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-2 D-A-ILlf Ai t EAI' TUBSDA ' . DECEMBER 7, 1875.
7 (J
"or the beeelH. of tiM CoBgregaUou Beth Ki
Tlirtrtday BvrnlwK D'eember 8tb, at S
Ub SOe Direction ol Pror. E. Elllnger.
1. OwWrtfor' hands Tel Rossini
Irofion Porting, schullz, Karch and Ellln
ger. s. Der Moeoen - liwo Polo... Meyerbeer
Mr. l5orenmii.no.
. AadftBtfl lor Plate, Violoncello and Piano
Sir Wilkin, i'ralMvoni Karch and Blunder.
i. J otllth - ltc. and Aria. .. . . Coucone
Mtss Carrie Ennls.
. Grand Dto, Irom the UugueuobOleyerbeer
Mr. .N. Csaptkl and Mr. Bornemaun.
1. 1 antexta Trovatoi-e for K hinds, arranged
by Kankel.
- What Make tb fcJirtcg-Dao for Olto and
Basso . .. Abt
Mm Came Ennls and Mr. Iiornemann.
3. Keaand Aria, from Htradella Flo tow
Mr. N. I rnjHkl.
C Hefitito, lot Flute, Violoncello and Piano
.. Unontcn
Mr. Wlliilm, and Profew-ois Karen and Ellln
ger. i Oood Night - Uufcruette from Martha
Mm. N. ciarwki," M&"(MrriKn'nIsand Messrs.
iieilefiDerg and Itets.
The two ClilcKeriDfc Grand Pianos which
will be atl oa this occasion will be kindly
lurnUhed by Mr. II. U. Hollenlwrir
Tickets SI for Mle in all Music More. arid at
jonnny wikodti cigar stand, nnder Feabody
Doors open at "i o'clock Concert cotn-
mtneew at ft o ciocic
Coranirnolhj kuirt leceruber Gib.
Vlrht spresniict) here of tho famous
Pronounced the
Jinn huic.nil Dramatic Compitnr
ol the aLK3, and which was organized ex
pies! lor the production of ibe world-renowned
drama, Irom the French, by John
Oxenford, Esq.,
Jacques Hoc!ianl Mr. McKee Rankin
.Kilty Blanchard
( Olt-K-Apply at
- I V.H MA iN STRKt-T. nr-ta)r.
Regular Monthly Mcotlnir-Xeir Mem-
bci a -The Texan I'nclllc Rnllrond
Meeting or the Democratic Cliih-Pencc
rind Harmony Prevail Jio Reso
lutions Passed.
it nbilihNCfc. fur a urnaller runldenct. mv
I new two alt ry brick residence, conttun
luj ten loams, with ail modern 1 in prw Ye
meni, rnr ur . ler iiiiormauon, apply to me
on the premise No 8tl Shelby Btreet.
The Grocer and Provision Denier to
bare a Prlce-Liit A Good Move
ment Etc.
Largo Xumbrr of Xnmn Added to the
LUt-Naraw of Nominees for
Delegates to the Convention.
Pay your city tax for 1575, and fuvj
four per cent. Hwoiint.
CH5K LINE. 1 M I ill H
.... , i n am 9
MULK-Fiom the undernlgul, on Mon
day.Sbptcmher Uth, one Rorrel-bay hono
mule ehact niton hands high; eight or nine
years old dark hirlpe running ou backbone
from the Hhoulderiothelflll; dart tiliH3ilown
oach shoulder; annul dirk etrlpos around the
forulegg. aaiJ extcji:i t. up bov the knees on
Hid lrjjudej dark cmneand tall; was In good
order anil we.l lrti-t; nden nd works well.
Any lnmnatlon )o regard to the mule will be
lbanklullv lecelred, and a liberal reward
given lor Hie return ol t: e m ile to me ni my
residence. W.WELiIOTT,
K'.ilott s Mill P.tE'-la county, Mies
nov30-dlw-wlw .
IX roorni with board
AND llOAUD-Nlcely furnished
JW court street.
t j tXliW Furnished or unfurnished, with
tl U-ardj dxy-boarders wanted. 110 Monroe
HOOMH- UenlraUe rooms, single or en suite,
icrnltbed or unfunthhed. witn or nlth
om ooaid.at CS A N 1) 72 M A DimJN" HT.
as rlaved bytliom during tho entire run at
Union Square Theater, New York, 180 nights.
bcoleoi Price Drens circle and Parquette,
II; Famliy Circle 50c; Oa.Iery.SSc. HN-ervexl
H.ts, no extra c barge, now on sale at Ilollen-ber-s
Temple ol Music.
vlnr.lny m, t! hmnrday SfRllnees.
BB- Dnrlr e llin wek-LKI) ASTIIAV.
f1 OKHli COL.T MULE- Htiayed from the
O owner, lour mile north of f-'helb? Le
KH.one black horn), blind In right eye. 17j
Uaud huh; one bald-faced coit, three years
old, and one li r-bay horse mule, nine oi
ton years old, Any Information concerning
tho nbove w ba llcerally rewarded, by
and 8 vVost Court,
or t K EXiiLEY,
del t-ne'by repot.
3?OE X.55ftS35.
LAND Twenty acre good garden land, very
rich, lies level; apple orchard of two acres;
home of threo rooms and kit. hen (.table',
and a'l necesrary outhouses; one hundred and
nf ty hotbed sash, haif-m Je from northern tor
minus of Main k. can, in a splendid neigh
borhood. Will leve for three ytar3. More
land cau be leased If desired. I. D. COXA
WAY. Heal Estate Agnt. No. S Madb-on st.
I vOi. Five ollarx reward will be paid for
a ' th - return to No. 2S7 Beale street, ol a
aolld liver- olored pointer dog. When strayed
OCT" hat i ock ttrd chain on.
J)ITP-Blck, with a white sp: t on breast;
loDgJboUy; sho t leg; anvers to name
of ".Sooner " A Mihable teward will be paid
for bis ret jm to ;13 seeopd street.
(tO-hnm the oommocs.ln South Mem
j pnls, Ihm Sunday, a red and white cow,
with uhb Uru broke oil and scar on her back.
A liberal reward will be paid by
Jdel 270 ritrnando gtreet.
Vrt UI.KY t'OW From the commons of South
JJJL Memph s, my muley cow, gray color, tilt
, w -ni a.o.uD Aiineraire.
ward will be given for her return, or intorma
Uon of Iter whereabouts.
resldthce c-.rner Hernando and Oeorgla sts.
"MULE -From rrj btableon VuuU p street,
iXX Mondny evening, November 2id, one
moase-coJoifol medium-sized n.nreinule; six
years old; snud heavy, a 11 bora 1 reward will
be given lor her return to me a 856 Front St.,
MeinphKTenu. JOHN BOOTH.
rOTI Desirable) ISxZiyi tee', corner Adatrs
J ag,d Water streets, with two one-btory
brick swie, lornle low. Apply to rdsi
H. P. HUtKLEY, M Madison hi
Alt 1) WAKE At tstlian New York cost
ai lnizieid'H.VSo Second Hreet. dec5
TjHSr "fireproof" nou--xplostve coal oiL I
II AlrfktltC St Hit yfrtlrt- VoAiinil LaA
is Mm. oijfcuuria, on iiayuuru avenue.
Leave orders at bledge. McKay A Co.'. i e3
200 (Ifld Fti,OB PI' KET3,at J7aoper
del WILLIAMS A Co., Lumber .Dealers.
CArETY-BUKNERS-For Cual-011 Lamps.
iv untijoimBt m : . r r.L,u o, i ce onu su
iXD MiLL With pump complete; power
1 snmcicnt to draw n column of water an
Inch tulck Lom a v-epth of fllty leet; as good
aauew- B. b. B.VKNE8, 285 Main hi.
pLANTAHON'- -In Lollvar county, MLss.
JT My homo place, " Dora," near 1'rentlas;
1W acres, KM in cul.ivation; retl jence, i-tea;u
Sin, new mill two eDglnes Riuplo buildings.
The Lce Place," oue inllolrom Beulab, 24
Rcrt,gln-bullUing, etc., 300 acres in cnltivn
tlou. tli " IlelAmy Place,' five miles from
JJeuluh, llffl acr-s,7Ui teres f rmerly Li cultl
vat.on, but lei ces and buildings destroyed.
Several tracts cl line land on Bayou Phalla,
etc-in aa six plantations, all divided to suit
purchasers, except " Dora."
J lONFE.riONKKY-An extensive stock ol
J confootlonery, toys and fancy articles, em
bracing everything pertaining to a fln,t-class
tonfectloccry business. Also, bake oven and
candy uianulactory, comutlng ot all the
uic. uis necessary to carry on the baking,
confectionery and candy tnunulacluring busi
ness. Cash, city real estate, or notes with ap
proved security taken, an may best suit tbe
furohar. Good reason given for soiling.
orurtfaerpaiucuiarsaDplyonthe premises,
9S 419 MAIN HT.
OOaP FAUruiCX Boilers engines, and
Overything complete and In good running
order, located in the city; cheap for cash or
good paper. ply 10
IV ffcobrt Miwi, Vincent hlock
The cily council meets to-night.
Did you see tbe Two Orphans last
Mr. David H. Piiilp becios a new
class In phonographic instruction to-night.
By reference to hU card it will be keen that
he alto begins a clats for ladles.
Sunday night burglars broke into
Harpman Bros cigar stand, Main street, near
Madison, and after stealing a box or two of
the weed and a lot of meerschaum pipes, fled.
A correspondent informs U9 that a
tide of immigration is pouring into Prairie
and Arkansas counties. Many are settling in
tue vlclolty of .arhse,on the Memphis und
Little Rock railroad.
Mr. U. L. Collier, general manager
ui excursions, is now arranging tor a grand
ttip to New Orleans via Mobile. The entire
round tilp will cost but twelve dol ais. The
day set for the excursion is December I7th
IiMt night a bachman nairnd Don
ovan, being eDgeged to rive a family to the
Charleston depot, informed tho parties that
the train bad left and then.drovo them from
the depot to the mil house, corner Second
and Washington streets. He was arrested for
scalping, aud will be tried berore the recorder
tbls morning.
Yesterday DstecliveM'Cune arrived
from Helena with James Keely, who three
years ago robbed Captain Matthews's store
house at 0-ice.ila, Arkansas. Willi" in Jail at
Helena lieely destroyed his clothing, noting
thereby that the officer would not take htm
away. Pe'eetlve M'Ume procured a light
summer suit for Keely, and gave him free
deck passage to this city.
Some time ago Bridget Enwripht
Hied a petition for divorce Irom her husband,
Jerry Enwright, and upon applicat on the
chancery court granted an injunction tore
strain the defendant from interfering witn
fie woman. L-t Thursday fcnwrlgtit vlntei
the residence of his wife, and, in addition to
abusing her, strnck her senseles lo tbe floor
with a stick of wood. Yesterday he was
arrested, nud thecourt sent him tojall for ten
days for contempt.
At an election for ollicers of the
Memphis Typographical Union No. 11, held
Hunday, the f.iilowiag were selected to serve
during the ensuing year: It. 8. r-mlth, presi
dent; L. D. Hamner, vice-proldent; .lost pa
Crabb, financial feerotary; Wm. T. Qunln, 10
cordlne secretary: II M. ("rowell.
T. P. Holland, fund trusteo. H. J. M'Urann
was electod delegate to the International Ty
pographical Union, which meets the fourth of
July next at Philadelphia.
Between twelve and ihree o'clock
Saturday morning burglars entered George
Crosby's residence en Ellio't street two d ors
east or his shop at the corner of Desoto.
They effected an e trance by removing a
wmuuw sasn, aim, unamg ir uroeby asleep,
Immediately administered chloroform, and
then stole his pants, containing tlxty dollars,
and his jacket. By this time a large New
Fcundland dog broke through tho back door
Into the room, and, by continued barking,
awoke his master, who being as yet under the
luuueuceui me cnioroiotm iap-od into slum
ber Htain, and tbe burglars, who wero con
cealed In the adjoining room, escaptd They
next stole a crou bar from Davidson's black
smith shop and broke the door-lock on Wal
lace's grocery near by. The noise awoke a
young lady, who Immediately called for her
biother, and the burglars fled without being
able to secure any booty.
The chamher of corniiierce met in
regular h sslon at four o'clock yesterday alter'
noon. President Petti'- In the chair
Messrs. "W. W. M 'Dowel! and I'homas War
ren were admitted to menlcershlr).
Judire J. T. Lathm said that Jndce Henry
O Smith, chairman of the committee on tbe
Southern Pacific ralirosd being nbnent,
he hoped the matter would be postponed until
he could be here. A letter from Judge smith
says that ho thinks tbe action of the St. Louis
committee should be satisfactory to Memphis.
On motion of Judgo Latham the subject was
deterred until next Monday evening at three
o'clock. The subject was ono of lrnroitance,
be said, aud should receive prompt attentton,
ireuerai j.. riKtfr&am mat me mercuani?
of Memphis found great difficulty In securing
the publication of proper market quotations,
which w.isdamaglijg to the interests of the
commission and grocery businc s. A com
mittee had consulted witn tbe leading papers
nere, ana me press was wining to puuiwi rt
ulttr official me.cantl'e quotHtions. The mer
chants wanted to publish the quotations of
miscellaneous articles toiu oy grocers, in tbe
same manner as the figures of the cotton ex
change are published The groceis thought
fcuey weru uuuui-u lu it i juuuu consideration
In m the newspaper commercial reporters as
ino couou oeaient receiveu. rois wasn cub
Ject of mutual lnteiest to reporters and mer
chants, and this was tho only way to xemedy
the en ors complained of, and to do awsy with
reporting lorceu taicson me januing.
Mr. Louis Hanauer said that the prices ot
the sales made by grocers should ba obtained
dally by a committee, and Quoted nn tt n
boards or the exchange In tbe same manner
us were the quotations or the cotton exchange,
and so do away with putting down iorced
lauuiug saiey as regular iraue transactions.
General Fiuer said that they cordially In
vlted tbe co-op?ratlon of all tne newspapers
in uuo cunieiupiuieu cuunge, anu ne lu-retore
offered the lollowlng resolution, and suggested
af iiiecommiiiee jiessrs. u. xsnnauex, ri. Fon
taine, John K. Speed, James Poston and J as.
Jtetoivea. mat a committee or tlvo be an
pointed monthly by the president of the
chamber, whose duly It shall be to meet dally
at eleven o'clock, at the chamber of com
merce, and fix the quotations for groceries,
provisions shd produce for the ounent day,
which quotations shall be deemed the official
market report.
Mr. Wm. Rosselle, commercial editor of the
appeal, said ne protested against the asser
Hon that tbe reporters had been guilty of quot
ing forced tales or forced rates as regular mer
cantile transactions. The sales made at the
elevator were not at forced rates, but selhpg
there was one regular wav of disposing of cer
tain commodities, as we have no chamber of
commerce exchange whore such hnslness can
be done The press reporters certainly under
stood mc inherence cetween iorced sales and
rennlar sales: the former were never reported
on the footing of the latter. But laying aside
this question, the speaker respectfully sug
gested to the merchants of the city that it was
me custom in most, commercial centers lo
make it appear that their market was, in spe
cial lines of trade, cheaper than any other; so
It had b(-en the custom in this city. Years
ago It commenced with the wholtsaln dry
goods houses here, whose proprietors offered
to ell and deliver 'ooda at the door of thepur-
cuaser, in. me country arounu itiemputs,
cheaper than other and distant markets; and
It Is their boast tbat that they have done
S3. So the boot and shoe houses, the drug
houses, and provision dealers had sought
to make the impression that they could sell
gcods lu tbe country around ui, cbeaperthan
could be dono by dealers in distant cities. The
orjecioi tins resolution was to make tne
Memphis store prices the official quotations.
hht would bo the consequence? in other
cities tue wholesale prices are made the of
tlclal quotations. In this city the resolution
win make the "storehouse prices" the basis.
J bis would make a clash or prices, and one
not in our favor, for tho drummers from St.
Louts, Louisville, Cincinnati and Chicago,
producing tbe chamber of commerce official
list would say tj purchasers: "Here arothe
official quotations ol the Memphis market
we will sell goods and deliver them at ypur
-iuiouuur uueuper luau yuu can uuy mem in
the city of Memnbls Itself "
General Flier said that the merchants were
fully nllve to the Interests of their own trade,
huu mo oujec was to masie uie prices quoted
sattsfacorv. and they would dosu. as th com
mittee would bo composed of m-a leoresent-
lng different businesses. Ihey did not under-
sianu wuyornow tne mnrnet coin.i oe unfa
vorably affected if the facts were given. The
general price, and not the special sales, would
make the market. They wanted to secure a
flystem and outaln reliable pilces. The St.
Louis and I lnclmiatl papers quoted in some
respects "storehouse prices" higher than the
goods are actually oflere.! here. The object of
me resolution was merely to regulate the
matter, and it would have ovcry interest rep.
Mr. Rosselle said that a commercial report'
er repr.sented no party, neither seller nor
buyer, and had to take the prices and faith
fully report them as ho actually found the
sales made. II the chambsr ot commerce
took the matter ont of the hands of the gro
cers and produce dealers, and posted a list of
priix-s us uiuciai, men suea quotations would
have to be Published, and would be reenlverl
by the press with the respect due to the source
whence they came, hut whether the proceed
ing cuuiempiaieu oy me resolution wasa wise
one; one calculated to advance the business
wenare and general interests of Memnhis.
wasaqnes iou he respectfully submitted to
me meeuug ociore the reaotution was put by
the president.
The above resolution was adopted, aud the
chHlrmau appointed on the commltt e the
gentleman suggested oy General Flzer.
The Tenth Ward Democratic Con
servative club met last night in bnrsuancoof
imtlci mihlt'hed In the Appeal, with tmSl.
dent 3. R. Taylor In ihe chair, and present
the entire membership and a large number
oi irietsus oi me movement, wno paruclpattd
heartily In tbe Droceedlnis.
Secretary George Elliott read the records of
the previous meetings, which were approved.
Tlfti secretary also renorted nro!?TeH in t ho nr.
ganlzatlon of tbe club In tbe particular of
aaaiuonai memocrs. o
Mr. GUs Mortl moved. seconded brMr.Tnil.
say, tbat tbe name of tbe clnb be changed
from the Tenth Ward Democratic-Conservative
club to the Tenth Ward Antl-Loague
Major Butler P. Anderson was surtimeU Hint
such a motion should be made and enter-
uiineu. lie would nave the proceedings of the
club conducted In snch a manner that tbe
delegates selected to represent the tenth ward
in the nominating Convention shall go thsie
pledged to no one. As for himself haaiu m
yet opposed to no man, nor was bo pledged to
me support oi any man; me time uaa not ar
rived for any such exnresslon. especially In
the manner Indicated In the motion Jest
iimuc. .uvjur duuenuu sputm ut some lengin,
during which he urged unity of action, at the
same time that a SDlrltCf conservatism ulimilil
pervade-the action of thli club, So that all who
upposea luiairansm, in wniever jormit had
or might present itseii, might, co-operate with
me team waru uemocrauc-uonservatlvecluu.
He concluded his remarks by telllne a nleas-
ant little story of alittle gams that used to bo
indulged in by the boys and eirls ot
Kentucky, illustrating that the principles
advocated here should be of such character
mat mere snouid no no mistaking them, and
so clearly defined that a man who could not
" straddle that stick, should be ruled out."
Major Anderson's remarks wgre.Well received,
under the Influence of which the motion was
withdrawn, the author or the motion, Mr.
Gu. Mortl, stating that, r.ot having been
pretont at the first meeting, he did not know
that the name of tbe cluo had been definitely
A motion, by Mr. E. W. Clann. that each
member of the club be assessed fifty cents was
carried, and tbe books being opened for tbe
reception oi names oi new mem hers, a large
number came forward and attached them
selves to tbe club. A motion also prevailed
that every colored citizen of this ward, who
had affiliate dwlth tho Conservatives hereto
fore, and Intended to do so rn future, should
be Invited to become members of the club.
President Taylor, In advocacy of the motion,
stated tbat the colored man's Interest was as
mnch involved In tbe coming municipal
campaign as was that of tbe "white man, and
therefore was as much entitled to participate
In tbe deliberations of this or any other club.
There were but two or three colored men In
the room, one of whom, Wm. M. Thomas,
waiseu up ro me re-rerary's oesK ana en
rolled his name and deposited his four bit.
On motion, B. P. Anderson, C. B. Barton, B.
is. urimn, tu. w. uiapp, anu uan u uonneii
were at po nted a committee to select four
teen names of citizens, the tbree sections of
tne ward to ne represented, irom among
whom seven were to be chosen as candidates
lo be voted for at the primary election, as
delegates to represent the tenth ward In the
nominating convention, who, alter a few mo
ments consultation reported as follows, the
waru oeintr uiviaeu into tnree sections:
"r Eastern section J. J. Slovor, W. C. Folkes,
w. Bprau amun anu it. t . ijooney.
Middle section John Sirehl, Samnel Bol
ton, John Pendegrast, W. S. Brooks, Tom
Fleming and Thomas Nagle.
Western section George Elliott. James
Steele, .. P. Barton and William Bordbogle.
Toe choice of seven names was made by
uauoi, anu resuiiea as ioiiows:
Eastern section J. J. Slover and W. C.
Middle section John Strehl. John Pender-
grast and Tom Flemlne.
Western section George Elliott and C. P.
On motion the above nominations werede-
claied qnanlmous, and the meeting, having
been one of tbe most harmonious as well as
enthusiastic ever held'ln the city, adjourned
suiject to me can or uie cnair.
AR-9cfa(e!) Prcnf! Dlapatebea.
Nashville, Dcetribcr 6. Jtiver is
faUIng, with 8 feet on Hsrpeth shcals.
Sr. Louis. December 6 Departed"
St. Joseph.Memphls; NellloPeck, Vlcksburg;
H.C Yeager, New Oi leans.
Vicksbukg, Dtceniber 6. River
rose 27 Inches. Down: John F. Tolle, Jfary
Uelie. up: -.ommonwetiiii, Atlantic.
Cairo. December 6 Arrived: Belle
of t'hrrjyeport, St. Louis, 2 p.m.; Cons. Millar,
jiempnis.o p.m.; rannis latum anu jonn a.
Ucudder, tit. Louis, 7 p.m. Departed: Cou.i
Miliar, Cincinnati, Q pan.
aegnlar net I Reliable Ken Orleans Pk't
For Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Orleans,
and alt way landings.
The eleeant rassenaer steamer
'Thompson JJean, iSfi
W. B. Ml)ler.master Geo.Miltenbergeroierk
Will leave as aoove w nu. cav a x , wecera-
ber 8th, at 5 p.ni , promptly.
For iretgbt or pnsaiio apply on board or to
It. W. LlhHTHURNB. AKenl8'
Regular Semi-Weekly Napoleon and Htnds
aud United States Mall Packet For Helena
Fr ars Point, Terrene, Prentiss, Napoleon,
ana an Mend juanuings.
Stack Lee..... master I if any Baleman, clerk
Leaves Memphis every TUESDAY nnd SAT
URDAY or encn wteii ato o ciock p.m.
Shippers and passengers can rely on strict
punctuality In leaving, and particular atten
tion to ail way nusinesj as wen as mruugu.
For freight or passage apply to
J. T. WASHI . . Agent, 303 Front st
For Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Fort Snrltb.and
mtermeui ue utnuings steamer
ISosa Miller,
Leaves Glenn's Wharf boat,THIbiAi, Dec.
7th, at 5 p.m .taking freight and passengsr" )
through to nne niun witnout resmpment.
For iroleht or oassaffe annlv to
R. P'. GLENN, Agent, on Wharf boat.
Xetnptiln PTid AtUnusaa Bivor Int3.tift
For Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Fort Smith, and
way iianuings. -i ne steamer
Muss Miller,
Eph Banks ...jnaster
Leaves THIS DAY, December 7th, at 5 p.m.
INI. N ITARKIN. MUDI..296 Fron-st
Helena and Heads Txl-Wccttly IKktt. X
Thn nip-rant and fleet slde-wfaeelfctcarar !
Nat.S. Green master ID. P.Davis clerk
Will leave everv MONDAY, WEDNESDAY
and FRIDAY, at 6 p.m.
Particular attention paid to Jrclght and pas
sengers ft?r Walnut and Council Bends.
For Napoleon, JleleDrt, Friarfi Point nud
ail xraj jjheuiubc
Tho elegant steamer
o n- i hit
George Malonemaster A.Ii. Cummins, clerk
Liiavt3 jiu.NUAXH aaa -lnucny icr.op.m
For Tlchibare aud nil Way LaikdiDgPi.
xne eiegant steamer
Mark K. Cheekmaater Joo. Sneers clerk
Leaves ilmshls every TUESDAY at 6
p.m., connecting with steamers and railroads
for New Orleans.
The Illinois makes clce connections with
the Chicot railroad, the Parlsott line for points
on Yazoo river, and the R. E. Lee for New Or
For freight or passage apply on ooard or to
GEO. W. CHEEK, 8upL,
Memphis and Vlcksburg Packet Company,
jSo. 2C8 Front street, np-stairs.
Or to R. W. LIGHTBURNE, Agent.
senl '.9S Front street
For Cairo, Evansvllle, Louisville and Cincin
Tint. Sliinkle,
James Kennlston master
Leaves WEDNESDAY, Dec. 8th, at 5 pan.
Jno. N. Shunk. master rift. Strlder...cierk
Leaves SATURDAY, Dee. Hth,at5 p.m.
Special attention given to all busines In
trusted to HS. R. W. LIGHTBURNE.
Vnpt.2S6 Front st.
Milt Ilnrry Mernptila and Wullo Hirer
u. a. mail juine.
Mouth White River, Indian Bay, St, Charles,
Crocketts Bluff, Mt. Adams, Clarendon, Dc
Valls Bluff, Des Arc, Augusta, Jacksonport,
West Point and Searcy.
The nne passenger steamer
E. C. Postal..- ,, onaster
Leaves Memphis every SATURDAY at 5 pan.
The fine Dassenger steamer
M. R Harry.
r. yr. holbt.
I.eavfi.T MemDhte every TUESDAY at op.iu.
For freight or passage apply on board, or lo
J. T. WASHINGTON; Ag't. H80 Front St.
It. p. GLENN, Agent, on Wflarfboat.
Frrdffht consigned to Milt Harry will be
handled free of storage, drayaga and commis
sion, and put through promptly. Shippers
will piea.?e eenu xreint j uwuua uttn
boat, as usual, hot7
310 EM S1BEET,
orr. rE.vBo'DY hotel, iiejIphis. teiVS.
Democrat, Conservative?! mid Liberals
in Council Clnb Formed List of
Ollicers and Members.
An Attempt to Recognize n People's
Party Defeated The Prexw and
the Executive Committee
20 SliS Ht op. Pcahodr Hotel.
Always on hand, a laree assortment of Me
tallic Cases" and Caskets, and Wooden Coffins
or overy tie caption.
Orders by telegraph promptly filled, and
unses suippcu i;. u. u.
3ES.. 3E. C3-3Li'JS3Er3Sr,
(Proprietorol Wharfboat)
Ji Y change to Steamboats is simply ten per
iii cent, on meir uusiness. special rates
made when desired. I have a U.S. Mall Box
ou board, visited twico a day by a carrier, and
boat's mails and telegrams to my care will be
fonnd in boxes arrange J in my office specially
ior tneir accomnmuation.
"I have lust cone all round and tbrough Mr.
Glenn's Wharfivoit recaulklng, nS I did last
fall, and I find it now, as then, In excellent
condition, In every way seaworthy, and by far
tbe staunchest bull I know of. I am a practi
cal caulker andsalp carpenterof fifteen years
experience. T. H. REYNOLDS."
"Upon the reporter captain j.h. Harnham.
Inspector of the Marine Board of under
writers of this el'y, I insured Mr. R. P. Glenn's
Wbarfbrat as a first-class null of the kind.
Memphis and While iiiver 3aUetCo.
For .Llpl'snnnort. NewDOrt. West Point,
Searcy, Augusta, Des Arc, Clarendon, ue
vahs Bluff, CrocKBtts Bluff, St. Charles, In-
utau nay, anu uii y a uniiiuu t.
and uisck rivers.
City of Augusta, ji2$S&
J. D. EllTott master
Leaves Memphis every sat uuuai at a p.m.
opeciai raies Kienuu ireigutaiui vyuiw or
Red river. No commission or storage on for
warding freightp.
x ur ireiuub or vu-ssage puiy itj
nov2 No. 1 Promenade st . foot of Jetlerson.
Kejnlar Randolph. Fnlton, Osceola and
Anpori Trt-weesjy raccst.
IBe.iJ of Xexas,
O. K. Jonlln-oiiaat" I Joe. W. Rhoue clerk
Leaves Memphis MONDAYS, WEDNES
St. Louis and New Orleans Packet.
Jor Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Orleans and the
iinn.i. "H t. . . ... m f
A. J. ' arter. master.
Will leave Wt DNESD AY. December 8th, at
5 p.m. For freight or passage a pply to
WA:nusuTUjS, agent,
303 Front street.
MISSES' Youth's and Chi'dreu'a Un
273 Main street.
Pay your city tax for 1875 and save
four ptr cent, discount.
UWE.wigtrt ma vfttWB
There is no better preparation than
iriiaf8's naisam, for coughs, c-Mb,
consumption, and all diseases of the
tnrcat and lungs, fry it, antl be con
Neuralgia. "Neurit". cureVit. Sold
dv u. w. Jones a Co., Mempbls.
Holders of the Mississippi liquidat
ing: levee five per cent, bonds win hear
something to their advantaeo bv ad-
CJretnlaw Opcrahonsc.
There was a very good attendance at
tho (3rppnlfly linprahmiG. loct nt1it n ..f.
nets the Two Orphant, as presented Mr. M'Keo drefsing Treer; s bank, Jachfon, MiEais
MJnfX,, W2ZSn eiPf5' 8,atiRe the amou.t ihey hold.
his failure to provldo the necessary adaptation
SITUATION By a lady, in a shop or family
as seamstress. Can do either hand or ma-
cuiiib worn. AUUreM
C. A. K, Appeal office.
"OOARD By a gentleman and wife in a prl
aj vate iamily. within four blocks of Court
bquare. Addrera "W ."care this office.
loK-Good cook: white. Annlv at
Bt'AltDEBS At H Monroe ttrett. l:ooms
: uriilshed lliequlred.
A In reutrai patt of tbe city for man and
wife ; private family preiened. Address
de4 y. M. It., Appeal office.
y ER V ANT A white female servant to take
O tue place o. chambeimald in a small
family mui attend to a few children; good
i tl
3ia Poplar street.
KllM MEN To work on Little Rock and
jJ Wl. Fort Smith Kailrcad. Apply to R. A.
Wit L1AMS, M.mpbls and LItUe Hock R. R.
Depoi, or 20a Malu street.
dei Mccarty, johnsqn & co.
BUY OR SELL-Peibons denirlng to buy or
OOQ. f to call at - ot Main street. del
-Also rooms to let, at 177 Unlon
of scenery and lurnlture. the piece was not
mounted with the taste which the excellence
of the drama and the merits ol Mr. Rankin
and his troupe deserve. Considering the short
time In which the scenery had to be fitted, lo
say nothing of tho tired condition of tbe
itinera oi me troupe, the play was pre
sented very cedltablv. and ntlonled more m.
Joyment than could have been lookeJ
for under the clrcumetances alluded lo.
Tho Two Orphant, en presented b Mr. Ran
kin's troupe, la Irom the version ot J hn Ox-
enlord.and In a great many details differs
very much from the play as given by the Fur
bish party. Whlleit woull be unfalrto make
a critical comparison between the Tim rir
phatu. as wltnes-ed last night and as pre-
s-nied ny the b urblsh party, we will say that
no company cold have done better than Mr.
Rankin did last evening, when placed in a
nae preoicament. -i he embarrassment of the
company was explained by Mr. Rankin in a
few remark, which were well received by the
audience, lo-night the Two Orphans will be
Pay your city tar for 1875, and save
iotir per tvnr. tiiecounr.
The cheapest and ttat Steam Dyctno
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uuuie, oi iiiaiu ttreet.
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ior fj o m toe
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manu'actured and sold at prices from five to
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is carats nne, at si d) per pennyweight, and
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facilities for manufacturing aro uneqnnled in
the city. Brine alone your old Gold. Silver.
and Precious Stones, and get cash for them or
nr.vo mem manuiacturea to sun your taste.
Call and be convinced, before purchasing
etscwiieru, mat mw reuts ana mime manu
facture are cs'ntlal to good bargains. Par
ticular attention given to repairing of fine
w avCues. i toe Kb ano jowcirv.anu sattsiaction
guaranteed, school Medals. Badires. heals.
Jewels, stf nclls, Etc., a specialty. Jewelers
and others should CONSULT THAYER before
sending their mm cult joos to Eastern cities.
Any piece of Jewelry matched or duplicated
ox i uort notice. OC121
At ticslnced
lITCATlON By a wauo! experience, n po
SlJ s reet.
f ii
KJ n'lon in ellyor country; Is fully able to
take hargof lUiofflceor country s ore; Is a
No. i booK-keeper and dissector ot same; best
of cl y aud country reference; encagemeut to
befiuu Juiuao 1. Ih7& aUilie a
pov-m CLEM ANT, Appeal office.
SlTc ATlON-Th advertiser offi rs his ber
vices in tue caraclty ol business manager
onu .a:ge piat.t4tion.oras book-keeper in a
couctr su.ro. 1 have bad experience in both
capaci us I rltr to Mea-ra. Stewart, Gwynne
- --".. 1 '..i I t - AUUitNl li. K. 11.
II ov
:are Trttevantc Cary.8 Madison St.,
- Memph -s. Tenn.
tats iiSKjL.
LAMj Wanid,io rent about 200acreAl
land, to make a crop of grain and hog. It
mutt be tliDBWd on the railroad and near
Memphis. Audreas
. No. 79 Monroe t-U
LJV.SiS ColTAOE-iln Shelby street.
"l J. E. BIGEmW.27tf Main sL
plenty of water on tveiy floor.
S71 aud 373 Main L
REiDENCE Up town residence, 20 Lln
den, two doors from Main-Pimimin
ments. Inquire at UK Main. dei
DAiJlER-MIOP - Of tbe Peabody hotel.
Card rrom Captain A. T. Inecy.
Editors Appeal In order that the
representatives of tho people, when they as
semble In convention to nominate acandl-
uuid iui iiinjur oi me ciiy, may ha entirely
untrammel.d In making a selection, I hereby
rel-aseall the gentlemen who. tosether lritn
myself, submitted the questiou of the candi
dacy for mayor to the aroltrslloo of our mu
tual friends, frnm their pleugenotto become
candidates against me, and leave them and
their friends free to seek thnnnminatinn rr.n
the convention IX they chose to do so. And in
order that my iriends may not f el embar
ra.!ed by my position, I hereby withdraw ray
acceptance o! the candidacy tendered me by
tho arbitration of tti friends of mveir nnii
others, and say lom) lriends.do what you
think win be for the best interest of our city,
without regain topievions action, and I will
be satisfied. Very respectf ully.
A Correction.
Editors Appeal In discussing our
coming city chctlon at a meeting m the
eighth ward, on Fridiy evealng, I used lan
guage that I should not Inve used, with re
gard to the late election in Mississippi, iiy
eagerness to place an horns. Democ.at at tiio
hesdo' affairs In the city of Memphis was
the cause of my blunder. I am glad to And
that the Democrats of Mississippi have a true
lrlenJ in Memphis who will not hear them
lightly sjoken of. His effor s lu tbelr .behalf
lu their late struggle was wonderful. This
friend or Democracy forgets, however, that an
Irishman hasa rlcnt to sneak twlc. ami mi
wuna uuui tucj' tue uuuenilOOfl.
Prlcets, latest inprovod
Healing- Ntovra, "for Parlor, ofOcea
chut dies antl btorcx. I.uiuest variety at
1. HfitTER & CO,
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at jiauspjiua, cor. oeoona anu Monroe.
Ornts' Unilerwear. in Scotch wool.
bolow importers' cost.
273 Main street.
Phonographic Shorthand.
Dnvid M, Philp will open a new class
for tuition in phonographic shorthand,
at tLo board of education rooms, Odd
Feliows iiEwll, on Tuesday evening next.
The present class give ample evidence
that this very useful art can te acquired,
to ab to be read and written with a good
ueai oi iaciniy, aner about a month's
practice. A class for ladies wi.l bs or
ganized in the event of asutlicieut num
tier coming urwaru. AUires person
ally, or by letter, at CaptWD E. R. Hart's
cuice, io jiauisot) si reel.
Juvenile Books
For Christmas presents, at Mausford's
corner Second and Monroe.
rtTr furnished or unfurnished front
IV. rooms, for genumtn; also, large hall i-ult-iUl.jnyhuuoIwiicnal..intnii.l3!)iM.in
Chancer- Court Morgan, Judge.
Court will meet at ten o'clock thia
morning, and the cause 3061, William Wen vs
Richmond etal will be heard.
rZl J5 . l"wlou given the first
A cay ol January.) ThB i:i? ,.io, ,,,., ?;
altnat-d at suT 1,1 ..k.'"'. ""."""h V,?."."
hnnd:l r r."'"1 "ver;six
and Is EuarmniYTA .l"u.v5'uow.
Circuit Court Helsltell,-Judg,-.
Calendar for to-dav : 400S, B J. Wil
liams vs Jerry Wood ; 400L', J. V. Furr vs R. H.
UAYl?KR-HfT?in7rf 2,wlto,w- "I
itAi.MtK WHITt I -. LD, txiuth Bend. Ai k.
KE.l14M;t5-L,r.l -My place, on Union
, !VvenP' ml,m Iron CouniqSare oon
ttr lx j eleven are of land flnelylm nrovS
nniiV' ,'?,y 10 M" W KENNeV?
cotj farpanl u shed, on the ievee
RiAii'?i,1-?1'e d-lrable" reece7l45
r!1 """ffia
the ba.ineba parlor thTcRy. ent 10
00,14 K- U BRINKLEY.
Crluilual Coiirt-I'llppln, Judge.
Ihe following caef are pt for triwl to
day : 3H.', Tom Hicks; OB, Sam Smith ahtuSani
Levy; 572, John O'Malley.
United Nlntest Court-Trlirs-. Judirc.
In the case of the Uuiici States vs
rostw, juugmeni ohtained fir SI921; U&lled
States v Jacobs judgment SiMM; Uallod
State i vsJcobs,Judgmehtll; UnlleUStates
vj Vallentlne, testimony commenced bat not
wociuuni! uruwDvsuniii ot logs, pro con
Jetta Ml aside.
Cannabis Indica. The great East
India remedy, imported by Craddock &
Co., 1032 Race btreet, Puiladelpbia, is
wanauteu to cure consumpuou, bron
chitis and asthma. One bottle will sat
isfy the mosi fckeptica!. Price, S2.50.
Atk your druggist to get it. They do
not coiiuiiiseiou iue?e icuietiHsbut will
maue cftan ngeutu everywhere.
Toy Books.
A large and var'e I felt ction at Mans-
ford's, corner fcecond and Monroe.
Pay your city tax for 1875, and save j
iuur ceai ui3Cour-u
One thousand odd vesti at$l each, at
151 Main street.
Just Arrived,
At the Oak Hall clothing house, 251
Main street, 300 children's suits at SI.
Get fruit lrce3 from Elmwood nurse
ry. Office, 346 MaiD, Hcbwill'a seed-More.
Ladies' Undnrwer in il-ie Merino,
of medium and extra welcht.
27S Main street.
Atthnij RoliertB'in'H JJueinefaflCoilpge
Our SpeclaltleM.
Fine ttatiouery, elegtu.t juvenile
books, leathern' Bibles, fine pocket-books.
A. F. DOO & CO., 311 Malu.
Pursuant to a csll tho Democrats.
Conservatives and tlberals of the seventh
ward met In Solan's store, 11 ale street, last
night, for the purpose of orgahlz'ng a club.
A permanent organization of a Democrat In-
uonservative ciud was rormed oy the election
of the following gentlemen as permanent offl-
Preslden' W. N . Brown.
Fice-P, eridenU. L. 11. M'Farland.T. 11. Isi:
wood, a. rearsoli, L.solarl and M. Clnlnn.
Secretary. M. B. 'Irezevant.
Treasurer. J. T. Frost.
A subscription list for members wm then
openeu.anu quite a numDer ot gentlemen en
rolled their n Hints.
A lesolntlon was adopted invitlucnll other
citizens of tbe ward who wished to int., xht
uiuu t visit tne secreiary, ji. u irezevant, at
uisomce, ivo. a oiaotson street, ana there en
roll tbelr names.
ilr. J.T. Leak offered tho follow-In.' resnln.
Jlesolved. That this meeting fullv Imlnrao
the action ot tbe executive commit'ea an-
firtltltOfl hv llio fH ITunt' intiMlnr, . . c ... V. 1 . J ..,
tuu ureuuiuw ooeranouss. anu nereny n laira
ourselves to heartl y support any nomination
ixiaue uuuer meir managemenr.
Captain J. Harvey Mathe, of the Ledger,
nccummi - u- leauiutiuil.
Jir Gt- . K. Phelan moved to table It.
Mr. !L. B. McFarland said n division
had sprung up between the leaders of the
party end amoDS the Dress. Thev wn.n.ihnnt
to enter tho canvass with thasunrjort of onlv
one paper, nnd that an evening paper. One
of the morning Journals was oppo-cd to the
action or the Democratic executive commit
tee, while the other morning paper was not
uiiuuuueu ut an. jie mougni, mereiore,
that they ShOU'd Strive fn ReiMirn Mm unity
of the party, and ignore any act'on tending
lutauwuivHigo. ne, ineretore, would oiler
the lollowlng resolution, in lieu of Mr. Leak's,
iubcvuio turn uuiiy.
WliKREAS. It is now nnnnrent. that. In tlm
coming municipal election there will be but
uiuuuuncea LlCKets nnn hnnrlpfl nv.lnhn
Loague,and avowed Radical in name, and
the other by tbe candidate for mayor to be
nominated at the Pennle'H convention nnnn
to be held; and
Whereas, The vital issue of the canvass Is
io Dear, jonn Loague, and the other candl
dateSTif the Radical party, and thereby secure
a change In the office of mayor, and economy,
wisdom and honesty In our municipal admin
istration: and recoenlzlne the ereat nower
auu uwmmcja ui au uuio tutu eniignteneu
press in securing success In every untitle!
canvass; therefore, bolt
Jtetolved, That we recognize the object and
issuo of this canvass to be. as stated In thnflrst
uu uuuu preamuies oi tneso resolutions,
and none other; and that these will carry with
luciu nuuKiout I'urty uisunctions, ana araw
mo party unes cieany enough, without an at-
eiiiiit Miauv ueunition dv a nnma.
lletolved. That wedeDreeate. any illtsnns-nn
in our tanks, individually or. esneelatly. In
our local press, upon such non essentials as a
name, the manner of tbe nomination of can
didates, or other matters not affecting the vi
tal issues oi me canvass.
Jtetoivea, That we Invite all eood men to
unite with US under the hannernf "reform.
retrenchment, and economy," accepting the
motto of " Opposition to Loague and Radical
Mr. M'Farland then reread Mm nnrf Inn of his
resolution having reference to the name to be
used. He said be dldn' care about anydeslg
nation, whether called by one or any other
l. 11. IOSWOOU moved to insert tlm mm.
pound word 'Democratic-Conservative," lu
Place of the word "Peonies "
.1. T. TIll'RTTinn ostrcl irih.TiAM.... .
, . , ... .. ... v. ciuvuiausvAju
Bcrvituves anu minerals were to make a buna
boo about John Loapne. Tin ,ii,in'i i,..iio,rn
John Loague could get seven hundred votes
wereue to run. xney couiu not nnd fifty re
spectable citizens in Memphis who would
vote ior t.oague, ior no had disgraced the city,
Knowing this, he was confident that.
able men would not vote for Loague,
and if they could find fifty ra.
spectable men who would vote for
ioague. ne timi'man) would give
five dollars a head for each resnectahlt. man
so shown him. He was opposed to any such
resolution as tbat of lguoriug names Thev
had to act under the Democratic executive
committee, else get up something else. The
committee was the onlv head they had. and it.
wS Memphis.
luuriiiug papers, mo Avaiancne, was straight
out for them, and he believed the Appeal.
wotuu support tne nominee or the convention
ii it nominated a good man.
Mr. L?ak said that they were not to select
a candidate for the A vaianche. Appeal, or
Ledaer. Two years azo the Appeal, ran Rn.
by, and now wherels the Appeal, and Busby?
we utiemeu. 1110 sivtiuincns nad
stood up for the pooranan and the tax-payer.
auu uou aMju iuin. xucy were nut to run a
machine for the Appeal, and would not act
JUSt to suit the linners. If their pnnrllilnrou
didn't snlt the papers, tbey would buy a pape r
cuu niaiiriu
Colonel Logwood moved to table all resolu
tions. Adopted.
The meeting then adjourned to seven
o clock Thursday night.
The following Is a list of members who Join
ed the Seventh Ward Democratic Conterva
tlve club last nlgbt:
E. J. Wendel, J. A. Forrest, J. H. Matties, F.
a. jones, . a. uameron, l. 11. iOgwooti,
Hugo R.Martin, E. B. M'Henry, K.C. Wil
liamson, J. C. Flzer.3. Hlnsou, J. M. Williams,
G.B. Thornton, M. Va.s.se. Joseph Uhl;Heber
Jones, Ed. Goyer, M.Garvin, R. Mayberry. J.
S. Ramey, L. W.Allen, R. S.Jones, A. Ehr
lick, Natt Glass, J. S. Carpenter, W. W. Cole
man, J. W.SimmoH.J. W.Relder, T.J. Tuck
er, John Johnson, J.T. Illllsman, John Cook.
John Smith, Neff Dukes, John Warner. W. A.
Gag-, W. B. Battle, Charles Carlson, D. T. Por
ter, J. J. Busby, Richard Ccoper, W. L. Coop
er, J. 8. Day, John K. Speed, F. W. Brodle, R.
D. Rambaut, G. V. Ramhaut, N. W. Newsom,
Henry J. Moore, D J. Harrington.
The names of the above officers should be
Included in this list.
J. C. Flzer moved thai aU Democratic-Con
servative clUzens of the ward, not present,
who desired to Join the club, he requested to
send their names to ths secretary at No. B
Madison btreet. Carried.
Pay your city tax for 1875, ami save
four per cent, discount.
Go to Leddln'a Business College.
For Vlcksburg, Natchez and New Orleans.
The line passenger steamer
Mary Miller,
Lee Crauo. ......... master
Will leave Glenn's Wharfboat THIS DAY.
7th Inst , 4 p.m., taking freight and passengers.
it. if. ULiUisiN, Agent, on w uan noat.
For New Orleans and the Bends The fine
Belle of Slirev port
1. YV. itea, master,
leaves Ulenn'd Wharfboat WEDNE3DAY,
December Sth at 12 m,
For freight or pa-sage apply to
K. P. GLENN. Agent, on Wharlboat.
Regular Mnimhi3 and New Orleans
Packet for the Season
For Helena, Vlcksburg, Na tchcz. New Orleans
anu an way and liend Landings steamer
B. R. Pegram... mister 1 J. U. Chassalng, clerk
Leaves as above, commencing December e,
.U,V, tMUtlUt3.
Wednesday, Decembsr Sth, at 3 p.m
Wednesday, December 22tl, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, Jannao" 5th, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, January 19th, at & p.m.
Wednesday, February 21, at 0 p.m.
Wednetday, February 16th, at 5 p.m,
Wednesday, March 2d . at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, March 15th, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday. March ifflth. at 5 p.m..
and every alternate Wednesday during the
season. Special attention paid to all business
intntsteu to ujat or agent.
j.t. w Atsiii.au Tor , Agent,
d64 300 Front street.
WF offer nt Wholesale, FOR CASH, the largest and best stock of these goods ever brough
to this market. All the Novelties Introduced this season in Foreign, Domestic aud
Mechanical Toys can be found In our stock.
Ttmrtiio- is we do at very close flgurf s, direct from the manufacturers we are prepared to
N B yKi , save irae k nd money by looking through our stock before purchasing.
N. ronrAiNE.
360 iRD 362 FROT TRSET,
If FA1
7S & 'ATA aaAKW Si's., ffiTlBUmBItB.
C33i.S. n". JrJtiXXs3jXEJ0 CottOn SalosxxiazL
uegmar Jiempnis anu JMtw Urleass
Packet for the Season.
For Helena, Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Or
leans and all way and Bend Landings- Str.
J. F. Hicks,... .master I Alf. Grlssom......clerk
Leaves as above, commenclcir December 1
iao. as ioiiows:
Wednesday, December 1st, at 6 p.m.
Wednesday, December 15th, at S p.m.
Wednesday, December i"9th, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, January 121 h, at 5 p m.
Wednesday, January 2-ith, at 5 p m.
Wednesday, February 9tb, at 6 p.m.
Wednesdav. February 23d. nthnm..
and every alternate Wednesdav dnrlmr the
season. Special attention paid to all business
lutrusteu to care oi tne noat or agent.
j. x. WAamnuTUN, Agent,
del 300 Front street,
Having been appointed ' y Hon. C.
F. Trigj, Special Asslinee of N. J. WIGGIN, I
will sell, for CASH, at rultous prices, the
entire stock of riAj; HAT., C H8.
CAJSF.S, etc. The Mock ts a large and well
selected onu, and purchasers will do well to
call at 313 rsnin itreet, three doon below
KonroB. E. J. KARR,
Special As-lgnee.
Besnlar Memphis and New Orleans
Packet lor tbe Tear.
For Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Orleans and
au way anu nenu iianuines.
J. T. West.. .master I E. Ontlaw.....cleik
weaves every alternate TUESDAY, com-
Tuesd ay. No vem ber 2d.
Tuesday, November 16th.
Tuesday, November 30th.
Tuesday, December 14th.
Tuesday, December 28th
And on dnrlmr the year.
For freight or passage apply to
A. . All .1.1 1 W . , 1 . . .YIICU L. 1 JtlHiMvin w.
The JNO.B. MAUDE Is tbe onlv boat that
will remain in the trade the entire year. Hav
ing been thoronzhlr reoatred and refnrulshed.
Is now unsurpassed by any boat on the West
ern waters as a firet-class passenger packet.
every attention will oe paia to way and
plantation uusiness. OCU1
ulum mm mm
wood mm
For VlcltsburB. Natcbcz, New Orleans,
hiiu nay auuinfCB luoureat
Str. Thompson JDcan&si
W. B. Mlllermaster Geo. Miltenberger.clerk
Having entered the trade as above, will leave
jciempuis as ioiiows:
Wednesday, November 21th.
Wednesday, December 8th.
Wednesday, December 22d.
Wednesday. January Sth.
Wednesday. Jan. 19th. Wednesday. Feb. 2d.
Wednesday, Feb. 16tn. Wednesdav, March 1st.
And. every alternate Wednesday thereafter
during the season. Special attention given to
ah business Intrusted to us.
R. M. BRADFORD, 1 .,
3URNE, f
ileainlur Merapnls, ilelei-a and St. Fran-
cn niver i-ncKer.
Stew Era, No. 9. r
S, Baskett master I A. Drlnkwater cierk
Leaves Memphis every MONDAY and
THURSDAY, at 5 Djn.
Will leave Glenn's Wharf boat, where freights
will be received at all times.
For freight or passage apply to
sel7 H. P. GLENN. Aeent.on Wharfboat
Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Bronchitis,
Disrases of tho Tliroat and Luiics.
rpHIS unequaled preparation Is paying the
X usual penalty of merit, and we would
wain buyers to be cautions in reeelvlm. tho
assertions or unscrupulous parties claiming to
have "tbe same thin?," or "made la the same
way, or -just its good we are now nearlng
a reason when a Cough Italsam Is placed ou
113 intrits. uu wneu coiu ciavsanu nif?nrs. nmi
rainy weather, calls upon a cough preparation
to move its etllcacy, and no other medloinn
wiil answer tbe same purpose as Williams's
isaisam ior tue unmeuiaie re let oi the dis
eases ior wnicn 11 is so confidently recom
mended. e earnestly ask a trial, and rely
upon lis merits to prove our assertions, that It
ik me uest reuieuv ever ouereu loinennnnr
for all complamts arising from diseases of the
throat and lungs. Try It nnd be convinced of
lu magical eilect. ir you cannot obtain It.
from your druggist, rend t" us aud we will lor
ward It. All wbolesaleordrs addressed to P
C. Ward A Bro., Memphis, Tenn., will receive
nromot attention. Nine irunulrie wltbnntr.nr
trade mark on each bottle. Beware or coun
terfeiters. Respectfully,
Corrjlns tbe U. O. Mall.
For Helena. Delta, Friars Point and all
Plantation Landings.
The new and elegant passenger steamer
Jas. Lee,- master Jar. Thompson, clerk
Leaves Every Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day, at 5 p.m.
r orireigni or passage apslyto
j. x Auiruxow,
No. ail) Front U
and Aiaanaai
Mnll Idue.
JClver V.
Hornnw' riTM?ronnrni'aI. tbe most Durable, the KaMeU Managed and Best
Rating Btl&eVhfMn'! ?lea la the Champion enables the
purchaser to be suited in price and size. We tiso oner tne
as unsurpassable. Ten sizes, with Patent Reservoir SDiJR,3?L ?,aiinK water 111
Bath Rooms, can bs attached to any size. Warranted to ve satisfaction in all cases.
Dealers In Stores, Tinware, Kouse-Furnlshlng Articles, Coal ?'' amps, Etc
IS and 15 gEoiiroa St. ; ; Memphis, Tenn.
Wo ore making a specialty In
Vhlch we are offering at lower price than tbe cornponnrteU
marKeis. Always on nana,
Iqaora of this and othe
ar. c. pz.SlB.ks,
. WHO!
ran mmm.
AN i
25S Wxoat ,
Mercli ants,
jHeiapliiSj rFsnnr
Wholesale racers
For Red Fork, Auburn, New Gascony, Pine
niun, ana an points through to
Little Rock.
Belle ol Texas, j jegal Tender,
J. J. Darragh master, f Ed. No wlandLmaster.
ort Uibson. i Kosa Miller.
K B. Smith. ..master, i J. Woodburnev.master
One Of theSA ftnn nfllMtnpur Nl.ntn.ni will
leave -Memphis as above, positively,
o'clock pan.
Forfrtlghtor paesage apply to
JNO.N. HARBIN, hup'J,2&D Front St., or
R. P. GLENN, Agent, on Wharfboat,
Mo. S69 Front St., Memphis, Teuu.
And ShipiAgenta,
WtiK .
OUIce No. 14 BBKnoIla Uloeh,
THE largest and most complete assortment
of the above goods in the South, which 1
at greatly reduced figures.
Call and examine goods and Drices at mv
Comer irontand.UnloB, MEMPHIS, TENN ' south ol Madison, Memphis, Tenn. decs

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