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WE Me authored K announce JOHN JOHN
So.V a tandhUt" fur tl mayoralty of Ilia
tfj 0f Mempl.: ul'Jrt u toe acUon of IM Demo-
rmtlr Mimlrrrsl rumw't""-
Louisville and Nashville and Great
Saathera Railroad.
iwlSO turn. M-nt Kapreaa On Saturday this
train n,n only to M I Ian. -CnnnwO M Milan fo
ft. Louis and Chicago: it Mckenzie for Nash
ville, Coattanonga. Atlanta and tit Southeast; at
buliirl tor liopairmllle, Henderson and Kvans
TUk; ai LoularUie fo ail points North and East.
II vaa. l)r Kipmw Connects for St.
Low and ClJeago; ai Louisville for ail point
N.irUi and K-
4t-a- m. BrewnovtHe Accommodation
-Dally swept
Arrival fTrtlii.
Errwem ;Jj5 -m
Mil K:lo a.m
run men Palace Cars on either bain to LoulsvUla,
and oo night Iran " Nashville.
for Ueuior InMnnatlon. at. ply at Ticket Office,
'Jjgri Main, nort&we" corner Madison street
J aM. M-aa-ry. Sup't Memphis Drv.
Jaaw Ticket irrt.
RempMa and Charleston Railroad
Kehedale After JkoTember 87. IM"7.
Mull and Express train dally -113! P-m.
SnrvulelraU dally (except
bund)ir a P? P--
8:18 am
10:00 pro
8-O0 am
Trtrotata Freight uP-nV.,
M.aaervllle Trail wUl atop at Hecalar
avatd t'lC otatlonsv,
Tan 11 :T av-u tralamakea the aalrkf
time ever made to Chattanooga, Enorvule,
Lrnol borx, Washington, and toe Hast, and will
aL.o al all Regular Stations, and at Via. Stations
worn A.ed. eicw Fia SI
ilaUona between Col-
ri. kri oBm-iin Main -tract and at
Chief Xncineer and lien'l Supt
T. a day ant,
Assistant 6enerl Panmngn Agent.
3.ls4iiM.ippl and Tennessee liailroad
oaAjawB or chjdih.
-NH and aftec WDNtrlY. Norember 14, 177,
V B-Oii will run as iouowsi
KswOrlenna Hall dally at.... 8 -A)
b-nlls HOwmmlaUon dally
(ercti diuHlays) 11 40 am
I'rrntit train aallf (axcept
in.tam. ml MKlA-
116 P.m
8:15 am
40 p.m
ciaa at nnMUona made at Grenada wUn trains
Uyr a and Oouth for all polnta,
as tor funiiar tntormatlon. appU M
Ticket Cffle, 287 JULa SU, and at DepoU
j. Bark e. Bapenntenoeri-
Juses Wpol.Tli-et Agent.
The Short Line to Arkansas and Texne.
Karl trsjn. dallf. ........... 50 P-m.
Arclsht train lniM.L.
u a Lt . 1 rw i fll 7 !f Ml am.
10:40 P-m
Paaswcers colng on this road will take trains at
te beput of the Xoutattila, haahrtlle and ereat
b Jutien Baflroad. fJJ
Mali t-a' n makes dose connection at Arfrenta tot
anl on Uttle Bock and Fort Smith Railroad, and
at Ltnla took with Cairo and Kulton Railroad, for
a4ut in BMiiuiweM inuniw iut .
u .iinn l. i ,m r-ra on all nurht trains.
For UcKc s aixl information apply at Ttcketmces
r-u .ji.7 Main aljwt. and at the Depot, foot Of
Washington street, or at L. and M. and Gt. 80. Depot,
at 10 the onilwulirned,
W. I. bMITH, Bapt. Memphis, Tenn.
B. A. 11 1.1a AJta, rw ""
If. a JAi. . P. and T.
1 . ...
, Little Roc.
tatBaeaelasi Haadav. leccambr lOth,
Brilliant Coaaedy Coaapaay.
In his Typical American Drama,
Tun PHaaix
i- r.mii rtrrlB. KOcz Gallery. 25c
Jtcmrn4 teats can be secured at J. T. Wilson's
rucar st-ws No. 801 Main street, three days In ad
vance, wimoui etra cnanre.
Datst AHBors..ProBTi 1 Jobs Biciabt. . . Man'gr
la a number of Powerful Impersonations, the Emi
nent irageujezuie,
j .' Supported by a
Monday NlieHt CAMI MAX
ThnridX.. TDK HrsCHIAfK
b-iUinlay Last apiwaranoe of Mrs. Bowers
Tuesday. Derember 18-HUMPTT-DUMPTY.
- Gtren by the French citizens of Memphis,
Tlcketa, admlttltul Gentleman and Ladles, 50 cents.
Caamnslttec of ArnutfcmcsU. ,
L. rrrrn. " "i. ozanne.
fleer Itanasera.
LARGE GRAY HORSK-On Thursday, December
rMh, a liinre gray horse, with lu?ht flax mane
aud tall ; b ts too knot on shoulder; shod all round.
ire dollars reward will be paid for bis return to
B. B. KOEN. Central Park.
-r-joNY jts REWARD On the night of th Inst.,
X one sortvl pony, bnld face, branded on shoulder
with heart, hid on bridle and saddle, from meat
pot!ar tiro re church, bt.Oe-lliie road. Leare pony
t It Culiwrs s stable. RALPH MULLINd.
TOC 0e week since, a mixed bull and New-
J found and doe. Any person harboring nun
alter this dt win be
) prosecuted aoconlliis. tolaw,
VANCE STREET LOT-No. 42. 45 by 12 feet,
wlU t sold low. H. WHITE, Appeal ofllce.
CH0LAJ--S1IP III Bobertaon's Commercial Col
lege. Adilress
O. J., Appeal olllce.
IOAL, CC'KB and WOOD, dellrered In any quanU-
CUJKAP, FOR CASH A small stock Dry Goods
y and lirwertes, suitable for suburban or country
toa, Call on or add'es
I. I. CON AWAY ft CO.. 8 Madlaon St.
X OT A benutllul building lot on Raybum awnue;
Jj will yt chBtp. CAdll. Appeal.
LAND 5(M acres land on President's Island. A1
dress Peter Mitcliell, cars 11111, yonbilne Jt Co.
AR FENCING POSTS Always on hand for
sale, by W. H. LARKIN. Larklnsnile, Ala.
rf r ACRES or HIGH LAND Bfi miles from
ZiiJi' ciiT. on both sides Miss, and Tenn. B. B.;
beautiful bullittrrg sites, and veryrenue; win sen in
lots to suit pur-hasera. AddreJa PEIEB MITCHELL,
eareof Bill. FonUlneftCo.
ElflNG-MACRINE and Baby Carriage very cheap.
Inquire af Clifton House. 31 W gieconti street.
nnm itotinn I.niilerdaie or Georgia streets.
O A bbera l reward will be paid by leaving same at
2d4 Vance street.
DUP White spotted setter pup: had on leather
entl rewnrd Itr retnrn lo C. F. Inland. 1 1 Monroe st.
TOOMS Furnished and unfurnished rooms for
A I so day bos nn i
T. CLOUD HOl'SE-Tblrd and JeHerron ttreets;
J reasonable rates. Call and see us.
ACTN VOfNtt. In charge.
COM3 Two very desirable front rooms,
board, al t court street.
KW jVJt " F Ut 11 i Yi Vf uuiuiin.iuruj "mi vt
otrt board, at 4H Poplar st. Mrs. C. P. Freeman.
sna iw -r..lat,al wa.lh r9 warlt H .
OOMS Fnrnlshed rooms, with or without board.
at 1 1 1 w asningion street.
30OMS FumUhed or unfurnished for families or
Pv nntlemen; house new,y fitted up; large yard
and convenient t business, at lH Jenerson street.
ran kfxt.
SMIDENC 104 Market street. 7 TOorns. Ap-
pl? xo w. W. HI M PHRKVp. 204 rront st
DWELLIN' A new two-story brick: with gas and
water. No. 215 PopUr st. Inquire next door.
HOI.'SES Seveml small houses, four to six
rooms; wit, Vi 5t to BI5 per month Also,
one store-roofo ot-poeUe Pophir street market: rent,
(lopermooih. Apply at 41 Madison street.
STl Rg ft HIBSCH. Agents.
TpRAME RESIDENCE A deelrable 2-0'7-f,n"ne
uetta, AppU to
at Emmet Bark.
rpHE nice, lane and central Brick Resilience, lrtrt
A tnlon fumLshol. If desired, is for lease, to a
daslrabie ttnt-clnss family, the rent taken out In
bowrd rVas. pill to-day between 2 ih! o m.
OOHa-rabl. rooms, with board.
KXSIDENct That very desirable residence. 10' I
Cturtst; is put In thorough condition; will tie
to rant to good tenant. Apply on psemisee until Oc
tober 2rtth. Also,6tore Iloi Front; thoroughly rts
raired and unpr-ivsd. Apply as above.
STOBEBOOM-87 gonth Court street, Apply to
R- B. S.NOWDEN. HH Madison St.
In five rooms, good astern.
v la-ve pantry, anc
Pjy at H Main street.
try. and ail necessary outbousea Ap-
CIOTTAGK Frve rooms ar.d octbovwes. near Her
J Barslo street cars. Apply at 23Q Vanee street,
H0C8E9 in Avery and ot. Marti . f
. l. r) J'1 tfH Alartison st,
AJii- :. I j,.aa.
Toth, Toys! Fancy Goods t Fancy Good."
Holiday (Mods! Holiday Goods! At Auction
Monday Morning, Ilec. 10th, at 10 o'clock
in tuu to suit mirchasers.
ra 'Sale. Dally of Goods of Every Pmrr1pHon.iH
ri OLD WATCH On but Wednesday, on Thli
VT street, near LaSallette Institute, a lady's sol
watcb. The owner can recover II by calling on Henr
Shei. 'r rront wirvt. ami paying eiwt of nolKy
TJROWN MAKE With white above the hoofs on
A J left Dllc: white rt.tr In lorphead. Liberal re-
wnrd 1 offroil. r'ort Pkertne. AlHbama and d Mi.
flKure , the Dogwood
AT DlantaXlon. eontalnlnc tfOO acres of cleared
land, 7 mile from 8un0ower Landinc Apply to
Kurtts ft wmnnn. rnat-j rmni. niw.
IN YOUR ORDERS To H. G. Hollenbenr,
2K4 Main street, and hare your Pianos tuned
and (iut In order for the holiday-.
IT'ABMS As we hare dally applications from pnr-
JL' ties deMinns; to rem farms next year, loose wno
have such for rvnt may find It to their Interest to
call on or communicate with
rjno LOAN Money In small sums: must have good
JL secunu. aaureas, stating secuniy, eic,
LAM, Appeal office.
riTlTATIoN Bt a Touns man as accotint-sales
O collector or clerk. In any capacity; nominal sal-
sry only; best of references. BUSINESS, Appeal,
I) house, a salesman for South and Southwest;
man of experience and established trade only. Ad
dress, with particulars, box 21 83, Boston. Mass.
fyoOK A good white cook at 97 Monroe street
V J good reference requires.
T ARE BARGAIN (Tor sale or In exchange for
J ai cut nrooerty). we oner a rare nartnun in
sixteen -urre fruit and garden farm, three miles
from Court square, and about midway between
Ilnlon and Central arenues. The cottage Is a hand-
an in, modem structure of A rooms, with hall, por
tico, etc., and there are outhouses, stables, tool-
hou.e. ! wells, all In a grove of fine shade-trees,
embracing about 2 acres. About 8 acres are In
choice atiDles and uears. one acre In select grapes.
2 rn strawberries, Vt acre In raspberries, goose
berries and currants; It acre in asparagus an youni
and lust in their prima The balance Is In standan
varden vegetables, anuses, etc. and all are In a high
state of cultivation. We know of no place near
Memphis so well calculated to anora luxury with
profit at our exceedingly low ngures. for rem 10
good tenant after January, 1878.
No. 8 Madison street.
XV Crittenden, Randolph, Marion and Baxter
counties. Arkansas, all selected with reference to
quality and location, most of them being near the
railroad leading from SL Louis to Little Rock, and
some or the hue mineral lands, well tested. Also
some choice suburban properly near Boston, Massa
chusetts, rapidly gaining In value. We will sell any
or all of this on most literal terms, or exchange It,
or any part tor property in or around Atom puis.
or lor dry goods or groceries. Apply to
No. 8 MadlHOn street.
A LARGE, convenient, beautiful and centrally 1-
urx. cated uncK tteftiuence, toexenange ior wen ana
centrally located unimproved (or partially Improved)
residence lots, penecttme. tan to-gay at, itw union.
SMALL FARM At railroad depot, six miles from
city, or will exchange for a good cotton farm.
Apply to
No. 34 Madison street. Memphis.
Alabama Presbyterian Church. Ser
vices at 11 am. and at 7:15 p.m. by the pastor.
Im mancel Church Zion Hall, BenU
ttnrt. Sunday-school at 1 p.m. Services al 8 p.m.
Lauderdale Street Presbyterian
Church. Services at 11 a.m. and at 7:30 p.m. by
the pastor.
Calvary Church Services at 11 a.m.
by Rev. George White, rector, and at 7:30 p.m., by
Bishop Pierce.
First Baptist -Church Second street,
near A tUitnx. Preaching at 11 am. and at 7:15
p.m. by the pastor.
First Methodist Church Sabbath-
school at 90 am. Preaching by E. C. Slater, pas
tor, at 11 am. and 7 p.m.
Fort Pickering M. E. Church Cor
ner 0 Sixth and Jackmm ttrtets. Services at 11
am. Rev. J. w. Register, pastor.
St. John's M. E. Church Corner of
Vance and Lauderdale tlreels. Services at 7 -10
p.m. by Rev. J. W. Register, pastor.
Lutheran Church, Washington street.
Sunday school at 9 am. German service, 10 am.;
English, 8 p.m. H. Sleek, pastor.
Central Baptist Church. Services at
11 am. and at 7:15 p.m. by Rev. Dr. Landrum,
pastor. Sunday-school at 9 U10 am.
Third Cumberland Presbyterian
Church Cfcclsra. Services by the pastor. Rev. M.
O. Smith, at 11 am. and 7 M) p.m.
Court Street Cumberland Presbtte-
hi an Church. Services at 11 am. and at 7:15
p.m. by Bev. Dr. Staluback, pastor.
Chelsea Baptist Church Near corner
Of Fifth and Mill utreet. Services at 1 1 am. and
at 7 p.m. Sunday-school at 9 UJ0 am.
Georgia Street Methodist Church.
Preaching at 1 1 am. and 7. p.m. Sunday-school,
9 am. seats free. L. D. Mulllns, pastor.
Third Presbyterian Church Corner
nf Sixth and Cheitra ttnetx. Services at 1 1 a.m. and
15 p.m. by the pastor, Bev. fcugene Daniel.
Second Presbyterian Church Corner
of Mam and Beaie street. Services at 1 1 am. and
730 P-m. by Bev. W. E. Boggs,D.D., pastor.
Grace Church Hernando street. Rev.
J. Cannlchael, rector. Seats free. Sunday-school at
ldl Morning prayer and sermon at 1 1 am.
Linden Street Christian Church.
Services at 10:80 am. and at 7:30 p.m. by Rev. David
Walk, pastor, a birthday sermon oy tne pastor.
CiiuRcn of the Good Shepherd (Epis-
cofaLV 'eto. Divine service at 11 am. Sunday
scnool at 9 am. Bev. Vlrginius O. Gee, rector.
Central Methodist Church Union
timet. Services at 11 am. and 7:15 p.m. by Bev.
W. T. Harris, D.D., pastor, bunday-achool at 9 am.
Central Baptist Church (colored)
Oanuru utrtet. bet term Linden and Pontotoc. Services
at 1 1 am., and 8 and 7:30 p.m. Bev. D. J. Hodges,
St. Laearub (Episcopal) Church. Sun
day-school at 9:30 am. Services at 8 and 11 am.,
and 7:-'U) p.m. Bev. Charles C. Parsons, rector.
Seats free.
Harmonial Hall-3.92 Main street.
Conference at 1 1 am., free to all. Lecture at night
Dr. R. R. Roberts, on "Psychology." At tne close
the lecture, the doctor will give tests of his pow
ers of healing;
Cotton is on the upward tendency at
Read the advertisement of Mannercfaor
gilt concert.
The general council will meet again on
Monday night.
Those who dine at the Peabody to-day
will enjoy high living.
The Porter Rifles, of Nashville, wilkvisit
Louisville on Christmas week.
Head the religions notices in the Api-eal
this morning, and act accordingly.
An excursion train will arrive here to
day from Covington, Tipton county.
The "occultatioacf Venus" by the moon
was the celestial free show last night.
The "Index fdiary" is the boss in the
diary line. Hansford has a full line.
A thick fog enveloped the city and every
thing about the river last night at ten o'clock.
The educational board of the citv will
meet on Monday evening at the Odd Fellows'
library room.
A change of schedule takes effect on the
Louisville and Great boutnern railroad to-uay.
Seo time-card.
At Cochran ball, on Monday night next,
the ball given by the French residents of the
city will take place.
At the chancery court, yesterday, the
divorce case of F. D. Paradise rs. Annie E.
Paradise was on hearing.
A charter to incorporate the Butchers'
hide and melting association was yesterday
filed at the county register's office.
The Workingmen'8 party has called on
James Iioosa to stand for the mayoralty, sub
ject to the Workingmen's nominating cen
tral committee.
Milton Nobles and comedy company will
appear in The Phtrnix, or The villain still
pursued her," at the Greenlaw Operahouse
to-morrow nieht.
Godey, Peterson, Demorest and other
late fashion magazines, and dailies at five
cents, and a general line of reading matter,
at Mansford's this morning.
Yesterday was arraignment-day at the
criminal court. The prisoners arraigned had
their pleas entered of record. They will be
tried during the coming week.
Next Tuesday afternoon, at five o'clock,
a fashionable wedding will be celebrated at
the Central Baptist church. The parties are
well known in society in our city.
There was no performance at the Mem
phis Theater lat night, but on to-morrow
nifht Mrs. Bowers will appear as "Camille,"
and will be supported by a Btrong dramiUc
Detective Fryde on yesterday arrested
Charlie Wallace, an escaped prisoner,
charged with grand larceny, who broke jail
at Springfield, Illinois, on the twenty-fifth of
Monday next the infanticide case of Vir
ginia Miller, colored school-teacher, will be
heard before the criminal court. The al
leged infanticide occurred some time since
in the northern suburb ot the city.
The county clerk, during the past week,
issued marriage licenses at fifty cents each.
The panic of bachelor an3 maids is on the
increase, and they will continue to fly to-
wti each oth f tise matrimonial rau-
jii ii..a j-nmusit- at Lazaroa
ver the
first of a sene of lectures on the "Church
and the World." the "Church and the State.'
and the "Church and the Family." Services
commence at half-past seven o'clock.
Bear meat continues to arrive in the city
in quantities from the ArkanKas and Mikhi
Kippi bottoms.
At the Central Methodist church, on
Union Htiwt, to-day and to-night, services
will be held bv the pastor, Kev. W . 1 . liar.
ris. nephew of Senator Isham G. Harris
Kev. Mr. Harris is a youthful and eloquent
divine, and attracts large congregations to
his church.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladies' christian association will be held to
morrow mornin? (Mondav. the tenth in
stanti. at ten o'clock, at No. 98 Promenade
street. The board of managers are reminded
that business begins promptly at half-past
ten o clock.
Yesterday Esuuire Winters issued a war
rant for the arrest of a negro named Thomas
V llhams, who resides near Olympic park, on
the coarse of incest, or having two children
by his step-daughter, Henry Lee. The wife
of Williams, and the mother of the girl
swore out the warrant.
Last Wednesday night Leiln Scott (Ma
sonic) lodge. No. 89, elected officers as fol
lows: A. S. Myers, W. M.; R. W.Mitchell,
S. W. ; Earl Gantt, J. W.; G. II. Hoist, treas
urer; C A. Lytle, secretary: 11. Grey. b. JJ,
H. Morris, J. D ; Rev. M. Sam field, chap-
Iain; W. U. Lockey and iN. Uacker, stew
ards. The anniversary exercises of the navy-
yard mission will be held at three o'clock this
afternoon at the miusion home, 98 Promenade
street. The exercises will consist of music.
prayers, scriptural recitations, report of the
mission for the year, and addreeses by Rev.
Drs. Waddell, Walk, Stainback, Heard and
The red-stocking troupe of blondes who
exhibited themselves at the Greenlaw opera-
house on Friday night, by virtue ot an in
junction issued from the chancery court, left
bv steamboat for Cairo after the performance.
The troupe picked up a tew hundred dollars
while here, and has gone to "can-can some
other village.
The Odd Fellows' dramatic association
had a rehearsal at Odd Fellows' hall last
night. The plays selected are The Spectre
Brtdegroom and 1 he Oolden farmer.
Mr. J. H. Mitchell, brother of Maggie Mitch
ell, is manager. This association purposes
inving an entertainment tor the benent ot
the Odd Fellows' public library at an early
The city Democratic and Conservative
committee met on yesterday afternoon, at
the committee-room in tne v incent block.
on the corner of Second and East Court
street, and selected judges and clerks for
the primary election to be held on Tuesday
next, for the purpose of electing delegates
to the mayoralty convention of Thursday
next, to be held at Uochran ball.
Section No. 36 Endowment Rank
Knights of Pythias was instituted last even
ing, 11. a. Keynolds, grand vice chancellor, as
instituting officer. The following officers
were elected and installed: J. C. Wale ton,
president; M. Cohen, vice-president; J.
Wood, chaplain; W. H. Atkinson, secretary
and treasurer; t,. L. Moore, guide; al. J. b.
Hanson, guard; J. Lut?, jr., sentinel.
At Bix o'clock last evening the crescent
moon presented a beautiful appearance in
the southern heavens. A bright planet
hung, as it were, upon the lower limb of the
crescent moon, presenting the appearance of
a diamond penaanc to lair i.una. ine neav
enly curiosity was witnessed and admired by
crowds of citizens. By half-past six o'clock
the phenomenon disappeared from sight, and
the moon moved onward to the west solitary,
but bright and lair.
An addition was made yesterday to the
cotton facilities possessed by this city, by the
opening, on Madison street in the basement
below the Bank of Commerce, of the rooms
of the Memphis cotton-news association.
where news of the markets and arrange
ments useful to cotton operators will be open
to the subscribers daily. The new associa
tion is not yet formally organized, but on
Monday (to-morrow) a meeting will be held
for that purpose. Every requisite necessary
for the transaction of the business of the as
sociation, and for furnishing cotton,- news to
the members, wilt be completed at an early
The following is the mortuary report for
the week ending at six o'clock yesterday;
M. E. Egleston..
5 m
cong. bowels,
ty. nial. fey.
Jennie Coflin.. ..
G. Klrtlanu..
ty. mal. fev.
Van B. Ellis....
A. Bennett...
V. Richie
Elizabeth Harris
Sidney Sliepterd
accld'nt shot
4 m
w in. aeeiy.
Pat Donahoe. . . .
Mary Cheek
Daly Lee
T. Marshall
Mary Williams..
oid age.
col'ed I burn,
col'ed fneglect
col'ed I pneumonia
col'ed I diarrhea,
col'ed ! pneumonia
Leonora Morgan !
John Bllllngsleyi
John Franklin..
Henry Parker....)
Total for the week. 19: whites. 12: col
ored, 7; still-born, 2; from hospital, 4.
Secretary Board ot Health.
List of undelivered telegrams remaininar
in the Western Union telegraph office, No. 33
Madison street: fk
Gantt, Patterson ft Lowe, Berry, Demorrel ft Co.
C R Oakley.
R W Llgbtbume.
Estes. F'lzer ft Co,
D A Reid.
L Dow Hendershott,
Powell, M'Dougall ft Co,
A M Scarbrougb. ft Co,
V D Fuchs,
W B (ialbreath ft Co,
H L Ouln.
R S Jones,
Good bar ft Co,
J A Johnson,
S P Bead,
O Hobart ft Co,
C K Ney,
J W Rowlett,
A D Gibson.
Dr W C Perkins, .
Panola Oil Co,
Phil Sheetsky,
Jas Speed,
Harris, Mallory ft Co,
Cooper ft Co, 2
E Perrlrut.
P 8 Jones,
T B Dlllard,
W. W. Church.
Jamea H Mulford, Jr.
B Lowensteln ft Bros,
onGundell ft Mayhoff.
State National Bank,
mil a Mitchell.
B Zoanne ft Co,
podesta. M. ft Co.
John B Robinson,
Ad btorra,
Buchanan, Horton ft Co,
i f etiu x jo,
B ft W A Falres,
H Ellis.
H Luhrman,
Ouentel ft Son.
a eanonos,
samuei uoiasmitn.
The Sisters of St. Mary desire to ac
knowledge the following donations, received
during the past month, for the Church or
phans home: Quinine and medicine, city
dispensary; tour boxes crackers and candy,
apecht: clothing. Mrs. W vnn. Marv Hell
and Ida Myrtle uregcry, Mrs. Hams, Mrs.
Winchester, Mrs. Nichols, Miss Hughes, Mrs.
canasmitn, jurs. .lones, Mrs. rsryson, mrs.
Dixon, Mrs. Leath, Mrs. Treadwell. Mrs.
Arrington, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Bob t wick:
cakes, salad, etc., Young Ladies' cooking so
ciety; one dozen pairs new stockings, Mrs.
M Gowen ; twelve pairs blankets, Menken Bros;
six pairs blankets, B. Lowenstein & Bros.:
one comfort, one bolt calico, Rice, Stix & Co. ;
one bolt calico. Mrs. Leath : twentv-seven
yards calico, Kahn fe Freiberg; fifteen pounds
cotton, Mrs. H. Robinson; twelve pounds
cotton, Mrs. M. Apperson; seventeen pounds
cotton, Mrs. H. Montgomery; one-half bar
rel apples, Mrs. Dixon. For Thanksgiving:
Oranges, Mrs. Mansheld; apples, Mrs.
.Nichols; oranges, Mr. Kutin; one chicken,
Mrs. Banksmith; one chicken, Mrs. Hunt;
one chicken, Mrs. Drake; one chicken, Mr.
Kuhn: tour chickens, Mrs. Hams.
The Ladies' Santa Clans.
Read B. Lowenstein & Bros.' holiday ad
vertisement on the first page of this morn
ing 8 issue.
New bows,
New silk ties.
New barbes,
A First-Class
suit for $12 50, worth $20. at the
Great Western Clothing House,
Table-Unens and House-famishing Goods
On Monday next, the tenth instant, we will
offer for sale in our retail department the
most extensive line of holiday goods suited to
housekeepers' wants ever imported, compris
ing Plain and fringed damask table-cloths,
with napkins to match.
Pink, buff, drab and green table-cloths
in sets.
A full line French and English counter
panes at extremely low prices.
An attractive variety of mats, washstand
and bureau sets, beautifully embroidered,
at remarkably low figures.
Blankets, comfortables, sheetings and pillow-casings
at prices to suit the times.
Fifteen thousand yards Richardson's cele
brated family and housewife linen at cost
of importation.
An immense lot of table-linens, towels
and Toilinette goods at temptingly low prices.
Napkins and doylies in all sizes.
Gold-embroidered piano and table-covers
in great variety.
And a full line of knotted-fringe towels at
extraordinarily low prices, at
Call and see the splendid assortment of
Chkkering and Stein way pianos just re
ceived for Christmas presents at H. G. Hol-
Louis Lanok'i nxcrashable skirt-ex ten ders
supersede all the eastern arrangements. Man
ufactured in all sizes at the manufactory, 383
Mam atreet.
Mast Have Cheap fcissds Agala
Therefore read Kabn & Freiberg's (corner of
Main and Poplar) price list of best calicoes
6c. 6Jc and 7c.
Fancy dress plaids, elegant goods and
warm, 12Jc
Elegant and useful dress plaids, 8c and 10c.
Knickerbocker snowflakes, lOJc and 2c.
Elegant yard-wide domestic, be and 10c.
Best Canton flannel in the city, 10c. Thou
sands have bought it, and pronounced it the
cheapest ever in the market.
Kahn & Freiberg, Cor. Main and Poplar.
Have received fifty pieces of the corded pique,
at 10c.
The prices on cashmere and alpacas are the
same as last week.
Kahn & Freiberg, Cor. Main and Poplar,
In our clothing and shoe department we
have an elegant stock of goods at absolutely
fifty cents on the dollar, having purchased an
entire stock of fine clothing.
One hundred sets children's furs, $1 and
f 1 25. Ladies' mink sets, f 10 and f 5.
Ladies', 75c; misses', 50c; gents' rubbers,
$1; gents' arctics, flannel-lined, cheap.
N. B. 1000 pairs misses' and ladies' goat
and calf, pegged or sewed, $1 and $ 1 25,
from a shoe bankrupt sale.
lfl. 171, 173 nam 8c, Corner Poplar.
Carpets! Carpets!
Invite attention to the attractive prices ot
Brussels, 3-PIy and Ingrain Carpets,
Rugs, ottomans, oil-cloths, lace-curtains
and window-shades.
Good Cassimere
Suits for $10, fully wotth $15, at the Great
vv estern Ulotmng House.
For a Number One shavfe, taair-ent-
tins; and shampooing-, call at Sas 1.1 p
pold's, under tne Worshsm house.
Dr. PRICE S flavoring extracts era fren
trom poisonous oils and strong, rank taste,
They are natnral flavors of perfect pnnty.
School Books and Slates.
For public and private schools.at MandfordV
corner oecona ana Monroe.
citOTHixe a rirKxiHiiix-c; uoons
GRUBBS & AUSTIN'S, 332 Main St.,
Preparatory to a change of firm,
January 1, 1878.
.Now is the time to buy cheap clothing less
man value.
GRUBBS & AUSTIN 332 Main street.
Holiday Jewelry Goods and Diamonds,
At the lewelry house of C. L. Bvrd & Co..
a most, attractive and valuable stock ot lew
elry goods is offered for sale. Their holiday
goods and wedding presents are especially
attractive and Deautitul, they bomg novel
and unique in design. Among the many ar
ticles thus exhibited may ue mentioned the
sterling silver ware, cameo sets and rings,
xtoman necauaces and rtenrianfa. French
clocks of every variety, imported by Byrd &
Co., candelabrums of nmmie wrorlrmanshin.
and other attractive things too numerous to
lucuuuu. xu me una 01 diamonds, Byrd x
Ce. have a very larsre stock nn Vianrl. Thv
have completed arrangements with parties in
the east whereby they are enabled to ofier
diamonds ot the first quality at prices much
lower than they ever have been offered in
Memphis for years. These are brilliantly
Deauaini. and attract nnwpTRaf nt-fpnlinn a
they sparkle in the store-window. Call and
examine these beautiful goods as soon as pos
sible, and select your holiday or wedding
Cloaks! Cloaks!! Cloaks!!!
The ne plus ultra of style, ele-v
gance and cheapness
For Ladies' Fancy Work.
Embossed picture ornaments, gold and sil
ver board, antique potter for decorating,
etc., at A. F. Dod & Co.'s, 279 Main street.
A Genuine
Fur beaver overcoat for $10, worth $20, at
the Great Western Clothing House.
Best repairing done at Thayer's.
Kid gloves cleaned at 15c per pair, and
dyed at 25c per pair, at Radt & Co.'s, No.
409 Main street.
Great Bargains
LEUBHIES.247 Slain Street.
We have the largest stock of toys in
city, at New York prices. Look out for
grand toy opening!
LEtBBIKIs, 247 aialn Street.
mm-f .
For the Holidays.
Meerschaum-pipes and cigar-holders, amber-goods,
and smokers' article si generally, at
2 0 Second street, opposite Court square.
217 Main street, under worsham House.
310 Main street, opposite Peabody Hotel.
Honest vs. Fraudulent Weight.
The purchaser in entitled to full u-eight al
ways in buying any commodity. Dooley's
yeast powder is strictly full weight, beside
wnicn it is absolutely pure.
Chinchilla overcoats at $4, worth $6, at the
ureal western Olothing House.
Stereoscopic Views.
A splendid assortment, embracing views in
an parts ot the world, comic scenes, artistic
statuary, etc., at A. F. Dod & Co.'s, 279
juain street.
New Arrival
Choice and beautiful novelties
Polonaise and Overdress Material,
For the Princess dress, the uncrushable
skirt-extender is manufactured at the manu
factory, 383 Main street; also the cheapest
and best corsets.
Oranges, Grapes and Raisins.
We are now in daily receipt of all kinds of
seasonable goods, such as oranges, apples,
grapes, figs, almonds, pecans, jellies, mince
meat, candies, etc.
LYTLE ft SHIELDS, 218 Main street
lloliday Uilllnery and Dressed
At the establishment of Mons. F. Lavitrop.
No. 250 Main Btreet, under Odd Fellows' hall,
an elegant stock of millinery goods is on ex
hibition and for sale. His holiday goods are
most attractive, and are the admiration of
the ladies. The dressed dolls of every varie
ty for children are wonderful pieces of
mechanism and of art. They are dressed in
most fashionable styles, and are for sale at
wonderfully low prices. These make elegant
and most acceptable presents for children.
The millinery department is filled with every-
ming anown to lasnion. in tne line oi nals
there is an endless variety, suitable to all ages
and every walk of life. Thev are cf the latest
styles, and are guaranteed to give complete
satisfaction. Mons. Lavume keeps also for
sale a splendid and valuable assortment of
human hair goods, such as braids, curls, puffs,
etc. It is impossible not to be pleased with
and suited by this attractive stock. The
ladies are invited to call and examine the
goods and make holiday purchases.
For a Knaaber One shave, hair-eat-
tins and ahaaapoolns;, rail at Vmu Lip.
pvld'av. susder the Wershaaa hauae.
Neuralgia. "Neunl" cures it Sold bv
G. W. Jones & Co., Memphis.
Boys and Children's
Clothing, at lower prices than ever sold be
fore. Examine them at the Great Western
Clothing House.
To-morrow (Monday), the tenth instant,
Will open for public inspection the most
magnificent and varied line of
Ever shown in Memphis, comprising three
large invoices of
Japanese lacqnered goods.
Elegant cabinets.
Jewel caskets,
Card receivers,
Handkerchief boxes,
Glove boxes,
Knife trays,
Bread trays,
Puff boxes,
And a thousand other useful and beautiful
ornaments of this now popular ware,
at astonishingly low prices.
Also an immense line of the latest
novelties m
Celluloid tuck-combs,
Ivory tuck-combs,
Celluloid brushes,
Celluloid dressing-combs,
Lace jabots, Lace mitts,
Roman ties,
Marjolaine ties,
Chenille tie. Lace cuffs,
Embossed Roman ribbon.
New and choice designs in
Barbe-pins, Lockets,
Jet necklaces,
Rolled-plate necklaces,
Fire-gilt necklaces,
Successful Treatment of Cancer
The celebrated Dr. Couden, formerly of
Louisville, Kentucky, who is now perma
nently located in this city, has had greater
success in the treatment of this disease than
anv physician in the United States. We are
both surprised and pleased to learn that he
has relieved Governor Geo. S. Houston, of
Alabama, of a very uelv cancer ot the face,
Mr. J. R. Trotter, a well-known planter of
Prospect. Tennessee, was cured of a most
villainous cancer in 1870, and in 1871 Mr,
Jas. Motfitt. a merchant of Troy, in this State,
was cured of a troublesome cancer. We ear
nestly advise every one interested to send for
one of h'.s journals, giving mode of treatment
and a large list of persons cured from one to
ten years standing. The doctor is at the head
of his profession. He received one of tli
larcost ff!fi pver naid to a Dhvsician in Ken
tucky, being five thousand dollars, for his ser
vices in one instance. We do not hesitate to
recommend him in the highest terms. Call
on or address Dr. W. C. Couden, Gaston 'i
hotel, Memphis, Tennessee.
Cloak Department!
Unusual offerings.
Note prices.
Beaver cloaks, $6, $8, $10, $12.
Matelasse cloaks, $10, $12, $14, $16.
Misses' cloaks, reduced prices.
Infants' cloaks, $1 5Q$2 50, $3 50, up.
Furs, boas and muffs, at attract
ive prices.
Dr. J. A. Clopton. ot JUuntsville, Ala
bama, will remain In the city at the Peabody
until the twentieth instant. Refers to hun
dreds of the profession and thousands of
others who have been his patients. Thou
sands have been cured of piles, fistula, scro
fula, cancerous affections, diseases of the eye.
etc., by the use of his medicines the only
remedies that have been used with success by
the patients themselves. Send tor circulars
Holiday Bargains
Silks!! Silks!!!
This week at
Haircloth, crinoline, etc.. etc., are not
sufficient to flow the Princess dress; it takes
the uncrnshable skirt-extender to do it. The
genuine are manufactured at the manufac
tory, J&5 Mam street, bent U. O. V. to any
Holiday Presents.
Don't fail to call and examine the large
and well-selected stock ot hne jewelry,
watches, chains, charms, rings, silverware.
etc., at Thayer's, No. 310 Second street.
To You, My Love.
He sat in his cheerless chamber
A bachelor of thirty-three;
A more dejected subject
Ho mortal ever did see.
The room was dusty and dirty,
JSo hre burned in the grate;
In short, such a scene of disorder
As falls to a bachelor's fate.
A gloom on his forehead gathered,
He trowned with portentous foreboding,
When he found that he had no needle
To mend his rebellious clothing.
"What am I to do." he uttered.
"Who'll help me in this time of need?
Who'll pnll me out of this fearful fix,
And prove a friend indeed?"
He looked at the morning paper,
Where in big black letters shone
The card the Great Western Clothing House
Ot the world-renowned Harry Conn.
At two hundred twenty-seven
Of Memphis 's busy Main street
Our friend Harry Conn will be happy
His many patrons to greet.
He'll sell them the best of clothing,
And at so low a price,
That those who never have tried him
Will widely open their eyes.
Great Reduction in Prices
All-wool cassimere pants for $3 50, worth
$5, at the Great Western Clothing House.
Holiday Specialties.
Juvenile books, fine bibles, illustrated gift
books, writing-desks, albums, gold pens, at
Dod's, 279jj Main street.
The Best Unlaundried
Shirt in the city for 75c, at the Great West
ern Clothing House.
The most acceptable present to your wife
and daughters would be one of those elegant
Chickenng or btemwav pianos at H. G. Hol
lenberg's. Go and look at them.
Bourettes, Neigeuse,
And other dress goods
reduced at
Floyd's Oyster Parlor.
White French neugat, marshmallow paste,
and a fine variety of caramels, my own make.
Holiday books, writing-desks and al
bums, cheaper than ever, at Mansford's, cor
ner Second and Monroe.
Fine mixed candies, for the holidays,
twenty-five cents per pound, at Floyd's, op
posite Court square. '
The Cheapest Line
Colored Cashmeres
Ever offered in Memphis, for sale
Toy and juvenile books at bottom prices.
Mansford, corner Second and Monroe streets.
bH ell-box papeteries, the prettiest of
the pretty, seventy-five cents per box. Mans
ford, corner of Second and Monroe. :
Ir you want choice winter sugar-cored
bams, buy the "Magnolia" brand from
Is Mighty, and Mast Prevail A Card
rrona A. Weber.
New York Times, December 4th: De
tected and defeated in their attempt by ques
tionable means to regain a waning popu
larity, secured by fraudulent and impudent
claims, founded upon fictitious victories, some
Rip Van Winkles in the piano trade have
inst woke up to learn of the Centennial, which
has passed into oblivion over a year ago.
And as the award decreed to A. Weber, of
JNew York, has been and is now considered
in its description of the peculiar merits of the
Weber Pianos (the only thing the Centennial
commission could do), superior to all others
because of their sympathetic richness and
purity of tone, combined irith treat vower.
several ocean voyages are made, thousands of
miles traveled, and many months of corre
spondence ensues after the close of the Cen
tennial, mind you by a defeated competitor.
What for? asks the innocent reader. Was
it to learn how to make a piano as good as
weoerr on, dear; no! no! no!
All this immense expense, time and labor,
running over one year after the awards were
given, was to see if it was possible to make
their award equal to Weber, or to try and
find some flaw in the award of this terriie
H'eber, who quietly attends to his legitimate
business, and makes, as is admitted by the
commission and by musicians and experts,
tne oest piano in America, and what is bet
ter still, sells tt at tne most reasonable price
Life is too short to follow these piano cmar-
rels, which have actually become a nuisance.
but I trust the reader will bear with me while
I give the facts regarding the Centennial.
The United States government, by virtue of
a law ot congress passed March 3, 1871, cre
ated the United states Centennial commis
sion, consisting of one delegate from each
State and one from each Territory. In this
commission rested the sole power to make
the laws for the Centennial and give reports
and awards. The Centennial commission
was sovereign, and from it no appeal, and
the Centennial commission alone could give
tne exniDitor an ojjicxai report and decree an
By their direction, Director-General A. T.
Goshorn issued "Direction for a System of
article 1. Awards shall be based upon
written reports, etc.
II. Two hundred judges shall be appointed
to make reports, one-ttaif citizens of the
United States and one-half foreigners. The
judges from the United States shall be ap
pointed by tne Centennial commission.
III. Relates to compensation.
IV. Reports and awards shall be based
upon merit, etc.
V. (Xote this.) Each report will be deliv
ered to the Centennial commission as soon
as completed for final award and publico
VI. Awards will be finally decreed by
the United States Centennial commis
sion, in compliance with the act of congress,
VII. Each exhibitor will have the right to
reproduce and publish the report
awarded to him, but the United States
Centennial commission reserves the right
to publish and dispose of all reports in the
manner it thinks best tor public information.
and also to embody and distribute the reports
as records ot the exhibition.
Certainly this language seems plain enough,
and strong as Holy Writ.
It proves, if anything can prove, that the
right to give a report rested solely with tha
United btates Centennial commission, that
all else except the official report given by the
United btates Centennial commission is sim
ply imposition and fraud.
Most of the examiners or assistants, termed
judges, handed their reports to the Centen
nial commission uy iseptemoer i j, is 40, re
ceived their cash for their personal expenses.
were discharged, and their functions having
thus ended, went to their respective homes.
The executive council of the United States
commission examined each report, passed it.
and handed it for final action to the full
board ot tne centennial commission, who
alone had the right to announce the official
report and make an award.
The awards were publicly proclaimed
November 10, 1876, and soon thereafter the
official reports sent to the different exhibitors
Tne one sent to A. Weber, of New York, is
as loliows:
The United States Centennial Commission announce
the following report as the basis of an award to
Albkkt Webek, Isew York, for grand, square and
upngui pianos; Jjlgjjj'r
For sympathetic, pure and ri ft tone, combined vHth
greatest power, as shown in their grand, square and
upright pianos. These tbree styles show Intelligence
and solidity In their construction, a pliant and easy
touch, which at the same time answers promptly to
its requirements, together wttn excellence or wora-
mansnip. A. r. liuotiuita, uirecior-uenerai.
J. R. HAWLEY, President
Attest: Seal. J. L. Campbell, Secretary.
The public are most respectfully and cor
dially invited to see this wonderful official
award, framed, in the Weber ware-rooms,
I ltth avenue, corner bixteenth street.
If it has caused some of my would-be
competitors in abject terror to travel thou
sands of miles, to rush twice across the At
lantic in their despair and dread of the loss
of prestige and doom which awaits them.
I am extremely sorry for them. It is always
sad to see the decline ot a once great house.
If disappointed at their own award, why not
apply to the United states Centennial com
mission like honorable men, and ask for
redress there. This was the only proper
place to apply, instead of running over the
world in a sneaking and humiliating manner,
begging from pritate individuals for help
against this dreadful Weber.
I went to the Centennial relying on the
merits of my instruments, and so far the
Weber piano lias found
no rival,
because of its "sympathetic, pure and rich
tone, combined with greatest power.
What passed between some of my terrified
competitors betore, or during the exhibition,
or since then, don't know nor care. I enly
came in contact with two or three ot the
jurors, lhe rest 1. did not know by name
even nave never spoken to them betore,
during or since the exhibition. As an hon
est exhibitor, l could not. An honest man
looks for justice to the verdict of the court:
a dishonest one sneaks among the jurors, and
to acknowledge having done so publicly, a
man would generally be deemed an trfiof. be
sides being a knave.
1 hare always found that the man who at
tends to his own legitimate business surely
succeeds, while the one wlw watches his neigh
bor s business, and tries to tnure him, inva
riably fails. I presume it is because I have
attended only to my own business, and con
stantly added improvements, that the sales of
the Weber pianos are nearly double those of
1S7S. hverii one who wants a real oood
piano naturally comes to If tber.
It. however, a lew private individuals, pro
fessors of universities and colleges, chemists.
astronomers and engineers of unquestioned
renown in their own sphere, desire to sign a
card ot condolence in very bad English (1
wonder who wrote it!) lor a deteated piano-
maker, a year after the issue has passed, it
is, perhaps best to throw the mantle ot char
itii over it.
lhe Centennial is dead! Why not rest in
peace? This is a country of life issues, and
New York is especially a city of progress and
enterprise; hence, the heathen Chinee, so
childlike and bland, who, in ways that are
dark, attempts to play his tricks a year after
the curtain has rung down, and the players
have departed, becomes an object of pity and
contempt, and a fit companion for the fossile
in the Smithsonian institute or should bs
enrolled among the antiquities of the British
museum. albert weher.
21 Second Street,
Opposite Calvary Church,
Memphis, Tennessee,
Agents for the j ustly celebrated Weber pianos.
HuGn B. Martin,
attorney-at-law, No.
40 Madison street.
New Dress Goods
AT '
The most elegant of
Imported and Domestic Fabrics
now on exhibition at
Pinckney, Jackson &, Co.'s
Fine Spices.
Agency tor Champagnes.
John Gaston, of Gaston's restaurant and
hotel, on South Court street, has received the
appointment as sole agent in this city for
the following celebrated brands of cham
pagne: Charles Heidsick s champagne.
Grand Vin Medaille (extra dry), Sillery Mos-
seaux (dry).
Extract of report from the celebrated
physician, Erasmus W llson, of London, Eng-
and: several severe cases ot incip
ient consumption have come under my ob
servation that have been cured by the timely
use of Colden's Liebig's extract of beef and
tonic invigorator. W. N. W ilkersoa & Co.,
Ver a eood hot or cold bath, so to tins
Uppold's, nndcr the Worsham house.
To the Patrons of the Water Companj.
The practice of letting water ran to waste
order to prevent pipes freezintr. and for
other purposes, is in direct violation ot the
rules of this company, and the water will
positively be turned off without warning from
all - premises found violating this rule. All
parlies should hare stop and waste cocks upon
their premises, which can be turned off to
drain pipes to prevent freezing-. Respectfully,
W. L. CAMEB0N, Secretary.
l' poo Mayer John It. Flippln to An
tonnre Himself for lie-Kler lion.
To the Honorable John B. F'llppln:
Dear Sir We, the undersigned, a com
mittee appointed by citizens of Memphis, ir
respective of political party, moved by the
important and critical attitude our municipal
attairs have assumed, ami assembled to
gether to carefully consider present and ap
proaching difficulties that seem to threaten
our welfare as a people, to tender to you a
call made upon you by unanimous vote, to
announce yourself as u candidate for the
mayoralty of Memphis, not as the
nominee of any convention, but as
the Citizens' candidate (he can
didate oi Democrats because we
want honesty, capacity and reformation
in the management of our city ttfairs car
dinal virtues of Democracy, which your past
administration has so well exemplified, and
because as true and fervent Democrats as ever
cned for liberty and reform, join the call: as
the candidate of workingmen, because, of all
men, the workingmen of our city must
have good government and a re
moval of those obstacles to prosperity
which have already begun to disap
pear under your efficient management;
as the candidate of the poor and the rich, of
the white and the black, of all sorts and con
ditions of men, because we have seen in your
official career a just regard for the rights of
all men We earnestly and deeply feel the
importance of this request. Many of us,
earnest partisans, appreciate every necessity
for party union and a strict regard for party
organization, but when by stratagem or un
due advantage the powerful machinery of
party is placed in the hands of dangerous
or careless men, and our local affairs
become the prey of designing leaders or the
toy of thoughtless followers, we believe that
the political machine should be left to those
who usurp its control, and that the people
should arise and resent the usurpation. To
us the signs of the times point to great
danger. We look back upon the past and
see how that, by incompetency, knavery, and
a harmless (?) speculation in our city's finan
cial concerns, a debt of millions of dollars has
been heaped upon us. Memphis has for ten
years been like an orphan ward in the
hands of a careless or an unprincipled
guardian. Her estate has ever been sacri
ficed and plundered by the incapacity of the
guardians of her welfare, or their cupidity
and overweening desire for private gain out
of the public purse. All this we can see un
til the beginning of your honorable term of
office now about to close. We desire to see
the permanent correction of all these evils,
and to have the reformation inaugurated
by you to go on to completion, and
that we should take no step backward, at a
time when we can see the dawn of prosperity
to our city and the whole country. We ten
der you the warm support of every good cit
izen who has at heart the welfare of our city,
and who can lay aside his desire for private
profit, to consider the public weal. Solicit
ing your early response, we are, dear sir,
your obedient servants. By order of the
w. N. brown, Ch'n.
d. t. porter,
s. b. clarke,
a. c. treadwell,
w. w. goodwin,
We also hand you a similar request made
outside of the meeting aforesaid by men in
hearty sympathy, as we believe, with the
sentiments above aforesaid.
A Call on J. K. Plippin,
Memphis, November 2r), 1877.
The undersigned, citizens of Memphis,
respectfully call upon Hon. J. R. Flippin to
announce himself as a candidate for re-election
as mayor of the city for the approaching
term. Without disparaging, in any degree,
the qualifications of other well-known citi
zens, who have been named for the office, we
deem it of the highest importance to the true
interests of the city that Mayor Flippin
should be re-elected.
D T Porter
Macon Webb
M F Embrey
G W Macrae
B M Estes
W L Clapp
L V Dixon
J M Greer
S H Young
Walter Webb
Richard E Morris
Josiah Patterson
D H Poston,
Chas W Adams
Geo W Winchester
John D Bobluson
J N Ford
WD Beard
H T Elleit
T J Latham
H C Warrlner,
Liver-Jones ft Baldwin
Oliver Bard
Julius Parker
M F M'Mahony
Thos B Klrker
Gue W Nickolas
Wm C Coppengert
C A Douglass
L W Blaltemore
E W Dooiittle
J Webber
L Iglauer
W C Chldester
E M Richardson
- n W M'N'nvl
B Glanoth,
F M Bostwick,
C M Bostwick,
Samuel Snow,
A A Southwlck,
B L Camp,
N B Camp,
D T White (col),
M Z Miller,
G D Trlmbley,
W W Moore,
J Beld (col),
R L Jones,
L L Smith
H Read
A H D Peiklns
S Gabay
E A Mallory
N T Perkins
C Monsarratt jr
J P Gath
W L Fraser
C L Cruise
N L Avery
W Buxbatner
J L Goodbar
B S Jones
James Connor
W A J Slaughter
John Rosser
H B HoweU
M T White
E T Starke
John C Sronce
J S Caruthers
Jacob J Peres
C n Taylor
R W Nlcolson
John Johnston
Hugh B Martin
W Messlck
Junius R Greene
John W Jefferson
Handle, Heath &
N D Menken
T H Arnold
C E Crosby
u Thomas
J W Hex
Charles Jones
S R Meyer
F F owler
Paul Kuhn
Slg Kudu
John H Chldester
W H Porter
Jose M H Holmes
M Stanton.
J C Owensby,
Thos Mogrldge,
wtu Bruce,
D L McKay.
J B Miller.
J M Treywant,
h wngnt,
H Huntzlcker,
G Zeller,
G S Knapp,
E M Durham.
J A Wax,
W A Rose.
C E Waldran
T M'Djwell
J D Waldran
J G Battle
W M Donald
B M F Mallory,
N W S peers )r
JG Davie
C H Crisman
J Baxter
J Thompson
A B Moon
J M Goodbar
W N Brown
C V Voorhels
T B Haynes
J H Coffin ft Co
Henry E Coflin
A M Scarborough
John C Karrtngtoii
John S Stanton
E Dashiell
J B Taylor
Isaac C Rosser
J L Wellford
John W Gould
Hadden ft Avery
B A Splcer
John S Toot
F' Paterashl
W Bowles, sr
John W Dlllard
J S Day
R Lauckenan
A L Duval
Brooks, Neely Co
J W Proudtlt, Jr
S B Clarke
W H Moore
C P Oakley
A G Harris
T J Cowglll
J M Smith
S M Anderson
Irvln M'D Massey
J A F'orrest .
John Steele
William Bowles. Jr
C Mayuotf
J C Thrail
J T Pettit
Alston Boyd
W S Taylor
M DeUiney
J S Lewis
J N F alls
J Rleser
C W Mosby
W A Goodman
P Vuesuel
B James Jones
George K Duncan
J C Davis
F W Irvine
A Hatchett
Wm A Goodwyn
Hugh Torrance
Edwd Klederer
P S Jones
M Van bom
A J Loyd
J F Hoist
B A Calum
E Berry
B W Shelton
C B Creman
E B Webber
Theo Krteman
J N Oliver
J Sellgman
Ferguson ft Hampson
Thomas P Dumn
W J Crawford
W P Proudnt
A M Agelasto
M J Rossel
B J Semmes ft Co
R E Semmes
Max Friedman
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H E A Wolf
John A Harpman
Rilph Wormeley
J A Shane
G B Malone
C P Hunt
J H Black
H Furstenhelm
J W Jefferson
J N Ralney
it F fnuups
R S Bowles
W D Mallory
Sam M Gates
Benjamin Bdbb
T. H. Farnswortb
Geotve Winchester
J E Clarkson
G A Cochran
W T Bowder
L S Lake
W B Jones
Mark W Searcy
A D Gibson
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J J Smith
A H Proudnt
Sam H Coward
David P Hadden
W B Galbreath
Louts Hanauer
W M Ball
A L Lowenstein
4 ieo E Hawkins
John Fritz
B M Drake
Joseph Coll
Henry Berry
A M Newson
C L Byrd
Ellis Larkin
A F Dod
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Wm M. Paine
Geo Mahan
A S Baldwin
W L Conoway
Julius Behr
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F" M Nelson
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Nicholas Lumey
J R Godwin
Thos E Norvell
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John N Ware
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John E Handle
Q L Jones
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G H Denlson
Haywood S Ashe
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Solomon Hesse
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Charles Klferly
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Thomas Boyle
J V Johnston
S A Pepper
T B Johnston
Edmund Orgill
Thomas B CorTey
John A Rowell
Henry J Lynn
John W Waynesburg
j w aioores
Tim Kinney
The following colored citizens also sicmed
tne can
John Willi ford.
Charley Parrlsh,
Bob Boyd
Ellsha steaman.
Claud Harris,
Bruce Maury
BiU Williams,
tieorge White,
Ell Hamilton,
Louis Davis,
Adam Ramsey,
Curtis Bass,
Joseph Greene,
C. E. Averllt,
Jim Weaver.
G. W. smlthfleld,
Ennls Flnley,
Perry M'Laughlln
Tom Allen
Wm M'Lowe
John Simpson
Emanuel Henry
Ben Smith
Sam Hunt
Silas Boyd
Henry Bauer
Sam Moore,
Peter Jackson.
George Washington,
Kicnaru bale,
Morton Phillips.
Oosbem Goodor,
w. w. case.
Allen Mosby.
G. W. Taylor,
J J Joiner
Tom Fowler
Ben M Lowe
Luclen Walker
Adam O'Bannon
Albeit Ross
Lewis Margemm
George Washington
Wm J Ross,
H. U. Iioi.l.ENBElia has the Gnest selections
of pianos and organs, and will sell lees than
cost for cash. Call and see.
A Fine
Diagonal dress overcoat for 112 SO. worth t20.
at the Great Western Clothing House.
fiii rzt
To iron In o-wcharli A-iU,
t m, . - m w mm w a
j Agent iajtowuc rruar
Seals, ttampsiooa tvet. 24 t it-I"s
era. i , .-
On account of a changs In our firm, certain to take effect on or about January next, we shall
onjereurr.XTIRK STOCK OF DRV CiOODSat neai ly one half the usual selling prices. All
rll.? . ' ln falnnE"ree. Extremely lxv . to lusute a speedy sale. We submit for con
sideration the anueivd schedule of
Unusually Low Prices!
Dress Goods, Etc.
Plaid Poplins at "lie per y.ird.
Hauilsome Silk and Wool Dress Suitings at S2. S3
., Ml' pattern, worth S4. Srt and K each.
aSd Casnmeres at figures below that of any
other house lo the city.
In Flannels, we offer:
eavy Domet Flannels at 121AC
Good All-Wool Flannels at 15c.
",5-? 4 4 11-Wool Flannels at 55c; usual
Ext he17. Kl fide Canton Flannel at 12V:
never before sold for less than 2c per yard.
Blankets, Comforts anc Coverlets
Prices and Quality Cannot he Equaled.
S6 !9"4 wJl,te Blankets at S3 25 a pair.
Heavy bllver-Gray Blankets at 1 10 a pair.
Comforts at 81 and S2 each.
Extra large Delaln Comforts. S3 75- worth S4 each.
Extra heavy All-Wool Coverlets at S2 60 each.
W hlte Spreads trom 50c apiece tip.
Cassimeres and Jeans
Good heavy Jeans at I2tic per vard
All-Wool filling Jeans at 80c per yard.
Cassimeres at 50c and ttOc, worth SI per yard.
House-Furnishing Goods.
we Invite particular Inspection.
5"?w?,TaD,e Linens at 35c; worth 45c.
Half-bleached Linens at 45c; worth HOc.
Very fine Bleached Linens at 75c; worth SI 10.
Turkey Red Linens at 7oc; worth SI.
Napkins pure Linen at 75c; worth P5c per dozen.
Extra-large Dinner Napkins at SI 50; worth S2
per doren. .
Towr!sa-t 75c- 1 and ?1 25; worth SI. SI 25 and
SI o per dozen.
Irish Linens
At 25 cents per yard, never sold for less than 35c.
Finer grades proportionately as cheap.
Extra large size Piano Covers at S4; worth 86 each
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Can be bought at our store for less than cost of ma
terial. A very good Unlaundried Shirt at 75c
The very best made Shirt, everyone warranted, at
SI each; same as sold elsewhere at SI 50.
Tt ' 'Jf1lS0Ve, R's "re In stork, and will be sold as advertised. Please cut this advertise--i0,'i?D.5brln5,lt
,w,th ,ou' t- compare prices. EiT-Goods sent C. O. D. uiDlication !i w
would call the particular attention of buyers to this, the most atraorUtaTary iMauinT?..
Iry Woods of the seaeon. "
"Wm. Frank & Co
yp. S49 Main Streer, : : : Memphis. Teun.
Offer now the Balance of Stock on Hand at lO Per Cent.
Below New York Cost.
ft Wind Up Thar kmm
IO per cent,
Dress Goods,
25 per cent,
IO per cent,
Kid Gloves,
At half their value.
Regnlar Memphis ana IKew Orleans
racket for the !eason.
sir. J. A.. JSciMltler.rj
J. F. Hicks. master I Chas. H. Dlx clerk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Or
leans and all way and bend landings
Wednesday, December 12th, at 5 p.m.
, Wednesday, December 2th, at 5 p.m.
Shippers and travelers can tvlvnn ihA atriMsct
piimtuallty, as the Scudderwill always leave on time.
iv.-, a. n. js. ie w nartDoat.
Rea-nlar Memphis and Xew Orleans
Packet lor the Season.
sir. alas. iloward.wLi
B. B. Pegram master I 3. H. Chassaln? cierk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Or
leans and all way aud bend landings
"cuiiesuajr, uecenioer .Itn. at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, December luth, at n p.m.
Sh'nners knowthn Hmmnii,aiinM.u.
has good accommodations for passengers. '
nwuuiuiuu a. tjiaiAa, . 1 lax whariooat.
Ilegnlar Memphis and Xew Orleans
I'acket for the Season.
Thompson Dean. JV,
Jas. H. Penper master I Frank Beck clerk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg. Natchez, New Or
leans and all way and bend landings
weunesaay. uecemoer nth. Kt K nm
Wednesday, December lttth. at B p.m. t
mm : ; vaa ud utiu atrtiur;i
leaving punctually on time,
ouiLiiFcia tviiii Lrrivfierai imti mivnn in id nrt ctou
niaaiamuj acAtii Kit. B. K. Lee wharfboat.
Memphis and Vicksburg Pkt.
OtttA IJaAJli7 ATZ
Will ba fn. mfllrahnM F
..... .v. i,vuuuiSvicij .Tcniw . e
Str. rcT
Will leave for
Arkansas Pit. wm Kf.vn . v . ,
.THURSDAY, at 5 p.m.
- - " ww j. a JBJj. .t t-Jaw
r. 1 v TnTriTc Jf "2 ann Frtars Point every TUES-
- - iuliwiii alio OA IL KUA I , at ft p.m.
o w t irnTm.JOHS J- DARRAtiH, Sup't.
B- W. LIGHTBITtNE. Aeent. 2rt Front t.
Memphis and Arkansas Blver Packet Co For Pine
Bluffand Little Rock Elegant passenger steamer
jvaue uooper, .eSsi
Ed. Nowland mafter I Jas. N. Thompson. . clejk
Leaves MONDAY. December 10th. at 5 p m.
JNO. N. HARBIN, Sup't, 2n2l Front st.
J. T. WASHINGTON. Agj on W"fh7..t.
For lYew Orleans.
Clias.I. Clioutean.S
W. ILThorwelgan... master G. Mllteriberger.. clerk
Will leave Tuesday, lec. Iltb. 5 u.m.
and every alternate Tuesday during the season,
and will carry out all contracts ot the Lite steair.er
Grand Reptil'iic BRADFORD FLY. At-nts.
Begular Memphis and Helena Indeiendent Tri
weekly Packet For Bennett's. Commerce, Coun
cil Bends, M boons, Waintit Bend. Austin. Helena
and all Intermediate huidliigs The elegant ias
senger steamer
jeo. W. Clieek,
M. B. Cheek master I A. L. Cummins ciera
Leaves Memphis Mokdats, Wednesday- and
F'kipats, at 6 p.m.
For freight or passage apply on board or to
BRADFORD A FLY. Aeents. WI4 Front St. K
sill, or
j the in
- of this
V(aWBd. 'jM.IV-annUf a '- i fn ' -jui successive
I wee a. In the Meauphui Appea.. Th's Nov. 20. 177.
j A py-ttet: Ia3e3 BEILLY, Clerk. -
Bi H i B. Culien. Deisit; lera.
W w bin n. soi, for eorapl'L
W. I Iu?,Aiwrre.
- mla
Prints and Domestic Goods.
Prices being already extremely cheap, we make but
a small reduction:
One lot Wash Prints, slightly Imperfect, at 4ca yard.
One lot One quality 4-4 Bleached Cotton t 7lsc a yd.
One lot very tine Bleached Cotton superior to Lons
dale) at !c a yard.
The Styles and Prices of our
Carpets and Oilcloths
Will astonish purchasers.
Good Hemp Carpeting at IMc per yard.
Oood Ingrain Carpeting at ')."c per yard.
Good Two-ply Carpeting at ttOc a yard.
Good Three plr Carrying at eHc per yard.
Very beat make Three-piy Carpeting. Sf I 10 per yard.
Best quality Tapestry Brussels at only MOc per yard.
Best quality Oilcloths at 40c per yard.
In Boots and Shoes
We can safely guarantee a saving of from 50c to SI
a pair.
Best quality Ladies' Custom-made Kid and Goat
Shoes at S2 a pair, equal to any S-f Shoe ln the
Children's Custom-made Lace and Button Shoes,
from tuic a lutlr up.
Extra quality Side Lace Pebble Goat Ladles' Shoes
at SI 50 a pair.
We Shall Also Offer
One lot Ladies' Felt Skirts and Sacques at far below
the usual prices.
Also, a laive lot of Balmoral Skirts at 40c each.
Wlllow-Ba.-keta at hall Mice.
Good size Baskets at 40c, 50c and 75c; worth nearly
Fancy Goods and Notions
Will be seld at unusually low prices.
One lot Ladles' Silk Ilhinikerclilets at loc, 25c and
5c each: wnrth double the prices.
Gents' British Half-hose at S2 perdven.
The very best British Ha!f-hcse at S-' 25 per dozen.
Ladles' Silk Ties, latest shades, at 15 and 2iic piece.
Ladles' best Whalebone Corsets at 50c each.
Real Guipure Luces at 25 and 50c a yard; wotth $1.
Heavy Black Silk Fringe at 60c; sold everywhere
at 5c a yard.
The best Needles, Pins. Knitting -Cotton and Alpaca
Braids at 5 cents each.
A good quality 200-yard Sjool Cotton at 25c per dor.
Tillers, large size, at 50c and 75c each.
Children's Wool Hose at 5c per pair.
Best quality Table Oilcloth at 50c per yard.
We shall also
Close Out
Boys' and Children's
T JUVA Int, nf f nHl.w' xif...
Hats, from 15c attiene nrv'
Alio 100 Shetland and Zephyr Knit Shawls, from
7oc up.
less than cost.
Dress Goods!
below cost.
below cost.
.. rs 1 1
C3"al WUllIUhVU
article in the house below cost,
259 MAIN ST.
Mail For Osreola, Xew
llickman and Kt. Louis.
John Crane master aVITlj.
Will leave THIS DAY, Dec "nth. at's pTr'L""""
A f) CT. ,i ,
Snp't Mississippi piv,r EvKtor Com pnoy
J. . Mail For Osreols w Madrid
Hickman, tTrtjr nod st.lyoiUs.
Steamer BELLE MEMPHIS, ,. .....
James A. Yore "'fv-r"T,'Tin,
Leaves MONDAY. DecemU lot i. 5 . m.
Sun't Mtssls.lr.pl Riwr Flet'ofomnanv.
MeinrdilsiiBdMt.Loalr, Parket t s.
F0J- ?,lw,.T A1"1. 'nVille, VksYn and
way landings; connecting at ArkV ". f? Jr.?
road for Pltle Bluf!, and at Vlcfesl? 'k lh m11"
lor the Yazoo ri ver a,, v.i wlta steamers
, Steamer CoLORAry 1
James O. Neai J
leave si-vniv.'ViH"'--:- --mas.eri , , a
rrom ElevtUor Bulldln .. , . '" " -,u-f
giving throuffli 1,1 . i" ."-ke.mc pussemrers and
a,bitec:i:i Kia;a Stivers C S.
IXaJH Liur,
str Indian Bay, St Chir'.es, C! area Jon, Derails
rutin, Des Arc, Augusta, jacssonport, Point,
Searcy, Batesvll'.e, F-owhaltan and Portion tea.
The elegant passenger steamer
Leaves ileraiihis every cATt'IiI'-lY. al 5 P.ta., con
necting with stejuruorMcABTULK lor all points or
ill:ick river.
Throuch rates or f relgSI and passage to all polnta
on Black and Vhjte rr.vrn.
For frelt or ri--sae apply oti fconrd or la
J. T. WASHINGTON, ft. . Lee WharfboaL
W. C. HAKkV, ai)t) Frvr.t street, up-stalrs.
KTelgkt eonststiod to .'..lit Harry will be, handled
free oi bttrh.y.. draraje F-nd coyiu-isolon. and put
through pioruttfiy.
Sir. CO All:? J A.
Stacker Lee master I E. B. Thorjas clerk
FRIDAY, at rt p.m.. for iirlna, rrlars Point and
all Ka7 aid plantation Is.tuings.
J. T. WASHINGTON. Ait-rd. K0O Vmnt st.
.Memphis and usreols I'acket Line Carrying Lnlted
teta'-e Ma!L Stcitner
Leaves Mempuls every MONDaY. WKDXESDAT
and f RiiA , ut 5 p.m., for San-.iolph. Kulton, Osce
riH aj'd A-':;i.n. P.n.-er3 and sUrirs i.leasa
rwar in i;iti tuiil e leJ-.ve on tlmi Vmic-i.t
celved at i
leun's anaxfboi.t at all times.
k. p, i, LKNX.
or cairo, tvansvuie. Louisville and Cincinnati.
.... sir-Hjrr
Kohci-t Slitchell,
Dan Moo re
in Moo re master
ie Lee Wh;ftioat MoXDiv "v.
p.m. For fn-I-ht ,-r i,a-'-?.- ' .'T1"-
will le.'iveilie l.s
tx r jot II. it 4
5fO lain, opp. l'eabody Uctci.
ALWAYS on band, k hw ssnrrri ! i-f v..-A-rt-T
: -I
wwt :
i rt
... -I bf t ri
i-ed C. O, a.
:rsi-h ! rtr t I Eiled, acf
5 t
. n

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