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Louisville and Nashville and Great
Southern Bullroad.
njaa, sTIa-nt nnrean (On SiSs-taythls
timln run. Mil tn M limn W-CanMCU at Milan for
St Louis and Chicago; at MeKenae for Nash
ville, Chattanooga, Atlanta ami u mm; a
eothrle tor Hmxinmit, Henderro and Evane-
vui.; at Louisville for all pomu norm ana ma.
- . - - tat m.
Unu and Chicago; at UwlsvUe for all aotnla
Nona and East
4t4 ama. AtrewmavUle At
Daily except Sunday.
Arrival sT Trains.
cpreaa... 4:18
M. 8:15 e-ui
Pullman Palace Can an ettber train to LouUrvUle,
and on night train to NaabvlMa.
r jr Iktiuor Information, apply at Tlekat Office,
ain Halo, norm www uuu
Ju, Maatrwrr. 6upt Memphis Dtv.
Jensen Opeed. Ticket Agent
Memphis and Charleston Railroad
ujaeaedele After Hevemker SY. 1STF.
In Lvei Ai lima:
iuuTaad Brvmtraln4any. 11:26 p.aw 645pjn
SjisMrvUle train dally teaeept
Sunday) at BOtfkM. 8:1 flam
War FreigbL 6:00a.m. 10:00 p.m
Through Freight 70p.m. ROOia
TtmeaOmlnUteS rMMftUatltrTbM.
ervllle Tnli wtu stea a Rs;ulsr
id Flu iuUmil
Tka 11 rX n-aa. train make da aulekest
time ever mada to Chattanooga, KnoxvUle,
Lyitehburg, Washington, and the East, and will
atop at airRegular Nations, and at Flag Btattooa
when nagged, except Flag Stations between Cot
itenrtlle and Memphis,
Tie net fllee 27H Mala street and Depot
jtampbla and Cbaneatoa Railroad.
: vohn a. grant,
CbWlUiainear and Oett'l SupX
Assistant aeneral Paweencer Agent
nigsiasippi and Tennessee Ballroad
.W and attar WXDXES'UT. November 14. 18T7.
tnujns wwriiu m rouowei .
Lrswva unm
NswOrteaaa Mali dally at.... SaAJPJB lsOoPJB
Saidla accommodation dally
'aunt Sunday) HJiOaja ' 9:16 U
Fright train dally (except
Sunday), at j00a.a 4:00 PUB
ctoaa eoameaous ada at woenada nun anuaa
Hath and South tor all point
V for torutar tnforaauuo, scpty la
TieSe. Office, 28 7 Main SU, u4 at Depot.
Friday lt.Wth. at 1 1 vlm
jyflalaw Pally of flooda of aVwy PwerlpHon.,!
BBOWH MARK With white above ibe boonj on
Mt tMe:wblla star tn torebead. Liberal re
ward la oWarwL Fort PlearerlnK. Alabama and 2d tta.
HORSK-rrom tna natdenea of L. H. Ptllsburr,
on Dm avenue, a bar boras. A rnwrnid will
be given totne party taUns tbe aoine to toe above
XW One Unre red nialey milch cow. taos and
j bind kn while. A libera reward for ner da-
urery at Bl.s lAaaea street orz
8 ront street.
SPXCTACUS At tbe Sodality dramatic hall, on
Uie Bight of the 1 4Ui Instant, a pair of gold gpeo
tactoa. Toe finder will be rawarued by returning
mem io ao. r x.n-r.n l i.an pecono street.
BBACEL1T Large gold bracelet, with chain at
tached Tbe finder will be liberally rewarded
or leaving him at no. iu uourt atreet.
tiHAWL ( Vance, Laudrnlale or Georgia streets.
A liberal reward will bv paid by leaving same at
24 Vanea street.
The Short L1m to Arkansas ud TezaaJ
af ill (rain, dallv.
Vrelglit train leaves M.AL.
B. H. i
XOAO pun
. R. denot (BoBdarez) H00 a.m.
Paaengara going on this road will take trains at
aft iDot of tba Louisville, MaabvUla and areat
Boolean. rMUTOna.
MaU train maJraaetoaa eonneetkm at Anrenta for
Kxnta on Little Hoek and fort Bmltb Railroad, and
at Little Rook wlta Cairo and Fulton Railroad, for
ante in booth west Arkansas and Texas.
Pullman Palaee Can on all night trains.
For tickets and lntonnatloa apply at TkeKffleea
7S and 287 Main street, and at tna Depot, foot of
Waifc ington street, or at L. and K. and 6t- do. Depot,
ajr to tna onderiitgned,
W. K. SMITH. Burt. Memphla, Tenn.
CZSH. A. WILUAMa, Paaaenger Agent.
M. 8. JAY, . P. and T. 7a.. Little Bock.
JOHN RICKABT .....Mamasbb
posrrrvTLT last appkarancks of
Iladaaa K. l . Mr. Ckarleaj
TA.lTK.AtkX.in ( ro i AOAHM.
First bppesranee (this season) of tbe Eminent
THURSDAY 1VENINQ. December 27, at 8 o'clock,
First Joint appearance of
If adaaa R. t ' Hiss ADRLAIDB
FAPFKliRKIM f f P111LL1PM, u
nr. LOAKiiLa amjj
Messrs. A, BLUM. AD0LPHB. Eta.
firaat Ckaras aad Orekestra, -
Musical Director and Conductor. Mai Marxtik
On FRIDAY EYKXING, December 28, at 8 o'clock,
positively last night of tbe Opera,
Mae.PAPPK.1HKIH aa Alice
Mr. CHARLKbADAJM as Uobert
Miss A. HO HAN aa Isabella
Mr. C FRJTSCH aa Balmbraud
Mr. ADOLPHB aa. Bertram
Mile, X. MUiZKU as Helens
On SATURDAY, December 29, ai 2 p.m.,
Ontnd Gala Farewell Matinee and anal performance
of tbe Company; by request.
Matinee Prices Admission. ; Beserved seats, 50
cents extra.
Cboioe seats for any of tbe above perfora-aiiorj
now for sale at Hoi leu berg' music store.
Parquetle and Dress Circle, i (no extra charge
for reserved seats); Kamlly Circle (reserved), 81 60;
mlly Circle, admission, SI; ti&llery, 60 cents;
Colored Box, 75 eenta.
IW The only oorToct Librettos of the Operas as
performed by Ibis Company for sale at tbe Ticket-
office, and at the theater during the evening. Price
25centa. :
First performance of tbe
Friday Wla-ht Matarday Matlaee,
JajiBary dtfet mm, mtm. tS7H,
For the Benefit of the
Tbe Golden Farmer Mr. John H. Mitchell
Harry Hammer Mr. Juba D Adams
Old Mobb ; Mr. J. W. Anderson
William Hurvey Mr. W. M. M'Elroy
Jimmy Twltoner .' Mr. Frank Pope
Lord riU AUea .-..: Mr. 8. 8. Garrett
John. Conrad Pope
Thomas , Mr. & Laytoo
First Officer Mr. H. E. Rbb
fteeond uffloar Mr. B. Conrad
Ellxabeth Mrs. R. U. Botes
loulsa Little Katie Boles
Mrs. Hammer Mrs. Hlddona
Jenny Miss Zultaka Feuwlcfc
Villagers, Peasants, Etc.
To be followed by '
Puke of Gloster Mr. John D. Adams
King Henry VI ..Mr. J. W. Andemon
LteulfPanl. Mr. J. C Cammer
COTTON It ACH INERT We hare for sale the
VV machunar of the Franklin Cotton Factory, In
this city, consisting principally of toe following: 48
Thirty-Inch (PMeraon. ti. J.) CanUnc-machines.
Worsers and Strikers, LiekerlDgs and T op-alats; 4
Rail Heads (Mason's make); 2 Drawing-frames, suf
ficient to take tbe product of the Cards, with Tra
verse wrinaers, suuaoie i or we aruae; z BiuDoera,
or Coarse Bmeders. m BDirMles each (Thoa. H11L
Providence, & L); 4 English Fly Frames, 100 8pln- :
dies each; Si Eng linn Throstles. 14U Hplndlesoaa
frame; 8 Spoelers, 150 Spindles, with Bobbins, eta. ;
6 Warpers, together with a large lot of Section
Beams tot same; 1 Banding-machine: 12 Self-act
ing Males; 41)1 spindles eacn (Mason s pattern); 0
Dreaslng-macUnes, with large lot of Center Beams
for same; 184 One-yard-wide Looms, with large lot
of Harness, shuttles. Pickers, and Bteel Slates: 1
Cloth Trimmer; 1 Cloth Press, for baling by steam
or water power: 2 Engine Lathes; 1 Wood-turning
Lathe: 1 UDnant uniung-macnine: 1 wooo-oonng
Machiite; Toolii for eoverlng Rollers, besides a large
lot of Blacksmith, Machinists and Carpenters
Tools, suitable for keeping up the repairs 01 such
an establishment; 8 doubled-flued Steam Boilers, In
two batteries, man heavy Iron, 42 Inches diameter,
34 feet lona. with Flre-froots. Stands. Grate-bars.
Hterjn-drum, find Pipes, Heaters, etc.. etc.; 1
Steam Doctor, or Pumplnc-englne; 1 pair Steam-
engines, on can-Iron frames (Lane A Bodley's
make), Cyllndeis 16 Inches diameter, 64 Inches
stroke. All the necessary saaiung. Hangers. Pul
leys and Beltiiur for running each machine sepa
rately or together, au me foregoing machinery has
been built In the best and most substantial manner,
without regard to cost; Is now In perfrat running or
der, and will be offered until the first of January j
next, at a great luritirici in priob, and on dhuso- I
W. C. DAVIS CO., Cincinnati.
Interesting article In the Detroit FYr Pita of this
week. Maoatord has an extra supply to meet the
demand. . ,
Yesterday morn in 1? the recorder disposed
of twentr-slx eases, principally drunks and disor
derlies. Ed. Fuller, William Lewis and James
Dean, arrested on tbe charge of being auspicious
characters gambling sports were fined twenty-five
dollars each.
Memrhia loci ire. No. 6. Indiendent Or
der of Odd -Fellows, elected tbe following officers
Tuesday night for the ensuing titrm t W. A. Murpby,
w. u.; J. w. A- Brown. V. G.; L. 8. Burr, secreta:
w. o. nnim, treasurer; A. jr. mivu, tnistee; 0.
warren, uorary trustee.
Eaqnire S pel man on Tneday held an in-
auest on the body of James Calhoun, a negro, who
ledatthestallonbouse. The Jury of Inquest ren
dered a verdict of death from pnoumonla. The de
ceased had been brought to the statlonhouse, Christ
mas eve, in a dying condition.
On Christmas day, Tuesday last, Thomas
Coyne, a grocery-keeper on Alabama street, while
celebrating Christmas bi firing oft a loaded pistol,
accidental It shot his mothr-tn-law. The ball en
tered tbe old lady's thigh and ranged op toward the
groin. Tbe wound Is severe and dangerous.
Fire-Chief McFadden will to-day com
mence stringing wire so as to connect the different
engloe-bouars with a fire alarm telegraph system.
In each engine-house gongs, etc., will be set up, so
aa to enable tbe fire brigade to give tbe necessary
signals as to the. Immediate location of Ores.
It was written thus, on Monday night,
by our "Local Paragrapber' "Can managers be
called oeculatlons of Venus?" But on Tuesday
morning. It appeared tn the Atpkal as follows-. "Can
managers be allowed occultlons of Venus?" To the
tbe latter Interrogatory, our paragrapher Indignantly
answers "no."
The county teachers institute (colored)
meets to-day, at tbe Lemoyne college, lor a session
of three days. The exercises will be Instructive and
interesting. The public generally are Invited to at
tend. There will be addresses delivered by distin
guished gentlemen, Thursday and Friday nights, at
toe oeaie street Baptist cnurcn. we wui dudluo roe
proceedings rromoay to uay,
It is a Dleaanre to be enabled to an
nounce thai Calvary chnreh and BL Peter's church
chrolra will present tbe charming opera "It Trotn
turt, by Verdi, early In the spring, and for tbe ben- J
est of tbe Catholic, Hebrew, Church home and
Leath orphan asylums. The choirs will be assisted
by a number of our leading amateurs, and the first
rehearsal 01 the opera wuu take piaoe next woe.
On Christmas nicht a thorough-bred and I
valuable pointer fell Into the deep cellar of the Ma
sonic temple, comer or seeona ana naaisoa buvbib.
Yesterday, a couple of gentlemen, hearing the howl
topsot the unfortunate animal, secured a ladder,
and helped her to the sidewalk; on reaching It she
truck m hee-llne for home. The auadraned. like too
many bipeds, had bad evidently too much Christ- I
n OUSB AND LOT Comer Sixth and Jackson
1 1 street
by 160 feet.
streets, Fort Pickering, for se4e cheap; lot 60
Apply at oa jeneraon.
T ESIDENCE A good residence on Tennessee
ATty street, cheap for cash. Apply to
800 Front st.
PIANOS One New York Piano Co. Piano,
One 8telnwaj & Son's Piano (all round corners),
nearly new, cheap for cash.
221 Second street, opposite Calvary Church.
WATCHES A lot of very One Engl
and Ameri'ian Watches, at NOEL
;llsb, Swiss
0, no. mi
Second street. They will be sold at extremely low
prices, if not called for In two or three weeks.
Baboaw Two W.AC. Scott A Son's celebrated
Bnwch-loaders. allchtly used. Also, lorty of Sim
mon's renowned patent Decoy Ducks to be seen to
torn appreciated. A. J. VIENNA, 845 Main St.
C1ARRIAGE8 CHEAP Several second-hand Bug
J ales: also, omt Doctor's Phaeton and sue ele
gant Barouche, all In thorough repair and newly
1 nave aiso on nana a veryenotee lot or
OD-buei1ea. lurht Road-waaxms. Doctors
ana Kxtensicn-top hnaetons, eta., new ana or my own
manufacture, wh'ch I am now offering for sale at
greatly reduced prtcte. OWEN LILLh , 44 Adams st.
mile from Col imbla, Tenn., on ML Pleasant
pike; rich, land, well Umbered: new house with six
rooms; good outhoutes and stables. For particulars
address E. C. H'DOWBLL, Columbia, Tenn.
OCHOLARSHIP In Robertson's Commercial Col-
Open and fop-
lege. Address
O. J.. Appeal office,
flEDlS FENCING POSTS Always on hand for
saie, py w. vl A.Aitmw, Laritinsvuje, Ala.
O p; Q ACRES OF HIGH LAND 6 V miles from
ZiOtJ dir. on both sides Miss, and Tenn. B. R.
beautiful building slbss, and very fertile; will sell in
lots to suit purciafcera. Address PETER MITCHELL,
care of Hill, Fonmlno A Co.
New Year's day will be the next holiday
In the fashionable world, or in society, as it is eaiiea.
("jtlllnir and leavlnf cards, or Dartaklne of cake and
wine, will be In order. Tbe Industrious society chap
Khn astiiivs tn make one hundred calls on that day.
or to make a greater number of calls than any other
chap In tbe city, has already gone Into training, ana
has hired his hack.
At the different churches of the city most
Interesting and solemn services were held on Christ
mas day. Tbe Cathollo and Episcopal churches
were especially the scenes of attraction. These
churches were elegantly decorated with evergreens
and rare flowers. Gas-jets, representing crosses and
stars, were brought Into requisition to add to the lm-prea-iTeness
of the glorious religious occasion the
anniversary of the birth of the Savior and Redeemer
01 the christian wona.
Yesterday, Deputy-Sheriff Taylor arrest
ed John A. Harrell at "The Point," tn the Seventh
civil district, on a eapSai, charging attempt to com
mit murder, and on a eajAan from the Fayette county
court. Harrell belongs to the Mao- Williams' s gang,
which has been tbe terror of the Seventh district for
months. Harrell resisted Deputy-Sheriff Taylor, and
has threatened before to kill Mr. Taylor If be ever at- J
tempted to arrest him. Harrell was lodged in tne
county jail to await his trial.
On Friday niffht and at a Saturday mat
inee, January 4th and 6th proximo, the Odd Fel
low's library dramatic association will present a
dramatic entertainment, consisting of The Golden
Fanner, a comedy; a scene from Richard ill,
and a farce entitled The Spectre Bridegroom.
The entertainment will be presented by amateurs.
and will be riven for tne benefit of the Odd Fellow's
public library. For tbe dramati penona see adver
On Christmas day Manager John Ricka
by, of tbe Memphis Theater, presented the attache
of the establishment with golden badges bearing an
inscription designating their respective positions.
He was presented with an elegant cigar-case and a
oox 01 pigars oy nis usners ana ucaet-seiiers ana
takers, and later in tne day ne was invitea oacx on
tbe stage, where he was "caned" by J. G. Reynolds,
stage-carpenter, who presented him with a beautiful
Sild-headed cane, which bore the Inscription: "To
anager John Rlckaby, by the stage employes of
To Messrs. Woods & Caldwell. Dublish
ere of tbe Water Valley (Miss.) Courier, the Appeal,
is indebted tor toe following item 01 news: "yester
day Saturday, the twenty-second lnstantLatxmt one
o'clock In the afternoon, the engine in Douglass's
fiourlng-mlll exploded, completely demolishing the
engine-house and killing the negro engineer and a
little son of Mr. Douglass. Mr. Douglass had Just
stepped from the engine-bouse into the mill when
the explosion took place, and escaped with a cut on
the head. The exDloslon Is supposed to have been
caused by the engineer letting the water in the boiler
get low, ana then pumping on a iresn supply.-
Headaches were quite common on yes'
terday, owing to the too deep drinking on the pre
vious day, "Christmas." Yesterday morning the
For the Appeal.
She sat In a easy home-chamber,
AU tidy with neatness and ears
Face, aglow with the aalntlest ptnzle,
bought the fire to unravel these;
" What shall I give doctor for Christmas?
So sensible, practical, be
Would want not art-trules or beauties.
But something made only by me."
As the blase flickered back to het answer,
In pattern of brown, blent with red.
The puzzle was settled and banished.
And a good sunny smile reigned Instead.
She resumed : " I have no little stockings
To Oil with sweetmeats and gay toys;
Yet our Father In heaven commands us
To forget not bis His poor In our Joys."
Tbe blaze rare a glimpse of a hasliit .
A napkin, soft, trlngy and white, ,
'Neath Its folds pies and cakes deftly hidden.
And her eyes shone a deep, holy light. ,
The distressed, too, should not be forgetten,
Tbough our hearts at Christmas be gay;"
And again the firelight was queried.
That delicately answered thlawhg:
A white page unrolls to ner vision.
With tracings of gaudiest hue.
Woman's lenaerest heart-throbj Imprinted,
Toward one crushed In sorrow anew.
A tear, from some prayer-covered recess.
Stole over her earnest eyes' glow.
Fell, kissing the Jewelless fingers.
And hid in a ruflle below.
Christmas dinner was over, the doctor caught
A pillow to nap on the floor.
But a marvel of beauty and comfort
He stood surprised, smiling before
Filled with hay from their own little garden,
A cushion and pillow In one.
With Arabic forms In tbe comers
Worked tn red on a cover of brown;
"Just suited," the greeting be gave her,
Reclined In a comfortable way;
"My Christmas gift?" ah ! that reminds me
Of some I have heard of to-day. .
Two children were talking together;
One said, "We had little to eat,
But she sent as a basket of good things
Mother ble jed her for bein' so sweet."
"Yes, she wrote to my heart-broken sister
Tbe puTtlest piece, I declare t
And I mean, when I kneel down to-night.
To greet her kind name with a prayer."
Said the elector, "I wonder who sent them?
Perhaps you could toll me the one?"
"Yes ; the basket and letter, tho' small gifts,"
She replied in a low, soft tone,
"Christmas gifts for the Lord, so I meant them,
And now I'm remembered, for He
. Hath sent back a child's prayer and blessing
His Christmas gifts given to me."
Gooite ron the opkua- i i
Of the jTaUUces) M FIam Fortes) at the
CeatmaitBl Axmlaat the Cnataar- .
teed I'M er their Xasaea ky
Mr. Albert Weker.
A Chair BcBBtimi AgatrrtBaeat
Just Received
AT '
Wa f Visa nn1m"nrriawf mnmlmra aF lit a st-
do hereby declare that the report advertised
by Mr. Albert Weber as "official." and with
Lour names attached thereto, has never been
i made, sanctioned, or signed bv the stood of
jurors, uertain stated qualities found in a
Grand piano of large dimensions" were trant- j
tnff in his parlor grand, squares and up
righU. To the report advertised by Mr.
Weber as official, the names of tbe crouD ot
jurors have never been signed; and if it has
been so changed, as advertised by him, it has
Deen a one without tne authority ot the group
01 jurors, laigneaj
New Opera Cloaks,
New Opera Shawls,
New Opera Wraps.
Novelties in French Opera Fans; New Op
era Shades in 2, 8, 4 and 6-button Kid Gloves;
Novelties In Opera Ties i Now on exhibition j
if loi k flie llf a!
William ThomDson.
Ed Favre Ferret,
J. E. Hilgard,
Geo. T. Brlstow,
josepn nenry,
E. Letasseur,
J. Scheldmayer,
Henry K. Ollvtr,
James C Watson,
F. A. P. Barnard.
We have seen the original of the above.
and can vouch for its authenticity. We may
aaa mas we nave also bad the ceruhed copies
of the correspondence between the American
I judges and their foreign colleagues placed in
our nanas, ana we are saushed that these
gentlemen were actuated solely by a desire to
vindicate themselves and protect the public
woen iney puDU&hed the above protest; and
accompanied it by a formal and duly certified
declaration that the "highest honors were
awarded, beyond a doubt or question, to
Messrs. Steintcau of Sons." They also certi
fied that they rated certain instruments of
other manufacturers higher than the corre-
rponatng styles exmoipea oy Air. Aioen
Weber. Music Trade Review.
Women dispute about other matters,' but
all agree on the merits of Dooley's Yeast
Powders, as par excellence the best of all.
Grocers throughout the country keep it, and
find it gives supreme satisfaction. By ming
it the housewife is sire of delicious bread,
rusk, rolls, biscuit, buckwheat-cakes, and all
the delicacies made from floor.
The gastric juice is frequently deficient in
solvent power, hence food cannot be properly
digested, but remains as a heavy weight in
the stomach; to remedy such use Home
Stomach Bitters. i
Turkeys, Turkeys, Turkeys.
Game, Game, Game.
Oysters, Oysters, Oysters.
Fish, Fish, Fish,
e Celery, Celery, Celery.
Dressed Chickens, Prairie Chickens. .
We can fill all orders in oar line on short
notice, which wo guarantee to be the best.
juart a. siujuaiuu s uu..
No. 278 Second street, opp. Court Square.
Immlarratlon tar West Tenefcaee.
Editors Appkal A great deal has been
written and said on the subject of Immigration to
Tennessee, but up to the present time but few of the
Immigrants have settled In West Tennessee, the
greater portion going Into the middle and eastern
sections of the State. This has resulted In the buy
ing up of large quantities of land, the establishment
oi several large works and lactones, ana tne iorma-
UOQ oi colonies in tnose sections; as, ior inniauue,
the coal and Iron company at South Pittsburg and
Victoria. In the Seauatchle valley, and the Swlas col
ony at uruetns, urunoy county, uaving oeeu con
nected with this movement for the oast three rears.
first as manager of an association at Nashville, and
afterward as assistant commissioner for the Si
exDerlence has shown me that one reasons why
maaie ana cast Tennessee nave securea we greater
Dortlon of these immhmints Is that the offices of
those chiefly engaged In the business have been In
Nashville, thus drawing to that city all In search of
homes. There has been similar offices In this elty,
but the fact ot that, and of the easy access here by road
and river, has never been extensively made known
to our northern friends, the consequence being mat
those who might be In -correspondence with the
Everybody Needs One.
A Diary for 1878. Go to Wills & Wild-
berger's, 317 Main street, and get one.
Green Brier whisky is made with great
care grain ail picked and cleaned, water
from tne finest spring in the county of Rob
ertson, and cleanliness is the standing order
Of the distillery.
The Best
, 50 cents per barrel.
j. W. ALLEY,
804 Main, 230 Second, and 158 Beale sts.
Mrs. General S. G. French says: "My
dear little boy Robert was at death's door
with cholera infantum, and I never forget
the trrativude I owe Dr. MofiVtt for saving
his life with his Teethina (Teething Pow
Diaries! Diaries! Diaries!
For 17S.
All styles and prices, at Wills & Wildber-
ger 8, oil Main street.
Keeps Custom Sum, mane to measure,
The very best, rt for SW, delivered free everywhere.
Keeps Patent Partly-made Dress Shirts
The very best, 6 for 87, delivered free everywhere.
An elegant set of gold plate collar and sleeve
Buttons given with each half-dozen Keep's shirts.
Samples and full directions mailed free to any ad
dress. Merchants supplied at a small commission on cost.
Trade circulars mailed free on application. '
Keep Manufacturing Company, loo Mercer street.
New York. .
Attend the Book Auction to-night at
A. M. Stoddard's auction room, 223 Mam
Ladies llatelaste and Hearer Cloaks,
9Iisses Hatelasse and Dearer Cloaks.
Toadies' and Children's Waterproof Cloaks.
Ladles' and msses'Suits,Boys Overcoats, Fuf Cope.
Handsome Velvet Cloaks 885, 30 and 35.
Infants Cloaks Deduced 33 per cent
Ladies Brocbe Shawls 5. 97 50. 10, 15, 20 and f S
Former prices SIO, 15, 20, 25, 30. 40 and 50.
1O0O Handsome Felt Skirts Greatly Deduced.
Telvet Hhawls Deduced.
Real Hlak, Read Seal. Lyax aad Caster Heta, at Ka
Hlaaea Far 7 Sts, tl.tl Iti aad St BO.
ilaal Frleesv
BlTt Gros Grain Silks. CoI'd Faille Silks, at Fearfully Low Price fc
Deal Laces Deduced SO per cent.
All Dress Goods at Fearfully Low Prices I
Gentlemen's Stat Umbrellas at Cost, and an endless variety of articles suitable for HOLIDAlf
PhLMKHTH, at prices to suit the times, at
242, 244 and 246 Main St.. Cor. Jefferson.
TAJiJ&N up.
A a medluih-slze black horse mule, with a
LYJL white nose. The owner can have him by
proving property and iiaylng charges.
G. L. THORNTON, DearGill Station, M. AC. R.R.
NO. 204 DeSoto an-1 111 Court street.
No. a Howard's row and 28a Mi Hernando st
No, 186 Carroll ave; cottage on Orleans, near Adams
No. 1M Second, storeroom; cottage on Broadway.
Nos. 102-4 Fourth st., and cor. Market and Third.
No. 62 Poplar street.
No. 55 Second St., Chelsea; house on Chelsea St.
Stores on Main, Second, Poplar, and cotton office
over ncxeny t. tiros.: nonu, otnees, garden lands.
Also, the base ball grounds known as Central
Park, at end of Vance street ear-line.
Tbe Merrill Farm, almut 8 miles northeast of the
elty and 11 miles east of Raleigh; about 800 acres
cleared; has modern improvements; will be let low
to a good tenant. H. L. GUION, Agent,
. - - - 81 South Court at.
Apply at 41 Madison st.
COTTAGES Bent low.
V (basement).
DWELLING Two-story frame. No. 200 Hernan
do street. Apply st Russell's grocery, corner
tiemanao ana vanee. or nzv Monroe.
rpHE nice, large and central Brick Residence, 166
JL Union St., furnished, II desired. Is for lease, to
a oesiraoie nm-eiass lamuy, the rent taken out in
board. Please call to-day between 2 ana 6 p.m.
RESIDENCE Commodious residence, at a sadl
fioa, No. 468 Shelby street,
W. D. MoCALLUM, Agent
FRAME RESIDENCE A desirable 2-story frame
residence, comer cf Linden and St Martin
"boys" had to beein early to drink cocktails. In order
to drive away the headaches and "brace up," as It Is
caned. The effect oi too much "unnstmas" was
generally slept off last night and to-day things will
go on as usual. Scores of deep drinkers who took
too much have pledged themselves not to drink any
more for one year. Others have postponed the
pledge until New Year's day, and still others have
maue pledges not to drink at a saloon, but to drink
onl at their homes or rooms. The number of half-
drunken men and youths on the streets Christmas
night was very large.
At half past three o'clock on Sunday
morning Mr. u. w. wells, produce mercnant, on
Front row, was aroused from sleep, at his home, by
hearing a burglar removing a slat from the shutters
and opening them. Tbe window was on the ground
floor, and close to the bed on which Mr. Wells was
lying. That sentleman. with admirable coolness.
felt for the pistol lying under his pillow. As be
moved to do so his eye caught that of tbe borglar. a
white man, within a few Inches of his own. The
scoundrel was looking within, to see how matters
stood. He caught sight of the moving figure, and
started off, as if Impelled by a Jet of steam. Before
he had got far a bullet from Mr. Wells's pistol, fired
through the window, came so near him that be fell to
tne ground, uuicsiy raising mmseii. nowever, ne
resumed his very speedy tactics, urgently hurrying
away from 189 Wellington street and well aimed
bullets. Had not the curtain been raised a little, so
that he caught sight of Mr. wells and saw ne was on
the alert, bis reception on Introducing bis head
would have been a final settlement of all hi earthly
accounts. A little energy applied In that way, with
gunpowder behind It is a wonderful reformer of
streets.- Apply to
at Emmet Bank.
The performance to conclude with the laughable
ir a roe, eutiuea
Mr. Nlcodemns Mr. H. A. Carroll
'Hqutre A to winkle Mr. Wrn. E. Mitchell
Captain Vauntlngton Mr. Win. H. M'Elroy
Dlckory Mr. Jobc H. Mitchell
- Paid ..Mr. J. C Crammer
Thomas Mr. H. K. Robb
Georgian Miss Allen Feowlck
LavUiia . . Miss Minnie Ford
KxBMltlaa BaiMlaa-.
C COTTAGE Ftve rooms and outhouses, near Her-
nando street cam. Apply at 280 Vance street
ROOMS Desirable rooms, with board,
at 117 Court street
RESIDENCE That very desirable residence, 108
Court st: Is out In thorough condition: will be
to rent to good tenant A pr ly on premises until Oc
tober 2rtth. Also, store g52 Front; thoroughly re
palred aad Impioved. Apply as above.
STOREKOOM-U7 Soutt. Cotirt street Apply to
R. B. SNOWDEN, 88 Maauson st
"TOTTAGE Containing five rooms, good cistern,
large pantry, and all necessary outhouses. Ap-
yiyMOO sura street.
HOUSES On Avery and St Martin streets.
L. B. EATON, 33 Madison st
OUSB Of five rooms, besides kUccen and ser-
11 vants' room; large kit Apply at
BOD'S Bookstore, or 121 Alabama st.
LANDS FOR 1878 Longer, If desired.
W. D. MoCALLUM, Agent 1 Madl
I Madison st
SMALL FARM At railroad depot six miles from
elly; or wlil exchange for a good cotton farm.
w. au
Apply to
N6 M Madison street Mem phis.
OOM-Caa be had, with board, at
ROOMS Nicely famished and unfurnished. Ref
erenc required. NO. 1Q4 COURT ST.
AT 117 Market st, two desirable rooms, newly
repaired; board If desired. Mrs F. W. Smith.
inquire at I
LOGAN Bttua.. m Hern an
Businjas continues to be lively all over
Mule-stealing is increasing throughout
uu aaa aajouung counties.
Good-Bye. Sweetheart, by Rhoda Brough-
iwi, row is uw leo-cem series at Jtansroru s.
There will be a Workingmen's rally at
Greenlaw Opera House at half past seven o'clock
Cage Harris, of MTJairv county, vea
terday filed a petition In bankruptcy at the office of
us uuiicuouucs court.
At the Greenlaw Operahouse, to-night,
tne womngmen's party will meet to ratify Mr. An-
wrm i iwmuuuioa i or mayor.
At the Memphis Thttater, to-night. Ver
dl's charming opera II Trova'an will be rendered In
Italian by the Fryer opera company.
Calendars for 1878 have been received
at the Aftkai. office from J. W. Simmons, Lonsdale
Co , and Murphy A Murphy, Insurance egenta.
The Commonwealth cash distribution
drawing will take place on Monday, December 81st,
aaa to-day will be the last In which tickets can be
had la Memphis.
The Shelly circuit oourt and chancery
court stand adjourned over to Wednesday next the
second proximo, when the duckets will be taken ud
and called as usual.
Says the Little Rock Gazette: "We are
Informed that over Ore hundred bales of cotton are
shipped from Argenta alorxi, every day, over the
Memphis and Llule Rock railway."
In the bright and happy hereafter where
the angels sing, there will be no front seat reserved
or otherwise for the fiend who devised and Invented
the cannon-torpedo for boys hire below.
Durin? the Hist hnlirlmrstrin if.i. n.n?
of the city have bees giving oilloo balls, which fes-
live entertain menta. so far. liave been largely at
i tended by young mea of both high and low degree.
Christmas day .waa dnlv u.lahrfol
throughout the elty by all d iases of dozens -the
po r as well aa the risk Ttv. ! n.n
qur. Dut 108 uu1 number of fireworks was ex-
The Bluff City shooting club was out
on Cluistmasaay, taking long-range guns for tur
keys and aeeea. Thtdubludail lmnun.,
BRQ8.. UW Hernando st I f!'"t and numbers of fine scores In bull s eyes and
ST. CLOUD HOUSE-fLate Hotel d Europe eor
aer Third and Jefferson streeU. A pleasant
plaes for boarders or parties wishing to spend a few
TDOOMS Two very dertfrable front rooms, trtth
v wmh. m n wan snva.
ROOMS Furnished or uu furnished for famlhesor
sjentleiilea; bouse newiy fitted up; large yard
m nwroiiCTi to pTOirw a. at 101 jenersoa streec
LT-t20 REWARD From my lot tn Fort Plck
V ertng. on Tuesday. Dee, 18. 1877, one Bay
Horse Coil. 15t hands high. 8U years old, right
hind foot while, while star oa forehead, kind of knee
sprung la fore ka. Above reward will be lven tor
theeollbythe uoderslaned, M. CLARY. Fort Plok-
gnng. Mrmpn-.. OT no r. H. ATM T. I IllCt Of fOltae.
'YTiURNtSHED ROOM-Wlth board for self and
X1 wife, emvenleot to street-ear line or wtthln ten
aalnntes walk of Court Square, Address
: C. Appeal office.
OI ru AT ION To work on a garden farm : the man
to run a garden wagan and womaa to attend to
v. v. m
'Doogal's. becood street
OITUATtON Bv an Kuelua n.
O ref ereooaa, as nurse or chambermaid.
with good
Addit i
158 MAIN ST.
C CANVASSERS Male and female, for the beat Ulo
J mlnator la America. A. Hltzf eld. 23a Second st
GrkTrlZJTZTZSZ. App242
ri-'S-VrH 'oortero years old, to nurse
Cor. Adam, and Manassas st
HANDPRES8-8eetmd-hand Washington Hand.
rrssa. Address R, 8. SMITH, Appeal ofhoe, I
To-night the Mexican war veterans will
f"??? No- 444 Mam ttniet to transact unfin
ished business and perfect aa organization for the
purpose of Induenctng congress to place Use Mexican
war veterainoa Ibe pension roiL
JZllySJ No- Independent
S5MOS.K?llowe,etod he lollowlngrtSo-rs
Tuesday night for the ensuing rerm: John i
Brere. W. L. Crook, secretari'; James Ainswonh.
StddU and Saber; Bedford Forrest, tbe
urglariou8 habits.
In a circular issued by the officers of the
First Presbyterian church, of Nashville, they have
this to aay regarding Indulgence In worldly amusements-
" If our officers are well aware that there are
some of our members who are doing all they can,
and even more than their share, who eat their bread
oi carefulness, and even deny themselves or tne
comforts of life, that they may make their regular
weekly contributions to the Master's cause: and
some, who. In other days, were abundantly able to
devise liberal things for the Redeemer's kingdom,
are now. In the providence of God, reduced In their
circumstances so that they cannot contniHite as uiey
once did. And while we know that tbe net Income
of every one has been, by the stringency of the times,
reduced from ten to fifty per cent in the last few
years sun, alter making due allowance ior an tnese
thlnirs. we are forced to believe that there are among
members of our church and congregation many who
come very short or doing wnat tne Muster requires or
them whose contributions to the church, as com
pared with the amount expended for follies, luxu
ries, etc.. are only the merest trine. If the cigars
which are smoked, and the tobacco that Is chewed.
the candy and the toys that are consumed, In our
cnuren, could be condensed into casn, ana thrown
Into the contribution basket every Sabbath leaving
out of view the amounts squandered weekly for tho
more expensive luxuries, follies and vices our emp
ty treasury would be full to overflowing. I he trouble
Is our people do not cultivate habits of strict econ
omy. Thev do not oractlce that rltcld self-denial
which they should. They do not cherish that spirit
or liberality and generosity to the cnuren wmcn
should ever distinguish the servants of God. They
need to have new lessons taught them In regard to
these christian duties. If our church members are
allowed to frequent, unrestrained, theaters, public
hails, German dances, and other worldly and exuen
slve amusements, we may be sure that the contilbu-
aoDS to tne cause pi winst wui languisn."
Savs the Nashville Union and American,
ot the twenty-fifth: "One of the noted 'Moiett reg
isters,' by which It Is proposed to tax drinks In Ten
nessee, was on exhibition yesterday at the omce or
the eomntroller and secretary of state. In the cad-
tol. There are no doubts about it being a genuine
'Moffett' as u was brought here from over the Blue
Ridge by a gentleman yesterday. As this Instrument
would be a common article in Tennessee politics. If
tbe bill Is passed a tew words of description may
not be entirely out of place. The register Is encloseU
In an Iron box about ten inches in length by four In
depth and width, on the front is an elongated aiai.
upon which are marked faces, each of which Is
marked off Into numoered spaces from one to ten.
The first face has underneath It tbe word ten, the
next one hundred, the third one thousand, tbe fourth
ten thousand, the fifth one hundred thousand, and
the sixth one million. At the reverse of the register
Is a small crank, which is to be turned around every
time a drink Is taken. This causes the hand on tbe
first face to turn to the figure one, the second revolu
tion changes it to two. and so on until tbe eleventh
revolutl'Hi places the figure-hand back at cypher, and
tne ngure oi tne second - iace to one.
Each siieeeedfrig revolution ' revolves the
figure-hand of the first face, and the l ev
olutions of the second make oae revolution of
the third, and so on. tbe eleventh revolution of
each figure hand musing tbe figure hand on the pre
vious one to assume its oruinai revolution, the
register is thus capable of marking one million
drinks. Tbe inside arrangement sf the register Is
very simple, ana is easily , explained.
The crank communicates with a series
of six cogs, one In front of each
of the faces, and their action Is similar to the force
exerted In a turbine wator-wbeeL When the crank
Is turned around once, it can slip but one cog, and
must await another revolution to proceed. This is
done In order to prevent a continuous revolution
from going on. Every time tbe wheel turns a gong
sounds loud enough to be heard a coaslderable dis
tance yesterday, every one wno came in tne on ices at
the Capitol sounded the gong several times And late In
Uie afternoon the register showed that aix thousand
one hundred Umes had a drink been, or should have
been taken, bo far as can be learned from members
of the general assembly, there la no strong proba
bility of the registry bill being pasawcl-at least not
in its present snape."
agents here have generally, when coming to the
btate. gone by way oi inasnvuie, ana men nerore
they could reach this city have been persuaded to
look at other places, finally sttllng in some other
part of the State, and so West Tennessee lost her
Immigrants, and Memphis agents got discouraged.
Since I have been In Memphis I bave watched the
Immigration movement from an outsider's
stand-point, and I find that numbers
ot men come here from all parts, who, If properly
handled, and this advantages of theseetlon as to its
fertility of soil, road and water communications,
laid well before them; could be Induced to settle
without much difficulty. Tbe men I mean are men
of small means, who would rent or purchase small
farms or wild land, but who have not the means of
taking hold of large bodies. To settle such men as
those are beneficial, and for that purpose I would
suggest to tbe owners of large bodies of land that
they divide their land into small portions say Into
bodies of from forty acres upward as my experi
ence has shown me that where one Immigrant wants
a large tract of land, there are fifty requiring small
ones. The prices that can be obtained for the small
sections will ever and above pay for the dividing of
the land. I find one firm In this city rrho are doing
a great deal to bring Immigration to this part, and
who will eventually complete a good work. I refer
to the firm of Lonsdale A Co., of it West Court street;
but as that firm, by Itself, could not do so much as
If assisted by tbe land-owners. I would suggest to
the latter that they send to that firm a full and fair
description of what lands they have for rent or sale,
and the lowest price they will accept for the same.
This would enable that firm to place before the pub
lic a full and correct statement of tbe vacant lands
In this section. I do not single out this firm for the
purnose of advertising them, but because that Is the
only one I know, of acting In any extended
way In the - Immigration movement In this
city. As another means of carrying for
ward this movement, I would suggest that
some of your leading men form an association
for that purpose, and bring their Influence to bear
upon me various raiiroaas, steam Doats ana noceis
to obtain a reduction In tbe fares to those coming to
this section, either prospecting or Intending to settle,
obtain a description of what lands there are for
rent or sale, and spread that Information well In the
north and west and they will, In a short time, cause
the tide of Immigration to flow Into west Tennessee.
Such an association would not only prove of great
benefit to those in this section of the State, but to
the land-owners ot north Mississippi: so let them
join in the movement, if you like. Now is a good
time for you to get your lands colonized. Strike
whilst the Iron Is hot Northern and western men
are coming south In search of homes, and, by a
combined effort, these men can be secured for this
district Think of this, and act at once.
Anoloelzlne for so long a communication, but
trusting vou will Insert It as It may Drove of some
benefit to the landowners of this section, I am, re
spectfully yours, B. W. HICKLING.
Late Ass t Commissioner of Immigration for Tenn.
Memphis, Txnhssskx, December 28. 1877.
Editors Appeal In my communication
of Tuesday last an error occurred In dates. It should
be "at the Garoso street ohurch.8aturday nhrht" My
Informants several eye-witnesses told me it occur
red on the night previous. I remarked, "What I
Sunday night?" They replied, "Yes;" but now state
they meant Saturday night This correction is made
without the solicitation of any one, but Is due wish
ing not to make a statement that will not bear in
vestigation. Tbe balance Is subject to proof, if de
sired: but I will further add, if Barbour Lewis was
here, he and Mr. Filppln would appear amusing in
colored churches and nails, entertaining their auui-
Btjrnett'b Cocoa in e. A .perfect dress
ing for the hair. The cocoaine holds in a
liquid form a large proportion of deodorized
cocoanut oil, prepared expressly for this pur
pose. Floyd's Oyster Parlor.
The only place in the city for ladies. Ev
erything ia the very best style. Fine candies
a specialty. Cakes and pastries to order.
Great Sacrifice.
There are aver 4700 pairs of centa',
ladle', beys', snlsaea' and children's
hoots and ibaes atlll oa band. They are
from the boat manufacturers la tbe
eoantrjr. Altbensh the bottoms ax
slightly soiled, tbat does not injure
them In the least. Ya can buy them at
half prlee. Other dealers will ebarare
you double for tbe sume kinds ; remem
ber this. Ks. 84 JHaln street, Voegell's
former stand:
enoes embraced In each otuers arms.
The Illustrated Catalogue of the
Masterpieces of the United States Internation
al Exposition. 18TH. Published by Gebbie A Bar
rle. PnlladelDbla. and sold by J. H. Chambers A Co..
St Louis. In this splendid work there is art dealing
with Its own best works, and outdoing itself. Nothing
could excel the beauty and perfection with which
these pages preserve the splendors of the great Cen
tennial show. All who have been there will be de
lighted in being presented with the superb art they
met. consecrated by new ait Into memorial shaDes
of bewlldbring loveliness and power. They whj
nave not been mere are uitea into a perfect realiza
tion of the art-features incident to the grandest dem
onstration ret made In tbe way of International
world's fairs. No praise could overdo the merits of
this work, which, too, Is a marvel of cheapness, con
sidering its deepest character. The very genius of
art is concentrated In its production. Tbe Centen
nial exhibition will bave dissolved, and tbe millions
of men and women who have met there been dis
persed forever, but all wbo choose may obtain, be-
lore it too passes out oi reacn, a aescnption ana
reoresentatlon ot the whole, more sublime and beau
tiful than itself. Mr. W. J. Lovers, the general
agent for the sale of the work. Is now In the city for
tne purpose oi making a canvass.
Pinckney, Jackson &. Co.
Fine Spices.
Sehenck's Mandrake Pills
Will bo found to Dossess those Qualities nec
essary to the total eradication of all bilious
attacks, prompt to start the secretions of the
liver, and give a healthy tone to the entire
system. Indeed, it is no ordinary discovery
in medical science to have invented a remedy
for these stubborn complaints, which develop'
all the results produced by a heretofore free
use of calomel, a mineral justly dreaded by
mankind, and acknowledged to be destruc
tive in the extreme to the human system.
That the properties of certain vegetables
comprise all the virtues of calomel without
its injurious tendencies, is now an admitted
fact, rendered indisputable by scientific re
searches; and those who use the Mandrake
pills will be fully satisfied that the best med
icines are those provided by nature in the
common herbs and roots of the fields. These
Sills open thefbowels, and correct all bilious
erangements without salivation or any of J
the injurious ettects of calomel or other pois
ons. The secretion of bile is promoted by
these pills, as will be teen by the altered col
or of tbe stools, and disappearing of the sal
low complexion and cleansing ot the tongue.
Ample directions for use accompany each
box of pills. Prepared only by J. H. Schenck
a &on, at their principal omce, corner sixth
and Arch streets, Philadelphia, and for sale
by all druggists and dealers. Price twenty
five cents per box.
Grand Masquerade Ball,
At Exposition, New Year's eve.
The Oyster Wor.
Fan ell, the real oyster kintr, 185 Main
street, is mad because he was not nominated
for mayor. The consequence is, be has put
down the price of fresh oysters to only 25c
per can, which is cheaper than moat, eggs or
bone hsh.
Armstrong & Naill,
354 Main street,
Are closing out a well-selected and handsome
' line of parlor suits, at reduced, prices.
Olr readers are reminded that our old coal
friend H. B. Packer is still in the business, at
192 Main street. He informs us that he has
a good stock of No. 1 Pittsburg coal, and will
not be undersold. Present price, fifty cents.
Those wanting coal by the cask, cart or car
load would do well to see him before purcnas
ing elsewhere.
Kegnlar Memphis and New Orleans
Packet for the Meason.
Sir. JT. A.. Scudder,.
J. V. Hicks master I Chas. H. Dlx clerk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg, Baicnez, new ur-
leans and all way and bend landings
Wednesday, Movemoer zxtn, at o p.m.
Wednesday, December 12th, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday, December 28th, at 5 p.m.
ShlDtiera and travelers can rely on the strictest
punctuality, as the Scudder will always leave on time.
WAtsaustiXUM dc UAUtiut, H. a. iee wiiannwi.
Rea-ular Memphl aad Sew Orleans
Psekel for the seasoa.
Str. Jas. Howard,,
B. B. Pegram master I J. H. Chassalng clerk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Or
leans and ail way ana oena landings
Wednesday, December fith, at 6 p.m.
Wednesday, December 1 itb, at 5 p.m.
Shippers know the Howard Is a large carrier, and
has good accommodations for passengers.
WASHINGTON A CARTER, R. E. Lee whaithoat
Regular Hemphls and New Orleans
. Packet for the fteason.
Thompson Dean, STi
Jas. H. Pepper master I Frank Beck clerk
Leaves Memphis for Vlcksburg, Natchez, New Or
leans and ail way ana bena landings
Wednesday, December 5th, at 5 p.m.
Wednesday. December lttth. at 5 D.m.
Shippers and travelers can rely on this fine steamer
leaving punctually on time. For freight or passage
apply ou Doaru.
Memphis and Vlcksburg Pkt. Co.
For Vlcksburg and All Way Landings.
will leave every TUESDAY, at 5 p.m.
For Arkansas City and All Way Landings.
8 tr . 1JXI1a
W1U leave every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at
5 p.m. For freight or passage apply to
R. W. LIGHTBTJRNB. Agent, 2W Front st
U. . Stall For Osceola, Hew Hadrlrf.
AUekman and Mt. Aioula.
Alex. Zelgler master
Will leave THIS DAY. Dee. 27th, at 5 p.m.
Sup't Mississippi River Elevator Company
Hemphls and St. fuonla Packet Comp'y
For Helena, Arkopolis, Greenville, Vlcksburg and
way landings; connecting at ArKopous witn rail
road for Pine Bluff, and at Vlcksburg with steamers
ior tne xazoo nver ana new urieans.
Isaac H. McKee master 4stBmm
Will leave FRIDAY. December 28th. at 10 a.m.,
from Elevator Building, ticketing passengers and
giving through bills lading to Pine Bluff and all
points on Yazoo river. AD. STORM. Sup't
Memphis and Ohio River Packet Comp'y j
Wholesale Grocers,
Cotton Factors,
300 FRONT ST., Itet. Madison and Monroe.
Agents for Champion Plows and the Celebrated Cheek Cotton Press.
316 and 3161 Main St., Memphis.
Wrapping-Paper and Paper-Dags a specialty.
kinds, done at short notice and best
Printing, of
M tavln.
Jas. 8. Sullivan.
Thos. Clark.
Jf. J. 'C3burh
M. Gavin & Co.
And Commission Merchants,
QQQ Jzrozxt Strroo-fc, AXexia.xlxl3, Toxitx.
Between Adams and Jefferson.
Oar Major T. J. COWGILL devotes bis whole time to the Weighing and Bale of all Cotton intrusted to our
chanre. We have our own Cotton Warehouse, comer Washington and Second.
1 R. SOCttaB.
Vint Sltinkle,
fail to consult the accomplished
DeVere, 197 Main, near Washing-
Books at Auction.
The tale of valuable standard nnd miscel
laneous books at A. M. Stoddar i s auction
room, 228 Main street, will continue only a
few nights longer. A rare oppori inity is of
fered to purchase good books chea;.. Private
sales during the day, auction at seven
Closing out sale of the.r
Hen's Clothing,
Doy's Clothing,
At less than cost.
A Fresh Lot of 4-button Opera Kids just re
ceived by
Little Rock, but
his friends here.
MR. EL Ukqchajit. of
formerly or our city, is
spending the holidays.
Ms. John Mclfobd. formerly of W. B.
Galbreath A Co.. but now of St Louis .Is In the dev.
spending, the holidays with his friends.
Mb. J. A. Kirbt. who resides at No. 173
Vance street has been made hapoy bv the ar
anee or a (weive-pounaer ooy in nis lamuy.
a ennsmaa praseui must acoeptaoie.
Wb understand from Little Rock visitors
that Miss Kate Carl, the distinguished young artist
from Meranhls, is creating a sensation In the anei-
tv of that city, where sue Is the guest of Mrs. Bar-
Dr. Paul Otet has been confined to his
room rcr some two weeas. rrom an attack or enn-
vHUnn at lnriAmatlnu of the rifcufcfcw n. u .ki
dashtnsr soothern wii.n. n is. w I k. fa. Hfs iiim. m .uimi.. i
Col(al J.W.Avery, of weorg; to IM Ue rtaa 1 provtag slowly. - -
Ileat and Drink.
The chemistry of food is a subject that de
serves especial attention, as it has a more di
rect bearing on health than any other sci
ence. Liebicr's Liauid Extract of Beef and
Tonic Invigorator, Dr. T. Colden, proprietor,
is one of tne most useful and nourishing j
preparations in the world for invalids and
persons of weak constitutions. Nothing so
quickly and surely builds up and strengthens,
and while it is palatable and nutritious, it
has a health-producing effect on the liver and
the whole digestive system, w e recommend
it highly; and may add, it has the indorse
ment ot the most eminent physicians ana
chemists of the old and new world. W. N.
Wilkerson & Co., Agents.
The Oyster War.
FARRELL. the real Oyster King. 185
Main street, is mad because he was not nom
inated for mayor. The consequence is, he
has put down the price of fresh oysters to
onlV twenty-five cents per can, every Friday.
which is cheaper than meat, eggs, or bone
Guaranteed four to five dozen to a can, and
oysters warranted fresh and fat.
Diaries tor 1878
Just received by Wills & Wildberger, 317
Main street.
Reopening of Franklin noose,
No. 37 Adams street, by . G. Forrest and
James C. Rhoades. Fifty boarders wanted
at $4 per week. Board and lodging, $5 per
week. Single meals, 50c
Grand Masquerade Dall,
At Exposition, New Year's eve.
Neubalsia. "Neunl" cores it Bold bv
wrr v a. If - 1
U. w , Jonee von atsmpnia.
Cassimere Pants from f 1 per pair upward.
Cassimere Coats from $2 50 upward.
These are decided bargains.
Memphis, December 26, 1877.
Editors Appeal, In an article in yester
day's paper, signed "Vigilance," I find my
name mentioned as being present at a politi
cal meeting held on Madison street last Sun
day, in the interest of Mr. Flippin. I would
ask the privilege of saying, through your col
umns, that your correspondent must have
drawn largely on his imagination, as I was
not on Madison street last Sunday, neither
have I knowledge of any political meeting
being held on Sunday. I would also state
that I have not taken part in any political
meeting for several years. I expect, howev
er, to vote for Mr. Flippin and use hat lit
tle influence 1 may bave for his election.
Respectfully yours, N. D. Smith.
Great Bargains
James Kenn Is ton., master A. J. Llnusey clerk
Leaves FRIDAY. Dee. SSth. at S p-m.
For freight or passage apply to
R. W. LIGHTBURNE. Snpt, 2Pft Front st
Regular Memphis and Sew Orleans Pk't,
Clias.P. Chouteau,,
W. H. Thorweigan.. .master I G. MUtenberger. .clerk
Will leave for New Orleans and Way Landings
Tuesday, Dee. 23th. S pun.
Will give prompt attention to all business Intrust
ed to ber. BRADFORD ELY. Agents.
BU4 r ront street,
Hemphls White River and Rlaek River
j. m. asau racuruk
For Indian Bay, St Charles, Clarendon, Devalla
BiuS, Des Arc, Augusta, Jacksonport, West Point,
bearcy, uatesvuie, rownaoan ana rooaua
The elegant passenger sf earner
M. R. Ham master.
Leavas Memphis every SATURDAY, at 6 t.m., con
necting direct with the new Black River U. S. Mail
Packet MILT HARRY for Powbattan and Pocahon
tas, and with Dally Packets to Batesvllle and Upper
White river. Through rates to all points.
Frelrht consigned to Milt Harry Line. Memphis or
Terrene, v. ill be promptly forwarded.
J. T. WASMmcj'I'On, A L, u. B. lo .mnuw,
W. C. HARRY, Agent R. E. Lee Wharfboat
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
No. 258 Front street. Memphis, Tenn.
B. F.Avery & Son's Plows and Implements,
Agricultural Implements and Steam Machinery Depot
A a tee It mt Brass and Steam Fittings and Pipe always sa hand,
310 and 312 Front street, Memphis, Tenn.
importers and Wholesale Liquor Merchants.
Nos. 347 Front street, Memphis, Tenia.
Nos. 371 and 373 Main Street,
Regular Independent
River Packet.
'his nnd
LKtBRIES, 7 Hain Street.
We have the largest stock of toys in the
city, at New York prices. Look out for onr
grand toy opening-'
EdBaTBREsCR. S47 Rain Street
The regular monthly meeting of the
Chickasaw building and loan association oc
curs on Thursday evening, 27th instant, at
V p.m., over tbe Union and 1 lanters bank,
when the monev will be loaned, stockhold
ers, to avoid fines, must pay their dues at or
Deiore that time. :
. " B. 8. CBAIO, PresWeot
jKsr Ausrusta, Jaeksespart West Faint,
teaurry and all way rol.Uk
Tne Regular Independent Packet
Ed. a Postal Captain
Will leave EVERY WEDNESDAY, at 5 o'clock
Pjn. Through bills of lading to all points on appet
white ana macs nvera.
Apply for freight or passage to
aw. LIOHTBCRNE, 290 Front Street;
W. P. BLKNN. mm. nr. WriorfWit
Stacker Lee.... .... master I E. B. Thomas clerk
FRIDAY, at 6 p.m., for Helena, Friars Point and
au way and plantation landings.
Memphis and usceola Packet Line Carrying United
Slates SLau. tKeamer
Osceola Belle.
J. Q. Andrews master I B. O. MlebeU clerk
Leaves Memphis every MONDAY. WEDNESDAY
and frida x, at 5 p.m., ior Hanootpu, ruiiou, u
I oia and Asbport Passengers and shippers Dim
Dear in Bina tnax we leave mi huk imBiu w
calved at Glenn's wharfboat at all Umes.
K. P. hlkhjv, Agerrc
For Helena and the St Francis river Carrying U. 8.
Mall Tbe llght-drart stean
J. D. Randall master.
Will positively leave THIS DAT. at 6 p.m., as above,
and every Tuesday and Saturday until further notice.
For mutant, etcapply onboard, erwleua'swharSVt
No. 338 Front street, corner Union. Memohls. Teni
Giiy, H'Olellan & Eo.
Wholesale Grocers,
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
260 and 262 Front street, Mempliis.
Grocers and Cotton Factors
300 Front and 38 Clinton Sts., Mempliis.

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