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mi wi m wni a r?
- Jfc ,
VOX 36, NO 69
leworaqy ty oofton crui oofci.- JVcw
Icr, ooUow, 12i-; MSnphis, Hi a. AW
i-rk,9--Aat lUf; Memphis, HEj
-nr jMhmiw ami OMo vaty, dear
or?if tV Mtf.Wa winds, and during
Sinioif aflornoon riling (emBera'mrs
end tUmig fat'ing biromtler.
ItVy will le) to the exposition two
LunJr.d piwejifatiurysnil hundreds
CoociMioiM gnated hy the Ccntannlil
rv 1 oritiea, leetudiag tuo probaiilo roy
tl.iw, th Philadelphia 2?orth American
r-j. win jkmi over ODfc million dol
K u hbftirti'tenaltUerofcjndo.
. -hco "J!Ni ums UMtb of Djak. Kw.
axve "h- trlii r pore toal; hia wife wai
.fJ- w nui.ry :h now a wldotr:
i r-'4oa xa ocphtn."
0 lu UbVnth c f Juno In each year
-K- II .libiUilt.l of O.v
ti'ul j oua girt into Ilia sea In honor of
x tniM. ay if tfei tafeaa out, crowned
end wnrblp4 il the day as a queen or
T forrna.loo has been received from
j . o Q9 J uwiro smtosncing that the
t mtnt-r untt fert there torard the
cl of IVbruny with about on thou-
i.s u pasnag't for the L'-r t-nulsl oxhl
t u .u. JWj RlfMMtr i due at Nov York
o j the iimth or Iwenttetli Instant.
I o.Mt wiVi hsva a f pedal, vivid,
.u . U.J 1 - -
v1.-vr, i rnui, Dxanung lovollnea?,
vd? exact, di?tit)eUon
tV.ir hmbi eLd features that are all their
yo cannot call tbem fragile, but
tl.y are rf flue i fibre and no delicate
R r iforiog that they only juat oicans
t'Jit apprehension.
Tn Tortug-jtae government Iim asked
tLe cortM for the turn of thhty-threo
t .ca-acd do)! v. In irJer to render the
1 rt JgBiipiiy at the Centennial ex
h.bluon as attractive and complete as
air"9-:W. This j-uta in Intended for
t vi s. ctlona Ju particular, the agricul-
new tf peetting maehki cotta five
x. u-Hi coiiar anii seta ten thousand
caii per uay. llie tojnectUB of the
Ui.--?. howtvtr, fKiecU to stale
ci i tv-hoK hhi got fourteen xx?"
je oi'wrcetMm cf a Btsamboat for
uxuibitlju hv llie Cinttnuial has been
hiun nt tle On ten u a' works, New
a rs. x. wm im iu y ieet long acd ten
ij . id, with iron frame eheaihed with
w v u. it will mwt about twenty thou
nnjd Ujtiarr, ad li expected to ba a
irDjeiot btaut-, symmetry and speed
TheFreueh Centennial commislonpr.
r eral, M. DuSommerard, has Inlorm-
.u i-rs m: uenerai uosnorn, by cable,
i- ojr lfi-gj transatlantic ateamos
vvii fuo'ityUB tent direct to Philadel
p - a, liricging tbc commisiloners, eugl
z - ra. bontructois. all the fine art mllnn.
CJjp, national manufactures and private
At oaoh entrance ta tho Centennial
cspsit-on grounds there will be an au-
t .u.3 Krrargement to register the
tiz.ly lumterof vlsitora. The man-
:3 es imat that at tho lowest fifty
Ui aacd people will visit tne exhibMon
evrvdsy. Ihia would yield fourmii
I o ' livanondred thousand dollars. The
cx i jsw will ba nearly two millions.
TocbWof the agricultural depart
Tntut of the Centennial exhibition an.
xo u c.-e that ail the 4ioe in the build
ing ha been takstr, aud that no more
cs b grauted. The catalosua of the
o .jIIiiLj in the horticultural hall is in
th? ;snds at Uie printer, biiug over two
moaths rtrft of thb diy ot opening a
U'.ag unparalleled in the matter of in
tcra.i )nl.,. cxhib tijns.
Ia view of the recent Bhor iu Kcn
try, he New York Evening Pott con
temp afta the p s$i jiiiiy or soon having
t priit mvu i b weather announce-
K??," Jb': "1''jr Ne,T "glacd, the
rd .le rjtates, a lower lake realon,
; K orjme;f, irorcadng cloudiness,
vvil'i Deefoteaks cbaijgijg to mutton
c -.ojs in the northern part of these re
S't?w daring the night."
xi. wiittr In the Iraolilioncr f r Ftb
rtary civ stvtrsl imtances to show
t at al ohul dcK-H not awist tha vital
f '-,ei ta re-let exDntum to cn'.A t..
Qi new, iu one ol li s eesayp, notices the
ea. f ct as a rewitt of pronal ob?er
Tikion. Alcohol ateorba tbo rooiiture
In the body, having a powerful tfiinity
icr, uu ins lnutvuiar nyetem, by
bcirg made more homogeneoo i, ia more
Ci: Jy alfected by frcst.
The Free Press tells n strange etory oi
ailirg rear AVaihington Court-House,
wj!o, wnoio uaugLter Julia lejt her
a .m; am mamea a eclored man. Mrc.
JU'lJjna!ii after a long search dissovered
the Ir fitaatud y ung woman living in a
;ii"-'u m xeirou, nor nusoacu be
irg a tnucuiar, coai-fclack necro. No
a-nu.ju oi entrcty ocuid ptrsuado he
tjleivoherdueky choice.
F 3metime s a brot her-in-law ia a han dv
r.eco of fortfitmo to havo iu the honn
M'Cfirtee, fr a lung time in charge cf
ii0 i.ci.y pnuung-oure&u, la salu to
jiavu reniizw me oeueuts ot brotber-in'
lawry i i a verv rwiw-tiiio ,ionr
Upon a cfn tract for 'ieing note-paper,
1l C'v'a hrottifr-In liw has cleared a
c : r r .lit of &evfc:.iy-tive thousand dol-1-8
aye-, t,nd Ij ibis very neat thing
ije repans Hiy M'Cirtto himeelf has
"tui1 psrtiKr.
On the Nonl railway, in France,
row syttem oi ALnger warnicg has
dc a inirouuoexr, conisting cf sixty sie
ra --taUon aljug the line to indicite
oarer waen there la auy, in connec
t.j-3 w.th which thirty-eiKbt locomo-
i vc3 nave bee j supplied with the oleo
t '-, autonsatic whistle. Tbis !s so ar
iasm that whpu, day or night, the
IjCLffioltve rtsshes a signal which
flf J, "Hanger," that mjment the
y, iui.e on tne engine eouno's.
A French msnev-Ian'lAr iimiiin t
t j Bvon Ro hhll.l that a ncbleman 10
wi.ju tie na4 loaned ten thouianu
f.a csiairoaeoffaodleftuoackuowl-
cugineuui the tftbt. "Write him and
a & mm to nana yen Immedirtely the
b v( i ty ;inu;ana fratjcs he owes you,"
t ie wily banker. "Bat he only
.. .3 .-3 a luuuB-tuu irancs," saui tne
r.j-ey-lemlsr. "Precisely," reialned
t.- aron; "and he will write and ttll
j uf.i, aud you will thua gtt his ac
Jx: owltdgmat."
A R&euaa IHter rta oi that purer Ann
cf t""e Tu.kw'a army lately m ohargo of
tj.o h SiiiuU at Oabeila etttmates the
si lame m He;z?govlna during
te I&urrcction lo bve been not lets
t'an thirty-ave thousand men. A
1" o i roparthHi of tUe d'a'Jia KnulUd
ftvm mUadie', the gravity of which is
i r a-i:.. The exbaueUon of funds i'
r -"3 tha no aKent'oa la paid to requi
s f ir the BMt isien'fsl articles,
a. J ' vf-jx for medlcins. Tee sick die
c-l- flj :rn th lack of proper emte-
W.l ana and Mry eoliege, Virginia,
Tj cgiin behr co igns a a claimant
f t q it s-Ki KuWawl by tbe f'-a. Th's
c - o was fnu'itd in 1692, in tne rign
cl '.V 1 i-.ui a:d Mary, who graotd it a
d-rs.L i ol iwtnty thousand acres of
1- J. Iiis'i'c.'ed Vi!! jam burg, the
i-i -ziz V. o' i,ovroment tr Virglnij,
11 ty dftht Mtttt ttlw Rfehtuood, be
Ur m titeYork afxl Jaiaee. Mauy of
t o . UuiamtUmK aad reWfera ot
V :j. i.h, oi lb levokKloMey M wrfl m
I o Jits, haw h e etfwettted at this
1'. or.
l ijtrnoe of Mr Movdy'a rk
f -: a i h vps a k a'ched
fr :i A vies a a Iratd ;riui the Imrn
fr , crd wiiotavtd r.pe hutuirfd do?!ar.
d- ii ? iue firt year of hia reformation,
v::..-h Le ikpoaited in th Third Avenue
co. .ig Lank, wi 1 nprat6 pu the
average lun .f dtuokanis rather m a
w-n ng than as an invittlou. It will
I c;c t to tueir imaeiMttona a vivid
ir:ig3 cf the nuiuber of eye opening
dr.rEa which might h.ve bten bought
w. h tha mouey which after al' went to
swell the thievtfeh panes of a Dirling
aal a Green. If the preaehet'a design
was to bring diuokarda to repentance or
re'- rmatitHi, the last part of the reseaed
1 1 b-Iatfc'a BtaUeat ibeuki have been
B - i reused, or sather eaviMg liaak
fct. E'uted. New York Wrld.
., v r nfe whisky, put on a
VjI' grefuUy, and call out over the
TheKccnsant lTltnea?3Inst Slay in Trls
on until lie Parses Himself of
Contempt Necessary Ex
penditures, In Old Case Against Secretary Ilrlstoir
3Iarsh to Return upon liis Be
In s Pardoned by llio Prcs
WASHixaTOS, March 18. TbeWw
mittee on expenditures iu the war de,
pariment nai a prtvato tewlon to day,
bntexsmined no wltneaiei. They ex-
iveCkionave Dure tnem i.oncay J&v,
Bonnifon, of Paildelphi4, . -tfg;thsr
PAKTilEJCT. WAsniNQTON, March "l&.-Ji'ie houss
ommittce on expenditures in the treas
ury department will comments thia af
ttrjooa ancixtnnelva n&mlimtlnn Intn
ho expenditures of that ueDartmsnt
and particularly as to those concerning
the printing curcau. Numerous wit
nefBes have hjen summoned, including
Secretary Bristow, who will ba exam
ined to-dy. The coram ittte Iiave re
Bolved that thir BtSjion shall bo secret
Washikoton. March 18 T.ml
cnargea ana msinuaiions rontslncd in a
letter dated at IjouIsvHIb, and printed in
a New York tanr th.'s mnrnin,
Bwretary ljrlstow, some years ago', nar
ticlpated in collecting a fraudulent mule
oiaim ana iook nut or the pDcteds, la
iirsCUce of bid Drofe-sinn nf & wo
he held no pujlio offlje, and me court
aljudgd it to boa ust claim, Judge
Urtte dlctlhg on legal grounds alone
and Sot because fraud was anywhere
uuargw. xue ciaim waa paid by tho
trea&ury upon the order of the court.
Secretary Bristow .did not labb half or
anywhere neer onchalf of the claim,
but wa paid, the usual fee lu such
cases, lla had nothing whatever to do
with the rise in any of its stares hpforA
the department or in its preparation, but
i-ficr lae proofs were taken he arranged
tue wa aim arguou n teiore tne court.
WASniNQTON, March 18 Tho attor
ney general thia afternoon Jec'elved a
telegram irom tne Person who Js nego
tiating with Martb. which
also dteirea immunity for hia wife as a
couunion ot nn return. This will a'si
be grantwl. Tho agent Is now In New
York. Yesterday evening the President
received a conitnuincetion from fho
juliciary commitiba of the house of
us&iug mai pioceeuingsl
uc imm tu bcuuiu me return to wash
ington of the witness Marsh, now in
ftnn-.l. m. t Kill, m ' - -
v.a.juim. i ma icucr wa? reieired to the
President 1V tha attornev-pfinfirAr nhn
eteps had already been taken to secure
uio t'uiuiuiiLea mai nrnner
tho attendance befora the committee of
mis wunesp. and that Llresilv an ivan
of the derailment wni in Montreal with
thia object in view. Late last n:ght the
altoruey-cenoml received a tri
from his agent, annonbing that he had
been in confercnte with Marsh and that
me iaiwr was pewectly williig to return
, ""UHiuiiu Kuuir"iee
that he would te safe from embarrass-
ujonie, anu icr; rust he deUred was the
lBll5inrt C fill nn-ilnn C mktAl. I
hO WOVJlu immpiH(f.lv mmo J
conrerenco with the .President thia was
n.t J, r i"rM, aila Atornoy-tanerai
..Di.Wuv niegrapuea ro inai enect to
the ienrssenlauvfi or hia rtimrtmont
The pardoa will be ready for him to take
u 2itrin eany next weeR. The govern
ment officer will leave Monlroil to-day
for the purposo of oUaia'nc It. and will
return at once with it to Marsh, who
win, uu iu receipt, proceed miner with'
out any del iy wba'ever. Tne attorney.
general was with the judiciary commit
?eo to-day and stated this fast to its
WAsniNaroN, March 18. When
aaiietiitihourne, the recusant witness,
yetieraay eddressed a letter to thfi
speaker of the ho"d?e, reminding him of
uia Hiuy unuer tne one hundred and
lourtu section oi tho revised statutes, tbe
eWntAW Vin1 I A I
i.ttCi uwi aiicau.y prei H'eu me cer-1
tificato leouiieJ. and it waa at that time
rerdy to be sent to the district-attorney.
Kllbourne msde a damand that the
,uu xc4uneu ua given uy me
tpasaer, so mat ne might erg?y tbo right
10 a spEooy anu puuuc trial, but accord-
Inn In tln 1.1.. .-..I... I . 1 , I
'us luiuipicauuu oi me uw Dy
tho i.ir.n'r.. on.f I. fr. I ,1. . I
tificate does not release Kilbourne from
prison. Th's must be done by the house,
it being held that apart from such cer-
iincation, the house has a right to pun-
ior contempt.
Bobut Dale Owen hss partially re
covered his health, and ia about to sail
for iuropo on a pleasure trip.
Mr. Jamea P. Voorbcc?. son of Hon.
Dan Voorbeep, of Indiana, haa made an
oagagemeut to piay witu a stock com
pany in St. Louia during all ol next
Mlea Kate Field anneared at a theatri
cal fancy-dro3a ball in .London aa "The
American Yacht Club." She prob3bly
showed "a clean pair of heels" to the
Sir George Elliott, who nurohaaad the
i-gypuan railways tor Jioellah canltal-
iaw, was once a pu-Doy in tuo mines.
He ia now the largest coal proprietor in
the world and a mnmbar of parliament.
Mrs. HeiBchel V. Johnson. Jr.. died in
G iorgia ltt week, within lew than one
year or ner marna;e. Yltbin a com
piratively short period no leas than
tweny-two of her near kinsmen have
also died.
Tno Dako of Nemoure, writes a Ger
man correspondent from Paiis. bears
such a strikinc resemblance to ETnrv
lv mat one might suppose the picture
uy ituoena in tne caiiery or the .Louvre
to ua tne uuBe's poitralt.
The emperor and omnresa of Brazil
win leave itiouo Janeiro on the twenty
sixth of Maich, reaching New Yerk
aoout tue end ot April. The emperor
uas repeaieu mat ne wished to travel
lik- a private gentleman, avoiding all
public marks at respect.
Dr. hiewman spoke, in a recent ser
mou, or "the sad funeral procession"
which rcllowed Abel to the grave. An
Irreverent woman in the audience
nu iced her companion and whlenered
1 1 i. i
ixai eucq a largo procession, but very
eeieci. xoao uui me iirst ramiiiei."
The vemribleDr. Pnsev has relatfd
in a latter to the Times the history of an
"intrigue with Rjme," in which he
iooe a prominent part. This waa not
the "Intrigue," which wa9 nipped in the
uuu oy iib premature disclosure a lew
v. otks eg), but it was something like it.
lacount Mandoville. the eldest son
ana heir o" the duse of Mancheter, la
engaged to be marrieI to Mha Yznaca.
or.e of the belles of New York. Viscount
Mauueville id a young man of twentv-
wo or tweuty-three. and has for nm-
tlmo been well known in New York
rattuonable sooletv.
General Loranzo Ltorre, who haa be-
ooeae p-eshlont, or ratocr dictator, of
Uruguay, had been minister of war since
the ovenhrow of the L. lauri eovern
meLt In January, 1875 He cornea into
power under more favorable circumstan
ces than hia predecessor, hia own ct uq
try and the ncighbcr.ng ra'iona i eing
all ictint on maintaining pcacr.
Mrs. Liura Carter HoIIowav. former
ly cf Nashville, who waa during Presi
dent Johnson's term, a member of I1I3
family at the White House, and who
haa been during later yeara a member
of the Eigle editorial i-tafl; propoaea to
deliver a lecture at the actdemy of
mafiic, on the twenty-lirat instant. The
title of Mre. Hollowav'a lectuto is: "An
Cl 1 Grudge a New Fuss."
It waa worth the price of a box at the
opera to i-ee Mile. Titiena dispense her
autograph at the Pgpyiua club, Satur
day evening. No ecouer had one person
iujuuu;u uy iuo e:io;aiy to ua wholly
false. He did argue tho case referred to,
itnoro me cjuh cr cialma in tlm
asked her to affix her name to Ilia bUl of
rare than the affable pritna donna was
surrounded by a whole btvy of ladles
anu genuemen eagerly beseeching ft
similar favor. ISie. Titlena made the
euppjy eqUii o tho demand, .
SCb. E. D GUIplo, of Philadtlphia,
oelivcrpd an InterflHntf littn-o nn nn.
ttsan work in the Centennial building at
oieinway nau, new York, last 'ridnyi
In response to inquiries, after thi Ietf-
ture, she said that a woman invented
ino celebrated M'Cormlck reaper, and
another woman the bell-punch now used
on the street-cars, tut the Inventors
were too poor to obtaiu patents These
fiutements aro Imoortant. if trnb.
M. Berresford liope, M. who sOll
holrla tha residue of the fund collected
in England for the statue of Stonewall
Jackson, hasrequeited Governor Kern-
fer. of Virginia, to des'gpato what uje
t shall be put to. The eum Eropunlf!, to
about twelve hundred dollsff, and the
governor will advise that It be Ihveitsd
and the income be appropriated annnal
ly to the presentation of a gold medal to
the best scholar in each cltsj of tbo Vir
ginia military institele.
A cablegram anneuacea the.death ol
Right Rev. Boosrt Milman, D D., bish
op of Calcutta. Dr. Milman was Iorg
one of the most prominetl divines of
the Church of England, and was well
known in literary cirolea as the author
of tho i'Te of Tasso. Tlte Wau
Through the Desert or the Qxravar..
and otuer works, dewredly giving him
a hich ranb. Ke alEO wrote a number
cf religious works of considerable merit.
Me wag asea sixty at the tlmo ol his
Walt Whitman rtcentlv said: Son
of thb publishers pill iftke my writings.
.sn wnen senu tnem a magazine ar
iicia inty always sena it dice. 1 was
telling a friend the other day that I was
oeginntng to grow proud of rIwavs hftV
imr mv wrilinca lfnt hieK. Mv nnW
way Is t j priht the things myself or have
incm pnntea in tne newspapers. Tc
short articlea eometimea make good
thlnga for the last colli an of tho editor
ial page, to beset In Small type; but It
uejBuus aoouc as mucn on tne pressure
of olher matter as it does on the merit
ot the article whether it gets Into
newspaper or net.
Earl Bns3 ill's recrrat nt thn lfrn nf h!
son, jjora Amutsny, bas been increaaed
oy tne directions or the deceased for tha
education of hia children. Actlntr un
der the adVice f tho late John Stuart
Mill, liord Ambrriv dircclel that thev
should not bo trained in the communion
or any church, hia desire Using to leave
noir minus unciassd as to religious doa
mas. la order that this Dlan should
uot ba upaat by hia dealh, he provided
that tho children should net lis placed
unuer inn .gnxruiansnip or their grand
parents, it is Deiieveu that this will no
be sanctioned by a court of law. It i3 a
great grlet to the grandparents.
Th9 MahErajih of Bllrdwan hih ex-
presjed his VviSh tb plcffent a silver
medal to each of the bovanf the (rnliath
who eigna'l7 distinguished themselves
on the occasion of the burninsr of that
Vessel. 1 mftv." rhA nTslinrAiih ewn
"nave been forestalled in this wish, but 1
iruas 155 j. may oe allowed to do s.im&
iuiuk oi tue Kind. as. cominsr from in
dia, it will prove to the boys that deeds
I 1 . . .
tneus nave not mareJy a local fam,
but are marked ar.d nnnrAnlafp! hv tiioir
inuw-ruu euia m ldb idoil iiMianr narm
of her moj-sly'a empire." The Maha
rajah incloses a drait to cover tho cost
of the medals.
"Moth&r Mera." diet! recettlv in Paris
at the ago of ninety-3even year?, in the
Rue St Denis, where sha had lied for
fifty jeirs. She was the daughter of
ma n.i a m n a tin invtnM.in. l
guiuounea uunng tne relsrn of terror,
and of Madame do la Motte Valola
whose history ia told in the story of The
s . -. . . ... 1. .. -
I ....!.!- it -
woman, took pity oa the fatherless child
aud adopted her. Athtx death she left
her a snnz fortune" and her. stall.
"Mother Mara," tbomrhEftid to be haad
some in her youth, was never married.
one waa oi ronust nzure, was a creat
lavonie wim tne marnet peopio, and
oore a gaou cnaracier.
Qaorga B. Bimia, lito nrivate secre
tary to Gaorse Frunoia Train, haa in
stituted suits for baok-pay azainet his
late employer at Omaha. In the first
suit, tried last week and won by Bemis,
me piaiauu reined tuo manner in
which Train at tile head of a commun
ist mob captured the city cf Msraeilles,
i i . . . . . i '
rjrrtuuo, 'ju ueiu H ior tnrea oaya.
Vhen tho ImDerlal soldiers retook tha
city, they halted in front of Train's
holol, and tho ofliceis pointed the guns
of tho soldiera at Train and hia private
a --. ...
secretary, uemta, on tho balcony,
waving Frnih nnrl Amortoan fla-o
Train never wavered, but wrapped the
American flag around him, looked de-
uance as mo tnreatening mob, and
shouted: ' Sao it, you miserable cow
ardi" The offleers did not shoot, but
. I . ...
ino emeuie waa bqueicheit.
Mr. Henry Qravea. treasurer of tho
fund for the erection of the Shakes
peare memorial theater at Stratford-
on-Avon, writes to Mr. John Brough
am, under date of February 23d. sm
follows: "The deafens aie thia dav pr.
hlbited for the Stratford theater and gal
lery. We have enough money to build
the theater only, with bare walls; we
now want money to put the ornaments
to It. and build tho museum trallnrv. Wn
have the land on Avon banfea Jookine
to the church st the end of Shakes
peare's garden, where he died It is lit
Ua we ask the profits only of ono night,
Apiil 2d, at every theater in theworld,
and the whole will ba completed worthy
cf Shakespeare. Amerioa is English, so
far as the ureat poet ia concerned. Thev
oay iney aumire mm; lei ins managera,
uy giving a neiping nano, prove that
they do so by acfc?. The American win
dow is up (nearly completed)."
The Datroit Free Press sava of Rev.
Mr. Macdousali, the Indian missionary
recently lost in a snow storm in the
north: "It haa often been said that there
was not an Indian who would harm
Georie Macdougall not one, in fact,
who would not die for him. His power
over the aboriginal tribes ia instanced by
tbo fact that he was employed by the
Canadian government to treat with the
Creea, Blackfeet and other tribes. To
hia Inlluence, perhspa.more than to anv
other man's, the government ia indebted
ror tho peaceable condition of the Indian
trite?. Tho hope Las been expressed In
some quartera that he may yet be found,
but there seems no probability of such a
desirable event. Already the news of
hi8 loss haa been corroborated by a tele
gram received by Hon. Mr. Laird, the'
minister of the interior. It ia probabla
that ho has tean lost in the storm, and
it is possible that his body may never be
found. Accompanying the letter sent
to Hon. Mr. Ferrler were two notea from
Mr. Mncdousall. pivln" nn snnnnnf nf
tho work of his mission at Morleyville.
Mr. Macdougall was about sixtv Years
of ajee, and baa one eon engaged as a
missionary among the Blsckfeet."
Bnlelch, March 16: Tho Democratic
State convention will be held here June
Cincinnati, March 16: The Commer-
wcl's special says that William R.Davis,
the defaulting treasurer of Kansas City,
who absconded last fall, was arrested at
Chllicothe to-day.
Columbus, Ohio, March 16: The last
rail on the Scioto Valley railroad, be
tween tbis city and Ciroleville, was laid.
tn-uay, tnus completing one lias ol this
Important enterprise.
Omaha, Neb., March 16: Telesrams
from the west state that si! tha trams on
the mountain division of the Union Pa
cific are abandoned on account of the
snow bl jc&ade between Greon river acd
Chicaci. March 16: Georee P. Freia-
inger, or liock Island, formerly proprie
tor of tho Milan distillery, gave bail thia
afternoon lor sixteen thousand dollars,
eight thousand on each of the two in
dictments fir ficuda while in that dis
Boston, March 16: The New Emrlandlronsiiltatinn.
ministers' temperance courerence had
three seaalona yesletday in Bowden-
If! ' . . J . - i
squsra Baptisi church. One hundred
clergymen, representing every State in
New England, were in attendance.
Rev. Dr. Mener delivered thp opening
address on the physiological eiT?ct of ai
cohoi. Other essava were n a l. fnl.
lowed by dlscmslone.
A Mciwatfng, Blnilng and Radical Mi-
uama Senator on lrial ror isn-
bery and Corruption.
Stronp: Array of Evidence A Cnt
Throat Barber of Morton's Per
suasion to the Front.
The Letters of "Our Friend Spencc"
Prorc Too 3Iuch for Him A "Bad
Lot" Ho is a "Bead Drieki'
Washington, March 18. Tho asnate
committee on privileges and elections
this erenlnc contlnnet! its investigation
rf ihe charges concerning Senator
Spencer's election by the Alabama lcg
ialature. Robert Bjrber. a clerk of the
house of dcle-sralEO 61 theso cilted court
hoti'o lcgisliluro, which eleoted Mr,
Spencer, testified that tha latter
promised to ha vo him appointed, mar-.
anal wnen uenerai jieaievs term eiiohiu
exphe'. Th.9 pr-omiSo waa made long
alter he had began to labor ror Bneu-
cer'a interests, and waa a voluntary
offer The night befoie Speacer's elec
tion wituosakett guira over two colored
Ttr.iiV!lfftn mnmhont nnmht flirpnn
and Mtlar, who wore feared to bo disaf
fected, mid hot unlikely to go over to
. t . I 1 T ' . ,
mo so-caiiea capnoi xjemocrauo legisla
ture, and ureal: tho quorum at the court
house. He staid at their boardinc
bouse nil uiohtt-ftnd ih t!ia morning
tOoli Ueni to Spencer's room at the
hotel, where, in Spencer's presauce, he
told them. that Sponcer had made up
in mind to ttlve them an omoe. tjpen
oer said )o oultln't thake a direct
promise, but there was a route agency
vacant in the wettern railway, and they
should be provided ror.
Question Was anything said about
how they should vote?
Answer There was no conversation
on that HolnL They subsequently went
tc tho courthouse anu voted ror uenerai
Spencer, but they hrd been instructed
to do this by tho conventions which
nominated them. Witness had under
stood that they bad been offered twenty
fivo hundred dollars to abandon the
courthouse legislature and go to the
Witness was asked if Spencer gave
him any coney to tlso for tho journey
he took to iiowndea county.
To this question iiX-Benator Carpen
ter, counsel for Senator Spencer, object
ed, taking the ground that no proot can
be given before the Dommilte9 showing
that any one had been bribed; tha
bribery waa punishable by the State.
The witness waa directed ny tno chair
man t .-senator jiorton to answer tue
question, and he did so by stating that
Senator Spencer furnished one of the
party tares hundred dollara for expenses.
The reason they went there was to do-
feat a man usmed Stanwood, who was
an enemy of Spencsr'a. Moore, the col
ored man who was elected in his pnee,
win sl-io Intrusted to go into other coun
ties and induce persons to run aa inde-
pandent candidate?. The expsnaaa of
ihe canvass were to be paid by Spencer,
or the State committee, he forgot which ;
remembers that Spencer told him to ko.
A number of letters written by Spencer
and Hinds in ramuon to tne omce men
tion Were then identified by tho witness,
and an offtr made to put them in as ev
idence. J
Mr. uarpenter enjected to tne letters
arguing that no conspiracy haa aa yet
been shown between Messrs. Spencer
and Hinds
Senator Morton said the committee
had decided to allow tho letters to go in
as evidence after reading them.
Mr. Carpenter said he would make an-
olher objection thakthe letters wore itc
The first letter from Hinds to Barber,
dated May 6, 1873, sots forth that he
would take care of hlo friends fir.-t, and
that "matters looked cheerful for all ex
pecting appointments, and I think it in
my power to put out xueaiey." The
next letter waa similar iu respect, ad
ding that ho would like to get the full
name and address of every .Republican
member of the legislature. He desired
to sc-nd them some important docu
ments, ec. Tne next letter inclosed a
temporary appointment for Barber in
the customhouse at Mobile, and telling
him the Republicans were sure to carry
the State, and that they were going to
real ze a big role, I
Mr. Carpenter again objected to the
General Morgan svd he would show
that the temporary appointment was
given to Barber to support him until be
received a better one, and that it was
understood that ho wivs to render no ser
vices to the government whatever.
Senator Morion Baid that ror the pres
ent the letters received would lay on the
table, and If they were connected in any
way they would he aumitteo.
General Morgan fto tho witness"! Tell
us whether you alter ward esked Senator
Spencer for tho oixlca whica he prom
Ised ycu.
Mr. uarpanier to mat 1 oni cr.
Senator Morton, alter argument, said
the committee would allow the question
to be asked.
Question by Mr. Morgan After the
election of Spencei did you ask him for
marshaiabip or any other oince?
Answer Yes. Mr. Spancer wrote mo
that I should have it. I havo a letter
from him ttating that I should have the
marshalship. Witness produced the
letters.! They were received by me a
ear atter nis election, x nave triea to
irget all about this matter, and I am
here cgainet rr-y will. It is very un
pleasant for me to give this testimony.
and althoueh I was not ordered to bring
the letters here. 1 have brought them ror
the purpose ct sustaining my testimony
and character, aa I understood that an
attempt would be made to break them
One of the letters from Spencer, dated
November 24th, no year, read, saying:
Heaieys time soon expires, anu you
shrll have the place, and that the office
would be worth live thousand dollars a
year." The letter fcdds that in case the
United States government had a war
with Spain, Alabama will come in for a
good snare or patronage, aa bo (Spen
cer) ia on the military committeo ol the
Berate and can tnua get many offices,
also telling Barber that he could get him
good place in tue army ir he wanted
Senator Moiton said that, for the pres
ent, thia letter would also lie on the table
Jix-fcenator carpenter objected to the
letter going In at all.
The witneea said ho ws appointed aa
inspector of customs nt Mobile, at a sal
ary of two dollars and litty cents per
days; although ho never applied lor it
he thinks that Senator Spencer got the
appointment for him; nover went to
Mobile and never rendered any service.
but drew his pay; held the position
for three months.
The witness having mentioned a ru
mor ho had heard "lhat the Democrats
offered n member named Jones five hun
dred dollars to leave the Statehouaa
legislature and break lla quorum," waa
asked whether Spencer did" not give
Jones money to remain. In reply he
stated that in preeonce of Spencer he
once proposed that It would be well to
offer Jonea twenty-five hundred dollars,
or anything eke, to prevent hia going,
but Spsuccr did not consent to any such
proposition. It was agreed to send to
Lowndea ceunty for a certain intimate
friend of Jonea, which waa done, and
thia friend's irfluonce kept Jones quiet
Tho witne-.s waa then aiked what he
knew about anybody's offering a Mr.
Mansel an inducement to leave the cap
itol legislature so aa to break the quo
rum. The question waa objected to and
a long discnaaion ensued as to whether
it Is competent in this investigation to
inquire into the organization or non-organization
of the state-house legislature
which did not elect Spencer.
The committee closed their doors for
and finallv. hv a strict
party vote decided that it would not ba
com potent. When the decision was an
nounced, General Morgan, counsel for
the memorialists, insisted that a great
wrong ha'l-been done in ruling out this
branch of bis case, and he asked that
the whole matter be remitted to tho Ben
ate for its opinion on Ihe question involved.
Arte mil Not'il tbo Vacancy Cans:d
Uf DiiVIVs KalffBation-IUlIii-Jlnrdcf.
Special lo the AnnJtd.l
itAcasc-N, March x8. Governor Ames
will make no flppointiricat to Oil the Va
cancy occasioned by tho resignation of
xjieuiecani-uoTernor Davi?. An a
polntment would have raieed comcl
catedJeial questions and caused trouble,
and Arjtes'a eoncm! advlaed him not to
appoint. k
The senate p:sied the house bill In
COrPOiatinor tn 'fMAmnhlH and Rollv
Springs railro&dicompany. A hill to
create the county of Deor-Criek waa
lest; A'ao a t)ilLW prevent the buying
uuu tumug ui ugncuiiurai prouucis ai
night. The hcuso bill changing the
b;undary.line between Chickasaw and
Sumner counties waa lost. A bill chang
ing tho county seat of Clarke county
rrum jiinip.rDtica'rri ejnirmnn muweri
Doneu unui alter Ami fi'a trial.
jc-ti sj. iijn, proprietor or a newspaper
ailed ms Jtvomes JUcfense. ahot and
killed Augustus Carey, a printer. Cart-y
was on mo point or reaving ror mempnis,
and the difficulfyriglnatetl about the
BettieDftnt or auTaccount. Bell was
V. !tnnit-nn Shot And itadly tfonmt
cil by Shcritr Manulug-lnr-tlcnlars.
Cottcn Plant Extra 1
Cotton PianI1, TIppad Co , Miss.,
March 14. This morning about balf
pastBoven o'clock a shooting affray oc
curred in front of the postcfllce block.
between W. V. Sullivan and Sheriff
Mannlnir, feeUlling in Sullivan receiv
ing two dangerous wcund3. The facts
ef the esse are slnut aa follows, as de
tailed by soveral eye-witnesea: Man
nir g waa standinz near tho edge of the
porch, talkiug to some one, when Sulli
van came out of the drug store of As
kew & Co., in tho rear of Manning. As
he ca hi 9 near Manning he cocked his
pistolj either in his pocket or close down
by hia side. Manning heard tho cues
of the pistol and turned round facing
Sullivan, remarkiug to him, ''I under
stand you are looking In me." Sulli
van mado no reply, but draw up hia
pistol and ittomptea to lire, nut Man
ning waa too quick for him and got in
the first shot, which struck Sullivan in
the thigh near tho groin. Sullivan fired
two shots, which flew wide of the mark.
Manning's eezond shot misfed, but the
third took effect in the hip. inflicting a
Eerious wound, but hia physicians think
not at all dangerous. Sullivan retreated
off the porch, around Neblett ARssgan's
store. The testimony of tho witnesses
Is unanimous that Manning acted who!
ly on tho defensive, and that Sullivan's
attack was premeditated. Manning eur
rendered to thn officers and will have an
examination this evening.
Atlantic, Mls'IsUppt and Ohio Rn!I-
Eichmond, Va March 14. A bill of
complaint has been filed in tho United
S'ate3 circuit court by Francis Skiddy
William Butler Duncan and S. L. M
Barlow, of New York, thioiuh H. T.
Wicsham, solicitor, against the Atlan
ic, MisBissipni and unio raiiroiu com
pany. The complainants, who are trus
tees under a heavy mortgage, ask for
tho appointment of a receiver and tho
foreclosure of tue mortgage, in consc
quence of a faihro on tho part of the
railroad company to pay tho interest and
otherwise comply with the terms of the
mortgage. Tno prcce3dings contem
plated are similar to those taken in the
ca3a of the Cnesapeake and Ohio rail
rosd company. A procesj, returnable
on the first Monday of April, was served
in Petersburg ycsteiday by United States
fti sj.thamyeuiune.oi tue principal om
cers of tho company. General Malone,
president ot the road, is now in New
United States Mirshal John Robin
son, ol New Yoik, arrived atlndianapo
yesterday, having in his custody
Henry A. Fiatumond, whom he arrested
near Rockvillc, Indiana, for the alleged
murder or foterltsmy, at Junet, xiel
gium, in the winter of 1873. The
prisoner lied that country after commit
tinz the murder, and ror the pst six
months lias Lean located at the place
where the arrest was made.
At Omaha yesterday, Richard D.
Curry, convicted of assaulting Edward
Rosewater, editor of the x?ec, was sen
tenced to lour years in the penitentiary.
Morsan and Alston, convicted ot rob
blng one of the demimonde of diamonds
and money, wero sent down ror three
veara each, and Sparks, convicted of
robbing a safe, got one year.
Surveyor-General Babcock, at Law
rence, Kansas, Bays it was a purely busi
E033 contrect that post-trader business
as far as he, Durfee and Peck, or the
administration are concerned. Certain
ly, it was business, and the biggest busi
ness on record.
A fellow named Louis Ble yer waa ar
rested in MUwauuee yettorday evening
for threatening an assault on Governor
Ludington. A bystander inteifered to
prevent the assault, and in a fight that
ensued Bleyer was knocked down and
severely punished.
Temple of Love, No. 1.
SUBJECT for discussion on FrlJay evening
next. March 21" Which Is the more ben-
eflelal to the conntry. a high or low rato of
interest?" The Temple will meet at H
o'cicck. iiyoruer.
Edward B. Rawmkgs, R. S.
Of tho Memphis Exposition
T--.1 .! r 1. twit, 11 M
At the Exposition Building, Jefferson st.
Thursday, March 235, at 3 p.m.
l'CBSr, 8500-lsl, 8330 2d, 8100; 3d, $30.
E. S. Brown, Augusta, Ua., b. g. ucn. Hood.
Wm. Lovell. New York. b. c. Barney Kelly.
E. Horton, l-hlladelpnla,br. m. Annie Collins.
Cliff Porter, Chicago, b. m. Kate Campbell.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be lccelved by
the Sinking Kond Commission, till Mon
day, April 31, at 12 o'clock, tor tne purchase of
rluy xuonaanu uoiittru ui Mouipun i.y
nnnili. lor account said Fund. Commission
ers reserve the right to refect any or all bids.
I. a.. xixxiXa, turn's e. r . u.,
mhll 2T5 Main street.
RVKUQREENS, Roses and Grapevines,
nr.mco Trees. Plilopornms and Maeno-
lia3. lrom New Orleans, lor sale at 337 ii1b
strPft, or address W. OsJJTEKLEIN,
mhla at urcen xree xtonse, pneioy st.
Y virtue of a Df eU of Truit to me exec a ted
on tho day of .175. to secure J.H.
nrtln & Co In certain Indebtedness therein
eontnlneds which deed Is now on record In
tha Recorder's offlce of Mltftlsslppl connty.
Arkansas, I, as Trustee, will offer for sale, and
sell for cash In band, to the highest bidder, at
Shawnee Village, Arkansas, on the
Fiist llcy of April Next, 187G,
CORN, It being the same heretofore conveyed
to me In truit lo secure raid J. II. Martin &
Co. Sold s&le to take place within lawful
honrs. 1 his March 17, 1K6.
w. w. rnA.nuio, xrunee.
O. W. Thomaeon, Attorney. mhlS
Clarksidlie Plow.
WE are now agents for this celebrated Plow,
wblch we believe Is the best In use. and
keep a fall slock always on hand. Bend or
fbia x-o.3i union street.
Potit GnJf Cotton Seed.
sale, to close consignment.
JI'kKFRESH-FOrtD-On Wednesday even
Inc. at tbo residence of Mrs. Welch, in Hits
city, by Hev. Dr. Landrum, Mr. Cuabl3 It,
K-jirsEau ana -uiss ivate i- osd, all or this
Tho above event was witnessed by a nsm I
ber of tbo frlenda of the brldo find bride
groom, lrom whom tho yonng couple received
hwty congratulations and well-wishes for a I
long Ihe of unallo.Tod haprinesi.
rpHE Hated convocation of Memphis
jl it. a., e;npir, .fto. vi, win 00 neia
MONDAY evcrilng. Mrrfh 30th, at
u ciuck, ior uiHiaicn 01 ousiuess.
All It. A. Masons aro rralrnallr lovltcd.
B. W. BHKI.TON. Secretary.
Copartnership Notice.
fN THE FIRST OP MARfjH, alld to eon
associated with him In business Mr. JULIUS
1 w imue 1111 mruier none. tn nnrtprni9111.fi
FAIlLKN.liro of Baltimore, and a gradnate
of the College of Pharmacy of that cltv. The
Ann, style will hereafter be THiODOBE
iioisK:isit a co.
Corner ol Second,
RESPECTFULLY solicit a contlnnance.or
'V the bnslaesi heretofore Riven Mr. Theo
dore Hoerner. Both memheri of the firm are
graana'ea iu ruarmacy, ana DOin will uevole
themselves specially to the prDiuotlon of those
branches or science Including analytical ex-
aminauons anu lesis.
mh!9 54 and 53 Beale. corner of Second st,
On Monday, 20tk Inst.,
Dim?ged by Smoke and "Water
From the late Are, comprising a VARIED I
We Invite an early inspection.
Bought at LESS TOAN O ST of Importa
tion, wnicn we oner aiAixitauiiviu
Call at 3l! Halo Street.
FOR J3.Xj13,
At Yicbsburg, Miss., March 22d
TJOK the benefit ot whom It may concern,
v uu Daiesoi aamngea cotton irom tne titr.
Mary Bell will be sold AT AUCTION, In the
cityot vick&uurg, on wi;uiNiiaiAX jnisjv.i.
Attachment Notice.
ry Luhrmann vs. H. a. Bolnmerrleld.
In this cause It apnearlnc by affidavit that
the defendant, II. S. Bomtnerfleldf is a non
resident or tno state or Tennessee, and is justly
Indebted to the plaintiff In the sum of one
hundred and twentv-two dollars and eighty
cents, due by account; that the debt Is due
and unpaid:
It Is therefore ordered. That publication be
made in the Memphis Dally Appeal, a news
paper pnMlshed In the city of Memphis, for
rour successive weeks, commanding the said
U.S.Sonimerfleld toappear before me, or some
other octinit Justireof thePeace, at my ofllce,
No. S3 Madison street, in the city of Memphis,
on tho 29th day of April, 1S7G, at 10 o'clock
a m., and make defense to said suit again! .,
nlm, or it will be proceeded with eiparte.
mh!9 en llth Civil District Shelhv county.
Constantly on hand at
IQosajoGi' Mills.
lb Corner Second and Jackson Sts.
Talaahle Books for Sale.
mHE underslgsed Is fitlll ofJerlne for sale hi
X library of Miscellaneous Books, and at
extremely low prices. Persons wishing to I
purchase the whole, or any part, are request- d I
to call and examine the collection, which em-
oracesmauy ui iuo iiatHi uwikh in print.
mh5 F.AV. SMITH, 322 Second St.
9iiss. mm.
DE. S. 3. ROSS,
lurgeou Sontist
oy tne use oi pure nitrous
Oxide Gas.
Offer a carefully eelected stack of
very imm DSSIGNS I
f Do not malts purchase!. In this line
before examining their atoeb.'M
TI1I.I WFm fohb
If. 884 Main
68 Union Street.
After this date we will eln all cotton con-
1 eignu 10 ns or coming 10 oar gin ior
. . . . .
tine Dollar n Sale and the Seed,
famish bagging and ties, and mahe no charge
for. drayage. This one dollar a bale includes
all drayagex, Insurance, etc. Onr ginning es
tablishment Is the most complete In Ihe cliy.
centrally located. Wo will mrnUh bags, free I
lot charge, for shipping cotton In seed.
in your orders at once.
351 and
353 Second
I u
I ft
1 1 wnlle Pine Doors. Bash. Blinds. Whlto
riiiu iuciaiBgs, etc., an oi nrst quality.
g Sawmill, north of Bayou Gavoso.
I HW6?
Has lu'stoek, and Is continually receiving,
Fine Opera rbnlns, Vci t Chains, tVatche
of nil gr.-idxs, rtne Nets, Plain and
Fatcy Klaus, Charms, J'.lc.
Also, a Hca Assortment of SILVERWARE
All the above coeds are GUARANTEED eoual
to the best, and from 5 lo 25 percent below I
Main street prlcei r REPAIRING OF I
tiive ana let nvo is our motto. Don't ran to
give me a call.
310 Second Street, Mercnhia
T. 1Y. fOLST.
230 EAIH HJ., cp. Fccbody Hotel.
Alwavs on hand, a larze assortment of Me
te Ills Cases and Csskets, and Wooden Cofnn
I of every description.
Orders by telegraph
Cases shlnpo 1 C. o. D.
promptly filled, and
317 and SIS Secaad Street,
Near Monro : I : : MEMPHIS, TFira
Elegant Bobes, Gaats' Belts, and all kinds a;
Coffln Trimmings for sale. Special attention
paid to the Komoval of Karoalns.
At Original Cost, to Close Out, at
PARTIES desiring to contract for tho deliv
ery of BlackWHlnnt. Whiton)r. l-nrns.
Poplar, Cottonwcod or other timbers, will
please call upon the underslirned. at 251 Front
direct, uiucu ui xjurruscc earcy.
fb27 Agent Ocean Mills. New Orleans.
Memphis and Kansas City S B. Co. i
BY order of tho Execntlve Committee, bid.
will be received until February DO. 1878, for
ice Clearing, Gra-ilng and Furnishing Cross
ties on the following divisions of the Mem-
pms ana Kansas uiy Railroad; payments In
County and Town Bonds, as specified on each
First, Between Batesvllle, Independence
county, Arkansat, acd Jacksonport, Jackson
county, Arkansas. Payment In Independ
ence and Jackson County Bonds.
Hecord. Between Jacksonport and Augusta,
Woodruff county. Arkanxas. Payment in
Jackson and Woodruff County Bonds and
Bonds of the Town of Augusta.
Third, Betwi en Augusta and Wlttsburg,
Cross county. Al Kansas Payment In Wood.
ruff and Cross Connty Bonds.
The Board reserves the right to reject any oi
all of said bids.
Bids to bo addressed t
President Jt. and K. C. R. 1C,
Memphis, Tenn.
Memphis, Tenn.. January IK,
;i73. Jaa)
Wonder of the ige;
A NEW and simple Invention, that effecin.
J. ally prevents accidents with coal-oil or
otner lamps. Agents wtnled. Apply at No.
n.oeaie oirtcu i. a, uavib, Agent.
I i! Doors.. Lueber Q rn
Sm Hi Blinds taed 0 ABM
7 " t 0 I I I M I
a 2 Llrir UTT 2 ' TO SECURE
"s m r nst?;, .: u c v .
i-pBfc-d ggl 368 Main felggt.
II". '..r k. re- 1 . , , M t-m w
& 9. ummstta
5000 Fill HAMBURG IIB18ME7
Purchastd ai tin Eecent Great Auction Falcs In Xeir Yort, at little mere than
LTEST opportonitysveb offered
mmi i&w mum
New Dress E
H f HHf s
We ennounce with pleasure the recent arrival of several shipment at SSW
SPninG NIX.H.S. which wo will have the pleasure of showing on MONDAY
NEXT, 13th INST., comprising ilegB-.it Lines of BlncJi Ta ire tno SMi Sam
Hraln, from tbo looms of the most celebrated Lyons manufacturer?, unequnlad by
any in the market (or brilliancy aud durablHy gooJs that we can safely guarantee
our patrons a the best and cheapest In the United States. Varied ami beBtlta!
assortment of rASUT 6ILK9 Uios dr.ip farlslejiBr. Cnebexalre Sat Urn
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Silks under unusually favorable circumstances, we are enabled to oSer tbem at
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We aro showing a snperb lino of beiutirul uPIUNa cosrUSC XITKBUI.S
- JLycna aud Irish Mlk Poplin, Kith French Dnrnassr, i'lBla entl rialtl
frnltlnfc', VlsoKncr, Gtaclre snlllni, blllc .rabe9qacM. Xnlswrt in.
brtqits, Mill Witrp JPoncpp.Sllk Wri Sersr, and other elegant and popular
labrics, which In variety, Leiuty and attractiveness cannot ba rivaled. Ladies de
sirous of purchasing material for a rich and elegant cstume ata moderate expendi
ture, cannot fall In being salted among the Immense and varied assortment we are
showing this ecason.
242, 244 AND 248 MM
I In order to
At original Cost, for CAMI. Your attention Is especial!; called to the aferrft.
M. Li. 3JSA(JHAlf.
J. B. P03TON,
nUU&J&lUi2U vlrvv6iii
Ho. 9 UNION gTXBHT, Sempiife, Ton.
Mr. W. T. BOWDilB haa charge of the Cotton Department,
aple an
3 carloads Unlit Sides and henlders.
35 tierces nusitrcnred linens,
35 bozaa Break fast Bacon.
400 boxesIV.Ttateand tnimrs: Cheese
aoo tabs Choice Bntter,
030 bbl. Fleur Tnrloni irradr.
1500 pttgs. Mnchcrtl.lIerrlns.Whltf Hsh
CSr- -t.. SSOSLSSXXji1 dk3 BROS,,
860 Front 5t.
J. & J. STEELE & GO,,
No.l Exchange Building,
168 Front Strcrt : : Memphis. Tean.
iMI3R0ID.jRI.jS !
illll m saudi
336 M4IN,C0E. UNION-
A.;Vf. BOB3BT3.
X, 3. UXACiAil.
salt m fm mm,
nes i
3000 ci. cnnn'il Toruntefs nail niMr. rr
1300 caieu VceclitV), gurawbnrrJea, 1 jm
Apples, etc.,
COO pks. Nplcctl Sil wfeet swi Ts nm
ZOO bbli. "Jell uv and Whl'e
and Macks Java, It lt and CerdovK acir.
30 bbls. and HX. bels. gweei t-r, et.
tne above vohlelws nptmrif hwtrt m
I doibc I rati - of myowu xxi-:
maiariBi eonsMeretii iim
ported irom uj
' ewer at
reiiared to build tbis class of work TO (
Kit, on short notice. A jo, lo Repair. X
and Paint old carriages promptly, and in vary
uoft s;yie. ro t arHMM..Bli Matt Unfl
rial always Uaaraatci."S
Ko. 63 Unlttut Streets
Son-Besitlent .Notice.
No. 22 10.-In the Cha ! . Court ol
connty. Tennessee. -Millie Koblnoc Yt.
llairy K. Hoblnson.
It apnearlcsr from lh bill lo this
which iHfrworn to th t the defendant, Harry
K. Roblnnon, Is a non-resident of the fetala
of Tennessee;
It is thereiore ordered, Thai ha main nla
appearance herein, at tbe courthouse in tlM
city of Memphis, Tenuewtw, on or before
the first Monday In May. 1ST, and plaaA
answer or demur to complainant's trM.
or the same will be take for emfiami aa I
him and tt for bearinc exptrka. I
ennr of this order be rmaUaMd 01
raney broGe
- 4n
rimmasiila mHI
lor four saeeaawive week, im She
This 18th day of Jdarab, 1W.
A copy atlat:
K. A.COLK, Olrk Ml
By E. B. MeHenry, D. C. and M.
A. H. Don glass, sol. ior compl't.

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