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Kxprewi train leave dally (except Sun
dtr)at JJ)a.m.; Mall train leaven ualiy at
It aw uu ; llruwiisvlllo Accommodation
lria Imvm dally (Sundays excepted), at
jj-t at head or Mala UeeU
TieVet-offlee, .No. XI Main street, comer of
M t.ln, dslly, at ID it J a.ai.; Express, dal
ly, at I:a-tu.;Simervllletrjln, dally (except
Bttaday). tl iiO p.m.
M til, every dyat lljOSa-ui.; Express, dally,
a ll JO p.m.; HouiervUIe train, dally (except
Sun4yit). at a.m.
Tleket-omc, o. 278 Main street.
Mississippi and Tennessee
New Orleans Mall (everyday), at 138 p.m.
Ktprem, dally Cuudays excepted), at 8:15a.m.
Freight and accommodation, daily (Sunday,
ixeepted) at 4 p.m.
Nw OiImm Mail (everyday), at 2 roo.
Expr, daily (rtundays excepted), at IMS p.m.
Frrigbl iM weromiiiodauoa, dally (Sunday.
r lepledi. at8:Ii a.m.
ivpot at loot or Main street.
Tlekel-oSlce; No. 187 Main street corner ol
Mall (everyday), at 3:liajn. Freight and
Accommodation at 8 p.m.
Mall (every dayi. Utile Rock: depot at 3:10
p.m.; L. & N. and O. 8. depot at 3:2 p.m.
jTMkdi and c,ninodaiion, Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 a.m.
nlfcflplnz-cura on mall train.
Depot Center Landing, loot or Washington
I rent.
Ticket-offices, No. 287 (corner Madltou) and
No. iCT Main Btroet,
Mail and Freight, at a.m.
Mall nd Freteht, at 4 :'S n.m.
Tlw mail and freight train leaves Covington
lor M-rtnpuls at Ta.m. and returns to Covington-
at 7 :fc p.m.
Train leering Memphis will start from
Financial affairs aro, just now,
mere matters of routine, somnolent un
der the warm sun of July. The obliga
tion to dote on the "glorious Fourth,"
but to lose that holiday if it come on
Buuday.ia awakening indignation. That
indignation ia well founded. The na
tion's birthday of liberty has a right to
recognition; if our recognition of still
higher and more sacred duties lead us
to waive the celebration when it comes
on Sunday, that circumstance does not
absolve us so that we need not keep the
celebration at all. It is poor patriotism
that depends for its display on what day
the Fourth happens to occur. The St
Louis Republican says upon this subject :
"Bankers, a fewdays ago, were in doubt
us to hew theyxould treat Monday, the
fifth of July. The governor of the State
had issued no proclamation declaring it
a legal Holiday, me regular rourin' oc
curring on Sunday. Some bankers con
sulted their legal counselfcand were In
formed that there was no provision in
the Mirsouri ttatutes permitting them
to close their doors on trie nun.
and thus compel note-payers
to antlcinate their maturities
on Saturday or go to protest. In reply
to telerrrauis. Governor Hardin said lie
would not proclaim Monday to be a
holiday; therefore the banks will have
to 'Keep open nouse.' " uur legislature,
as well as that of Missouri, should be
called upon to provide for the case when
the Fourth comes on a Sunday. Ex
change was dull at the usual rates.
Gold at our broksrs quoted 116&116; in
another column we give the price In
New York. Shelby county scrip quotes
7273; city fire and police is better at
77(0,78, round lots will bring 30. School
scrip in Finall ollering at 67S8. State
notes S5SG, round lots will bring 87 v
Tenuesseo new iesue 20, but an attempt
to buy S5000 showed that brokers would
not sell under 20 Five shares building
and loan association were offering at 30.
Gold was taken by brokers at 116116i
The cotton market yesterday was
quiet, but was under happier auspices
tnau on last week. New York was firm
and higher; New Orleans was firmer,
and Liverpool wa3 firmer and higher.
All this made cotton holders stronger
and firmer in their askings; the inquiry
also was inote active. The market closed
with a more cheerful and buoyant spirit
than has been usual of late. The closing
telegrams were as follows: New York
firm; asking higher at 151c; sales, 370
hales; stock, 101,976 bales. New Orleans
firmer, 15Jc; sales, 400 bales; receipts,
22 bales; stock, 33,707 bales. Liverpool
firmer at 7Jd; Orleans, 7 7-16'i; sales,
.12.000 bales, of which 7C00 bales were
American. Savannah, 14c; JToblle,
14c; Charleston, 14c; Galvestor, 14Jc;
AVnmiugtou, 14 3-10c; Baltimore, 15
l-16c; Norfolk, 14jc;rBoston, 15Jt; Au
gusta, 14 c. Gold" at New York, three
o'clock, 117J. The following are the
oilicial quotations of the cotton ex
change: Ordinary 12 -Q
Good ordinary........ 18iy
Ixiw middling ..11 y
Middling ...H2J
Uood middling , 15 a
The market was firm: cotton held
higher; sales 300 bales, of which spin
ners took 300 bales.
The following were the changes in
New York futures:
June ..
July... .
A a gust
15 13-32
,155-X!al5 3-10
H 3-1G3
i.l 11-18112-32
;ni3-IjH 27-32
1") 1-S2&15 1-16
15$ ,,31311-16
HHn 15-16
. !llll 11-13
. Ufell 11-10
..III 1-I0fcl1
",1-lt. 15
.. lokaii
. l.r-BglO 1I-1C
Sales 21,000.
Liverpool to arrive July and August
Svannah or Charleston, g.o c , 7 l-16d;
ditto l.m.c, 7Jd; Aucust ditto. 7 3-10.
7d; August and September, l.m c, 7J
7 5-lCd; September and October, 7
7 7-lCd; chipments newcrjp, NewOr
leiue, 7 9 lGi; shipments new crop, Sa
vaunah or Charleston, l.m.c, 7Jd.
.Receipts at the United States seaports
since last Friday, 2074 ; same time last
week, 3340; same time last year, 5291
Total receipts at all United States
port?, 3 439 533 bales: same time last
year, 3,710 497 bales; decrease of receiots
this year, 276.9G4 bales.
Stock at the ports 175,305; last week,
204,0s0; laatyear, 224,907 bales.
Htock. September 1,1874 6.S31
Krcelved since last statement '
Heeelved previously S20.7C5 SJ),800
Shipped since last statement..
jjatpptid previously- -
41 328.631
320,0U1 331,015
Htock at noon yesterday
Tims fir this week
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
m x-1 R
M. and T. it. iX
L".v x. o. a. it r
Estimated per wagons.
ThusfarthU week..-
Thus far last week. .
Hlnce September 1st
By rail, north..-
q lotailons arc for round lots, unless
olfxrwise expressed; for feed and pro
duce,lcvce rates. For small purchases
rztcs are proportionately higher.
Apples Nothing coming in; oller-
inits firm at SI 502 for good aud fine.
Bkan aale of 30 sacks corn bran at
$15 50. For wheat bran 17 50 offered,
asked Slfi
B utter Little doing in common,
aud medium from 12 to 20c; choice 24
25; Arkanas prairie. 25$?27c.
Corn Sales of 65 sacks yellow at
79ic; US sacks mixed at 81c; 150 sacks
-white at S2Aj; the demand for corn is
Chickexs Medium young sold at
SI 75g3; fine would bring $1; old
mixed to fine hens, $4 605.
Cornmeal Qaiet, with sales at $1 05.
Eggs -Scarce with only elight de
maud at 14 15;.
Fruits Peaches 75c to $1 a box.
Flour Dull and drooping at$57 25.
Groceries Sugar Powdered, 121
121c: crushed. 120121c; cut loaf, 12Jc;
granulated, lljc; A, 10jllc; extra C,
101c; C yellow, 9i9ie. New Orleans,
In verv little demand; open kettle, 8i
9Jc; yellow clarified, 10c; white clarifia
Molasses and Syrups Iu barrels, per
gallon, 45fa.75c; market dull.
Coflee ftio, jer jiund, inferior to
fancy, 19.23c. Tea, 50c(i)$l.
Salt per barrel, domestic, $1 751 SO.
German Soap per jxiund, 5J6jc.
Candles, 18J17c.
Soda 55Jc in kegs; in boxes, 66Jc
Starch 4Jp5Jc.
Kay Arkansas prairie, S12; com
mon, $20; medium, S2223; new "gilt
edged" timothy at $272S.
Lemons, etc. Lemons per box, $7
9; oranges, 9(5)9 50.
Live Stock Horsts saddle, $140
185: driving, $125140; plug, $7590.
Mules 1414j hands, 90!120; IU
lb hhands, $120150; 15J16 hands,
Cattle First quality, SifVlc gross;
second,33jc; third, 222; milch cows,
$2O40; calves, C9.
Sbeep First quality, $4 505 per
head; second, $8;t33 50; grazing, fl50
1 75; lambs, $23.
Oats Sale of 50 saks inferior and 82
sacks at C2c
Potatoes Small demand ; prices low
er, some growers Tefuse to accept the of
fers, which are $1 251 50 a barrel.
Provisions Bacon is scarce and
very firm ; we repeat quotations through
out: Shoulders, 9Jc; clear rib, 13i(5)13Jc;
clear sides, 13;')li:ic loose; packed, j
lc higher.
Hams Sugar-cured, uucauvased, 12J
13c; canvased, 13J14c.
Lard Tierce, I4J14ic; keg and pail,
11315c for refined.
Messjjork $212l 5(1.
Breakfast bacon Uncauvascil, 13
13Jc; canvased, 13J(o)jl3c.
&TOCK Peas Arrivals looked for at
$1 501 75.
Wheat Nothing oifering.
PARIS, July 0 Rentes, 64f.
FRANKFORT, July 0. U. S. 5-203 of
18G2, 98 9-lGu.
NEW ORLEANS, July G.-Gold, 117J.
Sight, 1 premium. Sterling, 572.
LONDON, July G. The amouul of
bullion gone into tne bank on balance
to-day is 127,000. Consols for money,
9315-10; on account, 91; United States
5-20a of 1865; 1C6J; 5-20s of 1S57, 1C6J;
10-403, 101$; new 53, 103ij; Now York
Central, S9; Erie, 12jj; Erie preferred,
NEW YORK, July 6. Money easy
at 22 per cent Prim commercial
paper, 3J05 per cent. Foreign exchange
was dull at 4SGJ(a,487 for sixty dyb, aud
459490 for sight. Customs receipts,
$144,000. Exports of produce for the
week, $6,190,155. Gold clo3ed at 117J,
afterseltmK at mi and ii. uarryini;
rates, 12 per ceni The assistant treas
urer disbursed $623,000. Clearings, $26,
000,000. Specie engagements for to
morrow's steamer, $600,000. Gov
ernment bonds were firm; coupons of
1SS1, 122J; 1862, 118; 18G4, 1182; 1865,
1221; 1865, new, 120; 1S67, 122J; 1888,
121j; new fives, llSjj; 10-403, 1191; cur
rency 6s, 122J. State bond3 were
quiet; Missouri 6s, 991; old Tennes
see, 47: new Tennessee, 46$; now Vir
ginia, 37; old Virginia, 37; old North
Carolina, 20; new North Carolina, 10.
Railroad bonds firm. Stocks opened
strong and higher, the improvement
ranging from i to 1 per cent. Pacific
Mail was the leading feature, advancing
from 39f to 40J; Lake Shore rose from
58J to 59J; Northwestern advanced to
38J, St Paul to 34, Union Pacific to 75$,
Western Union to 79J, and Erie to 15J.
At the second call the market ws
quiet and firm. Stocks were strong
during the last hour of business, when a
general improvement in prices took
place. Tne mo3t marked advance was
in Like Shore, Pacific Mail and West
ern Union. The greatest activity sesmtd
in Western Union, which rose from 79i
to 80 on considerable purchases of stock
fir investment. Pacific Mail and Lake
Shore each advanced 1J per cent, the
former from 58 to 59j, aud the
latter from 39J to 40J. Dsalinga in
both these stocks were attended with
more confidence than for some time
past Western shares are firm, North
western advancing to 39 j, St. Paul t
34, and Rock Island to 103. Union Pa
cific was firm at 7575$, and Erie at
15151. At the close there was a elight
reaction in the general li3t. Transac
tions at the stock exchange ag
gregated 72,000 shares, of which
19,000 were Pacific Mail, 22.000
Western Union, and 22,000 Lake Shore.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Canton, 58; Western TJnion Telegraph,
79; ; Quicksilver, 15$; Adams express
company, 99 J; AVeli- & Fargo's ex
press company, 7G, ex-dividend;
American express company, 56 J;
United States express company, 43;
Pacific Mail, 40$; New York
Central, 102$: Erie, 15; Erie pre
ferred, 23J; Harlem, 1301; Harlem pre
ferred, 131; Michigan Central, 67; Pitts
burg and Fort Wayne, 91; North
western, 38 1; Northwestern preferred,
49J; Rock Island, 103j; Now Jersey
Central, 110; St. Paul, 331; St. Paul pre
ferred, 55$; Wabash, 5; Wabash pre
ferred, 10: Fort Wayne, 97j; Terre
Hnute, 105; Terre Haute, preferred,
117$; Chicago akd Alton, 102$; ChicAgo
and Alton preferred, 107; Ohio
and Mississippi, 23; Cleveland, Colum
bus and Cincinnati, 49; Burlington
aud Quincy, 112; Xiako Shore, 59;
Chicago, Columbus and Indiana Cen
tral, 31: Illinois Central, 103; Atlantic
and ' Pacific Telegraph, 22$; Union
Pacific, 75; Central Pacific bonds,
102J; Union Pacific bonds. 103; Dela
ware and Lackawanna, 118$.
NEW YORK, July 6 The dry-goods
trade movement was slow in all depart
ments, aud many buyers are absent
from the city. Cotton goods of the best
corporation makes are in steady but lim
ited request, at unchanged prices.
Bleached shirtings are rather more act
ive, and chevoits are in improved de
mand. Kentucky jeans are fairly active
and firm. Sprague's and Garnier's fan
cy prints are selling well.
ST. LOUIS, July 6. Cotton nominal.
LOUISVILLE, July 6. Cotton firm,
CINCINNATI. July 6.-Cotton held
higher, 14J.
NEW ORLEANS, July 6. Cotton
sales, 550 bales; demand moderate; stock
moie concentrated, and prices urmer;
good ordinary to strict good ordinary,
12I13Jo; low middling to strict low mid
dling, 1414cl; middling to strict mid
dling, 15115Jc; good middling to mid
dling fair, 15116$c; receipts, 39 bales;
exports to Great Britain, 2754 bales;
stock, 35,698 bales.
LOUISVILLE, July 6. Flour and
wheat nuiet. Corn nuiet, 73075c. Oata
dull, 63c Rye firm, SI 10, Hay dull,
$1S20. Provisions rim. Pork, $20 50
021. Bulk meats, SJ, 12012$c. Bacon,
9, 1313$c. Bugar-cured nams, 1S0
13$c Lard tierce, 14$loc Whisky,
51 15. Bagging very nrin at Irfi0i4c.
CINCINNATI, July 6. Flour steady.
Wheat steady at $1 2001 25. Corn steady
at 660GS3. Oats dull, unsettled and low
er. 52055c. E?gs dull and lower, 13
14;. Butter dull and drooping. Cheese
steady. Pork firm at S20. Lard quiet.
Bulk meats firm at 8$, llj12c Bicon
In good demand at fall prices, 9J, 12j
13c. Whisky steady at $1 14.
CHICAGO, July 6 Flour steady.
Wheat in fair demand and higher, clos
ing weak; No. 2 spring, $1 03J spot or
July. Corn in fair demand and higher,
closing easy; No. 2, 68Jc bid for spot or
July. Oats active and higher; No. 2,
54c. Rye firm; No. 2, 92093c. Pork
In fair demand and higher, $19 75. Lard
quiet but firm, 131014s. Bulk meats
in good demand at full prices, SJ, 111
12c for loose, epot. Whisky, $1 16A.
ST. LOUIS, July G Flour dull, and
very little doing. Wheat lower; No. 2
red wiuter.Sl 29 bid cash; sales at$l 29$
1 30 July. Corn firmer; ,o. 2, GGc
bid cash; held higher; sales at 70c Au
guet. Oats higher; car lots of No. 2,
5S05U4.C. Rye held firmiy; nothing do
ing. Whisky steady at $1 IS. Pork
firm; email lots, $20 25. Dry salt meats
nominally 801 l$c. Bacon quiet, with
only a small jobbing sales. Lard held
higher, 12Jc asked fcr summer, 12obid.
NEW ORLEANS. July 6.-Sugar-good
common, refilled, 8c; low fair, re
filled, SJ08ic Molasves jobbiug, com
mon. 4045c: fair. 50fo5Sc: prime to
choice, 567c. Flour quiet; superfine,
4 50: sinclfi pxtrn. S4 75: double extra.
$5; treble extra, $5 25'5 75: choice and
family, $607 25. Corn, 8S90c. Oits,
G70C8J. Bran. 95 ?. Hay prime, $22
023; choice, S2502G. tOiiee jooDing,
fair, lSlSjc; good. 18119c; prime.
19if5i30c Pork.S2l75. Bacon. 101. 13s
014c. Hams choice su?ar-cured easir r
at 12$13ic. Dry salt meats shoul
ders, jobbtng, 10J10c. Cornmeal,
$3 7503 90.
NEW YORK, July 6. Flour steady;
superfine western and State, $4 504 SO;
8t. Louis. S525(3V825. Rye Hour steady,
$1 3005 50. Cornmeal steady, $3 70
4 25. Wheat lower; No. 2 northwest
ern and Chicago, $1 16l 17. Corn
steady; mixed western, steamer, 78
81$c; rail, 82S4c. Oats better; mixed
western. 66Sitl81c Coffee Rio firmer
but oaiet: cargoes. 171020s gold; job
biug in fair demand at 17$20$c Sugar
dull; fair to izood refining, 7j0S 3-lbc;
prime, 8 5-16c; Muscovado, 88 3 16c.
MoIas3es crocerv Erades dull aud
heavy. Rice quiet but steady. Petrole
um dull and easier; refined, 1150113c;
crude. 655Jc. Pork heavy; new ms,
820 85021. Besf quiet. Cut meats quiet.
Dry-salted shoulders, 8$c. Middles dull;
short clear, 11 lc. Lard lower; prime
steam, 13 9-IGc. Butter western, IJ0
24c. Chee?e steady, 512$c. WhisKy,
$1 21l 22.
Heteorologlrnl red Aqnntlc.
Another 6ultry day, but a cool breeze
fanned tno worst or it, so mat wunai
we have something to be grate
ful' for. The weather observer notes
the thermometrlcal elevation at 94,
and the maximum reached dur
ing the day of 95 two degrees lower
than tne day previous. At otner points
the temperature was as f allows : Cincin
nati, 84; Galveston, im; iieavenwortti,
79; New Orleans, S7; St. Louis, S3:
Vicksburg, 92 Also that rain occurred
at New Orleans.
The following is a summary of the
signal officer's reports of the condition of
rivers at ail points up to six o'ciock
la3t night: Cincinnati, 14 feet 4 inches
risel inch. Keokuk, 13 feet 1 inch:
rise 5 mcheR. Leavenworth, 15 feet 8
inches; fall 5 inches. Louisville, 7 feet
9 inches; rtse 3 mcnes. Mempnts, zi
feet 2 inches; rise 3 inches. New Or
leans, 8 feet below bench mark;
fall 1 inch. Pittsburg, 2 feet 9 inches;
fall u inches. Kt. iiouis, feet li mcn
es; rise 9 inches. Vicksburg, 31 feet 1
inch; rise 1 inches.
Little Rock, July 6. Weather clear
and very warm; light rain to-day. River
very low.
Pittsburg, July 6 Noon. River
falling, with 2 feet 8 inches in the
channel. Weather cloudy and very
Vicksburg, July 6. Weather warm
and clear. River ro3e 4 inches. Up:
Belle of Shreveportand Julia. No boats
New Orleans, July 6. Weather
warm and showery. No arrivals. De
parted: Future City and barges, St.
Nashville, July 6. River falling,
with 0 feet 10 incbe3 water on Harpetu
shoals. Weather stormy, with consid
erable rain. No arrivals or departures
except locai packets.
Cincinnati, July G. River falling.
Weather clear and hot Night River
fillinir, with 14 feet 3 inches in the chan
nel. Weather cloudy and hot. Arrived:
Cons. Millar, Memphis.
Louisville, July 6. River rising
again, with 9 feet in the canal and 7
feet in the Indian chute. A very heavy
rain-storm to-night. Arrived: Mary
Houston, New Orleans. No departures.
St. JjOUIs, July 6. Weather cloudy
and very warm. River rising rapidly;
quite a fiemet iu the Missouri from re
cent heavy rainB In tho western part of
the State. Arrived : Bon Accord, Padu
cah; Grand Tower, Memphis. Depart
ed : City of Vicksburg, Vicksburg.
Evansville, July G. Weather clear
before noon; cloudy since, with rain to
the north and east. River falling, with
12 9-10 feet water in the channel by the
government gauge. Port list Up: Ar
lington and Arkansas Belle, 6 a.m.
Down: Vint Shinkle, G p.m. Business
very light.
Cairo, July G Noon. Weather clear
and hot. Arrived : Grand Lake No. 2, St.
Louis, 10 p.m. ; E M.Norton, Memphis,
11 p.na.; Charles Morgan, New Orleans,
9 a.m. Departed: Grand Lake No. 2,
New Orleans, 1 a.m.; Charles Morgan,
Cincinnati, 9 a.m Nieht River 30
feet 8 inches and rising. Weather
cloudy; mercury 84; light rain this
afternoou. Arrived: City of Chester,
St. Louis, 4 p.m. Departed: Idlewild,
Evansville, 1 p.m.; City of Chester,
Memphis, 6 p.m. .
movement at trie levee.
The Greyhound, from White river,
was the only arrival, and tho A. J.
White, for Napoleon, and Greyhound,
for Cincinnati, were the only departures
from this port yesterday.
boats leaving to-day.
For St. Lours. Tho City of Helena,
Captain M'Kee, at ten a.m.
Fob Friars Point The Phil Allic,
Captain Lee, at five p.m.
JLeveo BeflcetlonM.
Yesterday was hot and juicy every
body waa in a melting humor Hardy
Wilson, a negro, jumped from the boom
of the Great Republic into the river, at
St. Louis, Sunday, a distance of sixty
five feet, aud came up all right. He
will attempt the perilous feat of jump
ing from the bridge before long, after
which it may be he will do no more
jumping this side of the day of final
reckoning... ...St. Louis marines con
sumed Sunday in Fourth ot July excur
sion's, and other pleasureable indulg
ences peculiar to the occasion The
St. Louis Republican marine architect
saw a boat-load of teetotallers on the
Fourth, and rejoices that there was not
a drunken man among them; also that
they behaved themselves. Surely good
behavior is not po great a rarity
in tho great city of iron bridges
"Abrams," a correspondent of the St.
Louis Times, claims superiority for Cap
tain W. D. Smith's "Angle wheel" over
the Dowler patent. After elongating
upon the relative merits of the two pat
ents ho speaks thuslyof the "Angle:"
"I have handled boats propelled by
every known description of wheel, yet
never have I seen a boat handled with
such force and rapidity. Put her head
to the bank when the heaviest current
passes, go ahead on outside and back
tbe other wheel, and, in the shortest
Imaginable time, the position of the
boat will be reversed what sidewheel
boat will accomplish such a feat?"
The Grand Lake No. 2, en route to New
Orleans, was due at midnight last night
from above The A. J. White was the
only steamer advertised to leave our
landing yesterday. If she did not make
her own rates it was her own fault
The sun's rays were hot enough down
by tho river yesterday to cook eggs. The
fact was not practically demonstrated,
however, as there are but few eggs in
that locality, and tney are generally
considered bad ones The present rise
is carrying away the levee at the foot
of Washington street. If our levee
authorities do not move, and move
quickly, In the matter of re
pairing the levee front there will be no
levee front to ropalr, and then Othello's
occupation will be gone, as to the levee
commissioners. We hear that a confer
ence meeting was held yesterday morn
ing between the levee commissioners
and city-engineer, but presuming that it
was for the discussion of ways and
means to proceed with the work, and
that nothing definite would be adopted,
we did not ventureupon the meeting
We hear of a big scheme on, foot to con
vert President's island into an immense
farm, upon which convict labor alone
will be employed. It is also thought that i
the offenders against the municipal laws
of Memphis will also find employment
until the amount of fines is worked out.
We have the matter under consideration
as to its moral jwlnts, and after mature
deliberation will say more about it
We hear that the Quickstep will enter
the Memphis, Helena and Friars Point
trade, in connection with the Phil Allin,
on the thirteenth Instant. Captain Stack
Lea will command the Quickstep, but
have not yet heard who will fill the other
positions The latest from Hot Springs
is to tho effect that Captain
Jim Lee is rapidly improving, and
will be able to resume command of the
Allin in a short time Captain Milt
Harry will have an elegant side-wheel
steamer to take the place of the Quick
step after this trip TheCIarksvllIere-
shlpped her New Orleans trip on the
Maumeile, forty miles above Pine Bluff,
aud comes to this port toload for Arkan
sas river A. L Ryland, late river re
porter of the St. Louis Democrat, has
been appointed Internal revenue gauger
at St. Louis. A fat take at two thousand
dollars a year The steamer 8t Jo
sephine recently went nine hundred
miles up the Yellowstone river .The
G. Wr. Cheek is receiving a thorough
overhauling preparatory to taking an
aetive part In the fall campaign The
Ouachita Belle takes tho place of the Bob
Lee in the Vicksburg trade during the
summer months Thomas Hastings, a
well-known steamboat mate, butat pres
ent a levee contractor at New Orleans,
was cruelly beaten by a mob of two hun
dred negroe3 at New OrleanB on Friday
nlSHOOl) iSKSTOBEO. A Victim ol
yon hfnl Imprudence, causing premature de
cay. nervcua debility, etc., havlttc tried in
?alu ovory knowu rixme-iy, has found a simple
sell-cure, which he wllLnead free to his fellow
sr.ffercrr. Address J. li. RSEVE!?,78 Naszan
s.reet. Nw Yortr.
ThoPapors forfchePeople
Weekly (postage free)........
..5 2 60
Weekly (!br CInb3 of Five or more post
ago free).-........ 2 CO
Dally (six papers)..
,10 CO
WclMDiffestc5tt Summary
Literary Selections
Embracing Political, Commercial, Lit-
ary, Scientific, Agricultural, Philo
sophical, Religious, ordinary news,
and all other matters of interest to
the Farmer. Manufacturer, Mechanics
and Merchant.
Leave?. Arrives.
Mall train, dally lOSOajn l3a.m
EzDress train, dally Ii.40o.ia 11:10 p.ra
Bomcrvllle train, dally (ex
cept Hunuays) 4up.m a m a.m
No change of cars betwoon Memnhls and
Bristol, and only one change of cars to Wash
ington. .
Cloio connection for all points east and
Bleeping coaches on nil night trains.
Ticket office 27S Main street.
W. J. ROSS, Genl Bnpt.
Tost E. DONS, Ticket Agent. my2S
Fine Jewelry, Watches, CIocUs, Doue7,
Spectacles, KIc.
Solid Gold Watches from SCO to S200. Solid
Gold chains from 815 to S150. The celebrated
ElEin Watch sliver), 820 to S75. Silver Im-
g)ruxl Watches, S5 to S40. Solid Gold IS carat
lngs, -warranted perfect, !l 50 per penny
weight; and other things In proportion.
Repairing In all its branches, and setting ot
precious stone., and matching odd Jewelry,
and hair chain and pipe mountings a special
ty. School Medals, Jewels, Stencils, Seals,
etc. old gold and sliver wanted.
308 Second street - - SXciunbta, Ttan
(Late of Hernando, Mississippi.)
Rosidont X'liyslolnii,
Hacoeawra to Hugh Torranen & Eon,
Goaerx. Commission Merchants,
Sfo. tQ Jefferson Street,
Ods. fV.i.isorcIcI Floiol KemvU, Tean
r WILL SELL on the 31st day cf July, A. D.
,i'' i uuu niUIUUl iCUUUiJJLlULl, ;tfc
anction, at the northwest corner ot Court
Sin n o rcj In ntilD rp, . i .
situate in Raid Memphis, oa the south hide of
Itcflld cfr.iat Vw.t -,w... ....I I iti. . , . .
"--t. v w. .wi.u. uiuvix-ft UU UU WU1CU 13
the old brick Ire house, having a Jront of 40
feet, and running back of that width to the
alley south. Pale Is mado by virtue of a deed
In trait made by Duval, A goo & Smith, etc.,
of date March 22, 1559, and leglsteredln book
37, pages 4 13. etc.
Jun 61876. (w) ROBERTSON' TOPP.
ON consignment. Sacks furnished. Highest
market price guaranteed.
JU15 ufjy, MCCLELLAN 4 CO.
Sasr 1S8P11
7- KVtt I'M
Blonut County. at Tennessee.
rjlflis beautitul summer resort, situated In
JL Blount county, East Tennessee, wlU be
opened for the reception of vUltors on thn
l8t day or Juue, 1S75,
and maintained In a style worthy the patron
age of a discriminating public. The marked
beneficial resnlt attending the use of taese
waters, in functional diseases of the Liver,
Rowels, Kidneys and Skin, and the core ol
cluonlo disease, attest their medical proper
ties. AH the accessories tor enjoyment and
recreation at the best watering places will bo
found nere. Special attention wUl be given
to the comfort and improvement ol lnvsll -'s.
Routes, Distances, Elc Visitors to .Uont-
vaie necessarily pass over tne iEasfiennesee,
Virginia and Georgia Rallroa-J, making the
city of Knoxvllle, Teonevee a point; t.ience
via Knoxvllle and Charleston Railroad to
Mary ville, sixteen miles, whence passengers
are convoyed In mall si ages running in con
nection with the trains to the Sprints, nlno
miles distant.
Per day ..2 50
Per week . J5 U)
Per month May and June . -..-lo 0o
Per month Jnly, August and Septenibor.M CO
Children under ten years of age and colored
servants, half price.
We have been fortunate tblsyear In gataer
lng a store of clear ice, so that gnests may be
fully supplied. Address, for pamphletf con
taining analysis and description or the wr.ter,
etc., jos. L. KINO,
Juadiw Montvalo Springs. Kst'f itn.
IHE largest and best-furnished house In tho
L world; entliely flre-pioof ; prices l educed.
ISO itooniH, Willi JBonrtl, 83 00 per day.
130 8 OO
100 i no
10(1 " .j 5o
100 " o 00
Cost of building, 52,000000; furniture, 5350,000.
Also, Roman, Keene's and Parlaa.
F0RWalk8, Clsterns, Fountains, Stables, Ce
dars, Bridges, Reservoirs, Breweries, etc.
A Practical Treaties on Com en t iurnlstd free.
16 South St., New Yoik.
J II. BROWN, Coahoma county, Mlsalssippis
It. M. STRATTON, formerly with Porter,
Taylor i Co.
Hro wn, Alexander, Strattoh & Co.
WE have this day admitted B. M. Btratton
as airember of our Arm, and will con
tinue the Cotton and Commission business
under tho above named style of firm at our
old office, No. 10 Union Hreet, Magnolia block.
G. P. & W. H. FOUTE,
Mala Street,
Notice -Trustee's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed In
trubt made by Jno. R. Ourley and Susan
A. Gurley, his wife, dated May 2, 1874 and re
corded in the Recorder's office ol St. Francis
county, Arkansas, in record book It, on pages
170, 177, 178 and 17tf, to secure the Indebtedness
therein named, I will, as tha trustee named In
said deed, on
Saturday, tbe 24th day &r Julj, 1875,
In front of the storehoute of Stewart, Gwynne
&Co., S56 and 358 Front street, in the city of
Memphis, State of Tennessee, between the
hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m. of
said day, proceed to seU, for cash, to tbe high
est bidder, the following described real estate,
situate, lying and being In tho county or St.
Francis, and State of Arkansas, viz.:
Lot No. 14 in block No. 16, lot No. 6 In block
2, lot No. 2 in block 11, south fractional half of
of lot 3 in block 10, south fractional half of
lot 4 in block 10, and lot 7 In block 116, all In
the town of Forrest City. Also, the east frac
tional half of section 24, In township 5
north, range 3 east, containing 240 acres; the
north holf of the southeast quarter of .section
17, In township 5 north, range 4 east, con
taining SO acres; and the southwest frac
tional cjuarter of the northeast fractional
quarter oLeectlon 23, in township 5 north, of
range 3 eat, containing 52 acres.
Equity of redempUon waived. Title to said
property is belle .'ed to bo perfect, but I sell
only as trustee.
Wright & Folkcs, Atty 's. Je23
On Saturdnj, July 10, 1875.
No GTS. In tho Second Chancery Court ol
Shelby county, Tennessee Wm. B. Glisson,
adm'r, etc., vs. M. M. Forgey, et al.
BY virtue or an order ot ale made in the
above canse, on May 10, 1S75, minute book
t, pages 155, 156 and 157, I will sell at public
auction, to the highest bidder, on
Saturday, July 10, 1875,
within legal hours, in front of the county
courthouse, corner Main and Poplar streets.
Memphis. Tennessee, the following described
real estate, to-wlt (subject to tbe widow's
dower set apart for her): Situate, lying and
being In tne county oi Shelby, and State
of Tennessee, and bounded as follows: Be
ginning at a stake and wbiteoak marked J.
II., the northwest corner of the tract; thence
ea 1 33 chains, 26 links to a stake; thence south
18 chains, 4 links to a stake and hickory
pointer; thence west 33 chains, 26 links to a
stuke; thence north 18 chains and 4 links to
the beginning, containing (JO acres. TUe
dower share Is thus described: Beginning at
the not tu west corner of said lot; thence
boutli 9 chains to a stake ; thence east 23 chains
to a stake; thence north !) chains to a sta&e;
thenco west 20 chains to the beginning, con
taining 18 acres. The property outeide of tbe
dower, and the remainder Interest in the
dower will be sold separately. A survey and
plat of the above have been made and art on
nle herein.
Terms of Sale On a credit of seven, and
twelve months, notes with approved se
curity bearing six per cent. Interest from dale
of sale required; lien retained. Equity of
redemption barred.
This June 10, 1S75.
M. D. L. STEWART, Clerk and Master.
By Geo. Maliery, D. C. and M.
Humes & Poston, sols, lor complt. Unl2sa
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 1933 In the First Chancery Court or Shel
by county, Tennessee. Mrs. Fannie X.
Thomas vs. W. Knight, et al.
It appearing lrom affidavit In this canse
thattne defendants, John Doon and C. Camp
bell are non-residents of the State or Ten
nessee; It is therefore ordered. Teat they make their
appearance herein, at the conrtnonso in the
city of Memphis, Tenn.. on or before the first
Monday in August, 1875. and pleadanswer or
dc jiurto complainant's bill, or the same will
be taken for confessed as to them and set
fm hearing exparte, and that a copy of this
order be published once week, for four suc
cessive weeks, in the MemphlA Appeal.
ThisSthdayor June, 1875.
A copy attest : EDM DND A. COLE,
Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, Deputy C. and M.
Harris, McKlslck & Tarloy, sols, for com
plalnant. Jul) wo
Roal Ssta,te.
On Saturday, July 17, 1875
No. 659. In the 8econd Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tennessee. Jam on a. Ander
son, adm'r, etc., of Michael Joyce, deceased,
vs. W. V. Joyce, et- al.
BY vlttue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cause on the
11th day of May, 1875, minute book 0, pages
160, etc., I will sell, at public aucl ion, to the
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk aud
Master's office, new Courthouss building.
Main street, Memphis, Tennessee, on
Saturday, July 17, 18 5 '5.
within legal hours, the followlnj described
property, situated In Shelby conn ty, Tennes
see, and in the city of Memphis, ti -wlt:
The north hair of lot 289, fronting 37K feet
on tbe west side of Second stret t, between
Jackson and Overton streets, arnd. running
back between parallel lines 148 feet .
Terms of Sale -On a credit of six and twelve
months, purchaser iO execute nottiswith ap
proved security; lien retained. S Ademption
This Jnne 12. 1875.
M. D. l. STEWART, Clerk an d Master.
By Geo. Maliery. D. C. and M.
J. M. Gregory, soUcltor. Jnl3su
Nonresident Notice.
No. 1314 In the First Chancery Co; jrt of Shel
by County, Tennessee. E. J. Tav lor et ol vs.
J. L. Harris et al.
It appearing from amdavir, in this cause
that the defendant, R. S. Fllnn, Is a non-resident
of the State of Tennessee; that the names
and places ol residence of the he! jsot E. H.
Lyles, deceased, are unknown ana cannot be
ascertalaed alter diligent inqulrj . and they
perhaps are Interested In the prop erty which
Is sought to bo subjected to this pS iceedlngto
the payment ol a debt due from, j . l. Harris
to Taylor Rutland :
It Is therefore ordered, Thatttiey make their
appearance herein, at the coaxtbx mse In the
city of Memphis, Tenn., on ot befc re the Hrst
Monday In August, 1S75, and plead, answer or
demnrto complainants' bill, or the same will
be taken for confessed as to them and set for
hearing exparte. and thai a copy or this or
der be published once a week, for four suc
cessive weeks, in the Memphis Apr eal.
This 22d day of Juno, 1375.
Acopy-atiest: EDM UN1 A. COLE,
i- o t, Clerk ant I Master.
By E. B. McHeary, D. C. and ,
J . H. Malone, soL for compl't. je23 we
w8!.Hrf&erm,.,lcd n.ot Jocarr7 over Summer Goods, If low prices will clear them, we
have made further Important reductions.
A largo line of Linen Lawns, formerly 25 and 30c, at 20c.
Linen Lawn?, fine quality, at 25c; formerly 35 and 40c.
BlacliWool Cr-etciiio 85c.
Fancy Grenadines at 15 and 20c; gold lait weet at 25 to 35c.
A Case of Fino Bleached Cambrics, equal to Lonsdale, at 13 l-2c.
Ladies' Xiinea Suits at 83 50, worili 85.
LadiesVXinon Suits at 85, worth ST 50.
Ladies' Linen Suits at!$8, worth $S 50.
At SS and 810, formerly 1-2 to $15.
Dnrynlns i TTiilto Lawn KnIU nt 83 50, 81 59 aud 35. Ch
87 l-2c, $1 25, $1 50, $2. Children's ri.o
upward. Funs, Parasols, Trimmings, UosIery.jCtc. Ladles'
and Children's Shoes. All at low prices.
dorsies? Slain atsil Court Streets.
Formerly or Randle & Formerly or Randle & Heath, Formerly Genl Hupt. M. A T
Heath. and J. W. Heath & Co. I R. R., also M. A L. K. R. W.
. (SncctcsAru ta J. ?. 3Iefi?Ii A Co.)
3E 3ra. O 3?t 31 33 S? 0 Oct 3B ,
Buildings and Fronts, Air and Collar Grating, all kinds Iron and Brass Castings.
OooK Heath's Improved Jail dells, Doors and Windows
All kinds of MacLinery Furnished and Repaired. Orders solid tad and promptly executed
fash paid fcr old Iron, Brass and Copper.
so. 361 Front and 22
r.fllb ol TJnlcn
A Stop-Cock Nozzle aud IFlower Sprinkler Combined.
Cheapest and most desirable Invention of the age. Price
only S3. No getting out of order.
Water Shut on. W LUII,
Magnolia Gin, $1 ptr savr; Pelican Gin, 4 50 per saw.
GUZXETT, ABY & ., Agents,
HTo. 5 Mafliooa street, up.gtairs ; ; Memphis. Tennessee.
WE beg to Inform the numerous friends and patrons of the A.H.HO A TuX33
that owing to the high rate of gold and high rates of freight from Liverpool to New
Orleans, we have this day advanced the price of our IRON COTTON TIES to five and one
half cents per pouud.
In loin nniler son nnncllcs.,
iu lots of 500 '
In IoIh of 1,000
and over....
R.'u'! Ae.nl
In splendid condition, and si LOWElt FBICES than any other IMPORTED ALES
In tbe cUj. For Family use, especially.
Daniel Pratt
We keep a stock of theso Ulns, and can All orders promptly. We offer our Gins to Planters
and Glnnera on liberal terms, and guarantee satisfaction.
ImproTCI KwlUElnir front Pratt U!u,'91 same vrllb BeeMieatf, $1.00 per aw.
Children's Linen Dresses
raam g2 50 and
& 24 Clinton Streets,
New Orleans, June 1
R 1.2 et. nr lb. net.
s i. a " a) orr
i-a " a orr.
3 I-Si " net.
E. W. EAYtfE & CO.,
Anirrlriin Cotton Tie Co., Tiw Orleans.
Cotton Gins.
2FL o o-1 S3s'ttte
No. 919, R In the First Chancery rourt o'
Shelby county, Tennessee. John liaroen
vs. K.3I. Pope.
Bt virtue or an Interlocutory decree tor
sale, entered In the above cause on tL
a,th day of March. 1S7I. Mareh I, ls75, an.i
amended June 4. 1S75, I will mI1, at pubi c
auction, to tue highest bidder. In fiont or tk
Clerk and Master's office, nw courthouse
building, Main treet, iiempum, Tenn., on
Saturday, Jnly 10, 1875,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated In Shelby county, Tennes
see, In ranged, section 1, ana bounded as fol
lows: Beginning at a uake 25 links wroth or
a doiwoou marked C and whlteoafc cotnt.ru
thence south with Morgan's line chains
and 12ilukHtoa stake north SO degree, east
21 link to a blackoak marked A; cben.
north 30 degrers, west 6 chains on the Slate
hue road to a stake,- said Morgan's south
east corner; thence north TSU degrees, 6ast U
iluksiuA postoas: marked N; thence south
Ti) degree. es-t with south side of said roan
Ichalu-. and 7o links to a stake, north 3D de
e;ees.eist; links from a whitwak marktj
h. Benjamin Cash's northwest corner
lhenc with his line and with said road sotmi
Gi d.greeis, est 11 chains and Si) links to a
Htaknln the ceuterof said roal; thence souiu
degrees, east wltu said Cash's llae soieu
teeu rinuns to a stake 60 links north or tue
southeast corner of original tract; thenco
north with the original Hue 'M chains and u
iukstoa ttake In the Held; thence east ta
chains and .10 links to a poxtoak; tneuce
.... o u.. .u UUU UJ U itiui&e, WHO
j black-mx and postuak pointers; thenco
n, im i:uu w ..loac, IUW Willi - OiaCKUSC
and poslo-te pointers; thence north lu chains
and j0 links to astake,5 links east or a post
iak s 'I'IIuk marked A said Morgan's south
east corrct of tha 9aore division; taen-.-west
40 chains with his line to the beglnn-n-,
containing let'., acres, being a pirt.il a tract
of land In the name of L. Ileaderson, ningu
15, section I, and the snino conveyed to Jessa
E. Maswell. i)eceaMd. by William II-- n, and
the title to 2 , tbereor, vesteU In Joiui and
Court of Memphis. " .-y
xerms or tsaio-un a credit or 6 and li
months, notes with approved security.
r.tan rotnlnul tn fnHh.. .
uu v. .u. -i.e. uuio BtlUlO UUU
equity of redemntlon barred.
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. BlacK. O. C. and M.
McDowell A Johnson, attorneys. Jul!)
Non-Resident Notice.
No. ISM.R. D. At the rules of the Klrst Chan
cery Court ot Mempb.s, Juno IU, I.ST). ire
Court belngln session Luclnda A.Bridges et
al vs. T. B. Dillard, adm'r, et al.
It appearing rrom the bill and from the an
swer of A. J. Black that the heirs or SV . B.
Craig, oue of the neirs of James Crnig, de.
ceased, are iherollowlng persons, vi : A. .
Walker, now married to H. W. Watk.r. ir
rie .Craig, married to Thomas Coopwood, W
B. Craig, living In Texas, W. a. Craig, a minor,
aged about 16 years, h ing m Mississippi, and
Blount Crals, aged about 8 reurs. living in
Mississippi ; that all ot said named partu aro
defendants to this bill, and that theyu.e all
non-residents of Tennessee;
It Is therefore ordered that publication bo
made for four successive weeks In the Mem
phis Appeal, requiring said parties to enter
their appearance aud plead to, demur and
answer said bHl by the first Monday in' icto
ber, otherwise said causa will be set dowa for
hearing exparte, on order pro coufesM Tho
bill Is for settlement of the estate ol I amen
Craig, deceased, in the hands of Thos. U Dil
lard, administrator, to be administered, and
for distribution of the estate and money to
the heirs of James Craig, and charges that tno
ancestor of the above-uamed defendants. W.
B. Craig, had already received over his Fharo
ofsald et.ta.te, and that the entire funds in
Tennessee belong to the complainants and
Walter E. Block, tho sole heir of Thomas c
Keith, deceased.
This June 19, 1S75,
A cop v Attest:
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, I). C. and M.
On Saturday, July 21, 187a.
No. 4111. Second Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee. Mary Moriarty vs D.
H. Morlarty.et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered In tbe above cause on the
21st day of October, 1S71, 1 will sell, at public
auction, to the highest bidder. In front of the
county courthouse, Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday, Jnly 24, 1875,
within legal hour;, the following described
real estate, to-wit: A certain lot or parcel ot
Iand. lying and being In Shelby county. State
of Tennessee, and In the city of Memphis, be
ginning at the southeast comer of lot No. 71,
on the north side ot Adams street; thence west
with Adams street about twenty e.'Ol teet
thence north with a brick wall about sixty
(6U) feet; thence east about twenty ('.in feet
an alley; thence with the alley about sixty (:
Ieet to tho beginning.
Terms of Sale Ooe-thLrd cash, balance In
six and twelve months, notes with bee urn j
and lln retained to secure same.
This June 15, 1875.
M. D. L. STEWART. Clerk and Master.
By Geo. Maliery, D. C and M.
B. J. Mulvahlll. Jamlgan & Frayser, sols, tor
compl't. JulStn
In tho District Court ot the United States fcr
the District of West Tennessee In the mat
ter of J. E. Kirtland, Bankrupt. In Bank
ruptcy. To tne creditors of said bankrupt:
TAKE NOTICK, that a general meeting ol
the creditors of the said bankrupt will bo
held at the office of J. T. Latham, Est)., Regis
ter In Bankruptcy for said district, at Mem-
Shis, No. 19 Madison street, on the 2Sth day ot
une, 1875, at 11 o'clock, ajn.. for the purpose
of declaring a first and final dividend.
I also give you notice that I have filed my
finul occounts as assignee of the said estate in
sold Court,
O. WOOLDRinpE. Assignee,
Jnl3 No. la Madison street.
Attachment Notice.
Tennessee, Shelby county W. O. uor
don vs. C. C. Harrison Nos. 1WW and 1U7U, D. I
In this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section 3155of the Code of Ten
nessee, debt due and unpaid by promissory
note with Interest 212 SI, and returned befoie
me levied on by garnishment on the Mem
phis and Charleston railroad company, who
answer they owe the su n of SSI to the de
fendant. It is therefore ordered, That the said defend
ant make his personal appearance bc'ore me
on the 25th day of July, 1875. at 10 o'clock
a.m., nt my office, Memphis, Tennessee, and
defend said attachment suit within the time
prescribed by law, or the same will be pro
ceeded with exparte, and that a cony of this
order be published for four successive weeks
In the Memphis Dally Appeal. This the 16th,
day.or June, 1875.
John Johnson, attorney. u!7
Trustee's Sale.
UNDER and by virtue of a deed In trust ex
ecuted to A. W. Young, as trustee, by W.
II. Eader and Frank Mellersb, for the pur
poses therein mentioned, and at the request of
the beneficiary, which trust deed Is registered
in said Shelby county, In book No. page
166, 1 will, on
Saturday, Jnly 17, 1875,
dnring legal hours, In front of the Courthouse,
sell -or cash, to the highest bidder, at public
auction, the real estate described in said deed,
situate in Shelby county. State or TenncsMeo
and In tbe city of Memphis, beginning on tho
sonth side of Court street, at a point where
the south tide of Court street Intersects tbe
center of Ba;ou Uayoso; thence south will;
the center of said Bayou 150 feet to a stake,
thence east 118 teet to a stake; thence north
150 feet to the couth line at Court street , thence
west with the south line of Court street its
feet to tbe beginning.
The equity or redempttal 13 waived and tno
tltlo is believed to be ecod, bat 1 will sell
and convey as trustee only.
I was appointed trustee in said deed by the
Probate Court of Shelby county, Instead by A
W. Young, who resigned.
Non-ResidenS Notice.
No. 1918. In the First Chancery Court tt Shel
by county, Tennessee Theresa KalisKy, Oy
next friend E. L. Goldbaum vs.H. HeesjJ,
et al.
It appearing from affidavit in this cause,
that the defendant Fayal Feldmau is a uou
resident of the State ot Tennessee;
It Is therefore ordered, that he make bis
appearance herein, at tho courthouse in u.e
city of Memphis, Tenn., on or before tbe flr.i
Monday In August, 1875, and plead, answer
or demur to complainant's bill, or the same
will be taken for confessed as to him and set
for hearing exparte, and that a copy of this
order be published once a week, for four suc
cessive weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
This llth day of June. 1875.
A copy-attest: EDMUND A. COLE,
Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHejtry, Deputy C. i M.
Harris, McKlslck and Turleyyeols. for com
plalnaut. nl2sa
Executors' Notice.
HAVING qualified as Executor of the estate
of J. C. Carothers, deceaed, all persons
having claims against s-.ld estate are hereby
notified to probate the same within the t me
Erescrlbed by law, or they will be forever
arred. Those indebted to said estate will
Eay up or their notes will be placed in the
ands o! an attorney for collection. Claims
alter being proven can be filed In the office of
Clapp A Meux. Some of the notes and ac
counts may be found In tbe hands of Owen,
McNuttiBatrey. i. H. BURT, Executor
June 12. 1875. 1113 so
In the District Court of the United State?, for
the District of WestTennesee. In the mat
ter of City Bank of Memphis, Bankrupt.
In Bankruptcy.
THE undersigned hereby gives notice of his
appointment as assignee of City Bank of
Memphis, Shelby county, Tennessee.
O. WOOLDRI1HJK, Assignee.
Memphis, Jane 10, 1875. Jullfr

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