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Memphis stud CL jrieston Railroad
twhr-dul After Jewry -. I7
I Arr1ea:
Mull and &xtn train rt.Ul) . 1 1 ! p-m. Br4o p.m
So n -Ul iniiu d;iuj i'l
.miulay) at T.-OC p.m. 8:la.m
V. n.r k luat t nnWr Iku city Time.
T u.rtt. tralu mane the aulrkest
lira t.t ithiW U CbatunooKK, ansxvllta,
i.iicfirurv. U a.-.tiinetnn, and the Ktvtt, and will
-'.c- it all K-fuiHr MiUions, and at Kins Station
li-n n.utve.l.eMvpt bunions between Col-
n-rvllle and Memphis.
H fuirrvilir Trm will star at Rearala
I'ajnentp? fr Jdukaon. Tnn.. and all stations on
ft: .-. St. Lul and New Orlean K. K., should
t ike t-xpreai train. lavliiK at 11:155 p ro., which
mak clow connection a( urand Junction wtth pa-K-"iftr
train on Utitt road.
X.-u-t OlIl- 27m Main utrret and at Depot
Ciller KriKlijeur and "' bupX
I. r!. IjAVAJiT.
Axtlstant General Pwenget Agent.
a iiailfouiid Naahrilleand Great
Southern Kailroao.
1 : -a. lKht Bxprnat-On Saturday thta
r tin run on 17 10 mum.; -vaciiibci w jiui
1. Lorn and ihtauo: et McKeurle lor Nash
ville, Cb.-.tumootrn, auanUi and me Boutnea; at
1. illirto lor HoiitlnMrlll, Henderson and Ewtna
.(!; at iwUrtlle fi all point North and KaaU
m-mi. It)' Kiivm Connect for oC
. ruin and CLleano; at LouUnrlile lot all points
'irth ami Vnt
4 1 UrflwaaTllIe Aweiaiasdatloa
LNtlly tXi-eK eutikr.
m. ri vm 1 rTralaa
k:t3m p"m
u.i H;16 a.m
r.-iit'nn hlwOn 011 filter train to Lounrrtlie,
ha 1 o nU.'"f liaiu to maauvuie.
tii t tk-t or information, apply at Ticket Office,
j, vain, iortut corner naoison mm,
Jkx JUtcuairrr. oup t lietnplil Dlv.
vmiia ..-t. Tlcaet ent.
UHHisMipiii aiidTeniierwee Railroad
t:if .iK OK HCUKOl'Lk.
N alter WEDXES'AY. Kowmter 14, 1877t
train will run as tollowat
N 0.-iwm Matlrtaiiyat.... 8ruup.m 1:05 p-m
Bimi accommodation dally
(n-ept riundujs) llJ50a.m 9:15 a,
.-mlar). at rt.OO a.n 4.O0 p.m
low oxiinm-xlo'ia maun at wrnoada nui Bain
Hor and rlonth fur all pnwtN
lW Kor rurtuw irifoiliiiUloii. applf M
J 1c ket Offlw, 27 Min SU, and at Depot.
Hirkr, rininnten3nt- ,
Jwn tfA. Tlcfcet Agent.
i;Ai'iu r,i riiifc kocm uailwai
Tbe Short Line to Arkansas and Texas.
ucava: ihwtii
till train, daily. 6:80 P-no. 10 40 p.m
Jf roirnt 'rain law M. L.
it. U. U. depot (Sunday ex) 7:00 a.m.
lai'viiKfis gfiinK on tula road will take train at
tne Ipot of tbe LoulsvUle, NasbvUle and Great
BJififrt Al'lroad. .
Il;il train makes cloae ooiujecrion at Antenta for
to'.n-.a 011 Little Kock and Kort gmlth BHllroad, and
t Little Kort with Cairo and lMlton ballroad, tor
ro nialoSoulliwest Arkanitw and Texas.
P.illrnan faliice Carp on all olttht train.
or ticket and tnlorroatlon apply at Tlcket-Krtnce
37Hand a7 Main street, and at the Depot, foot ot
ah!nirton utiwt , or at L. and N. and (it. bo. Depot,
t to the undenrtKnPd.
W. e. SMITH, Snp't. Uempnla, Teen.
K. A. WILLI A-Va, Passenger Agent.
M. H. .14 V. V. .nd T. A.. LIUIe Rnek.
The Popular American Prima Doaaa.
t'UARi.iu' I.kvi Acting Malinger.
ALICE OaTKo. the ;-eerles Onwn of Omlc Opera,
suwoorteU t-j her N EW KNU t.I-H COMIC
UFKltA COJMFANY.nlll gle In Memphis
Foar (4) Operatlr l'rrformaaef.
lJAY, orxiuiencmg on TUKDAY EVENING, Jan
iuuy antli. wlin L1 be pieseiited OUenbach s fa
mous comic opera
La Jlolle Parrameuse (Tbe Pretty Perfumer),
Roe Mtchon. Alice Oates-IntroduclnB In the third
Vlnwul Walliice's celebrated song "Soflly ye
Muht win. Hi," whh guitar accnrupanlinenC
WEDNESDAY, at 2 0 clock, GRAND 0ATE3
MATINEE. Lecodi' romantic oiera,
Gline-51rnfla Alice Oates.
WEDNESDAY EVENING. January 80th, first time
In M-mphls of Ofleuliacu's sparkUng and rery
eomlc opeia.
Prlnco Raphael Alice Oates.
THUrtiUAY. January 81 Last Night Beneat of
Alice Outrs- Ur.nd Gala Night,
1.A PKKICMOI.K(The Street Singer).
Cntarina, Alice Oates on which occasion she will
slnu. " OcHxl-bye, Sweetheart, KXl-)ye."
N. a. This CoiJiiaiiy Is lb largest and most com
plete organization lu ttie world, and the only one
making a sieclalty of performing In Kngllnh the
op-i;is of Lecocu,, Offenbach and other French com
posers. Grind Chorus, with Orchestra. Musical
Conductor. C. Ktrtsen. New and elegant costumes,
pioiiertles. ttc
Admission. SI; reserved seats 2oe extra. Other
prices aa usual. Mutt nee prices- lowf-r Boor, 75c;
other parts of the Th-a'er. fiOe. Sale opens on
FrMiiT, ut HoIlei'tK-rg's Alu.lc Store.
Erldiiy and Satnruay, February 1st and 2d, Mrs.
Ch anfr.ui and Twylenr's New York Company.
of the Brilliant? Artiste,
8up;orted by a Comrany. not surpassed by any
theater In Uie country. ' .
tjliake? pear-'s Dramatic Romance,
(First time In this city).
Boui'lcauit's 5-act comedy,
By general Uelre, hliakeapeare's
matinee saturday... ah you like it,
Saturday nigut,
Shakespeare's MACBETH.
ceats iiprtned nt Hollenberg's.
005H AND BOiBD At P8 Madison stieet:
"V tto tr l and two desirable rooms on the firnt floor.
T 57 Maiket st, two desirable rooms, newly
repalnd: board If desired. Mrs r. w. bmitu.
KOOMS tumUbmi or uiilurnlshed lor ftmllleaor
gentlemen; tioue new.j fitted up; large yard
and eoiive'ifeiit to business, at lul Jefferson strret,
IOCKETPOOK Left a Tne, red tnoroc.-o pocket
bonk In some t-tore or lrlend s bouse, having
In It two ten-dollar bills, a printed recipe tor making
a wash or p.ilnt for bnllalnits, and otner papers
of value only U himself. He will give five dol
lars ti.r Its return and contents, to
I'M. SNYDER'S Office,
nt -0 SeiTil street. i!p-)t:ilrs.
CVJI NTEK3 AND SHELVED A large lot of fine
couiiti'is and shelves, Kith wa.nui tops; have
be-n ustrd In the Souhri l alace; will be sold at a
b-ir:tl.i. It ai pilc.ition oe made tmuiedlutely; fit lor
dry ;iih i-p'y on the premises.
OT;D-Oak and ash wood. Leave orders with
C. A. GAS TON. Jl.'l Mudlson street
HOUSE AND LOT Corner Sixth and Jackson
int4. i-urt PIckertuK. for &40U; lot 60 by
1 IV Meet. AiM'l? t ei'J len-rson.
1JV 1 TEU A larpe lot 1 1 gnod cooking bunr, very
J low. B. i. S ITH t CO . 2H4 Front slreeL
HOUSK (ne 2-story brick bouse, comer Jackson
and Froi.t, No 74; 2olytW; prlc "'liKKI cash.
IiKinlreof II AXTMAN. 77 Main st
UN'S, RIFLES PISTOLS, ETC. I will eil for
T the lirxt .'to dns, my entire stock at greatly re
dud prl.vs. to redUftX) stock. Also a lot stock, worn
or sl.gl tlr uaiiiMgeo, at less than corL Ainoa lot left
for r-ulr. soid lurcharees A.J. Ylii.NNA.H45 Main.
AT BARGAINS - Desirable City, Suburban and
Fott Pickering Lets Also .arm Lands In the
Ctuutiy. L. B. EA f ON, Abstnwt OIUco,
H.i MallHOO street
-I irATCH.S A lot ot very One Enitllsh. Swiss
h and A met lean vYittiriiea. ut Ni iKL'6. No. 2IH
Second street They will be sold at extremely low
price-. If called for In to or three weens.
(iil)AK FENCING POcjrs Alwa)s on baud tor
sale, by W. K. LAKK1N. Lartt'nsvllle, Ala.
O n (1 A Hfj uF ltl. a LAND 6l niiles from
i) if - ell' , on both slues Miss, and Tcnn. R. R.
N iiiil.'nl bullilli (.'sites, and very fertile; will sell la
1 iGhisuitiKircbaiers. Address PETER MITCHELL,
e .-f H II. nnmife To.
INARMS Two of tbe test Improved farms In Fay
' ette ootaily, Tenn.. 3 mlies from Wi the Depot,
on the nio9t reaMmulilo terms; these pl-ioes have
each a K-od re.-.l.l. new. wtth rieoi-ssary outhouses.
clUni, tie; the to places adj iln each ot her one
hnvu g a view ulnh use and press; about 10 acres
cleared on each pl.ice; work-stock, farming Imple
ments. eU1.. c.tn Lm purchased from t!e proprietor. It
desired Fr lu-llier p.-irU-.nilars apply to Owen, Mo
Niitt A Bailey. No. ti West Cou-t street or to Ibe un-der-lgned.
on premises. E. E. GREENLEE.
I EoIDr Net. A nice "J story hi lei. No. H h't
lV ilartlii, rootu. with es and water. Apply
to A. J. VIENNA. 845 Main.
1 I'.uj- Cheap to permanent tensutd. Fatma
lor IbT.v ! ng le.tics to tellable tenants.
Vf. D. MiVALLl .31, Agent. 1W MadlfOn St.
VYKLLINGa Uli Jnck'n street Apply at No.
il Jackson stret AiI-3 M iKY PuwEKS.
OlANO -Cheap.
Call at 121 Court street.
a'UIE nice, Uuyn .mil cei-lral brick bet.lde;;ce, ItJlJ
L mon st, furnished. If desired. Is for lease, to
a dasliahle lirst clas family, the rent taken out In
bootd. Buuv, rie'yhbnrlMXNi and arrangements In
every v:sy (!e liable, odenng as pleasiu a home,
for a ye :r or yearv, and nt far lesa cost, than can
be t und la this clly. Please call or addiea ai
t lul link
MVS looms and (hiUiiklws near Her-
ri.iv l VHII v artre !.
vAjMa DtUalle roows, Willi board,
' at 117 Coirt street
LE.-lDr..NCE 1 hM very Ortn0jle rewldeuoe. 10t
I I Cturt U; Is put In Ihomugb cuidltion; will be
t r, r.t to good tene.nt. Apply ou premise until 0c
tvl.r 2'ui. Also, sture H5i Front; thofoughly re-
' :e.i Rim ii-r..n.t. a "iir as Know
yiOttiMWji-.)! anali ons.t bt'ett Apply to
O K. R. HMWPFN. Js Jtii.ils.m mt.
111 -ifc 4J(I A-.1V Mlltl M M..rMn atauc.
1 LA X? A . V
tVSalea Imlly of Goods of Evwr Description. Ft
I TORSE On January 23-1. from No. 8 Madison
L street a dam bay borse, irt hands high. 8
years old; had on a common bridle and saddle;
sllL'htlT tubbed br brew-bum: bad a few white hairs
on his back, short tall, recently shod: he was high-
beiiied and spirited. A linenu reward win ne paia
for Ms dllver to Hadden A Avery. 2 HO Front street
SITUATION A well educated and respectable
white man would like a situation In some whole
sale or retail provlsloo store; would be willing to
woiK a while tor nis Doaro. Address
D W. T., Appeal office.
T7"MPLOYMENT By a young whit man; under-
A j Sis nas care ana anvuix oi oursev; wuiui8 to
do any light work tor small pay. Address
D. H. H . this office.
AGON'S AND TEAMS Two good wagons and
teams, of three horses or muiea eacn, 10 go
Into the country to haul trestle-wood. KMPLOi-
MkNT AGENCY, V West Court street, city.
fjARM By one well experienced In farming, a
F farm; will serve at a percentage or otherwise;
can furnish tbe labor; references given. Address
FARMER, this Office.
a a rnts M aire SMIW) ner month selling our Mag-
nili Inatantuneous CoDVUio-Book and Ink.
No press, brush or water used. STATIONERS'
MANUFACTURING CO.. 10 AI2 Dey t. New Yoik.
MEN -In each State for the DgTwnvg SKtncE,
and to report crime Pat liberal. Address
COMPANY. Cincinnati, unio.
rpo LOAN MONEY In samll suma Applyto
X WO D. HI X Msin street, up-stalra.
Son tr of the citv office expectant: "Thou
art so neur and yet so far."
"The Chemistrv of Character" is Can
tain Brown's theme to-night, at Harmonial
Monday evening next the Mrs. Oates's
comic opera troupe will present the Pretty
jrerfumers at the 1 neater.
Yesterday afternoon scores of children
oiyoyed themselves in Court square, playing
with and chasing: the squirrels.
The condition of the streets is improv
irjjr, thanks t the "clerk of the weather,"
who is being aided by a small street-torce
Friday eveninfr next Mrs. Chanfrau, sup
ported by Tayleure's dramatic company, will
commence an engagement at the Memphis
Burglariously disposed burglars are
burglarizing throughout the city almost
nightly. The police force will have to be
more on the alert.
An order was made yesterday in the
chancery court for the sheriff to sell the stock
cf groceries of Morris Keuhn, attached by the
creditors some days ago.
The press excursionists from the coun
try towns of the Hoosier State left, for New
Orleaus yesterday afternoon, via the Missis
si pi and Tennessee railroad.
Another large and fashionable audience
attended the city hall la?t night and wit
nessed the society comedy entitled, "Electing
a Chairman and Appointing Committees."
At the Theater matinee, to-day, Miss
liOuiso Pomeroy will appear as "Rosalind,"
in As You Like It, and to night she will give
a farewell performance as "Lady Macbeth."
Waarona from the country drawn by
oxen are not an unusual sight in the city at
present. The bad roads are too much for
horses or mules, and none but oxen can pull
Two ladies riding around in a baskefc-
buegy is the popular and fashionable method
of going shopping or taking an airing in this
city just now. The buggies are kept for hire
at the livery stables.
Alderman W. 0. Harvey informs us that
on the night when his seat in the aldermanic
board was declared vacant he bad his resig
nation in his pocket, and would have pre
sented it in due time.
In another column will be found the offi
cial notice of a meeting of the directory of the
1'eoples insurance company, and the declar
ing of a dividend of five per cent, upon the
capital stoek of the company.
Birds of Prev. by Miss M. E. Eraddon :
l egends of the Black Watch, by Jas. Grant:
Barnabti Budge, by Charles Dickens; and
I he Pilot, by J. renimore Cooper, are a tew
of the latest editions in Hansford's ten and
twenty cents series.
At the United States court yesterday
the case of Badgettr. Sledge, M'Kay &
Co., which had been' on trial for five days,
was brought to a close, the jury returning a
verdict for the plaintiff and assessing his
damages at one dollar.
The supreme court of North Carolina, a
few days ago, licensed Miss Tabitha Ann
Holton, of Guilford county, to practice law in
that State. The Asheville Citizen says Tab-
ltna Ann is "a most comely young woman,
with exceedingly fine parts." She wants a
During the past few days there have
been several consultations lookinar to the con
solidation of St. Lazarus and Grace parishes
(Lpiscopal). A decided interest is being
manifested by the parishioners, but so far
the respective vestry has not arrived at any
At the criminal court. Mary Jane Ward.
colored, was on trial all day yesterday on an
indictment charging the larceny of articles
of value belonging to a Mrs. Armstrong, a
white woman who was mysteriously iound
dead in her house some time since. The
trial will probably be concluded to-day.
Mrs. Dr. Cutter has kindly consented to
deliver a free lecture at the Navy Yard mis
sion, 93 Promenade street, on Saturday after
nooD, at three o'clock, subject: "Anatomy
and Physiology of the Human Body," illus
trated by a life-size French manakin. Ladies
interested are cordially invited to attend.
This is the year lor elections in Tennes
see. In August the judges of the supreme
court, circuit judges, attorney-generals,
chancellors, and the county officers, sheriff,
county court clerk, trustees and register are
to be elected. The governor, members of
congress, State senators and representatives
are to be chosen in November.
How to tell your fortune: Lay under
your pillow a prayer-book, opened at the
matrimonial service, bound round with the
garters you wore that day, and a sprig of myr
tle on the page that says, "with this ring I
thee wed,' and your dream will be ominous,
and you will have your fortune as well told
as if you had paid a dollar to an astrologer.
Try it.
The city fathers will assemble again at
tbe city hall on next Monday night, at the
usual hour, when the reports of the commit
tees on salaries and bonds of officers and em
ployes, and on rules and regulations, will be
presented. The salary bill will take the
i-hapo of an ordinance, and will have to pass
through three readings. After that comes
nominations for office by the mayor.
The case of the United States r. Call
Henderson, indicted for attempting to pass a
fit'ty-dollar counterfeit bill, was on trial yes
terday. Colonel Randolph and Captain
Walker, who were assigned by Judge Trigg
;.s counsel for the defendant, made a brilliant
defense, and argued tbe case in a lengthy
and able manner.' Judge Tngg will this
morning charge the jury impaneled in the
Recorder Duff yesterday morning dis
posed of the following business: John Jef
ferson, misdemeanor, forfeiture $25: John
Williams, colored, driving on sidewalk,
discharged; Mary Nowland, drunk and dis
orderly, discharged; Simon Cameron, mis
demeanor, fioed $5; Emma Moore, larceny
and arson, continued; bid Williams, misde
meanor, forfeiture $25; Felix Peal, wife
whipping, fined $20; John Hogan, drunk,
Cned $5.
The Library dramatic association, which
is organized for the benefit of the Odd-Fellows
public library, have selected for their
next entertainment the romantic drama enti
tled, The Denouncer, or Seven Clerk: and
for the farce. Perfection, or the Maul of
Munster. The time and place for the per
formance has not yet been settled upon.
They have their regular monthly meeting to
night, when it is to be hoped that every
member will be present.
It seems to be well understood that Mayor
T.ippin will nominate General M. T. Wil
iiatr.soa (Republican) for the office of comp
troller. . Taro years ago Mayor Flippin did
the same thing, then withdrew his name and
nominated Dr. D. T Porter for the office, but
the general council refused to confirm either
Eommction, and Comptroller Neweom held
over for two years. It is not likely that the
present general council, which is Democratic
with a few exceptions, will cor. firm the nomi
nation of General Williamson, who has been
closely identified as a partisan with the Radi
cal party since hi advent in this State.
In the general council it sesms m if
mlh Memphis is getting the lion's hara of
offices so tar a mayor and both chairmen of
the general council. In the old board North
Msmpbis had the chairmanship of the aldar-
manic board and South Memphis that of the
council manic board. This gave general sat
isfaction, but in tbe present general council
much dissatisfaction over the so-called "bur
ied hatchet" has cropped out already, and
the pro-t-ert is that it will continue to crop
out luxuriantly, as u were.
The Jackson Went Tennessee Whig, of
the twenty-fourth instant, state that on
Monday evening, about four o'clock, a north
bound freight-train on the Chicago, St. Louis
and New Oi leans railroad run over a young
man netr the Lafayette afreet crossing, in
that uty, inflicting injuries from which be
died in a few hours. lie gave his name as
James Sale, that his father s name was K. A.
Sale anil lived at Piano. Texas, fifteen miles
above Dallas. He bad left home against his
parents' will, and had started to Kentucky to
nsit some relatives, bnt bis money giving
out. he had determind to return home the best
way he could, and was trying to reach the
St. Louis and Texas route of travel. He
seemed to be under twenty years of age."
On Thursday night, a short time before
the residence of Major J. J. Murphy, on
Beale street, was entered and plundered of
1 .i. 1. . 11 1. r a r
jeweiry, tnieves entered tne resiaence or air.
Varrington, some squares east on the same
street, and plundered the upper rooms while
the family was at supper. They became
frightened, however, and leaped to the
ground from the second story, leaving a jew
elry-box full of jewelry on the floor in the
room and near the window from which they
escaped. The strange fact con reeled with
these late robberies is that the doors on the
ground floor are always found locked and
bolted, as u.foal, which would indicate either
that the thieves were secreted in the house
or that they secured entrance through the
Yesterday afternoon some forty leading
merchants and other property owners assem
bled at the Flippin executive committee rooms
on Monroe street, near Harvey Robinson's, for
the purpose of considering the mandamus,
funding and tax questions, with a view to se
cure some basis of comDromise with the bond
holders, and to resist the levy of certain taxes
deemed by them illegal. The question of
back taxes was also to be considered. Air
J. C. Neely presided, and Mr. Hugh Brink-
ley acted as secretary. A committee of five
was appointed to prepare a report upon the
above important subjects, with power to se
cure the opinion of lawyers, and to report to
an adjourned meeting to be held at the same
place this afternoon, at two o clock, bhouid
no comDromise or relief be secured, it is prob
able that an effort will be made to get the
next legislature to "abolish the city charter
and to place tne city in tne nanas 01 a re
ceiver. Chancellor Morgan was engaged yester
day in the hearine of argument of counsel in
the case of the State of Mississippi and county
of Tunica ex. rel. against W. M. Randolph,
administrator of M. J. Manning, deceased,
late sheriff whom, it will be remembered,
was assassinated in said county about a year
ago. The main question involved is as to the
ownership of certain funds attached in bank
in this city, deposited by Manning as sheriff,
being claimed by his widow on the one hand,
and by the State and county on the other.
The defense is bv nlea and demurrer as to
the jurisdiction of the court and the right of
the State and county to sue in a btate court;
and. further, that the funds arising from the
collection of certain illegal tax assessments
are not the property of the btate and county.
Messrs. Wright & Ellett appear for the
plaintiffs, and E. S. Hammond for defend
ants. Argument progressing.
The f olio win 2 were visitors at the cotton
exchange yesterday : P. H. Buford, Oxford,
Mississippi; Levi Hecht, Pocahontas, Arkan
sas; W. T. Dortch, Clarksville, Tennessee;
J. W. Paramore and W. R. Allen, St. Lbuis.
Mr. William Henry, traveling agent for
the Appeal, returned home yesterday from
a most successful business trip through West
Tennessee, Arkansas, north Mississippi and
north Alabama. With the people of these
States the Appeal stands in high favor, and
has a very large circulation.
The Oates Comic Opera Troupe.
This com nan v. enpaced to suDDOrt Mrs.
Oates, begins an engagement at the Mem
phis Theater Tuesday night. The company
is composed of the following-artists: Alice
Oates, Miss Elma Delaro, Miss Jennie Win
ston, Mrs. Clara iisber Maeder, Miss Chap
pelle, Miss Orsina, Miss Livingston, Miss
Champion, Miss Sylvie, Miss Saenger, Mr.
Henry Laurant, Mr. Gustave F. Hall, Mr.
Harry Allen. Mr. Arthur H. Belle. Mr. Sey
mour, Mr. Iieclerc, Mr. Cotta, Mr. Decker,
Mr. Parent, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Mills Hall, and
Mr. Kremer. The musical director and con
ductor is C. Kerssen. The operas selected
for the four performances are La Jolie Par-
fumeuse, Girofle Girofla, The Princess of
Trebizonde and La Perxchole, the latter con
cluding the encatrement Thursday ni&'jt.
The sale of seats commences to-day at Hol-
lenberg s.
aiiaa Louise Pomeroy as "Viola."
Last evening quite a large and fashionable
audience appeared at the Theater and en
joyed an excellent performance of Twelfth
flight, or What xou wui. Miss romeroy
as "Viola," gave a pretty and artistic presen
tation of the very charming role. Her con
ception of it was correct, and her acting ev
erything to be commended. Of graceful
form, and possessing a clear, mellow voice,
pleasingly t modulated, she rendered the
character excellently well, and deservedly re
ceived repeated tributes of hearty applause.
it is a question much discussed, whether or
not "viola" is the leading role of the play.
It certainly is the leading female role, and
without it Twelfth Night would be like Zfam
let with the part of " Hamlet" omited.
The play, according to Charles Knight and
other Shakespearean editors or commenta
tors, runs over with imagination and wit, in
which high poetry is welded with intense
fun. Miss Anna Story, as "Lady Olivia,"
was not sufficiently spirited at times for the
delicate role. The heavier scenes she pre
sented much better. The "Sir Andrew
Aguecheek," of Mr. Theo. Hamilton; the
"Sir loby Belch, ot Mr. Geo. Den ham; the
"Malvolio," of Mr. Charles Waverly. were
excellent indeed, seldom better presented
upon the provincial stage, as it is called in
i.,Tw x(.a auu uuaivu. JUI, UOllUUf M LUC
"Clown," Miss Cbarliene Medonan. as "Ma
rie," presented these roles commend ably and
pleasingly, ine minor roles were, like
wise, rendered in a manner that add
ed attraction to the play as a whole.
The Ford company is the best that has been
in our city for years. At the matinee to-day,
As xou Like It, with Miss Pomeroy as
"Rosalind," will be reproduced by particular
request, it being regarded as Miss Pomeroy's
very best role, but to our mind, her "Viola"
is preferable as a piece of Shakespearean
comedy acting. To-night the engagement
will close, with a presentation of Macbeth.
Cnaaeery Court Morgan, J adze.
Call of motion day continued this morning.
Criminal Court loaT wood. Judge.
The following cases are 6etfor trial to-day:
233, Thomas L. Kehoe; 257-261, John Rob
son; 241, Elias Brown; 358, Thomas Gaeen ;
562-563, Bill Taylor; 241, Elias Barron.
Last day of the
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nr. Charles Kortreeat Bteetea Caalr-
aaaa or the Boavra of CoaaellsaeB
The. AaaaslBK Hat 6a
- or Brae.
eleetioa of Caasamlttees aa atarles
tad Boads or Ofleers aad City
Esnployes, aad aa Rales
sad Betralatloas.
At half-past seven o'clock last evening the
board of councilmen assembled at tbe city
hall, twenty members being present. Mr
Bates, temporary chairman, ordered the roll
called. Mr. Hates said that the nrst tbing
in order was the election of a permanent
chairman. Mr. Goodvear. ot the first ward.
and Mr. Fisher, of the sixth ward, being the
candidates before the council.
Mr. Fisher said his name had been before
the council serveral times on Thursday night,
and he now withdrew his name in favor of
Mr. Charles Kertrecht.
Twenty-Eighth Ballot. Goodyear, 9; Kor-
trecut, 11. Total vote cast, vaj; necessary to
a choice. 11.
Chairman Bales announced that the coun
cil had elected Mr. Kortrecht as permanent
On motion of Dr. Goodyear the election of
Mr. Kortrecht was made unanimous.
Messrs. Hughs and Bohan were appointed
to conduct Mr. Kortrecht to tne cnair.
Chairman Kortrecht expressed his thanks
to the board for the honor conferred upon
him. He asked the aid of the board dunntr
his term of office, and with their assistance
he would endeavor to perform the duties of
the office with fairness and impartiality.
Dr. Goodvear said that he expressed his
thanks to his friends who voted for him for
twenty-seven consecutive ballots. He would
say nothing as to what produced the change
to-nifirht. lie thought tne least saia aoout it
the better. He would do his utmost for the
interest of his ward constituents and, also,
for the interest of the citizens of every ward
in the citv. He hoped that the strife and
bitterness of the past contest would be buried
for ever, and he pledged himself to give his
support to the present chairman and the
mayor ot tbe city. I Applause. J
Chairman Kortrecht stated that a commit
tee on credentials ought to be appointed.
Mr. Bates moved that a committee of three
be appointed on credentials:
The chairman appointed Messrs. Bates,
Goodvear and Bnnkley as such committee.
The committee conferred for a few minutes
and reported that all the members certified
as elected by the sheriff were duly elected as
members ot the council.
Dr. Goodyear stated that the report was
not exactly correct. Ihe committee should
state that the members present are those who
were embraced in the return of the Bhenff.
and also that these members are duly quali
Tbe chairman stated that the committee
could only report as to the return of the
The report of the committee was received
and filed.
Mr. Bohan offered a resolution that a com
mittee of five be appointed on salaries of
city officers and employes, ihe resolution
was carried.
Mr. Fisher moved that a committee on
bon Is be appointed. Carried.
Chairman Kortrecht said he had a list for
both committees already ' prepared. ' He
reached over and took from his hat the pre
pared lists which had been cut and dried in
advance for the happy occasion. This give
away of the little game by the innocent
chairman caused immense laughter, which
was not enjoyed by the Flippin men who put
up the job of brace for the appointments.
The lists were read, when Mr. Bohan, who
offered the resolution to appoint the commit
tee on salaries, arose and expressed his sur
pnse at not being on the committee. Chair
man Kortrecht excused himself, and had Mr.
Bohan's name placed on the list. The com
mittee on salaries is as follows: Messrs. Bo--
ban. Fisher. Lawhorn, Rogers and Crosby.
The committee on bonds is as follows: Messrs.
Fisher, Goodyear, Bates, Snowden and
A deputy United States marshal appeared
and mandamused the council to the amount
of $90,306 20.
The following committee was appointed on
rules and regulations: Messrs. Bates, Ryan,
Quentel, Renkert, Proudfit.
Mayor Flippin sent in the following mes
sage, which was read and received, after
which the joint session dissolved:
Mayor's Office, Crrr Hall, 1
Memphis, Tknm.. January 25, 1878. f
To the Honorable General Council:
Called again by the voice of the people to
the mayoralty. I can enter upon the discharge
of its duties with a more hopeful heart than'
at the commencement ot my last term. A
better future, I am now assured, awaits us if,
as faithful ministers of the people, we keep
but one object steadily in view the immedi
ate and ultimate good of the city. What
ever asperities may have been engendered by
an exciting canvass should at once pass away
and be forgotten. Other and better objects
than keeping alive resentments, if such are
entertained, now address themselves to the
wisdom and consideration of this legislative
body. 1 invoke a spirit of harmony in all
our deliberations, for, without this, our efforts
will prove 1 utile in the accomplishment ot
good. In becoming members of this coun
cil you make sacrifices without any compen
sation lor your labors. Ihe inquiry each
should propound to himself should
be, "How shall I act so as to
bring back prosperity to this place i
There must be an organized, har
monious effort to effect this end. Factions
destroy each other, and disappoint the
proper expectations of our people. Each
should thoroughly study the municipal
situation, familiarize himself with the charter
and ordinances of the city. In the selection
of the officers and agents of the city, great
care should be taken, so that these places may
be most worthily filled. The success of any
administration depends in a great measure
unon the honesty and capability ot its agents.
To get such in official positions, so as to sub
serve the public good, y u should, if neces
sary, ignore personal friendships; the city
should now be first in view, sinking all sel
fish considerations in a common and united
effort for its good gtvernment. 1 enion upon
you with an emphasis the cultivation of a
spirit ot harmony ana gooa leuowsnip, inat
your labors may redound to the well-being of
our beloved city. These are the solemn obli
gations taken this night, and I am sure you
will observe them, let us now be co-iaoorers
in municipal reform and management, and ,
the resuult of our co-operation will soon ap
pear in the bettering of our situation. For
satisfactory reasons, I am not now prepared,
as I hope to do at an early day,
to review our municipal history for
the last two years, and make such suggestions
as I think advisable, touching the proper ad
ministration of ou affairs lor the present term.
X our nrst duty, after organization, is to appoint
a committee on offices and salaries. Upon
the subject of salaries, I suggest that in fix
ing these, the labors and responsibilities
should be duly considered. I have nothing
more at this time to say, but conclude by
congratulating the city upon having such
representatives, who by reason ot their char
acter and antecedents, promise so well for its
future good. Very respectfully.
j. a jfLLPPiM, Mayor.
On motion the board of councilmen ad
journed over to Monday night next, at half-
past seven o ciocsr.
The board met at the city hall at half-Dast
seven o'clock last night, pursuant to adjourn,
ment. The members present were Messrs.
Benjes, Jones, Faires, Elder, Roarke, and
Chairman Brown.
Oa motion of Alderman Jones, of the sixth
ward, the followine committee on rales and
regulations was appointed by the chair:
Messrs. Jones, Faires, and Rourke.
On motion the board of aldermen adionrned
over to half-past seven o'clock next Monday
Plnckney, Jackson & C.
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Editors Appeali As the smoke of battle
has passed away, and the popular nrve has
become quiet arid steady, let us take a calm
survey of the situation, and uim up the re
sults and speculate upon the future political
aspect. It was argued by the Flippiuites
that there were no politics involved in th
contest, and many were thus in ! iced to re
pudiate the Democratic noniut,, 1 to with
the Independents, and rruny of tlieni now
ay that this breach wsl! m' have any effect
upon the election in August next. If this be
true, then the Radicals will bo ad!y disap
pointed, for they pubheiy announced that
they cared nothing for F'ippin. bnt only
wanted to break up the damned D--i.. cratic
party; and wi- all know that they were look
ing forward to August, when, by tbe disrup
tion of that party, they expected to capture
the good fat offices then to be parceled out.
They will accomplish this, too, if we do not
go right to work now and check
111 ate them. Mr. Flippin is now
giddy and crazed with bis victory, supple
m 'iited by the hundreds of hungry office
seekers buzzing in his ears, and my word for
it, lfi less than ten days -he will be the hardest-cursed
and the best-abused man in Mem
Dhis. There are many who will sav to the
disappointed: "I told you so. Did he not go
back on me and others two years ago f Did
he not forget me so soon as elected ?" etc
But will Flippin encourage that spirit of har
mony and conciliation which his friends now
are wont to express? or, in other words, forget
the past and deal justly with the men who
supported tne Democratic nominee and give
us an earnest thereof by presenting to the
board the names ot honest,- good men for of
fice, regardless of their action in the late con
test r Or will he endeavor to pay the Radical
party (to which he ows his election) in the
offices which belong of right to the people,
and not to him ? Let us wait and see. His
action will demonstrate whether or not he
and his friends desire to bndga the chasm.
Will he show his manhood, and rise above
his little, petty jealousies, and claiming to be
the citizen's candidate, carry out what
that mean 8, and nomiuate men ac
ceptable to the citizens, regardles of their
choice for mayor in the last election ? He
has it in his power to do more to heal the
breach and bring the better political elements
together than any man ever possessed in
Memphis, and if he fails aud refuses to exert
it to that end, then woe is he. and farewell
to Democracy in Shelby county. I want no
office, and will not recommend any one, but I
would modestly suggest that Mr. Flippin
give to the common council the names eay of
two or three ot the best candidates lor each
of the several offices and, let them choose
their preference; where it could be done, let
one be a representative man o! each ot toe
three divisions or parties. If the council
have this opportunity, then no one should
complain of the result. The provision in the
charter giving the mayor the nominating
power is unwise and monarcnial,. subversive
of popular rights, and, theref -re,' should be
shorn of its obnoxious operation by a liberal
exercise thereof by the mayor. Ihe hope,
and sometimes promise, ot nomina
tion often works shameless corrup
tion by bribery, perjury, and kindred
violations of the law, and all bese offices
should be filled by the council, without the
lordly dictation of the mayor. I, for one, am
anxious to heal up the sores, bridge the
chasm, forget past personal differences where
principles were not invoivea, organize anew,
and put our shoulders together, and in Au
gust and November next roll up onu of those
old-fashioned victories, nil all offices with
good, honest and competent men, and bury
forever tbe ' Radical fossil that clogs the
wheels of progress, not only in bhelby, but
throughout the whole couutry.
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Offics of Planters Inscbahcs Compaht, I
Memphis, Tenr, January 10, 1878. I
A T a meeting of the Board of Directors, held to
lA. day. a dividend of fivb pub cknt. was de
clared upon the capltf 1 stock ot this Company.
d 1. puHTJiK, President
JoaN G. Loksdalb. Jr.. Secretary.
xvidend Notice.
Mkmphis, Tenn., January 8, 1878. f
if At the reeular meeting of the Board of Direct
ors, held to-day, a dividend of six percent upon tbe
capital stok of this company was declared, and or
dered credited on the stock notes.
H. M. NEELY, President
- R R. Clarkb. SeoretniT.
. near Aiistin,3J iss.
For Rent or Lease.
SEALED PROPOSALS for the rent of this cele
brated Landing, New Store and Warehouse, for
the current year, with privilege of continuing same
for two years longer, received at Fourth National
Bank, Memphis, aud O. K. till Ihe 25th of January,
1S78. This Is an unusual opportunity to a good
business man. Flrst-clais security required, to be
named In bid. Address the undersigned.
January 12. 1H7X. E. W. MUfTFORD.
Executor's Jiotice.
TEX. undersigned having this day qualified a Ex
ecutor 01 the late General N. B Forrest, all
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the B&M deceased are requested to present ths muds
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Also, our usual lines of Carpets, Rugs and Mattings.
26Q and 3ftg Front street, 3Xenipliis, Tenn.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
336 Pront Street, Memphis.
Agenta for trio Oirlio Ootton-Tlo.
W. .
Wholesale , Grocers,
300 FBONT ST., Bet. Madison and Jlonroe.
Agents for Champion Plows and the Celebrated Cheek Cotton Press.
J. M.
tf. B. Balbre
Cotton Factors,
11 Union Street, Memphis.
Hardware, Agricultural and Machinery Depot.
Sole Agents for Patent Steel-Barb Fence-Wire.
Also, tor Iron Pipe and Brass and Steam F tilings.
310 and 318 Front St.. Sfemohis.
Lumber, Shingles and Lath!
Corner Gayoso and Second Sts.
B. II. CAKii;itY.
importers and Wholesale Liquor Merchants,
lYos. front street, Memphis, Tenn. .
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
No. 258 Front street, Memphis, Tenii,
particulau Af rfurrioar pah to trk sale fcotto
THE undersigned bars this day entered Into a copartnership, nnrier the firm name of Cubbux, anno k
Fanan. for the purpose of vamlntr on thA Foundrr and Machine Rnlnc In Mt-innhL. nt the old
stand of Cubbins (iunn. This the ninth day ef
TOTTnLfLDim. 3T217033L "CPSrXSLfSa
So. 103 to 171
&AJ1 work In our
B. Km FLAlli
O -
North Front Street.
January, lbTS.
N. FAU AN. formerly Foteman Union Iron Works.
Adams street,. . - -
lino solleltedl . 'V

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