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iDST-BJj'IsaD 134:0.
VOL 36. TO 70
ycMrday of ootion and gold: New
1 cr) ooilan, I5c; Memphis, 12? c Afew
5 ,gatfcU6dat if?rpMa,l J3.
WABMiPiV2f. Jiirch II. Ism.
Fjt Tcnfictfx and Ohio va'icy. part'y
r avdy and c earing tecather, northerly
ti uctferfy Hinds, and rimng biromrter
can of (hi IJUiluippi, fotowed in tltc
cxthwgrl by a Might rue t&npera(urc
it 'he afternoon.
Kino Alponzo, of Epiln, entered
Hidriti la triumph yetcrdry.
Tibke Jm c included a twelve-day's
.Itd w.m ibe Herzegovinlana.
Tub Italian mJnUtry have resigned,
cut "held mi" until their succeetora
lisve been appoltitetl.
o l b.i v.y horue, MuMuKftll'S will have
Uro up r M berth.
V. P. Marsh and wife left Montreal
f :r New Yi rk yesterday, and will ar
rive ilreru it-day. Kow for Belknap'u
The reverenl forger, WIdeIow, will
L turned over to the Amtrlcnu ofllcera
to-dy at Loudon, and will immediately
fchipf ed liome.
The Tc rgrapJt ami IKonccr, uf Chel
sea. Mjf;ho!-tls, gays: "The Appeal
lo a wH-c-nidPtsted journal, and does
credit h i!a re, having been eetablhhed
H. (' Avery, the bogus claimant,
who has been practising on Unc!e Sam
fcr ecxe time, wai found guilty of
f rgery in the United States court at
K-iOiV l'c on the fifteenth.
It is neutrally believed that Jrdo de
Tejaia, woo has li.led tbe position of
Prod lent of Mexico with grent modera-tl-n,
and to the bgit td vantage of his
whole c unUy( w,n re-eltcted, as he
UcuIJ t.
Belknap is to bs impeached for coh
iiivin ui hit wife'd ti?.ding With Marsh
in p rtt tridtrehlps. But Grant ia not to
be lmjoiohed, allhuna his brother did
rho ee.f woe thirg. So much for
lro hir and so raiiph for wife.
Davis, of Miwitsirpi, having been
fou id i uilty ui (let ar;iclea of impeach
men'. Liitetidirof iciigjatiou pending
erntence Is null and void. He will have
to late the consequences of his turpitude,
ar, J Atue-i cannot help him.
Cdba has just been aeeessed forefg'i-y-twj
uiilliou dollars taxes. Think of
thirf, with a fear.'ul revolution etill in
IF"' -1' with a population Jittlj more
thaa thdt of Tennessee, and a steadily
decreasing i. rt a of prrGtable lamia,
TlIK.3Bw3h3Vilrunc ia not friendly
to Ligan, of Iilinol?. It characterises a
speech ha male ou Thursday last ai
eimply the most deljesed billlngagate,
unfit to b ; repdatcJ In a newspaper and
uawcrmy tj ij listened toby gentk
tee "
A mfjioriai, has ben oigned by the
niei liing tfllcsrj of both branches of
ilio Massacbttaeils legielature and mem
ronrs, Lctriy u:iaciinou3 and Irrespective
of p rty, asking the Unitid Stste3 senate
3 coxiUrm Ui9 nomination cf Hon. H,
Daj2, j ., ts minls'r to England.
Tun Jersey City Journal condemns
Marah r- a briber and tell-tale, and says
thai "ne ovgnt to bo horsewhipped,
" nen klcied by cripples, and then ehot
f i h's share in the shnmefal transsc-
Uou." The Journal voyid not have
lifid a word to say had Marsh only
sworn to a Iiq ami shielded Belknap
from minted punishment. Such ii Ke
pub icaa morali'y.
The New Yoik Herald publishoa a
dispatch from Blunaik, D. T., which
bjjws that at Fort Liccoln, a tingle
$-'. paid Belknap twelve thousand dol
lars a joir; that among those who
ire.i in the prccitds are a Feuator, an
ex-scrator, an ex-gevernorof aTerrltory
ani an ex-Territorial marshal. Wo
waat mor. i:VoitigRtion, and with u :
tusr, too, If ycu plefte.
It mels with general approval, the
prrpo5'ii.i:i of CJes eral Cbnlmeis to re
f iq'I tr.e bintltil dtt t of Miesiwlppl, and
nil uiicsuceled wairacts lstued before
the liii. Jaiiusry, 1S76, into bonds
payab e ia ten rtar?, commencing on
the llrst of January, 1S77, and paying
one- eoth then end cue tenth yearly
ih revar, with e'ght per cect. interest,
to hi- paid BMui-aDnuflly, and tbat no
appro, r atioa sha 1 bo made this year
except fcr thj eurieat expenEea of the
State, snd the inter? st on the bonded
debt ard onr-'enth of the principal, as
al-ove provided.
This i the wty the papeiedlfcuss the
pro.r sitiua of Judg Whltworlh toscale
the -3 ate dal-t r.uc-htll. The Cl&rksville
Ibba-co iMif ay: ' Nay, if we are to
b dt h-net, !et us go ths whcN hog,
juig-'. No raiddliu'; I;og round."
'In t' nt'!ins Times anya: "If thty
dro' tnoan to py It, let U3 wipe it
r" ct-t, and quit the di-gutiug, iaa-
caly, Hvd hypceriJal cant t-bout
f, a.in,' 03 tee piea that we cannot
iy i he whole." Aad the Athcn?
ay-: '-Nopara'. repudiation, but
wh ile hog or none Suite, county,
n ti ji ijial, ncd lndiv;JaU."
VtiA kiss Sumek when hesrralg';. d
li, i t tn 172, ethl: "If he fraicriizea
- w.-iij ibbere ano HtBlau ,-btrsi the
lo the denior!:z?t'oa that must,
eutut'.' Necesaaii'y the ju-i3fctiviee
taiu i;s cbariM; er from iiio eleclcil
chief and the whole ewntry r-H -cts
the l;c:dent. HU example in a law.
Ba' a bid example must be corrected
1 as a bd lav." A number of pe ple
,'U icad that extract to dayand confeis
l s tra h, who ied it with hot iuuigna
.ioj 'wLen it wseuuered, and denounced
the man who sicke it as a traitor and a
REfE.vr event?, culmirming in the
i e a. I dif rv- of tl" "ecretary of
" ' ' f -J' ! I' :t I U K .g
" o - i " ll f t rac jr-
gcnerr-J tLa". te Las aiccrtaucd the
" private eectUiry bf the President to bo
" a tblef of private paprrs, leave no een
f siWs Rspublfcan in douLt thai there ia
but one way In which P;fnblican euc
" cewj can be assured in the Presidential
" eleotion of thii year, that troy lies
" In a radical and thorough change of
' the spirit and character and tone of
" administration." So syaand so .d
mita Harper's WccJJy, net bo Eaysthe
Damocracy cf all the Biatee. The only
cure tor Kad.'cjl theft and corruption,
" a radical and thorough change," la a
Damocratlc victory it November next.
In the senate yesterday Senator
Wright i.ook occasion to deny
the newspaper paragraph cbsi'g--iDg
himseir with having a private
secretary paid fcr by llie govern
ment. Fifty tholrBud dollars was ad-
tied to the one hundred thousand deilirs
RIpropriated bv the ho?a lo supply the
aenciency for reeling IheSIonxIudlaEs.
Itws Azreetl that the committor on
privilege and elections tit dnrinfe ih
sessions of the eenat nMla Ihvestigat
log Spsnoet'a Wise. Tno remaicder of
the sco .Ion was taken up in the discus
sion or the proposition to count the votos
for President and Vice President. In
the bouse, tf tr the eontlderatfon. " k
number of petitions' flu tSe subject of
distilleries, a nitrnber of bills on ca'l tf
State Were presented ad referred, and
oath uouss a ijourn'l.
The publ'p Is ptrbapa not aware IhlX
a union railroad depot scheme li at
tempted to bepuehed throttgh the boards
of sldermsn .nd councilmen. Hold on.
gentlpmeh, aun't be in a hurry about
voir, jiove siowiy ana ic; tne people
know exactly what ycu are up to-, rAli
erwfsa it mty cause talk. A clear ven-
tilatton of the eul ject will not hurt, and
ttirring up rill not c ine a bad smell if
everymiug is wnolesumr. We wesisn
making a scrutiu zing inanetion of the
scheme, and we debits those who are at
work on it in the council to make haste
very flowiy s a as to give ua and the pub
lic a cnanco.
"We copy the above from the Ledger
of yesterday, and approve it. Wo want
a union depot, and desire to see all tho
railroads consolidated under onetoof,
But we think the tax-paying heople of
Memphis ought to be allowed some say
in regard to the way in which so desira
ble a work is to be consummated. To
that end we trust we rhall have at tho
hands of the general council sucn full
and complete discussion as will enable
us to judgo of the desirability and legal
ity of the mode about to be proposed to
the council. We bolieve there is a law
of '75 to be consulted.
London, March 19. Letteri frmn
Gordon, the African explorer, dn'.ed aJe
crnbar 29, 1875, bare been received.
He announces t hat he has subdued the
hostile tribes which destroyed Sinaqt's
party. After this he proceeded by Hnd
to Duflli, and found the Forta rapicf
were net navigable. He made a detour
-on the left bank of the Victoria Nile.
with the object of reaching Hagungo on
the Albert Nyat.sa, whence he Intends
to return tJown the Nile to Dcllli. He
repeats to complc'o hie explorations in
July or August, after which he will re
turn to England,
New York, March ft).-The htrtiid's
calh dispatch zefP teat the French ex
pedition exploring the deieit of Sahara
hae returned to Touggert, after fifteen
days march from Rhadomes.
Pabis, March 0 Tne Seine con
tinues to subside slowly. M. Ferty, on
a33umlng the presidency of the moder
ate loft, tays the republican party must
abandun extreme claims, and only ask
for what it on obtain. "Tne country,"
he eaid, ''desires to hive republican
functionaries. I am very conlident the
ministry will aatiafy this desirp. If it
doM the lefc will be happy to support
it." The senate has, by a small ma
jority, coniiimed the election of Bona
partiiit senator !u the department of
the Oirnde, although it was shown
that the prefect baa persecuted the re
publican candidates, and threw the
weight of his influeuee la favor of the
S6t In and (be Porte.
London, March 19. A correspondent
Of the limes telegraphs from Riaano,
D&lmatia, tbat he has authentic infor
mation that Mukhatar Pasha has &nke 1
far a twelve dyd armistice, and tbat
tho insurgent chiefs have refused. The
BuEAlan telegtaphln agency represents
that the tension cf relations between
the Porte and Servia Is increasing, and
that everything now depends on the re
sult of tbo negotiations now progressing
in Herzegovina.
A Vienna dispatch to the Times an
nounces tbat Mukhter Pasha baa con
sented to a twelve days armistice to ren
der a meeting between Baron Esondict
and the insurgent leaders possib'e. The
only question at i?ue is the provisioning
cf Meesic. The Piince of Monteneg.-o
tits offered to provision it during ibe
armistice, and again declared bis readi
ness to co-opt rate in bringing about a
peacefil settlement.
Rome, Mirch 20 The ministry has
r8i.rned. Tbo king Intrusted to Senor
De Pretis, of the left, the task of forming
a cabinet.
London, March 1 9 The Standard's
Rome correspondent says the min?.s ry
wss really ousted on account of the rail
way purcbau) scheme, although defeated
nominally on a motion relative to the
Grist tax
A telegram from Nan'ea reports that
the lorg expected erup .'ion of Mount Ve
suvius commenced on Friday night.
The lava ia llawiag toward Pompeii. A
large column of vapor rises from the
iummit and n fleets the fire beneath.
Vast quantities flava are thrown up
ward, aud the sight is maguificjnt.
London, Mb rah 0. A epecial dis
patch from Rome to the Times, in regaid
to the overthrow of the Mingbetti min
istry, explains that the interpolation
relbtive to the gritt 18X was raeie'y a
pretext to impede the discustlos of the
railway purchase Lill The government
wr utd certMniy have bten defeated on
that b 1', tu. tli s road might have been
i-u .jn for another ministry, formed
f.urn the right. Before tha vote was
t-ifcen Mtnghetti said tiie sovernment
would tiuve fuuid satisfaction in leaving
t o ccuirry perfectly tranquil, Its for
tiAn relations amicable, and its finauces
v ell oraamzsd tnd in a satiaactcry con
Ilci rIrUion Appointment.
Chicago, Match 19 Tub eppciition
to tne contirmet'on of D Triohson a? ccl
Itc'.or of internal revt'tuj of this district
ha9 oceaiMoned coatiiltrsblo fcelinr, ami
various opinions aa to the propriety of
the action of Ijp co;g-ei-.ioaal delega
tion have be?n espreased. Last night
the third ward It.publieau club held a
Keeling, at which the f illowing resolu
tion was unanimously adopted:
' Wheukas, It iacurreutly reported tbat
the Rpul)'icau delegat'oa in congresa
from Northern Illinois have recently in
terfered in aa appointment to one of the
mott iiapirt&m Federal otlica in our
city in a manner which we believe det
rimental to the public intcres'; there
fore "Resolved, That this club, ai Repub
lican, do condemn all such interference
as unwarrantable and subversive of all
true reforms."
in tin funi of live tlicimnd dollars Sat
urday, in No Orleans, on crooked 1
whisky chargea. J
What Bf Mow, Secretary of the Treas
ury, had to do with Groomc's ?Inles
A Xecdcd Explanation.
How he Made Ten Thousand Eight Hun
dred and Seventy Dollars Fcch
in a Law Case of Merit,
You Know.
WiisiiiNOTON', March 20 Secretary
Bristow voluntarily appeared before ihp.
cammltteo on expenditure !n lh3
war department tIt7, and made a
frtfttPMt!i Under oath in relation to a let
ter wnicu appeared in tne Jew xorK
Herald Saturday, dated Louisville,
Mtrch 11th, In relation to a. rhuje riasb.
He aald h) had rgason Believe that
the letteSsras Vot wxiilen in Louisville,
brt lil Washington, having been ad
vised some weeks paet tbat the state
mei t would be made. He ought to say
he did not deem it any patt of his duty
to undertake the preparation of the
care, theduieRon wh'chliewasengaged
being rHerely profeeaioua!. In the way
Uf argument he never had the slightest
reason to suspect the fairness of the case,
or integrity of tho party in whose behalf
it was prosecuted. The parties were citi
zens of Kentucky, iealdlnrr in Clarke
county, remote irum tns piaco o: resi
dence. Oiieof the claimants has since
. ... " . T
decease'ih He h4 Intimate and pleasant
niintns witn mm, naviug eerved wiln
him in the Kentucay senate. Uanison
Thompson, tLe orrtary, was here in
the spring or tummer of 1873, on busi
ness having no Connection at that time
wan tne government, having resigned
the cilice of eolicitor-Keneral in 1672s
Ben B. Groome engaged hisi to argue
of it, sayirg his firm were engaged in
stock-raisiurf, aud Had invested much
money in the purchase of mules, but
owing to the conapse of the rebellion the
government refused to take the animals.
In consequence of thin the firm had sus
tained a Heavy les?, havine invested two
bundled thousand dollars oa account of
the purchase. Oroorrte said they would
pay him no fee if thw7 did hot succeed
in iifccOring the payment of the claim,
ani? at fcll events they would pay him
only a Mnall fee. The secretary said t
uroome it ws not rats nfibit to accent
contingent feea, but in viejv nf the di
lemma in wlUi-n trim urm iound them-
Btlve Rhrt desired to have his profes
sional services, he eaid he would argue
the case before the court of claims or bo
fore the supremo court, if it should go
there, on Groome azreein to him ex
penses Incurred In CominK here, and
compensation of ten per cent, in th
event of the claim hsijjg alliwed by the
Fuller, a leiit'eat solicitor in
Wellington, foimeily a member
cf congress, and who was auditor
of the comptroller under ?'uchaiian'a
administration 'SreDared tne naners.
Tho efceretary toofe Fuller's brief of the
case and on that brief he prepared his
legal argument, me only question
raised there was on points of law- Mr.
Gafortb, the Rsiatantattorney general,
made no question as lo the facts, which
seemed to be Conclusive. The facta
weret The Mrm had the uiuiea at nroner
points to be thipptd, and some of them
were on the train at the time the gov
ernment efu-el to take them. There
waf, es a ccn equence, a fcuddea depre
ciation in tho value of the mules, and
the low piictft at whifh they were com
pelled to Sail tt&ta waS incontrovertible.
Ohltl Justice Srake, who dissented, did
so only on a question of law. There
were involved in the case two intgiest
ing questions of law. The uuj rity of
the court gave judgment far 108,759.
The secretary believed then, aud now
believes, that the judgment wss right.
The case was argued by him in October,
1-S73, and judgment was rendered Janu
ary 5, 1874 The ca3e had been refenbd
to the court of elaluiB by the war depart
ment, and payment wss made from the
fund under the control of that depart
ment. The secretary had nothing more
to do with the case tLaa to arguo it be
fore the court of claims. Groome va'd
hini aa his feo S10.870. The secretary
eaid that since the publication in the
Hcra'd he had procured the papers on
wnich the payment was made, which
he read to the committee. One of the
papers showed that Attorney-General
WilliamB itf rmed the secretary cf war
that no appeal would ba taken from the
Judgment of the court of claims to the
supreme court. The money was paid to
John A. Thompson, BenB. Groome and
others. The secretary repeated tnat he
engaged in the case only professionally,
for which he received pay as already
stated. What compensation Fuller re
ceived he did not know. The statement
that the secretary received half e f the
claim was unqualifiedly false. He re
peated that the claim impre-fsed him
with its baing meritorious and just.
Secretary Bristow, on cross-examination,
repeated tbat at the time he argued
the case he had no connection whatever
with the government, having befcrd re
signed the office of solicitor-general. He
did not regard the fee of ton per cent, as
unuaut-1 He had been told the fee was
not up to the uhi1 maximum. In con
clusion the secretary intimated that he
would be very glad if the committee
could undertake to ascertain how such
stories as that in the Herald obtained
such circulation. The chairman replied
that they culd not undertake such
work at this time, but they would be
happy during this examination to have
such information disclosed, aud would
be glad to have the secretary's co-operation
in this or any other such case. Sec
retary Bristow said that since the publi
cation of the letter in the Herald, he had
made inquiiy and ascertained that
Groome, who is a stock-raiser aud im
porter of Hooded stock, is now abroad.
The secretary tbeu retired, and the com
mittee took a recesp.
New York, March 20: The steamer
Adriatic, from Liverpool, has airived.
Now York, March 20: John H Key
eer, of Tweed notoriety, has teen taken
to the a?yltim.
Whitehall, N. Y., March 19: Hall's
hotel was burned to-night Loss, thirty
thousand do.lais Ineured.
Hartf. rd, March 19: Rt. Rev. Thomas
Galbieath, the new Roman Catholic
bishop of HartfcrJ, was solemnly con
secrated to-day.
Scianton, Pa., March 20: The old
Catholic coLVdiit, used by the Sisters ( f
Charity since their removal iu;o the
new academy as a school house, was
burucil last night.
New York, March 20: General
dfhenck is slaying quietly at the Bre
iuri liaise Hs had many callers to
day, but decline 1 toia'k with thcreport
iri &bout his case.
York, Pj., March 20: Sunday the
powder-mill uf Thomas C Brainerd, three
uiilca toutn of this place, exploded, and
the entire building was wrecked. No
lots of life reported.
Pottsville, Pa., March 19: Thg towu
hsll was destroyed by tire to-day. The
building was owned by G. W. Slater,
whose loes is lPty thousand dollars; in
surance, six thousand dollars.
Scranton, Pa , March 20: Another fire
to day destroyed the stables of the St.
Chancs hotel with peveral valuable
hoises and a number of adjoining build
in ge. Total loss, twenty tneusaed dol
lars Salt Like, March 20: Williamson
and Smith, tin two last unruptured
prisoners who escaped froiw the peni
tentiary, were taught this evening at
Hlo ktf ii, Utah, and aru o their way
to tliij c ty.
Chicago, March 2u: B. H. Miller
pleaded guilty to-day to two coucts of
the indictment which charge him with
defrauding the revenue aa a distiller.
Rush & Pahlmann, diEtillers, who will
stand trial, had their casts put over till
Pittsburg, March 19: The vast edifice
or Bf. Paui'd cathedral in this city wi s
filled tooverilowlng to-day. on the occa
sion of the consecration of Rev. J. Trip g,
late of Altooua, as blahop of the Pitta
burg diocese, vice Right. Rsv. Michael
Djmence, who is tracs'erred to t,he Al
legheny. Portsmouth, March 20: The naval in
vestigation committee into the affairs
of the navy-yard here has closed Its Ir
bow. The iuquhy as conitn'ed t th
1 ettinR ot contrac 3 and tho open pur
chases of tho navy-yard since 185S. So
far as know nctaiDg damaging ha?
been brought out.
Iow ork, March 20: Henry Murray
returned tohii home, oa Baltic street,
Brooklyn, late Saturday night, and fine
log there an acquaintance, Henry Hig
glnbdttom, Charged hjpi with feeing too
lutimfite witH Mrs. Murray. A quarrel
folluwed, during which Murray was fa.
tally stabbed by HiggU.bjt.om.
Dayton, Ohio, March 20: The Repub
lican convention of Montgomery
county, Ohio, on Saturday, nominated
nineteen delegates to the State conven
tion, unanimously recommended Ex
County ClerK John F. Sinks, a one-legged
soldier, and unusually capatle, for
secretary of etate, and unanimously in
dorsed Hayes for President.
Louisville, Match 20: A correspondent
of the New York Hejald arrived in
I'oultvllie yesterday, from Olympian
Springs, and confirmed everything that
lias been telegraphed concerning the re
cent shower of Mash. He was eent ex
pressly to interview the butcher who ate
the 11 sh and to talk to other eye-witnesses,
whom, he says, lau jh much at
the incredulity of some writers on the
flesh fol'.
St. Louisi Maieh 20: Two boys,
naihed James Little and William
O'Malley, aged respeclively sixtsen and
eighteen, were arrested here last night,
charged with r jbbing a business house
in New Orleaus of saveral thousand dol
lars. Four thousand dollars was found
in their poensslon. They were locked
up, and eay they will return to New Or
leans without a requisition from the
Pituiiurg, March ID: A large meeting
of the Internationalists was held on the
south side to-night to review the condi
tion of the order in this eotion, and to
determiuo the Mlvieabiluy of creating a
new sft'o". on 1'iat side of the river.
Tne proceedings consisted mainly of
speeches and auir.c ajge of views.
The meeting finally adjourned until to
morrow, when further action w;li be
taken in the premises.
San Francisco, March 20: It is now
stated, on the authority of ThomasBall,
president, of tb? Nefr Idria mine, that
the beard of trustees bave ratified a
bond for a deed to be executed on tha
first of next September, convoying the
mine to Montgomery BJalr, for the con
sideration of one million four hundred
thousand dollars down, the balance in
five years, eojured by a mortgage on the
mine, at seven per cent, interest. The
company protest that this is no compro
mise with M'Garrahan.
Providence, March 20: The Elmville
woolen-mills in Cranston, one mile and
a half from the city Jine, Were burned
on Saturday night, with four tenements
and a considerable amount of manufac
tured goods. The sorting and dye
houses were saved. The property wa9
owned by George Whitehead, and the
loss is es imated at nearly two hundred
thousand dollars. The mill property
was in3oFed in forty-nine companies for
one huudred and seventy-two thousand
dollars, of which one hundred and thirty-six
thousand dollars applies to the
part destroyed.
DA 4, JK.
Xligh-Tonril to Ibo JLnst-A fearful
Slap at flic Senate Ijiu rence ou
i I'lnlcJ-.
BosTdN, Mttreh 19 The papers will
publish to-morrow a letter from Hou. R.
H. Daaa, Jr , to Hon. George 8 Bout
well, upon tho matter of his nomination
as minister to England, and defining
his position. He does not wish the nom
ination withdrawn, but says: "There is
nothing in the gift of the government
which would induce me to go to Wash
ington and submit a question touching
my honor to a committee which has
taken the course taken by the senate
committee on foreign relations."
Washijtotok, alarch 10, lST".
To the Editor of the New York Herald:
I have just seen to day's Herald, and
refer you to tho decree of the United
States circuit court, Boston, Btptembsr,
1869, which establishes my title to tne
copyright of tho notes in my two edi
tions oi v neaton, as wen as convicts
Mr. Dana both of literary piracy and of
perjury, in swearing falsely that he had
not UBed them. I gave my services gra
tuitously to the Wueaton family, and
expended several thousand dollars in
the preparation of the notes for which
Dana, in substituting his name for mine,
was paid as a stipendiary e litor. More
over, I oiler twenty fire dollars for any
copy of my edition of 1SG3, having given
for the last purchased fifty dollars.
Please publish this matter conspicuous
London, March 20 The rival boat
crews from Oxford and Cambridge uni
versities have arranged aud will
begin practiciugonthe Thames between
Putney and Montlake.
Mr. Charles iveKuie, mercnant, 34
Mark Lane, failed to day in conse
quence, it is reported, of operations on
the stock exchange. His liabilities are
very heavy.
.London, aiarcnuu. Tne commission
ers appointed to inquire into the alleged
electoral corruption iu Norwich report
that conupt practices prevailed exten
sively during the parliamentary elec
tions of 1874-75. They consider the evi
dence given before them proves that a
hopelessly corrupt a-rl depra ved-election
elementof no inconsiderable pro
portiors exists iu Norwich.
London, March 20 Tha Prince of
Wales and suite have arrived at Aden
on their return from India.
London, Me-rjh 20. The steamer Isa
bel, from Ricbelie for Bristol, was
wrecked Sa urday night on Pendever
rocks, betwe n S . Ive3 snd Lacda End.
Six corpses have been washed ashore.
The crew, thirty in number, all undoubt
edly penstied, ai notntng remained oi
the wreck on Sunday evening except
scattered plabks.
U jrdon. tna African explorer, reports
that on Hading the rapids impassable,
lie conveyed hie tteamtr, which is fifty
feet Ions-, and two steel boata overland
to Dtlll', and decided to put the boats
together again there. Gordor, in the
meanwhile, proposes to march to thecap
ital of Kabara, and thence to Magun
ko. Afterreturningto Duflli he proposes
to march westward to Makrada.
London, March 20 At a mealing r f
the Anisiut' institute the motion was
uuanimou-ly carried to appoint Msj-r-General
Marriattto communicate with
various eminent persons of the city with
a view of sending a deputation of Eng
lish workmen to tho Philadelphia ex
Madrid March 2o. Iu the recent
debate on tho address iu reply to the
speech from the throne, General Pavia,
referring to the coup d'etat of 1874, de
fended bis actior, and said that it was
the only course left open to eave the
country from still greater dargera. He
alono was responsible for that step, Css
telar being unwilling to act. Castelar
said in reply that, if lie L ad been aware
of wliat intoudtd, he would have
beed jastUied iu ordering Pavia to bo
Barlow and SandersoD,-3Iall Contractors
and Stage Proprietors, Explain
' - How they (Jot Contracts.
Earr, llie former Pnl'tnei niul Cuhlcn
tlH Friend orCrcswcll, does the
1 Bnslnoss for a Fee;
Fatiflc Kailroati Schemes -Scott's Bill
Catting Down the Postal Snhsidy
Payne's Bill Pierepont's
WASnisaTON, March 20 The in
vestigation concerning Senator Spen
crr'a election was contiensd by the
senate) committee to-day. The exam
inalion of RoberS Barber, begun 8atur
clay, was .continued at considerable
length, and developed notklnn of inter
est. The committee announced that
the evidence offer el to show what
means were U3ed to prevent the mem
beis of the courthouse legislature from
going over to the capitol body, and thus
breaking tho format's quorum, is not
within the range of testimony that can
properly uq tuiicu uy mis uuLu.miiieu.
in Infamons l.lar."
New York, March 20. The New
York Herald's Washington special
savs: Senator Boutwell was interviewed
laat evening, concerning an alleged let
ter, promising Menry uiews advance in
formation oa the subject of treasury-gold
sale? in return for a contribution to help
to carry tho elections of 1872. Senator
Boutwell said that he never beard any
thing of It, and knew nothing about it.
Henry Ciews, in a letter to the Herald,
says that tho author of the report !s an
"Infamous liar."
Slore Astounding Irregularities.
Boston, March ). This evenings
Herald, reft r .ing to the labors of the in
vestigating committe9 at the Hittlery
navv-vartfs, f dys that it can be sta'ei
on authority that the evidence taken
before the committee fully sustains the
charges against the institution made by
Congressman Burleigh, 6f Maine, in the
house last year. Tho report wil not be
made for six weeks or two moutns. it
is asserted that it implicates certain par
ties in very questionable transactions,
and some astouuding irregularities.
Itarlow, Sanderson A Co.
New York. March 19. The Herald's
Washington epecial says Mr. Barlow, of
Barlow, Sanderson uo., postal con
tractors for Uoiorado anu flew juexico,
testififd beore Colonel Clarkp, of the
postofltee committee, that in 1872 he
paid ten thousand dollars to suppress in
vestigation in Washington; tnat he
gave the money to one Farrar, now
dead, and that he could remember only
the names of persons who have since
died. The committee was the house
committee on pcstfllees and poat-roads
of the forty-second congress, and was
Investigating tho case of one M'Kibben.
Barlow's examination will ba continue.!.
SngallR's Department.
New York. Mroh 19 A Washing
ton special says that the committee cn
experidituresof thewardepartment have
discovered that the quartermaster-gen-eia'.'s
office has beeu paying Messrs.
Coles & Boyo f-.r the use of their patent
for the prevention ef moths in army
cIothf.bg, notwithstanding it proved
'worthless and an appropriation for it
was left out of the army bill last wlnler.
Captain Allegood, who reported against
the patent, was removed Dn Piatt
and General Rufu3 Ingalls are sum
moned to appear before the committee.
Corruplioulsts nud Witnesses.
Wasuincjton, March 20. Senatsr
Stewart has arrived from California,
and, with Minister Schencb, will bs
heard b'jf ore the committee on fore'ga
aflaira on Tuesday. Aloert Grant ia not
expected to appear. Siveral witnesses
have been summoned before the com
mittee on war expenditures for tho t.1
leged purpose of proving that Peudleton
did pay Mrs. Bowers for her influence
in procuring the allowance of the Ken
tucky Central claims. The committee
on judiciary expect to formally report
articles of impeachment against Belk
nap and the tejtimony supporting them,
including that of Marsh, within a week.
Caleb P. Marsh may not reach Wash
ington for several days.
Tactile Kailroad Matters.
Washington, Marih 20 The senate
Pacific railroad committee had a foil
meeting this morning, and took into
consideration the proposition looking to
the construction of a Pacific railroad on
the thirty-second parallel of latitu Je. A
very warm interest was manifested by
the committee in the Texas Pacific rail
road project as presented by Colonel
Scott, also in the alternate proposition
of Senator Ham'lton to build such road
without any further subsidy than a
laud grant. Somo progress was msdo,
and general interchanges of opinion
took place, with the conclusion to defer
further action until tho next regular
meeting of the committee, on Monday
next, when it ia expected that final ac
tion will be taken.
Postal Matters.
Washinton, March 20. The house
committee on appropriations to-day, by
a vote of six to three, refused to giant
an additional appropriation of live hun
dred tbousind dollars to thegovernment
board charged with preparing articles
from the several departments for exhi
bition at the Centennial. The sub-committee
of the same committee on the
postofflce appropriation bill propose an
amendment to pay for the conveyance
of mails on railroads according to the
space occupied, and not according to
weight, as at Dresent. They also propose
to bas9 the pay of postmastsra on a grad
uated percentage of the receipts of their
respective offices and box renter by which
a saving of threeorfour hundred thou
sand df l'ars would be effected. The sal
ary of thepostmaster atNewYork would
be six thousand dollars, and the salaries
cf the postmasters at Boston, Philadel
phia, Chicago, Cincinnati and San Fran
cisco four thousand dollars per an
uum. fractional Currency and Silver.
Vashinciton, March 20 The trea
sury department will receive, during
the present week, from San Francisco,
fourteen tons silver coin in anticipation
o! the period of commencing the circu
latiou of silver. This will amc uat to a
half million dollars. Tho amount of
silver in the vaults of the treasury here
at this time is leas than thirty thousand
dollars Orders were received at the
department to-day, from various points,
for one hundred and twenty thouaaud
dollars fractional currency, and that
amoun1. will ba shipptd to morrow, i
Theie aro two milllors cf fractional cur t
raney still iu tie vaults, though none
has neen printed since tho middle of
laat month Since that tima a rcquisi- '
lion upon the treasury from tho bank3 i
and government r.llicee, requesting to be ;
supplied with fractional Currency, have
amounted to about thieo million. i
Important Decision. I
Washington, March 20 TheUiiited j
States supreme court this afternoon de
livered a unanimous opinion reversing
the decision tt the Cvlifornia supreme
court In the so-called Chlnere ess?, and
orderir.g the woman Coy Lung to be
released from custody, in which she has
Lesn held under the foreign passenger
act ot that State. This decision sustains
the ruling made by Justice Field in
Pituilar cases brought I efore him in the
United States circuit coutt. The supreme
court accompanies its decision with a
severe criticism of the law of California
on this fubjscr. A decision was aIo
icndered in the eare involving the con
o' tutionaMy rf ll e Now Y r paaseu
go laws. The court decian s them uu
conbtitutiona1, ard holds that no law
prescribing conditions as to the landing
of passengers from abroad can bo conxti
tullonally made by any other power
than that of congresa.
In the case of Mis Gaines against
Fuenlo Justice Field delivered the opt
ion of the court.revening the decision of
the8upremecouitof Louisiana.and hold
ing that under nopular pr iudice, act cf
18(17, wbera suits between citizens of dif
ferent 8tates, the cause ahoiild e re
moved to the circuit c urt of the United
States, regardlees of the subject-matter
in controversy.
A Dnlnl.
Washington, March 20. t'arlow
Sanderson, mall contractors aud stage
pr -prietorp, say that the testimony of
.Vm. A. Ddnforth, of Chicago, befora
who house committee dn postofUces and
post-reads, charging their firm with
using money of the postcfllse depart
ment, and with having burned up their
b?oks to cover improper transactions, Is
fake and malicious. Barlow alleges that
the firm ba9 been systematically black
mailed for years, and says he intends to
produce his books.
Bradley .Barlow, of the firm of Bar
low & Sanderson, was again under ex
amination by Jtha house postal-committee
to-day. He testiiSed that the firm
bad, in several instances, lUst year
bought of the lower bidders for mail
contracts in order to obtain them at the
firm's higher figures, but denied that
any money had everbeeDpaid or loaned
by him or hi3 partners to any official in
the postofflce department. He admitted
that ho had loaned considerable sum?,
not exceeding twenty thousand dollars
In the aggregate, to General Morgan L.
Smith, brother of Giles A. Smith, then
eecond assistant postmaster-general, bat
swore that these loans were not made
for the purpose of influqnciqg the latter.
He gave some details ahowifirj how the
firm had secured certain valuable con
tracts last year. He paid to G aot Tat
gart, of California; to Corbett & Bsek
man, of Oregon, and to a Mr. Blanchard
several thousand dollars to withdraw
their bids for the service between Rid
ding, California, and Roseburg, Oregon;
and that he paid to Governor Thomp
son, of Idaho, ten thousand dollars for
relinquishing his lower bid on the long
route from Dallas, Oregon, to Kenton,
At the afternoon sjssion of the house
the po3toflice committee, Barlow sworo
that he never made any improper
Suggestion to any government ollijial,
and n6ver asked or expected any man
to whom be gave or loaned money to
convey such suggestion to a government
official. He had employed Mr. Earl ttf
act as an attorney for him before the de
partment during his absence frbiB
Washington. He admitted the fact
that Earl had formerly been a law-partner
of Poatmaster-General Cresswell,
and partly influenced him in making
his selection of that attorney on account
of the latter'fa facility of access to Cress
well, and hia ability to obtain informa
tion affecting his interest, but he paid
him less than five thousand dollars in all
for hia services. His employment com
menced after be ceased to hold the office
of assiataut-postmaster-general.
H L. Johnson, chief cf the lock-and-bag
division, testified that several years
ego a contract was awarded to Mix &
Co. to furnisn locks, and that after they
employed Ex-Assktant Postmaster-General
Earl as their attorney, they secured
increase in price, which amounted during
the term of their contract and its exten
sion to thirty thousand dollars addition
al expenditures by the governmeaf. He
said the price was increased on the basis
of certain changes and improvements.
Additional Depositories.
Washington, March 20 The bill to
titil ze the products of gold and silver
mooey in the United State?, introduced
by Mr. Banks, provides that the secre
tary of tho treasury shall establish in
the great mining districts of gold and
silver additional depositories aud refine
ries, and receive from the miners and
owers gold and silver to be coined, upon
the certificate of the government a-
sayer, and issue certificates of deposit
therejr, payable to bearer, and for such
sums as depositors may dojire; and
when issued for mere than five hundred
dollars iu one certificate may be made
payable to order. Each certificate shall
promise the return of the amount of
gold and silver called for by such ceitifi
cate, and shall be a legal-tender iu all
trantactions. Thegovernment is to be
liable for the safe-keeping of the gold
aud silver, and may become the owner
thereof by obtaining the certificate
throuzh purchase or redemption. The
secretary is also authorized to issue
similar full value certificates on coin
that is now or may hereafter bo in the
trea;ury, reserving coin for their re
Secretary Bristow and Ex-Speaker
Blaine have accepted the invitation of
the committee of arrangements to be
present at the semi-centennial celebra
tion of the Wesieyan seminary, at wu
braham, Massachusetts, on the twenty-
first of June.
Representative Payne, if an opportu-
nlty had bsen presented to-day, would
have introduced in the house the caucus
financial bill. A Democratic opponent
of the measure says tbat ir the Lill had
been presented, aud a vote taken, a ma
jority of the house would have voted
against it.
It having been charged that the con
fidential latter of the attorney-general to
the district attorneys pending tho whis
ky trials met with the approval of the
President, it is authoritatively denied
that the President ever saw the letter
until it appeared in print.
Ex Senator Stewart will bs heard by
the committee on foreign affairs to-mor
row on tha subject of his connection
with the Emma mine. Ex-Minister
Schenck is not expected to appear bafore
the committee till vveanes iay.
Vicksburo, March 20. Weather
very cold, with a snow storm last night.
Down : Thompson Dean, C p. m.
New Orleans. March 20. Weather
clear and cold, with a heavy rain last
night and early this morning. Arrived:
Carondelot ard Scudde1-, S:. Louis. No
St. Lours, March 20. Departed:
City of Chester, Memphis. The river
lias risen 10 lncne3. weatner very coiu
with frenuent Hurries of snow. About
six inches of scow have fallen here
since Sunday noon. Feezing hard to
95 Camp St, ker Potgru, New Orleans, La.
Of the Memphis Exposition
Frldiy, March 24tli, at 11 o'clock a.m.,
At the Exposition Building, Jefferson st.
PARTIES desiring to contract for the deliv
ery or lilackwalnnt, Whiteoak, cypres.
Poplar. MUltiuwcod or other timbers, wul
pleasu call upon the undersigned, at 251 Front
bireei.ouico oi currusis rearcy.
fu'-l A' 't Mills, New Orleans,
DAViri-At tatH Place, on Sunday,19lb, about
six miles north Of M emphl, on the Big Creelc
piankroad, AXDnsW Datts.
His funeral will tate place from HU Pat
ricK'tChnrch this (TUESDAY) at U o'clock.
Attention, Knights Templar.
THE members of 8L Elmd Command- m
er , Xo. 15, are requested to teodf
tha CtatM conclave, in the asylum ofV
the commanOir, thin (TUESDAY) evenlne,
March 21st, at 7 o'clock, for dispatch of busi
ne and conferring the OnJeVccr the Temple.
Fratrcs are courteously invited.
By order. B. K. HALLE ll, . C.
it. w, BltcrjTOTr, Recorder.
A MEETING of the merabefs of the Board
of Trade will be held ou 'CUtogs TO
D?vY,ftt 11 o'clock, to elect a Director In place
of Uj R, Walker, Esq., retired. A proposition
to increase tb number ot directors will also
be submitted ti. tha meeting.
JOHN K, WEED, rresUent.
T. L. Kehoi, fcsreretary. mh21
To all who are suffering from the errois and
Indiscretions cf youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, loss ot manhood, etc., I will send
a recipe that will cure, FREE OF UHAHOE.
This gredt remedy taa discovered by a mis
sionary In South America, Seed a seirad
dresstd envelope to the Rev. Joseph T.Ix
jIas, Hialion D., Blblthotue, ft'ew lori City w
Creditors' Notice.
No. 1572 In tho Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee Courtland N. Starr vs.c.
W. Keolhofer et aL
Whereas, An order was entered in the above
cause on the 17th day of March, 1876, directing
the Cleric and Master to make publication lor
all or the creditors of K. D. Stat r, deceased, to
appearand file their claims etc.:
It is therefore ordered. That all the credit
ors of the estate of K. D. Stair, deceased,
mako their appearance heroin, at the court
house in tho city of Memphis, Tenn on or
before the first day of July, 1876, and die their
claims herein and have themselves made par
ties, or their claims will be forever barred:
aad that a copy of this order be published
once a week, for four successive weeks, In
the MempnlH Appeal.
ThLi20th day of March, 1S76.
A copy attest: KDMOND A. COLE,
Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHenry, D. C. & M.
Jarnagln & Frayser and J. A. Taylor, Sols,
for estate. mh2I tu
Wondei5 of the Age:
ANEW and simple InvenUon, tbat effectu
ally prevents accidents with coal-ollor
other lamps. Agents wanted. Apply at No.
41 Beale street. T. H. DAVfS. Agent.
Copartnership Notice.
Untie till further notice, the undersigned
associated with him in business Mr. JULIUS
FAHLKN, late ol Baltimore, and a gradnnte
of the Coliege of Pharmacy of that cltv. The
firm style will hereafter bo THUODOKE
Corner of Second,
RESPECTFULLY solicit a continuance of
'V the business heretofore given Mr. Theo
(lore Uoerner. Both members of the firm are
graduates in Pharmacy, and both wiU devote
themselves specially to the primotion of those
branches of science including analytical ex
aminations and test.
mhl9 54 and 36 Beale. corner of Second st.
187C. STATEMENT. Chart'd 1848
Marine and Fire Insurance Co.
ASIMU - - - - 8 30,113 SO.
A'Scts. 5331,373 20,
Alt! GalvtHtnu Initraice Company,
AESets, 1125,661 70.
A I.I. r U'.LVtSfOH.
Stocks and Bonds of the U. H , city of
Oalvestou, Banks, aud othtrcorpo-
lalions tXlV 00
Real Estate .ISiiO
Loans on Klrst Mortgaees 1I5;73 67
Loans ou Mtocln and Bonds oi U. s.
and city of Ualvestcn 152,147 58
Cash in Banks MlfiO 10
Premiums la c 'ii.se of collection . 10,373 51
Accrued Int , S715 42. Salvage, JJ.152 W o m 38
Office Furniture and Personal Prop
erty 39 91
TotaL 5710,152 85
Reinsurance Fire at 60)
percent L 138,213 62
Marine at 100 per cent...)
All Unpaid Losses. 12,874 51-iol,llS 16
STURH & UIR3CH, A gents,
mhlO Hemphif, Tenn.
0ASH CAPITAL, : $300,000 00
GASH ASSETS, j: 444,046 87
WM. M. KARItlNOTON, President,
H. T. LEMMON, Vls-Presldent
J. A. tUMMONS, Secretary.;
1867. SAIKT JOSEPH 1876.
Fire and Marine Insurance Co.,
Incorporated 1SG7.
Financial Exhibit, Dec. UI, 1873.
Capital, 6400)000 OO
Cash In Bank (New York and St. Jo
seph) and in Company's offlce... JS 32,176 79
Cash In course of transmission (prin
cipally Novemer and December
premiums) net 3),G46 47
Missouri 6's, St. Joseph and other
Bonds (present market value).... 118,320 50
Accrued interest on Bonds to Decem
ber 31, IS73.
8,141 74
4 515 2a
KaDk and other blocks (present val.'-
Keal Estate (present value).
Loans on Bond and Mortgage inrst
liens on Improved real estate) 10 per
cent, interest, payable qnarterly in
advance (value of mortgaged pro-
mites $3910'.
.. 118,515 63
Amount loaned on Stocks, Bonds,
etc, as co ia'erai seenruy
Uncollected premiums at home office
Stuck Notes seuured by real estate,
approved collaterals, or three res
ponsible lndorsers
21,788 50
1,313 73
2O0.C00 00
Total available assets 1901,313 70
CapiUl Stotk t400,(CO 00
Losses adJustcJ and unad
justed 17,008 81
Reinsurance Henerve (N.
Y. Standard) m;,5S 52
Unoaid Dividends and all
other liabilities. 3,103 80 J506i 16
Net cash surplus over all liabilities
and capital. f 91,581 51
Comparat ve Statement or Hurplns Funds of
this Company since organization:
December 31, 1ST8 .
l 8.805 15
.. 12.1M. 13
.. 19377 85
- 10,471 14
36r12 17
37.9SJ SO
December si, insa,
December 31, 1870,
December 31, 1S71
December 31, 1872
December 31, 1873.... ......
December tl, 1871.
08,774 99
Dt-rrniber SI, 1S75 894,501 54
SrDRSI, I1IB8CH & CO., Agents,
rahlO II nadlion Htreet.
Thursday, March 23d, at 3 p.m.
PCKSV. &300-lt, 83301 2 J, 8100; 2d, 830.
K. H. Brown, Augusta, ua,b.K.Uen. llcoj.
Win. Lovell. New York. b.z. Barnev Kehv.
E. Horton, Philadelphia, br m. Annie Collins.
cun rotter, cmcaEO, d. m. Kate Campbell.
111 Coil ?
At Origins Co3t, to Close Out, &$
SEALED PU0PO.1ALS will be leeslved by
the Sinking Fund Commission, till Moa
day, April 3J, at 12 o'clock, lor tue pnrcheot"
FKty Thousand Dollars of lleruphN CH7
Bond, lor account said Fnnd. Commission
ers reaerre the tisht to reject any or all tut.
1. 11. HILL, Chm'n S. F. C,
mhll Main street.
BY virtue rf a D.'ed or Trust to me executed
ou the day of 1875, to secure J. II.
Martin A Co In certain Indebtedness therein
contained, which deed Is now on record is
the Kecorder's office of Mississippi county.
Arkansas, 1, as Trustee, will offer for rale, and
scU forcnih lu hand, t the highest bidder, at
Shawnee Village, Arkansas, on the
First Daj cf Ayril Xcxt, 1S7C,
CORN, It being the same heretofore conveyed
to me In trust to secuie raid J. II. Martin &
Co. Said site to take place within lawful
hoars. Ihls March 17. 1K6.
W. W. FKANCI3, Trustee.
Q. W. Thomason, Attorney. mil IS
Tms lee's Sale.
BY vlrtne of the terms of a certain deed in
trust, ma le to me on tho 29th of Septem
ber. 1871, by It. O. and H. L. Brlnkley, whlcii
is of record in the Register's office of Shelby
connty, Tennesee, In book 88, p8ge20. and at
requestor the bolder ot the debt therein se
cured (the said debt, interest and cos's being
dne and nnpald), I will proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, at public sale, for cash, at the
couth west corner oi Main and MaUUou street.
In Memphis, Tennessee, on
Thnrsdaj, April 6, 187G,
at 12 o'clock noon, the propexty described ill
said trust deed, as folio ws, to-wit : He'un lot
No. 313, as known upon the plan iind map ot
the city of Memphis, beginning at the inter
section ot the east Une cf Second street with
the south line of Jefferson str.et: running
thence east with the touth line of Jefferson
street one bnndred and loity-eightand one
half H8K) feet to a slake; thence south jX
allel with Second street saventy-fonr aud one
quarter (74)4) feet to a stake; thence west par
allel with jtflerou street one hundred and
forty-eight and one-half (HSJ) fent to the east
line of Second street; thecce with said e t
line seventy-lour and one-qnarier (74? ; fett
to the beginning corner. -
All equity of ledemptlon is barred by caltl
trust -leed, and the title Is believed to be good,
but 1 sell as truitse only.
mb.7 W. Y.C. HUMES, Trnstee. ,
UNDER and by virtue of a trust deed, exe
cuted to me on January 1, 1873, by Frantz
L. Morat, and dnly recorded in the Heglstei's
office of Shelby county, Tennessee, in book
No. 110, page 585, and to which reference is
here made, l will, on
Wednesday, 29th day or X arch, 187S
between tve hours of 11 o'clock a.m. and 13
o'clock m.,ln front of theconrthousaat Mera
phis, Tennessee, sell to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following descrlbtd lot or parcel of
land, lying in the county aforesaid, south or
and near to the city afoieratd, bounded as fol
lows: Beginning at a stake seven hundred and
Iwenty-nvq feel sonth of the Intersection ot
the south line of Division street with the west
line of Horn Lake road (e tlmating the "Mag
nolia Garden" lot to bave r front on fald road
of 200 feet); thence south with said road flvo
hundred aud twenty-five feet; thence west at
right angles wilh said road sixty five feet to
Trigg's east line; thence northwardly with
said east line rive hundred and twenty-five
feet to a stake; thence east on a line parallel
with the f-outu line of the lot here to be sold
of ty.seven feet to the beginning, together wlUa
the improvements and large shrubbery thers
on. The equity of redemption is wlved in
the deed, and the property will be sold on aO
count of default of the vendor, Morat.
mh7 JOHN II. WILLIAMS, Trustee.
Truster's Sale.
UNDER a Def t of Trnst made to me tS
Trustee by John W. Jefferson. December
19, 1874, registered In book 104, page 464, to i-e-enre
to J. H. McDonald, guardian, the debt
therein mentioned, which is credited try
J1530 01, 1 will, on
S0NDAY, APRIL 3, 1870,
between 12 m. and 2 p.m.. In front of the court
house in Memphl8,sell to the highest bidder,
tor cash, a lot or ground situated in Memphis,
Suelby county, Tenn., being iot 27 of the sub
division of country lot 616: Beginning at the
sonth west intersection of -Manassas aDd Marr
streets, fronting 150 feet on Manassas by 85 on
Marr street. Equity of redemption, right Oi
dower and homestead waived.
mh2 WM. M. SMITH, Trnstee.
Trnstee's Sale.
BY virtue of adecree in the Chancery Court
of Shelby county. In the case of Mary L.
Campbell vs. Joel E. Wilson et al.. No. a7,
R. D., wherein I have been appointed, in the
place of 8. F. McNutt, dee'd, Trustee in a Deed
in Trust executed on the 24th of June, lfc70. by
Joel . Wilson and J. F. Wilson, for the pus,
pose or securing a certain Indebtedness there
in mentioned, which deed is recorded lu tho
Register's offlce of Shelby county. In Deed
Book No. 95, pages 197-199, 1 will, by virtue of
said authority, on
Tneaday, tho 21st Day of March, 1870,
at the southwest corner of the intersection of
Main and Madison streets.ln the city of Mem
phis, sell within legal hours, at public auction,
to the highest bidder, for cash, the property
described In said trust Deed, to-wlt: situated
In Shalby county, Tenn., and beginning at
the northeast corner of J. W.Taylor'd lot No.
1 ; thence west six chains and twenty-three
links to a stake, with three sweetgum point
ers: thence north four chains and rlfty-etght,
links to a stake, with sweetgum pointers:
thence east six chains and twenty three links
to a stake in the went side ol Mosely avenue,
and thence sonth four chains and Ulty-eigbt
links to the beginning containing two acres
and 85-100. Tne equity of redemption It
waived. Title believed to be good, but I sell
and convey as trustee only.
Clapp fe Mem. Attorneys. fbi.K
Petit Gulf Cotton Seed.
OUl I sale, to close consignment,
Constantly on hand at
Horsjos IVXillei.
fl29 Corner Second and Jack'on Sts.
Taluablo Boifes for Sale.
T'HE undersigned Is (till oOcr.ng for sale hi
Library of Ml'-cellaneous Books and at
extremely low prices. Persons wlt.nl a u
purobase the whuie, or any pan, ore r 'iu-t d
to call and examine the co lectio , whit-h em
braccsmany of the flncsi books in print.
mh5 F. W. SMITH, 322 Second st.

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