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Yeittrttajfif cvXn arid gild: New York
fatten,- Z2 1-Sc Memphis cetUm, 11 3-Sc
Xae Ytrlt jfds!,J07 2L VtmnhU cold,
m 1-9.
War Dht., Omcjc Ch. Siq. Oman, t
Wajhuwios. December lit, a.m. f
.For TVnnwwc a4 Ac OAio talley, gener
ally eienr treathrr, flight rite in temper'
ature, with southireM to wrthtc-eit tcindt, and
falling foUotrtd rising barometer.
War Dkp"t, Swkal Sxetics IT. H. Axt4r, I
Mospat. Dee. 18. 1870, 10:08 pum. f
Place ol ;
Otaerrsllea. I
Bar. jTber. Wind. I Weather.
Ualvwtoa. . . . :u).47
IndUaela... i B0.48
Lojl.vttie.. :t(.41
MempWs....i 80JVO
Nashville.... 30.47
New CMwms.i 30.40
Shrereport...; .IfLPfl
vidtsijunf.... ao.62
I N.
! S. W.
N. E.
W. iTELBOY, Sergeant.
A ruu. report of the opening of the Ten
nessee olub-hotKe fans been erowded out bj.
A Portlam) dispatch nays that Governor
Urovor loaves for Washington to-day by way
of Victoria. He has prepared an elaborate
argument sustaining hw action in the Cronin
case, with a multitude of authorities.
Is the United States court yesterday Ci'y
Attoraor V'alkor apilied for a modification
of the recent attachment of contempt against
the mayor and members of the common
council for refusing to ievy, collect and pay
the Xiooteon pnremunt tax as commanded by
mandamus in the T. E. Brown case. The
application was that the mayor and members
of the council submit to a fine and formal
imprtfonment. The application was refused,
and ths right to appeal from the attachment
thereby not allowed by virtue of any modifi
cation. A late dkpatch from Constantinople last
night riyj that at an unofficial meeting yes
terday the plenipotentiaries virtually termi
nated the labsrs of the preliminary confer
ence. After making some mutual concessions
they have come to an understanding, and
have referred to their respective governments
for definite instructions. Ko definite resolu
tion has bsen drawn up. All questions,
especially that of occupation, have been ex
amined, but nothing yet determined. It is
thought Lord Sali-bury will receive his in
structions Monday evening. If eo, the Porte
will b immediately asked to fix a date for
the meeting of the plenary conference. The
Porte rejects any proposition offering occupa
Arbitrary Closing of the rostoflkc by
the Postmaster-General, upon
the Testimony of Radical
What JIayor John L. Xllton has to Say
in Reference to It, Speaking for
the Citizens whom he so
Reputably Represents.
No one who knows Hon. John L. Milton,
mayor of Grenada, will question any state
ment he makes, and as his position at the
head of the communty he represents lends
additional force to what he says, wefeel safe
in saying, introductory to the following com
munication sent us for publication, that what
it contains may be implicitly accepted as the
Mayor Milton's Letter.
if iron's Omix I
Grenada, December 17. 1870. f
Editors Aiteal Without noUce or the opportu
nity of being beard, and lor no cause onlelallr Jur-
:h.i Ik. .M.lill.. thth nwinlo i f 1 r-.it! i il :i hnm hAATl .
deprived ot tbelr iwstofflce, which was closed to-day
njoraer, iiissaw. oiiueiHBimasier-ewieniu num ;
what appears In promUient Eepublican newspapers ,
It seems that the pretext lor this act Utho report oi ,
an a?ent:ot the postoaice department that this town 1
such aeent ever came to gather facts for his report
about this matter ot general concern nerc. ce came
and went without the fact being known to a single
citizen of the town, so far as can te ascertained, ex
cept It may be the postmistress and her immediate
f.imilr. If he came at all his presence nere unob
served could not have been accidental, but designed
.nHA nhrlraia lu.mkn tt mnrwi 1 1 n t his m1i1nn !
IUI fciiU VUI1VUJ J . w. "
Irom the citizens and depriving them or any hear
ing. As to the fire, the facts are known to be
these: The tenant of a frame building next
bat one to the postoalce the interme
diate bulldlnc a millinery shop put ashes In
a wooden box, not observing a lire coal among them.
The box took fire late In the night, and the building
caught, and In spite of the most energetic efforts of
the citizens, the are spread, consuming twenty-ono t
Wicm tnrlnrtln! tlift tiosloillce- The lire originated i
nouses. Including tho postoi-ee. The hre originated
in a building belonging to a Democrat; tne tnii-llner's-shop
adjoining belonged to a worthy lady,
who, with her DemoctSo husband, lived In It. The
xxutoaiee bulldlnc belonged to a Democrat, and all
the property consumed belonged to Democrats, except
one small bolldlne. Iielouglngto the husband of the
postmistress, which was not on the street where the Ore
originated, but was so tar from the house which first
caught mat the :.reunoirn n wunoui : pum- .
lnrr.i mimhrr e' buildlnrs. w
uitu mi uciuuti wj ,
nnmnmii. On this house and lot there was a vend
or's lien and a mortgage, both held by Democrats;
their only security, me purcnaser, 1101 uemg i cocra-1
bleonairson.iUudcmetit. The Domocratle prop- (
crty-OAiiersall hadthcgood-wUlBf tlieinople. some ,
were women and some were minora, of the houses
1 iti'vaTuea detached budding the to cessrul ballot lor Urn ted btates senator was
one burned. In these houses many Democrats taken in the Democratic house to-day. hv
were sleepIngI-iome women and children and cn'thincr is quiet. The congressional and
nil nonutar. More than nine-tenths of the mall
matter In the rwstofllce. It Is presumable, belonged
to Democrats. While other citizens labored to stop
the fire and save the contents ot the building, the
Republicans, except auoui ami a aozen, rcitueu 10
do anything after mortng the eCects In which the
postmistress and her family were Interested, and In
ihM the Democrats assisted. From these facts the
imt.il-tuikra whether the Democrats are guilty
of the frfonr charged igalnst them. The sole foun
dation of It may be called so, for the other charge Is
this; The day after tlw election a youth, druuk, anil
not a citizen of the town, and but very recently one
of the county, was handed a letter by the postmis
tress, which had been opened. "ot satisfied with the
explanation she care him, he Insulted her grossly,
as shi sain, she complained to la;, as major or the
Jowa, and without even requiring a sworn charge to
De preferred, I had the young man arrested. In
atanlly. upon beluz Informed ot the accusation
2gilni lilm, he Insisted that the postmistress was
mlsuken. but asked the privileged ot seeing her that
be might make amends If, when drunk, he had uncon-wc!ou-3y
Insulted bey. An eyi-JdUiess, of undoubted
Kinding. heard the young man ttate to the post-
-"tret that If, as he bad heard, he bad Insulted
iPJ: . drunk, he came to dlslalm any knowledge
ii, - humbly to apologize to her, and heard her
i 'V,. o -cress herself to him as satisfied: and
5V,?r,vii-. bf her subsequcut statement to me.
'vau. not long before, had been ar-lo-JVor.
fordtsturblng. lu my view,
SlriLfSfiS J-Wlo drunk. It Is a fact well
ti Democratic mertliuj. dUputel by anybody
known, and. until now, n. , .-Ji. UI,iformlVtrBat
here.that the postmistress ha.' iifnoTil
ed with that respect due from a k .SusXm her
male by all the Democratic dUzen. .V.im S
business brought her In contact. Vlthimg;
or adverting to the many wnmcs tills oom. X ' 1
suffered heretoloreat the hands of those w
BoereUy and falsely preferred these Improbable
cusaUons. thU statement Is given to the public, wu.
the ajwurance that care has been taken to .gather
and state accurately all the facts which could fur
nish even the appearance of a pretext for the
charge. The explanatory secret seems to be
that the parties pretending to be aggrieved
fabricated thes slanders before It was
known Mr. Tllden claim to the Presidency as the
choice of the peoiile would be resisted. Believing
their occupation here certainly gone, they fired this
parting shot in retaliation for that quiet, but per
sistent and deserved, social ostracism to which they
would be subjected In any community where they
are known. A year ago. alter a canvass more ex
citing than the last. In which the husband of the
postmistress was defeated as a candidate for office,
we heard of no eSort to have our postofflcs abol
ished. Then the late incumbent seemed content to
hold It for Its profit, with tho prospect of reappoint
ment Abolishing this postofflee seriously damages
the business of a town with nearly three thousand
Inhabitants, with two banks, public schools, and
large cotton dealers Id the midst of their busiest
seaMO. and other extensive Interests, Including bus
taess relations with northern and southern dtles
largely depandent upon mall facilities.
6 3 JOHN L. 31ILTOX, Mayor,
On behalf of the citizens of Grenada.
The house committee cn foreign affairs
took testimony on the Venezuelan claims,
the object being to understand the entire sub
ject before wringing it before the bouj.
Progress of the Senate and House Com
mittees In Florida, Sonlh Carolina
and Louisiana Both Sides
A Telegraph Clerk In Contempt of the
House The Mandamus In the Florida
Snprcmc Court The Carolina
Correspondence Between (JoTernor Wade
Hampton and the Usurper Chamber
lain The Great Seal of the
State Demanded.
2ew..0kleai;s, .December IS.1 The senate
invesugaiing connnur.ee met in me uniieu
States district court room, in the custom
house. The committee having been called
to order, Messrs. Howe, M'Mullen Minn.,
Ogleiby 111.1, "Wadleigh N. HJ, M'Donald
Lad., and Saubbury Dei., were present;
also, a number of prominet Republicans were
in the room.
The work of the senate committee will be
uzciszzj z:s77 tirs. as it is uie object, oi
the committee to obtain from the returning
board the aggregate vote of the fctate, as re
turned by the supervisors of the different par
ishes ; secondly, the votes of parishes rejected
by tne board, ana also tne vote oi tne pre
cincts in the several parishes which were re
jected. It is doubtful if the committee will
be subdivided, as was done by the house com'
rmttee, as a large number ot witnesses are al
ready here to testify before the committee,
and others are on their way to the city. The
committee hope to finish their work by the
hlteenth ot January, but it is hardly prou-
able that it can be done by that time. Thus
far the house committee ha examined no
witnesses on the Republican side.
In the house committee to-day it was urged
by the Democratic members that a copy
should be procured not only ol Hie super
visors' tab dated statement, but also of the
returns made by the commissioners of dec-
tion to the supervisors, in order that it might
De clearly seen what polls had been thrown
out by the board. Governor Wells, presi
dsnt of the board, was called to give some
information on the subject. He paid he would
furnish the committee with the required state
ments of the votes iolled and of the votes
excluded, but as the board was busy prepar
ing their report to the legislature the clerk
would not have time to make the copies. The
chairman said that the stenographers of the
committee would do the work. The commit
mittec then adjourned until Tuesday at eleven
o'clock. Witnesses have been summoned to
testify in the case of Baton Rouse,
E. W. Bames, manager of the Western
Union Teleirranh company, had been sub-
posnaed to produce ih$ dispatches sent and
received byiveiiogg, racKam, uibuie, war
moth. Carter and General Auger, from and
after the fifteenth of Aueust, 167G, was called
"before the committee, and in answer to the
question Mr. Barnes stated he had not brought
any messages with him; that lie had been in
structed by the ireneral superintendent, Mr.
Van Home, not to deliver nor produce the
messages, consequently he must, under his
instructions, refuse to deliver the telegrams
called for by the subpoena.
The committee, after consultation, adopted
the following resolution, which the chairman
was instructed to communicate to the house
of representatives:
Resolved. That for the efficient prosecution
of the inquiry ordered by the house, this
committee communicate to the house lor its
consideration, the refusal of E. W. Barnes to
nroduce before the committee telecrrams re
ferred to in the subpoena duces tecum, served
upon mm December u, lbib. ilis reiusai
being in contempt of the house of repr;
General Hurlburfc moved that the last
clause, "his refusal beinir in contempt," etc,
be stricken ouf, as the house itself was the
best iudcre of the contempt if there was any.
The chairman put the question on General
Hurlburt'8 amendment, and it was lost. The
Renublieans votintr for it and the Democrats
against it. The resolution was then voted
for and carried by a party vote.
A number of colored witnesses were ex
amined, all of whomtestified to the universal
and ireneral bulldozinc practiced by the Re
publicans and to the terrorism, and killing
to which colored Democrats were subjected.
Ex-Governor Wickliffe was also examined at
ient;th and sustained the testimony oi the
, , 7i,.ta
colored J democrats.
The sub-committee for Baton Rouge and
Monroe leave to-morrow
Governor Wells stated in a conversation
this evening that he should decline to answer
any question as to the reasons tor throwing
out the vote of any poll or parish.
Chamberlain Threatening to Arrest
Columbia, December 18. A New York
Tferald fineeial sava that citv is atritated to-
day bv rumors that Governor Chamberlain
.1 i i ir l c:
with his special constabulary, on a charge of
treason. Uie rumor created a nppie ot cx
citement, and developed the fact that such an
attempt will be stubbornly resisted. The gen
eral expression was that Hampton could not
be arrested by any otucuu oi Lnamoeriain,
, ... . nM.0fc l nnrmitted to submit
' to any arrest other than by the soldiera of the
-- r-r .
Limed States, bomethmg ot this sort may
, , , f- , 11. :q rinnV4fni w1Pthpr
pe cpritempiaicu, ,out it is qouuuui wuetntr
it will be attempted.
Columbia, December 18. Another unsuc-
senatorial committees are working actively
but quietly. There are rumors of a compro
mise between the Republicans and Demo
crats, favorable to the latter.
The following correspondence passed be
tween Hampton and Governor Chamberlain
Booms Execctivb Department, I
COLOmiA, S. C, December 18, 1876. f
To D. IL Chamberlain. Esq.:
Sin Having been legally elected and duly
inaugurated governor of South Carolina, I
call u pon you to deliver forthwith into m v pos
session the great seal of the State, the State
houso offices, appurtenances, etc. Very re
spectfully your obedient servant,
Governor of South Carolina.
Rooks Executive Department, I
Columbia, S. a, Decembet 18, 1870. f
Wads Hampton, Esq.:
Dear Sm Your note demanding the seal
of the State, offices, appurtenances, etc, is
received. Being the legally elected and duly
qualified governor of this State, I see no rea
son why your demand should be complied
with. D. H. cnAMIlEKLAIK,
Governor of South Carolina.
of the CanvaNftfng: Hoard Contra
dletM the Official 3IInutc.
TaJJAiiassee, December 18. Judge
Cocke, oi the canvassing board, authorizes
the statement that the official minutes of the
canvassing boird, published over the signa
ture of the clerk a lew days since, are false in
several particulars. He complains that they
misprint his votes on several issues, and avers
that he voted with his colleagues when he
voted directly and emphatically against
Tallahassee, December 18. The con
gressional committee have been at work to
day. The senate committee will not go to
Jackson county, bat will await witnesses
here. Senator Sargent called the committee
together to-dav. neporters and the public
were dented admission, the sergeant-at-arma
saying he had orders to admit no one. Cards
to'the chairman were returned with the state
ment that the session would be secret. The
day was consumed in examining the Repub
lican members of the canvassing board.
Judge Cocke i3 summoned to appear before
the committee. The house committee, had
before it eighteen negroes whose names were
on the poll-list at Richardson's precinct, in
Leon county, as having voted there, who
swear that tLey did not vote there and were
ngt at the precinct all day. There were votes
in 0:e iikllu'-uox to accord with thew names.
The committee will summon other witnesses
to-morrow. The introduction of colored wit
nesses and their testimony created quite a
sensation. The supreme court continued its
session to-day for hearing. The argument in
the mandamus case will be concluded to-morrow,
and a decision announced probably
Wednesday. General Lew Wallace arrived
Tallahassee, December 18. The counsel
for the board of canvassers filed to-day then
amended answer to the alternate wnt of
rnandamu?, and the matter has been the sub
ject of argument before the supreme court
during the entire day. The amended answer
sets forth the grounds upon which the board
rejected or added votes, or otherwise went
aside from the face of the returns. The coun
sel for the Democrats demurred to the answer,
with which demurrer Judge Emmons joined
issue. The Democrats concluded their argu
ment in support of their demurrer to-day,
and the counsel for the canvassers will occu
py the attention of the court to-morrow,
liic congressional committee is still at work.
The house committee will leave for Jack
sonville m Wednesday morning. -The sen
ate committee commenced work this morning
in the office of the adjutant-general, which !
has been placed at their disposal. The secre
tary of state has been called upon by it for
all the testimony which was produced before ,
the canvassing board, and a corps of clerks is
at wcrk copying it. The committee sat with
closed doors to-day, the State canvassers were
before it.
Escoliedo'M Death and I.erdo's Capture
Confirmed Another IIurHt-Up In
the Camp of the Victor.
New Ohleaks, December 18. Several
merchants from the interior of Mexico ar
rived here yesterday, and they confirmed the
news of the capture of Lerdo and the death
of Escobedo, and the capture oT the City of
Jslexico by General Diaz. Jglesias, irom Leon,
ordered Diaz to hold the City of Mexico and
proclaim the presidency of Ierlesias. which
Diaz declined to do, unless he could name four
memlwrs ol the cabinet. Tins was refused by
Iglesias, when Diaz proclaimed himself pro
visional president, and the revolution now
continues between these rival pretenders, who
are preparing lor a new struggle, neveualtaa
still holds iMatamoras, and reluses all com
munication with the revolutionary chiefs un
til some one of them can show nroDer author'
ity from Iglesias to demand tho plaza; which
none of them have; and he positively refuses
any communication with the bandit Uortina.
His soldierly conduct would make him many
friends but "for the fact that he is proceeding
to collect a tax ol three per cent, on the mer
chants, which they protest is unlawful and
arbitrary. General ltocha is -etui here, en
deavoring to get Reveualtas to turn over to
him. At present all is an uncertainty as to
aflairs in Mexico, as it is not known which
may prove the stronger, Diaz or Jglesias.
.South American Troubles.
New York, December 18. The Panama
Star and Herald, of December 8th, received
per steamer Andes, says: "A oreat battle has
taken place in Garrapala. The trenches of
the revolutionists were taken by our forces,
commanded by Generals Acosta and Co
margo. An armistice ot three days was
asked for by the rebels to bury two thousand
dead of both sides. Our forces cut off the re
treat to Antioquia from the rebels. If the
rebels do not surrender at discretion they
will all remain in the power ol our army. Un
the twenty-first of November, General Tru
jillo occupied Manizales. The Madalia river
transit is tree. In thirty days more all will
be over. The Peruvian government has re
fused the request of that of Ecuador to send
ships of war and troops to assist in the cap
ture of Guayaquil from the revolutionary
The Trouble about the Fast "Hail Ar
New Youk, December 18. There is i
hitch in the new fast mail arrangements.
Postmaster James says tlm fault is not with
the postoffice but with the railroad, which re
fuses to accept the mail after three o'clock in
the morninir. I he erenerai superintendent
notified the division superintendent of the
railway mail service that the mails for that
tram must be at Jersey Litv not later than
half-past three o'clock; that is, not later than
fifty-five minutes before the starting of the
fmiTi nriil llmf. llipv lmrl Tift lnnf lAnvinrfpur
York between three and half-past three,
o'clock. It would be necessary to dispatch
this mail by the three o clock (morninjr) boat,
which is one hour and twenty-five minutes
belore the starting ot the tram.
The Xcw Jeraej Elector Complication,
Washington. D. C, December 17. The
senate sub-committee on privileges and elec
tions acting under the resolution have ex
amined Benk Williamson, the alleged ineli
gible rresiuential elector ot iew Jersey.
Williamson testified that twenty-five years
ago he wa3 appointed United States commis
sioner; mat ne nau uunng mat lime maue
use of his right as commissioner about twice
and had never received any money through
the office: he had served seven years as chan
cellor of New Jersey since his appointment
as United estates commissioner, and that he
had no idea that he was ineligible until after
he had been chosen elector, and a.s soon as he
found that the question of his ineligibility was
raised, he sent nis resignation to Governor
Beddle. Two witnesses. Governor ucddle
and Secretary of State Delsey, of New Jer
sey, arc yet to give testimony m this case.
This committeo will, to-morrow, take the
testimony of Charles Stifel, G. H. Shields and
Thomas Thoroughman, of Missouri, in the
case of General D. M. Frost, an alleged inel
igible elector of Missouri.
Grandfather and Granddaughter.
It is rather a singular coincidence that at
the burning of two theaters in which were
the greatest number of lives lost ever known
the Richmond theater and the Brooklyn
theater the principal or most prominent
actors in each were "randfather and grand
daughter. At the former, Spencer H. Cone,
who atterward became one ot the most elo-
ouent and prominent ministers in the Bantist
church, who occupied the pulpit in the church
corner ol Broome and hlizabeth streets lor
many years, and probably made more true
converts to Christianity than any other minis
ter. His eldest son, spencer W. tone, was
the father of Catherine Cone, who married
Mr. Isadore Lyon, who now goes by the name
of Kate Claxton, and if the audience of the
Brooklyn theater had followed her advice
probably not a life would have been sacrificed.
Little Kock Items.
Little Rock, December 18. Frank Gian-
ninm, the Italian who, while intoxicated at
the recent great fire, was struck on the head
with a brick bv unknown parties, died to-day
at the Benevolent hospital. All efforts to fer
ret out the parties who threw the brick are
fruitless. A fire on Sixth street, about six
o'clock last night, destroyed H. Himstedt's
barns, in which was stored the band-wagon
of the Hose City band. Loss, one thousand
dollars; no insurance. A collision, resulting
in heavy loss of property to the St. Louis,
Iron .Mountain and bouthern railroad, occur
red yesterday at Malvern between the regu
lar freight train bound south and the north
em extra. Both locomotives were wrecked.
No lives were lost.
Official Stenographic Reporters.
The Nashville Banner reminds its readers
that during the session of the last general as
sembly a bill authorizing the employment of
stenographic reporters in the various courts
was introduced and came near beinir passed.
A similar measure will be presented to the
next legislature for passage or rejection. J. he
experiment has been tried in other States,
and found to operate very successfully, and
the menus ot tne movement would use to
see Tennessee follow in the van.
'So Holiday for the Lower House.
Washington. Dtcember 18. Speaker
Randall and several other leading Democrats
are known to favor sessions of the house dur
ing holiday week, and their views have been
strengthened by Representative Morrison's
telegram from New Orleans urging that in
view of the possible need of the exercise of
the power of the house against contumacious
witness?, the usual holiday recess should not
be token.
The President's Salary HI" In the Ss
ate Falls to Pass for Want of n
Tiro-Thirds Vote Louisiana ,
Chalmers to be Investigated Senate
Committee Appointed to Act with
the House Committc in Re
gard to the Electoral
Mr. Knott introduced a bill regulating the
proceedings in the electoral count for Presi
dent and Vice-President. Referred to a se
lect committee.
A resolution of inquiry into tlieiidion of
Judge- Bond, in South Carolina, failed for
want of a hvo-tliirds vote.
A resolution instructing the judiciary com
mittee to report an amendment to the consti
tution forbidding the payment of war claims
to disloyal persons was adopted by a vote of
Bills were introduced to promate the edu
cation of the "blind; to facilitate the negotia
tion of bills lading, etc; concerning the ex
patriation and change of allegiance; to reor
ganize the navy; to promote tho efficiency of
the marine hopital service; for a commis-
S1U11 tm t.ic iuvuo ituieX-?..
Mr. Frye offered a resolution for the an
pointment of a committee of six to inquire
into me manner in which the election was
conducted lor members of congress last No
vember, in the sixth district of Mississippi.
and the fourth district of Alabama, and
whether in such districts there was any in
timidatton of candidates or voters.
The house refused to second the previous
1 1 , f i
question, ami uie resolution went over.
Mr. Franklin offered a resolution instruct
ing the committee on expenditures in the
treasury department to inquire into the action
of the secretary of the treasury in regard to
engraving of internal revenue stamps being
tairen irom tne engraving bureau ot the
treasury. Adopted.
Mr. Garfield presented a telegram received
by him from Mr. Hurlbut, a member of the
Louisiana select committee, stating that the
dispatch from Chairman Morrison to the
speaker was without the knowledge or con
sent of the committee, wliich had never been
consulted in the matter. Referred to the ju
diciary. Mr. Hale offered a resolution for the nro
tection of citizens in the exercise of their right
oi suttrage. lhe resolution giving rise to de
bate, it went over under the rule.
Mr. Banning moved to suspend the rule
and adopt the resolution callinir for General
Sheridan's report on the removal of Governor
wells, ot Louisiana.
The house then adjourned.
Washington, December 18. In tho morn
ing hour Senator Edmunds called up the res-
-1 i ! t " J I 1 1.1 T-,-, i i
uiuuun suumiueu oy mm on rnuay last, re
letting to uie message oi the house ot repre
scntative.s in regard to devising means to
count and declare the electoral vote, to select
a committee of seven senators to act with the
committee appointed, by. the house. It was
agreed to by a unanimous vote, without dis
cussion. .
The chair was authorized to appoint the
special committee.
Senator Wriirht introduced a bill to ostab
lish a court for the trial of contested elections
in the offices of President and "Vice-President
of the United States, and, at his request, it
was oraereu printed and to lie on the table.
Senator Wnirht called un the inessac-e of
tne president sent to the senate last session
vetoing the bill reducing the President's
salary from fifty thousand to twenty-five
thousand dollars per annum, and the ques
tion being, shall the bill pass notwithstand
ing the objections of the President thereto,
a discussion followed, and the senate refused
to pass the bill over the veto, l eas 2o. nays
l'J, not two-thirds voting m the affirmative.
Tho followin'r is the vote on the President's
salary bill:
Yeas Alcorn, Bogy, Clayton, Cockrell,
Conkling,Cragin,Davis, Dawes, Eaton, Ferry,
Goldthwaite, Harvey, Hitchcock, Johnson,
Keman (Ky.j, M'Creery, Maxey, Morrill,
Morton, Price, Sherman, Thurmarr, Whytc,
Wright 25.
Nays Anthony, Bamum, Bayard, Blaine,
Booth, Boutwell, Burnside, Cameron Pa.,
Chaffee, Dorsey, Edmunds. Hamlin. Intralls.
Jones iria.i, JUitclull, iNorwood, i'audock,
Windom, Withers 19.
At the expiration of tho niormncr hour.
consideration was resumed of the resolution
of Senator Mitchell authorizing an investiga"
tion in regard to the appointment of Presi
dential electors in Oregon, and Senator
Maxey made a loner speech.
benator Clayton called up the senate bill
for the reh'ef of the officers and privates of
tue fourth Arkansas cavalry volunteers.
Amended and passed.
Senator Hitchcock introduced a bill to di
vide the State of Nebraska into two judicial
districts Referred.
Senator Mitchell announced that Senator
Logan desired to submit some remarks upon
this resolution, but was absent to-day on ac
count of severe indisposition. The resolution
was then informally laid aside.
A message was received Irom the house ot
representatives announcing the proceedings
of that body in respect to the memory ot the
late Speaker Kerr.
benator Morton said his colleatrue IM Don-
aldj was a warm personal fnend of
the late Mr. Kerr. Senator M'Donald was
now absent, audit would beagreeablo to liim
Morton and other inends of the deceased if
the message from the house could be laid on
the table until Senator M'Donald's return.
It was so ordered.
The Western Union Telegraph Case.
Washington, December 18. The house
judiciary committee held a special meeting
to-day to consider the communication Irom
Cba.rman Morrison, of the Louisiana investi-
atinsr committee, which was referred to them
by the house last Saturday, with instructions
to report what action the house should take
in the premises to enforce its authority. The
committee, after some discussion, agreed that
their report should deal not only with thi3
special case of -refusal of the Western Jnion
lelegraph company to produce private tele
grams called for by a house investigation
committee, but should also, if possible, re
commend for adoption some general rule ap
plicable to all such cases, in order to deter
mine what kind of showing, is sufficient to
justify such denials. Messrs. Hurd, Lyndc
and jlcUrary were appointed a sub-committee
to report on the subject to the full
committeo to-morrow.
Xew Form of Iteccipt for the Electoral
oten or the Mtnti'H.
Washington, December 18. The Presi
dent of the senate Lis adopted the following
new form of receipt for the electoral votes as
delivered by the messengers to the Vice
President: Chamber or the Senate op the Usitep States, i
WASHINGTON, LI. U., , 1870. t
Received of , he claiming to be a
messenger to deliver the same, a sealed pack
age, purporting to contain a certificate el the
vote given for President and Vice-President
of the United States by the electors of the
State of , alleged to have been elected
November 7, 1876. t. w. feriiv,
President pro teminrt of the United Stales Senate.
. II. Stephens Doch Xot Advise a Com
promise with Hayes.
five Stephens, of Georgia, over his own sig
nature, says the statement that he is advising
iriendly acceptance by the people ot the
south of the inauguration of Hayes is utter
ly unfounded.
New York, December 18: Suit has been com
menced In the supreme court by the Rogers locomo
tive and machine works, of Paterson, New Jersey,
against the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern
railroad company, to recover forty-seven thousand
two hundred and fifty dollars, the price of nine loco
motives. The contract was made in 1873, at which
time ths defendants were consolidated with the
Cairo and Fulton company, under the name of the
SL Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern railroad. The
defense Is that the locomotives were ordered for the
Cairo and raiton company, and that the defendants
were not liable.
Montgomery. Ala., December lfl: The legislature
hajtepealed the law taxing drummers fifty dollars.
Home, December 17: Cardinal Constantlne Patrlzl,
dean of tho Sacred college, Is dead.
.Springfield, Man- December 17: (itneral V. F.
Bartlett died at Plttsfielrt at two o'clock to-dny.
London. December 1(5: The steamer Russla.whlch
ssl!i to-day, took one hundred thousand dollars in
Outtha, December 17: Seven caw or silk norm
eggs, valued at about three million dollars, passed
through here to-day.
Alexandria, Egypt, December 17: Captain Gor
doiy the African trawler, has embarked for Urlndlal
on his way to Kngland.
Elmlra, December 17: Dr. Edwin EMrhige, the
foremost citizen of thu city, died at his home Satur
day, of pneumonia, after two days sickness.
New York. December 10: The steamship Batavla,
which arrived this morning, brought two hundred
and one thousand three hundred pounds lu specie.
Providence, December 17: Ex-Governor Wm.
Cozzens died at Newport today or typhoid fever, said
to lave been contracted while at the Centennial ex
hibition. iaTRouie.December 1 li:The parilmentay comomlttee,
oalhe revision of the penal code, have unanlmusly
voted to reported to report In favor of abolishing
the -loath penalty.
.T&shlngtor, December 17: Ex-Naval Constructor
Heiry Hoover, master shlp-Jolner at the Washington
nav.?jard. died this evening of paralysis. He was
s m&s'ept Philadelphia.
.CSf.CTnnatt, December 18: A flro at Liberty,.In
dlana, yesterday destroyed the Times printing office
and Union bank. Loss, fifteen thousand dollars; In
surance, live thousand dollars.
gJNew York, December 17: The Charter Oak life In
surance company- of Norfolk has purchased three
million dollars worth of real estate In Broadway,
Wall and Broad streets. New York.
Columbus, O., December 10: Andrew Mettles, a
carpenter, was found dead in an alley to-night. He
had been drinking heavily for some time, audit la
supposed death was caused by apoplexy.
Little ltock, December 10: Two dwelling-houses
near the city, owned by Fred Hanger, were burned
last night. Loss, two thousand dollars; Insurance,
one thoujand dollars. Cause, accidental.
Little Bock, December 10. The election to-day
for three school directors iwssed off quietly. Geo.
A. Hughes.jlt- A. jMigcricu uu u. ulcca, :ac !z
named a Jewish rabbi, are probably elected.
Farls, December 10: The VepiMiirae Francaise of
to-day declares that tho Simon ministry Is bound to
satisfy the republican demands on the questions
upon wnicn tne uutaure ministry was uereateu.
Worchester, Jliiss., December 17: By the burning
oi a nouse anu oani. near mis city, tnis morning,
oumner j- logg iosi nis wiie. lve omers were con
slderably burned In escaping Irom the house.
Columbus. Ohio, December 18: General A.
WlcklD. who temporarily resigned his position as
adjutant-general to act as chairman of the State Re
publican committee, resumed nis position to-day.
New York. December 17: The Evenina I'ojMias
tho following: "A doubtful report comes to us that
the IKorMlstobo conducted as an Independent
political journal aner iae nrsi oi j anuary, mi l.
Vienna, December 10: Servla has signified her
willingness to make proper reparation for tho re
cent insult to the Austrian flag In the forcible de
tention anu searching oi an Austrian mall steamer,
&m Francisco, December) 15: The Capital flour
mm, oi tnis city, ueming, maimer & co., proprie
tors, was partially destroyed by fire this evening.
Loss, twenty-live thousand dollars; Insured for half
us vaiue.
Toledo, O., December 10: The St Charles notel
with most of Its contents, was destroyed by fire at an
early hour this morning. The building was an old
one. Loss ten thousand dollars ; Insured for sixteen
Omaha. Neb.. December 10: Josenh Banmana
well-known citizen and proprietor of a large brewery.
died this morning from ths effects an accident three
days since, whereby his leg was broken. The weather
is extremely com, uun nign wmus.
Baltimore. December lfl: Patrick Mulligan.
member of the first branch of the city council from
tne eighth ward, died this morning from a pistol-
shot wound received last Thursday morning during
a row at a uan.
New York, December 1 7 : Edwanl S. Klverton and
John tlemlne attacked the dwelling of Jacob Sim-
mlt. at Beaverdale. Pennsylvania. Saturday evening.
Slmmlt fired at them through the window and fatal
ly wounueu SKivenon.
yashlgton, December 17: The funeral of the
late Inspector-general Hardle to-day was attended by
nearly all rhe army oftlsers stationed In Washing
ton, anu a large concourse ot otaer oniciais and per
sonal mends oi tne deceased.
Boston, December 17: Orlando S. Brown, who was
pardoned from the State prison a short time since,
where he was serving a sentence for forgery, was- ar
rested uxiayior passing lorged checks on different
firni3 In this city.
Columbus, Ohio, December 18: Henry Edwards, a
yard man connected with the Little Miami railroad,
while attempting to uncouple some cars, slipped and
fell, two freight cars and an engine passing over his
Douy, cutting it m two pieces.
Montreal, December 17: A fire last night at Lap-
raire village, near tnis city, destroyed the postotr.ee,
telegraph office, hotel and one store. A inan named
BLinO- lost his life br falling ulf a wall. Loss
about tcrcnty thousand dollars.
Cairo. Decembe. 10: A lire this morning destroyed
nueen uuuuings on commercial avenue, between
founn anu &ixm streets, mostly small tranie uuua
lngs. Loss, twelve to twenty thousand dollars; In
surance less man six tnousanu aouars.
New York. December 10: TLA. Condlt. a curb
stone broker, was arrested to-day. and was Identified
as the person who. two months ago. sent out a bogus
dispatcii signed with tne name oi liev. Dr. Deems,
announcing the death oi uunmodore vanderbllt.
New York. December lfl: The weekly bank state
ment- is as iouows: Loans, aecrease. s.m;j.ssou
specie. Increase, 84,02.3,800; legal-tenders, in
crease, S158,r00; deposits, Increase, Sl,073,700
circulation. Increase, S8'J,000; reserve. Increase,
New York, December 10: During the cale here to-
uaytnesmpj. a-, w neeier, just arrivea irom Lon
don, dragged her anchors and went ashore on Gov
ernor's Island Another vessel lost a mast, and a
ferryboat broke her machinery and had to be taken
to ner uock oy tugooats.
Indianapolis. December 17: The extensive saw-
mtu. owned by George Newnall a Co.. at Greenfield
Indiana, twenty miles east of this city, caught fire
from a defective tlue Saturday morning and was en
tirely destroyed. Loss on building and stock fifteen
thousand dollars.
Providence. R. I.. December 17: Elklna Inealla
and his wife, occupying a house alone on Public
street, were suffocated this morning. They had left
a ugnteu lamp on uie oureau on goiug to bed.
when the bureau took lire and the old couple perlsh-
eu Deiore reucunig me uour.
Toronto. December 10: The storm last nteht was
severely felt throughout the province, and serious
damage is reported to the snipping and wharf prop
erty, snow ieii in tne western uistrict to tne depin
of several feet, and drifted so badly that In many
places mat me ruaus are uiucaeu.
Cincinnati. December 10: A Commercial special
says that a large paper-mill at Carrolton, Ohio,
owned by George H. Friend A Co., was totally de
stroyed dj nre to-uay. witn tne surrounding build
ings, including the Short Line railroad depot. The
loss is estimated at between eighty and ninety thou-
sanaaoiiars; insurance acorn iwcmy-nve tnousanu.
New York. December 17: Joshua B. Gates, form
erly general agent of the United States life Insur
ance company, oi mis city, was ueciarea a lunatic
under a commission Issued out of the court of com
mon pleas. Gates retired from the life Insurance
business about six years ago with a fortune ot over
two hundred ana mxy tnousanu uouars.
ton county, New Jersey, John Hagman, a storekeep
er and a conspicuous resident, was shot Friday night,
by one Pancoast, a constable, who charged an illicit
V.. Vn.'. IV. ...... .I,.,- 1 O. T.. T ,.1. ., ti..
intimacy oi uagman wuu rancoasi s wne. nag
man will probably die. Pancoast was arrested.
New York. December 17: A dispatch fromPotts-
vllle says that on Saturday night at Mauch Chunk
the Jury brought in a verdict of guilty of murder In
me nrsiaegree against muinas r. fisuer, ana
culltv of murder In the second degree against Pat-
nek Jl'Kinna, lnuictea ior me muraer oi morgan
Powell, at Summit Hill, In 1871. "Yellow-Jack"
Donohoe was convicted of this crime- about two
months ago.
San Francisco. December 18: Mrs. FiUgerald.
who was robbed of Jewelry by Mrs. Schrleder, of New
orK, was iormeny me wne oi lanenei itooen ji.
Lee, a lawyer of this city, who obtained some noto
riety In connection w 1th tho escape and rearrest of the
Urotherton brothers, forcers, four years ago. The Dar-
tles were subsequently divorced, and she married Fitz
gerald, rano is a drug clerk at the city and county
nospitai. Leeuiea iasi juiy. isone oi nis irtenus
are aware If he had any Insurance on his lire, though
he had formerly held a policy of Insurance, which
was forfeited.
Louisville. December 15: Miss Nannie Brlstow,
daughter of Ex-Secretary Brlstow, was seriously In
jured on Third avenue to-day. A runaway dashed
against a carriage in which Mls3 Brlstow was riding
with such force as to cause her driver to fall from
husa-it and allow his horses to take fright The
young lady sought to leap from her carriage, and In
SO aoingieil airtcuy lu imiu ul imc ruuiiwuy uurae, a
wagon drawn by this animal passing over her body.
Her Injuries are all Internal, and are considered I ao
serious nature.
Providence. B. I.. December 17: The bleachery
and dler house at Pontlac, belonging to B. B. 4 R.
Knlgi t Sc Co., was destroyed by nre this morning.
Tim flre was discovered soon after six o'clock In the
attic of the bleachery, where there was never any
occasion for a nre. rne origin oi me nre 13 a
mystery. The large adjoining building was saved by
force pumps. Loss. SlnO.OOO to 200,000. Insur
tmcfl on main building and machinery. S50.000: on
goods, SoO.000; on stock, S3000 In the Manufactur
ers Mutual companies. Including 325,700 at Boston,
Manufacturers Mutual. S12.875 at Arkrlght, Boston,
with the remainder In this city. The Wauregan
mills and Poramah mills lost about SI 5,000, and
Jeremiah Knight S5000 In goods, but fully Insured
In Mutual onices.
PEACOCK DALTON Tuesday, December 12th,
at the residence of Rev. S. B. Suratt, J. S. Peacock
to Miss Mollie E. DALTO.s-.of Memphis. No cards.
HUNTER On Sunday, December 3, 1870, at Ma
con, Tain., Alice, wife of Dr. G. A. Hunter, In the
26thyeirof herage, "Death loves a shining mark."
rourit viekahnnr. Miss.. December 11th.
JoHHtu X. Cruio, In the fifty-eighth year of his age,
and for the last forty years a resident of Chicot
county, irkansas.
Louls'llle and Lexington, Ky., and Aew Orleans,
La., p.-yers please copy.
ROBIRTSON'-On Sunday night, December 17th,
at herresldjnce on mo street, near Looney,
rhic uim nispt KOBEaiios. aged seventr-two
yean eUven months and three days.
FrlenU and arualntances are invited to attend
thenurral this (TUESDAY) morning at 11 o'clock,
from tie residence.
iln flit Hue nil competition Counted
Fine IocketIookN,
Presentation Iiiblex,
Gifts nntl Standard Hooks.
Xciv Xovels,
Fancy Stationery.
Gold and Pearl
Pens and Pencils,
Albnnis. Desks, etc..
Less than Eastern Prices!
341 MA.nsr ST.
.L asaw Loilfffi No. R r.rf re.mlfitpil tn -Ss
mo nt thn hull T1XK EVT-Vrvn nf Tf?
o'clock sharp, for the ournoso of rav-
Ing a fraternal visit to Harniorur Lodire No. 1 Oil.
! By order E. M. HEARN, N. G.
t. J. moqan, Recording secretary.
I. O. . P.
A FULL attendance of the officers -skS",,
and members of Memphis Lodge.'Wi
No. 0, Is requested at 7lj o'clock thlstS?
(TUESDAY) night, at our hall. Nom
lnatlon of officers, and a fraternal visit to narmony
Lodge the order for the evening.
By order S. S. GARRETT. N. G.
;-t. j c pmtR. Secretary.
Ivniglits of PytliiRK.
rpHE officers and members of Memphis
l Louge jmo. ii il. oi r., win meet at as
their castle Hall this (TUESDAY) evening,
at Ilk o'clock, for regular business In Sec
ond Rank. Transient brethren fraternally
By order JOnN WOOD, C C.
Martls ConE.r, K. of R. and S,
THE steamers COAHOMA and PHIL
ALLIN, being detained by low water
anu Dau weatner, win leave as oeiow:
The Coahoma leaves this (TUESDAY). Dec. lilth,
at 5 o'clock, for Friars. Point and all way landings.
Steamer Phil Allln leaves WEDNESDAY, Dec.
20th, at 5 p.m., for Arkansas City and bends.
The Coahoma will make only two trips this week,
leaving here on her regular day, FRIDAY, Dec .22d,
at 5 p.m. J. T. WASHINGTON. Agent. 300 Fiont,
BY virtue of the power and authority In me vested,
by a certain Deed of Trust executed by Cath
erine Meath and J. J. Murphy, Trustees, to secure
the Indebtedness therein mentioned, and recorded in
Book No. 70, pages 151 to 154 inclusive, the same
not having been paid, and being requested by the
beneficiary mentioned In said Trust Deed, I will,
on the
80th Day of December, 1S7C,
at the courthouse door, comer Main and Poplar
streets, In the city of Memphis, at twelve o'clock m.,
offer for sale, and sell to the highest bidder, for cash,
the life estate of said Catherine Meath In the follow
ing described real estate and Improvements thereon,
to-wlt: "The lot, and tenement house thereon, front
ing on Beale street on the north, and on DeSoto
street on the east, fronting 22tj feet by 135 feet
deep; said property Is now being rented at the sum
ot one hundred dollars per month to good tenants
The right and title Is believed to be perfect and re
demption Is waived, but I sell only as trustee.
declO W. H. ENNIS, Trustee.
Office, 336 Main Street,
OFFERS his professional services to the citizens
ot Memphis. Office Hours From 0 to 12
a.m.; 2 to 4 p.m.
LVL Restaurant and Refreshment S tioon, at the
corner of Second nml JefTerHon st-eot.
have reduced the prices of Norfolk oysters to 25
cents per dozen for raw and stewed, and 40 cents for
fried. They have also fitted up elegant apartments
In their up-stalrs for the accommodation of ladles,
to whom refreshments will be served at a slight ad
van ceon the above rates.
A T T 0 11 N E Y A T - L A W,
OfuccNo. Si Toplar Strecs, Memphis.
WILL practice In the Courts ef Law and Chan
cery in West Tennessee and North Missis
sippi, and give special attention to collections, con
veyancing, etc.
, Execnto r's Xot ice.
ALL persons Indebted to the estate of Mrs. F. M.
E. Robinson, deceased, are desired to come
forward Immediately and make payment: andthose
having cl.-dms against It are hereby notified to pre
sent them, duly probated, to me, wltldn the time re
quired by law, or they will be forever barred
ae4 tue juiim . iiakbiis. Executor.
New Type. New Machinery.
New and Improved Papers.
Ko. 15 Court Street.
and new and improved stocks of papers, I am ena
bled to do superior work oil very short notice, and at
extremely I.OV PItlCEM. I can successfully
duplicate work and prices of Eastern and Northern
cities. I employ skilled workmen In all the depart
ments oi my printing anu oooKDinuery Dusiness.
and will guarantee entire satisfaction with all the
wore turned out or my establishment, i uo Alii.
KIVIIM of Printing nr.il Bookblndlnir. and nv
quest those desiring either or both to examine
my styles and prices.
In the most elegant style, at exceedingly low prices
Gotten up In the latest and most beautiful styles,
for the execution of which I have added new styles
of type and cards. S. C. TOOF,
in loun street,
between Main and Front sts.. Memphis, Tenn.
of a letter from a
man at Madras to his
brother at Woncxs
TKn, May 1, 1831:
OXIAT ;ooi
" Tell Lea & Pek-
riks that their Sauce
And applicable
IS?! In India, and Is In
my opinion me most
palatable, as well as
the mot wholesome
or DISH.
Sauce that Is made.'
Worcestershire Sauce
xi:w YOltK.
Union and Planters Bank or Memphis, t
Memnhls. Tenn . TimmW ikth i
STOCKHOLDERS are hereby notified than an
election for Fifteen nirwfor. In srr fnrthn
ensuing year, will be held at this Bank, on MON-
uAx, January a, lSii.from 10a.m. to2 p.m.
a. t. kkad, uasnier.
AB R Dod&Go
Si Oe TOO Fa
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
PUBLIC notice Is hereby given. That by virtue of
a vendlUonl exponas to me directed from the
Honorable Circuit Court of Shelby county, Teim., In
the case of Planters Insurance Company VS.R.E.
Webb, E. W. Provlne,S. A. lTovlneand W.J. Allen.
Judgment rendered on the 22d day of November,
1875. for the sum of three hundred and fifty-three
dollars and seventy-five cents, with Interest and
costs of suit, to satisfy said Judgment, etc, I will, on
Tuesdas". the Oth Jlay of Januarj-. 377,
In legal hours, In front of the courthouse. Memphis.
Tenn.. proceed to sell, to the hlghext bidder, for
cash, the following described property, to-wlt : Sit
uate, lying and being In the county of Shelby. State
of Tennessee: Four lots on the wist Bide of ner
nando road, fronting on said Hernando road,
and running east 150 feet, and running
wiith 943 15-10 feet; said lots being numbered as
follows, to-wlt: lz. i.-i, 14 cl t!: "rtn
subdivision, and fronting as follows, viz: No. 12,
50: No. 13,48 1-10; No. 14,50feet; and No. 15.
100 feet; No. 15 commencing on the south side ot
the Sclma railroad. Levied on as the property of
defendant. Mrs. S. A. Provlne, to satisfy said Judg
ment, Interest and costs. Memphis, itth day of De
cember, 1870. C. L. ANDERSON,
Sheriff Shelby county. Tenn.
By W. C. Cannon, Deputy Sheriff. tue
PUBLIC notice is hereby given. That by virtue of
an execution to me directed from the Honors.
j ble Chancery Court of Shelby county, Tenn., In the
I cose of E. F. Cunningham vs. B. V. White et al.,
! Judgment rendered on the 4th day of May. 1870,
i for the sum of seventeen hundred and ninety-eight
1 dollars, with Interest and costs of suit, to satisfy
said Judgment, etc, I will, on
Tuesday, the flth Day of January. 1877.
in legal hours, lu front of the courthouscJUemphls,
! Tenn.. proceed to sell, to the highest bidder, for
j cash, the following described parcel or tract of land,
together with all the Improvements thereon, I, lng In
biieiuy county, Tennessee, in the 14th Civil District,
about miles Irom the city of Memphis, contain
ing fifty acres: Bounded on the north by Brooks nr.
enue; on the cast by Williamson, Hill fc Co.; on ths
south by Fitzgerald V Co.; and on thewestbySun
deilln being same property bought by C C Bill at a
sale made by the Clerk and Master of the Chancery
Court ot Shelby county on the lKth day of April,
1874, in the cause of J. D. Brewster vs. W. D.
Thompson et al., R. D., 84:1. Levied on as the prop
erty of defendant, C. C. BUI, to satisfy said Judg
ment, interest and cost.
Memphis, 14th day of December, 1S70. at lOtfe
o'clock a.m. U 1 ANDERSON.
Sheriff of Shelby county, Tenn.
By W. W. Coleman, Deputy Sheriff.
Clapp & Meux. Atty's for plaintiff. hie
SherilFs Sale of Real Estate.
IDl'BLIC notice Is hereby given. That by virtue of
a venditioni exponas to me directed from the
Honorable circuit court of Shelby county. Tenn.. In
tho case ot Wlndlscli, Muhlhanser t Bro. vs. Pat
Tnohlg, Judgment rendered on the 24thduyof June,
1870, for the sum of three hundred and fifty-eight
dollars and thirty emta. with Interest and rants nf
( suit, to satisfy said lodgment, etc, I will, on
j Tuesday, the Oth. Iay of Januarj-, 1S77.
In legal hours. In fioat of tho courthouse. Memphis,
Tenu.. proceed to sell, to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described property, to-wlt: All
the right, title and Interest of the defendant In the
city of Memphis, Shelby county, Tennessee: Begin
ning nt the southwest corner of Main and Exchange
streets; thence running south 34U feet; thence
westward, parallel with Exchargo street, 148',ifeet
to Exchange alley; thence north to Exchange street
:Mli feet; thence cast with south line of Exchange
148l feet to the lieglimlng. Levied on as the prop-
t-n, ui ueieiiuHub, rub iwunig, to sausiy saiu juug-
ment. Interest and costs. Memphis, nth davoi
cemoer, jhiu. u l. AJUJUKbOiN,
Sheriff of Shelby county, Tenn.
By W. D. Cannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Metcalf & Walker. Atty's for plaintiff. tue
Sheriff 's Sale of Slock of Groceries, Etc.
BY virtue of an order ot sale from the Honorable
Chancery Court of Shelby, In the case of the
Union and Planters Bank and to Home Insurance
Co. vs. Moore, Emery fc Co., I will, on
Thursday. Iecember 2S, 1S7C,
(commencing at 10 o'clock a.m. and continuing
from day to day until completed), proceed to sell, to
the highest bidder, for cash, ail the stock of goods
contained In the storehouse No. 322 Front street, oc
cupied by Moore. Emery fc Co.. consisting of the
usual variety of Groceries and Shelf Goods as kept
by wholesale houses, C. L. ANDERSON, Sheriff.
By W. W. Coleman. Deputy Sheriff.
Jarnlgan & Frayser, Attorneys.
Memphis. December 18, 1870. delll 28
No. 2120. R. Chancery court of Shelby county,
Tennessee. James A. Anderson, Adin'r ot J. R.
Manuel, deceased, vs. R. C. Manuel et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for sale, en
tered In the above cause on the 21st
day of November, 1870, 1 will sell at public auc
tliw, to the highest bidder, In front of the Clerk ana
Master's office, new courthouse building. Main street,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Saturday, .Juuuary rJO, 1877,
within legal hours, the following described property,
to-wlt: A certain tract of land, situate. lying and
being In the county of Shelby, State of Tennessee,
and known and described as follows: Beginning
at the southeast comer of the intersection of Du
Bose avenue and Middle street; running thence
south sixty-four (04) feet with the east line ot Mid
dle street; thence east and parallel with DuBose
avenue one hundred and fifty (150 to a stake, and
thence north and parallel with Middle street to the
south line of DuBose avenue slxtv-four i4 feet:
.thence westwardly with the south llnoot DuBose av
enue one hundred and lllty (lf.01 feet to the begin
ning. The said above described lot being a part of
lots 24 and 2.1. original numbers of the Dunn sub
division east of the city of Memphis, conveyed to J.
It. Manuel by W. J. and M. M. DuBose. and recorded
In Register's office of Selby county, lu book lOo,
page aia.
Terms of Sale S30O in cash, and balance In 0
and 12 months; notes with approved security; lien
sustained, etc. This December 10, 1870.
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By R. J. Black, D. C. and M.
T. M.S. Rhett, Randolph. Hammond & Jordan,
L. B. McFartand and T. I'. Chambers. Attorneys.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
To Its Xaturnl Vitality anil Color.
Advancing years, sick
ness, care, disappoint
ment, and herelltary
predisposition, all turn
the halrgray.and either
of them Incline It to
shed prematurely.
i,. SSS. m . i ;1G9R-
by long and extensive
use, has proven that It ,
stops the falling of the 1
ft hair Immediately; often
renews tne growth, and
I Lu c.iiir whim rula nr
85 'OT' gray. It stimulates the
nutritl.e organs t he.iithy activity, and preserves
both the hair and Its beauty. Thus brashy, weak
or slcklr hair becomes glossy, pliable and strpm?th-
eneil; lost hair regrons with lively expression; fall- t
lng hair Is checked and stabllshed; tlda hair thick
ens: and faded or gray hair resume their orhdnat I
coior. lis operation is sure mm Harmless, u cures I sas: Jiary E. coniey and P. C. Comer, or Alabama,
dandruff, heals all humors, and keeps the scalp cool, Sallle J. Mnison and I. a Meason. ol California, are
clean and soft under which conditions diseases of I all non-residents of the State of Tennessee;
the scalp are Impossible. . It Is therefore ordered. That they make their ap-
As a dressing for ladles' hair, the ikob Is praised nearance herein, at the courthouse. In the city of
for Its grateful and agreeable perfume, and valued , Memphis, Tenn., on or before the first Monday In
for the soft luster anp richness of tone It Imparts. I February, 1877, and plead, answer or demurto com
PBKPtRED bt ' Plalnant's bill, or the same will be taken lor ccn-
nit-JT f ivi-ii .1 Tin-ll v,u i el as to them and set for hearing exparte; and
UMi, J. i,. Al A to. l'On eil. J.asa. that a copy ot this order be mibllsheil onST iw
Prnctlcal nnrt Analytical Chemists.
tg-SoU by all Druggists and Dealers In Medicine.
Commission Merchants
(Over Stewart, Gwynne 4 Co.'s)
YV J..VJL. vy I J VXb .Pl lO
Hoffman Patent Steel Plows,
W. ClOt'O's Genuine Calhoun Plows i
TBE Hoffman Patent Steel Plow Is a late Inven
veatlon of Wm. Clore, and will commend Itself
onsIghL It has a cutter attached for plowing In
hard ground, and also for bearing off cotton. For
loose ground plowing the Cutter can be readily re
moved. Call and see it at
orgiljL brothers & ct.,
Sola Agents for Wra. Clore's Flows,
310 anil 3I Front Htreet,
Connecticut Mutual
1 5 li s u r u ii c c Company,
Assets, : : $43,494,650 92
Surplus AviSSU 54,004,851 92
Dividend vm is-s 2,543,556 08
Ratio of expense of management
to receipts in 1875 7-55 per cent
Policies In force, December 31,
1875. 00,20i, Insuring S185.070.842 00
Amount of Losses paid at Mem
phis Agency 312,608 00
. . . .Secretary
At Secretary
Jas. iS. Csirpenter&jDo.
Gen'l Agents for Tennessee,
224 Main Street.
iday Goods
Diamonds, Watches,
Latest Styles and Lowest Prices
Treble-Plated Silver Table Knives at
SO per dozen.
liver, Finnie & Co.,
1.100 H, y. and whole boxes Raisins,
1500 boxes Xew Layer Figs,
200 bxs. and brls. Currants and Citron,
1000 boxes Stick and Fancj Candy,
200 brls. Almonds, Drazils, Filberts
and Pecans,
50'brls. Cocoanuts.
400 brls. Ajpples.
700 boxes Cheese,
400 boxes Crackers St. Louis prices.
700 bags Coffee,
500 burrels Sugar all kinds,
50 tierces new Hams,
50 boxes Breakfast Bacon,
10,000 cases Oysters. Sardines, Salmon,
Lobsters, Jellies, Preserves; eve
ry kind of Canned Meats, Fruits
and Vegetables.
OIiIVF.lt. FDfaflE & CO.
Paris, New York, Milinery.
TTJE have received a fresh line of Brush Rim Hats,
V all colors and shapes, the very latest styles at
the very lowest prices. Elegant long Ostrich Feathers,
real ostrich tips, for 2fic. We have also a fine lot ol
real lvorv rroods Chains. Seta Cnuw. rrtm
1 ans, etc, for fine presents for the coming holidays.
Our hair stock was never so complete, and never so
cheap as the present beautiful hair bralds..to say
nothing of our fine curU. We make hair Jewelry,
chains, crosses, sets, charms, eta, to order. We
ua,o aisi, u line ioi oi aaraioga invisibles, which we
will sell at ST. each Perfumery and Toilet articles.
Come and see our goods. We are so determined to
sell that you must not go away unless you have se
cured a bargain.
25Q Main Street.
Wholesale and Retail,
AT SPECHT & WALTER, No. 37 Madison
. street, of extra Stick and Fancy Candles. Fine
V eildlng and other Cakes, shipped safely. Also
dealers In Toys, Fruits, Nuts, Cigars and Fancy
flrocerles. etc. Lately received, a fine selection of
Music Boxes, Opera and Field Classes of the
finest quality. As for low price call and Judge for
Non-Resident Notice.
No. 2392. In the Chancery Court ot Shelby countr.
TennesseeJulia W. Woodward, Administratrix
of F. N. Woodward, deeeafcd, vs. Pherellas Wood
ward, et al.
It appearing from the bill In this cause, which la
sworn to, that It is a jiroceedlng Instituted to wind
t uy mo caww ui r. .1. uuuh rani, aeceaseu, as an
i Insolvent estate:
It Is therefore onlered. That all parties claiming
to be creditors of said estate make their appearance
' herein, within the time prescribed by law, and have
lucniscucs uiaue Kirues, anu me anu prove their
claims, or the same will be forever barred; and that
a copy of this order be published once a week, ror
four successive weeks. In the Memphis AppeaL
This lfth day of December. 187il.
A copy-attest: E. A. COLE. Clerk and Master.
By E. B. M'Henry. D. a and M.
J. N. Ford and John Johnston, Sols, for complaln
tnt nolo sat
Creditor's Notice.
No. 271, R. D. In the Probite Court ot Shelby
county, Tennessee.- James A. Anderson, Adm'r.
etc., vs. F. (i. Connell et al.
il"ursuant to an order made In this cause, notice Is
hereby given to all parties having claims against the
estate of Wm. L. Connell, deceased, to make their
apsearance herein, at the courthouse of the Probata
Court, In Memphis. Tenn., on or before the first
Monday In April. 1S77. anil file their claims against
said estate, and have themselves made parties de
fendant hereto, or they will be forever barred and
thl cause proceeded with exparte; and that a copy
of this order be published once a week, for fmir
cesslve weeks. In the Memphis Dally AppeaL This
December 10, 1S7iI.
a copy -altest: JAMES REIT.LY. m.rt
By Hugh B. Cullen. Deputy ClwS.
Roblnsou A Malong, r. tor comp'lt. su
No. 2404 In the Chancery Court of ishelby county,
Tennessee. Samuel IL Dunscomb vs. John P.
Caruthers et L
It appearing from affidavit In this cause that the
defendants, J. C Terry, whose residence is unknown ;
Win. W. Cames, citizen of Georgia; Robert S.
Pnmfw TI-ttIa T Tnfn nnH fomnal Vnta nf lmi.
for four successive weeks. In the Memphis Appeal.
This i:h ilay of December. l7rt.
A copT-atlest: E. A. COLE, Cleric and Master.
"ByB. J. Blaek. DermtT v.er i .,i Master
Humes t P"iti,, sols, forcompl't. decl.1 th
Attachment Notice.
Before George D. Crockett. J, P.. State of Teonessee,
Shelby county R. M. Sle i Co. vs. A. B. Penn.
In this cause'an attachment having been sued out
under section II4S5 of the Code of Tennessee, al
leging that the defendant, A. B. Penn. is a non
resident of the State, and that he Is Jutly Indebted
to the plaintiffs In the sum of Two Hundred and
Eleven Dollars and Sixty-five Cents jed Interest, due
by note, and said attachment having been daly re
turned by the proper officer, levied, etc.. It is there
fore ordered by this court that publication be mada
once a week, for four consecutive weeks. In tho
Memphis Dally Appeal, a newspaper published hi
the city of Memphis, commanding said A. B. Penn
to appear personally before the undersigned, a Jus
tice of the I-eace, at hl office In Memphis. Tennes-
see. on the i.th daj ot January, 1877, at 1 1 o'clock.
a.m.. and defend said suit, or the same will be Liken
for confessed as to him. and set for hearing ex mrte.
v. ... ion. . u. vnuvAil.d.r.
Smith & Collier, attorneys for plaintiff. gu
Notice of Final Settlement.
No. 2rW3, R. .V-In the- Probate Court of Shelby
County. Tennessee W. B. Mallory. administrator,
etc., of Ferdinand Montgomery, deceased.
Thlsl tonoUfyall persons Interested In thees
tate of said Ferdinand Alontgomery, deceased, that
I will, at ay office in the city of Memphis, on TUES
DAY, December 20. l7rt. at 10 o'clock a.m.. take
and state the final settlement of W. B. Malloy. as
administrator with the will annexed of the estate of
said Ferdinand Montgomery, deceased.
This December 12. 1870.
By Hugh B. Cullen, Deputy Clerk.
IL Clay King, Attorney. decl3
us. -it

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