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H!STA.SI,I3ai5D 1840.
"VOL 36 jSTO 90
Yesterday of cotton and gold: New
nk, cotton, lH'c; Memphis, 12Jc.
f-j l"w, KW dosed at 113; 2Jcm
ji'is. Hi
".v r. lici-r., OrricK CH. St.. Ofkicer,1
ft AeKi.iaTO!!, April II. I j
br lenncstcc and the Ohio valley,
fa 'mg barometer, southerly wind,
c Xxidi and rain, foUowtd by colder
northwest winds, and in wettcrn jcr
i.on rising baremttcr.
Tin ilasihsipjii rivsr will continue
fa''tng at tairoand Yicltburg.
lOHLAKor & Miller, a cotton firm
cf B't aieii, have suspended. Liabilities
Tut Intliaaa Democratic convention
meets at Intlisnapoiia on Wednesday,
th j nineteenth.
The Ua-nocratic Stale convention or
MaiUu will meet at Bangor on the tbir-
tecn'h of Jonn.
Dptjlin epecia'a say It is protty cer
tain tint the emigration from Ireland
for 1S70 will ha the smallest since 1851
A telegram to London iVom Wash;
iugon speaks pisitively of Schenck re
lailng the duties cf minister to Eng.
TnE university cf Prague, one of the
t!Ie;t in K irops, has had the bad trite
t3 prohilu the Attendance of women at
A private di'patch from Columbia,
South Carolina, says that fourteen dele
gates go to Cincinnati as Morton men,
tho entire number to which South Caro
lina is entitle!.
In the house yesterday the Eenate
amendments to the bill to supply the
(!c3ciency in (he printing bureau of
tlio treasury department silver bill, were
concurred id, and the bill now goes to
the President.
Tub letter of Colonel George It. Phe
laa, which appeared in the Appeal of
yesterday, will also appear in the
Weekly Appeal, to bo published next
Taesday. A few errors, overlooked in
t'la tlrsf puLlication, will be corrected In
tho next.
The goTTil assembly of Ohio ad
jiuriaJ niue o'clock yesterday, to
m et again January 2, 1877, haviDg been
in sespion one hundred and one days,
the shortest seswioa in fifteen years.
II jiv grateful fjr this should the people
o' O.'iio be.
HrEUMiiBO, the AniFricau governor
of th? S iniiua islands,and a great u'ien d
of Grant's, is in troull?, and hat sant
o:io Foiter to Washington with dis
patches to the President, praying the
Interference of the United States to help
break down nu attempt to establish
English aiceudency. Sternberg will
hwe to suls.de, as Grant himself is in
t jj much trouble to attend to him.
Representative Hoar, in tho house
yesterday, submitted a resolution, which
was a-lopted, authorizing the judiciary
coaimittee to inquire if tho Union Pa
c fio rai!ropei company hrs forfeited Vi
charter, and whether the same should
nit bj repealed, because the company
has resisted tho resovery in its behalf of
its capital stock wrongfully withdrawn
by means of fict'tious cons'iustion con
tracts or unlawful dividends.
Senator Stpescer yesterday intrr.
duced a bill to prevent panics and give
elisticity to legal-tender currency with
out impairing its vxltii, by limiting its
amount, together ith the national
bank notes and gold ami silver coin in
circu'ation, according to population; to
to make legal-tender notes equal in
value to United States government
bnnde, with the consent and by the ac
tion of their owners, end to authorize
the issue of 1-gal-tender notes and the
rein meat tf the eame under certain
circumstances and on certain conditions.
Re 'erred
Here is a strntlj of unblushing
8C iundrelism even In these days of Bel
k isppery. In the course cf the six
niCJlon dollars suit against Boss IVeed,
which is now In progress in New York,
I-ig-rsili, one of the ring convicts, who
was pardoned out ofiha penitentiary that
In might give testimony against his
c ilef, testified thatTweedrpant fully one
mdlltij dollars of his ill-gotten gaine in
Albany in corrupting legislators. He
also te till! that he(lngerioll) received
fir himself and friends thres million
live hundred thousand dollars, and ex
pressed the opinion, with unblushing
onil Jence, that hia thirty-five per cent,
uf the steal wa ju'tly retained.
After quoting the ojik.iou of the Av
alnnrJtc that Shelby county will not bus
taiu the plutform of the State conven
tion ifahiplilnx platform is adopted,
tLc Iilpley News siys:
Ndlhr r will Lauderdale, nor do we believe
ihn ar i bill down counties In the Statu
icattwi . A caiidldaio for the legislature In
i a we ton wlio got Iwf ire the i) opli. as tho
tUir x-rt- of hu li,ereiioof taxation ti the ex
leal cc zoMATy to meet the wishes of the tund
t g j:Kaua'iJ tins puu theoi ltts oi the high
stat , wl.l c r.nluly ! Invited to stay at
t j. u;i:aa what jarty collnr.be may
Wni' lat oavention has theltw
Ijnchf U.m which we take the abova,
r -ff tvn- to? It certainly is not the
Dam crt c convention. Ia that it can
have d j .."rta! interest, bsing as it i?, a
thoroughly iudependerit journal, and in
no wy itPiwrsible for it.
TnE Appeal has printed the Chatta
nong V-tmmcrdtnVt dig at its local co
teaipcirs'y, 'be Times, relative to pub.
lah'ng Avalanche comments on Sena
tor Key aejuecb. Here area few lines
fiom the Times, of the eighth, on the
samo question, which the Appeal
septus to liave overlooked:
Tu Memphi.-. ArrEAi. hhonld have tho
inHtiltiu-Nsaad course to fllit teoatorKey
( .V -t 1U uluu of attack on a speech
I'elJMNi pobl'ih 1h cowardly: anl ltssyco
iihaet'3 refcn-HCr to the memory of Mr.
J Low charactpr 11 m fiercely ns-
c n o wtien he waia caudldatelor thekeuate,
arc a .se-uui4.
Wah ut indorving the Ttmes's bitter
t.eua, we deem it proper to tay this:
That a critic wiio refuses a hearing to
the person cri'icited, sa weakens his
ewe as to destroy it in lhs estimation of
all fair miode-1 intelligent men. Thus
fir no juurusl that denounces Senator
Key's utterances, hrs, by printing
them, enabled its readers to learn what
lis said.
Tiia Avalanche of yesterday furnishes
us the ative. If that paper wa dis
pocJ t be t.i fair to the Appeal aa it
is un'u:t to the peop'e cf the south in
defending Senator E.ey'd indorsement
of ths Morton Christiancy Investigation
In MilKissInpI, it would have been cue
ful to look through our issue of Tuesday,
wherein we printed the extract from the
Times to which it thus calls attention,
aBd with comment, as we think, appro
priate and ju3t. But it Is net the tiuth
that the Avalancfie is after so much as
making a point against the Appeal.
Hit or mi83, truth or falsehood, Its all
me tamo. It will try in any case to
make a point against the Appeal, and
like the Radicals in congress Boutwell
for instance who do not believe that an
honest or good man was ever Lorn in a
slave Slate the Avalanche essumea
nothing good In the Appeal, and pre
sumes that its reader j will take its state
ments for granted that we are not just
to Senator Key because wo do not bur
den our columns with a mos cf wishy
washy stuff that affords no justification
for his act.
To-day the Appeal testifies volunta
rily that the schools were never in a
more prosperous condition, and in a
lioanclai sense we believe this is so.
Evening Ledger, of yesterday.
Our cotemporary is mistaken. Tho
Appeal of yesterday sold nothing, one
way or the other, about the public
schools, and all that the Appeal of the
day b8fcri contained concerning them
was tho report of the proceedings of the
school visl'Dre, for which we are in no
way responsible. The Appeal has not
testified voluntuily that tho schools
were never more prosperous. On the
contrary, It is susceptible of proof that
with the expsnditare of more money
under the wise and economical manage
ment of the present school board, their
efficiency might be greatly increased.
And again the Appeal is not the or
gan of the school superintendent, nor or
any other man, and any statement to
the contrary is gratuitous
A Tnnk or Oil Strnck by Llfrlifnln;? Is
Cousnmel irttli JUnrh Other l'rop-erf-
Loss, 8100,000.
Parkes Landings Pa , April 12. At
lialf-pat eight o'clock this morning, a
twelve-thousand barrel oil tank, belong
ing to Grandin & Ntybart, situated at
Bear Creek station, A. V. B. R., was
struck by lightning, bursting the upper
rings of the t.nk and throwing burning
oil over two adjicont tanks of the Union
Pipe company. At half-pft two o'clock
this afternoon the fire was still burning,
involving a loss of forty-five thousand
barrels of oil, tsn thousand barrels of
which belonged Grandin & Neyhart,
and tho remainder to the Union Pipe
company. Should the wind ehi.i to an
other quarter, an additional tank, hold
ing twenty thousand barrels, belonging
to the Union Pipe company, will also
bo consumed. "Persons having credit
balauc s In the line, will L asse-sed pro
rata, according to the lo;s sustained.
The 'auks now burning are valued at
nrtecn tnousand dollars, and the oil lost
will amount to eighty thousand dollars.
Should the other tanks tako fire, the
total la'i on tanks will be twenty-three
thousand dollars, and one hundred and
iwenty-nve tnousand on on. Tne At
lantic Pipe Co 's twenty-five thousand
barrel iron tank, at Beaver Pipe fetation,
wfs also struck by lightningat half-past
four o'clock this morning, and, after
burning four hours, was extinguished by
the agency of steam. The probable less
will be about two thousand dollars.
Tbe Kltnndon Mill Critical Rusln
Intriguing, mid Scrvln l'rc-
Iarliif to Join tbe l'rny.
London, April 12. A dispatch from
Vienna states that the Turkish ambas
sador hrs had an interview, with Count
Andrap-y, in which he declared It im
possible for the porte to concede the
conditions demand 1 by tbe insurgent
leaders in Herzegovinia, end that the
reforms proposed by Count Andrrsy,
which the porte accepted uncondi
tionally, were tho utmcst concessions
which tne Turkish government conld,
with self-respect, grant to the rebels.
London, April 12 A Vienna dis
pstch says it ia expected that Nicsics
will be compelled to surrender by fam
ine Sunday. An emissary of Prince
GorUchakciTat Suttarine took a cordial
farewell of the ineurgent chiefs, dis
tributed presen and promised to act
in support of their demands It ia feared
hostilities will soon break out between
Sarvia and Turkey.
London, April 12 A Berlin dispatch
says that '.he situation is still critical.
It is admitted that the German govern
ment is apprehensive that the good re
lations tetwesn Austria and Prussia
will not continue, and ii actively la
boring to prevent a rupture. A denial
of the s atement that Bsron Rolick bad
warned tbe insurgent chiefs to distrust
Russian promises, remove tho only
source of aiflicul.y. It i reported from
Ptth lhat S jvla wiM cerMhy take the
c Air-iive, and 'tat a military stafl has
s'rcsdy b. "n ordered to rer jrt upon the
plan cf o .ration.
Belgrade, April 12. The militia of
this city rrs about start for the fron
tier. The voluntrry national loan hri
proved ur success, ul, and the govern
ment has re -lv i to levy a forced loan
of ten dollru a head.
tit. Ixiui. Cltiraco nnd Milwankeo
Whisky Itatmla Done iur.
Chicago, April 12. In the Unitei
States court f'i morning, the jury in
the Fn linger and Seavern's whtaky
case, returned a verdict of guilty. The
sentenco of Ihe two men was postponed
until after all the whisky trials have
been completed in this court.
St. Louis, April 12. The motion for
a new trial in the case of Allen and
Furst, recently convicted on fifty five
counts in the Indictment against them
in the United Siat3J district court, at
Jefferson City, was overruled by Judge
Krekle; also the motion in arrest of
judgment. The bondsmen of these
p mies offered to give them up to-day.
Sentenced will be passei in all the
cases tried before Judge Krekle Satur
day next.
Milwaukee, April 12 Judge Drum
mond pionounced sentence tuts morn
ing on C. F. J. Mieiler, ex-gauger, con
victed of making false returns. He was
sentenoed to one years imprisonment iu
the State prison and a fine of twenty
five hundred dollais Reynolds, recti
fier, convicted of conspiracy, was sen
tenced to six months imprisonment in
the county jail and a fine of twenty-five
hundred dollars.
CmcAQO, April 12. A Times special
from Dubuque, Iowa, says a distillery
owned by Jas. Cusing, ex-mayor, and
operated by Iraac Beckman, has been
confiscated by tho government for a'
lexed illegal traffic in highwinee. Tbe
fullest proif of the gui't of the owners is
in the bands of the revenue officer j.
I'aper-nill JInu Killcsl.
Cincinnati. April 12 The bursting
of a wheel in Hill's paper-mill, at Mid
dletowfJJ Ohio, at eight o'clock this
morning, injered PetarNuscum, an em
ploye, to badly that his life is despaired
of. -
Joined tbe i'ool.
Chicacio, April 12 The Alton and
St. Louis railroad, which has hitherto
been opposing the Iowa pool in the com
petition for Iowa and San Francisco
Height, has at length joined the pool,
and will adopt thtir schedule.
G'ossip of tlio Independents, lieimblicaiis
ami Democrats Discounting tlic
Bristol's Backers Tho Literary Inde
pendents Plotting Against Both
Parties The Bads at
Tlio I.llcrnrjr Move.
Wa hlucton Special to tho New York
As near as can be gathered, the fol
lowing seems it be the impression
among rstute politicians here: It is n-
sert6d that Carl Scburz, Horace White,
Murat ilaletead, Samuel iiawlcs. Col
onel Grosveuor, David A. Well3, George
winiani uurtis, anu aoout ttnrty oinor
noted litterateurs and amateur poli
ticians, have been quietly organized for
tne If st year and a nair, and mat tney
have pushed out wide ramifications
through tho principal Slat i of the
Union. It is not their design to figure
conspicuously before the public m yet;
tney aro working energetically in secret,
They will hold no open convention, for
tney eeow tne moment tney ''ue a can
for a convention, and allow anybody
wuo wiene3 to take part, tnattnetratDed
politicians of both the old parties would
get possesion of their organization, and
manipulate it as tney aid toe liberal
movement at Cincinnati four years
since. Therefore tney have picked
their men in every important State in
the Unfon, and the first fruiM of this
new movement were seen in tne Wor
cester convention. The significance and
importance of this conclave have not
been recognised, but it is a movement
Inside the Rsoublican party to control
the organization, and, failinzin that, to
arrange for a tremendous boit in the Re
publican National conven'ion at Cin
cinnati, nominate a candidate of their
own, and force him on the Dsmcratic
convention which meets in St. I ouis a
fortnight after. Tho n olutiona lately
passed in the Union League club were a
part of this programme; and it was
deemed best by the organizers of this
movement to allow the New England
elections to go against the Demociatic
party: hence the result in New Hamp-
ahiro and the cutting down of the Dem
ocratic vote in Connecticut. The object
WE9 to give tho Republicans a fnlse
sense of security, so that some candidate
like Blaine, Conkling or Morton, would
be nominutod on a platform which would
give the bolters a chance to come before
the countiy rs reformers par excellence.
The arrangement, it is true, partly broke
down in Connecticut, where the Repub
lican vote wn not quite so largo as it
ought to have been to suit the purposes
of the new "Liberals," but still the gen
eral apojt of affairs they consider en
tirely favorable to their purposes These
people have no notion that they can
succeed in "ieforming the Republican
party from inside." They do not in
deed, desre so to do. Tbey wish that
party to present the moat olj actionable
candidate to the country in order to
Rive them an excuse for getting rid of
the present leaders and putting "good
reformer" ia the high offices of tho
Tbe Bristow Qunrtct.
Louisville Courier-Journal (Dem.).
The Bristow movement U apart from
tills wire-nulling and personal jugglery.
Tt is a simple outgrowth of the times. It
Is the yearning of the people for an hon
est man who is not a fool.
Cincinnati Gazetto (Rep.).
The name of B. H. Bristow, by reason
of his public ach n seuretaiy of the
trer-.ury, has become prominent in con
nection with the approaching Republi
can nomination for tho 1-residency.
This is eimply a tribute to hia efficiency
and integrity, and it indicates that ho
is one of the men prominently men
tioned in that connostion who would ba
elected if nominated.
Cincinnati Commercial (Ind.).l
The Republicans to assemble in na
tional convention in Cincinnati must
nominate a man who can carry New
York and her flankers, Nev Jersey and
Connecticut, and it is not intelligent to
sneak confiJently of either Morton or
Hyes in that connection. Bristow is
the man.
Springfield Republican (Ind.).l
Thus far th9 only eirect of the efforts
of Mr. Bristow's enemies to pick flaws
in his record has been to give him a se
curer place in tho confidence of the peo
ple. Taft Talked or.
Cincinnati Enquirer's "Wfslilngton. Corre
spondent. There is a squsul of Ohio members
working up Taft for the Presidency.
They are dolnrr this for several ressont:
First, they want a man ouf -.ide of Ohio
nominated, and are trying to get up a
division among tho Ouio delegation to
weaken Hayn. Juuge Griswold, of
Cleveland, is here. He favors Taft be
cause he's a man of national reputation
and infinitely superior to Hayes in all
qualifications that fit a man for the groat
office. There is a strong and growing
feeling here among a certain ciesi of
Damocra's, who are not burdened with
Prcsldentiel favorltes.that General Han
cock is the mr3t available coudidate tbe
Democrats can nomicaf for the Pre ri
deney. It becomes mc it evident every
day that the bit 3dy shirt will be Repub
lican stcok in t'arie for the next can
van, and some Damocrats think that
there is no chance to win with a man
like Hendticks, with h' Shelbyville
speech; or Thuiman, wbese relations
rendered too much aid and comfort to
the rebel prisoners at Camp Che?e.
With such records as the se, the Demo
crats would have to conduct a defensive
campaign on a war prejudice, but with
a man like Haucock at the head of tho
ticket, who emelled powder, the Demo
crats could nullify the war cry, and
mak9 an Aggressive canvass on the Re
pubdean rascalities.
The Jinn at Cincinnati.
New York Inbnno's Wainlngton Correspond
ent Sifting out exaggerated and Improb
able cl-irns of strength, we may inako
up tbe following statement of what from
present Indication promises to b3 tbe
re-ult of the first ballot at Cincinnati:
Fcr Mr. Blaine Maine, New Hamp
shire,part ol Matsachuetts (say eighteen
votes out of t wet ty-slx) Rnodo Island,
ten votes from New York, Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina,
Louisiana, Michigan, Wiscon-in, Illi
nois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraik?, Kan
sas, California, Cregou, Nevada, and
the nine Territories in all two hundred
and fifty-six votes.
For Mr. Mcrton Indiana, Missouri,
Arkaneap, Missiesipj i, Alabama, Texas,
Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia,
Florida, and the District of Colombia
total, one hundred and eighty-eight
For Governor Hartranft Pennsyl
vania's fifty-eight votes.
For Governor Heyes Ohio's forty
four votes.
For Mr. Conkling About fifty votes
from New York, and poeeibly the eight
een votes of New Jersey.
For Bristow Vermont, Connecticut,
part of Massachusetts, a few votes from
New York, South Carolina, if the
Chamberlain party controls tbe conven
tion, and the Kentucky delegation
lees than seventy-five votes In all. This
is a very small showing, but it must be
borne in miLd that the above estimates
in tbe case of the other candidates are
based upon tbe probable success of the
organized efforts being made in their
belialf, while Mr. Bristow's candidacy
depends entirely upon the breaking
down of these organizations by the force
of public opinion. He Is not around tiy-
mg to bag delegates like Mr. Blaine or
Mr. Morton, and if he succeeds it will
ha bpcau?o the snare3 of those experi
enced fowlr ra will be swept away by the
nsinc nale of the popular will. mr.
Bristow will therefore prove either a
veiy weak candidate or an irresistible
one. it seems certain tnat ne uasnroKeu
in upon Mr. Blp'ne's forces In New
England, aud if he can do the same
tiling in Illinois and tne nonnwest, anu
can get two-thirds of the Ohio delega
tion on the second ballot, tbe tide might
set in his favor too powerfully to be
turned. It must be admitted, nowever,
that tho prospect", as viewed lrom i
Washington level, strongly favor Mr,
Mr. Morton is likely to maintain hia
maximum strength on the first bpllot.
There is no possibility o' growth, and
his nomination is an almost impossible
contintrencv. Some of the oldest Re
publicans in congress e'eclare that it
would disrupt the party. A New York
member, very much respected for his
good judgment, said to-day that at least
twenty of nis fellow KepuDiicans nau
told bim if Morton were ncminatea
thev would refuse to support him. As
for Mr. Conkling, no one here, unless It
ba the senstor nimself anu Mr. A. li.
Cornell, who is now in Washington, re
trards his nomination as a possibility
worth takine into account. Governor
Hayes is just a possibility, and a rather
remote one at tnat. it Mr. uiainesnouiu
fall to get a majority of the delegates, if
the Bri&tow movement should come to
nothing, and if the Morton man, the
conkiinrr men, anu Mr. uameron-s
Pennsylvania deleeation should join the
Ohio delegation, Governor Hayes could
be nominated. But hero aro three ifs
in a row enough to vitiate any calcula
tion. And remaps, instead or iroirir to
Onto, tnese forces wouiu ass unio to
come to them, and join them in bring
ing out a new candidate like Mr. Wheel
er. 'JLuo united uonkiing, Morton ana
Cameron forces will make tne moun
tain, and the Ohio Mohammed may
have to go to it.
Independent on the
Washington Crrresponilent New York Trl-
There is no longer any t&lk of an old-
fashioned Democratic ticket.. It wn
plentiful and noisy enough at the bo
ginning of the session, but it has all died
away, little by little. The Hendricks
enthusiasm ha i evaporated; Bayard is
only a fascinating dream impossible of
realization. Of Thurman there is some
solid residuum remaining, but it dimin
ishes day by day. Tiiuen's strengtn
may be great, but, if so, it is not well
known to hia parly associates at Waih-
mgton. Tho name of Judge Davis,
pouen in a wniaper a lew weoss ago, is
now on all men'pf lips. Nine Democrats
out of ten in congress if askei to-day,
not for tneir preferences but lor ineir
opinions as to who tbe St. Louis nom
inee is Jikoly (o to, would reply, "Judge
uav", or some new man." ho it will
be seen that the petty is likely to try
again its 1872 policy. The qualification
it requires of a candidate 13 ability to
draw oil Republican votes. In one or
two coutingenci- i it is thought that a
traicntout Democrat, if untinctured
with Bourbou'sm, and possessed of an
unassailable record, might accomplish
this such conting -cits as the nomi
nation of Mr. Mo. -j or Mr. Conklinp
at Cincinnati. If the Republicans should
put either of thfse objectionable states
men forward, the Democrat would per
haps ven;ura tirun Mr. Inurman, but
it now appears certain that they will not
take mo rnn.ot nominatmjr Mr. .Hen
dricks, and in all probab'lity they will
choose Judge Dav's or some man not
mentioned at an n yet, wnoso record
will have tho merit of beinc short and
good. The tendency to turn aside from
tne expectant line or old party Hacks
and 11 ud a i.- ih man Isveiy marked. If
the Republicans take the only sensible
and sate cou. .e open to them, and select
a candidate in noway tainted witn tne
vicss of Grant's administration, the
Democrats wi'l have to make a boid bid
for Republican vote i or lose the fight,
and from tho talk of their leaders here
it would look as if they were prepared
for such an emergency. Indeed there is
nothing they are not ready to do to save
themselves jiom another defeat They
might oven nominate Charln Francis
Adams if they could thereby double
their chances of success; but a much
more nrobablestep would be to run some
one with a brilliant war record like Gen
eral Hancock, with the view of taking
the soldier vote away l.om a civilian
like Mr. Blaine. It will he seen that
the St. Louis convention offers a field
for endless speculation. All movements
for controliinR tnat. body are still in so
lution, and the mcsc influential Demo
crate, mean, if they can, to keep them
so until the Republicans do their work
at Cincinnati.
Saved for Home and Friends.
Halifax, April 12. The American
schooner Lizz.e, K. Clarkjfciwived to
day, bringing Uaptain vm. ureeniesr
and four men of tne schooner Henrietta
Greenleaf, of Gloucester, which upset in
a squall Iriday list south of La Have
bank. Franklin Greenleaf, AUred 01
Eeu, James Peats and George Connors
drowned In the vessel; five left in one
dory and six in another, tho latter wn
picked ud by Clark; one man, Freeman
Crawford, of Wfitporr, Maine, died
from the effech cf exposure after being
rescued. In the missing boat were
Joseph Gardner, George Roer, B. Jew
ett, Charles Pattio aDd a Newman.
"Chinese Cheap Labor."
San Francisco, April 12. The sea.
ate committee, anr 'inted to investigate
the Chim w que uou, commence J work
to-day. Governor L tw, ex-minister to
China, Bl d that the Chinese guilds or
emigration eoeioti o in HoL-g Kong,
were rormea wnen a aemana ror cueap
labor arc e on this cc t. They exercise
almost at olu'ipowei over emigrant,
and have an at.,8r"rement with the Pf
ciflc Mail company by which thefiteam
ds will not .ke the Chinamen homo
who cannot show n certifi'ite that they
have id'liilcd ie;-contract with theie
companies. It wa3 resolved to open
com spondenco with the American
minister to tnina concerning these emi
gration agencies.
Sale of (fhort-llorncd Stoclc.
Chicago, April 11. The jTrt'&une'a
Galesbura;, Illinois, special says that the
herd of short-born cattle, owned by Mrs.
E. Bryan, of Abingdon, Illinois, was
sold there to-day. Tho total amount of
the saies vpi twenty-lour thousand
two hundred and ninety live dollars, an
average of tnreo hundred and fifty per
head. The mo3t remarkable sales were
second Mazorko, of Hickory Grove, to
J. W. Moor.-, of Jieveny, Illinois, for
eleven hundred dollars; Peppey's Duke
of Andrio to George W. Dunlap, of
Abingdon, Illinois, for ten hundred and
twenty dollars
IT omen's Hoard of Himiuiis.
Indianapolis, April 12 The fifth
annutl convention of the Womou's
Presbyterian board of missions of tho
ncrthwet, convened here to-day, some
three nuuurei auegatis being present
from abroad. T exercises to day were
mainly devoted to the discussion of
questions connected with missionary
work. Chicago was selected as the next
place of meeting.
The American Criminal.
London, April 12. warrant for tho
surrender of Charles Brent, the Louis
ville forger, should have been issued to
day, but was not, his case and that of
wm. ta. uray, tuo JNew lorn wrger,
must await, like Wins'ow, the sanction
of the legal queftionpeudiug.
The I'opc AiiKry with Spain.
London, April 12 A Times Madrid
latter rivd that tho trnvprnmpnr nf Paa
tellar is assailed in the press and in tbe
pulpit with boundless virulence and
T?lnldnr0. The none threatens! f ho Im
mediate withdrawal from Madtid of the
papal nuncn, it article eleven of the
new constitution is aaopteu
Indianapolis, April 12. James M.
Lambert, pn prietor of the Ry hou-e,
hunK himseit this morning. The cause
la supposed to be nuanclal troubles.
More Strong Testimony Against Bab
cock President (Jrani's Eyes
OpcncdI'iirmaii'is Case.
General Hcdrlck's Evidence Park and
Emma Blaine's Denial National
Bank Tax-Xcw 3Icxico
in 1877.
Kilboiimc Still in Jail.
Washington, April 12. The ser
geant-at-arms of the house informed
Chief Justice Carter to-day that he held
Kilbourno subject to further orders of
the house, and the judge postponed
further proceedings under habeas cctpus
until baturday.
New Mexico to Come in In 1S77.
Washington. April 12. The house
committee on territories voted to amend
the bill making New Mexico a State as
to provide that an election for the adop
tion of the State constitution shall be
held in June, 1S77, instead of not later
than January, 1S77, as the senate pro
posed. This will prevent the new State
from taking part m the next Pr siden
tial election.
I'unuan's Cae.
Washington, April 12. The com
mittee on civil servico continued their
investigation into the case of Repre
sentative Purman. They sent to-day
for Jts. U. Liivincston ana Henry urews,
of Florida, and both testified that they
were appointed timber agents in .blorl
da. Purm&n obtained the appointment
for them. Ho told them they would get
forty-one dollars per month and have
nothing to do. Neither of them ever
performed duty as timber agents, and
neither of them knew where the timber
reservation was.
The National Banlc Tax.
Washington, Anril 12. A delega
tion representing too national banks,
including Fall, of Cincinnati, and Eng.
iish, of Indianapolis, appeared before
the committee on ways anu means to
day, and advr nated the repeal of the
provisions of the national bank law im
posing taxes on capital and deposit".
They spoke in favor of legislation pro
hibiting tho imposition oi municipal
and State taxation at a greater rate than
tbe par value of bank shares, and argued
for the repeal of tho two cent stamp tax.
Another Briuc-Takcr.
J ames Trainer, a post-trader, was re
called by the Clynier committee, and
he reiterated the charge that he paid
Bimon Wolf, recorder of deeds of Wash
ington, two hundred and fiivy dollars for
assistance in getting his post.
Jiabcock Denies Again.
General Babcock pronounces false the
story of Miles, a convict in the Windsor
(Vt.) prison, puousneu to-uay, m wnicn
be dtc'.ares that the general wn ac
quainted with all the details of the Bafe
burglary. Additional Testimony byPark.
Trenor W. Park wao recalled before
the house committee on foreign affairs
to-day. He testified that his acquaint
ance with General Ssbenck did not be
gin until after the commencement of
his negotiations with dates for the sale
of the mice. It wn not true that Baron
Grant was induced to take a part in the
undertaking by information that Gen
eral Schenck would br come a director.
Park also said he wou'd have treated
with Sshenck just as he did whether he
had been American minister or not.
tl rant's Eyes Opened.
Chicago Tribune's AVPihlngton Correspond
There is ec:d authority for the state
ment that the President hn discovered
that he hn been deceived by Babcock
and others in vei many things during
the entire couise of h!i administration,
and that hew'" scon t .ko occasion in
some decisive way o convince the pub
lic of th's fact. Time who recently
conversed with the President say that
he hr i become keenly conscious that he
hr o been grr ly d jeived and betrayed
by these around him, and that he has
never been iully aware of this until Ex-Attorney-General
W'lliams wn nked
with reference to the reporf i concerning
his action in dism'ssingthe suits against
the discharging of Riddle, the assistant
More Strong Testimony Against Bab-
New York. April 12 An interview
with George E White, offers Miles, the
Bsrre, Vermont, bank robber, now in
Vermont tstnto ppson, is puonsnea.
Miln apoerr3 to have been very com
municative. He says he wso instructed
byWhitelytoc.il on Nettlr-hip for a
job, and wn tiken by Nettleship to
washineton. wnere ne was nrsi in
formed that said job wr o cracking a safe
in the d'strict-attorney's office. They
struck a bargain and Milr3 employed
Benton to a' '1st him. ne was intro
duced to Harrington by Nettieship, and
had an interview on the subject with
Harrington, at the iatter's home, which
General Bibcesic wrs pr lent ar. me
latter nsured M 'es that Harrington's
prom.'er t should be corded out. Miles
speaks of a promine at officii ' who knew
what wn going on, anu wuo gave auui-
tionr' nsuranc of security to the bur
glf rs. The name of this official wn
given 1 1 tbe repoitsr in confidence, but
not printed, miks aiso nins at a
kuowledge of other paities connected
with the plan, wnose luentuy ne acci-
denr-dly discovered.
Blaine's Denial.
Washington, April 12 The story
credited to the Indianapolis Sentinel, of
yriterday, has b en in circulation for
sometime wit in private political clr-
cl s. Mr. blalue wrs made acquainted
with it, and promptly denied it, stating
it entirely sensational and unfounded.
The sto.y, ; repeated in Washington
circl s, w. that a drai t was paid for
Mr. Blaine's beneht by Morton, liliss sc
Co.,-of Now York, and was afterward
take'i up and paid by E. H. Rollins,
treasurer of the Union Pacific railroad
company. In taking measures recently
to correct it, Mr. liiaine received tne ioi-
lowing letter:
New York, April 6, 1S76.
Hon. J. G. Blaine, Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir In answer to your Inquiry
we t.eg leave to say that no draft, note
or cheek, or other ev.dencs of value, haB
ever pa?sed through our books on which
you were known or supposed to have
any interest of any kind, d'rct or indi
rect, very-rcspectiuny,
Also the following:
Office Union Pacific R. K. Co.)
I'oSTOii, March 31. J
Hon. J. O. Blaine, VashlnBton, D. C.
Dear Sir In rc ponse to your in
quiry, 1 teg leave to state tnat l have
en treasurer oi me union raciuc rail
road since April 8, 1871, and have neces
sarily known of all disbursements made
since that date: and during that cntiie
period, up to tho present time, I am
sure that no money has been paid in any
way, or to any person, by this com
pany, in which you were interested in
any manner whatever. I make this
statement in justice to the company, to
you and to myself. Very respectfully,
Testimony of a l'ost-Tradcr.
Washington, April 12. General
Hedrick was examined by the Clymer
committee to-day. His evidence was
to the ellcct that he was interested in
post-traderrhips at Fort Buford, Fort
Lincoln and Fort Fetterman; has one-
third interest in each, but never put any
capital in either; he helped to secure
these post-traderahips, and was a per
sonal friend of Secretary Belknap; it
was no part of the consideration for a
one-third interest that Hedrick should
use his influence with Secretary Bel
Knap about appointing Lay ton; he said
he would not have interested himself in
this matter, if he bod not a personal in
tereat in the business; he had received
nothing from Fort Lincoln; from the
oiners, perhaps ten thousand dollars.
ueneral Hedrick was examined at
great length as to the capital Invested at
several posrs, nut could not give any in
formation. He said he had not drawn
out an cf his profits, but did not recall
now how much it wes in business
prior to tbe Fort Fettorman aflair; he
and Layton secured the posts at Fort
urimn and Iort Conchan; thy were
equal partners, and got out of the posts
about two thousand dollau; never got
nuy pruniom oi Don jjaramie; he se
cured the appointment at Camp Sup
ply for hia brother-in-law and self, and
Reynolds took him into partnership
with one-third Interest in the profits.
and got about two thousand dollars out
oi this post; he never received any
money from any one for the appoint
ment of post-trader, other than those
mentioned: from all his post-trader
Ehlp business he had received less than
mteen thousand dollars: he could not
recollect nking General Belknap for a
post-irauersnip wnen ne was rerused;
his influence with Belknnn was due to
serving In the same reziment with him
for four yearp, and his applications were
strongly indorsed; ueneral Jjeiknap
never Knew that he (Htdricki wn in
terested In any of these posts: Bclknan
1 1 . - T I . .
iiu never receiveu any uenenis, pr oi,
present, orprospective.
Itcsnlt or the Sonlh Carolina Conven
tion The Virginians Commence In
Bad Temper.
Lynohburq. Va.. Anril 12. The
Republican State convention met to
day. The State was fully represented
Peter J. Carter (colored) was elected
temporary chairman. There was an
angry discussion over the committee on
credentials, and no result has yet been
Columbia. 8. C. Anril 12. In the
Republican Stato convention last night,
the committee on credentials made
their report, excluding ail contesting
delegates. A minority report in favor
of these delegates wts submitted by
Governor Chamberlain. The question
was discuss2d ell day with great acri
mony and much personal abuse, and
the majority report was finally adopted
by an overwhelming majority. The
delegates to the National convention
will be unpledged.
To Close on b'ood Friday.
New York, Anril 12. It has been
agreed to close the stock exchange on
Good Friday, and from the first to the
fifth of July.
Three Men Killed and Five Injured.
Allentown, Pa . April 12. The ex
plosion of fire-damp in the coal minro
this morning, killed three men and
seriously injured five others.
Communists Pardoned.
Paris, April 12. President MacMa-
hon pardoned several inhabitan'3 of
Marseilles, who were imprisoned for
participation in the commune.
Jersey City Municipal election.
New York, April 12. In Jersey
City to-dav, tho election resulted in the
choice of Charles Zsidler for mayor, the
first Republican elected to that office for
LoGANSPORT, Ind., April 12. John
HaMahan, who was injured by the pre
mature explosion in the water-trorko
trenches last Monday, died from h.'s in-
jurieo to-day. The other injured partiei
are recovering.
A Colliery Strike.
London, April 12. Upward of
twenty thousand collie.j are on a strike
in South Yorkshire, against a fifteen per
cent, reduction, of wages. Tho Miners'
union agreed to a reduction of ten per
cent, but the maoteu insist upon fifteen
per cent.
I'ncilic Mall.
San Francisco, April 12 An at
tachment on the Pacific Mail steamer
City of Panama, wn temporarily releas
ed tc-uayon account or the claim of own
ership fiied by Lum & White, who allege
that they have a bill of sa'e both for her
and tbe China, on the way from Now
Montreal, April 12. M'Donald,
Moody & Co., wholesale batters and
furrieu, arugned. Liabilitie, about
one hundred and seventy-five thousand
dollars. The fitm alleged that their n
se'i exceed the'r liabilitiro by over fifty
thousand dollars, but their capital Is
locked up in outside speculations.
European Stock Exchange Heavy.
London, April 12. The stc;k ex
change ia in a s'ate of collapse. Con
tinental I -urses are uneasy, and heavy
selling orders are received worn Paris,
but it is glmo3t impc sible to make
sale 3.
A Good Character Cleared.
St. Louis, April 12. The grand jury
have ignored the indictment found a
few days ago, charging E. B. Brown,
uperintendent of the hre-alarm tele
graph with perjury. It is understood
that Mayor (Jverstolz will reinstate .Mr.
$3,000,000 Lost.
San Francisco, April 12. A dis
patch l.om San Diego saya that a suit
hn i sn brought against the TexrPa
ciflc ri' oad for the r oveiy of lands
deeded 1 om the n Diego to the Colo
re Jo river ompeny, which hn failed to
comply with the conditions of the grant.
The property involved is valued at five
mi' lion dollars.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, April 12. Arrived:
Steamship Gilbert, from Hamburg; Bos-
tonia, lrom iiiverpooi; isoiivia, lrom
London, April 12. Arrived: h team-
hip Holland, from New York.
Tcrrllic Storm.
Cbeston, Iowa, Apiil 12. A most
terrific wind and rain-storm, accompa
nied by hail, ps93ed over this town late
Alonday night, and live aweiung-houses
and a large number of sheds and out
houses were blown down and demol
ished. Tho total damage Is from seven
to ten thousand dollars. No lives lost.
Sad Accident.
Philadelphia, April 12. This
morning an old wall on Delaware ave
nue, against which lumber bad been
piled, fell as some of tbe lumber was
removed, and three men were buried
under it. Cnas. Morris was killed, and
Jno. Rodgers and Christian Steen were
quite badly hurt.
The Fool Lines.
Chicago, April 12. The committee
of pool lines leading from Chicago met
to-day, and agreed to reduce the rates
on grain to New xork to thirty-five
cents; on flour, to seventy centi per
barrel, and on fourtli-clasd freight to
forty cento. Rates to other eastern
points are reduced correspondingly.
This Is a reduction of Ave cents per hun
dred. Baptist Missions.
Chicago, Apr:l 12. Tho Women's
Baptist missionary society of the west
had a large and int r sting meeting here
to-day and this eve tag. The time was
principally taken up with reports, which
showed that the eomety is in a flourish
ing condiUon.
Sirs. Robert Harris was chosen presi
dent, with a large number of vice-presidents;
Mrs. J. O. Drayman, recording
secretary; Mrs. A. M. Bacon, corre
sponding secretary ; Mrs. C. R. Blackall,
of Chicago, treasu-er. After adopting
resolutions pnd hearing reports, the
society aoj
Text of the Bill Pacd by the Senate
Yolcrdar, Affecting all (radcs
of Third-CIass Mail
Bates Set at One Cent for Ercry Tlirco
Ounces, or Fraction Thercor, and
One Cent for each Two Addi
tional Ounces.
AVASKmnTOW Anril 1" Thu do I
it passed tbe senate to-day, Is follows:1
Be it enacted, etc., That mail matter I
of the third-class phali embrace all
pamphlet, occuonal publications and
regular publication devoted Primarily to
advertising purposes or for .-ee circula
tion, or for circul tion at nominal sub
scription rates, prices current. cata
Iogues, annuals, hand bill posters, un
sealed circulars, prospectors, books
bound or unbound, took manuscripts,
Eroof-sheef", maps, prints, engravings,
tanks, flexible patterns, samples of mer
chandise, sample cards, photographic
paper, letter envelopes, postal en
velopes and wrappers, cards, plain and
ornament .1 pacer, photographic repre
sentations, see's, cuttings, roos, bulbs,
scions, and ail other matter which may
ne declared mailable bv law pi third-
clrsa matter and all other articles not
above the weight prescribed bv law.
wjich are not, by their form or nature
liable to dntroy, deface, or otherwise
injure contend of mail bags or person
qJT any one engaged in tho postal ser
vice. All liquids, poisons, glass, ex
plosive materia, and obscene books or
papera shall be excluded from the mails.
section 2. That packages of matter of
the third-class shall not exceed four
pounds in weight, and shall be subject
to examination and rates of psstage as
hcreinaner provided. Tbe postage on
man matter m tne tnlrd-cla's shall be
at the following rates, for all distances.
one cent for each onnce, or fractional
part thereof. Every package of the
third-clata of mail matter shall bear tbe
post-mark of the office at which the
same shall be mailed for transportation.
ejection 6. Tnat postages or third-class
matter shall be prepaid by stamps: if.
however, postage on third-class matter
mailed at anotlico shall be less than tbe
full amount above prescribed, in casri
where the sender is known, such sender
shall be notified of the fact, and tbe
auiount of postage due shall be collect! d
from such sender before tbe same shall
be transmitted by mail: and in case the
sender is not known, and where it haa
not been tne evident intention of the
party so depositing the package to place
less than the full postage thereon, such
package shall be lorwarded and double
tne amount of tbe deficient postage
shall be collected from the paity to
whom it is addressed or delivered at its
proper destination.
section 4. That the sender of any ar
ticle of the third cla's of mail matter
may write h.ss or her name and address
thereon, or ou-ide thereof, with the
word ".om" above or preceding the
same, or may write b.Iefly or print on
any package tne number and name of
the articles inclosed. Publishers of
newspapers and periodicals may print
on the wrappers of newspapers or mag
azines sent from the office of publica
tion to lazula1 sub xrlbers, the time to
which such subscription therefor hes
been paid.
Section 5. That transient newspapers
and magazine ; shall be admitted to and
transmit! d in mails at the rate of one
cent for every three ounce tor iractlonal
part thereof, and one cent for each two
addition.-1 ouncei or i.-actional part
Section 6. That this act sha'l take
effect on and ai.er the first dtfy cf July,
T5,000 Lost by Fire at Fulton, Mo.
St. Louis, Apr" 12. A fl-e atFulton,
M'tsou'I, early th's morning, destroyed
some twenty br-iness housts. No in
dividual lo a over eight thouiand dol
la , but he amoun' i aggregate about
Eeventy-flve 'hor-nd doj'fj. No in
surance. Mr. C. W. Meade, late of the
No; heid Pacific and lormerly of the
Hannihr' and St. Jeseph railroad, has
been apooin d genere superintendent
of 'he M or-i Pacific ra"road.
A Telegraph Salt.
New York, Anil 12. In the suit of
the Atlantic rid P.- tffic legraph com
pany agr'nst George B. Pr scott, W' it
em Union telej,.apb. Thomr l A. Edi
son and Lemuel W. Seirel, Judge
Spier, of he t,ai rior corrt, tc day
gran d an injunction ex pat le, re
tracing tie defendant Kom prose-
cuHngapi1' tio'sfor paten i for Edi
son's dupiex ui ruments.
A bold at'smpt wrs made at one
o'clock Tu- day morning to rob the ex
pirees and mr" I'r'n on the M'ouri,
Kansr? and Tex'i ra'lroad at Blue
Jackets1;' m, jrst over the southern
border of Kant , in the Indian Terri
tory. Two of the geng were capture d at
Chetopa, K 1 s, y i rday morning
and ledged in jail, and it ?s tnought tnat
the otbeu cannot rane.
X. O. 3. 37",
THE regular meeting of Mem
nhis Encampment. Ne. 39. will
be held this (THURSDAY) even-f
inc. at ns o'clock, for work In the
Degrees end othe. lmr jr'ant business.
ah rainarcns are coraiauy inviiea.
By order JOSEPH LOCKE, C. P.
Huau B. Collet, Hciibe.
THE partne;jhlp of Enslev & Stephenson is
and hps b .n dissolved since the first ot
jsitrcn iatt. no one is antnoriz- i 10 sign or
nse my name to any obligation, or in tbe par
clinlDg of sanpUes or otherwise.
Furniture Manufactory
renalred. Furniture rcDalred and re-
varnished, re up bolstered and packed for ehlp-
menu Jiauressei maae anu rcnuueu. uir
D8ts laid and cleaned. Large warehouse to
btore furniture.
bIMPSON, doing a Cotton Factorage Bnslnef under the name of Pettlt A slmjco, bus
tuls day been dissolved by mutual consent. Wm. Simpson retiring. Th9 bawnesi wilt be
continued in tne namool J. T. PETTIT & CO., who assume all Uabllltif l. pKTTIT
Memphis, Tennessee, Apill 12, 1S76. WM." SIMPSON.
er In retiring from business, I heartily recommend my foimer partner and unceewis Ut
my friends throughout the country, feeling confident that they cannot Intrust their btMluew,
to any one who will more ttrlctly regard their
No. 1 Howard's Bow, : Meinpliis, Tenn.
THE copartnership heretofore existing be
tween Frank A. Newell and II. P. John
ston, at No. ti Mour -e street, " Memphis Ktruw
WorkH."l3 this day dissolved by mutual con
sent, Frank A. Newell as nmlng all liabilities
to this dato, April 10. 1S7&
KKANK A. NKWELL, 41 Monroe St.
ti rman American Uii'ldtuf; and Loan
A MEETING or tho Stockholders of the
German-American Bnlldlng and Loan
Association, for tbe pnrpose or organization
and election of Olllcors and Roard of Direct
ors, will be held
at " o'clock, at the office of Marx A Reas
dorf. No. 7 Mp in st. A Constitution nnd
By-laws will ai. be presented for adoption.
H. BESSDORF. Charter Members.
White line Doors, Hal, Blinds, White
Fine Moldings, etc., all of first quality.
g Sawmill, north of Bayon Gayoso. Jala
Nos. 351 nnd
nt-onult four! Kqnni.
3B"o3r 30 Days Only.
Now is your time to buy.
SALE, or I will sell stock, including location.
wnicn is me uesi in me city 10 any ono mat
wishes to continue the music business.
317 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
MAKE no engagements till yon se our
Met. llDofc, Illuiti ntH. wbtob, in
thrilling Inter it, sterling merit, eloganee and
cheapneri, has abolu'ely no ( iual. It I
" The Thing " for tbe Centennial perlc-i-isIlH
on sight. Any active man of bnsintMt capac
ity Insured large profits aud steady work for a
year. Apply promptly to
apS 37 Park Place. New York.
Memphis and Little Hone Railwat Co?,")
Office ok bui'krintkndb:t.
.Memphis, Tejjn April 5, 1!78. J
Bar Owing to tome slight damage to the
track, caused by extreme high water, tralnx
are temporarily suspended between Memphis
and Madlf on. Arrangements have been made
to run the Steamers QUICKSTEP and ELLA,
leaving Memphis on Mondays, Tuesday;,
Thursdays and Saturdays, conneetlBK with
the trains at Madison for Little Rock. The
first trip will leave Memphis THURSDAY,
April 6tb,at jp.m., connecting with trains fer
Little Rock, arriving at Little Eock Wednes
day, April 7th, making close connectkms witli
the St. Louts and Iron Mountain Railroad ami
Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad.
Passengers leaving Memphis at 5 p.m., arrive
at Little Rock at 3 p.m.
Freight will be received dally at the depot,
at the foot ol Washlnglon street, as heretofore.
Ratei of freight and pjwage unchanged.
ap5 Vt. E. HM ITII, Hup't.
Jo3 Second Street.
I ; : i (ft
I 5" 5 ti Doors Q pi
g " Sash Laths! h O
jl 5 AND AND H "
rfi OS - ' ,vvHC LV-, 0
Ss i hi a
BofCl V H ?
i i ; pJ '.f Id 3 m
o 4 f!"'. J
J I' V' '"'' 1 ... i I . ff)

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