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VOL 36. TSTO 3
tLisix(i Hates
xesieraay it coi'on ana aoux: jw
York cotton, llr Mtmphxs cotton, 10ic.
-A"eu yorpr, ' 1W .Wrn nhi gold, 109.
Wis Dept Umot Ch. Mta.Orricix,')
WxtUjinroK October 4,1 uii. J
tor Tenncttec and the Ohto valley,
Tiring barometer, norfZ-uttf and north
erly winds, colder and partly clousy
Was Dkpt.. Kiosai.kkv!ce U.S. asvy,
Tcmav, Oct 3, 1576, 10:08 p.ra
Place o'
OaivmUj-... .
New Or earis.
Bar. ihor , Wind Weather.
o. f.
ti E.
' 8.
si ,
ax, '
an i
l.i. rain.
Hhrevcpirt (SjOl j
Vicksbur 3a 04
W. M'ELROY. Sereeant.
Jeff Chasdi..f.b a nephew of old
"Blood-letting" 'A ich, present secretary
of the interior, has refused a nomination
fo: ooDgrer3 from the Rjpublicins of
tho third district, Missouri, and le out for
Tilden and Hendricks. "The cry Is:
Still they cnm ' "
The news irom Colorado aud Con
necticut, like tht come d.'js ero
from Vermont and Maine, has a
dec'.ded Ridlc&l ccmplexion. But
in a day or two that will rear off, atd
then we shall have the truth. The
agents of the Arecclaled Pre in those
parts are evidently industrious in tho
interest of the Itif u'Jfcan party, and are
therefore untrustworthy where party
questions tr at "tnfee.
I r will bo teen fn'm the report else-
where that the Republican convention,
which met yfsterday, ar'j rarned for
want of a quorum and to give Bsrbour
Jjewls time to put in his nppsarance.
The discord and ci ufus'nc which chsr
acteriz d the preYiius mse!inR8of the
piebald body prevailed throughout,
from which it is leisontbiu to conclude
that the B iiHcal differences cro irrecoti-
CUablo. &n trot. Ir lf.
R. 8 FKosr, D mi cratic- candidate
for congress in the third district, Mis
souri, '-haa the original letter written to
"hiji el( and Gaier 1 Sterling Price,
" when th Mli-s. uri troops were org-n-
" iznjr, bfora the attack on Fort Bum-
ter, from Uljem B Grnrjr, tueu at
" G-tlens, ahkiug fur carnriiU-ion in
" the forco going bi u a, aul t 11 iiog to
" espou-ro tlie sauthern raise." Tom,
little by littla the un write a histciy cf
the wr.r mK-'B nrpftrsnce.
Afieh sli our bti;r.rly exhibit at the
Ceatbuuisl, it is grattfviug to know, as
the Chattanooga Times tells ui, that
uener&i wnuer iook a premium on a
collection of marbio; that the Stato took
a prm!uaa o her geologteal collection;
ine ua mown copper company iook a
premium on copper and copptr eras; J.
B. Klllebrew took a premium on a speel
m;n of Tennetseo marble, end the
Knoxvillo marble comuany took one on
colored marble. Chattanooga has ct r-
lied off oa pita1, cO nt-e l? pretty pujo
to carry off another when they come to
make their awards on iron ore and the
The Bingor (Me.) Diily Commer
cial of the 21 rub-'sied ibe fullre'U'ns.
of the recent e'ectiou in that Sta'e, as
furnished olBcially by the secretary of
state. The congressional vote, a? com
pared with the prcvloua yeara, is za fol
lows: 1S76.
Total vote..
Kepubllcan majority, 11,183 12137 1S.18J
This ehowsn Democrit'c Raia of 954
over the vole of 1874, and 6999 over that
of 1S72. The total vote of the Btate for
governor this year 1b 136.693. The ma-
Jarlty for Connor, Repuulican, 14,393
The official count by !b leglalaure iu
January will reduce the-e figures some
what. To day the people of Georgia will
elect their governor, legislature, and ell
their county t ffiiere. Congr semen will
be chosen on tho ssveuth of November
jpor governor tne liepuDiioana aave
nominated JonathRn Norcriss, and the
Damocrats Alfred H. C lq iitt. The last
legijlattire of Georgia wai r.ltnost en
tirely Democratic, it baiug cornpejed as
I3inocrt. ...
Democratic majority 42 1C1 23
In nc;ct years the vot of the S'Bte
ha bsen rfrclsrui as f.rflor?:
Yean. Offltct.
18 '4 .'Vugreraeu
1K72 President
Jb72 .Uuveinor.
, 181
82 7i.-,
Dcvtoc at.
S0 2.8
In the statement of "he Democratic
vote for President in 1872, are included
lour thoujand votes cast for Charles
The murder of Dpuy Uuited Stat s
Marsh 1 Torbttr, iu Henry county, a
few dyj ago, is a crime eo fligrsnt as
to demand mre than usual vi.ilrsnce on
the part of cur SUte euth- rltiej iu tbo
work of arresting the muiderer. And
this vigilanre should be exerc'f td with
out referer a to the fact that no politic?)
significance can attach" to the
wanton and unprovoked crime. If
officers in the discbarge of their ducks
are to be shot down Hk8 d-igs by men
living in open defiance of the law, and
the'.r murder U to f . w punbhed, we
shall find It dilOcu't i y and by to find
men who wl'l holJ oOljo who will not
compound with the villains or wIlI; at
their villainies In ord-r to stvo the r
lives wbilo they pocket unearned sala
ries. We owe It to ourselves, therefore,
to "ran down" the murderer of Torbett,
and the murderers of tho negto Ben
"Wright, and bring theaa to jubtice
Neither money ziui time should ba
spared to amet theee men acd bring
them before the court, and to the gal
low?, which thpy s r'oi.iv r,jeri!.
We make aa appeal to tbe Democrats
of Memphis in behalf of the Cenlrel Td
dsn and Hendrick club It is the or
ganizst n, r.t l:s name impHes, uj-oa
w lch 1 rg-ly d"Vovf the woik
of the canvass. 8o 'ar it has done that
work creditably a id well to the sctis
factlon of the wh le parly and it has
dine it without cal'iug for hflp. This
cannot longer be expevtvd cf it. Much
remains lo bs done. Iudeed, tbe most
labarlcU3 work of tho canvss ii yet to
corns. Money is LeeiJeJ. Expenses
hav to bo incurre 1, and tLo fur ds
to mee. them promptly must be !
orthemifg. In prepaia'.lon for;
tneee expersg the club last night
appointed committee of repntable cltl-
sens to collect funds. This committee
"Will call In person opon D mccrais to
day, and we trust iftey will be met in a
kindly and liberal eplrit, and tbst overy
member of the p&r'y wi'-l.tVel it a privi
lege to con) r.buto to the furtherance of
the c&uio which all who telleve in cco-
roaiicsl, asfe ard good government
make their own. The war with Radical- j
ism cannot be carried on without money.
and the rank and filo of the t)emccTatic '
party must contribute It.
Raymond H. Perry, a former officer
or the troay, whoso bravery, honeBly
and patriotism wera -wctrshed for bv
Graut, Sherl-Jan and Reynolds, in a
published card, asserts that he "refused
,:8rventy thousand dollars in gold and
"consideration of lands In 8: Dunin
" so lather than withhold the truth from
" the American and P jminioan people,
"and refused bribes of position and
" money effjred me by senators and cit
"izinsin Washington to wUhhrjld the
, IrillS f rrTY rnv r urn man f HPlio
" President refused to lljten to me, and
" abruptly ended an interview of his
"appointing, walking effffom me at
11 the executive mansion whila I was
alone because I wa? exposing the vll
' laitiy, falsity and cowardice of hh
"ptivate Bscre'.ary, General Babcock,
" and his friends " And yet with ail
this Logan challenges Democrats to say
a word damaging to Grant's admlnta
Hers la an example of fair plsy
wor hy of imitation by the lying HiJ-
1c U who mako it their chief business to
make "mountains cut cf molehills,"
and condemn a whole people for the
crimes of criminals whose b!oody deeds
have no pilitical eignificnco, worthy of
imitation by lying Rid:cals who distort
all that our Demoeratie spehkera say
in'o an ffin'e Wa Copy it irom the
Nw Yurk tlttdid of Sa U'day:
We EPoEe severely the otber day of Ex Gov.
-rnor - auce. of Noitb Carolina. In tbe belief
tua' be had re'lly uttered some brutal woids
which were Imputed to li ni la some local
u-wpa ra; and we were led to tru-t tbese
repoits t'y Mime pasBe i Judge Settle's
repiy 'o Mr Vnuce, which iseemed to refer to
ln language imputed t r. Vance. A ul-i-D.itli.
ublcu we D mt elKewbere this morn
ing h ws. on the testimony of Judge Settle,
vtr. Vance's opponent tu a Mr. Van e did not
usa tbeli.neuHeelmiinied o hnu but that h
quoted It irom ODe of tbe "bl ody bhlri"
hpeernes ot ir. lxgernoii, a ueaoncan
sueaknr who i- dotnz a U'jk1 deai 10 mate
wnxlble men vote tbe D mocrU o tlcktt hli
over .Ue country. Mr. Vauce and Mr. nettle
a e "stumping" Nor'h Carolloa together;
I bey are ma! c mddatei lo'lh? governO'Shlp.
Jndzer-cltle lieaid and rent ed to Mr. Voiico'H
spercii, and beat on e, ou belnz a -lied li tbe
reporf i u rrect. said It was not. That Is
aufflj cut and the best evidence. Mr. Vance
d d not si y what was imputed to blm. and. ot
course, our remu fcsbad uo caute, and fall to
lae trounu.
The Memphis oottoh-seed a'soclatlt n
Will ikd in another column the pro-
cedings of a meeting of tbe p'anteis of
Crittenden county, Arkansas, at which
a cjmmitteo was appointed to report tbe
resolutions which are appended to (he
cffldal report, and which, Iu veryetroi g
terms, maka an istuo that ought hot to
be allowed to eici-t a moment longer
than an accommodation of the differ
ences and.a reconciliation can be nccom-
pVsaed. No interest so large and so
Important b lhat represented by the
cottcn-eeeJ oil naa U'acturera of Mem
phis can afford toantagoniza the plant-
era, and we hope the cotton-seed asso
ciation will prompsly take step3 to effict
acompromi.-e that will be eatisfaotcry
to tho people of the.surroundlng coun
try, ar.d disabuse their minds of any in
tention on thsir i:art to create and main
tain a monopt ly. We know the gentle
men who represent the oil mills to be
iCtuated b a spirit of "live and let live,"
and that they are as far removed from a
desire to oppress asthsyara from a will-
Ingntsi to tuccumb to oppression, and
we believe they will meet the people of
Crittenden in a spltlt of fair play, and
agree to a compromiss. Compromise,
gentlemen, compromise.
All ihe indepecdsnt journals, and
many of those Buppoitiug Haves and
Wheeler, have pronounced the reply i f
Judge Sinnott to the New York Times
to be full, complete and satisfactory
Anaoi g those mo3t prominent are ibe
Philadelphia Times, the Chicago Times,
the New Yo k Evening Pott, the Boston
Ilera'd, the S iriugfiela B'publican, and
the New York Nation, which, though it
supports Haje--, does not think it neces
sary to publish falsehoods about Tilden
Fr-im wb it sty we mska this extract:
The Timet't pro l of perjury and fraud on
th --art ot the Demo ratio c tdidate for Pres
ide teoi-.tB ed, in His dr t p!aci,or aaenmite
of Mr Ttldeu'asworn retu n of lucome nr mo
yeai lb 2, which tue Timet rails his' fUse alll-
uav.t, "tne oath (the form of which it is lmpor-
tuut. In c nsideri e the charge of Deriurv. to
uenriu nitnuj oeiug i oiiuanue -urn returned
w tits tnojiiic. uu thai u was so much ui bis
nroraexs wis "tultlcci to an income taxundtr
tne excite aictcjtneu-ite stalet." The amount
sw ri, to was heveti thousand one huudred
and elgbUeu dollars. Tbe words whict we
t ave printed in 1 alios should not b left nn .
or s gut, lor mey make tbe oath nut an alii a
vli as to the facts of th tot 1 Income f Mr
llldrn, but an oath ai lo a constructl m tf
lnw, nr a mlxtdq lestlon of fac andliw. Tbo
two lhlng-are quite dlatln:t. A man's eutim
in"ome may b one nttn-ired and i-evnn tbnn.
sand one huodrei and eighteen dollar-, and
yet, afieraeducllui .rom li whatever paid a
uix ui eci y ueiu-r wun losses, lntere-t,
rei-t, etc., tne h come returnable miight easily
turn - at to b seven thonand one hundred
and eighteen dollars. Al st people in esm-
i tug llin hnrite- against Mr. Tilden have ap-
pare .tly bi-enled to be ievethat hereturne'l
seven ih usand one hundred and eighteen
dollars hs li m whole income, and that t'.e
smallnessof the sum bore upon ltifaceovl-deuc-
ot . raud, be fac . being that there is no
ccc i-.sary connecii n b-tw-oi a man's total
income and his taxa le income.
After tbii tbe Times should confess its
sh ime, and be silent during the remain
ing days of the canvass But then the
Times has Fense of Rhame.
Women's Couvenllou for tbe !Good of
tbie Sex.
Philadelphia. O ; oher 3. A con
vention ot women wil open to morrow mrrn-li-.g.
at -it. Oeorae's ball, Tbiite. nth and 'Arch
strt-e'K and conti- u la te&slon for three days.
Tlieoftlctraof tne toiy are: Preslden, Pro
fessor Mria Mitchell; secretary, Alice C.
r letcher: cnalrmanof the committee on Invi
tation-, Julia Watd tlowe. This is the lourlh
congress held unaer tbe ta-ne auspices, its
ol-Ject btlng to meet a pressing demand ror
tuu interchange cf thought aud harmony of
ac lou among women Interested in advance
ment in tnir own sex. At tbe Centennial
ju liren' pavlllnn, this evening, tbe Women's
O-nt'-nnlal executive com-nltlee will elva a
ser al recep lou a d complimentary banquet
to tti4 members of the women congress.
Conprc-t or H'wrklusnica In Paris.
NkW York. O; ober 3 a Paris nor-
respotdent ay- that the onenlnir usilnn of
theci n.refs.if workingmen at the Salli des
Ecolcs was attended by two hundred and rif-
ty-nve fain t -n and n nely nine provincial
delegates, ml tha til tbe great cllin cf
France were represented, l'he galleries were
Qii-dwlih womeu. Chabert was ejected prei
ldent, abd Deplrre. of Lyons, secretary, the
chief old-cm or tbe cjugreas are to obtain
higher wages Tar worklugmen and women
endasLarelu parllamtntry representation.
There are to hundred andseveu ormo.s ln-scilrx-d
already, aud tue nine days' sluing will
only give stx mlunUs to each, tai to sho.-t a
time f ir c-veu the moat fluent speakers to give
expiesslun 10 tbelr vlewc on tbe suolect be
fore tne lc ogres.
Aiuerlcnu Faclcs ltbdrHtvn from tbe
JInuk ol L'UKlnuU.
London Oi itr 3 The amount of
bullio 1 gone into the Bank of England to-day
on balpnce. three hundred and elhty nve
thousand p uudi Kiv tbomaud poun is
wortr- or American eagle were wlthnrawn
from the Bi- ft o' Engl-nd yeiterday for ship,
in u tothe United mates Tnee shipments
arexpe.t.d tocootluue, the value of money
belnz so Ijw that the Irs, of i-iipif sn'i.
gold Is in transit It of uo consequence.
The Czar's Letlcr to the Emperor or
Anuria Still the Topic wltu the
Great Powers Peace as
Far Away ns Ever.
England, instrin and Germnny Deci
dedly Opposed to Russia's Ambi
tious Schemes -Diplomacy
Dalljinpr with Tfnr
U'rant and Okhotsk.
London. Ostrhsr 3. A Vienna for
resnondentof tho Timet soys th'tananswe
bat been drawn tip by Count Alldrassy, and
the letter submitted tj the enueroroi Aus-
l-la cn Siindav for bis suuclloi . M n
U'assy had aliegdy commnnlptud hla view
On the oues l n to Francli Jasepj, whuhad
.approved or them- The letter, therefore, will
undoubtedly receive Imperial sanction, and
will bo given to the Rtnstan envoy when he
:(ava on the Olth instant. The R ssian let
ter Is a preliminary Introduction to positive
propo-aH that culminate in tne declaration
that the application aud enfu cement of tn
refoims proposed by the powers tannot be
intrasttd to Tuikey. Iherelore tbe power
are Invited to come to an understanding
aooaime guarantees to do demanded to Se
cure the application or the reforms prnml.-eJ
as a precedent, tne sctlim or the powers In
ISO), in rtjrla, which was succssfiil, s recom
mended. This question ot guarantees la not
new, having been olfn discussed In pat
vears: hut, new that the cowers mu-t clvo a
Utcl.ilcn On the subject, it Is undoubtedly the
weigniitHb uiai naa come ueiore meia. uuv
sla teeps nominally tu the Englicti proposal
but this propo es to go at-tep beyond. Aureat
step it Is, Involving, ai ltd. e-, the tamng
out of Turkey's hand- tbe orgaulzation ot
Bosnia. HeZceovl ja and Bulearln, an l pro
vldli'g f r theoc -upaitonof thoss province"
although regarding tne latter provision the
Hvi la a nrecedt n hardly a niles.
J he 7mei iu a I-aler sayst ' Hnssla cannot
ton emntiatlcallv be w,r n i th In monos
lDgthe occupauonof Hnlgarla: the czir lias
misread tue taind of hurupe." l'he Times
uuderuands tuat it was notpro--otd that the
Russian aud Austrian flei ts should watca the
Bosphoius, but tbe fleets of England and
France. There is no need for sucn a oposa
as the Encdsh fleet Is watcbint; tueBo.-pho
ruanow, auu Intends to remln there until
the storm clouds blow away from tee mo
coveted ncsal station in toe world, but tbe
scheme ot tbe Russian troops marching tu
Bulgaria is a master piece oi txuuue-sanu au
dacity. Bulgaria is the bey ot Tnraey, and
should the Kowrnmen' of the cz ir insist on
itsi ccupation, it will lay lUulI opea to tue
darkes su-plcioui, and every country in Eu
lope wouid tay tual 1 s a dent championship
of the christian subjec s of the porte was a
cover tor neruesigiisoi couqu:si anuaieams
or h r&u -Xitvism, una wviiiu spread general
aT. Petersburg, October 3. -it is omciai
ly onQrmed tuat tne Servian governmen
will only jield to fotelgn military lnterveu
li .n.anu will not (nu-rtain any peace cjnal
tlous unless they are ilrsl submitted to seivia,
LONDON, Ociober 3. A Vi-nna dispatch to
the Daily Acwt says tne Free Pi as be, s thai
naua auu me unueci i-iaits 10 ciuueu a
treaty last tugusl uy uhlcu tue furnirr cedes
the port of Oahatab, in biueria,aud the sdja-
ceut te.nioryon tue seasnure, in ej iwu e
for Irou clads and the turn of tlxleen mdiiuu
rouble', auu thai a Russian envoy has le.t for
tE UR ADS. October 3 The Servian war
minister bus ordered the piuchasooi twenty
nve thou aud Cuassepot r lies.
CONSrANtIOFlE.Octlber 1. The Potte
yesterday co umunlcatcd t" the amt a-JiJdois
oi t. e ptiwnrs pin oi re otm appucaoie u
the who e empire, including ihe removal of
ait uts Diiiues notn cnrtsiian-. ine plan ;
drawn up so as to imply that the local au oa
ouiy fur B kuIb, Buignia and Heiz govlua
won a ue uscirss. aiiuouun ii Ut,oi.oi lorui-
aily reluse autonomy, ihe nlau of reforms
cumpri'-es tne cieaiiou ot a national council
of uhi bundled and twenty members.
PARIS. Oc oter 3. Tbe Tempt publishes a
communication irom tne itutsia . eiaoaisy in
inisciiy.iu wnicu it is ia eu inui me cznr 1
still in taVor of poice; if Itussla should event
uauy mil rvene, n ouid ue oniy with tne en
tire airtemeut of the powers: tud that inter'
veution, iu any case, would be piecedea by a
LONDON. Cclober 3 tho Berlin coire
sponjentof the 2 1 mc, In commenting upo
tueexclitd lont of ilit iiuhslan and Hunga
rian pres, says it is interesltug to notice lhat
the organs or botu the Russian aud attstrian
governments are ezchanalng sta:s of war.
have tbe allies in a conflict, aud the bt. to
lersuurg Oalot says that nunla will not be
stonmd even If she bau n allies. Ibe tone
of many of tbe leading organs ot Qetinauy is
Ktrongly opposed to the suppoit of the ambl
tlousdeMKhs of Russia, i lie AUemslne Zti-
tuna says it 's convinced that no German uov
ernment will support hussila'sst ltt-ih designs.
It thinks Russia wonld recoil liom war if
Austria aud Turkey accepted ber challenge.
Th Timet't coriesuondeni remarks: "lhi-
opinion was very general here some time ago,
but recent event have lomewhat moulded it
It i- now tht ught that Russia, after her re-
uealed threats of war. m chl. 11 challenged.
ueemiiiQcompauoie wun nor iioaor 10 re
main at peace."
LONDON. October 3 The Vlnna cor
respondent :f the Timet says the czar's letter
to emperor Francis Joseph contains no posi
tive DrODOsal of any action, it lays tcreat
stress on tne inenaiy relations oeiween tue
czar and Francis Joseph aud the necessity of
maintaining peace, anu a uesire is expressed
to come to an understanding. In the last tow
day communications have passed to the g. eat
powers, wuicn seem to indicate mat ine le'
ter was a preliminary introduction to positive
proposals, as reporieu last nigni.
Fignres from Colorndo rind Connecticut
'lbroiiKti Itcpnbllcaii hources-A
lay or Two will Ilrliig
tho irtitb.
Denver, Outobar 3 Two ropor'p
have been recelviKl from dlff rent points, and
indicate a peaceful cIjcU jo. The vote will
be the largest ever cst in Colorado. At thl.i
nour u in n aeuuiie can or give .
..liter reports from the principal towns, re
ceived at three o'oloce In tue atternoon, in
dicate heavy Republican gains everywnere
over the election of 1871. 'ihe chairman of
the Republican btate committee claims the
State by twothousani inajo uy, and tho le
Mature by tnnjilty of luily oj Joiut .a lot.
utsrsvcrt, 'ul.., ucioner a. ompirisjmi
will be made with ti e vote ot 1S71. wh n rat
terson, tbe Democratic canilidate lor congress,
was elected by 2163 majority. Arapahoe
county has el-c ed a lair Kepublican ticket oy
a majo-l y of 300; Republican gain, 618. Jet-
leraon county uepuoiicai majjrtiy 7o; lie
publicau gain, 213. Ullpln county Rcpub l-
can uiHl'irK, 2U0: Republican gain. 2ott
U iulder cuuniy ttepunliciiu malor tv ertt-
mated at 300; Republican gain, tfl. Cie r
Creek county Republican maj'-rlty ecti-
mated at 2u0; Republican gain, 3I. Faik
c uutv Estimated Itepubllcan m jorlty. 7j:
gala, 230 El fa-o is.btiuiat-d at S-'JU Keuhn
can majority; Kepubllcm gin,295. Puebiu
county ultima ei uemucrauc majjrity;
Dem -cratic lo s. 85. Los Anlm s county -iu-
UmaUdD-mociatlc majority, 300; Democratic
lo-,-,, 75. Bent count democratic majoilty,
10J; Demncratlc loss, 53.
New York Oc oner 3 A dispatch
from Harliord t-aya of the annual town elec
tions m Connecticut yes eraay, ihalth- towns
wilbln easy raugn of Hartf rd. which sav
So9 Demo ratio majority iu April, now gtv: lie
Kepu-illcan mJoiity Hartiuru lUeli elects
a mixed ticket, mcludlog the itepubllcan cau
dldaus for sel elm u. Verntn, which ws a
tie last election giv-sl59 Uepah ican mJ n
ty. Watei bury has 8 J Demuciauc majoilty
aglluHl317 list spring. New B.ltaln suuws 12
luajoilt; for the Democnllc candidate fur
first telectman. 3 he Democratic majo-lty in
the sme town in April lasi wai 2ao &ltn
Chester, Demo ra ic lu April by 20 ini-J ilty,
gUe 110 Republican majority. Wli.che-.ier
.hows a Pemucratlc gain of 20, while Ply
mcuth, in thisime county, gives 20 Hepuuil-
can gain. & ie .own names not given in
the dUpatch sho Dinocmtlc gains.
NATCK lli CtTHl'S, aBH.
Tbe Excursion Irom Sletnpbia to Fort
Smitb-A Good Country A TraK
ely rnrned to Comedy,
From an Occasional Correspondent of the
Natural Step3, Ark., 8ptember
30. -Availing myself or the of por trinity for an
ex-ursion ut the extremely iow ia' ot tare
offered by the Mempals and Little Kick, aud
Little Ro k aud Fort rmltu iflllroaus. to tbe
ci-lzeusoi Memphis and vicinity, I lett the
nluir city on tbe altei noon of tue twer ty flf b
li slant, in cjmpany with a larjo numoer ol
ex.nrslonlsts en route V. Koif-milb aud inter
mediate oolni!-, and have for a lew days, been
eDjoy ng tbo hospl'auty of Mr E L. M ynard,
a prcm -nent p a l. ter and a meu.ber-elect i.oni
h ji county t the lower home of the ut xt gen
eral -s.-moly o tbe Btate of arkausas. This
is a andlng on tbo Arkansas r.ve sixteen
miles above tbe elf of Little Rock, and Is
noted f rbe fettllity and proiucilveuessot
of the firms lying near here, and beautiful
landscape sceuery. There 1-shlpped annually
Iron tuli point from Olte u bun red to
eighteen hundred biles ef cotton, beside large
amount! of co-n, wheat, etc. The lanes ly.ng
Immediately on tho nver re coosldereu the
bett cotion lands in the r-iate, yleldin , In a
good crop year, more than too planter cau
gather. The country for a couple ot mll-s
bck from tbe river presents a decidedly pl--tate
que appear ce, do.ted with numerous
anrupt mountain peaks, and are con-qne ,tiy
nnfll ed for agri ultural ourposes, though it
mnst not oe interred irum this that the luuds
are entirely value ess, as ttrosn rough moun
tiln ides are heavily timbered with a Que
growth of pine sUltalU for balldlug
purpoes, and which cinstltutes an itsm ot
cons.dirable .mportancc to the Inhabltanu,
ns number ol them areengazed in '.he bust-
j sew of raftl ng the Umber to LltUs i'rock and
other markets, where It commands a gooi
price at all r-e-n-ons of the year. There is a
mcu-inln peak near this place which Is
greatly aimlred for 1U rom -nllcscetery, aod
mrtu-gr ndeur and sublimity of ltsppear
ance, which baa recently become quite fa
mous from the fact that a tracedy ve y near
'y fqnallng -ome or tbo-etbst t-ad.tlon In
forms us of, nnd like to have bcn enacted
here, and though a bio dless alTair, Tb are
forced to be ieve it would have be-n dther
wlohalnot tlie herb of this story ei-n-ctsed
the discretion thui, fortuhately lor blm, be
did. To make a long story snort, It appears
Hi ta reporter connected with one ot the
Lilt e Ro:-k p.ipcrs was out In tho nc'ghbor
iiood or tne aforesaid mountain galheriug up
".tm-"for his paper, and at a distance ad
miring tbe sceneiy, c ncludedtbatltwould be
nice to take a nearer view; so sta ting out in
tue afternoon or a pleasant spring day he on
deitouk the ascent; when getting about, half
way. he suddot lf' found htme!r conlronted
by three Kavafie lo king desperdoes-esca ed
p-nltentlary tonvlcu who, having tailed to
effect a pa-sage ocro-js tbe o mntry, had fal en
back and taken refuge among the adjaoent
rocks aud cliffs of the mountains Our hero
Was not left long in aoubt as to til fate, for
while one of the lumatis threw himself
'nto an attitude of "present arms," another
one of tbe trio advanced up n him with a
ia-ge club, somownat reeembllng a settlne
m.ial, urd deaisnded ot Mr. iteporter to
"come out of tbo?e paat," which demand
wu, of emise, met wlta a demurrer. Tbts
m tton being oven tiled lnstantcr, oar reportr
er, to his real inconvenience, was forced to
either don the garb of an escaped convict or
seek atd and c imfjrt f.om some wotthy
bro her, which latter course he chose to ac
cept nntll convenient to replenish hla now
scanty wardrobe. Jhat roportrr, Mr. Edlt ir,
has somehow or otber made his vluLs rather
scarod In these parts ever since; and tbU Is
oneiiem inui ne cat wuiuny nrgtecteu lore
poru Aita.aji3A3,
Tbe Radical Parly Conrlcted oat of tbe
Sloutb ot Onb of tbe Host Gifted and
Respectable of Ita leader.
Extrnct from a Hpeecb of IIou George
l Hoar, of Masaacbusetts, In Ibe
Belknap Impeachment irlal.
The fol'owing ere tbe closing sen
tences of Mr. O'orge F. Hoar's speech on the
isjiKuap impeacumcni iriai, aeiivereu Deiore
the senate, May 7th:
'My own public life has been a very brief
and lnslgnlnoaiit one, extendicg little beyond
lucuurauon oi a single term oi senatorial ui
flce; but in that brlct period 1 have seen five
Judges of a high court ol the United mates
driven Irom office by threats of impeachment
tur corruption or maladm'nls r-itlo j. I have
heard the taunt from friendliest lips, that
wnen me unitea si-tte-j presented nerseit in
the east lo take oart with tte civilized world
iu genereus competition in the.art- of ilte, the
oi.ly prcdnctoi her lnstltntlns in which she
mrpass.d all others beyond oaestl n was her
corruption. I have seen iu the btatinthe
U-'iou foremost 1 power nod wealth four
.udges of bero urts impeached forcnriup
t ou.and tbe political administration of her
chief city become a dhg'dce and a by worn
tnrouisoout the world. I baveseeil the chair
man of t ie committee' n mllitaiy afTdrs in
tue bouse, now a distinguished member ol
th scour .rise in his place an.l demand tin
expulsion of tour of bU associates formakl u
s loot tielr official prl liege of fceiectlig the
youtus 10 re eaucatea at our great military
ubool. When tbe greatest railroad ot the
worm, biudiug t-outther tbe continent and
luttln & toe two grnat seat which wash out
hhorw-. was Uu sbeu. I have seen o.ir national
iriumpa anJ extltaiiou tuned to bltternesN
and sh me by the nnanlmous reports ol three
commit ces or oongre-i, t o ot toe bouse and
- ne h-re, that eV -ryStepOf that mighty tn-
terpr.be had been takeu iu fraud I hae
oeard in blgbext plac.s the shameless doc
rue avowid oy moo grown old In ubllo of
ce tuat the true way b. which power
should be gilne t in the republic Is to bribe
trie people with the omces created for
tbelr service, and the trui end for
which It should be usi d when gained is the
promou.-o. of selns" amb tlon and the grall
Ucatlou of peisoual levuuge. 1 have heard
inatbusplciou haujts the foots epi of the
trusted companion of toe President. The?e
blag have passed lDto hHiory. The Hallam.
orthe T elms o tbe rismondl, or the Ma
cnuiay who writes the annals of our time will
record them with his in. xorablo pen; and
now, when a high culuet officer, the cons 1
tu lual auvuer of the executive, fleet f om
orhee oef ire charges of co runtlon. snail the
n.siorian ncu tnai me senate trtaieu tneoe-
iiaud oi the people lor lis Ju Igmeut of con
demnatlou as a larce, and mid down Its hlgu
1 uui tloi s beiore the Eophl-tr es nnd J.ers ol
the criminal lawyer? hall he specula e
b nt the peMy political a cnlaiions as to
the effect ou one party or the other which 1 -'luced
ills Indues tocnnnive at the escape of
iue gieHi pnonc criminal, or, on ine otner
hand, s jail he close tne uuapter by narrating
how these ihlhci weie detctm. reformed
and pn luea oy cjusututional processes
which the wifilom of, oar fathers del lie i fur
n, and f o vlnuy.A'tfU purity of the people
ound t'-elr vindication in tin tnstirn nf tlm
senate;. 1
Tbe Jieterocn ot DeSoto County Ku
kluxtufir Jbncti Olber, tloldlns; Se
cret JleCiltiK) and Threat
enlus 1'roiiitueut Wbllea.
From an Occasional Correspondent of the
Hernando, Mis3.. 03tobr 2 Yrs
terday evening about dusk, as Kellv David
son, a colored man, was driving a load o' corn
nonir, as-lsted by his brother, a i ad of sixteen,
they were tired npo from tbe woods by some
persons wuo, mougu lueir itaiurfs cou u not
be ciearly dlscerne l in tne Catherine twlllsh'.
ye' were dUtlnctly perceived by them to be
uiackmen. 'lhesuot took effect on the lad.
wounding him lu the bowels. H is thought fa-
any. xuis man. nenv uaviu-on is a native
oi uuio, a muiai o, ooru tree and has txcltd
ineoii er resentment or tneco orea rreedmen
hereabouts ly expressions of contempt lor
tuuir ex reiue ignorance anu oruiauiy. xx
has been w mt to sneer at tbe lmmnrnlltv nf
hesu "miserable babooas," as he called them,
auu iu nay bum ue utiug a ueceui. man, wouiu
not associate wlta them; also laughing at tbe
"glub-rish" of their preachers, and lelusine
to t-flll ate with tbelr club ontanlzatljus.
o luh he does not claim o be n Democrat
The couseqiiencd is an attempt on tbe part
o' me.se nates anu wauou oiooay-snirt
nadlca's to astas-inate him. Thev
have also made outrageous threats against a
P'omlnent nhvtlclan of this (Cold water
neUoorhood, he having distinguished himself
as a i ardent Democrat. The nesro rlnhsm ot
on Fr day afteruoons, and tbe drum beatlugs
anddl orderly c induct of list tail is again at
is high. It is a pity b t that u en of the in
flammatory blood-shirt tvpe, the wotud-be
i ad-rsof riotous mobs, could be arrested and
kept in j-il till alter the election But foi
them, I fully believe tbe negroes woula slay
o 'le'ly at home an-t gatbenhelr crons. Thu
filnlug up ol their wotstpavlons aud pn ju
dices m k-8 maniacs of the poor wre cbej.
Meantime the face otnture, and the tnroh-
utogsurber great heart, are uu of a beautiful
s reuity. like onn who has btrutrizlnl with a
feve,a d f .und pa ceatthe last. The sun
bine-goldenly these love.y September d ys,
and the nights aie white with moonbeams,
ihe cotton fields are heavy with tnov iruit,
aud the wlde-uursted b. lis seem to lnvile the
eager pickers, j be cotton crop iu loldwate
bottom is flue, aod there is corn enough to fat
ten Logs, and do ns through the w.nter, if the
demo j Radicalism would let us alone.
A Eplrlted Contest A. Political Cam-
palgn tVltnont Precedent In JU
New York World.
Phe f llowinir is a portion of a nrivst
lett-r received by a gentleman in this city
from prominent la yer in Uresnvllle, doutu
l ou may have heard of enthusiasm. r,r wr.
haus at some time duilug your life yon m y
havo thought thai von had senn th nmm.
eutbu t d, aud ye' 1 can assure you that noth
ing ever seen, beard or thuughc of can pus 1
bly give you a conception of the onthii-lism
ol our looploover the nomination of Hamp
i.ou auu ma ii aei. avuy man upon it is
'With Ut SPOt or blemish." while in nthpr
ticket is to notoiloutly corrupt, and In many
1 stances lncompetui t, tint even their own
parly cau't stand it. We topi and intend to
elect Hamp'iiu and his ti ket by an over
whelming majority, not bv lnilmlda I .n.
threats, lear or i rau 1, 1 ut by the Justice of our
cause, our tlekei will br ngoutlOOOO vouis
wnohave nev-rast a vi teUnce the war, and
the dlsiustof the Republicans will give ns ihat
many more Evers-ncetbe nominatlous by
tue republicans we have hai accessions to
our ranks irom among the most prominent of
that prt , wh le among tho rank and file the
greatest, demoralization obtains. These do
not pretend to b Dmocau, bat Republicans
who cannot and will not any longer stand
rarpetbigKers.roueH and thieves in office.
We hope, oo, to cany our ttate lor Tilden
and reform, but cf this are not so saneulne.
am no iolltlclan. only one of the nronlr.
and ther fore can't keep oownwha. Is in me
it must anu win come out
ROCK Hlnn. S. U . Ettilemlwr H. 18711
Mass Wade:
-eelng that yon are nominated for envemnr
by the wuite people, and learning thai you
have prom sed the black man all the rights
he no has, und knowing that you wcie al
ways gooi and kind to me wheu vonr i-lav.
ana knowing tha you area good and kind
man, a man who will do what ha promises, I
wrie tossy that I will vote for you and get
all the black men I can to do the same. I
have bought a piece of laud in York county,
and am trying to masoa toud support for my
family, whii-h I can do if we a 1 had good laws
and low taxes My wife. Flora, is still llvinz.
nd we have but one child, whom w wi-.ii u
cducat . Please write to me, in Cire ot Dr. F.
O. Robertson, Rock Hill. (South Carolina.
lour ltiend anu former slave,
rz-.Vrchlteet Mullet Bc-appolntrd.
NbW YohK Oaciber 3 I'hb sbtp-
tary of the treasury has appoln'ed A B. Mul
let, -x supervising arc dtrct of the treasury.
assupeiii.tdnae.-tor the customhouses at Llu
clnuatl. Culcag'i and Si Louts, aud the r.ot
0fDct8tNew Vork, Phi alelpbM aud Hart
lord.compreliendlLgthebnilii.iigs orlzlnal y
de l.ned and commenced by Mullet, but still
iur-omoleu-. The oljeot ot the nppo ntmentls
-! to bi ti tecure t ,e completion ' tbo-e
buildings according to tbe original plan,devl
td from by the late supervising archlleot.
An Attempt by Radical PolitlclunH of
Itifsisslppl to Inculpate General
Oeorge as Responsible for
Safo Conducts"
A DIspatfch, Written at the Express Re-
quest or an Agent or ihe United
States Government, Explained
Creditably and Honorably.
Jackson (Miss ) Times, Rndlcal.
Home tlinn.4lnr wa nrintcrl inncTlra
ni-dlnary teltgratihlo dispatches, which were
first mad a public through ihe report nf the
sen a to lal committee which visited Missis
sippi ior me put pjse o' inv--stlgatlhz the elec
tlonin this Btate In 1875. The dlBpalchei are
'Campbell and Calhoun, Canton, Mississippi
'-It Warnereoes to Mniltmn pn hv nil minni
that he Is not hurt. We are nearly through
new, -.id sure to win. Don't let ns have any
truuuiouj luai ori oa out nanus. e wilt
prooaoiy oe at ni store to night.
"To General George:
"Yourte egramof last night saved A. War
ner at uiuooq. u tKl' A JUUHSUX.'
Put now comes General G'org, who Is a
gentleman of character and standing in the
cuiuiuuuuy, una wuo is universally acknowi-
dged to bo a good citizen, notwithstanding
the tact that he is chairman or the Democrat c
r-tate executive committee, with a card which
monopoi zes an entire column of ihe Mls-Is-stppl
Pilot. As an act of justice to General
George personally, we reprouuee that portion
of his cummuulcatlon tothe Piicr which re-
lers to tneaisp itches in th- Timet General
t i l-n tUfl KttV. 1 ll rnilull tha Wllnni. o nftha Win!
n J - , " o " -.v ... a w . . ut
regarding the dl'patones In qaestion, and wo
cheerfully give him the beueflt of hlsttite-
rne mention or General Warner as one
wnose bioou had been saved by my interven
Hon affords md tho opportunity of explain
ing the circumstances under which mv als.
patch to Messis. Campbell and Calhoun was
wriiien. jir. u. v.. cease, who was here
as ine representative or tbe then attor.
ney-gHneral. Judge 1'ierrenont. came to
my dwelling en Mnn-lay nlghi next preceding
tue eiectiou in sovemuer ist, auu siatea lo
me that he had lulormatlon which caused
him to feel that Warner was la danger, and
that he had byau oversight omltte l to mtorm
Warner ol It, and he urge . me to send a ols-
patcn lobome responsible parties in Madison
count; , wnicn would nave the eoect oi pro-
iectiug uuaerui w urner. 1 iniormea jir
Cbaee .ha l did not btlleve Warner was in
tne slightest unger, a d gave blm reasuns for
so believing. He peislsteiu, however, in his
rtque t, and oncred lo se.d the dispatch If
would wiiie one. At. Mr. vhae's rtq-iest,
and to gratify him, and b-ing wiilina
10 fford air Warner all the protection in my
power ii ue were, coniraiy in ray uenei, tu
anger, i wrote ice uispaicn a ovo niiuued
t., giving it Just such lo ms as Mr. 1 baseue-
-lrtu. and be lorwarded it. Aud 1 minht heie
properly add thai, on several previous oeca-
s.ous, i nau bent aiepatuues al air i base sin-
stance. That uispuch. (abui Warner) ap
pe-rs to nave Deen aoswenu Dy 'Uail -i.
jouns ii,' to tbe ctlcct tuat it had saved
Aarner; but slute .he matter has ao-umtd
uch tlcii lous lmportaiui-, I have inquired
mi'- mo autuursuip, ana nave teamed tna
mere is no such person as tho shnuoaeti sinner.
The person whom tuat sigua ure is intended
to i ores ntlsCa talu W. Uart Jonuson. no
oe wil es to me, under date of Au4Ujt Utb,
mat tne -uispatcu was a viie ioigery; i
..either did it myself nor auu-orlzad anyone
else tj send ir. 1 was not within
tlvo miles ol a telegraph once that
day (the day the dlsuaicu was tent). II
there be such a man as 'G-irt A. Juhujott,'
1 uo not know him. I have no information
concerning him whatever You will observe
that my dispatch Is not addrei:ed to him. but
to '-'ampbell aid Calhoun,' and theauswer,
wnicnis o convict. i.ue goou people oi aiaui--on
county of a de.lg-. U assassin ate General
Warner, i. lu the D.ino of a mythical person
age, orlf intended to b j undeistojd as coming
from a real man, is a 'vile fog ry.' It Is
proper here to say tual, mett ng J udga Camp
bell a few day s alter m dispatch was enl Ij
him. Lo lnlormed tne tua it was who ly un
necessary, a d that Warntr was n t in the
sllgblesi danger. It is possible I should have
made this xplanatlun oi ine 'Warner dis
pal-.h' earlier, un lus first publication my
nclmatlon wastuen to malte the explana
tl n, out wtsadvl-ed to the contrary , i-n : I
domted mystli as tolts necessity orpioptiety.
i da n it hiivvr wmb iu. 1-U snouta ue
made now sin. e it will never icaou those
whom it- publication was mainly luteude.i
to lnllaence, viz., tue peop e of the north. But.
stllltmay be as well ior it to be known how
a dispatch, written at the instigation of an
ag-ntof tteUultcJ Mates goverument,coupled
with an answer which turns out to be a ior-
gery, has been made tho groundwork of a
charge of disoider and lawlessness t gainst tbe
peopio and of tue Siaie. Allow me to say that
while I am always willing to allo.d such pro
tection as may ue lu my po ei to any person
wuo may apparently neeu it, now ever untie
scrvlug ne may l , yetl do not desire lo ue
held up at the cxpinbo of my lellow-citizens
as tue protector oi any irom aangerj wnony
What Worth Says tbe Women who
Want to Ublne Must Wear tbla Fall
Gay Colon and Flaring: Folliei BriEbt
Green and Cardinal Bed all tbe Go
An Lntlcing- Beiiiote.
The New York 2rf6une. in an article
on the fall fashions, fays that the new bon
nets are different enough to suit the most ras-
tldlous. Horn nigh tj tow toft crown, Seveie
ly rtcmbranutisn to quaintty (Quakerish, and
cnarmlnaiy coqueltlsh The now pointed
cr.iwnsato bjth absurd and Hilly, aud so are
neatly coytrea ana niuuen oy iuicet or
tloweis and feathers. Very Utile raceirlai
tulog Is teen, owing to the cio-ely fitting
fronis. rlne velvet and plash incoided stripes
and nlalo are u ed. Lincoln, o. hunter's
green, luk-blue, celeste bine, tete de more a.
oeautiful maroon shde and Russian gray
ara some ol the leading co ors. Gie n Is
lightened with ivory and a creamy sulphnr
g -en, aud is alsj mixi-d with blue -nd other
ink snaaes. uaruin-i oners me strongest tos-
Mb.e contra-t to plum, myrtle grteu, bla k
and ink-bue, and gray. Foi dress occasions,
light fresco tints, ecru, pearl, linden green,
rose and bl -o fol.ow i n their several depths of
snades. Iron i streamers ot wide grog grain
ribbon are usad again at the back.
lilack vtlvet bonnets and hats are
Oilghtened by a gorgeous tropical
b.rd. Crowns made of ihe f athers oi tho
brilliant East IndU corou-corou, iue purple
red tanjger aud blue lopolore, made intj
breasts, crowns, hear s aud buckles, wreatus
ofpeao ck'seyes, cream coloied and dark
green cock s plumes, and the long, sweeping
Meicullo onricli plume llo lug over the
back ot the crown. Dronzo and other mm-
rel Unlearn revived again, lo be intermixed
lth true color Autumn leave, ure made
mo inn? chaolets of satin and velvet in
dusky gray, tcarlet and brown, with woody
twigs tlugtd with decay, and there are pan
si s ot Immense) size and beauty clastere
With sIIk. aud s tln roses. Tne picturesque
Dnvnnsh re hts are largely lmuoited lu leK
and fur beaverfor wluter, and will be worn
tbiough the autumn, faced aud trimme with
leathers aud velvet; a ulrd, onckie of steel, o
feathers constitutes the ttlmmlngs. Many
nnw nnd pccmtrli: f-Hilon have been Intro
duced lately, not only in sty.cs, bat in ojd
combin turns of colors There are violent
louirasts, sumo or wnton orrend the anisic
eye, ana others a e so plciurctque that one
btC.tUiS gradually rccuu -lied to tne ossoi
pale tints in the return of too bright aulli e
colors, vivid red, kreeu, decided plum and
p uuo und b ue. Just now more is a mania
loraredwhl n Is neither crimson nor scar
let, simply cardinal red, first adopt d from
the Caruluai's berelle ; y 1 1 wnatever its orUlu,
A'nnii and Perot and Patlsian mil
liners appiove, aud to it will last until it oe
comes too common. Mixtures are tbe law.
dtrawuerry ana vanilla lcea are one compari
son: another, a parti coioied B.-az Han parrot.
A iasniouauie cont ast in a costume is a
cirum coloied Temiug uuoa yellow and reu
The polonaise is ot the lighter color, thi skirt,
buttons aud.otoer trimmings ol the polonaise
red. tpuluxc lor, ab.ueo. a peculiar or In
describable shade, somel mes called ink blue.
was uultej to red. These Hiodk cou.rasls
offend critical tastes, an- it is to be hoped tuat
tue past iou ior h gh iO ore, , osslbly ue.lved
rom another mania ior Indian anu rerlan
manufactures, may result In intioduclns into
drapery the ilea Oriental lints of b.u- s with a
creamy cast, crimsons whlcn fade into warm
browns, ana iue ton yeuowisn grays to loved
by the people of the east, uree i lathe.ead-
ug coior, caiei tuner iinco n green, nun
erjuresn, Houlu Hood green or my itleir een.
It appears in eev. ral shades as uelu-aleiy
maiaed as the rytbm so neies arv to musical
expres ion, or mosaic and paiutlug are nearer
akin than poetry. Yet a lather picturesque
costume Is formed ot nn Ink blue long, uar
row p.itonilse, io-n which tbe eageui a ied
skirt Ju t peeps forth. Theluk-blue bnttons
are emuruiueicd wlta a reu star, aud tbdOlher
accessjriesot the toilet are also red Acostume
was made of a magnificent damask silk In
the colors and patterns of brown and amber
oak leases l'ber-j was an enormous so ua e
pocket, and the side ta-(i-.ies leli lnntr nd
square, of tuepeplum snaps. The immense
irain naa lacings ot brown gros gram, and
the linings of the rimmlugs generally were
pearl color. A wide chenille lrlnge trimmed
ms pocket, cuffs nd other dg-s. Thin was a
Maryaiuanp incessdres. Worth sends a
trl-jutn to patrlouc American IbiI.m in a
superb Centennial coitume. TuecoUoi heavy
hiacsmaieiassewas eJged with knife pialt
logs of red silk, and these were overlaid py a
uen-iaeuiuueu ncu macs: cneoiiie lace, rne
tone train and back bnadtiisni raJ sllv irom
covered wltu black knlfe-plaitlngs. Thecjn
nlng little (O.keton ti.e long wu stcoat front
and the b ck pock.t lisps were ornamented
wltaiartf emhroiaeitd Out ons Av vil h-
orate costume of emboaseu seal brown velvet
auu gross grai . naa a b.tque pa k and prin
cess iron. Tbe aid hre dths had two s yies
or perpendicular tr mining of o e leug b of
iowhoi knlfe-platllu, and rows ol wideche
nllte fringe; tne eno mom train an-l edgs of
1.,-, nu... nv. nuiiuai -Olin KllllK Ol lllUtS
dlrlngO Of Silk rhenlllM- Inna.lr nrnnD.il
scarf folds passed aiound the neck and fasten-
eu wim a lare Ujw at the right side,
low on the waist. New fabrics come
from France, and old friends reapped
"1 h improved faces nd rew nam s:
Faconne it Bagdad. Damatte de Lyont, rep
A abetque, Jacquard Qrec Droperie Pekm.
lHqae ae Lyont, HAe u" A abetque. Cashmere
pomt lie, an i many others luel n ing the
magnificent Inclan rashm-re pat'erns. (here
Is great Improvemei t iu tbe raatelasses and
damastes. as Weil as in o hersot tue raywl or
bwlr-llnid striped fnrlus. In Ihe X tmer.
nothing In the way of d y enods cn exest-d
the graceful beatlty of the d signs; toe favor
lie palm lerns, vines tr-foll, arabetques, the
Gri-ek convolute, lnterl .cexi uhalnsaui t ng-,
11 irlated figure-, mortfque, 11 latlug pehdants
of cnuvo.vulus flowers und medieval figure-.
In the trooi auu l'k fabrics, tbe wo il gruuud
Is mostly woven la fine iw.JU and dlngoual
ot some dark ground. Line tin gi Sen is asp -clalty,
lees or wine, ink-blue, ink-gray, seal
bronn, pium; aid tue figure are firmed oy
fine tllk th cads of a lighter and bngnter
shada in relief, glvlotf Jacquirtl effects. Oa
oiack gronuds these sllkefl novea threads are
seen In red, drdarrJ, green aud other bright
tints. Tbe ail-sllk matelasJes and. (lama sed
aie woven In the same fasnlnn. Finn hair
line goods of red on black groncd are In giest
demand. Every vailetyoi camel's hair goods
is snot wun mreaus ol some bright color.
They al o come in plain basset and
square Egyptian figures in woof and
warp, honeycomb, diapered, diagonals, aud
in ral-ed ruatelae figures upon a sm o h
ground. Mohairs, brlillantlnes and black
cashmeres are in enormous demand. 1 1 all
manner of labi is prices have neen r duced
rir-id-i, passementeries und fringes promise to
be the fashionable trimming, fringes oi
chenille, and chenille mixed with sl.k aod
ta-seis, come six ahd seven inches wide.
Another style has a heavy network aud a
wide tllk Jrlnge. Wide soutascua braid of
two color, drab and bto-n, sewed toge her,
makes sleeve of camel's hair dolmans, oe ivl
ly trimmed with tbe soutsche, se ivea on in
many rows. Embroidered canvas braids, re
sembling Hamburg woik. Is a novelty 'ihe
Vaiois is worked with silver; the coat of mall
Is b aided gray and blue steel; Muorl-h
fringes have Innumerable little flossy tassels
in the net work, and otber styles are ma-ses
oi urop dsuous. I'dSsemeniericS tome very
wide in antique designs, medal
lions, heads of CorlnthUn commns,
arches, and wheel VrotK. Iisartinns ot
moss are tufted with chenille; io this is
attached a wide fringe of chenille, with a
heading of net work and drops. Medluin
alzsd buttons wilt be extensively used, era
oruldered, dark mother of pearl, silk aud
bone, wlih dark pearl centers, and croc be ed
'o correspond wltu trimming pastemeute-le
loops. A newly-Invented boot is called "the
Centennial," aud is considered the novel y of
tneseason. Itis a sandal ho it ra'herafter
the fashion of a Roman sandal Tho straps,
beginning at toe toe, are continued on above
tbe ankle, four straps being connec ed In
clusters together, caught by a steel buckle.
Tnese handsome boot-are especially adapird
ior the exposure of the exquisitely embroid
ered white and colored sltk stockiLga now sell
ing for twenty-five dollars u pair.
LONDON, October 3 Sampon, formerly
financial editor oi the Timet, is dead.
WASHlNoT .2f, October 3.-Hon. Phil p B.
Fou.r, lomtrly representative in congress
irom I llnols, died here to day.
WASHINGTON. Ostober 3. There are in
dications of notuer call for bonds. In about
a week It w ll probably oe or teu mll.ljn.
BjaiO N.October 3. The H&ivard bo.tclub
has dec dei to cnallengo Ya e for au enrht-
oared, lour mile, straight-away race next sum
LONDON. October 3 A dispatch from Al
exandria s iys It is no certa.u that the re-
p jned capture or Massowan Sy the Abysaln
lansis nniounued.
BERLIN. October 3. Tbe weekly statement
Of the imperial bank of Ofiminy shows a de
crease of twenty million nine bundled aud
six y five thousand marks.
BOJSTOX.Oet iber3. The Republicans in Ihe
flf.u congieional utstrict, to oa, nominated
Ueueral Bank ou the twelfth ballot, the vote
Htan tug: Bank-, 48; cuinmlnyi, 39; tcattei-
ing i.
BU-HAREST, October 3 It la rumored
t ut the brother of Harry Abbot, uermau
consul at Silonlca. assassinated last May, has
oeen massacred, together with his lamiiy,
CHEYEXNE. Oo'ober 3. -James Walters
was shoi and instantly kll ed by no leri Hol
land, at Laxitmle Cliy to-day. The tiouble
originated in a gambling quarrel. Both par
ties were colored.
B NGO:i. ME.. October 3.-The Dwinel
mill, at Old Town, owned bv CuarlesV. Lord
anu Allred Veasle, or this city, burned last
night. Loy, s x thousand dollars; lnsurauce,
thieo thoasanddol.ars.
a I'. LOUIS, Ociober 3 Tbe United 8tates
circuit court this morning confirmed there-
-eni saiea oi ine Aiisgourt facin.o ud Allan
tic and Paciflrt rall.-uals. It is understood
taat this cuts' off aU claims of the stockhold
ers. BALTIMORE. October 3 In a Quarrel in a
tavern, a .utday, at Bloomlngt, n, Garrett
couuty, James Caseyi tbe proprietor, was shot
auu ins H"u cut oy a miner nameo tuwara
riupi-. isetiuer is exueciea to live, nuuu u
WASHINSTON. Ostober 3. The renort
by cable that ItussU and the United Sta'es
have con-laded a treaty, by which the former
cedes to the latter parts of Okhatch, etc , is
ue-vo m icd uepaiiiueilt ui tiuie.
SANFrfACiSCO,Ooiober3. Attbeannual
meeting of the stockholders ot te Bank of
Callfonili. to-day, ail the old board of direct
ots were re-elected except William Norrls and
lonnu. rati, whose plates wote supplied bv
H. W. Carpenter and Calvin Page. Tne board
is not yetorgan zed.
NEW YORK. October 3 This afternoon
Jacob Lamb, a butcher, residing on First ave
nue anu roriy-six'n street, rotiowed the re
mains of his sister to Greenwood cemetery,
aud after her body had been lowered into the
grave, orew a pistol and shot himself lu the
head. He wss removoJ to the hospital, where
be died in the evening.
T. PAUL. October 3. -At FalrbanTt. at fmir
o'clock this morning, Henry Cuverrlok, a po-
ucecBai, approacneu iue euara al tnn Jail
in which is confined the Younger brothers,
the Northfleld bandits. 7 ho suard halted
Cavenlck, and inquired: "Who are you?"
Caverrtrk replied "Don't yon know me, I am
a policeman, and continued to advance, at
the same time putting his hand to his breast,
piobably to display bis star, when tbe gnaid
shot nlm instantly. The pullcemsn had been
ordered to keep away from the Jail at night,
and the guards to shoot any one who persisted
in comlug up to them, unless 1 lentlfied.
WOOLDRIDQE In this city, October 3d.:at
o'clock D.m . in the 3Sth vear of hla acre.
The friends and acquaintances of the fam
ily are Invited to attend the faneral, from his
late residence. No. 128 Court s reet, this
(WEDNH8DAY) alternoon, at 3 o'clock.
McDONALD The frlendsand acquaintances
of C. E. and Lizzie C. McDonald aie invited to
attend the funeral of their son, Y. J. McDon
ald, aged 5 years, 3 months and 21 days, irom
tnelr residence, No. 03 Matn street, this
(WEDNESDAY! afternoon. t2 o'clock.
English and Classical School,
No. 298 Second (Street -
THE next Annual Session begins MONDAY
SEPi'. llTH. For terms and clrcnla.ni un.
ply at the school room sep3
THE stated communication or Leila n
Hcott Lodge, Oo. 269, will be heldVy
this (WEDNESDAY) evening. OctoberNA
1th. at 7 o clock, for dispatch business.
ah ai. ai. s are iraternat y invi'ed.
By order. A. F. DAVIS, W. M.
K. A. Lytxk, Secretary.
Knights of Pythias.
rnHE officers and members of CoeurK
I de l.ir-n todue No. 18. will m tV
tins (WEDNE-3D i) evening, al 1
o clock, n- lice is nereoy given tuat
Lo ge will hereafter m- et weekly.
ay oruer a., a. nttiuua, c. u.
Special to the Appeal.!
Niw York, Beptfmber 20.
oct L. B. 8TOKEWELL.
Bvezxixis wohool,
i30 Slain Stieet.
terms, etc apply at tha school-room from
4 to 9 i..m. se23
Stockhdlders' Meeting.
"EETrNO of Stockholders of tbe Memphis
fll and Charleston Railroad Company in the
Greenlaw opeiahouse
WtdnestJaj, 4lh lns. at 10 o'clrck a.m.
Particular Attention
Of Slenmboals, HotPl, IioTrt-lofr-b
uses tt"d lurge families, l-i
-lleii t our I-rg H-irt rat
of msn'aril fill wight Ns-.H'
.'V1': IRllTs ana Y g ta
bles, tor 11 h and Table use,
within tbe reacb of nil, being
cheaper tb an ever known before
Announce a Grand Exhibition of the LITEST FASHIONS
Misses' Dresses,
OTi 1 1 dron'g Drossos,
23Clf,I3.ts, OixtflLts-
BUY CI0K- or
pffi&'pm clem. ggf
?SjXH?g draft, is readily
r-- Etei 'vi? pic in operation,
,, . , . ,, .
Manufactured and eolil by
EL7Send for Circukrr
UmiI Mh.t la
IU .1.. M ti IV. Cl?t
Messrs. aluson Bbothebs, Memphis. Tenn.:
Gentlemen I have, aunng me past setaou, ami iu succe-wui , r
leaving it In a beinilfnt condition r r tun work or ine cmt. mnrainpiuirru """' "
ooursefupon the lower grades, but 1 believe It will very much enhancthe quality orallcot
tin 'ho rtrqt a. qr 11 .tnlmt nti-lng Ynn ft imiy. n I. l-J-ts
We keep constantly on hand the largest and most complete stock of Groceries ad Plan
tation snpi'llrs In tbn cliy, making Klonr, Bncco. Vlrslnla Tobccii, HaieKlne tsciJ
rirs a specialty. Bole agents for H C. Cole & Co ' celebrated brandsof Klonr, vti: ffFH,
Cole's Extra, FF, ojncf. etc. Also, agents forthe Gallatin Mills Sheetings and Cotton
Yarns, and Virginia Shot, all cf which we will sell low to the trade. Merchants will consult
their lntorosta oy calling and examining om sock before purchasing elsewhere. Onr Mr
U-UIS HANaOER preside over the Cotton Department, giving his personal attention to
Piling "nd wMKtilna tbe same
.32; Bit.Toliisil.ocl IO-OiX-
300 Front -St.,
daly, nmm
No. 144 e& 148 Wabash 4venne, CJHIAG.
W. F.
Wholesale Grocers
3Q0 Front St., bet.
Agents for tha Celebrated CJheelc Cotton Presg,
SU3 L .
Tho Complete Cotton Cleaner.
a New, Valuable and Money
mafcing Machine lo every Cotton
producer or ginner, thoroughly
removes all Dcst, Dirt, Sasi
and light Trash from cotton be
fore ginning, and improves tho
quality of the lint from one to
four grades.
No gin house should bo with-
ij7 out one of those "cleaners'
it is
5. -5-
light, simple, and easily adjusted
$W ; ; to either Horso or bteam power,
fei'ja occasionini: little or no increased
understood, sirn-
not liable to get
out of order, and will pay for it-
sell m less than ten days work.
and Price listen
ttwr Ikw mtjm. .w.. InIIv
Kkiabs Poist, Misatssirpr, July 20, 1878.
,. ,, ,.
C. BIEti)
Mempliis, Teisn.
& CO
TS&adison and Monroe,

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