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a. r, fkakl.xi.
:t.1 JIala Htreet. I'l.y Hnildlue.
In order t acocnunoiate the trauV,
Tne.d.y and
Wedaexilay. at lO a.c
nnil 7 p.m.
Adn.liiUtraKr'M Sill" at Auction.
Bnnwbflil 1 un.lturf. Ilrl Svin. Iir-. liu'i-
Co. agoiis. H.LfiK-TX, mm Fanning I'tenuls
tn kiht::; lirw crop VriMaljlPS In Kiounit.
Tint) It'rrmbrr loth, at lo o'rlork
itt ;. Jlalw mt '
A'luilnl-trntor ..,: ,! A. Ctitley.
A. M. Snuuiakii. A'.ctlorirt-r.
wholesale aud Retail, by
A. K. FUilSiKLASi l.
::! ftlnln ft '( y MnlMlwg.
rpHF. BPF.NCMl PUCK, on Vollt-ntlii npmw,
I two anil on-llHlf rniltn from Court uuire
cont&lmnir ten ncmi: fiv aciea orchard: hou.-- coi,-
Irtlm ID room: also clU-rn; a-od outlniiltlW B-t.
Ain.lTi.n thf i.iacp H W. SfhM.KH
- rfiWT ni ntinLiT. a i.iirkaeo(monn In Jin
iVI '.. nv-lo;. A illx-tal rtwurd will
pM-l hv l-nvtiig "'- M h1 oh
.1 R II.
OW About rW of NOTember, a red cow. with
M unilriliuin iiil'su-- ..v. . - . -
suitable reward for her return to ue fit Buiityn U
tii ii i rwl bull, on horn Mralgbl. theo'tit
.O utamilrs out to the M; b'twern the horn.i,
curly hnlr. Inquiry mmiwrw
- riRE-l llnht bay medium sl7 mare. In
M eood orrltr ben sloli-ii; T7 thick thro:
.k. .u whltrt cks ou am: on ieit Mil- s-v
iinh'ra soim thut bav healed
cauwri by b d bl od; la'K W I ' small (war on
tirvii-it mid ! a Hi" blooiHl little mare; wont mik
pw.Nteriuidrtdt.H. 10 rwardwill be put
for hr rwiim to Thomas Uatwell. tour and a ua.
mi In n ni i H 'l gn
ik .1 In hum.: Will KICK III li'ii ii-, a -.. ii. i
WM . CAKSWELb. No. '11 fouth Cnurt,
1 ) i,j.rMa'n. otllcehour: U to 10 a ru., 1 lo
Li mlddtr. and 7 to f o'rloca p m
Mm c O. TALLENTINK wtll e ntlnue tliSp
imF.i;ichinf bu-lnws ftt 31 H Main Mr;f. toi
tbe prerirnt. Machines will be repaired prom i it 'r.
A. FEI'FItSTACKK. Pi-no anrt'organ tune.
and rpiirf-f. at WITM ANN'S, 'ii S' "'
XpUHMSrlCD arid nnfurt-lsUed rooms wl:h board,
L' at 121 Coun wnru
-T-rr nH fi:rnuihed rooms for famtllps and
r ninule rentlemen: !o. daj boarders ac la
med-1 ted, at 7 Bepoiid strdPt.
-iv viai qT.K frort room, with board, at fid lion-
I ) ruistiet. Term reaaotmble. HIureuc8 r-
P"MS-Nlee furi.tshed; icel!pnt board at v
X V rwowwahle term.
Mr. Topr'i K. Wi Hprri.t"'!
VMKSr-cLaS-l ro m.
' Trrm very mod-rtt
Ki n or without b;ard,
-. No. ,J4 Mulberry.
ROMS and board at 4H1
. HiriM roiy trwl.
Bbe.by atreet. bcfi r-
tTMVE Hundred Thomand beart band-mada
' mi I nn lew, Tfrr low, at K. L. CocLtan & C)'s.
ALU'S 8FE. Srhftn(t and Counter of Iler-
xi Itro. titei' K.i'k'ain. Apinyto
LEK HKKOti, 25:j M,i In street.
HICK -tbpapet In town, at tlatk a raid, corner
Orleans and iieorpa mret-ts.
T.HAHD CONCERT HARP Double action. m
'j tK-tiVts. blKli'.y OnULtd. One S TEINWAY ntid
tuootiier? octave PlanoK.all sefimd-hsti.d, fx icme
ly low f.e.-h. K W 1T:I 4NN CO.
M1LLIFRY-Freh etiK-lt of Mll'lnerj Oamls
and nxiutes for Mme, Uieluding live splf n.l.il
allow eises. I heap. Artdrws, "CASH." tlna olllre.
rpbE MEMPHIS CiTTOW (ilN-IlalnR two
A. Chainplon and one Avey (iln. eng tie. pip . all
In poiTuilete running older. Apply to J. U. D inbuiy,
nn-v v ng paitner of J. A. Greei.e&Co., 202 Fioi.t
( 1TATUK4 Two larsce It illan marble statues; one,
temied Renietnbranoe." reiireatnts a woman
entwining flowers Into a wreath; Hie second, "Afte.v
tlun," reo esenia a woman watierli.n tlowrrs over a
(jrate. For particulars and prloe tnijulre o' Vincent
Botto, aouttieast corner w ahli gton and Kr.'tit sts.
rlTTLK ROCK business property for sala The
J best vacant rjrner bulnes lot for Kale, on
terms to suit purchaser. Apply ti
A ONE-HALK Interest In the Chickasaw Billiard
Parlor, corner -aln and Monroe street'). In
quire of FLCON YF.HSE, 812Maln etrett.
GOOD-CHANCE New twon-tory house, seven
' rooms, gas and cistern; S2il00; S.MK) cash,
balance S-14 per uiouili until paid for. Address
K. Z. P1XK. city.
STOCK AND MXIUuES Cf retell grootry.
Address S1APLE. Appeal ofllce.
1 INS-New Kins.
Avery make. 11. DJW, 210
Front street.
"DRICK-Sblppel clieapby river or railroad. Leave
A J orders at jonn A. uenie s, nam sireer.
Large eo i salons will be made on onlers for good
Salmon Brlcic, suitable for chimneys or setting i oil
ers, etc O. H. P. PI f Kit.
SITUATION By a young man In a Mercantllo
Hous or 8' y kind, wl o Is anxious lo work nix!
capable i f ftl lng htiv position: naiuiy linmatdilul.
'H. F. T.." Appeal oniue.
I7MIPLOYMEST Cnn give ten yea's reference In
It Memphis; steady babtts; Is not af. aid of at.y
work In the ctt or suburbs. Woi.ld prefer pottering
In a utore. Ad'ress, -M. H ," thlsoltice.
BY A Teacher of long expert nee, a situation
enber as Principal or assistant. He would
teacti In an eotanllsbd InstluiMon or organize a
scb ol wbL re needed. His quBlirl ations emuiace
tbe usual Knglli'b branches; also, Latin and iree.
Highest testimonials can be fun Islied and the best
refer nens. Addrrss. '-K. II. W ." this cflice.
CARD tor nun
wKh and rhl'd. Address, staling
," Apt pal otllcw.
terms. "L. C.
BESSM4KKHS -Two ll'st class.
At Mlr A. A.
WALL'S, 7M Po 1 rtret.
"7'ANTD A manufacturing llrm wants a bul
VV ness man in Memphis ui.d lu eveiy c:ty (not
already taken), to represent them. 20 to t0
f pcessary to p-y for g aals on delivery, bfter In ens
obtained orders lo' me tnme. SI 50 to S200 11
cjoiilli ifU rauteed In a legitimate, permanent busl
rcw. Money auul iielv tvurnt. Tub most se ircn
l;ig Investigation soil. Red. K. E. VAIL 4 CO., 17'!
and 1 7 Ievotsblie Siieet. Bos on, Mass
OMAN to cook, wash and Iron.
App'y at 258
feecond StrreL
"IT 1RST-CL AS . as-Fitter. Apply to Browne, tbe
J P umti r. 2iH 8econd tree L
AN ori tun gtrl who desires a g cd, permanent
. borne; a. so a good cook, wa her and lroner.
tiood wag-s. A duress "6," Lick Box 14, Holly
Springs. MI'S.
, ari.ui nr.? i AKenw oi iuo 1 in tiniMiaii
2J Ass jclallon. Help, white or colored, v no can
bill g references, can nnd good s millions by apj
plymgat tlie Intelligence Otllcp. liis Main.
SITUATION-Inatiroceryor Commission Hrure
by a reliable Joung man. R lerencea. Address,
'Mi. E. L.," ApK-a' ctlice.
TAREtSMAKER and IL'TTFR of ability good
XJ alary to competent peisou. Address A. is.
A ppeal Mic-.
A KITUATIOS P.y a young man In a furniture or
Xl. shoe bouse, cr In uny capacity where a faith
ful man could tie useful. Addiess, J. ti.. this Ollice.
BOOK KEIPER- Posl'lon i.s Book-keepor, by a
cotm eteiil gentl'Miiau. who siaraks and writes
lierroan. EugllKb. r-p(iuish and Frerch. Hrst-c.au
reference. Address, -U. 1L 11," P.O. box 20,
Vionevl:p, Missouri.
TPARM A fire Kruit Farm find market garderr
JJ c uvpnlent to cliv, on good road; pxeelletit ot-
chards and vine-yards in te:ii-ing, good improve
menU; litid In Qnt-rate condition. Apply to
(itHDXER. 2"4 fecond street.
HOIS It-A nicely fumlsbfd bouse In a central
portion of the city, for furnished rooms.
lb'st bam all modem Improvements. Apply lo
a ".j-onaway, K Madison.
ABLK front parlor, suitable
for a f inlly, at
1(14 Court Mtet.
rp WO-STCRYbrtck residence, !l rooms. In perfect
j. repair, j-jj toptar btreer.
N2AT COTTAUE S:i Ext-liari: street extend-
ed. 2-M Main Street. fcJ I HM Jt HIKCH.
"l WELl-I.ii 21 lUernai.do St.; Cottaue (!' Et
change street exlcUUed. Atmly at 2 M 5' un
street. STl hM 4 HH.S.1L
T""WELLl.V(i 1 wo brick nwelllngs. Nos. 411 and
M Market street. Apply atftl Market.
(X)TTA(iK HOL"SK-In gooJ re; air. curtaining
J large pari ir, three cbamliers, lining room and
ball, servant's ne in, pmtry and kitchen. Large
cistern under cover and all rece.saiy o uauu es.
Well situated oa lot of I5U leet Irani by 14.1. Also,
tha lurijpure In tbe name; sold on amount of Uav-
log tbe city. Apply on premises. 24 ft. Paul -tn-eU
JVH3. I.. B. (;ST V
") TaUa Nu. 422 Court ttre texteinletl. wi.b 5
rot tus. kitchen, good cltern and bidrant In
yard; all convenient; outhouses and tare garden
spi-t Kent y I o per month: oppir uji premi.vs
Ol'SE ." ioaby btieet; chilli looms. Apply
at 47 Mobsy.
frUIE residence of Kit Kayner, at dill's hUitioti,
JL Memphis and Charleston railroad, ,'i ml es
I rum tbe city. House contains nine rooms, nlla
Its acji-s of laud attached. Apply to
m W. E. RYNKH. 2i'l Main sfret.
KESIDKNCii Corner Lane and Brlnklpy hvenues
bair mil from terminus of poplar street rail
road and quarter mile north of Boulevard; eleven
rooms. Including kitchen and servanis room. Halh
room, with hot and cold water plpfs In tti bouse.
Btables and otuer out-bouses, 2 good clstert s and a
well; orcbird and two acres in gulden. Apply on
premises, or lo B. E. Coleman. Circuit Clerk 'j oltice,
TAK.iE KOO.H To one or to single gn tlemen,
J without board, one Iari;e room, unlu nlshexl;
wtth etfct and soutti windows, iras and grate; lamlly
private. A pply at 5?r Third street.
-laiiionr.u rooms jor
it. single or In suit, at
rates, ht :t.vt Mmn fcfn . r. near
Colon.. Relerenep required
HOL'BJt-1 be best sltuded tuuse In c, y for a
boa'-diJifcVujse,, cor. Hadison and Tl.lid. Ap
Xy lo h. W. HAi-h I . MuL Wora geCo.20 ilalnst.
"V!"EWLY J-UeKI&HHD HOOMS-Cbeiip to gen
s tlemen. New bilck hfj'-w. ii4 Mulberry ttreeL
LIUCK H d'oK A very desirable brick resFdelicis
JLJ furnished or not, the rer.t taken In either
board or In money. Premises In line order. Loca
tion, uelghboinoud, wto., tbe beat, Call at 179
Union street. -
OOAUjJTuniiabed or unrumtbhed.
AAlintuoliltT 8TEHJJT.
a 3i I sum;1!, is.
.mVr.V JL 1IIIOOKH. : lroprlrtor
Eveiy evening d ttlr.g the wrekaLd at the
lie i roduced the great emotional play by the
authors of the Two Orphans, entitled.
l ndi-r Ihe ansplces of Shook ft Palmer, t nion
Sjuare Theater. N. Y'.,
J. . oilier. Iltasger,
Stippurted by a rxmipanyof unusul excellence.
Klabnrate Toltrin by I.noneMc.
It, s-ived Swats for rale at Hollerlieig's Muale Sjore.
First Ball ot tbe Seascn:
Will be given by the Lo(V Gift Club.
Taradsy Evrsisc. Ilereaibfr lO. IH7H,
Tickets to tie b id at Hollenberg's Mnlc Store.
The riac!of Amusement for the People,
A Uriad aadevlllpj r.ntcrtaliiinpwt
Popular Prlees of Adm iston Pep Programmes.
2000 bxs Mild Cheese,
Factory Trices, freiKht added,
500 bxs Crackers,
Factory Pr!ctf", freight added
1000 bxs Fancy and Stick Candy,
Factory Trice, freight added
50 Barrels Atttiore'a Mince Meat.
100 Half-barrels Atmore's Mince Meat.
1000 Backets Atmore's Mince Meat,
(5 to 50 pounds.)
Factory Trices, freight added.
500 Barrels Silver Moon Hour.
100 Hi-H-barrols Silver Moon F.'onr.
100 Barrels Plant's Extra Flonr.
60 Barrels J-ck Frost Floor.
600 Barrels Different Grades Flour.
200 Brls Silver Moon and Pearl Meal.
1000 brls Apples, Fine for stlppin?.
500 brls Fine Early Rose Potatoes,
100 brtsOraugres.
200 brls Fresh N. Y. Stale Buckwheat.
7000 Cces nalniOD, Sardines, Canned
Touiatox-p, Peaches, Pickles, Etc.
Forcpaugh hps tha greatoat show on
Trir;o firea Oc'curred in this city on
New fall dresses and head-gear are seen
daily on Mam street.
A light fall of pnow and sleet, which
followed the chilly nnd disagreeable weather
of yesterday, tell in the afternoon.
The rotits of record are prep arinsr for
Chriitmas adjournment. Every man must
havn his turkey and ctatiberry sauco on that
- A bad wooden eewpr crossing, cn Ihe
w?at siJe of Pontotoc and Main street, ca Is
for the attention of the street carpentei'a
The board of education met last niffhf,
Kn-I, after transacting regular business, ad
journed to meet again at the next regular
Tbi trained elephants and othpr wonder
ful attractions, over which Addie Forepautth
rresides, i one of the great wonders ot the
circus world.
Nothing l-ut Foreraugh'8 "celebrity as
the greatest showman on earth could have
drawn such a crowd to the bluffs as was
seen last night.
Forepttogh's big stre ft parade and per
formance on the bluff this afternoon and to
night, will be big attractions for both little
and big folks.
Yef-terday morning, before Recorder
Q'lialey, Henry Day was committed to jail
on the charge of larceny. His bail was fixed
at eight hunnred dollars.
Mud, rotten Nicoleon pavement, bad
crossings of. a dangerous character, and
crooked sidewalks, describe accurately the
condition of Memphis at present.
At eleven o'clock yesterday morning the
department was called out, owing to the
li lrninf? of a shanty, occupied by negroes, on
u tyoti Urayoso. isouin Mempnis.
Forepauerh's great cirrus and menage
rie is on Ihe bin 11' to-day. Performances will
be given t hi? afternoon and night. This
the last chance to see the great show.
The Chickasaw Guards will give a drss
drill at tLeir armory to nicht. Alter the fine
military exhibition, the ''Chicks" and invited
guests will inciulee in a social hop.
A bad hole in the crossing on Main and
and Lrjien streets calls ocenlv for the at ten
tion of the c.ty engineer. The street cross
ings are getting in a dangerous condition all
over town.
It is moved by the ladies, seconded by
the gentlemen, and carried unanimously by
the w hole community, that .Mr. roreraugh
kpen his splendid menagerie and circus open
another day.
Ltdies pull their dresses up by a loop,
and gentlemen tuck their pants in their boots
or roll them up a lew inches at present, in
order to keep their clothing out of the mud
on street crossings.
The police or recorder's court continues
to present a lively docket, the effecses being
principally caused by drunkenness. Twenty
arrests were mane by the police Saturday
nnd a uczen Sunday.
ilr. lien lnodes, a well-known river
man, was shot and killed by unknown assets
Bins at Germnntown on Sunday night. The
murdered man was the brother of Mr. Piatt
Rhodes and J. W. Rhodes.
A Cthhraled Case was the dramatic at
traction of the Theater last evening. It was
an attraction truly, and will be reproduced
to-night, ana pach niht during the wees as
well as at the Saturday matinee.
Why send yojr money away for papers
and magazines, when Alanstord. comer
Second and Monroe street?, receives sub
scriptions at publishers' prices. Go there
and subscribe for what you want.
Owing to the beastly weather. Fore
ranch's circus and menagerie company did
not nial-'e a street parade yesterday after
noer. The band of the company, drawn by
sir white steeds, serenaded the Aitkal office
in the afternoon.
Last Sunday evening.nt about ten o'clock,
the turning ot the tramp kitchen att tched to
the dwelling of Dr. Toole, on Mulberry
street, caused the tire department to turn niii
The tire was caused by a defective flue. The
damage was nominal.
Mr. Forepaugh will confer an ei-pec:al
favor on the ladies and others who pay the
extra fee for reserved seats by excluding the
cigar-fiend. He took possession of that de
partment last night, greatly to the discom
fiture ot tbe decent element.
At the crimmnl court, yesterday, George
App, Rrrested tor the killing ot John llackett,
waj brought oat on a writ of habeas corpus
on a motion to admit to bail. After hearing
testimony and argument of counsel. Judge
Rav remanded the prisoner to jail without
The tents supplied by the government to
the cirzna relief committee tor camp pur
poses, have been ordered to be burned nnd
destroyed by the secretary of war. The
tents had better be given to the poor init3ad
of being destroyed by fire. A cremated tent
is of no use to anybody.
Owing to the bad weather, and the gen
eral desire of the public to witness Fore
patigh's circus and menagerie, it is tbe genera
wish that the show will remain until Ihurs
day, so as to give performances at a mati
nee on to-morrowand again to-morrow night.
This will be indorsed by the public.
Esquire Spetman yesterday held an in
quest on the body cf a female infant, found in
a privy vault in south Memphis. The physi
cian, af ter examination of the body, decided
that the child bad been alive at birth, its
mother being a colored woman and its father
a white man. As yet no arrests have been
made for the case of infanticide.
In business circles the merchants con
tinue to be crowded. The receipts of cotton
yesterday was 8228 bales, against 5833 of last
year on the same day, ana oioi on the same
day of the previous yenr. before the end cf
the week, should tbe rush cf cotton continue,
one hundred thousand bales will be in our
city awaiting compressing and shipment.
The Memphis game market is well sup
plied. The retail prices are as follows : Ven
lzen, whole deer, U(5c; saddles, 5(7o per
pound. t-MdirreU 1 per" dozen. Rabbits,
l oO per dnz-n. Juail, $1 per dezen. Bear
uieal, 10n'12c per pound. Lake figh, 7c
s-r pound; Retlfoot lake trout, 10c per
pound: red-snapper, T24'c per pound; white
h, 12l:.c per pound.
'lao fnHowing wt re the new officers elett-
et last Light, at the Memphis club hall, at a
called meeting of the Hebrew hospiUl asso
ciation: E. Lowecstein, president; Jacob
Kohlberg. vice-president; M. Sattonus, sec
retarv; David Eiseman, treasurer; Dr. M.
Pamtield, Isaac Schwab, D. Hilman, Lou
I,i ubrie. Max Friedman, M. Ulman and S.
Vendig, boaid of directors.
The cflicers of the Memphis club are as j
follows: Lee Heiz-'g. president; 11. oensuer
ger. vice-president; Jake Leubrie, secretary;
A. L. Lowenstm, treasurer; u.ive ciseuiau,
Jake Marks, Max Friedman, trustees; Henry
Seetsel, jr , Charles Levick. . ins
members of the club gave a tormai opening
of their new club room, on the corner of Sec
ond ar,d Adams Btreets, last night.
Dr. Heber Jones, health officer, has in
formed W. H. Foute, superintendent of city
schools, and Mr. RaUton, of the school com
mittee, that the school buildings used during
the recent epidemic have been thoroughly
cleansed, ventilated and fumigated, and are
now perfectly safe for the reception of pupils.
In accordance with the above medical opinion
the city schools were opened on yesterday.
Seven members of the school board are
1 twyers, and good cnes at that, but the non
legal members of the board have some ideas
as to great constitutional and charter ques
tions which they are loath, from modesty, to
advance. Gentlemen, law is only the perfec
tion of reason, and the most seasible non
leg il man often announces more common
law tht:n the schooled lawyer. Don't be
backward in coming forward.
At a regular meeting of the Memphis
opera club, held laet evening, the following
officers were elected for the ensuin? term:
President, Ad Reis; secretary, Charles C.Cur-rier-
treasurer, C. P. Miller; musical director,
C. P. Winkler. All members are earnestly
requested to be present on Thursday evening
next, at 2'J-i Main street, for a full rehearsal,
and all others dt sirous of joining this society
are respectfully invited to attend.
The Ledger man, "Hop" Johnson,
charge the Appeal city-editor with carry
,n ntt' 7ith force of arms, a copy of the
bible from the LVer-cilice. The charge is not
exactlv correct; but, if it had been, it would
only show that the Appeal nevtrhad be
come convinced that spreading the gospel in
the Ledger office was an impossibility. The
heathens of the Ledger r.ffice are good men
gone wioag on the Darwin and Bob Inger
soil theories as to the past, present and
An indignnnt correspondent writrs as
follows: "At the Dostoffice every Sunday
morning there ia a push and a scramble to
o-et tii the box. feome men act more like
fools than men.and elbow themselves through
the crowd up to tbe box like they were ex
pecting a letter containing ten thousand dol
lars. The best thing Mrs. R. A. Thompson
can do will be to have a railing put around
thoKP hexes, so gentlemen can get their let
ten without being insulted by tbe rough
crowd that LUwiirs ground the postofhee
every Sunday morning.
At six o'clock yesterday morning a fire
broke out under the fire-range of Frank Stur
la's aaloon and restaurant, on the corner of
Main and Gayoao streets. The fire was
caused by some coaia dropping from the
range, and bad been burning some hours be-
it wa'-.o!scoverea, ine uea?e huae
loi:" ei "' kousfi awakened the occu
which filleu . '-u fjdhi, barkeeper,
pants above. Mr. jvu. . ., wak-
and Mr. John Carroll, steward, v....
ened, and they, with buckets of water, man
aged to extinguish the fire before it could
spread throughout the house. The occu
pants of the adjoining building were alarmed
and no little commotion ensued.
Sid Cook gets off a pretty good thing on
his nurses while be had the yellow-fever:
Dr. Sim had visited him just about his critic
al period, and found him low. He ordered
the nurses to give Sid a toddy mixed with
glycerine and a little niter. When the doc
tor left, Joe, the Dutch nurse, said to Dale,
the other nurse: "Veil, I vont giv Sid the
toddy." "Why?" said Dale. "Mein Got
iu himmel, he'il be blown up, the house and
all; dunder and blitzB, don't you know vat
compound dot is? Yhy, dot is what they
used 8t Hell Gate to blow up the rocks."
"H 1 yon say!" said Dale. "Vby, yes,"
said the Dutchman; "it's nitro glycerine,
vhat's used for blasting." "Wbv, it will
blow up the town," said Dale. "We von't
give it," slid Joe. "No," said Dale. Sid
lost his toddies, but was saved from being
blown up.
Oxford f Miss.) Falcon : " Memphis,
from its nearness and accessibility, is the
natural trading point for north Mississippi
Her water and railroad facilities bring
freights almost down to nominal figures.
which enable business men of that place to
successfully compete in prices with any ot her
sister cities who depend upon southern traae.
Her vitality and recuperative powers evinced
since the late terrible plague is a wonderful
proof of the 'never say die' pluck and enter
prise of her citizens and business men, and
for this, if for no other reason, she deserves
the support and patronage of all sections
within easy reaeh. Mississippi having no
city of her own, Memphis is as nearly identi
fied with her as with Tennessee, and now
when she is jost out of an epidemic that cost
hundreds of lives and thousands of dollars,
that paralyzed her business interests in every
channel and lost her months of legitimate
trade; now when she ia coming from out the
valley of the shadow of death, struggling to
regain her old position, let Mississippi, and
esDeciallv north Mississippi, lend her a help
ing hand, give her the trade that legitimately
belongs to her, and render her the support
and patronage that she so much stands in
need of and 60 richly deserves."
Stack Lee, tbe popular commander of
the Geo. W. Cheek, has much to do to keep
his friends that is everybody straight.
Last trip a certain one of the editorial profes
sion was a passenger, and during the trip
(through the city) got unusually full. Stack
found him and tock him aboard to
carry him home. During the voyage down
the river a man strlicted with delirium tre
mens, jumped overboard, and was barely res
cued irom a watery grave. Stick, wishing
to impress his new paper friend with the
evil resuits of looking on the wine when it is
red, etc., said to him: "See here, Kirk, you
were just snatched from a watery grave.
You said your name was Jones, and all of
Forepaugh's animals were after you; over
board you went, and but for one of my deck
ers you would have been a mermaid's sweet
heart, or some other water fowl; now go to
bed and stay thereuntil I go to Friars Point."
"The h 1," says the rural editor; "if all
that happened, bow the h 1 did my clothes
get dry so quick?" Stack is never wanting
for a reply to bothersome questions, and told
him that his paper was so absorbed in the
oil-seed question that water wouldn't stick.
The rurtl gentleman mused awhile, and
finally said: "Stack, I guess you had better
give me a ttateroom, and put one of tha bell
boys at each door so I can't get out again."
Madame A. Marre, dressmaker, can be
found at 294 Third street.
Miss Rellsa M'Neal, of Lagrange, Ten
nessee, is a guest of Thomas Boyle, Esq-, on
Adams street.
John Kilkesy, of the Louisville Short
line, is in the city, the guest of Colonel
James Speed, the popular railway agent.
Henry Weishaupt has arrived and re
opvned his shop, No. 314 Second street, and
will be glad to see all his old friends and cus
tomers. John Oakey returns thanks to L. Podesta,
of Podesta, Malatesta & Co., the Front street
liquor dealers, tor remitting two months rent
during tbe fever.
Miss Lokena Banks and Miss Rebecca
Ledingham, two of the most efficient and
popular teachers in tbe city schools, returned
to the city Sunday, and yesterday entered
upon the discharge of their responsible du
ties. Colonel Sydney B. Jokes, of tbe Penn
sylvania Central, ' best in the world," is in
the c.ty, and will remain a few days. Colonel
Jones is one of tbe tuott thorough railroad
men in the country, and did much to relieve
our suffering people during the fever.
The following visitors were registered at
the cotton exchange yesterday: John B.
Hays, New Orleans; M. S. Joy, Little Rock;
J. U. Binham, jr., Chicago; J. G. M. Buffa
loe, Grenada, Mississippi; Joseph A. Wherry,
St. Louis; J. Dunkelsoeil, New York: D. T.
Waddy, Colliersville; Dr. J. M. Pnillips,
Mississippi; Julius Sessen.JMananna, Arkan
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lie Hehoola Me leet last f Teacher
Important Reaolatleaa Adopted
at the Hehool Board Meetlng
Laat Might, Etc.
At the usual hour last night the school
board met at the educational board room, at
the Odd-Fellows building. School Visitor
Towsend in the chair. Superintendent
Foute read the following report, which was
Office of the Board or Editatioh, i
Memphis. December V. 187K. (
To tbe Honorable Boaid of Kducatlon:
Gentlemen Dr. Heber Jones, the health
officer of the city, having satisfied himseif by
careful personal inspection of the various
school buddings that they were in a saie
condition for the reception of pupils, and
having addressed to your honorable body bis
official certificate to that effect (tbe original
ot which will doubtless be laid before you by
the committee on school buildings), the city
schools were opened to-day in pursuance of a
resolution passed by the board November
27, 1873. I have visited all the schools, and
submit the following items of information:
Number of pupils high school Male, 5;
female, 20; firot year, 14; second year, 5;
third year, 6. lotal, 2o.
Market street school Male, 16; female, 13,
Total. 34.
Chelsea street school Males, 24; females,
45. Total. 70.
Alabama street school Males, 54; females,
54. Total. J8.
Linden street school Males, 24; females,
4.0. Total. 64.
Peabody street school Malee, 23; females,
16. Total, 3i.
Court street school Male, 34; female, 33.
Total, 72.
Total number of white pupils, 402.
Second street school Male, 5; female, 2.
lotal, 7.
Monroe street school Male, 5; female, 10
Total 15.
Clay street school No report.
Whole number of colored pupils 22, so far
as reported, m iking the aggregate of pupils
in attendance 429, leaviog out the Clay street
building. The severity of the weather Wing
taken into consideration, along with other
reasons, this is a very fair attendance for the
opening day, as compared with former years.
Of one fact, however, I am convinced, and
can assure the board, viz: That the zeal aud
earnestness everywhere exhibited by both
teachers and pupils promise a rich harvei
during the present session, notwithstanding
the untoward circumstances which prevented
the opening in October as contemplated.
and which, following the premature closing
of the schools for the previous scholastic
year, have tended to diiarrango, for a time.
our graded system, and to introduce difficul
ties which would otherwise never have occur
red, and from which we sincerely hope Divine
Providence will in future preserve us.
beg your attention to some suggestions
which, if adopted, wil', I trust, neutraliz?
many, if not all these difficulties, and make
the yot cf tfje echools for the coming year
satisfactory alike to the ooard, the teacheis.
the pupils and the public. In view, there
fore, of the shortness of the present session,
1 must suggest
First The omission of the regular termal
examination, whjch under ordinary circum
stances would take pTace the second wefck in
February, for the obvious reason that pupils
will be ur.P.l'lP IP b-nisa the terni s work: now
the suggestion of Colonel
James T. Leatb. late sue.
Ai-hatendent, in re-
gard to the necessity for abbrevi.
ing the
course in arithmetic, be adopted, and that
such abbreviation be made permanent as to
that study. ,
Third l'hat the same committee to wluca
this matter is referred, be empowered to tem-
tioranli? revisp t.h entire course of study in
the graded schools to meet the exigencies of
the present scholastic year; and
Fourth That examinations in the graded
schools be deferred until the close ot the year.
As to
the high school,
I would make the same suggestions concern
ing examinations. I am in receipt of
a letter from Dr. C. J. Hunter, late pro
feasor of mathematics in the high school
resigning his position, and recommend that
no successor be elected to fill the vacancy,
I am of the opinion, from mtormatiou de
rived from an interview with Prof. T. C. An
derson and Mrs. E. J. Crockett, of the high
school, that the institution can be conducted
as efficiently a s heretofore with the present
corps ot teachers; provided, some changes
are made in the curriculum arid mode of dis
cipline. It would probably be best to leave
the matter to the judgment of the superin
tendent or principal, inasmuch as changes
must necessarily be made with reference to
immediate surroundings. In regard to
changes in the curriculum, I have to suggest
1. A temporary version of tha coarse with a
view to the brevity of the coming ne.sioa
the matter to be referred to a special com
mittee of three. 2. The discontinuance of
tbe study of botany and geology. 3. The
substitution of a short course in chemistiy
say oteele s tor the text-books now in use
or the abbreviation of the present text book
to the study of such portions as pertain to
the experience of daily life. 4. That Latin be
made an optional study and not to be under
taken by any pupils except those whose
patents or guardians shall promise
that their children or wards
will prosecute the study without
interruption during the year. 5. That
United States history be continued through
out the course, in connection with that of
England, as now provided for. 6. That
the study of English composition and etym
ology be made imperative throughout the
entire course. 7. Finally, I would earnestly
recommend, with a view to make the
course more practical and in order to pre
pare pupils, both male and female, for the
real duties ot lite, and to open up. if possible.
a new field of employment for the latter, that
the studies of book-keeping, commercial
arithmetic and the practice of penmanship
U . 1 I . . i i I , .
ue uuruuuceu inio uie regular nigh scnoci
course, and that the same be prosecuted
under the tuition of a competent person reg
ularly elected by the board, who shall receive
for his services the sum of dollars per
month. iy leaving the present vacancy in
tue nign scnooi unhiied, the board could em
ploy a competent special teacher for this pur
pose and still save a considerable sum month
ly. Some action of the board is necessary to
carry into effect a suggestion of the late
superintendent in reference to an amend
ment of section four of the rules and regula
tions wnicn nxes tne hours ot ttudy, recess,
etc. I think a certificate may justly be award
ed to Airs, boutberland, formerly Miss lmo
gene Latham, in place of one lost or mislaid
inougn tne record aoes not turnish positive
proot ot the lact, yet it may very properly be
inferred that she would not have been in the
employment of the board, and certainly would
not have received a salary, unless she bad
previously received a certificate. Such cm
ployment may be reasonably held as vrima
facie evidence of the existence of a certificate,
ana hence l recommend that Mrs. bouther-
land s petition be granted and a grammar
grade certificate be reissued to her. An ex
amination of applicants for teachers' certifi
cates was held, in accordance with the direc
tion of the president of the board, from
November 25th to November 29th. inclusive.
The results of that examination will be re
ported to the board by the teachers' com
mittee. 1 wish, in connection with that re
port, to call your attention to the small num
ber of those who obtain certificates, aa com
pared with those who fail. This fact is due
to two reasons: First, the scope of the ques
tions given, the design being to cover the
ground required under the rules to sustain
the standard of requirement, and hence the
value cf the certificate when obtained: and.
second, to the general and painful want of
preparation on the part ot applicants. It is
to be hoped that applicants will not
in the future present themselves,
until they have obtained by study
and application, such a knowledge
of the branches required as will afford them
a reasonable assurance of success, and thus
enable them to avoid the humiliation which
inevitably waits upon lack of preparation.
lo supply the large number ot applicants
that usually attend our regular examinations
with materials for preparing examina
tion papers, to advertise such examinations
in the daily papers, and to issue certificates
to successful candidates, puts the board to
an expense for which I can conceive no ade
quate advantage ia received. I would, there
tore, suggest that the board fix a tee which
shall be sufficiently large to cover all the ex
penses referred to above. I feel that the
board will excuse me, if, in conclusion, I
take advantage of this, my first official com
munication addressed to ycur honorable
body, to express my deep appreciation of the
honor conferred upon me in being selected as
the executive officer of the board of educa
tion and superintendent of the city schools.
1 acept the honor, let me add, with the mod
esty befitmg the successor of so good and
great a man as James T. Leatb, and with
the determination to devote whatever of
zeal, energy and ability I am possessed of
to the public educational interest of Mem
phis, and to render whatever aid I can, in
conjunction with the labors of your honorable
body, to the furtherance of every plan which
shall add to the prosperity, perfect the sys
tem and extend the usefulness of the city
Schools. WM. H. FOUTE.
Superintendent, Etc
The recommendations as to the February
examinations were adopted. That part of
the report which recommended as to tbe
teachers, and changes in the course of study
be submitted to tha committee on teachers,
was adopted. The other recommendations j
of the superintendent were also adopted. Oa j
the question of employing a teacher in tbe
high school, to teach penmanship and book
keeping, the matter was referred to the
committee on teachers.
The treasurer presented no report. The
auditing committee presented several reports,
which were read and received.
President Goodman not having appeared
in the room, Acting-President Townsend was
called to the chair.
As to the city paving scrip in the hands ot
the building committee, which was authorized
to be sold for its market value, or rather its
depreciated value, for tbe improvement of
the Linden street schoolhouse, the board
authorized the building committee not to sell
the scrip at its present value. Tbe amount
of scrip is about eighteen hundred dollars.
Mr. A. Spiro, school visitor elect of the
second ward, appeared and was swera in as a
Mr. Trezevant stated that it had become a
rule for landlords to reduce rent during the
epidemic; he therefore moved that the secie
tary be requested to ask landlords to reduce
or remit such rent on all prep?rty rented by
the city for school purposes.
Mr. Rhett, of the committee on teachers,
reported as to teachers, and that certificates
be granted to such teachers. The report
was adopted:
Honorable Board of Education:
Your committee would respectfully recom
mend that certificates be granted to the following-named
applicants: 1, R. F. Looney,
principal and grammar grade; 2, C. A. Hal
ley, principal and grammar grade; 3, M. D.
Morgan, principal and grammar grade; 4,
Miss Kate Otey, grammar grade; 5, Lizzie
Foley; 6, Lottie Miller; 7, Lizzie Allen; 8,
Celia M. Mitchell; 9, Emma Conrad; 10,
Miss Watkin; 11, Mrs. M. A. Harris; 12,
Miss D. C. Johnson; 13, Lula Bradshaw; 14,
Carter Harrii. Respectfully submitted,
T. M. S. RHE I T.
Honorable Board of Education:
Your committee would respectfully recom
mend that the following principals be ap
pointed; For Market street school, Mr. M.
I). Morgan; for Alabama street school, Mis
Emma Browne; for teachers in white
schools, grammar grade. Miss E. Morgau,
Miss Emma Conrad, Mrs. M. A. Har
ris. Miss Alice Mitchell; supernumeraries,
Mi-is A. Cummin , Miss Cornelia Ross; for
teich rs in grammar grade, colored schools,
Mr. Carter Harris, Miss Lulu Bradshaw. It is
not necessary, as yet, to fill the vacancy still
existing in the colored schools. As to the
vacancy in the high school, your superintend
ent has mada a report, and therefore your
committee await instructions.
T. K Il-TUN,
The committee on rules and regulations
reported as follows:
To tbe President and Members of the Board of Edu
cation: Your committee on rule.? and regulations,
to whom was referred the question of amend
ing Bection four of the rules and regulations,
respectfully report tjial rule tour be so
amended that, the recess at noon shall be
from twelve o clock noon to one o'clock in the
evening, and the recess at fifteen minutes of
two he omitiei).
ii. . DKNT,
L. 11. EST Ed, JR.
Mr. Richard H. Allen, of the fourth ward.
sent in bis resignation as a member of the
flducational board. The resignation was ac-
Mr. Frederick R. Hunt, colored, sent in his
resignation as a teacher of the Clay stteet
school. "Tha refcijnat'on wa8 received.
President Gocdmau stated tbut under Ihe
charter it became necessary to make report
to the city government as to the necessary
aropsat of taxes to be collected to run the city
schools tue th5 rear,
A conimitte.3 waj selected to ropon;mend
to the city council an iacreaa of appropria
tion, 60 as to tUU the city echools' during the
present yeair,
Mr. Townsend offered the following resolu
tion, which was adooted:
Whereas, The Memphis city schools had
their efficiency greaUy impaired by the legis
lation ot the last !2jrn:iature: ana
Whereas. It is believed that ihe iucom
ing legislature will be urged to enact some
. , i , i . - i i . :1- :
radical legisiauou m nuru vj iuoai uuuim,
which may vitally effuct our city sehocl6;
Resolved, That the president and the
special committee of this board be directed
to take 6teps tp have a full conference with
the members ot the legislature ejected by
the people of this county upon the subject of
tne necessities ot tne iu em puis city eccoots,
to the end that ample provision be made by
legislation to provide funds to keep our city
. i - r . r iii
PctiCujjw n operation ior a iui: teius. oi nine
Mr. Dent offered tbe following resolution
Resolved, That this board, on and after
December 20, 1S78. pay to each techer in
the employ of the board one-half of salary
due for month cf December, provided
there be sufficient funds in the treasury for
that purpose.
Mr. Dent offered a resolution as to present
ing the names of those applying for positions
as teacheia. The resolution was referred to
tbe committee on teachers.
Mr. Elgington offered a resolution favor
ing the re-election of Ooljnel Leon Trousdale
to the position of State saperiDtendect of
public schools, the resolution was adopted
On motion, the board adjourned over to
tbe next regular meeting.
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Fresh OvmterM and Celerv
Received daily by express at Victor D.
t uchs s, o and 41 Jefferson street.
Merchant Tailoring.
For dress suits, businesi fuits, choice goods,
1 in i-ri i e thi,tic3
Go to
M'Geoy'a, 43 Jeft'srson street.
Yon Can Stave Jloney
Every Month by buying your groceries on the
co-operative plan at 2oo Second street. Every
body can do it.
Hmoke Hoi Coleman's No, lO.
Floyd's Candies
Are often imitated, but never equaled.
Special a'fention paid to parties and wed
dings, and all work in this line will be done
in a style that cannot be surpassed in Mem-
pms or elsewhere, at 1 rank Pfister s, No. 446
Main street.
A Remarkable story.
Jackson (Tenn.) Tribune and Sun : "Col
onel D. H. King says that, in 1873, during
the yellow-fever epidemic in Memphis, there
were three men who gave it as their per-ocal
experience that they had esctped yellow
fever by the use of Robertson county whisky.
They belonged to a popular club in the city.
and when the epidemic ot 167i brose out
they imparted this information to their asso
ciates. Tbe result was that a number cf
them agreed to remain and rely on Robertson
county whisky as a preventive. All who en
tered into the ag'eement passed through
safely except one, and the colonel says that
his death was accounted for from the fact
that he went out and got drunk on Bmrbon.
The colonel says that Woodward ic Moore,
of Nashville, make tbe purest and best, and
he presumes that it was their celebrated
Silver Spring whisky which saved the Mem
phis olub from annihilation by the epidemic.
We consulted Colonel Wm. Moore, of the
firm, about it and he thinks 'Earn' u
The Kuril Cn.h rui.lnlt, r r I 1 H,n, -
v.,-.,.,.. u, v. .vami, mil uilirfl
v . iii,. dnu u luniunun. .lU-r uilAUail
w 11 leae every Tuesday evening at rive o'clock.
i urr sanies i'. I timer, lyttfiittui viinries a HUSHell,
arned )estrday nir rnlnc witb a full trip of w-ntern
, - --- mm .1 an. .-- n.111111,11 Dim imtrs HQ
WMtltipKii eVMIilnie At IIvm n'iiiwlr fur riiiMlnnail
and way points.
sy rrieeripn.
CINCINNATI, nerwmher U I.lirht en lr .11
River -J leet ft Inches and falling. Arrived: Andy
Bautn. Memphis.
Notice to Consignees
rpiHE freleht on landing and the Lea Whartboat.
.L by tbe lollowlnis steamers. Is ready for dellveiy:
Belle Mt. L,oula. Fannie Lewis, Colorado.
John B. Nande. James Howard
and Centennial.
tSf Please send for It as we are crowded for
AD STORM. (rent.
Sfemptiis and Ohio Hlvrr Packet Co.
1ft t Louisville and Cincinnati.
Xas. 1. JParker, 4Ei
C B. Russell master I Robert M'CV.y clerk
Will leaves as above, on WKDNESDaT, December
l.'Jth, at fi p.m. For irehfht or imswure. apply to
B. W. LIOHTBfbN'E. Superintendent.
No. 7 Monioe St.. npn. P-atiorlf Hotel.
Regular Tri weekly Mall Packet tor Randolph,
Fulton, Oceola and all way landings,
Tbe eletrant pasenifr steamer
Osceola J&elle, .iBa
J. G. Andrews Master I B. O. Mitchell Clerk.
I eaves Memphis every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY
and KK DAY, at ti p.m. For frelgut or passage ap
ply on hoard.
Reenlar Independent Memphis and
Wbita River Packet For Augusta. Jackson t ort
Seircy, and nay poluts. The regular Independent
ED. C. POSTAL Master,
WIU Inava Memphis on every TUESDAY, at 6
o'clock p m.
For Lelxut or passage npply to
No. 7 Monroe sL, Dnp Peabooy HoteL
R. P. tiLESN". on Whartho-it.
JMItr 11 A K ti V JLIXE.
aiemphls. White River and BlaeK Blver
I . I. Mall Harkets.
For Indian Bay. 8L Charles, Clarendon, Devall's
Bl ill, Des A rc, Augusta. Jacksonport, West Point,
Pearcy, Batesville, Powhattan, and Pocahontas.
Tbe new steamer
Tosic Harry, .Ssi3tf
M. B. Harry, captain. J D. Moore, clerkJ
Leaves Memphis on and after November 2d. evry
SATURDAY, at 5 p.m., connecting direct with the
new Black river U. S. mall packet M'LT HAHRY for
Powhatian and Pocahontas, and with Daily Packets
to Batesville and Upper White river.
Through rates to all points.
Freight consigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis or
Terrene, will be promptly forwarded.
' " "SHINOTON. R. K t ee Wharfboat,
Home Paekct ror the Year. For Hel
ena. Friars Point and all Plantation
The Fine Passenger Steamer
GEO. W, CHEEK:..ei
Stack Lee master Walker Outlaw clerk
Leans as ncove THIS DAY. December lOtb, at 5
n.m.. paying particular attention to all business In
trusted to ner care.
For freight or passage apply to
V. M. VIN.-ON. Asent.
lr. M. Mall For Ooeeola,
Hlekumn. Cairo and St. Lout
New 3Iadrida
-1 ne steamer
ISclle 39enijlii,
jonn u. crine misiee.
Leaves Lee Wharfooat. THIS IjAY. December
10th, at B pra.
ATJ STOtM. ynperlntendent. Lpp. Wharfboat,
For Vicknttors: and all toe Bends.
The suionuid steamer
City ot VicUsburg
Bobert K. Riley. . . master,
Will leave Lee Whaifboat, THIS DAT, December
IQth. at 10 a.m.
AT) rilKH. Sunerintenilent. Lee Wharftoat
Memphis, New Orleans and Bends
Paet for the Season The inagnltlcent passen
ger steamer
4&iu63 K. Peppev, master I V. G. Entrlkln, clerk
Leaves for Vicksburg, Natchez and New Orleans
on WEDNESDAY, December 1 1th, at 5 p.m. For
freight or i.iassugH a( p-y to
J. T. W A-iHIMi TON. gpnt.292U Front St.
The 1nms Line or U. M. JIall Paekets
For Helena, Friars Point, Concordia terrene,
Arkansas Ciiy, ' :reen lie a'iU all way landings
Tue supeib mail" and passenger packet
Ouachita ISelle
Mark R. Choett.. .master I A. L. Cummins... clerk
Will luava lemnhls reerularlv as above on MON-
DtYS and THURSDAYS, connecting at A-kunsas
City nltu the steHiner K:i did for vicksburg, giv
ing bills of lading to Delta aud ad pnlnt on Yazoo
river, uouas received n an ti nen on levee.
j. T. WASHINGTON. Agent,
W1 Front srrept.
.-" vv-B-rusa ww oy ti'UI'B" Ln.s,"
icns' MemphM ami Vicksburg Packet Compan
A 11 0 C ICKUllt SlCUlUCi
George Malone master 1 Jno. Gwathmey clerk
Will leave as above every MONDAY and THURS
DAY, at 5 p.m. .r tretgnt or pa.saee, anply to
it. W. LIciHTBURNE. General Freight Agent,
No. 7 Monroe street, opposite PeatxHl? hotel
Independent Tuesday Packet
Helena, Terrene, Indian Bay, St Charles, Crockett's
Bluff, Mount Aiianis, Clarendon, Devall s
Bluff, res Arc,
Newport. .Tacksonrort, Batesville, Powhattan and
Pocahontas The elegant side wheel steamer
John B. Dwls master Ed. W. Crowe 11 clerk
Leaves Memphis EVERY TUESDAY, at u o'clock
p.m. l urougu rate to an poinn.
.1. T. WASHINGTON. Air-it.
Trezevant & Cary,
COMMISSIONERS. V. 3. Comrrilsslonprs and Con
veyauoers. No. X MADISON ST., have returned,
and are pady for business. "twnmrnpt atten
tion to an matters mi usr, a to me.
Havana Hoyal JLoltery.
Extraordinary Dran iog Dee. 2i, 178.
On'y 18.000 tickets; t0l.9l5O.OOO prizes: with a
capital prize of "Ol) OttO. Full iiifoimatlon given
and orders tilled by
F. MASICII, General Agent.
Havana Lottery.
-VTOTICE GRIND Extraordinary Drawing for De
XN cember 24. 1K7. t-Send MrPmr s.
Chancery Sale of L'eal Estate.
No. 2085 Chancer7 Court of Sbelby county Wm.
K. Butler vs. J. M. Walker et al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for sale, en
tered in the above cause cn the 9th da of July.
1k7H, I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder. In front of the C'l-rk and Master' oftlje.
Courthouse, Memphis. Tennessee, on
Matnrday, December 7, 1M7M,
within legal hours, the following described property,
situated In Shelby coun y, Tennessee, tolt: A cei
tain li t In the Butler utvlston of the city of Mem
phis. In Block No. 7 beln Lot No. 14. as designated
ou Williamson's map ot tne city, bounded as lol
lows, tj wit: Brglunlng on tbe west side of Cansei
stree, about one hun-ued and eighty feet north ol
Calhoun etreet, at tbe southeast corner of a lot sola
to Wm. T. nines in July, lh72: running thence
south with we.it side of Causey tt pet sixty feet tc
the northeast corner of lot No. : thence west one
hundred and eighty feet, to a stake; thence north
sixty feet to said Uines's-outh boundary line; thence
east i h said line to Causey str et, to the beginning.
ltnjii t" MLt-uii a crean ot six montus,
cuiciiaser to execute note with aotrtved recurltr.
itn Hen retained on proper y. to further secure pur
chase money. Eijulty of redemption barred. No
vember 1 1, -i7K. E. A. COLE, C. and M.
By E. B. M'Uenrv, D. C. and M.
Minor Meriwether. Sol forCompl't. tu '
A vicutu of ynthful lmprnrienc, Cfinfin rmatur
ttfxy. nervou debility, c havinjj trifl in v:in every
known remedy, hits found a viinpl eolf enr, wtuch ho
send f rr to his tfi!ow ptrors. Address
l- U.KEVIX,4U 1 kit tbnra U. JV. T.
Havana Royal Lottery.
Extraordinary Drawing, Dec. 21, 187S.
ONLY lH,i OO Tickets: S1.3SO.OOO In Prizes,
with a Canital Prize, nl M.tiui ihhi. eull In
formation g'veii anl orders filled by F. MAsICH,
General Agent. New Orleans. Louisiana.
Bowdre, iYi'Clellan
cC3 Oo.
open, and are prepared to handle cotton and ad
vance on shipments.
Office, 280 Front street
Wm. Frank
Beg- to Inform their Friends, and the Pub ic tJenprallj-, or the revision
la Prices of WHY tJOOD;!. uur whole htotk of
Reduced to nearly HALF PRICE. A Mce Line or
Black Embossed Clotlis for Overdresses,
At Less than Cost of Importation.
iNEW, AT 81,
BLACK CASllllElSE CLOTH, Silk and Wool, New, at $1.
A New Line of BLACK ALL-WOOL CASIIHEKES, 38 inches
wide, from oOc upward. Color and Quality Guaranteed.
TUE CHOICEST DOLMANS, exact copies of French 1'atterns, at
Coot of Material and Trimming.
Handsome CLOAK, lor Ladirsand hilJren, proportionately low.
LADIES' and CHILDREN'S HOSIERY, in Wool and Cotton,in
New and Elegant Designs, at Trices beyond Competition.
Writing Iesks, Albums, Work IJoxes,
Gift Books, ami .Juvenile Books,
Xo. 317 Jfain Si reft,
A. K.
Olapp & Taylor,
Constantly on hand a Foil Assortment of OMlc and Pcncy Mtatloaery, School
and Miscellaneous Books.
owenstein k
WillOrenon MONDAY, the 9th instant, the Finest Display
of U0LI1) IT GOODS ever shown in this Country. Wo
will exhibit near the entrance of our Notion Depirtinent
Japanese "Curios" and "Bric-a-Brac" Ware
ltronr.ff., Jiutuitirr Holders, la per Knive. Jewel Cases,
Candlestick. atd Keceivers, Collar aud Cu ff Itox.e,
Glove Voxtg.HaiuUierchiefBoxeajXapkfns-HinsI'eii-Wipers.
InKstandM, C'iii-i(ina CnndleN. Japanese Miell TrajN, '
Japanese Cabinets. Japanese Writing lesk,
Japanese Ifrrud-Trajs, L.acqnered Boxen,
Vases, Stand, Tab Its. Thermometer, Ciar Caes,
Cigarette Cases, I'earl Card Case, Japanese Crape Pictures,
Beautiful Work Baskets, Scrap Basket",
And an Immense variety of other useful and
Elegant Velvet Boxes. K'cr.nt Fvrnlos Kant?, Ivory Turk Comb.
Black Garnet Jewelry. Ited Uarnet Jewelry, II ol led t'late Jewelry
Srk Costumes, Cashmere Costumes, Worsted Costumes,
.Misses' and Children's Suits, in Endlcs? Variety,
Misses' and Children's Cloak, in Beautiful Assortment,
Ladies' Cloaks, Dolmans aud Circulars,
In Style nd Prices to suit the mo-t Fastidious,
Ladies' Sealskin Caps, Misses' and Children's Fur Caps,
Ladies' Shawls, in the New Designs.
Satin Striped Silks, in all the Sew Effects,
Black and Colored Damage Si I Up,
Black Moire, Silk and Satin Stripes,
Colored Faille Silks and Black Groi Grain Siiks,
In the Dress Goods Department
We will oar our DRESS GOODS at Fr!cs that will place them within the reach of all
Intending purchasers.
Handsome Dress Goods at 10, 12 Xt 13, 20 and 25c.
Silk-Mixed Ureas Goods at SO, 40 aud 50c,
Fine French Soveliies at SO, GO and 75c, and $1.
t& We would call the attention of La lies to our L.atift I'nderwt-ar Itpartnient, here0y
fif" we are offering the CHOICEST LINK OF UDEBWEAK at remarkably Li.v p.i.t nnr 1'n.ior. r-t
wear Department will compare favorably with
. Lowenstein k Bros.
I.M. HI LI.,
322 1-2 and 324 Main St., Memphis.
roil Stock ol KIW GOODS, which they tattle their Friends aad Customers to eiuaina.
JULIUS KUHX. Late of Menken Bros.
it Co,.
WORTH Si 50.
ifTempuig, Tennessee.
thafof any House lu the Country..1
Dealers in

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