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"VOL 34 IsTO 270
The best result of tho election of
Tuesday la the gains made by eo many
of the Htatea in the number of Demo
crats sent to congress. It ia quite ap to
the mark we had set, and may, when
all the official returns aru in, pass It.
"ihe elections of the early part of the
year resulted in a gain ot 16; that of
Tuesday In a gain of 70, -which latter
figure added to 82 already secured, in
suree us a Democratic vote of 162 in the
house of representees of the forty-fourth
congress, and a majority of 32 over the
Kspubllcans, who will be reduced to 130
votes, perhaps less, when the States of
Kevada, Florida find Kansas, and the
Territories of Arizona, Idaho and Wash
lugton are beard from. The gains of
16 were made in Indians, 5; Iowa, 1
jSorth Carolina, 2; Ohio, 6; Oregon,
"West VIrelnla. 1. The gains of
70 were made: In NewYort, 13; Ala
bams, 4; Arkansas, 1; Delaware, 1
Georgia, 2; Illinois, 6; Louisiana,
Maryland, 2; Massachusetts, 6; Michi
gan, 4; Missouri, 2; New Jersey, 4
Pennsylvania, 8; South Carolina, 3
Tennessee, 6; Virginia, 3; and "Wiscon
sin, 1. This is surely a great result of
indomitable energy and party perse
verance in the face of an opposition that
embraced the whole official power and
patronage of the Federal government.
and in face of the most arbitrary etr
cfi'e of that power, as in Alabama and
Louisiana. It Is j et our special wonder
that these two States and South Caro
Una have done so nobly, and that after
them Missachnsetts has so overwhelm
in.ly rebuked Grant's administration
and that extreme and most objection
able of Bidicals, Benjamin F. Butler.
A wo.se man than he does not to-day
exist fn the United States in publlo
je. He has the ambition of B&-
tan and only wants the power and
opportunity to make himself felt as cm
e'ly, m&'evolently and mischievously
at he in a"11 speeches during the late
c n vass be?i "ofce himself. The people of
Massachusetts, tired of him, wearied of
his yearly appeals to their prejudices
against us rebtNs, and falling to see any
good, solid resnl I to lhem or to the Union
on his contlotJancff in place, have
crushed him at one blow as a nuisance
tb it could no longer be even tolerated.
Bjtler goes ant of congrs- we hope for
ever, and we also hope there will go
whh him tb last lingering remnant of
the devillsli system of Badlcalism and
series of reconstruction measures, that
the forty-fouil! congress may be able to
resume the legitimate duties of a na
tl jnal legislative body, and devote itself
wholly to such legislation as will have for
its object the a melioration of the condi
tl 3 n of tbe peop le of all the States wise,
opportune and 'ell-considered measures
that will afford tUi needed relief, restor
ing the States to the harmonious condi
tion which for ,bo many years character
ized their relations one to the other.
This should be, and doubtless will be,
the great result ot the victory of Tues
day, a victory tbsi the people are every
where celebrating with meetings, bon
firw, firing of caixnon, torchlight pro
cessions, and every possible mode of
demonstration of gladness that on
ly those know how to appre
ciate at its best who. have been
overridden by soldiers -vnder Mer
rill, worried by Federal officials like
3 ester, and threa'ened by such corrup
ti t'ulsts as Landaulet Williams, present
at Varney-general of the United States.
To "be people of South Carolina, Louis
iana and Alabama this victory will
cjme Yitb an added meaning, bespeak
ing a brlt future free of carpetbaggery
and all -tBe chicanery in politics
wi.vciAmenta In social life
that the oWioC compound suggests.
It will .usuro them that in
deed "there i lite in the old land yet"
Within their .7wn kprders they will
breathe a purer .tmophe"?i and when
they look abroad, Inteadof .8tatea ar
rayed against them in the supjrt of
their task-masters, they will find States
standing beside tbem in both houses pf
congress pledged to their welfare under
the constitution, pledged not to look
back, but forward, and pledged to the
guarantee of all the rights of all tho peo
ple, white as well as black. This is a
great gain, perhaps tho greatest, when
we consider Hie growth and grasp of
p jwer by congress since 1665. Next to
it is the good news that assures us that
the senate, like the house, will undergo
a change consequent upon the Demo
cratic gains in most of the legislatures;
gains that will insure as a total gain of
ten In the senate and an equality of
.representation that will deter the admln-j-atlon
from a continuance of the
vlld excesses that have well-nigh
reached ver of . abeolut
-n. better to Inform our
ism. mv
readers of tlx6 statea vn6ro chanBe
has already bee, and thoM we
rdy upon to compete it, we append the
names ot the twenty- natora whoM
terms expire with the frty-thlrd con
gress, the Statw which chooiO lr suc
cessors, and tho names of thosC wher
ever they have already been chosn.
They stand seventeen administration
Republicans in Roman letters; three In
dependents, elected as Bepublicans, in
shall oafs; five Democrats in Italics.
The politics of the new cenators is al
ready determined in thirteen instances,
giving the Democrats a clear gain of
Terms expire For the nacoeeaing
Virginia Lewis - RJ?. Vllheri-gaiti
woat virglnla.Boreraau . A jiemoerai-gain
wibcrasiu-i; an enir..
Thus, In brief,' the Democratic gains
that have been made during the past
year, to take effect March 4, 1675 are
Connecticut, Eaton in place of BucKlng-
ham; Indiana, a Democrat in place ot
Pratt; Kansas, Harvey (independent) in
place of Crozler; Texas, Maxey in place
of Flanagan; Virginia, Withers in place
of Lewis; West Virginia, a Democrat
in place of Boreman, an opposition gain
of 6 already. To these Tennessee, Flori
da, Pennsylvania and Nevada will add
1 each, which will make a total
Democratic sain in the senate of
10, and will fix the relative stand
ing of parties in that one-time au
gust body in the forty-fourth congress,
BepuMlcans, 39; Democrats and oppoel
tion combined, S3. At present it stands
Bepublicans, 49; vacancy (Louisiana)
1; Democrats and opposition, 24.
change from 25 to 6 Republican majority
will be a great improvement, and in
many Instances, as has been suggested
there are three independent Republican
senaters Alcorn, of Mississippi; Rob
ertson, of South Carolina, ind Ferry, of
Connecticut who can be depended up
on to vote with the opposition, in which
cases the administration majority will
be reduced to nothing. In two years
more, however, and in time to give
the Democratic administration of
1877 a substantial backing, the
Republican majority in the sen
ate can be wiped out entirely. To
so glorious a consummation let us all
labor, Intelligently and discreetly. Let
us remember that the Democracy, as a
national party, is just emerging from
the fatality of seventeen years of defeat
and overwhelming disaster; tkat, lifted
up and relnvigorated as it has been by
the people, it is only as a trial-test.of its
capacity to rule and govern wisely, and
in accordance with the constitution as it
We of the south especially must act
in moderation, and do all we can, in
ustice to ourselves, to disarm the ne
gro of the prejudices with , which
bis mind has been filled against us. We
must dispel bis apprehensions and dis
trusts of us, and prove to him that we
are not disposed to trench upon his rights
and liberties, but that in a spirit
of fairness, ot Justice and equity
becoming our responsibilities and
intelligence, we will protect and
defend them in them all. Let u?, too,
prove to the Republicans of the north
that we are Americans as they are; that
we have the same Interest in the coun
try, and in party ascendancy seek
nly the good of the republic, whose
glory ia ours, and whose still glorious
future we must share. Above all, let U3
satisfy our brethren of the north, who
have, by their votes, made it possible
for us to shout "Victory!" that we are
worthy of their confidence, and will
continue to deserve it by a faithful ad
herence to the principles of the Demo
cratic party.
A private dispatch from Nashville
last night says that Roderick Ramrod
Butler is certainly beaten in the first
congressional district by fifteen hundred
The Great Democratic Wave In
creasing in Yolnme The Ene
mle8 of Good Govern
ment Crushed to
Additional Iteturns Increase the
Somber of Triumph?, and '
Confirm those Already
Haywood County Redeemed, and
the Country is Safe A Gene
ral Glorification Everywhere.
Pennsylvania to the Front The
State Gone Democratic by
about Three Thousand
Nevada Elects a Democratic Gov
ernor .Arizona loons Up in
tne Distance, with a Good
Alabama Joins the Democratic
Banks with a Gain of Three
Congressmen and a
The Glorious Work in Massachu
setts Confirmed A Demo
cratic Governor Elected
by Over 7000.
Hie Sew Torhrr ArceptN tbo General
invitation, and Will Mnke Cnl
ca.o bla Uomo-Csrre-pontieuee.
MarcH3. 1875. term.
.Ilase- .Nwto! uooth.
KnoMTciriHuSfclngtj'm. VR Ealo.i-gain.
VlAHrln 11 IlkAlt . .
Indiana. . Pratt. -A Democrat gain.
1l1tiK mi """ narrry.
'slni , Ham. in . HepuHlcan.
j. ,ryiand Hamilton WWinckney While.
U. HKchosett.Waali"urti.
v. jtea. Chandler
-JIlo. e ota Kamsey . r.
55 , si ppl I"ioe . Branch K2rneeto.
Vji.o. rl (-chubs
evada .
New r
Sew York.
Rhode ltlnoa
ThtimuM lUen G. TMtman.
a ttojit
-pragjeA. Republican.
Tlanngitn... iff S. HaavcrUn.
Kkw York (Mob r 2 The follow
ins correspondence was published here yes-
Chicago. Octob r 2S.
To General Alexander tin a er. New York:
The b ard of are commit luners oi (jmeago
nave communicated 'o u.e citizen- associ
ton. to be transmitted llirouch the ah'ocla-
Hon to Jroa. the resolution which I now In
close. The board Reeks to employ your ser
vices In reorganization and disciplining of
oar Ore depart menu 1 1 is wnn great pleasure
that ti.ecfiizens' association now conveys to
rnn the RMlon of the tire cammUsloners and
aks yon to accept the position tendered. Al
low me to say. la behalf of the board ot Ore
commissioner! and citizens' association, thai
miliar tn charter of our cltv it wa entlrelv
lmprac lcabie to establish for yon a position
w.ta Independent powers. Ins almost need
lees to tell you that our peeple would have
ben glad to conQie to you the amplest legal
powers, reposing, as tbey do, entire
faith in yonr great abllltt and prn-
dence; but the citizen' association uia
noi suggeta 10 we ure oumuiuuoi. uj
measure going beyond lha which they adopt
ed, snowing that the commit-slontirs bad done
allot formal action la the dl ectlonof their
wishes and ours that the law would In any
manner permit. The boaid of Are commls
sinners, tue citizens' association, and the peo-
f le or Chicago are fully and clearly awaro 01
be Important distinction as t ynur responsi
bility between a poslt:on cl ithed with com
plete Independent authority, such as we
t&ou d have b en pleaded to confer upon you.
s.nu wa po-aunn iiowienuerea you, wmcn is
nectssarily without Independent authority
and success In which Is babject to the co-operation
and sapp irt of the fire commissioners,
In wuom legal powers do and must rettiae. In
this cannecuon permit me to say that the nre
commlaaloners are aware that the eud
soaghc oy themselves and the city,
at larg In Inviting your services,
could no Deatialned without according those
M-rvloea u. tree opportunity to have coidially
tuwured while their rormal action at th a
lmeis hampered by llmltatlunsot their pow
ers and restrictions or the ch trier, and their
sincere wish to forward the work you are now
oalud upon to do shall end efiecuvo expre
lon In the ladUues readily and gladly af
forded you. You will observe that the in
dorsement of bis honor, the mayor of Chlca
go, accompanies tne resolution of the com.
mlssloutrs. Vi" believe that all reports of the
city government cordially approve ot the ac
tion of the lire-board, and our citizens in
dorse t heartily. Wnlle you are doubtless
aware of the unusual Interest in our coming
to Chicago is felt by the entire insurance
Interest of the country, you should aluo be
informed of the special participation ot the
Chicago board of flre-underwriura in the In
vllation now ex ended to you. The nnanlm
nrr tii invitation to von to cme to tJhica
eo is of a remarkabl character, and while It
musi aure you oi tua wiurswiwu .fcinu.
tbin nf vnur .tiMMi In aonlxlUE new and
hlvher method In flie affairs, 11 must also
couvlnee you that you can have In your work
in fhipcpn nnt ltristanima tne aosence oi
lormul aumoniy aim loapuuoiutnij ,
port such as Is prepred very rarely for men
called to public service. Very reapectlpjly.
Preildent Cluzens' Aasocia n oi tnicago.
iizvr Y'obk, Novembers, 167I
Krankliu MaeVeagh, Esq President ClUzens'
Association, v.aio ju;
DrauBin I am In receipt of your comma.
Tiita inn of October SStu, transmitting a copy
nt the rrsambles and resolution passed by the
: - . i . .!.. h Ar th. .iiv nfPh .
nn ih t . bd t v -lourlh if Uctober last.
tendering t me the position of consulting
Cluzens' association asking me to accept the
Jtltlon v ndered. I beg to make my ac
PfTlVementa lor the honor conferred by
' H0ti of jour board of Ore commlhlon-
1 Ti say in reply that while I would
rrarO ewnme an office with uffl
S.uK?to er0 . theextuuoaof any
clent power to - b adopied lor thelm
SJXS iB.'0nt, and which
would ruiiMy Tnvulve a re-rM'"y or
Its conduct, neverthelew recogniiipf tbe
absence oflegat auUmrlty to coeT Cb
powers, 1 accept, wmpuiwuj. t'"";
!. i X.7.ior. ortth the reouest ot
bli honor, the mayor, your ablation and
hoard or underwriter, and will render to
the offlclals charged with tho management
mant all tne aid in my
power. I thank you for expressing W3 clear-
it the absence oi an respuuaiuuiij u; v
.irinn ,n which lam invested. but shall un
dertake Its duties with no lecs-saal on that
MWUnu , cry EEgBATjjp,
The Chicago literary club, lot which
Robert Ooiyar is prosiaent, buu tvo. j.
Powers, -rtoe-presld nt, and which tuelndes
tarahlDalarse number of literary
and aoi8nUuomen,ciebratc4Xaesda rUght,
tha eiehteac h aauiyersary or Wax. Cullen
flryaat'8 blrty by - teaUmc-aUU banquet.
jo. P. Hamilton, aged twenty-one
county, Kisnoorl , last Friday, for tha rsurdtr
ot E. W. MWiO'h a00 tares years ago.
Hardeman County.
Special to the Appeal.
Bolivar, November 4. The Tote In
Hardeman was light. Porter, Young and the
balance of the Democratic ticket prevail by
915 majority. There Is a Jollification here to
night over the numerous victories. Let ns
have peace.
Obion t'onhly.
Special tS the Appeal.!
Troy, November 4. Obion county
beard from except two districts. Porter, 1276;
Maynard, 1S9: Caldwell, 1217: Nunn, ITS. Ad.
ams Is eleoted to the lower house, and Aden's
election to the senate Is conceded. Vote very
Stodlson Comity.
Special to the Appeal.
Jackson, November 4. The Dmoc-
racy of Jackson are out en matte, bonfires
blazing and cannon firing over the victory in
the State In general and Haywood county In
Fayette County.
Special to the Appeal.
LaGbanqe, November 4. There ia
great rejoicing here over our victory. We are
having bonfires, speeches and anvil -shooting
We glory in district thliteen, for Fayette
county, the tenth congressional district, and
onr glorious old State of Tennessee, as tfell as
for the other Statea which have given ns this
day a Democratic majority. Long live tha
principles of right and Justice, and long live
the good old appeal which has btood by ns
through thick and thin.
Spiclal to the Appeal.
Br ad en, November 4. For governor
Porter,216;Maynard,lH. Congressman Young,
216; Lewis, 119. Senator Peyton J. Smith, 212;
Eiheridge, 122. Representative, Fayette and
Shi-lby-J. M. Galloway, S50, Moore, 111. Rep
resentative of Fayeite county Gober, IIJ;
Stafford, 119.
JInywoed County.
Special to the ApreaL
Brownsville, November 4. The
ftt'l returns from Haywood county show a
Democratic gain of 1200. Lewis Bond Is elect
ed to the legislature by 160 majority. Ragland
Is fleeted to the State senate by the same ma
Jorlty. The Democracy are exulting In their
redemption, and hundreds of people are on
the Illuminated streets rejoicing In our glorl
ous victory, while the thunder of cannon
mingles with the exultant ahouts of triumph
that swell up from every quarter, and torch
light processions with bands of music, are
parading the streets. It is a gala nignt in
Brownsville, and the very heavens areiainy
ablaze with sky-rockets and fireworks, liag
land, Bond and many other distinguished
Democrats made eloquent and patriotic
speeches of coocratulat on at the courthouse,
which were rocilved with rounds ot emnusi.
astlc applause. Those who hove beendoml
natlng over us have crawle I Into their holes
and pulled the holes in after them.
St. Louis, November 1. Only little
more than one-bal( the ballot cast In this
county is yet counted, and tbe prospect Is that
It will take all day to-morrow to complete the
returns. Thirteen precincts of the city and
thirty-one- of the county give Hardin, Demo-
crui, ior governor, oooi i; ueuiry, people s can
didate for governor, 8U59. Tbe county will go
Democratic by a handsome majority ; hut It
is expected that some of the Ueoublicn can
didates for county office are elected. It seems
now that K. K. Wlngate, 11 publican candi
date for congress in the third district of this
city, will be defeated by possibly 20u0, by W.
H. Htore, Democrat, present incumbent. All
the precincts but two in the first district elv
E. C Kehr. Democrat. 130 malorl'v over to,
Utanard, Republican, the present incumbent.
Erastua wells. Democrat, will have a large
majority In tho second district. In the State
the Kepubllcans now ooly claim the election
or Hyde in tbe tenth district. Seay In the
firth and Thompson In tbe ninth. The Demo
cratle majority on the -tate ticket wM be
anlte hrieinsDT nlalm 40.M0 tofiOUO. Manl-
ton county gives a Democratic majority of
151, cole countv0O, Laclede county 300. Da
viess county 400, Andrian coantr bJO, Phelps
county -jjl jacus'in county gives praui&uu
Democrat, for nnnimws. 15fltl maforltv. and b(
will probab y have 6000 to WOO In the district.
jonnsnn county sou wasuingtou cuuuij
uaj majority,
Kansas City, November 4. Returns
from all the counties of the second congres
sional dUiricl.KnnsaF.glve Gookln, Reformer,
luuy tow majority over ( odd, itepuDucaD,iuu
nrfeftent meambent. It is ballttve'l hero that
tbe Republican btue ticket of Kansas will
not get more than 6000 majority, against 32,000
two years ago. jaji
Chicago. November 4. The return
irom tne nrst, kcodu squ tairu cuugreasioxiat
districts re still Incomplete, aud the vote In
all Is so close that without a full return It Is
Impossible to state positively the result lnany
of them. Lake county gives Farwell only 47
mnjori y, but he claims a msj irltyof 107 In
Cook, which of cours will elect him. Harri
son Is nrobablv elected over Warn In tbe
second dlMct, while tbe friends of both
-mun ana uintneia are Claiming tne elec
tion in the first district. Reports from the
state inns lar inaicate tue election ot tne ne
on bll can State tlcketbv a decreased majority,
with a liirht azzreeale in mo-t localities. Tbe
resu tot tbe congressional election is so far
unchanged rrom ine estimate sent last nig t.
Tha r,nlt of the conz esslonal election In
Illinois, outside of the first, s-c nd and third
district, is as follows, the majorities t elng es
timated in rouna numbers rrom returns ai
rea i receive; riruri'i uiBinci, uui-uui, xms-
pnoiican, iuw majoniy: uttn, uu'cnara, ae
UDiican (re-eiecteij, ouuu; sixtn, rieoutuvut
:eoubilcan.3000: nvn h. Campbell, indepen
dent Republican, 300: eighth, fort. Republi
can, 00; ninth, Wbltlng. Republican, 261;
ten in, usgny, Democrat, i.w eioveniu, wikb.
Democrat. 4000: tweinh. Surlnzer. D--niocrat.
1500;thli tcenthtevenson.Demucrat.IOuO four
teenth Cannon. Republican (re elected), S00;
fifteenth. Eden. Democrat (re-elected). 1000:
sixteenth, Sparks, Democrat ".WO; seventh,
moms, jjemocratire-eiecteai ju;eignt-enint
Hartzell. Democrat. 10X): nineteenth. Ander.
son, independent D-mocrat,2000; la the first
distrletCMUlfleid, Democrat, is elected by a
majority of 500 to 600. In ihe Kecond district
tbe Democrat claim Harrison's eleotlon by g
votes, and the Republicans claim v ard's elec
tion by II. In the third district Farwell, Re
publican, is now reported defeated, br 291
votes, but It will take the official vole of
all the rtreclncta to determine the matter.
Taking the above estimates of the majorities
on tbe congressional ticket', the Democrats
have a net majority or 12,000 or 13,000 on the
Sta'e ticket, which will probably l-e increa-ed
to iv, on mo suDcrmtenaeni oi puDiic in
struction. Etter. who was the candidate both
o the Democrats and Independents; but the
opp smon Tote on i-inie treasurer Demi
divided between 11 'Gore. Independent, am
Carroll, Democrat, Rldgeway, Republican, Is
doubtless elected. Cook county, nowevcr,
gives Lamm bdoui yjuu majority.
CAnto, November 4. Iteturns from
seven of tbe ten counties compo-lnz tbo elzh
tei-nth distiiot Indicate a majority of over 1400
tor uarizeu. I) -mocrat. tor congress, ine Ke
publlcans concede his election by 1000, which
4 a Democratic gain oi w.
Special to the Appeal.)
Columbia., November 4. Wbit-
thorne's majority In Maury, Williamson and
Giles, with eight precinta to hear from, is SS95.
No returns are In yet from Lawrence, Hick
man and Wayne countlef. They will swell
his majority to fully 8000. Boyd, Democrat,
for the State senate, has a majority over
Gregjry, Republican, of 1W9. Glenn, ler the
lower bouse, Democrat, has a majority of;Rl.
Toon, Democrat, for floater, has 4821 majority.
Philadelphia. November 4. The
followlns la the result in Pennsylvania: Blair
county gives 200 Republican majority, and
M'ean county 100 Republican majority.
I omplete returns of the city wards give Ulm
steau, Republican, for lieutenant governor,
1,410 majority; cMjepueru, Democrat, ior dis
trict attorney, 1071 tnajorltjr, Goddard, Demo
crat, for coroner. 1363 m lOTltv. All the ret
of tbe city ticket Is Republican by about 12JX0
luajurjLj. j up iic report conooae. tne elec
tion of 12 D;mocratlc congressmen In tbe
State to IS Repumlcan a loss of seven but
cl.lms the State by 15JXO. A olspatch from
Towanda this morning claims the election ot
Joseph Powell. Democrat, in the fifteenth dls-
incv au Bumuonai nepuouoan loss. Kelly
aud O'Nell. Republicans, and Randall. nm
ocr at, aree.ee ted to congress. The first and
sixth districts are doe and still In doubt. In
iteritBcouniy tne Democratic msjority is esti
mated at MOO. Perry county Is hxxj Democrat
ic majority: Juniata county. 42 j Deniocratin?
Schnylk 11 eouuty, 1300 Democratic; Mantour
county, im Democratic; Huntington 400 Re-
Bublicao; Bradioid, 1000 Republican. Uellly,
mocrat. lor congress. hasoOOmaloritv. and
Collins, Democrat, W3 majority.
Pittsbubg. November 4. Retnrna
from the twenty-third conEresslonal district
up to this time give Cochran, Democrat, a
slight majority. Wallace, Republican, is
elected lu the tweniy-ronrtb district Indi
ana county gives 1S0O ttepn oilcan majority on
the State UBKew dtuureua couatr eotimatea
at 600 Democratic majority. Washington
county. Republican majority 150. Westmore
land gives about laOJ Democratic majority for
t-tate and congressional ticket, murence
county gives 1M) Republican majority on the
State ticket. ..
WiLKSBABBE, November 4. W. W.
K-tchum, republican, defeats Colonel
WHirht Memoc ai.for conzress. In the twelfth
district, by M0 majority, jr. D. Coll Ins, Demo
crat, in tue eievenm ui trici, ia ejecusu over
butler. Republican, by from TUOO to bOOO mt
In Ailennbnv county, appear still more dis-
astronstothe Recalillcan latvresu, as fuller
returns are received, una distrtcu or in is
county havo elected Democrallo congress
Tnen. while the delezatlen to the State assem-
Diy stanos eleven Deiuuciaui iu nix xvepuui,.
cans, with tne entire county ticket almost
ocrtalnly elected. In the western part ot this
State, the latest return ludioate Democrallo
victories iu tuo acuiceuia, uiguwvuvu,
ttrentleth.tenty-firkt.twn vecoud. twen-
tv.thlrd. twenty-fifth, twtzity-sixtn. and
twentv-MVanui cocgrenlonal districts. In
Ul . Ul u.uHmmuvMwtui fcua cii u
Democrat sain, eight assemblyman. It ts
twjrvlv no lb.e that on joint ba'lot In the
imseral assembly, tha uepabUoans will have
a sstall m Joriiy, erjihung them to elect a
TJjji jyfl Stt efnatoji
New York. November 4. The Dem
ocratic State ticket has a majority In King
county oi jauuu. wincnester uritton, wno
was removed from the office of district attor
ney by Governor Dlx. and nominated for re
election by the Democrats, ts returned by
more than 6000 majority over General Crooke,
atpreoent representative In congress.
Tables made up to-night of membeis elect
to the next United States house of represent
atives show a Democratic majority of bi. It
1- reported that Pennsylvania has cone Dem
ocratic by 3000 to 5000 majority, with 18 Demo
cratic anuu rtepuDiican congressmen, uoss.
Itennbllcar . re-elecled to conzress from the
thirty second district of New York.
Osweqo. November 4. William H.
Baker, Republican, Is elected from the twen-
ty-iourtn congressional aistncu .uenry n.
Ilathorn. Republican. Is eleoted from tho
twentieth district by probably 1000 majority.
ALBANY. November 4. Adams, Re
publican, Is elected to congress from this dis
Newberq. November 4. Beebe,
Democrat, Is elected to congress from the
fourteenth district by over 3000 majority,
Cincinnati, November 4. The vote
at Covlnirton. Kentucky, yesterday cave
J ones. Democrat, ior congress, on majority.
The city vou d in favor of tho whisky license
oy lju maj jnty.
Louisville, Novemb-r 4. The Cou
rier Journal returns show tbe election ol a
full Democratic delegation from Kentucky.
in tne nrst district tKione oeau ricxeit, ite-
pnbllcar, and Turner, ludependent, hy a
lareemalorlty. In the second district. Johu
Y'oungBron Is re-elected by about 8000 nia-
Jnruy.iver weir, ttepuuueau, auu cmiu, in
dependent, in the third dsstriot. Mil lken is
ie-eiecid by au Increased majority over
Uorin, Republican, and iiuuer, colored, la
the fourh district. J. Proctor Knott Is re-elect
ed b? about 2008 majority over Hill, Inde-
penuenu xn tne nun aistnct, xrarsous oeau
two Independent candidates by five to one.
Louisville Is in tbe fifth district. In tbe
seventh district, Blackburn has 600 majorit;
over Marsnali. Iu'dependent. In the elahti
dis rict, Durham Is re-elected without oppo
sition. )he returns Irom the ninth district
Indicate the election ot COCKreu Dy towma
Jorlty over White, Republican. In the tenth
aisinci. i;iar&e nasiow luajuritj uver jieaus,
Dei'Roit, November 4
-The Demo-
last Friday, under i-hockiuc clrcunistancnsi
He was dragged through tho woods by a run-
.iwnjf uiuic, uuu i.iciaiijr uuuicn IO UCatn. hlS
Auv, V. .. ... .... ........I., I n V. .. 1 1 . . .
The Augusta Canlitutionalit, com
crats claim the election of Chamberlain for menting on Mr. Hill's Augusta spewoh. says
governor by a majority of 1000 to 2000. The Xbendcas(imIuma'gumeiit that Grant has
nriiuuuusiia vwuu mo omm, mj a axuu pvuvy ui luierienng witn southern
Jorlty. Fuller returns are neocfary to decide , .state covornmenta for Radical Intere.t will
with certainty. The congressional delegation i not ho-fa water."
win piouaoiystananveui
.Annhlleans and four
uomorrats. in wavne county, wnicninciuuwi
Detroit city, auu composes ilc urst cougrra-
eionai aistrict, toe Democrat ww-v men en
tire cdnntv ticket except clerk. 1 heir major-
ltv mi ravfirnor is K8. and on congressman
lhV7. The Democrats will haven large repre
sentation in the IegI9ianre rawsioiy a major
ity. The resnlt on congressman In the eighth
district lsdoubtlul.una it may require tue iuu
vot to decide. The aistrict Is very large, ln
nlndlnrr thn Haslnaw valiev and the eastern
part ot ihe tate north of "aslnaw bay. The
Kennhllmn mnlorltv in 1S7J wasilloO.
ineseuate has a democratic majority of
two or three, and the bouse Is claimed Joy both
According to oflleisl returns, the next
Georgia legislature will be as follows: In tho
senate, one Radical, two independent Demo
crats and tortv-ocestraleht Df-mnnmtn-lmn.a
fuiir Radical-, twelve Independent Democrats
anu out jiunurrnana nity-ninosiraighl Dem
ocrats. There will be three negroes In the
TheThomasvIIle Enterprise says that
Mr. George M'Gratu, of that place, planted
one acie of ground near his house in com this
year, and gathered from It something over
f loe land, had ueen in cu.tlvatlou for over
wenty years, andhadnewr been improved
sides By six or eight majorit-. Governor i.rMiSVM?
n.iC it tinnnr haIiavmi. win not lor to tins j car.
range over WOO. The Damocrats claim that The Eehoboth asdnt-iation Of Baptists
Chamberlain is tlected.and some Republicans 0 noastou county have, ooncemlne the nni.
concede it- Congressmen elect and majon- flcatiouorall Georcin colloues with the State
ties aartlyes'l muted are: VrUIlam?, Demo- university, reived that "we, as Baptists, are
o at, first district, 2000; teoond district. Wal- not willlnKlo entertain any proposition what-
droa. nepubllcn,700; third district, V l'lard, ever thst will give to any other ihan Baptism
Kepnblloan. 1500; fourth district, Potter, lode- the slightest influenoe In the management of
penaent, u. u: ajuiujMnci. v ininiuo, xjfuu-1 fiercer nnivernity.'
ilcan.COo; sixth district, Dnrant, Dem.crat,
mr. KAnnnnrnn. i
Conxer, Republican,
: elzhth district, unmet, ttepuoncan.
doubtful olalmed by both parties, and there
U04: seventn disttlot.
MX): eighth district, R
km no nnnosltlon to Huobell in tbe nl ,th d 6-
trict. Except the aovemur. the Republican
State ticket has perhaps three or four thou
sand maj rity.
MrnMlOBT-Latest returns show the result
on governor very close, with chances in tavor
nl Knirlev- ReDiibllcan. It mav take tbe of-
nciai VO'0 to aeciue. uwu, uemociai, iur
congress In the eighth aistrict. umostproba-
oiy eiectea or a mau majority, uui ui
met oein;
towns are
Somo Paints from General Ilenpt'a lust
Report, and Noggesilons fur lt
Further Jnanajcement.
Washington. October a nonomi
TI..,., ,M.i,m....;. :.
; a large one, returns from interior & Els anVuaT retiort t not T?a7 nVn Rff
WkSgTlt U'lmposalble to say ho w SatSM ? doUaT shouldTnnlyex
pended on the National army, not only as a
measure of economy In producing the best
wi kuowui uiuuejr, uutia tne interest of
the rountiy to make a gradual but sura accu-
uuiauuuui me do i weapons as a reserve In
caseof war. certainly nut Ipm m.n hoi,
million of the best at ma should bemarnfac-
Boston November 4. Gaston.Demo
cratle candidate for governor. Is elecied by a I tared a. rapidly as tbe monetary condlt on of
ilnrallty of 7817. All of tne uepuDiioan ataw me country w-11 permit. General Benet says
mir.i- .Term 1 airjot ior iravernur. n mccku, b uuam ajmnaun nr Ata ntHt'r intn T... ...n
For.congress, Bufflniton, Republican, Is elect-1 and Baylor, of the ordnance department, ims
ed In the first district by 4420; Harris, Republl-l authorized, and after several months or pa
cao.ln the second district by 2310; Pierce, Re-I tlent and careful Investigation has made
. i.i 1. 1 1 . -V ..I . I- . .n ll.nnMI.lil.ld . . .
puuticaa,iu uio uum uj as., i-.wm awuvm- u.w iojiwi. ins ooara stronziy recotn
can, In the fourth by SO; Balks, Independent, I mends the retrnUonortheSprlngfield armory
In the fifth b M.iS; Thempsoo, Democrat, In and Frankfort arsenal and the estaoilshuient
thn sir h hv 972: Tarbox. Democrat, in tne I or airrand arsenal in tha rii-inii r -v--.
Mjeuwj nuicui vcuiwinn .u ...v .u.A,iui wKuuiHiuriDg purposes, retaining
eighth by 574; Hoar, Republican, in the tlnth the Indianapolis arsenal, In Indiana; the
oy im;: nteiey, maepeaaeat nepuuncau, iu i vena, oec usmsi, iniialue; the Fort Mon
ha t.nth hv MO: Chanln. Demosrnt. In th I roe nrsenal. in vtruin'n ,hA a
eleventh by 5170. The legislature, which Is enal, In ueorgia, as places fcr-torage and re
laretly opposed to prohlbltiin, will stand: I pair. They recommend iltnai nr iho iQ.
t-enate rtepubllcans, 24: Democrats, 16. 1 gheny, Columbus, Detroit, Plkesvllle, Water-
iiouse uepuuucans, 101 ; DBmocrat", nu. i viiet, watertown aud Washington arsenals.
" to oe maue as lapldly as clrcum-
T;T 4 T?."V T, A ?3"0. stances may permit and the proceeds to be
JaXa..XXijai U. devoted to the purchase ot a sltoandthoerec-
tlon of a building for agraaa arsenal He
BALTIMORE. sayf: I heartily concur In theVommen
Baltimore. November 4. tTirtner iavorame consideration
returns from the sixth congressional district,
on the part of the secretary ot war and of con-
Sllnistera and Ihelr CoBgrentJon in
Dltrerenee Pestarea The Oriter
of Draconesses, Etc.
which seem reliable thoush not official, indl-
... .V. ..1.. AIInn f 11'nlak TI.mn.Mt tAMIII.
tttwiueawiuiiui cuwvii(wi.u-
gress over Lowndes, Republican, tbe present
member. This will make the entire delega
tion Democratic
Charleston, November 4. Returns
come in very siowty. ine contest rorgov-i jVRirYonir XnvAm wr ? Tim VrM
.mnr l.,llll In itnnM. vllh th. hnniM favor. .ib'?. OBht -"OVetnUer o. llie rtOl'
. .i AvJ2"S??- 55 fl!S52? Se ltd Sosllon tca v.
and SmaUs (colored 'Republican) from the fifth aSSSlSS '"V0 yetl,er
district, is cWeded. In the fourth district S5S2 i, "50n A5iJ :
tne vote is Close pet ween wa-iace nna b.er
sbaw. IbeothercuntrlotsarestUllndoubt.
Add MUwaukee
Returns now leave little doubt that tne del
egation In congress stands six Republicans to
two Democrats, 'ine Republicans nave about
0000 majority In the State on the vote for con
gretdmen. Both houses of the legislature are
ttepuuucau; majority on joint oauot awraiM
enoe to differences between ministers and
their congregatloi s, advocating the esUbUsh
mentor aboaid ot reference to recommend
terms or settlement: and if there im nnhnn.
of a favorable termination, the minister
should be required lo relinquish his connec
tion with tbe church, and the hlshnn.hnnlrf
dimolva the connection between him and the
congregation ; and if tbo latter shon d refuse
jo comply witu uus crder, they should not be
aiiuwcu reprcKutauon in tno dloceslan con
vention until thev hrtil rplrnprp.1 ,hi v.
In the discussion. Rav. nr Aamc nr ii'i..
cousin, offered an amendment, that the re-
November ith.at the residence of Rev. Dr-
Conley, in Hopefleld, Arkansas, Rev. Dr. Con-1
Icy oraclnllng, Mr. D. C. Lo wjjek, of Arkiins, !
and Mlsa A. S, Lo weasct, of Memplil-. j
JENNINGS CBUNK At the residence of
the bride's mother, by Rev. Mr. Joiner, Mr.
Late Jinking s, of th la olty. to Miss Letitia"
Crunk, of Decatur, Ala. No cards
BOWEN-On the 4th Instant, at 2 a.m., ilrs.
FiNtTxr Bowrjf, widow of the late Arthur
Bowen, In her 43th year.
Frltnds of the family are respectfully In
vited to attend her funeral from htrlale resi
dence, No.4 Main street, this (THURSDAY";
anernoon, at 2 o clock.
No. 303 third Street.
J7ngli.su, commercl.l and classi.
U car. courses taught. For particulars ap
piy at 308 Third street, m2 (
THE stated communication of Leila a
Scott Lodge. No. mi. win ii hot, i .hi.rk- I
(TMURSDA.Y) evening, at 7 o'clock, for AA
iV . business, au m. m.'s axe frater-
uau. ilivau.
ayorter WM. FRANK, W.M.
-i-. J.IYER3, Hecrotary. no5
Societa dl TJnlone e Fratellanza Italians I
TILL hold their retrnlar mnetlmr thlal
WW iHTIIIn.mi ... . " I
M , umjMuaij eveLine, soremoer Btn,l
, w iiiuu. mini ii. ui. nn. i.i in- i nr.
" a. si ivt.L.'.ttu. rresiuent.
1'. D. Caxaij:. Secretary. no5
THE Sunday School or First CongreaUonal I
Church will meet at thn chnrch .nr. thai
usual hour, next Sunday,8th Inst. A lull at-1
tenaance is expected. noa
Military Order.
ilEMpniS-Novemrw.r4.lS74- I
Order No. 22.
qtMK members of this command will meet at
A their Armory on Court street TO-NIGHT,
at t2 u uwk, aruieu auu equippea ior com-
pau ill.
uy order it. r. DUNCAN, Capt. Com'd'g.
UUUSO WXIGUT, Acting u.o.
'IiBir Prices are Lower tlan tie Lowest
CONTEMPLATING Important changed In
j our nusiness
Ou the 1st February, 3Text,
e have determined to
close our OUS. STOCK
Now on hand; and with this view,
Will Offer for Cash
An immrnae stock or Pt lnt. fl tld. In-
mtsilcs, Maunels, together wlih Jenus. j
Linatja, uianH.ria.uua mil llu.sor no-
lions, wuiip uoofls. cto. nc, at nrlrra
t hut must insnrr anlr. These k soils arc
new nnu I resu. uaviot Deen uonariit
aluce our alock was, deatrojred brlireln
Ancntt. So, I parflea can itet rensonntjlo
crtMtii, ivi ninni. vt e mean mint nre say.
ViSI. K. HOOKU -t CO.,
Wholesalo Dry Goods and Kotions
P. B. Parties owing ns debts pastdue are re
quested to majce early settlements, thereby
tavinij cost and trouble. Wr. R. MOORE i CO
Ion Will Save from 10 to 25 per cent
O f TsXsXJfO- u2k-T
a-. . . . i . I vuuJiU) vyu.at.VA atx lUUCUUUieUlt LXIUL 116 TD
SIlLWATJKEE, October 4. Results as port be recommitted to the commltteeV with
staled In last night's dispatches are generally I instructions to retort canon 31, of 1X32.
confirmed by later returns. The itepnDucans t ine wnole sunjpet was deferred till tbe next
uave eiecteu to cuokiwi niiiiauiH, t.vswru,
Slagoon, Kimball, Rusk and M'DilL Toe
Ltemocrats have elected Burcbard and Lynde.
and the Democrats here claim Bauclc over
Kimball. The Democrats concede a Republl
can majority on a Joint ballot In tho leglala
tuiif. The Se'tinct. Reputillcan. flsures the
maioritv atiuuu. Aaisratca irom tne cnair-
man of the Republican State central commit
tee. Just received, claims six ooneressmen and
from ten to twenty majority In the legislature.
New Orleans, November 4. A few
additional election returns strengthen tho In-
dieations previously reported.
general convention, as not more than one
third of thedelesates werenressnr.
By request of the house of bi-hopx, It was
resolved to hold the closing rrris.Jt th
convention at half-past seven o'ciocitluljeve-
Tbe rerjort of tho committee on canon -on
divorce was laid over till the next general
The committee on cauons, to whom was re
ferred the BUr-lfCtof nmtnraln tha,. mmnn-
lon services declined to take any action, and
requested to bo discharged from the further
w'uuuoinLiuu oi mesuoject. u ratted.
The question ol commltslons io establish
synods of the diocesa was iuinntvi
The report of the committee on measures to
uo wuieuoa uuo aoanuonment ot the church
bra bishop or by a pi-esoj tery, was adopted.
ine joint committee appointnd to consider
the ma- ter re'ative to the order of deaconesses
reported th-tit was Inexpedient to legislate
"t'- .mo Dui'jmii auu tuneu to oe uiscnaRreu.
Report adopted.
ine i aiowiug were appointed as a commit
AUGUSTA, November A. Hartndge, tee on the s nod diocese, to be continued un-
Montgomery, November 4. Enonch
gains are reported to Insure the election "of
the Democratic .-tate ilctetbyfrom C0UO to
1U.CO0 'majority. Five conuiessmen are cer
talnlv elected, and nmbably tu others, and
tuere is Democratic majority In the legis
lature. More negroes voted the Democratic
ticket tban whites voted the had.cal ticket
Democratic gains are reported from every
cou..ty heard from except Sumter.
Cnoffljlal returns lrm twenty-eight coun
ties show a net Democratic gain ot 10,000. This
includes Sumter and Greene counties, anu It
overcomes the Republican majority of ISTj
nd leavts the Democrats 19X1 ahead. There
are thirty-even couutlosto hear fiom which
will Increase the Democratic m .Jorlty to 6000
orSOOO. Itlsoneof the largest votes ever Cast
in the S ate, iiarauon, coioreu ttepuoucan,
In tbe first district; Bradford. Demo rat, in
the third: Hays. Republican, In tho fourth:
Caldwell, Democrat, in the fifth; Hewitt,
Democrat, in the sixth; and Lewis and For
ney, Democ ats, for the State at large, are un
doubtedly elected to congress. Williams,
Democrat, lu the second district. Is prouably
elected over Rapier by WW majority. This
gives a Democratic gain of three congressmen.
San Francisco. November 4. The
latest from Nevada Indicates the re-election
of Bradley, Democrat, for governor, with a
stand-off between Ellis, Democrat, and Wood
bum, ltepubllcan, for congress. In Storey,
Lyon and trrmsby counties the ltepubllcan
iri.iativatlnket has been elected, which will
give Sharon twenty votes In the legislature.
These, added to the nine Republican hold
overs, maae iwcuyumo. " iuuiiivu.
that enough other counties have gone Re
publican on tho legislative ticket to give
Sharon the requisite thlrtv-elght votes ou
loint ballot to elect him United States sen-:
ator Tbe Republicans claim that Woodbum
is elected to congress, " uuo.uaw..a.
office doubtful as between uraaiey ana
IlBZlltt. , , ,. - ,
The returns so iar iev urn wwwuu m
gressmenor Nevada In doubt; EUls, Demo
imt, is probably elxted. Bradley, for gover
nn. .t.im. nvr loon maioritv. It Is conceded
that the Sharon legislative ticket Is elected.
Jmswrrrv. 'Nnvnmbej,4. Congress
men elected In New Jersey are as follows:
First dUtrlct, Clement H- Blnnlcksou, Repub
lican: second district, Samuul A. Dobolns, Re
publican (re-elected); third district. Miles
Uus, Democrat; fourth district, Robert Ham
ilton, Democrat (re-elected) ; fifth district. An-
uniuH . uutier, Democrat; uxiu uisinot,
'rtiA It P.H. TVi.m.AvA,. ..r.i.lh tilulr-tot
. vh. . . -"I., WUIUVi.ll , uu.u us.........
Augustus A. Hardenburg. Democrat. Vedle's
majoilty for governor 1 1200.
Paterson. November 4. In Bereen
county the Inspectors of election threw out 18
ballots tor "Wm" a contraction of "Wil
liam Walter Phelps." and -II for "W. W.
Phelps." Including these 60 ballots, Phelps Is
re-elected by 12 majority.
Little Bock. October 4 "RnnniFh
returns have b.en received to Indicate with
considerable certainty that Game is eleoted
In the first, Slemons tn the second, Wllshtre
In tbe third, and Guntcrln tbe fourth con
gressional dlstrloU. They are all the Demo-
crauo.iXJ3fcervai.ve nominees, nines. Repub
lican, carrlos this (Pulaski) county by 750
majority. ItlJ the only county, as far as
heard, from, that ha carried.
Alsxandkia, November 4. Hanter,
Cosrvattv, U elected In th eighth district
by 600 majority OTcr Barbour.
Tlamrrrat. for caneroos. Is certainly elected.
Smith, Democrat, is elected by 1X0 majority
. The returns from Flerlda come . in slowly.
Tbelrdlcatlonsare that both districts elect
Republicans to oongress.
llahnnv ia elected to conzress from the scv
enlh district by lOOorSOOmaJo lty. Ihe entire
delegation to congress ts Democratic, beyond
doubt. .Mayor Spencer, of Atlanta, and other
pioiuinent citizens were arrested to-day for
violation ox we eniorcement act.
til 'thO next ceneral ronvnntlnn Mo.- Tin.
1 2 Jimnesoia; i-a.et, orcen-
. i . ouusji.uuia, jiewra. xorsym, or .viDa
I n.vi Mrt" ff New Jen.ey; and Kedfleld, oi
1 Vermont. '
iho re tier t of the rnmmfltiw nn tiio rnn.tt.
tntlon In relation to changing the name of
this body, by striking, out In tho clauses
where It oocrred. the wnnU nhnnu..ri-ri-uv
and lay delegates," and Inserting Instead,
-nouse uopuues - was adopted.
A resolution of thank, to Rev. T)r. frail-
presldou. of the convention, and Rev. Dr.
Perry, secretary, wa adopted,
A message was read Tom the house bishops,
stating that they did not concur in the reso
tnttonsfrom the housadnnntlp. tinnntntini, n
lot i.t committee for the lormaUun ef synods
In the dioceses.
Another messaee concurred In thnannntnt.
mcnt of a joint committee to prepare an edi
tion of the Italian prtyei b iok. etc
On mmlon. Rev. nr. li(!Koi-T,. p rtr
Standerand Professor K.Nash were appointed
a committee on beaalf of this house.
Rev. Dr. Cralk returned thanks on behalf of
himself and asdsiauts for tha resolutions of
uiHutu passca.
A Com lillteerwas then annnlntMl ic wBltnn
the house of bishops and inform them that
iuo uuum oi aeputiea naa nnintu ail ouslness
oeiore mem, ana were ready for any action
iuu iud uuumi u 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 ii. it in rarn in ort.
anf.ri.la.rntA tn MtnmifiL In penerallv con- I Jonfnnient.
ceued. 1 A message from the honso of bishops recom-
i meaume tue appointment or a joint commls-
Isjuu mj luyutv ivv consutution oi tue cnurcu
and report a plan fora consti uctlon-dlrection
commission, was not concurred in bv a rota
1 ... . ... -Il. . - . ..." -
i ji lui.tigub Li, tuirt.veii4u
St. Paul, November 4. Returns this
evening are more favorable to tbe Republl
ran cantllriatas for conzress. Klne Is cert .in
ly elected In the third district by a .mall ma-
Jorlty, possioIylOOU.and Straight, Republican,
nas carnea tne seoona aisinvt. .miumn uci
lnlte regarding the legislature.
San Fbancibco. November 4. A
dispatch from Prescott, Arizona, to-night.
says that tho election of Stevens, lnciepeuu-
Hatters and Enrriers,
Have removed to
Nearly opposite theiroldbtaud, below- Monroe
With tho CHOICEST NOVELTIES, and in Each Department
we offer SPECIAL BARGAINS, and Inducements to
Purchasers Hitherto Unprecedented.
I ber a, 174, at 2 o'clocic p.m., at No. 186 1
tain street, my om ana weii-estaousnea i
Willi all Its future9. Having engaged in other
oosinebs, ana not uavine time to atiena to
uuiu, iwiu ttVli. wie auu to uwiucita tuti IllKU-
est bidder The Saloon and Garden has been
recently fitted un In the best stvle and with
all tbe latest improvcocrnts. and is now doing
a Rood business, and is more desirable on ac
count or uemg near aii tne new etaoiisneu
couns. a. ii. Jiuiuucrt, i-ropriet-ir.
K. VANBBOKLrx. Auctioneer tovs
We have the Largest Stock of Goods in the City.
242, 244 and 246 Main Street, corner Jefferson.
Proresa oftbeLatest DPnontuentoftba
Wasblnxtoa Illuc ol Iblevea
More Bamaglos Tcv-tlmouy.
Thomaa county ia infested with inoen
Athens wants to extend heroornorate
The Carteraville Democrat lived three
Diptherla prevails in Bartow and Folk
ffiAlnranrlpr Rfenhens nratp this wpek
at Haundersvlile. 1 WASHINGTON, November S. The
Covington receive- one hundred bales .'Slt:
of cotton per day. ColumbusAlexanoertooB:thestaLd.and was
Tne DUSiness OI ine Ueorcta Oiatel cross-examinea Dy Mr.uaviage. witness said
roadlsincieaslng. I nis relations with itarnngtou daring the In-
...v. . u9 vMiliratimi if.m n..li. f .1 II... 1.,1
Til Ul I 1 . V.lt.1.1 1.1. I H""" ;miuij,iii ilVU
Diessiev USD ucou CAuiuiiiuK uio u- I cusion to uoolllfrn'UB. WilntMKMnlnincIv
lomauo lanascape at quanta. i impre-seu itn tne ueaei mat ihe booKs pro-
Atlanta flllTona lnxt hefnrA roflrinw auceuoyj.u. i.vans were not. tne original
0 i i uere were some dooks tne committee never
Tha Vawrnn ennntv cmiirf linnan nt I obtained, especially those reiatlnn to the real.
Baiter la approaching completion. E?r ' Sr'SR, T "f ainU eiTl u ., "
juutoxx. v.uuubuu irvcuuv uiwic i ana witness, at ine nou-e or witness, miniit
a temperance speech at Reldsvllle. I have occupied about five mlnulot. Butler is
An Atlanta nejrress, ajred sixteen. hasHf oJP.0" !"???"W?S.
been arrested for poisoning her child. inr.itBd tn witnmtt ih.t.h nnninni
The COrtier-Stolie of the ' Christian of Evans had not been before the committee.
church at Augnsta will be laid tonlay. I araa that he had a friend wao could produce
AUCUSta 13 tO nave saaneer'8 Ware-lmonv.bntdidairreotuoavforanvextenseln
hocso on the so-called corporation plan. I bringing the books to the city, as he thought
Tlrvnlila orn nntArfnlnnrl nt tha kuwu I lnal wouia oe no more man ngm;
iiouuis areenteirainea or me recov-d,., , Rntiw for hi hum or hi;
address. WltncHM tbougnt Butler was on
nected with the Butler family or his acquaint
ance In this city, and did not aslr. him whero
governor a.. . j onnson naa oeen pe-1 be dcUvored at hu huuse; witne.-s was suro
fry of Captain J.1L Hunter, of Quitman.
Sixty miles of the Savannah and
Memphis railroad have been completed,
tltloned to address the citizens of Augusta.
Georela taxes every circus that shows
n her borders two hundred dollars per day.
Tom Fenn, colored, -was killed with a
stlct.at Montlcello, latt week, by Leo Price.
his third interview with Butler took: place
between the twentieth and twenty-third
a. A . I . TlnllA I. v.. .... I. . a man i-1 1 H 1,1m ant.
asked witness to talce a good loos at him, as
he was the man who would bring tue books;
alter tne two men liau cone wuuesi camo to
The ColUmOUS nOUirer SaVS that na- I nn nn him unrl hatnM nartls fit his house
groes who own property there are usually I that some rascality was going on; witness
Democrats. I thought that they wero colic to trump no a
Prof. Mell. State eeoloelst. and Dartv fB1?.1 4i??e.r. ',0i8?i
. i . .v ' " I iUl C 1J BIIUO H KSJUBL UlJaiU VI f UUIL
Tl gul8 mlQeral reatnres of J3an- works; did not Cotlfy Evans to look out for
torn county. hl books, for he had no inteicst in Evans:
At one place in Paulding county there I Metigar and Jim cioggan cauei at tho house
are sixteen newly-made araves of children i witness ana toia mm inas mere waoupioi
who have died of diptherla.
J. W. Anderson has commenced the
publication of a paper nt Covington, called
uie oiur. juuu iuaj 1 1 oeam.
Clark, the Savannah Itadioal Dost.
master. Is assessing all postmasters In bis de
partment for election purposes.
A troupe of nexro minstrels" recentlv
gave an entertainment In Augusta for the
benefit of the ladies' memorial association.
Colonel W. O. il'Adoo. who formerlv
conducted the literary department of tbe
Miiieugevuie (.men, nas laien Charge of
Kerry daturtlasr.
The survivors of Hamnton'a first br.
gade met In Augusta last week; and made ar
rangements for a reunion to be held la that
city December 16, ISO.
The six steamships owned and rnn
between Bavannah and N Vnrv th.
Central railroad, have been sold to tbe Geor
gia steamship company.
The Athens Watchman savs thatlarun
numbers or colored people are preparing to go
west this fall, and that the white people are
not at all opposed to their going.
Judce Noah Smith, of Burkn ennnttr.
has presented the Augusta Chronicle and Sen
tinel with a turnip that weighs nine pounds
and measures two f etln cLcuruference.
The Athens Watchman second thn
motion of the Ccnttltutionalltt to hold the next
State fair at Augusta. Macon and Atlanta
will vigorously oppose the move, 4o doubt.
The Aueusta Chronicle and Scntitwl
says : "Clinch Are engine was the first steamer
brought to the south, having reached Augusta
in 1KB. It was manufactured by Keaney,
Ne&ne s uo-i ot numaeipma."
A Griffin editor, In the practical rota
of "a new way to pay old debts," writes about
the operator oi an Auanu aaaa-mm t xo say
that Major Owes Is tha best hotel-man in
Georgia la not iijtDg enough, for Wo balloyc
hs Is tha boat la Amrtca.'r
The Tbomarvllle Time report the
the death of Mr. Jacob Rlcxs, of taat county,
ajfaJn.it him as thev had learned from Zlnulb
ny letter; witness did not near auy Den at nis
house on tho nlcht of tho bnrslary, and bas
madecaieful Inquiry of all In the hou-e, a d
no one heard the bell; witness thmks it was
providential they did not get awaKenca, as it
might have been worse for some of the par-
lpants it they had: witness toia iiior
Richards about tho rascality afloat, and the
Malor said all thn nnllea were nnder the con.
trolof Uarnngon; witness got suspicions of
Harrington alter the thlru Interview with
Blvford Wilson, solicitor of the treasury,
tesUnesaslo bis investigation of the matter
as far as the treasury wss Interested In It.
Question Is there a rule in t legrapo offices
to allow tho heads of departments to examine
dispatches sent by their subordinates, where
tbecotsof the dispatches are charged to tbe
department? Answer I have no pocltlve
knowledge of such a rule, but such was my
understanding, and on that hypothesis I
made application to Mr. Orton, and he stated
to me that the practice was to allow copies of
?overnment telegrams to bo tafcen, and he
urnlshed them.
The remainder of thn session to recess waa
occupied in argumeLt as to whether Mrs.
llayei b allowed to to-tlfy.
After recess the Judge decided that Mrs.
Hays o mid not testify. Several experts from
tbo departments testified astotuo genuine
ness of Whltelet's sigua are to a telegram.
The court then adjourned.
At Panola cotton sells for twelve and
thirteen cents.
The grand council of the United
Friends of Temperance of Mississippi, meets
at Water Valley to morrow.
Jonathan Low'a glnbouse, three miles
south or 8ardl, was recently burned, with
twenty-five oal b of cotton, sixteen of which
belonged to John Falkncr. No insurance.
Since January 21st, Governor Ames,
ef Mississippi, has pardoned ten penitentiary
convicts, one only being a white person. Lies.
tananVQovernor Cavls,whlle acting-governor,
pardoned forty-one negroes.
ZOO ikiS. new Minced Meat.
5uu boxes Cheese(Natmeg,Kactory,Swiss,etc)
iuu pxgs. reari tmriev,urii,uaiaieai,t anna
au now. owei .Missouri i-iuer.
1 car load Eastern Ear'y Kose Potatoes.
1 '- . .- I .... .1 Innle. fnn..aa t.,A
1 car load new Mackerel, Whltensh and
1000 pkss. ew Raisins, Currants, Citron and
BOO pStc. new Holland Herring, Codfish and
xtoe ii erring.
3:5 bblk. v hlte ad yellow Refined Sugars.
2M sacks Rio, Laguyra and Java Ccfiees.
lono caea Jellies and Preserves.
C'Xtl cass new Canned Fruits and Vegetables.
)u pegs, nciues. in oois, segs av.d glass.
1000 bbis. and halt bbU. Floor, all grades.
100 bbls. Kraut, Ham Sausage and Cranberries.
ISO pkRS- Breakfast Bacon, Hams and Shoul-
SOU pkr. almonds, Pecans, Cream Nuts and
100 bbls.newBeans,HominyandQreenPeas.
Also, a complete assortment nf fancy and
staple Groceries, not above mentioned, wines.
Liquors, Cigars and Tobaccos, for sale low to
tne iraue, hi
Cotton Factors,
branda and pa 'ts previous to any advance In the market, are prepared to offer sirae at
Also, a large and well-selected stock of GROCERIES.
manniacinrats ana lmuoriers orices.
advance In the market, are prepared to offer sirae at
., at lowest prices.
"3?Xj33, - - - - TPx-a.-o-c.Haic VKoxj.t
A, IJ. TBEaD vyell.
Cor. Front and Union Sts.
holesale Grocers
383 MAIN ST.
a-N'pw Abdominal Corsets. I
Vundnir Corsets. Invalid Cor- 1
sets, woney tjorsets. csewea
Corsets. Glove-Fitting. Misses,
Bilk and Scarlet-Cloth Corsets;
Paris Panleri", Folding-Bustles
and invisible Hoopsklrts;
Pads, Shields and Bhoulder
Braces. All new and perfect
goods. 1.QPI8 LAiiOE.
No. 11 Union Street, Mempliis, Tenn.
Foreign and Native Wines,
AGAIN we havo received large lines of!
Good from Bankrupt Hales which wo are I
uuciiusai Dansnupt XTices: I
uu.u miiraHcOT peryaru ana npwaru I
l.rown Dome6tlcs..7c and upward I
wool J eans . mv. I
v.oi;ra riaias 5o and upward I
n ana nnwam i
JFactory at Key
"El Friaclpe
ISc and upward
.50c and u pward
j. a. Hcsrr.
Boots and Shoes Chc-Ptst In tbe City,
&s well as our Immense stock of CLOTHING
at corresponuing aw iiricej.
226 -VfiCAX-XT
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 5ZS In the Second Chancery Court of
bneioy county. iennesseo-x. w.iuiscnthal
etal.vs.Jos urleshaber et al.
It appearing from the cross-bill and amend
ed cross-bill whicn Is sworn to In tbi- cause
that tbe defendants, Friiz RelcoofTand Iho
unknown helm of Henry riolohotr and E.
Keicnorr, ara Bon-resiuents oi tue state of
Tennessee -
It is therefore ordered Dy tha Clerk and
Master, That they make their ap pearance here
in, at the coortnouseof tbe Second Chancery
Court, in the city of Memphis. Tennestee. ou
or before the first Monday In November, JS74,
and plead, awswer or demur to tha cro-s-btll
taken ior coniessea as to uiem ana sec fori wi ns uw
1 car load bbl. ana balT-bbl. Fickle?.
S car loads i err Tori foialoc?.
1 car load Cheese.
hMLrln exnarte: and that a codv of this nr.
der be published once a week, for lour succes
sive weeks, In tha Msmphla Appeal.
This Septembers:, Vfii.
M. D. L. STEWART, Clerk and Mister.
By Geo. Mallery, Deputy O. acd JI.
Geo. W, Winchester, sol, for compPnt. fwed.
20,000 caws new Canned Peaches. To
matoeg, Pineapples, Mrarfber
rles, Baspberrieg, Blaclberries.
1,008 lafkaUs. K!siia crniih
1 cor load California Caiint- Fruits and
1 car load Beans.
1 jnHB
- ' "i i .ii mill i i -i i ,.m;m. i ar mn--

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