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Memphis daily appeal. [volume] (Memphis, Tenn.) 1847-1886, December 10, 1878, Image 3

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Loalavllle aad Ntkvllle and .rat
LUVt 4U1.1 ' -
Exp, dally (except Sat.) 1 1 ! p.tn.i .r..ti p.m.
Mail. dally ,11:00 a.tr. 8.15 a.ru.
Bt'nzle Aooominodallon, I
da lyiexwr. .sundayst, .. I 4:1 " t m. 1 .. . . .
On Saluniay, Ki pies, runs only tu M'ki nzie, c n
D acting f.if Nashville.
Mrnpili aad Charleaton.
1-M. j AHK1VK.
(Cltr time)
Mill Express Train. dally lOOnlgbt, 1 1:4." am.
bonervtlle Acooniuiodailoui 1
JUI; (except Sunday) . . i 4 :40 p.m. : 7 i8 a.m.
Urand junction soc.. dally ;
(exept hiirnlmii i '
311aalaialppi anil Traarimrr.
! L.I.AV. t lUKiVA.
! Orlean Mall, dally . . . I J 3:-X p.m. p.m.
bard's Asci'nruiaiiou,aai-
(except Sunday i..
Frl mi Hiid accointrio't'n,
d tlly (except Hunday) . .
3:33 p.m. It. 20 am.
7 :1 T a.ln. I B :"0 p m.
Mraaphm aad 1,1 It l Hark.
Ml Train, dally ! Rim p.nj. 11:40 r i.'.
I ht. dally except Stint .t-.tn h m. ft:tii pi. .
fA.inctih tut JlmphlK.
LkAVa. IhKilL
M r nsr'r'mtn.ilal' !." p.m. fit-') an.
A vT.'n.t-Min tr.n. . 7 I' .Vtp) I1 In.
A, tbe rln.4 of lii-t wels' review of th"
cotton in irket. New Y"k quoted iiiMililnt: cotton al
Vlr. ttecMned during the we tu '.'is-. Liverpool
I x.twl ."a, I. declined to filsd. M-mptit quoted
hte. declined lo M c New or Wi qii l d l'c. de
cline! t HiC Tlil I a m-vt ttlscw .ruling st.it
Inrtit; rvi-ry market In th t i It- d Slab- l-er. hii'1
Llverp nl also, when, at . li-X- g null g ot the week,
catoti growers wri r-oldl g tnelr cotl'M hvk fr
hlghe price When ci ton I he.d out 'f In irket In
exp ct .l un (if Improved pri. and jet pr.es i"j
d-.wn. II I nece sary to r-vle ih- situ-,11 n. in-d
txi era and 1 " may know wbicu of inn Is nils
liM In liis view, lor Hi n one 1 1 tne Iwo w lu err r
Weld lit. On relrrrlnis haik a moi.tli. th.it I to
November lb, e fliid filcen cmi'irlm aviln-t tue
U-t d.ir f the lait oiH.MhI week -iliiit Is. November
Klh ugl n-t lie-emhr iili -m lo I"j: ew Vor.,
fild: I"' nildillinis. again', til?: New Krle ins
Vi l ftgilu.t H.i :; Iem: i-. atriliirtt KUc; l.lvei
pooi 5 II Ml. nnnilM.I lbs comyil.Dn
alsoars that tle dow-.waru teiid-ncy U not a ru-ri
tmi orrj cti:iiw; lu sho Unit we will i 'Olo tlie
priors of in Ml md r ton on th- flr-t dsy ol the P't
al anason. ex-i.tem'Jer 2d; N wYoik. 1 i ;t-lt'c;
Nea Urleant. Mine; L'vert ol. iH-lild; MeiiH.lns.
1Im. T:n-e fl rur?i p it lis r;.i lr i . f i I p w
sln of th altiMliut). mmt) ceiiiaiK on hu preM-nt
lie of tbe cnltou uiaiket Hill Le luund 111 tue edi-
tO I 1 l.lilllflf.
Kee !( ts In MemphM during the o!tlc!al week aa
ur K'.ted 27 bils, iikhIiisI 22 441 baleitlie
pievluua week, and IW.l'Hi Imles the c rreoiiulng
wrek liivt aei..on. and iU.H) il Iwlen the iison be
fore. The. total receipt .luce t teniher I . I K7.
went 1 2-.s4 1 bile, .m.ilnt t.Vl.IilXJ bale at tliecur
rsponilluK -line i.liI btilmiii, showing a ilecfeof
21. 4." w bale. Tut nl receipt same time lu l7i '77.
217.174 ba.es.
thlpTenU during tbe otllclnl week oeRregated
17 T7 S twle. inialnst i:.12'l bales tli cunerioiid
lug we last e4wm. Total shlpnie;il since St-pleni-er
1st are 52 2S1I lles. against 1 1 H.7 1:1 bales the
same time last je ir. a decrease cf tiil.42 1 b;liu.
Th totil klock on hitiid w in 77, "!' btl?..
aKinst II7,4.")H bale last week, and 42.P7I b i.es ill
this time i.isl ir.
falt s dur.iitf the week were 2.".lirf bales, l.7n0
tries to ri'i .iter, riliM) bale t n.lJiners. and '
teuea to sp-cul.itor. iur.ng tUe previous week the
l.ilal sjI er 15.051) ble. During the corre
anouding wek l.ist jear the total Mies were 11,WJ(
bale, of wb ch fXH)iPr look II, Km.) bale; etil
ntr i0 0 bates; r peculator. 4'K bl . 1'ilce of
lulil. illnit cot-.on hlc, agalntst lU.e mlhesume Uuie
last ear.
ToUl rrclpts at all VnltM States ports. 1.SM2.
7rl:l; same dale, 177, I .HH'J.rtlo; s mie date, 17'".
2.011 iVi.V In-tease of recan t at tJi.Ueil Subs
porta ihl lesr 2'M.I4H b.tle. against 2 1 m.vhh bale
last week, l'.-t l tiK-k at a 1 1 oris 1122 441 tales,
again."! 727. IHrt bale aiin e time the year bef ire.
World vl .line ii'ipply November 2i'tU. l.H.'jri.l 77
tr. Hiuin.-t 1.K51. ni2 bales at the same lime the
year p-lore. Decrease of c 4(on In alglit. 15 4 l'l
bale, a coinp:irvi wltli the game date In ISi7.
and a dec ease of iM'1.152 b.il.-s, as cum pa red with
the aame dale In ll7'l.
The l.lverpiail market was reported je -tenia?
(Moiida) i dull and unlet. Spots :i New York wi-rj
jlutl and N i less; futures were easier and lw.i to
fou"'" point lower il.estoll was easy lit 1I de
tain. Our uiaiket was .tiorig with a fal-ly good
dennruj, ard buyer, doubtless havtrg l trge oiders
to till, bought freely. Vuolatlona continued un
ch tuned, bid wltb a downward teudebcy fjr guides
below inlddlltic, as follow.
Coltota t.s.hmnice ctaotatlona.
yaianUnl InuriMlMial C!iixitlcUton.
rcMtnt'i'. Siturilii.
Ord'nary - "i; TU
tio KHitdlnsry rfil'i r.i-j
Lo middling ' ", l
Mildlln ''"'x
to.l mid. 'ling ':4 - wl
M ddllag fair Nominal. Nominal.
r Nomimil. Nouiinal.
Market fir demand. Sales. 5503 bale. Includ
ing 27- ) to exporters, 22,00 to spiuuera aim tiuu to
lyti llll .JlLHAr-UB
Mkmphis, December
v, lac. 1
Stock on hand September 1, 1H78...
Received bxlay
iieoelved previously -i:i:i.Mti lj 'j
S' wi to-day.
bblPtMd previously..
4.4'' I 1 i.!M
r,..resj:i 57.W4
6to.-k, tuinno; account
Thus far this week
Thus f r last week
Slnoe bepteinbor 1st
. 12.W'l
M-raiitils and Charleston ra!!rcad "2 2.;.
Missi1ppl and Tenteee Kallrond r.2H
L .ulsvlbe. Nashville and tinsa. Southern R.U.1, litis
fiducah and I1etiiinl rai.roiuL .tin
M-unphlsaud Little Hock railway t-04
VVsgous "ml other source lJ!i',!;
Jotal H228
Thus Tarthtc week
Thus far last wWk..
Binoe jjepleuibet )'
M. AC B. R. !3
Loulsvlile, N:i.shl'!'i aii-Voteat southern B.H.KKliJ
1 ,577
2 H2'i
Steamers, nort . .
By rail, n t II
Bj rull, south
Total 4'401
The 1ol..wlng sue tha late-t teTsrams of the
dottiest c maikel. asrejoite i esterdiy to the cotton
I'rtt -e.
New trismus..
fj v Y rk . . . .
fhlladelphla .
rit. Loult
u ins' a
M;rkti. lUc'pU.
. E-. 1 M.P44!
Fair dm.: 2fi.4rt:f;
Utile t.
5 ort i I
45 1
t irudy.
The r 'I lowing are the Nev Y'oik spot, uuoiat'on
for yesterday: lir.Imaiy, 7'x"; gol ordinary.
H 1-lrtc; low nild.llin. &'. luld'nintr. He;
gj.i uild lllng. H 5-ltlc: uii ldlo'. fair. 10 :)-ii;c At
IjHIH. .till: 12:15. dull; 2:20. uuUtj a, uultt.
cale. bale ,
Tbe folio lug la tbe latest New York telegram c(
m.a Tiber
fsovenibur . . . .
w rti.?
i f.-ii?
It T.trt
l 11
1 21
U :
H f.H
tt.24! P.25
li.Jd t.37
r? H.4H
U.o:i W.tlO
r? 11 70
11.7 K? U.M)
U.Kht V.o
... .?
n.(i:t(?i "04
tiol,? P05
The tone of Ike Tuture mailtet w is us n.ii.iwa: At
10:18, steady; ll ti& sletdy; 12 HO. h shade easier;
y:HO. easy; ;j:5weak. t-iiles, ill tK bales.
t he New Orleans mtket closed easy ut s'.c
for ijjlddliiig fales. f"HH bales; receipt.', 25.4I.S
bales; Wock. 214.307 biles.
Tne t.aivestoii in.irk"t win easy at Hc for ml 1
dlli'B: the reab'pta were HM4 bales; stock, 115,
i7 ba.e. tales. 7Lo tles.
Th Liverpool lehvrams yesterd.iv reported the
m.irW 't dull and unebaned; mt:t!lli uplands,
f 1-lrid: trlaiis. olyl. tales. MMiO b.ties;
American tilTiO bales. U-ceiiiU, 14.4X) bales, ot
which 12.1IK) ba'es were American.
The Llverissil luture uiirket open.d uulct
At previous prices: Decemb-'r, f 1 82d; Kebruarj
Marvi't. 5!):i2'J; ilarch-A pill, fiiyl: Aprll-uay,
Ti 5-3'iJ; M ly-June, 5 7-:i2l; hi thtreo'clock: Aprl -May.
a :-i-Jrtd; ilay-.Iune, fid; at lour p in.: Fe-cember-Jauu
iry. 5 l-:s2d; January-i'erua-y,
& l-lrtd: Juu-July. 5 5-lt'.r5 P-32d.
Tbe niuveiusnU at the ports were reported as fol
lAtut j This WtrX
B..-c't9nlnco Friday
til I
7.0S11 70.75"
r:ip'UU.'Contlaent i
stock , 1
2'.'.22."; 21.e25
4:i.:i74 l.'i.o'.'H
5li i7H' ".'ld.5'14
i'iN AMC1AL.
Oar fipdncial afl'airs, tlorinsrthe rast wek,
off-red little variety from prevWus recent report.
Business generally reniitns very active, the call for
mony Wbil-k a-ul our banks iepomi liberals at
Hif 10 per cent . the f.r:iier being the grneral ruts to
b-u.k customers. Kxcuans. owing to the Wftk
having been ihe most active of fh seaso ilu theot
ton market, bus been In bri-k mot.on ut unchanged
rab?s. quotlrg night on New York and demand on
New ngland Sh otf : sight on New England I u off. sell
ing at par; on New Orleans U discount buying, selling
at par. Mielby ciauity crlp buying fit .ic. selling
it HOC. Last .alesot Memphis cuiuptomlse bond
were at 5.lc and weat. U11 a:. dottier ttocks and
bond inactive, t iere beinx nodlnsl Ion toobetate.
We give no lu'ther ijuouit.ons than the auove, as
there are not transact! 'iu U authorize them. ;
PARL-, rxvember p. betites, H2f. 71.
XHW ORLEANS. December 1t. New York fllit,
I dtsoouut. ilenliut t xchauge -bankei s' bUls,
LO.s'liOX. December (. Omsols-ror money,
Ot 1-11; on a-Tount. P4 5-iil; Illinois Central, mi;
Pennsylvaula Central. :i 2 J t ; nejulliisr. 12; hue, l.l;;
melel.ed. HI: f-2os of lisi7. lost?; 10-40. llo;
Lew 5. IOMj: 41-. Itltlts. The r.ibi of di-count in
otn market tor three nioi.tcs' dius is d iierccni.
iw.W Y'OBK. December (i. Money markH ot.enel
eaay, '2tf I p?rceut : cb slug 2-?:i tr ce.it. 1'rsiiie
turrcaiu le paper. 4'lj lr c-ni. ins assinam
traarw dib.ired $2l.i.t0t). C'usUJui receMs,
.w,.iiiul rt.rliiii. iMl OOO.OOO. eteilii.g ex
change- h Uiker.' pills s:rong. 4!s2li-; New York
attfllt. 44 llOUl Hlll. 111'M. Aiinil mis,
U.j: j,er eei.t. B"lt):viiig rates II it- iov
rrn 1 ent bo'id dull. coupon or lis I.
109; dj. lxtlj, new, 10.J7M; -.. J Hd7, 105.h; do.
imiu liMii.. nnw As. llMU: new 41. vs. II4;
new 4. I1MO4: 10-403. renlstered. 107ij; Z0-4O.
coupons. 1071.; eurrency ris. lltS. &tite boti.!s
nominal; Teiuiessoe Hi. old, ItUsi Tennessee
. new. ai: Virginia hs. old. 25: vir-
rlnla , new, 20: Missouri . I1V.1....
ftali road bond were irregular I lis t'.ock rn i ket
was feerlsli and unsettled thioughoiit Ine t!a ; at
time luar V is a i eavy pressure v sell ; till h.ivii g
been erfi'd ill t ie o..se wl h De awaie, Lack -.w -luiii
and Weilem. 11 .rtisund K x. m r.hws er.i. vi e t
eru Union, L.'e 5b--re ana st. Piiul. t tti- o.en
lng prices decline 1 i'J M ler -nt.. but this w.n lol
lowed by an advsr.e . f l4i?Uj per cent- Intir fi.r
Lackawanna. During l..e Mtter.iouti the last named
declined I ) per e ut , and the g-uieral ll-t loL. Tho
early Impr .veuient In c vil stocks was based 011 a te
pit that one or the companies h u wltbdrau tro a
Ad tpratjlnaUori. Trajjsactlons aggregated ld5.
OOd bfcare. of whlcit lft.000 were Lake Shore.
-7i'X) wavb, 19.000 Nortbetern common, 700)
'preferred, 8fau9 St. Paul summon, 2HOO preferred.
000 Laokawaahar 11,000 UonUaod iez, 2b0Q
C11I011 Pacia.-, 17.''i We-I-rn t io-i. I'.ioo l'ac!:lc
visit. 2-li" at. Louis, Kansas city ni.U N r
Uistn. and 14oO Jlis-ouil. Kt-i-.i and Texa.
1 tie following w. re tin- closing iju it itl -iis:
i ol.ti. lelrirr...!, .iTiit..ii 1, li
(J.iii k
li-r. i; v J,' .siier yrr.iir I . .'.c .r.i!i,
12-. Maiitii. ;it; A'ii'lto-" preleirel. i:
A.:. in. exi-res coinpai'T. 1 : Heils it J-ir:;oex-pres
croii.:itiy. t. am r:ciin exi ies coiui'iiv,
4'.i; l 'il'ed feiales e,.n-s coiiittnr. 47V;;
New York Central. 1 12 -i; Kile, IM4; fcr'e .referre.i,
:f2tj: H irietn. 14". MicJUgi'i iei!tr.il. ''.4: 1'aii.t
ma. 121; I'lilon l'Hi-t.'ic stis-k. i-i.".".; l.:ike r.ore,
oisl-a: lillni.ts Ceiitral. 77' 1: 1 1 ve.ai.d and i'ti.s
burv, N'rtliwesten:. il; Nor hwcler.i pr.
ferre.i. 7' tM-elini, Col. .11. '.us. Oncinn itl .iii.l
lii.lia:iiiKl.s. a 1 1 1 : eA Jt leutnl. ii ;.it .' k
Isiarul, II; .-1. I'.iol, :;.'.; t. fanl t'i-i-rrt.'t.
"12-4; VVab.1-11. 21; Kurt Wayne, luo: Teire l..n;ti
2; I 1 Te illllte .referre., I.; Chl'-UiO alol
A;!on.7. Ci! :,.' and A. ion preferred, 1 1:2; Ot lo
and jiisst-.!!'!.!. 7'-: lei iware. L.uki..'trii.a ai-d
Wester:', 4 Ut ; Ml u.tlc ai d P.tc::ic t.'l.-i"h.:i, 2'.';
MlsN.n:ri lu illc, II4: Chiciuco, Burl'riKton and
Outii'-y. r U; Hannibal a-id Joe. 1 ;
li iiini'nl and M JiKS preferret! ;(5; Ceu-tr-u
l':.c:fic bonds, 7i; I'ltion l'ai.'IIie lMtuis,
7 -; I nl ti Pol itic land gr.iubi, 7'-j; Lulon I n tuc
sinking fu:i I, 0I4.
Dur'c !b'' w. i'U t'ie tt.-,ii!i- r !i- !av
cold, gloomy, w t and ii:ud'lv-a most'y Cue and
thete was a good iittei d itu e of rout. try visit r'. lit
all ijiia ters tlo-re Las been ecllvlty. bl prices haie
in every dlteciion preen'.el 1 tirRdil!ig aspect. The
I H i'- ruw bdng witulu an el.'hlh of a cent ot a
hundred cents, cms more tti itt 't :l I f. rine 1).
C rn has bee mie abJiiuaui. as tl:j 1 "V 1 ticet'I I r.u
dlstKjses laiuietsio fell It rilher tfcari to le-.u U
away, reed net eially Is iUU-t. i. ti'.Pre Is ll'tle I: or
O'ltrqulr-d t.'ui'i I en.y ;-.. 1 i:n isuis (.r. Il.i
is vvn more sivk" iliii.i corn, ami g.li-e .Ke"
c .o ce lliiio'.hy Is i.liii; .1: jii ;i a t'Oi. C iiuit-ai Is
a I t'le wau.cd e.s b.-tu-e. a' d dit-s not Iui,.,. tu
price; i".oi..t:es w rs apitli tic at th tall-r part or
the week; roiue or trie buer n.tiv sli .tf yisisi
tl 11 to extend t. eir ft , i, bill buyei ap; iir ln
cltne.l lo exact b. :t -r pric-s. p ;uing ?2 us f .eir
loiv-.?.t ll. tr s. As lots hvd l.e-11 solo from store
as 1 m ms 1 r.11. t! reiuabis Lo b- seen v. h. -titer if y
..M'Cu.t cu.-rer t r.il Is s.-,slbi-. Apples Wt-re
the exception to til general tu e, presetiiing the :i;
p.i.e.ii" ot siinie slreiiir'h tuafg-s ai.d o ui r
a II l"s mat a e n. d-iiisiiii at the In li lays. 11 ilur
ahy harJ 11 ulces as Clirt-t 1 .is at'p.o Icies. 'J he
lijili r.i t.c; is -.i ll tailing, .tn i ojcc more ouniuo
li'.'iiMiO "I iP f" a-cd !i iUie.
t f ED. E l'C Con. was nili on "liie iloiva
ii i a.i) " ye to d . nttt the .1 id wiHth(-r gave Itt'le
o.ti T 111. 1 ot moveiu? ,t; ca rent rat -s ajit.-eiir.-d
to be I rum 4 . i..r 42. but soma oealeis we: . I-ok
1 g t r t-vn I er 1.1 e,; s 1 -s vre a 1,1;..? white
at 40c, 15tt saeiwut 4ii:. I ."o at 42-'. Illicit nee
wrilte M.-ieeniit c.:rii ne bi'-ss t-rouht 4:'.c: the
inu.ket is well hi p'b.l In ht.r.. stielle.i co:n
..-. selling a; oil. i2. ii a ii'.i..v evefitii4 15o
i.-ks of e-ir-i.0 u sold on Ine lai:iii:.gat 4l.'. tAis
were oe. th-r oite n.g 1 or nsXed lor yet. rd iy, and
were tt igiiutit all weU; lat- sate have b e.i'r lil
2"c:ortiic lu ctore itl-.-ii'iotattin Is al'r a4 '. l'.nnt
otd as htith as j- 1 a 511 dur-i s a tetiiior n scaic ty
lu the mldd e of the w.-s k; the ileltv ly of some bus
sod ' to arrive" at cM2 til chanire, th
fisur s. anl )etfTd-.y l.tlj Micks a.ll t
12ai). 1 be stole ijU tallou r -r c wt. Is 70(7 '."c
ijt III Veiyp.01 oncl'.loii : cmki conimotiwad
oiieitsl as luw us 5o a-d 1 1 it bales 01 p'lae
sold at S 1 1 : o b 1 cs . 1 ch. Ice t rnothy brought Si a.
In store 70r?stlc r wt.. no or. I, m; to qtl illy.
t'lmir iiUiet ai.d s'eady at sfj 255 25 for current
KhLirS AND VECiErADLES.-&n,lf. SI 40,7
Si I O Hi the lanitp'g. and ipil t; lu sure. Si Mo?
2 5"; tendency iiowatil. I'nUtUx 1111 lietter,
1 .ot 11 1 1 1 trout lanibiu. prices unsettled; In
stole, 2. 15, iiuii'its I .active at :i7.i lor
rel and t2 fo- ye low, lit stoie. sirtrt tA-ris
11 2- a binel lor choice Cuijiji'ir, fc7 50
tlH: cr-nes. 5r't 50.7a 'at. Turidija. 7 5c a bar
rel. ParxMiM, 52 a Panel. Hurm r-uliuli .85 507ti a
barrel. Orui.;'.s. tlio'7 a bane:. Le?io;i, j5
irt - O Xu!n-- inioiids, Tantatna. lUc; Braztilan.
Pc; It-caus, Texas, ne.w, 15 ; lllbiits, 14c; pea
nuts. 4c pur pound; ciC"a. 5 ler hunored. Iitt
Fruit nppie'., new, 4' 'i5c; peach- 3. hew, 41a loc;
old. abic. friiiiih rriut, ?7 50 a barrel.
Ktiiij, H;riEit, E 10. A'.'s were fteady at
21c i.a.'oriiu-t-s: Couimoti. tic? lie; medium,
lari I 'ic; t holes wwterji, 17'' iH:. I'hicl.nn uuh-t.
quoting at 1 2-uii 5:i, Iioiti jotttig to lens;
dic-si d, S2a2 T5a d z-n. ftrkryH In llmlteti
demand, at r?7.'i 10. d.ea'orl. lk los a pound
iJ'ukx. $2 25'' 2 5') a dozen. ',', -4'5;
dr.s'd. s-5. hi" y rA eouitiinn, 61 per dozen;
mnllH'ds, 82. V'-oVi. 61 per uozen. J.'.io
b, tx,$l 50 11 r i.czeii. V'i-r.., SI pr !oze:i.
i f. 11 7 5c by the c .reus; sid lies, Ha 7c. Oyst.-r -Baltimore,
No. 1, S5 per dozen; No. 2, $4: No. 3,
j 1 ; o.
HOii PR'DUCT AND 3) JiAT. .icon-clear s'des,
packed, 4;if; c.tar rli. packed, 4-"'s": shoutdets
packed, ai.j; clM'.rp .ik ides. Ittose. 4a 44C;;clear
lib pork bides, loose, 4c; long .1-ar j org fid s.
1 Kise, a. '.15c; Mii iili.'e' s. lyo-o, ahr7ai4C; si. gar cu ed
Ir-iiu, pi.clieit, 7:,i''tic; bretkiiist btnon. packed,
W4c; mess mik, t-(iS 11O. Lrirtt fe ces, "s-2
tils ; pull". 7l7s'. .'My-lore-nu'irters, 27dc;
html gualters, .)'..- ,1. .siw; by the care ijs. Aft
5c n poind, i.e.s- 4(i4Vi!Cii pound; by the huudted,
tor p'ick:ng. .'t 50.
l liCKLi, NEoC s. Ciiier- hf barreRSo; bnrre's,
$Ki? tni. 7ioes-tneil ti:ri rtavy.Sl 75i27.2 25a
bushel, accjiruliig to i;u;tluy. y.iie , POca .? 1 . Jydt,
P I a5 per Panel. iju were In good demand; dry
Hint, 14c; dry salt. IuiZ12c; green, octic; gre-n
lit, 7c TMitw, 5tilc. it.w.i.f, 22c. limjiiiuq
tliix. 2i?2l lbs. 1 1 r 1 1 a J(-; flax and hemp, KHiC
Uilin'i twiif, 12c per pjuud. lnm tin, per butitlle,
i-2 Uod2 15.
LOUISVILLE, December it. Flour dull, 7hcat
dcttve ii'id lirni ; ltd. !")c; Hiuber end v.lt'.te. H ie.
Corn steady; white, ::?!; mixed, 34. Ot ijulet;
while, 25c; intxati, 24c. Ky ateidy, 5.tc. Hay
iiitH-t, i-viuK 50 Polk ipilet. iHrlH 25. Laid
In r.ur demand; choice leal, t.. rce, tiljc; itg. 71,0
Bulk meats mill and lower. 2';, a Ml, a.".(4-x
Bacon notnlnal; i;nn; ready for market, b -gar-cured
bonis, 1 -iju. Whisky usilve and l.n.:,21 Oa.
CINCINN'aT'. Dtoetiibar 11. Flour dull famllj:
S4 10(7.7 '-o. Wue.i du;i; red and liite.;H5,' '.i5c.
lorn heavy. ;M'?.;V2u. O.its uroi.g. 2ao 2tlJ. be
dtili. 52c B.irl-y In f:ir deman t for i-ell T quill
tesunP; No. 2 loll. $1 lOul 12. Pork steady; i
Ci-h. " 25 scner rebnt ir Lo J ' ull ami prices a
fU .tie lotwr; tcain. 5 5 071,:. Hulk rieats di I!;
partly cured, 2.rt5(7 2.'.I0, a.70( 3.K5. 37.(7 4c. Ba
con null, 3, 4ito i-''i. tv hi-ky active aud lirmer,
SJ 03.
N't W YOKK. December !.-Flottr dull; aitpeilltie
west-rn and riiMe. a 40(7.1 7"'. Wnetit d ill, weak
and lower: unurtuied spline. Hoc Byeiiuitl; No. 2
western, fits Site. Bai iey ii-iie-. ilult ttu'l. Cora
dul ; u ..grade 1. 4511i.f'47c. oats ilitil, 2P''ai.'; while,.
5til-A Hay quiet, 2J.'i?4C II-ps heavy. Ccdee
uniraiiU nominal. Mtgur iltill; fair t g.i 'd rclinlng
Wtr?7 Moi'i so dutl. Kle-i quiet but steady; Car
ol .1111. 5:41 teijCj Loulrl 1' a, nl,s(i if.sC. Pork weas
el ; mess, s.7 tiO. lardqubt: prime steam, 5 H5i?
IS.02I:. hiky firm, 4-1 0'.t
t li'CAGO, DeceiiitSer 1). Flour quiet. Wheat
fi'iu-r but not quutab.y bithi-r; No. 2 res! winter,
t7; No. 2 Chicago spiitig. HJ7s?ctiic c ish, SMI4.?
hes3 Jauu.iv. isa.30 .ebiiiary; No. 3 Chlivigo
spuog, tsi.r70c; rtjeced, SSn5:jl,c Coin
steady; 30'tl 31c cash, aiicu January, ail.iiCFeb
ro:ry; rejecitio, 2til ii--i 2ii;c Oats quitt butste.-dv;
IH'.s; cash. 20o Jauuor.. "i'-l-'n" May. B e steady,
n.i. It yilr uig'-r 17 1;'. I'o U duil. wak and loner;
J) tl.7 c-sli. ti 00 I)ecei :!i-r. i .'2! .. ii 75 Juti
uary. t M2ts 1' tsii l ea ti' ry L i -t d ll -1.1!
prices a shade "lower; 5.55c cat: aid .l:ii i.'j. r.r-nc
J'et.nia.y. oniK nu t-ut'll. u:-.!. l lowt-r; 2.05,
3.70(7 3 85c, all boxed. Y.'ii! :- .c. tly, s-I 05.
Nf V totLEAs'S- D fsjn b t '.!. - H-ittr ' 110; snnfr
fln. ; uoutile exlia. S-l: tr -hl-i txtnt. 4 2tis
r?4 75; lughor i,7cls. S?4 x7Il'(7 1? - f.2i j. Ci r .
qlfet, 4(?4'C. O.l'Stlltl , 3'o2c. COlUoieal 1111 1,
Jii?2 !0. Hay ifilt'l; chul e, 5it r.n foikduli.
1N-S25 Lard sttu-J; tier 1, l?tS3s?; keg, tl
Bulk meals du l; shoulue.s, louse. 3c;
piicll-d. 3lc. Bacon dull ur:d nominal; should rs,
:tc; clear il ', I1 "; c.i ar, 4!;5 ti;i,a -c le i trims
e rco and liiti, i(.'tr-; uncai.vased. pl-'HOc.
Wh;.-ky steady; wes eru rvdltied. Si ()" a 1 10.
Cotlee q'.iet; Bio. cargoes, orultiutv i.o ptlioo. IIS4
a.Vi(i' goit su.-ur noml.-iul; common to good
Crfii.ruoii. 4 i-i (?4-l '; fair to lull? fair. 47?"l2;
p.lu.o 'o ch ip e. 1;f7 if--.; ytliow c ar ri-il,J'.l;ii
7.t,c. Mo asse- a-tii an . linn; ts mtnoii. 2i 23c;
fai . "Mrt 25c; cx-t.Uif'igal. 111,7'2'ic; pilme to cli. lce,
2.7 3e. B'ce In fair demmi au-j uiurkfcl tlrni:
Louisiana, oiuina'y to choice. o'br'tiU.
Weather and Klverfl.
Th tab! and (iUpitrii 's bt:!or kv "fficial
paitlculars coticeinlug the weauier kdo rivers:
OmCX SlliSAl. SEitVICE Ohs. .y. ci. a., f
JlKMFUls. Die inherit s
Above 1-e
Bise 1 Fall
Fec-L .It clies tncues inches
Cairo j 2tS f! ti
Ciucliiimtl ! 2ft 5 10
DavetJiMirt I 1 1' 1
Dubuque 2 0 1
Helena, Ark
KeokuU ; i j j
Lt'.'iveuwoitb B 0
Llltie hock :
Louisville 11 4 - 111 I
ttt'tutitita U. 7 ; tl I
Nashville 13 4 2S i
New orleuns 12 5 ' 15 j
Pittsburg 7 1 1
Shreveport, 5 1 1 tl I
St. Louis 0 3 1 ; 1
V tck Hliurg 1 H 0 i :
""Below hUh water mar, of lei t.
Time. IPT. ihit wlad. JfJJ Weather.
710 a.n:. 2'..H0 37 N. L't rain.
2.00 p.m. 2'.t77 3d N.V.'. j OnuJy.
b.-OO p.tu 21t.7S ad X.W. I Fair.
Baliilu;!. .45 I. oh.
F. Ai. NEAL. Private. Signal Corps, U. S. A.
By Trlrxrapb.
CINCINNATI, December it Noon. Elver falling.
Raluy wea'uer.
.WSHVILLE. Decetu'jer ). Blver rising rapidly,
13 I.-et un ihe sbiitils.
PORT EVD3. DccembT '.t-SaileJ: Steamship
City ot Limerick, Liverpool.
PlTT-iBURiJ. December 11. Weather eloti-iy, tirlz
zllng Til n. Uiver t lcet Inches tiud lal lng.
LOL'laVII.LE. December P.- Ratned ail day. now
sleeting. Ulvei falling, 1 1 feel 3 inches la the
EVANSVII.LE. December .l Wea'.hT c ouoy and
ra ny. Blv r la. ling, 27 feet il lr.ch-s 0:1 liie gauge.
I'p: Cons M liar, 11 p.m.; Vint suinkle, o p.iu. The
Co. s Millar was loaded Mat.
NEW ORLEANS. December '.1. Weather v-1nuv
and Cj.1.1 to-high', rulnlr.g ail day. Air.vd: Belie of
tcreveport. JoPti M. C hatnocrs, H. C Y.-eger, (ien
eral D. H. Uuckjr, tt. Louis.
VRKsBL'Bii, December '.. Weather heavy rala
yeteidiy and last nlgul, co d a.id cinu iy io-tia;
theimo iitter, 4-1 d g. Bi.er rising ranldly 12
Incoes 111 past tw tiity-four hours. Down: Henry
Krahit, jastulght; iaui..ing lar, yesterday tveulbg.
CAIHO, Decenilier il N'.xin Weather cloudy and
cold, slee:l and light snow this forenoo.i. Arrived:
Eckert, :'t- Loolt, X p 111.; S- ln-nck. New Orleans. 1 1
p.m.; chcrok.e. Cinch. uati. 7 a 111.; 3i .Hard and
City of Vi.-ksburg, ft Linns, Vi a 111 ; I! gley Oolo,
loam. Depaited: Sch.-iick. I Incliiitati, mtdi lgtit;
J hii.Meiiis, Nciv t 'rleaiis, 1 1 11.111 ... Ntgiit Biver
iitl teet 5 Inches . lid foil-tig. We.'.th.r cloudy: nier
corv, it 1 deg. I e,i irteJ: City of Vicksb '.rg. V.cks
burg. 2 P-in ; Cherokee, New Oilcans, 3 p 111.
Jlovfnients a.t the Levee.
Co'nrado. Vtck-Ptirg; Farry Lewi. Ft. Lou's;
Ouachita Belle, Arkansas Coy; James How.-.ru.
N.w Orleai:: Cent nnlai. New t.'rUans: New Mary
Houston. New l-tPati:-; Phil Ailin. i'renti.ss; C-a-
l. m t, i-rlars Polu'; .0 1111 i. scul.'y. J'l t.-b'rr;
Raven at-d turgs. rinvii!e: Bed W11 g .St. Lonts;
John B Maude, ct. Leu s; 11-Ue St. Louis. St Lo.,!.;
.laiuesj D. 1 srrti-r Cliictni.a l, Oeo. W. Lutek, I rials
l'oiut: HllbOls, Vlcksburg; Osccula Beils, O.-ccola.
Colrrarto, ft I.cu!s: Febrile l.ev.1. St. Lculs;
James Howard, St. Louis; C tibnn-al, SL Louis:
Beilo St. Louis, St. I. m s; John ki. Maude, Vicks
burg; John I. Scully. New Orleans; On ic ilbi BIle,
A'kansis City; Illinois. ArKaiisas City; ("oahoiua,
friars Point; .Vw Mary IIouslo.i, Ciiitlhhali.
ix pour.
Ceo. W. Cheek. Thtl Allin. lied VVIrg, James D.
Pamer, ocola Bel.e h iven and baig s.
ftoipu City of Vi.'Usoirg, C. B. Church, Annie P.
Sliver, t'heroke '.
i"i-Baiesn le TT rd Ciii. B'He Mi mphls,
Thoibioo t l'--iio, Ch nbs P. t. ' Van
BOA is LEiVINii lii o DaY.
Frtuus roiNr-t.eo. W. Chce, stack L e mister,
5 p.m.
St Frascis Tiiygs Bates v!!!p, J. D. Eandan
matter, & p lu.
Whiti ErvEB-naid Cash, Zi C.Po 4 U laasiar,
0 p.m.
Wan Bitik Bed Wing, Jo hi. rt. Ejv13 raasler,
5 p.m. . .
Vp Ksin H ,-City or Vlcfcsburg. It teit K. Biiey
in;UT, lo e m.
Os F.oi. a Osceola Belle, J. i. Andrews iraster.
5 p 1.1.
t r. Lot is-Belie M?niphK John C. Crar.e rt-.'i.st?r.
5 ti m.
KcrelptH Vrnterday.
Colorado- 52 buie cotton. bag seed-colln 1.
.1 I'. cu!lv-i'5o pkg. nil-l.aiiet)u fr-tgl I.
New Mary'HousUoi-t.o brl. oranges, pkes.
' Biveti and l arge I Loies cotton, 71 b.iif i hay.
5" I sacks oats.
John B M tude -200 brl (lour, il bales niton,
("1 1; s.icks tsitlot.-seed.
.Ionics Uoa ii.I -Ni biles cotto.i. 5'1 hhds sugar,
j tit) br.s m lase, !i2 I Kgs suiidties.
-.l.ll.'-llll .ll'l ...tu.-. ... .t'JII, ' 'fc Jitu WU.'U,
7'.l sacks tituu-Nl. 6 pkir-t. sundries.
Ithnol -14s b.i'e tton. S bag seed cotton,
57'i -acks c linn-.eetl. 54 pkg. tumble
Phil A::l. 212 biles cu-oo. lit! bas M.!-cot-ttiti.
ll(7tl csscct oil-seed. 12 I kgs. sundries.
t.eargo v. Ciieek 134 bal -s cott-m, 113 bag i ststi-c-t'on.
71 sa -ks cottoti-(-e1, 12 1 kg. sundilM.
tlirichit-i Beilc-3.7 bale cotton, lt4b;gs secd
Coitcti. 772 scks cotton teed, 73 pkg. sundries.
I'.ed Wing ioi) brlt. and ha f br's. ll. ur. ll'.O
-.k bnii. 440 tack corn, fx bale hay. 54 bulet
cof.an 21b 'gs si-edsMitt on. 27 1 sack clton-sved,
121 (ki sutidrle. 1 mule.
Fain Is Lewis !47o b Is ll.ur, KS5 facks com,
477 sacks oats. 22H sa ks bian. h5o pki'S h.rd. 5
bales c ittoti. 25 head cattle, 24 horses ai.d mules,
:oi l.'i I'ltvi niaM. TotMlibtrs. 7745.
! Htte .-.r l.n;it -VTlCt bri. Hour and mpsl. til
net brl?., 73S boxes crackers. 7 1 3 sacks bran. 341
sacKs crn, x2 saks oats, 4oO pkgs. lard, 37
he.o i cottoo. HO haul sef-d cotton. 115 acks ct ton
seed. 2S head ;,'ocg, 1322 pk eundiles. Total
t ti 'i- aies, H740
.l ieu s 1. P.iker lSrtl pkgt mds. 3111 pkT fur
Iil.11 e. 472 d z eirs. Mil) box. soap, 132 boxes
cat diet. 2l.J. bils p t.doe '. 2'.' i b il -s bay. HIS sack
cor. 1, 22't brl hour. 20 br.'a cetueiu, 72 brl
Idl'io s. 2 -12 sacks oat, tio box:- Klassivare. tse.it
h -ads cabbHges, 34 bils apples, tt pks 1'j'o cjo, 54
tlci jes laid.
lifvee I'nraaraphs.
Weather cold and cloudy.
Toe rivt r was f .lllng ut Cincinnati last Sunday.
'1 he liver has surely seen a ghost, lor its bar am
rl-P g.
Drizzling rain, Interspersed with sriOwua.kes, ysa
Urday. A I of the local packets left yes'.erday evening with
fair trips.
11 i-lti s. notwithstanding the Inclement weather,
was bn.-k.
Lev-e covered with a sticky substance, vulgarly
te- uitd mud.
Tnerenro six feet SiSiht In the chaniirl from St.
L-'ols to Cai.o.
Plenty of ci t ton-seed and mlscellareous freight
en -he landing
Ti.e river at this point has risen nix Inches In the
post twenty-f. ut hours.
Thyhad snow, which soon turned to rain. Sun
du eveuuigat St. Louis.
The. I. sharps M'Iona!d passed down with a large
tr w of coal lust evening.
Hereaft r iht mean er Hard Cash will leave eviry
Tuesday tor White liver.
Ti.e John Dipoolt an.1 barges passed down yes
Ut ay eveiiii g lor New Oileans.
We have eikedtou many times, "Baby Mine,"
have the levee Cleared of frelgtit.
It na- raliiitit! at Louisville, rit. Louis, Cincinnati,
Memphis and Evutisville on S it, day.
Toe Co tinido passed up S .inlay evening with
twenty- wo hundred sacks cot on-seed for Chicsgo.
Tve Phil Alliti will lay up for the present janu the
Illinois takes her place. Cuptaln Gus .Vic lone c om
luandmg. At this point, la the twenty-fcur hours endina
Sunday tvnilug. the river had risen one loot and
two Inches
Ti e tec ipts by river yesterday were 172i bales of
ct on, 524 bag of seed-coltou, and 5045 sacks ot
The John B. Maue pa-sed down yesterday morn
ing lor Vlcksburg. She added here thlity tons for
Ihe bthdi belOF.
The Tho.Jipson Dean. Captain J. II Pepper, la
tine Iroin New Oilettns and returns to-morrow eveu
lng at live o'clock.
'J he Henry Frank pa'SKl Greenville last night with
neatly six thousand bales of cotton and eleven thou
sand sacks cotton-seed.
The t-lmpson Horner and Alice Brown, with large
tons of coal, were uue down list evening probably
passed during the nlgbf.
The lit-iio Metnph . Captain John C. Crane, is the
Anchcr-ltt.e packet this evening at rive o'clock for
St. Loui. O. Hewitt Is her clerk.
Tli City of Vicksburg, Captain Robert K. K'ley, Is
the Anchor line packet tnis morning at teu o'clock
forViik butg. C.-itisSha pe is hercietk.
The neo. W. Cuei k. Captain Stack Lea in com
mand. Is the paekel this evening at five o'clock lor
Friars Potnt. Wal':er Outlaw is hercietk.
Ti e Osceola Belie, Cautuln J. ti. Andrews, is the
packet this evening at live o'clock tor O-ceoia and
all way landit.g B. O. Michel Is her cieik.
Tlie B:desvii!e, taptain J. D. It indall, is the
packet th.s tvet.liig at hve o'clock tor all points on
bt. Francis nver. 1). B. Abrahams Is her clerk
The Kcpeii. id sand-bar is ut present plnyli g an
engagement be ow, but wi:en tbe river Is low the
bar will appear upon tbe stage ugaln. Low xtnyr it
v iter aau bur. Walk up ar.u take a drink.
The Bed Wing, C p ain John B. Davis In cor
maii'l. enters the Meiuohis aud White and Lbtle
Bed rivers trade, leaving this eve ilng at five o'clock.
Ed Vi. Croweil will be found In charge ot her oflice,
assisted by John Bublnson.
The Hard Cash, Cap.aln Ed C. Postal, will be
found In poit v- lay receiving tor her return trip to
W hp.e river. She leaves this evening at live o'cloe.
through 10 Jack-on pert. Cltas. Al. Postal is her
clt rk, assisted by J. c. Wycclf.
Tlie lolloping ptisse: gers tit rived yesterday 011 tbe
steamer J. D. Parker: Thoma Johnson. Edward
reppers, Edwin lletifer. John Harwell, Mr. L'll
niau, Mrs. A. Dlckw Iz, M St .lai.e Clore. Jirs. Keru
iino three chlldr n, Mrs. L. Frbdtinn, two chlidten
nid servat.t, (i. F Cait.T. wife and children, J. B.
Ji.husoii, wife and children. Mr. Hoyd, MlfS lioyd,
tieorge stohr and wife, Mrs. VVl'lls and son. Mis
B. t ttitvford. Heorge U- ue, M. Holmes. John Har
well, J in.es Osboin. In aJdltlon she had about 500
tons of iretght.
Fare to I'aon xvltli Dlsetsc
How oiten 't hnppens that although r.e have wit
nesed the ravages ot disease in thi case of others,
wedUr gard his warning sigDfcls In our own. It Is
only wten we Cnd hint face to face wltb us tbat we
really ptrcelvi how grim he U. Thtn, perchance,
when It !s too la'e, madlcltul aid Is sought. : His
avant courier, his forerunner. Is physical weakness.
Fortify the system, and you ara armed t-galn t Mm.
The firiest tcn'.c for this purpose is Hostetter's
Siom.tch Bitters, which tenders digestion easy und
comiilete, nourUhes the system, Improves the ar.pe
tite, gives Rtrength-yl lding sleep, counteracts bil
iousness, and keep tbe bowels in first-rate crder.
Leanmss, and unnatural wanness and sallowuess
of the face, are obviated by It, and so genial and
beneficent are its effects, that not only Is the body
Invigorated and regul iled by Its use.but despondency
banished from t: e mind.
Vnyiretseniable Uenals
arc In a mompnt beaut lied by the oner tionot CRIS
TADOMO'S 11.41 DYE. whlcli without the sllghtt-at
trouble. Imparts to the ha rof the head, the whisk
ers, beard or nioustaehe, any ubade of brown or tlie
most perfec black. Ladies can u?e it Without soil
ing their liiige's. Ills the most exped'tious hair
dye In the world, and theoul one tree f oin every
poisonous 1: gred'ent, and that contains a nouii"h
in:; ami eiunpleiit vgitabla principle C Istadiv
ro's Ha r Pieseiv.itive, a va'uoble actjunct to the
Dte. 111 dres-ttii and promo ing the growth and per
riclhtnlih of the hair. 11: d of Itself, wh 11 i.sed
alone a safeguard that prolaets the fibre from de
cay in .tier all circumstances and tdider all cPuies.
Manufactured by J Crlstadoro. No. 03 William
s'r et, New York, told by ull druggists. Applied
by all hair dresser.
A t .VfaU.
To all who are surrerlng from the errors and Indis
cretions of youth, nervous weakness, early decay,
los ot manhood, etc., I vjl'.l send a receipt that will
cure you, RHEE OF CHARGE. This great remedy
tvas discovered ty a missionary in South Anierl a.
Send a sait-ad.lressed envelope to Bev. Josui'n T.
ItiMAS, S'alion D. Bible IIoue, Nem York.
Hatpi tidings tor nervous suneiers. and those w!:o
have been dosed, disjgged and quoted. Pulver
m.ieher's Electric Belts effectualllTciire premature
dehiilte, wt-akiiese and decoy. Book and Joiiinal,
with iriformatloi. i thousands, uialled free. A .-
(lr 8 PtJLVKKAAOBK. tivbV'AKlt' L.O., ClCCiU Ht',
SURE cure;.
Manufactured only under the above Trade-Mark,
by tt-e
Eurocean Salicylic Medicine Co,,
Of fails and JLeipzi;,
IMMEDI aTK Relief Warranted, Pkiemanent Cutie
tilAKASTEKn. Now excludvely used by xL cel
ebrated Pny-lciatis ot Europe arid America, becom
ing a stat.li. Harmless, and R-lltible Remedy on
bo'h coi.tlnetits. The higiies Medical Aftidemy of
Pails report ttj cures out or 100 cases within three
dan. Secret The only dlssolver of the poisonous
li tc Acid which exist In the Blood of RtieumHtic
and Uou.y Path tits SI 00 a Box, 0 boxes for 5 00.
Sent to ai y audress on nc-lpt of price. Ind-.ri.eit
by Phys'claoa. Sold l y a 1 Lriuulsts. Address,
WAS 15 BU E & CO.,
Onlv Importer' lerot, 7 OlifT ft.'S. Y
Asa TONIC and REsTORiTIVE after the dis
tressing envois ot the YEliLU SV- M-.il, BO
remedy can be compared lo
Vr.Itlng the rropeitlesof alcoholic stimulant?, and
raw meet. It stimulates and supports the vital
tor.-es. it isa;ioou meuicit,e lor convalescents.
Sold by all driiKg.sis.
. FuL'nERA A CO., New York, Agents.
ricnrcc. Walnut St.,
OH-1CES. 28 w Fourth St.,
Tre, bawliK. fllka. Velvet and Clothtnc
Iy-L lrrM- Id all ! jtb Ht C'Kanea without rip-
ylne Curlalnik c!en:it C'rwpe dvvtl.
) tfooJn dyed lu tue piece. W. 8. TCASDALC.
C J'Seodyourcoods by express. Write for Circular-
In ths Whole History of Medicine
No preparation has ever performed such marvellous
cures, or maintained so wide a reputation as Atkr'9
Cskcbt Pxctobaz which Is recognized as the
world's remedy for all diseases of tbe throat and
lungs. 1U long-continued setlcs of wonderful cures
In all climates, has made It universally known as a
sale and reliable agent to employ. Against ordin
ary coId3, which are th3 forerunners of more serious
disorders, It acts speedily and surety, aUays reliev
ing suiTerirtg, and oiten saving life. The protection
tt affords, by Its timely usa In the throat arid lung
disorders of children, makes It un Invaluable leinedy
to be kept alwa,s on ban.i In every home. No pet
son can alTurd to be without it, and tho-e who have
once useJ It never will. From tii'lr knowlodga ri
Its com position and eCects. Fhy?lclans use the
Cbkkbx Fzctobal extensively In their practl.x), an i
Clsramen recommend IL It U absolutely cet tain In
Its remedial effects, and will always cure where
core are possible.
Fob Sau et all Xtealsbs. -
MkMi-ats. Tecember 7. lh7S
rpHF. Dlsl-.tertnent or Hfniovai of Bodies now
1 burled tti the Omtery. who died of veUow
fever, from r.ue part of the g cunds to
another, or the Interment of bodies broiV'ht
from other places will only be rer
rtiltied and ina-te during the months of JaNVaKY
and FEBal'A-iY For Hie very lu't of s'ilt iry iea
sn: tlie '.ouipauy Is unwilling Ut assume the rlskof
Mich removals and r:b t-jrniet-.U. except rturlng
loose two mo iIuh, in which we usually have our
coldest we.i" her. .His. Ll- Now, president.
By .Iso. H. Lekow. I- ecretary arid Tre'iurer.
II. 31. ly,
John Jolin'an.
Phenix Insurance Co.
Jfiicc: X. JO 31atiou street,
(Capital Stock, iO 1 ,000,
ico oi-' iiKr;r:TotSf.
Ot Brooks. N'eeiy & Co. Of H B. Howell & Co.
L. B. SUtiOS, W. S. BKICE.
OT Pearce. Sugggs &. Co. Of W. S Bruce & Co.
Of Joiie, Brown A: Co. l Stewart.OwynneitCo.
JAMES S. DAY. of Dar Prondtit.
W5I. . Fl.liIIIai,
At i oruey-at-Law(
rVo. a?t Irfmtn Mr.. 1lnitil. TrnnmHre
a. -liS IxMori snsyet. ItlemphlH Tens
r?Ie.siclc &. 5f organ,
A ttoniey-at-liaw.
V. a a TtlndiHOn wtrvt. vimphlH. Tmn.
Horses and Mules,
61 & t ' Monroe st., near Peabody Hotel.
WE are Tecelvln? dally a large assortment cf
HOhSES and MULES Persons wanting
stock will sitVM money by calling betore t urchaslng
elsewhete. Everything sold by us fully guaranteed.
Order sollcPed.
?-5- k'if P kZ X W-;V jl S , if i'r.vnti
-1.S I-;!-: .. L. . :!.-! (.l.-ii, f.r tirf- ...-f of -ii
f; . "..t. '. -jsi-fi-ii li-. Si-tn'ti'i.l Vc-iikH.
. f.-nun L"''.:;i".. pr.. f v.t .Un.. ho , r-iti.r.-..-v t uri
iv-. n qT:i,i-::i;u o: : i:f l! ' tti ins.i, ;..! ii e-t no l.-it -it . ;
:i- i .rii-t: --in tat- Y:.U--i f -:. . I.Afl KS r-tiiiifii.i: tn..it
m i.' fiOi'if rit; I l.tt-.-tl. ivii f or w I'.' tv ron --:.. !. iff l'l.
ni.itt. tend biur i ,n:. f.-.r 1 f:l?I U1r: HVZUl'A v'-
ir-..-.' ii.:tr1:-.i. MAJi;Sr; I..ili m.:l .-:.itrijr-n 'TiQ
i' f "rii.i-.r'tTT-'ft t,i i::f lTl.':i K...J tV-nlr oft ir.T -.rLtnl
i.'f, t.v CTT tm. .ti.'t.it't.: fve ni contitlUd. Kri-t
- '-." , -1T.
Wholesale and Retail.
217 main Ntrcet. Corner ot Adams.
se.O MeroBd (tr er, (trap, t'onrt (qaarr.
81Q olaio Hf-. mppowlte Pt aiiody lintel.
50O Rest Siaj;er,
At 211 Main wtreet. Wfli It- nolrt eheap.
Prcclamation by the Governor.
JAMES V. PORTER. Governor of the State of Ten
nessee, to the Shtnfl for the County of Shelby, in
said Stats-
ri REKTIN'fil You nre hereby commanded to open
T and bold an election on the 21st day or De
cember, 1K7X, at all the places of holding elections
111 your county, after having given the notice required
by law, for the eiecilon of a Joint Representative for
Shelby and Fayette counties In said Slate, to Ull the
va- ancy occasioned by the declension of Dr. IL B.
Ramsey, and due ielurn thereof make to me, ac
coiMttig to la.v.
IS TSSIIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set
j ' I my hand, aud caused the Great Seal of
I fcLAL )
so.td State to be Hiiixed at Nashville, the
. bin day oi iiecemoer, ir,K.
JAMES D. PORTER, Governor.
CH.Y5. N. Gicrfci, Sec'y of State.
Administrator" Notice.
HAVING been appolntel by the Probate Court of
Shelby cou-dy, administrator of the estates of
Samuel B. KlPer and rim lie Miller, deceased, this
Is to notify all persons Indebted to said esta'es to
come forwird aud settle at once, and those having
ti alms against said estates ara uoti tie I to present
tlie same at once, properly proven, at my tilllc.,39
Madison tlreet.
(tu Wednesday. Deeember 1H, 1H7H.
In front t.f H. Buttenberg's. No. 231 Second street,
city of Memphis. I wl 1 sell at auction, the iiersonal
property of S B. Miller, consisting of table and
china ware, kitchen fnriilt. re. carpets, beds and
bedding, chairs, sewing-machine, etc , eta. Terms
of sale-Ca? h
JAMES n. MA LONE. Administrator.
Memi'Uis Tkns , December 7, 187.
DAMAGED Boots and Shoes (own manufactory)
for sale. Iu conseoueuce of the Tat" Are ut m
store, 1 am compelled to seil my large stock of line
Boots and Shoes, slightly damaged, at Very Low
rtices. fj.ni eunv ami i kb tua otiportnnity.
KKANC1S filling. 200i Mam street.
AVINti been appointed General Agent for the
COMPANY for tbe States of Kentu. ky and Tennes
see, the renewal premiums for Shelby county, Ten
nessee, have been placed in tbe Un:oa and Planters'
bank, MemphI, for collection, blank proofs for
death losses can be had at said bank. All other
mutters appertaining to the business of said Con
necticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, will re
ceive pp'tns t attention by communication ttd-j re.-sed
to my otnce. corner Maiu and suctu streets, Louis
ville Kentucky.
JAiltb S. fJAKFLN TLlt,
General Agent Connecticut Mutual Lire Insurance
Company. Kentucky and Tennessee.
lresb teriau
Resumes Classes, JToveiiilier 18, 1878.
MI-S JENNY M. HIGBEE, Principal, assisted
by a Full Corrs of experienced Teachers.
Cata ogties can be obtained at all the bookstores.
'Iex-himica Setnildin"; asti l.oau
THE regular monthly meeting of this Association
will be held on WEDNESDAY evenlDg next,
December 11 th, at 7 Pa o'clock, at the olilce of tue
Planters lusurauce Co. A full a'tendance of tne
shar Holders is requested, as business of Impor
tance win be subm It ttd.
Aiembers are uo Med to call at the ofiicflof tbe
Secretary, oil or bcloie that date and pay their dues.
ti. V. BAMBAUT, PresldtnL
Ceab. T. Patkksoh, Acting Sec'y.,
At Plaiit-rs Ins. Co. o.hce. No. 41 Madison St.
"ntlertak er,
Sn. S4I Hrrtind Htreet, tir Poatnfflee.,
j Wem ph f b. 'Ten d
- OF
Slielby County, Tenn.
rpHE Tax Books for the year 1 87 are now In my
J. hands, and all taxes, suite, fjuy anu county,
are now din.
Taxpayers are urgently requested to come forward
ard pay their laxes by or be;ore Ihe FIRST DAY OF
FEBhl'JRY NEXT, on which day. as requ'red by
law, I will t lace all accounts for taxas .then unpaid
in the hands of constables for collection.
The Poll-Tax for the jear 187X 1 two dollars to
each citizen uetwen the ages or twenty-one ana nny
years, ani is devoted exclusively to Public Schools.
Merchants, farmers', and manufacturers having In
theireini loy those who owe Poll-Taxes. Hrereiiu-sted
to arrai ge with them for th- ndvaiicemest of the
same, so far as may be convenient and agrceab'.e to
each. iifcuitofc u. r i.r cur.,
foiltv Tmtes,
vWING to the great decrertse In the yield of Oil.
Vy and the continuous reduction In th price of
t rodttcts In domestic and European iuarke s, the
M' ni his Cottoii-Seed Assoilatlon Is compelled 10
fn:toiit ce the price of good, sound, be se-d, de
livered at Memp'ds wharf or rieint. on a-id tfter
b ee i rv-r 4, I818, as LlUUf POMiAUS
.li 'H N B. GALLAWAY. Fec'y and Trea urer.
Attorney- txt - law.
Ko. 41 Madison street.
Btrtama l A ft, riaxtterfi Imb. BaildJBK.
Hanauer & Go.
Wholesale Grocers
25G Front Street, Memphis,
OFFER to the Trade the following goods. Just
1000 brls Cole's Celebrated Flour,
6000 bills Ties, 2000 rolls liaegiiisr:,
700 bags Coffee,
100 packages Kerr Molsssr?,
Aril a Large end well Selected Stock ol
ever Artkle in our JJue.
Tltankin? onr Friends for past favors, we
solicit Orders for Goods and Ship
ments of Cotton.
MmtrHls. Tests. November 1 1. 178.
Marine and Inland Ins
EBTIFICATES covering COTTON and other
V, merchandise made payable In LONDON, In
STERLING, and los-es adjusted according to the
usage and cus'.om of Lloyds.
fjiBEESK A BKtHLKY. Agents,
lt JlatHwoo wt., Vlemiibls.
Murphy &. Murphy,
Insurance Agents,
"o. 5 Kad'Bon Street. Memphis, Tenn.
"VTONE but Flrst-Cla.s Companies represented.
XN Risks on buildings taken for three or rivet ears
at greatly recuced rates. UiuhenseB uitt Conn
try ntttrew npeelaltle.
Giving rules for corn-ct measurement of Scant
ling. Boards, Plank, Cubical Contents of Square
and Round Timber. EavLagi lyDsylt's Sola, stove
and Heading Bolt, Wood, Tables of Wages by
month. Hoard or Rent by the week or dav. Capac
ity of Citterns, Interest Tables. Ac. By J. M.
er. Bv mail, postage paid, on receipt of So
CURTIS .t CO.. Ml .St 813 N. id St., St. Louis.
UK. W. li. WL
S57 1-2 HdCEllxx st,
And General Land Agents,
ARE here, ready to sell, lease, mortgage or pur
chase houses, lots and plantations, and trans
act a general agency bus! ness. Come to see us. our
Mr. Jno. xi. btiaw is not dead, as retaoned.
3E2 ar jes 9
IS now rady to Gin all Cotton consigned to me,
COR. SECi iND and JACKSON. Sacks furnished
tor Seed-Cotton on application. All cotton con
signed to me will be fully insured. Thanking my
I rlends and ihe Public lo? pi2t labors. I respectfully
solicit a continuance of the same, hoping to deserve
the patronage heretofore so liberally extended to
me. Wat. RKN.IKS.
Ulary's Sshool,
No. 35S Poplar street.
A Boartllt'C and Iaj- Hrhonl for Young
latdiet and Cnlldren.
TTKDER the charge of the 8I3TER3 OF ST.
U MARY, of the Episcopal church, will reopen
( D. V. ) January 2d. Pupils desiring to return before
this date will be received Into private classes.
Will practice In the Federal and State Courts of
West Tennessee.
Attoruey-at-Law and Solicitor,
Will practice In tbe Court of this State and in Ar-
Kansas ana Mississippi.
Election Notice.
Union and Planteks Bank of MKMi'ms, I
Mt-Mtnts, December 7, 1878. t
STOCKHOLDERS are hereby notified that an Elec
tion will be held at this bank on MONDAY. Jan
uary 13, 1870. from 10 a.m. until a p.m., tor tbe
purpose ot choosing Fifteen Directors lor the en
suing year.
ts. f. KCJti. cashier.
!7 Cirart Place, LQUSSViLLE, K
A re?u!rirlr rflocau J and lemHr qu-ili:Vd tohTJicisD iaJ tha
tiuT ?u.-r!e.i.iral, his prtwlictf wili pruv.
Oire nil forms of PHI v ATE,
XA.Si?iSt iSpormitorrliea ana Xmpoteucy,
9tl;ennu.t cf elf-Abur in youih, tenTul - in nv
ttirer es.pt, otuir ca"ts, eud produciuf oiur ci ;..e loK
leviu ei?".-: NrvrtiiiH!at St-m!ai! Fmts.'ii'ru. norht trtntj.
rijti (-v drt-'J9), Dituo- of bUht, Defective Wcii.ory, fLy
siilU oea", iiu.i.K'ori i'ace, An-rion ti'Soeit-'tj ol rteir.aVi.
Coafu-xon" of Ideas, l.os of Sexuo.1 Power, ic., rtriiI?r.n J
Birrnp: iui.irct-.T or iinha:rT. fcr Uiorruptiv and p-n;-!i-a
nUv currd. S YPHlJl IS pOMtm-Iy cured ad en-
ti'Jrriiil!lit,d rromttis ts-swiii; Gonorrhea ,
(vXjEET. Stricture, tuxiaU, Bernin.. ot ituire, ,
Jpii- s ii.'i.iUn-r private dims quickl.v cured.
Il ia st-If-evitiftut tliat a ifiy tfieiun bo paj s arterial attentfei i
to a tfrtain clans of diese4, and treatmr lbou-t.-iii.il inov
aiiy, acquires (treat; hkil. Physicians kncit mg this fat ofl. a
rccomtif.ocl p-.Tsofi to my car-, T bt-n il 1 inconvenient to
rult tti cut for treatrnt-nt. niedif-in- can be ku; iirivaieiy
am". M.fely by nutl or cjiprexs nyliere.
C'ires Guaranteed in all Camea
uaciortalten. , . , .
.(otuauitatitoua irfc.na!lT or by letter free aril Incited
Chwse reaaofaabie and correspondence strictiy ounuiatiaai.
Of SOO pages, ptnt to any address, cure.y waled, for thtrty
bt,) ceots. 3nouId b rend bv ali. JLdrtreas as alKiva.
"tricm boura from 9 A. H. toB P. U. fiuiuttva 3 to
Insurance -Novice.-
THE office of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insur
ance Com pan v Is open for business. Parties
desiring to make Proofs of Death will i lease call at
our oflice. J AS. S. CARPENTER CO.,
uenerai Agents. 4ZVS tnani-on sneets.
MaiiufacturinsiJeans ClolUng
Notice, and ptlces to suit tbe times.
16 Adams st. opposite Worshani lioast .
Jacob Sitter's Old Stand.
SSemphis. Tennessee.
Watches, Jewelry,
Diamonds and Silverware,
French Clocks and Fancy Goods,
-Repairing of Watches, Jewelry and
Clock promptly attended to.jf3
"OTICB ia hereby gfven, tbat on .
Saturday, January 4, 1S79,
I. as Rcelver of tbe Fain and Whltraore Planta
tions, situated In sight ct Osceola, Mississippi
county, Arkansas, wl.l. in purstiance of au order of
tbe Circuit .Court of Mississippi county. Arkansas,
at Its November terra. 187rt. proceed, within legal
hours o said day. to rent sa'd Fain and Whltmore
Plantations, at public outcry, to tbe highest bidder,
in iroul of tbe c unhouse tn Osceolo, Mississippi
county. Atkansss; said piontatlo:. containing, re
spectlvelr, about tbtee hundred and fifty acrrs, will
be tented sepatately; aud tne party or paitle re-t-Ir.g
same wl.l be rtq ilied to give ncte, wl b approved
security for said reu's, and a Pen rttalued on tbe
crop ratted on said plantations for tbe rents respect
ively thereof.
JaMES D DRIVES, Receiver, Osceola, Ark.
Parties desiring information Inquire ot Myers ft
Soeed, AU'ys, 279 Main ftreet, Memphis, Tenn.gM
Chancery Sale of Real Efttate.
Chancery Court of Shelby County. D A, Harrell,
extr , etc., vs. M. V. Hamnfr, et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for sale, en
tered In the above cause on tbe ninth day of
July. 1878, M. B. 22. p. 4t. and renewed December
4. 1878. M. B. 22, p. 441. 1 will sell, at public auc
tion, to tbe highest bidder. In front of the Clerk and
Matet's office. Courthouse building, Main btreet,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
OnMaiurday. brreiabfr 1S7H,
within legal hours, the following described property,
snuateu io out-iby omniy, i ennesee, to wit:
First A certain tract of land, beginning at a
hickory ma iked P. K. and J. V.. on thn west boun
dary line of rianiuel Wilson's a5-acre nurvey; thence
north twenty-three chains 50 links to a post oak
tnaiked P. F. ; thence west 10 chains to a stake
be ul. g south 2d degrees, west KIJ links for a black
gum marked P. F.; thence south 8 mains and 50
links to a stake north 5H degree, east il.o links for s
gum marked P. F. ; thence west 83 po e to a stake
and two white oak pointers; thence south 61 poles
to a stake and two hickory pointers on tbe north
boundary ot the Joseph Vaulx survey of 2121g
acres; thence east 12.7 poles to the beginning, con
taining f( aires by estimation, being the same land
conveyed by Peyton V letcher to F. A. Hooker, and
dated December 2. 1848, on record In book 3, page
ftilfi, etc., Register's ortioe.
cecond Alo another tract of land In same State
and county, and on the water of Wolf river and es
timated toconttln 212Vi acres, lying In the 11th
dlst'tct. range 4 and section 2. being the sam land
conveyed to F. A Hooker, by and from Joseph Vaulx,
dated December 80. 1850, and of Record in Regis
ter's otllci. In book No. it, page 212. etc.
Third Also one oth-r ttact of land in same Stile
and county, beginning at a stake, from which north
2rl degrees, east Hit links to a black oak marked f.
.. northwest of entry No. ltt2Hfor 150 aces. In the
na" eof Peiton Fletcher; thence north 12M poles to
a stake and :t black gum pointers; thence west 3
poles to a stake and black gum in small branch,
Spanish oak, dogwood and maple pointers: thence
40 poles to sweet gum sapling, while oak post and
hickory pointers; thence east 43 poles to a stake, two
post oak and dogwood pointers; thence south lri.f
poles to a post oak marked P. F., thence wt'st 40
p des to the beginning, containing by estimation 41
a"ie. nd being Ihe same land conveyed to F. A.
Hooker, by detd from Isaac s-ieelmati, dated Janu
ary a. 1851. and ttf record in the Register's office In
book No. 0. page 542. etc.
Fourth Also one other tiact of land tn the same
State and county, lying and being In tbe Ninth Civil
District, containing 8 acres, more or
less, and bounded us follows, to wt:
Beginning at a s ake with John Howell's line, and
running no tb 10 degrees west 52 poles to a stake
and bUck oak "J. H." John Howell's northwest cor
ner; thence west 1 1 pole to a stake and two black
oak pointers; thence north 22 poles to a M ike and
two Pick ry iMj'n ers. Jos. Vaulx; thence 115 poles,
cornering on an ash on tlie bankof a branch: thence
up the course or slid branch sonth lit decrees west
28 poles to an elm and a lore white oak; thence
south HO degrees oil poles to a hickory; thence south
7r) degiees east M poles to a larg wh te ouk on the
hauk of eafd branch; thence nonh 75 legiees east
81 poles to the beg lining being the soim land
cuveyed to F A. Hi-oker by deed from Aaron at.
Bryan, da ed January 2.t. 1854, of recird la the
Register's oflice In eook No. lrt, page 187. etc.
Fl th - Also another 'net of land, sltuned in said
county aud State. In district No. it. bounded on tbe
noun ny tne i ina or t . a. nooKer, ana on the
north and west by the lands of tbe heirs of W. Sau-
deriln. containing acres, and being the same
land conveyed to F. A. H oker by deed from J. W.
Pennington and J. W. Williams, acting ex-cutors of
Oraves Penntnutm, deceased, dated November IO,
1854. and of record In ihe Re'l-teis oflice of said
county. In book No. 2:1, page 317, etc
Sixth Also one other tract of land in said State
and county, lying and being In range 4 and
section 2 of the ninth civil dlsttlct. belnu a part
of a lOH-acre tract th..t is deeded to John Howell
from Anoiew M. Howell, and bounded as foliows.
to-wlf: Beginning at a hickory marked JR. tbe
northwest corner ol James At Lewis s 50O-acre tract;
thence south Itl poles to a bloke, and hickory, red
oak and post oak pointers; thence west 21 cnalns
and 17 links to a stake; thence north lit poles to a
stake; thence north. 10 degrees west. 18 chains to a
stake; theDce ea t 21 chains and Hit links to the
beginning, containing 50 acres and being the same
land conveyed to F. A, Hooker by nbd froui John
Howell, dated January 27. 185!i. and recorded In
the Reglst-r's ctnee of Shelby county, book No. 40.
part l, page 22n etc.
Seven'b Also a 50-acre tract of land situated In
tbe same county and neighborhood, it being the
west half of the 100-acre tract upjti which thit late
Joseph Weber lived, ahd which wa purchased by F.
A. Hooker alter the ceatb of said Weber. The said
tract was sub divided for sa e by Rufu C. Kirk, and
lies on the west side of the FishervlPe and Coilier
vPla road, said road having been located on tbe
div sion line be tween tbe eastern and western halves
of tbe said 100-acre tract since the mi mi was divid
ed by said Kirk. The above tra ts will be surveyed
and sub-alvlded before tbe day of sale.
Terms of sale-On a credit of Band 18 months,
purchaser executing note with approved security
bearing lnteiest from date of sale.
Tnis December tl, 1878.
R. J. BLACK, Clerk and Matter.
FInlay, Pfters & Greene. Kottrecht & Ctalt, und
Gantt ic Patterson, attorneys.
Chanceiy Sale of Real Estate,
fratnrday, December 2H, 1S78.
No. 2333 R.D.. 1SI28 H.D.-Cbanc?ry Court of Shel
by counlv.- Humes it Poston vs H. S. Netvsom et
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decee for sale, en
tered in the above cause on the 21st dny of
March. 1877. M. B. 17, P. 373. and renewed De
cember 6, 1878, 1 wilt sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder. In front of the Clerk and Master's
ollice, Courthouse .building. Main street, Memphis,
Tennesse, on
Haturday, December S, 17,
within legtl hours, the following described prop:rty,
situated In Shelby cnuntv, Tenur.-see, to-wtt:
In that pait ol Memphis known as Chelsea, and
being parts of lot 278 and 271'. on plan ol Green
law's addition to Memphis, and beginning for the
part owned by II. 8. Newsom at a stake, I he north
east corner of Fifth and Keir streets; thence east
with Kerr street 50 tee' ; thence north 1481 feet to
an alley: thence west with said alley 50 feet tn Fifth
street; thence southwardly with eatt line of Fifth
street to the beginning.
Terms of Sale On it credit of six months, pur
chaser giving bond and security, bearing interest
from date, auj lieu reUlued lo secure putchase
This December 7, 187H.
B. J. BLACK. Clerk ard Master.
I.. W. iMlller, Humes 4 Postm and Clapp A
Meux. attorneys.
On Hatnrdar, December 2H, 17S.
No. P13, R (21 Chancery Court of Shelby county
John w.lfarter vs. Virginia Owea.No. 1030 H 1.2)
Geo. W. Webb vs H. Irby.
HY virtue of an interlocutory decree for sale, en
tered lu the above causes on the nineteenth day
of December, lH7tl. and renewed December rt. 1878,
I will sell, at public auction, to tbe highest bidder.
In trout of the Clerk and Master's office. Courthouse
building. Main street, Memphis, Tennessee,
Oa Saturday. December H, 178,
within legal hours, the following described property,
situated tn Shelby county, Tennessee, to-wit: In
Range 5, Eleven h Surveyor's District, bounded as
follows: Beginning at a point In the east line of Lot
No. 1, as subdivided and partitioned In tbesecauses,
10 chains and MO link from the northeast corner ot
mid subd vision; thence runs H chain
and 6t link to a stake; thence north ft
chains and 75 links to a sptntsh oak;
thriice east 12 chains to a point In a held owned by
one Dennis; thence south H4 chains to a stake 10
Ilnks-froin a dead elm with a water-nak pointer;
thence east 50 chains to a point lu tlie edge of a
ditch at thn northwest corner of a 50 acre tract
owned by one Arnold; thence 38 chain to Wolr
river with holly and hickory pointers; thence with
the meandering of add river to a point 50 Inks
south of a sassafras pointer; thence north 17 chains
and 20 links to a stake: tbenee west 9 chains ai.d
50 links I) a stake with two Iron-wood beech, and
poplar pointers: thence nor. h 72 chains to the be
ginning, containing 2481 acres. For fuller de
script'on reference is here made to the decree tor
partition on rile herein.
Terms of Sale-Cash.
This December 0 1878.
B J. BLACK. Clerk end Master.
Humes and Poston, Attorneys.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVINU been appointed and qualified as ad
ministrator of the estate ot F E. pleltz. de
ceased, all persons having claims against sold
estate are notified lo piest-tit them to within tlie
time prescribed by law, or they will be barred by
GEORGE BORNER, Administrator.
I. W. Miller. A torney.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING qualified as Administrator with the will
annexed of Mrs. Rebecca Butkle, deceased,
all persons having claims against the said estate,
are required to present them autnentlented, as pre
scribed by law, und persons indebted to the estate
are tejue-ted o come foiwurd and set le.
WM. M. RANDOLPH, 35 Madison Street
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been appointed and qualified as admin
istrator on the estate of Thomas M. Carter,
ceeeased, notice Is hereby riven to all creditors of
said estate to present their claims to me, and all
persons Indeb'.ed to said estate am requ.-sted to call
and settle.
No. 14 Union street.
Administrator's Notice.
H AVINti qualilled us administrator of the estate
of Fred C. Schaper. deceased, all persons
; having cl luis agaln-t the said estate are required to
! present them properly authenticated as prescilbed
i by law, and persi ns Indebted to the estate are re
quested to come forward an t settle.
ANDREW RENKERI, Administrator.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been appointed and qualified by tbe
Probate Court of Shelby county as Adminis
trator on tbe estate ot S. D. Mangum, deceased,
notice Is hereby given to al! creditors of said estate,
to present their claims to my attorney. J. M. Greg
ory, at his oltlce in Memphis. And ail persons In
debted to said estate are lequested to call there and
settle, or .-title with my agent. Frank Banksmitb,
Colllervllle, Tennessee.
Administrator's Male.
I WILL sell, at private sale, within tbe next ten
dajs. the following property, belonging to the
estateof the late William Meter: Two hor-es, three
mules, two covs, ft: teen bead of begs, four geese,
three sprinkling wagons, three farm wagons, one
spring wagon, one buggy, two carts, three double sets
baroes, two sets single buggy harness, two sets diay
harnes. one saddle, one t low, aud a lot of house
hold and kitchen furniture. Term cash.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING qualified as tbe administrator of the
esta e ot KdR. T. Worsham deceased, a'l per
sons Indebted to said estate ate hereby notltbd to
make payment of same, and all holding claims
against said estate w 11 present them to me. or my
attorney, at No. 27Cti Miln street, duly authenti
cated, in the time ptescilbed by law, or the same
will be barred.
WILLIAM WORSHAM, Administrator.
B. C. WILLIAMSON, Attorney.
No 271U3 Main street.
Administrator's Notice.
HAVING been duly qualified as the Administra
tor of the estate of Win. K. Thlxton deceased,
all persons lndeb.ed to said estate are notified to
come forward and settle the same, and all pet sons
having claims aealnst said estate are hereby noti
fied to tile the same with tne undersigned, duly pro
bated and within the time prescribed by law, or
they will be hatred.
GEO. W. N'AILL, Administrator.
November 21. 1x78.
TYXiR THE SPEEDY CURS of Hem nal Weakness,
Jj Lost Manhood and all disorders brought on by
Indiscretion or excess. Any drinott-t has the tngre
dlents. DR. JAUES CO..
130 West Sixth !rr Cincinnati.
Workingmen's ICnildiii; and
l.uan .Assoc -auo a.
A SPECIAL meeting of Ihe stockholders of this
association ts hereby caded, to be bold at tbe
time of the next regular meeting, first T iesday In
January, 1870, to consider aud determine upon the
action of tbe boa d of directors at lis last meet log
respecting ti e remission of dues, fines, lnteiest, ePa.,
lor the months oi t-epiemoer, October ana Novem
ber, 1878. A fullalteudaooe ts requested.
L. LiGRILL, President.
Chas. T. Patxbsoh, Sec'y.
C. II. IJJiYATS & ;.
COAL ! CO A!, !
We have a Lirve Stock of St. Bern.irJ ar.J
and PiltsburfT C'oal. A!so, IVv'ona Cannel
Coal, which we rllVrat Wholetnilt' anil lie
tail. We Lave ami le fitciliti s fur prompt
delivery of crdeis. t'r.lers tor car-Lads and
casks promptly attondod to.
Sain Oflice: 13 Jlatii-on Kt.
S. 11. h
rocers, Cotton Factors
SG7 Fro-at St.,
vrfllJ(fiL.SL. EL a i k?
Our Stock of Goods is Fresh and Complete, and shall be pleased
to receive your Orders. 1 he Largest Assortment of
Hardware, Cutlery, Machinery
And Mill Mupplie., to be fbnnd In the city.
Prosit tr-eet
John Steele.
tv. J.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants.
So. tiOH Front Street.
I. t. ir.EAIjy, fxi.
A ft A
71 2 31 9 1
1HB Ul A
Wholesale Grocers
and Cotton Factors,
No. 11 Union Street, Mempliig, Tenn.
frConsIgnments of Cotton solicited and Liberal
store, a wen as tnai consigneu tq,u
W. A. W1L.L.IA13?!,.
Lumber, Shingles and Lath!
Corner Gayoso and Second Hi s.
Mom T3Tbii3-
M. dravln.
Joho H. Halliran.
M. Gavin & Go.
Wholesale Grocers. Cotton Factors,
And Commission 3JercIiant,
Q3Q Front Street, ZoxxxxlxljSy 'SToxxxa..
Between Adams and Jefferson.
MAJOR T. J. COVTGILL devotes his whole time to the Wetahlns: and Sale ol all Cotton Intrusted to
Our our charge. We have our own Cotton Warehouse, comer Washington and SecoaiL
hill, tmum
2Z2- O ATLTTJbJlrt 00-2I?C5r-Gi-X33-.
Nos. 296 and 208 Front street, 3Seniplsi, Teari.
To B,
No. 292 3Iain Street: Clark'n 31a Ssle ISlock,
New Stock! Newly Furmslied Store!
And Salt
llnnkrnpt Nale
In matter of J. Bdjc Karley, Binkrurt:
BY vlttueof a general order ot sale entered bv
tbe L'ulUd States District Court, for tie West
ern District of Tennessee. I will sell at public auc
tion, in the town of Colllervllle, In Iront ot J. T.
Brlggs & Co.'s stoie, on
Hatnrday, December Xh.ih?,
between 12 and 2 o'clock of said day, all tne rleht,
title ai d Interest tbe tald bankrupt had at the time
ut tbe filing of tbe petition In bankruptcy against
h'in. In and to certa-n notes ana accounts, and the
followlmz describrd real estate;
One tract of land containing two hundred and five
acres (more or lt-ss) lying across the eoulhwest quar
ter of sec Ion 12. town 1, range 5, west, and -xtend
ItK? into the northwest quarter of said stvtton, and
bounded on ihe north by R. H. Henderson, on the
eat.t by D. Glenn, r.n tlit south bv J. B. 1 srley's
bommtead, anuon the west by the BthaH-t ro.d.
A lot cf ground in the town of Colllervllle, phelby
countr. containing three acres, mere or less, bound
ed on the north by Wesson, (on the ea.st bf H. Itby
and Mis. Lumpkin, on the south by Mrs. N. w.
Smltn, and on the west by Mr. J. T. W llilams.
One tract of land lilag tn the Tenth Civil District
of Shelby county, two miles north of Colllervllle,
bounded as follows: Beginning at a tke on the
south line of Mrs, Karley's oower, the north a-t cor
ner of one hundred acre, laid off as J. B. 1 arley's
homestead, running south with tbe east b und-iry
line of said one hundred acre tract. lt chair- and
M links to a stake on the nortbwet torner f J. T.
Brhzgs t Co.'s tract; thence east IS chain and 7s
links to a stake: thence north 1H chains and nil
links to a stake cn t,leun's trct. tbe ice wt with
(, eon and Mrs. Farley's south line, IS chains and
7K lluks to the beginning; containing thirty-one
Terms of Sale A deposit ol 5 per ceuL wlil be re
quired at the lime of sale.
H. IB8Y. Assignee.
In Bankruptcy.
""70TICE Is hereby given that a meeting of the
L creditor of Morris Kuebn, bankrupt, will be
held Ht tbe oflice of '. J. Latham, i.-q., Ketster la
Bankruptcy, So. 8W Madison street, Memnhl. Ten
uestje, on the 20th of December, lh.f. at 11
o'clock a.m., for the turpo?e mentioned la vectiti
37 of the act of congress, approved March :', 1 hit 7 .
aud enti led: "An act to establish a unit..: in sr.
tern of bankruptcy throughout the United ttatt-. '
All creditors are requested to atteud.
IRVLNti HALSEY, Assiitee.
pecember 6, 1878,
M . Wh
Ulan t-ia taiEi
e. a;. NEELY.
Memphis, Tents.
I 1 i IL.fi 8 W J
w. Mr. W arr".
WiWhTimTil TOP
. a llliiilj iiiiii a j
Advances made on same. All Cotton Insured v hlie in
Py river. unle?s otherwne instructed.
North Front Street,
Tho. Clark.
.12. J. Clark.
9 ii ?
J. B. POSTO. .
ei l
t : nKIMMM. TKvK.
Trafctee't Sale.
BY virtue cf a ded made to me as trustee, l-y M.
F. Bail, of record in the oflice of Ihe r.nt ster
of Shelby county, la bjok So. 14, raaeit". chattel
uiortnyen, on
Saturday, December 14, 1S78,
at the Ayres building, near Court -qti:ire, on Second
street. Memphis. Tennessee, between the hour of
10 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock p.m.. for the purpose
of paying tne debt thereby secured, which remains
unpaid. I will tell at public auction lor ca-h. to the
highest btddtr. th-; following ds-ctirx I property:
one Mof ler. B ihman & Co. Iron sa'p, six mirrors,
Ert-f.ir bedsteads, liiirtv-ftve bureau, thirty-live
wathstands. ten vviitdrobe. thirty-eight carpets,
forty extension and round tables, one hundred and
fifty chairs, twelve h;.t-rai.k one sideboard, one
piano forte, six solas and settees, oue co.lee tin,
twenty-ieven fllver c-.teis, to clocks, fifteen
trained wall-pictures, thre- Ice boxes, two willing
desk one counter, shelving, b-tr hxtures and bar
funiilure, three vaces with stniled birds, one Red
oing Co.'s patent annunciator, and all the kitchen
and dining r.mni furniture, silverware, china aud
stoneware, table linen, lied spri'ig. in ittres s and
bexMli g of every description, and all the fcejrtora
furniture, gas fixtures, and it!i-r tinicle and prop
erty contained lu the bmlitin l,it-!y known as Hall's
Euroian Hotel, lathe city of vieinphls.
Tbeabov sale is made in der Die penuifion of
the Dtsl. .;i " 'urtof the I nlte l St -it- for the Dis
trict of West Tennes-ee. sitting t.i b inkrupt :j.
The title to tne pronrty Is believed lo be good, but
I s-ll astru?t-e olIv.
The prnpeitj may tie seen and eiamin-d by fitr
lles desiring to purchase at an l!m- te;oie the day
of sale. JOHN Cl BdlNa, Trm-tee.
W. M. RANnoi.i'H, Attoniev.
Truce n Sale.
IX pursuance of the trms or a trust deed exe
cuted to me by W.-.l,.er R. Carter, on tue
2:!d diyof Sei tember, IH77, and duly registeivd,
etc., I will, on
Jmuary sii, lsJt.
at the jruthwet cornerof Main rind Mi.l'son trcet.
in thecityof Meuiphl, prootvd lostll at public auc
tl n, to the h!g'ie-t bidder for cast., to. wharfb?at
-it. r t-ee. now i!ii! at the wharf al thecityof
M itipbls, Tennessee, together wi.'h all and singular
th 1 spurs. Cables, chains, state and other appurte
r.aDce to siitd wharlbcat. bale beiween tne hours
cf - m. and 1 p.m.
8. J. CAMP Trustee.
Dr. 23. S. Johnson's
Medieal Dispensary.
He twee a alalia and 1'ront. Sempkla.
I tcTABt-lsmn tt 1830.
1 ri. u -ii.-dj.si 1 v-sr:owiei-tj iy mi iiantes in
J' teres-twi aJi bv far the mct sunesful phnlci tn
in the tre:,tinent of ; rlvti'e or ecrt dlseiaaes. (juii k,
liiorousu and fnnar,ent cure gtumtntevj in ev-rr
c.-e, mate or fetoRle. Keeit tsaseti of Gonorrhta
a.-.ti fyphl it eitred In a few days, without the use if
rcercu.-j, ehtnue of d'-t, or hindrance from business,
Dsc.md-iry fc'yphl!l, the last vpN'.!i.-e vadlcated Will.
cut the use of mer-.nry. Invcitintarv loss of serrtn
Bti: -pt1 hi a tihort time. ouiTeft?ra from Impotence
or Jus of fejpifi.1 pavers r'on-d to free viyor Ic h
tew v.eks. ictims pf "ir-:-.bue and excess ie
veccry, suifering rmm srvimatorrheJi and Iota cf
phys'isil and mental oovivr, speedily and perm.
neritiy etined.
Particular attention paid to tiis D Its eases of
Women, and cures guaranteed.
Throat and Li-n Dl-wvute crrwl by new remediim.
Pile and oM sores cured without the use of caus
tic nr theknif.
Ali consultations strictly conBdtntlaL
lledlclne sent by expresa to all tmta of the coun
try. Oir.ce tours from 8 a.rr. to 8 p.m. Sundays
from ii to 5 p.m.
Notice Trustee, Kale.
"j TSDEU and by virtue of two certain trust deeds,
,V to me executed trustee, one by
'; ,P'Jw,rs Jenny Bower,
of o.ile 2sth day of Iwr. Is77. and recorded In the
Hegtsttr- itii-e of Ki.vt' e. eountv. Tenne-e, In
hecor.i p,.k No. rt. p ;ces r,-4 to , the other by
J. J. Holloway, and Mary H. Holloway. his wife. Of
dateUSth tiav of liaf. 1 7. and recorded In Uie
Register' othce of Fi.yet'e county. Tennessee. In
Kecord Bnk No. . pset fo:l to 01 17. to both ot
which trust detl. tccorJed as aforesaid, rpference
I hereby made tor a full and terfet identification
of ibenrope'ty.mid fora full and perfect understand.
Ir.tr of the otject. piirtse Hnd terms of tbe trust
therein created, default havlrg been made In the
l-eynienta therein stipulated, I, as such trustee, will
Wedoej-day, December 18, 1878,
expose for sale, and S'll at public outcry, to ths
highest bidder, for cash, the following real estate,
situate and described as follows:
A certain lot or panI of ground In the town or
Somerville. t-tate of Tennessee, County of Kavette.
known and deignritei on the plan ot said tot-n its
lot number S" nine, in Bk.cK C. tn said town: It be
lnu a corner lot fronting 1 :i: t thirty three feet on the
public square, and fronting irttl) sixty-six feet oti
the east side of Ltgnnee street, together with tbe
buildings therein, and tbe rights hereditaments
ana app.irtnaiices thereunto belonging. Sold un
der the trust deed made by J. J. Holloway, deceased,
already referred to:
Also a cenam lot or parcel ' of ground, situate, ly
ing and being In the town of Seuiemlie. county of
Fayette, Stale of Tennessee, and described a fol
lows, to-w It, Parts of lots numbei rt and 7) s'x
and seven, bounded as f. llo: Becinnlrg at ti e
southwest cornerof lot numlier (til olx. tteuce east
with KartHle street the full depth of said lot Na tt.
and fourteen I41 fett beyond unto lit number (7)
seven, to an alley ten feet wide, therce north (21 1
twnty-one ft et and t-n inches, or o far as to strike
wet the center of the wall on the nort a side of a
brick house erected on let number u) six; thenot
west tn a line with the cen'er of said walitsui
eighty feet to tbe outside ot the front wall of sa d
h-.Ure; thence smith with the froM or west will to
the begluuing, t.get jer with all Improvement and
appmten mces thrreunti belonging. (Sold under the
trust deed made by K H. Boweis, deceased, already
relerred to.
Also the following lots anl p-.rc's of jrround In
the town of t-on-.erille county of Fayette, State of
Tennessee, to-wit: Lots 1.), t. S and i) five, six,
eight and nine, and tlist part of lot number (7)
seven between tuts 5 and rt. and S and St. In block:
A. in said toxn. being same lots upon which the
three new brick stoie have been recently erected,
on southwest corner tif public square, and being the
old Ball Tavern st'ind. being the same decreed to
PTH. Bowers by the Chancery court at Foniervtlle,
In 1M7.". In the ra c f Jjlin C. Waddeil. adminis
trator, versus widow, heirs and creditors of John H.
Ball, deceased, an undivided half of which wa
conveyed to J. J. Holloway by P. H. Bowers, by deed
of date 7th April, lsln. the two undivided halves of
widen were conveyed to me as trustee, one by J. J.
Holloway and wife, and one by P. H. Bower and
wlfe.ln the respective trust deeds already referred to.
All right or equity of redemption or repurchase ot
said propr rty Is expressly waived tn said trust deeds,
and tne purchaser's title will be absolute Title be
lieved to be petfect, but I sell and convey aa truswe
bale will be made on or at the premises oft hj
respective nieces of property, within legal hours, o i
the day a novo suueu.
N. B. JOHNSTON, Trustee.
Wright Volkes. Attorneys, etc.
Trustee", Kale,
TTNDER a d?ed:of trmt executed by G. H. Davis,
lJ on the 7th day of June. 1 i.S. and recorded In
the registers otnce of Shelby county, -reuuessee, in
record book No. 124, page 400, I will as trustee, at
the request of the beneficiaries, on
Monday, December 16, 1878,
cn t)0 southwest corner of Main and Madison
streets. Memphis, Tennessee, sell lo the highest bid- '
der for cash, the following property, to-wtt:
A certain lot of land, lying and being tn Colller
vlll?, Shelby county, Tennessee, .ituaied at the south
east corner of the intersection of Main and Wash
ington streets, fronting (40) forty feet on Main
street, and running btck between parallel lines one
hundred (100) feet, together with the Improvements
Sale at 12 o'clock m. Title bell-red to be rood.
I sell and convey as trustee only. Equity of redemp
tion waived.
WM. M. BROOKS, Trustee.
Memphis. Tenn , November 25. I7x.
BY virtue of Ihe terms of a deed In trust, to me
executed by L. A. Rhodes and wife, C. M.
Rhodes, on the tenth day of February, 1878, which
deed of trust Is duly mastered In tbe Register'
onice of Shelby county, Tennessee, In deed book So.
13, page 177, 1 wlil on
Tuesday, January 7, A. D. 1S79,
at the south gate of Court Square, In the city ot
Memphis, Tennessee, sell to the highest bidder for
cash, the followliig property, situate lying and being
in Shelby county, Tennessee, in the town of Oeruian
town, and being lot two CD. block B. on the plan of
said town, and thus described; Beginning at the
northeast corner of Spring and Cross streets, thence
west with Cioss street lltS feet to the lot of Thomas
Brooks; thence along the line or said lot south W
fret; thence east 1 US feet; thence north W feet to
the beginning.
Also the other lot In said town of Germantown de
scribed as follows: Beginning at the southwest cor
ner of the above described let; tbenee south 78 de
grees, west 3 4-100 chaln to a stake; thence south
1 s degrees, east 1 and vi-100 chains to a stake;
thence north 78 degrees, east 8 4-100 chains;
thence with the above described lot north 18 de
gree, west 1 tti-HH chains t) Ihe beginning. Also,
a part of lot rt and 7 on the original plan ot said
town, on which the storehouse nf said Rhodes was
located in February, 878, fronting HO feet, more or
less, on BtuJge street; thence westwardly between
parallel lines 2t0 feet to Spring street, being the
same property conveyed In trust to Wm. P. Paul, a,
trustee, by deed of record in Shelby county Regis
ter's oltce. In book 5rl, part 2d, pages 42(1 and 4: to.
Terms of Sale-Cash. Equity ot redemption and
dower Intere-t barred, and title believed to be good
although I sell and convey only as trustee,
D. H. POSTOM, Trustee.
Trustee s Sale.
TTNDEK a deed or trust executed by G. H. Davis,
U on the 7th day ot May. 1875. and recorded In
the register's ufhee of Fayet e county. Tennessee, la
Record Book No. 5. pages ir4, 155 and let, 1 wlil.
as trustee, at tbe request of the benedcltjy.
On Tuesday, December 17, 1878,
In front of the courthouse. In Sometville, Tennes
see, sell to the highest bidder for cash, the follow
b-g property, to wit: (situated In Fatette county,
State of Tennessee, and described as follow:
Bounded on the north by the Memphis aa
Churle-ton railroad, on the south by the time Line
road on the tast by Blair's land, on the west by
David Davis's old place, containing 141 acres, be
ing, the same place 1 conveyed by D. J. Art.-our
and the chancery court of Somerville. Tennessee.
In 1873, together with all the Improvements tltere
on. Also, the following personal property to-wtt:
Two brown mules, one bay mule, one sorrell mare.
Sale at 1 2 o'clock m. I ltle believed to be good. I
sell and convey as trustee only. Equity of redemp
tion wnlved. W. M. BROOKS. Trustee.
Novemher-25. 1S78.
Chancery Male of lteal Estate
No. 2Srt3 Chancery Court ot Shelby county Andrew
Tajior vs. J. B. Farley et L
By virtue or an interlocutory decree for sale, en
tere 1 lo tbe above cause on the thirteenth d.iy
of July. ls7S, and renewed, etc, December 4, 187s.
I will sell, at public auction, to the blebest bidder,
in ttvmt ot the Cierk and Master's office. Courthouse
Bu Idltife', Mam street, Memphis, Tennessee, 00
Saturday, December . 1H7S,
Within legal hour, the following described pror
erty, situated In Sheiaycounty,Teriueee, to-wit: Be
Ifm a pt.it ot section 1 1 l i eleien in the (Iiithi tenth
civil district of said county, beginning at a stake
with cherry and elm pointers, and running ihei ce
south lis chain to a stake in a road, thence east 'A)
chains M a stake with a post-oak pointer, thence
north 40 chaius to a stake by a f-nce, thence east
20 chain to a s,Lke v.itu a p jsi-oek poluter. thence
north 40 chains to a stake lu a road, therm along
the road south 87 degrees west 310 links, thence tiit
degrees west, jt cnalns 40 links, thence north 51
dc:e-s. west 48 O links, thence north 73 u egret,
west lrt chains rt.S link, thence north R3 degrees
west fl chains 70 link to a .x-.ak pointer, thenx
north 42 degrees, west 4 chains 20 links to the be
ginning. Term of Sale On a credit of seven 7 months,
purchaser to execute note with approved security,
lien retimed until same paid. Equity of redemption
This December rt. 11.
. K- J- BLCK, Clerk and Master.
FIniay, Peters A Greene, Solicitors for Complain
ant Chancery Sale of Heal Estate.
So. 2'.i72-Cl!incery Court of Shelby County Al'oa
Hill tl aL vs. Roliert Henderson et aL
BY virtue of au Interlocutory decree for aale. en
tered In the above cause on the 21st diyi l
June. 187s. and reuewed. etc., Iecember 4 l,7rs
I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder
la ttont or the Clerk and Master's olHce, C-ourLhou-e
Building. Memphis, Tenn., oa
Httsrdiy, December SW, 1H7H,
lihln legal hours, th. following-described property,
situated In Sheltiy cour.ty, Tennessee, to-wtt: Be
ginning at a rock on Mr. Lacey's west line at the
MM-lhe-ist corner of the fiOacre tract puichased ty
Mr. Laceyfroru W. Hill; thence went 13. chains 12
links 10 a rock on Avery's east line and southwest
cornerof said nil-acre tract; thence south 1 tiegree.
east 21 chain M) Hi ks to a ttiide vei's southeast
cornet); thence west 8 chaiuu a stake with red oak
and two popmr pointer. ou C unties Davis's east line,
and corueiltig with Avery. btlu nls southwest cor
ner; thence south 1 decree, east i"4 chains and 20
links to E. Far!e's noitimest cor-er. on Chailes
IihvIs's east line; thence tail j cht:!r.s 80 lluks to
to Alien Mill's s ultiwes; co, ner on E. Karley's nort it
line; thence north I device, west with said Hill's
Hue t" chains 7 lli-k to s iid Hill's northwest coi
ner: tiience ea-t 3 chfcin 12 lluks to a rock on A.
Hill's north line, the southwest corner of the Lacey
tract; thence north 1 degree, west 2o chains to lha
beginning, containing 123 acres.
Terms ot Sale One-fourth oash; balance tn sit
and eighteen months, purchaser 10 give notes with
approved security; lien retained on Und to I un tier
secure purchase money. Equity of redemption
This December nth. 7s.
R. J. black, Cleik and Mastt-r.
Uiimes Poston. Solicitors for Complainant.
AduiiulMtrator's Sale
I WILL sell on December lrt. 1878. wtthui leetj
hours, at the residence of the lite V. E. pleiu
all the personal property of deceased, cobsls:mg of
turses. mules, w-yjotis, carts, farming uteuMis,
household and kitchen furniture, hay. corn etc -also
ore rockaw ay. said property will be sold to thn
highest bidder, for cash.
tiEOKi.E BORNER. Admlrdstrator
Administrator's Notice.
AVING been appointed and qualified aa Admin.
Istrator of Hi esLue of David Tutt ,.,"7:
all persons lndebt;d to stld estate will p'les cmiTo
fotwardand settle. Those having claims aiilit
muu oiaui will I 111 1 1 leni ni otioe
JOHN IRVINt. Administrator
At Toll Gate on Poplar tu'mt.
MkMl'Hts Tens. November 30. Is7s.
Adminintrator's Xotlce.
tratrix ou the estate of Uus A. Motli, noUcSI hiL"
by given to all creditors ot said estate. " rt
their claims to me, or my attorney C W wmJ'

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