcod boating to St
Louis. Business on the levee yesterday
was moderate, their being lour arrivals
and eight departures.
Sk or Elvers.
OrriGK Obs., Bio. Hr.a. TJ. HA,
June 16,1871. f
Above low Uhaaget.
waler- Rise, i Kali.
Feet. Iln'a. Ft. ln. Ft, In.
Keoknk , , 7 j T- ts
Cairo K I a
8 1. Loals 17 I S lb
nttubnrg 4 . 1
Clnelnnatl 8 S 7
Louisville ,. I 4 9 6
Metarblli 11 8 12 .
Burevenorl 16 9 .. 4
Nthville X 4 I
Iew Orleans 4 3 j .... ...,
LUUeltocfc 6 1 2 1
lielow nlgn water mart or 1&71.
Official. S. W. I1UODB. Observer.
Movements or Boats.
The Mary Pierce and barge, for St.
Iiouis, went up at daylight. The Ella,
from White river brought 6G biles cot
ton and 657 sacks cotton-seed. The City
of Alton added 91 bales cotton, and de
parted for Jfew Orleans before daylight,
drawing nine feet The John B.Maude,
from St Louis, added 5 SO sacks corn be
low Cairo, discharged here 300 pjils lard
and 60 kegs beer, and departed for New
Orleans after dark with a thousand-ton
cargo. TheElla Hughes, for Wittsburg;
A. J. White, for Napoleon: Fort Gib
son, for Little Rock, and Frank Forrest,
for Osceola, all got off before dark with
good trip'. The Belle of Texas, for Cin
cinnati, took out 00 bales cotton and
ltoats lo Leaves.
The Phil Allin, Captain James Lee,
will leave at five o'clock this afternoon
for Friars Point and all the usual eoast
landings. Stack Lee is prime minister.
The City of Htdena, with Captain Me
lt ee in command, departs at ten o'clock
this morning for Cairo, St Louis and ail
way points. Mr. George O. Malton offi
ciates at the desK.
A'evrs Drift.
The John Kyle leaves St Louis for
New Orleans.to-morrow......The dam
ages to tbe Alex. Mitchell by the etorm
on Magouketa slough, above Dubuque,
recently, amouuted to two thousand
dollars...... At Vickf barg the river con
tinues to fall a foot and a half a dav ......
The Su-ie Silver lost six hours recently
at Devil's inland, and damaged a spar
in shoving off......A pleasure-boat is
building at a Vicksburg saw-mill. Her
dimensions are as follows: Forty feet
long, nine feet beam, one foot guards,
bold three feet, cylinder six inches in
bore and twelve-inch stroke, wheel five
feet in diameter, eight feet long and four
Hues. The builders are D. Breen, Wni.
Jiagan, John Brenac, P. Long, C. Davis
and X. lalmer......The father of Captain
DafT Green, a well-known river man of
ViCESburir. died recently at Jfass Utin
tlan, Mi33ifcippi....An idiosyncratic
river reporter iu Viekfcburg clamors, like
a child crying ;or moloese?, to nave a
a packet between that village and
Natchez....The Lizzie, a small boat of
one hundred and mty tons, plying in
Sunflower river last season, brought
open order for purchases to Vicksburg
amounting to twenty-eight thousand eix
hundred dollars. Her wharfage amounts
to five hundred and twenty dollars per
annum.. Wharfage fcbonld be reduced.
......Snags abound between here and
Helena..The ParagoD, with -three
hundred toDs. is due to-day for St.
Xouifl...The Quickstep left Augusta for
this city at one o'clock yesterday
Captain Hicks left yesterday for St
Xouis to bring out the Belle Lie, which
steamer will make semi-monthly trips
between the above city and New Or
leans until the opening of the cotton
season, when she will run from here
outh......Tiie popular and fleet Quick
step will remain In the "White river
trade for tbe season. Attention is called
to tbe advertisement in another col
nmn....Tlie damage suit of Sam Buhr
man having been compromised, the
Clarksville has been released, and will
leave for Arkansas river Saturday.
The NevrOrleans Bulletin, of the four--teenth
instant savs: "Tbe prospect of
low water in Bed and Ouachita rivers
lias created quite a flutter among tbe
low-water craft, and the buy notes of
preparation are heard on board of many
of Uie light-draught packets now lying
Idle at Algiers We hear rumors that
our steamboatmen will, in a short time,
make a solid move in regard to the pres
et exorbitant wharfage dues now ex
acted from them. Cannot our city
fathers be as reasonable as those of other
cities on the Missies) ppi river and its
tributaries? We shall see .The re
mains of Captain J. J. Labarthe were
followed to the grave last evening by a
large number of sorrowing friends and
j-elatives. Captain Labarthe com
menced Eteam boating between this city
and Bayou Teche in 1S3S, when he was
commander of the Belle Isle; after she
was retired he commanded the Anna,
Anna No. 2, Flora, Sarah Gordon, A.
"W. Van Lear, and, 1&H of all, the
5eres. He was seventy-five years of
age." .The llcteburger,. of Vicks
burg, says that Colonel Pitman has been
employed by the steamer Hun'm Silver
to defend her in the infamous suit insti
tuted against her by the deputy wharf
master. This cae arose out of tbe Silver
carrying this negro up tj White river
some time since; he having remained
aboard until after she had backed out
Tor this free ride the negro claims ten
thousand dollars, and tbe boat thinks
lie owes his passage, as there was no
earthly necessity for his remaining
aboard." Join Billings speaks as fol
lows of the "majestic stream:" "I kon-
eider it mi duty to state, as a reliable
fikribWer for the fearle-s and independ
ent press, that tbe Ohio river iz the most j
unsartain brook laid down on tbe map,
as far as water is concerned, for it is dry j
six months in tne year, iroze
over the other six month, and
tbe balance ov the time haz
more water iu it than the average in
habitant knows what to do with."
The St Louis Timet, Juno 14th, In
epeakiur of Commodore itullingpin's
lag, dedicated to Captain John A.
Scudder, of that oily, says: " This Is a
Look containing two hundred and lifty
fcKes, made up of humorous stories and
roeas founded 011 western character,
most it them relatingto actual incidents
-witnessed by the authbr in a long expe
rience of steamboat life. T.oyalty on
.1 Mi.uitu.inni' is the Ioneeat of the
Tarns spun by the commodore, and re
couu's the ludicrous incidents of the trip
of Grand Duke Alexis Tjm St. Louis
1nwn the Mississippi river iu ioi.,iiuiu
i.ti, ft will be remembered, all re-
-portera were excluded, Itolliogpin ship
pine as pastry cook, aud taking hi
Botes while Alexia was eating Ills pies
and cakts, elaborated them while the
roval passenger and his attendant guards
vere asleep". -The St Louis Democrat.
in.- 15th. says: "It Ins been stated thtt
the Ja-oej Howard I has Uh wn rroui
the eousoi'uaieu uuc, uu
. i TiT! henceforth make fourteen-
tri, in ihe .New OrJeaiiB trade.
"We are not yet Informed that the IU--public
contemplates any change. Article
jive of the agreementof the consolidated
line eaye: 'The representative of any
boat party to this a-reement, shall have
the privilege of withdrawing such boat
from this agreement by giving thirty
days notice iu writing,
and shall forfeit any interest that she
may have with contingeut fund"
Tbesame paper remarks: "The owners
of lumber on Black river, a tributary .f
the upper Mississippi, were made glad
3ast ek by being let out to tlw father
of waters. Black river has been entire
ly closfcd up for nearly a year past, by
an overabundance of logs, fllling the
jiver for several miles. Nearly fifty
million feet of lumber have been shut in
from the market, and much of It is ruin
ed by the Jog-jam, and some of its own
era bankrupted."....A recent number
ofthoSt Joseph Uazettc has & column
and a diagram describing the Inroads of
tne Missouri river. The Gazette thinks
fat. Joseph in danger of toppling Into
tbe aggressive river, as the bants are
slipping In by tbe acre A St Louis
exchange says: "We find, in further
conversation with Captain James Mc
Cord, that the steamer Illinois on her
nrst trip from St Louis to New Orleans,
passed, on her way down, the United
States steamer iron barb "Allegha
ny" above Bunch's bend cut off. How
few now recollect that an Iron bark was
wiutat Pittsburg in 1S17; went down
IbeOblo river and went out on the wide,
wide ccean: was heard of afterwaid:
safe arrivalsomewhere; nothing further
nearu 01 ner, as rar as we know.
rently, like Peter's church, founded on
a rock, for it does not change an atom
ditto is written in ineffaceable letters on
the wide horizon of Madison street
Exchange was scarcer again yesterday.
except at one bank, and there, up to
noon. $30,000 was taken. Bates re
mained as before, buying at par on New
York and Boston, and at discount on
New Orleans. Gold brought 110 at the
brokers. Fourteen hundred dollars in
State comptroller's warrants sold at 97.
Ten shares Washington insurance
wero offering at 20, and twenty-five
shares of Phoenix insurance at 29. Tbe
Phoanix, by the way, is prepftring to
move into the premises lately occupied
by the Jackson Insurance, which are
now being put into the best trim for the
reception of the people of the eternal
bird. It is said that "a big thing" In
gas stock was at its consummation yes
terday, and that tbe rate of purchase
will put at rest what has been of late a
mixed question, tne maraet value 01 gas
stock. "There is nothing doing in city
bonds: Leftwich bonds -and iNicoisou
scrip have no quotation price that we
can discover. Bheioy county scrip is
very quiet at 7S(atS3. Charleston rail
road stocks, we hear nothing in addition
lo our last report Tennessee new issue
is stagnant and unchanged; comptrol
ler's warrants are rarely seen, broker's
give JC better.
MemnUiieiies, one coupon.,,- 16 ft-
Nicbolson Pavement script
4 e-
neioyronmy script.
38 SI-
Charleston railroad block
Tennessee new issne
Comptroller's warrants.
The inquiry for cotton yesterday wai,
as on the previous day. quiet Buyers
ebowa good deal of ludiflerence; sellers,
who weie mostly speculators, manifest
ed anxiety. They are "in," and they
want to get out, witb a margin if they
can, but to get out "anyhow." Tbelr
situation the French call sauvequi peut,
the English, lets politely, of course,
"The devil take the hindmost" Such
a situation is not advantageous for cot
ton, and accordingly there was a decline
in some of the markets, among which
wero Memphis, Jo lower; New York
c lower; Liverpool 1-lGd lower. In an
swer to our inquiries, the following
prices were reported: Good ordinary
at 1415c; strict good ordinary, 15J(5
15c; iow middling 16c; strict low mid
dling, 16 jc; middling, 17c New York
telegraphed market quiet at 17 Jc; New
Orleans inanimate and weaE at ljc;
Liverpool dull and easier at 8d; sales,
10,000 bales. The quotations elsewhero
were: Savannah, 16c; Mobile, 16c;
Charleston, 17c; Galveston, 17c; Mem
phis, 17c. The Memphis quotations for
the day, as arranged by the Cotton Ex
change, were as follows:
Ordinary 1!-12K
Good Ordinary.
un Miauling
Btrtct Middling 17f9
Market weak, easy, and unchanged.
Sales, 400 bales. Eeeeived at all ports
during four days, 6246 bales; same time
last week, 7194 bales; same time last
year, 11,074 bales.
Receipts to-Jay
Heceiptslat Tnesday
Hince biuruay
IUc'1-s same time lat.1 wlc
Slice lime week before
KC'IMMnce Sept. l3l4S5,107 889,831 377,727
Btoclcon hand 20.782 2070 6111
Shipment lo-day .,, 97 1CU2 538
1UU. n, !;., 2 97 1181 &16
Hlver.n., : s ; M78
Total shipments 403330 3X0,547 27393
The New York Bulletin, June 13th, re
ports: "There' was still avvery dull state
of affairs in the market on the spot, and
prices were again reduced Jc. The de
pression Is caused by the weakness in
Liverpool, and exporters and spinners
limit their purchases to small quantities.
For future delivery there was a decided
break in prices, which declined. 3
At ti'e lower prices there was a fair busi
ness." Freights on cotton to eastern points
have advanced on rail, as follows:
All Ilall. Ill ver Rail
To lialtlmorc.
To Philadelphia
To New Vork
To Providence
To Fall IUver
To Lawrence
To LswelL.
Bates to Liverpool are 60d all rail and
steam, and 57Jd rail and river and
To New Orleans the rate, all rail, is
$125 per bale; per steamer, SI; barges
lo New Orleans 23Jc less.
To Liverpool via New Orleans tbe
rate is , sail, and steam.
The aENEBAi mabket was quiet, as
usual, and without any special feature.
Cbrri sold a cent higher, 81c for yellow;
pome white on orders brought 87c. Oats
were inquired for witb noneon the mar
ket; in slore G062c. Bran is also in
some slight request with none offering;
in s'oro S1920. lAaloe were in very
small offering, shippers- p-iying $44 60
for choice up to S5. Egg were weaker,
selling at 14215c, principally the for
mer. Ctiicleni were i n bu t poor request,
even for young, and prices were hardly
m good as the previous day. Turkey!
were offering but there was no demand
for tueni. In the hog product we have
nothing new to note. We copy the fol
lowing from the American Grocer, June
13: "The coffee market was decidedly
active early iu thb week and prices ad
vanced. Several causes have operated
to bring thta about viz: Light daily re
ceipts at Bio, as the bulk of tbe old crop .
is thought to be pretty much sent In, 1
and, consequently decreasing stocks
there; that mere is now only very nine
Bio s 11 oat; advices from Europe show
ing a largo distribution and decreasing
stocks there; light supplies in dealers
bauds here, itiese, witu uie nrmnejs
of holders and the indisposition to oiler
stocks at the late range of prices, and
the appearanceof a large number of buy
ers iu tbe market to replenish stocks,
resulted in an advance of 1 to lc, gold.
Whether this advance will be long sus
tained It will be difficult to say. The
stocks are in very strong hands, at.d
the new crop, although a large one, will
not arrivein any quantity before Septem.
ber. Last weiK.tne sugar market closed
active and higher for both raw and re
flutd. This week the receipts of raw
have been very heavy, and inereased
the stock to a point largely in excess of
former years, inis us naa a depress
ing .IdA ence on the market, aud quota
tion's areentirely nominal. The receipts
of boiling grades of molasses continue
coming direct to the refiners, and a
large proportion of the balance Is sold
before arrival. Therefore, there is a
very light stock, aud prices close firm
ana lc nigner. urocery grauejin ior
eign are unchanged. The demand is
steady but moderate, and stocks are
still light notwithstanding the late ad
ditions. Domestic remains quiet, but
verv firmly held. The stock of choice
is concentrated in few hands and held
for higher prices. There-seems to be a
feeling that prices of syrups have
tonched bottom. The distributive de
mand continues only moderate, and
bales to dealers have not been large, but
in a speculative way there have been
verv heavy sales, comprising over .TttXXl
barrels, clearing the stocks hereE)nd
some and some considerable coumcts
during the summer months. AbouKWO-
tlilrds were taken here, and the balance
goes to Baltimore and Philadelphia.
t ' . 1 , . 1
Higher prices will probably soon pre
Quotations are for round lots, unless
otherwise expressed; and for feed and
produce, levee rates, fbr small pur-
cnasesana oraers, razes are jiropor-
iwnaiay nigncr.
Bacon For packed and loose clear
sides, lOftailc; clear rib sides. lOIGUCic
shoulders, 7Jc; hams sugar-cured, 130
ituj ureaiuzusi uacou, 11 j(ai::c.
Beans Medium, $2 60ffi2 75.
Bran None oa landing; in store,
$1920. 61 '
UurTEK Choice from store 2325o;
guuu, vc.
Cow-Peas Firm at $2 50,
Cocoa Nuts Per 100. $7.
Chickens Old. including all hens,
$3 504; young, S3&A, according to
size aud freshness: demand very quiet,
Coal Oil Per gallon, in store, at 17o;
special rates for car-load lots.
Cheese Factory,17 J18c ; for choice ;
small slock and light demand.
Cobnmeal Salts at $3 70 as before,
and looking stronger.
Cotton Yarns-No. COO, 1313J;
No. 500, 1E15; No. 400, 1717jc.
Corn Sales 1200 sacks yellow at 81c;
white on orders at oc.
Cotton seed sieal Per ton, $18.
Eoas Lower: sales at 1415c; 14c
the prevalent arice.
Flour Quiet at $5 259 25, in store;
low grades firmer.
Grits Per barrel, $55 25.
Groceries Suear. crushed.powdered
and granulated, per lb., in barrels, 11 j
12c; sort renned yeuow anu wnite, in
barrels, 91llc; brown and yellow, Iu
hogsheads, 910Jc Molasses Louisi
ana, in barrels, 50S0j; sugarhouse
sirups nominal. Salt domestic, by the
car-load, S2 lu2 15 per SO-B barrel,
Coffees Rio, per lb,, common to choice.
2125c. Caudles star, per lb.. 1617c.
Bice 99Jc Starch. SJc Soda, 78c
JiOMiNY rer oarrei, owgyi uu.
Hay Nothing doine: prairie, $12
13; good mixed, SlS19; choice, $22.
Livestock Choice cattle, 45c; fair
to good, 2)31c. Cows and calves, $15
40. Yearlings, $610. Sheep good
slaughtering, 5c; grass fed, $1 251 40
per head, with a good supply. No de
mand for heavy hogs; a few light
weights taken at 5c. Saddle and plow
horses and mule?, $75140.
lemons fer box, 114 50.
Lard In tierces. 12c; in kegs,
12c; pails, 13c; in cases, 14J15c.
Oats Nothing oflering; iu store 60
Oranges Per box, $S11.
Peanuts Bed, 89c; white, 9llc.
Potatoes Wanted for shipping at
$45 per barrel measure.
Tomatoes, etc. Louisiana tomatoes
$44 50 per bushel box; cucumbers and
squashes 6070c per dozen.
JORK Ales?, $19.
CINCINNATI, June 10. Cotton
easy at 17Jc.
ST. LOUIS, June 10. Cotton dull
and nominal.
LOUISVILLEJune 16. Cotton dull
and lower at 17c.
NEW ORLEANS, June 16,11:30 a.m.
Market quiet and unchanged: mid
dling, 17fc: sales, 250 bales; receipts,
30 bales.
2 p.m. Market inactive and weak;
middling. 171c: sales, 300 bales: receipts.
450 bales.
LIVERPOOL, June 16, 12:30 p.m.
Market dull and easier; middling up
lands, Sd; Orleans, 6Jd; June and July
delivery from Savannah or Charleston,
njthing below Iow middling, 8d; July
and August delivery from Savannah or
Charleston, nothing below low mid
dling, SJd; July and August delivery
from New Orleans, nothing below low
middling, SJd; August and September
delivery from New Orleans, nothing be
low low middling, SJd.
2 p.m. July and August delivery from
Savannah or Charleston, nothing below
good ordinary, 8 5-16d.
3 p.m. Sales to-day, 10,000 bales;
2000 for export and speculation, and 6900
4 P.m. June and July delivery from
Savannah or Charleston, nothing below
good ordinary, 8 3-16J ; others un-
NEW YORK, June 16, 10:20 a. m.
Cotton dull; ordinary, 14Jc: good ordi
nary, 16c; strict good ordinary, 161c;
low middling, lie; middling, I7jc; Ala
bama, 18c; Orleans and Texas, 181c.
10:25 a.m Dutures easy; June, l
' l-16c: July. 17 3-16c: August, 17ic;
September, 17Jc
ia:io p.m. uotion wean; tneoinciai
quotations are: Ordinary, 14Jc; good or
dinary, 16c; low middling, 17c; mid
dling, 17c; Alabama, 18c; Orleans and
Texas, lfcljc; unofficial quotations: Or
dinary, 145c; good ordinary, 16Jc; low
mlddUDg. ivjc; middling, isc; Ala
bama, lSic; Orleans and Texas, 181c;
sales for export, 100 bales; to spin
ners, 27 bales; last evening, 500 bales;
no sales to speculators to-day; last even
ing, 5 bales.
12:45 p m. Futures weak; June, 17c;
July, 171-16e; August, 17 7-1617Jc;
tsentemoer, n o-iocajwc; saiesioriuture
delivery, 17,400 bales.
2 p.m. Futures easy; June, 17c; July,
1717 l-16c; August, 17 7-16c; Septem
ber, 1717 5.16c; sales for future de
livery, 23,000 bales.
2:10 p.m. Cotton quiet; ordinary,
14c; good ordinary, 16c; Iowmiddliug,
17c; middling, 17jc; Alabama, lSe; Or
leans and Texas, 18c; sales for export,
100 bales; to eplnners, 2C0 bales; to
speculators, 1 bale.
2:40 p.m. Futures easy; June, 16
15-1617c; July, 17l-7 l-16c; August,
17J17 7-16c; September, 17c; October,
17 l-16c; November, 16 15-1617c; De
cember, 16 15-1617c; salts for future
delivery, 30,600 bales; net receipts, 13S
bales; gross receipts, 161 bales.
Cotcoa report for four days at all
United States ports: Receipts, 6240
bales; exports to Great Britain, 10.6S0
bales: exports to continent, 600 bales;
stock, all classes, 262,975 bales.
LONDON. June 16. Amount of bul
lion gone into bank on balance to-day,
334,000. Consols for money, 9292i;
on account, yj(ai.u.I; o-ais ot imk,
10St; do. of 1867, 103; do. 10-40s, 15;
new fives, 1041; New York Central,
90; Erie, 27; do. preferred, 49.
NEW YORK. Juno 10. Custom re
ceipts, $246,000. Treasury disburse
ments, ho,iaj. i-rouuce exports jor
the week, $6,8S8,6S7. Specie eogage
ments for to-morrow, $950,000. Money,
2t percent. Bterline nrm and nomi
nal at 4S9491. Gold ranged fromllOJ
to 111 j, closing at 111. Carrying rates,
1 per cent; borrowinir, flat to 3 percent .
Clearings, $19,0-30,000. Government
bonds nrm; coupons or loki, l-is; do.
of 1862, 1131; do. of 1864, 117; do. of
1865, 118; tlo. of 1805, new, 120; do. of
1807, 120; do. oflSOS, 120; new fives,
1133; 10-40s, 113; currency Bixes, 114.
Stale securities dull; Missouri sixes,
96; Tenneees, old, 78; Tennessees,
new, 79; Virginia, new, 32; Virginia,
old, 23; North Carolina, old, 20;
North Carolina, new, 10. Tho coun
terfeit coupons of the Central Pacific
railroad bonds discovered are between
numbers 9111 and 9S00, series G. Under
rumors from Washington of the passage
by tbe senate of bou-e bill compelling
the Union Pacific to give equal terms to
all connecting road, unfavorable rumors
regarding other railroad corporations,
and the failure of the Trevere Brothers,
tbe stock exchange speculation broke
down and there was a sharp decline.
Wabash was pressed for sale and de
clined from 33 to 29. Then came Lake
Shore and Northwestern common, both
of which declined 1 j per cent ; the former
from 71 to 69, and the latter from 3? to
37J. Western Union and Union Pacific
dropped 1 percent; St. Paul common
l per cent; Pacific Mail 1 per cent;
Rock Island per cent, and the lemain
der of tho list 1 to 3 per cent At times
there was a pressure to sell, and the ex
change was a scene of more excitement
than for a long time past At the cli se
the market showed a iraclionai recovery
from the lowest point of the day, but
was feverish. Sales were 29 000 shares
Western Union; 15 000 Pacific Mall;
30,000 Lake Shore; 17,000 Union Pacific;
8000 Northwestern; 6000 Rock Island;
7000 St Paul, aud 2GO0 Wabash.
Canton, 49; Western Union Tele
graph, 69J; Quicksilver, 21; Adams ex-
press company, lOOlWells andFargo's,
express company. ?yj; American ex
press company, 60 ; United States ex
Dress com nan v. flttlt Pmlfift Mall. Ml
New York Central, 97J; Erie,29Js Erie
preferred, 62; Harlem, 127$; Harlem pre-
ierred,lU4; Michigan ueutrai.s,: ritts-
ourg, o7; JMortn western, s.j: morin
western preferred, 53; Rock Island, 95
New Jersey Central. 107; St Paul, 82
St. Paul preferred, 53: Wabash, 29$
Wabash preferred. 65; Fort Wayne, 94
Terro Haute, 108; Terre Haute prefer
red. 123 : Chlcaco and Alton, 100:
Chicago and Alton preferred, 103; Ohio
and Mississippi. 231: Cleveland, Colum
bus and Cincinnati, 65; Burlington and
Quincy. 1001; Lake Shore, 693; Cleve
land. Columbus and Indiana Central
17; Illinois Central, 94$; Union Pacific,
23; Centra"! Pacific bonds, 81; Union
Pacific bonds, 87; Hartford and .Erie,
101; Delaware and Lackawana, 10Sj.
NEW YORK, June 10. Business
was quiet with manufacturers' agents
anu jouDers. Tne marces lor cotton
goods ruled firm, and prices were un
changed. Biue-oanu prints continued
in brisk demand, and were mostly sold
up to receipts. Fancy prints quiet
fancy cassimeres ana worsteds ror ran
trade were In moderate request For
eign goods were very dull.
LOUISVILLE, June 1 Flour and
wheat quiet and unchanged. Corn quiet:
white. 83o. Oats quiet at 5S60c Ba
con quiet and weak at 7, 1010jc
sugar-cured bams, law: main. lzio.
Bulk meats quiet and unchanged at 61,
9 91c. Lard dull and a shade lower at
iiwisi. wmsKy.rjbe.
ST. LOUIS. June 16. Floar no mar
ket Wheat dull and drooping, at SI 081,
Corn dull and lower: No. 2 mixed.
5859c, track; 6060c, July. Oats
easier; No. 2, 47c, track. Whisky
steady; 96c. Pork easy; $18 25, part
delivered. Jjry salt meats nominal,
Bacon dull; only a small order trade;
lower to sen at close, jjaru easier; sum
mer, 10c.
CHICAGO, June 16. Flcsr quiet and
unchanged. Wheat quiet and weas;
No. 2 spring, $1 18, cash. Corn irreg
ular and unsettled; C2c cash; rejected,
5SC. Oats steady: No. 2. 47c cash. Pork
steady, $17 40 cash for small lots; no
round lots ofTerinc. Lard steady at
11.10c cash. Bulk meats steady: sales of
snort-rib middles at 9c. seller in July,
In open board in the afternoon, wheat
closed at $1 171, seller In July; SI 13
bid tor seller in August, 'join, wta,
sener in J uiy. rors anu iara uncnangeu,
CINCINNATI, June 16. Flour fam.
ily, S6 156 30. Wheat $1 30. Corn
quiet; mixed, 6567c, in bulk. Oats
quiet at 525Sc. Lard oil, SS90c; Un
seed oil, 9Sc. Eegs quiet at ll13c.
Butter dull; choice, 2020c. Cheese
quiet and weak!at 1212fc. Pork firm ;
S17 75(5117 87i offered: held at $18.
Lard quiet: sales of summer at 102(a)
luic, loose: aettie louDiurr at. Hyaline.
Bulk meats in lair demand at lower
rates; shoulders, 6jc; clear rib, 9c, spot;
clear, 9 j9Jc. Bacon easier; shoulders,
4Wic; clear no, ac; clear, iui(aiuic.
packed; also, sales of clear rib at 9c,
oose. Whisky, oc.
NEW YORK. June 15. Flour quiet
and unchanged but in buyers' favor.
Rye flour steady. Cornmeal heavy ami
lower; western, $44 30. Wheat lower
with large supply ; No. 2 spring, $1 39
4U. uorn in rair uemana nut lower:
western mixed, 79S2c; western yellow,
8183c; white western, 80c. Oats
heavy and lower; mixed western, 62
C4c. Coflce quiet; Rio, 17?21c. Sugar
lower; fair to good refining, 77Jc.
Molasses and rice unchanged. Refined
petroleum, 13c Pork heavy ; new
mess, $17 SO, cash; middles heavy; clear,
910c; short clear, 10c. Lard heavy;
primesteam, 1111 9-lCc, July. Butter
steady; new western, 182Sc Cheese
unchangod. Whisky firm, $1.
Ak i tiata r
An advertisement of m41t'.ae, however
candid and conscientious it cry be. does not
always carry conviction with 'It. Tho public
know to their sorrow that tsfcoastrul claims
pnt forth In behalf ofmany so-called reme
dies are literally " a delcslcn and a snare."
Probably the best use, therefore, that can be
made of the space devoted to this notice of
Ilostetter'a Htomach Bitten Is to Invite those
who read it to Inquire of tit parties that have
tested the curative and preventive properties
ol the article what tbey thins of IU W6
earnestly request alt doubter: to ascertain
from such of their friends and neighbors as
have taken this standard tonic and altera
tive as a protection against malarious dis
eases, or as a cure for Indigestion, liver com
plaint, constipation, rheumatism, nervous de
bility, headache, low spirits, languor, bilious
ness, etc. .what Hoiletter's Bitters has done for
thein. There Is no testimony sa trustworthy
aa that which Is the resnlt of personal expe
rience. Iladd Doble'a Condition L'owrter.
On Wednesday, Jsly I- 1871.
No. 535, It. D. In the Second Chancery Conrt
of Shelby county, Tennesww. Mary W.
Winner et al, vs. C'narles Winner etaL
BY virtue of a decree of sale made In this
cause by the Second Chancsry Court on
tneSitn May, 1871, minutes No. E, pages 1M and
4, 1 will sell, nt public auction, to the highest
bidder. In irout of the door of the Second
Chancery Courtroom, Second street, city of
Menfpnls, Tennessee,
On Wednesday. July I; 1874,
within lesral hours, the followlne described
real estati set forth In tbe plat and survey
filed herein, situate, lying end being in the
y and Male or Tennessee, sec
tion 2, range 8 of the Utn Surveyor's District,
and In the 15th Civil District of Vnelby coun
ty, enn-.w-wn:
Beginning at a stake on the east side of
llreedlove street; thence east 8 chains and 42
links to a stake; thence south s chains and
W,i links to a stake; tnenc west 8 chalDS
ana 42 links to a stake; thence north 6 chains
and 6t links to a stake, the point of begin
ning, containing 5 6-10 acred, and lies norm ol
the Dower tract.
Also, another tract: Beginning at a stake
on theeaotsideof lireedlove street, the south
west corner of the Dower tract; thence east 8
chains and 42 links to a stake; thence touth 4
chains and 75 links to a stake; thence wests
chains and 4 links to a stake; thence north 4
c .alns and 75 links to a stake, the point of be
ginning, containing 8 8-100u acres, and lies
south ol tbe Dower tract.
Also, another tract, subject to the widow's
dower therein described as fellows, to-wit.
Beginning at a stake In the east side of lireed
love stieet 4 chains north of the southwest
i-orner of the 13 47M0OO acres, oat of which
dower is taken: running thencs east 8 chains
and ii Unks to a stake; thence north b'A
chains to a' stake near the southeast corner
of a young orchard; thence west 8 chains
and 41 links to a slake In tbe east side of
lireedlove street; tbence fonth with it 6
cbalus lo tbe place oi beginning, with all the
improvements thereon.
Terms of Sale On a credit of sir and twelve
months, purchaser executlnt 'note with ap
proved security; lien retained.
This May 29, 1874. ....
M. D. U. HTiSWAiiT,ueiit ana aiasier.
By Geo. Malleiy, D. U. and It.
ValaaWe Seal Estate.
That by virtue or a venditioni exponas
t me directed lrom the lion. First Circuit
Court of Hielby county. Tenn, In the case of
P.T.B. Caple vs. William Bedln, Judgment
rendered on tbe 12th day of September, 1S7S,
for tbe snm of fifty-nine dollars and forty
cents, with interest and costs or salt, to satisfy
said Judgment, etc., 1 will, on
Saturday, the 11th Daj cf Jo,-1874,
at 11 o'clock a-m., In front of my office. No.
351 Second street, Memphis, Tenn., proceed to
sell, to the highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ing described property, to-wlt: One lot or
parcel of land, bounded and described as fol
lows: Commencing In the center of the Pig
eou Uoost plankroad; thence southwest with
the center of garden-post and plank fence,
which Is known as the old Pigeon Roost dirt
road ; thence along the center ct said road to
what Is known as tbe southwest corner ot
Wm. Berlin's K-acre lot: thence east to the
gonUiwest corner of said lot in the center of
the lt&eon Koost plankroad ; Icenee along the
center of said road to tbe- beginning, contain
ing three (3) acres, more or less; It being sit
uated In the vlllase of Caplevllle, Shelby
county, Tenn and in the Twelfth Civil Dis
trict of said county. Levied on as the prop
erty of defendant. William Berlin, to satisfy
said Judgment, Interest and costs. Bale to
commence promptly at 11 o'clock sun.
Memphis, I2th day ol June, 1874.
1 W.J. P. DOYLE,
Sheriff of Shelby county, Tenn.
E. JL Hearn, AU'y for plain US. Jew
'B 1
242 fe
Dooloy,a IT east Powder
is penecuy rnreanq wnoiesome.
Dooloy's Yeast Powder
is put np in t oil weight cans.
Dooloy's Yeast Powder
juaaes Elegant uiscuiu and ltons.
Dooley's Yeast Powder
Aiaites dcucious Aiamas, unuaie caites,
Cornbread, etc.
Dooley's Yeast Powder
Makes all kinds of Dumplings, Potpies, Cakes
ana r-asiry, nice, iignt ana neauny.
Dooley's Yeast Powder
is the best, because- perreetly pure.
Dooley's, Yeast Powder
is me vueape&b, oecauie iuii weiguu
Dooley's Yeast Powder
is guaranteed to give sausiacuon.
Be sure to ask for
Dooley's Yeast Powder
ana no not do putou witn any oiner King.
Dooley's Yeast Powder
Is pet npln Tin Cans of various sizes, suitable
lor r amines, rwarainguouses, noieif, i-s-
tauranis ana ruver, lakb anu ucean
Vessels on short or long voyages.
The market Is flooded with chean. Inferior
Baking and Yeast Powders of light or short
warrantea,ruu siren cm ana rait weight.
Bold at wholesale and retail, generally
throughout the United States, by dealers In
Groceries and Family Supplies.
Uledlcal department,
A. II. CENAS, M.D., Emeritus Professor of
T.13. 1HCHAKDSOJJ, M.D., Iroressor or Sur
gery. SAM U EL M. BEMIS3, M.D., Professor of Med
icine. STANFORD E. CBA1LLE, M.D., Professor of
FRANK UAWTnORNE, M.D., Professor of
JOSEPH JONES, M.D., Professor of Chem
SAMUEL IXK3AN, M.D., Professor of Anat
EON EST 8. LEWIS, MD., Professor of Materia
EDMOND 80UCH0N, M.D Demonstrator of
The rortr-Brst annual course of instruction
In this department will commenre on Mon
dav, the loth day of November. 1STJ, and ter
minate on the third Saturday of March, IKS.
Preliminary jecmres on unnicai Jjeuicinu
and Bnrgery will be delivered In the nmpl-
theateroiine great t-nsruy iiuhpiii, ircsi li
ning on the 2uth of October, without any
charge to stndenta. The Anatomical rooms
will be opened at the name time.
The members of the faculty are Visiting
Physicians and Surgeons to the Charity Hos
pital, and give instruction dally at the bedside
of tbe sick.
As the practical advantages afforded for a
thorough acquaintance with all tbe branches
of medicine are quite as great asir not supe
rior to," those offered by the schools of Sew
York and Philadelphia, the same fees are de
manded. For all the Lectures, SIM; Matriculation, tS;
Practical Anatomy.flO: Graduation, SJ0. Pay-
mentrequlred In advance.
For circulars or catalogues, address,
lelll' T.Q.KICUAKDSON.MD.,Pean.
R. ALFRED VOORHIES, who makes a
specialty ol treating diseases of the EYE
and EAll, until further notice, will make his
OQco at his Beslflence, 32S Poplar St.
, .
j .1 ... I- . I.-. - J. .m.. t u' x -
-.. . - 1 111-- ..-I... , ....... .
- T -
AT -
Silks, Dress Goods, White Goods, Piques,
Grenadines, House-Furnishing Goods,
Cassimeres, Ladies' Underwear,
Embroideries,, Ribbons, Ho
siery and Notions,
As wo arc determined to rcdnce our Immense slotlt during
Hie month of June.
244: 21a iss Street, cor. cJefTerson,
Foreign, and
From the "El Principe de
white, mmm & n.
234 Front St. and 299 Main St.
mn needle & mm G0TT0N-6INS
Kelt 1 11, llose, Etc.
ii. L. HEAUilAU.
No. 9 UNION STREET, Memphis, Term,,
1 S-OOO Barrels fS&Jit
Which we will aeil CHEAP to save Storacn
No. IS Union Street, Slemphls, Tenn,
WILL practice In all the City and County
Courts, the Supreme Conrt, and In the
United States Circuit and District Courts at
Memphis. Will attend promptly to all busi
ness intrusted to him. ruy21
Southern Life Insurance Co.
Mkhfhu, TikWt June 6, 1S71.
rpriE annual meeting of the Stockholders of
J thl company will bo held at the office of
the company on
Tuesday, July 7tb Prox.,
Between the hours or 3 and 6 o'clock p.m. At
this meeting Directors are to bo elected for
the ensuing year.
Je7 DEN MAY, Secretary.
!JLfcde Xlon Lodger JRo.t is, are Hereby
a ao cm
Hathr Wines,
Gale" Factory at Key West
Qullett's Light-Draft Magnolia Uta,
Gnllett's Bteel Brtuh Gin,
Utlca Steam Engines,
Colman's Cornmlils,
Deerlng's Hone Engines,
Cold Belled ShafUnc,
Plows, Wagons, etc,
Stoves, Wagonmaksrs' Supplies, Gum
a Belting, etc.
UofTntarlyTonefalfthe nsulfare online 1
of the University. For further Information i
andcatalopie.appltothePresident. ,
C PRIVAIB .ink .
Medical iDispensarv
iitweeailaln ana Front now,
' JSstablUhcd In 18S). :
JB. JOHNSON Is acknowledged by all pi.
t' tl9slntere3tod,a by-far the mosirecceaa,
ral Physician in tbe treatment of nrlvata I
secret diseases. Qnlck thorough and perms,
nentenresknorantced In Every case, male or
female., BeceiitcaeeaoftJonorrnea and Syphi
lis cured tit a Zdw days; without the use el
rnerCTrr, -chansB' of diet or hindrance from
trasinnM. -HeMndarvHvnhItlavthfifiuitvbttA
eradicated without the m oCmerenrr. In.
voluntary loss of semen stopped. In a aboil
I time. vnm-rflT fw.w 1m Imucv xit lorn ne
I sexnst poTrerrestotx-a W Tree Vigor Itt a few:
iwm viciuns ox Bir-aouHe ana excessive
VOHfirV. ShfTp.nntrfrr.m cnprti HrrTrhnsL nnil lcn.
I of physical and mental -power, speedily and.
l'arucuiar atunuon paid lo the Diseases cT
Women, and cures guaranteed.
Throat, and Lung Diseases cured by ntw
remedlea. . j
UOl eonsnltatlons strlotly eonfldentiaX;
Medlelhea sent bvnnrMuitn an nart. tv
ooantiyr - -
Offlce-hoari frdm 8 sun, to 4'pjn. -'Band ays"-
from 3 to 4 pan. , . .
ap2dAw JJ.fl. JOHNSON. M. D. '
TATE, ETC. .. . . T
No. 1362. First Chancery Conrt of Shelby
' ?aSiT' Tenn-Mary L. Poston et al. vs. W.
K. Poston et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory, decree en,
tered in the above cause June 7.1K0, aad
I'Sfin'M-; ""S11 17,1873, and MaysSrSffl,
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
5m?er;iln ffont5,r ,ne -'lcrk and Maturts
25tVJ7ien,1.7 ?.Iock' Second street, in the
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on
SATUBDAT, JUNE 27, 1874,
within legal hours, the followln g propertr
to-wlt: A certain piece or parcel of land ly
ing, being and situated In the county or Shelby
and State of Tennessee, within the follow,
lng bounds, to-wlt: Beginning on Jackson
street at the southwest corner of J. M. Wil
liamson's lot; running thence west with north
line or jMtoon strati 362 feet to the south
east Intersection of Desoto street extended
with north line of Jackson street: thence
north on and with DeSoto street extended,
the east side thereof feet to stake; thence
east, parallel with Jackson and Broadway
streets 381 feet to J. M. Williamson's west line,
the southeast corner of lot heretofore sold to
Thomas B. Carroll by said Poston; thence
south to the beginning on north side of Jack
son street, containing t acres, more or less.
To be sold according to a subdivision dividing
same Into three lots 1,2 and 3 (So. 2 having
been sold heretofore). Lot No. 1 fronting l)
feet on DeSoto street extended by S feet on
JackMm street. Lot No. 3 irontlna 113 feet on
DeSoto street by S62 feet. See plat at office.
Terms of Sale On a credit of 7, 12 and IS
months; notes with approved security bear
ing Interest; lien retained, and equity of re
demption barred. May 25, 1871.
, E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
R. J. Black, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Humes A Poston et al. Attorneys. my2S
No. SZa,N.R First Chances Court of Shelby
County. John C Lanier vs. Gayoso Savings
Institution and other causes consolidated
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered In tbe above cause on the 2d
day of April, 1871, and modified, etc.. May 22,
1871. 1 will sell at public auction, to the high
est bidder. In front or the Clerk and Master's
offlce, Greenlaw Operations building, Second
street, Memphis, Tennessee, on
SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 1874,
wltkln legal hours, the following described
property, situated In Shelby county, Tennes
see, to-wlt:
On the south side of Union avenue, about
1 miles east of the center of the city of Mem
phis, and being known as the Home Place, or
residence .of John C. Lanier, the boundaries
of which are marked by the plckett fence
around said tract of land, and which contains
about 63 acres. To be sold according to sub
division made and tiled herein. Handbills
showing plat, etc, will be distributed belore
the day of sale. For minute description, see
deeds of trust, etc., on file in said causes.
Terms cf Sale One-fourth (K) cash ; balance
on a credit of 4, 8 and 12 months, purchaser to
execute notes with approved security, bearing
Interest from date; lien retained to further se
cure the same; equltyof redemption barred.
Tnls May 23, 1S71.
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
K. J. Black, D. C and M.
Humes & Poston, Wright 4 Folkes. L. D.
McKlssiek, 1. Clay King, Kates Jc Jackson,
et al. Attorneys. my27
BY virtue of a deed of trust executed to me
by John M. Woodson, on the nrst day or
June, 1M7, and recorded In bonk Ne. 61. pages
252, 233 and 251, In the Register's offlce or Shel
by county, Tennessee, and at the request of
the creditors secured by said deed, on
ThoTSuaj, the 25th Say or Jane, 1874,
between the hours of 11 o'clock ajn. and 12
o'clock m, at the southwest corner of Main
and Madison streets. In Memphis, Tennessee.
1 will sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder, ror cath, the lollowing described real
estate: A certain tr&ctor land, lying In Shelby-
county, Tennessee, on the east side of Mrs.
Maria Scruggs' (deceased) two hundred acre
tract, and west of a fltty acre tract of Mrs. M.
E. Coleman, being In range six (6), section one
(1), In eleventh (11) surveyors" district, and
bounded as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a
stake a little south of a postoak and running
south 10 degrees east one hundred and eight
een and a half (118) poles to a stake on tbe
south side of the tract; thence with said
boundary line south fc; degrees west one hun
dred and thlrty-Qve ilio) poles to a corner of
said tract; thence north H degiees east fifty
two (52) polei to a stake; thence south 61 de-
Srees east thirty-two CO) poles and nine (9)
nks to the beginning containing sixty
eight (68) acres.
Also, another tract, known as lot No. five
(5), the same being a part of N. B. Shepherd's
tract of land (bought of R. M. Galloway), and
bounded as lollows, to-wlt: Beginning at a
stake on the south side of the railroad at M.
C.Balock's northwest corner, as described In
John and Ellxa M. Martin's deed to said John
M.Woodson, made on S2d day of December.
1836, and recorded In book No. 27, pages 42 and
43, in the Registers offlce ot Shelby county,
Tennessee, containing twenty-eight and2S-li
(2S 28 100) acres.
The title Is warranted to me and Is believed
to be good. PITSEB MILLER. Trustee.
(Sheriff's Sale or Tamable Beat Estate.
That- by virtue or an execution to me
directed from the Hon. First Circuit Court
of Shelby county, Tenn., In the case of Har
den Kajland vs. Sarah W. Jones and Felix
M.Jones, judgment rendered on the 11th day
of March, 1874, jor tbe sum of seventeen hun
dred and ninety-serin dollars and sixty one
cents, with lntevest and costs of suit, to sat
isfy said Judgment, etc, I will, on
Ihursuar, tne lOtb dar or July, 1874,
at 11 o'clock sun. In front of my offlce, No.
351 Second street, Memphis. Tenn, proceed to
sell, to the highest Didder, for cash, the follow
ing described propeily, to-wlt:
Lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 6. 7, 8, 9, 10. 11. 12, ft, 11 and
IS, of Sarah W. Jones' subdivision, said lots
being a part ot a tract formerly owned by
James C Jones, lying In range 7, sections 1
and 2, In Shelby county, Tennessee, beginning
at southeast corner of a euu acre tract, part of
SOU) acre tract, which said COO acres was con
veyed by John B. Hickman and Edwin Hick
man to Sam B. Klnibrosgh, by deed dated
July 22, 1S; thence west 77 chalm and 41
links a stake on tbe east line of Paulson's
1000 acre subdivision; tbence west 69 chains
and 61 links a stoke In State Line road 373
links of a streetgum marked K; tbence
south 63)ia east ii chains and 21 links with
the center ol sld road; thencs south 77 east
20 chains and SO links a slake; thence south W
east37 chains a stake; thence east 4 chains
and 32 links a stake; thence south S8 chains
andOO links to the beginning-containing by
the original deed 415 acres.
Levied on as the properly of defendant
Sarah W. Jones to satisfy said Judgment, In
terest and costs.
Sale to commence promptly at eleven
o'clock a,m.
Sheriff of Shelby county, Tenn.
Memphis, KthFday or Jnne. 1874.
K. M. Hearn, Attorneys for plaintiff. Jel7
A LL persons having claim against the es-
---, . . ".tuujjuKtwo, are nereby
notified to present the same to the under.
t(m1 nftfwon aivhl Inn 1 A
JUHN SMITH, Executor.
, Offlce, SM Main street. -Memphis.
Tenn, June 8.1874. eio
Trustee's Sale
Valuable Properly S. W. Corner or Main
and Exchange Streets.
o'clock a.m,on the s. W. corner of Mad
ison and Main streets, Memphis, I will sell, to
the highest bidder, for cash, the following
property? Alotof ground31feetand3lnches
front on west line of Main street, and extend
ing westward along the line of and parallel
with Exchange street at right-angles Horn the
front 148 feet to Exchange alley, and being
tbe same property sold to Thomas Dngan by
B. M. Nelson, L. V. Frazer and the executors
or F. Titus, deceased, by deed bearing date
11th Mar, 1872, and conveyed to me, as trustee,
by deed from Thomas Dngan. to secure cer
tain Indebtedness therein specified ; this sale
being made to carry out tbe provisions of
said deed In trust, which Is recorded In the
Register's office of Shelby county on the leth
dayof May. 1872, in book 87, page 401, etc.
Right of redemption waived, and title be
lieved to be good, but I sell and convey only
aa trustee.
my29 JOHIfr.TBEZEVANT, Trustee.
anaicosu. ZZ? -- - - r AVaoo Wtwenty days-wUIJbe re
BaJoutocommencey promptlyatelevenjjoiwenrma,tlSa.(;!i
- '55-
tin tin.
A Gen
Mree for
eTOn thl
vs at my
I" of the
jt, Usm
jroperty, C at. the
igsl Ten
e"Ban accuse-
day from
at the explra-
ported to the
ilon. The de-

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