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Louisville aad Aa-hvllle and threat
j l.KAt. Ani.l. .
, -liily (xit -f.?.)' 1 1 :r0 p.in.j fi.OO p.rr.
Mi!l.Ully IIM h-ru.J 8:16 .u.
ji v-!;.:t Acoom.rm! ttiou,
)a iiurisn). tH'M n i.sciiij lo il keiiIe. con
necting lor .Na.s:ill,'e.
Ieiuphl aad l'krlriu.
(City time)
M VI F.xprei Train. "tally 12:0 ) nlgbl 11:45 n.m,
s ri rvii!e Accouiiiiri iailon! t
Jii!y(-i-":t buti'l.ir-)..., 4.40p.m.; ".sa.m.
U-nl Juiic.:"n 4c, dally,
(ev. t s iii'' ivmi i ;
ninnialMtlppl an-l Triirinrr.
i LKiVK. j iKHIvEr
N Orlearn Mali. !a:!y... a:00 p.m '12J15 p.m.
Strd s Aivuii' ri!il(tifu:i,ilal-
in Sundays i 3 HO p.m. 9 20 a.m.
Frel .nt an.l Acroiumo't'n.'
-,lAll?-,?v-'-'t Him-my) . . j 705a.m. K m p.m.
Mrmph'w and l.lltle KorU.
Mm Train, daily p.m. n:40 p
Cj.f!!ivgjljywgpt Sun.). t::io a.m. 6::w p.m.
Hartomh and nrmphUu
M II 4 l' :,rtrr.n,d.i!l) 4 15 p.m. H.'iO a.m.
Awmn.lnl.in tr.n ... 7 IP pi ' 5 30 p.m.
After the Triankssivinz boliJay of Thurs
day It wi natural to lo-.k for ml tl'ional activity, hut
It did not enn, and. l n a nulra e buslue , the
ton or tbe market ri-rn iln-tl. In U respects un
clMnged. F.xcli.iiige n-n.t"l nisht on New Yoik mid
nam nt on N.-w Laglnnd 9 oil; sign on New Kn
1 ind. l2 oil. .selLm; al p:ir; on N Orleans U dl
cvmt b.iy i.g. ht p !r. The New York Herald,
or Tud i, quote 1: -Trie lo WwIt.g' wera Um riles
of ech-m;.j oi New Yoik the undermentioned
olllm: tivinnai. uu.vlng at par. selling U ?U pre
tjiluro; t hariraliin sratce, pir to 1-ltl premium. I
il U premium; New Orleans, cominerclnl. 3-lrt?l4,
b.ink. I; bL LotiW, fioc P'einlnm; Chicago, quiet
and sie,uly at pir, and Hjsttm, 25.; premium."
"What ni;iJe gold go up to 100 on Tuesday?" Is
asked. The H.-w.l nays: "A speculative demand
for gold, now and for the year l7n, was nride
p tmitnent. for tne evident purpose of bedevLTJig
the in uket generally, and the diy closed with Hie re
sell .i In the leading .-c!il itlva stocks in full
for-e. We sr It asserted that the B u.k or England
rla his to be keit at iwloe th tMe of ise P ink or
ranc3 In ordrr t.i pr-eut a drain or golj under
tns ondl'i 'iisof trade.wblcb does not look well for
ltnl:md. Tin New Vo!k H-iVfin. of Tuesd.tv.
Mys: "New Orleans a id Memi hls bill on Baring
llnn.to.dat 41 1. currency." Keuinp(ion occu
P'e,s a good de ot attention. Tae 1'ii-njnrir' Ne
York correspondent writes: "There Is already a
movement I'u.st the ren bank rule, which It la
promised s'lali ej Int e(T-ct af.er the lirst of Jan
uary, and whleh declines to receive irold as a 'special
d-iKisli,' but treat d only as l.ivtful moner. The be
lief Is tht the banks will be forced to recede from
t Heir position aiptlnst recelln,r roIi as a "special de-
tuslt,' and, fd. therm va, lhat they will be obl'ffed lo
;eep tbreikl.i ls of account, to-wlt- Bold, Kresn
bcs and silver." The New York 11'ilUlm males:
"We liea thai Home of the leading merchants xro
discussing the prnprl. tT of making all ttielr bills ex
plicit t payable 'In fundi cnirentat the New York
cleulnKQOuse' h iving thesa words stamped on all
their bins." The at. Louis ,' jmU.fin Is Indignant,
and Impulsively observe: -We do not bflievetfte
union! bariks of the west and souta approve the
arrogant action of those or New York and Boston In
ntteiuuilng to dem m nize Hml decide lite silver
dollar-.; we have reaons for believing that thfycon
diiiu It." 1 hi I'hlUd.dplila banks are expntted to
delay action. At a uieetiin; of the Ualllmore banks
It was resolved that
"Fei.dliigilin early'reaisf milling of confess, and
w'.th the hopeihat so neiiuxllllc itljiiwlll lu adopted
the in In the enisling i; iriviicy nets, wa deem it
premature ai.d Injud ciout, at this time, to presetlhe
any llns of pollci v.hl.-hllie liunklng lijtereMs ot Bal
timore mavrciulrt lierealler." TheNencirleaus fu-i-vuru-,
or Wecn-wlay. st iles: "It Is generally under
nUl that at the next n-Fctlngof the clearinghouse
asoclatlon the resumption ipiesilon will be acted on.
It Is surmised lhat our p inks wl.l folio Uieexaini l
of New ork, but of course wi.l lie governed by
whoever may be iruJciit or proper lor our local
Muaucl.il situation."
PaBIS, November 2o.-Bentes, H2f. 27ic.
NEW OKLKAN3, November 2. Gold, lOOUS
IDiUj. NewYoik sli?ht. l dlscounL bterllng ex
cli tnge-bankers' bills, 4Mta.
LDNIWV. November 'J. Consols-for money,
i l-lil; Illinois Central, 7i'l-.; 1'eniisjlvanta Cen
tral. :i:(U; Keadliu. 121-; Krle. lu:,-; preferred, :p'l:
10-40s, lii'.Hi; i.ew ,-,s. liK; 4ls, HM',;l4. The
rate or ! scouot In op.-n market Is 4' j, being .".4 be
low Bank or England rat".
NEW YORK. November 20. Money market easv,
("r:tl,3 p-r cent. I'ritn." in- tc mtile papr.rnt per
Csnt. The assistant treasurer disbursed 5;24S.(iiO.
Cistoms re-li,ls. MIA.OHO. Clearings, 5-IO.O.HI,-O00.
bterllugexchange-bitikers' bills, 4S Ha; New
York s:lit, 4St( Dry goods Impj-t for tt:e wek.
S.400.ini . liold llrin, IIMH4. C.irtjlin; rates, lri:j
per cent. Ikirrowtng rat-s li lt lo -S4 ter cent,
per diem, closing at 3 per cent per annum. Govern
ment bonds firm; coupons ;f tsl. IO'.iIh; do.
I8d. new. lo:is;do. ISil7, 1 )'.; do. ISiiS, 10'.il4;
new 5s, lO.V-s; new 4'-as, I0.V4; new IOOI4;
liMOs, registered, 107's; 10 4), coupons, 107-r;
oirrency r.s, 121. state bonds were dull;
old Tennessee, !Jlo: rcw Tennessee, 2M': old
Vlrglnl.i. 2."; new Virginia, 25; Missouri 0:.. lOtPx.
H.'1'ilro.id bonds buoiaiu, esi-ecrilly for Missouri,
K insas an 1 Texas. Stock ma wl . as Irregular to
il y; cjiI ft K-ks iHollned l-j to 1 1; per cent., but an
advance of tj to IVt followed, tag Improvement be
ing well maintained at the close. Western, St. Paul
and Lak tnore wer. actively traded In, aud ad
vancol 14 to ;i per cnt ; the only liuporlan: reac
tion at tin close liivl-i;; been la the last named,
which lost X ot r c;nt. ef the ear.y Improvement.
Hauulbal and Su Joseph preferred t ecllued illo per
cent., Illinois Central 2, and Wa'asU 1: mrcsiit.
Th-se stocks, ho evpr, afterward n coveied lj par
cent. The remainder of ilie list was nulet on slight
fl'ictuatlous. Tians irtions ii--iejated 20U.0OO
shares, of which 20lM w--r Krle, 25,0K Lake
Shore, 410O Wahsh. 25.0. : Northwestern com
inon and 2'.l.MK piefetred. ltl.ODO bt. Paul com
mon and hOOO iirerericd, oo.OOO Lackawanna,
4701) New Jers-y Central, U700 Dalaware and
Hudson. 500 I Horr;s and Kssex, 4700 S'. Joseiib.
4700 Western linlon, 2700 Missouri, Kansas and
Texas, fxKHI St. Louis. Kansas Citr and North
ern preferred. Clonp g quotations as follows:
Western I 'tdon telegraph conipanv, t47n; Quicksil
ver. 10: Quicksilver iirePrreil, iil; Pacific Mall,
15't; ll.irlixxi, 3; .viuilposa preferred, 2'a,
Adams express company, 105; Wells A Fargo ex
press company, ply; luierioau exi'ress company,
4tda; I'ultesl Slates express coinnany, 47'4t
New York Centrtil, 1 1 m; Kite, 10; Krie preferreil,
H2lj; Harleiu, 1P; Michigan Central, Hsr.ii; Pana
ma. 122; Union Pacific Ktock, M: Lake Shore,
H'.r.n; Illinois Central, 71)12; Cleveland and Pitts
burg, bl-'i; Noithwcstern, 4 it; Northwestern pre
ferred, 771.2; CleveUnd, CoUnubus, Cincinnati and
Indlanajiolis, ij.'l; X.ew Jersey Central, 2''h; Rock
Island. 1 71 4 : St. Paul, :i5is: St. Paul nreferred.
70-M; Wabash, lsH; port Wa.vne.PHi4: Terre Uaute,
2; Terre Haute preferred, 11; Chicago and
Alton, 7l: Chlc;u;o tmd Alton preferred, 102; Ohio
and Mississippi, ',-; Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western, 4'"-k; Atlantic and Paclilc telegraph, 2Miw;
Missouri Pwltlc. loi 1: Chicago, Burlington nnd
uuincy, 1111; iiauniuai
and St. Joe, 14U;
Hannibal and tet.
preferred B:W; Ceu
I nlon Pacific bonds.
tral Pacific bonds.
7it; Union Pacific land grants. CU: Union PaslBe
sluklng funds, a-'s.
Tho caUlo yceterJny reported Liverpool
snots t-lrtd lower; arrivals 'were at l-32d dec'lne.
New York spots oisjne 1 we ik, and quotations aa re
vised were placed 1-ltk; cheaper; jrutures were
Irregular, and six to eleven po'uts lower. New Or
leans and Galveston were each isO cheaper. Our
markt was tiarcly ttesdy, but though prices were
somewhat irregul ir, fact rs nnd buiois were more
agreeable. Sales were theref ire larger than ex
pected, and ijuolatloiis remained unchanged, as fol
lows: Cotton Exchance Quotations.
Standard Iniemutionul ViawlUntionA
Testrrdiii. D-iy brfore.
Ordinary .... Nominal.
Good Ordinary t?S
Low middling rUfTsa
Middling. - r7:it
Good mldi llr.g (1141 IW
Ml idilug fair aV:i
Ka'r Nominal.
8U2 :j8
Market barely steady. Sates. :i'.'(0 bales. Week's
sales, 1 5. 050; Including for expuit, 10.HOO; spin
ning, Hd50; specula tou, i!0).
KsMPms, November 2-, 1878. (
Stock on hand September 1, 1878... t54
Hecelved to-day l.St(2
becelved previously n.i.;ir,: 101.215
ghlppeJ to-day. 1,471 102.1fM)
Shipptd previously :t:j.24o :;4,7ll
St'ck, running account 07,4."8
Thus far this week 22.44rt
Thus far last weeK 22,54:1
91noe September 1st .101,2lr
Memphis and Charlc-iton raltroad 188
Mississippi nnd Tennessee Kallroad ";2
Louisville, Nashville and Great Southern R.R. 2i'tl
Paduean and Memphis ml road 41
Memphis and Little K-Kk ndlway
Steamers 273
Wagons and other sources 500
Thus far this week.
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
M. AC R. R
M. A T. R. R
LiiVti. S. b. H.
Steamers, porth 112
By rati, north 70
By rail, south 570
Total 1.471
The New York Itulhtin, of Tuesday, reports:
"There has again beeu a ipilet and uneventful mar
ket 0.1 toe s; ec:d.uivs Hue, with the actual gain for
the day standi ':g In fav r of tho bears.' ibounh the
advantage j rot large and oniy esiannsiieu to
ward the close. 1). ring tho car ter portion of the
season the demand, so far hh it went, had enough
spirit to sustain values, and even make a little gain
over the opening rtes. a number of short oper.ilore
appearing p think It was about ttm to over; but
tills demand was not continuous or heavy, and when
It subilded prices dropiied o f Hgatn, and were fur
ther depresI ij Indications from tne soot 0 id a full
movement 1 r smitnicslocouie. Advices tnm abroad
too, were t!ut u'.l day, and toward the close a report
of strikes In the Kogllsh cotton-manufacturlt.g dis
tricts was current, lending to cneck demand."
The fo lowlng Is the state of the domestic markets:
Ialext j Kiate of . I'rice.
Tetrimms. ! Mar kit. ,K'c'l)t. Middling.
Galveston Easy. 4,0W 8?s
New Orleans F.i.-y. 3,714 9
Mobile. Quiet. 2.352 ts
Savannah Qul-L 3,919 8 11-10
Charleston Dull. 1 2.710 94
Wilmington S-teady. 1,082 8-s
Nortoli ' Q.nel. I 8."H 84
Baltloi.ve ! Qdt. 195 91391-1
Ne V :k ... . Qiet. 212: KU
Bot ., D ill. I ! P-l
Pirn t i - i-'i'-i : Qut-t. I 877! 9
1 1.-. I l nAiiii are Hie New Yoik sit quotations
for ye.sterdav: Ordinary, 7W; good ordinary. 8 5-lilc;
low nilildling. 8Tsc; iiiKlUlii, PUc; good mid
dling, 0 9-loc; nil-idling UU, 10 7-lCc At 10K9,
weak: 1205. du'l and easier; 20 quiet, quota
lions revived; 8. quiet . Sal-s. 41 8 bales.
The following Is the latest New York telegram of
Janu-iry... .
Kebniary. ..
Novemlier . ,
W.22rT H.23
1 42?
II 54?
o 5p,r.
V Hit
V.21'7 W.23
P.20r? P.21
lUOrr Sl.12
P.14(? 0 15
The tone ot the lutiire market wkm as loliows: At
I0.OK. asy; li:4.'l. Irregular; 12:30. barely steady;
1 :22. easy; 2;'JO. easy; aOo, steajy. Sales, 8O.0OO
Tim New Orleans market closed easy rt Pe for
mlddllti". Sales, wwu bales; receipts, 3714 bales;
Stock, 175.2ld biles.
Tne Galveston market was easy at 87e for mid
dling; the receipts were 4O'.'0 bales; stock, 121,80
bales. Sales, 2217 bales.
Th- Liverpool telegrams yesterday reported the
market In betier Inquiry, but freely supplied: mid
dling uplands, 5-M: Orleans. 5 13-lt5d. Sales. lO00
ba'es: American, bales. Receipts, 10,000 bales;
all American.
The Liverpool market opened with futu,re sellers
fit l-32d decline: November, 5 7-32d; November
December, 5 3-lrtd; De-emlier-January, 5 3-ltd;
Janmry - February, 6 811; February - March,
6 7-32L
The movements at the ports were reported as fol
lows: Lout
Thi Week
Lnxt Tear,
Rec'lsslnee Friday' 18H.7I0 17H.408
fixp'ts to G.Britain Hi 1.222 42,238
Bxp'tstoContlneut, F7.7i7! O0.P74
Stock I 1114.477! OI.8.345
685 879
The following Is the comparative cotton statement
for the week ending November 21Uh:
Set receipts at all United States ports... . 1 84,000
Same week last year 173,K)0
Total receipts at nil V. 3. ports to date.. 1,722.000
Same date last year 1,472,000
Exiiorts from all U. S. ports for the week. 1 Ih.ooo
Hame week last year 107,000
Total exports from U. S. ports to date .. K52.IXM)
Sime dale last year 5,000
stock at all If. 8. ports B14.000
Same time last year (182,001)
Stock at all Interior towns 128,000
Same time last year 92,000
Stock at Llveriiool 301,000
Same time last year 3H1.000
Stock of American afloat for Gt. Britain . . 223.0O0
Same time last year 173,000
The Thanksgiving holiday of Thursday did
not brighten matters yesterday; business was the
dullest or any or (he rast ten days, and our reports
have little change of Interest. Tile weatbrr was
sunny and pleasant, but the demand for merchan
dise was poor. The SL Louis krjt'iKiran, ot Wednes
day, reports a larger arrival of corn without a com
mensurate demand and the market was a declining
one, prices reaching the lowest values since 1801.
The Chicago Tribune, of Tuesday, reports dull pro
duel markets, "t:o much stuff" was the complaint;
provisions again ylelc.ed to tee pressure; wheat was
d (pressed; corn and oats were heavy." The New York
Hni'rhn, of Tuesday, says: "lhe market for hog
Products tne past week has sllown a still further
downward tendency without signs of reacdan at the '
close." Tne Chicago Tribune quietly but slgnlll
cantly observed, on Tuesday: "There ts something
wrong In the whisky oeal. The majority of distillers
keep on quoting sales on the basis of SI 00 per gal
lon tor hlghwlnes, while wines ate offered elsewhere
at $1 04, with reported sales now and then at that
figure." The Cincinnati Tradi-MM says: "There
are one bund'ed vessels at New Orleans clamoring
for cargoes ot grain In bulk for Kurope. St. Louis
Is already shipping large quantities, and the corn
growers of the Ohio valley have every prospect for
good crops and good prices."
FEKD, KTC Vrn was Inactive jest- rday; last
sales of shellelat48c;ear, 45Sr47e; In store, 55c
(AiM-sale of 385 sacks ot Ohio river at 28c; In
store, 35c. Jinrn-sale of 200 sacks at 813; In
store, 783811c per cut, Ituy sale of 3 car loads
of prime at 812; In store, 70I80c per cwt. Corn
lor.ij dull, heavy and drooping, at $1 00; In store,
f 2 20. flur steady at 83 25ri 5 75 for current
1 7 on landing, and quiet; In store, $1 7522 50;
extra quality, SI 75. PMnlontna movement,
drooping; In store, $1 70r?2 25. Dtveet ixttntoex,
SI a barrel. Onion, $1 25(2 1 75 on landing; In
store, $1 75(72; line, S-'l. Cabbage, HclH a hun
dred; Ohio river, $3c?5 a hundred; round lets, Sri i
0 50; crates, 3 25r?3 50. Turnips In store. 75c a
barrel. Purnti, 82 a barrel. Uorneriuiixh. $5 oOrii
a barrel. Omui;. 84 50(?rt a barrel. Lemon, So
(70. f.'rwprs-cainwba, 12c a pound. California
jie rs, 84(74 50 a box. Ifnt :il minds, Taragon,
lP-c; Brazilian, Pc; pecans, Texas, 10c; filberts,
l4e; peanuts, 4c per pound; cocoa, 85 per hun
dred. Dried iruU apnles, silfciic; peaches,
4(7 5c Cron&errir. 87 505 8 a barrel.
KuG3, BUrrKti. 1STC. Er'i were steady at
2'.'e a dozen, llutter quotes : common, U(711c;
medium, 13(7 lric: choice western, 17(218o; cream
ery. 20e: sills of 2 boxes common at Oc. Chickens re
mained heavy, quoting at SI 25(72 50, from youngto
bens; dressed. 8 J 50 adoz-to. Turkeys In limited de
mand, at 87(7 10; extra, $12; dressed, 10erl2lsc a
pound Duck. 82 25a 2 75 a dozen. Geese, 84;? 5.
Widt Inuk.1 common, 81 per dozen; mallards, 82.
y-ftilx, 81,7 1 25 per dozen, liiibbits, SI P0(72 per
dozen. Hii'tirnU, 81(71 25 per dozen. Iteer, 8ri
5c by the circass; saddles, 73C Keelfoot lakejixh,
t!(7 7e per pound.
HOG PR IDUOT AND MEAT. Z&icoii clear sides,,
packed, 44(747hc; dear rib, packed, 4.'8(? 4:140;
shoulders, packed, 3'4C; clear pork sides, loose,
4l2'74-rsc; clear rib pork sides, loose. 4ih)t?41:c;
long i lear poik sides. loose, 4-"sc; shoulders, loose,
3:'m'7:R'2C; sugiir cured hams, packed, 834SW;
bre.akla.st bacon, packed,6:t4(?7c; mess pork, 8.50.
Lnni tierces. (i5ii'7ris.tc; palls, 7r8't 7:i0.
MHCELL NEOU3. Cfcr-hr bHrrels.8!5; barrels,
88 6070. Bxinx medium navy, S232 25 a bushel,
according: to quality. Lime, WOcajfl. Salt, 81 35 per
barrel. HUU were In good demand; dry Hint, 14c;
dry salt, 10ril2c; green, odOc; green salt, 7c,
Talhno, 5(7r5c. Heesmtx, 22c hagrng-Bax, 2(7'
2'4 lbs. 1 1(7 IIS4C; flax and hemp, Ole. Baling
t.i'ine. 12c per pound. Iron Ties, per bundle, 82 05
t?2 15.
HORSES The following are J. Forrest's quotations :
Common saddle horses, 8S0(? 100; extra do., 8100
(7135; No. 1 do., 8140(7175; good plu- work
horses, 800375. .V(if-14 to 14Vt hands, 8053
85; 141 to 15, S85r7110; heavy dray mules, 151fc
toinij hands, S1303175. Trade Is pretty good,
prtnclpilly supplying city demand, especially for
good mule.
CATTLE. - Frey 4 Schilling, or the Southern
stock-yrd, have favored us with the follow
ing quotations: Cattle Good to choice corn
fed, S00 to 1100 pounds, 4(7 414c; good to
ct.olee grass-fed, 750 to 1000 pounds, li&SVsci
fair to good butchers', 700 to 900 pounds,
2'2(?2:'tc; common cattle In decent flesh, 232Uc;
common cattle, poor and rough, 1(7 lUc Hgs
Smooth f -.t corn fed, 175 to 225 poundsz 24C; smout h
fat coin-fed, 125 to 100 pounds, 2l4 i',2?; shoals,
pigtzy sows and tall ends, all weights, 2c; mast
fed hogs, t4(7V3C off regular price. Hheep Choice
mutton grades, HO to 100 pounds, 3W74C; medium
10 good grades. 80 to PO pounds, 3d3c; common
and Interior, per head, Sid 2.
NEW YORK.isovember 29. Flour nominal; super
fine western and State, 83 40(73 80. Wheat
quiet btd steady; uugradei sjirlng, 90(791e. Rye
steaoy; xso. z western, bivS'iosc. Baney auu; man
oulet. Corn firmer: ungnided. 4437C. Oats nom
inal; No. 2, 3ic. Hay steady. Hops quiet, conee
qu.et. Sugar and molasses dull. Bice nominal;
Carolina, 5l,s(?l):!4C; Louisiana, fvgatiitjc. Pork tn
fair demand; mess, 87 50. Bsef quiet but steady.
Cut meals steady; long clear, 4lac Lard quiet; prime
steam, n.iuc. v msaj uun, tsv-jc.
LOUISVILLE. November 20. Flour dull: extra.
83(73 25; family, S3 50(73 75; A 1,8434 25;
fancy, 84 5037. Wheat steady; red, 90c; amber
and white, 93c Corn quiet; white, 30c; mixed, 34c.
Oats nnlet but steady: white. 24e: mixed. 23c Rve
dull, 53c. Hay lirm. 8939 50. Pork steady,
838 25. Lard steady and in fair demand; choice
lear, tierce, (Use; kf g, 7Vac Bulk meats quiet but
'teady. 2t327n. 3 90 from 4143414c Bacon noml
nil. Sugar-cured hams none on the market. Whisky
Btcady. 3105.
CINCINNATI, November 29. Wheat quiet but
steady; red and white, 88f79ric. Cora in fair de
nt nd and firm, 82333c Oats stead v and In fair
demand, 22325c Rye steady, 50351c Barley
stronger; No. 2 fall, 81 1031 12. Pork in good de
mauu; SH38 10 spot, 88 10 seller January. Lard
strong; steam, 5.75c; kettle nominal. Bulk meats
In good demand, 2Th. 8'9, 4c Boxed meats In good
denvind; short rib, 4.10c; long and short clear held
nt 4ivC Bacon firmer, 314, 4la. 414c Whisky steady,
8105. Butter dull and nominal.
CHICAGO, November 29. Flour higher. Wheat
active, firm and higher; No. 2 red winter, 8840.
Corn fairly active and a shade higher; 3mccash
and Dtcember, 31nc January. Oats steady and firm;
20!)s3cash and Iecmber,20i4CJanuary. Rye steady,
4 c Barley In fair demand but at lower rates,
P7c cash. Pork strong and higher; 80 80 cash and
Iecembar. 88 1038 I2ljs 'anuary. Lard In fair de
111 ind and steady; 5ifC cash and December,8.02l3)
8.05c January. Bulk meats steady; shoulders,
2.80c; short ilb,IU95c: short clear. 4.10c. High
wines, SI 04. Whisky based on 81 06.
NEW ORLEANS ,Nof ember 29. Flonr quiet and
firm; superfine., 83(73 25; double extra. 83 75;
treble extra,8434 2l-3: high grades, 84 7535 25.
Cit 1 quiet and weak. 43347c. Oats In good de
mand, 30333c Cornmeal steady, 82 1032 15. Hay
quiet; prime, S14; choice, 815 50. Pork quiet aud
weak, held at 88. Lard steady; tierce, 030SBC;
keg. 737l?c Bulk meats scarce and firm; shoul
ders, loose, 81-jc; packed, 344c Bacon demand fair
nnd market firm; shoulders, 3I4C; clear lib, 414c;
clear, 4lT4-""ia. Sugar-cured bams scarce and
firm, 10a 11c Whisky quiet; western rectified,
SI 0531 10. Codes in good demand at full
prices; Rio, cargoes, ordinary to prime, 124310c
goliL Sugar In fair demand and firm; common to
good common, 414344C: fair to fully fair, 4x35lfce;
prime to choice. SXjtri&se; yellow clarified, 8l3
7sc. Molasses active and lirm; common, 20322c;
fair, 23324c; centrifugal, 19325c; prime to
choice, 2H3 32c Bice quiet but steady; Louisiana,
ordinary to choice, 530VC. Bran firmer, 72377Vfec
NEW YORK, November 29. Business oontlnurs
very quiet with the commission houses and Import
ers, and the jobbing trade Is sluggish. Spring
wootens are in modTHie request oy ciotniers; neavy
wo dens are dull. Colon goods are In light demand,
but fairly st-wlt; prints are quiet; ginghams are
dull and unsettled ; -dress goods are in light request
2ton-IXesident Notice.
No. 8040. In the Chancery Court of Shelby county,
Tennessee. S. B. Steers, et aL, vs. R. C. Daniel,
et aL
TT ano'viring from the original and amended and
J. supplemental bill In this cause, which are
sworn to, tnat tne defendants M. T. Lowry and E.
Lowiy his wife, Simuel G. Handley and F. L. Hand
le?, his wile. David M. Rodman. A. H. if. Dawson
and s. B. Steers, are non-resl.ents of the State of
Tennessee: that the defendant, R. C- Daniel, Is In
debted to the complatninls In the sum of 8827d,
evidenced by bis notes, and attachment having been
iss.ied and levied on his property in which the other
delendauts are perbaps Interested;
It Is therefore onlered, that all the above named
defendant 1 make their annearance herein, at the
courthouse In the city of Memphis, Tennessee, on or
berore tne nrst nonoay in January, 1879, and plead
answer or demur to complainants original and
amended and supplemental bills, or the same will
be taken rorconiesseu as to inera, ana set for hear
ing exparte, and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, for four successive weeks. In the
jai'ini nis rrrM. a iopy. Aliesi.
I his 20th day of November, 178.
H. J. BUCK, clerk and Master.
By E. B M'Bekrt. D-puty Clerk and Master.
IL C. Warlnner, rtol. for Complainant safq
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been qualified as administrator of the
estnta of Arcilbald Thweatt. deceamd. all
persons having c afms against the said estate are no
tified to prese-n mem as prescribed by law, and per
sons luuenit- j iu me coca 15 me requested to C0QQ6 lot
ward and settle.
GEO. C. HARBIN, Administrator,
' 237 Alain turn.
Weather sad Hirer.
The table and dispatches below jywe official
particulars concerning tne weather and rivers:
Orrica Siosal SmnrB Osa.. O. 8. A., 1
MxKF-nis. November 20. 1 878. f
Above low
BTATioas. water'
Feet Inches
Cairo 10 4
Cincinnati 81 7
Davenport 2 3
Helena, Ark...
Keokuk 8 8
Leavenworth 5 8
Little Bock
Louisville. 11 4
Memphis 4 IO
Nashville 10 4
New Orleans 13 11
Pittsburg 17 4
Shreveport. 4
SL Louis 9 4
V Icksburg
Rise 1 Fall
Inches Inches
Below high water mark of 1874.
Time. Bar. Ther Wind. Weather.
7:00 a.m. 80.2 33 8. Clear.
2O0 p.m. 30.19 58 S.W. Clear.
9:00 p.m. 30.20 51 8.E. Fair.
Maximum thermometer, 59 deg.
Minimum thermometer, 84 deg.
F. JL N'EAL. Private, big. Ser U. S. A.
By Telegraph.
NASHVILLE, November 29. Elver rising, and
81a feet on the shoals.
LOUfSVILLE. November 29. Weather clear
and cool and river rising; 1 1 leet 4 Inches In the
PITT3BURG, November 2ft. River 17 feet 4
Incbeo; weaiberclear and cold Night River 18
feet and falling; clear and cool.
NEW ORLKANP, November 29. Arrived: Gold
Dust, St Louis. No departures. Clear; thermome
ter 50 deg.; light frost this morning.
CINCINNATI, November 29. River rising and
weather fair and pleasant Night Thirty-two feet
and rising: fair, but getting foggy to-night. Arrived:
J. W. Gaff, Memphis.
ST. LOUIS, November 29. Arrived: Kinney,
Memphis; City of Alton, Dlppold and Keblor, New
Orleans. Departed! none. River unchanged; 5ta
feet to Cairo; weather cloudy and mild.
VICKSBDEG. November 29. Weather clear:
thermometer 04 degrees. Down: B E. Lee, 5 p.m.;
Golden city, 8 a.m.; uenienniai lasinigoi. up:
Commonwealth, 4 p.m.; John B. Maude, 10 a.m.
CAIRO, November 29. Arrived: OH City, Ohio,
5 p.m.; Belle St. Louis, St. Louis, 1 pra.; My
Choice and Colorado, SL Louis, 5 p.m.; Belle of
Shreveport, St. Louis, 7 p.m.: K. A. Stunard, New
Orleans, 7 P-rn Night Arrived: Thomas Sher
lock, Cincinnati, 8 p m ; Fannie Lewis, Memphis, 10
p.m.; Paris Brown, New Orleans, 0 a.m. reparted:
Thomas Sherlock, New Orleans, 1 1 p.m ; Fannie
Lewis, St. Louis, midnight; Centennial, midnight;
Paris Brown, Cincinnati, 7 a.m.; Colorado, Vlcks
burg, 7 p.m. River 10 feet 4 Inches and rising;
clear; mercury 50 degrees.
Movements at the Levee.
Coahoma, Friars Point; Mollle Moore, St. Louis;
Grand Tower, Vlcksburg; Josle Harry, White river.
Mollle Moore, New Orleans; Grand Tower, St.
Louis; Coahoma, Friars Point.
Josle Harry, C. K. Peck, Belle of Texas, Hattle
Nowland, Thompson Dean.
Down Osceola Belle. Thomas Sherlock, Andy
Baum, City of Helena, Belle SL Louts.
Up -George W. Cheek, Batesvllle, Golden Crown.
Friars Point George W. Cheek, Stack Lee
master, 8 p.m.
Cincinnati Andy Bautn.JH. J. Vinton master,
5 p.m.
St. Francis River Batesvllle, J. D. Bandall
master, 5 P.m
Write Rivkb Josle Harry, Milt B. Harry master,
5 p.m.
Arkansas River ;Hattle Nowland, James Rees
master, 5 p.m.
New Orleans Thomas Sherlock, Lew Kates
master, 10 a. m.
Cincinnati Golden Crown, W. P. Walker master,
10 a. m.
1 Osceola Osceola Belle, J. G. Andrews master,
5 p.m.
Vicksbl'ro City of Helena. I. H. M'Kee master,
10 a.m.
New Orleans C. K. Peck, Jas. Smith master,
12 m.
St. Louis Belle SL Lou's, James A. Tore master,
5 p.m.
New Orleans Thompson Dean, James IL Pep
per master, 4 p.m.
Receipts Yesterday.
Coahoma 273 bales cotton, 1562 sacks cotton
seed, 24 pkgs suudrles.
Josle Harry Brought out ot White river 527 bales
cotton, 2 bags seed-cotton, S heads cattle, 21 pkgs
Mollle Moore 250 bales cotton.
Grjjid Tower 57 bales cotton, 212 sacks cotton
seed, 57 empty ale boxes.
lievee Paragraphs.
Business fair.
The weaiher was beautiful yesterday.
Captain John Davis has returned to St. Louis.
Thanksgiving Is past, but Christmas is coming.
Captain John Cowdou, of Burutarla canal fame, Is
In the city.
The Grand Tower passed ugfCsterday evening on
time for SL Louis.
The river rose three Inches at this point In the
past twenty-four hours.
The Charles M'Donald and tow passed down for
New Orleans yesterday.
Mrs. Captain Harry and children are passengers
on the steamer Josle Harry.
Mrs. Captain Darragh and family are passengers
on the Andy Baum due this morning.
The C. K. Peck Is loading at Glenn's wharfboat,
and will leave at noon to-day for New Orleans.
There are twelve steamers advertised to leave to
day. Y'ou pays your monish and takes your choice.
The receipts by river yesterday were 800 bales
cotton, 2 bags seed-cotton, and 1526 sacks colton-
Tn'e chaln-ganglwere at work yesterday, and they
exclaim with great emotion there is no rest for the
The Belle St. Louis, Captain James A. Tore, is the
Anchor-line packet this evening at five o'clock for
St. Louis.
The last of the waruUring refugees. Captain James
Carr, passenger agent of tne Louisville and Nash
ville railroad, returned yesterday.
The Osceola Belle, Captain J. G. Andrews, Is the
packet this evening at five o'clock for Osceola and
the bends. B. O. Mitchell Is her clerk.
The Thompson Dean leaves this afternoon at four
o'clock for New Orleans and way points. Owing to
engagements of cotton she was detained.
The City of Helena. Captain I. H. M'Kee. Is the
John Steele.
W. J.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
No. 208 Front Street.
And Commission Merchants,
lVos. 378 and 2SO Front
TTTH have been ODen durinethe Epidemic except
VV pared to serve our Friends and Patrons, and
Cotton-Shed ana keep all cotton lnsuroa unless otherwise insiruciea.
J. 11. (xODWIJV.
L. 1. MULLLNS, Jr.
Cotton Factors and
336 Front street, corner Union, Memphis.
Particular attention elven to the
Wholesale Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats.
69 91ain at , (Opposite Court Square) Memphis, Tenn.
LL orders from country Merchants entrusted to
Lowest Market prices.
ftfeSKSglM.. N0.3I1-
rw tf-i
Late ot J. V. Dowdy Co.
Late of "Guy",
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants,
SCO Front and IO West Court streets, Up -stairs, Memphis,
Cash advance made on 'eon1grmentii. and order
No. 14 Union Street, 3Ieinphig, Tenn,
AfiehrT-Hne packet this morning at ten o'clock for
VicksPurg. O or.o Walton Is her clerk.
The Koimt llnefj Mollte Moore, passed down yes
terday, two wks out from St. Louis, bound for New
Orleans. She put off here 250 barrels flour.
The Golden Crown, Captain Win P. Walker,
passes np Hits morning at nine o'clock for Cineln
nstl. Eugene Shlnkle will be found In charge of iter
The Batesvllle, Captain J. D. Randall, Is the
packet this evening p' ftve o'clock tor SL Francis
river. D. B. Abrahams Is is. erk, a;slsted by
Blntle Banning. n.
The large and elegant passer.ger packet 1 hrrrsos
Sheilock, Captain Lew Kates on deck, passes down
this evening at three o'clock lor New Oilcans. M. L.
Vlrdeen is her clerk.
The Geo. W. Cheek. Captain St ick Le on devk. Is
the reguia.' packet 'his evening at five o clock for
Friars Point and all vay landings. Wulker Outlaw
Is her clerk, assisted by Plait Ithoades.
The New Orleans It iwn rai, of Wednesday, says:
"The steamer Henry Frank, from Memphis, arrl'ed
last evening with a large cargo, consisting of 75O0
bales of cotton, 2224 sacks of cotton setd and 379
sacks of oil-cake."
I he Hattle Nowiand, Captain MUL B, narry In
command, Is the regular packet this evening at five
o'clock for all points on White river, going through
to Jackson lie rt. Colonel J. I). Moore will be found
In charge of her oftler?.
Merchants are requested tosend their freight down
to steamers early in the day, and not wait until the
last moment and then rush It all down at cmee. Re
ce.vlng clerks and steamboat bands are not engine,!,
nor are they Imbued with elect! Icity.
The Andy Baum, Captain H. J. Vinton In com
mand, will be found In port this morning receiving
for her return trip to Cincinnati She leaves this
evening at five o'clock, giving the cheapest rates to
all points north and east. M. M. Deem Is her clerk.
That cabbage pile on the levee Is a utiHance, and
no mistake. The wharfmaster should put the
gang to work and dump It Into the river. The stench
arising from that heap of decayed Vegetable matter
Is vety offensive to our fastidious olf ictoilis. Yes,
we have a diploma, aud don't forget It.
The Illinois, during the late epidemic mid since,
has been In the bands of competent workmen, and
Is now a thing ot beauty Indeed. Her cabin is en
tirely new, and In fact she has bein thoroughly re
paired from stem to stern, and from kelson to
chimney-top. She leaves Tuesday lor Vlckburg on
the first trip of the season.
Billy Penlston. of the C. K. Pt ck. now loading at
Glenn's wharfboat. Is one of the "gold-lace" clerks
of the famous Sr. Louis and Keok -k tn 'e. William
comes of a steamboat family, is an artist is his line,
never made a mistake In his life, and thinks It too
late to begin now. He Is a lightning calculator in
receiving and distributing frelghL
Commodore James S. Wise leaves to-night for his
home In Cincinnati; he has been here but two or
three days, yet In that time he has gained many
new friends, and his old ones are more In love with
him than ever. Come again, good and true friend,
and our people will use you kindly. They c in never
forget your whole-hearted generosity to Mempblins
abroad and at home during the late epidemic
The United States boat Oetavla passed up yester
day morning with a party of United States engin
eers, who have been taking a look at tue river be
tween Cairo and Lake Providence. The names of
the gentlemen who compose this party are General
Wright, General Comstock, General Leach, General
Bernard, Major 8uter and Major Haudbury. Con
gress Is expected at Its next session to make an ap
propriation looking to the Improvement of the chan
nel of the Mississippi, and these gentlemen
"bosses" thought it best to examine the river them
selves. Instead of sending their subordinates.
New Orleans Demoerat: "The Henry Frank Is the
largest sternwheel boat on the river, and pilots in
handling her have to exert considerable muscular
power, and In order to assist, one of the roustabouts
Is selected to stand a watch at the wheel. On one
cccaslon, during her last trip, a big, brawny fellow,
black as Ink, was at the wheel, and as she was mak
ing a crossing he was told lo hold her hardrand was
asked if he could do It. 'Yes. boss,' was his confident
reply, 'I'll hold her or pull out one of dese handles.'
Just at that moment, her rudders getting oft the cen
ter, the wheel got the best of the sable steersman,
and though holding on to it as if be had a possum
by the tall, be was thrown up against the sash,
breaking several panes of glass. The tblng was
done so suddenly that it was several moments before
he could recover hlraself, and his eyes fairly bulged
out of their sockets as he aked, stutterlngly, 'Boss,
what did she hit? Is anybody kilt?' When he re
turned below he was heard to say: 'I kin tote seed,
roll cotton and git away wld a woodpile, and sit rest;
but dat wheel up dar. It do make a nigger work, fur
sho'.' The cargo of the Frank amounted to nineteen
hundred tons, and she was drawing nine feet for
ward and seven feet aft; her guards were tieen
Inches from the water la tho deepest place. With
her cotton-seed, oil-cake and six thousand bales of
cotton aboard, she lelt Greenville drawing seven and
a half feet. A wonderful boat, surely."
322 Front Street,
rs again open for business. The business will be
L continued as heretofore.
Administrator' JNotice
ALL persons Indebted to the estate of M. E.
Scally, will please come forward and settle.
Those having claims against the estate will pressnt
them at once.
J. BAXTER, Administrator,
satiwed 317 Miln street.
Noii-Kesident Notice.
No. 2043. In the Chancery Court of Shelby county,
Tennessee. Orglll Brothers & Co. vs. S. T. Dee
son eL al.
IT appearing from the bill In this cause, which
Is sworn to, that the defendant, S. T. Daeson,
Is Indebted to complainants In the sum of ten hun
dred and forty-six dollars and ninety-four cent
C? 1.040 94) evidenced by the notes of Deesonl
Ma) son; that the said S. T. Deeson Is a non-resident
of the State of Tennessee, and attachment
having been Issued and levied on the property ot
said S. T- Deeson;
It Is tterelore ordered, that he make his appear
ance herein, at the couiuboiise In the city ot Mem
phis, Tennessee, on or before the first Monday in
January, 1x79, mid plead, answer or demur to com
plainants bill, or the same wilt be taken for con
fessed as to him, and set lor bearing exparte. and
that a copy of this order be published once a week,
for tour successive weeks, in the Memphis Appeai .
This 15th day of November, 1878.
A copy. Attest.
EDMUND A. COLE, Clerk and Master.
By E. B. M'Henrt, Deputy Clerk and Master.
Gantt A Pat erson, Sols, for complainant. sat
Administrator's Notice
Estate of Isaac Neville, deceased.
I ETTERSot administration on the above estate
JLi having been granted to the undersigned, nil
persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make payment, and those "having claims to present
them without delay to either.
WILLIAM NEVILLE, Administrator.
Or Clapp A Meux. Att'ys, 313 Main streeL
Memphis, November 15, 1878. sat
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Mrs. Camllle Nelson, deceased.
I ETTERS of administration 6n the above es
IJi tate having been granted to the undersigned,
with the will annexed, all persons Indebted to said
estate are requested to 'make payment, and those
having claims against this estate, or that ot the late
Dr. A. W. Nelson, will present them without delay.
BEN RICHMOND, Administrator.
(Fourth National Bank.)
Memphis, November 15. 1878.
Clapn A Meux. Att'ys, 3 1 3 Main street. gat
W. W. Ward.
Street, Memphis, Tenn.
ten days, when our Mr. Avery was sick. Are now pre-
make Liberal Advances on Cotton. Have our private
Commission Merchants
handling of cotton while in ahed
my care will be filled with promptness and at the
m m nmx
n nnRtw.
MoClellan ft Co.
Memphis, Tennessee
for Bagglng.'Tles aril Bnrpl'e flleion reasonable term
Memphis Cooperage
Manufacturing Com'y.
WE will be able to fill all orders for OIL-BARBELS,
sir, and SLACK COOPERAGE, In any quantity.
VYe hare s"ceeeded In (retting a large stock of tho
best material eft hnd before we were compelled to
suspend operations cn aeeonnt of the prevailing
eplaeratc All orders addre-wed to the secretary. No.
IN Madison utreetwlll. after the above date,
secure prompt attention. -
Merrhis Cooperage & M'fg Co.
sf J. MnnwwaTT. Oexiretart.
Un iversityllign School
LYO G. TYLER, Iff. A., ClVnlty ol
Va.1 rrinclpal.
J. D, STEWART. Assistant.
rpHE Trustees of this Institution have spared no
.L pains orexpense to obtain the very finest tal
ent for Its mauagement. . .
Their object Is to establish a Hl?h School of the
first order, to prepare young men for college, or tor
the active duties of life.
Mr. Tyler comes among as, with the roost exalted
te timonluls as to character, while his deerree ol
ii aster of Arts, from the University of Virginia, Is
In Itself ample evidence of bis attainments as a
scholar. .
Of Mr. Stewart, It s scarcely necessary to speak.
Be has for years conducted, with eminent success, a
High School for boys In this community, where he
has oeen a most accepiaDie leacuer.
This school will bo opened on Monday, Novem
ber 1 8th, on Alabama street, and will close the
last of June.
Terms 919 per qaarter in Advance.
E2rFor Circulars or other Information, address
K. K. BlAUIt V, M. I.
Prr.lilrnt Board or Trustees.
Memphis. Tennessee.
Watches, Jewelry,
Diamonds and Silferware,
French Clocks and Fancy Goods,
t-Repalrlnff of Watehes, Jewelry and
Clocks promptly attenaea to fgv
Grand Re-Opening.
I rKKO uuJSor.ljO, on oecona sireei. near
Renin, u now onen. and Ladles and Gentlemen are
cordially Invited to come and look at the beautiful
display of Cowers. All kinds of Floral designs, such
as Wreaths, Crosses, Stars. Crowns, Bouquets and
Baskets made to order at short notice, In the most
artistic style.
Cat Flowers Always on Hand.
Administrator on Estate of F. Goebels.
N. B. All Dersons indebted to F. Goebels, de
ceased, will please come fo;ward and settle Immedi
ately, and all to whom F. Goebels was Indebted will
bring their claims properly sworn to.
1. uutnisi.a, AiimiuisiraKJr.
Memphis. Tknn.. November 'it. 1x7H.
lanauer & Go.
Wholesale Grocers
25G Front Street, Memphis,
OFFER to the Trade the following goods, Just
1000 brla Cole's Celebrated Flonr,
6000 bdls Ties, 2000 rolls Bagging,
700 bags Coffee,
100 packages New Molasses,
And a Large and well Selected Stock ol
every Article in onr Line.
Thanking: onr Friends for past favors, we
solicit Orders for Goods and Ship
ments of Cotton.
Mkmphis, Tenn, November 11, 1878.
To the Lot-Owners of Elmwood
DURING my illness of yellow-fever, interments
were made on a number of private lots whose
names have not been placed on the Plat Book. We
have a plat book kept expressly to indicate the name,
location and number of each grave made In lots.
We have the names of parties and when burled.
But In cases where more than one person was burled
during the eDldemlo. on the same lot. we cannot
designate each Individual grave. I will be thankful
to relatives and friends, when visiting the Cemetery,
and when convenient, that they will call on me at
my onice, at tne Norm gate, ana give me tne infor
mation. Also to members of the different societies
holding lots in Elmwood, to give me all the sslst
anoe in their power In designating each individual
grave. I am doing everything in my power, day and
nignt, correcting irregularities mat occurred aunng
the recent epidemic, and hope every friend ot Elm
wood will help me.
November 25. 1878.
Southern Corset Manufactory,
OPEN again with the lar
gest stock of
Fine and Very Loto-Prictd
New lines of Abdomen Cor
sets, Nursing Corsets, Inva
lid's Corsets, Werley Corsets.
Misses' Corsets, extra stout
Corsets; Improved Abdomen
Supporters, Shoulder Braces
and Skirt Supporters. Best
Corset Steels in the city;
Whalebone Corset Laces and
Attorney- at - law,
No. 41 Madison street.
Rooms gl A g3. Planters Ins. Bnlldlnr.
THE firm of WOODRUFF & CO. was dissolved by
the death of W. C. Woodruff, on the 80lh day
of August. 1878. In order to wind up the business
of said partnership, the large stock of goods now on
hand I offer for sale at greatly reduced prices. The
stock consists of
Rock away s.
Fark JPheatong,
and all the various styles of carriages usually kept
In a Carriage Repository, together with a large stock
of carriage material ot every description. Persons
in want oi sucn gooas win save money oy examining
this stock before purchasing elsewhere.
A. WOODRUFF, Surviving Partner.
Metcalf & Walker,
279 Main t. (Walker Block), Memphis
S Inform our blends and the public generally
that we are ready for business again, and hope to
receive a liberal sllare of public patromge. House
and General Painting, Kalsoralnlng, Paper Hang
ings. Window-shades, etc Country orders promptly
attended to.
g Heeond street.
Manufacturers of
BepalrlDff Cotton-lns s Specialty.
Cantr Shelby and K'CaII street
mrtta Wools., At
We are now showing the most extensire lines oi
BROWN SHEETINGS, in all widths.
BLEACHED SHEETINGS, in all widths,
Linen Sheetings and Pillow Casings.
Bleached Brown Table Damasks
Turkey Red Toilinettes,
Cardinal Wine Cloths,
With Doylies and Napkins to Match.
A Splendid Line of
Huck Towels,
Damask Towels,
Honey-comb Towels,
Turkish Towels,
Irish, Scotch and Russian Crash,
At Very Much Reduced Price.
In White and
Marseilles Quilts,
Toilette Quilts,
Jacquered Quilts.
Comfortables in Immense Variety.
While ml
Shaker Flannels, Medicated and
At Extremely
. Lowenstein
Addressed to the Intelligence and Experience
of Memphis and the Surrounding Country:
HAVING bought out In June last, and become the successor of A. a. Dennla. In the Boot. Hhoe
and Hat Business, Wo. Slain street, I propose to endeavor to erve the public to the
best possible advantage in supplying them with coverings for the head and feet, of the best quality for the
lowest amount of profit, and to enable me to do so, have adopted the CASH system In the conduct of my
business, and respectfully challenge your attention to a large, fresh and well selected stock of
Boots, Shoes and Hats,
Just ncelmd. from the most annroved manufacturers In the land. I deem It scarcely necessary to
adveit to the mutual advantage to buyer and seller
to make frequent but small profits on his sales, and
whlcn ties not provide ror prooame losses on sates, ana tne worry ana expense attending tne creait sys
tem to both parties. On these terms jour patronage is respectfully solicited, and I shall at all times make
it my prlrtt and pleasure to please you. T. I. WIE.1KR.
& H.
Grocers, Cotton Factors
36V front St.,
h P U B T
Wholesale Grocers
and Cotton Factors,
No. 11 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
"Consignments of Cotton solicited and Liberal Advances made on same. All Cotton Insured while In
store, as well as that consigned to us by river, unless otherwise Instructed.
Grocers and Cotton Factors
369 Front and 32 Clinton Sts., Memphis.
Grocers, Cotton Factors
And Commission Merchants,
jtfna. 371 and 373 Main
Wholesale Dealers in
322 1-2 and 324 Main St., Memphis,
Save full Stock ot NIW G00D3, whlob they invito their Friend and Customers to examine.
Blankets ! Blankets I
Anti-Rheumatic Flannels,
Ijow Prices, at
resulting from the CASH system it enables the seller
the buyer Is advantaged by low prices, the profit of
Memphis, Tenn.
A. 1IUT.
C. C. HE1X.
street, Memphis, Tenn.
Dr. D. S. Johnson's
Medical 2ispensary,
Between Main and Front, Memphis.
DR. JOHNSON Is acknowledged by all parties In
terested as by far the most successful physician
in the treatment of private or secret disputes, (julck ,
thorough and permanent cures guarnnUit in every
ease, male or female. Recent caties of Gonorrbef
and Syphilis cured in a few days, without the nsecf
mercury, chance of diet, or hindrance from businesi .
Secondary Syphilis, the last vestige eradicated will
out the use of mercury. Invc'.untary loss of semen
topped In a short time. Snfferere from Irnpcterc
or loss of sexual powers restored to free viisor in b
few weeks. Victims ot self-abuse and excessive
venery. Buffering from spermatorrhea and loss cf
physical and mental power, speedily and pennE
nently cured.
Particular attention paid to tho Diseases of
Women, and cures guaranteed.
Throat and Lung Diseases aired by new rerredlee.
Piles and old sores cured without the use of caus
tic or the knife.
All consultations strictly confidential.
Medicines sent by express to all parts of the coun
try. Office hours from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sundays
from a to 5 P.m.
IFLoeiI ZEstevto.
No. 3rt73. Chancery Court of Shelby countv. Val.
Sanford, extr. etc, vs. W. S. Korris, et
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for sale, en
tered tn the above cause on the Kb day of July,
1878, 1 will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder. In front of the Clerk and Master's orhce.
Courthouse building. Main street, Memphis, Ten
nese, on
Saturday, December 7. 1878,
within legal hours, the following described property,
situated In Shelby county. Tennessee, to-wlt: An
undivided 40 acres In a certain tract of land on the
waters of Nonconnah. adjoining the landsof Person.
Norrls and Rogers, said tract being the west part of
a 2H0 acre tract purchased by Leaiherman from U.
Bunt jn, and more particularly described as follows,
to-wlt: Beginning at the northwest corner of a. W,
Austin's 1ml acre survey at a stake, south 8'.l de
grees west, li ll feet from a white oak marked O. B.;
thence north 55 cluilin and 0 links to a stake;
thence east 15 chains to a stake; thence south 77
chains and 1H) links to a st'ke 11 degrees east, 7
feet from a white oak marked K. M ; thence 15
chains to the southwest corner of said lOO aoies;
thence north 22 chains 70 links to the beginning.
', containing 1 lrt 85-100 acres.
Aio. lois alio ana i, in imock n,oi urenons
subdivision, as laid down on Hucker's map of the
city of Memphis, bounded as follows: Beginning nt
the Intersection of the west side of fIxth street with
the south side of C ay street: thence westwardly
with the south side of Clay street 144 feet; thenco
south 153 2-10 feet, to an alley; thence ea.siwardlv
144 feet to Sixth street; thence northwaniiy 15-
2-10 fee to the bediming.
The undivided 40 acres will first be sold; ir that
Iraet brings a sufficient amount to satisfy toe decree
under which it Is sold, the two lots will not be sold;
If It does not bring enough for that purpese, the two
lots will next be sold.
Tkhmsof Sals. One third cub; balance at six
and twelve months; notes with approved security
required, with Hen on property t) further secure the
purchase money,
November 14, 1878.
K. A. COLK, Cleik nnd Master.
By K. P. Henry, Ieputy Clerk and Master.
J. E. R. Ray, Sol. forcompl ilnant.
Notice Trustee's Male.
XTNDER and by virtue of two certain trust deeds.
J to me executed as trustee, one by
P. H. Bowers and wife, Jenny Bower,
of date 28th day of May, 1877. and recorded In the
Register's oflice of Fayette county. Tennessee. In
Record Book No. rt, piges 524 to 528, tbe oilier bv
J. J. Holloway, an I Mary B. Holloway, his wife, of
date 28th day of May. 1877, and recorded in the
Register's oftlce of t'iiyette county. Tennessee, in
Record Book No. rt, paej 503 to 5il7. to both of
which trust deeds, recorded as aforesaid, reference
is hereby made for a full and perfect identification
of the propeity.and fora full and perfect understand
ing ot the object, purposes and terms of the trusts .
therein created, default having been made In the
payments therein stipulated, I, as such trustee, will,
Wednesday, December IS, 187S,
expose for sale, and sell at rubllc outcry, to the
highest bidder, for cash, the following real estate,
situate and described as follows:
A certain lot or parcel of ground In the town of
Somerville, State of Tennessee, County of Fayette,
known and designated on the plan of said town as
lot number i) nine, In Block C. In said town; it be
ing a corner lot fronting tb lay three feet on tbe
public square, and fronting (rtflj sixty-six feet on
the east side cf Lagrange street, together with the
buildings there m, and tbe rights hereditaments
ana appurtenances thereunto belonging. So'd un
der the trust deed made by J. J. Holloway, deceased,
already referred to:
Also a certain lot or parcel "of ground, situate, ly
ing and being In the town of Somerville, county of
Fayette, State of Tennessee, and descrtted a fol
lows, to-wlt. Parts of lots numbers (rt and 7) six
and seven, bounded as follows: Beginning at the
southwest corner of lot number (0) six. t jence east
with Fayette street the full depth of said lot No. rt,
and fourteen (14) feet beyond unto lot number 7 1
seven, to an alley ten feet wide, thence noith (21)
twenty-one feet and tn Inches, or so far as to strike
west the center of the wall on the north side of a
brick house erected on lot number (rt) six; thence
west on a line with the center of said wall (80
eighty feet to the outside of the front wall of sad
house; thence south with the front or west wall to
the beginning, togetoer with all improvements and
appuitennces thereunto belonging. Sold under tlio
trust deed made by P. H. Boweis, deceased, already
referred to.
Also the following lots and r" reels of ground in
the town of fcomervllie county of Fayette, State ot
Tennessee, to-wlt: Lots (5, rt, 8 and S) five, six.
eight and nine, and that part of lot number (7)
seven between lots 5 and rt. and 8 and ll, In block
A, in said town, being same lots upon which the
three new brick stores have been recently erected,
on southwest comer of public square, and being the
old Ball Tavern stand, being the same decreed to
P. II. Bowers by the Chancery court at Somerville,
in 1875, In the casa of JobnC. Waddell, adminis
trator, versus widow, heirs and creditors of John H.
Ball, deceased, an undivided half of which was
conveyed to J. J. Holloway by P. 11. Bowers, by deed
of date 7th April, 1875, the two undivided halves ot
whlcn were conveyed to me as trustee, one by J. J.
Holloway and wife, and one by P. H. Bowera and
wife, in the respective trust deeds already referred to.
All light or equity of redemption or repurchase of
said property Is expressly waived In said trust deeds,
and the purchaser's title will be absolute. Title be
lieved to be perfect, but I sell and convey as trustee
Sale will be made on or at the premises of the
respective pieces of property, within legal hours, on
the day above stated.
Nl B. JOB3.STON, Trustee.
Wright Sz F'oUtes. Attorneys, etc.
Tratees Sale.
UNDER a deed of tiust executed by G. H. Davis,
on the 7th day of June. 1 J.'V.-t. and recorded in
the register's onice of Shelby connrv. n?unessee. In
record book No. 124, page 405, I will as trustee, at
the request of the beneficiaries, on
Monday, Decpmber 1? 1S78,
on the southwest corner of Kn and Madison
streets. Memphis, Tennessee, sell to the highest bid
der for cash, the following property, to-wlt:
A certain lot of land, lying and being In Colller
vlUe, Shelby county, Tennessee, idtuaied at the south
east corner of the Intersection of Main and Wash
lngtjn streets, fronting (40) forty feet on Alain
street, and running back between parallel lines one
hundred (100) leet, together with the in provements
Sale at 12 o'clock m. Title believed to be good.
I sell and convey as trustee only. Equity of redemp
tion waived.
W1I. M. BROOKS, Trustee.
Memphis, Tkhn , November 25, 1878.
UNDER a deed of trust executed by Wm. i.
Baugh and L. M. Baugh. on the 15th of Feb
ruary, 18(5. and on record in Shelby county In book
105, page 820, 1 will, as trustee, at the request of
the benehclary.
On Headsy, Ueeember , 1S7S,
In front of the courthouse. In Memphis. Tennessee,
sell to the highest bidder, at public auction, for cash,
a tract of land situated In Shelby county. Tennessee,
In sections 2 and U, range , on the New Rx.lelgh
road, about seven miles from Xemphl, containing
275 77-100 acres, being the part of the Kerr tract
conveyed by James M Conned and wife to said
Baughs, and the tract on which said Baughs now re
side. It is fully described In the deed of trust to
which reference is now made. The debt secured by
said deed of trust not having been paid, and James
Steele, the other trustee named In the deew declin
ing to act, I, at tbe request of tbe beneficiary, and In
the pursuance of the power given by the deed, will
make the sale. Sale to begin at twelve o'clock.
l he title Is believed to be good, but I will sell and
convey as trustee only. Equity ot redemptlou
Novkmbkr 1, 1878.
Smith & Collier. Attorneys
PURSUANT to the terms of a deed of trusts n
cuted to tbe undersigned by R. E. Dunlap ana
wife, on the 15th day of December, 1877, duly regis
tered in the Register's office of Shelby county, Ten
nessee, in Deed Book No. 121, page 024, 1 will, on
Saturday, the 7th of Deremker, 1878
at the south gate of Court Square, in the city of
Memphis, Tennessee, within legal hours, sell to tbe
highest bidder, for cash, the premises In said trust,
described as follows: Lying and being In Memphis.
Shelby county, Tennessee, at the southwest comer of
Main and Vance streets, fronting the west side of
Main street 150 feet, and the south line of Vance
street 110 feet.
Terms of Sale Cash. Equity of redemption,
dower and homestead rights waived. Title believed
to be good, but 1 will sell and convey only as trustee.
D. IL POoTON. Truss tee.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been appointed and qualified by tbe
Probate Court of Shelby ounty as Adminis
trator on the estate of S. D. Mangum, deceased,
notice Is hereby given to all creditors of said estate,
to present their claims to my attorney. J. M. Greg
ory, at his oflice in Memphis. And all iiersons in
debted to said estate are leuuested to call there and
settle, or settle with my auent. Frank Banksmlth,
ColllervlUe, Tenntsj.ee.
ANDREW D. G WYNNE, Adm'r. -1
Atlniinitrator'M Male.
I WILL sell, at private sale, witbln the next ten
da) s. the following property, belonging to tho
estate of the late William Meyer: Two hones, three
mules, two cows, fifteen head of hogs, four geese,
three sprinkling wagons, three farm w.-igons, cne
spring wagon, one buggy, two carts, three double sets
names, two sets single buggy harness, two sets diay
harness, one saddle, one Uow, and a lot of house
hold and kitchen furniture. Terms cash.
Trustee's Male.
TTNDER a deed or trust executed by G. II. Davis,
U on the 7th day ot May, 1875, and recorded In
the register's oflice of Fayette county, Tennessee, in
Record Book No. 5, pages 154, 155 and 1F.0, 1 will,
as trustee, at the request ot tho beneficiary.
On Tuesday, December 17, 1S78,
In front of the courthouse. In Someivllle, Tennes
see, sell lo the highest bldiier tor ea-h, tne follow
ig property, tov.it: Situated In Faett county,
State of Tennessee, and desciibed as follows:
Bounded on tbe north by the Memphis and
Charleston railroad, on the south by the Suae Lire
road on the east by Blair's land, on the west by
David Davis's outplace, containing 141 aire?, be
ing the same place cenvejed by D. J. Armour
and the chancery court of Somervilla Tennessee,
In 1873. together with all the linprovenienls thert
cn. Also, the following personal property to-wlt:
Two brown mules, one bay mule, one soirell mare.
Sale at 12 o'clock m. Title believed to be good. I
sell and convey fs trustee onlv. Equity ot n uv-irp-Con
waivel. w. M. BH)0Kj, Trustee .
November 23, 1878.

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