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Letter Itemnlnlnir, nl the PCfoair
Snlurtlnj-, April 13, 1H70.
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liiown MrsO
Uicxrum MisM
Ur'-t? Mr. F I
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cury Mr j
Coatatock Mrs C M
CuBtaiimn Mlu J A
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Heary M4M T
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Godwin Mtw A
Green MuMli
'fray Mm M
Oroor Mb I
Harris MlM B
Hani J MImA
Hays Mi M A
lllll MI.sC
Uill Mlm E
ll&dien Mrs MBS
How HluK
Jewell MmC
U Jacxto-i rimlly (col) Jones Mr F
Jcaitlsn I'M u a
Jcbxwn MjU(o1)
K.erb Mr A
Uoyd Mia L
Mar-y MIm F
Morgan MimCR
Msrpny Sin J
Murr-by MlmH
Murphy M1h.h M L
JotlM MiMS
Jones SarlleC
KUgore Mrs A K
Kellar Mrs M.
Leake Mrs 1 A
M'Neill Mrs A i
Mason Maria II
Mitchell Mni U
Moffat Mrs M
Mobley Mrs I
Morse Mrs K
Nichols Mrs J C
O'Biley Mrs M
Phtney J alia
Tain MrH
Patterson Mrs M
Patterson Mrs M B
rE- oit mrs
Pater Mr K
Perry MIM M A
PulUnun MIm ft
Towels Ml J J
Fry or Mrs H.
ANDOLPHMR9ARmdolph Mrs B(ool)
Red Mlm K tcol) Hlcna:
ird-on Miss M
l.. Vfc Mil K
Robinson Mis M A
s.ugrMM L
Scolls Mlm E
Stewart M A
smith Mrs It A
Hs-Jlti MisiM 1
Shirley Miss C
Shelley Mrs L W
t-anders Miss E
Smith Mrs M J
Sullivan Mrs F
Smith Miss L (col)
"IH0MP.50N MBS A Taylor Mary Jano (col)
rrnrirm ISABELLA Watkins Mrs A
Vy Ward MIm . (coi) Williams Miss H
Wi'Ilam Mrs II William Martha
Y.'neeler Mrs J Woraham Mrs Kb
Woodrurr Mrs 11
Able J
Atictna J II
AtKln&on Jlev T V
Bourne A
llarch B
II arkburn Dr II B
Bkancbard H B
J!rown J J
Bgwell J
Brunk L
Brandy M L
Jlltton K II
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Campbell O I
Cabs J U
Carapbtll, J A
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Arendale O
Alexander Dr UK
Abern J B
Alen W
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Benson Brown A Co
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Choffee, Hamilton
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Carpenter 1
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Davis J M
DerlT J J
Dedrlck W U
Early W F
Farcy E C
Faulkner J R
Franklin W
Gantynan C
Gayley F
Green II A
Guordon L.
llorton A (col)
Hunt Mr
lllll B 2
Bessen G A
Harris J (col)
Hamilton J It
Heavlen M M
Uarrls It
Hinds V T
Uarrel W
Johnston C
Jolnner ICR (col)
Jones V
King G W
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Laftye i Carroll
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Murbln Dr J L
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MVMahon M
M'Gnlre W E
Miller W L
Mathews W J
Nelson J
O'Nell D
Perrey A
Peddlcord Capt B E
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Palmer II L
Paten-on J
Paul It H
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Rots & Uarrls
Ross, Coleman Co
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Randle H.H2
Rawllngs J 2
Roach WH2
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Swanwlck Co
Sweells A
bbepard C II 2
Ktlllman, HJ B
Sbeehan J
Simmons J
Straiten J II
Sparke P L
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Smith W W
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Zanone L
Financial news was not a commod
ity ta be obtained In Madison street
yesterday. The day was a holiday at
some of the most important busi
ness centers, no business telegrams
were arriving, and the consequence
was Memphis bankers and merchants
might as well have made holiday loo.
Thedu.ln&is was extreme. The west
ern papers a psar inclined to take a
brighter view of things now spring is at
hand and the road j are becoming passa
ble. The Chicago Tribune says it is es
timated that at least 200.000 head of cat
tle in the country is' awaiting opportu
nity to get to market, adding: "These
aro worth $12,000,000; and that earn
will be dlitr.buted through the west In
the nexts'xty days. This 13 but one item.
There is in addition, a large amount of
farm produce that will soon be forward
ed, and which will ba replaced by mll
1.3ns of money." The St. Louis Olobe
states: "The growing wheat is in splen
did condition and torwardness, which
enccuragea the farmer to renewed exer
tion, with a view of fctlll farther en
lar jicg his harvest yield In the com
ing fall." This is good news,
arid we s and sadly in need of some
thiDg to brighten us up, and we are by
no means alone in complaining In a
recent financial article, the London
ZtrneBatd: "Such com.lte stagnation
as u jw prevail 4 in the money market
has net teen witnesssd fur a very long
time, backers being at a kss to know in
which direc lon to f eefc employment for
t -.elr urplm balanres " The New York
T.nic observes: ' Stagnation In business
fesxs as general on the other side of the
At'anti; as on this, while both in Eng
land and the United States money la as
rl sty as any icilatlonUt could desire."
Te New York Journal of Commerce,
of Vcine"iay, bald: "Money ou call
c!oed at 3J par cent., loaned up to 6,
and the bnlk of the bcalnes3 was done
at the lut named figure. It Is now
ths"gat prcbible that the average rate
f::r the summer will be about 4 per cent.
Oae of the reasons for thin op niou is
tuat many of the country banks have
withdrawn their bil&nce from this city
an J i-ive-t-d Uicm l i g vernmcuts, by
f n 4 tnU rJr
t ' h.- v!i
t the, can real-
whUhtheycu tevie
en wm kie beat that
Hi f :m tho c.ty backs is -j, and mrue i
will no pay more than 2, as the institu-
tions here have recently cut down their I
rates on Interior bank bMances from
3 and 3 to 2 and '2 per tent.
The contraction of the cnrretc uader
the provisions of the resumption aot of
last year is bfg'nnlng to be felt, aud if
there were a little more legitimate busi
ness In the stock excliange it is likely
that the contraction wouM be even mere
apparent." Tho New York HcrciUl, of
Wednesday, report: '-The followins
were the rate? or exenange on I e w i ork
at the under-mentioned cities to diy
"Charleston, par, JJ pietnium; Kew
Orieaua, commercial, prl-82. bank I
premium; CInclnna'1, eaiy, 75c(ai$l
nremlum: Chicscri. 75? nmminm. anil
St. Louis, 5073c premium." Exchange
remains mm in our marsot at f iite
count on Now York, Eellirjg at i pre
mium; on New Orleans discount, sell
iur at par. ut gold there was no quo
tation from New York in consequence
of tho holiday; brokers here ware offrr-
iDgii',. jsothlng doing of interest in
scrips or secaritiei?, and wo repearrquo
Memphis tax scrlp..
Memphis tax hcrlp, 1S75
oonnty warrants
Btato warrants
Arkansas State scrip
The cotton market yesterday was
a term aim oat without ubatance. The
day was flae and favorable for buiinecs,
but in other citiea nothing was doinir.
the usual observance of Good Friday
prevented that, and here no telegrams
were received. In their absence noth
ing of moment was doimr. nnd sale3 of
4W uaies 10 spinners camnrised the
whole. The New York Bulletin, of
Wednesday, reported: "Tuo demand
from exporters has been limited, and
they appear ts have bandied eo sleek.
A number are watching matters and
seem somewhat Interested, but aik too
many favors on price and quality to be
met by holders. From spinners the call
inay be noted as about a ateady one,
with no specially new featuie. The
grades required for this outlet are nnt
plenty, and are so situated ts to ba
under very good control, while holders
are looking for the full rates of tho hour
and In some cases a little more. On
contracts a further decline cf about
1 16c was made from thecloalnsr rat nf
yesterday, with a continuation of the
previously noted feverish aud uncertain
tone. So lar as we can discover, theie was
no positively newinfluencj-anfadeflldpd
caaracter, and the marked gave way, as
bifjre, because the 'b-jils' had little or
notning to oiler o-. hoir ot.ionf tvm
question. At the opening the drop was
about to the PM extent of the decline, as
above norj under the foreign accounts,
and ' .i. iij 1 r 1
w ich there was a reaction. Then Llv
erpool came again weak on arrivals, and
uacK went prices nere, to oe loiioweu oy
a fair amount of bidding, and another
slight recovery, the market finally
closing steady at say l-32o under yes
terday." Quotations at the Memphis
cotton exchange were as folio we:
iiay Deore
10 10?
Good ordinary.
Low middling .
. Klli
Good middling
Middling fair.
Market quiet; sales were 400 bales, of
all of which spinners took 400 bales.
Dusty cottons quote 6J83; stained, S
11 jc. Price of middling eame time last
year, 15c.
1S75-8. 1S74-5. 1873-4.
Received yesterday-. 397 490 l!i
Total- . 161.S2. 310,725 339406
Uhlpped yesterday.. 417 233 442
Total 419 J3 279JB7 361.484
Stock . 45,031 3S.C19 4I.4S7
Imports. M. & C. It. R., 69; M. & T.
R. K., 73; L. & N. G. S. E. E , 47;
P. & M. E. E., 35; steamers, 15S; esti
mated per wagons and other sources, 15
Exports. M:. & C. E. E., 147; M. & T.
B. E., 6;. It. & N. G. 8. E. E , 294;
by rail north, 441; by rail south, 6.
The produce exchange showed
more signs of business yesterday, the
weather being favorable, but at the best
only a dull day was the result. Corn
was taken with some approach toward
spirit, and the cent advance of tho pre
ceding day was again obtained; sales
amounted to 300 sacks at 4lc. Tue St.
Louis Republican of Thursday saya corn
wai dull there, buyers standing oil' cash
delivery notably stagnant at 1J3
lower, options shading down, and adds:
" There was really a collapse in cash
prices, more manifest toward the close
of call." The Chigago Tribune of
"Wednesday reports offerings of corn
large in proportion to the demand, caus
ing weaknes?. Oati are offering at 41o
for mixed, but there is no demand for
them. The St. Louis Republican says
that neither buyers nor sellers take any
interest in the market. The Chicago
Tribune reports oata lower, with liberal
offerings aud a light inquiry. Bran ap
peared to excite more attention; the re
mainder of a lot in second-band sack?,
amounting to 1000 sacks, was closed out
at $13 50; for some fresh in new sacks
$14 25 was offered. Corn bran is scarce,
50 sacks sold at $14 25. Hay was in pass
able request with sales ot 100 bales at
$10, common; 60 bales of fair up to
choice at $17 60 round. Cornmeal was
stagnant at $2 30. The St. Louis Re
publican, of Thursday, reports of it:
"Firmer; good demand. Sales of 700
bbb city at $2 252 30, delivered." Cal
bage was in fair demand at $48, ac
cording to quality and freshnese. Pjfa
iocs are too dull for report at 50c a barrel
for russets, $1 10 for peachblows. No
new potatoes offering. The overfl jw will
greatly restrict the amount of new pota
toes this season, while the very low pries
of old ones Xmi off their chances for
"fancy" figures. The St. Louis Repub
lican says the supply of potatoes mere
Is large, with a market only for choice;
all kinds lower. Eggs were in good
supply, but at higher rates, quoting 15
ICo; 15o was the prevalent price; a lot of
14 boxes eold at 14c St. Louis papers
of Thursday report eggs higher and in
better demand at 12Jc in lots. Butler
remains scarce at 2323 for country
and medium; choice medium, 3636;;
choice, 37(3)363. St. Louis papers repoit
butter in liberal receipt, dull, lower and
weak at good to choice roll, 2025;:
packed common to good and
lrime, 1420c to 25o; choice and
s lections, rne Cincinnati
Enquirer, of Wednesday, says
the receipts were ab ive wants and mar
ket tending downward at 1820c for
common; medium, 2325c; choice, 26
2Sc; prime to choice Western reserve,
2830c. Chickens were very scarce at
from $3 25 for roosters to $1 75 for good
mixed; no hens offering. St. Louis
Thursday's papers say live chickens are
coming in freely there, and were dull
cocks at $2 252 50; mixed, $2 75;
hens, $33 25 Turkeys nominal at 9
12; not wanted. Poultry othsr than
chickens were absent except some gan
ders at $55 50, and geese at $77 50
Hoa nroaucts are nun. Tbe uu Ijouis
Republican, of Tnuisday, eaya the mar
ket there is discouraging, in consequence
of the marked decrease In volume of or
der and jobbing trade, an entire absence
of speculative demand, and a conse
quent disposition on tho part of a portion
of the dealers toward concessions, with
a view, if possible, of stimulating the
movement. Those who are holding tho
bulk of stock do not evince any anxiety
in regard to the situation, believing, ap-
Earently, that there is a future in which
Igher values and certain profits aro
temporarily hid from the ken of
tbo doubting Thomases. The Cincinnati
Enquirer of the same day reports little
demand; tbe market closed dull and
easier, but without pressure to tell. The
Chicago Tribune says hog products were
leas active and easier, in sympathy with
hogs, which were quotel 12; per 100
pounds lower. The advice) from other
poina were not very favorable to hold
ers, but tbe short interest in lard took
hold rather freely at the reported de
cline, while other descriptions dragged
under a very light demand. The re
ceipts of hogs are larger than
was expected at this season.
Hides were again lower; light weights
in no demand. Flint hides, 1213e;
dry salted, 9llc; green salted, 57c;
green, 46c. Dry deerskins sell on ar
rival as 25303, as in quality. Sheep
skins range, according to ajnount of
wool, 25cjl 25. iFbo-f, in contequence
of late shearing, ia scirca and in de
mand; washed ac3045cand unwashed
at 15303, as in condition. Beeswax
quo ten 253 a pound; tal'ow, 3-. The fol
IO'BS "e mercbailU' Wholesale cash
prices, as reported by the chamber of
' Jerco. J
FLOl 11 unlet superfine. Si 7503, double
extra, u, treaie extra, St't) . choice,
f7 25g7 76, lancy. S33 50 per bbl.
ConNMEAL-QuIot; klln-drle-J, K432
per oDi.
CORN stork light; mixed, MftKc; white
M i.Vrf- tier bush.
OATd itfady ; mixed. 4Sgc; white, 50g52c
per basil.
BRAN No demand; 816617.
U AY Unlet; choice weiiera, K2Q21; pral
rle, WjtlO: mixed, S15&20 per ton.
BACON - (Packed) Quiet; shoulders. 10c
long clear sides. 13c; clear rib sides, 13Kc
elenr sides. 171.:: breakla&t. 13c: U
ear-cnreJ hams canvawl, 15c;. sugar-cured
harrm. cnfflnriuAil. 1 v: 1 1 v.c
DRV SALT MEATS Unlet: shoulders, fcy,
ft9c; clenr rib sides i:ic; clear sides, 12Ho;
Sims. 10Vr,llc; met5 pork, TH; rurappork,
J21 ; packed HWJc lilgber.
LAKD steady; la tierces, UKl5c; kegs.
liV; balr barrels 1jc; in palls, Iojic.
BALING HTUFKS-eteady: bearing. 2 and
lb. WtlVJc: billng twine. llsH$c; iron
tl. K tt.Ur?niwl ties. 3VCMC.
M MivEUEti SUavly; half bbls.No.l, t!3
9 50; half barre'B. No. 2, T77iVs; nair Darren,
No. 3 t7s7 50; kits. No. LSI 753 2; kits, No. 2,
;1 .TWai 75; kit. No. 3, SI 50.
WHITE KIKH-Hn.lt bsrrels. 55 50Q6 75.
COFFEE Firmer: ordinary, 20204c; fair,
21IlKe; good. 2A32Kc; prime, ile; choice,
21c; Java,363;uo'xlovi,i HO
RICE Ordinary to choice. 6&84c.
Sls'GAR LOUl-ilANA In had; Quiet;
ralr, 8e; lully fair. 8gSV4c; prime, oJc;
choice, 9o; yellow clarlfled, 9JiQ10e ; white, lu
fill Barreled. ',c blglirr.
SUGR REKINED-Standarl A. per m.,
lOKflUc; cruslinl and powdered, ll)i12c;
grxnniated. HKc.
Md LAPSES Quiet; common, 10c; fair, 4o
45c; prlme.Slfliic; strictly prime, 553 7c; fan
cy choice, COfttCc.
SYRUPS Quiet; common to fancy. 40SS5C.
CHEESE Dull; wetein, per &., 133l3c.
8AL1' Coarse and common nne, In bbls,
SI 75; dairy, in bbls,S2 7503; Liverpool ooaie,
In sicks 31 3031 49; Liverpool lino, In sacks,
SI Cinl 75.
SOAP Resin and German, 536c ; Lattlng's,
CAiOLES-Boxes, full weight, 16)0 ; half
box. lOKc; qrbox 17l7JJc.
HThCII-4'5c perlb.
WHISK Y-6jC(SS4 per gal.
LIME-SI 3531 50 per bid.
CEMENT-Loulsvli:e.S2 25; Roiedalo, 52 75
per bbl.
Fsmil.KNTS AND FRUITS Irrezular: aD-
ples scarce; per bbl, ti 50,37; lemons, per box,
irani?nH. nor box. S4 50ia5: potatoes -n. b..
1 25l
7ialu:: onions.
!1 5'a2z beans, per bush
Sl 25
a TS: dried snnles. 8Ca9c: dried
peaches, Sg'Jc.
M ISCELL N K'JL s- irregular; ouiter wesi-
em table5337c; lnferlor,20S25c;eggsl2Xgl3c;
nails ner kes.!3 1033 25: vinegar, per gal.. 189
25s; tobacco.pei Ib.lSc.QJl : splce,18g20e; pepper,
21022c: sardines, JlBQltl50; oysters, I lb, 81; oys
ter, m, 91 tj; caai-uii, ii(tf iou; uiitiuurn, i
or,: cotton rope. lS(320e; grass rope, 12llc;
powder, kegs, S5 75; shot, patent, 12 402 50;
soda. kegs,55ic; soda, cases, OJCXc.
NEW OELEANS, April 14. Gold,
1133; sight, 1 premium; sterling bank,
NEW YOEK, April 14 There is a
better feeling in trade and buyers are
operating more freely in cotton goods,
prints, drees goods, etc. Cotton goods
were steady wicn a uemanu jor leaamg
makes of fine and medium fine. Bleach
ed shirtings were closely sold up, and
Hue prints were unsettled and a further
price revision looked for. Woolen
goods, for men's wear, very quiet. Silks
are selling low.
CHICAGO. April 14. Flour dull.
Wheat unsettled and Iower.closing with
a continued downward tendency; No. 2
tpring, $1 01. Corn In fair demand at
lower rates; No. 2, 45Jc. Oats weaker;
No. 2, 30c spot. Pork in fair demand
and higher; $22 2522 30. Lard active
and higher, 13.403. Bulk meats steady,
8?, 12i12e. Whisky nominally $1 07.
LOUISVILLE, April 14 -Flour dull.
Grain dull. Wheat, $1 15l 30. Corn,
4547c. Oats, 39423. Hay steady.
$15. Provisions in good demand, and
tending upward. Pork, $23. Bulk meats,
8i, 11I12, 12i12tc. Bacon, 9J, 12 75
12.87jl3l3Jc. Sugar cured ham?,
14i15c. Lard tierce, 1414Jc; keg,
15j. Whisky, held $1 07. Bsgging quiet,
ST. LOUIS, April 14. Flour dull.
Wheat firmer; No. 2 red winter, $1 38.
Corn inactive and lower; No. 2 mixed,
47J47io cash; 47Jc April; 463 May.
Oils firmer but inactive; No. 2, 35Jc
asked, 343c bid. Whisky, $1 08. Pork
in fair demand and film, S22 7523.
LarJ dull,13313ic. Bulk meats steady,
8i8r, , 1212J3. Bacon dull,
aj()y, l'J(o)li, iiigiac. nogs active
but lower; light shipping, $77 35.
CINCINNATI, April 14. Flour
steady. Wheat ateady at $t 201 32.
Corn scarce ana urm at ou3. uats quiet
but steady at 3743c. Pork firmer but
not auotably hichcr at $22 62522 75.
Lard steady and firm; steam, 13Jj; ket
tle, 13114c. Bulk meats stronger; ail
offeriacs taken at yesterday 'sprices 8,
11512e; market closing very firm and
holdsra asking higher rates. Bacon firm
9 12J13c. Whisky small sales at
$1 06, generally held at$l 07. Butter
dull, and a ehade lower; prime to choice,
NEW OELEANS, April 12. Sugar
steady; common, 64c: fair, $c; prime
to choice, 7i(siic. moiasjes quiet; ier
nientinir, common, 2530o; prime to
choice, 4050c. Flour quiet and steady;
superfine, $3 754; double extra, $4 25
4 ou; treble extra, w oz(a)i oo; cnoiceanu
family, $6 257 75. Cornmeal dull and
lower, $2 35. Corn firm; white, 603.
Oats quiet at 4144o. Bran dull, 75c.
Hay quiet; prime. $18; choice, $20. Pork
dull at $23 50. Dry salt meats quiet,
912o. Bacon dull and weak, 9, 13i
13Jc. Hams choice sugsr-cured, large,
very dull, 135c; small scarce and in good
demand, 14i14Jc. Lard quiet; tierce,
refined, 1414ic; kegs, 143.!5c. Eice
a eady; common to prime Louisiana, a$
6Jc. Coffee quiet and steady; ordina
ry to prime, iU4(a)iMC. wnissy steauy;
etined, $1 U9(o)i iz.
A. OAXtX).
To all who are Buffering from tha errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous -weakness,
early decay, loss ot manhood, etc., I will send
recipe thai, will cure, FREE OF CHARGE.
This great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionary in Bouth America. Send a self.ad
dressed envelops to the Rev. Joseph T.In
MA.V, Station P., Iltbl'houte, jVeto York City tw
No. 931, N. R. D. Second Chancery uouriror
Shelby county. a. i: Aiiaereou, lyviuims
sloeer or Revenue, etc, vs. F. Feldman.
rnrenanl to a decree of sale, entered In the
above caute on the 10th day of March, 1S76,
t u7iiiuii at nnbllc auction, to tne highest
bidder, for ca.n, at the courthouse door of
Shslby county, in city of Memphis, on
Saturday, the Glh Day or May 187G,
within legal hours, the following described
real estate, or so much thereof as fchall
be sufficient to pay the taxes adjudged
against said property, and all costs, as shown
by said decree, to-wlt: Part of rountry 1st
No. 500, In city and county aforosald. oounced
as follows: Beginning at the south side of
Poplar street 52 feet from corner of High and
Poplar; thence east wlto Poplar street oi feet;
thence south H3K feet; thence west with alley
55 feel; thence north USX feet to tae begin
ning. This 3)tn day of March. 1876.
Commissioner of Revenue, etc.
R. R. Gammon. Attorney. mh31 frl
obtained In tho
United States
Canada, and Eu
rope; terms as
low as those ol
any other relia
ble houpe. Correspondence Invited In the
English and loreigu language", with Invent,
ors. Attorneys at Law, and other Solicitors,
especially with thce who have bad their
cases i ejected In tbe hands of other attorneys.
In rejected cases our lees are reasonable, and
no charge Is made unless we are successful.
ns a model or
sketch and a
full description of your Invention. We wlU
make an examination at tbe Patent Office,
and If we thins U patentable, vlll send you
Supers and advice, and prosecute your case,
or fees will be In ordinary eaes, S25.
oral or written in ail mai
ters relating
Patent Law.
and inventions. i
References Hon. M. D. Leggett, Ex-Com-mlssloner
of Patents, Cleveland, Ohio; O. H.
Kelley. rKecretary National (
t tsviiie. Ks ; commodore Dam a
, N!IWashlngton, D. c.
l orange, uon
A rumen, U S.
Bend suunp for our " Guide for Obtain-
. lni
PatenU." a book of W pages.
ddiess, LOU1N BAliete & CO.,
eoucitors or patents, waanisgton, v, v.
The atmosphere yesterday was rather
ire9h from tho ice region, tut omerwise
tho weather layout was altogether love
ly. Thermometers stood aituuuenum
at 57.
Ye terday we reported a wall of water
coming cut of tne upper Mississippi anu
M.B-ourl rivers; to day we chronicle an
other wave coming out of the Ohio and
Cumberland river, and we mutt ac
knowledge these reports are anything
else but encouiazlnir to the planting in
teresta below berr. But keep a close
watch on the leveej. and a stiff upper
lip, and be patient. It may be tho river
will decline sufficiently to receive tlo
waves coming, without endangering tho
levee?. At least, we are convinceu mat
a heavv snrinz rise can cnccessfully fol
low a warm winter. We append the
latest particular:
OFFICE BIO. 8KB. OB3. u. 8. a.,i
Memphis, April U, 3 p.m. I
Above loW;Chng's
Feet. I In's.
Ic's Ic
Cairo 33
Davenport,......! 12
Dubnnue.......... 15
Hfifna. Am a
Keokuk.........l 15
Leivenworth 11
lAulsvllle 9
HfmnhlH 31
Omaba....l 12
Nashville i 13
"New Orleans 3
Pittsburg 12
Shreveport. ....' 28
St. Louis 21
Vlcksburg 43
Below high water mark.
H. M. LUDWIQ. Sergeant.
Memphis Gasworks, April 14, 1876,
2 p.m. Eiver 1 inches below b'gt
water mark of 18S7. and falling.
JAMES ROUND, Superintendent.
Vicksbubg, April 14. Down: Lee,
Morgau, Alice, Yaeger.
Om aha, April 14. The river stands 12
feet 3 inche?, having rteen 1 foot 11 inch
es in the last twenty-four hours, and Is
now rising rapidly.
Cincinnati, April 14. Noon Elver
rising. Weather cloudy and cooler
Night Blver26 feet and rising. Weath
er clear and cool. Arrived: Vint Shin
kle, Memphis.
Pittsburg, April 14. Noon Biver
10 feet 5 inches and rising. Weather
cloudy and rainy Night Elver 11
feet 10 inches and ruing. Weather
cloudy and mild.
Louisville, April 14. Weather
cool and clear. Elver rising, with 11 feet
6 inches in the canal. Departed: St.
Francis Belle, coast; Cherokee, Cincin
nati; Schenck, New Orleans.
Little Eock. April 14. The river
is 12 feet 3 inches by the gauge and fall
ing. Weather clear and pleasant. Ar
rived: Bo?a Miller, above. Departed:
Belle of Texas, Memphis.
New Orleans, April 14. Weather
clear and pleasant this evening rain
thia morninir. Arrived: Iron Mountain
and barges, Pittsburg; Belle of Shreve
port, St. Louis. No departures.
Evansville, April 14. Weather-
rain and wind last night. Mercury 46
to 50 to-day. Eiver rising fast, with 22
and 6-10 feet by the gauge a rise of 2
and 210 feet. Port list uown : Alice
Brown, 10 p.m.; Cots Millar, 9 a.m.;
Sherlock, 9:30 a.m.; Glasgow, 4 p.m.;
Mary Miller, 5am.; Andy liaum, 9:dU
p.m. Clearing up to-night.
Cairo. April 14. Noon Arrived
Mary Houston, New Orleans, 2 a.m.;
Fleetwing, south, 8 a.m. Departed:
Marv .Houston, a a.m. weainer partly
clear and cold Night Arrived : Oak
land, New Orleans, 1 p.m.; Ste. Gene
vievo, St. Louis, 8 p.m. Departed : Oak
land, Ohio river, 6 p.m. Eiver 38 feet
inches ana iaiung. w earner ciear.
Mercury 56.
Movements at tbe Levee.
City of Helena, St. Louis; Idlewild,
Arkansas City; Euth, White river;
Qiiekstep, St. Francis river; Capital
t;ity, Vicksburg; George W. Cheek,
Helena; Legal Tender, Arkansas river.
City of Helena, Vicksburg; Capital
City, St. Louis; George W. Cheek, Hel-
ua; James V. Jfarser, Cincinnati;
Osceola .Belie, Asnport.
Idlewild, Eutb, Legal Tender, Quick
step. BOATS DUE.
Ste. Genevieve.
Arkansas City Idlewild, Stack
Lee, master, five p.m.
Arkansas Eiver Legal Tender.Ed.
Nowland, master, five p.m.
White Eiver Euth, E. C. Postal,
master, five p.m.
St. Francis Eiver Quickstep, T. E.
Bowman, master, live p.m.
Vicksburg Ste. Genevieve, George
Vickers, master, five p.m.
Becelptti Testertlny.
Idlewild 52 bales cotton, 242 sacks
cotton-seed, 2 bags lint cotton, 4 horses,
113 pligs sundries.
Euth 82 bales cotton, 11 baer kegs, 6
pkgs sundries.
Geo. W. Cheek 4 bales cotton, 22
sacks cotton-seed, 31 beer kegs, 7 pkgs
City of Helena 1714 dry barrels, 68
sacks, 25 tierces bacon, 13 bales cotton,
800 pkgs sundries.
Legal Tender 264 bales cotton, 767
sacks cotton-seed, lot sundries.
Quickstep 86 bales cotton, 52 sacks
co.ton-seed, 10 beer kegs, 20 dry hides, S
head cattle, lot sundries'.
Mnrlne Miracles.
Business on the levee yesterday was
White river is falling, there being but
e'ght feet at Batesville yesterday.
I'hn Josenh B. Williams, with a tow
of empty barges, passed up last evening.
We prayed lor it, and our prayer was
answered: It was all sunshine yester
day. Commodore Milt Harry, of the White
river line, arrived here yesterday on the
steamer Euth.
There was frost in the air nearly all
day yesterday, which, but for the sun
shine, would have created a demand for
winter wraps.
S3 The Charles Moigan left New Orleans
Wednesday evening for the Ohio river,
with eight hundred toes of freight, one
hundred and ten cabin and eighty-five
deck paseengeis.
The Euth wears a beautiful set of gild
ed horns, upon which is euspended a
shield on which ia printed in gilt letters,
"Blue ribbon tiipforl875, steamerEuth,
869 bales to Memphis."
The Quickbtep came in yesterday from
Madison. Her damages will be repaired
to-dayin time for her to leave at five
o'clock this afternoon from the Mem
phis and Little Bock railroad depot
The James D. Parker departed last
evening for Cincinnati with 850 bales of
cotton, 300 barrels of oil, 100 barrels of
potatoes. 75 beer-kegs, 25 bales of rags,
46 pigs, 3 head of cattle, and a fair trip
of passengers.
The City of Augusta will load up
White river tbis trip for New Orleans.
This Ieave3 the Euth the only packet
running from Memphis up White river
until business will justify the placing of
other packets in the trado.
Captain G. W. Floyd lain the city, en
route to Little Eock, to take charge of
the office of the Eosa Miller, which
packet he informs us will continue to
run from Little Bock to Pine Bluff as
long as the condition of the river will
A. C. Dunley, the well-known copper
and sheet-iron worker of St. Louis, has
presented Captain Thorwegan with an
immense stamped zinc eagle, which is
being beautifully gilded, when it will be
mounted on the Grand Bepubllc's bell.
The bird is four feet between the tips.
Holena World, Wednesday: "The
Idlewild passed the Illinois last night.
Captain Cheek says 'there is no U3e get
ting around It she passed us in the
middle of the river.' He attributed it
to the coal that he was burning at the
time, which was about half mud, and cs
fine as meal."
The following are the Grand Bepub
llc's officers: Captain, Wm. H. Thor
wegan; pilots, Mort Burnham and Jole
Douglas; clerks, Philo Young, Jake Se
dam and Robert Hull; engineers, John
Hartupce and Joseph Hlldretb, mate,
Wm. Patterson; carpenter, George
Boose; tteward, Patrick Carllu.
Daring thi?, the last, trip of the Eobt.
E. Lee, her owner and former com
mander tho veteran Captain John
W. Cannon will bo In command of her
for the first time in two or three
years, his health having been such as to
compel him to retire from active bu;i
neps life for nearly that length of time.
Captain V. A. Joplin left yesterday
afternoon en route up Forked Deer ii ver,
where he will take command of a pret
ty little craft. We did not learn what
trade tbo captain will chocs?, but speak
by the card -when we say that wherever
be hoists his bunting prospprlty will
blo30in like rosea in springtime. Of
the craft wo will have more to say in
The Helena people wore treated . to a
serenade by the Prussian military band,
and the World speaks thualy: "General
Steinmetz's Prussian baud was on board
tha City of Alton en route for New Or
leans, to fulfill an engagement there,
after which going to Montgomery, Au
gusta, Mobile, and otber places Many
enthusiastic Germans, led by Mr. Nich
olas Straub, boarded tbe steamer, shook
their countrymen by the hand, and in
duced them to come to tbe public square
and perform several pieces. Helena
never heard such music beforo, is the
fittest comment we can make, and there
has ben some excellent here. There
were Bixty of the band altogether, and
they have a leave of absence to play
during tho Centennial exhibition."
I.nst Trip or tbe Old It. E. Lee.
The following special tslegram to the
Appeal gives the hour of departure
from this port of this grand packer,
which, aside from tho reverence we all
have fjr the name she bears, under com
mand of Captain John W. Cannon, has
become a favorite with Memphiane,
and with the planters and traveling pub
lic all the way down the river:
ViCKsnwKQ, March H, I7it.
To tho River Editor of the Memphis Appeal:
The steamer E. E. Leo will pass up at
six o'clock to-morrow caning.
j. w. CANNON.
The Lee goes up to be dismantled.
her machinery, etc , to be placed on the
new steamer now building to take her
place, and to bear her name, already
made famous tor speed and comfort.
We are assured that tbe new steamer
will be an improvement in every partic
ular as much as possible on tho o!d one.
Farewell to the old, and God speed to
tno new uod Lise.
Tbe Steamboat lllll Vasseil (lie House-
Its most Important I'rovlNions.
The steamboat bill has passed the
house of representatives by a larse
mijority. It was prepared by Mr.
Sayler, of Ohio. The liability clause
Erovides that for damage sustained
y a passenger to his baggage the to
tal liability of auch owner or own
ers shall in no caao exceed the amount
or value of his or their interest in such
vessel and freight then pending, and
any person sustaining loss or injury
through the carelessness, negligence or
willful misconduct of any master, mate,
engineer or pilot, or his neglect or re
fusal to obey laws governing navigation,
such steamers may sue such maater.mate
engineer or pilot, and recover damages
lor any such injury caused by any such
master, mate, engineer or pilot, and
such officer may also be imprisoned not
exceeding three years. The clause in re
gard to transportation of cotton merely
provides that it shall be in good mer
chantable condition. Throughout tbo
bill moieties are generally abolished; all
patent-right contrivances aro left out,
and owners are free to use them at their
own discretion; any life-saving appa
ratus may be introduced by the board
of inspectors arter receiving six
months testing upon three vessels
and upon approval by the sec
retary of the treasury; certificate of
inspection is made prima facte evi
dence in court of facts which it sets
forth; engineers and pilots are recog
nized as officers, and only citizens of
the United States can be licensed; all
boiler iron and steel must be stamped
by the manufacturer; all foreign ves
sels, except government vessels, are
subject io the navigation laws of tho
United States; oil and spirits of turpen
tine nnd an varnisnes may be carried
in good metallic cases or in barrels se
curely bound with iron; friction match
es may be carried when securely packed
in strong, tight chests or boxes and
placed in vessels at a secure distance
from any fire or heat; petroleum must
be in hermetically sealed metallic cases,
securely packed in boxes or casks or in
iron-bound barrels at sucn temperature
as will not ignite lower than 150 Fahr
enheit; if in iron-bound barrels not
lower than 110; if in hermetically
sealed metallic cases it may be carried
in such parts of passenger steamers as
tne iccai inspectors snail designate m
25 Cents Per Week
To City Subscribers, Delivered by Car-
Trnstee's Sale.
T)Y virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to
1873, which Is recorded in Register's office of
Shelby county, Tennessee , in Record Book No.
99, pp. 2i0, etc., I, W. P. Wilson, as such Trus
tee, at tne request oi tue ueuuuciury, win on
Tuesday, Ihe 2d Day of May, 1876,
between the hours of 12 m. and 3 p.m., on
Madison street, south side, and east of Main
street, In city ol Memphis, Tenn., before the
omceox western uuiuu Aeiegrupu tympany,
proceed to sell, lor cash, at public auction, to
the highest bidder, the certain land and prem
ises described and conveyed to me In said
Deed of Trust, described thus: Situated in
the Tenth Civil District of Shelby county.
Tennessee, in section one, range live of the
eieventn surveyor s uisirici: .Beginning ai a
stake 9J links west of a redoak marked at a
comer, and running thence oast one chain
and 12 links to a stake 22 links east of said
tree; thence south three chains and 19 links
to a stake with a redoak pointer; thence
north Meast six chains and 30 links to a
stake wltn redoak pointer; thence north 45
can four chains and 51 links to a stake with a
po3toak pointer; thonce north 89 eaU forly
slx chains and 20 links to a stake a spanlsh
oak, sweetgum and elm pointers; thence
north thirty chains and f 0 links to a stake on
an old wblteoak stump with dogwood and oak
Solntcrs; tbence west nfty-six chains and to
nks to a stake SO links weit of a redoak
pointer wlih wlllowoak and postoak pointers;
thence south thirty chains and 75 links to the
beginning bolng the same land conveyed to
the granier of this Deed ot Trust by E. C.
McDowell and W. J. Dnvall. In said Deed of
Trust the equity of redemption Is waived and
conveyed to me. Tbe title to said land is be
lieved to be good, but I will not warrant tbe
title. April 10, 1S76.
apll w. wmsuJN, Trustee.
TRUSTEE'S SALE. By virtue of a Deed of
Trust executeJ am delivered to me by
William Juniper, on the 2d December, 1872,
and recorded In the Register's office of Bheloy
county, Tennessee, in Book No. 90, page 465, to
secure the debt therein mentioned, I will, on
lsib day ol April, 1876, at the snnthwest
corner ot Main and Madison streets. In city of
Memphis, at 12 o'clock m., proceed to offer for
sale, at public outcry, and sell to the highest
bidder, for cash, the following described real
estate, to-wit: Situated In tbe city of Mem
phis, Tennessee: Beglunlng at the corner of
an alley on the east side of Wilkerson street
and running south with Wilkerson street 110
feet and ten Inches; tbence due east to an
alley 155 feet : thence with said alley 110 feet
and ten inches to an alley; thence with said
alley 155 feet to the beginning samo being
lots Nos. 31 and 32, In block 54, as laid down In
the plan of Jessie M. Tate's subdivision, and
on record of B No. 1 of plats, page 27. The
title to saia property is oeiievea to De periect,
but I sell only at trustee.
mazs jurin wAitwiui. -iTusiee.
Trustee's 8ale.
BY virtue or the terms or a certain deed m
trust, made to me on the 29th of Septem
ber, 1871, by R. C. and H. L. Brlnkley, which
Is of recoid In the Register's office of Shelby
county, Tennessee, In book 88, page 230, and at
requestor tbe holder of tbe debt theroln se
cured (tbe said debt, Interest and costs being
due and unpaid), I will proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, at public sale, for cash, at the
southwest cornerof Main and Mad lion streets,
In Memphis, Tennessee, on
Saturday, May C, 1876,
at 12 o'clock noon, tho property described In
bald trust deed, as follows, to-wlt: Being lot
No. 343, as known upon the plan and map of
tbe city of Memphis, beginning at the Inter
section ol the east line of Second street with
the south line of Jefferson street; running
thence east with the south line of Jefferson
street one hundred and loity-elgbtand one
half UlSX) feet to a slake; thence south par
allel -with Second street seventy-four and one
quarter (7t0 feet to a stake ; thence west par
allel with Jefferson street one hundred and
forty-eight and one-half (14S) feet to tbe east
line or Second street; thence with said e st
line seventy-four and one-quarter (71i) feet
to tne beginning corner.
All equity of redemption Is barred by said
trust deed, and the title is believed to be good,
but 1 sell as trustee only.
mh7 W Y C. HUMES , Trustee
Sailing rrom New York on SATURDAY of
each week, from Pier 45 North River.
tin urjinuuivijm.uii or.it.tt ui.l,
Passengers will find those steamers tastefully
titled up, while the staterooms aro light, airy
and roomy. The saloons, large and well ven
tilated, tire the breadth ttt the vessel, and Mt-
uatea w.iere tnere is least noise and motion.
Smoking-rooms, Ladles' Boudoirs, Pianofortes
and Libraries, Bath-rooms, Barbershop, etc.
Instant communication with the stewards
by electric bells.
The steamers of this Company adopt tho
Southerly Route, thus lessening the danger
irom ice nna logs.
Rates of Passage $80 and J100, gold, acccrd
lng to accommodation all having equal sa
lonn privileges.
Round Trip Tickets SI43 and 1175. cold.
Steerage To and from all points at reduced
CD" For dates nf salllm? and nlans of state
rooms, apply to THOMAS FISHER, Emmet
.uanjc, jtiempnis, or
JOHN G. DALE. Agent,
apl 15 Broadway. New York,
j. & j, mMm & go.,
No. 1 Exchange Building,
168 Front Street s : Memphis. Tenn.
m n m. in
Oiinmie Cnart Kiinarc.
lhls compound of
the vegetable altera
tives, Sarsapaillla,
Dock, Stllllngla and
Mandrake with the
Iodides of Pttasslum
and Iron, makes a
I.V-'a Rprlea nf pnmnlnlnts
which are very preva
lent and afflicting. It
purines tbe blood,
nurses out the lnrklner
humors In the system, that undermine health
anu semo into trouuiesome uisoruers. erup
tions of the skin are the appearance on the
surface of humors that should be expelled
from tho blood. Internal derangements are
the determination of those same humors to
some Internal organ or organs, -whose action
they derange, and whoso substance they des
troy. Aykr's Saksapaeili-a. oxpela these
humors from the blood. When they are gone,
the disorders they produce disappear, such as
Ulcerations of the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys,
Lungs, Eruptions and Kruptlve Diseases of the
Skin, St. Anthony's Fire, Rose or Erysipelas,
Pimples. Pustules. Blotches, Bolls, Tumors,
Tetter nnd Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ring
worm, Ulcers and Sores, Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia. Pain In the Bones, Side and nead. Fe
male Weakness, Sterility Leuchorrhoea aris
ing from internal ulceration and uterine dis
ease, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emaciation and
General Debility. With their departure
health returns.
Sr. J. C. AVER & CO., lowell, SSass.,
Practical and Analytical Obemists.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Medicine.
FOR the speedy cure ot Seminal Weakness
Loat Manhood, and all disorders brough
on by indiscretion cr excess. Any druggls
has the Ingredients. Address DAVIDS ON
CO.. Box 221. New York. oeW-deod
Non-Besident Notice.
No. 2110 In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee B. P. Anderson, Com
missioner of Revenue, vs. Mary Ellen Bog-
fiano et al.
t appearing from the bill In this cause
which is swoin to, that the defendant, Mary
Ellen Boggtano, is a non-resident ot the State
of Tennessee and a resident of the Kingdom of
Italy; that tbe names and places or residence
of the heirs of Jackson Bowman, dee'd, aro
not known and cannot be ascertained after
diligent Inquiry, and they perhaps have some
Interest in the land sought to be subjected by
these proceedings; and it also appearing from
the Sheriffs return thsit tbo delendants, Ran
dolph Stores and V. Nevlisky, ore not to bo
found in his county :
It is therefore ordered, That they make their
appearance herein, at tho courthouse In tho
city of Memphis, Tenu., on or before the first
Monday In June, 1876, and plead, answer
or demur to complainant's bill, or the same
will be taken for confessed as to them
and set for hearing ex parte; and that a
copy of this order be published once a week,
for four successive weeks, In the Momphla
Appeal. This 12th day of April, 187C.
A copy attest : EDM UN D a. COLE,
Clerk and Master
By E. B. McHenry. D. C. & M.
John Johnston, fcsol. for Compl't apl4-fr
Non-Bcsideut Notice.
No. 2110 In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tennessee B. P. Anderson, Com
missioner of Revenue, etc, vs. Meredith
Yates et al.
It appearing liom tbe sheriff's return in
this cause that the defendants, O.F. Binder,
Daniel Stahl and F. L. Warner, are not to be
found In his county;
It is therefore ordered, That they make their
appearance herein, at tho courthouse In tbe
city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or beforo
the first Monday in June, 1S7S, anil plead
answer or demur to complainant's bill, or tbe
same will be taken for confessed as to them
and Bet for hearing exparte; and that a copy
of this order be published once a week, for
foursuccevlve weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
This I2th day or April, 1876.
A cony attest:
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. McHenry, D. C. and M.
John Johnston, bol. for compl't, ap!2 frl
Attachment Notice.
BEFORE JAMES HALL, J. P.-8tato or Ten
nessee, Shelby county .Brooks, Neely A Co.,
a firm composed of S. II. Brooks, J. C. and H.
M. Neely, vs. Westmoreland & Trousdale,
a 11 mi composed ot J.T. Westmoreland and
Irousdale, doing business in Florence,
In this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section 3155 or the Code of
Tennessee, and returned levied by garnish
ment on the firm of Hill, Fontaine ,t Co., a
firm composed of Napoleon Hill, Nolan Fon
taine and Jerome Hill who answer that they
have property, etc., of tbe defendants; and
ssld defendants are justly Indebted to plaint
iffs in the sum of J132 42, due by account and
un paid : and that tb e sal d defendants aro non
residents of the State of Tennessee:
It is thereforeordered, That the said defend
ants make their personal appearance before
roe, Jamei Hall, J. P., at my office, in the city
ot Memphis. Tenn, on the third day of May,
1576, at 10 o'clock ra., and defend said at
tachment suit, wlt'j.n the time prescribed by
law, or the same vlil be proceeded with ex
parte: and that a c pyot this order be pub
Ilsbed once a we-f for four consecutive
weeks. In the Menif ds Dally Appeal. This
23d day or March, lS"o
mh2l frl JAMES HALL, J. P.
Administrator's Notice.
AVI NO qualified as Administrator ot
Henrv Schue. deceased, ail nerron owlr?
said estate will oall and settle same; and all
persons to wnom sua estate is indebted, wilt
file their claims with me, or my attorneys,
within the time prescribed by law, or they
Will be barred. JOHN W. VOEQEL1, Adm'r,
Hanson, V rford & Estcs, Att'ys. frl
&. NErr SXAttlZIHE.
TUST PUBLISIIFD-The first number of a
J capital new Monthly Magazine, or sort of
Reference Scrap-Book. Being the monthly
record of every Imp-jrtant event lnnnypart
of the world, together with a selection of tbe
choicest miscellany of the month, carefully
Indexed, and edl el uy 1'rank Mooue, ol the
" R?belllon Itecoid."
Beautifully printed, with an elegant steel
portrait of the late millionaire, Wm. B. Astor.
The most attractive. Interesting and reliable
monthly maaziu ever Issued. Sold by all
book and Hews deilers, and sent freo by mall
on receipt of price. .'0 cents, by
. W. CARLETON CO., Publishers.
mhlOeod Madison Square. New York.
a UK iiKinnrtlT- ihouM
Axil) ihcwzual ifiure. Phi-
thtlr ltnr M cur-. Tina cm all IMrit. Pitrx-M. rajy
ipIalnin(CUwircn$c. gymin jmi and mramtocurrt ft
ii i the only rally eim.Sc work ofthe kind ,tr pubb
td, contain ti.ar'r 3P0 rtt and la cumplrte in eirrr m.
pert. &nt by Mali accurr'y nrflltdonrrcefrtotSOcU. Ad-Irp-a.
Dr. If. A. Rohasnai .sisNortirfiuiit,
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For the Revised Edl
Hon of Advenl!
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Centennial Collection orNaUonnl Soafcu.
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Address Or. Bctts Pisreuarj. Ko. li N. Uxt& SULi!
ES.ESa.3Li 3Slg'5?,i9i.'g?:E3.
That bv virtue of an execution to me
directed lrom tbe Honorable Supreme Court
oi Tennessee, in tne case ot it. c Hrinsie
vs. A. J. Wiggtn and security, Judgment ren
dered on tho 29th day of November, 1873, for
tho sum of Seventeen Hundred and Fllty
seven Dollars Fltty-elgbt Cents, with Interest
and costs of suit, to satisfy said Judgment,
etc., I will, on
Friday, tha 28th Day of April, 1876,
In lezal hours, In front of the courthouse,
Memphis, Tennessee, proceed to sell, to the
highest bidder, for cash, the following de
scribed property, to-wlt:
Lvlng in Shelby county. State of Tennessee,
and 14th Civil District: Beginning at the
northeast corner of Hollywood and Carr ave
nues in the subdivision of the Rozzell tract;
rnunlns thence east on Carr avenue eight
chalus; thence north on a line parallel to
Hollywood avenue fourteen chains aad 02
links; thenc9 weit eight chains to Hollywood
avenne; thence south on Hollywood avenue
14 chains and E2 links to tbe beginning con
taining eleven and one-half JUKI acros, being
the same convoyed by N. J. Wugln to Louisa
M. lxioney by dee d recorded In book 103, page
47. Levied on as property subject to tbe Hen
or plaintiff's Judgment against said N. J. Wig
gin to satisfy ealdludgment, Interest and costs.
Mempnis,3istuay oi jiarcn.isib.
Sheriff of Shelby county, Tenn.
By W. W. Coleman, Depute Sheriff.
McFarland & Goodwin. Att'ys for plaintiff.
Real 3E23t&1;o,
That by virtue of a alias execution to
me directed from the Honorable Supreme
Court of Tennessee, In the case of Emily
Hundhansen vs. U.S. Fire and Marine Insu
rance Company etal., Judgment rendered on
the 11th day ot November, 1375, lor the sum ot
twenty-nine hundred and ninety six dollars,
with Interest and cost of suit, to satisfy said
Judgment, etc , I wlU, on
Friday, the 28tb Day of April, 187G
In legal hours. In front of the courthouse.
Mempnis, ronneee, proceed to sen, to tne
highest bidder, for cash, tbe tollowlng des
cribed property, to-wlt: Lying and being in
the county of Shelby, State of Tennessee:
Lots Nos. twenty-one rail, tweniy-two s ,
t enty-three23 and twenty-four 24 J, in block
No. fourteen Mil. In (he city of Memphis. Lots
22, 23 and 24 front on Beale street, each twenty -
nve 25 feet and run back irregular tieptus to
the north line of lot twenty-one 21. This
la&t lot fronts twenty-five 125 feet on Clinton
street, and runs west between parallel lines
one hundred and arty 150 feet to street.
Also, tnst portion oi tot tntrteen list, in
block six 161, as told down on tbe plan of sur
vey of South Memphis, fronting ninety 90
feet on Tennessee street and running to Clin
ton street, between parallel lines, one hun
dred and twenty 120 feet, and described thus :
Beginning on the west side of Tennessee
street at Uortsman's northeast corner; thence
north" with Tennessee street ninety 90 feet;
thence westwardly ono hundred and twenty
120 feet to astake; thenco southwardly, par
allel with Tennessee street, ninety 90 feet to
astake; tbence eastwardly with Gorisman's
norm line one nuncrea ana twenty iuuj ieei
to thebeglnnlng.
Also, cart of original lot eleven rill. In block
six 6, as laid down on the plan of South
Memphis: Beginning at a point on tbe west
side of Tennessee street, fourteen 14 leet
north of tbedlvidlngllne between lots ten I Io
and eleven 11J, In block six 1 6, In South
Memphls.tnls ueln J. Tagg's northeast cor
ner; thence with Tagg'a line and at llht an
gles with Tennessee htreet one hundred and
twenty 1120 leet to Clinton street; tbence
north with Clinton street forty-six 461 feet;
thence one hundred aad twenty feet to
Tennessee street, forty-six 16 leet to tbe be
ginning. Also, one lot elghty-threo 83 of Greenlaw,
Baffarrans, Looney, Keel et ab. addition to
the city of Mempnis, said lot beginning on
the west side of Third street seventy-four 74
feet three 3 Inches from tbe corner ot Tblru
and Mills streeU; tbence north with the west
side or Third street seventy-four 74 feet thre
31 Inches to an alley; thence with said alloy
one hundred and forty eight 118 feet six 161
inches to an alley; thence south with said
alley seventy-lour 74J leet three 3 Inches;
thence eastwardly one hundred and forty
eight Hi feetsix 6 Inches to the beginning,
on Third street.
Also, on lot twen'v-nlne ism. in Cherry.
Caldwell &Co.'s ubdl vision of part of coun
try lot no. nlty laoi ana Known as tne Arsenal
Grounds; said lot lying on Court street ex
tended. Memphis nnd begins about seventy
five f75 feet westwardly from tbe northwest
Intersection of Conrt and Orleans streets and
at tho southwest corner of lot twenty-eight
281; thence westwardly with the north line of
court street thirty-seven and a-half 37 feet,
and tbence running back westwardly be
tween parallel lines one hundred and forty
eight and a-half I118JS1 feet. The foregoing
pieces or parcels of land being the same quit
claimed by G. W. L. Crook to Marlon Stlllman
by his deed recorded In book eighty 801, page
flf ty-two 521.
Alio, lOLSOieven iuj huu twelve mj ui u.iw
Austin's subdivision of one hundred and Hfty
tinni nrnwnf eronnd Ivlnirnear Gill's Station.
about four ll miles southeast of Memphis;
said lots contain ten and thirteen one hun
dredths 10 13 100 acres. Lot eleven 111 tronte
on Raj an nvenue.andlot twelve 112 adjoins
lot eleven I ll . xnispianoi iv,n.nuumui
record in Register's offlre in book twenty- lx
2fii, pare two hundred and aeventy-eight 278.
't'hee lots were conveyed to Marlon H. Stlll
nsan by deed recorded in book 68, page 53.
All or this property u in oueioy cuaniy.
Tennessee. Levied on as the property of the
defendant. Marlon tx. Miiuman, ta eatisiy saia
Judgment, Interest and costs.
iieratu b, apii i iou-
Sheriff of -helby county, Tenn.
By W. W. Coleman, Deputy Sheriff.
WlUon Beard, Atty'a for plaintiff. ap2
Br. D. Sz Joiiii son's
Between Main and Front Streets,
DR. JOHNSON I acknowledged by lU par
ties Interested, as by far the most success
ful physician in tne treatment ot private or
secret diseases. Quick, thorough and perma
nent cures guarantee lnev:y case, male or
female. Recent cases of Ootiorr ilea and Syph
ilis cured in a tew days, without the use of
mercury, change of diet or hludrance from
business. Secondary syphilis, tuo last vestige
eradicated without the use or mercury. In
voluntary loss of somen stopped In a short
time. Sufferers from lmpotenoy or losa of sex
ual powi rs restored to free vigor In a few
weeks. Victims of self-abuse and exeesslva
venery. Buffering from spermatorrhea and
lO'is of physical and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured.
Particular attention paid to the Diseases ot
Women and cures gniranteed.
Throat and Lung Diseases cured by new
All consultations strictly oonn'entlal.
Medicines sent by express to all parU of tha
urace nourB irom a.m. to pjn. sunaays
from .1 to 5 pjn.
clw9 ilAW
D. 3. JOHNSON. M. D.
No. 485. Chancery Court of Shelby county,
Tennessee. Daniel V. Corbett et al. vs. E. V.
Corbett et al.;-and No. 331 E. V. Corbett
et al. vs. Stephen MeUufty.
BY vlttue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered In the above cause June 21,
1872; December 10, lS73,and renewed.etc Feb
ruary, 1878, and amended March 21, 1876, I
will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front or the Clerk ana Masters
office, now Courthouse building, Main street,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
Saturday, April 15, 1876, '
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated In Shelby county, Ten
nessee, to-wlt: In tbe Second Civil District,
range 7, section 5, being the west half of the
:XT7 acres that Jcx-hua Stookey purchased la
the Kobert Goodloe 3000 acre grant, No. 91;
thence west 17 decrees east 15 links, a sweet
gum marked R.G. the northwest corner of
said grant; thence easts" south with, the north
boundary line of said grant 40 chains 41,
links to a stake; tbence south 55 E 92 links, n
poplar marked J. M., John Markham's Nw
corner; thence south 5 W 38 chains to a
stake; thence north 21" E 36 links an ash
marked S. M. on Howard William's line:
thence won 5 N with said line 40 chains 41K
links to a stake 4 links south oca dogwood
marked B. A. on tbe west boundary line ot
said grant ; tbence north 5 east with said Una
33 chains t tbe beginning.
Terms or Sale one-third () cash; balance
on a credit of 6 and 12 months; notes with ap
proved security required: Hen retained till
same are paid, etc. fbls March 25, 1878.
E. A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, D. C. and M.
K. M. Hearn and Helskell & Weatherford,
Attorneys. mh25
No. 3S8S, N. R. Chancery Court of Shelby
county. Frank O. Tobln vs. alary il alone
et al.;-and No. 4332, N. R. T. A. Fisher et al.
vs. Mary Malnne, Adm'x of Thomas M alone,
deceased, etc., etal.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered In tbe above cause on tha
18th day or October, 1872; March 26,1874; No
vember 9, 1874, and renewed February 25, 1S76,
1 will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master'u
office, new courthouse building, Main street,
Memphis, Tennessee on
Satnrday, April 22, 1876,
within legal hours, the fallowing described
property, situated m Shelby county, Tennes
see, and city of Memphis, to-wlt:
First. fart of lot No. 49, on the plan of tha
city of Memphis: Beginning at the Intersec
tion of the south side of Jackson street with
the west side of Center alley ; thence west with
the south side of Jackson 9lreet.lt feet lilnchea
49; thence south 60 feet; thence east 49 feet
6 inches 49) to tbe west side of Center alley;
thence norm with the west side of said alley
50 feet to the beginning.
Second. Also, another lot In Chelsea, Shelby
county, Tennessee: Beginning at the north
west corner of Greenlaw and Second streets;
thence west with the north line of Greenlaw
street 118 feet to an alley; tbence north wltli
said alley 37 feetf Inches; thence east 118
feet; thence south with Second street 37 feet
1 Inches to tbe beginning being the south
halt of lot 32 Greenlaw addition to the city of
Third. Also, another lot an undivided one
hair Interest In lot descr bed as follows: Be
ginning at the south side ot (iayoso street
219 feet west of the west line of Wellington
street; thence west with tbe south side of
Gayoso street 60 feet to tbe lot owned by the
heirs ol John A. Nooe, deceased; thence south
with their line 76 feet to the line between tha
Rice and Ramsey grants; tbenoe east wlih
said line to the lot belonging to the heirs of
B.Graham, deceased; thence with their line
north 65 feet to the beginning being same lot
sold by B. Graham to John Larkln and
Thomas Malone. See Register's office book 41,
part 1, page 130.
Terms of Bale-On a credit of 7 and 12
months; notes with approved security re
quired of purchaser; lien retained and equity
of redemption barred. This March 21, 1876.
EDMUND A. COLE. Clerk and Master.
By B, J. Black. D. C. and M.
Flip Din A McFarland, Humes & Poston and
J. E. Blgelow, Attorneys. mh22
On Monday, 24th Day of April, 1876,
at 12 o'clock, on the southwest corner of Main
and Madison streets, Memphis, Tenn., I wilt
sell the following described real estate, be
longing to the assets of D. H. Townsend, bank
rupt, to-wlt: One hundred 100 acres of land
on the Horn Lake road, in Shelby county,
tenn., bounded as follows: Beginning at a
strike ou tbo west boundary line of grant No.
IB.tM. the 8E corner of D. H. Townsend's 64S
acro tract; thence north wltn the west line of
said grant 42 cbalns 25 links to the center ot
Nonconnah creek with elm pointer marked
D"ontbe south bank of said creek; thenca
up said creek with tbe center thereof N803V
E4 chains 30 Unks.N70 E 2 chains 75 links.
N 59 E7chalns7511nks, N5230' h cbalns Si
links, S 83 E2 chalns7511nkH,S60 E 4 chains
13 links. S 43" E 3 chains 3 links S 4 at Wl
chain, 833 W .1 chains 7d lints H 5" K 4 chain
25 links, 8 11" W W 1 chilu 47 links, S 52 30 W
1 chain 78 links, S 8C W 2 chains 8 links, S ST
W 3 chains 74 links. S 6- W 3 chains, S 2 K 1 ca
55 links 87!. K2 chalnsTO links, S 85 3 E3
chains links to a stake In tue center or said
creek with blackgum on t e south side ot
said creek 7 links west of line marked V, one
blackgnm 22 links east of line marked M;
tbence south 453 W 34 chain 75 links to a
small blackgum; thence west3chalns75 llnka
to the beginning. This property Is under
good fence, has comlortab.e cabins and gin
house. Also, a remainder Interest after Mrs. Mc
Manus's life estate In a certain undivided J
Interest In a lot of ground lying at the corner
of Eealeand Main streets. In the city of Mem
phis, and more particularly described as fol
lows: Beginning at the SE cornerof Bealo
and Main streets; tbence south wlih tbe east
line of Main street 82 feel ; thence east 175 feet,
with D. H. Townsend's north line; tflenee
nortb with west lino of Mulberry street US
feet; thence west with the south line of Be&lo
street 175 feet to the beginning. See Register's
office, Shelby county, Tenn., book 11, page
349 and 350.
Also, W'oodlawn, the residence of D. II
Townsend, near W hlte's Station, on the Mem
phis and Charleston Railroad, Shelby county,
Tenn., described as follows: In section l.rangu
(J or the 11th Surveyor's District and In the lltu
Civil District of said county: Beglnnlngata
stake 30 links south of an elm wlih blackoak;
pointers, and running thence west 27 chain
to a stake with blackjack polnleis; thence
north 47 chains 25 links to a stake with a,
spanlshoak pointer; tbence west 3 cbalns 10
links to a stake b ackoak pojn ers; thenco
north 21 chains and 5 links to a stake 50 feet
from thecenterof the Memphis ani Charles
ton Railroad; thence south 58 K 3 cbalns
and 25 links to a stake 50 feet from a pointer;
tbence 12 chains around 37 degrees of curve
la the railroad paral el with its line to an
other point of curvature; tbence north 88
east 16 chains aud 10 links to a stake 59 feet,
from tho center of the road; tbence til cbalas
and 10 links to tbe beginning, containing
178 2-5 acres. This property has coinfortab.n
dwellings and outbou'es, barns and stables,
and the finest of orchards and vineyards,
lhls last-mentioned piece of property is en
cumbered with a mortgage for the security of
certain debts to the Planters Insurance Com
pany of Memphis, Tennewee. The fln-t two
pieces of property described are also mort
gaged to secure certain Indebtedness of tbe
petitioner of D. 11. Townsend.
Also, all the books, notes and accounts oC
tbe said D. H. Townsend.
Also, the BE NE M sec 22. T 1, N R 8 W 40
acres and 8W ec. K. f 1, N R, 8 W, M9 acres,
In tjOnke county. Arkan-as
Also, tbe NE NK ec. U, T4, N R5 W.4J
acres, in Prairie county, Arkansas
The lost three free from Incumbrances. All
of this real estate Is exceedingly valuo-.-.
anu tne incumorances mentioned araocn t,l
a great deal lent than the actual value cf tnii
Tue u .oks, notes and a-ooonts can be see i
at my office, where I shall be glad to answer
ail queries concerning tao property offered 'or
Terms of salo cash Property sold suSJeci ta
the Incumbrances.
sat Z3 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn

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