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JfKXi'KIi) i.Kl
(IilULtal'oM Ji. IU (
ciiasgi: or m uedclz.
Mall trin. daily at 4
Kxsren Uala. dally. l iMpja.
ttumerrtlle train. iHdly, ei
ewt Rundaya, at 5 sW p ni.
Ormnd Junction Accommo
tlooKanUyexe pUxt) & Mam
, 11 W p.m
Special M1r to I.ornl PRfD((lf.
Trains will not mop at Vance street.
.XiWtM tiHl-i Irawug Mempbix at 5:t0 p tn.
will ftop ii'!) t TcU-irr-t'h Hiatlona. Grand
J sort on Ate miiodaiion will Mop at bu
ttons 01. whr-tl-r company bai:enctt.
lite Aeeommodatlo train leaving at 5AJ
jh. utl arriving lit 11 p.m. mikw connection
10 and from jtnlnta on the Kew Orleans. fcU
Louis oml Chicago railroad with Memphis.
No eaKe of OJin between Memphl and
8-ulol hihI Memphis and Montgomery.
The w line of sleeping-cars Just eKab
Ilsfced upon this "Old Rel.able Houto." wilt
liave mh of their ac:niiioent hlkei-kbs
IMviai Memphis DAILY ou Lxprrsa train at
f:IO pm, for LsTienbi'-g, Washington and
Baltimore without change. Only one cuanox
to New York and Philadelphia.
Tlese Su mlnulw faster than city time.
TlUrt timer. "ni" "rwi.
W. J. ROSS. Uen'l Sup't,
TOM K. DUNN. Ticket Agent.
JHSSUfelTri Aill TKSM2SSEE;C. h.
ctxasqe of schedbxsj
XL aw, trlne will mn as follows :
ifew Ofixf( Mall, dally 3 Zi run. 2S6 pjn
Jtefwwrt Train, dally (oiccpt
Binder) 12 59 p.m. 8 .15 a.ni
IValgiHand Aacoinmodafn,
dally (except Monday) A3 n.nu S6 pan
CIc connection made at tlrenada with
indos .Sortb and fKKilti lor all point. t x
Kor further information apply to Ticket
oSJca, So.XJ Main Mref t, pjsd at depot.
M. BU RK K. Buparln Undent,
JAMKS BPKKU, Ticket Agent.
Clly Time.
BxpreB lialn Icrtcs
uonoajfj bu..
. 1 1 1 . o tcnrAd fiR7At 12:40p.m
AccommodaUon train leaves dally at i -M pza
Pniraan Palace Sleeping-Carson all night
el nm.
ur UckeU or Information apply at
Ticket Ofilce, No. 287 Sain Surest,
JOHN T. FLYNN, Snpt Memphli DlV.
Z VMKS EPEKlJ. Ticfeftl Agent.
yrKnrais tbimeb;
, rrt-o -v- I
11iartf ny. Pridny and Natardsy, SInrch
S4ili ami 25lli
Only Original
Introducing the famous
Kwfhii Ilcll ISInKtra
and a whole corps 0!
In conjunction with
MR. HURTON STANLEY, the wonderful
Wale eprDO, anil Ibe remarkable Chlld
Artlst, WILLII llAldOKLL, anil LULA
I'EAK, and n lnt of auxiliaries ln;thelr
Voeat Clisracttrn. Kkotcbr!. etc, augmented
bv a Full Brm Hand ahd Orrhe-tra.
-noNY- . " ,
X on the lTib inst-.n cray pony. A liberal
reward for lux return to 11. B. YOUNG, corner
of tirlea- and cvuit Mreets. mh21
w ULXS-tin the pinht or Kebrmry 21st,
fltl I rota my place, at Oermantown.Tenn.,
two white borwj AIcIck, medium slxe; one
black bort Mule medium -lze; one mouse
colors! horse Mule, medium site all old, In
atedlum oondltion, and no special marks. A
libentl reward will be paid for Information
leading to tbelr recovery. Addrow L. A.
RHODE, tlfrmanlown Tfno. fliMeod
Sy tloM) and convenient to th Corner of
Union tret and Front row,
"Will bewild at a vry reduced price for corn,
or will be aold on time to iu;t, or will be leased
frjr ten years.
UEO. A. BTOVALUtfK Madison st,
rnpui. 1. u a uI.-.H.jT-t? hnllt. kin nil rncfi. 1
iQRKbl. MAHE Heavy built, Har ou face.
ha on a cray waaketiiod with a rope -
Va mited 8unuuy morning. A liberal
reward will Ikj paid to any ptrson lelaru
imc her to
mbl'l M. fiEELICi 19J Trplar street.
Til ULK Prom 107 Commerce street, on or
lU. about ait iui-day nieht, one mule,
about li'4 bands blsn. right foot lame Jnst
abve the hoof, with lump on fame; dark
bay; ha three nboen on. Will pay a libera!
lewarri lor thp d-ltv-rvof atiovw mule.
OOMS lurnlBhed at Gait House. 117 Main,
Kratlemn or families. Day boarders
accommodated. Heferencci. mch!9
OCOMS-Furnlshed or unfurnished, with
board; lerai inoderate, at 110 Monroe st.
im uJiu cittacx.
-lirIFE-Ared )s or 30 vears; mint have at
leai itott; on character. Address H.,
E-Aired )s or 30 years; mint have at
Bennetts Ijindin.MlMi. mh2l
f f ILLINEU-A pracUcal and tallied ml
liner. Arp v lmmwllauly to JAMES
I'KEE A CO.. 3aj Mam htretft. mui.1
' ii. Lamp', ar d Trimmings.
mhll tllTZKhLU, cecond street.
riiAILOR Ouo tailor (coat maker); steady
J. iro-k for the year, at
Mhl9 61 JEFFKlfON sr.
n"K) KENT LAND To paitles with or wlth
! out team. Also, to hire hands for wages
orenblmrts. Liberal dvancesmedetornuler5
or liare croppr, or to tho.o working for
wafes. Will pay in csh all balances due
Vbm etOIW are 1S,d b - A. LFA CO .
wMS Fulton. Landerdale connty, Tenn.
OPYINli Or wilting of any kind, by an
exptaltuced penman ; r1m, IiUM to col-lee-.
mlilS Appeal office.
Si ocKAWaY A No. 1 second-band rocka
I way, with ret leillier lop, and In excel
leotn pilrlueveu rwpoct. lniuire at
inhW OVtKS LILLY'tJ.oi Union st.
INVKNTION To closa and bolt doors End
gaes without noise offered for Ele. It Is
very subuUBl. Tbe inventor net being
a3!e to iml it lntoori.ttun, is willing to tell
vary low.
t or JiiriK&r lniormauou, auurcm
Hi 11 TO
B. C. 8LE DKR. Batesvllle. MISS.
XCB BOX. CIIKAP Inquire ot Marke'-mas-ter
north roplarttrct matket. mhl7
jtotato KH I'uro yellow ram sweet pota-
C toat. tor BetdorealltiE. Apply at SW Front
atorA.11 Koeell, Kozell Htatl
u mauon, yi
8AHDH Haulns Mlll.Grltt Mill, Cotton Uin
ard Lnmw 1 ard, located at Sardls, Miss ,
on and Tenn Ka'lroad. Apply or nd
dress J. N. ST ITT, Sartlls, Miss.
VTOUMi MAKE Four yearn old, gentle, and
X agocd plow animal. Can ln-fj n
mhll Marble Yard.
iUlLtlU toifc If you wish to belnde
) pendent. rocure a home. 1 am now offer
loi o parties who wiih to build, lots on tbe
ThGM trset at one.halr tbelr Valco. The
rent yea are cow paying w:u soon secure you
H borne of your own.
KeI Ertate Agent, No. 8 Madison fctreet.
nOi'Ka'AV ANli llonSfv A styllah and
iVduraWer ckawAy.and an excellent hone,
uX a bargain for cash. Addn-ss
mhW J. J. L , Appf al offlcc.
Ocn ruvi fknck Pickkim. ls3xi teet,
i-Ul.VfVn at 57 60 per thoaand, by
wTILLlAMS A CO, Lumber uealers.
. OrroN-t.Kl)--everal thousand bushels
iyofsmtd selctcd b yd Prolific Cotton
seed at Kvet.ty.flve cents per bushel. Also,
ic vera! hundred bu-heU of Orizaba deed at
S2 39 per bothel. For fale by
tnbT daw No. l'ni"n sueet.
0t for sale ti e Ualiauay two-elory brick
boats. No. ,2 tturt street, corner ol Third, S3
to ltSH tetX to sn a'Uy. Al. o Lot No. 3,
llock w. Union street, e-r. and adjoining
iialllB llveis liable, j by ao feet to an alley.
Atoo Part lot 841,cat side. Vncwr. as tlt &
LtwH's cal yard. UV, by HSi fct to an aUey.
Also Foor hou-tx 1. nd lots on Linden Mret,
t corner of IcMoo, frnnting liO (cet on Lin
den by d 8-rable depth, being one brick two
story relden.x, occupied by Hon. John
UMgoe. ard Ibe three two-story frame,Joln
Ingiot' fast tetn-of. All and ach ot thfse
lRartii e luw ofr-red at private fair
one atth cau, and balance tn 1, 2, 3, 1 and 5
eual aunHal lnatalments, with eix per cent.
tatravt MHTttully. H not sold by the 20ih day
f Arli, all the above properly will be sold
paMMty one-thiid cash, balance In 1 and 2
two yean, with six per cmt lntcreit. For
ell Information and purchase, apply to my
a:.ni, W. A. Wceatley, ".cO Main st ltethel
i ,
.oti ct ru i'
" .naiity tvo
a ,ttrd. fall
i- wanl
ij No-tlT --t:- LOOd 'ififf1, 1
Choice Cttj TiDpertj at Auction.
I U Keil.ln from of the "Memphis ard
Mllippl Valley Land Agency "c Glee,
2 kimiu fttteit, on TtluRSrAY, the -11
An y of March, at II o'clock sharp, al public
Mile, that must aluable ana con v. nlent prop
erty, sltuaud at the nnrtbeasi corner of rop
lr and Second i-trt-f-'. one block from tue
ccurtboo.e. Plan o: .utulvllon can buittn
br applying to m asent, Messrs RoysWr,
Waldran Jt Bacou. Terms-One-half cih;
balance In Mx aid twelve mot-ths, with b'x
per cent. Irteu oa deferred payment'i. Title
ner.eet, with abstract teadi
RoyMer, Waldran & Bien. Aiir'toneer.
BADGB-Chl Vhl badge, set wltl rlil)le nnd
tnrquolne, one pearl in crattr; Initials W.
tuengravea on insioTi iieturn wm 1 opiu
atreet. and lx fulUbiy rewarded. mhll
ITVLYm-I have In my possession one bay
lli. mare mn:e, abont blxleen hands lilgb,
rlx years old, capturrd Irom n boM thief.
John rhomaaUrjy, with oneothermaloslnco
clalmrd by owner.
mnlO OL1VKK nOON. Hernando, Mm.
OUSl: Two iront roomb, jU'Diiued.al
It. C BKINKLKY.3S Madron tt.
ARBEK-SHOP AtPeabody Hotel. Apply
to 11 U. HKlMhe;!. a) .naanua u
RESIDENCE That large brick residence, 1M
Second street cistern, stable and oot
bulldlnzs, large yard. Apply to
AnOkEVV J. HARRia, 10 Main stieet.
DWEULlNti-Large dwelling with Hroams,
lncooJ condition, at 99 iladlfon Rt : pos
session given March 1st; Inquire on premises.
Iff A1N 8TrtKh.T STOKE The lftree and do
ill slrably located store) Mam. with loorny,
dry basement. Apply to O. A. STO V ALU.
JAMKrf PAltK Kor picnics and drills, and
all ECDteel outdoor revels, " James Park.
V. A. WUEAlLEi. No- 2 Main su
vtjlT!iJN BUlLUiNU The old Mem-
Ej phis Indnstrlal Exposition Building,
Apply to
N. illtoaVENOlt.
61 ecoud street.
plenty of watron every floor.
del Xll and 873 Main 't.
Tbe deepest snow since 1S13.
Record of the Year for Apiil
A cal'ed meeting of the city oonnnJl
will be held to-niRlit.
Borne of the sleigh turnouts yester
day were quite elegant.
Governor Tilden, of New York, has
our thankR lor public documents,
pat Hsyssnd Ihomas Brofley were
ci-roLioH net Tit riit fnr f iohlinir. 'I MP lat-
ler was bruised considerably.
A anow-plow was kept Ro'ug on the
street-railway track yeste May.so that the
lew cars running ccu'u mace tueir trips
Thomas Bosse, a Mexican, was ar
rested for housebreakinrj and carrying
concealed weapons, and locked up last
Joseph O. Thweat, a citizen of
Bbelby county, filed a petition in hank
tuptcy in the United Slates circuit court
If the almanac did not f ny that yes
terday was the first day cf spring it
would liavo pafneu muster as a minuie
of December day.
The sun took a cefeD at the snow
clad face of creation Jyestemay before
he sank to rest, presenting a picture of
enrapturing beauty.
Slollie Robinson charges her huj.
band, Harry K. Bobioson, with aban
donment, and baJ petitioned the chan
eery court for a divorce.
It was fun to see a number of ladfcS
trudging back home through the deep
snow yesteMay, nrter tneir impromptu
sleigh reiira.-u to do duty.
The opal-tints of the western hori
zon, at tho setting of the sun, yesterday,
indicated clear weather, according to
Uncle Billy Dardi&'a theory.
A beautiful drawing of the Coutt
square fountain may Le seon at the
Bank of Ciinmercp. S sty days is tho
time new allotted to its completion
The oldest inhabitant eiys tho
snow-storm thatpamed over this ideality
DUUUOJf iiikui nm luc uwhujv c vci CA
perienctd in this lt-titude the snow fall
ing a foot In di plh In twelve hours.
Those who could not '-box up" their
wives ai d sweethearts yr-sterdsy, and
go a sleighing, enjoyed thomaelvea pelt
ing those who co1 id with snow-balls. It
was fun for the pelter?, but rough on the
Everybody who cculd raise, borrow,
hire, or oiherwiso possess a horsoanda
giodE-box y8'erday wont a t'eighing.
Dinner-btlls, cow-belbj and everything
else that would mako a noise, were tied
to tho hcree'a rigging, and "bells were
ringing all the day, money spent and
thrown away, and ttlere was tho devil
to pay, whsn we went out a sleighing."
V. C. Watkins received a frightful
wound during the day from a club iu
tbe hands of J. Bogiano. Tho latter
says that Watkins came into bis saloon
and thrf a'eced to shoot him with a pis
to', whereuDon he dealt Watkins a blow
on tne neRU Wltn a TX2SC3, ami iniiicteu
I an ugy gaen. "Watkins saVS Bogiano
struck him b'csuse he did not have four
bits, the amount which ho owed him for
, 'rLTi ir 1 w
genera! council Rt lis last meeting, ex
empting tno nintn aou ioatn waraa
from liability on the Nicolsou paveorint
tax, acd all other taxes tnd olaini9 in
curred prior to tho admission of these
wards tato the city of Memphis, Decem
ber 3, 1867, will exempt nearly ten
million dollars worth of property from
taxation, hut will nearly double the lax
on the property in the other wards.
The exeiutive commlttes.in view of
tho fact that tbo fountain for Couit
Equare will be received inafeWdays,
and must Lo paid for on receipt, asks
ihat nubscribera will bo so kind as to call
on Dr. 8. R Clrk, Secretary and
treasurer, at the Fhoanix insurance com
pany, and pay amounts respectively
bubajrlbed. Yo hope that the request
will be promptly complied with, as the
much desired fountain is now an as
sured fact, a-.d no impediment should
camo in the way of its arl&3t comp'e
tion. The Helena Mail of the fifteenlh
iDstsnr, announces the death, "after a
painful illness of more than eiht
mouths duration, of Judge Q K. Un
der ood, one of Phillips county's oldest
citizens, and widely known throughout
the State, at bin lesideace in West
Heloua, at tweuty -five nilnutss past
eight o'clock," the previous night.
Judge Undirffood, with his brother,
loug feince dead, founded the Helena
Shield about 1810, and published It as a
lealing and influential Whig .and
American paper up to the commence,
ment of the war. So long ho and his
piper had a large influence throughout
Eastern Arkansas. After the war lie
Ferved a terra or more both as circuit
and county judge.
A petition was filed In the United
States circuit court yesterday, siyied
Wsl'iam R Walker, rs3ignee iu bank
ruptcy of the Xortb Missouri insurance
company, verms T. C Ciskin, for the
sum of seventy five thfu ana dollars,
doe on r.rjm:swry cotes executed
by said T. C. Casein and S. C
Caskin, at Memphis, Tonne-sae,
Mirch, 1673, to tho Mound City in
surance company, said note3 having
baon trens'erred ta said North Missouri
insurance company, a corporation doing
busiaess at Ht..Iiuis, but rtcantly ad
jadged a baikrupt by the United States
district court for tho eastern district of
Mi-souti. Tbs Bsid B. C. Caskin, wife
cf T C Csskin, and one of the signers
of said notes, is dead; hence the com
piainant tues said T. C. Caskin for the
amounts due on said notes, which were
found by the assignee among the assets
of said North Missouri ineurance com
pany. Tne Charlotte (N. C; Observer, of
the tenth, Jays that CoIoDel William
Johnson, delegated from that city to at
tend a meeting of tha directors of tho
juthern life insurance company in
Memphis, reports thst "the directors
found tho failure to be & very bad one;
the company is entirely swamped and
in soeh a condition that it couM now
tr-'r-K t nothing at all. T5 nanuses
....... fll... f.t'titu nl !t. f l.rniMt. .... t n
pay up Its reserve-elghty-eight thcu-
eand dollars and the death of polpy
holders from cholera and vWlow-fcre-.
A treat manv o! these ptJcica were held
In the infected distrlc s, and tho Josses
by death from those diseases have not
ben less than fivo hundred thoumnd
dol!a-s. The director! at thrir meeting"
aied Ibeit s'o kholders forty per
cent., and appointed two agents-relate
secretaries of the Cimpaoy at Mem
phis and at Atianta-to go to wcra aim
ascertain if they could not efTsct soma
fclnd nf r!omtromise With the crcditbrr'-.
These can make nothing by forcing tho
i roperty of tho company to sjie.smce
at tbe present tlmn the iroi'.erly would
go at !.c enoi-mous tacrifice. If a com
promise cf any kind can be made, it la
hoped that the company can be rein
stated to its former pwllfon amODR.tbo
Insurance companies 01 wo cuuuuj- u..
r sume uasiness. xy uau
rioiicv-holdere, at least, woui 1 oe pro
tected, and preferred stock could bo
ismsd to creditors."
a hnrrihla accident occurred on the
lovee yesterday evening, the partipulsrs
of whlcn are as ioiiowbt i. uwuuauu,
in some way net fully asceituined, bs
cairie entangled in ron3 which was at
tached to the (i. v. uiiteK anu maue
fast to land, and when the boat swung
out, the ropo tightened and caught the
unfortunate man's leg just below the
knee, literally tearing it oil. une 01 1110
bones o? his leg was wrencnea irom tuo
knee-socket, and that, witn nis 1001,
was torn clear off. The t oot still re
miinoH on t1i Revered f jot. which was
scarcely cold before some one threw it
into the river, me man ws iukhh iv
the hospital.
Heine de 'o Mode for March has
hPfin r-tceived. This illustrttfd f-shian
journal is publithed in Paris monthly,
and surpasses all otht-r journals of its
Kir u ever puuisccj. 11 cumuiua nuu
fiftvtn spventv beautiful styles, from
the leading tlessinaleurj of Paiii, and a
fine c 1 r d plate each month, and each
copv also contains illustrations of ele
gantly trimmed hats, and new forms for
tbe milliners, a. certain uumwu u
these journals are imported for milliners,
and contain a colored hat plate. Thoe
wishing it must older the milliners'
copy. Subscription price one year, three
dollars and fifty cents; single copies,
thirty-live ceats
The EfThrt f n lleihpiiis Itranch of Hie
Women's Cbrlstinn Tcnipcrnnce
Figures nnd Facts lo Snpport the SIotc
mcnt of the Good Women of
Memphis Etc., Ittc.
Our refiderS are aware of tho fact that
for sometime pa&taseriesof meetings of
the Women's Christian temperance
union have been held in this city, un
der the Immediate supervision and di
rection of lady lecturers from tho north,
thin being their first tour south.
Thid temperance union is the re
sult of the temperance firusadet
and cla'ms to haV6 millions
of members, twenty-three State ahxill
arv societies, and thousands of, local
clubPi composed rvlmoBt ehtiruy of
women, bid and young, who, diploring,
feeling and suffering the curse of drunk
enness, endeavor to reform mankind in
this respect &nd eradicate into?icalon.
The mei&bers pledge themselves to ab
stain from the use nf all malt, vinous
and alcoholic liquors, either as a dtink
or aB seasoning in food, and will not al
low it in their homes. Not satisfied
with thip, they pledge themselves not to
receive tne attentions of,nor to asapciate
with, any menqbet of. I he raai& sex who
drink"! any k4nd of liquor, beer, ale,
wine or spirits, who visits saloons,
or uses profane language This
they claim to adhere to, and
are conscientious in the belief that they
can accomplish a great moral reforma
tion. To argue this question is useless,
as we all have oUr opinion based on ex
perimental statistics, daily observation,
and judgment cool, dispassionate and
impartial. In this country diUnkennetB
la ou tho increase with that of its, popu
lation, but this vice seems ?li the Wester
becac3 it is oub which cannot be con
cealed from tho public eye. Hence its
seemingly enormoua magoitude, con
trasted with hypocrisy, disnouesty, and
other turpitudes of our nature. Among
those who have contributed interesting
Qgure3 how true, we know not upon
tne sub ject of intoxication in ths United
States, is Dr. M'Kinley, of Chicago, who
claims to have visiteu nearly all the
States in the Union, twenty-six peni
tentiaries, three hundred jails, roity
almshouses and hospitals, the haunts of
tha vicious anil tho palaces of the re
fined. " Out of every 300 men we are
told that 122 never drink ardent spirit
at all, and of 709 wolhen COO never taste
aJcchollcs of any kind. Of the 178 men
who drink 78 do so to intoxication. Of
these 78 we are told that 3 a-e confirmed
inebriates, 25 are periodical drinkers, 60
are ephemeral drinkers. In other words,
1 out of every 4 men in the country
drinks to Intoxication. The statistics
for the whole tfopulatidn. of" tbo country
show that out of 5,OOu,C0O there are
Gft.OOO habitual drunkards; in a, nation
of 40,000,000 thero are 400,000 habitual
drunkards. Dr. M'Kinley states that a
very large proportion pf the eAcesMva
drinkers are men ti! Buiture and retine
rribb.1 actors, lawyers, physicians, legis
lators and ministers ot the gospel. Out
of 11 congressmen 1 is a perpetual
drinker, 1 an ofscAsicn&l drinker, 5
drink ericllically, and 4 only are sober
at all times." Without entering into
an argument, we will say that
largely over one-half of the inmates of
the insane asylums have caused their
tflliction by tho indulgence net of
drink, but of a habit too hideous lo
mention. However, tne supposed
growth of intoxication, both in America
and England, has been called to the at
tention of the learned. Aud thoeb in au
thority. The London iuarlcrly Iteview,
in tt recent number, estimates tbn there
are six hundred thousand habitual
drunkards in Eogland and Gotland.
who4 riot in tho prbsende of terrified
cliiluren aud despairiug wives. Some
curious statistics concerning the con
sumption during tho last hundred years
Is given by the Review,. showing how
the deuaud has been directed by otlt
ward cauees, tuih as fluctuations of du
ties, the wars that interfered with its
importation, smugg'ing and public poli
cy to certain wine-growing countries.
From 1785 to 1791, with a population of
twelve million fivo hundred thousand,
tho annus! consumption of wina
amounted to three bottles per head,
which decreased to an average of from
two to three ci tiring the w&r lasting from
1791 to 1815, the population being six
teen million five hundred thou-and;
thence to 1825 it was reduced to two
bottles per caput; from 1825 to 18-51,
during which the population grew
to above twenty-seven million, tho
consumption of wiuo averaged a little
more than one bottle per head. From
1830 to 1S54. tbe demand was statiouary
at about 6 500 000 .gallons, but In 1S03 it
bounded up to 10 500,000, and by 1873 it
had risen to Just 18,000,000 gallons. It
Is claimed that tbo effect of this in
creased consumption upon the habits
and manners of the educated classes has
not had a daterloatiug character. This
condition is attributed to a number of
cauHsn, chief of which are the weaker
qualities of liquors drank, and the more
general diffusion of the habit of drink
ing, the consumption not being any
longar confined to a limited class of hard
drinkers. It is well established that as
the appetite inceases.the teverage must
bs strengthened, a fact illustrated in
Queensberry lodge, England, an institu
tion for the treatment of femalj inebri
ate?. There women have been known
to take methylated drinks of the most
nauseous kind, sometimes mingled with
shellac; in tome cases an infusion of to
bacco leaves has been u?od to strengthen
the whisky, and one patient used tur
pentine and shoe-blacking. These are
awful and horrifying fact", revealing an
amount of Inherent weakne-s that
makes m shudder. But whether they
can be corrected by an organizition eo
proscripJveand which makes social os
tracism a condition cf profane and
Uquor-dr ..king men, as dots the Wo
men's Chi I -tl.su temperance association,
remains to ie seen.
Ot R homo naket, the steamer III.'-
. . ...ti
3 Dl.
pots, is Hie ios o-uay ior viuKbuiirg.
Sblpiieraai d i-c traveling
a t.uuii2 gen-
erally will do will to bear this
in mind
the fcTOim.
"lhc Suovr, the Snow, the BflHtIful
Snow 55 -Several inclios of It
Cover the Streets of
Freaks of" Old Prob "How he Fooled
the People -All Signs Fail when
his arc at Fartlt Business
All Classes Cheerful under Lugubrious
Circumslanccs Snowballing anil
Slcigliing-A Winter Car
liival. Disastrous EfTeels in Other (Quarters
A Flood at New Orleans Suow
Lvcr jivhcrc Trains Mopped
Etc., Elc, Etc.
ffhn nlhrfe nf the weathc r has eot things
w.fully mixed. He is certainly laboring
nnrfpr the influences of a l)3iiIy-ob?ervea
St Patrick's day, evidently caring not
afitrfor the weather so the wind don't
Hinv. Smdav mornine we were olhci
ally notified that "For Tennessee and
Ohio va'lev clear and crll weather will
continue, with northeast to southwest
winds, and durice Sunday afternoon ris
ing temperature and slowly falling ba
rometer." For the benefit of thesa who
slept all thy Sunday we will say that
nothing 01 tne Kinu transpire, out in
stead we had dreary, dark, cloudy and
thrpotenir.tr weather all day unlil toward
tt e shank of the evenirg, when a litila
snow bgin falling at intervals, sinh as
Unci Billy Dtrdis would have called a
"spitting snow." At dark, however,
the snow began to fall in good earnest,
and so ranidlv thst the space between
ths earth and tha leaden-Colored crinopy
above U3 appeired one continuous whi e
theet. The flakes were very fine, and
fell straight to the earth. Through
out Hundav nieht the snow-fall was
unceasing, and by yesterday morning
ths earth was covered to a general depth
of near eight inches. Very little wind
accomDRuied the snow-storm, eo that
the ileev intruder drifted but little,
The snow fall continued till about nine
o'clock yesterday morning, when a sun
p.nld wind b?sran blowing fiom the north
east, and the clouds began to break, as
If preparing to clear away. Such did
not of-nur. however, for 'Old Prob.' said
vrsterdav mrrninK that "for tho Gulf
State?, TeDUC3?ee and the Ohio valley
would be rain, northeast to northwest
winds, falling, iolloWed by rising baro
moinrcutnf thp. Missii8iopi. rising baro
meter in the southwest, and colder
iwoathef." The rain or onow did not
nnmn hill m hstl the clout's 8Ud the
winds and. nerhaDS. the fickle freaks of
the b3rpmeter, and we cught to be satis
fied tbAt it wan no worse. "Vestd' Jay af
ternoon tbo weather bulletin predicted
as follows: "For the Gulf States, Ten
nessee and the Ohio va'ley and upper
lake region, snow or rain, with colder
northerly to westerly winds, nnd rising
barometer during the night" Bo, at this
writingi we hae very lJt r to Inspire a
hope that hoary winter will yield his
place to tho gentle spring which, ac
cording to the modern almanacs, should
have began its labors yesterday. Ac
cording to tho dispatches by telegraph
received Sunday and yesterday, the
storm in general, hot only on this con
tinent, but throughout Europe, snd it is
evident that the atmosphere of this old
world of ours i-1 being actbd upon by
sohie strange influences, With which we
are not altogether familiar, -end of
which nonb timber than experioficed
Scientists csn Ive us any information.
The very unusuilly mild winter, an un
precedented early eprirg, and Uie freak
of the weather just transpiring; are truly
remarkable, and may be influences of
the world's being boxed around in il
limitable spac9 in clote proximity to
some strange planets perhaps an invis
ible comet, wliose fiery tall is j ist now
absorbing that amount cf the earth's
heat necessary to complete ou: Mriug
outfit. Everybady has hia or her
theory about the IofUianco of fr3's
In March upon fitlits and vegeta
tion in geieral sbrae holding to the
idea that friii? wao never killed in
March. To such as tre of this opinior,
we will say that a better opportunity to
test this theory never was afforded than
at present, O.hers Ik Id, and perhaps
with soniR appearance of truth, that the
recent frosts, combined with the pvsent
cold suap, has effectually dem-dished
the fruit crop in this latitude, at les.su
But th'fie latter,?onso'e themselves with
the hopo that tile old blG3ioms will drop
off ar.d U6W ones appear, and tbdt the
coming season wi'l be ths most abun
dant as regards fru't experienced for
years. Those of us who are fortur rtte
enough to survive such pp?lls of weather
as we have had to endure of late will
In the city yesterday morning the
streets and sidewalks Were completely
blocked, aud throughout the day busi
ness in all departments was nesrly en
tirely suspended. The street-cars did not
bcgin rutining until late in the day, and
until heavy snowplows.drawn by double
teams, had cleared the traik from one
end of each line to the .pther; and even
then not half the usual number of cars
were running, tho company having to
double-tesm even the smallest c&t.
Throughout the day those who could af
ford the luxury enjybl sleighing to
their heart's content. Som6 of tho
turnouts were very c-lfgant, and
hardly to be looked for in Mem
phis, where tho. opportunity for
sleighing is to seldom nlforded. Wo
saw ai pretty cutters a3 are generally
seen In more northern cities, and the
merry Unfiling of the sleigh-bells car
ried one's thoughts way beyond tho lati
tude of trio temperate zone. Every con
ceivable shape of sleigti appe'irfd on ihe
streets during the day. Some of these
wore mad9 up by transferring the b?dy
of a buggy or rocfeaway to runners
made of plaok-boards; others wero rude
packiDg boxeo,hopped up on two planks,
the forward end rounded, so as to jump
over obstructions. But, no matter how
rude the contrivance, the occupants
ladies and gentlemen of the e'Mc of soci
ety enjoyed the sleighing. There were
thoae and they wore the majority
who could not affjrd even the
cheapest of the'o luSuriei, and
they, being idle by the temporary
stagnation f business, made it hot for
their more fortunate fellow-citizens by
Felting them heartily with snowballs,
odnlged to a certain extent this
would have been harmless sport, but,
as is always th3 casr, some of the mow
bailers, carried away by tbe excitement
were somewhat indiscreet in the itdis
criminate manner in which they hurled
hard-pressed snowballs at the lady occu
pants of the sleighs. Wo heard of sev
eral instances where the too enthusiastic
anowballer got a tin tar or an enlarged
proboscis for assaulting ladies with the
snowballs. It was rumored late yester
day aftertKon that a shorting-scrape
had resulted from one of thesa reckltss
snowballings, but diligent inquiry lailrd
to devel ip the fact. The great Ameri
can idea nowadays is burlesque, ar.d it
bgan to develop llsejif toward tho latter
part of the day. One instance was that
of a couple of geniuses who sat astride of
a single plank with a gaily caparisoned
hors9 hitched to one end, and traversing
the difftrent thoroughfares, seemed to
enjoy the centennial sleigh-ride as much
as ihoee more lucky outs who pranced
round gaily in their elegant cutter. An
other instance was evidently a number
of the marine fraternity who had mount
ed the body of a common road-wagon
on to board runners; on one side of the
wagon-body the word "Centennial,"
and on the other an anchor and tbe
word "Hope" were painted. We could
not interpret tho intended "take-off,"
but the turnout attracted considerable
attention, liaet night the colder winas
from the north rendered the sn w fjrm-
- , ,.I1.
.n, ,n hoiror nnrni 1 1 iiiii mr ri-ivntiir.
,,,"',i i W,I,YiVir
1 uuu m jvjv..
UuU HU ' " - J -J ' L y --
begot of the fact that tho opportunity
0o3 net occur often, and wo will mafefl
th? mist t f Ii,.
ti t.i.i the clouds were borpo
i - - o - ... . r
aw:j on the wings or ius vmi, anii
night presented her beauties in rr.y.-iuda
of sparkling gc-m, in ilelighttui con
trast to tne dreary weawer ui me uasj
few duyF. ins cuanps was aocotuimu.cu
with a cotHiderabiv lower tjtnpffAture
at d brltk winds from the north, whiC2
in harmony with the probabllitif a from
the weather bureau f jr to-day, printid
Tho effects df tho, storm have been
veiy disastrous to ,t legrepuic liuepj the
wires and poles being ptostrated.in near
ly all directions by the heavy weight of
the snow auu ice. u jr teiegrapi-ic u s-
atchea elSewhero give pirtku ars aa to
tuo extent ci tne storm anu uamagc,
At Other Points.
New Orleans. March 20. At Pass
Christiana heavy itorm raged yes'erdsy
evenli g" More than half the wharves
and buth-houses at that plsca were
washed away, and those that stand are
1-.- J I X- .!.
more or ietn uauiajjtu. au uinc umu
age was done. Thr loss of life is not re
Little Rock, March 20 A very-
heavy snowstorm visited this city yes
terday. It was tho heaviest for years.
There is snow on tho ground to tho
depth of nine inches. Busifess is sus
pended and trains are delayed.
OjtAHA) March 19. The passenger
trains due from the west yesterday and
to-day will arrive to night. Passengers
from the west state that the snow-fall
between here and California is far
greater than is known for many years
past, and that it covers almost the en
tiro country. In many places the road
bed is ten to twenty feet balow the top
of the suow. and that it has required al
most superhuman efforts lo keep the
roads open at all. Mostof this snow has
filleniu the past month; seven inches
fell here last night and to day, and is
still falling, with cold northeast wind?.
London, March 20 All tho railways
converging at Aberdeen have been
blocked by 3uow thirty-four hours. A'l
teleer8pnic communication in Scotland
ba hppuslmo&t total. v Interrupted. Six
teen trains have been blockaded on the
Ma'Mnnian railwav alone. One Iriin
has not been heard from slncd last Fri
London, March 20 Nearly all the
railroads north of the river My remain
mnra or less blocked by snow. The Cal
edonian lino is covered with snowtwen-tv-five
feet deep. $ear Aberdeen twelve
trains nrp. snowed in at one point. More
than a dozen trains are biocked on the
Great Northern line. The telegraph
linPH nr buried at several points nonh
nf Abt-rdeen. Tho mail tran from Dan
Hps to Perth vesterday to k fourteen
hourr, instead of the usual forty min
utes. The cold to-day is intense.
Rtattn: City. March 20. It has been
pnnwinir hers fince vesterday. The
mercury this afterneon fell from fifty
degrees above to four degrees below
zisro, Tfilegraphic communication west
of Yankton is entirely interrupted. At
last accounts a heavy Bnr.w was iaiiing
t., nr,0, ""arl, and the weather was
in upper ann '
intensaly cold.
A'i' columSUs, om0.
Columbus, March 20. The It 11 of
snow to-day i3 the heaviest that has
fallen he:e for some years It is six
inches on a level, and tho storm eti'l
AT NASH v ILLE, 'rEltl?.
NAsnviLLE, Marjh 20. Tae heivicet
snow since 1843 fell hero in tbo last
twenty-ftur horns, and as far south a3
Chattaaeoga. It is eight inche3 deep.
New Obleanr, Mareh 20. A severe
wind and rain last night 8ubmeif:itl 'hi
nortUW6't subjtbs Of the city, including
the fair grt tlmls and Crcceut City r fie
club park. TLera has b-eu no train
from Mobile to-day, aud a ser.otn break
iti thti road Is reboitod.
Pafcaooula, March 20 There was
a terrific .gale Lore last night, destroying
boat houses, wharves, etc. Two or three
schooners were blown ashore and much
damage was done to the shipping. a One
man was lost overtoard from tho schtCn
er Indianola.
Omaha, March 20. Tho storm i3 over,
but the weather is very cold. The pas
senger train bound west was detained
nineteen hours, and the eastern bound
train fifteen hours, at Battle Creek and
Rawlend, by the enow blcfikado They
got through about eight o:clock this
on the qulf coast.
New Orleans, March 20 Dis
patches from Shrevepoit, Vicksburgand
Jackson, report a evere wind and rain
storm Sunday night, followed by a light
rsaow: Ths storm was severe at ail
points ou the gulf coa3t, between New
Oxleans and Mobile. Many whanvs
and boat-hoy3e3 were destroyed and
tbe shipping damaged. Loss at Bay St.
Louis, PjS3 Christian, Missl-sippi City,
Biloxi, Ocean Springs and Ptscagoula
will probably exceed fif .y thousand dol
lars. The damage to the New Orleans
and Mobile railroad delays the trains
Tbe malls will eoaie by way of Meridian
and Jackson. All the boat-house3 aud
wharves at Biloxi, Mississippi, except
three, wero swept away last night by
the storm, aud several schooners were
driven ashore. The damage is estimated
at ten thousand dollars.
Throat Affections and Hoarse
nebs. All suffering from irritation of
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ably surprised at the almost immediate
rel ef affmltd by the use of Brown's
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Opinion of Dr. R. S. Sieuart, piesl
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virtues of food and tonic in a remarka
ble way."
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Premature lcs3 of the hair, which Is
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ly prevented by the ue of Burnett Co
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Dr. J. J. Caldwell, Baltimore,
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X xnlet Citizen I'.riilnlly ijnloriprett Iry
a Colore I lSoot-Rliick Tor Ibpnim
ol I'lve Cent.
1'nrt Iciilnr of the lulling ns Related
l,jr EjcWlliiwoi-lM'aiie of iho
Bsn Bloomenstine was killed by a hfi
pro named Bob Wheeler, at 2f. m
Bealestreat, ye-eulv evening, about
half past seven o'clock, under apparent
ly circumstances" net nffirdlng the I
slightest cause possible. We lve the
particulars as related to us by d fferent
parties some of (fa saw tt6 killing,
and others who heard theC from tho
i h.ioiilnm i i the dead man. Blcomen-'
8tine hau Ifcteif ?d an invitation from a
neighbor acrrvs the tifWt 'rorn ins resi
dence (No 14!) on Ba'e street, to oonje
over and bring his little gin to a
hst night, and walked across to Mr.
- ' . . V, . a a -.- -aid A I.a'ha
Uoldman c etore, o. in, to i-tivo
his boots blacked. Tai negro, uoo
Wheeler,who,though a grown tufiU; hale
and hearty, follows boot blacking for
li'.elih .rtf, was called to do the job,
when. Mr. Goldman, who was etancing
in his door, conversing wl'h Mr. Bloom
enstine, remarked joKingiy to tne negro
not to black that man's boots; ho was
going into tho country, and did not need
to have his boots blacked, and, besides,
he would not pay for it. Goldman says
that tbo negro remarked: "ir he uotri
pay me, I'll kill him." Blcomecstlne
told the nef,ro to go on and black the
boots) he w uld get his pay; that, if he
did go the country, he would come
back again in a da7 or twd Bob
Wheeler went on with the boat-blacking,
and, when done, I'ouaanded
the nickel. Goldmau says that the two
(Bloomenstitio and Wheeler) got
to quarreliug about the nickel, when he
(Goldman) went to the door, caught
hold of the ucgro, telling him to leave
his hcue and not b3 raising a quarrel
abaut five cants, and as he pushed
the negro cut he received a
cut on the right hand irom a
knife in Wheeler's hand, when he
turned round to B oomeusteiu he saw
blood on his shirt, a id told him that he
was cut, when Blnomensteiu then start
ed in putsuit of Wheeler, running to the
corner cf Beale and DeSoto streets,
wnere he fell and died in twenty min
utes. He had received a stab from ap
narentlv a liroid-hladed knife in the
base of the neck, just under
the left ear, tho blade evi
dentiy penetrating perpendicularly into
toe bony, anu severing tne juguiar veiu.
The dead body was taken by friends up
ioto the rear part of tb9 upstairs over
No. 141 Heale street, ana lam upon a
bed to await the arrival or the coroner,
Bioomenstino leaves a wife and one
child, in humble circumstances. Bloom
enstiue was a Poli-h Je w, about thirty
six years of ace, and had ie3idwl In this
country ever since his boyhood, the last
five years of his life having been spent
in and about aiempnis. ne jiveu i ir
merly in New Orleans, from whence he
removed to this city. Since his resi
dence here ho followed the business of
Deddler. sometimes on foot and often
with a borso and wagon. He had many
friends in Memphis, who all regarded
him a an honest, industrious,
strsichtforward man in- his dealings,
Bob Wheeler, the murderer, is a very
" laek negro, anu has a very oau
:".'! tn .I" circles, where be a
1BJUWUUU U I""",, . ..' -np. pip
Immediately on "'tfliihs! the ra
tal blow that killed Ben I'lowi
enstiuo last night, he ran up
Beale to DeSoto, where he succeeded in
eluding hia pursuers. Officer Cullen,
whoso attention: was attracted by tho
row in fr-mt of uoldrzan hon3e, ran to
the spot, but before I19 could lake i-i tbe
situation, Wheeler hsd got so far
out of tho way as to render it
impossible to catch up with him.
Hi3 haunts are well known to the
polics, and it is possible he will be se
curely losked up in tho stationhcuse
before sunrise this morning. The cor
oner bad not arrived when this reporter
visited the scene of the murder, and we
aref Unable to give the result of his inves
tigation. . .
Mr Levi Joy, of Taylor, Joy & Co.,
returned from the east yesterday. We
thank him for latest files of Nsw York
The following name3 of visitors were
registered at thp cotton exchange yeo
teidsy: Wm. Katzenberger, New Or
leans: J. D. Lounsbeny, Arkansas; W.
N. Niehet, Evansviile, Indiana.
Mrs. M. A Cutting has recently re
tffrned from New York, which city tbe
visited in the inter3t of Jas. M'Kee &
Co., 33S Main street, tor tho pufposs of
selecting their epriog outfit of millinery
and fancy goods. Perhaps no Jady in
Memphis possesses more skill or expe
rience in this line of business, and cer
tainly no one is more thoroughly ac
quainted with the lathes of our city or
their tastes. Messrs. M'Kee & Co. have
certainly shown good judgment in se
lecting Mrs. Cutting aa superintendent
of their establishment.
The Iealt Family.
This combination, which appears at
the Memphis Theater next Thursday
night and the remainder of the week,
embraces a number of first-class attrac
tions. Among them Mr. Burton Stan
ley, the male soprano and burlesque
artist, and Master William Elaisdeli,
tbe Califcraia boy artist, ten years old,
represented to ho the most versatile
young p?rformer b3fore tho public. Hi3
repertoire embraces motto and swell
songs, Irish and Dutch character act?,
old man and young fop, etc. Of Mr.
Burton, the Mobile Register says: "Mr.
Button Stanley becomes more Inexpli
cable lo us the more we sea him. Every
movement, look, tone and gesture are
perfec. His make-upia sufficient to de
ceive tho very best judges, and yet
make-up is. hia least merit. Iu those
small trifles, such as arranging his hair,
touching h!s earring, and particularly
using his needle, we look in vain for the
clumsiness of all other female imitators.
His voice in singing is al3o feminine to
the life, being a clear, lull and round
soprana with a vibrant ring in tbe upper
register that never once forgets itself
into a masculine twang."
Circuit Conrt HelnUell, Jndse.
Tho case of Cicalla vs Cicalla, the first
on yesterday's calendar, was taken up,
and is now on triri.
Chancery Court-5Iorj;nn, Jndc.
Court meets every morning at ten
o'clock, anil will continue tho call of tho
calendar from day to day uutll dis
posed of.
Criminal Court Adams, Jnile.
The fo'lowing cases are sot for trial to
day: No. 497, Fred Wells; 263, LeLa
Werue; 505, John Richsrdeou; 529, Mrl
lis Lewi"; 525, Wni. Andaisiu; 520,
Charles Fain; 498, fiu'an Kmitb; 417,
Charhs Mathews, 513, H. F. Biatidon;
530, Hans Margerum.
Strawberry Uoxes
for sale by Williams & Co., lumber deal
er, corner Gayoso and Second streets.
A complete assortment of childrtu's
carriages at very low figures.
Murray A Kitigclj'
No. 31 Mndlson Street, Memphis Toun.
It affords us pleasure to notify our pa
trons and tho public that we have re
ceived our s pnrig goods, comprising a
large and varied assortment of the most
elegant and stylish of French and Eug
llsh makes of materials for gentlemen's
wear, and have every facility for getting
up suits in the most approved style and
the most workmanlike manner. We
solicit an irspsetion from gentlemen dc
nlring an elpgai t am) fashinnal lo spring
or fc'jinmer suit.
rnOE ratable Str. PHIL ALUN.
I ik. 1 - lAriu to rriar.J
Point, being detained by baa weatuer, ;'-
thla (TUESDAY), the 21st a' 5 pin. Shlppem
will s.nd down their freWht tn time; thc-AL-L1N
will leava "tsharpS p-m pniiotnall
J, j . WASHINGTON. Agent. SM front
For Hcle-a, Irlarj Foini a"l Sapolcm.
IN co.isenuance of l'""! wtI,fr,' jr'h
the steamer A. J. WHITE williMTiSaaEa.
....i..,v..iim! nil intermedU'e"nii-
in Tills RAV I Tuesday). 21st Inst ,at 'P10-
nihil ( O. CHEEK. Hi
r Pine Bluff, Little Rock and 11 vay land-
tags on -7"
str. nsiiLK u? jr.At.-' .orr-J
Siafca lst, ot 5 p.tr . for all point., on Ar.
kansa-i rlVfc? ibrouxb I ort am it h.
INO. N. HAR 't N, Sept., SSS Front su
B. P. GLENN. g""t. on Wharf boat.
St. VonH itarS Keir orlcnna Partier.
for Vlcksburg, NiUClwz and New Orleans.
James Howard, tedSzst
R. 2. r.Sram.,.master I J. H.nwwij : -enr
leaves xiiAs ..ii-u-.c'., -
Kor frelsutor paisai?e appiy to
SCO Front st.
For Bt.FfaftcJf river -Aongh to Wtburg.
t . is. Rnwman ..master I A. flateicH ci?
Leaves as aoovo lutouoi, -'- -
at 5 p.m. ivnird
tor ireigm or uas'aao .f'"J "-- -
Memphis and Ohio River Packet Company.
tot Cairo, Evacsvllle, Loul3vUlo and Clncla
nati. Tbe new parsenger steamer
Cons. Ifliiiar, jbs&s
J. H. Pepper.capt tin I James WllHon...clera;
Will leave as above TUESDAY, March 21st,
at 5 p.m.
Ths elegant steamer
Tint. SliinMe. sSfi
Jas. Kennlston-captain I W..McIntyre clerK
Will leave as above FRIDAY, March illh,
at 5 p.m ,, .
Thrjngh tickets to Boston, $11; New YorK,
J30; Philadelphia ?-"S; Baltimore. 825.
For freight or passage JIJPjjj Jg T
nnt . 296 Front St.
For Tlckxburr Rnd e3I Wny JLacdlncs.
The elegant sieame.
Maris It. Cheek-master Joe . fctpe3K-c:erK
Leavca Memphis every TUESDAY at 5
p.m., conaeiUng with steameis and railroads
lor New Orleans. ...
The Illinois maioncloso connections with
the Chtcot railroad, the Pari'ott line for points
on Yazoo river, aud tne Ii. S. a-o for New Or
leans. .
For Snpoleon, Helena, Frlan PalKSEiaa
all Way I-'indlnsr?.
Tio elgant steamer
Ac tf . White,
George Malone...mastof uL. Cunniln", clerlr
LV3a MONDAYS and THUcSUAYli,6 pjn
Helena acd Benda Trl-'KeeHly "hcSet.
Tbo elegant and fleet slde-wnoei stealer
Geo. W. ejlieek,
Nat. 8. Green master I D. P. Davis clerk
Will leave everv MONDAY, WEDNESDAY
and FRIDAY, at 5 p.m.
Particular attention paid to ireight and paa
senger3 for Walnut and Council Bends.
i?er freight or pass&ce apply on ooard or to
Memphis and VIoisbnrg Packet Company,
Xio. SS8 Front street, np-stalrs.
Or to K.W. LIGHTEURNB, Agent.
i '"V"1! ihl liS Fr"ntft;p't- ,
m,: Harry Kcmplili 3 wWSe SItci
Month wiilii Jter, Indian Bay, Ht. pharlos,
toeketts Bluff, iii. Artams, Clarendon, De
Vahs BlufT, Des Arc, aSM. JeeBonpoit,
w.of Pntntand Searcy.
The flna cassenger steamer
Leaves eISct SATURDAY at 5 pju.
, nJrT
The line passeiigw' nlrnrr
City ot Augusta,
M. R. Barry
iZZJZ rwimnhia oipttj- TUESDAY at 5 pjn,
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
J. T" WASHINGTON; Ag't, .3eO Front st.
R, p. GLENN, Agent, on Wharfboat.
Freight consigned to Milt Harry will b
handled free of storage, drayags anc commis
sion, and put through promptly. Shippers
will pleaM fEd freliht to Glenn's Wharf
boat. as nsnal. ov
lor Tlebsbnrs. Natch.-, " ?JeaM
and Way Landtags.-Tlje Great
Str, T3i9iup8onieaii&3
W. B. Mlllerjnastcr I Geo. Miltenbercer.clcr
Havhig entewl the frsde as above, will leave
Memphis as follo-ra:
Thnrtf-v. Feb. l7tn. Thursdav, March .d
J. T. WASHlNGiON. Agent. 3c'J fronts!.
Reaular aeml-Weefcly P01'1,
Binds aud U. S. Mall Packet-For He ena
FrarS Point, Terrene, Prentiss, Napoleon,
Chicot, and ml Head Landings.
Sir. Idleviid, Sfi
Stack Leo .master 1 Ed It. Themasclerk
Leaves Memphis every TUESDAY csd SAT
URDAY of each week at 5 o'clock pja.
Through bills for freight and passengers to
all points on Little Rock. Pino Bind and N. O.
R. R. over this boat signed by Captain NAT
LOW, Agent L. R.. P. B. and N. O. Railroad.
For freight orpassage apply to
r- T. WASTSINGTON. Agent. Bpn Front st
Regular Randolph, Fulton and Osceola Seail
Weekly Packet.
fl rc JOTilili , master
Leaves Memphis MONDAYS, WEDNES
DAYS and FRIDAYS at 5 p m.
For frnleht or pai&go nnplv nn hoard.
CnrryinK tho V. O. Mall.
To- Helena. Delta, Friars Point and all
Plantation Landings.
The new and elegant oaftenger steamer
Jas. Leo mooter Jai. Thompson, clerk
Leaves Every Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day, at 5 pjt.
torrrdgat "PoN,
College Grove Nurseries
At Sonth Gate or f.Imwood Cemetery
Henry Moore, Proprietor.
I have a very large, fine and healthy collection
of Rones, Greenhoose and BPddin? r'lants.all
ot which I offer at New York prices. Also, a
large and varied assortment of Wire nnd Rus
tic eitands, Vases, Baskets, Etc. Bouquets and
r-nt V!nTrs at 11 spasoin. (hardens laid out.
Cemetery Lots and Graves graded and sodded,
anu taaen goou care oi ul viTjoeii.:i.
nnit in vnrletv: Caladlcm-. Cannas. Etc.
Any person purchasing Z worth of plants at
one time, 1 will deliver and plant them any
where in Jlempni-J witnour lurmer cuargt-.
Hernando strset cars run to the Greenhouses
every ten mlnuie3. rnhl-j
nX.- 4-1-1 E" It.
nose ,
$1.50 FEB D0Z.
VERGREENS, Rosos and erapevlnts,
Orange Trees, Pltto'pordms aud Magno
, irom Now Orleans, lor sale at 357 -alii
fr, or address W. OiSTERLKIN,
at ureen rree nonse, aueiuy st.
At No. 413 Second 3treet,
iH prepared to take orders for all kinds of
i. work In bis line. Including the care of lots
at tbo various cemeteries. Prompt attention
given, aud all work dene at the lowfsr living
rates. OrUere for cn. tlov. t rs 'or bouitie's and
'?coratlrg i.urposn fl ' I tu anv iaa.- v
i 'l on slior'ot notice wpe-ptl vii; ' on
extended Ibe jiubtlctovi ;retnhcs-s,
now In full bloom. ibV
Ji. r
ROY&l HA?Nji LQTTBR7, 187S
Grand Extraordinary fro-Kins.
15 0(10 -JICKsVIS.
Capital rrla..
2dlll" frlae
:ut ci'' 'rtr.'
C !!."
I0; Tenth,! l; iwejiteta. -s
This lottery ha been In ?'rD,e """an
hundr": yta.-.and 'v-r tol
efcntVoW P'SkkANT .
Ill-'' .mn t. S.w .-irant
TALIS PLiCE 0-i APIL 21, 1670.
25,000 TickeU acd 7SI Prz'3,
SBS?. . 230 , COO !
For plass ard Information, sddrers
d lalera in SMhlDiC
BavanaClitar- , ha,ea l4I,i M njaa,.
Ho, 77 Gravler SJroJ. K
Send yonrordeisto rrspeta.'?!'1" te
warsiof cor.r.tiileit t.
Wyomma Monthly
Ltp4iuihAlktritJtf tk,LtUUi
THiati ZI uu, t tcr 3- on. mho -
Jifth ExtrisrdiEr7 Brawiaj,
1 Cash Prize of $100,000
1 Cash Prize of 60,000
1 Cosh Prlzo of 35.000
I Cash Prize of 20,000
51,025 Oaeh Praeaamounthisto$3oO,009
Fsvtd. rr..'l .f tntr .f Tnt: TV.
Trit,Ti.bi mi n. Jir. a.
Amau. DV.rv' J-7 TIUil9
J. t. PATTER, ''"'.Oi!Zj0I-?J?i. 2j
6B&N1I G-lDaSfB'iWlHe
At SToOTjOrleanri.
posmvfflY hq pflSTPoaBaSffR
CSPiTAl PESB $100,000,
C380 Prizes, araoBHtlng to $502,500.
One Vzixn in I.Tcry Six. Tlclseli.
i2ly SO,l50 Nickels
At ?50 Eaeli, U S. Crerrency.
Tenth and Twentieth Conpons !n proporuoa,
tlT J? PKiT-E-S:
t :oo.am
0,i ec
... l,000
.... . iDUiC
. .. XJXC
.. . za
. tW,00C
1 Prize
1 Prize..
1 Prize
8 Prizes at So.'ttU
4 Frizes at L',5i..
SO Prizes at 1 tCO
50 Pr.zts at 000
12LO Prizes at 10')
nooo Prlies at SO.
in i nnm-rimntion Pr'zesatrJt)
1C0 Approximation Prizes at
KJJ Ayprosimation Pr'seast
iw uux-c
5 . JW
3580 Prizes tn all, amounting to (gold) $50200
TlckeU for aale by all re-ptlarly appointed
agents, and by the
r ,,ni.iaiiSlatiIiiiitrrj Co.,
ralilO d.tw
p. O. Bo New i
25 Coiita Per "Week
To City Subscriber. De:vcid by Cl
tiers. PATENTS.
obtained tn the
Untied btate
Canada, and Eu
rope; tern.s as
low as thc3 ot
anv other relia
ble house. Correspondence invtcd .o the
Engl's5 aud i&relgn lar.ga.tge, with Invent,
or-. Attornt-ys at Law, and otr-er rtoLcltor",
eFTcially with the who hr.e had tht:r
caws rejected tn the bands of other attorneys.
In re'eted cassoui uin are reasnab e, and
nocharee Is m-de unless vearesacccssfu-
IS I y a P.-.rt:
&J3 tketr aa-l t.
full des-rlol.on of your invention. Vve su
make an examinu' oa it the Pater t "STlca
aad If wet: it.s l patentable, v til -ea- yet
Bapers and ad"'oe, und pr- -iceute rocr c;a?.
ur fees will be in u-uiaary c-e, f
"?KtTi Uiaiorwnuca d ai. tnai-
8.2JI M i'V&i Patent La
!inil Inpntl-' i-
Ref-enoc lln. II. D. Le-Jiett, fr-'ir-mlS8i':nerof
Pvtcti'. t'l-.-e;and, d- H.
Kolley. 1 "-ecri.'y NalloaaJ U. ' Lu
lwill, Ky.; Couiruo-.lcre I0r-1 Amr. vi I . tr.
N., WtaUlngtOP. I. C.
MB- Heud s'amp for or.r " UoMc f: : n
tne P.ie- u,"a jvik or So paeea.
Adcrrtf, Itil'lillti.Oii:.
Al-ITonj m' Pwrntv. Wnah-nirtA- '
t i
15 Court 8trrt', X n"hi,
Check Boot, Draft Hoo.",
Dray Beoka, unb Ifooks,
Ledgers, Joaruala
Boslnt-.s OwdM, Letter ICcadi,
Mill IItJn, Clrvulsjr.
ZtoScets, 'lag, Etc.
Tha patronise oT mv friends ard i e pnt o
I. II ' . ' . .y FKilll..tr 1
Gooi Wc
t Low F.Icsj.
L'a and exa-n t x. rns rf l;cl
I fl
e s a m m

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