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JL. V LI 11 iJJLV la fci m M
:ifiSTjJ3Ll SHIi) J) 1840.
rff- iy of cotton and gold: Lirerpool cot
f. 5 I " I. Mem phi cotton, 3 4c.
(Irian cotton, 9c. Xcu fork cc'.tn, 9 1- lr.
Xew Ycrk olJ. 100 I .
Wak rF.iT.. I'rnciCB. Fio. OrricitR. t
WA.iuiMtoM. fovemler Ui). 1 a.m.
For Tenne.ee end the Ohio rr.lh-y clear
cr xirtiy clxt i'j treathrr, Varinble icimls,
sta'ionar-i temjtemturt , f'atiomr; or higher
War Dkp't, Sig
;sal Srnvirs I. S. A rut, i
t nnvT Not
ni'ry. 1x7s. maw p in. t
ruw or
ft a.W",l(Ml . .
Bv. Thrr
Wind. MTeath
Dlr. I Korw. 1 er.
It-. I til I B.F. Fresh. Cloudy.
:ti07 tlH t. Fresh. Cloudy.
i(i- 1 41 N E. (iei.tle. dear.
:il'l ISD E ;.ntie. Clear.
:i0.2"' 4' .' :tlfiir.
:t'il "i S K. Kroti. Clear.
. : 1 1 ' U S. Kreith. Cloudy.
,. 8. Fryah. Clear.
Nashville ..
VlcW. ir. .
V rival?. SUtial Cori s.L'. A. A.
The Catibtmas issue of the Popular Science
Jl'jnthty ban an article on yellow and similar
lever, Irona tha pen of Pr. Oswald, in which
he mentions as a prominent cause of malarial,
intermittent and yellow-fever, and the "blec!i
leuth" of the middle af, the vicious diet
of tLe populations rather that! any other dis
coverable rauto in the locality. Buck as mois
ture or drought. He reprecents that Mobarn
a:d.iri9, Jewi, and Italiuu3 were then arjd
lire now more exempt from fevers than other
white r-c'?. The Iadians of the Amazon
ntiribute fevers directly to the eating: of
meat. The former nations are, if not ex
clusively, still very much of vegetable feeders,
while the Indians and negroes of the tropics
live on vegetables and fruit almost exclu
sively. D.irir.g our hot tropical summers wo
live and tr.t a if we were iti!l enduring the
ti(?or of aa Aictic winler; our Iioupcb aud
clothes, our hour of tepast, of work, end of
wleep are all based on false notions. We hare
no ventilation tor our dwelling and bodies,
do not batue euough in summer, do not sleep
tr restafur men's, ud violate the lawn of
health by (onsumlp pr,e.it'iuint:tie8or meat
an 1 oiher hcat;fl( fo.--!.
Holland has a panic at home and two wars
abroad one in Africa, in the interior from
IheCape cf Good Hope; tLe'other on the bor
der of ImIip, in Afghanistan. Tbe latter
'5untry is very mountainous; hpavy snows lie
tm on); the ravines and make the roads difti
cult. The rough country and the msny paaees
among the mountains mains the enterprise
one or difficulty, and tbe people are brave and
accustomed to war. The English have strug
gled with the same country before now, and
bave both made conane.-ts and suffered de
left. IJehind Afghanistan lies Russia, and
the fight is more against Russia than Rgalnst
tko9 who are attacked. Russia has posses
sion, of Kivale, beyond t.he Afghan country,
and if fhc could tJtt o-tsoicn of the hills
and deGies held by the Afghan people, she
could descend into tha p'ains and plunder
the E ipl'fh ios-jessioni t her w:l'k
Tii-i Kaglifii iuovt nunt is a very bold one,
and, if succeshfu1, will ho a very effectual
one. At tbrto different voirti Ihey are en
tering on their march toward everj main city
in the country. Pesbnwur, on tbe northeaRt--rn
bound iry; C ibu to the wtst of it; He
rat, on the western frontier, near to Persia;
iJhuzaee and Candahar, m the center of the
country, are all objective po 'ts aimed at in
the variom divi:o.u ly which the E.nglibh
re seeking entrance into the country. The
struffglewill be a rude one, and attacks may
have to be suspended until spring melts the
snows; but it is gc nrally thought that the
Kaglih will in tue end be successful. Should
they conquer, llussia threatens to take a part
in the peace arransementu, just as the
English insisted upon ir.t 'tfenoif when the
ll'issimB had conquered the Turks, iiassia
will not reuk to prevent the Afghan war,
but she will in?i"tu;o.i beio heard when
the dividing time comes when the war
j owr. Tb;s is tit-'or-tat in logical fasLion,
but it will bj gl to the English, who are
jdctlous to the last decree of any Rjsian
coanoctioa with Ei--t India people. 1 c?"ad
has taken Jalabad, an im; ortant victory, but
when she ha pas cd tbrouKhout Afghanis
tan, England will be unwi.b'ns for Russia to
treat her as she heis'Ji" servtd Hjssia, and
what may follow when they meet to settle
reaco with the Afghans, remains to be seen.
It is evident that tbe relations of the two
powers are such that war ui-iy breac out be
tween them at uov tini.
Tramps and druntu-.ers ae troubling Paris.
Tbere is a good deai cf s ckness among the
children at Pan?.
Clarksvi'le Ijoats a Lank-;leik ten y?3rs
old Charlie Stuitb.
Brownsville received twelve hundred bales
of cotton last week.
Three car loids of emigiaits parsed
through ('Qnttanocga last Tufc'ay.
Lnrge droves of hogs are Btrpping from
Henry county; they bring two cents gross.
Covington, Tipton county, boasts improv
ing b'j-uitMs and a brisk cotton movement.
Tne Kucxville Chronicle says a new Re
publican paper will start tbere with the new
They bave had heavy rains in East Ten
nessee aud expect a rise not in prices but in
the rivers.
The He?sian Hy lias ma le its appearance
in several whf a', crops of Henry county, ani
ii doin much harm.
Th1; Faris J nielli jencer says tbe organiza
tion of Patrons of Huibandiy is not dead
another escape from fever.
Clarksville is having a Methodist oyster
supper. New kind of Mithodibta those
oysters; tbey are from Mobiie.
They bave a debating club at Chattanooga,
and the young men are doveloping into hist
clasa ipeech-makers. Poor lellows.
CUrksvillo is a very industrious town; the
Tobarco Lenf has an aiticli headed, "The
Water WorLs" imait water, that.
Mr. Stransr, of M'.Micn county, struck bis
leg acc.idriHally against a p;ne knot; an
Rrt'ry was severed, and be b'ed to doath.
The Ripley Xeictt svps Captain W. I.
Alexander was shot in the legs, while out
buntiug, by the accidental disctarge of a
companion's gun.
The Clarksville Tobacco-Plant, of Thurs
day, says: "Mr. With Macrae, of Memphis,
who retuaee J with us during the fever, waa
again seen on our streets last week."
Dr. Wm. M. Ciark, of Franklin, is tem
porarily in charge of the bureau of agricul
ture, statistics and mines, us deputy commis
sioner, in the absence of .Commissioner Kille
brew. The Clarksville Tobacco-Leif says E F.
Smith, the telegraphic operator there, has
taken a brick next door to the Methodist
church. Whvdid he not take a whole brick
kiln? Mrs. E. L. Drike, wife of Pr. Drake, edi
tor of the Anntl of the Amy of Tene.-sec,
is lying dan.?er..us'y i'l home in Fayeite
viiie, and bjt hltlii hc-;e 13 enle: tamed cf
her re otery. j
i. ,i.',- H.-att arrived at f:ie C'uattanooga
dj. .'t Tuocday wi:h eight children, ftnd
1:0; u Sii was on her way toOsdord, Ala
baui , ji d with the nine would join her other
five chiidiea. She was an intelligent woman,
had one cbi!d p.t tue breast, and a little bit of
birad. bad s-.'rved het for the preceding day.
Tb.e Chattanooas ar.? not bad people if they
do bu'.ld such bitf Sres they saw to the
Fufferine. (iod b.'tss them.
Th Chattanooga Timet .tells of a judge
they have there that "orders people," to do
hh they d please, and who disinfects at a
dra store tbe Uaisons not behavin polite
e-o-,i-h. Tbe Earn? paper suspiciously asks:
"Where is MollieV",
The Brownsville Democrat says: "People
who have nice young ladies in their houses
ought at least to take a modified interest in
the condition of tb sidetalks., The same
paper reports: "L nele Sammy Cox, the old
est taaa la Haywood county, if not in Wet
Tenneeee, died last night at his residence,
east of iirowriHvillf. lie was in his hundredth
year at the time of bis deatb, and only lacked
three months of being one hundred years
of age."
Th5 Knoxville Chronicle writes: "Colonel
W. H. Motfet, of New Market, exhibited in
our office last night one of the greatest curi
osities of tbe age, and indeed a freak of na
ture which would seero ntteily incredible,
but is nevertheless trie. H is a sweet pota
to grown by LVputy-Sheritf Harvey Bales."
What makes a sheriff -grown eweet potato
carious? This is a new fact in natural his
tory. The same pa per says that iai mi ration is
discouraged by the high prices asked for
The fifth annual e!d Irlals and shooting
tournaient of tbe Tennessee sportsmen's as-stc-tationiwill
take place near Nashville on tbe
second, third, fourth, 6ftb, n'xth and seventh
of next month. The programme for tbe field
trials is the same as lat jiir, and embraces
cash pria?s t tbe tstent of eleven hundred
dollars, divided between the puppy, cham
pion, brace and nursery t taken. There will
be three days pigeon shooting for cash
premiums amounting to twenty-three hun
dred dollars, besides tbe champion medal
and other prizjs donated by different manu
Home of (he Projects Met Forth Near
Jy Three Ontarlea Ago of Iis.
every In Nortnern Se.
In the yer of our lord 1607, Henry Hud
son "was set forth at the charge of certain
Worshipf ul merchants pf t-n'aon to discover
n passage bj U torth pole to Japan aud
Chin?." ae sailed from Giavesend on May
tiny in the "ship" Hopewell, his crew coa-sit-ting
of ten men and a boy, and from the
strength of his crew, the size ot his ship may
be inferred. His eipediticn, so far as dis
covering a northwest passage was concerned,
of course, was a failure. The highest point
to which he attained wfs eighty decrees,
twenty-three seconds, and from here, he
says, "I siw Und, by reason of the clearness
of the weather, stretching far iht eighty
two degrees, nnd by the bcfiig and showing
of the eky, rrtch Tarther, which, when I first
saw, I hoped to have had a free sea between
Uie land and the ice, and meant to
have compassed this land by the
noith, but now, finding it was impossi
ble by means of the abundance of
jce compassing us about by the north and
joining to the land, and seeing God did ble-i
us with a wind, we retprnfid, brsrisg up the
helm." Ab a summoning up of the result of
the ToyegB, he adds : "And this I can as
BOr'e at this present, that between seventy
eight degrees an u a half and eighty two de
grees, by this way there is no passage.'
But this decided expression rjf opinion On the
part of Herr Hudson does not seem to have
carried conviction with it for to Jears later
a voyage was sent forth by the Right Wor
shipful Sir Thomas Smith and the rest of the
Muscovy company to Cherry island, and for
a further discovery to be made toward the
north pole, for the likelihood of a trade or
a passage that way, lu the ship called the
Amity, of burden seventy tons, in which Jo
na Toole was master, having fourteen men
and one boy." The Amity weighed from
Blackwall March 1, 1809, acd alter a very
rough and cold pausage, made the south
part of Spitzbergen on the sixteenth of May,
On the twenty-sixth, being then near Fair
Foreland, Master Poole sent one of the ship's
officers ashore to explore Ihe country. The
officer broosht back a somewhat lony-winded
account of his expedition, from which and
his own observation", Poole concluded:
'Moreover, I we.s cei-tiried that all the ponds
ani Ja:e3 Were unfrozen", there be fresh wa
ter, which putteth me in hope of a mild
summer here after eo sharp a Resinning as I
had, -and my opinion lR such, and I assure
myself it is o that a passage may be as soon
attained this way by the pole a by any un
known way whatsoever, by reason the sun
doth give a great heat in this climate, and
the ice (I mean that freezeth here) is nothing
so huge as I have seen in the stventy-three
degrees.' But this hop' ful view of the mat
ter Master Toole eventually discovered to be
untenable. After twice attempting and
twice failing to get beyond seventy-nine de
grees fifty minutes north latitude, on the
twenty first of June - he stood to
the northward and engaged in the
inglorious occupation of fishing,
and, having "caught a large cargo," re
turned to London. In 1611, however, he
made another venture in the Elizabeth, a
bark of fifty tons, and succeeded in getting
aa far north as eighty degrees, when further
progress was barred by the ice. After coast
ing along the ice field to the southwest for
one hundred and twenty leagues or more, in
the hope of finding on opening to the north
ward, he finally abatdoned the attempt and
retreated to Spitzbergen for the purpose of
engaging in the fisheries. This time he did
not catch "a large cargo;" on the contrary,
be lest his ship in a gale, arid this misfortune
seems to have quenched all remaining desire
on the part of the "Right Worshipful Sir
Thomas Smith and the rest of tbe Muscovy
company" to engage in scientific discove
ries, for by them no other expedition was set
forth toward the north pole.
A Florentine Hrandul.
Florence correspondence New York Times:
Florence at this moment is in the throes of a
great scandal in the fine arts. The sud
den suspension by the government of all
the employes of the galleries of Florence,
including the Pitti and Unizi, from the
director-in-chief, Signor Gutti, and the
inspector, Campana, down to the guards,
and the sending of Prof. Pigorini, of
Rome, to take charge of them and investi
gate their condition, shows that something
serious in regard to their late management
has reached the ears of the minister of pub
lic instruction. This act, and the appoint
ment of Prof. Pigorini to tbe post of royal
commi8s,ioLer of the galleries and museum of
Florence, coupled with the virtual arrest of
the entire body of old officers, cama on the
art-world of this city like a thunder-clap in a
cloudless sky. Naturally, it gave rise to exag
gerated statements affecting the manner in
which those inculpated had fulfilled their re
sponible trust. Alter as careful scrutiny of
the facts as can be made, pending the official
report of the royal commissioner, it would
seem that the director some time since was
short a certain sum in the accounts of moneys
received as entrance-fees. This, it is said,
was paid up and passed over by the minister.
Recently, however, another defalcation to the
amount o nearly sixty thousand francs again
occurred in the same quarter, presumably
with the knowledge or connivance of the
cashier. How or for what purpose the money
was takeu no one is able to explain. Signor
Ootti is r.he author of the recently published
Life of Michael Angelo, a man of literary
habits, of excellent reputation, engaged in no
cutbide spaculations, and indulging in no
luxurious style of living.
The Molld Month's Share of Offleern.
The solid south is not very grasping in the
direction of officers. Take, for example, the
army. There are now, says the Washington
1'ost, in the pay of the United States 2470
military gentlemen of commissioned rank.
Of these, 'J273 are put down on the lists as
appointed from northern States, and 196 from
the south. Tbe number of general officers is
11, of whom 11 are from the north and 0
from the south. The adjutant-general's of
fice employs 17, of whom 16 are northern
and 1 ruia the south. In the medical depart
ment tto proportion is more equitable than
any other, there being 157 northern surgeons
to 25 southerners. In the cavalry tbere are
I't corth rn ifrkers to 50 soutbren; m tbe
auiil.-.y 2-VJ to 23, and in the infantry 831 to
55. Of the 197 'tficers classed as belonging
to the southern States only five are above the
rank of captaii., while 167 are below that
grade. It therefore appears that the regular
roy is a thoroughly sectional institution.
Receive'J at Montreal Testerday in all
the Pomp a"d Splendor that
a Trne . and Loyal Peo
ple Conld IJe?toTf.
Aiconnt of the Reception Address of
the Mayor and Corporation Re
p'y of the tjlorernor-Gen-eral
Sow Lt ns
Have Rest.
MosTitEA:, November 2'J. The street",
M-h a light frost has made passable, are crowded
wltb citizens and strangers. Tbe decorations are
magnificent. The public buildings will be brilliantly
Illuminated this evening, and tue stores and resi
dences will bave tasteful transparencies. wltb appro-'
prlate mottoes. Although tbe vice-regal train was
not expected till one o'clock, holders ot tickets giv
ing admission to tbe railroad depot were taking tbelr
places at eleven o'clock.. As early as bait-past
eleven o'clock tbe rolteofthe DfoCesslon was dense t
packod, be people growing In entbuslas-n with ti e
anproacn 01 tne nour wnen tne new governor-general
nnd Princess Louise would arrive. At twenty min
utes past twelve o'clock the governor's train mule its
appearance, and tbe military were taking position.
At the appointed time l'e "Ice regal train swert into
the Boimventu'-e tiebot. where was assembled tbe
Hip ot the city to the nnmber ot bet wee u three aud
lour thousand, who cordially cheered the governor
general and princess a tbey proceeded to the throne
at the end ot tbe building, and in front of which were
assembled the ni-inbers of the corporation In full
dress and wearing a rosette, wltb tbe mayor, In his
scarlet robes of office, at their head. As the governor-general
and princess approached the throne,
tney were met ny nts worsnipi tne mayor, wno prc
rented the princess with a magnificent bouquet
Their excellencies immediately ascended the throne,
wben the mayor read tbe following:
To H's Excellency, Most Honorable Marquis of
Lorne: . , ;
May It nleasC rrUIr etMlenR. It ts with feelings of
unall"yeii plurs nn4 piide that the mayor and ai
uermen or. Montreal. Welcome your excellency and
ner royal highness. Princess Lou se, to our midst,
and we avail ourselves of ibis early opportunity to
express to her rojal majesty, the queen, our deep
Sinse of gratitude for the distinguished honor she
bits conferred upon us In selecting your excellency to
preside over the political destiny ot tbe Dominion of
Cmadit. Frola jour excelleocy's personal fame,
rhlub has long since reached our shores, we are
proud to anticipate tbe many benefits which must
ultimately be reaped from your administration. We
confidently hope your excellency will not fail. In tbe
course of tbe blgb duties jou are about to enter
upon, to see how universal are the respect and loy
alty enteitalned toward our beloved queen by all tbe
Inhabitants of tbe Dominion. our excellency's no
ble predecessor, tbe Earl of Dufferln, has no doubt
can led home with him ample proofs of tbe pro
found love Canada bears to tbe mother country and
to her illustrious sovereign, and in tbe inaugu
ration of your tteellency's government, , t;bicil
W9 have the honor to belebrnte On this auspicious
day lntbe commercial metropolis of the Dominion
ah shared by us. As a special favor bestowed on its
inhabitants, may He who presides over the destinies
or the werld have vonr excellency and your beloved
consort, the royal highness. Princess Louise, In his
holy keeping; and bestow upon your excellency's ad
ministration all blessings which from the Innermost
depths of our hearts we call upon you both; and may
tbese blessings also conduce to the progress.welfaro
and bappln-.ss of tbe Dominion of Canada. We
pray your excellency and her royal highness, Prin
cess Louise, to accept our hearty welcome and our
feelings of profound respect and devotion.
J. L. BAlTDRV, Mayor.
jjH.ASi WMCK MET F R, Cltyfcleik.
To this address tbe marquis replied as follows:
Mr. Mator and Gentlemen In the name of our
queen I ask you to accept our thanks for your loyal
anu eloquent address, and I need hardly say with
what pleasure her royal highness and liiyse'l hftve
lUtened to tne courteotis expressions wltft which we
ate now greeted: and for tnls most hearty and cor
dial welcome- ,,V'e consider ourselves fortunate that
ao. scon after our arilval in the Dominion we have an
opportunity of passing through this great
city, and while halting tor a shoit
time within Us walls to make the ac
quaintance of some of Its beloved people, at all
events, among a community which represents go
lartce and important a center of population and indus
try. Your beautiful olty sits like a queen enthroned
by a great river, whose waters glide past her In ho
mage, bringing to her feet with her summer breezes
the wealth of the world. It Is the ODly city of tbls
continent, perhaps, best known to the dwellers In
tne old country, l.r it is not only ramous ior
the energy, uctivity and prosperity of Its citizens, but
It Is here that the gigantic undertaking of
tbe VlclorU bridge lias been successfully
carried out, and tbe traveler in crossing
the mighty stream fee's as It he Is botrie high above
lr. Thronall thU Vast pjivprn It Is th it slich a vla-
d'.'ct Is worthy the approach to ydur great emporium
of commerce; Its Iron girders and massive frame
are worthy ot the gigantic natural features around,
and Its stands spanning tbe flowing sea are as firm
t)nl as strong as the sentiments of loyalty for her
V hose name It bears, and which unite in more en
during bonds than any form from the products of
the quarry or the mine by tbe people ot this em
pire, it seems but a snort time ago tnat nis royai
hlghnet-s, the Prince of Wales, struck the last rivet
iu honor of tbls wonderful structure, and yet what
Ktrldes have been made In the progress of this coun
try since that day. Every year strikes a nw rivet
and clinches with steadfast hand tbat mighty work,
that enduring fabric the prosperity of the Do
minion. Long may your progress in the
beautiful arts and Industries continue, and
far be the day on which you may point to any marks
but those which tell of well-earned results, of In
domitable energy, and determined peiseverence-.
The people of this country m tie well assured that
the r! of DuIerln has carried bence with him
ample proofs of the profound love Canada bear's to
the mother country. These assurances have been
conveyed by him personally to her majesty. We
wish, In answering your address, to acknowledge the
extreme loyalty exhibited by the t rencn population,
as well as tbe population of the maritime provinces,
through whose country we have, during the lust two
days, traveled, for the kindness shown to us per
sonally. For this scene, the magnificent reception
of your great city, we shall remember wltb pride
and gratitude. LORNE.
In reading the address the marquis emphasized
those paits of a complimentary character, and fre
quently evoked loud cheers. At tbe conclusion of
the speech the mayor presented the members of the
corporation with the two chief officers, tbe city clerk
and recorder, all of whom paid tbelr respects to tbe .
marquis and princess. Tbe only additional presen
tation was that of Bishop Kabre, who was cordially
received by their excellencies.
At one o'clock the doors were opened and the vice
regal party left the dais and passed out through
files of soldiers, who were drawn up as a guard of
honor, carriages blng in watting, the marquis and
princess were ushered Into them, the military aids
taking places In front. The procession, which was
headed by tbe corporation, then started, the Mon
treal troop ol cavalry following the vice-regal party's
carriages. As they emerged from the depot the
orphans belonging to the Roman Catholic schools,
who were in tbe building opposite, sang tbe national
antbem. Bonaventure street, probably tbe poorest
lu point of aichltecture In the city, was made to
look gay aud attractive by tbe profuse decorations
and Hags. Tbere was a dense mass of people col
lected on tbe street and avenue, and as the proces
sion, with the marquis and princess, passed
the cheering was Immense, and was evi
dently much appreciated by the happy pair,
as they were exceedingly gracious and apparently
well pleased. In Victoria square, Rardegaude, Rea
ver Hill and Dorchester streets, and right to the
doors of the Windsor hotel, tbere was an uninter
rupted mass of people, while the windows, as well
as tbe roofs of houses, were crowded wltb shouting,
loyal subjects. At Intervals along the route various
regiments of militia wtre placed, and as the governor-general
passed he received military salutes.
When passing Bonaventure street countless bowers
were poured down upon the vice-regal party, amid
loud cheers of the multitude. This arch was the
most attractive erected, and had battlements painted
in Imitation of stone, which contrasted exquisitely
with its expanse of green and gold. Over tbe center
was emblazoned, "Welcome," and above It was an
Illuminated seal of tbe arms of the city. Passing
Into Victoria square, the Una bronze statue of her
majesty came into full view, and excited a smile
of grateful recognition from both the princess and
her husband. On passing up Beaver Hill, where
several Prctestant cbnrcbes ate situated, tt e party
were greeted wltb tke national antbem, first by tbe
Ion church cbolr, and next by some six hundred
Sunday-school children, who were assembled on a
platform at nt. Andrew's Presbyterian church. The
illustrious visitors were deeply touched by this ex
hibition of Juvenile loyalty. St. Andrew's church
was handsomely decorated with I evergreens, and
wifb the word "Welcome," In English and (ix lc,
standing out In bold relief. At the Intersection of
Dorchester street with Beaver Hill, tbe Montreal La
crosse club bad Improvised an arch. A large num
ber of members of tbe Lacrosse and Snow-shoe
clubs, dressed In their peculiar costume, were clus
tered on the left of the arch, and added much to its
plcturesqueness. A massive and highly artistic
crown la evergreens was suspended across the street,
and was tbe mtst conspicuous object In tbe scene.
Along Dorchester street. tbe crowd became more
tightly packed until tbe area around the hotel was a
living mass of animation. A small but artistic arch
bad been erected by the Caledonian society close to
the hotel. It was handsomely decorated with Hags;
aa the vice-regal party drew nigh, two Scotch pipers,
In full Highland costume, appropriately struck
up The Campbells Are Con4ru, the strains of which,
however, were almost drowned by the acclamations
of the multitude. As the carriage with tbe august
pair drove up to tbe ball a perfect ovation was ac
corded by the people, who, in tbelr eagerness to do
honor to the occupants, trenched almost
In ru lenessln pressing forward. Tbe police arrange
ments were Imperfect at this point, and tbe attempt
by the marquis to address some complimentary
words to tbe military authorities was Interrupted by
an uproar of the surging crowd. Tbe marquis and
princess alighted from their carriage and were
escorted Into tbe hotel, where tbey were shown to
tbelr magnificent quarters. Tbe troops, who were
011 duty, three thousand In number, consisted of the
Prince of Wales rifles, tbe garrison artillery, en-
lners of the Fifth and Sixth fusiliers. Six' y-lift h
attallon and the Montreal cavalry. As the various
regiments passed In review before tbe botel, the
marquis expressed bis admiration of their fine mili
tary bearing and soldierly qualities. Tbe entire force
was under command of Sir Shelby Bmythe. After
the military display ended tbe crowds began to dis
perse, but the wbole afternoon witnessed tbrongs of
Holiday reople waving through tbe streets, patiently
awaiting the evening illumination. All tbe supetlor
court J'loge,-, foreign consuls, and members of tbe
Dominion cabinet were present during the proceed
ings iu the depot, b'H none of them were formally
preae'.ted. An audience will be given the foelgu
consuls to-morrow In the Windsor hotel. The prin
cess to-day wore a black satin mantel, tttnnmd wltb
sabie. w in bonnet to match, tibe looked exceed
ingly well, and ts undoubtedly the handsomest of all
her majesty's daughters. Lord Lorne was In morn
ing dress.
The elements were adverse to-night to tbe success
of the Illumination. Tbe wind was too blgb for tbe
gas to burn brilliantly. However, tbe display was
highly credl'able to the city, and speaks well for the
loyallty of lis Inhabitants. Tbe public buildings
were elaborately decorated to make a fine display,
but only at Intervals, when the wind somewhat sub
sided, were they to bo seen In full. The Bank of
Montreal was the most brilliantly Illuminated; tbe
gas lets bearing the word, "Welcome." The whoie
front ot the bulldlnR was glittering With, light, with
tbe masonic pl'lars 7andinr out in 1 'old telleL. The
fine new posteMlce rs brilliantly lighted, a crown
being In the center, with the letters "L. L." on either
side. The city fathers have been far from
lavish of their expenditures on tbe city
halt Tbe display was confined to transparencies of
Mie Queen, Marquis of Lome and Princess Louise.
Tbe courthouse W:ts ef abomtely lighted up, and tbe
Consolidated bank, Banh of Brit'.sb Hortb America,
Amazon's and Merchants' bahk furfde fn J'ltfmln
atlons, and attracted tbe attention of the multitudes
promenading the streets. A v.vt rumberof stores
were ornamented with Chinese lanterns In aveiy
picturesque maimer. The Windsor hotel was one
blaze of light. A noteworthy Incident li the pro
ceedings or to-day, occurred during the procession.
In turning Into Victoria square the crowd was so
dense and enthusiastic that the horses lo tne vice
regal carriage became unmansgeable, when the peo
ple had them unharnessed and drew the carriage
with ropes at a rattling pace tbe remainder of the
Journey. This w; 3 a novel proceeding to both the
mimulii ad b's yal censott, l,ui they evidently
enjoyed the new mode of locomotion.
Between eight and n'ne o'clock the Marquis of
Lome and Princess Louise took a d.lve through the
city to witness the illuminations On Beaver Bill
they were met by the firemen's torchlight proces
sion, recognized and louily cheer. d. On returning
to the botel they expressed themstlv. a as delighted
with the grand display of the citizens. Tbey were
greatly struck wltb the decoration, ol Victoria
snuare, whltb had been tilled up With Chinese lan
terns, and presented a most enchanting scene. The
guests began to assemble for tbe St. Apdrew ball
about half past nine o'clock. The governor general
and princess entered the room shortly alter ten
o'clock. Tbey were received with great honor,
and took tbetr places on tbe dais at tbe west end of
tbe room. The marquis selected Lady M'Donald as
his partner In the li rat set. whilst the princess gave
her hand to Colonel Stevens, pr sldent of St. An
drew's society. Tbe princess was dressed In white
silk, and wore a necklace of diamonds. It was re
marked that tbe ladles attached to her person were
more gorgeously at.lred than she. . Both the marquis
and princess royal consort were most gracious to all
with whom tney came In contact, aud seemed lo en
joy themselves exceedingly.
Supervising Architect Hill to bs fSna
pendert Pending Ifrint 3rn. Thomp
son's Commission Signed aa
Postmistress, Etc.
,WAsmNfJ.TO?V, November 29. Nothing of
Importance took place at the cabinet meeting to-day.
A member said there was a unanimity on the Presi
dent's message.
Snper-Flslns-Arcbltect Hill."
Secretary Sherman says he supposes Supervising-Architect
Hill w ll be suspended during the
pearling trll, on the Indictment fonnd by tbe
United States grand Jury at Chicago.
Commissions Signed.
The President has eigr.ed the commissions
of Mrs. Anna D. Thompson, postmistress at Mem
phis, and Hiram Raff, postmaster at Hutchinson,
To be Seat for Cod fi rotation.
About one hundred nominations, some of
which failed of confirmation at the last session of
congress, but most of them recent appointments,
will be next week sent to cotig-ess for confirmation
The Appropriation Bills.
The military academy and fortification
bills are completed, and the other appropriation
bills are in an advanced state of forwardness.
Heath of Colonel Buchanan.
Colonel Robert C. Buchanan, a brevet
major-general of the United States army, who has
been on the retired list for a number ot years, died
at his residence to-day of apoplexy;
The Joint ComnrlsHlon on Indian Bu
reau. The joint commission on the transfer of
the Indian bureau to the war department held a
meeting to day. No testimony was taken, but by
resolution of tbe commission the secretaries of war
anH interior, Uenerals Sherman and MllgS, and
Cominlssloner Hoyt. were invited to testify. The
commission then adjourned to next Monday.
Commodore Spicer, commandant of the
navy-yard at Boston, died Friday morning.
Subscriptions to the four per cent loan
Friday were one million four hundred and fltty-four
thousand and fifty dollars.
At Fall River, Massachusetts, Friday
morning, the Wyoming thread company factoiy was
burned. Loss, one hundred tbousaud dollars; fully
A dispatch was received Friday at Shreve
port announcing the death of Associate-justlee W.
B. Esgan, itt his residence near that ciry, of bron
chial affection;
John Moury, Joseph Veyon and Morgan
M'Gill, injured by the boiler explosion at Dtinrary,
Pennsylvania, Thursday, have died since, making
six deaths. The rest of tbe Injured will probably
A special to fhe Milwaukee Sentinel says
that the Fox River hotel, at Washeka.was destroyed
by fire Thursday night. Loss, twelve tbousand dol
lars; insurance, six thousand dollars. Tbe hotel
stables were also dtstroyed, and tbe trotting stallion
Weasel, jr., and two other valuable horses were
burned to death.
The inquest ir.to tbe rommeranta's mi3hap
has been adjourned.
Chevaudier de Valdrome, tha statesman,
Is not dead, as reported a day or two ago.
There was only ooe important failure
among tbe stock-brokers Friday at London.
The republican club in Italy named after
the executed military mutineer, Barsantl, has been
The council of state at London is about to
discuss a project for taxing cotton Imports from
The Hungarian diet hi3 passed an address
In reply tn the speech from tbe throne, by twenty
two majority.
The liabilities of Henry Taylor & Sons,
grain and Hour merchants, are put down at six hun
dred and fifty tbousand dollars.
Tbe explosion of tbe bomb near the palace
ol Minister Tlszla, at Pestb, on tbe evening of bis
recent reception, Is regarded now as a bad Joke.
The condition of the iron and coal trade in
tbe south Staffordshire district, England. Is growing
worse, and the closing of works and reduction of
wages are noticed.
One of the Pommerania's boats has been
recovered, with a bag containing two hundred thou
sand dollars. The owner of tbe money is saved. He
is reported as having offered thanks.
The Kentish hoo-growers say the general
depression of agriculture and commerce Is largely
caused by the protective tariffs of foreign countries,
and the duties on foreign productions should be re
vived. The latest arrests of socialists at Rome
have led to a seizure of documents that bave given
mucb Information relative to tbe organization of tbe
internationalists of Italy and tbelr connection with
similar bodies In foreign countries.
Sew York Items.
New York, November 29. The following
dispatch was received to-day from Hamburg: "Three
officers of tbe Pommeranla will remain at Dover to
identify bodies. The captain Is 111 at Rotterdam,
Buffering from exhaustion. The total number miss
ing is tblrty-seven passengers and eleven of the
Tbe customhouse nominations will probably be
communicated to the senate as early as Tuesday.
Among other recess appintments expected to give
rise to more or less controversy are those of A. S.
Badger, postmaster at New Orleans, and Ex-Gov-ei
nor Habn, superintendent of tbe New Orleans mint.
Jk Sham Battle, but Somebody Uetm
Cincinnati. November 29. A sham bat
tle took place yesterday at tbe fair-grounds at Mount
Gllead, Ohio, In the presence of a large concourse of
citizens of that place, and visitors from the sur
rounding country. During the "war" several serious
Injuries were infl'cted and much bitter feeling en
gendered. Bush Fry, of the Levering Guards, was
shot In the lace, and tbe wound is considered aulte
dangerous. Benjamin M'Gowan was struck on the
bead with a bayonet, cutting to tne skuu.
Another Architect Arrested.
New York, November 29. William A
Potter, formerly chief supervising-architect, was ar
rested to-day on a warrant issued by judge Blodgelt,
of the northern district of Illinois, charging con
spiracy to defraud tbe government In connection
with tbe public buildings In Chicago. Potter was ar
rested at his office and was mucb surprised. Ball
was fixed at five thousand dollars, and Congressman
Potter, brother of the ex-supervislng-archltect, be
came nonasman. nxaminuuou was waiveo.
The Election In Kansas.
St. Louis, November 29. A special from
Topeka. Kansas, says tbat complete returns of the
late election rrom an tne organized counties or tne
Stat3 a'e in. lae vote tor governor stands: Sc,
John. Republican. 44,020: Goodln. Democrat. 37.-
280; Mitchell, Ureenbacker, 27,057. The vote of
the remainder of the State ticket aggregates about
tne same.
To the Memory or John C. Breckin
ridxe. Louisville. November 29. Governor
M'Creary has caused to be delivered to the Breckin
ridge monumental association, at Lexlneton. Ken
tucky, the sum of ten tbousand dollars appropriated
by tbe legislature of Kentucky for a monument to
tue memory 01 jonn u. Breckinridge.
His Commission Revoked,
Cincinnati, November 29 At a meetihg
vi vuo uuru oi ponce commissioners to-oay, a com
munication was received from Governor Bishop, re
voking the commission ot Mr. iiairan. a memrwr.
The board of commissioners Immediately elected
jar. j. a. uiiuonj to mi tue vacancy.
They Will Preserve the state Credit
Richmond. November 29. A call, signed
by a number of prominent citizens of Virginia, Is
puuiisoeu, stating tat uier uave organized tnem
aelveslntoa society to preserve the credit of flu
I State, and inviting the co-operation of every citizen.
War Matters are FiiHveniDg The Rus
sian Ambassador at London and the
tnglisa S.'riiMi'f llrld a Con
Terence Murders Com
mitted In the Cale
donia Colony.
Responsibility for Trouble la Afghan
istan Accredited to Enssla Expul
sion of Socialists Vessel? Car
rying Arms to Constan
tinople London, l&vember 29. The Russian am
bassador had a long conference with tbe British
minister of foreign affairs, yesterday, before the
meeting of the cabinet council.
ThvPaU MaUOazritea&ia: "Russia Cannot suffer
as to prosecute fur successes In Afghanistan to
whatever bsue we may think Dt. Tbat action will
be taken sooner or later certain." .
A dispatch from New Caledonia says tbat el ah
liberated convicts and three natives have been mur
dered by the rebels at the mouth of the Pohla river.
Tbe troops continue to pursue the Insurgents la tbe
Pohla district. The rest ot the colony Is quiet.
A Berlin correspondent states tbat Russia has ad
vanced three million roubles In order to make Sofia
a hrst-class fortress.
A dlspatcb from Paris says tbe appointment of
Count tie Cholseul as ambassador at Madrid has
A dispitch from Vienna says the opposition to the
government In tbe budget committee Is becoming
more personal and objective. The conduct of the
oppodtlon leaders is alienating even their own sup
porters. It Is tbought tbe affair will make a recon
struction In both Austrian and Hungarian cabinets
Immediately necessary, as the opposition are proba
bly willing to gfant supplies to a definitive cabinet.
. A. Reuter .dlsiiat.h from Constantinople sars
the Porte has suppressed the Turkish legation at
Washington and many consulates elsewhere.
Since tbe cessation of hostilities twenty-nine ves
sels bave arrived at Constantinople, mostly from tbe
United States, with large cargoes of rifles and can
non. Hastings.
Hastings, November 23. Inquests were
held to day on the bodies of three victims of tb
Pommeranla disaster. Mr. Clymer, of Washington,
a student In Paris, recognized the body of R. W.
Clymer, bis cousin. Another body was recognized
as tbat of Peters, the steward ot tbe steamer. Mr.
Cljmer said he believed the third body was that of
Mrs. Lucke. Tbe Inquest was adj turned to allow
the chief mate an opportunity for exculpating him
self. . Mr. Blight testified at the Inquest to-day. He re
peated his previous evidence. He said Uie sailors
saved their baggage and bedding. Instead of assist
ing tbe passengers. Tbe captain kept his post like
a man, but no one else did.
-, Captain Schwcncen, in ansvrer V) Sn fnoulrv of
Blight after the collision, said his chief ofllcer had
left him. The men In the last boat persisted In
pushing off while there was room tor several more
Aitbouth the Inquiry remains open, tbe jury re
turned a verdict that three of the persons drowned
came to their death In consequence of a collision at
sea, tbe cause of which has not been shown.
Peshawur, November 29. General
Brown's communications have' been temporally cut.
The hostile hlgblanders, estimated at four thousand
In nnmber, have collected on the bills below All
musjld. Tbey cut off stnivglers and fire on armed
parties. The section of tbe pass between Jurarood
and Alimusjld has bean closed altogether for the
present. A strongly escorted convoy failed to fvoe
Its way to-daT. The situation Is serious, and strong
measures are Inevitable.
B&KliN, November 2. Under the order
of the Prussian ministry, declaring that persons
considered dangerous to tbe public order may be de
nied tbe right of residing in Berlin or its suburbs,
about forty conspicuous socialists to-day received
orders of expulsion, among whom were Messrs.
Hasselment and Fritzze, socialist deputies.
St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg, November 29. The
Koroe Vremtn publishes an article, saying that tbe
responsibility for tbe despatcb ot the Russian em
bassy to Cabul rests wltb Russia, aud not Afghan
istan. Madrid.
Madrid. November 29. The governmer t
Is taking great precautions In tbe northern pro
vinces. No disturbances are apprehended, but revo
lutionary agents are believed to be at work.
Marine News .
POrt Eads. November 20: Arrlved-Shlp Suliate.
from Hamburg. No departures.
Roston. November '2: Arrived -Steamship Illy-
rlan and State of Alabama, from Liverpool.
New York. November 20: Arrived Steamship
Rhein, from Bremen; City of Newport, from Liver
London. November 2i: Arrived out Steamships
Helvetia, from New Yoik, and Leipzig, from Balti
more. Ban Vranclsco. November OQ. Arrived Shin
American, from New York. Cleared German bark
Undine, for Queenstown; British ship Galleda. for
Port Huron, Mich., November 2H: Passed up
Proheller Benton. Passed down Prorellers Arca
dia, Wlnslow, Atlantic, .larvis Lord, City of Duluth.
Kcbooners Helvetia. A'onicaun, iiontauK, mver
slde. A Few Paragraphs from Xew Orleans.
New Orleans. November 29. Attorney-
General Oirden was with the grand Jury to day advis
ing them In regard to the instructions given by
Judge Whltaker, on Tuesday, regarding the Investi
gation of election frauds, anu pointeu out me law
relative to these crimes. Tbe grand jury will sub
pena witnesses for Tuesday next.
Rosa Emanuel, aged live years, was burned to
death by her clothing taking lire from a lighted
Arrangement have been made wltb the wiecaing
company for the raising of the steamboat Frank
Kranz, which sunk last week, oeiow tne city.
The department at Washington has ordered of the
authorities bere a tabulated statement of all im
ports and exports for tbe years 1S05 and 1806.
A Black Hills Desperado Recaptured.
Cincinnati, November 29. Bob M'Kim
my, the Black Hills desperado, who was arrested at
Hlilsboro, Ohio, some time since, but who broke jail
and has been at large for a month past, was recap
tured last night In Highland county. He was dls
covared In a deserted cabin, and made a desperate
resistance, refusing to surrender until he was shot
through tbe breast and cheek.
PECK -BRUCE At the residence of the bride's
fatber, at Westwood, Ohio, on November 26tb, Mr.
O. M. Peck, of Memphis, and Miss Cora E. Brccb.
BRINK LEY -At Iuka, Mississippi, November 28.
1878, at ten p.m., B. C. Brln&lei, aged r)3.
Funeral services from St. Mary's Cathedral at S
o'clock this (SATURDAY) afternoon.
Carriages at Flaherty & Sullivan's.
G, H. IV3UMM & CO.,
1877 Sold 35,270 Cases
1S,000 Cases More than any Other
Brand of Champaarne
General Agents.
Sole Agents for Memphis,
276 Front Street,
who will snpply the trade at lowest wholesale figures
Fourteenth District Schools.
THE Schools of tbe Fourteenth Civil District,
wltb tbe exception of toe one at Cane Creek,
will commence on MONDAY, December 2d.
W.U. WEATHEBFORD. President.
W. L. Marsh, Sec'y.
Stockholders & Directors Meeting
WILL be held MONDAY, December 2, 1878, at
7 P-m , at No. 2SU Main street, to collect
dues and Interest, also tor tbe transact'on of Im
portant business to come before tbe Stockholders
lor tuelr ratification.
G. H. JUDAH, President
S. Sttrm, Sec'y.
The German and English School
"TTTILL open on MONDAY, December 2d, in the
VV school-room of the Evangelical Protestant
Church, corner of Jefferson and Third streets.
irl will also conduct an evening school at tbe
same place, opening at TVj p m
INRICH. Principal.
Wholesale and Retail.
17 Main Mtreer. Corner at Adan.
5iVO Neroad Htreet, Upp. ( girt Mqaaiv.
810 Mala Hi., Opposite Peabody Motel.
Of Ten Years' Duration. The uls 3
charges Thick, Bloody, and of Foul
Odor. Senses of Smell and Taste
Wholly GonA. Entirely Cured by
tcr wl;! & Potter: Gentlemen I feel compelled
to clinolele to yon the (rremt benefit Bavpoko'.
HiDirU, CURB hss f cento me. For ten yean I bav.
beci ai?f S with this loathsome dlaeaae, and espe
cially In the wintertime ha it been moetaeTere. Tbe
diachartre liae been talcs and bloody, emitting a fonl
o.lor so bart that my presence in a room With other
was very otlei.eive 10 tnem. One week afet commenc
ing tin: u.e of Sahfokd's Radical Ctk I waa not
trouMt-J wltb It at all. My genaea of taste and amell.
which trer trAoffy gone, have now folly returned, aaa
luy general UtaltU u much improved. Toure,
Short-Hand Writer.
6u RiPios, Mien.. Nov. 3, 1870.
Gentlemen - The package of Sastobtj'b CmT arrived
herato-nlKhtall right. I don't know whatl should bars
done lr it nan noc oeen lortnia remnif. i aavstnea
N asal Douches and everything else, and although I hava
been able to atop the offensive discharge, I nave not
been aMe to recover my aenses of taste and amell antU I
tried 4ajfori' Ccbc. Yoa can refer any one yon
chooeo to me, and I will cheerfully Inform them la
detail as ta the benefit the remedy has been to me.
GkaXd Rapids, MicHSov. 15, 1876.
not only promptly arrests the corroding dlnebare-es In
Catarrh, but, by sympathetic action. It restores to sound
health all the ordain of the bead that bave become
aTcrted by it, and exhibit any of the following affec
tions: Defective Kyeatght, Inflamed and Mattery
Eyes, Painful and Watery Eyes, Los. of
Hearing, Earache, Neuralgia, of tha Ear,
Discharges from the Ear, Ringing Noise,
in the Head, Dizziness, Nervous Headache,
Pain, in the Temples, Loss of the Senses of
Taste and Smell, Elongation of the Uvula,
Inflammation of the Tonsils. Putrid Sore
Throat, Tickling or Hacking Congh, Bron
chitis, and Bleeding of the Lungs.
Each pactase contains Or; Sanford's Improved In
haling Tube, with full and carefully prepared directions
for use In all cases. Price, SI. Forsalebyall wholesale
and retail druggists and dealers throughout the United
Erstes and t'anadns. WKF.K8 & POTTF.R, General
Agents and Wholesale Druggists, Boston. Masa.
AN Electro-Galvanic Battery, combined with a hTgtil J
McdlcaTed Plaster, forming the arandest curative,
agent In the world of medicine, and utterly aurpasalnap
all other Plasters heretofore in use. They accomplish
more in one week than tbe old Plasters in a whole;
year. They do not palliate, they OVBB. Tbey
of the Chest.
ofthe Heart.
of the Liver,
of the Spleen.
of tbe Kidneys.
orine Spine,
of the Nerves,
of the Muscles,
of tha Joints,
of tbe Bones,
of the Slnewa.
Vo matter what may be the extent of yoor mfferln(r,
fry one of these Planters. Relief Mirutan&ifMoua, a fact
supported by hundreds of testimonials in our possession.
Bear in mind that tbe most important discoveries la
pharmacy date back less than ten years, and that com
binations of gams and essences of plants and shrubs ara
herein united with Electricity to form a curative Plas
ter, In soothing, healing, and strengthening properties
as far superior to all other Piasters heretofore la ttso
as the scientific physician u to the borse-leecb,
JPrloe, gS Cents.
Be careful to call for COLICTS VOLTAIC PLASTEU
lest yon get some worthless imitation. Bold by all
Wholesale and Retail Drugglsta throughout tbe United
States and Canadas, and by WEEKS & POTTER, Pre
'prletora, Boston, Mass.
A Dose of Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient
nas removed the agony of rheumatism, and its con
tinued use entirely bealed the patient. Rheumatism
Is but little understood. Some empirics resort to
embrocations, wblch are reahy dangerous. It Is now
acknowledged to be a blood disease, resulting from
acidity. This ape lent corrects all such aridity, and
thus cures the disease. All rheumatic suffereia are
advised to try it.
Mineral Water!
APPRCIVFn tivtlin A rarinnir de Mrdectneot France.
and its sale in France authorized by special order of
the French Government.
Recommended by tne highest mkdiual au i nuu-
ITIE3 in New YorK as "a great reuei ior sea-sica-
" A delightful beverage; mildly antacid, most
grateful and refreshing."
" Far superior to Vlcby, Seltzer, or any other."
" Absolutely pure and wholesome, superior to all
for daily use; free Irom all the objections urged
against Croton and artificially aerated waters."
" ImnrMrnaTnd onlv with Its own gas."
" Healthful and well suited for Dyspepsia and
cases of acute disease, and where there is a gouty
" Rv fur the most asrreeable. alone or mixed wltb
wine; useful In Catarrhs of Stomach or Bladder, and
in uout."
" Not onlv a lniurv. but a necessity.'"
To be had of all Wine Merchants, Grocers, Drug
gists and Mineral water Dealers tnrougnoui ins
united states, ana wnoiesate py
Xos. 41 and 43 Warren St Sew York.
Every genuine bottle bears the registered
yellow pictorial label of the
859 31 AIN STKEET. 259
s. wm
Clothing House
Gents'. Boys' and Youths' Cloth
ing and Furnishing Goods
151 OXE.
Having purchased tbe following well-known stocks
at 1ITY CENTiS THE DOLLAR, to-wlt:
And an entire New Stock direct from the
Eastern Factories,
I am prepared to offer Greater Inducements In
s. vendig;
5 9 Main St.. Next Door to Menken Bros.
B. M. Neely,
John Johataa.
Phenix Insurance Co.
Office: So. lO Madison Street.
Capital Stock. 01,000,
Ot Brooks, Neely 4 Co. Of H. B. Howell 4 Co.
L. B. HUGtiS, W. S. BRUCE.
Of Pearce, Suuggs 4 Co. Of W. S. Bruce 4 Co.
Of Jones, Brown 4 Co. nt Stewart.GwynneACo.
JAMES & DAY, ;of Day 4 ProudflL
Having filled their Immense Establishment with
SreSS GrOodSil ix model effects.
TeSS GoodSal IX damasse df.siuxs.
lreSS Gfoods.l i o.vkiifsdkki) varieties.
"Samples sent on application and Orders Care folly FUIed.J
Corner Main and
Jewelers and
275 Ulain
And Salt
Have Removed to their New and Spacions Enilding-,
WHoro tlaolx Businoss as
Will be conducted on a Larger Scale than ever before. Tbey will be glad to see all their Friends and
Customers at tbelr new store.
Jones, Mown
25SS iPront Street
Are now open and ready to attend to all business Intrusted to their care. Liberal Advances made on Cot
ton in Storeor Transit. BAGGING, TIE3 and PLANTATION SUPPLIES furntshedat Lowest Maiket Rates
750 Brls. "Nelson Distillery" Fire-Copper
- SPRING OF 1873
UlItKil & ItlDGELiY,
Merchant TaiIors.3o.3S Madison Street.
Take pleasure in notifying their friends
and the public generally that they have re
opened their store with a new, large and full
Stock of the very Latest Styles of imported
goods. Prices moderate. We solicit those
who contemplate ordering their Fall and
Winter Clothing to give us a call.
THE partnershla heretofore existing between JOHN E. HANDLE. J. W. HEATH and A. a LITER
MORE, under the name or Handle. Heath &. Livrrmore, has been dissolved by the death of
Mr. J. W. HEATH. -The surviving partners will continue the business under the name of noodle A
Llvermere. and solicit a continuance of the patronage here'of .ire extended. The new firm assumes all
the liabilities of Handle, Heath A Llvermjie, and will collect outstanding debts.
Randle & Livermore, Proprietors,
No. 98 Second Street, lempliis, Teim.,
ARE now prepared to receive orders for Cotton Presse. Horss Powers. Gin Gearing. House Fronts, Gen
eral Repairs, Iron and Brass Castings, or anything in tlw Foundry or Machine Shop line. Promising;
good work and faithful attention to the wants ot our customers, we solicit your continued orders.
Court Streets
: : MEHi'MlS, TENN.
- - ,74'75 - - 7S'777

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