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Tite banks feel tb iLlluence of the
rare a.cli makes moviug about Id the
fc:ree uupla ant, mI the ll xxii that
ra8 fl" c maiunicatiop, well as other
ci v, anmenteof busings c'o. and dullness
v7to r tnpUiued of everywhere. The
t'-t . f things in Ejioe, as telegraphed
t!;o ( vioui dy, is cilculft'ed to awa
It warm, for if the financial condition
cf cv y principal market iu Europe is
o-p f d aorder, our owa f ralgu trade,
crjrria'iy that of C3tton, cannot escape
id e -)f the eonuaeoces. Wea.iude
to t',t .-i-'crAirfi received from London
s i rn Vedoely, which stated
n.z: i: f money markets cf t?arin, iitr
l o and Vienna had undergone a very
st "re tcn tne in price!; and that or the
ewiiirrf the name day, vhich report-
el t ; i, nl n stool: ezchapge to be in
a t'a'e of coUapte, while tho continental
nnney marKeia were uneaay, because
y Were receiving heavy selling
crd?-s r-m .Pans, out it was
a m u-t fm:sible to effect ealee. Bmfe
rui.tii in most of the large commer
c:a) cltio ol K irope have been frequent
r.r Ia:e: the difncul ilea awnit (tie Turk
I ha id i;?yptian loans have alao been
fruiifji source or monetary derange
mm. Tfce Heiz?govinian disorders
and p J3f If le revolution, are also causes
cf serious fear, fir f the power of
uirKry in iaropaBnouia be overthrown,
i--o ueeuon or wuoBiia'i noid uonetan
ttuople and command the straits of the
Aatdanellee wiiijii has been a source
ef eud:t9 alarms ever since the llret
2 apoleoa was driven from power will
me to threaten the iieaco ol Europe.
ItJss.a would no doubt stretch out her
haid to re ze the long coveted prize,
Wh'le EnL'Imnl's rxwitlon make3 it
necessary that she should refuse to agree
i- t:er t i.eioc it The new York
World baa some remtrks ou the oondi
lion of the banks that are not encourage
I?g Kpeaking of the lest bank reports
tcio l or'a says "that oomparlssn shows
t :a: the banks, while only nominally
weaker In reaeive than a year a?o. hold
ing glJ and greenoficEB ror imaii per
cei.t of their depoeiU, against 29.15 per
cec:., are in reality nearly one-sixth
I so atrojf, when teatel by their net
legal tender loaetve, the true test so long
a! greent a-.ks ht-) b?low par in gold
The rxplanation is furnished by the
ciraptrciier's statemebt of the aggre
gate cmjitlon of the national banks of
this city on March 10th; they bold tro
inioy government boode. As a body,
cjr la ional baDSs kerp too small a
cah reaerve. and their loan account,
vvich it c udfs bonds purchased, is too
large The reeult is that some of the
Lnks ore really, banking upon tho
greenbacks of their more conservative
ne'eb" en, exactly as in the summer of
1873 A sharp demand for greenbacks
cannot be met with cither bonds or gold;
culihim as those articles would be in
lbs case of piivate debtor?, they will not
Bulll-9 lor the bants in caae of any large
a;nand, any moro thau they did in
he;, .cmto.-, lb. J. U. course, the detailed
tach eiatement shows many banks
Wii :'a fcf cp au abundant greenback re
8 rv but it shows also the banks which
arc 8 ) expanded as to make the general
avraee of ereenbaok reserve a low one
With departs at current figures, it Is
aifnuieuui? to sse tho legal-tenders ue
der thirty-nine million dollars. The
re idte-1 way is t- tell out bands held
hcrj wlb a view to preaent interest and
piasb:r future wo m reserve; to ecll
theai -foreany occation arises which
fcha'l make the search for greenbacks a
dc:-peraie atd ruiuous soramole, such as
it was io Feptemler, 1873 " The New
Y rk Herald says the.e Is disappoint
meat turouah tho qiihl bles and threat
ercj lKiisUtioo of the Panama and Pa
cific liner. The doleful course of the
lv.xr Bcck ha? helped to demoralize the
market-: " What is to In the fate of this
nipt.r a jl property, which for so many
yo-irs was the priiio of the country, is
H" irni ly clear as yet, though all appear
aticcj iuoiC'ite the aipointment ol a re
ceiver cr a clean drift into bankruptcy."
Exchange contiuues to b iu slight de
mand io our market at discount buy
lug oi New Y-ik anil i premium sell
ing c". NcwOrieirsi a s:ount buying,
en ling a: j.ar. A fale was made of $500
Me lipids gas company's stock at 95,
wl-f b l a cent above the previous sales.
t-.rt, a W-. r? a' meet rontionltsi amid the
general dullness, and we repeat quota
i' j-. ti 11 was up to 1132 ln Now
Ycrk in the morning, quoting 113 at
non; here the brokers wore Gffering
112 r.-.day being Good Friday, no
telegram wi I arrive from Liverpool.
JJuyfnff. Selling
llcm'h-"! tax K!rlp... .
lie lrli s taxKtlp,lST5
-,m j warrant...
&xkcsa State scrip
The cotton jiakket yesterday was
an exa t repetition, inalmo3t every fea-
tcie, cf the two days preceding. There
wa3a r a .li inquiry, but the offtrings
were not wholly to the satisfaction cf
mauy of the buyers, and the buyerj also
thinu. iu view of the recent general as-
prrt of tue cotton market, that holders
should make some c jnccsjlons. Fioods
nnd rnlns concur, however, to keep hold
ers et IT iu their views, looking forward,
as they do, to the effect of the high
water b;iug forced upon tho attention of
Liverpool by a wl'lrg cli in receipis
The markeu were geueially quiet and
steady, bat New Orleans again declined
f. The threatenlug condition of Euro
pean monetary affair3, as explained
ubjve in thearticleon financial matters,
is ca'.CLla'ed to cause some anxiety as to
ttw effect severe changes in tho prices of
sucks, and a collapse of the London
s'ock market, may pesdbly have on
the demand for cotton. The new x oru
JiullilM cf Tuesday, reports: "The con
dition of the contract market checked
denjand for speculative account, while
from ext. r.rtera there was no direct call
f r cample lots', as they were enabled to
obtain euch uupplits as required from the
tfferiug of short notiefs and at a lower
range of C03t "We find mar.y
ef the trade objecting eomewhat to
a general sL-ad ng, and averting
t .at not only are good even-run-m.g.its
impcsdble to reach at any
mug low r, Lut that buyers are willing
to pay full as much as bef re for really
nt'ractive stock. The scare in regard to
tup oveillw seems to have entirely
parsed away, as the late accounts indi
cate no great damage to cotton. Opera
tors are evidently a little mixed at the
moment in regard to the proper policy,
aad with no e'ear proepects iu regard to
the raiurc a cfcutitus spirit guides all
mw( meats, and' with a large number
cf Uk trade the disposition favors move
ments fjr a quick turn rather than
haaJd-'KCiiitracU for protracted hold
ing aud dubious chances of larger
pr flt." Quotations at tho Memphis
coti.3n fxcL-iscge were as f .Howe:
iS' SS
Day before
J3w ur r.ar ...
I miiJ ::;ng ...
v .a ns
i t vX laiJlitug...
II ila-g fair
Market quiet and steady; sales were
GOO bales, of all of which spinners took
500 bales, exporters 200 bales, specula
trrs 2 "9 bale. Dusty cottons quote
.Sn stained, Slljc. Price of mld
d :ng same time last year, 15Jc
1S7S-C 1S7I-5. 1S73-1.
K'CMved yesterday M 1M 451
lota m.tM 310,570 S9S,S7
fc". rrJ yefcierday . li.7 5ft 730
T" af 4ISHIO 27964 35955
f-ocr iVfel 427
Import. M. & C. It. P.., 50; M. & T.
ft li S9; L & N. G. S. It. R, 21;
M & L. It R. W.. 55; steamers, 69; eati
lih'j 1 per axons and other sources, 15
Export. SI & T. R R., 6; L. & N.
w R. R , 43?; s '.tamers north, 819;
I y rail "rill, 433; by rail south, 5.
Tl f.i-aing are the official tele
gr .m -f in' conilitiou of the domestic
m .rke j raceived at the cotton ex
change: Stale
(tin mol..
N - D-
V. , .
. I"
L J oi
New "It
P-. ip
fe L ; !
Ye-roy's New York closing tele
gram reports; Ordinary, 9 ll-16c; good
I IU- I I Pritt
a'U. 'S"le: Middling.
I " i! ia;
2JW UJi 12V.
1W 8,000 I2U
Sli . 12Ji12
1171 at
hiw i. W,
i , ... .1
ih'i: '" iab,
I 6-1 1 12,
low mldd inp,
16c; middling, 13J.C." Trice of middling
name time last year, 1GJ?. Sales, 1080
balee. Tono of the market at 10:10,
dull and heavy; 12:20. quiet and steady;
2:10, quiet and steady; 3:05, quiet and
aU-ady. No report tc-niorrow, Gaul
Tho following are the closing rates in
New York futures for yesterday and the
day before:
November ..
Decern ber.
IS 1-16
11 S-1W
IS 7-16413K
it.n n-is
VKi&M 1S-M
13il 11 1
.13S ltfi(Mi
'litlT IS
IS'', Jl.'i II 16
j IS li-16yU;i
,U 1&-INS1I
lireawli 16
l3V,n 11 14
;i3S4lS T-W
Sales, 31,000; tooo of tho market at
10:10, esy; 10:50, weak; 12:3J, weik;
1:30, easy; 2:35, easy; 3:10, Meidy.
new u. leans yesierday quotea mid
dling at 12 cat the close, against 16i 2 at
the tame time last yesr; receipts, 2109
bales; tbm far this week, 13,253 bales;
Haies, MW. roc marKet closed iju et.
Yesterday's Liverpool cloaing tele
gram reports: Uplands, 6jJ; Orleans,
Cd; sales, 7100 bales, of which 4500
were American. Receipts, 32.500. of
which 25,000 were AmeticaD. The prico
or middling same time last year was
8J. The market was quiet. Holiday
to-morrow, no repor.
The Liverpool market for arrivals
at 12:30 was dull; March and April ship
ment, Haviiinau or Charleston, l.m.c.
rail, 6 7 16d; June and Ju'y delivery.
ditto, steamer, 0 13-326 7-16d; July
and Aueust. ditto, (Hcl: at 1 :30. May and
June, ditto, 6 11 3 2d; at 5:30, quiet and
unchanged; April and May, ditto, Old.
The movement at ail the ports was re
ported as follows:
, Week.
Hune Time
Last Year.
Rec'W since K'jr
Kxp'u G.Britain
tiD'a toContlu'li
31 45 i
4.1,627 1
Slock ..
Gold in New York closed at 1131;
same time last year, llo.
The pkoddce exchange had few at-
toadants yestorday, for the heavy rain
made it almost impossible to do buei-
nes.", and there were no boat arrivals
from above. We haa but a slender ie
port this morning. Feed was at a etand-
still, with not a eale reported. The last
quotations were of 59c for corn; mixed
oats 41c. bran $14, hay $10Si20. Corn-
meal had no demand and holders
quoted $2 35, but it is averted that esl?s
have been made a? low, at least, as
$2 30; this is perhaps following the de
dine that has taken place la St. Louis,
Potatoes may be quoted 50c a barrel for
russets, lor peacnu iws ii iu. The lan
lot of Louisiana new potatoes received
wore a good size and brought $6 a banel.
CaObaae is in fair inquiry for good.
which brought $78 common $45 a
hundred head. Egns were stronger,
selling at 14153; evsn 163 waa realized
in some instances; the supply wasfmr.il.
BtUtcr remains scarce, with sales of
country and barely medium at 25o to 30 j,
choice 373S.-. Poultry was scarce, only
some chickens ofiaring; these were un
changed at $3 503 75 for roosters,
mixed $44 50, hens jj4 755. Psovi-
ions have Iott their activity.
Tho Chicago Iribune, of Tuesday, re
ports hogs easier, pork and lard weaker.
Chicago papars repoit that the lino
weather is making holders more ansiou3
to sell; on Monday rates were is below
those of Saturday. Oats opened strong,
but improvirg weather lessened the de
mand, and there wes a decline of J(S)3c.
Jlidee were again lower; l'ght weights
in no demand. Flint hides, 12132;
dry salted, 9llc; green salted, 67o;
green, 45c. Dry deerskins sell on ar
rival at- 2530;t as In quality. Sheep
skins range, according to amount of
wool, 25c$l 5. TVbo!, in.coneequence
of late shearing, is ecarcs and in de
mand; washed at 3045c and ud washed
at 15302, as Iu condition. Beeswax
quotes 25s a pound; tallow, Sc. The fol
lowing are merchauts' wholesale cash
prices, as reported by the chamber of
FLOUR Onlet: superfine. SI 73(35: double
extra. 5 23&S 75: treble extra. S&38 50: choice.
S7 S5Si7 75: lancy, SS8 50 per bbl.
COKNJ1EAL Quiet ; kiln dried, S215Q2 50
per bbl.
UOBN-Stock light; mixed, G355c; white,
3l55c perbu&b.
OATH Steady ; mixed, 4SS50c; white, 50Q52c
per bush.
HAY Unlet: choice western, S22&2!: prai
rie, 59.410; mixed, S15&20 per ton.
BACON-(Packed) Quiet: thouTilers, 10c;
long clear sides. 13c; clear rib sides, 13c;
clear tildes, 13?-ac; breaklat, 15s; sa-gar-curei
bams canvased, 15c.; sugar-cured
Cams, nncanvasea, uinnyic
DKY SALT JJE4.IK Quiet; shoulders, S3s
ft9c; clear rib side.', lUXc; clear sides, 12c;
bams. lOViailc: mess pork, 621: rumppoik.
fll; packed &c higher.
Ij&ku steaay ; in uerces, nyioci ives, ;
15Vc;half barrels, 15c; In palls, loiic
J1ALINO STOKKtJ-ateaily; bgKlne.2and
2J4 lb,I33l3c; baling twine, Halite; Iron
lies, &fijl4c: pieca uos, jwijjc
JIACtiliKlsi stoauy; nair
COFFEE Firmer: ordinary. 2032014c: fair.
2121Jc; good, 22S22)4c: prime, 2.5c; choice,
:ic; java, soc;(joruuvi,
RtCE -Ordinary to choice. 6QSKC
choice, 9c; yellow clarified, 9Ji3l0o; white, 10X
aiic. uarreiea, tic nigner.
KUG .R REFINED-Htandard A. per ft,.
10J3Ilc: crushed and powdered, HJi312o;
granulated. HJJc.
MSLASSES Quiet; common.lOc; fair, 4g
4Sc; prime. 525lc; strictly prime, 55357c; lau
cy choice, 60ti5c.
aruuns yuiei; common 10 iancy,-iuwc.
uiiemsts uau; western, per id., loyijc.
SALT Coarse and common line, in obis,
Jl 75; dairy, in bbls, J2 753; Liverpool coarse,
in sucks si 3031 40; Liverpool nno, in sacks,
si tw.a 1 ,a.
soap ltesinanauerman,oaosc; Lauing s,
UAJ uuria ooxes, iuu weigm, ido; nan
box, ibjic: qr dox. I7gi7c
CEMENT-LouisvlUe, J2 25: Rojedale, S2 75
per bbl.
r5t :U Lb. l a A2u v nulla irregular; ap-
J les scarce; per bdi, 51 ajw; iemons,perDox,
.56; oranges, per bax,W5o5; potatoes -p. b.,
SI 21 50; early rose, 85cSl 25; rus? ets, 75,-(j
cauuage, per ueuii,
er uusn., ;i
peaches, b9c.
: butter west
ern table5337c; lnrerlorQ25c;eggs,12613c;
nails Per kez. S3 1033 25: vlnezar. per cal.. ISft
25o ; tobacco.per tb,4Sc351 ; splce,18c ; pepper,
2l22c : sardines, sioqib oo; oysiers, 1 m, si ; oys
Urn, 2 1, SI 90; coal-oil. UftLSc; matches, SU 75
ft7: cotton rope, isg20c; gra rope, 12Uc;
tiowder. kecs. S5 75: sbou patent. fZ 402 50:
boda, kegs,55ic; soda, cases, 6g6c.
TARIS, April 13. Rentes, G6f. 55c
NEW ORLEANS, April 13. Gold,
113; sight, 1 premium; sterling bank,
LONDON, April 13. The rate of dis
count in the open market for three
months bills is 2 per cent, being 1 percent
below theBank of England. Consols for
money, 94 9-16; on account, 94 9 16; 5 20a,
of 1865, 103J; 5 20, of 1867, 109; 10 40i,
1081; new nw, I0o3; new iotK Cen
tral, 102; Erie, 15; Erie, preferred, 27.
NEW YORK, April 13 Money easy
at 34. Prime mercantile paper, 50
per.cent. Customs receipls, $3,941,000.
The assistant treasurer disbursed jrtw-
000, including $225,000 in gold. Clear-
jnea. 53o.uirj.uuu. uoid openeu anu
closed at 113. with sa!e3 in the interim
at 113 Carrying rates, 1W4 per cenL ;
loans also made fiat. Goverotnent bonds
eteady; coupons of 18S1, 122J; do. 1865,
lis; do. iboo, new, na; co. itb7, izf,
do. 1868, 122; new fives, 118; 10 40s,
regular, 117; 10-403, coupons, 118;
currency, 63, 126. State securities
were quiet; old Tenefsee, 42 ; new
Tennessee, 40; old Virginia, 34;
new Virginia. 34; Missouri us, 104.
Railroad bonds dull and steady. Specu-
Intiou on the stock exchange opened
quietly, and subsequently a firmer tone
prevailed, but after the first board the
market became greatly depressed, anu
there wai a pressure to sell shares of
some of the trunk line', notably Michi
gan Csntr&l and Lake Shore, and finally
the whole list cave way in sympathy.
The occasion of this depression in rail
way shares was the meeting or promi
nent railroad officials at Chicago, which
resulted in a reduction iu rates on east-waid-bound
freight. On the stock ex
change this was accepted as meaning
another railroad war, and hence the
bearish feeling which prevailed. The
greatest decline wts in Michigan Cen
tral, which dropped from 53 to 56.
Lake Shore followed, with a decline
from 5SI to56J. Erie was heavy, and
declined from IS to 16 J, an additional
.ciluence against this stock being a de
cline at London and a rumor that the
Dundee committee bad made an unfa
vorable report. The Granger shares
orJinarv. 11 3-16?:
DDIS, ISO. J, fjj I
9 51; ball barrels. No. a, S77os; hair Darrew, ; Kje Ilourllrm.
SVJSJSi ".o. Js-;". 1 em, $2 763
wniTKFISH Half barrels. f5 50S6 75. moderate
11 ; pinkeyes. 31 ou;
7310:: onions, si ski; beans, r
1 "5; dried apples, 6jj9c; dried
iIISCELL4NElUS- Ifresular
12 ' sympathized with the funeral le
I predion. iSow Jer-y
predion. iNow jer-y central lie
c.insd from lOOj to 991 reeular. and to
i "ener Btx y cays. Kick Islanu n
cliued from 105 to 101 J During the last
hour the market was ou'l but generally
stronger, with a recovery cf i to 1. itocs
Island and Union Pacific closed at the
lowest point of the dav. A larce specu
litrrfrom New England who has been
carrying confiderablo amounta of Lake
tahore, to-day told his stock and ac
cepted a lare loss. Th's helied to de
press the market. The plainiiffa in the
Black Friday suit against Jay Gould
have been non-f-nileJ. Trarsaetions at
the stock exchange, 2J1.0C0 shares, of
wh!ch 7000 were PadH? Mail, 45,000
Wee-tern Union, 11,000 Northwestern,
14,000 St. Paul. 45.000 Erie. S9.000 Lale
Shore, G000 Ohio and 12,000 MIch'g in
LeDtral. Tae cicsini: eiuotailons were
Western Union telesranh, 655: Quick
silver, 17; Quicksilver preferred, 22J;
Pacific Mail. 17 j; Mariposa, 7i; Man
po-a preferred, 7J; Adams Express com
pany, 1U7J; wells a cargo's impress
company. 86; Americau Express com
pany, ooj; united States Exprefs com
pany, 701; New York Central, 112J; Erie,
16; Erie preferred, 33; Harlem, 138;
Jiarlem prefeired, 133; Michigan On
tral, 56; Panama, 27; Uoion Pacific
stcck, t;33; Lake Shore, 563; Illinois
Central, 98: Cleveland and Pittsburg,
95; Northwestern, 40 ; Northwestern
preferred, CO; Cleveland,Co!umbus,Cin
cinuatl and Indianapolis, 53; New Jer
sey uentrai, shi; kock lsianu, iuo;
BLPaul, 395; St. Paul preferred, 65;
Wabash. 3; Wabash preferred, 9i;
Fort Wayne, 102; Terra Haute, 4;
Terre Haute preferred, 16; Chicago and
Alton, 3; Chicago ami Alton preferred,
9; Ohio and Mississippi, 16; Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western. Ill:
Atlantic and Pacific telegraph, 18;
Missouri Paclile, I4i; Atlantic and Pa
citic, preferred, 103; Indiana Central, 4f;
Chicago. Burlington and Qulncy, 19;
Hannibal and Ht. Joseph, 16; Central
fdcinc bonds, iutij ; union Pacilic bonds,
104 I Union Pacific land grants, 93;
union i'acluc sinking funds, "Jl.
NEW YORK, April 13.-Bu8ineB8 Is
partially suspended on account of A. T.
Stewart's funeral. Cotton goods un
changed. Fine bleached shirtings in
good demand, closely sold up. White
ground and light fancy prints more act
ive, juanory prints reduced to uftc
Woolen goods dull. Foreign goods quiet.
ST. LOUIS, April 13. Flour quiet.
Wheat firmer; No. 2 red winter, $1 47.
Com dull; No. 2 mixed, 4748c. Oats
firmer and held higher. 36o asked. Pork
quiet, yis. .bard dull and lower; ouered
at loic. Jtiulk meats easier, St, UiCa)V2i
Bacon easier, 919i, 12i12i, 12113c.
Whisky, $1 08. Hoes inactive demand:
packing, $7 C07 9U.
CINCINNATI, April 13. Flour
steady. Wheat unsettled, $1 201 33.
Corn quiet but firm at 60(tX51c. Oats
firm at 36432. Pork nominally $22 62
apz ib. Jjrd steady; steam, ISJ';; ket
tle, 142. iiuik meats dull, i, ll(5)l2ic
Bacon easier at 9i, 12.7012 75(313b.
Whisky, $1 06. Butter dull; prime to
choice, 20293; fair to good, 2225c.
CHICAGO. April 13. Flour quiet
but flrai. Wheat opened strong and
No. 2, 30Se. Pork in fair demand at
lower rates, $22 1022 15. Lard in fair
demand at lower rate", 13.40c. Bulk
meats eteady and firm, 8J, 12ifai23c.
Whisky, $1 07.
LOUISVILLE. April 13 -Flour dull.
Wheat quiet and easier at $1 15(3tt 30.
uorn urm ana active at 4ofei4b3. Oats
are quiet but steady at 39423. Hay is
dun at isiofaHb. i'rovislons are quiet.
wun goon lcquiry nut limited trade.
Pork, $22 75. Bulk meats, 8i113(aiH
1212j3. Bacon, 9ri9(12i(5)12J
idiaujic tougar cured liaui". Hifciio-j.
Liar 1 tierce, I4ie; keg, los. Wliisky,
1 to iJBgzing btoady at izi&isn.
NEW ORLEANS, April 13 Sugar
-common, bic: fair, vie: prime to
choice, 7J8c. MoIssks fermenting,
prime, 4oc; choice, 50c. Flour firmer;
cnoice anu latnuy, feb 'JofxAi lb. uorn-
nieal dull and lower, $2 -10. Corn, 57
bu?. oats, 3BM440. iirau, 703. rork,
$23 50. Dry s.lt metta 9, 1212c.
JtSiicon, Hi, I3lf4l34c. Mams sugar-
cured, large, 1314c; small siz, 14
I4c. Lard; lierces, i4c, Kegs, Joe.
Rice common to prime Louisiana, 3j
6c. Coffee ordinary to primo, 16
lac. wnisiiy rcctiued, $1 uai la.
NEW YORK, pril 13. Floar
shipping grades a litilejnoro steady;
other grades without decided change.
Corn meal steady; west-
25. Wheat only a very
demand. Corn easier for spot
and better for futures; mixed, no grade,
71c. Oats firm; mixed western and
State, 445'Jc. Coffee quiet; cargoes,
Rio, 1619a gold; jobbing at 1620c
gold, tsugar nrm; primo, 7fbc. Pe
troleum duil and nominal; crude, SJo:
refined, 14J?. Pork dull and heavy at
$23 85. cut meats quiet; middles quiet
but steady: western long clear, I2c;
city long clear, 12J3. Lard easier; prime
Ptpam, 13.75(0)13 buc. Uheese, 6(a)i:iJC.
Whisky, $1 12.
The weather observer's report indi
cated rain at every station yesterday,
with heavy snow at Omaha. Here
there was little or no change in the
weather from that of the day before.
Thermometers registered 71.
It I vers.
"At a fctand" was the condition of the
river here yesterday, some of the close
observers noticing a slight rise. Mis
souri river is getting its back up, but the
tide will not be heavy enough to make
any very great trouble here. The de
cline of twenty inche3 at Cairo will be
good news for the planters below here,
aad assures them that the greatest dan
ger is passed. Stearuboatmen are par
ticularly requested to run with great care
until the river declines sufficient to al
low for tho big waves not to wash away
the weak places. Here are cur latest re
ports: OmacE Bio. Ber. Ob. U. B. A., 1
Memphis, April 13, 3 p.m.
hiirber. and closed at the insidn nricn;
anil a il -wrt ,;UnM. XTyx O A C 1 n. I U
Above low Ubng'u Tber.
Feet. I In's. Ic's Ic's 1Jeg-
Cairo .. 39 2 20 70
Cincinnati 22 6 18 72
DiVcnporL.. 11 8 51
I)tibaiue .... 14 2 . 41
Helena, Ark 44 1 ..
Keokuk. ... 15 3 40 57
Leavenworth 10 S 40
Louisville.... 9 7 1 19
.Memphis 31 11 71
Omaha i 10 4
NashvUle .1 7 10 8 72
New Orleans 3 5 2 79
Pittsburg B 6 8 72
Bbreveport 25 10 1 61
Kt, Louis 22 1 72
Vlck.sburg ti 5 2 71
Below hlsn water mark.
1L JE LUDWIG, Sergeant,
Memphis Gasworks, April 13, 1S76,
2 p.m. River to h'ghwater mark of
1867, and 1 inch ris9 in the last twenty
four hours.
J Ail S3 ROUND. Superintendent.
Nashville, April 13. The river is
falling with 4 feet 8 inches on the
Evansvtlle, April 13. Weallfer
cloudy. Metcury 60 to 70. River 20
and 4-10 feet and rising. Up: Chero
kee, 5 a.m.
Niw Orleans, April 13. "Weather
clouuy and warm. Arrived: Chuich,
Ohio river; John Tolle, St. Louie. Do
parted: John A. Scudder, St. Louis.
Pittsburg, April 13. Noon River
7 feet 8 inches and rising. Weather
cloudy and rainy Night River 7
feet 10 inchej and rising. Weather
Louisville, April IS. "Weather
warm and stormy. River 9 feet 6 Inches
in tho canal. Departed: Vint Shinkle,
Thomrsm Dean, Cincinnati; Cons
Millar, Memphis; Sherlock New Or
leans. Cincinnati, April 13. Noon River
falling. Weather cloudy and warm
Night River 21 feet 7 inches and ris
ing. Weather rain to-night with
- ljhtning. Arrived: Vint fihinkle,
- iiernpui: Ttionuson jien, new v.-
: Wne. Deuarted: Kjbert Alitchell.iSew
Cairo. April 13. Noon Weather
warm, with a heavy rain. Arrived:
Andy Baum. Memphis, 7 p.m.; J.
M' Arthur, south, 10 am. Departed:
Uitv of Helena. Vlckaburg, li p.m
Laura L Davis, St. Louie, 6 a.m.; Andy
Bsum. Cincinnati. 7 a.m.; J. M'Arlhur,
Ohio river Night Arrived: City of
Vicksburtr, Vicksburg, 5 am. Departed
Cirv of Vicksbure. tit. Louis. 7 p.m
River 39 feet 2 inches and falling.
Weather cloudy. Mercury 6S.
llovenieiiln at (lie Levee.
A. J. White, Napoleon; James D,
Parker, Cincinnati; Susie Silver, Cin
A. J. White, Napoleon; Susie Silver,
JN3W Orleans.
James D. Parker and Ojceola Belle.
George W. Chesk, Ruth, Legal Tec
der, Capital City, City of Helena, Idle
wild, uontentiie.
Cincinnati James D. Parker, Rob
ert W. Wise, master, nve p.m.
Ashport Osceola Belle, O. K. Jon-
lin, master, live p.m.
St? Louis Capitol City, Jas. O'Neal,
master, ten a.m.
Helena Geo. W.Cheek.N. S.Green.
master, nve p.m.
Vicksburg City of Helena, J. H.
M'Kee, master, 10 a.m.
KccelpiH Yesterday.
A. T. White 69 bales cotton: 229
sacks cotton-seed: lot sundries.
James jj. 1'arker loo pieces hollow
ware; 731 packages fnrniture: 295 bales
nay; 7J9 pscsage3 sundries; 297 wet
barrels; 34 dry barrels. Itsnlstered 62
caoin anu zi decs passengers, will re
turn on Friday, the fourteeeth.
JInrlue Miracles.
Fellow-marines, this is Good Friday.
Business on the levee vesterdav was
The tarnaulin and skidmen wprn hnn
py yesterday.
Trie Hmoky City, with a tow of emntv
Darges, passeu np yesterday.
Tne Liegai Tender goes through to
Little Rock to-morrow evening.
tuo unaries Morgan will te un Hun
day morniug at seven o'clock, en route
to uincinnati.
xoo mucn April, oi mo suower ner-
Buaaiou, aimosi entirely suspended busi
ness on tuo levee yesterday.
rne joe wiuiams passed ud veateraav
without landing, en route to the Ohio
river, running with railroad speed
O, the rain, the wetuous rain ! When
will we enjoy the sucshino again? the
genial sunshine (machine busted)
Daniel Sullivan, a well-known river
cierK, nas been appointed freight solicit
ing agent for the Memphis and Little
jkock rauroau company.
A correspondent complains of the
steamboat race recently indulged in by
two rival pacKets. une complaint ap
pears under "Letters from the People,"
over the nom deplume "Philos."
Reports came to U3 yesterday that
a break occurred in the levee at Buck
Ridge landing, about two huudred
miles b9low hero on theMis3iss dd! side.
last Monday night. The break is re
ported two hundred yards Avide, the
flood of water pouriug through which is
deluging all tho valuable lands and
aistatlons on Williams's bayou and
f er creek. The plauters bdow Helena
and in the neighb. rhood of Balivar land
ing are in a stats of alarm at the grow
ing weakness of the levee, and beg that
steamboats will ruu carefully until the
dangw, now moro Imminent than ever.
is over.
The steamer Quicksten. Cantain Mark
D. Flower in command, nlving between
here and Madison, in connection with
tne iiittio kccs railroad, when coming
through the draw yesterday morning
collided with the bridge at Madison, and
had her guards from tho lower deck to
the hurricane roof torn off of ono side of
her. Sho landed below the bridge to
make repairs and left yefterday evenieg
for Memphis. The Ouicksten haJ gone
through to Wittsburg and received some
cotton there for Memphis, besides her
railroad freight. According to the dis
patches no freight or lives wore lest, and
she has made such repairs as would
enable her to come to Memphis. The
George W. Cheek, Captain Nat Green,
went from Helena to Madison to bring
her passengers and railroad freight
To all who are suffering from the errors and
Indiscretions cf youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, loss ot manhood, etc., I will send
a recipe that will cure, FREE OF CHARGE.
This great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionary in South America. Send a self-addressed
envelope to the R6v. Joseph T. In-
JIAN. Station D., RlbUhouse, JVeto York City f w
fin"0-M-r. &ny&9trTDnn-nlr
"Weekly (postage freo). .........
Weekly (for Clubs of Five or moro
...2 50
ago irce).......,..............
DUiy (six papers)........
..2 00
10 10
Booms 21-23 Planters Ins. Building,
So. 41 ZIndlfion Stre9t...31empblslTeaa.
slppl solicited, which wUl receive prompt
attention. fb22
OFFICE SO Poplar street.
Office So. 84 Toplar Street, Memphis.
WILL practice In tno Courts of Law and
Chancery in West Tennessee and North
Mississippi, and give special attention to col-
ecuons, conveyancing, etc. jam
gfl Kcfn ntrwtf. Eait $r.
Attorney at Xiaxr,
Jcrrerson Block...Jlemphls, Tennessee.
Room No. 'JO, Planters Ina. Building,
Co. 30 SlHdlsoc itrcet, Ilcmphls, Tenn
That by vlrtno nf an errrnllnn tn rnr
directed irom tho Honorable Supremo Court
ol Tennessee, In tha case of R. C. Brlnkio
VS A.J.Wlffln nnd swarilir. Inifirmflnt rpn.
dered on the 20th d3y or November, 1S75, for
the sum or Seventeen Hundred and Flity
seven Dollars Fifty-eight Centu, with interest
nnd coU of suit, to sausfy said Judgment,
oto , I will, on
Friday, the 28th Day of April, 187G,
In letral hours, in Tront of the courtbonso,
Memplils, Tenneshee, proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, for cash, the foUowlng de
scribed properrr, to-wlt:
Lying In t-helby county, f-tate of Tennessee,
and liih Civil District: Beginning at the
northeast corner of Ho'lywood and Carrave
nues lu the subdivision of the Rozisll tract;
rnnnlns thence east on Carr avenue eight
clialus; tbence north on a line parallel to
Hollywood avenue fourteen chains and C2
links; thence wevt eight chains to Hollywood
avenue; thence south on Hollywood avenue
It Chains and 62 lints tn lh hp?lnnlmr con.
tnlnlng eleven and one-half f 11K1 acres, being
the Eame conveyed by N. J. Wlagln to Louisa
M. Looney by deed recorded In book 108, page
47. Levied on as property suDJcct to the Hen
of plaintiff's Judgment agalnstsaid N.J. Wlg
Eln to satisfy said ludgment. Interest and costs.
iu.cuijjmn,oi5iuay or iiarcn,i8H.
SherlH or Shelby countv, Term.
By W. W. Colenun, Deputv Sheriff.
McFarland A Goodwin, Att'ya for pla'ntlu.
1EL o5,X Estate,
That by virtue of a alias execution to
me directed from the Honorable Supreme
court of Tennessee, In tho case of Emily
Hnndbancen vs. U. S, Fire and Marine Insu
rance Company etal., lodgment rendered on
the 11th day of November, 1875, lor the snm ol
twenty-nine hundred and ninety six dollars,
with Interest and cost of suit, to satisfy said
jaugmeni, eic , i will, on
Friday, the 28th Day of April, 187G
In legal hours. In front of the courthouse.
Memphis, Tennessee, proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, for cash, the lollowlne des-
criDcu propeny, io-wu: i.yingnnu Deing in
mo county or crneiDy, siaie or Tennessee:
lois jnos. iweniy-oue pui, iwenty-iwo 2Zj,
entv-three 1231 and twentv-four f2ll.ln block
No. fourteen 141, In the city ol Memphis. Lots
22. 23 and 24 Iront on liealo street, each twen
five 25 feet and run back Irregular depths to
the north line of lot twenty-one 211. This
last lot fronts twenty-Ave 2o I feet on Clinton
street, and runs west between parallel lines
cneuunareu ana any iiouj ieec io street.
aiso, mai. portion oi tot tnirtecn iiaj, in
block six lb .as laid down on tho plan of sur
vey of Houth Mempbis, fronting ninety IH0
feet on Tennessee street and running to Clin
ton stieet. between parallel lines, one bun.
dred and twenty 120 feet, and described thus
Beginning ou the west side of 'Jenneseo
street at Gortsman's northeast corner: thence
north with Tennessee street ninety SO feet;
thence westwardly ono hundred and twenty
120 feet to a stake; thence soutnwardly, par
allel with Tennessee street, ninety 90 feet to
a stake; thence eastwardly with Gortsman's
north line one hundred and twenty 120J feot
to tho beginning.
Also, part of original lot eleven rill. In block
six oj, as iaia aown on mo plan oi soutn
Memphui: Beginning at a point on the west
side of Tennessee street, fourteen 11 leet
norm oi me aiviumg lino Detween tots ten luj
and eleven 1111. in block six 161. In South
Memphis, tnls being J.Tagg's northeast cor
ner; thence with Tagg's line and at right an
gles wun Tennessee street one nnnureu and
twenty 120 leet to Clinton street: thence
north with Clinton street forty-six 461 feet:
tnenco one nunureu ami twenty li-u leet to
Tennessee street, lony-suc sj leet 10 tne De
Also, ono lot elzhtv-three 1831 of Greenlaw.
Saffarrans, Looney, Keel et ala. addition to
tne city 01 jviempniy, said lot Deginning on
the west side of Third street seventy-four 74
feet three 131 Inches from the corner ot Tnird
and Mills streets: thence north with the west
side of Third street seventy-four 74 feet three
.l incues 10 au aiicy; tnence wun saiuaiioy
one huudred and forty eight 14S feet six 16
inches to an alley; thence south with said
alley seventy-lour 74 feet three 3 Inches;
thence eastwardlv one hundred and fortv-
elght 14i feet six 6J luche3 to the beginning,
on Third street.
Also, on lot twentv.nlno 1291. In Cherrv.
Caldwell &Co.'s ubdlvlslon of part of coun
try lot No. fifty 50 and known as the Arsenal
uronuus; saiu lot lying on court street ex
tended. Memphis, and begins about seventv.
Ave 1751 feet westwardly from the northwest
intersection of Court and Orleans streets and
at the southwest corner of lot twenty-eight
lai ; tnence westwaruiy witu tne norm line or
Court street thirty-seven at d a-half 137K1 feet.
and tbence running back westwardly be
tween parallel lines one hundred and fortv-
elght and a-half JllSJJ feet. The foregoing
pieces or parcels of land being the same quit
claimed by G. W. L. Crook to Marlon Htlllman
by his deed recorded In book eighty E0, page
fifty-two 521.
Aio, lots eleven and twelve 12 of li. li.
Austin's subdivision of one hundred and flfiv
150 acres of ground lying near Gill's Station,
about four HI miles soutbeast of Memphis:
said lots contain ton and thirteen one hun
dredths 10 13 1001 acres. Lot eleven 11 fronts
on Kajan avenue, and tot twelve F12I adjoins
luteieveu ii. xuispianoi jv. it. Austin is 01
recoru in Kecrisier's onico 111 nom? tweniv-sir
26 j, page two hundred and seventy-eight 2781.
lueso iota were conveyed to .Marion ii.bim
man by deed recorded In book 6S, page 53.
All of this property Is in Shelby county,
Tennessee. Levied on as the property of the
defendant, Marlon H. Stlllman. to satisfy said
Judgment, interest and costs.
Aiempnis, April 1 1876.
Sheriff of -helbv countv. Tenn.
By W. W. Coleman, Deputy Sheriff.
Wilson t Heard. Attv's for plaintiff. ap2
Attachment Notice.
BEFORE JAMES HALL, J. P.-State of Ten.
nessee, aneiny county. urooKS, r,eeiy Co.,
a firm composed of S. H.Brcoks, J. C.and H.
M. Neely, vs. Westmoreland & Trousdale,
a firm composed of J. T. Westmoreland and
'lronsdale, doing business In Florence,
In this cause an attachment havlnir been
sued out under section 3155 ot the Code of
Tennessee, and returned levied by garnish
ment on the firm of Hill, Fontaine & Co., a
firm composed of Napoleon Hill, Nolan Fon
taine and Jerome H1U who answer that they
said defendants are justly indebted to plalnt-
ins in tne sum oi visj, aue ny account ana
unpaid ; and that the said defendants are non
residents ol the State or Tennessee:
It Is therefore ordered. That the said defend
ants make their personal appearance before
ice, James Hall, J. P., at my olfice, in the city
ot Memphis. Tenn., on the third day of May,
i8,u, at 10 o'clock a.m., ana aeienu saiu at.
taenmen t suit, within tho time prescribed by
lour .it- ilia camn urtfl ln nmMAilul with a-v.
parte: and that a copyot this order bepnb
listed once a week, for four consecutive
weeks, in the Memnhls Dallv AnDeal. This
23d day of March, 1S76.
mnzuri james hall, j. r.
Creditors' Notice.
No. 1572 In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee courtlana N. Starr vs. C.
W. Kealhofer et al.
Whereas. An order was entered In the above
cause on the 17th day of March, 1876, directing
the Clerk and Masler to make publication for
all of tho creditors of R. 1). Stair, deceased, to
appear and file their claim", etc.:
It is therefore ordered, That all tbo credit,
ors of tho estate of K. D. Starr, deceased,
make their appearance herein, at the court
house In the city of Memphis, Tenn., on or
before the flret day of July, 1876, and file their
claims herein and have themselves made par
ties, or their claims will be forever barred;
and that a copy of this order be published
once a week, lor tour successivo weeks, in
the Memphis Appeal.
ThlszUlh day ot Jiarcn, is.ts.
A copy attest: EDMUND A. COLE,
uierK anu piaster.
By E. B. McHenry. D. C. & M.
Jarnacln & Frayser aad J. A. Taylor, Sols.
for estate. mh21tu
Attachment Notice.
nessee, Shelby county is os. 474 ana iio u.
C. Dart vs. J. 0. Hendricks.
in this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section &455 of the Code of Ten
nessee, and returned levied by garnishment
on the Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad
Company, who answer that they owe the de
tentlant, J. C. Hendricks; and that said de
fendant is lustlv Indebted to plaintiff In the
sum of fifty dollars, due by account of money
loaned and unpaid:
It is tnereiore oraereu, xuai me saiu ueiena
nnl. make bis nersonal annearance before me.
James Hall, J. P., at my office, in the city
of Memphis, Tenn., on the 13th dayol May,
1876, at 10 o'clock a.m., and defend said at
tachment suit within the time prescribed by
law or the same will be proceeded with ex
narte, and that a copy of this order bo pub
lished once a week, tor four consecutive
weeks, in the Memphis Dally Appeal. This
5th day of April, 1876.
apotnu jAaia aAku, j.r.
Attachment Notice.
BEFORE JAMES HALL, J. P.-8tate of Ten
nessee, Shelby county Brooks, Neely & Co.,
firm composed of 8. H. Brooks, J. C. an 1 H.
M. Neely. vs. J. T. Westmoreland.
In this canse an attachment Lavlne been
sued out under section 3455 of tho Code of
Tennessee, and returned levied by garnish
ment on tne nrm ot retina Bimpson, a nrm
composed of J. T. Pettit and W. Simpson, who
answer that they have properly, etc., of the de
fendant; and said defendant iHlustly Indebted
to nlalntlffs In the snm of ITS .5. due by ac
count, and unpaid, and that said defendant
is a non resident of the Stats of lennessee :
It is tnereiore oruerea, mat me said defend
ant make his personal Appearance before me.
James Hall, J. P., at my office. In the city ol
Memphis, Tenn., on the third day of May,
1876, at 10 o'clock am., and defend said at
tachment suit, within the time prescribed by
law, or the same will be proceeded with ex
parte: and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, for lour ronsecntive
weeks. In tno Memphis Daily Anneal. Tbls
23d day of March, 1876.
mn-J in jamks hall, j. p.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING qualified av Administrator of
Henry Scnne. deceased, all person owlne
said estate will call and settle same; and all
persons to whom said estate Is Indebted, will
file their claims with me, or my attorneys,
within the time prescribed by law, or they
vmiwpvnn. JU1U W. VUtAil.L.1, AUtUT,
uanson, weatneriora & sates, Alt'ys. rrl
at wholesal:
Staple and Fancy Groceries i
X rnroadBnIIt Nicies nl Sbonlders,
SS tierces nneHrcnrril itmj,
25 boxes Ilrrnklnvt IIcim,
400 boiei JV.T-SlaiMntul .tnimrsCIiecHe
30O tub Choice Ilntter,
S30 bbli. J-'lonr Tnrlon grail,
1800 pUc. MncUcrffl.Herrlaz.Vt liJInib
B. J. 8EMMES & OG.
We are making
Whlch',wer offering at lower prices tlinn trie compottntiFcl
markets. Always on hand
A FUXili IiIS E OP W -
&, C TfiSiD WELL,
1b m I H&JSil W Mm
We announce .with pleasure
Ifripad and O
New Snitings, New Ecrn Lace Stripes, Neir Hamharg Net for OTerdrcsscs.
Beautiful and Stjlish
NoTcItles in Kisses' anil Children' Dresses,
and beautiful designs j Noyeltles In Lndicj Neck -Wear. New Fans, an ex
quisite variety. New Opsra Shades in Kid Gloves, anil an atlract
Ito line of Special Novelties iu each department.
w, 244 m 246 wm
Ag'ta for B. P. Arery & Son's Plows
Sole Agents for H. E. Blount's
Urie rioir,
Sole Agents Wm. Clore's Wrought Calhoun Plows,
Owners of Mitchell Patent Cotton Scraper.
Trace-chains, Eames, Collars,
Singletrees, Doubletrees, Flowllnes,
Flowbeams, Clevises, Wedges,
Spades, Shovels, Axes,
Nails, Carpenters' and Blacksmiths'
Plantation Wagons, Etc., Etc,
23os. 310 AWB 31b2
w. w. GUT,
J. SL. iI'CI.Eni.A.
Nos. 260 aiifi 862 Front
XAxa.ixfa.olru.x'oars of
QfHco and Factory
- -
Door and Window Frames, Weatherooardlng, Base-Boards, Turning, Shelving and Count
ers, Scroll-Work, Newell Posts, Bailusters and Feuc-Plckfts ; all kinds of Lumber, rough
and dressed ; Lath and Shingles. Framing Lumber sawed to order ou short notice.
Wo. 30 ITroat &t.,
Wholesale Gh?eii&
1000 cr. cnHit'J rnmntoennnd Snxnn ors
I3O0 cbk-si l'enclnv., ..srNwbrrrles, i me
ApjllP, rlc,
noe pkc. Sploeil i5 jr-el nnil Toogaca
30O bl.U, Telliu mitt Wtilie S.nmrw,
USO ncki Jnvn, Itloand Cordova Cot-rrJ,
CO bbla. nd nr. bbls. Knre Cider, etc.
a specialty In
fcjHsrs o: thds and ot'a)
tho receipt of s splendid line of
ri&Fal Silts
keeked Silks
I'ara-ols and Sun Umbrellas, In new
mm, gob. mmm.
orders flllerl from store or factory
(the original and only genuine
BHndbrldles, .
Crosscut Saws,
Tools, EoildeiB' Hardware, Beltlngr,
St., emplii8t Tenn.
and 360 Second Street,
- Tot"1 n oeaoe.
Mempliia, Temi.
, Oattm Factors
Br, 13. Si J clmson's
Between Main and Front Strsetn,
DR. JOHNSON Is acknowledged by 11 par
ties Interested, as by far the most snceesn
ful physician In the treatment of private or
secret diseases. Quick, thorough and perma
nent cures guaranteed In every case, male or
female. Recent case-) of Gonorrhea and Syph
ilis cured in a few days, without the use of
mercury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary syphilis, the last vestlgu
eradicated without the use of mercury. In
voluntary loss of semen stopped In a short
time. Sufferers from lmpolency or loss of sex
ual powers restored to free vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of self-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
los of physical and mental power, spaedli?
and permanently cared.
Particular attention paid to the Diseases of
Women and enres guaranteed.
Throat and Lung Diseases cured by new
All consultations strlcUy confidential.
Medicines sent by express to all parts of the
Office hours from 8 ajn. to 9 pjn. Sundays
from 3 to 5 pjn.
d!9 dw D. S. JOHNSON. M. D.
No. 4S5. Chancery Court of Shelby county,
Tennessee. Danlol V. Corbett et al. vs.E. V.
Corbett et al.;-and No. 331-E. V. Corbett
et al. vs. Stephen McDurly.
EY vhtuo of an interlocutory decrco for
sale, entered In the above canse June 21,
1S72; December 10. lS73,and renewed, etc Feb-
ruarj-. 1S76, and amended March 21, 1S78, I
will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, m front of the Clerk and Mastern
office, nw Courthouse building, Main street,
Mempbla,Tennessee, on
Satnrdaj, April 15, 187G,
within legal hours, tbo foUowlng described
property, situated In Shelby county. Ten
nessee, to-wlt: In the Second Civil District,
range 7, section 5, being the west half of the
oOT acres that Joshua Stookey purchased In
tho Robert Goodloe SOOO acre grant, No. 91 ;
tbence west 17 decrees east 15 links, a sweet
gum marked R. G. the northwest corner ot
said grant; thence cast5 south with the north
boundary line or said grant 40 chains 41K
links to a stake; thence south 553 E 92 links, i
poplar marked J. M.,John Markham's NW
coner; thence south 5' W 38 chains to h
stake; thence north 21 E 86 link?, an ash
marked 8. M. on Howard William's line;
thence west 5" N with said line 10 chains 41 i
links to a stafce 4 links south or a dogwood
marked B. A. on the west boundary line ot
said grant ; thence north 5" east with said line
33 chains to the beginning.
Terms of Sale One-third $) cash; balanM
on a credit of 6 and 12 months; notes with ap
proved security required: Hen retained tilt
samo are paid, etc This March 25, 1876.
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
B7 R. J. Black. D. C. and M.
E. M. Heara and HolskeU & Weatherlord,
Attorneys. mh26
No. 38S?, N. R. Chancery Court or Shelby
county. Krank O. Tobln vs. Mary Malone
etal.;-and No. 4332, N. R. T. A. Fisher etal.
vs. Mary Malone, Adm'x of Thomas Malone,
deceased, etc.. et al.
BY virtue ot an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered In the alovo canse on tha
18th day or October, 1872 ; March 26,1874; No
vember 9. 1874, and renewed February 25, 1S7S,
I will sell, at Dublx auction, to the hlghext
bidder, In front of the Cterk and Master's
office, new court home building, Main street,
Memphis, Tennessee on
Saturday, April 22, 1876,
within legal hours, the fallowing described
property, situated in Shelby county, Tennes
see, and city of Memphis, to-wlt:
First. fart of lot No. 49, on the plan of the
city of Memphis : Beginning at the Intersec
tion of the south side of Jackson street with
tho wast side of Center alley; thence west with
the outh side of Jackson streets feet 61ncbea
thence south 50 feet; tbence east 49 feet
b lncnes 49) to the west side of Center alley;
thence norm wltb the west side of said alley
50 feet to the beginning.
Second. Also, another lotlnChel-ea, Shelby
county, Tennessee: Beginning at the north
west corner of Greenlaw and Second streeta;
thence west with the north line or Greenlaw
street 11SS feet to an alley ; tbence north with
said alley 37 feet 1 Inches; thence east I43K
feet; tbence south with Second street 37 feet
y. Inches to the beginning being the south
hall of lot 32 Greenlaw addition to the city of
Third. Also, another Iot-an undivided one
hair interest in lot described as follows: Be-
f inning at the sonth side of Gayoso street
19K leet west or the west line of Wellington
street; thence west with the south side or
Gayoso street E0 feet to the lot owned by the
heirs ot John A. Nooe, deceased; thence south
with their line 76 feet to the line between the
Rice and Ramsey grants; thence east wllh
said line to the lot belonging to the heirs of
B. Graham, deceased; thence with their line
north 65 feet to the beginning being same lot
sold by B. Graham to John Larklu and
Thomas Malone. See Register's office book 41,
part 1, page 130.
Terms or Sale On a credit of 7 and 12
months: notes with anoroved security re
quired of purchaser; lien retained and equity
of redemption barred. This March 21, 1878.
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, D. C. and M.
Fllnoln Sl McFarland. Hnmes A Pnctin nnd
J. E. BIgelow. Attorneys. mbZi
On Monday, 24th Bay of April, 1876,
at 12 o'clock, on the southwest corner of Main
and Madison streets. Memnhls. Tnn T win
sell the following described real estate, be-
Hju&iug uj tuo usfeeuf oi u. li. townsenu, Dank
rupt, to-wlt: One hundred flOOl acres of land
on the Horn Lake road. In Shelby countv.
lenn.. bounded as follows: Beeinnlm? at a.
stake on the west boundary line of grant No.
16s84. the SE corner of D. H. Townsend's WS
acre tract; thence north wltn the west line of
said grant 42 cbalns 25 links to the center of
Nonconnah creek with elm pointer marked
"D"on the south bank of said creek; thence
npsald creek with the center thereof N 8031
Etehalns 30 links, N 70 E 2 chains 75 links
N 59 E7chalns7511nk8. N52 3fK k.k h.in.ul
links, S 83 E 2 cbalns 75 link.", S 60 E 4 chain
13 links. S 43" E 3 chains 3 links. 8 4 30' W I
chain, 8 33 W 3 chains 78 links S 5 E 4 chains
25 links, S 14 30 W 1 chain 47 links, 852 W
1 chain 73 links. 8 W W 2 chains 8 links, S 37
W 3 chains 74 links, S 6- W 3 chains, S 2 k 1 ca
55 links, 8 7E2 chains 70 links, S 85 3 E3
chains -i links to a stake In the center of said
creek with blackgum on f:e sonth side or
said creek 7 links west ol line marked T, one
blackgum 22 links east or line marked M;
thence south 45 W 34 chain 75 link tn n
small blackgum; thence west3chalna7511nkK
to tlie lezlnnlnr. Tbls omnprtv i nn,iu
good fence, has comfortab.e cabins and gln
house. Also, a remainder Interest nfipr Mr, u.
Manus's life estate In a certain undivided K
interest in a lot of ground lying at the corner
of Reale and Main streets, in the city of Mem-
puu), anu more particularly described as fol
lows: Beginning at the SE eornerof I!m1
and Main streets; thence south with the east
line oi Main street 8 reel ; thence east 175 feet
with D. H. Townsend's north line: thoncn
north with west line of Mulberry street 113
feet; thence west with thetoath line of Beal
Btreet 175 feet to the beginning. See Register'
office. Shelby countv. Tenn.. book 41.
Also, Woodlawn, the residence of D. H
Townsend, near V bite's Station, on the Mem-
? bis and Charleston Railroad, Shelby county,
enn, described as follows: in section 1, range
6 of the Ilth Surveyor's District and In the Hut
Civil District of said county: Beginning at a
stake 30 links south of an elm with blackoak
pointers, and running thence tvest 27 cbalns
to a stake with bluet lack pointers; thenea
north 47 chains 25 links to a stake with a
spanlshoak pointer ; thence west 3 chains 10
links to a stake b ackoak poln'ers; thene
north 21 chains and 5 links to a stake GO feet
from thecenterof the Memphis ani Charles
ton Railroad; thence south 5 E 3 ohalns
and 25 links to a stake 50 feet from a pointer;
thence 12 chains around S! degrees of curve
la the railroad paral.el with its line to an
other point of curvature; tnence north 83"
east IB chains and 10 links to a stake 50 feet
from the center of the road ; thence 64 chains
and 10 links Io the beginning, containing
174 2-5 acres. This property has comfortablu
dwellings and outhouses, barns and stables,
and the finest of orchards and vineyards,
'ibis last-mentioned piece ot property 1 ea
enmbred wltha mortgage for the security of
certain debts to the Planters Inwrauce Com.
panyor Memphis, Tennewee. The first two
pieces of property described are also mort
gaged to secure certain Indebtedness of tne
petitioner of D. 11. Xownsend.
Also, all the books, notes and accounts of
the said D. 11. Townend.
Also, the HE MNEVsec 22.TLNK8W44
acres, and S W sec. 25. T I, N B, 8 W, K acres,
in Lonoke county. Arkansas.
Also, the N E Vt NE sec. 31, T 4, N R 5 W, t
acres. In Prairie county, Arkansas.
The lan threv free from Incumbrances. All
of this real estate Is exceellngly valo':...
and the Incumbrances mentioned amocrtM
a great deal less than the actual value of the
Tne b oks, notes and accounts can be seen
at my office, where I shall be glad to answer
all queried concernlag the property offered for
Terms of sale cash. Property sold subject to
the incumbrances.
aat 33 Madison tiu, Memphis, Tenn

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