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WMuaaviai. beoesubar 2Z. I a. aw f
or Tenness mnd the Ohio and upper
Mississippi mni lotrer Missouri tileys.
northerly winds, lower Umperuturt, rising
bmrtmtsr, mmd elm r tcsat her.
w" Dar'T. Missal bwHnrm V. 8. Aurr. I
Moaii.al. Dwi'jf 24. 1877. 10:04 D-m. f
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S. W.l
ITITSolf. bwrgaeot.
A a KIo.arat u Kanctt Appeal le the
Waaaea f tne,-Velaateer (tatr,"
by tae tttata Age at r tae
Lee atwaaateat Aoaa- .
. . alatlea.
To the Winn of the South:
Dm ondenijrned haa been appointed State
agent of Uie Lee nionment association, of
lticbiuond, Virginia. Tbe object of this as
sociation ia to dum a fund for the erection of
an enoeetrian statue of General Lee, at
Kicbraond. The women of the "Volunteer
state," whose courage, derotioa and eelf
aacnnos during the horrors of war, were the
theme of well-deserved eology the women
who preeerved hope and faiUt when other
despaired, who were constant with a con
ataacy aurivaled in history will surely need
no second invitation to etlit their zealous
and earnest co-operation with me in the pro
motion ot that object in the State of Tennea
aee. I wish to arouse among the women of
oar State an attire and unanimous interest,
and to secure their practical assistance in
raisintr a fund which will not only aid ma
terially the success of a grand and noble en
terprise, but will add another laurel to the
fame of our commonwealth. Every woman
in Tennessee who honors courage, who re
veres patriotism, who admites exalted pu
rity, as exem plified in the character of
our dead chieftain all who desire to perpet
uate ia imDeriH habit) marble the name and
Tirtues of immortal Lee, are earnestly re-J
attested to communicate with me at once.
Especially is it the desire of the association
that some unanimous and united effort be
nwta on the nineteenth ' of January, 1878
(being the anniversary of General Lee's
birth ojy), and V handsome stun realized for
the object proposed. It is unnecessary to
uggest the manner in which yon are to
proceed. , If 1 can but be assured of your
hearty sympathy, and tnat you will make use
of such sKaos as may be at your disposal, I
can but believe, that our State will send a
contribution of which all her citizens may
well be proud. Plea address
. - jtm JKNNY C FOUTS,
Memphis, Tennessee.
All newspapers in the State of Tennessee
are requested to publish this circular, as the
beet means to reach the hearts and homes of
the people.
WflUK is MimriiY,
Tha Hew York Exeiee Caassaleeloaers,
aad tae Treasurer af the Bear?
He aa the Koin ef Kxclae
raade have Dieappear
4 Toa-etaer.
New Tons. December 24. The vicinity of
tha police headuuarters was startled tills evening by
the announcement Unit Excise-Commissioner Owen
Murphy bxl absconded wlin a Urge amount of ex
else fund. iurihy was treasurer ot Uie excise
board, and Had roll aontroi ot uie finances. An ao
oouot was kept at tha nian eichanira bank, slur
was ktat aoen Batunlal' furemioa. FieslUent
-orton and Commissioner P(WtTo were looking
fur him all of (o-dar. but could discover no traces ot
tvm. Mr. tHUUrou dn up to pollc headiuaners,
bia would not dlvnUce the obect of his visit.
Ixiirr NortXHi arrived, and (be two were elosetd
wiia inspector Thorn. It was then announced
that Comuilsstoner Murpbr bad dlsap
nred tour - ml antes past eleven o'clock
niKht A feneral alaria was sent out lo
all polloe-stntioiis to arrest Owen Murphy, treasurer
of the board of excise, who baa absconded wllh be
twoeo UirM buiHlrml and four hundred thousand
dollars. MumhvJl transaction Is explained bv In
apettor Thorn iiAhla manner: Murphy drew a check
for nfty thuaiaud dollars, and bad It cenltled at the
term an bank; he nexl went to another bank, whose
name the Inspector did Dot know, and deposited the
ebeok. and drew out tan thousand dollars; whether
tha remainder was drawn Is not known. Mr. Murphy
was appointed to bis position In the excise board by
Mayor wlckham. and, wllh president Norton,oonsa
tuld a Democratic majority on the board.
jjeadlac yorrhaat of crhleaa;e ast the
Klasarlal problem.
Chicago, December 24. The following
petition has been sla-sed by the leading merchants,
bankers, and business men of this city:
Weddre to express our sympathy for and agree
meet wita the President of the I'nlted (Mates and
the secretary of the treasury ln their financial views
recently presented to congress. We, therefore,
hereby respectl uily request our senators and repre
sentatives in congress to firmly and earnestly dis
pose ot all ICKlslallon eoneemlag the national
finances andv coinage net strictly In accord with
Presidenl Ha en's unaware and the report of Secre
tary bhenuan, Ws brlteve that tha prosperity ot
the country and the Interests of the people will be
prstnotod by a steadfast adherence to the single
standard of gold In ellectlng Uie exchanges of Uie
nation, and by the resumption oX specie parsaent on
January 1. ir.ua
A Waaat at Varcera PalleA.
Nrvr York, December 24. Kfforts to
bring to losUce a gang of forgers who, last spring,
endeavored to nevtHJale two hundred thousand dol
lars In forged bonds of tjulncy county, Illinois, and
M. Louis aounty, Missouri, culminated last Bight In
the arrest of Joel N. Hayes, a broker of New street;
Ferdinand Hartog, broker, ot 14 Broad street, and
William Ualr, No. I IB Broadway, who were looked
up. The detectives bold warrants for the arrest of
(oar other Wail street operators, but their names,
although known, cannot be published until tha ar
rests nre made. The police and detecUvea were
very reUeent, but It was ascertained that the arrests
were made on the confession of J. H. BusteJ and
Wax. Cams, It Is ascertained that Busted and
Carrara will be used as Stale's evidence, and that
the ease, when fully developed, will present some
BrnsaUonal feature. The arrenta of Carrara and
Hunted were r.isxl In August last, and they wen
charged wttb tha negoUation of one hundred thou
sand dollars In forged bouds of bt Louis county,
Missouri. - y, '
Keaeattaai ta Bra. Hsyea .i
Nkw Yohk, December 24. Mr. and Mrs.
John W. Ellis, formerly of Cincinnati, last evening
gave a reception to Mrs. Uayes, at llielr residence on
West nrtf seventh street. Although It was quite an
Impromptu aflalr, there were a large number of dis
tlugulsbes) iofle preeeot, and the entertainment
was of a must agreeable character. The President
was expected lo arrive at some lime during the even
ing, but the lateness of the hour at which the dinner
of tbeKewCngland society was over rendered his
presence tmposslbla
Jk. Hit Uslsa FUkt,
Saw Fbajtcmoo, December 24. A Tricson
dlspitch says that about oue hundred and thirty In
diana camped near jaiua. Sooora, recently. Tba
Honors troops atta-Aed tham, ifMlng tweoty-seven
killed aad a number wounded. The Indian casual
ties are not stated. Tb Indians were apparently
vlctortoo. as tney subsequently stripped the couotry
In Uie vtclutiy of Janos ot Mock. The Indians have
been robbing trains in the ban clmon valley. Troops
are in pursuit.
- Tha Jaaaary latercat.
New York. December 24. On Wednes
day next the I' sited States treasury will begin the
pra-parment, wUaout rebate, of tha January Inter
xciae-Commlssloiiers Morton and Patterson bava
warned the batiks not to honor cheeks signed by
Commission Murphy, their abseoodlDg treasurer.
Three) Tlllalaa.
Rochester. N. Y., December 24. Early
yesterday monilng three men entered the bouse of
Meonre Mingle, near Attic, knocked him down and
dragged his wife aed nnj-alx rears out, ravished
and municred bar.
DesUk ar the laveatarlaf tha Parratt
PororraEiimTit, December 24. Robert P.
Parrott, inventor ot the ParroU gun. died at Cold
fepruapl this morning.
Heavy rail are.
CnramcR. Pa., December 24 George Da
kar, the banker, who suspended Inst Thurady. states
his UaMlitw at one hundred and nfty-ulne thousand
Odlars. wnhoaa hundred and alnety-two thousand
dollars assets, nearly ail in real esuia.
. rearfwl ate aa the Calt
War Splrtt. froat ('reenoek. rspovts that on the
Blneterath she enenuntersd a gala, and an tha
tMOtf-anw. wnen aoout one nntiarai umimm inns iw
mm, ska had bar bulwarks slova lo aad lost two
julii and ala bar fnrs and main masts, bha tell
In with the ship Oliver a. Honthard. which towed
tas War rkdru ta the passes, boa to naw being
towad ta tba citr.
Baracst ta Ieatsu
Rastov. Mam.. December 24. 'orneliai
TMnthrswa lighted kerosene Un; at Mrs. Mary
L. Mekiwaa, seuli'g her clothes on Ore. and aha
Ftaaaelal rralltlaa.
Cmr aoO, December 24. Russell K. Beck
ferd. lumber dealer, baa failed. Ijnseeurad debts,
.MlrlO; k on epen account, tSAuO.
The 1 rxtl axon y of the State Contlnaea to
be latrodnced Dlsctueloa Over
DjIbat Dec Lara Lions I the Ab
aeare of theiary The Case
Goes a BegaJarlj.
Jadge Logwood Decides ta Hear the Dy
ing Declarations Made oa Sunday,
bat not those Made' oa Satarday
Farther Hearing Contin
ued to To-Xorrow
The examination of the State's witnesses in
the Coe-lieach homicide-case was resumed
at the criminal court yesterday morning be-
ore juoge ixgwooa ana me jury, ine tes
timony introduced by the State was as fol
lows: R. B. Hutchinson I am a sewinr-machine
agent, and am also an employe ia the revenue
office ;.Mrs. Barbour ia my mother-in-law; M.
M. Beach was in my employ; did not know
Mr. Coe; on the night that Beach was shot,
I was in my room over the sewing-machine
establishment, on North Court street; the
shooting occurred about nine o'clock; was in
bed, but got np when aroused by Mrs. Bar
bour; I met a crowd of men bringing Beach
np stairs; his head was covered with blood;
be told me he was shot; I had directed Mrs.
Barbour to write Mrs. Coe a note to the ef
fect that I would not guarantee the machine
to run for three years unless thoroughly re
paired, and that for the work that had been
done on it no charge would be made; I am
the proprietor of the establishment.
At this period of his examination General
Wright announced to the counsel for the de
fense that he intended to prove by the wit
ness the dying declaration of the deceased.
The jury retired, and the witness con
tinuing his evidence, said: Beach, on Satur
day night, remarked that he "didn't know
but what he should die;" he said L. H. Coe
had shot him, and he wanted Evarts to pros
ecute him; he said be had an insurance on
his life, and after bis debts were paid to have
the balance to go to pay the prosecution.
Cnntt-examined I never heard Beah say
afterward that he would get well; I was not
present when General Patterson was with
Beach; Mr. Townsend came over to take his
deposition Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock;
Saturday morning Beach said he thought he
would get well; Mrs. Barbour was with him
until he died; I questioned Beach about my
business; he aid " it was in good condition;
Beach also said, "I don't know but that I
shall go," or, "perhaps I may leave you;"
Bench did not say he bad struck Coe; when 1
talked with Beach no one was in the room.
Argument of counsel now began as to this
evidence going to the jury as the dying dec
laration of the deceased. General Wright
and Mr. Williams contending that it was
competent, the attorneys for the defense ar
guing otherwise. . ,
Dr. G. B. Henning was examined as to the
condition of Beach before he died. He
said that such wounds were not necessarily
fatal; he had given him opiates and had
cheered him np with the hopes of ultimate
recovery; Beach died of hemorrhage; never
heard him say that he expected to die.
Dr. R. W. Mitchell was called, and testi
fied that Saturday evening Beach had told
him he "thought he would pull through;"
this was about five o'clock in the afternoon, or
later; I regarded the wound as a fatal one,
but tried to keep him cheered np; don't rec
ollect Beach telling me who shot him; he
was talking to several persons in the room;
he seemed to be in great pain.
Cross Examined He never expressed des
pair of getting well; I knew the wound was
a very dangerous one, and there was internal
hemorrhage, which, if not stopped, would
surely result in his death; I had no hopes
after Saturday night.
Mrs. Ida I . Hutchinson was sworn and
testified: I was with M. M. Beach dur
ing all of hia illness; I am confident that
he knew he would die, because he made, his
will; he told us on Sunday morning, about
nine o'clock, what to do with his
remains, and expressed a desire to
see a minister; he wanted to
see Dr. Boggs, but, as he was too far, I went
to Rev. Eugene Daniels; Sunday morning he
seemed very anxious to give his dying declara
tions; Beach said he would sleep a little, and
then when he awoke be could give his decla
ration in full; he sent my busband out for a
person to take bis deposition, about half-past
eight o'clock, Sunday morning; Mr. Aberna
thy, I think, was in the room when he ex
pressed himself as wishing to give his deposi
tion; he signed his will Sunday morning, in
Mr. Abernathy's presence.
Cross-Examined I was present in the
room Sunday morning, when General Patter
son was in the room; I don't think he told
General Patterson that he would 'pull
through; 'I think Beach asked General Pat
terson if he (Patterson) thought he would pull
through;' I was not present when Detective
Pryde was with him; Beach was of a hopeful
disposition, but he remarked the night that
he was shot that he would die; Beach would
ask others if they didn't think he would get
well, when, in boa heart, he knew that he
would die.
General Horrigan Do yon mean to say
you knew what was in Beach's heart?
Witness We, who are intimately ac
quainted with persons, know their inner feel
togs better than mere strangers; Beach was
anxmns to make a dying declaration; he
made his will Saturday, but it was not signed
until Sunday- morning, between eight and
nine o'clock; Mr. Beach begaa sinking some
time after nine o'clock, Saturday night.
The Court Please state what Mr. Beach
said Sunday morning when he expressed him
self as wishing to make a dying declaration.
Witness 1 can't.say what his exact words
General Wright Did you hear jar. Beach
say on that Sunday morning, when he died,
who had shot him ?
Witness Yes; he said Mr. Levin H. Coe
had shot him ; he so expressed himself sev
eral times; Mr. Abernatby was present when
he made the remark.
W. S. Abernatby was the next witness. I
was present at the bedside of Mr. Beach
shortly after he was shot; was with him Sun
day morning; he said at that tame that Mr.
Levin Coe had shot him; he signed bis will
Sunday morning; I witnessed his signature.
Cross-Examined Beach did not say how
the difficulty occurred; he said Levin Coo had
shot him ta response to an inquiry from Mrs.
Hutchinson; didn't hear him tell General
Patterson oa Sunday morning that he
thought he would "pull through."
Rev. Engine Daniels was next examined: I
am the pastor of the First Presbyterian
church; I was called to see M. M. Beach in
his last illness, in the capacity of a minister;
I asked him if it was God's will that he
should die; was he prepared. He said, "I
think I am." I asked him if he would for
give the party who shot him purposely
avoiding mentioning any name. Beech hesi
tated for a moment and said: "Well, it's
hard for a man to forgive an assassin, but I
presume it is right, and I forgive him." I
prayed with him, and was with him, alto
gether, for an hoar. My conversation war
altogether on spiritual matters, seeing he
had not much time to lose.
The testimony ot Mrs. Hutcbin-son, Mr.
Abernatby, Dr. Henning, Dr. Mitchell, and
Rev. Eugene Daniel were given before the
court, and not before the jury, beautse the
point at issue was one of law, as to what
should be considered a dying declaration.
This point was elaborately argued by counsel
up to the hour of adjournment at noon.
At two o'clock court re-assembled, and
Judge Logwood held that the declarations
made by Mr. Beach, on Satarday night, were
not "dying declarations," he (Beach) not
considering himself in articulo mortis, but
that his declarations made on Sunday even
ing would be admitted aa dying declarations.
The examination of witnesses was then re
sumed before the jury.
Mr. R. B. Hatch inaon testified, on cross
exaniin&tion, as follows i I am deputy col
lector of internal revenue and sewing-machine
manager. No. 44 North Court street;
I authorized the attorney-general to pat his
name aa prosecutor ia the indictment against
L. H. Coe; I was indirectly bat not directly
forced to become prosecutor against
Mr. Coe; Judge Wright said that
if I did not become a prosecutor he
would have me or some one else, or
go through the state; did not want to become
a Drosecntor: 1 was not forced to become
prosecutor because 1 am not forced to do
anything; when the difficulty took place on
the street I got up out of bed and went to
the head of the stairs: did not go down until
Mr. Beach was brought up; Mr. Beach had a
cane in bis hand; I afterward went down
and got Mr. Beach's hat; I was np when the
shot was tired, aad thought it was fired in
the house; I instructed Mrs. Barbour to
write a note to Mrs. Coe; the copy of the
note taken in the copying-book was changed
afterward by the insertion ot the word "not"
being put in with a lead pencil by me; I
thought the letter would be misconstrued
without the word not appealing; 1 never
carry a pistol unless I have to serve a writ
for the United States marshal; I was then
deputy-marshal under Marshal L. B. Eaton;
I did not want to prosecute the case, because
Mr. Beach's brother was here and I thought
he oocrht to Drosecute the case and not me.
D. E. Reahardt, State witness, testified as
follows: I am a tailor; reside on Second
street, north of North Court street; knew
Beach: was coming down North Court, from
Main to Second, on south side, on the night
Mr. Beach was aHled; beard some strokes;
heard a pistol-shot; in a second, two gentle
men passed me; went to the corner; saw
Beach; he had a cane in his hand: I asked,
"Who is shot?" Mr. Beach said r-Ob-jected
to by defendant's counsel. Objection
sustained by court. The two men crossed
the street from the express office; did not
know them; they went toward Main street;
it was a dark night; the shot seemed to be
fired somewhere between the express office
and the corner of Second.
W. S. Abernatby, witness for the State,
testified as follows: On the 30th of March
was at my place of business, on North Court
street; I room near my place of busines;
heard a row in the neighborhood that night;
looked out of my window, saw a crowd in
front of my house; went down, met a man
and asked him about the trouble; did not see
Beach for five or ten minutes; went to his
room, saw him lying in bed; he was wound
ed; stayed there until Dr. Mitchell came and
cut the ball out; Beach had wounds on his
head: his clothing was bloody; he seemed
suffering; saw him next morning Satarday
and in the afternoon, also; last saw him one
hoar before bis death, on Sunday; had con
versation with him; Beach was asked who
shot him, by Mrs. Hutchinson; hi replied,
'.'That man. Lev. Coe;" Mrs. Hutchinson
asked, "M. M., who shot you?" he answered
as above, "That man, Lev. Coe;" 1 have
been in Memphis since May, 1S76; am man
ager of sewing-machine agency adjoining
Mr. Beach's agency; had bved at Shreve
port, Atlanta, Nashville, Cincinnati; I was
born witfain thirty miles of Cincinnati:
Mrs. Barbour, Mrs. Hutchinson, myself, ana
probably General Patterson, were in Beach's
room when he Beach was asked by Mrs.
Hutchinson as to who shot him; had known
Beach a short time: have known Hutchinson
and family since I have been in Memphis; to
the best of my memory Mr. Beach said noth
ing else but what is stated above; no one
asked any other question, and he gave no
other answer; had only a business acquaint
ance with Beach or the Hutchinson family.
lbe btate not being ready to introduce
other witnesses, court was adjourned until
to-morrow morning, at half-past nine
o'clock, when the examination of witnesses
will be resumed.
Clooeton for CoaaeUaaaa
trans the
lit ward.
Editobs Appeal Believinar that the ma
terial interest of Memphis will be most bene
fited in electing John Johnson for mayor, 1
desire to be a candidate in the Fifth ward
for councilman, subject to the action of his
friends, whom I will alone sustain and aid.
Freeiaea Baireaa Basic Paaaders,
fVaveraaaeat Officiate, aad Boarbsa
Haitian: JDeateerata la Caaaetl ev
eraaeut Jtaaaaa teed aa Jaeadqwar
tera. Editors Appeal Under the above
heading I wish to post your numerous read
ers as to what the smiling sunbeams of next
August may produce to uie ambitious office
seeker, aad how he thirsts after it.- Last
Sunday Eaton, Garrett, Cassels, Kennedy,
M'Cain, Kortrect, D. J. Smith N. D. Smith,
J. H. Smith, with several prominent Bour
bon bolting Democrats, made Madison street
lively in getting together the faithful for a
new departure. The wise ones wanted to se
cure some action by which they could dupe
and deeeive the colored people, in which they
have been heretofore successful. Eaton be
comes chairman of a committee, of course,
who, but a few years ago, was a penniless
adventurer, now a director of the First na
tional bank, and president of an insurance
company, and. with several others, who here
rode into office, and obtained wealth in
deluding, and directly getting office through
the aid of the poorer classes, whom, with
their new allies, are planning a campaign for
August next. The above array, with others
we might mention, is enough to startle the
public. How ambitions the office-seeker is,
aad what he will resort to secure the same ! It
is enough to add here that the programme, for
the present, is to sustain Fhppin for mayor,
and to keep the poor, ignorant negro in the
dark as to what they intend to do hereafter ,but
before him to keep np an organization, and
we white Republicans (unless we belong to
the ring) are not counted worthy of notice at
present. Some of the government officials
were shy, being afraid of the recent govern
ment order, and smiled aloud when the pro
gramme was adopted to sustain Flippin.
When their committee reports, which will
be within one or two days, you will be fully
Sunday night at Gayoso street colored
church comes next to your attention. And how
pleasant it must have seemed when his hon
or, Mayor Fhppin, and two or three other
gentlemen entered there. When oar inform
ant posted as, oh! how we thought of some
of these gentlemen when.not far from a year
ago, they said to some of our friends they
would not vote for a white man who sought
negro votes. Still, when Mr. Flippin took
the pulpit, and addressed those present
desiring their votes, he wished to elevate
them; and he thought that all the coffee
houses and saloons should be closed, so they
could not so easily be led astray. Bat, Mb.
Appeal, how did this scene compare with
the one of two years ago, when the im
mortal Barbour Lewis was speaking at
the Exposition building? Your mayor
was . visiting our public saloons
white and colored, with his friends there
(many of whom are not so new), and in one
colored saloon, to impress his audience, he
took his position behind the bar, with hat off,
while male and female inmates called for
their beverages. Oh, such a scene! Messrs.
Editors, we trust you will never again attack
us poor Republicans, as our thirst for office
never led as so far from the path of good ex
ample and noble professions as your recreant
brethren. vigilance.
Schenck'a Ttaxtdrake jfilla
Will be found to possess those qualities nec
essary to the total eradication of all bilious
attacks, prompt to start the secretions of the
liver, and give a healthy tone to the entire
system. Indeed, it is no ordinary discovery
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for these stubborn complaints, which develop
all the results produced by a heretofore free
use of calomel, a mineral justly dreaded by
mankind, and acknowledged to be destruc
tive in the extreme to the human system.
That the properties of certain vegetables
comprise all the virtues of calomel without
its injurious tendencies, is now an admitted
fact, rendered indisputable by scientific re
searches; and those who use the Mandrake
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icines are those provided by nature in the
common herbs and roots of the fields. These
Sills open thefbowels, and correct all bilious
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the injurious effects of calomel or other pois
ons. The secretion of bile is promoted by
these pills, as will be seen by the altered col
or of the stools, and disappearing of the sal.
low complexion and cleansing ot the tongue.
Ample directions for use accompany each
box of pills. Prepared only by J. H.Schenck
& Son, at their principal office, corner Sixth
and Arob streets, Philadelphia, and for sale
by all druggists and dealers. Price twenty
five cents per box.
Lost Time is forever lost. Absence from
school is often caused by a cough, cold or
hoarseness, and can easily be' prevented by
giving Dr. Boll's eough syrup to the ehif-
The Basslan Loss Since the Beginning
or the War Annooneed to 80,412
The Egyptians Reinforcing: the
Turkish Army.
Peace Movements at Constantinople
Crete to have a Provincial Govern
ment Heavy Snow-Storm In
the Balkans.
Wagon-Trains and Escorts Burled In the
Snow Twenty-Nine Men and Forty
Horses Frozen to Death Army
Movements French News.
Pera, -
Per a, December 23. Tha arrival of Su
leiman Pasha in Constantinople counsels re
sistance. A Outrancs and the grand vizier
support him.
Const AHTINOM.E, December 24. The
porta has issued a proclamation deposing
Prince Milan, of Servia. It is rumored that
oa Thursday the sultan ordered Edheim
Pasha, the grand vizier, to take steps to pro
care peace.
Alexandria, December 24. Half of the
Egyptian contingent fund, destined to rein
force the Turkish army, left here this after
noon, it is rumored, for the Crete troops,
which are mostly black.
Pabis, December 24. Proceedings in the
council general conform to the belief that
the recent election turned the scale in lavor
of the repupublicans. The left have a ma
jority in forty-five councils instead of thirty-
six, as formally.
Appointment of Marquis De Saint Vallier
to be ambassador at Berlin is gazetted.
St. Petersbara;.
St. Petersburg, December 24. The total
Rassiao loss by the war to December 20th is
eighty thousand four hundred and twelve.
Prince Gortschakoff has assumed direction
of the ministry of foreign affairs. General
ignaoett has been appointed a member ot
the council of the empire.
Vienna. December 24. The insurgents in
Crete have convoked the national assembly
to establish a provincial irovernment. It is
reported from Paris that a very active diplo
matic intercourse has been going on between
Paris and London, with a view to establish
ing an understanding on the eastern question,
and that the chances of accomplishing this
object axe rather favorable.
Edinburgh, December 24. The chamber
of commerce to-day agreed to memorialize
the government to continue its neutrality in
the present war. Only two members of the
chamber were opposed to the adoption of the
The condition of the health of Prince Leo
pold, the Queen's youngest son, is again
causing anxiety.
Bukarest, December 24. It is expected
that the Russian headquarters will shortly be
transferred from Bogot to Selvi, which is
about southwest of the former place. Grand
Duke Nicholas telegraphed from Bogot to
Prince Milan, of Servia, congratulating him.
upon the successful opening of the cam paign
by the Servians.
The snowstorm which commenced on tJ le
eightenth in Bulgaria and Roumania has
been unusually severe, and it is feared ttiat
hundreds of Turkish prisoners and Russian
troops were caught on the march; it they
were, they must have perished. Of a convoy
over whelmed at Cotrocenia, a suburb of Buka
rest, forty horses and twenty-nine men -were
frozen to death.
London, December 24. A telegram from
Erzeroum reports that twenty battalia ns of
Russians have been seen northeast of Erze
roum. Considerable Russian forces are also
concentrated behind the Deoc Boyon.
A dispatch from Athens announces that M.
Conmoundeours submitted bills to the cham
ber for nominating officers of the Mobile
national guard, and immediately calling out
the reserve of the regular army.
A Constantinople dispatch Btates that it is
declared that the Porte is determined to carry
on the war to the last extremity, should the
request for mediation fail.
Mr. Layard, the British ambassador, has
not yet received Lord Derby's reply to the
Porte's note.
Great distress prevails among the poor of
Constantinople. The prices of provisions are
rising in consequence of the depreciation of
the currency. Difficulties are feared if the
price of bread rises higher.
Mr. Pierre pont presented his letters of re
call to-day to the Queen, at Windsor Castle,
Satarday, aad Mr. Welsh presented his cre
dentials as minister of the United States.
They were both introduced by Earl Derby,
Stanley, the African explorer, has arrived
at Aden.
A Constantinople dispatch, via Syria says
it is reported that the Russians are within six
hours march of Sophia nights, above Ka
marli, and now the only position held by the
Tnrks to defend Sophia.
A correspondent at Bucharest telegraphs
that it is impossible to find out anything con
cerning the condition of the Turkish prison
ers en rout from Plevna, or the Russian
troops caught on the march by a snow storm.
The cold weather and driving snow produced
a terrible effect upon the transport train,
which halted near Co trace ni, a subub of
Bucharest, to await a cessation of the storm.
On Sunday the wagons and horses were en
tirely buried in the snow, and working par
ties were extricating the tram. Forty horses
and twenty-nine men had been found dead.
The men had sought shelter in the wagons
and were frozen within half a mile of Co
trace ni.
The Roumanians will not accompany the
Russians across the Balkans. They will gar
rison Plevna, Nicopolis, and Rahova,
operate with the Servians against W 1
No special preparation is going on at Wool
wich arsenal except the manufacture of field
guns. Only four thousand hands are em
ployed. The war force is from ten to twelve
thousand. It should, however, be added
that equipment is already in store for two
army corps.
Fro as the Indlaa Coaatry-
Deadwood, D. T., December 24. Com
panies E, I and K, of the Eleventh infantry,
commanded by Major Charles G. Bartlett,
arrived at Sioux City, but evening, from the
Cheyenne agency, pio the Fort Pierce route.
Major Bartlett reports that, though often
hearing of Indians along the road, he saw
none. His command crossed an Indian trail
at Cheyenne river crossing, that led north
west, and he expresses the opinion that the
Indians who committed the depredations in
this vicinity have gone to the Little Missouri
or Tongue river.
Salt Lake, Utah, December 24. Colonel
John E. Smith, commanding the Fourteenth
infantry, who was sent to Fort HalL Idaho,
to investigate the threatened war with the
Bannocks, has made a demand for the sur
render of the Indian who murdered Alex.
Rhodes, at Ross Fork. They promise that
they will deliver, but it is not believed that
they will do it. They are well armed, well
mounted, aad insolent. It is thought they
will make trouble in the spring.
Am IlUaala Paataxaster la TissHa
St. Louis, December 24. Mr. Buxton,
postmaster at Morrison ville, Christian county,
Illinois, was arrested by Official-Agent Wil
liams, this morning, for detaining and de
stroying mail matter from St. Loais, Chicago
and Decatur. Boxton ia a merchant at Mor
rison ville, as well as postmaster, and is said
to be well off. The drafts destroyed were
drawn on him by parties here and elsewhere,
and sent to the Morrison ville bank for collec
tion. He confessed to destroying two letters
containing drafts from Spaanhorst ft Hock
man, of this city. He was taken to Spring
field to-day for examination before United
States Commissioner Adams. The matter
was worked np by Postmaster FUley, of this
The Semite Bill Tagged Firt Reading
and RfenWto a Special Commit
tee by the House The Com
. i . mlttee Fall to Agree, and
The Bill wIH Come Up In the llonse on Its
Own Merits, with a Probability of
its Becoming a Law Other
Matters Etc., Etc.
Special to the Appeal.)
Nashville, December 24. A resolution
w as adopted by the senate asking the comp
trailer to report aa estimate of the amount
of money which may be relied upon arising
from the present levy of taxes of all kinds
for the payment of the interest wbicb may
be due January 1. 1879.
The hooas- -passed tha senate bill on first
reading, and it was referred to a special com
mittee, composed of Messrs. Colyar, Oldham,
Johnson, Wilson, 'Gregg, Fisher, Rearden,
Phelan and Simonion.
The committee held a . meeting to-night,
and dissolved, being unable to come to any
agreement. The senate bill, therefore, will
be taken up oa its merits Wednesday morn
ing. It may go through., and its passage
seems to be the only hope of affecting a com
promise. A bondholder to the extent of one million
and a half of dollars says he is willing to ac
cept the senate bill as a compromise.
Both houses adjourned until Wednesday
For the Appeal.
J. N. 3.
Loud were tbe stouts on that joyful morning;.
Sweet was the sdds by the angels then sung;
Israel's heart nov shall cease Its sad longing ;
Peace on the earth for the S avlor has come.
" Shepherds who watched their flocks on the moun
tain." Heard the glad news as It rolled o'er the plain;
There was opened for sin and uacleaoness a fouu
' tain;
" Jesus, tbe Sartor, shall be the babe's name."
" Yonder, ln Betilehem, boi n ln a stable.
: Low. ln a mancer. the ch rub bov Ilea.'
Whilst Maty, the mother, surrounded by danger.
Sang sweet lulltbles to tbo Prince of the skj.
" Tbe wise, from the East, tiave opened their treas
ure. And placed ther gifts at the infant's feet;" '
Whilst at borne, ln her country, the mother ln
Must make berabode In Uie stall of a beast.
For shame! oa tie people professing such kindness,
And claiming Ue honor of God's chosen band,
To treat with suck coldness the Son of tbe Highest,
Because that he sprang from the poor of the land.
But thus are we taught by the pages of story,!
That the greet from tbe poor must always
Yet, tbe fact o'f His birth en shrouded His glory.
In sorrow and want he had seldom a friend.
Skll, riches bring friends, though the head may be
And the soul Dft oolluted bv vilest ef deeds:
JFbey bask In the beams of jo.v and of plenty.
auu Bcoroeur csr reel uie pajigs vi neea.
Now, sway with sach pride on this oyful morning,
And join the soigs which tbe angels then sung.
For Israel's heart shall eease Its sad longing
Peace on the earth, for Meeatah has come.
delft Coaeert Postponed.
The grand gift concert at Mannerchor hall
will be postponed until Sunday, December
30th, on account of the inclemency of the
weather. Quite a large number of valuable
gifts and prizes will be distributed among the
, j,emnam ssepevoleat Society Kali.
As we mentioned in a previous issue, the
twenty-first ansnal ball for the benefit of the
widows and orphans of the German benevo
lent society will be given at Cochran hall to
night. Admission one dollar; ladies free.
These balls ire always enioyable affairs,
after the whole-souled, hearty welcome in
the German fashion. The attendance is sure
to be large, aid the occasion of great interest
and pleasure. The object is a noble one,
and it deserves success.
- Tbe If male of the Christmas) X'.ell.
Last night there was a gathering of the
Sunday-school of the Court street (C umber
land Presbyterian) church. The cbildi en had
little exercises, made speeches, and leathered
presents to their content. During the day
the great bell of the church had beeui put in
place, and raag for the first time to jau the
children together. TMr. P. M. Patterson,
writs ia lr-msarvk ts VxA a rtninf mvrJruit nnnfla.
w uu o nuv vt aa vw asvi aa viaxUf aajvuchi. .aVJAAi-i
man to even-body in town, and wlio had
worked hard to get the bell, was much exer
cised during the sheectumng, when little
Miss Matbe McDavitt had her s?.y:
"Oh, the Cumberland bell, the jo! ly big bell
That hangs on the steeple
To eail all the people
To hark to lis mellow and music; d swell;
And tbe children will fill up the r places
To look at each others glad facer j.
And slnjpf tbe music and grace s
Of dear Ar. Patterson's Jolly bl belL" '
Why doi't some of our cther churches
manage to ret a large bellf vve hope there
are more Jrittersons in town.
Pryer'a Opera Cowpany.
Last nisrtt the Memphis Theater mu well
filled with the musical people and the elite of
the city, w agner s celebrated opera, Lohen
grin, was tne attraction, and most impres
sively and musically was it rendered by the
Fryer people. The cast of the fading roles
was exceiiesc. m. me r Mppenbeim. as "KIsa.
slits Grimnringer as "Ortrud," Mr. Christian
Fritsch as ' Lohengrin," Mr. Alouin Blum as
"Frederick of Telaramund," Mr. H. Wieg
and as "Eenry, the Fowler King of Ger
many," and Mr. Adolphe as the "King's
Herald." The plot of the opera is ta"ken from
tne legend ot tne Holy aran, the mysterious
and sacred cup of the mystics of th e middle
ages. "Lohengrin," in the las t see ne of the
opera, describes it as follows:
On distant shores, which you will visit never.
Rises Mount Moosalvat as on a throne,
There stands a temple, which Is bright forever;
So glorious nought on earth was ever known.
In this a vessel, wondrous pow'is possesalnir.
Is kept a treasure precious beyond cost.
That men unstained may guard It as a blest ilng.
'Twas brought to earth by an angelic host.
Once every year, a dove, from heaven descei ldlng.
Alights, and thus Its marv'loaa strength renews.
'Xlsi called tue"UralL" This, to Its vol'rJ es lend-
Its virtue, doth through them pure faith diffuse.
Mme. Pappenheim, asi"l8a," hv.t night.
soon became a favorite. She sraig with
power and with an ability that captivated
the critical audience and won the most cor
dial applause. Mr. Fritsch, whoessayed the
uue rc oi .LiODengrin, possesses aj re
markably sweet voice, a gift of song anol an
artistic method which were duly apreciated.
The "King" also attracted attention by bis
powerful yet musical voice. When he sang
"The German Sword for German. Land," his
singing and fine acting created enthusiasm,
and he was forced to accept an encore. Miss
Gremminger, as "Ortrud, ' was careful and
correct, both in song and gesture. The other
roles were well filled and presented. The
solos, duets and choruses, and fine orchestral
accompaniment, were excellent, and were
deservedly applauded by the pleased audi
ence. Lohengrin is an opera for people of
xuuuuu culture, ana it may appear some
what daQ to theater-sroers crenerallv. but it
is an opera that stands in Uie front rank of
music. At the matinee to-day Weber's de
lightful opera, Der Freischutz, or Robin des
Bois, as it is called, Mme. Pappenheim vill
appear as "Agatha," and Mr. Fretach as
"Max." To-night Gounod's Faust, quite a
favorite with the publio, will be the attrac
tion. The programme for the rest of the
week is as follows: To-morrow night. The
Hnguenots; Thursday night, Verdi's 11 Tro
vatore; Friday nir;ht, Robert Le Viable.
There will also be a matinee on Saturday, for
which the opera is not yet announced, and
this will close the engagement of the Fryer
people in this city. The sale of reserved
seat for Friday night aad Saturday matinee
will commence this morning at Hollen berg's.
NoTHuro makes home so attractive aa
tasteful ornamentation. It is within the
power of any lady to make fancy work, gIov
and handkerchiet boxes, etc. Andrews Jin.
zar gives all the latest and most beautiful
designs for these articles, which give pleas
ure in making and tend so much to beautify
a home. Send ten cents to W. R. Andrews,
Cincinnati, for specimen copy,
' ' v
SIMMKS MARTIN At tbe residence of Mrs, A.
M. Wlngneld, the bridge's grandmother, at Colum
bia, Tenn., December 20, 1877. by Rev.' Father
Uazzoj Mr. J. M. Ssanus, of Memphis, and Klsa
Et.lkn W. Martin, of Columbia.
Locisvuxt A NT! Nashthxs BAH.ROAD, Frxioht I
DKPAKT'irr, Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 2S. 1877. S
NO freight will be received ar delivered by the
Louisville and Nashville Railroad THIS
(Chrl8tmas).DAY. JOHN T. FLYNN, Oen'l Agt.
Workingmen's Building and Loan Asso
i elation Annual Meeting, a
rTVEK annual meeting of this Association will be
X held on FRIDAY evening. December 28. 1877.
at 71'' o'clock, at the office of the Association. 291
Malnstreet, up-stalrs, to elect Officer for the ensuing
year and for the reception of Annual Eeporta. A
full attendance la desired.
L LaGBILL, President.
Cbas. T. Patsbsow. Sacretary. .
(Esa a nellaw aas Canes.) .
The Great French1 ;
Aipl Sales in Paris alone, 1,300,000 Baffles.
A SO VEKA(N atrial r.ll X XXJXt
Disorders of the Stomach,
Jit irons Affections.
d all
I 8. MANSFUCLD & OO.i - '
Wholesale Druggists. Memphis, Tenn.
Building and Savings Association
"COMMENCED business January 1, 1873. "The
i J Oldest in the Cilv." Working successfully, and
hsu Ham ahnira ln ortenitlon. Will Issue a MS
SEBIKS, beginning with January 1. 1 !s enares
can be had at once by applying to the Secretary.
This Association has loaned out nearly 200,000
to citizens ot Memphis to aid and assist ln building
and purchasing HOaiES. Six per cent interest at
lowed on advance payments. Withdrawals on one
month' notice. Iext regular meeting January 7.
1878, at 41 Madison street, basement Money to
loan. . Stock for sale. Uo back dues. t , , .
O. H. JLDAH, President
a Sturm, Secretary.
P.S. Election of Officers and Directors January
7. 1878. at 7 m P.m; :
A Rooc of nearly S00 BAfC.
DiMfon eoKT&rlDff,: rr
U trcrrt, which tb
rid mad Uumv mbimbdIw
ting narriae. shoola know.
How to cure dlaeaMO. Hun1
rvdn.f &eipeB. Sentaeoimlj
emled tor SOceau nooy or po(re ataip.
ifth Strwtt, St. Loalalfa.
AddTM. C A. oil n. t u
Tn the District Court of the United States for the
' District of West Tennessee In the matter of D.
.H. Hildebrand In bankruptcy.
f-p,"HE undersumed nereDy gives nonce or nis ap
J polntment as assignee of D. H. Hildebrand,
of Brcwasville, Haywood county. Tennessee.
Memphis. December 25, 1877. tu
In the Dbwrlct court or tne unitea etaies ior me
District OI wesfc Aeuncnsce luuio uuiiibi wi xj.
B. Packer In bankruptcy.
THE undersigned hereby gives notice or ms ap
pointment as assignee of H. B. Packer, of
Shelby county, lenuessee.
' O. WOOLDRIDGE, Assignee.
Memphis. December 25, 1877. tu
mnERK are persons scattered all over the country
JL whose only study seems to be devoted to the
devising of
to obtain otheT people's property without paying fbr
it. This Is a bad class.
whose Instincts and educations revolt at the bare re
flection of a possibility of their protested promises,
and who would make any reasonable sacrifice rather
than allow their smallest pledges to go dishonored.
This is the best class; and it Is to this class that we
owe all that renders our civilization worth elevating,
aad to whom, also, we feel honored ln addressing
this advertisement of the stock we are Just now
opening from the
and forced sale usually attending tbe etoxiny year m
New York. We are now offering all the leading
brands of Pfcrids, Prints, Jean. Bleached and Brown
Musknx. Foulards, Cantons, Tickings. Flannels, tin
neve, BUmketi, Notion, Hosiery, Shirt, Drawer,
Furnishing, and. ln sbort, Hplendld Llaea Of
ail needed atopies ln every department of our trade
so attractive an assortment Is rarely seen ln any one
bouse in any market '
ltuy er who have cash to Invest will
consult their Interests by giving us a trial. It will be
our constant aim to treat our customers fairly, and
to see that they get the full vmrth of their money.
Bespectfully, etc.. Wit. K. MOOBK CO.,
No. 8( Main street, Memphis. Tenn. .
N.B, Price-lists and Catalogue-book sent by mall,
on application.
We have a very fine stock of
Creamery Butter, Atmore's Jftince
Meat, English Plum Pudding, Cit
ron, Currants, Lemon Peel, Or
anffe Peel. Oranges, Apples, Lem
ons, Nuts, Prunes, Malaga Grapes,
extra fine bunch Raisins, Figs, Etc.
ALSO New York State Buck
wheat, Fine Syrup, New Orleans
Molasses, Oatmeal, Graham Flour,
Cracked "Wheat, Hominy, Grits,
Etc., Etc.
AND The Best Known Brands
of Flour, Queen, Plant's Extra,
Jack Frost and Silver Moon, all
Tery fine; Silver Moon Meal, pearly
white and coarse ground; Hams.
Breakfast Bacon, Lard, itc
FULL LINE of Sugars and Cof-
fee, both green and roasted. We
roast often and the very best
grades, as well as cheapest, all of
aW- WW -W a. A W
which we wisn to sen jlu t 10 casn
Boots & Shoes
221 Main street,
Under Worsham House.
Lowest Prices and Best Selected Stoc
ia tbe Citj.
Ceata' Boots aad Iadtes Mhaea Madet .
Order. "it baavraateexl. j
Goods sont C. O. P. to all parts of the country. I
14 Unitw Street, Memphis. Tenn.
mm, p i
i Floral Gaitn!
Lovely Garlands, Montures,
Bouquets, Gilt Flowers, Paris Evening Flowers.
Opera Hats, Evening Fans, Evening Ties.
4 and rVButton Kids: 2, 8 and 4-Button Kids.
Krenlng Silks, Evening Satins,
Evening Gauzes, Evening Costumes.
Clear Out
: j ' or Toy a, Faae S-aoAs. alta, Hbell .
"- - - ttoada. arlss V"". TJiaaacd Delia.
Work-Boxes. Lat'r ""xl". Jewelry.
Ivory Comba. Etc., at .rlrliinl CM.i-
We aaoat aell eat all a T Morrow,
and will sell resrardless eformer pri
v.i i . t ' e r u i
A. M. BOYD fc SQM,
importers and Wholesale Liquor Merchants,
Wos. 347 Front street, Memphis, Tenn.
200 brls. cbolee and prime Louisiana Molasses.
' 100 buds, new Louisiana Sugar various grades.
800 sks. Rio. Java and Laguyra Coffee.
1000 tierces, ball-barrels and buckets Lard.
1000 pkgs. Mackerel and Wbltensn.
1000 brls. Flour various grades.
. 600 boxes new Factory Cheese.
1000 boxes, halves and quarters new Raisins.
! 100 boxes new Turkish Prunes and Currants.
: 25 eases new layer Figs and Leghorn Citron.
200 pkgs. Teas and Chocolate.
'. 100 oris. Louisiana and Texas Pecans, new crop
Almonds. Filberts and Creamnuts.
; 500 boxes Firecrackers.
With a lull line ot Canned Goods, Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc., not mentioned above, for sale low to tba
trade, at
336 Front, corner Union
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
335 Front Street, Memphis.
.c9L8;oxa.t3 for tlie Gotrlp Ootton-Tlo.
SI. L. M each am.
J. B. Poeton.
mmm h
No. 9 Union street. Memphis, Tenn.
Mr, W. T. Bowdre has charjfe of the Cotton. Department.
IT Is tbe most powerful and durable, the lightest
running, and most silent Sewing-Machine made.
POWER. The application of force directly over
the needle Insures ample power and enables It to go
through the heaviest work with ease.
DURABILITY. All the working parts are thor
oughly hardened, and so adjusted that lost motion
ean be readily taken up.
KASK OF ACTION. Tbe simplicity of Its ma
chinery, tbe few bearings and points of friction, and
tbe absence of all cams and gearwheels, give It a
light, easy action that requires but little motive
. It haa aa Automatic Tkmsh, which being self
regulating, does away with what In other machines
is a freltlul source of annoyance and trouble.
There being no eogs to rattle, and no cams to rub
and grind. It does Its work without noise.
Its action Is so light and easy that It can be run by
a fine cotton thread la place of tbe ordinary leather
Specially recommended by the medical faculty oa
account of its light-running qualities.
" W by ! how easy It runs ! is the Invariable expres
sion ot those who operate It for tbe first time.
b Is made and finished one hundred per cent, bet
ter than any other Sewing-Machine ln the market.
Its working parts are finished equal to the works of
a fine watch. Mechanics and those who are familiar
with machinery, are Invited to call and examine It. :
Tha ladies are invited to call and see the Io
caeatle Iaderbraider Keaing-MaeliiBS.
To braid with the DomeKtle UnderbnUder is as sim
ple as to do plnln stitching.
I also have for aale the latest and best Flatter.
Price S3. Agents wanted.
General Agent Domestic Sewlng-Machine Co.,
a Maal uU at. 4 3d at. Heaapala
the Entire Stock
K0O boxes Fancy Candles, Sugar Toys and Vint!
BOO cases Jellies and Prunes all styles.
500 barrels, halves and boxes Pickles nil style..
fiOO cases Sardines, Lobsters, Salmon & Shrinis.
300 cases new Brandy Cherries and Peaches.
500 boxes fresh Crackers and Biscuits.
100 boxes Oatmeal and Cracked Wheat.
25 brls. new Buckwheat Flour.
25 brls. Louisiana Oranges.
10 hhds. Cocoanuts.
200 half-barrels and buckets Mince-Heat, Appi;
and Peach Butter.
200 pkgs. Spiced Pigs' Feet.
street, Memphis, Tenn.
A. W. .Roberts.
. . Heackam.
llo. 68 Union Street.
FROM THIS DATE, we will Win-all cotton con
signed to our (tns for tbe Hrrd. and make
Na Caara-e for dnylng It from the river, or Ie
11 very of same to your merchant, the Stecdl
Alone Psys All Exsenaea, except your
freight. All cotton Is eovered by Insurance while in
our hands. Order Marks and ship only to the
r wi.s. Bed des having KeHtted our gin
ning establishment with the L.ateat Ins proved
(las, 'ottoa laatera, Clrssers, and every
kind ot machinery necessary for ginning eouon. wa
are prepared to do Better work. Hake a
Klser Siaaspl and clean tbe Heed Cloaer,
than aajr otner gins ln the city.
W I have this day associated myself with Mr.
Joe. M. Henochsberg as a partner to our Arm. and
now, with incmased facilities, will still further try
and place tbe Star Cotton tiln superior to all others.
October 1. 1877. 3. V. PATRICK & CO.

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