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Ui it rc.v;xw of tbs ontlon market last
wttS r- v -ted mMd'Iuc cottou in New
j i. h ! wbleh on the next iay sel
1 1 tH. New Or'e-tne ttxjc fiKt
icj l .j ;, Ui opLiv nj va-ctl to
c i id lldty t 1J; oc-TuuiwUy it
J - in'Hl 0 Liverpool ejutnttl
C ll'l, -Jut4 Df-xt day udvaueei to
f htk on M-jadsy to PJJ. Mem-
i -'caet Jin w hvc been able to
1 e ra" a', the ord cf A-etk. for aime
:k:q rat. New York faa? ati
v, r;t j,( Orleans Liv-
r )-3 3 iJ, "sod Meiaphte Jc The
: c y b .Iter toriiT of the Liverpool
iz.rKt and BmaUer rroeiptr, arertho
C3i!.cff Hje-gra'tfylux otwnsje. We re
lrmkii In our last review tU&t,wiDg'
lo tva b.-'u; jn tbdr reurn from Mar
di Cai tilns, ftome iner'ase of receipts
vrwp:-:cd; that increase was not reil
islanl the consequence wa a Hrmr
to : srjeu the week' receipts were au
nof cei!,wi'.h a eWHexlly bjoyaut tend-,
crcj There has teen a good inquiry Jrr
car j arte t far ell description!! of clon
e.-o'tns; he lower qualities, when clean
ard f go ds f p!e, have betn In op. cial.
favo vsv grtU'ivtly cheap and offer
Jcg ctrsci-ris to the speculative buyer.
Taoism free salts have rclcceJ our
zyt, which have dlminUhed by 4CO0 i
-riar; pvon Jim ioiicneel bot
tom' and lis now on the upward. course
is caiUcruJ to be evident, and holders
fchovta degree of confidence to which
tlicymve for some time beeu 6tmhtrs
The Jeugth inanjfwlotlw) decidedly by
Li.vfXii is sa'a ty foso oi-me iitiro
peai buyers Xo. th aim fly areactloa
Iron aa abnormal dt ooping caujeei by
the ate or things which led to a pui 11
pma.faw days ago, resulting In the
disHKara: ce or certain
Tliicri-ia being nsaaed the marhekre-
tursto its La:ural condition, the cori-
Bfqica oi wnu:n is an avince. aa iar,-l
. . I . , . I
fr-u3M6d for mlddiine to C 5 10 J
Ti:eft weekly cotton review of the
KewYoxk Bulletin brjb: uTho;very
liber detllne maio during the past
mou, and th-i very low prices reached,
havorttty Wrllchtcked farther "fchort"
ealeebut eent in a large deputa
tion to coyer bjlh from the
emsl and lerg oreritors, and
Bom ttio litl5 closing- upoutstaud
Irg aem3L'i3," have gone over to the
ctheside of the hon?e. "With the e
poirta work f.om, tnerefore, the mtr-
kets be.snxaads to fi; the ascendjng'
gra: hiui rti iu uati, auu at. limes
appauces Wfra'qnilCfirm." The cot
touport of VY&tnou & C)., Xjiverpool,
Febry" JSth, ask3 why prices have
beilriveu eo Jot?, It observes that all
thereat commoroial nations - are , at
pe.t i'a J trade is not hurling our mar
ket) ancbeeter leiiotUepreefling la ver
IKidhere is to ta'( of siyirt time, and
adi "It li Udk, ipinuers have taken
frmM mercrdurlnir ths past seven
wei nearly StOOO' bales less cotton
thdurlng tbo Hajgpo ieriod laatyear
buhey, have taken eo'far thii year
rat" more than'tbeir cinsumption,
n-jjat they should have tloLe s-j on a
deting market wo-.ii i "eem to be proof
cf :ro coi fidence at Manchester iu the
m.tcnHUce of prices -than has been
thase here. Our pree 'Ut sto?k is only
703 bales larfcr tbau one year ago,
a-hls 13 nta-ly offitt by the 01,870
ba decrease tn, the deliveries to tu
tn since the firet ultimo, as compared
v te same period last year. In
olr warJs the excess of stock we have
hi in LIverp.Mjl is ner!y otTset by
dteaaed stocs of cotton held In
tb manufacturing dUtricfr Besides,
tbe "are nov afloat, f r thin Jport
f.t America and India 140,XX)U)ales
lethan at Uiis time last year. Tliisdee3
nlook as if our market was goini; to
Ixverburdened with cotton. Further
me, the supply of cotton iu and afloat
fdhi3 market wo now estimate to nave
cc about 2 600 000 lies than the sup
pi wo were deaiii.fr w;th one year
aft Pre sunt nrices teem to bs choking
cridia. TLo rtcpts al J5om"bayesp.J
fware les tnan oue-iibii wnat iney.
wffe.laet you to dute. The vi ib'.e sup
pi;, loo, it bhould be dbserved, jvtiow
ony 00"J bales larger than it was oue
y:ar nso, and this is more Uiadb&Vt by
tie re5aciion in the stocks held by Eng
IIJi spiuters. Again, then what is the
ua'.tei? Why this extreme depression
Lao? We can but conclude t,ht the
t! resrion is largely due to an uureason-
Iff iriwui amoug uuiucia .goMciaiij,.
and to anancial weaknef s -. f some specn
Receipts In Memph!f during the official
week aggreeated 15 810 balee, agofnst
12,750 bates theprevhju week, and-4760
bi'.ej the corresponding week last 6ea
8w3. The total rice-Ipts tince BepUm.
bcr 1, 1S75. ate 425.4G3 agInt 292 329
ba'es at the corrfs ondti'g uta- last esa-.
son, showing an Increas3oi12-2,625 Uifes.
dtlpmen's dunr.g the orli. lai wek
ajjrciia ed IQ,Q$1 biles, a?alD8t
10131 bales tl'e previous week, and
7870 tiro corresponding well laat sea
son. Tutal shipments tince Heptember
lit are 351,760 ta'.ea, against 2iS 162 bales
the same time last year; an increase of
111,621 bales.
The stock on lrand Vai 76,163 ba!e?,
against 71)232 bales lait weofc, and 49,
99S bales atlhls time 1 s year.
Sales durio" toe wtek .were 13.000
bales, against 0500 bales tjje, graviqu
week, a id 1J.300 balei the' cbrree-poniir
leg wesk las yer. Of the 13,000 bles
sold this week, epinnera tnk 6550. ex
porters 4700p6teculatora 17605-againtf
6100 bales to spinners, 1600 to8pofu8-'
tore, and 1200 to exportero the same time
last vest..- "
The fifllowfrlg shows Ihe conr?e of the
Memphis market ud Iho price of mid
dling cotton'from Oheopanrag. of., tie
. ii
1 if1 9?i.e
d- k
Kept JOJ-Tia, a
Kctil. Ill SKI ijbi;
Hept. 17 v, :,l.
Pepu :i l,7i 1 bJaH lWi
2B lt- 15
i v. ii ami
L Ij 12611 lLUVlfoAEMsj SMXQi "
ov. iS21'17,H'2Lt'.i
'At HI
1( c , - t727c jjti s,S7L; iswrj i'4
De;. 31 SAM 0HMj ovMU 9 711118
a. . 1179' 9, "-41 IT.llhl IWSBI IVOw 12 15-
Jn. .J ri-'', lu"i?-.Hi4,
Fell. T.frM.iStH tii.ii '
Kot. 1
Kfb. 2" 14,770, tCi, mf, 6S.5B S,8CB,12- li
JIr. I" UUj 4,7(M10M. J,l't; 13J0 12 15
'Tbo followlrg table Shows the com
parative weekly and total receipts at all
tho United States seaports: . '
iS.j-)4 Xi-b IS7J-1 liTil i
,18I S7S 114C 6fi92
Rep Si
Tell I
Oc . I
To -a
Oc 29
271 r5M
5,, 71. j
137 ?M
11.461 14,
142 781'
, MHi
M3 282
Tot?) ifci,Tr;,
w ri 1SU4S. 1A7JM liljm
Ti ui !,l.!i.4'l l,277i 997,5! l,l.7tt
Bc.-rs 1-4.H,2 738,197 K.OOT' 110i
Total lWi 1,1,2 1.1C7.784 ipM.625
i'C 10 ItTSh 1M9 '581,174 721.7 X
i 1,7J vljCU74 14.i,1S,I,487,l 1,121,721
7 10,954 1?TC2I 20U,U) 116fi8 1K9S.3
1.7(C1M l.lS79'l47 IAW0 W47 701
D'c2l 17.1 1
1 niJ ' .1..1 AWUAj ,nffc'i
l '.,-3v 1.7ut,9i ;1 8Vj lfeO.lta
Tola' i!" .".J
D'cl i.'.-2
- J,ti 2.U1 ' 1JW4.4W l,7515 t,4,4ll
15, H0.4WI 1W' 12;ixjt 91.711
Janll 159S 105.71 136,150
Tota) 24,421 201.1 ZSWWi I,4,114 1.701,1,4
JanZl H.4-" 97.4U, 17, 1944) llVJUl
To: . Wir!s 2 W.77I" 2.WIU1 .2,(rvi. .l,tai,(ldS
JanIS 14tl.lWi llifei HWM! M,f71. 91J90
Tjla; i.K24. 2,')17402,5l;2,19.'.rii I.SlS'rf
Keb4 12&SD7 107 JIH 14.751, 131.SS1 B5.S74
To'al 3i(,4i2,'e.!SH12. S,12IJ4i2,(rH J!
F'bll 117J 10UH8 128j) 13529' S8,i0
Tita 3.11 J7 2.74r7.2,7S - ilSe.-ll 2J3;J
ir'h-M liUUXi xlrHT l';i'K in.W'i 74.013
Ti'" &lW2,!M-"iJ',JHl 2,i,!2,l(B,40
F w.j !." 1 7SJ3.I W2."7 lli,n( 7.U1
T i a Hllf J- li!01. i ' J l 0 7U7J4 ,2,7 jW
ir- (4 , Vv ii .S..7! 49-ll.i
7, - .- ZM H.?' ii rvA 27H. 57 2,,1
Z?iI3.7an.l2:ltiHi rror rvMri7s,u ,
. ' JL71i3J W.7l -Hif lStA'!l!iSlH-
2139ff,15;''! U
Nov. 1H-MI' 88 717' H 160 lil'J.W'i
1) :. JO 21.1W JJ.GM't; 48 971 lLWlllsSjligi
:r.) ,ci- it' ' - -Jt i
jjta, - --- - - r
gTte following la tue comparative cot-
1 too Ktatement .for Its wtk ending
i March 9'h, at all Ualted Statea porb, ss
1 ctimpired with the corresponding week
1 lafctyear.
I Nit Taitplji. ,,, i LfD
i- eslpu lor the muu
Kipor for Uis vrek
T-iul export
. t.u) taw
btocKaoilou fctiiubUHn!...-
7H.0HJ 7i.OJI
SI1 ( 7SI.OJ0
KUKt si lutwlor U)TMk...
stalest Liverpool..
AflMt Icr Ureat lirtUln S4.t0() Ji KO
T tU receipts ata'l United Sl&tte port?
tbl year, 3.5S0 oi bales; last yeir, 3,-
fH3.fil2b:e: year toforo. 3,209 310: tutal
to;k thla year, 742 S05; last year, 741,
71)0: year before, 722,777. Inereaee cf
reeelp'B at United IStateJ poit this year,
522.912 balee.
The week'a totnl visible supply figures
indicate an iLcreuseof cottou in tight of
82,119 bales compared with the stne
date in 1875, and an increase of 31,401
bales as compared with the came date
in 1S74
The following ehows the week's move-
meat at JLdVMpjOl.
is; 1-5.
Week's SaJe.
Including for Export....
tnclndins for Sptcnlallon...-
x Ken irom snip mae
Or which Amertran t.:
Acyil Week'K ErporM -
Week'B ltecetpt
,u; wdicu American.
Totnl Utcelpis klaca Sept. 1st l,7tS7,U00
of chlth AxSulcan i. l.IfliJ
Bin: k Afloat , K&.ftX)
ox wtilch American 2S0,0C 32.3.0V0
The cotton MAEKETyesterday plon
day) was regain stimulated bygocdnews
from Liverpool, where the price ad
vanced id, with sales of 20,000 bales;
New Orleans advanced ic and closed
strong at the advance. NewYcrk pre
sented a ttafe of things entirely in op-p-itlou
tj the markets elsewhere being
dull and.eifiier, an anpmally dilllcnlt to
-comDrehend ualeaa the bears had a rice
tdat-vas mafllpulaflng that market. In
our matKet mere w&s an active inquiry,
hut hcildprs wr fithicrh-ln thplr ftSRlnf-i
' -a - o-
that they and the buyers stood apart,
and business was checked. An advance
was secured of Jeriod4hemarket elosed
very firm. - Tn?' Row'York Bulletin, of
Friday,, reported: On most grades
abant. former rates were aebed, with
hbrdera "generally firm, though, as ba
ton?, tbo gtealestcoiifidenceippearcd to
Je shown on the fir.er selections of spin
ning cotton, of whijh the amount avail
able is not very, large. On contracts
tbsre has been only a moderate degree
of ectivity, with'coneidersble irregular-ity-on
values, mid apparently quite a
savere struggle all dsy between tne op
poiing interest?; with the advantage
rattfer iu favor of the bperators for a
.TiBe'." The 'Ssars' had the cable
with them, .Liverpool showing
rather a slack tone, but the
'bulls' fuund the port receipts small
enough to exert an influence, and 3u
iug the afternoon were further fortified
by the rather encouraging tone cf the
Bombay telegram. The operations were
not of g'eneral character, and the
'tears' in many cases Jassert that the
market is merely forced ud, and is likely-
atcny moment to make n sudden and
r - . i ,t -v t --f . ,U
Memphis cotton exchange" were aa fol
liws: -s
Tetlerdc Day bejore.
ran ar. ..7. 8-3 SJf1 8
Hood ord.nary. 0 , l
on mltlcniiiK l'J'" SUM
M (ldUn(c. 12KS12i &uU.
Bo3d mldilllrie. (13,V, CJl3
vllddnns Xalr.-S... H-aliK an
ularket'actlvp but prices asked checks
buainess; sales were 2200 of all of which
spinners took 850 bales; exporters 1000
bales. 8Deculators 350 bales. Dusty cut-
,lnns quote 5(o,7c; stained, 7llc. Pr'ce
oi miauling same rime iasc year, ioju.
xcoelved. yeatenJay. U.775
rotal- 1338
Shipped yesterdiy. 4il71
Tolitl 3C0.0S7
1871-5. 1873-1.
I,4Ci, 1.3SG
23;,7J0 305917
1,870 ,503
2-fl;-i90 313,d3S
m.m Si iA
Uolc . 72 ii&
lmvortr. &E & C. R. R.. 351: M. & T.
K, R, 2S5; L.& N. G. B R. R., 371;
M. i; Ii.R. R. W , 593; steamers, 1069;
estimatedjper wagons and other. sources,
Acporis.U. & C. R, .321; M. & T.
11 It., 345; Jj. us zi. u. a. a. a, losu;
steamers north, 1825; by rail north, 2001;
by" tall south, 345.
The follojsing are the official tele
grams of the condition of the domestic
markets aa received .at the cetton ex
change: . t
New tJrl'as.
Mobile r
Charles toiH
NeT Yortc-
-it. LOUIS-
resterdav'sJNew York closing tele-
gram.rinorts: Ordinary, 9 5-16a; goodij
nitnary, 10 13-163; low middling,
12 l-16e; middling; 12c. Price of
middling feame time last year, 16&
dalrm, 520 bales. Receipt, 1520 bales;
eo fir thiaweek, 2129 bales. Tho tone
of the market at 10:10, quiet, nominally
unchanged; 12:10, dull; 2:10, dull and
easier; 3:05, dull and"e;aslei'. " y
s The follnwinir arethe closmtr rates in
Sew York ' futures for yesterday and tho
dayileforej "
12 15-10013
lS'Mla 3 16
137 1SR13K ,
1-4 11-16(31314
13'M1315- 0
11 l-lG(a;ll5
.13 1-1681
13 7-32Q13H
H3Viai3 17-32
13-,yi3 25 32
'13 15-1S.313-31-32
111 3-32HJi
lune ..
Sales, 23,500; totie of market at 10:20,
steady; 10:50, easy; 12:20, easy; 1:40,
quiet; 2:30, easy; 3:10, bteady.
.New Orleans yesterday quoted mid
dling 12Jc at the close, against 15o at
the fame time last year; receipts, 9528
bales; -thus far this week, 12,797; sales,
9000 Themarket was firm at 11:30,
and closed strong.
Yesterday's .Liverpool closing tele
gram reports: Uplands, 67 161; Orleans,
6i'l;i s'ales, 20,000 bales, of wtiicb
Wsre American. Received, .9590 bales,
of whlc.br 7300 were !A.merican. The
price of middling same timo la9t year,
7jd. The market was buoyant.
Tho Liverpool market for arrivals,
JFebiukry and March shipments, Sa
vannah 0? Charleston, l.ni c, sail, 6Jd;
ditto, steamer, 6 9 i6d; aiarcn anu April
delivc'rv, l.m.c, 6d; May and June,
diitd, 6i; June and July, ditto, 6 9-16d.
Gold in New York closed at 114; same
time last vear. 1151.
,1, X UOIJtu YtT'-tl1'1- M.D lVJi UJ nw -
Tim m rsr nnl at- nit the nnvlo TffnB FO-
hporteu as follows: ,
Bame Time
Lost Year.
Rects elnca F"y
Erp'tfi (I. Britain
Exp' to (Sontln'l,
atccg- -
FiNANcr.vi. affairs during the past
week have shown no change in the sit
uation. Everywhere the excess of money
Is the most prominent feature, and banks
are seeking borrowers to give them a
chance of making dividends, or for
want of them are investing their super
fluoija funda at least the New York
banks do so inUrlited States securities
Money eo iuve.-tcd is returned as
"loans," giving the publican erronenm
idea of the amonnt of currency actually
taken for active business purposes. The
Memphis banks are ready recipients of
first-class paper at 10 per cent, per an
num. On the's'reet currency is in plen
ty at liJ per cant, a month. Ex
change nss been in more liberal tupply
since coLton began to sell freely, with a
very Hgbt counter demand; rates firm at
i discount buying and J premium sell
ing on New York, and J discount buy
ing and par selling on New Orleans.
Gold, bai been steady all week, varying
from 114 to 114 J In New York; yester
day at noon it was 114, brokers In
Memphis offering 11. For silver the
brokers have ceasc-d to pay any premi
um, which .makea the approaching
small change ' tesue safe from be
ing bought up' ' and eliminated
from circlation. City tax scrips are in
demand at the rate? given below: County
warrants are quiet State warrants are
very scarce, with some demand; we
found them effsring yesterday at OS, bat
some days they are so ecarce a3
to bring half a cent to a cent
hlgbe r. Thero lsno speculative activity
in anything; a lot of $700 old isauo Ten
nessee Talbot money sold at 25; the
buyer whs willing to extend his pur
o,hrt. o,luttbet bolder-vpouid part with
no mere at that figure. In Little Rock
Aik&n?s State s:rlp, interest-bearing,
tstaitrcf Ut
Market. cc?l. (Ties.
Firm. 2,018 Gl
Strong. 92S12.K)
Active. 1.72J 3,530
Qalet. 4:3 733
-.Finn. 7GS '0
Steady. 57 1 21!)
Firm. 1 ml 130
Firm. :2 2J0
Ea?r. 1,520 5fJ
Daih . -2-6 .
Firmer. 420 on
Qn'et. 157 el
j is quoted bv the Gzzeile at G7 buying,
I fl.iiiDcr a 6970; Biats tcrlp, new iue,
tbo same; S ate ten per cent, bonda
I boylog at 009l; State eix percent.
bond?, 189S, eelling nt 43.
I Tub fboddcb exchange showed
home movement, in cKmeequancs of a
better supnly of merchandise on tho
market. Corn remains scarce with some
damand for it; 63 sacks of mixed, re
ported Rood esoru Bta in rooii couaiiiein.
sold at 4Slc. and 59 sacks at 4Ss. Oats
have bsen verv eiuiet all week and
prices remain low; sale of 50 sacks at-
4lc. JJran 13 quiet; lou bsckb com at
$13 75 the condition was good aud the
sacks new; 20, 50 and 52sacks corn bran
sold at $13 50. J7ay remains dull; 60
biles choice timothy eo.d at $21 50;
pralrleds little called for, tome dark his
sold at $0: iniall bales were quoted at
SS a fsweiavs aj;o; a lot cf prairie hay
was offering at $17. . Po'.alots are a hor
ror; there are more on hand ttan deal
ers kno w what to do with, and the Andy
Baum came in with between 600 and 700
more barrels ad 33 of russets havo
leen made at 65c, and even btl W thatj
70c tho mora prevalent price; early rose
are In small supply; pinkeyes have been,
offeriogat$l, and peachbiows at$l- 2-5.-Lard
is attracting some nttention in
cons-jueuce of the discovery that light
weight buckets are palmed off on the
unwary. Some parties who strippoJ
and weighed tuspected packages found
one pound short on the 20 pound bucket;
others who had done the same found
three quarters of a oound short. When
lsrd is oflered under the ordinary mar
ket prices, it will be well for dealeia to
I j on their guard; buying cheap Jrd
at 19 pounds for 20 will not psy'it
costs more than It comes tc." Commeal
was dull at $2 20; small lo s.,lso a fa
vorite trind, commauded $2.25.
Teh general market was not very
liberally hupplied with some kinds of
produce, but the demand was of a quiet
cbaracterf atd there was no scarcity.
Eggs, however, were in plenty, and
their price showed no improvement;
sales were at ll(3ll2c. Chickens were
few, but ample for the inquiry rates
were unchanged, and we quote roosters !
and inferior at $2602 75: mixed, $34;
good- all hen?, $1 2-5. Geese were not
offering; the last sales were at $6650.
Bucks were not iu markjt; the laet
sales $4 505. Turkeys are few, with
only a moderate inquiry; common to
medium, S1015; fine and gobblers, $17
20. Cabbage tells by tne hundred
head at SSSblO for Louisiana; some good
sr.uthern brouehtSS. Beeswax, 2527c.
Tailow Sc. Wool, as in condition, 15
40.'. Beef hides, aa in weight; flint, 14
15c; dry salted, 1012c; green salted,
68o; green, 57c; upper prices or
heavy, which are scarce in receipt.
Deerskins, dry, 25S30a; grcsn, nomi
nal. Sheepskins, as in wool, 253S1 25,
with such as command over 60o suaroo.
Butter, inferior, including common
white, 1520a; medium, 2225c;
cboice",-'2830i5. Beef ton quarters sold
at 24e; hindquarters, 47e; sheep,
6(n)10c. J7o(3-city dressed, 10s. Coal
oil, 17c. Cotton seed. $8 per ton. Cotton'
yarna-No. 400,-1616Jo; 500, 14(a)14c;
600, 12Q12JO; 7D0, 1010Jc Hominy,
iu store, $4 75. Building material is
quiet, quoting- for Rotcdale cement,
2 25; -Louisville, $2 25; Roman, $S;
plaster, $3; kiln brick, $1112 a thou
sand ; lire brick, $4 a hundred. Turpen
tine quotes 44t; raw linseed oil, 68e;
boiled, 73c; white lead, 10llc.
FLOUR-ftalet: superflne, SI 755: dou
ble extra, to 25S? 75; treble extra, S6$9 00;
choice, S7 25,37 7a: faucy. SS8 50 per bhl.
COUNMEAi-lulet: Ulln-drled. S23jG210
per bbl.
CORN Firm, rtock llcht; mixed, 5255o;
white, 5255c per buh.
OATtJ- Quiet; mixed, 17350o; white, 4S50c;
seed, 525ic per bnsb.
llltAN-Fair demand; !1718,
HAY Idelit demand: choice weatem, ?229
25: prairie. 1910. mixed, 81520 per ton.
SAWIH (pacKeuj Juouiuers. iuaiuu; iudb
clear tides, 13'4c; clear rib sides, 13;43l3Xc;
clear sldea, 13j14o; brealifast, 119i4ie;sa-Ear-enrod
nam-, WrMUc.
loriscIeari3ldes,12!4i12s; cl9Krrlbhldes,i2ic;
clear sides, 12Jic hams, HUe; mess povk,
521; rumped pork, S21; packed yio blsber.
tAKD-Flrm; la tierce, 132i14ojiln Kezs,
145o; half barrels. llVe; paUs, Uiic
UAlilNGSTOFFS ttleady; bagging, 2 and
2a tb., 13Qi3o; baling twine, 14Ko; Iron
ties, GK ; pieced ties, 34c.
M AOKKKEli Finn ; nail UOls., no. 1, K3
9 50; half bbls.. No. 2, 57 75S8 : half bbls.. No.
3, S77 0; U1U, No. 1, SI 75Q2; kltfl, No. 2, 81 50
1 75: ktts. No.3,81 50
WHITK Flflli Half bbls., ?5 606 75.
ceiFFKK-Quiet: ordinary, 20"$S21c; fair,
21 21W c ; eooa, 2222Je : prime, 23e ; choicelc ;
Java, Sius.
RICE Ordinary to choice. 6S8$c per lb.
BUG iP. -LOUISIANA In hhds.nrmer; rair,
7io; fully fair, 8e; prime. 8Mc: choice, 8ic.
yellow clarllled,9jil0c: white clarified, 1043
11c per lb.; barreled, c higher.
BUUAl? REFINED Standard A, lOJJe
crushed and powdered, llj12c; granulated,
ll'Aa per lb.
MOAHSES Firm; common, 4Do: fair,
45SlSc;prime,52351c; strictly prime; 65Q57o;
fancy choice, GOgGSc per gal.
- KYiJUFS (jommon to lancy,40cSlpergal.
CHEESK Western, 13lle per lb
BALT UOirso and common 'fine, 81701 75;
dairy, In bbls, S2 753; Llyerpool coarse, sacks,
81 3U1 10: Xiverpool fine, jaoks, 81 651 75.
BOAP Rosin and German, S;g85o per lu.
CANDLES iloxes, luU. weight, 1616a;
halt box, lull weight, 16X31(9o; quartor box,
full welBlit,1717Uc par lo.
STARCH 5c. per lb.
WHISKY S5cQSl per gal.
LI M 12 51 35,31 50 per bbl.
CEMENT Louisville, J2 25 Ilosedale, 82 75
;per bbl. ' t
E3CU LENTS AND-FRTJ1TH - Apples.per bbl ,
i jsfi rj' ltmnnt'nftr hnx. S5(JIC: ornrjifeft .oer
box, 8131 50; potatoes-iPedChblows, 81 SOal 60;,
early rose, i(i. ov;. xuasdu;, ciyi -j; iuu.
vr. El 501 75:cabbaze. Dor crate. S7 50 39:
onions, Jlf7332 2j; beaus. per.bushel, 81 25a,
175: dried apples, Sg9o: arfed peaches, 89c.,
25asoc: lnfexior.l2K?203::egcs. 12fllSc: nails.
per keg, 83S3 lOjvVJnegarf per gaioa74825or.
lobanco, per 10, 4SCM3i; spice, logzuc; pepper.
i5uti0c; oysters, 2 lbs, SI 6531 75; "coal oil,
18,19o; matches, 86 757; cotton rope,.1820o;
shot, patent; 82 l5g2 50rsoda, kegs,- 6SJSoj
PARIS, March IS jrSenfea766f. 70.3.
NEW ORLEANS, ilarch. 13. Gold
fi4J; sight, J pr,emium;-fiterling, bank,
557J '
LONDON, March 13. Consols for
Tnoney, 94 1-16; on account, 94 5-16;
5-20s of 1865, 105fc 5 20s of 1E67, 108;
10 40a, 1C6;' new lives, 105; "New York
Central, 104; Erie, 19; Erie proerred,
NEW YORK, Maroh-18. Money easy
at 34 per cent, frime mercantile pa
per, 45 per cent, r Customs receipby
$477,000 The aseistant treasurer dis
bursed $179,000. Clearings, $20,000,000.
Sterling firm, 4S64S9J. Gold strong,
opening at 114 J und closing at 114
Carrying rates, 2 to 4 per cent. Govern
ment bonds were firm; coupons of 1881,
123J: do. 1865. 118$; do, 18S5, new, 119 J;
do. 1867. 1213; do. '6S, 123; new fives,
118J; 10-403, regular. 118t; coupons, 119;
currency 6s, 120 J. State securities dull;
Tennessee 6a, old, 42J; Tennessee
6s. new, 41; Virginia, old, 34; Vir
ginia, new, 35; Missouri 6s, 103j.
Railroad bonds wore strong and higher,
the leading features having been the ad
vance in Noithwestern consolidated
gold coupons from 93 to 94. Chicago,
Burlington aud Quincy consolidated
sevens sold at 110J and eights at 114.
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minneso
ta firsts brought 50. and Hannibal and
St. Josoph convertible 80 At the open
ing of bueinesa on the stock exchange,
this morning Pacific Mail was weak,
and under a free pressure to sell declined
from 18J t3 18J. ThiB had a depressing
effect on tho general market, but shof t
lv afterward a firmer feeling set iu and
prices advanced to 2J per cent, Pacifla
Mail, line, LiaKe onore, western union,
St Paul, Rock Island and Michigan Cen
tral being most prominent in the ad
vance. At the second call prices showed
a reactiou of to 1 per cent, the latter
on Pacific Mall, but It subsequently re
covered J. The course of the market
was irregular latein tho day. the granger
shares and Western Union being firm,
and tho remainder of the list weak and
lower. A great change was In Union
Pacific, which sold down from 66i to 63.
On increased business there was a de
cline of 11 in Erie. On realizations. Par
cific Mail tell off to 0and closed at 20J
fai20I. Panama railroad was 1393
bid without sales; after the second call
closed 137 bid and offered at 139. Amer
ican district teletrranh advanced to 31
. Consolidation coal opened" a"t 441 and at
tho close was quoted at 41 to VI J; Uan
ton declined to 42 and closed at 42 bid
and 45 asked; other changes toward the
clcss were slight Transactions were
242,000 shares, of which 39,000 were Pa
clfio Mail, 28,000 We3teru Union, 5000
North ws.erii, 4000 Rck Island, 21,000
S- Paul 90,000 Erie, 27,000 Lake
Shore, 4000 Ohlos, 5050 Union Pacific
and 5000 Micnlgan Central. The
closing quotations were aa follows:
"Western Union telegraph, 6;i; Pa
nlfln Mail. 203: Adnms Exprcstw comp
ny, 105?: Wells & Fargo's Expreaa com
pany, &; -American Express com
pany. 634; United Btatea Express compa-
ny, 73: mew xoib lycwrai, nuj, jiri
22; Eriepreferced.3SfHar.eni,l43i;Har
letn preferred, 134; .Michigan Central,
r.ii-HTntnn Pacific stock. 63::Lake Shore,
61 i; Illinois Central, 103$; Pittsburg,,
98r; Northwestern common, s;
Northwestern preferred, 65; Cleve
land, Columrus, Cincinnati and In
dianasclia, So; New Jersey Central,
105i;iiock Island, 1111; St. Paul( 45i;
St. Paul preferred. 83; Wabiuu,, 3;
Wabash preferred, 91; Ft. Wayne. 103;
Terre Hatito, 4; Terre Haute preferred,
18r ChicaiiO aud Alton, 5;. Chicago
aud A!t?n prefer'd, 10;. Ohio and
Mississippi, 21; Jndiana Central, 4;
CbicsR', Burlington aud Quicoy. ISi;
Hannibal and BtK Joseph, 1$; Delaware
and Lackawanna, 19; .Atlantic and
Paoiflc telegraph, 19; Central Paoinp.
bonds, 108: Union PaciS.o bonds. 1051;
Union PacilioJand, .grants, 10SJ; Union
Pacific linking fund. 92;.Maripo3a, 71;
Mariposa preferred, ; Panama, n;
Miieouri Paoillc, 13 1
Atjantttf Pacific,
NEW-YORK. March 13. Business
nnit with the commission houses and
importera, but the jobbing trade is act
ive, tjolion goou aro in iiuiKiaio ru-
quest, and four-yard bro'wn sheetings
and fine and medium bleached shirtings
are in good demand. Prints are quiet,
except shirtings and cambrics. Cotton
dress goods are in fair demand. "Woolen
goods remain quiet. Shawls are rather
more quiet.
CINCINNATI. March 13. Flour dull
at $4-905 75 Wheat dull at 51 10
1 25. Corn quiet but firm, at 48c. Oats
quiet but stesdy p.t 3540c. Port qtiit
but firm at $23. Lard firm; steam held
at'131o; kettle, 13J14c. Bulk moats
steady with a moderate demand, 8, SJ,
1212jC JaaCOU quioi. uuu Biviwy, oj,
1313c. Whisky, $1 05.
BT LOUIS, March 13. lour dull
and drooping; very little doing, wheat
inactive: No. 2 red winter, $1 47J. Corn
active arid higher; No. 2 mixed, 40401c
cash, 4"c April. Oats dull and lower;
No. 2 33io bid, cash. Pork firmer, $33
delivered. Bulk meats nominal. Ba
con steady; only a jobbing and order
trade. Whisky, Si t. J-ra nominal.
Hoes holders firm, but ilttte uoing;
packiDg, $7 908 25.
LOUlBVlJLiijJi, marcn lj uiour
quiet and unchanged; extra, 44 25;
fancy, $6 757 25 Wheat dull, $1 15
1 30 Corn is in active demand and fi cm
at 4546c. Oats quiet but firm at 37
42c. Hayauu atio. irrovisions uu
chanced. Pork, $23 25(523 50 Bulk
meats, 812JlS2ic. jiacon, 9ji3fgv:
I3cloose. ratifiar-careu nama, !4i4to.
Lard tierce, 1440; Heg, iojc. vvnKy
held at $1 05.- Bagging quiet but ste ady
at 1213c.
CHICAGO, March 13. Flour dull and
unchanged: common to choice western
shipping .extras, $44 50; good to fancy
winter extras, $4 757 50. Wheat high
er; No.i2spring,.99ic. Corn steady and
firm; No. 2 mixed, regufar, 43 Jc. Oats
steady and firmNo. 2, 32c. Pork
Bteady with moderate.demand, $22 15
22 30. Larel. "eiuiet but steady, 13.25
13.274c. Bulk meats very firm, and
holders aaliihK higher rates, 8S.12, 12ic
Whisky, 51 05.
NEW YORK, Marjh 13 Flour firm,
with fair demand; superfine State and
western, 4104 60; SL Louis; $5 '25
9. Rye flour steady. $4 205 10. Corn
meal quiet; western, $2 55i$ 10. Wheat
a shaoe firmer; No; 2 Chicago nnmin
a'ly $1 231 20. Corn a shade easier;
mbied we8tern,.newuiigraded, 59363o.
Oats dull: mixed western and State, 43
47c. Coffee quiet; jobbing at 1519C
gold; -ejargoes. 1518c gold. .Sugar
quiet; prime, 7c. Petroleum quiet and
nearly nominar; crude, 8c; refined, 14s.
Pork dull, $23. Beef plain mess, 12c;
extra mess, 1313e. Cut meat quiet:
middles dull. Lard closed heavy; prime
steam, 13.62l 3.65c. Butter firm; west
ern, lSfrS'Jo; State, 2835c. - Whisky,
$1 091 09i.
NEW ORLEANS, Marcii 13: Sugar
firm; fair, 7c; prime, 7S7c; choice,
8(2j8Jc. Moliaises demand good; prime
reboiled, 4650c; no raw ou hand.
Flour firm; double ttxtra. $4 25; treble
extra, 56 50j cb dice and family, S7
7 75. Corameal dull and lower, $2 35.
Corn easier;' mixed, 53o; white, 54c; yel
lowt 56c. Oats quiet, 44c. Bran auiet,
80c' Hay dull; choice, $22. Pork dull;
mesa emo teel at $24 50. Dry salt meats
steady, 8yaj9, 12, 13c. Bucon dull,-10,
14, 14c. E.ams choice sugar-cured
scarce. 15c. Lard in light supply; tierce,
refined, 13ic:, keg, 14c. Rico steady;
-pmnmnn to choice Luuisiana. 44(3i6irc.
'Coffee quiet; ordinary to prime lGtaUSJo.
nrt 1 i. 1 4.1X1 J 1 AOfl"n
" ' I
Wind and Wave.
Since last report wo have had Btorm,
trout, wiou anu eunsnme, witn.a suuuen
collapse of temperature, tbermometera
falling from an average of 70 to a steady
condition of 47, the greatest mercurial
rsltltude of the past two days, aud clos
ing last nigmc witn & clear sicy anu cairn
atmosphere. The Ohio is once mots on a
bender, and Big Muddy is again climb
ing its banks. The following- table tells
the story in detail:
Office oi Obebvation,")
SiQNi.i, Service TJ. 8. Arsit. V
Mciii 'ills, Tenm., March 13..IS76.J
Above low
Feet. I In's.
Davenport ...
Helena, Ark.....
Keokuk .....
Lrttto' Rock...
6 i
XIVtUVlUD ..... uv...
4ew OTlean..Lil
Bhreveoort. ..
Ht, Louis .. ..
Below benoa roanr."- "
U. Si. L1JDWIQ, Sereeanj;.
Nabdtville, March." 13. The river is
rising, with 5 feet 5 Inch on the shoals.
Pittsburg, March 13. Noon River
9 feet arinches, and falling. Weather
bloudy and ,cool Night River 9
feet 4 inches, and risiflg. Weather cool
and cloudy.
Little Rock, March 13.-River 10
feet and rising. Weather clear, and
cool.j Arrived: Fleetwing and Ella
Hughesi Fort Smith. Departed: Rosa
Miller, Pine Bluff.
Evansvtlle, March 13 Weather
clenr' and cold. Mercury 28 to 50.
River .rising, with 19. aud. 4 10 feet on
tho gauge. Portli3t Up: Arlington, 10
p.m. Down:Feptoha and barges, 2 p.m.
Cairo, March llrNoon.. Arrived:
Vint Shinkle, Memphis, 2 a.m; James
B. Williams, New Orleans, 3 a.m.:
fc'usie Biiver, Cincinnati, 5"a.m.; Grand
Tower, Memphis, 6 8.m.; Jamwj "How
ard, New Orleans, 6 a.m. Departed:
Future City, St. Louis, 7 p.m.; Grand
Lake,No. 2, New Orleans, 11 p.m.; Vint
Shinkle, Cincinnati, 5 a.m.; Susie Sil
ver, NewOrleans, 8 a.m.; James How
ard, St. Louiy, 8 a.m.; James B, Wil
liams, Pittsburg, 9 p. m. Weather clear
and coo! Night Arrived: Grey
hound, Ohio river, 3 pm,; Lookout,
Ohio rlverj. Departed : Departed : Grey
hound, south, 4 p.m.; Lookout, south, 5
Wn. River 25 feet 6 inches, and rising,
eather clear and cool.
SEovemenu at tb.o Levee.
.Mary Houston, Cincinnati; Osceola,
St Francis river; Illinois Vicksburg;
A- 3. White, Napolon; Andy Baum,
Cincinnati; James Howard, New Or
leans; Thomas 8berIoek, New Orleans;
Colorado, Vicksbmg; 0-ce61a Balle,
Ashport; George W. Cbebk,J Heleha;
Phil Allin, Friara Point; Bella Mem
phis, Bt, Louis; Alf, Stevens, St, Louis;
City of Vioksburg.a'.LouIa; St. Gene
vieve, Vlcksburg.
ViCKSBTjRa Illinois, MsrkR. Cheek,
master, five p.m.
St. Louis City of Helona, H'Kee,
paster, five p.m.
WnrrE Rives "City of Augusta, Milt
Harry; master, five p:m. '
Arkansas Rives Belle.of Tezaa, J".
J. Darragh, master," five p.m. '
St. Francis RTver Osceola, T. R
Bowman master, rive p.m.
Gaines, Landing Idlowild, 8tack
Jjbp, master, five pirn.
Cincinnati Andy Baum, H. J.Vin
on, master, five p.m.
Mary Houston, Now Orleans; A. J;
White, Napoleon; James Howaid, Br.
Louis; Thomas Sherlock, Oinoinneti;
Colorado, St. Louis; City of Vicksburg,
Viaksburg; Ste. Genevieve, St. Louis;
Alf Stevens, Forked Deer livor:. Oiceola
iBelfej Afthport; Belle Memphis, Bt.
Liouis; ueo. w. Cheek, Helena; run
Allin, Friar's Point. . 7
- Andy'Baum, Osceola', Illinois.
City of Auguata, Belle of Texas, Susie
Silver, John B. Maude, Thompson Daau,
City o Helena, Carondilet, Grand Lake
No.-2 and barges. . 1 ,
Kccelpts Yesterdny.
Oeceola Belle 84 bales cotton, 308
scks cotton-seed, 16S scks corn,. ,22 pkg
ma dries.
Bslle Memphis 1800 brls flour, 400
brls meal, 300 icks com, 200 eoks oats,
100 scks cotton-seed, 80 nalea cotton, 45
caskB bacon, 25 tierces bacon, 00, pkga
sundries, 75bxs eggs, 101 biles, hay, 77
muies, n norctSj Ou nogs, oineau cat-t
tlo. ' ' x
Co!orado-'C0 bales cotton. .
Phil Allin 162 bales cotton, 348' scks
cotton, 12 pkgi sundries.
G. W. Cpeek E3 bales.&thpn, 53 bags
eeed-cottdn, 46, sacka 'cotton-seed, 75
pkgs sundries. ' , , "
Illinois 221,baies cotton, 31 bags Heed
botton, sundries to order.
A. J4. White 100 bales cotton, 26 bags
seed cbtton,,220 scks cotton-sesd, 4 pkga
sundries. - :'
The .Osceola brought but of St. Francis
riven.593'' bales cotton, 15 bigs seed
cotton'"32i'sa'cks cotton-seed, 3 head of
cattie, ti2 Bunches, shingles and 32 pkga
Andy Baura-f316 bales hay, 434 pkga
furniture. 21 brls whisky, 526 brla pota
toes, 77 brla appjes, 375 bxs starch. 100
brls .flour, 60 bris meal, 245 buckets lard,
57 ska oataS? ska bran, 22 bxs crackers,
101 reela rops, 2500 pkga miscellaneous.
Lcvco Fajrngrnpns.
The leveejwas crowded with' 'freight
yeBterdayV '"
. Business lively, with a good showing
of tonnage., w 1
The Belle Memphis departed for St.
Louis with 730 bales of cotton.
Ciuc'nnati, St. Lcula, Louisville,
.Cairo, EvbnsviJIe and Memphis all en
jov'ed a sllnht Snowall Sunday morning.
"The Kate Dixon left Vicksburg last
Thursday for Big Black river, being the
flrat boat to'gb up 'that stream in the
pastten years.
O'SQilivan keepa" hammerintr away a
the cut-off that is to leave Vicksburg
cut 'in the cold, but it is not in good
boating stage yet
Tho Ste. Genevieve passed up for St.
Loula having spent the winter between
km.l,et.n.n(inH IHIorrf OlttT Wild mnrla
many friends below here.
'St. Loula, Louisville, Cairo, Cincin
nati and Evansvil'e complained of rising
rivers Sunday, while at Memphis Big
Muddy waa steady at the Saturday quc
Captain Hicks- warns tho Vicksburg
piratea that there can ba no legal claims
against the wreck of the Mary Bell ex
cept for selvage, and that all such claims
should be presented to Ball & Menge, at
New Orleanp.
General Smith, the cuatomheuse offi
cer, informer us yesterday that the fire
iu his office Sunday night caused the
destruction of furniture, books and sta
tionery, but no official recoid or money
wore destroyed. The moat of tho de
struction was by water.
The Vioksburg. Herald la requested tb
ask all steamboats passing Basa levee to
keep on the Mississippi sid9 during the
present high water, to prevent washing
and breaking the lavee. Toia request ia
made by citizens of Milllken's Bend
and tho neighborhood who are inter
ested. The new Grand Republic's hull ia 350
feet in length, 101 feet width over all,10
feet hold in the clear. Her stairways
and cabins are of the most elaborate
firchltecture, while her Etaterooms will
be equal to the moat commodious sleep
ing apartments furnished by first-class
hotels. Particularly is this the case with
the two bridal chambers, which we are
informed are to be furnished in more ele
gant style than "ever before attempted on
any- steamer, for either fresh-water or
ocean navigation. In a word she Will
truly be a floating palace.
A telegram from New Orleans Sunday
nfght contained the following: "About
three o'clock this morning, during a
thunder-storm, the ship Majestic, Cap
tain Gibbons, owned by Thayer & Lin-,
coin, of Boston, and her commander,
loading for Liverpool, with thirty-flvo
hundred bales of cotton on board, was
struck. by lightning. -The cargo was set
on fire, and waa more or lesi damaged
by fire and water. The damage to the
vessel is estimated at five hundred dol
lars. The "damage to the cargo will
probably exceed fifty thousand dollar?."
As the Osceola, from St. Francis river,
was coming up by Cat ieland Saturday
evening, a deck passenger named Henry
dinger fell overboard and was drowned.
Aa soon as the alarm was given Captain
Bawman backed the boat down to where
the accident occurred, and made every
effort to save him, but the night being
dark and stormy, all efforts proved in
vin. The deceased waa a resident, of
Marshall, Clarke county, Illinois, and
leaves a wife and three children, He
haa been working on St. Francis river,
and took passage on the Osceola at Ma
riauna en rou'e for his home.
347 Front street, iHempMs.
obtained in the
United Btate3
Canada, andEu
rope; terms as
low as those of
any other relia
ble honse. Correspondence Invited In the
English and lorelgn languages, with Invent
ors, Attorneys at Law, and other Solicitors,
especially with those who have had their
cases rejected In the hands of other attorneys.
In rejected cases our lees are reasonable, and
no cnanze is made unless we are successful.
cnanze is maue umei
11 yon want
a Paten Lsend
iT) us a mouei or
b?fl sketch and a
fnU descrlDtlon of vonr Invention. We wlU
make an examlnaUon at the Patent Ofilce,
and If, wo think It patentable, will send you
Sapers and advice, and prosecute your case,
ur fees will be In ordinary caves, 125.'
uraior wnran in au mat
ters relating1
to Patents,
Patent Law.
and Inventions, 1
References Hon. M. D. Leggett,. Ex.Cfem
mlssloner of Patents, Cleveland, Ohio; O. H.
KeUey, Esq., Secretary National Grange, Lou
isville, Ky.; Commodore Dan'l Amman, U.S.
N., Washington, D. O.
ss-Send btnmp Tor out "Guide Icr Obtain
ing Patents," a book or GO pages. -
HoMoitim of Paiwnu. Wtuhlneton. D. n.
Notica of Dissolution.
THE undersigned, surviving partners of the
'firm of W. (?. .BRUCE s 'ju., havlns pur
chased the Interest of tho eA&tn or N K. Hrnen
In said arm. lie same is, 'aereby absolved, to'.
cxie m January i, ic.ii, we navinz assume a
all liabilities or tne l,to firm. The business
will continue under tie firm name and style
Of W. . aiuce & 0C W. 8. BRUCE.
mU3 juheph BflUQS.
fjABBiiY & mm,
Llflnor irai
We ennounca with, pleasure the recent arrival of several shipments of 5KW
HPBXftU HLLKK, which we will have" tho. pleasure of showing on MONDAY
It EXT, 13th INST., comprising Klesaet Linos of Blacli Taffetas and Urol
Bmliii, from the looms of tho most celebrated Lyons manufacturer, unequaled by
any In the market for brilliancy and ilurabllty gooJs that we can safely guarantee
oar patrons a, the best and cheapest In the United Statts. Varied and beautltal
.assortrneat 'of FASOT &IZ.K Sros drnp Cxrlslenav, Cacnemlre Sol de
rrnriee, Kayo Oadrllle Grisaille and Kayo Glace, In all tho new effects and
color combinations; also, exquisite lines of I'lnla Colored Falllr, In new and
attractive shades, suitable for street and evening wear. HavWs purchased these
Silks under unusually favorable circumstances, we are enabled to oSr them at
much lbVer prices than any Other house in the trade.
i 11
"TVo are showing a superb line of beautiful SPBISG CosrUHE MATERIALS
Xyons Rtd lrlh bilk' Poplin,-IUc&iFrneh Oamsnr, Plain and Plaid
haitlngr, Tlgrosnrv, Gieinlte HntUDcs, Mill Arabcaqnrg, Linen Arn
besqntd, nllU Warp FoagM, glib Warp Bergr, and other elegant and popular
fabrics, which In variety, beauty and attractlvenew cannot be rivaled. Ladles de
sirous of purchasing mateiial far a rich and elejant costume at a moderate expendi
ture, cannot-fail In being salted-among the lmmenso end varied assortment we are
showing thls,t:easoa
242, 244 AHDl248 MA1H
Ag'ts for B. F. ATery & Sonrs Plows orders filled from store or lactory
Bole Agents for H. P. Blonnt's (the original and only genuine
Drie Plow,
Sole Agents Wm. CJlore's Wrought Calhoun Plows,
Owners of Sitchell Patent Cotton Bcraper.
Trace-chains, Kameg, Collors, Bllnilbrlulcg, Backhands,
Slnglelreefl, Donbletreoa, Plowlines, Laprlngs, Plowhandlcs,
Plowbeams, Cievlsea, Wedgts, Crosucat Saws, Hoes,
Spades, Shovels, Axes, Caststcel, Iron,
Wailfi, 001031618' and BlickBmlths' Tools, BniIdel8, Hardware, Beltisar,
Plantation Wagons, Etc., Etc,
1 UB&SVji '
nvr av tat- a". pTWiTT'T'Tsf M m OottOxt S3XoeiZ33.A3X
SHIPLEY & CO.. Liverpool, England.
-A-TvTX -
laiiii.s, SALsaooa akd yard,
Tyt"-ri pv g mm m ToiuioQaioo.
stock of LUMBER, DOORS, 8AH,. BLINDS and MOLDINGS of the late MEMPHIS
WOODWORKS, which, added to our already larae stock of Building Material, we are better
prepared than ever to fill all orders promptly and satisfactorily, and would respectfully
solicit a continuance of their .customers ith ua. WILL1AHS & CO.
S. V. PKAfiVS,
3?I5 SVont St., Memphis, Ss?ia.
Staple and Fancy Groceries!
O i.B.
S enrloadsBnllc Sldrs and boaldera,
25 tierces Hng:rcorrd Ilnrns,
25 bozas B7Mkraat Bveon,
400 iMixfw ttLHtnteamX AmmegCheee
300 tnba t-'holcc Batter,
630 bbls. Plenr v.rlam rrvd,
1O0O plica. KackcrI,Herrlnr.Wli!tHJsIi
B. J. 8EMME8 & OO.
We are making a specialty In
WhlchfBara cSulnz at lows? prtoes tkaa ine eaasyonBded Iqaora ol this and :otht
mark.U. Always cm hand
No. 9 UZtlO STSEET, Memphis Teas.
&, rf r iWD3& liaa tksm tie Cotton Popartment.
t. u. uraaa.
lOOO cm. caan'd romatoea nnd Sncax, rn
1300 eases Peaenei, nirawberrles, 1 me
Apples, et,
BOO be. Hpleed lltsret and Tonznn
XOO bbls. Tdlow and Wlillo SaarM,
3SO Sf.eks Jam, Bin and Cordova Coell,
CO bbls. and or. bbls. Bumi cider, etc.
13r. B't S Joiinson's
Between Main and front Streets.
DR. JOHNSON la auuole!gd by -11 par
ties Interested, as by far the mobt sueee"
ful physician In tne treatment o: private or
secret diseasot Quick, thorough and perma
nent curcx guaranteed in every oase, maloor
female. Uocent cases or Uonorrhoa and Syph
ilis cured in a few days, without thonsool
mercury, cLango of diet or blndraaco from
business.. Secondary byphilip, the last veUio
eradicated without tho use of mercury. In
voluntary ls of iomen stopped in a hort
time. SuCerprsfromlrapot!acyorh)t.erB:
ual pow-rs rtstored to freu vigor In a low
weeks. VJesUma of self-abuse and exces-tvo
venery, suffering IroHt spermatorrhea and
Ion of physical and fascial power, epeed Uy
and permanently cured.
Particular attention paid to the Diseases of
Women and cures guaranteed.
Throat and Lung Diseases cured by new
All consultations strictly confidential.
Medicines sent by express to all port of th
Ofilce horns from S ajn. to 9 p.m. Sundays
from 3 to 5 pan.
dc9 tlAw D. a TOTINPOV. M. T.
'14 tfca matter of Toof, Phillips & Co., Bank-rnpts.-Iu
AS Assignees of slid bankrufts' estate, wo
will hell, at public-auction, on
jruesdaT, March 14, 1810,
at 11 o'clock a.m of ((aid day. in front of our
office. No. 19 MadI vm street, Memphis, Tenn.,
the claims, of every description, r?malnlnt; in
our hands, due tho said estate, to-wit: Notes,
Open Aocounts,sortirod by Life Policies, Ac
ceptances, Stocks, Bond, i'naltletf, etc Alto.
A acres 01 land, near the Boulevard, about 3
imles from the city, and known as part of tb
uonps place, Ihe evidences of indebtedne-M
to lie fcectt at nhr ofHc!. Trrm8 of Sale Casli
fb22 tu.. O. WOOLDK1DGE, Assignees.
CIUAP.S, at public auction, on
I will sell, at A. M. Stoddard s auction store.
No. 260 Second street, at 10 o'clock of said day.
seventeen barrels of Whisky, four and a-lmlf
barrels of Brandy, and one hundred and fitly
thousand Cigars, effects of John Smith, bank
rupt. mh8 O. WOOLDRIDGE, Assignee.
In tho District Court of the United States for
the District of Western Tenne-e-In the
matter of Toof, Phillips & Co., Bankrupts.
in Bankruptcy.
To the creditors of sold bankrupt:
riTAKE NOTICE, that a general meetlne of
i the creditors of. the said bankrupt will be
held at the' ofilce tff T. J. Latham, Esq., p.egis
tcr In Bankruptcy for said district, at Mem
phis No. 10 Madison street, on tho 15th day of
March, 1S76, at 11 o'clock, aja, for the purpose
of declaring a first and final dividend.
We also give you notice that we have filed
our final accountf as assignees of the estate or
the ead bankrupts. In (aid Court, and that on
the lOta day of April next,weshall apply tosald
Oiurt for the settlement of our raid accounts,
and for a discharge, from all liability as as
signees of said estate, tn accordance with tho
revisions of the 2Sth section of tho act of
ongres3, entitled " An act to etab!lh a uni
form system of Bankrnotcy throughout the
United States," approved March 2, IS08.
O. WOOLDKIUGE, Assignees,
n22 No. in Vinson Ktrwt-
Trustee's 3?ale.
BY virtue of the terms of a certain deed In
trust, made to mo on the 29th of Septem
ber. '871, br R. C and- H. L. Brlnkley, which
is of record in the Register's ofilce of Shelby
county, Tennessee, In book SS, page 230. and at
requestor the holder of the debt therein se
cured (the said debt, interest and costs being
due and unpaid), I will proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, at public sale, for cash, at the
southwest cornerof Main and Madlfon streets,
In Memphis, Tennessee, on
Tlinrselay, April G, 187C,
at 12 o'clock neon, the property described in
said trust deed, as follows, to-wit : Being lot
No. 313, as known upon the plan und map of
the city of Msmphls, Deglnnlng at the Inter
section ol the east line of Second street with
the bouth line of Jefferson str- et: runnlDg
thenco east with tbe couth Hue of Jefferson
street one hundred and loity-eightand one
half (11S!0 feet to a stake; thence south par
allel with Second street seventy-four aud one
quarler (71)0 Iet to a stake; thence west par
allel with Jefferson street one hundred and
forty-eight and one-hair (11S) feet to the east
line of second street; thence with said o.si
line seventy-four and ono-quarter (74$ feet
to the beginning corner.
All equity of redemption Is barred by said
truit deed, and the title Is believed to be good,
but 1 sell as trustee only.
mh7 W.Y.anUMEF, Trustee.
UNDER and by virtue of a trust deed, exe
cuted to me on January 1, VSTi, by Frantz
L. Morat, and duly recorded In the Keglstei't)
ofilce of Shelby county, Tennessee, in book
No. 110, page 535, and to which reierence li
here made, I will, on
TTednesdaj, 29th day or March, 187G,
between tte hours of 11 o'clock a.m. and 12
o'clock m.,in front of the courthouse at Mem
phis, Tennessee, sell to the highest bidder, for
cash, tbe following described lot or parcel or
land, lying in the county aforesaid, south of
and near to the city aforesaid, bounded a3 fol
lows : Beginning at a stake seven hundred and
twenty-five feet south of the lntert-eetlon of
the south line of Division street with the west
line of Horn Lake road (e tlmatlng the "Mag
nolia Garden" lot to have a Iroat oa bald road
of 200 feet); thence south with said roadflvo
hundred and twenty-five feel; thence wet at
right angles with tuld road sixty five feet to
Trigg's east line; thenca northwardly with,
slid east line five hundred and twenty-fiva
feet to a stake; thenco east on a lino parallel
with the south line of the lot here to be tout
flf t j-6even feet to tbe beginning, together with
the Improvements and large surubbery there
on. The equity of redemption li waived in
the deed, and tne property will be sold on ac
count of default of the vendor, Morat.
mh7 JOHN H. WILLIAMS, Trustee.
Truatce'a Sale.
UNDER a Deed of Trust made to me as
Trustee by John W.Jefferson. December
19, 1871. registered In beak 1M, page to secure-
to J. H. McDonald, guardian, the debt
therein mentioned, which Is credited by
S1530 en, I will, on
MONDAY, APIilL 3, 1870,
between 12 m. and 2 p.m ..In-front of the court
house. In Mempbls.eell to the highest bidder,
for cash, a lot of ground situated In Memphis,
Shelby, county, Tenn., being lot 27 of the sub
division of country lot 516: Beginning at the
southwest Intersection of Manassas and Marr
streets, fronting 150 feet on Mar asas by 85 on
Marr street. Equity of redemption, right of
dower and homestead waived.
mhS WM. M. SMITH, Trustee.
BY virtue of a decree In the Chancery Court
of Shelby county. In the case of Mary L.
llaxpbell vs. Joel E. Wlteon et al.. No. aT,
It. P., wherein I have been appointed. In the
filaca of S. F. McNutt, dee'd. Trustee in a Deed
u Trust executed on the 21th of June, IS?, by
Joel E. Wilson and J. V. Wilson, for the par
pose of securing a certain Indebtedness there
in mentioned, which deed la recorded In tho
Register's ofilce of Shelbv county. In Deed
Book "Jo. 05. pages W7-1W, I will, by virtue of
said au;horlty, on
Tuesday, tho21et Djyof Sarch, 167G,
at the southwest corner of tbo Intersection of
Main and Madison ttreets,!n the city of Mem-
Shis, sell within legal hours, at public auction,
tho highest bidder, for cash, the property
desert bed in said l'rasi Deed, to-wlt: Situated
In Shilby county, Tenn., and beginning at
the northeast corner of J. V. Taylor '.-i lot No.
1; thenco west six chains and twenty-threw
links to a stake, with three sweeiauiu point
ers; thence north four chains an(l Bfty-lgtit
links to a stake, with sweetgum jointers;
thence east six chains and twenty three links
to a stake In the weut slae ol Mosely aveniMe,
and thence south four chains aud nlly-etfrot
links to the beginning containing tw aeres
and 85-100. Tho equity of redemption Is
waived. Title believed to be good, but I sell
and convey as trustee only.
JOHN JOIINsrON, Trustee.
Cfapp & Menx. Attorneys, fold
Trustee's Sole.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trtrtt made to me on
the BCtlr day of January, 175, by A. 1.
Bonner, which IB ieooide-1 In the Register'
ofilce of Shelby county, Tenn"see In boik
Nd. 105, page 125, 1 will selltst .public auction,
to the hlghesroitrffer, for cash, on
Monday, the 13(k Day or March, 176,
at 12 o'clock m., at the southwest corner Main
and Madlnon streets, Memphis. Tenhes-ee,
the following property, situated In Shelby
county, State of Tennessee, and described as
follows, to-wit: .Four acres of land blng
tart of the A. Kerr subdivision, original let
No. K, and part of the Withempoen rabdlvl.
t don, lots-Nos. IS, 19 and 20, on the north side
iieeiaent ixngg avenue.cnown as ioi no. oi
Newton iford subdivision, near the Her
nando road, aboutlwo ml lei southeast of the
city of Memphis, bounded as follows, to wit:
Beginning at a stake ou the north side Rest
dent Trlug) avenue and tho west Me Fowler
.avenue;, tbence wen with, the north aide Res
ident Trigg avenue four chains and 75 links
3Ctt feet to a stake; thence north 8 cnalDS 11
links 555 feet to a stake on the north line lot
No. IS Wlthersponn sntxllvl ton; tnenae east
four chains 73 links LS03) feet to northeast
corner lot No. W on we-t mde FoTrleravenue;
thencd Rout-a with said avenue eight ha! t It
links i5 fpet; to tho bc;lnn. ? and known ai
tha " Bonner riace."" EqfitT of redempt n
waived. Title be .Led tu. ;)cxl, Let I zU
and will convey on.y aa trustee.
, JOUX H. XAYLOR, Xrw'ce.
Jt If. f onl, Attorney.

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