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1 rui ol Subscription, Mully Weekly.
m MA
0e eopr. He month, by miJ
0 w
. no
Him Mnr.'ma mr. ty rnalU.
uae oopy. ntx won to., by mill. .
Obi eof-, one VP. 1" city
One sew, eae month incUy
oh copy, one year
Uiah si livet or more, eacu .
Oar anal-book uro kept by postoraees, and
1 1 ordering papers euanjed from one postoO"
y a BOiei Uh names or both poatoTflee
.uould be given.
Knt-a of Advertising.
VJrtt Insertion, pec square-
KhAMi 1 1 niwrtlong. ir mcart O"
ugnt hbm solid nonpareil make one iquart,
ad twelve lint mare one Inch.
liseal Notices are 28 nu per line first in
ecttes. U eenu per line per -week
Vn. ee- are 18 cents per line arrt lnser
uoa.anda eenu per line each subsequent
O Mui HBd Marriage notice. Funeral notloef
d OMlnarlM, are charged at regular ratea,
W 1U sot accept any advertisement, to fol
low reuUag matter. ,
K.n or rounb. pace advertisements, station
sry. 1rsm rate.
AH Advertising B11U for amount! 1cm than
Five IVUlais mast be paid lor before inser
tion. This rule will be strictly adhered to.
To Contrlhntorn and Correspondents:
Wo xoltett letters and communications upon
subjects of general interest, bat each mast
always be accompanied by a responsible
same. .
We will not return rejected communications.
AH letters, eomniunlcallons, or anything ele
lor the Atkal, should be addressed
M.C.GAlAArAT, hecond street.
J. M. Kkatikg. J Mem phis, Tenn,
MAECH o, 187C.
Tbe anniversary exercises of the
MaphJ and Bhelby county bible ec-
clety will be held at the Court-street
rimLnrland Presbvterian church this
evening, at half-past seven o'clock, to
which the public are Invited. More man
thirty yeare have elapsed since toe or
gauizatlou of thiB society, and, though
its operations have been conducted in
quiet way, it has been the Instrumental
Ity cf placing the Word of God into the
Lauds of tens of thousands of people,
wht were found absolutely destitute of
the holy scriptures. No clerical com
nutation can reach the value of the
labors of this society, nor can an
ordinary pen estimate the Messing
shed upon the whole community by its
faithful workinge. Viewed even from
no li'gher standpoint than that of a moral
conservator, and, by Jew and Gentile,
the dissemination and propagation of the
bible has accomplished benevolent and
aEoient purposes But, when considered
in a spiritual light, and as a means of
converting and controlling the masses
every well-informed man aud woman
in Memphis can testify a? to thopowerof
the work under the management of the
c Ulcere and members of the bible society.
The exercises this evening will be both
entertaining and instructive. In add!
tion to the secretary's annusl report,
there will be addresses in reference to
bible work and election of officers for the
present year. We hope there will be
larga attendance to-night
will make one dollar and thirty-two
cents cm be bought in tho market for
one doilir and lets than thirty-one
cents In greenbacks." The Philadelphia
North American gives the following In
f jrmation reepee'iog the f mailer colas:
"The nickel one-cxt piece is no longei
coined, and tli - 'r -":nt bronzj piece
hlcb, by the u , w wa vay couveni
cut, was altli u.d by the actof 1S73
Ths fact that large qu uitltlea of two
cent b-0EZ are ia circulation mislead.
ooaay bi-ines men. They may be sent
vO the mint in tkia ci-y for redemption
tnd when they are so sent they are seal
to the melting pot. The bronze one-coat
piece Is a'fco subject to redemption at the
aoint, tut unless mutilated cr otherwise
unfit for circulation it is cleansed and
re-issued. The same is the case when
nickel ccia of the denomination of three
and five cents are forwarded for redemp
tion. If in good condition, tbey are
f'eiused, carefully overlooked, and re
Itsued. Tbe nickel one-cent piece goes
o the melting pot when sent for re
lemption. It proved too clumsy."
The time is evidently near when the
poekets of the citizens will be again,
more or lew, tenanted by actual money
Instead of promises to pay money, and
the musics! click of silver will be once
more heard in tboland. A Washington
correspondent states tbat a resolution
from the appropriation committee will
be offered in the heesa to the effect that
In the opinion of tho house the time hss
come when the secretary of the treasury
shall commence to redeem the fractional
currency with subsidiary coin. The seo
retaiy haB already fu'.l power in the pre
mises conferred by tiie first section of
the resumption act, but he hesitates to
folio w his instincts without sharing the
responsibility. Tho majority of the
congressional committee tbat have this
subject in hand have shown themselves
favorable to an eaily issuance of
silver. The matter is necessarily
pressed upon their attention by the
want of an amount of three hundred
thousand dollars to go on with printing
new notes, if they, and not silver, are
to remain in circulation. It costs nearly
a million dollars a year to print, count
and circulate tbe fractional currency.
As the silver necessary for the isiue is
in hind, and in process of coining, no
additional cost would be incurred by
putting it out. According to the reports
there ia about fourteen millions of silver
in the treasury. This, lying idle, at five
per oeut." would pay seven hundred
thousand a year, which is a good reason
why we should circulate the silver we
have, instead of appropriating .three
hundred thousand dollars for mere
note?. A dispatch to the Chicago
Tribune states that "for several days the
treasury has been, busy sending sliver
coin to the different sections of the coun
try to theeub-treasuries, po3iofilce3, etc..
ready for orders to pay out for fractional
currency. Jven the order on the prop
er officials has been prepared at tbe de
partment, and nothing now remains
bat for the secretary to affix his name,
and fourteen millions of dollars in silver
coin go jingling into the pockets
of tjhe people. There is Jone thing
that has taken place however, which is
troubling somo minds on this subject.
The value of silver has been declining
for somo time, and when the coins are
Issued they will be equal, dollar for dol
lar, to gold. A few days ago the quota
tions ehowed the gold value of a dollar
of siivor ooin to be eighty-three and
thrte-fourths cents. The greenback
value of the same was ninety-five and a
half cent?. It is well tlint tbe reader
should bear in mind that the silver Is
worth Its weight in the market, tbe
greenback ia worth only the weight of
the paptr. We are now speakiDg, not of
tho circulating value, but of the actual
value of the paper money. The New
York Timet disposes in the following
brief manner of this state of facts, it
sajs: "How does this fall of Bilver
Constantinople. March 4: The Turkish
reform commission stalled for Herzesja
vinia to-day.
Bon'ocme. March 4: Don Carlos start
ed athaif-uast two o'clock this after
noon for London.
Bt. Petersbure. March 4: The annexa
tlon of Khokano to .Russia baa been
formally proclaimed.
XondoD, Maic'i 4: James Miller, Son
& Co.. dvers and leather diesse's. have
failed; iiabllitej, two hundred thcu?and
IiondoD. Match 4: Datchf r & Co.
merchants; have have suspended. Tnelr
liabilities wilt probably reach two and a
half million dollar?.
OttnTa. MsrcbM: A party of five men
with eight hors$, left for the woods near
ooebec three weess ago. since wnicn
time nothing has been heard of them.
Baltimore. March 4: Frank F. Con
way was fitsilv shot last night during
a quairel with Edward Walters, at the
corner of Baltimore and Bchroeders
Rome. March 4: When Cardinal Le
docbowski visited the pope, his hollnets
exclaimed: "We rtjuce wun inee, in
trepid defender of faith! May God
crown tby noble aspirations."
BostoD. March 4: Spencer Decker,
twelve yearn old, has been held in five
thousand dollars bonds, charged with
causing tbe death of Charles H. Pressy,
a playmate, nine years oiu.
Baltimore, March 4: Judge Dobbiu
in his opinion in the mayoralty con
test, sustains the demurrer of defendant
Latrobe. and dismisses the petition of
Warrleid, the reform candidate.
New York, March 4: The bank state
ment is as follows: Loans increase, $1,.
6S2.600; specie increase. $1,995,400;
legal tenders decrease, 12,0o, 90t); depos
its Increase, $.083,000: circulation de
crease, $189 600; reserve decrease, $594,
San Francisco. Mey 4: The schconer
Nldarae, flying tbe American Hag, and
sailing from this port for Mazatlac,
Mexico, wun an aborted cargo or mer
chandise, has been s!zed by the author
ities at the last-named port, charged
with smuggling.
Madrid, March 4: All Carlistssubmit-
ting to tbe government prior to tbe ill-
teenth instant are to be granted amnes
ty. It is stated tbat tbe Vatican will
not make a formal protest against thear
tide of the new constitution concerning
rtllglous tolerance.
Paris, March 4: Official notice issued
to day informs tbe senators-elect, tbat
there will be a pn ptratory meeting on
tbe seventh insuit to in oim the pro
visional bureau to fix upon an or
der of the day for tbe first setting of the
senate. Tbe deputies have also received
similar notice.
Liverpool, March 4: The brokers
charged with fraudulent transactions in
octton have not yet been arrested. It is
reported that they have gone to Spain.
it is not uniifieiy mat lurmer revela
tions will be mid shortly. The nrm or
Wm. Peer & tion was one ot the first
cotton buying ho jhb established in Liv
eipool, and is one hundred years eld.
Cbeyenco. Msrcb 4: SergeaDt Sulli
van, ompany F. Fcurth infantry, was
shot and instantly killed yesterday,
reir Fcrt FetUrman, by Persimmon.
Bill, who claimed some ponies which
When brothers leave the old hearthstone.
And ko. uaeb one, a separate wy ,
We think, m we to on alone
Along our path u-ny, day by day,
(if olJeu Meuei nad fict-s deir.
Of voice tbat we mlsH ho mucn.
And memory brlriKs the atwenl near.
Until we almost fel tue touch
Of loving hands, aud hear, otiea more,
The dear o d voles rluging oui,
As In tbe nappy time of yore,
Kre lire had caught ahhade of doubt.
If you should place azlnst your oir
The shell you plundered nora thesea;
Down In Its hliUeu heart you'd hear
A low and tender mtloly,
Amnrinarof th resUtM tide,
A yearning, bora of memory.
And, though IU longings be tlenle J,
The shell keeps sluelnc of the s:a :
And sometime when old memorUs throng,
uiKe kdosm, me Giiarutx-rs or our sjuj.
We reel the) earning, deep and hlroDg,
A longlnz we cannot control.
To lay our caren and business by,
Toseefc IheoH, familiar way.
And cross home's threshsld, and sit down
With comrades of our earlier days.
For, though car paths ra sundered vrlde,
We feel that we are brothers yet,
And by-and-by we turn aside
From hurrying care and worldly fret,
And each one wanders back to meet
Ills brother b tbe hearth of horn:;
I think the meeting Is u ore sweet
Because so far and wide we roam.
We cross tbe lengthening bridge of years,
Meet outstretched banasand faces true;
The silent eloquence of tears
tipeaks welcome that no w oris can do.
But ah, the meetings ho'd regret!
The sad, sad sf ry, olten told,
Ol hands tbatourx baveoftcu met,
pose folded under church aud mould.
Or eyrs tbatunlle lDto our own,
Closed In thodreamle f sleep or God;
A-jiwpplnr rest was never known
Than theirs, bene Uh the grave s trhl'.eso.l,
A teoder thought forthem to-night,
A tribute tear Irorn me nory;
Beneath tbelr covering of while
Bwett may their dreamtes dumber be.
For the Sunday Appeal.
nv j. w. ii.
I set about collecting all the fads in tbe
case of Gettysburg, but that my labors
have been interrupted more than a year
by severe eickneis, and that I still suffer
severely. I hope, however, to eventu
ally collect all the facte, and of course
to nublish them: and let me assure nim
tunher that the proof will be given that
lmendments to General Lee's p.an ot
battle of the second day were also, sug
gested before his troops became engaged,
at ifast so far as to reinforce bis main
column of altse f o as to make it equal
to tbe others thren divlslonp."
Preacher and Actor.
Rev. Dr. C. A. Barloll. in bis sermon
in Boston list Sunday, alluded to the
rrcsnt death of Charlotte Cushman and
Horace Bushnell. Fast he spoke of the
dissimilarities between the two persons.
One was a map. the other a woman.
Miss Cushman was the more public, Ur.
Buhnell tbe more private character.
Thev were alike arts ot ex
pression, why nefd they be rival arts?
What did my equauy propose to ex-
ntou hut llift truth of human Hip. as its Lonz did I eaze urion the enohanllnz slirht.
immnnRfl. manv-cclored panorama was And gazing mused, and conjured In my brain
unrolled through tbe earth by an.AL SlSfffekertirS,m.
MitEulnccntly moved tho mystic Memph
(Like fair phantoms from some fairy fable):
mrouen tue surging sireeis; siarueu anu sur
Was the innumerable host tbat lined
Tne awful way. The molly groups now ceased
xneir reveiry to gaze upon me hirange.
Unearthly splendor of the pageant:
Grlm-vlsactd d warts forcol their weird attire.
And mimic wolves, and bears, and Imps, and
And hideous devil lost, for tho moment.
Each ibelr assumed covering', and stood like
Statues, rooted to tbe spot, powerless
To move, to speak, or even to think of aught
-aveuierBuiani panoramic ismeaux
That sloly and magnificently passed.
1 stood. mvself. upon a lolly perch.
And looked below, and viewed the wondrous
Rivaling tbe splendors of the Arabian tales.
Hero stern Aciilles, with insatiate hate,
Dragged the dead body of his fallen foe
Around walls of a mimic Troy again:
And here the torrowlng Poe wept o'er the
Of bis dead love, and mourned his lost Lenore,
From Homer unio roe, me space is wide,
Yet was It covered classically o'er.
mighty hand? Did any one say there
was this wide gulf or difference, tbat tl e
preacher pronounced a personal convic
tion, while the author imitated or im
personated another, not himeelf; the
differpnee between a living face and a
mask? But he was a poor preacher who
could imitate or impersonate nothing or
nobodv but himself, tie was me best
preacher M ho was the most true and Tnis mystery? It ho. ah! let them speak.
Ski lfUl limner or all the thoughts, pur- nai wo mar iaieurpiurea Bt ouicti,
.. ' V . -r 1.1 i And offer him thelaurelofreuown.
sous ana passions oi uinim-iiu. -diuij A d t bls nnme to aI1 tUe wor,a d tn
f'l . 1 g t n r, r-, it 1 . . . " . . . . . . . - .
VQarioiie ouiuuiiiu as nu auiui, ouu i-iace mm among uie great ones mat ne so
Horace Bushte 1 as a preacher, cultl- v en illustrates wun living iniagei.
. - . .11, mnot li i-.i .....Hi ti ...... , i. n.iiu rr
no glorious a fancy.
Memphis, March, 157G.
Twas this: "Now, by my soul, from what
groat minu
Came all these glorious ideas and designs
What Is tbe Memph, and wholti guiding
What subtle brain hath wrought triumph.
This vivid portrait of the mighty dead.
And their divine conception? Is he here.
Even In our midst, and yet unknown? Can
Whom In our da ly rounds we meet, explain
Wachtet. intends forminsr a German
opera company in Ban Francisco, out of
the Fabbn troupe.
Gladstone, Mathew Arnold and the
Duke of Argyle will have articles In the
next Contemporary.
Mr. Frederic Msconbe, tbe character
actor, was severely irjured in a recent
railroad collision in England.
Carl Rosa proposes to bring out Wag
ner's F vina Dutchman, in English, at
the London Lyceum next seasor.
Beccher sayB he is "going to heaven
in a cloud." Well, if the half of what
tbey say about him is true, the "cloud"
has the worst or it.
Mrs. Nellie MatAhsll M'Afee, a daugh
ter of the late Humphrey Marshall, of
Kentucky, made her aebut on the pro
fessional dramatic stage at i.oui3Viiie on
Saturday evening.
Mr. P. S. Gilmore wIl l.avo New
York, in April, for San Francisco, with
his complete band, Miss inuHoy.isotiti
Lew. and Arbuckle. The entire trip
will occupy over a month.
Mr. Georiie Parker, whokeptarestau
rant In olden times in New York, died
recently, a millionaire. In his obituary
it is staled tbat in one winter he sold, in
the form ot cakes, five and a half tons of
It is noted as a significant fact by the
Chicago Times that while Mr. Beecher
challenged all meu, all angels, aud God
himself if they had anything to say to
his detriment to speak it out, he excepted
women from tbe challenge.
Lord Lytton, who has recently been
appointed tosucced Lord Northbrook as
governor generator luuia, ien tue unar
ms: Cross station of tho Southeastern
railway Thursday afternoon en route to
.Naples, where he will embarK for India.
Me was accompanied Dy x.auy x-ytion.
The marriage of Prof. Tyn-iali to Miws
Louise Claude Hamilton, receuiiy antic
ipated in our cable new?, took place on
l uesday at Westminster abbey. The rite
was performed by Dan Stanley. Amor g
those present were lhoma' Uariyle, Pror,
iiuxiey, ur. tiooKcr anu sir rouocK
By a letter from Rome, frame a trust
worthy source, says the London Times,
wo learn that toe story or ijord Kipou's
gift of ten thousand pounds sterling to
the pope is an invention. At least
neither his holiness nor Lord R pan an
pear to have any Enowieaye ol the
affair. '
George Eliot, in her new novtl, speak
ing of a girl seeking her own pleasure at
a time wnen iness are rresu iu tue
world, says: ' What in the midst of this
miirhtv drama are girls and their blind
visions,' Theyarekine yea una nay or
tbat good lor which men are enduring
and naming, in these delicate ve3;eis
is borne onward through the ages the
Eleven Dry Goods establishments in
Philadelphia Destroyed-Estimated
JLoss, 8300,000.
n.noMM. f .nnrn,fltln t n " must nave ueen a wouurous genius
aiGu uiu -'t, ..... .... i j fifir (rpnrri
themselves what they e.tw moral anu
Iovelv in ethers, and tbey reaped the
proper fruit to nourish themselves and
In Opposition to the World.
Washington, March 1 The Demo
crat have been yearning ror an organ
in washineton and JNew xorK. Vari
ous attempts have been made to bring
about the organization oi a siock com
pany, members being selected from va
rious States. The plan is still uoder dis
cussion. In New York more progress
has been made. The Express, an even
ing paper, of no circulation, nui been
secured as an organ of the parly by tbe
payment of h.'ty thoueand dollars, ad
ded to the capital stock of two hundred
tbousaud dollars. This is paid in by
Philadelphia, March 4 The ex
tensive dry gcods houseof Wood, Marsh
& Co., 3t9 and 311 Market street, was
destroyed by fire this mcrniug. The
flamrs broke out absut three o'clock
iu a small two story back buildirir, and
are supposed to have originated from the
stove. A brisk breeze prevailing at the
time fanned the names so tbat when
the firemen arrived the fire had marfe
members of tbe party, who stipulate the considerable headway. Thebuildinir307.
entire control as a return for their invest- oscupied by Garreston, Bleckemore &
ment. This move means dissatisfaction
with the World, which is accused of be
ing the echo or tne aianuauan ciuo,
rather than an exponent of the horny
handed Damocracy. It is hoped, too,
that the Express may attain a circula-
t on. as tbe Woria. even lr it were ac
ceptable to the party, is not widely read,
either in JNew lorn city or in tue coun
trv at iarire. The Democrats desire a
eheaD. briebt iournal, which will circu
late and be known from Maine to Cali
fornia. Thev think that the Express,
popul Jy edited, may attain this, though
experience proves such venture simply
The Advisory Council of H.'W. B.
In private conclave Is sitting, you see,
To settle tbe difference. If any there be,
Twlxt Plymouth Church's pollcy
And Congregationalism's idee
Of Twee-dle-de-duni and Twee-dlo-de-dee.
This Advisory Council of II. W. B.
Is brlmmlngly filled with sympathy
For the Plymouth pastor's ecstasy
Of generous magnanimity ;
Assailed ss he Is bv oeilui V
And slanderous lies ana abuse says he.
Tho Advisory Council naturally,
"With lachrymal optics, falls to see
Such minor affairs as adultery,
Buch venial faults as bypocrlfry,
Not to speak of lying and perjury.
,11. w.u.
were sent by the commanding officer to
recover. B.ll and his companions es
caped to the hills.
London, March 4: The Evening
Standard's financial article says at this
hour (one o'clock) a semi panio prevails
at the stock exchange in home railways,
which have been forced ror sale at very
important falls. Many sales are stated
to be on banking accounts, and it is as
sumed that tbe extent of the fall in
some stocks will lead to difficulties at
tbe next fortnight meeting.
afTtct the project for replacing the frac
tloztal currency with tbe eld dimes and
quarters tbat used to be so commou be
fore tbe war? It simply guarantees the
fcuootes of that meaiure." The St. Louis
Gh&C'Domoorat observes: "A silver
dollar, a ooiu dollar, a real dollar is worth
less in gold to-day than its greenback
namesake, and if the government
mint would only fulfiill the purpose for
wbteh mints are established, and coin
the bullion of the people into legalized
and guaranteed coins, there would be
no aeeeaeity for issuing bonds to accu
mulate a silver hoard with. The silver
would flow not only into the sub-treas-uriee,
but Into the bank vaults and mer
chant's tills, Into the fruit-seller's leath
ern pocket and the capitalist's bank bal
ance, and a very few months would suf
fice to insure the disappearance of every
fractional currency note taken down to
the most ragged and greasy dime; and
It la probable that dollar greenbacks
would bo obtainable only by paying a
premium of one per cent, that being
the difference In value between them
and their discredited silver etandard
This cireumsi&nce is so strange that It
will be doubted by many and be under
stood by few; but the fact, which cannot
be questioned, is easily explained. The
value fan ounce of pure silver, which
U fixed by the London quotations, la
row fifty-four pence. But an ounce of
silver, which, at the coinage standard,
treasure of human affections."
M'Donald, in his eel', denied that he truth might be chained down by tear or
had 6f on Babccck at all. Krum denied prudence, the spirit of love would never
it at iirst. nut ivrum admitted after- yield. Once recocniza the common
ward tbat he and Babcock did co there orotberhdod of mankind, not as a name
were Btolen from the IndiauF, aud which j to talk with the man whom Bibcock's I or a theory, but as a real bond as a
Sulllvad, with severs! of the Indians, counsel bad denounced a " hell diserv- bond more, binding, more .lasting than
log wretch " And when they refreshed
the "hell deserving wretch's" memory
in the matter, he remembered tbe cir
cumstauco likewise. What a "hell s&
serving" memory those fellows have.
Mrs. Paran Stsvens's house in Fifth
avenup, New Yerk, will cost, when com
pleted, about two million dollars. The
malachite mantels in the drawing'room
alone come to twenty thousand dollars,
and yet Mrs Parau Stevens will one day
occupy a simple vault, and upon the
streets of New York there are thousands
of women starving. Mr. Paran Stevens,
tho insKer of alt this wealth, com
menced business as a third-rato tavern-
keeper in Boston.
In connection with tbe Rev. E. D.
Winslow, a bright little pa83ge in Bui
wei's PeUiam occurs to uj, says the Cin
cinnati Tim's, tbat is perhaps appropri
ate to the occasion: "For a knave the
woilJ may have pity, but a knave aud
a fool together isa combination for which
there is nosaving nothing short of eter
nal damnation." This latter portion i3
perhaps a littio too strong, as we pre
sume Mr. Winslow is not past the sav
ing power of grace.
Two American pianfsts, Miss Cceoilla
Gau', of Baltimore, and Mr. Max Pin
ner, of New York, created a marked sen
sation iu Berlin In the early part of the
present month. Miss Gaul was presented
by the Crown Princess of Germany with
a magnificent locket, set in diamonds.
Mr. Pinner is considered by many as
having inherited the mantle cf the
genius o' Tau3ig, under whom be
studied. The Berlin critics speak in the
most rapturous terms cf his playing at
the Sing Academie.
This ia the scene in the house on Tues
Co., dealers in prints, was badly dam
aged in the rear, while the interior was
pretty well deluged with wat-r. JSo. 313
Market, occupied by B. & H. Bshrens
Bros & Dobson, dealers in fancy goods.
was likewise damaged in the rear, while
the interior suffered by water. About
five o'clock a portion of the north wall
of 311 fell, causing the west wall to fall.
The store No. 303 Market, occupied by
8. A. Cassady, dealer in silks, suffered
from water and smo&e. it was day
light before the hremeu mastered the
situation. The entire Iocs is estimated
at three iiundred thousand dollars. Hugh
M'Clintock, assistant englueer, and
George Gray, member cf truck No. 8,
were severely lcjured by accidentally
slipping off the root of a back building
and laiimg into an area below
To what JBaso Uses.
The taste fcr relics has led to the pur
chase of many cords of the old Boston
elm. People who cannot distinguish
eim from otuer woouj nave invested
quite largely in fragments of the old
elm, composed of spruce, cherry, beech,
sycamore and tun nxe. iiut the spun
oils naturo ot ye low pine fragments of
the old eim is said to be apparent to the
lowliest intellect of the Hub. Aud now
it is decided to work up the old elm into
furniture for the cily council ol Boston
The sacred wood beneath wbose urn
brageous shace Washington has
lunched, where wicked men have been
hung and witched burned, is now to bo
converted into chairs for tbe broad pro
portions of sedentary eldermeo. Oliver
Wendell Holmes, who thrilled the
eruatry ever so many years ago with
Uld ironsides, hss here another splendid
opportunity for a stanza beginning
Ay, better tbat his shattered hulk
buouiu h ue, etc , etc.
Remodeling a Unman Fnce.
A novel operation recently performed
at the Maino general hospital is thus
descr.b.d: A person came thero with a
cancerous under lip, which a quack bad
made worse by the usa of caustics. The
patient beiocr placed under the influence
And, even if tho spirit of OI ether, tue up was cut down and re-
iuuvdu,iiiu iuuuiu am lariuiu too uueess
on both sides, tbe llesu turned down,
and the inner membrane and bone
scraped to remove all traces of the can
cer. Then tho cheeks were brought for
ward over tho chin and sewed together
the bonds of family, caste and race, and 10 I0"n a new nnuer lip, and a new and
the questions, "Why should I open my handsome mouth was formed by sewing
hand? why should I open my heart? "P mo sins anu cuiting out triangular
S j broadly charged against 1
This Plymouth Church Council Advlsory
.junipuiaieu oy ti.w. a
Transformed, vet lachrymatory
A la Thomas O., but sublimed m degree,
xiiougu ueai in me pastor's oiaspnemy
And keenly alive to his piety
"Will, doubtless, settle eflectuaUy
In private conclave, and so.emiy,
The trill of difference, If any there be,
'1 wlxt Plymouth Church's policy
And Conureiitlonallsm's Idee
Of Twee-dle-de-dum and Twee-die-de-dee.
or Doctrine and More of I
Max Mnellpr. the (Treat nbilolozisf. in
hia "Lecture on Misdonp," says: "There
is Missionary wors at homo as well as
abroad) thoro nro thouiftuda -waiting to
listen if one man will but- speak the
truth and nothing but tli9 truth; there
are thousands starving because they
cannot nnd that food which is conveni
ent for them,
Dentu of the Schrrue In the House
PncIUc Railroad CounuKtee nltti
tbe Conulvnuceof Its Friend.
Special Dispatch to the New York Times.
Washington, March 1. The Texas
Pacific subsidy bill is dead for this ses
sion by the consent and action of iu
friends Last night thera was a confer
ence of the friends of the subsidy in the
rooms or air. ijamar, and the prospects
of securing action on the bill were dis
cussed. It was agreed that the bill could
not be carried through the house, if re
ported from committee. It was the unan
imous sentiment that ineffectual at
tempts at action would only hurt the
Democratic party. What should be done
with the bill iu committee, was the next
question. There was reason to fear that
tne enemies of tbe bill might call it up
in committee and force a vote. It WdS
therefore agreed that a resolution should
be oUered iu committee to lay this and
similar bills on the tab'e, not to be taken
up except by a vote of the
majority of the committee. The
resolution was accordingly offered
to-day, and the committee adop'ed it
wun oniy rour negative votes. These
were Luttrell, Garfield, Kasson and
uiair. iney desired uennue action on
tbe bill, that it might be deafced, or that
the friends of it migbt be forced to as
sume the responsibility, There Is no
purpose to take the bill up again this
session, as the resolution was the ex
pression of the friends of the subsidy.
They claim that all who voted for it are
friendly to tho suts dy. This is doubt
less a mistake, for all the action of the
committee has indicated that a favora
ble report wculd not have mere than
one majority. The intention now is to
revive the scheme afcer the Presidential
election, when it is supposed political
influences, which are now powerful, will
have temporarily abated. But the bill
Is dead for this session, and that is some
thing gained.
Hit Wlthdrnn-nl from Congregational
Church Departments Confirmed.
New York, March 4. Rev. Richard
b. btorrs, when questioned about resign
ing his position as president of the
American Concrecational union, and
his directorship in the Congregation
al nome missionary society, declined to
say whether he inteuded to withdraw
from tbe fellowship of Mr. Beecher's
circle of churches or not. "I desire at
present," he remarked, "to say no more
man mat me statement or my resigna
tion is true. As to the interpretation
put upon my action, making it appear
mat l was leu to it by tbe action of the
council, aud tbat I am in rebellion
against the Congregational church, I
will not now speak: but tbe resienations
I have made. I felt dissatisfied with
their action, aud thought it best to with
draw from mem. That is all."
The Rebellion Suppressed -Tho Gov
ernment rtneked by Private Loan
Washington!! ltirthdny at
Vera Crnz.
Vera Cruz, February 26, via Ha
vana, March 3. As the eteamer was
leaving Vera Ctuz telegrams were receiv
ed from tbe interior of Mexico announc
ing the triumph cf the government at all
pointp. The different revolutionary
plans published show that there has been
no understanding among the rebel lead
ers. The government had asked s lead
of five hundred thousand dollars from
the merchants of tbe capital, which was
immediately granted and the money
placed at President Ferdoft's disposition.
ine reception and bull at the residence
of Minister Foster, on Washington's
birthday, was attended by the Presi
dent, members of the cabinet and for
eign legations and tho elite of society.
A Storj of Ben Webster.
From a London Letter. to tho Toronto Globe.)
I have heard a good story of Ben Web
ster, the Frederic Lemaitre of the Eng-
iisn stage, low in his eighty nrst year.
He hai been ill, and a few days ago his
doctor pronounced him dead. His
friends, Churchill. Chatterton and
others, were gathered around his bed
side. Tuey left it on hearing the medi
cal opinion, but an old servant would
net have it that her master was dead.
iUBlish names: thev am nrtntwl In
A parsgrapu appeared some days ago iow nrfo imh. ' . """ ' um a1, tt A volume of the New York Mirror.
in tho iun announcne thn dpath nf r """""J1 of 1S47. rnnlr.H tli fr.llu,l '
r, r"i..iit. ... r . , . n , I A Jananpan mlniuu. .mnlntul or. I ... ' . .7 - f, pnui,
r ," .'r.Vr'V'.:r""luu,KDlfJ"K- RnalUh ritt.ZZrVw.aWI. M,?9 raimar. A rote
uue, wuouituoi nurvauon in .England. r?, , iuiuu iuo iuu8 states mat it was written on
IT t I t t . O I TXftlita it roaioa nrwl 1 I 1 I
ne iiau receiveu a pension or six pence . "r " "imy mjrei ueiuug- nic'.ure of a neasant bov.
- ... ; line Trt nn infant'j n...l,K. y.,, ... I - . . . ' . -
ever, was withdrawn , " "muiuuo, uuk oa bis snuu
a day, which, however,
several years ago, and he eudeavond to
eke out a miserable existence by riding
in circus pageant. Old ago anu disease
unfitted him for this or any other work;
the only refuge ftr the di-abled soldier
was the poorhouse, fiom which he
shraak in horror. Tbe verdict of the
coroner's jury was: "Died of starvation,
aim ine case a disgrace to tho war
Speed thenews! Speed tbe news!
Hpeed tbe news onward !
'Pled of starvation" one
Of tt es x hundred;
One who his part had played
Well In the Light Brigade,
When through the vale or death
Kode t e six hundred.
Food to tbe right of him,
Food to the left of htm,
Food all around, yet
Tho veteran hungered;
He who through .stint and shell
Foarlos-ily rode, and well.
And wheu the wont wat ' Charge,"
ouifiosuoi nor imgereu.
Oirto the workhouse, you I"
Back In dismay he drew,
Feeling he never knew
Ween cannon thundered.
His not to plead or sigh,
His but to starve and die
And to n pauper's grave
Sink with atoul as brave
As through tho vale of death
Hole the sis hundred.
Flashed a proud spirit there.
Up through the man's despair,
Shaming the servile there;
Bearing tbe timid, while
Sordid souls wondered;
Then turned to face his fate
Calmly, with foul as great
As wheu through shot and shell
He rode with six hundred,
With high hope elate,
Lnughliig In face of fate
ltode with tlx hundred.
Hunger his mate by day,
Sunuay and working day,
Wmterand summer day
Shame on the nation !
Struggling with might and main,
Smlt by disease ana pain,
He. in Victoria's reign,
' Died of starvation."
While yet tholmd with pride
Tells of tbe headlong ride
Or tboslx hundred,
While yet the welkin rings,
While yet tbe Laureate sings,
' Some one has blundered.
Let us with battd breath
Tell how one starved to death
Of the bix hundred.
What can that horror hide?
O! the dread death lfe died!
Well may men wonder,
One of tbe Light Brigade,
One who that charge had made
Died of sheer hunger!
seeirg a
wiih a s-ade
ulder. truugiue to hi caiu-
toil. Its perusal will satisf ? tbat Irdv'a
numerous admirers thtt she wts not
only an uaapproiehab.'o reader ard an
unequaled actress, but a sweet poet as
There s poetry, boy. In tut step of thine.
Firmly and free oa uw ur eii swa.d pressed
And the locks that over thv temple shine
auw wim in io wiuuoi tne sou southwest.
knowing how to array her baby in its
new domes, she called to her assistance
an American woman. The prince, the
princess, and their children repaired to
the nursery to witness the roerformance.
and when the babv was thorouehlv
wrapped in her richly-embroidered
oiauKec, tue rather and mother kissed
the hands of their American fripnd on
bended knees, with extra vsiraht expres
sions of gratitude.
Science Is the watchwod of this een-
eration. Never before was there such
eagerness for knowledge; never before
such a spirit of skepticism requiring ev
idence. Prof. R. A. Proctor delivered a
series of three astronomical lectures in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week, be
fore an audience of seventeen hundred
people more than could find seato in
the largest hall and most of them paid
at tbe dcor. That, in a frontier town
which twenty-five years ago was an In
dian reservation, tells the story of tho
thirst for knowledge which character
izes this age and land.
It mav be interpsthtf. tn tnanv nnnl
to know that Mardi Gras does not occur T-irJT:,rL,!ii;.thT ,lralH' tuy britk
on the twenty-ninth of February but BeVdBinJfev.
once In a man's life time. Since the in- From, the wave ibtieiiaihoei and fast
trouueuon ol the li errorian calpndar in I " :u '"auuras unite waniutun
29,16-06, February 29, 1724, and fcfeer While tne birds nesti low lu tbe ci
t? eoruary im or mis year, will not cc-
uw, iucu IJ, llicu OIU, null UlCU -lOU, I u.tiiu,
which is the limit of th nrpspnt ralrn. .The Islr-aalred girl and.Uwny boy.
i-.i t .t . . . . . .. I nno tne bacv Drat tier claxM tliv fa jr.. I
...... U lUe yearAai liras And breathed thy nam In Ittmoe Joy-
will fall on the twentv-senond of E7h.
ruarv. anil nnlv thnt nr o tlmo on ,,... To the cottage away ! to thy mother, krec.
riatInthofnanr..,r.,.-.(;r!...-.J To thy father's slde-thou art welcome
Journal. That mother's smile li mr for lhM.
The CUhlio schools urn nnw Mninrln. "lner KlVM tueenis wnse ; -aye
a lartre Share Of thp. timn nf thn -unrlnna I And thnn nliilt mf in iinnka.
lorrfaiatfiroa nnw In Deo-.lAn "V-. I Pll.OWftd oent4U th ralf.rMl ax-a.
- '- u . r Dcuiuu. ill . , r. i . i .... .. . - - .
York an amendment to thn nnnatifntinn Yn"? ?."a?i.e.I , : n;?.
is pending providing for the mainten
ance of the schools independent cf the
legislature, and refusing tbe appropria
tion of any portion of the school fund to
sectarian schools. In Ohio a bill to ie-
mcdel the manner of electing members
of the board of education is undr con
sideration. The California and Georgia
legislatures nave oerore mem bills re
formirg the S ate educational systems
anu compulsory eiucuioual bills are
pending In several other 8ta!e,
Th9 territls case of lyuchinrr some
months ago, in We t Virginia, will be
remembered, in which a maa was
banged by a mob on the accus ition of
Care lurks not, boy, t lljat i0Khl&c eye
No frowns o'ereast thy forehead' .now'
And the mellow tlntt of the morula tky
ienu 10 tuy cneeK an eioqueat glow.
Thy heirloom l-i pure, unbroken heltb,
A chesrfol heart tn endure tby toll:
And all thou needef t of tnt-i world's wealth
inou chum bturuny win irom tig grateful
With the lark'd first song Hum art up and
Brushing ilw dew flora ti zllfef at ia? sod
And chanting the simple rouatletay
rt uicu innocence Mag tout etirG-i uoa.
From the ardent snn o( c!oudfea soon
inouseeteM tbe shelter of Ri-Iwtred nocii,
W her the ring-dove raurmn -i Ita amorous
To the answering sound of the gushing
: ' n.
And the night wind
stirs the woodbine
There's poetry, boy, lu that form of thlte.
pnuu uiciinir c vew my pHintelire;
Would tbat thy slormie-iti lot were ralue.
i-a&sionieh-, careless, aud frre flora strife.
Women are turning their attention
tno insurance agency business,
this there is nothing left for their energy
to cut its teeth on but peddling lightning
Prof. SillimaD, of Yale college, has
discovered a chemical process by which
the ringing sound of gold and silver may
be imparted to uermau silver and bri
A merchant at Chsrlestown has just
discovered that for fourteen years he
has been paying for his neighbor's gas
light, a connection having been formed
with his Eupply pipe,
In the time of Charles II tobacco was
supposed to bs a mighty antidote to the
plague, aud Uearne says, when at iton,
the worst llogaicgs the students ever
received were because they refused to
At a recent sale of Cremona violins in
London, twenty-six instruments and
three bows retched the sum or HU7 b?,
6d the highest being a Straduarius of
109. 117 12s., and n Nicolaus Amati,
120 15?.
Two old ladies of Sauzus, Massachu
setts, will send to the Centennial a sam
ple of the tea pitched into tbe Boston
harbor. Their grandfather received it
from one of the patriots who took part
in me demonstration.
The telegraph to-day slates that a
movement is making in New York to
induce employers to adopt Monday in
stead of Saturday as a pay-day. The
innovation is a desirable one. Too much
money is wasted on Sunday.
The Molly Maguires have been dese
crating the Presbytenai cemetery at
Summit Hill, Carbon county, Pennsvl
vania, where Jones, the mine boss, was
killed, by b;eaaius: several of the tomb
stones and tearing down tbe enclosures,
The British house of paera comprises
rour nuuureu anu seventy members, to
which Mr. Disraeli proposes to add
eight. The house of commons number
Sue, Ho Home and Put Your
Ilcail iu Soak.
New York Sun J
In common with tbe other Methodist
churches in Newark since the advent of
Mrs. Van Cut, revival service have
been conducted in the Hal.ey-street
Methodi-t EpIscop.-I church, of which
Rev. E. Dunn is pastor. Rerer tly
one of the members of the church, Mrs.
his wife. It was a case of murder of a -ifi5 -V-i?' . . . 9 eetl grew
young girl, and the woman in jail at 7 ,:" "?'iZt , I. "nlc"luB t "
BarbrJurfvillaasthe accomplice. Her ? 'he VH"1 gentleman's exhorta-
XfteT ??ny
oi iier ueau nusDanu appeara to be ever : J .7.i . 51 r- T. , .
nresent with hfir in hprnli Hh n, b9 sanctiflfd. She took off all her
ror death, without having tho rmir.Vto Jewelry, an lliugicg It contemptcow-
take her own life. FrorrT beinrr a stout V i. aUar' ?,6e!, whaLar.e u
able-bodied woman, she hal wasted "fmJSSii a 01 Tm3
away to the proportions of a merely ani- a?..frm no' .h D Tl i3. act!on. aP"
mateu sseieton. bhe has no appstlte.
anu ner reason is gradually giving way.
peareu to rrratuy the paster, and
spread out hia hands and exclaimed, in
an ecstasy ot itrvor, "iiay the earns
spirit oi grace come down ou all of us'"
Th8 congregation took a more prosafc
view oi ine auair, tue laus's brother-in-
law giving vent to his annoyauce by
saying, 1 Sue, go home and put your
ueau in seas.- uj tne ioiiowmg even.
iiik services were oeing coauueteu aa
usual by Mr. Dunn, and he reuuestetl
one of the deacons to offer a prayer.
The latter decliced, as did also threa
others This refusal hss broken up the
f , r ... . .
revival services in tnis cnurei).
Self-Rcgisterlnj Raiii-Gaugc.
M. Tissandier has invented a self
reg's'ering rain-gaugf, which eeem.3 to
be a valuable instrume-it. The rainfall
is conveyed into an urright cylinder,
within which Is a movable float, sup
ported by a cord which passes over a
pulley. At the other end cf tbe cord is
a weigh: sliding up aud down upon rods
and cirrying'a pencil, which is madato
mark a line upon an endless paper band
propelled horizontally by two cylinders,
mit me tn snipnt thn nnnnm' if vnn one oi wnicn rons uo tne raaer m tlw
have anything to do with it atall.it will other gives it off As th tl at ri ea its
do anode-pouge auair. uuiuueusauug weitcm ran, marsiu? a
Mre. Moultou Good-by. curve upon tae moving paper baud. Tho
Mr. Bowen Mr. Beecbc is an adul- paper is propelled by a eluo. whicb. by
terer, perjurer and hypocrite. certain imea upon tue piper corre-p md
Mr. .beecher Mr. Bowen Ia a slander- eni to its rats or revolution, maras a:so
er and a liar. Will have an advisor
council to discuss whether Plymouth
Niit-Shcllinf; the Scandal State
Boontan Bulletin.
Mr. Tiiton Mr. Beecher has ruined
my home and is euilty of adultery.
air. neecner iir. Tiuon. you are a
liar. Prove what you say, if you can.
Mr. Moulton Mr. Tiiton tells the
truth, for Mr. Beecher coufersed to me.
Mr. lieecner I never did anvthme of
the kind. Moulton is as great a falsifier
as Tiiton.
jura. Mouiton Mr. ueecher made a
confession to me that he was guilty of
the charges made against him bv Mr.
Mr. Beecher Mrs. Moul'oi is a chris
tian lady, one that I always respected.
but she has perjured herself to save her
husband. I will turn her out of the
Mrs. Moulton Mr. Beecher. before
you do that, let the mftter be invest!
air. ueecher i will, if you will per
tbe time during wiiicu the rain has bien
falling. Wuen thers is no rain, of course
church has violated the rules of the Con- lne llno registered upoa the paper band
gregatioual denomination or not,
General Francis Fessenden. one of tbe
four sous of the late Senator Fessenden
is tbe Jttepubiican candidate fcr mayor
of Portland, Maine.
Colorado has f ameJ a newtonstitu
tion, and proposes to knock at the door
cf tbe Union for admission as a Utate.
Child of earth with the golden hair,
It Is announced from Connecticut tbat
creeDback convention will be held at
West Meridon on Mrch 9th, to noml
nate a State ticket. Tbe impetus of the
movement cornea rrom the currency
ciub or .New iiaven, or which Dr. Phil
lips is a great light.
The Mobile Begisier. answering come
recent criticisms upon appointments at
Washington by the Democratic house,
says tbat it is only the vagabond class,
for tbe most part, who hang about the
lobbies of legislative halls and secure
positions, and it adds that it ''would
blush to think that these birds of prev
are to be tacen as ju3t representatives of
any numerous class oi me south."
Mr. Henry S Robinson, me Republi
can candidate for governor of Connect!
cuf. was a member of tbe somewhat
fumoua c'.aes of 1S53 of Yale. Other
members of the class are Judge Edward
(;. liillinep, or Louisiana: Mr. Isaac H.
Bromley, Congressman Raudall L. Gib
son. Chailton T. Lewis, Hon. Wayne
si'veab, iheinct-AHorney .Benjamin
K. Phelps, Mr George W.Smalley, Mr.
Edmund u. utedman, and President
Andrew D. White.
A lively debate occurred in the Penn
sylvania Benate last ween on a bin pro
viding mat no contract shall te valid in
tbe anthracite coal regions under which
mineis of coal or miners or workers in
iron or s!ejl agree to nceive anything
I o than money for wages. The prac
tico bus prevailed in some establishments
of giving orders for groceries, clothing
and other things in lieu oi wagee, and
by a syetem of credit with the stores.
or by a part interest oi me factories or
the mlneain the stores, wages in cash are
paid lets frequently, and the store bills
uro deducted from the amounts due.
Mi.ICoukling has fallen upon evil
times, when so devoted an administra
tion paper as Harper's Weekly flouts
him. Tbe amiable senator may tret the
New York delegation, but this sort cf
thine from me chairman ot tbe last estate
convention can hardly bs called encour
aging: "With perfectly friendly feeling
for Mr. uonsiing, therefore, any Repub
lican may eee, and u he seea, should
plainly say. mat Mr. Conkling, being
one of the leaders who are responsible
for the courses which, according to this
view, imperiled the party, cannct be
considered a strong Republican candi
date for tbe Presidency. To this must
be added other considerations whicb
would necessarily seriously weaken him
In tbe canvass before tbe country."
Jewish Work.
There Is a Jewish society called tbe
"Alliance Israelite Unlverselle," which
has for its objeot tbe amelioration of the
condition of me Jews in all parts of the
woild. A leport, recently published by
the Alliance, gives an account of what
i: has done to improve the legal status
of the Jews in R u mania, Russia, Mo
rocco and Persia. A largo department
of the work of tbe society Is the educa
tion of the young. The Alliance sup
ports ten and aids six schools In Tur
key; In the Barbary States It has five,
and at Jaffra it cinles on an agricultu
ral school. In the schools ordinary in
traction is given, besides the teaching
of Hebrew and whatever other language
tho locality lenders necessary.
why should I speak to my brother? will
never be asked again. There are many
of our best men men ci me greatest
power and lulluence in literature, sci
ence, art, politics, aye, even in tbe church
itself, who are no longer christians
in the old set so of the word. Some
iicaginathey have ceased to bs chris-
tiaus altogether, because tbey feel that
they cannot believe as much as othe s
profess to believe. We ct-nnot all 'ord to
less these men, nor shall wa lose them,
if we learn to be satisfied with what sat
isfied Christ and the apostles with
what satisfies many a hard-working
missionary. If Christianity is to retain
its hold on Europe and America, if it is
to conqusr in the holy war of the future,
it must throw off its heavy armor, the
helmet of brass and the coat of mail,
and face the world, like David, with his
staff, his stones, and his sling. We
want less of creeds, but more of trust;
les3 of ceremony, but more of work; less
of solemnity, but more of genial hones
ty; less of doctrine, but more of love.
There is a faith, as small as a grain of tions ou the number of barrels actually
notches in the corners, and, tbat the
new lip might not lackdhe natural red
uess. the lining membrane was brought
out over the edge and sewn down. A
new face having thus been put upon the
pauenr, ne went home rejoicing.
A Victory for the Brewers .
Special Dispatch to the Baltimore Gazette.
Washington, February 29. The
ways and means committee to day de
cided to report favoiably the bill which
was drawn up by tbe Brewer's assocla
tion, restricting tbe commissioner of in
ternal revenue in the collection
of the tax on beer to tbe
amount actually produced. The brew
ers are obliged to report the amcunt of
malt consumed, aud for every two and
a-ha)f bushois they are charged with
producing a barrel oi user: whereas thev
are frequently required to usa nearly
three bushels to obtain a gocd quality of
beer. The committee recognized the
Justice of their appeal, and hereafter the
commissioner will be restricted to collee-
muslari- ead, but that grain alone can
move mountains, acd moro than that,
it can move hearts. Whatever the world
may say of us of little faith, 1st us re
member tbat there was ono who ac
cepted tho offering of the poor widow.
She threw in but two mites, but that
was all she had, even all her living."
An Historic Beer-Cellar.
Leipzig Correspondence ol tho tian Francisco
The whole establishment is brown
with age; and no wonder, for Auerbach's
feunWtMr HtA 'JSKtf 1 t has
? ?r1.,AllL?p?!?!e?- toJth? warmed tbe hearts of its frequenters for
tul iuo na,uiugu uocreapouconi .hro hnn.irpH vpara. It was hnrfi that a
of the Baltimore Gazette: " Mr. Blaine,
who was standing during the confu-ioD,
leaned eagerly forward, hia eves slariuc
and flashing defiance at the Democratic
side. One of the Pennsylvania delega
tion ramarked that Mr. Blaine, iu that
attitude, looked like an exaternted
chained tiger. Tne repeated blows of
the speaker's gavel riveted more firmlv
the chain to the floor, aud for once kept
the ambitious gentleman from Maine at
This reminiscence of Miss Cushman
is recalled by the Boston Traveller: "It
is not generally known that Miss Char
lotte Cushman at one tlmo directed tho
choir of what was formally known as
tho 'Cockerel' church, on Hanover
street. Tuis was at tho time when
itaipu wamo imeison, men a young
mau, ana unanown, was a coileazua of
Rev. Dr. Ware, this having been his
only pastoral charge. It was little
thought men mat me modest young
preacher and tho uuknown vouuir
siuger in iu cuoir at a saary of proba
bly three dollars per wtek, would be
come so famous all over the world."
jonatnan uregory was a new man
wuo Dougnt lauu anu settled near
Rome, Georgia, after the war. Forsomo
years he did not uj much but talse
weeds and plow ueep and make soil. Me
worked on the principle tbat cotton was
not king, which his neighbors thoueht
all wrong. Last year Gregcry gathered
two hucdred-snd seventy five bushels of
clover-eeed oil seveuty-nve acres, which
brought him two thousand dollars, and
fold two thousand dollars worth of bay.
two thousand nve hundred bushels of
wheat, and raised corn encuzh to mako
six thousand dollars worth of pork, ail
of which he has marketed and pocket
ed. He averages nine bauds only tbe
year round, all white. JSo negroes need
anrlv. There Is not, aud has not been.
a single cotton seed orcoUjn phntou
his place, ue restores tne worn-out
land, and putjnew life in'o it by chang
ing tue crcps. He ha38hown tho neigh
bors what he knows about farming, and
they now think him all right.
Ganeral Longstreet writes along letter
to tbe'New Orleans Republican in reply
to a letter from GenemJ FitzhughLee.
asking for all the facts as to the report
that General Longstreet had suggested
to General Lee a uiliercmt plan of battle
at Gettysburg from the one followed.
General Longstreet reassertatbe truth of
the story, and closes as follows: ".bor
the information of General Fitzhusb
Lee, let me say that some two years ago
young student from I'ranKiort-on-tne-
Matn. named tioetbe. was wont to rass
his eveninrrs in company with Stock of
Nuremberg, an engraver lately come to
Leipzig to work for Breltkopf, the fa
mous printer and publisher. Over tho
table iu this jovial retreat Goethe dis
cussed his excursions in philosophy, law,
medicine and theology, and fashioned
tho plot of the great poem, a part of
whi il is forever associated with Auer
bach's cellar. Do vou remember those
scenes iu the first part of Faust tbat treat
of life In Lsipzig? There are two old
rnuisl paintings on these walls where
Dr. Faust is represented carousing with
his comrades, and IaUr riding off out of
the door astride of a huge wine ca3Z.
Wnile wo turned the leaves of an old
volume recoiding this extraordinary
feat of the doctor a volume thatlioethe
must have thumbed ereedily we looked
acrosa the loom and saw a table where
ha is said to have sat a thousand times,
It is in a cosy comer, back from the
door and the windows a place to dream
in over pipe and beer. Those are the days
of which the poet sang when he put into
the lips of "f rosch" this apopntnegm
l.el nzl? to me is dear :
Pjrls In mlnlatu.e how It refines its people!
6u one side of the upper room there
Is a lower windowlets cellar lit by gas
and looking for all the world liHe the in
tprlor of a monstrous tomb. It Is com
plttely lined with na ural paintings.and
these, together with its pemiiar shape,
its situation and its associations, im
nrfM a fellow tremendously. At the
head of a room, a rather small one;
stands the very cask that galloped up
Rtnira with Doctor Faust sitting astride
its wlne-3oaked staves. The eccentric
rider must have struck his head when
produced, except when he has reason to
suspect fraud, and then he is at liberty
to impose tbe tax on the malt used apd
add the penalty also.
Extraordinary Death on the Ice.
George Drew, of Green Island, Wis
consin, recently discovered, about half a
mite irom the island, the body of a man
stretched out on the ice, with his head
caught betweeh two layers of ice, one on
top oi me other, and where there had
evidently been a crack. The mau had
been dead some time, as the body was
cold and still. iNear it was a sled. An
examination of tbe position of the body
showd that the man, Vesteen, by name.
had stopped to drink, laying dowu for
tbat purpose. While drinking a sudden
movement of the ica closed the crack,
the side opposite to him rising and slid
ing way over the side on which he was
just far and high enough to catch and
hold hia head es in a vise, suffocating
him, as was shown by the fact tbat the
face, necK anu breast were black.
Sherman and Education.
uenerai vv. I. bherman delivered a
six-column add res on education in St
Louis lst week. He spoke chiefly upon
the subject ol scientific branches of edu
cation. aud closed as follows: "So sure as
truth prevail over faleebood; so sure as
anon ledge will prevail over ignorance:
so sure as the camps of the Indian and
the hu;s of the hunter must give place
to the farms, houses, granaries, schools
and churches of modern civilization; so
sure as mat the coat, iron, lead, zinc and
copper, which now lie rouLd about us
in their useless ores, must come forth to
be utiliz'd by man, so sure will scientific
Knowledge be in demand right here in
Sr. Louis, and the demand for it will
keep pace with the population and
wealth of the city and or me surround
ing country."
Coal Mine in Massachusetts.
Medway, Maes., March 1. Mining
operations have begun in this vicinity.
A shaft is being sunk on tbe bank of
Charles river, at tbe base of Paul's Mill,
around which ueighborhood a large as
sortment of specimens has heretofore
been found At a dspth of about fifteen
feet from the surface the miners came to
a st atum of aullracito coal of excellent
quality, but whether it will turn out of
sufficient quantity to make a paying
Heavier the Cross, the nearer neaven,
No Cross without, no Uod within,
Death, Judgment lrom the heart are driven,
Amid the world'a false glare and sin;
Oh! bnpp he, with all his loss.
Whom Uod basset beneath his Cross.
Heavier the Cross, the better Christian.
This is the touch-stone toJ hath applied,
now many agaiaen wouiu oe wasting.
Wet, not by showers from weeping ej es.
The gold, by Are, Is purified,
The Christian is by sorrow tiled.
Heavier the Cross, the heartier nraver.
The brult-ed heeds most fragrant are.
lfsky and wind are always fair,
The sailor would not watch tbe star,
adu uaviu s psaims uau not ueen sung,
If grief his heart had never wrung.
Heavier the Cross, the more ssplring.
From the vales, to climb the mountain's crest.
The pilgrim In the desert tiring,
f-lghs for the Canaan of his reki,
The dove has here no rest In slant,
And to the Ark she wings her flight.
Heavier the Cross, the easier dying,
Death is a friendlier lace to see.
fTo life's decay, ono bids defying;
r rom, uie s uisircsn, one men is iree;
The Cross sublimely lifts our faith.
To Him who triumphed over death.
Thou crucified, the Cross I carry,
The longer may It dearer be.
And lest I faint, while here I tarry,
Transplant Thou such a heart lu me.
That Faith, Hope, Love, may flourish there,
Tin for the Cross my Crown I wear.
his frantic cask began the tscentofthe yel(ji !,a9 not yet be8U ascertained
Btairf, for the ceiling la very low; but it The pirt(fl workiDg the mine are ir
rfnpun't nav to Question tbete traditions,
Th davil that arave wines to that clum
sy wine cask could save the pate of his
advocate, 1 recEon
There is somethinir so sensible In tho
following that it is worth puttlrgdowi :
Tho young woraau who uenoersisiy
eces late to church, to attract attention
as she scrapes down the aisle, is a fool
ish virgin. The young man .who pos
ters his hair down tight to a low, retre at-
good spirits and confident of Buccess.
The following paragraph came from
the pen of Horace Greeley, and contains
as much philosophy and commou seuse
as can possibly bo given in the same
numterof lines: ' Some men who know
enough to advertise are yet so narrow-
minded as to confine their advertise
ments to journals of their own creed and
party. It they do not choose to trade
ing forehead, bridges his nose with eye- with any but men of like failh, this la
glassep, and wears a loud cane, when he wise; but it iney ue3ire the whole pub
cornea late to a concert, and strikes atti- He for customers, it is otherwise." Men
tudes before tbe audience at the door who want to make money, and are really
while he clarea about for a seat, and then anxious to sell tho goods on their coun-
stalks to it with the proud air of a prize ten, will note tbeso wo:da of wisdom
mule at a "country fair, Is a snob. I and act accordingly.
Rhnll T nnr. n lilnnlrpf nvar him 91 alia
- i . . - . V T J. u.u. muwi. . . . . ... . I ltf.1 1 1 "1 1
aBked the doctor. ' You can nut . six hundred and h!ty eight, altogether j01,ti
I u .. I..,, i i , - ..-plnvpn hnnilrpfl and f h r ci W- And I
: ujituv uisushlh ks vim iiKR nvpr nim.".v-v,v- . ----- -
me meaning was obvious, but this hon-1
est woman rubbed her master's chest vig
orously, and was presently rewarded by
hearing the old gentleman saj, "What's
ail this about? ' "They say you're dead,
sir." "Who says I'm dead ?' "Dr. C,
sir." "I'll Dr. C. him. Gst me off this
bed;" and, leaning ou his faithful re
tainer's arm, the dead man joined his
menus in tne next room, who were, as
ueorge isiiotputs it, "peepit g about and
casting up." lhe friends had to drink
a tumbler of neat whisky to ban tho ap
parition. But Mr. Webster ia alive and
doing well again.
Washington Babies.
Chicago Tribune Washington Correspond
Mrp. Secretary Belknap set the ex
ample of having the little people in the
fiarlor at afternoon receptions, by hav
ng her charming baby held by a nurse
near her, and enjoying, with maternal
pride, the compliments showered upon
it. Other mothers have followed this
example, the latest acquisition to the
juvenile set being Mademoiselle Jones,
ine ninery-uays eia Daoy or tue million
aire senator from Nevada, whose eyes
are brighter than her mother's sparkling
diamonds. The nursery, which la the
young lady's general abiding place, Is
open on reception days, mat its luxuri
ous cradle and elegant appointments
may be inspected, but Miss Jones is
brought down into the drawing-room,
wearing the most delIciou3ly em
broidered attire, and behaving herself
with becoming dignity. Society hopes
that in due time General Sheridan's
young daughter will be brought to the
metropolis, and meanwhileit is rumored
among the ladies that Mrs. Sheridan
has sent a package of diminutive pat
terns to Mrs. Fred Grant.
Gambctta on a Liberal
London Saturday .Review
M. Gambctta introduces the ecclesi
astical part of bis speech at Lille) by a
ueunition or me word hbe at. By llbsr
al, he says, I understand a in u who
respects all, varieties of religious belief.
including their ministers, and all the
becomes honzojtal. Tua inventor
claims that tue rail fall for an entire
Church, year can be registered upon, a siogle
band of papsr, no other cars ttioc; nec
essary than txe occasional winding of
the clack.
t taking a strcli practices which spring naturally, even if , vei
i, mcidenta'ly remotely, from religioui opinions. Such cnarcne''.
nend that " it a man will not be dii-poaed to tolerate gts aea'
A youug American ladv who has en
joyed the rare privilege cf taking a strcli
with the poet Tennyson
mentions in a letter to a inend mat it a man will not be deposed
orirlnnalTf ntfjkrrof thn rw n nin n ln I i . . . . .
f"""r'-' ui lUD encroaenments oy me ministers of any
wo iuocu uuwujs i religion upon the domain of secular af-
waiii to acraiuu uis uauis against a gate- fflire. The church must remain tue
Poal- church, and not attempt to obfain par-
a iasmon journal siatcs mat a gin namentary innuence. Bhe must resign
wim downward eyebrows is jrenerally nerseir to ner proper sphere of adminis-
willful, but neglects to state what the
girl with upward eyebrows ia. Toese
fashion jourca's, although not very com
prehensive, have evidently determined
to control our caprices as well as our
tering spiritual consolation to her mem
bers, and not interpose herself as a dis
cordant and dividing influence between
parent and child, or between husband
and wife. It is this that has made tbe
church a political danger in so many
The editor of a western journal has countries, and baa brought-upoa her the
discovered that if everyone of the eieht attac.ka which are, after all, only re-
million families in the American Union pr.f So Ionga3 the struggle between
would only skim the aoan-grease off faith and reason, botweeu science and
their dishwater and invest its nrnnppiiM revelation, 13 confined to books, to pul
in a sinking-fund at four per cent, com- Pits and to scademie. politicians, as
pound interest, the proceeds in one hun- f ueb ave no concern with it; it is when
ured and six'y-nine years, two months J1 Dll "j iUB Kiuu Vl """'a er.anupece
and eleven days would pay off the na- 'rates Into tho working of an office that
tional debt.
At the suggestion of- Mr. Furnival,
Dr. .brinsley .Nicholson is editing a col
lection of the doubtful ploys formerly at
tributed to Shakespeare. Tho edition
will include The Two Noble Kins
men, in which another hand than
Fletcher's is visible, and Edward TIL
in one act of which some authorities
hold that Shakespeare took part, though
it is doubtful if he had anything to do
with eitner or these plays.
We sometimes look at the cuts of ad
vertisera in tho papers and become in
spired. There is a cut of a parlor stove,
it becomes no better than
civil war.
a suppressed
The English "Domesday Booh."
London Spectator.
The Dome3dau Book of Eogland and
Wales has at length appeared, and when
na true cnaracter use been recognized
will create an uuusum amount of social
auu, psrnaps, political interest, it is a
nominal roll of every man in England
wno possesses an acre or ner soil, cover
ing every grade of proprietorship, fiom
tho mighty duke of Northumberland,
who possesses iu a single county one
hundred and eighty-one thr ussnd acres
and on it are the words "livening Star." of soil, y a'ding on an ave aze nearly
In front eIU a beautiful brunette, whose one roound an acre: or the ilns nf Tiav.
uaiuiy sairia are urawn just suincienuy onahire, with eighty-three thousand
nign to revest a symmetrical ankle, and acres iu Derbyshire alone, to the retired
mo niue loot poiuti to mo worus on tne I tradesman, Who talks of the "grounds"
never Bte it without
Slinisfer Against Choir.
Springfield Republican.
There is generally a chronic case of
choir versus pulpit in our modern
and, commonly, the choir
ahead. In one of our Sorincfle'd
churches, however, the pastor, who
rather prides himself on his power with
the bit and rein, has kept thb other end
of the church in pretty good subjection,
and especially has frowned it out of In
dulgence iu his pat abomination of "set
pieces." Tbe other Sunday the sinptira
thought they would corner him, and,
taking him off his guard, at the ia-t
moment, served notice that they weren't
prepared for anything but an anthem
for the opening service, and would h
give it out, naming the piece and the
page in the hymn book. Taken thus
at a disadvantage, th- pastor announced,
rather brusquely: "Tae chor will sing
the anthem 4 May the Lord Have Mer
cy on Us.' " Verdict fir the preacher,
on exceptions.
Singular Kestitution oi' a Child.
London correspondence N&w York Graphic
A curious story is told of an American
general, who, while walking through a
back street in London the other day.
encountered two or three women tramps
surrounding a well-dressed girl, three r r
fcur years old. fcuspcting that me cfcild
had been lost, ho took it away from them
lifter much resistance on their cart.
brcught it to his lodgings, and notified
the poiica. In the evening he was to
dine at the house of a we I-known leader
of fashion, but, on reaching the doer.
was informed that his host cosld net re
ceive him, as that moruiug their only
child had been decoyed away from her
nu'3o in the prk. i'our readers can, of
course, Imagice the sequel the grati
tude of tbe pareute, and the affection en
tertained tor me name of K z in at least
one English hcuseh' 11.
of an acre and a half suir ucding his
aiiuuiesex or ourreyvuie. livery man
who has a copy can tell at a glance how
much land the neighboring magnate, or I
nis own rival in the county, or the new
purchaser who has just care 1 on him,
amount of h s rent-rod would bo if it
were unburdened, both s:sted with offi
cial accuracy and clearness. The book
Bhow3 that less than foit -three thou
sand persons are land-owners in Eng
land iu the political sense of the word.
Important Scientilic Discovery.
A Railroad lroject.
Washington. February 20 The bhl
introduced by Senatrr Cockrell to-dav.
granting a charter to the rew York and
Mazatlan Air-Idne railroad, telecraoh
incoiporate Joseph L. Johnston. Jsmn
E. Longstreet, William H. Smitti, Will
iam C. Wickbam, William Gay lord,
and others, under lhe above style, with
a capital of fifty million dollars, and tiio
authority to construct a rtilroad and
telegraph line from New York to Fort
H'lntosb, on the Rto Grande,
Tue warlike habits of the Papuans aud "Washington, Richmond, Atlanta, Se
their implements of warfare are de
scribed in a private letter recently ad
dressed to Dr. Hooker, of London. The
writer says that no man leaves his dwell
ing even to go to his bit of cultivated
mo, New Orleans, and Houston, toeeth-
er with branches from Charlotte, North
Carolina, to Norfolk. Vlrainia.an.l fmm
Loredo to Austin, Texa i. The bill pro
poses to grant a right of way two huu-
A Fearful Accident,
Pittsburg Post.
About half-past nine o'clock last nicht
a frightful accident occurred at the treat
sup on urownsviiie avenue. The work
men were lowering some material, by
means of a windls's. when one ot them.
John Gibbon, was caught by a kink In
me rope anu nuneo to the bottom or
the slip, a distance variously estimated
at from forty to sixty feet. We could
not learn the extent of tbe man's inju
ries, but were informed they were very
serious. The wonder la that he was not
instantly killed. He was removed to
his home, in tbe neighborhood of the
Sligo iron-works, In tbe Thirty-third
A celebrated wholesale mtr hant in
London sometime ago presented the
proprietors of the Telegraph with a
printing press that cost twenty-five
thousand dollars, as a sllghtltoken cf
appreciation. In doing so he accom
panied the gift with a letter, in which
an said: "Iu your paper, by judicious
advertising. I first built the foundation
of a fortune, and In your paper, by Judi
cious advertising, 1 have amassed the
fortune which enables me to oiler you
this testimony of regard and good will.'
stove. We
Mica, mica, parva Stella,
Twinkle, twinkle all thenlght.
Sweet are the uses of advertising.
Having disposed of Don Carlos, the
Spanish government is said to ba turn- n08fa3H63 of the eoii an(1 wh.t th' and immigration company, proposes to
inn Ira 'ifranrion oorinntilTf in I 'n -,a I .... ' . .... I innMnrorn I nn Amh I Tt.nr.n T
Those six Prussian Krupp guns of im
mense calibe-, with six thousand charges
oi ammunition, nave been sent to Hav
ana. But this heavy armament is not
intended for the scattered bands of in
surgent raiders. It obviously looks to
me defense of Havana from an assault
of "outside barbarians."
A traveler by lake and ocean truth
fully says: "The surly, insolent and
brutal sea-captain or a quarter of a cen
tury ago is almost extiuct now. He has
beeu superseded by a genial, courteous
and agreeable gentleman, who consider
ately aliowd himself to be used by tn
quisitive passoogers as a sort of nautical
encyclopedia during tbe voyage. Hia
society is pieasint, bis manners attract
ive, aud his knowledge of navigation
An Englishman predicted twentv orouRht to almost needle-like sharpness, made some experiments on the skin of
ttnoro orrn that if mitfo.Mornho hn ho.m vaiuuilj UUWUCU. UlCV aid LMJlnfjIIRiI IIV I JKP AUkfjiiCi laUUlta ilUU luira JTLB til
. . . . " . . I hninr nlunrral in n I 1 1 viftarl tliA chtr. at t?-tA L,
tor submarine telegraphic purposes, an -" Funejyiug uuman yyc- " ,u Yw ,l v1
8nimal wim a special appetite for that v"k';c': . . , umuiuuoro uoou-i --'b" uu n w.-et iuo
substance would be found or created. eccuSn an" nis men sunered from ar- les; tne sac tnusiormeu was mied wita
The Popular Science Monthly now eays ro?"8 60 Paoned. It Is a sort of blood distilled water and immersed in tet so-
poisoning that, like other kinds of innr. lutiocs of various salts. Tue results ob-
r.PRrp.1 nr.i that hn i hnnt a nn.riprf.f ulation, does not develop itself for Bov- tained were as follows: First, the skin is
on inch In length. Tne frequent inter- "1 days, but tbe slightest scratch, permeable to watery solution, bat not
ruptions of cable communications are t""cueuwHn it, produces almost always " concentrated solutions; seeoau, in-
c uuiiiu.a ueaiij. xuts Symptoms OI -e&aru leujpertftiuftf augtuema tue
poisonicg are accompanied bv violent absorptive capacity of tbe skin; in fact.
spasms like tetanus, with consciousness absorption stands in direct relation to
until the last. the temperature of the fluid; third, In
animals the skin abecrba better
lar-d without his powerful bamboo bow dred feet wide, and also in the Stales f
and a rew deadly poisoned arrows. The Alabama and Mississippi every alter
poisoned arrows are only a few amontr a nate section of public land within t n
great number not poisoned, befng dis- miles of the pnj .cred line.
uuguisueu oy eiaoorate carving and T :
painting to prevent accident. Thev are Important Discovery.
pointed aud barbed with human bone A- von Wolkensteia has recently
ascribed by tho writer to the propensity
or tuis uiminutive creature to take his
meals out of gutta-percha.
The Chicago Tribune says the Emma
fraud, bribery and corruption in high
places less startling and enormous than
the credit mobilier disclosures, implicat
ing United States senators, United
ers ttV What an " meE n,im ecure 1ue8tIon 11310 how the le-dwell-?'
' . '?t Pirig Aume,for era disposed of their dead. Between An-
iud eaitosuu lycuui Ui xiaai. ii Lne lm- .f .: 171.1 r . A, ....
Plicated parties were onlv T) mnmi. , vner auu omoier.m ine vicinity 01
ex.rnnfaderatP Anil th . . th. lwo iaKe dwellings one of the stone,
woS?? fhe other "he b-rDZ ge-hoo8ebuUd:
p.narr.mr snnnortprt hv nnrltxht arnnp.
Admiral 8emme3 characterizes thn ami fnnlainlncr tnn nr flfipon nL-pp'nn
Japanese as tha Yankees of Asia. Cer- the skulls collected in one corner, the
tainiy tne notion eo generally entertain- other remains iu the center. Near them
ed a rew years ago, that thev Were VPrv wero fnnnH a hoar'a tnnth k wnlf'a tnnth.
similar to the Chinese, has been dlsal- half a boar's tooth, a small smooth bone
patedon batter acquaintance. While disk, two hatchets ot serpentine stone, a
the Celestial resists every advance of hrnnz r.Pdln fall thesa bored through).
strangers, the children of the Tvcoon small mnnor rincr and four small
welcome all innovations. Recentiv tho hrnn ohilri' hmeeleta. It la anpnoied
government has adopted a singular but to be a family gravi of a date trani
eflectlve method for extending a knowl- itional between the Btoneand the bronze
euge 01 mo Arabic numerals with their ages.
x.aKeDweIIers. hair and wool diminishes absorption:
London Tlmes's Parts Correspondence.1 I fifth, some alkaloids likewise undergi
A Zurich paper reDorts a rilfu-nvflro absorption through the skin, ami toxic
1 I . 1 it 11 ., . ... .J I 1 U l,nn In.lnn.ll
wiuuu inrows ngni on me hitherto ob-1 pueuomeua ran uo muo muuvcu.
What Queer Bats in Kentucky.
Nelson Connty Record.
There Is a married couple living near
here, in Larue county, who.during their
engagement, exchanged rings. Tie
bride elect took off her rime at one time
and was never able to find it afterward.
She carna to the conclusion that it mu-t
have teen carried away by tbe rats.
After they had been married about two
years tbey decided to clear tha place of
the pests, and a rat was found with the
Identical gold ring arouryl his neck. lis
head was as large as a full-grown rat's,
but ita body wa3 very small. It is sup
posed that an old rat had taken the rlcg
ml Mrrlprl It tn hpr npst tn idnm
j neck of her little darlijg.

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